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f TkU S UJ UA1bi1A X AitOil 2U4 loJO j
KALI 1IA rims
B4WIIB In IhAo it the AtI
AU ad TiiektI MtInoWt
Ihe riKhltre Are floIuTbe MahtIs
Alhlcllo tlukt New Hckcmr
Jack OIa cook Is I repotted M B rlnB that ho
DM ooter been asked to captain the New
York notr not haq ho any ambition for the poBi l
tlon President Day slit yesterday thnt he
tIM bad no conversation with OlsBCOok nor
with ant one olso conoornlnn tho cnptnlnor of
wih team this seanon from what I know of
Oascockn rrorloUB efforts ns captain how
syor he Bald 1 think tn t would mi konn ad
mlrablo tmndler for tho Now Yorkn nnd I ahull
probably Intlln him to accept the position ant
too 1 have roauubt no doubt hut that he would accede to
AKIIOK Ohio March 5Tbl Trltnt JMo
Hall enulo 1 held IIH xchedulo ineotlim her
J Ioa Tlio t I onijun for tbo next aot1 will
be corapo < ol of Mohp08iortni Mioel nc
t W Va Hrrlniilldd Dnrtin Jlftnsflold l an
ton iounuitown nnil Akron I lio imlary
I ton was tuned from 1500 to 7uo Tho Ameri
can Association rulrH wcro luloiiled and tno
SpnldlnK bull WOB oho tl Ito I paiiuo was
OJTldpd Into two division riprliiLllelil iJaytun
MaiiBllolil nnd Ciintnn loraptlsliiK tho West
ern and tho remaining clubs tho 1 EI tern J ho
t Mason openi on April 81 11 Iflo Vieetorn division
I vision will play In ttiO Est frAt Tho season
Islol wllllnT
tlo is orn opu 10 nun nil cliamplonslilpKamo
f rostppnod or tied must b u played oil Lofora
8el1 iimpIrcB will bo uniformed J I Burns
of Jlntislletil was olocted lcol resldint RIO
I r orln FrAnk llronur of Hoyton rcelciifd
J ho clmmpIoriFhlp sorlna consists 12fi names
I for cacti cluk All clubs arc orcanlroil and
ready to bcKln work At oneo rho J mpotlnR
woe tlio not harnionlotii and enthusiasticIn
tho lilstoiy 01 tho organization handuulr do
hl8tOl 11 onnllzlton
Blnil tuonter but was relusod admission
niiLAniviriiK March 21 Catchor John
I umentH of HID Phlla lolphla National Leniio I
Club arrUcd In town ypstorda Un camo
i r homo In tusponso tu n tvleuratn from hli wla
I announcing that iho baby IB l nick Clem
I 11 Is I lilt an la and at burly as ever Ho
I van Yrr ItadIiant wlion Till SUN correspondent
ent told him about tho Htnrles that ho waa
II to jump 11m 1 cnuuu contract Ihiueiio
rtich Intention elluu ho 1 am with tha
I Ihlludplphlaa to stay and so are Ihomp
V lhlulollhln8 Ior and iloiu > on WhY rjam
i Thompson BIIJH that mn iifi than play bull
j with the Brotherhood ho would iro back to
I I i farming Ihe llrothorimoil and tho 1layorB1
I Jiiituuo aro m iklnir 10 cITort to Induce tho
I loiiiniollaxirnto iiimii Umlr lonlricts Horo
I 14 l a sainiibi ol It This telegram I rucolved Jiit
bofori Inmlnir Jnclboiilll 1 > lumonls than t
oloo Irlllnl Jnclbalfl
I cxhlbllnd it leunim to lilt SUN orri < spond
If l out which read an follows
1iui DFLiiiu March 22
I JQh n ritnenti fiilTitri11 I Hillitut tj 1 U 1M
I I jou aio Milling wo will transfer you to
II l CloTulutid I Is your last chunco
1 J KnrlWncnor In it director of thi llajers
LfiiKUoi I lul I ufllltnocontinued Cloments
1 that IhumiiHim Mjurs oMun ana other
Icauuo plujurs have Leon approachuJ 1 In tha
I I pamnwa YOI oin put I down nt eurnll that
niltlioruioason Mjors lliouiiaon nor myself
Will dosort tho IIIIKUO
1 CiuniOTTriMiir March 2Tho Dostonfl
t I plaiod a prniMlci camo with Ibo Unltorslty of
i I vlrKlnln today and won by I U 1 to G In live
I InnlniTH The Dobton bnttury was Utimbort
find Murphy tho opiioslni buttery Tulbot ant
p Hurry linn iirotitliers mado a home run
Jhnrman a throo liner und Madden thret
I plnuiosi 1 ho coll > uianH lire fast picking up In
their work and will hard to make a food
Miowln4 on cdiiodu 1 Tlio IJofltona are also
Indulging In haudb ill pructloe
r I lnr Hall NOtes
t Hi alt tat Tom Dciutley li Iniane and U I to b
I pAO ll ih All JIBJIUDI
Tue lirnoklru IS L I club will tall for haul to mor
row rh hill Ltr on hundo
Jim Miita KEB In Hie ally reilrUajr tiarlnfr comA on
to teitKy In Die Wart CMS luJlng ILAt be ii Aloo
late be left Tur liom upaln
I I HottitN March J II I Cano the well known New
Turk twlrler I practloititr daily In cotniany with
larnit ni il Mlah Murray aDd Crane will Join tilt
low orki about Airll
j n tnon
Richmond o 0 o t 1 0 0 0 O 2
g g g 0
i llalnmuro ooooooiu 7
J liana hltaliaUlmure 0 RIchmond 4 ErronBaltl
I I more J Richmond 0
L t 1 1 tIT L01L1 March 21Tom McCarthy reported her 10
t I day sad wai made captain nt th St Louis Hrowns kto
I f I rarthy le mil ot via and has ben an api puplll ot
j lotnlslier All the ut Louis playeri are now litre ei
l I cent buffi who li I sick In Mobile Tne base ball war
will open sunday when hvansvllle open here with tht
Drown aud Chicago and Cleveland at Brotherhood
Prank Fennelly captain ot the Brooklyn Association
I I team arrived in town vfsterdny from his home In fall
litTer Today all tho Brooklyn boy are expected to
i tJ1I
II t on hand at Casey s handball court at court and
I Dsraw streets Brooklyn The men will be titrclied
I t dally from in to Iin I Iiching i catching throwing Ha
lhuig np wilt a good sun run
I j I H cmcmxiti March 2Th RsJs lift Ihli tvtnlng for
I Toledo whirl the rerlei bookid for Cincinnati will bt
played Four of the boy remained I at home wlIII the
I M river ui itill on thn rampage Cincinnati Columbus
ult racy tranepoie their dat a At noon today the tr
I Was clear up to the pitcher s box and tie boye nut in
I an afternoon practicing a vacant lot adjacent the
I I I park out of tut 001 t i i reach
I ST Arccmr March 5Tha Fl f I Anguitlne Club fall
I It sd to report the ball park today tht learn feellnir
ft considerably demorallie 1 over their very bad defeat of
yellerday by the llrooklyu I League club A good crowd
I II was present and Brooklyn indulged In two hours of ex
cellenl practice much to their benellt and the pleasure
of thoei prisent The Brooklyn will leave I lore to
I morrow for Jacksonville and sail on Thursdar morning
I direct for New York The men are well anti will rear
i home In good form
I HTFUCUII March 25 Members of the Ryracuia Amirl
Can Association Ham have begun Jo arrive and by Sat
I unlay they will all be on hand They will be put Into
J the U MCA 1 gymnasium work and will be given
f I outdoor work at Mar Iark I Cntll Anrll 6 when they will
tart on tl elr shake up trip filcher Toby Lyons of
I llosion lays thai he v111 not come lo Syracuse Ha
t claim that Manager Krazer agreed to pay him a
month salary lu Ivincn Frater denies any such
contract On the oilier hand Mr frarer says that he
Culver promised to lay lions one ceutlu advance of
I salary I other than > J which waa paid according to
1 One of the meet Interesting hue ball dooumnnta be
limed thie year 11 be Hpaldlng lOmclal hOlds In ad
j aliion to Ha valuable and very comprehensive statistic
In which all prominent leaguee and associations are
racognlaed d with considerable mlnuteneai
lbs practical working the renrve rule A financial
aluteuent taken dire t from the books ot tht different
dab or thus National i I eague Is given I In tabulated form
ndihowi now each player salary was Incnased ty
till nit Irom one club lo another by eaou of bis re
ieaP5 The table also chow the aggregate ealarles re
JkZa the playersot the League from lbtui I to 1i8i
hack Ewlngwu paid e34txo in tile I nIne I iO it
I sly 1 01 perquielte Ward CiIIrO 0 Uourh 27uuu i
xr iohuet and Itdbouru C257O Altolllbr fIt
teen of the I eague club I photon five of the > w orks I
I live of the hlcauos amrtlve of the Buffalo were paid
I elure 1SHI rl5i wi m salaries The guide will I e found
lob a very useful diary and erery nu ball man
fioaid nave It
BJ chl American Assnclatlon Rate Ball nnide
whlcb hai always been consIdered 1 an authority on the
national game aa well ai u handbook of general In
1 1 formation to those Immedlauly Idenllned with the
asllnie baa been very carefully I irepared for hue
I Ualon of ItiXu and tue aV r contaIn are mainly I oni
etal 1Ild the llkeuieees III Irndnl Ith 4 this
I Philadelphia League Clot and Il Ihlr Irldnl
i fbi American I cooclaloii it glue ill uk pottraile
j 1 of Tmlny Tuctr tue fvI I of the
elatIon Hamilton In leading base runnr A re
tuine of tile l < as 1111 ol iou I and the prosi ecu for the
coming rear or all malar and minor organisations art
Bong the special ieahuts It glysi the history of tht
I laveraLeague shows the heavy ballere of 1wu and
I contains a description ot all tht Asioelatlon and League
pennant winners Tl t olllcial averages of the various
orzanlratlons are given III full also the constitution
I laying roles and schedule ut the Liague and Aujtrl
can AssociatIon
The first gniat of the flutters ratlonal Leant hoe
Uin issued I by iht Hrnutil Becrsiary and Treai
tire orh fMU7Vlt a Pretty and complete bait
bait book Tbe publisher lays I great Cites upon the fact
that no worn out featurti will bt found wIthin Its page
Accuracy will bt found a special feature ledeslgned
to plant the public eipeclally The conttnta Includt a
klltorr of m riayertv National 1 League by John Warif
JmTt ihthecretarrot tile brotherhood narrate
I tbt birth ant I progress of the orgaiiliailou The world i
hampioiishln contests from IcM with tie pitchers
tf club aol Sg rs recorded A very lengthy rt
Tw with f rr ranl 11 r
records the League and American 1 Assocl
siloS ChampIonshIp > season of lies art among toe Inter
ting tUluro of tue guile II alo haa a detailed list
1 lbs omelet plan agreement and contract Jump
JJ with Ihe i laying ruin if Ihe lareriLeague Itll I
b tInt tint that II 111011 rule 01 the new League
esv bn publlh11
Again I the lesion drawing near
When Use ball cranki win ihonL I
Tbt rival Leagi es are lighting hard
j To knock eaili other out
The town as ails the opening glints
I To sit the glorious sport
It And wonders which out of th two
Will mat SB and holut tbs tort
Tit Vatlonil Lau will hoIle hard
The Uroibernood will jump right ID
Iou can bet they II do the some
With Johnny Ward and Captain Buck
To lead the II I group
nl foul eslvswblcm ot lhe Lsguoe
WII fall iota the soup
Ohrli Von dir lie In a long eiperlenct with ball
layira has acuuirsd some original lIeu about train
sag Late boon ui4ka bad hall players and tit habit
I 8Q ecti II1Idd aralnit Halousl blanagor Chris
I I kuo what a bali Primlituworili I He also
Iu I know that nature rt iiilriJ a rirtaln amount of sleepier
I I ff II luss hfrefore adopted the I lau for Iht cciu
III esason or te ullll Ih Drowns report at Ihe psrk
it H Oolorle nur inurtuing for Urouluw work which
I OODtlpv1 uu1ll10 A II the ball hactlc limit The
Iborr Is I that slier a tow lays I nf Isle I 111101 up and tu
forced early rlIIIII1 mailer will admit 110111 i and he
ball player wl I gladly urn In when Iht flrt bellinrlke
I Chief It uian does not take kludly lo the new
u urder of things Among tht appliances In the Brown
r rrauailuio Is a horse a leather covered block of
wooda lrol tAorll among athletes 11Iunn
1 I I lumped over the torso for an hour yeiierdiy moral
rl fnbokro
I efl CWefwirr Hr Son dr 4lt bltupeuied l In as
II lb Cliift wilted op to him an4 In lonet or Indigoso
II i protect said Say ChrIs I was hired lo pliy lodilloonl I
t wait lo Jump over a horse Ill sIgn wlih I 4 clru4
I CoaaUc Haul ftmjtrm
H Euan ot tie Blmwootti is I ipstdy pitcher
I II The Jerome s have a lively short Hop In riyuo
II d The Cuban Olsnti art bookid for nlutty gaines to
it iteTlbesv7bItttag On baaeman will play with
tII La10 NaIL
n or tYt un 11I
w 11M s tRa aarIa
tuta whose vlayan avers 21 years Adilrtu William
tllult iVw York CatholProtJetory Vttn ChI
Manai Bright baa oron4 his playtn to retort on
Monday la IbIs lly
I nonih and II Downty will play with the DaoatttM
Club this eeUOn
C W Swln or the Athletic of Summit 11 ban col
licttfi toother a strong team
Will I Donahnt arid llanlnn of tad years BntHrmllk
Club tend their I addrtu lo this oftloa t
Tim Halcyon Club hart orjranloed k will play their
Crst sine lg holiday with tin Halcyon n im < a
Managers wishIng In arranr camel with the bistro
pollianllnbaddrtiiWIIIIam II Prim ose Maipith 1 I
Will Harry Ktontof lad ty ar lOananilalfnattamitnd
hti address r oV oll llaraley 214 Ks lilb attnue
liraoilynl I
t Jons of 134 Fail U Klthty tilth HMtt wonM Hit In
coTtr an In or oat Odd poutlou for Mm amateur sam
In thIs city
erie who pllcbd a number of games with prntai
ilonal team mast season will be round with the Railway
team ibis season
The New teriey Athletlei oat afooi catcher In Jo
Relilr liahnar however pr 0ti by their late I ai ho
via calch for that teani
Jrh Ibn Jr of 8W Bait Eighty thlril street I
would like to Join a flm olau ainalonr 1 club with playeri
about 2U years Lan play In or out field
Tntnit FniTia or Tel BcnTtr I wonM lice to join
a ball team uniformed for the romlni ira on
JO tnomir OPtS tt aitilnt ton street
The nrl thai Ball Club has raorjanlted for this tea
ion and would like to arralu ames with this hrner
aid Leontllie ilramercyi talons yt MorrlaanU ol
I I Athlellci Safitnorei Lees llarnttl and
nl other rlnbi AdJieu 3 J Corrlfau manager bl >
West forty > lrd street
The reguhari ot the pldln Literary Union will play 1
the reeerves innl luCia The Ulter claim to hat an
eitraordlnary battery Fd Mouiiinn the manager or
the regulars pays that this will I he lira rln a ptaotli4
lame for lull men JeiepliMmlth ipeallnK for the
reserves seems to be ai equally confident of lucre
Th prlnl Vahhit face Itall thub or Spring uAIleYtew
York would lIke In hear from tile lullowIng clot
lustletadhs Jr ITaCksIiMCk Itilant bid IIt snd
Wlj JI iI
Wt21II Oklli nr
1e of Ihrouklyn AduIrisi W 1 Saritow Manager
bu and UN Worth street city
The Babb Cook k Wlllard R B C have organized for
lrII Irr
t1b saion and art denlfom of meeting all teams from
architect otllcea Have npeti dates for June told later
Addre1 Harrr K Prlnlle tiecrelary cart of Babb
Cook A Wljlard 05 Kriadway
The L I 0 8 II B Club loA orgsnhoe4 for the euon as
tohlowl E Robinaum caplain and pm A henry C Yi
lardsm tgblJ 1iIn 24 PbI 7 anion Pd b
F Cuor 5 C i J Jaquiec r r n MIIno I fi I
Hnhliuan o t and C Trlpken enbailtnie Addreu II
Iluhlman I I TC7 Klnlh itreet Kouth Brooklyn
The within 1 1 A C wouu like 1 me fular from all ootor
twit cioli with nclrsul rounds gIving Luarsiltees
They OIould like 10 arrange games wilhi the lollowln
elsIe lIrron 10151 Carllldl Alarms or raalo RTI
nn 01 Mount tmoll SloflhlOIll 01 Wprlnllr Yall
ItoMTllleA O of Newark Ito r A C or Newark ureen
rfji W
point A 04 7 of Oref niiolnt and Port Jerrle Address W
l llrrrlrk Secretary care U liracklirttd tooth itrte
and Third auou
MaMirloe and Jobnn Pool Tourney
The game In the continuous pool tournn
treat al Maurice and John billiard room last I nltht
n an between Donoran Andrew and Jobn R Albert
Andrew wag defeated for the flrit time In the tourney
the SCot
AbeMll r 710 7 R M II J 10 I 11102
Andrewa ill t < i 8 7 Iii 8 4 rf t 3 077
ScratchenAlberi 2u Andrews S
Hoth players are now tied for lInt place u tn i
dol r
oldlnir Rame will be played on Saturday erenluf at 8
Ma > ne r > Iool Tourney
S The continuous pool tournoy at F A Bauers
billiard room M7 William street wai continued lait
night In the pretence of a lane number of spectators
hustles Miller derated defeated F Wohlrom JO by A
core of Ice to 77 In the reoond fame A ebtuan
licratohl met and defeated II Bieilocfc l2al < hlJiW tutu
The tournament tI be t continued IMi eVening
nilllatrel sand rest NoteS
The cratlnnoni handicap pool tournameit or the
Elate County Wheelmen woo continued at their club
house on Monday evening Althuoali no oloia ramee
were played couilderable Intereifwaa tnaulfeited In
thus coutelti by the member preieut In the firet name
110 > bight ballil beat liarnor ttwelta hail by M lu J
lii the second oonteit Beuilnter two bale beat Melila
ten balls 5 < t to aj The third fame was won by Oiter
meyer light baths lie defeatlcf UeEilfl r two ballOt
by W to 28
The Catholic Clnb resumed their billiard and pool
tournament on Holiday they will play u many game
every nUht so possIble ai they expect bring It to r
close on Saturday The result of the games on Slondar
night wore Milliard tenlon lOt Cavanaich W fal
con IOU hloeckner < III Kelly 1 leo Fenlon HI McCoy
mack lav Berie 40 Faloon 100 Comes M H C
Keating toil Mother AS ToolCallanan 75 berg
7n McOawan 1U I Derereani 7 1 McUowan 10U keat
lngUl loGon IOU tmicnaj
Lawn Tennis
Prlnotton students who tngagt in tinnii oocrpttliloni
file season will be known oj a > dlitluctlve cap and
blazer A commltitt hat been appointed to look up
icmtihlngnovel I and itartlluf but nothing haa ai jet
been decided I upon
The courta of the Staten Island Athletic Club will be
In better condition tbla year than ever before About
two years ago there were tight ntweourte Iw between
t oouR
the houie and the old tennli ground These acre lift
and uneven at nrst but have been getting better ever
sloes from continual rolling This staitn they will lit
In prime condition and will probably be la greater de
mand than this old one
Wherever Englishmen go cricket I and lawn tennte art
sure lo follow Tba AnaToPaioo residents In chin I are
now Initialing the oatlvei In those genus as well ain
In Cnriltlanlly The native paper however are having
a hard slruggis Over Iii Intrlcaclsiot I the game In
describing a tennis match between Singapore and Hong
Kong at the hatter place the Hong Kong freti deicnbe
a plarer as crlcketlnglh ball over the hedge and In
another paragraph lIaise that both men had about
equal eommoua
An old Oxford player R W Braddell who with J
Coomber aa partner won the champlonahlp double
r this l north of England for two consecutive years rep
rtientt 1 Singapore against Hong Kong In a tournament
recently held at the latter plan He waa beaten after
A h struggle In the single by B J Coion a left
handed player
The Buffalo Tennli Club li ont of the most flourishing
k J rOtfh
organlialloutof I tht kind In I western New lork It hat
lIb active JJladr and J honorary members The rlub
hai receutly purchased new grounds with sufficient
space for ten court Tbt nrtient club house will t e re
moved 10 the new cite When completed the ground
will bt t iual I to any In the country The recently elect
1 IIWr ro Ir tOl
ed Hoard of Plrtctort comprise solos of the molt rep
reitntatlvt mm In HulTalo vhs 1 ieorge K averlck
w L i Hodgeman w II Iw I trarr T L Perklua It II
ndil dtm nt Jlf
Hound P K Kellug W C Miner Oaniou Dexew
and B F Cottl
BowlIng Note
At Boiton on Monday Mr A F Thompson of the
Boston Athletic Club made a marvellous record In
bowling scoring uuo pin out of a possible 300 This
was done on a regular alley Ht madt tweivt tlrlkti
succession In a match and then ha bowled one more
bait and secured another strIke giving him a record of
thirteen consecutIve strikes
The following li the record ef A II I Curtis ot Our
IfgrMI t
Bowling CUD to date In thirty two games playe I t
highest game 223 burhtel average tin two gamed
all average to data thirty two games 10 alil spare
11 monthly average for tht K K Ballard special
prize December tUH < February IWH I March 1HJ > 4
lit hsi eight tames yet tu bowl
Our Bowling Club and tht Cosmopolitan Club will
bowl the flrlt game of a series of three on the Como
oslitlu alleys Eighth avenue and Hfty ntth itreil on
81110 eveainf nest The second same will bt rolled
on our Bowling Clubs Susie In the Tennis Court 211
west Forty flrit street on Thursday tventug April 3
The third game W adu will be bowled oa a ntu
Iral alley
The following ihowi the record of the leaden In the
lint ln1n lro Our Bowling Club to data lllgheit I
ploeGeo Andrse iecrat h r U40 A 2 Moore 10
fan 1loi 2e 11111 atrage 2 raUlesA J MOore
22l gcrllch pricesFirst A II f arCs I 32 game
IInlr wFI lhlf
loll vio nlr J w Carter f < gimeit ita 21
Handicap prim first Win Carroll 5J Lamest 174K 1
second 3 McMder32 gaInes I7JM third J B Day
U game 171 If U Monthly prlltFlnt A II Cur
tis J hint l second W > Chew 1 point fluare prIze
It tIaAll
ri nlln
A H Curtis 131 f game 1S2 All but ten oi l thirty
nitmben hart rolltd C gamt of JfKt or better
Come 01 the crack lady bowlers nf thIs city wet at
the Ktlienkeiler on Monday evening to take part In
the prlrt bowling contest of tht Merchant lob Tht
aflair wai a inccesi and the bowling waa up to tht
standard The game was a ulnetln rein The scores
wI r r11
Miss II Frlldenburg lOrst Intel r lub Mrs U Bugle
second print 311 Mr I Dentch third prize wi Mrs
A Well 37i MIsiR Deutch 1U Mrs II lieu aj Mice
K Oppenhelmer 311 Mrs P CamauiVl ni Mr c
llerlLVH HlsiB Appel 1i His Welubnrf 21 Miss B
Opienheimer iou Mrs f Pheeilne in Mrs M ippen
helrair ItI Mli Jilo oppenhelmer 10 Mini L Waiter
man 14 Un E Blumeuthal II Total44U
Tht erloktt clobt about Boiton art busy preparing for
the season which Is I scheduled to ortn with a match
April J e between the Brockton and Harvard club ins
collegians golni to the former oily to play
The Longwood Cricket Club has rrauged for two
matches not heretofore scheduled ont tiling with the
MnbUlan ClUb of Kew lork and the other between
tht Boiton Athletic Club and the Longwood players
who art not membertof that club Ai this match will
split op Iht iDtmbtrihlp ll ought to bt a very
good contest
Tie cricket seseon will open 10 Rbed Island on May
lir when matches will bt playid btlween the f ails
vllle and Kumford club atTlumford tht torralnt and
Thornioa club Ixirralnt aM the Ashlon and South
Woroestir Mats 1 clubs at Ashlon Harry Sowden an
eicelleni bowler and Barker both lait iiaaon wlUilhe
Shanikeek CUb bare joined the rawucltt team
Two members ot Iht Caltdonlan Football Club
ot Newark were Dccllsnlaiiy injured during the
progress nt a Main roollllr TheIr club mates or Ito
ing to I rate I a flInt for lii turbo rut bshmulng Ihe suffer
Cr at least ilnanciailv frl gjlblf wilt g to
IlIdnoo Irk I I on Uiuulav MacchIt roromlth
wills thus wU known LOIIIllo Football Club ul Brook
I lli It Ju en eettd that all II inters ot this I nut ntld sport
will r
turn out lu force to help 10 worthy a cause
A Jlnl l I > oc FlIit
WATFunurtY March 2iA puro white 30
pound bulldog owned by John Hall of Naugaluck and
a lemon and while owned by Newburgb parllei came lo
getter Colton Hollow blow Naugaluck M an early 1
hour this morning Tin rliwUurgh dog was to slop the
other within thlrly m nutss or bla owner wu lo trftll
Vu The Naugaluck dog though smaller Chan kisad
vinary Was a taraey pup and wouldo bi downed
Allor lighting nearly forty mlnlllolb backers agreed
to let miurm fight me a nnlh
At the slid 01 I hour amid 2C I IOlnotlb heavy weight
or the SOIbouh hrolbun 10111 and lIauIIIk roo
uciantygav up the tight and money although protest
hug that the right ibould bt I declare a draw on account
of Iht haadlsri of he limits net slicking to tdelr original
n11 Uor
agreement to nght Ir for Joralniiieionry Henry Taton
handled for Newburgh ant William I I Prsemnanfor Nagga
luck HiurlceColilnsot Waterbury wurtftrte
rroe Hsirrltrs Hum
Yeejerdars run of the Proswct harriers was
hot as well attended ai la I usually Ibt cut Only out
pack left the club quarter uudir this leaderslilp of 8 T
Freeth tht pack ruooiug up rialbuih avenue and orer
the oulsldt rosptcl rark count a dUtaac ot about
1111I11 na wu merely tor sOU aa lbs
tIm N4 0 wualaw Ii 11 aeil Ooakii Ia
A nlnerln head pin tournament waib fnn at Illrschl
alley on Monday nlfht The scored i
niuir Goes
Pockr lleisKOi i Lyoni 73 hans Oil IJfhtenileln
M tiirI BJUrucker 7i taR 78 Brucka 77
0 fordlMtti er Mi mideihelmer Ml Schanmherg
d W OJlordhherlll1 Bit Stlcb 7Ji Levy tel Mon
helmet j IN Total 7S
strnnn oust
IlntnorCohn Mi Vngtr m Matrlnger I n Klih boil
Alenandar lieu Weliel Oil Frank w Longttlloer 62
ackr hess ra tycni loot Oini 61 Llehlenstela
pal w nao 7m Drucktr W M lieu cri Stuck IM
Total 658
Trtiso enic
llnmorrohtn 4i i Inger 70 Matilnger TSi Mish
MI I Alexander 7h Wallet 7b I Frank 73i Longfellow
73 TOIaitufi2
iJoVdMtttger 721 1 lllldeshelmer 100 Mrhr ri
Adltr eli Bitch HIII Levy 791 Mouhelmer BI Hchaum
berg DO Total eoo
At Mnrgnart Itowlen Home In Brooklyn a match
game was rolled for fVi between the farmeri and llilr
itenth Ward clubs The icere
Thirteenth I Ward crofl ln ton 12Ri lynch Cit
Butler 124 Itoberti tact J 1 Brlen Gt J J o Brlen
lIT Trite r12 Total 734
Farmers ClubDlttrlch 17Si McGnlnei 141 I Lnwtry
11001 ttrgtuon 103 hartley till try TU Dally lid
Total 31
The Atlantic again won the eerie from the Orlentai
at Deckers alleys on Monday evening The scorei i
rise air
Atlantlcillorr 1111 Ktrkuin 110 I Trockenbrnd till I i
Schntlder Itt Iirtndfuher 114 Bressler I4J ConIes
llI5iI ll
14Ji JafoM liini lIsle iMi Itohn 147 Tolal lII2hm
OrlinialiSchwartawald UN Barley l7i li Krledel
87 yalierman Cb6 M Schaefer r no Krerdlng 10 I
Schneider ni Kriltt lAi Prince 104 j Schaefer
144 Total 1302
tcnin nave
Atlanllci Horn inn Kerkura im Trockenbrod l4fl
Fchneller lull Branfueher lOll liressler I us Cordei
r I3J Jamb 172 lisle WJ folio 141 Total I HU
Orlent lischwrtiwall 1iN Barley Hill I rtledal
28i Kalterman III M dihaefler Io3 I J rerdln 173
Hehneluer ns illI II Itri 1 1rlnce 137 Hihstftr
101 Tolki 1481
Tlnnn cog
AtlanllciIlorn 111 t KerVum 132 Trnckenhrod 13li
Schneider IMi Branfuther lixii nelchertri lorI lei
IWl Jacob IWl Ilasa llii llohu147 lolal 14115 I
IirlsntalaFchwartswald I tIll narley M trltlel
144 Falterman IMi M schaefer 131 Bverdlng I 100
II Schneider 112 Kriltc IM 1rlnce 170 J schaefer
18Z Total 131J3
The following game was bowled on the Talma alleys
In Jersey City on Monday night
mnnirrii i t r1 PAlMA
S 4 L oco A q 11 cnre
Curtis 2 4 3 143 bfeyer 2 0 Ii Ii13 I
Stuart 2 3 11 187 1110nmbllrll 2 3 r 1
OorJon S 4 8 184 IIloh 2 II 2 1111
Ierry 3 4 167111ntrllp 11 1 0 lK7
Miller I 4 5 lt4Uatlawsy 10 31 1
Young 3 8 4 114 ulallagbr f 4 2 Ill
rounr 3 2 0 140 Clark 4 1 4 lFi I
inlihen 2 f f 152Lociwoouf 3 7 II O
Bare 2 iS t 1114 I temuiy 3 ml I IHII
Rtlubone4 I 5 13 1 Carter 4 4 2 171
Total 1151134h hiT3Tolais 0337214 1714
On account of A apeclal meeting of the meml ers of
the New York Athletic Club last night the attendance
the regular weekly prize bowling of lur Howling Club
on IbTnnl Court llei Port Brit street wai not sc
large U usual The icons
neon etui
TliM 50 I 1 I TUX 150 2
A I 3roreI ACccore
Peck J S H 170 l Patterson J 7 I 1153 I
ililland3 4 1 IwxicNlder 140 I l3
rowers 4 s I inj v I leek D n 4 Hi
Carroll I I I7n nrBrr I J i l u I4H
Went 3 5 S I8H llacon t 4 5 141
Moore2 3 S 171 Uullaher J 4 4 H > i
Totals Usl 14 1042 Total 8 J 23 ti9
coo OAMK
Taos men L I I TiA on 2
1ftccOr9i n rnrt
CII 2 8 5 1 IIIAllllrI4 H 1 H 179
roll1 8 0 132IArroll 2 S 1 1M
lIorlOo3 8 4 1011 Moor 4 f 2 173
I II U2IRcn 4 3m fJ ItO
0 2 1 lili7 i r 3 m
Ii rI Yck I 5 4 I03liallaber2 1 7 122
5aron6 0 0 2211 Youtug 2 II 12 I J
Totals163024 Ii11ulTOlals 202421 1135
The twenty ninth game In the Tuex County T03fUe
was played 011 Moodsy nlnt between tIle HIrII A
C all1 1100111 A I on Ihlalln alleys Toe oU
was the IDIII uClllno tar I relied II WoC wun by lie
lIIerslde A C b seven ilna Thulo gRille VIllA Ilh or
lgt 1u w nu rIli
side ID llrsl tlav IU the League race Ill score
Riverside A t1Cauhie 175 Baldoin J I Kit leynolls
113 5 an Chef 140 I Halsey IM > llatles 11 EI Hal
ty 104 scoiu 10 Oiborue 1J1J l lenuu I U3 1 loul
RoievllleA O llegrmnn I 131 auterborn 112 uy
dam 174 Meeker Jl lm T iioa US SOluttely n
u Taylor Itu Hrundage Un Mard 11J liter Ills
Total l I Hl
oils urcnKn
nun iron Lost I i nn > i < iron LOOt >
Riverside A C 7 tNewark 4 4
nraniie AC i li illtuieviilo A i1 J H
South End A 0 II II iMoui < ialr H
In the Claason tournament at utjen i Brooklyn alleyn
the gaines were particular exciting on Mouday even
Ing Theicoren
riKsr GIVE
Monarch Masse Ivi K Maau I 149 Kromcer
165 Flckeu KO I rese 138 Total IM
Pulton blsgrnan 117 arrougl 1U3 Meber 105
Kielltnr loo Longhead 1IL 1 Total 743
itcoin RAnr
fnlton Hlegrnan 123 arrotigher 105t Meher ItS
Klesllngiv > Longhead Ibu loljsilM
Classen I Hlneske hl 1U9 Iiursaal rIttI 1 Meyer 113 I m
ken tad Uardea 141 Total muSt
ritual oust
Monarch II Maal 111 1 ° b Maai 122 Kromlnfer
150 l Hcken 12A true Ia Total wi l
ClassonDnscke i ill IilerrauU 110 Mayer 112
Lmken 144 Uerdei ill Total SUJ
The Oolden Rail t lob put another victory to the r
credit in the selbel touruameut of llrooklyu I on Monday
evening The score
Golden I Kagle J Kmealer 124 IdIot 124 Knrh
YIijl II t 1t
r 8 ijr
ISiS W kroehler 1Jii Scharll 130 I Lake 177 Iraleu
stein IJ7 sohoeuhut ITU Msllter ISS l Belbei 151
Total il 441
loOdlA Klucken 125 I P klorken 144 t I Muclen
Pi Schadler 141 lante Hi Kelt el lie oldorll
131 ih II Klucken 171 v I klnckell 1h7lI total 1120 I
At Fayne alleys Trook yn on Ion eenlliff lito
Oerilianta Club defeated the J 1 urgeohuldfAiti In a match
game The score t
GermnllLCord IfD Ti ukeAIh 178 Iberrer oil
o lIobn IZO W ohn lil I leincku IZI Holn Ill
tobler IU 8hiwsrtie 207 lIuhur1 311 TUlal 172
JOIlnholdrutltalbjonIOJ 1Ilmer 13 1IJ l44
Ileiiueyer l 135 Knuhier 112 Loeger lvi 1 Condto IUJ
Niebel t trlJri Lamnfond 212 hoop 1154 iiofbIUJ
The nronkln bon were away off In their bowling on
Monday evening In lbs game with the Net orkcluh
the latter defvatlug them badly alter a loose game
The score
New Iok Bicycle OuhMsbett IM He I rlcourla
73 anslnff Hi Iianleli H7 laynter KM llluistedt
li IIJ f 1 4nl IetkJlIm
PJ Hanson 10 I odell HH Heydecker trj Kill en
tlndley 16 1 Molt 112 Total Jill I
Hrooklvn Bicycle IubMalthe 110 Mead III M
len 73 llaymoud S3 Seal 12U Mine 73 leumni
Meeteer aJ llebert ilWi koebu ti Caud tr tlj
bailey 74 Total I 094
AI Roe Brooklyn alieyo an exreedinglv strong antI
excllimig game was put up byjlie Apollo auud hiriiilit hiM
Monm f1llIygjb cl
team the former WiiuIliiut Tiue score
AroOlIOIln lot t Linde lie 1hll1nn 1M
1lubardl 172 Ifralul l 1441 II 1 lose 1li IIIch lCtl
Aberle 1343 Coos Ill flrethaur 1713 told I 444
Bright tl RtarNemSlngr l iliemunerzuamu tb Max
1411 echiudlr 104 Frim 140 ituostlu 177 Tiuelssunt
lJi 1111 ln Jt Kaultmuger ItO Konc 1112 TotsL 1125
In the third game of flue National luUtonrnament at
the hlenhaut lob louse Brooklyn on Mon lay even
tug the chumps defeated tht llrooklyu cliyi The con
filial OUT
Chumps Fait IM Fisher 172 Burgomeliler 170
Taylor lIPS trust ISO Total 7iw
Brooklyn City Ilulrhlnson ni I Kaldnlti 102 Tiller
hail Dryers 13 I J Hard uu Total 714
The scores In the Astoria Athletic Club bowling
tournament for Saturday and Mouday nlghti are
Saturday nights games
riasr CANS
NonparillLankow lg Skene its PearialL ISHi
Jiortnner W olh UJ Total 7i
o r CubKriauer Ii Andersou IPS RIb lip
III will 11M Talbot m Total 7UI
SkCOND coMic
honnarell Lanknw 141 liken lio Iearial Ill
Northnver 1110 uuch 141 lotal 7uJ
Saturday i Plight Club Hook 141 E fudler 125
Broils 1 Jl W Stadler lOut bharvln llu Total oJi5
Steinway ClnbBlmei 1515 1 sirnve 13fl Fetillllnc 153
Loose 124 Bathlln IIWi Total IM
Liberty No 2O Ingram Jlu lohr 140 ThOmpson
184 Burchatl 144 llumt 148 Total S15
noreen LAHK
Liberty No 2 Ingram 134 ohr I 1311 Thtmpioa
IBII Bnrchall Izn 1 Ifumt 137 I Total 741 i
0 K ClubKnautr IH 1 1 Anderson 1J1J hlchl 150 I
Iltwltt Ul I Talbol 113 Tolal toll I
fin Oils
Btelnwayfelms 171 Strove 132 SchllllnK 145
Lucas 144 Kalhlln ISA Tolal 714
haturday M izht ClubHock II F Btadler Ill
Kronie ISO 1 III W Biadler Ifj Mhanln 101 r1 Total I 74H
Monday uight scores
nan Goes
Liberty No 2Ingram I7J lohr its l Thomson
ion Hunhall I 154 llnme IM t Title I HU
Wed lsdayNI htllub Hlills lid h Mentell T > 4
ileutell 1 Ill fI Trovrurldgc ILO Meveni 121 I lolal I
surlieR tAHr
Ituddlman 217 Borct Iftl l l < ray IC5 Ianir 174
Barlow 13 Total H74
liidiptndentMUIer Ill 1 Leonard IS4 Wuisman
lli Itocker 111 I I Laudmau HKJ Total lul
tills COIl
Uunswlck Bloomfield I4 amphear IP1 Mathena
107 Malklll 112 Holt ISO TouC7HI 1
ludeptiileutMlllir 1311 Lei nsrd ISO I tclisman
j 14Welnmn
WJ lluckir 213 Landman Itij lar 7J4
rOLRTII oslo
Wednesday Night ClubWlutt IM F Menlell 137i
a Ueulell M7 Trewhldge I 2UI hltvens I IUI Total 1 hjl
Nuniwick Bloouitleid HI mphear UH Mathew
123 Masklll 11 Holt I4J Total l > 47
nnii Goat
Lrn IIwrurli Borct 170 j dray ISO
Lang iiid Banow 1117 TtlAl itoi
Ulsrty Nt Jlngram I7u lx > hr 105 fhompion
Burcuall IM Hun 172 Tolal 7M
Tht foliowlcrginje wn rolls 1 on Ralurday I last between
tweeD ih > Hanover National Hank and Ihe Mmu Na
ilonal Hank on iheTremoni alley
Hanover National 1 Bank ShsrllT 140 Parmlee IIIK
rellelrean 17 IlaskelL IU Maddoek 143 Rogerl
iJ I I TotaVfSbl11 M1h ta > ILysuqhds I7UJNorob
I TOlaL 1300
Nlnlb National Bank Thomas 121 Chapman 14li
Fnsw ITt Osborne UJ EllIot 75 l Istls IK Itllty
1rJ4 Ktllon Irt llotklna laaiVan raudt 1W Total
Hp fha Hold tr S7O
LdcxiKOTON Ky March 25Bappho chest
nut nily I yean tr HoUrl MoOregor IIU dam
raalta byA4hland Chief Mwnd Ham liT Aeulld
AWallAlL lta bi eala bIJnoll 1ICIlI to John
K ItU 01 this ally t 537W ntJ auI lIn
w r I
A1IOTlinn CULl VAl B8FKcnrtr ro
JJIhr nd liueThrreyesroleieLhssn
bly Alo Vptrtis the 1 le lA omsilr
VUeM rj > > the llltuXersi or the liny
Ihn rleincnla of port did iidtinlnirlo to a
joyful extent In tile race at Guttonbura yes
terday A raw nonetratlnif wind swept across
tht course ou tho Jersey lloluhts It wai n cold
day for jockoys hunoi and bettors cspoolally
bettors of whom about 3000 wcro present
The only pronounctd favorite to win was
Drn lord In tho fourth race nealnst Itrroy
and Lady Iulelfor Ihe other tacos had fair
fields of starters ovor tho best track seen nt
Outlonburc for cekn Vntoiloo carried
the bulk of tlu money In tho opeulni
taco Hlorra Nevada Rot tile best ot
tin prortsHlon at tho start the faorlto was out
of tho i aoo and Dlrlao a 10 tol post shot camo
away In time Iminostrolcli winning by threo
lengths from tho Itnytl coldlni with tnadaca
half lapplnK thlid I ti ala wn thu favorlto In
the BPCond raco at IU tot II Oil with Lotion sec
ond cholco at 11 to 10 against About all tho
monoy bet on tho race went on this pair tho
other four goIng as rank outsiders Uortoii
made n rattling race on Lotion all tho way
online 1 Muia homo by four IciiKths It wan
claimed that Main was Interfered with on tho
backstrotch but nobody appeared to BOS It
According to tho bottlnu thoro was nothluc ot
any account In tile Hold of ten that started In
tho third rnro exeunt Meto Joromo hut
Chnmblr n lu to I shot closi on tho favorite
In tho hint Hirlunc wlnnlni Iho raco by a neck
Ion I so oml chnlin III the Illth race bent
< lo dllch ilrnt Iluilio hnndllt by u lonitlh
1 onmx third Inpiilni doldllHli to thn nrik
Anoimib who Wellt belliinu I > at 12 to Iln thn
last rae won Ioy l > a haul from Aim third
chnlco hint lulor tins riivorlto llnlshlni un
IhoBuminarlCi f How
TIlE inihT riAir
rurieexm of which yO to ercuud for maiden three
year il Is selling iltniurl I nik
lleai onsilel I rI ht ihle i ih i nlrlgi I 1 lt > Duke of Nor
folkMini lloiker II I i Helen I
W II ThiiliiollJ 0 Until KeldlliK lOll tle it HI 2
JI r1 cilllrWI Ii N ii
J 1 W Tiuuuytr s rIm f lmiumudiuca hull ihiaterl 1
Sierra Nevada Jerer Inreituer Mmnia coll J o
C II p Toll NIvallB 55 sienna and rerlrtlikle I also rau
Time 10514 I
HlllllR Agalns Waterloo viol i Hnytl gelding 0 to
1li IIfAf Vo r
litflaiogiiltui i I u c Htl 1irlgoIOtol I 1 rr
eUtur 1 lio I lena 1 nlle IMul I S 1 ails 2 to i I Tip
Tut ItO tot Mrklnliri U tiltol I Hjrra Neal > 40 ho
I l Jeney 4U tu rfl I Mlitnals pal i I J7 I 20 lfl Held SAW f u 15
Purse flu o nf whl h I tll toncoudi I mlllngallowance
sc en ft rlou it
II oavenw rI Mahle e li I c Lotion 4 by I or
Mslihisiii t Ma tiMHttrien I I I
mnk 1IIr b III Vila aged ti Jones 2
tiarruganaell Stable 5 br l s Ralph Black 102 II
frunyi 3
Mlllerlou btelhaltle nnd llncacclo also rail
Time I 31
Bettlpg Ten to I nil tutu agllnft lotion 1110 I I 10
Mlllorlon JUtol I Ktlih Hlack 25 luu I Mcli all I 10 to
I Uocaccio J u to 1 Mutual paid 4 ID i f Jft Jijs
Till 1 1 lit 111 RAE
Iurio 4 < > i of which f75 lo second telling allowance
rye furlongs
nitieuble br E rlnrntly 5 hy Tilerm Madee
liMlrenih I 1
o I W Iooleitli g itele Jerome u 1111 1 Ill Penny 2
J II lyon e b I ir Jliuilatei 3 4 li7 I llreiinan B
rUp Miller atut hchnurer flail 1 arkvillt soul
Lord Beacousde ulau i run
fluie I niv
ltetttngeven to In on Clove Jerome against Hm
iSICe S tu I Miller H In I Chamblr 10 to I Skip i
to I Iarkvlllt and DaiK each IU 10 I fcchnorer IUO
lo I Muiuil lucid l 3i < S ftC I > f3
tin loiMvrn 11
iiure iMii ot which flU to ircond ilx 1 and A half
furl nir
ii I 54 alloaom a li I h llradfnrl u by iilengarry or
Hrituibr cyst IIH I I Htrstn I
W t 11111 U I h I tir > i llillnmlM i J
W Lovelll f I adl 1IIr I 4 III IMcllermolt J
T nil I 2l5
Beltlne Ten tn n on Hrajfor I 2 tn I agalnltlnljr
ulilfor I sTud 110 I iiinsl tiutur Hutuils mold il iS l
ti f 1 aud Jo
TIIF irrn lMF i
Pure f f m of mItch 5toiccond tlllnialowiincel
rd rurl utt
lafoli 1 I nteln t e h 1 I i tonI I 4 Ij linko of Magenta
MH > aM > ll 11171 I I llenrnl I
I Valentine II it I omax ul V lluiMnrerl I J
5gw Sort stable br c Uoll 111 113 llrenclH 1
liHiii url ol iootuck cl UM hUkher 1 and Frank
heeler aou ran
Time I < 4
ielllngAOTuet fn null 7 10 7 crll I n to 1 In
max Jltol I rni4lrl I hi I lo I 1 arlnw 20 tol Sea
tInt I 1 tll < l Metier 4u > tni I runt I I heeler < J to I
Siuluaho void Hu p HUM 1
Purse firm of whiih JMto icconj el Ilnl allow
amine seven furlonid
hordharu sinbir rh in Anonuly r by King brnest
Msilru ito Illrriten 1
I Kuapp s ch h Aha ael 1 PMPecker I I 1
110 llrar i cb 1I1 uniier ii I Ill Brennan 3
Mnc 1 ller Cotta I Waulerment AId Queen of
HeartH BU kliorn and Mil y t rune aba run
Inc 111 I 14
Betting AgAlnlt Kin Idler a lo I andseer I 4 to I
Alia S lot I S4anl Cr111 Cult to I fitrintil I 1 I AUeln
in In I Queen of Hem I I anl I 0 iomaly each 12 to I
liiHcktrmrti Ji t > I Billy I role i < do 1 Vuluali laid
I eld 3 > i Til n s1 i
Tim Curd nt lirion
Thn entries foi tndnjs rare arc
Hn liiup Ilv 1 fur one Mime 1 lontarf 117 I
rnuuIo rhrorj 11 i hceney I I Amrrlru luJ 1
diir I It II
Thai Itiwe t Idnnrl I I 1 rI I Ill 0 llelnarle
li 1 itt I Moral u Ten mVli I n II Ilowiol C I on
H > ne I hi Story i1 Jim Mcconni U 1 N Trddlu
Ion 1
Iontae inl licSoyt1 aol 1 n halt 1 furlongs I aye s
i i toll CIulln 151 i eli iorl n 1 in 1lw I i
ll Mrlhlin 1 2 lOhh II link I ° b biltern 4
llsemnr Murrai geldmif HI iwe 1 H feuu Ij 84
Ci lsry 7
Ihir 1 It4ce due nil e anti I a hixternth F 111011 nn
II1 I 11111 lii burro AIUIIK Hi I Ihn Arklni llu
lanlm UH i eluulorlite i iue l 1lItI 1 Jim 14 1 lIlly I
llronu It I larAmle lie ml lid lorry luo lloliitua
iou Unlink s int I
iotirthlii I f Han I Heap I seu i u I and one hftlf furlongs
Vonso 11 IU I luundi i Malel i i enii lu i into I Jake
lUo Mlleck Ibm
1l1h I Ruo 11 lIe ftirlotu PCIn Inuiitaln 1 1
Poulitlo llrUr I 2 Inicniol I 1 1 lri le I 4 Man
li jII
rontidi r 111 I I 1 iii dell huh III i I 1 On onto lu Courtier I
15 1 Samaria 10 I < > 4 rll l I w Itroualer 111 I I llnlr
sIring III dual man Hi I I Da enuail 1 hid KIng
Arlhiir 11
Hixtli ncoOwnn I Handicap a x fnrlrniM mn
moun I Kp I un Is tfrdliain I > t 111 1 1111I I WI > MulIU
cau ai Muoualoue lot carue lc ulory u
ItMrlno tat New Orlran
Nrw OitTinANH March 2hll I track was
hoary today First llaioSelllnc six fur
bIlge homnphnro oamo In an easy Inner by
n loncth lleeardless pocoml Innutb uhoad of
Ulsn 1rnncla third i inn 1 24
roiond naeohollliiK Iho ftirlonu School
Girl wnll bl lnarly IWo lanllhR rilnuot bOond
a loimlh ahcaJ of IJonnle Annlo third hub
1 n ° e
Third liaco SelllnB nnohnlf milo Fro
mont 111 u br fiiur lonctln > urlllo 1 pocond a
liiail Imtorp I Mllllonalri third 1111I014 I I I o
I ourUi Ilnoo lliimll I I np I tlilrtnensUtooiitho I
011 mil I I tiiior WOn h l > two loiiKths l lioo
n pond fuiir kniiliH uhcad of Harry 1 Iielaud
third J line 1 28
Jtiulnp In Ilndland
Lovnov JIarcli25 Tlio pilnclpil event
nt tim Lincoln Bprlna meeting today was the
ruoofoi thollrocllesbyStako3pfWHso >
added to n suoopstakesof ton ROI erulKiisoauhi
for ooirolds about five furlongs It Wlli
won by lenttli and a half by l ol Surth bay
or hrown colt hlmonlun by bt Hlmon out of
Oaronno Jli I 1 Ablnictona brown colt Jlacun
cos hy tnoas Ohft of Kals rlii was mcond five
loiiuths ahondof tho lMik of Iortland bur
lllly Charm by bt blmon uut of Tact third
Acj ustle
The Metropolitan Bowing Club are ilendll lucress
Ing their memtorshli and will Soon roh lie Ihall uf
lull At their last ineetlnii Iher electel nihlccu nsw
memberi and received many proi osltl iis
Tiers Is I woe among the meml en of the Krlendlhlp
1oal Hub In enure H 1 uckor Cuss of their members
JIIn1 the ruuiull ul thn Belirdlcle without liuvllig lu
iormed his club luuUs Tucker knoni what he has I
luu a letter In I lr J A Pt John romJahIIIII
YIL Ja1e flaudaur say lie I will 110111 I hIr In rOW
Euiwarii 1Ian I I ucluslnriuucu 01 tue world a three
11111 roc any Ii tile blur J tI y I I l m t fur 1u5 much WOo
oy as Mr hiutilami Wonlolo raW lur UI It OUll
William I Sls ills wurislunp Wile i ttj med all t uhay u
II lay huy uulouibone r ilus dilTOrelut mu it clots selm nailed I
10 tee on1 crlllI lila Ji w luOrgI IIUW IInlll Oil
pleueub whlh II 1111 is I 11011110 for hue Crestolut Iltuat
I liii I hi ie was lluuoiuillluUly lruItOIlIH1 III I he II hue hnol
euulneel lanelI lsliui host ituulicileuI bro lu zw
Theomrer of the llarem Itejatla Aiioclatlon have
decide I In hold tl elr next regular meeting at the Strand
Unliin llolel in Irlday I April 4 lii > tead of the ilh HI
reviou4ly smIluuuluuceti I Thin cl unite li I made si ai not
to null1 In t with II I ha meeting ot tIe Middle I hlatm He
liana Aiioclattoii which will bn held ul Ilia I club rooml
of Hie Atalanta Mont Hub > 74 tlftli ateuue on April 7
The Pallia boat l lob of Yniiker have taken their
toHtu I out of tie home aol 1 slot si thrill 1 away ion
trait n are about lo uiote their bi at home lu u large
Itiut iif KriiUII I kt UliUwa I The tInt cull them 5ue 11 1
The lioat liouie Mill be en the river Hill a canllio Mix1
will be built on the Mull with h will villain a gym
nailuiu biiwIliiK alleri rerebllon roomi library and
itaitung I rrIIIT1al culun win jl be lonnected with the
boat home by abridge across lie hudson Jtlver Hall
uad tracks
CAarioirr March 21 Harvard i codar eight I oared
ihrll which li elnif I built at Laml rllne in nenrly roui
i leied liuy In erliitriiiled the roniiriictlon In
lila httal houie and It ii dvrltood that tho blocs of the
ngllih I boat retenilr mid I m thli clly will ngure In her
aenvn If that lcl U no the hlulIrcl I boat ai John
li I Hjau u authority fur the lUtemeul mIld Cue Clint
from hmUnJ 4155 over ten iriuudi falter In a nil I
than any boat Harvard ever lad leorge Faulkner I
laid In reference lu the IUI I that Davy li luperiutind
Ing thai if It Was built from the llnei of the Lngilih
boat II could not but l rave lo ba a geod one
Chicago oanmen are ealhuilullo over Ihe encourag
Ing proiixct fur grand auuatlo sport the coming leaion
Af the recent meeting or tin Viecullva pminllteeof r
the MIssissippI Valley Bowing AssociatIon Mr Martin of
Fullman was claotad Heeretary and Treasurer In th
place of Mr Brown retliaed nidi from sverat places
war received for the holding of the nail realla
stoop them Cairo Spirit Lake and Kt fauL The Fx
aeutlva Committee wn given unlll May lloaelect tht
coine ll wairetolTed to costs the Faces to ihell
rwla leaving out lbs gl ig aad barge race A reeslu
lies waa ado > ie4 requlrlui crews to air w la dbunet
r aut u Ul J W > 1M
Now TeneTmv Jot Pot or Hooey U n
Cooking Mule
I Long Island licked tho boots off Now Jer
sey In a cocking main on neutral ground early
yesterday mornlne It wa a match at 1800 on
the main and 160 on each battle and had been
under discussion for over a month New Jer
sey felt confident of winning nnd her backers
wore out In force Lena Island was not so
frooly represented but her frltnds had big rolls
of greenbacks concealed about their persons
when thoy reached tho pit and much blatter
wads when they went away Hovonteon birds
a side were shown and nine pairs weluhed In
The first battle was short but not tweet
Jorsny nut out a black hacklo and Long Island
a blacLnil Within ilfteen seconds the hackle
attempted to Ur the coop The bl lick red
w a811110r tho traItor and attacked Ills 01110
Upnt on toll 01 IIII rllll of the lull and everyone
hl11 to laugh h 1ho hackles handler i saw he had
no how and let the mono uo hue wclulit of
tim 10 birds was fi pounds 2 ounces
Time cccond battle was short too but not for
the snmo reason Tho lilrds were lIght
I pounds 12 ouucesenoh side showluK a
brown rod Long Island 1 had tho call In the
bettliiu this time and for a minute cave a nn
Unlit but R luck plllnJo by tho JerHeyltOhon
is 5 gaIT tliroUBli his brain nnd down ho went
Our bird 7s a McOlnty remarked Jersey
ImndUr ns ho leaned ovor and picked up the
jfovlty and beauty oharacterlred the third
battle handsome brown rods holne put UP by
both sides again at 4 pounds 0 ounces JitoY
were very clever chlokens and gave tho crowd
nil tho slort desired for 111 minutes At the
etiii or that tIme however tho Long Island
cock which was a bit tho quicker sent ilia
fatal stool fur In among Now Jersey feathers
1 he Jersny bird went down with n plump but
niaJe half B dozen came attempts to hInd his
feit ncaln and ply his Baff lie was done
thouirli nnd nt last went down for good
Ilird15 of 4 pounds 16 ounces came out for the
fourth fight n brass hack for tone Island nnd
n gray hackle for Jersey They made a ion
light mind n cood Jersoj money was put up
sturtlnit ateon and en tag at 5 to 3 on Long
iBlnnil 1ong 1 Island won but not until her
bird lost om eye and n lot of Mood flint marked
tile white aides of the pit lime 18 minutes
There was fibre plunRlna on the filth event
which was between 4pound 10ounce birds
Ioim Inland was the favorite nt 5 to 4 from the
Btnrt and won after breaking ono of Jerseys
WJIILH tOld blliidlua tho enemy
1 hat made the score Jersey 1 Long Island 4
and IHKI to JOU waq oftorod on Lone Island to
wluthomalu A fnw bets wore madenttheso
ruiiiis befulo a gjioy was shown forJerso and a
bluiicrnr for Long Island 4pound 11ounce
birds This wns a most etching battle nm
for ton minutes It lopke J ns though New Jersey
wi uld add one to Its nooro The odds on time
mnlii chanced to 100 to fill early In the battlo
and were crabbed ly tho lerseymon who had
kujtt theIr liest birds for the last heir Cray III
thH tIght was by far tho best bird thoy hiu
produied arid JIB mndo n crent striiBKle Ho
bllndod Lone Inland and everybody was sure
thnt nt least another bntti would bo noceu
fary but In n lucky jump that tho I one Island
bird made nt close iiuartcrs ho landed his steo
far Into Jerseys nock and won That mado
tho fifth victory for Long Island and eottlot
the main
IheJerseympn wanted to get ion of their
money back all tho same and offered to flith
two tncire bird Lone Island was wllllnc am
nt It thoy ncaln wont for irs n battle In the
next event tho birds weighed 3 pounds 15
ounces for Jersey and 4 pounds for Long
Island Jorecy won It after seven minutes
Ant she was jubilant
The last llcht had another MB pile staked on
It The birds were of 4 pounds 4 ounces each
and splendidly matched It was after daylight
when It was over and Lone Island won uiuk
Inc six Uuorios to two In her favor
llomlnc IMaeoaa
The Belmont Club of 1hlladeli has elected the fo
Inwinj ortlcer for the ensuIng year J A htovell Tretl
dent A M Wood Vice FreiUent U T bornan Secre
tary and Treasurer
The Highland Chub of Peekiklll has been organlred
and will Join the Federation The ofU ATA for the emu
mmiii year are u w Itobertion reildent I J D 1 rluce I
race reireientatlvei J 1 U Uyckuian Treuurer and F
li Clinton Secretary
At a meeting of Ihe Independence rlub of hllade
rhuia 1 the follf wiiifr ralcen wer elrctedi K mlioioii
rrKilent 1 burner lice Treilduit H II Mller
Secrelary M Vowalk Alll lant ecrelary O I llaug
aterfer Treasurer and A climeliaer race repreieuta
The WAhlniton Homing Club af WaBhlngtpn P r
line been reorg nlttd and arcemlrne to ineniber hl
are ci mlnii In rapl lly The olnceri elected for the your
ale ome > Eaton I ml lent w J Fry secretary am
Treasurer It H caterly race Secretary and race
rei reientatlve to the r ederailou
Ueon 1 dying hae received a new Imoptie at niiffaln
V 1 and the proi ecu are that the fancleri tf llurali
will he kept very busy this leaion The matron SIuib
hai elected Mr s flurleh a romlnenl l fanfler Preil
dent C Hoffman MceFreeldent Ii A Ileinhai Sec
retarv and 11 J chrtittanaen Treasurer
llarmnnf was neer more prevalent than at present
among the membfrM of the Pittsburgh Homing Club
tl e > iv III try t their utmost this year to furl lt er the clOth
of iralnluir soul flying birds TheoRleeri elected for tits
year are I II Harper Preeldent O I I Miher Mce
Ireiilent w ll liiilebrecht Jr Secretary ard I
Skull Treasurer and race repreieutatlre
The ltoevilhe Ill J1 Homing Club has liiuel a chal
lenge to any cub located within twenty rive mile of
thl city n > ny a race over a V3 mate cnurne It In pro
poet1 1 tn hunt up the sum of CIVi half of wulrh U to iro
In the purchase fif ft cup and the balance to be ilonatei
to any charitable Institution the winnfr miiy delimitate
The members of the newly forme 1 ItrnoVlya lIming
lull will hate lo beitlr themielvei If lhuey Intend ti
rat a prominent part In thin years conci ur e race AI
though the club win organhsod early in the vear they
1 are male very lIttle l rocreiui 10 far The nest nifel
Inn will be hrll in Al nil 15 at IH I Myrtle avenue SteIn
mere I Hhould come early aa a large amount of buttuell
hiss 10 Ite t iraniacled
eekiklll fancier are laklllff a irrrat deal nf Intereit
in the cotnlnir raced ni there are two clute in the little
Sun fl on thus llu 1m n between which a irrent heal of tool I
nature 1 rivalry ell ta The Highland Homing Ilceon
luh U the jouignr organization antI ll Intendi la
make It warm fir the eekiklll 1 llomtntr IUeon i lub
hu mason Ih hitter rltib tin eUctel the following
oilers for the enouiir year 5 Wewelli resident 1 I
J Hotter Jr MPW reiMent I h I ll Houthard Secre
tory w F i Klockton rate re retcntatlve
Ins huniteul auutl 1 forty nine member have been en
rolle I on the br > i ke of the American ederatlniiof Horn
hug Igeon rauclrr up In March I and the number la
Itlll lluroiliiif InlHdelphla I ll in the lead with 71
huemu comes HrnoUjn with Ill I Newark N J antI 1 Iilto 1
burgh Ia with H each Peekiklll N V with 7 tier
nantnwn ls with 4 and the reel widely scattered
005F the Ml Idle and New England Stales flubi flying
mder Federation rule mar be found ai far Welt ai
chl ajo antI from south Carolina to Canada
The Jeney llomlnr Club ofllreni for the eeilon will
be J K lluuon Preildtnt II Walker VIce Fre < l
dent W errlnder Jr Hecreiarr r A Mahr Jr rare
rei rfaentatlve The club will luuthul 1 lu flnl nca on May
4 from Bordentown N l J M miles The other date
are dermaiitown IS 75 miles May 7 Wilmington
tll i l 101 mile Mar II I rhileaMd till mllee Mar IN I
Washington P 1 c 7 SIc < mllea Mar V The club will
den partloipate In all the coucoume races The menu
tens will giatlln contribute toward a fund for the nur
chase ota iHnnlle onaday prig and to make a iOO
ulle race the closing feature of the old bird season
it other clubs are willing to participate
The King County Homing Club of Brooklyn hoe
a lotted the following ichelule for thus old bird laaion
ol ItlCtm Mar IC Havre ile Irace Mil 151 l miles May
25 Washlniton D CL Ail miles lime I Charlollerlllc
ba 004 InlIne June K Korky Mount In 4lu mIles
one 1 Newton N C SO mliei The races will bo
lucid tinlr relerallon manAgiment wlih the ex
ei tlon of the Havre de Irace race which will be held
mder thus direction nf the club tcrilsn ileorge C I
smith Ten memlers of the rluh are releratlon mem
htsre also and Ihe twn rare representative tn lbs red
erAtlnn are Musrs 1 W Spanueul anti 1I W atjen
The new rules of the concourse race nf lie redera
Ion of American Homing Ihgoo 1 landers will do
away with a great deal of dissatisfaction which hm ex
sled tinder the old methode emplored hjr many design
bit fancleri when a man who flew hie bIrth taking
tile rhanrel aa they came WAS left far behind wt Ile
the fancier who picked nut flue weather and favorable
Tlnli was able to recnrd his html for dlilomai or
rlre with hirllr any aomietltlon to speak of The
rice metholi proposed nn ler concourse rule are
irlerly tint I that oil tlrda belonging lo Federation
nembrrs residing In i1isirliMi embracing about ltd l i
mile shall la flown on the same lay hlladelihla I an 1
vicinity will form one district New York Itewark and
Iclulty another the two district lIberating their
birds on the tame day Another section would have
lostnn aa It centra another Washington 1 > 0and
another flttahnrgli Pa
Ipnchnta Lose A Vitae Match Game
ThrouBh s > Blunder
The eighth carao In the OelmarLlpschntr
match was plared In the Manhattan Chess Clubs
rooms lad evening Delmar again played the French
detente Mr lliechuu Introduced Mr Steh01txs vans
tInt < I R 5 at thus fourth move differing from the
mululhl name In hlcb he played ll at his fifth move
After eleven moves Mr Ipirhuti had a illght sultan
tag e ill piirlllon but thus game val rather slow Up
idiotiC twelfth move llH H ba formed Ihe key
ubseiuent fine flay i Pelmar being I olllied toglre iipa
tirce on his twuity third mice Iliioliulat thirtieth
anti thirty nrst moves Ig n anflKiv I wire the
genius of chess They made the winning of the battle
almost certain for Ihe young rlnter
At the forty second move when all tha experta look
lout on at the iiatii saw that Illschuu had a forced
uaie In a few moves ha plaied UtK It H and
ailed check U was no rbsok and Delmar moved
ulckly so aii lo mate In two moves LIpiUiuU then
law his blunder and resigned In disgust
The score how itaudi Lliicliuli 4 Iielmar 3
rawn i
HrUneport lo Unite Kmce Tratrk
lliuuoBroiiT MardI 25Cill W II bto
onsenVloo1resldent and gonoral manager of
tiuo Ilousatonlo system ot railroads says race
rack will be constructed nt Parlor hock the
popular summer resort about six miles above
his city The track will bo a mile In clreum
oronoo and all provisions for horse owners
und spetttttors will be mode
Jirldaeport Lorramon have for a long tithe
track whero circuit races could bo
needed a nw V F
rotted us now all lovers of tho sport are
blleod to go to barter Oak Park or to the
Ansonla traek The site for the cioooied
course Is i level and close to the railroad A side
track will be laid andexcursion train can
nake the roUnd trip In IMS than but an hour
Yor mote who own carriAges the drive to the
trouudi U on of the most plcuant Imoitl
Mai of May Klnc
tr e EaTbrt Toward UnltlnB tbe Slea
Msttan sd Klateis Ialsii4 Athletln Clubs
Ever slnco the Now York Athlcllo Club
took possession of UB charmlne country home
on Traren Island Itt rIgorous rival the Man
hattan Athletic Club lies bean ondoavorlus to
secure a alto whereon to build as fine n sub
urban homo as that of the followers ot the
winced foot Tin now club boone of the
Manhattans when completed will probably bo
th finest In the world and they now propose
to have a competing around second to no other
nthtttlo club Tho Ground Committee ot
which W J Swan Is Chairman hare boon in
specting different locutions on tbo sound and
Btaton Island and two very Rdcutaneous
offers have been mado to tile club one br
Kraitua Vlman and the other br tho agent of
the OooKRti estate In this city
In addition to all this activity In trylue lo
secure a country homo comes th rumor of a
grand scheme which Is certainly bolnir ton
pldored to consolidate tho Manhattan and
buton Island Athletic Clues which would un
doubtedly make tho mobt powerful orennlra
tion of the kind In this country It Would gIve
to Iho romblno a membership of oxoi 2uIull
and would Include In thn ranks tho very pick
oltli amateur athletic talotit
The scheme may fall through but the pres
ent outlook lsfaorablo to Itf SUCPORI linir
mon Hwan of tilt Manhattan flrmind Ooinmlt
teo Is heartily In favor of consolidation and
ijalnis that It would bo ndiaiitnceoui toboth
club i he fact Is tho Manhattans are iilmotit
to a man enthusiastic ovor the attempt to form
a combination The tilaten Islanders Imw
ever arc not br as < moans u unit In fnor of
the schema still hue opposition is not coiosid
crud very lormldabiii
It Is claimed by the opponent of concollda
tlon that tile poollna of Issues would be wholly
to the benefit of the Manhattan lob 1 01 In
stance the property of hue Htnten Island lub
Is valued at lluUlini upon which there U a
mortgagoot only about tltiWi On tie other
hand when the inw club UOUHO 01 tho Manhat
tans la finished the club will be carrying a
mortgage tliNiuoil
U he idea of tim onsolldatlnn with the htaton
Islands Is 1 to obtain poxsosslon nf their luinil
somo Krounds for an untry homo for tho Man
hattans It the movement Is succeul which
Is not likely It N the Intention to OM und con
siderable monoy upon InuuovomontH Iho
KroundBWll bo enlarged a now iltib lipuua
erected and the truck anti Its appointments
made eiiual It tint superior to thuao ol iiuy
oihoi athletic club
A prominent momhor of thn RtntiMi iBlind
Club told a Ht N reporter that he could not neo
thonlsdom ot tho eonsoltiliitlmi I hu iiioin
borshlpof the club now flU hill ori tot nu 1 llui I I
and ill 050 Intern ted In IHIM I > ball I I crlrln I litwn I
tennis and other athlotl Biorls himoso huh alui I
free IICLOHS to tho Kroundaat all tininv NiAV
under the loiihollilatlon pan what In U o
world would tho eEl nt 1 inn I hllOlti lure do to
oncaee In tholr Iiuorlto csire I ft would bo
Impnsslblu to aOCOttlhllodlto mill ititul I they wmild
theralora bo nlmoil lo tho lntoncnleiuo of
applyIng for thin 1100 of thin irmuinls KIIIIO tlmri
Ill advance and oven then into big chances of
BPCurhiK thorn
This In not the first time that n scheme HKo
thl has been talked about Ihrco iiiir ° auo
n M K Racks propo ed just StIll a pnimollda
tlon and a little over Iho years ago tin New
lork Athletic Club mniln un cllrrl to form a
similar combination w 1th the htuteu KhmJors
Cromicountry Men IVnik
Immedlntoly after tho meeting of tbo K ecu
tIre Committee of thus S all innl rues I uuntr Arsoola
tlon at the Manhattan Athletic Clot house had ad
Journed on MOB Jajr night the fiauiei i I mnilttefl jf the
aaioclatlon convened land completed all hue arrange
menu for the event for whIch all iron country enthu
ela ts look It was decided to make but Miitht chiiniren
III the sight nile course at Morn lonk I where iSis roe
will beileclded and tIe event will bit urteJ at JHil I
M on Arril ill
The folltwlmug will be the t prlren A slUer cup em
blematlcHl nf tie inlllluat ir scountr chiintl n
ahlp now hMd by William ll Ill I of the New terse 1
AlliletlL t lub aseclAlg11 lueUl to the rrlt Fit men
nf the winning learn a plrrllnif silver medal itt similar
deslirn tn th first six intnif the cecomutI 1 team and ii
brothS medal tu thus tlrst six mm of the third tram I ito t
Tldel llx tennis start Th se Ir ihles wi 1 be struck
trnm the aFkoiliUli I plKlnlur 1 die
Ail assnci te rtrfluiuliutillo vIil ha e tn lab but W en
trance per team vlii tre new as oe ate enlrince fee
ulll be Slu tsr t team An mil irtsnt mnve woe Olin
a lot tlon of the ret > olu Ion nf the I xrcutive i ouniiltteii
relative to nlulng t a junior team chaiiit innshlp hull
cc sot wt Ich U HU lunnxRllon in cri n i untry HI rk
will lie started MI 10 m HI the t nrtliii IUIU lu Ihe 5lillul
champlolifchip shall lave tratrt ed halt 1 way vu tl eir
burner so as to avolt confusti
Walter M hrlMIe Titan Athltl liuulu l wai appointed
Chairman nf a committee oh toors ai it v > ai iletlde
lo tare the members cf each team wenr a sush if hue
eime color to dintiuirul II 9 lep its trto Cliutul itt e taco
The course will to thoroughly fUgged througtiOiit
Athletr Bun lu tile Itnln
Despite the unfiornblo woathor tio ath
lobs of several cross couuirr orgitilAtif held read
runs last night us Mch they ill I arently enjnve t 1 the only
aboenteei being hue SI deorke bthlele M ho y ere Ira i
ilslng In the sixty ninth Ileiluiunt armory for Il e forth
coming game of that org ulratloii
The Amity Athletic lob cross Country team hat A
ran around Central lark all keeling well tnetllier
throughout the rvent Thli orumilatlon will enter a
teumcf twelve Ickel men in this Junior trona couutrj
chaci lonslili >
nnrnpltlous we tther has no terror for the Paitlme
Athletic i lub crow country I team vid they i trf i ut in
fori e Tl e run ci as nwr an eUht mile spin frtiuu the
club irroiiiids 10 linih I street bill return LuL Jake
Adendorlar led the war home in tool style
TII rn i ftIo BI M
The Pilgrim AthMli lltl crn i untry tea to huOth 1 a
no1 I run lasti Ight ties 1 ihlrlv turuliik out in the kjtif
I ask nliloi went from tii < cliib grouuda tliruuli the
Ia irk to tilt ultith elrtel and return
V I C A moult 0031 03
Onpt James lien Irlck of tile Inrt Flglitr ilHi cIreet
branch or thn I S nunir Men a t hrlstlan ASH our itlon utub
a IfAin or twenty I luSh i n u lour I mile I rulu Inn nUht
foiug I tutu the room f the HI OU atli u lo the I trans
te tee roth In the lark 111 d return A jut lor tram
will try for cross country houorn from this branch of
the V MUA
Iho N Y A I Meetlpc
onrly throe hundred members of the Now
York Athletli Club attended tho general meeting nt the
club last night vhlch convened to consider the reort
of the invefttlif allug couiltlittec mu ho r ere an o nted at
the first meeilug of the recently eiecte Hoard uf loT
ernoM m HM roughly over 01 k each department of the
organlratlon and report litton the advisability of either
discontinuing or niaintainliiil those sectlnni ot the club
F II I I Pugr > U O Smith VI II I I Harrison I I 1 T Saum
sandtfnor 1 and Augiuttis T hochariy cnn lltuted the
committee and they presente I a olumlnima report
which embrace 1 eer fealtire of the big club
J Ihlnelanlrr Ulllnn Aumintus T Iiocharly anul 1 Mr
Thomtson slab In favor of the adoptIon of the chance
recommended but Mr A i Mill cautioned the mem
brM against smut nIle liable on any such rullcal
chancel ai the refort recommended and male a mo
inn that tho report te referred lo m II Is Hoar 1 of inn I t
actions This wan unulolutch uui ten some ilUcus lt n mil I
tie report was relerre 1 back to mIte Hi ard of iiovernoin
with full power to draft tie retoniuienilall In the
iirm of luneiiduients to the constitution Ihn I ll arl I
will consider the report nn Tiles lay April at a speulul
met ting The newsy elected eseLUthe Unller Il
jchurler preslled and Heiretary rank 1 Stur inre
rattled the proceeding whlcn were held lu the giuma
Gossip or Kpnrt Hlth Arise flied lea
F C McClellanl hu limed a challenge aol I rose i I a
forfeIt fur a ilvoujulle race ioitiu IHT Irlil 1 it fur i
astd tu be run tihlii five weeki from time of sikini i
rlkl lee
W llalplnof the New Jersey Athletic rinli who I cia
record or M feet fur ihe running broad Jump least ftc
Europe thli week lie Intend in iompet < f In the Ciug I
till cliamplonship wlkhls held early in tue summer
and will no doubt make tto lugllihuieu hutlle If Le is I
in good shape
It li rumored that T Shearman formerly of the N t
A o I who won the Rasiern implonthip hi for the one
julIe walk last year Is Oininf doun toni Montreal
where hi has taken up his resllenco lo mm ete In hue
Indoor championship at lloitnn on April U It is saIl
hai be will represent the Montreal Amateur Athlrtic
AssocIation nil time for the iiilltf walk at Cue Lacier
hamploushlp was 7 mlliutei Ua leoonde
Several of llarvardi old athleles are In artlte training
for Ihe lodoor champloiishlin Among Itiein are k ll
nnd Sti a 11 1 second man for a hundred yards II I
S I Uandelt IS a pole Tanner gool for at out 114 feet
all a fair iprlnler tl 1 ogswell a great half mller
who ran that thlslanre at llartar I tn 1 minute Si ° ceo
nds It the strIng of h u4 and II II Heuits the well
knwn walker sOul InierLulIeglale one wll clisiiii i m lu
ImifriiTos tarch 3i A meeting of all Hit prominent
tlllelel of Irlnreton I oiler wus 1011 1 11 ll aflernu lu
ilue gymnasium bully ilxiy men wery resent anti 1 sI I
reuses were marie tuy irf I Henry I I Y Osbirne Irainsr
itlnson and apiulu Pohm about tie best l radical
lethndl of rousing the iludinls lo acllre e ra anti of
raining II was stated that rlucetoll I would ssiid to
Ihue IntercollejiUte lattice nl llerkeler nval fuilrlthlrty
men Instead of merely sen Hug cuami loin il Hlitrlo
Tlere I is an abundance nf gooI 1 tnalerlal but tie men
nust begin lo work at once U I they expect tu accomplish
4 Mrllarlj nf lloulburn Australia on Jan i it at the
llghlaud games at lloulburn Australia tiudert o tue t
break I h Mitchell 5 record of 54 feet At Imiciueo with
tie M pound shot Irish CItIeS After allllle item urau in
Oh Icllar Ir started and lu the llrsl allempl cell t tue shut
aileet II Inches from the mark thus beating Mlichills
eeord the test In hue wt rlJ IrliLlslyle br 4 ttlH
nches This wonderful perfonnauce was done fairly
elm level ground In the i resrnce of Mr A u r Inlay
2 I Major Chliholm Police I Magistrate I ae hr l
Gentle UesirsJ B Hares J V K C Uryueu Donald
lnnle and Dunuan c Itoas
The preliminary boxing competitions of the Joint box
log and athieiio meeting ot the rispect I Harriers and
Company 0 Thirteenth Regiment will labstuist eonrrl
lay evening AprIK at Ihe SmIth Avenue i uslun lltiuk
yn commencing at HIM lock All Ihe pugilistic stars
of note In the amateur world have entere I and the uc
en of ihe mieilug Is asursJ The armory will be
oiuiu for practice on Monday Wednesday and Friday
evening from 7H to IHfc Harvard Yale l rlnietou I so
other celliiei together with the N 7 A I MA U 1
nd all the athletic club both Urge and email bare
teams entered la the athletlo oonleiu
The Red Bank Athletic Club U now considered lbs
adlaf ergaDlsalloo of its kind In Monmouth county
Ill club houie on Broad ilreet b I equlpl ed with all Hit
modern gymnastic appliances such aa boritonial ban
rapaiei swinging rungs rowing machlnea Indian
claIse boilug iloxs Ac Tlia meubershlp hOister
over fitly and erery one lain gxd Handing Aa soon
M a nenber vlolahi a rule bis came 1s dropped from
he roll The club 1s to rive an aiiisrialnuient la the
opera Up use oa April 15 which will consIst or soagi
daaus fit ii Amosi the toimber WI cr011 lake
Bald St 5IVtStS II 5 dee U tis Lamb Mobi Sat
ee 1
The Pope Favors
from the Influenza
with oxomptlon
from Lenten i
rules 1890
Ayers Sarsaparilla
Strength and Vigor
Take ft
Prepared by
Dr J C Ayer Co D
Lowell Mass 1
Vlssnia Sportsiintn at the Trape
The Diana Hportsmans Club of Brooklyn
held lu third monthly shoot of tha half yiar at r
Koohi Day View Park Hay Ridge yesterday drjtr
one hatt of the member put In an api earanca the teat
beliiidelaine 1 hy buslnets anti partly by the dlncret
ablt weather Khootlug at hint rock and gloss balil
ucciiptid the entire Afternoon ant Ihe markimendlA
not leave the trap until darkueM prevented lurther
ehnotlng The blue rock ihootlngwai extremely dim
Lull thus target rising on fie wind and tie distance
being further than usual A Dotty captured lie gold
tuedal lu lam A on the blue rick tameii with a total
of II out of 13 1 scharff who was tied with him brok
only 2 on the ehoot oT or lo out of III
In the giant ball competition ll Froellgh leads at
present lu blade A with II and Hint lu Clan H with T
chit of IS I shot at
Twn in ep stakes followed the regular lllOOt P Stone
J Siharn 0 Koth and I Iroellgh being hue tluiiir
The scores
105 A 003 COLL 5111 111t55
A imei U U 1Irilt 1 W
IrflUh 1 211 5 3
Hi harit U 24 1 2
Illt 4 4 21 H 1
MOIII 2 1 24 lit U
lirower 4 1 IN 7 Ii
5 I 24 7 Zt
Iinlllcuuhl 4 I J ii 4
Adaiulkl 2 ii le 2 5
las D iLOSI roll stra IIOCKC
lib f U Li 7 11
llaritninn II 18 II 7
llulbelehrl I 4 i m 7
1 ftlcm I 4 10 0 4
Tic rnfltern I rup Hbootcr
PIIILAIIEItIhiA 25Jho touring trim t
houleri hal 1 a ruunlnic receitthubl i uiitm their arrival la
this city tub nioriiliit The tborate in ft HUT In which
the chnmi Ion shots wore nterUineJ is due to tile lres
elite on the lantern learn uf Win 11 gtvncroft a
member of the North hnl 1 I tiun Club of tranktord who
up to the l rttenl time cads all this nthtr lueiu bone of
the party tn m rimm nIilp Tlue exhibition took lilacS
At the Tftciinj DrMnir 1urk ana the collects oere
tmdly tinndlcari tyattmiir c mrn wind irhlcli
blew < lrci tly In tl fir late IN hupttrn team nun in
verb bOth 11 orra Woivien roft in IkilIte hit hl iit Ccl loom e
or the trip In I tIe ohSItes itt i IV h lorry or IOu rcctrr
Ma 11 04 h vulmby HHB te e led 1 U uylite the fnni
ftn fa in SOul his tutuU uiiiy n UieU U I lie result U
apenubel 1
i ncicni TeamH M McMurcIiy 12 giilmbr II u W
K 1errr il UrMteurrotlt Si iuhiluey t ls l lulal HH
5 esterl Teem Il M I Hull I M lIttle JJ liciku
17 Ckliuon II MKr 17 TulAl tIll
A lou l tPamcrtn lMliir nf A 1 Tack T F I ArmrMroiu
A l am OP t Hickwnltcr anl thou Mlllfr put ui a
tcoreof I Jmi I iiiiifr Vllter < > t hi rlt irrtsM N J Ir I
lim team with a sore of I out cf It i inUittnf lule iwen
13 ninth tnrnet Alter the hhuot the urlxiH were the I
Kui tn of th uull inn 111 J i 1 tu l Jubat a bHliuuei at the
old euerhl SValu5 i llttel
HhoollniE iNcitro
Tl e mrnthly phrotofth 5lest Inl Pod Atidduu flub
nf Newark will luke plait at the 1ituer Unu on Ilatut
U3 March 23 t
I HIM kt IN March 25At a mrMlifr of t f irlnretrttt
dun i ub h1 1 tI in > tIle r ill hit 01 rrr were
shouted lot tIe tnMiinK 31 nr I real lent A fl 1 < Jli < lwn
II iccrethry anti Tn nriir r I I ullanue 2 Ixeiu
tlie lummlttev L Adu n 91 A h l nm tue Ul A
Mil vi I wan lie < uti etu ii I hull i riiHinent on
SatirUv 1 Airlll I i wtllteu t n 01 it ii 1 i h iii 1 an 1 lilvur
UiJalr win La 50 irIsh 1 to hIs tlUtinri i
hi i7Aft rn VM cli S A niMUli ot live rl lie i ni for 73
a fUa lob pUt d jCMtrlrt < ntlrl Ilult tlMiUlidilb I
Krouiitl 4 tetfteen iOu I Jtrr AM I J oil A ln i wenty >
live btrl S SIC im I e t utt At Hit Cud flulua elnr I thirty
bards rle tig 17 yard b < utidnr lie i Iris were mj
l ne H hi i t of lIvers ae lays hueeu reu i u thue trnuuti in
SImon tiinf aril aere hard to kill Tim mutch rudtid
with Ito iwent first Mr3 lerry illlnir 17 to lute op
ponent H U tttuu latter im lutz un HU be t eului not win A
Rftteietakei wa uderwnrtl HIOI bT n dozen ineiubert
ot the Club Terry winnli K flMt irnoy
IONO It e S tell St Urch S Thefentiii i dun Club I < l
Un reKiiUr bin > lnriH tneetlnz yevierOav The club de
tided tn accent tho clmileiure f the ituvereile J tuu CJi b
lo o tat lire ohuI 1 i ln > Iiieunq Iwo n atctiti te be t
fehot < no KI Ceui I 1 anl aol I tl I e f tier un the C cntral I
urouiids latti team w i Ii I 11 I > t ttiluptnuuI i ut ten men at d
the trIO mate li will Is I M bat nt hell Ine I lund i er tnnn on
klaytlat ti mug Hrsnrh 15n ti her siutot will be at
twenty lire bills rocki per uiun hue tnatcti to ceibut at
lied Hank on May lt 1
The Invndlle OnrOwnilihrf Newark never vary
In tl sir ot rk at the ti I I 0 ni w i 1 t e rre i br clue r tllov
lug I erotica M Mi h were pit I up I lii tie i li H iplonnii p
4 till elitlun of It e dl lueh week b A Irelemusehitier
I 1 Oudmiuuuu 2 ° i I rrr 4 1 3 Ircou lb I
bturti 211 0 hmuuhbl S3 I Illlmuthi l7l 1 51 lIefer
I 2 II mill 2 u 1 II ate Infer 235 0 Cntuluullt
S 7 Il Itoerk 2 tel1 II 20 C hialesy 2 00
tutelln 41 A lltmuellnr e Ecttiutr 211 1 II OVer
I er lilt A Ilsatot 44 1 II I is elerliul 20 J ihuuuder
2 iT IS Aulelirell hi i14 am 1 J ttilturFlllllhl 74
TIus 0 ettiuutun at lhlflturenel lit Ic eucejttionsPy
7 1 1 Ihuitleilluili Sleosre Sal li tuj to sill rrtillk Sheon 4
returui II II runjay in il hiruuusuh Itil e I hey shtuut Out f a
lutuibls ttatlsry aol v ens ho tns fnrtilched 117
matI I liulotul Iaue jut tue 11 rugTile lirluce at lImIt
I nuuinI Ic I I Its I auiebn S 55 Out hu llTleei I hr seTh s
day anul brtiugtut doe a lumuadm geese will un
duuiule dueL Sbr 14 1 Ierkloo well kmtllwni Il Inst
P ortemen i elenlil two web at Itte CItrIng II
hlouie lIe also hal far oluonting Ihue bay he sIlo
with doche brsuit aol geese elui the chatting is lIkely
to ronmlu good for Ihe balance of the eeasni
Till reunrul lot the teams entered In the UntIed flIt
Clubs of New Jersey tournament la aa follows
Hm Last Weal Lear
Ilnwarla J o Monroes 12 a
lUceislon IH iiNortiUards I li la
Eoeeon U 7 Newark 5 III
akenldes I 14 I S eppurds 4 t 11
Puritans U 8 Annie nakley 4 17
Uaklan li Ii Meclrlcs J M
negtnnlnc inorriw the Newark Shooting Society
will ullteR j up a busy nutdoor seas ii The lOinrnltlee ill
charge have mpleled arrangements for ihe chant
pit nshlp competlt of the organlratlon II consists < tt
a series 10 he shol rn Thuriiav and Salurday of eacti
week at shouting ark 1 The ilNunce of rmifie will he
JIlt yicrule l and 015 highest aggregate store of the seapon
wIlt male Its luller ellgihln ti the Ire phy emblematic
C f thr chilllllri ship The ronlrltanli will be divided
inlo uln se4 vlr rrrstch and han Hi api of ft 10 n j
Hill Kilofnts resettUe > t III addllliu there will be
match shoou fur exptrt me lala and cash prizes
nil AT 1111 FiaiiiKiik ARK IWINO
ljnmnts Matched to Sleet KeMniird Again
lack Jymsn tIle Now York featherweight
who woe rrrenlly defeate I In twenty ton rouudi by
Jlmm Kenuard the St Paul Kid In this rooms of the
Arllngli n Athletic rinb at Iiuffalo arrIved In this city
yeslerdHy lie wan met by a rej or ler of Tur rrr late la
thr afternoon Herald 0 I dldii hurt my hand aire
ulrueul hutrliiir tluo ilgbui liut I II ree 4 Sb e prerloits lu lb
ilie I intlureti It while iiirnluioi tIm I ag P0011 at my
lelmal I tei amic lollhhuer of frIend because I it eul
here and took the 1111100 lus a ill 111 ItlY left luau 5
prlect in This Cult 115 cuSersul aturutbuer lurle of 40
en1 my luaukem wIll phI iI 101 on mie futr omunther gl
wttl Isenitand We have signet srtirhee stud are to light
within sIx weeks Jacb hianley who 1531st InC or lb
hsst light will reure roe for Ibis tlle It deIgns 55
though I was anaye ill huaul Itick whueuever I Shut bull
thIS time I whil hal cotta murecaulbons to preveuul shy
tiuioug losppcuullug
A Short nnd hburp Fight
BOSTON Mai oh 25 1 hoi on as a rattling skin
love fight whlcli laned omuly four rounda earl thli
morning under the ihnlnw if Bunker Hill monument
and a Sullivan wee ihe winner It wasnt John IV but
he male as neat a Job of II aa the blc fellow would
tare done broIl Sullivan and Jack Miller were the
contestanls and the fghl was the retail of apenonal
grride IOu money was at slats > o time viaa cilia
irelimlnar stirring At Ile call of time they rushed
at earli muTer thru there was a clinch ml at the
hraaknray sumtan started the mill again Ile let Out
Silo rulitln 5 limn itr lhal would have done julllce to
tul 01 eat uutsolessae and Miller went down like a log
Iveril ly IboiiKhl he lied I een done for there and
Urn hut le si rang lo hli reel and went at Hulllvan
ira in r In his right anti left lu advantage but Sullivan
wm ulili Mini and lha reiultwaaiome Herd righting for
the uut two tnluutea bnlll an woji
Elghtlsg Notes
DJ Itlie wj difeattd twice Once br Pempier mad
uiioilier lime by a man named Wools A wins
ullcailoni for mtmbtrililp tu the furltau Alhlello
Club of Loug lilaud Uly art IOiirlur lu lu Hlluam B
hue date el rht Brtt beiwten Brooklyn Jlnixr Carroll
abul AustralIan Ui Jy Smith has been let for April 415 aS
thu Catiforula Club
The barker of rat Farrell tan dust he will back him
against teddy Gallagher for a parse ottered by any club
and bet 111001 i on me ooiilda or will back tarrell
against any nlddl weight la the world under los lame
cots dit ions
Bdward orey mia of tha prlorlpati In the reCent
Corey heating prise mill near the MOODS and Montgom
ery county hues and who was lined toil and sentenced
Is nineiy days In ball Iberefor Uai made his escape
from the jail
Cat McCarlhy the feather weight champion will ap
pear at Louis J Iiaek i beniflt tomorrow nIght Ill
erinanla 1 Assembly itoomi AU Howtrr Beet will
give an eihiblilou of hIs wonderful teat by stjcklqg
lOJuosedls into dlfferest psrte of him lady
MeeCorbie the colored feather weUhtwho d fi l d
Hugh Maiiarson ou Monday night koli in the f we
Terr much like < leorga blioniui colored hauplo
If Corbln i waaaihadellghUrlatolor i h would probe
biy be skin fat thi Soeton had uu mod ci Oghtlhig Ia
altogether differt
Tna tohlow4mg cabl vu received at tht r > iet eutut
eajee yesterday Ctney ubal5r5 Of lIght
welikim f Eazimnd w II Jack ketuith Anterieaa
chatapfoa for LOW ar bdrbt 00 sad lo Peulk tlaog
chasaploa tsl as4 ah

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