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rT " 1
,3 t (i THE SUN, FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 1890. i
: Asd Each Clly Gets a VIcfnry-Ratn Pre.
' vents Mnnr Barnes To 1'luf In Wmh.
Inftton on Sundays News nnd Note.
' Itut (aw frames, were tilnrod In tha (our biff
, enunciations reaterdttr. Tho ecores worent
V. Brooklyn, 12: New York.fl.
1'u Chicago. 10: 1'lttbnrh. 8.
t Cincinnati, 8; Cleveland, 0.
, At Dogton-naln.
i, A i KwTork.7: BrooLlyn, 8.
i. g v. Chicago. 11; Cleveland, 6.
E 2 A At Boston and Buffalo IUlo,
K "i" amfmcan AbKociATioK,
. f' Loul.vllle, 1 i Toledo. 0.
L I Columbus, 13; PL Louis. 0.
I i Atltochester-Rain.
' ; '. tiie ati-antio a.bocution.
s f TrilalnRton.fi: Newark, 2.
i ! ' . At Jersey Uitr. WacbinRton. and Ilarllord
B i , Haln.
,T b The Nnlioaat Leasae.
k I tnr. REConn.
$ ctuh mm. rf. "! I rtui. wm nn. ret.
V Cincinnati ...37 n .B71 Boston I S3 .43
ft rblladelphla J" H .llMllNew York .. 1 S3 ,4SJ
& i 1" CMcri i"i I" .fwiiruMlnnii .. la 34 sm
1' .' Brooklrn. . :S 1? .MS I'lltaburirb. . O 31 32i
IIROOKLTN IS. I.). 12! NEW YORK (N. L.). fl.
1 I MnnacerMutrlonndhlftraenroturnodrerter-
h if j dnrfromrhllHdelphla.wherether'hadlastthrea
f J t Btralcht cnmes. nnd went over tho blj: brides
ji J toshow the IlrooklynB n thine or two about
K-. - ' balltilaylnc. lteobanrtnod that tbo Brook-
,? m woio In Ilrst-cUB condition, wbllo the
.' New Vorks wero rntchea up In povornl places.
I Tho patches wero not very stnblo olther, but
' , thoy had to bo. In one ppot thore might just
'& ' an well hnvs boon no patch at all. That was in
; I left Hold.
C Tho wonther was of that kind that keops
?1 ' roople awav from ball camon. When tho Kama
'.; i ; started nbeay mist wnsfalllrjR, and the field-
.'.' j ' ers could hardly seo tho ball. The Brass was
., wot. and ovorythlnc was ncalnst Rood ball
t , I playlnc Cllnsicock's hand was cut open In
if . rhlla'lelphln, nnd ho was absent. Alan, how
f, I tho old man wax mlsd? Ills presence would
k ( hne Inspired lho mon. and uls judementcer-
:, ; tainly would hao proventod several of Brook-
i. f ' ln'run.
1 k The primary caufo of ow lork's defeat was
I ' Itus'o's pltohlnc. Of tho oloven runn Bcorod
.' " while ho was In the box tUo resulted from
V ' naas on onus, ino soconuary causa was Dad
f- t bifio runnini: and clot'Ked oyps wbllo at tho
j . lint. I.otott was fully n wild as Ituslo. hut tho
' . dllleronoe was that the Ilrooklyns waited. The
; I New Vorks did not. They hammered away at
r evfryiblnu.
J Burkett kept up bis reputation a a hitter by
' v mnklnnthreeoutof Now lork's seven hits. Tho
J. J ' othoruRieeablesnrprl-oon.NowVork's-ldewas
fa 3 ? Denny, llu in oMpntly back in bis old form.
.1 I ! Ho plajed uilb that lifo. vim, and Knap that
a, - f . tie has dl'-playod In other names thlstiennon.
it h I lUhnsuot his oyoon tho oall, too. A slncle
; ' and a throo-bnucerwas his work with tho stick
I I yesterday. In tbo Inst fhocamesho has mado
! i ' ten hitR.
'lho tame Ktnrtod off well, and at the end of
, tho third innlnu tho score was n tin. but Itusle
r let control of the ball. O'lirlon was ordered
', j to tho bench. Brown threw his arms nround
' Knterhrook and held Jilrn so hu could not mako
i a double pluy. But tbo nluy went just the
5 I same.
j.'- t In the sixth inning Buckley retired In favor
J. of aommei". and In the oventh Sharrott went
! Into tho box. In the ninth Hmith was unfortu-
't i i nate. making threo errors, but they cave New
. 'iork only ono run. O'Brien nnd Loett did
fi the best hlttlnR for Brooklrn. tho latter blos-
p . somlnc out lutely ns a liely man with tha
k; , stick. Knch team has now won four games.
SB... Tboscoiu:
V' - ."fcW YORK (f. U I BKOOSLTl (if L.).
frl r ' n. Iii r.o. a. r I ikla.ro.ii.
f Tlerntn c. f. o o o n o rnlilnn 2d b. o 1 5 s o
I hiriTLIiiIii) on l u rinkncy, .M I1..3 u 3 3 3
J i J Ilorimin 1 J I 2 nid'Hrlrn cl. I 3 l u o
CS ' ClnrLe. .l tx . O U 1 3 llllurni r f . I 1 2 o n
V 1 Kurkolkr. r 1 ) I n n, rimii, Uth . l l 8 o ')
."' i Pennj M li 3 2 :i 1 Ttrrj I f. .. 2 1 2 n 0
I Bnrkltr. c ... 0 u 3 o n-mnn. . ' l l a 4
' blirrott. I f n l 1 i 2 Ixirett. p. I 2 0 1 o
S Ruiie. p .... 0 0 12 o,Bubonir, c 110 2 1
Ji Sonnneri.0 10111
V !, , - --- - Touli 12 1137 12 7
fit- , TnU' rt 721 1J S
" 'CotllmdecUreil out
Rfi Nawork 0 20100012 e
& Brookt'n i) 114 14 10 12
i hirnsl rani Hrookl)n l Ffrn bn br rrora New
ft Tork. J llroolljn. 2 LKt nn bie Sew inrk. .V
,r hriohin 7 Mrnboseon billi (iff itiiie i,. off 8hr-
i rut i. u I oretl, I. Mruck out-ro line llnrne rnutu
' , Lorett Tlrrnin Deont, Hiirkley Itue liltl OfTRaMe
W, i Ol nD ShHirf.lt. 2 Three biue hlt-Upunr. Tun but
Kf; ' btt Jlurk-'tt. O Hrlni Lueti Mcrinrelilu-Tlernin.
? f Clarke. lincKlry Ter.y Bullion?, iluriii Moleo biees
M h Clarke, Uomuiiir Detin Miarrotl. 1'lnkney. o lirln.
p. ' Fmlth. Double pin) Klnkui'v I'nliiiis nn,l Koutz Wild
if," S piiclm-Hni .' raiara ba It Mmni'ii I. iiuahonir
!i 1 ' I. L'iniiireii I'oweri an'l Zacbarlah. Time 1 4 Ai-
fff 3 tendance Ml.
iff" cikcixiati (x ux ; citrtin(t l.). 0
X I Cinn.NiiTi. .Inne 12 rale acems nialnst nod open-
S . ' In? iU)i,nn I l,iul ullirr lull marked (he commence
P ment n( every rerUe here. Hetwern rbnweri to day the
S? rd maniKBl to te klereUuu au arllitlc coat of
T'. wbl'eaili. Theaiore
j." CIMIMIIIH.I) I CHT1L1SI. (.!.).
f- Hcrhee.idb J . J .4 I McKcan. 0 0 3 3 1
!?' fi"''2 .! ' ' " o Wacn. mb.. 0 18 0 1
rf'i I lloilldiy.c t 1 3 ii i i) Di.Ma.e r... . n n n o n
J , KelUy.lalb .1 2 1J n i (Hike I f . ...o 0 110
,71 Jtarr. 3u b o ll 2 2 li Iiov ae r. t . . II 1 0 n
i i : l-" r f . . o o u ii o'Ardnor. .'d b i o 5 3 o
S, 4 Mullane I r "110 niSmallry 3d b n o 0 .i l
J f liarr.netna c . o .1 u olzimmtr c 0 3 4 0
H I Rbluei, p. ... 2 o o .1 (i lleaun,p, D 0 0 o o
It J Total!.. ..SKI2IU l Tolall .olsTlsl
'v- I Cincinnati 3 0 0 0 3 0 2- S
r V Ueelanl ... unnoono u
EL I . R!in rned-Clnclnnatl:4 Two bale htu-McTher
P i & Tnrn lelill-lli.llnlj FacrlDn hlli-Hunt (.)
Ac i I llollidar. JUrr pKvia. Rdae" ot lialla-llarrlimlon
i i S rach. Mnal'er. Mri:en Lura-lirard. l.lUc Mruck
p.. ! I S"5mI'1' ,'"im;r ""' l"'iiM llan-neardand
Si' f "ellly Cmalley Ar tier nnd Wach. Anlner Ininier.
i. S "H'l McKeiii Will pilrli-Heauii. 1'aded ball-.lm
I C "iiicii.o(.'i. u), m, riiri,n (x. i.). n
&', f CmciCfs June 12 Anton'a meu un to-day. Tho
CHIC1C0 (III . riTTMIt kcm ( 1,)
. i Coon.v,. . . 5 ""nip-ccr. c ...." ' 5 ""e"" i" "o
S.MrolV1 f.""J 3 i " 'Ifundai.e.t. .1 1 3 (i u
Wllm.it C f .. I II 1 U (I MIHtr . . 113 3 1
Anton, i at I) a l pi u olHirrr r r. . .u i 2 2 ii
f nJr'w.r.r ' 1 3 o 0 n lleckrr ntb. o I H u u
I I l.tirna. Pd li 0 I .1 3 IHo,,t..dl. . II 2 1 u 3
'if i ' ni 2d i. i i ft i ii. kb to r ..u i j ii ii
' t liulclllll-oil, p. I 2 I ll lill'ialii. .11 b ,..(1 114 3
5 j klllrlJi:e c. J 1 3 2 u Khuililt, .. 0 1 0 4 u
m j 5 Tolall .... 1.1 14 27 Id o Tolila !3 il 27 14 "Z
. ' J '"iilcago . . .2 ii (i n 3 ft -j u ,,i
I rutaburnh 2 i' ii n I ii o u ii3
si , rrnl ruiii-l'illab ireli 3. I'hlcaio, S Two ban
B ' 8 Mil-i arm 1, ( ranr rhr c bale iilia Andreoa llerkrr.
U i J "'"a riina-MiHin ,1'arr.ill I'oul.le play Crane and
R .U'ckfr' "aerl c lili-Ullmot. Miller lleriier, i ran
K I p' left on bar-Clilfano IJ ritubliruh, 7 hlnlen
Ef B ,V"',,!,!',".,V '''""". Anlrr-a 1'arae.j ball-Mtt-
If - f ridge. H l,l pili'lirB-llulcbllii.011. 1; Schmidt, J Uniti
6 I on balla-i (,ir tarroll llmot (3) Amon (2). An
ItB, ?,r,tV(-' ''"r".l3. Mllrldife. lierifr. Decker, hunday.
C "It by puclie I ba,l-iiron Mruck out-Carroll An
)g ? ?""," "fr'ij Meeker, helly, Schmidt llme-lilS.
fi i mplre-Ljtich Aiiendance I,i47.
S '' he l'layrrn' I.ecne,
I , n""'- "'" '" '"I"'". rTon. rn. rrt.
b P""n't -, ' ! Chicairo in 2U ,4S7
fV I New York.. .. 23 in oil I'ltiBbonh ....17 21 447
l ' 3 f.K!kJr.I,tV ". yi J'15 'lflan4 ..'...la 30 .444
L i I'hlladBlpbla.. 21 :u .512 IluBalo.. ....... u 2j !a24
- nw yot (r, I.I, 7 I BBOOKLW IP. 1.1, 5.
M I T The Now York ll'. L.I team nrostlll without
B tj 'he services of Jlannuer Ewlng. nnd It will
'P I probably be n week yet before bo will be able
K I t0 resume playing. Tbo canto of his layoff Is
that a week ago, nt Brotheibood Park, while
I stooping to catch a low ball, the buckle of bis
" ' I belt "as pressod severely agnlnst his left side.
1 nd n B'"iln was tho result. The injury has
J tB8n vry painful, and it may have bean ag-
'ft f fi cravated by a slight cold. The loss of three
-, W games at l'blladelpbln are attributed to tho
K i fi absencoof Ewlng. Vohterday, at Eastern Tnrk,
' I W bowavor, tho New Urka captured the first
'fc S Ml cam0 ' n "rlel ot 'our with the Brooklyns,
f. & ffl al18 extra game next Monday Is a postponed
I- &n ono from May 1.
I H A moro disagreeable day for this season of
I M the year could hardly hae been expected. The
f M ! wna rflw and decidedly chilly, and a driz-
, 9 Hnr rain prevailed during tbo whole of the
V I ,R afternoon. HUH, tho game was satisfactorily
r ' tSs Ilaed. and one of the pleasing features was
i- i fflk that it waanulckly concluded.
f' SI t'rnne Pitched nnndmlrablo game for six in-
f t IS nines. He bad boen bit hut tour times safely.
? I. Ill and only ono man was sent to Hrst on balls.
V W Jn tho very next Inning, however, ho got Into
9 ft! heaps of trouble by making a wild throw to
f Si second, sending a man homo byn wild pitch
' B V and giving two bases on balls. There was but
) I one out at this time, and the Brooklyns started
! m off to do a little base running, but Brown, who
11 bad boon off In bli throwing, caught two
H men handsomely, Joyce ut third and
!fl Ward at second. Crane was hardly ns well
1 supported as his pitching deserved. O'llonrko
M did his share of the work In tbo most brilliant
mannor. In tho third Inning, for Instance,
Joyce was at third and nrd ut second, with
no one out. Buner un. I Orr both bit ugly bulls
" to right, but O'JIuiirko nipped tlioni. nnd In
I eacli chsk rent th b.kll home i-o swiftly nnd
i Hue that the men wore held on the bases. The
result was tiinttbelniiincolo-ed without a run.
When the Now i. irks did, tilt Van Haltren
they made the bits tell. Besides, they aooom-
fillsbed some very clever sacrifice hitting. Bill
rown woundlup bis career at the bat with a
. rattUnj thMs-baggej; w oentre, and in the
, . 'L
elchth Inning ho was compelled to retire with
split Unguis, In bae runnlne and fielding,
howover, the Brooklyns excelled. McGeeuhy's
display was grubd. The score:
K. IB r.o.i.a.1 R IB r.o 1 R
Oore. I f. ...DO I ll o Joyce, 3d b 0 u I I 3
Rlcbardion.3b 0 0 3 4 SiWard. a r 0 1 0 2 i
Connor, utb lino til Bauer, 2d b... 13430
(i Kourke r ( 3 3 5 0 iiitirr. It b . "
Johnaton, c. f 3 I 1 ll I Mi'lltarbr.c fl 1 6 0 0
Brown, c . .1 I ft 3 a Krery I . ...( 1 o ii (i
Viiutbn c ... ii o 0 o (i liayrs r f ..00300
llatnrlt.Sdb 0 113 1 Klntluw, o I 0 3 0 u
u hlttiey, a a . 1 2 3 0 1 Van Haltren. p 2 IM ll
Crane, p 0 1011
TotalB 5 7V3H) 3
Totala 7 0 27 III C
Vauitin dcclired out on font atrlka.
Brooklyn 0 I li ll n I 1 0 2-ft
ew lork. .1 o 1 I 0 3 (i 2 -7
Il&ni earned Brookl)n 3; New York, n Flnt baaa
on errora-Hrooklyn. 4 jw York. I. Led en bases
BronkDn, H. .Saw York 4. rirat baae on lana-OIT
crane s, on Van Haltren. s. Three baae bit Brown.
Iwobase bus Connor, u'Hoiirke, HatfelJ. stery,
Baurr btruek oat Johnston. Crane. kic(lrrhT. teery,
Ilaiea Kinslow, Van Haltren. Mcnflre bin u.'te,
Rlrhardson. Brown, llatnsld Joyce, heery U). Hayes
siolen bases-Jorca, Ward. Bauer. McUeachr, Seery,
Van Ilaitrea Wild pilches crane 2. Umrlres
linlibt and Jones. Time 1 43 Attendance MX
cnicicotr. u), Hi ruTBLinb (r. u). a.
Cliihmi Jnne 13. The battery ot theClarrlind
clnb (tare one of the most admirable eihlbltlons ot
"bow not to do It" today. The score
rut usn ir. .). csicioolr. u).
iliraii R.lR.r.oi.a.
Radford. 3d b.. 0 3 3 3 Puffr. r. f . .11210
Uelenaoty, ai.l 3 0 4 1 O'Kelil. I L....3 3 0 0 0
Browmnr. I. t.I 2 I " 11 Ryan. cf. . ...1 3 4 0 0
I.arkln. fstb...! I 7 o 0 comtsksy.lstbo OHIO
lebeau.8db .33331 rrifftr.kdb O I 7 4 I
TwitobBlLr.f..i 0 2 0 0 Latham. 3db 3 3 0 3 0
McAirer, cf 0 10 0 11 KarreU e 3 14 3 1
Sutclirra, c ...0 3 4 3 8 Royle a. a I 0 0 8 1
O'Brien, p..,, 1 2 0 1 li Denton, p. o 1 o 1 0
Baldwin, p, . o 1 1 3 0
Total 6 12 24 13 7
Tola's II 11 27 IB 3
nareland. 9 110 0 0 10 0-8
Chicago 3 O 4 3 1 11 1 1 -11
Karned rnna-riereland. 3; Cblcaro. 1. Two-base hits
I.arkln, sulcllfle, Baldwin Sacrifice hlia-Radford,
Twltohell. Sulcime. O'Neill, rfedar. Molen bases-Rad-ford.
Tebeao, kloAlaer Comlskey, rfefler, Latham (21.
Bases on balls By O'Brien s. byBarston.1; br Bald
win. 7. Struck outBy O'Brien. 2. by Baldwin. I. lilt
bv pitcher Boyle, Latham. Double plara Delehanty,
Radford and Larkln; Boyle rfeffar and Comlikar.
wild rllehfB-O'Brlsn. a Tlme-liin Umplres-rergu-son
and HolberL Attendant a estimated at ftoj.
rlba Aanerlcnn Aaaoclaitlofc
nM. iron, oil r"ce. civbt iron, ort ret.
Athletlo 2S 13 .A67 Toledo. 17 31 .448
Rocbeatsr, ...2t Irt .010 Columbus. ..,18 23 ,4oa
LoulsTllie ....33 17 .Ml Syracuse n 31 jn3
EL LouU 21 20 .612 Brooklyn 13 23 .an
COLCXBHS, 13; ST. locis. 6.
Rr. Lnns, June 12. The Browna wera badly beaten by
Columbus to day. The scorei
kKrixii, iUr,DJ.i
Fuller, a. I 0 0 3 3 M Taman'y.c.f 3 3 0 0 0
McCarthy, r f.l 1 o 0 oSneed.r.f 4 0210
Roeman. Islb 1 0 10 0 I Johnson. 1. f ..3 4 10 1)
Untie. 0 f. ...1 2 3 o 0 Relllr. 3db... 10 13 0
Muuyan. c 0 1 fl 1 0 o Connor, e ...1 2 8 10
llerr Jd b . 1 2 2 1 I Crooks. 2d b.. 10 4 4 0
dltilnter. I. C 12 10 1 Lebane. Istb 0 18 10
Paris, .id b 0 1 o 3 3 bsierJar. a. s 0 0 3 3 1
Cliamb'lin, p..o 10 3 0 Easton. p 0 0 0 4 1
Total !ril024li's Totals 13027172
M Louie n 11 0 0 1 n 1 3 1- n
Columbus... . .30343020. -1J
Twubaie hlta McCarthy. C.Htlnirer. aloTamaner.
Double play I aterday. Crooks, an I Lehana Baseaon
halla By Chamberlain, ft: by Kaston. 3 Sirnrk out
Ill Chamberlain 4. br Kaaton. 4 Paased balla Mnu
Jan. 2 Wild pltcbea chamberlain. 4. Baaea stolen
Vuller U UuOee Sneel. Johuson. Atteiiilanco 2.4.
Time 2ilft Umpire Karnuin. ,d
TxrMriLir. June u Loulsritle and Toledo played
one ot the best Karnes errr aerii on tlie home grounds
to-day Neither ride scored until tha tenth Inning,
when llambure led orr with n acratch hit A pused
hall put him un second and Tomney b abort bit orer sec
on 1 iia.a brought him home, winning the game by a
sioreofltoo. Theacore:
Louisville ooooooono 11
Toieto ooooooooo n o
llatterlea stratton and Ryan: nealyand Welch. Hits
I.oularlllB. (i, Toledo . Lrrora LonlBTllIe, 3. Toledo,
5 Stolen bases ". andyke. Schlebeck (21. stratton.
Double plays Mcholann and Werden, 2 otrnck out
By Mrattou. 6. llenly. 4 Paiaed balls By Welch, 3.
wild I'ltoh-Healy, 1. Time 1:13. I'mplre-Emille.
Attendance. 813.
The Atlantic Asaoelatloa.
nnor. rron. IxtL ret nuht ycon. Lail ret
New Uaren ...2 II .G04 Jersey City.. ..IS 18 .ftoi
Baltimore 34 IJ .607 Washington ...18 la .49S
Worcester If 12 u Hartford ....11 23 .324
Newark .21 17 .SMUVilmlnfton.... 7 31 .184
W1LMISI3T0S, 8, KKW1RK. 2.
Wiim1!ictoi. Jnne 12 The Wilmington team eaally
defeated Newark to-day. Theacore:
R.la.ro.1.1' a. 1 b. r.o. 1. -k
Ray. 2d b.... 2 12 3 1 Johnson. 1 f...o lion
Cougan. r. f.. .112 0 1 (lllhert. 3d b.. 0 11 3 7 0
Lynch. 1st b ..() 1 in j ol McDermoit, Jb.1 0 0 3 0
Carl, cf ...0000 llFlema. Istb... 1 2 u 0 0
Calilgan. 1 f. .0 1 no 1 Iblldl c O 0 2 0 3
Newell. Jd b .. o 0 4 3 o1 Dooms r. I ....o 1 2 o ti
SullUan. a. a. 0 112 0 MahPellc t...O 1 3 u 0
Corcoran, c... .2 3 8 11 smith, a a.... u 0 3 3 1
Anderson. p...l 1021 Mace, p 0 u 1 1 2
Totals 6 8 27 13 Tota'a 3 "i27 U "ft
Wumlncton -. 3 10 0 0 3 10 0
Newark o 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 02
I arned runs Wilmington. 3i Newark, I. Home run
Fields. Three base hit fulllran Two base hit
Corcoran Bases on halla dllberi. McDermott (J).
Smith rttrnok out coogan 121. Lynch (2). Carl, sndrr
aon Stolen bases Ray. Coogan, L'arL Field Left on
bates Wilmington n. Newnrk. 11 rnesed ball Chllda.
Hltbypitohed ba.l-6ulllian. Coogan bacrltlco hit
Lynch. Time 1 44 Umpire Mahoniy.
Ulnor l.eaiaxuea.
IT Lieiaoii.
Lebanon 0 0 0 3 0 3
ork 0000 1-1
Raiterles-Matthews and MrCafTrey. Hallona and
Thomas Hlte Lebanon, ft; lork, 3 Errors Lebanon.
4 , 1 ork, 3.
At Manineld-MansllBld, 3; Springfield, 3.
At Canton Rain.
At Wheeling Wheeling. : Akron. 3.
At McKaasport Mcheesport, 13; Youngstown. A.
At KranaTille F.ran-'llle 8: Qnlncy, I.
At Indianapolis Indianapolis, , Burllnton, 3 (eleven
At lerre llante Rain.
Tbc Attcndanca Testerday.
""' isamt. Bnlherhixta.
Brooklyn. 0.11 itn
Cleveland &.
Cincinnati ,n
khli.aga 1,047 ".'.'.
Tolala .3.2.10 Tooo
It rained in oua Leagne and two Brotherhood cities.
fSarnes To-day.
Hirio-iit inr.i-a.
Brooklyn va New York, at Waahlnglon Park,
lloaion va rhlladelpbla, at lltelon.
1 hlcago is. I lttburgh at Chicago.
Cli.cnjnatlta L.aieland. at I IliclnnatL
rLArans' 1 k.i.lic
Brooklyn tb New York at Kaatern Park.
B"tuii va I'hlla lelphla. at Boalon
Clei eland t. (hlcag.i at Clei eland.
Buffalo vs. Pittsburgh, at Buffalo
1MKKICA1 laMiilATios.
Brooklrn va. Athletic, at Phi adelphla
Rnchrsier ts hyraruae. at Ituchriler
Luuiswlle tb Tuledo, ot Loulsillle.
1TL1TIC associiTloa.
Jeraey City tb Hartford, at Oakland Park.
Newark is Viashlngton. at Nenark.
Wilmington 11 llalllinore, at Wlmlngton.
New Uaren is Worceater, at New llavea.
Hunday nail Playing: In TVaablaa-ton.
Wishiiotot, Junel2.Ntxt Sunday the Washington
and Wilmington bare ball leaina will Inaogurate Son
day ball plaj Ing In the national capltaL Atlantic Park
wIllbeusBd. I'rouilueni legal advl-en hue assured
KAr ep ih. c ' " """ u",or,,
nao IJall Note.
Fair I'lay. Became we were right
Will Pitchers Larkln 1 of tho Cables. Melons of the
ffbi m' ? ""' B"r' """ ,b,lr -u--,r"
The Jersey city Club will probably cancel next Sun
day a game wlih the Worcester Club, and play at New
ark Instead.
Manager Kennedy of the Brooklyn A. A. Clnb has
signed Jack NeUon. and will play him at short and Hsu
nady at third base.
The htalen Island Athletics open their championship
laespn at West New Brighton, Siaten lalaod, on atllr
day in a gam with tha Orescent Athletics.
v.7,h,.n,,?loU B" B11 9Bb o( Windham. In the Call
tills, boa been reorganized for the aeason. and will play
gamea with the aereral mountain resort teams.
The gamea scheduled for to-dar, to morrow, and Rat
V.i?y:, hlween tha Brooklyn Atsoclath.n team and tha
Athletics, have been tranaterre.1 to Phlladelfbia.
Canton hai the two lallest men acting aa a battery In
this country lhelr eombmed length Is about thirteen
fact, koung Is the plicber and Kellogg the catcher
Tha Hartford Cluh officially released Third Baseman
Bay and Pitcher Kaien yeeierday. Wiukleman wai
suspended and L)itun, Utely of the New llareu flub,
Tha Braoklyn Athletics hare all of August opened to
good city or out of town uniformed teams giving a
suitable guaranlee. the Slandarda of Harlem preferred?
Address Oeorge Marshall, .W4 sklllmaa street,Vro"klyit
Manager York of th Albania has ralsaaed Lurh.
pltchar, and Blrnen, left fielder, and signed Pal ; JlS
ffl"V:i"J?""T-0W '""''. and II Murphy,
cs i?i?J nYltL t" Club, who wm play igfiK;
r.Hu!!fiu1,.AT.?.l.0.I,l,, r,P?" t Teler Browning on
.nyiVa.yV.iVJcJa,:;,.''"" ,0 Jo Io "WWS
A aeml-professlonal Itigueli about to ha organized to
be composed of the Laureate team of Troy. I'ldgelleldaof
' f,ln-,v11"- 0"l, " '"gburgh. Cohoei, an5 Ilooslok
ti,Jjiil"",i,.Pr,!lcf.")n WJ" rUr na deciding gima of
S lVXb"' -"". Brotherhood Park. 147th strait
and Klghlh arenue, to morrow. Tha hattmg order win
be ai follows. Yale-Stagg p , Calhoun 21 B Bs,ff
istb., IialeHot.. McUorg a V Pooli c CuVunS1
r f 1 Mcuilntock. t , Ovti,,. 3, U rtlScVloo-iiu
reU.2dh. FaynM f.i Watia, 8db, Knick.rbSTk
"Browne1"111 BroUw'c' Mlllla.rtYouu"-
llnne Ilnll, Kaalrrn Park, -i P. M.
Brooklyn ts. New York (riayers' Leaguej; New York a
battery, keefe and Emng.-Agr
Baas Ball, Waihlaatea Park, To.alay.
Ofrlor nerlln.
Th ieenn enacted during tha early hoars ef Jnne 3
on the deck of tha North German Lloyd Company were
reproduced yesterday at noon on a smatlar scale on tha
pier ot the Hamburg-American Packal Company In Ho
boten. The last organized and repreientatlre body of
American shootsrs left there yesterday aboard tha
steamship Wle and for Hamburg, and the relatives and
friends of lh deputing marksmen asssmbled In forra
to wish the ahooiers bou vo age and good luck.
Ihi'shooterawera iih reweacepstoiiee.il membersor
theln.terendentr-chuetren Corps. capL J J lnehl, Ilia
rorp having chnrlered tin. Vtie.and tor tha occaaion.
lha outii'lers who put themselves nnder the protecting
wingoftbia prominent Ne ork orgnnlzail.in came
from San rranrl'ro, M. Liula. BrIJgeport, tonn.. I rov.
denre.lt I, and Jersey 1 lly.
There waa no allempt made to have the leave taking
emphasized by the niual pomp and clrcumstancea or a
parade Tna memlara drove quickly up ll a dik In
euad and nent aboard accompanied by their fnen.la
The only two eicepilons 10 the rule were all tha mora
Burning The Colombia Kcheutren Cnrpof Brooklyn
wllh the Stars and Sirlpea gayly fluttering In Jhe breere
and preceded by a brass band, escorlsd Its nrst Lieu
tenant, Mr. (iel.h Krauss. from Mlliamsbnrgh to llo
boken Ihe Miller nine club of llobokeii alo occom
panled Its repraientailveelPavId Mlllemio't prominent
among ihemi to the dock, and gala the boj s a rousing
Bend od
tub tmanowR fifn CLra.
The rlith monthly shoot of the Unknown Hun Club
occurred 011 Louis .Miller's ihooilng groun.li on the
Brooklyn-Jamaica road yeiterday afternoon. The
Seven blrda each roan- Hyde. Ift Tarda, n Brown, 25
Tarda, 7i Oroome. 2n j arils. 7. Boj.a 2:1 yarda fl. II
Knebel,Sr.,2SarilB. 4, Heetlen 21 jards, 4. King 22
rarda 4; Bohllnr. vft yarda. 4 Van Biadea 33iar;;a 7,
Monaeea, 2tfyar.lB.ft II. hiiebeh Jr., l jards ft Haas,
assarda. 3, 1lubbell.3S)arda 3 W. tllllman. 13 yarda.
7i ilopklna. 2J yards 3, Mmmerlng, 31 ards, 4, rfohl
mann, 2ft jarda, 7 ., , .
Shoot-oil otthe tie-Brown, 2; Vroome It Olllman,o;
rtohlmane, li Van Madln,.1.
Hyde an.l Boj le divided second money Ties for third
prize-H. Knebel Jr. 2. Ring, 4s I Mongers, ft.
H.nii.i. Hint. :ti belle It. Knebrl Jr..Sl D.Mon
stea 3 Hopkins 1. I fohlmann, .1. Ilubbrlt, ft (llllman,
l.llaj,3;ll Knebel. nr.. a llubbell on Brat mouer.
Tfohlmann secon 1, and (llllman third.
The Manhattan nun Club of tbla city held Its regular
shoot at I eldmann'a yueens County DrITing Park. L I.
baoh man fhol at 7 live birds, under Manhattan (lun
Club rules, with the following results uennerlch, 7;
Bayer. 81 Lambrecht, h. Llehlanberger, 5.
At a subsequent eweepetakea. 111 live birds each man.
for a US atakr. Llchtrnberger won drat money on 11
Bayer aecond money on 8. Lambrecht and Llchtenberr
er killed 7 eacli
TUB KMriRr Rim rLua.
ThefolloKlngacorss were made by the membere of
Ihe Empire lllile Club yea, enlay on the 100 foot ranee
at the 12 ring, 1 Inch, lull's eye target, at 12 Hk Mark
flnt Contest W. Rraenbaum, lilt C. 7ett!er, Jr.
100. J. nrlmiik 102, J Zetller, 1021 W Miller, lul; W.
Halsenholder. vn. A stahl Jr. km J Peters 72.
becud Conteat W Rosenhaum 103; J. Orlmm. 101;
W. Miller, 100, W. Malsenholder, t'S, u. Zettler, Jr, PI;
B Smith, HI,
Lvoia, June 12 This, the third day of tha Plata
sportsmen' shooting meeting has sren contests car
rlcd on In petting rain from earli morning until late to
night. It has bean n downpour The grounds are a waste
of puddles an.l trampled grass The aurlace has bran
tu ned Into a mill 1y pa.te by the tramping to an.l fro
r f tue conten'llng men Lacls and all ahot through the
day in astv e which e en the reint drlitge had no ertect
on. To morrow 111 s-e Ihe eirnta which are more In
tr i eating to shooting men than any which hale preced
ed them Inthe inanimate list of contemMO) la to be
sho. lor In seven claxsts of four prizes eiscb In tha
alternonn conies ihe grral event ofthe )aar. the con
test for the D. an Richmond cup
The Twenty lecond Regiment. N. O F. N. Y. of New
York cltv continued tho rltle practice at Creedmoor
jeeierday. Col Camp was in command The day waa
rl'indv, with a ten mile hree blowing acroia the
rangea Ono man qualitled as at arpshooter.
The Wcntworth Aftenclutlnn Oamis,
The Wenlworth Asaocntlon held Its annual plcnlo
and gamea at Cypres III! a 3 eaterday With one accord
amateurs and professionals competed together, regard
less of the edicts cf the Amiteur Athletic Union.
A scratch 100-yord dash waa won by John Temple,
with Peter Barrett second and John Robinson third
Time, liaBfcondi. Kli e dollar', $J. and St rewarded
them respectively.
Twelve men appeared for the quarter mite amateur
hurdle race. Johu Robinson, who had already won
money in ihe first race, won. with C. Dugan. Northsldo
A C second, and hdnard O'Reilly third Time 1 mils
ute 41J second. Prizes, three pieces of silverware
Hair.ralle Old Mn'a Race, for those over ftuytara of
age Won by Vsllllain Brady, with John Roberts secovd
and Peter thertlun third. Time 3 mlnutea 11 14 ee'
onda. Ihe winner lstli eara of age lie remarked aa
he finished the race: "Did er ate me lae IhlmUuliera
In tucstretchr '
220-)Hr.tflFat Men's Scratch Race, for those 2.10 pounds
orovir Won by James lielatiey. with (liven Morrow
second, and John Gleaaon third lime. 3714; aeconda
kjuartrmlle Ulrla (.kipping Rope Race thamlUap)
rourteen conteatanti appeared for this Kveine Bra ly,
a daughter of the old clinp who won the old men's race,
gained the prlre, a pair of gold bracelets Jennto
Morrow (scratch) wa-lftecond. and Lilly DasiaC. jard.)
third. Tlgoroiis kick in regard to the hauduaps was
the feature of the etcnt.
One mile Walk (handicap) Won by Chauncer Cross.
.Etna Athletic club lojardi) with.! K aiokMllr.
Atlantic A. C. (33 inrdsl, seioi d, and Philip RMworden
(eiardsi third. Time, 1 minutes I IH secon is
Whielbarrow Race Half a miie. Won by John
Rally, wltn Arthur ilooawln Bacond and John Fred
erlcka third The uauil nilitiapa kept tho spectatoraln
a good humor during this eient
1 hree legued Race One qtmrter mile ("cratch .. Won
by John Biauleltand Arthur Duffy, with John Rlordan
and Peter Clancy second and Edward Bold and John
Bold third
Pole Vault (scratch) The way thla erent ws con
ducted would hale mads Zach l oojer Alex. Jordan or
lllign Baxter weep. Not baling an uprights two
boughBof trvea opposite wadi otlier, were utl.lzed. tho
Joles consisted ot the self same branches. The wIMier.
ohn lto.l waa heurtlly cheered aa ha kicked,
anrawled and pulled Ms manly form over a height
about ft feet 7 Inches. C. Dnrgan waa aecond anil hd
wardo'llrllly tbi-d The winner Informed the specta
tors that he waa an old pole 1 aulier
Totato Race (scratch), no potaloee. each 10 yards apart
Won by Peter Barton, wllh James Larelle second and
John Robinson third.
Hitch and Mrk-tt on by Teter Henry at a height estl
mate 1 at 7 feet u Inches Johu K. Mandevllle waa seo
ond and 1' Rldworden third- It took the best part of
the artrrnoon to neclde tl la.
Running High Jump Won by John Carroll at 1 feet;
John Boblnarin aecond and Ardrew (ioodwfn third
C. Max won the running hop. skip and lumik J. Car
roll getting aecond and John Biaoieit third
Pulling the Moue H on bv Patrick ()'Keefe,wlthreler
Barton aecond and Arthur Durty third
Tug or War-The Bachelors defeatedthe Benedicts by
2 inches after a pull 111 w nhh all hands look park
hgg and Ladle Race John .Martin carried Ina hen
fruit around the track twice without droj ping Ik an.l
won. Peter Barton waa soioud ant uacar Baldwin
Obstacle Race Won by John Brown with C Ma
BBCiin.l and J. Carroll third All the other seventeen
competitors In thla race fell by the waist le.
Running Long Jump v on by Peter Carroll, with Rob
ert L Bronaon aecaud and (1 Mux third The winner
iumped about II feel nnd got jr.
Sack Rl ce Won bl John Loudon, with John Martin
second an.l Oscar I'aldirln th rd The winner fell
down near the ilnt-h, 1 ut manag-d to rn 1 in and win
Uuncln.- followed the games. Three prizes war
The Acorn 'Want 10 Mmtte the Trouble,
The Acorn Athletic Club la anxloua to aeenre a set
tlement of the difficulty with the National Cross Coun
try Association, brought about by the action of the
club in obtaining an Injunction against the association
to prevent the rerunning of the Junior championship
race, which Ihe Acorn Club claimed 10 have on Be
fore the N C. C A. ofllctals dlscoverad lbs mistake In
scoring which rendered tha race Invalid the rlx gold
tnrdale wore fclven to the members of the Acorn team
Tl e men have refused 10 surrender the medals, an I In
consequence, the) have teen appended from further
competition At the meeting or the A. A I' Board,
held on Tuesday, the action of the Croia Country Ao
elation waa auatalned. and Ihe fa.-t that the delinquent
men ure now debarred from competition In tbelrown
club games on Baturday. In hlch four of them are en
tered, has caueed n inoie to be taken toward a aettle
ment. Mr V. Ill H oo.l of the N Y A C has been agreed
upon br both parties as an arbitrator, and a meeting
was to be held ) ester Jay or a. k, VUlllanis and ll. Cum
ing, the two Presidents.
The grounds of settlement will probably be thai the
Acorn klubwlll withdraw llaault against the N ( (' A ,
and that the association will rcron the Junior chain
Jlons up In the fall, open only to those who competed In
tha original race Tho aeoclatlon will then remove the
'Uaprniii n of ihe men who reiurn lhelr medals, to that
tne can compete lu tlirir club'a games A prominent
ofhrliil of the Aroni Club said yesterday that J. Nolan.
S.S.1 . ""a', kiioiiiocnwera wining to return lha
medals at once, hut that M II Bailey paid he would
K5HV bo circumstance return the medal which ho
holds lha other two men. Vf. J Rodgera and M. K.
ill .: .. "o'lheen consuliad on the proposed settle
ment, but.it is probable that they will return the medals.
Tabernacle A. A. nf.Ieraey City.
TI1I1 association la now well organized and In a proe
peroi'i condition for a club that has been In existence
for such a brief time It Is doing remarkably w ell. her
Ing already a large and growing membership. It re
ceived a great lift in the presentation of a gymnasium
rV.aiXrart'w.b,r..Vr Wtacoti of Orange. N J. The
I!,i ,? ii.m' wMch ' Attached to the church and situ-
fSSnsr,.'!!?1, t now. b""' Cl0,e'1 for tho summer
Shi iAi, '',."!. 'Plendld gymnasium will be set up,
purpoie ' '" '""' w,u JP'"1 "" 'M'
iki'.,!.n7i,l,"!e ciot" r r,D,r backward during
t,.5kM,2ui5,rii.0,nV'' by "' a-ioclation. having strong
,;?,V!?,b1i'loU.',on.,",,", '"' wl11 0 ereolel (ma
L?omb..Pni!,ri?J 'l1",'" or ,h cl"h Is a strong hsnd.
IS"..1?.1;! '."irVfr-'J b.'" ?'"' wnlrb "" already defeat.
ed several strong Iocs cubs. The next regular meet
Ing of the association will be held on Tue.da)" June I .
The Middle Nlutea Tcnnla Tournament.
RocHBsria. June 12.-ilaln again seriously Interfered
with the Middle States lawn tennis tournament to-day,
and II does not look now aa If lha various contest!
could be decided before next Monday or Tuesday Tha
real wor of the tournament began this morning.
Wright, who is considered the crack player at iba prea
t?'S'SKa'i'il naVihabeiiKoil
fc ,'.. Jr "A 5,lr,!', ',1''ea In excellent fornk
SSl """VBrmatched. He won aeveral IHely rallies
The other gamea played resuliedi W J Curtis beat
Nolau.ll-1, H-o, H.T Curtis beat Kellogg 0-1, 4-8,
6-2, Macomber beat Wheeler 1-7. H-f, 8-3, Bow.
5oi('u'n"0nUh.d. " 8'!l tb" b"1 Ed,on'
The N. "T. Tcnnla Tournament.
lha final mateb for aecond prist In men'i ilnglM la
the New York Tennis Club'a tournament waa decided
on Widneaday The score- C R. Runyon belt R. V.
Beach. 12-14. 8-4. 6-2. Flnal-J. T, liobart beat a. IL
Runyon. 2-0, e-e, a-e, 9-7, u-a. " !
Preaenlailon to n Trainer.
PiiiarBioii, June 12,-The class of "no of Trlnreton
ciilege haa preseuted In James Robinson, tha popular
atlileiic 'ralnir a magnircent large silver waier
pitcher, plaie. and cup. all highly engraied I
Nr ni.i-aiiiK June u -Edward ll ( bickering, the
wil known rollege and Y M ihn Han Association
fL..a'k,,.l",.' khamplon high kicker of Huigera. bis
lCwr.a.!,"V&',, W Inches, will spend his vacation
K,J5iBl11"1' ?a T"' reprasent ihe V M. c A. Club In
KngiUh games In which he will participate. TheN J.
I... J A'Jf l,a 5lnl JOtxi thalerganiaaUon, 104 of.
,Iv.,?irfcr ,b. of nil irlplf hawerlTwteiUn
itaailcili.rcluta, u. BuiBtuisdUman.
srais in r r a irlsaseMtawiMaiBiarainirnBlaTallBWBBttBl
gmt ggtnte nt urtiott. Igtnt tgjrtwle nt giurtton.
Greenwood Lake, N. Y..
Tho groat dvoloDmont ofthi3 region is attracting wido attention,
its nearness to Now York, its high olevation, the opportunity offered to
possess Lakeside lots (which aro so scarce in vicinity of New York) insuro
a bright future for Greenwood Lake Villago and adjoining property. Club
houso docks, stores, church, six hotels. Ono hundred housos aro there
now. Extensive improvements under way in now hotels, new roads, new
residences. All receipts from sales of lots will bo expended upon im
provoments, thus enhancing value of property.
Sale will bein on Saturday, Juno 21, at I o'clock. Tho morning
tram (9:15 A. M. on that day gives time for examination of property be
fore salo begins. Refroshmont tents on grounds.
.TIIR BrEriAL TRAtW ON 8ATURDAV AFTERNOOV, JUNE 1 tri t, nirp Timor term rxvernit to
234 st Chutun At BttarnlDj. Imto ut-i. Kitr train .r7 fl4tnrdr
4 .2" 4j 5,ia Rurnliii Leicb Lake 7.10 r. M.
The Actors' Amntrtir Athlrtlc AiBOclittloa
Oiimei Veslterdny.
Tb "PI re AV oihrwii he Actor' Amatcar AthUtlo
Aiioelatlon or Amarlca, hld their second annual field
meeting at tbe Manhattan A. O ground yeiterdajr
afternoon before a email crowd A great attendance
had been expeated, Thursday btlng an "off" dar In the
profceton, but the threatening weather pro Ted an ob
stacle to the euccees of the gamea, not more than 2M
Therpiani attending The rnzea were Tery Tatuable,
being contributed br lndlrldoale and flrme connected
with theatrlcaK a diamond badge being tbe reward
for the successful man lti the .VO) ard run fur mem
bere of the association Wettknown figures stalked
about the green and made a pretence ot helping In
running oft the games, but President Carr, Sain Cornell,
Lon Mer, and W F. Boitwick of the Manhattan A. C.
did the real work In getting oS the eents on time.
Dlkbr Hell, looking charming In a white Etiiukh Suit
hat, and lie olf llnpiir, with an abstracted air. as If
contoctiuif gugs" about the meeting, acted ae Judges,
a ml other well hiiunn stars aitiong the siiectatore were
Tony l.iBtor Varsbriil V Wilder. H. K Carroll. J. IUr
ton Key, Miiuey ib-fniuest, Walter Colljer Tom Rick
et e Will MnnUevllle, W if Mnyth, Jack tanfuid. and
tlmrles W Thomas Among thf few ladles pntetit
were Mrs Do ot llnpir and mijeftlc Isibeile l'r
quhardt. who both pretended to be awfully interested.
but went home long before tbe eventa were finished.
i-rom an athletic standpoint the games were fairly
Interesting, the contests limited to members of the "Htd
a a ' aroutlng gr1 at eutbuMa.m among the members nr
the Drofeetion Ihe athletic memberehtp of tbe club
seem limited to four athletes, these being Henry T
( hanfrau, John .M. oung Joseph JL Ott. and v .S.
Hart The Utter won the mile walk opau to all ama
teurs, rather easily, and aprears to have got the best of
the handicippar he is an old time wnlker. hating
competed for tlie Emnlsh nnd American championships
long a (to and having a record cloie to seren mtuutes. lie
had thlrt) seconds allotment, ani althuutfti .Mcoii, th
.Mnnbattan s crude. Ma ked a good mile, l.e t'ould nerer
come near lUrt, Hhoie at)le has Improved somewhat
Mnce the time be started for hurope to show English
athletes how to walk, oung lealiu an olu-tlme athlete,
having won the 'cherry dlumuiid" emuiem many
yt-ur affi In the open mile run it -h arth) showed true
i hampiunshlp form, winning easily from the hjard
mark in -t .r a ll uenrge. acratch man dropping out
at halt ttie dlotance. Tne quarter mile mat. ti letwsen
Chaiitraii ittnl oung wascood ?.7 seconds betiif pretty
fetir time for a man nut of harness tor years
The si ents open tu the actors only were 'decided with
the following teut
rlft-vtrd Han Itcap Run Won by John M. Young
(scratch) tti ? 1 ' sec ioda Henr F haufrau .scratch;
sec-ird Mtid .la j Ott furatch) third.
Bntfle yard hnt Mens Race Won hy Eugene
O'Konrke iu li'ssecou'ls with John Ince a bad second.
This wm a laualiabie conteat u Kourke le about six
ftei tall, built i.eatm In proprtlon. while Inceli two
feet shorter, but make up in breadth. He was very
friak at the s.arting point, and his attempts to steal on
Harr I'lka rcnulsrd the crowd. He had a short,
choppy atrlde, aud the boi.nclng ruaas of fat coming up
tbe stretch w as a wuiiderf til Might
f in.-Uin lrdard cralch itun Won by Henry T.
Cli infraii In 1 1 j ' eecouds John M. Young sreond, and
Jnaepli k. tut third
Two hundred an l-twntr yard Handicap Run Won
by Henry t t tiautrnu In .5 seconds, Joe. a. Ott secoud,
and John M. loung third.
One-hundred ai.d twentj-yard Hurdle Race (over 2-
foot Hindi hurd -s Hon b Jr s A. Ott In IN i 5 sea-
oml with John M Youtigeccond
Throwing the base ilaii Won by Joseph A Ott, with
8u2 let Mncl e. rrank Lawtn. second, with -lfifeet
7inehea inlK J Currier, third I'h iU-' feet 11 inchea
four huiidred and-forty.vard Kuti Wnu by John M.
Young in .'.7 l seconds Iltnry T Chanfrau, second
The event i- optn to all amateurs resulted as follows;
tme.hunaruil ) ard Handicap Run final neat a dad
heat between M. Remlneton. Mainhattao a. f ( rdn
andC. 11 t arbonall .New Jersey A c (7 yards), in l l 5
aeconds Jamrs .Neumann. Munhattan A C mm ard),
third Remington won therun-oii m "'$ seconds neat
Ing I Is opponent right at tbe tape Tbe winner is Iow
togeilnio bis running but exhibits a wonderful burst
oi ieM In the la.t twenty yanls.
One mite Hand'cap W nlK Won bv W R Hart, Fhe
As A. C ISO seconds). In 7 mlnmes M 4 "i seconds v U
Mcoll, Manhattan A. i'. (. eecoudD uiutsetond and r.
It Keatlntr. New lork city (("seconds) third .Nieolls
time for the mile wasti mlnulets'iT -'5 seonda
lour hundred and-torty arl Handicap Jiun Final
heatwonDyW. i Duwnes New ork A t in 'i i-.i
seconds Y J Ulxon, Manhattan A i. t.'H yards), sec
ond; H. la. Blauvelt, Y M. C A, ('i ards), third
one-mile liaudicao Run Won by W. , McCarthy.
Manhattan A. c tiovards) In minutes 2 ser..nds.
Wm o'Krefr. New York cHyt'Snjard second, and U.
T. oung. Manhattan A. O (4yards) thlM
One-hundred and teenty-jard llHndlcap Hordle Race
WonhrK c Puffer, ew Jersj A V (4ards bthind
ecratth), in It seconds, tl. chwejrier NtwUrk A C.
(ll yarda behlud scratchX was second, and 7. a
Tooper. Manhattan A. C VIM .-.rde behind (.rratch),
thl d tchwegler waa penalized a jard fur false
HunninRHIgh.Inmp Handicap Won Yy V, C Honper.
Brrkeley A r, (scratch), with s reet 5 Inches .lames A.
Hart (at Inches) and - A Cooler ManliaKan A (
(scratch tied for second place at 'fret '.' inches arid a
feet A inches rtspectlvelr. Hart winning the tos
Two-mile Handicap Blcyle Koe Wt-n br (' M lur
Phi Kings Count U heelmen Cu ards) In .' minutes
fi4 3-ii si conils F O Hrnwn hewJfjraeyA C. (Ttijnri'.s),
second, and W F Murphy, Kinge county Wbieltmu
(btratcb), third.
Nine members of the Wissnhlcken Wbeelmrn rode 102
miUa in '- hours last wet k
Thenet regular meeting of the Falrmount Lady
Cjrlers wilt bo held on July 7.
Lieut Mead of the Brooklyn Rlcycle Clnb has called
a club run to Millwolla for bundaj.
All wheelmen intending to participate In the annual
centur) run will meet at the Continental Hotel, Newark,
tbis evening.
In the Bower? Nothing like It ever seen before Im
mense crowtlathroiis; the tornerof iiouer) anil Hester
at trlD(rlo enter the lame store of tin. londonand
l.lrerimol I'lothinr t'omiianx- Thia old reliable houae
are having a rlearlna out sale or lhelr line bprliie; anI
huininer t lutiilng-, Hals, and ruriitshttia: unods, and It
the crowds of eftaer hurera continue to come ihey w HI
heentirely .old out Bonn. The nods ai. all nsw, rnada
for thia aeaion out of lite het Imported and American
rnatertal,andare hb good at i-nr clothing sold lu tw
tork The L, and 1. ha,i more cooda on hand than
they want to carry thai ii the only reason for th.
Treat saenflc. lh. hargalns otTered ar.astoundlnir.
Hoys' Illue Klannel hallor Snlla. c. ilojs' Halted
Huns 4 to 14 Teara, f 1 u, redui e t from f4 lto)a Long
l'aius Sulta, north tA el H Mi-n'a llm Hpring nulla. In
Sacks and rrocka. made of Imported corkscrews,
aeraea, flannels, and alUwool rasslluerea. over ItU
slylea reduced from i: and fl" at KJHO per suit
.The finest Spring Kulta and urercoata for M. Fine
Mackinaw Straw Data 40r , worth tl. Hlack Derby
Ilats, latest shapes and al)lea. 5c. aohl all orer fir
61 X). Ktne Kngllsh llunslahle Hlraw Mala at "o . rrg
ular Drlce f l.fiii hmiim.r rnata. We . worth SI. Ml.
Black Alpaca Coats. SI .Vf. Menebhlrls and Urawera,
2.c worth We. Normal hhirta and Drawers 34o.,
north 73c, rrnrh Brfli'rls:gan bhirts and Urawera,
43c, 3 colors, wtrlh (1. Tennis and noting Shlrta.lh.
largest slock In ihe cur, fancy atrip. a. 4o., worth Mo. i
auk stripes. 9'c. sold allnier for 1 -m All-ellk (intlna;
Khlrta, $.'., regular pilce H :u rongee allk Teck and
Kourlnhand Nrcktiea. inc t worth ooo. Mlk Umbra!
laa. wllh aisrling atlrrr handle", Sl.urt; worth H.'O.
Hilk end buipandsra. ic , regular price 7ac Nothing
but th. i ery test goods In the world at Issa than Mic on
the dollar London a Liverpool nothing i"o , M and h
liowery, corner Hester at. Store open till 0 o clock
.l-3,i"n zmmi
cut rnioKi in noiiw rou isbo.
fill strip Split Bamboo Fly or Bait Rods. 3 Joint, with
eilra tip. lu foot, J.' 7: Heavy t-alt Water btllped Bass
or Weal-fish node. foot, t- 1 All Iwincewood ntrlped
BaiaRoda wllh extra tip tine quality IIW Ash and
Laicewood filrlped Has. Rnda. hollow butt, extra tils
0"a Large arfeiy of Hood Hsela. sue, 4'"-. 75c and
fl.ial each. Kend 'Jc stamp for Illustrated fishing
Tackl. Catalogu. for iwi (Open evenlnga)
J. F. MAltHTKllH,
M Court su, near City Hall.
Brooklyn. N. Y.
cportumnn'ji (5oo&fS.
rOUNTBV," by II. . Blorum )t.. champion of
America, the only book ver published that at all me.ta
the demand ot lha nlaver of th. game of Tennla as it Is
r'layed to da), htsiuluublf and interestlogistlits book,
t will he found Indispensable to the plaers, both .
perta aud amateurs. Illustrated wltn service, and
stroke, portraits In balf tone of famous plar.ra of
America, and aiente of noted gamea at Oewnort. El.
ajant cloth binding, fl, paper, boo., at ufALDI.NOS', atl
DKPIRABLK Ilnl'flF.S. unfurnished and fornlihsd.
In all parts of th. city.
FOLHiifl BfloTIIKKH rJ4 Broadway, aaar lh st
cPtrrilitifl ?lo4fX It'nntrrt.
WrwNTHnt'BF8 furnished and iinturnl-hel from
II.. Battery to liar em
() IE .N 'I' A- t O.. 44 W est .3d el
Lorr TO LBT-aoxIM, with powari vary light ts
and. T Jtnaaila m tows e Calen, N. J, Addrasa
i, W, WOalli,
Kings County Real Estate
fana been aceompllahrd. Tha XIrooblyn,
Bath andWe.t End and I'nlvar'a nallroada
iJBTei made tlia connection with the Itrook.
lyn Vnlon Elevated at Firth avesaa and
Thirty. alxlh atrcet, and ore now rnaBlan
reatulns- trsilna,
West Brooklyn,
la .plendldly altuatcd at tbe drat station
on Ciilrcr'a nnd llpooklrn, ISnth and West
End Ilullroad. nt West Itrooklyn. Time 3
minutes to Itrooklyn Klrviited on encli, nnd
on Ilrooklyn Klevnted tollrldcr, SO sslnutes.
ndolnlnsc Hrooklyn City Line, tnk.es place
Tuesday. June 17. on tbe premises. Itead
auction ndTertlaement nnd cssll lor maps and
free passes. .JEtC F, .JOHNSON. .lit., offices
OO Liberty at.. New York, and UU3 Fulton
St.. klrooklyn.
Rft Qflintt orjSalf ity.
tween at. B and rlier. all Iraproiementa, all rent
ed, price fJU,tl, ulao oilier desirable bouieaon Av B.
Aprl 10 L i J BHAMJT. ia4 Kaitrt.ldat
3?mt Cjstafc for &t Qnv icr,6ta7
ABFOINVISr. Sl'BCUB now l better than one that
beii.u some years ago We know how u da It bet
ter now.
w fc. T4.YI.0R. Ilackrnsack. sends description and
railroad ticket Better go see It June Jl.
ef or .Sate or Ho rt groohlytt.
zfimZtfy g? tS bj n p
Onlj ft ham..'::, of rnt receipts IshII many a nrson
has tftKiiou fur j fan of toil B it eyer so hambl.
there a no r,cr ilKo .VOt'K OW.NMiome." F3 Oilown
tUT J,i") dstacliPd cottajis. $15 jier month pays for
It oilier from f tht npwari. choice rsstricfl loca
tion u, iitarb.jth elevated routes h. t LINTtiN.
md McMrn. cor. Atlantic r.. Hrooklyn.
g latjet anil gpnrtmrntjif Ea arm
RENTS FROM $7.50 TO $ll
To. threfc four and five room apartments, with Im
provements, also stores. In the new block, loth ar.,
toih and ii7lh sla. Inquire at the olllce of
JOHN JtCl'K. l.O.IU loth ar
Ilelneen OOth and Ol'th st.
Rents from $15 to $23.
'I be l-lsvt orth Apitrttneat Houses.
IOTII AV.. iSU A NI ".111 NTH,
4, A. and H rooms all new Improvements; eieam heat;
electric llcht am) hoi water; convenient to cars and el.
vated station, can be sen eveninsaaiid handaja.
E. L. hTmUKIt, SOU West gild at,
A- I'Ol'TEIt Ji IlltO. A
Pth av and KM sl 12 Broadway.
Mil, ,'iln rat .'.Ulh at. .1and4rooma. Fn, fin and til 60
116and 117 Weat"th el, :i and 4rooma... IU lo moo
t,H48nthaT, 0 rooms , flMo 17 ()
I.P7I bthav. Broom. 1400
awBaal lllth St., 4romna 12 (Hi
200 East I nth st.. stor. only coon
1,731 'Jd av., U rooms ldtO
east corner .ittt av. and Hth st. now complete for
Inspection, ten lartre light rooms, bath, butler's pantry,
passenier elevator rent will commence fiept 1; posse,
slon any time only a few left
APAItTMKNTK in new bnlldlnj to select families
only latest modern Imprut rmenta, and extra well
bulli Hand 4 rooms, l.' to (17. .41 to 45J VTesMPth
bi. Janitor J C0HB1T1 Co., aJd at, Bth av.
ELFHA.NTLY IlF.rORATKft alnrle and double flats In
the new bulldl.B-s 207 ana .in Last r)7thst sli
very lame rooms nnd bath, ail ilehi, rent low Apply
Janitor, on premises, or II Luo iiuiist'll. I,47 8d aV;
EXTRA wide elcht room flats, all lltht, handsomely
nnlibtdt each room conneoted with privet, ball:
One block, 182 he.ttmh at.. W7 W tof.li; lanltor.
UIIAS, R. UKBUl)rt,BI4 3daT.
EI.EOA.NT 4 ROOM FLATS, steam heated, decorated,
Ac., near L nation. rentafH to til, rent free to
Jnlyl Iti7 and ITO West luath at
EI.EaANTr-l.ATR, 7 rooma. with bath; all lmprna
nienls, lighted rooms, plent) water : price. 121 Kw.
IBS Last M7th st.
riHTS-Ltrht and pleasant; terms mnderat.; d.co.
X' rat.d mirrors, poriterra. and laca curtains
JAMTtiR, yia West 3M st
XLATS.$J5lo.ia; In perfect order Janitor, 67 Wett
'lllh ft OWNER, 154 Alb. av.
Hl-njn.s- AND WEKTIOTn RTH.-Kleiantapartincnti
of 3 and 4 rooms, all litibt, in new Hats. '""""
PARK aV Sfl i near ftld st -Second and third flooTI
.'rooms balh.ac'ol order, low rent
R1NT HIFI: TO Jl'LY l.-F.leeailt 4 room flallt
Irani heatsd, decorated. Ac . near L station; rente
jh to f j. 11m and iuib est lomh at ""on' "n"
0 j M BT 317. 3I. 3.'1 tVKST -Decorated flats, four
I. roomaath, Improvements) rents VJ1 to aUi.
oWtH i-T. 3M EAST. 8erondand fifth flata" of six
"l llibt rooms; house Jn good order; moderate rent
QOI-Knf'YST.Tnear BleeekenRleeant n.wflatsT.
S larce lltht rooms. aU Improvements: SIH to f Jtt.
QOTII l-T. S WKbT.-llandsome " tlatT four 'lliht
O. ropma and bath all Improvemenu, moderate
renia Iminlr. of Janitor '
0.7 llfht rooms and bathroom, richly decorated. 1.
led lenaula tJM. ' '
aO111,,' '' WF.ST-Eent tlat. steam h.aiadt
? all imprnveraants; user Broadway, Hi to ..
'2Ii B''Ti'',E8T-,,!Terlo,,l0 Kmi Rlv.r.-rioors
JJ. 7 and 8 room all Improvement., first class ord.r:
2o upward.
.!' ST ."lis EAHT.-Flata. roomsTnd bath, all
UU Improv.m.nls, nrti class order: owner on
fJO. ,1,T,1""54rFAST.-A"i1rit claa.""in, roora fl.T
"''.xlitial Improvements in private house eleiaui
ii.iithbnrhnnl, r.nt uioderai.. Apply lo onar on
premises M
1 IOTII t-T. K4ST -Irani, house in rooms elflin
riftjThi'rdlt"""""' f" "rfor,'" -rH-HI Last
AA 1 S.VLZ MD. BTTfoiirtirfloor-rive llthTrooBia"
ft'al mtOj only three families In hens." muUt
ftlQ -T,1,j,BB ROOK B and bathroom, hoi water sup.
ltat testate jfit $nt Countru. gtmt (&mtt ot gnlt gountnj. fj
Free, Free, Free, Free.
SATURDAY, June 14.
Free Tickets to Enter Rockland Lake Park!
Free Ride to Grounds and Surrounding Country I
Free Band Concert! Free Sports and Games ! j
A CIIANTR to ItTJT a 8SOO IIOTJKC T.OT for 875 1 SIO down, 85 per Month O as.r
cent, DINCOVKT lor CAHII. EVKIll'IttHlY thnt ever thousht of cettlnac sa home, thla i
TWO more CEI.I.AItH la thla week. TWO moro IIOITHKS started to.dar. And 8TII.I. '
the IIOOM noes on. KVERVIIODT INVITKIl to come and HrOCTjrtE a HOME or thja ,
& I
Attenf ion ! Attention I
Express trnln leaves font of .Tar at. OiaO and 43d at. OiSlt A. M. Local trains leara
foot or Jurat, lOandli 48d at,, lOilfi and I life. hC.VUAY Eipreaa trail leaves Jar
at. 0t4O 42d st. OtSk. Fare. ICound Trip, from our offlce only Oc Tleketa br mail,
postiiice stumps enodi secure earlyi number limited. Persona wishing to visit CONGER"
Huaduy may do so. OKANIt HAC'UEII CONCEItTS Riven HUN II AY la tbe GROVE
CAtrsINO at 11 A, M. anil a V. SI. by l'rol. Vossi Fine baud choice procramnae. A
CHANCE FOIE AM, loiltivllie property, see what haa been ACl'OMl'LIHUED, ut
livers the address. ROCKLAND LAKi: PARK and CASINO opened to the PUBLIC
for the Orat time. APPROPRIATE ADItKEsrJ on the RECEPTION and ENTER.
TAINSIENT of the public at this briiiitirul resort. ASIONO the ATTRACTIONS of 4
tbe dny to PLEAriURE-HEEK EKH, LOT-OWNERS, and P DRCIIASEItS will he tha
following: list of" O AMES, Sl'ORTS. and PRIZESi t
lOiOO A. M.-Old Annt Sally. PRIZE 52.
IliBO A. Sf. lOO.ynrd loot nice by Prof. .John Brown and W. A. Hmltb. PRIZE BA. '
1S4. P. SI.-DEACON SMITH and PROF. WILSON will bars their lauchabla tela.
eatlnsx match. 85 purse.
1 P. SI, Lausbuble doushnut contest, prize fun. lilS P. ST. Sack raoei 83 to Urate
89 to second.
lino P. SI. An Interesllnc lecture or how to obtain a home or your own, by .1. B,
'Williams. '
140 P. SL A fat man's race, prize 811. 4K P. SI.-Men'a oae.mtle race, prize 85.
S P. M.-Puttlnc bull, open to men, prize 82. tills p. SI. A hurdle race for aaea.
prize 88.
8 P. Sf. A three-lescared race for men, prize 83,
Ul4S P. SI. TiiB.of.War for men, prize 83.
4 P. SI. Wheelbarrow race for roea, prize 88.
4 il P. SI Bicycle race, prize 811.
4 ISO P. M. Rout race, prize 811.
Fisherman's PrIze.-IIouse lot to person eatchlne the larsxeat fish. FIVE-DOLLAK
EOlri piece to tbe one calclilnsr tbe amnllest.
LAROE PAVILION, nnd a DANCINO PROGRAMME will be carried out from 1
TICKET COUPONS FROSI OUR OFFICE- The above programme arranged ao alt
l.OOO lot owners u chance to see Ihe IMPROVEMENTS of the PROPERTY and enjoy
is day AT OUR EXPENSE. IN ADDITION to the above we will sell, commenda at 1
o'clock, lOO Iota on the beuutliul new luke section for 8135 a let, 8X5 cash, balance 85
u months H5 lota for S10U-8S0 cash. Instance 85 n month, and lots In sectloa H, Q15 4,0 1
lota now near tbe station at 875 u lot. .Jl'sT THINK OF IT-S5 DOWN and 10 CENTS '
n dny lor FIVE MONTHS will PI'IHIIAsr. you n nEAUTIFUL LOT.
5UO PER CENT. PROFIT Is now brine offered lor LOTS In SECTION B, where i
houses or the latest Sboppell's plans are brlnsc erected. We will furnish FOUNDATION I
STONE FREE to people wlshlnic to hiillil, also LOTS rllEE. NO CHARGE for DEED fi
or SURVEY. We will rurnlsh yon TWO.TII I R DS tu TU ll Ei;. FOURTHS the SfONKT
necessary to RUILII nnd make TERMS lo sl'I'I'. Houses now erected only 8S.50O aad
less, 850O dotvn. FREE PASS for one jear over the EST SHOItE, COMMUTATION
tickets at our OFFICE, 80O A YEAR, to those bulldlneon any property at CONOEBB.
AmonR other attractive feature the Company v 111 send off n FOUR-POUND SJIT.
tunate flsder Is eutltled to this lot und deed, free und cleur, title Eliarastced, ond It Is aa
choice a lot as any we have,
Up town Ofllee, I3S Tars. av. Open Evenlnsjs.
hendfiunrterunt J50 nrnndwar. New Ynrlt.
I J worould i?ei you In throonce vou would
want a bulldine eito at 1 airruount.
Fairmonnt Is a beautiful New Jersey town fln line of
New Jersey anil New lork Railroad fourteen inllea
from New Tork lleeon a rlrtre, ,es beautiful ciltaireB
nnelp abadetl an'l rurlel atreeta, sllawkUs flatTLed':
aeivera, v. aler. and electric lights betnif fnlroUuccit
Lots3Jxluto ISO. from ennui jui apiece.
Fnlnnomit Luml Company,
able plare to
locate your
bosnef Then Invesllnute Ihe merits or
Lots 25x100 or More.
Prices Low, Terms Easy, Titles Guaranteed ;
all blKhly developed, curelully restricted,
and nee from olsectlonulle features! de.
crlptlve maps and tlehels seal. Address
E. H. RATH, 1 1 JOHN ST,. N. Y.
&M Crtiitr iox$tit.
CCwi?h'. K I 7$ 3:Blory 7 rooma frm hotiML ,
- wHIl onit Or two luU. ChtftD Jlnnir tn "-", f
JVILPKKRVj; CQ-rop'.'fi-.l , . p. , Wt
S8.000 yiLU UU.V 'QUf.il horn. In tha' (
Adareaa Box l.'i, Homerv111 N J. J
cfor nTc o7:tt-Contra. .
A o'nh.,,A.Eieb'AI,".?"li'r',u'l,h4 hou" "
,ir. '" b" .' th. lliidaon. 4u minutes from lh.
5".' walk"froU.n',.V.0nV',.'.nl;,,!!lnfc " "'"'ni nil0!
lawn 7.nSir-in.,.u,lon' JlIlIart rooms, bowiini all.js,
liafidaim.. r,,.AJrS IT? nn 'Id.ne.. at Irvtnrton.
'hKojy.,aa.? wmm r"a"u s
A ?.&!' .In ? "OoS'iIOLSB on Hn.ton road, b.:
rfi.h-deI!,n.rc,'?,."nt nd maronei-k WBirrae. 1
ia,nriiVp5")ri.Ur,',.,rr"1""" Hbe for larli
iVly,r,lor'1,n"",,ou,-lI'"a- lease rent reasonablei
Wt.medl.lo po.e.s.on C. n. SIIKI-AKI). 1 yt3 Broad'
y. ,,
AT.t,,l!V.,;'",T",' T,""?.10""- s"fa"rborout'i Rlrwdals C
.!? i . 1 '.'''""' ". ""'I1""1 eleiMllt resHrnoe. foi fl
sal. nn I lu let, low prlcrn. h. hUHKIiMIV mi W. 42J at. V
Ci'l'JiWs" )IW'"K "0M,!S "'' "''MTorki tl
eies,,?.'. !,',,1,i,.'c',"0,S' ru' w'- beautiful eoenerr' II
plctiires.iio ilrli.i Mount hiscn. Weatcririter counlvt V
une hour from i. rand Cemril Depot b, llarlem Hall. ffl
IVLSZSlti07 KW-W00U CAkfEXrifcK,"p?opir
i,!'.,SSA,'ErT"rm- aoreV.-price fl.3nt); tprinc Ll
. ,,,ri" Rood lion., wood and .to Vor terms Tic. Os
countr.V V. K''H "" "I1'1"' ''V"eaUn
II W NliMIOI.aTjirB-fcRTTiTII RT -Klejant roun- V
lt.J- 7 '"' "' "ollU f"r. lam. house fl ii. ll
mfl n i ' '.VV't"'- J"""' M "" -"" llastlnae,
1.11'." ' 'r,n",".f"i'"". our aerra. aiable $(. asaaoni iffi
finll),?t!ui ou""co"t " ,un"a' ' mll gl
ll'ili i!TT"'c;.f'aTafors7aBon"orTeari io WA
"iwr Ar,oi:irii; 1
r l Slate or W ashlnicton. '
i,?!., n,'f' '!''". nd suburban propartv, lavssV
iueuts In inlii.raL ro.i, and timber lanjs. address
hhVilH l.h V, I'l Angelas. Weshlnrton.
rl'"2,'"'7r'"-,ruE.nl,,e' cu'a. of seven rooms and four
I tlie l.ouse liaab.en nenly piiln-ed, arid Is Inrnnd
r. n.r .ujlio ,i j.'entv iifmi a er ai.l is co.1.
.VS'Vffi ;,,V, " '', I' ' " torn now
Ull be,H lif.irfliii one liliu.lr l dolais Addr.st .' 1
Mrs JOHN hkaIIV I'aicliuriie, U tji.1
. gnttyw. 'H
PIiI5WnT,n,tanPr0nr4pratrUyiletta. W
Aa.4i4llrUlantaWulJuUt J

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