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THE SUIS', A1UJNDA1', JUJs'E Hi, 1830. SH I
rottTT-NJStcim o fbrlooiced.
H(Mtr Caaacta lor Oiod rronpeetor than
Ever A. New Machine tn'"1'
Flao Reanlta or Idaho Clean. iipa-Itiint.
las ' Qolsl at Olnceater, Hhode Ilnd.
Ban Francisco, June O.-Tho Lost ConfMonoo
mine on Iron Mountain. Hlinsta coutitr. Is de
scribed by tlie Shasta rounn as " 11 vt cruel
bio Oiled with silver and sold oie." Tho Inot
that last mouth' run producod n two-horao
wagon load of silver bullion, wolchlne 2.500
pounds, Indicate tlint tho Chtirtti't estlrnnto
of the wealth ot Iron Mountain Is not greatly
Chinese who are worklna the pincers ot En
ttnada. Lower California, aro mid to be mnk
Ins bis wages. A flumo has beon built, and a
hrdraullo ram will bo In oporntlon Boon
Major Vlmplomen hns a ten-stamp mill
runnlns on the Elslnore mlno, and his ilrnt
clean-up mora than repaid tho $7,000 that
be save for the clnlm. IIo hns taken out 115.
000 more than the entire cost of his plnnt, and
ATI there Is over $50,000 worth of ore In Bight.
J. W. Terry, who has Inspected tho principal
mines ot Alamo, snye: "Compared with the
deep mines of California. Alamo Is only a pros
pect. Host of the velun BlronEthon with
depth, and a fairly rich mlno nt 100 feot 1
reasonably certain to carry tnoro cold at 200
feet. Tho country rock Is of veryovon forma
tlon. Much of tho oin pronounced rebellious
U absolutely tree milllnc with tho exception
of s t mall percentage of sulphurotsnot worth
bio btkiki; nkih ErusTt.
OitASTA, Col., June 0. A. n sold mine hns
been opened about two, tiles north of this
fwn by Cunningham, Drummond Co., nnd
1,000 In pure sold was tnkon out In a few
days at a depth not exceeding thirteen foot.
The aurfaco prospect which rosultod In tho
Undine ot the lead was directly In an old trail,
oyer which thousands of persona have trnvollod
In years sono by. It is often said that miners
have struok their picks Into ov ory foot ot Cali
fornia soli, but the freiiuont discovery of
ledses and placers where men hnvo boon walk
Ins over tneui for years. Indicator that tho old
time pronpoetor whs not very thorough In his
work. The fortr-nlner didn't pick up all tho
Bold that was lyins uroand loose In California.
Bfokakk Fxujt. Juno !. A. few weeks ago n
tramp, packlns his btankots. walkod into Hoar
Creek Qulcli. In tho Ctiurd'Alono district. A
weel? ooo last Frltluy ho walked out with
$20,000 In bis pocket, llo had discovered cold
in the suloh, nnd sold out bis claim lor that
amount. The Und hns mado great oxcltomont
In tho district, and prospectors aro ruBhine
into tho gulch, bnmploa of oro from ono ot
the claims assay lift.OOu to tho ton. llut many
b man who goos In thero hoplnir to slrlko tho
tramp's luck will puck out nothing but Mb
Viboinia Citt. Juno 2. Tho bullion ship
ments of Consolidated California and Mrglnla
for May amounted to ovor JSii.Oui). At tho
present rate of production tbo ylold of tbo
Comstock lodo for the ear will bo about
7 0O0 000
TheWehbnn mine. Eureka county, produces
$35,000 a month, the net prollt being J'20.000.
Over fifty Chinese nro ground-elulolng in the
fulohea between Tuscnrora und McCan (. root,
hey have not boen discouraged by lecent de
lslons of courts to tho ofleel that a Chinese
as no rights as a minor.
Walla Waixa. Juno 2. Anotherdl'covery of
coal has been made two mile south of rino
pomlth. Washington. I). W. Ulltz chasod two
ear ouos off bis farm and followed them Into
ravine. While lookine lor their tracks nlong
Ibe bed of a little stream, his attention wus at-
Stcted by little lumps of coal scattered anions
e rocks. Mr. Blitz forcot all about tho bourB.
ind traced tho coal lloat to tho vein at the
source of the stream. Tho voln Is live feet
Wide, and the ooal Is of excellent quality.
Boring work has begun in the placer mlneB
of Baker county, and the streams nro laden
with ellokens In Bolution. Home ot the pincers
Jleld from $ 30 to $70 a day to n man by tbo hy
raallo system, and tbo Nelson claim is cloun
lnp up about $1,000 a day. The bidrauilo
suluorB expect luit su uo iciuir uewi bumhuu lur
many years, as the heavy snowfall of last win
ter stored up plenty of water In tho mountains.
Denver. June 11. Tho Dolores croup of sil
ver mines east ot Chlhunnua. Mexico. hno
been sold to an Ensllsb Bynllcnte lor $7.r0,i00.
The Finos Altos mlno. which is near the
Dolores croup. Is turnins out vo.0- 0 to J jO.ooo
of silver bullion a mouth. Tho Jossle Maria
mines are also dnlnc tlnelr. A reiont ship
ment ot silver ore from tho Tom Green brouelit
$22 a ton. Tho famous Itullis mlno lias been
worked continually for the past '1.x tears, and
its present output is from $25,000 to f J5.0UO
silver ore per month.
T. W. Pratt, who mado the orlclnul location
at Aspen, says that ho ami a Mr. btoelo. while
prospecting In 1871), located tho Spar mine, nnd
afterward sold a ten-foot hole for (J5.0UO. Mr.
Pratt thinks thoro Is bettor itbow for n pros
pector now than o or beroro If the man under
stands his business. Ilounain l-eadvlllo whon
Senator Tabor uruhstaked two shnoinakers
with $14, from which his start In life was fairly
made. The shoemakers crew tired of rlimbinc
the mountains and begun blindly to ulc nt one
of their restlnc pianos. The result was tho
dlcoory of tbo l.lttlo rittsburs mlno at a
depth of elehtoen feet. One shoemaker sold
nut for $75,000, and bis companion for MoO.000.
Tabor held on nnd pocketed u cool IJ.000.000
as nls shore of the deal. Tho blcuest chunk of
pure sold Pratt ovor encountered wab about
ten days oso on t to Creek in .Now Mexico. It
sold for $3fiO.
The snow on tho mountains nearKoknmo
remains quite deep, niakinsmlnlncnnythlns
but pleasant. Tho Elk tunnel has beon pene
trated to a depth of 2.(Oo feet. The present
output Is about HO tons per day.
A rich strike has just boon mado In tbo St.
Jacob's mine, near luko City, of ouantltlesof
rulphurets and brittle slher ore running in
value $2,000 por ton.
The Pelican, nt Kilter Pluma. afowdaysaso
sent Ave tons of oro to tho smelt6r that re
turned 500 ounces silver per tou and 200
minrtAa f ftr ni.nnil.rf-lnuia
Hecent devulopmonts at the sold mines near
Manhattan elw most llatterins assurances of
3 ho richness of tho camp. A recent aipayfrom
tbe Bonauzu cave returns of $105 ot sold to the
The minlns output nt Londvills for May
amuuntod to 42.0JU tons, or 1,358 tons dally.
Durlocthe month tho amelter treated 13.710
tpns oftoro. produclnc l.."i5o tons of bullion.
On the Adams upper oontnet tho lossoos aro
sblpplns '.'5 tons por day of hlsb-srude lead
carbonato oro.
Bitvin City. K. M Juno I0.-One of tbo slm-
iilest mills everconstruotod was rocently built
n this city, It was deslcnod and constructed
iy Mr. Wood a id of tho VAoodntd foundry boro,
and several satisfactory runs hao been made
with It. The mill comUts of a larso tub with
an Iron bottom, frmu th ountro of wlilch rlsos
a perpendicular -hutt to wnlcn the power to
run the mill Is communicated by moans of n
cos-wheel soaring at tbo top. Near tho bottom
of this perpendicular Mum an ulo Is attached
at rlsht unties to It. At each ond of tho nxio
is an Iron wheel uoIuIiIhs oioi .1,000 pounds,
and so f onstructoil as to lio onally tnken apart.
The wnoelshajo heavy, hardened tiros, ahout
flvo Inches in ibloknoss. mid with broail luces,
Tho tires can bo roraood und replucod, when
they become worn, with voiy llitl troubln.
Tbe axlo, to wliloh tbo wIiooIa aro attached, Is
about n toot und u halt shorter tbtm tbo diame
ter of the tub, )-o that thoro N onouuh siiaco
between tbo whoolr. nnd tho sldo of tho tub to
iirovent closslns. Tho ore Is placed In tho tul
n small iuunlltier and 1 crushed nnd sround
leneath tho huny linn ulu-oU, which nro knpt
eontiantly turning about the upright shaft.
The brond-faend wheels turning in a small Ir
clecombluo b'lth tbe crushing and grinding
i principles. When mo oro hits I eon roducod to
the required fineness it passes out through
screens neiir tho lottoin of iho tub, nud may
either bo niiialgnmuted and cnucontratcd ,,r
simply concenti uti-d. Thocatuulty oi tho mill
' may be increased or illmtulbhed by putting on
I heavier or lighter wheels
II, W.Davis of l'inos Altos lb n'..i going to
put up a smoltor. It will bo .it l'inos Alios,
I whernan abundnnt suppli O' smelting ore can
beobtainoil, TJi Huston and 'i hnmas mines
alone could supply a cood sioil smelter, but
their ore carries u good porcenliigoof load, und
Is valuable for lluxlug ntiior nres.
I Tho l'inos AUob mills modulus- but llttloon
account of the mr llmliod wnter supply,
I There are Imllenti nof mi onrli rainy so.ihou
now. and rnln has (alien In poiiio portlotihiif
tbe Territory In hiiiiiII iiunntlllus A good rain
fall would not onlt ennblonilH men t run on
full time nsnln. but work could tn roMimed in
the placors. which ur uov, dn nnd dusty.
Dfck Tyler has romiiiouced i-hlpplngcoppor
from his mine near II nulil'.ii, ills oro ruub well
In coppor, and nl-o carries clhor. Tho
llachlta district l nu ptodurincslhai loud,
I and popper, nud the output of tho cunjilsinp-
, Twomorapartlosof prospoctorsleftDemlns
last woek for the Sierra Madros In Muxloo.
More prospeotors limo gone Into tho hlorru
Madras slnro the beginning of this i eor Ihun
bnie gone there In lite eurs proWouo
Tuobon, Arizona, J me 7. -onlll rich oie
RAlenaand hulrh rets noro eii'ounlorod this
JjeeK in tho J'lmu uiligo near uomll'. '
The propprty bebuii!-t di U UoIhi, i Iiii
develojuneiii woik -u 'lio i u'fitlo mlno inn
opened tip a (lm h u oi ore and the smelter
owned by tn.u oompany I b-iug put in tepnlr,
ana we van soon o iioci this property to bo
fPpie a producer. The sold mine ownod by
U Uurka UretAen ntsr the l'oat Oflloe. la
Ynma, aro to be worked. A two-stamp mill
will bo pnt up and tbo property will be thor
oughly prospocted nnd doyoloped.
A lot of Illinois came In from Hnrshawthls
weok on the way to tbo liar mlno. nonrltlvor
elde in this Territory. Theso nio some of tho
best onpor initios In thut nelshboihood, and
It Is said that tboy will bo tlioroimhly Investi
gated for tho benefit ot tho Wostlnghouso Com
pany, who rocontly purchasod tho minos nt
Washington amp.
At lo. abesas overythlns Is runnlns
smoothly, nnd tho enmp Is extrcruoty nctlvo.
1 Ho Htumps hnd to bo takon OIT last wook ow
ing to tho scnicity ot water, but nil aro pound
ing nwny now ncnln. Thesucoosof this mill
has Binned some of tho Dastern capitalists out
tooxnuiluosomoof tlielow-sradooros In this
vicinity, of which thoio is an unlimited quan
tity, and another salo to somo hi. Louis men Is
Boon to bo closed.
An Important find was mado In tbo Ilnttllns
Tlnyafow dais ago that will make an Impor
tant chnnsn In tho working oi that mine. It
was tho striking of a ledgo of mnnsnnoso oro
In tho wash about 150 toot from tho Bbaft, and
which hnd boon supposod to run tn ntiother
direction. Tho lodgo runs from the Eraornld
ground, and has nover boen tapped In that
clnlm, but will bo worked at onco. Tho Impor
tance of this cannot bo oorestlmnted Anothor
body above water leol moans tnnnyjoarsof
prosperity to Tombstone beloro tho pumpB ato
put In to drain tbo lowor lovols.
The total shlpmonts from tbol-amo Bluer
Mining Compnuy from oro recently worked nt
tho Centennial mill woro Ilfteon bars, weluh
lng 1,7145 pounds, or about 20,000 ounces. Tho
Fnmo Is sustaining her well-oarnod reputation
ns being ono ot tbo bOBt elhor producors In tho
Tho Ilarshawdlstrlct In tho Tntasonla Moun
tains Is ono ot tho Ihcllost In tho Boiithwo-t.
Tho mill owned nnd run by Jamos l'lnley is
koptbusy nlsht and day, tho oro holns ricn,
nnd tbo mill's capacity being ahout ninety
tons per day. blxty men nnd a number at
teams aro kept busy hauling tho oro to tho
mill. The nro In most of the mlnos In this dis
trict is hlsh srado, ond thoro ecems to bo n
suniclcntqunnilty to keep this mill running
foryoars. Mr. I'lnley tooK this property when
nil bad given It up as n failure and bus made a
practical success of it. ......
It Is roportod that a big strike hns boen mado
In tbo 1'roNodoncln mlno in Sonora. Tbo mlno
formerly belonged to Jnmos Price nnn was
nhandonod. Aftorwnrd It was relocatod. ond
aftor runnlns n drift about ltiil feet n body of
oro was struck that is now olght foet wide and
assays about 150 ounces silver bosldes a houy
poroentusoof load. ,, ,,,
About forty mon nro chlorldlns nnd working
their properties nonr Clarksburs. and n mn
Jority of them aro doing woll. During tho past
week tho lessees ot tho Itandolph made a ship
ment of twenty tons ot good oro.
InAnn Cit. June 0. Water Is falling tn
many of tbo placor mlnos of Uolso DoBln, con
eequontly eloau-ups bno beon mado In sev
eral ot tho largo hydraulic claims, among
which may bo montlonod those f the Triuorso
llrothors, Barker A Hall, William Darker.
Darker .t Illordan. and tbe Deaden claim.
Many of tho clean-ups woro much larger than
was expected.
The Wa-hlaston ten-stamp mill, nine miles
north ot here, has run sevonteen days and
cleaued up $17,000, which Is vorylarso for a
mill of that Bl7e. Thoro is abundance ot oro
of tbo sumo class In tho mine, so that it Is cer
tain that tbe ylold durlns tho coming year will
be very largo.
Tho Llmira Comnar.y'a twonty-Btnmp mill
nt Manner will commence crushing silver oro
from tbo Woherlne mlno about tho loth of
Julv. That is ouo of the bost-puyins mines in
Tho Bunch Brothers will so out to Bendwood
Bnsln In a tow days todeolop a sllror mlno
tboy located thoro last year. It prospects
handsomely, and they expect to open up a Hue
Superintendent P. A. Gloyro of tho Cinnabar
miue at Clayton. Custer county, has com
menced shipping oro. Tho force In tho mlno
will be Increased from tlmo to time.
'Iho now superintendent of tho Ornham
Company, with tho oxpert. both of London,
hnvo gone to tho company's mines at bllver
Mountain. It is their Intention to coramonce
work on the Ions tunnel to tap thoCleoland
and Julin mines at dopth ns soon ns supplies
con bo got In. They hao the finest sllxor
mill in tbe county, but It will necessnrlly hao
to remain idle until this tunnel roaches ore. If
none is discovered before reaching tho Julia
and Cleveland (t will have to remain idle until
tho tunnel is In a distance of about 3.3U0 feet.
Several prospectors nnd owners of mines at
Bheop Mountain have gono out there to com
tnonco tholr annual campaign. Thoro aro
some of tbo richest mines of Idaho In that sec
tion, and considerable oro will bo shipped for
reduction this year.
hilgertilims hns gone over to Middle Bolo
llher to develop a vary large quartz ledge
lately loomed by him. It Is of immense width,
and prospects from $10 to $20 per ton in freo
iiuntino ron oor.n at olocekteb. n. i,
Putnam. Conn. June 14. Just overthe north
western bordorof Rhode Island Is the town of
Glocoster. Mr. Albert Potter, a practical
miner, has begun work thorn on the old Wal
ton gold mine on Page's Hill. He is going to
solve tho problem of its value. He Is sinking
n fifty-foot ehnit lithe oro holds out at its
present assay ho will put in oiponpho ma
chinery for working tbe mine, or olse form n
stock company. The original assay was $22 in
sllior and fls.7 In gold to the ton.
Mnnaxor Potior recently showod a certlflcato
from ibo assoyors that displayed $10 In gold
nuil $14 In sllr. Alnrgolotof thooro Is now
in the hands ot iho assayers. The miners huvo
f:ot down about twono-IHo feet. Tho scono
ins beon visited by hundreds of people fiom
neighboring Hinges. A dcop Interest Is tnken
In theoi oratioi s.
In 1877 Mr. 1'otter undertook to work this
mine, hut It looks ns though he went right by
tbo voln thnt time. The vein is about ibreo feet
thick. It runs nenrlv north nnd south.
This mino was workod by John Walton nnd
his followers in the latter pnrt of tho eighteenth
entury. He shipped several barrels of oro to
England to have It assayed. Thirteen years
ago, In clearing away the rubbish. Mr. Potter's
men found drills nnd slodgos thnt bad been
used by Walton's minors in tbo days nhonthey
had no muchlnory. Walton used to say that
when the depth ot the shaft reaehod the lovel
of tho pond noar by, tho wealth of tho mine
would ne nttained. If It continues to Improve
In tho descent as much as It lias bo far. by tho
tlmo the shaft shall hao reachod tho leol of
tho pond the mlno will be by far the richest
spot in the poorost land nt Ithnde Island. Tho
lode Is said to crop out in Burrillville, moro
than flvo miles from Pace's Hill.
Tho mino was rediscovered In 1847, when
workmen of David Pago, who was Boarchlng
for Captain Kldd'a cold, accidentally came
upon it.
Tbe Crew or 1SOO now Four allies In S3
Mlnntea 40 Hecond.
New London, Conn., Juno 1C Twenty-two
minutes 40 seconds Is the record of the first
four-mile pull that tho Yolo University crew
ot 1B90 hnvo mads on tho Tbnmos lllver. The
conditions woro very favorablo. Tho Yale
launch was at tbo dock at New London a few
minutes after tbo express train from hew
Uaven reachod tho stntlon Inst nlsht, nnd niter
President hholdon had performod a foiv of his
multifarious dutios in town, Capt. Dadroan
stoaraed otT from the dock toward tbo railroad
brldgo. On board woro tbo momPors of tho
crew and tho substitutes, with Perry Bolton.
John llosors, O eor go bt. John bboltlold. and
President Hholdon ot tbo nut v. Tho men
seemed to be glad tn bo on the rivor again, and
hurried back to the rear of the launch, whore
they donned their rowing costumes. At tho
Host olf Wlnthrop Point Boatbullder Klest
was waiting with tho shell, und the mon lost
no tlmo In taking their positions in tho
boat nnd rowing down to the start. Tho
coaobers. Messrs. Holtou nnd llogors. took their
stand In tho bow ot tho launch and the spec
tators that hnd gathered to witness Iho llrst
nppourauco of Voln on tbo river, i-oon hoard his
strongvoltoBotindlngout his faultlludlngannd
his oxhortrtioin-. ,
Yestordny morning the city authorities, In
accordance with tho conditions of the contract
belncen thorn nud tho inllronds, linseed out
the course, nnd tboy did their work well. Tho
courso Is as straight as a die. Near the threo-mlln-llag
the Columbia froshmen ioro put.
'iliey rested on their ours as Yale's men spun
by and tried to tako lathe form of thoialo
mon Their qunrteis aro, as usual, next to thoso
oi ue. nnd tho Now Hnvon ontsmencathored
on tho bunk, alter they had oomo up from tbo
boathnuse, to boo tbeCYdumbln 1 loshmon pull
Into tholr bout Iioubo, Tboy rowed In lair
lnrin, undseumeil llkuo powerful set of men.
auk Latham Brown's Iioubo, which forms tho
alo headquarters, HtuuilB on n bluff overlook
ing tho rler, Willi the little settlement ot
Cuius Perry cluatorlng ubout.
At tbo llraelie.
Ill splto of the throntoninc clouds about
95,000 pontons went to Conoy Island yestordny,
Thoso who started to wnlk from Brighton to
Manhattach Beach found the way barred with
n wire fun. e, nnd tho Murine ltailroad the only
method of access. At Manhattan Beach the
grounds wero lu the nlnk of condition, Tho
bo'.cl was opon fnr tho first buudny this season,
'lbo Twonu-thlrd llecliuont Hand played In
t)ioaltornoonandeeiiliisln tbeuuiphlthoatro.
Ollniure will nrrlto on June 2Bnnd romain
during the season. Brighton Beach Hotel will
open on Juno 28.
Heverul thousand people enioyed tbe sea
tircoo 'at Itockuway Beach. Tbe steamboat
drand Jlenubllo made two trips, the first of
the season, currying several hundred passen
gurs Tbe touch will be oponod formally next
hundny, when the summer tlmo table on the
lloekiiwny llench Ballroad will go Into effect.
l.oHury liny Beach win formally opened job
terdiiy. Horso cars Irom thu Thirty-fourth
stroot fern, nt Humors Point, and from the
Nmetl-nCL'ond street ,ru, at Astoria tthlch
iiutt run to tho be.ii'b, wero londed with pas
srugors. Hundreds of people were landed on
the Pouch by tbe new feiry service connecting
with UarJoin, Ninety-ninth street, and Collose
Chnrlt McCnbe Threatens tha Girl TVho
Jtrjrcted lllm-IIti Flrea nt the rolled
When They Attempt to Arreat Illro.
PiTTsnunon, Juna 13. Chnrloi McCnbo, n
Inhoror omployod by the Pittsburgh Btool Cast
Ins Company, was arrested this morning In
his boarding houso. Ho roslstod nrrost, and Is
locked up on Ilvo ahnrsos. Over a yoar eso
McCabo went to board with Samuel Aldordlce.
Ho Is 20 yours old, tall, stout, nnd
fairly good looking. Aldordlce Is a sbooraakor
and hns n comely dnushtor, Hnttlo, 1H years
old McCabo paid marked attention to Hnttlo,
nnd thoy often walkod together lu tbo evonlns,
Aftor a short tlmo, McCabo ono ovonlng nskod
Hnttlo to marry him, Sbo snld sho did not
know whethor sho loved him well onoush, nnd
tho nskod him to wait six months. McCnbo
ngroed with roluotance. Durlns tho tlmo of
probntlon ho wnB ofton In her company.
About two months ngo tho tlmo wus up. nnd
McCnbo ronowod his suit nnd was rotused.
Miss Aldordlce said she was euro sbo could not
bo happy with him. and McCnbo loft her In an
angry mood. Ho wont to hor fnthor's shoo
shoy and said ho wnntod Hnttlo. thnt ho was
bound to hnvo her, and that If sho did not con
sent to marry him she should not live to bo an
other man's wife,
Whon Mr. Aldordlce told this nt homo tho
slrl was badly frightened. Bho hnd not tho
oourago to lcao tho houso, fearing that Mc
Cnbo would shoot hor. Who know thnt ho car
ried a rovolver, ond sho consldorod htm n
dospornto mon. 'McCabo movod nt once to an
other boarding houso.
In n low dnys tho clrl recolvod from McCnbo
a lottor. In which ho naked her to moot him
hlmordlo. Sho, ot courso, did not go to tbo
place bonnmod. Bho was bo wonlod by his
throats thut Bho bocamo III. Other lottors
camo, and lncronsod hor dlstross and thnt of
hor tumlly. A llttlo moro than two weoks
ngo McCabo called nt tho hou-o one nfter
noon. Ho nskod tor Hnttlo, nnd sho
wont to tho door. As sho stopped for
wnrd. MoCnbo drew from under bis coot n
sandbag and struck tho girl n quick, strong
blow on tbo sldo of tho head, blie foil uncon
scious, and McLnbo thou dlsplayod a rovolver,
threatening to shoot tho wbolo lumlly. Mrs.
Alderdico run out tho back wny screaming,
and McCake took to his hoels. Hnttlo s fnco
was scratched nnd bruised by tho blow, und
Bho did not rccoor consciousness for noarly
two hours.
-Noxt morning Mrs. Alderdico wont to tbo
office of Magistrate Mchonnu. and complained
against McCabo for assault and bnttery. Ho
had left bis boarding house, und thu polico
could not llnd him. It was lenrued sestet day
thnt he hnd dod tils moustaelw nnd changed
his clothing, so that tho polico did not rocog
nizo him on tho street. It was known thut ho
was still In tho city, bocnuBO tho lottors, beg-
Slng an lntorvlow nnd threatening donth us
io altornntlvo. contlnuod to come to Miss
Alderdico. In ono lottor McCabo wrote that ho
know that tho pollen wero seeking him.
Tbo girl was advl-od by the polleo to koon
ono of tho appointments wlilch be made, when
Jhoy expected to be able to catch tho culprit,
but sho had too much four of him to do so.
On Saturday night Policeman Mlllor learned
that McCnbo was boarding with Mrs. oung.
At 2 o'clock this mornlns Miller nnd Mnhor
went to Mrs. Young's houso and knockod.
When tho landlady oponod tho door thoy totd
her thoy had a warrant for McCobus
arrest. Sho told him whore his room
whs and thoy ascended to it. Tho door was
locked nnd McCnbo was asleep in bod. Miller
hammered on tho door, whon .McCnbo called
out " ho's thero What s the matter ?" 'I ho
policoman nnBwered: " '1 hero's a lire in tho
house. Ciot out. quick'" McCnbo sprang from
his bod ond unlocked the door hurriedly. The
policeman pushed tho door open nnd rushed
inside. Tho room was dark, nnd Miller said
"We hnvo a warrant for you. ou nro ar
rested." McCabo ran to his dressing case, nnd an in
sinnt Inter a rovolver wns llrod. Pollcoinun
Maher was slightly wounded In tho log. Mll
ler.who saw McCabo when the rov olv er llnshe I.
sprang upon tbo man. and a desporato light
occurrod. McCabo IB a Btrong man. and was
subdued with dllHoulty. Handcutls wero put
od him. nnd. clad only In bis nlsht clothes, bo
was taken to tbe station. A policeman wont
bAck for his dollies and found In tbo pockots
two revolveis and a dirk.
Home or the Topics Clioien for the Inntruc
tlon ol the Oruduatea.
Mepforp. Mass.. Juno 15. Thobnccalaureato
sermon before tho graduating class of Tufts
College was dellered to-day in Ooddard
Chaiol by President Capon. Ills topic was
"Tbo Bosponslbllltics of Our Ago." nnd the
text, Isaiah. 1 . P "Arise, shine: for tho
light Is come, and the glory of the Lord Is
risen upon tbeo."
Nohthami'Ton, Mass., Juno 15. Tho com
mencement programmo of bmith Collego for
womon In grnduntinctho twelfth class was bo
sun to-day. when President L. Clark Beolyo de
livered bis buccnlaurcato sermon In thelirst
Congregational Church at 4 P. M. Tho subject
of his .sermon was "Tho (iroatost Success
Through Tomporury l'ullure," and tbo text,
Hebrews, xl.. 3'i-lu.
AMiiKiiflT. Muss.. Juno 15. The bnccalouroate
sermon boforo tho graduating class at tho
Massachusetts Agricultural Lollego wns de
liored to-day by Prof. C. B. Walker. Ills text
was. Luko, xxlk, 32. " Strengthen thy broth
ren." 'Iho topic was "Tho Duty of tho Ldu
catod Former." Prof, ulker sold :
trum all part of ttili lanl runner art comlnir to
getlier organization ond couneraitou are Uih wniior
lulliteaa ttntt have aaktnea lliem ait never before.
They are draining Intnila u itli a imp tliat me-ini home
tnltiir. cuniiarlijit and ineaua untllnfr upon end in
le gained lliey demand (or tlieuipel-ria and their
children an education e,pial to the heiU They Intlm
upon a fair share of lbo I rente of American IndQitrr.
rfalmlnir thut nn State call lonir emit In ulilon Hit til
leri of the aoll bear uioitof the burdens and share little
nt the Meiaing-a of advancing thilizailin. Hut tier
are In danger of making luiilnkea In the alruggle that
shall turnback the irogreaa of the movement Tliey
demand leaden To supliU thin demand Is the impera
tive duty of the educated fanner
Hamilton, N. Y Juno 15. Commencement
weokofColgnto Unltorslty bogon to-day. 'lbo
education sorinon wns preached lu tho morn
ing by tho Itev, Dr. Hobart of Yonkors. Tho
bnccalauroato sermon wob dellvorod In tho
evonlng by Prof, bylvester Buruhum, D. D or
tho university faculty.
J'RiivinhM'K, It. 1.. Juno 15. President An
drews. D, D LL. D., of Brown L'nlterBity,
preached his first baccalaureate to-day to a
crowded houso. It was dollyorod, ns usunl, In
the l'lrst Baptist Mooting Houho. at 4 p, M.
Tho tonic wus " Truo Triumph in Death," His
text was II, Uimothy, lv,. 0. 7, M: "1 am now
ready to bo ollered, nnd tbo tlmo of my de
parture Is at band. I limo fought tbe cood
light. I have Ilnlshod tho courso. 1 have kept
tho faith. Henceforth thero is laid up for mo
the crown of righteousness, which Iho Lord,
the righteous judge, shull 'glo me nt the
( uti.isiE.Po., Juno IS. Tho huccolournato
soi mon boforo the graduating class of Dickin
son Collego was delheroil this morning In tbo
Hosier Momorlul Hull by tbo President, the
o. Oeorge V. Hood. D. 1 LI l. Tbe Doc
tor took for his text Dun 1., .'( : " 'I hen this Dan
iel wus prolorrod aboo the Presidents nnd
Princes beeuii-o nu oxcollont spirit wns Inlilin,
and the King thoughttosothlm ovor the wbolo
realm." His sub'oct was. "'Iho Vnluo to u
Man of an l.xcellont Snltlt,"
HhTiii.KiiK.il, pu., Juno 1C Pretty Packer
Momorlnl Chnpol, at Loblsh I'uiverslty, was
ciowded this moruingatthobaccalaureato ser
mon, which wus prow hod by the llov. Dr. Wil
liamson Smith, Prosldont of Trinity College.
Dr. Smith chose his text Irom bt. Mat how, 2th
chapter, 18th verse, "All Powor is given unto
mo in lloavon and in Lnrth,"
The baccalaureate sermon to tho graduates
of tbo Moravian lomnlo semlnnry was also
proached to-day, '1 bo discourse was o lonrnod
one and wnsdollvorod by tbo Bov. Win. Henry
Itlce of New lork who chou us his thoino
"Christian bervlcos,"
To Makei Jersey' Tax I.atva Vnllorin,
TskiTOtf, June 11 The lust Legls'atare authorized
(he creation of a Taj Commission to look Into and con.
rider the whole subject ot the taxation of proper!) in
this Slaie. II had been said that the old tax lavra and
the many recent one ronitltuted such a muddle that
nobody bat the corj oration !au)er and the Judges of
the Supreme Court seemed to understand them To
implily Hum and male lliem fuller, b making llieia
accord with the rule of uniformity, the leglflnturo
adopted a rtmolutioa oticrid by ir leorhees of I nlon,
providing lor the Commission 111 question The Out
eruor uas toapiolut iwiiiui lutiersiif tha CniniiilHi,iiii
and the House and senate were eat h to appoint two
listerday the (loiernor named AttoriKy-Oeneral
Ftocktouand Harker Oummere. While on the part of
the Hi use, Uerii. larh nnd Voorheoa. and on the part
of the senate Meaira. Oardner and literttt had been
name 1. Mr flummere wm elected President of the
Commission and William I Abbelt and es Jadge WIN
Ham T lloirman were retained aa couuneL Tim l'nu
mission will sit In the several cities of the Hale lake
thouianditifpagea of evidence, and report to the neit
The O'JlonOTisn Roeait Fand.
The proposed subscription of a fund for ) lionoraa
Itossa was discussed in secret it M I nlon square es
tenlav liy a n mber 'if Irishmen. V.. J. itowe presided.
results v. ere m ide puhliu
The Invalid must be fed hi order lhat the resisting
and recuperative powera be sustained. But ttits doea
uot mean that ordinary food should be given Tbe most
nutritious and easily digestible food must be used
MiUIb's font pfttiii boia Uimi rwulrsunata, a.
oooD-nr, st. josicpu hoys.
Blx of tha Hevro Oolnic Home Insnred
Aaratnat Hyilrophntiln,
There was a great bidding of good-bys at tho
Tostour Institute yestordny nfternoon nt the
close ot tho day's Inoculations. Bix of tha
seven llttlo bos who woro bltton by a dog In
Bt Joseph, III., nnd camo on boro twowtoks
nso to bo treated by Dx. Olblor, underwent
tholr last Inoculation nud snld a noisy farowell
to tho Doctor nnd IiIb nsslstnnts. Thoy will
start homo this mornlns. Thosoveiitli little
boy cot tho mumps while ho was bore, nnd tho
injections for dosbllo had to bo susponded
lour dure, bo ho hns still four moro totuko, nnd
will stay lioro to rocoivo thorn.
Dr. Olblor began his Inoeiilntlons ycBtorday
boforo 2 o'clock, bocauso ho hud sot still an
othor patlont tha night boforo, u mnn from tho
north of tho Btnto, who was Bllghtlj bltton a
fow days ngo, and twonty-throu Inoculations
In nn nltornoon tako a llttlo time. All tbo
patients wero troatod In tho llttlo ofllro on tho
street lloor, bnck of tho reception room. Hoie
Dr. Olblor sentod hlmsolf bohlnd n stent Hat
desk, looking vpiv solonin and dlgull'ed with
lila burly black board and inuuBtaeho nnd his
bold head. Tlnooor four young l'rtneh doc
tors, with beards and wlso-looklns oos. But
nearby to assist him. nnd sooral othor young
I ronchmon wero handy to summon pntleuts
and help whoroer thoy might proio ue
fill. Iho bistable was plied with books nnd
papers, nud directly In front of Dr. (llblor weio
somo trn8 boarins ndo?on or fifteen funnel
shaped glass cupb. oach cup coveied curolully
with nplooo of white paper, on which wero u
fow penoll marks. Am tber irny honi taw cot
ton and nn ntitlsoptlo wash hoiorul hMioder
mlo sjrliigos, with tholr long neodlo points,
woto also vlslblo. 'Iho tnbli bud such un
uncanny look that boiiio of tho llttlo buy pa
tients bognn to sninio ns soon ns they saw It.
llut the oporutlons woro, alter all. of tho
sltuplost nature- The Doctor stmplv lilted up
tholooso skin of the flauK just aboo tho hip. (
liotwoon his loft thumb and forefinger, dnbbnd
It with tbo nnllseplic wash, jubbud Iho neodlo
of tho hvpodormiu syringe halt an inch in.
emptiod Iho syrlngo, pulled tho needle nut. and ,
jnbbeil the puncturowith the wush ucaln. lio
did this lltst ouonosldoof the body and thou i
on the othor. and didn't use up n minute in
the whole proceeding, his patients woiodl
idod up Into clnssos. necorilliu. to tl.o varvlng
strength of the solutions with which thoy weio
bolng trontod. Tho namos of all thoeo who
wore tnklns "No. 13" jostorduv woro called
out flrsi. mid aftor hoy worotrcutod tho ' No.
14 "patients woro railed. Hub wnsiontlnuod
till tbo Inst batch, tbo-e taking 'No. l."hnd
been disponed of. Tbo Blx llttlo St. Joseph
bos formed tbo "No. 1 " group o-.torduy.
bimple and almost paluloss us tho operation
wns-lor iolkM do not havo von sensitive
nerves In tho looso sKln of tholr ubdomenB
n fow of tho peoplo tieatod o-tonlny inulo
more or loss fuss ovor It. One tall, muscular
man grumbled n little nnd said it wnn t any
fun to bo a human pincushion When tho
Doctor stuck the noodle-pointed syrlngo into
htm ho screwed his laco up Into a knot nnd
held bis llstB clenched. Sovornl mon bold their
broutb during tbo operation, but ono uornulout
mini seomod to bo wholly uiicoiim.Iouh thnt a
two-Inch steol needlo was being drhen Into
him. and hnd io bo told when to go. .Naturally I
the majority of the dog-bitten patients were
boyB. and most of theso small bojs. With few '
oxceptions tho bovs, big or little, stood tho
pricking ot tho needle without a murmur,
nnd Bomo of them did not men wince.
But others tognn to jell as though Indians
were nltor them from tho moment Dr. Oibler
picked up his sjringo from tho tnhlo. Ono boj,
whociinio with his lather, sot all roady for tho
ordeul beforehand. Ho loldod his arms arrows
his chest, olenebed his lists tightly, nnd asked
his father to hold his head tight nnd squpora
his ees shut Whon all ready ho drew along l
breath und told the Doctor to go nheud. llo
wos ono of the st Joseih bos. (Anlhor of
thorn wept silently during tho operation. An
other howled dismally and declared thnt ho
couldn't stnn.l it. '1 be other tbreo took tholr
medlcino smilingly, and with rather scornful
glnnces nt tholr moro nervous friends.
Aller tbo dnys Inoculations weie nil com
pleted the six little hois, who nre going home,
entered tbo room uunln with one of tholi guar
dians and Bald good-hy to Dr. tiiblor, 1'hoy
shook his hand bashfully. Tbon somo of tbo
mothers and fathers o! tho boya said good-by
very cordially to tbo Doctor.
Dr. Giblor has uo fears about tbo result of
tbo dog bite upon tho six bnys whoso treat
ment is finished, and who will now return
home. Tho village of Rt Joseph 1ms paid for
tbo treatmont of tho I oys nnd their keep while
bore. Dr. Olbier i-nis. though thnt mo-tot
his patients nre too poor to pny him nnythlng,
and he has, lu common mere), to treut them
for noltil,,,.
Part of Her IUeslne Ttimhlea Orerboard
aa rthe Leaves San Praaclaio.
Rav FnAvrisco, Juno 15. Tho old wnr ship
Iroquois, which followed Farrugut past hostile
forts and hnd her docks wet with blood in war
fare, Btoomod out ot port yesterday aftornoon,
but rotuinod six hours later a sorry looking
wreck. I'rona the navigating olllcor, Liout. s.
('. Paine, tho following account of tho mishap
was lonrnod:
"Wo got under way about 2:.10 o'clock and
Eteamed lolsurely out oor tho bar, bonding
southwest Tho sea wns quite hoavy, but tho
wind was light, coming fiom the northwest.
To steady hor wo sot tho fore nnd mnlntops.iila
and jib. I was In my position on the bridge,
navigating tho vessel, when Buddonly tho iron
jumper braco. wlibh springs tbe head boom
down, carried nwny, nud in nn Instant the jits.
boom snapped oIIoIobo to the inpol tbe bow
sprit. Tho jibstay immediately parted and
tbo wbole ofTulr fell o er tho sldo in to the wutor.
"1 hurriod forward to sea that tbe spar did
not pound n bole in tho ship's how. and ordered
tbo wreck cleared owui siifllcleutly for hnnd
lliis the osxel. and wo wore around nnd sieerud
lor home nguin. I think wo wero nbout four
UltlCBOUt. '
Tho Iroquois has had remarkably hard luck
ever slnto tho war. und bus mndo a record us
third-rate corvette Hor nilslinp Inst ear,
however, was tho wori-l of nil. Wion the news
came that tbo Trenton and Nandnlln
woro bleaching on the beach ut
Apia, and the wounded Mpsic wns
tnlng to steam homo, tbo Iroquois
was chosen ns a ship oi roscue. Hor bunkers
only hold ten daB' steaming, but her two or
thieo knot sailing ability was calculated to
driio boron. Tbo Iroquois Is iho vosselthnt
had such a tornblo tlmo drifting around tho
Pnclllc In ndlsnblod condition last soar. Her
flremon avow that a lllo con boBtuckanywhoro
lu hor boilers, and tbo machinists at Mnro Isl
and havo given hor engine just one month of
life Her olllcers cnll her n doad duck, and
prophesy her loss it u sale catches hor off u lee
The Accident on the Itlclimond und Dan
ville. Ariikvim.e, N. C. Juno 15.-Mrs. John B.
Scarborough of Knoxvillo, Tcnn., ono of the
passengers on tho wrcckod train on tho lllch
mond nnd Dunvillo linilrond near Marshall
yesterday, died from her Injurlos this aftor
noon nt tho (Hon Itocl: Hotel in this city.
Thero woro twent-four persons on tho train,
eleion of whom wero Injured. All thowoundod
woro brought to this place. Mr, Scarborough,
husband of tbo doud woman, reoolvod injuries
In the back und shoulder. Mrs. J. i, Van
Buuolowol Dickon. .S. C.. 1b the only othor
rorson Borlously Injured. hbosuiToied a con
cussion of tlin spinal column. Tho accident
ociurrodon tho bunk of trench Brond lllver.
Ion milrssntithol Hot Springs, nnd was caused
by odoloctlvo braco on the rear truck oi iho
tender. Tho Pullman car and a flrst-olass cur
wero thrown from tho track and turned over
on tho side. All tho passongers injured were
lu thoso cuuehas.
Tho IloiB Killed by u Train.
CiiicAiio, Juno 15. Joo nnd Otto Bartn wero
playing with a nurabor ofcomrados in I ake
Front Park Into this aitomoon. when tholr at
tention was attruclod by ono of the excursion
boats which ply botwoon tho shore and tho
(loioinuiont pier, Beled with childish desire
to set close to tho bout, thoy blurted to run
from the park to thu shorn. After crawling
through tho barbod who which Beiiarntes the
park from tho rullrond trnck they hurriod oior
tho rails. A Baltimore and (Jiiiu -ruin wus
boating down upon t hem, mid tho bois, lorrl
Hod by tholr porll.lonped to un ndjolnlng track.
Just us thoy did so an Illinois lontral i assmi
gor train, running nt lurlous snood, caught
them and ground them to plotos before iliu
engineer could stop his engine. Thousands of
Sunday visitors In Ibo park saw theuccldent.
Martin liana, tho father of Iho boys, fell lu u
swoon und hud to be borne homo, Jre was 11
ours old nnd Otto wus three years lounger.
l.ubur uud IViiKea.
The UnusesmlitiH' t tiiou rent n communication to
the t eniral l.ubur tin n rniestinx against the em
lloyinenl by Hie .Sen Vurk i euirai ltailroad nn their
rer sheds at the foot t f W e.i sevi ntr eighth street of
lilladeiphla non union men. A committee of three
was appoiuted to rail i u 1'resldrni Depew and ask that
the meu be discharged,
Five hunJrel and fifty rlgarmakeri in Kerbs A
Fpless's shop strut k for an Increase of from ft to Sl.riO
per thousand on Saturday evculng The strikers lu
iitlsnterg Urns, shop will hold a meeting hi Hoseblll
Ua'.l ibis eienlnr.
At a meeting of the Italian stone marons it was de
elded yesterday to demand nn increase In nagesuf M
aud ei '-.aday. These are tbe men who build the
foundations or bouses and v. ho have liilher o bieuiP
ing their work for less wages ihaii American matois
wre getting. They are nt present earning . 41 and 1
it TLej decided to take today off fur a holiday and
If they do not get their Increase Hie) v. ill remain cut.
They are very anxious tn have It understood that this
Is not a strike only a little demonstration of what they
can do it ttey tave a Buna te, Tiitlx union liu wo
BiDbiri. 1
tovn roiBs to nous.
HIjc ComerTnttTea Went Out tn Oet n
Ilrlnk, bat Carpenter MeKIm Sured the
liltuatton by Main HtrenKlls o tlisu.
Tliefioolallsts had forty-ono mon nt yostor
day's mooting of tho Contrnl Labor Union,
Tholr oppononts. tho " Consortnllves." nu thoy
nro now called, had fortj-throe or forty-four.
Tho Conservnthoscnriled everything thnt was
brought boforo the meeting fornwbllo Kd
word Conklln of Iho Progrosslvo Pointers'
I'nlon wns Cliniimnu. Honry StolTors. Social
ist, was Vico-Chairman, Business went on
" consorvntlvoly" until a letter from Miscellan
eous Section 10, protosttns against tho oxpul
slon of the reportors of twolnbor papors, nnd
nsklns Hint the resolution bo reconsidered was
I reached. Dologato O'Connoll of tbo Pro
! grcsslvo Ctcnrmnkers said that ho was In pes
sosBlon of facts regarding n conspiracy bo
tween tho Vulkt yntnng, Timothy P. Qulnn,
nnd Tammany Hnll to down Jnmos P. Archi
bald nnd otter momb-rs of the Central Labor
Union, nnd provont that body from taking In
tlepont political action. Tho Chairman ordcrod
tho communication put on lllo, nnd tho Social
ists nproalod. A voto was taken, nnd It wus
found that tho Socialists hnd n majority of
four. Ah soon ns this wns nnnouncod thoro
camo In mufllod tonos from tho building
trades soctlon of tho houso:
" What in thundor did them six fellers want
to so out and sot n drink lor?"
Tho motion to reconsider wns put to tho
dolegntes, nnd In tho nbBonco ot a majority
Sir. MeKIm of tho Cnrpontors' Union sold ho
hnd somothlng to say. It was a llttlo aftor ."
o'clock whon ho arose. It wns 6 o'clock whon
bo sat down, nnd in tbo sumo moment that bo
lloppod contentedly Into his sont tho Chair
lunn'sgniol foil nnd tho moetins wns declared
adjourned. Mr. McKlm's speech told tho So
cialists everything bo could think of, nnd
enmo near running dry. Ho said that many
of tholr doods In tho Inbor movemont
woro actually criminal. Thoy had trlod
tn ruin tho debt-hour movement tnoy
hnd Bueceeded In Btanling tho l.rader. tbo
arch villain unions thorn, horgiunE. Schevltch.
had taken monov irom Jimmy U'llrloiu and so
011. Toward tho ond bis reiuurks grow
rumbling, und bo frequently oonsuliod bis
watch. By lis constitution the Central Labor
I ulon adjourns ut 0 o'clock, unless a motion
to prolong tho meeting is mndo boforo thnt
time As tho hnn Isof the 1 lock approached
that hour, tho Soclnlists crow norous, nnd
tbo Consonailves jubilant Tbo Socialists got
no chonoe to mnko tbuir motion to prolong tho
Mr. Conklln loft his chair, and tho Conserva
tives, putting on their bats, began to loavo tho
hull. Ylio-Lhairiiian stoffers hulzed the snvol
nnd cnlled the delegates to order. The Social
ists kept tholr Beats, whilo tbo othor laughed
and remnlnod standing about the room. .Mr.
Stoilurs nut amotion to rescind the lesolutiou
dobnrring tho VuU .eittinD and llfii-A-itirn'it
Ailinralv reporters from the meetings of the
lontrnlLnbor I nlon, but boforo tho mon hnd
a chance to voto Secretary Aichlbald, with his
books under his arm, steppod out Intotho loom
undsnbi that these proceedings w oro ridiculous.
Ho said bo would not address Mr. StolTors as
Chairman, and told tho Socialists that tboir
mlsBlon In tbe labor movement was at nn end.
When ho hud finished tboSodallstscarrlod Mr.
Stollors's motion un.iulruously. and left the hull
with throo cheors.
Tho socialistic delegates who left tho Central
Labor Union Inst week because as ono of them
expressed It. " they would not submit to g.ig
law nnd boodlolsm " mot nt .'IH' Howory loster
dn mornlns and formally decided to get up a
tontral bodj of their own. lboro wero eighty
Iho mon present, representing fntty unions.
Henry 51. StolTors of tbo Maeblno Wood iork
ers I'lilon, wnseloctedChulrmnn. LudwIgJub
llnowski wns right thero. nuil piild.
' l'or six months tho Control I.nbnr Union
has done nothing to advance tho interests ot
labor In this fit). There nro men In that body
who nro willing to commit any ioul deed in the
eervioo of corrupt politicians. '
Delegate Heher was ugo'nst withdrawing
from tbo Contrnl I nt,or I nlon. Ho suggested
that thoy stny in nnd " purge it of the ihletes
nnd boodlors who now play stah nn important
port In Its munaenient."
Tho majority woro In Invnr of solnc out. ond
eighteen unions so votedngnlnst I'ur. Lightonii
did not vote, ns thoy hnd not set settled the
mutter among themtohes
on 11 ua in:
The Hon. Frnncis W. Hill of 1 xeter. Me . tbo
Domocrntlo viintlidato for Imvcrnor, died ery
unopcctodly nt his homo je-tordny forenoon.
Death rosultod from ncuto bronchitis mused
by a cold contracted at liar Harbor a week or
twongo. Mr. Hill wiib bom In IMP.) In Eetor.
lio was in tbo more uitile and renl estate busi
ness luruinny ve.118. He bus boen Sheriff of
Penobscot county, wns Jlonresontutlvo to the
1 eglsluture in IsT'), nnd Slate Senator In lhso.
He was un tho Democratic Stuta Committeo
furoigbt eurs He bus been direciorot tho
Maine Central road ftr Ilfteen jeurs. and wns '
one of tho largest stockholders He was Presi
dent of lbo 1-omoiBOt road. und hns been one
of tho dlrcotors In 1S45 bo imiriled Miss
Snruh A. True of Onrlnud. who utiiiios him.
He leuvos one daughter, the wile of ov-liui.
Plnlsted of Augusta, nnd one sou, F. W. Hill.
I Mrs ("nrollne A. II. Mason, nn nuthoross ot
some repute, died on Friday nlUit at the Wnr-
I tester Insane Asylum. Sho was i7 years old.
and was tbo author of mimy iiooms. magolno
1 nrtlclos, nnd sovornl books. Her mind begun
to fnll about lour lenrB ago, but she remained
ut her homo lu Fitchburg until n month ago.
Kylvoster N. Abbott. Boston's oldest book
binder, died in Mnldoii on Snturdny, '1 he book
bindery ostupllshniont which ho started thirty
years ago Is now tbo largest In .New llnsland,
and tbolnrgest pamphlet bindoiy intbo world,
llo mis one of tno most prominent citizens of
Invincible Hnviiirei.
Bvn FnANrisro, Juno 15. Advices recolvod
from China give tho story of tbo slaughter of
soj soldlors in Tamsul, Tbo news of tbo inns
ncro reachod Shanghai on May 5 by tho war
ship Felchou, which brought ubout 1,200 sick
oud woundod brnios from flon. Lin's nrmy,
oporatins against the savages in tho southeast
part of the Island. Tho Cloneinl's forces hnvo
not so far beon very successful, ond their
despised enoniy. tbe savages, soom to hnvo
come out uppormost In nil recent encounters,
desplto the great preparations which tbo Gov
ernment had been making for months before
hosetoutto exterminate Ills wary onemles.
In ouo of the Inst ongagemonts between the
lmporlnl troops and tbo aborigines tho casual
ties on the Chinese sldo weio greatly under
estimated. Ovor mill soldiers woro slaughtered
Hi an umbuscado by the savages. The (ion
oral nnd bis second In command, whose deaths
havo already been recorded, woro beheaded
and their mutilated bodies brought back to
For many years tho coasts of the southern
pait of 1 ormosa woro very Inadequately laid
dowu on tbo mops on account 01 the pernicious
charactor of tho natlvos, who would not penult
uny oxplorer In travel through tho country.
That part of the island is inadequately e.- I
plorod, though ono or two parties of white
mou hnve ponetrntek far Into It. The coa-t
has been tho terror of sutlors, for shlpwreik
tboro meant certain death. Tho Calnose, who
own the Island, have for several ) ears been
trylug to Biibduo tbe nbnrigluoo, but with poor
suciesa Tho country is donsely wooded ami
mountainous, nnd lighting the nntlvos Is some
thing llko our cnmpalgUB against tho Apaches.
Mriv Itiilldlnnfor tbe Nlaters ol'Nntrr flume
HisliopW M Wlgger f .Vewurk MM yrsterdiy th
corner stouo of the new convont building of Hie InMI
tute of the Holy Angels, at lortl.ee cimdiirfd b the
Meiers of Scire llama. Tim Kort ten lire ITntecllvii
Association In uniform, with a drum and are crji al
lis lie.ul, and the rirl lee Hi neviilenl and Madouna
Sorlelles marched froia Hclilossi r s Hotel, met tho
niihupnn Ihe llackrnssck lurnplle and e.cnrtel him
to the institute Iberu he wa rtieiml br ihe pupils or
the Institute, dressed In black with v, Mile t ei s
The new but ding will be siimiii fret it mil beef
swiie and brlbk and mil be two stories high with a
miiusar I rot The llrst Ho ir will he used lor clas
rnoui4. Ihe sscoud Tor study halU and th tlilrd lur
music rourna and a aormlluri 1 lie new building 111
front on Ltuwood avenue, which leads to ttnglewood
The hrooklln stenographers' Atmciatlou has opeued
a club bouse at I7ncieruiuiii avouu
During a fit of despon Ism y 011 sat irlay night, Mrs I.
I'iersnii aged sx, ut I7 l uinberlmid etrrrt. alietnpteil
suludi by taking laudanum Ur 1 buries torey saved
her life
rieiirge Cohan, the Itvyear old flirk of Isldor Rosen,
thai of IM Court street, look adiantageof hlselnplu).
er a abi-enre from the store on Saturday to ilernmp with
Ilio Ilia bo has had an liifaluatlou tor the re, ea,
Slansdeld Post, J, A. It presented a stand of colors to
fit Vincent de Paul's eumli) 'cnnnl , s erday artei
n on The reseniariou look pu e n tno melty
Theatre (leu, t utiln made me prreruiai on sperrn
Purgiara broke Into ilernun Ins roea uirher store
In I aichen avenue an 1 1oi rue street ,ai vesieruay
lunriiingand attacked ihe safe, but they were fright
ened on I elere imhv h id opened It and reached the I 4ju
whlib Itionlalned
Darlendsr Jamea SrJdallof IAS Third avenue seized
a broomstick on Haturday night and began 10 strike bis
wile, Margaret, wltb It In terror ot her life sae Jumped
from the iblrd-story window Jo the treat recslvioi
psiaiiubBlnoitoisroM injuries, UtvsjttruMj.
Inveatora nnd Speculntnra nre I.envlnc
Tows In Jlrores tor Ibe Hummer.
'Tho record ot solos on 'Cbnngo nnd In tho
brokers' offices for tbo weok hns not dovoloped
any espoclnlly interesting fontuics. Tho lis
of tronsuctlons Is not long ami tlwlndlos dally.
Men of monoy nro loavlng town for tho sum
mer In droves, nnd ownors nnd nsents recog
nize tho summer calm that Is ot hand,
Tho' Jlrcanl awl iiMnle has somo Intorosllng
remarks nbout Hint atom of the globo toward
which so many ronl ostnto mon and othets
have dlroctod their attotitton :
tor maiiv years before Ihe advent of tlin suburl an
rapid transit rond a atnmniint of the territory In the
Twenty third anJ Twenty fourtli wards was held lu
Inrgo parcels by oHheM in whose possesslnn these
properties had been, lu many instances, fur gensra
tloia This was nothblv sola the esse of the Fox and
other estates. When the suburban road made Itanti
learance a great bourn struck these hitherto ueglectid
propertlea. It became al mice a question with sellers
nut how much an acre Is tnj landviorth'" but 'how
much a Pit can I tell It fort" Thus surveyors were
set al work, and Hie acres were gradually
parcelled olf Into city lota. streets wi re
opened, gas and waur mains laid and trop
erly tlouoUd, trebled, and even quadrupled in
value within a te veara. Owner or seviral lare
trai ta uuderlhe AdvUe or brokirs and ethers decldid
toollrr them at auction They did sov.lth lear and
trembling nut knowing the result of such venture
lint the successes which attended these sales vitro A
revolution Tile rtsutt was that score ef other large
tiwni rs follow t d suit and buv era Imv e nu allowed up all
the parvels ami are viir,iciouil) looking for more, liters
are imiiparatlveit few lift, bowevor in Iho Immediate,
linn ot liuproT'ineni
There appears t have bet n an unusually large Influx
or nencoinirs to the upper sections of the city r
centlv, The-a people rnme built to rent houses and
to line land on v, b c'i to iullil their homes Ihev are
rtt rulta rrem the more stiiitlierlv nriU , it the city shu
havi at last made up their minds arter struggling fur
lenriwltli lenemeiit imusi) annuulices and hluher
rents than thoy could atlor 1 tntuma up tn the green
lielilsiind tbe country air where the rati get very
tntKll better living at coiiuuodallons atn cnnslilerably
lotr tigtire, aud vvlier tin v can liuy lots on whlihto
build lor a few linmlred ilullats, whloh could not lie
purchased lor as innnr thousand In the iiever wards
01 Ihe city. Hence ttu st people, mine to the Twenty thtrd
anil r enty fourth wards from uect silty an 1 conven
ience, nud their liuiitlier Is swelling d dlv, lust as the
number of o d homes In tlin ttnekh crowded down tow n
districts aie being unhed aside to tnaki waj for tho
rnari tl of busll e.s Tin re I- onlyeho fiudet In .New
York i It) tor thU ilass of our cltlrens H is lu a north
ward direction owing t , the geograt hical lormatlun or
Jannbiittan Is and lieui e Ihe mart b of Improvement
Is more and u.ore to the in rth aril Tremont, rorilham.
and olhir places now in the city bound tries arc brume
lug rapidly populated Mount V ernoii, Votikers and
ether suburban places are Jnsl now alio fbeliug the
force of this movement stronger tuau ever
Broors' solos Include:
Kront street, nnto un between I'lne and V I'uyster
streets the plot of t,oftel spure revered b) three story
brick bui dings, by ueorge H. Kead to liana fiord,
y 71ttel has sold for Mrs Gallagher -'VI Mulberry
atreet comer nt l'rlnce street, .5x7 leet with tbe two.
atorybrbk buildings thereon
seton A Wlssutan were the brokers In the ale of the
ca-t si le ot Seventh iivenue, b-tw eeu lift) second and
l-irty thlrJ street, reported last week rite purcbae, r
waa the vl itihsttau storage Couipin) Hhowtll improve
the plot by tho erection or a large stor ige warehouse
Jai A. slr ker eo.d the p.ot, .His xl 17 feet, on the north
ta-t corner or seventh avenue and Ittty si tund sire l
fur IJ7'i.Wsl. Vlarv C Ohio snld Ml and MI7 seventh
avenue adjoining the abuve. for IsUtij", and rharlts
I.ugaa sold the live story brkk and stnno tent ment. pl
Si ventli avenue i orner Hfty third street, fnr tfMOixsi,
I otter A llrother have sold for Mr Carroll the four
storv 1 rnwn stone dwelling JuxVlxluu, L'W West Fitt)
llil, t street, fur MilOl
vv H laylorA sons have sold for .Nelson Mil er I the
four story brown stone home 1.' West Forty eighth
street, on lot Jl Uxluxi.jit'olumblacol'ege leaiehold), nt
W Ullam T Schley of II Mm A Schley has sold the four
slory residenco, 1, 1 ark avenue, tu Mr Parsons
w ullam Keunvlly A llrolher hat e sold for Jnhn Sw 1ft
tbe ttve story brick double Improved tenement with
stores liri West rlftv-tturd street ,l?e assxPsi.ii,
wblrh rents for H. oo. to Toch lirothers fur Mt.1 iaO.
liiclmril s. Hj ha snld lu Wm II llaldw in '1 reet on
th' north side of i Ightj nrst street, llo fet-lwe-tuf
central Park West, running through to hlght third
street, w here there is a fri niage of i feet, ni $101,000
vlr. llaldw in baa resold the easterly lot on Mghly llrst
street to lieo. H Lurrler of llradli v A Currier, wbuwlll
erect thereon a four slory brkk and 6tom dwelling to
cost upward of tViO Msi vlr. Ilablwin win luixruve the
westerly lot on I Ightv first street b the erection of u
dwelling similar to the ono to be built bj Vlr Lurrler
1 lbliv A scott Hros have sold lbo rortheast corner of
Seventy third street and vv est Lnd avenue, a tour storv
and basement brkk and stuns dwelling, jisisihi)
feet, for .Mrs. U. b orant, Jr, to fcrauk J. sprague for
Potter A Bra bare sold for Terence Klernan Ihe four
an ry lirlvate dwelling 17 West l Ightv fourth street.
Mis l7VHn2 i lor f IJOS1. fur Ills Hall Ihe three
siorj brown stone house 111 West rUhty.third strtet.
size lilxixl'sl lor Slstssj, for John A Kocheford. the
live storv Improved Ilat on the northeast corner of
.Mnetr.etghtli street and lentil avenue. l!Fixo for
f-PKSH for the same owner tie nvestur Improve 1
tenement on the northwest corner of Hub atreut an 1
econd avenue, sire VvlioxPsi rnrSlliKs) and tho live
story double tenement and store, lot i&riio i.stj
Mnlh avenue, torMilsRL
VilchaeMllbltn lias sold the five story stone and buff
brick nat on the south side of l.ighty.ulnth street, 04 J
eastot Mnth avenue. The sUe ot the building is JClox
mum reet.
t narles It Shaw has sold the four atory nlgh.stoop
brown stone residence, lit West seventy si ventn
street, sle .'1x60, with extension xloJ 2, to charlta Ad
lerior tlTlswt.
I W Stevens has sold for C I! Lance ivn West Mncty.
second street a three story brick dwelling. i7x.',o1isj
feet. 10 Mrs Margaret scaulun. wlfu of VV, J, sr-anlnn,
the a, tor, for Sis. 'hx. an 1 lor J McKein 10 l W cook
the three.story brnwn stooo dwelling I7x50xloo fett,
1-. vvest Nlnetv-tmirtli atreet, on prime terms.
Ellra VV llowlaud l.as sold the soulbw est corner of
Sevent) fourth street and llie lloulevurd. b4xs7xillxHv
feel forfiusj
trancl VI Jincks has sold the plot on the west side
of tbe Houlevar 1. .'tifeet nortli of seventj third street,
Ita size is 4u f, et on the Kuuleviinl xlnTxb6 to biventv
thirl street, xiixJiV 1 feet 10 beginning
swartwout .1 Co have sold forUenllea A Bradley to
Isic Anderhon Bn l.asi lllst street, a two-stury
Inline dwelling and slalle, lot JlxlOi for fuissi Mr.
Anders n has given In evchang .124 East ll.Mh street,
a four stor) tenement .nxixllsifeet atyijlsiu
John J 1 laticy .V 1 o have sold for John D. Walton
the two four story brkk Hats ztxU7HHjfeet, Lliuud
lnWe.tl th street l till no each.
Joseph Kierhoi! has sold for Mia V alii to a Mr I lltle
field four lots on the south side of llMd street, between
1 enox and seventh avenuea furfio.njo for Improve
ment fur J. .Mrr'iw to Vlentler Ihe live story
brown sione Hat anl store 07 1 enox aveuue for $.s.
tsjo, and fur the same owner the two adjoining Huts
ost and .is 1 1. enox avenue and for John Donovan of
llrookhn the suuthwou corner of tenth avenue an 1
14Jd street, all irregular plot fur I 10,.hi Ibis plot has
been resold to .Mrs steveus for (I i.otu, for Improve
t.eorge V. Johnson la- sold two lots on Riverside
Ilrlve .vifeet soultiof -en ntj eigblh street. fnr:hiui".
hll vtartlu ha sold aimttier of Ida liousos 011 Mnetv
first stieel, bitwei u I entral 1'nrk Wejland Loluuibus
Aitttton) MrIte)nolds It is reported hns a ild the plot.
HoxkNiieet on the soulli sidt of Uist street, Jii feei
west of Lenox avenue, tub o Wright, fur ttiti rote
ttiorreW Itnd lei has sold the threestory trown
stone dwelling 17oxoxlnu teet en tbe soulb side of
l.'lsi street, 7't feel e 1st of beveuth avenue.
Cornwall on.the.iludsoii. bwartwout A Co have sold
for Itnmull btone of UulT'ilo N 1 , Ins place at Cornwall
10 Or A.wiiford Hall for ." io
New Krlfflitou e. I Itrnrt 1, llorlon. the hsnfct r boa
sold the lititldlugs and ground known us llorlon Jtow,"
10 usvar Hamuli rati In lor (10000.
J I'. Rioane has sold for Ji ha Mol igban the cottage,
with lot ."ix 100 IV. Iltlpont stleel, to hicoh C Welter
tou forfl.i'sl and fori A.) Van lllper Ihe twnlu'i.,
each .'ixlisl, with brick stable tbfreolt. .It to .11 Pla
miiitd street, to James vi. Ahrens lor $i,.'i
Ta)lur a Fox at private sale, the 1 remises uintoii'il
Btisliwtck avenue, two two .tor) nud biiseinetit Irame
ilwelllugs. each le loijx nixllll ixlJU In fir .I11I111
bmith, for r7.Vsl, also, to Barbara Hmragal the
prenn.es ijiV l- nud l.sicraham avenue fori.'iisii
l' H Jliireu re oris sales A plot luixli", on the
eouth side of btventli street, li,o feel east of lollrtll
avenue (or 1 asper Itensch tn Alexander 11 raider the
builder lur $". uo a 1 lot uuxlui 011 tho s, uin sld of
rlfleeutlt street, HI leet east of lourtli avenue extend
lug through to Mxieeuth street, lor I dward tahill to
oeorge KuinierliT s!4 (s
John fnilman ha sold Ihe three storv apartment
houfOj .'.'xrixBo. nisi riflh aveuue forWilifaui A lyler
to A l.ulr fur tw.usi the twiist(r) blown stone dwe I
trig Ibx4. lot Itsi .l.tlHrststreel, lor Isudira Lawrence
to Herbert It. Hrown fort7i'
Iloeh A llann'H r port Hie sale of a three-story an I
basement brick dwelling, ,'i4n lot lisi wltli itwi story
stable lu the rear fur t bar'es A. Warner 10 1-rael
vit vera for v-H hmi hIso ihe ruurstor brick teuomei,t
en lot J.)xlis at tlie nurlhwest inrtier of I, rand avenue
and lleun street, lor vlarla Keeban to b. VV Manthesier
of New Turk for H si
I.tonard Mood) bought at Ihe (lrnvieud sale of prop
ertv held b) Jere .lohitsin, Jr, a pint ot twenty 1 ne
lots at Hie s'Uiltieest corner of in can farkw ay and Ave
title VI piylng Ih-refiir al tho rale of f3..' per lot He
has since res) d Ibeltt at an advaucenf fj" per lot to
I'trc) 1, will, ins vlr vtoodv also purch ied a plot,
47'iisisi.or uls 1 res, at the iiortiiwrst corner ufUieau
I'arkws) and wen us VI. at tlin rale of M hisi p, j ftrre
from lai obits lake 1 hell 1 . Lake lane MitlwelUund
tbe Mr)kereS a e
l.rnet Lot il'er lias exchanged for .laiih llossert the
four so n irlik 1 it. .'ii'xli 71 vn mieti n street
ami store I vi'nOxin,, 70 flanltoi'- street also sold lor
John hniiitie)er to 1 ouls lunge the twoslory framo
store anl Usi illn, . x40xluj iH- lark aveuue fur
Wulf.t Mucker have told for Hr Kngel to f'lisrles
Koobkra l ot, li'UIH-loii ttlu north side of MadUou
sir,ei 4 1 et west of llushwick avenue furtvi.Mgsi
4 or, nit eror. have sold the three story frame dwell.
Ing villi store. Jix'i0U4l. on Vlanhatlan avenue lor
(ei rge huotli to Louis llelinkeli for 4)1, Ibn. and the
tirtentor brkk dwelling .Jxst, on lot -xIhi.
l.i'klonl street, lor William r 1 ehlng 10 Patrick li)rtie
at r "' v
t,ers'el. I.ovetlasalis Include the four storv brick
dw-ling Jilx lol IO r.4 Mate street, for William
Ha len to Ame la Irancefort of New vutk, at l.,tssi,
II e tiiur story bnek nullillug with s urr .'ix7.' PHMil
tottsireel, for luhli llliui e to Josept lite I e Conle for
t-lA" " Hie Hires story and I aseuictil 1 rb k dwelling,
jjxi' lot Its, 1114 Heat) street, fur Mary itenry lu
Irani 1 1 I'hllli, s for i,4i
A Irewss leal I state I xchange have soli for Mrs
Mary lingers tu Miles Mrfr mlik the two-story frame
liar .otoixlio 1, 0:1 Hancock street fur 14 oin
W II Agrlco'a lias sold for J t'olbergibe threestory
frine doub.a I at w 1th stor, Jx 7, on the iiorlb side of
tlaii s avenue, l' feel west of Irving avenue fur M601.
Tlie Architect of tho Brooklvn llonl Ketnto
I.M'hnngu has subinltted Bkotcbos showing tbo
ebnnges In tho design of tha Jloutaguo streot
Irout, Asdoscrlbed by tho Uertr and Itfimtl
these chuiigos embrace 11 substitution of Lnko
buperlor stonn for lirlek ubuvo tho llrBt two
stories of granite, nnd an alteration In tbe sky
Ine Othei wise tho pluns, Including both tho
Interior iiriangemonts and the J'lerreuont
(tieot front, will remnln ub originally drawn.
The altered deBlgn, which was iwompily nc-cep-tod
by the committeo will ennblo the archi
tect to produce n pioro plouslng fueiido thun ut
first contemplated. '
Nntva or tbe Itallrouda.
Mr. Harmon, l'residont of the National Im
provement Company ot New York, and William
Willis of London, ropreseullng the Kngllah
bondholders of the Salisbury and Harvey Bail,
road, met in bt. John, N B., and the result was
the purchase of the road for I'O.UOO by tbe
American company. The latter have secured
valuable manganese mines In Albert county,
evatf U road wm to run, to Ibim, " ""Wi
in .lie lljde s.V Ilcliiuan
Brooklyn Theatre Fire.
1 1
nnOOKlYVV, N Y .Inn 11, .ren '
"It frheiiurleaiuro to benr wltneit to th uplendltl
qualities of tho Safe of your manufneturo, recantl
Durchastd ot you. '
"In the lire wtitch tlfitroj ej our ttiaatro on the bight '
of thel'th int, the Pa(o ai subjected to Interne het
but upon ttelntf openeJ the continta, conslttnof bookt
nu J TiOuable papers wetf found to be IntiicL near '
fonvlncdl thit had we a snfe of almmt any other t
niako we. ih"iitd Iditb lout eeri thlnji It enntatned.
e (halt be happy t recotnmeiid ) our mnnufacttire to
all Inquirers '
The I, irchmnnt Yncht C'lnli ltemraaiirea
IIn Jtiiut liv is New Itute, I
I'vor bIiico tho spriiiK races of tho I.nroh- '
mnnt Y.icht Club, yachlbiuoii huvo boon dls-cus'-lnL:
tho now B)stem of clussillcatlon and
tlmo nllowiitico ndoiitcd bv thut club and Its
ofToct on tho Benson's raclnc. I.oni; Island
Kound Is virtually tbo ruciuK iiichtsmun's
purudife, for thoro he is fluro of amootti water, j
modoruto tldos, and, H t'ommodnio Iiwory Is
on bonrd tho Ilnuslilp, ho is almost suro ot a
breee. So, with tlicto conditions. It's no won- '
dor that tbo club ovonts aro well nutrotilznd.
hen tho subject oi now rulos for clusillca
tlon by iiioaturoment und tlmo nllowauco vras
ncltatod by tbo lcadlmr clubs lust winter, with n
viowof rcKUlntlnc tho snllaioiof uchts in
certain clnsics. the fvow 'iork. Seawauhaka
Corlnthlnn. r.antorn, and Atlantic Cluba !
adopted a now ratitu; for tlmo ullonunco, tho :
formulaof which is: "To the niiunro root ot '
tho Biiillarou add t tin load-vv ater lino lonath nnd ,
divide tho sum by two." The old rule wna
"To tho Buunro root of tho snil area add twlco
tho load-water line loncth. nnd dlvldo tho sum
by throo." Tho roitilt under each rule was tho -ifiU
vncht's monsiiieinout for time allowance. lot
Tbo olloct of tho now mouHuromunt has boea IBS'
to put n penalty mi v.icbls with lniik' snlunnkor 'it '
booniBiind e.xcehPlvo snll Hproud". Thoro win 7
hurdly tlmo to formuluto tho proposed systom 1
of monsuiemout by which tho ya"hts Mould bo
rocla'sitli'd. iso no chnntro hat boon mado in f
tlio (Insslllcntlcin Blnco tho amended rula
ndoplodbytho .New lurk ucht Uub vreatlniz I
a lortv-foot class j
The powers thnt bo up nt I arebmont. how- 5
evoi, took tho lead, as tboy have often done bo- B
fore, und tin klod tho rlnsilicution iiuosiion in f
ileud enrnust by remoasurinir und recln-slfy- 1
Ini: tboir bo tt and adoption a rntintl for tlm.i If
nllowuucu thnt Is 00 por cent, of tbo theoroticul f
scale, l-'ntll they bocomo familiar vvith tho f
now dopurturo the rosult at llrst sleht was tr
ntnrtllm- tn Riitm,. ,.Riinr.iitlv tn thn Ktntill ftunt Is
owners, and nlmost ub muofi so to theownera jj
of the furiy-loiitoiB, lor thoy found thnt tbo I
coriectod lonuth rulo imp 90s such taxes thnt G
tho Llrls. Tomahawk. Chiqultu. Ooilllu. and.ln I
fact all tho forties oxcopt tho Minerva. I
1'npooso. nnd possibly llaboon. aia movodup K
Into tho samo class with tho Clara. H
"If tho Sllnerva wants to raconlth them." , 1 I
said 11 yachtsman jesterduy. "sbo must move) J! I
up, saciillco lior time allowanco, nnd cot Mm
beaten, as ha did tbo othoi-day nt Larchmont, 1 I
Of courso. thnt wus tbo llrst ruco under tbo 1
now rulo, and It may jiot be fair to tako time
as a criterion, but it hardly looks fair for tho
llttlo chaps now. If It coutlnuos, a now foriv-
fool class will liavo to be built of moderate salt 1,
plan. If the object was to stot) tho enormous U
sail plans. 1 think they hnvo succoodod." I
Tim Corinthian uoht Club is iiuotod as hnv- 1
inc boon tbe llrst to adopt clnsMilcntlnn or ,
corrected lonttth, nnd Its committeo now say I
that tho l.a'i'hmoiu Club lu ndotitlnc It omit
tol to consldor Its practical application to ex
iBtlnir poult,, with tbo result thnt tbe samo
IlcurcB which bud lormerly nuplUd to tboir !
division of boats into elusms, and which rep ;
rescnteil wutor-llno loncth. woio mado to ni- ;
Ply to coriectod lonuth. foi tho same purpose,
to wit Divisions into clussos. tho result being '
tliut tbo clnss Mipio-od to coriospond to tha j
forty-footors-llioir iormor wntcr-llno loneth '
clajs of lortj-hevnn tt Ilft-foiir feetwas ,,
found in ni tual aimlication In Its blchur limit. r
too luru'o to tako in the forties, and in its low
limit too lilch to lot them all in.
"It Is nppuront theiofoio," say tho Corin
thians, "that a boat could bo built tocomn ;
within nfty-four foot corrected It nut h with I
which none of tho present foriln- wnuld havo n ,
chnnoo. In othurvvoids, all the oxintinK boats j
would bo rendered usnlobs lu their annars' I
hands for raolns: pin poses. That vested Inter
est would bobulllcioiitly htronir to dofent nny ',
rule of which this wus a in oessury element,
thero enn bo but llttlo doubt "
llol.iirlni: tn tholr own r(.co, whl, h tnko
pluio on Wcdnesduv of Ibis wook, tbo Corin
thians c.ill the attention of vncht owners to tho
fiict tl.ut wlillo cbifls'llcutlon by corrected '
jeiiLitli will bo tho rule, thocluBscB nroso ud-jtit-to
I thut tho lamest nnd unullestof ttio
present forties, will Lio ulilo to biiiI in tbo forty
I tu llfi)-lo t cl It-S.
"It is iiurticnlnrlv desired." tboy Fnv, "that
tbo nowiiiiu should not Lo 1 onili'inirOil on ac
count of tlni J.arclunont 0x1 urimont, which
bus arisen from nn incidental nnd not nn es
sentiul, un extraneous ami not un Intrinsic,
olemeiit "
'Iho Coilntlilnn flub Is of limited member
shlli. and It iixistfl, its membois say. chlelly for
tbo purpose of experiment. It Is doslrous of
ilnlitK its utmost to as-lsi In soltinK 'bo iiues
tlon of proper cla-Blllcai ion, but the) saytlioy
can only tlo bo hj vvatebini: tho porfnrmnnces
of it uunilerot typos ol boats Ballluir under
1 like conditions.
lit Memos y of the I. life Kmiieror FrederlcU.
IlriuiN. .Tune W Tho Kmporor and family
nnd ox-rmpross l'redericlc this mornlnc nt
tended n prlviito Borvlco at Ilornstndt and Intor
un olllcial sorvbo In tho rrlodunbUrche, In
muiuory of I.mporor 1'rodorlck. '
A Itojiil Ilrtrothnl. 1
HriiMN..Iime l.'i rrlncosH vjctorlnof rrus '
Bin is betrotbod to tbo I'rlnco of Anhalt-Des- I
Bun. I lio mui rluL;o will take place at an oarly
ilutu. 1
Trinity Cammrncement Npenkera.
Ilsntriiiin June IV Tho spealrrt at the eommsooe- I
tnciit everclsss at trinity Colleite next week are lb I
fullowiiu Valeilletorlan. Cililorcl K clrliwnld or Weill. f
rrsiliM (onn-i salntalnrlan Wllllain II. ' Pynchoo. U
artlord niliers are John vviuu if t-eymou. Henry 9
II liartiir cf Waslnninon, II f Tin oclori' I. I'herltrei 2
. f o-.it nil. .v v. ii a A j ieii "t iimiu.tfu, iL i
ainl trlelll hpencerut llartfcinl. " um 3
Morrla I'urU'a Nsw ChapeL 1 '
The new Metliodlst chajiel at Morris Park was deal- l
rated jesierda) hy Illshop Andrew ass'itecl by tbe i 1
llov A II vinrsh of London. I n-lamL the Itev. Pr '
I'nulseii of Jauialia Iho her, Hr Cnwles of llrcokliii' , '
an I ihe llev Ur ll.ilmesof 1 tucaiM The prem iittli 11
l.u"il"f.,? trovvdfd tn the clours with ,'opji (ram 1
Jlurrls Park and Jatualca, " n !
'Wltb u tlrm delrrmlnnllnn TO HCI.I, out I
n,KAN every tllAMIIIIH SI'ITK or luat 1
sirnaon'M make, we huve mui krtl oa each I
aticls av price ua hoiiaekecpei a ulll readily B
cruap It, I
other storra ask 10 and riper cmt higher (or tho 9
marked IIY US at f-'l, f V and f.;i. U
V e have tlmr 01 rs also with Just as crsat dlffsrsooa (
lu prices.
Tbe remnanla or laat season are mscrbea
dowu 10 ss atlll iireator eoatruat, M
Rememb' r e manufariure direct for the retail eii. I
touier. M
And h e sell, in ad litlou, neddlng at jrk ti under an?. I
tody else in tbe trade n
trvnxrrvtiE makeiu. 1
104 jotv Ann mb xrm uta a, 1

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