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The toul itlei of itocki were 17S.BS4 tharet.
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aiu Amor, rotton oil etft... so'j 3..;; aos aoff
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316 American Callle Trim. Ift'i IS', l.S 1S.'
m Lb. A AIL lleneneliry.. I3W 14 l'J'4 11
3'jOIIUI. b. B A All pi. 232 23t 23 23
ll2hbl.L..Ark. T A A P. 14W I4) ), ll!
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f-JXluht U. A AT. 2d. I ...47 47 47 47
lltii'intorfU PaelHo 3d 78'f 7BW 7 7S
lui on I'loe Line cifi 8a biJJ BbX BJii
losro.H riomxa qcotatioi
mi. ah'.i ma. jHtd.
Toi. AAlbiny.. .)!( New Enr.Til... &4
BoiAMaiuo. 2UJ BoilonU.r .. SV '?
I ll lv -.0 Weithnd Land. 3ii sol,
ientr.il Mm .. li), in Boa. A Mont.... eau 1171,
Flienourif. . . t'J Butio A B01.... 23J a"H
h l.i.Vr.tlll. 119 Calumet A lleo. .117
Hrx. lent. 4fc.. .11 7( K Fanta r M. 00. 87K IX)
U.a ' olunv 174 - A., T. A 8. K. 41, BS
An.. Bill Tel.... :37 218 A. T. A B. Y. la. &1H
lriiTe.epiione 44K 4
, riiiLAcririiu nostira qcotatioks.
'M A1J. Bit. Jrt"t.
rh.AB.rn.in 41. BSJ, i.i LeMith Valler.. s;K 6J'
I Ml. A lllilpf. 74 7S LClN.l'o . . A2l2 ftaL,
1 1 11 A K. :A pr. iiJ S7V,,reuiiirlanla.. SM sH
Hill A 11. JUpf 4-iU 4. '4 1
iAri"T lnroll ovnTiTinxi.
AtlnnlloAflt. W. lit . 4,l'(iI.ou t Nanhllllo 0114
Allunllc A UL W 2d.. J K. Y. Celilr.il 113
Canadlin Taclllc 81', vorlheru l4i-inopt ... Bl',,
lentral faclllo .... Norfo k .1 WeiL pf..,, IW
trln Cnmmoi 31, rerinilvanU ... ss
1 rie .'d coitAnU . . .. Iu74 Bea.lln? . ... a.!1
llllnolirentrtl 131 -bt I'ain I'oinnion ... 7751
kinmi A Texl T. R lib Inlon raillic ... 6i :
Laklblior, . . I U! i IVapatU pt . . . . sj
TnunsruY, Juno 12.
To-dny'a ntock mnrkot was tha untlthonln
of jostorJnT's. It oponod wouk unJur (lie In
fluent of n lower mnrket in London, a comll.
tlon which was brought about by the mihiioii. I
cionof o fairly Inrce dealer In stocks nt Unit
nentre. Oregon und Transcontinental wus
sold In suoh au effective war that a laree num
ber of stop orders, which had boon placed in
the stock.wrre uncovered. The dncline did not
stimulate activity ; on the contrary, Intensified
the dulnetS. llefore noon the professional
element began to realize that tun market hnd
been crowdod as far as it could bo, honco it
undertook to recover somo of the stocks it has
sold the last few days. The aftornoon market
was etron and more anlmatod. Indications
were not wanting of an appreciation of the
possibility that the waiting character of the
I market Is agreeable tb those who nro nego.
tlatlns Important deals nlToctinir railroad
The most Important of these, bO far ns facts
about It am obtainable, centres In the ohunge
in the owucrhlpf the lialtlmore and Ohio
nook that hus been owned by the city nf Unltl
more and the Johns Hopkins UnUersIty, In
consequence) of that transfer It now looks as It
the Illohmond Terminal sjstom would obtain
a connection with New York that It has long
coeted. and as If the t raffle relations betwoen
the lialtlmore and Ohio and Reading compa
nies would be strengthened by a community
oflnterobtn. The results will be denlrablo all
around, and not Urn leiiBt of thorn will be the
financial rehabitilatlon of the llaltlruoro and
Ohio systini upon a substantial basis. The
railroad situation generally seems to be con
stantly improving. West-bound rates ovor the
Trunk lines are firmly held, und the only weak
spot in east-bound ratfs Is on dressed beef
trsfflc To-day's advices (rum Chicago speak
encournglnglyof the prosent attempt to lie
prove the tato situation went of that contre.
Tho conUctlons regarding Richmond Ter
minal noted abote wore reflected In the deal
ings In tho common stock of that company
which wcro the largest recorded. The stock
also scored the only Important net advance.
Oregon and Tranccontlnental recovered from
the early depression and nt tho advance tho
prlco was woll maintained. The only other
btockt that wnro nt nil actively dealt In woro
At.'hlsnn. M. Paul common, and Buenr Refill
eric, "lock. Tho buying of the last namod was
descilboil by tho sieclallsts in it as unusually
good. The closing was strong at about tha
best prices.
Tlnal sales compare with thoso of yesterday
as follows
Junell. Jun'M . .Timell. JvinelS.
AtclL. T AK.K. 47 471, Northweteom.llJJA 1 1 2V
AtlautlcA I'io. 7W 7H Nor. r. com.... 37; ( 3U
Canadian Pc . 2. ca, INor. Tac pf. BlJ, B4.,
Cin.Bouthirn.. td'i goy . Y. nt 110 110
V C..I.ABL . '!' 7H IN Y. a n Knit. 4JJ 49
rh. Bur, A Q ..lu4, Iti.J, N J Central .12141 126,,
Chic A K. Ill 411 4"Lj tlniarloA HeiL aoK 20t
ronioi tla . . liuv li'J ,i)reon AT. C. 49-, 41",
CAO.dpf.. 4jJ 44 IfacllleHalL.... 44, 44
ilileKo(lii .. SJ :3, Pull. I'll. Car .. 2"S.,
Pel. LAW 14.1 140 iBoeklllan.1 . OI't, H4W
Pen AIL ii . Ibl; ih inch. aw. P. a.ilj 24'J
P. ii A lid. pf '.4'J S4 Beadlnif. .... 4ai 47Vi
l.rle .. 27J 27, BL I'alll com... "IJ 77
lllmoii central. 1I7 IIT ,bL Paul pf.. ..IJi'K Jaejij
KalitaiATex I7L! 17.LJ U P A Man ...Il3)i IISJ
Iou. ANalh ... BlJ tl Tex. Pao 23 23
Ukthlinrt.. ..II2! lim T ll I A IL . 6I ftlW
L i: AW pf .. iHi'f ifl'J Pnlon I'aoiac... t!, e-'H
Laclede (li .. 2J 24 WabAPcom I IS njj
Mlianurl Pao... 74 7-.i Wnb. A P pf .. 2 aj j
llr irnl 2i 20 I VWlt Cn Tel... BSW BftU
Norlo'kA WeiL : JH W ,tLF, . . 44 :'
Norr. A W pf C4 ll it W. A I. K. pt 7!i '7i
Ooornment bond steady nttinehnnged otto
tntioi.B Itnllw.ty bonds iitilot. but llrra. Tho
lealuro, won N. Y., bleiigo and St I.onls 4s.
lflcl.tnond and Terminal a, Chesapeako and
Ohloci'iiMol Tis, Atehl6on, Toxas I'ltclfle and
nbali Issues. Tho mnro Important net ad
auco wero In Atchison Income, ' r cent., to
CH: Choenpenko nnd Ohio conjol 5s. H. to
I01W: I.culsvllle. ht. I.onls and Texas Istsh.
to !9S: Northern I'aclllo lktso, Jj. to U8H;
N. Y Chicago and ht. Louis 4s. l', bMKi
ltlclimond und Tormina! S. Vi.toTSSi.and Wa
bash It. R. lets, ', V cont.. to 1U2I.
Hllvor bullion cortlflcato, for 270.000 ounces
sold atllUWlO.'). liiir sllvur in London steady
at 4Sd. ounce.
Slotiey on call 3 V cont. Time money.
4'i cent, for Oil to 90 days, and 5 cent, lor
six to boion monlhs on nnpn vod Mock -ehiiugo
cnlintprnl. Commercial paper quiet.
Thp bost double-name paper Is auoted at 5K
(36 cent., und prlmo.blngle name at G7
Btorllng pxchnnee firm. Tostod asking rates
nio Ii.m. for long bills nnd J4.81S for de
mand. Actual rates nro tiiieliniiiiod. fL8V
14.8.1'. for fiii-diiy bills. !.87V4;4.8S for sight
in aft, and $1.8M'I4.S8'4 forcablo transforp.
To-ilny's oft"ors to sell I'nltod State, bonds to
tno Gowrnment ncgrogated $92,150. of which
Jis.lon woiolBiit 122 and t54,UuO weru 4'iHut
HIS. All woro accepted.
Treasury bnlnncos romparo with thoss of
yesturduy as lolluws:
Juix II. June 12.
flol.l fl9l.;4bll..rJ1 lll.96;,778
Lesal tender! lo.47y.J7 io,.My.ii7
Total! ,r.'OI,B44,76i) ail,t3J,aBJ
Pllrer balance. Sl'xsmaw, agalnlt flS.SM.a8J yeiter
rtj Pepoklli In national banka, t3rt,olu,MU, analnit
(art,3r7 I ,a y rterdar
Money In London, 23 cent Discount In
tho i. pen market lor both bhort and tlneo
months' bills. 'Jta'Aa'. cent. Amount of bul
lion withdrawn fiomtho Rank of Unglanil on
bnlniico to-day. 25u,0Hi). Rullion in tho bank
Inoroased 170 UOO during the past week. Tho
proportion of the bank's rusono in liability,
which last weok was 12.07 cont, Is now 41.80
cent, l'arls advices nuote :l cents, nt 92 fr.
r"), iinil oxchango on Loudon at 23 fr. 17 Sc.
The weokly statement of the Rank of Franco
Allows n decroaso or 750,000 fr. gold and 1,073,
O.io fr. Bllvar.
The sales of mining stocks at the New York
Consolidated Stock and l'utroloum Exchanjro
to-day woro ub follows:
iMtts. .Va iw. mxnini. lllqhttt. Lovjt. I7lne.
.00 Alice 2 ss 3 no J. a DO
aiHlUelle lute . KO "J 7S 73
BOOBruniwict Con .. 1 00 IM loi 1 03
lKWComitx Tun I'D.. H is 18 18
HxiDenlwood Terra. 14-1 1 40 1 i 1 40
100 Eureka Cou 4 IO 4 (ll 4 Ul 4(0
lOOHeelan.l ... S3 5 S5 S5
BOfllrnn llver 2 O"! 3 00 2 iJ 2 CO
SOOPho-nlX of Arlt. 1 45 1 45 1 4 I 45
lOOil bir.rmont ..7 7 7 7
loo ban BebantHn .. 2 25 25 25
Sill butter i rees . 1 4o 1 4'l 1 4o 1 4n
UOMuiJlM. . .. U 13 13 13
7 Le total transaction warn aH-VOiharea.
rw "York AfnrketK.
TnlB'PAT June l..-1'loiliAin Miii-Thf market ll
dull hiijerian.l ivl'tri "re ( oinlderahiy apart, there
u to daj hu")'ier. lather In, prei.i..re to tell good
line' oc freh sround Hiock
c,.tti" riituref I a.l unother "hlffli old time" on the
Cotton Excharge to ilay. Hie belri hi.l thebeitof IL
but ttie i.iiIU made tht-m earn their laureli At timet
the l-tiiri uer. olllubing for the cotton they had sold, in
ter) much the o'dbtyle Aloer Llrcrpool tauiedan
earl' u '(.line, b it on) Inir to ci Ttr caused a quick rally.
m lii.'h carried pricei iipijaickl to the but ruurei of
ll e day 11, en the bear' t'.k i freih Innlm and prirei
wer.. ,o'd down nnd down, until alout l.alr pjll J.
wnen Aug. it went at 11.7:c.a fall of i'l poiuti from
the reieul t"P ngiires while Jutr told more than a cent
a pound loer In the ian iia.f there wai a recover of
.ia7 i Int.. and tbi. dole m.l tleadv Cotton on ttie
ij.ot wail lie lower mi Idling unlunda, 133 16c. do.
(juirs, 125te The rollonllig are the detalll oftranlac
tioni lu faiures
SIhMTu Cluing jirlc't. Iffrt'lL tovrsu Faltj.
June 1 1 02a 1 1 1'4 11 00 1193 SUi
July Iii'.ail.94 12(13 11x5 24,900
Allguit . .11 7 I'll Ml lil'l 1173 UI.MIO
heplember Illirt(fll07 11.15 1 1.OJ 1.4'0
intober lo.rtl4l'iJ 1UH7 10 tk) (,uo
Nolember 10 Tk !0 -1 10.S4 104S aBliO
December iasii..5t 1053 1044 4. boo
January io.r,3 iu 54 iom wa 11. ion
February M SVaI'i to IOSS I03i boo
Tolalialei 133 21'lbalee.
1 ranirerabte notice, u,ued at 1 1 95c.
Tito rlti i in fat i iron icf makei the Increaiinf acreage
I. lantcd for the next crop i i7 per cent, making the
otal area ao.n-V.' 32 i acrct, whicli. If they jleld aa wtli
nl lhe dIJ In IBB.' will gla a total crop of B,7,0( 0
balei. tut the condlliom are no belter, if quite ai good
a., lm ear and. therelore, not more tha'i 7,.Aj.i,iau
bale, can be exprcted from the preient pomion
ri.orisioss Lird future) were again Inactive; talel
1 SUitcA. atil ne for July and a i igo.'Uc. for AuguiL
Afler Change ttie close was Headier aiillbc for Ju.y.
tv.llc for Auguit, it 42c for beptember.f ,47c forOctober.
andS4c. for December. Spot lard fairly active and
Heady ialeno.1 tcr. ctyatS6.c, and l 5ootci prime
ttentern. part to arrive at b.l2t,c. refined forth
( ontlnent iuled at rt.o..'s 4So I ork in belter demand,
lalen 400 bMt. at t IJ,,50I4 ror mei. Cut mtati Head
lrr, with a moderate demand, talet I.imjo pkkled
ihoulderattSc. l.Miiplckleil ham at !'kc, and koij
Pi pl.'klel belliti luell Tr b average, at I,Kc Prene.l
liog unchatig'il ot 4 i:Mi,'S a l.u'., and plgi sx,c Tal
lo" llrtn. out ouleL at 4pl. Oleomargarine (1 mer, and
aiti'Hiira lollatt'c. Butter andohetie In good dvinaud
l.KHt ettadirr.
UaAis t l.eat futurel wero doing rather better, crop
account wire again uniatiafnctorr. and the large ex
port Ittn lug eterda ihowed that there li an outlet
( at a price,' but the pec ulallon wai much leit active,
lain 3.234 uio buih. ai iu4Ho. for July nauB.io.
for Auguit. 93(otj4o. for Septeuther, and 94H'-(WHir.
for Pecember alio for Slav, BJ1, li,'e,1-'kc. Spot
vlieat wai leei active, but there wai a moderate ex.
port demandi No. 3 red winter In elevator quoud at
1.4:1410. la'.ei 310UO buih for ihlpmrnt. part No 3
red winter at biic Indian corn f uturei to. k a illghtly
rtr'ingt r turn on report! of cold eather at the Vt en. but
the speculation wai without spirit or activity, itlti ,iio,
KUhuib at41tr4iiHc forJiiiy.42Ho torAuguit,and4.i
IH 'Uc. for be timber. Spot corn told freely hlppera
look UO. 00 1 bu,h. and Iherewut a fair local trade j la'ia
were mainly No 2 mixed by canal at 4IS'4I)c afoat
and for early arrival but No. a wntte at 440 to arrive.
Hall weri about Heady on the idol but the dlitant on
tixni cheiptr and more active: ealei 670,Ojihuiheli In
eluding optiont No 3 mixed at aaHIJHc for Jul e,
.i-.tio for July, 31M(33c lor Auguit, and JoWfellc. for
beptember, and on the spot mixed at .13 U 3 35 it; c, and
white at :ci:iw in quality aim .No. awhile at
34ttft!4&C lu elevator and 34Vl4Uc. for July,
There itii a moderate export demand. No 2 white,
"iltrped loin at 37c alloat. Afler ( limige Vl lieat
rteiid). No. 2 red winter fbr June tile July. 4c , Au
guiL fuiic... September. i'3 (c . lucember, i'"o . May,
, 1 OB, Corn eieud) No 3 mixed for June, 40i,c,
July 4IC AllguL 43V btpiembtT ll'iiO Ooll
iteadv No. 2 mixed for Jtne, 3.5o . July, J3to ; Au
glilL31)io , hepeniber 3'J4c
llHO. lilv-lo(lee oil the pot rontluuri dull Bio
quoted nominally at 174.17Tc. for No 7 Mi'd grndu
were acme at Heady 10 Arm I'rice,, nalel Include J50
mate Interior 1'ad.ing ixThorhe.'k l.. at 23ic. 1035
bundles Hocha at .'3i.'3l4C . I '.Mbagl washed! aracal,
ex Pliiiniletplilat .''' Ill' vr' slbo, 2ll lug- bavu.
lllll'i a'.d J ai bag! I enlriii Amir.ca on i. 1 Illo op
Hon-were fnlrli acilve opening lover und.y an In
rre.tieinlhe slock of ooflee in illo of ojlsli bai, im
I run -.1 receipt- at Uio 1 baut . SO" al.d I,.ai bag
reiiect vely in u er lu Hie day when the later ca
h ex iron Havre wi re leciivvd. shoeing an ad vm nee of
Vi'tii'rne nut on 10 or cvenng ty iloiria. the de
cilne w.j.rcove-ed 1 1, slug with the near by dillverlet
g.ner.iliv nnclini gel. while the distant onei were un
chin. el to 1.1 pnlnii higher l.xchatigeln lilu advanced
n l,d. bales ..'.roo baA cosing ittady, with tillcrt
at the 10 toning prloes
Jim,, it.'i . Keptimbir,18 70c Pecimbtr..I5.t5o.
July 17 05c October IB 20c. January. ..IS.0.KJ.
August luiejo Novimber..l'i.oScMari.h .1650.
II iw sugars In bettir deniind at a alight dicllnt In val
urn, at 4 1.. 1110 tor rair ruining mutcovado and Soldo,
for Miindard centrlfugalii Hill S.K0O btgi ctntrif
iigAla, ih test at&i'lbc l.ivsi toni muicovado. 87
test at 41,e anil 4,io bag! I'ernambuco. B.i test, on
P, 1 iteilnel iii.'arA ert in moderate demand and
stei d at one for griniilMe.i. 7 I la for pow.ltred,
1 if f..r eui.ei 1 H" tor rrushid. e 13 lite for monld
A ' ip f..r candy ' A,' bte. for confollontr,
A '!., !4i for hlit extra "C, 'and wdnaiuo.
lorjelnwe Molasses wai dull, and boiling gradea. If
imythitiff wire a etiada easier at 190 bid hlid It'lijn.
n.edl'.r 11 lot; New Orliani contlomi Heady. Kloi
In sieady demand and firm. .... - , ,
MiTALt-Mraiti tin wi. dull and depreuid. cltilng
we ik at 21 uio. for spot and 2l,S5o for Septembers
lalei'iitotiiat 21 boo. for ipot, andal 8".o. forfleptem,
btr Ingot 0'ipper alvanced tllghily. but the ipicuutlon
eoiiiluuei very iluggiib, oloilng at IftB.'o. for June
Lake l.iad war dull and without change, closing
teady at 4,4o for ipoL Bpilter nominal. Pig Iron
wirranu on the I'ousolidaied Block Bxcliangt wera
a mad rinner, but the ipeputattnn wai leriactlvei
aes Include 4.200 tons at SIU37H for June, $16.60 for
Juli una tl.i.7.f.,r Augu.L
Navai Ho, , -Spirit turpentlnt wai quilt andlun
cliauiied, clo'lug steady at 3Bo for regnlar Bnnthiriis,
and at'ic tor niacblnis, sa.ei iftu btlA Bosln un
ct.angid at It 45M (0 for common to good ttraloed.
I'sTuoLRrgCrudt ctrtlacatei wtrt dnIL opining at a
decline of kc. prlcti then farther gave way Wo. to
bbtio, but during the Ian hour ttie maikit itrenftnimd
and prices advanced to 6ot(c., ttoslng itctdyi opining
at 90c lelliug atn4HU0Uc , tnd oloilng atSOLjo. bld
offend at lwic , sales 02,uuo bbla,
I.Its block Market.
Nun y.iKK. Thursday, Jam 13. Recilpti of betvet
I US" head. Including 20 car loadi for exportation, and
No cir loads direct 10 slaughterers No trading Preistd
be, f rlradyat o',(,7ln' V 11, fur native Hdtl Latest
. .1 le r 111 Loud' 11 'tuotei Amtiictll ileeri. steadv at
10 ' c " it drri'rd weight and Am- rlian mrtc
e 111. b.efdulia scan 7, t' tr. bhipineiiii to day
...t.eev.a aioi n- ui,Arieri of beef. Tu-morrow, 443
beeves and 13 ibecp
Itecelptioreaives 4ft,ibiad Market shade tislir
Viaii sold at HS0(tfdHO ' buttermilk calvii at
tuai4 ji
BecelpU of sbiipand lamb, inelndtng 8 car loadi
din." x 673 biad bheep ruled dull and a shade easier.
Limbs study, flluij. ol I 41 f 1.37:, ,v., 11 It lui lla.
1 Iambi at f (s. Prtsied mutton doll tt CUIOHo- ! I
dreised Iambi enter at to?,l2t,c 1....... inn
' Recilpti of hogi. all eonilirned to l"f Wj'tft ,'Bff7
hud. N omlntlly Heady at fo 1.IU 10
Itenl Estate icliunse Balis.
By A II. Mutter A Bon .,. l,k
Ont and two ttory frame nd brick bnUdlngJ, xmii
plot of land 60x75, 227 to 2 It iileeckeritriiLnortbitit-
corner of ltd to 20) Carmine itreeL for $aooo.
one loL23x 7x311.1 i Kdgtcomb avenue, running
through to Avenue St. Nlcholaa, 102 fttl louth of 150th
HreeL for tin 00a
By Blchard V. lltrnett A Co.
A plot of land, 5ox Irregular xPS 4x173 on Kait Rev-
inty tonrth itreeL north Hit, 2S flit west of first av-
Ta'o four story stone.front flata. with loti taeh 3.5x7s.
3 045 and 3,057 ftioond avenue, welt ltd, south of luotn
treit. 2.0 A for tisasi and 3o57 for tlB.4(j.
Hveiiory flat, with lot 27xl0.ni, lis Eatt lOJth
itrreL louth Hdt, 73 ftit wist of Second svtnut, for
"feiirtterr flit, with lot 35x100 11. 227 Wtsil23d
ttriit. north ilde, tail of Hihth avinue, fort IB, 000
Thrtiitory briok dwelling, with lot 21 4xioo.ll. 134
Kaii 121th ilriiL touth lids, tut of Lexington avinue,
"ity lv'illlsm Ktnnilty A Brothtr; A plot of land. Bfl.il
xloo on Hi. Nlobolas avenue, southwest corntr of Mow
itreiL fortcioturt, B4,B03.lii.
VwtVty"' " ion each asxioo s. and bnndingi,on flftb.
Sixth, betenth, Blgbtn. tnd Ninth avtuutt, Vlount er-
" Taottory dwilllng, with tot 100x109. on Ninth avennt,
corntr of 1 ourtu ureal, sold for f.BOU- -, ...,K
Two ton. each 23xlio. on Ninth avennt, bttwttnBlxtn
and mvtnlbitrtets. for J35 each.
Tour lott un Llgbth avtnue. bitwein Blxtn tnd
fciventhitreelt at from 47S toljooeaoh ..,...
Klve Iota, eaoh 25x105. on Seventh avenue, bilwttn
Fifth and Blxthitrteti, for HSU each ,.,,
Twolloryand attlodwelllng with Pl.t.0.','"0
1(15 on 1- Ighth vnnbltwlln Fourth nd Fifth ttretlt,
'"-ti'tory frarat dwilllng vrllh lot M"".. "
Fourth avinue, corner of be. ond itreiL for I lis, tew
Twnitor.v frtme "tort and dwellng. with lot 33 fix
103 on Fourth tvinut, and adjoining tbi abort, Mr
woVtorylriek Hortand dwttllng. with lot 23x103,
on Tonrth avenut adjoining the ahovt. for 9.S!S.
Two lot, eaeb25xp, on Flttn avtnut. bitwitn Etc
ond and Third itrieti, for n4 J etch. ....... ..,.
OneloL v5xioon Seventh avenue, between sixth
anl betenth itreetn. for t-.lil ..u.,
Four loia eich asxlu5, on Seventh avenue, adjoining
the above, tor 40U etch.
nal F.atuto Transrcr.
Oeorge IL 1 a. 100 ve Forest ar. 101x1591 Aliet
Hall ami ano to Otorge Btcbmtnn.. ..... . A2SO
Sd av. n e 'or 104th 11. aoxlio. Ltvl Jacob! tnd
wlftto Piter Molilnn. ;,-, ,aL- ,';,,. 40,T5
Oerard av, vriisun Jame; IL l25xlSO: Louli
LowtniulntoJosipblnt LPejton......... ".750
Hist si la, Asoeutliav. 2.1XIOU.B; hll.Martlnand
wife to William A Cauidwill .:: . 31,000
Blaecker il s3. Louli Ilennemtlir tnd wift to
John SMorllmr... .... a.'V.k
Brlgltav.ii 325w Suburban it, 26x1101 24th
H trd Hial Estate Aiaoo of N Y to Ellin O'Con
nor B'u
firlggi tv 1 1. "! t'Soutbern Boulevard, 25x110;
imtto llanlelCalhnian. - , .;" Bl
Hrlggi av. n t, 2'0 bouthern Boulivtrd, lOOx
ll". lamttoPtfkF Mcllowan ,....- 2I20
Brlggi av. n a, ai bouthern Boultvard. Sox
lui' lamt to William Uamnbanm. ..... 1,500
Exit Broadway, n t. lot 684 mtp Henry Bnt
gert, 3.14x8a; Llianor C. Walton etal lo Abrt
I.am sum ::",, i8-000
40lhLi l40tHtha,mxltJft, Annailaiiell
e: alto Nelson bmlih .ir . . ,":; la60.J
52dL2!W; LouUBternand wife to Jullui i
IStmltl'i'i'.'vio e btb av. aSxiMUlVht'hiibert
ni'ion and wifi to 1 larence W fiaytor .. ... 8,000
lout si, t . son wPth av, 25xioo.lt, John K
Vtaush etal toNtwman Oowen. .. 7,roo
Bliiit.ni too 4th tv. 30x102.2, liabelPtter- .,
lonioktoseiBliu ..... .. . 19.BIO
4Kihit. uk 234 w em Wm W rtoiilter, trut, to ..
Neion8mlth,Jr ,; vW ,3W
soih it n t, aOrt.0 e 4th at. lftBx'.flt Mary A B
Brlnckerhoff to LydlA F Parker ..... 2S.5X)
At I', 1 a 1 1 Bin il 18x70, Mary Chafftt and
ano to Charlei Lang .. . ".rf
16.id it. n 1 1K7 6 vv Trinity tv. 18x100: John W
Pecker to Isabella brodtraatin .... ... ".000
Wet iter nv e a. 003 n Wendover ar. 75xl28x Ir-
reg Louli Llckewort and wife to Adtm w elf-
fenbarhetal ... o."00
W alnui il 1 a, lot I3S man Monnt fcden. Niil(i,
llonry D Clark ond wift to Matilda bussman . I
22dit. N 135 w Lexington ar.aoxlH 9, Suian A
Btrgan to Oeorge C ( ooper .............. 2o;uou
1511 it. n a. 2'giSt Morrii av, 23x117; Wilier
Butlir to Joieph Hunter 3,000
13xthit.ni. liribel'dgeoombav, 176x10011;
Utorge J Hamilton and wife to Jacob b Car-
valho IV"00
10th tv. 1 1 cor mad et. 60.11x100, Joan A Bur
chelland wlftto John K Hodges .-.- ft0
Avenue C. e a 19i Bih IL IBxTO, Mamie A Chat-
fee to Charlei Lang ... . . ., 11. SCO
42diL n . lOOEllthiv. 25x1005; Oiorge V,
Tubbiand wlfetoHmith Ely andano 20
Jackion av w a. 114.0 n Cllflon it 19.9x76, Au
gust 11 Marx and wile to John w Pecker... . 1
astli il n a. ao e nth av. asxfB 9: James 11 Ha
ven tt al to Abraham Jacobl tnd alio .... 1
Madlionav. w s, 40.1 1 11th it, 30x50, Jicob E
Byttenberg to Flora Pohalskl...... . ... ... 1
Mihit nt aioeadtv 75xlon,B, Edward Mcoll
and wile to Jamei Williams 12,300
3d by. 1 a 73 tin 92.1 il so 4x100; ullbert N Mar.
hall toOtlbert N Xarihalt. Jr. and ano 10
3d av, e a 7t 0 n P2d il so 4x loo, lame to Sarah
E Marshall. ... 4.CR5
Fame prop, same to John B Smith .... 4,085
127th it 57 I.ttl; hllrabelti .Meyer et al to
7'thit aa! .'31 Foat.'lttdor PObelndorferei al
lolhatnrarnth . , 41,000
142dit. 15b w 7th av, 17xllll.il' Charlei
Stern and wife 10 Charles Froate ll.OUO
B3d It. a, "23 e AT A. 3oxl02 2 l.torge
bchrelner and wife to William Holbein A alio. 40,500
114th il 11 a. 40.1 Ent. SUnhen H Thayer and
ano. exori. to Juliet I Froel ... . 1
Sdae. ea. 75rtnl2dlt. 6O4X100. Hubert N Mar-
ihall. Jr. and wife to John B Smith 10
Bama pioperty. Sarah B MtrahaU to tama. 8.413
xxcoaoxn MOBroAGit.
Brodtmann. Iiabella. to John W Decker, n 1
IbSdeL w Trinity av. ft yrt . tLOOO
Berk, Mary II, to Jacob kalier. a cor Oiuman
D'ace and Foreil ae. I yr. :-.,., . 400
BecUmann Oeo. and wife to Alice Ha 1 and ano,
(itorge iL w toreslaT, 1 yr 1.500
Burke. Paik and wife to Mm Dougherty, w 1
7th ax, Mth It, 10JTI , . 23,000
Cowen. Newman, to John E Waugh and ano, t
1 lOlstsL wHlh av, 2 11101 . 2,000
Crocxer Caroline, to the U 8 Truit Co, n l33d
SL w 4lb av, S yrt 7.S00
Clark. Cyrua. and wife to the Mutual Lift Inl
Co. no cor Riverside av and rtlnhlet, 1 yr .. 33,000
Bpstitn, Mary, and huibsnd to Abraham
Unci, lot 6u4, farm of Jamei Dtlancey, hiq,
j jr 1.300
Oayior, Clarence W, to htheibert Wilson. 1
i.ittb sL Bth av, 1 jr . 000
Ooolman. Iiull. to Mlikael Fay and ano. 1 s
cor Pue and Henry il., 4 mos . . 8,500
Ho.ge John h. to John A Cisco exor, t 10th
av, load it, 3 yrs. 2 moru.. . E0,0iO
Name to Nelson J Haieroury. Jr, truM 1 lead
it. e . th av. 3 yrs . 12.0U0
Uenshaw. Jane, tu.lnhn Vincent and ano.exort,
Ac. nil'athit eeihaT. 3ri . . ... 9.000
boulh, w JeBerson L 5 yrl .. :. 30.000
Jacobs, Abraham and ano 10 Jamei H Harem
and ano n astli sl e Pib bt 1 yr .... 3.000
Jacobs Abraham, and ano to FrederloJ Middle
1, rook. 11 i2Mb.it. f I'll av. 5) n 22,000
Kalm, Abraham, et al to Ruin B bcotL extrlx.
Ac. 2.1V 8 2d ar, 3 yri 17,000
Kelly, John P. and wift to Patk Caiildy and
ano, nl 1" Ih il t Columhuiav. 3 moi . 2,000
Lustlg, Arnold, to MaryN Townshend, ei BlTtr-
Ude Drive, 1 load sl I yr . . 3,000
I.utliln. Riinhard II, to Oeo A Barker et al.
axon Ac, n e cor IbOth it and Mnrrlaav, 2yn 4,000
Louie, Franceica to Joseph II Louts, w Edge
combe av n I4'ith st, demand 2.000
Mauson Sinclair and wife to Edward Tipping,
11 9 .th "L w 8th av. I yr . . 0,500
bame to Thomas it A Hall, n 90:h il w bth tr,
I yr 8.&00
Meyerifeld. Christian. 10 the Cltlreni' Savlngl
Hank, 11 eoor i.hrystle and liavard il 1 yr. ... 17,000
MonelL Mary, to Louli Benrlger, 163 Allen IL 2
yrt, . . .... 8,000
Mega. Rarco, lo Agntlno Dondero, 41 Park IL
demand ... ; , . 8,600
McUlun. Peter, to 1 evl Jacobs, e a 3d tv, n
104th il lyr.... , 9,300
Mahland. otto K, to F A M charter Brewing
( o. 48 Cortlandt it, lene, demand . . 1,600
Neuincr. Ferdinand, and wife 10 MaryEBIod-
gett. 149 WaothlL 3ri. 000
Simt to Anna V011 covern and ano. 157 W 20th
si 1 yr . ... 8,1X0
Po'llon, John K. and wift to Michael btruth, n 1
HaiL eTerrace p ace. 3 )rt .. 2,000
Bame to tht N Y 1 o!p Bldg and Iin Aihl n
MdiIisl e Railroad av, demand 6,000
Pohiiikl, Flora, to Jacob E llyttenberg. w t
Madison av, a lllthst 3 yn .... 1,273
Flaring Aulonle.andbuib.ind.tothl Harlem bav.
IngsTiiink na H6th it. t tills av. I Tr...... 7,0x0
Ptrsom. Ttltnage L. and w lie, 10 the Emigrant
luduiStvlngi Hank n t2lh St. e 4th av, 1 r. 8,600
Parker. I.ydla 1, to the Title Uunrantee and
iruitCn 11 i:nth t, 1 4th av. 3rt 15,000
Bpektorsky, Abraham and Hyinan. and wives,
10 1 orlnna Jacobs 111 last Broadway, 1 yr 10,000
Schneider Jotm C to the Pill itiver bavlugt
Institution ml.lhlt e Av A, 1 yr 14, UOO
6tcin, Abrthem, to barah K Wrlf hL n 1 Last
Broalwa) w JrtTerson et, 1 yr 1,200
Brybel, Daniel E, 10 trederlo N Onddard. n 1
23d t. w 6th at, 3 yn 45,000
Smith. John II. to utli.ert N Marshall Jr, and
alio, e 1 3d av, n 92d al 1 yr 11,000
Pame to Frederle W A.iee, gdn. lame prop. 1 yr. 11,000
Williams, James to Kdward Nlcoll, n a tilth it,
e :d av, 3 yn, (2 rourti) 7,160
Atterbury, Annie J L, to Adolf SchlnleL SID lub.
av 5 r S 1,500
Bedford, Jane M et al. 10 Ctrl t Delicktr, 48
Cortlandt il itnre, ftxrt ,, .. 1.375
Chamberlain John C, u lentral Lard Company,
617 10 536 WellJJd it and 316 10 333 Weil 31th
sL7yrt II.B-Oto3.875
naskln.-obn B. to II strcklir A Co., itort.it
North 3d tv, opposite Klngibrldgt road, a 3-12
yrt , 1,000
JaoqutA Zaoharlah, and too. to Matt Ttylor
Paving Co, n aSStbsl. 180 w llthav, 23.4X30U,
ftyrt 3,800
Same 10 same. otSSthiL tsowllth av, 50.1H
131.7x121x460. 48 13 rrs ;..., 1.000
Xotback llmry, to Frrdk Eliinbirg, 196 tnd
lie! Stanton it, ft yttr 8,130
Bhieliy. Pitrlck, to Daniel Ftlvey, 1 1 oor 2d tr
tndllSthiL Sjetrt 1,800
U BTruit Co, true, Ac. to Mtry F Bhtlvey. n 1
Monroe 11 B3.I t Monttomtry il 3o.Sx92 4.
21 yein 373
R. J. Kimball & Co..
(L'lUMlibed la 1865.)
JJobert J, Kimball. Alfrcel Ii. I-oontbtrrT.
Jt K. ENOi 1. a BUCK.
' H. K. ENOS & CO.,
45 & 47 Wall St.
ATallable In All I'url or tbe World, '
IhiHVKIl 1IY ,
ISO III ond way, Etiultalilt Xlulldlnt;, N. X,
To the Holders of
First Mortgago Trust Bonds.
KOTICB 18 HEREBY 01YEN thit tht Oregon tnrl
Transcontinental Company Intendi lo redeem til otltt
outstanding First Mortgtgt Trust Iiondi on NOV. I,
1890. at 103 per cenL tnd teemed Interest In ac
cordant with tbt terms of Ibt truit deed lecurlng
Tht Oregon and Trtsscontlnenttl Company having
tor slid purpose told to a Byndlctte r. present. d by
Meiirt. Drtxtl, Morgan A Co. thi Northern Ptelflo IL IL
Co. Comolldtted Mortgut 5 pir cenL Uold Bonds set
tptrt tb ttk tip tht Orifton and Transcontinental
Bondt, ai above, has provided that the Oregon tnd
Transcontinental bondholders should hav e an opportu
nlty to exchange their bond! for the Northern i'aclllo 5
p. r cenL Bondt. In tecordtnet therwlili the Syndi
cate will make tuch txekauge. paying 1. 3 per cenL for
tbt Oregon tnd Irinicontlnentil Bonds agalntt P2H
pir ctnL for tht Northern rtclflo Si, crediting and
charging tecruid interest to tbt dtte of txchtnge, pro
vided bold.ri of Origon tnd Trtmcontlnenul Bondt
avail thimiilTet of laid privilege by presenting their
bondi for tbtt purpose tt tht office of Drextl, Morgtn A
Co.. 23 Wall il, Niw York, on or before July 13, IBuu,
after which date tht right to make tuch etchtngt will
NEW YORK, Jsnt 11, I'M-
By order of tlie Hoard or Directors,
23 WALL BT, MBW YOBK. Junt It. 1890.
Referring to the foregoing tnnouncem.nL we beg to
call im ttuntlon of holders of tht Oregon tnd Irini
contlnentil Company First Mortgagt Trust Bond! to th
following offlrlil itatement of tht operatloui of tho
Northern Pacinc Railroad Company:
Ten Month!
Ending April so, IBBO. irso.
Oroti earning! tl,277,ro.'..22 tlS.713,838.13
Operating txpiniii .,.. e,74S,9.'J46 latLw.noasa
Nit taming! tH531.4a7il 18,073,431.28
mtereiL rtntalt. tnd
111,1 0,518.968.05 6,07.1,882.01
Burplnt tl2.978.71 t!,IO!.S38.3S
Mlio'loneoni Income (net) 441,(W7 4U 410,433.18
Troflt over fix id
Charglt S454.07B 20 l,5lt.9fi03
Tht underlying bondi of Northern Paciflo branch
lines now held by tht Trultee of the Oregon and Trant
oontlmntal Bondi, whin releaiel by ihti operttion,
will be deposited with the Truitee of th Northern Pac
fie Railroad Company'! Coniolldated Mortgage, thm
giving to the latter the benefltof all the security now
held for the Oregon and Tramcontinemal Bonds.
We are prepared to deliver at one Northern Parlflo
Railroad Company Ooniolldated .Vertsaze A per cenL
Oold Bonds at our otflce in exchange for Oregon nnd
Transcontinental Company First Mortgage Trust Bun.il
on the tasti eel forth In the announcement of that com
pany upon aurrender to ui of tht Oregon tnd Tranicon
tinenttl Bondt.
To the Holders of
tho Preferred nnd Common Stocks
of tho
St. Louis & San Francisco
Railway Company.
XV g bfrvA toll, our cn.lr boldlncn of th
shOTcnarapd ntocU to the ATIIINON.
COMPANY, and have received In exchiinfce
therefor ibarei of tbe CaplCul Htock or the
Atchlaon Company on the lollowlnc basis,
For each one thotieaad aharea of nald Pre
ferred Htock. thirteen hundred and aeventy
fire tthareB ofAlcblaon etock. and for each
one thousand Ahareeofaald Common atoek.
even hundred and fifty aharea of Atchison
stock 1 or, In other words, for each eight
shares of Hun Francisco Preferred o re
ceived eleven shares ol Atchison, and for
each lour shares of the Han Francisco Com
mon ve received three shares of Atchison.
Many of our friends have already uppllcd
and have Intrusted na with tbelr shares to
be sold with our own and on like terms.
TVe have arranged for the sale on exactly
tbe same basis as for our own, but for a
limited period only, of alt the Han Francisco
Preferred and Common Shares held by
.Stockholders de sir Ins: to avail of this priv
ilege should deliver their shares at our ot
flce, und receive receipts therefor ex
chanKcable Into Atchison stock as soon as
Holders of the ahovs described shares In
floaton nnd vicinity can deposit them with
for our account, and receive similar re
ceipts there I or.
VTe have the sole rlfcht lo exchange all
such shares, and we reserve the tight to
withdraw this privilege nt any time.
In arranging 'or this sale we have be
lieved that It would be for the Interest of
tbe stockholders of the HAN FRANCISCO
PANY should thereby secure full control
of the Hon Francisco Company,
Knv Tnrk. Mv Sfl. 1BOO.
Notice I, hereby clreo that the plnn or re.
orsnaUatlnn ol' tbe NORFOLK HOUTII.
ERN IlAII.ISOAIf. i.reeented to acriirltr
bolder, by WILLIAM II. I'lIII.I.II-H and
other. In their circular dated JUJii: 1,
IB HO, baa beea abandoned, and Ibat In
place thereof tbe naderalsned. committee
named therein, have aicrecd upon 14 new
alun, conle. of which, with Information Id
reaard thereto, nsv now be obtained at
The committee to cerrythi new pltn Into effect trt
To avail tbimiilvei of th. tdTanttgn of tbt new
pltn. boldtrt of bondt tnd itock muit dipoiit the iitnt
tnd holdirt of ctrtloettei of deposit und.r siid plan of
JnntL 1888, mut txchtngt tht itmt for ctrtlllcttei
under the new plin. on or before July 1, 1SOO,
Those who hive d.poslt.d sieurltlii undsr said plan
of Junt I, IB8R, tnd who do not dislrt to become par
ti.! to ihe new plan are notified thtt on surrender of
their certlCcttet tt tht ATLANTIC TjiUMT
COMPANY their itcnrltlti will bt rilurnid.
rjat.d Ntw York, Alar 28. 1HKX
WILLIAM II. MALI:. Committee
C. N. UOAOLAND, under clrcu.
W. I. PICKEKMAN. J 1880.'
Missouri, Kansas & Texas
aaietisaent on tho .lock r.pr..at.d by re.
orsia.laatloa certificate. I hereby calltd
due and payable on Fill DAY, JUNE SO,
1 SBO.at the offloe orthe CENTItALTIllJHT
FiiF.iinuir i. oi.roTT,
,11111. F. J-KUKMAN,
IILN1IY llllllQl:, COAlMlTTEn.
O. 8. ELLIS, ticritary, St Wall It
Cincinnati, Jackson
Mackinaw Railroad Company.
Notlc li hireby given that the Agreement of 13th
March, imo, for tht Reorgantt atlon of th Cincinnati.
Jackion tnd Mackinaw Itallroal Company hat been
modllled. and thtt ttld Agreement ai modified Is now
on ill with Central Truit Compiny, 54 Wall it, New
York. The time for deposit of securities and pat mint
of first installment of aiseistnenti It hereby extended
to ISth June. 18'U.
Holdiri of Central Trust Comptny't Certlflcttn htre
tofnrt limed tre requtstid to preient tbem fur proper
endonimint under the modifltd AgretmenL
Thomas i)i:.N.sr, ...,
J KLNNbDYTOIl, ;,,??
Flske llnlldlnix,
BO Hfute tit,, lloston.
45 WALL, til
SEALED nma for n lusue oftiOXOXi t morUpT 0
prent bondi of the .Napier Ironworks, Lewlt
countT, Tenn will b rfthed by ttie xindenlffoed st
?2 ntiil 74 Hfoawr, room .17, until U M.. June 14
lmti the right to reject any and all bid U re-erred
E. C. LLWItS Preildent
ividendtf unci interest.
New York, May 2. 1BSVX
A quarterly d I rid end of one and threeuarren (U)
rr cent- on the capital Hook of Oil company will be
paid at the oftlce of the romtany, u Cortlandt hl. In
ttila eltv. on nnd after June in 1P(). The transfer
bookit will be cloned trom the close or builneai to-day
until the tnornlnir of Tut id ay, June 17.
By order of the Board of Managerf
JAtMLS 0. iiaRTT. Treaturer.
pr.NVhR Col.. May. 0 l'-OK
The Board of Director n' thl company hare this day
declared a quarter v 1lMen.l of (f-Si; AM) O.NE IU1.K
lim rhlt Ch.NT for theiiuflrterendinfr March Hi IH hi
layablv at thelrotT.ee. 1 Broadway. New York, on and
afier June It. Imhi. to utockho'.den ff record nf that
Oute The transfer tn Is til te closed from June & to
June 10, both liiclueiTe
V U. I'AltMELEE, Ai.titant. Secretary.
Public notice la hereby cuen that It to the Intention
rf the Coimifl tn tin Corporation of thtt ctty of New
ork tu moke apt HcAtlmi to the Mir rem f Court for the
ai'polntmsnt or t'oinmlnsionori ot Appralial, under
chapter of the l.w uf la
huch RDltllcatlon will he made at a Fpectal Term of
laid Court, to b lit-ld In the 'et nnd .MidicM! DUtrlct, at
tbe Court Home At hUtr Piaitia H etcheutr ruunty,
on the Ifih da of Jqi, ih;4, at 11 o'clock in the lure
noon, or ioon thereafter a couriiel can be he.trd
The object (it euch applicattun la to obtain un order of
the Court appointing three dlilnterenied and comtttent
treeholders a Conimtmloiier of Afj raival to aicertaln
and appralie the cninpcnsatlon to be made to the own
tra and ail pereom lnterentrd In thereat eitate here
lnalterdescrlhed, aa prupnied to be taken or affected
for the purpoiei indicated in tnapier 4ifJof the Law
Of IrVst,
The real ertat sought to be taken or affected na afore
raid it located In the county of Putnam, and la laid out
nnd indicated on two ..Hilar or duplicate rnHpf, one
filed in the ollice. of the County ( lerk or Putnam county
at Caruul. In eatd ouutr on .Miiyj", iwi, and the
other filed In the otllce uf the Kesrltter of the city and
county of New .ork on tho tame dn, each of which
mat la entitled. "Property Map of Parcel. 1 2, , 4,
andft. beinifpartof certain lands to be taken for the
construction of dame for l.eerTolr U, on the west
branch of the Croton Hlver, near in Iden a bridge, and
Crart'n Mation, lu the town of lariiul, Putnam county,
New ork."
The real eitate go prooosed to be taken li required for
the construction, operation, and maintenance of tho
damt and reervoir known aa Keiervolr I." and the
following li a itatement of ttie boundaries of laid dauia
and retverTOlr and of the t ortton of the ri al estate to be
acquired tbert-for under this proceedinir
All thoie certalu lot", piecei. or parcel! of land In the
town or CartueU Putnam count). New iort, which,
taken together conatitute and lorm a tract, tbeexlerlor
boundary Hue of which Is aa follow i Heginninir at a
itone monument marked "A C" In ttie road from
( armel toCratt'a btntlon. and runnlns thence aontb 7
deftreee wait, ttw t'H feet, thence north Wrle.riei in
minute earn, 2f2$7 feet, thence north 5t degree Sl
mlnutea eait, 2H.V4 feet; thence aouth li devreea Sl
minute eait. H74 feet, thence Routli t8 degree 17 min
utes west 1 40.7.1 feet: thence loutb 6J deirreca 4 min
utei 4 leconda weet 4JIL4U feet thence south 5
deTrei 4H minutei &i ne con la went Zti:il feet, thence
eoutb ii deiireei 2 J mluutt-s a" fe coods east, a :J feet.
thence north iH.dejiTt-es I minutes east, Jtrjaoieet,
thence north 77 decree M minute eau 14 Iti feel;
theuceaouth b3 iJeirreea -f minutes eaL 3it4 feet.
theuce north "it d'hrree 2" minutei iL) secndi east.
417 h feel, thence north M deKreea tt minute 4i
eecnd east, ft 4 t 2 teet thence north 'i decree .itf
minutei hu econdu weit,ZMJiti feet, thence north 71
dirreei It) mluutes et din .'l feet thence north M
dereei 31 minuta east. 6..(J feet, thence north
.'o decree 7 mluute eait. 21ft.41 feet thencn
north Att defrreet 47 minutes east HJO feet, thence
north 41 deKreea minulo east ft feet, thence north
lYJdeh-reM'.; minute welt, 1 H3aifet, thence nnnh
&2 deareea 45 minute west, 7iil Hi feet, thence north
lis detfree :ti minute 3 second west iKli feet,
llenceiouth 68 denree " minute west. 1-3.VJ1 feet;
thence outh 07 d trees 60 mlnut west. 3J0 feet,
thence so ith 1'- deirroe M minuter, east, aaj 7 feet;
thence south H difree 25 u.!nuteust. Kl 9J feet.
tl.ence south 7 decree 17 inlnutet ."O seconJieaat,
1 'jcnH. 13 teet. to the aforesaid none tnonument set in
ttie it-round marked A. C " belinr the place uf begin
ning, cnutalninir i-'7 '"3 acre uf laud, more or le
Also, a I those certain tola pleo, or i arret or land
m tht town "f Carinel Putnam county New- ork.
which taken to,iett en onsiitute and torm a tract, the
exterior boundary line of which Is ulollnwa flewi
i.tTifr at a atone moniunent marked ' a. C " in the road
from Craft a biailon to Carmel. and running thence
north 75 decrees 3- minutes iUiecond west, wl 8 feet,
thence aoutli 4d dejrree 4' minute '20 seconds vest,
hHWlfeel, thence north '27 decree 40 minute IS seo
ond wcai, 1 '2ir2 tij feet, thence north '2T dejrreef- .'.5
tulnut' .& second east, 4tt feet, thence south hi de
cree J5 minute 4) seconds east, 4 HMO feet, thence
north Sidtrret 4 minutes JJ second east, fJTsfeet;
thence north :' driree 4:t mluutee 15 second east,
tVAiHOfeet, thenc1 south tv deifret-B 4ft minute att aeo
onda east, 1ihj53 leet, thence lonth 02 decrees IH
minute 4 ecundi east. 17 lmeet thence muth Id
dcKree ftp mlnuie 1 sfcond west. 3W, feet, thence
routh 11 degrees ft'J minutei .'n second eatt. ! ttt
to tha aforesaid stone monument, belmr the place of
betrtnnliik' containing V2 315 acres of land moieorlesa.
All the lands within the nbn.e boundaries are to he
acquired In fet nnd include all the parcels shown on
aid map a- numbers I to ' botblnrlutive. Reference
hereby made to the aald similar map riled a afore
said for a mure detailed dencriptton of said real estate
to e taken or affected, of which the boundaries ar
ahote stated.
Dated New York Mav it, left.
Counsel 10 the Corporation.
No '2 Tryon row, New York City.
Application haMnif been made by the Broadway and
Eetetilh Avenue Railroad Company, of the city of New
ork, under Chapter 3JI of the Law a of 18wi, for per
inUfe.on to chnntfe its mono power un tho Broadway
and fcerenih Uenue in lis own behalf, and In behalf of
Ir l.i"r. the houth rerry RaPmad Company, and In
behalf of the successor to the franchl-e and property
formerly "f the Broadway Hurface Railroad Company,
notbelsh'reuy given by the Board of Kallroad Com-mb-iioiien
that a public hearing ot such application will
be held at the room of the Chamber of Commerce,
Mutual Life Insurance Building, New York City, June
ltMli, JrtOu, at 11 A. M.
By tho lizard
V ILL1AU C. IIDDBON, Fecretary.
JJOST OFFICK NOTICE -Letter for foreign coun
tries ih ed not te specially addressed for despatch
by U) particular steamer, except when tt Ii desired
to send duplicate of hanking and commercial doou
inents, letteis not specially addreased being; sent by the
fattest csbcU arallable
rur'la-n mall for the w eek endint? June 14 will close
(promptly In all case al thiottice as follows 1
rKIDAV At 1 P M. fur TrfuldaJ and lobago, per
steamship Monica
SATURDAY At 1 A, M for Peruambueo RlndeJanelro.
und santo direct a so the La Plata countries la
Hu de Janeiro, per (ean.ship l arua. rrom Baitl
more, at 1 A. M for rranre. Switzerland, Italy,
hpain, and Porlngak per ateamahlp La Bretagne, vU
Havre, at 10 A. M for Pu Croix and .it. Thomas Ma
BL Croix, also Windward Ulands direct per steam
ship Muriel, at l(.J A. M for Europe, per vtcamahlp
Herv1a,Tta ijaeenitown (letter for German r. Den
mark, hweden Norway (Chrlitiana). Huula, ana
Turkey, must be directed per Herria'). at ll A
M. for Fortune Island and Jamaica, also Jacinel and
Aux Cares, Ilaytt. per steamship Alene atil A M
lor Aanesuela, Curaooa, and tSatanli la via Curaeoa,
rer steamshlu Veneroela (letters for other tolom
tian port! must nadlreoled per Venezuela "i at
into A. M for Uertnany, Denmark, Hweden. or
war it'hristlsnta). Russia, and Torker per
iteamshtp werra, ia Bremen (le ttera for other Puro
Pan countries Ma Houtuamptnn.inust be directed
'per Werrai.at ill 30 P, M forNorwa) direct per
steamship Norge (letter must be directed 'per
Nonre' ' at 1 P. M for Cainpeche. Cliiapaa, Tabahco,
and Vucatan, per ateamshlp Yumurl (letter for
Cuba and for Tainplco and Tuxpam direct and other
lleilcan Statu Ha Vera Cru. inu-t be directed
"per Vumuri")i atl P M. for Ban Domingo, Cape
liartl. and Turk's Island, per eteamshtp Oeorge
W Clyde, at 1.30 1'. M. for the Netherlands dl
reel, per steamship P. Cat and. via Rotterdam) let
ters must be directed "per P. Caland") at ! P.
l for Scotland direct, per steamship Anchoria, via
(ilaagow (letters must be directed '"per Anchoria"),
SUNDAY At Hi M forTruxlllo, Ruatan and Puerto
Cortex, per steamship H, PlzratL from New Orleans,
at 8 P M for Costa Rica, via Urn on, per iteauisbip
roxhalL from New Orleans
Mall for the Hawaiian Islands per steaminip Aus
tralia (fr"u ban l-ranclsco), oioie here June I4, al
U yy P M Mall for China ana Japan, per steam
ship Oceanic (from Ban Francisco), clone here
June in at 6 30 P. M kails for Australia. ,i'W
y.i aland. Hawaiian. FHL and samoati Islands.
per steamship Alameda (trom Ban tranciscn) cloae
here JunsilA at e W) P M (or on arrival at New
York of itsamshlp Aurania, with British malls for
Australia). Malls for the Society lilandi. per ship
Tropic Bird (from Han Francisco), clore here June
it at n 30 P, M. Malls for r ewfoundland. b rail 10
Halifax, and thence by iteauir. cloie at this
oftlce dally at s 30 P. M Mulls for Mlque
Ion, by rail to Boston, and thence by
steamer, close at this oirce dafty at 30
j. M Mall for Cuba by rai to Tamp, Ki,
and thence by steamer (sailing Mondn) and Thurs
dasi cloteat thl uttlce dail) al V" A M M.iii
f..r Mexico, overland utile spctally addressed for
(tesnatch by steamer, close at tbUutllivdail) at3;vu
The schedule of closing of Trans Padno trails It ar
ranged on th presumption of Uielr uninterrupted over
land transit to ban Francisco. Malls from tha Rut ar
riving on time at Ban Francisco on lbs day of sailing of
ataaman ara deapatahed thence the lam day, fitfla-
- A-
Hudaon Rlvor Railroad.
All Tralna arrive tt tnd deptrt from
Fourth Aye. and 4 2d St., Neiv York.
Tni only Railroad Station in tdk Citt.
Trutn. leaTri m followm
nl Chicago n .VI A M next daj
10l0 A.!l.-Mlt TIIIM hTf.RN ERTIIlUl.n LIM-
ITLO-iiut ClnrlnnAil " M, liidlanai.olli luaiA. 1 ,
M. Iflul.H llll', M
cept Pundais. Train IrnMngon fatiirdatidoes not
run weit or Detrr.lt ur Cleveland.
hli-l)ue at Detroit n IS a M, Chicago 4.V1 I' M.
neat day.
raiioii U Clnclnnilln t. IV XI hL LnnltT MA. M.
DllA P.M.-llM KT i,ol IS AMI LIIICAtIO hX-
I'RI.SS-Uue lndtalia.i,i lliJO 1' M. nelt day, 81.
Lnull 7 an A M
riSllklLl, iM.UHUUlll), I'OfllllK'iKrStl-, ItlllNK.
CLIFF (KIM1STOM. ANII HfllMIS--" ,l. tin .VI.
llilO A M. Hl 3i'. Mi- I- M Alio for rough-
eet.lle In ill A M J .111 4) 44 Al tl HIT .till 15
l" l , for Harrison's iMest I'olnti. ih 30. ill 9) A. M.
ri B 1 3d. :i sv 4..1'. t J. I' M
U. UUU'll! I', M. Also fur All.Any f 1.10 A M.anJ
for Allian)-, L'lica 8trncuse, Rocliester, and Suspen
sion Bridge 4 v. r M
MOMTRKAIj W'.n A. M . 7-8(1 1' l. Also Troy, Kilo,
10UIX IU.'0 A .M.tSiUi, ,111 MIS T M-. g lOnlght.
A cm UN iii..m:a anii i namiaioca-tiouja.
M.n itp. H tuiomldnlght
Iir.llKellllllt HILLS, MA ll.tllLr.M IUVISION-III 10
A. M., 3 M I'. M
for ticket, and space In Steeping Cars apply at Grand
CenirAtntatli.il or at 4l'i 7k., m.', and 1 i ri.A.lHay, 12
Park place M West IJMniL, end ;'.Mh it. nation, New
iirk tvti a.lilngton sl 7ii ulton iL, ana uiei lied
ford av II li. Hronkljn
Weitcott'i Rvnres. calls for and cheeks haggngo from
hotel! an 1 residence, through to destination
tlrallv evcept eunday tittier trains run dally
ALioe tralna except those leaving atli-'.u v M , 3 no,
II i,3ii4:Mt f p. M, and U:M inldnlghL nop at
ItHtb street stitlnn.
Oeneral Manager, iien'1 Taisenger Agent.
New York and Boston All Rail,
Leave Ity way of Doe
0-OOA M. Cprlngrietd and IVnrceiter, SSOr. M.
I0OUA M.Nen London and Pruvidenr 4i3HP. M,
11 00 A. M.. (.prlngflelil and V orcet.r, ft: to p. M.
12.U0 M., Ilartfiiril and ... l. and N K. 80 P. M.
1 .UO P. M., New London and rrnvldence, 7 i P. M.
8J0P. M., IMIIlmantto and N. V, and N. B., B-Oor. M.
4.00 P. M "Sprlngiiel.i and Worcester IU:00 P. JI.
ft ii P. l "New London and Providence. II oo P to.
1 1 rOO P M., '-prlngneld and Wnrceiter. I.H5 A. M
K.io P. M., -New London and rrovnlence, 7.00A. M.
-itttns daltv, Inrliidlng H.iiidtyi.
Return lervlce, itmo lionri und hr stmt ronti
Leave. ror line
2 on ! M Newport (via Mlrkford). 7 40 P. M.
4-02 I' M., Danbury A Norwalk IL IL. Pltta1eld.R 40 P. M.
4.-02 P M.. NaugatucL Dlv. Wlnsted. H lo P. M.
Tlirongh parlor nr ileeping cars by each tra'n
C. T. llhMI'HTl.AI), Uen'l Pass. AgenL
For Ihilndclnliln, lln!.!
more, und Washington.
Ylt Cintrtl R P. of New Jeriey. rblltdelphlt and
Reading a R. and Batllmore and Ohio R it
lor PlIILADKl-PIIIA at 4.1.1. 7-4S. ft, 11.31 A M ;
1 1,-w, .' J 10 4, ft. , 7-1i P M : 13 lv n'ght; Sundays, 0.
11 A. M 2, 3 to ft 6P M -, 12 finighL
ll::si. evcept hundarl A. M l 2, 3 20. 5 P. M.; 12ilft
Trtlni letting at 7:4. It .TO A. M 1 JO, 4. ft, 7 SO
P. M (12 1ft nU'ht. evrept Settirda ntghl) have ennneo
tl.n for Reading. Ilarrt.hurg. P' ttsvllle. Ac
lor Sunbury Lewliburg. and WllllamsporL via Phila
delphia, et 7. IS A M (I MObutlet parlor cerl. 7:30 r M.
02:15 nlgbL excel t Saturday night). Sundays, 6.00
Ticket! and parlor car iratl can be procured at 7t,
9R1, 41'.. 1ML I.iaii l.s.'3 Proadway, 73; eihav, :04
West K'ftthit, 134 Kelt UMhst. New York: 4 Court IL,
Km Fulton st, ). Broadway. Hronklvn Tbe New vorg.
Transfer Company will call for and cbeok baggage from
hotel or reiideuca.
iSLlI' Leaiefootof Cortlandt or Dei
XtWf&yik. broilea IL 7, a H-20, and II A. M. 1,
fjlpWyJU' 3 t'1- 4 so, 5 10. and 7 P. M.
pj The Picturesqne Route between New
York and Eailon. Hethlihem Allen-
' town. Mauch Chunk, llke.harre,
Plltlton. Scrantnn, Ithaca, tltntvn. Waverly, Watklni
tllen, F.lmlra, Iloche-ler, Hull.ilo. Niagara Falls. To
roiits Iletrolt.
Ticket! and steeping car berths can be aecured at the
General Eastern Ofllce 23., Broadway, or ltJ East 12ftth
DID YOU KNOW It doubled the enjoyment of travel
ling to read upon the country through which von
are pasting and about th placet you intend visiting?
The HOKton and Maine, anticipating the need! of the
traveller, has Issued three (profusely Illustrated) booka
cot erlug tbe tonriit region or New England ail along
shore, among the innumalni. itkea, and streams. They
will be sent f any addrei. on receipt of in cent! In
Hampotor each bonk by Till. PA-SP..VOER DEPART
MENT, Bolton and Maine Railroad, Boston, Mast
I"nsVIIjK.N'CK. and nil point Last, .steamers
PIKITAN nnd X'I1.(KIM N'a.e.Naw .ork from
1'ierVH. North Itl.er, fuotof Murray it. daltj-, 8unda,
Included, at ft P M. RETL'RM.NO. connecflDK trains
leave Hustrn week da at M P. M. undays7P M,
due ew York 7 A M Connecting Annex boat leaes
Rmokljn at 4 80 Jerf t it P M , and, returning,
connects for Rrookln and Jersey City on arrival nf
steamer from th haet A hPLI-.NDID uRCHP.MRA
on EACH hTt-AMEU Pull nluThl rest Two connect
Inir express train rrm Kail ltier, due Ronton l b and
t- A. M Pa(WfOKr hare option of takinir either train.
w ill be renumed for the cummer season, commencing
June 1), IMU bteameia will leave .New .ork week
daa at 1 30and ( r. l ! for all hasten) points. Roata
learititf at tne latter hour will much at Newport at A '45
A. M Sunda) will leave New ork at oj30 P M,
touching at .Newport, Commencing on the same date,
al) connectjnir iteHiuboat 'xrresa trains will arrive at
and depart from the maftnttlceut la k hi.uar' Maifon.
i ruTldence Division Old rr-lonv Railroad, Instead of
Kneeland Street Matlon, Central Division,
Hudson River by Daylight.
Day LlnePteau era.
NEW YOUK . . or Af,l!ANT
Dallv (except hnndays).
Leave Urooxlyn Pulton at (by Anuix) 8 CO A M
do. New York, Desbrosse st ,,h.45 do
do do Ues '.'.itat P 00 do
For AMIAN'Y. landiuv at Yonkrr,Wett Point, New
burgh, Poughkeepsle, Rhiuebfck Catskill, and Hudson.
Hudson l.iver Steamer Wary Powell.
Leaving West 22d St. Pier3:30 P.M.,
(Sundavt excepted,)
for POfiToV. PKOYlJif-NCK. Vt'OKt fcbfEK. and all
New hngland Polntn. Full ulgUt's rest, tihortert rail
leae Pier lit. , R. foot Warren t . at tt 3.. P M daily,
except hunday. arri-ind at Providence A M , Roiton
7il' A M A line rt hetraoii f ai h steamer
Tickets and ftalin oini secured at 20 Sft7 VTiH, tctl.
M4. and 17 Proadway. A tor House Windsor, and
( oimopolttan Hotels all office-, N Transfer to In
New York and lirookl)n who will cult (or and oheik
bnirifAKe from hotel or residence to destination. Tele
rihnni, nail I rtrllBTtiit fl tt 'ri.
lean (old pier 41) N ,R., foot Canal it, tl I'. M. Dally
(hundu)a exceiielj. cnnnectlng v-ltli rtlMUHAI.
hTEAUU,tT irXI'KEBrl for HAltATO.
ua, itui: crtiuoi:, lam: t ham.
PLAIN, HtllA.VAC I.AIti:, and other AMI.
KONlKll K l'OI.NTh.
for Rostnn Worcester and all rolnts NORTH and 1, APT,
bTKAMKHt? leave PlI.R M .NOHUI HH EU (n-xt pir
above Deslmast Ptreet rerr), DAILY iBundar ex
cepted), at AitIO 1. M, Tickets and stateroom ae
cured at principal ticket omces In ew ork, Rrook
lyn. and Jersej City at Pier , North Rher andon
steamers. Hi'I CML J.XCL'RSION up t-aturday nltrbta
and down Sundays from New York to Nun London and
return J Norwich and return fii' hunda) steamer
leaes orwlrU7 P M . New London 0 P Al
The inid route Provldfnre Worcester, Narrat-an-sett
ritr. -tnd Wat'h Dili bieamer RlluDL IciLAND
and NARRAOANNI-TT leave new I'lertiit, .North River,
one block aboe Canal st, at & P. M, bund) excepted.
City of Troy or Saratoga lene l'l,r 4K. N, It. foot
West P'lh st, dally except Katurda), P M. ripresi
tralm for SAretoga, Luke (..org. Adirondack.. Sun
diy ileanirrlnuchel lit Album SAltAlllUA EXCUlt
hl&N.ttfto LtkMII'.OIiUC 3."H
J. HUliY, I'ler .i:., I.ait Hirr fioii.f Catharine sl,
11 .to A. M , cnnnectlng with tlirongh trains on Ntuga'
tuck and Housatonlo Kailroada
and CATBMLI, leave Pier .is, N. K.fool of Jay it.,
every week day at P. M. connecting with Catskill
etountaln tnd t'tlro it It. Directory o( Sumiu.r llottlt
tnd Hoarding llnusei free tt pier or milled to any id
drill by W.J HUOIIES,Tnaiurtr. L.uklll. N. Y.
RAMSDELL LINK -For Newburgh. tiihklll. Corn
wall. Cold t-priig tiiUMeii t'MiuLfr'.m Irankila
it pltr, N. IL, v,eek dtyitt 3 P. !., Sunduji, I) A Al.
STEAMIIthllEI IKItlN,4NDIeales Pier .Kt r River
Titet.. Thur. and '-at ul " P M lur l. lent iireen
nrL lleller Islili'l 'iti'l See i'a-l.or 1 ai s ..' ilarl'- r
.14 301' M M'.n Mod. end In nh ' l .1 il.tr CapL '
SAI'ORRTIES sTKAMEIt-Saugrrlles Jlondtyi, W.d
iieda)t, Iridtyt, foot Franklin it, HP M
F.XCl'RSION (GOOD DATfcVi t''1? ..
8t.im.rs l.ivi Pick slip. Pltr M.K B. 8 T. M . tnd
il P. kt. dilly. iic.pt BunSiys, conn.oUog with trtUt
M- UUBIUBN, UuittlO, Bprinf Otia. P.l. at.
initroatldr. wM
Trtlni tiav. ststlons, font of llcvkratlt. ill S3
t'onl.n.t Ht., as follewsi SS
mo A. m.-tiii: FAST LINE for th. W.IL rw. BJSJ
man eitlbut. sinning md Ptrlor Ctrl. Arrive
(leteland ,'u2v A ., columbui ft-so A. it,, Ohlctgt
Aiu P M. and Kt Louli 7-no p M, nut day,
Connecu ilsn for WlilliirioorL Lock Haven, a. t
It. novo, tlcept bunday and Toledo, txctpt bilar
LlMtTl.li compoitd extlustveiy of Pollmtn Veitt-
t.i.le Drtwiug tnd Mtte Room, sinning Dining.
Smoking, md Oliservitiou Cars, preieiitlng financial I
report, itenoiraplien and typewriters, bithroem.
for both teres, lidlis' maid barbir shop, library. .
and all the cont emencei of home or oftlce. llat4 i
by iieani and lighted by iiatunary tnd movtbl.
eleei'lc Itgliis. Arrive! Llnctnntil 7il0 tnd Chloti. i
li 4i a. M nexldtl . ,
NaTI KXfRFSS. Pullman Vesllbult sleeping Oar
and Dining ar New nrk le st Louie, Chicago and
Ctnclnmtl. 1'A.senger loach New York to Columbut,
Arrirei Cincinnati 11. is A M, Chicago hiuo r. at.
and si Louli 7 tin P M nixtday.
Oitllk I. .M.-TIIK WhMERN EXPRESS for aU
points tn tti. WeiL Nnrlhwesl end SouthwesL Pnll-
man Vestibule Sleeping car New Yori to Pittiburc,
M Louis. Chicago i Inrlnitatl. and Mrraphta. r.nn.
eylTaiita Railroad Dining Car New York to Pbllad.l- t,
nhia. Arrlvesai tlnclnnstl '9i P M Chlcagvil I
V iL next d.y, anu st Louli 7,io A. M lecond morn. t
Inr ronuecti tor Cleveland and Toledo dally, .t
i.pt Saturdai I
8,oo p. ti.-VAririO EXPRESS. Pnltman Tastlbnl. :'
Bullet Sleeping Car New ork tn rhtcago, Nw Yark ?,
tn Memphli via the Shenandoah Vailiy: arrive.
Cotumuus Tilft P. 11 . Cleveland t) 'is p M, next day, 4
and t'blcagn 7 ho A M lecond morning Conmctl ,
for ToteJodilly. tnd for Corry, tni th Oil Rigittt,
Cieveltnd, tnd Coluinbui exceal stturday. ;;
"Washington Limited Expren ot Pullman Parlor ',
Cars dally, exc.Dl Sunday, l.i in A, M arrive Wash. I
Inrton 3 so P M and "Congreisional Limlt.d '
dally, with Dining Car. at 3 2.) I' M , arrive Wash
ington Ul p M.- regular express. H 20, Sr, en
H1M1 A. M., 2' 10. 4 '0. SIXi, tnd 0 00 P. M , tnd 12-13
tughL For Btltlmort only, 1 0.) P. M , Sunday :1S -i
and s i A. M.. 4 30. 5-rtl and b:bu P !.. and I2:lt
mgbt For potntion Cbeapnkt tnd Ohio Rtliwty
and clnclsnitL hlnpert. Dining Ctr, and Cotchu
through, Siuo r M. dally. :
FOR ATLANTIC CITY. 2 1K P. SI. (Through Bnfftt P
lor Car and Day Coach) wnk dtyt, conaeott for
Brown'. Mllli For Capi Mar. Iiim P M week-diva
For Old rolnt anil Norfolk. Tit New York. Phllidel-
phla A Nurfelk Railroad )iA. M dally ixcept Sua-
dav and nno p M dattyt via fiitilmor and Bay
llnl. 2il0 P. M. week-dtyt
Exprisi Trtlni Utve ts fotlowtt
to 7-so. sisi. s 3o fiw no-no chlctto Limited
with Dining Ctr and In lu Waihlnttiin Limited), ant
1 1 I A L. 12 '20 I 0 2 10. S -00, 1 JU 4 lOO, 4 130, S OO,
6-I..I, 0 I'M) miO andtlX)P M and 13.15 nlghL Ae
commodallon. 1IU0 A. St., 4 4o and 71 P. M. Bun
dart. Express 0 IS, H-tli n to (10 -no Limited) tnd
10 Oil A It 2 00.4-00,4 110 SilO,Ui3,l SMjOandUiOtl
P M..and 11 IS night. Accommndatloa 7 CO P. M
The New Tork Tramfir Company will call for ant
.heck baggage from holeli tnd reudencea.
lor time lablei of local Iralm apply t any tlcktt
agent of the comptny.
Genera! Manager. General Pai.'r Agint,
OnlyMfTrain I
New. York and Chicago, I
And the only line running its U
Dining Car Through to Chicago. J
3:00 P. BL, 6:00 P. HI., 8:30 P.M. Ii
And All'l'olnt.'wett.
Leav. NEW YORK, foot ot Liberty IL. tt followti
ForCIUCAOd, .1-.li P M. 12 ISA M.
At.. 2 OO P. M 3lM P. M., StOO r. M, 12:15 A. M. Ail
trains dtllv except 11 3D A. M. Kuadav.
Ticket Offlcei 201 413. and 1.140 Broadway. N Y.
and pei Broadway. Brooklyn STATION FOOT OF
LIBhRTY ST (l enlrat R ll of N J )
New York Transfer Company wilt call for tnd chtell
bagguge trom hotel or rtsldeuce.
Oen'l Mtntgtr. Oe.'l Ptutngtr Ag.nt
J MtAHltlllP VIZl'AlA. '(
Cam Cunill,
will fail from company t pier, 21 N. R-. on Frldty,
Jnne .0. at 1 M , tawing freight and paiiengen dirtol
for Havana, Progres.i, era Crux. Tuxpam. and Tampion,
v.ith uautahlpmeut at llatana for Nuevitaa, Oibara.
Cadiz Barteloua, Malaga, rartagena, Allcanta, tni
Atencla. For further particulari apply to
J M. lKBLLO! A CO. Agenlt SO Wall IL
The tine steamer CCMRhRLAND and STATE Of Vk'
MAINE (fare Lommerrlat Wharf. Roston, for Last port. Mi
( alals Mr. and M John, N. K. H.ja A. M , .Mondays, H
WeLine'dajh and rrldaj. U
Cinse couuectlon made with all rail and iteamllnea
entenutr Hnnon
International sb Co, E A WALDRON. (.en'l Anent. f
t e bftw reu New York Potuhampton. and Ham m
burr by Ui matinltlcent new twin m rew steamers of m
IO.ik-') ton and l.o t" himxi horsepower Tbl Una ci
hold the record for fastebt trlpa to atitl from South
ampton and the Continent, equal to six days two hours Is
to Queenstown 11
Hamburtf' merlcan General Passenner ARenta, fi.
Packet Co., 37 Uruad t; It. RICHARD A CO . W
way, N. Y 01 ltroadway, New Yfrk. i
The only direct line to t'otiaife Citr Mass, and Port m
land. Me connr-ottnc at Portland with alt rallroadsanl FJ
ateamihin lines for i'ar Hnrbur. old Orchard. Poland l
Sprint Milt MnuutalnN Rockland, Ranffor, Eastport, M
andM John, .N R. and all I. astern a miner resort p
bleamersBaii eTery N dneaday and aludy at 5 P M. fc'
from PI-r-SH I-an Hirer, fnnt of Market St., .New Tork. l
Por further inrormmlnn .tpply to m
HORATlo H ALI. agent at the pier. F
. rnMI'ANY -The Iron Stramship TA- U
rrmltoflxiS LLNCIA. Capt F (' Miller leinesl'ier E
Ymv7 4n, E II. Clinton sl Tue,s. at ft P.
V fa.a. , m for Cottage City. Mass. RocLland.
Ct;rrA liangor. all poluli on Penobscot lilvet IB
vSSflil2fcx Eistport. Me and sl John. N. U. Ml-
r i.erb accommndalions and low fartl. Hi
y Freignt al luwest rales and no trant tgj
ferrtli7. tii.o.is recelted dally Addl W
w tlonnl steamhti al sn'.n as arrange- VJ
mentiarecompieie. further particulari and Inform. m
lloiionappllcati.il N L Nl 1 I ilMlt General Man- BJ
ger. hJHroada- O J MALKItfcLU F and P. Agent. B
All itearaeniall from pleri 10 m
and 1 7, I. R at .IP, M
C. OF CflLl-HHI A. " ' tav,.S.4.r. Jan. II
YL'MURI, "rmrr,E??trVn WUlt
BARATOGA, Hal ana and Cardinal . Wed June It
,.,, jllav PrugriAi aui,eche. rroutera
ORIZABA. andVeraCrur . .eat Jun2l
.c.i:NFn:(.04. "rSShSA" de.Tnurt. 5'un. It
IMtl ciillat tiUHiitanamoon outward trip.
steainen .'ill from plir foot of 2d it. Iloboken.
Werra Kit Jiinelt,8PM Trnve Wed ,.lune2-MI A.M. .-'
Saale. tied June IH, 7 A. M. Hbe eat June 2H. 2 P. M. '(
LinasaL Jiine2I.H .ua M. I aim Wed.. July 2, 4 P. M.
first cabin ttoo and upward a lierih. acoordlng t.
locxtlon .ecund cabin, J-'.O and 100 a berth-, stteragi tt
'"" OELRirilS A CO.. 2 Howling Green.
eat lug from New I ork and Antwerp every wnk.
Slrimihlp HtSTIlllNLAND H ed . June IH. at 6 A. M.
Miam.blpWAEbLAND Wed . June 23, at 11 A.M.
Cabin llatei Pint cabin, tlv and upward, leoondotb
tn t4o and t4S: exrursiou Hcketi at rtductd rtttt
I'hTKU Vi HIOHTA SONS. l.u Agn tl Bowling Ornn.
0 AND MOVILI.E (LONDONDERRY), with througb
ti.-keiitt reduced rttritoLlttrpool London, Dublin....
hTATh OF UEOItGIA . .Tbundty, June In. ft A, M.
Catdn paisagt. f S'i tn f-V). tooording to location of
itaiero'im Excursion ticket, to. to tov St.erag.
tii'.ets to and from all parti of Huron, at lowest rat.a.
from pier t oluinbla Mi.ret. South lerry, llrooklyu, N.
Y lor frtlght tli'l passagt ilibly to
AUhTIN BaLDHIN A CO. Utu Agt ,63 Hrotdwty, N T.
Humeri, New ork. (jorenstown, and LtrerpooL
OERMANIO . ...tteoneldty, Junt IB rt 30 A. M.
11 I'lOMO Wednei'Iar. Juiie.'. 11 A M.
Very mperior lecond ctbln tccoitiruodatioiii on Mtjet
tlc tnd Ttutonlo htnrtge to tnd from the old country.
t:o company', oniot.41 llrotdway and on the wharf,
fool West lOtb It J HIUVE IHMAV AginL
(ftlftiioiu. ami llUrtinfltf.
w) broadway new york, june 3, 1890.
A muting of tht stockholdirt of tht LAKB BRIB
t tht cnmptny'i ofllci In thi City of Bloomlngt.n,
III. on WEDNESDAY. JfNE 2ft, Iwo. to tot on
the ttrnit tud condllloni of Hi tcqulilllon by thtt
company of tht property, corpnraie right! tnd
franohlsei of the lort Hum Clnclunttl tnd Louit
Ulle lliilroad lonuany nl the iroperty, cog
p.ir&te right, mid ir.ni'ii-e. nf it,. Jn.ilananolit
i.u 1 ft. r I a. er" . .nifv iinr ! 'he cnsoiida.
iiuii ..I l..innr K.li'lii.t. a'l.i cajll.il Hoik of
in.) c -in,, el, ie. mth il. e proi vrlv, Ira . rinses, and cap t
1 . .ii.. k ot mi. r " p." nul to i u.hurue ih. pur-
i has. if ci'tine, nig ii... "id the issue of th.com-
iau)'i bondi fur .'irh puri.bii.ri and coniolldtllon,
and forth, improvement end .Ulpment of th too
i.auy'i line.
Tht traniter bookt will be olostd tt 8 o'clock P. M. oa
Widmiday, Jnnt 11, HVA tnd rmpen.d tl 10 o'oloek
A, . a Xbtirtdty. Junt if. IBM, "
X. tt 40U WAX, Iltnial7 aU fttattjrta,

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