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Tint nLAin llLl
I Thlnkn Coicrea rlhe > uUn Vndertnkei no
I Pre i Mcheme or tducntlen Until II
How to Mnnnce thn Hchooln
T hnn l nrnrd low nRce
or Wnahlniion Lenn Ihnn M llonen Men
ntorn Vole III Mum lor Public llullel
IniSMr tSnrerVs Ienalon Mtntlntle
WAHIIINOTON Mnrch IBn the Sotiato to
day Mr Hnwloy made a long speech against
the lllalr Kdiicatlon bill Ho donled that th
llepubllcan party was committed to the bill
There was nothing on the record of the Na
tional Itopubllcan I Convention thut showed
tho bill to bo a party measure 1 knew
exactly what was on tbo record I was
nothing more than a general declaration
BH to what a woot and lovuly thing education
was just like tho polite recognition ot tho la
dice who wanted nn endorsement of woman
suffrage That was tho extent of the endorse
ment that was contained In the platform of the
llepubllcan Convention Tho llepubllcan party
he declared was a btnte rights party
The bill was a verdict that the theory of Ibo
Stat and Federal Governments ns under
stood for a hundred years was a failure Local
government I said had failed Hut what
central legislative body could do better In
managing aflalrs than tho fortytwo local con
cresses could do right among their neighbors
Had Congress 1 surplus of wisdom t Congress
did not govern HO well that It should under
take to do everything I did not know how to
1 get along vvlth the steam railroads In tho Dis
r trict ot Columbia which occupied streets with
out permission and without compensation
sohoolhousud enough In the
There were not Bhoolhou80s enouih tle
city of Washington whore Congress hud
exclusive jurisdiction HO that n large
number of chlldien hud to rldo and
tiohall to attend school Iu the forenoon nnd
half in Ibo afternoon Ko Congress hnd showed
that It could nut tun I tho common schools of
the District of Columbia Hu found too that
Congress was not 1 mccess in management
of tho Indians for he read every day charges
that the Government was robbing thu Indians
and ho had road recently an eloquent protest
from the chief ot tho Cherokees that they were
being crowded out of tLalr lands Ho found
that Congie wa imbecile so far us the const
dofetices of the country zero concerned Tho
Uovernment hud a few castIron guns and bud
no protection against 1 Urstclass or a second
clus Ironclad Throo or lour rears ago thero
had been nothing but the ruins of a former
brilliant inuv tomo poor ubl broken
down tagged cripples ot ships Now
own count y was beginning to have a
imvr but ell It was practically defenceless
lie found a Mupiome Court loaded down with
nccloctad buslnoas so there was prnctjcnlly 0
denial of justice all oor the United Btates t
und Congress had not been able or willing to
reorganize atd roleuij that court In bbort ho
found everywhere proof that Congress was not
absolutely wise
1 ho Blair bill was bad enough and wont far
enough in the direction of trespassing upon
btato rights und on titiiti duties Hut as some
body had well snld It was not the distance It
travelled wol tho direction In which It wont
that waS objectionable I abandoned tOe or
iLlnal theory of the Government and launched
scbomrfl the Government on an unbounded sea of wild
Ic The 1 ILri wont over until tomorrow
I When lie eonslaerutlou l of the Urgent De
ficiency bill was resumed nn amendment was
offered by Mr Hale authorizing the use of
5000 for the relief of thu lurtle Mountain I
band of Indiana at Devils Luke agency and
Mr Toiler made the amendment tho text of
some remarks In order to correct certain xtute
tent lbs country whete the Turtle band of
Indians woro hn said had never been Chlppe
wn laud It hud been Sioux land which hud
been purchased by the United States years ago I
When he was Secretary of the Interior he had
Investigated 1 the catto of tho Turtle Mouatuln I
band of Indians and there were then but Slt
of them mostly half broods That number
bad now according to the published cato
moats swelled to overlJUo but these were
not American Indians They wero Maul
toba Chlpponas and 1 the doors of
general distribution wero thus opened
to thoni all tin lilppewns in that country
would flock Into tho I 1 I led States The Written
Chlppowos now on this side should be sent
back to where they belonged I was not fair
be said to talk of IltKXiuOO acres of land be
ing taken from the Indians Every toot of land
that the floux bat owned 1 in that region had
been paid far by the Government which had
also given thU splepdld reservation In Alln
uosota the White Earth reservation He
wanted to put on record his denial of the
statement whether It came from u pulnlt or
anywhere ebu that tliono Indiana had been
improperly treated by the Oovarurnont of the
United Mates The liovornment had paid them I
fortheli lands and was now supporting them
in Idleness and Mce not whero they ought to
supported but wheio they had elected to go
Tho amendment was agreed to and the bill
wn passed
Tho House amendments to tho Oklahoma bill
ware presented to the Senate and on motion
of Mr PlaIt wore nonconcurred in A confer
ence was asked and Senators Ilatt Cullom
and Jones of Arkansas were appointed con
fer roes on tho part of the Senate
The following bills for publlo bnlldlnga were
taken from the calendar and passed
House BillAt 100100150 >
Senate Hills At Tauuton Sims 73000 Spokane
falls Washtnitton SIUOODO 1 Walla Wall Washlniioa
fBO Racinaw lch 20000 Sioux rails 8 a
FWIU Tacouia WashIngton J IOO Oeadwood 8
D 211jKiJ Heattle Washlnxtoa JIOOOOU JJover N
I I IJWJO and Najhoa XI f3O
WhIle the public buildings bills were being
ninhed through with loss than a dozon Sena
tors In the chamber and with even a smaller
number of spectators in the galleries ono of
the spectators partly riding undortook to ox
prima his opinion that the Dependent Ianslon
fire ought to roceUe the attention of the Hen
ate He was pulled back Into Ids seat by a
companion and aa ho remained oulet no no
tice was taken of hid attempt to instruct tho
banato aa to the course of business and soon
the Senate adjourned until tomorrow
lou or Representative
The Houso in Committee of the Whole to
day discussed the Pension Appropriation bill
but did not dIspose of It
Mr Morrow of California In charge of the
till which appropriated 934274C1 explained
Its provisions in detail and In reference to the
general subject of pensions Enid that It might
safely be assumed that the number of pension
ers would reach Its maximum ubout July 1
IHU when the expenditure would be 1112
000000 On that date under ousting law tho
number pensioners on the rolls would be
e 1 itt
Mr Buyers of Texas discussed the pension
FTbtem as affected by both acts of Congress
and by the administration of tho service Ho
cited statistics to ahow that the expenditures
of the Government for pensions from July 1
IKOO to Jan 11890 woro 11105020017 for
the past fiscal year ta91319Gtt from March 4
17H9 to Juno 30 IHtll seventytwo und one
half years 80788327 and that tho excess of
ponton disbursements for the fiscal year
ending June 30 1B1U over the pension
disbursementS during this period of soy
entytwo and oneball years was IH101041
Ho BKld further that the one t of the war of IBia
was tfl2J12o43 only J145WOS2 moro than
tho dlsburaemonta for pensions for the last
oar and that the cost of the war with
Noxleo was tl77058il or 721000 lent
than the pension disbursements of last
year He severely criticised tho ad
n ministration of the Pension Ofllce and
y e cited many decisions of the bureau which he
declared to be Incorrect nnd Improper Ho
wished to call the attention of tho House and
the country to the manner In which Ibo pen
nlon system was being administered Ho
terod 10
thought that there should be 1 thorough In
vestigation of the system In i order that com
pinto justice should be done to the men who
had fought for their country and that the
bounty jumpers the men who had been lug
cards might be stricken from the roll so that
a place on the roll might bo evidence of loyal
ty of bravery nnd of service to the 101a
Nearly SIOOUOO for Nenion Ticket for
The wwson sale of seat for the Patti opera
closed on Monday evening and amounted to
JD7000 for the twenty performances Single
tickets for the first week only are to be for sale
this morning at the box office ot the Metro
politan Opera House The repertoire for the
first week Is Monday Ilrst appearance In New
York 01 hug lamauo Vordls Otello with
Mml Alblllli 1 rnnI Wednesday en
lag Mine Intt fIrst appearAnce In three
7elmrs Honllramle Thursday evening 81g
lnmlno all Imf lordlca oenlnl Th
Huguenots Friday evening Mine Jattl in
Honnambula Saturday afternoon Albanl
Tamaguo uiatlnoe
No Blkle 1st IhefoinnsonMehnoln
MAIHHOV WIs March 18In tho case
brought up from the Circuit Court of Hock
ounty tbt Supreme Court decided that the
Iiible had no place In our common school
J he opinion was unanimous The case origi
nated n Ldgerton here suit was brought to
trmpel 0 hchool District Board to prohibit
teachers Iron reading the Bible to 1ohlbi
UJtrr arjurx oir TJUAL
nn Aur InnlllnBane1 IfnltrontlnB
at rrlvnte Holler
CHICAGO March lBThe court martial for
the trial of Second Lieutenant M T Steel
Eighth Cavalry convened a noon today The
members ot the court were In full uniform and
I woro their side arms Capt Arthur Murray
Acting Judge Advocate Department of the Mis
I souri acted as Judge Ads ocate Lieut Steele
appeared In fatigue uniform without his
sword nnd rat bosld his counsel lleut E I
Crowder of the Eighth Caulry Capt Murray
having administered the usual oath to tho
members of the COUrt the Judge Advocate
read the formal charge I alleged In one
charge and two specifications that on Oct 24
last Lieut Htoelo need Insulting language t
Private Doll 1 Wild and struck him all of
which was prejudicial to good discipline and
contrary to tho proper conduct ol an officer
To this charge lleut Stoele who had re
mained standing white tho charge was being I
real pleaded not guilty both a to tho charge
and the specifications Lieut Crowder hero
arose and said 1 wish to say a few words na
to plea Vo plead not because
our loa Ilead not guilty bcluse
we deny the nets alleged but In orderto facili
tate tbo fullest inquiry Into this matter Our
defence will be that whatever was done was a
necessary act and was necessary for the
maintenance of good discipline and for the
good of tho service
Private Doll P Wild tho complainant was
thou brought Into court and sworn In a lew
voile he told his story
Ha had been ordered ho said to entry a
piece of canvas to Lieut btoolos headquarters
Ho was told to take It to tho back yard hero
ho was lot by Lieut Steele who requested
him to assist In placing the canvas on a storm
roof lending from Stuoloa back door to an
i dl 11 l not think he had any right to ask me
to do that continued Wid and solsais
Lieutenant I refuse to do that work because
I don t hno to lot as servant to no ofllcer I
you ask mini to split or carry in wood Ill do It
but I wont do nothing cnrrJ woot I think It
Is menial work
Ho then called me a dohorter and swore nt
me and llnally struck mo In tho face knocking
my hut Into a tub of water I then started out
pi his yard when ho ordered me to halt und
had mo placed under arrest I was taken to
the and then permission
quarters IhOI got to go
hack anti get my cup which was still In 10
bucket In time Lieutenants yard Corporal
ttcott took mo back and when I got to the
gate Steolo says What do you want anal
euys I want my cop Mr and he says let ul It
and got out of here I wont to quarters
Where I stayed until I was tried In November
I WIIB Imprisoned mama tho 24th of October
until tin trial
Tho doleuco then examined Wild and at
tempted to prove that ha had frequently
Prebsed the wish thut ho hud killed Lieut
Steele In reply to a question as to the truth
of thin statement Wild replied I refuse to
answer that question It aint got nothing to
do with this case 1 aint on trial here lie
finally udmlttid that ho had saht that he would
have ratlmr killed titeole than have struck
him liocauhc he said I oould gut juMlc
ua tnlted otatos court but I cant get no
justice In a military court
Did you ever sere In tho UnIted States
Army under the tiamoof E P Ward asked
the iounsel for limo defence
I object snld tho Judge Advocate on
the ground that this Is irrelevant to this coo
Tho spectators Indulged In applause at this
roaltloutakuu by the Judge Advocate Alter
ho attorney uiguod the point the Court re
tired to an anteroom to consider the question
They returned after several minutes ab
sence and sustained tho objection
Lout Crowder then asked permission to
bring Into court ono McComas who had known
Wild under the alias of Ward The Court
again retired to I tho council chamber and lourt
time ruled In favor of the defendant
JlcComas was then called and In his pres
ence Wild was asked I McComas was not hia
Ulldrtl sergeant in tho Fifteenth Infantry
ilia quHBtlon was not answered as the Judge
Advocate objected to the question and the ob
jection was sustained I
Corporal Hiram Scott who bad charge of I
sviil alter his arrest testified that ho took
Will back to htoolos house to obtain the miss
jug cap
What was tho prisoners demeanor at the
time > asked the milo Advocate
Ho appeared very angry
Tho witness was then dismissed but was
called back by tho Judge Advocate who In
quired To whom did you refer when you
said Ibo prisoner appeared angry V 1
1 referred to alllnre 1leu nnr Wild seemed
nervous That was all I noticed
The audience here again took occasion to
applaud showing their sympathy with the private
Thn prosecution here rested the case and
tho defence asked for more time In which to
prepare for Ibo presentation of tholr once
1 he court was accordingly adjourned until to
morrow same place when U will moot at 1 A M unti the
JHellertknt Rhe wnn Fatuity fan by Her
Former Huinunel
CHICAOO March 18The police have an
other murder mystery on their hands Late
on Sunday night a woman was found lying In
the road at the Intersection of the Fiftyfifth
street boulevard and Morgan street She was
unconscious and had evidently been there
some time as her body was cold She dld last
evening without having recovered conscious
ness The surgeons found her scalp badly out
and a fracture at tho baso of tho skull There
woro also bruises on her arms The woman
was Mrs Jonnie Illngham formerly ot Milwaukee
waukee but known In Chicago a Mrs
Jonnie Taylor Hhe has been living In this
city with 1 maim named Xnoh Taylor nn
engineer He Bays she was married to
a man named Bingham known In Milwaukee
as Major lilugham but loft him on learning
that ho had another wife living She came to
Chicago aim wont to work in a restaurant
where Taylor mit her Since then thoy have
been living together Taylor Bays sh was in
thn habit of calling at the place where ho Is
employed every night and waiting until he was
off duty utO oclock when they would go home
together The last time ho saw her was Hun
day afternoon Taylor Is held by th polO
Ho strongly l protests his Innocence of any com
plicity In her murder
The murdered womans sister a Mra Parks
of this city tells the same story as Taylor
about her pasture Hhn added that her sister
was In great fear of Major lilnghum that
I he was madly In love with her and she bad
lid Bho feared ho would kill her I he found
her Tho landlady of tho apartment house
where Taylor und the murdered woman
roomed rays a man answering the description
of lllngbam given by Taylor called I several
days ago to see Mrs liingbam but she was ab
sent Sirs Parks says lllngbamwus an inmate
of the liisuue asylum at Milwaukee mono time
and afterwards hold some tort of clerical posi
tion there
Mrs Ulngham left l her sisters house on State
street on Sunday evening to rail as usual for
Taylor Hho had but I fow blocks to walk
Four hours later sho was found at a point
nearly live miles distant lying In the roadway
In a dying condition
A despatch from Milwaukee says Ooorge C
Illngham cannot be found then He was sent
to the county hospital sortie weeks ago but
was discharged some lass since The police
have not seen him for amoral duyxt
liVING 10 runs ON WlIIW
The Tenth DIMrlct Tnmmanr Aaeoelntloii
Likely to Kxpel Him
When tim nows ciimn that William Son
mer the Tammany Assemblyman from the
Tenth district had Toted for tho axton Ballot
Iteform bill and thus aided its passage
through the Assembly on Thursday last there
was a grout deal of excitement In the district
where Charles Stockier Is the Tammany
leader Bohinor I a member of the Stockier
Association and Julius Harburger the PreM
dont of the association called a meeting which
was held last 1rlday night 1 was recalled
that when Mr Hohmer was nominated in
Florence Hall be mad a speech In which he
pledged himself to bo true to Tammany It
was resolved ut the meeting lot to act on Mr
hobmer I conduct until the hentlmrnt of the
voters could be learned Printed blips have
boon prepared explaining Mr tiolirneiit con
duct and asklnl thin ledplentB to write urlolly
on tho slips whether or nut Mr Kohmer Is wor
thy of condemnation The voters have all been
Invited to attend u meeting of thu wiuoilation
on Friday night 1 Is likely that Jlr riohmer
will r < read out of the Tumuiuuy organization
of the lenth district
Armory Contrwctorn Hehtodhnnd
Tb Armory Hoard met In the Mayors oOlce
yesterday ani discussed the delay ID the tulluing of the
new TwentyiecoQd Heglinent Armory The contract
ore art all behind and especially I this the case wlib
lames Ii Murphy who Is I doing the mal work Tbe
4oard has given permission to the trustees of HL
Josephs Home tu hold a fair during the last I two week
In April I in the old I anonrr of the regiment m fourteenth
street lleut CoL Mo said that hwvuld try 10 gst Hie
ref mum om of the way by the middle or April
ruuln 10 of Troop A toil the Heard that he wished to
withdraw hli offer to ralie lt vii u for e new armory Ii
I IJ likely that rooms for the use of Uii Ueeii will be
taxi I U Dickers rlJlug aoailsaj
Tfcn rrnlleni AnthorUed to Invite Feti ls
Nation tn Take Part In the Fir When
10000 In I ricdiceaFroipret of Fur
ther Hlrontt Onuanltlon to the Kill
WASHIVOTON March IBThero IB likely to
b a pretty fight when the Worlds Fair bill
which Ifas agreed upon committee today Is
reporteil to the Iloueo and called up for con
sideration The Chicago people gained a com
plete victory In the committee for the reason
that Mr Frank of Missouri who joins with
Messrs Ileldon Flower and Hutch In opposing I
the reporting of any bill until Chicago gunran I
tees the necessary amount of money was
absent These three gentlemen voted against
the bill and obtained lene l to make n minority
report which they may or may not do not hay
lag yet decided whether to state their objec
tions to tho bill In writing or to content them
selves with stating them In the House
Thu bill will moot with lore opposition when
It comes up for notion limn the friends of Chi
Imagine uble to got tho bill
cage Im llno Thoy were Iblo let bil
out of tho committee because they had a ma
jority of Its members on tholr sldo When it Is
called up In tho House Ml lloldon will propose
making It obligatory
that It be amended by ohllatory
upon the Chicago people first to provide the
of the
necessary tlOOUOUUO Tho majority
members who voted for Now lork when tho I
juostlon of the alto was settled are oxpectei I
to defend this proposition and It will be Indl
rectly endorsed by those members who are op
posed to the provision In tho bill making a
largo Government appropriation
Tho amendment adopted today In tho com
mittee authorizing the President to Issue I
formal Invitations to foreign countries to par
ticipate In the Fair only after becoming satis
lied that tho Illinois Corporation has raised tho
necessary tloooouuo does not satisfy tho Now
York and St Louis members of the committee
and their friends They contend that the guar
antee fund should bo cortillod to before the
bill la i passed and that In reporting tho bill
without this safeguard an advantage was taken
by tho Chicago people who won tho contest for
tho site by tho very same argument against
New York that the New York people are making
against thor now Tho silence of Senator His
cock Is significant and It Is bald that he has
been quietly canvassing tho Senate and Is hope
ful that If tho Chicago pooplo do not consent to
give a legal guarantee of tlOououon the bill
can 0 defeated or amended In thn Senate
Cll Is understood that Senator Ldmuuds who
Is opposed to tho holding of any Fair a nil
will vigorously oppose the bill If It passed the
House In anything llko Us present shape Mr
Edmunds will It IH Bald attempt to defeat the
bill altogether und will make a particular
bil atololhor wi
point of the fact that Chicago has not yet
guaranteed her ability or wllllugnebs to ad
vance the sum necessary to make the rulr a
mere are other Senators who think just as
Mr Edmunds does und It Is I iulte likely there
fore that If tho bill passes the House It will
have n stormy votuge In the tienuto
Tho rumor Is again going about the capital
that a general change of Senate officials Is
about to be maLe This talk Is I occasioned by
the fact that James U Young of Pennsylvania
a brother ot John Bupsoll Young has teen
asked to give Ut the olco of Lxocutlvo Clerk
to become President of the Commonwealth na
tional Dunk of Philadelphia Mr Young has
boon Executive Cleric of the Senate for nearly
twenty xoculve olrs lllrk 1 post of groat responsi
bility and the Senators are urging him to re
tain It
The most desirable office In the Senate Is tho
fooreturyshtp now held by ion McCook of
Now York The duties arm light and pleasant
and the salary about IHuOO lien cook 1 >
very popular but as there are only twenty or
thirty appointments n his dl8potal homo of I
tho new rouators would to pleased to BOO a
now broom In Mr MeCooks place so that thuy
little of tho patrouugo now controlled
might get I ltte pntronulo I I
trolled by the senior Senators
nolod desire for more places for their friends
Is what caused the talk among some of Ibo
Senators about removing riorgeuntntnrms I
Canady He Is a North Carolina Iepubllcan
who fought In the Confederate army and has
been 8ergenutat arms for about nine reins
He has made a very rfllclent officer but Sena I
tor ljuay does not like him and Is attempting to
put tua man of his own The Kopubllcan boss
bits been endeavoring to bring about th
change for some months but does ngtr > pear
to have made much headway Th I flergeant
atarms has held his ofloelono < OUBbto have
made many strong IrlsJd among the older
Senators who will jVrtesl against any attempt
to remove him
The numerous candidates for tho various
posts In I in benate are carefully watching for
an euonlng and It Mr lounl should resign It
li possible that his action might start a move
mint whloh wQuld acton In a general change
There are only five elective ofllcers In the on
to These are the Secretary the 8ergeantat
Arms tho Chaplain the Chief Clerk amid tho
Executive Clerk These man believe that In
union there Is strength and they will work to
gether against any movement to remove them
As they alalnQt very efficient and popular with
toe Senators 11 especially with the old ones It
will be a difficult matter put them out
The House Committee on Military Affairs to
day authorized Mr Hplnolnto report favorably
his resolution authorizing the Secretary of the
Treasury to take possession of Fort Jay com
monly known as Fort Columbus and llftpon
acres of ground on Governors Islam Now
York for the erection ot suitable buildings for
the accommodation ol Immigrants who aro
now landed at Castle Garden Attached to tho
resolution Is a proviso that I shall not Ins
title but ownership of the ground shall remain
In the United States and that It shall bo subject
to military Uhes
Iu the Housn Mr Bplnola asked unanimous
content for the Immediate consideration ot tim
resolution but Mr Thompson of Ohio objected
In the House today Mr Norton of Missouri
offered for reference n resolution reciting that I
It Is reported that the PostmasterGeneral has
been employing Post Office Inspectors and
Bpeolal agents InveHtlallDI the claims of Ito I
publican applicants for appointment as Post
masters and paying for such sort Ices out of
the public funds declaring that such practices
are contrary to law and nubtorshe of good
government and calling on the Ioatmnstor
jovornmont callnl to what Post Office
Goneral for a statement as wblt orc
Inspectors and special agouti have been BO
Tho United States delegates to tbo Pun
American Congress are arranging to open the
new Arlington Hotel ou tho night of March
29 with an elaborate reception and supper to
the Congress of tho tilted l States in honor of
the PanAmerican ilologatna from Central and I i
South America Tho entire now wing of the
now hotel ttblch Is the largest by far of any In I
Washington will bo used to accommodate tho
several hundred guests who have been Invited
Acting Secretary Batobellor today appointed
theso examiners In the Appraisers depart
ment nt New York
Krneit J 1 Chapman Henry W Itndd Charles C
Broon Wllllum It 1 Paris 7ach JollUoa hrelA I lluuell
George I Kraen James II IllHer
A number of laborers nnd meFsengnrs woo
also appointed In tho Appraisers miles C and
toteral detectives In the Collectors Oflh
William HI ruh was appointed a bookkeeper
amid henry 11 Drown a clerk of Clues 2 In Iho
latter once
Senator Cullom Introduced a bill today to
amend section Ii of lie lutorStatn Commerce
act HO as to provide that the Commission hal
nave authority to Inquire Into tho manage
ment of the business of n all common carriers
A flilr ATITJIU IlllL
HenBtor Mbermnn Tblnkc I Doe Not
Violate the Constitution
WAHHINOTON March 18 Jlr Sherman
from the Senate Committee on Finance reported
portel today 0 substitute for his antitrust
bill Mr Sherman thinks he has overcome nil
objections to the measure on the ground of
uuconstltutlonallty The substitute says
All arrangements contracts agreements trusts or
combinations between two or more cltlsens or corpora
tion or belli ot ilineren States or between two or
more cltlieus or corporations or both of lb United
matM and foreign Hates or citizens or cor
orations thereof made with a view or which
f nil to prefect ofl and free competition i the tam
iiortailou trautpitr atloii or sale I or articles Imported
tutu the i nlteil itt II or with a vie 1 w or which lend 10
prevent run and tree i ompetition I In articles or inxt Hi I
production I or manufacture ni any Hate or Territory of
the tinted Hales w 1th shnlar artlres of the growth
pr < uctlun or manufacture of any other Mate or Tent
lory or In the transportation or sale cf like articles the
proiiucnon of anr Male or Territory or the lilted
oll r it rll
Rlaies into er within any oilier Male or Territory of tIe
I nlied Hiatts and 1 arraueomenln trustS or rom
blnallons betwesn uch clllseiis or corporations made
with a view or wtilch tend to advance the cull to Ih
cuuiumerof any such artlclss are hereby declared to
t > against publlo policy unlawful and void
I II I also provIded that any person or cor
poration Injured by such a combination may
recover In any court of the United States of
competent jurisdiction twice lbs ampunt of
damages sustained and the costs of the suit
together with a reasonable attorneys fee
Everybody Is I talking of lb bargain to forDllnre to J
HbsiuascrieO ft C i4i st44 fuDlu t
I gj11 U 10tIDII Pond Pal after shaving 1114 Slpp1 1
A Terrible Eczema n
One > of the wont raU S SM roeoreX B TS > ntMn yemro of fketrfiil nnsT rinc Hea > e1 esp >
a1i4 ocee 0Re aolld rab Ho 1r at snnan of elUcnsie Ilnlr nsntuel llfoleM e > rtCe jLlntka i
eontrsteteel n4 htlpleea Vtsnhle te > k Clot about Os hnneln nnal kneesv rhr lelams > to
end nil nseelUlnfin uul < No hone ofr 1lre > r sure At the end er evntr n yesre hcatrsl 1 II
or nl the Cntlcurn Remeallen ease thens tgkl week nnd In cnrael N nThtn mlmenlan 1 J
cure was snniletnilunnnrr 170 sad ksti eontlnac4 contrletA nnel rntnnent 1 rr H nt I 1
date dun SO 18BO f
Cured by Cuticura fj 1
At Ihe age ot three month a rash which after
ward proved to he ecremitor salt rheum mad lii
appearanc on my face A physician was called
He said teething o the cause he prescribed
some cooling medicine hut the bill spread to my
tars and hat
Another M t 1 1 1
was called II
professed to
ie know 1 about
the eaiet called
It Hint Evil
and prescribed
VSSKC brimstone and
lard mUd Into
aalv i but the
disease con
tlnued They
I could not do
anything with
It Another
p r teorl bed
borax water
and Court an
other llnreed poultices None of them did ma and I
good at all but made me DUe The disease com
ttnued unabated It ipread to my arms aul Ip
till I was tilt up entirety and from continually
sitting on the floor on A pillow my limbs contracted
so that I lost all control of thm aiut waa utterly
betplem My mother woulj have to lift me out
and Into ijpt I oould get around the home on my
tall and feet but I could nol ist my clothes on
at all and bat to wear a sort of dressIng gown My
hair bad all matttd down or fallen oft and my bead
face and ears were on scab and I had to hive a I
towel en my head 1 the time In the summer to
keep lbs fllei ot My parenU coDinlttxl A proml
bent phjBlc1an and lurceon here In ChIcago tbC
other phjutclans before mentioned were of Dun
Ow and Hamilton Canada Ha ald ho could
do nothlfr for me Ho wanted Ic cut tha sinew
of may lags 10 that I could wilt but I would not
I is I n thins to claim to care these great ikln
lU eaaes but Qui another thing to do It No rem <
sties ever compounded In the history of medicine
have t erforme > t the wonderful cure dally made by
the CTTICURV UEUHD1HS which ara In truth the
vreateit skill cures blood purifiers mJ humor reme
dies of modern times
CUT1CUKA the great akin cure Instantly allays
the mos lon 71114 Itching burntntr anti inn in ma
il on clears the iklu anJ scalp of crusts and scales
heals ulcers sad Sores and restores Ibo hair CUTI
CUHA COAt the greatest ot skin purifiers and beau
tUlcrs Is Indlipeneable In treating akin diseases and
baby humors It produces the whitest cert skin
and softest hands tree from pimple pt or blrm
DIHPIKK black heals chapn il tough Nd and oily
ilm skin prevented by ClTUtllA SOAP
I 1
It hIm for II 1 did get better I would haVe nl eeatnl ld
ofhm The dliii continued In Ibis manner until I wai II i
i Tentn years Id and one day In January 1571 I
I red an account In the Tribune et your CUT1CDR I
ItEUKDIRa It described my cute to ej ctly tbu I
thought as a last resort to give them a trial JW J
When I nrit applied them I was 1 raw and bleedlns IIJ t t
from scratching myself bat I went asleep almeit lav I Stl 1
mediately something I had not done for yen l I 1
effect was 10 soothing lit
The first morning after tiling it my flesh II had a II
akin only on the end of ray nose waa a pink colr I
Neat day I was kind of white and I could place my ti
hands on time sores without I being painful In b W
two weeks 1 could stand straight but not alk I wai I < 1
10 seat but my sore were nearly well I
As near as I can judge I was cured In bout 51 It1 l I
to eight weeks and up to this date ii L e 0 from Jane If I j
V >
cry 1511 l to January 1HS7 1 have not been tick la I t
any way or have had the least llins of the dlseaa
reappearing on roe I have an excellent appetltn I
hate the very best of health My limbs are straight Il i
supple amid strong 1 have been exposed to all sort ot f
weather without the least signs at theClseai yet i I I f
The only difference I find In mjsslf Is I that my skin I I It
One softer and not so liable to chapped se I other i
No doubt manypersons wilt not believe this almost n
Improbabl story many will think It grossly ei d
aggerated I dont blame them a bit If they do bat tn
satisfy themselves they can call or write torn and II
Dnd ont If what I hare written above ls true or ot t
There are many persons who can testify to the won Iii j
derful corvUjav received by your CUTICUIIA HE 1411
3732 Durborn It W J McDONALD jjtf i
CHICAGO II Jo 3 1887 I
Since writing you Jn s 1987 In regard to my euro
of eczema In January 1879 I have had no reapptar Inc
ance of the disease In any form and am at strong A4 < j
healthy as though I had never had any ooh disease 1ft
CHICAGO Ill Jan 2 1680
Remedies I 1
sh CUTICURA RRbOLVBNT the new blood pnrlCtr I
and greatest of humor cur cleanses the blood ot urn
purities and poisonous elements and thus removes tho
every species of torturing humiliating Itching 1
burning scaly and pimply diseases of the skla l
scalp and boo with loss I of hair and all humors i f i
blotches eruptions sores scales and crusts whether I
simple scrofulous or contagious when physicians I V
all other remedies fall I
tl I
Sold everywhere Ire LUTICUItA foot SOAP II f
o RPbdlVKNT Ii Prepwed by the POTTEtt I 1
W Send for How to Cure Skin Diseases 6 pages t
50 Illustrations and 10 testimonials I r
DABYS Skin aflti Scalp purified and beautified br
ulsu I U tU rICOttA bOAl1 Absolutely pure bJ I
The Apprrlto U CenUcr In the
HnntThe eI Ainenthly
AitDANT llarcli IfTlio 2 Assembly wnn
confronted this mornir4 with I most formida
ble calendar of fortyetiht bills on the order of
third readIng AIr tltco hours of hard work
a rooons was taken unt 8 P M The evening
eslon wa moved bylr Flab and agreed
to on tho understanding that the evening ses
sion ordered for tomarow night would be
rendered unnecessary l tonight work
Among the bills pnssxl today was Mr lllu
monthals providing foifroe loctute for work
Ingmnn and working unucn under tho man
agement ol tho Board oILducntlou
Mr Steins bill concerting pawnbrokers was
passed by a vote of 7014 Thoso who voted
against It were llbbs lerrlgan Ollarc and
McToruan Tho bill rctucos the rate of In
terest on BUIIIS loss thai 100 from 3 1 to 2 per
cent tho llrst six mentis and from 2 to 1 per
cent therenlter Mr Kirrlgan said he voted
against the bill because Its reductions did nut
go fur enough Ho his bill bilnglng thong
gregato annual InteroHtdown to 12 percent
Instead otto 18 I which his ono permits oenta
giving the police cbargtot all sales of unre
deemed pledges
Bills < lor btato armolos nt Geneva nnd
Mnlono wero passed
Tiioetoiilnifesilon psulted In clearing off
tho calendar of time ility Jut considerable frlc
lon was developed In tim opeiatlon John
Martin ot I < VorhloHTlllo ilurted the fuss He
was disappointed at the ivenlng session b ltig
ordered becnusu ho hint iiiiuli up a tboutie
party and paid for I box When ho found that
twentyone 01 tile monitors who olol for the
night session were not iru cnt or nut voting
ho was veiy wrath He hinted In on motions
to adjourn and lor cats of the House and
inudo the members and ictlng tipeakor Mrun
uhnu vuiy tired after u thlln
On 1 roll cull on out ot the motions to nd
our Mr Hulrcr Nei York tried tu get Ins
talk on a request to b excused from voting
Hpenkor Hustod who lad slipped buck Into
tIn chair sharply declined him out ol onlei
und when ho persisted lithe attempt to llonk
overwhelmed him with tie gavel and ordered
him into hilt cent Mr 8ilor still persisting
the Speaker called for bo HorgeautatArms
to keep order Loader Shoolmn took excep
tion to this though iidmttlng that Jlr hulnr
could journ not explain his votiuu I motion to 1 <
Ihn storm eontre thai shifted so that the
Pnciakor und Mr Shoehui wero Involved In It
Mr Hhoi > liau callnil attention to thu fact that
ho had the iulen befon him and know Imt
rights The biieuKor rennrkod that ho held
the gavel and would malitaln the rl h of limo
hair Tie Stemike r phd l his gavel the Clerk
read away nt a bill itul rjboehnn shouted
Many minutes wore hus hatnmera < l and
fihouted urtay but th < iirrslstout Shsuhim
inunaLod to cot In a irotcst ngiiinst the ua
Biimptlon by tIm Chair that ho could deliver n
monitor Into the charm of the Sori < oantat
Arms without taking tluisenso of the llouso on
whatooriiuestlou was ltvolod
hon tim ebullitlioim lad subsided tho bilk
remaining on the calendir were put through
Tho now Assembly bllli Included these
By Mr lloag Providing thai all fees receded by the
Comptroller or the city of NOT i orb be turned Into the
city treasury This Is I to reah this f l > 0ixof reve for
Site collection of the collaterallnherltance ta tbat the
omptroilert report shows berecelTsd lut year In aj
dlttou I to his I salary of lluuot
Br Mr j 1 bam JohnsonTo amend the act of 112
whtoh provider for tie orgatuutlon of societies to pre
vent horse stealing so thJtt It til 11 apply to other I crimes
cud to authorize I the employnsnt uf detecttea I bP sucn
By Vr Rller ProTlJlng for now lon dam at Troy
to Coil jjMift 1
The Senate gave up tw hours to tho consid
eration of the Appropriation bill Hlnvohea
about MUOIIIWO but hat not been footed up
Lvomi l ten Hob itfchnrdfou the Irk of tho
Flnnnco ommlttofl who knows morn than nil
tho tenntorb together about the bill ami all
other appropriation bUs for many years
could not tell I Its exact figures todur The
discussion resulted In trlklng oil 5IOO from
the Hairy Commlhslonoi lUdOu from the
Hudson lllvor Ilcniio of Refuge ItiJiixi 1 from
the Insurance Department and JiflnO from
lio niipruprlntlun for the second District Court
Judge The additions late wero LUtKn to
hj Klmlrn Hoformatory atiproprlatlon tS Ouu I
to the ut llil Atylmii b Newark und WUUO
to the illngbnmtoii Anylua
Tho bill of bomblyimn Lewis giving lO
Federal by
FodorlOovormont powir to acijulro tjlo
condemnation to a site for a Cusfa Uoupe
appraisers stores Ao InNew cyldCUT inter
oti d tho Senators Mr Elel L bad nominal
charge of tile bill and fat illS responsibility
though exCollector ji 1 i rtHon took a groat
deal of exColoctor > on Jluiself and did most
0101 talking r natort nntor objected to such
tnlklnl > rs of cocilomnatlon benntor
Ttoesah n1 lO attacked the Dill
Hoosol Erwin wanted to amend the bill so
1010 nmont
tbt it should provide tint no site south of
chambers street should bs taken He said that
ho had attended a meeting of le Importers
not I In Iotsilnmi who fatred the amendment
andaJdeilU U ought to any that if they dont
go whore the merchants want them to they
cannot lute a silo
But Senator Stewart got tin bill through tho
Committee of Ito it hole and to a third reading
without amendment
ZYE our of JAIL Noir
Fat and Chipper IIr I > Besnncd bJ Motion
bob Iupln Htnyner
Napoleon Henry S Ivrs rernined his lll
erty yesterday and will probally take
wi a con
templative nnd retrospective stroll In Wall
street today 1artner George I Stnynor who
gave bal on Saturday manage the jail de
livery for Partner Ivos At 330 1artnor Stay
ner looking oven more hike tie Into Henry
Ward Ileuchor than usual because of tho un
usual length of Ills long hair cirored the Dis
trict Attorneys office escorting I farmer
like looking elderly mnn who hid tIm air of 0
lamb being led to the slaughter Ho proved to
bo bosB prospective bondsman
Stnyner told Hall Work Anderson that ho was
ready to provide Ion with J5000 bull tho
amount llxod by Judge Marline nnd Deputy
Sheriff liurko was sent to Ludlov Street jail In
a couch for Its At 33il Ios onterel lie
ns smoothly shaved and smiling and he had
a brand new black KVENIMI Sus hut tilted
knowingly over his spectacled eyes and shad
Inl his cherubic obeok Ills black sllkJacrd
diagonal oerroat was thrown back and hN
bands were stuck deep In his troupers pookou
Lila moo which lies fattened In Ludlpw streot
jail was wrlnk od In a broud smile hwlnglng I
up to penuly bherllT Michael Whelan whom he
had often met In Ludlow street jail ho said
helm Mike whore did you get Jai hat t
there was a laugh among tie bystanders
anti then Ios added I only wanted to head
you oIl I knoll that as noon as you caught on
to my new hint you would give it to mo I
straight Then ho turned on his heel and
followed by Partner Stayner and htaynera son
wont to a private room to await tho corniletlon
of the ball bond
Ihomus iroitor Stnyners colored coach
man uho proved a very valuable wltnesH for
tho defence In Ivos and Starring trial in tho
Cteneral hosslons whloh resulted In a disagreement
ment was in attend inco unon Htuynor lx
Warden James locating entered tho olllio soon
afterward to tenow hli bond under tho now In I
dictment found against him for bribery nol he I
was asked to drop Into tlm prlato loom and
have n llttlo I I chat with I I Veil alit I he did IUo
IVCHS bondHiiion was Homy Hamilton livery
amble keeper JIlt Hodford avenue Brooklyn
who HWDTU that he owned real estatu In llrook
lyn alued at llOUUiiO and mortgaged for tU
6uo lives afterward gave ISUuU ball In the
Mierltfs oHIce In the civil suit and went out to
breathe the free air without a guardian
SIV4ItMISU triflE J111104NVS
Over Fifty or Thrill Hhot In PlTe Moisthn
tVllblu u Itudlui of Thirty Mite
SAN FEUIK Mixlco March 2ThIs coun
try bin mining region about 7OiK foot above
the sea and its grout elevation gives It a tent
porati climate though It Is within the tropics
Just now the attention of the lovtrnmont ia
being dlructed to time fupprcsslon of almost In
numerubla cafes of brigandage and wholetmle
highway robbery The ruiople Boom pnaupssod
of an almost Irioslstlblo tendency to form ban
ditti and under lhe > pielenco of engaging In a
revolution to pillage small towns mining
camps ranches arid any hoopla they find wIth
valuaDlo und who are without means of de
fence The result la that though tht > r < < If no
such penalty an capital punUhmont on this
BtattitA books lit this nation tilt men who are
proved guilty of thuHo crimes very tiromntly
Butler the extromo penalty
During this past live months within n rail us
of thirty mtilles from this place over fifty mii
have mot their death at the hands either of the
Htate or national soldiers Tbn proceduru Is
as follows Those suspected of committing
acts of brlgatidago are tnkeii before the near
cot tribunal and If found guilty are escorted
by a sijund of soldiers to Homo jail at a connld
ernbln distance from tIme place ol their arrest
under the pleu that It in necessary to take
them a good wuya off for better security At
thu buglo call at Buurlse or sunset thuy meet
their fate The report Invariably IB that they
tried to escape ant were Ihoroforii shot I ho
fact that brigands are fo numerous causs
Dearly every ono to go armed and to show
money or anything of value only with caution
Will Mr MBjcr Pay All Kxpensiesi f
Tho Armory Hoard has resolved to notify Mr
Blegmtmd T Meyer that the condemnation proceed
lni against tIe land at Park avenue and Thirty fourth
street would be discontinued i providing that be paid all
this espeeses of Iii prooedtngs Pig eyeg had odered
to pal hail lbs expau
Ditnouncixa sucortoir ZJMVD
Hstsisi MetallnB Lstit KTnlnc l a lb Jsreip
City Tatbernncle
There was n maim meeting In the Tabor
oaole Church In Jersey City last night to pro
test against ballot box frauds The church
was twothirds full There were n good ninny
women present Every political party was
represented State Treasurer John J Toffy
I and den John llamas wore among the Re
publicans present exBcnalor lludolph llabo
of Hoboken and Frederick Walbett among
thin Democrats Charles 15 Hansom rep
resented the Prohibitionists Illchard Allen
of tip Labor party tho Itev John L Scud
tier and the Itov Dr Mitchell the ministers
and Josooh II lluckrldge the election onicers
who wet to be denounced A brass band
played on the corner outside the church for
half an hour to attract the crowd Among the
men on time platform were Judge Ilnnkln 0 D
J Nolkp exMayor Collins exSenator Babe
unit Patrick Ihouvan The llov Mr Hcuddor
KiMayor Colllnswas Introduced as a stanch
Ilcpublleiin lie said thin Democratic party
was to blamo furtho frauds In Hudson county
lie said the Democrats paved the way for the
fraud ant winked at It Ho referred to time re
peal of I thin sunset law tho personal registry
law nnd HID law requiring tho I Klectlon Hoards I
to consist of two Hopubllcans and two Demo
crats Ho said frauds would continue until
respcotablo Domoirata would rise stud stamp
thorn out
lludolph Ilntio was Introduced as a stanch
Democrat Ho unconsciously gate away tile
fact that ho does not olo tho Democratlo
ticket My vote has not boon counted for
many years ho said Ho denounrod Sheriff
Duvls and notified the Htnto Legislature that
It had been juggling with ballot reform bills
too long
Major Z K 1augborn fnld the Democrats
wore not entirely responsible for tin fraud
110 was a lluptmhilhcami hlttitoil and lie knew titimt
Bomno of the tiiost constimniato scotitudrels in
thu ivorhd wore in the liupubliemiti party They
would stuff ii ballot box us sooti its a Petiuo
crat and they wnro worno than Democrats be
cause they ought to know bettor They hud
had better training Half a doou other
speeches woro madu und appropriate resolu
tions were passed
Young IVurloe Mute Vhiit Ansendn lie
Cnn for Ilia Double Wrong
A week ago 21yearold William Hnrlop
the son of thoexMnyoi of Poughkoopslo was
arrested at Ids deck tn the Importers and
Traders National Bank In Broadway and
taken to Brooklyn accused by his sweetheart
Miss Carrie Hearmuns of 122 Fifth avenue of
having aided and abetted at two criminal
operations of which she was the victim At the
same time Dr Jacob I Howe was also nr
rector and both prisoners wore placed under
heavy bonds by Police Justico nlsb Young
Hnrloe oino time ago acknowledged to tha
parents of the rating woman that ho had been
guilty of tIm offence charged and promised to
make all the amends in his power by marrying
her when ho canoe of ago Ills excuse for not
murrtlnc her at onco was that by eo doing ho
would lose a large Inheritance to which ho was
entitled when ho reached his majority The
girl and her patents agreed to watt until liar
hoe hud become Ul years old und ikitermlnod
on the prosecution only wluin lie liar emphati
cally refused to carry out his promise
I ho young man and Miss llcarmans wore
mnrrld on Monday night by tIle lluv Melviio
E lloyd the rector ot All Souls Episcopal
Chunbin toMnth street Directly suer tim
ccromony which took plnco at 5110 rector a
house t ho young people went to mom respective
homes but It Is their Intent > jn It Is said to
begin housekeeping In a vuplo of week
Both Ur Howe and oung llarloe were ar
raigned vesterdav before Justice asli and
counsel explain the new relation which HX
tstea betwe < < < > ilnrloo amid hhuo rotmitlimiiiing wit
nose jjinnot Attorney llldgwny objected to
thom wtidruvval of the complaint iiualnst Ur
Hrno and at his suggestion Mrs Ilarloo the
Mldo WIH placed under 11000 to appear as a
witness ngalunt him tom jrrow whim his ox
amination will bu hold Hurloe waited exam
ination and his case wont tu the Grand Jury
The Saloon Clone Sly IIi > Hud the Upper
llimd on Hunduy Ileretuforr
A petition wiis filed with tIm Kxcleo Hoard
several days ago by II A Kanjohansen Irosl
dent of the Hoard ot Tnibtoos of the Swedish
Evangelical Church ot Uustavus Adolphus iu
Twentysecond street near Lexington avenue
complaining of a saloon at 167 East Twenty
spconil street The license is In the name of
Itornard Utttnger but the complaint sUites
that one Itastberg Is the propilotor The
church people say that the saloon la kept open
at all hours on Sunday and that drinking
and carousing are carried on much to
their annoyance They declare that the
saloon Is a great nuisance to the church
and that men who frequent the saloon
try to form the acquaintance of f the young
women of the congregation and aro frequently
Insulting On moro than one oc < onion the
petition says persona who have become drunk
In the saloon linvo interrupted sortlcea In the
churih by walking In with their hate on mini
smoking cigars Tho petitioners say that they
have frequently called upon the proprietor and
urged him to de ° lst but be continues to keep
his saloon open ID violation of the Ixiisx law
Accompanying the petition am the nllklalt3
of four men who have druuk In the saloon ou
Sunday They are Soen teln inlst and Soen
Mattson of 301 East Thirtysixth street John
A Johnson of 157 East Ightyoeventh I street
ant 11 Anderfon of 20S Kant 110th sheet
The owner has been cited to appear boforo
itto Excise Hoard on net Monday and show
cause why his license should not be revoked
Irecldent Hlranabun Htlll Kruily to Fight
the New KjndlCHte
The dlrootors of tIm Union Ferry Com
pany held an executive session yesterday A
communication was received from the now
syndicate whloh has purchased a controlling
Interest In him etok and niter being discuaod
In n lively way for n couplo of hours It was ro
erred to n opeilul committee Home of the
dlieotors regarded the propositions contained
In the communication as fair and reasonable
and recommenced theIr adoption but Presi
dent Mranalinns suggestion that they be 10
erred to committee prevailed Mr Htiunn
ban told his fellow directors that ho did not
want to pnio the way for a victory of flue
syndicate Ho hail been through two or three
hard campaigns over the furry management
nut he didnt Intend to give in this time with
out a flLlit
Just what the syndicates propositions wore
Mr Htianahan refused to dl cloe I ho public
he aid would learn all about them t in h dim
time It t I understood that hey recommended
some radical vhiingc In time management
hupurlntendent dgRrtoii I has resigned but ho
Will not retire until June 1
An Aged Family nl Vrrmontern
SAitATooA Sliiruli 18 Addlson Walker of
this sillmge 74 years old Is one of a family of
five brothers und threeelatorsull living whose
combined ages aggregate C35 years Mr
Walker Is a veteran of the Thlitleth Now
York Volunteers anti of the Hhtrenth New
York Heavy Artillery HH sisters mire Mrs
Miranda Putnam 72 Mrs Lucy Porry 70 and
Mrs Polly Jones 67 all of Chester Vt The
brothers are Abel Walker of Iako George a
pensIoner of tlm war of 1H12 tigati 96 Cuplms I
alkT of CliarleHton N II anti Cyrun WalkiT
nf Chester Vt h In ins nueu Ill arid Iloswitld
Vnlkorof ionoe county Mlihigan nged 7d
All those urn In lair health and aro still In i
pome isay engaged In the active pursuits of
life I Tholr father camo from England In i 17n I
und nettled and married In Voriauut where all
tile children wero born
Not Onudnlu und a n Editor
Itonuoltn III March 18 During hIs en
gngumrnt hero a tow nights ago Nat Goodwin
the comedian tame before the curtain ut the
end of his pluy mind unmercifully scored J
Stanley Brown editor of the Momma ftar
Goodwin Hoech was quite bitter and created
a causation among his audilois Tim editor
next morning returned the compliment
through the columns id his paper Ho was not
sparing of his terms and Goodwin was very
roughly bundled
Thu troublo arisen from a former visit by the
comttti ian to this city during which ho ntt
entertained bi the I local oil gil of Klkb His I I
conduct on that oocntluii Is said to have
pruiuptiMl the iiBWopaper mentioned tocrltleUe
him He waited for u leturn visit to retaliate
JHnplorlnK the Tnlumnncu Country
HAS JOSE Vislii Klcu Mnrch 7CecIl
Charles leaves this capital tomorrow on a two
weeks exploring trip through the wonderful
Tulamancu country He takes amlstants and
a photographic outfit with ten dozen plates
Thu Talanmnca region forms the southern
moat part of the North American continent
Thn Clord ruction Vletorlou Over the
Man Who Kiln Or with the Mute
There wero two tickets In the fluId at the
Sea Cliff election yesterday Charles E LIar
den for President of Village Trustees headed
the ticket backed by the Loyal League or
don faction which Is composed of large prop
erty owners and people having summer resi
dences In the place Henry C Smith headed
his own ticket His faction Is known as the
Citizens or Homo Rulers It Is the fac
tion that seized the village safe When the
polls wore opened the Smith faction found that
the Cloyd faction bad rented the building In
which tho election was held W II Mershen
a member ot the Smith Board with n number
of others demanded tu bo permitted to atsUit
In conducting tile election
The demand was refund Tim probabilities
are the election would have gone no further
had It not been for tint presence of deputy
sborlffs who hud been sent to preserve order
TInt Smith men wore obliged to take up their
stand outside the table on which the ballot
boxes wore placed Almost all the summer
residents wore challenged by the Smith faction
and forced to swear In thom votes A great
many women from Now York and Brooklyn
who spend the summer there aud claim that
place as their home voted for School Trustee
When the votes were couptud It wastnund
that the Clo > d faction bad elected Itbolr
entire ticket as follows President of Village
Trustees Charles U I lladdon Tru tuo Oscar
II Doollttle Treasurer Daniel fl Banks Col
lector Janice M Oldrln Police Justice Ben
jamin ebbor School Trustees Morris
Bimonson and amps II Carpenter TIme sky
wits red with bonfires alter the result was an
nounced The new oDIriala will not take tholr
emetic until next October Inltho mean time
the war between the two governments will b
hotter than ever
Lawyer WhKneyf Aanlicnment Filed lout
Alieuel of the Judgment
Charles M Whltnoy lawyer of 120 Broad
way mndo an assignment yesterday to Whip
pie 0 Sayles giving preferences for W650 and
also proff rrlng the Commercial Bank of Brook
lyn and W O t Hnylos for endorsements Mr
Whitney has been practising law iu this city
for oxer twenty years He formerly operated
In real iBtato but the panle of 1R71 wl > ed out
his lortuno dollclcncy judgments for over
liiootii wero entered against him and It Is
sushi bo went thmugh bankruptcy Assignee
hnyloH said yesterday that the assignment of
Jlr hitno wuscuuod by the pressureot the
Hamilton Bank of Brooklyn on a note for lena
than fr > oi > The bmk was bouml to get In a
judgment nboad and to protect other creditors
the assignment ua made Tnero was a lively
race for the County Clerks ofllou but the ui
ilgmmint was tiled jut three minutes ahead of
the judgment Mr Naylas oould not toll how
much Mr Whitney owed but he expected that
no would bo able to work out all right
Hontuern on the Move
AitKANflAH CITY Knn llnrch 18 Yceter
day a good many boomers wont south but the
news came this morning from rolinulu sources
that tin cavalry were actually on the way and
would surely eject them and now they are
stopping between here und tint line to nwalt
development At leant tnothlrdx of those
who went In from this point hat couce utut but
some still I rumnln Mist of lImos remaining
arc along Black Hoar Chlckuikla Chlilacoo
and other crooks and tint Arkanbiia lllvei Thn
prairie Is almost dPhirtod Joine city they will
may until forced out and then will go In again
this first opportunity
Killed In H Nchonlbnuiin
WhrrzlNu V Vn Miirrh Is 1 Nmvg has
bean received of n murder In a clioolliouES In
Clay county Perry GilT a 11yoarold boy
quarrelled with his teacher Morgan Iose and
was vipollud In ti o nfieruoi Ci i < ff with his
father and two c miiinlonK returned and as
Baultod Hose lomu < 0T knocked Hose down
with n i lob The toacher gut up threw u knit
and stabbed inlT to tilts lioirt A geiiMiul fight
folloneil in which both llubu HIM ho elder
ion wiro torlously Injured lluno will prob
ably duo
iolnic lei Pies the Mien lUcy Worship
KANSAS tlrv March ISA dolfcatlon of
HchwDlnfurthlnns the followers of George
ricjiwolnfurth the Second Christ loft this city
toii > lor llockird III to attend thin I mineral
Convention tIme b > hovers to bn held In that
city Tho doeguti noven In numbei will re
turn with HbwuinfurthH bluHslngx ifhlnh ban
been thii Indu ement held out to those who will
attend the convention
IlrnoaucInK Joke New 1oelnl Card
CIIAJIMMTOV Mnrcli 18Tho now Vana
maker postal card has reached hero and has
produced a perfect storm ol abuse The com
plaint come from every section of the State
that the contents ol the cad cant b read
owlni to tli spreading ol tft hilt
An Open Grave In a Dream tVetrna a Koanc i
WATERBUHY Conn March l8At the
recent masquerade boll ot the Turn Venom la i
this city which occurred less than a month
ago Miss LlKlo OConnor then nn attractive
and pretty employee of the Waterbury Manu
lecturing Company was the belle Upon re
tiring after the ball she had a peculiar dream
In which she saw at her feet an open gray V
on tho bottom of which was a light and In the < i
distance approaching tho grave was a pro I
cession of mourners some of whom carried
the remains of a young aud beautiful girl robed
In white Friends of the young woman at tho
factory Interpreted flue dream to be a sure Itt
sign of marriage anti happiness for Lizzie but I
Miss Oc onnor would not be consoled br I S
their reading of her fortune and rapidly tltrl
gave herself up to sorrow and silence il
hile still In perfect health she selected
four of her gentlemen Irlonds as pallbearers 5
and picked out the robe which she was to bo
laid out In after death The same day she c >
made these arrangements she was taken with 1 < MrI
a very severe colij which resulted in pneumo tfT
nia and her death lust Friday Saturday the <
young min whom she had selected to bo her rr
bearers carried her body to liii last resting j l
place und many of her Bbopmntes went with f
flue funeral to Now Haven which was the O
young womans former home V
Hnlnrle lIaised In the Normal SchooL
The Board of Trustees of the Normal College
and the Hoard of Trustees the College of the City of I
New York alto are Identified with tie memhersof the
Board of Education met erterday at MB llraud street
Resolutions were adopted railing the salaries of Mlu
Jane W McHhtnney first astlntant In the training dec
partment from Slooo to 105 of fannla Sanford
from tlM to J77 of Jennie V I Kirby frem W > tofrio
and of Margaret Krangun from 1715 to 740 anitof
Laura Frleni Uelir B Darla Krederlca Constantine
Marguerite Merrlnmon and Emily J Tenant from
l8Si to tlNU Tie Increase will uke effect on April I
Jt was alsj decided that at the end of the second year
of faithtul service the teachers In mite training depart
ment shall roceive tfi addition lalur each year
Hie Board of Trusteen ut the College of the City oj I
New York TOII to retain the services ur Charles r
Howe and Llvlngmon hello er who have been em
proved an teiniiri > ry inrtructors They also decldeil
titat Site Initial kliry or an Instructor i > hll he i O and
that If aldltiotial per year klikll b paid each two
years thereafter until at the end ot twelve ynara tOOO 1
shall be reached which shall be the maxluuta
Opprraelon Vniler Color rOffice
Mrs Minna Samuels of 177 Stanton street tl
caused the arrent of two uiys upon the iharge of steal It l
Ing her purse In until street In September last She
avers that Iolceman Jlejer of the Klilrldge street
station told her that If she would male her teltlDtoiijr
favoruule n > the lyi sits would get bark her money
Sot She leitllledaialnit them uit I they were accnllted
Atleroard sits prerrrred a flarga heforn the Iollce I
I pmmlstlinrrs airalmt Mefer lit II wag dlsmUsed
Theresfier she 5 iv Meter prr eupd her and she had
him muriel miti O i t I loot uinhesais at Hie Instance
q h > 1 ever her Un nurd loiepi t Su imelricr ami loots Ii I
futer a helper of Ilty Marehal Aull altempted to
elect her from her rooms M llnoiit M dl pots ss warrant
tliounh prrlenillinr tti list 5 OitO She complained in tie I
rand Jury and lsotsr i and l > Lhiield r were Jointly
Inillcled for itf prenrlon under the clor of ofltce
They it ere put on trial yesterday Iu the General
Bessloua 1 I lie trial was not emoted
Swindled New York IVnll Merchant I
The gang of fcwlndlers headed by John Dar
who was captured in Lorkport Ly Pepoty United State
MarItal lenj > mln Iomerojr tecured from New York
fruit merchants hy the u > euf forged recommendation
alioutfli > ii > The swiniilers ii ere will provided with
clii eritely seerst sit llllhe > ds and by the use of their
furred rrrnmiiien nitons umiiiurfi tu secure trust for
Irue amount of fruit jiiiI produce which they sold at
prices for tetiw mite in > rkei
The head of the wane uiohn Par who negotiated tnt
sale under several lianei lie wai known > e T J Day
Jrank Muwnn Jone 1 io Wl lUin lhallraan Ilnt
Mere Uilim iraT nd inlm lirlm kley lie has kept
hlmielr pretlrwell hldilen In Punaila for some time lie
tnde a ci nieilou whlrii Implicates mitts other men
The Him if Alsxmlrr drives l < irobauly the targut
loser Iheir conii uuieuu auiuunt to about 9600
fandltlnn of New Jersey Hekool
F 0 f batman the Stab School Superfn
lenjeuiof Sew Jerie hai completed hts annual re
port and U Is In the land of he I printer The report
shtiwo thai lie leit I clioos In tue male are ID Buss
county ciii I the poorest In rape May There are IMl
srhoul hulldiino in the nine o not altogether tKaro
UiU There lire IJ4 I lll I cirll mid III h I I > e a non prlvat
s < hooli T lOtS are nc 01 i sehni rluldroii tetween the
ages of 5 and 17 sOil i 441 nre enrolled nn this school
IIII All tie it < hool inietlier hav a sealloe capacity
of onlvilin I I sit Colt 4iu tit to nislntam the
schools set year S Inch is si I I in lo each upll Ther
are ftutie aid ili7 reinitle lefecher The ateruz
salary paid the males Is I dii i > Jaiuouth and Us female
4475 a month
Camphor Doulilrs In Price
For thrifty housekeepers who are acous
tomsd to put up their furs themselves at the approach
of warm weather there Is a surprse In store this sprlnc
The mutt popular remedy aKuiiist lie rasges of he
moth Is rsmphor and a short crop of crude camphor on
the oihsr side or th world has sent the price up iu
miserly douhle aliaS it was a > cam are In lctoter last
thei wholesale price wa at cents a pound In New lmri
and It went up by lump to < u 4 4S n and In Kebru
cry last tne price went to M Last week It lumied ii >
SJ54 eais a posed wituletali seni the end Is set yes
the whsehsule dzagglstsuy
5 1

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