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W&"W4vu mi a ' .'1. .... .1Wja7Zt14m inem,?"
f l I 2 THE SUN, MONDAY, JUNE 16, 1890.
, , j lrtl.V .at BILTEJl BILL.
I i I Heven Ilpnbllean Henators Btlll Meld Oat
H Against the Mew Dealt IVfaUh I Him.
IS pit to Mak CoenpnUorjr th Coinage, of
' t jl sjt.fio.OOOJeh Month tladtr the Illand
j Act Th JuTon BapnblleMS Deter.
i mined to ! m XadertU EUetlo X,avr,
but It U JLtkeljr to Fall la th Senate.
WAsniNOTOjr, Juno IB. Ths effort of ths
I frfonds of this Administration to bring
I the llepublloan Benatora into lino In fa-
; I vor of a, compromtss Silver bill seems to
j havo met with taceeu. Tho only Bena-
I tors who Btlll hold oat nro Messrs. Ingalls.
1'lumb. Toller. Walcott, rettlerew. Baun-
j ders, and Tower. Benator Jones of No-
i oda was at tho Whlto Homo to-day, and
tho finishing; tontines were put to the pro-
! . gramme whloh will resnlt In tho passago of
I tho compromise bill on Tnosday next rrosl-
dont Harrison eold last nleht to the gontlomon
who were consulting with him on tho oubject:
"JVoll. If no aooldent happens, mr signature
, 'I wnl bo nfflxod to a Bllrer bill beforo tho end of
' i i the week."
. ' Much of tho oredlt of arranging tho new deal
! - Is clTon to Bpoaker Heed. who. It Is said, pro-
: I posed to tho Presldont and Bocrotary WIndom
: j the plan of making n proposition thnt would
' V be acceptable to tho sllvor Benatora. Tho Idoa
ii of providing simply for an oztension of tho
I j : llland act so as to mako compulsory tho
j : colnago of $1,600,000 worth of silver oaoh
J ! month, tho certificates therefor to bo ro
ll i deomablo In coin, was qulto ploaslns to
'j! ' tho Administration and entirely acceptable
J to tho Nevada Bonators, who havo boon tho
' loudest In tholr demands for unlimited coin
s' ago of any men In thoBonnto. It is enld to
, I , night thnt tblrty-nlno llepubllcnn Senntors
,' 8,'. haveslgnod thoogroeraont tovotofor tho Com
' . prom Iso bill. The paoor asking for tho Sena
i I. torlnl slgnuturos was circulated by Senator
; .)', - fjpoonor. as stntod In Tiik Bun of Huturdny.
; h nnd all slsiioru wore plodgod to eocrocy. Tho
; ' -, t plan Is to pass the Compromlso bill oa Tuos
i day, havo it endorsed by tho House cnucus In
, ' ill tho evening of that day. nnd passod on Wodnos
I fi i tiny or Thiirfidiy. '1 ho 1'reslilunt has been
i it'M Tory desirous of keeping tho subject out of tho
; ((. hands of n conference committee nndlsgrent
;! ly plonked at n llattorlng prospect of receiving
, ;;, bill for his appioval within tho uoit few days.
' i J ! The Houbo of Iteprosentatlvcs hns doter-
' ' mined to pass a 1'odornl Election bill, and In
jl view ofthls probability the resolution of Bena-
I ' ' j j tor Chandler, providing for cutting off dobuto
. j! i in tbo Senate, will sooncomo uu for eonldera-
1 j! tlonlntho (,'ouimlttoo on ltulos. IheUomo-
J IJi rrots are dolermlnod to talk against time If
H , $. thoy nro askod to vote for an eloction law, and
i jii under tho procont rules of thoHennte no powor
H J ) on earth would nvntl to close debute without
i 1 their consent. Idonator Chandler's resolution
)! ' t was presented on AprI123,nndhnsremalni'dun-
I ' i ncteduponslncothattlmo.BenatorAldrlcb.who
i j Is Chairman of tho committee, has ofton been
I 1 uuoted as saying tbatthe resolution would not
I 'it lip considered unloss In case of an omorgenry.
j , That emergonoy will arise as soon as the
H - j . llouso shall pass an election bill, but whethor
j the friends of the Chandlor resolution will bo
H numorouBonough to put it through is uncer-
I tain. Jluch has been written lately nbout an
i f nlleged prograuimo of the llenubllcan honn-
tors to havo Vlro-1'resldont Mortou absent
BB j iiiuiBoir irom me city wnon too uues-
' ' V tlon comes up In tho Benato, nnd
, i . have Benator Ingalla step into tho
' Chair and imitate BooakerBced by forcing tho
', ' Chandler resolution and the election bill
I through umlor the force of his groat nerve and
H, lrci will. Thlsprotty story is spoiled by the
L '; luct that Bonaior Iugalls is strongly opposoa
H ' to the enactment of a Federal eleotlon Inw, nnd
j v will not aid his colleagues In enacting one.
I' Mr. ingnlls U not alone on his sldo of tho
i chambor In his oppohitlon to tho rlan
HI cii hpeakor Hoed, Bonator Hoar, Rop-
' i resenlutUes Lodgo and ilowoll, and tho
I, oihor friends of tho Government control
I I i of elections. Bovcral llopubllcan ou-
elors havo privately expressed themsolves as
' j onpo-pil to reopoulng the Southern question.
BBt I nl'.hougb i-ome of them admit that they might
I j )o Induced to go with the majority of their
I party, if an election bill is to pass the Senate
H I It wdl pronably be only after a protracted
HI , strugglo, and tbore will bo no dramatlo display
HP of partlxan dictatorship such as Bpoaker iteud
Hf , Indulged in when tho House rulos were adont-
i oil. With Mr. Morton In the Chair and Mr. In-
I , ; talis on the Iloor, opposing the application of
Hi the party whip, tho radical element of the He-
HI ' publicans woulrt bo compelled to go slow. Tho
H J I Chandler resolution, which would rovolution-
H; i I ' bo the method of transacting business in the
H( - i rolled States Senate and scattor "Benatorlnl
H I ! ! courtesy." "precedent," and tho other bul-
H ' ' wnrks of n partisan majority to the winds.
HI rends as follows:
H htjitivfd That wbeneTer a bill or molatlon reported
I' from acommltlett If undtr coDildrtlon, th S.nato
n inny. on motfoD tob actad on without debate or dUa-
H , ' tory motion., order that a day not l.n than alx days
after th. paiiage of the ord.r d.bate abaU eaaae and
t the enata proceed to dtipoae of the bill or reiolQtioD;
and hen aald day tliall arrlre. at S o'clook the Total
i ' ; I ahallbalorthwlthUaen. wlthont debate or dilatory
v ' t' . motions upon any amendments to the bill orre.olatton,
t j and upon the paiaago thereof. It bowerer. a quorum
, . or Seuaton shall not vole npoa any roll call, the pre
, , eldlnc omrer. at the requeit of any Senator, anall
raue. to be entered upon the Journal the name, or alt
! henatora present and not Toting; and such Senators
Shalt be demed and taken a. In attendance and prea-
1 f entaaapartof theqoorum to do buitnea. and d.olara-
I I tlon of the re.nlt of th votlnc ahall be made accord-
I ( ' thgly.
I ' A Buperlntondont of tho general rocrultlng
' '' eervlce will be selooted In a day or two by Boo
' ' j I i : rotary Proctor. It is likely to bo a Colonel. Not
I i , r a Lieutenant Colonol this year, bocause tho
deportment has come to regard tho recruiting
i i ,J ' eervlco as prominent as a Geographical Mlll-
f 'f If tary Department. Uosides a superintendent
i ; j there are to bo designated eighteen other oill-
I i . cerson tblsservloe, to be seleotod from tho odd
' ,1 numbered regiments. The dotal) of n super-
. I . lntendent ot goneral roorultlng will bo made
If from the following oflleers: Col. J, G. JJelford.
, I j Ninth Cavalry: Col. Elmer Otis. Eighth Cav-
1 , ! I olryiCoLH. A. Morrow. Twelfth Infantry: and
Ll ,1 CoL J. F.Wado. 111th Cavalry.
' If :' The remaining appropriation bills are to be
j j ; rigorously pushed in tho House this wook, in
! pursnacco of tho plan agreed upon last woek,
J ! ll . In order to have tho way clear for action upon
ill: other matters of publlo Importance This pro-
i i it crammo will probably Involve tho practical
if , loss ol suspension Monday, ns tho Sundry Civil
li Appropriation bill comes over ns unfinished
' '9 business. It is to be followed by tho Indian
' ,j ; Appropriation bill and by the National ilank-
l ruptoy bill, which will be called up by the Ju-
' IS dietary Committee under one of tho special
! !j rules for facilitating speedy action. The I'loo-
. li tionsCommlttoowlsh tooalluptho MlcsisslppI
i I it oontostod eloction cuso of Chalmers agt. Mor-
; t Ban. This Is one of the cases whero tho com-
, II mlttee has roported lu ftnor ot tho sluing
i I Domooratlo mombor.
i The wifo of Senator Ileagan ot Toxai nets as
, her husband's prlvato secretary, and draws
' j the usual salary of $1,200 per annum from the
, disbursing olllcer of the Senate. In an Inter-
1 l view, published In the Suwtau UeraUi of this
I city, Mrs. Ileagan jusiIHob tier action, and has
(I Komo Interesting things to Buy about how
I t women con learn to bo usoful and earn tholr
K. . v t own living. Mrs. Ileagan says:
PS" ft, ill" " There is an Impression that our Southern
f : H . womn aro indolenu I was born and bred In tho
; ';, bouih. nnd I know many oxamnlos of spirited
' 'J 11 i women among us who have business talent
" Iff. vho munngo their domestic ullalrs without
' ' ' Irictlon, controlling n number ol servants, or
, M even lending a hand In tho domostlo work of
Iff, tho household wheu necoBSary. This was truo
Hf 1 JJ a limited extent before the war when
i J they had nlaves. My reispual ieoling Is that
; I It would be a happy thing If our young woman
JI-. general W could bo trained so as to havo ono
S I accomplishment so thoroughly learned as to
I piukeltu depondoncoln caso of reortes, for
the whool ot fortune turns round Bouth as
f well na .North. I think It degradlug wllon ft
I ty?SB.S.iWniml"1 ,B.''0 sKuated tliat bio
f has to look to marriage as u rosouree or sue
h cor, rather than n free cholco. lor twenty
t years I hayo been acting as tho Honator's prl-
93 VBt1e(;fot,,rv-n ,' Uld,", "Imply becauso ho did
r $ Ci Jlks to contTcJo i nil l.U purely porsou'tlcor-
respondenco to tho esos of a comparative
3 strnngor: and lltllo by Uttlo 1 got to.lolnS
more, until ouco Iho Men, occurred to mo that
J. llko otl.ore. would get on fatter If I learned
ehorthimd. Tho bonator generally Lueph two
. men socrotnrles to attend to nuhllo business.
nnd at one tlmo ho had a good stonogrnuher who
I lent mo books, and as 1 had not murh oUo to
do just then. 1 looked Into them nnd thought
it uot toodllllcnltforovnn mo to loam, but on
I conlldlugniy viow-B to a lady frlond shu do-
i clared that 1 nover could doit. oil, I did, and
15 It took mo jubt three months of bard, nnlus
J I I takingwork toboublo to wrlto at dlctntlon I
1 I 1 noter hud a toncher, I dug It out mtelf.
y 1 havo no Idoa of my spood, nor do
,' . q I evir pect to roport, but I Had It very
1 I fi useful. The stenographer afterward loft the
I J, honator's employ, and ob a temporary expedl-
i l f cnt I offered ruy services, not for tho mouey,
i f I i U but to bo of ui-o to my husband, llutlionort
I I , I ' cannot tell why, if I do the work as woll as an-
? i I il other, I should not have tho pay. I hnvo no
it Idea how long this urrnngement will last. Tho
-. I f way wo manage is this: Jllgbt niter breakfast
( I J fl tbo benntor dictates a dozon or bo letters to
l I 1 9 : pie. I tako it down and ho goes oil about bin
J, v bublness, und I then write them out and mall
I SJ thomatonco. at least twentr-fourhourseurller
1 I limn thny would be under tho old way. when
i l he dictated for long hand. ItHeoms to mo that
) ' tho dear publlo has manifested nn unnecessary
1 , itiuount of InteroKt In me as being myhus
i band's tecrotary. Why, tiiero are saoral ladles
8 I ;l I in the Congressional clrclo who are doing oh
h I ''!l inuohfortinlrhuebaodBaJlainforralne, and
the onlr difference Is that I choose to do what
they might do, if they wished to-draw a small
salary as compensation duo for services ren
dered. I rather ilka politics: If I did not. I
should not enjoy this kind of thing so much.
I think Southern women are all pretty well ac
quainted with polltlos. I wan nnly 12 years
old when the Benator was Postmaator-donornl
of the Confederacy I am his second wife hut
oven the little girls heard so much political
talk then that wo could not help Imbibing tbo
sentiments of our elders."
Does the Treaty or 1817 Forbid Her Con.
atructloa ett liny City I
WuniriOTO!, Jnno 16. A ourlous point has
been raised in regard to tho contraot for build
ing the 800-ton praotlco vessel for tbo uss of
the naval oadots at Annapolis. Tbo two bids
are that ot Samuol L. Moore .t Sons ot Eliza
bethport. Now Jersoy, and thatotF. V. Whoelor
k Co. of Day City, Michigan. Tho latter Is tho
lower by $5,000, so that presumably, if It is all
right in other resnoots. it will bo successful.
Hut tho suggoetlon has boon made that under
the following provisions of the Itush.Uagot
treaty of 1817, no suoh war vossol could bo
rightfully built at Bay City:
The natal fore to be maintained upon the American
letea by hi. Maieity and the Government ot the United
State, shall hencerorth be confined to the folio log e.
i.l.on each.ldf. that III
On Lake Ontario to one veaiet, not exceeding 100 ton.
bnrden. and armed with one Impound cannon.
On the upper lakt., to two veuela. not exceeding lite
burden each, and armed with like force.
On the water, of Lake Champlaln, to one yefteat, not
leading like burden and armed with like force.
All other armed reaaeta on the.e lake, .hall be forth,
with dltmantted. and no other teuel. of war .hall then
b built or armed.
The limit of all vessels to 100 tons burdon nnd
tho declaration that "no other vosboIs of war
slfall thon bo built or nrmod " are stipulations.
It Is urged, wbtch would be violated should a
vessel of 800 tons bo built, carrying a mucn
greater armament than Is thus provided for.
A Uttlo examination, howovor, will show that
tbo treaty Is concornod with " tho naval forco
to bo malntalnod upon tho American lakes."
not with shipping built thero for maintenance
elsewhere Tho naval practice vessel Is not to
bo maintained on the groat Inkos. but at Annnp
oils. It has nothing whatever to do with tho
Inko forco. yet tho words "no other osscls
of war shall then bo built or armod" refer
wholly to that force.
I!e6ldes, tho treaty Is practically obsoloto.
Tbo vessols it descrlbos belong to a bygono
era, and already In substituting moro modern
crnlt lor thorn no attompt has boon made to
follow Its restrictions. Independently of the
armed rovenuo cutters which patrol tbo lakos.
tho Government has thero ono war vessel, tho
Michigan, which Is ot 450 tons measuromont
and GS5 tons displacement. Sho carrlos not
ono gun, but four. Uenco, both In tonnage
and armnment, sho contravenes tho treaty;
yet nobody calls In question tho propriety of
retaining hor thoro. Indoed. a momorlnl was
recently sont to Congros from Chicago de
claring that the Michigan will be a subject of
derision among foreign nations when the
World's Fair Is hold In that city, and anklnc to
lmo hor replaced by a modern warve:sol.
Tho fuct that during tho long Btay of tho
Michigan on tho lakos no protoat to her pres
ence hits been offered is a proof that the treaty
stipulation Is practically obsolete, The Do
minion does not maintain any vesselson the
lakes, but It has taken caro lnstoad to so on
jarge Its canals that they can admit to tho
lakes British war vessels many times as large
and poworful as the treaty speaks of.
The treaty, moreover, provides that "If either
party should horoafter bo doslrous of annulling
this stipulation, and should glvo notice to that
effect to tho other party. It will ceapo to bo
binding nftar the expiration of six months
from tho dato of suoh notice" Tho tlmo al
lowed for tho completion of the practice vessel
is two years from the signing of the contract.
Our Govornmont. therefore, supposing that it
should consider tho troatv to lntorfero with Its
award of the contract to the Michigan bidders,
would only need, on making that award, to
servo a notice on tbo British Government that
it desires to annul the treaty, and six months
Irom that tlmo this lnstrumont would cease to
be binding, nnd a year and a half would still
remain before the completion ot tho vessel. It
may bo worth considering whether the Gov
ernment ought not to take this occasion for
serving tho notice any way. Put upon the
doublo ground that the Govornmont doslres
not to bo dabnrred from making full uso of tbo
shipbuilding facilities of the lake htates for its
purposes, and also that it cannot consent. In
replaolng existing vessels whloh havo bocoms
unserviceable, to adODt craft of tho tpos coin
mending themselves to the naval ideas of 1817,
there would obviously be nothing unfriendly
in the notice.
But on theotber hand It may be more de
sirable not to formally abrogate an ancient
treaty stipulation, which Groat Britain cer
tainly respects In her practical conduct by
keeping no war vessels at all on the lakes. In
that cose, the Government can rely on the fact
that Its practlco vessel Is not to be malntalnod
thero, although as a matter of courtesy, and to
disarm suspicion. It could give notification ot
the purpose ot building this armed vessel on
the lakos.
As to the future floating dofences of the
Jakes, they mor take the form of torpedo boats.
These could be built In any reoulred number
and kept In ono of tho lakes ot Now York com
municating with Lake Ontario. For the float
ing defoncesof tho uppor lakos It would bo
nrnetlcabln to nan finmn nf thn lArfrnar nn,i
strongest merchant vessels, arming thorn with
guns of sueh calibre as thoy could carry. Thoso
vessels will Increase In numbers and availa
bility. Iho firm of F. W. Wheoler .t Co., which,
although long a constructor of wooden ves
sels, set units Iron and steel shipbuilding
plant loss than eighteen months ago, has al
ready launched two steel stoamors and has
three moro large ones on tho stocks. It Is a
promising sign for tho naval resources of tho
Govornmont in tho Northwost that a llrm in
Mlchlgnn oan furnish a vossol like the ono re
quired for tho Naval Academy.
OolnK to See If tbo Factory Low Won't
l'rotect Ubem from Hunday Work.
Tho new feature of requiring somo of tho
girls In iho tolephono exchanges to work on
Bundnythe same ns any other day went Into
effoot yestorday for the first tlmo. Tho Metro
politan Telophono Company hsuod nnordoron
Baturday roqulrlng a certain percentage of tbo
girls to report at the various exchanges, ac
cording to tho business roqulroments. It
takes only ono-olgluh of tho fotco down town,
butup town a quarter of tho forco is needed.
Bo far as can bo learned, nothing was said to
the girls about their compensation, or whotbor
they wero to be paid nt all, but Inspector Bbor,
wood says they will got extra pay.
They have to work ton hours on wook days,
which makos sixty hours a weok, tho limit of
tlmo thnt women are ullowod to work In fac
tories, according to law. If tho tolephono ex
changes enn bo construod to como under thnt
bead there may bo troublo, for tbo girls object
to this enoroaohmont on tholr Bundny rost.
They say It is only n question of time when
they may bo asked to work at night. The girls
down town don t mind It bo much, bocnuso
thoy may not hnvo to work oftener than ouco a
month, but up town It may be two or tbrco
tlmps a month. Thoy propoBO to employ legal
advlco to Ilnd out w bother they can bo roquiiod
to work moro than sixty bourtt a week. Every
Sunday's extra work makos It soionty hours
for the woek.
A man at the Murray Street Exchange sold
that the pay ot thn women aorucos from ISO
to t35 a month. This Is less thon f 0 a week or
less than flfteon cents nn hour, reckoning six
days to the weok. Ho i-ald that four girls and
two boys were at work nt his stathn. Tbo
boys did tho heavy woik. Ono roason for
changing to girls on Sunday wub that they
wero steadier than boys. Sometimes tho boys
had a good tlmo baturday night nnd didn't feol
llko working next day. Altognthnr moro than
soventy-lho girls worked yesterduy.
He had m Quarrel with Cupt. JucU t'ottrcll
und Choked Hlui,
William T. White, tho 28-yoar-old Ilepubll
can Mayor of Avou-by-tho-Soa, is said to Hnvo
ohokod Capt, John M. Cottroll on Saturduy,
The latter Is 03 years old. Tho Cottrell's housa
has sunk about four feot nnd It has boon con
venient for tho Mayor In Boning his customers
meat to drive with his butcher's cart on tho
still elevated part of tho Btroot which lsu6od
for the present us a sldowulk. Mayor Whlto Is
also a Street I oinnilssioiior nnd many porsons
UnrVk'HJi,10.iwa8i,,?t,lufi B.ba(1 example. No
part of tho sidewalk Is paved. When
on Saturday morning the Major drovo
along In front o Cnpt. Jnok CottroH'B
house on the raised part of tho street, Cnpt.
Gnttroll dashod nut In a rage. Ho Is n tall,
slim, whlto-halrcd man. nnd snry despite hie
jearH,lHe Ilred off a lot (of: opitliotB, nnd tho
Mayor sprang from his cart with his faco whlto
with PUAhioU.
He Is a big, broad-shouldored man. ob strong
ns an ox. JIo clutched the Caplulu by tl.u
throat. It Is said, and threatened to hit him,
Cottrell asked him to release his hold, and thon
he hit tho Mayor In the stomach. It was below
the bolt, and tho .Mayor let go his hold,
Cupt. Cottrell then harnessed his horse and
dashed off to Ocean Beach and followed a Jus.
tlce from there to Aebury Park. Ho came
buck and said he would have Mayor White be
toit tin JutUoB to-dar.
ii mm l III iiiriTTnimillWIanTlTITlWniTTI5ia
The It... of Work to br Done by the Htato
Coramlaalonera In JLttnncr.
Ai.dant, Juno 15. Tbo Ptato Commissioners
In Lunaoyhavo detormlnod to postpono the
work of districting tho Statu nnd establishing
tho new "Btato Hospitals" for tho caro ot tho
InBano until Octobor, and perhaps lator, Whon,
undor tho now Btato Caro law, tho Commis
sioners began tholr work thoy found adosrth of
records and statistics regarding tho lnsano and
institutions established for their caro. either
by tho Btato or tho soveral oountlos. Tho Btato
CommlsBlonor In Lunacy had held a speolos of
roving commission, nnd carried his ofllcofor
tho most part In his bat, ko that tho rooords ho
bad to turn ovor to tbo now Commission woro
vory mcagro. Tho Btato Board of Charities
wero able to glvo but fow roports and records,
and In conBequonco tho uow Board was obliged
to bosln with prnctlcally no data or records.
It become nocoss ary to gain a mass of Infor
mation, nnd to hereafter provldo for a central
buroau of Information, To this ond the Com
mission resolved to devolo Its energies and tho
next eight or ten months. Kach ot tho bU Btato
asylums and tho twelve prlvato ones woro com
pelled tofllowlth tho Commission a report con
taining nil tho facts nooded relating to tho ln
sano committed to their chargo.
The idoal of tho Commissioners is uniformity
nnd thoy hnvo devised n sjBtombf bookkoon
lng which Is to bo usod lu nil parts ot tbo State
by Stuto Hospital Managers. Thus ono man
., nn frnm nno inntittition to another nnd
mnko a rupld iuspoction of nil. A uniform
license Is nlso to bo employed. Under tbo old
system It was found difficult to ascertain whnt
prlvato asjlums woro llcensod nnd what wero
not, Somo of tho county houses whore lnsano
wero kept had n fow records, and many more
had nono. All will horenltor, bo required to
roport every foct of Interest eoneornlng their
chnrgos. Tho condition In which tho Commis
sioners found ovorjthlng relating to their
duties was dosctlbed by ono o' them ns
"chaotic" Two or three yonrs, he thinks, will
bo reqtilrod to euablo the lommlssion to
thoroughly acquaint them-olos with tho 6tib
joot. Meanwhllo tho di-tllotlng of tliohiato.
the designating of Stnto Hospitals, ami tho
establishing of n uniform chargo for patients
sont Irom tho i-ovornl countlos to tho stnto
Hospital must bo omitted. According to an
estimate ot Comml-slonor Bronn tho ltano
population of tho btate Is ovor lfi.OOU. a num
bor equalling that of tho convictod criminals.
Whllo tho Stato Commission in Lunacy has
iurl-dlotlon and, In a measure, control ovor
thoso at tho prosont tlmo, thoy will not onter
Into lull control until tho districts nro marked
out nnd tho State nssumes the care and bup
port of tho Insane. Whon oncothey have taken
pohcoasion certain abuses now provnlont will
eeife. 'i'hore wlllbeugreat reduction In tho
number of pauper lnsano by roason of tho re
fusal to lako pationts now supported nt tho
public ovnono who hnvo rol.itltos nbuudantly
able to caro for them. The number of private
patients now kopt InStnto asylums under tho
act which allowed nsylum monacors to uso
their own discretion as to how many thoy
would take will also bo reduced, boeauso they
tako up an amount of room In thoaswum
buildings quite dlspropottionnto to their num
bers, nnd necesMtnto tho oiowdlnc of tho pub
lic p.itleuts. 'ihete nro now In the six Stato
usvlums ovor nun private patients.
In addition to tho goneral idea of uniformity
which is tocharacteil o i'Vor detail of tho new
system tho ( ommlssisuers proposo to estab
lish a completo bureau of rollublu information
regaidiug even in-,ano patient committed to n
public or prltate iisjlum. lroad they havo
begun a systematic Inquiry iuto the nntoco
dents of thoso now con lined In county und Stato
institution-, wnoio. n n ruio, tuoy lounu tue
records both scanty and Incomplete. All
blanks necessary In the commitment ot lnsano
persons are to be nroparod by tho Commission,
nnd each phvMcl.m signing a rommltmont
must havo acertlllcato stating his qualifica
tions as a medical oxamlnorin lunncv given by
n Judge o' court of teeord. More than thnt.
since every lunatlo committed to tho inroof
the Stato has the samu status In lawns a minor
child, the (.fimmlssiou hao issued unordor
forbidding tho st rvlco of any loal moeos
whatever upon nn ln-nne patient cseopt upon
tho order of a Judgo ol a couit of record:
nolthor shall ho or -ho lo permitted to -gn
nnv bill, chock, draft, or other evidence of
Indebtedness, or to e.vecuto any contract,
deod. mortgage, or othnr legal conveyance, ox
copt upon a Mmllar order. When such order
from the Judge or a court of locoid Is obtained
the servlco must be witnessed by the medical
sui.oilntendent or on" or his a-slstnnts. and
the whole of tho proceodlm-'s ontorod In tho
history of the nntloi.t. whleh must now be
kopt In each Institution. Preliminary work of
this naturo nnd the examination f all tho in
stitutions In tho Stato wl'l keep the Coinmls
sionois emploied for u twelvoinouth or moro.
Tho Men who tVIII Try to Preserve da.
mulcn flitr tin it Water Park.
It will bo known in n few dnvs whether the
not flshormen who ba e Irom tltnn immemorial
hauled their seines on Jnmnlca liny will fulfil
their tbieat of a month ago to persist in using
seines, although Gov. Hill a week ago slcneil
tho bill prohibiting not fishing on tbo bay.
Thero was formed yestorday afternoon, on
Itocknway Tolnt, an association for tho enforce
ment of tho law. It Is composod In tho main
of men who nro residents of (Juoens county on
tin.-) eastern Bide of Iho bay, many of them
bontmen, but a majority morohants and othor
business men intorcslod In n purely publlo
Bplrlt In preserving for Now York and Brook
lyn this groat wator park, tho largost body of
water of tho kind near tho great cities. Ono
of tbo foremost men In tho movement lor on
forcing tho law oton moro closely than tho
fish and gamo inspectors appointed by tho
Now York btato 1'Ish Commission could onforco
it Is John C. LeiTorls. Mr. Loflorts said, in
conversation, yoBtordny:
"Wo who compose tho association appreciate
tho fact that Gov. Hill has signed tho Stndler
bill with tho implied understanding that un
loss tho law has a salutary offoct aftor a yoar's
trial the next Legislature may bo expected to
consldor favorably a bill to ropoal it. I mean
to Bay that not only must thero bo established
the act that abolishing not llshlng results in a.
wider distribution of fish among tho peoplo
who go a Uniting, but alsoitho additional lact,
which is oven morn Important than tho former,
that tho great majority of tho people nITectod
tiy the bill aro in favor of its continuing n law,
Jn order to proio tlito la t conclusively, tho
now law must bo strictly enforcod, tothat in n
jour thoro will be n doflnlto result. Wo pro
pose to aid the Governor in ro.ichlng tho de
sired Information, so that anglors may not bo
ublo to plead in self-defuiico that thero was no
fair tital of tho law beeatiso it was not
pnforced. Of c itiibo, wo bellovo that thero can
be only one rosult, nntnoly, that tno wisdom of
tho law will have been established,
"Thoro is no doubt now," conlltiuod Mr, Lot
ferts, "that the uotiors moant what thoy said
when thoy tbreatoned to i-ontlnuo drawing
their nets In tho bay. Wo havo Inarncd thnt
whllo somo have stopped Ashing, utliois go out
at night and haul their seines Thoy havo
floppod going out from Cniiarslo, I bellovo, hut
in tho upper pan of tho bay and nlsoat tho In
let several hauls wero mndo lu tho past week
lu violation ol tho law, which went into effoot
on the signing of iho bill. In ono haul at tho
inlet ono night two tons of wookilsh woro
taken. Measures will bo taken at oneo to stop
this Bort of ihlng. and wo hope tho nettors will
not mako goud thelt threat to uso shotguns If
necessary to prevent tho bronking up of tholr
business hereabouts."
Thoie vjnsu luigo gathorlnc In the dining
room of Hnmrnpl's hotel nt llnmmol's Station
In ltpcknway. The meeting was called to order
P1'. '';,. LJ)".rts,r,A,,!1P'J 'hoso prosont woro
f0,in .H?n,ilr' ? c- y'he, ft S, Iloagland.
l'nul Calvl, I). Snekptl Slooro. J. S. Klvvell.
Churls It. Forterlleld, H. T. Simons. John 1.
Illvorn. Ilonrv lofr, Georgo Drakoloy, Kugeno
1), liorrl. und ilriek " l'umoroy. Mr. Loflorts
road this resolution:
Since the operation, of rrlnea and other net. began
on .liuiiaira lias the i.l,, j 0f fuod ll.h haa bi-ell
gradually dunlnlthlnir ami . li nciu carried on to un
evieiitwhlcli llirralenainaiinait entirely deplete tlia
I'syataver) early dale we rioiriilte the Imiinrtanc
or enforcing tnc eMitlug l, fr ua prer'ilnn.
Therefore bell reanlviil tliuie ilo now organize a.
the Jamulca llay Aaaocianoii for the I'reaertuilon uf
M.linnd (lame, the oblei I i,f which as.ocUUon .hall be
Iho enforcement of all lit.iir lie pruiectlon t nh
and game applyiuit lo the vtatenof Jamaica Hoy and
lu trluutartta
Tho resolution wnB adopted unanimously,
and a constitution was adopted and oflleers
electod. Tho ofllcorsfortbo ensuing year aie;
I'rosldent, John C. f.oilortsi, Vlco-Trosldont,
William Monicoll; Secretary. Krnest J, Kalton
bach, nnd Tioiifluicr 1'redonck A. Mover.
These olllcors, with Messrs. ( U Sohwonko,
1'rederick Ge'-sler. nnd J. 1". Fnrrelli, nro to
constitute un I'.xeeullvoCominlttoo for the on
forcoment of tho law. It was al-o decided by a
vote that tho KxocutlvoCominlttoo lin ollom
reward of I10U for the arrest and i onvlctlon of
any not llshormun caught v diluting the law,
J hia reward is In addition to tho Hum donated
to the Informer by tho law, which is toil that
Is, ono-balrot tho 1 100 fine Imposed on the Inw
brenkei. Tho nottor may. beside bolng lined,
be sont to, prison for thirty days at the dls
crotlon ol tho Court The l.xocutlve Com
niiltoe will moot in suerot session this week to
dovisewuyHuudn nnhb.rdoteetiiigpot IMiIng,
Jnerii vvoio mitiiv hshlnu boats out niiJit
milieu liny lesterdav. but llsliiunion womdls
appolntod in uotgotlliigblueii-h orweakllsh.
"."'' H'P havp been very scarce In tho past
week, Thorn were plenty if fluko, however,
that were caught with kiilles, and blaclnsh
and sea bass cuught with shedder crabs. The
IVL'li VV thunder storms, the tUhsrmtn
ay, spollld. the. i port,
A Petition Hent to Henator Karl and it
I.lat or flrlcTancea of Omi, Mnatera,
and riemnen to the Treasury Department.
WAsniNOTON, D. C Juno ft Bonator Lvnrts
hos rocelvod tho following potltlon, which
brings to light a rotbor strango stnto of affairs
in tho Treasury Bopartment, nnd demonstrates
that thero is a decided objoctlon on the part tit
n groat many poople Interested In the shipping
bttslnoss of tho port of New York to thn roton
tlon In ofllco of Unltod Stutos Shipping Com
missioner James 0. Hood:
Kw Vou, May 8, IBM.
The llm. Trm. JL vru. fnlird italeJ ienawr, rrmMnff.
Ion, P. C
Th underlined merchant., ahlpownera, matter.,
and olhera havlnir bulne. with the oftlce of United
hlatM shipping Couunlioner ot th Port of New York,
re.iiecttully reijuett 5011 to ee Secretary WIndom ot
the Treanury Department, who h. the power of ap
pointment and reinorat ot ConunLelonere, anil urge
him to remove the prcieMl Incumbent, Jam. 0 Heed,
forreaton. tel fur.li in nuroeroua petition, and atll
daTlteonflle with the secretary of tho Treaiury. And
welurther aik joil to u.e your Inlluence with the tec
reUry to appoint In hl Head a competent and jperl-
need man In ahlpplug matteta.
Miouhl secreiary Wludoui decline 10 remove Mr.
Reed, we will thank you to caui a committee ot Con
gnu to be appointed and aent here to Investigate Com
ml.Kiontr Keed a ilolngi, lu order that he may lie re
moved. Alto pieate aik the Secretary of the Trea.ury
to promulga'e a ruling a. to me proper interpretation
of motion l.oni, ltuvl.ed statute., touching th pay
m.nt ot wage, tmouey) due ..amen on being discharged
by the matter. Section 4,HV read. a. follow..
"All .eanien dl.charged In the United btate. from
merohant vet.elA a .hall be dl.charged and re
celvo their wage. In pretence of a duly autborlred Ship
ping Commit. loner, under the title, eicept la catet
where tome competent court otherwise dlreeta," Ac.
loiuuiUstouer "eed intarlabty demands and recelret
not only the accoanle of the matter, but the money Uu
the ai aman alto, the matter being In no cate permitted
to pay iliu teaman hlm.elf a. the law iprcillce
set.tion 4,&j,.i read. a folintt. rlne matter or owner
of every ve.tel iiiukuiK vo)age. fiom aport lit the At
laullo to a port In Hie Pacilic. or vice Tcrta. .hail ptty to
eer.v teaman hit ,tge. within two davealier meter ml
nattuu of the akreement or at the time that audi tea
man 1. ilia,baiged whlclievtr hrtt t.aiit ens. and in tne
cate. ot the tr.tel maklug torelgn vo aget. v, ithin three
du)t after the ,argo iiat teen delivered or witlinlive
U iyt after toe Kiainan't dltcharge, whlulierer tlr.t tiaM
pen-, und in all ate. the teaman shall, at the time of
hi. di.tturife he entitled to be paid on account a su-ti
eiiual to one fourth part of the balance due hlui, ' Ac.
lotniuisaioL'er Keed notltlet Captain, tu pa net
(sdlug s on accouut to any teaman when discharged
trin the Vft.el. otherwise titeComuilttloueroblUiatlie
Captnln to pay the .tmeutit advauced over again to lilni.
and tile Laptaln liat to trust to the honealy of the tea
man 10 retiiud the monej or lose It. 1
section s .'io readt as fo.lowt. 'Every matter thalk
not 1ft-, than fert) elglit hour, betore pat tng ml or dls
clialglngaliv seaman, deliver lo htm or, IX lie IS to le
discharge 1 be ie a shlpoing Coinm isioner. to tut It
shlppiliK't oiuinl.tioner, alud and irue aCLuu'itel bit
ta,c,, and all ,le liiettons to be made iheretrout on any
account whatsoi vtr Ac
section i,u ,., at ti, le A "Upon pavmetit teimrmade
1 by the matter before a Shlprliu otnii. la. toner the
SnlpplugCoiuinltatoncr .hall if required I gn and give
I to eitilt in tster a htatetneut of the whtile aiuoutlt to '
paid, nnd aiti'ti t'atemeul tliall, between the matter and
ins eniDo.te be received as evide ic that be has re
celved the pat mciit thtrein tnentloiied "
tln-te Mi euall)r are only a tew of the moro lm I
portant olTelicesur the 1 oiumltsloner against the law
and the Interestsof ship lug and we trust ou will nee
your inrtueuie lor tht removal of tie present Commit
aitnrr at whi as a tiroprr interpretation of the law
Ambro-e new of the tlrln ot snow A llurgett th, and
bi, south ttieet Jaiut. L. Ward A Co. lUWall s reel.
Miller Hue! A 1 0, TO Ueav er street, Botil A lllncken,
3 William street K II. smith A Co, 17 WMIani ureet
V ntet A forterlleld Iti William ttreet; I 11 Winches
ter A Lo , l.t1, r, arl ttreet, vi ier A Houghton, a.' south 1
ttreet, blcl Vbuol a I south street WallnrdA Co. .11
soutii street c - JonetA Co, Ju soutu street .1. It.
1'araer A t o. .t -outh sir el. Ptxeli A keen, A Coentles
a.li. II vv l.oud A Co Jd outh street. I'arteiis A
Parties. 60 soutn ttreet llarcut Hunter 4J south street.
Whutheror not Senator r.vartswlll move In
tho manor remains to le teou. He has not
done so as yot. altnough a month hasolupsod
since ho rot elv ed tho above.
11 will bo noticed thnt tho petition states that
petitions and nllldavlts bearing on this same,
subject nro on lllo with tho Secretary of tho
Treasury. Notwithstanding this statement,
whon a delegation of businessmen interested
in shipping in Now York vvultod on Secretary
Windom it short time ago to ascertain what
steps, if nay, had boon taken to lnvestlgato tho
oillcu ot Lnited States Shipping Commissioner
for tho l'ort of -Notv York, ngalnst tho incum
bent of which freijuent complaints had been
made, the Secretary Informed them that that
wit- the first intimation he had had that any
complaints had boen made. Upon being ns
tuted. howover, that thoy wero on fllo in the
olllco ho enusod an inquiry to bo made, and ns
tertalned that not one, but n score, of such
complaints had been received Irom ship mas
ters, olllcors. soatnon, nnd owners, nil protest
ing ngalnst the mnnuor in which Commis
sioner Heed administered the law. and asking
lor his removal.
As thc6o complaints had been received thoy
bnd rullgitiusly been pigeonholod. nnd prob
ably butior this publication would novor havo
soon tho light. It Is six wooks since that dele
gation waltod ouSocretary WIndom, nnd al
though ho promised to give tbo matter his
early nttontlon not. word has boen heard of
It since.
Your correspondent hns socured copies of all
thoso petitions and nllldavlts, containing over
7uu signatures of merchants, shipowners, and
seamen, and. while tbov aro too voluminous to
bo given iu dolnll. n summary of tnotu may
prove interesting rending.
The llrst intimation that thero existed any
dissatisfaction with tho manner iu which the
atuiirs of Commissioner Heed's ofllco woro
bolng conducted was received iu Mnnh Itsji.
within a short tlmo alter l'ie-ident Harrison's
Inauguration, and wns contained In a petition
boailugthosicnatureol ninety-six merchants,
shipowners, and shliuua-twi s. asking that apt.
Aivitn 1 . jiiitucuuiu tit iirnuKiyii uu aopoiuteti
United States Snipping- Commissioner In tho
Place of James C. Hood.
Capt. Iilnnchard Is 11 retired shipmaster ami
shipping merchant, and i-. ver popular aiming
tho'-o interested iu shipping, bosldes being an
active Ilcptiblican. His application vv.ii en
dorsod by tho siiii-coiutuittvo of tho ltomibii
eau organization uf Kings county, but he didn't
got tho place.
Hlspotitlon was (lankod by one signed by
ai'J olllcors and seamen of tho I nttod Stntos
merchant service who set forth that tho man
agement of tho Unltod states Snipping Com
mislouors' olllco by JntunsC, Hoed was in al
most overy pitrtlcular disaJvniitagoous to
thorn lu the way of Irregularities and delay In
receiving tholr pay and discharge on thn ter
mination ol Ihelr vovn.-o-i. It vva-. avurred that
In i-ontu instances, although iho ( upturn's ac
counts had boon perfectly. satisfactory to them,
thoy had been compel ed to wall ten and
twolvu dais for thoii mono)
Another, to which was attached bixty-flvo
signatures, said.
We. undersigned Amerl hi cpl'tn". oltccra. and
stewards of the Atntre in imr I un marine sailing
out of the portot .NwVrk many of nt hiving our
homes an1 dependent families in adjoining states,
which ve Invariably desire t reach w nh our earnings
In our pockets at the earliest rratl able hour utter
cumpieitiig our re-peritve t)a.es, rt-sneciiully aik
thatouwill nt voure.r'lest co ivenl- lice cause tuch
change to be liiada 111 thH niauaeineiit of the Lnited
statet shlpp ugt intulttiotier a ortlce it this port, by
the appoint men t of a prie tieal and experienced mall In
thil'Uliig matters us lomuil-tl 'ber at will enable tit
and our!eeiideut families. Iiitttad "f the New .ork
tailor landlord, to eujo) th frtilis of our labor, We
respectfully submit that ll lias become a rule at that
ottlee, when tile money to PI us our wages hat teen
deioslled there to litiwarraulal I) raise such legal
iiuibbles and techmcalltlt. t ul1 tug the Items of ac
counts between our euiplovirs and ourtelvts for cah
or supplies prorlded and re, elv el b us during the vojr
age as to necessitate delay, in many Pittances me
amount or dtllereuc Involved being lets than w onld pay
one dav'a hoard whereby we who happen to he Hie
victims have been compel" d to wait leu or more
ilats for a settlement A. a result many of ns
having left our thlpa and telhff w iihout frieiidt, have
been compelled tt enter a snllora hoarding house,
where our hard-earn 1 nvintyis mortgaged and our
famine, deprived of what they would otherwise grt
Ihtrefrom In tuch cases we are denied the comfort
of even visltlngour homes or looking on the face, of
our loved ones as w mu-t reshtp and sail on another
vovage perhaps with the tame result in Ihe end We
earnestly pra that you will as soon as may be, till the
oltlceof shipping Commissioner at the port of New
Vork by theappuintmentor a practical mutt to take the
place of the present Incumbent to whote negligence
nnd Improper admlulstrutienof the law Is due our
grievances at above.
It will bn noticed thnt In the petition Inst
nuoted areferenco In nimlo to tbo benollt de
rived by tho sallotB' boarding house koopers,
ami in this connoetion the following nnidavlt,
which within a short titno has boon lllod hero
with tbo other papois, may bo worthy of
Mate or ,v fit Jeii, t'ntintyof A'rta. s.
James ICtdridge being dui) sworn according to law,
dolhuepnse and st) that belt we I aciuallllxl Willi
James are 1 the I'retldetll ur the seamaus Itoa'-dlng
House Keep, rs A.sm 1 illon of the I'ortot s w V r
alidthathe he dt eon 111 lus frttueutly liuar I sad
Preen and oih mi m rs nt aanl at-ocla on sta'c ti at 1
the interests of sailor b otrulng masters was subtsrvul
by the r,t-lit shipping t , niiiiiisioner all I h t 'Uh
oidibaies in delaying tie eisititrge and puim.ut of
wstl due tne te mien, after the t tine had be, npHCuJ I
In Ibatiitllce, until Iho teamen had incurred d ,t la
their ittpectlve pi icr. and were thus In their lei a In
cent luente of wt.l li tald s II r hoarding masleis ex.
prr.-el a desire for a prolongation of the term ofll.e
present lulled stales snipping Commie loner.
Jt wvt l.l narnor,
sworn and .ub.rrlbed to before ine th 2'lh day of
April ,n the) ear lij
WtsritisuritK As.tr, Notary Public
fViun'vnnd StntroA'w Port. 11
Irving s Hunt being duly .wornaccordlngtolaw did
depnteamltav thai he hat read the within declaration
and th it he knows that the faota therein set forth are
true lu every particular of bis own knowledge.
limmi H. Ill r .tiCoentlet slip, N. V,
Sworn and subscribed to before in th uoih day of
April, is O
UnianiitiK Attiv. Moinry 1'iibllo, Klngt County.
A casein point which furnishes nn lllustra
Hon of tho main obioi'tlon to Commlssionor
lleedls that ol Arno VY. I'loomnn who on Mny
14, IHH'i, forvvardod to the Treasury Uopart
mont tbo following atllditvlt:
on Mat. Iliiid'i, .vtieirg"' the Jrediury, MVisAni,
t It t
I AriioW Iranuaii c'nsr mate ot Hie bark Carrie
He relofNtw Vork, ' api, Cjleord, and 11 rctldeul of
the Mate of Maine, beg 10 cal' your atleutloa to it e tin
businesslike and outrageous tVeaiment received bv me
at the eillce of the shipping Commissioner of .Nw Vork.
My money or wagrt was dapoiltrd lo the band, of Com
mistloner Heed on or about May A issn. by
Capt Colcord Petlrlug to go bom to Main
to its n; people after a lon( absenea I called
U At Unmutltaut sflUt jultila at W
A. M. dsmsndlcg my wages, when payment
was r.fa.ed. I waa told to come again to-morrow, thnt
losing my chance to ro 011 th boat, and preventing m
front going home as I desired Deride, being refuted
my money and disappointed In my effortt to get home,
I waa treated with tcant courtesy and was told that f
lied, leaned again to day on Coimnlstloner Iteed for
my monev at I waa told by himself In person yester
day, nnd was again refused mv money although It was
only .'top M when 1 cahed according to agreamiht.
but afttr pleading with him (t ommls.lnner iteed) I wat
enabled to get elOout of f.W flues ine lteg, there
fore, that )ou will take prompt measures to ten that a
more obliging and competent Commissioner It placed
In charge one who will tervethe leople a. the law
contemplate. Instead nf delay and annoyances to which
1 and many others, as 1 am Informed and believe, have
leeti subjected Anso W i-'KttvM.'t.
Sworn 10 berore me this lllh day or Hav. l-ti.
WrtTMi-isrrit AriRHr, .Notary Public, hings county.
Certificate Died In N.w V ork
Almost on top of this and bearing dato Mny
20. Is a long nflldnvlt from inthropS. Orqwell.
mnBter of Iho bark Wntorllold In which ho
complains to Secretary WIndom of tho ' arbi
trary troatmont" ond Incompotonoy of Com
mlsslonor Hood, Cnpt. Crowoll statos that ho
satlod Irom lloston for lllo Janeiro nbout Oct.
18. 1887, at which port eoveral of his crew dp
soited. In strict compliance with the law in
bucIi enses tho doscrtlons wero duly roportod
to tho United HtatosConsul. nnd tholr accounts
were duly cortllled by him. On his orrlval at
tho I'ortot Now York on March 2ft. 1HJS- the
ctow wero puld off at tho ofllco of tho Shipping
Commissioner without any troublo. nnd ho
saiiod ngaln Mny IB, 18HN. for Hong Kong,
whero soveral of tho orow were paid off on
account of sickness, with tho adv co and con
sent of the United States Cousul at Hong
Kong, and the lnttor gavo a certificate for
tho same. Upon his arrival In Now York, April
VJ. IKM'.i, he deposited his ncoonnts with Com
missioner Hoed. Tho llrst thing tbo latter did, as
sot forth in Cnpt. Crowoll's nflldnvlt, was to cut
down tho prlcosol his "slopchost," or Bailors
stores, which the law roquliesoyory voseol to
carry, and 011 which the laptaln Is permitted a
prolltof ten par cent, nnd ten percent, only.
Throe stovos woto pnrcbasodat l'ort land. Ore.,
or, rniuor, 1110 Buppiy was loueweu inure, out.
tho prico of nil wns cut down to prices pre
vailing In lloston, und the Cnptaln wob com
pelled to lne H5, Instead ot making 10 per
cent., as nllowed bylaw. Iho atlldavit then
My articles nn sailing for Chin specified that no
money anould lie advanced abroad, except at par. and
receipts were dulv given to me by the men on receiving
advances per re elpts. These receipts and agre.mtnlt
w, re Ignored by t ommltsloner Heed and 1 wat com
pelled to 1 ay olT the crew at the rate of "A a lo cent, to
one Mextctn doltar, lutteiid of par, at wat agreed when
my accot nta wero c,oted with the commissioner, on
May 17, although my account, had been fully and final
lv tettled, at 1 hail tupiitxed lha t ommissloner de
manded my slop chest account, of the lss7 voyage,
v melt demand I declined 10 comply with, tint. my ao
cotiula bal been long since t lost if nnd duly exatnlni d
ami cerllned 10 by n surerlor oltlccr, Ihe Lnltid state.
Lonttil cevtral dajs atler I lia I deposited my money
I for the crew wiih iho t omiult.Iont r several of the
crew came t me coinp'atnlng that they could gel no
money from Ihe Coinmitsioiier, and could not get home
as they dtairt-d and 1 loaned 1111 m .ume money forthat
purpite, which lb CoiuuiU.iontir Ignored vvbeu.et
Isaac N. Colby, master of tho bark II. O.
Johnson, also submlis n long complnlnt. nc
compnuled by u -worn statoment. In which ho
chuiges that In tho case of tho "slop cbost"
accounts ot some bhIIoibwIio desertod the bark
at Sy tney. N. f. , tho Commissioner sulijoct
edhlmtnu groat ileal of inconventeuco and
compelled him tu post a lorfoit ol iiiiil tu cover
any possiblo irregularities that ho might find
In tho slop chest account against tho deserted
soatnen. and this in the face of tho fact that at
tho tliueofthoilesertlnnsthofacthiid boonduly
roporletl to tho United Slates Consul and tho
uccounts of thodo-ortors duly certlllod to by
him. In this rase, however. Commissioner
Hood Ignored thot onhiil scerllilciiios nnd tie
mumled tho tleposlt of iJJl from Cnpt, Colby
uii'lot tho penalty ot a refusal of a elearuueo
A. V. I'rnit. master of the bark Grace Deor
lng, is nnother who vvtltos to Socretnry Wiu
dom. compl.iltiingof violations of tho law by
Commissioner Hoed, and submits nu aflitlavit
giving so vol ill in-Jnu?es In which, through
('nmmlssionor Heed. lie and hlsciow havo been
stibjeeted 10 sovoral days doiay. and stating
thnt " the mnnitgemeut of the ofllco is unbusl-nu-ollko,
aroitrury, aud manilestly unjust
nllko to seaman, iim-ter, and owner. Ho con-
tludes iritli ti'ii sutcostion that It is tho duty
of tho Secretary tho Treasury "to appoint
n more competent and obliging Coramls-loner.
w ho will execute tho law ns it was intended to
the advantage of nil concerned."
1'orhnps the must sorlous chnrco ot nny con
tnltiod in tho iitlldavits and 1 utltlon" request
ing the rcinov.il of Commiesloner Hoed Is con
tuiuod in the following
M.lf of Vie 1 o,. t il ami Cnuntv or .Vein 1'orA, lit
Irving fi Hunt of tho rily of llroeglyn county of
Kings, re-idlng at 7tt bond sl'eet, nroeklvn S V ,
being duly sworn deposes anl says That t letter was
written by ltim under date ot Nov JJ, l7 to James '
Heed. U s shipping Commissioner of tho l'ort ot w
V ork. a copy or winch 1-hereto annexed and Is a true
coj,y taken from his letter re-s boos the original copy
of whicn Is now m hi- po.trsslcn and further Hint on
or nbout the 1st day of .Notetnber. ls-7 Charles H
t httholm, a m of VV II Chishotm deceated. mat of
the bark francs H lay who was b st irmi tne t,ld
lark ranclelt. lav, etf the Cafe of t.ood little after
repetteil reouetta made to Commissioner Reed, without
avail, lor tne d livery to hltu of bia det,tjted
father's wa-et hill eifec s deposited with tall
t oiumistiiner (n or aD-nit uci .t, is7. ty
trie Cililaili of tald oark xa ney amounting to thn
sum of fJ 0 or llierea units besides hi. eltects
1'eponent applied to Hie t ,erk of ti e 1 nite-1 Malta I ir
cuittouri l) requestor tald t'nlsholm. and wnrre the
I wage-01 tils said dec, ate 1 father thou.d have I e, n de
. posited ulider Hie I tw nltiiin six day afttr the rrci Ipl
1 ot the same from the Captain Iiepontut wa. furnish 1
!ti bi ink, which was lerwarded to tl,e w idow ot the de
, eased at Healtle IV.T.anl hting propem taoru to
was returned to him the ta,d deionent Thereupon on
the prettutallon ot said blank tne t lerk of the Court
proceeded to settle the claim by pa) Ing t he money due
I the widow but 10 his surprise, on examination of the
bo, ks, it wat tliscovered that t omimejioiicr Keel had
' ltiatl no return to the Court of tald flit! olm t money
or ellects, at the law directs, neither had th t ourt biett
1 advised bv tald Commissioner of the death or sail
, t his! olm, lima openly violating section nil Cnited
btalea Itevlsel statutes, providing esj eclally for such
cases as rullowa
section i.ML. r.ierv shliplng Commissioner In
the I ulted Mates shall w tbln iiie week fr, m the dale
of re, eivlng any tuch mi not, watet, or enects nf any
dec, ased teamaiMir appi, n,l, e pa, leinit, r deliver
to the Circuit Court 01 the circuit In which le re-Ides
the money, wages or ellects, subject to sueh deduction
as may be allowe I b Ihe i Ircuit court for etpemes
Incurred in re-i-ei t to such money or effects, and
should ant Commissioner !itlvlo pav or reu it nnd de
liver the time to ihe Clnuit Court with.n the time
herein beloreiueutl jued I o th ill incur a penalt) of not
itinrnthiTitrt.il ,1 iniiiitntijitiirs u hmnn.i no.tnO, ,.
M letter ot .Nov '.' to Committloner iteed, remit d
Ing hini of his noglecl lo ,n over the money to ihe
Circuit Court at the la t spec) led tauted Coi.iuilssi,in.
r Heed to put over tne moi.ey on the following dav.
when the l rit ol vil 1 court paid the money duo tild
itecHted teiiman to the deponent, and gave an order
on t nlte I sla'es t omt.ilteioiier itted for the eilecta of
said decease t s, aman litrixcS IUm
Mare or.Vie 1 iirl, tvrv rtn.l Owtitii nf Veto Pert, rjr.
On the l-'ill dvy of August. 1-e'i. personally anpenred
belorn me Irving is unlit or the city of lirootthn.
county of Kings and State of .New v.nrk. doing business
In the city of .New V ork, who deposes an 1 save ihat the
tta'imentt a' ove mule an I copy of letter hereto aa
noxed are true of his own knowledge
W uraiM-ren Atetr, Notary Public, Kings county.
Hore Is tho letter referred to:
Nkw oitK, Nov 22, ISS7
Jam'tr Hrrii. Hi, r .1. Tun I1.it i l Ve lott
8ini In the matter of Win. II. Chrlsholm deceased,
late mate of the bara l-raiu'ls R. lav tne ebtcla and
balance or wages of whom were delivered to Hit' care
or your bureau some six weeks ngn, I would respectfully
state thnt the necessary pilars lu tho premises wiro
l led in th I s Inttrlct Court to day and admitted
correct Thereup in the Clerk of and court staled that
lie could settle the matter at once I lit that colarhe
bad nn olticlal knowledge of such a case, as no return in
Bald m-i hu 1 been made to th it court irom the I tj s
t iiiuinlstloiier of this 1' irt. I won!! rttpec'.fully call
jour ntleiiH in to section t .V13 L h It Slatules in such
, uses malt and provided C t- Chishnlm, too and
lielr of the deceased I-anxious to clo-o iiiatlers to-mor
row, and ou will greatly eb'lge bv giving Ibe matter
)our luuuedlal alteiuloiu tr) reriecliuly,
latixi. rv. JIijxt
ThooITlco of 1'nltoil States S'hlpplpg Com.
mla-ioner hns had n rather unsavory rocoid
since it was cruatod In is, J.
Tho lit rt incumbent wast'. C. Duncan, who,
through the Intlueneo of Henry YA nrd lleechor
una several other church dignitaries, was un
pointed to llll tho otbeo. which ho hold lot
cloven conaoetitlvo )ours with his four sons ns
iitslstnnts. Ho wns eventually romovod Irom
office by Judge v alia 'o of tho lulled Stntos
Circuit Court, with whom tho powerol appoint
ment then resioi. Duncan wns subsequently
Indicted by tho I nltod sunns Ornnd Jury lor
malfoneiinco lu olllco. but thticnho ngalnst him
was poriuittod to die a natural doatli
Jnmes C. Heed was, dtirlug Duncan's Incum
bency, it proti g" of tho late (.hunter A. Arthur,
who was then i 'ollot tor of the l'ort. Ho ncled
its Arthur's prlvato spcretntv. When Arthur
wns oleoted Mce-riosldent he had Iteed
mudo nn Inspoctor of tJoiornmont Btumps,
ut n Bnlmy ol -.wo ft Joar, if8
was appointed to this qftlco rob. k'tl. 1S8.1.
tlion being it I'liien of Pennsylvania. When
Duncan was removod In ism. Heed was np
rolntod I'nlteil States Shipping Commissioner
by Judgo Wallace, at the personal request of
tho then PreBldont, Arthur, although It was
well known at tho time that Judgo uliacehad
already detonulned upon somo ono else for the
oiiico lleod was wholly without oxporiouceln
shipping matiois, and to this fact much of the
troublo hohassluoo experloncod iBdue. The
man whom Judgo vvnll.vco hud slntod lor tho
Coiumlselonerehlp was made chief deputy,
which nlllctv ho now holds.
Whon tho Dingloy Shipping act become n
law the power of npiiolntliig tho United states
Shlpilng Commissioner was plntod In tho
linn Is uf tno -;i crotnry or tPoTroasiiry. Again
tho potent iniliieneo of President Arthur was
overtoil lu behalf of Ills propgo1, nnd lie was
reappointed by Hoerutnry lplgor. With tbo
i loso of iho Administration, Presldont Arthur,
there Is good renson tu bellovo, obtained from
til-, BUffossor a promise lo retain iteed in of
lice mul Presldont ( levolnnd kopt thn promise.
That suoh u promise was glion by President
Clovolnnd Is sot forth In a lotter wrltton to Mr.
James 1 errls of .Sew i ork In Kft, thon a can
didate for tho post of I nited Stutns BIiIppIiik
Coinmieslniier, who hud solicited tho good ol
(Ices of the line-Congressman Petor I'uul Ma
honey, 'Iho letter is as lollows-
lltiisg or llirnrtTsilva i
vyisiiiaorot. Il c, Jan. 7, insb, J
JTr. tii' rTrrrH. .Veto l'ort nig. '
Pita Hia Inrenly toyour.of the'jittof Heceraher.
t hare to eay that 1 regret ; try much that I cannot rati
upon Mr, Maunliig In jour behalf for the following rta.
anus, viz t Some tlin ago (called upon Mr Manning in
th Inter. t of a geiiileman for appointment to another
position At thai times the Secretary of tlteTrei.ury
received mo a 'Ool Ur thai Ido not fe, I like calling on
hlln again llesitl, a idle I have leant, d tliat vir t leve I
land int. tide retaining tlie ore-en Incumbent In the no I
tltlou who It vou seek for therrasoti that b, sperlil
rural ifx I're-fleol rtli r made .nine time ag I
lr 1 tev&Uiei promise 1 thtt hu w uid not be romovid
However 1 have wrltlm to secretary Manulrg and
nclottyou atopy of th Idler Very respectfully,
I" 1" Mauoatr, M C.
M Two years later. Mr. Ferris bslnn still a can
didate, had requested Joseph W.liny to urge
his appointment with Secretary Manning. Mr.
fiiur did te tad laiatmtd m, mi ol HaavVu
A (rallon for pure natural wlnft, war;
nnt-ii to t th purft frapa Jtilc ami
puiial in ttaTiir to tha imporud nootla for
whtcli jrou re pajlntt fancy r-" "5
hav a romptpt itoek of lne ana
ll'iunrn for family trade. Our clbratd
whmkle at popular wleea. ti, M . ami
r.1 jn r RAtion. Our Calfornla tluck at $3
pfr rate u aa good aa any flnlne win ) ott
ver tatted
iur atore, which in (.ttfd np fxprfM.y
for tlie accommodation of our lady eurV
tomera, U In a convenient location, near
1 ni"n ffiuareand lha drrroodt dlatrlct,
I.adtetwili apprfdnto ourflort In thlt
direction, for thera li no bar or any other
objectionable feature In -"onjunction lth
the more, ai d they need have no hesi
tancy In calling.
Between 12tb aod 13th tu
had done In tho following lotter. In whloh tho
stntemont made by tho lato Congressman
Mubonoy two years previous Is confirmed:
Wl.Hlvr.lOK, 1). o sept. 6, iwa
J. J. rerrti, Eii) , 2 dentin illji, ,v. r. ttig
Confine! I write toadvl-e you Ihat I bare personally
teen th hecretary of the Treasury In regard to your
matter, and hare left with him your brief II advped
me of the retue.t ot the late President Arthur concern
ing the present Commissioner, but gave me hia assur
ance that the subject oa I prerentrd It would receive
consideration, and I am ulspoted to think, from what
he sold tome, that be (th Secretary) Is favorablv dls
poted to our view of the cite t t-ntt as a result that
3 our appointment will be mad. I raternaliy, yours.
Tho Cnnatllntlnnallty nf Ktindnr I.tivvn to
lie Tented In the Ntipreme Court.
NARnviLi.E. Juno 15. The Supremo Court of
Tonnosoo has just rendered a decision affirm
ing tho action of tho Ipwor court in tho ense ot
tbo Btate vs. K. M, King. This enso was ap
poalod from tho Circuit Court held In Troy.
Obion county, laBt March, and has attracted
much attention on account ot tho religious
quohtlon involved in It, Mr. King is a member
of tho Seventh Day Adventlst Churoh. a sect
which ob-orvos tho seventh day (Snturdnrl ns
the fiabbath, Instead of Sunday, the first dny
of tho weok. The deienco has bcon made by
tho INatlonal liellglous Llborty Association,
nn organization of recent origin, whicn ad
mits no one into Its membership who dnoi not
bellevo In tho Christian religion, but holds thnt
tbo functions of religion and tho Stato nro on
tlroly distinct, and. for the interosts of both,
should bo kopt separate. Mr. King Is a farmor,
and was Indicted for quietly working on his
own promlsos. not in sight of any place ot pub
lic worship. Nono of the witnessos for the
Stato testillod to having beon disturbed in any
way or to having a lcnowledgo that any ono
else had boon disturbed, except thnt their
moral aena had boen shocked by soolng work
done on Suudav.
Tho defendant was first arraigned before a
Jtieilco of tho Pence, and Ilnod t.l and costs,
amounting in all to about 112. which he paid.
Ilo was aftonvard Indicted for the same of
fence by the Grand Jury at Troy, Obion coun
ty, ami wnB convicted and lined $7.r. An ap
peal wns taken to tho Supremo Court on the
pleatli that tho acts complained o( and proven
did not Lonsiitute a nuisance, ns charged in
tho indictment: I'Jt that the court oried In not
permitting tho defendant to pruvo that ho
had been once m rested, tried, convtctod. and
lluoa fur the samo offence, and thnt
ho had paid tho fine and costs: 1:11
on the ground of the appeal of tho District At-torney-tienoral
to the religious prejudices of
the jury by his bitter denunciations of the re
ligious views of the delondant, and confound
ing tho t-ect with which ho is connected with
tbo Mormons
Tho caso will bo taken to tho Supremo Court
of tho lnlted Slates. This will he ihe first
case involving the constitutionality of bunday
laws that has beon brought before tbo United
btntes .Supremo Court.
An association has teen organized In Ten
nessee, tho membeis of which pledge them
selves to pro-ecute every violation of tho bun
itav laws A number of porfona who obervo
thn seventh day as the Sabbath aro now under
Indli'tmont for working on Sunday. They are
tenacious of thoir faith, and claim tho right,
undor tho llrst and fourteenth amondments to
the Constitution of the I'nlted Htntes and the
Hill of Itlghts of tho State of Tennessee, to work
on Sunday. In view of recent movoments In
favor ol a natlonnl Sunday law. and tho opposi
tion to this and all other religious legitOntlon
by the National llellglnus Liberty Association,
tbo progress of this case through the court
will bo watched with deep Interest by many.
Nesr Ilitven Rnllroad Conduetorn ray a
Tribute to Their Dead llrotltera.
New Haves', June 15. Now Haven Division
No. 1. formerly of tho Ordor of .Railroad Con
ductors, but which surrendered lis chartor on
June 2 nnd branched out as an independent
organization, held its second annual memorial
sot vices In honor of the memory of Its dead
brothors. In Mnsonla Hall, at 2 P. M. to-day.
Tho sorvlces were held In tho largo blue lodge
room. Tho altar was decorated handsomely
with flmcnrfL A hrnknn onlnmn riisted iinnn
tho altar, and around It was banked a piofusion
of ferns, flowers, nnd greenery. Tho throo
lanlorns. tod, green, and white, wero hung
upon throo candlesticks, at the three corners
of tho altar, making a very lino offset.
The servlcos wore opened with a prelude on
tho organ by I'rof. Thomas O. b'hepnrd, organ
lot of theChuich of tho liedeomor. This was
followed by New Haven division giving tbo
memorial tervlces of tbo order. A tolection by
Mies Jounlo Thomas camo next, u soprano
solo. The Ynlo quartet then guvo a rendition
of "Asleep In Jesus." O. M. Phillips followod,
and paid u glowing trlbuto to the mnniuryof
Cbarios il. btobbins, ono of tho three decoa-ed
conduetors. in who-o memory the berviees
were given. J(. S. floors paid a trllmtii to the
memory of Amos It. Doers, after which Miss
Jounlo 'Ihomns gavo a musical selection. A. B.
Ostinnder eult'gled tho llfo and work of tho
lato William II. Turner, formorly huporlntond
ont or tbo Now York division ol tho Now ork.
Now Haven, and llortfoid Hail road, which was
followed by the song, "God s Ways Are JJeet."
by tho Yale tiuartot. A response was then
irlvnn hv Assfstnnt fiunnrliitnnilnnt . .1.
Crosby. Tbo sorvicos ooucluded by tho nudl
enco singing " Nearer, My God, to Theu."
Tho hoi vices weto vory woll conducted and
reflect credit upon those who originated this
beautiful custom. Now Haven Division, by tho
way, bolng the onlv ono among tho conduc
tors' organizations thnt observed this coie
mnnv. Among the railroad men prosont woro
Presldont L hallos P. Clark, (.leneral .Manager
1. P. Tuttlo, Superintendents O. M. Shi'pnrd
nnd Y. A. Watorhtiry. A-sIntant superin
tendents J. ri. Hcollold ond W, ,1. rosby. (ion
oral Ticket Agont J. N. States. Comptroller H.
M. hochersporgor, and Ml. S. I. I'leotwood,
. V. Pardee presldod. Many prominent
citizens weio pio-ont, nmong whom woro
I.Ieut.-Gov. S. C. Morvvln, tien. P.. I'. Ilradley,
tho Hun. Linda Harrison, ami ex-Mayor II. G,
Tbo broken column was taken by a commit
tee nnd placed upun Iho giave ot W.H. turner
nt Worcester, Muss. A pillow of (lowers was
also placed upon tho graves of llrothors Glob
ulus and Peers.
An Intention to Slake ,Ierev Soldier A p.
pear l.eaa isortteotie.
Tho Stato Military Ilonrd of New Jersey Ib
going to deolare war on Natlonnl Guardsmen
who wear medals and badges In unwarranted
nuinbors on their uniforms. In a parade ol
NowJersoy National Gunrdsinon now nearly
ovory private wears some sort of n medal, and
many wear a half il,.. on or moro Ono corpo
ral In tbo l'ourth llngiment In Jersey City, who
has beon In the National Guard only a fow
months, wears sovral medals, all of which
wero won by his father nt Schtiotzon contests.
Such budgos nro kii"Wn as Illegitimate, und the
Military Hoard aro going to prohibit their dis
play on tho breastB of voung soldiers
There was a law pawed In IHH5 which deslg.
nntotl four badges that might be worn by mili
tiamen, They aro the badges of tho Society of
the Cincinnati, of tho Order of tlu Loyal Le
gion, of tho Oraml Army, nnd nnylindgo Indi
cating actual servb'o on n b.ittleflold. There
or.v very few of tho itiilllinninii who own suoh
badgoH, I hi-re will bo trouble when the Mill
tary Hoard promulgates Its id dor.
Tuc I'till or Ihe Itontliay,
The big freight steamship Bombay, which went attmre
eouth of unvernor'a Itntnd on Saturday afternoon, wat
hauled on by rite giant tugs, Including th Ocean King
andVitli'an at high tide last evening A lloatlng eleva
tor lifted em Ions of grain frnm her hold before the
li gscull budge h-T ehewlllbo taken Into dock and
surveyed and will then roi eedoa her voyage.
SII.Nlnit Hith hia Viiuntc Vlle' Jetrelry,
Aucmtua Schmltt, who it n. yean old, hat bt.n rolea
Ing from hi. home, 4l W'yllie avenue, Ullamtburih,
lac last Tuesday lilt wife reported bit dltappear
auo Kb. tald th waa so years old Kb Died blm nn.
combing bit ha r and bltktr. btfor be Itft th bent.
;.". ". ioolJ1'e0la," th added, "and 1 now end
o7B, 074, ma nuooMK ht,
Sin'luz and bummer
tr r springs) (Ho I'art Slvle).
TIC'IOIIIAri nt!('K III! A llll)
(Iteguiari (Surrey style).
Itlll'HA WAYS ft" t'ak and ralntad).
01 laasengert) AUItNI'.T'l'Eri.
l'v Kronti. 1AMIAVS,
Png and Vllltg Tarta. fllga, Flanhope rhaetona,
nrad Wagons. Kanoy itoad Traps, Depot Wagana D"os
" ,1'haetons, fhtldren's Trapa, Bncliboarda, Kx, To
Cabrloleta Top Pony I'baetons.
Bronghams, i.andaus, noeiawaya, foach Carta OmnP
bntes, lloatl VV atons, I'hsetons, Ux. Top Cabriolet., via.
lorlne. Fancy Traps. Curtain Uockaway. Landatilela,
Onriifw location glvea ns greatly Increased facllltlsi f
and will allow us to carry In slock, a much larger num. r
ber and greater variety of our carriage, than ever he. '
for Handy Wagons, hplndle Wagona. Banner lluggltt, t
Buckboajila. Two-VV heelera. Pony Carle. Ao . In natural
wood and paluted Buggies hurries. Phaetons, Kil.n- t
.Ion Tops. Ac. In great variety Itemtmber our new 1
address, only seven doort rrorr. Hroadwar. 1
UKAOl.bV A CO. M Warren st. I
PASTUHK - Horses pastured, plenty of thade, goal
. ,, water. Ac . reference! exchanged. 8 L. WuoD
IIUKK. Brldiehamruon. I. I
STItRKT RI'IUNKLI.VO TKUCKB, rate or plain at
reduced nrieea.
VV. WI.l.ThUFlEI,r A SON, 177 Trine It., N. T.
SADPI.RHOItSF. two tested wagon, and twobnllrieii
wagona for sale. ,W2 w ett S'.'a tt.
llitlinn gyfnitni'.'.w. ;
IJVQUnsTRIAN OfTFITS; Illustrated csubeuss rr.a
The American llank Nnte Company I.naea
Anntlier Sinn ntt Hlindajr.
Frank Weiss of 21fi Sovonth stroet went out
In a boat from L'nst 133th etroot yosterdar with
John Bauer of 4'-4 Last Fourteenth street for a
day's llshlng. Both aro omployeosof the Amor
lean Hank Note Company. Bauer camo back j
alone, lio Bays that Weiss insisted on going. I
in bathing, although ho could not swim. Their
bout wus fast to somo logs betweoa Randall'
Island und tbo Sunken Meadows, in shallow ,
wutor. Hauersays that Weiss kept near tho !
boat for n tlmo and playfully tried to pull him
Into tho wnter. Bauer told him to quit his fool
ing, nnd Wolss ventured further away and was
celzud with a cramp. Hauer tried to got tho
boat to him, but Wolss sank and did not reap
pear. Ilauer rovvod iiBhoro gro.itly frightened.
An orderly at tbo linudall's Island Hospital
namod Carroll had obrorvod Welss's strug
gles in tho wutoi. nnd jumped In altor him. lio
succeeded in getting Weiss ashore. The phy
sicians nt tho hospital tried to rosuscftata
WuIbs, but ho dlod In about fifteen minutes.
W ol-s wus 2u years old. It was just a year ago
that another Sunduv outing of American Bank:
Noto Company omployoes ondod in the drown
ing of Hen Ilnttnn. William Sulley was after
ward convietod of pushing Uattonoff the ex
cursion barge.
An unusual number of drowning cases wero
reportod yostordov. This Is tho rest oftholUt;
Thomas Gallagher, rosldenco unknown, toil
overboard at tho Toot of West Thirty-filth
street early yesterday morning, and was
Tbo drowned body of Frederick Wllllnras. 45
years old, was found at tbo toot of Canal street
vosterday. Ho was a laborer employed ou the
Canal streot dock.
Koundsman William Guerkor found tho
coi'pro of a man in tbo North ltlvor at Plor 8
yesterday afternoon. Tho man woto a bluo
jumper, leather belt, and low shoos.
Thomas .Mitchell, n 'longshoreman, of 31
Chorr) street, who had been missing since las:
Monday, was ftiund drowned at Pier 18. East
Hlver. There was n cut on tho top of his head,
attributed to accident
The body of a man about 21 years old waa
washed ashore at tho foot of Ea-t Twenty
eighth stroet. He had a clean-shaven lace and
dark brown hair, nnd woro a dark coat aud
vest, eray trousers, nnd gaiters.
Tho body of a male child, flvo months old,
was found drowned nt Pier ii. North Hlver.
A. Crippled Clgannaker Stabe tt. Dtaaolvjio
Woman In Bayard (Street,
Sarah McGuirk. a dissolute young woman,
was stabbed yesterday in Bayard street by
Thomas Williams, alias Iteade. Williams lost
bis left log when ho was a brakeman at In
dianapolis. He is now a clcarmakor. Accord
ing to the woman's story sho had llred with
him for four months nt dlfforont places. They
bad a quarrel last weok and separated. Sines
then Williams has been living at 140 Chryetlo
stroet About 11). o'clock yesterday mornlns
Williams was standing in Bayard stroet near
the Bowery when sho camo along. Both bad
boon drinking, and she wont up to Williams
and said to him: "Tommy, If you buy mo a
nowsiiK wrap in come oiick to you. vviiuams
replied: "1 won't buy you anything, and I
want nothing to do with you."
They had further vvords, and tho crlpnls
stnbbed tho woman with a largo penknife. The
blade was two Inches lone, and ground down
lo a razor ndco. Tho first blow struck her In
the breast, sho throw up her right hand to
ward ofTtho second blow, und goto gash across
tho back of the wrist Ho was arrested, knlfa
lu hand.
Tho wounded woman sat on a doorstep at
Bayard nnd Chryetlo streets cursing ond watt
ing fur an ambulance. Sho Identified Williams
thero. and let loose on him a torrent of pro
fanity, blooding profiieoly from her wounds all
tho time. 'Ihe wound In hor breast is four
Inches long, and tho knife blado penetrated tho
She recovered In the hospital from tho shock
of tho stabbing, and made tilings noisy there.
Sho told the doctor that Williams was jealous
of hor becnuso she spoke to another man. Cor
unor Low took hor nnto-moitoui statement
last evontng. Sho snld that Mctiurn was her
mnltlon nnmo and that sho hns a husband, a
printer wh -o natna sho will not tell, and a
chllil, a lit'lo girl, living with her mother In
Cherry street.
Five llorae Killed 1f st Htrotto or Xjltjht
nlnsr. Lightning waa particularly eerer along the Rarltaa
River in New Jersey last week, and during the storm of
Wednesday night four burning barns Illumined th iky
In the v ninity of somervillo. Tbey ware all burning at
J once, and several other harm were struck. Although not
fired At Houth Branch Mr. J. C Illgglnt't barn waa
struck and five horses wr killed In their Halls. Mr.
Illggint wa. In the barn tlie minute, before the ttrok.
He took his lantern and went through th atorm tc. th
house. Intending to return at one, but something de
layed him ana possibly saved hit life.
I he lightning struck .the gab) of th barn, ran down
a patent hayfork chain, and along th Ironclad man
gera. lumping from there to each ot th five norm and
striking; them down with the bay In their moutha It
then went ont through aald door, amaahlng tho door
at lb bottem. 1 bar waa not a trace of fir lo th. barn
after th itrok;
A Chinese Opera by Native Performer.
Th I'o Ng Ye opera company tare a performance of
"Ua Fook Lung," a Cliineti hl.torical opera, ' ills
Windsor Theatre latt night. Th plot, aa Interpreted
by Ab Chu. an Intelligent Chinaman, dealt with ti e for
tun of 'fi fool ring, a strong man who, lemg very
poor, galna great riches and renosn by deteauur th
nemy with three arrow benoealhed to htm 0) hia
great grandfather. Three hundred Chinamen watched
the iierformanra and listened to the orchestra with
great delight The Chinese theatrical venture i at ttsu
a failure In New York audluit nlgiu a rerforinai.es at
Intended lo rait ronnev enough to take the tueiuter. ot
the troupe back to Seu Franctaco.
lllalioii t Isiser I.iiy tt i rimer Ktnne.
Tbe comer stone of It new parochial school to b
built by St. IirUk'et't ( ail olic rnurch In Jertey City
wat laid vetlerdaylu the preten e of about a,uo per
tons. All ti, e Irish t,,n ietie. paraded, CtiS.op w'lg;sr
laid the tione and made a short address He was fol
lowed hi the Pv Kiith.r I'orr ptttorof th church
with which ihe t, h iol is connecie t The new building
will be fbricl. Htihbli e itnn, trimming-. Itwlllb
four ttorli hut' an I will seat I ii children Th top
Poor w ll I e a pii'ulu hall which Mill teal about I. (O)
prr-out lliei uiuilugwlll be .,, feet front by lutj ftel
lllaliiilt l'nllrr l'rritrtird uu the Dock.
Pish ip potter reached at I'ler U. P It. at Hie Out
door elation of the I'rntestaiit hplacopat Church etli
elnnarv eo, lety for fseatneti yesterday, All about Pier
0 the waleit are throng' 1 with canal boats. Tba mas
ters lite aboard Ihelr vessels with tcelr famlllet, and
religion generally bothers them little The Her. Isaac,
Magulr Jus opened a lime chaj ti at 2J t'oentl.. alip,
and generally ol a Sunday he preaches in the open air,
but the attendance! hitherto ha. iisen rather .llto.
There were not many ahuiu y.ti.rday wheu Htihop
Potter beguu tu ej eak. but a great crowd prcuntly eoH
Preaching lo Ibe Hon or America,
At Ihe tirst Collegiate Ktformet Church la.t night
the Hev Pr Joachim huutndorf preached aeermonte
the !ew Vork lampaof the falrtotw ivder of Son of
America He epoke principally ot in- sun tr. to our
Institutions from th Increasing foreign element la
population and the political method, ot that element,
lie quoted a Western dlvin who tald "Ot totl.tr
ork where aipollticsl rln ml with an Iron band.

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