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they Continno to bo Unique and they
Certainly arc Interesting
4 Glance at Sorosia in Her Full
Glory of Debate
AH Tom Vp Over is Quollloa ITIietaer
Bit a ar Woes Non Fatal o
t ak More Trn a Jure The ArBnneate
orTkr tIrDow Wo aa Or a
Jar Ilalr thle BprUcTh Latest Vhla
rr ehlea a t lion aad Abroad
To conservative men and women of tin
bid school of loctal ethics there I something
e tld and achUm In
I lust savors strongly of herear lobilm II
I bidoot a womans olub a suggestion and
paslodor of uniromanlr precedents late
boon oonfusid reminiscences revolving key
bolts forgotten latch keys and a cab home
JJow the moil Interesting thlnic to tbe Initiate
abut a womans club II l Iti peculiar and em
toballo femininity There are about as runny
points of resemblance between a womans
club and a mans aa thera are between a
tolla bal flreis and a par of trousers
ttha way fair woman takes the club
i idea and elvas It figuratively speaklai u
Turkish bath dresses I up In gauze and frills
jMd perfumedrourou with a snub about Its
aat and a bouquet In Its band bofoio sho
Will accept I lust as she would scald scrub
ind aoour a mans smoking room before she
would use It for her boudoir la quite as char
acteristic of the woman W I her unique
method of throwing a stone or sharpening a
pencil A jnan goes to his club eats a groat
deal to much dinner drinks a treat deal too
much wine loses a great deal too much money
and goes home with a head a great deul to
large for his hat and a misty murky uncer
tainty concerning lila own identity and life In I
A woman goes to her club and thIs Is what
Ihe docs or rather what sba did the other
day at Scrolls at the first meeting in the now
club year Bha puts on her new spring gown If
obe has one and her bet bonnet for will uot
a tha other woman notice and compare her
toilet with theirs 1 I she can possibly let to
rnarketand bear Jamess music Iwssonand help
Johnnlo with his grammar In time she sees
early enough to talk it all over before luncheon
Is served but If not she slip Into liar place at
one of the little tables just A the bouillon Is
brought on and talks fast enough to make up
for lost time while she daintily tastos of
the creamed oysters and patties croquets
and salads fancy croams and takes which
r sake up the bill of fare of a typical woman
1 club luncheon A soft rustle of eilk I bright
I ness of flowers many hued and frnerant
subtle perfumes subdued laughter a bevy nf
pretty girl custodians flying about with salad
j r and ices and a never ceasing never ending I
hum of voices A group of women here are
p i talking art over there they are discussing
husbands At one table they talk softly of the
t iKs Daughters at another a woman Is toll
Ing of anew soolety for men little woman
I j With bright eyes discusses babies and their
I food and so the talk runs on
t r I3y and by they gather about their sweet
faced President In the big banqueting hall Un
I 1 I bar right sits a noted woman journalist from
I Boston on her left a wellknown woman novel
I ist and in front piled high with roses Is the
t famous round table about which the of
r ficers of Borosls baa gathered lor BO lone
t Then the club woman listens to poems writ
ten by women to and about women and road
i or recited by other women Interspersed with
the songs to a bit ot clean quaint humor
recIted clearly by a girl and then she
takes up the curious discussion of some
question of philosophical ethical or social
I purport The other day I was some
i thing like this Is the woman given us by
1 women novelists more true to life than the
f < woman drawn by men and those are some
t of the things the women said about it
r 1 Miss Mary E Bryan was most emphatically
of the opinion that men drew the best women
I I characters because she Bald It Is no
easy matter to Bee ourselves and It requires a
faculty which women are said to bo deflclent
I Intho faculty of netting outside of and away
I from Quos self It requires courage too an
t unfaltering hand that will not shrlnK from
drawing boldly from the nudo and reproduce
V drwlnl Icl
r blemishes oen in n heroine tm well as the
symmetrical They paint their bal women
In too dark color and without the delicately
z drawn subtly shaded linos of Thackerays
Ueck > bbarp Tha womans siren usually de
i pends upou Lood looks ellective costumes and
teluctho poses for her charm Jiockv was
C thin rod haired and light yet the lasclnates
t us ns sho faRinated and amused her husband
wow she kept in love with her all the while
rollning his coarse nature a better woman
could not have dOle
I f A womans good woman Is too good too de
I t void ot frailties and Inconsistencies It seems
i it V to require more moral courage to expose our
j Weaknesses than to reveal our sins Instead
I t of li > a lovable women such as Thackeray
Hondo and Trollopo give us with their little
anltias 8 caprices and jealousies the woman
f writer gives woman made of marble or cast
L I Iron Impervious to a ray of selfforgetful
V love hlghstopplnc I heroines like the lioness
it I r In the fable crushing their mouse lovers under
their feet There aro exceptions to the rule of
I o course notably the womou given us by
i 1 Charlotte UronU Mrs Olluhant George
I p Jhoi nnd leorge Sand whom we would all
like tu moot nnd shako hands with full
and emotional Intensity
ul graCe ImnJlcltonlnd emolonollntonsltJ
r muking mistakes and erring through the pro
r domluunie ot pvmpathy and tenderness In
their nature Hut generally Breaking men
t havo gven us thu best types of the proud
l woman who U not only womanly In her
J j prldo but deliciously feminine arch sym
pathetic variable puzzling and Inoom
arloble Ind
1u I 5 palhltc Plzlnl
I t pruhensible Kate Iaiton In Grlfilth
I It r Gaunt spirited ret gracious the Integrity
I p and selfcontrol of her nature shot through
V with gleams of oaprlco cOQuet jealousy and
Impulsiveness and how essentially feminine
I her acceptance of the lover she had held at
arms length for two years on the day of his
downfall because he needed her the key
t her conduct being given lu the true
words Woman love to protect to protect
a man yet look up to him that Is
delicious Iluskin says that Shakespeare and
Boott haTe given us heroines but no heroes
Dickens humorously exaggerated women wa
all have met his higher types we know and
love Tbackeraya good women have been called
namby pamDy by women but there Is no more
noble and natural woman In Motion than
Amellaa loving daughter faithful friend de
toted wife and selfsacrificing mother Women
novelists seek to Idealize at the expense ol na
ture and they lack th seas of lighter humor
shading Into pathos which touches sympathet
i ically the seamy aide of our human nature
Jennie June Croly then spoke saying Mr
Besant says that the reason why 1 few good
books are written I that so few people who
write know any thing of what they are writing
about ThIs Is true of novel wrUinx The
great novelist who I t b t fiction what
Chakespeara Is t the drama t ret t appear
The majority of modern novels are aa alike as
mto11 ak
the traditional receipts of a cook 400kn of
putter two of sugar three pf flour and tour
eggs IVoyonng peot > Ie woo int do any
tffl but love one another l the vulgar mother
or purseproud father who interferes with
their happiness the treacherous person who
contrives I mischief a little moonlight
a taw duets a rood deal of bro
bra some captivating costumes a little t
secondband philosophy and the novel U dons
JQIekenas characters are not aUsouad women
hey are aielamaiioajpoUtaTltey women
a lell I IpelDt
IDhno ApO tr WU mmlu
L1 L 4111
man than Dickens but his humanity lay
deeper and he II only I thought of as a satirist
Isorge Eliot l Is undoubtedly the greatest noel l <
lorl WI have hL What bar character lack I
sunshine In so far as the t difference goes be
tween the truth and Insight of men and
twen IISI h
trltb < f k
women novelists I should give the palm to
woman notwithstanding t all Ire elr shortcnm
womlDi dont think any male novelist line
ever Ion us a woman 50 true so
genuine so near to the type ao George Kllots
Adam Beds Is as a man or Robert Klsmero
either while on the contrary many times
men have lauded women and placed them on
t In n way a woman would never think
of doing Tnouiih ns a rule women story
writers supply motives and describe nets not
as they are but us they think they aca be
and give us weak reproductions of r wellworn
tvpes stuffed with copybook morality and Bun
duiv school jejlglon
Mis choollejlllon I I very strongly advocated the
afllrmntlvaof the question because Intuition
tho requisite of the novelist Is the birthright
of woman Man builds characters fcho said
woman witches thor unfold Ho I i gvnoral
Izes die loels l Ho wnlke plus Illas lie ana
lyzes the lops 10 which ho attains his ends
Chin penetrates to the vital point In loss lilac
tlmn ho oxPlnltis his machinery To man
voninn Is a mjstery t Hhe has experiences
which transcend his own And In the larger
circuit of her capacities she Includes and goes
beyond him Scotts heroines with two or
three exceptions wore nmlablo nuppots who
thro IIUIOt8
moved HK his bund pulled the string llul
wer ctentod no strong wimnnly character
Dickons was minute not gront anti painted no
character In that bald flab style eoeu In thin I
outlines of Mrs llurnotsIas of lourln I
protest against Thnnkerays women This
writer eats nothing perfect lovable or lawless
and Me no bellnfln I Innocence nnd honor
fiueln Atnallaand hemnkeshernfool pistols
81e two Mrs Bryan Women may be slY In
their nftectlon hut they nr < not Idiots
Astvposof rorrot character 1 painters Mrs
Ioole cites Georn Idiot Charlotte Dront <
1001e Ollplmnt Miss Mulotk and Jean Ingelow
howell method WH compared to that uf the
anatomist who delights In tracing the hideous
skeleton beneath the rounded form Cutbeiltio
unit Bal i > In llobort iBtnore 1 Helen In John
Uatd Trencher and Margaret Kent were
glVHii as falthiullv diuwn womanly typos
1111 lalthlulr lllfn
Other ladles Hpoko MrA Hull and llr Ha
ole nud then Mrs Hlgloy whose subtle
humor and entire rue us delightful us they arc
ph1z ling ant rtrlginnl told about 1 now
llosophy when entirely revolutionized the
Garden of deii story This nol doctrine
taught that woman Diluted before man was
111 11
cimttuii that since she was 1 primary crea
tion aha was a los iiorfcct and eumnlote crea
tion n lower typo Since she wan a lower type
ton being tdm couldnt know so inueh about
her self knew
nnrthlni not even Ior own ns man
There 18 no use In her attempting to do any
thing tualiy well with man her Huperlor and
the only possible fntuio fur her Is to be found
In climbing un the ladder after some man
Now sail the merry lady In conclusion
I h I > n err careful I In choosing whit Inn you
will clImb up after and dOlt get the wrong
oni clml then tim timid little club Olal
hurried homo to brush her hair before Jack
i aloe to dinner to untanale the string ot
Tolmnys kite and mend tho tear In Janles
dress and the world revolted on Its axis from
VMis to east just us It did before womens clubs
were heard of
now TO FUt iOVll IUn
A ainnee at the Iatcit VTrlakUa Yhlk
llaain Favhlon mIleu On ICvturnlnK to
thm 1llsg Style Centurle Aco
The right tight snuff shiny little knot of
hair with its secure fastenings whIch the tat
brmade girl wora above her jaunty mannish
rolling collar Is Indeed an anachronism above
the clinging draperies and high puffed sleeves
of a Josephine gown or In juxtaposition to the
classic Grecian outlines of the popular artisti
cally draped costume The Ideal coiffure of
the season hinds its piototypo only ou some
old Parthenon frieze or group of gnu 03
chiseled about nn antique monument or
altar and the worst of It Is that only a
maiden sculptured In gleaming marble ought
to attempt the style of coiffure for nn any Ihe
1 breathing moving
girl the gncoful ar
rangement oo me s
tumbling down
about her oars in an
4 hour The long wavy
lines of hair outlin
I outn
lug the graceful eon i I
tour ufa womans i
hOld and tulsted I
t softly in a mass ot
5 ringlets low in the
nock or just highS
g enough to allow the
Tuft u LOtILtiY lowest the depend
Inc curls to brush the none of the neck the
pretty conceit of apparently securing the whole
thins with a simple bit of ribbon tied In front
the brushing of tho wan over the curs to
tie It up carelessly In the buck the soft fall
of light wavy fringes
upon the forehead
all these were known l
centuries ago by the
fair Athenian maidens
who walked the street k
bonneted only In the I
beauty and sheon of
their tresses Intend
of putting on 1 wreath
aud a few butterllios I
as a head covering for
outdoor wear They knew the secrets which
tho modern girl Is now learning that ugly
foreheads may be shaped to beauty with I
fluff of curls and that tho furling Iron Is In
deed a clover and artistlcsubstltute for nature
Now the first essential of a really stylish
coiffure Is that the halrof which It la composed
should ba curly or
perhaps as girls say
Duffy I you are
endownd by nature
with that Und of hair
which two sears ago
you brushed and wot
and oiled to make It
smooth and glossy all
you have to do now Is
to keep all tho oil out
of I by frequent wash
log let it tangle and
lly at will and gather t up in a soft knot low
down in your neck where It will look as I I it
woru going to fall down entirely every minute
and put just enough pins In It to prevent that
catastrophe and nothing more
I saw a sweet oralfaced young girl at
riorosis tin other day with exactly this stylo of
couTure and tho mobt itstbetlc dress of back
embroidered with trails of yellow marguerites
I your hair be as straight and sleek as that of
I Iurltnn older or a
Commaneho inavv
sour halrdre ser will J
make I ripple and c1 I
wave and How like that s
of the heroine in I ll ill
thrcovolumo novel I
Then I you havent I
been bleised with too
large an allowance of 2
it sho will gather up
the shimmering wav
ing strands Into 1
coiffure like that I saw recently on I young
girl lke hair brown In shadow loveiled
glimpses ol gold In the sunshine lintk from
per forehead and up from her neck the wavy
strands wore brushed whirled lulu 1 single
light puffy knot from which thieu Butt lurls
Ihlt and a gold arrow held the wholo In place
Then therl is the Greek uollTuto piopor or
rather an adaptation of it which was arranged
by a famous 1arlilan hairdresser for I notod
lya p American belle I ro
sembles this Isrcha
knotwhlch was so trav
fr called In New York ft few
f seasons backand which
women with snub noses
minted upon affecting
because It was becoming
5 ing to their classic sis
ters It Is indeed a sort
of a first cousin Bor
Psyche but It belongs
to a different branch of
the family and Is made
of a miss of soft curls and frUzes wavlnsr over
the head from the temples and twisted Into 1
fluffy knot held by chain of pearls On top of
the bud pearl combs hold the waves of hair
close to the head and soft curls fall over the face
In Iarls the hair Is worn low In the neck al
most universally simply looped l and fastened
with ornamental pins or shell but the fashion
gains ground slowly
amongAmerlcaa ladles
who unlit that I Isun
tidy and Inconvenient
and tails away some
tll SOD
thing from their dignity
and smartness Af a
rule hair dressed high
on the head 1s more be
coming the American
physlPjmomy It was a
little BpanTih beauty
with an oval olive tae
ii attracted so much
flattering attention n
an opera box because
above the betusl
necked gown jaulUasa o
lua t II tl
poU l had tM doAy balr simply parted In the
fcentre waved aowri either aide the face twisted
low to tin awk OWII i bound atom with afliUl
of delicate white blossom strung together like
a childs daisy chain
I For ladle on dressy occasions then I the
empire style with its llzht fringe of hair
lt lih
brought rather low
down to a point on tho
forehead Graceful
curls lightly grouped
together surmount the
fringe nod at the sides
5 above tba ears the hair
z Is prettily waved the
fashion now so gen
erally adopted
4 Another arrangement
of tho same mode has n
tiara ot jot above the
fringe which may ho
replaced by diamonds
m dressy occasion At
i S the back the hair Is I
dressed In a series of
pulls or rolls tormluat
log near tho napa of tho neck rols two tlreek
curls which fall slightly away from the neck
giving the coUture distinctive little air of Us
own nnd u ijiinlnt and rut effect
A combluation Inl tho catngim and empire
stylo Is favored by some ladles as bettor
adapted to them uMiiir them the becoming
I height In trout and llytlv JOEa I
graceful fulness lathe
neck as well whirls
Is quite advantageous t
when wealing tho now
croivulesj bonnets as li
It is I pleasant to feN y
that yuu hnvn some r
thing on your head A
now comb his been de ivJvJ
signed with three sub H J
ilnntlal rings through C A
which the ioops of hair 1 T
are passe i JOOIS form a 1 VTJ K I
JI8Q eights aped > Jt t
arratitfvmnnt on the f fl
arrnlllmnnt a Grecian > V r
bow arid Alsatian biiw
nwoll tho lUt uf col UtOS which can bear
ranged onl lt by the coiffure skill ot the prof wlon l
bllr er
The unxont picturesque and extreme nines
of dress necessitate n correct arrangement ol
ftair to ensure their effectiveness Ihe reason
NO women elsctlenl09 because they
laol many orlRlnnllty nnd a nowlo Ile of outlines
A style of hair dressing that the admire on a
friend head theY Imi
tate themselves with
most disastrous result
A I I he occasionally gifted
1 IJJ woman has pica Intui
tions whlohsho may not
I bo aide to formulate In
words or explain but
effectually prevent
which tro
whicl1 her from making
blunders of this kind
LI 1 t blunl who has not
i V hlould wlo I she is I able
J tj consult somoartlstcon
V cernlng the peculiar
style best adapted to her for hair dressers In
ISevT York are not artists as thiy of the Piofas
aba are In Paris and they cannot always be
depended upon for sutuoutlons
There has been something 011 revival of tho
hn sometllns
old custom of Moral decorations In the hair
during the past season a xlnglo rose a wreath
piat eMon I RIIlo
of urlns flowers or n halt wreath resting lightly
on the bangs and lost In tho loops and curls nt
bacl fn
tho back The most artistic and beautiful of
all hairdressing however Is that noun on
al hllniressiul gfidrlnbl onnbc
eunice the hair when
wavy itmt dressed at
J all but exquisitely
V Wal lut Iulsloly
cared for and left to
10 follow hit own swoot
4 will and pleasure only
slightly cut In a bang
1 nln front to keen It from
I the ayes In the early
IJ hours of the morning
the nurses trlng their
charges to the hair
dressers fur attention
that once via naxer
considered curls
ronsllorel necessary hangs aro cut
are trimmed and brushed straight looks art
coaxed Into waves by ciirofull honied Irons
and little misses go through almost a much
of a process us their mammas und big sisters
Babies both buys ali gills not more than U
oars old lire frequently seen bitting In
this hnlidressura chair with a patience
burl unlr of experience Voting girls In
fiction wear the Marguttrlte braids or aslnglo
maid looped under and tied with 0 velvet rib
bon around the nock For dressy occasion lit
tie girls w ear a ribbon of bright color tied about
the head in the old
fashioned way just j A
baek of the fringe or
more artistic still like
the child in the cut IIJ
with half short hair
the ribbon is I C I
Imd over the curls
about tho head like
alout Iko I I
Word T Ito Lord 2
Futintleroy and little
pates style of hair Is y73
tho popular stylo for
little boys anti Is con Y
orally worn until tho
listlnct of freedom In
herent In every Ametl
can laddie rises up In reolt and the curls
ate sacrificed to a saucer bang with closely
cropped hair at the luck
riitioua tiAvut rtTion
An Old Uerraan fu > tom Ilrenklna Out In
AroerlM Tba IJonnrt of the Hn Wbere
u AVoinuu CarrIes Her Joey
Apropos the old Gumnn JpfjO1 of tho
Storks until the liftbios they have a quaint
old custom In the Fatherland whon the filry
stork happinsio lly down the chimney with a
girl baby ot giving her upon her first birthday
1 hatching chest as handsomely carved and
ornamented as circumstances will permit i
Thus custom has been Introduced and Is rap
Idly acquiring popularity In America and
nothing affords so much pleasure to the girl
maId or matron as the contents of her hatch
Ing host for Into It go first of all 1 beautiful
spoon given her each year by the pcr on
hoiO name situ bear When the little
maiden U 12 years old I dozen hand
some spoons each differing from tho otlur In
desIgn Is ready fur the day of her wedding
limn the gilt changes to tablespoons and as
rlen tie s1
the yeans KU ou tho lull complomunt gradually
accumulates At tho hame time SOle adoring
aunt skilled lu this womanly art of needle
work adds bit or bit exquisite eels of oaiury
and bed linen Otluru boblow with the child
Ibhtojs Mnd girlish trinkets each seer some
cholco plui0 ol silver 01 rare dish ul chin un
til b > and by the hatching client contains I
wadding outfit of unique and cotly things
wnlch accumulating lowly are more valuable
I thnu olio can afford to purchase In quuntit
Hut rirlmus she will never worry you say
I Granted hit Just think what a imrfeali da
Ikloun thinx to go ami cry oeroncolu awhile
and to piossot treaSures from to her loss un
fortunate or fortunate Maters aa tho ao may I
be lieiidob its a lke hub tot said recently
ttrugulliig with the olil I saw until she funded
elm hud It exact Its 1 great deal bottorto be
ruudt and be nmrrled then not to be rondy und
nut be iDiiirled Ian i It miimuju Anil
mamma suit yes just us emery sweet woman
would it she really told tho truth
Dorothy chambers did you ever hoar of
them 1 I you are a progie elvo young woman
with aniUalon to accomplish or a vocation to
pursue you must assort your Independence by
going and 1U Ing in them There la Ilrst a gen
eral sittIng room which four young women
unite In adorning with photographs and dried
crosses and brloAbrae where they tie Raihos
on the chulrs and neckties on the vases to their
hearts content Out of this room open four
cubiclesremember you must call them
nothing but cubicles whether you know
what the term means or not They era
only little nooks where each girl pre
serves this sanctity ot her own tooth brush
and hairpins where sho bas her crying ppella
all to herself and dreams her dreams of future
gietttnou on a single bed with bandboxes beneath
neath it and wearing apparel hung round
11 hunl
about When she can pause long enough In her
wild career alter lame and emancipation and
thinKs long enough to eat she caiislloa her In
ner woman with food served In a restaurant on
t e ground floor That Is I a Dorothy a
lhat Vorotbr
they nave them In London built on the plan of
clumbers for men and the girls declare Its
awfully jolly There Is a kind of brave stoical
heroism which deserves canonizing in tie
woman who dwells thus alone with her kind
and hides her anguish from an nofeellng world
It requires a female lark Tapley to b any
thing Hue jolly when sharing the some
what dreary companionship ol her own sex
and missing tiw salt and iplpe I and spur of
mans proximity Women living continually
without men a apt to develop an alarming
penobantlor wrappers loose shoes neaktaa
itntlmpntailty and sweetmeats that 1 any
thing bqt hilarious in effect Of course It
sounds like Fereiyto say so and It almost u
omanly to utter inch radical sentiments
When Adam found b mal alone i the garden
ie i made such a time about It that a cOlt
Ion we created fey him but I suppose If Bra
oale I
bad i been fashioned first she would have gone
a ben and moplnK about that garden to this
day never daring t acknowledge tat a man I
Iner an agreeable companion and work
ui nersell r a great stat ol exclt uintr > ur
t la study of the habits of some Ilnl u lnu I
u tiiiQOU dn tAU > K wouiortljju s i i
lion of some plant or flower growth As a little
fower Iwth
boysnUlof the Creator I Ood knew what lit
was about when lie made man art
This bonnet Is l the most satisfactory ol all
things to buy since you can 8e It In Its en
tlroty before making your selection and It will
not like a dress bo spoiled In the making after
iou have selected satisfactory materials I
you want a dress < bonnet buy 0 Illlet of velvet
bands two or throe In number with n bunch
of flowers on top and D swarm of butterflies
hovering over It The mode of trimming hal
with a mixture of several brilliant and con
trostlnic hues necessitates the uso of a sombre
tint hoc tho background and In consoauenea
fOr and bonnets abound In chip straw
lace and net Homo of the plainer ones arc
trimmed with ribbon bows or crepe rosettes of
different colors nrrnnited In 1 half wreath
about the hat They aro mude of a double
bias band of cr po gathered up along the cut
duenol the band and mounted on a bit of
stiff net very stylish wldebrlmmod hats ot
chip have broad hues strings passing around
the throat and tied ou ono side lu bonnets
the most extraordinary mixture of colors lire
vails Violet capotes trimmed with pink and
rink capotes wIth light or dark heliotrope are
among tho fashionable mixtures though many
hirerer the moro genteel foundatIon of black
Very em nil bonnets for visiting toilets are
very much trimmed with let A very pretty
modal has a crown of told network over red
tulle with a diadem of large let crescents
Every womans daughter among us would
scoff at the Idea of not boiuif n bettor political
economist than was hor grandmother And
yet she saves her money In tho same way and
secretes it In precisely the same placei e
her stocking You think this Isnt true Well
than you havent seen the last new thing In
stockings Way on the upper cart ot the los Is
set a cute little pocket with a lap that buttons
over and In this mademoiselle may put nway
the roll of bank notes that represents her win
ters Having
Women have always had curious Ideas about
where to keep money when travelling I know
ont who travelled from Now York to Florida
with S2iiuu between the sole of hor foot and
her stocking and she slept with her stockings
on Another ono always pinned her money
Just Inside her corsets until clue wag told that
fuet tilt
If I she fainted anywhere the first thine f good
bumarltau would do would be to unloosen her
bodice and stays and then some wicked Iliurl
seo would discover tho duel and urab them
Hlnce the hns heard this she ban taken tu pin
nine tho fortune to tho back ot hur i oieets
claiming that oven I she were taken ill its she
would bo laid Hat on her back Insiiiulbla ur
not she would be sure of her treasure
Ilr tho by did you know that It was consid
ered rather smart for very young women to
have simple tastes about things to eat I Ar
rayed In hertalloimade suit with htr little
toque on the girl who wants to do the swagger
thIng declines at aa afternoon mo thing Wrong
or than milk und vichy and wIth it she oats I
piece of brown bread and butter rho I butter
lust be absolutely fresh and tho broad must
be woo and home made Hobte < een are ox
olllng their broad and butter exactly us they
might their plum cake and the girl who can
make bread raiilly make It nnd make It good
18 very proud of possessing a talent greater
than that ot painting llowors modelling In
clny or writing mysterious or erotic books
erotc looke
ierhupj this notion came from hearing of
the pride which the Duchess of lifo takes In
the butter which she herself his made
JL Qltmcft at the New Outdoor UarmentH
tlaekete Mud Wmpi The Uouii or lon
tlo und Jtarll Utoirc Had tohuen
In outoftloor Rnnnpiits the vati tv of
models Is indeed confusing and detection ren
dered ditllcult by the embarrassment of rich
ness In the first place there aro the cloaks or
I ollssos I v Ith their little capes covering shoul
dels tumid bust The capes are not necessarily
of the same material us the garment and I last
ears ieiise mar bo modernized by their ad
dition Woollens cheviots Plaids Ac ate do
voted to morning wear and smart ones aro
I made of elik In mule Ottoman uuhotor plaid taf
fetas p ngeo foulard and mixed tlbsuos such
I as limiuallna and Velantiuc 1gually they are
fashioned on the tame general modul with
the bnc hniod to tho figure the Illinois
of the skirt pleated in at the beams
and the fronts loft more or los loose
Tho skirts are cut quite lung and plainly
hemmed up at the bottom with no trimming
but the capes are marvels 01 richness and
sumptuousness Thor may be plaited or gath
ered at the shoulder and there Is always a
plastron to which thuy are sewn and which
assumes a countless variety of forms ow It
ib yoke again it dwindles to tho bombluncu of
collar and again It In 1 carried down In a V
point tu the waUt lino or stops capriciously
Just three or four inches above It A black
velvet Ill tln supports an LilTul brown Otto
man cloak whose capes are wrought lu black
silk one of Baltic blue velvet has a clonk ot
a lighter shade wIth narrow nnssumenteileon
1IIiter slude Insomsnllo
the capos The capea nf shot silk EarnmnlH are
composed of three or lour plaited trills tlioie
of pongee silk I elnglo flounce of rcru lacu and
Ilald talTetaa llutior acoordlouplnlted rapos
Plain woollens hal braided plastrons aitti
capes enriched with braiding or appliiUi <
Other elegant cloaks have instead ul a cape a
Figaro vest made of gimp arabesiiun Ono In
tilt everpopular lllTel rod K Piitiplemcnted by
a black gimp vest with ilean gauntlets of black
Ilulahli I the Bleoves A black tlk pellbse Ills
n oat and culls of gold nrateAiiues A ron
venlent acl I rich affair lu wide tartan IH
whipped to a small velvet yoke HO ns to hroud
the entire llguru In voluminous folds jnnt
rauKht In nt time back of the waist by a low re
versed lnltn i >
The majority of small mantles are black bo
cause ot tho Jllllrulty of barmonllug I col
ored wrap with dllTtTtnt colored dresses but
the bright mantles are more cliio wheru ole
can afford It Fahlon revels In color this year
and her favorite choice for the garments In
iiuKBilun IH I hellotroiM moss claret or beige
Thcso with the vxcepilon of the last me re
lieved bv jet or gold pai ementorli > have
sleeved of velvet or nllk which cover the arms
to tho elbows antI iilastrons and tabs of laco
vthlcluiulte reverses last years mode Lace
mantles have largo gold scioils and bola and
lull sleeves llnlahed with n frinea ol gold balls
In plainer black mantles the old order Is main
tained the cleave beIng ol late gathered In
stead of plaited ver > full In thu shoulder and
the vet anti bodice lace of Bilk or velvet trimmed with vii
Jackets are of course the choice with youth
ful women Most of them are turned baekwlth
lapels lessening In width as they approach the
waist rovenllug of
wlIt and roeBIII a generous expanse
vestchemisette or ilastron White cambric
themtsotWh like shirt fronts brightcolored
cachmlia gathered 1 Into a yoke and em
broidered surnh either plaited all tho way
don or gathnre 1 liuo I blouse or plain vests
of thu amu material OH the jacket braided or
eiulnoldored to latch tile laiols are all used
to compete tbo until little oats The most
stylish nrnlnillghtcolored twood or cloth inA I
hhaus 01 beige IIIOHII dull blue or green A
favorite material Is a soft thin wool In pale
than covered all over or at Intervals with a
bcrollllliu deslku in u slightly paler vhada or
contracting color uodellculoas fu ioem almost
Invisible horn of the new shapes are longer
than thoe worn lost year hit most of them
reach uulv four or live Inches below the waist
lJI adllToiont material fr mi Ilia Jacket
lire an fnshlonal to for jackets its for dresses
and some of the light summer fancy coats have
ao sleeves at all A now kind uf cloth called
omoniwlth 11 yram Uf puudrr effect museum
llh 110 la another popular material
thIng armuro silk I pOluln maturlli
blns Irmuro sik
for coals the fronts antI bacltRiof which arc
frequently covered with embroidery Combi
nations of two ur even threo materials arm us
common a feature of all mantles as of nil
gownsand It requires uu artist of experience
to arrange and harmonize them I
In dresses a monastic simplicity of outline
continues and the tendency to close clinging
skirt becomes more and more apparent an tim j
season advances Breadths of solt tissues
may be slightly draped without Increasing the
volume of the petticoat but brocades and taf
fetas are cut en VIHIV < O their richness of
texture and gorgeousness 01 coloring unre
lieved by trimming of any kind Large pat
terns are still patronized the latest and mOlt
admired being those with a single blossom or
e ra scattered over the material In artistic
designs whose motives unoonvenlioualUed are
natural and beautifulHtrlpes prevail to an un
usual extent put the line of tbelr demarcation
ie softened and frequently broken by garlands
of dowers Ilald and checked silks In tartan
colors are taking the place of the plalded work
so popular urll tha winter and are used
its combination with black surah for street
dresses Tartans have deluged Paris before
but never t such a extent aa this season
For simple gowns English and Scotch tweed
and cheviot are the materials par tzrtUtnct
They are usually made up without any trim
mine though a little velvet or lurah may ba
Introduced ot A strongly contrasting colon
Many of the skirts of dresses made of lan
te mat
checkered material are out so plain and
straight that to secure a certain amount of
ease In walking the skirt Is opened on each
side and a narrow fan of plaiting I let n
inch a anomaly as a dress made In Off color
i ii material throughout U rare Indeed The
iiidt iiiivxpeotea and startling 9mrJtou
lutt CS SUU M A COJtuBH r CtiCI OtoUl Iffls
04 Trr
broldered with brown antI finished oft with
imiiby deems which in tho hands of tlm skil
nil nwriti u inn who uiidtrstiind harmony and
I arrangement and ailnptitton ns well produce
duce must gratifying I results hucli high flights
must not ho attempted J I y the novice It ru
I aulres almost ns ninth genius tu lompuso I
ress ns to cuniposa I snatn this annum arid
a rate lit ot illvlnatlon UK well tu determine
I Jut what manner of woman in ir attempt the
wearing of the wonderful y mado garmont
Hea 1 embroideries and passementeries are
again In great request the miinvhtied iris
olTects being most deshablo und tho beads
used being In every size und halo from the
tiny ciystnl seed to the ruan > fii < eted blocks
cut In Imitation of precious gems Deep
fringes of these beads cover the naiiels of
dressy skirts llin tiAstunionoiles com in
tab of graduated lengths for tio corsage
springing from a waistband uf tilt snmn ma
terial or In Utile jnekois with straight fronts
Inute id of the rounded Mgaio fronts BO lone
popular Jewels llnd their way into souse 01
the magnificent Set pieces arranged for tho
I front of a dress tOilet lionulssuncc1 designs
are very popular tutu iii tilt Jlll is emil Plo roil l
Perhaps tho most novel of all trimmings are
I the wldo Insertions without points laid auot3
tho trout of skirts
This promises to 1 0 n creat season for cloth
oven In tho most droR toilet In the deli
date colorings which tile limit smoothfaced
I cloths mint manufactured they hnvu almost the
richness nnd semblance o closoiillo vulvot
I with the nil it tutu iti advantage of itnd tug t lie mit
folvos moore real t i y to thai t pTfectiuii ot I lit
now so Important I reutil lie uf tile stvlMi t
gown A very lovey dinner gown leicn tlv
Iown atched tu u loiithuil Mnorb an lady 1 < of
whit cluth with Ui eliborato gold deintutmn I I
In the form of wheat eu uis I und soImtiu cit nith
leather trimming at tm > dges ou ma fnner
Much udro h would lonk I ham vS but 111 I t quite
I the reverse falling in Hotter innru irtlMlv titus
I than the most persuasive hands touht cunx tie
obstinate blue 01 heavy silk to IIEUIUO
In nhoea the chocolatuenlnied Uussla leather
for the Oxford and bn guehoes has super
seded the ret of list haiihon und later on ten
nis shoes will bo mid of It Another now bit
I of daintiness for footwear is I the LnrranuiM
I which takes Its name from the brand of cigars
I whose eact eolor It ropiodiKea es Ualnts
I bijon evening shoes are monk 01 It with small
I inatilllc urn iinHiits house sluos with high
instep Il lap anJ broil o or steel bin I Kle I > nit ii
heavier walking shoes In that1 I I rani I hI le I 1 hu
color Is I said to be nit only diuablo but bo
coininz to tho foot and of coino In ill
phndes is I closely matched hr the hoo which K I
worn with It und which comes lu al the now
fOr wurk pattern Thou there tire the walking
oten lulm
log boots of tun colored leather I luad very
high upon the leg and prettIly notched lad
punched about the tau cal
Highest of all in leavening strength U S Gov Report 1889
For twentyfivo years tim standard baking powder
Tho very Giant of leavening agents Has a larger uso
than all other cream of tartar baking powders combined
No other baking powder is just as good ns Royal
either in strength purity or wholesomeness
No other baking powder has been shown to equal it
or approach it in leavening power and general usefulness
by the official tests of the United States or Canadian Gov
ernments by the State Food Commissioners or by Municipal
health authorities
No other baking powder makes such light sweet de
licious and wholesome food and no other will maintain its
strength or go so far or is so economical us the Royal
For these reasons Royal Baking Powder has moro en
thusiastic friends among the housekeepers of America than
any other article in the domestic economy of the household
It always gives perfect satisfaction
Ligh5weetVhoIesome Bre4
Delicious PastrY
Kilter Mtylee fop TOIIIIK and Old
Gown Hate Ilonnet JnrLnte Pete
mo Lone Mantle uad Motcltl
Easter has come and gone but the awoet
Eastertide Is with us and with It comes the
spring and early summer fashions In fabrics
garments hats bonnets and all the thousand
and one fancies and fads that make up what
we call the accessories of the toilet Never were
these so numerous and so bewildering as they
are this spring First of all must be mentioned
the lovely Uret communion and confirmation
gowns worn by all who could afford them this
year They wero of finest lightest most pliant
and softest white cloth made up In severely
simple style with lull plain skirts braided In
delicate traceries of silver steel or gold
above the tucks and hems and along the
belts cuffs collars and shoulders Sometimes
the yokes or guhmpes were covered with flue
linos or vermicelli patterns of the same kind
of braiding The aumoiifrrm or alms bain
wore hlmllarly decorated Thco t itil lte
gowns wore nindo longer In titus bkirt tins tear
und It la a pleasantly noticeable fait tint t lit I
giirmontH ot all soung girls ama mmle lonior
now than thoi have buun In thu iub Ab fur
thonu lungaklrtod conllrinutlou gowns they
will be shortened by a couploof inchs when
utilized by economical mothors for th Easter
tide festivities the Olndorcllus and May day
parties ot their little daughters
Colored cloth gowns for little gIrls aol 1
jackets shoulder capes and long wraps of the
same are shown In all the groat stores In those
seotlons devoted to childrens garments In
these confections it is the funoy this spring to
use the brightest reds und blues lu combina
tion with while tray champignon or mush
room reseda and sugo greens Metallic bruUU
and rmbroldirlou especially steel and gold
are then freely applied to the santo In fine
artistic designs The above Illustrations give
some bints ot the manner In which material
are handled at thu moment by expert dress
artists In the makeup of childrens gnrmentu
The variety In spring hats and bonnets is
only equalled by that lu wraps Toque tom
bans eapotes bur broadbri immed Hubens and
andyke bats Galnsborougbs and a host of
nnamed nameless eooentrlo and picturesque
enapeauz are seen at the great openings In
those huge Bon Marches that make a specialty
of millinery und show each season several
thousand trimmed hats and bonnets at a single
opening titraw silk gauze tulle lace metal
ribbon flowers feathers all lbs beautiful
wondrous new shades that have bean dl
coTirecJ by the eoloriiis in art aa appludTo I
UM tollit aro IOOD at tbtn optUlM W e
J wraps am equally dlvliled between lone
1 mantles and short ones Cloth of light texture
Is the fuivut ito millet lal for all wulMngves
muuts homo nt the long cloaks define thu
fUute In tha style shown bclor Others me
full and some are accordion iileatod the skirt
being net on to u loosely titled bodice over
which falls nn uccordlouploatod onin tltiNli
trig n iininil or nojntej yoke Homo of the
cloths and mohairs of whh these clunks are
in tilt > lire In I iilalditd I or barred olloctb Imlcll I
i nite lines nf bright cuoi ciosulug each other
on dark nnd neutral grounds of greet dur
blue black brown and grur
lhuo I jackets urn captivating they base
whlttt cloth or Bilk gold aid stool braided or
Pllverfinbrolderid waistcoatH cuffs collars
nnd ticket a nod tlm cut lit timid flnlfh lire
slmiily Ioifcct fite 1 sleeves ire all made lullur
nt th nnuhiili than those last spring but there
urn also jackets shown In the last cut Illus
trating this article that have n full ruffle i
HoniMlmes tw < rulllpB around the plinulders
mall nil over full bishops slcovea Theo are
fxtcuedlngly becoming to lull nlemlor girls
Buckles slides and clasps of gold and stool
mid silver and copper nnorn many of thoce
mantles and jackets Those of course are
rhosen to unitIeS the embroideries or brnldluga
of nirtnl with which the wrap Is decorated
Ion I later spring and curly summer steam are
solute noteItles In tile way of short wraps that
art mire cats pointed In the bak and front
and with very long polnt gatherod shoves
J hen there limo Ion midsummer wear long laco
cuifs which may bo comorled Into canes
with long ends in front bj simply gathering
ahirrlug or pleating thorn lu the middle to Ht
up mount the nick and shoulder < In making
up iliosi < lace wraps bands of ribbon heavy
curtis rich pnfemcnterlea and okes of elab
orate embroldory are also used
J ho prominence giviMu whit coihi this spring
Is notlt tiubli U course It Is not HHed for en
tire stioct drcsse but It frequently forms a
tart ot colored doth and even silk town
The costume on the loft of thin cut above In
ol turquoise blue cloth wih a golihtraitlnd < l
yoke pla tron collar IT d itit of white cloth
The dart triangular sect Ion on the > Oke urn of
blue velvet and the gor d underklrt Is of the
fame material The hat N < > I aljr blue tell
with a darker blue nlot llnlntr Iho feitthuis
are white the band of ftic > gold gallonn
Steel braiding nnd oeel cmbroidfry ire even
more popular tliun gut ii shiver showing tile
popularity of gray hhadi4 In ovui ythlng
Plnklfih lilac velvet anti whlt cloth braldod
with steel form an v n mo compnalilon
toilet for n high Inuor ru < tlon hero nlnr
iioon toilets of th dioiix suit urn demanded
Weep fringes tims again In fashion and are
miipi iihixt on parts of tiui u c t iturniiK in coin
blnatl n with tmnif of embroidery or passe
1 nmntitiiii a i IIHKV I crutt
Ttir lriirllnr Mnil Vuluubl 1rlvltrKei nr
3lrml llll In I tin I ullr1 CW TkorU Club
I ii il If Iltr lug 10 lo nn st vvoiiu n
that thor is right In tie limit of the cltu a
completely equli piJ wit iat club ltotitu that
provides for the gentler > ex tho scent
modatlonb comforts and Boda amusements
as gratifying to their tastes us the attractions
that their husbands and brothers enjoy at
their various social club houses This particu
lar womans organization Is l the Ladles New
York Club which has been thriving pros
perously for the last six months under the
guidance of an enterprising woman president
with the aid of a man to look after the money
mutters when need ba In tho capacity of club
1 hi club headquarters U In the neat KnelUh I
basement bronnstonefront dwelling at 131
Lexington avenue almost opposite the home
ot the late President Arthur 1 Is a fourstory
house entirely unpretentious externally but
It Is safe to say that there Is not In the whole
town another club house that Is more coney
and homelike and Its members claim that It la
tar ahead In this respect t the Alexandria the
woman club of London which suggested Its
establishment and the laolllue of which Its
officers have Improved upon These offloen
are Mrs Henry VAright bhalton President
furs W W Hhtpman Recording Secretary anil
sty F O Drown Treasurer b latter IT a
brku on the Cotton Rxenaut
I As > dab tl W eUrUl early lut lomb
I nnd at tho t outset had a inombrsbin i of
ab lit tsority live losidont 1 i t hi h lit > n mil 1 I I
usterdi I that m th t Idea of f tho t ci Jit t at tint t
tlmo I I uas iu I nfluid to women of f inni u tile m
means who were living I in i sit bii mitt rot i
ofliiwnaltngethil u u oit Hint Won d 1 din I
o tlI
Cute thu Cliifmt nut iinvuey ol thin wn t
homes when hey tiitild lnIIY fur HdiyuriHi 1
sihitic on 1 visit to tho city without nn uo ru
I wus tu I be I Illictu cal I n a hotel I ut fr I > ed f
thu Inctlciiiul dlscumurt that t innLuniu t ic I
i bun ti distasteful In n wilt Iii
Hi Otto ul I thesu wlilinsli ul frnki of popu t ar
faicy that it I I lie iiilvilvuu j I nf I thl t gout IU ox I
olln1 f wealth tool nsudlon uklntr tottis
n itlou uf n vvomiin ilul ut this bOi t ttl 1 Ii tu
months tune ovur u bundled of tin in lull I
I Joined the dul i nud hud inadu it fashlonail
Tudn tho rl I has u ineiul erold ui nl 1
al i timid member I ate being I adbd I ut the ru o
01 from title to Ilvt Lilly of ihK numb ij I > 1
are 1 Ii iork wumeii and whu is m < ne ilia I
miioritv t n thouiiu i am in irrltd 1 buy gj I ilo
< hut oton in thu nftornciuns vhllo tholrl liu
bunds are down town
11 clut limners i I are dhidcd 1 I hit I i f rst flu
runt urlor i nnd rialiii rooms timid
IIS ill il loctuia
Iiioms mid dormlluili 8 i Io iiislniiiiini Is l iu
tlm griiiiinl Haul the bunions toil kuuru n cum
in I tho ni nd torlull itiud mill riou 01 I
hy I tbo let of HID building I c 118 JJU uinr
In dues to Itul I ng iu bite flub nml 11lr
< 11
money a nieiiibcreiiii I RI cu rut tim sri y iriuh I >
Ihei Is an Iiiklih cook uttiu bed tu the < lili
and ha will furiiKli meals at any tlmu at r s
tuiirnnt introit ti women who Intend 1 to go out
tu U muilni 0 und who lo nut like to < II ut t A
rcMuiinuit Iheitiu lun boon tactics of this
sort time Indeed ono of the i opulnr fentuiesof
lb elub Any number who wauls lo to out 1
shopping cun gist i bi ocial maid at the club
to Oecoml lilly her Uitoftowu members
who itt 0 uMtlui i the inetiopolls m alone
can secure cab iorvico uul other omiuoda
I tiuns wit tout lie I aunuyanco und hot lion of
hunting them t ui lui tin flit eel t as Tle IroIiknt
of the club resides in thu club house and keeps
it open both m the uias mintoand at night up to a J
leuson tblu hour for the use uf members U1IO r b
inniillurs living out of town rooms ale pro
vided ut I cost nf l pei dny Apulj atlon has i
tu liu t made lor them 1 dur ulioacf I IK a cus
tom for niumborH tu Iruiiuoutly bring their own
niaiIuu with them uud inonls to order are ro
od for tiiouo staving there Nonmembers
when accompanied by 1 member can obtain
luncheon at resifiurnnl prices Any metals
who may desire to entertain hor friends at it
luncheon party cnn have 1 private room for
this purpoe Child on of members mar to
lult ui the club house In cure u nurses
guaiilaus whenever members want to gj
visiting Messenger sari joe Is I privldod teli 1
grains und loiters If iddreced to any mimi er
ot tile club are received aud cured fur us we J
us parcelf
Another facility of tim club is In the pceurlnz
of servants without tutu bother of hiving thtn
call ut tim membain houses I nU nuisance u t
I obviated by advor ish fun nivnnts from tot
I club Itotis In the lunling ruum nglKli 1 inl I
Amorhan mngainei und nil tIle linimitaiit
uowspupcrs uf tile i itt utre kept UiWays i n u
lard pnrtie nr one uf the uiijo > ublo feat u > i
I of lio ut Ihu tutU hoilcu It Is I 1armies s t
and rot wicked iiuker that Ihu fall rlflr D
gut go In I A mule te teher uf its t fists i inaiinu i I
gameionuageJ tughowhibt lessons om a
ve k nnd tlieie is an ther dny slit ntua tl I r ho
pru tlee of the t game Un aIui tier lay there t s
u leluie nn I lit tiu los ai tttl Care of tlio I u u aid
p rusenslit toil ol health 1 bv Misli S i riiomtn i n
II Is fcnlure I Is ca led hucinl At tlil t I s
Iho ub oft ers nml numbers also mak
paiticuhu > liort ui m iiiingu i iumb > rs In tin
pur nit uf u uI m tm ui mua lam miciiutriy the
inakitu I I ft I art nudlnw l t rk eruchf I f nn I
k lulu nn Thtiisdu mite ieuulurmnuil
rrI i u i iiiiipuliiun uvhibitiua of work of this
desi r ption t it 14 In gun Vninlicrs only wci a
ul wKilloeiinii e but ninny u Msldersjoined
In the Fxhlbituti ulotiut irs wire clot oltle
ihnticeol stud i mug what oxijulslte nklll I their t
fill w wnmen who nun t liii Ii livelihood I bv th a
liidllnlinviinttHliied little of thin nut > ite
evhibllb otto igutU bought up About thirtr
prles not o tumphtudlorb mutiil crs A him 1
borne Bihar teapot was olT > rod for the boM it
vtork and a pair uf gcilil cisorn for the noun
tin who lerfurmcil r tile greulett nniount of
embroider or ciochotiuir or tutting ilhin a
stated tini
It Is not nltopetliornn easy mnttfrtn tin ti t
Ludlep ow lurLLluli und iiemutmrs tick Is
arc absolutely not transferable Any woinnu
wishing to join the club must bo prupn rd y
Otto muinber nnd nemnded by nnotlier lit I
niembersblp inchutuips allot tiers nf women wet i >
knuun in usbloiinblu and literary I I life in lioat n
ami other 1 rust o rut title us smut I UH ueiu I
The lnxnndrla of 1 ondon has a in iuinr >
shlpuf f Toll nail thin members nf tuo I uiiit4
Now York Cluii hay that the Lexlnutmi ae u is
dill liiusi will linvn u nteutittti slut of f e i il
luojiortions if lliey earn tu allow sn n lily a
Ji In Already the club house Is ci owl g to
Mimll i I tu uceiinimouatK nil who Mnv i nuy its
peciillui I i privileges its I Instuiit it rest in t hits
city t will I I ujoult less lend tu the t turn i ion ul
fiiuilbir lithe In olbor big oltIns I hllalniph a
already Ins such nn nrgunl ition It I I I the
Acorn iInb I anti It I t boasts u mornl ersulp I u of I
iiinnng tliim some of hi heat ki > ui ii vt miea
of thu t Cuukor It i Thudu 1 s ath Acuinme
higher thunln the IadldVNon luk I lab
JHI HLit JI or 1111 3iirif
At Siiat 5 II i 5nmii ICrncli Her
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tainment and tbu beauty uf a matron and tbl
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riously enough the older the star the maOtl
beautiful It become
omsn who think ot nothing but how tilt
shall slay young are women of character
minds All thIngs considered the greitti
woman Is chic who can grow old nlorloulr
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But your woman who Is professionally rne t
llbltlon has got to bring to the market utiij
the cubllo mot shesiree And it Is a parent fC j
that the mob would rather look nt the panWf
ness of youth than ut lbs porlectlon of I ron V
ullty It Is this popular instinct that unasr 5Z
blbitlng women starve themselves
hemseTvaa prison themselves restrict th
unotlons suppreia titr mlud and crvou

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