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Boir to jscniusK ova thade mm
H Sneeel" an Amendment to the Turin
Illll Authorities tha President to He.
I am Our Porta Free to All Products or
Ar Nation On thin Hetnlapb.re, On
Whleh No Export Duties r Imposed,
WfcentTirNutli Nation Miull Admit Free
Certain JTrodnets ol the United rjtnte.
Wbmnotoj. Juno 15. r-eMdont Hnrrlson
to-duy trnnimlttoj to Consrexi a letter from
Becretnry lilalns convovlnc tho raportot ths
Fan-Ametloan Conforenco upon tlio pubjoct of
OUstcins union. In bis lotler Mr. Maine anye:
"The Conforonca recommended Hint the ov
rnl Governments roiirosontoJ negotiate rod
procltr treaties upon such n Imsln as tvuuld be
acoeiitiiblo In mch enso, taklni; Into considera
tion ths Bpoclal situations, conditions, and In
UreiU o each countrT. nud vrltn n viow to pro
mote their common vvelfnte. Tho delegates fiom
Chill and tho Arcentiuo ltopuMIc did not concur
In thoBS recommendations, (or tho ronton that
the attitude of our Consross nt that ttmo was not
such ns to encournRo thorn to opoct favorable
responses from the United States In return for
conoocslons which their flovornraont ininlit
offer. Tlier had conio lioro with nn expectation
that our Government and pcoplo desired to
tnaks vvhntevor concessions wero nocoBary
and possible to Increase the tra to between tho
United States and tho two countries namod.
The l'rtsident of tho Argentine liepubllr, la
commiinleutlnc to his t'oniiress tho appoint
ment of doleirutos to tho International Confer
ence, enld:
"The Argentine Rerulbllo feels the llTsllsst Interest In
the subject, and hopes that Its commercial relations
wltli the t'nltol Males roar find Roma practical solution
cf the question of Dm interchange uf products between
tho t o countrit l, considering tliat this la the most elll
Caciousftayof strtligtheulnif ttia tits lili.li bind this
country with thai grand repuulio nbose institutions
serve us as a model
"It was, therefore, unfortunate that the
Arcontlno delegates, shortly after their arrival
In Washington, In eoarch of reciprocal trade,
fchould have road In tho daily press that propo
eltlons weio pondlnc in our Congress to lm
poso a liouvj duty upon Argentine hides, which
for many eurs had bion upon tho ftoollst,
and to iticronse tho duty on Argontltio wool.
Blnce tho adoption of the recommendations of
the ( onfcrencp.whleh I herewith enclose, hides
tia-.o been rostorod to tho free list, but the duty
upon carpet wool romalnu, and, as tho Argen
tina drloi;ates declared, represents tho only
concession wo hao to nlTor thorn In eiohungo
for tho removal of duties upon our peculiar
A considerable portion of the lettor Is devoted
by Mr. Blaine to statistics allowing tho value
und amount of tho commerce of tho Central
ami bouth American htateft, la which tho
United fctiites participates to only t very lim
ited extent. The ohlofob-.taole in tho way of
mcieasud exports has bion lack of means for
roachlnc their markets This difliculty Ger
tuatiy and I rnneo. both taxing imports as wo
do, overcame bj tho establishment of quick
regular steamboat communication. Lack of
banking faellltleH Is unother drawback to Im
portations from the I'nlte ! btates. The Con
ference belloxud, tho letter Bays, that uudor a
BYfteru of reciprocity treaties, tho Uultod
States would bo the greatest ualner nmonir tco
Amerloan lepubllts, as nearly all tho artlclas
wo export aro HUhjeit to practically prohibitory
duties in the houtu and Central American
Btates. In conclusion Mr. filalno says-
'To escspo the dolay and uncertainty of
treaties. It has been suggested thnt a practica
ble and i rompt mode of testing the quostlon
was to submit an amondmontto the pending
tariff bill authorizing tho l'rosldont to declaio
ttoe norts of the United Mates free to nil tne
products of any nation of tho American homl
splipro upon vvnlcli no export duties nro lm
p mod, wbenevor and so long as such nation
shall admit to Its ports free of all national,
provincial (btatel, municipal, and othor toxos,
our Hour, corn meal, and othor bieadstuITs,
preserved meats, 11th, egetablos and fruits,
cottonseed oil. rice, and other provi
sions, including all articles of food, lum
ber, furnlturo, and other articles of wood,
agricultural implements and machinery, min
ing ami mechanical maoliineiy, etructutal
eteol and iron, steel rails, locomotives, railway
cars and supplies, street cars, and refined pe
troleum. I montlon tho&o particular articles
because they have boon most frequently re
ferred to as tlioeo with which ax aluablo ex
change could bo readllv effected The list
could no doubt be profitably enlarged by a
careful Investigation of tho noeds und advan
tages of both tho home and foreign markets.
"The opinion was goncrat among tho for
eign delegates that tho legislation heroin re
ferred to would lead to the opening of now and
profitable markets for the products ot which
xve pave bo largo a surplus, and thus Invlgo
rata every branch of agricultural and mechan
ical ImlUBtry. Of courso tho exchanges in
volved in thoso propositions would bo rondored
imposslblo If Congress, In Its wisdom, should re
peal tho duts on sugar by direct legislation, In
stead of allowing the same objoot to be attain
ed by the reciprocal airangement suggested.
It has been so often and so persistently stated
that our tariff laws offered nn Insurmountable
barrier to a largo oxchango of products with
the Latln-Amorlcan nations that I doom It
proper to call csnaclal nttontlon to the fact that
more than H7 per cent, of tho products of thoso
nations tent to our ports are now admitted
free. If sugar Is placed upon tho froo list,
practically overy Important article exported
fiom those States will ho given untaxed access
to our markets except wool. Tho real
difliculty in tho way of negotiating profitable
reciprocity treaties is that vvo have given
freoh fcomucli that would have had value in tho
mutual (oncosslons which such treaties Im
ply. 1 cannot doubt, howovor, that tho pres
ent advantages which tho products of these
bear and Irlundly Mutes enjoy in our market,
though thoy are not bylaw.oxcluslve, will, with
othei considerations, fnvorably (IIbposo thorn
to adopt such measures, by treaty or otborwise,
asvvlll tend tooijualloand greatlvenlaigeour
mutual oxrhaugos. It will certainly be tlmo
enough for us to eniiBlder whetbor
we must cheapen tho cost of produc
tion by cheapening labor, in order to
gain aecons to tho (South American markets,
xvhon vvo havn fairly tried the ollect of estab
lished and reliable steam communication and
of convenient methods of monoy oxcuangca.
There can bo no doubt 1 think, that, with
these facilities well established, and with a re
bato ot duties upon imported raw materials
isodln tho manufacture of goods for export,
our morchnntsvvlll bo alilo to compete lu the
ions of tho Latlu-Amork'uu nations with
those of any othoi countrv.
"If, alter the Congiess shall have nrtodunon
pending tnritf legislation It shall appear thnt,
under the general treaty-making power or un
der any speclul power given by law our trado
With tho States represented In the Conference
can be enlatgod upon a basis o( mutual ad
vantage. It will bo promptly done."
AVARlUNf.TON, Juno l'l -SoeieUry llhilue has
received tho following telegiam roni mo
Chairman of the National Millers' Association,
now in session at Minneapolis'
It ll reported that an alJIlluaal duly of M)rnlii rer
Parrel will he uiipntel tiiion vjiierictn llnurb I u m
t cu Jul) I Ihia ou'd p nl II ilav nuur lra,ln hetuen
the United htnles mid I iibru rlir riilllrr itreconsi,
qutntlv acliated hence jour prompt ieliurnih m i u
earntiUr tolklied J t Utt, Liialrmau
Mr. Ulalne answered as follows:
J F.liit" Uctt lift 'In ii til Minn
We have nooilliMal mlv f at tho Mate Department
ot the hi i ei ts al,liiloiiil 'uii on iur in rub'u 11
levied It w' idle Hi, i ul 1 II ; . r lui'rel. evident y
Intrtuttd h) -piuu lo l i ri 1! nor Hi- hole Mil,
Iect If will lu the i fr aid i, linn or t iinirrr It
ma In en coii'tmil i ii t In e l r llie luat eix ni"litl
tliivt the VVrettru tunne" finsL'id ih reprtl of the
iier dut). It Ii with n itn i mi rr of VVevuru farmers
h) rncoura llij n bVelilii ul r c ipiocit). In arc lire, ill
eKchingefoi tl e rrh il of lhl tint) I he free ml n linlou
of their nre irtMulf an I inv 4ion u in the market of
forty iiitlhDiie of i eoph lm ,u !m i iiha 1 n lur opinion
thli Ii the in ei i r h 4 u i o In Mr tlir HeMirn
farmer Jret ellar in Hie t nlted Mate eiiould he ac
comieiit ilh)jitii remUtults i a 1 pr i him t In hpan
llbAnitlloa .IvM.ii, lliink
Hid Mliiinl Miixlu XuL ne I'll.
IlFAPl.xo, Cut,, June it'. Tlio disippenrance
of Mount rJhnsia's peak Is still the subject of
discuss on. t 1 ' vv r Soda .Np Ii gs, somo (If
teen miles distant from the mountain, the
Ti, nor In tlio spilug inso Mipidly on Monday,
oteiilotvliig thu l oi'i of the spilng house. A
part) 'hut airiveil tiom i'ltt-villo estenlay
say Hie mountain on tho oast shto Indicates
ci ir-iii irablo tout i t m i ntgo nuantitlea of
smoke and v npor are i ising
Five llniiri iii W.iahlncion.
The fallen train lu America are la service tretween
tail ri ia 'elpl ia M'lluors and t aihluittoa
a line tentra, lleadun, and II, audi), reads.
,1 vi' ojldticny t,-ao.
The Iloboken Tnrtln Club Hettlea Down In
n Permanent llome ut Lurchraoiit,
Thewhltflncof the Hobokon Turtle Club,
with Its nuclont device of a groon turtlo and Its
motto, "Ab wo Journey through lifolot us live
by the way " lloatod yesterday, for tho first
time In tho club's exlstouce of nlnoty-fonr
jeata, ovora pormanont club house. It was
the old headquarters of the I.nrchmont Yacht
Club at Nhopard's 1'olnt, I.archmont Mnnor,
whloh tho T utile Club had bought and im
proved. Tho club has four no res of
ground, and e.xpocts to buy ten acres more.
There nro threo handsome buildings, one of
them the main club house, with private dining
rooms and sleeping rooms, la addition to the
rooms set apart for usual club ptirposos, a cot
tage to bo 'used for family sleeping apart
ments, and a billiard pavilion. In addition,
tho club Is now building n dining pa
vilion, whore ths turtlo dinners will
bo glvon, and a kitchen attachment
with four hugo cauldrons for tho brewing of
turtlo soup. Though not completed, both tho
pavilion and kitchen vvoro used at o.tonlay's
festivities, and Caterer John Tarboll was busy
at the big cauldrons for forty-eight hours be
forehand, that length of time being necossary
for tho proper preparation of turtle soup ac
cording to tha traditions of the club.
Next to tho turtlo soup the chief feature of
yesterday's banquettng was anclont history,
as boiame an organization of such yoars nnd
dignity upon such an occasion. It was told
oxer and over again that the club was founded
in 17'JfJ bv Aaron Iitirr, Alexander Hamilton,
Do Witt Clinton, and othors: that the members
In thoso dais caught tiioir own turtles
In Jamaica liny and other noar-by wntors,
nnd thnt oaeh member wos expoctod
to oat his own catch: that the din
ners were first enten In the illyslan Fields;
thnt the oloth wsb next spread In Weehawkon
for a few years then at Mnntciali. N. J and
thennt Rtrykers liay near Fifty-third street.
J'ow ork: and thnt twenty years ago the club
begun to feast at Oabe OaBo's. and thnt tho
feasting had continued at that famous road
house ever since until this yoar, when, after an
Itinerant oxistenco ot noarly a century, tho
club has settled down for good at Larchmout.
joatorday's festivities began early. A special
train irom the Grand Contral depot at b o clook
carried I'd1) members to I.archmont nnd short
ly aftor !) o'clock ISO persons sat down to tho
first brenkfast In tho club s first home. Break
fast Is roally the chlof meul In tho olub's fos
tlvitles. 'i ho bill of faro consisted yesterday,
as from ttmo immemorial, of turtle
stoak, fried ools, stowed eels, cucumbem
and onions, tomatoes, oofTeo, nnd hot rolls.
After breakfast tho members, all of whom had
come to mako a day of It, sot about tilling In
tho time boforo the 4 o'clock dinner, at which
tho club house) was to bo formally opened,
bonitor Tommy Dunham led tho anglers,
among whom woreAsdemblyman Martin. J. J.
Dobtis, ox-bonator U. 11. Wilson, and ex-As-Borablyronn
U. E. Pcotleld. They caught n
erent mess of sea roblnB. eels, and
flounders off tho roks during tha alter
noon, with nn occasional cunner and
blaekflsh Moantime tho quiet members
went curiosity hunting, and Tom I'earsall of
Long Island louud no loss than twelve land
turtles, on whoso sholls ho scratched the
ilovlco of tho club before releasing them. Hut
the vast majority of tho club did nothing but
drink lu tho landscnpe, waterscape, and
othor things until dinner tlmo. Among thoso
who occupied themselves In this way wore:
& O, West. I, H. Cnrglel, N A. Chedsoy. W. A.
Oedney, I'ollx Livingston. J. .1. Dobbs. O. W.
Rnynor. C K. Wilson. J. If. Chrlstlo. John It.
Orahnm. John Llnheor. Alox. Wright, Charles
J, ( oulter, Joseph Mlson, Louis ltauor, Charles
I . Thoniuson. Joseph 1). McKlnley, Charles
Kauilman. Dr. L. C Titus. Dr. Ityan, Shenard
Knapp. Lenndcr Frost, James Lynch, A. L.
Duclior. A. T. Dockor. 0. L. Kingsbury. Thomas
II. Sloan, F. O. Fischer, A. L. ABhmnn, and L
LowlsLloh .......
1'orhaps 300 members marched behind Presi
dent J. Itockwoll Fay to the dinner pavilion at
i o'clock. The bill of fare was the famous
turtlo soup, with lobstor and chicken salads,
3nd cuouinbors nnd onions. Ilrnndy was
mnk with tho turtle soup ana obampaano
xvltb the salads. Over the coffee President Fay
woloomod the club to Its fit at club house. As
Bomblyman John yulzer spoke for Now Jersey,
whore he was born, and ex-Presidents N. A.
C'hedsey and A I Ashman spoke for tho past.
Assemblyman Martin toasted the tho guests,
and Charley Biovensou, J. L. Btlvors, C D.
tJhepnrd. and Dnclel Jardlnn spoke In behalf
of I.nrchmont. Songs ended tlio dlnnor. and
In the evening tho placo was Illuminated and
fireworks wero shot oil at the point.
Their Coach llrawa by Fonr lloreea Drop;
Bed Over an .Embankment.
Readino, Pa., June 10, A serious accident
occurred this morning near Jonestown, Leba
non county. Flfteon young ladles from the
Schuylkill Seminary at Fredericksburg were on
their way to the railroad station at Jonestown
in a coaah drawn by four horses. When near
Jonestown the harness of tho horses broke,
and tha nnlmals becoming unmanageable sud
denly Dlunged down a twonty-foot ombank-
inont. the coach and Its occupants falling on
top of tho animals. The wildest conruslou fol
lowed, and tho ladles wero all more or less se
verely Injured.
Miss Knto L. Iteed of Mabanoy City, hnd a
brokan nose and was bruised about the Ibody;
Mies Laura bwalm of Ashland was picked un
unconscious and sorlously hurt. Miss Lizzie
Wanner of Fleetwood was Injured In the head
and faoo Miss llombergor ot Lebanon had
her shoulder brokon and arm Injured. Miss
Wnlbnrn ot Mahnnoy City had an arm and
shoulder hurt. William Hark, tho driver, was
cut about tho forehead. Ho was entangled
among the borsoo and badly trampled.
BIb ritorm In Month Dakota.
IIubok, S. D June 19. Additional particu
lars from Tuesday night's storm In Potter
county are more painful than tho first reports.
The loss of tho Werger family of five persons,
and of Mre. McElroy and hor two daughters in
the flood that swept down the little Cheyenno
valley is continued, as is also tho report of two
deaths from tlio tornndo at Lebanon, Three
othoi deaths aro reported, but tho report has
not et boon confirmed. Tho storm came upon
the settlers while thoy were asleep, and was
xery sudden. , . ,,.
In loss than nn hour aftor tho cloudburst
the Litto Choyenne. whloh Is unusually shal
low and almost dry, rniscd twenty-five feet
and went rushing down the xalley carrying
oxen thing boforo it. 'I hero is scarcely ahouso
left in the path ot either wind or Hood. Tho
loos In llvo stock is heavy, while the damage to
crops is xery great, it was tho worst storm
ever exparloncotl In tho btatu.
Hail Itoya hlurt n Flrr.
Cincinnati, Juno 11. At a mooting of direc
tors of the Cincinnati House of llofugo yester
day evidence, wus heard about'n plot ofta doon
ot tho Inmates to lire the building und escape.
On Tuesday night Arthur Jackson, one ot the
ringleaders, roso irim his bod nnd mado a
search for matches hut could Hud none. One
ol tho boys then lighted n pleco of paper at the
gin jet and handed It to a third boy, vvhq
turned up tho mattress of an unocouplod bed
and thrust tho blolng paper Into the straw.
Thon by preeonceiled agreement the boys be
givn to hcrentu und utuet furniture. Mlko
Holier, aged 11 )onrs, xvho was not in the plot,
leaped out of bed nnd tluovv a band grenade
lire oxtlngtilshor, ohoi king tho flames. Ho thon
rousod Huperlntendent Oliver and the night
wnti'hniun by ilnglnutho alarm bell. After the
lire was extinguished tho threo lending con
spirators vvoro takou bolow and punished.
Tho lrlfma Concress,
Ht l'ETri'.siit'ito, Juno 19, The International
Prisons Concres, now In session in this city,
has adopted resolutions declaring'
First That In future treaties between na
tions tho gonoral principle ot extradition
should bo recognized, nnd an ngroomont ar
rived at as tn the nnturo of the cases to be
deemed exceptions to tho rule.
Semud That mtei nation il associations
should Ui oigan!oi to ussUt dlschbrgod prls-
oilers and tholl Inuillles,
, I bird That the action of oharltablo bodies,
both punitive mil preventive, should bo
brought into genorul agreement : and
1 ourth That Inebriety, accompanied by dis
orderly conduct, nlioulu bo punishable; that
the sellers of alcohol should be responsible for
crimes resulting from tholr serving drunken
men, and that the sale of liquors on credit or to
children should be prohibited.
Mr. llandall of Michigan will address the
Congress un the subject ot 'loung Offenders."
Messrs John Anderson k Co., manufacturers of the
celebrated brand of Solace tobaooo are, through a sys
tern of orders whloh are packed Indiscriminately la
paitayei of tobacco preseuilnr lo their customers
eleunt solid sllrer tobacco boies wbloti are of beauil
ful deil-i and flulsh, and male by on of our leellur
lUrtriuilitu -Ate.
Ue Thtnka England llaa Secured Her
tjharo r Inner Africa The Torlea Nar
rowly Kacapei lllsneter Pralaca lor
the City or Pnrl-The Prison Congress.
London, Juno 19. An address waB presented
to Mr. Htanloy at Ilerwlek to-day. In reply ho
spoko in tho most outhuslaBtla torms ot tho
wisdom of Lord Hullsbury as shown In tho set
tlement with (lormnny of tha Afrlcnnquostlon.
lly the agreotnont between the two countries
500,000 square miles of ton Itorr were added to
the British possessions In Africa.
Instead of a dolorous ttrado against the
Prime Minister, Mr. Htanlav said, now Is the
tlmo to slug n pfan In his honor. It Is now
posslblo to realize tho groat dream ot those
xvho ate concornod in tho oxploratlon and
civilization ot Africa from tho Capo of Good
Hope to Cairo. In conclusion Mr, btnnley said
thnt God gnvo Lord Salisbury tho wisdom to
gain this end. and exprossod tho hopo that the
Prime Minister long might llvo and flourish.
Henry M. Htanloy, In receiving tho freodom
ot Nowcnstlo, repeated his laudations of Lord
Salisbury, and said thnt, looking at tbo unex
pected turn of ovonts, it was not right to crltl
clso too minutely. Ho saw good will on both
the German and tho L'nglish sldo. En
tering into tioiaus oi tne vaiuo, posi
tion, Ac, ot the regions acquired
ho declared that It Germany had acquired
Home territory whloh L'ngland would have
liked to retain. England was amply compen
sated elsewhere, nud the granting of free tran
sit In tlio Gorman regions wbb as good for the
English ne the possession ot tho torrltory.
Further, it would now bo to Germany's Interest
to jolu England in doiuauding the freedom of
the Zambosl. nnd thus tho Portuguese dlQlcul
ty xvould bo removed.
Dwelling with enthusiasm npon tho nros-
Eocts lu Africa, ho said ho w as confident thnt If
o could muster nil tho chlefo of tho regions
that England hnd acquired thov would acqui
esce In tho opinion that the daioof tho agree
ment would be a red Icttoi day InthoAfilcun
calendar. He wna sure that whoa the news
spread a grand feast day xvould Lo held
throughout tho Interior of Afrkn.
In conclusion, ho doclarod that Pemba, It
put on the market, would fetch tun tlinon as
much as Heligoland, to say nothing of Zanzi
bar. He would bo pleased if the Mayor colled
n mooting of citizens to couxoy congratula
tions to J ord balisbury, who had dono more
than u lotion of explorers could have dono.
'J ho Jinitu lues's Paris correspondent de
clares that Franco and Hussla will oppose an
English protectorate over Zanzibar.
Tho niorriDi'n llorlln correspondent says:
" The idea of ceding Heligoland to Germany
was entirely England's, and thu spontaneity
ot the oiler gavoLniporor William much pleas
ure. Tho Colonial party Is Indignant and dis
appointed, but tho londors of the National
Liberals and a majority of tlio ltolohstag en
dorse the agreement fully. Thooesslon of He
ligoland has llattored tho national prldo. The
Voi$uche 'uluug, the lagblatl, nnd tho ISoer
sen. Courier all express congratulations upon
the success of tho Emperor and tho Govern
ment, and the nnauclnl world is delighted."
The VliTomcle protests against Lord Halls
bury going out of tho way to onlurge tho ter
ritorv of Oerraany when thoro is tho utmost
necisslty, on account of Newfoundland, to cul
tivate the friendliness of Franco. It thinks the
Government blunder has brought us within
moosurabla distance of dissolution. If tho
Heligoland bill Is rejected, the Ministers will
bo bound to appeal to tbo country.
A despatch from the lime s'n correspondent
at Berlin says: " It would be nn International
misfortuno if the current ot German thankful
ness toward England should bo converted Into
n loss fraternal fouling by the rejuction by the
British Parliament of tho bill for tho session
of Heligoland to Germany in return for terri
torial concessions In Africa mado by Germany
to England. The Germans are delighted bo
j ond measure with tho successful toi ruination
of the Anglo-Gorman negotiations regarding
African torrltory."
In an intorvlow Mr. Charles 17. Allen, F. II.
G. 8.. Secretary of the British and foreign
Anti-Slavery Society, said he greatly approved
the Anglo-German settlement. With the es
tablishment of an English protectorate over
Zanzibar, It will now be England's fault If
slavery continues In that section of Africa.
In tho House of 1 ords to-day tho Earl of
Ilosobory asked whethor thv Government be
fore arranging for the transfer ot Heligoland
to (j or main, bad consulted the naval and mili
tary authorities ; ulso. xvhether an effort had
been made to ascertain tho wishes of tho in
habitants of Heligoland In the mnttor.
'I he Marquis of balisbury replied that the
Government boforo coming to a decision had
nvnlled tliomselves ol nilvioo not oxolusivoly
military or naval. Although no plebisoito bad
boon talcou in Heligoland there was no ground
for supposing that the inhabitants objected to
the transfer, oxeept as retarded conscription,
nnd this had been provided againBt lu the
In the Houbo of Commons Mr. W. H. Smith
said that conditions Inserted in tho agreement
with Gormnuy removed whatexer objection tho
inhabitants ot Heligoland might have to tho
transfor of tholr turrltory, as far as compulsory
military service was concornod. The Govern
ment had not tnkon steps toascortnln the tool
ings of the pooplo. A bill would bo introduced
m ruruuiuuiu lu rainy um cessiou. 110
must deollne to produce tho opinion of tho
naval authorities regarding Holigoland. (Op
position choors.l If Parliament rojectod the
pill tho whole agroomont would fall through
I'aiiis, Juno 1V.-M. Delonclo gnvo notiee In
theChnmborof Doputlcs to-day of nn Inter
pellation In regard to the British protectoiato
of Zanzibar, which ho said ho considered a
xlolatlon of tho Anglo-I roneb declaration,
signed by M. Thouveiiol nnd Lord Cowley In
1(j2, plodglng mutual non-lnterforeuco in
Zanzibar nnd the ludppondonco of tho bultan,
to which ngroemont Germany adhorod In iwiiti.
Tho Interpellation points out that Germany'
denouncing tho agroomont does not destroy
the valldltj of the Anglo-French cotupnit, ana
demands to know what measures the Govern
ment will take to cause it to be respectod.
M. fllbot, Minister of Foreign Allaire, will re
ply on Saturday.
They Come Within Four; Votes of Ifelnc
lleuten on the T.tcenalnK Hill.
London, June 19, On going into committee
on tho Llconslng bill tho Chairman put the
motion thnt the Hist clause, proposing tn np
Ply .T0,000 to the purchase of liconsos, stand
apart of tho bill. Mr, Btoroy, who was speak
ing against the clatiBO when tho debate was
adjourned on Tuesday night, did not rise to
resume his speech, und as no one elso Hpoko
tho division wns taken, resulting In a voteot
228 tor and '221 ugnlnst tho clause.
Tho tactics ot the opposition lu snatching a
xotovvhllo tho Conservatives wore In scanty
I ntti'ndnuco surprised tho Ministerialists, who
remained during tbo voting In a slate of panic,
foariug defeat. As soon as tho figures wero
announoed thoro xvoro faint Conservative
cheers, which wero overwhelmed by shouts of
triumph from tho opposition. Tom O Connor
moved to report progress. Ho said that tho
voto just obtuined was equivalent to a doclslon
if tbo House against the bill, and that tho
Government ought to have an opportunity to
roconstdor Us position.
. Mr.Bmlth said that tho opposition certainly
had thoadvantauoot the surprise (Ministerial
nhoors), whatever thot amounted to In tho
Houbo or In tho country. Tl e opposition
could take tho credit of it. Mr, btoroy he said
had not finished his speech when tho debnto
xvas adjourned on Tuesday, and tho Govern
ment had therefore thought ho would contlnuo
to-day, ThoOovninniont novvslmplv pioposod
to proceed with business lu tbo ordinary way.
Witnesses llefore Ihe Hoard or Trade have
Only Prnlae lor Her,
LiVKitroop, Juno 19. The Board of Trade
resumed Its Investigation into tho accident to
tho steamer City ot Paris to-day, Mr, Gooico
Hepburn, a naval architect and engineer, tes
tilled that tbo City of Paris wns as Huu a pas
senger ship as ho had overEoon. Ho had ex.
nmlnod her alter the accldeut, and found that
she did not show the slightest elgns of baltig
strained In anypait. No ordinary ship could
havo remained nlloit niter such an accident.
No gov ei nor on tho endues could linvo pro
vented thoralshnp, It was not usual to put a
governor on n marine ouglno except In bad
xvontber to prevent the engines from racing
Mr. Martel, chlof aurvoyor lor tho Ltuids. tes
tified that the City of Paris was the finest built
ship boevpr saw. He bad mado culouiutluns
showing that the bulkhead would stand two
and a quarter times tho mosHtire brought to
Pour by twenty-two feet of water In the hold.
lie did not think that an extra bearing outside
xvould havo proven ted tbnaccldont. He cor
roboiatod tho evidence previous!) given that
extra care had peon takou in building the
steamer to Insure the greatest possible
Era, Mteln'a Tokay tVlaee.
Restore the sick to health. V. O Hazard 1 Co., Wkola
saleAjente. bold eTsrynhere-uev. ,
lint Powdrrly "Jay" No to the Return Cunl.
lease or the Federation .XI aa.
There might havo been n merry time In
Coopor Union to-night, but thcro won't be. O.
M. W. Powdorly of tho Knights ot La
bor had written on Wednesday Invit
ing Sam Gompors, bend of tbo Federation, to
come to the meeting ot the Knlithts
to-night nnd hear tho KnlgbtB1 reply to tho
charges of hostility and unbrotherllness
brought against them bv olllcors of tho Fodor
atlon. Mr. Powilorlr also wroto that Mr. Moni
tors would bopormtttcd to reply to tho Knights
if be wnntod to. To this Mr, Gompers replied
yostorday ns follows!
This may not hare been Intended, bot certainly Is and
will le acieptcd b) iko world as a chattenre to disci t
the question at issue and I to rtiard IL
You can readily understand that a challenge,
where the greatest efforts have been mad to
have the rootling entirety composed ot your followers
and vrhere there are probably four tr fire beside your
self who nre to ad tress tho meeting on your side of the
question, Is entirely and inanlfesil) unfair. Yon must
also be aware thst the time for preparation has
been of the shortest character, so far as I am con
cerned, and that It la now well known that this
tnovo has been In contomplailon b) vou and
your folio era for sereral weeks, anl that I shall
he at adpAdeantaire onlnt; to the fiict However, t
waive all this and ill accept your challenge to meet
you not at a remote llmo, but to-mnrron eveutna June
10, at t'ooper Union, but must luslit on the following
I That 1 shall meet you and you alone as my die-
i. That the time be eauatlTdlrl lei between n; and
J Tti u the meeting shall bo an entirely free and open
ono tu which the general pubtlo shall have free arcess
without the demand of anr sUn er arsword and that
no porson be admitted to the hall until 7' I') I' VI
If tt cue ciinilltlons are acceptable to ) on, an 1 nre oar
ried out I cnti astute ou tiwit. notwithstanding the
Hiort notice of a fiw hours, jou will hud on Ihe plat
form yours very reipectfillly. Samlii UoarsN..
1 resident Arue.trau 1 ederatlon nf Labor
Mr. Powderly did not get Mr. Gomnois's
letter until 12i A. M. to-day. Alter reading it
bo shook bis head and Bald
' Mi. Gompers has pvldontly mistaken the
Furpo-e of mv letter. Itivnsnot a challenge,
tnnnot moot him in debate to-morrow night
for these ruusons lntbellrst placo tlio meet
ing was simply called to give tho Knights of
Labor an opportunity to reply to Mr. tiom
pers R chargos. It will not be n dobnte.
' The Federation of Labor has been pouring
its grievances against our order Into the pub
lic ear for the last two or three years, and we
have nover before said a word in reply. Ills
insertions that I have boon nren.trlnir mv re
marks for a long tlmo Is not irue, as I did not
know anything about tho meeting until Tues
day. " Thon again the meeting has been called by
tho order, and I have no powor to change Its
purposo. If Mr. tioinoors wants to debate
with me I nm willing to moot him at nny
future tlmo. but I cannot dlvido the platform
with bin to-night The meeting will bo an
open meeting, and If ho has jtn quostlous to
put bo can do so and I will cheerfully answer
If Anybody f'alehes Ton You'll Catch It for
Mulllnc Thrententns JLettrra.
Stephen B. Brngue, a lawyer at 93 Nassau
street, has been getting through the mall let
ters signed " Jack tho Hipper." 1 he first came
onJuuoll. The lost lettor of three received
was dated June 15 and roachod bis office, on
Monday. It Is a mild sainplo of the wrltet's
style, and is as follows:
Aha, j ou ro watohlng J. B. not he Ii watching yon
and more carefnllj' My order Is It) remove yon I
must do It. Thou art a pestilence on earth Von shall
live only at my pleaeure. Thou rotten heart, thou art
watching tne Remember. 1 am an outlaw and used to
It. 11a hal tial louthalldle by my bands! 1'repara
vnurnelf' Have a pistol or a dagger with )oul He
member that a man who baa a dutv to cerform caree
not fur death' Prepare yourself and be on ) our guard!
Jack the Hirriit,
My last letter.
This had been posted at Station A. Tho one
preceding it, dated Juno in, was posted at Sta
tion D. and tho first came Irom the General
Post Office. Mr. Brogue showed the lettora to
bis wife, and sho Insisted that he should do
something about them. Kobe seut them, as ho
thought, to Conistock, who, among othor things,
Isa Post Office special agent The documents
went to the rooms formerly oeoupied by Com
stock's socleu In tbo Tract Society building ut
150 Nassau street. Cornstnck has moved, but
Ilrltton formerly an employee of his, hangs
round there still as the agent of a brand new
society for preventing something or other.
The lottors were a godaend to tho now eocloty,
which promptly published them and Itself, to
tho surprise of Mr. Braguo. Mr, Bruguo has
no Idea who wrote tho letters.
The County Democracy Deliberately Adopta
a Centralized Itule.
The County Democracy County Committee
received at last night's meeting ronortB that
twenty-ono districts had rntltled the now rules
giving tho contral body tho power to reorgan
ize rebellious districts and to obllteratothe ex
isting oignnl7atIons. Chairman Jackson
thereupon solemnly declared the rules a part
nf ttinfnnilnmnnt.it InienfllinArnanl.ailnn
The only district that reported that it did
not ratify tho new rulos was the Seventeenth,
and In their communication the officers of
that district, which Is Justice Murrny's dis
trict, complained that the rules were nn inva
sion ot tho guarnntc od right of the members of
the organisation to select their own representa
tives '1 he new Thirteenth district oflloer sent In a
mild report of tho turbulent proceedings of the
meeting at which thoy wero elected, and uskod
In the most matter of fuot way to bo rtcog
nhed In tho ilace of J. Wesley Smith and
Justice Jeroloman On motion of ex-Congressman
Campbell, who Bald it was a "family
matter nf n local character," all the papers
xveie referred to tho 1 xecutUe Commltteo.
The County Committee adjourned to Juno 30.
Tha Bark Nornien flrta Hero with 080
Tons, I.rNa MeltHgr,
The Increased price of Ice hereabouts
promptod the Hrm of Henhnm A Iloysscn, ship
pers, of 23 Brldgo street, to import somo of tho
Iroyon luiury from orwny. The first cargo
of Ice that has passed through the Nairows
Irom that romotonoithern land for nearlynlns
years arrived on Wednesday on the bark Nor
mom Tho original weight of the cargo wns
IlSfi tons. It probahlv will be a little less (ban
thnt when It is removed to-day. Thoshlppeis
say thoy hellovo tbev will be nblo to make a
good pioflt by the sale of the cargo. Thev say
also thai more ico will doubtless be imported
from INorwny If tho wlnlosalo prlco doeBn't i
drop. Holders In 1 nglnnd are pnylng f, a ton ,
for ice, and .Norwegian xesselsaie doing a big
business carrying it there, 'Ihe bark Normoii
made tho voyago from Bieblp, where she took
tho ice aboard, in thirty-one days.
Cnlllnlon Near Atolilaon.
Atchison, Kan., Juno 19,-A hend-end col
llslon between tho pay train and a freight
train occurred this morning on the Kansas
City, St. Jo and Council Bluffs llallroad near
Atchison. L. W. lectin, engineer of the pay
train, xvas killed. The Injured aro: Conductor
Prllcbnrd of tho pay train badly bruised about
tbo head und shoulders; .losoph Hnytvnrd,
back sulloiisiy bunted: Doan llartlntt. us. i
Blstant road mostoi tlln broken, 'Ihe en
gines wero tolescoped and the tender of tho
freight train was driven into a car ot horses,
Killing olgbteou of them. , 1 ho engineer of tha
pni train supposed that tho frel.lit,vvlilcb bad
almost eomti to u ttoii on tbo main traik, was
on the switch.
The lineup In Time ol War,
Tnn IUope. June 1!.-In the Second Cham
ber to-day Herr F.ooseboom asked what meas
ures had boon taken to guard against tbo
possibility of the bombardment of the capital.
The War Minister ill reply, declared that
bombardiuoul would bo of noudvuntaso tuim
enemy und would be contrary to international
Won't f nmurnmlee with the Hlrlker,
I'lmBcitGii, June IS The officials of the Mononga
liela division of the Pennsylvania Itnllroad Company
tiare nntllled ttie striking through brakemen to call at
the oftlce and receive iheir pay. ha overtures for a
conference has been made by either side.
Jul udeon County JLIeetlon (tracers to be Tried.
The trial of the lnd:ted election officers of Hudson
county will be rnored lo Jersey cuj on llonday next
T, E. Hoeiiie, proprietor of the yort William Henry
Hotel. Lake UecSrge, arrived at the head of the lake to
day wlih 100 servants from the Arlington Hotel Wash
ington Ttie ionke and grounds have been put In order
I for the season sd the honee will be ouen for the reosp
lleu of tuumir lutits to-day, ;ue uo4
Worklas lleaneratety at the Hill Fnrra
Mine to have the Ilnrled Men-Awful
Hliepe n nt thrlr Trlenda wt the Mine.
DuNDAit. Pa., June 11.- The Imprlsonod
minors have beon heard from. At i o'clock
Hits afternoon tho men in tho head of the entry
through which the rocitlng party Is working
Its way sent word down the entry to koep quiet.
Exory ono did so, nnd In a moment "pick "
"pick," for udozon Union c nine tb signal Imm
the Inside. Then the mcu went to work with
renewed xigor.
The Imprisoned men cannot be reached for
twenty-four hours let. The rescuing party Is
within a tew feet of tbo line leading from the
Mahoning to tho Hill 1 arm mine, but utter that
Is reached tho men will have to drive
through eexenty-Hvo foot of t oal to
reach their Imprisoned comrades. Tho
best authorities In tho rescuing pnity hold
that It will bo alter 12 o'clock to-morrow be'oro
the men nie reachod. Boit Wormley, the
former superintendent of the initio, was seen
at his house this evonlng. He had just romo
down from the mine to eat a bite. He said:
" 1 was going down the heading a short way
xvhon tho word was passed to keep qttlot. Of
course I kept quiet, und then tho word enruo
Irom tbe face or the hoamng that a faint ran-
ping could be heard. We tuu't roach them lor j
twouty-four hours yet, I havo alvvnii held
that they could bo saved, and am more than
thankful thnt wo nre so near them." ,
The news that the eutoiubud mlnsii had ,
beon board from Hpread quickly Ibioukhout i
tho little mining town, and in a bhort time the
mouth of tho Mnhonlng mine was crowded j
At least 500 people wore cathored thoie. 'Ihe
excitement grew more Intense onch momoiit,
and tho crowd gathered fo clo-oly about the
mouth of tho pit that tbe coal and iron police
wore finally compelled to move them buck.
About H P. M. Mine Boss Gray enmo up Irom
the slopo with tho ropoit that tbo rescuing
party might rench tho party nt any time. Tho
sound nf tannine: ntrainst tho wall bus I eon
hoard. Tho ruBCuers are Inspired with fresh
courage. They do not now fear danger, and it
is probable that thoy will not meet with any.
At 11 o'clock u thousand people were at the
mine. In some way or other the news was
spread that tho men wero sate. Every one who
bad frlonds in tho inino was there. Tho enmo
wlthbrlghtenod face. Policemen were dumb
When a man came out of tbo minus ho was
silent as thu grave, but tho good news was cli
culatod around.
Little Mury Hinlth, 8 years old heard that the
men wore safe. Her fathor Is in the mine, bhe
camo up alone, a prolty llttlo girl. Where ih
my father I" she said, as she came up to the
mine barriers. "He Is not out jet' said a
man who stood by. Tho llttlo girl burst Into
General Manager Hnzzard was seen Into In
the evonlng. 'Vou mm Buy that there ate
mon tn the mlno alive. They have been
beard from. Wo do notoxpoct to reach them
until i or 1 o'clock to-moirow morning Thoy
will bo taken caro of. The Catholic priests are
down In tbe mine at tho present time. Ihoy
will stay there till tho opening is mado I havo
orcioieii a corps oi pniBiuaus to ue at nanu
ready for anything. We don't want to let tbo
peoplo know outeido, because the excltemeut
would be too great, Wewlllreuch the men.
ou can sny the company Is doing all they can
to rescue tbo men."
Late to-night Bort Wormley came out of the
mine. He said that for somo time tho men at
xvoik in the Mnhonlng mine bad not heard a
sound. " We will not reach tbe mlno before
to-morrow morning," said Mr. Wormley. ' Only
two men can work at a time whete we are
digging." ...
In tho mean time tbo suspense is awful.
Peonlo aro crowding to tho danger line ropes,
peering anxiously ut the man way.
It Relates to mil lo Jlratore lo tbe Pnb.
lie Ikumaln Certain Indian I.ande.
Washington, Juno 19. The President In his
message xetolng the bill " to change tho boun
daries of tho Uncouipahgro Reservation,"
This bill proposes to separate fromtkit'te Indian
reservation In Ptah and restore to the public domain
two ranges of townships along the east side of the rea
ervatlon and bordering the Colorado state line ltie
eatd that these lands are wholly northlaes to the Indt
ars for cuhlvettou or for grariug purposea, and It mu-t
follow, 1 think, that they are e juall) worthless for such
purposes to white men
Theibject thf-n of this legislation Is to be sought not
In any pul tic demand fur these lands for the use of set
tlersfor if the) are suscei Utile of that use the In linns
have a clear equity to lake allotments upon them but
In that part of the hill which cunfnea the mineral eu-
fcllB l'l VII,IM,,, ,ll,,a, ,r, nillV'l , Umil llll
lawfully made ' or attempted to br made on said
lauds. ' tt Is evldentlv a private nnd not u rutin
en 1 that Is to lie promoted It doe not follow ot
course that this rrlvale end ma not he v Polly nirl
furious, and the relief sought ou behalf of thane persons
altogether lust and proper. The facts, 1 am atrio", aro
that upon tl e-e lands there urn veins of aKhaltum or
Otlioniti . supposed to be of very great value
1 litrli-s have been mado in that viilntl) but upon
pi bile lands wlilcti tmve been resold for erv largo
amount,. It is not linporiaut, perhare. that ttie 1'ulti d
states should In partlns' with fhei-e (anils, reallro thtlr
value hut It Is essential I think, that farortllkni should
have no an in connntlon with tre sahe The
till connrmt al uttempted entries of these inliieril
lands at Ihe pricoof &r I per acre la price that le sug
gelhe of Fomenting unusual) ulihuut requiring e.
dence of the exi encllture of any mono) upon tin claim,
criven I roof that the claimant wae the discoverer of
the deposits
1 ne lull requires ' good faith " hut It will he next to
tmpoislble for the oftlcers of the Interior Pepartmint
to show tictual knowledge on ttie part of the claimant
of the liafs or the reservation The lase will practical.
If be as to this matter In ihe t anils of the i lalinant
Put nil) should good faith, attlie monientofatlemptmg
entrv, without any requirement of eapendlture, and
fol owed. It may be within twenty four hourtb) actual
notice that he was upon a reseri atlon. give an ndvan
lege lu tho sale of these lands that ma) represent a veiy
large sum or monev "
In flie seiond place I do not think it wise without no- i
tlce even to the Indians to segregiite these linds from
thrlr riservatlon. It Is true I tlilik. that they hold
the. a lauds by an 1 xeculive order, with a con
tract right to take ulloisnents upm them and
that the lends In qnestlnn are nor likel) to be sought us
an allotment h) an) Indian Hut ihe Imliaus have
been plared on this reservation and lis boundarl's ajc
plolned to them and to take these lends in this m inner
Isialiulatet lo exi lie their distrust and fears and pus
slbly to create aerious Irouble.
The New York Press Association nn Ihe
I.lbel I.nw.
Airiiiermit Bv, N. T dune IS The New York Press
Association comluded lis annual convention to-daf. i
holding its final session on the steamer ht Law rente In
C'auaillau watera Tbe repirt of the lion l arm1 1 I.
smith on the I Ibet law was In fav or of the pa. sate of a
law In New Vork similar to inn statuts in Minnesota
with an amendment prohtbttlligattolnere from liarmg
in monev a obtained In si ccessful suits A eoinnittten
was appointed to urge Ihe passage of such a law
Mrs. Harrlaoa at Caps Mar,
ririMtr. N. J June in -Mrs Harrison and party In
clndmc Mrs McKee and the two children. Mrs Pirn
mirk, two malls, and White House Steward IhomesMc j
Mm, wl o was In charge of the baggage artlieia't ape
May this afternoon by special train of twotar Ine
tart) wa-lnet by Mr. H 1 Moliean of the Philadelphia I
)dj-r atidnlswtre who ercorp-d them to rape lu,
Point, where they arrived at A IX o demonslratlon '
was made nnd the ludleaenterid their new home and
were installed for the summer.
I A Gold Ilrlck Swindler Meat lo Prison.
I Wsrsarows, N V, June 19 -John II weeny of
('J)de Ohio, was to-day sentenced by Judge McCJerlln
lo Auburn prison for a term of nine years and six
lnohih Tl e prisoner was ronvieied of yrand larceny
In tl llrst degree hweeu) and another man named
Hull Hcl'ord worked the gold brick swindle on John
B t'hapnun. a farmer of ibis louiily and secured
7,om In cash on May t, IHsh sweeny was captured
In t'hlrago last mouth M cCord Is still at large
Admiral David D Tortsr and Mrs Porter hare ar
rived at their collate al Jaws. town. It. I , fcr the
eeasoiL Ihe Admiral is in excellent health.
sietlKeach of .Norfnlk. I'unu , shot himself in the
hea J yesierday morning and dlrd almost iusiautl), lie
was Is years old, and for a long time oust had been in
eane upon ihe subject ut prohihluou,
llurvey M llooth u wealthy resilient of Roxbury
Peun liai donated rininri to be used III founding and
sustaining a targe public school The donor Is a brother
of Judge Henry llooth of Chit ago
rrof K II. Sneath an Instructor at Vale, and Miss
Annie youngest diiughter of President John s Camp of
the first rutoual Hank of Mtddletowu Conn., were
msrnod yesterdsy at the bride's home In ihe latter city
Miss Louise Peers whodiaappeared from Norwalk a
few days ago has been fm nd at thebomeor hrrmother
Ii ef own loan she sail thai two weeks agu she
lo k e her to have a tooiu esuactedand it made her
George Bartlelt, of Guilford. Conn-, tied M years,
Itanad on Wednesday morning to walk lo tke home of
tl sou In New Haven, a distance of tweny mils, lie
covered the distance 111 nve hours and said that he
co II walk baak la the game time after a halfheur's
IMS, i
JDepnty Kxetsemnii lllrarh Invited lo Alien,
don Ills Sntiiiy or Ulbhe,
Alfred 0. Nason presided over nn unusually
well-attended mcutlng of tho IlopitblliMii
County Committee In Webster Hall lust evon
lng Tho onlv business done wns tho passage
ot the resolution reported from tho Executlvo
Commltteo complin outing tho Passott com
mittee and tho reception of a wall from ex
Jttdgo H. Burdett Ibatt, who complains tha.
having movod Into the Tivontj -third Assombly
district ho cannot got hi iinmu unrolled. The
' wnUwris referred to tho Executive Committee,
ine harmony of this mooting was entirely
BUtierilolnl. Thoro was a great tlonl of feeling
i ntid much bitter comment over n development
, nfthoPlnttaud nnti-Platt situntlnn. Deputy
1 Collector Hli'ch of ( o'lector 1 Idman's ohlco,
bis friends, nnd those or liedtilbbs vvoro in
pouncing Mr. Piatt With exubornnt Invective,
i Hlrsch Bnys that his resignation lias I eon de
innndod nt the dictation or Mr. Piatt unless ho
getasomo other backing thnn that nf As'nm
llyinaii Glbhs. But ho Is it 'I hlrleontli district
. !".ul! "n" u li!b,.m lnfln, and says he will stick to
I GlhbBovonlf he loses his ibue. 'Jhollntt
i !'n were Justus lluent In thelt declaration
hut lJIr-ch ought to go und thuy evou spocl
1 Hod where he ought to go.
Tho Santo Churncs Acnlnat the Comnsla.
loners Put n Another Form.
The Grand Jury found five new Indictments
' yosterday ngniust Excise Commissioners
Meakim, Koch, ntid lltpatrlck. morelv tn
""ii". nutu, auu iiip.ttncK, merely to
ttpersode tlio pending Indictments chaig
liig them xv 1th misdemeanor In omitting
to pass upon complaints against flf.v
jeven saloon koopois whom tho City Ico
f,orm .C.,ul' charged with selling on election
day. Tho new iniliclinontB am longer nnd
more technical thun tho old Indictments and
me designed to avoid vvhtit tho court inlslit
have construed ns de'octs In the form or tho
others, but, ossontlally. thoy are Identical,
rharglng the same omission of olllclal duty.
J ho hxolso Commissioners will be nntllled to
day to present themselves In thf General b'es
Blous to plead to tbe now Indictments.
The Pastime of IIunllBK the Street Clean
ing; Commissioner Hasn't Hurt Htm.
Street Cleaning Commlflslonnr Tluna R iinnt.
tie wns tho subject of a picturesque rumor
yostorday to tho effect that bo Intended to re
sign. The rumor probably has its founda
tion In tho Taintnnnv growls nt tho Commis
sioner and tho fact that protectlvoand ptrcot
cleaning ladlos are after him. Ho has no pres
ent purposo to lay dovv n tho broom. A successor
I to thiol Clork Bennlsloy has not yet been iip
, pointed. Mr. Nlcoll. who Is tommlssloner
Bcattie s prlvatn secretary, Is llkolv to got tbo
place. Lx-Dlstrict hunerlntendent Mlchuel
I Jvennedy is likely to bo superintendent of
Ills Father Wouldn't Let Hlm.SoIIe Went
and He Huh Not Kelurned.
Mr. Ellas Bprlngorn, a well-to-do tobacco
merchant in Burling slip, is anxious to benr of
his son, Jool E who Is 15 yoars old, and a
student in tho sub-froshman class of tlio Col
lego of tho City of Now Vork. Joel wnnted
to tnko a four dajs' tramp through
Ivow Jersey, but his fathor withheld his
permission. Ho disappeared nino days ago
jestorday. When ho went nwny he wore a
double-breasted sack coat and trousors of bluo
nud gray mixed material, a lawn tennis flannel
Bhlrt, laco shoos und a soft pearl-colored hut.
Ho had a gold watch with tho initials "J. ii.
H."ou the rrontcuso. He has dark ujos. is thin
in tho face, and tall for his ago. Detectives are
looking tor him.
Klnts County's Methodist Temperance
A temperance conference, composed of delegates
from the various Methodpt churchta of Kings county
was held last night lu the Kostrand avenue church, In
Brooklyn A. U Pobo nrtsidul J I, .Vucliidl sub
mitted tho riport if the committee appointed
at a previous meeting, n commending the
organization of a Me Ihollst Temieratire league ot
Kings count), to he composed of tho pasture and tem
perance committees nt ea h church The otilect ts lo
advance the cause of temperame in harmony with
thetisagts of the MethodM church avoitlingoll action
of a political nature The report waa tinauluiuu-ly
These were elorted permanent officers of the I eague t
President, i hsrles 1 lones Vli e I residents I)r f. s
tvorlh the Itev 1'. Humphries, and Mrs I-Xaud-rhoff,
becrotary, J. h Mil lull. Treasurer. W 1.11am t'tokes.
The Yuntlc lluck Again.
The United States ship Tantlc left th's port Mon
day via the sorrows, with naval apprentices aboard,
stopped at lort Hamilton to take on powder, nnd
steamed around Lon.r Island and through ttie Round to
Whitrstone, where she remained until yrsterda) arter
noon, when she came down the laet River to Twenty
sixth street she Is preparing for an 1 astern cruise lor
the purpose mainly of training a lot of apprentices
A week tram to dii) she expects to be at I'ortland Me.
and slln KOllIri llutA I, ..ti lli-r nu- 1..,, r,. ,.., ,1.1....
In the transte-of tlio youngsters from ttie Minnesota
and the Jamestown Thero nro llfleeu npproulUes now
onboard, aud thirty more ire expected
A Hmall Hoy Urlnca Ills Rite.
The doors of the Pasteur Institute had hardtr closed
npon the lastone of the seven bo)s from Illinois who
was sent home )rstrrd.iy afternoon, when a poorly
clad aud dirty faced urchin rang the hell Ills hand
vvss done up in a clotlu an 1 I e announced to the at
tenilalit tti it lie had teen hlttcu b) u iiia 1 dog Tin,
1 boy's "gang" had a ci mpunied I n.i In the doors of tna
Institute lm examination 11 w I s found that he had been
bitten In the left hand and arm Ho will be Inoou
luted tu-day.
IVard's Island Keepers In Court.
James J forsyth, wlo was discharged from the lu
natlo asylum on Wards Island In April, t ad Keepers
O'ltrlen, f ollacott, nnd Mctlrourty summoned to the
Harlem Court )esterdav on charge if imsault- For
syth said that scleral of his ribs were brokeu bv the
leepers The licensed said lorsvthwas periodically so
violent that it required three or four men to control
him. A patient, the) sail mho him the black rye.
Justice Durty dismissed thecomplaliii.
IVhere 1'eeterduy's Tires M era.
A It. 10 IT), no last Mtuy setcnih atreet Frank
Oorton's apartments no damagf
T. M -tl ,u Molt streit, Vuong Lungs awning, dam
age fl, ti H. WW li.reonwlch street ilamage slight,
7U'i. JJtf West Lllhteeiilh street. oniilel bv .loon
Iarrelt,iioilamage s t. uwnmg In from of no .sixth
avenue, damage U
City Courts Consolidation Considered.
Ttie tommttlee of the Constitutional lit v islou Com
mission ou the superior ami cit) I our.s and the burro
gate's and Inferior courts of New V"rk lounty inetvts
terilay allerno m at the u I re of its i iMiririou Paulelt,
llolnns. an I dihct.,ed sev era! olios of innsuli lutmg the
various courts un I uetiulog their j ristictiou ,Suat
lion was taken The i ouimillceudjouriiid for one w eek
Illrd Hiinn Arter She Ileal d or tho l'l re.
A frams stable nt :ol Maujer street, Willlamiburgh,
was burned dovwi last night and a Si si horse belonging
to llarrv llorlne of l.xj ilriind street who rented Ihe
stable wis lurneil to ileilh II hen Mis .Vlnri llorlne
heard of her hi sbaml's lose .lie I ei amu hv stern al, and
I di, d si ou alter a h)slciau had been siimuiunid niie
I was bd ) esrs old.
The Jlutlle Jlxplniled lu Ills Ilnude.
lisrtrnder Pennls .Neville of Harrison ,N J , lost his
right e)e on Wednesday night b) the 'Xilnlou of a
hotioofsola water lu his hands as he w as about to
i pea it lor a i usiomer Neville is u well 1 nuwn Hudson
t ounty tiolitn Uu auu w i i do, rkee; er lu ihe House of
As.iiubi) during thu ses-loii of ie-t&
All Vcll ou Ihe SI. Man's,
The srhoolshlp Ft Marys arrived at Lisbon yester-
da), all well
Tlie new I nlon lerry synlliate Intends nn Jutv I to
n move tin ihlrieen i egro porters ou the boaiaanduut
wumi u In their laics.
.lohn lclunre),a'longshorman of 7HTremont street,
who had teen miselug lor line, months, was found
drowned jesierdaj In tbe lowr bay "
Charles K hmlih, who waa lately removed from the
uperlnleiidenor of the Put m lerr) t ompati), has re
celnduprtteiiiof l.iai from the direciors
Mrs Delia i'i sgrove of bin Hiisliing iv.nue has sur
renjsreatollieihurlliescominivn nsraa six. u untlis
old lo) who was placed In her clurgo b) aeliauge
womanlhreeiiii)nthsai,o ' ' "
The census relume from WO of the S7X Brooklyn dls
tricishaiebieil lomi lete.l and lorwurded lu Wajhilig
!on V'.'. fl.u" "idicate that ihe total otiulatl ii will
be slightly lu excess of iai,ij ' ' '
oTNln,i,V.n.i"r.hd,r";'' A, frlr"lll befrijrotd
on June .'X and the members nf the I hurch of o ir
Saviour of which he was pastirfor more lhati tinny
yeara. have wade arrangements to celebralo the anul
v artary
T.w?. "" of the All Souls I'nlversahat Church
and the Church of Our rathsr exiurlon party from
Urooklyn, on Wednesdsy had their gold watches sto su
on the trip up the llu'lsui sli amateur detectives
were detailed te look out for the p-kooi ket on the la
tum trip They arresteJ leorge fouieie of IJi Leon
ard street One of the missing waiehes. II Is said was
found in hts poisessl and he h s been scut to jail lu I
dilaiui oj ai.ouo uujieuilmat csaBUaalita. i
uk must tha rrr, jxn vak't wxtuout $
a ttrcitxutc, ft
HU Doclor Vcmtm 50U a Year, The
Thrre nre lNirloUn t lotlir, Hntr Cuts. J
'1 rli:riiin. Irlr-, atut t WptclM .', f
TlioiutorosHiicaofi-lon whothBrbnbrFran- I
eiaMa.lo.i W'Unltf) h.ia1Uii.o $3 000 a yoar lor I
bUcuionml inulutonaaoH will bo decided tbta ft
eit by l.nvei William II Willie, refaree. cj
Tlio infant vritBtwn ye irn old on April 29. h
Altlmiifcti UU fftilior Wllliim Wlmler, is poor, n
youtiK ruinclfl it.t.or.tft nn rstute of $G00,O0O J
from his crnndlu'bor, Nathaniel L. Mo- :jj
Cioady. Tho biihv'A cimrdhn is hts aunt, m
Mia. Mario W Ualoy (iilsholm. Ills mothar ;H
Ih dend. Mr?. CliMiolm lhos at Kdlsto A
I&lnnd. off tho raiollna const. Sho wants to 3
tako tlio bnb awny fur tho nummor. h
Saernl New oil.arn nIio had lived nt North
Crtrollnu toctlllotl that lMhto Hi and yasun
healthy In IlioBiimmor. ThU behitf flottlod, a I
pchodulo of tho i'lc-iioctho enennen and
otlicrlnfoimatlon wnuccntly obtnlnnd from
Mip, ( hisholni. Sho chan her oxponse for
carlnc for tho child fiom Oct. 1, I8Sy, to May
aiS, liu(), aj, 11 bo(j.CS, for which sho hasra- P
ceh od no co:ni)on(-ntlon. i
In Iut tapjrt Bhe states that baby Is unusu
ally prucoclous, and bo passionately fond of 1
driving that ha la erv day for a drlva.
Drlvos coht $'J each and mio oory other day i
foots up J3J a month. A ho. no tan bo Uent for ,
tho same p Ice. llab noa U two rooms, on
(or sloop and ono foi p'n. l'iien ho must hao
lea in ills own ro!i.j:o.ntu" and wax candles to j
burn all nluht. A inUMu, dmnor is another tf
aocofeoo to hN cner.il cmitort as well as "a t
cow rpe. tally fo.I, tlnit ho :u ,' ha.o the milk of Pi
ono row that cats only wi ...In food." Thore
imit bo a BL'p.inite t.ililo for his nurso
to eat at bocauo Mi- CbWIiolm's othor twr- '
au: aro cnl red. Tho nurn cohIh $,s , :
month und Mirhi nprotm lor her uw amount to I
$'i 40. UiitiVi Ujjb tii-t i h 11 mas woro SH, und j
pins, powdera. and inifio $ huto. A Pair rub '
for i baity mh l) io th at J.dInto. and a
bathtub I). uIoih atiiclos of nndet nnd
outer clothing a e mphiI Jtd, abipi: with tho
tatomoni tli.t t. keep uu tlio inf.int i waul
robo In tho i'.trl-lan aHlcs which ho was U'-ed
tu boioru ho bof.tmo to; ciiauu aUrSeUntsuoua
wld roipilio khuj a j oar. .
Wlmii bain comes i tako .i summor trip to t i
AsheMllo ho will h"o to i ao etius. for ho Is :'
teothtnif. 'ihe n.itty wdl stop at a hotol, as 1
Mis. ('li.Bhului Is anr-o tn tho familiarity i
and enforced (O'utianionHliin ol a hoanlimi ,!
houe." Irwdlcost $i a ook for boird ami t
rooms and $ lorwuHiiinu'. In addition thoro
aio ttaolJtni; ndoiiscs k Iclt.iuis, drus for t
bab'si.bu and ilnnll 5"5(J or a phislcians
Renicos. All of thoso thimrs nio conelsol) o-
prossod hy f 1 Uu. ami a .Mi (Milsholmde g
vutos ono'thlnl of her time to tho infant's In- j
tereel- bite thinks bho can reasonably oluitu j
tho jest of " DUO j
Luwjor lldward Kaufmin of 151 XaRiau J
street who is conductlnc tho caHo for Alfa,
ChlRholm has preparod nn otnboiato brldf.
hich cites lnsances whcio laruo Incomes
havo botMi allowed to fnimt. Amonc thorn m
tho bhaltesnury uiso hiiirland. in which ( 000
wro allowed. 'I lio Fanners Loan and Trust
Compani. adnces tho opinion that $J,soo a
year will tide, Master J rinclu through tlio aco
of safety pins and rattles.
The Weather.
Heny Phowfrit Trll Pi Mrutnia, Knnf, and Txai unl
.Iptit fehuwori) In the MtfiHtl Vnlli-y nJ the North
MectStntrB t-ii.r weuthcr jirciftiled in all other parts
oi tint couatrj
Barmetrn ilaprnaiinnn r re t the New b nulan J and
North wett Male, the Innncr rimcliif hltllt winds Jn I
np;er New ttnilan i nil OanaJi ind the lattf r high I
win fin from Nehraska to North Dakota An area of m
blzh prcinure a puthlnir -uuttiwurd over tho lakes u
with dactJcdl cooltr w at er. tmith nf the laVes the 1
tenjDftrtnri. rtcwrdeil iietH.m 70 and ho tn tlie morn- f
Inn, while uu the north It raided 1 1 tueen 4js and Si. R
It was retSirfl warm our ttie A etern, Soitthera. )i
and sou tli Atlantic btatri aud at nil plnces ranged J
In this t, it y the rncrcu-y reached it hlffhrst point, 83 , !jl
about J o i lock The lowest wit Od1 There was leu
tiutnldit) The avrr.iKe was ph pur - eut. The wind was jlf
north from twohe to Ofteui uillrrt nn hour, and the (11
weatlierfceiitrall tulc nl
Today i rnmhea fo be fair and llzhtly cooler, to- 1l
morrow fair uh stati ini.ry temperature. H
Tli tliennmni ter ut I erry a pharmacy In Tna fic Tl
bull Jlti let orded the temperature yistrrda its fol Iowa 'J
P8J lsio j lRH' Hto, !
3A V . ,il ttn S 1(1 I' M 77 K' If
BA.M .Cl 7u OP M .... 7d' ) !fc
I' A M ., 7i II ) M . 71" 7t I
I-! 1 . . 7o HJ I- Mid 7U et I
Artraive . . . ....71 "f
Atoratftt tm June 1 ! tiH j
su Mt. oruir foHnr.sT Tin ti r m rainir j
I or Maine New llami shire, and ermont, fair; I
ilkhll) v, inner nortliTlj s ml j
For Mft4sa huettrj. It ho do tt and. Connecticut, and
eastern Jfi lurk, jair, tl yhittf tuitfi, rxept stationary
UflfKJtifuti tn eastern Ieu I oik and northern ilattachu- '
tettt, nutth'rly vtmtt
i ttr th 1iffr!rf fit I'nTnml.la anlUrn PavnntTlvanla I
New Jer-ey Del iw are MarylanJ and Wriniila, fair; 3
ntnttonarj tenm.rature, eicejt !ihtty cooler on the a
New Jenej coast northerly wltnU hei umtmr variable,
For weutern J eiinsjlvanl. anl weitern New iorlc, I
fair atatl uury teiuperatuie, northerly vwuds. be cum- j
luif Mulatto,
joi'iim;s Aiiour xoik.v.
1) r atfamihlp Wa'-Hland. just in, pasted three Ice (1
btigh o tih r latltui- l- .
Muslo in I attrrr I'arU this rTulntr at H o clock by 4
l'anc m flxti i in t h KcKlnn nt h ill 1 Jf
l.ood (istliiliiT linatiric .itn) tinthru mV !) enjoyed to If
peilri tluii nt the o.m nit .-urf lluiei nre island lieaca, 3
n iw o jif n tor the sr4oii H
Jii Ue Marline 1 ne 1 Willi nn It Pa Kraft or .10 Wotk 1
Thirt eih itn-vt, mi 1 1 ir atlilr phbiclan. $-jQ
jt-Mfri for i r.i tiii k inti. in a lireiibt am
Man ni i IVreir i .' in in i I urttijiu s seaman on hts ja
na to i n il u Nf .' rh d r I ouddi-iit) on Wf-dne- jl
tla i taf tit on Hit firaiuhoii iti i luuy of the rail , M
Kiurilne If
tho umP or K re m in il Inn II aunt, Mho waa tu
Vliu ke I uft I in in,: ill a i o ! on Ml 1 fi lottery Utt m
but ii i d i) Ma foui.d nciir the tea wl yesterday. 11 u M
si nil ai rrux) e I j
frknt of ! i I, mil. 0 lludaoii. the ennfldence
WMiiuiii villi' i ommi.lr't 'n ilt on Slim Ik), claimed ,
ltrli'd. at itic i irrut' -tr d j nd took cliarife of
Iter hitrial tu I Tk'fffii i emeierr '
(e rx W ii P-i. mi iiiinain f tleholdi'ra Home at '
Waul Imioii ntiBi und aimer ul annleis'y at liroad
hiii sin i I art lm f t ilu) - i tiiooii lie wa but l
P ft I lo bit liiaane, and h tu uktu t the Chambers !
htrret llorpiul.
Waiter I .Tie 1")m i old a nephew of lolm Dor It,
thu ntu-euiii i it prirtor, uailnldiii .! I all at JeiTcr i
t u Miirkri -t r'i.y mi a l iru or ab iii!oinnjr his H
wife Miihel a dune in u um itttreks w lu tiij a fchs tvas I
cerrnlv m r led u 1'lertu !
Ih mi" I'lumors of 4s t Hi l'l beventr fifth i
street John K-ill) or iu I ait I hirteciiih street, and
Jaine ( anahly if . i Is Mtniiy IKtti streu wire ,
i el I in a i wr at l'ie "rk ille I'oii a i urt yeMerday i
on i ItHreCeaof violktimr the boitnim; net. hJCAldertnuu .
.Arthur I Mi y undo Mtriit L.tli fur Iteip
A fituen Lruiikflit lo the Hoard or Health yesterday
imiH ch" ol tte toured keans ihut he had bought of a '
i-niton -tri-et LurbMon htt t.t.ier lor t luuAiuon leans
front Ceylon 1he nppeired m lemade of terra a the,
an 1 su ar refuse cu oie I and ittnied with cluuatnuo.
Ihemlat W arion waa a.keij to aiupe them-
Thei niivdidated tins ( oinpiuy has obtained an in
JunrtP n front ludxe Parrtft remruinlug' ihe city froia
nwari'liikjor eei nt m; an) coutrir r r the coustru9
lion of a plrr ul the tuut ut Wt -"rt) drat street
ninth shah o lr ci the Irre aiiest of tea. a to the
i uiiipaiiy ajier, beturiu rort) ( rt nud 1-urli'iocyiid
Mnet. LU
Judfi-e lograhamol the hupreme Court lias annolnted
wiiliainh Wnlls lntir W i.raj. and Haniuel I II-
Holt rumtiit ou-rt to umu re Into the mental conll M
Hon of Mary An in anl Hie isBa -ar (1 1 nnd Is mf al
tirluir f om senile dementia. Her etaie totnprles
f- ' Oi in railroad bunds and K.OUi tn Proukhn park fe
bun Is r f
1 djrar W eller, a Canadian was held In Jl "00 hall V
at I he I asex Market Court rule' da) to answer h rharjre h
of forxery In .)inrlitlir adnnk in a 11 wrrvshiooii I'i
he fndrred a clirck tor t.h purporiinif t" 'eve hren ft
drawn on II It Ljatllu A o audtajabe at the i hem P
li al Hank, whioli a clerk of Hie t iaiiiu I nu l ronouuied i ,
John Wemderoth, a yenre I a piano maker em il
ployed aaa llnPher ut 0' id w.iti m nrtory it I lib W
erslty plate and ret(th sirrv o. Paris trrem on f,
Wednetda) night and d ed uihishvl fit hui found
by Ha daughter liei si e vtent to rail hlmtotfoto
work yesterday m iiuiu WtuiOeruth tied been on a gi
spne for iwu wetks ,'
The Ileethoven Mnennen Imr nf New York eftrwlll
lrae for lisanuuiU n iner rai url n on July I Ux"u
to Utlcuatid (heni mtti J 'kmisnii I liUnds ati I Nutr-tra
alls Tu kut i J ir-1 iiirmt tra ul IririiN w ih a uuide
to tliest piaies t i v I a putiutied a li.u Uuuie.y
irlntelbook uith isiu i ainiile- rli.liuii of i utuble
ptucew abaut 'he ro 'e l Mr ( f Kline aiilovtr 1UO
phoiocravure llluirai us
( narles Winn V '' ,ml hf-cuii n s nt in the Sa
prriue Tour' i r ujU tMume nitdi a i ri I t have
the aljrni,iMi made by r inauuei hihwai m Nor -'V
Imi: ntasldt on lb .uu.iud of lra i He a I fifes thai
two months bf ie ill asiltfiiui. 1 1 1 nwit reireseutel
that he bad 97 verbis iiabl me Mi h amount ed
tutNO mid l after the araikun ni It was atcer
tallied Mbwab ' Ultlee were ( lOjand LU asieta
The louble d serrireof the lall I'lrer line betea
New .or k and Jiost'iu 1 In fu etlei for thu arasnn
twoaieauiers nun: eai It n n wfi-lt dajaandone
ouhunla)a ne boat runs dire i betteu New.ors:
and r all Itiwr ihe oiler sti , i nir at Newjuteacti
way on uii )sbutone boat uruu omliiuui New.
port eaon way lue new 1'iui an tee lb u iralisbe
Iwern all Kffer anl H ttnit m ronnoui'irt v ith fids
double service are aim ruuuiiiif Tltv stejiuboat ea
I re ruu or tnu a1 Ki r ne n w arrive aud Cm
ri Uvta Uc rrk $$$ WMSSu JuJ

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