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< t V d I Jij
I Tk AMIriktl Combine Did ItHome of
I HnaUda Unit Work Moth Worn to Ills
I t nieeomfUnreA Quiet Ilnv In the Hen at
t J AUIANT April llTlio FlflhGlbbs antl
flatt combination aroso IP KB might In tho
I Assembly today und danced thu danco of
death en tbo bill Innocently Introduced by
Konator Stewart while tho Eosslon and bis
t legislative career ver both ory young I
provides that all Iolloo Justices atipolutod
I < ew fork city horoallor must bo lawyers
r I limo significance of tho situation Is that tho
measure was Intended to hamper Tammany In
tho distribution of fat placed 11 another
feature ot legislative reprisal for tho breaking
f 0 of faith In tho destruction of tho nonpartisan
4 character of tho Police Hoard Tho bill was
1 tot out of the Comnilttoo on Cities dcsplto the
efforts of Ilali nnd fllbbs who are both on that
committee Hut It took Ivo weeks of work lull
waiting botoro tho opportunity came tlsh
m nnd Glbbs Indulged In gory revenge Imme
Mr Andrui of Buffalo the strong 1latt man
of tho committee tried to got his tot bill tho
UufTulo charter out of tho comuilttuo n the
I ainn time but was boutou b > tho combination
Ilosldo tho Immediate rovengo they promised
themselves tho further mulstuctliu of knock
ing out the Mownrt bill on the flour of tho As
pembly Ho when the comintttoa report cauia
la today Mr Fish prompt moved to dlssgtoa
with It and roeoinmlt time bill w 1th Instructions
1i html Ie out tho onnetlng clause Ilo I I said that
1he bill was uplecool Bpetlul legislation whno
pros hions would apply only to tin city of Now
ork rariisun puriosoj of tho worst kind
were In It mil It mlLlit lodescilhed I I as simply
u effort to But unions lie did I not propose to
lie a party to any such legislation us ho con
sidered that good common eono In batter oven
tliin legal training to III a Inn for the duties
of ttio police court bench Tho bust lufallcos i
now In olllca nro not law ITS
olleo nt
Mr Andrtu uttumptod to make I front against I
time trouble whl h ho mivv vnn brewing ito
Bald tin tact that tho bill itun Introduced by a
Jlupuhllun ought not to prejudice nny t niiun
be rof that tarty nguln > t It unless It was Sir
Ilsh limo honored Honalor loforrod i to was
Mjrtalulk not In uny deal i omoruliifc thn LIU
1 Welt was onpoted by 11 I m 1 leh und those
a oclalm with him In I certain combination
Mr AntlrUH loul od polnto Ih lit Mr dlbba as ho
com luilud limo I onartiurnt of I this law mar
possibly Kiclmio lu the future tho appoint
ment ol monwhom tho t llepubllcnns certainly
would not think would ralso thu standard
of thu ofllce
Mr tiibbo wag brief t but polntoil In his re
hlionni lie I Mild tint the ouator who Intro
itueed hit t jill said that ho did It I t at lie t remuBt
nl soiuo lao er V hmoo iiiini oou Is not given
Them uux no tontiment in fax or of thu bill no
lmnund that declared
dIIIllor It from tiny iiunrtur thlt lIecllre
limn No one appeared In faorof It bo Tore
tho 0niinitlLO I s lor dual tho gentleman
fioin llullaiii vvn I part to I combination
with lionuicruts to yet hi bill out 01 tho iom
iiiittio lIe thought 1 Mr Amlrus was rather
going out of I hid say to speak concornini the
Itopnollcanlani j of men 11 I 10 hut not been u
innmUr of limo rirty long oiiuuuh to oven
know Its nrlnclil
Umdur Fish I Ims en often rubbed Mr Aiidrua
01 Ill 1011 that tlio hitiso roared nhon ho
ri iiud lhi I < i hear 1 that io often boforo
that It IIIIH nn iiin lent nnd llsliliko smell I
mil Mlllni to aduut that I don know and 1
liopo that I wIl never know tOo kind of llopub
licuniHin that time kuiitliiuun from Now I ork
Jlr < ilbt i prutlccs and profussos
Ito iuood to lay time nn 111 of Mr Hah on
tho table anti I as onuotod M to II Ibon he
I iivol a tall of the house but vau not tufi
portci In It Mr 118h 1 then mopd tho pros lous
tin allon on his motion and It was carried by I
totoofi I Ii to 14 Jho J bill havIng boon thus
Ktainpod to death Mr I iti 1 proinnod to burt It
by mining to reconidor so that bv voting that
ilounam rctomldcratloii in tho futuro would
bo uroLludod Whlo time roll call 01 this was
oiiicon tl r Andrus IHU Ills men into the
fniDkinu loom on the llipubllcun sido His
lurgu l UIIB to proxent tho defeat of the mo
t tion nnnrlim to tunsldur by lta l lH Jug the house without
ir Mioohnn Bskod the Chair to compel tho
mmnboiH to Mtn Biivlni lie hud the lower
uid had to rultd the otherdn > Ho refoiredto
tho hiiUtr oplHddt
ttuikor I I Itustud retorted not very amiably
that ho knuw tboDnnor < if thn lOt lllr nmllllr III
mlndiHl tlio llouce that his ruling referred to
WiS that 11 WS urrylnt out time will of tho
HOUBO as dtioctoil 1L motion Mr hhoohun
theroupon muod that Mr Uridcos who had
not joined the oxodin buiompullod h to rote
Tlio llouto Hiistalnod thin motion and the
blKmkonalli uiion Mr llrlduod to vote which
ho dhl Uhllo this wax uulnt on Mr Audrus
indored fi rth Ironi time unokinc rooms and
hheuhan Immdi 1 and Oibbs unltedlk lulled
lJObll JHh Inll GII uulolll ulloll upon
time hpcakor to make him on He rcuttliil
hack out uf tiulit and than Mr 1181 moved
tliit the heikcitntntArnii bo cent after him
M ho motion wm otI l through with a hoop
hpBiikor I u tot wasdletiutod Hi laos not
faMir tho Lombliui but his own rules ham
pered him und lie had to submit to the major
ity t that iia In I coinplnti d ntrol herjoant
iitArniH I Manxlllo i was dopatihul I after An
Uriis wnll and led him utuusiBtlni down Into the
Ito demanded why ho hid been tikon In
elm argo b I y tho SereeantatAin s niui thu
fr > ieakoroiilalnod tho < lrnntluu Inclduntally
CO irr < I 1 I thin nil appu heni in into which ho
Ini J liiilun that hit lIne of lofuKO nus outbido
th bar uf IIIK t lliMiHj I I
Mr ndrui xotoil and then rose to a iiinstljn
of r prlNllcco Hn ttiH iiKKfitllni tu aiuun the
iiiitilon luthur h I lad I CIMI hiiuiod bifoio
t lie bit r < hiiommtly l a nil In order Mr Miuthun
I aId I toni t if unler i I 1 win elm H tie ik e r llustod I I
iusitti iirdlbposid I to Il I liupit I ont over or
ln < huil niado up his inlLil tho uiim as Mr
tl 611
Mieiihan had that t lore wa < IJ MUeMiou of
I rUlliuo In Nil A i tintss Iaeloul ul the cao
hut Imt 1lw1 I to let tun m make tho statement
Jut hut aim
Mion Aiidrus wan tlius dUnond of the
Houeo 1 I di oldod to I I baxo Home fun will Diio
Elliot her Hn < > itiiii npionont I tho t combim
I IliA I sauo cnuis worn poatuil although
I hi 1 I aa ikir lluttit I I toOl ki i caIou ti < sas that lie
hieuoH UIH uiiouiiili jet within thom rules
JMi i m Hijn I WIIH vry iniik w lion u tho hi rtei tat
Arinx lamlid him I In fr intof the osk iloxoied I I
Jind tlid i Into I his sent nlili I t treat mlorlty ILo
million to ram ruuiierilui iiholutlon killing tho
lllttrt bill was voted down and tho wreck was COD
NMilln time valors wro fiiilHldine after this
Hiirm I rial f I o rum owhmmt nlmilar to thug wrecked J
on aled sum huh inio iou t It I was nt diioper
drai cht and tt oiutu build and butter ablo 11 i
itund thu boa It wan limo lull Introiluccd by
Mi 1 r m llcuc I I II jo I I 1 that tin t li lieu iloard of
> ow York hhall I Ii M < nfaln mido lionpartisan
iipd Is I also lumlnlsciiit I of tint deal liulslatlon
Uho romblno kit t Its hands on Sonouf tlio
llopubilcaiis led t i euro to go on record
vlth tho UiMiiociitlH on i 10
lh joint heshiui of tutu Sunnt 8111 Assembly
for the nluuirn I tho Hopubllci caucus ammo
lld tus for llitiiitH or tIn L I uhereity will bo
wi Il
hold al noon noM iuumduty I
T 1 he Honuto toila nuain reculvnd from the
Judicial nminitloo time Aijuodiirt JnlniH bill
Is luau was leiinniiniltiiit I lor n hearlnc 10 lu hind
on it Jho I itmondmontrt iros lilt that ho arld
ration out iii 810n tin ldinl tot II It elm all con
lli no Ito I LontriiPturi tlalrm to Imo I temih of tho I
loiitrm ni d Hhall n > ni anduonslilprallolalins
of m hit iin an I nitsois on accnunt t of bad work
I J ho amuiini inuiho i In tilt ill pule letwitm t
tho miuuduit lomnil ulmiTs uid the various
ontiii ti r Is in iho emmLghmiuuI hood of f iOOU
liii 1 1 11 oMitiiliuftuil thoaniuiulinuntb
senator Ia 1 i las bio ko1 today In hlu
4 effort to mum hth bill proldlnu lur iho HIP
pointmont of olkli tutu ithmi iiictory m Intpfitors I
bonatoi I > IMIIIO < < < > > i lout wan the t oIumt rita
tion huh nator Ilirkfttn I bill iiroiulliiu I foi u
r commleslnn to nlntt sum fur addltionil pat ks
t lu I ii rink I i n lallod I l t to la1inday lul t I ng 1111 olly
Hi otes boniu i Mn arriiih attack un It
probably had Hiiiiirtthinc Iulii wild this 01 Ilo
L 1 mid that Minntoi liu i mmht nsvod lu
i I dine u bill d ra sat nt Si niiti r In his dl
i trltt 11 I lip IIIK n Ink I riniiiilhlonurit I f
llrooklyn I liar I of itlmiiblii UKMIUIIIUII
llaLI 1111
nuo little tinln mitt 11 I i nni 1 ut I thin tu lo b
II In uittul tin pur > so f tlm lilrkutl bill was
4 Illwl In > 1111111 In publUan Loiiimla > lon
r i In a iJouiocniiic > buy
I Vboftr1Vl tu Lfit Hirnti
HP Murrlril tvuotv lliilin mnl 1 Now lie
Ilim Nut t nl nay nun
Mri Amelia Halm I u roodhmldnjr viijmmmy
< 1 scars old vt n m mod 111 I nn holt ir time
IHXiaiiild Kin of i llultilun hiloon hilt > lr
1 onhtinday Tho tutat ring as kept went un
til lueitdnr v Hii holtllr t unnt m mn 11 Pproiand
told tili fiiilnii sliu
Ih IIlh wi ordrel lmlol11 lImo
house Hn did no und m tOt tohin wiion IIOUMI
wliiie ho MIH Hint bi hl be tun HtnpdauubtoiB
nciul 11 I and M I timrs j h y did not know I
that tliolr I I rut ot tier bail loop juan led uualn und
hon thn found it i t out t thw i vam a rono
lime kChiuuthitu loft hit IUIUHKHUDII PIIU art
high i y h niligli ut lit ut the tum iy th t 11 loiini unnan
had trmiti linn I I I itiiu oil vn i n nlrht mnl
I lai till I I J on do rttmt limit linfo 1111hl Jlou
ilusuilod UId I I intiil II it h nil and Sui
UucliluiH limit u no aviii lurcn d it I Is mid
10 11111
tilt Ilixy liii1o 10110 lu i hkauo lime t omitmg
i man will not In1 > fir f thorn
A HUoCtcuii Tiu uictiea Ilir Truiiper
I ANSONU April 11J M WhlttooL a coal
t dtaUr owni an or no CreTe In tlorlda I use
crantfei aloreil In a bulliilnir near Mi residence here
Tile 1 building Iu been mtfmt 17 thlrrritevtral titmice
I ei enilv liii iut Mtrdii rijwh I 11 A hotirua irui t o
tl At ulefl tie mt j or win IHIIMI I 1 mtim p utiiVi
iiul 1 kt tt dci i K ii i II r in r ie i l dil c > ftjiimi
In on tile lull iluirf atmi I lff 1 > ft mgI H he lrii
r > u i lie iloi r Iii Jiiraiueiuiriilii uiiikr I ninem
full The cbarui of piiot I rluII1 I rUu leg I near
Ue ankle I kliaiirriii ma Irailuriuif the bout lilt
l i > liriliiauihu ii l us e time ltd
Castle Oare rellllc uis flerhbd ky
CoMMl r Htepk on
Commissioner Edmund Stcphonsons turn
to milch ten tho subCommittee ot the Con
gross Commlttoo on Immigration about the
affairs of Caste Garden came yesterday He
Bald that ho was flrst appointed a member ot
the Board of Emigration In 1873 Tho But
Hoard was organized In 1817 In 1883 tho Pod
oral Qoernmont entered Into a contract with
tho Slate Hoard and In tbo lame rear a head
tax ot f0 cants for ouch Immigrant
used lot
was Imposed Hits tax U ud
the general expenses ot lie Board
Tho jirlvllogo money I utod to pay the In
terest on tho mortgage on the Wards Island
property the dobt upon which is 1200000 Tho
Icderal Government refused to pay rent to tho
Htato Hoard for the use ut Wards Island and
tho Hoard has Instituted I suit tor the
recover The Commissioners had to
they Insurance money on time Immigrants
bnKROKo and even this the Government ro
toed to repay In tact the Uccrotary ot tho
Treasury declined to cay for n broken window
clinG acer n sick Immlprants bed Mr Hto
Phouson said that tho rolled Mates Uovern
menl In bin opinion should have tole control
Inipectlon ot the Immlcraut until otter ho has passed the
llxcert durlnutho winter months Castle Gar
den was not InrKo unotuih to accommodntp the
immIgrants Uournorn Island or llbertr
island would bo morn suitable but under all
clrciinistaneiH limit mainland was bettor for
litndlnicliiiiulKrauta Their trluncls would huave i
a Letter flhnmo to moot thiUi Tucro would bo
great danger of t colllslonu to immigrant liurues
In tow nl Btnatnboats to tho I lands Ilo bo
jluvod that I liedlowrt Island should bo so
cto1 os time Immigrant landlne plaooauup
palllnc accident would bo euro to occur
lime Hoard nt present N I ouothlrd Uemo
crntlo and twot ImbrUe Jtopubllcan Mno out of
every ton uinployt nro itopti illcanH Mr
tephcnson sold that hi never allonoil politics
to enter Into his actlotm us a Uunni sslonor
It wait rime thut Iteimbllcaua naturally otod
for Itupubllcunri null that wait rlcht lie did
HOIUblclus tilt
not know of a single case In which a Demo
volltmelt cratio Oomuilsslouer had asked for an np
llernnrd lllglin tho wltnoes said pays tlSM
a year for this exclusive prlvllpco 01 dolor
Ing tiuugngo from Cattlo lardou under ceiiuln
llxed prices Ho handler about W per cent
of time baggage loinlng Into Casilo iiarden
Jhero Iinui been many complaints for Our
rharcos nn tho part of dtiu ems and oilier uumm
ploji os but Ill witness did not know wbother
Mr lllgllu was cngnlant of thoso Iriogulnrl
tles or not Mr lllglln was I loader of the
Uopubllcnn party In rOw York county nnd
huld his vlaeo bocatiBo of Lila liilluonio John
MinuBon bupertntenctont of thu landing bu
ronu wa < another llouubllcan lender and so
was piCoronor Nugent who has the privilege
of soiling rilrobhments
Congrosman Mump Then this Is some
thing of n political machine
Vi oil all I dunartmontK are political I find
no fault with that It I t v dial was s bo fo
Mr Utcphenson said there uas no iiolitlcnl
Elgnlllcnnio in tho removal of n numlor of om
1101 COM from tho department niter time aiipolnt
mciit of Mr iahilur ai u 1nlUo Justlio by
tint or Grant Ibo witness did not know tliobo
discharged employees us Tuiutor appoint
i ho Interprotpr1 nt Cnstlo Garden were not
as capable na tho should bo tint they Were Uo
good as could bi got for 1UUO a jenr
Chairman Owen timid that time Ooiigro smen
had notUod whIle at time Garden lesonlay
that Koine roughly of the otnoloyeos trvatud tho immigrants
Mr Mophoneon thought tho head charge
should 1011 and that tile Immigrant BhOll1 bo
onrid for for llo tears Ho Hlould not bo
allowed to Lucotoo nUtlrcn until ho was able
tn road time Constitution of tim I nltnd State In
tho hngllih language hero nhould bo n law
prohibiting the admission to this country of
an immigrant who manic horo for the only
purpobo of earning money and taking It biak
Zhou ands of hklllod moUmniiM como horo
Ironi Europe every rpriiu earn money and
take it back to 1 uropo in the fall lu Int
opinion n p > T > on uhnhad bon In a poorhouxa
lor I > ear was willing to be u rainier I hU
life IhiTK had hen ihoufaudnof t uMoliodlod
mon on Wards Inland who wero willing to re <
clothes main tuoro as long as they could get food and
Mr titophonsnn rend a short statement In
which unclaimed that the t Htato t 1ms the light
to oxcludt nil pauper immigrant I 14 I front with ut
its limit nod tlm committee then adjourned
until next 1 Ultlt
Superintendent Q I I mill aton Wahor Pont
to Vt nalitnuton yoetordav tlio name of Ilonrt 1
Weaver for appoIntment ni chIef Jerk and
sncretari to time orintendont Mr WOIIr
ha boon ono of Collector 1rhnriltn ttenog
ropher and has been receivIng tlBOO 1 be
now place will bo worth Slsou
TryIng to AInndumiiN hue Fxrlee ISourd to
Ilinlli Offender
ppllcitioii wus niailo jvntoril to liulcn 1
IJarrott for I writ of mnndimus compelling
Iho Hoard of iciso to puss on the complaint
lodged against John CL bcheuplein I lluuoi
dealer ut ISfi Third avenue 1 1 Uolalluld
counsel tor tho City lloform Club informed
the Court that on election day IBii l members
of the club bad found eovonttlho saloons
open In violation of law omplithuts were laid
against the proprietors and overy endeavor
was made to bring thesnea to trial
xJudgo 1 Edward Bromine counsel fo time
IXCI4O Hoard liiteriuiul an objection that tho
matter Mr I elallold ua about m to IntrodiHM I
win BCiunl iloui and moved to utril o it > It
tortaitied wholly to other ciiho1 than l ou I
before the Court
Judgo IarrettiJonled thin motion and said ho
would hear time wholu case Mi Dolutleld said
that they had found It almost Impostbo to fe
curo trials before time lxclito Hoard tjut that
nliotoen Cases hud been tried In eighteen
nsos the Hoard i had doferrnd Its decNIon until
tiftei the lionises had expired In thin nine
tOOl I amuse tint license is lust about to opio
ant time 111 I fours timt u Hlmlliir Iloll 1110 I
he pursued with regard to I lImo trial win
first set for Feb 12 but wnH tWice postponed
despite tho remonstrance of I the club On C lot
romoJ61rncl 118
M Mr Hclallold tumid Scheuplcln op < nly ud
mltted tho fnHM charged hit the lub yet tho
decision of tho CommlhSlonors has boon ro
horod fortytwo iluvs lulus I n peruinti
ton writ was granted thuro would bo another
Judgo 1 Harrott gave Mr Browne until today
to submit answering uOlduvlts
Tho bxmho i Hoard lit reported to amp
tioller Jler that whlkcv was tumId to their
Inipncton In time nuaurnntB koiit by John
I elnler uud Thomas t umiibull I i In I sotourt
Market t11111 prollor Mjers thlnlb that if
the roptnurantM havo violated time terms of
tl tprls
thulr lieenbua 1 Is the biiBlucss of thu LicNo
f out miulimmiotmo rim to at u end to them t Hut ho I will
hold a public hearing on Wednesday morning
MAltltlilt II Kit KUt lttlt MUMr
Wunted It to IlrTut Jllnntrlr vvllU fJluil
HUe wit Already 3Iurrled
A suit lit clmnurylts m cmiii hug In Xo nrl
between Joshua Trlcbnor mid Morrli Simon of
that city Simon is rrieaniTx ionlnlaw mind
time suit Is I over the custody of Mm < u s child
who inherits JI 1H > 0 of her mothors o > tutu
J rte nol contends that Simon miirriago to
his daughter WUI not legal because Mmon lund
1 wife llIng nt Ito I tlmo lHtheM hl tim 10 trsl
wile tine present and tottllluJ that she hud u
husband Ih I tug hon sho married Simon
Simon then wont on hum ptuni und In
nnUT to dunstlons hind ho conuldorod his
miirriago to Lhttier told becauso Jw learned
film had u husband hhI mug ear t Ioinlun I lime
hu 11Is I Iii flt0 was mmli tim iii t As soon as ho
ii < aiii < tit lio dink I MJJ elungmg I tu his I Ito
nnd nit I I ugli nil for this iounti t I V I tow 10 I
KaUili i idhh oxiiuiliiMl lilin ami mailu bum
udmit dint li niari led 1 sthir Colin under hue
i nine m I of Jnbltnskl J i nnd that I Im I ammo mimd her to
get liar mOl Ito Mild Hut Jobliuhkl was his
gunumil I itt hutmlm14 name
You wvro 0111 want nt tho titno
o1 foYer Mis lu want I wanted her
money to olouito mo Money makes thu man
nowadays I found that time was already mar
ried and that was u tortit ii ate thing for me
1 fuiind the certltlculoof her uinrrlago with
Schmidt It in the bottom of buoy trunk uud I took
Hn look the ortlllcnte from his pocket and
ditipiainl It la I i lonrt ttlier 1 Lotion thon en
trudlclid him li > said hu gait tIme ceiiili
mimic t him tour 1111 ago In this cit > cOIII
IlOCO was Continued
t iiuvr 201 tu Ue Ono tu lioow VliHt 1 la
harlny i Leo and Sing Leo wore accused of
atiaulllnif 1ullceinau lllachoO of the flak meet nation
al I Idl uren on rb U Chancy wan aequllud and
Mnit wiuconvlcifa lie was arralkntd yesterday la the
iienertl 1 iriuiiiuc l fur entente
I riniiut riinirchcml jrntir llonnr ald Laoytr
lIeu Mint I n i seem hmus ll jur afro ci at
k 00 h H 1 rJi t If me i Hice i lunimin tiruilt
tie other mulct hey 1011 t i cau the chimer trim nl ac
JH H ibe y in rrn r1 I to mie ti Hie other i rauuut
uuJrr > lkiiil tie 1 verdu your Honor
Jou taught trrhapa Hr HtMter roponded Ke
eniJtr imy in imllln If you tied irtea a Tear or
f H
Iwo eu a ttmjury bomu certainly could not elutttie
wirtlumne of ihe minds of aome iurlti in oilier
ii oM om oi ag i fl way
himweoer Ibm ottlcer wa cerulnif aiiaulied and life
Jury liens courlctej jour client I aenienct him to the
I enlleutlar for pi noontIme
Mother and llnnchtrr llrlilr Jncrllirr
iMifsi Airll 11 I I William Hammond nf
111111 e and Irp Murf I I 1111 1 u o IIIIj i ue
mil Loult Hourlnilm of Warren limb tla I J lId
Oiiixinn were married here Ian I nuln Tl e two bride
are moiliri ami 1 d niiliier lbs trmJmulher of the
JiinhT tTito if ak IrlUriuaU
Y c 0
1 1
L mu I V
I t ii II
1 I
4 i1lt1
4 5a
I 14
a I jioD
For the Safety of the Public
The iiutillc I bull I of HIP cruuit Importance > nd My fon 7 iri alit hail a white ivrtl Iln come un I On July 4 1NW I l WAI bnrutd Whim powder all over
For the Mvfety ot the Tublio It limit to tuiilnuine I till I right 1 I tt tcloH the knee wlilch ciiitrruti 1 ll n I 11 face It Icon heaM but then boU been to break
This cannot tn boit tvcr It lupurltln coil virtue of ill I muirlcn xiihvt liii leg I wan drtiiii 111 at r utit nilfp ci it and irrial until I 1 cumiitfM comered with
ccii Are alluRail to accumulate In the blood The lhy > clans lanced hlch diqviiaTsI I
Alo e i 1lral < the Bwellllu dlrla eil from them I led many inlvet and medicines without any
public U I made up or InJIrlJiuK and If Tour on n health lr but ill 11 I not I help him nulerUllr I ri nIlo1 1 him a I talttf m until ons itajr a frUntl atlTUM me to try Hood
U I A a low bb It mutt unravorabl ailed the liralili of eonlm < t crimae t was about 10 tke I hlnl to Lncll I alAI to purify tiiy Mood sail bcfor I had taken
the community Toloa In the Sprlnn when mutt for mum oreaton IclnK tile leg wouii4 IA 10 one bottle nil ttie bolt illtapoeared I recommend
impurities run riot In lbs blond a < tlio remit or dole L tilon I ou Ol ICII hil bun luiud s RaIIla lloodit stnuiarilU to orr on UIUKOH llthNO
cunflnenunt dnrlnK time win I In poorly tiuliincj In orier to ie lP 110 truulI 11 1lrln voke tim I I 1 Ue t Mulberry it Cincinnati O
bomei workpliojis and atorea or Iroui otter cauiti U it I ppU mmmii 001 ricer 01 bone 5cr 1lar d I 1 talr hoots ariaiHDlla as a FprlntT tonic and I
Now Purify Your Blood
ii I of th ntmoti importatic that everybody bould from thi sore W erontlnuel with Hrol arnaparilla recommend i to alt who hare that tired feetin
t ka a ffooil blood urUler Ukt Hoods MirAparllIu as It teemed to ta dOll liiiu no tnucli c < > id a lime dli C 1AUM1 1 II UU UrMfie it Hrook > n V Y
TiiI pfLparAtlon I a clean wlioUsoma m 0icine rare h charge rromn tlmujre JeircuiieJ Ito cit 111 weuttlonn N I If IOU drrldu to take HuoJ fcariaprllltt dj
full > rrcpartJ ant 1 iCB dlnircurAtle toe Cue i > culAr the Ia ctittlfhttnc 1 out mil I In H few iiuiimtm be hat 1 not be imudumed to bit coy other
tn llielf It ixpes every fmt > tirity loU the bloat I perTert mute 01 til Ifi I He now runt evtrj hire and li too I ril jHTIiexr nUUirtnTlcorMor pure
overcomes that tired feellnf createmcuM appetite t Naclll I at w eli a a o or I h xetrMab urif iuu tl asafimlt pli > rh and dinner
nod gives great bodily nerve mental coil dUdllvo JUIIS L MeMlKKAY Notify lIui lie 1la I i I Mo tl by d IriiffKiMa I or sent b > mall cent PH box
eirenmim iueu wuud enta I rtpured 1 oul > by I I HuUl 1 CO 1owj 1 Mats
Take Hoods Sarsaparilla
Fold by alt drrerliu I cm lx 1 for f rrelaret I only old b > H 1 ilrutftf its 91 I I iili 1 for S 1 rrcpare 1 only I fo d ti > alt druifklfts 1 ill for fi Prepared only
by C I hOOD o t co Aputliccarlea looell Itsue 1 I I rf 1 lloulM lO > Ajoiliecurlo Luvell Matn I by C I llouu 1 10 Apotlietane Iiislm I Ma
100 Doses One Dollar I 100 Doses One Dollar 100 Doses One Dollar
l tl lnnr i ftr
While tbli tort weather eontlnnri II I set a ht 1 a I
Ifieare wiar anl tearon yonr flOe burtr Iru
thai coiti atdl lees money and that cite 11h r r
hence aniwin enrr rurjOe If you nctn ue
penitment look at onr llanitya Hannm
ronla HplnJlea Ac but do not forget t1 n
manufacture 1 eiteniirt line ot Ihe try txi ae < J
rtafei la greet variety
1 Vlnrinv l
In cur new ret > raltor > lar > e tnck BurVtimrdi lul >
rle > rhaetona Itch l r alintlF I molt iuig e i
Harrera Vpnl t scone I aroueuri neat > l ia n ii
liuckbnadi Ill KooJi our own inak MIL I > K
w AliUN AMU MllflAllhl i 77 7 u It outer II N Y
ntllatile a atone ai liutiiini iirtrei 1 11 lee nil wnrk
warranitd 1 hind iry hiaperttiii I if deal ollfiiftj
inlr t oork a ieclalty nio wan TK n h LI M t T
TlortK WAUIIS 1 I VtjH7 1 llnaain ei rctntr Hank
A PINT LiT of rlillnit riirim sal 1 1 rnif e liilarrlrnd
JL for late at a barratn ae thenwntr lt leave I taut
Turiilar r rnn < wiiiinu a hive VMII r i nny fi r 1
tfren raiiMcurea iiomt < inn aim nI hiriri fur 1 1cr
ttrm lie mine and etamlimllirin at Muerloau Inilllule a
builillnr I lUdm entranie tar iii > u rl < iinla I IIII J
niHIMMH 1VnilNMliu NTW hip sro
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HIH i WAHItANTIll Ht Oh MAMMrillim 1
lllDNOV TV A 41 ON I 0 IH Ill o ST
fjIXTRNlllnN TOP IllAlTlIN In irond orilfr CdliK
J A CAIllliUN harntu nukrrt loxJ 4lh B nJ aI
ndll I HALKIUht I I ronroril jilatform iprlns waton
JL for delivery near > Imew cheap T M MI 41 1 IL
SIniskMMI TKLiKSWe are now tithe nrtte
0 for nur Imrrored iiatrnt etinktlnf truck lv
UIHEUKIHli 1 SOS latenteei an t maker ITT
rrlnceil ieir YOlk
New clock dry uncle laundry milk rrocern bittrti
erabaken niumtieri and earptnitri wagon liii
line Until ilellery wagons for country ace ltAthhu
WAI ON ro IM r South ltt a cu ework
lImI I 141 and 141 Writ I2th at
i1 llHll I UI llfITO u
on Monrtava from 4 to I r M
riiuir MUNI lilr
ererv hrlilar evenlnir from s in luo clork
t tl N ll
T30UESTHIAV ltTrITr Illoilrated catalojun fr eT
Ft WHITMAN HAUULbCll 1IHI liambiri It
Bargains well
worth buying
Boys long pants Suits
marked down from 12
14 16 including fine i
worsted Diagonals
Childrens Suits 3 4 4
reduced from 8
5 > 7
9 including threepiece
Suits at 51 reduced from
850 Hackett
Carhart Ca
Bway d Canal St
Op until 10 oclock to
To Shave u Three Dum ConTcntloa WUat
It Im ull About
bK years ngn a llttlo group of woikinp
girls mot In a lonth avenue tenement house
to discuss matters closely affecting their con
dition and future and to try to think of some
pluto whereby the cheerless leisure hours of
working girls might bo mado hap y and use
ful us well Beneath thorn in a saloon u dor
man BoclaiUt club oonouod and tho Hello of
ribald cit ont clinking hoer gln < ei accom
panied tho Inspiring words of their leader a
girl young like thimsehes the busIest worker
of them all but far removed from tho necos
bit > of labor by kindly fate who had kit ulnco
and pleasure In tho cay social life of time city to
gIve them tho comtirehenBlvo sympathy a Ml
onfldonco and frIendship hlch Inspired their
confidence in return and removed tho return
with which working people delicately biieon
their deprlMitiou and needs They hit upon n j
plan niter a little which they thought leasi t
ble and wont tholr soparuto waji thnmgh a j
pouring rain which seomod rather un ill omen
ut tholr hInt comentlon
Thoo twoho girls under tho stmo indomlt
ablo loader are going to meet again this wnk
not In a pouring rain wo hOt O limit in atone
ment houso wo know to talk uuno more of their
condition nnd future flue little club of work
Ing girls then organled hn irown phenorul
nail liLa the grain of mustard 1 heed It be 1 I
canto too large for f a single club It divided and
futi divided and mul ti lulled and increiiEod and
ilnulh frnm single cliiti there ellllU to be an I
also iatl n ofclull with iiric 1I0h thu
Iresldent uud founder time Ural club iu unit I
dlreeti b of them toll lucre urn twentytwo
dills In tho Now lork asuociatlon tuiiutliar
with oltht clubs rn honorary nimnhrs con I
taming 4c 15 niombers U of tho clubs
rent houses II otlu rs rent rooms JI I
cliilia hlo libraries 1 2 Include uoho
club It have iiininr clubi and IS hnvo
provident unit Lenotlt societies lor u timo
nil time eubu heli i gnd to tho inmo general its
fOLiatl II lIlllI tho i JJolton und tlrooklm I SUe
tint withdrew to found assoclntions of their
own fo Unit there ire now three 1I01l1u time
Now ork nuiutoring twentytwo cubs los
ton eight und lrookl eloviin 1 hlladplpnla
hai also auccvKHlul snl tles handed by the
Inrco Nuw lontury orkltig 1 OllI1 o Guild
which is I doing u wonderful work 1
Now there In I to be u grand rnll of tlesB
thow who
clubs with delegates to represent
Liinnol come In a body in a great conMintlun
under time uusiikes ot the Now York Dob on
und liroolm ABnocintiois uf Vi o kintilrls
Sriclotlo and the Philadelphia New eutun
orklng oinon i lulld April Ifl 16 minI Ii
The object of holding MH h a mon i Cli tioo is tho t I
dlsi ussion more hilly th in heretofore 1011
pofblblo of thu various interests 01 working
gIrl chit 14 th < > promotion I of uMiongor bond I
of sympathy amongexHtlngclubii instruc
tion ol those who aio orkunllng now hoUotloH
and tho dfnelopnient of new 1blute and idoas
lor tho bonetlt of working girls
Iwo hundnd visItors 110 expected 10 of I
whom tho lubs entertain as their guoits and
tilt are to stay nt the lark Avenue hold
i hoM > dclogHtvH are sent from nnd reiiren nt I
the New Yrk AKSociiitlon of Working tiirln1
Si en tlni New Cult tiny Working qnieiiH I
unlit llonton ssocb lion forking ilrN 40
tIc mu onkijn m Aiiuciitlon t orklng I 1111 l i
Soi letlun thliteen New rorl clilbx and pliiitn I
throplcalhui I lot efioutsldo time mum uoi iilon m I lu b
iluditigtlio i t hings b liauglitor I and I ilubs nnd
Hoiiutlut fiom Ihlladolphla llnltlinori Irovl
duui o Nuftiiort Lawruniu Musi sun Jrnll 1
isco und hlcago and many unullor towns
mind cltus In New York and Lonnnctluut
Now n working girls society In time limuniro
nf tlulr constitution Ii an organizatIon
foriund nmong busy woman aud glilh 10 secure
Ly cooperation humans 01 5L Iflun irovonmant 01
portunities fur soclul intorcour unit time do
uloiiu ntot hlgh r rioblor ulnn It Is gov
erned by t hit nieuihuis u Ir time inemlwrH ami
htriu4tcbe tmmmhfsuhmportmnmc timid tn see not
one houlot but tho reprosentullveH of HI
ellI be in uctlMi oiointlon
TicketH 01 ad tim kimloum must bo oimh utb neil not
with monoy but through tIme courto > of time
Secretary ut UJ Madison avenue
Tried Twice to Kill III Fiilhrr
Wllllum Remedy adUfiipatedlooKIng youth
of lu plmdedKulUjr > eitcr < lay In the ieneral teuluni I
to a cbariie of anaiili la the lecond degree The com
lilaluanl sac ll lather Mlcliail KeincJ a amino
maker of 171 bevrntti avenue
JuJe tue fattier sail I I have liaJ elKlit ciii Urrn
and I MI workrithuril to brine them up piStIl Hey are
u I kdud ihllurtn cKtept I u boy tIe won t I iurt u lit I
he toes MI 101 t harm iharuclrrB lUien I liiaril tl All lit
Id I iei I cemmu tu prim n l went lo I ie him ami lie mitt I
time lh111 I I oil I vrl hurt umt he would do ilklit Hi I
pit and a lIh time JI 1 mImic until 1 gui him out Hut It i ai
ll old lorf over icain anil I had to lorbll I lOin lbs
bOil e Lad July be came up betilud roe and llirewtha
raluir nine lao I lave I here at my lieal 1
Ii hit tua between time ihuulleri lu tivtd of
on the back of the bead or I wouliln t be
here indar 1111 Uarcli Jt while I naa at
work at tur bench he I cunta Into the bop and lureS iso
ihuti ui UT lest I I fill over behind my beucli outS he I
111 1 inulurr iliol tlirounb Ihe wlliOu
Judge vibrtine krntenceil Wooed Kenntujriu Mate
I rlauu for fuur I Sir
It Will Uciualu Murder lion
Hlnce executions In the Tomb1 have been
abollibeJ by the law which regulrei that eiwutloni
shall take place In Male prinom MurJertri How will
hose IU ilbtmetlve pecnllarlly aali Warden Oiborne
the Tomb yesterday Tlie row le I on the round floor
and waa aelrctrd beranieofthe fhorl dlilanre to the
vtllona awl I btcaute we ealler fr Ibe attendann lo
COM ui l the runner on a let el than lo I mIlieu i dona
iCOc with him lluwMrr II iow II II l ctuu tue I lo me
urii or i uniftM murderer 4fler tnalatnl nvli 1 IHI t m
fur niiirdfiiii priiiiiier u in I bo taO rut loliitf mimiC but
in innl rile he will be relumed to the lomb lOst Me
rI tot I I e WJ lark in I tile old ell bul I will be cniulne I I I
In arm In Murdrrm how until l time foliuwliiK uornluc
when he wIll be token Iv Ir bluif
JM MIv ivjuiuw
Aa Hluili I nil Mull ol a New HullUliiE
hums ii Dnita In I Jlinnkl t0 n
The iot iiiil will ot the twoslniymida t I
hail brick building In course of eicctliuin
Clnuneei street and Suraogi menue Brook
I hn 1 eolliiiisol t oeter > lai und tho I bum u < I ml lor mol
i ill 0 other men who wero on n ealTild wont
I down with time crumbling brick mortar nud I
bentiih UII1 l > ero ull more or less erloubll in
jurod junta other men who lucre nt WI kill i
I tOo co ill wero also badly nit and bruKul by l
falling d 1 biii No 0110 wib sO budlv l Injured
I that it i I M IK nei fsiry to tako him I to t a him I mitmib
i All will roelcr Iho building Is thoend of II row
of Hfteeii m w houses of smilar conbttuctlon I
The wulUuf ill had bcon cotnpoud and pien
uratluns uoio koii Il g on 10 put on thu loots
I Time end wall was only eight m lustlikk t I m limo
building ru orf I ormlt wills of tins t Iii unless fnr I
I houses jf r two stories anil n half Samuel lIter
of Tti Lodai stm emit Is I time builder He WH Sillier
I imtumd lug t Iii movilof tho I HI ifTolditu m tire
immi Rim l t tn I i In I mi tno t wall when a it rung
gu tifwlnl r I II ied m 1 th lIa1 I to rek and bj
I re thev ° coul i i nik > their tamale l fell
Iolli tintiol wigoiiKnnd ami u nmethurri 1
to the rJumt till lirit roi in t horn rliim1 in I olieo
Hi maul luaiti u rs IJL ng to thoolToi that oei il
men h id tarn I IIoI 1 Ihu 1 ami 111 Hi o > uruion
won kept luij furHonm hue in drenliu cuts
and hi dt s 1 1 ie in uroil men nio Jli II tr
Icihn MCI nun nl llcsuard sloet t I 1itrlilc
holm of I I MI I iiItmim < nenur lov 1 pli I litter
Ob luo I nion a hue lsllIr t hhoil nh 0t t an
arie Jatrl u Milntjrnof II 1 I II ill uetiuo
llidiiiii Jlurrai l ot Hon I and Doiiglibi trotJ
> J Ih huhsell i of tin I t i null I UMMIIK und lohn
I meter id Jul I Ill idnay Noiry all of them t
roe leil mitt I nho head aid bn Ij I Lnl I no I
bones worn broken iinei smlth of Mrrtto I
avenue ietr llusliwlck is I tlm owner of the
building HI osrwln t 10 I more than f u
1 Iii work on thou li I lldlnL1 it tr I smith l was in
strict cciii tiumnee with time I lulo of tho I liulldmg
Liepartment I
11111 tuiiiri iiiiiiu it in sf icttn
fjlnic Ilrr rlf Ip 111 it clztilril Mirrt
tilie IIrm ti Ilrl1 cll In llrr cllllt
NiAi h Vpnl 11 I I Itilli 1 iMiiitli ii Minnn
well known In West N > aek was the propletnr
of a dining haloou and tutor > i near time Voot
Shi 10 itallioal station Iato I last light i him
dosed up lur Cftablishliuut us usual ibis
morning tlio il ace was m t oien and I pcnpln
living I I I in I tho neighborhood I ii u tlgntod hey
Miccoodod in ctlng I an entrain o through 1
ildowlmlow and a irrlble ROIlS was Ixforo
them Dirui tlyuiili1 time uvuuumiuiv an open trap
door led to n MI all colla partly lIl 01 with
watei In tIm ater lulia Smith lay tied up In
n hheet nnd fastened tJnwlI with a ate tied lo
ustnno in I un ad olilngn m I union in loin white
laulo lay uu pin letter loading as follow
Arait lit IMO
Will corn one picnIc telei honf to Mr JnineM u 01 liter
bottom IH Irrt I ikir Tl II him i I Hill ileol I 1 aril 1 but rl I
I vII ti luu e n 1I1tC for bun Ak dim II hit
will p rnie cum uHr Ie toe in o luut 1 hr ircln II i nulu
ajdreimeil lo dun and o 1150 i Jiiu u MIIIII I I
Oil the oppoltn end of Iho tabo was a pni k
ago or clothing iiath I doio up and onltnero
twu t notoH nno Mailed n Idios u ed to fames 1
lnterloitoni iiiidertukei and the otlmr
lontalnlng Mtuill the wori I Mv burial
lothen iViromr iMikintruk of Njaek took
ihargn if Iliu iciiinliis and I will hold nil In
iiuest lImo woni in wifl hlghlt b h respected In
I tlio 11I111111111 I I y and i no ono undurluiidB why
she committed suicide
A Miulilnu Ins hMttitui lo UiliiK
A granlto trough has stood at time City Hall
curb In tah I itrrtl 1 iir Iv ysare ii mutt 1111 Irienl I
cllIlIolIl II I rllll JirluL atlint 1 FrIed IIul
there tat liner hem II any ivuter lu I iii trough AIII 1 in
dry crud 1 duiiy b ilioin ha I claret je riiul > in lbs laie of
any hone thai 111 I levied t limo nrera Invi mum cmi U
uceurr1 III time OIIIIr ul I miii t mm I n and I t I e melee
mr Iht ilia mile 111 allK Ii 10 imir Iho
Iroh 10 mimi ut mmmi 1 rftrdiy iii imurel It tmurm WI Ii
mm lu let ti IU tim mloftmuit 10mm A sparrow m mim I waS
umad at 1 the elm lil cud topic I the iuuiimmmi cult
I in i g I i lint me in e mu cmi in blt wu Icr hum a unit hilt
iui time Cii trl I i1mumne I 1mm tie I i mind hi diduit I I 01mw I
what Ii kIlJi f ii limier uuh icy lu reacu tie etr ml
tie lark Jiosrd old limo iKIrOulIfl WS yet ml
Its true WIlun
Tile Jrlouer lot All the Tlmr hut Ibe
terkau MliMrcd t lie Lecture
Judgo Cowltg In the Oenoril Sessions yes
terday iiellvrrrl n Iet I leLiuro u upon the folly anj
w clelii u or I Dliui on tlm roea l rlore tie tfiilenitd
y iuiii tiurle lice s lu mute mr j lit for tuu and one
N year for etc I imtflr rota mb cam lir i er lime s loch
itmaru tmtOiieeI I mi be w I m m ii ii I C C S
0 cr I tail I am I l t I iii mu s i ti teen atuact I I
tm lime iiehierii eoi t la ti rc years itimihi II Itet tIm msmy
ntummi I heir a iiltmo 1 ii eSiImCta for tie I raci a mimi mna be
1 li ro
cccli out ewe treeS alit iiidty ISo wumeum mmde I ow
toil C 11 emmumuiuuC i licoro VmI lii rrom ttme tar I
lId I tot 0 uimit imtmm mmdr Ceut uumenm itt mlii ruUIII
will be b nenlii mm c Iol fcuoj ailv Ctf Media hall mini
llndv > bluihed and be ipnlaton milled
Killed by UK 1llIerIDI I
Du m tmt t > itt 1M A ln April llInbt I I Monday
Rhl at lImy I HMI m iweive niiivb 1 Irulil Oml elm laid t
llunnleiitt a wauiiy rallruaj rouirailor su a < mimic
dered lu hit ilttlnii flu lime atiuulu Hrluj ihrounh Ihe
Hlnduw To day the Diltery wai ilrare I up aol tie
Coroner jury returned a verdict that lime murder woe
oominiiud by lunlei liateiou father IbJ law of ttie
murdered man Hateion lied the day after the murder
and lice not lien captured Tbe men had beeu on
bad ttnni for roma line on account of a quarrel oiar
corn faintly aalr
An JHrfhqilukn is I Mulnr
Iorn Me pillll An iartlniunkn shock
wa feiihrre thin murnlnx a trw inlnuie before j
olock A comic like that nf an eiploilon e U luard
and tlien the rib tr uiti ed lor set eral 1 letonaa I
1 ocki S reitopptd and luiall arllclcn wino thrown t
rum tLclr ylagea
1tlmC1f4hIC Liit roit tntnoo
An Incident ore HlOooOO llulldlnc Opor
lion West or Hie Turk
lrchalllrlIen nuggregatirug nbnut HIOOO
huvo boon filed ugalust Mary 1 Dudley con
tractor and Illabctli W Aldrlch owner on
I the block of buildings going up on Sluj third
nnJ Slxtjfourth streets and Tenth anti I
Jlevonth avonucs hue liens lire lu favor 01
the following creditors I
Michael lliktifi m on fiarthonmetr DonoTin
Jl I111J u ljrrellliil I Jin mmmi 1110111 I I Imh 14110 i
Irtlnci Multheuii t son S i C > bihatu Sit era j jui
TlinmAi t cllujh 11 < i arrol V > I el mn s457m
llIrou A Hall > JVJ Fair llmen Marble I larbelmod
Mate i ompan fl sum Hubs Dnrrow i tu flJOA
Tills i Is old to bo tho largest oporntlon now
in progress In tho cIty It Im ludes fllt > ouu
tUovtory IrUk tonoments tbtlmutcd to cont
U 140411 each utnuol If Italloy builder Is
totting tlieui up in time name of hN wife Mary
I lluuiy I Air llailey bocamu llnantlully em
1111111I1 I m m It I t Ih I Mihl Mime jearn ago and his
allaljb wen t mm then place 1 In I the hands 01 lnt ice
lu 1 tliii ehle ai trustee for the creditors limo I
troierty on which the rennt i operation is I i I
i iing inrred nn has bein tho subject of con
sldnrnblu litigation It was formerb owntd It
jsaid 1 hy I lohti Iulne whodliil lhS5 shorl I
h before his death he trunslorred thou property
nslaiod of n whuhi block bounded by 1
Mti Jhird md Ktifourth streets ionth
and lounth I avenuen to 0111 SIIo who Ills
said gave In I ei iii mimi mtii th I roll ci lu apart
ment house on 1 ct l t ftIullth btrcet
md 01 from Mr Inlno n moitgngo
lor I liliilii Mi t 1niEDS I i mortgagi was
f reclos I j I tin noble iruiurt > old
iinil iur hiitd It is said ly Mi Noble I
rile hltljliiril street block was sold out tin
den IpreJpsurK In April 1 49 and bid In bv I
Mrs lllrabeli Coue sister nf I Mr Noble
A few days Liter Mrs omits 1IlIdo tho prop II I
arty 10 Mrs JPat oih W Mdilchln oxchnnga
Ir thin Irlinetuii Hats ij to I i2 < est IlIty 1 I
Wlunf strict In I embrlat the heirs of I
Mr 1nlne brought suit ngiinst Mr Noblo to
lecover time property eomejed to him b > ilr
Abrahnm fasker and 1dnln M nskor
couiiiuMni iho firm of A Iakoi A Son doaleis
In I mu imi Ill nii t M i t 1111118 and grnepnes ut 41r
i earl street mnde nu assignment yestirdiy
to Miriihnni Uolfghlngu preference fur liiiii
J he senior partner hitm teen t In butlnebs about
ton years nnd I had a mall I capital
Iiinitft im rein ri liVfallureH I In the t United
I Stains dm m Ing tin ueok against 1 J In the pre
ceding week and is l i ifij iiii and lttl in this
ciroHiondina wool of IKMI JNHS 1847 nhj
IhNt iibiioclttclt u JhoMlddle btutns had 44
I Now I ngland j m2 Southern IS t v stirn 41
Northwehtoin li 1 railllc ll Territories 1
< aniiiln had Is b an lu nose of 11 oust the pre
ceding week
Jin inno cup TIIK iiiiuxur
lolm Ilillllpi llmMnu lll Spidery I udder
t I ul W1X u Jimmy
rl > Mis nhiiniiil 1 in I tho Konrny JIllln
of mime lark Inroad Companj nt noon Teeter
may fur time hrst time tlnco Iho lull chimney
Irits struck bv lightning on March lbu rhlllips
has completed his contract In placing the
Htilng of ladder up tim a chimney B lde tImid
rigging tlio hobllng tackle but he has not left
tliD workt Ho is now working for the coot
pan t al a salary of tlJ 1 inlay m to lmtmmtiqt tho ma
sons and sill crlntcnd tho hoisting tackle lie
ont up time Inddors jostordur morning with n
stiff brooo ut Ins hick but on reaching thu
tip ho wan obliged
tn give up mummy i
Mm of working hit wanted to finish
tho udjuutuiont of the chains hut time
wind was ho strong at that dby height
that I ho would not rlek hN life on the cii Inanity
t mit Hut lor time high wind time HcafTolds wmild
liimi been hoisted loslerdwy nnd lImo work of
ri airing would ii ave begun I A small I holstitig
etugi but has been tituS n car the bain of I lit t
Hiai k and the half circular scaffolds are ready
t hliilps In u heroin the eyes of a mIne por
tion of tho Inhahltant of Nownrk Hiirrlhon
and Kenny and lout of mon and women try to
thako hands with him or men touch his gar
moms Ho limos no desire for dliuemuuiiiu
fume and Is so modest that lie leaves tho w orls
1 > > devious wi > s to mold thu waiting orondn
He humus declined to tell how much ho has agreed
to do the work for anti time Chirks arc ommuummlly
ititlcont It Is l understood howaviir that he is
to lucplto IJDO hull the Mill Owuerb o
olnsuruncM tumid and that tht > < > N
1 oiupuu Hill UukohlluttliuUifOiiiiI >
Tilt Heciiriler Wlalied be Could liu More
for Him
Andrew Spanburjr n Swedish carpenter was
attiuked In a laloou at llitoulh I street on March h by
John gab ey who beat and kicked Hpauburtf Into latru
llblllly and Hole hll waMh feiterilay lu tUe General
eiuoni Calrey pliaaed irullty of robbery lo this IICOD J
If the rae had been iropcrly presented upon Ihe
rut ire intend l tn the poiiie coiiil camS llemrlir
Iaiir I ii ill iirand Jury 1 a oull unloubte ituete in
dlcie 11 ou lor robbery in ibr hOst atvrfe nod I wen d
haiMheii i lal I ilic lO cr to InipK a more cevere iim
any Ihan I am awiut In luino 11 I iii > li one of t he moil
brutal miaa mill etir kununlltea Illtlliie ill liintrli 1 e
joutuMati prlfou ui bard labyr fur Iwolvi year aud
eel sum inunlba
Thee hlmnione < lBaieen Voted
George P i utile holds a note of Potor J
Claaaieni for M Wio upon whlob be claIms a balance
of < 2teOi l and another exrented by the bt Loul New
Orlcani and Ocean Canal and Traniportatlon Company
forfl iA which woe rnilciraed ly 1 Jainee A flminona
I time were Ir lltiitrit mlii mmlii notrii and ai t ilcati in wae
made leiteMay 10 Juilie liarreti In time fupreine ouri i
< h nit > r itt beiialf or Imi TraniitortNilon i iim my in
eonaotldaie the iwii actttni The notion yea uenleJ
i laaneu t lime in alter or amend bla ilea of not kullty
on Iheluulrinieol for embegnlluug ibe suite of the
Smith Natlnnal hank woe tsUDileJ by Judge lljutillcl
jMKrday untIl Mouilajr
raoora or juatoaumo TKAVD
Ho Apparent AttBi to IireitlCBU Be
pnblleitm Fran
The Now Jersey Senate Investlcntlnfr com
mittee Is netting Into hot water The wltneiges
who have boon subpoenaed threaten to strike
find the dorks who are In Its employ are clam
oring for their pay for the work they have
don There was an open revolt among the
witnesses at tho session ot time committee tee
terdarnttornoon In Jersey City Time commit
tee had boon sitting for levon hours llstenlna
to testimony and the members woro tired out
as well as the witnesses U was decided to ad
journluntll next Thursday morning Ten or
twelve witnesses had boon sItting for several
hours waiting to be called Lawyer Corbln
told them to bo on baud Thursday morning
again A 1olandor six foot tall jumped up
and shouted that It was an outrage and
ho wouldnt como Thursday morning An
other man seconded him m vigorous German
Two more Inlanders on Italian and two Irish
men talked all at once The bis 1olandor
walked Insldo tho ratline and shook his list nt
the lawyer and tIme committee and defied tho
committee to subpjnn him again
iou will bo hete Thursday morning or we
will Issue a warrant arrest you und bring you
hero said Law or Corbln
Im hero now arrest mo If roil daro paid
the 1olandor The other witnesses smipa
thirod with him and all talked nt once to en
courage him lillo they uero talking the
members uf tho uommltteo got up and walked
away and the room was cleared lu a low uiln
utfts without bloodshed
The committee examined fIfty witnesses
yesterday I hoy all camo from me old Dem
oc ratio lloiticshoo district and from them Mr
Corbin who conducted tho examination
brought out many facts that Indicated Irnuds
Nearly onehalf the wltuomos wore womon
Among the spectators wore Congressman John
Keiin and Mcolhunccllor Green lohnnna 1
llockerof 70 Eeeex Btretit swore lo two falsa
registrations from her house Mrs Kate Val
lelyof Ml Ltgex Bttoet brought her tno babies
to court and while she was giving her testi
mony Henutor Hoe uniuaod them to keep
them from crying Ue chucked them
under the chin and chirped to them
like a veteran The mother swore away
two voles Lrnost Hcilfs swore that five men
registered from his house did not live there
1rnnk MeOovoru of bt Itrunswlck Street uiudo
n flmllar oath about two reglntered from his
house and 1hlllp bite of 7ii ltsex street lot
lowed him with four fiom his house lhao
doro bmltli n wealthy Iron founder swore that
no pornnn lived at his factory while threo per
sons voted fiom there ills nnxt live witnarses
swore totwo each and then Mrs Mar sharpen
of tun Nanhlngton siroot swore that five had
voted frnudulnutlk from her house Thom next
three witnesses swore to ono eaeh John An
derson time Kutiorlntondont ot Colgate V Cos
stable at the foot ot Hudson street sworn that
IhoraiM Leonard who was registered and
voted from tho stable had been doid for
fovernl ears John Leon ird moved away
fiom tim vicinity of the stumble two rears ugo
but his nntne was soled on twIce from the
etuble iwo I other men tegirttcred from the
Btnblonnd otcd who did not live near It
Mrs Mlnulti Moors of bt Mortis street
brought some mote amufeuient for Benntor
hoe Hhn bad a plump little imutiuy that eobed
tho Senator linger and tried to get UN lints
full of his whiskers whllo Its mother testllled
that two man who routterisl und VoLvO Iroui
her housu had no rIght to do so
I omit ltMielmn who Is somutlmos called time
king of the horsehoo boiause ho owns solute
nropert ocoutilud u front tent on the benches
reserved for the witno os at tho afternoon
sesMon He Is a rodhot Democrat Judgi
Armstrong who seived fievuiul terms as
rjpoakor of the AHcntubl came from imnien
to hoar some of thin testimony Ito attended
hums t sOOth n with I Postmaster Dickinson
The committee struck oil with tile first wit
ness SiewnsMis Kernnn of lJl Orand street
lImo cwoic tint I reehoiiler John U I doiman
Ihud nt her house On Thursday Mierlff Davis
swore th it the reeholder 1 lived at his house In
drovo tioct The reoluldor was registered
from both places hum his name was voted on
nt each tt camo out later that hu had a room
In both Mrs hernnus house antI tho Miorlfl
house Mrs Kurunn also iworo that Mlllfim
II Null who had legislered and voted twice
from her house did not IRe thoie 1atrlck
Keinun lImit Kermins husbauu was also
down as voting three times
limo total nuiubei ol falsu registrations nnd
votes irovet by the above named uud oilier
wltnesKus during the day was 14t I
I 01 1llINt UIY lKUli > LATHi
The Iiinrn Catiliirt Iriinniiiirr on hove
nil Illll Nuw II ut Alhunj
JInyor i dinnt inviilcil I nt mi Idnjr nicodnff
of his Cabinet yesterday nftornoon Tho heads
of all time city departments wore present and
report from bills In tIme Legislature nflocting
thin interests of tIle city Irene heaid from many
of them
One of time bills was thatglUng tile Federal
lovornment permission i I to Collie Ill ut laud In
this cIty for the site nf tho new Appraisers
store It was resolved to rcconimed that the
stores be located south of C aunl street lund
thumot no ruth proiuity bo taken for thorn
Tho it ssembli bill roildmg t for an amend
ment to the onxulidation i Act that will bilng
the Dock Dopartment into thu tame leallou u to
the lioard of Estimate 1 nnd Apportionment as
thoothorelti departinentH was apnrosed lime
hill taxing m rtgagen on the Mime terms us
erotml I property it trims decided to uppuo lio
caiiho the oufotcement of huch a law mlulit ro
suit In driving emIl itil iway from time city 1
It wan doi MINI in m itpmut ore time bill I prepared
bv orporutl Counsel Clark to reduce time
State tax items Comptroller Myeiw reported
tliut tile perennial Ilarney claim bill U a no
torious steal that deserves utiiiualiried ci n
mnntlon and tint bill should bo defeated
1 ho bill will bo opposed
limo bill pioUdlng for the raploylng nf
womnn lu station houses n ° matron will be op
pood on tho giound that the way it la drawn I
makes it Impuctlcuhlo
limo bill tosucuie moro tormlnil f mcllhtumi for i
tho I iiriok I rIm Ifrldgo in Its J ro Ihn I h tndwlll I
booptiosiij beonuio If It iiashes thin clt > will
be obliged to piy a largo shiiro f the itieiih
It was resulted lo oppose cun nnort ml
that excupta from its uroUMons un > count lu
tbn State
The hill providing that doorman lu pollco i
ntntlorn shall rocelvo the sumo pa > nn patrol
men will be oppuhed
Timothy h Dry Dollar i Millhnns I bill I tun I the
street car companion shall loan the stncts
through which their t I Ines run In I time of inj I
Ing the city uny Ice wi din umi d It was i
thought that this t bill would I un lit thn emu I
panics and divert from the clt > i rousury a
large amount of money No deoiiou waa
or toitMLit tiJu1iftIf
Iliprrn Multi tn Slate llren Served nn Him
In the 1erth tiulinj lliinko null
So lam nmould biliiniml I at I tilt hherlfTs
ortlco yesterday no doput h ul succeeded In
serving papers on exdot Alnno II ointill on
bobmaif of any of hum judgment creditors who
hint o such on notes eiuljrtd hj him limo
slmulatlon to a del uty to Hito much tlmo
trying t to hen u man n10 doesii t want to bo
mmmcml bIt Omit linniBiis If ho succiods his
legal fees are two 01 threo do lars If lie falls
ho can t take from thoci dltor any pay for his
tlmo millMiller A nviue who are looking
out for time clulmb of tho Mlldlrsax Lounty
Jlank of 1orth Amber for 12imi nay that they
Huccpedodon Thurbil i In turvlug Mr Cornell
vi Ith a notli e of lie t Milt t
At tlO oilUe of Mr oriiell at 50 Broadway
his eon said Mi fiiher hn tutil about every
daj as Ubiial attnnilli to Iim biiblnrsx and has
bmmu m the ct tel anl f C who huo buen
looking for him hinon I und him ills be
iaitn they ollluir di i t Un w him wium they t
bee him or eUu time > dou I euro to servo him
A Urnilnliirenrx nfMttlc Mur
Tho Duly llrothors woro i las Ing Vacation
In a loo n uear Motion ana Uu o Vailniierionattd lha
cbaracter of Morip Jay inc hid act see ai full
of trIck en a pantornirn and ills lulye all of whom
ore atblemec were performing lie molt ahtonUh nir
fume heorire W Derloua u cc in uif on ft attic Haiti n
thy ilile of lue cuss ItKuiti I ely n cue to I throw a
inlMlle ai Perioiu Lnoi kin l mi J lime hail Time tmiia
IIIK hid no teem i roil I in lii 11 l ° lemmi ilium i ui mml t
111 1 Imked s rout iur noiiiFtl rk throw mmt Hern t > 5
Mint Him till I mice r m i lOam h In uul Ill wii i Ii a
Derfecl liv I u ljiehit I tie iti limW UI lit hurled
bun m tier mmcm N The utter m > l itt tIe nll and
Mac tin t ed iinilloiiif brhlnd I rwmi Al Hie end mn
time Al Lllllr toe lame aud lore I lute 1 Into Ihui 1 It I
dneilnirr mi what A ibe natter St la Inrjuirel
lumpi S l am related what bid ISO lit plure ami full
III e began In coinole buu ltiC uvupeil him aaiinif
Thai alnl Hie wnril Charley blfl Haly ayi tdalle
made a UK hit end he I l volun tu Ju It CyrIl tmlitlmt
Tbelr Trniirr
Manic lollnrd who is hiifng her hinliand
I ouU Ikllrrl fr ft ti iii lcd un > tie rej reirnie t by
attldnill im l frt Jolm lei In lie I ur i f I Ilninun
1im 1 I e i jitir lur llial Mr l tiiimanJ I I I a brutal
aud uu oiernab e temi rt v > bile it hn u I ot A inilU and
tinder dIll mmlImmm Sir Hi liar me I affidavit > a > i am
hie wlfa proldeil him and lecture 1 him lo dnj erattuu
Jinlre Alien granted fV ceuniel fee aud 5s weekly
alimony jjeudtiu the lull
1uiirral or Fulber Ulloile
Tho funeral of tho Ilov FathrrJnmosOlloylo
pailor of M Udtihew Unman laihollo Church In
Uroiklii tonk t tic yelU lay inorliliu Jliihnp
Louihlln i icar eneral Krevin aLtl A iirae nuinl er uf
Ibe prleiti of ihe diuicie were preieni A requiem
hlch elsa i waereebraltil by the tied Ihomaaf llellly
of the hurrh nl the Holy Name and rather hbeahy of
ftt Arobroie i Church defirered a euor Tht later
won waita ligly lion CitaMery at tlattiuiU
lAS aiKir ut IIIK 1IOUsli
Irn IcrrlllM llnunrUolil in Trnlrpnlh
sli eel Thiiriilllthlj Muiikrn tp
Thin Iiiiui at ill h Dut Sevoiitoonth street
wits partb wrecked by an explosIon of stieHt
gasiitMi 1 A JI iiiBlordnr The houio n
owned by Mrs hirnli K l Merrill who nccup es
It with hoi histir Mrs Itoiibon Laigdon Mr
Langdtn Min l Langilon and Magglo or lull
Mnggio Dolund and Ihomii1 Horn heraiitn
lime iiiiiil > had bien unnoted for u week hy A
Biiullofes illnmz gas On Thursday Mrs Jlor
rill w < Ht to the loiisolldated das Oomnnm i
olllco in In hug plaio and suld thai tho loik
miiht bo rtoppod Wonktlmun Were sent to the
house Jluy tore up tho street rind discovers 1
n leak in the service tIle below tlio laundry on
time I nsemont lloor At U h A 31 cstorda timer
annouuci d that they had utoppod tho leak and
Iimuii I went awa
Sirs im icrrlll was sitting In n bedroom on tim
third floor time rervants wore In tie kltihen
and lloin wu sweeping time basemool hall wai
limo others had gono out utter break ist
1orty mlnutisaftei thuworKinoii had departel
there wits a bong that could bo hear I Heiintl
hlocka iiwny Uhe house rocked and a NIOHT
of g must and woodwork foil uu thru ilewall
lho explosion won jiiBt undir the font bnsi
iiiout laundry time celling wus Hliatnioil i
flouring was ripped up and joints tiers
wrenched out Tho arlor on the 111sf 1i0 r
wilt a wreck The flooring und walls wrc mit
mollfihed A big 1 runoh pier glass wasihat
ti > rcd und brkfibrno nnd Ill mu ii ii mm were
broken 1 ho carpet wan cut Into mti lIt as time
mooring mow up All tluen ront i coins wirn
wrecked but little 01 no dutmign was d 111011
thus back roorae Time euvmntu onjicd ti > th
yard Horn mine knocked down 111 them hallway
and sin mt mmcd James Ki li i > n luporer ol iiH
Kafit Mneteiiith St root who was passing I lii
house was knookod down by a piece of win
dow rash ann was cut bt particles nf glass
Ills wounds were reused In llollovuo Hoaplial
hori Horn was attic to get nn his feet he
went to Mrs Merrills ro mi hits was sitting
in a chair ovnnomo by thock He I took her in f
hM arms ami muu rid hor to unnlkhhors house
whet she received medical alii udaiu n lha
llniiiion wer called and found n Mnall I gmta
fliimn biiri lug beh w time laundr Mrs lion nil
ostlm tied the daniugo to the building anti
furnIture at f lit
M niitiA S AMI jituirrii
irthr llillldlnB Iriade VIII lie Hprrlfln Ike
1ollie Ilimril Will luvrellculr
flmmu I Ililkn iiiiiiilnslniiPii In Ixeciitlva
sebblon jiblenlny afternoon adoritcd by unan
imous I Mio I hmmtsm lerioluliins m I presented by
ommhhloniii ojrhl und 111mph eyed by Com
mbslonur Macluau who wums absent
Hlftftft there rcrntly ap fared In the DUbllc rrliita
nf mute cily a lominunlcatli pnrportlni lo emanate
from the Hut dinir Trade Section of the Central fator
Lniua ulilih ciiutaiueJ lArtula ilatemeiiuof an le
d niille Aiul k eumeral l Lliraclor rtflicllnir upon the lu
trxrlt amid far Ukiue of the Jtllj licvarlmeut of tni
city mmml I
Mifru Tiio llonril of 1olice ruainlnei lute any and
al njiiin u lurattiM amln r the police furi e wtilcb
all l In fr il I loTidi i or rl ici ci lo ue end lbS
tIrlif I C iii iliti I limit te m i U ftlefvver I the aiua
imli4u I 5 tm 4 n am m
mm hVii tt Ciii ii i mmlrum ihmumimine Trade
Se 110111 itt II I Ilmitml tcmtiiu filled to
mitk icy cm clue emIlicimt aimnt a deoignmmimet
utmeii en of tue po I fir e or tim pee cc tar charge mf
ci mlriuumlto a clariihr tim 0 CCii lie mrale a ubjSul 1
found timmmmry mm lu hoard of tUlle limertimmI belt
esum I 1 hal Itme tmoarml iii iiiiC trlmy lumfmniuma iai I
Csmmtret lnlmm t nomn of Ito mesduimeoc at lii Itnisi to no m
Ceire exnllltne tutu au 1 met r dllpote of all epichi
coiuplalnte that any ot II lurinbri may prefer unler
oalh aKali II the conjurl ir enliunorof 117 i lilrlnbrr
ol the 101 i he force nf HUH cuy i I or iii lu atm r Wo may
re nil tone t fciiuiu uir iili I t I or tie ui ve funviloiie uf 1
Ihe t itjarluienl I ol Io i e 4
lime iiiituImioCii llrinlvi ltrrard
OSK < O Kan April 11 I 1 Mr Oilllltti and
tier i ddujlittr of Mlr Such emlettc1 l iu It the mxril
uM Mro UeriJfr and hat Hendcr i ore relevitd yi
Irmley ou hmateaa corja i > rocefdmrb brought by l theIr
attorney lucy lotroJuff tha attlicylts of lb wetS
of ttie MlclilkfAi renal l liiitltuti bown g that Sir mrmt >
full wan cintlitfd timer for nuti t Ujflter at t e lmime
lh I I llfiilT mr ins wr cmmumm lull ci AW Ii I I ml S
JUKI iiilruiicel m lrml t ue an 1mm t in < Ifin < U u ff
Coutii 4 i i I v I rri o i rrrf ortitnir it II t m
IVrnl t f mist ny a ut i ar M t <
mr r tie mine ifirtuii MU I i tr J4irh e Ce I
Huilr >
At ine ronrluet of tim htartnir Jodf I oiiltiaor met I
illS resale ut the lrleonre lime nunty iominii 1 Ill TE
purehanea railroad Ucketi fmr Hn iirtffliU cod uw m
4Uf httr auU tUt will Ut KB tack lo MJ

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