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1 r 1f T
I l
icnaoEDEai wonotatrvL JUNe
r LIk Eelta i of th Lite Bare
I I w Hurried Culirorml nelreee
I mm tlu OatUuMl JVfflM
1 i flitted since Ran
I t j i Not many years havo by
i fvs Francisco society was all ascot with tile an
nouncement that Baron Von Schroeder 11
engaged to the eldest daughter ot tho late milt
llonilre Ieler Donahue Their marriage was
I t considered a wedding of money to title Hut
the Baron astonished ashlonabte people by est
tablUblne his plaoo ot re ldeuco In tho West
t t Instead ot shipping his prize to Europe Vary
few are oognlzsnl of tho fat that thn Baron
his rendered himself a benefactor to the coun
try In a most commendable war
I Far down In the wilderness ot Enn Luis
Oblspo county dozen roam ago aslock raiser
named Ilenton WAI gradually growing tlrotl
of an unlucratlvo business on Government
land Hla claim was lilllr nnd mountainous
and rook and tho vegetation consisted of for
1 ests of trees ana no 011 of poison oak brush
Ulio place was plcturoaquo but a poor mans
family ouldnt be maintained on mure con
templation of the beautiful or grand Hie
ranch Is eighteen miles northwest of Hun luls
and dome live mile distant from IRI Murphys
ald SOIO fvollo Uf
celahruted Santa Margarita ranch The Baron
visited tho land on a liuntliiK trip The taglo
ranch as It was calloil pleased him and no
fctrnlghtway made overtures for its pur
chase Bubseuuently on assuming pos
passion h employed Mr Itonton ns hit
Htipoilntendont I and begnu a system of Im
tirovoineuls Handlers sot him down as I fool
Joi throw lug his money nwa > Ihov have been
roen with envy everslnco Th Baron had u
mansion conblruelod on it coriinanillna prom
outcry und procn ded to adapt lilA ranch to I
the purpose of it c imtrr beat Tour years
ncu IUrUS roads hud boon built through tlm
IIU Ifor roal
laud at great o > nso ho docljpd to bring ilk
family down for tho minor Ho I conMdoiod
the dangort of 1 PC i ou oak ami ouo dai Ionlou
recrtUoitho otdor Cut that pnl nn oak Irom
tho hills llenton wis us much aatonl hort nt
the unlnr as IT tho Bnron had rommiunlod him
I tit rumrlutet
to 10010 a hill liutu week had not passed be
fore a hundred met woie t norknn u contract
foe rid thn bills of to obnoxious shrub In a
uaiden niontli the ranch retain Mod a newly planted I
The family came down and anjoyod n eison
ct I healthful fiondom there was hunting for
this liaron and Ins r muds In I i Ihe hills and J
celleiit hlll Ill thin tlator 1 bteh cour est
colent I
tnoiich tln rinch nil nt one ilnco nils t
llldlOt I feel 1101 1110 rocks nnl 1lleo reduced
picture of Uwomltes llrldul 1 I Hut tutu
was sonteth nc lacking In the matter ol shmlo
In ibn ieur proxluiiy 10 < tIle I ldluco and us
tho th rnmmetei itivntlv rog stem 11 I de
crtos In that i ointrr In tho summer months
tin 1 linrou decided to luvu I grove of bld lo
UOi to 1 till uu tile dillcloiRl kud odd to the I
torn ort of hlschlldion
Olr I a croi n he > lne nt tlm I IPHI of
thin hOI ordiiKiil lie Dare n I VVIlit nluulo
lenc lor tho 0 chl < len when 1 return hero two CUII
I rwo rOlr olnln1d Bonton l astoundo1
0 WIlY It wil bo fIve > ors ofore I thu trees can
uino rfnykli J of a 1111 1m
lR 1 imo I 11 l tlectini Mild 1 on SOil I 001 er llfo I I
lb liuof and w n nnt nfford to wait Pont
jiUnt SIlOS lionii but buy the triob already
Kruuu 8ine 1 bf
lltit tin i > nI
SPO that the crcvn M I hero never mind the
detail was the Ir Itiuonn inn hiding loiuest
In two ell ugroveof irccs ranging la height
tiom titteen tolwcntv feet hade I tho nrou ill
tho tear ot tho mntiion and wnki and rustle
haltsand oterylhlngoln tint mixlit conduce
to the I pleasure contemplated wan thore Ihn
trees woiobhippd thor at gieat enenfe but
never a word was hell d concerning tho outlay
Two hundred and LIft y yards irom i thn I man
fcion just buck of f the grow was u hill of soil
rud l 1 lan of moderate means mUbt havn
regieltud its lielng them tot U I 1 rot ai or
namont and could bo uf n oIrlhl I use lo him
To the liaion Iho < pro onio 01 this hill 11 u
eourco of dtdluht
lust the thing might bn his oxproci ii t
I understand thut llio heal Is I soiufltlmos PI
rrosslvoheio in summer This hill must bo
holloncd out riOt xvo will have 1 grotto
xvhorn we may sit in ornfjH when tho sun is
ralot 3 SIll erintondent ho gave rrdors thino t
bl of that bill This work
a grotto hilled out tlll hiI 1h wit
be un without < doiay nnd hundreds of ton of
ft rock weie riven and convened away to bo built
Into 1 wall to border tho winding ifnd leading
I to tl e tln lon on the Irmoolol y Htonewnlks
rt built wherever the requirements seemed
I to arise ind wbon thu grotto was i omplotvd
ivory OIOC of rock had been devoted to a ue <
fll purboso To ornament the Interior of lat
grotto In harmony with thin surrounding gray
Mono was tho next thing Iho llarnnbeiit JHit
tocotinolbMiUriH aud had raro plants and lot
to 1 of appropriate < designs sent i I and placed
In tho 6ummN house In the hill The lharonos
is I wormui of taste neither Uio planls nor iho
lotterv harmonio I with the rocky walls nnd
thy were shipped back again > ovv dull gray
luUOI y Rod artlllclal planls placed hero and
there have a beautiful ulTect nod < a brilliant
Ininn hangs from the centra of Hie wall above
and In July evenings sends Its rays down on n
s cene of royal srlendor for hero the Huron and
MB guests bit and sip the sparkling wine sal
tell tie nora old hly tales and slug old songs uua enjoy life
And today people from manv miles around
ilt the Ragle iiincb and view with won
iloi tho Barons system of water works which
is I on a scale worthy of a wiiall city yr eivoim
In tho mountains and water distributed to I
p > n portloiiof 1 the much tiimugh iron pipo >
I und drlvn tlirouuh the ttie I lined Wys to nil I
I orchard laid out on rolling hills cnntuinlng
SnlKjil 1rrncli pruno trots lie lamest irons I
orchanl In tho vrIL Uhee treof which aio
In bearing will yield prolit of
now bOlrlol wi ylole un average llrtl n I
S7 and from tub the Baron
3 I or frol Ihl ijouice 01
PPPIB his reiiiiiiu ritlen I
Tho Eajlo laneh is 1 hunters paradise
Garni nf all ib si iiption I al Oil ncts The I n 11
is I a gieat sportsman and it is on rccoid nl tho
IlnU that 1 who he I lh = l nsuinod i ossessi 11
liogavo i rders In bis siipeilntriideut tint If
per H hoir < Hack was fnund ho should be nol
fled Inimedlatelv I v telegiaph Mr Nchroeder
waMlien living in the cit arIa the bay A
tolegrain Ill IllS 01 n dai I with the I news that a
fizrii had been soon In I ho bills and thai t tho
m flIeR won d mil bn I i ad a tat get till 1 tlm
jn on vas In aid I Irom I Iho 1 baron reuhnl
Jemi loinn then I llu I tullIIIi ho suuihuru
111 i ai ii w is i onvpvml tn tho ranch luiiiio
ill ilely ito 1 nnu lilInlIg lit btMled out wilh
u MOMLUI gudo li I Ino i old I nun llni hid
tuiolliid flr Ili in the hill when suddenly it
I tre cruckfluC wiu board In tho btusli amid tho
llu fifloi I lbs boat ov lmel l the Mi xl
I rn liOn i I ip So hal lillibIt tile true and uhouta
I tl HI j < iu afraid r tllcltb akkoil the Baron
llos I I Miry much 1 d 1 oiio run lull Iii Flit the
Hilda Ixiii i hi uuLi tho IIKM ad inoni bet tie
at hon rliii a lion Sil crhd the Tlan n
The MBXIUHI W ita noi ili1Z I cr ubiiylni and
f 1 IlnouJcr I uiitcil hI l i Ilin I buai Iho urilv
lIlY hit < loi I iul liuired I li > Ct ill hi ace him fll I
llaion Lout cool and ollictid lined hU
Killde not to I shoot aLit Stilt a biillot > lashliiK
in I the cOt ri of thn 3117h i f hAud 1 1 lio great
I uiMt n Hod I OM i dead lint is I th < > itoiy but
tip lloMCHII MIIOs holl0l 111 ll lib It llUd
1f 1 i nx imtioiitlj t I to t tin isitilat 01111 Its run I
braMiry and hut i iiohiuuiun a iiiuls I 1 aro irons
to Ijseno Jhe Mekaii paid to kidphls I
irioiiui shut llit hit 111111 nf f llm urlzly onui
inanu I Ihl 1 grind haliuayof tin I Jnllo 1 runuh i
hoti o and puoulo still praise thu Barons
louricr a
One while rl Muc mee therountr he Josl Pits
IVfttiiieK i I 11 I sii tin it o titlelit vas aloui with
lilm and whn they riached I fenow thuy tore
it fi wn III I thn unu1 act nun roneutftd na
oftMii I they Uruok m nneloKiir Unoy finally
ruiiclioii a ui it ukin til plduih woman kspt I
a olleK ranti tier > I her ImlUd at her gate
1cnion dirinouniud nail w cnt in I
1 hut sit iou iik hr f ruur louIs niHdani
i nsk < d llenton
llio I ItS tlioM 111 sil you ut 1 dollar
at d a hull alIce PK < rxpliud
No fioonui had sin i nmplotinl thn sentence
than mackbane uent hue Huron rlllo sOil
tbic or foul ucoxii had co ied lo arkle The I
viflhIn WtH fiuntu und slit allod tlio Huron
murderer and lliim and was going into
hrsteikH when BOlltoll droppHil a handful of
stilt er Into tha I oiminb api maud put a veto
on her sobs
The woman Wail orJoYb1 at this nlld slum
mered out If loud H told mn you wanted
slicks 1 could have picked Vm out for Jou I
1 hr Barons ad onture la the wilds of tan
Luis Oblspo county would fill u book It Ifc I on I
tlmated that within live jKtrs time i nu
HihroederB Irxnrli prune onlmrd will haie
raid him I rett stoic 10 t lfTol all his lavish ox
tiendltures In making the Lailo innrli Inuil
Ir summer resort that vllIorli marvel at Aud
ban Lulu Oblspo people honor the Huron ana
fallow CIt IDI and it Is n olUmoo exprasaion
Mhd lonahue was fpitunale m tier mar
rlaKeehe has u lord who understands how to
live bow to epuud and how to wok as well
bamuel J nmiull HI H filvuto Holdlcr
Ito Mi I ill < UtlpAI < njulrrr
It FPenm to havn escaped attention soul
a mlnbr at the Uy Troop yesterday that
Allen the JUIslbBlppl Connrusiuiau Is very
wronc In making bill boast that he IB the only
member of the House of Itopredeutatlves who
vas private soldier of the war ruts truth Is
that HamuelJ Itundall stood right alongsldo
uf him m that honorable condition Mi llin
dull went with the troou when Unas called out
for the ninety days horvlcu lu ill 1 and he
clime back a private ns hu had goim ns ono
Ierhaim Is news to the jireneut genera I
tion who have only known Mr Ilaudnll as a
stoUt centleman whose movements were not
agile that be was one a line horseman W u
had scarcely a better ilder when we were taltu
into the uutlonal lullltary service lie bestrode
a rather fractious hurls that he culded and
controlled with perfct science He wai an
expert In the cavalry sabre drill and there WHS
mnrcelyn better Bwordumau In the troop W e I
were all sorry to lose him when he ttrlppod
himself of his soldier clothes to co to Cnngress
lie bat made all the fame fclnce then ilut any
man could deilre but for all that wo who wero
his old companion cant help feellnc that if he
had remained a toldlei Instead ot f dolne bis
enormous work as a Oonereeeiman lie would
not be IliAC oa jib deathbed todr
jitl >
Ail 70 8KB BIB BB 7B AnT
The Flight or A KMine Youth After
TrIs 1100 Mil
from le l courier Inimal
EIght hundred long miles Intervened ho
tween the residence of Johnnie Welch anti that
of his sweetheart and lbs young man was
penniless This was the state of affairs about
three months ago whon he lived with his
father on a farm four miles from Parsons Han
Eleven years previous the Welch family were
residents of New Washington A small village
lust west of TefTfirsoiivllle They owuod a nice
farm and Miss Nanoy Davis wns a charming
little maiden who lived on an adjolnlnn nlace
Hho was Johnnies swcelboart nod when tho
Wtdch family moved to hanaas the purling
between the lovers was an adopting ono Al
though they were children each promised to
remain true to the other
Lvor since they bad corresponded regularly
but while bU parenta were welltodo In their
now home the youne man had accumulated
no property and was con eqll oUy not In a
posltl in to provide for a wife During all this
limo however hll had longed see her and
when ho drove Into Parsons Kansas with n
loa I of corn about three months ago he made
a sudden resolve to vl IIt his old homo In far
away Indiana Ho had not n contain his
pocket and was clad In n rough situ of home
spun but his determination was not shaken in
spite of theao obstacles Hitching Dorses to
a rack near the depot ho left them nnd started
pnMward on the railroad track Ho bad never
been away from home before aol va conbe
riuontly unicaimlntod with the knack of beat
lur his way on trains
After vvolklLC cotitlnuouMy I for over two
months hIS at length arrived tit Now Washing
ton Hut his alolbes hung In tatter upon him
hU shoos vreio solo lon tod ho had the general
apixaranen of n muchabused tramp lleallzlng I
his sorry light i nnd that a man looking as he
did was not at all likely to prove an attraction
In the soclotv of ladles ho concluded to coma
on to Jpner < nnvlllo whore ho hopod to eecuio
work Accordingly without acquainting any
onu of his presence In the village he resumed
Ills Wears tramp Arriving In JolTersonvllle
nboit a week ago bo I Immediately secured a
loslllcn In thin woo machine shop at the car
works under horouian Ld McDonnell
t psterday nflcirnooii his undo James ColvIn
arrived In the city irom hew Washington on a
visit to bin old friend Col Nash Illoekor In
Phoning him over the city the Colonel took
him to tho cat works and among other places
they visited the wtodmnchlne shop There
to his surprise Mr Colvln saw otnplotod tho
nephew whom ho thought was working upon a
farm MX unlos away explanations followed
and Mr Colvlu Int t night brought his nephew
oet ti hilt city where ho provided him with n
rospectahlrt cult of clothes and obtained for
him a good position In wagon works nt Llbi
botht wn In llartholomcw county Ind
Oladly l tile young man accented the proposi
tion nnd after writing a latter to the young
lady acquainting her with the facto be made
nrrangnmonts to leave tonight for Ellraboth
town To n reporter for the iV > unrr > ounialhe
elated that whei his circumstances would per
mit ho would l return to New Washington and
Harry tIm malduu whom he had loved since
childhood day
i on novi > hwirL > 10 r < r
oqlll llnrful lilt or I loimi tln > from
Unrle HMMM Huff lluremi
him ide lIuhlon la
Inn I liullitiii I I just J liSI I nod by tho division of
entomolocv IVpartment of Agrlcultuie lr t
1 Itiloy wilting of insect louts i ot the bouse
bold after describing various epochs cock
lOiiohcB says In tho latitude ot Washington s
nnd lurther south the croton bua pats every
I thlim whb h ntains paste nnd coneaucntly
I wall paper iihoio raphsand 61Jlnlh cottaln
I kinds of cloth book bindings utTer feverelj
from their atlncks lu n recent number of
I Jillri 1 Uf will be toundan account of severe
I injury don to certain of the important tiles In
the 1 rmsury Department in Nashlncton the
hindinss of many important public documents
being dlbfUurod aud destroyed In the ollb 0 I
dl 1 the Inlted States tont und Geodetic Mir I
vny limy have be ome nn intolerable uisance i I
I In I eating olT tbn surface and partlculailr the
blue and rod paint from diaw lugs of Important I I
mapi >
iiit I ned not olnbornt further upon the
damage which thoj do How I I to kill I them and 1
proveni this damage Is I the Question
1I1Illt condemning other useful measures
or remedies like borax 1 would teueat here
what I have already urged In thete columns
vl 17 tint In the fieo and persistent UFO of all
forula buhach rr homo other fresh and icllablo
I brand of pyrothrum or 1erslan Ingot powder
wn have the most mtlsfnctory means of do illug
with this and thn other ponchos menib ned
Just betoro nlghtlnll ea Into tho Infested
I rooms and puff It Into all crevice under base
boards into the diavvra ant cracks of old fur
I i niture In fact wbcrnver there Is H crack und
1 In tho morning the floor will bo covered with
deed Mid dvlng or dnmorall od and 1 pnralyrtd
roaches wJl Ich nia > easily be swt pt up or
I othnrwl colluded and burned With ollInll
I glees and perltency In these methods the pest
Imllr I I o subtantlally driven out nfn house and
should inner ho allowed to got full possession
i by immigrants I from without I
for no otlior Insect hnvo HO many quack rem
edies h < on tmcd and arc so manv newspaper
remedies put lislmd Manv of them have their
good poln s but tho majority nro worthies In
fact rather than lIlt i faith In half of those
which havo been published It were better to I
tidy on the roth which T A Janvier gives In
Ins charming article on Mexican buporsti I
tions nud oiklore published In n recent
number ot Nii IJIII < Majaimr as current I
among HIP Mexicans To get rid of cock
roaches Cutch three and put thorn In a bottle
and so carry thom to vvbnre two roads cross
Iloo I I hold the bottlo upside down ant as they
tall out repeat aloud three credos 1 hen all Silo
c ckr allies In the houbo from whkh these
tines came will uo away
Iolllcnr s Without Itcturn
lronII 41uow IrIr
1 ho oar was crovvdixl A olini gii I TOt on
nt IlhoH hticet and spvaral slim follows
bounced up and offered hoi their heats At
ChlCHgo avonuo a fin womun got on but no tat
miiu bourn od UP to give her a seat Th ro tat
in tile forward corner a man that had come
eithor fioni Fgipt or Boutnern Indiana and
whon ho b u the fat woman ho got up und bald
Here mto tao this spat
Tho woman waddled forward thanked him
nnd sit down lie caught hold of a strap
oked I nl bar a few moments nod then so
loud Unit ever onu could hoar remarked
1 notice that I that aint luauy pulllo fellers
In this town
Not very many tho woman absented
I nil thn 5 vary polite miaef ho went op
Dunt our wny they think 1 putty tolerable
louuh at limes
think you urn vniy polite she lepliod
Mighty glad lo hum you say so always
like 10 Unou that my Utile efforts llud appret1
1 Inn Ito I doo or uood many mean tblcg I
u i inn tip mBone thing that I wont do If
1 c holt it an I mighty nigh all us can an
that s thl > I hover Jot u croat big fat woman
biiiud up I Iho woman glared at him I No
dnnt ho wpnt on I Jolt ont do It My
wile is u awlul fat woman not as fat ns you
are ihitittv I tolerable fnt 1 can give you a
Tho woman with morn agility than f Im had
doubilush shown for some time sprang to tier
feet and exclaimed
I wont have your Mill sir
Jest as welcome 10 It its not I tell you I
don want lo see you slnnd up for I know that
whon my wife has to stand up It mlghly nigh
kills her I an sn > > alnt iu you art author Clot
shoulders mighty like yourn but still the alnt
50 tilt
I want lou to shut your mouth 1 the woman
1 Vtifl 111 he asked In surprise Wy Im
your friend mizog Uhnt you going to got
oIl I am mighty worry that 1 have disap
pointed son fouiotlines It don pay 10 be
poiitn hnnddet when the disgusted woman
bail loft the car un I reckon that Is one nf
the things that a fellow baa to guard ngnlnit
In a towu iiko this e
Tim WH 10 Lute
ITjm tlf rMltMfMn ItCirJ
FonT Oonnp In April IIAn IncIdent of
oxr > odlng sadness bus just occurred in this
city 11m ulonian u former living noiir this
iltv was arrested by two policemen tor fast
dilviug I lor nods I sake dont stop me
Itora exelaluted llm irjlnc to whip UI his
hrvri > us So you dont euoulod one of the
nlllcers crabbing thn brldlo Youre driving
faster than the luw allows and you will have
to corns along with us and answer for it
5 By tod I refuse whack I He was truck
with n bllljr nnd driven to the nation In his
I own wagon Ho was charge with last driiinu
and dlsoriierly conduct
With bswlldared air Tim stood up Ills
volco trembled ludgp I dldnl moan no
root lWIIA 1 lUst drivIng for the doctor Oh
dont kpeii IllS bete My I willis dyinif
lh magistrate riulckh rulwisrd Him with
sympathizing regretful words Home ono
IJllhklY broiiKht a doctor others secured a
lI learn The drive to this little farm
house wn < ulcky inudo Thus little daugh
trr oroned the door Her eyes were red with
ooplna tilt he bobbed Oh papa papal you
were gone 50 long und now It is too late I
Tims wife was dead
I ICIcbiu4 A Hi actor Ha Imuur
< y < m lie 4 l limit Krput Itf
ST Tosrrit Mo April 7Yollllj lllchnnl
lroctor returned jo his home early Ibis morn
ing I ami htatrd that b < > bud been to Kansas
Cltv iounK Iroitor iM roars of axe and
within too mouths was umployed as book
keeper by the an Natta Lrnll iJriiK Company
that tilDe huwovei he was released from
his engagement with that ilrui owing to tho
peculiarity of his conduct That ho Is mentally
unsound cannot be doubted HU actions are
strange and he li possessed of various hidlucl
nations ills conduct In leaving bin home and
remaining away naturally iilarmed bin rela
tives ho undoubted II tie youeg mans mis
fortune that It has been docldedny his rela
tives to have him committed to the asylum
where It Is hoped a euro mar be oUe tel
iHTisnKtTt lvnUN LllB
Ieeall Stabile nnd Mtmnce Nattcni or
tile Yuma Tribe or fled Mtn
From lilt Globe Htmnertlt
Them Is IHUo In this small city ut RW In
habitants to attract attention except the In
tense bent which varies with the seasons but
in always oppressive Fort Yuma Is I conspicu
ous for Its Industrial boarding school main
tained by the Indian Department Iho In
dians hors belong principally to Ito iimn
tribe though thoio are a few f remnants of other
tribes lo be found Iho total number on
thu reservation Is lUi by actual cruni
Thou reservation consists of 45000 acres
of arId land almost wholly ivorthloss
without Irritation This tills crops thoy
inli me grown upon tho overflow lands
next to tho olorudo Buyer whom a very
little very primitive farming Is ntlemptod
Jibe river usually ovorllowa In June Uho
tnoiiullo beau and rlvor llsh am thn steady
diet of the Indians varied only us thor are
Mucosslul or unsuciosslul In growing n few
vegetables and cereals They are without Im
plements and without the knoulodga or means
to irrlcnto their reservation Mthough line
specimens of phvslcal manhood generally
healthy altogether docile Iln honest they ate
generally very In tho buikrt considering It
benuath tholt dignity to work The siiuavvs
perform nearly all tho manual labor 1 he turn
rnuKo nnd sell bows anti nrrows und a few
trinkets Tho squaws carry gloat buck loads
ot mosquito wood to lumi City Irom which
thoy earn trllle
Tile abode of a wolltodi Indian bravo Is a
parallelogram about llixlJ feet enclosed by
lour tiles with willow brush tied or nailed tn
thin Aides and across hits top Arrowwood
thatching closes up the Interstices end it dirt
root shelters the Inmates trom the occasional
wInter showers and lie boating Southorn sun
In the summer domlcllo tho thatching on the
Kilos Is omitted A blanket a van or two or
cotton cloth or n vow skin answOIR fm a Iloor
hovural Inches of sand Is I pllod Into the apart
montwhich answers lorlhedetitblos ittid chl1lrs
for the household l and when this In
tolerably Illthy but not bolorp the women I
carry II lIlt In their klrts ant loplaca It with I
fresh and A fqw of the tilbo havo mud or
udobahuts a info loss ptlmltlvo but no loss
dirty The lovernmont HIP philanthropist and all
concerned have neglected these Indians I
lining neither nunite sojiui nor tlilovltdi lucy
bavo given their white neighbors no trouble
and therefore have nttrnpiod thomsoivus
nlteo lon Although a mllltarv post Ill eslab I
llsheil nt this point In 131 anti the Southern
Taclllo road was completed to tiina lull ion
joais ago little was attempted on behalf of
thoo people until the t Itovoiumput anandonod i I
tho military Post nud turned over the build
Ing and grounds to the Interior Department
lies iiitori IInd Ineffective I elIot to v sit ie mado
to vbtablish somo form of truulon
xna a very little misblonarv effort was put
forth by thu ntbullcn Ihe rrnlestauts have
noor attempted to do anj thing here lho tie
bllltiitlng climate Its ext rotut > continuous I and
overpowering bent and the want of ronurces
to build up a settlement Inn o kept t nina fcr
thirtylive soar n more outpost of ivillatlon
with moro Moxlcnn than American tltlaim
and no malarial interesls oxcoit u railroad
paling house a H amboal landing fiom which
a Colorado liver ito imor eiiibarks once In
three months for tIle North and 1110 Torn
loriul renltpnilary The Indiau gent hltes itt I
C ilton alnntl his hits are as Intro iucnt
as those of tile rlvor steamer Thoia has
therefore boon very llltlo svuipathy and a I
gloat deal use 1110 opoiulod lor thu benefit
of these Indian
lout years ago MIss Mary Nolll > and n hind
of devoted Iathollc blsturs from bt LI Ill
celled the propobitjon nf thin In llau ollkfl to
undoitakothe coudu t of a boarding siliool nt
tort utunln this buildings abandoned by iho
mllliary which wore IlltoJ un for school run
loses belt they reached tho reservation i
hey found tholt wards nnd nitiins l Iho most
irlmltlvo Iniliinsin I th lulled I Mines Iho
till I I I lIul11lOorlross I I of lie I talwatt 1 uina 1 rat c
consisted of long bill k hair concealing nil of
ds heal except his I eves nuu and mouth and i
a lueoch clout ThaI 1 ot I his wife and grownup I I
sister was a skirt 11111 with Lath eviending
from tho vxnUt 10lull llm kiees Jheii hair
wn < tied link showing their ics Till I littlu i
umiis iii to twclvo > eurs of age woio sink
naked In winter II fow irmeiiN wei 11ldld 1
not for I the nurpoo of concoalm any of th > <
charms of the person but merely for comfort
on the cooler days No halt 110 havl 110
shoes no trousers n coats uu ilioss jlr s
were known the abhorrence of tIle males for
work of any kind was evidenced by tho stipu
lation of tho chiefs Hut if their boss entered
school they weio not to bo taught any uofui
e in ploy mn
i hero WHS no poll garni but the mnnopainlt I
husband fio mmitlj I put awiu uii ° wi o to I t iko
another In stile 01 thodemniallziug cOocis I
of the presence 01 tho white troeps andNlexl l
cans there ale very few hilt bleed In tho I
school out of 127 children all but ton aro full
bloods HI Is iitidoiHtoil that halfbrocd bal los
aro killed nt birth and this explains not only
tbo lack of mixed bloods hut nlio aftords an
explanation of the luct that thai topu I
latlon ol the trll o has varied very I
little slnco first tiny u etc enumorntea I
The ladles found the YUIIIII Indians vile
filthy pagm bill orhtlUolI and very low I
In ino scale of Intellect l Their work bad to
begin at tlm worst sort ot a becuin wr nnd I
Miss ONeill tills mo sho was vciy much dis
couraged nt the outlook Ibo I people of S mnn
accustomed to thodogradation and depravity
of the Indians cavo the iood w nmn littlo en I
eonrngemim 11cr > were Kind and courteous I
but skeptical Iho Government reganled llho I
etTurt to cull I 11111 theo unnplo bi meinsof a
AIllOoluA I a oorlinent I and this iif > r I
noOonsu ago Arizona politician couI ldoied it aus auto I
Thin Indian hinet permitted a few boys togo 10
school moro because > wine to tHI fed with
out cost than for alII thiinij elo i lucy I broko
out all the window panes htI Silo h ddlni
anti table linen carried on kltcheii trnnsilH
and ileetro > od ani tIling that It incurred tn
thorn to put out of the vvai 1hy resented
trousers shirt bhoea and lino tooh lomh
and rovoltxd outright at baal and va or llm
hlster I 1 Superintendent I Slits C1I11 I e I 111 I III i
proinifo I not lo cut theii I hair unless iho t boy
coiisnntod and iigronl alson t to Inlll I t coi t
oiil I punlhiuoii The Indiarn nnvorpunlh
their children Onn duy a boy caught In the
net of hurling a pobhlo through a window pnnn
was gently cbided bv u Mstnr lie escaped
that night and boforo morning ttvonty I win
dows wore convicted Into ventllnb is The
boys worn Incorrigible thai girls shy and the
Ptrents suspicion Tbt cunditlons could
hardly htiets boon loss fuvorablo escejtt that
there was no danger to life or pel son
Iatlently the dovotpil nuns went about their
work They reached tho p irenis bv visits to
ttiolrhovols by presents of eaudy Irlllkull slId
of hwcetiueats thoschoil t idrtirliiu banished
their foverb and uavod soino nf tIlt littlo onos I
after the inedd Ine men had given them UP
Ihey llnnlly nvoipame the shuioss of tile Ill I
Llrlh won tho I respucl of I lie hOf nh ii thuulloc
lion ol the fathoM and inotlmrh Todiiv they
have olghtyfoui boys and fortythioo girls In
the Hchool Many of iho 1015 I havo short hair I
and all ure neatly dressed cleanly It nil Intor I
csti d though their piogic s Is I slow Ih6 1 loiS
no longer sInai or tlolro tIll school pr irt I I I
and this voar for the llrst time girls erlna
on Womanhood huvu I eon hold In reboot it re
claimed from the streets ol the mljaceni vil
age Alter lour ipais of hard worn of almost
inlliiitn patieiu and of ontlnual dbcuuiago
montH tin Nstois see lIght breaking
itie 1 Government has granted monnj to erect
a tank I at the t bdio I il and a pumiiliu i cngl lie nt
the I rival from which a small run h of ground I i
can bo Irrigated und tin prosnact IH goi d lot
more oXJlouliho Oortsln the dlro lion flirl f
gatijurtlmresnivntlon Tho Indian mon now
w oar cHirous clothes eCIIIt hats riot many
are beginning to wear straw lists Tilts women
are no longer naked and oven the 111110 follows
urn covered with a cotion shIrt nt least A
number of pupils have boon confirmed In
tho Catholic S faith and I pIll till o of tho cnni
I mUllion at thn little chapel In uma Ity hits I
bois at tho school work without a murmur
and n fow old Indian mon inalit wages on the
rlrollu hldB of tilt river at light labor Tins
tribe deserves oncourazeinout and I Ihe work
I alre idy nccomulldhed by the bt Lyula hleters
IB above prulse
Mr Iuuc Ill > nppolal 4 Uncle
non tie fitulgi Vrwl
Homo yonifl ago Bays lit B P Cabin
I attended dInner given bi a friend In No
iorka physician who lOiuing orliJniilly
from hcotlund has undo auto und money In
our country Keplylug to u toast on Ihll tees I
don I congintulutod auld Kcotla upon having
just given to the world anothor son who occu
pied a foremost place stltoUgtontellt hioritIleous
lllteratouiB llobert Ioulll I btavonson Having
ended uiyHpeooli which wax lib felicitous OH I
could make it I I bat down and was at once
drawn Into convention by tin elderly 1 gentle
man sitting hard br This gentleman mo
Ihul Htoveiirou won a particular friend of bin
ueplien und he lecalled several incldonta
Illustrating the cordial relations between the
two rercelvjui that the old genlleman him
self was a bootcluuun I renewed wllh In
creased enthusiasm my nialnOH of Stevunsou
vUiloh seemed to please my Mend f mightily
Ills nephewbe said was story bright man
nnd hail be Chosen his profession wisely bo I
might have amounted to much IJut ha would
have his own way and contrary to the withe
and attic of bin family he ambarkod in lit
erature Tithe step of hilts bad always been reo
grotlod h1 l iliespoak rlbU uncle for he ri > i og
nied his talents and U had palnod hint to pea
thoe perverted and wasivd He 1 might
have amountod to so much If he had kept out
ol literature
ltio old tfoiitloiuan said this with so great
fnollua that lilY heart vvont out In pity toward
him 11lt I wan curious to Know who tIlls
nephew UIIlilhld UlbtUIIIIJ young nlu5lh > >
boon comiiaiiloii of stevontioii
And what In youi nephews unmet
Ills name Is udrew lang iinsKerod the
old KAntlemun Did you ever hear of him r
BId 1 ever hour of Andrew langf r I
rOil rd vvoll 1 should riihei say 50t 5 liy
man your nephew Is the btgitem all round 111
eiari man In England today let hero you bit
cnddilng tho delusion that lie has mlnUkon
his profession
5 pOfrHSOr I know said the old gentleman
sadly tin all weol snow tn talk but wl Iho I
grace o Ond In his heart ho wudda undo sic a
KUd minuter1 I
I 1 ilTSltltr 010 TllK lltilUtZ
I A Nked Wanderer on the Mojnve Hnr
prtflen Two JRiillrowd Men
From the van franelico Chrmielr
ExtPmllnjj from the Snn DPI nnrdlno meri
dian on the west to the Colorado Hlvor on the
cast and from the south line ot Injo county on
tbu north to tim north line of Ban Diego county
on the south Is that vast expanse of melan
choly waste known an the Mojave Desert
Many arC the tales of privation and suffering
I clidurod on this vordureloss oxpans One of
thu strangest and rot trim occurrences has
been oxi erleucod near this place which Is In
Iho mlddlo ol lha doaotU Last Tuesday even
ing as lngliioor Spencer wile returning from
Iuvli be encountered tIle followIng export
encp which Is best told In Ills own words
I had just toundod tile curve near mile
Post Sod nnd had taken DIY watch trout my
pocket Noting the Hmo 62i oclock I ro
liimcd It to Ut Place mimi naturally ghincod
abend of my pnglno Whnt was mi Intones
surprise to BOO not user thirty yards ahead of
mn and appio telling tho track from tIm south
a man apparently d foot tall about 31 years of
apt wltb long black hair banging clown on bis
shouldeis and n heavy black bonrd Ho was
entirely miHod and bin skill was tanned Iul 1
tIng on the driver brake brought the engine
to n stop just as tho mnn rossrtd i the track
After crossing ho ntopi erl and looked nt tie
i liuiiiedlaloly i iost < d over to llm lliemauti
side and as I started 10 climb clown lo the
ground ho started oir I called to him as 1
lea lied tho ground but with n frightened look
hoilashid away I thought I was good run
ner but tho way his tiara fool got mm the cin
ders and gravelled me to behove otherwise
Inca or twice I I ho looked buck but did not
elackeu his pace Iteachlmr tho hills which
nro about half it mllo from the track ho BIJOU
d Its 111111 I bo Ilromun who had remained
with tbo ouglno now cnmo up anti wo went
nrouuil the bill but hn had disappeared from
Mew I confess I did not dare to follow him I
around thorn alone As It was late mid our
engine Tins standing on tho main track alnnc I
wo abandoned further sou roll and returned
tlio endue
On Wednesday n party of ten or twelve un
der that guidance Mr Kponcor wont lo tho
gene of the chose Thoy hud no dlQlculty In
finding thin tracks to whero ihe man was last
teun and a mile or moro further Into the mils
could bo seen tho bare footprints In tIm eond
lvcry cavern nod caflonw as explored and the
search kept UP until all the party tired out I
gradually staggered back to town
Conductor Htaerald I on tile morning pas
snnger train reported seeing n man about two
miles woat of whore Mr spencor hail seen him
bin no trace of him could bo found
On Ihursdai mi rnlug Deputy bhorilT iled
JIll wIth 110 experienced desert lIIaoootllO don n
and punt thin ontlrn day scouring the hills
but ID sign i tho 1 man could bo found
various theories mire afloat some logical and
others hardly pinbable let possible TIle one
having tile oCql I bold IB Hint hits Is sonio pros
lector who has become deranged and that ht
wits crossing from the mounlnlns on the Bouth
heading for this place when his reason Hod
Anotlipt I that n weak or ton days ago a man
answering to this mans description was Been
in Death alloy which Is about twentiflve
miles north ol here He had neither blnnknts
food nor water and ipemcd to bo wandering
both mentally and bodily
Ihe most sensational theory is founded on
the following tact A jour or two ago a man
gut off of Condo Wilds train near Siberia und
wa never seen or hoard of afterward A larro
party wlih In llao trailer bunted lor days for
him and acre obliged glvo it up in despair
Can tills bo HIP mau ro slblv
During I our soared we found rabbits quail
coyotes Innumerable small ground HnlniaK
lId terrapin Ml tin so cannot exist without
water and their presence bhows conclusively
that there must be water attalnablo V hv
thoul I 111 a mnn devoid of reason Mill have
enough of ihe bruto Instinct to find means of
liii shin 11th e as well I PB tho lowpr nnlmnls I f Jhn I I
principle of the t survival of the fittest I would
1 pjd 1 MID I mm to sti lid guard oier Ito waler I
Mippl ami wLon this smnllcrnnlmnls ill hson
to thirst woln com ollod to come within tim
t e id 1111111 I I I lood would bn nsnmail I
All K i howiivnr Inert conjecture nnd wheth
01 am one ol tho aliovo theories Is coriect or
not the iitci of lbs poor mortal existence re
mains an awful and living I I rein Insier nf the
d uiueriitten llnctl < II avellor over thliC dreary
o Ill flO Could the drilling sands toll I tholr
Flit 5 what stnrtllne things would bo binught
lotus lie 1ut llpnt ana mysterious naught
i Iown I except t wiiere bom poor mortals
vuit tied I bones Are found whb h Il cull i tell i I
the awl ul tale of biiloriug and death
lKlItll CIUK mn IIA7
CiilUnrnl i peulmor Who Ilr < nme Hud
ilcnli ICIcli aistI l Died In roTcrlj
Silo i fe Globe flfjH rtl
IoouiIntirnrecr > won reiontly orrlo 1
on tho Iiiillc eritst t both showins the evtia
nidlnnry rsurssa that befall many sDprulitor
in I allfornia In I a rule ctbia In I rgiu hit city I
11st week wa > found tho doid lody I or H D
drlswild wio had pcriihod by his own hand
nrlsHolu Wait one of the arly pioneers who
camn hero wltb horny MplLaf afterward la
tnoiis us tho I railroad bulldnr I In I Chill and Pom
Molcics wns hOonoi h millions but drlswold
lIla t piosp r to rapIdly baiiuuo lie had no
lortnnn I toMart uith
Mill li toon owned a trading chironor which
lied I betweon this oily ant Muxlcan port alit
im amasspd acoiiilortnblo forth no Hut when
tutu l omsio k pxe itomonl broko out ho wont to I
Irfclui City with the rush of udveutmors and
there > ink all ho I id madn In Calif irnln HU
old afiioclao Melggs was threitened with
luin lirin in li e ns > when hn look uuo of hIs
clipper ship lo ided hoi with n mlscellaneoui
atgo of gondh and onu night flipped tho cablo
and miido Ids way out of tlm iiold u < ate
Jhuio wasguusblng if bout tlm noxt morn
I in aiiiou his creditors there Wit racing
and chasing down the coisi lo capturti tho
lugitlvo vesel h with tho biggest defaulter
I lallornla had ever limn known but Medggy
made his escape aol was never aflerwiird hcen
In t bin old haunts Hn > dufnlcatlon and night
ruined a doren IUPII in this city whoso only
tIll tttkit V > BB lu tiiihing him t Implicitlv I I Mv
ya is after lit Ml hot o Melegi was rich unit
lor twonU ears bt it r his eliith lie was many
times a milllni 0 iso lu all this time he
Hindu nn I luiuliies I I t t itio the I affairs of llm
friends whom ho had ruined nor did he make
the leah ollort to repair thin gieat wrong he
hud done
An thou speculator whose illstarred earner
closed like Griswohuis In llnainlil goom was
Daniel d Ilarton who dlod recently ut his
little vlneynd noarl ucvruonga in an Heruiir
ihitia county Barton wau u cousin of the great
financier llnltton and wits a jouug and hand
home broker when tho lllg Uonaiua exite
I nipnt nt Pi71Th struck Ban IramUo and coa
I vetted story curbstone chlppcrinto a pro
F8ctln nillllonalro Jlaiton was shrewd and
bought enough t4Ol k In huts big < onbolldated
Vi irgmi i and c ttl Ito rlt it mines to yield him over
a half f million In a few mnnlhi
llisfriemlh thought he Wiw on the hlch mail
totr at wualth as ho seomid to time that in
valuable Instlm t uhili tails n xpuculatoi when
thn market is goIng to rise or fall Ills actions
were clo ey watched und muu small opera
tore made moiitiy by I toying when they HOT
llartin loading iu > and belllni the moment he
begun in dump > < to KB el despite his r x
traordmary run of luk Ilarton Hiddenly loft
the Ixcltmoit of Phi strict and Paupor alley
and told a Mslt to tho 1 i < t and lutope
In Mirnti ki ho nut in limiinKe suatli lie
hail Hulls by tIm tloo n iiid ho wore tho cost
llnit and mobt unique jdwuli Ho hobnobbed
with old Commodore Sandarbllt who grit
clouel itllownil tile I iliioiniun to boat more
than t his i tier bunion of the t oont of entenuln
Inutlio I feloi t crowd of ralltoad milllonalins m
that ho iMthnred iii > out him Ilarton bhono
like ii IncIsor for a nncl season and he tnld
lrlond on bin loturn that hIS hal dropi oil bit
mm in setting It IIII for the boys and In bd Dots
The bam run of Ii Imk followed him In
rurnpn He tool u liver on nil the 1 ncllsh
and 1 rench inc ooursos but there WON a boo
doion him and ho couldnt win He I luoctt rue
< lc > sieralo pluned Into all kInds of dlsalpa
Slot and dioppud tho remainder of his coin at
Monae i in tho vain cndoaxor to iotrlou dlsa1
ten He saved just enUtIBI out of the wreck to
par his fare back to jlllonila Barton was SI
t dletiAarttitied when he returnid
that he never visited his old hauntn in the
Stock Kxohance but wont to Pan JOKA and
started a small buhluotH He couldnt make K
BO however and ho coon retired lo hilts vine
yard at ucamonKO which he hid taken for a
small debt year before and had reicardcd IM
worthless Ioi the last seven ream of lIla life
he lived like n recluse seldom venturing away
from home
Vlrgglelea u ° l ci Woinie Ihyiciui
15 the Iiitls sic e Anurlcan
Jiruiii ONl i Apill II I I Hid htnto hoists I of
iedicsl IxnrulnorH whoxo HprMon hero has
just closed hud br thin first lime amonr hit
anplicuntH for I ho prl llcK of practising meill I
clno In thlsStatoa w man JII iss S I llaynes I I
who wits rccojiilrelodud ashtjnt phtsli lau In
the Western unitio Asylum Mit > u litiynts
passed nnnccnssfnl esnmlnutlon unit lion pa
purs wore highly eoinpllmonted Dr Iluyn H
WItS awanled ndlilon a lo practice tier prolis
Moil In this Htate Tills is I thn llrflt lens ii its doc
tor who ever hilt a posItion In any of lIsa pub
IP I I Institutions of V irirlnl i W Vlun I lie uuesh I n
of having a fonialo doctor for the entitle pa
tients In the Western lunatic I Asrluin Watt
broached nt the metnlnu of tha Hoard there
wits u tug fliItt but without success and when
the matter nan decided Miss llavura coled
the appolntinent and nllhouch she was n
graduate in nmdlnlns she was required under
tIle laws of VirginIa lo pabs an examination
before tho Htata Medical llourd before she
could practise profession In this btate
Jterihug I the BUK Authorities
Trots ilic Re fliivUco Ckrsniie
ipARS VAMFY Jlnifli 2i1 Clinrlps Dnrljpr
tins dlBroered a small beetle that foedn on the
codlln moth larva hosn 1 posts anil the ncalo
huu almost ruined hue orclmiduot this Inconi
paiablo mitt and pear dIstrIct hence the
work of the hues will tie watched with interest
Ito specimens of beetles disi ovred will be
Stilt to lrof llllcard Nt the Mate Inhorilt I
rrom the few Australian liidylmi beat here
last several colonies of thb < ale dfxtmr
ers are reported from n number of orchards
J bn horu < ulturlbts are deliuhte 1 at the propa
gation and the notk ot the bugs
ANDY MboIrItLv VAST rnorrKtis
Tlie LIthe Fellow that Trotted at Palo
S Allon VThtl nnd Olkcr
i Vm the an Irnnttlco fftronlif
ITp nt hut Ilonxniituii Stock Ilirm mly
McDowell has a string of caiinmlunors which
will taste it hot work In the clrjult thin bc < asou
for all horses In Its class Uf the entire stung
oiilytwoot 1 this liters Direct and Margaret
bavo over had u public performance and when
Andy comes to lila score with tho now ouoa bo
will have it purler for tho talent
hat game htllo black follow Direct who
trotted out nt 1nlo Altos wheel In Ibo second
boat of the famous Htockton race In 2 Itt S and
who won thii Grand Notional hands down ns
they say of the gallopers and who wont bacit
to the farm at the close ot last Boiifon with n
mark as n fourioaiold of 2l It t mudoln a
race Is a boiler horse lodav than aver bo was
before antI will bo able as a tlveH arold to
keep up tIlts good namo for himself that bo
mado as n I fourtear old Ho Is a big horse
now Ho has llllort out bofore and behind and
has bigger bairol He moro than over ap
proaches the conformation In muscular level
opulent that murks his distinguished sire Thin
PeoPle of tho faint da not think 212 too good
for hint this season
Margaret a 2 W who bears the laurel
wreath ot the spirit of fits fitao futurity stnko
nbout hor o itilno bruvv may bo again n stni of
the llrst magnitude Hho was tho uamost and
the surest ono of Ihoin nil last year but sue like
Direct has tilled nut all over and donsnl look
In general phi ho Ilko the baiuo filly of lust sea
toil Mm is racier III nptOiiiatp stronger III
tbo rump und tniarters and socms to have
mom dnsh ntut vim I In I hoi mcivemcnts It was
voryvvoll known last eat thilit her record win
not the mpumrn of hor speed nut In all hr
races she had BOiuotlilng In roore for she
wail tiesor called upon Hint him couldiit re
spond Ihlsbciasoii i 13 does not at this Hmo
of thin roar Buem too much to uMoitof her
Sho has soiim ho ivy work on hoi hands this
lour Mr Salisburys BIIOLOS vvltli her m thin
fim itt stake htst 1 year has onibolelcnud him to
havo luiothor shy ut the Ijistei nnrs and the
filly Is entered anti all thin payments mado In
tho An vwiiu uturity at Chicago and in the
2255 class at Lexington nud it lourioarold
stake at Independence In hIts will go Last
about tho middle of the season und It Is quite
Ilknly that Direct will go with her nnd havo a
try lu tIle 2li4 I stallion claHs Inivloutt to their
going titer will start a number of times lu tho
CalifornIa circuit
Among thin green ones who will imki their
bow this oason is a four > onrold black Illly
by Director unto by U hlppln Hamblotonlan I
called thin oninoy Mire Hho is rather to
ward In herivoik and has shown something
good iilioaiij I McDovvnll I I I teems to t t think a
grunt deal of bar Sho Is rangy with plenty nf
subttnnco and sltotv very pi ilnly tlmstnmp
of her alto and has 10 a certain degioo his way
of going Katie S Is a black llllj 4 pars old
byDliOUr I out ot a main by Happy I I Mudliim I
who seotist to bo a lavorllo iibout thin Htnldes
though aa let Rhe has simon nothing being
short of work but she can go u little bit nnd
die has that kind of ft cult which marks thin
highclass trotter Mm look us If she might
develop Into u bald determined campaigner
able to trot faster thiiu the average unit trot
like tho old horse nil clay she will bo one of
the Mithlus stat tirlt at tIm Breeders nicotine
MoDovvoll promises to havo n prle and n
mirprlsn this season In u chestnut mare by
Hmo which Mr Salisbury bought fioni Jack
I i avis the Chicago sporting man vvhllo on his
way home allor bis pw otksiilo she came
out with hot S other horse bought In the sale
lust whatlmcin do nobody ki ows but Mc
Dowell Is p I irtlculnrly I nweet on her and while
r or > to bis fi lends lo look out wbon llio mare
ptnrts Hn Bnis tdm cin gn nijuirtor along
with Sunol but vv bother Bho colt rntniimllo I
out that way ho cannot loll Miowas lined by
the late W H Seals and was takonlaut by
Dan I Me Cnrtv who fold her lo 1 rnviB
1 bo Ploasinton Fltrtit I hilts n gro it horse In
fonoetor illvn tear old stallion by Director I
dam Iralnoy bv J elm U Is tIle idea of thin
farm lo mako him I the worthy successor to
Dliector wuen this old horo days of upful
neis tie pist lio I is a handioiii < follow n
beautItl S cal brown flnndlni g 1 3 i hand high
and thio iou hn has nevnr i > eon prppamd ho
can l1tW show iiuartors In thlrtvtlvo seconds
it itt will I nmkn a great cnmialcner Ho I I has
alt 0 ngi It and Bluing power writlin all over
him Hn has been iu the I iinl thin snason and
next yeai ho w ill lo tiaiimd and ampatgnod
Mr S illsbury expects ti do with him what htt
dl i I ii 1 vltb Director I mako him i this lion I i hor = o
of tho t year
McDonal I his ns private ropprti nthico
TPIUold I pacing hotniit lib ly b I > iI ally out of
nn Vrihnrton man t iinond < tim bv I anglod
Hint can ohon a turn f speed e itial to the
lltghth develojod bv I Adonis I and Gold leaf nt
th himn wee She it forwaiil in her work and
showed n manor 1 lie ntln reins In I 11 ieconds
and llulshed v ith miuielhlng left Mm an r no
It ton nail with her McDonald I can bavo omo
of the rich acingi vents of llm I coait at his
mercy Mm U rath r haIr drawn br a gosh
staler but lti i prnmtsno considerable dnvelon
lao it I Mio will got I a light I campaign tills ti ir
Tbcro I tire two von ill I IoI v you ttg ones in Inn
stables a brown llfl li nrling I s by Director
dam HoMina I I byill I I I tall ir and it s ttnl lii g lit owtt
colt by Dlieptur out of a maro bv Wbllules
l5ute N1OOU lur Isle ull >
J5it f it Pe VTcnif
llsthICITON plllli 1 Silllliil Pluillli hilts
introduce I u hill I to p ly > iHiit immwho
vtabicali dd Acioinnanvini hu > ulrdivlts ami
other apon i in I thcatf t is I II leaistlc i loie of
ovllonin In tiltS 1111th 0 n recnnt ill togritlb
Jhls paturo shows Iho boil ill ll lunksiim
ttt ii hIt 5isi viars after tlm k iu lie Will < api I ll 1 id
1 ito claimiinl Is Kubeit Mcti His I I I home U
nt Itutiuii I in leivonwoith ioutitv hUll In
liil McOen wiionly I U 1 curs Culul Inn I I ho nna
ialiii I itt go of iii I IIKO and t ia iallt lie iould
Indu tlio otlbertuu opt him o u Iii lull
Ho wont to 11 1 iTt Jeivonwoub itili I 0111101 1
Mien tile miilnrin tamo n Mi h nm t wy ro
joctod but wi Livon u nlnco an lei ntt < r bv a
I contractor I Mho WHS about lo S tak I c ivuiKin
i train I of Ciovoinment II Ill tos fi mi I I I on
1 uavonworth to I i i rt 1 tiion in I Now 51 oU h
3iel oa Sluts an orphi Ho Iiitl 1 no JHUUH In
vhiih no could ratiiru mil no friends with
sshotn ho sOlId iuhi id e li lock tIle P i 111011
of loam ot ot undiT tin inurtn i I thoi1 that lie
was still in tho lio oimnru sons ice
iilthouKh Im had be n riio ted as a
soldier Near what I i now thin lloiiiihliimi I ui Hy I
of larned tin WIIK ui tram I wis wiped I out by
Jitlle lui ties luud 01 1 I Hill M l tile win
thoonly sit rs ivou llowanh I I i alii I ilinl 1 I lelton
tho ground for dead ibis lumen din Iho
llthofIul I i > IM I 1 Clue uirlblo ii idoal left tile
boy IiattteiI itt Inilth 1 01 maul suns ho
mado a llvlni by uvhiliiiin hN aried rown
anti now hu nppeils to S the I iiinornincnt S not
forapniihion hut for lIe luiiipfiiui 1 I of SJDIKI
The claim comes uuder tIle li bill atlpii ot
Indian doprodation ilthouch there Is I uothinu
just like It on the set ti IK
The pipois au < now in I the I bunds I of the I select
Comniittno on Iiidnin i epradition Claims
A tVrlnkla In Jtrrkonlna Iltitcit
POint III liciitriic lesruii
A Kontlnin vuis hnw inu It i iitioiiit 1 tblnc
in the ltate lloiihe this I noon liowini how to
tell the liii of tlm weok I any date this gust
thttfol owlni g foimnl I t I i which ill 11 liii tried by
anyone laU II l > i oh tv luunof tho jear
add n fituitin f this diioar Unit tho frac
tion add th lIlt f thti ttiil I to this
add the llcuro in the full f tsiui Ut ono IlKiiia
Stan 11 imig for call UI nib i M ii J 1 I 0 I J i 1 II I II I
1 DMdn lii si lIll lit 7ind the ion imuorwll I
gRe tile number it Hm us m tin eek and
whon there I Is no Mmnn I 1 lor the day will jo
As tin ex inn lo tikn to day Mnich Il IHOn
Tiiko Ml H I 1 2i ilIll I j I eli fl I JIll elves 117
wlilili his litiul It s leaui fi iialtidr nf i
vvhlcli U thIs nMillion f the ilu > or ednobday
Kllrulu Ills lilenl Mull
lrtm V ti utl fttllf
At HIP Dfth annn il tictthtlg 5sf f this Amiii I
CC Vsoeiatlnu for the sdvnnenninnt 1 nf 1hvl I
ilti hduuitiun at lltintinuton Hall I llnvsti
sbrtitl vesteidai DrSiranntof I liuvarlCol
legs I 131 11 paper nil phsitlcnl < iiltinn and ex
hllillod pholOkTaidis and chuithfif nth p
holes nnipnctlisin luiob 5 iMlrinii i and lliincitu I
0 huts I lu I duicrlb nu Mlrilnu I I miiloup Mr
hirirnnt ad thai ho I I enuia foil no C bfli I thu
iJsil man than 1 any ha hnd evoi r eiinihioil
Tn tlU bet l inninwriU till Lri < t 1
Not only ofrr I HIP Iar pst uborIUlIlt
nnil rorrrrt styles for llnvs dlrls ami
IlubleH but biliiR iitttiiliIMtt liters vvltli
II teq na I lcd ru 11 II I I I Its fur HIP t prnilui u i it tlon
of Childrens vviar urn In a iiosllluii to 1
fiirnlbli Ilistcluss jooils ut imiiMMtlly i I
low prlcri
Youth HIHl i114t s lI f 1 lu Jft
60 62 West 23d St
The Confidence of the Public Won by Mme M Yalo
5000 J t D1A 5000 j
win u iui1 IIr MML M YAM or 7 m
Milt 1 la anr pin who rin ituto Hint olin U l1 I
U I IIIT Iha IeU titbit or tile worl1 faint IX
< risiou t oMiMrxiov I1i1 till > o
touch until br the most reilnetl ladIes of Iii mil rllir
rounlrlev Iiermttolo UK iclei co which r > iuire I <
itil 1 and ability N rufllf If mper or baITll l unit
lie cuuiretltnr cn rlnnnc tie well l ritabllihril rIIII
lion of MMi M V tiI2 llXt IJISIOH
< OMliKXION HIKAf witch atIIII r
cures IIMI > Iis lKii KIIIM IIIII
xrMA itrnis or tbe > UIN > ItIN
KIiH itt all tit I IIIKUIII I
Tbrtlelani as well al well known society U lien all over
the tulttJ States are TailIng their voices in the itChy j
or the wund qualities or UK 11o010r l Lumiiloxl In
llleacli Mine Ylo rrpaUon bupj ni HI Mini
lifts competition ore aijtCCltil > brail itto bate lId
them once art I make rlfinl r > ierev r Introdiioil
Their iMe It s irri 1inr rupMly and tIe fiicllltlei for
manufaclurliH hatu 10 be Increased aliaoit weekly la
enter to ppU the demand
Kxcetilor ConiMenloa Hleach U I harmless turn relu
tile The Martin or rrtckln In i lion UII the is or Li
ttl lor omplexlon tilted nol only nl IUId 1 rrecklea
but IM INTS them from coolIng All rompleilon
blenilihet nell 10 It fewer TIe lCflltIlP j artlcln Ito I
the fac untIe trade mark on boUleMwttb lime Vales
photoirraili ana li t word EX KISIOK < Oil
SIiXlON BLEACh is Id letters This iume
Umc Tateor New York la I atito titieti In the glass llli
pelt Iv ejllne iruccnn It will bnienl to 1ny 111 01 l
this w Til onrtcfliinl the trIes Li per bill fS for
tlir llu amount easIly iieesars i fietio enrlx
utMiiti 111 I Illill ur ad lrr > 31 M IIIII VAIK
< IM1PII Xlti N hlLt llT 7 W1MT
11 III i SI1 1
unIu orrirr ut ITITON ST
iiiyiiirii 0 i
t tutu i s A ninntNs
Wlioeiaio Audit for Ibo trite 7 Weal Uth It
lam I In i > oei lon of o mo intormnln that in DC
lily souL h tuiurrtliir olihlu tbn last fete aay
< m null IlliCit In publish a tlcllllouily signet let I
tel lie rut tor which wu a denunciation of my prepare
tIns andiiiethoK sod even wenttutar a > to otter PAY I
ill NT for lt > ibllrniion > The reuueil we or course
1M1IIVTUMM IlKHhHI Sow I know the name
of tie Ole ho I atumtitid ti rm > etralr thli outrazo
loll tCe WAitS 1111 that If It In I repented I will ernie
rule Iho oRen Icr to the full extent of Inn law
MMI I VAIn will gle away samplo bottles of the
ElUIr or Iimuty for the cOIn lug week only at her
Droollm olllce HllultounL
lithe > with business ability wanted In tie principal
iltln or this couutri and I uropn In open llrauch Offl
ceo for tie fan of MIlL M t ALLS wonderful com
plon specialties
o =
li na to 2O5 PnrK row
Fiunitiin i t i nrJlrtfl 1l3dd lug
Stor OilCloths Pictures ftiul
i ° 011 It i JIg flwo for hOIlfflkecpinl I
Iiinil fiooiis Low prkeo Cash
01 Cicilit Price lists mailed
t HJ to J0o lml row
I i
I i
oJ ½
A pftIzry CHILD DtrOItUi
The Patketlo Story Told bi a Young Olrl
I it 4t Louie tvnrl
> Yem thy ft LuuU Republic
A uidBt intorchtiiid divorce ease wit tried
before ludco Valllant yesterday the Interest
contrlnc primarily In the south and extronii
beauty of tIm fair petitioner Another Item of
Internet however was a technical tangle
which tho attorneys cot into as to the proper
method of reaching a conclusion which all
nirood upon
Thin Ihitiflulil was Sirs ruturoOnvlpOllkison
whoso sensational marriiiKO with Jnineb M
illkibon last Nos elItIsm at inclniiati was
the talk ot thIs town at the time I Iho littlu
plilntltT Is I a child 11 > curi > nnd still morn
of n child in hor girlish nipMinu and
WittI t Of Into I pmclit Hut I she Is n beautiful
child who will under am circumstances
grow to it wonderfully boautiful woman but
thin oxperionoo of tho pait few weeks has
iuoii l as a smduw over hor bright face
and hoi great bn liquid eyes wlh
their long black lushes urn InoTprossibly
miL hho aptoarrd yesterday accompa
nied hub her mother who because of lie r s olit hi
van oblleed to act as her next fiiend houiih
amarrlod woman tim petItIoner wore a short
black dress buttoned 111 thn back llnr story
js the biclnnlue In many a wellplotted novel
and a Dickens I could wcaio u world of pathos
out of fai less than tim litllo uirl could toll of
her own brief oi liiMico In answar to the
uupstlons of thin Ciurt she said
J was Hi roars old on the Ujth of lat
month nmo time Ia0t fall I mad an udver
tlspment in onn of the papers alllnu lor
> Oil Ii d ladies to ire t Cincinnati to join a the
ntilcal troupo and I wantod to hell mother
FU I answered it I received in a day 01 two
a loiter from a irentlum who signed him
self Uilklsou I acelfi I tit mv soivluos and
innolntinu u mentiui with ruo at my
motliern house He c imo and promised to
five me fls a week for air sorties and when
lie told mn that other young ladles store also
going with him morn loire I aciood to co
houKh my mother ditannrovod ho wo loit I
icrn on Sovomber li hen wn cot on tIm
t ruin 1 dll not neo the other young ladles
dr liilklnson told mo ol but ha explained
heir failuro to put In an appearance and I
uissatlMlod W lion no cot toCIiulniintl Mr
i Ill luotu kept rue waltlie for the com 1011 V
vhieli ho told me of for two weeks Ihon told
Iii Si he iiad no company nt all and wantoJ mo
tii hilit nrv him He cot the t nmrrlaun II I I once br
si111111 Ih it I was is I jearsof nee and wn
leers > in irnnd b > n Jiinlltool tlm I ones Vn
t ijeil nt Inclnnatl I u tw i wueks n the ho
I 01 I then I went to 1lttsl I ureh < Silt > drfi in
lUhbaid did nnt come Immo and I uo Irltbt
cited 1 lainmd later that thoj had nrrsud
um for s i nna crime but I d 1511 t know whit it
vris 1 ato oat night I hoar 1 that h waf con
I ictod and sent to tIle wuikhoiibo and 1 hid
3 list money eunuch to tolvcrapli to inj muthui
ii ml then Icamo homo
1111 I story ilmply told wis an unconscious
nccusatlop ncalut a man cl a rimo likound I I in
which huh rdor Is a uifsdetnoiiif r It I Tiibl I 1
hi iivn lured I badly for Mr James t I dilkiFon
I hcntrl al rnanacer If hn hi I Hop ed Into I s
COIl It It tIle iiioninut t thin child nlfc I pndud but
111th lit is e stirS TIle win ci I would h ivn bcun
Ii nCI In lIe I court foi contempt slmi hi Ij for be I
lag fit ski iiis In I H human mould r n I tin 11 ei
atorn In Court would have siiNtd the pnnnoiit i
01 I the Him lstc liftini htm out of contemn p
ludce alllant dorhued tIle gui murrlnco I
il legal and huh It hi oil It and once mon I pho is a 1
girl as far as II Is in tho towel ol a Icsal court
to mako hor to
UK uuaiiT 30 icvulr
A Mormon Elder Posy Iliul Mmrlace Ii
Nut u Failure
fYom 11 f Chtcdso Jrltj f
Amoni the iiirivnU at tin firm I 1iPlll
last atoniiig was H alan who aitraclol mnii i
attention bee nisi of his htiikin rquril ai
pcarauco lio hal 1 n long fi o bill t eye
tutu long bt own lialr blKh1 I I i i rlnl ed with
Bllvor Ho IK I Andrew Siuttli of sa It I uke < iiy u
ono of tlm Morn < n old ib i wlo wont to risu I
under tile IdinuniU ill II h 11 nUbl wIl iS
A rnnoitorako hitLi i Ida n i IVI in a t fililiuC
No paid Mi Smiih nuii I IIK illy hili I
rlngo Is I nr > t a failure1 if v u hilultit a Ouu1 10 I i
lection There are I t if > pn s and you
must chooo them insual I Hm I li ink I
had 0Ls priid Now I e u d 11111 a rlo i vViY I
time bniiiiihn I have itch v r n e Mon
oltenadmiro women foi Hie I i ini lie tuil cu I
Lure skill in nil ui table m lemiiul ainoar
alice I lIt theY do no l > woiuen lo
caiiso Him lOsSt4 tie n Illingulnlllng
rjuulltles IHislness I I men wmt I isi ivi hs who
can take Cii i o of tip lion m d rue best
husbands want wivcb wl nio luUlligont
iillmtl iiintii aid nbneal i nailtil A luac
Ural I wife 1 51 ties a t want to purnlio I I 101 151 arid
latoliliv arid weal the trillirs b MUen On
Hit ontrai bhowilltilveaiioui In r hornu
and Is tuiihC i ti shine iir husb Mds mlslor
tuii ii re idily ah hfh ii 11 I k i MII h a site
if r spe led Ioopn d h 111 I i sI k if Iwi il she
fi akn siuiHCiil 01 11 u I il n i piano She
il IMI i halo in bo proM i lit isiiniosbury
vlihdulor but not Utli rIo I i n ui womou I
WOIH AlHAlu I llrlinii I tuilii I ella II I
Vwn tli lltlfjiiult iM u 4
Di 1 you i VPI kimw a woiniii to nil In I I
laturn a borrowed uml led i al oil a denier I
tO t IP a tiles I ad Ir MI a iCl utter
I crtn i siy 1 overdid
0 boil 1 > tfUo over did u I ml i th I i dealer em
rl itlcaiiv I havo bi on it iu Imo In ihe
Imalncnb ut f tcllliiB them ni I ttii made u
BI ocial ct ml v of wonmn in i i f em with llm
boriowo I uiibrull plinsn of c It sluice and
1 luvo yet t lit t i cam of a i ao in w h hIS has I
n used theon Idoncurup < sei in Imr w him Him
5115 lent an un I la to pro t I tiisuif Ii n
sudden nhow r hut ither 101 um it in per
HI nor bonds II i with vrbal or a I tt i iil ii of
tn inkhit thin 1ist opporlunlh w iult a man
cirusln heio to buy ai iimhre In and 1 get
cliattliik with him I ak thn rimiion
Dili vou over lend u uoinuu in imbullnr
Did I hhoexer ictuiu i It pi
Then I co to a hook I kooii fu f i till purposo
nnd I mnknaii Hinrr in thin onn Intenoca
ed Another t < diy Into Init tl < datc i An
doer lent nnd retiuiud promt ly Horu Irt
I hue book
nd thin tin iorphoveil to this reporter a bool
Tlth nuuo paces of i nlOit in tlm form chun
0 veiiiir a in mi ei o I us 5
So Mi IMIate I tlio dMitni string
pn lilt lisle a > tlm I i poilir took I hU bits u
wumuii iievoi huh lu iilurn an uiiibrolii
Mir Itnrll IIil SI illon
1 OHI Ite t r If tie
Aljlt ilil tin bill ll Kill III Ihn
rninon of V ui rhui h whn i llio I u ilon I I
tilt uiliiilcr in < iioiiii > lh i i tin ndccroon I
iitttks hUh thin Mailii fM Hod tho young I
mail UltthouiukathlhWoman I 1
belt Mr WliAikh baiiclillly Inlori osed
MIs Marie leriniiits floladyuf SpituihhA
I oa notion ant I soul bitt yarn tie tusit ihittit t
rlhlnit to her fool nn 1 poliitlnk inflexibly to this
door BO and marry nonik and hero her hcorn
became ubbolutely regal l some woman ut
your own atthl
An Old Forlv lnir Tell Ilnw tha ExproiM
clot OrlKlnatcd
Frvm trie AtauU rmt
Iho blgscst miccnt 1 over found non
tlnueil the old fortyniner was worth 300
1 did well lu those mines At ono time I bad
14000 on doponlt In Jim Mills t Coe bank
bull I put It all back in 1 the ground and come
away from the mines poor I lived In Colum
bia from 1831 to I960 I understand now that
the main streets of Columbia are all torn UD I
and mined over VYhllo iu Columbia I had
bonio groat experiences Wo nod all the wild
ilk Incident to the California mining towns
and for a long time there was no effort zacle
to punish murderers and we had a man for
breakfast nearly every day
lou havo often heard the expression son
up the flump haven t your u Well that phnuie
was started right here In Columbia and I can
tell you all about It i Hartley waa the first man
who went up the flume Ho had been a good
nmn until he married and started a i gin mill
Then ho became a tough character Jac11
Smith u riilladelphlan ana a popular follow
got a little full and eauntorlnclnlo Bnrklero
placo ho accIdentally broke a pitcher 410
offered to pay for It but the woman of tho
Place precipitated a quarrel and Corkier In the
presence of two men shot SmIth down
iho Philadelphia boys oollacted together
formed a vigilance commtttoo and arrested
Jlarklor Nowa waa spread quickly In those
days and before ulitht Jim Stewart tho Sheriff
had heard ot fio vlnllanco committee and he
nud two other brave nmn came calloplnir down
to Columbia I happened to be the seaond man
In thn bouse alter the murder and I happened
also to Und out that Jim Htowart and his men
wore coming so I took a euort put down to the
plaoo of banning and warned the bars There
Hero over n thousand of thoso mon so they
just formed a colld wall around their prisoner
and kept the UhorllT back until the murderer
was dead The placo chosen lor the execution
as on tho road between Columbia and Gold
Rprlnes and the gallows was the flame that
crossed over the road at a helcht of twenty
feet Jtarkloy was thin first but thorn were
involherA who wore subsequently lynched
on that thirno The warning note of the viol
Innti to tho evildoers was
Iook I hero young fellow you co slow or
youll I coup tho II Ii me
A nd frnnuontly questions of Wheres Mike
or Hill or Jim would be answered
Ihem why theyre nil gone up the flume
The expression and its wholesome use was
sprwid from camp to camp and now It le
worldwide and you frequently hear people
tar when a Inn falls or great loss br fire Is ez
lerlnncod Well theyre1 cone UD the flume
but I dont suppose many people know where
or how tho expression originated
C aught it Meacter JewtUli
from llf IHltlnim Sun
Mi Jo = pph It fitonebrakpr residing nt
1021 Etitaw place has returned homo from a
trip to lhonldo 1 Ho brought with him the skin
ofamoustvr lewllsu which be caught March
22 Mr Htonobrakorand Mr J B MoKee were
cruising In a small sloop yacht when beIng
overtaken by Btorniy weather they put into
burnolii IasB Vhllo lyln there tho ports
mon wore told that It wits n favorite fishing
ground for jewtlsh They got out tl ir shark
hook und lIne und baiting with a mi at cast
it tilt In it moment It was taut After con
hldirnble dlillculty they ot tho lIne in and
found auburn Instead of it jewllsb As soon
a they got him to the surface Mr Hlormbraker
llrcd Hvo bullets Into his bead and by using a
itchet extracted Iho hook
ireah ball was put on and shortly after It
Wits thrown out tile bait was taken The fish
ermoii thought It was the mate of the shark
thoy had hoLed and begun to pull him In
vigorously When they got their fish near the
Burlac ho mails u Illrt and leaping upward
thovved him what soitof a IIsh he was They
then used all tbeli bklll and aftor firtyllvo
minutesvork lamle 1 tho jew fish It meas
ured six font ton luohoirln length and fifty
nine Inchos In circumference After setting
him to the rurlaco oils of the boatman passed
a ropo lliioiigli his ghls and out his mouth
llm throat halliards wore lent on und two
tnuii wernuxiulreil to hoist tIle lUh on deck
Mr McKcp took a photograph of this Huh
which vveiglmd ubout 450 pounds Mr Maul
whon plscaiorlal authority bays the skin la
from tile hircost specimen he bus over soon
New lea lor d Silver Dime
lies thr sf 1aul FI tnxtr trtit
St Ii il Imb origltullisI I n lad of Its own In
Olin enn Instoad of borrowing from the elTete
fast It Ufdsts In cutting out the centre of a
uilverdlino uiiiik tIm rim for a ring anti at
taching tn Ii his a ilttln i halO the rounded eon
IrcvshUhl is adorned bv tho monogram of the
glior this soeletv built hall the school girl
and tIle lit ISIS of tilt t host rlcitl profession have
I slot laiightb I I I thin scorn I tigh y clunihvarrange
miiiit I IriMlllui men havn bought them to
Mind away and iihiuubb 111111 have pun based
tlifim for gift trifles
faaid a ajowoll till i iimhn Urnotynstordu
1 havo sod lonu sine o tlm mlndlo of Decem
ber At first thought would stem that the
ring would bn brittle being put from a coin
which lb btamptd I 1 out hut It I t N I not Any ono
vvbu will iiiilnlii I s attraction can solve any
riddle but Its u uau at present

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