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t xATWita iritr1 VMUKD otri
t MJtteCiinK Unit B Criujr turn th Mayer
1 Th itr kit RevclBllOMI IBOOOO
J floodis l I Ookern II4 of which
lmt Contributed OOOO to Dal
OCIce or Erut from thn Dod Donr l
of IIII SOOO from Urnst t Cr kr
j > Mfeur ortko ProBI of the NhrlBa
OBel Attupt kr Ort Threnah
Ot Mr CrokrOnt
K Jude floIe to I Crkoa
of th CouatriAt TUI roles the Faa
eels ComialUe Ht Off JCl4 n fr
Week eMit Then tlic ttr orlr fleer the
IKhuftlnB TettoMeynrOraet May
that MrCnnkB Hlor l > BnbkUh from
Top lo DotlomII no Who Is a hoist
Chairman FaeRottof tho Bcnatn Inv st I
uatlng Commltteo did a little rapid transit I
tutlnoss on hi own account yesterday In
the few minutes over an hour during which the
commltteo was in session he started his train
on an entirely now route and dashed ahead
with all l steam on until ho had Mayor Grant
under an accusation of having contributed
1SOUOO t a fund of llBOOOO raised by Diy
Mahoney and hold by lllohard Crokor to be
used to buy the votes oi Grants associates In
lbs Boodle Board ol Aldermen In IBM for the
t confirmation of Grant as Commissioner of
I Public Work and also ot having while
Hberltf given to Blchard Crokers Gyearold
child five envelope containing 15000 each A
t Mr Crokers sharo of tho profit of tbo Bher
Ifts otllc i and with having since this Investi
I gation begun sent his private secretary ax
Judge Leicester Holme to Mrs Crokor and to
Dr Beokman tho family physician offering
them largo sums ot money If they would leave
C the country until tho Investigation should bo
k ovur the stained relations between Mr Croker
nnd his wife having led to I fear that she
might give evidence against him before tho
I 5 committee
I All this depends upon the solo and evidently
drilling testimony of Mr Crokors brotherln
wlln lestmon
i law Intrlck II SIcCann When be had got
f this far Chairman Fassott shut oft steam
l i whistled down brakes and stopped short No
I representative of the Mayor was present b
fore the committee and thoro was no crossox
1 and McCanns
+ examination or rebuttal so
I story was left by the committee to stand oor
4 r probably until uoxt Saturday
The committee 4ld not get together until 1
oclock and the rooms of Fart II Superior
Court was crowded before Chairman Fassctt
f strolled In Mr Ivlns oamo In about the same
i t time Thoro was a vindictive twinkle In his
doep eyes and ho pulled at his stubby beard
R r with malicious energy Tho witnesses of tho
day he said would INS Mr MoCann Henry n
i f > Beokman exPresident of tho Board of Alder
Ii men and the whole Excise Department The
f Excise Commissioners and all their clerks
I I with heaps of books sat in rows outside the
k railing waiting to h called but tho committee
I II t adjourned as soon ai McCanns story va In
I t t shape for publication and lot it so at that The
it whole session was over soon afternoon Chair
t man Fassett laughed gleefully when a reporter
it asked
f How does this strlko you Senator V
I strikes mo right under the oar be MIdI
Mr Ivlns nlio allowed a grlm smlle to Irradi
I ate his sombre countenance as ho gathered up
k his papers for Partner Boardman to carry back
to the office
c Of course the reporters took UD the commit
tees Inquiry right In tho middle whore It was
loft and caBot Mayor Grant oxMayor Ed on
r Leicester Holme and Dr Bookman to the wit
t ness stand so a to help the committee out
f Mr McCann little
They even crossexamined a Itla
f moro too and found out what his quarrel was
k Ttlth the Mayor and Mr Croker The man
must b crazy Mayor Grant said when ho
beard about McCann and the Mayors denials
of Mr MoCanns hearsay and other say covered
the whole ground gone over
ta Iono
t Mr McCann had talked considerably to r
i r porUrs about Ida grievances wit Mayor Grant
I and Mr Coke and there was much craning
ik of necks whoa ho mounted the witness stand
i Thoe > who craned their necks far to
I M well got a glimpse of a large stout man
I v 1 with dark hair cut short and a short red board
t f upon a rudy loco Ho sauatted solidly into
I the chair and looked like an obstinate English
The first questions dealt with his lease of the
i i Mount Bt Vincent restaurant in Central Park
r t lie was formerly for twenty years he said In
l the dry goods business on Sixth avenue lllch
r aid Crokor and he married elstora On Oct 1
11 o 1 1885 at the solicitation of Mr Croker ho took
j the lease ol the restaurant In the 1urk The
1 f had been given ton man named Conklln who
was the proprietor ot the oyster house known
r a Dorlons In Iwentythlrd street but Croker
1 i i had a half interest in It Conklln and Croker
I S7 had had tbo restaurant for about eleven
months and then quarrelled brcanso It wasnt
vayme They had had to put a f 1000 most
f Rag on It und Conklln wantod to sell out He
held his Interest at 15000 und Crokdr
offered to sell his own share t McCann for the
r earn sum The wltnesa had understood that
t the original Idea bad been for William Senor
President of tbo Board of Aldermen to take tho
restaurant on shares with Croker but Bauer
i die The witness sorted to pay tlOOOU for the
eaaeof which 43000 WN cash to Conklin
4000 was the mortgage and 3000 wa credit
to Croker on MoCanua account against Llm
The rental t the city was S per cent of the
gross receipts and the witness had made it
pay at that and mao a application for a re
newal of the lease The lease had been given
however TanrlnrAa to It Osbo Case but Case had since lu
I I Have you had any personal differences with
Mr Croker growlnu out of this matter 1 asked
11 r Ivins
1 Yes l
Do you attribute to them your failure t
aeruro a renewal of the lease t
The witness squirmed around in hut chair I
tand said
Id rather not answer that I dont want to
go Into family maltorn I dont think It Is fair
to bring IllJy nlalor 1 subpcrna and then make
mo reveal family matters 1 think you can no
1 without cornplUli that tlm purpose for which I am hero
said Mr Ivlnu squared himself theatrically and
Iballa lo ak Mr McC nn a grsa t m ny QU4
tlonixio niMttri winch I blloT la b within hit
pnul hflwttUge IltItr 01 thi mast astlous m
I naoc1 lee working 01 lb eominllle Ko vn
Could resisi mrt slice clh I ih aeecsIiy for brlngl5
family ritiocs out i such a way but I am s4viisC
i i ilitogs ba bl OD b7 chiy omcl watch hays
been kept 1 ctu and IIid cr rt that ualsa 1
I we ass heolrmaUon u 10 Ihun Iro
1 trotu mtubtrii of ihelr J fAmily w eniiot ret It i atalL
and th purzsI 01 lb ir comuutts wl bi thwarted ani
iti work fliraId un < ltr lb circumstance I ihall
1 JSetUoSSr 1 la u I 0 m cOlcorna clrmtnc Inll I opon the
> lr rat ell Anything of a purely ftertouat namr nf
court w don want al4 bad rafter nol hav w
aim i want tiilnjnnr a > to farnlir < piarrla but whet
fVeo I W oolulllllulon 01 city alaln or
IIa tu or city earls hal been oblailtl truytt
1 fatutlir I U roout 1 Its three cIumltts up whit tnite I ui the II
Grant QIIsy AT you o ha4 soy dicerene < will Maor
I I IAoa with jr Croker T Alea
I QHow lonir have you known tb Mayor ASine
a Tear or to before the Urn the flrtt ran for Mayor
u iS7D < you recotlot I th aplolntmei1 of a Coraral
YesJ ono of fubUo oralfcy Mayor JOon In 15041 1
I r III you ever her that Mr Orant then an Alder
C 1 men was a candidate hot he aipolnlm ntl Ah
I 1 Who toliljruu A Mr Crokcr
c IIld Oi burnfhoooalo unil o which he was
f a candldai AV
U1 Id you aver that Orant and Croker btlevd that
j thr CouhU I Irani app tinted In I rue they could ansi
r tot M I bit cuuQrniatloa by Ib Board ol Aldermen I ua 4
i r dan JFyom lieu wbom I AU was talked about at Iblol
uvho talked about 1 t AW ll u was tentral
convtraallon amonir leading men In th rfantxailon
V Io ron know of any effort bavin bOn mad loX
lor Iueh a luaraulest 4nlJ from heirsay it
was asera1 1 rumor I
t QIhd you ever bar of a mm of mousy teini raUed
t for UM In itcurluKlhle eonilriuallon I
us SAW 180000 01 HOARD Boouui roB THE BOODLB
L The witness squirmed again and said that be
didnt want to answer Thats going luto
F family matters ha said I have beard a good
many thlnen but I only believe what I know
wxl0f1 said Mr Ivlnu Ill put a question
that will appeal to your own knowledge Did I
Mr Cooker ever go to your store with a sum of
I money and tell yotl I bad been raised for tho
purpose of getting votes for the confirmation
by tho Uoard of Aldermen of the nomination of
Alderman Work y Urant for Coinmhilonorot Public
The wltnef did nome moro tuiulrnilnc I
dont think Iti right ho said lonsk me to
mal acr U or confldtnoe repMtd In me by
= 1
anybody and then bo added IfTameo
Iled to answer I shall but unless am I LAMI I
E smiled for It had become evident
by this time Imlld the witness unwllllnBnes
to testify wall bluff and Stint Chairman Fa
ott and Mr Ivlns were partner In the game
The Chairman with an obliging smile proceeded
cod d to compel tho witness Raving
rWedo not want to go Into family mater
but It seems to UI that this II I something we
cannot excuse you on
o tho question was repeated and tho wit
ness el faintly replied
Wdyou lee the money asked MrItlnn
with fresh gloat In his vole and a hungry
summer In his eyes
No lyon count Itr
0 Ild I pa he tell ron how much there was 7
How much
The witness bad been speaking distinctly
and everybody In the room knew what be had
said Tho silence was almost oppressive
1 One hundred WI f1ab thousand dollar
said the witness In a low tone
One hundred and eighty thousand dollar
repeated Mr IvIes triumphantly
A rustle and a murmur ran around the room
and It was some moments before the audience
settled down
Illo1 Dd you ace the money 7 asked Mr Ivlns
A en
Qiiow was Ul A la bills don np In packaitt a
satchel ttiathe carried
g 1 rhII did he com to tell yon about Llwh II
uSed me If r t knew somonetn I the nelibborhood whom
be wanted tot
I g About thte blllOI AV t
o Pld hI leaf the money la your eloret Aito
QiIow loaf was he tberet AUjt or Ibrte oar
tere of a hour
Did ho toll 1 you who raised the money
Well ho nnntloned that Moloniy had had
something to i do with I and I dont know but
Thats YeA Billy Molonoy who Is now abroad 7
It Did he tel yon where Molonoy had raised
I 1
Did ho say that it wasTiubsorlbed by Tam
many hail
So nll didnt mention any hal ho said It
had been raised by tho organization
liy which ho meant Tammany Hall
frl l D E
A uav ir n t BUII IUPVU
Did hn say how 1v Mr Grant had con
tributed 7
How much was It
More silence In the room
Eighty thousand dollars
More rustle and murmur In the audience
QWhn did thli conversation occur > A80
mIIIln l Vembe ISi or early 1 In Jannarr IBM4
u tt was bror Squire wa Kppolutd Coumlft
diija lonir ol rubllo Works I AV I WM In the holt
Q DId you ever lest what bccamtof that money
whether It wu teilUirlboud toth men who Laa riliM
away It I AL Dno nard anyihlnK ot I Il4r he took I
Mr Ivlns switched oft here and started the
train on a new track
U Did von vr hear how It wu that Mr Grant cam
to be T4 for Soothe I A No
qthtd you ever bear that Ur Grant flrtt campaign
for Mayor had beu a very supensto one I A VM
From whom r asked Chairman tauett Ali wa
general talk
q ieneril talk li rat Indtflnlln Cat von tell
a some one who told you t
The witness finally remembered that Mr
Crokor and Mr Grant had both told him about
the expensIveness of that campaign Leicester
llolma had also talked with him about It but
not at that Umo
Have son Mr Ivtns asked followed the
testimony given botore this committee as it
has been printed In tim newspapers 1
> 08
Then you have seen that Mayor Grant was
asked I ho had over divided the income of
tbo ofllco ot Sheriff with Mr Croker and that
ho sold he had not
sad 10 think that was just It Interposed
Chairman rassett My recollection Is that
the question was wore general and that the
tie te
Queston Thats 1 foolish question I
Perhaps I did state the question too sharp
ly said Mr Ivlns but I am pretty sure that
tho reply Included an absolute denial At any
rato ito the witness you know that 0 question
hike that was ajtkod ol Mayor Orant
Iko 108 I was In the room when itwas asked
but I am not auto about the answer
Well now did you ever boar that Mr Grant
did directly or Indirectly glvo any money In
sums dreotJ or small to Mr Crokvr or to any
member ot Air Crokors family i
Tho witness twisted and squlimed In his
chair and tatd he didnt want to answer
M 1crsonully paid Mr Ivlns I am satisfied
that this witness does know ot such payments
prove aud It It he Is mado to answer the questloual
Pr9i Dav I to tell who told mo asked the wit
nonTbat will b a matter to b determined sub
sequently said Chairman Fassett
Well then I wont answer I wont BO Into
family matters I dont care what you do to
moTbo defiance was made so weakly that every
one smiled
Then you dont know asked Senator Mo
Nauchton Personally I don I
Well now Mr Ivlns asked I wont ask
you yet to tell who told you but have you ever
head that Mr Grant gave JOOO to any one of
Mr Ye8 Crokers family l javo
Moro than once
Yen Twentyfive thousand dollar in all 7
Yenhilo Yes Mr Grant was Sheriff
Yes Hits Mr Croker a child named Flossie T
How old Is she 7
About six years
have you ever beard that Mr Grant on five
occasions sent to Mr Crokers house an en
velope lee add Flossie containing 15000
low sad Mr Ivlns we coin to the ques
tion whether or not the wItness shall say who
told him Ibis
Dont dont don ask me that please
murmured the witness dramatically
lhe committee docs not wish said Chair
man Fassett to compel you to do anything
painful but it seems us though justice to Mr
Grant to Mr Croker and t all concerned
should lead you to answer this question ThiS
Is a very forious matter you know
Inn witness remained silent and Chairman
Fansett consulted with the other member of
the committee After a suitable pause to go
through tbo form of Inspiring the witness with
awe tim Chairman asked
Was U mn f
N 1z n1cfiii witness readily
Wa it I woman
The witness admitted that It wn
Ti admite
Was It your wife 1 no wo cannot compel
Tour COIpt
you to testily about it
Yes mid tbo witness and then hurried to
open a now avenue for tho Information which
Chairman Tanuetts remark seemed to have
bottled up by adding bhe was one
btte Uf
Who ell told IOU 1
Sirs Croker
Did you ever hoar what was done with that
I went to pay for the house they lyeln
Wbre II t
On Mount Morris avenue
Everybody was drawing long breaths by this
time and there was tlmo for several of them
before Mr Ivlns got The trsjn switched on to
another track and ready to go ahead
U oa know Ixloiltr hound A Vet
qloes he know Mr Uroktrt AOb ri
lJto you know nhtther he bM eve r visited Mrs
Cretin Al i
qhlncs this lavMllgallon began A yea
J Ofunl 5As iSlet 55 Ihrc limes In Ob dar
When AW M ilnc Ur Croker went I to Eo
rep tw
tiAnd line MaJor Grant was on tu witness stead
AWLI II wu line the InvMtlnailon wa bun
Q KM > blldo what the occasion of these visits
WM Ar a
tWlai was the oeeatloat
The witness did the squirm act once more
I dont think I have any right to tell ho pro
toiled feebly
I propose said Mr Ivlns to show that
Leicester Holme as a representative of Mayor
Grant lolme Mrs Croker and offered her
money If ibo would leave I the city until this
committee was through with Its investigation
Chairman 1assott had wearied of the formal
ities that bad been gone through with every
once In a lillo thus far to assure the witness
that be was really being compelled to an
swer This time be only said You must an
qwhI what did she tar was the reason for Ur
Uolmtt whit t AWSrhaT her go Co Ocrminrl
rPloVmu say be cOeted bu money I Ah
Q 10 mneh
Now that Isnt necessary protested Ma
Cann and Mr I vine seemed about to drop It
but Chairman Fassett was curious He asked
WM J eOouth to pay bereapsuies I AYea
aW 4T
0 Mo than that I I A se
Qtargl In excess of lhl AWIL sot for I
lest wilt a faintly
QWould 1 kiev bOa umtln to pay ej4ar living
zDlsssact bal and her wily got a real white
broad I ATlit would < dtpind on bow they lived bl
yWoull U have lasted 1 <
1Woul Iln 111d laem for several loonltt UD
tU Mi eonimlii would uaiurallj LT VlniibVa no
work I A Icoalilntt 10iba II
QWeuld U bar tasted until June l t A should
think II wcalo I 4llouI4
Mr Ivlns took charge again and turned another
qan ture a
other switch py asking
aIIav 7 ever beud that Ulc it < r helm m
visited soy on else with ailinllarobjiclt I I A tu f
IWlo was it IAOr Uikaian r
qWbat proposition did he make 10 Dr Rttkiaao f
A QWbal r propllol hU expenses and whatvtr its
sides would compensate hint for lbs IBM ot bit jiraalU
while he was away
wil v s bo It Pr tftrtmant ATbs physician of the
Croker family
QWhn loli you about thIs orer to him I AThe
Doctor himself
Mr Ivbt said ho wu Uiroiuth a StD
UoNaughton set out to do some questioning
on his own hook He nuked first about tho
witnesss trouble with Mayor Grant
1 occurred said McCann tho first year
ho was SherIff lie carried stories about me to
Mr Croker They were utterly untrue and I
proved them to be so but Mr Croker believed
that Grant was Incapable of telling a false
hood and I never could convince him other
wise Mr Croker and I had never had any
trouble until thnn Since then wo have not
been friendly We have not spoken visited
How did Mr Croker cOle to come to your
store with that money asked Senator Mo
1 wan to find out If I knew any ono In tho
neighborhood who would tako earn nf the
money until It was wanted 1 sucgostod Tom
Adams Ho had some financial place I think
on the elevated road and had been discharged
for ombcz7lemont but I did not know that
when I recommended him to hold the money
Arternard nomo objection was made to him on
this account by the Aldermen or some one
and ho did not get I
This started other Senators to asking ques
tions about tho money and tho witness Hale
Mr Croker came to the lore about S30 or
6 oclock near closing time He asked mo I
Adams was reliable and 1 said he ns He
knew Adams was a friend of mine He
said ho had been out all day looking after the
mater and that they had It nnangod to have
Grant anpotntod Commissioner Public Works
a soon as It was certain ho could confirmed
I was necessary ho swd to got the votes 01
the Aldermen and money had to bo raised for
that Then he showed mo the boodle It was
in packages of bills and lay In the bottom ot a
satchel such aa a lawyer might carry
Senator McNaughton returned to the subject
of tho first Mayoralty campaign
Was It not known ho naked that Mr
Grace had also spent largo amount of money
In that fight e
The witness said ho bad hoard that said and
Sir Ivlns offered to put In a complete state I
ment of Mr Graces expenditures I the com
mittee wanted It
Wol not just now said Senator McXaugh
ton and asked the witness low much did
vou hoar Mr Grace bad spent 1
No particular sum was named It was un
derstood that tie was a very rich man and
that ho had spent money freely re
M Then It wan a pretty hot campaign
B Well 1 couldnt say I never took any part
In politics except to voto nod tako along one or
two mon who worked forme
You have no personal knowledge about any
money having been given by Sheriff Grant to
Mr Croker1
No onlv what I have boon told1
When Mr Croker bought that house In
terposed Mr Ivlns ho didnt pay much ca h
on it did I he
OI No not much
CJWu at llttl M 51 ATti dead will bow
but I guss cOat wu about thl amount
QAnd tine then a rood del or the mortgage baa
been paldort 5Allot U
Chairman FsisttDo ron know what rot wools
hav bean necessary In the Hoard of Aldermen to have
conflrmd Mr ItalIC A No
V Uovon know that It I would have taken a twe
thIrd vote which would I bar bn Iri A No
IDla Mr lrohr say anythll to Jon about baring
raised rmuii pic for lihtien Aldermen t AIn
QWu the money de tip In iRbtetn packaffear
5I I rildn t look MI It CiO enough t Ull
QUidyouaauylclubiil 5No
QUo ion know whether the money contained la
thou Ova nrtloret wu la I rtpural of money which Mr
crete bad adr > nc d to Mr Oraat during the cam
paIn for nhtrlCt > AI Ion know
Mr Irlnt Don Mr Crater ow you say money T
AYe i About MOIW
QlIalace I of oll AV
Q I s Mr I roktr rribontibl I AI hop lo from
what I hart her a latfr think h I fm
U Tberlt I no dlipnt between rou I to this ac
count I 5No
hnis you crer assist Mr Croker In supporting his
family t Aye
liuince Mr Grant became ChcrlSt AVet and
down to the prrMtil day
V l > o YOU mean M icy that you are helping Mr
Croker family now A Yra 7oMr neciuary r
tiWhat do yov man by helping thorn AYou eta
put wbat m nloK on It you Choose
Mr Ivlns stopped forward as I to straighten
out a tangle
I will ask a question he lid which If
the witness chooses to answer It will make It
clearjust what ho means If ho doesnt choose
toanawer It of I I
ask answer It course I wont be pressed
askIs it or lilt not true that Mr Crokors do
been mestic unpleasant relations j are and for some tune hav
I wont answer
The committee thinks that the witness
should not tie required to go Into that said
Chairman Fsssett and Mr Ivlns withdrew It
have you ever loaned Mr Croker money
asked Senator MoNaughton
hot to him personally Ills wife and mine
are sisters and his family Is about as dear to
me us my ow Anybody who knows MrA
Croker and her children would feel just as 1 do
in this matter
Then these accounts arose out of supplies
jqu havo furnished Mr Crokors family t
Tow did Mr Croker come to get an Interest
in this restaurant in thee llrst place t I
Why the house was built for him Mr
wa bui
Kelly got an act through tho Legislature by
which the city could rebuild the hoimo and It
was understood that Mr Crokor and Mr Bauer
wore to have I but Mr Sauce died
That was John Kelly you mean that had
the place built for Ur Croker 1 asked Chair
man Fassott
The witness said I was and was permitted
to leavo the stand
Tho Mayors stenographer bad been In the
room listening to tho later part of McCanns
testimony but no other representative of his
office was present and there wan no attempt
to test McCanns accuracy or memory exsept
that made by Senator MoKaughlon exoel
Henry l Tate the accountant of tho com
mitte was put on tho stand long enough to
identify I statement compiled by him from tho
records of the Hoard ot Aldermen showing the
application for franchises and the disposition
mad of them by the Board from Jan 1 1881
t this year Mr tins I explained that ISrtl has
been Included because the leglnlatlvo commit
tee that had investigated the Droadway Itoll
road franchise matter had not taken up any
yther franchise In that year Ills Idea was
for this committee to look Into the matters
that the previous one had left untouched
franklin llurtielt WW present al the repe
sentatlvo of thrf Present Board of Aldermen
but as Mr hint did not cast any rolleotlouii
upon his client directly bo said roUeotoul
As soon a Mr Tat had lef nolllni stand
Chairman r assetS announced that tbo commit
tee cloud adjourned subjvut t the call 1 of the
Chair ITo told the reporters that there would
b no session on rorror beyond that ho
could not fay
31VST JiU CRAZr lArs rUE MdJOn
The Reporter Help Mr Irln Hirt Mr
MeCnnnc AmailBc Talet
Tho afternoon session was conducted by a
largo Investigating commlttoo of reporters
Mayor Grant was not at his office yesterday
and the Jut Intimation he had of the dis
closures ot McCann was late in the day when
the news was carried to him by a reporter of
THE SUN He listened attentively as McCnnns
statements woro repeated to him and then ha
shook his head doubtfully und said
The man must be crazy I really think that
tho only charitable explanation of tho matter
Is that McCanu Is a loon and Is not responsi
ble for what ha says
The Mayor said that he wanted t deny with
out any qualtUcatlnn every statement of Mc
Canns that rellectod on him
I cannot mako this denial too strong he
said There Is absolutely no truth in any
thing that McCanu said that reflects upon mO
The only time I uas ever In McCanns res
taurant was ono day when Mr Croker and I
were out dining On our return w a stopped at
the restaurant for a few minutes and Mr
Crokor Introduced me to the fellow The fact
that I have not been at the restaurant since
will Illustrate how favorably I was impressed
with him McCann used this solitary visit a
a means ol Inducing my friends to frequent his
place I learned that hu led < 1 them to bo
llovo that I was 0101 there and I was
1110 of being thereat certain tlmos specified
by himself The result wm that my friends
used to go there In hopo of meeting me and
when I next met them and they expressed sur
firlso at their failure to meet me In McCanns
place It put rue In an embarrassing position
In spite of this however I never explained to
them that I was seldom at the restaurant and
was careful to mold saying anything that
might injure MnCunn I wai willing that ho
thould got along and prosper and I cannot
understand why lie made this attack upon mo
It may be because he thinks I wa Instru
mental in takinu the place trora him Tho only
persons who were ponlblo I for this were
lark Commissioners llobb Bordon and Hutch
Ins with neither of whom hate I tho Bllqhtost
influence Even I 1 had Is It likely that I
should wield It to Injure a relative ot Mr
The statement that ho bad contributed co
0 to a fund off ISO 00 to b distributed
among the Aldermen 01 ISM In Older 1 In
Unco them to confirm his appointment as Com
missioner of Public Works th Mayor sold WW
too absurd and ridiculous t notice
In the lint place ho said although my
name was mentioned lor that place I was
not a candidate for It and I would not hiue
accepted It Again I bad just passed through
the Mayoralty light In which I had been de
feated I would like to know the man who
would have BOOcK to spare after such acontest
The more you think about this statement the
more CI aZT it roust appear At that time J was
YlcuIresldeut of the hoard of Aldermen and
I was making a tight aalnst the boodle
combine I wa excessively unpopular because
the majority of tho lloard was committed to
thollroadway railroad scheme Nothing cIte
was thought of When tho exposure came and
U amm my was religiously iclralnlng from In
terfering In behalf of her representatives in tbo
Uoard who had got Into rouble and watt com
pelling them to leave the organization do 00
not think Ihut those Aldermen or thou railroad
puople would have used any know ledge they hod
against Mr Crokor or me to compel Tammany
to lend them 0 belting hand 1 Boglgautloan
attempt to buy the lloard with so huge a turn
of money would certainly have been known to
aOlo woo would havo made capital of It Bo
you see how absurd tbo statement Is The
story that Mr Croker had lHOouo lu a satchel
and wax hunting around to find somebody to
take cure of it for him IK simply ridiculous1
Mr McLann says hn hears that while you
wore Hberirr you gave 1loBslo Croktr r > 0 on
each of IHsdlfferout occasions aud that this
money 125000 won Mr Croker1 share of the
IiroflU of tho Sheriff ore
That Is as ridiculously false as all the rest
I am Flossie Crokeis godfather and the duty
of a godfather if I understand It Is i to take a
Ifelonjt Interest In his godchild and to assure
her thai this Interest is alive by giving her
Dome token on each ol her birthdays This Is
what I did and no more I gave the child
prlaont but I never gave her any such latin
lous amount as 25000 Tho mono I gave her
was a present to herself and meant nothing
more than that iTruinnibored moan de
cline to nay anything regarding the family
nnitlrti nf flnin U
ji a ui jut VJiUUtT
Whan ho heard that MoCann had said that
Private Secretary Holme had made many calls
on Mrs Croker and on her tally physician
Ur Ueekman for the purpose of Inducing them
to join 51 r Croker abroad Mayor Orant said
I know that Mr Croker U I very 111 Ills
en I Is
physicians have subjected him to very severe
treatment Hn haspafcsod through some sort of
a lire treatment vvhlVh caused him intense
agony 1 understand that for some time it was
necessary for home person to be always In attendance
ondance upon him In order to apply cooling
cloths to his stomach This won tho last news
1 received from him and of our this
makes It clear that ho Is a very sick man I
H very natural that MI8 Croker should join
II ilmvery
conclusion the Mayor said that MoCann
has been threatening for some limo to fake
Dublin something which ho seemed to think
would InJuro the Mayor and Mr Crokor
Mayor I suppose be Is satisfied now said the
In noun TEsTIFIEs
ExJudge mime ald that be bad visited
Ira Croker at the request of ens other ions
who Is abroad with Mr Croker
The boy asked me said Mr Holme to
leo hU mother und urge her to join bin father I
They understood that Mr Croker Intended
Jolnlnl them In May but they wanted her to
come earlier I Is not true that I visited her
bruo times in ono day My visit was just
bout tbo tlmejH hen them were a lot of rumors
ielng circulated In reference to the critical
condition of Mr Crokers health and Mrs
Croker asked mo to call on Dr JJeekmin and
sex what he thought about going abroad and
> rsoually attending Mr Croker I did cal on
Ur lleekmsu and task such I suggestion to
thin 1 explained to him that his kuowUdg of
Mr Croker constitution might b of Taut t
i f
the sick man I called upon Mrs Crokor at the
request of her son and I culled upon Dr Beck
man a the request of Mrs Croker andtbat Is
all there Is to that story
MM Croker of courso understood that If
she wanted to co Ibo expense need not stand
in her way She IB 1 not rich
Mrs Croker said yesterday afternoon that
the story that 31 llolmo had endeavored to
get her to leave the country to avoid being
Biibpti niiod by tbo committee wan untrue ni
llolmo had called upon her and had talked to
her about going lo dormant hut It was be
ceuso her husbands symptoms bat become HO
snrious that his life was feared for and It was
thought lost tosummonhU family Mr Holmo
had acted as her husbands friend and her own
In the matter Dr Beckman gave a similar
account of Mr Holmno vlolts to him Mr
Crokors Illness ho said had a ° umed a phasu
that seemed to muko I necessary that the phy
sloians who were treating him should havo the
benefit of advice and Information that was ob
talnablo only from one who hod been cognizant
of his case from tho llrot and know Its history
thoroughly To that end and with tho idea
that I was essential to Mr Crokors recovery
iJioposltlons woro made Dr Ueokman
said that ho should go abroad Tho
only reason the schenio was not carried out
was that Mr Crokers symptoms chanced for
tho better and Ur looLuuiuu presence V S
not necessary after all I ho same reasons Dr
Hook man said had made It seem nontlal that
Mr Crokers family should join him at once
although he did not think that Mrr Croker
wits Infoined of tho full extent of her hus
bandn danger for tear of alarming her unnec
ExMayor Kdxon said McCanns story about
tlHO ono being raised to secure Grants confir
mation ns CommlHMlonor of Public Works was
new to him and that ho didnt believe It His
reason for this belief wa > that ho had never
seriously thought of appointing > rant to the
place and that the latter would thcreforo not
have gone to work to xecuro the continuation
of n n appointment he had no reason to bollove
would bo made
When asked I ho had anything to add to his
testimony McCann lepIrW In the negative Iut i
he presently dlcclosul 1 11 tniiilh matter
which was tho loundatlon of his hostility to
Grant and Crokor The Mayor ho said once
i saw Mrs Croker at tho Mount hi t Mncont
Hotel and told her husband that he oiiLhtntto
lot her go there ai It was I dlsrepiitublu
paco frequented by Immoral charnctors fur
Improper purpose Mr rnkor reneuted
Mayor Grants remarks to Mrs Iroknr She
of course told her sister Mrs McCann
why she couldnt come to sea her any
more and hilts Molnnn naturally told
Mr Mc aim McCann thereupon gave Croker a
Piece of his mind lor allowing an outsider lu
dictate Where Mrs Croker should or should
not go and a row resulted of which yester
day Io outburst wax an outcome Mr Mo
Cann In concluding his family
Can concudlnl lamlY history Bald
Intended to make Mayor Urant prove I he
could before IhobunromoCourthls his assertions
that the Mount Ut V Incont Hotel bad not been
respectable under its present management
McCann practically admitted that thero
wan an understanding that tile wife and Mrs
Croker should not 0 subpoenaed by the J1
sot committee
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A rugged farmer stalked Into the tanctum
with a big whip under his arm
De you tim editor 1 am wat tha
half apprehensive reply
Heres two doUsessend me your paper
afor life bo Mid
You toe he wnnt on our daughter was
tick and like to din oho drooped and grew
weak and pale had headaches no appetlto
beck ached uandt end feet like Ice couldnt
sleep backed with cough end wo thought she
bad consumption No medicine helped her
until the tried that Dr Plcrcos Favorite Pre
scription inuntlonud In your paper when the
began to mend in no time ana It I now well and
handsome at a rose put me down u a life
Now the editor it looking for another scare
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was the farmcra nauKbtcr restoring the fe
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tatlbtactlon lu every care or price llWre
funded Itt a legitimate medicine not a hey
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For a Hook of Ito pages on Woman Her
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Laxative or Cathartic aocorflng to size of
rtoac SinaUrat Cheapest Hurajooatd and
s1cit to take Cure sick UUadacEte
OUOtCu9aUoi Dr dzu
fn John If lien lit thus City Irsetbm
ii Svffemt with Catnnh that AITcttwI U C
lit mid Iotr Drr
finft tvpflaint eip4
Jttalf Hars Mnde 1tm Strong nth inn
RTr since I tnt commenced fffitnir to it tool I htr
had trouble with mr hrad nil Mr 101111 lltse te
teelds at 442 Cl in Mfi It ThiS troiitle 14 e ice deli
4t flhool contlnutj Mr uses I WAS nliw to l5sr
on nccoant of lay poor intmurr 1 hate nftf u wontersi t
sins If the boy And girls nt irhnni wlm nitftr dull
and itupu at not afliictel 1 with a > rnlltle 1 tuchnit
was Ai Irtrworter I mrtronbla tri > w Worse until t
thought t cnnll lUnd It ito rater ThtM w initph
ttboot IDT trouble that WAS lIesgreahle Mj lino amid
be bloekeul < up iltst on ins He turn n tlm vii or Mr
eyas were weak unit watered cnitlr Chit errs rtnv
luff nolin in my sys which nuunOr 1 a o ioi < l thn I
coaic not best when any tie noultt tell lrr < tnf The
oundt of K hnmnn role cim tn me linlmlnrtlr like
ib voles of a dream aul whftitht pfrnn jitrnmf
tne would attract rar nttrnttnit by l > ihoutlnic or rlnppinv
me on the Mr t woull oart aol feet Junat thresh I
wee awakened from a dtf am
There was a droplinC of iiiutiia a allay mbttanc
Into tie throat ThIs kept me cctittantly t UM loin
Whip anti hawkIng In order to clenr tur throat rItis
mucui would conic AllOY in ttreat HIMOK AIVI louku I
lost 1 I ike d raeil mutter of Lourv my hreatli iiniellrd
badly l anil 1 would blow lane irnbi out or mr nmta
whit wore streaked will tlol t I U 1 wulill I Plod over
and arise Attain unHtnlr black rnoti would spies be
tots my else and I would rrrl like a drunken mail I
was io dizzy I cnuM not digest my foot pruprrly Mr
ppetlte Was tndia rent and I had a feeling ot nausea
after eatlntT
There were palm In mr chest often extcndlnv tn the
boulder bltrltB 1 always felt tired aol sleepy more so
in the mornltiir npnit arlilnr tItan ul AIIT oihT time I
felt about half limit mo t of thi thus und I ohm wIshed
1 wa dead altojrrtdcr 1 lost In 1101 h and strenLUi I
consulted ITP core and and filnlr tout three months
ago and hare been treated tiy thom m hlnre I atii vtroof
and wall now and or it all to their cure
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If yoa UT far away writ fur Symptom fihL
office hnnrtJto ll5 A M I to 4 I M7 too T It
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Connerelat Vuno of Ueanty
from the helm J7fjnMcan
Mrs JLariKtrvh beauty vvagitn endowment
worth about 1000000 As u business venture
she has paid interest at 6 per COlt on two millions
lions but then she ha off years such
lons lut laR 01 VOI BIlb as the
onn threo eouaons auovvhen file dyed her hulr
and this year when sho Is harassed tn a grim
malignant and racing way by the gout Tho
Liingtrys beautY was morn productive of gold
than tho genius of Iluohol Itosa Itonluiur
icorco Hand OnldiL and loorge Eliot com
0110 In view ol all this why sneer at benuty
on the Rture1 I makes tim world wabble ul
ways on Its beaten track and cast a blush
ovur thin fae ol the moon
Had Mrs Ilrownlottor been as beautiful ng
dim is rocklebs uho too might have been quot
ed In HO on llgures
A vivid Idea of tim commercial value of beau
ty may be lad when om considers tho eases of
one or two minuses conspicuously lacking In
ptiyi > lcal attiautlons Agues llooiu would lme
boon morn than n soconil Adelaide Nellfon If
her superb figure hpd been crowned by a bonti I I
tltul face An It IB she IH t undoubtedly tlm most
capable and artIstic actress In America and I
hoi superb llgiiro had ticencrouned by u beau
tlfulfnce Asltu I ado is I Iundoubtedly I most
papablo and urtUtla actions In America and
her art has lifted her to a higher jilanti than
nature nt llrst designed But the fatal gift Is
not there Despite her maturity she occupies
II commanding position In the tlrst Block com
pany In tho country but whereas a Btatuomuo
and wooden Iangtry makes t > o000 or 70000
a year tho exitulslto art 01 an Agnes IIU
unaided by beauty mutt bo content with oue
sixth of that mini wih
l oatreoerl according dramatic eoperls
are growing weary 01 tile older professional
weil tls
Eve Lillian Russell and llluln hail
have trained oil a lot of superfluous utah hut
a good deal of the charm haM goner Ono does
not like to think that they did not grow no but
were forced down to their present strnmutrlcul
lines by bicycle riding a starvation diet tre
mendous walks on dusty roads and tho renun
elation of half the good things of life
TTlll Look Alter Mtttlt flask on the H poa
BtipoiinUndcnt Preston lIfts dncldod to es
tablish a permanent branch ol the State Hank
Ing Department In thin city and has appointed
Dank kxamlner Cahltl to take charge of the
day hew next fork olco which will be opened on Mon
rbarlci JeiklBBi Will Held Valid
The will of Charles Jenkins President of the
tfaaliaiUn New Company ha Ken attained to pro
bate br She Kurrvfal a Itlcbmond Staten Island The
eittte U I valued at about MVOOO the bulk of which hi
left lu the young widow to whom lie had torn married
only a abort lime and WhO had been In bla employ at aIl
Il I ranete Hunter a Illo of Mr Jenkins routeitea
this will on the around A hat brother wa > not menially
rapabltof making a will 1 was elrnidjwhll the teats
tor was on b deatbutd There sac no children 11
COespirtd to Pola 1fr flusbad
BOSTON April 20ln the Municipal Court
this afttraoon Mr Mary Crlmilik was arr > lind npoa
the charge ot solicIting another to murder eta
waived iamlnalloa and In default of fa cuo ball was
committed to Jail She admit that Ib coniplred with
a pbytlcltn to poltoii her hueaand but now bitterly re
t > nu ot br folly SIrs Orluilek lay tbtt at lilac ro
Laa III eec was fail aUettei right la her beat sad she UUtTM that e
s I S
rUE ZAUSOX courAtTH rsnatoK or
rUlt ArrIOll yJfspinacr
Large Qaanlltlr of H World Containing
the Atlncke on III CYtttlt Hold lo RII
foncerai for lllalMbntlon HrodenM
Tho story In yesterdays SUN of thin war
rants issued for the nrrest of three men on In
dlctmonts found by the New ork Grand Jury
aaint thor for conspiracy to depreciate the
lock of tho Lamioa Consolidated Btoto Her
Tlco Company of Boston and tho arrest ot WiU
Ham J Vlnal In that city was followed yesterday
of La
day by tho announcement of the arrest
zello T Harden In this city Mr Hayden is 1
I employed in the Custom House and Is charged
with being a party to the allowed plot to ruin
the Lamson company lie IH I a holder of eleven
slmros of stock ol tbo par value of 550 In tbo
beginning of last month ho brought an Inluno
ton proceeding agaInst the company In the
Now Jersey courts nlloalnir that the directors
wore about to lisuo bond to tho ox
tout of 11200000 for their own benefit
The proceoillnR was promptly dismissed Tile
company now charges that Hayden was In
duced to brine this suit In tho hope that I I
would bo postponed from time to time and
provo Instrumental In affection tho annual
election of directors and officers of the com
pony on April 16 Tho HoihlRao rromlnouce
o llnydons side ot the question before the
Issue came to trial and this tho Itoston di
rectors ot tho company alee was a vat 1 of tho
proitrammo to overthrow the existing manage
mout ol the company and put It Into the hands
ot others ot whom Thomas W Lawson ol lIce
ton was the chief About a month before
those proceedings wore Instituted by harden i
the Uoslou Globe printed an adxoitltoniont
calllnu for tho delivery ot the proxies of did
Batlsllod stockholdors to a lawyers linn In
Bo ton iro IOUB to that und datlue from tho
beginning of tho year persistent manipulations
In tho Stock KxchatiKeln Dos ton and the pub
lication ol all sorts of rumors rcaaidlnc tho
companys standing had reduced thin market
price of tha stock horn fit to about 35 The
capital Is OUUUUO nnd there uio about Low
stockholders The company deals In thu
uilnlatuio cars that tako the place ot cash bo > s
In shops
llio company has an oITIco In thin city at 23
Last fourteenth street Maimitor h It Clark
who Is In charge there told n SUN reporter yes
tnrdny that tlm conspiracy was alleged to be
the direct result ot tie eiTorts ot Thomas
1 awsnn 01 hasten ono of tho mon whom tho
Grand Jury Indlctod to obtain control ol the
coin pal Mr Clark says that the company
had bought out many competitors and bad
reached Ibo point where only ono competing
concern and Us patents stood In the way ol a
Il monopoly tbo business A move
ment was begun timonc the holders of the ma
jority ot the stock to buy out this oonc rn
A tho same time au English hjnJleato town
gao to dicker fur I control Tile company hold
oil and the odor was advanced At last the of
lor reached such a lluuro that I was doordod t
fell provided this ono computing concern could
bo bought up Arrangements were at length
made to this end anti I WIN shown that a
practical monopoly of tho business Ibo coun
try could Lo obtains and a lloatlne dnbt ot
bOOUiN ibo paid oil by raising an additional
11200 uou on an Issue of bOlls
Whllo these negotiations ware pending tlm
coniDtny bausht out n patent oD bar and
counter chocks onned by the Iawson Bales
Chock rompnnv There had been a question
ot Infringement of patent > between the two
concerns and the purchneu as a compromise
Thomas tV lawson now under Indictment
owned a controlling interest In thlscoinrmny lu
pat payment 1 ho received notes of the Jamson
com pan j for n considerable amount of money
Tills was lastInnunry In January moner
J aniRon stilled to London to tnttae llnal ar
rauuementH with tile ncllsb I syndicate Ho
hud liiudly stauod Mr lark says boforo
Lawson aiiparod upon Mate street las ton
ana paddled Silo i > onumn > s notes at 20 par
iout less than their fate This started Urn
story ol trouble In the company and It wee
thereupon reported that Mr lam on had
run away to ruiopo In lonROiuenreot financial
cial trouboH Thu day after the publication of
this story the Block dropped Iron tilt to 51 ral
lied and dropped main 10 45 I u us at thin
llcnru on the following > Hiittirdny and opened
ou tho next Monday t 15 Hero it stuck for
antillo U was helped down by bear move
ments on the Kchnnio which the company
alleges were ttnceablo to Lawson Now palr
uttnckH wcio continued and Hayden began his
suit ThodlroctoiH did not know HIJen at
all and upon looking him up discovered that
he had nciiulred eleven sharesot stock a month
before ho brouuht the proceedings The ttorld
heralded these prnneillnKH nilh several long
article ono nf which pubIslood on March 0
was over a column In length and was printed
an news Tile Boston directors allavo that
Hiudens suit and tho articles In the IS told
woro part ot a titan to bear tho stock ton
point which would enublo lnwsnn and his
tmokois to acquire controlling lutpiostin tile
cnnorn Tho lloriti has boon nubllslilng ar
ticles attacking the nianageniPiitil the corn
patty for nearly a year Copies of the ibord
containing the attacks Mr Clark cars wore
bought up In great quantities by the rivals of
tho company and circulated over the country
for the purposn of Injuring the concern hay
den nits arrontad on Friday on nbench war
rant by Detective Klorniin concealed at Police
Headquarters over night and nuttnthoTomb
yesterday He Is n Custom HnuBu cItric but
suspended yostrrdtiy by Collector Erlmrdt
Ho lives In Orange He was appointed to a
fCKHi cloikshlpln tho Custom House In ISMl
arid when arroitod was detailed to Disbursing
Agent Ihomponi ofllio Ilijdon drew the
internment chocksand Mr Thompson signed
Inspector Byrnes refused yesterday to say
nn > thing about tho < ann and the At
torneys olllco was silent nlo The Identity of
the hand reporter Bald to be Involved tins not
boon ascot taintd
JJosio April 20 There was a hearing at
the State house this forenoon before Cloy
Drnckotton the question of granting extradi
tion papers In the case of William D Inal
arrested on Friday by Boston onicerrt and uho
Is wanted In Now York onachargoof rrlmlnnl
llbo It being alleged that ho published certain
articles Injurious to the Larason consolidated
More Bervlce Compuny The Mate ol Now
York was represented Assistant District At
torney John I Lindsay Counsel for lnil
asked for delay which motion Mr Lindsay 01
posed tiny JJrackott then staled that ho would
grant a reasonable delay and It was ngioad
that the liearlnc bo postponed to Monday
May 8 Vlnal gave 5KK ball Lawson Knot I
under arrest and cannot bo arrested here
Vlnal was arrested as a lueltlvo flout jiibtleo
lieoauno ha was In New York at the tune of al
leged crime There Is no proof that inwboii I
wus there Detective Jlellly tuft that others
ZOO to bo arrested
That In What Col Deal l Wee und lie
Needed All the Money lie Stole
All sorts or rumors Honied about In the
Newark Court House yesterday In relation to
Under ShcrllT Davis and his flight Sheriff
JUno employed William Trenlmlra exDanlc
Examiner and four ot his assistants to eo over
lie uaJor shonfTB nccounti At the nitmo time
County Auditor 1earson was going oter his
own accounts with tile Sheriffs oflko and Col
hector Smith was looking over bile Ko accu
rate statement of the deficit ran he reached
for several days anti mcaiiwhlle the Court
lonso oniclaU are endeavoring to ffivo tha
public nn Impression that the total deficiency
is much loss than has boon stated It certain
ly amount to between to 000 and 10000 If It
s not greater llio bills of Sheriff Drowns
term do not tally with tile receipts and for
some time Collector Hmitli has been pushing
Davis for a settlement It Is suld that this Item
amounts to between 1500 and SJOnU und that
Davis has boon putting off the fittleinont from
week to week on onoovcusnor another Muirlll
Brown is forgiving and says that uutlor no cir
cnmstanceswlllhe prosecute thn under sheriff
le said yesterday tliut ho would illllnuly lend
him a licltlnt hand Micrlif lImes feels tile
same way about I tune and N anxious lo liao
ilm leturn II t nl I > lo iII I ul rtolit 00 UI II tort
up The court will not t IKU an uounlnnco nf
hn cake oIly In It likoh that tho finimJ Jury
will notice it MeSS ill lu and roun urn thu
BiilTiroio Tim uudur eUuilfi alts not u court
o 111 cor
Auditor Pearson has round n snortnuo of
ft bOU In them bills of thou lc > c < mL > of tvrtu of
court This Is a haul Nlniulni fur one term
and there Is runsou to sunpuso that othurs us
lultd milt bo duM > loi > ud It ix said Hint Col
Jiivls indulged In iiutty thluvlnc only and
never siriicL Zr f > n Iaro amount Ills shor uuos
lIre all In Ihu caMi account uf tho Sheriffs
ike and not In tho b ink iiccmintx He IH sup
ioeil to have tlriwn mole wltliean fees than
lie had ulmusBos lu lay uiid to hao chorcod
for llctltlous 6or lccN of constable beside
orklnK other petty clmnnola to enable him to
indulge In the uxtnUiUiiniot for which bo was
01101 He was louuatudlt ciiiitlontid about hm
reckless oxpondlttiroH In drlnkinc bouts with
rluuilH but lie said ho know what he wan do
lug and could tikt good care lilmself
It ttt4 icportocl that ha uib dlt < coicrod to bo
Albany yosturday lint tlilsli nottruo One or
two of his most Intimate trlomls knoir whom ha
Is but nothing Mill diner ti word out of them
oxcopt that they assure ueryl0d tliiit 110 trIll
return tu hmvurk In less than nwtolc It IH
HiM ha wont HwayundorHlmllnrf trcumstance
several yours aito nod turuoil up In 1ruvldenco
Ho was luirnuailed to coino buck by his friend
nt the Court Houso Mid it IB nddod that a
shnrtae In his nocounts of nearly 1MKJ eras
than mIllie up llio matter wax kept so Billet
at the time 11115 tt MILS Hui > t > ouod that the Col
otul wits oil nn Ma rival i n
It IH liiillirnnntly denied that thora Is any
wotnnn In his ciiho and noboily bellovoatlmt
ho has Kiilllciont money In lila locket i to unublo
him lo Ihe itway Irvin homo for any considera
ble Mine indeed It IH balloted that ho Is in
needy clrcuiiistanros now Hu wax always a
irnllleato and spent Id or 14 u da > away Irom
homo white lIlt faintly lived well but modestly
and hits humii know no evtinvni nc 8 As an
ofllocrnltha National Ciuurd tile nxpeneei were
naturullycunnUeritljlo but ulmo all of his In
come was ipent in icing a Buntl f llow and
kooplnKhlHond up with crowd olnpendlhrlfta
drawing public money for M > rt Icos lo the coun
try lie sluent fully lilt in uuh asonyothercuunty
oDIclnl and soino of his boon companions have
Incomes of UOOOO n year or inoru
Would Kill 1rnple far Her Hake
Wtlltnin Inoaon n dnlur In woollen Tags
of 327 Madison street ISrookUn is suing Mar
Riirotta lueson for absolute divorce They te ore
married In 1881 Testimony was taken roster
day In tile Huproma Court boforo Justice
bartlett that Him is now living In tliln city
ttIii Frank Hunloi whoMi photnciaph she
pioudly showod tho tounu lawyer wlio servud
upon her the patters lu thin unit A sister of the
duluiidunt tttstlllud thai Htintfr had duclareU
ho Mould kill pooplo for Marcnrottas sake
Virtue Nunecd a terrmliiNdeflf
Jmnns Virtue Is rorospfinflont In n illvorca
lull tried before Justice irtlott In Ilronklyn
yesterday The other panics to tho suit are
Charles II Toalo antI Corn lla T 1 Tciilo woll
knonu re < ld > > ntA of llrnci lyn who tvore mar
ned lour ears IIKO Virtue who IK n liquor
dealer teitlHe I iLut ho U now living with llrft
Toalo us his vlfu
Far the Ilntilr Wnrdi snd the Actor Bid
Several months ago A P i Do Ireco Director
ot the New York Pftitflraluam ViOla SchOol and
llofiiul proposed to a M la mar 1mldent ot the
Actors hued lu I rnvlde Hire tietl ID orroluHy I with
attendant and inrdlclnr totli day and right for the
ttenefit of mender of tie Aciyre Font a Ito mIght
Qtilr eiicli aid It the slurs w on d I net aiMH verr year
a day a hell > rf rniancri wuuid Wxlteli t ill the various
Ititatrrt for ibe beneni of tix baliet1 wjrde if the ko
Ii tal and the free beds f r I it slots
Ur Ialmer toll tie in > o > liun tsfoy l th director
of tu Actor Kuud and u was atiprored Nay U was
flied UIHUI for the Ineururetlon or ihra aouual enter
taliimenti and Hie tletroiilitan the liljou lbs Miuluon
Squire falmert Paly tlie Luloo square Ib Mar
tie Lyceum and tb nroadway are chic plartouata
whet the euterltlumenu will b held
The Murdered iSaac Taken Hack IB Copes
The body ol the murdered Daneuient to Vw
York ssveratek lie in a b rrl of Ito e wairelur
si tn ropinlatq jetterltr on the Moro ot the Tblnr
valU 1U I b c uMl aa avldeae Ui the trial of UM >
< WiT Tkb 4jU still is Ike barrel d lists

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