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CIIEllllr TILL aiisarxo
c Mr FId VTis Not Itrqulrtd to Tome
Vows but Nhm I I Hr UdlreU
flood Juror Hot Vndcr tbe New Law
After many vexatious delays tho trial of
Bhsrlff Flack Will Hack hla Bon nnd Joseph
Moeks referee in the Flack divorce suit was
begun yesterday In tho Court of Oyor and Ter
miner Probably very low of tho cltlronawho
crowded Into the court room expected to see It
Introduced BO smoothly and with BO little flour
lib Arl Flack of whose unwillingness to
testify there baa been BO much talk did not
appear In cow t but that was only because he
ss not wanted She Is within tho jurisdiction
Of the court anti Col follows bald that ho
could certainly produce her ut any time Coun
Ml i for tho defendants disclaimed all knowl
edge of any attempt Influence Lor to refuse
to teitlfy and averted that all visits ot Will
Hack to his mother since the casa has leon
movid lor trial wore made at hor request
Th trial With tot down for 10 > i oclock yes
Urday bhorllT hack and his eon came In on
tlm both dressed In black
Mr Meoks whofo blonde hair was In htrong
loa trait with tho dark hair of his codefend i
ants was moro sayly nttlred than thor He had
on a pretty scarf In cumblnatlou of blue and
black colors with a large seal scarf pin A plain
gold riDir adorned tho third flncorof his left I
handand a hoay gold watch chain was MI > Old
across his waistcoat lluiluc tho day his face
t was ulniot eonccaled from most of thoso In the
court loom behind the head of Lawyer John
I II Bird hU counsel Ho whispered nt frequent
Intervals to bis counsel and aided him with
lucsertlniH In the crossexamination of jurors
J Ills lawyer alvvavs bold out lunuir I the
Question ol niceiitinca juror tliun Mr Fuller
ton ana lloiaie HiiBsell the counsel for the
Hacks W lll 1 lacks attention was lequuntly
diverted Itum the > rocce < IIURS and at times ha
lauKhad us heartily an t any of the Indifferent
peitatorsat amuslni Incidents but bis lather
rcmnlnod auxlounly attentive all day and only
during the short Intuivula wnen tar buluu
yras buspoiidod did his oys Icavo tliowltnons
chair lo 6tatu abstriutodl over the heuds of
the spectators throuuh tho windows Into City
ilahl Park
lhnlr the opening of the court Assistant Dis
trict Attorney jolT 00 < 0 ami formally moved
Irct trial of the dofenduntsand tho uilsBlnir co
conspirutor barab ihuriy under the Indict
ment for conbpltai y tu pioetiiu u fraudulent
divorce The work ot examining tulesmuu lie
KAD at once S llliiim D Ellis of the Kills
Locomotive orks a member 01 the I nloii
J encuol lull wns the llibt Ho was cballenced
on the cround that be had an impression an to
the guilt of the delendums which It would
tale evidence to remove nnd tblh cause was
oon thown to bo In the way 01 many other
acceutablo In the examinations
vise accotlablo jurors oXlmlnatons
some iinusuitl questions fitted to the oxl
soncloa of tho easu were propounded Thl
H l sedition Introduced these
Are you a member of any orjaniatlon or society la
vtilih tUe defeudants are in any way Interested I
V Are jou a member of the poiltliai organization with
Wbleb the defrmlaiit Hack was t inectedt
F Are you a married man I
1 Those wOe some of the dofonoos points
4 Have you any prejudice I against the tramline obfa dl
vorcea or atiy rehtfluus I scruples agaluit jiersoas obtain
Ind tliem T
It the evidence on Ihls trial Is I sulllclently strong In
tnr 01 tIe defendants lo make It uunecetiary for
them to loon tbe witness btaud would tlie fait that
tbejr did not testify lu their own behalf prejudice > ou
af slnst them I
bo you know any member of the firm of Evarta
Cboste 1 Seaman I The counel for Mrs Hack
Icorce L Herrlck a dealer In wliltx goods at
11 WhIte street was tho llrst juror to bo ac
ceinen and LHM nino tbo foreman The rest of
tbe dny wan pent In securing four more jur
or Nearly every tnlestnan hail road the news
xiaLerl und formed some opinion about the
Hack divorce Those uccoptud were sufficient
ly cloir headed 10 bo able to try tho cae on Its
merits Independent of what they had read
and to Maml by their declarations to this elToct
through the storm of ingenIously worded ques
tions of counsel dadunod to oxpobe thoir In
most thoughts The 10bult was that the live
jurors who llnally entered the box had llrst
won the ie iioct of ourjbody In the court
room Burton 1 liuey was tho second juror
pulsed He Is I a publisher Church His
tory and lives ut JHU bt Mcbolas avenue
Charles A Plat a wellknown tounu artist of
So Lexington avenue lollosod him Then
came Nathan Erlanuor a dry coods merchant
of 105 1rince itreet and a member of tho
Freundschalt Club and ramtiel Hierna manu
facturer of mens turulshlui Koods at 5GU
In In attempt to get to the bottom of Mr I
Erlnnceru frank answers to question Mr
IC Ulrd propounded this delicate Insinuation
° lou are the head or a Miry laruo business
Mr Jrliinkor do you think you can spare the
time from It to sere on this jury
naIvely Mr hrlaneer produced a roar by asking
How lone will It take 1
As It was evident that another day would bo
consumed In getting the rest of the jury iiiul
muklnutho op < nlni aruumunt Jutio liarrett
t excused the Huebus until to inoiro morning
Ine Mr Mocks was so nod with 0 sub j na
to appear at the linokstuvnr InquIry by the
Asomliljr Commltteocm next Saturday
MIB Flack remained In her room at the Vnn
clerbllt Hotel nil day sostordiiy undor guard
Much ot tho nervous OM Ituuiout Him has been
under In Ibo last low dots had subsided and
Assistant Ulstrlet Attorney lioff mid that Hll
was conlldent that when she came to the Hand
she would tell the truth although she his b > en
rot heavily probsod lurIng the last few weeks
not to testify against tbo Indicted pnrons
t Letters lnte poured In upon her by the dozens
horn persona who have nut hesitated to heap
reproaches upon hor for betraying her
nearest lelatives Many of these Totters
are in Mr Golf psslon > anti hn has I
Informed tho writers that they mut coano any
further persecutIon ul this Kind Mrs I lack s
T mind had also been poisoned agaInst her
nloce Mm lllnuham W rolonol Ilnek was lot
to believe wu false to hoi lit osts Hut this
mlsunderstnndiui has Loon I settled now and
Mrs lllncham pont a great drill of her time
with her aunt lostordut Irs Hill tho wife ot
< ltv Mar hal Ioeoph M nil was also with
Mrs Flack yesterday Mrs lack 1 will remain
at the hotel until bho Is called as 0 witness
So at Leant Hbe Nisid but Maybr Hhe Hnld
I Only to Mecure 1IU Iteleuie
Philip Dnmpsoy of 188 Stoubcti street
Jersey City tried to commit suloldo by cutting
his throat with a razor on Sunday Ho did not
succeed and yesterday morning he was nr
ran d before Justice Stllslni accused of be
Inc a disorderly poison ills wife a pretty
little woman accompanied him In court Her
right oyo was blackened DemiiEoy refused to
tell tho Justice why he bud tiled to kill himself
Ills wife kent her eyes cm him while bn talked
with the Justlci und llnully asked to be
lowed to tentlfy
Jude chic said I drove him to try to
I kill himself by my everlasting tongue I
nivent kept my tongue oil him for a week
ilrs Dempsey emphasized every word
j H bo blacked join etonsked the Justice
f 0 He didHIO replied lint Judco 1111 didnt
11 mean It 1 hcoldrd him and he raised his
J hand not to hi mo Indue bill tut to lush me
a away and I turned around quiek end my eye
S came In contact vith his lst Ho flint mean
I t Julia 1lease let him to From tho time I
hurt my eye for 1 week I kept my tongue on
him I nacRed him all the time bn was awaKo
and ho thought that If I kept it up bo had bet
ter tA I dead so he tried to kill himself lies a
good 101 and nevoi loses minis work and
O08 the lather of four little i hildion
Bra Iernpiey began to cry when she had
I albed her Jlluudhli
hl1 1 let him ro will you promise not to nag
mm any morn nskod the Justice naa
Yes yes yes said Mis Hempsey drying
her ores Illno > er never nay I eros word to
him IJempsiy was atTectud by this and tears
came in his eyes too
You ore illscliaruod paid tho Justice
nffB I mpsoi was almost overcome with joy
HIhe HI thankod the J Isteo again and again bo
lore the loft the room on her husbands arm
Tno Iluscally lutsauteri
D1TEn Col March 1n Important
capture of Post Onion offenders took place yes
terday One of tho ariouts was nude In this
city and the other In Utah Tl 1 running down
and capturing nf the men was accompli bed I
after many week of work by Iimpectoi Law
rence and the police and detectives of this Uy i
Jbe names of the nrUonen am Iloraea Ireoley
Stewart and J J Truman who are wantod for I
embezzling Iost Onice lumls us well ia for
STi J J be former was nppolntoil Inntinator I
JanUSi tot fdiir the noino of Dunham
several mont hi ago and slur II I alter I eiube1 I
rind UtUfJ rtimin Is acenned of i oh huitig thu
master IOst 1 Dfllca there at Oenou In of joi wblu lUdt I
hh lu tier llrrach or Irumlnu Mull
IAnKEiisiiiTito W Vn Starch IOA do
crel has been entered In tho Circuit Court
Krantlnu Julia lush of this clt 5000 tlllalei
for broach 01 lronso Thomas Farr was the
rocraant lover Jho onhille were enuiiBml for
mon IB and the iiiarrlitfo was positioned oov
larrlllo postLolo1
oral times at 1arrK request Ho llnnll rut nil
Ills property out 01 his hands and tUtu refused
marry tlO young 1lr
toi CD Hlee In JurUar
thllli AI flint Ilht rulatlroonel and 6th Lv Ieter II Iii I 101110 I
ll ln otrt
Krnnrrij llrrby und Alpine lint ut
f IO and Mm tar niiria < those elsewhere A f3 and n
direct from maker to aIr OIlS tail i owen tub
Ions tts HHI ti m > u ortlandt I up main
Krnnrdy Men Slioe direct from maker
to wearer sartnv tnl < 1 < lle tirolltn Iin I rail hne dond
year Hell Kill wurth > < reach I Calf hand seived
Hii worth Si Ill Lortlandt 1 up stain
llnrr > rrlropbfroii tan the hair where
tailing u I t ndency tu fall out reiuew s Its growth 3t > c
Krepn Ilrrs NhlrtN made to measure f for 5
Nor teller at any price nt I ami till jlrihadwav
Absolutely Best
A pure cream ot tartar powder
All Ihs Ingredients used are pure and whole
some and are published on every label
One Trial Proves its Superiority
1tIiIt 1otru
Cll > IIVKK OII < Thls Invaluable medicine for
weak lungs and debility Is I frequently rendered untvall
able by Ils strong odor and lisle Caswell Musney I i
10 1 I Ml I IIIA l I nf full I MM it 0 in I I with PI PrilN
and 4t i 1MM l I I entire v ovrrcomrs I rsnohjei iiont
lAhtthU UAIAli i ID
II I ll I lidusy 71 ui New ork and Newport Is I
lisa been uked for nver HrTV hARH by MILLIONrlot
Otnlb lie 4ltli4 I AMA Rall IAIN rllir hiU
Mil I I 1 nnd Is j In I I fit remedy for IHAIUtlKrA sold
I > iii KIM ii rver > tart t ol the wor d V ttbotile
i r citiii > Mit IIM SEEIIE EX
ThAt Tin lilt fur ihiiiiiutirm and neura ila ml cm I
blat painful Ian wllh Imrdner hue eelleliil tor
raurrh and broncblilk Inhale liardner line I Needle Oil
nt breaihesirim fiviu btiid ardn r Pine 11111 I
Iran and Whit oMBL t ULt U1U Aal
rrw bUcl
7JVOU will find it on the News
Stands ToDay
Thtt MARCH Number contain
Ur > Harrison In the Whit House A HALVOU
S With portrait and Interior views of Whit House
AMa Idea of Horn I Comfort rCT Vaas
a Diana and the Hunt nail KATITAKHATI WOOD
Illustrated by I Wlalhrop Pierce
Home and Haunt of Bcott
Illustrated by W L Taylor and F S Guild
Ascutney Btrett Par V AuittHiU T WHITHT
Illustrated by W St John Harper
Woman Poem Rosa HAJITWICKTiar
Bxpirlmant In WajjE rnln
I O M I Rows
I How to Kerry Well Tm Ducmaa
Phlllld CrspXIXIIXIH MAunllowa
Illustrated by I Wlmhrop Fierce
The Editorial Desk
d March Wind FILIX 1 OSWALD MD
Under Uy Study Lamp
ci 3ldTlk with Qlrli RUTH Ainwoac
Letter to Detb IV K T TifH TTWOODS
I Ketplne Store Poem NiLii K Kutooa
Four Brlfht New Game
I Mast CATntaiKi Cuowitv
a Save from thelPborhouie i I llluslraled by Cepsliid LAVIXIA S GOODWIN i
V How a Doya Library wa Had Ju HAUIAX 4
i5 In Llteriry Circle A KII R RAUSIV u
V Word to Young Authr EDWARD W Boa I
Latest Fashions n JOHN W Bummer i V
Hints on HomeDrcsimaklni EMMA M Hooraa 0
There No Time Like ths Priieat Pea Elan B Raxroao
Things for Baby Wear CtAaiuA Ponu
The Best Influeac for Children Mirtma A WOODWA
Bunshlnc Baby and 1 Poem lUuitnted by C J Build A M H D r
S All About Flower Illustrated by W Hal Gibicn Kim E Raxroao i
e Practical Housekeeplnt Mrs LOIS K Arr
y Sixteen Uses of Potatoc Amai C Stiuta E
Cookery far Convalescent MAl Fimsa Bosion h
a How to Sere Spring Chicken EutA R Puxu WI II j l
Artistic Needlework Illustrated witk Drawbpaad Fattenu May F XIU i 3 u
What Constitutes Succe FauciA HOLT 1
sJ Question and Answer J
k1 March Poem Liens CnaXBLU UOULTOH
Ward f Potted Wisdom r
sJA Practice View of Uarrlac MAIM HAXLAHB P I ll i 1
1 Hilt on Canvassing 11 M I VALsumn i
Fancy Work ror Odd Moment EMMA M Hooraa 4
N The handsomest printed and illustrated periodical the world for the family II t
N with a circulation larger than any other publication In this or foreign countries I
crculalion thn oter ton ts oreig cute
averaging more than hal a million 500000 copies each issue in 1889 l It r t
I i i t iW
ifh l
1 silkers wanted work liven out
JO UN M MKUIAN 13 East Uauslon t
ARTIFICIAL I J rLOVVnta Flperlenced flower packer
11 Wanted KAUFMAN A LUrt FSKKLs M Sway
AIlTIFlrlAI FLOWERSPacker wanted
it KAUFMAN a LOWLNtbL8MH nh Broadway
BONSAl Experienced operators wanted food par
1 steum power heady oork
KLRBIlhCnT 4 West WIlt BU
IOO 8ISDlNflEzjerlenced gatherers also small
II Klrl I JAMES 11HANOC itS 8r 88 Puane st
BOOK lOLDERSWIre stitcher and learners
> I MJJLIVAN o Beckman atC
IIAMI1EItMAIflA well recommended young wo
CI man who can wait attable and help In light wash
ing salary 114 I 73 VVert Washington place
EXIhlUFSCEL cine and paste hands wanted on
14 japer boxeS Apply at 13U 132 134 lk and 1st
W Illlam it
PI1 at uCla tewlnz Lodging Machine Mouse frhonl 17 St open Marks dally place from fthst 9 t
HIMbllEKS nn fIns cloaks
JP nobKNBLAlT 105 Hester t top nor
Anils1 sTruW HATS l cleaned dyed and pressed
LAn io tTS
Pj d
new stylet 5 0 to tHk1 Feathers cleaned I dyed and
crIeS h to Sic CAIlItlt ilJ bast IJthsL between
Jd and Jd as
OIFn ITOHS walt 1 on ladles white suits tea niL
Ac highest prices paid lout season
Wlijlil WI cu lut Greenest
O TERATOHS ON JhR HHSteam power BlesdT
work week work and piece work bodI
MKAKSIIUBi I an ChUrch st
OPfRATORS 001 I presser wanted on pantaloons 59
Bower t Jersey City heights
RfLIMl MACHINE Fl I DKR and girls to stItch
wanted IMTfcK yLINN < a Vet y tt
15JANTtIlYounr girl for fenera lintmeworV and to
S V mini baby in a mal fauuily wages S call after
II tar ua fast 88th et
1JANTFlTwo servant girls In I a restaurant Satur
V day afternoon and Sunday free InquIre ir ast
a Brooklyn K I I Wallabout Market
VANTEDO enl chambermaid and wallress
V that understands foe washing und Ironing 10
I ant bltll t t
WASTiuGlr abnut n for light work Apply
V I vn sumner a KrunLlyu
taflttil1tfl1t l l I
AltrillTFfTUnAL RAU1ITHAN wanted short
It distance out of town drslrnlng and detail work
experience required Address stating salary expected
Ac tu K i t II 719 Avenue I Bayonne 1 J
MAN about 3 wholsqulck I to learn wilt be In
A itrucie for outdoor or city trade Apply at store
4th av und Utb st
A fO ov KIUOATii asTfSO overcoats K 13 > lover
1k coals f1 CAM I KtlN tUFIalbushav Brooklyn
A NCJOi second hand sulls and overcoats 4 5 58
A y V 9 CAMKHON ZOUHatbushav I Brooklyn
AIOI IlVO WEEKS WORK for carpenter state
11 wages wanted c box 11H Bun ofllie
A FhhtT CbsSA TORMCB BAKE wanUd Apply
1I 2u9Vsijistst pP
C O < Y W ASTFD Aboat 15 good penman accurate at
I figures living UP town with preuts Apply per
sonally jus East 18ad st corner Id av
BUTLr R For private faintly experience and refer
1 ence nscevsary Atoilke room 1 BOti Washington
st Brooklyn
OOlIhtS wanted ApplY I at the office of TIIR
C Nr AIK IIMI l f AlJ IEMIM cu ot unjge
m Newnrk NJ
CAItfK inn s 1 In 1r day steady employment
I Iloom i a n u ashluglon t nrouklyn
ESFItilRTIf MAN atioutsx who bas had some einerT
lA coca In taking charge of men at work wanted fur
an out lour I flll todltlon a man ln suitable for the bust f
ness will he specially Instructed and paid while learn
ing Apply at nture 34 Lu I lOll square
1JARM KdltrMAS I f40 marrlel I tanlener fW Al
farm hand 18 I Farmers supply 5151 Washington
st linn Urn
II AliNl KS hTITIlllR Haniedat
III JUII t IARK h Sin lludianav Brooklyn
1 O C I I Waiitei a nfl class Oremsn 110th
I st and FIrst av lUrlein
I P Mil want work of any kin I call
I TITI ILl 45 East lithst
J Out lOillOMTORTwiiililrder W Barclay it
T hAl IIIAILK Hanteil
lAU <
IA VVALTIlt 11 1 UIDTIIIIIS 210 tall Sth et
Fill INIOAI I Wool FNiiltVUt 151 also man
Ml I ni1mtandlnir i 1rhitilie ii nil 11 Iron work Koutn ii
Jin I lui H liincnn si Brink lyli
AN V ST IITU drive In Clutilrv fib maths
l buar I I I before u H7 I I ul i Hi It mot
P 1rISJnII C MAN I nluuut2 with W
kintwleilire or retail trade will I e Instructed and
paid wlnln Ituriilnir Apply at IUJ fcakt ltth 1
PVll illf Lhllh and feelers wanlei
IMI It 41 INN 41 1 yI
PHI I I NIX IHll F illiooery lie ir I anal It2l men
ole1 > l Iddtfiriirs lru I nrlnir iitU ire I bitlis
PAIll I i I 111 IIIU lieu > SI BJ1 lu vood steady t
man aluo I nrnt tleii I cIer iillMlin I I i iv
SIHil I I I I I II A K 1115 hour in 1 I 7 Co iimuU ot toiith
I Kroi klu
I lISTI wanted that iinileritaiidi In nit nutddo
1 > ork I I SIN i < I lALi lImit a
11 l HIIUhllHAKKRS A irood Ian html wanted
1 II IIA V thY 1 1 I hi Iii I il I lull
rpwoooon I PINTI lbsirifr mil DnWur In ca r
I rings shop IBrt I si slit limit av
r A NT haloii i liisrll uiiil PHI iii the Min A wning
if IulD a il 1 iiit jinn nr cm tie i nth sinus cull
mIL e < per IC > Villiir 1 u 11 I u I I UIIIVVMI
hiainfnrl i iin tin > ii In I I tenon i Hrus n IarL
Itnw us Vii t
VV s Nflll I A cell e in M unVrfu ci lifrMnlnk 111 t
VV i lime 1 ever pi flllud in i t comet I nt Htuevrry
iiierclutnt hiil inanuriK urer pu ILUI ir Jo
A lit VMM atAI t rI < i 111 i i i llarlne VVIs
WATiii first a > s vaniifher to finish coItus emit
V casket I aim inie trim r tm tlrst 1 rliis man ti >
lake cliarno if tile department hlUititb Situ IU41U
Shoal 1 Sew4rk s 1
VASTII A steady MlaMe toy I who has liad two
or three lear rxper MI e lu a tflselliio I hop Ad
Iress b II lQii l 10 I nun chIc
VfANTIliA oiininmi njan ciraol cUlt with
V a knlre mutt liavi mime ekrrlenie Wages 10
give see nud reference I nl lull box lmJ Hun nlj
WASTIil first clais acksmlih t work on con
V V Irartcrs itontcutiers miners tinners and rail
read IOWa T A JlcBAIH eat WMi4 l sl
I En
1uGONrAINTERA smart boy who has worked at t
a the trade Rood chance
AJ KlllKMJ Neck Road Crevtsend JUJ I i h
WANTED An experienced carrlait blacksmlthVflB
TV Isber on new platform work and two helpers tff
t JJ tMr i
EDWARD VULL1S Ju and 131 Bast till t 1
WANTED First class steel engravers for square 1 f 1JI
TV ter script and vIgnette work Addresa o
ww box 121 Sun offlce
WANTED Carriage blacksmlth l helpers and flooe j I
V men J I CUE A ou Bedford and Flushlngav 4
Brooklyn 4t
WANTKD firstdata carriage blacksmith alt iT
helper on new work and repairing at r75 Tub av i
W ANTED A first class man on wheels aDd carrlan l
VT parts at CURHETT t Mi AULIFFEB 828 7th av J
UANTFDCirriagblackimnttb Helper on HjrtH
VT rl BuLLS A CO 711 and 718 11 av
WANTFD Carriage pat painters ant rat
rnbhera J CUULET 24t Blate t BrooHyn
l7ANTEDYoung man to tlc Liberty presa Auwcr I 4
I V by mall only C J FQUD 04 Fait 181hsL
WHhKLWRiaufwANTBlCsteady tOb year roon4
VT Apply W FOLKY BROB 238Ea t lyjlhst IVAN I
VAN T JSlnt bor to feed raonldlng maoblnt Ai
VT ply at McDONOUOUS 6TompklDS It
WANTED Smart boy to read printers manttsorlto I
VT copy RUbS 1L ROt IT CosaSL
WANIEDFeeder for cylinder press
T FABRAND rR tL 2M Pearl St j
llf ANEVWacon palnur to stripe on piece wofte
VT QUINN lath it and l lib an a I
V ATEDA d1trlbntr
ANTKDBlaeksmllhthelper MARLBOKOOOnO
1V bOIS 470 Clermont av Brooklyn I
W ANTED Ablebodied men for ocean racu TO I i
TV Washington
Wablnrll t j
= = T e
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jiuaiou ane4
A BE5rEcTABLEJEWlsflLADywoBlduk5s I j
1 aplacaubouiekeepsrnrsipeotabisfam5Iymf i n4 cJ ii I
children 4 years city reference city or country 14
droas bJ letter DAn 341 Bait Blat I I
AI CHAUBERUAID and waitress or chambermaid t
tL and laundress with small tamlly by a rupecUtiU i tj
young girl call from 10 I till 2 no cards rpt t
IIrs BUTUUBH4a3BMt83dt
In BUCUII 63 Bal It
AN EJ IiRlKNCElTcabinetmaker wtshes W I1
La furniture house Is an expert In antique marioniur I
I C DICK box oJUI 1 IH Pun optown office IMS Droadway
or 440 8th av near tttu it
ACOMIETENT experlenoed younir lady stsni I
LL rapher and typewriter desires position beet Cd
references Address UlEUATOH box lOu Hun nptown 5
orQce lVu Itroadway Io aptoW1
AllAN of 46 desires situation good penman some
1 experience on legal tapers especially record
KKCuill box UI r Bun 1 up town office 1288 w
AS EXPERT ACCOUNTANT having spare tIm la I
Lx evenings will tale charge of a set of book term
mudsrale Address ACCOUNTANT box 184 Hun efflc
AlOLso MAN about 3 sober ana trustworthy I
ft wishes steady employment splendid penman well I
educated and lot afraid of orl r M53 llowery
A YOUW OMAN who Is a good band sewer and I
1 1 buttonhole maker wonld like to ret work of any I
knd Address ILLINObox 2 Bun ore I
AYOUsu MAN or 2 < deelrss position with te4
is chances nr advancement fair business ability good g C
reference Address R box 16 i Bun abllt10 I f
AroMPKTKNT WOMAN would like to co act t I
ts work or take washing to her own home 333 We
ACOLORrD WOMAN wants to get day work wash I
11 ll or 2j4 Well tbt rLL6woafl I
AIIRAIVBR WANTS wnrk on new bolldlnn sirS
tl tarred AddreuOllAINER bo 113n Bun oflloe fu
tOOgHlNliFlt I experienced one wishes iteady pod
1 n7 Address UOOKBINDHH box 134SunotOcs i
C OMrnsiTOR steady compositor wants work ell
t > or country numerate wages Address M box 11
Sun omce t
ESUINKFR wants position rood blacksmith an4 I I
14 team litter ba stock or tools Address Jai
WAI ill Morse av near Eastern fark way zuth ward 1
Iroklyu IrIJ
Jon IToKooo aliaroundman deslrea sit 1
a uation Address JIH fIt box 1JU Hun omce flIl
MIOIIASlriAN accustomed to first class work an
l1 tronomlcal and other clocks philosophical Instru gJ
ment moiiels Ao MliriUMClAh box 111 Bun ap f al
town omce I e liroadway J
Nt Rti will lat care of children or chambermaid I l
1 and waitress oils year city reference 131 Wot I ji
Mh em l second floor i fI
JI SAX A young man who und 4 ii
J and I ttlvrr al preuscs desires situation as preHmant j
good references Address I J J box 133 bun ames atj
P 101W Itt StIES Iboroaobly enmietent wantswcrkT I l
book or Job AiiATK bux I2H I Sun ome rk
R I IIIAIiI rOLORFIi IIPLr furnlihed for all ei
pscltles male and female rlty and country
rultTKIfa 104 WestiGdil
rASTIrJPosltlon of trust best of reference A4 > I
lv dresi I box 13 Hnn officeR
Vrol Sl MAN 5 wishes work of any kind best ref
erences jOHhlH r WILT 442 imaav
o t nnd loud
I luITtsrcii 14 between IJ Kooiereltst and Uronklya
t M IIklt
I J Hrld f une set plnns I for but ding J7 1st I ar the
Illldei will please rillirn tlie lame 101 KIII1NO B 1st
liv ur reward lo It VAtiUK sea llroumoiu wlU receive a suitable I 0
11 I ill Islrof gold i spectacles on Friday evenlag lasl
IA in Iran i st car nr on the way to Broadway Kerry
tinder will be regarded by leaving them aaw BOTUalM
av Urookbn N Y
11N r DOIJARR IlKWimiTnd questions asked
I for rturnlnir herring tlrknn taken from premise
14 and 144 I HreVman st on Thursday March I
lIAMtlb I I 1 Mv HIM I ml HJnnJ IU Beckman arol et
mUmtOul b1i
rptlh rciilir f ARK INirh to be presenn
I VVelnctday March r 1g I brtwren u and J oclock at
an exhibition by Hie Iurlla Hat Bavluf Uorernor Gem 8
pany at the warerooms okOODOCHR L i
Uliarclayst New Vat t
K ynu want to know bow tu safeun your ca bills U r iv
will pay you In be present b
B lltxlll K nf evirr lesrlltlnn ai ItS Iearfst enpe
LI alto Ie I k > lli 5 eu price I
Hilc 1 I I I I < K I OIIIU I I I I Mannfacturar
auhtchtbciiI 11j
I OR AiKTsnU rit iitlBt ail betlsr ta TMIJT
M iia ater
HntUrliiK of Thrs > tn flat War I a
VTeKbonnd frliht >
Tlirro lins been much tnlk durlnp tho past
two weeks no to whether frolelit rates have
been cut or nt No mention WAS mado ot tho
fact until the Northwestern roads reduced
rates I third between Chlcnuo nnd Bt Iaul
and then followed it up In reduclnc Missouri
lllvor rates I the trunk lines war cutting
rates at all It was tlimiulit It would lie only In
connivance with limo WvBtorn ilt < os and time re
ductions would ovuntuallv como out of the
treasuries of thn connecting roads
Commissioner Illanchard said yesterday that
ho illdnt Dcllovo there was tiny cutting nf
freIght rates IT I Ibo trunk lines or am of their
connections east t of Clilcauo and that If any
shlniiorHWoro gettIng reduced rllos 01 vest
bound truffle tbo reduction was borne entirely
by the rnadtwoit of Chicago A good ninny
1Oinont do not agree with this Iow of the situation
A short time ago TllRSiN gave figures show
lug how several of the roads like the Erie and
West Sijomn had shot ahead since Feb 1 1 while
others which were perfectly able to take care
of thnnibulvas I they were se Inclined were
ptciullh using In several freight moctlnuu
lately tlioo straiiKo freaks liMe been men
untied and threats of a row wore made The
Drlo and West Klioro ha > o boon gaining moro
than eor during the past ten ilayn and the
him m1 hint ear heil moro frlocht than cither
tbeSow York t ontral or tbo PonnHylMinla
For limo wook endlntr last Wednesday the
lrle iiorniod ocrjs tier cent of all the busl
ness out of Now York This Is 1 MT cent
thorn than I gut last year rim Iennsylvanln
I got cinlyn llttlii ovor 17 for tent last week
whIle It averaged last year nearly 25 i 01 cent
TIle Jrlo calieit the cllinav one nr two days
last beck by cuirylnc off a third of nil
the business out oi NOW Yoik 11
I hero worn even roads to divide tho remain
Inc tnotlilriln aiiini themselves anti the
Sotl shore took such a blc bite as to arouse
BUBtilclnn Last your the West Shore cot 6 ior
cOlt of tho btHnoss and last week It av Graced
nearly 12 per celt
President Clark of tbo New York Now Haven
0110 Iaoo
and Hartrnril Hal I road has received n letter
1 lotor
from 1 11 Thomas positively doilinlni to
iccopt tho Peooinl loorrcsliloncy of the com
pany Mr IhoniMs says that he motors to re
main with tile Erlo I road with headquarters
In Sow York whore be his other bnxlnees In
terests anti whole lila children are hieing cult
catuil J ho salary offered him by the fontoil
dated road Is sold to have boon 115 lioo Ibe
directors of the Oousolldated have several
othormon President Invlow for the ofllcoof bocond VIce
A Tblcaeo despatch SIS that yostorday
morning ttlit finest train that capital and In
vention have over produced pulled out of Chi
car bearIng 15U relropnlatvoH of the ereat
corporate Interests of the country on their way
to time City of Mexico I The men who are to oc
cupy the train for tho next four weekn are the
coneral passeticer aeonts of the railroads of
the I I fILed Males Canada nml Mexico nnd
their mission Is that of cultivating and improv
lug the commercial relations between the three
Americas I Is hoped > that the annual conven
tion of tho American Association of General
las < lnlor antI TIcket Agents In the City of
Mexico on March Ill 1 will uondtico to the devel
opment of International railroad aud commer
cial Interests
rho vestlbuled train which has been placed
a the disposal of the association by the Pill
man Company consists of baggage cars com
posite cars containing bath rooms barber
shop Ac two dining carsthree Pullman com
pirtmont oars and live Pullman sleeping cars
with an observation car In the roar The lines
which this train passes over are the Chicago
and Alton tIn St Louis Iron Mountain and
houthprn the Texas InclnV and Mftlcon Cen
tral Ihe general pasoneor agents of tho
tnsonlor alents
South and Vest join the party nt Bt Louis
The Itinerary provides for a number of ban
iuuts nrlons and balls on route and vlblis
to prominent points of comm ral Interest
At the Mexican liontler the association will
bo received by the Governor of Chihuahua wi
The grand council of the Steam Railroad
Mens Protective Union has petitioned Con
eresemnn Lodge of Massachusetts to Intro
duce nml advocate a bill to insure greater
safety In tile management and bandllne of
trains The points which they desire tn secure
nr First a unlfntm safety car couplnr for
freight trains second train brakes third I
iruard rail on too of box froltlit cars suf
llclently hlcb to prevent men from failing off
when Klitipini on leo or struck by overhead
bridfOrt fourth compelling the employment
of at liiist ono brnkeinn for every ten cars
fIfth ihorter hours that lives and property
will nut bn Intrtihted lo men worn out with
fatigue The union intends to appear before
nesses tile Conurais Committee with counsel and wit
A Pittsburch despatch Buys a big reduction
has been tunic In oil rato to the West The
Transcontinental Association his reduced
rates Irom II J 5 to JO CInl < a hundred This
will be tbo new rate nt only from Pittsbmcb
but from ew York Tltusville and other oil
HblpplnB points In the Kast to tile Missouri
Itlvor I is tho lowest rate that oil men have
had for a lone time
nut No One sit 178 hester Street Answer
for the Advertlaer
Tim address given by time green goods men
mentioned in a Zancsllo Ohio despatch In
yesterdays SUN Is tenement house at 178
Hester street I Is occupied by two families
Smith and Clary who have lived there nearly
two Capt McCullach of the Sixth
years cCulllh pre
cinct received a letter week ago from another
Western man whom the croon goods dealers
had sent a similar letter and had also given
the address 178 Hester etront A precinct de
toctlve sont to investIgate reported that all the
Inmates of tbe house woro respectable
A stranger wont to the Hester street house
yesterday and insulted for H Placorl the name
Meuod to the letters which had been seut out
lie mot Clary and told him that I tilond of his
had sent him to represent him on the subject
of lotler he had received Clan asked where
the letter was from and what his visitors busi
ness wan The stranger aid his friend lived In
Xanev Hie and that he kept a clear < toro which
would enable him to pass money easily Clary
wanted to know the Zanobvillu mans name
He told uio to toll you It was b 75 was the
Clary I then denied that ho knew any man
named Flaeorl and referred the stranger 10 a
woman cOlln < own stairs She denied know
inc any such person
lo a HUN report who Inquired later about
Ilacerl all the Inmates ol the house denied
that they know suih a man Tho house Is
owned by exAssemblyman Smith who lIves
three or four doors from the house Smith
bald ye lerilay afiernoon that tbe two families
who live In ho house are entIrely respectable
Clary Is 1 a hurdworkinc tailor about id I years
old whom ho has known for many years rlrs
who he liven teach In school tIme house with his two daughters
Deputy Naval Offlerr Cnuch Ilkrly to Try
Oo Sir McClellund hlioo
The Indications at tim Cuhtom Houso yes
terday wore tlmt Collector Krhardt would to
day name the man to succeed Special Deputy
McClelland I is believed that Deputy Naval
ifllcer Joepb J Couch will bo Ibo lucky man
At present bis salary is tlOOO The new plaeo
will rrOSlnt him to010 Mr Couch entered the
uervlco on March II 187 HII Is I astutdyllu
jiublli nn and years ago was u renowned and
o < Ifernus I blUII I S honker Ho I I IK bleb In I Ma
pours halnu been nt orio tlmo Grand Mustur
0 tin I Mato
CnlleeKir I rhaixltyeMorday appointed George
U I llednll I I I of New Jeiov IH assistant vvelKlier
nnd Imnniiul Lablsbuur and Oweu
nt 1 4 iiduj Inllmonlol Jnblslluur Int Uwel
Co > lo nieasouuurs at iolu a year
An Observatory lor the tulhollo IDlveralty
WAMUNoroN March 10 OiUeru have been l
clvon for Ibo election of I temporary observa
tory on tin1 urouiiilH of thIS alliolii University
Tho oDhorviton will bo I vvooilen structure
B lid will I I bo sitlm mi ted H tho I knoll between lie t
Dlvlnlt Ilmllilllng chIll hue IauiSt Fllliors cob
Jvlnl It vvlll have a iinol I > dome fir tlm in
eiinimiiiiiitloii I in I I u I tOol c IK HhMi wi I ho
tihtfil Ii ilnnii ally III ol Hnatlon IIIHIII voiuata
aptiuolili anil vnrliibe Blurs lhoto riiihli
mid aiiocinipeTli work will also be utieiuiiteU t
Tho ilon o will 10 Ioiihtrtitlnil In tlm bullilom
of the Lick Jliscrviitmy i Mthouih the ceon
tine t I ilni I iirtinont ol the nnhi I i < rMt y will 1 nut ha
Ohtablihlifil for BiMnil pears MH n Htronoml
i al vork lii hN I IOHSilili wili lu 11 null vvlion tlm
tmuiHiriiri hflloll > IIIIB I itn c < fl I rtlcl el
It I w II I I hi nniliT thu I elI U rgt of the t linv I iioorco
1 1 Mirli l h I Jo I ot tin lauitlt I t I nthiiB of
l W larl who in Ihs > while an nsiiinni nt
tlm I I 1ok et I Ibjirviitori I ihisutuu 0 rid tlieatH t
raid Iunloii A lit rge and fulh CII Ii Ill I dol
iennlory bo built will leplnco tlio structure about ti
A UI OOOOO Fire In Kunlu City
KANSAS CIT Jlnrch 10Eurl this mom
the fourth floor of
lit fire WB discovered on foor
thowarnlioiKool tlnII C Clark rocke Com
such headway that
Prtuv Tbo lire had gained
the ilro Department was iinnblo 10 tjt inculh
I nUll all they could do WHS to Pfovunt Us
spread to the adioliilpn bulldlnifs J he wine
house and contents were wholly ileutroyod
Loos UU Uo
in Kxona of DANK HPTAH
II aitd nipley stall Pell wer AI8Imlnf
HntinrillBiit aeS Hlmwona Gave Order
In ClMnasen The Hunt lor the Witness
Ji Konnott YVabton was the solo ultjiets In
the Clan el examination yesterday before
Inlted States Commissioner Shields Helms
been wanted AM I witness for a good while hut
could not be found Ho was n director in the
II Lenox Hill Bank anti the Sixth National Hank
Under lie administration of tho raiders He
i was alto I clerk of Slmmonssat 45 Broadway
I So Inn references have been made to Mr
I I atsonA cliockilrawinir towers by other wit
I nesses that District Attorney Mitchell ImnA
tlonco to make his acquaintance bus boon
growing daily
Little was known of him except that ho lied
In Now Jersey On Saturday Marshal Jacobus
got lists of Ibo commuters un ail the railroads
running Into Jorsoy and located Watson at
llutliorlord Un Saturday tilKlit ho called on
him thor In person and served hlmwlthasub
xi na
Watson was evidently surprised l at being un
earthed lid Bald ho hadnt been to the city
lately because there was nothing to call him
there Ho la I 0 Mender young man with rod
hair hluo eves and a peculiar smile
He said that tieloro lie was employed by Sim
mons ho was I dork In tho third I Nntlonnl
lank When asked bow ho had beoomo a di
rector In the Lenox Hill Batik he smiled and
said ho supposed Mr Hlmmoim had told the
other members that ho was going to be 0 di
rector Ha had never bought any stock
1110w did you set to be a director of tin Sloth
tiiilliiiiair A lsupo I elt was In I the same way but
Mr Leland was Ircsldeut 01 the Board ulien I was
Qlii you mean to nay your election M a director
was tIle result of any arrangement ieltii Mr Leland I
ki I dun i ear so
Q Well how JIJ It happen that you were elected I a
director 1 then F A Well rn Hmmoni I d me to BO
up thai day and iro intu the Hoard of Directors tern
porarlly daJ I went tip and acted as n director 1 After
ward I received a notinaatlon that at had teen elected I s
u hen did you first know you were to be a director
of the sixth National bank T AThe dar before they
got the bank
Vlid Mr Mrnmonii tell you at that lime t Afoi
I overheard him telnn Mr r llhfldf7r
would Ite Ttiiswa al Mr Iell s ofllce
QWiy till you beiorne a director In the hank f I
mean what was your tnutlve r Ai I went lo because I
bad ci nr I suppoce Iflplev dlr
y Why did you an I Mr Itlpley hare to 10 In I A
WelL Mr you aimmons know asked us to anti we were his employees
Several da > s before this Watson said he over
heard Simmons Bar to Claaasen o henwe
nut this new bank I It Is i good ono 1 want
you to co In as President N atson Bald hu be
lieved that at this time Simmons did not know
what bank they were going to cot According
to Watsons story he allowed Simmons and
Pell to uue him at they would an agent In alt
chuck kiting business Ho opened an account
In the Lenox Hill Bank the very day the Sim
mons cane cot posbcssion and he Marled a
now account Iot the Sixth National on thoday of
the raid He Raid ho never considered those
accounts properly hit own and so never ueu d
any of the money In his name there for his own
purpose In fact It appeared that he got very
little chance to use any of It If ho had wanted
to for ho testified that though ho sometimes
deposited fionoo or JOOliOO a day of Tolls or
Slmmonsfi or Claassens chocks to his own ac
count he was always reiiulrml draw a check
for the entire amount tho nme day Iell kept
Its bank books and ho himself never kn > t any
account of thoso bank dealings of his except
such a runnlnu memorandum of bnlnn tat liS
could bo held In his memory The checks for
deposit were never given to him by Simmons
or ClaaRNon but always by Toll or KIMulT
Mr Mitchell asked ho understood that Iell
was hl < employer as woll as blminons Yatson
rePlied that lie had always umlerstood that
Iell merely hold a little higher place In Sun
mon s employ than he Poll he snld oas
Jlmmonss financIal agent KlIdulT acted un
der simmonst orders to some extent
When Watson opened his account at the Sixth
National Hank on Jan 22 Iell told him on tho
way tu the bunk that tiOOii would bo placed
to his credit there by the First National Hank
and that this was Intended to bo hoed In pay
ment for Mr Lelands MOCK 1or a while ho
took his checks lor deposit In tho SUth Na
I Innul to 1resldent Clansen and Clnus en In
itiated the memorandum of deposit After I a
few days J ho simply passed In his checks and
they were ciedltod
Yvatson will resume hIs testimony on
Suit has boon brought upon a note of James
A Simmons for 2I1 > I nabo In four months
from Uet S ISfiJ at the Third National Dank
The note was protested on as presentation by
tho Ixnnx Hill dank Tho note was uiven to
thu orillard Ilrlek Works Company and en
dorsed bv Iacob Lorillanl Joiin Moon nnd
Sloemund Too Arthur 1 and Ililllp 1 Meyer
Justice Androun of the Supreme Court has
chon nn attachment against the defendants
property in this State
They aleC Obret to Invrfillne Their Earn
toga In SeivInK Mut ItlncH Other HlrlUcn
Tim fhiit ninkPtj recently drew up an
aureemont which they submitted to their em
ployers It proidod that only ten hours
work shall bo exacted and that thn contractors
must buy the machines Tho contractor re
fused to sign md yesterday the shirt makers
went out on strike They mot in Golden Rule
Hall 125 Ithlntton street in the morning and
listened to upeechos from labor leaders
Ono ot the shirt makers told a reporter of
THE SUN that it had been the rule for thorn to
work fourteen hours a day and pay for their
own hewing machines They could innk only
8 nnd flO a weok ami out of this were com
pollud to nurehasu a machlno for which they
paid In weekly installments It would ton
orally take u year to jay for it and by that
time the machlno was useless and they would
have to get a new one and BO through the
fame thin agaIn Home of the contractors
said that thy would agree to the strikers
The pleat makers decided yesterday after
non to strike in aid of tho shirt makers I hoy
went to Oolden hub Hall too and wore wel
comed by the shirt makers
A large number of tho contractors who em
ploy cl < > ak make to work for wholesale deal
ers have formed a union to resist tho demands
of the cloak makers and to irotoct their oun
rights The illfllculllos between llusunlhal
Jima Broadway and Friedman t Co Jtj
Uroadwiiy and their cloak makers were ud
jUKlrd yesterday
When the walking delegates Rot around to
Iucene hollys building In Nassau street yes
terday they found that N Volkenlne A Co
agaInst whom they have declared a boycott
and upon whoso account they had ordered n
strike on Sunday had completed their work
upon the stone front of tho building There
was no ono to order out on strike and tho dolo
gates went away
The Minor Want Them Work Poll TIm
und Give Irotilrnt Coleman a tnu
Mayor Grant wroto this letter Into yester
day afternoon
Iiw You March 10 isle
The lion Michael lemon Irttidtnl r J > las iitparlntenlit
Juzfj ami AKtrismrnu
Dun > IR I ilssin It my duty to call your attention to
the fact that the proceedings or the B jard of hulmiil
amid A lortlonnient l were Ui tlaed thu niornlnir through
> our failure to aitcar nt the hour appointed fur the
nieetinir I milfrnand that thin wm not duo to any re
mirBiKsri on your iarl tut lo a failure on tile iiart of
3 nor I enleatfue to attend at the ileimrtment for tlie t lit
jHnoir iruniacilUK its huilneis which made u incuin
Iientimuu I turemitiii In the Unpartmcntor I coos and
A e > siiHnts until the arrival of one or luoreaf ii Cow
uils ioneri
I beg tyou will call the attention of the member
of the department lo tie I conpeiiuenrr of their I Inaucn
tlon and to rail hell Ibrm i nn my behalf to attend hrr
after at their unite for tlie i tranfJLtlun of puhllr bunliie s
durliiK the hours required by law licapetifu iy I > ours
lluiii J uKiT Muyur
Tbe TIdewater Comiii y Fled Up
Judge Andrews of tho Supreme Court has
granted the motion of George Bali counsel for tlie Mr
RIIA IWewater 1 Coal Company for an Injunction re
sirulnliitf tho Mercantile Trust tIiIIlliiiY Kerrall C
IMnlnnr Jraad Halter Hamilton from relllnc the
property of the TUe ater Coinpaujr A suit Is ptnalni
lor the iiivery of tIle property
Ihe I 1idfaiertomi n > 01 lied S large Irart of land
In nirinla which It hid purchased from llainlhon and
he iii muenily rcame i us Iretldsnt Arraniirmeiiis
Ii rrr made two yea iiiio tor a > i eu inoo mnnra ID
the I run company The bonus were lIlly prepared ind
his tuuriKHKe was to bare been tarried out under cer
la n conditions Ibe company tialu that these conCh
Unlit Here nut etieorvel and hat the morUaue Is there
lore null and void Ibe bonds were returned to the
trIol romo Ian and It Is named that llnmlllon tecauie
iiotiriird nl > i tumId t i of hiin and comm vertei I Item to hIs
cia nii ice truniferrlni item to Dlnlnnt fhe scheme It
h ai rjfe 1 s tit lo i lrer I ote lie I mo uatre and set con
Iroi C of I < IIP em re i r PII It f I e ronu tnt upon n fo e
riomirf lIbel l on a nioi tOil f whl huu 11011 I dull i i
Ii i I e itVSi nt sill is c I > uv tIme I inortimifr in il rljred
soIl lo eiijoiu tile Urlend tuts Iroia proctoJnii under IU
irumr esehitnglonie SConce For hule
Mayor Grant received yesterday from some
real elale dealers of Hunhliinton a letter In which they
male that they list for ssle the old residence Martha
Unslliuion In rrederliksburir I u where drorce
jnllnklin clIent the earli jurt of hislllu Thus Inca
cIted leeII i < I
Hiinifuilrd Inr rrnnklli
The hart of MamiKTs of the Iroiluen Ix
I clianite met yeinrdsy alternnon amui 1 riiiienilrJ Arilile
i Miulgmnery fur ten dais b c > nsa be refined lo par a
line oi tflty Cells ijnjeasd iQ bIte tsr loioklLK near
U mill
ar4rlwr uouzi ion wosuar onr
A UtTmrm 8airjcs > it4 to the relic flmird
by Varloul Heel Lee of Woke
A delegatIon consIstIng ot Mrs Barney
rre ldent ot the National Woman Tem
perance Organization Miss Grace 11 Dodge
Mrs U 1 lieullDKor Mrs Josephine bhaw
Lowell Mrs Henry VilUrd Mrs odermoyer
and repronentathes of the Btate Charities Aid
Association the Womans Frees Association
the Lathes Health 1rotnctlvo Association the
Asxoclatod Working Girls boctotlts the HlbU
und Fruit Mission the Womens PrIson Aeeo
elation the Episcopal diurch OrganIzation of
Women Borons the City Working Girls So
ciety the Working Womens Association and
the SocIety of FrIends called upon the 1oltco
ConimUploLorj icsturdaj to urea the appoint
ment ot matrons for the police station house
Mrs Lowell road on address which says that a
preliminary reform can be accomilMiod Im
mediately and without ItalY openso to the city
by tho designation under thin law of a few of
the station houses Initotd of all of thorn as
depots or female prisoners Tbo address says
This chante In luMf would jreany improve the ores
cot condition of things lot iniismmce the rourth anil
Sloth preilnct Kiatlon houses hot e two stories of cells
besides lie luditlng rooms Let tile lourth peclnct Ha
lion hnure tn uak street be iksUnated to recoilS all
omen t rlnntrs and all womi loIters from the r Irst
Second Third rourtn and MlUi precincts honIng > the
last quarter ibeie I precinct hi tug ouly 42 > women prls
otters aim average or four or live a night and l4li
women lodgers an Mera eof tnlrtj eluht or thirty nlno
night Ifie IMMMCII prisoners COlt hateeno of thiS
small side corridors men ed foe them and both lodging
roima can he iMvcn iu > Ii tlie u1 of wom n while the
men lodgers from tiak street cntid go to I the other four
station houses In place of tha women lodgers f ri ta
whom then would tie relieved In the same way If the
suth precinct station houie In ElUahetn aIled were
denliriiaied receive the woniqn prlioners from the
Sloth etenth Until Mutb Tenth and HftMilli
precincts there would he only about twenty three a
night and the upper stor of cells could be reserved for
ttiem while both lodging roomn could bnuped for the
women lo means ahout lorty six a > nltiht for the six Ire t
duel Ibis nrraniement would relieve hldrfdg
street where It Is impossible to separate the men and
women of the Ones number of women prisoners and
lodgers now received ttiere HlmlUr arrangements
could doubtless lie mails throughout the city and 1 give
Ihene meanwhile only i example
these changes could tie made an once would require
the expenditure of no money would make the work of
all the police officer much simpler would prevent the
scandal and Inducenry of ihuitliii up the moil o >
grit tel or men and women MtliTn earshot and fre
quently within plain light of each other benldes remoT
Intr the horribly cuitiiamimls Ii lie Influences of these un
happy ttnmen frnm the station besseL where sin
parattvely Innocent men and boys are now frequently
exprspd to It IMien Ihls change Is I millie and the
women are collected In six or eight station bouses
throughout thn city It Is to be hoi4d that they will be
> laced under tie charge of women etcluMrely but the
irilrefirm does not depend upon the second and we
beg that this one oiy be adopted without delay
1rontdont Mac Lean promliod the ladles that
the otumlsslnera would idve the subject
due consideration
Preabyterlnn Paste Callea
The Now York Trosbytery held Its regular
monthly business meeting yesterday tha Scotch ire
byterlan Church In fourteenth street It was an
1 nouimcal that the Key James E Sei u was called to the
I pastorate of the Hrst Treibylerlau Church In Morris
unla The Sunday school superintendent reported the
I organization of a new church on Uttth street which
wilt be known as the WoodMoct Church The Rev
I fleorgi B I Webster was calleil a militant pastor to the
Rev Ir McKlvalne at tile mlslr chapel of the Church
of tie Covenant Tbe Rev Ullllajn K llartliaw was
called to the pastorate of the I lest Lutou I 1reibyterlaa
Church In East llghty sUth street
Bun rises u la Sunsets b oj klooa risesII 23
Candy Hook 10 2t I Gov lslandll MI IlsllQate 13 M
A rrlTtdMoirur JJarch la
Ss Eider Iiaier Bremen
he Moravia It luckier llamburc
Sn Hutu Hint h llaiiilMirr
hhSemtnole IlntL JaokonvlHe
hii Alvena Maikay tall litter Janales
MMnnbah McCabe bait kirk 1DJIaUslrhla
hs AUenborn Lewis Halttmore
Cs Itiihmond Jenny WtBt 1olnU Va
Ps Maiilrd Lan Uoitou
Sink cutlund Uuoro Antwerp
Hark Antonio sala Illniuiore IhiladelDhla
Bark Jose K More Leouhard Cisnfuegos
it or latei arrivals see Hrsi Page
uamtioetl OCT
hs La Champagne from Now Yot for Havre passed
the I lard March IU
rs I nis from New York at outluimpton
SH 1uniland from New York for Antwerp passed the
Lizard at A Mbmarh5
Cs lotbma from New ork fct Liverpool passed
BruwheadatHOil 31 Starch hO
Cull Oil tROS rouvmie toIlet
Fs State of Nevada from Glaacowfor New York
ssWerra from Kremen for 0ew Sort
fcs Thluftalla from Lopeuhageu Ipr New York
Sell Ioda
ltaUytse ISBSal2
M Dorado New Orleans a io p I M
Pmpres Windward Islands 1 < U M am r M
itCll hurt Aiplnwill lu CIlIA M u ill M
5 Ucomiil Liverpool b W A M
tall Tomorrow
Alamo nalveston soo r I St
t chIc I lierpoo II Til A M
rit tI IncTtfo lierpoul UUIA I M ti 4 U
Coban Irlnriad I 11 t y f > A SI 12 ito t
Dorian Muga un M
denrgeW t Ijde I ape Haul 1 OO r I tt icsui M
Hnklerlioi New Orleans IM I Ii
I Him hire imucil 5 JOA M mi MM M
ilmulleau i1 lira uu i M
Stntca I Havana t tel p M a 01 I M
aeslund Antwerp 73UA M J 150 A SI
JittOMlliil I
mu 7iuliy
Alsatla ibrallar Feb 55
State of IennsylTanla VnrlUe Starch 1
Hue Utdiintau MIrth U
Nevada jufenstown March 2
City uf Ians Gueenutuwu March II
1 cjDtlati Monarch Iundun feu IB
lute iruMy I March IJ
Donmirk London Feb 27
rrlesland Antwerp March 1
Maonl i Hamburg ret I 28
Colorado HUH Fob J7
Hue YM < iy JarcA 14
Stonietli Hull Feb 25
Inland Chrlniantind Starch 2
llbdam Itollerdam March I
Urltaunlc QlleenomucaMsreh U
Inte vuur < iii Mirch lie
Lydlan MonarchIoliiton March I
Italia ttltriiltar his reh I
Jtue zwitl it Jurci 10
Fgypt Innlnn March 4
lyllan Monarch mIsers March 3
lievunli f > la iow March A
LaUaHcoue Havre March U
1lS5ItJOmm Hindsy March 9 George Bowman
figed 04 earP
uncral fruia his Isle resIdence 710 8th av today at
1 3ii r I M
JIRAtUAf llsuddenly Sunday March 0 Wll
beliniua v ife i > f John II Braubach migel 1 04 years
Funeral Wednes lay March IJ atJIj1 from resi
lience r > 4 houih st Jersey city Heights
LlllC IIKSTKnlln the Xth Init Js rae Thlches
let Minor Jas M aiuh I the late Kotaima Cblchesler
In the 44lh ear of hU age
iUIli rat nrrMrcs Wudllslay March 13atUAM
at bis late residence 3117 Jd av Vfjunt Vernon
ecvhiser ountj N 1 V Itrlntivee und friends
invite 1 at 1
are reprctful y to I alien
lIoNS Niiii Jlnrch H 1 I Inntli > Cronti at ibie reel
Cu ace of tis son In UW Thomai Mlti Js bo 4th
place Urooklyu
elailvei I unit Irlendaare rtiinrlfully Invited lo attend
tbelfiineral today at I I 11 Also memliers of II Ton
nor Council No Ul A L H and Hmlleldat 1 u
Asa iriutiiin Invited
15 ee HA ItVMi Muil nn iamilrd5r March H lu
tIle flhu Sear ut her tigo Llhrl Lennux Cite if Hr
Kuiirrt H M Haw burn or New S ork Hud duiuhter
el i I uric > i h 1 I enn v of irooklii a
I iinrriil seeded will lie I eli 1 at 1II M ICow nt Stool
ln I lo day ut II 1 I A M Interment at tis cou enleuct
of the famil Klndl omit flowers
lloslon papers p eaue cojy
DO Vlilln Mindsy March ii Gratis aged 5 year
and ii mon tilt second child of Thomas a I and Hit
late Katie A iio > le
Funeral private
nUAKi uu tuuilar March y CJinomt F Drake
sgsd 4H year
Ilie 1 reluh1 ami frlntl of Die smut nn the mem
tIerS of Hit iiiond Illll I odge I > ii < J I I A O I I W
und Cable ruiim it NO 7il lni I trial ouaill nf the
Order of I nlltd I rirnds are respectfully nulled to
attend the funeral from his late reildeuoe 7J arlck
si today at I ucloik F M
liE ItMYOn Saturday March 8 llewfe I Du
Laney In the > SIll year of his age
Funeral private
row liilfuidfiily lit llavmtriw 74y Mardi
H lrftncr I < hrrndir w fe of Hellion lnwii Jr
Ileist It Cs ii lIlt fri oils lure unite I lunttend he funeral
tervlces at lier Isle rrslence Wednesday Starch
tat2I I I M
FBI lIEhto Sunday Miirrni at bin late reeldenoe
Ml I Alexander so lUlrls ficvlu rrtti tidtstaoa
Joseph and Joanna E Freed In the Iflth year srf
his age
Funeral services to day at 1 P M Interment at Wo4
OA1IIOAN Podttsnlr on March 9 Thomas Os
ligan In lie 25th year of his age
Relatives and friends ale members of the A O Hs
beruians No It L K i C II Company A Sixty
iilnlb Regiment s n I s N V and Iounty Cavan
Association are re r ctfully Invited to attend the
funeral from his late residence 330 tail 17th sU to 1
day at H m I M
ailllUOIVlln Monday March 10 James 11 1 Oil
booty In his 42d year beloved husband of Drldget
FaMon after a short Illness
Funeral from Ills late re l < lence 453 East 80th It
Thursday afternoon at 2 oclock
HA II SudJfnlr March H at her late residence 46
WeetJSd st 1ersts Hall widow of James Hall of
Ekauealelee N V In her Od year
Interment at Bkaneateles
IHIISOn March 0 KIlts A Thorns widow et
Washington Illlli In her 78th year
Relatives and friend are Invited to attend her funeral
from the residence of her tonlnlaw George IT
Verltran U2 Last 54th ci on Wednesday March
12 at 1 clock
nillHIKdn Saturday March a ef heart dlssssa
Edward llubbe
Funeral from Anion Hall SOtb it and Hark av today
at 11 A M
JAt KhONAt flushing Bay L I an Monday
March 9 of heart disease Samuel C Jackson In the
6Jd year of his age
Sneers services will be held at St Georges Church
Hushing U I today at 2 SO oclock Carriages
will be In walling at Ills Main st depot Flushing on
the arrival of the 2 clock train from Long Island
KALFMANNOn Sunday March s Solomon
funeral from his isis residence 80 Domlnick st to
day at IU A M
KliIY U New itoghelle on Sunday March n
JUIcer Ldvard h Kelly of the New Ioohcllo i > olce
forte aged 41 ears
Funeral to day at l r I M front his late residence on
Main et near Centre av
KIM HA 11On Saturday March a at his late resi
dence 4J West 22d > t after a brief Illness William
arglll hlmball son of Mary S anti the hate Warren
Kimball in Ihe 4 Mb year of his age
Funeral services will be held at the Church of the As
cension Ma av and lutb St IbtH morning at 10
o rock
MANNING Suddenly on Sunday March
Manning of paralysis
Funeral to day at 2 l M from Packer House Perth
Ambov N J
MeG UIG < I ItAt her late borne In Cleveland Ohio
Sirs LlUa Mcure ur mother of A M McGregor ot
till city
McIorillIIIN Sunday March 5 George Mo
Loughlin a nativ e of parish Termon county Tjrone
Funeral lo day from tbe residence of his daughter
Mrs Iteilly iru East Kith st at 2 clock r M In
terment la Calvary Cemetery
MiAI Sunday March 14 Lemlra Mead aged 56
Funerul today at 25 P M from hlii4 Hancock St
bile llurvea bt near Broadway Brooklyn
MisiKUIiMiddenly at Lakewood N J ou
Mondi March U Jets 8 Meierole aged J > years
Notice of funeral hereafter
MWEJIiOti Sunday March R Cornelius M > ers IB
the SItu year of tilt uje
1 rlcnJi are respectfully Invlled to attend the funeral
from the rerldence of hu sister 83s Bedford
Uroolbn Tuesday March 11 atttf M
NOKIIQll IEuiottmRimi in Jimowunnma LODII No
431 You are hereby summoned tu attend a special
communication of the lodge to be held ia Tuesday
March II lMX at U Jo P M for the purpose of at
tending tbo funeral of IV iiro harles 1 Nurd lulst
M U ThOMAS It HUDuK Masher
O D POM Secretary
PKIilSuddenly ou Sunday morning March 0 Nor
man L Pre 1 of hemorrhage of the lungs
Funeral services to day at J I M at the Plerrepent
House HruiAlyn
llUIMilu hunday March B at the residence of
loieph Freed lit C Alexander av Harol 1 Valenthiie
erine sou ef A C and LUie Perlue la the iith
year of lib age
uueral services at the above number to day at 1 f It
PHUT U Dunbury Conn on Sunday nth Inst
Jacob X Plant In the 4otb j ear of his age
S uueral from the residence of II II Flaut 131 West
lOi th ft to day at IU o clock A M
rOTTKIt Suddenly at Pueblo Cot March H Rob
ert C only eon of J W and Gertrude O fetter of
Montclalr NJ
Funeral services at the residence of his father 70
lymouth 1 si Uonlclalr N J on Wednesday March
U nt i V I M
IlIDIIKNOn Sunday March John C Ridden
Funeral services at his isle residence allDeanil
Urooklyu this evening at s oclock Friends are In
vited to attend Interment at convenience of he
ROhM On Saturday March e Hauls Rots daughter
of the tate Jehn FOBS
runrral services at her late residence 47West7th st
this morulng at lu clock
HIiiMANn March lu Henry II Kpelman ion of
ornella K and Ills lute finltli hpelman
Funeral iervUes at St Matthews Church SIb at
near nd st Ibis morning at 10 clock
MTiiNlin baiurday March H of diphtheria Ray
baby daughter of Moiei and halls stenO aged 8
nil mu this
Funeral rrivate
HTlIlVAIlltn Trenton V J on the 8th halt
John II Mevart In Ihe iuth ear of his age
The relatives and friend of tue rumilj are respectfully
Invited to attend ihe I funeral Trim Trlnlt > Protest
ant Episcopal i burcb Trenton N J ou Wednesday
March is at II I I clock A M Imeruienl private
lleaue I omit flowers
HTINAKUAtKye March B Mrs Mary Stlnard
In her ltllhhu vnr
Funeral services ai her late residence on Wednesday
Mardi II I at JP 1 M
HVAVsuil icnly at Buffalo March u James Swan
aged 17 years
elatlres I and friends of the funlly also the members
of Mount IIMe Loilie No 2 F and A M lire re
fcpeLlfully Invited to attend his funeral from Bethel
burin ii on Inrxlay at I f St
Ill Et Saturday bih lust Thomas Theall
aged 52 > are i
unrral I private
> VIIKrIKItOn Suturdav morning March B at
liuiiie rui lence Ii7 Mllow st Rrookhn N V
lu I sell I lUiecler In his inih your
t uueral cent In t will be boil I at llrace Church Brook
ln l lUlulilH corner ilraca court to day at 2 I M I
enliven I und friends are luvltcd to ntieiiJ Kindly
otult llower

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