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> 1
nor DILL TKSTH IIIK nucKmrr of
us uKrvniirAH AIHOCATK
I eg Aek I I > f Rlllur to loin Him In
Bequest lo the Conrtnr AppmU to Give
Opinion o Ikfi faitilllulloai > lllr ol
Ik fluxion nillA Reeolntlon lo < hU
Kas nefeeiteo amd he o er ore > Ih
HUelred In I Colt
r ALHANT Mnroh 2Oov Hill him punc
tured tbe bubble nm exposed tlio utter hollow
Ben and unBubitnntlnllty of Ilopubllcnn
Totlon to bnllot reform except a n Pretext
for disfranchising Democrntn and ho ba
ahown loo that the Republicans nto oon
J willing to forego tho accomplishment of tbo
later cherished purpose rather than give up
I trrlna to put him In a false position boforo the
i people of tho State I
j < I The secret of tho consultation of last nlaht
at Senator Fawotts Is out Tho Republicans
I were considering n proposition from tho Dov
tho constitutional uuestloiis at Usuo
rnor that conntntol1 luestols l8uo
I in the Boa ton bill bo submitted to the Judces
i of the Court of Appeals Although Senator
Baxtonand Mr Acker tho Introducers of the
menureln tho two Houses were In fior of
I the proposition they woro overruled would
thus appear that her woro tho only members
of the minority who rely cared Another tho
oeaJlod Baxtoii Ilallot llefonu bill bocamo n
law or not nml that thor wore tho onlr slnoero
dlielplei of the iintlpotloan e > Atom The dis
I cussion of Ibo Governors proposition In cau
cus gave the Ilepubllcans a decided advautago
In preparation for the reception of a commu
nication embodying tho i > roioltlon which W
ent t both branches of tho Legislature this
njornlnK ret ther waro worsted by the unnro
pared Democrats In tho best debate that has
b n heard In tho Senate chamber thlssoeslon
This Is tho Governors message
I Senate bill No 117 conerally known on the
Baxton Ilallot Koloim bill Is now boforo mo
or consideration AH Is woll known It ontnb
I lahes a new ystemnf voting In the Btnto I
abolishes tho existing election laws and tho
abolsh lalnl
changes conttinplateduro conceded to be moat
Important and radical Tbo objects which It
professed to accomplish nro umiuosUonahly
commendable Many of Its features nre ox
cellent and tcvernl have been reoomruottdod
jolonl In unmml during the past
me mr 10nuni messages dlrlnl 1I18t
two Jens but certain of Its nrotlxloug aro bo
lleved by mo to ho In violation of thoHtato
Constitution This com lotion Is I loopseated
and controlling and has been con II mind by
concurring opinions bv many loading lawyer
of the state nder Ibo existing situation I
I cannot conscientiously nppiove tbo bill In Its
1 present shapo nr consltontly i ornilt It to l
comoa law without mr signature 1 havo
however no more prldn of opinion In this mat
ter and will cheerfully aniulo co when con
vinced thnt my views are unwound
I Tho bill nllocln Mint nubile Interests nml I
relates to the snored rights of sullrage and tbo
i blah piorogiitlvos nl cltlonshlp Ilt It
abould lie onncted Into a Ian tbe objeeilonable
provisions are so interwoven with tho other
f features or tbo measure that serious conse
I quences and much confusion nnd Iniiiri tnust
Inevitably ensue If I Hliall thereafter appear
f that thenuestlonablo piovl ions or any portion I
thereof are in coutllct with tbo Constitution
In that event the whole ulectlon innclilnory of
the Biato would ho l > broken down at d do
atroyed Theadvlsablllty of an onrly ailjudl
S cation of the validity of Ibis proiioscd measure
cton I prol08l
j Jeipeclally while tho Legislature lain session
It very nnraront Tho host InterentH of tho
Btato would be subserved and the catio of
electoral reform greatly uromotoil and its suc
cess hastened If tho constitutionality of those
provisions could bo informally dotoimlnod by
the Court of Appeals at this time for the Infor
mation and guidance of both tha Legislature
and tho Executive
TheContitutlonsof several States nota
I bly Massachusetts Maine low Hampshire
Colorado and Horldn expressly provide tbat
upon tbe application of Iho Executive land In
one or two of thorn upon tho application
of the Legislature tbe hlgbeut court of such
State shall render an opinion informally upon
tha constitutionality of any proposed mon uro
pending before tho Executive nnd upnn which
he may deslro such Information for his omclnl
ton I Is to bo regretted that some such
provision Is not contained in the Constitution
of our own fitnle but In view of tho ast im
portance of this particular measuro a well as
of tbe dangers which may bn avoided
t and of thl gool results which aro
likely to ensue I < a letter understand
tng ol the constitutional Questions sup
posed to be involved cun be an bed at
without litigation and without further conflict
between tho Legislature and tho Kxccuilvo it
s believed that the Court of Appeals upon tho
joint request of tie Legislature and the Execu
tive would as a matter of courtesy duo from a
coordinate hram of the Stale Government
readily undertake to oxnmlno tho proposed
measure and Informally express an opinion as
to tbe constitutionality of Its provisions This
j coarse Is not wholly without sanction or prece
dent Formerly tbo Chancellor and certain
Judges of tbo old Supreme Court as members
I of a Council of Itevielon wore accustomed to
render their opinions to tbo Ixe utlv o upr n the
constitutionality of proposed legislation
and In 1H72 upon request tbo Court of Appeals I
expressed Its opinion upon eortaln legislation
then pending nnd awaiting approal Tbo
pendlol anl awnllnl nplrovnl ju
risdiction of tho Court of Appeals is not con
jerrod by tho Constitution liui by statute
The time for my consideration of this meas
ure does not o plro until April 2 Tbo court If
f promptly convened will hnve ample tme courl1
fore thai date for an examination of tho ques
tions Involted
Tho two divisions of the Court of Appeals
represent opposite political sentiments Tho
people of the Btato without distinction of
party have the highest reward for that court
and unbounded confidence In Its decisions It
Ma I court which will not bo governed by put I
tlsan prejudice or affected bv unintelligent
clatror or influenced by Improper appeals or
deterred from a bold and fenrlobs discharge of
Its duty by uny considerations whnteer To
uch a tribunal the friends uld opponents of
I this measure mav safely Intrust tho considera
tion of tho constitutional mentions which are
alone proponed to be submitted to It
It Is therefore recommended tbat a joint
f resolution bo unused by thn Loglnlaturo re
Bpectfullr requesting tho Court of Appeals
first and Second Divisions to roconeno at
their earliest convenience for tho purpose of
examining thin measure and expressing their
I opinions Informally as to the constitutionality
I Ot the provisions thereof I la mv earnest de
IlrolO aid the solution cf the problem of eloc
r 1 toral reform and that spirit alone has prompted
I this communication I trust that tho Legisla
ture with n similar doilro to secure practical
results In lie olnrt to aliollfh tbe evllt now at
tending our elections will meet my suggestion
I in tho namo spirit and will readily acquiesce
my request to refer tho cotihtltutlonal ques
I tions In tho controversy to a competent and
< conpartisan tribunal I AMU II HILL
Senator Haxton thougn believing In the fair
ness of tho offer as evidenced by bis willing
nees to nocent It last night was tbo tlrst ppenk
er acalnst a concurrent resolution oCTered by
Senator Chase that the Logislaturo unite with
the Oovernor In tho proposed request Senator
Kaxtou said tbat the proportion on Its faco
teemed to be ery roasonablu but Its conra
auencei ougbt to bo considered before the
Honato adopted It Ho eald It was too
lato to ask tbe quostlons on behalf
01 the lfKlMaturo Quoetons the polns
l r had been derided as lar as the Lculslnturo Is
concorned thnt Ibo Gooruor was at liberty to
aik the questions on his own allberlY the
j opInion would lot bo I judicial determination
I tnat tho Judge would probably and properly
refute to act and that I 1 they did aol they
would simply glo the I opinion of fouiteeiiof I I
I ue ablest best anrlino tblghmlnded lawyers
I I of the btate but an opinion that would nut be
binding on anybody Wo can vain nothing
II I bysucbainHolutlonnsthlBbondded nothlul
I henntor Chase thought that tho proposition
A was emlnontlv fair and that It was a quibble
I to ear that the Senate was asking lor tho in
I formation I was for tho lovcrnor nnd on bis
UBgfstjon thnt It wan iskod honalor Cba o
I beliHVed that the GoMjrnor was lnioru and
earnest In his desiro for Imllot reform Though i
tot able to toll all balot know on tho Hub 1 II
ject tie announced iat ho bud eery teuton to
hll oOn
I bellei > that I the roolutlon jaxsod anil the
Cur of AiipealH endowed bill as constltu I
tlpnal It wnuld bucomn a JIll bil al onstlu I
Bonntor Cantor mid Ihnt tbe Senate had be
pro It I simple i proposition in tbu Intorosts of I
ballot roform Its reception by tbo llopublicans
showed that thoy oro playing lo thu gallorl s
nnd eeklng to erento I lolitioal issue rnthor
than acting with n situero effort to further I I
Dillot rfliorni t
Henutor n sott chnrnotorlrmrtho communl
I cnt on d a plnco ol excctitlvo ihliubierlarulne
nnd IfiBMiitlvojiiKKlliiK llo nnid
The Oovornor Kiiis ilia tbo Court of AP
praUlii ahovo Improper InlltieniOH Dnos Af
I mean to Imiiuto tj nt tin IoclKlaturo Is not
nlrave thorn loo Does bo coino lu UK with tbn
request for I favor In ono hUll nnd au Insult
InthoothiT Oi In lI on the stool of leiorit
nnoe nnd ncknovrladirlni that Im is not nbove
nob Inuuetioes t
Menatqr Jncohs Interrupted Senator Fassett
I to any The Oovernor has no doubt asett
unconstltutlonallty of tin measure lluthS
lay there may DO room for an honest differ
enoe of opinion on It honet dller
Benator Foe ett replied If the Oovernor
bas lenet 10 rOIled to Ihe unconstltu
I tlon Itynf the bll I Is tils duty to uneolnttu
rerlinps the most unfortunate siioeib of tho
Itrinih Icni vvas Hint nuilo 11 Hnnntc r rrvvlii
lie 111111 to tho recoid ol lcpuMlnnn
hnme ionlninoil the blhtory of tho Menlini
of the IlMluMiey In IHTi An niipeul ohnl
P to ihe hlheBt court In the lllpll said
taO IheHupreiie Iouit of tbe United Ktatea
It divided politically and stood R to 78 to 7 all
thewiythrouEbfrom the bednnlne to 711
ead Huoh a r ult In thU cue wouldlo a c
Brace to onr Stale and I think that the Court
of Appeals oiifiht not to b tempted
Benator Llnoon scored tho onnonenU of the
Oov irnor propoatlon He said
OOIrnorlropslton le
The petition of the majority II l absolute
Indefensible The facility with which they dlsr
doles tor other people nnd then fnll I Into thor
has become nlmnst proverbial Their position
In reference t ballot reform furnishes no e
He spoke of the Governor consistent DOS
tlon In the matter pointed out the fallacy nnc
anllllldel fllmslnnns nt what the Io ublonl hod laid
1 ho defeat of this resolution lends Inevltn
hlvto tbo veto ot Ihp tnxtou bill You dol It
with your f yes opon
rionator 1 ns cttllut will the Governor say
lie will slen I under any clroumstnnces 1
honntor Llnson No bo does not but I sny
that If you pass this resolution nnd the Court
of Appeal answers In favor of tbe constitu
tionality ot the measure I will help yon lopans
It ovor tbn Governors veto If ho should veto It
Jlut the Governor would not dare to veto It
No man would darn to veto It Ho does not
vnylnso ninny words that ho would sign I
Hint would bo Improper nml iindlenined nnd
In none of the olmricefl iiKnlnst him has It boon
said lie Is not carelul concnrnlne tbe dignity of
his position rou may havo an opportunity
thnt may nover como Again to put this meas
ure which you Ray Is lorfeot upon the statute
books within the noit inn days
book wlbln and Hlonn balanced tnlk for
and RlalnAt the resolution and then Senator
It l a condition not a theory thnt con
fronts us Tho condition tbo whole mater of
It Is that thn majority pietend that they want
this bill They cannot lot I Tho Clovornor
will not slen It I In Its present xhniio because he
docs not believe In Its constitutionally Hut
ho will bow to tho decision of the authority ho
nnraos My opinion Is that this Is tbe only
opportunity you will hnvo to set nuy legisla
tion on the subject this your For myself I
ton Ito I would not oto for tbo bill
If nil of tho fourteen judarcs en
dorsed IU I would sooner leave this body
orlonvonnyloBlslntlvo body that I might be a
member of than vote for n hill tbnt would dis
franchise the htitnbloHt of my constituents
What 110 hero is that tho mnjorlty heatou by
thodovornor but having an opportunity to nut
the law on tho statute honks reject I In
enmity lo the Governor thoy seek ouly to put
tho responsibility on him Lot I mo toll them
that the people of tho Btato nre not listening to
constitutional aiiosiions answered
They who ak for this hill will ask you why you
did not tnko tbls opportunity and ou will
havo moro trouble to answer their question
than to nnsvvor those asked hero
renator OConnor thought that tho Court of
tolntor loulht
Appeals could not bo tot together before April
the date to which It had adjourned He
thought also that thoj would refuse to sit ns i
mock court such ns thoy phiy In law schools
to amuse tho boys Jut ho also thought that
thn proposition In tho message was a good ono
1 am not ono of those who underrate our
I Governor ho continued I ho vetoes tbo
bill as lie did tbo two previous ones I will still
respoit him as tle nblo man and one who has
tbo our o 01 his convictions He issoatlo
that lie conerally gets the best of us
After Senatoi Cantor had made tbo point
that thn majority wanted to havo tho bill I
vetoed Henutor Fnsxett moved as n substitute
for the resolution thnt tho communication from
tho Governor Ue referred to the Judiciary Com
mittee Ibis was carried by a strict party vote
of of theUomocnils 14 to 12 onator Ahoarn voting with tho rost
1 he Assembly ijnon Mr Hustod s motion
also referred thn Governors message to the
Judlclari Committee by u vote of iJ to 50 1
pnrti vote o
Tho bill providing for n Commissioner of
Street dpcnlne 1 was passed by tbn honnto
Hnnntor Voddor tried to amend I Into a two
headed nonpartlHnn Commission bill hut
fiille I Senator Erwin got In an amendment
thnt the > 111 i < oinmlloner vvlth I six jcars
teim must hnvo no other business nnd must
devote all hla time to the duties or his ollice
Among tho bills Intindiiced today was Sena
tor Madlers to give Major George W Me lean
nf the Old Guard n lirevet Lleutouunt
Colonolcy ulrl
Tho Assembly gave up nlmnst I the whole day
to the consideration of senator Iaughllns bill
to Increase the lockngn capacity of tbo cnonls
at a cost of f SOlOiin I Despite an effort b > Doyo
of liroomc to seale thn hill Mown to n quarter
of n million It nas sent along to a third rending
ing at tho original flguro
Tbey Ilnve Hern heen to Vn Their Tulle
tn Help Them la Climbing
A clinnco visitor nt tho house of Enprlnoer
H tiry Morehouse 17 Governor street
1 Newark might be surprised and shocked to
e halfgrown rats running nbout tho floor of
the dining room nnd perhaps crawling over
the lounge or climbing the slim trunks of tbo
oloandetstn the window A Inn of unatonU y
I habits I he was to so four rats wrestling
catch catch In Ibo of this
as can corner tty
dining room might Imagine for a moment that It
was tmo tr him to take a little better caro of
himself but be would bo relieved when gentle
Mrs Morehouse called to the rnts nnd thoy
cniiio scampering townrd liar ant climbed ou
her shoulders
I Is not generally bollovodthnt common
grny house rats can be tamed thoroughly but
twice In her life Mrs Morebousb has suc
ceeded In raising litters of young ruts by
taking them before their eyes woro opon
and tenderly cnrlng for thorn and feeding thor i
by band until they were able to take oaro of
themselves Tho first litter sho got several
years ago and sbe kept four rats until they
were J jears old when Mr Morohouse took
them to No 2 engine house where wild rats
got at them and killed three of them and In
flicted n wound on the neck of the fourth
which developed Into a weu und caused tho
animals death a tear later
I was eight weeks ago that a mnn digging n
drain In Vine street Newark killed an old she
rat and found six or BO < en little ones In a nest
of sawdust and rags He had killed sovornlof
tho little rats whon Thomas A Morohouso In
terposed and said he would like to have them
Ho took them homo to his mother who a once
accepted the challenge to raise them They
wore nppnrcntly a dny old for It was nlno dnys
Inter before they could opon their eyes bho fed
them by soaking broad In milk nnd nllonlng 1
them to suckle It from her flngors They
throve on it and are now eight weeks old ana
moro than bait grown They aro llshtly shy
In the presence of utrnngors but nro wonder
fully tame and are fond of Mrs Morebou I
and ber sou Tbey do not particularly Ilka
Engineer Morobouso but plrtcullrly Iko
EDQlleer MorolJuso wtl tolerate his
presence duo little sbn rat has tiikon a ktrong
liking to Thomas Morchouoe nud sticks
to him nil the time tbat he Is In the room
crawling up his sleeves In bib COlt pock
ets under hU coat or on his shoulders
Tho others are extremely jealous of
tills little favorite and manifest their dislike
liy biting bor after sbe has leon potted loung
Mr Moruhoueebas a lino English setter whleii
will kill nny rat but these tame one wblel le
points thorn constantly when they are In the
room and tbo ruts take kindly to him aud nt
times puroh on his hack Ho will locate them
at any time when thoy are biding nwny under
tbelurnltureor on tbo flower htnml but ho
does not cnro much lor their friendship
The rats nio extremely cleanly nod when
thoy let water will din their paws m It nud
wnsh their noes They nre sleek and tnt nnd <
having Plenty of Ilborly they keep lu good
health Their eyes protrudo and shine llko new
shoo buttons aud no movement In thoroniii
escapes them Whon not ronmluu ODxiitthu
house thoy Inhabit u largu cage In
1 InrI
which Is I 1 LOY of end whl cnle ti I II
delight to burrow In Jlrn Jlornhoiifo
his I tenyearold gray bjulrrol which In I snv
age and iloo nl IkA thorais It growls and
hitters whenever iboj aro lu slcht Irowl tniH
tho rats aro Intelligent and nlloctlonnto nnu
that rms nnvcr had any atoetnalo She
jloos not believe that n rut win ho tamod unless
It Is taken In hand liefoin Its aios nre open If
the eyes are open tbu young rnts will bllii I
body and tho > run novur lo hrokti of the hah
body tamo rain she ban now nover think of
biting oven whuii roughly handled nnd at
tlmon that become nuisances thiough tholr nf
foctionatohubUof clinging tJoulb J hoy nro
mlschlovoUH and must bo watched whon nt
largo or tho wll gnaw tho Plants nnd the lt
pet or dla tho dirt out of tbo Ilovvor puts and
scatter It over Iho ilonr lowor Ind
Ono day recently 1001 R Morohoiise laid n lot
of i oliilixs In thu mlddlo of tbo Iloor lo 1 soo
what Iho ruts would do Thov soon discovered
them I nud at onte sot nbout tbotn kof trans
ferring tjiora to u corner of nn adjoining room
limy rolled carried nnd pushed tho heavy
pomtoos along the floor helping each other
with tho Inrgo ones and within n few minutes
wihin IIIuleR
had trnnHferred fully half 1 peek of potatoes
from ono room to the other
I UV lJoanJ disputed by no leas nn authority
than lllchard loner HJIck I tw U ill of this city
thnt the common gray tat over curls Its tall
I nrotind nnythlng to nslst It In climbing ns tBI
opossum or n monkey doos I hoso rnts of Mrs
Morebousos tin use their I tolls i in climbing i the
plants and In clinging to their owners bands
reporter who visited the house yester
lay saw one of tbe rats momentarily suspended
Inmenllrl eusllded
from a twig of an oleander by Its tall and it
clung by tbo toll until I got another foothold
At one time all four of tbe rats were wrestling
In a cornor and one of them had Its tall around
the nnck of one of Its fellows Is During the
wrestling match Vic tbexotter was staadiastly
pointing thu rats nnd he looked OH If he would
I kn to Improve thoj opportunity and crunch
them all ut onot anl
V Model IDllremuu
TiAdorlck A West 1 young man of herculenn
frame was appointed on the police force yenerdey by
CommUslonsr MaeUan He saldlbe bad been an artlita
mod1 lor Sculptor T Kawin JJI11 ha in A all J1h
Ilb L Oorl taU
a 1 pUhla oon 1a
aa nKSins JIB in Kiiaait A nvua
LAR utt A cavncn UKUHEB
ntr Kf1a nee Hint h Commute L
Merle of Jtargmrt m Wlle he w Ke
Th ro In now lylnff In Raymond street
jnll Dreollyn a man whose reputation for
honest jai up to last Saturday was us Rood as
that of any other citizen In tho town of Mont
elalr V J James Tuthlll who has lived In
Montelalr for six ear Is tho man and at
least Monllalr a dozen burglaries which havo taken
plnco In Montclalr nnd vicinity havo already
tho police say boon traced to him nnd thorc
ar fifteen other burglaries wbloh haNO nil 0 I
OBrrcd slnco lost Boptombor for which there la
already pretty strong prcsumptlvo evidence
that Tuthlll Is responsible Houses In Mont
clair llloomflsld Glonrldgo East Orange and
Orange havo boon entorod and money and
jewelry amounting In valuo to eovernl thou
sands of dollars havo boon stolon and as far
ns tholr Investigations havo gone In onch caso
the Montclalr u authorities have placed the re
sponsibility upon James Tuthlll
Tuthlll then a younn man of
Six ear ago Tuthi rOlnl mln
22 went from 1ort Jorvls N V and made bis
home In Montolalr I Is sal now that his
reputation In Tort Jorvls was not of the best
but no ono know of this nt tho time Tuthlll
cnmo to Moutclalr Boon niter his nrrlvnl Tut
illl went to work for George Booth n boss
mason and learned tho trade of mason him
self At tho end of n yonr or two ho becamo
nu ot expert In his craft and soon bad all the
work ho could nttond to About four years ngo
ho marrlod n Illoomllcld girl thon lu her teens
who was tho daughter of n laboring man by tho
namo of 1ost Tbo two went to housekeeping
In a neat little frnmo oottauo In HloomfloM
nenuo nndTuthill gained tlio respect of his
hardworking honest man
lolghlOrs as u hardworklll hOloet
1011hlor8 IS
V hllo in the omplov of Uooth and when work
ng afterward for himself Tuthlll s work took
101 IlmRllf Iutlls
ilm Into tbohouso of ninny of tbe wealthiest
cllbens of Montclalr nnd of tho adjoining
cl17ns luthlll tbusgotan acquaintance with
ulhllllul jot
the housos and tbo lay of things generally
vhlcti cao him < It IB argued a grout advant
age as a burglar
ln to 1 Inut September burglaries had been an
incomruon oocurienco In Montolalr but at
bat time 1 surles of thorn began which lasted
null tmo nth of this month when the last ono
occurred in thn hOI of Goorgo Ilootli Iho
nethodH of tho thief In each CIO woro almo
doutkal As a rule each robbery was rrnido
hon themouibors of tho fall wero at din
ner between tho hours of ii all t 1 lie arti
cles wore usually taken from secondstory
rooms and so well did tho burglar do bis
work that only tho abonco of the valuables
hemselvos In many oicos told the story
1 ho burglar In Booths house was committed
wlillo a mimberof friends wcro calling on him
A Hobertoon of Brooklyn was nmongtho num
> or About U oclock ho retlrod up stairs lenv
Inl the rost down Mnlrs playing cards Ho
md been In bed only I few minutes when bo
aw nMrnngT enter tbo room nnd holding a
ighlcd match Ihe thluf tonicbod hisclothes
nnd took his watch llobertbon ral od an
ihirm but tho thief slipped out before ho
conld be caught Last haturday llobortson
was standing In Dabneys coal olllco
ear tbe railroad depot when he saw
man past by 110 features woro
tho same ns those no hml seen by tbo glimmer
or f tho match In tho burglars bands Inter In
the day lloberteon plcivcd James Tuthillout
from n crowd of others as tho man nnd In
ormed Constable Isaac Dodd who 10t 1 bealph
varnint from Justice of the Ponco li 1 Mllll
nu and hurried oor to Tnthills hoiio Doild
icgiin 1 search of the hou n InTnthlUs pres I
ence und finally In tho ifllar hidden on the
top of tbtstono work under tho bourns of tho
flooring nbovo ho found qunntlli of biaco
Ints diamond pln and other jewelry Uodd
illilnf trv to Hrrest Tuthlll us he I tlioucht his I
warrant did i not authorise him to do MOlln1 I ho
made another trip to Jude Milllgnns olllco
but when ho cot hack Tuthi I hud fled
Constable nllllnm 1 Olunrth started on
Tuthlll s track late Saturday altornonn and by
t oclock hud traced him to tbe bou pofhls
wires unc e m Grecnpolnt Long Island
Tiithilt had gone to the theatre nnd Oluorth
with Detectives Donlon ami linn of tho
Greenpolnt precinct awaited his return
It was nearly 1 ocloikhunJny morning whon
Tuthlll came in nnd he run right int > tne arms
of Oiwortb who was stiiidlng in tho dark hull
of tho tenement A search of lutbllls clothes
brought to light several alunblo pieces of
jowHlry wbioli I Olwortli I took possession of
luthlll r wus locked up In Ihe station hoti e
und on Mondas was taken to Ha > nmud street
nl to awult a requisition from tho Now Jersey
On Sunday another systematic search of Tut
hlll a house unenrthod more valuables hidden
away In the cellar In tbo moan time Mrs Tut
hlll who had bel I isltlng Irloncls In liiooklyn
returned and was arrested anil locked up in
husband the Newark jail as a pobslblo accomplice of hor
All day jcsterdny Judgo Mllliean reoeolvod
calls from persons who had buiuil of Tutbill s
arrest nnd camo to tee If uny of the jewelry
I found belonged to tboni lief nightf ill
founl bolonlol thoU Bolfnllhtal n largo
portion of It bad been Identified as stolen with
in the last fow mouths illlnm Iaxtnn lound
it gold watch in the lot which had bean stolon
from his house last fall Four hundred
dollars was taken nt the flame time h
l Blow art a Now York merchant recognized
n set of agate button which with more valu
able property had boon stolen from him John
Hherman of Cilenrldgo found bracelets and
bangles which hud been taken from his home
last tioptembor klhomus I Ijowden who Ihes
In Hawthorne street Montclalr camo across a
gold ring which with tM > worth of othor
jewelry comber disappeared from his homo last Do
1 his la a list of burglaries which Judgo Mil
ligan expects to fix on Tuthlll nnd lor many
of which ho FaR 1m already has evidence
Frederick Irish Fullorton avonuo Mr Dan
iels Ornngo road A K bev Walnut street
Mr VUIsOrangerond Mr Uarnum Llrnwood
avenue Mr Jlonrv Dlx Clinton avenue
Mrs Marshal Willow btreot hllas Stewart
Walnut street Mr Hall Fullorton nvonuo V
1 Iaxton 1ortlnnd place Miss Mary 1 An
drews Iat Orange Irl Wales Bust Orunge
and G W Derrliin Glenrldge
It Is said tbat Tuthlll bad one or two accom
plices In blu work nnd developments nro ex
pected In a day or two which may result in
their iirrpM
Tuthlll Is still conllnod In acoll nt the Hay
mnnd stieut jnll A sonsntlonal biography
piibllshod vosterday represented him to have
been a pillar In Iho Mo tclalr Congregational
church and It was said ho bud been loud and
devout In hl thanks to tho Almighty for spar
ing him tho visitations of tbo myhterlons rob
her that was despoiling tho community and
took tbo lead lu employing Iinkerti n detec
tives to work up tho dices Tutbill wns seen
by a HUN reporter last night in tbo jail Ho in
dignantly berI denied that bunas a church mom
I am a Hob Ingoraoll man ho snld
There may bo a future life but I dont be
llovo In any hell I havent boon Inside of n
cburch morn than throo times In lon years
I went to 1 Catholic church In low York onco
boforo 1 was married when I was courting a
Cnthollo girl and slnco 1 have lived at Jlont I
clair X want to a nngro church for fun tiv Ice
Tuthill denied that bA was guilty Hehas
wla his
not yet employed a lavvjor He said It was n
sister of his wile that told tbe polko w hero 1
was Maying In Grpenpolnt Ho thought tbero
was sorno son of n conspiracy ngalnst him Ho
could not account for thu jewelry boing found
In bis cellar H < > had lived In the liousoonly n
< IINlln 111 011
month and n half nnd I mutt hnvo been placed I
there ho thought boforo lie took lOhtOoslol
OHIO for a NuTttl I > ny I
AN AtI March 2iTbo United fitatos
> aval Initlliil conijiuiiett ufoniterB of the navy and
othcri b To orerrduirU or fliuvltli 1 KOI intal
lor ih lut t tiiujr > r ciutd on nay mikjcct rcrttlnlos
to tha natal rroltiii n TliB Itulo nblcli m
orRBn7elln 1 71 Ia u ineott > r hlp numberlnff nearly
loo Including linnorrr innnitjrrt life membri HII l
rritintr onj > uuclai > iariniirr me meinlieriinp ein
< ll > lrll < ulelo > eriie rly mcrr MAI In Ilia Union main
forrlirn i oiinlrle The i ondllloa ttir Hit lmon e ay
a re > hat It mint h l > ent in iho Savnl Acadnnr on ur
tftoro llm II i r > t of ueit Jinimry Inch umaMlior
mu t UH a runlln which I muiuht be nulnica in Ihe I
envf lope Hllh 10 eujf A nrparute nvei 1 e rontaln
hilt the inollq nntl ih nrlleri
110 liniue nhoilt aUo 1 be
eut n hn opoifl I after Hie annul I lit kurciimful
coinpcllor il I e nixila a life uiriubrr ol Ihe hutUuto
A Younit AVonmn l Juineiicnit n Jllnupurur
JAMKSTOWN Mardi 25 Lillian 1olorson a
rrlly young woman of Jl rll > a > > c re I from her home
HU llarrlton ilreet UK I nlntu Mi > ptil out Iht
uaclf door at about 731 o clock anil wh1 ihe wai
ought a moment later I rouid not be found Thrill
f mJt WIdbnO r
outlet IfJmJt > near Ihe liouie ha > b n ilrailied I
w lUutrriult II U not known tlmt Mini Itirrton hao
a lore herr but III krl up a uurrrnponilrnie wl h
loorlo bnilth of hune IV 1 Member uf the fumlly be
nul llotohelia I wanilerrd away lu u nt of temporary lu
Men for Fonil
LONDON Moroh 1Mr J I IJgott who Is
In tilt irvlce of the llrliUU I ait African Company bai
recently made Journey further tbe
Iurlbt up Tana rlrtr tuan
any pre Iou explorer bad trartlld While frep tbe
rirer and eufferloc to ome eitent from the dlffleultlet
of procurlni tuftlelent food euppllti forty are lot hie
pcriere Jnerlfl blm lie Irarueil later ibatonihlr
way back to tUecoiel hitlnn nu fnodi wllli which la
buy food tbe > wire couipellel to tell tome of their
11 OI
nntnber lau laTrrr to lupplr tiie rent of the rarly i > lih
uroTllon In lhl way lliit nave otull even mn
lfleJ 1 by lot who lit their lllriy onion laruue
the irlbr cnat In urder thai theotheri mcll 1f Alono lorcncli
Tbe K t AfrlCH Hlenmalilp Contpnny
BEIILIN March 2Tbe vessels of the East
Africa BMamahlp Company will bitn their voyatea to j
alar They will tall from Uambarc for Delate Bar
udwUltaU ahV u KMMiluo X l 4d Zaiulur u4
tttttlt 1ASUA COtUStl
u Wi Go to ffrrt tmi I y n DN
Not IXcBel to TIlt Karo
ALENDRA Mnroh 85Emln Pasha will
not leave ZanzhR visit for Europe Eaypt on April 8 He does
Emlns great desire Is to return to his prov
ince on tho upper Nile a soon ns possible He
told n former official In tha Egyptian Boudan
who met him at Bagatnoyo abut two mouths
ago that he had no other wish than to return
to tho upper Nile Ho said ho was convinced
that with 200 armed men he could return to
Albert Nyanza and fully reassert his authority
over hit province Tho Egyptian soldiers who
rebelled against him and whom Htanley loft
behind had In his opinion very little Influ
ence over the peoplu and he hal no doubt thc
entire country would rally to his support
llo would like to vlHlt laypt but ha would
not accept a post In tha Egyptian service un
less it was to reestablish Egypts authority
over the upper Nie llo fullylntc nded to live
nnd die In tropical Africa Ho added thnt tbe
journey from anzlbar to Albert Nyanzn and
back could bo made without dllllculty In nine
months and that Stanleys last journey was no
criterion a desiring to mako discoveries bo
took an unnecessary length of time between
Albert and Mctorla Lakes I Is very likely
that Emln friends will Induce him to visit
Luropoboforo ho returns to the oiiuator
01 of Them Carried am Ilcd to the Ocuf
fold att IrkutaU
LONDON March 2Tho Daily Nevit pub
lishes a series of extracts from letters to Bus
elan refugees In Switzerland giving details of
tho fight at Irkutsk between exiles and troops
At the tria of tho survivor of the light the
object of tho authorities was to discover who
among tho exiles wore guilty of using revolvers
against tho soldiers The ofllclals tho writer
sny gave falpo evidence against the ox les
Impartial wltnesKos declared that tho smoko
from the soldiers rllles made It Impossible to
leo anything Tbe exiles were not allowed to
utter n word In tholr own delonco
Tho result of tbo trial was thnt throe of tho
prlsouurs woio sentenced to be hanged wlillo
the others woro sentenced to various long
terms of Imprisonment at bard labor Hubeo
ouontly the fentonces of imprisonment were
slightly modified In order of tho Czar
llornsteln ono of tbe throo condemned to
death was 111 and was carried on a bed to tho
PcnlTold Shen tho noose had boon adjusted
the bod was x ithdrnwn Hotow nnd Uausnman
he two others would not allow tho hangman
to touch them They adjusted tho uooso thom
Boho3 und died horolcnll Ir
Emperor William Ilolnac HU Heat to En
terlulD Ills Ilrltlati Couejln
HEltiiix Mnrcli 28Ir Eklwnnl Mnlot tho
British Ambassador gavo n dinner last night
to Ibo 1rlnco of Wales the Emporor tbo Empress
press and Count Herbert Bismarck
Emporor Wllllnm appointed Prince Albert
Victor oldest son of tho Jrince of Wales hon
orary Major of ihi < IlluAior Hussnrs of whloh
regiment thu 1rlnco of aloa In honcrury
Emporor Vllllam nccomrnnlnd by tho Prince
of nlosand 1rlnvo Uoorito visited the military
tary college today
A state concert was given this ovonlnc In I
honor ol tho English royal visitor Tho Irlncu
of Wales escorted thn Empress wlillo thn Km
I eror escorted Princess 1 redcrick Lhares
All the members of th German royal famll I
vveio ntesent as woll us Gen von Cai > rit
Count Horlxrt lllsmnrck Count vnn Moltke
Gen von Pape the Cabinet Ministers uld
many others 1 tbo Illlol were In lt
Many laiilos wore presented to tbe Prince of
nlo Thn performance was given by soloists
nml tho chorus of the lloyal Opera House Kfllil
and buchor conducting
Ho VII 10 an Aiidlrnee with the Em
peror Todny Iteloro I enTtaR Berlin
ItFitLiv Mnroh 25 HPIT von Alvpnsleben
IIOW German Minister to Belgium will prob
ably fucceed Count Herbert Ulsmarck as Im
perial Foreign Minister
Gen Count von Waldersoe Cblef of tho In
porial Htftir bas btarted from Berlin on a rlslt
to Italy
Prince lilmarck will leave Berlla for
rrlodrlchsruho on Thursday All the Oenerals
of tha army stationed In Herltn and vicinity
havo paid tholr farewell visits
I In sttld that Lmporor illinmwlll glvo 1
farxvvell audlouco to Prlnco Uumarck to
Tbe 1ohtisrhe I XarhrirMrn dflites that Ilerr
Boettiihor will retire from tho JJUlan Minis
try I I reported that tho lyiisulan nnd Im
perial Jllnistries ot tho Interior will bo
amalgamated under Herr arschall n Haden
Minister Ihe evening papers hay that alter i
tho Ilrltlsh Ainbnisridors baniuot last night I
Count Herbert Itlsmarck hat a heated dUcus
Ion vvlth Ibo Emporor and again asked for
permission to retire
Horr von Alvouslobei tho German Minister
at liriissells bas beer sum mooed to Berlin
Pms March 23 hn mirr nays that Uen
von laprlvi the newiiorman Cbaneellor n
intimated his d0lr for more frlonaly rolatlons
with tno atlcan
Count Herbert BMmarek Out of Office
Brmiv March 25 Tho roslffnntlon of
Count Horbort Bismarck has been accepted
nnd Horr von Alvonslebcn has been apt olnted
to succeed Urn as Imperial becrelary for Ior
Mr Ilealr Crlllelie Ilalfonra Land Hill
DiIiMJf Mnrch 25Mr Hoaly who pre
sided at n League mooting today said In a
speech that he had never held the opinion that
a benefit ought to be refused because I emu
rated from Ibo Tories but the Land Purchase
bill war intended to benefit the landlords and
therefore ho felt absolved from that rule es I
pecially In lew of the extreme likelihood of
accession to power ot Mr Ulartutono and the
adoption of a drastic measure dealing with tho
land problem Going Into the details of tbo
Irolom Ilnnly ell ho objocted to the
amalgamation of the land conns and to the
guarantees proposed by Ibo bill He flnallyde
icrlbed It as a lawyers financiers and jug
glers bill
> bi
IluTlll Will Help the HlrlUere
IONVON arch 25 MrPnvlttwill goto
Liverpool to help tho dock laborers In their
LiVKitrot March 25A mooting of tho
striking took laborers was held hero today
Mr lavlt made an address In which ho as
surod tbi strikers of tbo support of the Knlgbti
of I tj and the American trades unions generally
Hoclallet In Hermanr
BtnIN March 25lorr Ktincrt a Social
ist editor of Breslau and a member of tho
Itelcbstag has been ancstod for Irtr I tnnjffle
In the supplementary election at Itathouow
for member 01 thu llelihstag Lwald boclallst
and Herinex tho rrtlslnnign candidate failed
t obtain thai elulsllo majority Another bill
ot Is therefore neccssiuy
Queen Victoria Leave KiiBland
LONDON Miirch 21ho Queen nnd Prin
cess Beatrice sailed for Cherbourg today on
tholr way to Alxlosllalns Tho weather was
Bunny and pleasant when her Majesty s steamer
started tho tho Channel
er stared on voyage across CblnnoL
CiiKiinoimo March i5 Juoou Mctorla has
arrived hero
CnntrollInK Htrlkea In Germany
llriiLix March 251t IB announced that
Emperor William has decided that In future
In cane of workmens strikes the General com
manding tbo district In which tbo strike oc
curs hal act Independently of tho civil uu
The Ilerlla Labor Conference
HEIILIN March 2 > Tbo rnmmlU < 09 of
the Labor Confnronco havn agreed to n maxi
mum of ten hours work dally for youths bo
twcon Hand l yours ol age
Houlaaaer D < mti > lo do llfime
1tliis Mnrcli 2011 Houlangor lins
written a letter In which he renews bis ofTor to
return to Trance providing tho Government
will penult him to be tried by tho Court of Ap
peals or by a court martial
The New Cxlradllloa Treaty
LONDON March 2Tho now extradition
treaty between Great Britain and the United
Htatea will bo officially published tonight
Tbo treaty will BO lulu elect on April f
bI Lendi Oxford In the ItettlnK
LONDON Mnrcli 25 Tlio OxfudCnm
lirldgoboat raca will take plnoo tomorrow
Thn cruvv latest bourne Is 1 to Son tho Cambridge
The New Herman Rlae
DELI March 29 Tha trials of tho new I
rtu In eomDetltlon with the 1871 ptr haT
Iwl th auaarioiity 0 tbi uav WMOOO
nol ran trocar ts xxnintTBD AI
tp a Rnlei tho Market and HHnai nig
rrlcaAi Kxpert JCIder Who Ad
Vain to the ColtiCallfornla Tla
to Bread New York to Hell
For thrco weeks past tho biff nulldlnron
Third avenue just nbovo Hlxtylhlrd 8 et
known as tho American Institute haibeon
monopollod by that ambitious member ho
Ofjulno race known as the American roller
Hero ono can soo every variety of thlftypo of
horse nt all ages from tho foal of a fodays to
tho developed racer or roadster togher with
tho venerable brood mare whov days of
activity aro ovor nnd hor usef ulnesfConllnod to
her ability to reproduce herself o the slroto
whom eho Is bred Those nnl als wero all
for sale to the highest biddy undor tho
management of Kellogg A Co fho havo como
to be In this country what Tatt rsall Is In Enl
land During the ton dm s oc < dplod In the dls
posal of tho stock conslgnorto tho Now York
mnrkot nenrlv half n mllllm of dollars havo
changed hands from buyo to seller and a
goodly sum still awaits n efnllnr transfer whon
tho lot from Inlo Alto fnrn U put up this w ook
Bore of tho reasons why ihoso highbred nni
mnli command a renily narkot nt big prices
havo already been piosoited In Tun HUN and
and it sot Interest to note tho methods em
ployed In showing thol valuable horses to tho
customers thnt como torn all pnrts of tho land
To tho casual obsorfer thoro is nothing par
ticularly Impressive ri tbo sight of n colt mov
ing briskly over the dlrtcovorod Moor driven
by n mnn whorldes a mirstnng and directs thu
tuovometits of thojounf trottor nt tbo snmo
time Nor Is tho npi > onatico of nn older nnlmnl
broken to harness hleliod to 1 rond cnrt ot
nny groat moment Ii > t go up nonr tho nuctlon
atnnd mount tho HOIS where you cnn EDO nnd
the secret of the suAOfsful snlo Is out Hero
nro hundreds of ktfsnnjod horsemen with well
flllcd pocketbook every ono of whom Is In
tently wntchlnv tho animal In competition
Thats klp3 of n gait boo
IJts my klt Iall snrs ono 00
him snood up too strnlglil romnrkn another
Thero Is n hnndyfootod ono couimonts
a third pok how Inst ho goes around
tho turns When the groom Is to d to
halt thor < nro moro remarks nbout tho
makoupptod conformation und tho various
points tint glvo valua to tho trottor till oven
thonovfio feels tho inngnotlsin of tho crowd
nnd tlnj > himself cniiPlileringvv bother It would
bo wollo bid on this one hliiiHolf No wonder
then unt these men who hnvo nn Inborn lovu
for a toad horsm nnd hnvo tbo vvboiovvlthal to
liiduUK their fancy should iot bo Inspired to
send tho bidding higher and higher when
hotihody else wants bis selection and seems
boiod to havo It at any cost
D rorjuliosn skilled bnnd nnd lots of export
ODO to bhow these hi ies nnd colts to harness
nito load them Thoro has been more than one
listnnco slnco thn present sales began whuio
tie man in tho curt or tho middle fulled to do
lie animal justice nud his valuo wns affected
hereby Many trotters especially if just
broken do not got round turns onslly nnd tho
driver instead of slowing up and letting tho
horun show what ho could do whero tho courso
Is straight tries to send him along at tbo
wrong time As a result thi < horbo loses his
stride or gets mixed in blsgalt uud tbo bidding
htmm nt onco
It loaulres oven moio art to hnndlo tho
jouugitters many of whom nro little moro
than holler broken und are natuially oxolted
by tho crowd through which they huvo to pans
Of the riders th it havo been doing duty nt the
Kolloge nlos one has commanded general nd
mlnitlon for thu clover wat ho handles tho
rolls and fillies Intrusted to him llo does not
look HKO a groom nor is he ono on tho con
trary ho U a vvolltodocltlcn of Mnriden
Ccnn who has onnod several thousand good
lursiS In his liletlnie Georgo L lark Is bis
tnrao and he has I eon n familiar llg
jiu nt tho Dig snes in New lurlc
evor slnco they began Mr Clark Is tho
rroprletor of tho hilvor llty form near
uorldon where ho has a most promising young
sire at tho head of his Mud in llnldnno nson
of Mambrluo Itussull nnd Brownie by Inmiol
Lambort Haldano made n rtcord of JJ1 nt
four joars nnd will probably tie on tho turf
again as hu Is onlv seven years old UU
owner Is aclavor driver as woll as u rider and
hasalwavs piloted thu liorse Mr Clark says
ho has nted mustangs at his farm for n long
time and finds them of great sorvlco in teach
ing his colts to trot llo would sooner act as
tutor to a young trottor than anything
olba and IK alwujs In demand when
there Is a sale in tho motropolU Iboro
Is no doubt thnt ho has added a good many
thousaudsof ilollais to the vuluo or tho juvo
nilo trotters whoso pices ho has exhlnltod to
buyers In the American Institute JIke the
lute lamented Josh Mlllnus ho does this for
fun and some riu DOS It Is tbo haidest kind
of work to ride for hour handling these half
broken colts innny of whom were never led
bofuro but Mi Clarkin upltoot blugrnv hairs
can outlast uny of tho joung fellows at this
business llm broncos for this work reijulro
to bo those that have been broken to drive cat
tle fur n colt will stop and whirl round HO
rapidly thnt only n welltrained hrno nnd nn
export rldor can control him Once during
tbe lunt California sale n blgotrongly bulltlllly
stopped and turned round with Mr Clnrk but
ho and tho pony wore too rapid for hor nnd all
three were going tbo othor way quicker than U
tnkes to tollnbout It
Homo of tbo stoek sold Inst week woro shown
by grooms who rnn alongsidebut thnt method
does not compare vvlth tho plan of riuing the
miiBtangnnil driving tbe > oungstirs whon It
Is desirable to work up an enthusiasm and
make tho bidding llvel
Did it over strike sou said a wellknown
brooder who has been lu constant attendance
at thaeo sales that If tho same stock which wo
see here had to bo disiosed of attbofaruiB
whore they were raised the > would not bring
more than 5u percent of tho price they com
mand at public auction In thin building Its
n fact neieitbolesH for I havo tried Loth plans
and know tbat It pavs to bring horses however
woll bred to tho place where you canoiblblt
them to tbe greatest number of people and
that Is Now ork city Senator Stanford Mr
Hose and nthera can got largo sums for tholr
choice products at private sale but they would
Und It Impossible to tell the rank and file from
their uurxerles in tho CalHornla market at tho
prices thoy bring hero
ou nro right said another breeder and
Its n funny thing hovv buyers llx tbo value at
those sales Sometimes an animal that 1 hud
marked for a good Inure went dirt cheap
while another vtas bid up to three or four
times what I dad estimated These surprises
generally bring tho nvurngo out to my satis
faction and I havo nothing to complain of
even If 1 sulToran occasional disappointment
whon n colt or filly that was my bpoclal prldo
Bold for a song
Hut thoCallfornlans boat jou out of slcht
said the reporter alter bringing tholr stock
clear across tho continent why dont you re
taliate by Bonding yniirs lo their country r
I know that seitlon lalrly well said Auc
tlouoitr Ivelloxg who had llnlulifd his work for
tbo day nnd joined tbo croup and doubt very
uiiich if mil 1astern horses would bo as well
iccelved thoro though 1 do think that a mod
erately largo consignment of tha right sort
would bring good prices In California
Wilk > I am not a particle envious of theso
Western brooders paid tho Hist spanker Its
a grnvo nunsllon In my mind whothoi every
one who Invested In their goods has got his
moneys worth Tho men who paid well up In
tho thousands foi Mich stallions nx Alcnar
nnd oodoo nr brood nmrns like Iornyu vvnto
well able to do HO ov on If It cost thoin n trilln
over their nctiial vvoith nnd sin h rlehlyb oil
ones nre jnt tho kind to bring I g returns but
1 nm thinking of otheix wlm camo hoio lo buy
something good nnd llndltig the nnimnls of
theli choice selling above their mean were
Induced lo tecnre n secondrate ono at a prlco
much beyond what they would glvo under or
dinary clrcuntHtatKHi John Doe who is tbo
authority on trottorsjn his locality packs bin
gripsack and announces that hn in going to Now
lork to buy ono of those California colts and
the pai rs chronicle tho event to Ms neighbors
for inilort atouud Ho conuis hern Is lost In
thu big crowd nnd when the number he has
marked In his catalogue Is hung up he finds
tin opening bid u knock down blow tn his In
tentions lint he bus < omo to buy and II bo
dont his prestige nt tho cm nor grocery Is gono
forever no ho braces up MId buys something
that helms scarcely looked nt for about tho
figure ho had determined to give for the choice
one Ho goes back homo and tolls thn folks
how ho etole a march on thoso sharp elty
rhaps and got tbo greatest bargain of tho sale
but the chances nro his prle will nover be
hoard of outside of tho towifhlp
There Is a good deal of sound sense In tho
remarks limited but In tho main the people
who Invest tholr dollars In thcno arlstncrntlo
horses aro pratlcnl men who know what they
nro about iind while they may not be Mirn of
renllrlngany pmllt therefrom tbov mo willing
to take thu clmnuN The fn > t remains that
tho crowds Hock to tho metropolis and tbo
boom In troltors bred In fashionable lines la
still at tho flood tldo
JRemoTlnK lladlei Croat an Old Churchyard
The congregation of Bt Michaels Kplscopal
Cburch at Mnety nlitlli street and Tenth arrnue will
teiln t > u14lDH K lie rliurcb In a few werka an 1 t > ex
ton 8 J Lucktngi tia been removing Ihe bo he f < uin
the ctiurotitaril wheti MAR formerlyu fj aviirrine
tery to H VII I arlH Crmelen nu l ri InuliJ Tim
lie HI Mklmeia iliurli l lo bo K I tie I llllav anil
will UPIMII i til fl ol I lie nM cliuirli > u i Hjinu < > f ll <
tciai > fctnne wtre rri leil In I i ali H luu briiia
ntinibrr or year ulute an bu < tlra I ave I ecn inurrr I n
the yanl A number nf txinee w tr t tken out jtt r
d > y TbeeoiHne tiad dieimpoied and tua li ilti e
bare been obanirrd KJ tnai u wa trapaulble l ideotlry
ny at them LniJer ome of tba beadiioneaooiracea
of boa e war round kexiea LucUid eaji IkM ua
Scaly Psoriasis 20 Years
A lartllaaj r velaloa e > f enrkrlns Caitlra person eovere4 with elrv caleav Ereirr
ornlaat a dnltaaafat eaao aa lara a aa eavalope takea from the iheela Trlect every
aaeellelBa aasl many aloetora and hoiallala All thought ha wonlfl ell Ilo y a asai of
Ueaae hair eleasl and tlfeleee HsiCerlaa fearlnl Cnreal In lx week b tha Ciitlenrat
Beneelle N Thl enr wae saade la 1B7O aa4 haa reieialie4 aermaaeat to elates
Ian Cured by Cuticura
I bave been afflicted for Iwenty yeanwllh an ob tl
Data skin dliewa called by soma M IXI Psoriasis and
others Leprosy comminclng oa my icalpi and In spite
of all I could do with tbe help of tba most skilful doc
tors It slowly but inrely ulended until a year ago
tbls winter It covered my entire person In tbe form of
dry scales forthelait three yeara I have been una
ble lo do any labor and infferlng Intensely all Ibe
lima Every morning Ibara could ba nearly a dustpan
full of acales taken from tha abset on my bad some of
them bait aa large M tha envelope containing tbli let
ter In the latter part of winter my skin commenced
eractlngopen I tried everything almoit that could
be thought of without any relief Tba 13th ot June I
started West in hopes I conld reacb tba Hot flprlnga
1 reached Petrol and was ao low I thought 1 should
have to go to tbe boipltal bnt finally cot at far aa Lan
sing Mlcb where 1 bad a slilir living One Dr
treated ma about two weeks bnt did me mo good All
thought 1 bad but a abort time te live I earnestly
prayed to dla Cracked through tha skin all over my
back across my ribs arms bands Itmbij feet badly
swollen toenails came off fingernails dead and bard
as a bone hair dead dry and lifeless as old straw O
my Qodt bow t did suffer
Uy iliter Mrs K H Davis bad a imall part ct
a box of CUTICUDA In tbe home Hhe wouldnt
give DPI said We will try CUTICURA Some
was applied on one band and arm Eurekal tbere
was relief stopped the terrible burning sensation
from tbe word go They Immediately got tba
Words can scarcely do Jnstlce to the esteem In
wbleh these treat skin cures blood purifiers and
greatest of burner remedies are bald by the then
sands upon thousands wbo bave found Ibem tha
only scarce of Immediate relief and of speedy per
manent aud economical cure of skin scato and
ulood dlieases wblcb bava rendered Ufa almost un
CUTICURA the great akin cure lnstantlv allays
tbe most agonising Itching and Inflammation
clears the skin ami scalp ot every trace of dUeasa
beats ulcers and sores removes crniu and acates
and restores the bair CUTICUKA EOAI the great
est of skin purifiers and beautlflera Is Indispensable
In treating skin dluanes and baby bumora It pro
dacel the whitest clearest skin and softest hands
DlljlLItti black beads red rongh chapped and oily
rim skin prevented by CUTICUHASOAlf
nneOLVBHT CUTICURA and ROAP I commence
by taking one tablespnonful of RESOLVENT three
times a day after tntala lial n batb once a day walar
about blood heatg uied CLTICUttA BOAT freely i ap
plied CUTICURA morning and evening Reinlli
Returned to my borne In Jnit six weeks from the time
I left and my akin at smooth an Ibis sheet ot paper
llenderion JeRerion Co N T
Sworn to before me this nineteenth day ef January
Juitlce of the Peace
VTe hereby certify tbat we are acquainted wltb the
aforesaid Hiram B Carpenter and know his condltlaa
to have beenaastated We believe his statemsnt to be
true In every particular
U D SIMMONS A SON Merchants Henderson
a A TIIOMPflON Merchant llendtrton N Y
A A DAVIS Henderson N V
MILLARD B JOINER Merchant Henderson H T
A M IErnSaWBLI Atlorney and Counsellor a
law Henderson N V
In answer to voursof Jan 21 IBM I bave to say I
am and have been In uniform goo I health for the
several years that have pained since t first used your
CUTICURA RBMBDH8 Ibslieve there le no remedy
or medicine prepared tbat will compete with them far
the relief and cure of obitlnate ikln dlseanea
Henderson Jeffenon Co N T
free from pimple spot or blemish CtTICTBi
RBBOLVENT tbe new blood and skin purlfler and
greatest of humor remedies cleanves the blood of
all Impurltlea and polBonoua element and Ibus re
moves the CAUSE Hence the CLTICUHA REME
DIES cure every ipecles of agnnlrlnir humiliating
Itching burning scaly and plniilr dlsetnes ot tha
skin scaln and blood with lo < s of hair and all
bumora blotches eruptions snrrs Bcitc and
cruite whether simple scofulous ur contagloun
when the belt physicians and all other remedies fsll
Sold everywhere Price tTTICLUl MX SOAP
3c IIIXILVBNT 51 Prepared liy th POTTIiB
aa Nend for How to turn Uu Iilseaits ft
pages fiOllluitratlonisand 100 teitlmunUls
RRYI5 Rkln nj calrT rnrlfltl and beautined
hDI 0 by IUTICUKA bOAP AbfOlutely pure
Carioui Accident Noted In Connecticut In
the Courao ot m Veek
WIIJIIMANTIC March 23 Sorao extraor
dinary accidents have been noted in Connecti
cut recently Thomas Fonton n skilful ath
lete In this borougb was almost tnstnntly kill
ed while vaulting In the gymnasium His
vaulting polo broke In his hand whllo he was
In midair and he foil on the sharp ragged
point of tne vertical part which pierced his ab
domen like a rapier
Thomas Banahauof North Mllllnfton slipped
from his loaded cart la that country town and
tha wheels wont ovor and crushed hlui Ho
was 77 5oars old
Miss M A Hmlth who resides with Mr
Fannie It Iottsatli8 Kcot Main street Nor
wich caught her foot in hnrsklrt and fell down
n long lllght of stairs Hor skull was frac
tured and doctors said she could not recover
bho Is HI i years old but so vigorous she fa rap
idly getting woll with a silver tbatcbpleco In
irank Town of South Windsor a bright
young farmer was instantly killed while elect
ing a tobacco shod on bis farm He was end
Ing up n post sixteen foot lone weighing 500
pounds hU foot slipped he fell his hear
struck n timber nnd bis skull wns smashed
like an eggshell by the dlscondlne post
Sir narcea Whip and Mr Ullla Little
Some friends of Nell Burgess In the Central
Park mounted police cnniplred to pay blm a comptl
ment lait cveulnz and after the third act or The
County Fair Ur 1 M Illlt Introduced lioundiman
Eagan lo pretaot lo Mr Burgeaa a floral borseahoe and a
rldlnc whip
Manager Hill laid he conildered that thla wan hie pub
lic and ba did not propoae to bave them trifled with
There woj ajoke which led to tbli preienutlon and at
bewaanot relponelble for It be did not mind ilvtnr
them pouenlon of It Some two monthi ago llouii
man kacan came to me be eatd wltli a mo t inter
eillnff vtory Heeaid Hill lam a friend of yuun
I don t care to do anything that will interfere with your
prinpecta but If that old trl who plara Attlttnu Iri4
at your theatre don t behave bcrielt I will not be re
vpniiBible for tbe route tuencea I ai at a loee loun
derttand him at rtriu and inquired aa to hie meaning
lie Btld tbat it waa hercuttom not only to appear dally
In Ihe 1ark and rlile much faalrr tban tbe law permit
ted but ehe actua ly came aitnde of tbe hor e and In
male attire 1 explained lo th roundiman ibat It waa
a man but hi laid lint U all very well for adrrr
tulng purpneeft but It won t go wltb me Twi > or three
wceki After Mr Barfee waa arreited In the Tark
taken to the nation tiuuie and wai acQullted The
roundiman meCmaadar IT two after aud Bald If I
would not By auyUitng about It he woolt make It all
rlibt Ith me I hate ghen you pouenlon of the
facta ladies and gentlemen and can now retlrawltn
out any compunctiona of coniclence
The DUhooeat Kleetlaa Oflcera Retained
The Jersey City Board of Aldermen met last
night to appoint election ofllcera for the tprlng eltctlon
A protest waa recelveJ from the Republican County
Committee agaluit tha reappolutment of tbe officers
who lerved last fait It was laid on the table Mayor
Cleveland lent a communication warning tbe Board not
to apnolnt any ofllcera who Berved at the fall election
again whom tbere aUh be a suspicion of fraud
t orporatlon iouniel hdwards advised the Board thai
all election offlcert were apoolnted for one yrar and
ronld be removed only for cause The Aldermen de
elded that no oauie for Ihe removal of the officers who
served lutfall bad been proved and therefore they
stionM serve at Ihe spring election This acilim of the
Alaermen Is final
Munr American Going to Europe
Travel from the United States to Europe wns
great last summer because of tbe Paris Kiposltlon and
it Iseiipecled tbat tt will ba Jost as great this summer
although there is no particular and nnosoal attraction
Tlie stearoshjp agents tblnk tha grip baa caused some
of the business tbey have already dona hurferers from
the Inllutniaare taking tba trip on the advlc of their
phrslrlans and many who have made np their mlmla
lo sail are only waiting tor pleasant weather Thomas
Cook A Hon the agents tor tourists say they are getting
np parties for thU season as Urge an inoee for ISMII auil
that the general European business Is extremely eans
Next Weeks Opera
Tho pale of seats for the second week of
Italian Opera will begin this morning at the box oftlce
Tie repertoire contlits of Monday 1Afrlralne with
Stg Tamagno and Madame hordlca Tneiday UHllam
Tell Sit Tamagno and Mile fettlgtano Wednesday
evening Madame Adellna Iatllna Ltikmf her nrsl ap
peaiance In this role In Hew V nrk Friday eitning will
be the Ian appearance In America of Big Tamngno
On xaurday afternoon Madame Adellna Iattl ma be
beard In Narlba
Albert Mudel KIIU lllraaeir
Albert Iludrl aged 25 returned from work
akt uluht lo tbe bouie of Ills psrenis lth whom be
veil In llunllngion place and lluslivlrk avenue
fpoklyn in apparently gnni ipirlta In a few moments
a Mitoi rliot wae heard In hli room and nn going there
his faiher found blm lying dead nn tbe Hour with a bul
let oiiunt In bailght temple lllsf inll > o n assign no
cause other tban a sudden aberration of mind lie was
How VTIII tbe Truckmen Collect r
Aldormnn Walkers ordinance providing Hint
railroad and steamship companies shall pay truckmen
for tbe delay iauied by tbe lack of facilities lo relieve
them promptly of their loaitn became an ordinance
y esterday by xnirailon of Mayor i runt s time to veto
It The uueMlon n < Is how Hie Iriicrmen ire rnlngto
collect any rUlm ibev may hat e under this ordinance
> tajr < r Orani intunatfd tti it If thi ordinaiife ha In t es
aped his attention he certainly would hate vetoed Ik
Dont Iluy llocui Ball TlrkeH
Tha firm of H H Mnoy A Co denounce as
fraudulent tickets offered for sate In the name of their
employees purporting to be for a ball In Mlnon Hall on
April Il The same persons are soliciting advertise
ments for a paper whlcli Iheyiar U irsuet hy the Macy
einpUoeea The viao Mutual AM K the < mt sorlrir
rf iiinemiiliiyeea who aa i reparlnz lo g ve a concert
Inbtelnoay llallon Ainl >
V Nrwalijn Kill I frnm u Mr
little Mlthnol deaoune a nuwi > boy wan
taken lo rhauibcn ftrset llnepllal lint nlglit with a
depressed fracture of the skull The little fellow waa
selling paperi on Ue Broadway ears and In ttemptlm >
talampfromoM made amlaBtep atrtklng tnebaikol
tie head Ue Uvaa M i7 Mtlfeerry au4l aatutsa
BomallernnBement of Her Mnclilnrr Per >
bapat Mlnlntei It eld Ahontil
Tho French iluo stramshiii Li Clinmpnpno
was fortyolght hours overdue when the
passed Firo Island nt 10 ocock last night In
favorable weather flie usunlly gets hero on
bunday afternoon hbo lolt Ilnvro at 7 oi lock
on the night of March 15 Mr hitelav Held
United States Minister to Trance is among bor
The l > lreollun orl > ynuralte Ffiree
MIDDLETOVVV Jlarch 25 Jnmos Welch Is
tbo most confiding mnn In tho Nutmeg btnio
but his luck stands by him nobly serving as a
foil to the otTect of bis cuilelor nosD Mr
Welch had road In tho newspapers tbat tho ex
plosive force of dynnmlto is duwn nrd being
unllico that of gunpowder whose uiiiosltoi is
to soar Ho be bored a blgunlo Into a mon
strous gnarled log put In K lot of dj
nanilto Ignited a shorttluiu fuc and oarn
lesly sat down astride one end of tbo
log After a fow seconds thn concussion cnmo
but the explosion dldut fulfil Mr vSeluh ex
pectation Tho log wont straight upward
James ruling along on It about thirty feet then
It described a lively curvo In midair and the
position of the couple being reversed as thev
came back to earth Welob was ahead and tbo
log on top Welch struck ground lltst undhe
pa s the log thumped him several times after
be was down Ho was rather more badly dam
aged by tho ascension and doclenson lhan the
log wns by tho explosion Ho had no bones
brnkcn but a locnl physician picked n handful
of bark out of bis face nnd bolioves that Mr
Welchs ojeslsht Is not permanently Inn aired
TlKhtnlDE Orater Opener
MIDDLETOWV March 25 Jolin Hodge of
Danbury Is n mighty man witb an oyster or
clam knife He defies any mnn In tbe na
tion to open bivalves as rapidly ns he can
do it John opous clams or otstors against
time for n vvngor and tvvlio this winter
has beaten his own record In a res
taurant tho other night bo oiened 1000 oys
ters in 47 minutes 2 second Tho terms
of another match provided that ho must open
600 oyctors while two other men wore openlug
800 each Thoy beat him by two oysters
About SuO people saw the contest In Peter
Iloruds restaurant on another evening John
shelled a gallon of oysters in olunt minutes
and In tilmon Cotton s place thirtythroe and a
half ijuarts of oysters m an even hour Iho
last oyster he tossed dexterously luto the
mouth of a man twelve foot aw ay
Another IMnbury o > stor opener has won
many matches by opening 25 otstors in one
minute and has nover boon btmten In a conteat
ot tbat kind He is fin j ears old and bas rheu
matism In both shoulders but tho ailment boa
never extended to his oyster knife His name
is Charles h Goodale llo and Hodgo are
rondy to moot any other team of oyster opeu
ers In this country or any other
Wuera YealerdarS Flrea Went
A M145 101 Park plnco ItronnckAOou
paper bags damage fVAi lo u hli Hrst avenue John
11 Ollberte bouia damage f2
P M 11 342 West Korly flrsl street cblmney
damage Blight JOT o37 Seventh avenue John Borden a
anartmenta damage fr l i wiL second Ioor of 37 Vtesl
teventeentli street occupied by Charles oudacop
damage Blight H 25 second floor of > v Kail l > eren
teentti Btreet Thomas Delaney dsniBgesllghl H ju
Urn floor of 718 Sinn street occupied by Jacob Belle
fin damage Utt
Merloni Illneaa of navld Ilawp
David Dows senior member of tbe firm of
Darld uowi A to commliilon merchants Iroluce Pa >
change building Is serlouMr 111 at bis borne I fuf
tlity ninth street vir Iiowibai been In falling heaitb
for several years On Frulay lau he wue taken wiib a
severe chill and bis condition was conitdered critical
Mnce then he has rallied somewhat but bis recovery U
ret A matter of doutit Mr Dousls 7i yearsold
Joieph It Miller the oldest newspaper reporter la
New Jermv gate un his work on Hie Newark Ailvfrtiatr
on Monday alter flfi tears vt citntiniMius service and
wvui to the i Ity Hospital He It 7u yearn old and hta
health Is complete broken Jo n He hu a large
family and Is In rrduoed circuuiiiaiices
Patrick vioCnnn a si inner in ihs Clark Thread
Worfcr 0 years old tiok carhollo acid for bromide of
puluh im futxur nulil and died uf Ihe effects of the
> olsnn la a lew hours Tlie p < Uon was given to lilraby
ilUtake by his younir wife whu had been nslng Ihe car
joiio at > I as an euibrucatiou The bottles ware pra
elsely slml ar
Mrs < atlianne Iioyle waa taken Into the Kewark
AlmaHoufteon March U having by reason of ber age
and inrnial infirmities become a burden to her two
a ins wltli whom sti Hied Hhe elected to vo to tbe
Alms Home and several times vben a < kedwbeibsr
he would not like to gohnmre ir atuwered tbalrlie
would H until Ihe was aucllonel nff At Ue clock
yeiirrday mornluir sbe climbed out of tbe xlndowef
ier room and Jumj ed or fell thlrt feet from Ihe roof of
hee < t i loii Her groans aitraclrd the atlenllonof
luperlnlenOsnt VVHion and he was carried Into the
building where she died wlihln abalf bour blie was
I years oil

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