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f I
TIB First Coiplete Journey Orer a Nw
Railroad in Mciico
4 O Ile r1osr Trtui Dow the If omtula
In TaM > l oA Ora EalrIR J al
CopUII VrI4 ad Aiuu
l BTh For II Aid Halt PcelorUi mt lm
tltmm niMCK MM lalt Poteil Tltnnlg
VorkBorNBtnreMnoBlUht IliithU In I
Cavern Wonderful CltlMBi or Tpl
t Ov rarb lMed by tbx Clamour or Pall
DIM e Com All the Wy nem Ballon
SAN Lum Poor April 100n MnroU 21
1831 I bad the ploasuto of bolng ono
t of tho taw spectators of the mOlt Im
portant railway event la the New World
alnoe the momorablo dot In the Halt
I Lake valley wb n tba driving of tho golden
I nplke signalized thn completion of tho frt
i treat transcontinental line that bound tho
w Inclfla slope firmly to tho rot of the Union
I Tho event In question wan the laying of tho
I alt rail on tho trunk line of the Mexican Con
trot uniting the hl torlo capital of Mexico with
network of tho great republic
b s tho vast railway netlork Irlnt ropublo
l 2 l to the northward completing In three tears1
r work I railway over 1 O miles lone tho first
railway eTor built on either continent from
I I tho tomperato zone down Into the tropics Tho
ceremony one of extramo simplicity for
only a few months before thoro hnd been a
l t Croat display on the completion of the North
em 1acine and the tumble In 1 the securities of
hat company that followed shortly after made
f 3 an elaborate celebration seem ominous of
I r fllmllar disaster In Mexico especially when nn
f incompetent administration had made a chaos
f of f tho finances of this republic and the out
I look for the Immediate future appeared
k gloomy Tho ceremony was a highly
significant one nevertheless for It chanced
that the genlleman who filled too post of Ameri
i can Consul at Zaeatecastho aent taking
place In the State of that name but a few
leagues northward from tho celebrated min
L W ing city hnd a brother who was a Mexican by
i birth and cltlrenshlp Bo tho Mexican stood
on the front of the locomotive from tho North
and the American on the front of tho locomo
k five from tho South and at tho pilots touched I
thu Mexican craspod tha I
I Irs the last rail ll lIoxlcan IralPod
I Ita banner of his brothers land the Amor
i lean seized the flag of green white and rod
I under which his brother was born the folds of
bunting commingled and the brothers em
braced In token of the fraternal amity of the
two republics
I I j I Early in the present year I passed by that
I t J notable ipot near Fresnlllo In the train and In
to wide melee fields bordering either side of
the track Uhardly recognized the uncultivated
wastes of that day Mexico II now prospering
as never before and the next most Important
t event In her railway history comes < At time
t When Its significance will be appreciated at
borne and abroad at something like its value
f On March 8 just Ore days more than six roars
r after the completion of tho trunk line the lost
rail was laid on the Mexican Centrals Tamptoo
division the next most important feature In
to extensive atm originally projected by
y that company Its Importance lies in the fact
that the railway system of the country is thus
v i connected with what inside ofllhreo years will
r 1 th belt seaport on the Gulf costa per
fect harbor where fleets of the largest ocean
1 r learners may Us In sate shelter In the water of
i a great river and discharge their cargoes moor
c ed at their wharves last a in the North Hirer
I i New York or at East Boston
i When the project for building the Mexican
f Central was laid before the Boston capitalists
I who assumed the undertaking three principal
J lines were led upon forming upon the map
a sort of a cross with the trunk Hoe running
from the northern boundary down to the
capital along the ridge of the continent now
capia aon nWo to cntent
r Upon the Atlantic slope now upon the Pacific
i Ita Irregular course The right arm of the
cross ran down to the Gulf Tamploo the left
to the Palo at Ban Bios on open roadstead
hardly worthy the name of a harbor
The left arm was subsequently shifted
In its position further down the trunk
tearing the main line at Irapnato Instead
of Affuas Callentes as originally proposed and
f was built a fa aa the large city of Guadala
t jara the second In Importance in Moxloo
Could the men In Boston have had a idea of
y the appalling difficulties to b encountered In
to construction of this Tamplco line It Is
doubtful I they would ever have ventured
upon tha undertaking But Ignoranco often
makes us earless the line looked easy enough
on paper and the advantages to come from the
Opening a port Ilka Tamplco were apparent
We will build the Tamplco line first said
i Mr Thomas NIokerson the veteran railway
builder at that time President of the
buide tat Pldent company
Wa will push It through so as t bring over It
the materials for constructing the main linn
and thus toot a great economy In tho work
VhaUlndeedwaseverybodyfi Idea then And so
hatldBd waeYlboyI
f It 6 that In 1881 shortly after beginning the
lit work on the main line at either end from the
capital northward and the frontier southward
k large quantities material Including rails and
rolling stock were sent to both Tamplco and
r Ban Bias with a view to pushing the work at
t both DolnU But not until I six years after tho
completion ol tne main lino ass me xompioo
line boon finished They have however got a
t beautiful and substantially constructed road
and a property of splendid prospects for
the 110000 000 they have laid out in the con
struction of the Tamplco division The finish
ing of this line substantially complete the
great system of the Mexican Central as origin
ally projected with the exception of the por
tion of the PaolQo line between Guadalajara
and Ban Bias Ban Bios appeared to be so
worthless for the requirements of a modem
seaport and tno difficulties of construction
down the precipitous slopes t the Pacific ap
I peared so overwhelming that the work on this
section was abandoned probably never to be
resumed again so far as Ban Bios II concerned
I although aome line to the Pacific either to
Iatan Manranlllo or some other port with
te p1lblUoa of a good harbor > wili Men
I ualY b desirable wI een
I On April U there begins a round of festlvl
tee tand
ties In celebration of the completion ot the
Uno A special train of high Government Ota
nuance and railway officials with invited
BUests goes to ban Luis Iotosj and thence to
Tampion where thor will be a succession of
merrymakin lasting three days Returning
to Han Lule Totosl thor will bo three days
inqre ot rejoicing In that oily with banquets
al l Illuminations and fireworks Han Lute
Jotoel feels particularly concerned In the
vent for It seems t b assured that not only I
wenmfOr old prestige as a great commercial
distributing centre be restored but 0 merola
fits that she enjoyed whn equal conditions
eQQ1 oldlloD
prevailed between Tamplco and Yeta Cruz be
for the late forged ahead under the ad
ron unlor
vantages conferred by ha construction of the
railway Una to the capital will b enhanced
when the Jettlej across th amplco bar make
the latter port the foremo m Mexico mao
rho construction of the Tarn pioo and Guada
lajara divisions of the Uentr1 has been carried
on In the name of a separate company formed
for Ibo purpose called the Central Mexican
Itollway Company whlah U substantially I Won
tlcol with Cmpanr dna corporation t entire
stock being hold br the Mexican entr
bonds making separate Issue The construe
tion work nn tko Tamploo division has never
L been abandoned although for a while when
there occurred great depression whlo 1
affairs from 1884 to 1886 it looked as U it would
taT to be But it hoe bon pushed steadily
forward though at times very slowly Mr Ed
i4 win II Wbori who Is pleasantly remembered
In Boston railway circles a the former
Juperlntendent of the Boston Lynn and
tevero Beach Bollroad was superintendent
of the Tompleo division from 1862 until hie
t ap TmPI his present post as asilit
nt to the general manager two yean ago He
lies always been a firm believer In the future
01 tba lIne and aa be was at the head of the
division during Us most difficult period and is
largely responsible for its sucoessf construe
tloo It was appropriate that the trial train the
first to pass over the line from end lo tTl and
t bear Its weight upon the la trail laid should
o 19 I hl eh The fewo7tt who enjoyed
tba fortune ore I t planter voyage
feel no envy for the excursionists who
ate to participate In the Inaugural ex
cursion lot It Is rarely that railway traveller
have the privilege of travelling a we did
proceeding nnl stopping n our own sweet
will enjoying every point ot tnttrest as thor
ougly ns wo iihoso and not many rallwn1 ran
there be with such point of interest > now
For In wraith of gloilou sconorr the Tam
plea line now stands first among the railway
of Mexico suriiasslni even the route from
Vcra lrU1 to Mexico In that rsspect Although
I can give hut a faint Men of the reality It may
bo worth while to follow the experiences of our
company us I relate thorn
Troisurer H W Hoynoldn of no lon hap
pened nlong Just In Ito nlnk of lime to Join us
with his friend Mr Trunk Bufllnton or Fall
lllvcr nnd tho stuff In Mexico wus iPprAnontod
by As lstanl Treasurer Brown and Superin
tendent of Motive lower JohuMone The line
to Ht luis 1otonl and Tnmploo leave the
trunk lino I lotoll tho fitatlon 1 of I hlialoto
about I nine mllm to the northward of t
Aguiiicnllento but AguaitcallPnten In the
point ot annual nnd departure Tho ill <
fatiro from Tnmoico to the main line
Is 404 nillo < Kiini < cnllontes In ahont 31
mile from tho city of Mexico making a total
IIMnnr > tof almit 78J nille from Tnmploo to
thninnltnl our the Mexican Central route
Tho llehtor uriulos and the ultlmnto nnp rlor
Ityof Tumnloo nu n port with UH loop wale
and llrrttclniii wliarlnKfaI1ltlo are oXP ted
tocountorbulanco tho ndanitio of tho vora
Crux linn ns a route from the con to tho cap
ital the distance by the latter being only G5
to the Errasn family ctthe city of Mexico and
yield an income truly nrlneelr A palatial
great house stands near the yotka with hand
some grounds Mt I fortified Ilk I la medUcvaj
castle A thlok high wait with loopholes and
entry towers encloses the ground and a
Utah filled with water surrounds the walL At
lob fled wih ditch IA I crossed by a draw
lalelv erola
bridge All those precautions were necessary
In former tiara when the lonely country was
infested with robbors and bandits but are
needle now No member of the absentee
proprietary family hai lslted the place for
years and the hnuoe whloh U built on a mat
nlflcent scale has a f melancholy air of decay
hardly In keeping with tho prosperous condi
tion of tho estate Tho solo occupant Is I the
administrators Hrmulnh ntleman who has
been In charge of the property for thlrtyflvo
years The nxtent of the works may be sur
wised when I Is ntated that several mlelof
track are ronulred to connect the various
storehouses with the bite of the Mexican Cen
tral ro afford convenient transportatIon Light
little railway tricycles urn used by the officials
In going t > and fro botworn the several parts
of the work
Hborily beroml Iai Salinas begin the do
scent Into the nlloj whiro Hen tho city of Ban
Lulu 1otDsl From thrsu heights the view
ranges 10tI alt expanses of mountain and
allot until tho sold oirthieorns to melt away
In the unt dry hare of tho sunny air The
land Blopoi Iry Krwdually and uniformly that
R10lO 10
long tangent are poiBlblo and In places the
track strotalioR > way downward or upward
boforo or behind tin for miles and miles In
II u t
a t
b = a
rnllea The distance from San Luis Potosi to
Tamploo la About 270 mtlos or only 1 miles
more than from Mexico to Vera Cruz
From Culonloto eastward the wny passes
through a fertile Irrigated country the course
ot tho stream In the valley marked by tne
springtime green ot Its bordering trees the
oion fields stretonlnx far away mantled with
the ordur nf burley and wheat or lust
planted with tho suaimorscropof maize Boon
the altitude begins trailuall to Increase until
beyond Hallnaslt reaches the summit nearly
8000 foot atiove the aoaleol the third hlBhest
point In the whole system of the Mexi
can Central Tho land in those greater
altitudes tbrouebout the State of Man
Luis 1otoii Is largely devoted to raising
maguey for the production of mescal the
whiskeylike liquor which form the chief
distilled beverage of Moxloo The plants are
set out sometimes Irregularly sometimes In
rows They ore much smaller than the pulque
maguey cultivated so extensively In tho re
gion around tbo national capital nail eclilom
grow hlgherithan ono or two feet Tho toes
oal maguey runs chiefly to root from which the
liquor Is distilled while pulque Is simply the
fermented flap ot tie large variety of tho plant
Occasionally we pa < n the distillery buildings
of one of these great mescal haciendas stand
inglln melancholy solitude on the bare upland
Another feature of the vegetation of this
region Iff tho nopal cactus or prickly roar
which here grows In douse thickets mantling
the plains with a rOllh coorlnl 01 dark green
giving nn affect of luxuriance In suite ot the
desertUlco character of the plant This Is pre
eminently the land of the nopal the national
plant of Mexico for It nourishes hereabouts
more luxuriantly than elsewhere In tho oman
Jor But I fraction of the crop of Its excellent
fruit Is utilized although largo quantities aro
gathered by the natives who are said to live on
It to a great extent during tho several months
while It In In season They also boll down Into
a kind of marmalalde tasting much like crude
sugar The plant has tltDI uses too for Us
leaves when tloprlted of their prleklea by a
slight roosting In the fire make an excellent
all rontnl
fodder for cattle and shove Another feature
of this upland vegetation Is tha great tree
yucca or pal mi a with splendid clusters of
large white blossoms
Tho country appears to b sparsely popu
atea The only plaoe of Importance on the
Ino between AguascallentcH and Han Luis
I omit Is thn town of Las Haitians do la lea
llanra Here are tho Inreest salt works In
lexloo and the product goes to all parts or the
sountry for r use In silver reduction OH well aa
for the table The railway Is thus assured of a
Large and iicrmanont traffic from thin place
Yor several roars previous to tho construction
of the railway tho production construoton 01
pushed at the works In anticipation ot that
event and thousands and thousands of tons
a now plod up In unormous heaps ready for
transportation The town of 0000 Inhabitants
lives on the salt Industry almost exclusive
ly and previous to the exploitation of
seeming Intermlnablllty The construction In
exceptionally good and tho track Is so well
ballasted that thorn la little annoyaico from
dust even now near the end of the long dry
ceason The maximum grades on the San
Luis operating division ot the line to Tamplco
comprising the portion between the main Una
and the station ot Cardenas boyond Ban Luis
1otoil on tho oa tern verge ot the high table
land are O > per cent orle feet to the mile a
tar east an tho ergo ot the hlgn tableland
The city ol San Luis lotol or HI Lonls ol
tho Treasure has an Impressive aspect as we
approach It IB I place of something like 50
Otto Inhabitants and Its mates of buildings
fringed with trees and verdant gardens and
accented by many beautiful domes and towers
spread evenly out our broad plain against
the dark background of a steep and lofty
mountain range that rises above the city a few
miles to tile southward rho city gains Its
name of Polos from the vast mineral wealth
derived from tho great sliver mines In the
mountain range of Han iodro a short distance
to the eastwar These mines first gave the
city Its importance which greatly increased
when Its communication with lamploo though
over rough roads and trails made It the
great commercial centre for northern Mexico
holding a rank for this section similar to that
held by Guadalajara for the West through Its
neighborhood to the Pacific It Is probable that
these two cities will hereafter be outranked
only by the national capital aa commercial
centres although Guadalajara very likely may
not resume her oldtime position until railway
communication with the Pacific In established
han Luis 1otosl however occupies a particu
larly fortunate position through her communi
cations In all direction by the two great rail
way line passing through eat and west north
can and National south the respectively Mexican Central and the Mel
We enter tho city from the north The en
trance Is I an admirable one The line of a
former street Is followed and the houses have
been demolished for the width of a block car
rying the tracks well Into town so that both
the freight and passenger stations occupy a
Baud so me commanding position facing the
Alameda the chief pleasure ground of tha
city At tho eastern end of the Alameda
stands tho station of the Mexican National a
large and handsome structure of brown
Stone that must have cost a very consid
erable RUm The station of the Central now
going up will be a convenient but less ex
pensive structure Tho policy now followed
by the Contra under President Wade and
General Manager Jackson appears to bo to
erect substantial and convenient but not
showy structure at all Important points wast
ing no monoy on temporary buildings masonry
being comparatively cheap in Mexico wall
wood II costly and does not last well
Ban Luis Potonl Is 100 masshelooklng hand
Bomelooklng city There nro many charming
public Burdens chiefly formed from the
grounds of old convents confiscated at tba
tltuoof the RoformL Tbechurobes and other I
b 74L uttiL u I
4 a
I ti
I 1w
I i j
the salt deposit which began in 1812
it was a hamlet ot but SOO Inhabitants The
deposit la a romarkablo one A shallow lake
ot fresh water occupies the place during the
ralujr season and disappears toward the end of
the dry season It is underlaid by a stratum
of peculiar green clay and beneath this wllliln
a few feet of thu surface Is an enormous bed
of very salt water found onormOl1 In of
hundreds of acres This water Is pumped un
Into largo vale and evaporated by sun hOlt for
the most part though ibore Is one extenslvo
tuotory where the work Is done by steam rite
pumping la dons by nqrloa water wheels
carrying series of leather buckets of two gab
Ions or more capacity each and operated 11
mule power The machines are of the
crudest construction hardly a scrap ot
Iron or other metal entering Into
their composition the salt water la I
dipped up by tho revolving buckets and emp
tied Into troughs that carry It to the evaporat
lug vals where tbo powerful southern sun and I
dry thin air quickly do the work Many at
tempts have been made by boring In various
port of the valley to discover the deposits of
rock soil which must be the source of this sup
ply but without success and even the salt
water Is found nowhere else than In the centre
watr ont
Or this valley The sa u work belong entirely
public buildings are particularly beautiful and
adorned with rich stone carving The streets
< strot
are straight but narrow The altitude Is about
tue same on Aguasoallentos a little more than
0000 feet bin the ollrunte is anile different I
from that enjoyed by tho pretty little State
capital at the western end of tbo Tamplco Ilato
Aguascallenles being celebrated for its lon
air and etiunbln temperature fcan Luis 10
tosl however though Its climate would meet
with little adverse criticism wore Its loca
tion to the northward of the Illo Grande Is sub
ject at time to violent fluctuations ot temper
at uro and in the winter as much os nine
Inches of snow iiovo been known to fall nil
streets somelhluc remarkable for a plaoe
within the tropics and nnlv a utile more than
fl0i0 feet above the oa The rCanou for this
Is that the city I Is iwr hoj on tho easterly
verge of the table land with no friendly
mountain ranirn Intenenlni ljutwncn Its plain
anil tlii dHoem to tho next step below so that
wnun the nort Inland ieaMurly wands born h Ito I iloun
here fi Sep Lube our Pay II Joined by Mr
lllar the Oovernment Inspector the line
a charming Ifexloon gentloman and thlno
several of the leading ofuoiala or the railways
oonbtrudtia and operating tPartmenu u
our trial train U with prtent
ou tra t made up w the liuntlon of
affording a thorough test ol the erodes and
curves of the most difficult portions of the line
In view of the heavy excursion trains to pa s
te It at the approaching Inaugural It con
sists of a baggage car two regular passenger
coaches two standard 60foot Pullman sleep
am and Mr Whorls special car drawn by a
en anl Wborl Ipla
monster llason locomotive of the type
specially ordered 10cmoU on the mountain
8lclaU rounlaln
grades of this line We draw out 50 four b
for daylight prepared for a full dnya enjoy
Aorlcan mont of some continent of the finest scenery on the
I IA I cast IUrhe when we reach the station
of Via lust beyond which our descent to tb
first step blow the high tableland begins Ily
a steady gradual slope of the plain we are al
ready something like 800 feet below the level
ol Ban Luis Iko loklnl backward we Ob
serve that the country has a strikingly noble
contour with high wellrounded mountain
groups rising hlh wide reaches of plain We
Re that the mountains near at hand are well
clothed with tree on their costnard slopos
these grow sterner song tnelr northward and
southward ids until their western slopes aro
dry and bare The effect Is I much like that pro
duced on a rock on the seacoast fully drenched
side the which pour
on ono Ildo by ocean urea
down over its flanks leaving Its landward face
unmolstened The table laud alA away to the
coast In a nvrlen ot terraces Each terrace hal
1 mountain ridge along Its verge thus forming
rdFo Is
a succession of long troughlike valleys ex
tending In a general direction Irom i porth to
south The humid air from the Gulf ot Mexi
co Is blown Inland precipitating itS moisture
on Ibo easterly slopes cf theo ranges which
rise In series stop after step Thus we encoun
ter the linarlablo phenomenon that the east
erly side or thoso vnllnys In arid white the
western side has abundant moisture even all
thrmiKu the dry scoot and the easterly slows
or the try aOOI luxuriant with verdure
Here and there nt lone Intervals these moun
tain chains ore out through with canons ii U
Ing passage to tbo water courses descending
from the table land to the MD
Through suh an opening wo rapidly de
scend front lllar throuali the wild fan Isidro
valley to the next groat valley terrace whoso
floor has a general vulor about a 000 foot
above tho sea Thn mountain slopes hero are
no densely wooded that It suoms as If they
might do In llorkshlra or In the AlleghenIes
Tho contracts of those softened onhtourn with
the bare rook outlines of the tableland moun
tains that we have just left Is Try marked Wo
here encounter the first maximum grades of 3
percent compensated ounce and our
long heavy train descends cautiously but con
fidently hold wall < in hand by the Improved
pafotv appliances recently devised by Mr
estlnghouBo for lao on tho steeper down
grades 1 here In I succession of sharp curves
with the track vlnltilo nhead of us anal below
us closu nt hand that make the famous
cos Horseshoe Bend of tho Pennsyl I
vania seem Ilko child play In comparison
With every sudden turn around tho mountain
slan tur
flanks 1 beautiful new landscape Is revealed
At last we roach tho ole plain and after a
tilt for a few mllon over a straloht track wo
reach the spot whine tho last rail was laid tho
day before and tho ovont celebrated by a bar
bpoiie given to the workmen In recognition of
their celerity In hastening the task to the end
No whooli bail yet touched the last bit ol track
for the honor of first crossing the gap bad
been reserved for our train Several officials
of the Tamplco division met us hero with fares
happy over the arrival of the tint cam from
the national capital n momeul for which some
them had been looking forward for eight and
nine Tears The train moved forward until Mr
Whorl car stopped over the lasl rail
Then after a glass of champagne all around
with exchanged congratulations among the
little group beside the train wo passed on
down tho pleasant alloy which soon broad
ened out Into a wile and fertile plain with
maize fields ron with the freshly sprouted
blades spreading away an far on the eve could
reach This valley which has a population of
something like 100000 Is n part of the elmo
general terrace on which par tho City of
Monterey far to the northward In tho State of
Nuoyo loon Tho principal place on the line
of the railway prlrclln I town of Cerrllns
About twenty miles to the southward of the
line Is the city ot itlo Verde a place ot consid
erable Importance which probably will bo
renchod bi I branch railway before lone A
few miles to the northward of the railway line
Is I the YUl do 11a the centra of a rich agri
cultural region alt
On the eastern side of the valley surrounded
by arid hills Is the station of Carclonas where
the Tamplco operating division begins Just
bond hon wo descend abruptly Into the
lovely valley glade of Canons 1 grassybot
towed cup closed In by precipitous mountains
from which strange formations ot fantastically
disposed roukti reach out Into the oven ground
A meandering line of great cypress trees markt
the course of a pretty little stream Wo fool
the change from the dry alrot the valley above
delicate fleecy clouds float In the tender sky
and a soft breozo from the direction of the
Gulf caresses us with a warm velvety touch
The descent Into tho valley of Ban Ysidro
has boon but nn overture to the titanic soonery
upon which wo enter her A great gorge
yawns before us the ground suddenly drop
ping away Into It where tho lIne ot cypresses
terminates I Is the beginning of tho grand
canon of the Toma opa Our railway track
creeps along on a shelf hewn in the righthand
side of the cation passing In sharp curves
through a succession nt tunnels at a grade of
285 per ont The stream which plunges In a
pretty cascade Into the cation HI we enter It
soon disappears and runs all the way In under
ground channels for several miles The dry
bed at the bottom several hundred feet below
us Ie only occupied by the torrents that pour
through In tha rainy season The cation widens
apd deepens a ran proceed Whore perpendic
ular cliffs do not border It the sides alaI at a I
steep angle and are thickly covered with trees I
nourished and kept forever green by the
stream of moist air ever pouring Inland from
the Gulf a atmospheric river flowing In the
uese direction lathe streams of water below
The hues ol this foliage mantle of the blow
sides a something exquisite subtle shadings
of green seem to be Interwoven toning up from
def > verdant shadow into blah lights of soft
leafy yellow so that the mountain sides seem
garmente1 with some rich Oriental fabric of
too mellow refined colors that we know as of
India gonreouH subdued and
OrIOOUI yet alMuod without tho
Intrusion of alharsh note
At one place the track runs through three
tunnels In milok succession Beyond a pe
culiar traplike formation of rock Hues out of
the mountain slopes In a thick wall crossing
the oafion obliquely and In the awlnl depth
broken Into wild serrated mosses Tho rail
way posses this barrier through a tunnel and
then we suddenly come upon a marvellous
view We have reached the mouth or the canon
Batons and beneath us there spreads out a
brood valley encircled by mountains Twelve
hundred feat below us so that we look almost
perpendicularly down upon It stands the douse
luxuriant foreitnf th111 tropics The distant
murmur of rapidly rushing wutor comes to our
oar from the depths Hnre nnd there we sea
clearings in the alley filled with the bright
green of the sugar cane which we have also
observed ciowlnc In little latches spread 11
like handkerchiefs high up on the bore of the
canon where It Is cultivated br Indians It
appear to be growing on land Inclined at I
angle nf considerably more than 46 degrees
and one wonders bow they ever get at It An
American employee of thn railway oncosug
gestfld that they must author It with a IUI
We are far upon a shall running along the
almost perpendicular mountain side with
grand cliffs lowering high above UK sand we
must descend Into the depllii ol the valley
whore wo overlook the line nf the track run
ning straight through tile thick forest Our
course Id Hnruad out before UH almost as nn A
map in sra examples ot dlfllcult railway
construction that I have seen I have never before
fore beheld anything sohtriklug or 60 htroM
site aa this great panorama in which the
fcenlo grandeur of nature seems to IJD
emphasized rather than marred by the
marks with which man hal Inscribed too
record of his engineering triumph upon
the face of the enTnfernl landscape Is I too
vast too glorious ert defaced by those slight
tokens 0 f human handiwork and their urea
enoo bilngs up beside the Idea of the sublimity
of nature another Brest thought for they
peak eloquently of the power 01 the mind of
man and the strength of his band when united
to the performance of a great work vVbot
may not mal accomplish when be has once
Jay In unison the lesson of achievement through action
We BCD the line of our track at three different
places on Ibo slope of the mountain before us
to tha right or the val y one below the other
before the straight stretch throiiLb the forest
beneath us IR I reache I Then we iigaln set the I
tfack nt three other dlfferuut places far down
the valley still working Its way to lower
ground Creeping along to the right on the
bieher part of the slope the course which the
railway would otherwise bava taken Is inter
rupted wou remarkable natural obsta
cle oallM 1 Uojro dt Baa Jp6 lUl
pilot Bt Joseph An enormous portion of
Bt JO AI JOlcf
tba mountain appear to have caved In I
forming a great craterlike sink with preolpl
srat lalerrko
lou sides overgrown with vegetation Into
wfaOM furthest depths the eye cannot reach
liow deep it Is I only a certain mule oould tell
The mule was employed In railway construe
ton and with Its cart uns backed to near the
wih Ie
L0raoaoday no that both cart and mule went
tumbling over and were never Mien again Tile
water that runs wer sink finds Its way out
throuch some subterranean outlet These
tbru < Ime suberranuo outo
mountains composed of limestone are filled
with wonderful caverns of which wa shall see
and hear moro anon
The railway linn running closo to this pIt is
forced to turn bal and find its way downward
by describing a sort of figure 8 around a con
venient knob At last wa got down to the
straight course through the forest that we
have descried from la above and find our
selves running through I magnificent tropical
avenue bordered by tbe richest arborescent
growth Ilhsvo ever seen Forest giants stand
Inclose ranks festooned with strange vines
and bearing a rat variety of orchids on al
most over Place whore they can gain
foothold Tho moisture constantly precipitated
cipitated against the mountain wall
above tells its tale bore Ferns carpet
the ground In abundance In varied and grace
ful forms Strange to say this primeval forest
Is i 1 coffee plantation i for the undergrowth has
leon cleared away from beneath the great
trees and coffees shrubs have been plant
their brilliant glossy evergreen leaven glisten
lug through the bosky eerlren oom The richness of
flower growth and luxuriance ot foliage and
tho brilliance of bloom Is I almost bewildering
After what wo hnvo passed through it scorns
on If what remains to bo seen must be tame In
comparison but this country turns out to be
rich in resources and nights equal In charm
nro yet In store We keen on across the vol
I ley through the dons thickets of fan palm
clumps of tall nnd graceful bamboo and other
tropical vegetation According to the rule of
which I have spoken tho other alI a of the
roller Is 1 moro arid and tho vegetation sparser
Wn have boon so encrosjiid In the landsuipo
1 nil day that we have not thought of eating but
now the omutlnesH of our ttomachs which
have had nothing since our early breakfast
I makes Itself evident and wo wait long enough
a the station of Itascon to enjoy a good dinner
I In our car without misIng any of the scenery
Here at Itascon we enter upon a range of low
hills that as we proceed soon become moun
tainous In form and height Suddenly wo coma
upon another great canon which gives us pas
sage through this range down to the next
great terrace of the Gulf slope tho noxt to tIm
last before reaching the op plain Just at
tho entrance to the canon Is tIle station of
Micas Above on either side tower two cliff
like peaks with almost perpendicular sides
Thoro uro no onglnourlng dlnlcultles In the
pas auo of this cation for vto enter I and pro
ceed alone fiat bottom beside n rushing river
of clear water 1 ho pass is called the Abra da
caled 10
Caballeros At Its mouth a double surprise
creels U8 we emerge upon a panorama aster
in expanse than that beheld on our exit from tho
Ternasopa cation 1 f uuiuot and the length
oiilae shadows of the mountains behind us are
cast valley plain vast that It
olet upon a Taloy so vnt seoms
as If all tim world must bo spread out boforo
us Tho valley is hundreds of foot blow and
our way IB along a shelf on tho clifflike wall of
the mountains passing I to tho right until tho
grade brings us to the level of the plain He
ror us In tho hazy distance to the eastward
across the valley runs the lust range uml be
yond II U the great plain of tho coist We are
a little over a liundroU miles from Tnmplco
Wo look behind un up tho carton from which
wo have emerged On the opposite side rises a
grand cliff to height of something like 8000
feet a shear precipice its perpendicular sides
velvety with clinging vegetation Including
ferns and orchids where it Is perpetually ca
ressed by the mull warm breath of the winds
from tho Gulf And at Its toot tho river tutu
bles In a serlufl of cascades 300 foot bleb In
color a marvellous croon wreathed with snowy
lacelike foam The croon hue Is then by a
peculiar veuotatlon that covers the rocks be
neath tho n alar wo gllmpte at the falls which
are called il Hallo del Abra do Caballero
through a framework of luxuriant true growth
that covers thu tdot < H below us and t com
dote the picture oloslne In the vista at tho
upper end of the canon nowdusky in the even
Ing shadows ono II f the upper twin elms
stands luminous In the golden sunset light Oll
This Is tho ond of our journey for tho day
which has passed quickly In the enjoyment ot
a rare wealth of entry which to nil lor us not
previously acquainted with the line hat proven
a unsuspected revelation accustomed though
we are to look ro natures glories In Mexico
Wo are to stop for the night at Micas station
hut In backlna UP the cafion our train
hall for a whIle to permIt ns to enjoy
A bath In the pools and rnnlda a
safe distance above the cataract The air
Is so soft and the water eo f near the tempera
ture ot the blood that though we are perspiring
ring from the unwonted humidity of Iho ironi
cal environment niter the dry atmosphere of
the tabftland there la no danger of a chill and
we remain In tho delicious both until the
nmonlleht filters softly ibrotiuh the trees the
water nourluir over our shoulders with gentle
force as wo rocllnJ on the racks In tho current
rocln rJklln
And wo dross ourselves very leisurely lor In
the mild air WK mluht louuua on the rocks ns
naked as ravages all the evening and not feel
the need ot clothing
Tb > taCit moraine wo are again under wa >
before daylight and when we are up we are nn I
proachlnc Ibc last mountain pass the lloen d 11
Abrii 1 he scenery here Is lint though not t >
Impressive lS that > f tho iwo previoim IUHSO I
Our train halts near the entrance and n 81101
climb brings us to tbe portal of a large inv >
Here we ate surprised to find ourselves Ins 1
spacious rotundalike ball In which we ire
notobllaed to grope our way In the oustomtf
cavernlike gloom for the place Is pleasaitly
Illuminated by a subdued light proceoijna
from above In the apex of the domed c Ung
there Is an opening through whloh tbe meloir
light pours down as from the cupola if f a >
church It Is sifted through the foliage of tees
clustered nbovo their loaves glinting Ir the
uullcbt and giving fragmentary ghnpses
of tho blua sky lleneath thai opsnlnc on
the cavern boor thor Is somithlru like
n little natural garden with shrnbsTernH
and flowers From the margin of the oionlne
there banes a fantastic fringe of rot same In
delicate filaments others grown and cOO 1
dated until they form toll and slender cdnmns
tMlruji found a foothold a U crooid ami
thus tivalllnth slehsotitis sad sta1MeII of
the place te walls of the ea eaf
pote white etaMd in places In 1111 ar
ruddy shades W a walk on troURb a Pities of
chambers at various levels oml broag and
low lIke the basement venus of a huge e > Iro
and others high arched All have the lame
characteristics of openings la thereof with
nltatrlltc onlOl1 Flocks of jiSrTOtIu
and other gardens births chatter noisily Jt
trees above and at one p1500 large I
bird a1 some kind le berhed 10
temptlnuly loml shrieks out ani tauntingly
lomptoal cannot resist the temptation
that one of our party rslt tlmpt
tba part
tion of taking a shot under RICh novel conditions
ditions The aIm Is good ami the poor thing
lulls to tho around outside The spot In Inaa
cesslhlp no inn irlzocannot b obtained
It In a peculiarity of the caves In this rountrr
t hIt they almost Invariably have skylight
after the fashion of thl oxnmpla Several
miles from the railway to far for ns to visit
mloA ralw
on this trip thirelsn 1 wonderful cave known
ns tho trip tho Window on Recount of
Its ronmrknblo great opening visible a long
rnlrklblo Irat olnlnl
distance away In the site o7 the mountain
Iho hnee chamber of this cave In something
like 7INI foot high and Is III by nn opening above
Our train emerges from tho BOOB del Abrn
through a tunnel passing this time to the loft
I along tin steep face of tho mountain with tho
1 groat plain of the coast spread out before UR
I 1 seems a 1 we might ace tOe pecan In Iho
distance wore It not for the boar horIzon The
I landscape might almost bo that of a New Eng
land woodland hI full springtime no far A
I appearances go There are many trees clothed
in a light young green and along the watercourses
courses thorn grown a beautifully blossoming
tree called the palo do roa covered with a
mass of light rosocolored flowers
proceed but a short distance when we
stop to visit a still more remarkable cava than
tho one wo have sean I la called the Choy
cave Far below ns there rushes out of Urn
mountain Bide a beautiful sylvan stream I
proceeds from this oave directly across tho
skylight of whlan the railway pasien on a
subslantial trestle bridge of Irn Looking
down through the open timbers of the bridge
a we cross In tho train wo ran see tho stream
205 feet beneath us runblng out of the cave In
swift rapids To walk across the bridge Is
enoncb to make a person giddy who ventures
for the first time upon such an undertaking
Descending the steep slope wo gain accesi
to the cave by a separate opening mow
that out of which tho stream finds It way
The cave has two lofty chambers each lighted
from above It rosorablos n great doublenaved
cathedral The rooms are narrow long and
high und are connected by a broad sweeping
arch combining grace and strength with just
enough irregularIty to suggost nature lendlnt
her hand to architectural design The ground
In the part where wo enter slopes steeply and
roughly down to the water In the other portion
which contains the most superb natural bath
big tank imaginable The whole place Is
floored with water which gushes silently o f
of tbo dim recesses ot the mountain Many ci
our party arc already In tho water as MlnWI
and their merry cries resound strangely In t
quiet solemn air or tho place lha water1
a deep clear azure and the bodies of tho aw1
mere gleaming whitely how with strK
distinctness through tho transparent llAl <
for In the dim light tho water surfac11
slightly throws back any reflection to or Cr <
what Is beneath At the upper end of Ut oVOt
there rises a pinnacle twenty feat or en
of the water with a perpendicular re and
natural steps In the roar giving easy oltho
tho lol It Is just tho place for divlrf With
half a dozen bathers sluing eroupS d the
sides of this pinnacle and ono stlna grout poised
on the summit ready for a plunge t others
gliding through the water amid tberrt sun
roundlngs It seemed more like a bjTrf classic
mythology than of the nineteenth Srfury To
realize the latter there was onlvift fight of
the railway trestle spanning the itoit opening
above us so bleb In the air as afost to make
ono dizzy to look up for thoji8 ts almost
high enough to permit Bunker 1t monument
to stand upright between tbeter and the
roof Indeed there would bo pUW ot rom for
woult b
It were It built up in the wntorvIcb II i of un
known depth a line of sixty It f not having
reached bottom The water soR to have an
I exceptional sustaining force aether because
of a ourrent from below or ether because
the amount of blow solunn may give It I
arM donsltyl cannot say bt 70 tell BO buoy
ant that I seemed sl efl > to ewJm The
temperature Iso nffreeabloiat we fait A If 1
wo could remain there olday and we were
loathe to depart Wo unornoilT Toted that
wo would like to become a phtblous and take
up our residence in C I cave clothed in
nothing but waterl I
The plain becomes s efl after a while
Brassy with clumps of Aa hero and there
at Is a good country for ame and we bait for
nn loOd so to give qr sportsmen a chance
to do some shooting hoy are disappointed
as to deer which n > ud tiorc but bag a
goodly number or pholBnts
CAt jfliomoler ill tl8 silO of Tampion we
halt to visit the nAs ofan ancient city a
vestige of the Azte or homo othor indigo
S I j 9c
S a i4 IP
10UO race of the proColumbian days Yord
has been sept aboad for some natives to if out
With their machetes to clear thu path Iff us
It having hoonmo obstructed by thin < < lokly
growing tropical voeetatlon Their Usk Is I
nearly dono when we arrive and we iuve a
pleasant walk for something like i mile
through the dense shady forest We lame to
the slope of a oonbldornble hill and orfouutor
remains of r nu haui k rue ti and otliir ivirlti
works togotliiM vtllh it large nilclv HUiliturud
st mo AI t < ha uniiult I i nn find i olvution
of pyramid u I and I I 111 l muiindsmtu of
them uxceibontl i iioservo I by ii siribfiiell of
rfiitangiilar utiuio slabs net closclr > irt > thur
on edge Houie avatlons muhjby Mr
Wliort several years neo showed that Interior
to lie composed of earth comlnglcd lthl aSheS
and broken pottery We had but r few min
utes to give to the place but somo terestlng
fragment of pottery figurines Ao rewarded
our search Tho ruins extend for several
miles and a populous city must bv occupied
the site It IN supposed thnt tho otuon of the
Inhabitants built of cnnn arid ruIs similar to
those of today Mood on thiS In acids
t fnni ii ovsral milosnbov Inmplco vco
catch our first stauhat of tho Pailca truly a no
tuiti grat rIvet Ihe stream iilaYuiuihe tothi
point or oan vessels of eoaa4srablvdraught
Ihoebopsofiheralbwa illuSIOn now here
are shortly tp he remove ntore advantage
our site at Tampioo Tii Merln Central
own Ue entire wat rfwijuom hor to tte
S ft
aonth of the liver an a valuable KiMuloa F
I Itaonth to be 1ases I k
Just Dcrond Tamale we cross hrf Tamest
another large river5 by a loon and substantial
drawbridge at Its junction with thl Panneou
I Both streams are navigated by ateed boats for
Into the Interior and those who barmads tha
journey cay that they are well wortl while the I
BCerienr n lng partlculatlr fineaeWll aanovtC
A few minutes more and we urn at Tarn
I ploo with something like an hourof dayliohi
still left The motion Is close u the water
where the view Is enlivened bi the various
emit lying nt the wharves and aiohored lo the
stream nchooner brigs rlveritoanierBtngs
and llehlern respectable feet altonathir
nod vet but nn earnest nt whit will be neon
here within two years Tamptn Is an attract
ivelooking place ot about 5KX1 Inhabitants
with an architectural appearance quite differ
ent from what may bn seen nsowhora in hex
leo ItKoomsa comblnatlor of New Orleans
with a distinctively Bpanlsbstvls Tbo build
Ings mostly lint pitch roofs and wood Is more
commonly employed In consitucilon than else
where In Mexico tbouch the walls are chiefly
ot massive masonry Tbo boiuos often have
wooden verandas along thel fronts at each
story In the style common In tie Southern
States of our country A larit part of the city
stands on a bluff which rlsef fr < ln near the
river to a height nf porhapa n and PO feet or
more and nt the end of two nf he streets brood
tone steps descend to the wn er front
The river at Tamploo Is lHiki feti l wide and
for nn average breadth ol 800 feet or severs
miles above Ita mouth the mlnlmlm depth
80 feet The rise and fall ot the tide Is to
plight only about IB inchisthat bern Uno
Inflowing current and with the construction of oc
the jetties there will bo n constant outgoing fee
scour across the bar The next coming we T
tako the I tug Grinds a powerful crift used by
the railroad company for HehtorlK from yes tl
sols outside the bar for n trip to fee mouth ot B
tho rlyor For tho greater part oltde way be IT
rlvoi banks aro low anal tnarshj kut ou the
right shore two or throe relies belov the lofcrn Of
there Inn line of high rocky bluffs that sirne
time will piobnbly bo In derrand ni a
place of summer residence vlth their a
Rlaco view of the sea and nwiep ofthe T
breeze from the gulf wblob blowbg soft and i
roe for most of the lima durlig our May I
nuakos the air agreeably refreihtag Ot the f
loft bank at the mouth of the rive operations tx
are actively under way for the ccnstruotton ol K
the jetties The Mexican Certral llaUwar
Company hog undertaken the work under a
most advantageous concession torn the noil oc
canOovornmnnt that assures lie companya te
subHtantlal shore In the retinas from tie fT
growth of the customs buuinosa at the Port to In
side the prosperity comIng naurally from tie th
development of the port Thora Is n pro rose
of considerable railway rlvnlrfortbe Tamdeo
tranio and two other lines nn already ctaled > D
for the mouth of tim PAnucotbe Monurey and
Mexican Gulf now building rapidly snlhwarJ t
and bidding fair to reaoT TamplXo la the
course of another year aid a bile rupslnir
directly to the City of Jloxljo acroe the bfin or
tlful lluastocn country tie fnnf > for c
are said to have been raised In Iceland The
construction of this latter llnowlll probably
hero to encounter more fotmldntie noturnl ob
stacles than even those ovirco 1 by the Meil
can Control i
In ono particular however be more rail wi
ways meeting nt Tnmplco thfetter It will b et <
for the Central on account I the Increased co
business nt the Custom llousthus promoted
whllo Its possession of the MTwater front Jr
makes it the master of f ° situation A ba
nooarate corporation hff been formed Dl
by the railway oorape for carrying
out the Jetty workT o under the wi
name of the Tnmplpo arbor Improve 8u
mont Company nnd theontraot has been
given to the New Orleans Jbhtereeo Company
At the headquarters rshore we find Gob on
Wrotnosky the engine In charge of the eoi
work who has just corfrom the successful do
execution the FloW East Coast Canal
Tho jetties are nrnctprto oomrtbe river
oiu across the bar to pP water giving an en Ilk
franco to the large steamers at all time
They will bo over a A8 long from the shore OTI
and will bo constraAd qf mattrss work The on
north jetty will boW Wt ajnd It Is proboblo ou
that by the time t 3P fln shed a very ma
ageaonBMTEo nv
terioifmprov mo7nH0 passage across tio 7
bar will bo evldo for the scour will be llkelr Tb
to produce n mo75mfa ° 5ntchannel and en oc
able the outran ° crattot much heavier draft the
Atfrorolsnd WM blowing and the loca Ire
tion of the I y as very evident through the jtri
great brenb that covered It with whitecaps olli
In all part Outside we eould see vessels a f
anchor rot and > pitching waiting natiently tot
forcommiyfcalPnwlthth shore Therefore bee
lookadr trip outside and visit to the Bed
Hnapper tPkB for some fishing bad to be aban the
done dull06e to T the secret satisfaction of net
thoso w > nod looked dreadingly the I turn tot
bllng scAn apprehension of mil de iner
Dntn4oc the town the Commode of the b
eomnair f Of tugs and llghtei are
Kendrif Chatham a hearty and b bav
Cape tij old salt gate us a delightful flsfi
16 steamers deck beneath
nor oj on awning
wlti crab soup so delicate thai even Del Am
mo or Youngs could hardly hope to ap sip
ch Itf faro so good that we welcomed ItT
ftltlon for Bunper with the addition of the
ea crabs and devilled crabs taken from the ran
orinpiduao fourluours ofG
hlttafternoon ourtralnwas put in appleio
ttIer for the inspecton of the townspeopie arc
S ho turned out in force to see the first cars Tlvl
hit had come through from the national eapl wot
taL They marvelled when told that our special
I car had been back and forth many times be > bri
tween Mexico and Boston and gazed with do > tlni
liuhtedevesat the luxurious FuUmano At 8 bee
0 clock that evening we departed
But our novel and pleasant experience were pan
not entirely exhausted by our down trip Icon I fom
not forego telling of one that was reserved for eve
tho return In the beautiful avenue made br I
the railway through the cafetal the exuberant 0
Ironical forest at the foot ol the Tameaopa I mui
canon our train hated and we walked tbronan fort
the grand woods until we came to a steep de i
scent the block soil slippery In the misty air sort
01 that morning Scrambling down we stood 318
on the vergo off he Puenle de Dips the Bridge mot
of God nnd if nny of natures marvels deserves
that reverent title It Is this spot The arch of i ton
the bridge wo caunot see but we stand on the enc
Bleep virgo of a pool of wonderful azure Um <
water The blue certainly never surpassed by
that of tho clearest Swiss Lake Is more son
boaonly by reason nf Its emerald setting oulc
btrnnco fantastic cliffs tower on all aides one
crowned with great trees garlanded with
vines adorned with orchids densely matted bird
with the most delicate ferns On one aide a cou
large waterfall leaps Roaming Into the pool lock
and the whole face of tho ollff opposite Is laced
with swift little stream pouring In vertical atte
lines down over the background ern end bat
moss Elsewhere the water comes pouring dall
In n lleht sheet down over a stronaelyformtd
slanting shelf with smooth surface and sharp The
ragged edeos It makes a grottolike effect atl
and In eubalance seem spongy yet hard In ties
texiure It is Indeed holt mineral hjUrveg
ntftblo In composition for IMs formeoTof too tout
roots of shrubs and plants encrusted with the hot
limedone precipitated by the water
We cross to the stream ou the opposite side
of the bridge and quickly prepare for a swim
In the Inviting pool made by the conformation Teat
of tho river nt that point The water has the jrtt
f nmo delicious temperature the same sustain Itwi
ng power as In the Choy cove We swim at euni
Insllnlo n long and narrow cavern with eon eel
vonlontstfbmerged shelves at the sIdes where offec
wo can stand and rust with tie water up to talni
our shoulders Suddenly we find onrsefveo pan
swimming 1 iij water of A strangely Inrnlnoni
so that t eoemsas if we misbt lunin1es
tue ether of heaven Itself 11h5
ing from below grows etronirer KeepFngon
wo find the source ot the azure brilliance as we
make a turn In the cavern for we come upon
the arch of the Iuonte de jblos which Is I en Altil
tlrelv below the crater that rises to a height of
a few inches above It and the Ilnht gleome
through beneath the surface from the pool we
have first seen Above the arch there Is llttlo
window hi the rock through which we look I
upon Ibqfalryllkosocne with the cascade be
fore us ia tho other side The whole exoerf
once formed as near enchantment as anything
one coy ci hope to meet with in this world
A Jtiitlroad Dog Tries Hoaithllia New
I 1b05IALbdsy4ryu
Railroad Jock Jumped once more Into
novrfety on Monday by jumping out ol a train
tin was humming alone at the rate of twenty
no miles an hour Ho scored the wits out of tne P
ion on one of the West Shore trains from
fhlch ho jumped Yesterdoy query around
he holtinc places ol the Iron horse woe Did
you hear nbout Jack W The report was that
Jack had been hurt byfumptng from a moving
train His foot was Injured and be was In a
hospital near Stony Point doing welt Tble
mndo the men Very anxious The homely
looking railroad mascot Is much thought of la
rallrrad circles A despatch later In the alter at
niuin however relieved their minds It old tu
Sici llAvrnnTitAvv April 2i Jack Is at
Phony Point uninjured and will receive the
best of caio from ngint
It has cnuaod much wonder among the em
ployoos why Jack should jump He never
jumped from a moving train before and he la
now about twelve years old
Him Kew Him by lll > H r
From thr rMlaiUlia rrttt
Tontnictoi un I Ilullilor John II Ilolber ot ca
Ofrmnn own jcstonlity faced hilt wife Bridget
nlnuIunklne > OulIg woman In the desertion We
court where his bueirosit anti marital troubles even
wo 10 tliorougly aired fuitet
Mrs Ilolber told a reporter that the woman
who caused nil the tronbln was well known In
dormantown One night not long ago she
went on n Bill hunt for her husband through
lermnnfonn About 2 oclock In the morning p
huilruvr un In front of the houneoftlio woman
ft VUIH u lioiiutllul innonllnlit night and all no
nri vum jiuMid i IHI KO Indstciry rout a win
htt > IT S oimi and Mrt lilbor ought she
le ird a fanililar hound hhe rogtilzed
er hiiHbnndn snore llahtly grasping a
riding whip In her Hand she Invaded her bus
lariat Ureauis and when she left Mrlle > er
and the woman were smarting under the
cesenest Cowhiding whIchnpyppgqd iid

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