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I THE SUN, MONDAY, JULY 7, 1890. '
Tnnvai at at.t. run heavues
Tie ndlnh" oTOlea Ilnnd Attract Thon.
pnnd'-Mlf'"'1" or8llbout-Tho Fllakt
()f n Yciline Man and III Ulrl.
cmrln's Glon Tslnnd boats nnd Starln'8 cm
' 0, on Glon Island have boon busier for
hreo tl.iy In corltic for tho crowds of the throo
Llljavs thnn over boforo In three consecutive
j,-,, nroiubly bociiuso tlio Mos hnvo boon
,0't 'nn 1 clour, for Glon Island Is primarily a
fitr fnthor roort. M'ho I oats that startod
from N irth anil Knst Wtor plots oarly yestor
iay forenoon woro crowded to tholr full ca
pacity with thoso who wont to spond tho
int on tlio Island, whllo tho aftornoon boats
thnt usuntlr return to tlio Island nt nlcht
to trim; tho plensuro eookcra homo
alio toe 'c o coo 1 many Now Yorker who wont
(or an ovonlnc sail on tho Sound. Tho trio ud
I tho 1 asiIJher anil tho b'ounil was unusually
rle.nsmt especially on tho Bound. Thorowas
gontlo wind from tho (-outhwost that was
IittouK rnoimh to pond a Jib and matusall boat
it a kooJ i .ico, whllo It was not stiff onouch to
tnuuncer n small ono. Bolt soomed from tho
deck'" of tlio Btirln utoamors as though overr
craft thnt carried a sail on tho Sound was out
for Iti sham of tho wind and ploasant woathor.
Itwiin illflloult matter for thn idiots to run
through tho (loots of small boats and not run
overborne fthom. As tho nlr was romarkably
C0,v tho lstit of whlto wine dottlnc tho
fcound nwnv to tho eastward until they wore
whlto 'rocks on tho horlon was a scono to bo
reiiiomboioil. . , , ..
Vlihouuh tlio crowd was a Mc one, thero was
ro'i in lor tliom to disport thomsnlvoH on ono
orn'iotlur ( tlio unions islunds nppointod
for tho purpose ono Island lor catluc nnd
drinking m tho American, plan, nnothcron
h.. (iei man plan, another Mnnd for birds and
JtiMiinliiin.o. anothoi Inr b.ithltic. ond lnt a
littl. Maud or rock to which wl-o, younc men
o ooilmni walk from tho Merest Island nt low
tl.'o in. I to tholr imtonlshnioiit, llnd ttiem
fchea cut otr by tho rlslnc of tho Unod
tids 'JliM! smart Alecks cot caucht
In tin" v,iy vosiordny. nnd thoy spont
twn I ) ir trying to tnnko tlio people
en slinro iIton to their tnln of woe. They
iM-io nl out to undro-,8 and Hwm aslioiowhon
that r' i't thing was nipped In tho hud by ono
ri iint,,i' oil's policemen who called to tho
voting men ih.it thoroworo a cord many wo
tiimiI' ll citthoiu In tholr predicament, nnd
ii i.i i h Ml I "mmit a misdemeanor thoy
vrouiil b arrested on gettinc to i-tiore. Thoy
ili'Si-ted Ir.iiu their scheme. Aftorunrd they
llu" owns another brilliant performance at
tin-K aii'i vostordny. Thoro Is a "hallow chan
nel t'O'tteeii tvvo ot tlio tsl.imK and at high
v-at'T iBteiim launch takes pussoneors around
ft I hi blgi 'nnd through tt Is uhnnuel. Ayounc
M tiiri'S' rt.ncn pretty voting woman nmblod
A' uptotim boat hotihO about ( I'. 31., and Beelnit
m lliH.ul'i'riisDinunt of tho launch, concluded ho
wo . i MkoliiHIrl fur. i row around tho Island.
H icured n l.ul boat for llfty conts an hour
I iitj"-tir"' Iieforo helm Ironed nquarterof a
I n lolicfoiiiid tin- wntui sli line nway from tho
H to.it imil nit to s.'ii in a must alarmlnc manner.
H f i i h I a i studied tho f tiiatlon foi a fow
1 minutes tlio rouiii: man concluded tho tide
1 i. ibum; iind ubb'ni.' last, and ho would
1 uM)i'li ,tlotii:ot back. Moanwlillo a vast
H cio'iilm nion nnd women I'athored on shorn
H nn iriivr 'ho ouni: man trv to polo back Into
1 ' ilepw iter with ono of his our. He mluht as
wi'll hio tried to polo il up Urondway. A
mlnuto ir.oro irid tho buat was hlah and dry.
M dot exact I) di .. liocauso ttio mud nod slime Is
A iiijuiitolk'liteenfootdooii.andwhensomobodyin
' tlMCrowil nked th ounu'mnn wliyliedidnot
tiiku clT his slioes and utocklncs nnd wado
,' uslioro wi'h tho uuiik woman In hlsiiruiB, tno
B crowd luujhed. and the )oitiiu man In tho
I Ijoat losnonded in an ironlc.il tone that tho
other ounc man was lory funny. Thon
tin crowd Inimheil ncnln, and tho younu
9 mini in the iio.it out down with an angry
n kLbturo. missed the ul.ectlo point and
rolled oor backward Into thn bottom
I of the buat, 'tho girl hurst Into tears.
9 It was plainly lmposMblo to get tho two utifor-
tuiinto )oung iori-on9 off It was dangoroiis
H for them to mne boeauso the I oat, being on n
D 1iIl'IiI:co1 was liable to tip thorn nut into the
I mud. Ihoywcro still there alter dark, waltlnir
1 foi the water to rise high enough to float thorn
1 oft", which would bo about 11 1'. II.
H in tl'olinoof Uvo altrnctluns on Zoological
Island, uo.tt In populat interost to tho
fl lnmikesn' caws is tho llltlo elephant who
i ' lia-u't rot learned tho wisdom of accept
J la': eaptliity iibllosotiMenlly, nnd who oceti-
pus his tlmo in itentlng schemes for
Milling up his stnko or breaking bis chain,
wli.tli sometimes results in his totting a twist
on his cuatnod fore leg tliat tangles It all up,
hi that the kinks iinxo to bo taken
out liv a keoper. Next in interest to the
elephant Is Mr. btnrln'a aintnrlum of
lifty big clnfs tanks. Tno nluo of the
onuarlum lies In tho opportunity you have of
feolng in thoir olemont many llsh hnwked
about Now on. streotsory much out ot their
eloineut. Thero aro pretty litMo killios, used
for bait, largo -tripod tm-s.'.ea bass, nnd weak-
llsli. who boldly look the human family in tlio
laco in roturn for tho stares thoy got:
also fool 1'hh. so called boeauso thoy will
tlio at a tenponny nail whon otferod as
bait: porcupine llhli, stuigeon. crabs of all
Mirletlos. Hkntn putTer". and many othorflsli
found in tho nolghboihood of Now York. !u-
B clu ling a 1 irgu nnmboi of soa robins, which
nngloii docllno to horor with tho name of llsh.
Ml (mo of the inot p pulr.r places on tho Island
II Is tho pavilion, whoro a good band plays all
Ml (inland beor Is sold. 'I hore was a good deal
w ol lun had iu bathing. Hundreds entered tho
H wotei
I A nun lioo rays wnro or just the propor
wariinh nnd n mild broezo from old ocean
luiulo a happy combination nt Coney Island
lostei.lay to tho grout de iht of tlio thousands
who biiont Sunday on tho island, and
oinoyed themsshos according to their
aiioiis Individual t.vtos. Neior did the
coi i tit hnll prosulctoii ot West ilrighton wear
a liuppii r look us tt.oi saw tho coin ot the
loalm pour into their coiTors In a stearty
uream. 'J ho elratTes, olopliants. dragons, hlp
1 ogrius and tigers In tho inorry-gu-rounds had
lumints i ii each and eiory trip. Onoestnbllsb
ii out iniide a lili.' Lit by ploying only gospol
hums en Its oigau with nlm which uevor
fulli'il to draw a crowd.
If wo i ould only havo about throo Sundays
In oio v weok llko thl-." said tho popcorn man.
us lie iiibbml his hands, "wo could all rotlroat
tie end o' th" n;,i-ra."
It was tho biggest crowd that tho Island has
Fueiit'H ic.ir but thoio wasn't n singlo nccl
di'iit, ami not moie thnn half n do -on young-
( ei-Mrwu 1 away from tholr parent during
the il.iy. In tho Uiturnoiiii tho crowd had n
tuiiieo to ,-eo what tho Conoy Ibland l'Iro
3urar nient cnu de. Thorn was u llttlo
bin e in tlio gas house at West Ilrlgb
t. ii anil (ho way tho I'lrn Doparttuont git
to tl of. oiin niul 'Oiibed out tb llames would
haie won tho adniluitlon of Chief lionner.
(Ilinore at Manhattan lieach and Heidi at
hnp it in prmed to bo good drawing cards,
nn . tho tlirmus nt thobo two places wore of
g ,o I si. o '09. Tho weathor was bo balmy that
i' (.'re.it munvstayed nor unill oionlng and
returned to tho city by tho lato boats and
train i and i ory fellow who didn't have his
gi.l moug looked cnwotialy at his nolghbor
W' 'ii.id a bit of fomlnlnlty tuckod closo to
i him.
I i ily jO.0'10 roroons took nn outing nt llook-
a'Mij laiicli yesto.daj. They btgnn arrllng
an. Iu the morning, and crnlinuod until latu
In thn iiiiomooii. Heats nnd trains wore
cioin'cd t i the limit. Tho fr. nt oi tlio boach,
Itoiii imriio t the end of tho bem d, was
Htii J with penplo' watching tho bathora nud
tho in ling buif. A largo crowd stood and
Wat aed venule l'lillioii. as. mounted on a
vo d hi gloim Ji ItK lioa in diameter, ho walked
tin and down the 150-foot spiral runway of his
Ii w i .
'Ihetraiibpoitatlon facilities to Dowory Day
J.ovh w..., tnod to their utmost yesterdin to
urciunmoiintii tho big crowds thatlsltod that
Ilni-o iltiiitii; tlujdiu. hooios of faml'y parlies
tuni el eurlyiu tliodin, cariylng lunch has
I ot nnd liablo-. Thoy ail si-ttlod down in
i-niii' sl.uj. non!;. whoro thoy proceeded to
ii y (lio day In pleufe stjlo 'Inward noon
hi;) i t.i'Ii WHS swarming from ono ond to tho
oil 'T. ni'J Mcbt combination 1b glilng
OMilu'lunsoii llio grounds,
V Iriaryt'll) lo IIiitp A'nnllirr Tlicntr.
j 1 1,0 now thentro which Is to ho built In Jer-
r Llty 1 y tlio Klein OBtnto will not bo a in
tlr'y thatre. ns was at Hist Intonilod. As-em-tlyniai.
Mlihriol Malono. who used to bo tlio
It' r ard proiaiotor of tho Jirmii'ty Arour,
Ins feeiiiml tho lenbu of tlio building forn
V rm oft. 'ii years. lie will superintend its con-
KH'i i ion, which will l.egiu this wook.
lie u iv i uddlng will l ous largo as many
J ih.itl.ealteh In llu, elty, nr ,fiU, mi
J I I tag". Mr Ma mnihaiH ho will place It
'ii .i i tho iiinnii.'eiiiem of an o. erienced the
fin a ii an igr of this city, and will urotent
i,1 ! '". . ntiractions 'llu, leuso which Ma
on. iio'.u foiM.is tho snlo of any Intoxicating
'7 ,"jr l'i h ihuatro buililiiig. The building
; I o ready fur occupancy about Sept. 1. and
will ; oiii'ii ivlth tho fall season. At present
twro is only ono thoatre In Jorsoy City.
iiunira llnller round Ilroivnrd.
v Tho bolyi.f Jnmos llutler, single, 40 years
v I o.d i ii- fmind In tho I an Illvor olT South
i cot M.llmusiiiirgh, last night nud tnken to
ttio loig e. IIu Iind not I eou seon slnco tho
I i'.n "u'rf '"'' ' ' Issupnofed thodrewn-
I i,7' at '" Id'iilnl Ilo wns a stoel 3prlng
I iiV''ii . ""'''.' ,,ut l"d boon Idlo for somo
l "mo. n il.asrilatliisinhowarkandKuhway.
i. .' l'rtilJ on vn wife a ui Mtllln' rdod'
1 lit.." ".'"'rtlty Mlln Kood lulu un w.
JiL - 1 ""'1 "' ' x'"' y" ,,la ' ' v- "s Hewion,
xwnizttN mANcn aku afuica.
Instance of French nnbllcnn latolsranee
-JXeeearehe on the Mite or Cartlinse.
TARts, June 10. I nm sorry to havo to de
nounce, boforo I lenro rrnnoo. ono or two ro
cent acts of tho publlo nuthoritloi, which provo
all too ovldontly how llttlo the men who govern
tho country caro for tho rollslous convictions
of tho (troat majority of rronohmon, and how
dotcrminod tho pront Minister ot tin Into
rlor. M. Constant. Is to oarry out to the blttor
ost oxtromlty tho vlolont law of porsooutlon
onacted nnd so brutally oxecutod by him In
18H0 nnd 1881.
Yostordny morning, in tho town oroommuno
of Vic (Ilauto Mnrno). occurred n scone wnlch
strikingly recalls tho exploits of tho Crowbar
llrlgados In Irolaud, ntded by n strong posao
comltntua ot nrmod constabulary roPnforcod
by dot.ichments ot Ilrltlsh soldlors. with this
dlfferonco-thnt tho Trench magistrates nnd
soldlors nssomblod nt VIo had not como thoro
to o let n tenant In arrears with his landlord.
"Thoy had como," tho tologrnphla despatch to
tho t'liiiFmsnya'to Install n Iny school mls
tross In a house boiiuoathod by n prlost to tlio
town on tho oipross condition that tho to.icli
ors In tho school should bo nuns.
"Tho Becrstary-Qonornl of tho profocture.
tho sub-profoot ot Langros. tho Inspector of
tho Academy, and tho captain commanding
tho local gondnrmorlo woro on the spot dlroot
lng all that was dono.
"Tho pooplo hal massed thomsolvos In front
of thoschoolhouso to prevent tho nnpronoh of
thosowho wnntod to tnko possession ot It. and
flvo brlgndos ot condarmorlo on horsobnok
were ordorod to chnrgo tho orowd.
"Thomon In tho crowd roslstod: tho womon
lay down on tho ground to block un tho way to
tho hoiiso. Booing this, tho gondarmos solzod
the latter, draggad thom along tho ground,
and boat thom.
"Tho wife of Won Mottot rocelvod a sabro
autln tho face: a Mine. Ileoouvrour. In doll
cato health, was trampled under tlio horsos'
feet Ton persons had tholr garments torn off
thoir backs.
" At one tlmo the horsos rofusod to advanco,
nnd a second chargo was ordorod. This was a
furious onset. Franoois Lnmarzotto was
draggod along for somo twenty foot nnd vio
lently beaton.
"At longth a gondnrme. rovolvor In hand,
loapod Into tho houso through a window, nnd
opened from the Inside all tho doots which tho
locksmiths had declined to touch.
"I'loaso romark that tho population of Vie.
tho Mayor ot the town, and tho wholo Munici
pal Council aro Itepubllcnus, but thoy are do
tormlnod to have nouo but the Sistora to teach
their children, and cannot understand why
their wishos aro troatod with suah outragsous
This Is only one fnot among many showing
with what Inconceivable fnnatlclsm tho antl
Christian Masonic sects who tyrannUo ovor
Franco aro possessing thomsolvos of nil the
Institutions of oducntlou nnd benoflcouco, in
splto ot the resistance of tho peoplo.
Tho othor fact, which opens a second cam
paign of extermination against what remains
of the eupprassod and banlshod monastic or
ders, has just occurred nt (Julmpar, In Brittany.
In 1830 theJosults residing In that city woro
oxpellod by main force, in splto of tlio oarnost
nnd unanimous protestations ot tho cltl'ons.
Thoy aro now drivon out again. I mont tho
Lenten soason of 1SIU in tho Jesuit rosidonco
at Quimpor, having to preach tho Lonton ser
mons at the enthodral. and I can spoak with
porfeot knowlodgo of the mrulost, retiring,
hard-working, and solt-sacrlflclng mou who
composed tho community thero, and of tho
woll-do-erod xonerallon In which thoy were
hold by tho population ot both tho city and
the surrounding country.
It is because these cood prlosts aro known to
bo among the ory bostoducatorsof the young
nnd the most trustod guldos of nil clnsses in
tho country, that tluy are docriod and porso
cuti d by tho ouoinlos ot religion.
However, the French Ooornmont need not
have lecourso to nnv lurther decrees of expul
sion against thom or tho other suppros'od or
ders In 1 ranco. Thoy aro now taking meaburos
in tho Legislature to prevent efloctualls any ono
of the remaining religious houses from enjoy
ing a long lease ol II to. Two distinct laws, de
parting entiroly from tho common law regard
ing property holdors. double nnd trobls the
taxes and burdens on tho properly of all tho un
authorised religious o'tabllshmonts, so that It
Is Impossible for thom to exist much longer.
Even tho Little BIstois of the Poor and othor
such admirable associations aro, by a local
fiction, supposed to haio a yearly rovenuo. and
on this stippi so 1 rorouue n tax has to bo paid,
which the pjor Sisters must pay orclosoup
tholr houses and turn thoir Infirm old men nnd
women on tho street. So on with others llko
thom. and all thus for tho beautiful purpose of
laicising charity ns thoy laicise education.
Thoro havo Dion npponls to tho Council of
Ktato and to tho Court of CnsatIon : but theso
haie decided that tho uvatious laws should
bo exoeutod. and In consonuenoo. tho appeal
ing ordeis have now to pay a sum ot two mil
lions and a half of francs iuto the publlo treas
ury. Hut a member of the floiornmont. nnd
one of tho high officials of Fronch Masonry.
nowmoios to compel the unauthorized niiu
tolerated roilglous communities lul'rnncoto
pay. as arrears duo to tho Kcbonuor slnoo
lMhO. nn additional sum of twenty-two millions.
Truly tho men In power hero have discovered
that there nro moro w.usot killing on: thoir ad
versaries than hanging or guillotining them,
'lhoso are the Impolitic, tho unwise, r.na tho in
tolerable acts which mako tho ery mirao of
tho l'rench republic iiiitolul to so mnnv
Frenchman who would othorwlse llko to seo
free Institutions llio nnd prosper on this soil.
Let mo turn from this uuploaant hubicot.
and ask your readers to acoompany mo for a
few minutostothn shores ot tho mugnlflcont
Fronch colonies In Northorn Africa.
In ono of my last loiters I deseribod tho
opening ot tho new cathodra! built by Cardinal
Lin luorlo amid tho ruins of am lent Carthago.
I could thon only glaneo nt somo of the recent
ly discolored nnd vorillod sites of tho groat
city which at ono tlmo was mistress of tho
Mediterranean nnd threatened tho Indepen
donco of Home horsolf. M. l'lorro Vouillot. bon
of the chlof editor of tho I'nurrt. glos In a ro
cont lssuo of that journal most instructs e de
tails about tho arehieologlcal resoarchos of
Cardinal l.alcerlo and his missionaries.
Whon the "Whlto l'athors" fVir lllancs)
woio llrst ostnblished on thosltoof thoCnrtba
ginian citadol they had no notion of benti'Wiiic
much tlmo or attention on the study of Puulu
iind l'litenlolan nntliiulllos. Hut thoy soon be
came, nevortboloss. most oxport and success
ful nntl'iuarles. 'Ihey dlscoHiod on all sides
fragmonts ot pottory and mosaic, coins be
longing to the Carthaginian. Itoman. and Van
dal epochs. "Thoy vonturod to mako four or
iho oxcinntlon-, and brought to light largo
romnants of old walls and nnclent tombs. Tho
Cardinal was dolightod with this lesult, en
couraged, nnd dlroatod thom to contlnuo tholr
rosonrches, nnd placod funds at tholr disposal.
Tho conaeiiuonce has beon that incut Impor
tant ruins liaio been unearthod, which have
helped toward detormluln-'thorospoctlvo altos
ot tho l'unla Cnrtbago nnd tho Itoman city,
tocotlior with their principal inouuinonts.
' These rosiiltstiao lod to the croatlonofn
marvellous nnisoum filled with objects of tho
rarest value, all Intensely Interesting. This
museum now oooupieu an annex of tho thoo
logical seminary
' ItwnswithiathorI)olattro,whowltliI iithor
Itogor began theso nntlrjunrlan dlscovorion,
that 1 Usltnd this morning (May 17. lh:iu tho
mufeom. Thore nre fingmonts nf in out thick
walls rounded intu mighty aults at thn ery
door of tho fomlnnr. These boiougod to tho
rofidoncoof tho Jliiinsn I'roconhUl lu tho first
centuries of tho Christian era. Opposite to
theso were the prisons. Christian ronfnssora
ol the luith were brought horo by thousands
before tho tribunal ot tlio pagan mnglbtruto.
Hero thoy professed tholr belief In Christ, ro
oohed tholr ilontli sentence, nnd woro olther
ordered to Instnut execution or waited for
death in yondordungoons.
"Now wo havo on this snot a seminary of
apostolic missionaries lor thn regeneration of
Africa, bo wo hero see vcrlllod 'lortulllan's
suying: ' mu;ui iiiiiiiihim, urmni t'.rdfmii
oi'Miu ' ' (The blood of the martyrs Is tho seed
of Christians. I
"CmitriiHis of this kind forco thoniKohos on
tho.observorat ovory stop A chnpel is built,
loi Instance on tho snot whoro tho oxenvations
laid bare a tcinploot Lsculaplus; iind on tho
ruins ot a temple, dodlciitod to somo ono of
the Infamous l'h rnlclau or itomnn goddesses
Is a conent of nuns. Idolators-l'hirnl-eliins
and Ilnmnns, horotlc.il Vnndnls, and
foroolous MusbiilmauH-haie succeodod each
othor horo, nnd on this land, now bocome
French territory, tho C ross Is trluinphnnt."
From tho Proconsular rosidonco our traveller
went to tlio Amphitheatre. Vandal and Moslem
liavo hero done llio work of destruction pretty
thoroughly. .Nevertheless, tho outlines or tho
Iramonso structure remain perfectly distinct.
Tbo circular aron at Otoe strikes thn oio of tho
visitor: nnd fiirthoroxcavntiona will ounblotno
uil'-slonarlos lo uncover ull the i nut sub-structure
with Its colls. ... . .
"Horo It Is." M. Vouillot says. " that tho
blood of Christians was poured our most lav
ishly. Horo, too, as formerly In thn Coliseum
at Home, n largo oro's has beon plantod, A
llltlo lurtbor on Is nnothurciosH, on the spot
whoro It Is proeumod Ht. Cyprian suiTerod."
Anothor moit Interesting ruin Is that of tho
groat Itoman Ilaslllca, or Law Court, whoro
the I'rnitor and hU nssessors sot In Itoman
times lo administer justice. This, lator, be
came a Christian temple. Another vnst Ilaslll
ca, only Inferior to this In sUe. stood nearer to
the seashore In ou of Uieso-ln tho astttca
Major, most probably tho groat Sf, Augustlno
trlumphnntly rotutod the Donntlots.
.Fnthor Helnttro has succeodod In restoring
nil tho ground linos of this vast edlllcc. Thoro
was a giont semi-circular court nt tho ontrnnco
to the building, surrounded by a Pillared porti
co. Tho bnslllcn IIboU was a groat ijuadranglo.
tormlnatod by tho usual nnso or hemicyclo
where tho.Iudges and their oifloors sat. Instead
of the throo naios gonomlly found In the llomnn
llaslllcas, this of Carthago had nine. I'pward
of ono hundred columns, olthor ot mnrblo or ot
urnulte, woro found lying on tho ground near
tholr rospootlvo bason. Thlrtonn thousand
jrngmonlsof Inscriptions and epitaphs hno
been dug un from tho soil of the Intorlnr.
' I rom tho Proconsular re sldonco to tho Am
phitheatre, from this to llio IbiBillcn Major,
and from this ngnlo to tho Ilaslllca ot Thrns
liiiund. wo beheld on our way l'unla tombs,
ruins of prlvato Cnrthnginlan or Itomnn dwell
ings, ruins of stnblos built for olepliants, of
baths, cIrcuBns, gymnasiums, nnd elsterns.
Ilesldos prlvato clntorns tho city popsoAscd two
Immonsn uilbllo rocroIrs. Ono not Inr from
tho bench, most pr ibnbly built by tho ItomniiB.
has beou wonderfully wall rostorod. ltMipplloa
tho ontlro tionulntlon ot tho const, as far as La
Hoiitotto, with doliolous water In this cao In
Iho rock rolgns tiorpotunl nnd grntoful roolness.
Tho water Is brought In miiinducts from moun
tains on tho other side ot Tunis, somo fortr
llio and sixty miles distant. Tno rosorvoir
contains 17 bnslns 100 tool long. '20 foot broad,
nud .'10 foot deon all filled to tho very brim.
'Tho other groat reservoir, tho work ot tho
Cnrthnglntnns. wns ot grentor oxtcnt, though
probably ot loss depth. It was between six
iind foion hundred lout long, with a breadth
nt nearly MJO foot, nnd contnlnod twenty-four
cistorns. It Is now In ruins, and Is tho Bltoot
nwrotehod lllage."
Two shallow ponds near tho shore woro
shown ns tho sltnsof tho great military nnd
commercial harbors In tho tlmo ot Hannibal.
In tho mtisoum nboio mentlonod nro found
lamps without number bolonctng to vnrious
porlods of Cnrthuglnlnn history. '1 be Chris
tian period Is nIo represented by character
istic lamps, nil bearing tho well-known om-bleras-a
dovo. a llsh. a cross. Horo nre Punlo
lnmps dating from n period throo thousand
jours ago. Thore ato ory cuilnus mosaics,
both Christian nnd pagan: specimens of pot
tory, of glassware, many of which aro won
dorfully pre-oned: fragmonts ot statuary
and lins-rollots ot groat historical valuo
as woll as of nrtlstlo Interest: Inscriptions,
epitaphs, and coins of all porlods. In thn
tombs so far oponod wore lound skeletons,
ono of which Is of uncommon Blo; jewolryof
overv description, ncoklncos, brncolots. bro
cades (gonerally In tho form ot n small hntchot),
rings, tlio stono orcontroot which Is always
ongiaiod. On bomoof thoso stonos. oiton not
larger than tlio siro of a largo pin's head, tho
nilcroscopo discolors mnrvollous doslgnsml
nutolyflnlshod. In little children's or lnfniits
ci aiert aro always found small torra-cotta
thinking vessels.
In ior' many tombs woro llttlo cylinders of
beaton load, forming rolls, and thoso nre
covered with mlnuto chnrnctors, which, on bo
ingoxninlnod and carefully rond, nro soon to
contain Impreoatory wishes nddrossod to vari
ous deltlos, such as- " O. yo lnfornal Uods. de
Ihcr me speedily, by her suddon death, from
my wife, nnd I promlso you. in roturn, I shall
sorvo you dovotodly all my lifol "
So. doar readers of The Hun. If ovor you
should onturo in quest of health and sunny
skies uoartho coast ot Algeria or Tunis, do not
fall to visit tho modorn Carthago. Thoro
good Cnrdln.il Lavlgerio or his mtsslonnrlos
will givo you n wnrm and hospltnblo wolcomn.
nnd oii will Iind many things potto bo seen in
thoeltiosand museums of Continental Luropo.
You will como away satlslled, at any rate,
that tho good men and truo of Christian
Franco, nro making tho shores of Not thorn
Africa blossom once more, not only Into tho
glorious promlso of civilization, but Into tho
ripening fruits of apostolio horolsm.
1)kiinuii OT.Eii.r.y.
Did He Drue Ills BrotherM lYlfet
John J. Flomlng of Greonvlllo Is defendant In
n suit for damages begun by his brother Wnl
tor, who Is a grocer. The brotbors lhod to
gether. Walter Is married. John Is single.
Walter alleges that some tlmo last February
John cno hla wifo somo Unuor which ho bo
llevos wns drugged, nnd whllo sho was under
tho influence of It oiorpoworod hor.
John loft the houso aftor this hap
pened. Waltor snys, nnd ho did not
Iienr of him until he recolved n noto from Law
or ltobert Hudspoth to tho oITect thnt his
brother had begun proceedings against him
for slander. Ilo en o the letter to Assombly
mnn Frwln. who Is his lawyer. Nothing more
was heard of tho suit, and finally hn began his
own suit, Walter says his wife will appear as
a witness against John when tho case comes
to trial. John's friunds say they bollovo ho is
A Woman Take First Frlie.
Rostov, July C Again has a young woman
carried off tho honors in nn Intellectual com
petition. The Boston Herald recently offored
two scholarships ot $C00 and $400. to bo paid
In lour annual Installments, to tho graduates
of 1P10 who should write the best composition
on one of a number ot subjects. Iho wlnnors
will be nnnouncod to-morrow, and aro as fol
lows: Firft prlo to Miss bylvia Clark of Plnk
orton Acadomy, Derry, N II., for her composi
tion on Hawthorno's '110080 01 Boi en Qablos;"
second prize tn Albert L Thomas of Drockton,
Mass., who took for nls topic Coleridge's
pooin. " Tho Ancient Mariner."
A. Fight forIllood.
Asnunr Pauk, July C Last night thoro was
a prlzo fight on tho beach, noar tho Pavilion
llotol nt Keyport Jack Crawley, a boss In a
brickyard, has boon boasting for some time
that ho was the light-weight fighter of Now
Jorsoy. Hurry Hopkins u boatman, agreed to
light him. Tho two men woro only bathing
drawers. About luO men. including several
olllcors. wltnossod tho bout. Crawloy was
knocked down In tho llrst round, in the sec
ond round Hopkins floored him again with a
terrific blow en tho mouth nnd, jumping on
him. pounded him badly. Thoroworo no ar
rests made.
Killed a Cowboy with a Htone.
Manitou SrniNcs, July G. Bovoral months
ago Duracgo was visited by n lira and two
children were burnod to doath. Isaoo Yobo. a
cowboy from Mlverton, wns among tho spec
tators, nnd whon Goorge ltnymond, tho editor
of the Ilurnngo Herald, requested tho use of
Voho's horso to secure aid tlio latter rofusod.
In oonsoquonco of tho refusal ltnymond at
tacked Yobo through tho columns of the
lleralit. On tho Fourth llaymond lslted Bll
orton. vhoro ho mot Yoho. who at once as
saulted him. In self-dofoneo Itaimond picked
no n stone, which ho llrod, killing Yoho Instantly.
Their Yacht Hunk r Ushtnlne.
Mxy's Lanpino, July C Tho sloop yacht
Ilolon and Lillian, bolonginc to John W. Clark
ot this place, was struck by lightning onrly
yesterday momlne nt Bomors Point, nnd sunk,
Tho mnst nnd Mom woro struck nnd torn to
C locos. Tho yacht was carrying a largo num
orof persons of this place on a pleasure trip
down the Groat Fgg Harbor Illvor. The party
went ashore at Burners Point, ond on their ro
turn to tho boat found It sunk. They returned
homo by rail this morning.
'Wouldn't Allow Tlirm to I'lar nn Hiindny,
FnoTiDF.Kcit, July C The first of Sunday
base ball gnmos at llocky Point was schodulod
for to-day between tlio Athletics of Oluoyiille
nnd the Wanskueks. both of tho Ktato Loaguo.
Four thnusnnd pooplo were presont. Col.
Amnsn Hpraguo, .SherlfTof tlio county, would
net allow tho players to go upon tho Hold,
threatening to nuo-t thom and prosecute tho
utnnusorB ot tho resort if tnegamo was started.
Train Jlolibera Cnptnred.
NonTn Yakima, Wnsh., July C An oast
bound Northorn I'aclllo freight train was
boarded here to-day by two men. When tho
conductor nskod for tholr tickets thoy drew
roiolvors nnd compelled tho conductor nnd
brnkomnn to hand oiortlUO. The robbers
thon jumped (rem the trnln nnd escaped. A
posse went In pursuit when newB reached hero
and soon captured the robbers.
rnti-lotlo Hervlcea at the Old John Htreet
Th lint tnnml Oonfereuca of th Ml!:o-l!jt Rpli
copal Cburoh ri solved that en tli Brat Hunitur After
Hie Kuurtbuf July jiatrtotlo nrrlcei aliouU It bald In
the churches of the ('(infertile In nicorilanca with
this resolution Hie llev. W W, UowJuli. pastor uf the
old jo'hi Sueet M I I hiirch arroimid si eclal srrvlces
lor last eventnir Memhers of Farrairm einraii amo
cliitlmi an 1 Naval Tn ill A It Mil, I haiihilu l.dnuriJs
nf Hie titerau ori and Cape Ostium the last survlr
injr nifmiier of Atlintral Parrarnfa staff wtro rrissni.
llotli t lnl'luln hilwurJiai.il apt. usuorn spoao The
taller said that when heaud others san the Alnerlcau
llaic hauled Uonunt Inrl buiiiter Iher sal and wept In
sorrow blliernei and rati (.'apt Oslniru ilnw from
a rubber envelope a Miiall Arueilcan ting Mhlch lie
said, was the first tlair raised In New Orleans when that
city waa retaken tir the I'nlou foroea. He thouirfuibe
American Hair should Moat oier every schoulhouse
There wns lnliur under the direction ot J Helcher
Hhnu time De Vere of Ibe choir uf fir 1'aileus
oburch aaof " 1 Know That My Iledeemer Uvetlu"
To Take. Dr. aiber I'lace.
Pr Von Scheie, a fellow student In Paris of Dr. rani
(IILIer of the I'astenr Institute, arrived yesterday on
the Trench line steamship I.a Ilrelairne. He will take
charge of the Institute on July 10. when Pr. Oilier will
sail for Ktiropa to attend the International conference
of pbrl lans at Herlln Pr. Clbler will visit lil mother
and will try to persuade her to return with him to th
hew World
Another patient, a alrl of I&. the daughter of a nroinl
rent physician, was admitted to iho Institute yester
riar ebn was bitten by a sick dor about an hour be
fore It died on Saturday llbad been sick for nve or
six days and became paralysed on the day It ills 1.
One of tbe Doctor a patients, a little boy from Indiana,
waa dltotisjf ed yesterday. He audi Ota cluslsen pa
tient. KansnsBatMBeaBKnaSKainEaiRBHBSS
'When the. Country. born Itabr Died tier
s Maeanehitftfitt Hrandal waff Devel
oped The Ulster of the Mother Throne
f-iouiQ l.lsxht Ifpon the Case.
1'iTTBFJiEi.n. Mass.. July C Auttust Hoit(ten
tholn nnd his wife of 237 Udrlduo street. New
York, who advertised for n baby to board, say
in this moraine's Hr.v that X, 0. Church, who
loft with her on Thursday n baby thnt died on
l'rldny. rravu ns his address 1G Hocond street
Plttsdetd. Hero livos Ada C. Church, the
divorced wifo of B.C. Church, nnd the oldoat
dnuuhter of Assessor Georco II. Wnrner, n
fnrmer ot Btockbridco. Tho yoitiic woman
snld that hor 18-year-old slstor Mary was
tho child's niothor. and that its lather was an
ncod rolntho of tho clrl'". n innrrlod man, nnd
n mombor ot tho Concrocntlotial Church. Mrs.
Church said that whon Mary's condition was
discovered eho was taken to tho homo of a
rolntho at Nowburcli, whoro tho child wns
born sovoral weeks nso. On hor rocoiory tlio
two determined to farm tho child out. In Now
York papors thoy saw tho ndiortlsoment ot
Ausust and Sarah ItocRonthoIn. nnd tho child
wnB tnkon thoro on Thursday, and ninnoy wns
paid for its keeplnc for somo tlmo. On Friday
Mrs. Cburoh rocolvod a despatch roadlns:
llaby 1 dead. She died 10:30 this mornlnr.
Mrs. Church said thnt sho could not under
stand why her addros had boon loft with tho
Itnccentholn's, as sho had nothloc to do with
the coso.
Mrs. RoRcontholn said last nlcht thnt she
had not hoard from tho baby's relations, riho
told n bus reporter that two women and it man
brought tho baby thore, havlnc opened neuo
tlntlons by nlottor flora Nowburch. In which N.
O. Church askod hor it sho would take a baby
for his wifo. Hho understood thnt tho youncer
woman who accompanied Church wns Mrs.
Church. Tho baby wns well supplied with
olotblnc. and wns wrapped up in four yards of
calico. Church said it was six weoks old and
hail no name.
" You can call It what you llko," bo addod
with a iauifh. It had n large bottle full or cold
water. Mrs. Iloiruontholn said sho would cot
it Homo warm milk, and Mrs. Church replied
that " cold water would do."
The child wan sick whon Mrs. Ilocaonthein
took it. but sho thoucht it wns only oxhau
tlon. Sho worked with it nil of Thiusdny
nlcht nnd l'rldnr. but It continued to crow
worso. nnd ltdlod on Friday oonlnc.
Thore will probably bo au inquest.
Threatened Sale or the Grand Stand to
l'ay lor Teddy Z.arkln'a Clothe.
rmi.ADEi.rHiA, July fl. 8. M. W&naraaker .V.
Co. havo obtained judgment for $77. 21 nnd
costs amounting to (4.70 boforo MORlitrnto
Kmlth acatnst tho Athletic Base Hnll Club, nnd
it n settlement Is not mado by Tuesday noxt
Constable Edward iiovlln will proceed to soil
tho grand stund and chairs at tho Athletic
C round.
Judgment was obtained on n suit to recover
for clothing mndo for " Toddy " l.nrkln, upon
nn ordor from tho olllcors of tho club in Feb
ruary lust. Arrangomonts wore made for tho
Bale on Thursday, but tho director asked for
an extension until Saturday, but fallod to ma
terialize at tho MaglBtrato's oQlco.
ET-AldormanCharlooHayden dlod in Doston
on Saturday, need 70 yoars. He was a promi
nent Odd Follow, having boon for twonty-ono
consecutive yoars tho Ornnd Treasurer of the
Grand Lodgo of Massachusetts, had been
Ornnd Patriarch of tho Grand Encampment,
nnd when tho Odd Fellow's Hall Association
decided to ereat a building at tho corner of
licrkeley nnd Tremont strootsln 1870 he was
mndo Treasurer of the corporation, and fortho
past twenty yoars has held that plaao.
William n. Pickering, n brother of Aldermnn
Itichard Piokorlng of Brooklyn nud a member
of tho city stalT of the kUimlard- Uniun. died
yesterday of peritonitis at the residence of bis
mothorln Arlington, near Halo atonuc. Twenty-sixth
ward. Ho wns for soier.il years con
noctod with his brother's newspaper, the
Drooklyn Adiance-Htcord.
Intelltcent SomaarabnUnm.
From Ike llUlburoh Commercial Gaztlt
A model messenger boy. whose success later
in life ns n poltcomnn Is assured, has beon
found In tho Wostorn Union telocraph oflleo.
About 2 o'clock Saturday morning he enmo
moekly into tho Commercial Oazrttr olTlce with
a bundlo ot telegrams. Ho threw one down
mochanlcally, nna banded his slip tor tho tele
graph editor's signature. On receiving tho
slip again ho walked out silently and went tho
rounds of tho other newspaper ofllcos. Ten
or llftoon minutes Inter ho came wnndorlng
down Fifth avonuo toward tho Assoclatod
Press olllce. Waltor Unlthor. an employeo
at that ofllce. saw the boy passing
without stopping, nnd ho followod him
donn tho Btroot to see If ho Iind any
thing for the AsBOclntod Press. At Market
street the boy stumbled and fell, nnd. as he did
not arlo again. Mr. Unlthor thought ho was
hurt. Ho hurilod up to him and found him
onjoylng blissfully the refioshlngslumbor of
innocent boyhood. After somo trnublo nnd
vigorous shaking tho messenger was brought
to his sensed, and It was found that ho had
somo cony for the Assoclatod Press, nn Mr.
Uaithor had surmised. Tho boy thon started
up streot, pinching hlmsolf all tho tlmo. and ho
visited tho various nowepapor olllces. Ho was
1 err happy whon ho learnod ho hnd dolliored
all tho other tolegrams properly.. Ho says be
must havo been asloop whon lie started from
tho oflleo. and ho thinks something iuipponod
to him before ho reached tho Atbociatea Press
oflleo or ho would not havo mlssod It.
Tola the Truth nnd JUost hi Case.
From the PUulurqh THtpatch.
Tho robust and healthful Independence
which should always be suggested by the
name " American" has not boen wholly monop
olized by tho clrla, muoh of it as they now
possess. A man of vory gonulne and Inspiring
independence was a wltnoss in a wostoru
Ponnsylianla court not long ago. A Inwyer
who hnd tho cross-exnmlnincof tho witness
tells tho story. Everything wont woll until n
certain ijuostlon had been asked and ns much
of It answered us fulfilled the lawyer's desires.
"fltop there. Don't toll any more about
"Hut thore is more to toll. I hnvon't fully
answered the question."
Tho muzlo wns held firmly in placo. but the
wltnoss was not subdued. J.ven when tho
Court had rebuked lilm ho was still respect
fully insubordlnnto.
"I have boon brought hore by authority." ho
nrguod. "I have boen required to tnko a
fioltimn ontti to tell tho truth, tho wholo truth,
nnd nothing but the truth. Now, you muBt
nllow mo to keoii tho oath you mndo mo swear.
Nolthor Court nor counsol has a right to forco
mo into porjury because tho oouusol don't
wnnt just unite tho wholo truth. 1 insist on
mv tight toglvo tbe remainder of my nnswor."
' And, if you'll believe mo," snld the disgusted
lawyer, "that ha) seed Court sustained him,
nnd 1 lost my caso."
air. Thompson Refer to No, O,
At yesterday's meellog of Typographical Union No 0
a loner from Iho typographical Unlun ot (iultirle,
Oklahoma, was read rajlng that William Thompson,
with whom No. n had a long fight here, had applied to
them for honorary membership and had referred them
to No a tor a recommendation. Jitauy thought that
Thompson was p aylng a Jokn on the iluihrle uulon
Uneor the members, however, MU'geste.l thut Thomp
son might want P bscome it union man. ami tnoied
that the uulon give Mm a rei ommelidHtlou Hie mo.
Hull and the letter were laid on the table.
The rttrnuaft Sunday Concert.
The second Sunday concert ot the Strauss orchestra
At the Msdlson Sipinre Harden gave music lovers au op
portuntiy to enjoy n varied programme of popular
musio last night The ten numbers flncliidel, among
other tuneful Lnmposiiloiie.ri'iirali a Kuropean iourn
anil Johuun Mrauss s "ilyrtie Klowers uult. Hie
attendance wan larger than un Pie priiedhig humlay.
It istromised that beir will be on tap along with the
uiusli, and Ihe ballet lo night.
Where I'eeterduy' Fliea Were.
A. M.-l 39, U31 Knst Twelfth street, Abraham Co
hen's shoe store, damage, flio 10 as, Ml Ninth ave
nue, George liegeman's atartments, damage, M
I- M -1 Jo, 40 1 Last Elghty.elgbtn street, J. 0. Don
nelly e apartments, damage R.', :i Ol. pie Second street,
Jacob Itently's printing ofllce, damage, 8jn, y an, first
tloiToftw Sheriff street, ilimur, fin n i.ilrst door ot
U14 Seventh avenue Jacob l)ernsttn damage, $20i
0 15, 1B7 West Thirty llflh street, damage trilling, luiui
S2ii bun lun street, Mag Uolilsliear, grocery, damage,
lobn Tolner Mllar.
John Vnlner, ' years old of 1'U (Iraiid street, llu
bokeu. left l.ls home to go lulling on the yourih. lie
baa not been een since Ills friends fear his boat v. as
captUed aud he was drowue 1.
Court Culendara Thla Ilay.
SorBfiia Corer Citiveess Hoilon calendar, Not. I
to sa. catted by Jndge Andrews at 1 1 o'clock
Hushocuts' Coust lor probate Villi or Frauds W,
Saunders, John Martin, fieury 0chler, William n.
Jenkins n. kl. Jones, and o. l. .vrendnrer. 10 A. M. i
Harry I.lonl, itoitt ItoUuchUd, and yajitU Ji Jonntoi;
Highest of all in Leavening Tower. U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. ij, 1889.
An Instrument which cvn lnrdly belniked nrnn with
a ktodly ere by nnpunetuil uatchtnon nnd other em
ploees. a part of whno duty It Is to ptsoe ttiem-o'vei
on record at stated time'. Is the lnsuiiigraph Ih.s tie
vice, by the aid of electric currents, presents at a pre
determined time a clear space of paper tor signatures
at Anopenln?ln AeultAtile desk, and at the end of the
tlmenf graoe allowed moves it pan the opening Tlio
tell tale nnd time checking sj stems hitherto ued nw
Ingto the fact that the necessary slgnAln nre male ly
electrlo currents set In motion by discs, or plugs or
press buttons, are to a certain extent Inentclent, as ihey
allow of the possibility ot a tilse reghter being m&ile
white tbe employee Is Absent The IntumgrAph. linn,
ever, by making an autograph at a particular immieiit
of time neoesary, minimis ea the possibility uf f rind
One of the mou beautiful sights In ttio world will
loon bo seen In India. Tbe unpiralleted beaut) of
the Tai Mahal rill be maite visible at nlnht, and
still further Ideallred by e'ectrlo llg'it Illumination
Within the neU month powerful aro light" will he
placed tn ea:ti of the front minarets on each ot the
teck mtnaretn. and 1 11 the Musjld and .lawab Tin
effect will be All the more nrlMnz from tin fact that
the main bultdlng will hate no light stationed upon It,
so that the points mentioned u lit be thrown Into mag
nlflccnt relief.
Kecent Investigations by rapt. 3. I' Mactear have
brought out some new and Important facts cnuernlng
the I ehavlor of lightning unJer certilu condition
After examining a number of trees which had been
struck by lightning he found that tbna whto! nera
struck before the falling ot rain woro shattered, while
thosi which were struck after the rain bngan were
simply scored, and had tho bark mori or lens blown otr
These phenomena point to tho fact th it during rain
every tree la cnnductln; electrlolty. other coneldera
tlons Affecting the Issue Are the position ot tho cloud
tlio Amount of follago nn the tree. Us conditions of
moisture, and Its connection with running water.
An occurrence which shows how particularly ready
electricity Is to avail itself of any opportunity to
"short circuit." or stray from the right path. Is reported
from Ohio The swltotiboard of an electric company
caught fire, the machine began "flashing " and ttio
lights went out. It was found that an ordinary card
photograph hat fallin Into the switchboard and the
gilt edge around It bad como Into contact with the two
cuds ot the line, ttmi canting a short circuit.
In reference to a recent suggestion thet nn electrical
tricycle would have a large sphere of usefulness the
superintendent of an electrlo light station writes- "1
have often wished tor an electrical tricycle, as I contd
make It very useful for lamp Inspectors on street clr
cutis, and replace a defective lamp on very short no
ttce." He alBo states that he could make au olectrlcat
tricycle to carry two persons that would be of the grett
est sen ice In hunting breaks, aud be preferable In
many ways to the horse and hack which are now neo
esary on a long street circuit for expeditious und
effective- repalra.
An enthuslKstlo entomologist is receiving dally from
the local lineman the moths which Hud their way Into
the arc tamp glob In an adjacent street during the
night, I Irde are rear'estly building their uests In the
hooas of the lamps, and we aro told that au electrlo
light superintendent In Nashttlle received n unique
present from a colored workman in tbe form ot a sack
full of honey bees. Th swarm was found In the hood
ot un electrlo lamp, where It had settled tho day before.
A slngnlnr v. rlnkte. which will be appreciated by elec
trptans, is glten In an Australian electrical journak A
correspondent describes the visit of the telegraph In
spector tn hla station, and aiys that after a battery
which had got out of order had been fixed up, the In
spector asked for a little sugar. Afieraomedemur the
apparently queer request waa granted The inspector
then began to waah hi! hAnds In th usual wa with
soap and water, but after rubbing on the soap he added
the sugar, and a good lAther was Immediately produced
lie said this was an excellent plan when working with
magnesia or copper eolullons, aud completely prevented
the diagreeatle dry feeling experienced In battery
work. The operator confirmed this, having found that,
after washing, thebands came out clean and soft
The storage battery ts destined to play such an Im
portant 1 art In the future of electric traction that any
adillllon to the resources which will Increase Its rfll
clencylswell worthj of notice. The dislderatum In
tho storage battery Is re luced weight and increased
delivery, and tbe problem is being now attacked with a
determination and enthusiasm which. Judging from the
irogreee made In the last two years, will soon establish
the storage battery on n firm commercial bisla One
of the pioneers in this work, as well as one of the first
au'horltles in the country on the snbjectieu o Mall
loux.oneof the risults ot whose experience has Just
been given to the public tn a new application
of the Accumulator. A common source of In.
convenience and illflliutty In electric lighting
and power ctroulte lelh variation In load whli h mav
In AnlnstAnt Jpmpfrom nothing to the fullcApiclty of
thn mAtbiueg, This produces not only a very unJeslr.
abteiliictuatlon In tbe electro-motive force, but a'so
eudlen and severe strvlus In the engine, djnamo. And
entire michluerj, by which tho cost of repairs Is ma
terially increased Mr Mallloux'a del Ice constats of 1
notel application of the storage batten for the purpose
of lessening the loa lot the dynamos ly reen forcing them
at th proper time from the battery The intention is
as Ingeniona as It Is useful. And It is likely to be largely
and promptly adopted
A nw phonograph has bien devised in Germany Tho
pound wases are recorded hi was y lines on a strip of
laperor on smoked glass. As the paper moves along, a
straight Hue Is ilriwn at a short dlntaucn from the wavy
line The two lines are then enlarged and mid metal
lie or. In other words, conductors of eleotrlclty. The
reproduction Is effecte I by laying a tine pUtlntim wlro
across th lints aud moving It along in a potitlon per
peudlcnler to tho straight or hast lino. As current from
n battery Is made to Dass Ir nn the recorl Hues to th
platinum wire, an 1 as a telephone Is in circuit it will
be seen that as the wire ts rubbed along over thn paper,
the length of wire Included between the lines and con
seipiently the resistance of the circuit, will snry The
original sound Is ttius reproduced In thn telephone,
Thero seems no immediate likelihood of Hits Insrrument
coming Into serious rivalry with the lldlsou phonograph
Another Industry which Is destine 1 shortly to be
stirred to Its very depths by the udientof the electrlo
motor Is that of the bootbbirk The f.rsl blow at what
will soon bo regarded as the ancient practice of hhlning
by hand has been dealt In fhlcvgn where e'ectrlcul
blacklngmachlnesuie now at work on tbe streets Tbe
outtUlsof the sluiplist descrltii'D A small motor Is
concealed in a bog beneath the font rest of the bout
black's chair , aflevtble shaft with one en I atlnrhvit to the
armature spindle has the other fitted wlthu retolilng
pollihlug brush The nl) other element In thn outfit
Isa small push buttun, and when this Is touched the
brush spins rounl at a speed that laikhs to scorn the
deftest hand that ever gave the exultant IIuU'i to the
morning toilet.
A singular phenomenon is records 1 on the lutliority
of u lieruiuu ecieutiflo paper It Is state I 111 1; 01 e
ei suing In a stearlne and ceresln factory in Italy some
vats of white ceresln, which Is a para'hue ubianied
from ozokerite, were cooling down and when lhe hid
nearly become solid the el trio tight that illumine I
the room wins out Th cere'ln Immediate!) became
luminous wherever it waa louohed and If tho hand
was brought near, long sparks or nearly two inches
were obtained Thl remarkable luminosity Is am to
have lasted over half an hour.
An Invention which Is designed to be of special use In
now storms, fogs and cases of color bliinhiees is an
audible electrlo slgual, which was tried in this tit) lust
week with most satisfactory results IWieti one trulu
Is 011 ahlookof traik proiei I'd by the couirliaiue and
another enters, a warning Is glieu to the engineer of
tbe ou romlug train in the shape ef u flat Iron disk ot
bright red color, aud the ringing at the s une tune of a
goug These operations are eiTecti 4 h) au electric cur
rent along a wire, one end ot which Is attached to ttie
body of the loiooiottve an I the other to the Oral trutk
of the first car. The circuit is made as the locomotive
wheels touoh one rail at a iiisguetlrad polut aud lb car
wheels another
An Ingenious Instrument catled the telecone is now
used to control any ludlvldual slgual at any desired
point on amain line circuit It euab'es a signal to be
ixhlbiteil alany po'ni without luierfinug In anyway
with any other signal on tin. inms circuit It Is
worked by the ordinary trans'oit'ing kei. and Ihe
Morse alphvbet Is u.o I th, unr iiii' i 1 1a bu n'lvnn
Ufieous y use 1 on n-ieji jue hi es jutrol sysleius. aud
for mauy other purposes
One of tbe most beneficial w nys of purlf) Ing rooms In
which tbe atmosphere la especially liable in vitiation la
to produo ozon by electrical aparks. and the practice
has been siroogly recomroeuded by th highest medical
authorities. The delightful freshness and Igor wbiob is
peretpUM la tin lr afluaiutwetinulufromsa
ordinary Influenre machine le a proof of the salutary
and refreshing Inllienco prodmed. A phjslclsn In
Philadelphia has taken very w l.e step In the Introduo
Unit of ASinalUloctrlo machine for Ihe production of
ornt.e It ts In a compact form, ope-ated by a small
battery, an I can he conveniently carried. There Is said
lolioalargedemvnd for the machine for purlf) Ing the
sick rooms or prli ate patients
The great importance of lelegriphy can be clearly
seen from statistic istetv published It Is shown that
there are 2,000.0011 miles of land lines eilstlng valued
at jio,uiooo.i. The cables belonging to (Internments
aro I3.17H miles long, an I ere salunl at pjn.(su,(iiu.
The cabl companies hav luT.ooi mile of cable, coat
Ini IIHO,ooo.oyi and have a total capital of &tvjn.t.
Tho gross espenllture on land lines ami cables ha
been over f5sO.ooo.oisi. All this has been creeled dur
tng the last fifty jears, and most of the submarine
cablo portion during the last twent) five years.
One of tho most popular inventions nf recent year
Is that tt a floiton man n ho has patented a lever ar
rangement, by means of which tho keyboard of a piano
may bo dlsconuected from the strings, when the In
atrument will become mute, although tho original
touch I maintained There ha been great anvleiy to
know svhether th control nf tho levor will be confined
to the person seated at the piano or extended to one or
all of the Audience It Is notorious that for many j ears
conversation at fashionable gathenugs has been Inter
fered with by the playing ot the piano, and a grateful
relief from this Infliction seems to he at last at hand.
Those who admire digital facility can still be gratified.
for there Is nothing to prevent the performer from
mesndtrlng placidly over the keys or rushing over tbe
ke) board like a mighty mountain torrent, the ex
edition Is there Just the same, though the sound Is not
The large class who go out Into society to talk can now
talk without pauso and without stint and those few
loiersof inuslo who Ilk It for Us own sake will be
AbundAntly consoled by the fa that the greatest good
for the greatest number has been attained, Tho worst
point about the new device la that t'lere Is an electrical
connection wbtoh sound a betl whenever any faults of
touch or time are committed. It seems somewhat nn
fair that the public should have to sutler tor the sins ot
the performer.
A case of considerable Interest to electrical engineer
Is now pending In f.nnlsnd Three ot the engineers of a
local electrlo lighting compmy wero summoned by a
barrister for damage to trees by wires. At an early
period dlRlculty had existed with the trees, and several
poles had been shifted In consequence of the owners
giving notice that tbey would not allow the trees to be
cut The present action arose out ot the dAmage al
leged t" be done to trees dedlcited to the public in the
avenuo outside the complainant a grounds, and over
which he claimed right The question le being argued
on point of law. It belug regarde I as a test case, and
Important Interests being luvolved. Ills maintained
that the freehold extends to the mtddl of the rovd.
Although the suverelgn and subjects have rights to pan.
A novel use for the electrlo motor Is reported from
Altoona, where a mot i-worked fan is employed In a
vault whoro books are kept In order to preserve them
from the effect ot damp
The prices paid for certain recent Inventions are inch
as to give encouragement to those plucky und uu
daunted Inventors who are still struggling to mature
and rormulate their Ideas Majo- Walkln received for
his rouge tinder J17"i uuo, and Siw.ooo has been paid for
the llrennan torpedo.
Who are someot the more noted polrglot of the
present day. aud how many lauguages does each of
them peak ? OiTansoi.
Pinln l'asha is said to speak twenty different Ian.
guages or dialects, John Stuart Blackle of Edinburgh
peaks about as miny, "Doctor" Dollln, Interpreter to
the Court of General .sessions In thla city, speak nearly
as many. The interpreters in other po)glot cities,
sch as London Liverpool, Uoston, and San Francisco,
must have command of a large number or languages
Members of tbe Itusslan Imperial family are required
by custom to apeak sev en or eight languages, and prob
ably most of the Important princes of Europe speak
six or seven. There ts no one man now alive like Car
dinal Mexzofantl, who, when he died In IHtn. could
speak Hi languages nnd dialects Thousinds of persons
read more languages than they speak, and probably
Emln and rtlackte can extend their number of Ian
guages well beyond the score by Including those which
they can read.
Is there nny rule governing the use of the hyphen
In tompound words I 1'aimib.
Goold JJrown gives a short rule (Grammar of
Fngltsh Grammars p H."). "When the parts of acorn
pound do uot fu'Iy coalesce, or when each retains It
original accent so thnt the compound has more than
one, or one that Is movable, the hyphen should be In
erted between them." "When a compound has but
one accented syllable in pronunciation, and the parts
ar fluoh as to Admit f a complete coalescence, do
hyphen should be Inserted between them." At page
51 J he gives this rule at greater length.
Who was the boy that had tho five barley loave and
two llshea with w hich tbe Saviour fed the multltu le r
11 J. K.
There Is a charming story of a mo lest lad at a Sunday
chool meeting, who modestly put this question to a
number of learned ministers, and when they gave it up.
modestly gave the answer. We ve forgotten his exact
Answer, but believe that th lad in the Bible wus (ac
cording to this modest boy) the eon of John the Apo
tie smother, therefore a cousin to the "lle.oved Disci
ple " This is probably one of Kuseblus a yarns.
1 What Is the Greek word meaning "as the ox
ploughs f" 2. What people wrote In that manner f
11. a.
1, loiufmpAedim, a the ox tnrns In ploughing. 2. The
term Is applied to the Inscriptions of the llimyarltee,
the Inhabitants of southern Arabia, from the Knphra
les to Abyssinia, Tho Ilimyarltlc language is variously
considered as a dialect of the Arabia and a n distinct
lauguage. The Ilimyarltlc writings are generally from
right to left but where tho lines are very long tho
boutlrepheitm mode was adopted
When did th Kdgr Thompson steel works shut
down and how long out the loikout lastf Will )Outell
me something about Mr Andrew Carnegie! , F. H.
In the middle of January, latu, the) remained closed
until March, lew. Mr. L'arnegle waa born In Dunferm
Hue, bcotlaud, Jv'ov. 23. IS.13, he waa trought to this
countr) In 1H15. and iu 1847 attended small engine,
beoame a telegraplur, speculated In oil aud made
money, which he put Into Iron manufactories. Is the
lurgetl Iron aud steel manufacturer In this country,
lathe franchise, as laid down In Mr (llidstone's he.
form bill of Itii, the same In Kngland aud xcoilandaa
Ills lu Ireland and also the rental oualnUallon which
enables a lodger to vote uuder tue Lodger Fran
cllise " clausesl t'sivio IUiusr,
The "Representation act" of ttoii places thethre
kingdoms ou an equality as to electoral qualifications,
the act or 1833 was a " Ileillstrlbutlou act" notafleot
tug the qualifications of voters The rental qualifica
tion Is X10 iu all 1 arts of the Culled Mogdoiu
Iu Ihe ".Sew Kngland Primer Is that beautiful
P'ayer "NowIIa me down to sleep. I pray Thee.
Lord, my soul to keen, If Isbnull die betorn I wake, I
pray Thee Lord, my soul t luke 1 do uut know
where, but I 10 real that John yulncy Adams, 'the
old maueioqueut" repeated this prayer nigiitly to his
deaia Did he da sot libera ran 1 tlntl lb fct Iu
prilltf llllKUl MiHl ilLkg.
r-cu Howard t life of John Quluc) Adams.
I. Who wrote "The Hasheesh Tatar I" 3 Under
what ililemay I find a lite of liulwer Lytton bearing
epeilaliyon his home and aonal life I II II. U.
I, Flu Hugh Ludlow, born !"., dlej 1K70; It waa
published Iu lrtj7. 2 ' The Life. Letti rs. aud Literary
Iteu'i-iusof Kdward Uulwer, Lord Lyttuu, 'by theprti
eut L'arl of I.yttou, will give one side of Uulwer Lyt
ton'alifei ''Loiters of the late J'dward Uulwer, Lord
Litton, to Ills Ulfo " will give the other side.
Of how mnnv members do the House of Lords and the
House of 1 ominous c insist 1 M. i, w.
The Hous ) of Lords consists of 211 spiritual lords
f Archbishops and lllshops), 470 temporal lords, and 41
representative 1 eenot Scotland aud Ireland, the Home
ot Commons consists of U7u members. Our Senate ha
B4 member and our House uf lleprcieutallres 3JU
Wrist was tbe cast of "Julius Criar " at Niblo'i about
fifteen years ago vv as that the stfougest nhakespereail
combination t LuiisH
Wedon'trecA'l any proluctlon of "Julius Cesar" at
h'llilo a then. Booth produce 1 the play at his theatre in
1S7I. playing lirutut wiih Harrett at Cbwmf and Jiangs
rsxfarcAnroiiy, This wss probably the strongest com
biuation key. t-rther for more lhau ono performance
Who Is "Rudyard Kipling" J I) V
He's a young ludlsii clv.ilan. about S3) ear old He
was educated in Lnglaud, relumed to India, and ha
lived In the Kills II has been a newspaper man. and
About two year ago published "Strange Btories of tbe
Hills " Bloc then h has been famous. UU Dam, by
th way, U Bulf aid gjfltsf.
m 7
HI Overworked Month Mtlll Kxhlhlta A. ,fM W
fonlnhlne x'.udtiriince. fj If
Mounpivim.e, V. Vn.. July C IIx-Gov. Bt. J$U
John of Knnsai nud KvaujfollFt Bain .Tones 1' ii
nddros'od 11 crorit untliorlncof l'tohibitlonlstex tl r
11 tho rrohlbltlonl-t cntup srnund ut thlaplneo ISiHJ
to-day, nnd both uponVoro said pomo vory un ifSttlv
usual thine. Tor iiistnnco, , loners said: F")r?s1
"Now. I know somo pooplo who pray (or tho b1 M
abolishment ot saloon. Thoy tall; nnd ther f' ! '
nintto ti ffcit nol-c, hut tn tholr limor foollnea flf ' ' 4
tlioyars) ronllv'roil Inlt.' I dou't think much x 9
of tlioo IoIIowh who snonk homo, cot on their '5j B
knoos aid praj to dud fur tho iilmllnhment of 'frill
tho xftloon''. What's iho uo'' dod knock out JeS" 4 (I
tlio laloon-. Thoy nittet l,o voted out. 'Ihono III
puilllntiimniiB niFonK In nrnilne nro hoctdiip; ' rf 'Jg
lurdod to do somothliu; which thoy hnvon't 1 If
Kot tho liciirt todo tlumsolvop. ;, G
" Htinm pcoulo wiy thnv muet stick to tholr 1 r $
pnrlynnywny. Well, if ou stick to your nar- lj" iB
ty jou.l co to hull Hiiro. 'J hero's thnt Mutt ij. A
t.'uny 1011'to lioiird of him. lie's tho hend of ) ' ,fl
tho lloptttillcnn party liuthontinktinwHWlioro I'
ho Unjolni lo II ho don't lepont 1 think lio'll ' ' I
ond up In tlio pin 0 win 10 tho worm dleth 110U ,1 ,f
I ran put ho'h purl lot In holl nny mornlnc bo- ' , it
foro Iho ikfait nnd I wou t havo to tako nnv- 1. In
thlni; hut iho Idblo todo It, iithor. .Itiht nliere , ;)J
both pnttuM on- Is laid down in u thouBiitid j . ,,j b
and ono plucot " 1 k
.Mr. .lotio-t t-nid thnt nltliouc.li ho votod for ; ' I
risk for President, ho had 11 porfoct r sheet for '! ' ft.'
Clrovor Clovolnnd. Ho was ouo of llio tiravost, v! IS
Rtraiclitoit-initidod. opon-hunrtod 1'iosiilonts TLY
Hint over occupied tho cli.ili. I.nud ntipl.iuso. ijt.f
which lusted sovoral iiilnutos.l Ho had a back- , 'Ji if,
bono 11B lili: around 111 that post thoro (point- ,1fyl
Iiik 10 ono of til" liu:oilll.ir that supported i'J'.f,
tho pavllioiil It was not Harrison thut bont (fti'li
Clovplnnd. 1 bollovo it wns tlio iiufdlllinlnious f i,c
rni-cnln in tho Dotuucr.it io pnrty that boat , 1I11H
Clovolnnd." J lift",
As anothor Instonco of backbone ho mon- j JfHj
tlotipd Muhonooi Mrcliiin, utiil aflcr cracklnir I fit 'it
tho old joko about Ills woluhlni: only ninety ivfitj
pounds, olclity ol whloh were bnckboup. Jonon If'-fi'lR'
said JInlioiio was nlvvavs rendv nt any time to ' jjviB '
llcht tho wholo Htato, physically or otherwise. itliflS'
KT-tiov. ht. John Introducod Jamoa O, 'Kikvul'
llntno Into his remarks, nnd paid tho l'lumca liiljil
vnlitht iiulto a compllmont. cxtolllci; his llfi,
"Twonty Voars In Conitiosa. ' Pvpipl
IThnt an Experienced Afrlcaa Traveller k'X
neeommends fnf'
JYom the n,linnrots fun w4v
A rorsplrlnc Aim roportor ran across thoro- VW't
formed African exploror, llr. 1'nlph Terry, ''sii&
Baturday: xM
"Hollo, Doctor I How doos this woathor iSpl?
sultjou? Islt ashot aslt isovor In.Mrlcn 1" ' iff If
Tho chlldliko emllo faded from tho Doctor's ''.M'l
innocont faco as ho drew forth a memorandum fvcf f
book nnd wroto thoroln the Am man's couuo- 'gft ,fj
men and numbored It: uili'
" Youni; man, you nro tho fl72d mnn that i;l
has nskod mo that iuestion this wook. I nm &!?i?r
colnu' to tolornto it up to SOU, and thon tho 1 WV I
work of annihilation will bosln." M "stpfjl
" Well. I nm clnd Ieotlnsldo thollmlt. Any j, Wl'tt
thine now In tho lino of summer cocitations I" 5''fcif
"Yos. Did von ovor notice that man who 1 '&"
coos about with a hat jammed on tho buck of f Wrvl
hlshoad nnd his handkerchief stuffed inslda Sfw'i
his collar? Well ho Is the Identlcnl man who 1Saji
Invites 11 caso of sunstroholo visit him. Tho .StJ
phllosophyof the caselseryslniplo. All of tho ll,!-l!S
blood from tho hond nnd brnln Hows nw.iy lo- " i' ?
wards tho heart through six lnrao veins In tho ' jv.4 9
front of tho neck nnd just beneath tho skin. l j j'Bii
Stulllnc tho handkorchlof Inside or thocollnr k'$K
prossea upon thoso veins, dams thom up ns It ff ifj
woro. nrovents tho blood from cc.ipinu from 1, ailtili
tho liruln. nnd ns a losult thoro soon follows 11 Ifjfffc
concostlon with vlolont heiiilncho. nonous- ItiiAi
ness. turgid olns, ana reddenod face, whllo "'f.vJJ?
tho perspiration pours out nnd nccrnv ntos tho I ii ?ii
poor unsusnectinir v Ictim of his own Icnoriinco. 5; frfl
When you see onoof yourfrlonds ptilln sonkod ' J 3M
hnndkoEctilci from within his collnr, hold it ur , h'iSi
to iho brooro and clout over It. cently romlna , i'CM
him that tho practise is dolnc him no cood. ,, J,tK
"This Is also tho season when tho cltlroa v ' M
who In winter drinks boor to koop Mnrinuovy , ' (W
lmbibos tho snmo boveruco to koopcooltpiob- 1 , '"fin
ably on thonssuiuptlon that it la npoor rulo 1 cK(
that won't work both wii)B- llocnrdlnc sum- , 3H
mor drinks. I do not think iced drinks aro 1 Jf v It
h.irmful if tliolr ubo is bocun crnaually and tho Ky W
qunntlty and Irlgldlty reculnted aocordlnc to ',' v
tho weathor. Cold, fresh buttormllk Is tho "j M
drink for aiunraor-not tho old Btalo stulf t, m
known as 'liluo Jack,' but the cood. fiosh .. . m
article. Tho acid ot tho milk Is ono of tho host. iM ii
blood coolers wo hnve. and It also has 1 1- 11
a most bonollcial action on tho Internal I :lv 9
oconomy. keoplnc undor control much J'li jj
of tho tondenoy to diarrho-n. dysontory. Ji t'.j- lit
nnd other bowol Inllammatory com- "II Hi H
plnlnts which always follow tho earelesn H'J; &
ingestion of half-rlpo or ovor-rlpo fruits nnd S, . Yt
vecotablos. Aslmplodlot of llcht nouns, rlco, ,fi, hi
nnd carefully soloctod nnd prepared vocotnbloa i m
and fruits, with a scarcity of animnl food, v.'ill -, 13
carrv nny ordlnnry Peine throuch tho hot soa- ; -, 1 -jl
son without nny troublo. I'eppor Is a condl- ,,. in
mont which is pocullurly ndaotodto hotweath- ri,K 3.3
cr, ns ts evidencod by tho expoiloncu nf all ' III St!i
tropical residents: yot our JNorthorn pooplo '. , M
dou't tako to it vory kindly for somo mason or J; fit i
other, furry and popper soup nio two r..aplos jk (is ItsT
In tho troplc-t. nnd I ofton cot bettor rosulls Jf Pf.SlW
from a bowl of cood popjor soup in toino fntflB?
cases of bowol complaints than 1 did from ji nrlfft
modlclno." R (3
lloaton IJIsrtnea ITrse Fmployeris to JCeeoc- a vv'wM
nice und Confer with Organizer l.nbor. s'-i xm
IIostos, July C Tho Hociety of Christian ftp m
Socialists, which number amonc Its raombors ?vm ffif
somo ot tho omlnent dlvlnos of Iloston and jffl IK
vicinity, to-day addressed a lottor to tho Car- jasP iff
pontor-Ilulldcrs' Association reiiuostinc aeon- ffwj 3
forence betwoon tho master builders and the ?'si: rj
membors of tbe carpentors' unions, lookinc to ''ji , Mt
a sottlemont of the oleht-hour strike. Iliirf m
Tholtov. O. V. Olfford, the I'realdent, who (L'rtlfl
slcns the lottor, refers to tho refusal of tho K -fer J rr-
mastor builders to consent to a conferonco to IxM
which tho mon acrco, and says: v
"Public sontlmont must spoak In no uncer- 'Xm, M
tain volco of roproof to tho mon or tho orcanl- t .'? wt
rations who endancer tho publlo welfnro br , V. -S.iP
tho assumption of riuporlorlty thoy cannot and ( iV, V
oucht not to pobsosb. is, p
Thownco workors hnvo tho rlchtsof man- , A 1,"
hood nnd womauhood. The rich t to combine I ;l JJ
curies tho rlcht to control tholr own labor and I lift ii
thoricht of lococnltion. Wo appeal to Chrle- lif'Ji'
tlau men and womon to clvo moral nndflnan- !lf, ,'.'
olal aid to theso mon, now deprived of the op ' wtsl
portunlty to soli tholr labor oxcopt nt a loss ot .vii-.Ef ''
nil true manly dignity. Wn anpoal to men nnd J.J
womon ofwonlthtodomandthntullcoutractors l JjbwI r)
nnd bulldorsliitboir,ervlcoBliall rococnUeand 7
confer with tho reprosontntivos of oruunUeq ?M jW;
laoor. 0 appeal to all commissions, ana Ijw 135'
those In authority, undor whoso dlroctlon pub- f1J, M.yt
He buildluesaro bolnc oroctod, that tholr ser- ;yj W.i'
vanti, tho contractor! nnd bulldors. shall rec- fl( gtW
ocnl70 tho wuce workcm as hiivlnc eaual IJHJt. h,i '
rlehts, and blioll Insist that public interests W?,&
domund muturo conference nmonc citizens. Sj f J t
if i m
A Hleam llrga at Aahiiry I'ark. ,, ,; r fx
Asernr PsRk, July 0 The cottagers and boardlnf. 'W & T
house keepers on both sides or Wialey Lake, near lb .A'' iy M;
Heck street brlilge, are wild with Indignation at th &' Yny
discordant tones of the eteain orgsn of the merry go- 'irK!'jM
round establishment of Autonla Marzone on the Asbarjr lU
park side of the llttlo sheet of water. They have tried Lllh'i'vL
to induce ihe Italian to put Iu an organ which will ,!,Hmt
not be a nuisance to the neighborhood, but he refuse I 'jCtfiij me
to inaki a change. Tho organ complained of has a loud iJU . fls
and brareu loue. A number of boarder hav gon ' TS r ot
clsiwhsre because the) could not sleep while th iflf .' .'(
organ w-iis p'aylug A call has beenlstued for au Infllg 15: ''1 r 4"
nation meeting tomorrow evening at the nheidou A' ,,(,',
House iu OceauUrove. Jt baa hi en largely signed. 1 ' f
f.o.t Their I.lbei-ty Tor m. HU Watch. ; ,'
Martin lllegler. a Long Islam) farmer, devoted Katnr- i . ) ViJ' j
day ulght to eei lug the sights of tbe city i lve o clock M f W
yesterday morolng found blin In Ihe llower). In front 'jWvjiii I
of rmtwo men knocked htm dnwu and ami hi H Jul if 1
watch He shouted I'o'lce " and when Policeman ? '8 1
James I-Miilth of the Klliaielh street sjua.l answered "f ,f 5 '
the call the two tu, 11 ran away, one dropiing th iv! Ht '
watch hiulth luamgel tu run Ihem down, and tbey it 1 '' I
were held for examination iiitre Tombs Police t'ourt. "v a. ' . t
They talhd themselves James and Oeorge Wilson. ', A? A 1
lllegler was sent tu the lloute of beientlon. f i I
Will Thero He a IVeddlnic To.dayf 5 J" J
F.inma fpero, the young Jewess who attempted ml- J,'l i) j
ride In 1 antral 1'nrk on baturday night because Pawn- J, ij jf& i
I roker Is lac Harris would inn iiiurry her at once, was 4 ?'f-0 ?
outnf daiig'r) ester lay Tho doctor pumped all th 1 1 '"' j
laudanum out 01 I r un Saturday night Mia was 100 1 I, I
weak to be moved however ant coulil not therefore t . . il 4 I
taken to court riho will probably ho arraigue 1 la lh ' st , 1
lorkvllle i-ourltoday I ,'" 3
. 6 If . t
Ilrntvueil In the Hnrf. ' A),l' I
Atisvtic Pitv. Julyfl John Wurster agel 23 years. ? i i
and in ing t I0'J4 I'lcklnson street Philadelphia wss ill f
drowned niiilebatbluglu tho surf oft Pennsylvania v. i if 'l' &
cnu to day. , 1
esuapendeil Hpecle I'tiynsent. '' J
, MoNTi-vipro. July fi.-Tho llnnco NaclonaJ ,) I
has uuspondod sct-olo pameiith. ' it'' r
joiTi.vtin Aiiaui jfjir.v. i' ,&& v
Fes euty two rise arrests yesterday. W 1 jt g
The I luiibeth streit 1 U Uniloii rsljid last nlsht ' 'M'l , A
the h iue at r I'oiers street and saitured six China i , 9
men and lour women M ',1 f
i.eorge laln'otii II yeurso d of I 7ii Tl.lrl avenue. f 1 M
was run overly a Third avenue horse car last night. '4 r
aud sustained serious li.ji.rlts lie I'rivsr wis '; J
arrested 1 , f
A manof30Jumpert into tho Fast lllverat the foot of 1 S
Tweuiy ninth street yesterday afternoon II waa got 3 1
put hut dledon tho wy to the Hellevue H011IUU II t f , "
jM'y tytiaaij tUik Ifown hair, uigutiacfc, taJ I, &

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