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lj. - THE SUN, TUESDAY, JUNE 17, 1800. P '
a BEAnrcun op the sr.v cosnsvn xo
H roi.M 7o opr ?o scons.
D Bokk Atth Whom the Tolleo Alone Cnn
ern a, Went Hullefiiclorllv-Hinolnti lllpeilei
lT4 wlm Appear In Public Itf liillrnnta.
ay Not onlr has Tuf Bus's crusade ncnlnst tho
v hoe nroducod a partial paralysis of thnt boost.
A but It tins demonstrated boyond doubt that its
g readers havonnntuial antipathy to thoanlmnl,
H Inasmuch as It Is recelvlnc an ovor-lncronslnn;
If number of communications lu totcrercoto Its
ti course Iloro la ons. for Instance, touchlnc
lj upon tho nationality of tLo Hoc:
ER "To thh I'Dtion or Tut. Hun- Sir: This ox-
B tract commonds itself to evory docent cltlon:
Afl " Tlit loudest ooniplalnis ere against the tint ot foreign
H V" antecedents, and there It nu doubt lit It itio moil olr
9J'F noxious nd most dlftlcult to deul with or All the li isli
T trth. lit li tlie most Insolent, mot tlitck skinned of
jeKA all, int. at Tint bis has said, only tbo mod radical
JT measures are effective In dealing lib lilm It the im
fl port 1 bugs coaM bo suppressed II woul J bo a compare
flt. lively ee matter to dispose or ilio native American
JX hogs.
Jft, " Tnc Bos, always reliable, nevor snld a truor
Sf thine. Naths AmeiuoiS'. 6!) years old,"
TP It li almost Imposslb'e to nntor any rostnti-
rant In Now York without oncountorlnc tbo
. hoc. YhothorltbeDclmoiiIco'sortho Jlrn FIsk
I CD tbo Bovvory, U.o brlstlos nro euro to Iks
I found under tho nrtlllclal covorlncs thnt nt
1 .Ictitronko tbo blrod bote niipear almost human.
I Thoro aro sovoral erodes of hoes to bo found
I In the rcstnur.ints. Tbo most dospicnblo ot
I course, is tbo hot: that Is Indecent in his man-
A nor of disposing; ot tho food fot boforo bttn,
JK who swallows bis l.ulfo, chows his toothpick.
H t drinks bis ioIToo with n noise, nnnnces bis
yHJ i toilet at tho table, and commits u thousnnd nnd
UHl ons other brenehes of cood taste. Hut this sort
JJ of hoc does not Usui II v lntrudo into tbo bottor
W robtnuiants, imd ciUld oaslly bomndotofoel
iiticomiortnblo If tbu proprietor ot tbo placo
had any euro Icr Its icputatlon. Tho lostatt
rnnt hoc whom it Is hardest to deal with is tho
follow who Insi-t- i., on belnc toned boforo
anibod) clso. who Is continually complnlnlnu
and erltlclsinc In mi nudlblo c)k'0. who wears
a scowllnc mid discontented countonanco, nnd
who shouts nt his waiter. Onosueli follow can
spoil tho tost dinner over served. Tvvo res
taurant hoes ontoied n wall-known restaurant
1i on Union eiiunre af, w nights nco nnd sat down
, nl a t.iblo In tbo room Intondod for lndlos. Ono
I as a blc IiLury-fontured man with blenry
blueoies. llo wns woll dressed with tbo ox
cei tlon of amier.iluiidontdlsployofiewolry.
Ills conn aiiii.ii tin n smaller roan, nioro
cio'lest In dio-s. m d without nnythiui: about
lil in to itltraa o-, "i 'al attention. At an
othr t itilo In ' o room snt an oldor
1) 'adi wlt.'i lu'i i-oii nnd a friond.
Vln fat mini li ' ed In n loud olco.
piitictuatlm; - imiurks with tho most
rrolauo ntlio. 'lio cthor diners tiiod to
t-Mit til, I.' ems 1 I .s talk, but It was impossi
ble llic'i no' 1, ludv mcntlonod called tho
f w iltei nipt a ki , I ii to InliTlore. but ut tho
i mii tlr t wunl i ti o hitter tho lut man liroko
cut with, .ilr : ji lis whllo ills compiuii"ii
linicliel .ii.uiii) i 'ii i ly ttio bon cot ui' iiiul
p -o 'n tli., ut mail hiuiM.'lf. Thoio wns a
Wl ii Hum -innetliini, m the jouni; man s eye that
f?S ipiist li.ivu Im I itn oho, t. lor ho mid m ronly.
kff mid uotliliiK wa lii'imt of htm analri until tho
Kf t j o ' f his nif il.wlieu o drew out two i'Iimii,
rii'l h hi Ihu o o to hl oompatiiun. lit tho
Br'' i ;i ii. lb i i i it lomonstriited polltolv,
MB li mtit'i: t to .lie n-'low tho slcn that iiiill
lf i' t 1 in it bimik nc was not nliowuil in that
A lii'Hii iiiul nal.od linn and his fellow homo
I tali' a seat In tho nu.t room.
I " in mii co to ," replied tbe fut biuto.
I "111 s eiiiiitnd sour whole sbeljans
I busiiii I Ptlr' ohnnlo"ito his tompanlonl
I " j mi no iiht'iiii nnd -timko nil iou plonso.
I I'd Itkn lo i'ti ati iiody Hlop u,."
1 'Ilia pMpiletnrwAn called In, nnd thoro was
J ei'U iiidii.ilion ot a row. m that tho otbor
I diner-lo't tho inom. leaving their meals un-
I li'.lb'ie,'. lion the proprietur wns on tbo point
j of enllluu in a in licotiinn the hoKsioncludod
M that they liud lienor co. but euu then there
J J Vina awimmlo ovei tliotdll.
L' Indy with a 1'iiby In her arms pat down in
the l.inio-,' enbin of a Jiohoken ferrjbont on
mi ' I eon s; cr.dinc a im.it uf bis week's snhiry oier
ST the bur. lime in just as tho boat wns startini;
uml "-nt duwn beimly ncnlnst tho lmly, janliic
I hor cluKl so that It eiiod. Mm was pinned
I'own by tho weu.lit nf the luuto. who paid no
B ntti'iitlon to Inn. iiiitil u ueii'lumnn -mint: on
tno oppo-lto licuch ciiiiio over and ordered him
l to moo nlnm;. '1 lio follow inail n surly ro
ll jolmloi, but didn't mole, whereupin tho jtuu
! tloinan cnuKlii lilm li tho ollm mid j miked
m him alom.' fin po. oral feet. Tho lollow wua to
4m astonl-hed that Im tnrt-'ot to loslst.
U lleio uro .-cine ot ti o letters roiehod by Tin:
mi & S .
H 'i lie omciiii ii.
Wf To Tin riiiTon ir Tub huv w I hato
v l o; the Imst dun ht that your crusado ncnlnst
! th'i lioir will lime a mii j sntl-lneioiy termlnH-
tn"i ell limit, i. sii din only linn tho to
t '1 ,1. f" t"iiii. . l'ii,, inns beast. I I'aio iio
. ti'i'u iiimmur 1 1'. i' I he hoi; of tho piilill'i'iin-
M3i 'in. . in ml- . j v is not only to be found
f ui"iii''l i -, , i-, but nlso ainonc tlio
oibui'l- ilo vi i-Mi'ict, at nny rate, snail bo
. bMnlli' "I.Cl .11- in ti.
, 'i til wn- I'H'i.cht "iy forcibly to my mind
I w il',-'i n.i' mi as, Mil aionuo eleiatoil ear
tlio o 'iim d i - in,, i inoklnii woman wanted
S tn 1." t ulit t 11 l Itlllu -t ltli.Il. lion till)
) worn n .,i,'',.l 'h. di mwii) of tlio ear tlio
I'J' n t p I - i .' tho ;ftto, nnd ni tho
. wmiiaii s'h, i imi e -, tbo plntfiirin to col out
j null i linn niih I j! tHeundiietor slummed
I it ui I ii iino il ur-e tlm pour woman was
j eniii.,,1'0. , in o ! i.o mut stnti in, which sho
I nlilwiil ntuwi'iil n' r niotibtrniu e. troieinl
it tie i.ic . pi -, i '.. rs who iintlcoil the imi
ib m I'd u i .1 li ' I it Mcnillennt looks, as
I m h ,nn li n ti tl oy would like to "lick"
tl iii iniMini'l . i. i I I' iri.'isbnnss.
I i-ii- in ilit i mm h tills mornlnc that anas-s-e
c i n . 'i id .iM'iiuu train 'wlpodtho
ai,'"i' vtii iMtun mi who treated him In tlio
. ,i bniiie ii, i, an iiimii i idnc rhnrco I at tho po-
(j llu'diiiit vi,u i'I-iii Kiwi by tlio JuiIro. Uiio
lj in 'i n hi. tli ,, --in- im this would pmbaps
I bain a -,i uiiry o, ee, ui on this cln-B oi hoc.
f j, , J. l.MiIAM.
'1 u n '. ,iinrn IfupiH,
T" Ti') Ilium M TitR Sun ?(" On nn
, oi n.ni: ldi vi" k n niuhlenl oiitoitalnmont
wns i mi i in n i'inury of n decca-oil artist.
J im unt r iiinn i nt wns In n dranine room
ii, J win, i.i,i, , i a bonevolent character,
the pro i" ill ln'inc ilniotod to tho family
ol tl o mmh , i o tblncs drossed In femalo
ro-iiinii', ma iv nit' a pioiniiuo of iiciiuiilntuneo
wit . .ilni v I o li'i'il m the houso, snenkml in,
took -iMt a Jiiit , i y remained throuch tbo
eioriiiu, put mii p-nd thouiHolios by innkluc
coustunt i'rltlcl-i is In mi niitllblo ioIco, so as to
di-'tiirlianil mi ) It o whole nudieiico. Tbny
talked liien-fiiiiitl. and attracted tbo attention
pi I'M-isbody by ihoirMilcar mid iinwomnuly
0 ', oouduit, Is Hou Bniso.
1 If A lEi'liitu nut ISuc.
Ill To nif I'li'inu up Tiik Min-i,,,. j imv0
W reinl with emit liitem-t jouroriiRndo ncalnst
tlm ureal Amotion'! Inn;, and M.ntui,i to eon
:!' ll,0ill,Vui",r',,neoufinyimii,wlieli sli, uhl
UiIh Iiiul Its i w.ij in , Mint i i Bini'orol) bopo
Will Im lead by tlm hleiitleil hoc who flcured
ep i conspicuous,) In tno toilowinc Inelilm t
Wiile iiiutukinciif my luneh Hiimo few dnvs
nuo at tho in-tmirnnt ol tienrce .v,onkes in I
tireenwleli street a rather poiiipotis-lookinc i
Imllvldiiitl eiilei d and took a boat npiiosltomo
Jlisaotfonsiliiiiiictlio ciitiro ne.il wero of n I
po-ithel) (llmi chaiiiet'-r liisti'.i.l of hnncli c I
up his lint on tl.o pecs prmhled lor that pi.r- I
,J j ise he iilucod It rim down on tho table alone- I
H Buleof lilm. Oriliirliinu'ln-b of ml'k l,o iro.
II. i ended to cool Ilio snmn b p'lttinc hm dirty
U buml Into the pitcher of water mid remoini; i
thernfroi.i the lur.'est nloio of leo that ho ion! I
W-M liud. lUHte.nl ol butterlnc Ills bread, hodnl'l'iid !
Wj3 It pleea by iileeo In tlie plate cf butter plncml I
IF on the tnblo for cenernl use. llo ilnlshed his
? dirty work hv iisliitt his impkln as n bnndker
i chief, '1 his Inst performaiicoenubcdomior bis
A u, coinraiilons tor fellow hoes, Hhouhl say to
H mf remark' "lou are iiKroni boy." At tbo bnmo
jT time I rnmarked to n friend who was with mo
H 'If Iiobs bud I ruins onouch tn undorsim A
V I ncllsh they would fiol hint lu Imio clas
1 BlI'O'l as onii of liieiu " Hi) I'Niilentli overhear I
this, ii.s ho I oi'iimu rathiii confused and necl
dentally put the napkin Into bis cont-tall ,
pocket. i
This Is ono of ninny Instances that I could
relate, but 1 kImi It us beliic ono of tlio mobt
ulSKUStliu; porformuuees Hint I eierwltne-si'd.
Awny witli tlm two-lec-i'd hoct and tho
oouer tLo totter' Taiili. ii.isM.i.s.
j:nsllli t'lntli nml Oplinii Srlreil.
rtil.t Wllluruf tlie Traiir miciiia ,,n I two or hla
tmpictor corral il yvit.rili) ?)' mrh or clmli
foi.n 1 nbonnl Hie lK',tutii Mi,nrrli Ju.i In fri in
Iioinjon. The cloth unit un I in tlio . tiiipr, onu or the
Mm tto, tor mut Ilio Hilr'l tisltiiiu fiinln, cr liny
lirolfiietl Unit tin) nio nnttmuvi; (in, an I Hint they
j Aii'l mil) liiitnnirU to drlliT the iliotii lo itnoutf w!,o
ttO 10 Hill for tliflll
Alat Ire Wall rutnilo Iiiulirlry At 111 llowrry wna
luriu'l npnliie iliiiin by tlio Iria.ury aunt, ana jU
liuuinUoi opiula nil iclcit and uLen tollio tultoill
IVuntn tn Kreii .McrUIIuuil Out nrUMcn.
k V Td liaimbiic in lull of fifth aienuo fleeted Tollca
Jul c I'attt uu ,i iiienilrr lalt nli'lit mi, noilliitnu
Ti,f(ia nan p In pobba ferry named Wood 'o I
r,'?.u " I"" Uepury Colioctorli riarUe I' Mo
iiM.2.1i,r;"a '" " t the new terieral appralier
tlpa whicli go to Ii.ioucratii. and be jot ilia club lo
!'" eouinlitt hear csuiplaluia from Dobba terry
umr. aiow.uwiau.oij to lBtiniaali TtiripttM
nu: hosius nnuiKHT bcasdai
Got. I.nns n Hired "to Rrnder I.ecnl
eservtcn Ir Called on."
Iiobtov, Juno ir.-The Hou commltteo In
TOstlRatliiK the dew tod railroad bilbory In
tho Sena'o c ntlnuoil Its honrlnctbls foronoon.
h-bonntor llruco. counsol for tho West Ktid
Hallway, testll'ed that OT-Sonntor Crosby ex
Gov. Lone, nnd William C. lltis'oll wcro ro
talnod by him to clio lecal sorvlce If called
upon, nml n t In nny fon'o as lobbjlsts.
Itossrs. I.nnc and UuBtoll, wltli Mr. Ilydo and
counsel for the Maiihattnn 1-lointod llailroad
In Now York, and tho wltnoss proparod tho
West llnd bill and It was arnuiKOd thnt ex
Out, Lorn.' should make tho closlne arctiment.
When prosod to Mnto for what purposo
Tlorce of t-nndwl. h and Nio of liottrne woro
e mp'otod. witness said fioy woro Instructod
to use whatnier itilluonco thoy could with
inoinl en of tho I.cul"httuto, ami that this an
swer would apply to all tho moil encuitod by
lilm tor tho company. It vns expected In pay
Inc the contleinen omployed that thoy would
iiniosoino noei-ssnry ospenbos, but notliluc
was er mid about it.
.Mr. yulii'-y ot tbu enmmittcs asked whothor
tho witness knew nnytlilnc of a idiuest to tho
hpenker t f tl.o liouso fir tho exclusion fiom
or am ointment of eertaln membnrB of tbo
liouso to the Lommltteo mi .Streot ltnllwu-.
Tho wltnois -uld that all lio knew was what
ex-dot. l.'inc bud told him.
Air. Montns. counsol for tho West Lnd Com
Puny, objeited to this imostlon. und tlio com
niliteo did not press It.
'I bo wltnoss suit! his servlcos wero for tho
West l.ml L'liniPnny alone, and, Incidentally, It
tui' fair to say lio was opposod to tbo other po-
tlllllllb. , , .
1- n Dibnoy of Iioston hero nskod permis
sion to net leforo tlio committee nx counsel,
llo Hinted that ho repiesontod (. S. Male, II. II.
Ilium, Wluslow Win run. Jloorollold htoroy nnd
iithers. Mr. htoarus, as counsol for tho West
1-iul Complin), stroiitiously objoeted. snylnc
thai he saw no rensnn why any pmnto intoro-t
should bo roproseuteJ by euunsol.o-poclnllyns
theintirest of tho Rem rnl I'Ublio woro amply
pmti'ited liv the preseneo ot tho Attornoy
(leneial. Tho committee decided that Mr.
liability mlcbt stay and adwso Jlr. Williams or
tlie Altiirne-(ioneiiil. whereupon Mr. Dabnoy
Hiriastli ally eoncratuluted tbo West i:nd Hall
way iilioii Its belnc nblo to alTotd lo oscludo
nut lii'iuii y In lov of Its position buloro the
I.ncl-liitiirM nnd teoplo. , , ,
Mi. Wi'liamstheii asked If bo mlcht rotaln
Mr. lialuiey as eounsel, aud tlio commltteo ru
bor) e J its decision
.Mi. llruco continuing, said that not a cent
wnseiui paid ir promised to any member of
tin) l.i'ClRliituro, nor was nnv ono of them op
proiu bed I ocu niiiri l. -Nothl.'ic hnd been dono
by his authority or belief more than tellluc tho
Loplslatots tho exact truth
li NmntorJoliu ('. Crostiyof rittslloldmndo
alone htnirtiueiit of blsjo-ltlon llo was en
laced by Mr litueein Noiembor to net as at
torney fur tbo Wost tnd (ompany. Ho bup-po-ed
ho was expoctod to urcuo before tho
ci'miiiilti-o lo heard no nioro ot the matter
until pril. wlion Mr. Iiriuo showed him tho
West Lnd bill and nskod lilm tocxunilno it.
Afterward, nt Mr Itrmo's le luest, lio intro
ditcid i-onntor ltobblns to Mr. Wiiitnny, who
ile-liedtobhuw tho bonntortho plunt. He had
nowr spoken to a member of tho Leclslaturo
lu the interest of tbo West l.ml Company. Mr.
llruco corrobora.ed Mr. Crosbi's statements.
'I hopias .1. Mutch, a well-known lobbilst.
to-tiIl"d thnt ho bad been no mulntod with
members of tho Lecislatuio since ISM llo
wns omplojod by the Amos and MiopntdRm
dlente in lssn. Ho wen' into the employ of
the West Lnd Cmupuny last December, ami '
was to bolii -ectiro a iliniter. Ho lolt the mat
ter ot his compensation outirelv with ilo'srs.
Whitney ti'id llruco. He rocoited tl.OUU In
l'ebru.iry. What ho did wns to luok nrutind
nml see what was coluc on. He had novor
been in the Houso eliamber diirlnt: tho Bes
F'on, but hail been In tho s-onnto ns a bpecta
tor. Ho mlcht baio talked lo innmbors at
Sonne's Hotel about tho West Lnd '
bill. IIo noier nrrnnced to puv monoy I
to nny one in that Interest. IIo novor
paid uns member - hotel bill llo reported to
Mr. llruco what be hnd hoard in favor nl or
nMinst ilio West 1'nd bill, lliero novor was
any iluubt that ho win emploiodb) the We-t
Lnd t'onipaiiy. Ho stated that fnct whenever
lie talked about tho bill. Ho had Mover talked
with any M'nator. save, po-sihly, Mr. Crane.
He hnd heard tbo bid illseiissed by members
liu novor cavo or received money from uny
in in otnnli'vod b) tbo Wist 1 tn! loinpany, ns
iinmo 1 by Mr. liruce. llo bad dlnod with mom
lursatlho dnms House nt theli Invitation.
At the nlternoon session tho commltteo de
cided thnt Mr. llnbnoy could not nppenr ns
damsel for the clients by whom ho wus en
cacod Tlioy furlhor decided that Mr. W II-
t,.. ...,.1 .A .......... nA .. ..I 1... H.. n r. a! I... !.. I
limiin'-uiiiu iju iui'ii'puiilpu u; iuniipi;,. tut i,, ,.
tlie latter must tinnlsLi tho Atlornuv-Cinnernl
with a list ol his witnesses, aud the substance
of his evidence.
'I I n tesiimnny of Thomas .1. Mnr'h wis then
resumed. V. lines- had nothlnc to do with tho
I ent' rtidcment-civoii to mom burs of tho l.ccli-
I ittire at the Ucmiuln ( lub. he had civ en his
I I r-onal liiuo tn tho interests ot tho West Lnd
bill, and bad liufl'led for It.
Here l.uwjer htoanib. ouunel for the W'oBt
1'nd. stntod thnt that lomi any nilmits that It
lml ed every member of tlio Houso lo tho Al
Ci n'liiln : thnt i iirrnicos wero futni-bed. ban
quets clvon, and that members wire taken to
Inspect the rompfitiy's lines, that wines and
iliHiors had. perlinps. been sered nt tlio bnn
iircts, I ut that no member was npprouchod In
the interests of the bill while under the iullu
on. e oi il'iuor. I.obbvlsts had been enenced,
but nn money wan paid in an illecltlmato way.
'1 be compani wanted th ehniler. and has
still tn learn w hetlicr It did an) thine wronc in
tiyluc to cot it.
Xr.ltS Of Till! II4ILUOAD8.
l.ntent Information of Intereat from All
The annual meetlnc of tho Orocon Trnns
cont'iientnl Company wns held yoster
dayln l'ortland. Ore., nnd tho Intention was
to formally nnnoumo tbe details of tho now
piojoct of roorcanlntion under tho mimo of
the North American Company. As already
btnted in Tiif ffs. tho articles of corporation
wero llled ou Saturday In the ofllco of the Now
Jorsey Keerotarj of htato at Trenton, nnd It
lias n capital stock of $u0,0U0,00U This Is the
bitmo ns the stock of tho old company. Presi
dent Henry Villnid l-sued a circular to tho
stockholders j e-tei day explaining tho scheme.
It stntos the Not thorn 1'ai illc llailroad Com
pany, hiiwnc ncried to plnco at thedlsposal of
tboO. T. a Biifllclont nmutint of tho consoli
dated 5 pot com bonds n contract has boon
entored Into with n stronc syndlcnto under
wlilcb the pnjnieiit of tho outstanding bonds,
under tho terms of tbo mortence on Nov. 1,
lS'if) Isnssured. TheB)iidlcntoincludeslMossrs.
lirciol, Morcaii A Co.. J. f. Morcan A Co., of
London, Uroxol ,V (-'o., Kpeyer ,V Co.. Ilrown
llros. A Co., Ktibii. I.oeb A Co.. L. von Hoffman
A Co.. J. A W. r-pllBiitan A Co., W iiislow. Lnn
ler.tCo, Ldvvnrd Sweot A Co., fee. lllccliiBOn
A Co.. John 1). llockofellor, tho Doutscho Hank.
Horlln, Jacob S. II. Ktern. rr.inkfort-on-tiie
Main, and I- Hpuycr-Llllsson. Frunkfort-on-tho
Tbo object of tho now corporation Is to clvo
tho company more oxtonsho powers thnn tho
old body. The iiowioinpnuyoIlorB tn o(hnnco
4iJi)uO0 full palu shares at par for n correspond
Inc iiiimboroj old ti. nnd T. nml thirty dnvs
nro allowed for tho oi banco. 'Iheso advan
tncos oio claimed for tho now entei prise- It Is
Intoiided tlmt tho company shall operate main
ly In two hi otiiil t'elds- oue is that ot railroad
lltiiuii lerlnc: the other Hold will bo tho promo
tion ol electric licht and power untonulsus.
Theso chances went Into offoct, with tho
nd'ptlonnf tho new tlmo table on the N. . C.
II. 1 lester.ln) : 'ilio Now lork and t untiu
diiicua draw iiic-rooin car nt present run on
tlio In .lu , M. tialli will botraiiBfoired to tbo
New nrk nnd I'lili iiB" limited, leavinc at 'I )0
A. M.. aiilvinc at Auburn on") I'. M . Geneva
lu'i J' M. Cnnnuilaicua H I". M. Tho train
limine New lork at 7")0 I' JI. will boex
temled throuch to Ilulmlo and Nlacnrn I nils
nnd will cm ri W'ncnor bloeplnc cais to Mon
treal, via tho Delaware and Hudson and via
( eniral Vermont railroads: also to Huftnln,
iirrlviiicat 7:3(1 A. M., and to Mucnrn lulls,
arrivliic ut b.'Jl A. M.
, A Chi nco dospatch says tlm I.ackswiinna
fast 'rslciii lino innibi n lominotlon yesterdny
by iiinitim.' a throuch rnto to Now York on
w ,i I ni lu'ontH. 'Jim all-rail lines mndo a. 5U
lent basin on wool not lone nco. but they must
in n ruilui ii tho rate or abandon tho wool
tjiilllo to the Lackawanna. Tho sonsntinn of
the iiinrnlnc, however, was tho reduction in nil
llf'b-cbiH- trnfllc inovod b tho 1 ihlch Vnller.
which, without liotleo to Us competitors, this
inoruliic ipi .ted a 17s tent rate ou this cluss,
It- lal.oninl rail competltoib l t'l-,j loft with n
riitf; wbii h tbeyciiniint reduce lo tho Ltthicu
alloy biiols before l'riduy.
I.tibur Mini Vnuen.
Una thomaiid four humlred Italian none roanoni toot
a da) on e-ierday. mid lu tlie uiornUir met In Ilia tier
mania ABiemb'y roon ou tbo Howery, and f rmed
Ilio I'roiectlv e t'nlon or tbe Italian 11 an ni of Sow York.
A committee wan appointed to aik IbecoDlraotorifor
an bicreaie lu ttielr ce from filotoW&J a day.
Sereral c mtr ior arreet to pay f.iso after duly 1,
li, miiHuni a lur'lltuly so buck to work to da) on
Wedne.dii) Hit. will tiaruilu lu llarleui lu liouoror Ibtlr
io '.ry
r eai y a), of 'lie rtiruituro orki re bo were locked
out j.t Mouday ueul ia it in work je.lerda) inormui;
Tbe underx und uk ii a that lloun A i u a foreioau h aa
to bedmbarired and that union men only were to bo
employed. The men eay that tbo foreinua baa not been
durbarired and that Inaouio of tbe bIiotm non-uulen
men are (till at work do lloux a meu and iboaa of two
or tlirei vttutr lumje), ttmiy la ell, an itiu out.
III 1 11 V J 1! JO A l)llfEC7iri!.
Proaecntar Jerome Hneeri Thnt Me
IVouldn't ltrlleeo turey nn Outli.
TThenGoorceSponco. who Is on trial In the
General 5-oslcns beforo Judce Fltrsernld for
murdering his wife. Kato tbo llobel, waB on tho
witness stand on 1'rlday, ho contradicted evory
i witness for tbo prosecution, and notably Dotec-
j tiro John Caroyof tho Twotitlotli Btrcot police,
' who snys that Hnetico mlmlt'od bis cullt.
Law) or Ilolnr.lomnn for tbe defonco Bub
pirnaod Asslstnnt District Attorney Joromo,
and nskod hltu yesterday If Caroy'a ccmoral
roptttatlon for truth and xoraclty wns cood or
bad. "Am Icomnollod to answor tbe question,
5 our Honoi?" Mr. Joromo asked, turnlnc to
Judce 1 Itzcomld.
" I do not seo what prlvlloco you can claim,"
repllod Judce 1 Itcorald, " unless, posslblv,
you mlcht ilalm that you dorlvod our Infor
mation In your capacity as u lawyor from n
client or dlents." , , ,
Mr. Helnlemnn InBljtod upon nn aniwor,
and Mr. Jeromo said thai Carey's toputatioii
for truth and voracity Ib bad. ,
"Would vou bollevo him undor oath, Mr.
Joromo. elthor ns an Individual or a publle
prosecutor of this count) I ' uruod .ilr. llolnzlo-
" l'would not." nnswerod Mr. Joromo.
"It llvowltiiosBOHln n clvon case, as In this
caB."askod Assistant District Attorney Hod
ford Incross-oMiiinlnntlon. "bworo to ncortain
stntoof fuels, ncroolnc with Dctertlyo Carey's
tostlmony, would you Ihon accept his tostl
monyunacrontlw" "No, sir," replied Mr. Joromo: "I would not.
I would dlsrocurd his testimony entirely."
Mr. Jerome's operlonoo with Caroy was cath-.
ored in cilmlnul cases lu which C'uiey testllled.
Alfred Knox, in wbnso liouso tho ehootlnc
was done, wns n principal witness for tho
prosecution, nnd Hponco contradletod him. llo
was rocallod nnd on cross-o.xnmlnation Mr.
llelnylomnu broucbl out thnt. on trlday after
noon alter tho adjoiirnmont. Cnpt. (Irant of
tlio Twontioth Btroot pohoo cavo Detective
Carey 5n cents to clvo to Knx for car fnro.
dipt. Ornnt. bolnir rocnllod by Mr. liodford.
snld that ho hadcivontho M cents to Curoy
for Knox, bocau-o bo know thnt Knox wii9
very t oorntid probably ban no car fare. llo.
tlio Captain, Had done tbo name thine in
otbor cases, and i ecai ded it ns an net oi charity.
"Did 1 not como upon tho sceno. Cnptidn. '
nsked Mr. Holnsdemnu, "whllo you and Carey
nnd Knox woro in tbo corner of tho corridor,
and did 1 not say, 'Ah, Cnpt. f Irant nnd Uo
toctivo Carey, this Is a nice pleco of business,'
nnd dldnt jou put on our hat and hurry
uw ay V '
" No. sir." replied Capt. Grant. "Nothincof
tbe kind occurred, and you know It did not."
Mr. llcln?loman tried to get in iiuestlons
about tbo suit brouclit ncnlnst ('apt ti rant by
aMr. un nndt for nlloniitlne tho alleitlons
ot .Mrs. an ("nndt. but they woro rulod out.
Tho enso will co to tho jury to-dnv.
Harris J. Mmller. who niiirderod his mistress,
would bnvoboin sentenced jesterdny but for
tbo bronco tiiul. Judco rltrcorald did not re
card it as strict justice to sipoiice. it Is undor
Btood. to scntome Mnllerinthe I rosenco of tho
jur that i- tnlnc bpouco. bmilor will bo sen
tenced to-day.
LhE 1(111 11UT.U roil TRIAL.
IllB Catnean Prisoner llescrlben Her Ab
duction auil Siule to I.er.
Suen Tee took hor soat In the witness chair
ncaln yestorday mornlnc in tho prlvato room
of tho Tombs 1'ollco Court on tho contlnuntlon
ot the oxnminntlon of lior ollocod abductor,
Loe Khl. Sho was dressod In a trim Cray covvn,
whllo a jaunty steel bltio straw bat shaded her
foaturos. Leo Khl sat besido his counsel. L'd
ward l'rlco.
Lawyer l'rico cross-examined Suen Yee. nnd
tho cirl answorou the atiostioas which woro
put to her by J. fctewart Happor. tbo interpre
ter, with easy composure. Mr. l'rico nskod tier
why she left tho mission In Victoria, and sho
replied that she was in tlio carden of fio mis
sion wt.on Ah Hiion can led her nfT. Bhe o
philncd that when sho was liv lnc with Lee Khi
In the Mutt 6treet tomment sbo was alw.ivs
locked up so sbo couldn't co out. Leo Khl
kept tbo key to tho room door, nnd would only
unlock It to nllow her to co to tlieindot the
hnll for wator. :-ho novor dared to escape
down stairs w bon sho wus makluc those trips
lor fear ot belnc enueht.
Lowvor Hummel took up tha redirect ex
amination of his client nnd wanted her to toll
nil about hor abduction from tho Mission nt
Mctoria which Lawyer l'rlce had lnndvortently
brouclit out in Ills quo-tlonlnc Mie bad echo
out, sbo said, witb some of the cirls to tbe door
of the carden uud met Ah IIoou the carabler
ttiore. He wmitod her to accompany him, and
when sue roiubou tooK ner awny lorcioir.
After sbo had been thero a month Ifoon told
her that he bad hold her to Khi fur if un to bo n
l prostitute. Aftor sbo was brouclit to this city
she. wan constantly watched either b Kbioi
some of bis kinsmen, t-he sworo that sho hnd
never been mnrrled to Leo Khl.
In the uttornoou Jlr. l'rlio put W'onc Cliln
l',io on tbo stand. W one told how ho had scon
Miou n month nco In tbe tcnoniont, when
sbo told lilm that Khi was whipping her,
but sho was afraid to le.tvo for foar
ot bolnc ruenptured and punished. Ho
eallod ni.aln, but sho still was afraid to co
with him. but ncreed to a plan that he innde to
lnivo tho house raided Wonc then wont to
Till". LvfMSdSrs ofllco, he snld, and reported
the stnto of nflnlrs thoro. nnd on nn applica
tion f ono ot Tub I vkmm. Kin's reporters
tho warrant wns obtained for tho raid and
I buen rescued.
net Niovv, who llvos at 11 Mott street, had
followed Mien loe a-ound to tlio Joss llou-o
on ono occtiluu when she w out to worship,
nnd tboucht she could have escaped If she
'I his ended the testimony, nnd Lawyor Prleo
nsked for a dismissal on tlio cround thnt a enso
hadn't been made out ncalnst his client. Judco
McMuhon. however, hold Loo Khl for tbo den
crnl r-esidnn In t'.'.fi'iu bail. Khi will bnvo until
to-dny to furnish hnll. and If it i-u't lortticoin
luc then ho will co to tbo Tombs.
EVitAVit sails ron utAXcn
JTa Weepe, nnd Hare tbe JPrena ITae No
Jtlcbt to -luiluc Illm Till lie hue lircn Tried.
lUvi-cA, June 1C Mlcbnel Ksraud. the
Frenchman wbo was nrrosted hero on May 20
for tho murder In 1 arls of M. Oouffc, a court
functionniy. was turned ovor to tho I'ronch
detectives Gaillardo nnd houdnln to-dny. At
an onrly hour tho -punish pollco entored tho
cell in which 11) rami was conllnod. When the
prisoner know tho cnuso of the visit ho was
surprised, but olTerod no resistance. He was
manacled nnd conducted to the wharf wheio
tl,o steamer Lafayette was lyinc and nan thero
clvon lu churco of the Trench oflleors. with
whom bo cunvorsod freoly llo frequently wopt
and cuiuplainod of the iiardnors of the proas,
which, ho said, had nu rlcbt to judco him until
be bad been tried Murine a conversation with
n reporter l.u snld "lou may say ou huvo
been mo manacled, but nntliitieolso."
Alter this jomark it was noticed thnt tho
Prisoner appeared more choorful and ho
lunched boveial limes. He snld ho would en
iiuiull) to I'arls, but It is the impression of nil
wbo b-ivo come In contact with him blnce lie
was nriosied hero that if bo Is condemned to
ill nth ho will adopt ovory moms be can to
tako his own life. Liraud was pale, and his
dress was rather dirt). It woo not necossniy
to put lilm in n straltjacket, as it was feared
It Wnuld be.
'1 be 1'ronch Consul and tho Chief of Tollco of
thisclt) wuiuoii liuirdtbo steamer when tho
Pi Isonor arrived. Tho Consul expressed creut
nbllcutlou tn the Spanish ilnvernmotu for the
nid lent by It in sucurluc tbo return of tho
prisoner to 1 mnio.
'1 ho l.nfiuoito, with tlie prisoner on board,
sailed for M. Naalro this forenoon.
ImmlErnnta Hulrt tn Have Iteen Loaded
Twenty Impatient steernco passonaerB on
thoCunard steamship Ltrurla, who, an olllelal
of tho company said, claimed toboAmoricun
cltl.ans, went nshoro wlion tho ship cot to her
pier on Miudny mornlne. Tvvelvo of thorn wont
down to tho llnrce Oillcoand cottholr bacenco
yestorday, and woro reelstorod, The othor
debt bao not been ho ird from. tlen. tl'Ilelrno
says that If the innn woro linmlcrnnts thn
Cuiiard Company bad no rlcht to let tliotn co
nshore, '1 heir docluratlon to tho ship's oltlcois
or iho pier superintendent that tbov weroeitl
yons wch nut siilllLlont ovldenco Hint thoy
worn. Tlio (icnerul will call tho attention ot
tbo colloetor und thobeciotury oi tho Ttensury
to tho matter.
Wuiiuiuulirr lli'cniiipe n f-llent J'arlner.
I'MRipiu rim June la -A preliminary agreement was
elcned today for Hie rrornaulatloiiof tin llrniof Hood,
lioubrluhl .1 1 n., tn londui't a h boti'sale dry k'oodi and
notion builneee The ni.w firm i" coinpoHod of Cok
IlioiiiaiU Hoot, S. b Miller, and V il fui who. uo
tlllibruary. lsH wire inembrre of the old firm nt
Hood. Itonbrlsbt i t'o i u.iber itli W )V roulkrod,
wen lor man) yonri a member f tbe Drin of Ibumus
.1 viuetiii a i ii. and Uartou r ilmke who for tbo putt
asven learehailceu the heiid of Jolm Waliamaler'a
lin.iurfal deturlinfiit V(r .lubli W iineliiiiher 'eciimikH
simul tiarlllir lu lie lien firm, routrlblltlliif SI i-ijiiii
Mr Wuiiainukir Oulii-ln Uii.liiinro.ii am eh in ai tlm
remon for tile rctlreiuiui from uctlre meiuberebli la
HJertliere Ilroke the ltecnid,
Tbe regolkr weekly conlut for tbe O. T. Catlin watch
under Ibe direction of tbe Corinthian Atbletlo Club,
wai decided lait nl-ht at Writ Urlgbton, S t. Tlie re
tulti Actual
llanitl Turn.
J a Raymond. Corinthian A. C I inln IT IS
K. Iljertbew SewJereeyA ('. .irr.lch mo
J II Miiiiu.,,. .Siwiei.e) A. C Im. ,ta is x)
K Wbltl cb ... . I'ro.ie t llarrlera Im ,ma is la
W'.W. huiko.... l'roeiect llarrleta KJaeo. IT Jt
J tl II viciiregor Proapeit llarrleri uo eec n ,
W 8, rrenib heir Jeriey A 0. ..aoaeo 17 46
C R Uardlner SewJereeyAC .Imio is
J II. Lloyd Proepect llarnerl .isratcbHT mi
Uikelitut twonA. u tsiio. 18 sj
avssiv viwm zo.vwo.v.
Xlnrr Andereon'a Mnrrlaae To-day-An.
other American Wedding.
Ctryrlell, If'-", y Tbi tvi rrlruino an rutlUMnc
I)s-don, June lfi. Ilnroness Durdett-Couttn.
who has beon a cood friend to Acnos Huntlne
don slnco sbo first enmo to London, lias ad
vanced tbo youiic Blncer tl25.000wItU which
to form nn oporatlo compnny of hor own.
Tho woddlns took placo to-day at fit.
George's, Hanover Bdiiarc. of Low Is M. Iluth
ertord, Jr.. to Mrs. Sands, tbo tocond daughter
of Ollvor Harriman of New York. Ilrockbolst
Cuttlncwasthe bet man. aud thoro wore no
bridesmaids. The woddluc breakfast took
placo at tho prlvato resddonco of Mr. Henry
White. Secretary of tbo Ainoricnn Location.
Mary Anderson's ranrrinco is to tako placo
at 11 o'clock to-moirow mornlne at tbo little
Iloman Catholic ohapel of bt. Mary s In an un
fashionable part of tbo remote subuib of
Hnmpsteud. Miss Jllaneho CirlfTln tho bride's
BtepslBtcr, will bo tho only bridesmaid, nnd
younir Josotih Anderson will elto his sltor
awny. Alfonso N'avnrro, the brldecroom's
brother, will act ns bost man. Tbo ocicmony
will be of tho plalnost charnctor, and tboro
will not oven bo a choir. Mr. nnd Mrs. Grlflln
will be the only othor persons pre'nt bcsldos
tho olllclatli s priest. Canon 1'urcell, and pobsI
bly nfewnotTspapormen. onch of whotn thinks
bo has the tblne to himself.
To-day. at Lord's crlckot cround, ono of the
headquarters of tennis In London, Tottltt plny
ed Saunders for a purso Bubscrlbod by tbo
men's ndmirers. l'ettltt. who cave Saunders
flfteoti for n blsquo. wns not In cood condition,
hnvlnc evidently beon enjoylnc IiImBolf In
London. Occasionally ho played up to his
standard, but tho match was Dually won by
Snunders by threo sots to lovo. 'Jl camos to
1U. Tbo playors will meet ncaln on Wednes
day nr tho yuoen'sClub. 1'oltltt will sail for
Now York ou Saturday.
lliilloiir Compelled to Itetract Obnozlona
I.ananiiae Cued In Debute.
Los'Dov, Juno 10. In tho liouso of Com
mons to-day Mossib, Gill and Clancy. Nation
alists, questioned Mr. llnlfour ricardlnc the
Government's ssstom of shadow inc porsons In
Irolnud. Thov wnntod to know bow this
sbndowins could prevont boycottlne.
M r. llnllour replied that noone w ns shadowed
unless ho wns known to be encacod in Intimi
dation. 'Iho Governmont would promise lo
reduco tho systom only on tho condition that
tho 1'arnellites prornl-od to Induce tbo per
sons shadowed to nbstnin from Intimidation.
Cheers fiom the Government rnombors.J
Jlr, Dillon-If, nltor this brutal, abominable
outr.iee thoro Is bloodshed. It will bo upon
your bend. ,,
Mr. l'arnoll nskod Mr. Balfour to adopt tbo
Knqliah presumption that ovory erson ac
cused Is innocent until proved to bo cullty.
Mr. llnlfour-Will Mr. rarnell undertako that
ttmso people Bhall not rope.it tholr crime I
Thisiiuostlnn brouclit out loud 1 urnolllte
cries of "What crime'" Amid :i tromendons
unronr on the l'nrnollito side of iho Houso Mr.
Dillon boenu uu excitod spoooh.
Ho denounce 1 Mr. llnlfour nnd demanded an
anolocy for tho uso of the word "crlmo." A
stoimy sceno ensued, lu which -Mr. GUI accused
Mr. lialfourof Ulnc. nnd Mr. Oladstono ehal
lencod him to provo his assertion that tho Lib
orals rosnrtod to the prictlco of shadowlne.
Mr. llnlfour substituted tho words "intimida
tion nnd boycottlne" for "crime." 1 luiilly tho
bpeaker sppou'od to tbo House and tbu matter
wai dropt od,
The Goiil for nhlch WeTernl Kxplorere
huve rilrlven Attulned ut I. net.
Lomion, Juno If!. Iho very coutro of New
Guinea has been reached at last, bet oral at
tempts bnvo boon made to cross tho creat
Island, but tboy did not succeed. Sir William
Maccrecor. Governor of lirltisb Nevv Guinea,
now sends word thnt he has aseoudod tho I'ly
liher from the south const on his littlo steamer
Merrie L'nclund. W lion he stoppod ho was 005
I miles from tho river's mouth. At a point con
siderably nbove the plme where D'Albertl
turned back be found tbo rlvor dlvldod Into .
two branches of O'ltinl Blre. IIo turned into )
the left branch, which le nseended to the '
boundary Lotwieu the liritlsh and German i
torr tory.
At his turnlnc point ho for the flr-t tlmo i
found mnnntnlns, which ovldontly extend lu
wide parallel ranee-a lone wavs oast and west. I
(In tho northern slopes of tLoso mountains i
rlsos tho Lmpress Aucustii 111 ver, which the
Oorm ms have nseeiidod by steamer almost to
its sources. Tho creat island has thetefore
nearly tnon crossed lu its widest part, i
Mr William Mncciecor accomi lUhcd tho as
cent and descent without flrlnc a shot at tho
natives, llo established frlondly relations with i
thoni. A detullod i ei oi tot thoiouiney Inn not
yet been ro,olved but fair William sends word
thnt tho trip took tlvo wooks and fourdnjs.
and that tho climate wns cood, 'iho popula
tion wus spuiso and tho country mther disappointing-.
tUOT.EllA i.v srAis.
The Cotintry CSrrally Alnrmed Over the
1'iocrree of the Distune.
MAPr.in. Juno If". Much alarm Is occasioned
by the continued spiead of tho cholorn at
l'uobla de Itueat. The authorities aro maklnc
stronc efforts to stntnp out the dlsoaso, but so
far they huvo beon unsuccessful, and new
casos are reported dally. Yostordny there wero
four dontliB and nino new cases. Tho doctors
ntl'unblndeltucat ore croatly overworked, and
the authorities havo teleciapbed to Valoncln
nsklnc thnt physicians bo sent from that city
to aid them.
1 he supply of drucs Is runnlnc short, and
tho town nlllclnls havo al'O telocraphod for n
fresh -upply from nlencin. '1 ho total number
of eases thus far reported is !H. Unoof tho
persons who tied from tno town for eatoty has
died from tho dlsea-o ut Mbalda. Dr. Cnn
debi, who is nn o.pert. deilaros that tbo ills
easnatl'uoblu de itueat is truo Asiatic cholera.
'Iho (iov eminent announced In the, -ennto to
day thnt it had not been proved that the disonso
now i revnlline nt l'uebla do ltiic.it is Asiatic
cholera, nnd thoro wns no cnuso for Hlitrni. It
was further ioiortod thnt Iho Itoaij or Health '
had sent a deputation toNnleiicut and had ,
taken snnltiiry measures topreiout tbo sptoiid
of tbo dlsea-o.
IlUaiAllKAllI.l! I.ASnSLIUE.
It Completely lllmlia Itlver and a Itla:
I.uke la formed.
Paws, Juno 1C Tho Geocrophlcnl Socloty
hns lecolved further particulars of tho remark
able landslide that occurred In tlio upper part
of tho erufehau Valid). Control Asia, ourly in
Tebrunrylast. Tho accident occurred nmone
tbo ruountnlns, about ltltl miles cast of
Kamarcuud, the presout terminus of tho Trans
Caspian ltuilroad. A partof u mouululu slipped
down Into tho river, complotcly blocklnc It.
Thn landslip was tbtoo-iiuarteiB of a mile In
lenctb, a quarter of amlloln brondth, and anil
loet lu depth. Tor weeks after thn slide the
erafshan was almost my below tbo obstruc
tion, nnd a Inko seven miles lone was formed
above thn barrier. There is creat anxiety at
Haninri'iiiid, which is on tho river, for, In enso
tho dam Is broken throuch. nothlnc cnn save
tho entire nlley from a torrlble inundutlon.
Count Tolatol on I.ove,
Lovpon, June 10. Count Tolstoi, author of
the " Kroutrer honata," publlsnes an article In
tho Umirrsal Itrurvi In response to number
less letters bo hns received concornlnc his
work. In tho article ho defends tho morality
ot tho "Kreuter honata," find doclaros that
society ruts throuch wrone Idons of love, of
which tho physical aide and not tho spiritual
Bide Is cultivated. Love's various develop
ments, ho siiyu nro not a Httlne object to con
sume tbo bo-t onorclos of man. I'ootB nnd
romnncors have exhaltod love to unduo Im
portance, llo doolams further thnt service to
God and humanity, to sclanco nnd art, and to
ono's couutry is far beyond personal enjoy
ment. Irish I'uliliil" onilnir.
Lospov, Juno 10.- Jlr. John Dillon. Mr. Wil
Ham O'llrlcn, mid Jlr John lledmond havo
been nppolntod delocntos to make a tour of
America in the autumn in tho Interests of tho
Irish Nutionallut movomont,
Hlauloy und III" Future Ilrlde,
London, June 16. Mr. Henry M. Stanley and
bis bride will spend their honeymoon at Met
chot Court. Hninpshlro. Tho placo Is owned by
Lady Aahbuituu, who has loaned It to Mr.
No lions for tbe Land Hill Tola Healloa,
London. June 17. Mr. llnlfour informed a
deputation to-day that It would be Impossible
to ijiaft tb I'tai 1'urcoBsa bill tills session,
Cemplalata orThoae Neajleeted br tha Cen
aue Men Nnvr llesln to Coeaa la.
The taking of the consus of 1R0O, so far as
this city Is ooncoinod, Is practically done. All
but about 25 of the 1,000 onumorators hne
handed In tholr portfolios. All aro opoctod In
by Thursday. Tills doos not end tho local
work, howovor. Thoro aro still thirty or forty
obstreporous porsons who rofusod information
to bo doalt with, nnd now complaints are bo
clnnlnc to pour in from citizens who Bay that
tholr names havo not been tnkon, or that tbelr
statistics hnvo beon Incorroctly clvon by un
authorised porsons. Therowero twenty-dvoof
theso complaints yostordny. Supervisor Mur
ray will luvestlcnte ovory such case, nnd will
compol tho enumerator lu each district to
msko his report complete. For this reason
his ofllco will be kopt open for the rest ot tho
ItvvnB nnnouncoil yestorday that Superin
tendent l'ortor Intends to handle tho returns
fiom this city nt once, and will toll us our pop
ulation boforo bo aiiuouncos results foi tho
rest of the Mate or country. .Mr. Jlurray has
ket t memoranda, but has boon snoelilcafly in
structed by Superintendent l'orter not to
mnkoimy oBtlmatesoi clvo out nn) Informa
tion on the sublact. llo cuossed l.bl'O.U HI ns a
basis of operations boforo ho boenu, nddlnc
ono-thlrd to our 1,200 nun of lso.
.some nl tho complaints hnvo boen Investi
gated already.
Most of tliom came from peonlo who live lu
bourdlne houses and who think, becauso thoy
have not soon tbo census man. that tboy aro
not In tho returns. Tho law permits obtnlnlne
Information ut eocond hand whoro dlilluulty
and dolny aro tnvolv od In cettlne It first band.
In somo ensos tho landlady sent tho enumer
ator away ompty. ncd n warrant Is nut for hor.
Mr. Jimmy says that naturally a cood many
peoplo have boon mlssod. and that ho will bo
very much oblleed If such folks will call nt 135
Llchth Btroot nnd cot blnnk- lo fill up them
solves. Thero will doubtlois bo blundors lo
correct, duo to tho stupidity of somo of tbo
enumerators. They would bo a remarkablo
I.OOtl ruon If somo of thom wnio not stupid, lint
Jlr. Murray thinks that, on tho wholo, thoy havo
worked well and quickly.
An Itullun Hinder Gntw 111. Amerlcnn Ilrlde
After Mtiny Dili.
BALTiMonF. Juno 1C Slcnor Alfredo do
Glorclo of Nnplos and JIlss Concozlone Wnlsho.
dauchtorofCol. David J. Walsho of Baltimore,
woiequlotly married at tbo cathedral jestor
day by l'athor Donahue. The bride, wbo is
still very youne, first met the mnn sho marriod
in Genoa, where, ns tbo baritone in ono of tho
popular opera companies, he dellchtod the
Italian mimic lovors. Miss Walshe, who Is
also a musician, was complotinc hor educa
tion. They mot at a musicalo and loll In love.
Tno aidentyounc Italian pnssod all hlsspnro
tlmo with the fair American, nnd proved a
most devoted lover. Aftor a year had passed
Miss Waitho .iimouncod that she must return
The bntltono would cladly hnvo marilod her
at once nnd kepi bei in Italy, but tho Indy In
sisted ut nn li ivinc hor fnthei b consent. 1 onr
Inetbnt ho mlcht h"-o hi- loved one should
thoy become soparated. tho sinter threw up
bis cnencement and insisted on nceompniiyine
JlishWn'sho to America t-o the) lj mo hero
Jlr. Walshe Is tho proprietor of Iho Mansion
Houso here. Ho did notobject tn his dnuchtor
mnrrvlnc, but In-ls.ml on leai nine more of tho
croom. llo thereupon pi oposed that bo should
make his homo In this city, and. If alter
throe oars ho still lov ad Miss Walshe
nnd proved himself capable of provldlnc
her with n home he would withdraw nil objec
tions. Thero w ns nothinc b It for the man t ut
to nccojit, and ho wont to work with a will.
First ho sane with tho choir nt the cathodral.
nnd Ids lino voice won him praise, Foou after
this ho orcanied nclnsB, and It was not lone
beforo pupils Hacked to bis rooms. As his busi
ness mere -ed his prico- went up. until bis in
come wns equal to that of nn) music teacher in
Baltimore His scholars belonc to the best
families here.
'Iho coutilo started for W'ashincton on tholr
weddlue tilp.
a I'olicemas ciiAiiar.n witii tii.t.
A Mnloon Keeper Siasa be Cniitsht blalTand
In the Money Ilruner Heated the Bar.
rollcoman Thomas J. Donovan of tho Slul
borry street station wns brouclit by Capt. JIo.i
kim boforo Actine Superintendent Ilyrnes yes
terday on n cbarco of till tupplnc preforred by
Saloon Keeper .Michael llyrnos of 4 Sprlue
street. Ilyrnes snld that Donovan. In uniform,
enmo Into his saloon early lust '1 hursdny morn
lne, mid slttinc down nta table, foil asleep.
Tbo bartender was washinc classes. Donovan
cot up pre-ently und leaned ncalnst the ond of
tho bnr. 'I ho bartender hoard a clink of coins,
nnd turulnc around, saw Donovan half behind
tho bnr with both hands In the cash druwer.
Ho nke I him what be was doinc thero and
Donovnn nii-wered
oh, I was onl) foollnc. louwant to koep
n sh irnnr lookout,
'I ho barteudor bald that Donovan had ono
hand fu'l of nickelt mid a -llvor hnlf dollar In
tl o other. J ho bartender lorioboratod Ills
employer's statement. Honvnn denied tbo
eii.iiee. The Actli c bupi rlntendent took bl
sblel'i from him nnd sent iilm to tlio Tombs
l'obce Court, where n cbarco of petit larceny
wus mndo iicniu-l lilm and ho was Hold for ex
amination on Wednesday.
Donovan ha- boon on tho forco thirteen
months. Ho Is 2 , jours old, marriod, andlives
at UJ1 Hudson blrcut.
Bl.Oa.'i for an Itdlllon of Dlrkenn'a "IVorke.
nnd SUO lor u "IVIdie.l Illble."
The library of Franklin II. Finko was sold nt
auction eslordav In tho rooms of Hones A Co.
"The Wicked Illble," so called on account of
tho accidental omission of tho nocntlvoin tho
f-ovonth Coiiimandmont, sold for 1(10. Tbo
worksof Cbnrlo- Dickens, mostly Ilrst editions.
In nlnety-llvo volumes, sold for $11 n volume.
A slmllut collection of Charles Lever's works,
twonty-flvo volumos. Bold for t'.i,50 a volume.
A copy of "The Hook of Mormon." nrlntod for
Joseph Smith at l'almjra lu 1830. sold for
fl'i.5 I.
'I ho orlclntil mnnn script of Thomas Carlyle's
"Ilimlnlsconcesnf Jly Irish Journey" sold fur
Jl.'I'J 'IJioorlclnnl uianuscrliitof nilvorWoi doll
Holmes's "Autociat nf tlio llroakinst Table."
thoucb liiconipk-te. sold b r $))",. Jl.ix U'ltell's
ninniibeript of ' Jouiitlinii and Ills Conll
nont" brmicht $13. An nutoeitith lottor by
lleniy Wnrd lleocliorsold for 711 cents, ono by
t harlolte Cushmaii for tl . by Charlus Diokous,
j, n card lemlne den, U, r. Grant's sienn
ture 10 cents. , lottor bv tbo Countoss
Gulccloll 1 , ono by Alexander Hamilton $1,211,
one by Victor Unco il.ITi, and ono by John
Howard l'avne $.'. ill. JIanuscrlpts of sonnots
bv iJnnto Gabiiol Hos-otio sold for from 15 to
j-,,',11 each, l'otir nnd a naif pacos of a manu
script copy of ItuBkln'H profneoto tho second
volume olhls " Modern l'slntors" sold for $J5,
and Jtrs. Millions' piutlnc address in tlie
iincluul inuiiuscript, us written forber byblr
W alter bcott. sold for tti'ioO.
Flrrtvnrka Uo Up.
There le a trarclty of fire crackera In the market,
cauind mainly by the atrlkiuir ot Cblneie workmen aud
the loan, durlrnr tbe wluier, or a veuel ccrtalnlnn near
j j.'.ioibmeaof crackenaekliincd to New York city
Utility !!" 'ft reaaoa the Importere hare
decided tint a iroflt of half a cent on each box la not
enniiKli mtJ huv determined to ralie the prl, e ,. jer
lent Tl e) form a combination which haa rracticHl
ciulrnl or lb" Imde Hi Jul) i. It la eilnnaied. Unit
not more linn one half the quantli) uteded can reach
tliiao1 untry llnweur, a til;i carrylnir a raryo of
4IMIIU b'.xe. laoverdU'V Andlfelie jretl here betere the
l-ourtb tlie combination may weaken. Torpedoia and
inner care love all limed In price, becuuee 11 le e
lect'dUiat Ibey will bo 1irtely need In place ot Hro
era, keretliu year, but mber varleilea ot urcaorka re
main al the usual ilyurei
Father and Hon llltten by a Mad IIor.
liciiiiri, June 10 Elmer foetof riierry Mill, the
nation acnt on the New Jertejr aud Sew York Hall
nad ai Vew Mllford waa bitten to-day b) a mat doit.
The animal ran south to Cherry mil tun mllei from
tliere, nut bit J'oet h father Tbe fnlber e aklu kii in t
lo-n Ibe loiiur man went to tbe 1'aiteur JneUtutelu
Sew lork fhta atleruoon.
The German Army Hill.
Pun", June lfi fntbe Itelicliitoj Committee rn the
Army mil today Ilerr Itickene in"Uon to determine
the iero eifecilve annually viae r'Jected b) a vole
if l t" e Ilerr Ibcbtere nu t on in reduie the
term ot elvlco lno )eura su nleo rejectid l- tu Hi
Tbe tint 1'ira.traih the bill ae uhii'e'l In lit
origimt rorm br m voio of 17 to 11 the remu ninir
pniairriitilie were airteid lo, aud the eulire bill u
pasied-IOto U
The I.lrenalnE nill.
LoirpOff. June IS. In the Houie of Commons thli even
Iny Itr Shaw beferre amendment le the Mcenilng bill
tn poitone the piirobaeluir of licen.ee until the pauigo
of an act transferrin!! the llcen.lny power to tbe Couuty
Couaclle was rejected under cloture -Ji tu Ut).
The Hteuntahlp Ciunpanlea 'YTIa,
Loaoox. June 18. The National, Allan, Wilton, Brit
Ub India, fenlniula and Olenlat. and other iteamihlp
coraoanlee. after a lone tight bare aecured the rtiht of
ucliarfln ihelr nmli ut lata jjoH IcdePtniltailT of
tn Aee onjpyim. -.".,, v
Fine Grained,
Moist, Sweet,
Are qualities peculiar to bread,
biscuit and cake raised with
Cleveland's Superior Baking
Powder. One trial of this pow
der proves its superiority over
all other leavening agents. v
Cleveland Baking Powder Co.,
81 tfc 83 Fulton St., Xeu Fork.
Dr. ITenry T. Child died nt Philadelphia
Sunday nlcbt of the shock of tho niyBtcrtous
dlsappearanco or his oldest Bon, Trof. John
JInson Child. Inst Octobor. It will bo remom
bored thnt bis son, who was runnlnc n prlvato
school In Now York, left his houso Oct. 12 of
Inst year and has novor been beard of slnco. A
cnnl londluc: " When this Is recoivod all will
hoover with mo nnd no ono to blame." Indi
cated self destruction. Dr. Child nevor reeov
orod fiom tho blow, nnd, ultliouch ho rallied
several times, boenmo cradunlly woakor until
the end. Docensod was 71 years old. llosldo'
belnc promlnont In his piolebMon. ho wan
notod for his pbilunthropto and charttablo
woik. Ho did creat servlco for tho woundenl
at the battlo of Gettysburg'. Ho nided In tbo
formation of tbo Universal Tonco Union, and
was for tunny years its hecretary.
Mother Mary Josoph IHckey. Superior of
St. Jllohnol b (onvoutof l'resontntlon Nuns,
died at tho convent resldoneo. on Wost Thirty
first streot. on Sunduy ovonlnc. -Mother Josoph
wns Identified with tho fomalo department of
bt Jllclinel's parochial school from its foun
dation sixteen years nco. Horn In Dublin in
lrUS, she ontorod tbe Order of tlio Presenta
tion ut Itlcfimond. Dublin, In her nlnoteonth
yo.ir. She made her solemn rollelous piofcs
slon In 1814. Alter mrvlne for u nninhor of
)onra at lllchniond, she enmo to St. Jllchnol's
jiarlBh in tills city, hho was tho ploneor of tho
1'resontatlon Order of Nuns In this section ot
tho I nltud Mates.
Thomnn II. Trompor. onoofthobst known
residents nlone tho Hudson, died ut his Homo
lu Ivlncston iostordnv. llo was born utlthlno
bock In 1R4H. Durlnc tho past twenty-live
vonts ho has held many Important positions of
honor and ti ust. At the tlmo of bis death ho
was nmembor of tho Now York I'roduco Kx
chance. a Trustoe of the liondout Mivlncs
Hank. Director ol tho National ilnnk of liond
out, and Treasurer of tho Homer nnd Tromper
btonmbont Ciimpuny. Ho was umombor of tho
Assembly In ltjsj.
Jlortimor Drown, a vetoran nmonc Now
fork's morchants, nnd tho oldost man In the
clotli business in this city, will be burlod to
dny from Ids Into rosldonco, 14 West 1 orty
tblrd street, llovvasiborn In 1S1"i In Jnuies
slip, and wont Into tbe tnllorinc business In
IK lfi. He married Mnitha Dyo mid she sur
vives bim Tholr coldon wedJine was celo
bratcd last winter, of tholr slvtoon children
not ono Is alive. At the tlmo nf his death Jlr.
Drown was of tho firm of llrovvn A 1'lvmpton.
Knld l.esllo. tho nctross Isdond. bhowontto
I ondon niter tbo dlsbnndment of tho Abbey
Wnllnck stock nnd thoio married Charles
Gloves, tbo Lnclish coinodlnn, whom she bad
mot In this city. 1'revlously bIio had been
widowed by tho death of her first hus
band. I;. JI. HobertB. JIlss I.osllo had lone
Buffered from consumption. Sho was a frnello.
rrvveot-fneed littlo woman, and bad plajoa in
conuos uud juveniles In this city and ou tho
road for about olclit jears.
l'.-JIo)or Hirom Uartcis of Frederick City,
JId . was found doad In bed yestcrdav morn
lne. l'arnlysls of tbo bruin was tlio muse of
death. Ills Grandfather. Mathlas Dnrtcls. pub
lished tho lirst nowspnper In Kroderick, and
bis father. JIntbias llartcls. was ono of the flr-t
Mayors of tbu city, as was also bis brother
James Durtcls.
James Chamberlain, one of Snlom's most
venerable and esteemed cltlzons, died Sunday,
aced s.7. For nioro than fifty toarsbowns in
tlie croccry business, in his youneordavs ho
took nn active interest in mllitarv ntlnlrs, and
iva-( nntnin of tho halom l.lekt Inlantry. Ho
hold many positions ot trust
rdwnrd Baeuall died on Sunday nt 84G Bed
ford avenue, lirooklvn. ncod 12. Uo was for
eoveral jearfl ono of the owners of the Muni
cipal Hotel In I'ulton stroet. Hewusnn Irish
Nutlonalist and wns troasurerof tho Michael
Dnvltt fund. IIo loaves a widow and tbreo
Chester Clnpp. the oldest and for many yoars
ono of tho most promtnout man In hnratoea
county, died nt his home In Ilallsbou last hnt
urdiiy. need Hi. He was a son of Isaac Clnpp.
and wns ono of fourteen children, only one of
whom, a brother now HI yont sold, is still liv inc.
Silas G. Hubbard. I'rosidont of the Connecti
cut Vnlley Tobacco Growers' Association, nnd
n prominent farmer, died at Hatfield on Sun
day evonlnc. Ho was-ecretory and Treasurer
of Smith Academy, nnd buld many othor posi
tions of trust.
Tho Hon. C. C. Shnrtor of rufauln. Spoaker
of tho House of Hepiosontutlves of Alabama,
dlod nt Ids homo yosteiday Ho was one ot tho
most cifted joune men ot tbo Mate, anil had
servod a numbor of jonrs In tho I.oelslature.
I.vJmlco John . .Iniuoson died nt his homo.
Ihdo l'nrk, HI.. o-tcrduv. IIo had been ill lor
bomo tlmo with an affection ro-einbllnc eiuicer
of tho lip. Ho served two terms us Circuit
Judco of Cook county.
Tho Ilev. John I. lliehnrdson. fntter of. Sen
ator William 1'. ltlchanlsoii of Go-hon. V V
died on r-nturdiiyat Middle! own from pnr.il jK
Mr. iliclinrdsi n waa born in i.avvtence. Jluss.
March 18, lslJ.
Horoco 11. Castle, ono of tbe best Inown
coinmorclal trnvellers of tho interior of tho
btnte. died nt t-yracuso on rrlditv, need 07
jiars. llo wns a native of l'otorsboro.
W. S. W illlatnson. a hotel man and for many
year- chief elork at the Sevonth Aventio llotol.
l'ittsburch. died of cousiimption at Jlochnnlc--blire,
l'u,, jestoiday, need -12 years.
Col. John II. Guy, ono of tho most prominent
lawvoisln Mrclnlit. dlod jesiordny. He was a
native ot Louisa touiity, acod 'J yearb.
Tbo Hon. 1 cinder JI. Cnmpbell, ex-Stnte
Sonator, died yosterday at Danvillo. lnd.
Cbnrlos Cousins, alrector of tho ltoyal Mili
tary Jlusio School, London, is dend.
IMshop Colnthwalto of the Itoman Cathollo
Diocosu of Leeds Is doad.
Kicaae Knoiisti for Another Increase la
the Ire Tax.
- Arracm, Me. .tone to The flnco'n Ice Company'e
tack, four mllee abore tlie dam oontiilnlnir abont
'.uHitoua of ne woe ileetroyed by lire tbortl) after
mldnlitlit. Partially Ineured
aiMiiTina iimiiic-ikw otr.
tcnrllel..... S3 tunieta..,, 7 30 ktoon teti
moil atvk Tine oir.
fandyllook. 7 3- I dor Irland. R 13 1 Hell Gate .. 10 03
Arrlvril-Moinir, June IS.
sa I a naepocne Sanielll. Havre.
F I'otynel iranct. steltlu
Se Asnee lumen i.ibrara.
baUrlruba, Mclri toeli t'auipeche.
Se Saioorliei, Suillli Suranuiti
raVVyanoke, limn 1 toll mon .1 riiy Point, and Norfolk.
be Seminole, I'Utt. Juckenuville.
re i I nnie v1'!' H .'i" ,'liesus.
ha Vlaribal' virrabe. Van Itirk. Philadelphia.
selucyl' Miter Homer. Bauiror
be Valencia. Vliller 8t Jobu
He Hcnebulnr. Trlbos. VV llmlnKtoo.
be t'oituirt riiy Pennett, Portland.
BeVVIIkeebiirre I'alen. ftoeion.
be Irnncimlii. U Urlen. llrunewlck.
Ha Aleaila. Vto "llioiiee, llarlelta.
be Hell Hi Tolntiai Vlatalu in.
raVVtleyrlke 1 encock st .lajr"
ba Ian 'Jla, be Tiuifller Purucoa.
11 ur uici arrivaieeee rint Pase.
iRRIIVP oi r.
Ft t a Bouriome from Sew Vork at Ilarra.
be I liter, from Sew Vork, at Southampton,
be stale or Seyjida, from Sew lork. atuiairow,
oabbaetla, from Sew lork at liambura
Minn ruon lOKrniw rnitri.
Fest.iteof Indiana, from Movllle for Vew York,
be I lle from soiithuiniiloii for Sew lork.
be le amJ, from i ojieuhaiieii fur Sew ork.
tlTCOiau Mimiitiri
rail Ju-iinn
Arlrrna. Ilyernnol .. ..130 P.M. 30r. M.
liuriruii'lla, Medilerrnneaa
ports .. .. ,
Oeo VV. Clyde, tan Uomlinfo loop. u. 3 00 I'M.
tall 7iiiiorritc.
City nf S'ewTork.I-imi'ooL 2:10A.M. BiOOA.M
llermanln Mvirimit . .. . ll.f)A M.
basle llreineli 3 in A. SI. TlIA M
bai.iloia, llm ana Isuul' M. a.nju)'. M
Hpitn llverpod
TyrUn. ktnkelon .. k'mp VI ;i vi p vi
Vim Iiyik, 1 a I'lHiii , . I ui t V. : mi. A
Wctterulaud Antwerp .. . 4iOA M b(WA. .Ill
iMomiij imnjuirl.
Ime 70-dii.
Pntella (ilbraltar May 31
Illlnoli , Antnerp .... June 1
Hue Huiitbuuipton Juue s
Ethiopia Muville June 7
KyouUnr Lliert'ool June 7
Inte llVdne'iji, June is.
Obdam Holier lam June 7
Teutonic Li.ei ol ., June II
f'u: J in .1 1 June PI.
Panada I nnd n June 8
Waeilanl .Antwerp June 7
State of Sebruka Muvhfe June a I
Dut rntiy. JuntVX. I
Aoxuita TloterU Bouihampton. ... .....Juae IS
X:m'lhm rji.. i,,eoatuurta i,i,,Jtun u 1
SuihtWjfl gtrttKet. j
I A Lninry ror TonHata. 'i
DIt MOWS TOOTH POWDEft. tn rnetal beiea wttk f
pneut meMurlni tube Neat and portable. S3 eta. Ij
- - f
New Khapea IK flP.Ml.KVBN'll nAIS, nr-erUf "i
and medium qnalltleei ttetee abiolutely perfect: deoidea . I
lavlnir. UclASN s.ulHIIoery, near frlnceit. . Il
Ilarrr'a Trlcophernue warranted to eatue Ik I
liairtDKrow Kiepe II lu beautiful condition, cue. 1
Keen' Ilrnea Hhlrl" mado to meaeure, fw t
None better at any price sou aodsil Uroadway.
rrnpte- nre aatonlabnil at the low airlaaa
fortuniltiireat nmt Hthet aiidcth ar. ,
IIAKItR-lllSltltOtV.-Thurtday, JoneUlKSO,
at the Madieon vrtnue Mettio Hit f.plicopat Chnroa. ..
b) the Itev I nlcn Mcl'hetney, I). li- Fannie T., V
diuislitfr of the late Joeeph P. and Punan A. DIt- ,
brow, toWlllinm linker J '
ni:i:ili:-Vlti:i:i.OIIC.-ln Brooklyn, on Satnr-
dm, June 14. lsio, at the residence of tho brlda'a
father by the tier -Manclut II Itntten. D. t, alary
Fejmour. dauuhter ot A 1). Ytheelock, to lleniy
Warren Deebe. &
S'ocardL ft
IV1:m ri:itN-IIAI,I,.-OnTuim1ay erenlnr. trae U
in. 1KM, attbereildeiice ot the brlde'a parent. TOl '
I'Dtnnm ar, Itrooklyn. by the Iter, etiarlea W. V
Homer of st. Jaraee't P. K. Church, Ida Nation nail K
to Henry Member) Weetern. ffj
X3X33X. I'
1IONDT. After a thorl l.lneee, Solemon londy, a4 5
Ida late residence, 3J Eael 87th Bt, f
HKOW N. On baturdn), June It, Mortimer Brown. V
i elativ ee and frleudi are respectfully Invited to attena Bj
the funeral services on TueedAy, June 17, at a ji
nilock at hla late resldeno 148 VVeetind it F,)1
II IlOW N. -Suddenly, on June Wllllan A. Brow, '
aired 2 years ft
ltelatirei and friends are Invited to attend hlsfnaerat
from his lata reeldence. III tast PVHh it, oa 'i
Wednesday, at ISM ('
ICVIClCi:.-unBnturtay..1une 14. Charles J. Bona, .
son of Hie late Andrew Ilurke of Barrleolelgh, coud-
ty ripperary, Ireland, In the ttoih year of his ace. !
ltelatlves nnd friends and members of the riambera
and llastuters' Union are respectfully invited toat
ten 1 the funeral from tils late residence, lHo 4th av..
Urooklin, Tuesday, June 17, atSiJOP. M. Inter
ment at llolv Cross Cemetery. Flstbush. v
t").N.N01tTON.-At Flushlnir. U I. Hannah Cen- -,
tiortou. widow of Luke Conuorlon, on Monday, Juae ,
IR, In her 0-th jear. .
Funeral nn Wednesday at 10 o'clock from St Michael's y.
Cluirch. thinhlnir U U where a solemn massot
reifnlem will be said for the repose of her soak iv
t'ICi:r.l.MA.N.-At Montreal, June It. Matlbe
Crielinan aged beyeara 1
DAI.I.iin Sunday. June ir, Peter V. Daly, the only ;j
and beloved son of I'rter ond tne late Margaret Daly. HI
lO.'dst and 4th ar. aged lis rears. l
Relatives and friends of the family are Invited ta vfl
attend the funeral from the I tiurch of the Intmaoa- Hj
bite Conception. lVJth st, between Courtlandt and M
lid ave , to day at 0 A. M. Interment In Calvary. tr
Ii(YI.K.-s,undav. June 15, Piter Doyle, aged tS jji
years. lh
Jtelitlves and friends, also members of the Exempt fj
fir, men's Aasoelntlon, are Invited to attend hit ill
litiiernt on Wednesday tnornlnolune IS. at Do clock, j
from hu late residence. 2JO Hatlroad av., Jersey till
City thence to bt llridcet s Church, where a lei- lj
emn mas nf requiem will bo offered lor the happy i'
repo-eof his suuL
FAICIC-hnteri'd into rest Sunday. June IB, Ellta .
tnrr sireil S4 years. 'lj
Fl.iri't llKlt.-On Sunday, June IS, at her lata jj
reel lence 7J Hast !2Vth St., Emily P., wife of Sara-
uet t letcher. In the .r,3d year of her age. I
t uneral services this evening at b o'clock. Interment
private '1
Ilallluiore papers rleaie copy. T
CAsSXi:u.-Ou Mondiy, June to, suddenly, of J
cerebral paratveis, John liassner, In the 6'd year of ,j
his aire. ;
nneraion Wednesday, June IS Interment private
Fan francieco papors ntease copy.
GI.UTNCII.-On June IS 18W, EmmaOluteeh.
Sotlcc of funeral hereafter
IIAKKIS.-Oa June li, 1B00, Lucy Harris, aged 34 ,i
ltelatlves and friends are tnvlte 1 to attend her fnneral
from ber late residence, 31 West Jlst et, on Tuet- 8
day at 1 P. M B
LAYNU.-On Sunday, June IS, Mra Franceeaar- f
diner, wifo ot William II Layng, aged 40 years &
and .1 months ff
Interment at W orcester, Maes., to day. &
lYl MAN. At lladte). Mass, on Saturday, Jnne 14,
Jonathan lluutinstoii Lyman. M D In the 74t& tU
year rf his age. flj
MAI.I)M:,-On Monday, June 1, at h's resldenoe, f
111 Fouth'.'d st. Itrooklyn, Dr Edward Malone. I
Notice of funeral hereafter B
MII.l.si At Jla) Shore. June 14, of pneumonia. t
I'.llral e tli -.. w Ife ot Lester Mills I
Interment Wndtuir biter, today noon.
Mi t. 91 A Nit. On bundn). June 11, Hugh A., eonef 9
tbelate John Mct.rane, contractor, aged JO years
ltelatlves nnl friends of tbe family, and those of hla I
sister. Mar) A Mctllynn are respectfully Invited to I
attend the funeral from his late residence, 220 West i
aoihsL, on Wednialay Juneis. at 10 o'clock A. M.j I
thence to the l huri'h of the Holy Innocents, 37I& st. !
an I Proa In ay iitiere a solemn limes of requiem will
be ottered for the reroee of bis soul.
MrKU'.ICNAN.-On June in. John McKlernan, tM
aged ',7 years )W
1 elathes and friends nf tbe family are respectfully
invited to attend tbe funeral, VV ednes lay, June IB, at 1
2 1' M from blslale residence, .'3S West IJOIti SL, 1
ework 'I
hTlt.l II Itlt. -Suddenly on the 14th tusk, Josephine lj
('hill beloved wlfo ot Charles .Strader )!
lunerl from ber late rrsidence 02s West 31st st, j
today at lu A M to Kt Michael's Church, Other, J
and Hit st. thence lo Calvary Friends and rela
tives of the family are respectfully Invited to attend. ',
HTK'I -sUN.-Oii Irlday. tune 13, Joile A daughter '
of Mis tn U and the lute I apt Joseph T Stetson. '
Re'ntives and friends are reqi estnl to attend funeral
services at ttie residence ef her mother, 3S0 Sunuier i
av itrooklyn, today at 2 o clock. '
NWANTON, Mra Catherine Lane Swanton. at her jo
lute rest lenre, 2tti List JlstsU
TAI.I.ON.-(ln June II at bt. Jo.eph'e MospltaL Pat. H
en" n N. .1 the Kev. Michael J Tallon. eldest son of in
the In e William and Inn Tallon nf lloboken, N J. 4H
lur rral will take plsieon Tuesda). June 17. at 10 A. uWt
M., from the church of Our Lady ot Grace, willow oU
av. nn 1 ithst, Hoboken S J. Sfl
TI'.NMt.NT.-On Raturda). June 14. 1SSO, Case. tfU
i-liarlesK Tcnuent, agedbUjeira Jlfl
Imieral on Tuesda), June 17, ut 3 o'clock P, M, from 9
bt Peter s Church, VV est Chester, N. V. HlH
VAI.I.KN, Euterel Into paradise, on (tatarday, M
June 14 of pneinui nla, Kalph Wallen, son of An- raS
gusta Cass aud tbe latu Henry I. Wallen, In tbe 16th Ujl
year of bis ace. 9
Funeral services at the residence of his grandmother, Ajf
&J VV est 57th st. to-day at 4 o'clock P. M, Internea jttQI
Allegheny i emeterv, Pittsburgh, Pa, kB
rittsi.urjli (I'a.) aud brand Sapid. Mlon, paper! Slffl
please copy, iluf
lircinl Jlotirw. ffl
Ilaslien tiled for over H1TY 1FAKH by MILLtO.NSoC 918
with I'I'KKK T bl'CCF.SS. It ROOTIIRS the CUtLD. Efl
colli aii'l Is ibe best remedy for DIAURIICEA. Beta MW
ty druggists In everypart of the world. 1'oc abottla. aaTal
rA It I'ltTH n.i: N I'.II by my steam proceatea, wM
Taken up and relald HUM. J BTItw ART. 1.554 11 roe mU
way, S . Itrancb oor, 5tb and Erie, Jersey City. hH
IJftv jniiintajlons
Till. bTORV UPAS FRROft By the author of M
n fatal Don , r So 137S 30a. 9aal
1'l.t hi IMI IillKN. Ily iieore M. Fenn So 13S7. 3ue. fMI
bTAUEI.AM) lly Jerome K. Jerome. No. 18i. lOct !
APRILS LADY 111 The Hurbsss So. IStA 30a AM
"J ui 1
I arly In the "Fall' vtshsll have the greatest anf H
grandest display of ui dcii;ns in Furniture ever eg. BH
blbliellii Sen lorL jBl
Therefore wears rharinv out tbe entire stock of this MB
seasons samples an tot I piecea BH
Never ere such inducemmtt offered. A U re-marked HJ
lu plain n.-urei. HH
Icr special designs centutt our designer.
mnm & moobe go,. I
fll lo 45 West 14th St., H
TTffiaifiiHMOjntiTaV H

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