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WWaW Sr > I
Her flortc ou Nrw Il llroom rhr4
with Nnliaiilm or the lnbloBmbli World
Olhr Hane a Katcrtistiunentsu
All through l > ul Mrs Vlllmm C Whit
gey La = lordatico not down for tho hill ol
At > rll was tho urvnt ou > nt that both tim lounu
BI il the folk In j fashionable society looked
forward to with plousurablo exportation for
t iililio in MM Vhittuys wonderful ball
room mOLt tho clImax of f that Kind of poclul
njoynvnt Tho bilt 1 was hon tho dances
voro danced nnd thu ctiosts wade happy lint
nlchtln tho ImnJsL mo house which oxSecre
tail W litiiuy has inadu lulu uu Idonl howl for
lit 3 family
lore than 3 InvltntlouB had IM en Font ali
Accepted nnd the ruin klt no ono from com
ing but tho cuosts cnme lato and stayed late
At 1 rlock only four couples had arrIved
but half an hour later nt loast n hundred had
passed Into tho laro rod dravvluc room tlioro
to bo received bv Mrs Vhltncy who stood just
tho purtidreb
beyond tw Lort res
hhovvor < a in h gown of ortnao aatiti gay
titurod with old liolut lace About tier loek
wts a triplo nocklaco of diamonds and among
thn alI or threads of hor hair othor items
epurklod Mr Whitney assisted his wlo In
ttoifoniins tholr I uuobta
1 ho ostlbulo and stalnTtao Rt tho ontrnnco
to tho limso harmed ovory ono by tholr strik
Ing decorations 1 ollow daffodils In bunches
covered tho balu tur rails on ono alilo and
jnowballi the othor and pondimt from tho
outIdo of tho rails woro strings of asparauus
and smllnx
IOt tho rooossoa woro any numbor of Easter
lllios whlto rooos and white and yellow pan
while tho doorways hung
des In pots Ihlo over oorways hunl
Urc balls of vvhlto orchids AltoKother this
bright lloral effect against the rich Gobelin
tapestrloa tho dark oaken stairs ana tho tosso
latch lloorinc was so striking and boautlful u3
to attract tbo attention of all
1lerant roooUoctlons of tho Bceno will bn
Plt Mia flop Godda MM M < jrrar Miss
Uroaop MU Ho on lot M1e ChIP
tan Mill BcMrra rhorB Mlti Heck hor Miss
iV 118 MIss Bsxhoe Nice Marth Costor
Miss JnlTrny Miss Colt onot Miss 1erklns Mini
Moss the MIss < > < i ItpKori tho Misses Uuor tho
Misses ebb the Misses largoD tho Mlssen
61lftur the Misses Roan tho Misses Smith
The dmnolnir mon present Included Mr C A
van IlenRBolnor hauls r Llll I I O Si LIed
mond harlon H Daokman Loon Dal Jlontq
Jlinrloi I Cottpnot lqwltn < i I Oottonet T I
hulTorn Tailor ranch I HlecB T Ardon llarrl
man Normnn s bltthouso r W Ithlnolsndor
T I 1 Oaklpy Ilhlnolandor If I 10yl Jr 1
Jorlllnrd Itotishis Ir T I Howard Mr
jleresford l Worthington hltohouda Julian
leresfon Whlehoull
1 Otlur 1otor Marl Charles llrnnntllio
pi t
< j C
1 h < I j
I iIr Ii
w u Ii t
rotors Mr Thomas 1ullor Totter Capt
II lUcyordo Jlr rrlnulo Hobert Capt
Kout iud McAllister Alfonso do Nnvnrro
Hlduway Moore Tumplo Ilowrioln Kinoit 11
Adoo Charles 1 lloyd Lowli TIlTiujy 1J Mal
I son loncs Arthur Vliuore IKnry 1 1 Tailor
Mr March Ilerhoit rtotibina hubert F 1hlfor
J Bpraount Cram I O Xrovor M llunlit
Sheiinotli Iloso 1hlllp A MillprS Nichol
son Kano Woodbury Kane Lhnrlos Itandoliih
C P llinouieyur Ilamlltou Core 11 Ll lug
Bton Hookmiin W li FIeld Isaac Iscllu James
Clinch Smith TUomoH Hltchcoik Jr Augus
tus 0 Ournoe II 10 Urn Cannon Nowbold
Morris e Amory H Curlmrt AV Travorn
Gray Arthur Loary J T > aii liens I
m i
QO re Ti iCTiJ = gtre Il Mil Ml I JJjj jagrj < > yi t 1
THE aux rOOM
arried away by all who saw It At least fifty
couplos were onjoylue enny bar of tho music
Cornelius Vundorbilt arm iu arm with tho
Duahesg of Marlborough watched tho dancers
The UuchOb attracted much notice from hor
first outianco tho worD a superb domitraln
cown of white brocade trimmed with rich laco
and aloevolosd Diamond stars sparkled at hor
corsage aiU rostlne on her nutbrown hair
Was 1 coronot of the precious uema
Ciol and of tho early
Mrs OroverClo Ilan was ono
comers Hho woro u handsome gown of white
inolro with loco uarnituio
MUs iSullie HarKOtisB gown was of Unlit pink
moire with spnnulod udd tulle eovertncctbo
sleeves Her dark hair was combed back
with a single diamond star Hhlulnu In It
lira fiaoriro Da iorestb dreen waa of white
latin with Bllmr cuuiilure It was out suuare
at tho corsage
Mrs Comellui Vanderbilt woro pink tullo
ovur pink satin with slhur fringe
Ilnk slln wih
Hupper uts sorud at small tables In tho din
Inc room and the hal This was the menu
I oiisQinni
Champignons fral olowm lelU moufitie diplomats
TVrraptne Maryland
1iceouaaux truUca ucju luei iur canapu
t UJo
fn de ole vraa el ciouto
Ollautlua 10 faUan en Uelle VUe
GiuUno 1Ul Chuud frold do Kriff a IA eto
Mayounalao de voUllla
1IAyollaJo Sandwich Uorchokoil
Croiua bn arolso a TauiUo
0lt nlorinto I Biscuit lilac
10r illness auOrI5
rents foun Frat
1et car
ruMJjy April H IriM
After suppor tho cotillon was led by lorry
la Grand Cannon with Jlrs Whitney
L Whltnova1 ballroom
The beauty of tho WhlnoYI new balroom
Will bo tho tulk of tho fashionable world for
weaka to coins tuterluK the bullioom from
the irroat outor hall Is I Hko being trauaportod
Irolt old room In an English castlo to u
boone or irlontal snlondor
The roof is of golden stucco work and tho
walls of Ivory and told toileted hero and
there by crtmt mirrors of wondrous Ipollsh
ami beauty and bv rich tapestries hung in tho
latter room lu the corners ore tall plllers of I
mottled marble with surnjs of incandescent
luuiim at their summit 111 at the western ont
rf tU room was bander d orchustra Ihoy
er Il Bittisd on a raited platform crescent
shaped with mottled marble pillars tupuort
irclts colden Inotto1 from which 1 slnilo oleo
trio llcht enclosed In an oval laD shad IU
light 111 the musicians
An imuieiiho half portiiro made of Easter
llllus on festoons of unllux was drapad from
the contra ol the arch nt the oiitrnnto to tho
muslo platform to lit right aide I wa a won
kdmlred derful iiloc0 ol lloral work and It vrusmuutly
Easter lilies formed tho chief decoration In
the ballroom They woro crow inc < from beds of
nuns on tho mantels from pots iu I the corners
of the room and In fact everywhere
hlxtytwooloctrif lumpitof or l2cuudl 1 powor
w re usud to illumlna the room They were
couiod < ith pink silk mullo through which
the IlifhU llitturud dimu on tho beautiful hcono
lelow Ilin I floor of the ballroom slippery ns
glass Is formed of squnrm of lUll wood inlaid
itt tulr oorne with four tuintod stall ot 0
durkur OUrHH lu tho cuutro ol ouoh room two
rooms liolim thrown intu DUO are two uuautl
ful plficosul inlaid work each loprusentlui I
luarluure coinia with ull tho points truiu
north to i touth COU1aI back to tho I curdlual point
Among thO0 proient fruin out of town was I I
Count lttdwiB Ilippvnboim who is soon to
iKirrv Mis VI bonier lit c imo up from 11111 1
ndelphlu to tho dunce lucre woro ulso 1rluco
AuuuHttnu di < Iturbido Count Ario liarou do
llontljrun Ma > roioul Boy Uitiin Fckhard
Jtnln and oilier liiondh I j of tho VhltuB Inuu
wiiBtlnuton Including thu r > i > aulsh anti
Turkish Mliiistoir
1 lltlstll
Ainonu the married mon and tho matrons
tro unt welt Mr und Mrs Curuolius i andar
blt Col una Mrs Hauls i Mr and 11 rl loliu 1
huno Mr and Mrs Iluuo 51r und MIH L U I
Potter 3Inn lie J 1lrr Miiind Mib Clnreuco
Uliihiuorf MM 1aran htmong MI nnd Mis
I lvli > ht Colllor ilr ItlU I Ooelet nnt and
Mr6l U Avplelon Mi < uiil Mrs bhoimiin
Mr and i I rs t olnmbiiH hull Mr ami MIH
Juolus WilinorJIiiB Mr and Mrs Jloorct
Jloiiry barren Jr Mrs 1adelford Mr und
Mrs DodKe Mr and Mrs d I Albort lol9U
Ilr and Mrs nernoclmn nnd Mr J I Ker
nochun Mr aud Mrs btiiyvobant FISh Mrs
Nallbon Jlr undMi Von llens oluui Kn
nedy Jlr and Mrs Ioopo hewItt Mr uud Mis
> tames Laurence Mr und Mis ranUlu Dart
leti Mr and Mrs Elliott Iloose sit Mruud 31i
rflbcoltl iiwrenct > Mrlnd MIl Wlllcllw Hold
Mr and lire 1 L I HaylloH Mr und Mia I Mc
K IwomtlyMr nnd Jlrs U 1 I o 1oreet Mr and
Jrt Vita linssoluarOriicor Mr und MrsAui
Jhl rl In rlcor IHI rlAu
Jiolmont Jr 1 Mi und Mrs W lnthrop Mr uud
Wn lluyd llnec Jlr und I Inthrof K lao
den Mr 1111 Mrs Adrian Isolinfr Mr and
Mrs J nl Junburi Jlr I and Mrs Wltjiurbeo Jlr
anil MIH Henry Hlmw Mr nnd Jlr Truvers
Ilir and Mih III nkou Sir and Mrs Hives Jlr
sitti Mrs lltplm Mr und Mrs I Do 1 ancay A
hiuio Mr uud Mr llurney Mr and lunoor A
iOutV TI Mr anti Mr iorsytti Mr nnd Mis
Jitirden Mr 1111 Mrs 1 Prank Lawronce Mr and
rollrelllln hnno Mr uld hK11hurlos Cur
Ii Mr ant Mr hlott 111 and Mrs loiter
i I r an sirs Inouk Mr 111 Mrs lwul
cug45 Mr IUd Mrs 1 K lurlls
If4tu Ore bOttle cf to ladles who
d ancoil ail 60U If 10 young lailes
fSSS11 181 Hariis Miss Mo Ulster Miss
J irrnill MlRslauniefolo Miss Mitchell MUi
rim 1 1 P Jailer Miss IMa Iroo Miss l ni bin Miss
anierou thu t Iise Ioltor thu MUMtnHawlt
i ° 9rydor Misn lloln lines I the t MlKcn
Jtandoliih Miss Iluld bliss Uooiknmn MIss
hifl5IiIQ O hhIs Flip MIss 11 V C Morris
flfl Oowlln PIllsliB8MlssiTrnvbr 1 lUlM
lQUI5 ° bhiujiard Miss Halo iUiRoua Miss
fut hItingston bliss isrkiou U8 her
nudan llhs tlishop MUs llalduln Jibs
auds 1 a Janu lioirom Miss Did
10nB lp JUiituto Ulu 10 lllta
selaer Henry R Taylor Charles D
Ulckons Jr Charles Wiseman Shlploy Jones
tho Jlessro Winthrop Totter Murray 1ori ins
Warten Wobb Uorromo Konn Mepkes Har
rlman Turntiro and hitteiden Llspoimrd Stew
art W B Duncan Jr Clinton Hpoucer James
W Apploton Robert L uttluir Jr llobert
Hone James V Gerard Jr Austin Oothout
lorry Holmcvt Fred lialdwin Loon F
dOreuileulx rv > b It ItlchurdH Edmund Hun
dolph bmtth CUlt and Walter Cary
Artlit Invite tn Illnoor In u IMcture Gal
lery Men of Other acoleidou
heated under 0 canopy decorated with tho
flcuro of an Immense dragon In the Academy
of Doslwu sixty of thG inoznbeea of the noado
mY outertalnoJ a number of men rromUisut la
other professIons at a dinner last niitht Tables
had boon arranced In tho north gallery and
uery teat was occupied
The dinner was the first of its kind and was
inspired by tho custom of the members of the
loyal Academy of London
The table sUts lighted by candles whoso soft
fllckerlntrs wero rollooted 1 both tom the cold
frames and varnished canvasses that cohered
tho walls There was a fragrant profusion ot
and PILliON galleries and pottud plaats about tho corridor
The dinner began earl but it was late I b
liunor O1ln
fore the HI eoohus had been concluded hers
web nine tables
1010 the beau tablo sat 1rosiaont Daniel Hunt
InKton Go or co William Curtis W K Dodge <
Cornelius Vandorbllt I O 1 Maruuand A H
Carnegie Sir Donald Bmlth K J Vholvs J r 11
Kcuuudy Park iodwtn and C I f South
Amorji tho other diners woro lldward Morn
II N CaD C 1 Millor W H 1n art L 1 I I
Oosnola Itonort I Collier C Bcrlbnor Joseph
II chouto WH Heard B Aitman J I A
Ward W 1 Havemoyor 7 r Vir I1 J da
Ioster A 1 btokea It IL Htodimrd Jbllioti
11 Shopard J Hlouno L C Tiffany S 1
Avery W L Andrews J Kelipman Thomas
Hitchcock 011 htory John La Fargo C T
Jluruoy und H White
President Daniel HuntIngton made the open
inc speech In which ho described the early
struggles of the academy until the tlmu of the
erection of the pioflent building nuLl con
cluded with tho announcement that they had
recently bought the two houses In Twenty
third Htroot niljoLnlne the ncadomy and hoped
bomb day to extend tho galleries and schools
SOlO N lam Curtis spoke of his rocolloo
tloiib of thu artists and of American art iu Ion
oral Ainone other things he said
I believe WIth I oery artist that foreign
works lelee should be admitted Into this
country free That is i I spirit worthy of
American freedom I wo are to have nn
art In this country worthy to stand
with that of the oldor countries it will Spring
whenco all good things have spruuBfrom tha
ulloO tlincs
spirit of American roodotu f
Mr Curtis was followed by Parker Goodwin
and Joaojjh 1 Cboato
VlcePre ld nt Morion Mentx the JU Four
ist Dr U0prwi 1Rble
Ur Clmtmccv 3 1 Depow gave a prlvftto
dinner last evening at his residence 4t West
riftyfourth street to Jlr Whltelaw Bold
MinIster to France Coaru fore laid for
twontyilio guests and the full quota wu i I
preteut wIth the exception of exMayor Hewitt I
homo by an indisposition
who wits detained ut In lsposltonl I
Ic8ldoi Mown Depaw and Held there worE
present Judge Abraham n Lawrence John
Jay Charles Lanlor Dwlsht Collier Stephen
Col Oooruo llllss O 1
I Klklns liraylou l > es Ooorlo Ilss
I llowdolu John KIng D O Mills Oon Fitz
JoUn loner hamilton McK Twombly Vice
Irehideot levi I1 Morton Elliott 1 Hhepard
Warner Miller Senator Fiank Illsirek Char
imio U fpwurd B IV llristow Thomas O
1lalt tollci tor fool U 1 Lrlurdt Judge John 1
liindy and Motor 1 M Biindy
Illly Ild olor
Au Important feature of this banquet I that
It I bough together for thu llrst tlmp In this
way VlcvVreiidout Morton nnd tho IJIa Four 1
jilt DepiMV Senator Hibcotk and exSeuutora
1iutt und Miller
Iuucneuu to the IluchrRTi or Miirfbiroiigb
Tim LMichesr of Marlborough was enter
talnod al nn oliiborato lunchoon yesterday
afteinoon by Mrs Suiuuel 1 Colgate at her
houso i Wofct hiteonth street
The ladles InvIted wore Mrs Vamp Stevens
Mrs Uliott lloosovtlt Irn htuyvesant 1ish
MrHGoorka Hives Mrs liruJIsh Johnson Miss
Follows Jo Campbell aud Mra Uonry
Sloune No men were urommt The table
upon whkh tile lunch was sptiud was adorned
with > blots and every bit of loral decoration
about the room WAS made up of violets only
Old Ilrooklynlte N at DIr
Tue seventh Illual diuuer of the Society
of Old llrooklynltea was hold last night at tho
Ilerrupont House KvMuyor John W Hunter
presIded and more than one hundred guests
parilclpated The bix > aker were exMayor
Hiinter IohtmustorlosophC l HondrU A W
Mooro Tunny and Andrew John Uakuy Miloan Judge floury A
Ilunelic at Hrs > Joint nioodBOOdn
The young rosebud hot enjoyed themselves
last night dancing In the drawing room and
the oldfanhlonod hal at rs John llloocluoodfl
house 1 Washington eauare They cant too
lug in tom tketr ctrUKe loon after I antI a
hoar Inter were dancing t the muslo from a I
part of Landers oreheelr
The danco was gIven br Mm John Blood
Rood In honor ot hor son Harry Lottimor
Ttloodtrood who has attained his Kith year
Two hundred wore Invited and nearly that
number came in eplto ot the rain The draw
log room looked lute a floral bower The can
ilolabra bad boon decked with Ulrloh llrunner
Jlaronost Uothnculld and Unbtlolle LuUotto
rose while out In tho ball and UD the stairs to
the second story were tnlnexl sprays of r whlto
nail purple lilac sitU Chinese lilies In the cor
lucre ant to bids the musIcians from view
palms ferns and growing plants wero us d
Arter slipper sonod at small tabl6 In tho
dinIng room Master Harry Illoodsood led tho
cotillon alone Ho Is ton lder d I sclondld
dancer and the Idea was a novel one
This is tho last of tho Dloodtrood dancns thin
week season a 1re Blooduood goes abroad neit
The Her w M TstjrlOD rerfornia the Mr
riLe Service itt lll IKtuEhler WoUlM
Miss Kllcn M Taylor oldest daughter of
the e Ur William 1 Taylor was married
last evening to Mr Robert Maltland by her
father at bin church the Broadway Tuber
uncle Thirtyfourth ntioot ant llroadway
At 8 oclock tho bridal procession entered
tho charch to the strains of the Iohoncrln
WeddIng March the ushers leading the way
Tho ushers wero Mr Albert L Taylor 1
brother tho bride Dr Andrew J McCosh
Mr Jardino Wallace Mr Kenneth Mulr Mr
William Dulles and Mr Robert MoLoan Tho I
best man was Mr W J Taylor I brother of
tho bride Followinc tho ushers como tho
bridesmaids Miss Isabel M Taylor n sister of
the bride aud MIsS Llllto V Illiss daughter of
Cornelius K Bliss The brido followed arm
inarm with hor father who was attired in tho
town and bands of a 1rosbjtorlan minister
At th chancel tho party was mot by tho
groom and his best 11 > and after the cero
mony tho order of procession was rovorsod
The ushers were followed by Ur Taylor nod
hla alslo wife whom ho had mot at tho head of the
Tho bride wore whlto fuillo mado simply
with n lone train Tho bodice was cut hluh at
the throat end trimmed with duohcsso lace
her tulle veil w an fastened with orange blos
soms Sha carried n bouiiuot ot pink roses find
white lilacs The bridesmaids costumes woro
or white Dencnllno with lone trains nnd full
bishop slooyos of white mull over stripes of
yellow satin Their iiouiiuuts woro of jacauo
Uilnot and whit roses
Alter tho retention at the rosldonco of the
brides father West Thirtyfifth street the
couple sot out for tho South On their return
thoy will reside In Last Thirtytilth street
Among thoso who wero invited to tho rocip
tlon woro Mr and Ira John fiiKonnody Mr
and MIH 1 V It Kennedy the Hov Dr and
Mrs James McCoah Jlr und Mrs John S Taj
lor Mm John Auchincloss Mr and Mri K f
Auihlncloss Mr und Mrs J W Anchin
dos Mr and Mrs J W Alexuudor MI
und lr6 C N o lilies Mr anti Mrs John
l ro < bv Brown tho llov lr anti rs
Talbot ChamberH tho lon nnd Mrs Grover
CIoeland Dr nnd Jlrs W I Drupor tho Uev
Dr and Mrs Morgan DK thu Itov Dr und
Jtrn John flail the Km Dr and Mrs Thornits
I llustlnc Mr and Mrs John W Harper Mr
and Mrs 8 H harper Mr and firs W I >
Harper Mr and Slrh llobert Hoi Jlr
and Mrs Mnrrls K 1 Josup Mr and Ire
ana I anroy Kane Mr JOUI Mrs Caleb I
Knovals Jlr and Irs tleoruo Do 1nrrest Lord
Col ant rl all 1 Lnmont Jlr JOBO F
Navarro Mr Alfonso do Xiuarro Mr anti
Mrs Hamilton Udell Jlr and Mrs A D F
Hundolii Jlr and Mrs bamuxl Sloan Jlr and
Mrs John 1 Storm Mrand Jlrs lulward Sean
olkonburch Mrs Philip Van S olkontmrch
the Knv Dr and Mrs Marvin 11 > IrSoont Mr
and Mrs Jacob D I Vormlbo Dr nnd Mrs J
Van Sautvoord Mr and Mrs 1 D Winilow
I ln and Mr W 1 Wellinc Mr It W G
Wolllnii und Mr and Mrs C 1 Xubriskie
The Performance arFuiiHt Ui the Aletro
pulltun Opera lon
7ho Iliot peifoiiiinnco thlo season of
Gounods Faust was chon last evening by
tho Italian Ovor Company with the following I
cost MarglteritOf Mmo Albani Sifin Jlmo
tJinuorboru UdI Jlmo liiiuormolbtor Jjrjis
filets Signor Castolrnnry alentitu Do Vas
ohotti Pat < l Signor ItOMjlll
Tho opera was sufficiently well performed to
merit alareor atteudanco than was present
Tho houso was the lightest of tho season but
still appreclathound encourn InK
With the exception of Nilsson nod Gorstor
no prima donna bus oor made charming 0
Marauuite as Imo Albaiii portrayed last 01 on
IIIR I was = o naive bO natural und cay be
sides being Illlod with little points movements
und Kosturo that could only hn thought of by
n relmod and cultured intolllyeneo W hue
Alhanl noier fortits strict and careful method
which Is shown by tho attack continuation
nnd ending of ovary tone yot there Is at no
time 1 trace of htiiTnoss or coldness in her in
terpretation Lir high notes woro very beautiful I
ful iu Mar jitiriti music especially in the
Jewel HOI to which she wave irroat breadth
and brilliancy and In the entire hove scone she
was most nttractlvo and tenddi
IUrctlo lul
There was I halo of Innnocnt swoctnois all
about Mine Albunls delineation Mltson and
lerster wcio both more Irk In the part but
t0 ono has ever been inure lovable Fortu
natolv the t hurch Scene was not loft out
last night In thin thoro Is an excalluut oppor
tunity for lino iictliiL nb well us for noble bin
tlnltl wolle
Inc Tho lolnl the close of thlhsieno fa
one of tho grandest bits cose musical writing
over put upon papor Albani thorough
artist that sue is never omits to make the
most ot every olluak bho acted touchIngly
and IntonFilj both in the church scene and at
the death of Valentine showing In tbe latter
those llrst symptoms oj Insanity which ate
fully developed In the last not
llavelll sang the rio of Faut just
well bnnl to escape censure bat
yet with not ibufflctttnt skill or beau
ty to make it possible to aRe
him unqnallliiHl praise His thitilnu was cet
tainly better than his nctiui his appearance
leant creditable of all I rnbeiominc drosses of
Illassorted colois hideous headgear together
with his short statute and unimpressive stage
moveiiifnts made but I poor Quure of fault t
Del 1ueuto 011 tho contrary was an accepta
ble though iinonthuslastic md uulto conventional
Ihoulh unonthusllstc
tional nlrndne Hut J died well which Is
to lllmllf
always something desirable to accomplish
Lnstolmurys urjiitofelf Is on tho whole an
admirable rrealloji uocordlnn to tho general
standard of that distinguished gentleman s
previous iiortrnjals on Italian opera boards
lIe hQkl dnvlllcli and was animated If not
oxtromoly malicious alt remarkably clever
oxlromel mllcus rnmokRLy
Mine llauortualstvrR Maria ww InoffensIve
and In tho iiuartet r8 voice did KOOI service
but time SjnnnrborBs f < rtlil Is om > of the
Wont or n long lino of utterly discouraging
unmoanlntrfoolish and obJetlolahle ittteiuiitfi
to do I charnclur which It may reasonably bo i
HUppOhed was Intuniled hi ties ilotiuposer to be I I
n rMo of some little interest and beauty I
blunor Ai 1 due was viaci illS last night and If
his strict tempi hal beon hold only over the I I
chorus which richly dessrvo hlKhlmndnd I I I
treatment tile results would Imo boon good
Ah It hupponel his stern and unioloniliii mood j I
threHBiiod also all tho prlnolples pulllnc them
ruthlessly away from their hiLh notes unit
throuKh their pot rltondundos so that ills I
ortnnee often occurred rune was a little
batter kit < hmv ever Ihouch llavolll sang Hat
evsn in r ilvo Dlinoiu
Thn plKasantebt lujprosilon of the l opera was
of course Jlme Albanln fresh and diunnlni
Maruiirntf That rmualnn a beautiful plcturo
In tie mind and though tbo setting wa hardly
worthy this Koni yet the liibtrn of that was not
by any moans dluiuiod by surroundings
Vu Uprru Toulcbilatll Hue u oil
Mme PaUl caught cold whlht out drivIng I
on Monday all hor physician sent word to
Manneor Abbey that she nould bo unnhln to
slug tonmht at the Metropolitan I Opera house I
She will Mne on hurl IY and tho opera of
Iindtt will bo given on that night If lure
will no performuuuo ut tho Motiopolltan tonight I
Named roo itegeuti
AIUAXV April 8A joint cations of He
publicans to select candidates for membership
In the Hoard of Regents to nil the vacancies
caused by the dautbs of llocents John I
Lewis and Henry H 1iersouwas held tonight
It resulted In tho nomination of IlluyT box
ton 1residunt of the 1 irst National Hank of
Iulmvru and T Cluilford Smith of Buffalo
Tha Demooratlo joint caucus nonilnated
Irof Francis M lIurdick of Cornell Uulvorslty
aol Samuel II Hliuw editor ot the Coupon
town JVctinans Journal
StemS from Ilexlcn
CITY OF MEXICO April 8 vIa Onlveston
1roBldont Diaz returned today after a weeks
huiitluu trip He says that tho rumors of
Cabinet chances are without foundation
Hurasate the violinist la this recipient ot
many tiubllo honors ut the hands of ttpanlurds
1 rmllpr a has scored Buocobs la coailut out
as a mornIng Journal
Oulnkallvor ban bean disooverod In Guerrero
EilrcBldent Uouznle l hot arrived here
DOB Pro CeHlnit Welt
CANNES April 8 Pow 1odro was so much I
batter Olive tau lImit h iG WM alle tg KO ouUoc ft
roll helloS Keforsn llllt Hnbitltntoil tot
the WerU Dill
TnENTox April BSonator Werts Is i the
author substantially ot the ballot reform bill
that a majority of the nonpartisan committee
Appointed to draft such a measure reported to
tho Legislature and as a member of the com
mittee ho Is deeply Interested la the bill
While ho was temporarily Absent fromth
chamber thin mornlns Senator Cutter ot
BurlIngton offered a substitute for tho bill
Hardly anyone in tho chamber was aware ot
the nattiro of tho substitute and whn the
yeas and nays wets called tine or two Senators
voted In the affirmative and none in the uoaa
theTho PresIdent announced the adoption ot
the substitute whereupon one of the Senators
who had been writing a letter Inquired what
thesubstltuto was about Its a euUtltut
for the Ballot Itcforui bill replied the 1rosl
dent Instantly there was excitement and a
hubbub The substitute WAS that offered in
the house by 1otti of Hudson last night
Tho House rejected It because it provides for
the distribution of ballots inside the booth on
election day The nonpartisan committee hail
frow nod on similar proposition many week
ago Messengers were despatched In haste for
Senator Worts and he came Into tho chamber
flushed and trembling with aneer
Tho Bonato ho charged had done a dis
courteous nine In his absonco it had acted
upon Important measure In which ho was
interested It was worse than mere dleconrt
esy it was on act of treachery Never before
had he felt that there was daneer in turning
his buck upon his colleagues for a moment
Ho desired that tho substitute bo withdrawn
anti the original bill wjain placed
on tho calendar Ills motion to that
oiTwot was opposed In benatora Gardner and
Carter The latter disclaimed Irlckery In oiler
Inc u substitute Ho had not noticed the torn
porury absence of Senator We rIll Tho bitter
said that If his motion was not Krted to ho
would cull for the reu lull of both bills and ho
Uuch bill contains about forty printed pages
Senator lordlier al1 he did l not obiuet to u
little llltbuBloriiit now and than and It It vviw
tho purpose of tho bonator from Jlorris to
create doluy und obstruction and use UP a day
or two or avail II tvuok or a fortnlKht Ill was
ready lor the tray The Clerk beiriiu tho read
me of one of thu bills In throe mnutos every
body noemod tired of tho procoedluuii In live
miuutus moro Senators referred to it as u fur
deal proceeding und then the monotony of tho
tiling arow unbearable and Senator Gardner
moved to table the motion of bouator Werta
President Novius hod taken the tloor and
Senator Itoo of 0 ancestor was In tbo
chair Before tho latter could put the
motion Senator Worts Buruui to his feet
declaring that the motion could not bo
entertained The bills wero being road as a
tart of his speech lie had the floor and no
oils had a rilllt to Interrupt bull Ienlltor Koo
decided tbuut the 1lI0tioll Will In order In sit
IInl own tilt Honator from Morris haJ yleldujil
tlitm 1I0r anti wa no longer making R spooch
10 whom dId I yield the foci omalldoll
Senator Warts with eyes llaflhluB indignation
1 appeal from the decision of the Chair Its
ruling la i oulrairos I appeal to every prooodent
in parliamentary history Such a rulIng has
never heart made In any parliamentary body
in thl country and it would not lint o been
mado by yourself Mr President except at the
dictation of somo superior 1 UFO iiluin lan
gouge sir beenuso the oxlireucioi of deeper
ate occasions rociulro the application of des
perato rcmodlo1
action Raid fconn
No one has dictated my
tor lIce whose face grew pale The charge
Is false nnd I deny it
horo was an Intimation from the iloor as
to what you should do and you did It e
clainind Senator Worts
1 ask for the culllnc of tho roll said Sena
tor nrdiior
ldo I not yield tho floor rejoIned Senator
Worts I have been subjected to Indlcnity
but I will not bo robbed of constitutional
I have made a ruling and I shall onforco
It sail the Chair
The motion WItS put and declared carried in
a tllllIllIul Senator orts then cot the floor
auuin Ho made further forcible ophratlon1
und untied with a motion that the consideration
rf f tho BUI stitute lot I made a special order for
tomorrow forenoon At the santo tllllO lie sub
mitted as a tart of his speech lu bupport of
the motion n pamphlet which turned out to bo
a cop of all the coneral nets passed I by Ibo
LL u
Connecticut eeieiaturo I lUSt year A poini 01
order list the speech Wild not uermnne wan
declared well taken henhonntor I tS ertsEentup
to the desk a copy of GOY Abbotts inaueurul ad
dress and aokeil the lark to road the portion
it do otod to the subject of ballot reform Tho
clerk obeyed AVhen tho Senators tot l tired
they niiioKd to the motion tnaklnit the sabstl
tote a nwiul order for tomorrow und thus
Senator Worth came olT victorious to that ex
tent A good dinner shortly afterward restored
his good humor and at the afternoon sOb < lon
of ihu Honuto he npolouUud publicly tu Sena
tor Boo for the remarks mitdo in tbo hut 01
Tho Lecislaturo thus has before It two bills
on tho subject of ballot reform tho ono that Is
awaiting final action in the House and the sub
htltuto on i n the calendar of tho Senate Aocord
I Inr to all signs u deadlock will occur jim
withdrawn of the substitute ulono will insure
tho passuue of a measure in any way satisfac
tory to the ballot reformers
A Hunk KuUn fur llulfu Million I
MANIIATIAK Kiln Apiil 8 E 13 Purcell
propriotor of thu Manhattan Bank mao an
neslcnruont this morning Tho doors of the
bank wero closod and the following notice was
Closed John W W ebb temporarily as
Mr Webb Is cashier of tho bank He says
tile liabilities of the bank aro 5C1000 A
statement of the assets cannot the given for
several dajn but they aro said to be ocjuul
nominally to tho liabilities
1 ho aslinin was precipitated by the no
tion of the liritlph Mortuate and Land Com
pony of Ibis city which yestordny ndxortisod u
public sale of collateral given to Mr Iuroull to
securo his obligations to tho company for
ttnuUOH due April 1 and which had not been
paid The stringency of tbo money market
uud the dlfllculty in making colloctiona aro
given as the caudOBof tho nfisKrnment
TUB Manhattan ituiik fill one of the oldest
In the Mate and Mr 1urcoll was accredited
with beiLL anionic tho wealthiest men and
mot sound dnunclnlly in Kansas Tho failure
has caused a fortune fueling among the other
financial Inntltutions of tbo city and county
but there baa boon no run on any of the other
Election In Ithode Inluurf
ritovinpscn April 8 Cranston nnd
Jamestown elected liopublican Itopresenta
lives today orth Smlthllohllln West Green
wich failed to elect Under the statute the
present Hoprobimtiitlvo holds ovor but there
ore reports front both towns that au endeavor
will bo made to hold another ton meeting be
fore mldnlcht tony belne tho Inat day when
an eloctlon ian be laid 1tslln 01 this city If
the sitting Itopi o ontatli e hold over the Lcuia
lature will stand Itetiubllcnnn 62 Demo
crats 47 with nine to Ie > elected from 1ioYl
denco The Kepubllcans will tAlon need to elect
two to control the Urnud Committee while the
Democrats halo to elect eight to accotnllBh
the same object
Thn Ithode Idund Deadlock Strokes
IlovmrNci April 5Tile long deadlock
upon tho appropriations which has for over a
month tied up tho inonojr of the State and
compelled tho commonwealth to Issue its I
II J I II I for onjry obligation Incurred ban been
broken as II was pmtad It would bo lifter
the general election Tho tommltteo of con
foronoe nirrvad upon the part of the Senate
to an Invalidation of tho acts of Martin C
llealy hunorlntondont of the State Home and
Hchnol whereupon tho house receded from Its
notion und concurred In time Bonutu amend
ment Incorporating In tutu bill a provision for
tile Mute Iliiiiu und bchool which provisIon
the llouso bud steadfastly rejected before the
election rCII > 8
The Ilquor Question In Ions
IHa JIoiNEH April 91h8 l House was oc
cupied during tho morning today with a die
cession of tho Lluuor License bill An amend
ment forblddlnc tho lleenslUK of a saloon wIth
in three 111 II os radius from any churchBchools
iustliutlon of leurnlnu WIIS rejected byo vote
of yeas 20 nays 21 The bill then went over
till Thursday
1ba Awful OHMC of lroercije uehre
bT LOUIS April 8Judge Itylund In his
charge to the Grand Jurors of the 1ettls Coun
ty Criminal Court at Hedallo Mo yesterday
Instructed them that the fashionable gown of
prnitresslvo euchre and church ruffles are gem
bllnK and contrary to law and charged them
to take cctfulzant of nil such things
Tbo Election In UfrrUon
In the charter election In Harrison the fol
lowing Aldtrmeu were elected PatrIck CounciLs ibe
Full ward K J Inc becoodi Harllo Lawl M rhlrd
rancli UtCatK Fourth Slay are aU Pauiocrau She
Council dud I Democrcu 1j Jitpubllcua L
usgsL ZILraa5iea7
I III femUur Dr sw 4 = asi b loJ1Ad a1 Ulerge O 1
1leIOi West 15th sada
tstt i
The CJrcutwt LivIng Tenor
Tlio WoriaItenomicd Altulcul Con
IlraniUHJ from the Italian
yea 1I > IbMi I 0
dentiemeni It inertia uie KIt pleaiur to tender
icy rlnceieil appteolaitoii for its matnlflcaot ETKUK I
1laiio you 10 kindly Bent me at icy rqnit for UM I
during my njraremeiit In your city
The HTLi K Ijatio ftnrely couiblnea all the einentlal
qvalttlei or a really perfect piano Immenie power
with exqulllte tn
t do not bciitate to recommend them very strongly 14
profeulonat and amateur linger far tty aid this I
human voice to a wonderful degree
Uiiluaj you tie auxceii the STECK 10 ilcbly de 1
IIMBI I ant belief rut very truly Dan
rb in lein
KutlennTi Ito beautiful CrOCK IprUbt 1lauo you
10 Xludly sent me for u > e during my lojourn In Ban
rrauclico la vltboct doubt tho flnetttoned piano I
hate ever nad tIe uleaiur of playlnK SItS without
fear of contradiction the STUCK ItANKH Hlntlm
Tlltrl J
Uinf l Otkd
nurrrB Trlcopbrrnu rncomniendeU n coy
telia remedy for oil r ailment of the built anti tcilp
lirrpn Stress hthlrtN mad to tn fuorfi n lor 53
Nou boiler at any price it < tnt HII I ur < War
N peria1 lno1ictn = I Jon J
dflMj V Mrlti jfmE dCO r
KMtLSllIN to l qil nuvilmi oil With p istn ni > Quit
III li I i > rtt < rreil IT leading phaI i tclui to > lj ulk or > tar
Ouurisbtugpropsrtasaidayctsurtlou All druxut 1
IOMH OF aID willed sIts roars tbsprstUol
face lrevnUJ by IAftkLKU IIA1K UALMAN I
JAltKKK III1 llINUIIlt lOSIO ijens tt rl r
C A ttJKrr 1LrA NINUT7M i4TtVvA RT
Uo 1th av ssca torUrciclar t14D1u call ie aunt I
IDtw b1trati
VTe liATt just potll h di pampbhm I of twelve I large
pat Utxl3 of bM giving ih Jut cud boll aocartt
inronuAtUu about tiof tHuid seaS iri wf1Uir iwludlif
th oi4olooi l of nroiDln D mn and of younr MI n an 4
Weiss tmpJOToJ aa 11l0rrAb t > Lptuiuy IJatut
log to ef ef bust Ptf ° fl w8A L BD postal card
for opy Coos H WJwoRItd btegasjzepkjo l
stiles U JWf1I1118111
Tile Conrualon of at DyUg Mae thsit lie
Helped XIII John KciitUK
WlLKEBDAnitK Aorll 8 Tlio town of
IarksTltl is all excitement today A twenty
years murdur mystery ha just boon clonrod
up and tho older Inhabitants aro busy talking
about It Late on last night John Gregory
who Is slowly dying from consumption made
n confession to three neighbors that he and
two other men wore tho persons who killed
John Keating twenty years ago Ranting was
n prosperous man ot tho vlllapo who hold a
good position in the mines The men who
worked for him said ha was a severe boss and j
ho was not liked
One day In August 1870 Keating suddenly
disappeared At first it was thought ho had i
Kone to Australia but n detective who went to
that country could Und no trace of him Ihcn
It was learned that heating had boon mur
dered by members of n scrot society Larva
towards wore offered for any clue to the
unlacIng man but without result Iu tlmo the
traited passed out of public mind
irceory In his contonalon Bats thnt ho and
two othor mon met heating ono night m a
lonely road Thoy waylaid and murdoiud him
und druuuinn his body to a deep and unused
well back of itegorys house lied large iluro
about tbn heck and dropped tho doily to thIs I
bottom The well wan alterward Illlod up Tho I
fact li now recollected that many people w ho I
drank from a aprlue which flowed from tha I
well wore made sick There Is I no possibility
of Gregory rocovtrlni from his lllnosu
UK 1 Tiivui IMMV iu 111 111
Uriital Murder nf it IlnnKarlun Iron Miner
at IlIbeI
Dovnn N J April BA colony of Hun
Rarlans engaged at work in tho Iron mines It
lllbernla nbuut soon miles from thin plnco
began their faster celebratIon loud I rldi
and ended it with n murder on 1attcr Monday
night About year ago one of thorn nuino
Ialiuall Asoozkl had n light with Torboli
llarclk John Htanlk and Put Krowablk anti
there has been R feud over sluice ostorday
afternoon Asoozkl was attacked In the door
yard of n tonotnont by tuo othor three men I ho
i bout him with sliovolu and bnttleH until hopank
to the Rrounil Then they dmtiroil him into
the house This morning It nnn ascertnlnoc
thnt Aeooykl died during the nlKht Ills bell
and body wore found to be a muss of contu
sions and fractures ills chest VIIB literally
purple from tbn eCfeots of kIcks or ixiuudlnuB
Home or tha other minors who woro deputiui
ns constables arrested llarclk Htanlk und
Krowulzlk and lucid thorn until tho arrival ol
office who they were committed to thu
Morris county jail at Morriatown Coroner
llazou Is engaged today in working up tho
Thoso hungarians are callad tho most
wretched and most vicious peoplq that bue
eor oomo to the Iron mInes of Now Jonay
and fights und stabbing affruys aro of fru > inout
occurrence among them Not lung ago n
child was chrIstened and in use cmirso of a
drunkou Jlkht that followed 11 was crushed to
A diiry feiuiitMlnM the Honor or Blillder
Jilrmlnckuniii Wile
BevantyIhiyearolil lidward Blrl1lin
ham a builder has failed In his efforts to get
an absolute divorce from Ihobe A lilruilng
ham u jury in tho Supreme Court in liruoklyn
having returned a vordlct for tho defendant
Tho couple hove boon married more than
twenty years und hao three eons auod 13 15
and 11 years respectively The aged hUHbund
alleged that hit wife had maintained Improper
relations with Robert SImpson n hoarder in
their fumllv and lIsa two yonngor boys weru
railed UB witnesses against their mother ISuth
dollied kionluduo of the allowed mlbconduct
Inima flicker gave ilnmnirmi tubtlmuny
against the wile but tho jury evidently at
tached no weight to It On HSoninluation
elio admitted that In IHSi sliowas housokfoiwr
for himppon and at ono time had an enuacti
iiieut to marry him which ho did I not keep
Turkey Trouble With Crete
LONDON April o A despatch from Athens
to tho Arim says Tho British Government
has strongly urpod tho 1orto to cram toal
amnesty to the Cretans and to abolish martial
The Porto hns given partial consent but not
desiring to appear as yielding to pressure In
Fistl that refugees must llrht Return i to Crete
31 TricomiS till drunk Iromlur being sus
picious declines to advise refugees to return I
jSdgotlations cunt in ue
The Haiton Bill to Come Up Acaln
A IIIS Ajtiil 8111 Senate fipncial
Laws Comuuttuo agreed this aftirnooii to ro
port the haiton ballot lluform bill ilaviug sub
stituted U torn skeleton ncneral election bill
which was IntrollIco by Senator baton somo
lime ago Ihe 1 bill will be ruportad ah It was
utoed proMdliiBfoi tho e oluBltootlloIn bal
lot with lie exception of an amendment nl
lowlni an Illltorutu otor to take with him into
he secret voting booth IIUI 1r OIl whom 1m
may wish to aid him in pruparinc his bullot
and another IImon mont leuardiuu thorulcc
iou of the ballot clunks
teulcldr on lIar Aceihu krn Jllull
A man npparenth about ut 1 > cart old shot
ilmkelf through tl 1 laid on the ItutT oter tho > orh
liter at Weebavkeii Jtelerjw afternoon lie van
ce1l fleeCeS iu u uu of black broatlclotli 1oliceiuaii
Temmorey wtalkmic nuutu a man nut a hundred tie
from tlie SlitS when ho heard the pluol stat anJ turn
r1aI1I Ir
I Intl juicily I he haw tlie huKido fall He ran to lam
rheuiani > as tinconiclouM lie Hill held the revolver
with witch be had clot hlinrelf
lu hI ilary llo < > ltal i i lu innne a eliver watch
and a racer were tout in liU pockeli An hour after
be died without having
to rttt bruujiht to the huHptll
eoovered cooecioufeliebM berfteailt I IllTor 1 of the itt
lavfcen IUlCe fouiiJ iiOcrby bat of llackett Carhart 5
o a make near tie not i where thn mull situ hImself
in the lloliu of It the name Jilt K I Ilinmilnil wee
written be man waa mail reipectablo louring
l tbor and WupeH
This granite cutters of Quincy Mass have
demanded vine hare > ad it Uj > a watt aud Jl cents au
hour The Granite Matiufauuren Aopclatlou Mill con
e < I the uluo bourn but deduce to pay more ban tl
camutsan tour
lute tronbto between the crtruper and tbe Boyd Corey
lanuIaciurluK towiauy of Alarluoro Maw sea net
lea yesterdaY t > y au adluituieut of wajrea ant the
hrowiuz out pf objectionable tocfc The men returned
to wart
tie csrpofltro plaeterrrn tone and brick muona
lupiberi faa uod Kteam ptDu men of Lowell are now
Working nine hours u day la agreement with the Mailer
huatideru Aiaoilallou
Mr Jobs leer IUNln
Mrs Amelia G leer the pretty youuc wifa ot
John Ieer of 1101 I Wilow avenue lloboken dliappeared
front her home on undny and her huiband fear cite
nai tare couiiuiltcd lui Ide She hg been BlitlerinK
wild cancer fur Ito ittoitutul and It li I thought the pain
nude her heats bite fBlyeara I old of slilt form
dark coiunleitoned null brown hair and een bite
were a gray nnd blnrk nrlped wrapper a black shawl a
urban luau aud button thuei
Kobbod lu the Bowery
Michael lioonoy of lloston while in a Ilowury
aloou about H I o i it last l lilgbt exhibited a roll uf bllla
Vhen h led the p > ace be was follottfdbya man to a
Carl clot lust off the leery and there robbed of Lt
ofiiuv shout and Icunau ltwrenre Urifii i
aiicht due thief in ltrillf street b tweti llowerj auJ
liabetti trt 110 iMdhla name sas ILouio Mo
uUoiCU 30enmJ of ISi Mutt liroet
lUtb V Mat < Loual Time
nxnt Mo April 5A large public meetlnu
wee held hut ulifbt to dewaud that tbe city clocLH is
let on local Inetead of standard time Three vase ago
meeting to do tits but asur l
ii w ai decided at a public or
rakeilild laid tbat It could not legally be don
Mayor Cbapm was Iresent last night At the recepllou
of Ijpograpblcal tuluulln Urtaa Acadrm
lie liar lleuryO I HIKOX ot Troy ban declined the
rail to tlo vacant pulpit uf ID llauion place ifaptlat
hilai Ludlaui has been elected I ml Jem of the bt
Nichols Society iu place of ex Mayor John M Hunter
who declined reelection
I ultcd SlatS Marf bal Lake IIM appolutrd barlei II
ueiiene lute auctioneer He U use of this Invincible
tepublliane ot tb Twenty Orel ward
The public sbooi > l prln < IpaU bate reiolved to unite la
a recommendation to tbe Hoard of fcducatlou 10 favor
if ItutroIuCtit Some approved jltem of pbyilval cut
lure in ItieecUooli I
The Master dumber the llailltter Aaioclatlon and
lie ururmen limbers Iniou hay ilgced a con
raft providing that on and cOlor May 1 eight hour
lallconitltuie S days werE and bat pone but union
men iball be employed
Tbe Ilrooklyn tlty Kallroad Company bee purchased
tile Putted biatei building In Monuuue and t Union
surest for VOO < K and will ate It a a main i > 01cc
tritOn tb how > edecti < bulldluK li completed rti prop
Fly baloBitil to 5 estate of the hate Judfo Alexander
llsnry SlsBsrn a Ulor aged 51 went lo the cellar ct
hue noui in tipid slrrsl will a rop intruding to
lianx himself lie ctiaD ncl bus clan however anil
banked tic throat with a razor Ills slitsr with whom
ti te hesS found bun IQ ill cellar unconsolous ovluir to
lois ot blood Uc wa reinotK lu Itme Lumturlaujl
Street lloipllal amid h mar recover Puluon of bust
ills WU tii Cages or despondency
There HI be a celebration of the Iwtntyflrth anril
v ruy ot La surrsna at ApjMiiuaUun In tie aueio
lily room of the Acaduy of Vuilc lonlfhl It will
take lbs arm eta rtccpuon and banquet honor of
ana W T 8brman Iiury W fclocuai o o Howard
Jloracs Porttr ana Wager awayne andlwlil lee under
the < lUeil n of lu Vstsrtai Assaelalton ot th Twenty
third KurltuBt A twooeur re > Uon will prsosd be
psGs will
TheTou cTVom i > Who Attpted tSsIsid
In Ceatrnl r rk
Mlsa Emma JurRotibon who nttomptcd
suIcide In Central lark about six months ago
by taking poison nppeared before Overseer of
this 1oor Boners in FlushIng ou Monday and
had a warrant Issued for the arrest oiJohn
San Lorn of IouuhkcopMe whom she accuse
of belni time father ot her child Miss Juraon
son who In about 20 years old was formerly of
Whltoatono At the tIme of her attempt on
list life n letter Was found In her pockot pin
portIng to unto been written by John taUt
Lora of Iouuhkoetimle n toliacco salesman
hiss Jurgetisulu refused to tell what promptei
her to take thu boliou 1 rotu this loiter It iVIlS
supposed to bo the outcome of a lovers
She soon recovered from the offocts of thor
olson and on lonvlnt thin hospital she went to
luahliiL SIlo Says Siitt Lorn lilted her there
Ho made freiiiiont promises to marry her but
ho never kent his wonl Van Lorn wan ur
rested audi brought to r hi hi lie on Monilay
night It Is wild his paronts are welltodo It
Is said also IMI Is nnlous to nettle the mustier
out of court Alias 1 urgeusens mnuthucu Is dead
The Union Iraeiir tlnh Alcohol Prcrcilen
41oua KuunBh Iur Slattern
Mr T li liistiiian rnusptt coiujtcmntloi
at tile Harlem llonubllcan Clubs meotlnc last
night by proposIng u resolution to this effect
That us the Itopubllcau party has endorsed
hleh license and is opposed to saloon rule the
sale purchase and consumption ot Intoxlcat
jog ItquorHon tho premises of tho harlem Club
ouuht to cease
limo club Hhowod i disposition to follow the
Union l < oacne Club model nnd stick to Its
toddy Mr H S lonmba said that to adopt
such it resolution would bo almost an bad an to
KO Into a minis rollulotm belief mind that Mr
LVstmiin wont too far In themultor ih > i llouso
Commlttoo had charge the cafe and It was
not on record that any mimbor had abused tin
lists of liquor In tho club A matt lined nut
diink If bo did not want to
LxConKrvssmuu Calkins protested agaInst
trying u prohibition moaiiiro on tile club
Tlio resolution wits referred to the ExecutIve
BIWT Hit S1 TJd1c
tVllllmu lliuleln CmvlrtrU or itceautt la
the FIrst Jlecree
Villliiu niniuls tIle aged bookbinder who
tired two shot nt his sister In October last and
wounded her seriously was collected in the
Court of Sessions hi Brooklyn yesterday of ns
suult in the first decree Ho had formerly been
conllnod In hue Tlnthush lunatic asylum anti
Insanity was sot ut in his defence lieu shot
his slstor directly after readIng Lawyer Curtiss
jiloi lu favor of the nciiulttal of burglar Me
lhalno for Lie murder of Grocer hunt on tin
cround of Insanity Tha prosecution nliowei
that Dnnlolh had long been inconsud against
Ills cltor about mono mutters and Lad fro
uuenlly threatened to kill her
Tu Irevent Ilenllneie In Future and Op
VtsniMiTON April Chairman Tun ton of
the Committee on Agriculture reported to the Hour to
day with amendment the llutterworth bill to denne
option and futures aud toflmpoiie a special tax upon
dealers therein Ac Ibo article tu which the bill ap
tile are wheat corn bat cottou pork sitS tout
oilier farm Italic The bill impose a ipeclal tax of
31UOO upon dealers lu options amid future as defined In
the bill andata nf Conic n pound and 0 cents a
buHliel upon the articles sold under future and option
riie lomuilttee lay the bill II Intruded to apply
to that tauc of transaction conducted In the
tIbet ibopi and cram piLe of the country ana
kminn at uala and callii including th whole
raTio of mere 1eeuiauiie gumblln In ftctluou farm
rroduots Tbe tommttl eavK that It Is not tbe oblect
of tic proposed law nor Hills iOeCt be improperly
Interfere with tlie ProsecutIon of any legitimate Induotry
whith Adds to tlie supply of aurthlinr needful Tbo
inrinenri nton the market of dealing In puts anti
Cal the committee thinks In to reduce the market
price to a rale below the coot of production
Three New VenNcl1 for lhe > NMW
AVAHiiisuTOKf April Advertisements were
il ued today Iroiu tho Nay iJepartment for bids for
the construction of one armored cruiser of about H Ujo
ten one protected cruller of about OO tons and oue
Hleel practice e0url of about KXJ tone llids fur tbene
eftseln will be opened on TuelJay June 10 The
cruiser are each lo make on trial trips not leas than do
k not i an hour for four conieciitlve hour and for ever
quarter knot above bat tlirur a premium of MI it >
sulh tn Laid with a lit penalty lot even quarter knot
bilotr In the cue of theko vesitie there In no mini
mutt siieed lUed below whicb the ijovermneiit Is cat
lllterty to reject them The practice cssel latouiako
i Knottf an hour for ti > ur hours and the premiums ant
peualtlei for ece H or drljcll aro iLMf for each oue
quarter knot A IMlure to reaiIi 11 knots wilt be cause
for rejaolioti
411 of iheae rcstPlA are to he oonilrufted In accord
Alice with plan repired cr adopted In the depart
mnt The armored cruiser is to be completed Hilhlii
tl ret year tie proleclel cruiser In two and one palm
year and tbe Practice venue In two year Tie bih Is
lay bu made either according to the department
I huts fur bull and machtnvr or according to tho plan
ut the bidder fur bull and machinery
Jbe Trouble ut she lmviood Post lOire
WASIIINOTOX April 8An account of the at
tempt which wm recently madetopceent James HUM
tie Postmaster at Klmwood or Snow Creek Term
from performing the duties of his office has lust been
received at the Iost Ofllco Department seven of the
it el 0 men sutpectcj of compilet Its the alulr were
iirrtutej Three of them were hclU fur the UranJ Jury
sill the oilier it were releaiil fur lack of urtlclent evl
deuce J tin sat that it win not an uncommon occur
rcncH for ai nicer m fifteen or twenty rmJ mm to
sit uck the IfHi I irlt e it intrht aId ictir > volley after t oi
icy into tha buiMtnz lIe Ioatinnit r stem was cripplea
fr life by one < > r Lice Slots Mr l inn In I about llie uiily
lepubiicnu fii the town lie nerved tn the nlcm army
tUtu iitc the war uf HIP rebellion ailS at II laSt itCtloutal i
election oiel > l for Hurrlon After the election he
raheti AiiKtldtiftt Map which wee cut do n front tbe
tail on 1U house and torn lo pieces At tb Uoi he re
CfiveJ tle 1 ai ointinent as TuetmiiRler he received
threatentiff letter i1 the recent acuit wa the re I
fiilt of the feoHntt aenlnat him The lost Ofllce DepArt
inmt Is informed that alice the arreSts were made Mr
Inn Uas Lut been moleite
Lawyer tJuhnfton Wise III Suit
Chief Justice JIcAdam of the City Court
modeil duwui his derision yesterday In the action
irougbt by Lav j er beth It John < u against tie Chinese
firms of Man bmg bon A Ca and CJuong Hong Luong A
Co to recover SIenH on a note tie J mite tlnds for th
palntlfT in the full amonnt The defence was that the
lote viasforge I by Chit Song a member of both llrrni
I n pursuance of a wholesale scheme of false notes en
ulneered bv Johnson Jo Unions deny wal tbat h bad
boom swindled by chu long
Judire klrAdam onnctiidc It may be regarded a <
rttled that a promlsfor note made by one partner In
tie frm name tnough outside the partnerabip buslnestt
and without tie knowledge or consent of the other
iMrtneri is bludjng on the urmln the baud of a ions
Kit bolder for value
Eon riles 0 S is i Sun eels e MI I Moon rim 11 3d
men winK rais lay
Sandy lloollO M I Goi laland10 tSI l llellOait 12 it
Arrived TLUOAI AirilS
M moran Jonnon teSts
hs Tallnlianee Atkins Saiaunstl
So Filer hisSer Ureinen
S B 1anaina Chabot Bordeaux
fis llrag llanhen Haracoa
blhxclerCll delfts llrlstol
fti Getu Vthftnvy Itearse llost u
hiAmont I I Uarilow orwin VruvUence
M tocahontai limes Hume
5 On andntiH Walter Newport ewl
t UtopIa lorrliuii Leghorn
I > or lalei arrivals see tln1 lJ < l I
inaivin our
Mlins from New Yorkvla Soutliampou at brewer
t la Cbampaf ne from > ework al Havre
f reiiiouic truui New York fur Liverpool Iaud
Brow lliuJ
rtoisJ iouaiTttrg
Soil 2feil Ij
fiit hasa Tlllltl tod
Aimallc Ilierpool 5wuAil 880 AM
Uiy of i timer Liverpool SlilU A Vf
JJonau Kiiif > tun 5110 A M
lulin I llmuen 4 i I i A vt
JturSw rrlnWaJ d u K M 8 00 r M
NUKUra Havana I no i al B I < J f VI
VUsteruand Antwerp 04JAU 8 y > A M
Mil Tontinif
AtlioH Pttt cu triure t it cOlA M 13 no M
I lu ad Londal Havana into AM U on M
hewiwrt Aspinwall Ill O A St l IS Oi M
orliiocii Uerffiiiilaf I 00 r 1 H a oo P M
Koitemam Amsterdam 7 1UA M UJO AM
Ituirla llnmUurii tl 90 A M
tautlaio tlenluejios 100PM I StOf M
State at OeoriU Utaif uw C OUA U
tbtoiltuti ontiettilfa
Iti pladil
hioiiad March 20
liiara liambuirir March M
Vicious ilibreitar blanch V2
Amain lusunlure tiarchsu
Martlu isis
Wyuunlng Juestuetown March iu
April 8
bce macsLip 4yrti IS
The Quiet LiverpooLStarch 20
iutatafPobraira Vrclill
54g Itiday April Il
lellert llyn Airll 1
ItT of V rll S
5ilerbouthatuttoum April a
4nieh4uurdsi 4prllt4
Hindoo Mull March 2R
hpaarntlam Kutterdam bLench 2 <
YturuieniaMenu April 1
> U4 Autuiak prtl 13
Taormla Uamburx Mrcll 21
Orc Ixmdou
L401eeogSaUar Jffli
inrU QtMuuiva 44111 0
ANIIKICHONon UouJay Aorll 7 In this city
Annie fl I Andfr on
lutifral sonic vo Jay at uodldwn Ometcrratlt
oilocL A il
liii Jllie0n MonJay evening AprIl T liio
Carolina wIdow or WIUUui llilcher In the 711th
yaar or tier age
lmieral from her lato tiildture e1 Weit OAth 51 aa
7liur Jay toils meL at I 1 M
JU < UTH Ou Tuesday April fl after n short and
painful Illnui atiihiatn l telItleitce hOw Tlirunpav
Hrooilyn N 1 Matliow lllootli sseil di year t
monllia ant 7 days oldest BOH of KatLarlnoand John
11 SteelS 5
Funtral cervices will be belt on Friday at 7 10 A M
imtlOKHOn the 7th inl Abraham L ion et
Solomon and llauoab brooks in the dlt l year ut nil
> uueral to day at 10 A M from lilt late residence 32O
East 5uih it rluweri omitted
CAllTWiUOIITOn Feb i7 15I4O In Florence
Italy Anna Carlwrjght and 4J year
Funeral from J Edward Wlnterbottoma funeral pr
loraonThunJay April IU at lilA M
COIIAltUlUcbard M Collard In the COtb year ol
bin age
KelnlUcR and frlenda are Invited to attend the funeral t
from M Lute Church lludion itr upo > U Wove
to dav atu r M
lKril OUFOii llonday 7th Init George I
Allen aim of the mate Caorxo anti Colhirln lIsten 1c
dart aged 47 year
KelatUea and friends the family and of his brother
lr WlUon L Defendoif and member of Tin
rrafumana Lodge Ko 651 K and A VI are rej
< iue ted to attend tie funeral from his late reel
deuce Til Lan7Btti it uu Thursday April 10 At ID
DV ITTTOn April 0 at New Hprlnjrille S I star
pelt h tin Iuy Iu hli fil year I
Immoral from blilate residence Coday at 2 oclock
I 14
FEi ° rnOn Tuesday morning April 1890 Uary
nifntr wife of Arnold H tenner
llelntlves and frlruJn of the family are Inrltec to at
tend her funeral aervloea on Friday tnorntnK 11th
hut at iu oclock at tha residence of lier father I
Tlioiuaa Kiirney uu Voit liMst
JJAHKUTIUu iuoeday April 8 JolmTFlus
betty agrd 21 yearn
> uneral will take place from his brothers residence A
< 17 Ceet did at on Thursday April 10 at a 1 M
UKAijY A5socUTiox or limiter KiaaHit Tha
member of tha above aflgociatlon are hereby notl
lied to meet corner rolutubla and itroozne its this
Weilneilay at J 1 oclocL r 1 M for the purpose of
I ayljjic the last tribute of reaped tu our deceased
ueiuber Charter llealy
LDMUMt HThllIHNSON President
IHAACM Monday April Annie 0 Iiaaca beloved
Wife uf Autahani li laftaoa lu her 4Jd year
Uelullvea aud friends ace members of ConuordlA
Ixidiie No 210 and Victor No 1 eta l tdlei anti
HmtflitB of Houur find all oih fraternIties which
deceived wai a member ore respectfully Invlteit
to attend the funeral from her late reldonce 4J3
Weit tUtu it to day at IU U
KKIITVChi April 7 UlcUoel J Kelly In hue Itm j
year of hie age
Relative and frienda are rfftpertfully reqtieBted to
attend hula funeral from the residence of his i > areJDta
1alrkk anti Wumlfred Kelly Ml West Wtitli It l uu
Tlniri lay intti lust at 1 1 U f
KIICCIIHOKKUn HuuU > prlin t atWlsdiUi pa
Krookltnut heart fullure Cbarlci Klrchhuir
Interment itrictly private lIeat omit nofrrrn
IUMSINOII April u nt Town if Uiiliin lladion
county > J ChrutopUer LUIMU m tui 49d year of
tih ago
Krl ttli c > and friendS ot Il family are reipectfully
Invited to atteud thu funeral from lila Ute residence
kSPaluaJeat Own of Inlon today as is 0 M
Interment at IlidtetelJ Cemetery f
IYONOn Uondar April 7 at Inn lat residence HI
sIll CV iieliuu Lron ageS CH yean
Funeral irrvlrea At isaptlit tbLrib Urawiter K V
ludLytlP I M t
Met Mon hiindiy April U JameiJ MoCuna
1unrral trot hte Into rrudeaie IW Norman ar
Ureenpnlnt L I on Wedneiddy at 1 W 1 Jl
SIi IAI MlllIVOn Holiday April 7 ilajyT
wIfe of Johu LaunMin
hervuea at the butch of ie Immaculate Cosoep
llou lloeton tM morniur attf oclock
HoBti t apera pIeaH copy
UOKUANOu April f at Mont Carlo JnrJua
hieuiCr Morgan Pq j In the 77lb year of hit axe
VIIOIMONon Uuaday April 7 lousier Nlcol 7 f i
on Little yank egei 45 years
Frlendi are requested to attend the funeral servIce S
to day at I I M at Jamn I Cterln undertaker S3
Spring it luiermeut at Brergreeni Cemetery
ULUAVOn Monda April 7 at her law renldenc
17 East 14th it Uarrle Heitan Ueloied tUurbter ot
Jauiei lit tan I
TKAVisOn Tueaday April 8 Ellaa A Iravuv aged
71 year I
Funeral lerrlcei from till late realuenc lioe Liucola
Terrace etklklU t Z V 011 Thursday April 10
star M
VAN WAONEllOn Monday evening April7
after a iLurt lllneii ut piieuuxoala J Mou Vac
Wagner aged 70 lure
Itrlailten and frleudi are respectfully intlted to attend I
the funeral from lila latareilHeuo 21 Aihland place
Hrookl u this atttruuon at it ucluok Interment at I
foubKecp paper pltue copy
Mount Uope Vlieliiier < ioun y
New York A irtliru Uallway Huiloncu UtOrcnud
omit 71 Hetf iltt

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