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Desperate Effort") to Itratnrn Parly Bin.
elpllne Kronen Anery llrectlise I'nKlnml
(line o Feint "nr Theatre slnniiBers
I'niactx limit I.oadu or Tnlent Wntter
' Wehb htllcl-en mlth I'artlnl IllUdneaa
The City or I'm In Will Not Hull Ilefbre
November ltrrnhurdt'ie Ilnetora Inalnt
I llrnt Nhe Take n JleM American Ho-
r elety People HcartlnR Tor Home Mary
Anderson to he Slurried nn Tuendny,
tviirttliU laV H Tu" Pri IMnflno and ruMlinlno
Tjosdon". Juno 14. Tho fighting policy of
tlio Opposition, resolved upon unrlv la tlio Fnr
lifimAntnrv noAsion in t onsonuenca of tho In
troduction of tho Government I. im J bill, and
strengthonod by tho unpopular proposal to
compensate llijuor sollerrt nt tho cost of tho
" taxpayers, hos this wook received addltlonnl
and most striking justification. Thooxlstlnc
7 Governmont, whoso normal majority in tho
House of Commons Is ovor eighty, stands dis
credited and doinornllred In faco of tho con
temptuous country, and only tlio Instinct of
eelf-proBorvution pretonts it from committing
sulcldo by npponllng to tho constituencies.
TkecrltU la duo to that which tho Tories In
rubllcdonounco as obstruction, but which In
private they mournfully admit to be tlio bril
liant parliamentary btrategy of tho Llboral
leaders and tholr Irish allies. Tho legisla
tive mnohtno hns boon brought almost to
a deadlock, and can only bo sot going
.' again by lubrication in tl form of
( J new rules of procoduio. ... ordlnnry
I clrcnmstancos tho Uovommont would haTo
( eolvod tho dlflloulty by dissolving Parliament
and appeallne to tho doctors to record in tho
ballot boxes their opinion of tho conduct of
the Opposition. That this Government hns not
followed tho traditional course oi7er ample
proof that they foar tho rosult of a general
lection, and fully justifies the tactics of Glad
stone) and his followers.
Lost week seornl Cablnot councils woro
held to consider the best means of duelling tho
Incipient mutiny In tho Tor -Unionist ranks.
a meeting which was roflectod In tho Cabinet
ltsolf by tho existence, ol grnvo dllTorencos of
i i opinion among the Ministers in rogard chiolly
to tho ordor of procodoncy to bo glv en to tho
principal Government bills. Tho decisions
taken at one council woro varied at tho not,
"' and llnally tho Ministers agrood to take tho
opinion of a party cnucus before doing any-
!fet thing at all. Tho caucus was bold nt tho Carl-
ton Club, tho olUclal headquarters of Tory-
. Ism, and wnn marked by scenes re
ft froj-hlng. indeed, to I.lbornl observers.
A The Tories woro divided Into three distinct
W camp9, first in which wero nil the Ministers
w ho fa ored the cstobllshmont of a now stand
ing ordor by means of which bills not passed
by tho end of ono session might bo introduced
!i into the new sosslon and carried forward wlth-
-A out debuto to tho point at which they had pro-
W Tlously stood. The members in tho second
m group urgod dropping ono of tho three most
'n Important bills, preferably tho Irish Land
Purchase bill, nnd forcing tho remnindor
through this sosblon by freo uso of closure or
' Bag. The third group, which comurlsed somo
of the most influential unofllclal members of
the party. ndocated tho early closing of tho
present session nnd the roassombllngof I'nr-
llament in the fall. Tho discussion was stormy,
' and tho mooting broke up amid much oxclte-
) xnent without coming to a decision.
The tamo evening Lord Salisbury Intimated
to Lord Ilartlngton that ho must come to the
assistance of tho Goicrnment. and ilartington
J promptly con oued a caucus of his nondescript
party, which was duly held yostorday. Tho
meeting was almost as stormy as that at tho
Carlton Club, but as nino out of ton of thoso
yft. present knew, nnd, in point of fact, were coert-
1 'r, lyremlndod by llnrtlngton thnt tholr political
I I lives dopendod upon tho existence of the pros-
y ent Goernmont, u resolution was passed in
fjT faor of the new standing order ns rocommond-
IV ed by Hnlisbury.
' Mcnnwlillo tho Tory malcontents bad organ
ized a formidable- movumont In faor of an au
tumn ses-lon, but the mooment collapsed in a
comical manner upon tho mutineers receiving
astern intimation that persistence would re
sult In the reslgnntlou of Mr. .Smith and prob
ably tho dissolution of Pnrliamont Discipline
has not boon wholly restored, howeor, in tho
Tory ranks, for last night in n critical dhislon
In tho lloufce of Commons tho Goornment
majority shrunk to 32 Tor tho momont a
crisis has boon avortcd, but it may and prob
ably will rocur nt short notlco, and most im
portant events may happon within tho noxt
few nocks.
Tho Grand Old Man has taken a loading part
in tho fray, and Is ns active, ns alert, and as
tionoful as tho youngest of lilt, followors.
The resignation of Police Commissioner
Monro, although not directly connected with
politics, has further dnraagod Homo Secretary
Mattbows In tho estimation of the public and
has ttrengthenod tho fooling among the Tories
thnt ho is tholr. lonnh, nnd must bospeodlly
thrown oorboard. Technically Monro was In
tho wrong. He had ndvocnted tlio just de
mands of his mon for bettor pay nnd tho estab
lishment of a pension fund with a degroo of
zeal which overran discretion, nnd he
finally Hung what wns practically an
ultimatum nt tho hoad of the Secretary of
1 Btale. whoso subordinate, ho wbb supposed to
. be. Matthews doellnod to bo bulllod, and
' Monro had no option but to resign. Tho poo-
) rlo will not mourn lor him. for during his bilof
tenure of ofllco ho permitted himself to be a
tool of the Ton Ucnuriimont in suppressing
public meetings and cui tailing the right of
etroot processions. ( rltics who do not under
stand their subject lnuo boon predicting a mu
tiny In tho forcoas a result of Monro's retire
ment. Nothing of the kind will occur. Itwns
reported inTiir. hu" a fortnight ago that tho
agitation among the I oil omen was conllnoil
toafowof thojouugor nun nnd would ll.vlo
out. Nothing has occurred sinco to rendor
uecessaiy any inodlllcatlon of this Wow, Tho
fc mon hnvo not competent Jondois among thorn-
BN eles, nnd Matthews lias recognised tho jus-
" tlceof tho claims which hnobueu put forward
Bi on their bohalf ny Introducing a supornunua-
B, tlon bill into tho House of Commoiib. Tho po.
V llcen en will not receive so much ns Monro
M asked for them, but thoy will got enough to
H , allay discontent,
H Tho Nowfoundlnnddologatos.who hnvo boon
m here Iof s than a week, haeshockod tho bureau-
m cratsof tho foreign colonl.il departments by
H writing to tho uowspapors and giving tntor-
m viows to reporters:, In flagrant disregard of
dlplomatlo etlauetto. They havo bocn ro-
B quested to bo mora cautious, nnd, Iim low of
PJI the dellcuto character of tho negotiations now
H proceeding, tho warning Is onuldorcd justilla-
BM ble. La Van, which Is indisputably tho organ
Hj of tho L'lystSe, doclnrcd yesterday that Trance
B mustusoforco tocompol tho Kngll'ti to evae-
B ' uate Egypt, Presumably, thoreforo. Lord
m Salisbury liss finally refiibbd to clvo up tho
H land of the Pharaohs In oxchango for tho eur-
1 rendor of tho Trench fishing rights In Now-
H foundland. It is an ojien secret thnt tho lirit-
H ien proposal to buyout those rights has not
H been roioivod Willi much favor by the Trench
H (lovornmcnt, uud It Is rcn-unably certain that
Hj the present Chamberw ill reject any bottlomout
H which does not includo or nlioit rgypt. Here-
H toforo public interest In tho matter In Great
B Ilrllaln lias beon vory languid, tho averago
Englishman having Loon undor the lmpies.
H elontlikt thociuestlonwtts purely ono of lob-
plorsnnd cod. Hut now that it Is understood
that It may Involve tho country In a sorious
quarrel with France, tho course of negotiations
will bo closoli and jonlously watehod, Tho
nvcrngo Knullslimau nforomontloned, who
knows llttlo of nnd cores loss for tho New
foundlander Is ory scnsltlvo and evon belll
coso w lion tho siibjoct of tho withdrawal from
L'gypt is bronchod,
Mnjor Wlssmann loft Cairo on Thursday
on route for Ilorlln. During his short stay In
Igvpt ho received from and eont to his Gov
ornmont many long descntahos, but it Is not
probable thnt tho African dlsputo botweon
Hngland nnd Gormany will bo Bottled until ho
hns personally reported to l'mperor William
and Chancollor Cnprlvi. Tho Governmont here
Is daily questioned on tho subject In Parlia
ment, but docllnes to clvo uny Information.
There Is little reason to doubt, hovvovor, that
tho negotiations will rosult In connexions to
tho Gormnns in rogard to tho territory west ot
lotorI11Nyan7aln return torn Gorman evacu
ation oMMtu In tho oast. That sooms to be
Stacloi's opinion also, although ho declines to
commit hlmnolf to dofinlto statement. Ho
recently rocelvod a communication from
tho British Torolgn Ofllco which would
furnish Interesting roadlog could it
bo innde public. Its effeot upon him
was mnrvellous, for ho has coasod do
nounclng tho Gormnns, and now tolls Lng
lishmon: "Tho aottlomont ot the African
quostlon Is tho oaslost thing lmnglnable. It is
purely a mnttor of gho and tnko. Tho Afrlcnn
wlldorness Is not worth a shot fired in anger
botwoon Lngllshaon and Germans. It is not
worth oven an exchange of angry words."
King Milan hns this weok uxporionced tho
novol sensation ot finding a nowspnpor with a
good word lor htm. The fact thnt tho nows
paper In quostlon is tho Aoroe I'mma, tho
seml-ofllclnt organ of tho Kusfilnn Govern
ment, should suggest evon to Milan's mind
that the' praise is not nltegothor dlslntoicstod.
Itussla. it sooms, among all hor adherents In
Serv in cannot count a man of groat Intellectual
gifts, strong norv o. and, abov e nil, of command
ing inlluonco in tho Servian army. According
to the jVoioc Vremva. Milan nossossos nil
theso qualities and qualifications, but
ho doos not lovo Itussla, The ob
jection, howovor, is not thought to
bo Insurmountable Milan must rosldo
a certain part of every year In Itussla, nnd
len-n to lovo. Hut Milan has said with much
force of languago that he will not wrlk into
tho ltusslan parlor, no matter how alluring
tho wily spider may make It. Ho nbdicated a
crown for tho sako of enjo ing llfo in Tarls nnd
in othor placos where onjoymont is to be had.
and ho won't havo any more fttato business to
worry blm if ho can help it.
Meanwhile tho stato of alTairs in Servia Is
extremely disquieting Austria has punished
tho radical Muscovite Government by prohib
iting tho import of Sorvlan cattle, thus ruining
horvia's greatest Industry. Tho farmers and
poosants are. In consequence, prepared to kick
tho ministry into the Danube nt the first op
portunity. Tho game Is. of course, really
being playod by Russia nnd Austria, and tho
balance of Huropenn opinion points to the
former as tho eventual winner.
Thovoung Italian Crown Prlnco hns bcon
feted and potted at Berlin with a vigor and cor
diality Intended to ofTaco tho momorles ot his
ltusslan tour. He Is now on his way homo,
carefully avoiding tho Austrian routo. as, ac
cording to kingly etiquette, no Italian Prince
can sot foot In Austria until Emperor Francis
Josoph has returned tho lalt of King
Mr. T. I. O'Connor is about to sovor his con
nection with tho smart little Star, tho brightest
afternoon newspaper In London. He founded
this journal after infinite labor and pushod It
to success almost from Its Inception. Latterly
O'Connor has not nulled so amicably with bis
codlroctors as was desirable, and a sepasatlon
bocamo a necessity. O'Connor 'oaves the con
cern with tho solaco of 15,000, In exchange
for which ho pledges himself not to start an
othor nowspaper in London for threo rears.
Mr. Justico Mathow and n apodal jury In tho
Queen's Bonch were occupied three days this
wook In bearing an action for libel brought by
G. W. Dulterilold. an American wine promoter,
against a financial newspaper. Tho plaintiff
conducted his own case nnd lost, but Justico
Mathow remarked to tbo jury that ho cortatnly
had no fool for Ills client.
"Tho plaintiff." said tho Judge, "is an un
commonly clover and dexterous man, and ho
conducted his cafe with great ability, and
tnero wns no reason to riipposo that Ameri
cans had lost anything ot the native shrewd
ness of their race, while developing many
otbor good qualities."
Major Pond has completed his contrncts for
lecture engagements, and sailed for Now York
from Glasgow on tho Furnessio. Stanley
Bignod a contract on Monday for a courso of
fifty lectures la America, beginning In Now
lorkon Nov. 11. SlrMoroll MackenMo's con
tract for twenty lectures nnmes October as tho
month for the groat physician's visit. Major
Pond has also ongagod Louis Tagan. n high olTl
cor of tbo British Museum, for a courso of
twonty-four lectures, to begin in November In
Boston, where bo will glvo sovon lectures bo
foro tho Lowell Institute.
I'rodorlck Vlllora will also visit Amorlca dur
ing tho winter to locturo under Major Pond's
management. Nor Is Pond tho only mnn who
is In London to find new amusements for tho
American public. Unthocontrary.lt Is prob
able that never before were there bo many
American thontrlcal managers hero as at tho
prosont time. Daniel Frobman has bocn hero
this weok visiting tbo various thoatres and
taking notos. Joseph P. Reynolds of tho Tilth
Avonuo Theatre hns been here longer, tils mis
sion boing toBecuro attractions for tho now
Lraplro In Now York. A. M. Pnlmor arrived
yestordav. AlHaymonof rnn irnnclsco has
just returned, having mndo an engagomont to
tako tho London Gaiety oompany over his
wostorn circuit. T. D. Marks has ongaaed the
muth-photograpbod Maud Brnnseombo. who
had retired from tho stago to travel with an In
ternational vaudevlllo company. A. if. Cnnby,
Francis Wilson's manacor, Is in town awaiting
Wilson's return from Paris.
F. 1). Price, who has ongagod Walter Dncro
to suppoit Mr.s. I.osllo Carter, Is soarchlng the
tbontroH for more talent. Col. W. V. Sinn of
the l'.uk Tboatro, Brooklyn. Is likowiso hore,
nnd so are Mllward Adams of tbo Chicago
Auditorium and Arthur B. Cbnse, manager of
tho Booth and Barrett combination. Two othor
Americans w ho are in London orgnnling com
panies nia L'dwin Clonry, who is forming a
light opera troupe to go to South America, and
J, C. Williamson, who has bocorao the biggost
tbeatilcal munagor in Australia nnd Intends
to take some of tho loading attractions thither
from London theatres.
There Is also an unusually largo numbor ot
Aiuoricnn aotors and nctrossos hore spending
tholr money, Sndlo Martlnot arrived by the
City of Home, and is studying at tbo Avonue
Thoatre tho part sho is to take in " Dr. Bill" at
the oponlnc of tlio Madison Square Garden
Theatre. Fanny Davonport and hor husband
nrualso in town, nnd so nro Kate Forsyth,
Margaret Mather, Carrie Turner, Lilian Lawis,
llolen Bancrolt, Cora Tanner, Minnie Palmer,
Lvans .1 Hoey, Donnelly and Glrard, Otis Skin
ner, llalph Delmorc, nnd Harry Lee, and, of
courso, all of Augustln Daly's company, and
Mary Andernon and Grace Hawthorne.
Lvansand Hoey and Donnelly and Glrard,
who are all fast friends, came over on tbo City
of Homo. The quartet latter a warm g&ino of
poker woro on deck In company with a dozen
or so congenial cbnmpngne bottles when tho
steamer struck Tastnet itock at 3 o'clock on last
Sunday morning, lion the frightened pas
eonger rushed on deck Hoey proposed three
clioers lor tho Captain lor striking the rock
! and throo more for the lighthouso man for bo.
incnsloon. Glrard, hovvovor, took things moro
I seriously and disembarked nt Quoorstown In
1 his slippers, lenvlugallhtsluggago on board.
Fornnndn Yynnga has snllod on tho Totitonla
with his bride, formorly Miss Mnbol Wright.
Tholr stay In London was cut short, owing to
tlio sorious llluoss of Mrs. Yynnga's mother.
Mr.Yynaga'sflstor. tlioDiichosof Manchester,
was not able to entortnln her brother's brldo to
nny groat extent, ns sho Is still in deep mourn
ing. Tho Duchoss Is staring quietly nt a llttlo
house on the Thamos belonging to James Gal
latin of Now York. Sho suffers from nu acute
attack of St. Vitus dance.
On tho Toutonio wero Mr. nnd Mrs. Ogden
JIlll". who will spona tho soason In Nowport:
nnd Mrs. Charlos Lnnlor und Miss Ltaio
Lnnlor, who will go at onco to their country
place at Lenox.
WnltorWobb. who nrrlvod from Now York
ton days ago, has bcon strlckon with partial
bllndnoss. Ho is with his brother, Dr. Soward
Wobb. at tho Borkoley Hotol. Tho eight of ono
oyo Is entirely gone. Tho calamity was brought
about by ov orwork.
Mile. Zollo Dolussan snng with groat success
at tho stato concert In Buckingham Pnlnco on
Trldny night an aria from "Tho Uuoon of
Shoba" and n duot from "llomoo ctJuttotto."
by tho snmo composer, with llnrton McGukln.
Miss Elizabeth Marbury. who has put aIdo
tho pleasures of fashionable lifo and gono In
for tho management of plays, nrrlvod In town
with Miss Llslo De Wolfo from Paris this neok.
Miss Marbury Is arranging with Daniel Frob
man for tho production of Mrs. Hodgson Bur
nett's plays. Sho has n French version of Llt
tlo Lord Tauntleroy, which is to bo brought out
In Paris, provided she can find a theatre.
A ory pretty Loudon woddlngthls week wns
that of Miss Vlolotta Marion Aldou. daughter
of W, S. Aldon. famous In Now York n few
yoars ago as "tho llfth column man "of tho
'Avici, who hns since boon living In Italy, to
Fdward Corning Townsond of Buffalo. Tho
coromony wns performed at All Saints'
Church on Tuosday, rnd Mr. and Mrs, Town
send are now on tho Contlnont.
Mr. and Mrs. Ballard Smith sail foi Now
York to-morrow on tho Elbe.
The Board of Trndo Inquiry into the causes
of tho dlsnstor to tbo City of Paris will begin
in Liverpool on Mondny before tho Board of
what are known ns tho Nautical Assessors,
composed of soa Captains. This Is nn ultra
rigid inquiry, which is soldom mndo except iu
casos of fatal marine disasters. But tho offi
cers of tho Inmnn and International Company
desire to havo the fullost Investigation possi
ble mado. aud aio affording ovory facility tor
tho inquiry. Tho City of Tarls is now lying nt
Liverpool In tho snmo condition ns when sho
wns towed into port after tho accident, except
that she has boon entirely cloarod of the
debris. Cant. Wntklns, First Engineer Wall,
nnd tho live englnoers nnd gronsors who were
in tbo englno room at tho tlmo of the accident,
will testify. On Tuesday tho City of Paris will
bo Inspectod by the Board of Trndo jun, and
after that repalre will be begun at once. As
thorolsno hole through tho bottom of tho
steamer tho work will progress rapidly, but tho
Inrnan Compan) will not advortlso her to sail
before November.
Mrs. Langtry Is recovering from her Illness,
but sho Is still so woak that it will bo Impossi
ble for her to go on tho stago until autumn
Baroli Bernhardt has postponed hor nppenr
nnco In London until tho 23d Inst, whon sho
will tako the part of 00110. Her doctors
havo Insisted on her taking moro rest before
aglnn playing.
The racing at Ascot next weok promises to
bo interesting, for. according to present ar
rangements, tho battle between Surefoot and
Sainfoin will bo fought over again. For tho
Boynl Hunt Cup, to bo run at Ascot noxt wook.
Imp and Marion are favorites. 100 to 15 being
laid against each of them. I e Nord Is first fa
vorite for tho Grand Prix, to be run nt Paris
to-morrow, 200 to 100 boinc laid against blm.
Whistler's book, which ho has at list pro
duced himself in splto of tho wiles of private
publlshors. will be glvou to tho world on Mon
day, An advanco copy, which I have noon to
day, proves It to be ontltled ton placo among
tho cariosities of lltorature. It Is callod "Tho
Gentle Art of Making Enomles as Pleasingly
l'-xomplKlod In Many Instancos Wherein the
Serious Ones of this Earth Carefully Exaspe
rated havo been Prettily Spurred on to l'n
seemllnoss and Indiscretion whllo Overcome
by an Undoe Sense of Itlght."
Tho book Is dedlcatod thus:
"To tho rare fovvwho early In lifo havo rid
themselves of tho friendship of tho mnny these
pathetic papers are inscribed. '
It Is beautifully printed en hoavy unglnrod
white paper, with very broad margins. Tho
contonts includo most of the criticisms upon
tho author's works of art. with tho court rec
ords of Whistler's suit against Buskin for llbol.
tho Ton O'clock Lectures, and Eomo very
spirited correspondence between tbo author
and a fow of his enemies. Tho broad margins
of the pages Whistler has utlllod for what
ho calls "Hofloctions" upon tho mntorial
ot the pages, and In this way he gets
in some very sharp thrusts. For Instance, on
the margin of tbo pago where is printed Trlth's
testimony in favor of tho dofondant In the suit
of Whistler net. Buskin, there are quoted those
linos from Frlth'u autobiography:
' It was just n toss-up whethor I bocamo nn
artist or an auctioneer."
Whistler's torse "llefloctlon" onds: "In this
Instance he must hnvo tossod up "
The chapter on "Bnlanm's Ass" Is dovotod to
thecritloof Vanity fair, Philip Gilbert Ham
mortou comes in for somo e-ircnstlo attontlon,
and Oscar Wlldo nnd sovornl othors for Whlst
lor's most caustic wit. Altogether, "Tho Oon
tlo Art of Making Euomlofi" Is calculated to
udd to the gnvoty ot the nations.
Every posslblo olTort is being mndo by the
Auderson and Navarro families to koop tho
tlmo and placo of tho trngodleuno's woddlng
from tho vulgar. It was given out n few vveoks
ago that the coromony would bo performed (a
Crompton Oratory In July, with much
grandeur, with a view to throwing curiosity
huntors.who are tho bano of such occasions,
off tho scent Miss Anderson w 111, howov er, bo
mnrrlod very qulotly on noxt Tuosday morning
nt tho Catholic chnpel In HnmpBtead, and only
afewot her most intlmato friends will be In
vited to tho coremony. Tho only bridesmaids
will be her two half slstors. HlanLbo and Jullot,
Geraldino Ulmar bade adlou to the Snvoy
Theatre to-night. Tho house was almost filled
with friends of the popular voung Amorlcan,
nnd there wns moro floral tributes on tho stage
than are often even at a first night. Miss
Ulraar will go next wook to Paris to study hor
part In "La Clgale ot La Fourml." with which
Bho will open at tho Ljrlo In October with
Oudrnn, tho compopor of tho operetta. She will
Ball for Amorlca. to spend tho summer, on
noxt Saturday,
Tho Lycoum Thoatro, whore Daly's company
are playing "Casting the lloomor.ing," has
beon crowded all tbo wook, nnd almost tho en
tire houso has bcon sold for many days to
como. The newspapers nro most extravagant
In tholr praises of the Amorlcan players, and
nltogothor Daly's fourth visit to London prom
ises to be moro successful even than his pre
vious sojourns here.
An American hotel sneak has beon arrested
this week In London who gives tho namos of
Thomas II. McLean and Baldwin. Ho is tho
most respectable of scoundrels In appearance,
dresses in tho height of fashion, and wears
jowels that nro genulno. Ills method is to
make acquaintances on tho trnn-Atlantlo
steamers, learn about their valuable, and ob
taining rooms near his victims In tho host
hotels, await opportunities for plunder. Per
haps ha Is the man who robbed Major Pond at
tlio Envoy Hotel. Tho Major lelt hitcoat.tntlia
I pockets of which wero 100 In 10 notes, In
his bodroom whllo ho was In his bath. During
Ids absonco somo one onterod tho bedroom nnd
I took 70 from tho roll, leaving the Major 30
to do business with. McLean or Baldwin wns
I arrested at tho Hotel Motropolo nnd tho
i pollcohavo been anxiously searching for somo
I Amorlcan who would bo nblo to recognize him
ns n crlminnl In order thut he may got tho full
benollt ot tho law.
Tho objections on tho part ot tho pottory
trndo to William Burgess, tho newly npoolntod
1 Unltod States Consul In the Tunstall district of
England, havo not boon ontlroly dono away
with. Yostorday, howovcr, a momotial signed
by roprosontntlvos of 80 por cont. of tho pottors
ongagod In tho Amorlcnn trado wns oresontod
to tho Homo Secretary urging the recognition
of Burgess,
The llnynllntn Admit There I No lions
for Monarchy nt 1'resent,
PAms, June 14. Tho spoooh of tho Count of
Tarls nt Richmond on Thursday evening
prntslne tho action of his son, tho Duko of Or
leans, in returning to Franco In splto of tho
decroo ofoxilo against tho Orleans family, and
seoklng to servo his time In the French nrmy,
provokos no fooling hero, not oven In Govorn
mont clrolos. Nolthor has It orousod nny on
thuslnsm nmong tho ltoynllsts. Somo of tho
lioyallst papers of tho widest circulation and
Influence go so far ns to say that for the pres
ent, at least all hopos of tho rei'stabllshment
or tho monnrchy must bo abundonod. 'Iho
dutv now inoumbent on the lioyallst party,
thoy urgo. Is to try nnd adapt Itself to tho re
public, to Increase Its Inlluenoe In politics, and
to gain control of tho Governmont,
'iUH V'iro hns recently published several
strong aiticlos In which It ureos this policy
upon the Hovnllsts, Indoed, the newspapers
find In aBpeochdollvored tho other day by M,
CoustniiB, Mlnlstorof tho Interior, a disposi
tion to tnko n moro favorable view of tho ten
dencies of tho ltojallst party.
The French Outlild tho Anierlrnn.
rvnrs. Juno 14. Tho pictures owned by tho
Into M. Crnbbo, n Bolglnn Sonntor, which woro
i-old In this city on Thursday, brought unpre
cedented pricos. Mr. Morris K. Josup and Mr.
Cornollus Vnnderbllt, representing the Now
York Metropolitan Museum of Art: Mr. Hutch
inson. President of tho Chicago Art Musoum;
Mr. William Whltroy. nnd a mimhor of tho
most prominent American nrt dealers wero
olthor prosont or woio represented Dy agonts.
The French buyers outbid tho Americans.
Although the salo waj tbo most Important
sinco the sulo of tlio Soerotan collection,
scarcoly a slng'o canvas Is going to Amorlca.
Stealing Stanley' I'roor Sheet.
Losnov, Juno 14. Tho SI. Jamn'i Gazrtte
Fnvs that a comploto set of tho proofs of Mr.
StanlOi's forthcoming work. "In Darkest
Africa." were obtained In n mystorious manner
by somo person, who offered copies to one Fjig
llsh newspaper and to two nowspnpers pub
lished in tho colonies. Theso copies wero uo
cepted by the nowspapors, but tbo publication
wns thwarted by a circular from tho house
whU h Is to publish the book, warning any per
ron against publishing tbo work, and notifying
nny one who did so that ho would bo held responsible.
M r, Whitney Coinlnc Home.
Fams. Juno 14,-Mr. William C. Whitney. ex
Secretary of the American navy, and his wife,
loft Paris to-day on tholr return to New York.
Among tho gnosis present at tbo banquet given
In thoir honor by Mr. W'hltelaw Held, tho Amer
ican Minister. Inst night, wero Count Hoi os.
the AuBtilan Ambassador t' France, and
Countem Iloyns: Count and Countess Pour
tales. Vlcountoss Courval. and a number of
otbor noted people)
Hays He Inveuted the Telephone.
Tabis. June 14 -M. Burstinl, tho French
cloctrlclan. has boon .emoted to M. Jules
llocho. Minister of Commerce. M. Rocho de
clares that M. Bursual Is a rival of Edison, and
that ho is tho real invoutor of tho telephono,
having discovered nnd applied the prlnclplo
twonty voirs In ndv.inco of either Edisen or
Boll. M. Hoelio ban Instructed M. Bursual to
undortnk" tho Improvement of tho extremely
dofectlvo telephone sorvlco of Paris and the
IVomen Honored at Cambridge,
LoMinv, Juno 14. Miss Tawcett is not alono
In winning nigh distinction nt tho Juno exam
inations of Cambrldgo Intversitj. The nn
nouncemont is mndo to-day that Miss Mar
garet Alford lias won first place In the classical
tripos. .Miss Alfonl Is a nloeo of Doan Alford.
famous for Ms critical edition of tho Grook
Teitument. Her Inthor. who is a rrencher of
much distinction. Is nlBo n lino classical
scholar. He has boon his daughter's principal
instructor In hor studies.
Ordered to Mop Eralii.
Bnnr.iv. Juno 14. Tho Government has In
structed tho Gorman ofllclals In East Africa to
prevent tbo Emln Pnsha oxpndltlon from en
tering Uganda whllo tho negotiations nro
ponding botwoen Gormeny and rngland rela
tlio to tho territory in Alrlca. The nrrlval on
tho coast from Uganda of Dr. Peters, tho Ger
man explorer, Is shortly expected.
t'hnleru In f-ipnlu.
MArmin, Juno 14,-Cholera has broken out at
Puobla la Itugat, in tho province of Vnloncla,
and tboro hnvo already been fourteen deaths
from the disease. It Is bellevod thot tho dis
ease wns convevod to the place by some sol
diers, who rocoutly arrived there from North
Mr, Monro' Siiccennor.
Lospov. Juno 14,-Mr. Wood. Chlof Constnblo
of Manchester, will probably succood Mr.
Munro as ( lilot of tho Metropolitan Police
forco of London.
The Klmlra Tralserty.
South Nohwai.k, June 1 1. Tho pollro of this
city nnd Norvvnlk are 1 11 the dark ns to tho Iden
tity of tho woman Eva, who Is nllogod to havo
boon indirectly tho cnuso of tho murdor of
Irank Warron. tho travelling salesman, in
Hrnlr.i yesterday by his Hivteon-)ar-old son,
It was statod that tho Coronor at Elmlra hnd
sent a photograph of the woman to the pollco
hero, but Chief lluttorv of Norwnllt and Chief
Aollmerof this city said this morning thnt tho
photogrnpli had not been recelvejJ. When It
comes they thluk thoy will have notllftlciilty In
identifying the woman, it Is said that when
Wnrren camo to Connecticut ho ueed to travel
all about tho State with hor, thoy putting up at
tbo hotels as man and wife.
Death From tho rtllna or a Illue Flj,
Indianvioi.ib, Juno 14. loung Bnker, ngod
17, dlod to-day. On Tuosday he was picking
chickens when something ho thought was a
small Bidder bit him on the lip. In brushing
it away he crushod It, nnd the wound burnt
badly. It bogan to swell and to glvo tho boy
Intonso imlti On W'ednosday he became un
conscious and romnlnnd so for two days. He
then rocovored for a few hours, and soon after
ward bogan to sink rapidly until he died. The
1 oronersnld to-day that he thought tho boy
was blttoti by a blue lly. Tho My probably
Btunghlin nnd Injojted hoptlo matter, and It
mnv huvo deposited eggs
Am UO Hard Ilulleil J'rxca und IHcd.
fAnnov, Ohio, Juno 14, Homer E. Nowton, a
farmor, dlod last night at his homo In WobI
Illohllold. Throo weoks ago, on n wagor with
frlonds, ho nto twonty-slv hard bollod eggs at
a meal. Medical aid was unavailing. Ho
lingered in torrible pain for throe vvooks with
out food. Ho wiih known throughout Erie
county as a breeder and Importer of cnttlo and
leaves a largo ostatu.
Voce! Brother oTHth Ave. and Sd fit.
Begin an Enormous Clenrinc; Salo of the
bnst quality leady-mndo Clothluff ut exactly
one-half the orlirlnnl prlco. This stock
coiiHlhtaof tho highest Krados of thousands
of blnglo hultH, Cunts, Pnnte, Vest and
thin Sumnioi Clothing for Mon nnd Hoys.
A Vast Accumulation of brolton lots of their
threo establishments, vv hlcli have all boon
placed In their store, Eighth Avenue and
i'orty-ucconU Street.-Mv
raLLT b.ooo ctminAcions, cvttejii,
The Lockout I Directed Ap;alnt the Cut
ter, but It Kntnll n FlRht to the I'lnWh
Detwren the Manufacturer' Aftoelii
tlon and the rlevernl Trudo Union.
Noarly .100 union cloak cutters woro locked
out by nlno clonk firms nt noon yostordav. Bo
twoen 0.0U0 nnd 0.000 cuttors, oporntors, nnd
contractors will bo Involved In the. lock out by
Monday, and, ns tho mon nro thoroughly or
ganised and tho employors are firm, tho strug
glo promlsos to bo long and stubborn.
All tho men bolong to unions which tho
manufacturers refuse to recognize Tho
manulactuiors havo formod an associa
tion to break up tho unions, which thoy
consider detrimental to tho trado. Tho load
ers of tbo unions of cutters, contractors, and
oporators proposo to form nn amnlgnmatlon
of tho throo bodlos which will roprosont ov ery
body engaged In cloak making In this dtv ex
cept tho manufacturers, nnd thoy sny thoy In
tond to compel tho mnnufneturors to glvo up
their association, or, nsonoof tho men -tatod
It Inst night, "we will lock out tho bossos."
Tho causo of tho lock-out was tbo strlko of
twenty-six cutters In Meyer Jomiison A. Co.'s
shop. Theso men quit work last Mondny in
sympathy with tho locked-out oporators In
that and otbor shops, and hnvo beon out ovor
slnco. On Tuosday tho Seeiolnry of tho
Cutters' Union rocolvcd a lottor stating
thnt tho Manufacturers' Association hnd
formod an Arbitration Board, which would
try to settle tho troublo in tho shop, and ask
ing that a committoo of tho striking cuttors
como nnd confer with thorn. Tho wholo
Exocutlve Committoo of tho Cutter's
Union accoptod tho invitation, aud, with
Chairman Arthur II. Dalo at tholr
hoad, prosontod thomsolves bofore tho
Board tho noxt day. What follows
Is their account of tho pioceedlngs. Mr. Al
bert Blumontbnl of Blumonthnl Bros, was tho
Chairman of tho Arbitration Board. Ho asked
the men why tho strike had boon ordered and
Mr. Dalo replied:
" Wo mado an agrcoment with tho oporators
on June 2 that wo would not work In a place
whoro non-union operators woro omplovod,
and ns Mayor Jonnsson .V Co. replaced tho
locked-out mon with 'scabs,' tbo cuttors
"Don't you think." Mr. Blumonthnl Bald,
"that you mndo a miBtako In associating with
a hody of poopla who nro Inferior to sou i You
aro Intelligent men : thoy are not."
.Mr. Dales answer was "J hoy aro humnn
beings and oDght to bo trontod as such, and
rotltkoalot of dogs ns thoy nro treated by
Moyor Jonasson & t.o."
Ho continued, and said that that firm had
discharged twentv-threo mon for holding a
shop meeting, and bad threatened to blacklist
throo committeemen who called at his houso
ono night, and whom ho had ordered to
clear out,
Tho Arbitration Board nka for time to hnvo
acoference with the cloakmakors's committoo
before thoy gavo their final decision, nnd tho
outters withdrew. Tho committees of tho Cut
ters' nnd Cloakmakers' unions holdnronfo--ence
with tho Arbitration Board onirlday. at
which they announced that the strikers and
locked-out men would not return to
work unloss tbo manufacturers recog
nized their union. No conclusion was
reached at this meeting. On Friday evening
Mr. Dalo received n message from tho Arbitra
tion Board asking him to call nt once. Ho did
So, und was told that tho manufacturer hnd
eclded not to nccedo to tho operators' de
mands. I he rnme night tho cutters hold n mooting
and decldod to stnnd by the clonkmnkors.
At noon jesterday tbo secretary of tho Cut
tors' Union recolvea this lottor:
Tho Cloak VnutAetarirs AiiocUtion of New York.
bllevlDjt (lift strike Acraliut Myer Jonon A Co , or
dereJ bv tli Unltrd Claac And bull iutlr AitorU
tlon to o unjust nd ASitQst Die belt Imrrrsta ot Hie
cloAtmaklnir trade herel Agree not to employ Any
members of the Asaorlatiun until the illfTertaeeK be
twern the I ntted tloak and Suit Cutters' Asportation
aal Meyer Jonasson A Co aro FAtlsfaclorll odjusted.
V M .Na.hun etretsrj.
As far as could ba Ieainod tho firms which
nro Includod In tho Manufacturers ns-ocla-tlou
aro r. Itnthschlld A Hro ..tOJCnnnlstroot;
lllumontbnl Bros. 452 Broadway; A. Irlcd
landor A La. U77 liroadvvai : Wurzorgoi X
tioldsmlth, 472 Broadwnv : Popkln A Mams,
470 Broadway: Louis dranor. 477 Broadway;
Julius Stein A Co , 507 Hroadwnj : O. Schwab A
Bros . 11 Green street, and Benjntnlu A Cnsparr,
405 Broomo street.
Altogether botwoen 230 nnd 300 cuttors wero
locked out. It Is reckoned In tho clonk busl
noss that ono cuttor turns out mntorial for
twenty oporators and finishers. There nro
nt present Mm cloakmakers who havo
loon btnklng for several wonks. Bo
twoen 1.MID and 2.0u0 cloakmakors who
work In tho t-hops of the innnufacturors and
luoro tnan JOild who work foroontrnetorf will
bo put out of work for want of cut cloth, bo thnt
there will be a total of over 3 000 people out of
work in a fow dnys. Tboro was enough work
to keop them busy last night, und u groat
mnnv will hnvo enough to do to-day.
'J he Cuttors' I'uion paid tho twenty-six cut
ters who struck In Mover Jonasson A Co. s
shops tli apiece, yestorday. tho rato of wngos
thoy hnd been getting whllo at work. W 1th SuO
mon out of work, thoy will havo to reduce tho
amount of wcokly support, but they say thoy
ran alford to pny enough to enable tho mon to
hold out for month'..
There aio nltogothor about 00 cutters and
over 10,01)0 cloakmakors In this city. 1 Ive hun
dred cutters bolrng to tho union, and thoso
whonroHtlll nt work will contribute to tho sup
port of the locked out men. Of the cloakmak
ors Inrdly more than 5.1111O belong to tho union,
but tho others would not hnvo onoughwork
to do with all tho cuttors on strlko.
Mi. Dale snld last night
"Our brother cuttors who havo not beon
locked out only await our call to go on strike,
but tboro Is no necessity for our asking thuni
to do i-o at pro-ent. 'I he manufacturers cannot
do nny buslnoss without us. Wo control
noarly ull tho productlvo force in tho
cloak trndo In this city, and as tho
busy season Is fast npproaohlng thoy
will want to get us back, Thoy have
formed an association among thomselvos
whoso object Ih plainly to harm us. Wo nro
going to try to broalt up that association, and
II wo succood in gottlng)bo oporators and con
tractors to form an amalgamation with us wo
will euccocd In doing it, too."
si it AttAiSbT nit: uoriiitxaiEbT.
Charced Willi Infrlnclnc nn a Patent tn
I'Mlnc tho Curtrlilco Kxtrarfor.
Bonos, Juno 11. A suit Involving n largo
rum of monoy will soon bo bogun In tho Unltod
Stntos Court In this city. Charles Hoad, ad
ministrator of theestnto of William Smoot, Is
ttie plaintiff, nnd Samuel W, Porter, Master
Armorer at tho Sprlngtleld nrmory. tho nomi
nnl dofondant. 'Iho United States Govern
mout lathe real dofondant. Tho tubjoct of tho
suit la tho cartridge extractor used on tho
Sprlngllold rlllo, In tho uso of which the Goi
ornmotit Is nlleged to havo Infringed cortnln
patonls owned by tho partlos reprosontod by
the plaintiff. The court Is nskod to enjoin tho
defendant from tho further uso ot tho Inven
tion nnd to ordor the defendnnt to account
with nnd pay over to the rlalntlff nil tho gains
and prollts niade or realized In the making,
manufacturing, nnd selling to others of tho
breech-loading rllles described In the bill.
Tho suit wan Urst brought ten years ngo. and
Is now ready for tho court, tho evidence of wit
nesses having been taken by a commissioner,
'J I10 models ot the (lev loos used by thodofond
nut and thoso nn which plaintiffs Intestate
bad heou granted patents aro at tho rooms ot
the United States Circuit Court. Post Olllco
building, and it is oxpocted that hearings ho
foro Judge Colt will begin at nn oarly day,
Should the decision bo ndvorsu to tho Govern
ment, the latter will havo to pay the plnlritllf
1111 onormnus sum of money aggregating jios
nlhly. a million or more of dollars, Tho exact
amount Is to bo determined by a mnster, who
will be appointed by tho Court to assess tho
rooitr. nnuTiiEiis
or Eighth Avenue and td fit.
Begin to-morrow, Juno lfith, their Extensive
Clearing Bnle, nt exactly one-half tho origi
nal juice, Instead of illbpoblng of tholr
brukon lots at w liole.ialo nt u t-acrlllco. 1 hoy
tako this method of n'tnlllng thorn ut half
prlco direct to their customer?, gl Ing tlioni
n rnre chance to obtain the best reiuly-rmule
clothing at exactly half tho prieo. Adv.
' BjdUsi " Dlilnftotapta are fragrant and con poison
1 eu, Mt mm iu year ttiuii, At lrux'isu.-Ji,
A,;;.i' llUUKKS, MILK avou.KU.
The Hkle roll or I.lRhtnlnn; und the llchoe
Full or Thuuderou Itumtile,
Sloop was brokon nnd milk wns spoiled all
along tho Atlantic coast, from Now 'lotk to
Maine, early ostorday morning by n soilesef
local storms, accompanied by unusunllt sovero
thunder nnd lightning, lutlilscitv tho play of
tho lightning begun nt nbout 10), o'clock, Frl
day night, mid an hour later rain I ognn 1 1
fall. 1 ho grcntost sovorltv ot tho storm, how
ever, wns .botweon midnight and 2', o'clock.
In tho llvo minutes bolero l'JJ, ocUck rnlu
foil nt tho rate of llvo inchosnn hour, tho down
pour rooming almost n solid mass. Tlio total
rntnlnll wns throe-fourths ot an Inch.
Tho lightning was, however, tho most start
ling feature of tho storm. Its piny was Inces
sant for over an hour, and tho thunder which
nccompanlod It was torrlllc. Upon tho brldgo
tho lightning playod such pranks about tho
cahlos mid tho railway that tho trainmen woro
almost nfrnld to go through It, nnd olsowhero
around town thoro woro strnngo sights or
Ft inn no Imagining-about tlio ncilona ot balls
of lire nnd other 0kct1lc.1l exhibitions, 'Iho
majorltv of peoplo woro In bod aud asloopwhcn
tbo storm broko out, nnd to tholr suddenly
nwnkoned senes tho blinding Hashes nnd
coaoloss ro.ir wero doubly terrlfv ing. tester
day morning ovor j body asked everybody else:
"Did vou hoar tho thunder last night r until
the thing got to bo such n chestnut that little
stuns, with " os; I am not deaf. ' upon tuoni,
were stuck up on desks In down-town olhces.
The storm Beoms to have done llttlo actual
damage In this i it), nnd Horgoiuit Dunn ot tho
woathcr bureau Bays It was nut noarly so
dreadful as It lookod nnd sounded, coming In
tho dead of night. Iho porlos of -tornis of
which It was ono wns caused, ho Bald, by nn
nren of high pressure out ovnr the Atlnntlj
crowding backward upon n low pressure nren.
coming from ovor the lakox. Along tho lino
whoro the two pressures mot nil sorts ot atmos
phorlo disturbances woro kicked up.
xiauzA'i.ia is a not: si: cab.
The Cor Filled Mlth nine Flume ,Tut lie
fore a Mlchty Crnfth.
Soon nftor midnight on Fridny night tbo
Montgomery stroot enrln Jersoy City, which
loft tho forrynt U'4. was opposito Von VorBt
Park. Thoio wore a dozen passoiigors. two of
thorn ladles, on tho car. 'lhe car was within a
hundred feet ot Jersoy avenuo when thoro
cumon blinding flash of lightning. Tho Interior
of tho carsoeraed to bo full of bluollnmo for
Bovernl seconds. Thon there was nsnno Ilko
tbo crack of n lire cracker oxplodlugand then
intonso darknoss. The four lights in tho car
wont out. In nnother Instant there was a
dofenlng crash ot thunder, 'iho horses stopped
and trembled.
I rom the time nt tho flash until after tho
thunder lap tho boat In tlio enr was suffo
rating. Ono of the passengers told a Srv re
porter last night thnt ho felt ji.st as though ho
was in avNe Ho had to gasp for breath. Ho
wantod to shout, but ho couldn't make u
sound. All tho othci passnngors ho said,
woro affoctod In tho same way. Gno of tho
women rushod to tho front door of tho oar nnd
was staudlnfT there gnsplng for breath whon
the conductor, who was the first ono In the ar
to recover Irom tho effects of the electricity,
struck a match and lighted n lamp. The othor
woman, pnlo and speochlt rs. Bat In a corner
seat w ringing her bands. Tho car was hnlf up
tbo hill botoro tho pabsengors fully recovered
from tbo shock J-ovorui planks wore torn out
of a high board fenco nenr whoro the car was
when the lightning Hashed.
vsr.vcur itii.r-ttis.poxr
Coralne Knelt From lSuttulo Jllll' Hhovr to
Die Col. O'llelrns Interpret.
Five rod Americnns of the Dakota trlbo of
Sioux who hnvo boen assisting Buffalo Bill got
hore yostorday on the steamship Snnlo. They
enmo In the steorage with a lot of
foreigners. Ono ot them, a tall, litho
llmbed buck ot 18, was so 111 that
Gon. O'Bolrno, who Is an old plainsman,
and understands tbo Sioux lnnauago. had him
sent to Bollevue Hospital. Ills right arm from
tho wrist to the olbow Is badly ulcerated. Tho
arm. according to tbo Chambers Street Hos
pital surgeon who examined It, looks ns If it
hnd beon broken and not proporly attended to.
It gavo tho young Indian great pnln. which ho
boro wltn smiling stoicism. Besides this ail
ment ho has consumption. His name Is Klll-His-Pony.
Hiscomonnlons nro fine specimens of pure
blooded Sioux, and all but one aro under '25
earsofngo. They woro attired In slop-shop
clothes which lit Locarno them. Their names
are- Bluo Italnbow, 1 Ittlo Lamb, Bluo Boar,
nnd Eaglo Horn Gon. O'Bolrno personally
questioned each of them. Ho sav s that ho will
rail tho attention of tho Indian Bureau to tbo
way In which tbefo Indians are "out homo un
nttondod 1 an lntoprpreter. They wero taken
away by the xhovvmen with the understanding
that tliov woro to bo treated kindly and kopt
out of tbo vrny of temptation. 'J bo showmen
gnvo a bond to tho Gov ornmont that thoy would
tako care of Its rivl wards nroporly.
None of tbo Indians looked ns If ho hnd had
an altogether pleasant time abroad. All but
hlll-llls.l'onv, who probably will novor como
out of Bollevuo allvo will start to-day to join
their tribe nt Pino Iildgo A coney. Kill-lll-Pony
had a severe homorrhago just after land
ing at the Baige Office.
"The North American I'nmpnnj " Orcnn-Ired-A
tflO.OOO Fee I'uld Dona.
TnrNTON, Juno 14. Tho North American
Company is tho nnmo of n now corporation
whoso certlllcato was filed in tho ofllco of tho
Secretary of Stato to-day. Itlsbellovod to bo
connoctod somewhat with tho Oregon Trans
continental Company. Tho capital stock is
t30.o00.000. Tho company Is formed for tho
ptirposoof purchasing, selling, nnd oporntlng
railroads, nnd promoting their formation, as
well as the formation ot steamboat and slo.uu
flhip cori orations, to deal In stocks bonds,
securities, and franchises of ovor kind, to ac
quire and oporuto tolegraph nnd telephone
lines, to enrryon the business of mining In
lr. n. gold, silver, nnd copper, and. In short, to
engago In commercial nnd speculative entei
nriso of all sorts.
Tho capital mock Is dlvldod Into 500,000
Bhnrcs. Tho only names signed to tho (orti
llcato nro those of Fdward Q. hoasbryof New
ark, who has ion shares: Corn N Williams of
Summit and t hirlos 1 Bnrgmeverof Hall
way, who hnvo ouch ten shares 'J ho eompans
gavo a chock of (10 000 to tho Secretary of
tatoailts Incorporation feo. It I said the
names of tho incorporators given nro us, d
simply for tho purpose of Incnrpi ration, tho
namos of tbo real parties not appearing.
The Dolphin dure a Lurch that Net All
Itimritf Hcramtilliic fur '1 heir I. Itch.
There was a scare nbonrd tho unlucky llttlo
stool cruiser Dolphin. In tho dr dock at the
Drookb n Navy urd josterday morning. Moro
than half of tho watorhrid boon pumped out of
tho dock, aud the dock workmen hnd begun
Bhorlng her up with tlmbors when
sho gavo a lurch to starbonrd, Ono
of tho sin res hod snapped. I be dock work
men ran lor their lives up tho Bleep stono stops
of the dock, thinking that tbo Dolphin uus
going t capsi.'o altogether. But bho listed
onlv about ao and couldn't go ovor any
further as sho was still allo.it forward.
She --laved In this situation f ir about flfteon
minutes. In which tlmo enough water was let
back Into the dock to lift her on an oven keek
Thorn woro no uisunltle".
'JheenuKonf tho nccldnnt was a proponder
nnconf weight on tho starboaid side of tho
ship her port boilers boitig empty mid hoi
starboaid ouosfull.
The, Doctoi r-iuinl Illm.
JlBtnirtrtuiT June M Martin U Tebln. air rmplojee
at lhe Nuusnpick dock et)ler I a aaloou ou i-jlnleld
nenue thla inonilnj und after tie swullowrd iinout ce
f chloroform rne 1 I e dono It tro id by Pr
ritilt administered nn luriitote and lobar itss raved
He las late!) I ien despondent on rucount ot the luuir
sickness ot bis nit,-
llrldgeiiort' 1'opulutlou,
nmnr.eroBT. Jnne 14. Of the fifteen census taker In
this city only two I a e completed their work. It 1, ex
bected that the population 111 number 0x,
Fun tent 'Iralu In Amerlrn,
The ewirtest trilns are run between ,ur Vork and
Washiuirum vu lersey ( eiltrul Iteudliu nnd it arid
il I arlor larKin all rr-ifns. Mat Ion to uf.I.iberi) st
.4 ill
r,n, "'llir MliiniHis ullur" i' x y,
our trade mark on your collar- r tutls demies per
feci lurar also superiority ot ijuulu) au 1 finish Jv
Messrs riper A Co, the new jroprletora of the West
rid Hotel which Is the nearest hotel tn the iron
piers, ask unl) ailslt to prove lust Ibey flee the best
miles la lbs most, imjiulii. Jielsl.ni tue jjUjyk-sat, I
iipoj.tvs or nt: ivy iiais tvicx tub
ui:i.h.s lsiu unLi:
I'lnprity Snrpt A ns In Itoehfnirl, Roek
Ilunl, mill ilnlli-t iiir,.i. (in lloura
unl Unlit null 'linikn lite t mti-i mined
Hot i.i Mini, 111. Juno II -The heavy rains of
tho past two , us h.ivo stinted all tho t Ivor
and ccol.s lu this neighborhood on n i.impago.
Last night thn lloo I ru-liedovnrtlio bottoms,
sweeping aw r In luges In iho Ivonl ni-d Keith
Crook vnllovH ami distrmltig nn Imthonso
amount of proporlv. Nmrly all tho factories
In thlstitv wero Horded, nnd in mani Instnncoa
tho buildings woio bidlv wtccked. On Cedar
Btroet hundreds of lumlllcs were taken from ,
tho Windows f their homos by llremon, who
Piopclloil themselves ibmugli tiio streets In
boats nnd r.itts. Tw inumbets ot the Milrloy
family aro missing nnd it m suppoead thor
wont down In tbo Hood which tore madly
thioiigh tho narrow thoroughfare.
'1 ho double Howo truss brldgo runningfrom
tho Illinois Central innln track, gavo away at
11 oclock, and wnsbweptdown Btronm by the
torrent. A lew moments Intor tho rising
waters crept Into a store of chemicals at Gra
ham s lnborntotv. and cntisid a lire, which
spread to all parts of tho building, and paused
a loss of 110 00). 'Iho loss to tho Illinois Cen
tral road Will nlonnnmotitit to25,OIO.
'iho wreck on tho Mllwnukoo and St. Paul
rood prosonts tho vorst iippoarnneu. Near
Binlsdoll's .juiirry a freight onglno and four
cntslio In tuoditch a mass of nuns. Thoro
were twelve, hog In iho cars, nnd all woro
it low noil 'Ihntniok at this point was i.ilsod
on a h lid embuikment. but the water tore
nvvav tho mass as II It hnd been of fn-rthers.
m.f !'unru " !"1" "tlio tho track has boen
llltod bodily and carried from thirty to Ilfty
feot to tho east In somu placos tho rails woro
carried over tho tops of trio feucos and deposit
ed on tho side of tho hill. v
iho onlv thing left of tho now School street
bridge l i the in hutments on either sirlo of thn
crook. I ho Mul bun Ktteot bridge was dashed
to pIojoi. anil the water In Kllbotirn avonuo
reached tlio pot chin of tho houses. Tho
pecuniary loss In this city will reneh $500,000.
ttiSiMi,2n,r1",.,"inV0:jtr.,.1,l ,no1 known fell
Mcadllr all last night. 'J ii northern, oastorn.
and sou horn Portions of tho city nnd Brook
lyn on the southeast were Imind rted. Aloncc
Illikoiyand Springs i reeks and tho MougS
drain which runs thiough the city tiro wntnr
was llvo fiot deep At 4 o'clock this morning
peoplo in tho southern part of iho cit) movoS
put In boat' Tim 1 gn, Jollet nnd Fastorn
llallrond dopots aro under water. Outhouse
are Moating around nnd niennnj bojsniosall
ingabout on rafts nnd in boats.
An o il widow llvlnu' near Hlokory Crook waa
rescued just as hor houso was carrlod away.
It lodirod on tocond menus bridge, whoro It
was dashed to pieces. 'I ho Btreet car tracks In
many places aro undor thieo feet of w.itor. nnd
tho olectrle ears nro Kloppod. Soveril rnllroad
biiilges on tho various roads running through
Jollot .ire washed out and trains aro delayed.
niitVir.1'.Vr.ol,ollol',Vl1.1!" !'k to got out of tho ,
ftoodod district with bis hurso atirrwagon, waa
Bwept nwaj by thn current, but managed to i
pavn hlnisolf. John Itch hman's horses and
vvagon woro swept nw.iy. and bo saved hlmtelf
by clinging to a fenco post '1 ho stroots of tho JS
cltj wore Ikn rivers nt VI o'clock ln-,t night. -
At hock Island the storm assumed cbnr- Try?
acterlstlcspf ntornndo. Buildings wore over- vk
turnpd and a trail or wrockago S0O loot In
width was left through tho city. Lightning ?
killed twenty horsos nt Amosn, anil rising
waters wabbod away threo railroad bridges bo
twoen the cltvand Not tli Aurora, ltallroad
trains nro stalled on nnnrly all tho systems
penetrating tho flooded d.strict.
lie Evidently II ml Had rinme Trouble with
III Father.
A man jumped In front of nn outgoing For
Rockaway train on the Long Island Bnllroad
ntJamnloa on Friday afternoon. Tholocomo
tlvo tossod him from the track, crushing his
skull and frauuiing his arms and logs. Tho
lifeless body was carrlod to tho Morauo. A
ploeoof paper was foil nd pinned on tho lapel of
his cont. On ono sido was written:
IiriR VIoiiiur I hiv stood alt of m father a mean
acllnnit as lonu ns po'alble lloi in lie will nol muru
my loss, I renialo, )nurerer Inlniriion r,m.
1- cuse iu) bid rllln I was in a feeble condition.
On tho other sido of tho paper was written:
vtother dinnt orr overrnv action as I hope to en
to a boiler luud. May l.od foriovo me If I aui dome
ui o J by. mother, and all riod by for the last time.
Ckl nagku
Ho was a Oonuan. nbout 21 vears old. No
address waa found on his person.
A Mullet 'I'll much ntar Win lion-.
A f ne or bulli i a fin d ihr msh a windoir of n naa
acnier car i u lite lunr Island Uuilro-v I bitween Bay
Miorenn 1 lshpon Thum tin W tills 1 .MalTord, a brother
of ei I iiin, -rates Varnhal l has M. staTord. ho waa
cluing m iheuin lo, ns ,truct lu the lace with tha
pleci or ahuterej The rulMille I a,ed out through
tl e m low on iheontosltOK de. f rli-ear llotli Mr
htAirord An I the oud ipiir of Hie treiu thought ihey
heard tho report of a rlilc
slohn Meier I the Father or Triplet.
Mrs. John vie) er of in rourth eireoi llnholren rrare
ulrlh )esterdn to trip! two drl nu I a I o) All the
ctittdreu are I eilthy and the in' ther is Kettin? Along
well The father la n JoiUhtneetnan ant works, ntha
Ilremen eteiiluhhl J ler At Hi onin vtra sle)rrw,is
nlreu 1) the inoile r of rlso chl Iren rhrce of whom are
UtliiK rheodestis II veursoli
litiinnrd hi I.lKlitnlna:.
Trie two stor) frame dwol'ln At cni faual street,
biajdeton oecuptt I b) vir bijnox HenGton an 1 tier
ihoboii. was ciriick bv lUhinln )esierdiy mo n ng.
Ttie Inrhtnliu'srri rk belw en ri e tw Mindowsif Mrs.
II oisrft nrt ,ipsrtineiti. kno mi tn,ilarce bo es In rh
floor mil hiruin. Mrs llenslnns c oi'mu -he waa
Sliiune 1 nn 1 b id.) rut abi it If o rire arid arms b) fa Is
Inn plaster
The 'Weather.
A ser'es of lien) ihirn cr ntorrn prevailed on tho
Atlantic roo-t fr in this i n uurrhnirl to Faniort,
Mn.eir') jisterlit niorniiiir Ihel cvl etorni parsed
over this , I) from itliw , t lo norrlie isr ntiended by
a beat) lallof-nm fr in I J . , V )t lo I-' 10 A Vl ilia
fall u ti r, or, an ii rh or an aiorae of I tt inches an
hour 11 e n Ml ritn full was three 'iiiartersof au inch
A een-e !o' rei die 1 t' roiihoul It e e irl) inornilnr,
he rum light atom 7 A M nn I conttuulni; throughout
Ih, da
I'ulti fell in rt lul e reel ns tl e Ve I ii,-' md sratea,
ana It, tow an I lllln , an t lik it showers In the
Nonhwe.i I'lsewheri Itwi.-lair,
A hiror.ietr ii it (teson ettenielor riheUeHern
-tatea bordering II o Mi,i,lpi I an I w i, arllally dl
Md 1 m'o 'tirio fi'rnr erltrc one e ich oer vtanl
tuba. I' w i mil tu rthern Texas ihese ra ised lil,rh ,J
winds mil unusiiull) warm wiath'r over the enllre K
are, bevere lord eiorius are pmr able In all lhe .lis- 'J,
triers cov.rel I) it e.e ,ieirettl3ns f. r uinreaof hluh i
jriKtiro wini leiniieriiiirre nrluly atoio f rrerlmr is
jushtr? d'Mti Irom ih Alask i distrler aud wherever TT.
tho w irrn and cold currdita meet so) ere lot alsioruia 'i'
at, hoi nl tiKCCtir llrillnmt e clrl' nl biorms havo
boen iu rt frt'iuent this month than for )earspast
Tlu ioii I jerlo Ileal "inn sell of June, vililch
usttiill) i" urs from lhe nth tol Hi Uaihanit stealy
tmpaae "f I eat irenerall) i ikes ilire betueei ihoss
i' nt evcti t a llulii fa I about tin Ibih and n marked
nol sell ciunesali ui Hie ..,! and .'JJ. Irom present
ludkai ons the warm weather now la the Mississippi
vain ) w 111 move i ast on 1 remain with us n day or two.
In this city yester lav thi tilliesti.overnment rempera.
turowis"" 1'iwisti.' nvrraire liumldllyH7ercenl,
wind I tlhtean The rain crnlnl aboutn to , M , and
the day si as i.i netully toett), with showers In the
Tn-da) proinl-esio le Kener.-illy fair vilih occasional
phowers. and warmer. Moudt), atinwer). aul still
lhe thermometer At Perry a 11 armacy in Tim Pvw
bnl dink records I tho teuipcriture yisterdiv as fol
IkHi ik to I ism ia
1 A vr Till ill' ,1 HI" M t I7
UA M . 7I ill" i I' VI -J" 7e
ii a vi , 7i i., i i vi 77" nn
1J VI .. . 7u ll.'HUuliiut 7-
Averaie . . .. 54
Averajfe on June 14 l--n . s
iioml orrirr ronir,t r irr h r m. stiniy
for Maine .New Hampshire, and Vermont, fair, pr
celed In Vermont by showers, sllihll) cot'er, i.orth
erly win Is
or llattjrhuitttt, HI ole jIjiH rrmi'dfrui antral:
rrn .Veil I i-i , ii.hu t i J "l Amniiii .j jlr, tuoltr,
ttrryl i'aium ii u If "H "'''" l" ,,h " '''"' anJ l0'1'
tni Vl'ncAi""" ii "' ' """' ll'""'"1 J
lortle p-trlctif 't in i.eMlern I'ennsilvanla, .
V. w te s, Pelve .0 V 4- 111 . . V I i a f sir,
Ii, I , ri,i v r. iioii.i Sim v tern
, ,r e ,l . " i II i. lorn lellS)ha.
i j an I New icrsi-v i 'I e.u I) winl"
ror wmtrr N w ) n w storn I e msilianla. And
Olilic fair excej ' " ' '" n'helaiti sta i mary tem
perature eaceyt elKUP naflutf lu rrUKlOjUiatf TsV
flnbla VTlBla, tl"-'''
1 - - - aSfc,.,.

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