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TJttJfi BU1 MUJNDAY. JULY 7, ISW. 5 ,, W
j covrAxr that lawhied a Fort-
jttnirUMe Hnectsa or art Id oho Miner
tyim ll'Bn with Notlilna: I'roarieet.
n Tfiiit" Itlchea la the XMiarnlx Mine.
Arltunn Copper In Cosne rjllotli.
1 Idaho Cm. Juno 27. The Silver Mountain
MIuIdb Company, n company of wsnlttir Enc
llibmsn who bosun operation In the Bllror
' jJountnln district nbout two yonrs bro, nro
(gain preparing to rcsutnd oporatlons. This
company flrxt socurod thlrtoon locations, all
mammoth veins, nnd nil carrying a llttlo ellvcr
en tbo surface Tholr oxpert, 1'rof, Moyd, ox
jmlned thorn, mado n favorablo roport, nnd
tho company soourod a controlling Intorost.
Tbo report was tolograpked from llolso City,
md Intlilo of two days tho mill was ordorod by
totacraph nnd n contract lot for a wnnon road,
work on which was boeun In a few days after
tho contract was lot, and flnlshod thlrty-llvo
miles In a fow wcokB, and, as Boon as com
ploteJ. was lltornlly ltnod with bis froleht
tsmshaullns In supplies. All was bnstlo in
the new camp, threa or four hundrou mon
oon finding employment Tho outlay oil told
i said to havo boon somowhero nenr It.OOO.OOfli
Such an onormouB oxpondlturo was tho result
mainly of mlsmanaeomont. mouey-mnklnc
johemesensltiooroil by those bavins chareo
of tho company's financial affairs, nnd the high
price of suppllos. The company finally com
pleted a 300-foot tunnel, tapped ono of tholr
veins tbo Julln-about 200 feet deep, and the
mill, mado a run of a couplo days nnd then lor
seme reason all work stopped.
Innumerable cmdltors attached tho property,
and the mine and mill wero sold at ShorlfTs
sis. The company, howover, rodoemed tbo
property, and a few weoks nco two roprosnnta
tlves went out to seo what was best to bo done.
The export, Cape. Hnmbly, Is well pleased, and
Is satisfied that at great dopth tho mlnos will
prove very valuablo, and tho company, rolylns
on bis juJitmont, has dotermlnod to proseouto
development on an o.tenslvo scale. A tunnol
Is now to bo run from tho foot of tbo mountain
nsnr tho river, Thi latest Improved drills will
beu-cJ. nnd It In estimated that tbo tunnol will
be complete 1 In two roars. Work will basin as
toon as tcan s can co over tho road.
The crentost initio In Idaho, and probably
tno greatest known for tho devolopmont dono,
Is tbo Di Lamtr. In Owyhco county. Tho
ownor. Cant, Do Lnmar. an Cnellshinan by
birth, airied In Silver City, that county, a few
years nc). lie fo mod a sood opinion of tho
eropplnRs ot this mine He Anally sot a llttlo
backloe, the Wnlil Drothors furnishing tho
capital and Do Liimnr furnishing the judg
ment, experience, and tho then undeveloped
in I no. A twonty-f tump mill was put up, ami
alter runn ru a l.KiiO-foot tunnol a body of
ore was oreueil DTD feet wldo, all ono lodgo,
but dlvldi'd by a narrow porphyry bolt. Do
I.amar noun hotight tlie ono-tialf Intorost of
bli p.vrtnert f r j 0.1)00. Thoy did nothnvo
tl.e Inllh of Do 1 nuiar In the permanency of
the mini- but It Mill liolds out and contlnuos
Do I aruar is said to bo now worth 12,000.000.
The rlcuFHi f the oro, being tollurlde, Is
ehlpred This oie Ik found In pockots in tho
Rlno. Ono sliliituont. mndo rccontly. netted
m 220 UOO. Tho oro Is nil soft, and but llttlo
tl.iFtlng Is ruiinlrud. Timbers liavo Leon
hauled thirty inllo-., and the supply is now
abut oxIinuHtod.
The town that has sprung up at this mine Is
nine mI!o- uortliwost of the onco famous Silver
C'iD. whose surrounding mines have yielded
, Bii-veii Citt. N. St.. July 1. An effort Is now
being mado by V. O. Viarlns of this city to
have n complete geolOElcalsunoy of Grant
county mndo. A number of mining men havo
nlreaily expressed a willingness to assist in
this umltor, which will undoubtedly be of
groat benollt to the mining interests of tho
county, 'the estimated oost ot the work Is
Slb.uu), including tbo publication of maps and
reports. Tho survey, if made, will bo under
the direction of Clement L. Wobstor. Btnto
geologist of Iowa, who has been in this county
about eleven months engaged in Government
work, and whose researches in geology,
paleontology, and nrcba'oloey have won for
lit tn au envlablo reputation. In his work here
he has been ovor a considerable portion ot the
county, which has na nrea of nearly 10,000
square miles, and contains about forty mining
districts In various stagos of dovolopment.
Ho savs that, from a goologlealBtandpolnt.lt
Is the most wonderful reeloa he ban ovor seen.
He has spent several days near this place, and
says the sumo slher-bearlng rock which Is
found nt or near.the surface. In Chloride 1'lat,
about a mllo and a halt from tho city limits,
which bas produced more than a million
dollars' worth of ore. will bo found nt a deptn
of about 700 f.-ot In Legal Tender Hill, which
comes to the city limits, nnd that tho same
formation probably extends under a con
si ttr.iblo portion of the city.
The entire m'S of Legal Tonder Hill has
boon estimated to contain H porton in silver,
tut If i, Ion oro can bo found there nt a
depth of 700 fto nn is found In Chloride Flat
tin ru lb a big b oni ahead for tillvor city.
Mi. V. Ii. Sewcon l. who owns about thirty
c'n int. on l.egnl lendor Hill, c ncolvod tho
ldon that r eh inn end ox!sted thero at a con
Biiioranlo (loi'tli. una put don n a prospect holo
several humlre 1 H'rt wi'h a diamond drill. He
has never mndo the result of this work known,
and ha- inerelv ki-i'l up the assessment work
on Ins cliilm- hinvu. 1'rot. Webster has locatod
a mimher of f.i It linos near this place which
explain tho divert), y of surface formations
and the great dn emnce in doptbof a certain
nunera.-luitiing -trntuin In two localities but u
short illhtniicn iin.ir. Tho wholo surface of
tli- country is, to a greater or Iobs dogreo.
lroken up In Huh tunnner, und tho ndrantago
01 iiioinpleteg'M'iog.enlsurvoy is obvious.
Mr. timing pom's out that, had it not been
for the Havdon imiivhv of 1875, 1.eadvlllo might
not yet have Ih-.-ii discovered, and oontonds
that ii KB',lojiciil Bnrvey would bo ol Incaleu
liblo bei ellt to ihis county, 'ihoro Is no
mining reuion In ilm world of similar: extent
h"re as many ineials nro found as are now
aiionu too.U.M In ui.tnt county. Gold, sllvor,
coiner. Iron, loi d. nnd y.lno aro now being
proiltnbly nilnud in illlTeront portions of tbo
county, nnd niiiny other metals havo been
fourd, though not in sufficient quantities to
pa. lor working.
ulmpftlo of the Last Chance mlno nt Silver
Ore. k liiis boor, i loed. It was bondod eevoral
months auo by Jnlin M. Wright ot this city for
f.'SiHiu, Tho ruonev was paid horo on Hatur
usy by It. I. McC rn of Nebraska City, who
represents tho syndicate which bought the
properly. Dovplonincntwork enough was dono
on the Last Chance beforo the bargain was
closed to show t tint thero is ore onough abovu
the level of the lower tunnol to keop a twonty
stampmlll running fitoadlly for a number of
years, a twenty-stamp mill will bo put up by
the now coini any na soon as It can b cot on
the ground, 'this is one of several Important
mining deals which have beon pending in that
district for 'evuinl monins.
i pore is increaf'l activity In the zlno mines
at Hanover, and tho rosulta obtalnod so far by
the company whloh recently purcbasod a nura
her pi ?lno mines there havo beon entlroly
"tlsfaetory. riniltb A Winters bavo just sold
the hvellna mlno at Ilauovor to a Detroit com-
Eanv, large body of line zlnooarbonate ore
as beon opened up In liennott's Willie mlno
mere, it in suid to bo n very deslrablo ore.
, Avery rich striko ot sllvor ore Is reported
from the bt. l.liuo mlno at Black Hawk. A
number ot good strikes have been mado In
pat camp within the past few months, and a
large amount of bigh-grado ore is now in sight.
1 he outlook for the summer at I'lnos Altos Is
getting better. There havo been somo light
'bowers. amj tuo indications are that thoro
will l.e plenty of watorfor the mill therein a
fiwaais. The extreme dryness of thopoason
has seriously interfered with work in that
eamp. but an early rainy cooson sooms to bo
assured. As soon as the heavy summer rains
pome i all tho mills can start up and placer min
ing there can be resumed,
.lb Wft-foot lovol ol the Mountain Key mine
l?A? wel'' 0DlJ rlchor oro is being tukon from
II ,nanbns been found In any of the upper
levels. The theory that rich oro could bo found
pnly near the surface In the l'lnos Altos mines
oss teen completely exploded,
-rniDuionts of oro from tho Dunlnu Pampllnu
ilrfiJ' ,0. J9PMn Mo., havo Iwen commenced,
ft?. ll l8i tl, Intention of Jlr. liuumau, lostee of
me works, to Ineronbo shipments rupidly.
tt&n Antonio. Texas, July 1. Tho famous
Ban. Carlos mines aro about thirty miles west
?'.LmaroB, JibxIco. in tho Snn Carlos Moun
kS,i1u.? Principal mines thero nro tho La
veronla, imogeno, La .Nosrn, La Ilrltnna 8an
annclo. and La I.cona. which nro workod by
Mn(,''!iair.el,2ml. and Slining Company, of
smr.V'P'tyfi!.0', '"'" oltv ls 1'rosldent.
"iid th,. Bnn Ir,.0 aiinlnir Company, of which
n.li.Hmith Is tho suporlntendont.
Au' iiii'lniu'A of iron, loud, copper, f liver,
" 'I "ru Is found thoro. t.ut tlio protmrtlos
ti? er1l"''ul to'"-' workod sololy for cold.
nv.2? Wnnros i.and nnd Mlulng Coinpaiiy oro
ae'eloplng their mine-, and thoy hnvo about
rr,i?10,n ""P'oiod, Home samples taken ro
wSJ, .. 'RP1 t,10'r PrrspectB havo astarod ns
r5?A,i?-"'L,co.ld-thoton, but tho average
is considerably loss.
,buttwonty.ilvo miles north nf Ban Carlos
Caro i ' ? Aguliaros. Kan Nicolas, nnd La
H minus which. In tbo past, wero ex
Hr? if,"1"1 1'iolltiilily worked by tho lln
ana ,t,, y tt,u "ow being worked lor silver
D-is8dnUo?ro vtH ,ow Pooplo who know of the
Ien,.'nJle" '. Texas as n mineral producer.
on iJ?S,r" au0 il WU9 oupposod that Toxas was
S??,S!Vse ," nnd tbnt nothing grew
out sheep. Ionc-h.orn.o4 cattje, sail fooij.
haired men. A fow tears ago It bosan to be
Upmniiatraled that Texas, as an agricultural
Btnte had a bright futuro. and to-day It Is be
ginning to to known that sbo has coal nnd
Iron fields that rival tbosoof l'onnsylvnnla,
nnd silver prospoets which, whon dovolopod,
wlllenmnnre favorably with thoso of Nevada
nnd Colorndo.
In Llnno county thoro nro perfect moun
tains of Iron orn, tho duality ot which is pro
nounced by experts nsoiiual.lt not superior, to
that oi tbo Groat llepunllo mlno nt Jlariiuotto.
Jllcb., which soils for 150 per ton higher lhan
nnv other Iron ore In tho Kastorn cltlos, '1 bo
(iiiantity ot this ore is Inoxbnustlble. nnd tho
dlsirli't Is tho greatest for Hodsemor Iron in
th ii country.
The silver niospocts nt I.Iano arn also ex-cellr-nt.
The Ilaby Head mine, owned by Copt.
Miller of Llnno (own. Is turning out to bo n
bor.nnn. Its oro assays ns hlsh ns $300 ot
n'gontlferotis galena to tho ton. ...
Thn MlvorCtook Cnflnn mlno. In tho Llano
district, is being worked day nnd night, nnd
much sllvor oro bns already been takon nut.
Tim shaft Is now down nnout 100 foot and a
drift Is being run. '1 he owners hnvo refused
an offer of f z,UH)il for nn undeveloped prospoct
adjoining the ono bolng workod.
tucros. Arlr., June 27. two good proper
ties, ono In Ulln county, tho other in Maricopa,
have beon sold tbls wook. bonio months ago
llntido M. Johnson wont oast with u bond on
sumo good mines In Gila county, nnd this wook
canto back with J. H. Murphy to exsmlno them,
and while horo closod tho snlo of tho Cnrtlgnn
nnd lwnpaugh to men from Lexington. Ky.
Tho-o mlnos woro the proporty ot Isnne Wil
liams, William Hell, and 11. 1). Williams. Thoy
are In the Ajo district, forty mllos south of
Ulln Hand nud within twonty miles of tho onto
famous Gunsisht mlue. There nro four otbor
mlnos In tho eamo group, but tho Cnrtlgnn Is
tho prluclnnl ono. upon which thoro bns beon
nbout 300 foot of dovolopment work dono.
The deepest shnft ls ntuety loot, nt tho bottom
of which thovoln of oro Is about four foot wide,
which glros an avorago of tin In sllvor nnd
ooppor. Eight mon nro now employed on tho
mlno. under H. D. Williams, foreman. It Is tho
Intention of tho company to Increaso tho force
of mon ns soon nn tho boated term Is ovor.
'1 ho oio Is a smoltlng proposition, and thoro Is
plenty ot wutor, with a good lovol road to Gila
Tho mlnos hnvo boon transforrod to J. P.
Ynrrlngton, Ik 0. Morgan. J. H. Murphy, and
Claude 31. Johnson who will not list tho mines,
but will work thorn ns a prlvatollrm. attending
to tho business tliomsohos for tho solo bonellt
of the owner.
The districts of Glln county and (;nsn Grande
scorn to bo favorites In tho market now, and
(oiho good properties aro being dooloped.
The Central hllvor mndo n good shipment this
week of bullion to St. Louis, whero tho mlno Is
owned. Tho mill is working well, und all
sooms to be In a prosperous condition.
Attain load of twolvo cars of oro was shipped
from Nogales this wook lor Denver. Tho oro
was purchased throughout tho Slerrn Moun
tains in isonorn. hauled from thoro to Mnznt
tan. ami shipped toGuaymns by stoamer. and
thuueo by rail to Denver. This Is perhaps the
largest sluglo shipment of oro that has evor
been sent out of Mexico, nnd consisted of over
200 tons, nnd the freight charges from Mnrat
Inn to Donver nmounted to $00 per ton. Tho
oro nssuted all tho way from $300 to tCOOln
Tho Hicrnlx mlno In tho Cave Creek district.
twonty-llo miles north of l'hn-nlx. Is ono of
tho phoiiotnonnl mines of tho West. Thoro Is
piobably nolurgerbody of oro to bo found
auwboro in tho bouthwost .and tho possibili
ties ot this mlno nro prnotlcully limitless. It
was but a fow months ago that tho stock of
this mlno was selling In the Now York mnrkot
at 47 cents nor share, nnd now It fluctuates
nround tl.SO. Tbls mino Is principally owned
by llrndstroot, Curtis A Co. of New iorkcity.
aud tbo Increase In the prospects and valuo Is
duo no doubt to tho able managemont of tho
present manngor. A. G. Hradstreot. who has
had ehargo for somo months. Thoy aro now
oxpondlug about $15,000 on tho nroporty, nnd
twonty now stamps nro boins added to tho
twonty nlready in place nnd six Fruo Vannor
concentrators. Mr. Uradstroet says that
it is tbo Intention of tho company
to Increaso tho mill to a hundred
stamp ono beforo Jan. 1. Tho power
for this ImmenBe plnntwlll bo obtained byrun
nlng n plpo line fortwo ami ono-hnlf mllos into
Cnvo Creek, whore thoy will bo oblo to obtain a
suillclent supply of wnter tho year round, thus
gaining a fall of 200 font at tho mill. This will
givo nmplo force to rnn tho mill ns well as tho
drills and other machinery ot tho mine. The
estlmntod cost of these improvomonts ls about
$tf0.u0i. Mr. Hradstreot says thoro Is ore
onough in s'ght to run tho mill for ten years,
nnd explorations mado for 7A0 feot show the
nvernco width of tho vein to be 2.W foot Thoro
uro four shafts on tho property, the doopest
one tielng 140 feot. Tunnels havo been run
for over o.Ooo feet, exposing the ore on three
sides. The nvornse valuo of tho ore is about
$ti. as tosted by l'rof. Huntington. The
ore Is mostly freo milling. The present
cot of mining and milling this ore ls
$2.70 per ton. but It is oxneoted that when tho
new plant and wnter havo beon put in they
will roduce the cost to $1 per ton. Develop
ment work still goos on. two-thlrds of tho mon
being kopt on (lend work. Tbo pay roll of tho
company now amounts to over $3,000 per
month, which will be grontly Incronsed when
thei get things coins as thoy aro preparing
Frnnk Bchultz enme In from the Oracle this
week for the purpose ot having some nssavs
made from rock which be had discovered nenr
tho Mnmmnth In tbo district by that naino,
Tho nvorago assnvs as mado of our local
metallurgists reached from $10 to $15 per ton
in gold. These dlscoverlos wero made north
of the Christmas and Oracle mines, nbout 30u
foot lower than those mlnos. AH tho indica
tions to tho north of those mines show ud well
with gold nnd lmprovo as development
DEStTtis. July 2. Thejshlpmonts of ore from
tho Aspen mlnos for tho past woek did not
vary much In amount from tho woek before,
tho record bulug 2,070 tons. Tho J. C. Johnson
has oponod a new oro body noar the main in
cline whloh promises to be a valuable discov
ery. The Itushwackor mlno continues to mnko
regular shliimoutB of UO tons per day. Tho
Little itule Is producing moro oro than it can
fot transportation for. Tho last lot sampled
2 ounoes porton. Tho mlno Is now showing
a fnco of lour feot ot mlnoral that will average
CO ounces or higher.
'1 ho greatest striko for soveral years past In
ritkin was made on Mondny in tno Silent
Friend mlno. In tho incllno nt the 300-foot
lovol thoy came into about six foot of bard car
bonate, assaying 107 ounces in sllvor and (11
por cent, lead. ..,.
Tho L'te and Clay mines, at Lako City, are
now turning out nearly 100 tons por day,
A nice body of ore wns uncovered last week
In tho Carbonato, at Alma, that will assay 100
ounces. , ...
I'rospectors nro busy exploring tho country
ovoi toward Goorgotown, Borne good finds are
already reported. ,
Tbo Iowa, at Uilvorton. has began making
shipments. Tho oro body Is continuous lor
over 200 feet nnd carries a width of 2S foot.
The Kunnyslde, neur Ouray, ls turning out
forty tons of quartz por day. This season's
production. It Is estimutod, will reach 100,000
Mines In nnd nround X.eadvllle continue to
give prominence to tho carbonato camp. About
140 tons of oro are being milled dally nt tho
A. Y. and Mlnnlo mines, whilo tho mill ls hand
ling 2 000 tons per dny. An output of sixty
tons daily is credited to the Mntchloss. Tho
first body of Iron ever encountered In tho shaft
ot the American proporty wus unoarthod this
corPEn pnospncTS in Connecticut.
Bristol, Conn.. July . A promising vein of
oro has just been struck In the eoppcrmlnos nf
tho Iiristol Coppornnd hllvor.Mlnlng Company,
on tho sixty-foot level. Tho minors aro now
nt work upon tho fnco of a vein of copper rock
nt this point which ls over twenty feet in width.
Tho prospects lor tho mlno woro novor so en
couraging as now. since the reopening of the
old mines. ....
Those mines wore extensively worked thirty
five years ago. A shall was put down 230
foot and tno ground was honoycombed with
drifts ovor a largo aroa. Oro was found abun
dant nnd the mine ylolded a iToflt of $2,000 a
month with tho crude appliances then em
pjnyod. Two pets of hninls wero emploved.
The rook which contnlned tho oro wus simply
pulvorlzod under hoaty cruehors und thou
The collapse and losses which finally came
wero caused by mismanagement, and not from
nny fault in tho mlnos. Tho manager's crown
ing impulse seems to have beon to spend tho
lurgost amount of money In tho shortest space
of tlmo,
The new company has a capital of $500,000.
The mst Improved machinery Is now boins
employed, and tho best results aro being obtained.
Drowned White Trj-lnc to Have n Child.
WiLKEsnAiuiE. July fl. John Moody, colored,
was drowned In the Busiiucbnnna this after
noon while trying to snvo nrhild whohad fallen
Into the wator. Moody und lakon two white
children belonging to a neighbor for a walk
ulunc the river bank. A short dlstnnco fabove
tho Kingston brldgo he placod tho llttlo onos In
a boat, which ho raoorod to tho shore by n long
chain, and began bwluglnc tho boat around
for the nmufionieiit "f tho children. The
llttlo one on the H'oin. who sut nenr
tho gunwale foil Into the water nnd
31 nod y nt oni'o sprung in nftar it. A crowd of
po plo rushed down tho Imnk and one of them
swam out to vvheio tho child was struggling
and brought It to the shore. 1 he nocro never
roso after his plunge. Thoro Is a strong oddy
nt that point, and, bolng a poor swimmer.
Moidy was caught and, hold faBt until he
drowned. His body was found boou afterward
by divers standing porpendleularly In the
water, with the hands outstrotchod as though
a i poallng for aid.
Mustn't Jteseut Ituby urrluKra tbnt Wily,
Thfimss II, I'ann an eldrrb Inriil who Ilvet307
Mutt) nvenu. ''thl m $-" t JetlcrtMi Market
I'ourt ifvter 1ay tor utimr vilo an.l abusive language to
a aoman In Tlilrly vtulli lrat unr Mntli arauua,
on haturdar afiarnoon. McCann flaadaa i-ullty but
lata that its troTocation waiiriat- Tut weiaaa bid
waoilaa a tali carrlajo axalnn hu iklta,
miftjTcfta iUiAitic-Tnta far.
IcnrMM.,.. 80 f on ieu.... 7 89 Moonrtaei..M S8
nioh irATaa ran oat.
a4y Uooa.lt 15 IGoT.Uland.il ui llalioata.. 1 43
Arrltrd-ScsDir, July.
Ba La Bratafna. be JooiMlln. Uavra.
RaRhattlA. KnntairMn, ltamburf.
a Sorrento, Jnrirrtiaeii llamburr.
Btsmoaton Torar, ooilfrer. Yaltaeoa.
Ha Ihpparctina I'adozan, KloJnnclro.
St lltniiaii Winter. Ilalletu notion.
Ha kattirate, Thompson, I'rorreio.
!e I'fiitafft. i,lty Hennett. 1'ortlanO.
Sa Standard, vana. Hoiton
Sa Satutnole 1'latL .laefctnnTtlto,
raduyandotla. Walker, Norfolk.
SaNacnocnee. Smith. Savannan.
Pa Serra. I.urarrava, Matanxaa.
B? Tormora ileddle, Matantaa.
Ship cavitlar tiAmpa Canero. Oanoa,
Ship talklan'l, llarillner, ratcutta.
Park shannon Slnnatt. Mataataa.
Park Alice, Mikolt, Allcanle.
(for latei arrivaliaaa rirat raf.
iRatrap otn.
fla La Normandlft, from Now Tork for IlaTra, railed
tbe Llrard.
Ka Anranla. from Naw York, at Qneenitown.
Sa Egyptian Monarch, rroin .voir ork. at London.
aiiLin raoa roaaioK roan.
Ba Arliona, fromQoaanitown for Maw York.
Ba EtruMa, from guaenatown for Now ork
ODtcoiito iriAifsnira
;ill lo-iay.
MaUiciDit. tnrilt.iaB.
Chattataooohae, Ravannah siuor. M.
.Sill TD-morrota
Alalia. Llrarpoot Si30A,L nnnA.M.
IHTonla. Illailfow RHWA.M. 10 00 A. H.
Fort William, Ball
Imt To-Aiv.
Barrla Qtieenatown. Jan SO
folda Southampton Jnn va
Aletla rilbraitar Juno zi
Cucaaala H.,tovlilo Juua '27
Due Turidav, Julg 8,
Wlaconaln...- Queanitowa Jon SO
Btatoot PennaylTanla.MiiTtn Jon :s
Cutlo Liverpool Jan ail
lmt Mr.lnraildi. July a
India Gibraltar Jnn23
Helre'la Liverpool Jon 2S
City of M Tork Liverpool July 2
Due TJiuriAay. July 10.
rjaltla (Jueentonn July 3
wrhn'1m Aintterdam Jnn
FeralanXlonarca London Jnn 34
We yiiinv. Jut II.
Baala Iiremrn Jnly 3
Columbia Southampton Jnly 4
Oermanlo Queenitown July 3
nil ATJN.-On Snridar. Jnly u, isoo, fleorr. yonnge at
son of Ladwlg and Pauline Praun, aged S months
Funaral from th realdenr of Ma parents, C33 Wtt
avdit.on .Mondar, Jnly 7, isao. at 3 P. L Inter
ment Canary Cemetery.
11KOWEK.-On Saturday, Jnly 5, William Brower.
aged il yeara.
Funeral from but lata lata raaldeno. 521 Sd bt, to day
at 2 P. L
DEMAKEHT. On Friday. July 4, Maria Demareit,
widow of ltlchard Demareit.
Funeral atrvlcea tnta evening at 8 o'clock, at th
realdonc other aonlnlaw. J. W. Lyona, 136 West
?Sth it.
FAG AN.- On julyS, 1B0O, Mary A. Fagan, at hr lata
reildene. S3S tut Slit at
BelatlTeaand frlendaara Invited to attend hrfanral
today (Monday), July 7, at 2 P It aharp
FIELD. On Saturday morning, Jnty S, Mart Dealre
Field, In th Jd year of her ago.
Funeral airrlcei will be held tbls evening at 8 o'clock,
at the residence other eon lndaw, Chailea W. Voa.
:74 I2that. Brooklyn.
FI.ANAO AN. Suddenly, on July 4, Jamas Flana
gan, In the ud Year of hla age.
Funeral from his late reildene. 4 Thorne at.. Jersey
City Uelghta on Tuesday, Jatr 8, at 10 A. M, thenca
to the Church of St Paul ot tho Crt as Hancock av..
whr a aotamn requiem maaa will b oelbrated
for the repose of hla bouL Iutcrmeut In St. Peter'
OI.EAHON,-At Tleasant rialna, R. I. on Saturday,
Julys, lira James Uteaaon. natlre ot Clonrug,
Queen'a county, Ireland, aged 73 year.
Relatives and fiienda arerearectlntly requeated to at
tend the funeral on Tuesday, July S, at her late
residence. Pleasant Plains, at 10 A. M., thence to St.
Joseph's Church. Kossv lllr, at 1 1 A. M where a mats
of requiem win be offered up forth rpoaeot her
aouL Interment at RoasTlll.
OI.EAHON. On Saturday, July S, THomaa Olaaaon
In hla 2tb year.
Nottc of funeral hereafter.
JONES. At Bayonn. It. J., FTldar morning, Jnly 4,
Jenet Jones, wife of th late Peter Jones, aged 81
Pelatlv ea and frlandaar Invited to attend bar tsntral
from th Welsh Presbyterian Church, 13ih it., to day
at 1 P. M.
Ctlca paper please copy.
JLOVNH. On July 6, 1600, Solomon J. Loyns. In th
euth year of hla age,
Felatlvee and frlenda ar reapectfully Invited to at
tend tbe funeral from hla late resldenoe, 142 Wast
SMh at., on Tuesday, th 8th Inst, at I o clock. P. M.
Ll'CKKN.-Charlca. youngeat aon of John and Jan
Lncken, aged 2J years.
Funeral will tak place from 175 Macdougat at. to-day
at 1P.M. Relatlveaand frlenda are respectfully
MAC'llI.I.N. A aolemn maaa of requiem (month1
mind) will be celebrated In St Mary a Chnroh,
Grand and Kldgo sta, today at 8 80 A. M. forth
repose of tb soul of Jacob Macklln.
Belatlvea and friends are respectfully lnvltad to at
tend. llcUOVERN.-On Friday, July 4. Owen McOovern
In th tilst year of hta nga
ltalatlvea and friends of tho family are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral from his lata resi
dence, 202 Kan eitt iL, thence to th Church of St.
Vincent Ferrer, this inorutn& at 10 o'clock, wbro
a solemn requiem mass will be offered forth re
potoof hlssouL 1'leaae omit flowra
MOTE. On Saturday. July 1WO, Anna Katherlna,
beloved wife of Henry William Mo), In the Ikilti
year of her age.
Funeral Monday, July 7, 18SO, from her lata nap
dance. 210 West 2Mb at, at H30 P. II. Interment at
Lntheran Cemetery.
OP1EUMAN.-Ou Saturday, July 3, Boas Opper-
man. wlfeot Henry Opperman.
funeral to-day, at II A. IL, from her lat reildene,
162 Prealdentat., Brooklyn.
POITKKH.-On Sunday. Jnly 8, It IK), Panllna
joungest daughter of Philip and Louise Poltera.
aged 3 montlia and IH da a.
Funeral from ibe reildene of her parents, lei West
loth st, on Tuesday, July 8. at 10 A. M. Interment
at Lutheran Cemetery.
RAIli:it,-On July s, Christopher Itadar, auad 03
Belatlvea and friends are Invited to attend th funeral
from hla lata reildene. 204 Wast 17th at, to-day,
at I P. 11. Fleaae omit Mown.
San Francisco papers pleat copy,
IIOI.MNH.-Ou Saturday. JulyfTru W. flolllne,
aged 73 years 11 months and 7 dara
Relatives, frlenda, aud ineinbere of Ihe Society of Old
BrooUynlte are reapectfully Invited toattand the
funeral ssrtli'ea to-day at 1 o, clock P. M., at his lata
reildeuce, 33 South Uiford at , Brooklyn. Interment
HCIlltl.IllKil.-un triaay, July , ism, Adam
Scnrelber, In the 37th year of his age.
Funeral Monday, July 7, from his late residence, 473
nth st at I so P. M
HSIITII.-On July 0, Mary Ann Smith, In the 20th
year of her aire, at her lata residence, 210 Wait
27th it.
Relatives and frlenda am reapeotfnlly Invited to attend
th funeral from lielbtl Church, on Tuesday, tb
Sth link, at 12 o'clock M.
TAT I. OK. -At his retldance, New Xllford Conn,
on Friday, July 4, Charles Taylor, M. I), aged et
Kelatlvea and frlendaara respectfully Invited to attend
hi funeral from his late reildene. to day at 2
o'clook F. M.
AVAI.HII.-Suddrnly, on Friday, July 4, Margaret
Iluth Lawrence, Kldow of the late Jamea W. VValih,
and daughter of tbe late John L. Lawrence.
Funeral services at Kt Mark' ( hurch In th Pow.
erle, 2d av, and loth at., to day at 3 o'clock P. M
,VAI.MI.-n Thursday, July 3, Mary Jan. baloTed
wire of Jere Walsh, aud eldest daughter of Daniel
and Mary beinreey, deceased
Funeral from her lato reildeuce, S3 Ilewes at. Brook
lyn, today at atlOA.IL, tbenc to the Church
of th Transfiguration, Hooper at. and Uarc; av.,
where a aolemn requiem mass will b celebrated.
TVII.I-ETTS.-Ou Friday, July 4, Isoo, Barah B.
VV'llletta. widow of Edmund P. Willetts.
ReUtlvaa and frlenda are hulled to attend the funeral
from St. Mark's rectory South 3th st, Urooklfn.lt
l.onMondal July 7. nt II o'clock I' M.
WOIIWAIlJi-'ii Mturdav, Jul) ., William R,
Woodword lofiliellrm of K. Fougera A Co.), In th
Mull )ar of hia age
Friends are Invlird to attend his funeral aarvlcta
nt hla late residence, 17J lllnton 1st, Brooklyn, to
day at 2 :vo P, M. Inliriueut In (Jitenwood at con
venience 1 1 lb family.
TUtr ulilirntlonsr.
Sf.TiiilolJlirnry-VmKdil ions Out Tliis Week
lb Hlval I'rincee bv Just u Mel jrtby and Mrs. C.
Pra-d, ik I ,111 . -.Id.
Wauser Thau a Woman, by I harlot. M. llrauie
I sir, 20a
Mvstery of Btlgrav Square, by A. Curtis York,
I.4UK ... ...,., 10c.
Lady Eiarla.br J. B llarwood, I.SuT 30a,
Violet YlTlsn. IL Y. IL, by May Ctommdln, ,809. ..Soo, ,
financial an it cosmnnciAi.
New Tork rltoek Kxehnnne Halea and
Jinnee or Trice of All Hecnrltle Dealt
InlliirluKtheWVek. Ending: ilulr & 18UO,
RAILROAO ARD OtHaR 80R09 (It $1,0009)
ixn- llttK- loin- Clii-
Fnln Ina. ru. ' I"?
IIJAtch'aonsa..., s;vi ss 8J( a(
lS7Atciiisonln H7)j tiM),- 7'J tw
S AtL Al'ao. in 1 l I",, W,
2Alc.ll. A t! lit Oif l3Jj Mt B-M
1 Bait A Oblo Sa IMiJ 10- IO-i 1",
7IIR1L AO S W. lat tli if PJ J"?
2 Hur. i. It AN. lat siC "' .wS '!,
10 lirooklyn hi. lit Hum lU'tj "li "
IBos, II T A VV Si 101 101 1H2 11
63 Urn. A O. en l,t hii'a ioiK iyi JV'M
8 (hi All, Hill IIS! I13S II6;J llftJi
13L'n to It. A A-lttcn . 7I5 T2 llh Ji
!C, II AN. 31. 104 104 H4. lt'4
TL' It AU d(b.6a 103 IHS WJt 103
83C.li.Ad 4a,Neh.ex.. 1 MX. 2 ,"
2 U. U. A J S I l)v I0 IW IOT 10H
4 0,11 A (J.4R t2-tf 9Jt 02 MX
Bl' O. C A l. gnl 122 I'll l-"l 122
4('n.SPlt I0nie07 107 107
21 fan. So. 2,1 BflJ 10) 'X l1,,
2Ult ha IH'nof(la.g.Ba. tuvi Wii IWVt rwt
1 Clove A Canton lets im(7 Pali H'l4 I'S'i
I2i'en. I'ao cold 'ia I13 112'j Ill's J 13',
2n 1'ae.l, ii 1"1? Ii'l'i Mi's, "''
,.vi,r.,i iiui.ni ;i .,'7i mT i . ...
4fhLAK III 1st 110'a HU llJa 'jlS'a
14 L'hl A K. ill. gnl. 3a in;! PS l'7J Ot
1 Col Mid 1st .l"4J 104W M In4
2 Oln., L. bl. L A Ch. 4a... t'4J Wja oW Mlj
l&IHI Ail., -IM . . . iriv lilt, ll'l'i 112'J
7Den A It (1 Imp. Sa..... H7 M S7 S7
B4 Il,n A II Cb '. 4 S2U " ."?'
7 Hen O O 1st l) 101 ion l
11 liuinth a 8 A Atl ta. 9-X -' '"JM JK"
1 I. 11. A F. lata 'IIJ 07 07 07
1 Erie K Sa ... no lJ , V, ,
ShrlaSiheg g 4t iniV I114V 101'i Jo4'i
lll.riscn lat ...137 U7 M7 37
2iilrlecn.2d 101 101, Hit Ii'l'i
2 h.liton R III. 1st .. .ID" 100 loo Ol
Im It. Worth 1st 103 101 103 lt
toil. II. AM A. lit W. d... t4 P4 St H4
IiO Hock V !..' S3 KVV S4T,' CSV,'
63llnck al 6a S7 fs'4 s7 sc
1 Ind. A 111. latpf UO III 110 Hit
2 Iron Mt. 1st IMK H3 IOSX t'V
s Iron lit CAP too',' IK'IJ 10) ico
lsironvitsi sa 9J 03 s
10 Int , 11. N. 1st 11 H nsvl 11).' 1'i'S
3 Iowa Cent 1st S7f, M 871, 87.
4 Kan I' let Ss HI J 1H" 1H J 1)1
4 Kan 1'ac.con lis', llS ll'-'a !' 1
13 Kan I'm It d aa im!? lo4J I04J lu'
2Keok. ADmSa .... HH I'MJ !" tli4j
8 Kings I' 11 lit .102 102 101 101
2 Kn A Tes. gnl fl wit wit. ' "'Ji
HKnoxvllleAOblolsl ...lls 113 not. 1 ').,
4LAW.H en as 11414 1I4V ml U
1 1. A W. II. m Sa 103', I03, lCJjJ 103 j
OLaVo bore.dc 11J 123 la'i H2)i
20 1. 1N,H. A N AlaSl...l07'( I'M Urt'j tm
12 Lou AN. gnl . 113'i 116 115V MS
71. AN.. N II. AM. 2d.... 1111 110 ll'l III',
ftl.011 A N 3a, C T ... . 103VJ IMS l"3l, 10 .'(
5 Lou. AN s lOt'M looi, tnojj inmj
15 1.0 IiAi.tL.cn ... I'J 11 ; "v..
lsiaclededos lit S4 Si Ki)J Bjt;
14S1.. A tl'h. CI1 10J4 llli lis, 103
BLo.N, O. ATex. let I 00 is) WJ
47Lo.Bt L ATcv. lat. ...101'.' U'l'i 101i 10IM
svietiti. in nn.', iiux U3 no
Mobile A uhln III. new. 113 lis 113 11.1
SI Mobile A Ohio gul . . fc2 OH M1,' ''i
3 Midi Cent 7 IJn 1211 IW ljrt
lovio, !,- cn nojf no?, lioji ll'Tsj
Ulln. I'ao. 1.3 S3) 0t BiV, DSK
a.vtil.VNor lit. I'JIO ... llov nul, nuU 110V,
27MIIAI.Hlat I2t 111 Wl'i 122
7 Vlil A U S A-dlv 1III 120 1IU 1KI
46 Mil. J L 8 it '.a . .101'4 101 ll'4'4 IIHJ,'
I Nor I'ac Terminal 1st 109 lot ion 109
14 Nor. 1'nc 1st c 1I7'(11.V' 113 IIS;
2Mnr. ru 2j 0 nut; IISVJ U3H II3X
So Nor I'ao 3d c intu. Hi',', !"' im1,
r. Nor 1 .if. A Mon 1st ...H'H'j iui'ft 101'
12.Nirr. 1 VV. a Bfil. Iiii'i K !U'i
2N.J Midland iis; li'li nVi nsi
3 N. V A Lack, lit ....131 131 131 131
IN .1 fen gnl , It Ill 1IIU "U lllt(
28 N J in gnl Ss im.' J 111 HOC HU'Z
IN. Y Cut, etc I.voj, l.10 ISuJJ lai'J
7N V Ceu..3t lull,' llll(J I02I4 102V
SNasltA Chat en .. lOuv, ioj), look, IK'S,
ONali A Chat 1st 1J 1J1 I3S 1SH
2N V LL Isl 117 '113 113 113
u 1 i Nor lit 110 no 110 110
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1UN w.arsac lOM'J 108'. IDS'? It'X'I
IN. vv en 141'J H1J MltJ 143j
IN. VV. IX ll ll 100 100 1UO.
13 N V.. (I A VV. 1st 112V, 111); 1I2K 112
4N V l) AW.cn. l CW OS
UNor It or V'al. Si lio'f 101 10,J lot
12 Or It AN 1st loif 1U0 100 ion
4 Ohio southern 1st ION l' liw 101
1 Ohio hou. gnl 7 U7 oi,U re'i
lOOrsfon. t L Un.cn ... w 0,1 f4i 'f
7(lregon.-. 1. 1 .... Il 113 IH'; lis
42 0rrgonAT r 1st . .ua tus! loSVt lui'i
BOregon Imp 1st 10 J lot 101 nil
6 Omaha A Kt Louis 1st. . 7S 78 78 7H
1 I'ao ur Mo 1st .... was im wti wa
lu I'ac. of Mu. 2d loo 101 100 loo
4 1'eo A E. Ill 32 32VJ .12 82U
52 Feo A n 1st 83 S.1', S.'tf 83H
4 I'd 4, 0 tH lo IW'Vi 1090
4 1'ltta A VV n. 1st 824 "21n f-'Ji "'!
53 nil. a vv r t is ion, iiiiu ioiu ii,
I7URh. AW 1-. T. S 77M 77lJ 77'i 77Vi
10 Ko.. VV A II. ex. Si .. 10-M lir.jj lnu)J l(9Ji
2 Hock Island ill 128 128 118 12S
30 Kock IUnd ex. Sa ...lot! I04 liutf 104V
isRh a I'nv. 'a 02H 3V l2.', 3'i
21 Kh A nnv. ilb ins !-S no los
J Reading uul 4S SM( 'nSt, K)V S3V4
SO Reading In pf Inc 7.1S 74 73J? 74
SJl!auin2.i (f. Inc STH SMX 57 6"S
0 Heading J 1 tit Ino '. 4.VJ !H
92 Rio ll. VV. let 77, 731V 73 7S'J
17 Scioto Vat VV F. 4a fO 81 HO PI
9St I' AMIn'pacn 120 l)l( 120 120a
1 So I'ao of Cal. lac 114 114 114 114
Sbtl'. AS. C 1st . IJS'i 1V3V( I2M 133Vi
ISM. I' A Ma. litm. c. Cs .118 no lid lis
2 St P. A Ma. lsl II. i 120 120 120 120
SStP A Ma in ex 4s . 92 111 lilt IV
IM L1H riinllli.,.. 1111 llltf lllli 1UU
altl'.Mtl'n ....103 IOJ 103 101
IMlMill AM. r 3a null lir.s, wi'i MfiM
IShtl'ron 128 118 128 12S
7fit I'. terra . .. IOJ 1U3U 103 lol'i
2ltr.lt' A I'.... 'Ilsaj; 114V 1I4 IM1!
10 fit f. ibis m d ... 'IH', lH'I II4' IM1;
3st.rii.tw am.ss ioi; ion'? no': nwO
II St I. 1st I. A II. Ss I012 lu-lVj lull. It'll,
87 M L. Ark ATex 1st . l2 W, I'lli 92
21 l-an A. A A. I'. 1st t. H,' 7IK 73 71), 75
42 San A A A. V 1st ua. '80s 70 72 70 72
Sfi 1 ADul2d 105U I03U 103U IW
03 lex I'ac. lifts H2, V.'V Hits n
S7 lex I'ac. 2d In 42; 4.V 41', 42
lOTol.l" A VV 1st 7IMJ 7B, 7i,U 78W
1 Terr llaute 2d pf 108-, 10-W ll-)i I08U
10 Terra II dlvd SO So!a so SO'J
2 ToLA. A. AN M lst..,.10tt lOlu Ki'lU I04'i
OTol A A A Cad 1st. . .103 10", 0S 10'.
6T, nn C I A Ilia Hlr.tlv.IOil 1021 102i I02M
7Tol. St I. A K c 1st w m no )
2 Union I'acinc ltt'inia US' 113'., ll.o, Ilnu
0 1'nlon I'acine, 'iv-a lll, 113 113', 113
2 l'nl"n l'aclrlc s F .113 113 lis 113
4 I'tah 1-0 gill '112 112 112 112
7 Virginia Midland gnl S7K S7k 8714 S7'(
10 Virginia Midland gnl .. n'iIj a-,1.' Kl(.' sslj
SoWabaahlat 101'. 10.' v. IOJ 101
lt('Wu!aeh2l 8.')? H.ll 82 M
HiW deb a. n But; sol WA Sot,
1 Western lnloncotSs 102V 102' 102'J I01M
71 Westhhores ..lobtj 104'? U4'J I0V
3 netshor4a r .. . .loitj ios'7 iw ios'?
l3VVstN V A l'a. 2d .37!. 37', 37L, a7J
13 Wis Central lit t, P8, OcH D8,
Ex Interest
Total sales of rati ay bonds (pnr value), (3,334,00a
Opt miK. Lovt. Let.
Unit'. I0. tit. tit. lit.
122 Adams Txpresa l.'n 131 If.l lr,l
30 Am, nenn I'uMe 8JV si' kiv wv
S53H4 Alch . 1 A hautaF.... 4ot, s7' 4i,'J 47
Kti Atlantic A 1'acitlc 6. tu i'7 u'r
.'OHoaton A I. If 107 107 I07 107
SlOllill!, Itoi'h A ! ....33 31 S3 Hit
bin 8runwlck Company, sovg sot; 311 so
l'l'Allaiiada Soutlieru. nil "WH ttV iiS'
SIltlL'anidlanl'aiinc Bit, HV'7. m, Ui
IVi antral Faclrlc SJV, 33): .13 u aju
1710 CMC A Ohio U34 24lJ 211 2
hOlll'hea A Ohio lat pf f4 1,3 04 113
1820Cbs A OhlOld pf .. .. 43 IV! 41 4-,
lltslChlr. A Last III 4l'j 41V 41, 41!
ssuchic. A FuttllLpf 8-J en;, S8! m.jJ
ItiSOCnlcagnllaa S71J & "Ullj S7,'
.lllt', I'. C A St L 74lj 73': 74', 7sJ,
sooi'.. i" r A bt L pf ...,101 ion iri no
17'Mthle, A .n w novi" niK no"4 ill',
331 Chi" A JJ. W, pf I4J 14t' 141 144J
1M.,C.,1IA0 lll.tf 107'. 103' 107
2I8I)C- M ASt P 74i 7.M, 74 74),'
271 1' . M A St P. pf Ill' Mil llll Jm
8272 C., It I A t'acillc Vli Oil,' HI'.' P3
l 1 .. M I. A I' 7(1 17lJ 17VZ 17Z
111,1 Colorado Coal 31V, 01U iti 01 C
1SAMII' ll V A Tol 27t 2i; 27 2HJ
I371(0l A Hoiking Coal... 32 S.'lj 32 3J:
luool llUfn, 1,11 of 11 si 83 SIV 8lt;
"! A Drraiivllltpf . aj 3.1k' lu XXi
L:ol'omol. daa Co 101 101 )0nu loot,
814 llel A llll lion 101',' 11)1". II'.-12 I;
SO 0 Del, L. AW 1441. '145 144'! 14.' 4
49Hlinier A It II I7!j IH', I7'J IBli
1:11s In-nrer A It i! f .... s:ivj 34', si'! 34
2I1IK. 1., V. A 0 O'J i)7 1,1? 0';
31,1 h T. V All Ittpf 7H 78 78 7h
1 11 1,'llmni.nl. I. Co . ..110 ll.l no 1IJ
IMailit Ni.rlhern Kwy, pf., Hi HS Hl 841;
lltltllulAI' M 33V4J 334 "I, 33&
yon Utiiitton A fexaa 11 0 ,i ,1
70 llllnola Central II7U -C 1171 W,U
1M1 lowal enlral pf. .. . 2M: 311 2 30
1411 L 1. A Wr,tarn IH' 18 IH.. 1H;
ihiaU, F. A Weaterupf s2 ai;2 us, usJ
4790 Lake shore llt, 'lln loo'j no
ISLoiig laland 3J 03 W my. 9314
ISOOLacrcdeOi'S 3t'J 24tJ 23 23
23041 Louis A Nash ssti kv',1 stjW Si
HS) Louis. N A A 0 44U 43 441 43
I'lOO Manhattan Con lot-t. Ill',' loxti 100
I.VH Mi xlcan Central 27',' 'I'M 27U 28
3 J Michigan Central Oil m"', U7), l'7H
72n Manhall Coal 3 3
luiMiunesou Iron i-su Kit; pit m,'
UR) Mil, 1. H A IV H3'y b.'ll, I3'i lilti
loMII.I. H.AVV. pf 1141 114), II". IH),
sou Minn A M. I. if in Hi 111 lu
8771 Missouri I'ailllc 73'i 74',' 7.0. 73',
,', Mn Kan AT 10 III 19 111
aon Mobil A Ohio i7Tf ihu i;h mu
21SMorrlaA Lax I33t; tsill 15 11., 1S3U
KONaw Cent 1 oal 10'J luJ 10 10
400 N J Central 124 I24U I23U 124
1011 N. Y Central iohii iosi: ll lout
37043 N V.lhiwKnr . ,. 47? Su;, 47', nn'I
11,1 N V.. C A ht I. 2d pf . 3 1 311 M b'J
2410 N. ., I. h. A VV 2H,' -JHV -MU- -jnu
iiw.N 1..I. l.AWpf tn lu on eo
IHI.N Y.fl A W Vi 7t, 71, 7V-
wn Norfolk a w-tpr ..si 1,1', ui fa
3.IJ8 Niirtlieni I'ao 30 3.0, 81l bui
h7't'N. rttiern l'a,' pf hi', h.i , bis; hi,
HUJOhlo riuultieril 22 21', 22 .'.I',
4'i'Ohl'iA Mill 24 '24 24 124
SXJntarlu A Mining. . .. su 4V), 41' 41,
S.in Ontario A Weil 19)4 'lu'i HJJ i4
aooregonlmp sovj 3i)j uK 31
2(i Orogon II A N 104'j 101;, 104 loi;,-
no Oregon SL 43 41 41 41
12403 Oregon A Tram VM 47 43: iur
ssini I'aclrlo MalL 4114 4SU 4i'J 441:
241,-jO Plilla A Heading. 401. 47', 4ii)2 47 Si
10 Phlladelplila liae ... . On ml SO Ul
If.lP Hiril' 1B7 157 117 137
4'i74 full I'ali'arCo am',' 21111: -im am
Ili'V'llcklllter pf 43 43 41 41
Sisillliiil A VV t'l 21 2J 23
S'lil Klo Ii. A VV pf Stm, SI 4); Si
S-MMllcli A VV. p 22', nit Ui 21
40" Itkh. A W F pf 82'. B.-4 hi. Ml'
4SI-t I' A llullllh nf .. 93 IU HI v.'l
:iHl p A Omaha 81 81 .1.", tuu
7'OM. J" MAM Ill'i 111 IliK 111
ruo Hirer M Co 10 In .10 ,o
I7SO Southern Pacldo BM' !i6M ntH 84M
moo Tenu Coal A Iron 40 SU, 49 6l)J
so Tenn. t'oai A Iron pf .104 Ibi 104 lot
32 Tol A O.O (Villi l4J'i ow ec.
2(iTexaa I'ac. Land 3U 20 20 2u
20SSTesaal'aclflo 21 211 31 21).
tWilTol. Anil. A A W. It .. 4I,' 41 4I 42
93-10 I llloll I'ai ItlO 04), US IH1, II4X
21 t'. K I.Mireu . . .. 7.11 731 71 72
( 1 11I011 I'ai' I'.ll. All 14 ; if', 3i ri'i'i
llinVV , at I, A I' II l.l'J l.V! II
Kllll W i-t I.AI't'f 21', V ', 2"', 2'.'.
I.II.'VV 11 I 1,11,11 Trl . Mis M, M', 8lt
S2J8 VV 1 ee 111 .1 Lake trie 3', ,114. un , 31..
2410 Whi llli A L. U. ft.... 7-J; 7H'! 77 7'J
mills, (antral .... : ) :9)J 2ti, it)
Zx dlyideud.
TelsJ lalM, 890,1119 ihaisa.
Otn. IIUtK- tow- laU
Sala. mj. est Ml nf.
P American Cot, OIL... 20 211 24X S3
271 Amerli'anCot Ollpf. im na 4 4
V.'Vi Amen 11 Cot on cue. sti !ru a;i 27'f
31141 Kugar Rrtnerles .71' 73M 71 U 73
.7198 National Ua.l Trust. IP'. 21 ii lf'j 3 1 'a
lOSdDiailllrraAU FUo .. 4 411U 41) 4il
140 American Cat Trust 14 14W It 14li
Mi) Iluluth 8 ft A Atl..pr. 2V.' 14'Z 2Sl 24VI
144 Kaa A Tax. rf, W. I. 21'U )( 28 28',
Hi" Clila I All lien .. . M'7 14(4 14'( 14'J
200 Tol.. P. A VV . ... 19)2 IH), lll'j I8)J
429 Horn silver. 1..030 a so S3D a 3-1
24KI Phirnlx or Arizona. I 21 1.30 1.31 l.'l
2l0OSIIver King .. .. 20 .20 .17 .17
lnoComstockTiinni. .18 .18 .18 .18
f41VKKIKan ATat 4a W. I . hoV si Hot mv
fli;(IUOHtL,Arli.AT4a W t . 7114 7t,? 70 70
lloooilforKla l'aclnnlils...lU'J tl.i'I 113' llVf
fiiisjoOenrglaPaeitlo 'Ida., na 77)J 77)2 77H
tioni)N.V.A()renwood2dR, is is 11 is
8S70UO rip Lin ctf su My; tsx kik
Bundat, July fl.
Tho sum of tho Tronsury bnlnncOB at tho
olosoof business Tostordaywns (227,758,227,
boins an tnoronso of tl.013.G13 ns oompttred
with tho fleuros of tho provlous SnturJay. Tho
bnlnnco ot doposlts hold In tho Tronsurrto
rod oo in national Dank circulation Is now 155,
817,948. It was rodtiuDd 1290.032 durlDR tho
past wook, and has bn roducod $13,231,721
slnco Jan. 1 last.
statistics rnlatlns to silver bullion certtfloatos
donlt In on tho Now York Block Kxchanco nro
SB follows: llulllon on band July 3, 0,053,133
ounces: oortlnoales outfltntnllnc, 0,051. Blnos
Juno 1 tbo amount of sllvor bullion on hand
has Increasod 1,082,321 oencos, and tlio cortlQ
cntos outstanding havo lncroasod 1,891.
Tho wookh- bank stittomont shows:
Junr 28. July 3. CAAngU,
Loan r397.07l.ono M"4 H24.IXX) Ino, P.ssa.soo
Deposit 40.1S27.H0ll 414.901,400 Ino. s,777mo
tlrciilallon ... a.73i,'Ksi 3.771,100 inc. 33,100
Igat lender 3,'il4,nai ."i,H7.l,3oo Deo. Ln.19.200
kpede 73.41 1,'xX' 70448000 Ino. 1.037,000
!eierve...?l"8.ti2S.'i in7 423.gi Des. tV"02,20O
Reserve req'd. 101 'ihi.vso 103.37n.3SO Ino 2,!!'4,4ni)
Surplus ,. M,43SSO f.Vf40,t)S0 Dec n,79ii.u
The surplus a year ago was rA,0ia02. and two yeara
City of Anthony, Kan.,
20-Year 6 Per Cent. Bonds.
I'rlce, lost 1-fl nnd accrued Interest.
Alma, Nebraska,
Court House
20-Year 6 Per Cent. Bonds.
I'rlce. lOS 1-2 and accrued Interest.
to O 1.3 Pi:il CENT.
Branch olllc. 18 Wall at. and 3 Nassau st
CAPITAL and HUUI'Ll'rj .. SOtla.OOO
Amount ol llrpoaltn 83.300,000
l):.SIaATEl) leciai. depository.
Acts as Pxecutor or Administrator or Fstatr and a
Guarllan. Receiver, llegiitrai. Iran.rer and financial
Agent for Statea, Cltiea. Towns, Kal.roada, and other
JOU.N I' TOWNSB.N'n. President.
CIIA11LK-, T 1UKM.1 Ire Trrsldent
JOShPII T. 1I1IOWN, 2d Vic PresldenL
Washington Trust Company
Stewart Building. 2S0 llroadwar.
President. Mco PresldeuL
lll.o 11 PRI NTIst, hl!T1l E. T1KIMA1.
Wit. HENRY IIA1.U WA 1.1)1) 11IITCU1NH,
This Company la a leical depository fbr
Court and Trust Ftiada auid la authorized
to do any and all other bualne nauallr
done by Trut Compnnle or reaponalbltltT
and ntundlng
JULY 1, 1190.
Notice Is hereby glvn nnder tbu term ot th rriolu
tlon of the Board of Directora of the Northern Pacldo
Railroad Company, adopted Dart ft. 1SS i. that a call of
twentyfUe per rent. Is this day made on subscrip
tiois to Northern Pacific Railroad Company and Land
(rant Consolidated Mortgage Gold Honda, payahlo
Aug I, ls'a) and a further and final callot twenty,tlTo
percent Is mndo payable h,pt 1, l SIX), at which data
the bonds will be dellrered a ad accrued Interest ou
auliscriotlons adjusted.
Payment! of cal'e and dellt ery nf bonds will be mad
at th offlo of th tanners' Loan and Trust Company
tin. ss William st. New York clly
Chairman of tbe Board.
BANKERS, 18 Wall St.,
Investment Securities.
R. J. Kimhall & Co..
(TstablUhed In isa)
Robert J. Kimball. Alfred It. I.oumberry.
Union Trust Company of New York,
NL VV OitK JUH45 JH, 18M).
Peileil prnpoftlf for tlio Ml tit Lnlnn rurlflo
nAl.f'nl iominiiir per tiit iolUlerl irukt bi'iulf,
(oiliofixtfiit " rrtfii thxt .'i bontt will t) rtcelTO'i
ly the Cnion Trunl tomiiiny of .New urk. Trut-te, oiid
b ojienad at the utile of lalil rmtf e at nonu on Tun
tlitr Hi nil) 'lay ut July, jm', when llie luweit offer
will t cceiilJ, provided It due not excd f1f(5) per
cent, prtiiafuin ami rcrn"l lntcret Tlili notlc It
Bltn In cdiiforinUy w Ht) th lnii)Uiri of truit
lUtmberiof tbe New York Dtook Exel.at.re,l
Far anil fell P tork, HondK, oil, tirnUu ami TrnrlMon
for rtili or on tiir(ttn. inUrea allowed on (leponiu.
forrtfpunilence oilcUed
rpo WHOM IT-ViAY CONCKItN-I htrrl) riVAdunno
1 tire that I haver cilirued.AiiilinrreiljrnAt.oiiliABben
acroiiteil. ne Herretarj at tbe AmrluD txpcri and
Tradlriir rompauy aud tbat J ruuu louver couueittd
Willi tbat couipaiiT
10NAC1U UClU.AN MONTKSIKR, 8 HI Weit 110th et
Asislluble In All 1'nrl. or Ilia Vorld,
UO SrnaTsys Etjaitiiblo BaUOmb Ns Ta
The Loliigii Valley Railway Go.
Four and One-half Per Cent.
First Mortgage Gold Bonds.
Guaranteed I'rlnelpHt nnd Intereat tir
The Lehigh Valley Railroad Co.
Oneh Gnnran1ee Ilelns Endorsed on Knch
The Blrard Life Insurance, Annuity and Trust
Go. of Philadelphia, Trustee.
rnwonoo to nn issukd only ad ruTumt itu-
Doth Prlnelpnl aod Inlereai payable In
United Htntea Onld Coin or the preaent
atnndnrd wrlsbt atnd flnenena, Trltlioiit
deduction from either Irlncl,ml or Inter
eat for amy tax or taxea which mair be
pnynbla under any preaeut or future tussa
of the United Stsstea of America or the
ritate or New York Tor National, Mtute,
or Uanlclpal purposes.
Coupon ISonda or 81.O0O each to Hearer,
with prlvllese ol Itesclatrallon of lrln.
clpal only, or both Principal and Inter
Th bonds ar a first mortgage upon tb railroad. It
terminal and reattatate.
Tbe Capital Block of the Company la owntd by tb
Lcbtffh Valley Railroad Company.
Tb LablKb Valley Railway la an extension of tbe
Lcbluli Valley Railroad Company'e system from Fa) re,
Ta.. to Buffalo. N V.. and wbrn completed will embraro
2M3 mllea of railroad, 123 mllea of nlilch are now com
pleted and the balance under construction.
B.-..O00.O0O, Willi. I: THE FIXEO
Coplrsofthf Rood and Mortffnge and letter of Tresl
dent Wilbur In regard to ttie properties can bi exam
lned at our olllce.
We offer the uliove bonds for sale
at 101 AXli IXTEHEST. l'AYA
ULE JULY 15 XEXT, tit which
time neffotiHhlf lvcclpte will bo .?
suet, exchangeable for the bonits
when cngnirvii, on or about Aug;. 1.
The subscription will bo openeil n t
the office of the umlersigniul on the
morning ot Monday, July 7, nnd
closed at noon Tuesday, July A". Al
lotments will bo made as promptly
as possible thereafter.
The right la reaerved to reject applica
tions to cloee the Niibncrlptlon earlier than
the said date, and to allot smaller amounts
than those applied for.
A simultaneous Issue will be mad In London bv
In rblladelpbla by MES.KItS. DICEXEL .k CO.,
and n HO W.N IIKOTHEUS fc CO.. and appli
cation will be mad to list theso bonds on the 1'bllalel.
tila, New York, and London Stock Ixchauiei.
W recommend Ibese bonds a a ery desirable In
vestment. BROWN BROTHERS & CO.,
6 Per Cent, Coupon or Registered
" H. K. ENOS & CO.,
45 & 47 Wall St.
Sit'.'Umlj: ami Sntrwt.
Coupons due July 1
C. H. VEX8NER. 6L CO.,
OF Nl-W YORK, NEW YORK. June H l-fl.
The Olrectnrs of tills bank lias tbi dny declared a
semi-annual dividend ot TURKU AMI OM) IIAI.K per
cent, free from tax, outi.f tbs aarntiiKS of tbe ourrent
six month, payable on and after Tueadav Ji.ly 1. The
trail. fi'r buoua will be olossd from It o cluck 1. M Juno
24 until lb morning of July 7 1MO
RHH'Ii .-K1I.L1N, ra.hler.
aiinfltf gnnhu.
"nnioiTlliiiie SaviDjrs InstitulloD,
llroadwny, UBd Ht nmd flch At., i
Interent M tha uiual rute, oaim-lv Pdl'H jier ctnt per
annum up lo fl.Otman'i Tllltth percetiL on nr excrx-t
nr H.iMi, ti been yolt'i for ttie fretui uull )ri-r r
Hit Bord of Traileen naynble on or nfier July lu, ur,
If not withdraw ii. I)ewrini In terete from July I
Mt Munlri till 7, faaturday llll noun, utherUayi
Muney ileposltl ou or tcfor July 1" ilrawa IntereiC
rom Jul 1.
8 I. pl'TCIIER, rrrildeot
CAnDNER S. ritAPlK. Trewnrer.
CUAIIM-BK. HJ'KAUUR, becrttary;
THE bank roic havimih!
The Hoard of Truetttf. liate dsclnred the imial In
trrtt utnUr ttif provtulon of 1111 h) lam, for tLe six
monihii flnlttiff thn .10U1 Juit fnlluuM
At the rati) of four (i ler cent r annuni on all
un.Hfif t'i anl ni'ward. n t fxicflfnic .i,um) tn.aiiia
on and af ler the third Moudaj. tt-inir (he 'it Jay of
tli im irrnth
Thin intert I carried at once to the credit nf de
I.ofl.orH at prunlinl ou (he Ul .nut where It ktMids
tAueth itH a dfpimu
It ufll he eitiTid on th inn booki at any time when
required on and aftvr the uln 1'int
MJ.UJillT 1UIMHLK, 1'reildent.
ItOUKKT 8 HOLT. htcrtUrr
X1 Corner lh ar. and d t
hlMIhTIl IH I UK Mjl
On and after Julyil, Ih) by order of the Trriteei,
Intereotat the raioof I'l.lt Cl.M t er annum u'l
Ueiaiddep etloM futttl'd therein on fttl fumtt nf & tin
to f.i 1 !. Money di'MUltd Ml or lirfori-) Inly lliwtll
drHW Inierett frni "u KariW fipni rro'n ii K. ta
.1 I' M and on Mii Iny evrnmifl rroin umini'i
M . (U.NMIN -i. AHUllltI.UTi l.M.K I ren.
117 hT SIM. hA IN-" ItANh
TT I uruieny of IM ih ar. nw at M 1 th a. , comer
Ua-hiHktfji, 1 iM
The tiKualteiiiUiin ntl iniereatof 1IIIEHF AM)O.SK
HAIsK i.it I'hH t 1..M j t annum u all i-iim from 11
ti.fMKi, amiuf Til Hi I. 1'hlt 1 J .NT rer annum on the
txc ol taVniuu tn(3,i, rtH been declared and will
Ltitatlun and after H)NDAV Jul . !".(. on ail
a uina entitled thereto UlTldMida not drawu will henr
Intereat e'lmeaa a depoilt Money denoalh-d ou or ti
fore the iinhot July. lv. hIU Urvr Interiil from the
Ut of July. l-v-.
it) order of the Tr'trs
c t.i.Nht.lTS VAV COTT. rrcillenu
JOHN If IH I" N .Triar.
NEW OFKIOK opened where money ottalned lame
dayu furnllure withoat rennval knfllih lady
HaOi. tlXlLLlto, iw Win UUiiU
notice or ArrLicATio.v poit ArmAtsAu fwf !
PoMIe notice UherehrtrHenlhallt in the Intention (JTj
rf the Counsrt to itiei'orpnr'illon of the clly ot Xw m$t
otk to make i.iiUcaion to the ureInt' Court forth 1aij.j
atioltitment of I ommlMlenera of A.'iiraliat, under m'A
charter itot tlia I awe of iKt fat v '
hnchatillrauun vtil he made at a special Term of fJiuli
mi.l t otirt, to he In Id in the he und Judicial Dim tot. at KVM
the . ouri llousoat While l'laina, V eotcheoter county. V ll
on the ivthila o-TJuU, Imu at II o'clock, in the for ll J
lionn or n aoon therenftcr a 1 uutmel ran he heard. ' t.
'IheoHert nreuch atipUcatioula tuohlalnanorderof , t 1
the ( onrt ai'poiiiiiiid Oiree rilitntereeud and compeleat V ' r 4.i
Ire. hrildero nn LoiuuitMiunern of Appraisal to aiatrtaia U nU
and apprHtte the i.oiiitKiirKllou lu he made to 1 he own 1 J m
ru and ail pernou IntereRted In the real eitate here V m,
ItiKfterdearrit ej nn prupimpd lo be taken or aflectett Jil iU
for the purposei Indicated in chapter 4Wof ltilawa ,U,I
of id-si, , IT 4r?4
Tin-rent ettate nought to he taken or affeetea at afore- m .i
laid It located In theounty of I'utnnta and It laid out ft iVlji
Amllndlcxtedon two tttnflar or duplicate tnapa, onft VJt ll(
filed lu the oil ce ot the ( oumy t lerk of Putnam counir k , Xi
nt ( arinct. In raid couiit, on Mvj7, ihs-u aud th I vn
oiher tiled In the olllce of Ue lteiier of tho oity ami r, yl
county ot .Viw ork ou the eamo da), each ot wfclcb J lif
lnnitlfl itititlel, ' Proietly Map ot rarrelal, 3, 3, ll
atiil.- heiiitf part of certain lahdx to be Uken forth k It
conMructton of dnmt for 'lteierrolr ).' on the weil 7 "U,
branch of the Croton Hirer, near liclden Kbrldtte, an! k ka
('rat l'a station, lu the town of Caruiel, Putnam county, t. U
hew orfe." 1 n.
The real entato ro proposed to be taken 1 featured for I , J3-4
the cn it ruction, operation, and maintenance ot th f
dami and reerrolr ktiownas iteeervotr IK" and th h Hth
follnwiiiK m a tiatement of tho boundarlei of tald dame i- 1 g
and rtnrrvolr and ot the t ortlmi of the real estate to b k i ,iaL
at quired therefor under thin proceed. mu $ Ml
All thoHi certain tots, piecea, or parcel! ot land to th f ll'l
town ot Car in el, J'titnatii county, Stw Vork, whlctt. f h
tnkcri tosether coimtitute and form a tract, theeitetior I L ut)
boundary line of which Ii as folio t PtrlnnlDjr at ft,, i-v
ttotie innnumeut inarktd "A C" In the road from, f imIi
( armel toCrarte hiailuti. and runnliif thence loath f M.?
decrees Meit, urii'.i feet then" north t& dtureet 10 bi.'T F
mtntite. eaft, 1217 feet Hit nee north MUesreet SI ,f I ('
iiiliiaten catt aK(H feed thence touth 73 dtrreea at ilt'l t
minuteaejutt 174 feet 1 thence touth ttHdegreei nrolo K ,f ,
utex weft Mt.7.Hfeet thence nouih 02 derreea 4 rnln jMIl J
titea 4 aeconaa we it. -IJH.-4U leet, thenca touth a 1 v !
derreet4Mtnlnutet.o.)neoon(la weat .'- J feet, thenc ', Ji TK i
rf.iitli a. desreet '2 ' minutes a recondfl east, 23-1 3ufeet; fv
thence noriiM-odetrreea It minuiet eaat, SvUdOfeet) ik
thi lire north 77 deirreee M inlniitet cau 1421tlfeet( v"tAl ,
thence toulh Oi deureee Af uunuten emt. 232.04 feet; 31 i '
thenot nontiTu ds-frree. 2 minutet w econdt eaat. ! ifiJJ
4l7w fet thence north ! deirreei 9 minutet 4 YttA
recomla eaat, M 1 2 feet thence north V qesreei 39 .nm
tntniitei ;ui eecoiidt e"tV)iHi feet, thence north 7J iln
dtsree lit ntlnutea eat tfid.'l feet thence north aVI XfilK '
(lesreei Til lntnuiea eait, t-Mt.Lr.t feet, thence nor til vuiSl'
tu deirree :i7 nunuiea cntt, atlMI feet: thenca I'M -Is iV
norili .vi deirreee 47 minutet eaat UJO feet; thenc 1 VJtV "
north 41 rifttreea miiiut eneu hi feet, thence norm ,W,L
f-'decTee1 t'2 minute w eat, i.naaiwfiet, thence norm 1'l.I1M
B3 (let'ree 4&mlnutta wint, 701 k.s feet, thence norm t IK '
I'H decreet ;it. mlnutie 3i reconda w eat, irfn.23 feeti tlfilsWtt
thence touth 0 detrreea A" mlnulea weit, biX2 feeti Lv'r
thence touth t7 dtfireet M minutet weal. UiO feet; g'Jj 4 u
theme i-outh in detrrtet h mlnuteBea 3H2.IS7 feeli IS rf S A
thenre aouth h diirree- aa mtnutea wrat. nae3 feelt 2;Ti3j:5
thence aouth 7 dewreea 17 minutet !M) tecondteaat, F'iKr' 3
1 AhM.i:t feeu to thn aforei-aid etone monument act lq fcfl. ilr l
the erotind marked "A. 1' ." belmr the place orberln- t) t VI i
1111117 roiitaluimr ls2'7('lncreaor land, moreor leta. iJjJ? i
AIko all thoe certvltiioiB, pieor-a, or parcel or land vT "fr
in the town of Cannel Putnam county, .New lork n.ftr
vhlrh token loarether rom-titute and torm a tract, th tlSA fl
exterior boundary line of hlch Is asfollowa BerlD- H-U'J4 SI
iiliik at a stone moiiuinent innrked "a, (' " in tb road i.'t'J& S
from 1 raft .Station to ( armel. and running- thenc BPl5 1
north 7. detfreea 3 l mlnulea tu r-econdi weit, im h feet; frfi Iff-
thence muth 4ti detrreen 4'i minutes 'io eecondaweit, luilc' 1
W- 11 leet, thence north :!7 dcur.ca 4t mlnulea lb eeo- tfiV2 I
iidt eat 1,'u.bi fct, thence north 21 degrees . Q,itf7v
iiilimtn 'i? aeconda eakt H feet, thence otith 01 d- J?AffM
(Trees :n mltiiitoH 40 aeronda enst 4tKltl fiet. thenc nV. a'
north .ft'debTe's 4 mluuteN fri eeronda inst, ti7Hfeet( a JlU ?
tin uce north .11 deirreea 4.1 mlnutea IS necoodt east. 1 fjA'yiJ
Miiiieet thenci- Kouth r decrees 4Hminutes JO aeo . SJ'i'lIl
ends earn, mi.'.I ttet iheuco south tu deirrees l t'la'ikj
mlnutps 4. Kr'inJi east 7 IMeet; thence south 11 I Ho I ft
dewecK Mt inlnutei ruerotidt west, 3:HH2feet. thenc & fjJtjl (J
outIi II decreea vj mlnnten .riM seconds enst, imw feet l,sJsJw
to the atorehald tone moniimeut, l emu the place of f ?7fe3
bt iflnnin cuntafulnit 4- .! acreiof land morenrles. .! -R. WT,3
All the landa ulthln thi' ahoe boundaries are to b , Ui R
acquired )n re nnd Include all the parcels shown oa Wvil'
said mapr. nnumt era l to.r both InclusUe. Heferenc fe?l?'J
if htreh made to the sitd similar maps tiled h afr- f ctia.i.M
laid t ir iiiiiuie deulhd ilef-crlptloti if tald real eNtata I K'iia
to in t.iknu r nUtcted, of which the buutidariei ar ;' fr-if
atoeiatetL .m U1
Uated .New York Wnv 2", 1H t "41 til IS
tounsel 10 the Corporation. 11!? JtvJS
No -' in on row, .New Vork City. 'ij Tjfi
PO&TOFFICL.M.1ICI -Letters for foreUncountrlea , i-5
need not be i-pecla. y addreed for denpaich by any 1 , a
purtlcular stunner ixcept w hen it Isdeslrvdtosenddu- j t SfW
plicattsof imtiklin: und commercial docuiuenta. letters If fifHf
not npe tally addre-ed beinj: sent by the fwtett ret- J lm
tels unliable UVje
lnral.ni malls for the w eek endlnir Jnly 12 will clot f -iLFfi?
(Drnmiitt) lu all caaea) at thisothi nan rollout .yilr;
MUMMY t I 1 M. forHt CroKnnd m Tnomaa rl ft!a
M (niK iilo Wind Hard Is auds direct, per steam- ti ti
Mud Parthian at :i I' M. for Heila Puerto Cortet. (t 'Si yJQft
and itujieiuala per tteumshlp break, wnter, from fiTS
s oricint. a' flaH
TUI SIm. At i.3i A M. for Kurope. per tteamthlt) , rCGg
Alka. iitjutni-ton, at 4 I M. fir Jamaica, B ?rfiS
Mcarairua Ami LitliiBSton. per steamship Fort ii rkcjl
William (.ettcrs for Uello must be direct 1 "ptr j fjiRPff
I-ort William") J' Jai
WKDM lM.--it 1 A M for nrarll and tliI-a Plata I .V Vdg
cnuntri'sla Hr.iill for 6: Thomas and ft Crotz ( "tvfl
via m Thomas, for Martinique and (Juadeloupe rta r ti YKm
Martlnlnu'', for Harundos and Trinidad and Dm- J- t-gB
erari it ll irhadni 1" stt-ainr-Jilji Advance, from Jy' tatf
NiHport NHa (irttcra for mlmr windward Island t ofv' ,W
must Im dlr'cti'd jcrAdvance") at 7 uiA H for a Su
isermnnv lienmark. nwedeu. M rway (Chnstlanla), KH
Itnt!l u 11 nd lurktr. per stenmstiip Al er. la 1 reinea t IJtj
Otter for other f.uropean countries via Southarap- f y Qfic
ton niubt bedlreMfd 'pirAler j. at h A M for 3H
Kuroje, pi r Fteams'ilp Iaestic. na Queenstowa , ; 9
( eiters for Cermati). Denui nrv. hneden Norway -.J H
(( hrlB'.iaiitnk Ituaaia, and Turkey muat he directed, f,j flr
per MajeallC j. at I'bOA. M for Kelgium direct, 1 A ME
per steatuMilp oordland la Antwerp (letter f ifi f
mutt bedlncted "per .Noordland"), at lJ.3) r. L .P'! Iffi
tor ene7uela Curnrno, a'a 1 SaTanllla, Trinidad. lit)) fill
nnd Tobato, Ma Curacuo, per steamship hhlladel- flf n fM
pi pi t'etierB for oilier Colombian por's mutt b I . "r fS
direct, il "ner PhiUidtlphia' ,, at I 1' M. fur Cuba, f 17,
I er He imOilp Saratoirii. la 1 Ia ana (letter lnuitb '-! ' fc
din-rted "per Saratoga '). H, Mt
TIUKSIA -At 10 M for Progreso, per steamthlp ?f
l t ondal (Utters for other Mexican stales mutt b t ,, f -'w
direuet 'pert Coud il'i at tu A M. for 1 entral i n B
Ameri a an I South I'uelflc ports, per steamship hao i J f1ft
Mttrroa ii Co ou Utttrs for Cotta Rica and Uuate- '( 1 ifr
mala mum lie directed rer san Marcos") t, ,h fy
FICIlMY-At 1 I. M for Trlnidail and Tobago, per f IU ?;
steamship Monica, at J I' M for Porto Ilico direct, tm
per ateaiui)hi Mneatou Toner 4 k s 9tpJ
FATl itliAY-At Hi A M for France Switzerland, Italr. J 8L ' ijp
ipatn, and Portugal per stenmnhlp Lahretagnn. ti k ST X W
liare at 1" ki M for l.urope per steamship f ' 1i W
Fit da la Southampton and Bremen Oetter for Ire J llit i7,
li n I, l-ratiif iswitrrhind, Italy Spain, and Porta S f H iJ
iralinuft l.eilirectel erKnl.l"j at lu 30 A M. $ fif Ii Jt
for Ireland, per ateamshln s rvia. via Queenstowa J 1A
(lett. rs for r-at Uriialn and other Europeau conn- Ui K
trie- musr I e directed '1 er Serrla '1 at 11 A. H. for jl Wj 3 If
NnrHH direct, ptrr steamship Island (letter must Ji In?! W
he directed per Ia..ind ). at 11 A U for Haytt, wpl4f$
pr ateuiiiiahlii I'rins Wllein III (Utters for Yen il tt
rip In Curacao, Trinidad Hrliish and Dutch (lulana. y, w Ij SS-
iuut be diri ted per Print W llleiu III. ). atllA. iM".
M for rorlune Island and .laumlca. per ateamthlp T'SPttr &T
Ailia (h tiers for J icinel and Aux Ca)es, llayti, 'if'SfM it
ran! be dtre'td j er Aliai" at 1 M. forth lfeloct ifl
ethtrlands direct. p r steamship Spaarndam, vla rSaStt 'if
llottiTdittn (letter" inuxt be directed "per fipaarn- nlalfV w
uiiin' atl-M for bcotldud ulrcct. per steamship wfffia !M
Circ itla. !ai.lagow (Uttors inu-t he directed "per rJHf7i m
Cirrasiia' ) at 1 I' M for ( am per he Chiapas, Ta w SJ
basro, aud ucatHti per Meiunnlilp Yoinurl (letter EJLwf ttk
for tub 1 rmnpUo, aud Tuxpan direct and for other TXMii fw
.Mevtian st.itea via era I'rur, must be directed MtfiV 'irl
1 er uintirl ) ar I P M for Ca e Haytl. Ht Do- '-. U
mint: 1 an I Turks IMand, per steamship Saginaw. ir 'V , -fi
SU.NDW -At i P. M. for rrsta Kiea via Llmon. pT litlft ' J
fiteamshlp lohall fr nn IN oh Orieaus & u ' IP
.Vail for the llawUiflii lalunls per steamship Australia -V'lii J '
irruiu San Kranclsnr) riiB here Julyi2. atH sol". iFS ' Ji
W Malls ror t hina and Japan, per fteampthlp 8iVlti1&t
llaellc (trotn sn I raucltco) clot, here Julyl3, a Ju Pal
u .i I' M Mails for Australia, -New Zealand. lfa if 14. fr.5
wan nn. 1-1)1 and ."atnoan Inlands, per steams hip C'-4j K'ff
Mariposa (from san Iranclso), close nera Jolj an l-V'J m. V
at ii P. M (or on arrival ut New York of tteata if X
fhlp Auranla, with Hrltish mall for Australia) i ' J fi
!ails for the Poclety Island per ship Otty o . 5 -
Pipeltl ifrom Han (raticico). close here July 1 4r . nJ
at t '.o r M. Malls for Newfoundland, by rail to 'i3 J A
lUMTat and thence by steamer close at this offlc it il'-r '
dally at .!' M Malls for Mnjuelnn. by rail to Bo- 7'lif -V
ton au 1 thenre by steamer, close at this office dally at w aw
h ..) l Mails for Cuba, by rail to Tampa, Fla-, I't'Vlft
an 1 thmce by steamer 'i-alllng Monday and Tbnra- ?ti$&vt
dar coe tit this oulce daily at 2 iff A M Mall . tSrW
fur Mexico oerlund unless specially addressed ror a Stiffly
dispatch by rteumer, close at thlt omce dally at J- 'ljlai
: A M. j 5jW
The schedule of closing of trana-Taclllo maflt Is r- Fiait
ranpfd on the pr snmption of thetr uninterrupted over K jQ S&
land transit to van r ranctsco Malls from theKattar lu x0
rlvincon time at fcan i-ranctscoon the day of sailing af ),3 Tl
iteainr, are despatched thence the tamo day. Regit v la, Mfl
lered inalli'lotmatili. M orevtout day. im'tofti
JBnjstrucHon. fff'T
aT-vaoTtion pupils. vt id ,
Iionkbceplni;, vrlllni', arltlini'tlc. corraspondsne, ,'. A
iililni; sttnuraptir typeMrlilnit prlrato Initractlon iffj .w
da)- elifnif, all aummcr 1 atne a Xmaltiaaa ('oliara, til II
llowfp.ror Can ul i uptown. IU7 IV, sub it, cor. Urwar. . Ifl '
RU IICI O lesions liar and Kranlnj. riaoo, - jfk' X
DWi U O D V linlur, violin. Plote. Hanjo, Mar, ' "If; ,
lollii. bliisrliiK WATBUys, 251 W. St st. Circulars soU ""ii'iS'ii '
CQaTIC? V0lln L"""" t0 CtiUaren. Also. VtU Afa". '' '
B" IrC EC. IS. uii I.aasons. riano, Violin, ilultar, ,V f
lianjo, c tSATKO.N'ii. ail w. 43q st Circular snt. ' ',
HAN 10. (ON(). ANI HA.NCP.i t. clof. and rel . t A'
ilam ln taunlit. circular J. noilArl. auo Uowarr. 'i'u '
ANjiTTl'niiiN7-IIKSIiV C IiOllhOK, ol mants. ' , , & r, j
fucturtrut ilia iiaicnt 1111 Hanju, 1,370 flroadwar. ;. ''Ji 0
O4SJ0-0K0IIUHT1.KII lno.fr. taacliar, day. Tn- ISf-li I
IlnT Av I', corner Houston st- Ladles laugnt. J . jJ
Jl:.SMt.f,TO.V(N. J.milVllNAItVANKlTAUIBH'OOI.. ,., 'i,ri! j
I.hilK Mit year, oners rare educational faclUtlasi A,
term, moderate, Mirti and healtlirul, aleam tieaitojb oil Tx 1
ii... lire ei.ci.e .y of access. 1I1US. UA.N1.0N, I.IX. .j,7. ff -J
l'resldtnt for .'I jiara ' . I" '
"HTK.N'OtiltAl'UV'and tjpeTllTn-BUll la "!?! ' ' J
inontbs at hii, li'aay I) rewriting lessons tlwoaly. ' j 3
rpillll:.. I.KSSOMion tliebanlofor! ''' , '- J
1 Mr.. II. .MQIllilr- ait lileeckerst. first flat. , ' j ft
GMrrtions ami gllf rttngit. H M i
Jill. I 'I'll. hUl 'I'll MIOKi: AND XT. ' 1 f t I
i.astii kaiiwav coui'ANV. " , 9
fl lltiillWAV M.H VOKK, Jl'.NB 54. 180 i h ft
Notlc is her, by ulien that tl,e aunual maatlnrof tbs t ;
siorsh .iiler. of the I'ulutli eoutli hliore and Ailaniia ,1 t 3L
UailH ii t oiniaii for th. el.oilgn of lilrsctora and for ' . a Ij
the I'iiiiPHtllon or any , iher business that may b ' ,- , t
I rou.'lit In fore th liisellng, alll b held at th offlc of i ' S
thn collipHU) In the 1 uy nf Mariiualt. Ulctl.. at 10 I M l 01
oilotkt. M mi Thursday tl.e 17th day of July. INI. ' 'IS . j
rniialsr buu.a will t (loved at noon nn nalurdar. V.'f , H
Julv , ,iud reojxiued at lunclmk A n on rrlday. Jul J (i A
1 It 1. M, feCIIViAN. becrslary. ,.
At A ltd I I'TI'i:, IKII'OIITOV AND ON. . 1
'lli.iiN lUII.KIIAll CIIMI'A.NV , I , W.
Hi ill., tl.WAV N' H VOIIK JI'M-. '.'4. IHWl ,, ffl
Nol're l l,eiri,y .h.ii (hat the ani.ual meetlnir of ths ,7 , M
SI i kh. ,r. if ihe li VI TTK ll"UilHTUN AMJ i , JS
iNTiiNAi.iiN I. II Hi i.r the iiction nf Ulractor 1 , ) flrV
and lor he Iran. hi 11 li of any other business that inaf " ,, f J
l. broughi before It. liieetluif. will l. hi-ld at thonlos ' !! iri
of Ihe coini any in Ihe i llr i.f Maroutita Midi., at lu ,' f Bl
u i lock A. .SI on Thuraday, lh I7tti day of July Ifciu ll ,' ',h ri
Iran.fer book" will he rlos.d at noon on Naturday. , 'it IV JUJ
July 'i. anl reopened at lOoch'Ck A. M. on frldai'. '' 'In M ifl
July 2" Iwi I. M M'llWAN, Hecretary. jt"( 'M
KflAll I'llMI't.NV. ! Jj!
K. IIIIOAIIUAl. MW . Ulila. JI'Nl. 34. IKia Bl
Nntire I. I .'i-hy gn.n lint the arli'ial nii.tingot Ih t II
" in r. I,: i. t,u , ,l-e lid ttf.liui llallroad i jl
I ' , iv i, r Mi el, im c,l liif.lgrn. and fur t),
t i iint aio t ier bu.inrs. Unit uiuy be brooiiht ' 2i
bi,lr In. n e, Ilia ' be hell at the oll.ee of ill , Tl
tonin.in 111 lb I il of tlaniuette, Mlcb , at ICo'clock 4
A M. nThur.day lb I7ttiiiarnf July. Itnia .,,)
Transfer books will t closed at noon on Balurdar, i, x
July nnd reoptned at Id clock a. h op rrtdsy. itli A . il
,tU' ... . -B0UWsvKeKVkJT6rj f M
rTMnrTnrnrrainillll llllisi 111111 1 11 -IffaJstaaaaaaaaaaaaW

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