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a4vr KxntniriuH OAMI THAT WBne
I j
Tho Arbitration CommtUni nil the r ue or
nob retlltTlie Cluclnautl Club ICtleae
I I rIsyeiOiMer Mpurltg Uol
r The Now York N L Club pled tho
t eraok Newark team jo tenlar on tba Polo
I grounds and beat tluim C to a The Ualtors
flayed a spanking samu but they were out
clamed aa the score Indicates Ilnrrmif two
fumble by Olaescook onu of which TMIS an
unusually hardhit ball tho Now VorkBKavoa
perfect display I was I ntrong lam to com
pelo affalnat especially In bnttlnu llusloivnn
ID itocxl form and be Wa nplrndllly surporteil
br Buckle For the Nowarks Fields Dufly
I and MoDormott carried off the honors In tho
Oild The ecorai
Llo i H 1 > P 11 i
THrnin e t I l o a o Carl r f u I 2 o I
A I J g g
Olsneofk a a 0 I 133 r ri Mb i 0 I I 0 0 0
tlnrniiBf I I f I 2 I I l Jihnton L I f I I U I u I
KeaseU bO J 4 4 0 Fields Islb O I III I I 0
oyMbl I I o I 0 MauielL c t I U a 0 u
riue r r 28100 I vcDermottSbn d > 3 4 U
uokley a I 110 I 2 IJbtnthsL wl 2 I 4 2
nlonUtb0 0 IU U 0 IlnSy 0 o 0 l 3 0
I vi1S v ODU4OMUIti o HI 3 o
TotsI l r3271oll Totall 1 ° 27 j 3
Iw York n i o i I 3 00 on
Ssw rl i > I U u 0 I u o Iu
Kaned riuNew Tork li Newark I Flntbisebr
orrori New York 1 > ewark2 Leftoti bansvew York
I i Newark lo rirst bas on ballsnit viiler 2 Ruile
4 Itnck ootBy Miller 1 1 Ruile 1 Iwntasehlti
BaaMIL Crane 3 Klelda Huiltb Double p ars MoDer I
OIL Ulaaicock ltw scanlon 111 by pltoher
ROIL Daorlllce tillsllorniinf Kalsetl Buckley
Peanlftii 3 Htolen bisis Tlsrnan Haesett nurkliy
ManielL wild pitches Hull 1 failed bills bULk
Isy I Duffy I Urur > tre I ijulun TimeH4
noniirii Ir f t in citscior iriiittut 0
Tbe Urooklyn Ir 11 Clnh met the craek team of the
Amateur Association at Iastern I Turk Iti East Vew Ynrk
leilerdftr dlt had harder urk r defeating 1I them I than
ihey 1 anticipate 1 ol It wia the tint ai > i aranca uf tbe I
Ireeeenl Atliletlce on the diamond I thu eearou and con
Iderlna I tbai they were sumewhatitlff I for the want of
raotlee they did pretly well Ihe mnrueurs I batted
wtI ailot darlnu chances in bsae rnnniuf and had
they fielded more osrefa the professionals wonld not
tine tallied e run run as they did II t any rat they
gET was mm the harden tusila for Tlciury I far
UU Maioa The acore
ctascavT iTitLatirn BkooiLTf I r t >
I laru i BI a la r n i r
I Ford Lf I 1 t u 0 Beery If I 1 I too
7 raioo r f I I I u 11 Bauer 2b I I 3 H o
llruihii 1183 2 Andrews a f 2 1201
j I Morphy GI I 4 I I Uard a I 2 a 1
Ilallteal I lit bU 0 u I OOrrlstb 1 1 i 0 0
iron Mb 101 I II Uciieachr r f a I j 2 0 o
fcieden p 0 u 1 30 Joyce tr 31001
c ifnrpbyjrbi i 3 2 a KIDMOW o 1 8 Id 2 I
Cianot0 I I 1 0 Weylinr p0 0 I U 0
I I Total d S 2411 r Totala 13 13J7 S 4
rraacent Atbletloa I o 3 o a o I o o o 6
8 X g 8 J 8 g 13
Brooklyn o 31 i o o a a a it
Rarneit rani Creicent itbletlea I Brooklyn 6 Loft
GD baaeaOMcent AihUilci i Urooklrn la rintbaie
onarrura Creaoent Atbiettce I tfrouklrn tL Firit bas
on balla jcr Hnedea t by Weylng 2 i I < lrQck out Hy
Indo Dby Uerllni U Hlolen Duelford Hrutli
Iarmna ABdrewi Wl I Ward C C II l Klnilow lilt by
Dltcber P Marttby LVon tl Three bile bit loyce
Twobaaa nlta I Fora ratua t Ilurpbr Andrew lrr <
Klnilow m Gacrmce bin Wiyllnr 2 WIld pltchet
BueJen Lniplru Dally and COOL Tliael
BOOaLfn t L H MXTBOruLirAH 3
o nooLf laOuL
The Melropoltlani gave tba Itrooklyn N L dob a
bard flfhl at WuPblnftou Fark yeiterdar afternoon
f Tba Leaine sam m found into trouble lu hItting Oaney
i but manued to outbal Ibelr opponenla OorkhHra I lame
arm Interfered with Ills throwing Love and stalllngi
rallared Huflien ard1n Knlbndcr In the leventb Inolnr
1 Tfaa batting I and daldlug of Colllna warn Ibe feature Tba
1 aorl
1 L IoLL ft Io A K
If OIIn1 1 f I I 0 0 0 Helton e I 1331
FA rolitna 2d bl 9 3 4 OIIkInnIb 2720
lornar f 110 0 0 VcCnbe M b 3 3 0 I I S
ribA 3 g N
l I outs lit b 01010 Howe f A 1401
t rinlniy W b8 I 2 00 Rostello I co 0 i 0 I
IrkhllOt 12410 rarpey p 0 2040
fmlth a a 1 2 3 8 I I bumb c I l O 3 I 2 3
Huitbong a 0 0 g 0 tl Paasch c f 00800
Stalling o 0 O S I I lloeyr f 0 1 3 I U
I lluxtieap 00 I
I Lov tl8 0001 l Tolal372i7
Totala 8 I 2 la a
i Brooklyn IN L 01S0200OO 8
Metropolitans 0 0 0 0 o i 0 I 0 3
Earned rnni Brooklyn 1 Me is 0 First base ou
t balli Brooklyn I 3 Meta 4 first base on errors
ft Brooklyn 4 Suti i 1 Slrucx out Urooklrn 2 Uela H
rtolin baieiBrooklyn H Mela 2 Two base hits
rout CorkbHl l l 32 Howe Career Iiouble pla > i
llns Smith and Fouti Nelson llinklruon and Uowe
Lmplra Tom Daly of the Brooklyn TItnn1 40
I miLinxLriiu CR 34 0 ITRLXTIC 8
3 Piiumtriiia April l4The Athletic an1 Philadel
phia clabe plared the but lime or the series today In 3
j tbepreisneeof lDgtlspeetatora The League club won
akala and 1 via principally through AIn tine work
r at short that tbe Alhlitlca lost la ibe nrtb and seventh
I 10nil the latter bad men on basea but Allen stopped
bale bit and prevented the oppoueuti tom lecurluic a
1 I lead Tbeacorei
An mitinxurm C K uV
i k a Po i B I aiL r L ix
3 Welch o rl i 2400 Burke cf 01200
PmrotlLr to 201 0 Uamllton I f 1 I 4 I 0
Lyena tb Ud83 I 0 Myers 2d b 0 0 4 2 n
f U nrleu lit bO I tt o 0 Thompson rfO 1200
t nablnion q I 188 0 Pcbrlverc o 0 1 I 1
KaipsUL f 00800 Hirer 3d b 23821
I m ejrd M b o i a i s UolauleylslbO 3 T 0 1
i lalonp1 1080 Allen a i 11040 I
p 4Jre ixai 00211 II Uckerr p i I U 8 I
Total T 8 e 24 i 3 Total 59 i 4
Athletic 0 I 100010 I 03
t rolladelphla 0 i 3 I o I o I I s
Earned runs Athletic 1 Philadelphia S Twobale
i hlu Welch i Iurcelt tl uRrien rh Tla > er
V XlcCauley Bacrtflre Mil 1urcell Lyons Ureen
Iiurke tfyen 32 Allen Vlcery Ba ei stoienrtubln
00 lllxgerald Hamilton CJl Vtrkrry Double play
t Allen tlyeri and McCauley lUmlftoti and Schnver
Left an baieiAlhlellc r Phlladeli 7 Mrnok out
I Kappel ta MiMahon Creen Mckery U fl First base ou
rrora Athletlo 1 rbUadelnMa first base ou
t balli Welch Lyons II i hurl Hamilton Schrlrer I
r Allen Hit or pitched ball KutiaU Mjcrs liine
I 180 Utnplrei Gurry and Gunnel
BncuBRTBB 13 jKKvur cnr z
I I Tha Jeney hi and Rochester clutu played an Inter
1 Citing ram for three Innings at laklaud lark yester
1 day afternoon but after thai the IlIon began to touoh
t up IfoDarmoltal a Lively rat and in Ibo next three
litnlnirt sent In I thirteen runs rer that Mallermoll
t settled down and no nitre runs were stored oft htm I
t Knowlea Hlageratd VUrlen rltched an four < 1 Burke Innings who and planed We Is with rive lbs Lyool Jer
iey City Club eat lesion were liberally applauded by
Ibe euo spectator the score
f LI
BII rai KI 515 lOU LI
JJlQorken 1 I 1 4 1 1 Fcheirer r to o 2 0 o
Keyjdb l os 0 3 Lyons If I I 0 0
ritijerald of 0 1 2 A 1 I kuowles Sd b ll 3 0 4 0
Brady litb o I 3 n lliirliuacf ha 3 0S 1 g
VMS Alsllne3bO 3 1 1 00 linen lit b I 110 1 I 0
Bouuer a 00158 iireeuwilu < lb1 l I 4 I 0
Pbe > han r t 0 0 2 0 0 Ilillltpa a a 1 2 1 I 3
fPa 0023 I It I I 031
MoDermottpo 032 0 FItzgerald I p o 1 0 O 0
lf g
Hells i J l 0 2 1
Total 2 ai412 t
Tolas 13142713 6
Jirssrcitr 0 0 IJ I II o 0 1 02
Rochester 00043000 13
Lamed runs Jersey City 0 Rochester a First bug
41n errore Jeney City 4 ttoebeier 5 Lon 00 bose
Jan City 7 Rochester 4 Hate on balliOR Mo
Peraaott o off Ptisverald 1R off nell 2 Htruck ont
ehafner Knowlea Threetaao hit Knuwlet Two baa
Bit walla Hlolen biieiKeay m Nan Alsllne
Raowlei u Orlffen 111 frllrleu Greenwood liniible
plaja Oerlsn and Philllpi orlffen and Ireenwood
RMrlBca hlla ntnerald ti Ci 2 hhefllir 2 Baae
hltoOff Fliuerald I of Well 4 wed ball
I Beldy It iurke t Umpire Ltllla Time H4d
oerofr CR L B wttutifoToy o
I WitmRorof April 14 The Boston N < L team de
Staled the Wlimlnrtone thli afternoon by a icore or 910
0 The Orel DTe Innings ware well played tbe Boetons
I tialng unable to do aurtblng with Coxi delivery lu
the Inning a bad overthrow byCox to ihrla lit lu Iwo
nisi The loom
iMsro I alL POLl
Rlfby G f 00202 I Long I I I I 2 I 0
fpMsl lit b 0 3 II I 0 Nulllvan If I 23 loo
UoLaUDllDJJbO 0110 Tucker oMd 1 S i 0
I Kienile r I U 1 1 I 0 0 tovel r f 3 I U 0 0
Hulllvan a1 0 0 2 1 1 lanrell ad b 1 1220
Nll tiS gul A 1 II 1 g
j Wimama8dbO 0 o o I 0Oroileo f It I I o 00
I Xllroio L I co 0 2 0 U llardle 0 00710
N r HlMk r eVY 0 043 6 Rrullb 24 00480
Vox p 00 181 Mohoii p I 0 I I Ill 0
s Totala 0 83414 4 Total II 7r7 III 0
VtlmlnriOD o o o 0 o 0 II i 0 00
u > oau 8 l o o o o a s 011
1 Struck out Mclaughlin cii Hllllams K leu tie Black
rfrh Toiker 13 Brodle A Bmllh Base on lallilly I
Nichols 3 oy Cog Two ball II hltLofli Three hle
hlidanieli Iiouble I lays t Ullmlngton I Ilostou I
ICI ell buss WllmlntlonS Uoilon 4 Iaaied ball
llardle I Back H Hit f by pitched ball Dntllvan I
Itp uar gII f
loog ImplrieUoUarr and llarney Time ef tame
SK10SLf < C 1 1 1 ULU 4
Out cf the crettlsst exhibition games of the season
wu clayed nn lbs Hidgewood Iark urouudi yesterday
between Ike Brooklyn A A anl I the llamlltoni In I
l loI
volch the home team came out viclorloui j after a hard
Btnigfla The work on both jibe woe excsedlnglr
sharp only one error nelng recorded 1owers pItched
a sisalr lam and managed tu scalier the vtslturs hit
t alter the third PInt score
mouTM U i 1 I UUO
LILa L11104I
FltLot I I 8 II 1I1IIIIr I 1 8 8 U
1aJt1 I 1 0 0 Kilaier L I I 1100
OHrlin hI b 0 J10 0 0 tasty r f l 0 IOu
Xennelly i a 0 0 2 I 0 artwrightIb0 0 e o o
ft ron It 0 i 8 o 0 SaliV iifbVrO I B 4 0
O t ouBelL 3d b1 I I 3 I IuwalL r f 0 0 0 0 o
tt U li
OerhardkUb I 15 4 n loulkrot adbo 0020
PilL a 1 2 I I IloIie 0 0 7 2 I
14Wr 1 PII I U 8 0 lIulouD f 1 o U d I 0
Iro e1D u IJ < ii o u
1 5
Totala 0 a37U 0
Totals 4 D37 II I
rl = kia 3 2 o o o l n I n nr
3 B g 3
iImilion 4 0 10 04
RBM arnedBrpoklrn t 4 Hamilton I 2 left 1 on
baieaBrooklyn H llatnlitoa il 1 liases on ball uroi > kn
It 11 1 I mmon4 Sluck uIIIRullklrn II llnnll riu
JioBble playsPowers Uerturdt and II I i Ideii i oulir d
ral lel anl Canwrlght file and > arlorIl 1 10 Las
t 110 bench 11 iIbrt an mImer W III 1111 I
1I0D I Power I Umpllaol1l1n lIu1 u2uI
Pacigly OaIilautT 3 11 7 aw eattu I
Li lIce lIvn yeterdy the IIckotL laort o
team dofesleul his w lIaII Iu a ver Cion and
citing ganie n scorn
t saw says HU catuuaso a Co
L1LrOaI LII 00 4 I
Irdy r r I U I I 0 Mourbeid LJ 4 0 0 2
HKL H I 0 g g 0 g I Criu u I I 2 It
rlt34b I 0 0 4 o IauiIIon I HJ b 3 I I B 3 I
LIIITL1I I 00 Illanuuzueicfo I 2 I 0
ahnk IlIb1 I B I 11110 lilt I I a n 0
IOIL acib1 108 O kayry 2db1 I 1 u 3 3 II
f 8 I 9tkeur I t hpi I y I
UIIUI4 p I V U 0 2 I I T1I7 ptrt I 1
Ts4aS I 112412 4 Total 7 0711
4 New JIav n 0 0 n I 2 2 U I 0tt j
UaokalCarhUCo 1 U 2 0 0 3 3 0 7
EROd uosNw iyej Iufl I 00 3 Two I
ca hlIMorhaI Caution I Three ba 1iIt
L IYllayl I Baa On ballaIJII OIIIn 0 cIT 71nr
r rteh a tiuu1r 00 lIr4 lI 101 II
uCI 1111111 A milliard kraut Ox AUI Tlrne
Iiiiiiiiiiiii l Lz
rxinble tlarDofK Fettlt aid flchoeneek Rlolen
baHaMeK tally licrle Motreliea1 V anUon 12 C
Vlr < l base on erronnew linen 3 M 10 Co I
Tlmel S > ImilriMr Wlbonir d
ciueittu Ir C 14 4i rmniDRofi r tt 2
ft Inris April RThe Clilcaro and rittsbnruh
riayers League teami put a brilliant name today be
fore a lit lit attendance Tlie weather wai cold and
thriatenlnf and a raw wind that abllled the euciMori
iwelt through the park Tie contest was for Wood
li mor
nl hit old Jim dalvln I I remained In the box until the
flnleh Plltsburiii would bate nun ilalvin I bitched lire
III 1 lllli
InnIng aol Clilcno 1 se < ureil jusl i one nh nit him
Male relieved him and did vary tell until time seynth
Inning when Chicago began tu kit him freely Tho
nCo I P I I rittisrec Is C I
Iathn 9d b I I II I ft Ilanlen n C 0 I U 0
lPmmlTy r r I n I 0 0 0 liookleyltb 0 I OU 0 0
IT a 0 2 2 I I rarro I t I I I I 0 I
W I Ir I l I 2 1 g Flelle LrC I I B 2 g 0
IIIIllIb I 211 2 01 Ktmn M b 0 I I 2 0
Ironor 2d b 11 I 4 8 I Irnron e 0 I 0 8 II
Imouuu I S I 0 I I 0 Rfmblnoan 3d U 0 4 I
A g
YI g
8 A ocn
iV I 0 8 ii I 1120100 C 0 0 3 3
Varlloop 0 I 4 0 0 Ilallu P 0 0 2 I 0 I
staley p 0 0 1 Q 0 I
Tolol 4 5 27 17 2
2I I Total 2 112718 I
rlltahnrrh 0 I 0 I 0 0 0 II 12
triIcatu 11 0 0 11 0 0 8 I 14
Hon oa04Chlca80 2 lIlIborrh I Two hue
III IIIoL TImr6eb4e hllt 111 lInbl I
Ryan sod ptlyer 11001 on ballaoll II Iumliy
Btrnca outImy iiairin 11 or nanson i i cited ball
tarrell Lu 2 wild pluh Haruon Baii stoienllil I
eat 4 rittsburiih a Ilme1 30 ItnplreiCutb
but and llcUlnuli
Hr L < in April 14 The lirowni won their Hrt game
from Cincinnati this senson ty ponndlng liuryea fur a
total ot tIdily one bases Mci irthy and ulltenmr I
found Big Jim to be a very sweet article of pie 1 while
Kanisav kept tbe Cincinnati batters guesalng all Ihe
time Tbe curt
IT LOCIL ctclieOaoL
lICarrh 0 I 3 U 2 0 U Nrrbee 24 b 2 I 7 4 0
14weney31b2 g I 2 I Marrrt 0 n 0 I I
blofllotI I 3 3 4 1 OlInIlldayof I 3 Ii U U
Jb t YJ Ita g
Iiiisnuon 3IbI I I II I heart 0 I I 0
lIuuIL 1lbO g s 0 olnllir 11 I h11 0 I 0 I
Fuller R 0 I U I 2 Ihllr I 0 0 2 I 0
itosetnan C 1 g 01 b g I Mumilane 8d bO 00031 I I I I
Nook 0 I I 7 U UIIiuryeApI 2 I I I
Tolal 0 lit J7 III 1 Toul 4 8S6M03
McCartlir out for Interfering with fltlder
IJrowni U I 0 II II I O I 8 O I 3 4
Cincinnati 0 o I II 0 I 11 0 24
Kline ndIII louK 7 Two boo hit Cweenfjr
lilitneer IlartnelL Iiurvta Three bate bUlo
TartliT Home runOltirnn Double I Ia TDm j em
Urlliee t and Itelllr Baienon bnl anff flRintey t oil
Durjrea J CloneS outlay Itamiey 4 inl Durrna 2
WIJ I MtrbeiIlamiar it Durjev Ilia M itolen
Mi rbee M larr I llolllJ a y t2 J Heard Mullana TlmI
InneR K L I fLied a
Pin < stiirH April 14 The lorn National Lea0n climb
played the Climax I team a luiulh Idle I airitregallon I here
today The game was Interesting ecause t fuwiiersand
Miller the Nmlonal Lsa < iie club a star battery played
wllh the ullmx team The game WM In all ot the
fcewsboys Home 6owders w ns pounded 1 unmercifully
bribe colts Baker pRobed well for the fittiburgha
rinsscBun C K u I cLla i
Blnroijt Llitroal
Fnndar r f I 2 U 1 I 0 Smith lit b 1 0 lo 3 o
Hemp n f 1200 3 II llreer 2d b 001 II 4
La IOduAI S2 208 2Miller C 2 S 4 I 0
Yomimmginen 2 b i I 3 I I llClarke cr 0 0 0 o I II I
Kelly L I 2 3 0 Ii Iohflunm 3d b 0 I 2 2 I
i g rtt F i
ftI I 1 I 0 I I 3 1 ltnmingtons sib I 5 7 3
111100 1b1 118 0 0 IiurtLr r 11 U I j ii
Ilerier C 0 2 12 2 OILlaIIII I t11 11 I 0 0
usher p 2 0 4 3 4uwdrI 0 2 2 U
Tolal 0142714 4J TotaleII Iin 16 10
IMUiburch o II I I I 1 2 I 3D
Climax I II 0 1 o o 0 i ua
KarnM runi rutebcreh 4 Oil mil 1 Twobai hit
Ilfinp t oungmaD Three Lane hlti Ketty Iertrrr
Hacrincehlt Wilton forger l > nnnirton Kim b
on talli Vliion Ilarke 21 lohnon I let liar on
rror PltUburttti f rilmax I 2 Htolen baseitiuii
day wiiion I Piniih Mlllr4 rurk lumblo lIftY0
fxjwiler rennliiirtou and Mnith 1enDltitfLon nulLs
lited Struck out Boat Mlfon Rinlth ttrecr 131
Harks Jotimon rennlnnton Kurt I H Iirlltii 2m >
Wla pitch Baker Left out baiflltil > urii it I Cit
maz0 TlmI iA LtuiireZacharlaa
WahlnTton 4 1 O I 8 I I 2 2 20
Richmond 0 u o 0 n 0 o 0 0 u
flue bltft Wuhliirton 10 Richmond n Error
Y h1uili > n 2 Richmond w Hitterleii McCoy ami
Riddle YhlUIpi and Nlcholaa for Waaulngton Kelley
and brooks fur KJchuioud
AT HART roan
Hartford 1 2 0 I 0 0 2 a 01
Cuban Giant 0 1 o 0 0 I 0 0 II ui
ItasA hiullartford 11 Cuban Hants ft Errors
Hartford t Cnuan > Unt 1 iu ItatleriesO l CoiineU atid
ttoore Nelson aud Jackson
Unmet Toduy
New York C N L vi Brooklyn A A at the Polo
Hmoilyn X L is Uackett Carbart Co at Wain
luKton Iark
Jer ey Uy YO Hamilton Oakland Park
Kotheiter at New Haven
Syracuse at Newark
< milan jUnta at Hartford
New York I U e A A 4 A A at Brotherhood
L brooklyn P Lu Lindslev A r at Eastern Purl
ISaMe Hall Note
Will Manager Curtis of tbe New Harm Club call at
ll office
Joyce of the Brooklyn P L Club If I a fast runner
for a heavy man
Th Jersey City Club bare released 1itcher Decry and
Outfielder McMahon
Jack niaueock was made captain of the iNew York
t LjClubyeilerday
Bl Andrew oC the HrooUrnP I U team made a dim
cult running catch yesterday
Calllliaii f > r Huirerald will piteli In the opening cham
plonthlp game fur the Hochenter Club
The New York N L Club U I ridding luelf or nurplus
players Galilean and Turner have been released
On Wednesday at the Polo Kronn X lbs Jailers of
Manhattan College will May the New York IS L Club
The Tree stats at the extreme left field at the Polo
orotund are beIng removed preparatory letting the
feme back
then all Improvement are completed itldzewnil
Iark will compare favorably with any ttti tall gruund
ID the country
Mickey Welch will make hU lint appearance In the
box this afternoan against the Brookljn A A I team
Pat Murphy will catch
On tatnrdar on tho Jasper groundi Victors 33 Pa
time teound nine K On fauuday Ml ct Chester t
Victor ii i tt JohL 14
The New York ci P L were scheduled to ploy time lob
from fit louIs College ihinclty i yesterday butthegamo
wa cancelled by mutual cootcut
PinuDtmiu April 11Ileorga Shafer of last l ica
ol nJ 4Ta i
UCl g rgK 1t
on Detroit t Club and Taylor Sharer of the Toledo 1
gued with the Athtetlo Club to day
F Murphy work behind he bat for the Creicent
Athletic was P tl1I lie oed bli pitch from u
half dozen wild pltchei through his agility
John Burdock wilt not be able to play for a few dips
Swing tolnjuriei reached ut ItMgewuoa on htinOay He
bu been rery uuturtuuate In belujf bit BO many Umea
thli a
In tbe two gauiei with Rocheiter one with William
Colleaetnd In tbe come with Newark rater Jay time
Hew York IN r Club made 54 baa e jblt an average of
nearly 14 to a game
Sam Crane had lut t > little to do at right dell 1 ye ter4ay
At the bat however Le did great work There appear
to be a dlipoiillon upon the part of the management to
give cane a trial at lInt baae
Hretbtrbood Park presented a lively apPearance vti
terdar QuIte a large number of p ronn wore prritnt
to wUne the practice of the New fcorka uuJwr lUe
direct supervlBfoii uf Manager Knlntr
The New York N i L 1 Club are lookintr up the record
if a proriit lngoutt1eldt > r Promo huhnyticoke 4T natned
W 11 lp Maker lie ulln spoken < > f very nUhly j In the vicinity
of bla borne and It In I bought be wtl be lecared
The 4 A A A A and the New York Cl P Li club will
met at Hrotherhood Park lila aftrrnoon The Actun I
bare fttrenrtheued their team fine their defeat by tie
brooklyn L > Club and al they proiut e to give thcLU I
tars a wry go
On the abiDing day of time new Polo grounds Kaiur
day a large delegation ot taten liUndern cotntaninrf
het IJ
t ladles au < 1 gentemen wilt I come up nl lit a hotly I to see
the yam fitaten Ulandti Man2vr Mutrle I s Ions and
bU friends want to give him I a truod send oft
As lbs Jtrtey City Club play at tta hlngt < m Park to
morrow Manager Powers will take lila Imcbler play
eri out to Oakland Irk and its 1 them a gal day a
practice In preraratlou for the optnlttr of lime hamplou
Iea Pfl f fflo
f r fl lro J
iblp itasou at Phtladelpbta un time following day
The Columbia College I varsity bate ball la team will I be
fall of buloei UiU week Next Thursday It will play I
the ieton Hall team t at South Orange Krldiy Iriulty
College nine of Hartford on tlie fctateii Island Athletlo
irtoundi and on Saturday at tie jams pUce tie
Btalea Island Club
John Troy one of the old Metropolitan and Inflow
a proinlilug bong player of r iihklll were among hole
who wore New fN P U Club j uniform at Brother
bood Park yesterday Kluilnw Is f loft banded and bis
movement Indicated that Le Wat above the average
player Tb New York mar give him a trial
CtNCiNiuTt April U Two of time old guard have gone
This aftenicon t President blern releakeJ borg Tebrau
anl W IV Carpenter It was an a < Ion that they inked
In preference to a isle of their re eaie and both players
express theIr uppreclatlun of their treatment by the
Cincinnati Club improbable I that Earl will Lethe
only other player 10 I go
It U I to be I hoped that a meeting on the diamond will
bt arranged tbli Mason between the Kordhatns of ht
John iolltire and the Jaspers Jh Manhattan Cotlege
ogn rU on
WbJUltll I I claimed I list lie rordhaiu have won the
greater number of games between the two college lap
pears t < > he a mooted que tlou till I year width uf tbe
teams Is I the stronger 1111 y ball boyi1
Tbe nlumbU students discussed wIth a great leal of
Interest yt tr lay the Cleeflhil uf the game pa ed by I
hub base ball team aitalusl 1afayett College Ian
haturday The pruiecti cif a good team were connld
errd tory brlgbt a the men have hardly na1 three I
week dt steady practice dUI sruidQ The Sunday SUN
was In great demand and frejutiHlr I tnentlonel I u UI U
wa the only New York dally to publlib a detailed AC
count of haturdayi fame
Netjt lo handling a olin Rd Andrews favorite past
ol r ll II
tin U t 10 > broilIng I and development of hinninif ir
funi At Ms farmer residence in fhlUdflphti Amlrws
had titled up a finely arranged COle which U I keptitocked I
with I imIris Utr the rliolcvst IIl tirfedlntr He has a niiuiber
with TIKI 1 records anl 1111 1 Is I his Intention s setsou to
keep up a regular communlc by meat of tie
ho in ID if ptgei > n telwetn Ilastern ark I the new flayrri
Lou gronnds m Hrnoklyu and hii till home In Ihlla
dlplila For this t > urnu e be has received 1 a draft of
v nun if blrd from the Quak r City which tie will at once
jut Into trainIng
NKW Hi KK April U The drIIn In the Pettlt rape
has cremed a hunbub of excitement amonirrrantis
Pel IJr i han Illng the team In excellent style an < l a as
a uir at frfvorlln Ihe I directors I thlriA the fioanl of Ar
cratloii I U I milItia It In verj hart I hey art not iow
In xiirissltig an oflnicn 01 they say they have now
been rmmhi > i of two juaver Ill an I Ieltlt H I I U ITOIM
atle that an effort will > I h r emai elitpurihase Petttrsre
lists I fn m Toronto bat this eaort will pruiably Le tin
surrrMfuUaj the bai t fexllng tow fiUHng besot the
IVf1 IUIII woll omiuje Toronto to sell tile release tu
Ml wsUke where hli erlce are ilenlre l at a price
much ieee I than New llatea wuuld wllllnglr give
tpeakioi of the money thai the Cleveland Club made
lait t summer Presdent Crank JtoMion made the biLls
nutS one uy < lit ek tl Pat every rent of prvfU made
Ijr the club was durlutr tbe week of July Prior Ii
bat limos the club I s receIpt were ereat r than Ihe I ex
tidtturet I I but the surplui was use l In I paying back the
prire of tie Detroit franciiir In the wk > of July 4 It
MtinM as thotifh fortune hid at last de cned to sinie
upnn the lured Oty lly a VL indcrfinl good ilreeil of
lik I lie UK hi was at fevr beat listen being on y a
few gum head and r I evelan > rowdlug It tart fi M
rrxi t lace The enonnoim allendancn of all the IHntnn
gnmesjuit about rere inej LlevcUndi profit for tbe I
l55000 V7Jin4 cddfr
CuLiHiiv April 14 President IIOmrh of the To
Slate Ifijfui anununcrs 110 oiutTin lut 1 uf umpires
rt 7
for thc Maon Frank If I ODrlen of A1lh 1 ny Lw
tllth hM ilI
tll Colurobni Jamet flreen Mansfield Jamel t
reepiea Cohitnbni Tbe Columbus htise Hall 1 Corn pan y
hat tendered a formal Invitation to Ciov Campbell and
both braochrs of the Ottmal Assembly attml time
opening tame uf tlmC fjliamplofiihtp I I M ion with the
Tale lg Tan on Thursday and the Invitations liae
been accptd Onv fatnpsU and Mayor Vruek will
both Ira > spch after which the Governor will Iosa
the white tall to 1mjlr hunt when game Is callel
The oocatlon I wilt be a ole I tine Toe Columbus battery
for the Initial name will be Qaitrlgbt lr01n onnor
I S klh Ioyle taln lIar short permanently In plane nf
Kasterday I Caps Crooks baa recovered and wil I re
iutoe bis place In tli team
The Rayonne Athletic and RAwing Association haihefn
ctfd 10 inbrihlMn In the Nw Jersey Ainalenr Has
LHal 1 feign I to rep ace tie New Itrnnswckt who re
cently withdrew Time other organUatlims the leagu
ar the West Knd Athletic ciuli or XomervUU the Perth
AtnhryAtlUtlo I AMoclatlin and the Iroquot I AtnletlQ
Club I of hewurk Tbe game for tbe Uague pennant wa
IrI1 I
which I the Hayonne organIzatIon I base ball 1050 will
take FLIt are schedule M follow Jon 4 West End
A ti X at Hayenne June 7 Bayonne tt and A t
at Perth Aniboyi Mm 14 Perth Amboy A A at PHY
onne June ui Bayeon K and X A v at ronmvlltei
June ioa 1 nIlttO and Ai at N aIb July 8
Irwiuots A l I at Bayonnpi July 12 Bayonne R and A
A at Newark Julvifl Perth Amboy A C at Rtynnne
July 3d Bayonne A and A A at Perth Amboy Aug u
i OIlJt 1Ioa rl Nlb 8 J
troqnola A c I at Payonne Aug 9 i Teit I nd A O at
liayonn Atig IM lUyunne If and A A at Somervlllft
JuHtph Holland the club t crack lwlrlr of last season
bill be In the too this lear with JOI b Kelily for sev
eral 1 years the catcher 01 the Sw Jrn y Athletic Clubs I
lum ai back itorx Time iea on on theorganlratton i
ground on Avenue B flayoniea will be opened on May
17 with an Mbittou gam with the Creicenl Athletlo
Club of frookjn
The board of Arbitration has decided that Bolt Pettlt
fluid play with the Toronto Club of International
League This rotx th New Haven Club of a captain as
Pettll tad signet wIth that ebb for the present VMOIL
Peltlt Joined lite Toronto the latter part fre last I iravon
but for tome reuou did not sign a contract At Ihe end
of the leaiun his reltaek I lotd tn Mttwankee and a
contract wai preoented him by the Toronto 1nb for
Ms signature He declined claiming that having failed
to ilittt a contract the bacon before he was eligible to
go wnereter he pleased I M nIrt h then t > Jo
ed him toplay seonnd balder tae New Haven and last
week he was appointed oaptntu I He r was told by Preil
dent Mutitonof lit ln flew om 01 Manager Burnbim
that 1 Board of ArMtratiun could not fall to render
an opinion In bin favor and to lIb moved lr his family
from rinnth alerldcn M the Kim city mr In regard to ths
case Prldent Phelps the noar1 of Arbitration savut
Iton eiaratnatlon of time evidence f ttlleve that
term were airrted upon between the said player and
the Toronto Club and that etittred their service sill
played the season nut wIth them m that for tome reatiti
no formal contract was signed that the International
league of which Toronto was a ineinbr paid for and
had the right of reservation that the Mayer is alien
an opportunity tn itirn I lot fr some renson faliel todft
10 Vf does not iem propsr that Ihe clot nhonld 1 lote Iti
rlrhtof reter atlon because the player refuses to sign
and while he still played with and collected tits salary
from the rub lime oQctal opinion haa not reached
the New Haven Cub Lat Its director and mar are
verr wrathy and denounce the Board of Arlltralloti
lou l terms
Comlnc flail 1IurerB
The Howard i would like to boar from a few good
players 14 yer oM AJdrefi A Ait rm u04 Avenue tJ
Time Union hose Haiti Club wnuld IIh 10 hear from all t
f r tpK chits for rdnctJnr iiJ Silutday comes al
home Adilrtu K f K Conway 52 > Worrell itreet > ew
Kruiuwlok N J 1
The Active Ilape Hall Club of flout Brooklyn wouti
like tohenr from BUT clnb I with pUjrtrn under 17 years
for any dr except Sunday AJJrrM Fred C River ui
Nlutb sIre Uruoklyn
The llroctons defeated lbs CflttK P ° Ti at leo Fork
on HnnJay IK I a twelve miming contest ty a noor of uti
I Tie batter were Denny and Casey for tbe Coiuzo
Uoyt and ljrrl an and C Imey for the H roc toe
The U I K Hlet7 Tubular lIsa e lull Club ha been or
iranlrcil for IM > 0 with the followlDir player i OConnor
P Krinbloch o Horky I let b ftolf e Bradley 1
f Katlioi 1 M t Keener r Ih Hewed JdU Menitel
r f iMtop nInes wlihlnr cameL admIres J Downer
muitrr oars It K l Uleu Cut 441 C31 and 433 Un
wlcU vtreet
The Thorn U ONell AMOcUtlon team and time
Bquttablei met tn the itlaoieiid a t Kecreatlon trniiiidt
on luiday mirriiliiir rhUllim and Van Ktten formed the
batttry for the Nelta while II 1 aid en auJ retera were
In the pointi for the kqultablet The icure
Pnultablei 3 2 1 I > 0 1 U O n4
n lr1 g g H 31
OSell Ai ocl tlon 3 I 1 0 1 t 0 0 07
The Tonm Lenox Club conUlnl the following players l
OKhaaiihnesiy c Fog Pm ABUT lit n i Welsh JI bt
Lawless JJ b i Harden 11 ONell L I LI Potter c f t
o inI
CoOns r f They opened their season ion buoday by
defeating the Young erol > au by a score of l tu III 1
They would be pleased to hear from all clues with
pUycr under 14 yean Address Thomas Kely 4J
lOll Thirteenth street
The champion hat factory cam of PtcVrsn t lIon
have signed following players L Mendall c and
captain H Klnirsun K Lemonzeltl tat U J Ker
win Jd b J Hutphon lid hI W Wallace f s II Horn
II 11 r fJ Hftferdall I f l Hark Kerwln c fllme
team would like I to tear from the Metropolitans tateu
lr lt r
Island A C and Railways Addrena M Jatays mm <
aver 44 lo Ai Kusclusko itrett Brooklyn
The R Altman A Co Halt Hall Clob have rorganlted
for the eonint season and will place an encei tt nalli
stronir team in the dan They have nriwted r the large
diamond at Hecrealon Iark for aiurOays during lune
u r fl t IIIj
Tnly iuifiit and CM mDor and would be pl aneil to
hear from all comiuerLlal houss having twit team
May 3mb I June iM luly 4 and 12 are already closed Address
b 41 i lgI
dress hdward I D Wuff lull Hast rieventy fifth street
The Mt Vernon Athletic Auoclatlnn grounds arc en
tlrely fucloit4 and the handkOiue new rand etanl IA
well uIII ler way It will seat about ali persew and will
hive bath drebfilng rooms and locker room They In I <
games to Aug 2 and will I play un II edien U > d tMtut
days and holidays AtnoiikT their oppouent win tm
the Straus Athletics Columbia College Acmes Ver
non Lea Rummltn Hainlltnu wiulhrop U 1100 Al
lertons CarlstadL and Clark O N T
Munakir Harry having ssour 4 a flrstclass club
would like l to hear from all college sum S remit rofes
Pisoal < team I particularly the Rah ways Perth mbojs
Creucetus or Palneld ft D W s tetm and from Man
adr Cllitotiyi In of NorWalk Hartnf secured dates
wIts I tle S I A C Bergen Points Stars of Long Island
IroquoIs of Newark and th Mount Vernon team arid
tiavuiR npqn l the reason by defatlug the Ruse Hill
manager need have no fear hot that Ibe Cllmonit will
pial good ball All club desiring dates should address
Thomns A llarry Z3 3 H cond avenue
On > Thursday April 3 tIe Brooklyn Tollce Base Bull
Club reorcanied the season of toil and will place
the following utronif team In the field Holzberger anl
Flood pi F Tracy and Kelly o UcCaon IK 05 Mall
iran M 1 lArrell 81 h Corcoran c e T I Tracy r f
Allwlck r f and onklbn I t and I naTfi club I
wo the championshIp of Iblr league lau year havlnr
1ften defeated nol one IQ thirteen games played and
that h > the New York Fire Department Club They de
r r
ll o rfcoS rlf urollc
featwdtheNew sock Io lee Jersey City Iolice New
ort Iost lilly lirooklyn Post mOire two games ouch
ant the Krooklyn Importers nine They are ready 1
iiftw to mitKe arrnngemeiiti with any ot tbe reiolttx
teams for a ierlen 1 of game Addre Thomas Carrull
manager rolce llead < joariert brooklyn
The Tennis ChampIonship
Tho London IelJ has tlio following to say of
tIe ccmltiff champIonship tennis match between
Ueura 1ettllt and launder We think that OO a
Ide 1 IB too much Any stale over 1100 a side to eniure
a challenge and a terlou much appears to ui tn te in
perrlunun It linda to make the mulch a cult form
u110e y rather than 1 for a chinipiniiihlp I and the honor cf
wlnulLK It In article 1 1 wo think that It would I have been
I etter to follow our Kniiliili cnitoin of allotting each
player to appoint an umpire and the Iwo umpirei au
loluted to name u referee whole dwclxlon iti cape they
dlnered ilould I have teen final It u I a pity Hint
French balls lists hen leleolel I for Ih
mach ant for Ihl no region haM been riven Thy
are tint ao gmd ua Ktic > 11 l l > ba U I thev are ion deid In
lo lg
ri It
heir I bound and they I arr imitller and lighter than our
landirl TIme after careful examination of a eampln
to I our deliberate optnloa They perltai favor a player
who dice not cut the tall but they itiorten the roots
and thvy ei o uiriffe continual forcing aa < l volleylnr
herefore 1r ey vpoll r tbe 1510at leait Ia on the level i
Boor ot Urituu cuurti to a conlderable extent
The election of Jack MeClaln the expert of the Staten
hau1 Lacroiie team to the Preildeucy of the Eutern
acroiie Aioclallou u one of tbe moil popular aelec
loin ever made
One of the strongest team II In the country this year
rill r he I the miton Island Athletic Clubs nprtiematlt ei
who nropoie to put forth every effort to win tIme ham
Tie Amateur AthletIc I Untun t I aboqt to lake op Ia
crc ahmch lb a mosetnerit in tim right dDeciion I 1i
I popollo IpIIII a clImDlolIIlg 001L IIpn 10
all the oloOclate I club its 114 lImo its play a regular
i 1131 l1 lla W
n1 J r
erlue2le of games The iatst lianml Manlattan
hew York M S ew Jerey athletic club have already
agreed 10 tmtey lumln the hamVloohlll and a great
boom Cur Ihlo orl is I pomlld
TIme Voukln Lacrmeie Club h I loin In for a very
iitly Season on Saturday DOlI lie Im will oheim the
11101 ollln AuolatlliU claniptotmoblp sotaeduls wln
they sstli plsy itutgere Co4lek eanm at Waabltmgtuts
t rI 111 a fu
Part In ryder to punlacIes SIts game at Lbs cut
nnrornlit imf lbs eeaoon no dmrloll fee wIll is
chKd for ths openIng game bUI orl Ihood In
1lallu liars ben loau41 ii prllml1I1 Iorl and Ih
imlevore and muulelu1 aUlholloo it this city alt a
Ihruioklyn ImaTe received pelIIIIlIallon Those who
delreoard or dmiuloll CaD oblln 11111 from Cerre
tarT B U rLClI III Iipkley place brooklyn it
150w strict tis city TIme 130001 IiC full schedule of
gattlee liii nOI yetticen cOluplld bet sttlitng Ito dates
situ d game siresOy mitoide ispoit are Alrii Sit Brooklyn
Rig 1 tr lkll
lyn vi Kulgeri r II almmngtoti lark flrmoklyn April I
I Brooklyn to Ihlb 11lty or Olb iiplhlelmeiti
Pa May a IIrookl n ye FtiiadetjImia al IITlhlhrn
Ia imtav 7 Brooklyn vs Irlnoton toliege al Brook
lyti 4ay IL Ilrmoklyn n Staten hlan AthletIcs al
iooklyu probatlyj I
Achy Y M C A Athlnlra
Tho lam of a series of titHes on physIcal cul I
are wn dclirered before the inemberi of the Bait
illUly sixth sired Young Men Chrlitlan Aiioclatlon
ait 1 nilbt I by Autnitui IaTirelly of the champion Ata
i JrII IIh
ami Foil Club A tl large number of II Interacted aihleiee I
listened Intently to the admires The lecturer iboweJja
borough kuuwlediia of the nibject whiebwai Hen
efal Athletics and lal hli word were frequently t an
lauded at they coulalned 1 many valuable lilti of ad
vice 114 upIno which the athletes Were t SlOW
to appreciate I At tin conoloilou of the 1 talk Prof A c
f f b 111 J iilr
f t
Howe the phyilcal I Initrnctor of time aiiorialliu led I Hie
> oyi In ilvlnv three oliton far tbe lecture three for
Tur Ito and three fr athlitia and they were ilnn
with a will
Immeltatelyall adionrned to the Trannveree road at
Fifth avenue aid Elitityfourlh itreel when the fol
lowiiif atbletri I I itaried in their flnt lmen8icap I er
r of the Xronch for the exceptionally line tuedali
detlmed by MoI
The run wai moit Interiitlnf and the winner turned
upiu an oneipected oorlce WimO I waa thought to have
no cha
T II Mackar naiflrM 3 Bunion tecond It 1 Kaund
eri tblrdt I barlei Reuse fourth J 1 Hottnmu
crachi ttftb II Trice olalh l II II ilontiomery
aeTenth and the reel cloie up I
Kinks County Whcclrnm Pool Tnurnav
Thn committee In charge of the continuous
pool tournamtnt in progress at the chili bnims of the
hili nobly Wheeluietu hale bestirred themselves
acootint of the little attention paid by the meiuberi lu
lime schedule lo I iramei the friilli uf hick wai a fnll at
teniUiice J lait eveulliff four fame telnif plated In
the lInt lo came J Bedford tliliallei I tat l Me enil4
ti4lU > lv rt to 4M In the lecund conlelt Vt Xellli 112 t
101 m difealed C I liaell 111 bIIO j by ii l to 4H The third
Kailie ase an etceedinfb emv victory for J 1 Hltiieiie
I imalsi t user II likes tRi hails the core belny Mi to
bali 61 account it his abienre of C Iltiell for hli
rnntut wIth Mr tivini the former forfeited nil tom
W J Atnuennan umpired tlie lattice
IInun Hull Today Hrolberbond rack
Flu A va New ork Brotberhootl Club
laUme called at 9 ft i r1 l It AdiuUeiou S ccnU 4dv
flee hall Now Polo Ground Todwjr
KewYorlivi Brookljn Umtrlcan Auoctatlou Gain
3111U r I U Admtulou tfc jJi
IIaaem Hull UrooLljn Toy 345 I SI
1 n fUln U Hutkett I hWIIIton Pak
Olh Y I itnd hone cart direct AJtu 2cJfp
brooklyn 1latert Club Fvaiteru Park Uodtler
Alhltl Tn oar < T W 1 < Ir
Cocoa is i of supreme Importance as an article of diet
Van Houtens has fifty per ttnt more fleshforming proper
ties than exist in the best of other cocoas
The tissue of the cocoa bean is so softened as to render
it easy of digestion and at the same time the aroma is
highly developed
nVAN IIOUTEVfl COCOA once tried always need ll I the nrtclnnl brlltn
bl Cocoa > iilenl d and a4c lBinollandiBil li I today better and mart
KliJVthsoanjof the numerous Imltalkma In fan > eamparatlt tut Kill lull pmr
that so otlUT Oooo smoale list 1 r fori In eelabiUtf ajreable tail and Dntrltlit quaIl
tic Larjfst sale In tha world ° Ask for Vu HocnHaand take no other M
0 llort His CJoodS
Th tliniiii lournftiiirot lti eket atml l the KpalOljrv I
FIeelal j < Tuuroaincot tall are lime IeaIere tbtiMiuon
TIC tuprrlor iiiBlity of is U uiiruiirti the 4lt nllon
oC all l 1111 players 111 I the pni that a ill glee lh >
I > apet r uMcjf the loiiriuii flit Ball a Cror coil of II j w
iloctmii new and beautiull took li I wtll worth love
i it1tlttli tcllit i
I PKII 114 I 3 IInll Ion 1110
fl 1 Flrlp F 111 11hoo IIY or bait Ko l 1 mills w
llrilln I fiit UTI tny Bal l Ir trtsI Ies
0 IF Mfklii K < il > H i Cool i7i A i Imstm l trll1 l ri 4
luHoli with cobs 111110 qualm 31 UK Ash a i
Incwood HirliKl Roiii hollow butt Ura lA
tJc htnU ac atttup for Dtuaicl Ihalalou
The A A V TnUlnn 110 Time In Irrlnc
the Camrce An lnal Ford
Tlioro vnt iiiislilnrnlilo cuwlon M to
the merits or tlio ford cnso i osier Jar when
tho nthletos bail reanlnoil their usual com
ponurs alter tho exciting Incidents of tlio lbs
ton trip The tuibllahetl statement thnt tlio
rensons for tho Indoor Chumplonsulu Corn
mltteog rejection of 1ords entry would bo
typewritten forwarded to him ciuo rso to
various fineculatlons nn to what those rei ong
I would bo 1rovlom to the action of the Hoard
the Idea wIse preMilont that tho committee hud
rejected him on the old Iltl1rlo of running
In ntirofesaloual race HiirlnKllold Muss An
other rumor wan that Ford lutd boon rojucied
for runnlnc In nrofoisloual ru us wlillo on a
I Western trip When a SUN icuortcr Inter
vlwwod sicral of tho Ilonrd of MannKorHi II too
miliiBCt roaierdav tlmv worn nil much mutism
at the rumor ol lImo oll eod Wobteru trip nntl
Uonlod that thoro wore not thu slluhlost
Ilrounls for any such rumor Ivury nicmlur
ol limo HOArd however flatly oruolilo niiiko
known Jha grounds on which Fords entry had
boon rejeetud It wan cathored from thu tt > no
of their niinnrlcs honexer tint liv y lind proof
ttiiu Fort uy recent notions linil shOWn him
self to lie I unworthy to coinlCto with nmatuur
From the various ooinpetlni atlilotes It xsus
learned I a tutltlon had been slunod him a largo
numberot them n klna that lord bo allowed to
comneto under protest
Mr Ford said last nIght that ho had hoard
nothing from thu Union
IVtikt the Atblolea Think
To TOK itiTon or Toil lNSir A great deal
of dlicuiilon baa been eolun ou for tIme pact few Jn III
retard to the rejection cOklaloolm W Corda entry for
the Indoor cbatnplouihlp and the action of the A A U I
haa been rightly condemned by all unprejudiced per I
line I now feel Impelled to have my uy In lime Inter
MII of fair play and honorable legliUtlon lu amateur
athletics wblb latter It appear lilltlcllt nowadavi to I
obtains U I the account of the Button game which
appeared In the hunday yeller It was state that pro
clone to boIling the games the Hoard of Hananerri of I
lha A A L I held a meetlnr at w blob It 0 as deci led to I
forward a comuinnloatlou to ilr Ford stalIng reaionl
for therijectlun of htl entry The reaioni C helher om
dally lIsted or not were olsen at f ol OH i Pint enter
lot fruits a chub oC norejoiuUed lUnlliJX ietoi1 fail
Ing to clear away certan charnee that are In direct vu
11111 01 atoatur Iw pobabl U etalimi time chargec
tlmemeelt so wore Ih uoly YlollIn oC 1IIIur Jmmilmei
The lint clisrga I it latmail p at U t 4 that time Iiarmi
i otl
weT Cl Iteluti eshmatnel ofitan3 1 were oblige to roxclmct
another III fiske Ihetr ullon olllllnL This Ilrmoklyti
III1bll Alhlllo Club coneleta ur attblln emewberi all
fellismimen nd belt of hem Cells i auhiletes All tsr I
due lie club kiss a eonUlullon asd Imud fleetitiponc
A Ulonllt Ii III tIme ulolI 010ct time eutrloi Ut uUr
ttienmlmereof tbie cub siiuld tImer delre ta compelo IAn in I
ntl oUoW
Ito KKIIICB it BI It IH an oiliruKD oil amateur I Hiiucie
and the bluer the union while up builneii the bitter
for arualor spurt In hi couOlty
As tot the nemiuti charge I was not awern that there
ever eu Limp Ciiatv5 agaitmot Mr Port e alllau
lallIII1l i blot ha nut beema oaro1 sea Cerlltay
the ammcienim fIIOO wottime clout charge 01 CIII I
pllilc in I a Irtstnal rac1 FIrlulnIJI cleoruml 1 I
away by iig Acilimlltat traim by this Sew Vork Atblotio I
H t1 IlIC
Club tilt by his reinelatettacat u lb N A A A A
and lastly by Ih A A U scetiting lull entries 1 heIr I
galilee it apgmeatL howerar list hho gallant onetule
who fear to ffI mb ox a tat fleld base Leon throwIng i
car tRiad 01 mud In hope < that loins may click In the
simalme 01 rutntr hu be ran IIIIIIlllao or rosseI
Teenier or fought 1Ialn nr mothUt ahen 10 is 00
10 MI ioui last amr TIers lOud liar b11 mlI
got rehlmls fir MbuI omit timers mlo hv ha1 I
of It Erotu is bat I know of bIr Ford there ha Sot a
Purrmmeur bl In the Country to day rtlI take part II in I
alllllolo 5ure love or p1 las tile mOrltirs 10 ttieet
atiy soc and Ir beaten time lI1allll1I 10 ar
kuowledg dal II all other ailletea 1 000e
Ills tim In this rp1 there wotmtd be tar less lelty
alour ulllbl L I lIe Im5 I tOad tmtnhes tin JIIT
iterltape cOrn baiotoo ontsjomenl but tumony tOotc ant
friends ml Iu atit got altiiit that I am nun if theni
hut I atmi nOIllnr pelIID Mr Formic bltalt lot
to help dIr 1 ml II athll tar Ihlr owl rutrllon IIIer
oual DuII ha I allowed Iu ouru hlie alIOIl or time
ta A lIIli it I titiie r It went time way of the A 5 A A
t Wh
shill cage is I apparently atmtmtlmer ititstmce ot preja J
lien how nun more will there be t A things slstmd
nile hlo elmcgi ran lie t ItUUlId up gohiist ntmy am
Our Jut befits balIloohlp unlut on1 time tulmIlO
perbutu defruumlel from SeeIng i goo I oomlUo 11111
to put cf the slur coat UIII lime athRte After limo
tent II ru1 the man tnay be jUIII1 It nul ae tie
casa iniy to l e A IPO why should the union have the right
to reject an entry TIme only jnnthn for them t < do
tile phould tie Is the man Vnq amateur i A contest Is I
no Lhanuloiuhlp unless 010 to the world of amateurs
retftr lies of who they are
Ijdve pC fair Uy ha always ben the boast of Ameri
cans May ft I not become a vain boat t
G 1Ir liLsenow
79 State SILtfcT llROOKLTS April 13
Tin IHit M A C Iudlrn Day
A particularly Intcrcstlnc procrammoof ° n
coal feaiurel nl be gRin al UunhattHn Athletic Club
ou Thursday commencluv at J o clock whet the final
ladle I boy tu the preieulquarleri of the oinanizatioa
will be held
A number of artisti of recoinned ability aitl appear
Tbe rllo log lithe lleceptlon Committee
Bleecker Katlibone Chairman barren Saie th
Hon Hobert U linernua ties W Carr A C Ialtner J
a Abecanli J II IlitnooJ l > Uonauuo K I LI l lIne
tol M II T Ir lJMll KIwelL Chut A liirlach lotirt
Olover T floury Mac in J U loud tur I > L L hehnau
F B Telshman > H talker 0 T 1rtieoll c L
lluirnea Tlf r llabrourk II II k Vulleatlne tisn hIp
White HUf lunneruian leslie 1 Kvete iou > U Jrnes
J 1 H rale CI I A Krluk I II iiLurJ X I II HulUrd O I
It McAneny t hi NurtruUd A Mllelpl Lao renos
like A skill S U Tuner
Gnftalp of Spot Wllli Arum and Ire
Torn Cannon ai I Jack Carkeek wrenled two houriat
Cliiclnnatl on AI I rli I without I kainlnif a fall
Tie fourth aimnntit eililblnon of tin IhlUdeM hii
Tuniiieiueluile u 111 Le meld I in the Academy of iluhiculi
Monday evening April I 14
A cinder track li Ijeliu lull for the Vonkeri Athleltu
club 1 at the II Highland I ttvrlme irrounli I in tl t at IWII u
will be one fifth mile 10111 aud eight feel wIle TIe
work U I beluf dune by I II Xaleutlue sum will cm
The Rl lanei 1 llarrlr held Ihl t tlrst road rn on
Paturdai uiitht ft ito th ik iniiKklum 1 I tie nietuhrrii
or the tram eujo > ed mime r in the llrxt three men tinlili I
Inff In the folluwlnir urilvr lu il inlnuteK 1 Ktatt 1
I JI let i W UrovMiiw lililance cwtered about 4
The grand hnu e warniln of the olumbia i Athletic
rinbof rnitaaelphla fur hlol < 4 IHIH nv tattoni A 111 lie
luued will take place nil April US llie > unue Hand
ba teen eiuatfeil aud time esemit will te one of more
than ordinary Interval llie I lii it noui vtlii be band
loine lout chIne uf the ocimou
The Athletic Com mill or the Orange Vonni liens
Chrlltlan Auociallnn are winkIng enerifetlcally to ce
cut allIllIlo crrounili mil for thu reason uu enter
talnment order to rile 1 fund hoi Lo eu anuuuuied
10 lake pIle at the Park lOok on Memorial Imp A
inuileale will be heil later ou In MIIIC Hull ut which
time the Yale College uleo aud Bauo Club Mil be l
The Alhetlc Ansoclatmn of Mountaineer Engine Com
pany cf honkers will hull 1 ttelt 1 inn field day dirt rlI <
Decoration Lily The ioulmmeltmi are the hat of vrnt
Inc hu rod yard dash la l 1 mil run fuutbill Lick
tulle nut potato race lUnJuit l road Jump lumper
Ir f g f1 ou
race to of war The event win tie open to nil wnu
iota and will I be hauJitauiiJ except the ul Jumper race
and tug of war wMt sill be mu eli lo volunteer Qreiueu
of Wesicheiter county
The annual meeting of Iho Palma Hub or Jeriey city
was weir attended un frtdar evening and the alec
ttoiieetitmg 10 coat thy tie u mhgtimta sea ml ga II A set
bartnoniou nature Ti ole gemmOelneti C tOO er
ramlent lI tillaits I 11 iminlm Id I ice Irsihoul eliot Uu
Idbool Semreaty imeor II Larl 11111111
liUK A Ileansy Llbrarla J A ehielardioum iioatj
Of iruatees Neeer F P ndeu P C Iolbsr 11
Clark ar and lr Iotls
troea country running is 1 receding a boom among
Newark atliieteM and in MtUrdny afternoon a large I
number of them marled frum t lie Klvornde Athletic
i liil > headquarters to ludug1 lu a seven mile ijilu ld
ward Iler 1011 scratch woe the winner Herbert
Ithbdes We minute niinetitf seioml Limb A II l
Inrnpkln scratch flilihtJ third After time run the
Mverside I Criss country Club w ci orgdiile l with A U
Tutu puns as tHptaln utid K I leroii lieutenant
A tory enthusiastic crowd ongreiraed at SirIM
Hall Ittt I Ililrd avenue m atur lay evening Isii for
the purboie of faijUinr An utliletlc and s < > ciii club in
lurk villa After urotiihg flftv nix Inotliteri the ful
luwlug ortictirs were ale 1 le li Jiitiied u UiilK ireai t
dent Howard Morm I ue i reel Unit I ijeorgn 1 Kler
Hecrttary It p come financial iii i rciary Henry
bhrub Trt > aurer 1 J U i iiiiw Sergeant it rule lie
organUatlun deimlieb to adopt as ha uuiut time ludo
pndnt AtUIitlo Club of Yorkviiie
The Vnrkvlll Oullng Clut > held Un fourth walk nn Pun
day The pack urid from Ughtv iuth street anl
Ilitb avenue and walk el 1 10 ltoth at reel H lOre i the bout
wan boarded tot Pot < Iff On reichliir the ersey pile
oftlir rlr hey started to faterson by way ot llackm
back and Arcola Iateritn was reattl d at 11 o rio k
aIls t walk of IM ml cc The time WHS 4 bourn tl I
minutes J Cunnin nam 1 > uunuikhiiu II Cuniiiii
bam P CAjnnlujtlum V ton Musito V Mullai it Phil
lips 8 itrueaele ant H Ham lit were the starter
The formulae of the sulurbtn Harrier met yester
day and decibel It whim they shuuld aw art the i nri
for their uroit country rare winch were withheld ou
account of ssteral ual1raiiohs wiurto iiieu dart
Itjjbefore their ham ap time Ihe decision uf th
ernest of he race was upTield Maherty who HtiUhM
first being dlsjuailfled fur starting before the pror r
time the prO was awarded to V H rrench of the Sew
Nrssy Athletic Clnb lit ietond phe was awarded tu
M H He sley Wayne A I mid the third to II dr N
J A C I fh notice medal las won by T J Voglis
lbs medal rot the man making the fastest time atnl lit <
gelling In the fret three of the rate was a uii ly lIme
srrainntpan K loho I n It allis A c ihe specUl cne
for the bt Uoirvn A C wni to W C lhe an lime New
Jersey A C special price wa raptured by v H rrettci
wud si H Ilraley won the Brc iai iudal for the iIi
A 0
The Eel BlurT nttnti of Marrl 21 nays that few
people lu Red hush were aware that a Mg foot race u
mirped near tl e reineiery I > S m lay mum Inn and tat I
about ftu m care p it tip on its result lime greeiueiit
was drawn up between a Em i liter earned Iubbln of
< rjand and another irf eloimai l n tiiel I isiulth rIms
latter was backed hally ii > > ii J Clark a lintwire
iiivrctuttt of Gnats to the amotint or fJ M m aol It U
aid that Ims Huid tits elIte u ratv ih money Ilinri
stifeilimar tote tim the atiuimtimi l time 51mm ii I Caret I
tlrD by > a miu ntiiiM roriBit whti acbed ti1lmhili > < <
KlUUli I hail hrs el H < mar > e nafslai tluu that he could
teat DobOlDs Li it Ill 5 U 1 ml f the t I tnr I > VkTill lit i4 1
abUt afoul or Is oOehl I id lot the rime nuJHaiL
lout liU uiunry U I u m ut tie clarifetl hat ti cry thin
vrm not mi th njuirr mil I lulaloe i < l V etc Ira it tm an < l a
free light t mtjui u iinininviit but none occurred U I M
teller 1 now list hoilth u 15 nrtne cllrr than Itetbunn
a celebrMe i t ai adttii i rinttr wLo bus a reputat < u I
for throwing rate
ItostnH April M haul of the New York stile
who rrtlcpaled lu the cIinipluiibU > galIlee on latur
atop spent yesterday lu tli U city und apparently en
oyeatlirmelvs Time A A U iitlrlil who came on
to tie iraine with one ei ej lion returned luuiie Ust
evening Tuer spoku liUhiy of the arraiifiijcnt for
tlierbaauilonthlp mntet ailttie crrvl g till Ut tl e
proifraiume The nrne au if thus ganuea gems in for a
ircAlshar I of praise and UIAIIV plrnirit tImings w ore
said of Initrnoior H K tornbbm of time H A A win
artitj a Chatter AcTor Cmuiig here time New I rk
aihleiei were lurllned tu vr mt r st lit selerdcfi T
Mr ri riiUlt bat they W e rossimel 1 aile r time ga limes
that heouuMdohlsHork itw i If run loiter HIHI koiite
if f the crsck New Wirk 11101 l lIter I ver > hid MI tl
ii A A waedeiighiaI cliii lili > i > huwing niaje hy heter l
lu the Mulyaeh race an I also lime lumping of Clausen
and Morse Next to their own mern Cr5 winning H A
A men favor 1 Harvard and Trlmuiint i > o Uiat OU tIme
whul they a wU M THU Hi result
Lake CJiilnMaamondthe Pluto for tho Neil
Tho rtecuthe Committee of the Nation
Aiioclillon of Amateur Oarsmen hild atejular best
Ing at the direr House lait nlfnt Preildent llenrr
hlllni utrfleld In the chair After lime reading ot the
inlilistee or the fretlons meeting the case of the lit
IIKII dls uatlleJ last fall for participation In the Labor
ay rejitla at llustun was bruuiht up
rims folIo Inrreiolullon wai preitnted br the cam
mlute nppnlnie le Invellgilo the lU into who applied
for rsmslalemsnt
irArrtus Upon a thorough Inrestlffatlon Into the ap
I plications for reluslatemtnt of the six intn dlsqualined
InOotoler last It apiri that some of them at least
were nut aware of the decision ot Oct 13 l 77itj
I which Ins hosts lutllshed I In every edlllnn ot our law
I sInce then that makllix a irulut would not affect the
lienally for Molalluf the atuuleur law and that alan
these men Lad a riKht lo expect that an amateur te
aita lonductcd br a reputable rOwIng association
oould be manated In aS ordance with the amateur
hits I lie utmlemI of all lenaltlii I n not the persecution
el the urtindere but rather the prevention ol the In
frat lion ot the law In the future by tailing public atten
m tion tn the penaltlei of Hi html atioti
The intereit arouse 1 In the preient cam by the all
ijuMlflniuii of time iinendcn ha probably already been
aail cieut to aoomtiuli thus uiijiot therefore vour
committee would reouinmeud the adoption of Due pre >
alnlile atiI I following reiolutloui
rflifj That 1raillil lloiter Albany Itowlne Ctlh
XXII liimCaiirey Creneui boat i lub Itoitoui i > J Si l a
honey Pradford float I tub Hoitou F J Kearney In
cIliate Newark II f Corcoran Cintrul host Chili
Mi lion and K N Athirton Metropollian Huat Club
New York ta alum Lereby are reinitated aa amateur
Oart I mm eta
ftjiiliM That a copy of limbs preamble and reinlu
tInt be leut to each Club memUer ol thIs association
II k i llllCMKll ISO
C I PnaHsiiN > Committee
SO h 1 Ascot 1
The committee then took up the matter of leliotlnz ma
place tor holtltiitr the annual regatta Mr Mover of
Cuomo ailtocaled Vlnutaiolli xir XXenn becniary
of tie New Etmgand Amateur Itowlnir AimcUtlon and
Mr Illjelnw presents tIme tlsilsms of New hnglalil for
Lake uulnilKimoud Mr Abbott of tIll New Xork
linturlu uu I x estern Kallroa I advocated lluelda Lake
Cnpt Xau Hamlet and Capt lalnn Pliklniton ipoke In
lit or of Lake ljuinilgauoud Mr Illklnitou favoring
It from experiniLe
It wa < unaiilmotillr reinlxeil tn hnld the annual re
PIStIL ou lake l gulnilnamond XXorreitir Mau ou
Jutit Uv ind VXeduemay Aug IJandlit I
The Pteildent pointed the ft > llowlne regatta com
inlttite J a Atom II K llliicliiiiii N l L Mulun XV
II iiibnon t P II leterion and J A M Jnhu
ilr M John then ottered to irerent I the anoclailon
with ahandiom medal fur a ijuarler tulle mlaib llllle
BCUllem rare wlilili war adapted
ll inn decided that the refnlla committee mrply
everri miller and low I man of each crew wlltt a dlillnol
too co i < r > d shIrt when row me ill I a race
The committee adjourned to meet atXXorceiler on
Aimgoet it
lime olllclale preient were President Henry XXhltlng
lariield J H AUiru II K l Illuchman M A Mollln C f
o I Pettriou U U Gluver John A at John U Mao
me uoa FlutEr IOSTIONLP
A IVeury Journey Without HporIt Will
Clime Off Yet ThoUEh
Tim muolidlscussod doc debt between Wil
liam Uormlevi brlndle andwblte bpol of Brooklyn and
John Me Mali on i while harney for llmot ataspouiidi
each baa not yet come off but It I expected that toe
battle will take plaoe belore the end of the week Lait
baturday nIght had been choien for the fray but owing
to looms rnUaudentanilln It did not come off Nolefl
than ail men got to the XXaihludon lloiet aimall lio
lobed hobtery conan four wile back of Jeney City and
time trouble they bad to get there showed that every
tnnu Jack of ito use an enthualait In the sport An
ether hotel not quits 10 far away wai the place the
tip originally name 1 ai the reudezxous and by 0
i oclock that eitablioimtnetst wa lllerally Packed with
leIle Afsr walling untIl Il oclock lime crowd move
on to time tier 1100s Itmey ham a ttua uI tramp over
rudy roads aim through Jetacy miul oil dIrty stream
that were tmmt mWa S tmmrdsd Willu cocci alany a
naui 055 elmrt hum imie estumumale if low tar tmi jump ivr
seterial of tIme rlvalele si mauled her olmmaOb wIll bit
I lest It limo olernu water
IVilCil 0 It llarIitm time olmmkeiuotier an choice
itsaker of tI e grmmmtu I attivl lie wso at otmos eel upon
ty lie relmnesuimiallee of battmay ownsr who coos
I I label oumtiv amid will eitmitust force mf language that
liardllmg hmai nut imracted ilIum 10 le rigbt Lilac while
the imhir aids tom cot tIme hip asroighit aimd at tlret
hauls rime oIkeimolmRer teiliei that a guide La teen
001 t the umeeting p mace to which tie B nimey Imeolmie
ham beo dine tel but entutsimmw t ime lrogratnius Imal
tmmlotorrlem si IIrtmey wait t ot luau I her eu a
Immimif iraimple but 51 lalt itartmey a 0 sent for IS lien
lie arriseml It emma 1 cinek aim thOr 0OC inure mislay
iii clmooehtig mm tetrs A sport hTjtis name of
lmatmey oa at Lint gte umcts Lot by this
titmc all leraey CRy act tiobotetu tiriudlng evetal
tulicelumen wore gaslmerci in and shout lime dmlate
Woblottu 1101cm amd that wos o tuuamy to allow time
imlcuumO ti ie ltce to wIth Time ou1let us ore eape
cHaRy oblectiotmable eye tator to lmase amid tIme mad
tteuiielvc tumors amid mors luaattealle by etroetRug a
Cflumie 0 mporte ma ho hail imumly coin out tn luk on TIme
ltmfuttUtates were a couple of imrommkm nile who e er
tmmuled up imafre Judge Stu Ini yeetermlay oh charged
V itl lerly uimdtmcL Imutiminie 111ate Ti Iroltimle
about lime wiuml thing na that lime artIcle of arre
tIle lit were tO t CU tIcleutlI e u pIle t Timey htuply stahl
timmt time I ice mtimUli be a eglmd lum tm oclock and Ie
to tie tt ismweeo I I out lit If Itme apt carncs or this
stakelmolder at tush esesmt had been Ideinatmdemt a pool
Iotmemtmeimt woimtI ptotstly tmmt have been tmsmaeesry
liii ciii doubiloja 1 dot tuelt tin
A New Stan to have a Trial
A certain man In this town has a 133pound
bovtr whtim he luluks in a world beater and probably
file lo do up Tack Ljiilnn who ll I unfortunate In not be
Ing abe to get on a matoi with anybody although lie
has EPJ lacking Anyhow tle 1 nknowni I tucker layi
tie snaIl is a strong young fellow who ll I unusually
clot er with till hands bill before he makti a match
w 1th vuiun he itt rfoliig to give tutu A trial rcolty l oit
tle AunllMllan llMhl welKhl bun been it oen aj lie trial
lore t old the go will Cuke Uce In about three week
It will be a Ctlei round gti with kid glilei and ai I ox
In I a hard bluer with skin gloves Ills epicted that the
ttikiitMn h ilaytnif qualitieit can be fin nJ out In that
kludofatioiii There li I also a bet of f IV > on this trial
A hI eel roriy third street man bus watered tliat the
tnknowu will nut knock Iun i out although the latter
w II enter tie rlLg ut nil pounds A good spot hit
already been engaged for the go anl a aaect party of
Cfty w ill become the yructaturi at 5A a tlckeL
lllichteen Jlound Ilpfure it lancick Out
Oxor 100 men gathered about a rudely con
itructtd ring that wii Ditcl ed in a barn not far from
Corona u I I at daybreak yesterday to wltneM a fight
with hard goxrs hftween lue I antoney und XX 11
Jiynn a ttiupetif New Vmm k hituliiiiis fr e mmmre tuE ISO
A vwlnglnup ercut uu ler the chIt In the eighteenth
ruuud settled iiulters tor it put It an tu sIteD
Ilghlina ots
llo < Tn April 14 The furdet todfrey Hght which
was to have taken pace tOiiUlil wait tiostponrd
hurl Iarance the deter lit prund chan plot of liar
lam will meet any Hi pound Ulun lu lue city fer a
puree of liu lu luu acid
Jack rlatherty of Phlladelhla sail that he will take
just an many lieu at SI l > oiu t < iO ou time LyuchUcllride
tght as will suit Chancy Koy
Ike Weir writes m the unldental Alhlello Club that
lie will be lu Mm Irauclir locking fur a match with
SlIp one In lime i lusi In blew dat I
liauny Netdiani bae challenged Jimmy Carroll to
flrfht In the i Mlirnrnla Atllletlu i lull for u purse ot 14cm I
It ll expected utah club will glte the purse U Carroll
Frank Moore s barker rites In the ItluJtrattrt Jfrw
that It Mile Hresland asr a Ir soauilousto let on a
match a ltli Mourn he should roTor his forfeit that he
had posted for three werke If nreiund really mean
bulne1 and will post a forfeit at the Illuuralrit hCtp
Muure ill cover u and ilgtit hliu to A flntih whether ha
slioulj win or 10cc in hli ight with allagher <
Henry IriuR air tImo lalinico ored sportIng man
of hi LuQls aitsltril I r lK r Murray have arranged to
give Icier Jackaou IhIl great co ored pugilist a snln
5lve recrjtlun on Anrll lu Jack on and party will be
met at the Till n hepnt by n colored brain baud and a
delegnllun rolmmlumael 1 tit sslrral hundred colored ruin
au4 sscorud to tIme residence of Mr Hridgeuater
Iurmnu Ma4 April u Peter McOonoogh and
Jaiucs Htferald ago 11 fought a prlle fight for tlu a
silo I enrrtlay tunning near Onota Lake Martin
Kelly a local narteuiler acte 1 as referee and a select
i r > wil wis i reenl The fvht lailtd nrirnve lulnutfa
Itelittf then de morel I a brow both mrn being badly unii
Idiot III Ia rspurieJ that atsothier Oglitli arranged for
Leit Siudaj
lotuuir holly shncker r II nlack woe al the lltu
IruUI I AU e > tcrila aiiUalil that Kelly wimuli I not be
blo 11 sljn artli ii with hilly Murray ihli Keek as ke
ha ot rii44i6iunt to star In hrnuklyn ihl week
C ii l irh wll i ret cot him from tneutint Murray but said
Hut he unM be un hind next Monday between i and
a u m dunk Tills vtuanreeatj e to Murray and the inalch
us ml i lirolahly t lie Itmole on lhal date as Murray ls anx
Ion to make a uiaich and will agree to almost shy
louli liccinali the fnrlnjinn lIght weltl and
lnuk alia milch Neil a Os Louis light weight of
alas rromlneoce fonchl ten round fur a nurse In a
hulk room uf the Ioudun Iheatre al Bt Louis on April
II 1411 weIghed l or lImO iiounda and was iicoomimt
bj funi Kllr tllke Lleary was behind nnmah The
mien fought with three ounce glove and If a ilrclflon
run d not be reached lu ten rounds they were lu fon
liiiiii Hlnali won thuugh > iemI > l gape him a hard fight
fur tips rounds
I Ime IN i1 tmcm ft w m Ic sail In Corbett mill
run e Ill find a man fully as agile and clever as harlry
MnlieI torlett win unuian 1 till hell I knoikedd I sal n
by uim of time big fellow a rude but win te all over tIe
ring In a round and bnjln on the retreat and as the
cimiit would lie considered one or skill and not rndur
ante he should sa Ill a competent and lionrt to ft rio
suiid an rxi ellsnt ohanoeof b lng adjuiltred the H Inner
nr i muriel there u the im lblllir that hulllvjtn ttiay put
him out H Ith one uf his famous puuclifs but II Is unit a
puidbll ty cud ton remote to lie likely lo ha pen In four
riiiMuls with bulllTsu la very your Hi for IUT klud of a
The follnwlni was recalled at the Pllff llnrnt offlcft
from Jaik McAulllle the helm i weight champion An I
nuance Hut I cIl nIece l aiy hernrin uf Hoitna for
ima mc ailie att I the fviicr biu > Uchainpluiiililplielt Let
JnliM 1 bullhan rut usa McAiilineln u le Irrsayii
Ill light Iaiir Kerrigan fur t mi a ile aid I ve
frlllls rllht with inn tn match Joe MnAii UTe
atralnst Milllran for the sanie Hnioiint In II e smue ring
I snow what 1 err vanli I for I haJ loullerlmn li I SI i lo
ilr p lulu ihi I ring lu Hosion an 1 fikhi fur a lalirr I IM
umree loilliinh lie too 4 ad tit btiit him ami Itgni I for
Ill limb lia tech 111 lime Ii Ore unce ffire I anl II
cam in Ihe same way hut t fen litftn I liri f 1 lniijrlf lo I
to t a rtuiif In lmtiig if he 1 giod titus In tl e nut lie
mads lle lilufr tlen the I siime as 010 t it wouldnt
coter a 4 Iimi l forfi li thai I put ni n tim the Huston 100
Any itli i that duub s It i an rind ot fur It I einselves by
writing to th i ajier I in like other men in ih > log
and Im righting for money and not for g nrj If I hull
sat hni letS of chirp ulrtaly h > fan lute lots rf fun
and can win V > ° O at any tluie hat Iaisy Kerrigan
ran get swap alit mr In a Kid gla tlrtlih niht I In a
he i an have mure run and unother IsOM f ne can whip
Im 1 MoAulllTe and If lie aln t latlTied with a IIJuw
winning he moot want the earth
An Important tneellngof the Pa ale River Amateur I
Towing Also 1411 m will be held In Newark Ibis Men
Rig X r hen of the t onsiliution I mil 1 lyUwsli
uraong the most Im oriant mitten lu be iontldere
A < aod Price fur u 1nurjnrolil
IiHiNrtTON April HThB fouryearold
rwn roll hi Red bIlks dam Annie by llambrine
tMtf hal Icelm I Itil by llenrr ffimnns Louisrllle le f I
Auhinr Iicintr coi rncf jj7
Tn the nnal contests In tho Welnnrllnc tour
nament of lirooklyn at the Pntnam alley on Eatnrda
evening the lirevoort Club demonstrated theIr ability so
bowl and secured tint prlie The scot
rtair aim
Prevnnrt Servoai Islil Notch I41 Urlds 174
Schenck Jlni Van Meek 137 Total TW
Our uwntlough Ifflii Lockwood I5S flair 13S
Dorlou leu Solomon lbs Total 7d4
Rtexoort Eervoi IBO Norrli Ill t BrUga 137t
Scheuck I70i Van hack Htt Total OUU
our own clough IHT Loekwuod 151 Sarre Ill
Uorlou tiC Solomon Ill Total DOS
The regular weekly team match or the Annex Bowling
rluti of lirooklyn rolled on J 1 c I Htelnhelaeri alley on
Saturday evening reiullsd aa follows i
real so I 0141 00 2
mm 24 Sd lot 34 54
GammiCameGare GamagmuteGaw
Cook lJO IllS lOW tlaleh 145 II ISO
Iveter I2i 110 115 F Istoim l57 183 144
tiuley 50 ill IBM P1 Itierman 159 II 12
hmslmtnan 110 tOs huh Z lllrmarsIlIi Ill II
Itonan 140 1114 154 Prary 120 125 110
hichurmullyIiid 184 lIlt bill 132 isa 122
Total Totals i
Its Shavers rolling at the Bpartan lIens lait nigh
waa the best ever seen on these alleya In theopeuln
gatno be made time hIgh score of 237 Toe scones
rim iiaui nftJT OAML
ilievereSO M Kl UU I4U 170 IW 3ln 237 257
Xlllten17 80 39 S9 78 87 17 ill 133 Hi
htrlkeiBlevara T Wlntera L iperelSlevera 3
fllutsri 1
Sleveri 2n 48 C8 h4 101 ISO 135 148 IB7 107
Winter au 57 7tS KS lot U2 141 181 170 170
RtrlketSlexera It XXInlera 4 Euarel Bleveri t
Winter 3
IXCOYTI sxaiu nut QIVH
WinierStI 441 04 8u lOG ItO 1215 IM 174 104
Keller Id 24 413 lid l3 Ill lIlt 140 154 170
BtilkeiWmleri A Keller 4 EpareiXXIuteri 3
Keller a
strum OAMI
Wlnten in 37 411 ne 711 04 104 123 188 140
Keller 10 20 40 he 78 97 115 lEa laS lIlt
MrikeiXXIntera 2 Keller 3 Spare Winter 4
Keller 5
Winter 30 31 58 H9 115 13S 155 174 1B4 304
Kelmerto to 67 107 UJ 145 185 IBS 202 511
Htrlkei XXIntera 5 Keller 5 Spirei Wlnteri 4
Keller 4
ToteD IBIIII riBir Gall
SlevenS8 48 OS Wi 107 1Jfl 140 IM 184 202
Keller V 89 48 VS bli 108 128 148 165 18
BtrlkesSlevsrs 4 Keller S Bparn flsvera C
Keller ii
ucoan GiKB
Sleveri SO 40 OO 74 B7 117 117 156 171 20
Keller IN 21 97 57 77 17 115 133 143 1113
Mrlkes blcvera 4 Keller 4 SparesSloven e
Keller J
locate iraiiit nrji GAIL
Ilnllwlnlel17 30 45 61 74 Kl 103 132 113 1131
bcbwaike 2 < l SJ 58 40 US 107 127 145 155 184
Strikes Kullwlikel 1 ScbwacVe 4 bparciIlatl
wlukel 0 Schnacke 4
vrnifn nasa
Pnllwinkel IH 2S 17 77 114 111 I3S 119 ITT 1137
Hchwacke 20 SO 57 77 D5 HH 114 123 133 KM
Strikes Bullwtnkel 4 Echwaeke 2 bpirei Bull
wlukel 4l ftchwacke 4
rHino nasa
nnllwinkel < an cxi 73 tia mi us inn 107 Ia
Bchwacke 211 81 57 77 57 llfl ISO IM 17d 201
Htrlkesliiillwlnttel 3 Echwacke 5 Bparei Bull
wlukol o ticbwacke 5
rinn iiiiuriaiT nmt
nullwlnVellO 111 m IM UU 117 leo 167 17 305
llarkluye 10 2I 10 M Tu Ill IW 117 IUI 141
htrlkes Hullwlnkel 6 Barklaye 2 SparelUutl
wlukel J Uarklare a
cocoon O1HK
Hullwlnkel 8 Id BS 45 on tl 111 ill I no 170
liMTklaje B 27 SO 04 t4 74 SH 1O3 122 133
tirlkeanoiiwlnkel 5 Uarklaya 1 Sparei Bull
wlukel I Barklaye4
sixth laatcs naiT COIL
Barklaye 20 39 37 57 77 ion 12lt He im 103
bchwacke 20 4O 6O 70 ftH 107 127 156 183 305
ttrlkesRarklaye 4 EchwackeS Hpirel Barklaye
4 bchuacke 4
Rarklage 17 > 7 134 K4 103 128 143 151 111 111
fclinarke 10 SS W 5114 IllS 148 177 1H7 21H 230
btrlkesKarklage a fobwacke d KparelRiirkUie
5 Sthwacke 4 Lmplrei Keller A Stevera II
XXlntera aud Otto beige flooren Cells J 1 Ham
hurst and A Keller Average Bleveri 3M WIttIer
17125 Keller 1772b Bullwlukel lbS 45 Bchwacke
HO 11 Urklago 1U7 > 4
nonllnc Note
Mr A TUnMer won the cold medal awarded by the AU
Diwn Howling Club of Newark to tie member making
the Mgbeit score during Ite season lie rolled tip lbs
Olihtugli late in time isasoB there Is to be a bowling
tournament risen by the iruiuol club or ilewark this
inoniu lu which a quintet of Lie men leame ara en
tetetl Time hedule Inciudea iweiitv ne gamea
In the first half of a serlei between Charx Morn
and D lloHman of Nawark for a prlie valued alS2lhe
loonier won every game the icores being 11 folluwn
lloCniiniaj Rid luu ISO Ki ilorrili IN 2UU
171 1144 l
Tie lerlei between the nheriMe Atbteilo and lielle
Tllle Boo lIne Club teams resulted In a victor for the
latur The deciding game was out tf the uaual run of
coulesll 11 at the nnlsh a tie ensued thus calling for
another rains lu which to bring about a decUluu
PresIdent ISo cher A Iool Champion
At the rooms of the Atalnnta Boat Club 624
Fifth avenue hail night tbe concluding games la flue
longdrawnout pool tournament of the organization
were decided
Duicber and Heath were the first competltori to trio
cues but the Iruldenl of the Middle titatei Henna
Association ran away from his opponent nuithlng the
game with Ihli score llealh 6 lioscher 5
Ihe nnal game ot the tourney was then plajel be
tween Hoscber and llageiuneyer whti were a tie for
first place This final game was nfly points and was a
good ctinteiL Dosoher excelin lu comblnaMon play
while llagenmeyer did good table work The score wan
Uosoher fro llagenmeyer 44 roluta
Hero li the thaI score ot the tourney
Hdit Lou nvn toil
Vf L Dosoher 11 I 3 Il 1 XT louis 5 n I
JC llavimeyerli 2il I fairchlld A s
l I 11 llealh 7 4 J Jnhusou 4 4
II r farnei C 5J loom 3 0
T Sheehan a 4 XX f I xiohr J 5
0 11 Mosher o 5 0 I Voih 3 lu
A C Ialratr Clue SI A C Champion
Not content with wlniilnt laurel lit tile bar
of Justice A O Palmer the versaille member of the
Manhattan Athletlo Club went Into the nnal games of
the Manhattan Athletic Club championship billiard
tournament heat nIght with the cenOtence that Legita
luccesa t1 II SteInway was his opponent and the
way Palmer played was H cnutlon Mrs Lieu Eugene
Van Schalck eec the retiree aud TomMcIwen the ex
champltin walker the scorer aimer I e total was liM
frtmi way Ilii winners average Ot loiera I 21 UJ
P ilmeri belt run Ui Htelnwiyi 0 points
Ialmer wine the dlauicnl emltleni emblematical of
the club championship and time Mel hen XX Koach spe
cial I rice a sit of three rrguianoii cllllard halls In in
elegant iais for the last ntrnne In time tourney The
record of the tourney la appeuJedi
Won ion
Palmer 3 u I
btemway 3 1
Appleby I 2
lloach 0 s
Maurice ssael Jolma Toilroey
Tho Amateur Ifnndlcnp Illlllard Tourney at
Maurice eni Johns r5 Satsau street last night re
eultep as follows
XirstgameH Hn i7o < 1411 alerman riiO 25a
reiond vaue H VriccU IJj Ibi u Tucker 160
Tonight J onIon IM vs A WillIams 350 Dr
GIll hoot ce J Coudundttiij
Hllllaird aud Pool Note
Tn THI Foiini or Tin Hri sir Referring lo Mai
Slayer challenge lo play me poo for any unsettled
urn I do beretiy ace t Ihe same and will piay ror fvj
Jam Viaision
Team No 5 of the himdeon Cnunly Wheetuen torn
pOsel cf Met Tlmoniear Ilowle eimd Meteor es wot
tite mIlmi tsuroametmh of Iheir dub eruting twenty mor
not of the folly mee with Tesuta lb COnllmoeml of
Meesre tieledtct Poil aiim talmiuma eecoud
it ih IlIoptmm Perle of lii tlramge Athletlo Cluh oooi
tuottatuimml hr last wecIl time gatuee resitel as fob
In w Ii lii iirp ii mirlmolt 211 lillti IC Iaiml 1151 dselel
Caleb Baker iii Imoili 5 Iaarudftapi i y oi to 3 I 0
I arian crtcil ulmtimlayeJ A AeonlmSheanta 114 polte
Imaumm8 call imp a sCore it S i to 27 at I S I Cal Imp
puiimta hmatmhiespi eon iy deTaa I rena A ULmnbck
cc ra IC ii I
Him bard 2 ° In time toatel helvestu 3 Ilherie and
II J heail br 41 it tim lumIlI Ilailory Itcietle
phayl in tretmd sIpIe 511 fIjr times he music bteke
t1 over a bumlnd AlImgstiuer Is cnd I ill wlmile
Ieal itOh u 7 4 i Tile I riscil at ttsls dunitig tim
ilat wet lmm I III t ii III 2 7 Ill amimmi 11 by Boim
eels mmd o4 IS III 47 fri an Eli twIll ty Peali
enrol Peal romemeee 4tl 01 Iii 128 it eels ldumll
In reiiutuminme mhay tt March 20 Iabonis as in iou
lulliceilt form stud itmrlt a v cry ummlte this laI er mimata
agomi in aucum allil I ass ti recioertf peitit time tiatree
at time cljotmrtmtusmmt to lIme vetmg readlmmBchrts
I heaiim mum iad Tie host breaks imy ltui ente were
24111 5 84 lOll 1t1 lImo hills ant lii aiim by 144
aol I 4 ho timS coelillug libetp ilnew stehlly as ar
imd tltmsliy won iy To Lullmta tilt 1011 iteat dAeloi
me last iiagi or me tame were 111 > TI Mf M am 1IZ
will Isali i chIef contributIons wore 72 and UK
The crnsi cnnntry run of the Clinton Alhlstle Club
on luuday last over Ihe eourM at yon Ueorga was won
ITJ A riBdlar J Courlloa was Mceni aaiJTlalla 1
han third J Ootiallu Sf tin lame claim trao tUkntv
arid yard dub
AM iBtcrettlna Gall > Its thai Mulch n tvv K
CliBtuploasi llelmr anel llpaokutK
The eleventh sixmo In tho DelmnrlIpschuts
match was played In the Manhattan 1 hen Club roomi
on Batnrday eTinlnr Itwisot more that usual Inter
est thefact that Mr Delmar played with lila old
time masterly skill making II plain to the expert whe
wttohed the play that Llpicbutr will not have the
walkover that some players predicted The game if
appended In bill
KB rxtttiB vt tinmcTX
WAiia dIlatE
1 Fl14 rqe
2 KtK 113 IltKIlS
3 P8 11 PKB
4 rUKt3 FQlts
BUB 1Jgss
60VEtS QEtQ2
7QK4a BK
4 tulle ru 4
PQ B 4 ellrs
10XtA IttiKs
ltFskt Ich5
in ij IiQ J itQ sq
Ill Pl 113 1114
17 PK4 K FmQeq
Iph g itu Ott
lb PK ktS ° AfltlI
ihil KK S 1Q Ml 4
IJI PK It 4 fth Km eq
22 itU 2 d it4
JO 1114 Bsq Ix F
24 t a F IQ RE
116 a I
27 Eim142 11 Kt4
200Itil It I
3 RKi30 It Seq
5tichtltsq It B2
ill lUIt 4 iq
32 lt0 em I 2
25Ri halt
thRill Cllsq
85 IlIl B KK sq
110 fSXt4 htst
fl7Fxii nXIS
113k K142 ItKilt
1110 lllIsq 14112
41 1tBtt 803
di 71KS Ithis
42 itMIS hfQ2
44 1183 14115th
44 Kit 2 ItIllS
45 1107th 14Qe
4URIII hlaIcli
47KQi 14115
45txP 14ill
45 It I 1 Iteelguts
There will be nn game tonight tint play will be ri
mmed on Saturday evening
After nlaylnr a few brilliant game of cheutn New
Orliaui recently CapL Mackenxle waa almost pro > tratet
with coniuniptfou Re was sent to 81 Tammany FarUb
In the hope that be would recuperate but till friends
fear that his present lllueii li but the beginning of tIme
kl A roetr victor In the tournament of the i af4 de
la Ktgence this year has been challenged to a match tiy
Mestre He Ktvlere and Taubenhana ffrmer cbamplooa
of the Cafe the former oflerlng odds of three games In
nine and M Taukenhaui proposing stakes ot 11W
Flea and Uume Sole
Sea lace flu M riff with this ibotu running Urge In Just
now 5 ery HUCCCICU iport at Anifl ieu
The deep roil monntmtn lakes of Wayne county Pare
are beliif Blocked icr f the tInt time with lake l trout
Flihtrinen inn wat btnv time water off hell Oat for
trti > e < 1 baiL Trolling U the favorite uitlLuil for catch
luc tbira
The moontalu streams of New Jr T are In poor run
dtlioii OwIng Ia recent ralti and trout Aihlnc 1 not ot
time imeet Chub aud yellow perch buwoxr are plenti
ful la some uf the patoIS
The team inalrlici stitch occurred in Newark last
week resulted MI toilovri Ablfffa IN V I 1tht2m t Our
Own ilIum 1 MarrlnouH Mb Uo > anU 0J7 ludiana
M7 Lukeiide eeold teaui Wl t
LDUO Hm > it AprIl 14 The memberi of the Central
Guts Clot slmot Katunluy fur the Dai Price gold taJir
Each ma viii shoot at ten tarfteis 1redcrlck Iteal
broke lcbl Philip iMlr Jr seven und Cayt Morns
Tht KrtehoM Onnulnf Club hai elected the following
offlctrB for the preient Club year Trealdint J W Dun
cccl Vice IrtfclJtui JaineB Laird Herretary William
Vurtm Treuurer W harry Darla Hoard of Tratuet
WIllnrJK Cuuor r I D Norton and Ullllara M jUurtla
Tbe club it arratijUQfe fur a big shoot at lira bird
At Decker1 Farm N J at week the regular month
IT competition amoiif the members of tha Wet hind
lun and Rod Club of Newark waa decided aa follows
U huann Vit U Artalk in T Hratuch n T Kreunl
lImi J Webar H J Hemhauier U U Hemhaacer 15
K parlboloniay 13 A Karthnlomnr U K Weber Ic
and W Kelly 10 Blue ronka acted a target and time
acorei made were out of a powlble 1 3
At She hot weekly competItIon of the Our Own Hit
Clob Newark there was a dertJeJ tnrreaKC lu the
marksmen and the phootlntr maj he termed a 51115
better titan the preceding event Tim eorea follow C
Ii laUey W K A rrelenvehner J44 J Muiulr JU I
W II Watt S4I t O 1 > It elnrnan 241 t ettttik J 1 I
to Autenreltli asw J M Klefer U3i A Maicoite 3s
U Fucrth 22 tt 1 M Condit UM A Q Kleftr iiitl U
Kroeplln Slit and C Hllnlt 1ST The vcorei were mile
on the Our Own otaudard aArliiif target
Ooeof thu let conteited tfailery matches that las
taken place for mm line incurred In Newark Iniil
week between Jak liurti rof the How arIe au 1 John
8tadelhofer or tIme hut OWIIH Ihey I had teen > throwing f
down the raiiutlet to one another and forth reos a
many inarLimeti foreboded verily a to lime outcome uf
the content Madelh fer led hio rival one potoi nn the
flrat Btrtnir aol t in the neinnd bit lead ma i Increase l
lightly hurirrr TfaktnT > ttirouxn terron uei how
ever hs cam aboiit ITI thort order Mid uutil tie flnlth
It wu nearly poliu for point etalelhifnr iDiilnr by a
cant 4 Tbe nvcrei wire J hta tlliofer 1132 J
ihergr 11214
The Bcottlfh Crcllnti Union has A vurmberihlp of MtO4
The 1Hlliade Wlievlmen of lioboken have decided to
adopt a dark blue uniform
The AuUuta Wheelmen of Newark will fcnd one mor
a lies u ffiit u liicli w Hi dote their nccul aeaeon
The iiair ret pMU of the Jlanliattan IMcrle dub nn
rdiitiJMy win lie < giveu by the newly elected officer
Chairman I1 tiller of the Century Hun Comiuluee stales
that at their tusethmg nn April 11 eltbr June Morl
will be selected ee the date of tIme run
Catt Rummetl of the Atalauta Wheelmen of Newark
IIM oOrd a prlie for the claIm mtmlier attuJlnK tIme
r atit number cf club rum durln tie Kravan
lath > an Horn > f the linron U heal lob has ac
eei > ld thn challenge < > f time loliifti > ii t nU to e twenty
fit mile road rate for May 3J team to < until ot cmx
men eaoli
Metsra 1abl HarentMrrnne ant Allen of the Ten
urr IS beelnifii or Ibliadelptua have homed a ohalleuf
for a Ore tulle team road race lo aiiy oilier team from
hlr clot
Un account of the failure of the Chicago Cycljiitr Club
to aree tu reasonable term for their mad content with
he Wilmlnirton Club all arrangement for such Lat
ben declared off
the flnt century run made by Philadelphia eyelIds
I a dons UyMeurnd Kohl of the houth hnd wrerl
lien anl I U Ueyler of the i ntur > MieImeo uu tie
Lauraiter pIke they covering lot mile
Heura lUrdlng Woot stiea aol loriter will rsture
bent tbe llftrirord W heel Club nn the mark rMi eeaaitu
Miea and huroiuir will rai e tu I lie State Ihainpiunslip
at the New latin rare tuaeet tin June <
WiUum Van W a nnvr win mart on tile trip from Boo
ion to ChIcago on huiduy next hat n will leso It < e
loll at noun and will au > mpt ut reach t huaifu by April
ffj travelling tbrouyti I itchburr > Albany liuflaiu Can <
ads and 1auoit tmP Ltilmir
At ths annual meiilng of the Columbta CyclerR ot
hlladlptiiu lime ful owngnt11cri acre elerfeif U serve
fmmr the ettoimni term 1reildent n C I awi brr <
ary J B Fontaln CaDtain F I T tlimeslllman Iit tLieu
eiiaut JK MUgfraid Rttcond Lleut itnt U HelUtti
1 x Cap Meeter if tlie Urooklyn Hlryrle Club hat
iitiniirired the following men ai entitled to intiea4
nedalu fur last leuou e road riding II Mectter W atqn
1 rullir Charles gnlinly and hewtnn Matera medal
ml iwo bar and Ullliam tests W Ua > or Howard
laynioud J Frank H < > rlrnl Walter J MatteriKO and
B Ansltb medal awl one bar
At the last regular meeting of the Dolphin Yacht Club
of Jersey City the fol owing ventlemen were elected lo
cults for Ibn emmi1 g year oumodore hufftie Itraun
Meln apialni H ituettainier alum jc MilUeik Treasurer
lirnsi Hi uiisuln hecrttary A Kuemmler Aiuliiaiil
Treasurer JMliii Kelm tahiti Mactir iliarle Pl > > crri I
rnaplaln Louis Uvrtnann The ineiiiterw weut on t1 I 50
firii kiy fUhlnir eimirsloi of tlie sia < > ii ou bit Icr
leavIng IlrlcTiM Newark Hay llouic aboard the yv U
hIomhln and Kambler
The ractitlnff season Is I fairly opened among tha rtijtn
located on the shores of liewerh aol New York late
at the Jenty City 1avonln and eintJs teatlfjuur
terowners of the white wlnuel craft a ore uilly t > en >
gaged yesterday and the chin ri are Hint all Imam will
lie teen dancing on the billowy a 5005 iC neil clinIc
Time Newaik luntlngent are a nile dl iturr In celtlnK
down lu work although thy s etc out in lsrwe l nuiuberi
al the boat Imiiiea yeterdai inJ dlsiuiij the outlook
for au exceedli Uy lively uaes >

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