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Five or Six Thunder Storms Every Twen
ty. loar IIours-Hneli Odd and Fantastic
Capers Never Cut by Lightning Itefore.
Konwtcn. Juno 18. Tho poet week has been
remarkable (or mora thunder storms than
were ever recorded for a similar period
In the history of New England. Ttioy were nil
extraordinary onos, too, and tho mlschlot
wrought by zlgrnc lightning Is not exceeded
by that engendorod by tho Jersey kind. 1'lvo
and 6lx thunder showers t'ravorsed thowolkln
dally, and dwellers in tho Land of Steady
Habits have been In tho unsteady posture of
dodging aerial bolts pretty much all the time.
At nlcht flaBh aftor flash painted tho land
scape In bluish unoarthly oolors. and the
qulck-comlnc thunder bellowed and rumbled
In the earth's sholl. Iiousos roolod with tho
ponderous rovorboratlons, windows woro
bakon, crockery rattled, and no end of
cream In old-fashlonod farmhouses or
blc country crcamorlos was soured. Tor
five days the big black showers chased each
other up and down Connecticut, forward nnd
back, eight hands around, all ohaussi'o: ust
scarfs of foe wero trailed alone tho sodden
valleys among the hills, and last nlcht rain
was still falling, the sky etlll a blanket of black
Ioloud, and lightning blazing away at tho un
happy Nutmeg Btato. Everybody Is dlseour
iffod. and thousands havo tno rheumatism
also. Crops aro rotting in tho fields, the straw
berry harvest Is sour and geuornlly rotton. and
tho only thing that eooms to thrive is tho tent
caterpillar, whloh has encamped In a vast host
and woven bis hideous wob over forests and
orchards. Last nlcht tho Stnto of Connecticut
asked Itself seriously. "Will this dreadful
weathor ever cud?" nnd the far-ocholns thun
der crowlod a dismal and boding reply.
Nevertheless, tlioro is a comical foature In
the situation. So many nnd so odd and fan
tastic capers were never cut by lichtnlnc bolts
before. There is hardly a neighborhood in
Connecticut that has not been hit by an elec
tric lance, and incomputablo is tbo damaco
therefrom. Trees have been splintered, wuolo
herds uf cattle speared, tho ground has been ,
plouched In zigzag furrows; barns have boon
burned and houses riddled, scalpod. or de- i
mollsbed. Many farmers are still picking out j
flotsam from ravaged barns and corn cribs, or
sorting over tho ruins ol their households.
In all parts of tho State tho telephone, and I
telegraph linos aro dilapidated, for almost as !
fast as a olrcult Is repalrod after one withering
bolt, another cntchos hold of tho wire and
yanks It on" tho poles. It has boon rarely that
an Inquiring ottlzon could talk lle minutes
over a tolephone wire without getting his
mouth full ot brimstone and his ears full of
crude electricity. The lightning has done most
of the telephouo talking for ten days past, and
the tolephone girl " al central," when V2'2i or
17 b2 is "rung In." Is by no moans confident
whether it Is John Henry tanith that sunt tho
call or a malignant thundorDolt. .
Many notablo freaks lun u boon reported in
all parts of tho Mate on tho part ot tho light
ning. At New Haven John Helcherof lloilco
street suddenly was Bmittcn with the ideu that i
two earthquakes had clinched jiit above his I
house tree and the big one had fallen on tho
little one on tho rldgo pole; ami when tno
smoke and brimstone cleared away in his
bead be found that a thunderbolt had smooth
ly pared on his chimney top nnd then slid down
me west wan oi me uouse, peeling ou tno Clap
boards, lath, and plaster in a path live loot
Iwklo, after doing whlcn It went on into the
eartn. Mrs. C. Mdnnor'a bnrn in Wilmington,
opposite tho Kim Tree Inn. was burned by
lightning In the samo shower, and almost at
the same moment two valuable Jereoy calves
belonging to bamuel Colt, in Kast Farinlngton,
wore killed under a tree. Another barn was
burned at Wlnobester In tho samo hour, and a
bolt hit the Episcopal Church at Torrington
and knocked all the teetn out ot the ohurch
organ, which was still chattering, however,
wben tho sexton visited it ten minutes later.
In Now Britain one bolt oxplodod just like a
Socialist's bomb In the centre of tno town, a
few feet above ground, nnd tho Hash was so
blinding that every one was dazzled. It did no
damage, though. Another bolt, about as big
as a stove lid, nit the houses of Kate Smith and
Robert Coe, in Ansonla. doing slight Injury,
and at the same moment an audacious ballot
llchtnlng ploughed a hole through Krauss.fc
Co.'s corset shop, at Illrmingham. and ripped
the stuffing out of $100 worth of corsets. Hart
ford was In darkness for a long time one even
ing because the electrlo fluid had burned out
the armatures in the electrio lighting plant.
The samo night a bolt dropped a big cotton
: wood tree Into splinters of bark and
1 fibre in the same city. Wilson's barn. In
Walerbury. was burned on tho same evening
by llshtonlng, and at the same moment John
Peter's barn in Watertown blazed up: both
were burned. Jay Knowlos's tine house in
Lanesvllle was totally distroyed in the same
thunder storm, several oiher buildings in the
same place were hit, nnd a score ot trees up
rooted or twisted Into gigantlo and fantnstio
snarls. In tho samo shower Charles Meaehln's I
barn In Bridgeport was damaged t.'OO. and a lot i
of other building were siruck. Thomas Jtow
nn's saloon In Dam bury was set on tire, nna
the chimney knocked to piecos in the house of I
James Warnock at Wostport.
In mrmlnghum. in u Inter thower. all tho ar
tlllery of I'luto seomod to hnve boon let looso j
one evening. A holt struck Goorgo Colby of i
Oak street as he wan going homo from work,
and he fell dead on the roadbed. Mulsh marks
on hlsibody. like tho scrolls on a ta'tooed man.
showod wheio the lightning ontored aid quit
ted bis body. His remains wore nut found un
til the next morning. Hailstones as big ns
chestnuts rained In hhowora ou tho house
rools. and people fled into the street as It they
were crazed. Tho flro alarms jangled con
stantly in meaningless disc rd. nnd tho big
gongs and factory hells tollod. untouched by
human hands. Two loung women In tlm
street burning heme hod their faces peltod
with tho ice grapnel, und blood followed each i
stihgiug bhot. 'iho ground was strown wltlx ,
branches of troes Tho carbon i were knocked
out of the electrlo nrc lights, and tho night
operator at the central utllco but Inn bulo of
bluish flanio. like MephiHtonholHR.
In Tortland the nerlal artillery piny was
grand enough Mr. ileebo lost his chimney
top, and his p trior carpet was rlnpod up; and
Timothy Uruvv n shlim.ed rout was i-el nn Pro.
a doii oiougueu mrruuh in me grounu in Jir.
Conklln's residence. Mr Hoelm s houso was
hit twice, in disproof of the old saying that
lightning never strikes twice in the bumu spot.
In Ansonla one physician was called to ut
tend throe porbons sulTenng from fright on an
count of tho storm, and next morning all o(
them had a strange naueea ih.it was llko ton
Blckness. which continued all day. In Port
land a lot of Hues wero Bi'lluloreJ and the sldo
walk soored with lone crlia-'TOis crack murks
where tlie fluid bad blned its way ihr. ugh tho i
town. H. lloach had a calf killed in Trumbull. !
In New llritaln a thunileioiib peal htopi.ed a '
5 lock on a bureau In the middle of tho eou!ng. i
ts owner got out of bed and Marled tho pen
ulum, which thereupon uaggud ou us
well as ovor. Uriah Whiting' barn in
Winchester was burned by a lightning I
flash: loss f 1,000. A tree on Hunting I
Hill was struck for the third time. At New
llritaln tho telephone girl. Miss Moele, had
just taken a telopbono receher from her ear
whonnballof smok'nc lightning rodo In n
tho wire and burst v.ltli a loud report In tho
middle of the otUce. tilling the room with
tmokn and an odor of brimstone. Miss Meelo
was shocked, but not much hurt, though the
felt dizzy for a day. ,,.... .
In New Haven athundorbolt bit the Ameri
can flag on Loomis's Tomplo of Music, ripped
it into shreds, and thou slid upward to tbo
gilded stafT ball and varnished It with n play
ful blue oloctrlo halo for asocond. Illgiiail
atones pounded the pavements. Two hundred
telephone wires were knocked out of service.
One hash of electricity made every ono of tho
8HV "drops " on tho blc switch board fall with a
sharp metallic clack. Another bolt as big as a
sugar bowl broke on an Iron-capped hitching
post before A. W. Glenson's residence on bum
ner street, and one piece flew and gougod a
great chunk out of a tree, while the other ex
ploded with a rattling report on the sidewalks.
In Derby Wallace A Sons' olllce was sot on
Are. In Uamden Plains lightning made a fluu
snap shot at Br. Treadwell's house, going
clean through a bull's-eye window into tho
attio without touohlng tho Irani, and It
strewed things right and loft in tho apart
ment. First it hit an old Iron bodstea.l. but
that was too tough, so it glanced, went down
Into Itbe Uootors Bleeping room, rlppod 'oir
plaster, smashed a banging plctuie. ture oil u
BHmple of the window screen, opened tbo blinds
and forced them back, and enrlnklod bits of
window panes all about tho floor. Then the
ball of Are skipped to the tin roof, lifted and
shook It until It rattled hoarsely, bounded to
the ground, dug a hole, rebounded and rode a
wire Into a Norwny spruce, and thence went ,
down Into the earth Mrs. Troadwoll was In '
the chamber and she said she felt ns " if i
bieathed on by a blast furnace." The holt,
wben It llnally went to the ground, soeroed to
explode, she added, like a rocket Into a million r
colored pieces.
In the Klnnders district near l.nnt Hampton.
Into tho cellar, going thonce Into n drain Pip',
and the wholo house wns shattered rliouwldo
opon. At the samo moment the lluld killod fnur
cnttlo, sevon cheep and throo lambs for J nines
Hair In tho same neighborhood, and ono cow
for Henry llntos. teernl troes were shattered,
nmong thorn being n stately ash in J. U. bhep
nrd sdootynid.
Hail poltod Somors for halt an hour, nnd Iny
in windrows in tho stroma of that lllago.
Harden truck nnd crops wero riddled, nnd M. II.
Perry's M Pkmouth Hock fowls wero shot to
I death with tho fulling Ice. Tho loads woro
littered with slihoied treos and splintered
brnnrhos l.lnstod by lightning balls.
I In nlllngford tho bouse of I'apt. S. II. Grnn
nlss, on UrlPiI nxenuo. was smitten by n bolt,
nnd Mrs. tlrnnniss. who was sitting In tho
' kitchen, wni knockod down, and was uneon
i soious for nn hour. The outhouso and bnrn
woro demolished. Hrlek was knocked out of
i tho chimney In Simpson, Hall A Minor's fac
tory, and half n dozen hands laid Hat on tho
floor. Tho houso of S. P. Northrcp, on C'ontro
street, was hit nnd tho Inmntcs shocked. Tho
old brick house, built In 1T5J. got a shock, too.
in tho gnble. nnd n long line ol telegraph nnd
telephono polos wns Hung along the ground.
In l.lltngton A. W. lloldon's bnrn was sot on
tiro, hut tbo pouring rain put nut tho llnmos.
Mr Garter's tobacco sheds in tho samo placo
woro struck. J. McDonnld, the grocer of Port
land.lost n bnrn by an oloctric bolt, but tho flro
department saved bis horses and wagons.
In Wllllmantlc, while the electric' bolts
crossed nnd rocrossed In tho nlr llko flaming
bombs, nnd a hurricane of hall pierced tho air,
a strange thing occurred, hmltton by tho tor
rlllc uproar. Mrs. Elmlra Hosklns. an invalid,
7i! j ears old. suddenly fell baclj. It hsr chair
and died of heart dIsoae. the uproar and os
cltement having hastenod her death.
Augustus Miller's barn at Dalotllle was de
stroyed by a thunderbolt, and anothor ono
killed two hoes In the cellar of l Foster's barn
at North Hierllng. A bolt slltted tho clap
boards and shingles from D. L. Kllls's bnrn at
West StatTord, seurod tho window curtains,
and knocked off the roof of his barn, it killod a
oaif in the barn. Hailstones smashed all tho
windows In Calvin Ldsou's house in tho same
village. Some porsons who wero nbroad,
breasting the fearful downpour, said tho light
ning hissed as it cut its blazing pathway
through tho air. Theuholosky sonmed to be
a shoot of continuous pale blue crlnkllngllght
nlng. It was not far off or high, but nil about
one. as if It onveloiod ono with a winding sheet
of tlame, as In a crematory.
In lira lford lightning hit the Lock and Mal
leable Iron Works and shaved shingles ofT the
.Episcopal Church root. James I. each of Willi
ninntlu lost a cow by a thunderbolt on tbo
Brtek Top road, and llchtnlng sol Pro to No. 4
mill of tho Willlmnntle Thread Works. A littlo
girl. Maud Lewis, was coming home with
Albert Harrow's cows lrom tbouuarrypastuio,
when suddonly lntonte darkness shut In ana
then It seemed she was surrounded by flro.
she clung to a sapling until tho Bhowor of
lightning abated, then hurried home, ap
parently nono tho worse for hor e.vperlenco:
but next morning ono cheek was discolored
for soveral Inches. A hugo tree ntj. K. Hny
den's residence wns cut Biiuarely in two In tho
middle of the trunk.
As a pleasuro party wan coming down a
mountain at Bristol journeying homo, a bolt
struck tho road dead ahead, frightening tho
horses that drow them In a double enrringo,
nnd they woro nil thrown out. beveral ot thorn
wem stunned and bruised.
Henry Hall of Walllngfnrd hns just discov
ered thit lightning killed a htoer nnd a young
heifer for him In his pasture.
In Newlngton a bolt sinoto house, knocked
all the Inmates Insensible, and one of themlost
the hoarlngof ono ear. A bolt ran down tho
chimney of John Chapmnn's house, in Hart
ford, and knocked the kltohen store into a
mash. Tots, kettles, stovo lids, ashes, and
soot were hlown all about tho room. A big
kettle hit Mrs. Chapman's ankle, and she still
goes lame. An odor of brimstone pervaded
tlm house.
In one town Joel Bolce saw a big round bolt
buret over North i op Brook, and 11. F. Hale saw
another explode in the main t-treot. Hundreds
of bolts fell in country districts about the Stato.
Palmer's saw mill at Nnank was struck by
lightning and burned, 'iho loss was fti.OOO.
with no insurance.
Toe Jerey City Preacher Say Chnrehen
Sluat Get Out or Their Rnt.
The Bev. John L. Scudder of the Jersey City
Tabernacle preachod in Plymouth Ohurch.
Brooklyn, yesterday morning. His toplo was
"Many-sided Churches."
" Hore at the end of tho nineteenth century,"
he said, "we are passing through a porlod of
transition, and tho changes In tho domain of
religion alone are innumerable. Tno church
has caught tho spirit of the ace and is lifting
itself out of Its former narrowness. We should
cultivate the church's relation to tho ro crea
tive side of human nature instead of trying to
check it. Why Bhould weloaotho develop
ment of the human frame to athletic clubs ? Is
not muscular Christianity worth something ?
Tho aeraga deacon would look aghast if a
gymnasium or a tenpin alley wero built hy the
church, and tho mothers in 1-raol would hold
uo tnoir hands In holy horror. Tbo trouhlo
; with us Is that while ourclotgy are theological
, and philosophical, they are not practical and
know almost nothing nbout mundane affairs.
" There 13 much In tne talk of our critics that
we havo got Into an ecclesiastical rut. and I
bollotothat tho cbuich of tho future will not
bo as one sided us It has been. It will treat
man as a whole. Let tho church tako Its ex-
I ample from M. Pnul, who was all thlngb to all
I mou, aud put herself In touch wltb humanity.
Approach men on their nnn-splrltual side llrst.
Tho man wh goes around painting 'Come to
Jesus' on stones ami lences ami asks you
I plumplylf you are saed Is a spiritual dunco.
To make lovo to n young lady at tho first bit
ting Is just as ridiculous as to begin on a man
on his spiritual bide llrst. Honesty compels us
to say that tho church has nt inado horselt
BUltlciently interesting, and this Is no bettor
shown than In the nown town metropolitan
districts from which the chuichgoors havo
moiod up town, anil the church finally dlos of
sheor exhaustion. It piously gives up the ghost
and a bu-luess block or a tenoment house
takus its pln o. Then what whs once the gar
den of tho Lord becomob a neglected wilder
ness. You can reclaim these nstbwamp lands,
but not with a feeble mission hero and thero,
with a dilapidated organ ami a few old hymn
books The down-town ihurch of tho future
will be a Inrgo church and ono broad in Its
theology, The people will not consent to dog
matic bollefs. They tniibt bo allowod to uso
their reason. You must proWdo a plain work
ing theology and give a great latitude to Indi
vidual opinion. .Sucl' a church us this would
look into tho banitary welfare of the commu
nity. It would endeavor to t-liano legislation
and tako part In tbo reforms ot the day, It
belongs to the church of God to proWdo useful
Information anu to work In a practical man-
L-'l. ..I. ....I. I n....l. .....I,.,., ... ...,, ,.nln.
UCr. PU" DUUIJ1U lUMVd Pmiuu UkUtujJ fJUJUb
and uso hor powor at tho polls as well.
"Tlion why bhould .Satan have n monopolvof
billiards und howling nilei's.' Why not cast
about these amusements the helpful influence
of tho church. I nr years Satan bus buitod his
hook with such things aud hauled iu tbo fish
while Iho church haswondoieil why tho fish
didn't liltont her book. Is It nny wonder, when
sho halts It only with prayer meetings held
onco n week, willed are err stole bait somo
times V Wliv bhouldn't wo hao bowling nlloss
and pool tablesV I entui to pruphosy that
iu afow)n.irs an athletic department will ho
roco.'iiied usn part of tho chinch, aud wu will
tlnd tenn's courts mid swimming baths as
npprood features of ooiy church. Those
mnrbocm noe! now, hut wo nre creatures of
habit, ami such features as theso will nppoar
no more peculiar than a kltehou would hao
appeared to our aiiiestors.
" ( ii course, our llrst onsldoratlon should be,
'Is theix any Inherent oi II in the plan wu nro
coi sidoriug '' H thero Is not we should not
lienltiitu. nnd I hno no doubt that In tlmo wo
shall seo tho church with its special nines nnd
ItBfoottall teams. Homo will ask If this Is not
socularlatlon. I reply no, and declare that
tho emersion of bouIs to (tod mUBtoorbe
tho principal work, but by the addition of these
beemingly secular features the spiritual end
and aim will bo hastenod."
Amerleon-Oermnn JtlBe Content.
Biiemkn. Juno 15. TheSchuetzonfestCom
mlttooassombled this morning with bands and
banners nnd marched to tho Central Hotel,
whore the American rlllemon aro staling, and
conducted the lsltors to tho Schuotzerhof.
Euthubiastlc crowds lined the route. After u
banquet in tho rule hall the contest opened at
U 110 P. M. The evonlug programme included a
concert, popular sports, ureworks. supper, and
a ball.
On llie l'leltl or Waterloo.
Ilnt'hi.FiF, Juno l.t. A monument to the
Duko of Brunswick on tho spot where befell
nt vuutio Bras vn unveiled to-day In the
preset cd nf theliormau Minister at Bru-sels
and delcgatos from Brunswick and Belgium.
A memorial plate was also alllxed to the house
In which tho UuUo died.
An TintinHbv from Mnrorcn.
Bomk June n-Jmg Humbert to-day re
copied a n isslon f i om Afon ceo, whiuji brought
aluulit, gi U tiuiu tho ' ultuu.
Kinpetnr 1 llllain finulo iiliollinip ,rt,
Britun, June 15. mpi-rur Wiiiam wi at-I
tond the Austrian mnnx'uviesln I'mue'lianln. I
and will Uio eivna ft wtek In 11 uagftry, J
Thounnndn or People Ntiirrrlns tar Tond In
the Itlc Cltlen-One .N'ohltmim 1'crilliiB
l.OOO People thnnse In the Cabinet.
San Francisco. Juno 15. A correspondent
In Tokio, Jnpan. wrltos undor dale of Juuol
that tho oxcitoment following tho depredations
ot students of Tokio has docroascd a littlo
since thoy apologized to tho llov. W. 1- lra
brer. the Now Jorsoy missionary who was cut
nnd brulsod by them two wooks ngo. That
gontloman has entirely rocoorod, nnd it
Fooms nothing moro Is to bo hoard of tho mnt
ter. Tho foreigners feol outrngod that tho
culprits woro not severely punished. Tho j
Soshl aro becoming moro bold day by clay, nnd
insults to foreigners nre Increasing. Tho
settlors coming from Yokohama are nrmod
with revolvers, fearing that thero mny bo
somo show of violence. Tho Government
eooms to be doing all possible to deal with tho
In tho mean time tho distress among thou
sands of tho starving pooolo of Tokio and
other largo citlos is being ameliorated to a
great extent by the foreigners as well as by
tho Japaneso noblomen. Ono nobloman is
feeding 1,000 pooplo a day out of his own funds.
Tbo prico of rico Is higher than ever boforo.
both In Japan nnd Corea. Tho outlook for the
crowing crop of rlco Is not good, owing to
noavy raiiiB.
Numn Shulchl. editor of Mainichi SMmbun,
and for ten years a prominent llcuro In Japan
ese polities, died on May 17. Ho fought bnnoly
against Imperialists, but on tho establishment
of the prosont empire was pardoned and taken
Into the Oovornment servico. In 1H71! ho was
Bent to Europe and America. Ho resigned from
the Government servico and became the odltor
of tho Jamirni .Vumoim.
The following Cabinet change has boen made :
Count Ynlnnguta resigned his position ns
Minister of Home Aflnlis and Is succeeded by
Count Lnrgo, formeily tho Minister of stato
for tho Navy. Count Largo is succeeded hy
Viscount hahnyama. Mscount l.nomoto,
formerly tho Minister ot Education, becomes
I Privy Chancellor, and is succeeded by Mr.
I Yoshlkwa, formerly VIco-Mlnlster of State for
Homo Affairs. Mr. Iwamura retires from tho
1 office of MInlstor of Agriculture and Com
i morco, and bis place has boon given to Mutsu
Muuomltsu, formorly the Jananoso Minister to
tho Unltod Stutos. Mr. Shiiane Soulchi bo
comes Vlce-Mlnisterot state for Home AfT.ilis.
Tho vlco-mlnlstershlp of Naul Department
remnlns vacant.
Tho Cabinet now stands:
Count luiuaguta, MInlstor to the President
of Stato.
Count Oy&ma, Minister of War.
Viscount Kabayama. Minister of tho Navy.
Count Largo. Minister of Homo Allaire.
Count Avkl. Mlnistorof Foreign Affairs.
Count Yamada. MInlstor of Justice
Mr. Yoshlkawa, Minlbterof Education.
Count Matsnkaln. Minister of Finance.
Mr. Kutou. Minister of Agriculture and Com
merce. Count Goto, Minister of Communications.
Sr. Meyer Will Try to Heaclt the Top of
Africa' Second Hlchent Mountain.
Berlin. Juno 15. Dr. Hans Meyer, tho bril
liant mountain explorer, nnd tho only ono as
yet to reach tho tots of tho two summits of '
Klllma-Njnro. though forty-flve Europeans bad ,
visited the mountains before him, is preparing
to visit Africa for the fifth time. Ills destina
tion now is Mount Eenia, the second highest
mountain In Africa, which rises out of the
plain north of Mount Elllma-Njaro, almost un
der tho equator. Kenia has never yet boen
surmounted, though Joseph Thomson and
Count Teleki have both been far up Its com
paratively gentle slopo. The enormous mass
Is about 19,000 feot high, only 700 feet
lower than Klbo, tbo higher summit ot
Killma-Njaro. Kenia, however, is considera
bly less imposing in appearanco than its
southern rival, becauso though Its too Is per
petually snow crowned, it rises from a lofty
plain that Is upward ot fi,GO0 feet high, while
the plain nt tho foot of Kllima-Njaro Is less
than 8,000 feot high. Consequently Konlu does
not appear to tho obserter to be nearly so high
as Rilima-Njaro.
Dr. Meyer expects to spend next wintor In
the Kenia region, ond If It Is within bis power.
he will add Kenia to his other great conquost.
He expects to live for several weeks in the
neighborhood of the snow line or nbove It. and
bo will take an amplo supply of sheepskin
sleeping bags, blankets, and rubber eovonugs,
i in addition to ice axes, snow spectacles, Alpine
i ropes, climbing Irons nnd other noiessaryar-
j tides. On his last trip to Klllma-Njaro ho hud
i tnls Alpine equipment, and found that it was
Dr. Meyer expects to bo accompanied by Mr.
! Ludwlc PurtBcbellor of balzburg. a moun-
tnlneer of the llrst rank. Purtschellor was
I with him when he reached tho top of Klbo. ft
1 is absolutely necessary to hat o an accomplish-
i ed mountaineer with him. He cannot depend
i upon negroes above tbo snow Hi o. uori- It
snfo to make tho rno.-t difficult and dnngorous
part of the ascent alone.
Tho groat uncertainty regarding the present
onterurlBO relates to the attitude of the natives
who livo around the base ot KoLia. Neither
ThomBon. Tolekl, nor Petora found thomvery
friendly, while ut Klllma-Njaro Meyer wns i
i gren'ly assisted in his task by tho friendly and I
helpful attitude of Chief Maroalc.
i 'i he great difficulty experienced on tho upper
I elopes ot theso snow-tonpod mountains in the. I
1 African wilderness arises from tho sioedy '
failure of the food supply for tho explorers and
porters. Taught by experience. Mnjcr. on his i
i last visit to Klllma-Njaro, organized a commls
i Buriot servico for carrying icgular supplies of '
food to the upper regions. He arranged that i
every third day four men should comu up with
i provisions from tho camp near the bnso of tho
mountain to tho entral station at the upper
edge of tho forest region. Two men stationed .
there carried food for tho cxplnrorB t tho up- I
Per camp at tho snow lino. Thus every throo
days during their sixteen dnyn'work above tho
snow lino tno i-xploiere hud a new supply of
fresh meat, beans, and baiinnas. '1 ho roots of
low bushes crowing just below tbo enow lino
supplied them with fuel, and thoy did not sulTer
fiom want. .Meyer's Hist purpuso nt iioul i will
be to enter into friendly relations with bonie
Chief who will sell hlin tond, und then he will
ao.nl. 111. 1.1 Inltniio ...i.l .In, n.i.l 11.I..V. I,,l m...
ponors to regularly renew tho food supply.
'Iho result of his undertaking will bo wut. hed
with Interest 1 he Inst attempt to climb hcnla
was mado hy Count Teleki ovor two jears ngo
Ho and his men, tolling ovor the snow, roachid
a height of only 15.V'0 loot, about :i,50flfuet hi-
i low iho summit ol the mountain. Ho oxhausted
i his provislotiH aud had to tuin back, lor two
i mouths while tho party wore in tho neighbor-
i hood of tlm mountain theywnio entirely ilo-
, pendent lor loisl upi n Tolekl skill with his
1 gun, und In that time ho killod mor 'Jou elo-
Phautn, buffaloes, nnd rhinoceroses. Thoy did
not succeed iu making friends with tho nntivos,
und so could not depoua upon thorn lor food.
Cholera Clalmlne Itn Victims Peoplo Flee
Inc lrom a NlrlcUen Town.
Madiup. Juno 15. Thero wero nine deaths
from cholera in Puehla do Bugat on Saturday.
Bevon Irosh cases ate reported. Two-thlrdB of
the Inhabitants hnve Hod from the town. Tho
llrst cases appeared a month ago. tho victims
all being residents of a street which had been
opened up for paving, boven deaths have oc
curred nt Montlchelvo, a village uear Puebla
do Bugat. and seven fiesh casus are reported
Oar Wir Hlilps at Madeira.
On Boaiid tiie Atlanta, BquapiionopEvo
I.VHPK, FuNCiitL, Madeiiu, Moy 3(1. Tho
squadron anchored in Funchal Boads at ti
o'clock this morning, after a very pleasant
run of blxty hours from Tangier. National
salutes wero exebangod between tho Chicago
and tho fort soon after anchoring, and crowds
of pooplo on the hooch testified to the interest
tho squadion's arilval nrousod. Searuly had
wo anchored before iiu h ship wns huriniinded i
by scores of boute with fruit, turtles, iiitlhcuil
lluwers, and zodiac rings nnd other jewelry fur
Mile, ami little bos also shi'Vod alongside and
invited us to drop pennies In the water, which
tboy dived after and brought up In tbo most
finished aud rapid manner.
Owing to n mild opldomle of small-pox on
ahore the Admlial has forbidden any comma
nl atlonwith the Mime, 'iho siuaJinu will
l-nvi to-m"irow at midday for St Uiicti.
Cnpo do erdo Islands, where It will end, nnd
theuiolt wih Bull for Pd.n.iinbui Lra.il.
Nomlnutrtl for Ninth lluni-cut
1.c.n icv, Ju io ii. lt.chfi'it Mac 1 1 ire, a
wenl'liy ooloi 1st bus btcu i.oudnnted 1 the '
Natlpna Uts for the vacuut Pftrlmaitfutur) mat i
lei horth Iioacgal. j
The Remnlns of n 'Man round Crrmuled In
n Tlocn County forest.
Ei.miiu, June 1.1.- What appears to hnvo boen
n horrible murder was yesterday unoarthod
neai Lnkowood, Tioga county. George Lotts.
n fnrmor living nonr Gregg's bchoolhouso,
while nt woik in tho woods peeling bark saw.
protruding fiom benoath nlog, a man's leg.on
cncd In n boot, b'enttored about In thonshos
of burnod wood woro H.o crumbled hones of a
human form, tho Inrsest romnlnlrg being thito
of tho skull nnd jaw. Coroner llnrudon of
Wnverlywns uotiflod nnd went to tho scono.
A numhor of peoplo of WuvorlynUo nccom
panted him, among whom was Isaac Hucklo.
Arriving nt tho scene, tho portion of tho leg
bolow the kneo, oncned In n tow shreds of
erlsn cloth and the lonther boot, wns removed
ft out beneath tho log, and by the tan on tho
boot tho ghastly roiunnnt of n human body
wasidentllled by Mr. Hucklo as belonging to
his f.ithor-ln-law. Isaac Deo. A jurj wus Im
panelled and tho few lomnlus gathered up. tho
bones having heon bin nod so that thoy crum
blod In tho nands of the Uoronor.
Nunr tho sceno of this tragedy wns n
pile of wood fiom which about a quarter ot a
cord of green wood had been removed to pro
vide luol for the llio which burned tho tody.
Concealod In this wood pllowus found a re
volver, one chnmhor of which wus empty. Tho
nulcldo theory was at llrst advanced, hut the
improbability and well nigh impossibility of a
man thus arranging his owu luneral pyre was
considered, nnd this impression gave way to
tho moro probablo theory of murder. Deo was
formerlya miller nt Wavorlr. nnd livod there
with his son-in-law, Isnno Hucklo. He loft
homo about live wooks ago, and wont to Lock
wood, where ho oneacod board at Gilbert's
llotol. Ho remained there about nwook, when
ho dorarted. nnd slnco then nothing has either
boon seen or henrd ot hlra until 1 armer Lott's
ghastly nlseovory In the woods vesterdny after
noon. Ho had lived In Wnvorly many years,
nnd was well known throughout Tioga county.
Tho Coroner's jury decldoil that Deo cumo to
his death by burning in a manner unknown.
what iu j m: $10 ion?
Acrntft or the Hoard nT Pharmacy In an
Vlititeiinnnt Ucht,
Dunbar O'Noill, n sub-ngoctof tho Board of
Pharmacy, wns hold by Justice McMahon at
tho Tombs Pollco Court yoaterday morning for
enmIuatiou on tho charge ot blackmail, on
which ho had been nrrested tho night before.
On Saturday afternoon Matthew Mercer, the
agent of tho Now York County Board of Phar
macy, called at F. W. Carraon's drug store, 223 i
Grand street, to seo George Woismann. a dork,
nbout n complaint which had leen made
against him for compounding phssiclans' pre
sciiptions without a llconso. Tho evidence
which Mercor Intended to use iu prosecuting
tho complaint was a bottlo which ho told
Woismann was In the possession of O'Neill.
Slercer then told Woismann. -o Woismann i
aas. tosoo O'Neill abntit tho bottlo.
Wei-maun says that O'Neill told him that ho
could havo tho bottle for tin. According to
W eisinnnn O'Neill said: " A $10 bill will settle
tho case."
W'ul-man told Carmon about the nffalr. Dr.
Carmon Informed Cnpt, Meaklm of the Mul
berry street stntlon. Cnpt. .Meaklm ninrkod
two J5 hills with tho letter " g. aud those wero
flven to Wt'i-iuann with which to pay O'Neill,
letoctlvos watched tho store. At 1US o'clock
on Snturdav night O'Neill came Into tho drug i
Bture and spoko to Woismann. w olsmnnn took
a bottlo from him and held the bills In his
hand so that the detectives could tee
them. Then ho gave them to O'Neill
aud took off his hat. which was tho signal to
tho detectlved. who Immudlutoly arrested
O'Neill. . ,
in court mo nris mer nan uuiuiug io say ana
neked to have his examination sot down for
to-day. O'Noill has been acting as Mercer's
assistant in securing evidence in ousosot this
character, and ilorcor will bo called on to oz
plnln bis part In this case.
Dr. W llllara llnlser. seirota-r of the Board
of Pharmacy, snld last nlglit that Mercor was a
i regular anont of tho Board, and becauso he was
known hy the various druggists ho employed
O'Neill to collect evidence t getting unli
censed elorks to put up prescriptions. "Mer
cer came t. mo on Saturday," said Dr. Balsor.
"and Inquired if Wetsmann. viho had failed in
examinations before, had been successful in
that of last Monuny I said uo. no said that
I O'Neill had got evidence that Welsmnnn had
I prepared a prescription 6ince then, and that ho
I i Mercer' would c n-ult President CvrnsLdsou
I of tho Board nbout niosecutlng Wolsinnnn's
employer. Of what has happened since I know
Two (Ireat Mas Meeting' Iteld l.nnt Night
In llzubetu Churcuen.
r.i.izvBFTH. June 1.1. Blc meetings were
held to-night In sr, John's Episcopal and In
tho Plrst Presbyterian churches to protest
ngalnst Gov. Abbett signing the bill legalizing
bookmnking in Now Jorsoy. Both buildings
wero p.ii kod. Tho other Proto6tant churches
in the city held no servico so as to cnablo their
congregations to ntton 1 the mass meeting,
which was got uo in three hours. The Bev.
Otis Glazebrook presided nt St. John's, and
speoehos denouncing the race tracks and call
ing upon the Governor In God's name to voto
the bill pa-bed in tho intorost of tho sport wero
mado by the llov. lit. heiupshall, the llov. Mr.
Nourse. tho llov. Mr. G.azobrook. tho Bov. Dr.
Glllosnlo. the Bov. Sir. luiikman. Doan Hod
man, ri nf. Watson, ei-.Vsbomblymnn Corbln,
and ltobort Mooro.
At tho I'ir-t Presbytorinn Church tho Bov.
Dr. Glllosplo presided, and addresses wore
m.ido by tho i.ov. I., ll Cobb, the llov. W'llllnm
Shermor. Dr. iilllesiao. .losepb Gales, und Mr.
W oodwurd. The entire day to-morrow will bo
spent In u vigor ns canvass of tho city for sig
natures to n petition to bo prosontod to Gov.
Abbett nnd a big delegation ol more than liot)
of the most Intluontlal illiens will go to Tren
ton with the Iceumeiit on Tuesday, nnd will
enter their Jndlvidu.il protests with tho Gov
ernor ngnlnbt his signing tho hill. Lending
residents of other cities In tho btato aro to ho
invited to accompany the Llbahoth delegation.
rvuaiiT Mint ioadi.ii siphoxs.
An Odd nnd Jliincrrutiw Unci Ilettreen Cen
ne ?-titft Itallunn.
There was a curious duul in Centre street
, about ! I'CiOck last n gut. O. . Mnitin. un
ashman, who Ilvib at l.'l 11m btroot, hoard a
rumpus and found two Italians trying to nn
iilhiliito each other with sodawator siphons.
1 ach siphon bottlo was hoavlly loaded, and
they ntodntigoioiis woiu Otis. 3ou havo been
killed by the explosion ol similar buttles.
Mariln o-biivod tlm pan of a poncemnkor.
Both men attacked him Ho escaped, but dur
ing the attack the bottles burst, lino of tho
Italians, Joseph (area, wns cut In tho bund
and an nrlory was severed. Policeman Collins
took a hand about this time, nnd tho Itniiuna
fled before his club. Ho captured tbnm both
altera chase. Tho other one Is Louie CoanL
Both live at Ml Centre -Heel. They would not
tell what tho row ., about.
I.ciirv'a New Knit or l.ncn.
Ft. Joitv, N. Ik, Juno 15,-Two ocean tugs
from Boston aro dnily evpottod here to tow to
Now York .Innio 1). 1 o.iri s now raft of lo's.
'J bis time tliotiml er has been cut In (,'ueons
county nnd llnnted to r.uid Lay. where It was
I ut togotlier and then tuwed to t. John. Tho
raft will contain hal' a million feet nmro tliu
Imrthan tho celebrated ne built nt Parrsboro,
nnd bo In sovontO'Wi M"ti 'ns. each of which Is
to bo bolted together in tlu shapo of a clgnr.
1 ueli section Is B (i I, et 1 ng. and they nro
iittnelied loeiiih oiber by heuvj hawsers ond
chalu-. When .ilium at mm It will havo the ai
pent.inci'of a iniiiiiiuii Ii client, vnyseetion.
when an iiecidcni r ''in .i.'i nens rj (,,,,m
tnvving maj loiiileruch .i o .i-u iiodirnblo.uiny
bo dotuchod fiom thu main ia!t.
The Original PaiUnge ( ura,
I.rAVKSWouni. linn.. Juno 15. Judgo Cald
well of the Unltod stales District Court yestor
dny granted the nppll"ntloin for hahenscorpus
In the cases of elm en p'Thi-ns nrrestod under
the state Prohlbiloi v taws Im- dealing In orig
inal packages oi intoxicating liquors. Tho
Court s decision m in lino with that receutly
iHiiili-iKd bv the 1 i I I stutos sunreino Court.
Appeals in all the os will bo tukeu to the
btato supreme Court,
AT l'.inillll Al'i: AXD 43j ST.,
The Kxuet Ilnll.prlrn Kale,
'li ciwinii'iien tit-iliv .in' litoki'ii luiri, in
i hi ll i tie 1,1 i - i .' ii ilsiimiiici Sirl ,,
f r 1 ii nn l Ju, I . I n i nn, ortun.ly '
nil- iv flfti.l iv a roiiii io clotliing' hoUnO,
like wul Brothers, Llghtlt Avenue and
Soriy-twoai Bawu-Adv, j
he BRovanr mm from protidexce
Anil n Knotting; Cab UrlTer Took Them to
a I'ollre Ktatlon Instead nl to 11 Molt
Hired, nnd Mam i Held lor Aliductlnn.
Tho big Fall Illvor boat Puritan, which got In
ot H'i o'clock yostordny morning, had two vory
mystorlous passengers on loard. One wns a
cunning-looking Chlnnman, whoso faco did not
toll whothcrhowas20or40, and tho othorwas
I n bluo-i-yod littlo girl of 15. Both travollod on
I first-class tlcKats, but on tho trip down the
' Sound they kept aloof from each other and
I didn't give tho ofllcors nnd tho other passen
gers tho slightest sign that thoy were making
the trio together.
When tho Puritan was fast to her dock, the
Chinaman, who was tho only representative of
his raco on board, was among tho first to land.
Ho waited on the pier a momontuntll tho littlo
girl enmo tripping down the gangplank dressed
in a noat gown of dark brown and a jaunty
black straw hat over her brown hair, bho
seemed to be on good forms with tho Mongo
lian nnd chatted coyly with him as thoy walked
down tho plor. Tho lonngors and hack drivers
on tho wharf stared at tho Ill-assorted pair, but
the girl didn't seem to mind It a bit
At the door of the shod tho Ohtnaman mot
Edward Qarkln. who was waiting with his
hack for a faro, and began to bartor with him
on tho spot. Garkln thought things looked
mighty queer, and when the Chinaman told
him ho wautod to be driven with tho girl to 11
Mott stroot, Qarkln romomborod that that wns
the houso from which the Chlneso girl, Buon
Yee, was rescued by The Evening 8us Hn
agreed to carry thorn both tor SI. but when ho
got on his box ho whipped up his
horso and drove to tho Prlnco street
pollco station. It was noorly 9 o'clock when
Garkln rushed up to tho Sergoant at tbo dok
nnd told him of his two passengers. They wero
hustlod out of tho hack and taken before Cnpt
Thomison. Tbo girl was crying. Cnpt. Thomp
son took the pair right un to Jeffeison Murkot
Court, where tho whole story cumo out before
Justice White.
Tne Chinaman said ho was Ham Kce. the
proprietor of a laundry at Pago nnd Broad
stroot9,Provldonce. aud tho girl said sho was
Annie Lawrence, and lived In Provluenco. too.
Bit by bit sbo told Juetlce White how sho hnd i
como to mako the trip to Now York with Sara
lvoe. Bho met him. Bho said, about u month
ago when sho was working In a wire fnctory t
on Stowart street. Sho wont to his laundry
llrst with a friend of hers who Introduced her '
to Sam, who was vory nttontlvo to hor. Anulo
made three othor visits after that to the hum- ,
dry nlono. and on her last visit Ham enticed her ,
Into n back room ot his shop, she said, nnd
took advantage of hor. Then Sam prono-od '
that thoy come to ew York and promised her
silk dresses and a diamond ring or two. Sho
showed the Judge n fancy gold ring on her
linger which she said bam had given her as a
proof of his Intentions. Ou Snturday night
Sam Keo left his laundry and went to Fall
Blver, where bo got two state looms on board
the Puritan. Ho was too well known In Prov
idence to tnke tho boat there for Now York.
Annie was crying bitterly when sho flnlshod
her tale, and there was an added Hush to her
bright rod cheoks. Sho wouldn't glvo hor ad
dress In Providence nor say anything about
her peoplo. but said she had been working for
a .Mrs. Stare just before sho left, having lost
her position In tho wire works.
By this time Knm Koo had got hold of a law
yer, who advlsod him not to Fay unvthingund
to ask for an examination. Justice White ac
cordingly hold him In $1 .WO hall for exaiulnn
tltn on tho charge of abduction, and sot tho
case down for nevt Fridny.
Sam Keo gavo his nedigroo to tho Warden In
vory good Lnglisli. Ho is '23 years old aud said
he lived at 1 Mott street in this city. Agent
Kchultess of Mr. (Jerry's society took tho girl
up to the society's rooms In Twonty-thlrd
Pollco Captain Thompson spoko in prolso ot
the hack-man's work In rescuing tbo girl lrom
the Chinaman. It is possible tnnt If she had
once got within the walls of tho Mott street
tenement she would never have boon heard
1 lrom ncnln. That Is tin placo where Lee Khl
succeeded in keeping Suen leo imprisoned for
a year after ho had bought her for ftiuuiroiu
Ah Hoon, n Chinese gamb er. All tho Inmntes
of No II wore looks of ignoinnce yostorduy
when thoy wero asked about Sam Keo, and tho
Chinese merchants nt 1 Mott street, tho address
Kam gavo. said thoy didn't know him.
Pi.nviPKVi k. Juno 15.-Annie Lawrence, who
accompanied Snra Koe to .New York, wns em
ployed formerly at the American Eloctricnl
Works. E. 1'. Phillips, manager, on Stewart
street. Annie. It is feared, has been rathor
wayward and headstrong for several months,
hhe is an orphan, ham Keo has been a shin
ing light nt the " Bound Ton"fcundny school.
It 1 believed thnt Annie was a willing com
panion of bam in his travels.
Aa Old Woman Mlaerahle Condition In a
House that -she Herself Ovtnii.
Ellrabetb Eoisor. C3 years old, has boen liv
ing alono for several mouths at 036 East lfilst
street, In a two-story and attio frame house,
which sho owns. Her son. John KeibOr. lives
in 140th street, near Courtlond avenue. They
lived together for a while, but neighbors 6ay
they separatod alter a Quarrel.
I or n week past the old woman has not been
seen about the house. ostorday some neigh
bors reported the case to tho Morrl'anla no
lico. Policeman Tobin was bont to the houo
nnd found all tho doors locked. Ho broko In
and on tho second floor found Mis. Kelbor
lying lull length on tbo ruggod carpet, clnd In
rags, which only partly covorod her. A tum
bledown stovo, a rickety tahlo. and a broken
sofa were tho onlv articles nf furniture in tho
room. On tbo table wero a plate, knlio. fork,
und spoon, hut not n m'TM'l ot food anywhere.
A hurry call brought Dr. Hammond In a Har
lem Hospital ambulance, while somo ono noti
fied her son of his mother's condition und ho
arrived at once. Mrs. Kolsor was unablo to
spoak or movo. A hypodermic Injection or
brandy revived hor somewhat. Dr. Hammond
cut tbo rags which sho woro from hor and sho
was removed to tho hospital wrapped in a
blankot Propur nourishment and euro will
probably ofioct a euro.
lie Thoualit to Viiloud It by I'uttlns It In
the Flic.
Iwfii, Juno IS.- Thomas Foster, a laborer
of this city, has a shotgun which ho purchased
oweokago. It noodod cleaning, nnd accord
ingly the weapon was tnken off tho sholf nnd
dustod. When the ramrod was ubod nn ob
struction was found near tho vent. Tho gun
barrel was rurnovod from tho etock and nn un
; successful nttompt made to got out tho wnd or
chnrgo. Mr. Foster decided to burn It out. a
brilliant schemo, ho thought; so ultl hit sou
1 rank, who wns nsslstlng him. The grnto tlnur
of tho stove wns opened and the butt end ot the
barrel thrown Into the flro. Sir. Foster thought
that two minutes would suffice to du tho work.
He said: "I think It is coming. Frank," nnd
before hecould withdraw the barrel his son:
" l,et mo gel a blow at It," at tho samo time an
plying hlB mouth to the muzzle. As ho did bo
tlto charge exploded and entered tho left side
of the neck, tearing nway tno llosh from the
jaw and laying bare the cords of thenoikund
tho shouldei blade. 'I he lad was taken to st,
.lohn h Hospital, where lie now lies In a critical
condition. Ho was 1'J years ot ago.
The I'.lectrlo t hair jlrrlrci at Mnit Hlnc.
Fine b'iNB. June 14. Wtrilen Brnh & rccelTM the
ilprtrif clulr ntij nfjitiincti lobi jitm eil In the death
(ImiuUr in Ming hlnjj.rlion for the klltlnitof crlrainl.
Itm U'unlrn nlil PmU) It. at the iiiio-deaih chamber
on ,1 not Accoiumntjala the rrliuina seuniiceil for
eiriiiiinn st tin r.ite ihsv arc ben oenip uil in bu
,li r '. 11 sre -i I irrellii In t m Un slid the
ere 1 I sl"iuiii, lii'ifr Wood -al lieu now ei
, up tlic mil lr eipet-'U two ll'nr, afore ibe month
it ei i sliouM Itiei bu frm la the rieon beforv aui ut
II iHif are killed he Hill 'eve to ail tuia In ilia
lua u pri-nu.
Mllrtr IHneen'n runerut.
Mart) Plniro, thepslnf of Mrl Talne In the burglary
In wtuih Urocer Luc of lirouk.a we tuurilereil. wm
buriel veiicr'ley arterucoa from tu U rai. lliere wro
no fuiicnil eerilcep t the bout, Tl e iotcruient took
ttA etai-han i, meter Jin , n war never irl-il
lie w-erelfeed lrom lutiioni! meet Jell lew ilnte
uko If nu ho wju ki own ti, t ii lun of cunkumj lion
lb died nihil boina mi Krnltj hum
Where "Veaterdiij's I'lren Were.
i. M,7I5 lua Allen etreou J.rntil I'l.tlTi aparv
rneiili, no demec
p it.-.'ltv, loin svronl .en.e Jotepli fl.bl'i
ii'irtm-ritii no asnuiirr 7 t i ? fra-t Fifteenth
sneei ai'-ruoetiu of Jecob iu,'o)a. it linage uji,
t " i aei sixti iliilieiieet ujiua.'r ill)
lithl 'Putins In Wn-lilnclnn,
A i imp etc "ti i ol laet Iran. l , haltua.ire anil
T. 4 inir ai le , ei a ed by Un leree Centrnl l.eadina
ami B. ,n i ' i trslni euUpied wiiU I jliuau patior
, widi "'"f"'4' 'uaeiual tarns, auucu log lot .
Their I'andldntn for l.tiTernor llend, Tlicr
llitrdly linovv What to llo.
BtNoon. Juno 15. Tho death this morning
of tho Hon. 1 ranch W. Hill, tho Domocratlo
nomlnoo for Oovornor, is a sovoro blow to the
party In this State. It was less than twowooks
ago Hint ho nttendod tho blnto C'onvontlon nnd
aecopted tho noniinntlon. which was tender
ed to him unnnlmously. 'iho nomination
struck n popular chord, nnd ho would havo re
ceived stronger support thau many men ot his
party. Tho leadors don't know what to do, A
BuggOBtlon has hoon made that the 5-tato Com
mlttoo put anothor candidate In tho Held, but
that moots with littlo favor. It might bu dono
in an emergency, but as thore aro yet throo
months boforo tho eloctlon. thero Is plonty of
tlmo to solect a now onndldato lnareguarly
tallod Convention. Noithor dooa the Idoa thnt
tho old Convention bo cnllod togothor ncnln
uroro nccoptnhlo to tho fow Democratic load
ers who could bo found to-nichb
"That Convention is ns doad ns its candi
date." said ono; "glvo us n now Convention."
Ono objection to a now Convention would be
that of tho question of lhon'o. Prohibition
could be ralsod again nnd a fairer expression
of the opinion of tho nnrty obtnlnod. This
will probably lead tho friends of license to In
sist upon a now Convention: but even It tho
old ono wnB recommondod It would bo hard to
po contrive Its action as to prevent Its express
ing an opinion on any question of public in
terest it cboso to discuss. If it was bo pro
vented, tho throats ot nn independent nntl
prohibition Convoution might stand a chance
of being carried into oxooutloo.
Serious- Accident at a Pleasure, Resort In
In Cleveland.
Cxevixanc. Juno 15. There was n serloui
aocident this evening at Iiororlo's Park, a sum
mor resort in tho southern part of tho city. At
least 3,000 pooplo bad assomblod to see n man
jump from a cable street shod across a minia
ture artificial lake. Peoplo stood all around
the lake, and a hundred or moro wore on a
rustic, foot brldgo about ten feot above tho
grouud and extending across the lake.
Tho jumpor made tbo descont nbout 6:30
o'clock, llo btruck tho water near the shore,
and tho poonle on tho bridge mado a rush for
tho placo. Noarly all oi them woro massed on
a3J-footsnan ndtoiiilng tho bluff. Tho struc
ture fell with a crash, going down In thu middle.
Tho footpaths under tho bridge wero crowded
with peoplo, nnd upon theso tho timbers fell,
whllo thoso on tho bridge woro thrown In a
honp In tho centre of tho spnn where It struclc
tho ground. At least 23 persons wero Injured
more or loss seriously, but only eight were
hint so badly that they had to go to a hosnltah
Following ts a list of the seriously Injured:
Jnmeb bunford. f!2 years, right leg fractured
and Internal Injunos, probably fntnl.
Itudolph Woodrlck. 2S yoars. right lecfrao
tured and head brulsod.
Mrs. Iludolph Woodrkk. splno and shoulder
Jobso Caldwell. 17 years, ankle fractured nnd
arm badly bruised.
Hertha Hunter. 15 years, right hip fractured
and internal injuries.
Anno Thomnn. 14 years, right ankle broken.
Mary Thoman. 22 years, buck and head In
jured. I'nknown one-legged man. leg brokon.
Had tho bridge broken over tho lake the list
of deaths would havo boon largo.
A Telecram from byracuae Make a Ilia
turliiince About a Wntcb He Gave Her.
Tho preparations for n woddlng that was to
havo been oolobratod according to tho Hebrew
rites on Tuosdny botwoon Miss Waldman of
417 East Sovonty-ulnth stroot and Arthur Pol
lachek. a young commercial travoller for a
crockory house In this city, wore rudely inter
rupted by tho pollco lust night, Tollachek was
spending the evening with his nfflancod bride,
when one of Inspector Hyrnos's men came in
without a warrant and carried him away. Ho
arrestod Pollachok on a tolegrnphla request
from tne Chlof of Pollco of bv rucuso.
The Chief of Police of bv rucuso accuses
Pollachok, on behalf of a jewelry llrm of that
city, of committing grand larceny hy taking
away from there a gold watch, bought on the
installment plan, before it wus fully paid for,
Pollachok bought tho watch as a present for
I Miss Wnldtnan, and gave It to her bouio tlmo
, ago. Marcus v aluman, her brother, says that
Pollachok had no Intention of defrauding the :
jewoller. He mot all tho payments as they
camn due, and exported to moot the future
mvments on tlmo. Waldman wont to pollco
leadiiuarters last night, where Pollachek Is
locked up. and offered both to give ball for tho
prisoner and to pay tho balance duo on tho
watch, but lie could not secure his release.
The pollco said they had uo right to accept
either ofTor.
Rumors of Trouble In Corea,
Sam Frincisco, Juno 15. Thero are many
vague rumors afloat in Tokio concerning the
reportod taking of Corea. There is some
trouble in Corea. but tho Government officials
of Japan know nothing definite as to its na
ture. All that Is surely known is that all the
British men-of-war are hlnc in the harbor
with steam up and undor orders to sail at a
moment's notice. Several have already gono.
Tho American naval forco. under Hoar Admiral
lielknap. Is expecting orders to sail lor Corea,
Despatches from Coroa say that the United
States Minister. Augustine Hoard, has arrived
there, and tbo retiring Minister, II, A. Dins
more, is about to depart.
They llute No Vae Tor llnrrlsoa.
Nashville, Juno 15. At the Republican
County Convention hold hero yesterday to se
loct dolegates to the Gubernatorial Convention
Iu July resolutions endorsing President Har
rison's Administration were 'voted down.
Half a dooii counties in tho Mate
have rofubed to endorse tbo Admin
istration, notably Itutherford. the huine
of Presldont Harrlr-onV hruthor, Cartel 11. Har
rison, I nlted Mates Muish.ill, 'J ho opposition
to the President eoineo fiom tho rank ,iud file
ofthepaity becnubu ot his appointments In
this btato.
Western Tulon lue u Kult,
Louisville, Juno 13. The Kontueky Court
ot Appeals n'Slordny decided that a telegraph
company is liable for damages both to feelings
nnd financial lnteros's by failure to use all duo
dlllgenco to delivora tologram. Tho case was
Chapman ii.-aiust tho Western Unlou, In which
the telegraph company failed to dollver a
message to Chapman notifying him ot the up
proachiug Jeu'.h of his father.
A Hoy's Futnl Kick.
rnitinri rnu, June 15 Joierih .Mullen, aped 15
years. I d;lnc at tbo Tranbj lerl.ui lloijiltal In title city
from the et'erii of u kick In tl a atomacb, administered
by Jietll ulannelkof ttia tame aire, ou Monday luau
llie operatl a of laparotomy wa performed by the
lunreorel day. In the hoje of eavluir tbo buj 'a 1,1c.
but ti rtraili it repjrdel an a matter or a fevi hours
ou'y nliounell wai cai irht in utrit after havunr
eluilel arrentlnce the on i. -mice. I In mi Uui an
took -nine liennlel from hie iU'l'onnell'e) TomiKi-r
broiler and Unit la a quarrel which followed klmJen
rei.cn e J lu lujury.
Olnciie Waa Quite Itatlnnal.
tarta Joief Knit, an Italian woman about ro years
olJ. of 31 l'n iby street, stangered Into the Vluiterry
street police nation abont o clock last nlirht bleedlnir
rum a stab wound In her rlvlit tide blie wunied tur
EI..1 liclji, bia 'he was not mull um.niMo le 1 hnw-tha
irM hurl l-lli illy s' e ailnuttid thai '! bad iiul ll n
vii-ibd in a i .arrel wuh Iter huebaDd IHUtcps. lie
w m drunk -I said, and !!! tint know what lie wax
il unr lie ki en eiii.iigti liowrrer. to kt-eb out of tha
vwj, abd ibt vlice i era unablo io And hlui ItutnUbu
Tvvo llatol Mints on South Reach,
There vas a row nt l'liio drove. South I'.each, S'uten
Ilaud, last evening A policeman Interfered aud he
was set on b) s rp w,l 1 no bUlol shots ere fired, and
n New ork ekcurslolilAl afterward sus the bOilremm
hum-' carried telplrbi Into tho Aroielaln Hiuiki,
W Nether be hal bran shot the t'X'i.rionUt did not
1. am rierardiuau as arrested for lortlclratiun
latheaOatr '
lurrndlarlea In I'alrpnrt.
Fmrnat. K. V, June if, -Tha nsnlentsof this vll
lage are much evctted over Incendlarv urn, terera of
vihlch haa " curred latelr An un,i icesfnl ailemi t
was made (i burn a i arpliter sh" in aerotidi-J lu
talny on sa ur ia nuln. li la uul i u ikely that mm
liiltteeur ,'ilwrns will lake the mailer of OUcovcrili.'
the pi rj etrator in hand
Kllleit tVlille Mrrstllni: on Ills Illilhilaj.
ssi Mu "S" loan 'i le !' i.i i-ce 1 I.ra en
w uti oi io Uo Mai ' t.i mil inc ant.
iteeiui.'li'-d r tv i oMIeu-reelj
vtil ' lie VI nla Ji -r a i nubaiu ir'H '
taanirtr.t huh m .r iu. h ve.- 1-eaveiinoitU I
WMaUUiO. U,ai had bitaiimUiii. j
The Central Labor I'slon Ceta the First
Neu-Altthe Uxchanscs Isrlted loHeat jj
llelcKateaIleber Newton, A. It. 'Whll ll
aey, and Illshop l'ottcr Are cjlcner.
Tho cltLzons' movement for nn indopondont
municipal tickot this fall has made Its appear f
nuce at last, and, as It happens, it Is the Can V
tral Labor Union which has tho honor ot oom- J
munlcatlng that fact to tho public. ThsCLIa,
V. got this circular yoBtorday aftornoon. ant) . fS
without reading It handed It ovor to the Oom f'
mlttoo on Outsldo Communications, who con '
flded tho news to tho reportorst '
"You ars respectfully reauostod to slo I
threodolcgntosto attend a meeting to b bjV4
nt the Windsor riotol on tho ovonlna ot Jon. -j
24, at 6 o'clock, to organlzo a cltlcon'o moTcH
ment for tho purification of munlolpal polltloi ''
by non-partisan nominations. J
lb Hrnsn Newton, Jonn Cums.
Jesse Belioman, Loins 0, WnrroH, '
A. II. Wnirsrr. Hhjjbt A. Roajma, i1
Gustav n. BcnwAn. IlEsnr C 0TrBlI.,
The circular was enclosed In a lottor from
LouIbO. VThlton. asking tho Bocrotarrto ! '
him know what tho Central Labor Union
would do. Mr. Whlton also sent n, list of the)
organlratlona to which this circular had beep ''
Bent This is tho list: Stock Exchango, -Consolidated
Kichanca. Froduce Exchange,
Ileal Kstato Exchango, Coal and Iron
Exchange. Cotton Exchange). Coffee Ex
change liar Association, Association ot '
Master numbers. Association o! 1'tlnt- t
ors. Bricklayers' Union. Clgarmakors' Intorna- .
tlonal Union, Clothlors' Association. Jowclera' '
I.ongue, Hotol Association. United BrothoM i
hood of Carnontors and Joluors. and tho Uon i
trnl Labor Union. j
The oircular was dated Juno S. but its dls J
trlbutlon vtu not begun until tho end of last i
week, and tho Contra! Labor Union, whioa 'U
transacts business on Sunday, appeare to havej
cot ahead, with tho news, of tho Stock Ex- I
cbango. which doesn't, J
Bt'N reporters sought In vain last nlaht to 1
find In town any of the slgnorB of tho circular, S
but did got hold cf n gentleman engaged in the) 1
uiovomont whose nnmo is not signed. He said: X
Iho Idea is to organlzo a local Indopondeni ,1
cltlons' movement which shall lnaludomonof if
all phasos of national polities and whloh shall L
aim to secure non-partisan administration of J
the municipal Gov ornmonr I am not familiar If
vvlth thodotallB of tho plans: In fact I do not d
think mauy dotntU havo been arranged yot. H
Tho conferenco whleli hat. been called will con J
Bldortho wholo subject without any dictation I
fiom tho gentlemen who h.ivo issued tho clr . I
culnr. There was considerable dolnv In Bond- ,'9
ingout the invitations io tho cunforenco owing ifl
to tho tlmo consumed In getting signatures.
I don't know whether or nottlio i-lguaturesof '
othor prominent nion were scught without '
suceoss. ves. tho mnvomont. if not Rtiggosted Urn
by Dr. Heber Newton's recent Bermons Is in RH
part based upon tho agitation ot tho subject Ilia
which his dl-courson began. Tho shape which fM
tho mntter will tako will deiinnd entirely upon jsaH
tha notion of llio lndsnr llotol eonforence." AjisB
Most of thonlgneisof tlm circular are well- 'H
known men. Mr. Newton in thu ia-tor of All ssi
boul's Church on Mmllsun nvonum.lesss Hellg- 'H
man Is tho bankor: the llov Mr. Dneey Is tho IH
pahtor of St, Loo's llomnn t atholic Church i A- sH
It. vvhbnoy Is one of the lealersof Ihollusl- !
ness Men's Hopuldlenn Association: OuBtavII. jTB
hchwab Is a merchant and shipowner: Louis V
C. Whlton is n lnwyor; 1". 1). Tnppen Is tho
1'resldeut of tho Cmlhitin llnnl: und n parish- ,.
loner of Ur. .Ninvtuti Henry A. Ilogors is a
merchant, anil Ilonrv (', Potter U the Bishop
of this l'rotostant Lpiscopul dlocose. H
Imparted to this Slocesa Throush Areha M
bl-.hor t'orrlcun. fH
Archblsho'p Corrignu had a private audience B
on Saturday with I'opo Loo Mil. The I'opo IjH
sent n special blessing to tho priests and pee- M
pie of this dlocoso. commending thoir zoal and i
Udolity. "i'jH
Put n Iollceninn llovv n io Roaet, 1
William (lerlni h is a big, broad-shouldered H
German, who lives at l,("i2 Third avenue. On J
Saturday night ho boat ills wife. Mary, until
sho called Policeman Lynch in to protoct hor. j
Mr. Gerlach mot the olllcor at tho door, jV
yanked him into tho room, tore his coat into 11
ribbons, and sot liimdown on tho dinlngroota 11
stovo with the remark that ho hal always H9
wanted a ehanco to roast nn IrlBhmnn. There) rUw
wni allre In tho stove, but It was not very hot. iflR
Mill tho ollleer did not tarry nny longer than 'W-!
was absolutely necos-nry, hut "overpowered" 'Kn
tho German and Inckod him up In tho East inH
Llghty-olgnth streot i-tatlnn. Gorlach was Iffl
sent up fur a mouth jcbterday. fHfr
ItlK Morni In I'lttaburan, $W'
riTTFni'r.r.n, Juno 1 j.- At 9 o'clock this oven- 'ffl;'
a torrigc wind nnd rain storm broko ovor this I m.
city, btreot car linos wero Rtoppod and all Bv'
rallrondfi suffered hoavlld by wnHhouts. Trees K
were pronrated In tho oast ond of tho city and ' B
overliooded Beivots haeked water up in pom I ml
plaeoH two und thrcufeot dueuon the mala ! Sm.
st roots. ' Iff,
ill El
Ice and fne on the ridiithcrlv Coarse, InLv
Ico nnd fog are still lurking in tho southerly H
Btoamshlp route lrom Luiope. The Etrurla Bb
pneed four largonnd two niall borgs between BH
1 and 1 o'elock Thurs 'ay n'ternoon, and the :jsw
I'gvptlan Monarch, from Loudon, encountered iiB
much fog. "SI
'llin l'etrcl Arrives. iB
Tlie new Tnlted Ftatrs ci.nbovt Petrel arrrre4!ier 'aBsl
veten1ay tr an .Norfolk, and narh rrd In tha hortll '-H
Itlver vi. lb ll estops of the n trill Atlantic Sjuadroo IH
The Weather, Bl
Tlireaw-nlnff weather, with an rcraalonal llf btctrts. -HlB
cling-rain, J revaitel in this city yesterday until altar. i sS
noon, when it be.un to clrar The l.la'hest GoTernment fH
tenieraluro wa.-. t,H-, lowest bj, average bomlcUtr, l Rl
Tiji-riett it inJ frenti smitheaet. Tha Itormi oyer '
the Vtf;erti Mntea remained r.eariv latlooary, except I IKI
that th su ria centra that waa In Texas vraa drawn I agl
Into the our orer t'oloradu, rrc.tly lucreaalca; Iu j fjfef
energy and causinii hit Ii mtndt In Wyomlnir. Colorado, 'j Iflfi
houth 1'ak aa andiiabsaK This urea tiromtses to mors i 9k1
to the northeast todat. attrndtd by high winds ana 1 Rl
rain over tbo Males burderm? on Lakes Boperlor ancl If nl
Ml. h fan and preceded by a wi.rmwara that shonlC I Hjl
evtru 1 luto the Atlantlo cn.nt l-lates LfBai
lleaTy ra n fell at Cincinnati and Lontrrflle, and) Pflil
lU'lil showers on tha south Atlauilc coast, Vlrflula, aaj nH'3
l'ennsjlranla alBIl
To day In this city promises to be generally fair, vrttlj '!
poisitly a light shower or two, and vrarmeri Tuesday flBl I
fair and warm ll'l
The thermometer at I'crrya Pharmaoy In To a Bv BBjai
building recorded the temperaturs yesterday aJ tot- -BHfl
lows H
I 'SO. is A fl. 1BA0. HH
SAM .71- H S.1) P. M...7i, 70a aTH
6A.M 74- ll'.e el'. M Zll' ll VnH
(A M hn UP u I'll t..!!we eja llaH
ISM iu f.ili'gMldnUbt..M7ie tc iBH
Average timii I9H
ATerage on June 13 liij , .,t.i..T8 il
sioab oriiia rour-cssT uavifc 6 r. K. noysaT. f-BI
For Maine. Near llamrihlre, and Vermont, fairf lls.i BtI
Uonary temperature, southerly wind. (
Por Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, an 9 'IBH
eattrrn Mw 1'erl. fair, imtionary tmrorure, eJCfji? tJBH
MvhHv uarmrr m the toan . loulktaitrrlv trlndi iBH
lor.Siw Jersey and enitern Pennsylvania, showers) 'BB
stationary temperature cxrept sllnhtly warmsr onta BB
hew Jersey coast, southraiter.y winds. pfll
For the Hittrlctot t olumn i Pr!aare, Marylant, ; ,BJ
and Virginia rata, ire i-'"! bv Mir on the Virginia j tS-i
coast, no ( hangeln teuii truiuis. southeasterly wktettt f rfll
cooler fi
For West Virginia w stern rennsilranla, and west- H M
era Ihw V.ork, shiner, ,!n'lt'i rorier, except sta- n HH
tlonary temperature i a il eUk. a . i.l.eastcrly wlada. bvflB
jouj.st,') Aiuivr iowx. BBB
f-etenli iilii", t i.rr-t vest, lay. aBal
i:d.ird mr.i s ,."i Aieuue IP'iel BBB
Ciju ,'rHiui esiett,' iil.tiiiii M march waa BBB
net in ciilnmuii f .it't.w en,li arrived Jailer ffJV
Oai llena,' ' ' d' ' ' cibiu su Tern... from seve- H
ruf tinkcnriuiia, ii a la.li on deck on eaturday. HH
Po isiiautim ' ') irsoll, Hhosa larsnts Ursat HH
H Hldnartrrel .- ' e iiltt In Tie i,oiierueur lloa- HH
lilt, ii I In I v -mu ii neai.i riiotaj la death tsH
muIi ai i.te ri',1 u i. e r.urge.ii Vlerru-an saved ths sffHV
bu i a i a by ii I 'i i ,r , lui e which ha nBI
Ills lied in tlie 1W11-, , e auablujg Liu to LH
n ... parents lira at BBH
1 - r - . i ,1 story w udovv irBBsl
i Y t ' e J; a arga meat hook sasaBBBBaai
tti hi' '-' id t ' in uiM door Ths bbbbI
im' i. i. le ej lie, -nil the a Id hnnr there H
nei,rya in un.e lutu Lt Ic.l io the sl.ta.a. U( tTsatsH
titl nu oaluniaj. JH
amuamBam mm iBBB

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