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l L B8 IAftlE88 lit CAUUGK8 IF YOU V ANT
O O D IN m o
u u
AN 4HURT citonn toTiona Ill
Oao Man Hnld tfcnt tke Prisoner would Not
Got Out of Town Allvet A Urent Cod
Mt the Preliminary llenrluR The Pro
rredliao Interrupted liy the HrenklnK of
OforwolKBtad Heist nnd the ConTualou
thnt 1 ellowedMrnHstwtelleaTriatlmony
noniEBTEB N n March 12 In tho llttlo
town lockup on Wentwortli stroot Isaac n
Sawlele I ails the morning with fear and
trembling DtmonstratlonB have beon made
trblol moeo I
In the l aat twilt hours that would Insplro
any man held as a prisoner ou the chnrgoof
murder with fear He has learned toduy por I
l p lor tllc frst tlme ho dopth ot tiopulur I
feeling iigelnst him Securely hold with strong
iisel biacolets around Ills wrists ns ha walked
down tlio htalrs from tho court bonnet
fci heard the cries ot tho mob sur I
rouDllii tho outrnnce to tho tulMIng
aod he was frightened lOt and lon shouted
Instllr Itoiol llopnl Hopo In I series of
I repetitions much Hs I college cheer I was n
tsunJ to send uthilll through any man wero
ho innoceut or guilty I ho feeling Is us tntonso
ajltls poislble to gonrnito In a Now Kngluud
town and It almojt amounts to mob
la Ihls feeling was first hon nt
tbenl0 nlnlse sionof the Court when Isane I
win having his prollmlnar honrlui Thu hull
was o crowded that tho court proceedings
eould not BO on and an adjournment wns no
Ce 8aY on ao > ouut of tho contlnuud hubbub
catibjd prluclpalh by tho froiucnt breaklm
down of oiorcrowded bettoes The people > I
fhowcd tLeir feeling nculust the prisoner by I
apilnudinj any points niado by tho counsel for I
tbe Mate Of course this was stopped after It I
hud hit > enoil two or throo times hit It had
much effect in tho domnnd rnada by counsel
on both oiJes thut the I luariiiK bo adjourned
until afternoon On the nay from the hall to
thu fctreot down two flights of stalrx Isaac
china to the hhorifl llko a brotlior ond In one
or two pluoes on tho steps whero Rlnglu Illo
he would not let collie MiorllTs
wus Hicess iry l 10 horlTs
clothing Near th Mroot door MiorliT 1iiigreo
throo stairs ahead of his prisoner
cot two or Htllrl Ihoad ooor
aOl Isaac jumped tho btulrH and crabbed him
by the arm
At the afternoon KB dun tho audlouco wus
composed principally of women admission
bivlim been refused mostof ilio men and bojs
These gathered In the street outside tho hall
uncl kept tho old towu echoing with their crios
of Km o rot P rope Then won tlio woik
of tlio da > hail bean con > luden 11 I McUnlfces
block and tho canago was on I way to tho
J 10ice ttatliii u half drunken lau lunuiung
In tho vthlcln shouting excitedly
Isaac SavUell cant nut nut of this town
llu tonllit All tlio
alo 10nlI Al courts In StraQonl
counll and all the liostrn detectives they can
blin Inlrzheto toulght can t snvo his life o uto after
This m in hu J H lone clothes lino with I blip
noose ut mix end In bin hands which ho waved i
excitedly about 111 bond ill times to give furc <
to his remarks The more sober mel wlu > did
net lIe way to thlt toolings so easy haui
Cnt nt > d themselves In Catherine on tho
street corers in crowds biKkor ihan liavo ear i
btoasion In tills ton n unit dls usslnu thu
pfilnc that Is eeriwhero In tHs city ninni
f < ti > il KRinst the Drlhoncr bherltT 1inareu
mi ueked tool Il I Ipuac Hautelle had ox
pro id any foar that ho would be ubBuulod by
the peonle < I i i
Uiuld you blamo a man In hisfU uas
thw reply for feelinc frlchtoncd after hit I
fia heard today 1 I wouldii t IHI bos a iff I
Ho will be placed in court tomorrow inornlnu
Is an cood physical condition as he leftlttbw I
afternoon rot a SOl I hull hou Iilu to ululit I
out tbvto omcers who nrocusrdiochitn 1
liould nfus permissron to pee Mm ovon to
the Attorney Jenerftl of tlm htalo who h 1 in
town ana think 1 would 10 l > warranted in so
dolne No sir Isaac fawtel neednt fret but
live thiitliowlU b cored for oil nuht tonliht if I
Iltle 1 WftH dei > loped at tho preliminary
hf irm > tod y Thero was an idcu n day or
tnoatio that four or lUo tiours would culllio
to hear tho cnse but from tlio work ut < th IUIo I
fenie today it Is apparent that tomorrow and
irlduy will hardly aulllcc to iluiuu tie heurlnK
Tho preliminary hearlne in tho cape of I oac
r buwtelle IcT thn minder of his hiothei
lilram was beeun this niornlntr 1 ho Ilolhe hli In
wlitcli the hearlntr was held IH 100 < l by tliu
loial rullltla company for drilling purpoies
1 U the largest in this roclon nnd wan will
iLoreu > I the autlioritlos had It in mind to ac I
commodate the populace The do
clmndate pOlullco rl nltn wore oo I
MiiHuil to seat fiiiu but tho i luwd pileii 1 > Into
t e room until Hilly 150U i em lo woio wodcid
Imo tbu plaru rh I 1111 is ilinuHt osurimw
filiik Tnutrowd woull no lxHt > > iiiiet Jukob
Were i racked and loud IaiikItui aiInilultroU
In To add to the coo uuon th < > M d I
tos unatousti meil lo M > inurli 1 widulit I
nokn with u loud crush Horn tlmo
tu lime thus Increasing thn ciiiifuidou
One 110 woman who was borno iluivn bj
the i 01110 ol I nitef fi inted and was cur
rliid to iba dour over tbo hu ids of tbo duuso
Thu hal w ns crowded long before tho nrrlvu
ol hoiill I1 niree with In piiMiner 1 They en
tjiod t througli n rear door nnd lor nu imtunt
the EI ito wis biithed but it was only
lul an In tunt Nivvielut looked lit tbo
fe i o fi o without moving u muhcle
of his fun 1 lion he put down them was
u crunlnc of neikb to HDD how he behaved hiiii
ell jI os who 11111 In en eated btoo I un anil
clunbid upi n the inttees to got n Icttei look
ut ihe pimuiier Just in tlm gra > huired trial
Jnstl e MOI hou I 1 ntwurlh roo tel 1011111
Icis noise thTo wasaHliirii report from the
rnllt nl th croud and hull u iloen Individ
ual WHI le tpta liiiE npoi thn lloor This inel
cont was gioeted with veils of ltughtoi Uhu
llsonei mm startled b > the nneiiei ted uolo
slid for the llrst tlmo sboviod < traco
ol uertuuMiunh Tho upruin bad uot entirely
Ciuhd when another ciu h ciime Irom unothor
tart of tlm room und It wu Iud > llvo minutes
before nulot wan ruMnrid Tlicbetconeb wciu i
idoutoil iwont > twc > Units The noise wan so
great that It was Impi Sidblo tu coutimiu tbe i
eiifco and at the request of Coun > olli Itor
luvil HIM heailiKViiis ndoninid until uflei
nwni Tlio mntnlng hud loen wasiud in a
fruitless effort toumvli etho people tpat the
court had uit nrranced n cdn Uh lor them I i
finitilloBjuuinu > from Uoier tu this j lace
win inurkud bnu unusual ilogroe of cuiiolty I
nntho tuit of tli PIOI le both in Dover and
Hi llochitor I hero was an ennui curb slti In I
ee the widow of the murdered man r < lie had
iiot met tho mnn who Is I accused ot murdering
LIT husband sluei hub It Imr hOI In 1 osiuii I
cu the I iirnteuci > of bunting for tho missing
Ban As Mi buivtclluhtopiOd to Ill WitiiB8 i
Iud Isuac kept his uio < liruted on h rfue
Jim hnwiolle returned tho stare awl 1111 I
Us foil After Unit ho did not lo k at tho wit
ntrs but once That was when Mrs Savviulh
11 ntibwer to I uiifhtlon us to tho identity of I
tho claimed mutilated corpse found in ihe wiod et
I InK tbe body of my husbanil Hirum 1 I
Nivvtelln Tho prisoner CUM I furtive Kluneo
all at ilrs dnpiod Sawtelle Ids UH lies hh bind this In t liniiixdl
31 iiwiuilo wan Hist 1ianilneil with a vien I
to I ro Ing Ihe Ideiitttt of ihn bod Mitt npuko
ol Iliu murks ou the Lody bv which Mix ncog
liled I us thut uf bar liiiBlnnil Mn < was I
fjiovvn the bhue and luiudkerihief lound In I
thu mad to Last l cluuiuii and Idcntllled I
Ilh1 as having belonged lo herliusnund Thu
Inindkerchlef I ihn mild sha gave him the foin
inion ho left lIoRlnn hhe ulsi idontlllod tlm I
i olllr button found in ila giavo atd tho
< 110 111 Zt tlu
8ijtkingB found on the Itt uf tlio lOll <
Have rou un doubt thnt thu hud
Ille 11 > ou saw
Was that ol youi husband r a ked Mr Klvul
> o sir Nol tbo least < him leplled I
The District Attorney 11 > hl 1e d her to do
Icrfa the circumstances that led tu the expos
uie ol the crime nnd wbeiiHlip I < 1111 Ilu I llnlnhrd I
ni nua Muujecini 10 u Boarcmngcro
tuition It wus II unco apparent that luwyor
Iherl l wns toil 10 tlin w huxplcloti upon
Sirs hawtello in ibo Instigator of 101
iniiriier and tlu > excitement I ecame In
tenie hhe wns asked I nunibui of iiues
ton In ngard to tbo eients leading up IUi
her uiurrlogo to Hiram 10ldlll ulio In
regard to tbelr married life Tbo law jor asked
particularly I Bhe bad Leon arrested Is and
placed under bOlds for I > rrtslel hu
bund about a year ago Mr Kliel objected
and tho crowd Inthaiourt room burst into
I roloiiLed applause which resulted lu u tlirrnt
rUn the Court lo clear the hull if It I Ihrtn
pcated hli I i Wllro
Ibo c object on of Mr Kivtd uroiibo I coy < idei
able dls < iisijiou Mr Idgorl snld I that hn do
Hlr fi Il to show omothliiK nbout tho horucter
° I the woman who lived with Ihe I u > ei used and
whether tho methods of her life and his would
warrant the assumption that she was Instru
moot u caUHlnl the drath of Hiram haw I
tle 10 wanted to snow all Ibo motives
in the
case and whether there are other per
sons accountable for the tore When those
Ol were uttered Mru Hawtelle looked
Irllllelsd I I bnd uovcr occurred to her that
III Wli Iloulhl t susMot her of the crlm but
lrar EIel l loaned OTcr and whlswreU
1tllnl that calmed her
U tUA ce wd
t e Io
that oho nnd her liucbnnd hnd on Bpat before
murrlacs but phe hadno Croat trouble with
him since inarrii Ke Her husband nnd Iwano
wore not on irooil terms nnd hnd had nomo
Morels reuonllni the lenso of 1 < lioifo
to Isnac Hiram Ball lie would uot
lnlc to tho ulvlni of tho tiropeitr
to Iminn nnd would IlKht as lonliu ho could
Ho wished to remain in his mothers bands
Hlium objected to her KOIIK to Itotluster In
response to 1 tolecrnni from Isnac nnylnc it
wan I HI homo on Isaacs I part Isuuii was in I
him out of I he
vailnbly itrelne liet lo miet Olt I
Ntale Jnotitlons reuardlnit Dr lllood and J 1 d
tlnle flrlnl
ItusHell who haxe beun nicntionod an possible I
accomplices of Iwiac wnre not admitted
liltvnrl IFnlllttn nfriipLtniin titnit > il A nAW I
nnd xnluublowlines He testified itl Ixann i
Hiiwtclln camo to his liousn at nran ni lob I 1
to pnunttn board for his ilntiKitor She was to
nrrhn on thn aflernooti train Mieu at Ihl
depot In tho afternoon he MI n man whom he
believes toliavo In en IIIrani MenolT thn tiuln
nnd hold niomaHiitli n with IMUIC Mtucsa
wus positive In his tusllmon
101 1 I Horn tesiilled to nolllm I pick
hlnnel and no to Inaac at l nliout < lij r M I mi
Fob S and noted tho man nnrtlvtilnrly UB ho
hOt never l en naked bolero to wrap up 1
Bhnvel and pick <
I rrn S Mnnrt f table koopor testified as to
letting a tnam to Isaac
An adjournment was made until tomorrow
atid heriitfiirall tenons lot connected with
thu CIO will bo excluded from tho court room
A Hlurtllnic Hlory ot I Crlmn Told bJ tbo
le 4 < ilil Itoiimmote
Donns rrutiv March rj Last Sunday lit
the liomnn Oathollo church at Irvlncton tho
Itev Father McOuIro announced thl < oath of
Molly 1 Welsh 23 ers old on Ioh It ut HI
Trancls HoBiiltnl in Nnw ork city of hasty
consumption brought on dlroctlr b > oxposuro
nnd 111 treatment on tho nlsht of Dec t Fath
er McCuiIro ipoko of I crime committed nnd
said if tho story was true tho culprit bhould bo
Bovorely dealt with
Aftui tboborvlceit was found out that tho
dead ulil I had been n turvant In < the household
I of Lnnyer Iredouck Allls vrho lives In Dobbs
Ferr > next to tho rosuluuco of Crul W 1 iold I
In tho Fame house lived Slaeule lioyiioldx
JIis AIIs malt The Allls family llrst hoard
I of the nlkcml ainnll liibt week whon MiCRlo
tolil Irl Ali > To ureporter Matrcle said
I On tin iilcht of Di > c s thnro was to be somo
company a my houhe nt Last Inington 110
vlied Molly Wllbh to to one of the paity In
1 tlo afternoon of that d ly Molly nnd my MMer
I lelt Ml Alllfis hotliia to walk to Irvlnuton On
their way alone tho roid Ihor mot I man wo
I knn In n buccy Ho asked the cirla if
I ono of thorn did not want I ride Ho told thorn
I thn butruy null hold onU two persons Molly
belna verj dellcatntny biter Insisted upon her
rllol I anil shn liei tlf walked to my futliors
IIOUHO After tha man dtove Molly tn our I
I boiio hu bitld hu would call for her In tho II
olnln ant tuke her homo At a llttlo niter
I 7 oclock ho called foi her My I tntliei
I Owen Ituinobls took bur out to tho carrlaiiu
and told tlio man to > e her home Ihet then
drovn oil tiUiird Dobbi I ony I elated nt Mtb I
Alb and did not co to the parti About U 10 I
oclok Molly ciimo Into tho room we occupy
tOKothor In MIB Allls s house In I terriblu con I
dition Her clothes wcro neatly torn olT and
TMre covored with mid her hulr was In disor <
der and ho < appeared > dared 10 had been
cninc I iihLod 1 her I < wnat was tho matter
when MIO toiu inn tun uorj
I was assaulted by him she said whllo
ho was drlvinumo bomu hon wo arrived at
n lonely npot near u barn ho beein to take Im
nroior HlnrtleN i reslhted and wanted lo
leave the curriair He SMOIO 1 a me and crab
blnu hold of mo dragged mo from the carriage
tu tho bain I fouuut disueruteh luit in vuln
I beteed him for the pake of his family tu I let
me KO but ho only swore at mo I cried and
culled for holp but he smothered < me
until I bccuuie unconscious I ho next
uoll 110 oox
thins I know I was near Mr Alllss
houso In the eirrlaue He hnd tils arm around
mo und WHS tiinnlne m with his hut 1 trot
outol the carriage Jn front ol tle liouce Ho
sad Ilal ho wouITlnotcharce moans thine for
wllh bringingino mo home as he had taken HieitlcB
Ma irlD Itoynolds tnen told thn reporter that
when Molly came into tho room she was so
weak and exhausted that Mio hot to undress
her alI put her to bOLl Mio said that Molly
remained in bed until Jun 1 when sho went to
JiowYfirk to the hospital Mimizlu said thut
vhn Molly luft tho liouso fahu vwis cry Ila and
said to her
Mimulti 11m I colnc to tho hospital and I
am uolnu to dlo und if I do I will lay in > death
to my ttrriblo operlonio and ill usatie
111 1 dn id tlrl had bocn In tho employ of Mr
Alliso family only 11 weeks Hhewisulwavb
iiulel and well behuvoi1 hlo was very > ickly
sullorlnt with Innu trouble
A riporttr 1111 tho iici uted man yesterday
Ho ndmltu d driving tbo jlrl to men Kevnoldss
hOI and also tnklnchor bade to tho Mils
bouso but luiHaldhn took no Improper liber
ties with hnr and that when ho Wt l lu > noldss
house no I roll direct tu Iiobb I nrry and Itt 1
the clrl out at thn place wlmrn SIM was work i
int IIe said tliat hu hnd enemies in the town
and they Ieru Ibo causu of ciiculatiui the
slorj i
AO civil rrsjii 3iiiitAv
JUItl JCilH rllM Cltitni Inr ItuniaKC
rlla fifilu I uo JSrplCTln Hull
10 > 1111 llisfoii lilf 1m iiKlit suit for
f2IHIlnll s acalnst Iril lutice Thomni
I F Juirn > Citj Marshal AudIo WaKner aud
LaVTjer Ale lndr lamont
I Mm bronchi n lonlevin suit In Justice 5ur
rajH court in IJccembor Issji to recover about
UO worth of fuinitnre from Julia liubbell
She pays that the defendant surrendered
the ui odti to Maener blio charges that
uLncr Induced Julia liussell to om
lilov 11 mont rPtirescctlne that Lament
tiad iiilluerice with tlio Judce Ho I
placed the ti > ods In i a stDiauo waiehousa
hhe further n > s that 1lmont 1 tried to mother
employ him that chi icfiised to do BO and
that thereafter alio was harassed by lepentod
adjournment On Jan a 1 Ihiu Justico Mur
iny Iimlaod the proioedlne
IY is inrthiT churued thut I un aflliluvlt lion
boon abstructed ficmi the papers on 11 1 that
ernsureH have been made and records elmnued I
Anuppeul Inmi thooiderol dismlbsnl Is now I
i iinillntr 1 h I lalntll charues thut thn i e
frnilunis huvti formed in cnsplrao to deleut I I
iliu I I unds of juitlie and that J umont and
Wiuner hnvK iciffB 10 ilm prhute papers In
derl the clerks olllce duilne the iibsum cl t fald
A motion wns made in the flty Court beforo
Justice 111 1 h jostirdaj lo nrlkn out the dls
atTfouble lancunue in thocompluut le > lon
wan resoriud
aiit iiinriJii > > f > f > tu fine I jnruicn 1
1 Vllr eItH thut Am Olfrnen on Her
1urt Jlan llten i uniloued
T I stilt of Inliii Howard ntriliml Ciclly 0 I
Htiward for divorce cnmn up for trlul before
iTuduo IawroiHo In Supreme Court hpociul Ii
Turn icsieiday afternoon Tho plaintiff Is u
tuiu IIPI of vocal music nnd inithor of tho
1 llMlulnRv Of Artlstthiiiuli u and the de
fendant has been a choli hinder nud it is I Mild
lived In oxpocutlon of an enniiomMit at the
Cnslipi llieywurn married ou Oct y 1H3U
and lime thrje childion ajeil HIJ < ami a f years
respei lively here is I u fourth child which
Mr Howard repudl itei > tmt which Mrs llou i
uid Insists beliiimn to him
Mr llownid 1 KUB that ro Jaijo orfloorne
Pool wni intiinntii with ln llftnrd Mrs
Howard claliiih that nnv olTenic has I een con
doned anJ thai poforx and after sucli con
donation the defendant has beon fnlthlul to tho I
plaintiff and tieatid lilm with conjugal kind
HOB siO no SDtH up that horhiisbaud had I I
n n n
IlllllllllOneil I HOT mill imurru IU nilppuil nor
1 III tho trial Il1u i I
Mio put In no uppenrani I o on 1
liittKi Solon 1 lliithiihlld who appeared
for tlm iliilitll lallod 3Iui > hllly wIiowH
foi tinea inurri a d 11I110 in tho Unwind fum
liy 1 he wltiixs h ild llivurd ti ok Interest I
wlintovi rln tlio fourth elil II who WHS In rn lit
HIS Mnlh uviMii nud Jin Muiy rtdita u
nurse give ilmllar testimony Jlrt hurrh K
hpiller testified thut 31r Cook called IrMiuontly
on Mib llciwuid ut uiV Woht Iwnty
nlnth street and < nrotHoi tilt buby uf
fectloniitoly Ho oun nald lint lie had
been 110s0I of being tho father of the
child und dnrlared tl ut In would nlwtys tale
food euro of it Ho I rouulit viillotis arili UK
nf oihlntf fur tl chiii Mr < oooJ 1lIrhIt j
airs i no 1111 ot t JllIrlyiI idstiti t Irs
lluwnrd had told witness thit Mr Ony
wanted Imr tu board w li her but that lobo
wns afraid Howard would bo eiiHplcloua If the
did BO I
Justice Lawrence reserved decision
Now the Ulicbt Tlrue
Imhablyerery rt t r of thli pirr tlt tttu J 111 4 I
1r J n J
rtrnxraenli of I lie I lioutn Wliir l ul and inunr
re iitliiUl r iii iiel I llnn > olinlil 1IIly < un dnutit
U Mill w ut xrvui iniirci lu red ili mw 1IIIIbl1
1U III Irla
IUTbUhSS a lInoral t tprlni Co UralUd IV C 1nr it t
K Tork will od llit i miJbl l r lli te nuy nj
tttu W afpUcaUna tstuiuu U iU fij iAim
lmiiir Ion Cn > klnelu
lxrun > ton ilrLMi I W lilnglon and rtturn arr antt
TlitJcror i ulrl 1lhc < mil II mull i fII rmu4
trip TUkiti tu < A IJ < iiy > All traluQuIPI > j wiik
Jrullm Vi rtot Old lull fj cirt buuva IM tl lift
JIU AND lUtlUlT lflIWVln lL lnlVTIW
fUlt llltlltKJlT
Abtinen In Itidlow Street lull to lie InTPM
tlfc tr < l und Maior Urnnt Stibpcrnard by
thn rtrnnle iHvcfttlitatlHB Committee tu
Tell About hi toidticl H > WherlOT
While counsel VTCTO vvirBtlltiu yostcidftv In
the Court of Cher and Termlnnrover tho no
loctlon of n jury to try Sheriff Hack two uf his
principal deputies wore getting into Tory hot
water In the adjoining bulldliiKS At noon tho
Grand Jury entered 1urt L of tho General
Sessions nod hnndod up to Judge IlUceiuld
two Indictments for bribery roepcctluily
airalnst Warden Jamos 1 1 Keatlnc uf Ludlow
ctroct jail anil Order uf Aricst Deputy David 1
McOonlcal of tho Sheriffs ofllco Judiro Ilts
Kornld Issued a bem wnrrnnt for tho nrrost
of tho Indicted lieutenants of tho Sheriff nnd
It was Intrusted to Uetuctlvo borucnutB llollly
and Kcinan
The detectives found lliolr mon In tho
SherllTs olllce and plicluc them undtr nt
rest took thorn before Jud o Iltzeerald
heating and Mcfionkal were entirely self
possessed and wero an mod erldontly In their
lory best apparel > Lawyer J U Julno tholr
counsel iifked until 1 hurtday to determine
what pica he would enter 011 to tho Indictments
I and Judce Iltzuorald Lrnntcd his loquest
Then Luvvjcr yuincy asko I in view of the
I I I fact that tho defendants Weio public ofllcorx
nnd ready rt any moment to meat HIM chnrccs
aealnst thorn that ball bo fixed at a nominal
sum certainly not over i5000
Atslstunt District Attorney LIndsny said
that tho crime churcrd was a vory serious ono
and ball In a substantial amount should bo
roiulrod curtain otbur biiboiy cases 10111
Kluco become famous though tho dofemlants
wore publi ofllccrs as was urcud ill behalf of
defendants exemplary ball was required I
each dufondant belnc cuinpullcd to alve 1401101
bull I lu his judnrnent lolwa ball for each de l
etidnnt would bo ulllUent Judua it7iernld
fixed bull nt this llcuro hontluk und Mclioul
enl w01 e then taken to tho ll trlct Attorney
ofllcc They wero not kept > loni In subi onso as
to ball Within llvo minutes Thomas Kolly of
lll West lllteen street had bccomo sttiotyfor
McGoniKul nnd Michael holly of lOi Ilrst ave
nue and exAlderinun llllnm lionnett of Jlrt
jUast Thirtysecond street had divided tho ro
bponslblllty of Kcatinus bond between them
Itcforo tbo bonds vsero slcned a roportor
nSlo Kentlui whut plea would bo put in on
Thurs 1l1r
You iret no information out of me ho rn I
pllod crutlly You had IoUur l co and lIk
sorao ono clie lint after tho flcnaturiM wero I
appended to the bonds nnd release from oo
tody wusn matter of only a few minutes ho be
came more communicative Ho satd smiliDL I
ly to Deputy Assistant District Attorney loi I
ter who bud charge of tbo execution of tho
Im luckier than Mcflonicil Thoro Is only I I
ono count In tlo indctment ucalnst mo but
tbero uro llvo counts in the Indictment uiulust j
Wnitunil vou got through with the prose
cution rot lied irlostor
Well lojolned hentlng warmly If niy
bodv but n tolltlcal unemv can say n word
against me I will thiow up > my bauds right
nun Ludlow street jail under my manage
ment has been moro sijunteh run than ut any
I I other time Muco tho foundation Btouo was
I I laidIhen Keating nnd McOonlgnl wero released
and they went bacic to tbu fahenffa ofllco to
I 1 hu indictments wore found mainly upon tho
evidence of Nelson Hersh n reporter on tho
Jtniilil who spent three dins In tne jail for tbu
purpose of verifying common report as tu tte
prevalent of bribery in the prison
Judge Van Avck granted an order of arrest
nguinst Hersh on Fob 1 21 lllng bull at 7UD
Uhu Urst three counts of tint liicllctmeut
against MedonlLiil cliurge that when Horh
was arrested by Mcdonlgal nnd taken
I to the sheriffs ofTlco ilcurtnlgal feloni
I ously asked and lecelved r bribe of jllllIh 4
the agreement nnd understanding tbut be
I would accompany Hersb whenever he wished
I to go In the citv for live houis before taking
I him to the jail The fourth und llfth i omits of
I the Indictment cbnro McCionlcnl with u inN
I demcauor In asking and receiving tbe fit as n
lawful fee well knowing thut it was not I
Inder the counts of tbo Indictment for
bribery us a fi luny the penalty Is I im I
1 prlsomnont In Mate prison lor ten yearn
and u line mounting tu live times the i I
sum of tho alleged tribe liril ery ns u mlpde
mcunor is punishable with iiiiiNbonmetit In
i the Tenltenti ir fur u jeur and frII1 lino
1 ho indictment n amst Keating charges
that on 1eb 2J when Horh wis n prlmuor In i i
Iudlnwstroit mil Keating unlawfully and
IHonlouli ask and receive u bilbo of I JJU
1111 Hersh with tlio ugieemunt and under I I
standing that he would aiconipaii Ilerh
frum the jail to various lacos t of nmueinuut
and resort lu this city and would allow him tu
remain out of the Jail for at least three hours
Keating 1 and Mclionlgal are prominent i uui
ninn Demociats McUoulgul bus been u I
deputy Sheriff for ncaily thirt VBIUK Keating I <
Is tho reputed luudi r of thu Tammany urgaui i
Ballon In the Llghtueiitli As emlily district I
tlllr his re eau under floiKlo bull War ou
Keating bent this letter to bheriir nllk
S > Vnik March JJ lO I
Jjnij j Fla I ifil Vfrtff V i liit
> Ii liKti MH It ha teen int mriptant aim anil en
iteavnr fir Ihe I pant four yrats i > lnce unr ai lulutlnent I lo
tti ttanleni > lilli I i f tlie 1 county J < ail tn dieeharice uiy ilu I
ties i nnnclentlounl atij wlthnut Irar Ir iiitnr I I
Actiiiif upun a KetiHH innal arlicfl w Ioh I appeared In I I
fun nf tlie niuriiintr apru tlieitriml Jury witimui n
n rdiui me a bearllu has I fouuj an llnJUtuient JKAiiiat I
Die I
III view nf thlit 1 feel It neoessftry In lustlre tiv myself
as wek at tn ynn tu retire frum ttie war lennhii n1 1 1
ilu ereby I tender my refilKliatlon with ttie re iue l tliat
Judkuient IIK In my oil clal tonlnct tiu Piipteniteil initii I
1 may be grinteil an npinrlunlty to vlnillciitr1 mvsalf
fri m an imatlnns nt finie false I use nd inalicloiu
Iennlt me tu exi ress to you my tilncern apprei latlon I
for vnnr fver kind anil courteous trenlinvni Jlellevo
lue yuiirti truly JAMHI I KEATIS I
ilnyor urant was ye t > riiny PUIJP pnaeu liy
Mlliam M I Ivlni I of tho counHul fortbnHennto
InvHinatlnc Commlttii to appear b foro th
commluio on neit haturdin mornlni nnd
to brink with him all thu books nnd records of
lilsotlco whilii sheriff of thlhci uutv
T hero hud beon rumors cinrent umonu the
politicians nil OilY that tbo chnruos madn
ntinlnst Wurden hentlnijof Ludlow streut jail
and Deputy Sherltl Midoulual of i iortlon
would undoubtedly nnd in impllcatlnc
SI orllT Fhlk 1 Tim dletmunt < if Kuat
inu and Mcfionlcal added stroncth to I
thiHi Illinois and it wns the u uoial im
1 roiHlnn that If thuro wiro Milllclent
piouiiilsr n which to bne indictments ninlimt I
tho u IVNO mini Uioundb enouKh ould iiudlly I
lie found on which to Indict the hheiifl So I I
clmrco hasevctbecn made uirninct the olllrlnl
cliiiin tor of ShenlT llncknnd It Is I bellmod
thut helms cln luclollhll olllce in Iho buuiu
inannnr us hlsl > prodecossr
A cimiailjin of tlii bo ks kept br JIayor
nrnnt w hin hu was Sheriff w Ith thoco of Shurilf
111 will demonstrate wliutlnir this is so
lIe 1 Intestliiutlnu Comuiltteo intend to co
thruuuh tho hherllls olllce as noon as possible
ICJllOOT Hiinttu t > nn L1YIJlJ
KlBhlyirciiroIrt Mr Knpprln Prliltlrvi All
iluy He rcli for Her JUuuubterii Home
Iollcpmail Dorn of the Fifth Htroot Htntiou
found a little wrinkled old German woman
I usleopluu doorwuy ut AIOIIUB 11 and Thli
toetitb street earlyftat oionlnK Ho awoka I
11101 and asked her to Rlvn an nccuunt uf hoi
rolf WhiMi ihe cot up tho pnllcoronu saw that
fcho was u dwarf whose hold reached no
higher than his vvulnt She Mild shu wah Snrnli
Konpol aiicd nJ und tbntsbnhad loruotteu the
addietsof lierdauKhter with whom the vras
llluu and hud been tiiimpinu mound all day
in n friillloss eflort to Und her home blie was
wits tired nUll hungry
Tho pollieniun i arrlod her to tho Fifth ftrcei
stiitliiii wl ero Sercoant olslni KIIVO bir
somethlnu to eat and put her to bod In tbu
utsouibly room
Htrullmc lrtlirn Irom hhup Vlndiiti
borne youni thloros hare boon devoting their
alteutlon to the white enamel letter bleb are COII
nIIIJ II lor hUI Jadotl 0 TII 1lIoco call
cllIy tt rfillo1 wllh a Ihlll nll hlI 111 11I1101
t IIJ liP JI by lb Ihl II 10 In Vldl h
t t I rh cl rr u i Itfy
Ih 1111 CIIIIM 1 CI uillfr undlu
tu Ih Iddlln u COD rry UIIII Ihrlln
r onJop 7 rar old or 141r Third aronu
Uh 1lne Inoco rrolllh Ipd or ror
Ihol 011 Tulay n cODunlttotl Ii J
Ic Iud III II II HII IIID the cr ot lb uclIJ
rur b Icoro or < rully u IhUdllo pndtall
tuclher laUellolI
Acenfted of HtralliK eh Entire Hook of
Leather Mture
Iho trial of Miss LotilRa Kinmnnn of 114
Second > troot Brooklyn who IR accused of
stenllnctlio entire stock of n leather Htoro nt
fll Tanul stroot htnplototi Staten Irlnnd was
bocun ycstoiday before lustlco of the 1enco
Mcdulront Muplfton Miss 1mmona was ar
rested Urookhn iovcral dais OliO and was
lloasc on bail Tho loalhor store at Staplcton
wns owned by Michael Morris who died last
October at tho BIO of Slin tho housa of lAS
ImmonBB father Accordlnctothocomplulnt
while M r Morris remains were bclnc Interred
1111 ht rotors Cumotury Htntou Island Miss
I Immonshlrnd a truck nnd cirrled off all tho
I liiithoratid Indium In his iturc and within n
low dus 1111 Mock bus Iwuntrucod ton leather
storo In New ork
I Ml 4 lmmoiis docs not deny takinu tho
Inullior but iiys It bolonucvl to I Imr Mio fiarrt
I IKT futhur Btiiitcil 1rrIK In bimlno s n Komi
mam vi ars IIM > nnd thut Morris bnnrdod nt
their hoiiHe ltlrini IIK slikiinss nlm nureed
I Hinl tpiidrd him Althouch Miss Ltnmons Is
only IiU lo irs onl 1 ulio buys Morris urKd hor to I
marry him nnd sln rKlusod Mr Morris died
intotnto and l iftninod doiil I of ptoperty In
mil itiito bonds and cash in MVAT d ImnkH
Fourdnvs IwfnroMr MorrlhHduath Miss Km
innns drew flijii from the hmluruut nv
lims Dunk < n u iliiok Munol bv All
Motrls llmothi Derrick llciilth Comtnls
sloner 01 f Kocbotir und Mrs CuthorlnnllroiMi
I of ail htnto ttrcot KroCiklvn n nephew and
nlxcoof tbeduud man who uro brlnnmiisult
n lIlost Miss lmmoni BUJ that Mr I Moiris
VMIS delirious In bis lust Illness nnd was un
duly iulluoncod h l y Mis Lmmoiis Mr Derrick
I nnd Mrs llroon bienn another suit In the City I
Lonrt huvK decliuod void n ihocU for tJllJlIl
puiportlnk lo have IIHII drawn bv Mlchaol I
II I Morris on thn oauiatiiSnvitiBs Hank Inluvir
ot Miss Lmmons This cnrck was pot honored
l wlion it wns pioueuttd br MIB lmmons bo I
cnusi > it called for mure mom > y than thoio was
i In the bank tn thociudlt of tbo deceitccd I Mr I
Mnriisif hcirs now say that thn chock wns
slLtiod when Morris did not know whut hewns
ilolmr lOr i > that the sluiiatutn Is I not uxnulnu
1IJI i 1110 siiv that JllB 1 trillions would ll1ot
iMMinlt Mi Morriss niece to suu him when ho
1 k
I Ml s I mtnoris siys Mr MonlH do irod her lo
I hiivn tho moiirtt no1 I tbo chock worn druwn at
bisdnsiro Mie rays that he wasufiiild of Mrs
llrifi Ill hiul u riulit to thu stock iu Iho
leather storo thptnt TL witni fes yostoi
il 11 neru JiiMph Urlaiief tho truckman who I
rurrlod nvvi tnu oathirr and Ibomus Crouks
who vns Ili nwd to bn I at tho storo in cuo
llplanoy dlil nut appear Thn cnso will by
continued t ednusdny altornuou I
Grocer Hchinllt Ind i > Itrpiltnble Life
> tille Otl u Mpree
iRimt Sohnildt n lormnn giocor ac d 04
of 714 Jhlrd ivonue llrookljn shot and killed
himself yobterday iimrnlnc I niter apparently
iiinkiuu uu unsuccessful uttempt to murdur his
II Ito For u leuwooks he hud been drlnklnca
Cieat deal iesterd ly mornlni when he was
vowing 00 II con itlou of dcllrium IltJ called
his wife who was vvuitlug on cubtomors In the
btori to tho kitchen nnd startled her tn de
clnilnc bo was tired of life and lutomUd to kill I
himself Jlrs Schmidt hurried out of tbo
liouo aim loturninc wnii flir noecu nnoicii
I Iorlrlo1 I tn iinlot her hipband Ilie women
notice l a wild look In his eyes and becomlnc
filslitiiud started for the door chmldt
hloikod thilr iu nnd locking thu door placed
his back ucnlnst It Mrs llmik drHir lld him
nwai and oponlnk tho dour ran out ihrouuh
th luil vvii to tho btioot followed by Jlrs
1 Schlmdt N IIIIIt who bod moauwhilo drawn
a roMdvnr from his pnckor purtued thom aud
uxoitook his wlfo on DID tddonulk
Hi > tiled to leMl tho rovolvur ut hlswlfob
head but sho cribbe 1 him around thr neck
with one arm nud with Iho othor hold tholuind
which erapod the wenpon lolicemnn Hock
wellcrhurrludupat thUii tncnt and Hchmldt
I ocolni him upproach broko away from his
wlfu ran through the hn I way nnd locked him
I ti > lf in tho kitclmn Almost Instantly u tdsiol
Hiot was hoard fol owed bl nhoavy fall on tho
I lloor Thn oIonr VII iniki < n In by tbe nllli or
nil > Schmidt wns found IvliiL nlonslcls th
i stove with a biillit uund In his 1IItls l
lli > had shot himself tlnoiifli the hourt uud
death wns almost Instnntauccitis
Schmidt bad Ions beiii In tIe crooory bus
I Inoss lu Odwanus 10111 I his ruceut bpreo ho
I hud an cicollpnt reputation
I TJSOUalK mill J 1IH17IMI illI
IVus thr Itrlllsh Iluc Inxnltrd li > Dnuiplnc
ll mllon Into Ihr iitrrl
TAroM Wash llnrcli Iiilerrntonal
complicitlons are Ilkidy to crow out of nn inci
dent that hai taken place here prncllcully
Iniolvlni an insult to the llrltinh IInc and a
osslblo I violatkn uf tho rights of IJrillh Rub I
jncts Ihe crow of a llnlibh vecsul the
Cinicond dusnrted tho fhiphare nndnithotiiib i
tin wero not to 10 l > paid till the retuin to
Ihoi pool they bn uuht unnctioaln uJustlies
eotiit hi ro tu rocovnr their accrued wnucs
JiiMl o of tbe I eace 1atrlck issued n writ of
attachment nuiin t tho veiled and u deputy
consintilu wus put In clinri
< ihtuidu > tupi Ilnmiltuii went ashori nod
left I dwiu Hamilton In crnimntid dwin 1
litimlliim went ashoro nnd lured n enneof
men to put u llnitik m th fhlp Mieubnro
turued ieputy fontabli onilllilorthInklnB I
tIn new form 111 to help cut pososdon of the i
ship Inull d in the bidder to prevent Hamilton I
from com hi aboard Hamilton threw a plank I
from the whurf to thu rail but us hn was uboul
mldwai of tlin plank i u Ilibtier jerked It from
Its place and landed Hamilton In thowuter
Injuring him o that he is confined to Ills bed
Ihoolllcni tldiiklnu It was too wuriii for them
alioard took Hhlpscouipassandihronomo
teranil went iihlioro Thesii articles hor Brit
isi I properly wmo holed theiustoms ulllcor
aid the constable l wus chaiired with Minue
Klinc Iho llntlsti OUMI nt Iorl Townsend
will InvoMluutit tho mnttei llincasehus beon
reported by tileuiuph to U1At btato Uupartmeal
at ashiuutou
himpmded for u IVrrk for IIItIC
lUOA mpon
Brldgo Irpsidcnt Ilovvell has dlpclpllnod
Tliket Chopper William K liarrett for the
manner in which Im recently treued Mo es
humpon by diugglng him buckwnid to the
box to lOlo lllin additional ticket which had
fallen on the Hour and for slurriiuly referring
to him as a Jew dlroclli utter tho occur
rencc Ifnrrott who Is nn old brldco om
plo > eo denied tho usbaiilt part of the story
which nevertheless was witnohsod by many
tOIMiiiH ut ndtftlltBil that being Inconsud at
what bo considered u mean attempt on tho
part of Mi huinpson to client the bridge out of
u hinclo fain lit hud used tho ungeutlemunly
language complained ol In contddomtion of
the fuel thut no pioili UH loniplnlnt had ever
IIII l madn ugnlnM him Mr Ilowell inflicted
the penalty uf one week H Hn peiinlon
Pto net jou bus yet been tukon on tho otihage
vvlileh occurred on Tuodav night on one of
the bridge curs when un Intoxicated mnn who
called humoil l < d I Jdgarof theCIt Hall
was allowed to unn J the pushongorH during
thn eiitlro trip to New York without tho slight
ost iniorfoieiuo from tho trainmen A brFduo
oflliiul mlil lust nlclit
If such oicurruneo rAHllv took place It Is
ninst tutruoiillmiiy und thero is no doubt that
an Inviistlgation will bo made A man Hctim
Inn btldge cm In the manner < < lehcril > cd < or
lu nh runs tlii > ilBk of being subjected tuu
very lively hulling
I vclvt HclectlcH drMdnutr
Tho twentyninth commoneorannt of tho
Fclrctlc > IeOlcal Cillce liiok plsce latt uveulnif In
t hlikerhnr Hall A row uf tan tree I almn on the Ine
formed u baclxrniiiid fur a row or din n led profeuoru
in drrsH nulls and busletn uf Iuvrers wrri raiikrd hi
rows u ous the eiUo 1 of the stnire The Iean of ibe
faculty < irurii WI < iukfiwi Irrnleil and Hfierprajer
Iv II llev i Juries lartw riirnJ for Hie laculty
that the Inilltutlon wasla u raurlihlug condition und
iravo u hlrtory of tbe kradualhiK cia M Ilje llev
diaries K I ntondellTrreillh addrrns to Iho graduates
C bauutoy hbailer presented lh diiiliJina and ushera
carried to eatb graduate a liaskot of flowers Tbe
irrltlfillisiikei I wiitiiitlo only voung woman I In the
tlaiii Mlna Mary Elian Mllette MHH lihlette I Js a bru
lirtle hhe wnre < blark itris with white < il glotea
llrshles Mlu illlletle tliero wrre In tbe graduating
rla William steward Hart M 1 Mlillsin Hull Jicnli M 1
llfiniuu iuin in rkniAii 111111 j Krun I Kan
Jell Maret 1 11am Hen riianuliur Turret itoberl
Kunler Ward Ainu M i r e and c o Uortsihua
backer Sir Dart was valedictorian
< aatrllo Wont HuliwU to UlisallOHl
Judo Andrews of tho Kupreme Court baa
Issued a writ of cerllorarl for a review by tbo Uenera
Term of the proceedings of Iho Follco Commlssloneri
In dlimlsilng hollcemau I Jsmei A roslellonn SOT 12
INXI on a iliarge nf breaking tho arms riinl wn aatn
whom ho wan trying Pi arret iiiteijn siis he ill
ml tint ait da > Im irmu > lr II J lIar an lusur nco
briAer nf llobuken upou wboso rntnpUlat ho attsmpt
trm Dr J W IIODlrt
f1 r4iMJi < > r r
UK in LOOK inn roil itttNT jvoir JIWU
And It l Intlmnteol tIt When lie netnrnn
Irons Ilia Vsientlon It Will Not Ue u
Curamlnoloncr ofHIreet ClruuluK
Hornco Loomis tho Commissioner If
ttreet ClenntuH nlllleava today for n vaca
tion of ton day or two weeks ant the chances
nro that when he returns It will bo OB Buporln
I Undent of Bowers n pluco which ho vacated to
i accept tho Street CleanlnxCommlsslonoishlp
i and which baa not let boll filled It Is certain
that Mr Loomlfi Ima failed to noire tho street
cleaning problem When tlm now of his in
tondsd departure came out yesterday evoty ef
fort was mndo to Bee him hut ho shut himself
tip In his ofllco and stubbornly refused to la I
Interviewed His chief clerk Mr Ueurdsloj
broucht out tho news that Mr Iootnls was
KoinK to visit WnBlilnston llnltlmoic rhllii
ilelphln ami a tow thor cities to observe tho
methods of stroot cleanlnc In VIKUO in other
parts of tho Union nnd to cive this city iho
bfiiollt of Ida observations
Tbe trouble stirred up In the department by
John llncon who resigned ou Monday ns
Buporlntendent of the department ttiblcs I
made this saein to bo a peculiar I limit foi Mi
Ioomls to co auuy und effort wuro ma lo to
learn tho true secret of hlsdopartute Maim
Grant seemed surprised when he learned of
Mr Loomlss Intentions nnd Into lu the after
noon hn had n lone conference with Deputy
Commissioner llnuun 1ublle Works Commis
sioner flllroy and Corpoiatlou Counsel Atrk
Hr Hacau was the first to leimi but lo lottor
o about tho City Hall until Mi liilroy IIP
reared and then bjth those ntlomou took a
walk Thoy returned In timo to Intercept Mr
Clark as ro appeared nnd to have a llttlo
threehendod conference with him Tills tmido
It appear that Mr Hacnn VMIS forced by lii
modesty to rotlro lhllu the otlmr centlemen
discussed tho advisability of I mukinc him
Street Cleaiilni Commissioner In ca > o Mr
Loomls resigns Ono of tbu gentlemen vibo
was llesent at tho conference was iir ed to
say just wlmt Mr LooinKs Intentions wero re
Kardlni the btruut Clcanlni l > up irtment
Mr Ioomls Is I utterly uiiuerTed ho Mild
and Is sorely In need of re > t He told mo
that ha wus compelled to leave IK mo in order
to escape the raportors who kept dlstiirbluz
him at all hours of tho night Ho wants to got
away from all this troublo for short time
When ho returns will he bUll be thu Com
missioner of btreot Clounlnt t
Nowvouaik me too much Jhat Issomo
thine thut 1 urn not able to say but think
it likely that bo will I Imvo no definite Infor
mation that I ho proi oses to r ign
Ib it likely thut Mr llutruu will bo mido
Commissioner if Mr J0011113 dies up thu
Tho centlomnn drew a long bronth and Fild
liow Iho papeis would jump uu us it bo
wer1 leant ai unythiu ubout that foi 1
UUIl b JVUUW UIlyllllllK 11CIUIIL 11
Do rou think Mr Loomibhas beun a failuio
as ommlsloner
1 dont think he has been in tho place lung
1 enough to irlve It u fair trial
Mayor Grant told later that ho would have n
j talk with Mr Loomis today U he chances aro
thut this talk will result either lu Mr Looiifxis i
I remaining in town and doing tho work uf
i htreot Ueuulni Couimibsloiier or inhiare = i
Thu general Impression Is that Mr Loomis Is
beginning to raallro that liU good nnmnis
boiiiifUHiid to rover up tho fill t thai Mr Hugan
Is In control ol tho btreutCleuulnn li pin tmnt
nnd thut no U thod of tbe pluco hu Ib forced to
In rpirnrd to thn cbarc s niiilA mninet Tti
Hngan by Mr Huron Mr Ioiinlr iaid througli
Chief lurk Beardsoy tnat Ii Mr lliieoii liudn t
rolunid ho wuuld have been iprnovod Mi
liemiiiilejr vvu licked who tho piobililo suc
cessor of Mr liiuon would be but lie ildn t
emu tn hasrd an opinion about it It IK likely
however that Johnl lieimlughniis who lias
been the bookkeeper ut tho department
will get the piice
Mr Iticon had n lot more to say about thn
deiBrtmeut yesterday Ho halil that tho list
of names published in Tiir hus ont rdav nnd
whldi was furnished l Mr Hagan and Mr
lleuidslo ivbo htiited tint they vvuro thu only
men appointed blncu tnuy cirne into oilleo
wns wholly incorrect lusieiid of twent 11
Loiors having been apioiiued Mild Mr
Union tbero woio flfisllve 1 very i no of
them eithei lives in Hngnns diftriet or was
appointed through the Iniluemn ol men who
do llvo thore miUlaMr Uncouslist of men
IhomssMnry llani l ti rke Th mtHoian lran
d > r Harrett John Winter Jmneg i r ur Micliit si e i
vich rl Hart llanle lobln trunk Vluivei Atffitlui
Iltue Inlin lUnnun nwin Ilill JAIIIPH 11 l Henry
I fs Ounce Hty Ismen Duran lalnm Vlocliesil
laine t H A John I eiifuiinn I hlliii srtfn Iluima4
Keiirnfl lull UurLi > Jli I Itel Mirnd in M illien t asev
John Vlrfreaitt Ialrlck sullltan PernnM Hunl
Josei ti llllle MIctiH l Prunun 1 urick K IIM Wuliaia
IjiliM Christopher W aril Jiune ll Neill li i Iievn r
amifH vtrtilnn Ilticti Wurren John ML inn Wiliiiin
Cnrroll tolU Vayer James lliinne ly Ji Im lamlira
> Iiih lei lolflv < hurles sprani e Juin M l onw TaineK
durrin Hernaril hiniiftifan Jalnei leiblisw Juhn i OH
tello loin Killren Ji letili tuilen AnJrrvv Waifiivr
l harle o Seltl luouius MtCortulii and rhuinu llun
Only ton of tho twenty nnmns furnished by
the records In tho houdauarters of the depart
ment me Included In this list Ihlhdlscropan
cj Is accounted for to the sitlsfactl u ol tho
employees In thn dopaitment by thn Mutuuiout
that llacou has got things mixed UP
Mi llueon wrote a long statement In which
ho defies Mr Ilnguu o prodii e any respo t
ubl proot that 1 ever advocated lltiih He
Batsho hasneTor trud iu lullucnco thorn in
1 ho statement goes on to siy
The accunatlons nf Denrililey Ami Hngan ilo not ao
n r I with their utterances nr a vert siiurt Hni ami
Hhsn they ssureil tlie i ubllc tl at no miman ivemrnt
or Ulslionestr eslcl in the ctepirlment anil lurther
more why If pintles are true tllil luv stiierhrs allnw
me in continue to practise loose an < l ilontitlnl rnrthn IH
I inlnk all who take a sriiill le anil nun partlnan iew of
Iieardflev anil Ilatran ktalimenu win nee that they
are malicious and an attempt nn tbelr part In crau I out
of ihe ouagmlre Ileardser baa been iu the depart
meut a llttlo orer three weeks How la It pi fllIn that
be should km > so much morn of mr baunosa tbau
those who IIATO known me for many jearsr
Corporation Counsel Clark nld yesterday
Hint he would send the contract und speclllca
tlons which wero prepared by oininlsHioiiiir
Ioomln with a view to cleaning the streets by
the contrail system nnd which Mr Clark bus
Mtulned possession of since IVb li to the
Hoard of I stlinnte nnd Apportionment ut its
next meeting with his amendmontu
AX it > aoLKXT aiAbCKiTmanor 101
Alclleimott Kmrnm It nnd Gel lllni rir
Jrlrd for Annitiilt
rollcotnnn Henry A MuDoiinotf of tho
West Thirtieth utroet station WHS tried before
Commissioner Martin > esterda > un the cbargo
of assaulting George Jump foreman of alum
ber inrd at 110 West TvientssUthHtioot Tbo
testlinnny was that McUermott who IIIIH been
on tho foroo only u few mouths und U knuwn
as tho boy cop vris patrolllnt in front of the
lumber vurd on the afternoon of 1eli li when
he Imagined thut Jump cave an insolent glume
at him and struck tho foreman Jump defend
ed himself with his lists Ho cut the police
mans nose und knocked his hat off nnd
slumped on It HeDermott drew his club nnd
lump snatched up a cait rune Tlio boy 10
llcemnn tan und disappeared over u rear fi nee
ihieo lumber handlers corroborated Jumps
story Moliermott culled them corner loafers
The men showed their allouted hands to
CommlfHlonoi Martin und sultl
Do the > look like loallug sir Wo work
liant for u living
Tho Commissioner was convinced nnd ro
mirled tu > lclotinott
JlilH gintuili us Insult to these men do s
nut help uur ruse If whntihii su > Is true
you have no business on the four
Three Ilnyn Who Nerd Krrurmlne
Frank McClellnn Jumet lliley nnd Qeoreu
riemliif all about IU years of aie and lately Inmates of
tbo House of Kofiige on llandaUs Island were arralinod
yestordar In tho lieneral hrsslons I eforoJulge Mar
tine upon an Indictment charging them wltb robbery
In Ihe first degree They wero m tbe Iruwn koinencuii
uniform if tho Itefugo anl their ha r was cloirly
cropped On the night of Itb 0 he esupeil from
their cellt suaultid lvlil Watchman ketibam with a
club lied a bag o f his heal to prertnt an out
rry and mine his ktyn osiaped hetoliatn con
Irlrod to give an alarm and lh bors were captured
Tbey woro handed over to tbe police of this rliy aud
position u > make of yon I would undoubtedly sentence
yon to ktato prison for ten fears but In view of i our
outn I cannot trlna mrrolf to Impose me serero pen
ally talour uuiragetms oHsnce uirrlls 1 rimimlt
roii to me fclmlra Hoforioaiory though I ha > o very
A auir ix run THUATitis
The Mi > n who lilt lloorkeevrr Welch of
the Filth Arcnue Kotliclily IlnnelUil
A small mini with a Uncl bcutd and n nosn
turned nwry walked Into the lobbv ot the 1lfth
Avenuo Theutre at lUi o clock lust night just
JIB tha performance of Tbo lllvils win abuut
to und and demanded freo admission of
Charles olob the ble doorman Uho small
man hud comu lu Ihreo dlflcrent nights betoto
and made tho pimu demand olch Lood
nuturedly declined to lot him lu each lime
bon eluli lefused lust night the sumll mnn
grow tibunlvo and shook u nuwsimpor In his
face 1llroaht > ou for this be erlod and
struck him In tho uyo with his clenched lint
olch wus taken completely by Mirnilso Bo
wue the small man it moment later A tlckut
speculator stepped up nnd bit him s < tinrel > on
tho nobo knocking him nuultist tbo wall Ihen
he culled him in the mouth A ciowd gathered
nnd watched the punishment of the small man
with upparont dcdlght Two pollcomon walked
In slowly und told tho small man that bo had
better retire Thn small mnn said ho thought
so tou Ho confessed to the policemen that It
was bis own faultthat ho got thrushod lie was
a bogus ropoitor
Doorkeeper Welch put nn oyster on his eye
and went homo
rtrL iiiiniix riii mutton CAtit
A nil thr > n Mi furroll Hulled amrnrlublr
Out ol thu V y ol lUo Vlierlo
A man ffll fromtlii ImdRO plttfoim on tho
Now York side rjetweei tio cuts just lisa train
started for llrooklyuut ocloek last even
In c Thu train passed ovor the place whoru
thn man bad Inllen und Ilrldgn 1ollcomnn
turroll jumped down to thu truck expecting
tollnd him crushed He wasnt though Un
thn contrary bu vras rather elated and was
livim earnestly but somewhat unsteadily to
got on bin loot He succeeded finally with tho
aid of the iiolicomnu and it was found that ho
wni uninjured Ho asked to bi excused from
giving bis iKimo but afterward said It was
Carroll and tbut hU placo of biitlnuss wus at
4i Dioaduny
lie said It wis all his own fault na he bad
Flipped between tho cars in tiling to go
aboard while tho brukomans btick was tinned
He fell against the chains that connect thu
cars and rolled comfortably out of tbe way of
the wheels
The Slock JUxcliuncn AVII1 FMaud No More
Two works nfff todiy biokor C M IoMor
of tbo Stock Kichange firm of Henry ClmisA
Co tried to brent the pilcuof New York and
Now 1nii1 ind linllroad stock by otTerinc It
down reeaidloss of the bids that cio on tho
llnoi at tbe time Hu sold 1UO shares as low as
414 though thoie was n cool many hundred
shares wanted ut II4 and at i tbor piices
above tho lluurn tit which ho sold Ho wus not
allowed to iiuoto tbu stock ui on thu tape lower
than 11
Mr rosters conduct was complimed of by
tho brokers whom he Ignored in selling stock
below thu mm ket and vebtoiday the Govern
ing Committeo of the Ktchnngs tried him upon
tbochnigcs preferred found him eullty and
suspended him from his privileges as a mem
ber of the 1chango for sl months It is be
lieved that thu raid on the stock wns on orders
originating with a bucket slioii combination
Arknnsn It Ilkcli o 1 > Ilrlnited Anx
lrl > Vll Along the Jlnv
AHKANSVS Cirv Jlaich 12 It has been
inlnliK 1 ore for thirti hours and part ft thn
time it hns fairly poui6d The crevasse In tho
love uboic hero is nou about 4uO feet and all
that I apt Talliugercnn do Is to stop tho wiihh
ing uwu > of tlio ends of tl o levro A Inige
loice of men aro woiklug niLlit und day trjinc
toFaietlio leveo In front of tho town but It
looks non us if it would buvo to go
Iho rher Is now higher hero tnnn over bo
fore Ihoieoplrt nre much alarmed and uro
seeking higher giuund bhould tho linen
break In front of tho tonn it will be a small
edition of the Johnstown horror Competent
engineers Bay tho leveo will not Ftiind six
inches moro of water nnd two feet is expected
to come down according tu tho stage at Cairo
Should a general break occur it w ill flood the
whole of the Texas basin iho river is rising
nud all droud tonights developments Not a
person will bleep Uhe lovce men nrooxhuust
nd uid though dlsplnylnc tho pluck of h < par
tnns cannot hold out much longer Wild ganio
and stock are pi rUhlng in groat numbers
leiiorts from clown tho river say it U rising
all along thn lino
ASIIIMKIN March 12 Tht staso of the
nvoi nt nlru to day is 4 lS fcut The water
has rison n half loot in tho past twoutyfour
hour nnd one foot In tho last four da > s Tho
conditions nre favorable for a further rise
AMthin thu next live dayu the river will np
proxinmtii ttio hlchust known water HI 210
feet Tbo present nroupects are that the stace of
the river from Cairo to Vkksburc and below
will be one of tho highest known Without de
siring to en ate gonoral alarm in tho valley of
the lower Mississippi It wuuld seam thut the
coming stage uf water warrants the advisabil
ity of Miuely removals of stock and such other
i roporty aa would bo destroyed by an extreme
A ComplaUt of llttull CiirrlMffe Denier
Tho lotall Cnrrfatro nnd Harness Dealers
JTMettJv Aibociatun met yeiiiMdar at tho Airland
House ITeijociety lui teeii orkamlzej leis thitu a
TfranU htu membern from all over tho hlttte IU
main object is to prerent maiiufacturm frum nclllnu
KooJi to livery Mab CB an < l rival indtvlduaU t th
untoprlcci at which c < xJi are Uelirirnd to retailers
The asocutlon < 1nQ i a dealer an AHA wli carrl f
xtitoi The thin if w hicli they are I trhtlne ban hren
no uDrin inundation ynt but INr declare Ibey will
strnggs uutll they gel what they want
Mum lark Mnat Slund Trlul on Monday
A i tnnt Dlptrlct Attorney Parker moved
yeblerd iy In the Central hoiiuns before Judge vtartino
that the trial of Major William Hancock lark upon tho
pending Indictment for assault In the first degree for
Hrlng Hie slots at Witou ItanilolpU la front of tbo
bouthera sutlety n hoiibo la Wen Tvventv fifth street ou
thenUbtot Jan 10 bebetuown pertmitorlly for Vina
daynixt A reprrnentittlvit of IVIIItam J Hardy Vlaor
Curk counsel irenuniiiy objected on thn uruund
thai vir Hardy at not realy for be trial and mun gu
out of town on viuudav next in a civil matter
When n tin e uiideruln the urteme In a Rerlous
criminal cam nald Jnilge Vlarliue Ml stheir dut lobn
read Mr Hard mum be ready im > luuday 1 lie cue
Is tot do u peraiupturlly fur that day
thlorofortiifd llerorirto llrtsili
The wife of V enxeslnUB JiorlinghoiT a clear
manufaciurer living ut Ill last I iriy second street
wrote her hutband a letter ycsierday ufternoim saying
that she it as going to bleep In the ueil room and that
he should not wuke her Mie plnnel ihe note to Her
llnghcrts collar and neck I with which he ilreiied up
every n glit and vent into a rnom arr us tbe ball
Tbero sin sullirsted a nj iinyn v ith chlnrof rin put II in
M rubber Ire bag ami ne I ihe bag over her muulh fcho
wni ile l hen fuund at 7 I > l
Mm Ilerlnigbiill a JMlsrnlit Mis t ad been 111 fur
Slieral yearn anl had i rieitMld that hen > he couldnt
stand the palu any longer she would te oil
No Kneouraxfuirnt to TbleTco
John Kelly and Thomas Ilyrnrs exconvicts
and Fourth ward tnugl enterel tie roon s of tho
l hlnese hung Wall Kon < hchow roilety at p Mutt
street on reb 7 < ui4 helly caught up a conlly tllvtr
mounteil pnrcelain vassfrom n Inbiii Tho janllnr Leo
cjiieiig tried to take U attur from aim mid thtreuron
heandHyrncs sst upon Hie Janlior leal him unmer
clfully and ran awuy with the vsse They were after
ward arrested In tbo lielioral sessions yesterdai bo
fore Judge Hlrgrrald they pieaied guilty of rrkhery
In tbi second Uegreo Judvo riugerald senleiced them
to fctalo piUun each for twelve years and leu ifluutui
Tapf Analeraon Henlenerd
Enoch D Anderson whownicotvlctedof as
sault ID Ilie third dcgre In shooting at lot Traak of tbo
Sailors buwr Harbor waaaoaieaood br Oouolr Jidio
tteilUMIUIiltajr U10 OM6UU tl Un WWU Jt
OV AX OMtttlU JtOAt >
Tun IVrnn Flullv Hurt nnri Other I
iiirtl A anvlrl llimuliir In Midair fcy
Iliu I rllrr I hi Knllliiic Train M > 0
OITTrlrurupli 1iilrn I Ike 1lpe Hten
IMIIHIIKI Out Murch 12 Tho inornlnff
train f i oin North liny and Mnttnwa wblobi
pi > srd hero this forenoon an hour late iurnpod
the track ono mile bovond OrnlmmB Jlrldeo
ton tnllen rant of this place All thoooache
Including first clans sooond olabs 1ullmoa
and dlnltiB wont complutol over and now llo
with their wheels In thonlr Mrs M Hunroo
niothnr 1 1 John V Munroo a contractor ro
cuit > dsati < ro iiijuilos Mi Mnckar alnrabtr
p mi was i ut about thn head and all the pM
irs vvoro bully shnkeu up and many ha4
lis and other bonus wicncbod utid broken
I Thodlnnii cir wulturs worn thrown about
I violent l > and are suul to bo covorely Injured
I ho Iook on tho 1iillmiiu car was slluhtly
but nod Tho onclnu remained ou tho rails but
all tho rost of HID triln was wrecked There
won about thirty pnisoniers ou the train ten
of whom uot on nt this station Tbo accident
w as uutiMid In thn i alls snreudlne
Ibn entnn train nxcept the onalnn and
tnndet rolril d wu a Jufoot ombnnkmont
Mis Mu in oi und tlnienok of the dlnlnecar
niofntiilh Injuted AinoiiL tho pubseneors oa
llui tiuln was u runvlit in charjroof a bailiff
Huwas chained lo a Brut und when tho car
turned OUT ho liunu In midair He munuced
niter considerable olToit to froo ulmuelf nnd
Ihon wont to tho assistance of his keeper and
helped him from tho wreck A contlemnn who
MIW thn nccldi nt sain the train wont over Ilka
a liuut vviivo nnd snapped tho tclcuraph poleo
llko pine btcms
am HAS t > oi < > TO HE BOSS
Air Mini Mr i Nbnrich lliive an Anlm ta4
llUputfi In llHln Street IouKtikcepalej
IoriiiiMLrsu Mircli 12Mr nnd Mra
Vosburth ai rived Inro this moraine from Mem
pbls whore Mrs oabursh formerly Mrs Jew
ell who was drawing a ponsion from tho Iolloo
Dopartmunt of New lork married Vosburab
about two weeks IIRII An ovonlnc pai rsnys
that they excited much attention on Main
htteot early this moraine because of an ani
mated conversation bolnis cnniodon botweoa
them Hooln they woro noticed they stood la
tho doorway of tho armory ou Main street
whore Mrs Vosburcli was ieon to shako her
lltiKur in horhustinnds faon nnd pound liornm
brullii un tlio stone steps Vosburch oftered hl9
band but sho declined totnkelt 1ooplo who
haw them could not help notlclnir tbo excited
mannoi of both They finally entered tho ollloe
of nltoi iorll > n n teal entnto airont and after
llnlshlntf their business wont to the depot At
tlo litter pluco Mrs osburch told a friend
that this was a caso whoio u man followed a
wo unn to uot hoi to marry him und not of a
womun follow In t n man Shu paid Hhe wft
u Incto bu tioss It made no dlfTeionco what
inlcht hnimon Mio uwnu n farm in tho town
of Ilydo Park nnd sbo nnd her husband left
for that pbicu on the 10 in A M train Ther
will In the future lostda in Now York
ntooklioK Illrly Slrcetn
Tim Btreets of Hrodkljn it seoms must
continue to remain In tbolr present and pro
lonce I filthy condition until tbo llrst of April
when trawford V Valentinos contract will be
cln Un Dec 1 tho money appropriated for
btreot cleaning run out nnd since then tho
street hare beou accumulating mud ond
slush Thero Is an cmorireuoy fund wbioh
could bo drawn upon by City Commliloner
Adams probably without any serious objoo
tlon on tho part of the taxpayers Mr Adamo
bow ev er has so far made no request for money
nnd MuiorChnpiii HIJA he does not intend to
civ e any directions In tho matter to the Corn
mlsslouor so that for two weeks or moro tho
pooplo will probably have to wade
Cooler Tod r
The main body of the storm that hunjr ovor
the SlUhUslipl valley on Tuesday waa forced directly
nortlieiistwnnl 1itu the ohl i valley and lake regloua by
the urea uf liUh preiiure that was stationary on tbo
Hiuth Atlantic cojit Heavy rain felt In the lower Mia
nt > > ilppl anil Tenni suee valleys early yesterday morning
anil durlnir Hie day tlio rain waa iceneral la the Ohio
Milicy anil Iske regions The tentre of tha term wafl
Jocaleil uver Lake Ontario with bat slight enerir clear
weather rev ailed lu tha south Atlantic and all Btatsa
vvistof ttie Miiisjl pi Light tog overspread tho mlo
die Atlantic an 1 New 1nxland coasts where the win4i
were Iresh an I blowing olT shore It waa warmer In all
parts of Hie coaiitrj eutof the Mississippi by SO ac4
celler west of thai river 10 ° to 20 ° except IntoeltorUv
w cut w here it was decidedly colder and It wai tXjJjov
tero at Mlunedoaa
Thrre was a steady rise tn the Mississippi yeatat AJ
except at New Orleans where a fall of threetenUia ot a
font took place In the mornlni which sho
of a break in the levees somewhere
The slajie of the rivers was as follows
ft Inuln7i rliilnv Mempnls 3oo rlilni VlekatmB i
474 rlilni Sew Orlians 1UU fallloir HhreveponE
j < 7 rWiiK Calm 4MH rising Cincinnati aoa rllinVi
I line Hock lo l rlslni Helena 49 7 rlslnrs and above
danker line JO at New Orleans ti 4 at V itksburr 24 tA
Memiihla u 7 at Helena aud will continue lo rUe
of Lulru tuilay
esterday In this city was gensrally fair
temperature wastH1 and lowest li average
73 tercent wind hgnt roulhwsiL
To day promlseH to be generally fair and cooler ae3
fair and slfrhtly rooler on rrlday
Tlie thermomner In 1 erry s pharmacy tn Tin Boa
butldluz l esterday indicated tbe temperatureMtollovu
3 A M Jil 4 3 so r M 5i en
13 A It < I I1 M tO > O7
ti A M 3 I0 HTM 45 BI
12 M 4JJ 12 Mid 45
Average on March 12 < >
moiii orncu roRECiST
Por Maine titw Hampshtraand Vermontlocalralni
winds stilltlng to colder northwesterly
lor Massachusetts Ithode Island and Connection
fair weather followed by llgbt rains winds shtllAC tft lt
northwesterly lower temperature ltW
tor eatttrn fita tort eaiurn enntylvania and Jftn W
Jtrity UyM ruuix fltoiMit ty colder clearing weatiurg I ltI
wider fair wratttcr rn > YIldi norftueiu
IT or He District cf Columbia Delaware I
anl Virginia Unlit rains westerly winds lower l
peMture nn 1rnUy
Fur western New lurk western Pennsylvania an4 i
Went Vlrnlnla light rain fulloweil by fair vtltbat
corlhHosterly wluils colder
Ttie temperaturo Is from lu toU4a Abore tbe
for tlie muth lu tbe Jsew cflaud and alddlo intf
hiates In the middle AtUntlo Blatts tho maxlmui
temperature reached during tho day was wlthla 1 toB
uf tha hicbeit ever recurdrd In Uarcb Tho foltowiag
rnaxlmumlemprraturrs w t re reported today i Atbaoy
IU hew Vork city 7j > 1olladclpala 74 WaaUag
ton city 7i A cool ato eilends from tba lw r
Ules oier the Iihlo i alley la Toiaa It will rsacb LA
Aiaiitio cont ilurmz Thursday
Jacob Itonpert has Rubxorlbed f 100 o tb Arob fad
Then lid IK no 7lhO u
frit luviilon will ixturola tlie Church of tbe Dt
rlle ia W e4i hilly > litli utrtot under tbo aoiplctf
of llo Cliauuinui Lnliii A luilulou froo
The iinlilry Hifriir fuilely Hill clvo an entertain
input an < l rti rnilun i n Frl > ta > rrfiilnir at Arllnrtoo nalL
Am lu Ilie JliUKr for debute will be Judio UoAdama
SIIIUK is liortkinwli h v < arrnlifiied In Iho Tomb
OHM niTUv < liarK d with meallllK flVJOwortbW
Uu ia < mis 1 runKliu to l i A o I ayne and wu ro
iiMiilei mill n lay ivi Pa ne identlfltd Ibe dla
u ou Is a hu tr ij > erty
John Murnson of tbr Sir > nlirnth dlitrlct was an
ramie 1 u iililrlcl > u T nirn tent nl the Htreot Cleanlnc
lieiariuient yeiirnliiy Ills mlary is I i a year Tbfi
district trvlliv at uurteeitti lreet and raas on luo
wot it Ir ir hruadwuy lu ilm norvicru iluiltsof ibocUj
ItnrrU luinirr > r U Hrirnth avenue who waa ai
ri li t in lurMft i Uht MI tun eliiiK of assaaltlDfj
viih Jinu liuniiiuzkiii ntiempiinir lu vraii litr luckoi
b < n I wa atrnljiil n the lrfr < in Market follcoi
i iurt ie ifrU > m n in iu uu uavi a wron ad
drrxaiiii flam n id in > t rfiiiear lu tuurt yeslirdar
and liiimrr v i uu iiai i
llmapjioititiucntuf I u ilt Hukiraa Assistant United
htalm filstrlit Atirnii as reiuvrd Irom Vtaehlno
ton ynierdui Mr linker tl > rs Hie ilaoe of Wllluua
VUrkluin Miilth ho wi appilmed dunuic Mr CUTO
land a AitnilnUirnilon Mr nllli had chario cf tbo
customs D iartuioui He h d r intil few houo
preTloui lo rei elriuic nonce of Ills removal
Adolphm AblK a barber H ho bad a small shop with
vnt clialr alMi hertntti avenue hanged hlmsolf Taa
urday In the roarnf tbe shiMi If tie I a nnoio In
clntb llno pUrol It around his neck illiuned i a an
bo anil tied iho iher end f ihe cloilieaiino to i
stnutuali In inowalL Then lie Jumped on 11
fouud dead by hu suu Jobu IT joare ei th >

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