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L Turdr
On nuek Keenrrt or Violated w
Juillcr Forcrd HetllenenU Corruption
nid IlMberr leked land Illennl
tortlon Mercenary Iloell i d
ludcrnt M m t for Twenti
Tr d < h
IlooljTli > HberllT Thempelve Not
IiUlclurile Un Not Beyond the Kench
i of N Iron it lnnlt n eNe v lnwe In
ReUllon In Ilrlberr d E torllon nnd
it HAIr Hle a CAled For
I Tho Grnwl Jury delivered a broadside nt
the Sheriffs office and Ludlow street jai yesterday
announced that thoy
1 terday leeldes they tbl
I ttcro not out ol ammunition br any moans
f I and but they might bo expected to nre again
I r Tlio suddenness of tho attack added to Its
e I force for a presentment a not expected until
Y r the last day of the term The Grand Jury filed
I I into Part 1 of tho General Sessions at noon
r headed by Foreman J llarsen Ilhoados Tho
J cue on trial was suspended and Judge Hu
gerald turned and faced tho Grand Jury
1 I Foreman Hhoade IB a tall elderly Imposing
nan and Is a eood afterdinner speaker Ho
J 1 be stood at perfect ase at tho bar and spoke
f I With rhetorical effect He said
Tho Grand Jury havo a proientment to
J make and In presenting It It has been their
j aim to make it a brief ns possible but the
J I Wide ranee of the Inquiry has boen such that
I I ol necessity It Is longer than they could wish
1 I o order to cover tho whole facts In the case I
I am Instructed by the Grand Jury t say that I
this presentment relates to the Sheriffs office
of the city of New York and that in the Investi
t gation whloh has taken placo not one single
1 element a redeeming character Disappeared
before this Grand Jury Tho cntlro history
I of this case shows one black record
of violated low tardy justice forced
I j oottlements and of corruption and brib
I ery And tho Grand Jury feels sir
that It Is no longer a question a to whether
q anything ought t be done but a to what
r I these existing evils Investigations
must b done to stop thesl exletnl tvs
1 vestigations and Indictments alone will not
J ufflco Unless honest men aro appointed to
l office and unless the laws rolatn to the man
BI agement of the bherllTs office and tha appoint
j ment of the Sheriffs subordinates are chanced
f I 1 efforts will b useless The Grand Jury re
I spectfully request that yon will havo a copy of
f this presentment sent to tho Governor of this
I I State and the Legislature in order that speedy
i I action may be taken to remedy these abuses
j1 r As the mater now stands the Sheriffs office
It Is I standing disgrace to the city of Now York
i and to the ace in which we live
I 1 hero was an outbreak of applause in the
curt room a Foreman Ithoadea reached this
t i climax and turning to Clerk Hal banded up
I the presentment Judge Fitzgerald rapped for
j order and the court attendants restored QUIet
Gentlemen of the Grand Jury said Judgo
TiUgerald from tho very exhaustive exam
ination you have made into the abuses to which
you cal attention the Court has every reason
r to believe that the remedies that you sueeest
for the ev Us to which you refer are set forth in
the presentment that you now file in a manner
i t that It Is bo hoped may 1 1 to reform in a
very muchneeded direction In behalf of the
Curt for your Investigation In this mutter I
return you thanks Copies of sour present
ment will bo made and will b forwarded to
thn proper authorities with tho view that the
labors that > ou bava engaged In rnav roult In
Jegllation much to ba desired lor tho good
il Ci lurk VHrnment of thu city aud county of New
Then tho Grand Jury retired This Is tho
lr enlwoltTnE
t The Grand Jury of the city and county of
New York irecnt as lollovv
During tho presnt totm the Grand Jury
hnveentored upon an Investigation Into certain
charges brought to their attention concerning
tho administration of the alTalrsof the ufliceof
the htierill of this county and ofithn countv jail
V I indi > r bUchargo 1 hoy have rl1 count nlIY j1
vuincHsos und upon tbo tnstimoni already nd
t ucn I havo Ire nto < Indictments for certain
f specific oflemed lilo the iuvestlgation Is
pot yet conuleled tbo druud Jurv deom It
their duly without further delay to bring to
tho attention of this court the facts hereinafter
tetlotth that action may bo hid toward a
sjieodv r < medyof thoHcnndalouBabuscipiovon
b > thn testimony to exist A proper conduct
of the alTuirs of thn Mi e rills ollico Is of Ibo
t highest concern to tbo community Its func
tions atleu eveiy cilUen alike I Is so closely
Q l elated to tho judicial branch of government
that Its corruption taints the administration of
i justice corrup
llurlng the past five tears aside from the
othoi sources of the Sheriffs revenue the
county has paid to him tho sum of S 21725184
ns ton and compensation forsorvices rendered
I I b hlmou behalf of thu county n follows
r ISM > 1J4I > JH IBKI 134 003 1 7 r o 1
7lr H 6U7
I 4 fl
During Ihe snrae period tbe city has expend
i j ed for tie support of prisoners conllned In
I i Ludlow 1471 p trout jail nu civil process theuuin of
i I 11 Jlii I l IKK6 JSlfSJO 1 1M7 801861 1SJ8
t I 7nn 1 IBM HOI aJ eOI601 118
k Tha fees of the Sheriff for tho performance
I of iorUieson behalf of tho county are llxed
I I by tho Hoard of lxtlmate and A portlonruent
I yearly except In thoio cases where provision Is
mmle by the ueneral luwa of the Mall Amooe
I I others the following aro the rates now ei I
Istlnl I
ter coorerlnc rrlioneri from the City Prlion to the I I
I renllemtary to the lou of Kefuge and lo the courla
of rer and Terminer and Uenerai Stations and back
to rruon from laid courta per capita t I 51
ror eummonlnK jurora according to law per capita
I SAoenta Ir
For Ollnf returns of conrletloni criminal with the
t r Secretary of r > tate per cap II aucente
The Grand Jury are of tho opinion thut those
rates are entirely out of proportion to tho
value of the sen Icon rendered The convey
ance of prisoners from tb City IrUon to the
criminal courts consists In currylnc them a
distance of about a ijuartor of u mile and they
I tire brouebt down almost dally In ans in loads
1 i of from twenty to forty liurlni the year 18iJ
tbe sum of S 16144511 v > as paid for this service
I t nnd lor conMi IDC prisoners to the penitentiary
I nnd otner penal mntllutlona In tbo same year
t5 5oOo was paid for reporting criminal con
victions ronulrlnc clerical labor 01 tho most
ordinary character and 172725 for summon
I ing juiors The annual appropriations by the
Hoard of Estimate and Apportionment hao
12 been as follows I
I Supjwwt of PHitmtrt
itar Trt4 in Cvuntu Jail
J iivu ts JC tisim I
IHN7 moii in oi j
1U 4JIOO 10000
oJ 10
The Grand Jury have thoroughly examined
the si stem under which auction required by
law to be conducted by the hherlll are ut the
HherlT lre lt
I present tlinu managed and tho system for
I merly in ocue and while It appears that these
f Kales ure lens liable to criticism now than In
former years yet tbo present method IH hlehly
j I censurable Hy the system now followed
I sblch was Instituted about three years auo
professedly to reform then exlstlne ere the
bherirr lutnieti these sales to a firm of auo
1 tluneers upon an underetandlne that they are
i I t be corapausated for their services according
to the pleasure of tbe attorneys representing
I tbe lltluants In whole favor tba executions are
issued and In con eoculons pro le
I curiiiR the gales shall divide pro
coramljBlons witn the Hherlff After tho
hale the BherlfT or deputy AlAr the
particular case receives from the auctioneer nn
RCiouutof then suit nf the sale and presents
f the attorneys with I bill naming n certain BPO
clllo amount therein u auctioneers fees bo
I HliloaUiareesfor the actual expenses Incurred
for labor advjrtlslne cartaco and ntoraco If
the amount of tbe chance Is obiocted to I
e titkou 1 < nrranuo It natlbfactorily to tlio
attorneys the bberllTand the auctioneer wlln I
I t outyicnnrfe to tho court aucloleerwlh
tli > n It made to
mid an aruouct which the attorney
can be indnced to consent to ns Is usually the
11 a e ho lows the auctioneers commlslol
1 hherlts t t hurled UP 11 ° leKltlmale ltuui ia tne
I While Ibo faw does not expressly provide for
nuy allowance to tha hherlff for cnuductlnu
I I nuctlon stiles I has been the CIlllucUnl
oiirts to iirsnt to him thl
lOlrI Irlnt appearnto be n
reasonable sum tber foru under this b 1 I
dklBl Hsncllon the hberlff ninkos I
a claim
sancton Ibetl or
r such compensation In e > ery COB While thin
Ililjlon of comnilsloiis ciinnot be I technically
t rondunmed as a Tjuntlon 01 law tho drand I
Jury are of opinion that
tt It Is In i > onersl < n of
jh s diii > and proper administration of the Sher
liiirliiK the three years just
lrlll preceding Jan 1
I V1tlnuiflri or unloneera In this city con
I < 1 iicle d Kherlffs salts from which thor was re
II1eI the sum of Sa1IU57 Ut this sum
JjJyiWi wait lually divided between the
r rueim and ine auctioneers as commls ions
beMdes the sum ol J21 5571 actually
rd 1 Ulkluraonieiila Durlnc aClualy tyeurof expend
theteimof thu
Ihl present HberlfTtho SBIIIO llrm
of aiictlpneers conilticted HjmrlfIs sales fiom
which there waM realled tbe sum ol t55o
IHUHH aud of this um mi < > Hwa dhldel
Ininfen lue hhenlT nnd tho auctioneers as
com rnlsMotii besides the miinot 1710770 ex
pniled a dlabursemonts Thux assumfnethe
uctlont en to rrcslve no more aeumlnilbo
tie oompeoiatlon for their servlcts in tne post
Jour I un in bhsrifr ol this county have pat
MOprUtU to UtmatlT tbt nggrtgaU lP
28irA82 paid to cominsat thaauctloneeni i
2811182 t11
nnd tho persons entitled to tho benefit of those
sales lmo been compelled to forego that sum
oTiirit souncEs or morn to TiE MIEIIIFF j I I
Aftlda from these comml slon4 the Sheriffs
hao been npcustomoil under no urontcr sulse
ofrlLht 10 clmicoana ricoho Inriro sumsns
oxtrn coiiipcn iition fur their serMoos In oxe
ciitlmt > roio io8 particularly whero more than
tbo merest routine work hn been roiiulrod the
nmoiint belnc proportioned to the Imnortance I I
ol nnd tho Mim Involved In tho ento RId not
tho concclonce of tho attorneys 1 ho eroatest
e > Hot this r > stcm of dhhllnp comml slons
I and oxtin compensation Ms that tbe ilebtors
I thoprocools of whose proierty ao thus dis
tributed nre not consulted In tnoO Fettle
mont and tho judgments nualnst them le
returned to tho court as tinlnc untlslled tpnii
nmoimt loss HIP sum allowed tho Sheriff by their
ndvoiRnrlci fho IllUhlco and injur rosultlni
tb rotroui nre iiinnllost Vheietho prpcen ls
I oxoc utod by the HliorllT hlms 1 l he rocpuee the
extra conn ensutlon Ifnnoof hlanoputlet
I acts the ileimty lecolioa tho benellt pnylnc
< ior to the lierin nouovor nmeiunuiBui mo
loundaue1 but In nil cases tho bliorllr re
cvlus onehalf of 11 nuctlonuerBCKinmlB
I onchnl auctonAcrR
slon < i So tlmt with icnrcely an appreciable
rosrr atlon t ho SliorllT receives the fees allow
ol alon lim In theso cases Ils for all her
lccs rendered b him or his subordinates In
men branch of his i nice whether ho or ono
of his deputies porlorms the actual orloo
remuneration It I entirely
while tho deputys tomunerllol outrely
biicod upon hit nblllt > to liuluco nn allowance
without any urotoiuu of local rlll
Durlue tho mir 1HW tho HhorirTs profits
after deducting Irom tho leos riieUod by him
from all nourcos tlio legitimate oxl onscs of bin
onice were fully IWOOU How much more ho
dorhod nt extra compenatlnn cannot be
ascortnlnod with nny accuracy frnm hi ImokB
ns no proper iccord I of those receipts him lienu
preser poper Ills accounts hlv boon loosely
kept that ery Illtlo satlslaitory liiforiiiailon
can bo obtained Irom them titrles I of tin
monts Indo and moneys roielMMl for prixalo
and official i urpososaro Indlscrliiilnatelymln
Bled byilmnconr ileulcn to that his private
fccretory may claim with apparent truth Hint
ho Is unable to testify as to the uuture of tho
various oinrlos
Dut creator abuses than these olst nnd
hn fi existed nlmounluterruptcdlj for many
years past 1 or twenty years over
which torlod tbo evidence tnkon by
tho Grand Jury BpteniK tlio alTnlrs of
the Sheriff < ofllco In this county havo been
administered with nn cntlro disregard of 1 tlio
obligations impoted by law unon tho Sheriff
Of Its general manncoment theio Is nothing to
commend nnd much to denounce ro far as
can bo appertained there has niver been kept
In that ofllco any proper record of the MierilT 8
official acts of tho manner of executing proo
eisei or of the amount of local feus ractilvo 1 i
bi him b > virtue of his ofllco Deputy choriffn
nnd their subordinates hnioboen appointed
without ioaurd to their fiunlllcntlon lOt that
ollico and have habltualli practised thn gross
est acotruptlon with nn apparent objection by
the Mierilt Una iirand Jur > does not deem it
necessary now to dl close tho full munsuro
nnd variety of the < e evlli A recital of a few of
them will It Is believed sufllco
Ono wil the most startling and scandalous
facts so far elucidated is that durlnc thn whole i
period over which this Intostlcatlnn extends I
deputy sheriffs bavo bren appointed upon tho
undiritandlnB that they WIO to receive no
regular or llxed lomunoratlon for their hor
vices that tho foe provided for by law for
their nniclnl services should be paid in to tbo
Sheriff except n very small part of socalled
poundage leinu tho percentage allowed tho
Sheriff on the amount recovered and In addi
tion they hnvo boen reiiulrrd to employ clurku
and pny them talaileB nnd to expend other
sums lIar money for various purposes ns a con
dition of their employment nnd retention In
many Instances the deputies have conducted I
their business almost entirely thiouch their
clerk and Rml of these clerks recolven share I
of business tbe proflts accruing from the deputies
In that portion of tho Sheriffs office known
ns tho Order of Airo 1 Department abuse 01
the most tlacrant cliaraiier hive been
Malrll chlretlr hlo prac
tised Ihisdeiartinent has charco of theoxo
pinion of process acnlnst thn person In
ste d of ernplojluc therein asufllciont number
of deputlOH to executu the process there liai
been and li I now but one regular deputy who
In known on ho Order of Arrest Clerk having
nbsolutu control of tho dip titmoui and tho
persons actunlh executing thn processes nre
epeplally diimti d In each case Jhoy
touether with tho ether biihordlnatos in
tliht dornrtment neposnry lor tho tinnb
uctinn ot busireis are tncltlj given
permission to exact nnd extort in what
manner they may divist > sum of mono In
I onslduratl m ol performing tho duties hv law
I devolving upon thiin Tho rnouiis Boprocurid
ureilividud between the actual rodnlouts nnd
the Onlor of Arrest Clork I tsubnrdiuate 011 i la
collecting from the actual rotelvers u soodly
tercentngo of the whole sum and In turn
handing over to his superior tho intuit ot ills
collection with hUVvn oainines added 1 >
reason of thin juccllng and juisInK of tho
booty whpn I rea < lies the Ilnal poi obsor that
I individual IH I able to establish his Innoconpo of
any positive knowlodto of its taluled pource
Thosieitaflw l of this Individual nnd others
clcnrlv irai llnutcd In thii nnd otiior characters
of pecunlaiy cotiuptinn Bhlelillng themselves
beneith tin cb ak of inotoniled honoaty nnd
iiuiotly pocketing n portou of tho i rocecds of
those illgotten gaini Is one nf the roceets do
gradltiLand Ontemptltlu In thowholn rang <
of this mve tlLnllou The logical and actual
result of thotn abuses has boen that the deputy
suerilTt aivl other attach s of tho MierilTs of
llci < hivo accepicd bribes aud demanded gra
tuities as a matter of com op for
nmu yours past as n consideration
I cOIsldlrton
for Ibo ilidi irui of their duties jhl
pubic at lingo membors of the legal Iro
iobsion their clients aid nil persons having
occasion tu roiuiro the hervlcoa of tho Miorlll
hnvii boen by ncioilty compelled to Riibmit
to the most wicked aud Illocal extortion and
oppression rlonor arrested on civil proc i I I
es If i ossosslng hufltclont moans havo had
nodimculty In procuring even Indulgence at I
the hands of deputy sheriffs while poor prls j I
oners huvx been thrown Into jail I l
Tha countv jail has been as grossly mls I I
manag d Prisoners committed there have
found It easy to procure temporary esenoe I
from actual Incarceration In the custody of the
arden or under koepeis upon the payment of I I
n sum of Gnmnlinc hax Ioen I
money Gnmnln laK oen en
gaged In aud liquor drunk therein with the
knuwledio and content of its Wardon
Other < abuses In respect to Its management I
have appeared In many instances the parties
cognlznntof the mattnrB proven by tne uvi I
donce before tho drand Jury have been un I
willing to come forward and testify to the
lestlY tll
facts because the discovery of tho fruth would
necessarily Implicate thorn nnd members of
tho legal profession having knowledge of In I
lations of law In tho Sheriffs ofllce andlLud
low struct jnll have been reluctant to disclose
them thenby Incurring the displeasure Ilf i that I
ollice Indued while lawyers havo been will
ing to testify that tbe alTnlrs of tbe sheriffs I
ofllco woio most shamefully conducted jot
when they weie asked to glvn paitlcular In
stances of crime and to furnish the necessary
witnesses they havo been reluctant to do so
nnd have sometimes sought to excuse them
fcolvos by reason of their professional relations
with their clients prolesslonn rolatons
Many lawyers recognising the existence ot
those abuses lave become parties to them by
themselves paring monev to persons In the
Sheriff s once or advising their clients so to I
do nxeuslng their own Illegal acts by the lea
that ntheiwiso they would bo unable to Induce
Sheriffs subordinates to do their duty
Tho preont condition of affairs RO far as can
bo ascertained has been only a continuance of
the practice of thn Shorlll a ofllco from time
Immemorial Thera has not been lately any
Innovation In the character form In
Innollon II tlt chnrcler or of corrup
tion or extortion The system has seemingly
been countenanced nnd adopted bv successive
Hhorlffs as much from Its long nnd uninter I
rupted maintenance as from nnv other reason
nnd ll It believed that thu parties responsible
< Iurles
for Its existence horitoforonnd Its c ontlnunnee
criminal now have prosecution confidently expected immunity from
Ihe crimes charged against tho persons al
ready Indli ted ami the various
IDdlled ul1 lrlous practices em
ployed In the sheriffs ollice aro but tho natu
ral and logical results of the system upon
whlh that ofllce has lone boon conducted
Under that tysiem In order that n deputy
sheriff inayreaIe any substantial pecuniary
advantage by reason of his olllclnl position It
is nluiott compulsory onclnl to commit
criminal acts curtalnly to lay aside all Idea ot
honesty and Integrity 11
Ind Iltelrlty Howevor base these
Individuals may lie who havo stonpod to tho
l radices herein rolorred to tbelMinriffs by the
adoption of BO unjust and wicked a system
have rondorod the employment of bonnnt m n
practically nut of the mu stlon mon who would
agree to gain u livelihood by such means nec
essarily li > ck In conscientious niceties
The looseness and Irregular methods em
iiuyru m mo ninriii u oinco in every urancn of
Its ulliilrs have resulted the
1 1IIIrs resuled lo tla advantage ot
theierBous Implicated in Its Idfanhle
tht Iersols Implcaled general corrup
lon in thnt by this loo eness and lack ol any
proiersyBtem the legal grounds of criminal
proaoculloti bavo eel found In many In
Muuees where direct proof has bneu had of
flagrant corruption entirely wanting The
Sheriff and deputies by acknowledg
ing the Injustice and impropriety of
the chorees for extra compensation
and nuking and receiving I not as a law
ful nnd recogned fto but as a gratuity or
otherwise have succeeded In evading a tech
nical violation of tho statute dellnlna extor
lon and lu the same manner tbe sheriffs have
i > 6i aped criminal liability in rospHct to tbe
auctioneer B oommloslons and so it t his boen
found throughout the ontlreInvestigation
Ibrouchout thf that
1Iesllnlon thlt
In thn various KtyioB of ciirrtiptlon In vogue In
the sjierilT s ofltca the guilty imrtjen have bono
filed by the unsyetoiuatiu methods practised in
Its affairs unsntowalu mellra
TheiBlierifTa office ut the present time and
for I lone time past Is and has been tainted
and corrupt For the purpose of training ad
vftnUiM Inconabttnt with oOlclrU Ia 011 Gut
nnrt tbo leeal rleht of other that office has
been brought Into public scandal and Infamy
The admlnMtratlon of Ita nlnlrs SMSSrthS
amlnl trlton
past twenty years bnj been characterized1 by
an utter subversion of 81PubllolntoBlnBtn <
personal Knln and the employment of men of
ignorance and cupidity to dlsfhargo Its ordl
nary duties Little regard hntboen paid to tho
Interests of crodllors and hMLon hIS of thojio
who uroi ertv his been placed In the SherllTs
custody havo been corjlstontly Ignored Tlio
inanagement ben office linn been nnd Is at
tho pre ont time merconnry slovenly nnd
wholly Indecent so that noconlldenco ha
evr s to nCls
ntah II
WWft would bo difficim to Prove wlhln
the narrow technical rul 1 of ctlmlnnl ovl
denro tho Sheriffs personal Unowledce of any
particular Shorlts actual crime committed by
one lculnr subordinates there id no doubt of
hla knowledge of the systematic abunos which
nre tho natural inducement to such crime
Tuhllp policy thu administration of juatlco
nnd tbn rlchtu of litigants demand prompt ac
speedy tion legislation remedy I Is believed can effect a
Tho ShorllT should receive nn annual salary I
In n ium proportioned to the grent roflponsl l
bllltles devolving upon the ofllce and Ibo food I
presprlbod bv law for Ills ofllplnl sorvlcei
should bo pnlil Into the county treasury 11f
pcr onnl I icsponslblllty nnd liability for his I
own nets and tho acts of his subordinates
should ila irrsrtved nnd Indeed under the
on tlliitlon now In foreo tbo Legislature Is
i prevented from chancing such liability I
i Iho underShorllT should l receive n piopor
i ealari from I tho I lg rI and a mifTlPlcnt tP num I
bor ot deputlon nhould bo appointed nt regular j
inlnrloh pavnbln by tho pounty All penone
connected with tho administration of Its a
fairs tbould bo b statuto mnde publlo ndlcprs
with the dut of om h uprossly dellned Kx
1 tortlou should be declared to consist In thn
asking or acceptance bv tho Sheriff i r nuv of
his subordinates nt any money or properlj ex
tttit on behalf of the county ami In aca > onx
prepsly presetIbod by law undor Iolor or pro
110m not his official rightor authority
I llrlbiryflhould bo bold to consist Inthoapk
Iniroracceptanco of a 10 of nionov or nny I
othnr prorerty bv I MierllTnr any of hlssiib
I pnllnntos ror doing or omitting1 to do anv of
DflnRtn <
flclal net nr In ruBpocttoany mnttprm which
tho SherllTsotllcehiisormay hove nny olllclal I
I COlrMI I randTurv paid AfRlstantPlstrlot At
I torney Lltiilsa vvho Ima assisted I the Grnnd
Jury in tholr eood work hnvono Intention
whatever of stopping bore Tholr Investigation
1 will be continued lo thn end of their inrin nml
I necessary tho Atirll Grnnd Jury will tnke up
the work Other Indictments may be found
copies ot tho presentment will bo sent at once
I to the Governor and the Legislature I
Tt SI > nr A con
One of I Group 01 Ptrhnnl Children Injured
In Antorln
A red anil wlilto cow with n piece of
n broken ropo dnncllnc from her horns at
tracted attention In Franklin street In Astoria
Long Island City yesterday morning by her i
appearance Foam dripped from her mouth
and her ojos were noticeably red Shn bellowed i
nnd pawed tho ground Letter Carrier Thomas
IIIggiiiBwas attacked by her but he sprinted
nnd escaped through an open gate nnd up i I
Jncob Bartons front stoop The cow plunged i
into the ynrd after him and es nyed to follow i
him up the Btoop but fell In the attempt I
Illgclns then jumped over a fence into an ad
joining yard The cow returned to the street
She overtook Arthur Mandell 10 years old in
Blackwolls hlslifo lane and made him scamper for I
Thomas Donnelly ot Franklin street tried to
head her off Tho cow chnrgod on him Mr
lonn lly stood bis ground aud when the cow
came up ho seized her oy tho hors Sho
I proved stronger than ho thought but hu found
I j It was safer to hold on than to let 10 Ho tried
I to do so hit the cow finally threw him aside
i i at tho same tlmo ripping open his loft hand
For the next fuw minutes the cow bad As
toria to berhelf Kvervbody gave her n wldo
berth Mio Marled down Fultnn btrent on n
run She mot rolUeman Ilurden and t barged I
on him He Indo 1 diversion unil cumeiilT un
harnifd J J he cow thon took acres Itounen
Htreot to Jamnlcinvenue which was thiotitfod
with children nt that hrur ot tho morning on
tholr vay lo tho Fourth wardChool Ihocow
was flecked with foam from < hor mouth ilor I
t ngue hung out Ihn children ran i
up the nvonue screaming and turno 1
into Acndom street Ihny throw
> strool lIY awiy
their books and bags in their flight I
Tho cow dafeehd through a group of chlMfn
knocking them right and left ana catching ouo
of them Mlllam boltzer 10 years old of lock
vood htreot on her horns she told him in
the nIl aud ho fell some distance ahead Sin
trampled him at she passed over him bho
then turned Into liroadway and went toward
oodsldo Younl Seltzer waf picked up in
I sensible He is peril 11 sly injured
Uho owned In Charles icgler
i i cow was lharls leller a
I milkman of Sunnvslde Lone Itlai d City Her
call had been taken nwav from her thn day 10 1
foro VUllnl the night sho broke tho roio by
I which flio was tlod and cot out of the stable
Somo tlmo nftoi Seltzer InjmyMr leglor
with nnnmborof his mon arrived In pursuit
of her Mr lecler attempted to place I ror
about hor hoins when r < ho < ran at him and
threw him ovor tho fence A rnpn was It < I
mound her neck finally undshewastakou bock
I to bunn > i > ido I
3tlHT SVflOin lltlt HlllMKi HUSBAND
Mr ClmirB Acrrrlurnt In Far Mr Cnlll
I 1
I ton tlHUO a Iriar Declared Vulld
I U sroN Mnrch 23 In n suit before Judpe
i Charles Allan of the Supremo Court today 1
divorced wife who has again roamed sought
lo bo relieved Irom the support of her former
husband but Judge Allen ruled that a contract
which she had made was binding and that she
must continue to give the man from whom she
is divorced 1800 a year
Tho woman was formerly Miss Jennie Tnll
lps a daughter of the late Lben Phillips ot
bwampscott In 1882 when she was about 20
years old sho had 1100 000 inherited from her
parents In that year sho married William J
Culllton of Salem against the wishes of her
brothers and transferred to her husband about
100000 In stocks and bonds One day after a
visit to her brothers In Hwnmpxcott ibe made
up her mind that sha wanted tbe pro mae
back Mr Uulllton refused to give It up and a
bill In equity was brought to force him to do
BO on the ground that It was obtained by
coercion ami fraud I was finally agreed that
In couuldoratlon ot the husbands giving back
the property ho should have S2l10 In cnnh
und a trust deed should le executed by which
JCO OOU would be put in the hands of trustees
to secure to the husband an annual incomu of
JBOII I for life Ihe deod was executed the
money paid ovor and Mrs Culllton procured a
divorce and married Horace Chase a well
known physician of this cltv wel
Mrs Chaso pall thn monov to her former
husbnnd for several yearn Ihon she tired of I I
her bargain and asked tho Suprnmn Court to
rot tbo dead aside on the ground that It was
rbtninsd by > oerpon nnd fraud Judgo I Alien
decided thnt the deed was legally procured len
10111trocured ald
that the money must continue to be i aid tu
Iulllton It is tindei stood that Mrs Chne will
appeal to the full bench u wi
< ° 01 l nnceri Tnke > IMrity of Hop
Col Honors nfikcd Judco AnilrrvvH cftr
day for writs of habeas corpus to brine from
Wards Island Insane Asylum Into court tnen
tyelgbt alleged lunatics named McLaughlln
OKourke HankowlU Connolly Garrettoy
Jhjhnmnn Sanderson E It MeaL Jrohman
Cnrloche Schneider Sargent Ulako
Schnllder Sarlont Dnke Malloney
Clark Iluttorllold Conkllng C A Mayer J It
Day Patrick Cone ODonohue Donovan Dr
1nnober It Feeney Joe Ilannnhan C W
I unk Patrick Uleason Ledenebr and I L
Leaving tho Judgo to sign tho writs the
olonol hastened IIP stairs to heal Judge
Gorman In the Superior Court dlsposii If
thn writs In the cases ot Jamn Smith and J n I
Spenrwntot the old son Captain lames Smith
was found to bn insann H siifTerB fro Hmlh
< le sullrH
lusions ono of them being that Jim Flsk talks
to him from tho colling
Ouo of the doctorn who tostlfled In Smiths
rase nnlil ha was still of tho opinion thnt Col
Kogers was Inbnno
1111 Spenrwntor was found Insane nnd was
returned to the asylum Jlln Insanity IH due to
sailor n blow on Ibo hoad Indicted by a mutinous
A Wreck on he Northern 1uelOe
HELENA Mon Mnrch 2Tho eastbound
passenger train on tho Not them Pacltlcwas
wrecked near Noxou this morning fix miles
east of tho Idaho lln Ihe cars took 11 ro and
all were burned except two sleepers Express
Messenger Miles Is mlsHlng nnd It Is supposed
be was burned to drain Jvvo emigrant pas
sengers two lady tourists one chili the ban
gage master I postal clerk and porter of ilia
touristssleeper were Injured Th company
I curing for the Injured comtnn
The engine went through n culvert the ex
press mal baggage and two emlffraut cars
and firstclass coach went Into tbe ditch
tipped over and were burned Ihe express
messenger WAS killed and four passencere
were Injured how serlouvly lunotyit known
A wrecking train was sent from hero
Nonoof tboso Injured lu the Northern Pacific
wrook this mornlnl at U ron IR berlousl Ilcllo
Chelr blWe ar e Ilrl
lrockett p111
lrs 1 Cox 01 Yoklma
bound lor emphls 1 0 DITls 01
ln Lile
leaUlo anl her dAuble J W Woe
dom of 1atoD larr 1 ZD of
olU I D
A Notnbla Gnther > K of Horsemen Next
hr Hlnnrord Nullified with the Prleec
I leetloneerai Hon mid ItMnahlerc Kaeer
Ijr Houitht Th Ht lo to fo on Today
Tho nnnouncomont that Kolloga A C
would odor a consignment of trotter of all
aces from the famous Pnlo Alto stock farm of
Senator Leland Stanford of California
Bentor LIRnd Cnllornla at
tracted 1000 admirers of tha Debtharness
horso to the American Institute building yes
terday They saw by far the smooth anil
bestlooking consignment ever sent East from
1alo Alto and the opinion n general whon I
a tho clone of the day fortyfour head the cot
of Electioneer 1iedmont General Bonton I
Whips Lros Alfred Uonton Irollc ant Ansol
hat been disposed of for a total of IGOBD5 that
the snle was I splendid success
0 course tho Electioneer colts nnd fillies I
vt ore most eagerly sought They woro no but
ter looking nnd in many Instances not as j I
goodgaltod as the Piedmonts yot Electioneer I
is the style and bin
nowadays urogony noor
hang flro under tho auctioneers hammer At I
any rate Mr Kellogg did not havo much dim
cult In inducing such alert bargain hunters
us Miller ASIbloy of Franklin Ia D 1 Hor
rlncton acting for Jacob lluppert tho brewer
llobert Hteolo todar Iark Farm Philadelphia
H A Drowno t Co Kalamazoo Mich J Mnl
colm Forbes of lloston and others to Invest
40950 In fourteen heaL by the renowned son
of Ilysdyks Hnmbletonlau and Gioen Moun
tain Maid ThU glvcsan avoiace of I29J5 tier I
head 1 his will undoubtedly be surpassed to
day however ns theio are more cols In to
days offering than wore catalogued for yester
day The 1ledmonts eovon In number brought
Jl215 nn average of S112G42 This sire pnt
five nowones In the list last year nnd Is bound
to rival Ilectloneer some day if given equal
chanceBln Ibo btud
senator Stnuiord sturdy grilled imd vigor
ous as ahoy was hero there and everywhere
chatting with his friends mid discubslug tliu
tU Ir problem which I lie u seems to havo I
BOIVOU I nunoi anu Iuiu AILU mv iu uu maun
D examples of his deductions hon spoken
to regarding the sale the Senator said
Iho horses do not look HH well as I could
dcBlru alter the trip I tried to bring the best
looking lot that ever came Last but they slow
the effects of tho journey iho pricta roalli d
for foino aro all journel could desire whllo
others have ouo a trifle lower thau I anticipated
llobort lionnor was on hand early but ho
RS content to look on and watch the bid
ding There were any numi or of troitlnc
horse lon proent Auionc those noticed
I wero 1 1 Todhunter of Lexington Kj 1
Andrew Welch Hartford Miller A Blbloy
Irunklln 1n Robert Steolo Philadelphia
F C 1owlor Moodus Cnn C J Hamlln
HufTalo iioorge Leavltt Ijoston I W Me
lourlt Ltjlltt
rrills Stamford Conu Peter Mclntyre
Bridgeport Conn Col IL t Uusoll Mil
ton Mass Frank II Tincy Apalachln N i
Biott yuluton Irenton state Treasurer 1 Itz
erald Conland S 1 Gooige Archor
Rochester C 1 Nelson atervlllo Me Matt
lllle > H J McMillan Charles Basslni Jor
BO > City Undo Sim Hoaglanri T o King
Secretary Charter Oak Park Hartford T D >
Wils of Mlddietown at ono time owner of
Henry Clnj J II Goldsmith Johu Hplan C
M le Garmendla Frederick Md and otners
Ihe property uf Lelanl btanforil Ialo Alto lock
rue net of Electioneer lir Ryidyi Hambletortjan
IJayiiure IhHt clain AlmeJa malrl tiyWblpplea I
dit bIU Jlrl
llainbelonlan i II Meele I hUadelpIda JlXM
Bar Jeob nilr issn 1 dam Arafon by ueu Hunton
Invp 2t
Brown filly itw I < llnrburamnlJ by A VV Itlch
mnnd J Maloulm horbea Button 2600
Briwu tiny is > i > Jam cetllia by Pel bur b A
lhI lalauiario vllch I 1700
Brown iilly IN i aam irellla by Del ur I A
Hruwne Co lalamawj MIcU 23X
Bar co C U 1 dam CecU tiy ueu lleuton Jacob
Kuiriert citj 510
lulperL Cl t
Bay inly > dam Cora by thoroughbred Ion
Victor I I Inry I vtorrl llla la OOO
Lav nily I isnei < luin cora uy lion Victor S A
Ilro ne t Co kalamawo Vlkli V ioo
Car till IKH dam Porn br 1OD Victor S A
llrn no A fo nalaiuaioo Mkh SUO
Ila n I ilmnlla l by tu tau or Del I Stir J vial
Co in rorbes Hoiitnii JwO
Bay IWI INS I Ui I i Claribel uy Abtlallah Mar
viilier i IbWy rrankLi Ia 1 3 >
Bay colt l s dam rrMIc by VVllllsa Harry
ciav ili re our aiy I 4 100
Bavnly I l i dam l m by len Ilentoo B VI I
habcuck lllnihamton N V S2M
nay uv ifvi am Ivy I by lon Vittor I J
Moorebead Sorlbtaula 8JM
Totai for fourteen luad br Electioneer trfO 6o
Average i er liead A
1h eeiolVVlii < t iy Electioneer
Bar n11 IK I ilata Amnli byNutwool Frank
nark New llateii i nan flO
Bar colt IP I > J < dam < mlo a by General Heuton
lo 1 brn brlbow I
Bay roU IsrMdMntiai bMohawk Chief VV
A 1 ruderu > ak w
Chrilnut Illlv I v daai ntlcla I by Kobet K I
It I I I etllboiie vjrmlne la 0
Ila Illlr I l > n dam Mlrlda by H K Lee c t I
neaui bt f rtuit el 1 i am 00
111 ni y lo I dam Ia I dy Khoilei by General I
a iOr I 1110 Kutlaad V t < S
Total for ill lieidnr hDi ucu
Arera g lerhfal H1 I MI
11e KOI or Hill crwVrr by I lectlnneen
Ctiefttuut flilr > Jam Anhlaud by Akhland
A I Miller l < t U a Ulilo fX >
Urnynliy itn dam Juita by Miller bt Uair
t yv Moritau lleuIKlead I bL 1 VO
Total for two lietd by U Crocker kT6o
A era per beat J7 >
The net of I le moot i ITU by Almont
Cl e > u ut flI 1nf dam Adrie b > ueneral 1 Ben
ion stulr sIKfj trunkltii 6r 6
CheBtntitcult lenHdam 111 le Iy ieneral Ben
ton J J Crawford helinooL Mava l4jO
for b c IN > dam Hower llrl by t lug
lloueer mlth Powell 1 Lamb byrac HF N Y 1135
Bay nny IH dau Fluwer Oul by fcleuioueer
J Huppert cltr 2WO
Cliexnutuiate iKJ dam Qaell by Prli iR K
Hlerle I hlladelolla I 1300 I
Che tnut colt IN7 < dam Irene b > Jlohawlc
Chief F I 1 Morjan llempttead LI 10
laonotny 1 ch c IIMI daui iy br IJon Victor I
John f Balrd Bethel t O Z Sv >
Total for lertn bead by Piedmont putto
Ateraie per btad II ridmout
Tbageiofdeu Hentnn J J4W by Jim Ecott
Bay mare lews dam llaule C br tlectloneer
1il M llabcock Htnxbamtou i kbf 1 000
The nt of Alfred by r iectlo er
Bay colt Istvt dam Amlet by raUli M Flynn
Dar XJ 18
Bay ally IBW dam Barnei by Whlpplea Ilam
bletonlanJ T 1 anelord Milton Mail 830
Bar filly IOH dam Belle by Kenturky Prince I
Kobert bteele I fnllaaalphla 375
Bay colt ltw < dam llauy c by The Moor Law
aon Valeutlue city v >
Total for four bead by Alfred 112
Areraie per head fall f
The CI o Anal 2 ji by Klectloneer
Day nily IK 7 lain Addle I by llabroucki Ilam
liietonlan cblor Thoinai I Ilolan illy ftx
Tt a ael of lone br lieneral Bi nt n
Bar nny Irw dam llelle hr Keiiluilr 1rlnce
vv II I I Inn l I oiniur N 3
Ibegetof i eutbo rriilie by deneral Btnton
Clieiinut nily in ei dam Klooiuiuir by tieracn
irer Utrm John Cralu konkeri = o
Bar Kictiarition nily 17 I cltr damUui > aby fclictlonecr Tboi 81 I
Total for two heart by Benton Frolic U
AerMff tier head 911 I
Tlieveiof Nephew by llambrlnoi
Bay lillr II I luana by Don Motor W J
Hheeler boulh Parli I Me 106 I
The nt ol I roi by JI lour
I a b m hlid4 dam Ida by Un letiton K
hlid4I1 I1
Meeln I hlladelihla 7UO
Tie K t of i lay i by r Irctloneeri t
Bay colt I la liam 1dliliCarr by Clark Chief
KJ Mineral I corllan I s > 1000
Black cull lhH dam Lille by Uohawk Chief
HuMOll I k lleiiburn city l 4 >
Bay nily IHS7 aam FIJella by olunteer Robe I
hieele 1hlladelphla I X60
Hay iih IV Honda by 11 l K L oi Alex 1
Urown Jrcliy 330
Total per head by Day 26 <
Aerait per head K67 M
Total tor tho day tale tt brad tbe Bele of all I ilrei
nentloned VWM
Teraxererbead 131 ft
At the conclusion of tho Palo Alto aalo for
tho dity Mr Kellogg Bold the following
York Property ibc eitate of W in 1 Humphrey hiw
Merredea b rnlHTfi by Pleclloneer I filiny by
Paul l 1ablK i n Foota bhellleld ilaia bf
far b i l 7fl by Mectlonoer I Mary hy Jllller f
XL i l fr Miller 4 hitler Kranklln t Ia 1jio
J Properly of harlei Backinan blony Ford S Y
ro flo f l l by hentnky Prince Lotile
bv teller t Hambletonlaii J b Fer uion city 660
Today beginning at 10 oclock tho balance
the of the hammer Palo Alto consignment will pass uiidor
FrelKbt er Thieves Arreited
ST 1AlTij Slnrcli 23 Tho pollco Imvo
rondo some Important arrests and uncovered
I systematic and oxtonslvo robbery of freight
cars relghtcar toals on tho Oreat Northern
have been tampered with for some tlmo and
considerable property stolen The thieves
who were arycstml on Saturday gae luforma
tlon which Iud to the ariest 011 Mrs Huenney
Her two SOls Ud Malnney and FeL I Mi Con
nol In thnHweeney cottagu nnd burled In a
neighboring lot were found over JOLU worth
of I goods belonging to dllTerout firms In this
city Jbn hoya ha > e boon In tho habit of
boarding freight cars nrar Mainline andwhile
passing near their homo they would throw out
several boxox This was always done at night
and the plunder removed to a hiding placo
Annulled ij m LuUe
AUSTIN Tex March 25Dr JH Dorsott
Superintendent of the Stato Lunatic Asylum
was dangerously Injured yesterday by n luna
tic named McDermott He ai making his
usual rounds ID the wards when McPermotI
i > l7lng an iron rod crept brhlnd him and
struck him I blow on tha bend Three other
blows were struck boforo the attendants could
reitraln tbe maniac Frer slnco the dqaperado
McCoy was imnged at Ban Antonio McUrmott
ha been threatening Iln kill Dr lionatt be
csusehcsaia NI o 1 could lav > fYI1 tbt
Purify Your Blood
When iprlni approaeh It Urery t Important I thai the
blood ihould b porifled at at Ihli leatoo Impurltlei
which hart Impurll
aconmulatlcf for
bn aeealulatne rnontha or area
yeara art Habit to raanlfttt themeelrei and aerloiely
affect thf health Hood e fiartanarllla U undoubtedly I
th bll blood purifier It etpeli erery taint oubdl drltei
eat acrofuloui huraora and tlve to tlie blood the quality I
and tone eaitntlal to good health
eooo 111b
lloodi Bareaparllla li I aotd by alt drnmiti Unix I
forlV Prepared by 0 1 noon It CO Lowell Matt
oUt 6angt It
100 > 10 Kat Ifltt ftbmnak
Tho Largest and Finest Lino of
Now and Secondhand Car
riagca in tho City
MUorilllAMS equal to new built by Bra
eter In J n nrewner A Co r M Bllrer
llealey t Co and other OrtKlaaa makera
tier Co J B Brewiter A Co and other o4
JEIKJANT nFItlIN roACII In perfeet or
der without a mark built by Ilrewiter Co
Broadway and 47tl > it
BIXfiPAT AND IXTl Ntill FKOST Conpt Rockft
waya built by lirewiier Ca and A T Demarei
O tirntsn by Brewiter Co alia GRAND YIO
TUKIAHandotLerabyall the bett bulldert
eiiienilon top I liielom Iloctora Ihattona Ladled
Iirlvlnir Ph4etntii top and no top Road Warooibr
flrttc a > i bulldere
DOMI Til IIAIINFS sadlle and Bridle
MiltA fur ana cloili llnbei BlankeU lo
bred by an 1 the pror erly of
the lion lF IAMi SIASFOHD
of Menlo Turk I unfertile
TUESDAY and UbDMSiiAt March J > and 28 1M
ouimencltijr earli day at luo clock at the
AMInt AN I XTII i TK ntiriiKn
Sdar between Kid and dlth tta Newlork
tuftlcr 107 John at
The cnnMffnmPnt Ircludee liead by the rreat ln
Tie lloue r abo it emiall tlfilded ne to aex The r
malndirare larirely by nona of I lectloneer like An l
J 11 < la 1 rot 1 > t hl v i 7U an I Will
rocker The others are by i le linout 2 I7C Nephew
j H urn tienton and hh t > IIK Hentonii n Alfred Ion
and llenton hrnlli many nt them uut of maret hr Meo >
ttoneer to that M a whole the catalogue lareely liar
t ke of Hectloneer b < oil
> or cataluyuei aadreit
ThTtRr KPLLoan ro
10 John > t New orfc
Jta U74 U70 HltOOMK T
and Ammmr
i c xprinio mo Cart Style
nn uiioiiins
llteiiular Btlrrer htyle l
B I In dak and I alntell
1S < > < KA V AVS i AOONI r i cs
111 Iron II IVNllAlM
Coupe >
Dog and > llage Part Glen Ktanbopet rhaetont
RoainnKont tatio Road Irapa Darw t YNajroni Poo
tort Ihaetnnj Children a Trapa Buckboardt bx Top
cabrloleta loplon > Ihaetona
ItrODRhauili I anrlaur I ockawayx Conch Carte Dmnl
butea lload W agon I haetonp Il Tou Cabrloleta Me >
torlai Fancy Irnra Curtain llockawajs Laudaulela
WhlUtMRKoft witli rcontlnQei it U not bad idea
tn aT wf r nnl tearon ynur ntie bnujry bynftnirnnt
ttm coil much le i money nJ that nntler tb clrctim
ntAticcs answers everr piiri Die If you ajree with this
entimont look nt oir JUndri Manner Con
rordft Siiadlen Ac but Jo not forget that WAMIQ
niftuuracturn 111 extfiistro line of tlio ry beitcir
rlftiie lu xretit arlet
03 Murray at
Is the bett in the market for quality flnlth and eaiy
rtllnff It In popular at price Ja within reach of alL
hpfclal prlcea to d t alert and x port trade JXAfIN 11
1A itN AM > UKIAUi CO 1511SU
t > on IU Atb T N 1
IK flfO
Foil PAII ery I anaorne Mrelnla laddie bone 4
rearaold r hands roan e ray haj been th < rouirh
Ir bilteil and trained by a ludj prite < 3Xl Addrcal
1 oil Ultice bux 1 ixji nty
Flll sAIF A ba > hone IK hanita high 7 yeara old
ityllth lound And kind Apiuy to JAMF owner
coachman Home I tub Mablea ir > l eit tUti It
OR fiAIr ounK work hor e double top wairon
Jl double act of harueta cheap JJ rit tfth or 7J
luth ay
11 OUR IN iFAVD COArirbrHoland jflloUand mod
eruteirlce MM II RA1 fiaji 1 J Uoottent
11011 SAI I SU lounl work horiei for rale cheap
A trial allowed aluo pony larl IMI fhrjlllo IL
FOP HAM Three eood work hones younjr anft
ound mutt te told Kit < re nwlcn it
Lioll NALh rity mae lontf I oir carj enter wagon
X bargain J7 > oiunibta l flrookyii
UR 8Li dooil workli e hnrtei tarti andharneaa
I all at residence T Halt I Ill tt
111111 SAI E Bar mare liUiundi tound and kind 101
HARM AMT ADDLFS Mult be told to clo
butinciN bitife ruck farm grocery fw aa < i
I d es irJ u Murra > it uear HroadwMi
I c t HFALS Aiilcnee
HOR LH FOP UF Hit pi Teinentior lao fto
onrt hAti 1 waffin an < l tiarnrM an < l < Id wheel cheat
n inlitl Mutt I xprrxi Co iUb i corner Bth fl
IlenderKon l Jeraej City
HANPsOMK IIOHSF FnrT AfFTBir nli nltihi
for driving or r line ao brouzham Pt r 4
fou London III NN Coachman 1 A t aitJl t
WANTH > f Bl On lfftnrw7rimaichl d r
baTiand nn team well mulched rlark rbeitnuti
n < t o ir yfHn old i Vg itnndu hlffli liiffh kn > action
nnd tlack point K uinl and ood tr4Tcllert C ll wltb
fuU particular trlmem < Aiid I M
JUKh MENKSDF a U 171 Itarlit Sew ork
Mil l l and M3 rtl Kith n
on Mnndar frnm 4 toH I M
Plllllt MlNlf UI1IR
erery 1 rldav evening from A to uio clock
riTRAi PARK Kir > iNCJ
QUfc > TRIAN OTTKITN Illustrated ratalorueifret
MlirMAVsAimulio URihambenit
rca imXfti TA
THE 0rca
O ffcRRfl
BL I A Btfm nar < ai
CV fl 7 7aw u not a
liquid tnujT w iVr
pw Jtet nto tM nottnl it tt
quickly r abtorlxa Jt cUantet tfu head ailayt inflammation htalt
A nefnnlt Kntctwd AKKU > t Mr Qnachen
hoc on llr ICilamcei tlbel Unit
Tho suit for libel of tlio Hov Dr Jnmos H
nvlnnco rector of St Marks Church against
Nicholas Qunckenhos of his congregation
cnmo up lu tliu courts In a singular way yes
terday Thecaaowns sot down for trial In the
Huporior Court twowe > oks ngo William Ful
lerton counsel for Mr Junckonboe was busy
in tho Flack case and tho itylancoUnackenbos
trial was postponed Thon Mr Quacken
bos asked Judgo OGorman for permis
sion to amend his answer making
additional charges of Immorality against Ur
llylunco on condition that certain particulars
phould be furnished to the plaintiffs counsel
Tho request was granted nnd the case was sot
down for trial yesterday afternoon before Chief
Justlco Sodgwlck Yesterday morning tho at
toinoys went before Judgo OGormnn nnd Mr
John II Leavltt tho plaintiffs counsel com
plained that ho had not received tho Informa
tion Btlpulnted foi Judgn O Gorman post
poned the hearing on this point until I 1
Jloforo tinttlmo arrlvod tlm cao of It j lance
against Ciiupl < oibtn was called In llilef Jus
tlco Medgwlckn court Lawyer Leuviit do
manded that tho CKSP proccol nt men Mr
I ullorton nld that nono of his wltnantos nn
in court ns he had not lh Bllghleit ld u that
the tilal ol tho cao would bo demanded bofoin
tbo motion to amend tho niiswor was disposed
uf Ho was mornovor uttorly oxhausted from
his labors In tha Hack cut nnd must aslt for
nu adjournmont on that luvniint Hit nald that
Lol Itllowfl who was associated with him na
cottnflnl fnr Mr LlnnpLnnhivn priill nnt nmmil
ntjin eont
Jotoph H fhonlo who appeared with Mr
Lenvitt for Dr llylanco urged thit tho trial
coon at once so that Dr iDluucnti character
could bo vlndiontcd Chief Juntlce HcdgwlPk
Bald that the ca e mtiHt prnroed nt once He
was Inexorable and Air Fullerton doclarnd
thai ho could not appear Tho Court ordered
ndclnult to bo tnkon
JudKoSougvvIck directed nn Inauostnnd Mr
Lenvitt opened thn caso Sir I ullorton Bitting
lu as a spectator Tbe dolondnutput his bead
Into the couit room onco but Mr Fullerton
told him ha wasnt wanted nnd he went out
Jonn W Muzlo of Arnold Constable t Co
tcstliled thnt ho had known Dr llylanco for
fifteen yearn as a man of high standing In the
Church nn nblu minister nnd a man of high
moral character Ho Identified the nlleued
libellous letter as having been written by
iho Kev OrmesD Keith Irving Paris nnrl
Chalmers Wood nlso testlllodtotho high moral
character of Dr Itylnnco nnd an ndjpurnmont
was tnken until todnr when Dr Rylance Is
oxiectud to tpstlty Mr Fuilorton will move
to open tho default
tutribo niTit nvxann
Pitiable CoiidltloD or tbe FiamUy of Hick
IViir Veteran In nrooklyn
A reporter rnndo nn Investigation yester
day In response to tho following letter which
was very neatly written
1iMToitor me Sti Mr Couia yoa do u a faror by
eallmg on us for we are In a dtititnto condition with
out any mean I arm I alck not able to do any work
and we have rive small children Aud vie have nolblntr
In the home for tlieiu to eat and mamma li not able to
do any work and It ou d be hard for tin to be put upon
the Ireet for not pt Ire the rent
Would joti call on 111 and ne otr condition I lam 12
yeariold I am tehlui you ibe truth
IinriiA BcitRnirs
701 Waphinttlon avenue near hark place
BuoniLTi March 4 lt J
lo pltaie call
John liurrowK hU wifo nnd five small chil
dren wero found In tbolr littlo home at TU1
Washington avenue Burrows hiruelf was
sitting In a wooden chnlr with his feet on an
overturned bonu box His scanty clothing was
much worn and his thin face waspaleand
pinched The chlldicn were on the floor nnd
actually crying for something toent Iho room
contained two chalro a stovo nnd a rickety
bod on which thero lay n middleaged woman
nvldentl lu pain Burrows hns n lung disease
which he Rtys is Incurable and which will In
timn kill him Ho is at present totally unfit for
woin although he has managed to do small
jobcUiilnc the past winter which havonot
supplied him with enough money to par his
rout 7 a month He will owe for twu moutliA
ront on April 1 and If it is not paid ho will ho
evicted llofcrvod In SiuklesH regiment tho
bvi > nt > first New ork oluntters
His wife IK also disabled She has suffered
from aiancerous afToctlon of Her lelt foot fnr
twelve yours She seldom leaves her bod and
it was u most plttlul sluht to sea tho children
i liuging labor taltotod vvrnppor and crying
for tlO bread she nan unablu to give The
whole family have xubsisted on what food a
dollar which foma charitable person gave
thorn could buy and on tlo proceeds of thn
oldest childs becking excursions since a wook
ago Hunday Uurrovvs sa8 he Is steady and
temperale and thin Is corroborated by his
neighbors ncHrb nil of whom aro veri poor
During tho summer Ilurrows is able to do a
littlo work an his complaint is not BO Bovorn
then A hospital physician told him he would
grow WOIBO each winter until he died There
wax not as much as a crust of bread In the
house The family aro well spoken of by the
HI PromUcnoii InrrmAklnii Get him
Into Merlou Trouble
CniCAOO March 23 An alloKcd German
nobleman who has been passing under tbe
name of Count rrancis Gertrand Goatto was
brought to book In a pollen court today For
somo timo ho has boon In the habit of fre
quenting tho store of Marshall Field V Co
Yesterday afternoon Miss Dolphin Gillette of
liifl Michigan avenue entered the store wuera
upon ciootte proceeded to miike love to her In
tho most nidont manner nnd handed her a
note in which ho Intimated that ho would
commit sulPldelt she did not reciprocate his
affection Hn was arrested nnd was sentenced
to throo months conllnemontln the House of
U appeared In evidence that the Count has
been in the habit of vMtlui tlio fashionable
churches on the South side and distributing
his fervid attentions nmong the ladles In tbe
most lavish manner but heretofore the worst
fntn that hub Dotation him has been In tbe
sliane of warnings Irom mule relatives of tbe
ladles to cense his annoyances on pain of being
douo up In the most approved stylo of tho
manly art
Four Hoy iT et In float
McDonald Hnrry Carney Joseph
Ryan and Georgo M Page boys of from 10 to
14 v cantof age hired u row boat from William
Taylor at KllBt street and Kast Itiver yester
day afternoon eajlng they woio going flshlns
In tho Harlem lllvot They rowed Into thn
Kills whore tho whirlpools nnd Hroiig tldo
upstt tbo boat All four wer < > thrown into tbo
rlvor und asTarney and Kyan wnro the only
ouos whocould svvlin tho > mado for tho shore
leaving th > lrcompanionH helpless
John Lcnry who Is omplovod on RandallH
Island paw the plight of thn luckless lade and
springing Into the water BWHIU to whoro tbuy
were sinking He got both boys to tho opposite
chore after much dlftlculty and took them to
Mrs Wllletts house whonce they were n nt
home Ihe boys llvo with thilr parents atJU
Last IDCth street
A IIlEblilnder r > enlrnee
HAN FllANOJhco Mnroh 33 Leo Chuck n
Chinese who was recently convicted of murder
in the second degree foi killing a fallow coun
tryman four yoaru ngo was fenttncod today
to llfty years Imprisonment at San Jucntln It
was one of the most noted Chinese criminal
cases ever brought to the attention of tho
courts here and a Inrcu amount of money ban
been fiieut In tho prisoners defence IIT the
hlgbblndnr society to whloh he belonged
buck wns twice convicted of murdei In tbo
first degiee and sentenced todoath I acli time
tho Supreme Court reversed tbe conviction
Chuck killed his victim who was a member
of a rival society by ehooting him down In thn
Mreet and othor hlehblnders then riddled the
lody vrlth bullets
A Craiar Coaebmam Act
ROCKPOIIP III March 25 Leo Mortlnotto
was arrested at 0 oclock last night for at
tempting lo shoot Miss Mlnnla McDowell Ibo
15yearold daughter of Dr W A McDowell
Martlnetto Is a ronchman nnd had been emi
> loy d ns coaUiman by the physician Ho fell
i n lovo with tha Doctors daughter Last nljcht
IB made bis way Into the bouso Mlnnloit pa
routs being away The clrl raluxed to listen to
his lovemaking and llartlnotte produced a
revolver and fired at her Tbe bullet went
wide of Its mark and Minnie made her etcapo
from the house and gave tbe alarm U r
crazy lover was aopnUndd yrlthoutuifflonJty
iriinnoina ais aooss
Hyr en e nnd n llwl Tlll
ronal Aeeonnl In Then
Lost January Judgo Kennedy of BvracuBO
appointed Isaac I Potter of this city referee
iiiaplm0of tho litigation In which Frank a
Holllns Co aro Involved with the Byracuso
nnd Ualdwlnsvllle Itnllroad ThU Is ono of
tho roads which Ilolllni promoted becoming
Us President member of the Executive Com
mittee llacnl agentand through n third party
contractor and of which one of his clerks
Donald M Henderson was secretary and
treasurer The road wont into tho hands of a
recotvtr not long after It was finished llobert
W Wobbsund the receiver Floyd F Ilentley
to recover possession of a locomotlro nlloged
to be security for notes given by tho company
The receiver answered that money to pny tho
notes was sent to the llscnl agent In January
IBM Mr Iotter was directed by the Court to
exnmlnn tl o TinaaurorB accounts to deter
mine w hat had bei omo o tlilst mouey
At thxllrst hearing bold ou Jan Jo Hondor
eon toxtllled that bo did not intend personally
to his ilutlen as tieuBuror did not keep per
sonal memoranda ur monovB received by him
us treasurer and hud no books other than tho
books of I llolllns v Co with whom all tho
inonots worn deposited Ho acknowledged
having received HiiiM Irom llucolver Dentloy
but hodanlvd that It WB Bont lu pnymont of
tho locomotive notes When the referee dl
lepted liender on to produce tho books In
which his nccounts wore kept Henderson ro
fu id tu do so on tho ground that tl Q > wero not
lu tilo pnisosMlou and Holllno rnlusrd on the
ground that tho decree of < ourt expruFPlv foi
budo nny Inquiry Into hl prlvaln nccouutR
while the trcahurer s entiles wero included In
his private books Iho roloieii persisted In his
demand or tlio books nnd fiom thnt tlmo vu
rlotiHndjnurnmontH ui thouiso havo oecuripd
until lusterdnv when thu matter wns con
noiimn nnu noniiorpon wero present witn
their couneol Gco I Jirnlneid and Mr Albert
Gallup IIPI oared for tha receiver Henderson
presented n paper which purported to be n
trauH rlpt Irom tho books of r c Holllnn A
Co showing Heniluieuus accounts n treas
urer Mr dnllup objected tu this paper Tho
referee admitted It but not as a siitl fn < tory
compliance with his demands Henderson said
ho had not mado tb < transcript himself Ho
bad a < ke I Holllns to have it mado
llolllns wan recalled but ho could not Iden
tify thu paper us he had not seon Itboloie
< ino of hisclorks had mado it at his request
Ho too was morally pertain that Itwasox
acilv what It purported to be Mr OalluiniBked
Havo sou the b > oks In jour posession
which contain thn accounts of the tie surer
4 I dont know lopllid Holllno 1 havo
various books but 1 dont know much about
them My bookkeeper attends to them nnd bo
could lell jou what thny contain 1 HUI po e
they contain tho nceountrt of which this paper
is a transcript but I am not ctMtnln
Asked again to piodtico his books ho do
cllncd and that was nil tho releroo and Mr
Gallup got out ol him Ho tbe matter ended
nnd will rust until Mr 1otter mokes his report
to Judgo Kennedy which will bo within ufow
3000 SIOUB
Vllllam Plrcponn Uenand on Public Ad
rnlnlitrator lydecker
Charles E L > docker tho Public Adminis
trator received a letter ton days ngo from Len
vitt A Loavitt lawyers at 230 Broadway de
manding S2 OCX as part of the estate of John D
Kennedy who committed suicide In tho Put
nam House last Jul > Mr Kennedys effects
consisted chlolly of about 300 shares of Cen
tral Paclllc Hallroadstock Some weeks after
his death William Pirtiacu a friend but not a
relative of Kennedy claimed everything that
Kennedy hid left but as Is customary in such
cases tho Publlo Administrator refused to de
liver up tha effects wlhout an adjudication
Through LeuvlttA LcavlttMr 1lrsbonbrought
cult lleforo tha case was brought to trial
Lawyer Job E Hedges of 111 liroadwuynp
peaied In behalf of cn alleged brother of Ken
nedy who lived In Ireland and also claimed
tho estate Gilbert M Spelr was appointed
referee and decided in favor of Mr 1irobou
Mr Lvdockor said jesterday
As the iiscoto wore found by tho referee to
be entlreli the piopertj of Mr 1irssoii the
Public Admlulstiator wits left without a dollar
to conduct the litigation A judgment having
been entered against mo personallj an appli
cation was mado to the Court to have tho judg
ment modified to extend to mo In myolllclitl
capaclt > but Judgo Lawrence decided that in
cases ot this klntl where assets of strangois
cauie Into tho hands ol tho 1iibIiP Admlnlstrj
tor he must bo hold personally responsible A
deputy sheriff walked Into my olllce uuo day to
collect under thib elocution 1 put myealt in
communication with Leuvitt 1 Leavltt who
hail made an olTer to Bottle tbo cusu by allow
ing JJuuO to the estate I consulted Mr
hedges and llnally settled tho case with Mr
Leavltt tuining over to him tho property
which had bet n found to 1 olong to his client
excepting tha fJiiUD which he conceded In sot
tlomout an appeal being waived Tho Ji
shares vvoro worth altogether about illGot
1 paid over about tOOH and I now hold t J OJO
for the Lonellt of tbo estate loss tin fm oral
expenses nnd expenses of administration
Jhls money has appeared in my reports to tbe
Comptroller xo that there Is nothing personal
about It II Mr Hedges s client is notnbiothor
of the deceieod and if there are nn next of kin
thn money that I bavo secured lor the estate
will go Into tho cltj treasury
Mr II Ii Loavitt pavs he is colnctosue on
behalf of Plrsson for the IOUO
It doesnt belong to tbe Public Adminis
trator aud it doesnt belong to tha city ho
mid yesterday ihe proposltlou to settle
didnotcome flora me Our firm In fa t ad
vised Mr PlrfBon not to accept It liut Mr
1lrsson wns in need of the money and signed
au agreement with Mr lvdccker person
ally of which 1 was a witness by which
ho relinquished his claim to 2UOO and
agreed to take 10000 He actunlh received
less than JOOuo for he also consented to pay
the costs of the case and expenses vvblifi
amounted to 141 Mr Lvdecker hasnt the
slluhtest claim to tho inonoy he holds cither
officially or personally
Ur Oroe beck Huy > fiOOO Acre of land
Aerois tbe Rlter from Aucuntii
AcorsTA SIdrch 25 For several vvocks
Mr truest Grcesbeck a wealthy Now York
city banker has boen here prospecting and
today he purchasod tho hill tops and eloping
river front just onposlte Augusta on tho South
Carolina side of tbo Savannah Itiver Mr
Groosbecks purchase contains about G Ouo
acres for which It Is aald he paid 511 io The
land was owned by Ur Meullng Judgn doton
Mrs Iwlggs and Mi Tom llntler nnd lies
just beyond the wellknown battlellelduf Ham
burg Mr Oroesbock proposes to erect a
palatial hotel ou Iho land and make It tho
most attractive resort South 1 ho land will bet
cut up in lots and developed and cottnge for
Northern visitors nnd suburban residents will
ndd to tho charm ol the place for c it looblo
LnrllnoBnud carriageways will connou with
Aucuuta nnd a handsome bridge to accommo
date cars and carriages will Bpnn tho savannah
Itiver Mr Greenback returned to Now ork
tnnliht to consult his associates und perfect
tho details of Ills plan
TrJInic to Kurn Illaui rck
Sllun March > A His
mnrok N I Bpoclol pavs Someone tried to
burn up tho town this morning at o clock
An incfndlar > started a blazo botweu two
empty building with wind blowing Rl < cty
mile an hour Ihe old Oi urn House un Tlind
street tho laundry building belonging to
oeniBo 1 Ilnnnvry of Minneapolis and the
Judklns phoiOkrai h galloiy wero burned Uhii
fpaikH but Ilia to twu bitutll houncs two blocks
distant nnd burned thorn up Inlv thu wot
rvofH fiom tho recent snoufl saved half of th
town About tbe came hour a tiro WHS started
In a lumbar > ard In tbe oast end uf town but
was put out In tlmo
l l In Ml lliliil
N Sllsfl Jlnrch 2 > I lio Stnto Pro
hibition Lxecutlvo Commltteo met hero today
A committee wus appointed t propuro nn ad
dress to the pnople of tbo Slain A Stntn on
volition vvns railed lo mcot hero on Juli 1 llin
Prolilbltlonlsis wilt make a strong effort to
haui n prohibition plunk Inforted In the n vv
I onstttutlou when Iramed From tlio mooting
today It IH evident Iho iiouihlijon liilluomo
will bn felt In tbe election nf d0ir > gut03 to tho
Constitutional invention lu August
Currlneeii Makfi Flflli Avenue Una Ionf
Itour an Sunday It I
Pol Illlott T Kliopant 8lond nrnuod In
tho Mayors ofilco yehtordav afternoon Innn
iritnnsoly nnxlouit condition Ilia counsel
Noah Unvls nnd rovornl illroetornof thellttb
Avonun ritapo Cunipnnr Blood around with
him Ihey worn waiting forn meeting of th <
Sinking runU Commlnhlonerc nnd wanted
permlBslon to double the fare on the Sabbath
Looping stages and to extend the lino
i ho applli alien hud been rolorred to Comp
troller Myi ri and hti made a report favoring
tho proposed ehaiikes on condition that the
Oiniany pny21 percent of Its gross receipts
to tho city b MJes the 20 license fee for each
Btngo and that Htngos bo run on Sunday
Him biought Col bhepard to his feet Ink
what stnceson Bunday Never he cried
Mr Davis also rose and said that It was
wrong to suggest dese < rating the Habbath
He said also that thn commiuy was hound by
thn terms of Its contract with CoL tihecard not
to run Btuiua on Sunday
Mayor Giant thought thnt a livepent far
was bit onough and he was willing to make
f < omo cunt nssloim In regard to tho peicnntnga
on teculitslf livecent fates were retained
Periling n rearrangement of thu llguren tba
matter was adjourned for one week

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