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Moon KAKTKKH juuHnr aottto XHTO
1 nLACK IIILIS k73lr
tw Hexltaa Mlior 1 Fear mm Ontfcr kk f
noatllo TdtNw Rtrlk of later
sit In Colorado DS > HB J I H ArUoaa
Railroad DaTlorlnB SOr Hta
DRADWOOD 8 I D March 12Tho Golden
Reward Company are driving I tunnel 160 feot
They have already crossed thrno veins and
bav nlreay croeee tbrl nlns arc
j driving westward t croon a fourth Tho Cain
met hne I nno bodr ot developed When
the Iron Hill bolt I finished the ore will betaken
taken out and shipped to tho Iron HI1L The
Calumet will take out a 14foot face by I fet
thick from one side of the Teln Tho ore from
thin milo and from tho Iron Hill can be treated
Tory successfully together by tho prritlo proc
ess Mr IJamberger tho metallurglet of the I
Iron Kill hns brought the prritlo process to a i
high degree of perfection In the treatment of
those ores
Adjoining Ihoso two properties li I the Wel
come group owned by New York men These
claims lay on the Mdo of Terras Peak and
there li I no property In that neighborhood In
an undeveloped state with bettor Indentions I
than the Welcome There Is no doubt that tho
panio veins exist on their ground ns on the
Hnrdscrnbbte the Harmony Tornado and
Double Standard Tho company have spent I
good deal of money In development but this Ii I
J nothing unupunl In the history of I mine
r and mnny of the beet mines In that locality
bnvo required n considerable outlay both of
time and money before they began to par
The Harmony struck a new body ot ore re
cently Tho ore body Is email but It In be
lle od that It will open out Into a larger vein
Tho Harmony han been chipping oro from
some reins along tho same tunnel to Omaha
and Aurora 111 I for a your or more
The feasibility of erecting Bmolters In Dead
wood of sufllolent capacity t compote with
Omaha and Iionvor pmoltors la I being consider
ably discussed anti there are many reasons to I
believe tilt Demluood will havo some big I
smelters before lone
An Knetern syndicate through their agent
3 K 1 Miller of thin city are putting a large
amount of money In mining property and they
arc also billing Deadwood roal estate It Is
safe to say that during tho last six months
they hun Invested tWOtHM I In nrlous kinds of
prnpoity hero They hall honded all the city
proporlv they could nnd purchased n good deal
outright They nro picking up tho best mining
claims owned by the miners In Bald Mountain
and lluby Basin getting them nil the way from
Just what these have
I 13000 to 110000 Jlst people
In view Is hard to tell but It Is supposed that
they are on the Inside and know what thoy cro
about Homo think the Burlington and Mis
souri Railroad Is behind the scheme while
others believe tho Northwestern Railroad Is I In
terested I Is generally conceded that It
mean the erection of I number of smelters
and the feeling growing thitt Deadwood will
eoon bo as prosperous with her big smelters a
Denver or Omaha
The Deadwood Central Railroad Is extending
Its lines up to the Bald Mountain district and
has a large force of men at work on Its sur
veys The property along Ite line through the
olty Is I being condemned whore owners refuse
to sell at a roaxonablo price and It Is judged
from that that Ibo company means business
A largo number of placer claims were lo
cated In Galena recently by a company that
Intends to thoroughly develop tho same The
ground has been worked more or less since tho
camp frt started but In a rather goasyou
please manner The new owners will go to
work APmlta systematically as eon a the weather
IDAHO CITY March H From every section
of the Wood River country come flattering re
ports of the mines Much Interest has been
created there of late by tho dKovery of rich
cold mines The most remarkable of these
developments Is In the Crtrsus mine near
Halley The mine Is In the northeastern ex
tremity of hits famous Camas sold belt and Is I
owed and operated by n < resident ot Ketchum
who has spent n largo sum of money In Its de
velopment The > em was lately uit by along
tunnel run In laSD and directly ahead having
been extended only lorty feet further they
have ell wo und one hii I leo wide that
yields orts worth 75 per ton In gold and a
Jew ounces silver 1iihing the tunnel ahead
two other volus wore cut The whole lodge Is
about twenty feet wide Another large body
of galena ore has been found in be North Btnr
on the ast fork of Voodltler This mine wbluli
belong to tie Philadelphia and iiinho Com
pnny has been I constant producer for six or
eeven years The Dnltlmoro near Ketchum
althnugn uot working at present IP held ut
the enormous price of < jUOuuO
On Veer Creek near Halley the Butter Cup
War Inno Hnow Fly and other claims are
looking much better tlmu lust year They nro
In the vicinity of tho lied Cluud which lately
sold for IJIMJOII Taken altogether tho mines
of Wood 1Lier are In a much butter condition
for production now than they were lost year
and ery the large output of gold silver nut lead will be
John rimrrls and U 1 Llnvllle expect to
have It tons of rock out of the now Jjird by
the flnt of liar I will mill Irom S1510 1SO
to the ton In free cold
A Iettr from llt < George Taylor says he
will be how by April 1 to resume work on tho
Idaho bedrock mime This Is I ono of the larg
est undertakings In Idaho and will employ a
large number nl men th < tear
James Constable unit Joseph Travis are still
extracting ory rIch ira from their gold mine
on Willow Creek The vein la largo and tracea
ble for a long distance
An Immense body of galena ore has been dis
covered In the Idnhonu mine lour I miles west
of hnlloy for many ypuis that wa I great
ore producer but failed about two years nlo
The OW > discovery li nt the depth nt 0 feet
and It Is Raid that the ote now In sight Is worth
nt nAP least J 200000 It is soon to be worked with
The placer ground of George Wise A Co at
Deadwood Bnsln fifty miles north of this
Dle was sold to I Massachusetts man for
mm nifMisns IN cuinuAHUA
SILVEU CITY N SI March 18 There Is con
siderable uneasiness among miners here on
nccount 011 threatened outbreak 01 hostile In
dians from tho Mm Carlos reservation Homo
minor outbreaks have already occurred and
Irom the restlessness which the Indians have
maulfostod for weeks n general raid Is feared
bitch 1 raid would nlteot the larger camps but
little except perhaps those In the Mogollon
dlntrlct I i which are but a few miles from olf
reservation and iu n section of country where
the Indians on former raids have usually made
tnelr headquarters In the smaller
tlelr lellllulrlpr hmalor camps
mining would bu I hazardous undertaking
I anti prospecting would bn out of the guuntlon
Hines the surrender of Oeronlmo In beptem
tier 18iii minors In New Mexico and Arizona
I liavn thiitiuht but little about Indians until
within the pnst two or three weeks A raid at
this time would lesult In Incalculable Injury to
the mining interests of Lie Nmthuest In re
tilcilng reduction and retarding develop
ment In districts which have hut just fairly re
covered trim > the lust Indian outbreak r
All the ret orts from thu Sierra Mndrc Moun
Bins In 1 Mexico are very favorable and In
Cieised shiprneniB of high grade oie from
Northern Chihuahua go to show that very rich
mileR exist In the Hlerrn Madres as has ul
was Ion asserted by prospectors I Is to the
Interest minors operating miles no romotu
Irom rallp ad transportation to sort their oro
very cnrefuilv but theio urn very few mines
on thIs lilei 01 the line from which silver ore
can be picked that will run moro than tlOOOt
per ton Wlb tho exception of the mines In
the Black < linwk Fleming nnd Lake valley
districts Hero I are probably not half dozen
mines In Now Mexico from which any conoid
Table amount of ore of such high grade could
bn obtained > et shipments of me from North
ern Chihuahua which run moro than 1100
per ton ale not uncommon
Ir IK I reported from the Hllver Creek district
that several new mills will bo put up there this
season Charges for milling ores there have
always been high but the owners of mines
were obliged to pay whatever price was naked
Within a year past nearly all of the valuable
mines of thin district have passed Into the
hands of companies with plenty of canltnlto
build mills of their own When these new
mills are completed there will be a great In
crease In the output of the buyer Creek mines
The tunnel In the Ironclad mine a Kingston
entered a subterranean cavern of unknown
extent at a distance of about 825 feet from Its
mouth A strong current of air came Into the
tunnel a soon as an opening was made Into
the cavern This prove that a opening ex
tends cavern t the surface from some portion of the
Ibo mining outlook at Kingston it excellent
The leading mines are producing regularly
and rich strikes have been reported more fro I
quentlvot late than has been the case since
the omstnck boom which made Kingston for
a time tbu Iholleft camp In the southwest
DrNVEB March 10Tho recent discovery
the Hily r bier continues to attract attention
The leiseea have begun the work of exploring
ttelr ore bodies and are meeting with eaU
meetn wul
factory remit but It 10 I too soon yet to I
antur a opinion ii to th vales of the find
Al Gut OBO iuuk t o mltnl a tot thick I
that averaged over 1000 onncM per ton and
the shaft bow several feet of ore that Indi
cated an average above 100 ounce low
thIs wilt hold ont wit further denoo1oo II
the question yet to b attld Tbo lessees
upon going through the ground of the Camp
Din find that they haT 6000 tons ol 80
ounce ore In sight which they can ship at a
profit while the new ore bodies tnnt are being
opened run much higher The last settled
for went 40 ounces and some has run as high
as 0 ounces The prospect Is so flattering
that a branch tram will be built to connect
with the public tramway
ths North Btar outh nf tho Silver Del 18 I
opening up verr rapidly Tho ore shipped from
tile property runs from forty to sixty ounces
It Is being taken from both levels south of the
shartland a most valuable ore chute appears to
Me been opened there
Tho Aspen mine output so far for March
has maintained the February average of from
185 to IhO tons per day the ore Is I of bettor
grade than that shipped last month and the
management nntMpaten that the March dll
t n < will reach tho highwater mark about
The output for Fobrnnrr of 131R tons dally
nt LoAdvllle by fr exceeded the mot tmgulno
expectations viltli tho opening of spring
prospects look still brighter us mnnv mines
and looses which hno lain kiln during thin
winter months will now bc l worked lo ira
ducttnns of the smelters will ulo bo Increased
this month ns the Elgin smelter which hud
been shut down lor repair IH now running
full force
HoportB from tho recent strike In the Kmm
tor are very encouraging ns to tho oro both In
quantity Rod finality A tunnel will bo run lu
a n point about 4x1 feet below tim mouth of
tho present Incline In older to cut tho oro
dine ohuto at noarly tho fame depth below the In
The wotk of taking out oro from tlio new
strlkti male In the Inesplnn property bus been
commenced nnd Is proving tho strike to bn
of Olin moro Importance thnn watt nt llrnt sill
posed Tim 1 vein has widened considerably I
aid tho ore Improve grpnly In titiiilltv us
well us In Quantity Then In I a pny htrenk of I I
three loet which ntornsD twenty ounces In
silver por ton This lady of mineral Is about
450 feet from the hesplun I bitft and Is I found
at a depth of 601 feet
Thn prospecting fet the Tltrhugh Is I being
rairled on thoruuh the workings of tho Oiio
Branch antI the lessees lina trout hopes of
llndlng the ore chUte ol the Ollvo Ilrnnch tu
the Mtliiiih fllnitt I
A nice streak of tnlrgrnde lend cnrbonntes
hn been found In the breast of tho south drift
In the new workings the Ore City property
The silver valuo of thn oro encountered Is very
good while the lew even at tho Irosent
development lone over 00 per oot
The lessees of tho Virginia Hugar Ioaf
feel very jubilant over their prospects Homo
who silver is now being met with hut tho gen
eral character of tie ore Is sulphiirotp As
soon ns tho now shaft reaches a depth ot 215
vein feet the drift will bo ruu both wu > 8 on thu
A tonstamp mill Is t be erected nt the Fren
Trade and Protection lodes near the head of
Fall llv 01
In doing the assessment work on tho Ameri
can lauio at Boulder the workmen struck
some free milling gold that ran lltleen ounces
per ton Ihoy are now driving a tunnel on tho
vein and hmo to develop a largo body of oro
The Geyser mine shaft at Sliver Cliff will bo
Bunk to CU5 fet Drifting will commence from
O while tho drift will be used OH a tamp
The companys GOO by lMMi feet of ground wIll
then be thoroughly explored from end t end
and side to side If necessary
Mines In ant around Ourny are In a flourish
Ishlnu condition A new strike In the Calliope
occurred In the porphyry dike the ore show
Ing native gold In urge quantities Hereto
loin thl ore has gone over the dump but a
close Inspection has shown It to b the rich
est the mine bus yet produced Eluhteun
Inches of medium grade ore him also been un
covered In the Noith Cnlllopo und Is being
stored until the road Is passable
TUCSON March l5The Bat mine five miles
from Tucson has again hen hopes of great
things Jat week the ledge which wAs lost
nearly n year ago wns found and at prcent
writing shows up big borne of the rook assays
1200 to the ton and the vein Is about lIve
Inches thick It Is to be hoped that It will
Morn than the usual amount of Interest is
being taken In the minus In hotiora Mexico
From 1 I earson of the Bunnrn Itnllroncl It Is
learned that the enterprise now under vtay
near Imures by the liuurcs Mining Company
of which James nrley l is manager will boot
much greater lonellt to that port of tjnnorn I
than most people think He says the works
will bo first class In every particular and
the capacity will be large U is tho I
intention of the company t do custom I
work thus ailing tho working of the I
mines close at hand who now havo no facilities
for handling thou Inwgrndo ores of which
there U I a large quantity
There are a large number of mines along the
Sonora Hailrond which produce big quantities
of oro but not of a class to warrant them in
shipping It Into the United Status for treatment
I g gJgoo
mont The railroad company propose to re
duce freights on tbe e kinds of oro so as to In
duce the owners to develop their protwrties
The mines near Carbo alone can produce a
large amount of this ore and It Is the deslrn of
the railroad company to make the rate front
there sny flu or fa2 The mines which pro
duce oen very low grade of ore will theroloro
be able to ship It and make a profit
From the Tip Top region oreisbelngshlpped
that yields nil the way from f3U to I6LKI per
ton and upward About fifty miners are work
Ing there and ship their ore to Denv er Pueblo
and other places for reduction Ore that
yields SHH per Ion Is considered low grade tho
lowest that cnn be handled but there is nn
abundance of oro that will stand shipping with
the most satisfactory result Uero thero
smelting facilities In this valley 113 ore could
bo mined and worked und when railroad
facilities are extended to that region there will
tin hundreds of millions of tons of tfl 1 and
S20 ore to be worked as well on almost Inex
haustible ouantlties of higher grade oro The
oies of this district are dllllcult to work
The Blue Nose mine In tho llarshaw district
hns changed Its name to the Home Again This
mine was located by Mr Mc nry ten years ago
who worked it for some time with fair success
after which I I passed Into thu hands of the Bon
son smelter Company Four mars ago Morgan
Davis and W C rowers secured I ease on thn
mine In less titan a year they took out and
sold llioiii wortli of ore which loft a not
profit to thin owners of I little over fAOun
after which on account of quarrels among tho
lessees and owners work was suspended but
since that a large amount of oro has been
taken out and tho mine Is still producing Tlm
ore body appears to tie an Immense chute or
chimney II ore the chimney being 20 by 3D
feet at the surface and nt I depth of 150 feet It
Is 120 by 200 let The entire chimney la filled
with mineralbearing rock which with ordi
nary band sorting yIelds from 14ii to 400
ounces of silver and from 29 to 40 per cent
lead The silver Is native and sulphuret and
is very desirable ore
Anial Got to Robert DODDer Farm
It will b remembered that when Robert
Bonner went to California last fall
Dnner t Cailoria fal principally
to e his latest valuable purchase Sunot ho
secured a son of Electioneer to place at tho
bead of hIs stud In Ansol nboy stallion out of
the thoroughbred mare Annette by Lexington
When the Block consigned to the Kolo sale
was shipped from lao Alto Attest was brought
along Ho was sent to J 8 Fergusons stable
on Fiftythird street Friday night nnd will be
transferred to Mr Banners farm at Tarry town
today Here ho will bo used for public
service nml a number of maros are
already booked to him nt tjnu each
Ansel has a record of 220 made at Inn Fran
cisco in 1HS7 In lila Fevonyenrold form nml
IK I a bolo of penelng appearance with that
elegance of finish which the thoroughbred
cross IH I sure to Impart Ho his been used for
breeding at tIm farm and three ohis usel Iet will
be sold here tills week Bonator Ptnnford was
not nnxlous to sell him nol hits since ox
resoAII a doubt us to the advisability of part
Eased n stallion that io successfully em
bodies hula favorite breeding bob > > y of mntlng
trotting sires with mares of running Mood
trottli has been ore discussion regarding
Ansels temper which arose from his habit of
rushing to Ibo door of bin stall when any onu
approached IL This as ono of the rooD
from the fnrm put it Is only n bluff nnd
there is nothing really vicious nbout the horse
Mr Bnnner paid Sl 051 for Ansel and If ho
ware put up for silo hero lie would probably
fetch 1 considerable ndvnncn on that llgure cs
speed and breeding now go In tho market
Teat the Fortune tVllliln HU Grasp
PANAMA March 15At thin last drawing
ol the Panama Canal Lottery ono of the prlros
of 100000 francs wnn drawn by thn number ol a
ticket hold by a poor man living on tho Isthmus
Unfortunately however onlnir tn poverty and
distrust bo neglected to pay tho remaining In
stallment duo on his ticket and consequently
forfeited the luck that came to him
For the Tennis Canamloitsblp
BOSTON March 28 Thomas Faults arrange
meatS for his trip to Europe ar competed I lias I no
ar that hU articles will not be scripted by Saunders
IIUdslnlwlyMilled ha Mrs that I hall lou
Boston for iw Tork on Friday April I and shall leave l
on the steamship Umbrla for Llrsrpool on Saturday
10 one but Mr risk Warren will accompany roe and
during my lay abroad I shall play with him a great
mlI snail return borne about thi last r week In I June
aDd at one go to the Newport Casino tor the sum
mer to return In lie full tn the Uoston Athletic
Association If haundersuoes not win tie champion
sblp I from ma this I time I nnhdy on the other sitle ol rl the I
Atlantic Mil while I live for never attain shall I re
to 1Dlo Ihe other rid I In p17 > a rliauii oniltip match 14Ir I
I retain my title tlil I < limit Upon arriving In FHKHIIJ I
hall net down to hard training atil bal play In all th
h1 ioLsd courts on the Otlte lids
Po you W IO to meet Kerr for the professional
lawn unnlchamplooship white abroad I
As lol I cannot say res to thai uueslton was rt
tlta prompt reply Ibovia I allure you I deilr to
mssi ay conqueror one won lbs match with him
OOIQorr 10
win ait be arraajd UU I reach the other side U at alit
u4 wlia Ft Saesutrt moil be pUjd u TsrH MOB alur my coo t u > U maHtt
A rvaious WAn TBAT itAoao ABOCHD
POOl zjma JOBS omm
Rh I the Oalr B OMH Cbthelle T 1ier In
th Hckoo1i and the rartr that AppelBUd
her Was Rcbakcd br n TeU aflTA to 0
A religions war has boon convulsing Dock
ertown N J The strife apparently had a political
litical origin but owing to nn appeal to secta
rian prejudices It soon assumed a religious
complexion Tho ostensible if not the real
origin was tho appointment of Miss Mary
Dunn a Roman Catholic as a teacher In the
public school MilS Dunn Is nslslor Michael I
and Charles B Dunn young lawyers of rater
son who despite their being humanists are
graduates of Presbyterian 1rlncoton A sister
of Miss Dunn IK a teacher In the public school
of Newton Until she accepted her appoint
ment to the Dcckorlown school Miss Mary
Dunn taiiclit with acceptance In the school In
the Pond district four miles from iJeckertown
Her Dcckertown appointment cnmo about
because a teacher who hnd got tho place throw
It up ut tho last moment to tako a bettor place
In Newton The tiusteos finding thomfelvos
with a lonchornhlti vacant nt tho very begin
ning of tho school year offered the place to
Miss Dunn who was anxious to get to Decker
town n It Is I on a railway and she could visit
her homo In Norton moro easily The trustees
pay thor did not know what Miss Dunns 10
llclon was when they appointed her Thoy
wore solely Influenced by her oimtatlun as ono
of the bOlt teachers In tho county and tho
recommendation of Luther Hill tho County
School Huporlntonilent who especially recom
mended her ns n most odlclont Instructor Mr
111 Is a 1rotestant Ho nn tbo three trustees
Charles E I Htlcknoy Ixnils H Docker and
Ilmrlcs l Wilson The other two teachers In
tho school being Presbyterians and the prin
cipal who Is a man being also a Protestant I
they did not consider on learning or Nits
Dunns religion that tho Introduction of a sin
gle Roman Catholic would do harm or oxen bo
objected to The fact perhaps that the was
I protege 1ranelsJ Svsayze a membor 01
tho Republican Stale Committee also Influ
enced them
Miss Dunn had taught In the Dockcrvllle
school but a few days when the little son of
I Amnrlu Wolfe a stonecutter tolJ her that ho
wnhnt goIng to school nm moro to an Irish
tencher jut accordingly ho bIt school
After hi had staved nny Irom tnn school for
I some time his father IWIY him admitted to one
I of the other departments About titus eitnio
time the Kov AluMindnr MoA ihorborn the
I pastor of tho Ireibttprlan church uf Ui cl > er
town began making attacks on Honinnl In
his pulpit lie talked of ttio Man of blu mum
I log presumably tho lot a trying to destroy
the public hchnols and occnelonnlly made
inure pointed rufcrnncu of similar nature
Mica Uunn wnntuil to resIgn when the Wolfo
boy emitted the echool but the trustees
wiitildn t let hor hhu wan made teacher In
October Tho spirit which caused S ohio to
withdraw his on from thu school knit him
Hecnnillng Mr Thorborns pulpit I utterances
and their combined cllort added to the ollorts
ol flinllnr sectarians resulted in < the growth of
asttoug No1opory sontluicnt In the commu
nity in the Intemil of fix months which Ins
elapsed Although no fault could bo tound
with thu way Miss Dunn performed her duties
nnd In nothing that She did were 1oplBh pro
clhltica especially botraied reports that a
nrfAut pna unnii Tti nut tliH Hillni 1 tnr t rlrt tl
luted It was also said that the wan to be made
principal of course In the Inteioots of Human
Intn Whcn stio appeared In the stients she
was pointed out ns thu Irish teacher and
Biibjectodto similar atnoyancea
Such being the ftato ot ailairs when Mr Wil
sons term KB ccluol trustee exiired Miss
Dunnn appointment Wits Urged Ut I reason
his reMoctlon although tho real
against rlocton alhollh rea
son was n political anti not a religious one Mr
Wilson Ist brotherinlaw of J J htantoim one
of the proprietors of the fmtef Coinfi jnitr
imulrnt School Trustee Decker being the
other Editor Stauton Is the Republican boss
of Dockertonn and thu urroundlng region
and as such has lioon so successful 1 In 1 securing
lilt pumiriu Ulnu UUI UHIIU uiai uu nun
arouxud much jealousy among his wn party
nhaocLile 1 ho appointment if f his brother as
Iostmusterof linckortown In May canted us
pedal Ill feeling and tho Stautons icing I
Catholic the religious element then became I
conspicuous factor of the opposition to thorn
Thus public feeling was ripe for using the ap
pointment of a Catholic teacher ns I club t
down the boas with and his
Republican 01 oppo
nents eagerly selrod the opportunity to tirlko
at film mar MIB Dunns shoulders
So strong was this opposition deemed by
Editor MantonB party that nil inteiftlon of
supporting Mlson ns his own successor wits
abandoned and It was determine I to support
llllnm M t Meeker a jowollor who wan las I
closely Identified with the editor instead Tho
opposition resolved 10 support Jra llardou
the station master for no hotter reason appar
ently than because ho was at lotirerlm
with Stanton over a personal matter Their
dlfllculty arose from his practice of Iharuing
1 cents for delivery of the messages which ar
rived at the telegraph o ill en In the station
which Is the only ouo In the village In un
eventually successful effort to break up this
practice Editor Wanton Is slid to have written
letters tr the railway authorities calling for
Mr Hardons removal There Is good reason
to bellevo that this Is not the caie but Mr
Harden anil his friends nro convinced that It
la l Another ground for the selectIon of Mr
Harden as nn opponent to the Mnnon until
ditto Is I Buppoxcd to bo his connection with the
Methoillht Church By nominating him the
1resbytorlans who took the load In appealing
to sectarian prejudices hoped to gut the sup
port of the Methodists
As the tlmu of election which took place last
Tuesday night drew near tho Christian En
donor 13oltty n lio b > ierlan missionary or
ganisation endeavored mainly to iliulp on tho
war Members 01 the society not only uf ed nil
tho usual electioneering methods to convert
their fellow townsmen to their way of think
ing but they are bald radically to bIo
threatened boycott tho who did not prom
ise to vote for their candidate At any rate
such expressions as Ill ruin you Ill
drive you out nt town ore attributed to some
or Mr llardonV more roalouB supporters On
Tuesday women as well as men went nut
electioneering und they did It so thoroughly
that before the election began that night the
result was discounted and when the Harden I
party wont to tho schoolhouse In tho evening
to of vote success for its candidate it was already assured I
Never before was such n crowdoa school
meeting held In Deckertown This was due to
the presence of tho woman who for the first
time availed themselves of tho rluht which has
belonged lo thorn for huvnnil IOUIB to vote for
n school trustee In I spltu of tbo ill fooling
honevor the meeting was orderly until ito
close After thu candidates had boon put In
nomination the voting began a proceeding
which occupied moro than two houiH 8 It In
volved rotrltttorlnu time name of each voter in
addition to recording hut vote The vote nt
theond tood Harden 174 Meeker 112 VUion
this result discounted im It had boon wan nn
nounexd a mighty shout of JOY shook thin
lioolhoui > anti yells of No Irish nesd
apply and similar slogans rent the
air as tho crowd dispersed Thosn cries
resounded through tho Hlreets lung alter
tho mooting was over anti ono dellehtid anti
Meeker man cut > o drunk with joy that Ito got
Into I tight nnd WUH thrashed After thn oleo
ton the women fortynmn In numbir who
lind voted it I m oat to I uoinaii for Mr Harden
wnro told thoy would bo wanted again next
year when tho term of anothnr trustee will ex
tr and there uus something said about
forcing Mr Decker antI Mr Htlckney to resign
jut It came to nothing Neither Mr lliirUen
nor Mr Meeker took am peronnl Dirt In their
reyrttitiivo nDuR I The lorlur refused yes
Irdar to talk about his triumph Nolmmo
Hutu ellect will result Irom It Mr Htlcknay
Hiilil yesterday that Miss Dunn would un
doubtedly bu allowed In snrvo out her term
which will I expire In Juno I ho continues to
tnkn this view she will for Mr Decker Is natu
rally moro than willing to have her rernnlii
AH fur ns the IHSUO on whli h the election was
won Is I concerned the victory Is I I hnnon ono
but It is iionotho less ntrlumiih otur Editor
hMiiton I neuinH likely hnvvnvur that hail
Miss Dunn boon n Protestant and consequent
ly religious element hail entered tho
no rolllous OIOIOlt hl1 oliored con
Isl l hn would hnvn crmn out t on top AH I I t was
im 1 hud I number of 1rnteatunt supporters
J hoI is I linrdly n bakers doon of < mt itol Ics lu
Deckertown so that nnnrly llfty Iroumtnnts
must hitvn voted lor his nominee I Is under
stood that many iiilH < < npallanH took sides with
time CnihollcH and voted 101 Mr Meeker
Jtibllc feeling In Deckertown hits ralmuil
down since the election und things am moro
months linrmonlouB tlmu they hate been fur nix
A PtepuhIp Ashore
FKDKAXPINA Fla March 23The Norwegla
BtanSD Cpt ilelkkalsen from Ut Anfustln la Fer
nandlne to complete cargo If l ashore about a rails and a
half south of Ternandlna bar A heavy tea I runnIng
Tb vessel lo U fast filing I up and will probably be a total
liiss Thcrwwa taken sabers tiytb pilot atT
I EL AufUsllD 1 had taken for Rndand In cart of her cargo of lumber at
Iuralyaed on it Train
J If Irnke of 78 Seventyeighth street
whileoiittMaien Island Kaput Transit traIts between
TiinL > M > till and Mapleton ytstrrilny ufternoon re
ctlved a uralytlc strake lie ne rouveed ti < the re
Ideiice of bis friend deorife haley In Slapletou
Tbo duty or every monitor I cc oblaln a foot which
will incurs tbs life ana bralb ut her 1110 ous 11
1 Toed has bun ttrpard to litset thu ilmen4 anti
teem till best ubtitute tot moot r inlik that lisa
r bean prouad I OODltu all ib 111
wbleb aludI41 u Irofl a4 gylpmss a
The Pope Favors
from tho Influenza
with exemption
from Lenten
rules egO
Ayers Sarsaparilla
Strength and Vigor
Tako It
Proparod by
Dr J C Ayer Co
Lowell Mass
11 I t >
WA i T
New Suit or I
Spring Overcoat if h
Therts no time like t present i f II
Sled whiU the stock if jjj j Ii
complete t
We have everything1 t ij i i j J
Samples and Rules for Sttf tit j
Measurement sent on l
Application If rr
> rrI I 1i
< T < I I
Broadway 771 i
Bower 145147 tl Idf
B1 B M Cowperthwait Go
101 to 20r 8 ark flow
Furniture Carpets Bedding I
Stoves Oilcloths Picturos and
everything else for housekeeping r
Good goods Low prices Cash
or Credit Price lists mailed 1
101 to 205 Park How r
B M Cowperthwait Co
f j
a i h f
raouaar one WAI nt A rnawca
A Mata rjr > tay fr 0OBM TIM tfca Bar
lal of Her Doa htr
SiuuoxxK Fa March 23A newspaper
In Northumberland ra Issued on Feb 28
contained the following
DledXlw Jeule only danxhter of Mr and Hn
Charles BoOb la herrtwenty third year oa rb 2 o
prostration funeral lathS ptiOe o the 2tb Sartleei
at the boO by the RoY A C Campbell Intermeil In
Northumberland Cemetery
Tho remains were not Interred until last
Tuesday from the fact that the mother
thought the daughter was not dead on the
second dar of Miss Bousls do mien Owing to
tho famiys prominence the story was sup
pressed although pooplo would collect In
gtoups and converse over tho mysterious affair
Yesterday niter careful Investigation 1 re
markable story was unearthed
Charles Doust Is tho proprietor I dry goods
store and conducts nn extennlva moot market
Mist Jessie Iloust was a handsome girl of the
brunette typo with nn exquIsite lleuro Flo
years nio her mind became unbalanced Her
condition became such that three months ago
sho was removed to the State lunatlo asy
lum at Uunvlllo After a sojourn ot ono
month she v > ns taken home because Dr Shultz
would not humor her many strange rogtiostii
MJO luaU a mania for fruit too much of which
Dr Hlmlt told Mrs lloust wan not good > lor
that patient Whoa tho Young woman reached
homo her notions Iccumoso Ixtnrous Hint n I
bed I was placed In the parlor which room MIs
llou t fioouontod oNClUBhely because her
piano was there
Several times Miss Doust escnpod from the
room when tho door was bolted and Iho win
dows barroJ Iho On the nllht 01 her deuth sha
was unmnnugenble at lime running to tho
piano und placing wlord und beitutilul muila
then again smashing the furniture Ills I said
she finally ucoked tie plaao The grief
Htrlckflii Inmates sat In auolhcr room walling
11 the frenzy to hUbsldP
Inally things bi cnmo quiet In the parlor
when tho faintly thinking I the young woman
hail tullun asleep tutlrca Next morning the
motor waited until lao beforo entering the
ntilMp tn nln hop ilnttLfhlMr time In alnMn niT
tho paroxvhin Finally Mrs lionet went In
with breakfast The > oung woman was found
on the bod dead her lace horribly distorted
nnd black
Dr Sheottz was summoned and pronounced
It congestion of tho brain t U Bright nn un
dertaker embalmed the body making nn In
cUlon In the loft arm Into which over a gallon
of lluld was Injected
That night lie t mother entered the parlor to
look at tho body when she almost sank to the
Iloor In joy Site thought her daughter was lu
I trance the skin being white ns snow nnd time
cheeks a rosy roil Dr Sheet and tIm under
taker worn called but they could not make the
mother think It was tho fluids action Next
lay relatives and friends assembled for the In
The minister preached nail tho announce
ment that the burial would not take place
uusud much mvstillcutton Tho mother nt
thin lat moment vvonld not penult tho Inter
ment thinking her child yet alive Most of the
people thought tho postponement wits caused
liy the grnvct containing water n heavy rain
having prevailed the night previous
Tho following day Mr Boust opened his
stores Un last Tuesday afternoon Undertaker
Bright while returning on his hearse from a
funeral thought ns tho weather was no tint
that It would bo the time to bury lee Boust
whose remains woo In tho collie Driving to
the houso Bright made Know his wishes and
at last the mother consented
hllo the family prepared for the Interment
Bridget collected tho pall bearerH for the sec
ond time nnd an hour later thin remains were
taken quietly to the cemetery and Interred
without a uilulutoi boil present
The Hcroa Body on the Way to MarrlBnd
lor Burial
CniCAOo March 23Hy 3 oclock today
tho body of tho late MajorGen Georce B
Crook had been borne from among the thou
sands who loved him here toward Its last rest
ing place In Mart land During the entire
morning It seemed as though tho entire city
endeavored to obtain a last loot n tho face of
tho dead General Through tho parlor where
be lay In state tho silent thousands passed un
til as the time of service drow near tho crowd
became so largo that the pollen woro stationed
nt tho foot of all the stairways with orders to
allow no ono to ascend to tho second lloor
The parlors and halls on that floor wore Im
passable when the Bev Dr McPherson de
livered tho opening prayer
A uuartet from the Second Presbyterian
Church choir sang at the close of the prayer
nod wore followed by Dr Thomas who quoted
from the 00th Isalm and a chapter from Job
In the course of Ills brief but comforting
cOlrsn IJs brill comlorro re
marks 1rof Swing then fad n most elo juent
tilbute to tho ileml After tho uuartet llr
Molherson spoke eloquently again ollered
prayer Dr Ilnton Locke closing the serviceS
by mIte benediction
Then tho toilln was taken from the room
followed by the members ot the Loyal Legion
while tho choir sting lo t for tho cary
Mrs Crook und Mrs Rencle drove quietly to
the 11 anil O depot Thu funeral procession
on leaving the hotel passed north nn Clark
street to aHlilngton then east on Washington
to tho depot the streets being crowded tho en
tire distance Thu following ordur was observed
nai lon of police D flattery Artillery LN 0 Fin
TUinineui tent art drum cop Mrst Rfrimtnt Infan
try I N I pull nearer u illitliufuuitK I itaeilii In
carriage talnlnlquH gitariet by Hx nni cotnmll
moued olllcerp seounit iieifiuitnt ban < l Secant imPel
fluent Infanlrj I s li asCOt Keeiuient bin 1
Fourth Itcvlmrnt Infantry I uk O Ui > al Leirion
public eteran life and drum corps Qrand Army uf the lie
The B and O train on which the funeral
pnrtv loft at a I oclock < onslsted of nine earn i
the one containing tho ctotlln hell In the rear
of the mall ear I it as entirely covered with
blnck and the Interior wns draped with Ameri
can Slugs Tho hpoclal Pullman devoted to
Mrs Crook and tho escort was heavily draped
In black In tho exterior looped with narrow
bands of white nl officers detailed to act aan
guard of honor anti who occupied seats In this
special carwero OnlsCorblnIfoi Mnnlou
Major Randall alI I apt Kennan Tho car
will start trom Oakland tomorrow night ro
turnlug with these ofllcors anal tho special
guard now In charge of the body
Among thu many noted mel present wore ex
Proulilont I 1 Hayes and exliov Charles
Foster of Ohio Aditiou G W llurchitnl of
Wisconsin Cap Charles King Commandant
of the Wisconsin mllllla Rod other Col C O
I Ooldln who wns ono of thin Isconsln dole
gates was a private under Gon Crook at the
battle of Rosebud and WW In attendance ut
tho funeral not only ns a representative of thu
rank and tile < if > the nrmv but also aa a repre
sentative of the citizen soldiery
oittti Aiir
Tho doath of Miss Angelina Byrne tho eldest
daughter of Dr John Dyne of TH Clinton
ftreetJJrooklyn on Saturday a thin Catholic
convent In Westchoster county hus caused
surprise noL sorrow to a largo cliclo of friends
Fow young women In Hrooklyn hnd apparently
n moro brilliant future bro her thnn Mies
llyrne when sho unexpectedly onternd the
convent n couplo of rears ago and became
dead to tile world Convent life had Croat at
tractions for her anti sho had onjoiod uninter
rupted good heulth until about n week ago
when the was prostrated by paralysis cntiRfd
ns It IH I Pimrosod by the broken point of n
needle entering one of her lingers und working
I I I ii way Into the aim The i frt Intimation I ol
her serious Illncsi roceUed by her father was
on Thursday lust when ho wits summoned bv
telegraph IIY Limit convent Her funeral will
take pICO this morning from tit Ietors
Church In Hlokx street
Frank I Hart brother of Theatrical Man
ager Josh Hat died of honrttllsvnso ester
day morning at his homo 151 fcast 12 Id street
Ho was t years old anti leaves n wife and five
children Hn wit once associated with his
tji other In buHlnoKs anti hn wn treasumr of I
the t Theatre Comii Iii ii cm In Harlem us long as
Joih Hart innungod tIme theatre ld
AlosandoT 1orgiison Kcoit a Sandy Hook
Pilot who was I ott roil v linn 1llot Idwnrd 1 Col
lins was killed vvlilln trjlng to board the tug
Ell Moritu in a rough mia outside thin baron
Jlarrh 0 lied juMnrduy nt his home at 44
oliver Street I wns 12 J yeuni old and had
been fourtuon yean u pilot
1 oro mo W Klmpson who for sovoml years
conducted u jewelry manufacturing bu lnen8
In Newark died on Hnturday after nn lllnens
of several months Ho wan u veteran or the
Twoutyflxth Nuw Jersay Volunteers and a
member of Lincoln lost Q A1 lie leaves a
widow and three children
Eugene Wilson Crampon died on Friday at
18 llrevoort plaoo Drok Inlnbls 47th year
He was tho junior member of the rich firm of
grarnpton Brothers He was 1 i trustee trm the
Central Congregational Church He leaves a
widow and two children
Amort I French the oldest merchant on
Central street and ono of tlio oldest nmldents
Illllerlcu nf lonoll lu died 1H12 yesterday Ho was born In
I J Jlruncr editor nnd owner of Ibo Carolina
llufmiiii ulHallsbury N I died inttleiday
Hu was 71 years old and had edited tho Uafct
man Al yuan
Herman btelnbaoh a young manufacturer
died on baturduy alibI at Kvaosvllla lad Ha
was 80 years old
oa 1 ah z AIQ pP 114 T at ETI11
LORD Dmnurmr Aim n fALL n
pzxltD xo aiuxo mum TAOUTS I
The Owner > of the Titanta Xatr
Hlikmreek niud ale JEccer to Knee
with the TaUkrrl or TCuriuan ar Belli
After waiting for the English yachtfltner
to make A more toward spine Interaction
racing four of the members of the New York
Yacht Club havo sent an Invitation to tho own
n r of Englands fnMoflt I seventyfoot yachts
to try conclusions with ono or four of our soy
entyfooters for a prize or prizes subscribed
for br there gentlemen I la not a challenge
In tho strict sense of the term neither Is It a
Now York Ynoht Club affair beyond
tho fact that tho racing rules of
that club will govern the contest
I the Imitation Is accepted by either Lord
Dunrnven or Mr Halll or br both but It will
nevertheless bo an International contest grow
ing out of the friendly relations existing be
tween English and American rachtmen It
will undoubtedly tend to stimulate the royal I
sport on both slpes ot the Atlantic and It per
il nps will hasten the pending of n challenge
for tho Americas Cup which many believe is
going to como In time for I race this sOlon
In Lord Duuravcns coriospondonca last
rear with the New York Yacht Club he ox
pressed the hope that his cutter Valkyrie
might bo pitted against our seventy footers
for the Ialno Cup or for any other prize or no
priZe at nil provided ha was first allowed to
contest for time Americas Cup Acting on the
belief that ho Is still willing to race against
boats of the Valkyrlot class the following lot
lord woro bent last week
New Yose Marsh U IPSO
tfr f3firn etIbuatp l O Exfving < place Ace Tort City
PtAnSin We the owners of ttinrentj foot iiloopi
Tltanla Katrlna Shamrock and Oracle berby anihor
Ice you to arrant with Lord JJunraren for a itrlti of
Terse with the Vnikyrle an st forth lu the letter drawn
up by you bereuuto annexed And we do further aim
tbonze you to Under the lame term and conditions to
Mr IMil A hall owner of the cutter Varana and we
wish younicceiilu your nccotlntloua YouriTerjrtru r
C Ouma lutiif
K 8 jut IU D AUCBlltCtOIH
J ROIIU Uilwktu
Joi > Kru I gulL
Kiw YOKE March It IPSO
ro fte Rltht tlnnorabte tht Furl of liunrattn K I 20 St
JJTHU iTmtre otiAon is H KnymruL
Mr LURM Interring from the personal corrripond
sac between yourself and Jamel It I Nmlth lai duo
with lien Paine during the iiat year that lou ueilreil
to race the aikjrrl cm ttil elms 1 tint t a you hare writ
teL tttal you attach nn Importance i m lie t nature uf the
true It Cited uie ilenure tu advIce vnu that I am
authorized by O ultver bliii 1ef the HuMrs Auchm
clue J Kuifrra Maiwrll Mir COil J r Jurle him
owner ot uur tuur tell l > ipTenty foot elonp yitrhla viz
Urania Katrlll Mhainrurk ntnl tirade rauril br the
> uw u tub arlit Cult an ttilrU cia hinte tu Mrrtnire
xvltti you a frlfliillv lunivt to d cnte the r Hicctlvu
merit of the I kyrle anil the cur i SybIl name 1
I prof no to you on behalf i > f ttiene irenllf melt a sac
tee I rAcrbritt twuoutnr throe nr tune < tut of nvc
H tuft a re > rei > ntatlve yacht < lcctel from the fonr tir
a mHtch race nlth each jat ht to ie I mtllejal New York
outalite of Hanilj Hi ttk clurlntr either Joy or Auuuplt
course nrteu hints to wltidu rd ant > l return with uti
agreed time lout New u orb yacht Club ricing rule to
govern the RetfMtta Cnmmitteii of the club to have
charge of the nxturcs St ould you elect to sail only our
tent yacht lh lletiatta Committee to name tier tea
amy before the first race nttU tbs lines will he a sun
crlptluii cnn of li nlvalue from our four rarhu
In caie J eu prefer toentl a mutch race or s spite of
beet tv onut ol three with each > arht the price for
each inMcli or eerie will be a t up of vilue of J o
t am aul ortfeil by Mr Uffilen Oneettu Invite iou to
compete for the nloup cup tirlre cOrnet br him valued
at fcum which V1U be ailed for during August ce riew
port R 1
there are many matter of detail to be arranged
linuta you accent till proposition which will require
time and therefore I trut that you will favor me wltli
an early reply I beg lo assure yiiu of my oeit services
to arraiiee any matters In coiinectlott with tutu offer
and hopIng to recetxe a favorable answer 1 have the
boner to remain my dear sir yours trulr
r > TI I HUt 1KAtlOnT
KflCKKRBOCXf Clcn 3t9 FirrM At Kill NEW i
Yoim March 14 IPIIU
IOulA RIOt Ft7
hess > IRI I enclose herewith a copy of an otter to
SHU a eerie of races sent this tiny bv registere t ninil tn
Lord Itiiremeru I i uy me in ehalf t > of mhe uwiirrn nf the
seenly 1iot Moupyitcht Titans Kntrln t Miarnrork
anil tlraile I Ler to cue that the i ouM be pleanid tn
offir you the the same terms tot a race or eerie of
raren houtil you Sat l It rmirerilnut tn o > cute tu till iMe
durlnir the connnv eiimnier whit the urana hoiiiiifc
tint You will nud yourself at liberty to accept ttie rom
Lithe itggeetiOim and hekirlni In I tender mv services to
arrange any matter > f tt tfttl for yuit prior to our ar
rival I Imve the the honor to rrmMii my dear rlr
your truly htKriiRt Iupoty
Excepting Gen Pnlnns offer ot last year this
In the first time that American yachtsmen huvo
directly Invited their Kngllsh fellow Miortsmen
to crohB tho big toni to race for prlxate prizes
and the result will bo looked forward to with
a great loal of interest by yachtsmen nil over
the United Mutes It Is generally understood
from a recent Interview with Lord Dtinruvtin
that ho will not cro the Atlantic to riuo for
tiny prle but tho Americas Cup tint tho send
ing of an Imitation to Mr Pnlll tlio TnranVs
owner und the po hlblllty nf that genileinunH
accepting muy niter the situation The iar I
ann according to her last neiitonn perform
ance is n faster bout than the u mtlki rio Min
stood nt tho ton of this llt nf English rnclnucrift
In iiuiJ winning 11 prices to the nlkyrio82 > i
butt Is n 6Hriitlng yucht while the A nlkyrle Is n
77 rater Ynchtmensoan last nightviho read thou
corrwipondenoe sent to the owner of the Vnl
kynio sail theyhopetl Clint both yachts would
come over nml race against the Tltunln hnm
rock antI Kntrltvi limo Oracle IH u much faster
yacht than sue ever xni Inpnst yenrs but no
HUH bplUnei she will tun f I timi V elm a ii cc with
Cite other three In u thiush to nlndmird nnd
bllCkaut Ionbody Bald last night that n cable
gram of acceptance mlulitte received at nny
hour after Lord Dtmraen received ito letter
but he thought It mum likely that n week
would elapse > before anything definite It heard
CommUiloner Stepheinaon ThniiEht If e Hnd
Got u CHHCI lor tlie < onurrnanipn
When time monitors of tho Joint oommlttoo
of the United flutes Hcnnto and house ap
pointed to look Into Immigration mutters nt
this port got back to tho Fifth Avenue Hotel
on Saturday night after seeing Crime in Flue
Senator they found Immigration CommissIoner
rtojihenson waiting for them with the Infor
mation that he would huvo a big bout load of
foreigners down at Castle Garden early yester
day morning for them to Inspect Thin Con
greiBmun promised to get up early and boat
the Garden by 9 oclock At that hour Com
missioner Stephonson was on hnnd rind soon
ad or the bniges hocim to empty Into ibo Our
den the fuu Immigrants vihlvh had urrlodby
the baulo
Not a commlttoomnn hal < l appparod and nt
9lr thin CouimliKloner sent word to honutor
Chantllor nt tIle Ifth 1 Aonuo Hotel thai Iniml
crautB woio landing Ihou the Iommltsionur
picked out four Immigrants anil ordered them
Into I tlid little Inner pen In I lie centre of tho
building whore they woro put through u rigor
ous examination
Unjor htmsoy thin allarountl Interpreter of
the iiinleii found out that thoy went Hun
garians bound for Michigan whero they had n
promise ol work In a mine at fln a day
itelatlves and friends ahondy at work there
hind written to them they still nud assured
thitni that the boas would gist them nil a jon
ut that line
Commlsiloner Htephonfon hurried off to the
telegraph olllcjo to Bond this meeaugo to teua
tin i hiindlur
It is Important that your committee should
come to Castlti tiiinlen its soon ns pcsnlblB
Tlio i oininNlonoi looked atonal thu Garden
again but there wacitt onu of tlio Kodoril Con
tract Jubor Inttpoi tors in sight ullhiinili It was
now after 10 oclock uud the immlgruut oro
beginning to drift out of thou uiidou llaforo
noun Innpectoisdroclun and Tnilor llnallv ar
rlvud nt tlio Garden They had no Interuiot
eye with thuui but they found a few uf tho
Huulott pusnongois left In the Garden and they
went to work to trnssexnmlnu them Thoy
dl covorod nothing wrong homo of limo eom
mlttooroon hud Ipslntoil upon < golnu to cliuren
but jud boforo noon Senators Chnntller 1ettl
grew and KtiHtls anti Itepruscntutlvos Gates
anti htumpf Hurueondeuoral Hamilton
roljclt > llopburn I Commnuder loiter
Commlsaloner of Emigration John li
Wobnr and Gen James OHolrno ar
rhfJ Mi Stophonson took them In bund nt
once nnd led them men to his llungn
ilan ImuilgrnntH who hud to go thiouuli
another examination In thin presence
of thu lHltuiB Alter listening to their talc
and to what both Commissioner Btophenaon
and Inspector Taylor hail to say on the sub
ject both Senators chandler and Eustlscnmo
to tIle opinion that the men could not bo held
as contract abaters because contract could
not be prood Mr Stephenson nrguod that
there was nn Implied contract any way but
Honator Euttls said that didnt make ally
difference and as the law gives entire freedom
to tha Inspectors In making their decision hn
thought that there was no way of holding such
cases Finally everybody agreed that the law
would have to ba amended If laborer who
como In under such an agreement are to be
After looking around the Garden time party
walked oier to the llurgo Gftlca arid took the
revenue cutter William K Chandler for nn In
cpoctlonof the hmlgrnnt Hospital on Flints
Island Ily thin time thoy got hack this Noord
lund bail landed another lot of ImmlgrnntH
and thovisltom wittrhod nllh Interos itliv iroe
eel ofregistering and utsictid iota of juottioiis
concerning the detalU
Today tIme committees will visit Iledlows
Ellis and Governors Islands They sail In
the cutter at 10 oclock from the foot ot West
Twentyfourth street
Four little Gorman band wire permitted to
r1 Ilwr wr Ui7 Sriiwliiji tS
The Trench Composer Is HoppoMd to tee
tiequtered by Rlttoes
PATHS March SalntBncns the com
poser iota suddenly disappeared He was ab
sent from the firstnight representation ot
Ascnnlo but that was supposed to have been
in consequence of his unwillingness to witness
n posMblo falluro of the piece He however
baa not been seen since and It Is surmised that
bela I confined br foul play
Inquiries are being actively punned br the
police Instigated by the composers cousin
llosallo Jaonson who claims to be his next of
kin Mho Buys that his reason Is falling and
that ho Is confined br rapacious friends who
are anxious to obtain a fortune of 4000000
francs the proceeds of a legacy from his aunt
He is Bntd to Unve Expected the Emperor
lo Ask Him to Itenmln U Office
BEIIIIN March 23The Berlin papers
referring to the Xort Qtrman Oatrtttt revela >
tions regarding tho causes of Blsuarcks resig
nation condemn tho statements of that paper
as unedlfylng to oulooklng nations
The Vtistiicit Zrituna repeats the story that
niamarck rose from his bed to answer the
Emperors demand for nn explanation of the
intervIew with Indthorst Bismarck Ill s said
insisting that ho should not bo controlled told
hn Lmporor that ho Viiis quIto ready to resign
if t his retention of tho olllco was Irksome that
ho only retained It to fulfil his promise to
Emperor William L
U he ilniiiliurgrr XaeMchtrn declares thatBls
marek was deeply affected and expected to
hu last that the Emperor would ask him to re
consider hN resignation
VIENNA March 21It Is reported that Gen
Caprlvl Count hnlnoky and Premier Crisp
Will have a mooting at un early date
A New Egyptian Find that IB Attraottnc
By Dvnlavl Cable Aeut CVnnpany
LONDON March 23 British enterprise
laving been delighted with Egyptian cats Is
now turning Its attention to the crocodile pets
at Maabotob where there Is a rich mine ot
nitrates cf Immense extent Tho crocodiles
are laid hike nnrdlnos in n box with palm
enos between them the interstIces being
Hied up with mvrlnd of eggs The crocodiled
are done up In bundled catered with cloth
It Is bohovod hut beyond these nro vaults
containing mummied rroeodlles und In which
vault treasures nro stored Cot North tho
nitrate king IH still to be willing tolnpstln
tile entoiprise In which ctise lonl Itandolph
Ihiirchlll the 1rlnco ot IS tiles and other toad
ng persons will hao shares
itruTI Jv J3LIfLI
Celebrating the Ordenefeat Gen Ton
AValderiee New Comnsaad
BERLIN March 23The Onlensfcst was
observed today with the usual ceremonies
rho Prince of Wales Empress Frederick and
Chancellor Von Caprlvl were prunent nt time
xvrxlcui In the cnnpul and afterward at the
state biiinjuct
thto 1 Hanover V > tricr says It Is reported that
Gen Von Valdonuteo will be nitpolnted to the
command of tho Tenth Army Corps Thin
command was made vacant hy the elevation of
len Von f prlvl to the Chnncellorshlp
1rlnco Itcgeut lultpold of Bavaria rent a
complimentary uutogrnpb letter to Irince
Difmnrck on the occasion of time luUerB retire
ment from uUlcu
Ouirnite In Hlbcrla used Armenia
LONDON Mnroh 24A number of Russian
refugees met In Geneva on the anniversary of
the Commune and protested against the re
cent Siberian outrages
here Is an ugltutlon among the students at
PetroffsUoo near Moscow similar to and In
COtilmit ion vlth the i Ht Petersburg movement
Imi a fight with conJarmos 200 ot the students
were ntrestftl
ltepl > Ing loan address from Armenians in
Modems Mr Gladstone PXPIVSBO sympathy
with them in their sufferings and eayn lie
thinks I thnt t luglanil i I Is tiniltr I n strong obliga
tion to do Its utmost In their behalf Ho re
gret that Ills own ugH priolinles his acting In
Iho matter and tocoimnonds Mr Bryce as an
able champkU
Hrmle IIMIwooil In Jail
LovnoN March 23A ix tltlon extensive
ly signed from nil the theatres and music
halls IH being arranged to endeavor to release
Depfllo Hull wood from Hollowny jail Today a
lurco bifket containing pies beer pickles
fjusigux chainMignn and cigarettes went
gent to her by her varIous dutle friends and
ulsn a tan load of carpets rugs bed linen
books and bricubrac
A Talk with llr IVIadfhorM
LONDON Mnich 24A Berlin correspond
ent gives nn account of an Interview with Dr
WlndthorBt the leader of tho Centre party In
Germnny Dr Windthorst said that his party
dltl not propose to enter Into any permanent
coalitions but oMioutod to make certain com
binations from tlmu to time The Centrists
hit said would olfer no systematic opposition
to the Cioiernmont anti would support Em
peror W Iliums mousuro4 for social rotorm
llepnbllcan Mucceeaea ID France
1Aniw Munch 21Time second ballots nt
Toulouse todny for members of tho Chamber
of Deputies resulted In the election of MM
Leyguu uud ulvlubuc Itupubllcaus
An 1arclitiiiuke on the Istbrnii
PANAMA March 1SOn tIm night of Than
day the loth a sovoro shock of oartli < iifiko
luxllng fully ten seconds wns full In the town
I of lluennvontiirt on the west const of Colom
bia In the department Cuiicn Thenoxtduy
nt II Ji r SI WHIII after the cnbo bail brought
iou C nanhtii t rnnninn thin city ulso ncchod a
Botoiu shuck which IIIHIOI moro than live sec
ontl It Is worthy of mention that this earth
iniMko was preceded during u few days by
heavy showers of ruin an unprecedented oc
currence ut this time of the year
A Untie Wound nn III Forehead
A welldressed goodlooking man of 25 years
nresenleil himself ut hts New Ynrk llonplial last nigh
with a bailu < kinv oounit In Ms fureheail which he
said he named ilresieJ II save his flout aiJoseiih
Jflter nn mil ntilil allorJ no furlher Inloruullon nuj
alt hotgi nilvisea tu reoiain at the lio jiital for treat i
lucia be I retiiird The surgeons thluk the wound th
remit of a knife cut
Where Yeilerdara fires Were
A M12IG CM Broadway Shinier Brothers
A Co clothier damage fitS Sin ISO Kastt Illy
second street dwelllt damag efn t9 KM Juillow
tret jaii In reekheissr apartrnsnts lamar lia
C M t4Cl 3 rnnoe street Usury Ellis Jrocery
dsraa ejin ion vti West Blity seysutit slret oo
oopld Ijy fjiarlss IJalrd damaf Lieu
Fnlthlul to bu lajiired Mater
A member of the company playing in the
Drana Street Thtalre UlUiamiburgb was thrown from
his horse yesterday afternoon In dranil slrttt Th I
horn after lltrnwlnii Ins rider ran a block and then
reiurnlnx siooil Ur tie man iinin tite amtuianc ar
rltel I The I Injiirtix 11 I Hit nun S lino imioe is sui 10
tip I arpiffi en ire erluu itt ituris ia itt trick litre
tiowmi ca ltjuigmtl
Krmmler Hears Ilia Doom
AUBURN March 23Wllllam KemmUr the
ooartcta mgrdtrr wu oday offleltlJr Boufltd by
Waitiss Ponton of Auburn Trit of t deolsicu e lb
Coul ol Appeals la milieus Ksmmsriuplyti We
lioi miaaaiBli ul U omJy
The Ceremony Performed In the Dan ion
Place Hnpttet Church
Tho formal transit of tim Rev Dr Duncan
UncGroeor from the Methodist to the BaptIst t
denomination took place last night la the
Hanson Place Baptist Church In Brooklyn lie
lad just closed a nIne roars continuous ser
vice IIB pnator In Brooklyn Methodist churches
when Ions than n month ago ito surprised thin i
Carroll Park congregation by bidding them I
farewell and announcing hla conversion to tha
Baptist belief Ho received a very warm wel
come to become a member of the Hanson Place
Baptist Church and all ito arrangements were
quietly perfected for lila Immersion last night
The Hanson 1laco Church la without a regular
pastor at present and Dr MncOropor occupied 0
ho pulpit nt both tho morning and evening
services Ho did not especially refer In either
of hb sermons to the causes which led him to I pi t
change his belief but ho announced that the
title of his sermon from the same pulpit next
Sunday night would bo Why I became a p
Baptist The Hanson Place Church has not t
boon BO crowded as It was last night since the 5 i
period ot the Kov Dr Justin I Fultons stormy F
pnstoruto more than ton yours ago Enough
lersons were turned away from tho packed
mllcllnu to form another lange congregation a
Dr MncGrogor preached from the text tn Job
Ohl that I know where to find Him
Just at the clone of his sermon and In antici M
pation of his baptism by immersion ho said i
For ten yours my bark has boon swinging at
near to this theological rock but storms and fc
tempests swept it away The old compiles i
however has veered my bark again toward the
rock and us I Maud on the brink of this
denomination I find my Snltmr has hallowed
the approach to the o crystal portals I am I 1
not alrala und I willingly render this obe
dience I
Dr MneOrogor then withdrew todlsrobe and
prepare himself for the Immersion und while
the choir singing Hock of Ages tee coy
cuing of the baptismal pool in thu centre of the g
iilntmrm nus removed and the Itev Dr N ii
Wood of tito Strong 1laco Baptist Church the i
nfilclating minister took bin place In tho water
Dr tVooti icnd from tho Itnptlst ritual and was
loon joined In tho pool by Ur MnuGrogor clad L
In aclosnllttlng vvnturproof stilt except us to
hla bond which was covered with n luxuriant i
growth of dark hair Ho roxuonded In n firm m
and loud tone to the usual ijuextlonij and was
thrice Immersed by Dr Wood vlrn iirew him
bnckwun until lie wits entirely under water I
Dr Mitcdrogoi then notended from the pool
and disappeared through the tloorat the back
of tho pulpit and with that pronouncing of time 1
benediction by Dr mood thu services were jt
brought ton close
The inet that n meeting of the church baa t
been called for April 1 to select npnstor has tr
cnmed un Impression flint Dr MacGrngor mar
roceivo it call to tin pulpit Ho tumtudo it favor ift
ublo Impression xcsturday anti thero will be a
good ioal of interest tn hour his explanation
of tho cau ° os of bin doctrinal change next 1
Sunday llopreacbetl hlKfurowoll iornionlntho
Carroll Iark Methodist Church on March 2 His
resignation however hud been pn ontad sev
eral weeks botore ami hnd been accepted OtT
hero an rumors to thou effect that serious 4
dltTeroncoH hud arisen between Dr MacOrogor s
anti time governing hotly of Carroll 1urk Church a
during flit < Imiot your of hi pnHtorato and that u
they took delimit1 bhupo at tLn quarterly con
feroncn which wns held on Dec 17 7 An ex p r
planation his crltlti nay of Dr IaoCrogors 1j
clinngo of rollgioiiH iuvvs would bo Imperfect I
without Bomo rfloreiico to tlio closing incidents t 1 t
lu his Carroll Iark pustorntu
lint One Moro of flir Thom Concerts I
The twelfth and next to time last Sunday con
05cC by tie Theodore Ttjonma orcljeBtr vii given la e4
the Ienox Lyretiin last nljfht A lurtm audtenoe WM
tiretent Mtlr lie Vre wa the favorite a uiutil ant
after each nf her rrrroriimnrcA the apptanfte wa lay
Ub flue mug sitli great effect Me > erb ri aria yI
1KtoiIe dim uort with MeMn Onterle And Itletrel t
Accomiianyiuir upon the ilutci Itt an encoreatie gar
an aria from 51onrt Hjtoro On her second AI
pearance ate give an aria from Verdi e Aids and tI
air a In ihc treatci her aJmlren to a delightful lerenade
catty Ills AlvlriA Friend played Itubltntetna concerto p1
No 4 In It miner I titus i 7 Terhap tIe most imtabl 1
work of the nrtiiettrA wan In Iu xpiiilon of Oounoda
Funeral March nf A Ho > al Marlutiei Amonethc
other numbers on Ihe jirotfrAmino were lAtzit Hun
ffanan Uhap mh Ni 12 Hie uverture La Camarat I
KomHln iiy I erll07 ant nine cuitiponttlnn br Gold S
mark and tumId The hit waa Lluted with JOhan l
Btranu a Itttte Oanub mttl
Next Sunday Mile Ue er will log again and ft
nuiubtr uf pisces specially rnjueitet Milt lie placed
Giuudnur Won the Itnce j
JAcxsoNvltIE March 23Hnmm Oaudaur e
Ten Krck and Mo mrr tilled n rnceon the St Johns
River tIle afternoon at Mandarin ten ntile above thl
city Neartr A thunHAnd people wltnptmed it from tie p4
dscko nf eicurnlon > t Ainfira dau 1aur wu baodlcmppid
three boat If mtli on account ut hn recent vlctorUe In t
tlitrtdA and itlll he won cull fUmin cain la Beyond v
Ten lyck I ihtrJ aol lloiimr fourth Uuirner U Cot yu
wbolljr recovered from the efleiu of a tevtre Illotu

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