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ftM nr.Lm-KO.a-). xewyork tuksday, july 22, isnu. prick two cents. ';(
tH petardta tae Military SllnaMoa. Geo.
VH Mllee Qlraa Facta of BtarlllaK Interest
LiHV to Eaulaad'a Htr.ua th and Oar TTeak.
AnH , tut Paelflo Coast-The Coenplnlat
liH Analaat Caaadlan Koade-Arn tha Heal
5 flaaerlee Beellw Worth rreaerwlaajl
WuniKOToif. July 31.-Mr. Hoar offered a
yH resolution in tbe Senate to-day whteh was re-
IH ferred to tbe Committee on Contingent Ex-
'vHl names, authorizing the Belect Ooramlttee on
W E!tloas with Canada to continue ite Investl-
'W a ation during the coming recess and the next
Hb MHlon. The testimony alreaay taken by the
H committee cetera all the points of vital Interest
H U to the relation between the United htatos
od the dependeno es of Great Britain In
H North America. The nret witness examined
H was Ota. Nelson A. Miles, In command on the
H raclflo coast. His testimony is a valuable eon-
H tributlon to the military situation, and one
H passage o! It. at least, will bo road with start-
Wt ling Interest by all Americans. Gen. Miles,
commenting upon the dofeaceless condition of
fjY the Uulted Statoe upon our Northwe9torn
jjbPsV) border, said:
WJri "I will state what iswoll known in regard
Jt- toCantda. I belie a that the railway eyetom
fa ol British Colombia could be occupied by
flj American troops In ton days: In other words,
H that tbe piincinal part of British Columbia
jH oould be occupied by American troops not,
H however, tbtougn Victoria. That la on the
H Ulaad of Vancouter, occupied by British
H forces, a place wbero tho British GoTornment
H bu expended million In building dry docks
JH and navy yards, and has mado some suros
MB lor fortifications. They have there at this
Hv time a fleet of war sblps undor the com
i& muni of a British Admiral. I think It Is
' f r to say, what every Intelligent man
iMVt must know, that during that ton days
VKi the Biltish fleet could destroy over?
fm town and city on J?uget Bound, destroy our
Ttr railroad system there, and oocupy our outlets
jH for that Jvorthwestoru oountry. They could
U also send sblps up tbe Columbia lllvor and de
ll stroy tbe city of Portland and that railway eya
H ten. There is not a gun or an earthwork on
H J'upet Bound, nor a single arttllory toldlor.
H There aro a few obsoloto guns at tbs mouth of
JH the Columbia, at Tort Canby; but that Is not
Al cow occupied by troops. '1 bat Is the condition
HI ol alTslrs north of tbe harbor of San Francisco.
i couth ol the harbor of ban irauclbco there Is
TaTfln noiacun In Doaltlon. around of ammunition,
wAl nor a sinElo artillery soldier to defend the har-
vK bors and cities nt ban Diego, Banta Barbara,
V and Han l'edra the terminus of one of the rali
W , roads, and from those i oinls a small forco could
V deitroy tho railway system la bauthern Call
HI fornla."
Tbe testimony contains an account of the
British fortification at Lscjulmault, where it la
H reported that Great Britain Is now concen
H tratlng war vessels with a view to possible con-
tinieocUa in llebrii a ben. A great number
ot witnesses discuss In ail Us relations the
question of subsidies to steamers fiom tbe ra
il cIOo coat to China, notably the lines which
have been subildlred by Great Britain In con-
pectlon with the Canadian PnclUc ilullroad.
M and wblch constitutes a continuous subsidised
cCT line from China to Liverpool over the Canadian
MR taclflc. Tbe general policy and effect
IHI ot tbe Canadian Pacific ltallroad upon
V tbe United btates railroads Is dUcussea by
BM tee friends and opponents of that system,
JWiM The manasers ot tbe United states Trans
W contlnenul ltallroad system set forth at lencth
KJ tbelr complaint at tbe competition of the cana-
dlan roans, which la made potthliiia by the fiat
JB that thosa road aro not subject to tha upera-
))' tlons of the Inter-State Commerce law. A
Bl creat many different remedies for tbs evils of
B vhlon tbe United Btates roads complain are
V lugcested. Most ot tbe American railway
I nanagera maintain that tbe t anadlan racitlo
Is Inimical to American tallway interests.
H Many of thorn suggest that the lone and ohort
(H haul and the pooling sections of the Inter-State
H Commeroe law should be repealed. Theadvo-
rates and the oppunautaot teclproclty state
H their cases at length. . , , ,
mt Some very ouriouB Information Ib ch en as to
. the nature ot the Alaska seal fisheries. Most
jH ol the fishermen oncaged In the food Usblna on
11 the Aorth Atlantio coat Insist that tbe seals
II are very dehtructlve of food flab, and that it
mv would be a benefit to tbe country when they
tn shall ail disappear. There Is abundant oil
IH( dence to show thut seals are destroyed In the
IlH most wanton maimer by shooting, Irrespsctho
VJh) ot theseason.nhkb ought to be regarded as
Sk1' Close, and even when seals are In breodii e sea
w son. Tho testimony contains full Information
UA as to the wool-crowing Interests and the
1 Woollen manufneturme fnduntry on tha l'aclila
Hj coast and along tbe Jiorthwrstain border. Tbe
KM relations of tho fishery iiuestion on the Atlun-
fMj tie and 1'aclQc coast are not set forth. One of
Mu the fishermen nt the northwestern coast said
Mb It requires oer forty million pounds of loud
utb per dny to supply tbe seals, and that It
BV may become nocohaury on thai coaBt to get rid
Bj ol tbo seals In order to prepene tbe food llHh
&v formaukind. homo of the fishermen predict
(H tbst, with tho existing methods el hunting tbo
,&W seals, there will not be anyseaH In Bohring
mX H? 1 flTe years' time.
aWi . 'be testimony cuntatns a ast deal of de-
11 tailed inlormatlon nn to tbe resnurces of tho
H new .Sorihwest. The aavooates of commercial
pH) tinloa. ot reciprocity, ot true raw material.
J , bae been permitted tn stato tbelr lownut i
1 1 lesEtb The complaints of the New England I
V I Dshermen, nnd the operations of the modus I
mtia vltendl In Canudu are detailed. There Is ex
pH I bauttlre inlormatlon as to tbe material uud
l political condition of Canada. Thert Is com
BvM pleteinfoimatlon an to tbe teasel fisheries of
I A the United btates. The rights ot American
Hi ninermen tinder tho seerul treaties with
m' ureatllrltaln nie considered. '1 bo subject ot
aonexatlnn. of which no much has been said.
1 ' incidentally lefrrrod to by a number
WJB of witnesses, aiid the aduntugc and
H dliadraatnges which It Is assumod
H would result from a union of the
JB K0,, countries aro explained by In
B divldoals. This Includes Canadians ni
Wl 1 Well as Americans. Tbe committee Itself
I ?""5, 00 statement upon this subjeot. nor
lit I r?!," eommunicato any conclusion of any
VI "lad In connection with the testimony, 'ihe
m eonolualoim. as has already I eea stated, are
B reteryed for a subieqiient period, after addl-
( tlonal testimony rhall have been taken
1 l An. appendix to the testimony contains a
f craat deal of Inlormatlon ubnut the Dominion
m ot ( (mucin from oiliclnl Lanadlan nnd otber
a Jmirces whleh Is hardly to be found In any
Other compilation. In one portion ol the an
m rencllr the present excltlnc raco question In
(Jsnada betweeu the I'reni h and Knnllli
fpeaklnir portion of tbe Dominion Is explained.
m 'uillnlormstlnn as to tbe trade and commerce,
and t be political. physical and material relations
pi the JJomlnien of Canada aro contained In
m ti)o appendix and throughout the testimony.
H No 1 rare or Hlealaic Frank Ik Ward.
H Tbs family o( Trank D, Ward, one of tbo
A aeven receivers of the Brooklyn City Ballroad,
1 H b 'u'ld'n,)r disappeared on Juno 2a, are
jj "" In complete Ignorance of his whereabouts.
I Bo far as can be learned, all trace of Mr Ward
has been loBt since tbo afternoon ot June 28,
when he drew $100 from the railroad oompany
Ml nd "tarted off on his two wooka' vacation, In-
R J tending at once to join his wife and children at
Tfl "'Wburgh. lie was seen to board a dates
J fi !n.ueJ,0Hr' whlolt would take hlra wlthlu u '
fiT.'.1 .ol-tanco of his hoiice. hut it U not
'"!ht t,!llt be reached It an h valise whs
'ounct pinked up uitor tlu lottirn of hl wlfo
FfSro.'be countiy. 'Ihn railroi I olllclulsare i
I Aill"r fbuble to suggest any cjtuso forlhu
m P'ttiPWauceof theli trusted omplooe, who
R i?. .n ln ,he m' lnee bo was a boy. Ills
IV Jtcco,"nts wore correct io a rent, nnd when bo I
li r.rI. V"P J1'8 ncatlon he seemed to bo In
II S?(Lt.,ho,al,h.anilln ''Igli spirits oior tho
I fPJPect of rejoining bis family In tho oountry.
R I r, i."! atmftn ' eober and carelul liuhlta and
I BfiiSfu" kn,0"! waa not Involve I in any com- ,
V I oi .i,ii VP ,n 'be Present time no membor
L ft...;? .W nB man " 'amlly has aaed tbe pc
"ctoa5i3tlnthesenich, '
Tli ,,w Ilruaawlek Ilrldgo tontioct
( hurcea,
A BfTv' Com",lt,8e ' the .Now Brunswick Board
m tl ir.eenolderB wet yesterday to invcstlgnto
r ,." r.lttrK" brouht against a local committee
7 . inllllpWolMl, jr ot accepting a bribo nnd
i l,u thB C0Dtra 'or bulldlnii an Iron
g,,i"1?;tIlTllr' lhe to an opposition firm.
aL J omafl1hUf'we.r,J,,'ent, nn the ofTalr. and
Ek WeiL.V'i. V'eboll!"" l'rplyrprimt(nded '
WE teak fL.Y'12 ha'' r',f,uei! Il,t0 P'lnt !' to-duy
IH that tekih -f,a)t i har'ca thou h holdlni:
ifl UnU ui?Mc.raleo had Pern derelict In lis
U alter . i, . , wa ,lr,niei.- 'd the committee
Tha Dead Body of i Uanchter or 7nita
Allen Fonad In u hhutlow Creek,
BiLEM, N. Y.i July 31. Tbo residents of this
town are much exerclsod over tho doath ot
Chrlstlno Allen, whoso dead body was tound ln
Whlto Creek, near tbo vlllnco comotery, on
Friday evening last. She was a pretty girl,
only 20 years ot ago. and was of a somewhat
retiring disposition. The water at the spot
where the corpse was found is only two feet
deep. Opinion Is dlvldod as to whother death
was tho result of accident, eulctdo, or foul play.
Tina Alton, as sho was familiarly known, bore
anoxcellont roputation and had no enemies.
She was the daughtor ot ex-Judgo Alton, and a
granddaughter ot Justice Allen, who served on
the Suprome Court and Court ot Appeals
bench. Tho family has many friends, nnd
while some ottheso believe that It Isacaxoot
sulolde others are of the opinion that death
was tbe rosult ot acoldont.
Miss Allon left ber homo at about 0:30 P. M.
on Friday, at) Ing that sho was going to take a
stroll. Fifteen mlnutos latorW. J, Tollman,
foreman at the railroad shop, met her on tho
road leading to the oometery. Mrs. John
Word mot her In tho cemotery soon after 7
o'clock, and Miss Allon pleasantly returned
hor salutation. A little later a boy raw her
sitting on the stone buttrosBot a little brtdgo
over While Creek. At about 7:15 Androw
Benrles, a farmer living near by, heard a splash
of the water. With hit wlfo nnd son they
hurried to tbo cioek and saw a form In tbe
water. It was uulckly removed, but when
? laced on the bank life was found to be ex
Inct. Tho body lay qulto uloo to the bank,
with tho hoatl up atrium, and undor tho
branches of an overhanging willow. Miss
Allen'H hat was found near the bridge. It had
been pinned to n log, ovidontly to prevent It
being blown nway, but It Ib qulto generally bo
lleved ns Intendod to Indicate ubnut whore
tho body would be found. This Is strongly
presumptive of suicide. Near the hat was a
hunch of (lowers which she had gathered In
hor walk.
CoronorMllllncton Impanelled a jury, and tho
Inquest was held to-day. hvldoncew an given
to show that whon she left homo she entered
the cemetery nt the north end. and chatted
pleasantly with tho keeper's wife, bhe bad the
llowers In ber hand which afterward wore
found near her hat. Bhe walked tbe entire
length of tho cemotery. stopping a few
moments at tho family lot, and camo dnwn tho
flight of stone stops which nro set ln tbe sldo
of the bill, crossed the rond and was seen sit
ting where her hat and llowers were subse
quently found. It was n lonely but beautiful
spot nnd-bohadbotuthore frequt-ntly of late,
but for what purpose does not appear. Some
times she took a book with hor. perhaps to
read, hut the spot, for some reason, seemed to
have n peculiar ohnrm and fascination for her.
Ivob dy saw her fall nr jump from tbe bridge.
Aftor bearing tbe testimony the jury returned
a venllt t of death by drowning, but expressed
no opinion whetbor it was ncaso of suicide or
A Fate raoa Politician aad Hie Twa Frenalo
Companion. Put to FllcUt.
There was a lively scene on Straight street,
Paterson, last nlgbt. in which 6am Close, a
well-known politician ot tbo Sixth ward, fig
ured conspicuously. Close was walking with
two well-drested women, when ho was sud
denly attacked by a woman who was supposed
to be colored. In an Instant his assailant
struck him sev eral blows on the bead and thon
began to scratch bis face, bho excitedly ex
claimed; "At last. Bam Close, I have found you out.
You may not know ma in this disguise, but I
am your wife."
Tbe woman then threw oft the old hat and
shawl which ehe woro, when It was plainly
seen that sho had blackened her face for tbo
purpose ot disguising herself. Tbe woman
prov ed to be Close's w lie. and sho alno made it
exceedingly lively for tho two women who
accompanied him. Mio flew at them, nnd wai
proceeding to demolish their iHt-hionublo
toques when tbey broke away from her.
The excited wife callod after them' "lou
can run away, but 1 know you well 1 I have
both your pictures, and they will soon be ln
tbo hands of the police!' Tho frightened
females soon disappeared In the croud. Mrs.
Close then turned her attention to her hus
band avain. and was marking his face with ber
I linger nails, when he knocked ber down by a
blow of bis list. The crowd cried shame, and
Close attempted toescano from bis wile, but
she followed him up closely until a policeman
appeared on the scene. Mrs. Clns-e on being
threatened with nrrest. went to her home In
I'rosi ect street whll Close disanpeared down
a side street. The affair was witnessed by a
large crowd of persons Tbo couple are young
and have two small children.
Tammany Hem Think Ther Hhould lie Fat
On the Stme Committee.
Tbe prospect ot an early meeting of tho
Democratic- State Committee the first weok ln
August set local politicians to talking yester
day. If tho blate Convention mot a controver
sy would naturally come up over the repre
sentation of tho County Democracy ln tbe
committee. On the part of Tammany it is
held that the Connty Democrats, by reason of
I their alllanco with tho Itepublicans, aro not
entitle i to tbe representation that tboyuow
hold. But whethor tho Blate Committee can
be called upon, on tbe Bnmo grounds that
would be presented In a convention, to rid
Itself of tho members of whom It is alleged
that they havo separated tbem-olves from tho
Democrucy is not clear 'J hero Is doubt
whether tbo htate Committee can proceed on
tbe lines Indicated to oxpel thu County Do
mocraoy members They were elected at the
mooting of the last convention hy the delo-
Sates there who repiesonted tbe (Jungiess
Istrlctd. , ,
Tbe County Democracy members aru: W.
TUdrace, lldword Cooper, U. T. 1 llsr arriek,
and.Toltn B. Voorhla. The resignation of Mr.
Voorhls has been in tha hands of t-oc rotary
Delreost since early Inst fall, but there tins
boon no meeting ot the committee since and it
remains unacted upon, lie resigned brcuuso
lie thought that wbon loa-inu tho County
Democracy be ought not remain on iho btnto
Committee ns a representative of that organ!
ration. At tbe same time It Is undenlabio that
the Tammany Democrats are muny of thorn
anxious to try nnd get the Rtato ( ommlttee i e
organized and tbe County Domoorats reorgan
ized out of it. vWietbor tbey are sufficiently
earnost in this mat or to advocate tbe calling
of btnte Convention for thut purpose Is yot to
be decided.
A Bank Robbed of 81,000.
Woodstocii, N, B., July 21. Woodstock Is
greatly excited over tho robbery of the Bank
of Nova Hcotla nnd the arrest ol tbe accountant.
Ilobert G. Bandera. When J. M. "tnlker, tbe
teller, went to tho bank on Saturday ho found
tbe door of tbe vault open and the accountant
1) Ing on the floor unconscious. Four thousand
dollars ot the bank's funds wero missing,
banders was sent to jail to await an examina
tion, lie says he went Into tbe bank nt 7 3U In
the morning to get some monoy that was to be
sent by the express which lenvos here at 7:4H
A. M. While In the vault he was knockod
down and became unconscious. He aid not
seo his assailant, banders Is a natlvo of lnr
mouthi and Is liuiears old. He has been em
Plo) ed In the bank for three oars.
Tho Ilroncbt In New JTCnxlanil,
Boston, July 21, The damage lu New Eng
land by tbe present drought Is now past ro
covory whatever tbe future weather, borne
northern localities havo boon favored with
showers during tbe past vv eok, but most ot tho
dlstrlcto have been without rain sufficient for
n growing reason for ueekH, (orn and toluuco
o i tbe I wl nds urn n III in lair coutl lion I
l'us'iiir aro dnligup. icndi ring the curly
foetlinuol 6toci.noini.Miiy, Mrruiua ai Jok.
aim the hods ol t-lmilovv uool, mo do, tiiabs
Is the onlv abundant ornp nnd n large yiulil of
o(rllent hay liUM been cut and nouuied. Iho
seiond . rot is of little vuluu and will not bo
cut except on bottom lands.
Killed by h Fall Iroru a Hummock.
Itiuretta Donovan, tbe twelve-year-old
daughter of Margaret Donovan, a vvllow, of
168 Wyekoir street, Brooklyn, was killed yos
terdny a teruoou by a tall from n hammock,
which was swung from trees In tbo back inn,
Lauretta and two oi threoof her planuuti'H
wero amusing themselves swinging in tbo
hainmook, when ahe lost her balance and,
toppling out. ktruck the pavtment on her head
Prompt medloal attendanca waa rendered, but
tbe Elrl Ulod within a short time.
ni Trlla Then. Tbey nave Disgraced Them-eelvea-Hnme
of Them Sentenced tol'rlaon
Another Illot at 'lhair Uarracka.
London, July 21. Tho second battalion of
tho Gronadlor Guards, some of the mombors ot
which recently showed signs of Insubordina
tion, will start tor Bormuda to-morrow. Tho
battalion was InBpooted to-day by Ihe Duko of
Cambridge, Oommander-ln-Chlot of the British
army. Tho Duko also addressod tha troops,
and expressed tho hope that they1 would bo
I have bitter abroad than they had bohaved In
A grave discovery has beon made at the War
Office, showing that tbo Insubordination of tho
Grenadier Guards was due to tbo Socialists,
who for the past t,hroe yoars have beon stead
ily enlisting In the regiment. The Social
ists have also boen entering tbe ranks
of tho poll co forco and the Post Olllce.
nnd a triplo simultaneous outbreak had
boen urrauaod. Had the Gronadlor Guards
shown a bolder front, other reglinenta wore
ready to mutiny. When tbe order was lssuod
I ordering the Urenadlers to Bermuda a num
ber of oillcei a sontlu their papers resigning.
Thooftlca officials peremptorily refused toao
oept them Col. Maltland, however, remains be
hind In consequonce of his request to bo court
martialed. This Is a right thut the War De
partment cannot deprive him of.
ln his speech to tha officers and men of tbo
Booond Battalion of Grenadier Guards this
morning, the Duke of Cambridge said:
"I can no longor speak of you as 'Guards.'
You have disgraced what I have hitherto re
garded as tho first regiment ot tho British
at my. During tbe fifty years 1 havo been con
nected with tbo regiment I havo always con
sidered It tho modal of tho British army. As I
rodo along your ranks this morning I folt
grieved to think that so lino a body of men
should so uttorly have disgraced themselves.
It Is useless for the non-commlsylonod officers
to deny that tboyweie aware of tho feoling
among the men wblch rnded In tho recent de
1 plor ible acts of Insubordination.
' Hor Majesty tho (Jueen Is, I may till you.
deoply grlovod nt tho necessity ot sending ou
abroad, but there Is no alternative "
Turning to Col. l.aton, vhn appeared to bo
deeply moved, tho Duko said, " Uood-by, bo
good to the mon." . . ,
Tbe decision of the court martial on the six
men. one of each company of Grenadiers, is
that tbiee aro sentenced to prison for elghteon
months, nnd two to two leais. Tho sontenco
lu tbe rcmnlning caso has not yet boen read,
I andltis believed that extreme measures aro
' to apply to his ense. Tbe names of thoslvmen
are Aaron, llolloway, boors, Bush. Keen, and
Perry. The five sentenced will bo taken to
i Brixton Military Prist n. ,,
i At tho ettmlnstor Follco Court to-day.
I Wllllnm Hollis and William Davis privatos in
the Grenadier Guards, were charged with vio
lent assaults upon tbe police and prhato citi
zens. It was said at tbo hearing that a num
ber of iho mcnln the Guards bad boon giving
tbe police much trouble since tbo older had
been issued sending them abroad, and that
thoywere designedly breaking tho law that
they might be sent to prison, and tbua avoid
foreign servlco, . . ,
The magistrate ordered tbo prisoners to be
transferred to tbe barracks, to be dealt with
bytbo military authorities.
Tumultuous scones wero witnessed ln and
around the Wellington 1'arracks to-nlg.it. '
Tbe Grenadier Guards held a meeting there
and Indulged In mutinous speeches and riotous
demonstrations, smashing the furniture and
doing other damage. . . .
The Coldstream Guards were ordered to
parade ln full marching order nnd to main
tain discipline. They have also been Instructed
to escort tbe Grenadiers early lu tbo morning
to the railway station.
A rumor says tho Coldstream Guards will re
f ufo to otsy this order, and that they will shoot
the first man who goes out to obey it.
Her Effort to Hecure Action Acalnst Oor
Cuetoma Admlnlatratlva JIIII.
Pirns, July 21. In tbe Chamber of Deputies
to-day M. Illbot, Minister ot Foreign Affairs,
replying to the interpellation of M. Duouy in i
regard to negotiations with the powers rela
tive to the American Customs Administrative
bill, said that the Government had been ln ne
gotiation with the other European powers with
the object ot trying to concert collective action
against the bill. Tbo other powers, he said,
were averse to entorlnir into any engagement
In connection with the mattor. M.ltlbot de
clared that ho feared further action would de
feat its own object. .,
SI. Dupuy said be bopod that M. Blbot would
strenuously try to secure from the United
btates Government a moderate application of
the piovlslons of thu bill In any ease, bo de
clared the French CuBtoms Committee know
now what course to adopt.
lXyaterloua De tth of n Weiltby German.
Bebliv, July 21. A wealthy retired mer
chant named Max Ilaucko, 45 yoars of age,
dwelling at 18 Leibnitz strasse, Charlotten
burg, died suddenly ten days after his young
and pretty wife bad induced two Samoan nu
tlvoBto desert Cunninghnm's circus and had
brought them Into Ilaucko s house whore she
treated them us equals, dressoil them like gen
tlemen and took iliotn out driving, to the great
scandal of the neighborhood. Hnucke wns a
wealthy man m d worth 10 uou.OOO marks. The
pollco stopped the funeral and held Iho body
for an autopsy, lunningham. the manngerot
tho circus, has sued tho estato for loo.OuU
marks damages for the loss of his bamoans.
Nllver for tka nrlllsb. Mint.
London. July 21. In the House of Commons
to-day Mr. P. Williamson asked, In view of tha
marked Influence of American legislation re
garding silver on the price ot that metal ln
London, that stops lie taken by the Govern
ment to seoure a full supply for mintage pur
poses. Mr. Gosohen, Chancellor of the Exchequer,
inieplyto Mr. Williamson, uald that tbe mint
dots not speculate In silver. It must, sub ect
toroisouable forsigbt. purcbasn according to
its requirements.
Plottlae Against tbe Ararcnllne Republic.
Bujtsos Arnrs, July 21. Notwithstanding
tha denials of tbe semi-official newspapers that
a plot against tbe Government bad been dis
covered, several army officers have boen ar
rested for oonullolty lu a conspiracy to over
thiovr the present mlorsof the republic As a
i measure of precaution against tbo plotters,
guards have been stationed about all tbe Gov
ernment building.
Nat Oondtvln on tbo London Ml age,
London. July 21, Nat Goodwin opened to
night nt tbe Galoty Theatre In "The Gold
Mine" to a mnnnlnVent house. He had a most
enthusiastic reception, I eing called before the
curtain nt tho end ol each act. After the last
act he mado it spooch, which was received with
Una ol I'ooi Kins Otloa Freak.
MuNirn. July 21.-Crn7y King Otto refusod
all food for three days. Ills physicians denied
him clgatettes. and bo lost fiesh rapidly. He
consented to eat, on condition that his cigar
ettes should bn restored and now every meal
must be paid for at tha rate of twenty cigarettes.
IVuter.pout. lu Germany.
TnFNT, July 21. A wntorspout has wrecked
all tbe railroad bods betwoen this place and
Italy, und tourists are forced to continue their
journeys by unrrliiue Hair the Tyrol Is under
watei. and terrific landslides havo dsstroved
tbe railroad between Malsbruck nnd Britain.
Dr. I'etera tVanta to Go for Fiala'a Ivory.
Zan7ibaii, July 20 Emln Pasha, meeting
Di. Paters at Mpwapwa. authorized him to
recover tho ivory left by Emln at Wadolal.
Dr. Peters will lenvti to-morrow forGorraany,
hopoluluf organising n, now oxpodltlon. 11a
declares that I ganda Is comely secured to
aoimun Intorobts.
Heligoland tsiy Uooit.liy to tbe Queen.
Lovpov, July 21. A meeting of the residents
of the Island of Heligoland, whoso cebalon to
Germany Is provided for by the Anglo-Oerman
agreement was held to-day, at which a grute
fill farewell uddroes to tha Uueunol Lngland
was adoptod.
Agrarian Outrueea In Irelund. "
l.oMiov, July 21 The Irlh police reports
show that 1J xigirlau outuiges tvuio commit
tod In Irelund during ibu last quurtir.
hlunlcy Well Again,
London. July 21, nenrr M. Stanley bas re
covered from tho Illness with which ho was
elxetl just loore his marriage.
Three Members of the Hob. Committee Will
Vl.lt rarle In lta Inlereat.
PruLADELrnu, July 21. Aftor n throo days'
sojourn at Long Branch as the guests of J. H.
Breslln of Now York. Col. J. A. MoKonzle of
Kontuaky, Chairman of the Hub-committee on
Permanent Organization of the World's Fair
Commission, nnd A. T. Ewlng of Chlcngo,
mother member ot the committee, returned
to this city last night The otber mombers ot
tho commltteo, who were also at Long Branch,
went to New York last night, but will lo here
In tlmo for tbo meeting to-morrow at Mayor
Filler's office, wboio tho commutes will meet
tho old Contennlal Board of Finance. Gen.
Palmorot Michigan, head of the Commission,
and Secretary John II, Dickinson will nrrlvo
lioro this nlternoon and will also be present at
tho meeting. (Ion, Uoshorn, director-general
ot the Centennial Exhibition, will como over
f i om New V'ork and will also bo In attendance
i bo as to giro to tbe committee the benefit of
, his oxperlenco In organizing. a mnramoth show.
1 On baturdny Messrs. Mchenzte, 1 wing, and
i Harrison will sail for France on tho steamer
INormandle, whore they go tooonsult with M.
Tlrard. dlreotor of Inst year'a exposition at
Paris and his seconds ln command. Oommli
slonors Alpbond, Berger. and Brlsson. An in
vitation will be oxtendod to these four gentle
men to come to this country just before tho
oiiening and during tho progt eas ot the World's
I air and act In a general advisory capacity to
the Commission. The other three members of
the sub-committee. Messrs. vyldenor, Breslln,
nnd herlns. will leave for Chicago some day
the latter part of next weok to consult with
the loeal Board on the question ot ohooslng a
Director-General for the nlr.
bpnihuviELU, lu., July ill. Onoofthe sur-
? rises of tho sneolal session ol the Illinois
eglslnturo. which Into nssombli to-morrow,
will bo the aggressive part that Is to be played
by tho Illinois btnto Board of Agriculture In
tbe forthcoming World's 1 air legislation. It
has been known all along that the Illinois
Board of Agriaulturo la bitterly opposed
to the location of the fair on the lako
front, tbe reason being that tboy al
lege that that site will I o entirely
inadequate to tho accommodation ot the agri
cultural exhibits. v hen tbe Chicago directors
wero considering this subiect, a delogatlon of
the btnte Board ot Agriculture appoarnd be
fore them and presented documents praying
that tbo World's lair slto bo such as
I would afford tho amplest acoommoda
. tion for agricultural exhiblbtta. and In
1 slstlng that tho lako front would be entirely
Inadequate, btneo tho World's l'nlr site has
been approved by the National Commission
subsequent dllToroncos ot opinion have arisen
ln i blcago which render the approv al possibly
subject to reconsideration, nnd tho Slate Board
ot Agriculture hns appointed n commltteo to
firesant to the General Assembly tho views of
he agriculturalists on tbo World's Fair slto.
aina.KvitT accuses rwoxEtr toreeks.
They Are Wcll.knonrn limine.. .Men. Dot
(She Buy Tbey titolo Her Pune.
Mrs. Knto Eurt, a widow, ot 227 Calyorstreot,
Groenpolnt, complained to tho Bockaway Beach
police Bunday evening that hor pocketbook
bad beon stolen by two young man. who en
gagod her ln conversation while she was
watching a woman telling fortnnos. Sho
pointed out Julius Bchoss ot C35 East Sixth
street and Abraham Hirsoh of 340 j'ast Eighty
seventh street. New York, as the culprits. The
two men wore arrested. When searched
Illrech had $75 in his pockota and
BchlosB had $30, besides valuable pa
pers. Mrs. Hurts missing property was
not found on either. Both men protested vig
orously against the arrest ami subsequent In
carceration They sent for Justice Glegerlcn
of the city Court, Now lork. who Is stooping
at the beach and with whom they are ac
quainted. The Justice endeavored to con
vince Mrs. Kurt and the oltlceis that the ao- ,
cused wero reputable business mon, and that
some mistake must have boen made His ar
gument did not avail and both mon wero
forced to spend a nlgbt ln tbo station bouBo on
the beach
Yosterday they wore brought to Long Island
City and arraigned befoia Justice hnvnnach.
A score of well-known Lleventh ward men
wero lu court to to-tifr In their behalf. When
Mrs. Kurt told her story be got somewhat
muddled bhe said she left home with $2 in
her pocketbook. Out of this she spent S1.5D
for enr fares. bO centB on tbo I enoh and In
sisted that sho had bO cents left, which amount
she claims was In tbo pocketbook when stolen.
The prisoners wanted to be tried at once but
tbecaso was postponed to Wednesday They
each gave tSOt) bail for their appearauco.
bthloss Is an oil broker and Ulrnch travels for
a wholesale tobacco house.
The Hlgnnl Corpa Mucceeda In Hlopplne an
Kxiirell with lta Floea.
Peexskili. Oimp. July 21. Tho thlrtv signal
corps men under New York's Park Commission
er. Capt. Albert Gallup, and Capt, Fred T
Leigh ot Brooklyn, mado the talk of tho camp
I to-day. They signalled from various points ou
both sidos of the river. Ono detachment on
tho west shore had just begun signalling, with
three wavos of a red flag to tho loft, when a
West bliore oppress train camo tbundoring
along. To tbe officer's astonlshmont, Irakcs
began to grind, and the train camo to a dead
stop, hardly a length boyond. Thero was a
' pretty lively time before It went on and al
though the soldiers bad tbo wholebtute I ehlnd
them thov retreated discreetly to tbe next sta
tion Both parties reported rerfect success In
leading each other's signals, but tbey did not
do so well on a little aldo list which Capt.
Thurston tried on them.
" Wliat corps is that!" he spelled nut to Do
Grow acrosa iho creek. "O.K." "Whateorps
is thaw" again "Move out to the right."
" W hot corps is that ?" " Como out in front of
the house "
Thurston moved away down to the edge of
the parndo ground, nnd then slovvlv spoiled
outngaln. "What corps lit that" "I, 1 I,"
and that was all tho uuswor he got. De Graw
said witen he got In that be dldn t know that It
was Thurston nnd that he wasn't obliged to
answer anyhow.
An Expedition to Hplribercen.
Londov. July 21. A Swedish sclentino expe
dition bas been eont to Spttzbergcn In tho hope
that the Ice conditions will peimit a continu
ance of tbo remarkable work the Gormans did
In those wulera last year. Though Spitsbergen
has been visited annually for over throo cen
turies b whalers and sealers, it Is only within
tbe past five years that tbe world has bad any
adequate notion of Its eastern outline and of
tbe Islands that lorrn tho eastern paitof the
archipelago. Iho reason Ib that the Ice packed
ugaln-t the eastern shores bus rotaided ex
ploration in that direction.
1 lie Intention of this yoar's oxpodltlon Is. If
posslbla. tocnmnlelo the mapnlnuof the east
coust of Nt rtheast 1 and, and also to settle the
question of hlug Charles I nnd which last
year's I arty reported was dlvldod Into two nnd
probably more Islands, Investigations will
also be made In various branches of setsneo
The cost of the expedition has been defrayed
by Huron Dickson and the publisher Beyer.
Oeorcra Ilugo Wouaded In t Duel,
Pints, July 21. A duel with swords was
fought yosterday between M. Menler and
flooigfs Hugo, son of Victor Hugo. In which
M. Hugo nua slightly wounded. The troublo
arose flora a private qunrrol.
mirean Frederick nt Gibraltar,
GimiAiTvn. July 21. Empress Troderlok of
Gnrninnv has arrived here on n visit. Tho
fdilpi Inu In iho but nor ileioiated on her
urrlval, and asalutu vvasllrod lu her honor.
ITbcy Won't 'lake I'uper Money,
MovTEVinro. July 21. The attempt of the
Goverment to foree iho circulation of the paper
currency has ended in fiasco. Gold Is at 31
Onenlne the Ziimbeal to Trade.
MnzomiQur, July 21, International navl
gallon of tbe Zambesi aud bhliu rivers will
shortly be proclaimed.
Heolch JUarkamen Win.
Lonpon. July 21. The Seotch team won the
national trophy at tho Blsley range by nine
Victoria's Touagcat Greal-Eraad.nu.
ATHFNB. July 21. The Duke of Rpatla'a son.
born n few data ago, will bo hrislened denrge.
The Duclioss s makluu favorable progress.
Fualrat Tralea In AmeiirM, I
lli. .wlttr.t truln. nro run bbiwrtu New Verk sal I
VVtitilliKton vU Jer ( t litrsl helling .lid II n! I
C 1 trier cin cu all irU. ki.ileuiuui el Lititriyil I
IIat rooeti Is an tnaiipmbl illibeud leatuille. I
Orcein eaa arDiiuts.-a
Gen. Dnrrloa ttaye Guntemnln Conld
Tkrnea All tbe Other Ilrpiibltee-ThB
Froapecte for tha Union Not Urlght.
Paiiis. July 21. The Guatemalan Minister
here, referring to the reports from Moxlco that
war has broken out betwoen Guatomala and
Ban Bahador, says that tho telegrams from
I Mexico are lnexaot.
I War has not boen declared, ho says, and no
i Guatemalan troops have orossod thefiontlorot
Ban Salvador, It Is the Minister's oplulon that
tbe fighting referred to In the do.nntclios must
have occurred In the interior of Bun bahador
between factions in that country.
I More arrests havo been made on tbo chargo
of conspiracy. There was a seml-panlo on the
Bourse to-day. Gold was quoted ut 'Hi
bAN Fbancisco, July 21. Gen. Barrios. Commander-in-Chief
of the Uuntemalan army, who
le In this city on leave or absence, dlscredltod
the rej'orts of a battle between tbo troops of
San bahador and Guatemala. "I have rood
tho despatches," snld tbe Gouoral, "nnd plnco
no belief In thm at all. They say that tlen.
Vlllavlto Enolo is leader of the iiuatomulun
army, when tho fact Is that he Is not ftom
Guutemala, but Is chief of the regular police In
Salvador. As to there being 'J Ooo Uuntemalan
troops on tbe frontier, the last letters I received
from there said that there wero but 2,0011 mon
on tbe frontier to protect Gua'emala from in
vasion by the revolutionary paity In San Sal
vador." "Tho report that rresldont Bailies thinks
ot resigning." continued Gen Barrios Is absutd.
He Is vory well comontod with his position and
would not resign for nnythlng In tho world.
Gen l.neeta Is in command of the ban bulva- .
doreon foroes. But even If they win a battle '
ovor tho liuuteunilaus they would nevor bo
able to Invade Guatemala becauso they have j
not sufficient means to do It. ban Salvador
can raise about lu.uiO men. while Ouatomalu
can raise 70.U00, well-armed with ltomiugton
aud Winchester guns. If thore Is nny trouble
ln Guatomala, her flnancos nro nut In goid
shape to carry on a war. Forced loans would
have to be mado on the natives, I ut no1 on for
' elguers. who are exempted Irom theee loans,
I which would eventually be paid back, with in-
erest at the rata of 5 and C per cent.
Tha Salvadoreans aro against tho union bo
cause Guatomala was first to prupo-e union.
I 1 believe that Uuatoinuln cannot force bnu bal
' vador into tbe union, becauso the natives ot
that oountry have no faith In the present polit
ical purpi scs of the Guatemalan Government.
No mattor what tbe lattor tiovornment would
propose the Salvadorenns would not accept It.
Neither Nicaragua. Costa ltlca, and Hon-
duras ate In favor ol the union. If Mc- i
aragua. ban Salvador, and Honduras would
combined lorces they could oblige llntlllos to
leave tbe Presidency ol Uuatemala But this
is not likely, on account o Internecine dllll- ,
cutties, and becauso Guatemala alono has
more moans than all of thorn iut together.
1 have nu fear that Guutemala Is In danger.
It there Is to le war It will bo In twoortlireo
months, but not at present, 'J here aru many
very nbleBOldiors ln Guatemala at present who
could tbe army, but they are not in fuvor with
President Uarlllos.
" As to the future it is tso early to make pre
dictions with auy degree of certain!). It de
pends upon what brppeus there rhortly whoth
er 1 shall go to my country. If Guatemala
conquered San Salvador It would not settle the
mieitlon of union. The btates of Honduras,
Nicaragua and CoBta ltlca would also have to
be subdued In that event tho union would
take place and aousiitutlonnl Government be
guaranteed on tho same linos as in the United
Despatches have dribbled up from Mexico
lateh conv eying snatches of informatl n about
a war betwoen tbs South American republics
of Guatemala and Ban Salvador. Tho latest
report was that ihe Uuatomalau General. Villa
vhencio. hud Invaded tbo torrllorv of bun
Salvador with UtXlo men and had beon repulsed
with great loss of life. It Is known that tho
relations tetween Guatemala und run bat- '
vudor have been unfriendly lor along tlmo,
and theto havo been Internal dissensions In
botbbtntcs It was given out that the recent
death ol Gen. Menendez, President of ban
Salvador, was due to apoplexv, but there has
beon something more than a suspicion that ho
was poisoned, den. Lzela is now provisional
President of ban bahador. 'J ho Guatemalans
ay that l-zeta is a usurper, and that his t ower
In ban bahador is dangerous to tho icacoot
Central Amortca Inasmuch as he rofusus to
ratily the agreement recently made for tho I
federal unb n ol tha Central American btates.
Tho people ot ban Salvador assert that Guato- i
mala has awavs luterlered in Iholr nolltles,
nnd that Guatemaln Is now trylug to make
Julio Jnterluuo, whom tho people don't want,
President of Snn bnlvador
The Guatemalans suy that Ezota has boen
carrying thlncs with a vory high baud ami
that iho army which thoy recently despatchod
to tbe boundarv line of ban bahndor vviib sent ,
ln the interests of pence. The iieonlo of both
countrlebiitosplitlntofactlous. lhobanbalva
dorlans assert that Gen. l,nrlllo, l'resldt nt of I
Guatemala will have to resign shortly, and that
U bn flnnsii't. lion, ltnrrtirilht. Ibo litiatHtn.ltan
refugee, vv Ut return to the country nutl start a
revolution Bettor Geronlmo l'ovv, an agent of
San balvador. who reuoully urrived in Mexico,
Is reported to bo In III; to Induce President
Diaz to toll Guatemala sho must lot bin bal
vador alone. Mexico lia-.ii OOti men distributed
along the Uuatouialuli frontier Costa Idea
and Nicaragua are said to be Irlendly to ban
1 bahador.
I Snn Salvador has no Consul In this city nnd
no Minister in Washington, .locol Dai of tbo
firm ot llni? ,V Wakemnn Importeia of lotion
at 102 Front Mroot. Is Coniil-Gcncral here of
both Guatemala and lloudura". llosanljes-
i terday that he hud no confirmation of tbo
news of the outbreak of liu.-dilities and that
he did not believe much fighting had been go-
I Ingou. He suld that tho news probably cutno
ft om Bettor Povv, the omlssury of bun balvador
ln Moxlco.
"San balvador Is under martial law." sild
Mr. llalz. "ami there Is a censorship estab
lished over both the presB and tho tolt graph.
The people In power can feud out whatever in
format! n tboy wish. Itlaunllkelv that It war
hns broken out that tbe Guatemalan forces
have been repulsed. Guatemala is a much
stronger power than ban balvador. bho can
put 4u 0(10 well-armed men ln the field, und I
doubt If ban Salvador onn muster one-tenth nt
that number, ban balvador Is In n btnto of
anarchy, and whatever Guatemala has dono la
In the Interest ol peaco. I have no doubt that
Honduras, on account of hor proxliuiiy to ban
Salvador sympathizes with Guatomala in the
dcBlro that there should.be a settled govern
ment ln ban Salvador.
A Ilydropholila latlent Jlrconaea Violent
on Ilia Way to a Ilo.pltul.
Columbus. Ohio, July 21. There waa great
excitement among tbo passengors on a Little
Miami ltallroad coach this morning when they
found that nt London, Ohio, twenty-live miles
from this city, a man named Body, sufiering
from hydrophobia, was put ou tbe cars to bo
brought to Bt 1 rands Hospital in this city In
charge of a Mr. Kllle.cn. The patient was quiet
when tbe cars started, but when fairly in mu-
tion he was taken with a paroxysm sufficient
to show the passengers what was the matter
with the i oor follow, and a generul OAOdus
irom tbo car took place.
Wnen all were nearly out. Softy yelpod llko a
dos, and tho remaining inssengcrs tumb ed
overone auotber lu their hurry to get uvvny.
From ihoro to Columbus Mr. Kllleou und bis
patient hud tho car to thomsolves. When
Columbus was leached tbe man wus nut Into a
oab and driven to tbo hospital, but Dr. ('lurk,
tho houso phislcinn, roliibod to receive the pa
tient, saying b was sum, but that thero vveio
no facilities In tho hospital to properly euro
foi a patlont sulloring lioin hydrophobia
bofty wus driven to tho cllv prison, thorn to bo
taken c aro of until instructions could bo re
ceived It oin Loudon
Thu man was bitten about six weekB ngn by
a hound that attacked borne ladles, uud ,-ofiy
wont to thu teeuio. Tha iiftair was lotcotteii
by him until he was ultai ked by u spasm on
Saturday lust when it was detormluetl to briber
him hoie Maishal Ulillard of London will
tuko Mr. Softv back to his Hum In the moinlug.
The doctors suy ha will die Inu levy days.
The Gaug orCoimterfelt BJoney lvuaerr.
Ir.nlcAUfcO Hloi Morn, Anlonla VTactiaia. .nil An
tunU V.njicut, tti. four Julian wtai wrr.iaptur.4 ty
Ili.J.rx) Illy pollc. saturtli) lilbl nrlil e dlau tniii or
alotcftbe n. w fi coual.rf.it allv.r c.rtltleui. Mcru
arraijrneJ t.for. lalttd Male. Loiuniiuiun.r Uuir
neil cil.rl.y Alllionirh llity lulled troud Fu tali
wlimarrcit.il II . y rrtifr.i.ij no' o I . M o tutk anv
Ihliitf but lta Ian whrn Hi t minia.l iner i irioourtl
inrru Hi.) t-r.i.nito tti. counur jail until Tn ir.
lar, io a. lo vlre di. lurek.vr-cr. wl o u rr. u iiull.it
a chance to uuk. complaint The J.r.et lull a ar.
.ura Ihat 111. lour are in. luticrief lU. .aula Kanirwlii
are rat-lnr is. bail !1U iii Ha. rlir Tli. r-rinuirrii ars
all wrll ilr.i.a 1 Iwooftti.in Atifoand Wacliata ate
j arllcularlr iiyll.ti ui ajqt.uraace.
Htiutk by a Truln.
bitaiTinr N J July Jl - A vrayon routalnln? Wit
Ham Walllnv atr.d SAOf s.iaucusaul (.eurjultujuljiti
air.il 6. waa itrui-k by a train loday vVitillruf n
thrown out anil allied Tea boy wai bail y lu rl lliai
it la b.il.vaa that be will dl. TU bene wa kul4 au i
Ut wia iu airaoutatJ.
mi mini mi in s i ii in ii
Mr, See Meels un Kntrrtnlnlnc YotinB "
und Parts ivltli S3 OOO.
Asnuivr Pahk, July 21. Alnnson Boo, who
hns boon living in ncottngo at Asbury Purk
during the summer, mot an ontertalulng young
man on tbe beach about four dnvsago. They
have boon together cvory day since. To-day
Mr. Foo wont to New York, drew $5,000
i from tho bank, and roturnod to Asbury Park.
Tho strangor now tins tho money, and Mr. Seo
has come to tho conclusion that be has been
buncoed. Lvery effott has been made to keep
the caso qtilot. and wbotber Mr. Leo waa rob
bodorgav tbe money to tho stranger, nnd If
so what for. has not yet boon mode public.
Mayor Bradley telegraphed to the Chlet ot
Tollcoof Philadelphia that Mr. Loo was bun
cood by two mon, who oscapod.
Mr. Bee lives ot 31 Bank street, ln this city.
Ills son snld last night that be had received a
tologram from Asburv Park saying that his
father was 111, and asking him to como to tha
Park. Ha had beard nothing, ho said, about
his father being robbed.
lie Haya he Killed I'nalneer Vnndeventer
In Meir.Uerencr.
Van Wert, O.. July 21. Fireman Boadhouso
to-night cloarod up tho rallioad tragedy by
making n full confession. At tbo Coroner's In
quest to-day thero was strong proof of tho HI
fooling between tbo flromun nnd Vandov enter,
tho murdorod onginoor. Whon Bondbouso
heard ot It ho mado a confession, but asserted
he killed Vnndovontir in selt-dofonco.
Tho confession is vory sonsntlonal. describ
ing tho desperato stttlgglo on the engine. An
efloit was mndo to kcon It from tbe public, but
It leaked out, and to-night .1 largo crowd
gathored around the jail to which Bondhouso
was removed. Lynching Is trooly talked of.
Annlo I.nrklns niched Out Throiicli an In.
aectire Jloor and Drowned.
Publio bath Xo 4, which Is anchored at tho
foot of Last bovonty-olghth street, was filled
with girls )ostoidny uftornoon. Annlo Lar
king, an 11-year-old schoolgirl, who lived at
434 Last Bovonty-llfth Etroot. had beon In tho
bath and. about 3 o'clock, was dressing her
solfln room 31 on tho rlvor sldo. Thore Is a
small door in this room that oponB out on tbe
river, and Is fastened only by a latoh. Annie
had put on tier underclothes nnd was leaning
back ngnlnst this door to roach hor skirt when
tbo door gave way and sho tumbled out into
the river. Horplavmnto bODhlu Williams, who
was dressing with her. caught hold of Annie's
bund but was unahlo to hold her.
A heavy ebb tide wns running, nnd Annlo
was swopt rupldh down stream. Whon her
plat mate gavo tbo nlartn Bhe wns nlreidy bo
yond holp OlllcorHunlonof the hlxty-seveuth
streot stntlon and John I.lday the keeper of
the bath, caught a glimpse of the drowning
child as she wan swept past tho foot ot
Seventy-seventh streot. but before tbey could
reach the siot sho had disappeared. Tha
body was not recov crod.
Annlo had boen ln the bath a number ot
times this summer, but she was unable to
swim. No ne at tho bath last night ould tell
why thoro was n door cut In that side. Tho
door was nbout two feet wide and throo feot
high. It was jtn,t where u person who was
stttlngon the bench dressing would naturally
lean back. aud. ns tho do r wns in-ecutely
fastened, it Is n wondor that such an accident
has not happened before Mr. Larking tbo
father of tho little girl. sul.l that ho was going
to havo tho case investigated to-day.
lie Haya bhe Waa Clay, (She Soya lie
Threw Her I)uun Htnlrs.
Tho Bov. William Ilowland, pastor of the
Tplscopal church ln Passaic, has boon sued for
divorce by Ids wife Anna C. Ilowland. The
papers wero served on tho minlhtor to-day at
the pirsonage. They wore sent from Cass
county. North Dakota, to ShorlfT Cadmus for
execution. Mrs. Ilowland bas been a resident
of Cass county for tbo last three months. In
her complaint she says that she wns married
to tho defendant on Dec. l Wsl, nnd
that sho is now ,)) sears ot a-e. while ber bus
1 und is 40. The i-suo of the inivrringe was ono
child, n girl, I lotonce now b years ot age Mrs
Ilowland declares that sho wns compelled to
leave hor bu Land becauso ho treutod her
cruellr and nt c no tlmo threw ber down, bho
usks lor n uiu oi sepurHiion, ju a inuniu iiu
mouey for herself, and t-5 por month fur her
clilld, of whom she demands tho custod).
The couplo have not lived together for sov
rol months and tha troublo began when tho
Bov. .Mr. Ilowland objo tod to his wlfo lendlug
nlitoof caioty. He told her thut she would
have to give up partios but Mrs. Ilowland. who
was n luvorlto in society, romped, bubso
quuntly tl oie woro exciting scenes In tbo i nr
Bonugo until tho sejarutlon finally occurred.
It waa nt tlr-t attempted to have the couple
agree ton mutual n I'untlon, but Mr. How
land would not tonsent to pay tho amount ot
alimony demundod byhlswlio.
lie Rerved n. a Cuvalrymnn, However,
Throughout tho War,
PARKFttsnuito, W. Vn,. July 21. Mr, Abra
ham Bounaflcld, Clerk of the County Court of
Tuckor county, who died a few days ago. was
born without logs ov or fifty yoars ago. Bonna
fleld took a ptomlnent part in political and
Civil life. IIo servedlnsevernl official capacities
In thocountv, and was ono of Its most popular
cltlcns. When tbe civil war began Bonnafield,
who was an eitrcmohuuthom man In politics,
enlisted Ju a cavalry regiment ns a private
He attended to bis horso, fed, currlod and
kept him in as fine condition a' nny other
horse In bis company. He required no assist
ance in mounting ut.d w hen iu his sent Is said
to have been ns tlrmly fixed us any inembor of
tho celnbmiod I ninth lo.as Cavalry. As on
active soldier ho had no superior.
After the nuironder Bonnullold roturnod
to Tuekoi county. Ho wns seven veursmio
elected i lerk of tho County Court, nnd was
serving tn thut capacity when ho was taken Ilk
A Crook Caught Afirr 1'lcklna m Maa'a
l-ocket of Stf.OOO.
Nr.wnunoit, July 21, Kdward Kolly, belloved
to be a professional Now ork crook, put In an
appcnr.ince lioro this afternoon, thinking the
rush to tho city of Odd Follows would make a
clovor Hold for him. Ho dldn t wait until he
reichod the town to get in his work, for he re
lieved W U Perry of old bin Inu ot tJ nOn just
as tin forry from l'lt-Iiklll touched tho dock.
He was discovered just In time, nnd Perry
grnnpled with the thief. Anoilicir of Cold
Spring, who won with Perry, a-slMed him,
Kelly broke nwuy and lied but Policemen
Loler and Glynn of New burgh, toon cnugbt
him nnd took him to the stntlon. He wns held
for tho Graud Jury, Pony recovered his
A Drug Clerk Commit. Hillclde.
W T t all a drni clfrk In t lis tinployof A N Pob
lilna, at Co umbui It J , vca fount dral In t'eit yr. tar
Jay inornltur Invea Uatloti hoved tluil all Iiail coin
imttrtt luicala by taktiig- poauii lo causa la aariu.l
fur Ibu act.
The llui.lan (lov-rruiiiMit la about to form a .Dedal
11 Jul .try ot A.riuilluro.
-!i. tteuiu n III if kiatrlnyA IMrlforit fork Haven
Ta Mat bitn.l jterda ulteriMitiiL with ujiwaui ut
j oiinoftrt or uub.r liter. I. (10 caaj iniuiam. cu
lull! ana iiutbcr
Jorph H.litT . arrt.t d In Korlie.ter ytatrdar
rlmra, 1 with killin I luatil sh uiluy at a lir.et uu I
saturila) ulidiL lb alitil a itMt ) did tl, .labblnj;
but t a) II al lie ibl it in ..If ilrfclic. '
lolni III nt. tl mil Pliliarl Ci.ihoik miner, tin
U ii I l u Iii. all cnlnrt, l.ntri.tli I' I ur I
UU4I t HI I III I I f "41 ) I .trrday all I III U nl .11 btllltr I
I al 1 liu a-l 1m .ii . Ulcit utnl Lo.!l!ui,k,B iltalll II I
lui'Ul.UUrily eM.rtrd I
Itia VI itoiP l l ' "r Jcititlioii A ( ottiMock a tfralil air- '
vaiur In Uiiia'i an i n nu, I uiii.tl jt.irrlay uu ruliiif.
anil ti e rii valor wiili Hi rxtiire. an I utai tunnry waa
aillin.l .ntiri y U.lrieb IS. In.a I. fttiuatel al
lb i.l If.lir.tln. lul.Ohu.li. . 1 oil. and .Uud
bu.b. i of bar a, Mirth '."n, t. dc.ir")u
Thr Martin Irnf.i lir I ioi f I aim l'ani any of
hen nit n a. ii i i.ri i rai. I ) .. anl.v m iti. fn rtarc
id hl4taa i ricr II. conn ati) li.a a uilim it ,
$bii4ii Iii in oriHjtnr. ar. W 1 lain J Moor
Ji null un 1 VV i .ir iliuiiiaa Y Mewatt, Lima A
pa i ut i aul U iJ4iiia) 1 o txtu I
A iiarn ail icrut 1 1 an 1 be nut a to Ilia All anv r I
I ban A. iciii w .1 triol b i rn crJay lhrra
w.ra bi-IMivii 0 ami 1" rmidrt-li in II a d.yluui al
tl.iline aiul rniuaim-iiili tli.ro Ma. uu little aaetir
ni.ul- 111. Uaru huwet.r ijlil nol rtt.iid beyoi 4 i
ib.iiarn, aalnu cu. wai burl. Tbe leu aui.uuu lu
ill i i ii mil i ii i.T
DO Ultlt THE 1AU11V BILL. ill
IVe Khmild First Try to Oft n Market fop Si?
Our Oooda In Central nnd 8 no Hi Aner. ,jjt
lea-No Free Hiianr Without Iteturn. S3
rmiTLAND, Mo, J uly 21 rlonatorllalo.athls ' SM
home In Lllsworth, told an hionna L'xprtti re- (B
poitor to-day what the llopubllcan Senate) (IB
should do with tho Tariff bill, ho said:
"Ibo Honnto will take up tho measure Im ffl
modlatolr. It Is tha duty of tha llopubllcan Sf
henato to stick to tha bill until It Is completed MS
nnd pnssod. It will not necessarily bo tbe Ma- St
Klnley bill, but will rotnln allot Its good foa- Sjjj
turcs. Tha ilrst duty ot the Republicans la M
Congress Is to pass a good strong pro- $t
toctlvo tariff bill. The proposition which ffl
will be debated and pasaod upoa &
by tbo honnto will lo to try nnd Wl
socuroa lootbold In tho f-outh and Central m
Amorlcan nations nnd to got their ruarkota for Mi
our goods. This does not in any way Interrupt jjj'
tho working of tho protcctlvo sistom, nor Is it iyA
Inconsistent with a protecttvo tarllT. Thefrea Xt
traitors aro Tory fond of doclnrtng that tha Via;
movement mudo by Mr. Dlalno and, so far as M
can bo judged by his messngos, approvod by M't
tho Prosldont Involved frootrado orroclprocltr m,
with tho countriosot tho Old World. This has 'ill'
no foundation whatovor. Q ho trotoctivo tariff Jj ,
glvos Its bonollts to our lnbor, which In tha w j
samo Holds has a competitor in the under- SAv
paid labor ot Luropoan countries, who jj
manufnettiro tho same things nnd stand ready. fijfj
If thoy can. to break down tho protective sys- Mr!!
tern, to tako control ot our markets, and drlvo Mfl
out our labor. Tho situation In Central and fflfe
boutlt Amorlca Is precisely opposlto. Ther jj
furnish tbe products which wo do not supply. Ja"
and which wo ucod. Wo produce and manu Wty
factuio the things they nocd. and which ther W;
cannot prodtico. Tbolr market Is largely la j
tho hands of Great Britain and Franco. and tho ml,
monoy which wo pay for tholr products goes to K'
the-o countrlos. Instoud of paying tor their uSt'i
products In monoy, which goes to Luropo, wa UAl
ought to give In exchange our goods, and wo fOftlj
ought by treaty or by legislation, to eo Hz iWm
business relations butweon us that their goods Ettl'l
will come to us aud our goods go to them. Mr Rfijll
Impres-Ion Is that a mnvemont should bo mndo Miji
with rofoienco to sugar, not involving It with ftuSti
tho wool question, .vlr. limine Is right In say- fitu
Ingthat If we give to houth America. Cuba, eWi
and Porto Hleo an ojion market for sugar, with- KiU
out torms belngimpoBOd, wo shall have no bold MM,
ou those couutrlos to induce them to let our ftf-lii
products into tbolr ports. I believe It to be a, MjM
jact that pteparnilonstendlng to a negotiation Pica
with some of those countries, wblch woula ifTi
, have resulted in reelproi Ity. foil to the ground fMVi
I tn tbe winter, because tho representatives of ViiiX
tho-e countries discovered from tbe provisions Y.ifM
of the Mohlnley bill that they would get tho jtttfoi
benelltof free sugar without being asked any- ii
thing ln return, when we open the ports ot lKI
tho I nlted btatos to the sugar of houth Amer- vSft'j
ten, Cuhn and Porto Itlcn. the benefits whlob. f$i,
they will derive from euch a polloy ought to be Wk
paid for by their admitting tho breadstuffs U.7J1
ottbe West, tho agricultural implements man- aHi
ufactured all ovor the oountry. the petroleum !
of tho Middle Mates, the lumber from Maine, i;fU
tbo manufacture of cottons and woollens, and iH
perhaps a few other articles. The duties laid Fiiyr
in tapanlsh ports upon American flour alone K2u
are so onormous that the sugar produots ot VOM
their sought to be held where thoy now are ajprif
until the enormous duties which they levy on 'fTJjt
American flour shall be wholly or partially re- J ffjl
moved Ihe passage of the amendment whloh nv.f
I offered, somewhat modlllodanas to be adapt- :t'tSf,
edtoprosont conditions. If It doos not result &W
In this would certainly bring about necotla- Kfjj
tlons that could hardly fall ln resulting in a uflfll
treaty mutually beneliclal." B!-lj
Golne Xlome to Aak Forclveneae. 1
PETEnsBnno, July 21. For some time past ,jPi!P
Mr. C. 3. Fawlette and Miss Graco V. W'aymaolc VMfl'
of Manchester have been lovers, but tha jHiflt
parents of tho oung lady were opposed to islSt!
their daughter's marryli g. The young couplo if jB
met by appointment at tho depot this morning, SiiBl
took tno train, and went to Halilax, N. U. JJrFf
whore tho nuptial knot wns tied by Justice ifrW
Clark. Tbe brldo nnd groom arrived here this iiW"
afternoon on tho north-bound train en route 3?r,f
for homo to recoive the forgiveness nnd bless- isllBr'l
lugs of tholr pireuts. The groom is 21 years iMF"l
of ago and tho bride 19 and pietty. ijgfti
The llefectn In tbe Crulaer ITorktovra, ffl-1 '
Ttie Board of Survey, consisting ot rapt, Tbeodore K, Kk
Kane, equipment otllcer of the hrooklyn Navy ard, IffHI
and Naval Consirurtora William b. iliutoyu. and W. fttisMa
I Cappa, whose duty It wa. to Inspect the cruiser MiWr
orktown havo begun their examination Tba atar- iiiiisi?
board site tiaa befn ptetty ttiorouKhly .craped, and tna SI111
pita aud oilier deteit. Lave been ind cited b) cbalk ItllaT 1
marks The pita. It la thought, are du. to nalvanlo 'fHlii
action Tliire la un Irrevular patch or them about fflO
twelve feet . piare on the .larboard side audilieyara ciltHl
ab nit three aixl.enilis of an inoti ln depth Itu.c and lilnBL r
corn. I nartitiilttly notlceab e uti tlie keel platen, aud. a ASEf I
are caused j robablj by ike abk.nce ot au antl corroalva H KS.
covcrluif. S -sa
f? Hi
lbs lVenllier. 8 ISjCjJ
The cnot weather that has pr. ailed over Die lake ra- i W i
Blum unJ mid tie Atlantic state, reached ilia lewatt I. liE
temperature esterday luurnluir thut ha. teen known j J
at this season ot the Je.ir for scv.ntren yeara At ? linfj
Roch.ste- It tnuclieil Id', Albanj sss. I ort Huron, Htf! I
Nlcb.o- and lu tils city at 1 A. SI 67'. Ilia lowest on 1 W t
r.cord far a similar date In July. The hlnh pr.asure i;; j
that produced the cod wave as somas hat dlmla- 1J (
bih.d, andUmoilnirHowly toward the Xtvr r.DgUna MS 'fi
coaat. but It will be several dajs before the warm wave l'M 'yi
tbat h hoverln? over the VV esti in states will cause any f :9
unusual heat lu ttil-t vicinity e terday this warm l K
wave vi as central over Kansas it. area taking tn tba vtar
greater part of the country vreat of iho ilistlsslppL II ji S ffl
will .pread .lowly to the ea.twnrd smif-Mi
Cloud) and rainy weather pr.vdl.d In tha States VliSr'
borderlna- tti. coast south of tlra-inta and the Oatf Owii
Stales, and there we-e Unlit showers lu Minnesota. Da- NiWart
kola .uraska. Kansas, lona. and Arkansas. Btie- SJvl'
where ever Hi. country lb. weather was fair. In this l?Si?R
city lha humidity decreed to 4.' 1 er cent. In the after- K'VnLK
noon. Th.nreat.it was HI p.r esnL In lha morning-. fvfvesff
ThehUhe.t Uovernment temp.raiura wa. 76', wind r 'aTfffi
frith northwest. 5 Ikfflr
To day proml.es to he fair and slightly warmer. To- i jgStf,
morrow generally fair ami still warmer. i as S
The thermometer at Terrj a phannai-y In Tni Hear S JiS B
bulldlnsrcoordet thotemperatureyest.rdayasfollowti S f 4 S
1KS1, l-tui !", isso, 8 uilv K
3A. M . 73 rs I shop M ...sm 71 5 fl
flA H ... 7- tl HP M s 7 1 lk, W
UA U 7SC ' l' U . 7ll 7 i STS
JJM SU bs.'UMld 7 eaa ff ei' S
Av.rair. TU; I $& 9
ATcr.ll.cn July 11, P-sO ta 11? t i
. ids. l ernes roB.cj.r tii l h r h Ti'rsosr nfW m
yor Maine, New llamp.lilre Vermont, Ma.taohu.ttlt; ffid? H
Itliole l.land. lounrctlcul fair weather, toulhw.tt jJlW- ft.
ery almls sllshtly warmer. n$& J
ir (jilciii ,viu I or, riurfru Ptnnnltanla, tn JVftd aTrPi? a
aturt, f ,V
lor District of rolnmbla, Delaware, Maryland, as) WIpS i
Vlmlula. fair, tlUlill) warmer easterly winds, twSjlf
torestrn New orl, wctt.ru I ennsylvanla, aa4 USaWtrf
Wa.tMrginla, fair, easterly wiml., ttatloutry lemstr- iSi'Suj
atura. wnrainli
Mtitle In Mount Morris 1'ark this evening at So'eleek fiflUil
by liutn . beveniy tlr.t llefuiirul Hand 4 irrnfl
llaiikrr I" Arn.on nl 7s Oanal meet charg.d with iie.rJif
swindling his cusiniiierii aa. lie d fur trial lu (J,u00baU r' C i St
at Ua.ex Market t iuri eieniay SkJ9k!u
A tuocenl jlcce xai In He picWtofa drowned SKHfl
man of mldd e aire wlin, e lotywas found lo tba faat fjt HBtWj
lilwr at tho fuot vt loriv innuili ilreet, at 0 o'clock lVKkV
la.itiialt. StJta?t''
Tno of II a recentb tav.el or llnancet of the Com- Ai5lim
m ni omic I (tan jti.tbetuno ip ratlv. On. asiab- sniHiflFt
ll.i e. ' I addy a M.rk.t an est hauga fur huckbtart, on MaKWrl
Saturday 1 uhl at I rii mm d.tr.ei and M01U ave- iiaul1
uue. Am tlier n iulii. lu.t lu be sold la baga 'jlftipic!
Ihelurai 1 himse ml I 111 tb.iustoin lieu., ground fiV'S,tfl
nuie.tertav an ther Hit ut .litlbk. tbtstim. stitr JfiUalrltiyi
fu ir In, uiu s wi ovpntlo lt inu. eu.lonitln.p.et 'tMIH
or. II a n. isheailrltytliarlr.il Toombs wife 13, I 9Cv2Ut
an I Ibe tail in. 11 in H e mill I. Hot .rl J klacfar and 70. It'IfmSr'
Ihe ail ' nun it- on Ml. rr ihe Sew Muuldpat ffla tlSM
II 11 Hi ,. 1 nii)iiii.. 11 w 1 11 ei tin. morning ant Ilia lUiOTflsr
, ari-r illv jit.r 1 d . 1 iei ilia .e e 1111 ut ill last.rn &3Brti
I .r "fit' hoik bn 11 rl h 1 ham' ere 1'eutre and rtLv-wrv
I.e. da a rcut. uid!ridj lua uv oil cialiy ma itViauifl
jut 1 Ii iSSK
1,1m mtil l ji u ioiiio 01 H 1 liabfth street wa. tr.'Tlfnei
hni.tii v an 11. , .1 thr , arrr at a Iweh avema lis rilSU
anllrliir -ireri )etcr'av ur eri "n h hen the fl am ML ssll7
Inl ibu. .icim 1 r ikf Ti . .tine l.il oa Deucoi mu a H Vrtjt
I. II If. ra luniK U be 1 w lha knee lie al takeu to f 3,'ftl
II e II irmiii Hi ., Hi1 hero he died at s I J I U III M
Tha.leaui.liiji II Mont, or the Mom.n III. fa ft. Urn
Jul k 1. t here 011 lu 1 arrived at New Oneans tn WL.A ivr
lll I allilrrlllalmd Ihera Iwi-lily tit trnuie eh. I. It 1 ill
.w url.aii- un VV, lie. la, la.t an 1 got hri. al 1 jTlwVfl
nci ikvi.tirda, 111 rum thu. c verliuf U miles VlcL MU
Inreveu 1 . and s.irii and un. 1 a f hours Hit falte.t Bi IF
r liti I trip evrr 1 aiv SlfrlfisTi
Ihe ptli trrs .ut y store of yish-r A Peuiseh I3 K'iu'i'iCi
lati 1 .to 1. ne t a. eiil.red hr hi rilart aunday ifilnUaT
1 jin ml iri.l . iiie jl lln carrie 1 awar Hi. ' vf ,m
rear wii ui ft e.inrelad been .1 i-.Ued and the t AfJat
..in dragged thriiiiaii tha im .n 11a e.t.r lay ( iiarlet '1 1 flH
John. 011 or I a I'm. iet wa. aria.ted with tome rf L Jtjrm
ihestolm go'd. in nl. ph. it. lun and al Ltt.i klerkil if ywmm
turl wai aiid in i,oou bail lor trrtJ. K tjjnjjf.

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