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KIvU ISl tHa
A 7Atrr UTU MVS 7 < > nKtn run
Annthrr ItfTotnllnn 1 nt Iliinit I lir Ihl
rnillirt nt Ilir liinil lliilir the lrl > II
Itlrh lltimiin Sutrinirn vtlll Miidc III
Ihe Voodoo ii xtilii > i t ItiUlii ume
> Ir iTnin Xnliinh lliltlslt Mlnhtrr tti
nnrl wn3 ln tlio clt yoBtordny bcliiK on his
IV to 1 nKlnml Inirlnn tlio nftornoon bo
talked wllliH SUN roiiorlir nhout Haitian at I
I hRB boon frald Hint I wnt rue illcd from I
Hnrtlbo sail but tlili IR not true I wan
wltlulrn n merely I am Mill tlio rcptosonm
tlo oIlier Mai > tv to tliollnvtlan tooiilo and
niny bo wont bacc thor at nny tlnu1 I do not
know why I uis Itlnlmwn I di PI not mean
tlmt tliern l now or IH likely to bo nn mtittir
In tie penielul relations between tlio to
hnl IM tho condition of nffnlrt thoro
when you
1wtlhlnl 1 wi orr nulot
onlldiiito In tlio terinnuoncoof tlio now
Government was then falrl eoinploto
1 innnot nn that I do not think BO Mnt
tprs Ir iiiilet hit It tounis to mo to bo the
cnlmleforoa toim I look for nnotlior rIO
lutlon thorn lOr toon I BI I to innthut
tho lonploate 111 condition I nt must i reel til
Mo nuother Unlit I IH too bad Hint It should
t > esu llatlis naturally one of tho on rich
eBtcounino In tho world for I nren 1 lo
lloo that uiidor n Irmly I nrunuizod Oincrn
mOlt n liooitiinent whoio properly wan 8
curotho ilnnci would support In comfort n
loimlatmn of twmty million Bouln duo cal
form no Idea of tho wealth of Ilio lil md with
out nMll I lliero Them are the colToii foil lt
forinstnnio 1 ho colTeo lIAh I Is not uulthnttd
nlnl but thu troo crow wit II flch luxurlanoo
that It IB ultotl linpossiblo for a man to pcno
trntethem Iaths ara cut thionulitlioni from
ono lllatu to another and that Is all Mien
tbu eofue mroht cunni mound the people
cnllior tho bori left from thocdKiHi f tho irouH
and the ro t coos in waste It Is I wry ion
ferithe ostlinutn Wlltl I sn that for uv ry
JIMIII ton Kitlion d M D tom no to waste
I Is much th i sum1 with tho Hiitnr cauo
Tho people do not cnlthatH tho iiunrcnno I
crowaulld oiinn toll thnt by looking nt It
when it Is I hronuht to town It Isciooke I n
oulil nut for if > KOt I htrnlKhl Pioie two feet
IDI J ot thiin uruw In nucb rodiloti that
tin1 leopo Iho in siltc of retoluliotiH In 1 no
cllu coiuun toulit tho drain of Ul > onitaut
Warlaro h I iitinned
Ihu ordmniy dovernment IA l terribly o x
rcnslxo 11 1 oar when iho Oien senson
conies iiriiuiiit tho Oovuriiinant colleeta Irom
41 iiniiiin to tlui 011 Inn undor tho sem
thero tho i Illoials In powor know thit their
turn toO into elo will BOOH eoino I hao
been there two ears but the Ihlril el of olll
ilidnlsln I lowir Iacl 1 cot knouini tliat its
time would MJOII end hud to piopnro to uo so
thuy locketeil all iho mono In BlKht 10
IIuHl hasn ln1 I 1 debt now The Inst roo
Union ndied to I nintcrlallv BO that It is oer
1 > uuiniii With I reaH naiily Rood tlov
criimont thlsdelit eoiild bo paid off As It Is
there 18 im crcnt hope
I ho troublo u lin tlio Island UPS in tho f
IRPB Jim pensnntry nro n m > od inouch
teuple Ihet would N > on leurn tho arts of
to do BO tiy tho tonn loople lliey
do not want to Hunt nnd the > hio no
jenco nnd the Imblts of in lu try if permitted
jnrt In an of tho revolutions I 10 1 pnsy for n
orelRiier to cultivate tholr frlcndihlp li la
only nei esnr > to treat thomfrnnkl nnd with
kin Jutes 1 nsbiiro you that a Croat ninny of
them clmo to monitor 1 wns ordered awny
toeiai8stliiir sorrow at 11 withdrawal audit
vns all bee o 1 treited thorn as I would
like al be tixatod under like elrcumstani us
Nhenaie eintenmo tomy honio to bidl Inv
of tneprnducti of Iho country ho vim treated
withcon liliiaiion If he huiiirrywo fed
wih con < Iflnlion I was hlnll wo Itd
him I lie wan sick and wo know 01 nnr Miedi I
clnn that would help him ho cot I Uhuswo
cnlned theirconlldineo Iho townspeoplearo nro
epeuilntors rtntleV and polllldnus and aro naturally i
II hnt IB tho ro il foellnc thor in tho mnttor
of the tulkedof neijulsltion of uioullnubtntlun I
by the American lovernmont
lo understand that you must remember
tnt over sloe the revolution when tloo 1
isoploobtnlned their llliem they have beon
tauuht hat whenever a loreiuner obtulncd u
Joothold In that countr was nhlo tu buy a
foot of Innd iheKUd of Hntmti Irooilom was
at hand that the nalo of I foot of Hanis > oll
to n foreigner monnt thht thtu would till boon
be put bnck Into slaver Hovoor nlfoundod
their projudieo I N 1 tlmro
lroJullO remember that Dr vomours
Aucuste cann to tne I nlted Mates nn I npio
eentitlvoof tho rovolutlnnai y narty Ills Jot
ters to our Mato iJepartniiit were all pub
lished In tho white hook Hit wrote that while
his par I y if Hiiceosful could net mil iieimllnn
nation to the Amerienn Uovornmont tliu mat
ter cmild bi > ariaiuud in BOMIO othor wa
Ihe 1011 I thoHiletters down theie ourbtato
IopHriin nt has never diBnvontd nn Intent to
uc iulre hind IIII uoallni station tnere 1 hey
fihk why it his not dOle BO I it lit not
Intend to niMitlro tho land I hero Is just now
undoubtedly I prejudha atainat tho lulled
btntes uuionu tlin people
You woio thi > re when Mr Douclaes arrived
now w 1 no ho received
lliore was no demonstration over his ar
rival lio was received as nny Minister mlcht
have been
liut was tin ro nothlnu bald ono way or tho
othei about his i olor
Oh es Iho 1 arc liko people In thn I nAt
In that respect Uo hnvo to Bend whlto natives
of htikln d to nil but tho moBt fanatical Mo
Iinmmodniis amonK tho people of the lattt I >
we onl ono 01 their unn loiintrvmon to them I
they ask why they nro not treated IB well ns
other nations ar why ni I nullahman is not
Bent to represent tho J nullsh lovernment 1
would even be betti rto iond an KnLlithtiftn to
tbe most fanntitalof Mohammedans but for
the reason thnt u Mohammedan must bo out
to them anil no Kuullbhmuu of that rellulon
can bo found
To return to thoMibjoet f tho prosperity
of the Nhind 1 It 1 a pecnll irlty of > h i i oopio
thnt they neem to think thnt tho proioi vvny In
liromote poai o Inn rivoluili n IB I lo It < tlio
tounx In niv two vears ilieio 1 havo biou
three lovoutlonB and three r 1 ho las lire
ttut n lit mo only thlily of thofort hOI
were n < Btro > td oiiiutliinu Ilko llou worn
burned in the otlioiB 1 nib faction aceusid
tho other of BOtiini tho Ilio Iho tact is I tho
town ot Iortaullnco was burned b both
factions I WIIH there mine to lluht tlm fire
put while 1 wouid bo nt vvorL nt one ond oi I
boue the other would strniiLOh buiBt Ito
a blno Ibo lira would iiDsterloui ttavel
calnst the wind V IIOIIMJ dil wind
aillnst > lno IUI 1 uins up will
Iioni the lira would turn lit Hume IUI
thu riinoke was alum pihli bii K I and
Binilled ol kirocene NuiinlliliiK Ilki tOI t
llveyiiirs no a llrltiflh mnnuiv7ai was sent
tollatl to onfonu I me ilnni or iiovoin
met > Had aiMinithciountn Iho LI minanUor
Mnt ashore to tho 1 ro hliiil bIl tha Inl1
the demand was nnilllel vlll ly nieitnln
tiour the chip would < non llro on tho ti wn
ll Iro IWI
four 1ioaldent bent back woid linn tlmro
Would ho no objection to tho nhel IliK 0 tlio
town on the contrar would not HID i apialn
beklnd tnoucb to iny Wllhl ond of the town
Wiihio boBhelled hist so that tho inhiibliiints
could but Iliu to thu othei ond aial io lulpon
the blae < 111 01
Narly all I nLllshmen nro Interested In
bootliu IIII I oii find an > tliero I
No 1 here aru n I doves Ir the lihind
ana a fi vv d cks 1 inido In HUD at oveiyop
portuiilt bin i MUM n1 leant of f a sniulii anl
II 1 nl thre They all iaid thoro was nOl
IhU Hieins VOl slncular fir In the olher
Islands ovon on tho binallorones thobpottcd
01 tll bliulor 01e8 lio IPOUto
deer HID very plonillul In Ht I IIOIIIHH lor
instance the deer aru flu numerous tliat tint
choice i utfliifvonl on toll nt I cents a pound
III tho ninrkit
Jlr Xolnnb hnd with Ill hH fnmlli i oiiBist
fnl of his wife thio diinuhiurs and a win all
olJonouuh tiikoliihoilet Lit thi > 1011111
eplt I llnvi ho IDS I IH unit peopo
tlero whrm tho funill could liit 11 101
JiDinh Ihltl ni il 1 panidi i i t
Wn l nielli sti i Ul pnie n I on ll u It i
Ciiliii iioukli d 1 niiu h I uviniii a i in1 ul I
th nn st MM itlnu I ci ten h of I Mr A hi ib
tarter was when he I unnuitiil uv 1 lerideni I
fn onion to iln Irll1 iiinnofwai 101 i
Iiu ami < 1 Ihe other toiuluii diplomntfl tilth
yred about tie carrliiKo thnt inriiod tho ltl
feated 1res dent to tliewatoi s udue In order
Iw Illor
Jo pr teet him IHoialD with their lolls fiom
tDe buliett II i the nII Ihu eiiMiivwas L
Hiootlni all Uound thorn but was afiald tu
nhu < lee1 at tho cnrrhife lost n may bullet I
Hiould kill aulplomni nnd > o bnnu ilmvn tho
M nceanco of tl o dip onmtV ei untr 101 to
Mr ihrari talkod 1 lirnllv of thiMiind nwrr I
f nip lio alllhll U o tales to1 I In I fr ir p ncur
ft John hook alui tl h ti ijlii ni hlll ler
UllUH Wen ti t o h1 MI n Ihi <
IMeilmi I i ll n 11 f i 1 I n 1011
rt 1110 I I 111 ii I i n I i I n
John BUI 101 I I i In nluin un tlj I
Cb > llntfB rmt vlu 1 SI liiiiln
Th luour Iclo 1 Ih h r Jucil their rat
tOD HI Lotl f f > llo > o Kn t rJuc1 I Ilolr 1 Alch
m fiD U O
lo I aa I I
t limp null fd Fiirri
To Colorado U kt Louli lli tr TU 1 HUmari P
rinc Rillwajr from 81 Loult to IueMa loL It I oalr 1 fl l
t locladloif trtt plc recllnmr chair CM from Mi Loiili
la Pueblo > n4 lunrtr l wllboul cliktlt J w York of
Knt Tr ln lo U abUKon
A complete icheJule of faat train 10 Baltimore and
Wubtnicton J la operated br lle Jcr r Central lUaJlor
and B and u All iralm run Ibrounb ana are euulpceJ
with ruUinan pailor n4alMLlDiearl Jmic uaT r
t autlca fool a Liberty t CUI IOlnr
HnrveitlDc Ice on Hunday
j OANU0IARn1 arch 9lce was harvested In
Ihc b k uvv valley today of tpleudld quality ajid
John Aftlitir Arrmtrrt Mhrn He r
Id thk No 4 In Irmnn
KlnidI Ilnr or tho pin Injr toller of tho
Ponhonnl Nntlonnl linnk IS Iliondwny wns
I Burprlscd on Ir rldny when ndlmlnullvo tolo
1 Biniili > boy pioented chock for
Ilh ircs eiicer ple lnltr a
I2CO Indo panble to M 1 elf plifnod Vnn
I I ilonboiK iV Connd numbered 181 On tho
Luck wns tho endoinement of Vndonbere t
Co In Ink nrd In la1 I pencil the words i
Ilease pay mosBetiKor 8i > t which wns tho
1 nuinbr on tho boy scan
I Tho toiler thought It n little Irrecnlnr nnd
I dospatihcd 1 the mei 8011p to tin1 olllco of Jlr I
1otor C Vnndenbon commission merchant
nnd denloi In jowclrv In tim Komble biilldlnr
to ask If It Imf nil rlcht Iho I 10 I c nun bnck I I I
nnd re i orted thnt II nndonbora wns not In
Then tho toller unvq tho lad the mono
On Sattirda Mr Unroot to sntlsfy his own
uneasiness BonttoMr Vandonberi liirjulilni
about the check Jlmt ecntloman nt onco
fiimo to the bank and ilcclnrod tho cheika
forcer but a er clever one Ho nlil ho had
drawn no checks slnco the llrst of the month
unit ho pronounce I two other checks both
dnto I nnd paid on Ian h o to bo forcer I s
lh llst w is properly niiinboied I > was
torn ftom BUI h n check book as Mr anilen
I oikii IHd l called fin tlf tmjai In to Idwiird
I rat o waspioporlt Bluncd and wns endorsed
by both nno and Nandenherc eIJuot
second numboiod I it I > was for IJIH panbu
to buries 1 button Mi midonlcrg In
Btructed iho teller to hold tho next man hear
ing n check with hlHslgnaturn until BO mo ono
I from the olllco 01111 be summoned
I I Ibis was about I i v M I on hattirdny nnd
I wlililn nn hour Mr 1nigni was purpilxol to
BOenihe K foi 4V rnahlo to Kalpli Maver
ntiinbendl 14 I and slgm d In tho wellknown
mine eotno in through tho little window
Looking out ho pawn wolldroRod woilbullt
young man of il I with month faeo biovvn
bnlr and elear gun 011 > legnullng him Iho
tellei sutninotied th banks HPCO il Joll Pimm
nnd telephoned to 11 iindenhorg Iho voting
manoeliig hlmseli n prisoner wns perfectly
cool nn I m ide no attempt to escape Two
i representatives of tho firm who mine In nn
I I swer to the summon did not rocogm o him
but said that the i heck wns n forgot and tho
prisoner was locked up nt tho Old nllp station
He give his nnine n a John C Arthur nnd tils
nddresthollceldititnl Hotel He woro n now
suit of dark ohm lot a bind benvor overcoat
nnd black iofl folt hat In his pockets wero I
found two largo lnn ko > sn cnid with tho
nnmo lohn l Arthur and n hntcb of lovo lot I
torp wrltlon In red Ink and signed
I itliklswcBb tho score jour loving Mln I
nlo Arthur
I Ihu niKoner wns unknown to tlio nolice To
rapt Mel nugblln bo said ho hnd come from
lloston 1 he poonlo at the cldontal Hotel
know nothing about him Mlnnio Arthur was
loniid In I house on Thlrtsecond street
him wns iinnblo to tell much at out him either
J he Cantain M Ilt to tho Vtnorlcnn Dlntilit
I Messenger I olllce In tho Iroduie Kxelianco
building nnd Minerintendent IhomnB Me J
lovern with boy No T2 whoso nnnieIs 1ntrlik
tonnty iNimo to the station nnd identified
Arthur the man who hnd omploed them to
hnvo the i heck cnshed on 1 rlday Connt said
the man waited for tint money In the corridor t
i of the Ixi h ingo building InIng J ollor linr
i gor nlso hlentllled him ns the man to whom ho
i had pnld both tho cheeks dated March 5 The
1 prisoner was arraigned In the Tombs Iolico I i
Court r > p tordny morning Justlio McMnhnn
lomnnded him for examination todny None i
i of Mr nndenbiTgs nooplo remember hnving
Boon Arthur bi > fi re Iho prisoner Is 5 feet i
I Inches In height of reBrluto ngerosslvo np
iientnnce nnd weighs Isu pounds llo snya ho
I is I bookbinder b trade I
All Houlh HrooUIrn Illumlimtfd lint tlio
Limn Onl > S IOOOO
riro lastoiiilti nmilo biu hnvoc fn tho
extension lumber jard of Uatson A Iottlncor
nt tho lout of Carroll itrcct on the Oowatiua
Canal and brillianth illuminated the Kioator
purt o South llrookln Jho yard cOlors
I nearly nn aero alone thocnnal nnd tho lum
ber through which tho llro swept fiercely for
nn hour WAS placed in piles closely built to
Kethor nnd toworlni to tho height of cool
silo bouse About r oVlock Ibo watchman
In tlm vard discovered flro in one of tho piles
under nhhed near thu centre of tho yard nnd
Undine It impossible to top its rapid progress
bent out an alarm Uhen the llro engines In
tho district nirhed tho tlnmcs lind nlread ex I
I tended to two additional lumber plo nnd n i
second and third nlarm vero quli kly ont out
lleloro hal tho oiiKii c In wovor hnd not to
worn the Ilio hnd jumied from ono lumber
plo to another and Iho Inn hwpt
all over tho > anl nnd inse Into thu
nil to tho IK luht of I coutlool hundred feet
throwing a brluht claro nil ocrtho outhorn
pnrtof ih cly nnd llKlitlnu up tho ureon
bIOIIA of I Greenwood t eniottr nnd tho shores
of lowanus Hay
1eoplo kept nrtiriiiK to thellre from all direc
tion ami full loiiiin mn wiimen and chll
oral were bio kid outhldi tho police lines I <
> lowlni the brilliant Sunday nluht tilnro
Chlol I tiLl leer 1 hoinns 1 Sovlns directed tho
work of Iho llniiien and his regular lUhtlnu
force recenod vnliinlle nsslBtance from tho
llro hOlt elh Low which sti nmed up the cnnnl
nn I dolUKed the bnrninc lumber with walr
Several boatH on the canal wore with dllll
culty lemoved ou of the icach of Iho
flames Ono loaded with coal wns hidlv
Bcoiched II I IlilllliBB paper manu
factory adjoined tho lumber > ard and
ItwnBonl bv Ihu poihlstont ellorts of ilia Ilio I
nun thnt it was havcd Iheinulnn I hniio at
tached to tho factory wns on llro several times
nnd tl o hablo wns nutted Ilioio was no
dainauo howovei to tho factor ifoll Another
Binall stable on tho canal belonulniMol lh mas
llalilm was damaucd to tho tnt of iJLMI
lion the llro orlKiiato coul 1 lot bo nscnr
tnim d hit It may have started I Issusroi ted
from tho cnrolcss uso of matches alongside tho
tlied whoro tho llro wns fliBt dlscovorcn Much
of tho burned lumber wns very v iluahlc nnd
the loss is pi iced nt itlMiuo I wns fully
covered Insurance 1 I 1 Ioley need U
of 11 I I hlrd avenue while watching tho llro
broken ofT II pllo of lumber nnd had Its luht i leI
II TnocjiiK turn lUTralT
Her ICcriiHitl to Do Iimllir In the llrlucoa
Itiillroiul Miittrr
Iluy Uhlr Ilr
Lovnov Mimh 10IIn1 J I Klnnilanfa Lis
bon corriBpondont says Mr Muumac direc
tor of tho Uflnuo liny llnllwn who hns been
hero ton daB tr > Inl to ilTe t I hottk inurt of
tho railway trouble has Mitinlle I Innieolf that
th 1ortucucpe Jovcri mcnt is determined nt
wliaimor i ost or haaid t knon tlm intlwny
and Its landH and exclude inkland intlroiy
fro 10 M 07in 11 dine
The coiniuinv ilami 17001 l Americns I
clnlm on behalf of tho McMurdo ostnto Is i
iViji 111011 InviiWo 1ortuual s oolibernto at t
tempt nt 11 iblii conlKcation J upland nnd
Amerlea for their ouiniKud will Insist citlonB upon ample compensation I
I IliirTiiln Hill ICrfimcU In 1ny lie Money
I Itovi J Mairh tiCol Cody recon tlynlTriTd
a huge sum nf monoyto nny ono who should
Hiiioi ed In riding ono of bin wild hordes homo
I ennuis n eomi llnhid the tnsk YIAIOlluIlt I
to t odv i lus > d In PI thu roinlsod reward
I II th giunnd that thin vvro ton long in
II i IIItlllg 1 he 1t tlltilH hlSrOd lllu show
wid go to IlorencB teiuonow
ilin nrrnntn Jlcctloitl
Ilninrv JlnrchO HorrIrnpfrtT who wnn
elected to tho Itelchstag from Vnrel nnd from
the I Irat t dirttrlct ot llurlm has diudded lo hit
loi Vnrol limn ilm oHslUiting n be ooetlon in
liorl n Ilerrnu llini olor und Moor 1 will bs
the uindldatcs
I lit KlnKiil Ilolliinil Aiculn III I
IiiMMiN Minii 1 Hi I s ii > mtrii t hit tho
Ivlugo llollnnd 11111 ibingeioiisl l III
iiililile nfoii Allinri lliirtlrrciN
NoltltlsrovvN IllMnrch Antiin Chomo
who was Indicted with John Kenderosch for tho
murder ol bur husband John Chomo In 1ctta
tovrn Jail November committed eiiloldo In her
coll todny by hnnclng herself with n silk
liaridnerdilef width she tied to n Inrnf tho
cell d or I h I copers alt nllon wns nttiaetid
Il the cilen ul her Ihreem MlliH out clilld I
In I Uiio Is s trial vn livnn on Ihnrdiy
a h I a n no i Moidn I > r bbnu I
I I 110
iji 111 In wmnn i nno 1111111 h II I
n I oefii 11 i ink 111 he 10 ul ion I
d h I 1 > i I ng horil
I nio si I i 1t t I tin 11 I 1 she had hot
babe in lur arum bin mi t i
ailMSTHK or Tlllt IXJKKlOll
He WUJK tie Will Pumnc hi Hoclnl Itrform
XliiTemrnl Tlie MrrllnR In London In De
nounce Ilnnalit A Murder In Moncnw
nnntiix Slnrch 9To ninrk tho nnnlvcr
pnry of tho death of his grandfather Kmpcror
Wilam I the Kmporor today Bout nn aide
decamp to Horr von lloottlcher tho Minister
of tho Interior with tho decoration of tho
Order of the Illnck Knitlo Accompnnlnu tho
decoration waa a letter In tho Kmporors own
hnndwrltlng In which ho associates tho honor
with tho memory of tho Into lmporor to
whom ho refers as tho plonoorot thifloclal
reform movement which ho Buys ho has r
I Bolvod to pursuo with all persistence
In his offortB to carry out tho desired reform
tho Kmperor Biys bo has found Ilorr von Iloot
tJchor his main supporter nnd ho further ox
propses his warm niknnwlodcmonU of Iho
Mlnlstors services to tho Stnto nssuros hIm of
hlfl full conlldi ncn nnd nppreclntlon nnd sns
ho hopes tho bestowal of tho decoration will
spur him on to further work In thosatno cause
1 ho Incident Is much remarked In connection
with tho rumors that Herr von lloettlcher will
Biiccood 1rlnco Bismarck In tho olllce of Chancellor I
color I
Kiirrn A 1111 KU or 1H1IT I
The Alllrdrrer Cnntlultfi Niilclcle Alter Ho
Hnd Hern Arrewtcd I
Mosrow Slnroh 9 Tromemloim excite
ment prevails hero over tho murder of nSlitor
of Chnrlt named Ilntnirky 111 years old well
known for her mam chntltnblo dceils llor
body wns found cut into Mnnll pieces In a Back
which wns sown up nnd thrown Into a semi
retired 81 pot whoro detection was onlyamios
lion of I few hours Jho head uns rudely cut
from tlm trunk 111 found wrapped In n cloth
In nnother quarter of the city I
As ns could determined the
neni ollo b dotermlntd womnn
I vasst imcloJ and from Bomo evldenco which I
tho police will not disclose tho criino wns
fastened upon n young medical student named
HolsowBofT who wns arrested nnd Immediately
committed suicide ho roabou Is known for
tho dood II
311K 3IK31OUT Of nltIIA3I J
XledlentlnB the Imperial MnilMOleiim at
Unniiiv March fl Tho Imporlnl maii
poloum at Chnrlottcnburc wna dedicated to
day iho route to the tomb wns lined with
flchtsoerB who respectfully uncovered their
hcndtf as tho Imperial party passed on Us vvny
tontlond thoiernmony
Tho services ornmonr nn lmpre = slvo chnrnc
tor They woio conducted iI Court Chaplain
hoe to I Tho KnlclitH of tho lilm k Knglo wcru
proent headed b l > tiuut vun Moltke
Prlncn Hlsiiinrck wns ntisunt llofo o return
Ine to tho palace tho Lmperor nnd meinliors of
hlsfnmllt placed wreaths in on tho colllns of I i
Willam and AuiiuMa which wet comiletely
hlddon from UIUla tho quantities of frosh l
Honors that wero heaped upon them I
Tbe Hultun lrninM Unn Hotel Keeper
1 ho llnTr nom for < 2unilnic
Ity > rltupl abte JVfUJl Cwnllny
TtNOIKl March 9 I Is I jiroliablo thnt
tho Sultan will withdraw his llconso from tho
Ircnch nnd Ameilcnn lintel keepers hero who
are mine to mako nn Imitation of Monto
arlo on tho cround that the Koran forbids all I
kinds of gambling
UIIB hotols nio all ready for opening In tho
coming spring nnd each tins added nlegnnt
hu < carat nnd roulotio rcoms to tho gambling
bnlls TheKultnnB Cioreiiimont has I entered
of nn Musaulmnn > arniBt protect territory al the supposed dollleuiunt I I
A 1rntent AcaliiHl tslberlnn Ontragef
LONDON March 9 Two thousand Itaill
cals nnd Socialists mot in IIdo Tnrk today to
protest agalnt tho Siberian outrags Mr
Hums tho labor ngitntir wns tho chief speak
er Ho dcnoumed tho outrages and called
upon the lull 1 b dovernment to u e Its Inllu
enco with HURIu lo irevent n re urienteof
Buchnctsof cruelty Michanl Davitt Mis Ie
f ant the and meeting other i romlbod tpoakors IUd to attend I
John InniB inado I long nnd Impassioned
Bpcech In whch he 111 1 that the present Izar I
vrns just as had ns the last ono who was justly
executed foi bun nulls ri like and that lie hlm
scli would bo lend and nut to carry tho
red HBB Irl Moscow t the t nucnsiis
Mr Kurns also nscrtod thnt public opinion
would force tho llrltih iiovernment to inter
fere with llussln liurns criticised sovoroly tho
absence of tha Irbih members from a muutlni
that concerned all humanity mettnl
JCCOIIN in Frnnce I
rAmA Mnrch 9 KIoctionH wcro held In
n number of districts today for members of I
tho L hnmbor of Deputies 1 n tho first district
of Tout iiisj M I Iej title Itndlcnl nnd Socialist I
received 12I2 voles and M 1 Suslne 1 25i In
tho Second dltri t M 1 nlvInline Itndical nnd
Socialist who was u nOlteo by tho I ham her of
Dot somo tlmo ago received 4IM > M 1
Inbnt Consorvntlvo 5U1 anil M 1 Slrwen Op
portunist 1D58 Second hallotB aro necessary
M 1 oreati who was unseated for Glen N I M 1
1orlalls cltcted receiving 7CJJ igalnst 7JJl for ro
Jnrls Mnrch 9 M Dplnhnyc Cnnservntlye
hns loon reelected lort hlnon M Mullen Con
MTvallvn lor Ioihei and M I iulllomaut llo
publiinn forluntemt lo Comto
nreN IVui iltli Dnlinmer
A n HI March Adsicch from M linyol
tho Trench agent on tho west coatt of Africa
dnted ustcrdn nro to tho effect thnt tho posi 1
tion In Dahomey Is unchanged Tlio llepuhll
can papers nppimo M ltlennes proposal of
lgorouumeiisuro8 ngalust tho King and poo
pip of Dahomov hut aro opposed tu carrlu
war Into tho Inteilor
An At trrr Intliriicr J minium
HAMIIUISU I Jlurch H I riltileln Mnrli
rormes nn actress mom Lor of tho Irotestnnt
Chirrili wns married to Huron Koenlcswaoitor
the coobratcd Invvlsh Hamburg capitalist In
nei ordanco with tm rlto of the Jewish
Church purpose aha having cm braced Judiinin for that
Prnncla Tnaeili 1rnlMea TINKII I
PFBTH Mnrch 9AI a Court dinner today
tho Kmporor In I speech ennihaslod tho
necessity of cohoslnn ninong tho liberals Uo
prolotindl regretted the iiroi < > ed rctlioment
of Hi rr von Tiivn who he snld would con
tinue to enjoy Ids highest luvor
The Jtuko ol Cnunnucbt Conilnu
Lo os Miirdi ITho l JUuku of Con
nnught will etnrt from Ilnmbny for Lnglnnd on I
ihiusday next Ho vrlll travel via China I
Japan nniouver nnd Quebec In I epoeeii a
I ban net iftoiduy tho Duke dejilored tho
utter Inadoiuuev of tho dofeucia of llumbui
Ibe ICnl er lulior Conrerencn
LONDON Mnrch 10 Iho Chronicle Iriirni
thnt Gorinnny Is treating with tho Vatican
with n view In tlio roi leientntlon of tho 1nro
at the I orlln Inborn n erence Iho fait that
JtiH will Hind dilegitiH to the couferenco
UOVCIIltlOllt pnnobn obitaclo In tho jntll ol tho Jerinan I
Inenllril by llrllliili Sllnrri
LONIIOV Jlnrch 9A drBpntch from South
Afrlcn sayp thnt tho Governor of Natal bne ex
pressed disapproval of nnd regret for the reo
i em domonstrntlon nt Johannesburg nenlnut
tho Uovernuient ul the bouth Afrlcnu republic
1rof Onrn bum Ilelupar
Losnov March 01rof OWPII tho nclon
tlllc mnn who wan reported convalescent I fow
divsngn after 1 serious lllnesH Ins hnd n ro
lapvo All tiie niemijirs of hia Iniully uroub
bmnblud at his bedside
Jarncll Aricr Anotbcr Newspaper
LONDON March 9Mrlarol will proso
cute the Exeter O rut tie for printing tbe first
forged letter printed by tbe 1mn In Ita artl
olea on 1arnelllsm and Crimeand copying
oet aI
uo Tuntit wtlclo day by day
llAI1AIOIIH 110111 COVfitlT
RepnlTlne Ilint the Time llit nme In Mnke
u Htnnd AunltiHl liniloteri
CltrnnnnkprH held n iimicntlnn In Miln
norchorllnll In Tnst 1 IftyBlxth street whlll
lasted alldny > esterdnynnd Is to bo continued
noxt Sunday to dole plans tu got morn pay
from thelritnplooifl I was nnnounecd thnt
thuio woro present roprosentntlves Irom Mxt
throe cluar fnctorlos In only nine of which
union men nro cmploiod The want I return
to tho prices ot I Hf
I Ircol
Tho Convention hnd three Clmlimen Dnnlol
ITnrrln tho rngllsh flponklng Anton 1rnnk
I nnrrs 11 Ih ApO III Altollrnlk
iornian and Ddwnid Scheider Jiohoniian
Two Interpreters trnnslntol every Bpoech
aloud The spankers complained that inaiin
lacluicrs hnd o tablished n spy fIIIIII
veroundermlnlngthounlons whoso membor
OI Illrlllln ullonA hoo 1tllbor
Bhlp had groatl fallen i 1 A Iohomlan dele
I gate snld thnt the trouble wns that the Inter
national llion I asked for nn Initiation fee of
JT n member Ibis was to high I I ns too
I much to oxtect aclgnrmakor to pay f1 I when
he only earned f a week Sovornl ponkors
pitched Into Adnlph MtuiBor 1roBldont of tho
International Lnion for autocrao Others
dotcndid him Itcnmooul J I In the stocches of
homo of tho i ohemlans that tho lnsls I of their I
hatred of lroIIlt I httasBcr wns his hostility
to tonoim nt hottfio c Ignr mnnufacture I
Ilesoliitlons wero adopted doil irlng thnt tho I
P gaimukers huveiill Ihu poirt ol tho negro I i
slnvo of tho S uth heloio to war nnd none of
his 1011001 i mind Tho wages at propontro 1
colvod It wns asill tod am not sunielont to
maintain n vvoikmnn s fniiill nnd tho wlfo
nnd c hlldren nrocoinpellod I o make cigar too
to get bicnil lln > manulneluiers nro con
tinually reducing wanes and now that they
IluII the stnrvatn n lnt Is tlmo to robol
I was decided to mnl o n Mund agiinst tho
imploers nnd through tho Intornntlonal
Clgarmnkers I nlon sock to hnvo wages re
htored to the lates of 1 Hn A eommlttco of
twilityllvo Plan wns appointed to carry out this I
Curtlr1 II It11 AIACTl
A Ileht mill Hie OolliiMi liollinlllnr
itrrrd n l > relicbtrr
Drxvrn Mnrch 9 Tho puiMiIng pnrty of
tnltod States troops nnd Indian scouts who
followed tho trail of tho renegade Indians who
murderod Scorgo Ilcrbor a Moiinon frclglrtor
on Sunday last t for ovorS miles uf I thoiouiih
cst nnd most rugged country ot Aiiotia over
took thoni josterday on Snlt IIvor about I
thirty miles north of Globe In an nlmost Im
penetrable locality A light Immediately com
nimrft1 After tho ilrBt HhotB vero nchnniod
Afer 110 OJClnnIO
tho Indians took to tho locks nnd continued
tho tiling ovidentl determine 1 to sol their
livesdinrl Iho light was kept up until two
of the ronecndos were killed nnd a third
wounded wlpli the romnlnlng two boclug
their oltortfl won1 iioles sum ndorcd
Iho troops nnd tcouts although exposed
mlrnculouBh escap d all casualties Iho
i dead ioro buried where they loll nnd the
three piisoners were taken to Olobo whoro
tlreo nrrivol this attention Iho two boi es
stolen irom theli vl 111 wore tl o n1 ones tho
I Indians hnd nnd woro nlmott fagged to death
on aciount of bomg BD bird pushed by tho I
troops lomorrou tho prisoners will bo
i escorted to San arlos and pi iced In close con
i rosiiectlv llnomcnt nnd station tho oldiors will prmeod to tbulr
I Is h ife to 1101 llct Hint tho dnys of tho re
volting crimes of this particular lot of Al nchm
have paused nwnv I hero Is I no douLt thnt tho
priioneia will be hanged I
Tin 0tivA aoous SIAX
He Hnlln From n nter > tree nnd Is nub
Inic For Ohio reenhornt
ZAMliVlLli Ohio Mnich 9Tho proen
goods swindlers hnvo been opcrntlng oxton I
Bivel In this nolghborhoo 1 The following
letter linn been received b fcevernl
hll NIId eerll persons i
UhAi llll Thinking ounio in n position
to safely handle my goods I havo concluded I
to write to ou I am dealing in an article tlio
denominations cf 1 which are Is Js 5s ids nnd I
20s I ho aro of the 101 und Dominion I
of Canada Issues nnd nro perfect In 00r ro
p 101 YOI ma > Consider my business niiuos
tionibe one hit the loss falls onl on tho i
Ooernmi nl and It i an well u Md to ttand It
I I have mud a mistake In writing In i u on I
this subject I hoio lou will nrdou nn nnd let I I
the matter Irl < I I
shoind inn dicido tr nnwer this I will
Bend ou Mill n irtli ulars and teniiH I and con
vince th it 1 hive lo that is
vilel ou JII an am Ir
I tl so i to h indie and that will ellib 0oil
to mako money H ifely and rapidly
He sum to lotuin this lottoi If you wish to
heir fn m mo agmn 1 wid I return uir 1 tiers
prompt and vill epuct ou to do the snmo
with mine Sign all our lettois I 7 in I
Blend of our iiuiuo 1 onrs 1 most sin < end
II Il i 111 i
17H Hester Btreet > ovv iork city I
The Terrllile ondltlnn of lrlnner M 10
Are iinfliieil In be AVcirkhouse
KANhAs CITV Mituh 9 I Ihu charAeq
mndo by Aldorrann 1ord concerning tho
frightful condition of tho piisonors confined In
tho workhouse found bo About
workhol nro 10lno to true Aholt
sovenDllvo mnlo prisoners nro crowded into
narrow nud Illtl ells reeking with vermin
nnd unprovided with Military requirements
Tho mel 1113 constantly mnnnclod with
shackles weighing from live to thlrloi n i omuls I
nnd aro therefore prevented from bathing
Jwoof the prisonois bind that they had nut
taken u bath for tvvuin nth
Many of ihe cells no onl live foot long and
In Homo of them me lonllned men 81 lent tall
Ior those vuntvllvo prisoners nro two
guards Tho guards saj thaton nccountoftho
desperate character of tho I nn n It Is nei esnr >
to Miacklo HP m to I revent tholroeinpeBolong
ns they alono havo to guard tlnm and thov ro
innln In their undent nil liters rho I hnlldlni
Is of wood and tho parti ns are thin un n
Tlm omnutioi i aPlolnled to Invotlgato tlm
matoi will report at toinorrnvvs i mined
mooting It Ih I thought that n tuw btlck i rlpon
will be erectn I provided with iioier suntiry
appllincos and iiHuiiCiout iiumbur of IUIIII
to watch tho prlonors
Wll1IT I rN nof7
Terrlliln NiiRVrlnitH nt Tnn Flihrrmen
Vhi > cie Initt In u Fnif
filoucisn March 9Iho pchoonor
Wnncho which hns arrived from flrnnd Hank
hnd on bonrd ldwnrd 1 ogarty and William
I Ilson memberH of tho cron of the schoonor
I Nelllo II Thiirtun who woio picked IIP in u
don They went 11111 lit on Tub il while nt
tending trnwls In n thick fog Tho weather
continued thlik for live daje during which
tlmo tlllll nsihooner nud a brig who
did not soo them heir 1 feet hands and
tongues bocnmo swollen and thoy In In Iho
dory nnd iniDad for do ith to rollovo their suf
feilng They had throe raw llsh In tho dory
11111 tin nod I to em but weio mndo nick
Tlio In I caino delirious nt d nLout mndo uii
their minds In jump oveihond and onu their I
Milleiing NMieii tnu 1 hichn ruxcned them I
thy could not lin o siirvivnl much lungoi
During Ilio Him1 the wero imtrny Iho Wi ather
was very cold an i > apt ralor I said tho men
must hnvohud liontons tuitions to endure the
vAposuro lung 1 hoy hnvo BOIUOUhat re i
covered but their hnndB and fiot are badly
hwollun Ilm weio lusuued Iiu l nillea from j
whoro thoy wont as tiny
I SAN rinMisro Mnuh t i Ilm suit of I
Charles Hanson against Ilonry hlnvln tho
Iliniimii canal lontractor toroiover flJlOUiil
waegun In the Suierlor Court esterdn
lie adigesthnt Jnl I1 1 ho agreed with Henry
1 slavln and 11 Slnvln clnco IIM eased J to
mbhcrliMi lor JiOil Bhnres of the stock of tho
American Contracting ni d lrudglngompnii
which tho Slav Ins controlled Ihe stock how
ever WIIH never delKorod hough ho stood
readyto lay for thu Mime Ihci vnluoof the I
Bhaios and of tho dividends declared would
now amount to thu mini sued for
1111 Hlavin says that Hanson never paid n I
dollar for nny of tho mock and had never ovon
asked for itny
1 Alllod Ynlr
RAIIATOIIA llnreh IOIlA lItnUoy 911 0Ilt8 I
il 1111 willi hn 1 Oil 110 IRmo lfmln 1Ilown of
111I In eOUIII II h I M onll II 111 II
TuttIJI 101 al1 al II rnlyurlit 10
IUHII It hi lIalh 10 Ira 11110 110 1 I ulcI i
al lb am pallo
The Delect Ten Hnlil In llnir Hnd Home Dim
cully In Kreplnit Her Ullliln Iteuch lor
the Trial oilni Wilt slip TeKtllfl
Tllo trial of ShcilfT Jimoq A Ilnelt his
son Will riaok and Joseph Mock tho rofcrco
In tho suit fordlvorco bronchi In tho naino of
Mrs lack I against tho UhorllT Is to begin this
morning In tho Court of Oyor nnd Torminer
unless somolhlng occurs to postpone It onco
mor It Is believed that Mrs Flack who
cnmn to town on saturdny will bo piosont nnd
t testify thnt Bho never nuthorbod the divorce
suit or knowingly signed and verified tlio com
i I plaint llor depositions to that offuct htyo al
ready been taken
I Tho throe defendants nro jointly Indicted for
i conspiracy to obtain tho fraudulent divorce
Ambroso Monoll since dond wns Indicted with
them His lllnoss caused n Borlosof po tpoiio
inonts of tho trinl Mooki hnd nn Illness which
rciitilrcd n trip to Bermuda nnd on Monday
Inst t Mrs lack 1 wns Indisposed nnd thoro was
another postponement
It wns learned yoslordny Hint Mrn Tlnck hnd
not gone to tho house of her niece Mrs S D
lllngham at 822 Knst KlgliDflfth Btrout with
whom It was expected that sho would abide In
J ow York lllngham Bnld to a Siv to
jorter that ho did not extoct her and know
nothing of her whereabouts Inst night n
Ftory wns current thnt tho detectives hnd beon
visiting tho houses of Sheriff 1lncks friends In
smirch of Mrs Ilnck nnd had llnill found
her nnd tnken her Into their own guardian
ship with n view to making It certain that sho
Trill appear today
It nppenrs thnt Mrs Thick went on Snturdny
night toJl > Tnst Tlftyflrst street tho homo of
Cltv Marshal o oph M HIII but thnt Assistant
District Attorney doff on lonrning of this
doomed best to remove her thence yesterday
morning Hocnlled nt th 110110 with Do tlvo
Yon Gorlehlen It in and thoy took Mrs I Inckto
tho Vnndorbllt Hotel whcro BIO wns detained
nfl a witness custody a detective remaining
at the hotel Mnrslml Hill It Is I Bald Is n
friend of Sheriff Flack but not an nciiunlnt I
nnco of Mrs 1 Inck I
Mrs Hill Is nid to bo a friend of Mrs Hacks
Tho latter Is I described ns being very tearful
and grontly distressed nt her treatment as a I
Bomlprloner I I
Mrs Flnck It U understood has beon vncll I
Intlng of Into in her purpose of npiienrlng
ngnlnst her husband who on his part h IB
1 cnrofully avoided nn countenancing of the 10
I ports that Wet put nlloat about her habits
and oci alonal Irresponsibility when tho sean I
dal first cnmo to light
It may bo that sho Is unwilling to face cross 1
exnmlnntlon for the defence must necessaiily
maintain thnt sho signed tho eoniplainl
In tho divorce suit well knowing what i
Bho did nnd Bho has sw < rn to the con I
trary licsldefl tho prospo of sending
her hufbnud nnd Fon to Stute pris m hns very
likely beon pictured to her In n nnnner to
work unon her feelings she can be i ompollsd i
tonpponr of course willing or unwilling uud I
it Is proposed that r ho shall nppit ir
He Mill Knee Tut the AntlTlcnn Cup lie
fore oiiNlderlni tev hallenues
Lord Diimavens dool i ration u Sis ro
porter In London cabled to TIIK Prs of sun
01111 Hint ho will not send his boat Valkuio
across tho Atlantic to race for anthing but
the mnrleas Cup means Hint Duiiaven is i
going to renew bib challenge or at least dis
pute tho right of nny othei 1 nklljh jniht
ownor toBiill for tho cup bofon1 his challento
la dispr Hud of
As the m itter stands now fnid I a member
of the N v vork ai lit Club vesierdnv I iMin
invi1 IIJIF unlnubo tho Mist ilnm to thu
const lointion of the club and I should not bo
Bun risi d to ho ir of a now < bailor go Irom him
nt nn > hour Hir > lat no i aim1 about tho m d
iljo of March I nnd thot lull I onu willing to on
slder It then will iiohnhl do I so IIW llo
holding of tint cup I tho winner tinder tho
new deed of gift nathe stimining bloc last
ar but If Dunravi n N 1 vllllng t i confoim to
that condition and im Ilosal aebt Ninudron
jb I not tliern Is I nothii that 1 know of to tire
vent him from chalUnglng In the mime of m
other club to which ho Uloncs 1 b love ho
has It beon cleced < < mmoiiil of n North f
I ngland club BO ho might thalb nge in j their
name I
Meanwhile Sklnper Hank HnlT is I getting tho
Volunteer Into xhnpn fit tho coiilnseaon I
nnd theres von lilt doubt about wh it uuit
will dolund Ibo cup when tho tlmo comes I
LAItflEtif CO1HX IllhV lVKll S1AIH
It Held the Ilodr ofii Ynnnic AVoninn 1 lio
Weighed I2M IounilH
riTrsntiuii Mnich 0 Iho fimoril of
Miss Llzlo Kramer ot 1 rnnklln Mrcot took
jilaco this nftc rnoon fi oin tho residence of her
brothoi Trnnk H Kramer 11 Ilitiiro stioct
The woman wiH tho heaviest person living In
IhoMivenlb vvnrd nud piobabl tho bcnvlest
womnn In Pittsburgh Her weight was 4JH
pounds Iho Kramer fimllv Isoiinof tho best
known on tho hill whom they hnvo lived for
man joarn I hero nre live nins nud ono
daughter still living Iho chlldion Wire all
largo but I was laigor than unyttvnof
herhtnlwnrt brothers Sho was i years ol I
i n m uth hhu was nisi osiU to exictsno
corpulence s a scluol glil vvlpii on iho
fitiei IB ho nttracted general nttentlon Im
Ing her later i nis she was BIOII out ver ml
dom Hoi weight becan o BII great that sho
did not i are to walk fai and sli did not like to
be htnred al by penplo on the streets Sho
thcioloro did not go out more than two or
three blinks fiom home and thnt lar rarely
Ihecaiiroof hor death was a cold whichdo
volnpod Ino pneuuumlu Her fnneial wus
larg ly alK nded
Tho underlnkerB wlifisnppllnd tho coflln hild
It was tho largest tln > ever nmilo It was 1
loi I I Inches long and J > inches ncrnsf on iho
Inside It was nil that sl stropg pall biaicrs
could do tu lift It Into the hcnrso
Kntd on n Htnle Iteer 111 e Il eitienleit by
Hiiinlltfiii street Ainumiti
Rovontoeii porwins wcro nrrotwl forimi
tlclpntlon In alight ntHi Hamilton stnot last
evening 1lltoon of them wero women and
thoy mndo an odd procession ns thoy woro
mnrchod up to tho Madison street pollcestatlon
Tho principals in tho light woio Julia Sulli
van and Marl McKlbbln Julia IB onl fi enrn
oil and Mary Vi lulini bjei tid to n roinnik
mndo ab ut hoi daughter t Man mid Mio
cut Marys head with n h nkt n nugnr bowl
Mar hai1 friends iiosun and so had Julia
After n little whllo an ambulance was nocs
snry nnd Dr Currnn of doiivrnieiii Hospital
took Mary to thu hospital nnd sowed up hur
I ho pollco went to tho place nnil arrested tho
whole lot It Is n Blnlo bier dive nnd tlm re
port of women wno nro fond oi beer 1 hoso
nrrcBtcd Im luded llononi oods U joarB old
I Hen Sullivan ID Margaret Ilronniui II
II BSIO Madden 10 llildgot Dllrlon viurgaiut
llsou il I Mllli r II Augusta Arm
strong 11 Hrldint Ponnvnn II Mntgnrut
Iveegan II Mary Neville il Jtlchnrd Ivcvgnn
CU uud Alfred Armstiong i >
A IMoliiinent rimuil Clrik < iiuBhl
OfATTANOOdAiMnrcli 91orfiomo months
froiient complaints havo be n mnde of miss
Ing letters ou tho mnln lino of tho Kast Ten
nosboe Itallrond sybtom Tost Olllco Inbpoctor
Hhnrp undertook to find tba thief As thu r
milt of tho Inquiry Mall Agent Tom M Mont
gomery was nrrestod In this city shortly after
lilstraln cnmo In todaynnd on his person was
found n marked M bill and a decoy lettor nnd
several other letters which ho hail taken from
the mall Montgomery waa brought before
United States oinmlssloner Hope nnd com
milted lo jail In denult of ball Ho waived
prollniinnr examination and vvna rumaiidud
until Thuredn
It IB said the proportion of this sort of crlmo
In tbjs section IB about thruo to ono a against
tbe North and that this Is duo to tha largo
mall for tho Ixiululana lottery The supposi
tion l that a letter addreueod to the New Orleans
manager contains money and as be has no
redrew It u almost perfectly eala to eteal It
A rioiiVT nnittni
He Jlrnix n Inntrncer Irom n Alnvlnff
I nilii lor Jln > iilnn Hl I Icket
Ai Mosifl Snmpsiin of 200rt Third nvonnr >
boaidcd a bildgo cnr In llrooklyn at fi1 last
night Im wns ndcd h tho cunt collar by a
ticket inker on the platform nnd dragged
roughly backward from tho moving train His
wlfo and llttlo girl were curried nwnyon tho
l train tho child CD Ing uncontrollably fright
i onodnt the sight of n big man In uniform and
brass buttons dragging her fnthcrncross tho
platfi nn of tho station Mr Sampsons ofTcnco
was In droi pine his tickets on tho floor Instead
of In tho chopping box In his lin to to bonrd
tho tinln with his wife and daiightor Downs
fnlrly on tho train whkh hnd thon Ktnrtd
I w lion tho ticket chopper Bclrod him Tho tick
ets voio i Ii lod nn nnd Mr bnmpson followed
his wife on tho next tinln
Jho littlo girls cries attracted tho attention
i of tho i nsseugeiB to the uncnllodfor vlolonco
of tho Hi ket takorH methods nnd ono or two
of them oirer ° d tholr cnrds to Mrs Sampson in
cnco hor hti bind Blould vvnnt vvltnopsos of
what appeared to them to bo brutality toward
nn nnflondlng imssengcr
A ropoiterof Till Sts chnncod to witness
tho episode I nter ho called on tho gatomau
for his nnmo nnd number
1 hero wns a man nulled off n train hero at
about fl o clock ho admitted surlily nnd
then correcting himself while departing from
tho fact he nddod I stopped a man colling
I on n tinln When a mnn tiles to boat mo out
I of tickets twice nnd a levy at thnt I think Its
tlmo 1 pulled him off n trnln
PIII niiniboi I tcobald tho reporter Is
11 what is luurnamo
ou cant got io nanin from mo I toll you
he burst out I try to servo tho public ns
well ns I cnn or I wouldn t havo beon hero for
neven xinrs but when you buck tin against n
Jew > ou bnvo got a nrctt tough class of cus
tomers to deal with
Then thu man walked nwny Ills name Is
He Threntenn 11 I rll All He Known Ahoat
tlie Inmttin cunduln
Srvrrrr ih Mnoh 9 Chariot K
Hammond tho man who known mora than
nilbody olso al out tho famous London scnn
dals Is bolng cut short In his supplyof mono
and ho protests Ho sild tndni thnt unless
coitnln people piominont In London kept faith
vvllh him nnd milled inone to him b TtiiH
dnv of tldxvvoek ho would ha soniothing then
that vrould place them In n very bad light Iho
words of Hammond wore
Jim tlmo for dm InU from ono sldo nnd tho
other is ral and If Lord Iuston and Mr Hugh
iNeglen know vliat was to their Interest thoy
would communiinto Immediate b cable to n
person known to thorn by Initial C and whoso
Piesent residencies 212j Front etieot heat
tie Hugh tgliMi is tin1 si n of a mnn whooc
cupio < nn excel tlonal position In tho financial
world of tho lirltlbh cm ital
It is observed Ir m thoi > lemarks that Ilnm
mond wants mrjiioy and alsi that whatovui ho
maj hnvit said heretofore about his not being
tho man who lepta i otorioiis houso In Cleve
land stn ot was untruu Ilohast rnolTallsom
blnnco of a mak and now promises to rovonl
nmti othei nnmosof nun high in stntiou who
woro customers at hi house of crlmo Seattle
is undoiiUedly tho nest interesting place In
tho Vnlt 1 suites just now to certnln men on
Downlngbtrcet London and tho end Is not ct
THE LlJlll If WALL Ul > > AT fiFA
Her Ciilln Nlnto lliiiNt SetllnR Flro to the
1 eMHel 1 lie Cl et Jtencued
UorrisTi n MTS Murrh t Iho fishlnff
Bchionor draco Chono from Iortsmouth ar
rived this nvonlng hnving on biird dipt
Horatio H Lnvvsou and sl men of tho ochoon
crLiioD Small of New ork who wcro res
cm d Ilom n boat todn fifteen miles sontlicast
of 1 hatchers Island Jho Small failed on
TnOBdn fn m St John N 1 with n cargo of
idling shipped bylirlscoll Itros andconsigned
to A J Muriay During a strong breoe from
tho north this morning vvhln thm row wero on
deck jibing thu mainsail the cabin store burst
betting lire to tho ve sol Jho llamo BOOH
spread fn m stem to stern and tho crew took
to a boilsaving not ing but what tho had on
Die Captain attomited to get into the cabin
butwas nearly snlTouitd He < osl all nf Ids
nautical Instruments and a considerable sum
of mono 1 he Captain ot tho Choato s olnji
the vessel on llro boio down on her and res
cued the crew Shortly nftor lenvlng tho Small
her tti rn burned off nud fho tilled and r illoa
over bhoisa dangerous i bstrnction to navi
gation Sho wns IN tons built In UMi In
Iumdon N J nnd wns owmd by Fred I
Scamnioll of Now ork Noinmirancols known
to be on tho vessel Uho cnrgo was probably
LK111JA1XI1 llirlll 311K31
Fire lrlKOner I > rape IhroiiKh a Hole the
1 IccCrlc Hlroke Mitite
niliMlsoiMM Ala Mnioh 9 During 1
thunder ftnrni on last Jnenla > tho jail nt
Moult n Aa wns struck b lightning nnd a
holo loin in th t roof Tho jnlloi negleitedto
lepnlr the dnmag6 nnd on 1 rldny night live
prisoners esc IP d through the opening
J hi obtained a tlio BOlnehow Illcd out of
then cells and b cutting tlulr hi inlets Into
btrlps lowered tin mselves to tho ground from
tho roof If tho roof had boon repaired In timo
tho lould not hnvo o capod from tlio building
after getting nut of tho colls One mgro
charged with murder tofusod toecape Ho
was tho onl prKonor loft
lliiikei MeNrrnle Ihroun Iriiln Hln llornn
LAM woii > Maiibt Ji > i i S Mixcrolp it
meml oi of the Now nrk Hock Ivehango was
thrown violent fiom n horso galloping at full
Hpoed in this villago at noon todnv Ho wns
tiikon up Insensible nnd tarried to the Laurel
House wboro ho li in n state of profound
coma about four hours Dr Stone BIDS there
Is possibly an obscuro Internal lnjur > but as
i Mr Moscrolo IB novy conscious when ho Is
arumoil theio IB a reasonable prospect of his
recover Ills brother who wan teb graphed
foi lea I ml hen at i oclock tonight Mr
Mesorolo K linn h Jcro S Moscrolo A Co 1U
l llioud ntrcut
He Iolanned Three NprlnffH
N W Vn Mnrch 9 On Saturday
morning a fourteencurold ion of James
llnrnhouso was arrested on tho charge of pol
Bonlngithreo springs In West Gr fton Sovenil
families iihtaln water from the Hprlngs nnd a
number of ciiboB of sickness lid to an Inves
It w ih nscnitnlned thnt nung liarnhotipo
hnd B ol n ivvu iicven ackaiCB ot rat IKJIS < n
linm thu Htoio id I L loar and had cinptn d
llioir i Ii nts into tho springs I h no onu
died Is Biirpiiln iiung I urnhonse IIIIB had
a mania for poisoning chl keiis CIIH dogs
and to on and 111 ptoxumod ho was ambitious
to try bib hand on bigger game
HIOBBCd He Wi laklnv M Orlnh
John Calvoy who Bald ho lived at 86 Dike
tnanitreet llruoklyn wai hrld In f 1 O ball In tli
Tombs Iolico Court yxlerday cbarvol wllh Multlnf
an1 robbing Aniirow hpanhfrir abweiliih carptntfr nf
I 7o Kullon lr el Uruoklyn in lli alooii at IMBoulli
uteet t II oclock on BsiunUr nuht Hanlicrir > aM
ilmi hil li wnidrlnklDK m tin Umome uu > ilruck
turn from ttlilnd wllli u L unt tteipiinanil lit Icll to ilm
loor uiiioiincloui When l > e reinel lili waicli uil
ciiAln hcvrral ilullart lu inonf jr auJ iom trlnkuu Im
lirelllloen An ainliuliiii r n i allul Irom lle hlla
l m Mrttl lloilinl mnl miubwi riu lmui > ailur
lli iururiiiilialilr < rl a > iai HIIIIII I al d llli iwnllen
rye Himi coull nnlllrinlly i i try ai nli aoall
am tiui riminaa Jolinnu 11 1 t hniniiey > tt t Kill
0 il Ilia he liad ttta Caivt mike rianberi
it AH i on ANI
One lnil > Oolliri Ilirnrllpil T lrrlnun
II < ni tint SUIIN ul ihp MKlli Arnue
nnil Tncnt > > llili < l Mlrel Million
1 ho top steps nf tin P mill Mnlivvn tntlio
down station of tho olovatnl torn nt Twenty
third Btrcot nnd hlth rvonuo linil groat
Hlashet of tobacco juli c on tlioia lit tiuon yes
terday On tho landing woro inoro of tho
fltnltiH Inside tbo million n bevy of women nil
with thoIrdrcBsBhlrts well pulled ui > uortliolr
ankles Vioro oMiostulntiiig with tlio klntion
ngonU Tholr whltit skills unJ theli stocUnea
woro bincarod with tobacco juice <
Iho skirlB woto ppotttd tun foi t ii from
tlio bottom nntl nil nrountl jumns though tlio
Wonierahnd Blond on it pivot nnd had been
whirled nroutul bofuio mi mitomitlc n > rlnUor
Tlio tohaico julco had tiiii fliiulrlod upon
tinill just us tliv iiHiondod tlio short flight of
Mops lending to tin ilooruf tlo Btntlon nntl
tlioy woro lodtlvo Unit their dicssin iiiul Bklrtu
liml beiii luilltil nMdo h 11 in in lio wns
stnmllng nt the loot of tin do low steps Ity
HID llmii tlin Btntloi ngetu gi > i outs do tO In
VeStlgatO lIlO Mlllll VaH gi 111 I llO agent lllKl
tlio htiiH nnil tlio lanill g vvahhod oil unit
luooUl snld tlint Unit wns tlio boat lio could
do No pulp on mi was III tight
1 lion1 novel was n groiitir outrngo thnn
this mid iino of tlio ladles 10 aSt > loponor
and I bellovo I vvns ili niot nnfi rtnnaio
lulniof nil I ncondid tli loin Rtnlrwny
jllt llhollt 1J 0lloCl i Mil Oil tin WIIV IO llltlU
with frli ml In t us 1 01 otioil tlio d > oi lo tun
Million ul tlio to < of tlio Ion snn to tint lo I n
tlio longptalrwat 1 fo t a tugging at no dross
nnd skii tumid Inimidliitilv loll II mid oaking
thioiicli my liosn jn t nluiMt the tlioo t p I
till mil iinlkl and uv a llttlo mall well
unoiuh diossod Manning at tlio foot of lio
Rtep Ho did n t n 11 u t a iiiillon to tour
iii tlio btcps llfi wa standing tlioio lilt
a sort of abtTaii < d look I onti n d
tlio station und inlckh > > iun > d tliat
my white skirt was splashed nil mound with
big brown HPOI M in sit wire ilniliarly
Btnlnod I star ol Uuon lnit 10 o llnulnu
impluioii Unit it ui iln VMM k ot tlio mun ont
Fido I rotmnod lonil linn o and cli uiirod my
skill and lioiv iriil Kiiitiu auuin lliolu UIH
nolodv nt ilio top 01 t o IHHU hi ilm as I
IHI cndiil ttiein foi tlio Htond tiiii hut us 1
was ul out to throw oiun tn tation door 1 folt
tli > < UiLClim at nn diuiand sklrth iindii nnil
injaln fit it ll mid 1 1 nutriiili mn > liisi1 Tnrnlui
hlnrpb aionnd I ii tlio Minm 111111 at HIM lout
of tlio stcti u lio li > id I o < n there an hour tofote
llolori 1 could MI iiu nntiT doti rnniiB at to
Uo Im alkod don i Iiu ii i u starn mid iit
mint I tiiun unit lalnod t ilio Miillnu acuit
lint ho illdn t M i in to kno am iiMiiodv Hut I
IIH 1 1 mi odod li > Hiuiiol in llrst detention
lo u < i mi nn MI and Ijoirovv a si o mil Hkirt
fr mi in In s > b
1 ho i i < ri t iiiirof tlioontrnuo Ndo crlbodns
nlittloninn mi nil urn IIIOIIH inlic It Is
ln > lii > od tint In had a Mrinuo Illlcd lth
tobacfo jnki
Ho NIIJH He hits Lost llopi nnd
llrnrrliirth lie 11 Tiiimp
Kv rnNso MirihM 1 A Jllbort a
comtuteorof I opular nielodfis hnsdlsnpponrod
mvsttiriousl fiom his Oikland home lemlntr
a wife and man filends In a lettor nost
loiiked san 1 ninclsco nddiesod to Mrs 011
bert ho HIDB tliat ho h is Ins nil rourigo
nnd ambition nnd will In m eforth bo a tiamp
Tollowlng Is n iiuotation from his moinohs
I leave behind mo all hopes nf friendship
love and famll nn 1 will live nn outcast till 1
die 1 will never lumln listen to or nun nn
Bidi to music is a prnes ion I am sick nt
heait Donollrv In llnd mo If ou do 1 shall
shoot mself Isweiuii
Mrs nn nilbiii tint i ompooors wife is
rrosnatid vv th gnef and in vmw of iho fact
that her bushand wiih making i onil lonilili
money und fiino in his profession can i nlv
explain ddbert h dlsaiu oarance on tho ground
of InHiuiiti Accordinir to a musical rhaluil
bert left u wifo and child in llelul m bis n i
tlvoi oiintri and adeleetlrn Iiiul just arrived
in rinklnnd who ijfcnlonod serious tro U lo to
the composer iill ert ho bUs wu living
tindoi an usbUincJ naino
1 Milt 111 1ltOlHET
He Jtnpn Into Vlt llb u Oloont HuilRet
fit 11 eillttlon
STirnrxMijiji Ohio M uci Ion ilnya
ago tho Itov Dr Hicks predicted the present
bibaril voryoa tl > Ho is i ow icgnrdod ns
finite a prophet nnd has Itsued pi edit lions for
tl b ilancK of thn month ns folowa
old will follow moderating nnd scntteilnc
storms on thu loth and llth 1 ho m ddh storm
I eno t of the month is fiom tho llth to IHth
With dllllgeid DB ahollt tint llth 1 nil llth
and 17th Venus and HID irthhothbenroiinl
this period it Is i lie wn eh calls f i pi iinu CO
and e iro on n i and land
Iho UMO distin blng fin tors will intouslfv
tln < olomeiis on Iho Jlat aid Jd I roni tho
to Hi lst I horn w II bit i n uiiiisnal coin
bin itlon of B ormn odming c Illards
and blow him kadi s need ml snrprl o ihn
Ninth noi tmiitio mill H t t lliiidcr and
turn idottho NO th J Im mon i will ond cold
1 hero will oarhiuakn sho1 In many
placoi durii g the Man i storm periods
Tho wonthor 0torda In this cltj wns do
Ilirhlfully liirakant Milli inily portent if himllitv
The ftlinopphero wan lifinpj irenl Ihooiti > Al u torn
menl tern cralure In tho in mil w 1 i b IOIMIO t
Itnaiuplolhl lifeline ininLtilil then It trriliilly
reached 17 tlm hltflimt jnnt ilOiil If VI A lUIlt
ln I from lh norlhnot riHir ihroukli ml IlieiUr
There wml rliar w i tthpr 11 all the uu i eait nf tha
MlmUlpil In Ihe north at t Ttr > Ihe Rtorni was In
iriKreMl The bHrJlniter AtjA i > lnlhiim < vionl read
l IH nil I Iln arm of leg rr in nii rtrnive lUin
tin I unotv fell III all III WeIn n Atiil Nurtliwiileril
MAtel betul II II1H V M l 1 Illll 111 HIM k > VI lull
InltiH unit hnrh win In were KUI rnl hi JliuitHiui Pakota
Miiine t1 VV IM Mtii111 anl N br ii > k t lb Rtorm ceiurtt
le inoviiu ciiBtM iril pr n led by it RI h < ral rn e in thtt
leinj trftluro entpi oter ilm uppir ptrtot the ui > per
UkeN anil cantla The roll Are1 IR ripllly ptiuinff
liorlhw ird Hie crlltit place yt lerJuy wa llo kllAe
Can Ju i north of lake Ontario J ° btluw ero Uu
Ihe HOUIbtTli Fllenfthn lAku in ll c AttTlioon U waa
ftllKhtly above friclu anil ll wi much witrmer la all
Ibctenlralaiil southern Mai lam iiUln the ralu
an I lniw retohnl ll in ml of the Mlnl il > l > l In III
rcntrAl slttn oil Ihur ulll tliur Ihu lililo t illey to
ihl The ran now nilnu otir lie Mhtlnlpl vtlll
tent In iticri n e the II o IH Then Han A fttaily rlfte
jii rla liie river at aim IB more than luouillea
wiltmill fprea Mini ever linur
ro hi priin HI to bo fair ami M armer folloveil by
imreMln cloudtucii4 at uUhu and rain warmer on
The thennointfr at 1err ibArmacy In Tin Rai
hull lliurccordrd Ihe temperature eilerday ni followi
w i lno IKHI IHIX
3 A M i o 1011 M ii
A VI jj > inl i i1 vi a
li t M IP 1 I V j > > 3j
IM jv i i v < id M > ti
Arert e ou March I 1 H3M
For M olnr rv llnmr ilre Vermont MuwiobuietU
Rbode Uanl Connecticut Uir weather wlndi tblftinf
to w rm r cauttierlr warmr ou TuctJay
tor entftn J > fiv Ivrl eatitrn Itnntylranta AewJer
fy warmer joir veather tnnthfrlv ufndt otrmtr on
TntJd < Hf uMA ratn or tmoan I ttinixnUureaboixfrttJ
tnj tn n rthtrn Vna J ori
Jor ibe JMiirlU of lolutntjo SluryUi t Delaware
Mrtflnla Anl t irjvinii fair wrdlticr foIloweJ ty
rain tlurliu > > < nVlit un < l otiTufhJay warmer Monday
HiiU Tuf < ltt Hirl > win
frtr wriieru N w urk an 1 weitorn Viin > > lanU
ana Oht > warmer fur wtailier followed by lUht
ruin or mow on Mun lay rain ur muw and armor
u atljrr uu Tu Jay
Beventr ono ldie arreiti yesterday
Trpograplilril Lnlon No il roted 100 ytstsnlay t
tbe lloraie Ureeloy statue fuud
The steamship lA llretuirne panted wlthlQ AirJle of
f our ICf bents on Thurs Jay niormiijf last on Ibe Banks
and w another two mliei ult m Ihe aliornoou
Vlarila Mul rn was din otured drunk an I uleep In a
pen or M Alptioniun i liurrh H I souili Htlh arciiuo
yeilrrdur inornliiK ami wtiiaken in lerleriitu > tarket
lourl wlcre JuMie Mime liued him jio
i > r XciiyiiM apiiarel al t v inritlii of ibu Anl
1oter MM rui l nir nlin ia > b lit Inr i < < l
tune urn b > rrrrnt lilt ei > 4 IIH f nlrdntr was Kieelud
MIUivii frroui applaiikt an 1 a It le Uiihlna iriit to
tbe platlorm to in sent him vilih H bunili ot wlilic
Joteph U Horst andlttcbarl P Hnlson laborers who
1T In Hit tenement at 7 > i tVanhlniion street tot Into
a nghi early yesierdajr morninv and liorii struck Hal
aoa on tbo bead with A hainuer caufina a oouipoaiil
fracture of ibe skull Hulion la In hi lncenti Uut >
pltaL JJgrsl WM btld al JsHirsuu ilaiktl Otutt

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