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WT ' I
ill S 2 THE SUN, TUESDAY, JULY 22, 1890. ' i
nr.nATH o.v itn: tahiiv r.xi.r.
! i iwi:SRi ny mb. ruuniivics.
I t tthr mil In Trnnorci- Hie Iteivemin Murine,
! . Kervlcr tn tlir Niivv Ilermrtmrnl Opoed
'. j liv hrnnlor .Jolm "-tliormiin 'I he Death
! ol cnncreimniHn W ilUer or Mlnmiiirl.
I' ' 1 Wakiiinotov, July 21. In tho Senato to-day
4 Mr. Dnwcstliep., Mass,) movod to piocoed tn
(JT 'tlio eonsldorntlou of tho Indian Appropriation
5? bill.
Lb" Mr. nnvirm., Pol.) moved to proved to
t J tho coshlorttlonot th bill to transtor tlio
H ji(Y f rovontio mnrlno sorvlco from tlio Treasury to
J ' tho li'ivy Department. Acreod to-yons, SO:
II : nnyo, 21. Tlio Ucpubllcins who otol voa
(II ' wore Mess's. Cumoron. Cnsoy, ( ullora l'nr-
jj ' well. 1'ryn. lncalls, Mltelioll. .Suwyor. Spoouer.
I j ' 3 "'Icller. uml Washburn. Tho Democrats who
I ' Toted my wore Mossm. Jlnto, Coclcrell. Qor-
' 111 tnnn, and Pilch.
I j Tho hill limine been read, Mr. Gray moved
HI y to chance ihnilnto for tlu appolntmont of rov-
fjj it enuo marine olllcers to bo officers of tho navy
HI from July l.isio. to Oct. 1.1800.
I ' p; ' Mi. Allison (liep.. Iowni BuccmtoJ that tho
lj l ft dn'e should bo postponed till January. 1811.
l . when tlioScnii'n would be In session to con-
: t f Arm tho appointments. It intent porhaps ba
'HI ' In session In October, but ho bored not. Mr
( ;? Clrav crenpted the suceestlon, and tho dnto
HI ' was lived for Jan. 1, lh!)l.
HI , Mr. ''inrmnn (Hop.. Ohio) opposed the bill as
HI ? one of I l.o worit monsuros that had boon be-
, HI t foro tho Sentito In many jenrs. It would do-
; HI , etrny nioivlce that had boon orcnnlred for a
; j hundred rents, would roverse the dodslons of
jl 1 1 ' ntlonsthnlf a dozon Uoncresses, oud would
V 'I dlinrranco tho revenue mnrlno so that prnctl-
' 1 1 cally it would bo of no sorvlce In tho collection
! HI ' of customs revenue. Tho only objoot of thn
- bill vvastoadvunco tho pay of tho offlcois to
i! 5 the extont o! J12I.O00 n year, and to have
1 1 t thoin entitled to bo p'.a.-od on tho re-
' tlrod list. Those officers bad not nuked
J i ah initio for tho measure. They had
f only aked as a monsuro of justice that
t'i t ' their pay should bo tho same ns that of naval
! ' ofllcots of correspondlnc rank, and thut they
1) should hnvo tlio rlcht to retlriuc pay. Tho
HI youncottlcorsof tho navy woro also In favor of
',' 'the bill, as It would Klxo thorn hotter chanoos
j j for promotion. They thoutht that It would
j!) ' bI9 thorn ploasant omplovmont around tlio
' 'cities, whoio thoy could ilanco with theBlrls
nnd could bavo fun and a cood time. Aeons
j of thorn had recently expressed it. "What ailo-
E. 111 f llchtful thine it would bo to bo Captain of n
F III r rovenu' cutter." Hut was that tho duu for
S iy '' which thoy wore oducaied by tho Qoornmont
1 111 v it Kotntali. Thoir duty ns oftleersot the navy
a Iv w waa nui to run tlio revonuo mnrlno. not to
y IB i) oatchKmuKBlers,buttoilRlit tho enemies of tho
j? II f; country: to bo skilled In win tare. In eunnory.
S II i nnd in senmanshlii. With a full kuiiwledco of
1 I ' tho nature and cbaracier of tho work
jM J i parformed by tho otllcore of tho reienim ,
ftV I mailne. he declared that the Mil oucht not to ,
111 k pass, but that Concress oufiht to ciant tho pe-
i tltloii or these olllcers and cio thnm the same I
3 1 ' pay and retiring pay ns naval olllcers of cor- ,
j 1 respondlnc runk. lie holleod that the result
111 i of tho measure would be to destroy the efll-
( .; cloncy oi the raonue service and to brine dis-
lln coid and confusion into both I rnncbes.
-1 1 lj J Mr. bpoonur (Hop.. Vi Is. ) said tbut the bill had
tl f boon reconimonded by the tocietary of tho
fl - lavy and had met theapnroal ol tho Seere-
I I tary o tho '1 ron-ury. It had doeo reported fa
il . orably by the unai imous votes of the com-
II V mlttoe on Naval Allaire of both Houses, had
I passed thu llouso almost unnnlmou-ly. and
i had boon ree.immendeil by Hoards ol Trade all
III " over the eountrj. It va- desired by theortlcers
l.ll of both sorvIce-the navy and tho roo-
II - n no mnrlno Willi that euppoit of the
V bill, nfllclal and unolllolnl. lucludlnc the
III ,' hoerotaries of iheNavy and of the Treasury,
with unanimous roi orta from two Mandlnc
, commlttoetof Concress. with nu almost unan- I
I lmous voto in tho Houho of Itoprosentatlvos, I
l ' nnyheuutor took a pretty laree cnirnct on
I I j himeolfwhen ne nssertod that there was no
,. pubilo policy behind It. and that it was based
,11 v solely on the desire of n few officers to cet
I i' blchor grades and better pay. IlolMr. Bioon-
I L or asserted that the reveuno mnriiio sorvlce
I I , was tne best sch ol in tbo world for a younc
nitval olllcor-bettnr than all tho technical
I , Instruction he eot at the Naval Academy. Ho
a ' bolleved that tho outside o position lo the bill
1 1 oamo from that littlo bureau in the Treasury
1 j ' Uoiiaituiont which would ceaso to oxUt If tho
" i, bill became a law.
' Mr. Allison said ho tborousbly acreod with
I t tho statemont of tho Senator from Ohio that it i
l r; was the mo-t vicious bill that had evoi to his
knowledge boen presented to Concre-s with
', I., reference to the ndminlstratlon of the Govern-
i - menu It was vicious in a double senso. It
' v took away fiom the Treasury Depnrtmont Its
Z proper powers nnd dutien as reenrdod the col-
i leclion of revenuo uml turned thorn over prac-
W tlcally to the olllcers of the Navy Department.
I' At 2 o'clock this bill was laid a ido without
m action, and tbo "unfinished business." tho
IP " Turitr bill, wab taken up. I
m Mr. oorhees lUem. Ind.) addressed the
TH ' Senate in opposition to tho bill which ho
rffl characterized as a llnuncial monster, ovory
in ' claw and toi'th of whUh had been curefully In-
vH epected in tho lobbies and found to be sound
:; andiolinble. It was only In an impure political
!m . and moral ntm sphero. generated by a ormpt
m rnononolyi f wealth, thai a llnanclal moasuro
' ;f like the one now pondi e would daio to how
iR i' the huid uutlinesol ltscuilty face: much less
IK would It expect to bo treated wllh rospect,
i0 i BDoken well of. and pre?eil as a law. lio-ald
lm it was an a'-tonlshlnt: fact that in iho fourtoen
JM f.chedules of dutiable articles the only reduo- ,
tfSt ' ' tions made woro in tlio s. hodule rolatlnc to
.S ' Eucai nnd nirilA-sesiwhlch in the llcht of tho
JPji pro osed bounty to suc.ir ulan ers, vma no n-
i ductlon nt nil), nnd in tho section relutlnc to
il vrlnoH.Hpirith nnd dherbovernues. In every one
H of the other twolvo schedules tho tarltl taes
Wim ,' bad boon lite eased. In lecunl to vv, ollen
&M eoods that Incro.mu amounted to tI5,0U0,0(M)a
'IfiB r year. There was no protonslon that that In- ,
1H oroaso was put on for the sake of revenuo. It I
Smk wasslmnly an Inslume of pioteciion run mad I
nnd developed into a I 'lilm.se wall of proljlhl- i
rhV tloii. He quoted fiom a Mutcment inado by
Um Mr. McKcever of Now Yoik beforo tho
HI Finance Committee. Ore ol his answers to n
Ml i quentlon by Mr. uncons tonhy tlio duty on I
(Am rertaln cheap fnbilcn of cloth whs to bo in-
gal creased fiom about 75 per cent, to about JM)
n . per i out was: " 1 i-uppose It was to make the
IHR ! 'poor consumer pay tw icons ninth for hlB goods
fi as thu weultliy consumer would havo to uuy
1 lor his"
1 Mr Voorhees also quoted from the statement I
8 ol .Mr. 1'. It. W orrill of .Sew ork I eforo the I
,, ' amo committee, who, when asltod the reason
ft ( for a larco Increase of duty on cheap cotton
i TeUets. Mild Nothlnc but prohibition, it is
m : not protection." tin also load an oxtract from
fi i - the annual teport for l8')of the tionsurorof
H the Arlincton mills, manufacturers of cotton
H , wariis. mohair, nnd man's diess coods. to tho
O ' rtectth.u lor the last twenty yonrs the avoriico
fi division of dividends bad beou a littlo over 20
In , per cent., nnd the prollts ot the last year wero
fj three timos as croot as thoso of tho procodlnc '
B Mr. Voorhoe reforro I to the recent Stnnloy
St - ireddincin London, attondod by mombers of
jfc the royal family and by tbo representatives of
f i tho hit-host nristocracy of Knclnnd, nnd to the
gg i vreddluc presents of fabulouB rrlco showered
I upon lb" hero ot the Dark Contlnont and bis
brldo. An American protected manufacturer.
he said, was there, aud bestowed upon the
. bride a clft richer am) rarer and far moro
, costly than any that could bo aliorded by the
(Juesnof l.ncland or tbo Kintcof HelKlum. It
c- Iras Cainecio, he said, and bis elft was an un-
', out diamond ot such slo and quality that
nelthor the richest ol the crown jewels of
( England urtho moonstono of India could
X surpass it in value. And tiow cuius
t this American klnc of eteel and
t Iron to havo a diamond beyond the
v roach of the other kincs of tho
world and to be able tn (,'lvo It nwny7 Was it
on inheritance an heirloom? Had ho bunted
t- and found It In thu diamond fields of Africa f
Had he tolled from dav to day, ecoiinnilud,
' nd saved tho earnincs of a lllotlmo to buy it
Notblni: of all that. Tlio farmers of tho Lnltod
' Btates bad paid for that diamond ten thoti-
sand times ov er Mtbe last twenty years by pay-
! , incanavoracedutyof over 8S per cent, on o cry
I article of Iron and stool thut they used, and by
' paylnc Increased rates of lallroad trelcbt
mado necessary by the hltrh duties on steel
' and Iron rails and rollinc stock. For the
farmer, ut last, paid for ail. If the pendlnc
' pill bocamo a law they would have an Increase
of duty to pay on iron and stoel from BUM por
' vei t tn .11.7.3 per cent,
Mr. Yoorhoes then discussed the proposed
increase of I'JO per cent, on tin plate, in or dor
,'' to i rotect an Infant Industry as jot unborn,
it and in order to clve employment to VM.UOO
i; T,orkliiL-iiU'ii now l.llo, it would bit far choaper,
,. Iiosaid for tho countiy to pay 21,000 Idle men
f their nvorace vthkss than to tax evoiy hquiiro
P ot tin roof, ovory dlnnor pall, tvnpot, and milk
is c.iu, simply to build up half a doon million-
lj alios, and to enable them to clvocoachlnc par-
i ties to protection lenders and lo lound libra-
: ilos from the snvinusof a IS per cent, reduc
tion of the wnuos ol their worklncmon. Tin
plate, bosatd.hadthellrst ricbt to le on the
froe list; ami ho would at tho proper time,
move to nut It there. There was no roanufao
turoof it In this country and therefore cotli
' Inj to protect, oven If piotectlon wore
, rlKh. It was a material In uulrorsal
use, a common want with laboring, t eopln, nnd
t It ouuht tharutoro to pay no tax. Mluht ho not
t with propriety. In louvlnc the tin pinto sched
ule, call on all tho men and women nho uno tin
; puns, palls, rups strainers teaoots c ffoe-
puts, wushbasltis cnoklnc puns, iio nlatOB, cans
for Irults und vecetsbles, and tin for roodni:
tlicli hoiihos, to join in prononnclic anathema
maranulhu ituulnst the bill The doctrine of a
blch protective tarllT wa here carried out to
It) full limit, und displayed, without further
attempt at dtsuulse, all lis Irlcbtful cannblli
Us lor evil. It mlcbt well exclaim, wltbthi
falso prophet of Khornssnn when be unveiled
his hideous fnco to his lanornntworshippors:
Itrre jntlrr If h'll wllh nil lm nnnen to iltinn,
CAn sau uno curt xa the rll tntntr I am
As be bolloved In tho justice ot God, ho bo-
llovod In tho ovorthrow of such n system of
Oovernmeiit, Ho believed Hint tho proent
wlcko.1, criminal system of tnrltf protection In
this country was raelne to swift destruction.
It uns destiiinil soon to encounter tho stern
spirit of retributive jusilco and to tool tho
desolation which It bnd Inflicted on olhers.
He lojolued that llieio was a si Irlt tn the land
which would notdoirn nt the blddlncof stneu-
laiors. hether that spirit was of ids party or
, of tho oppo-Ito party, or ot nn olllatno om-
brael a honest rooplo of both parties. It was
most wolcomotohlm: nnd hlspr.iyor as that
It would havanalant's stroncth In Its arm. so
a- to strlko down tho mnlklad robbers who
. woro rl'ilnc over nnd trumpllnc down tbo
I lnl rltii! poor. ,
Mr. oorhoos spoko for nbout tvyo hours.
Markoil nitontlon was paid to the speech by
Homocrfttle Senators, most of whom romalnpd
In tho onnmber durlmt Its dolliory. On tho
other hand, thero woro very tow (hnrdly n
d07on) ltonuhlli an Senators in their (.oats and
those scorned to tnko vnry littlo lntorost In the
spoeoh. Thoro was a very fair attendance In
tho eallorlos, and ono or two efforts at np-
plauso proceeded from them.
At tho closo of the speech Mr. Coekrell (Hem.,
Mo.)offorod rosolntlons which woro acreod to,
oxorossluc tho Senator's learot at Hie an
nouncement of the death of llonresentatlve
Walker ol Missouri, nnd for thoappolntmont of
a committee of throe Honators to attend tho
funornl. Moasrs. est, I'lumb, and llerry wero
appointed, and the Senatn. as a further mark
ol respoct, adjourned until to-morrow.
nouns of IteirencntnllTF.
In tho House, on motion of Mr. Dookery
(Dem., Mo.), by unnnlmous concent. It was or
dored that the vote on tho Orlclnal Tnckaco
bill shall be taken to-morrow, nnd the voto on
the Bankruptcy bill Thursday mornlnK.
Mr. Dockory then foollucly announced tho
death of his colleague nnd friend, tho Hon.
James l Wnlkor. nt bis homo In Dexter. Mo ,
last Saturday aftornoon. Jtesolutlons wore
then unanimously ndopted oxpressho of the
sorrow wllh which tho Houso had heard of tho
death of Mr. Walker, and piovldlnc for the ap
pointment of acomuiitteo of hovon mombers
of tho House and tluoe membois or tho Senate
to toko Older for tho funornl coromoules. Tho
Speaker appointed tbo lollowlnc contlomon ns
meinborsnf thocommitteoon tho imrt of tho
House Messrs. Dockery. Irank. Crisp, Mor
rill. McMlllln. llnkor. and Davidson. The
House then as a mark of respoct to tho mem
ory ot tho doccased, adjourned.
Lin: WA&umaTON topics.
Thine of Interest HnppeuInK In and Out
ol ibe Hulls ol Congres.
WxsniMOTON, Jnly 21. Tho second ureat
tariff debate of tho Fifty-first ConKroBs was
commenced in the Senate cbambor to-day. It
is the intontlon of tho ltopubllcnn manacora
to keep this bill Bteadlly boforo the Sonata
until disposed of. Tho Democrats hnvo de
termined to make n protracted flcht nunlnst it,
and no ono knows when the end will conio.
According to tho expressed opinion of tho lto
publlcnn Senators on tho Unance Committee,
si wooks at least should be clven to tbo do
bate, which would cany It over until the first
weenie In September. The nocesslty for passing-
a tariff law is so prosblnc upon tho Repub
lican bonntors that the proposed cac rule has
boon practically lost sicht of. .Nothlnc has
been heard in the Sennte for n wook or moro of
this proposition to choke off debate, and it Is
probable that nothlnc will be beard of It until
at least four or flvo wooks havo boencivenup
to debate on tho Tariff bill.
Tbo Itopublicans aro just ns far from an
acreement on tho Fodernl Elections bill as
they woro a month nco. The radical Senators
still insist that they will pass n bill, but the
opposition is crowlnc so fast that ov on the
most onthusiastio nro bocomlnc discouraged.
Tho Committee on I'rlvllocos and Elections, ot
which Senator Hoar is Chnirman. hold pro
tracted sosslonB dnily. and they aro disscctins
the Lodco bill in tho most scleutillo manner.
Tbo friends of tho bill are ubllced to move
very slowly for fear of treachery In their own
ranks. Tho opposition of leadinc Republican
Senators to tho passaco of any election bill Is
the cause of tho Senato's action in sendinc tbo
Lodco bill to the table. Instead of to
tho Committee on l'rhllccc3 nnd Elec
tions, where It properly boloncs. Tho
manacors of tho bill will not allow It
to cet Into the hnuds of tho committee
Jiowover. for the reason that Senator Toller is j
a member of it, und. if ho cot tho opportunity, i
would be pleaded to clvo tho bill its death
blow. Thero are nine mombers of tho Com
mitteo on rriviloees and Elections, Ave of
whom are Republicans and four Democrats.
Ono of tho five is Sei ator Teller of Colorado,
and, it tbo bill were takon up in committee, he
could effectually knock it out by votincwlth
the Democrats. Chairman Hoar means to clvo
him no such opportunity, so tbo bill remains
upon tho table, while tbo committee is at
tempting to frumo a measuie that will meet
with the endorsement ,r a majority of the l.o
publican beuators. Ibe intontlon is, when
this is accomplished, if over, to enter a motion
to take the bill from tho table, when the one
procured In tho commltteo room can booilered
as a substitute. Uy this procfediuc .Mr. Tel- i
lor villi bodepiived of thechunce to make his I
opposition count. I
The commltteo had alone so-slon to-day and
enjoyed tho advice and counsel or Mr. John I.
Daveunori, who i out thoaltcrnoon colncovor
the details of tho bill with the Senators hen- i
ator bpooner, the mauueer of tbo Elections
bill, says that ns soon ns tho moasure is put i
Into proper shape it wili bo submitted to tho
Jtepublican Senators lor tbeli action. Mr. '
hpoonor rather resents tbo Idea that it
will be necessary to call n caucus be
foro the bill Is takon up in order
to m.iko tho majority support it.
Hosajs thatsincobo has boen In the Sennte
It has novorbeen necessary to cet a caucus
supnort fornny measure, and Intimates that
this menus ot drivlnc in Votes will not bo ie
sorted to In the ense of the Lloctions bill. Ho
Is unable to say whon tbo till) will be roady.
or what tho nrocramme ot tbo liopubllcun
benutors for futu e uctlon is. Tho Itcpublicans
bavocotno to a sort of tenoral understundlnc
that thu Tariff bill must tlrst bo disposed of,
even it it consumos so much tlmo thnt
thoio will bo none loft in which To
pass tho Elections bill. Senator Aldricb,
who Is In cbarco of tho debate, hays ho lu
tonds to koep the bill beforo the Senato con- '
stantly, and tbnt the Democrats will havo an
opportunity tor a full discussion of tho various
sections. Whon tho bill was taken up to-day
Senator Voorhees mado the oppoainc speech,
readlnc from manuscript, and with no attempt
at oratory. Little Interest was mnnlfestod In
the question, and ltwasnotkoablethatnolthor
Senators Aldrlcn nor Gorman, the man
acors respectively for tho Republicans and
Democrats, was In tho chamber. Senator
Carlisle was on hand, however, takinc a seat
closo to his lndl tna oolluacue. und listened
oncerlt to ovory word. Democrats ceuernlly
weio in their plaocs but morely a handful of
Ilopubllcaus were proaent. '1 he House havlnc
adjournod. u number ot Itoprosoutatiies camo
oier and paid sumo nttoatlon to Mr, Voorhees.
'J he callorles were almost entirely ompty.
tho puullo sbovvluc no Interest whatever
la the subject, It Is likely that the
debate will cet lively niter a while,
especially when tho friends of Mr. Blalno bocin
their work on tho sucar schedule. The Re
publican Sonators will, of course, innke as few
spoeches as possible. A few of them, bowevor.
I who are anxious to seo the debate drac alone
' in thn bone that It will kill off ttioattompt to
pass an election law, will have considerable to
I When the sucar schedulo Is ruachod there
will be soino very llvoly skirmishing between
the friends und opponents of the plan pro
posed by Hocrotsry ltlalno for reciprocity with
too South Aiuorcnn countries. It is well
known that Senator Aldrlch who Is In eharco
of tho Tariff bill, is Incliuid to admit the wis
dom of a portion of Mr, lilalno's proposition
and ready to meot tho Secretary half way in a
Plan for cIvliiBoffeot to hl btipcestlons. Mr.
Aldrlch will probably himself propnso an
nniondmout on tbo lines proposed by Mr,
lllalne. The Secretary of Stnte also has the Ad
ministration with him, and can therofuro feel
conlldent of cetllnesome sort of an amend
ment in tbo bill that will bo acceptable to him
ami the froa sucar men. It Ik said th it n com
mon ciouud bus already been found, upon
which ull can stand, and thnt an amendment
will be put Into tho bill In accordance with It,
Homo surpriso was expressed lust week when
I Senator 1'lerco proposed his amend
ment looklnc to partial reciprocity, as
it was known that ha bad not consulted
the members of tho Finnnco Commltteo before
ollerlnc bis bill. It Is now known that his
proposition was the result ot a eonierence be
tween himself ami I'losl 'ent Harrison The
l'ru-ldont and honutor 1 lurco are warm friends
of loneslnndini;, which tl-es welcht to thu in
troduction ot tho proposed amendment. This
amoudmout provide "tbut alter one year
i fiom thn passaco of the bill tho Tresl
dent In his discretion may direct that the
dutlesnneucurimposedutidortha luws now in
force lie rulruposud us acnlnst any nation or
, country fnlliuc to enter Into adequate reel pro-
1 cal relations with the I' nlted States reirurdluc
tho agricultural tnodticts of the countiy: mid
the I resident Is directed to pursue suah nego
tiations as may be deemed necessary to bocui e
by treaty or otherwise, the unrestricted entry
Into such country or tho agricultural products
of the tnlted States." The adoption of this
amendment would, no doubt, bo entirely
acre sable to Mr, lllalne, and would probably
not the support also of Chairman, Mohlnley.
Should It succeed, the bill will still provide for
. ... ,
After Eating
And Dyspopsia
Aro Cured by
froo sucar. but with tho qualification that If
Cuba and Porto ltlco remses In roturn for It to
I ndmlt Amorlenn products froo tbesucnrtai
may bo relmposod. It Is probable that tho
I most protracted and lntorestlncdloUBslon of
tho entire, tariff dobato will come up on this
Tho Houso ot Representatives Is drlftlnc
alone, nnd after takinc a vote on tho "Orlclnal
I'nckace " bill will tako up tbo proposed bank
rupt law under tbo spoclal rulo provldtnc time
tor Its dobato. The story that has roeenlly
boon started to tho effect that Speaker Rood
baa lost control of tho Houso. and that
moinbors nro nl sent nculuBt his will nnd In
splto of his nppenls to them to roturn
is nonsonso. Mr. Ileed has rasod nbout all
tho bills ho cares to. His procrnmmo. anraDCod
beforo ho as eloctod Speaker, has been car
rlodout almost to thu loiter, nnd so far as ho
Is con' orntnl It tnakos no difference whother
the Senate adjourns now or In two month".
Ml. Reed has nunc up tho 1 ubllo building
i bills, at d is not over 7catous in tnvor ol tho
Sass iso ol tbo blc river and harbor measures,
ust now ho is puttlnc in all bis tlmo
urclnc tlio liepublican Senators to stnnd by
tho iodor.il El-clons bill and does notcaroa
rnp whetbertbe House is in session or not. In
fact he rntlior prefers that tho mombers should
nil remain away, a- then it would belmposslblo
for them tn do any mischief. Mr. Julius
Caennr Kiirrows. on of tlio allocod leaders
In tho Houso, is authority for tho state
ment that If tbo LlO'-tlona bill fulls,
or even if it should pass tho Senato. tho Re
publicans mean to pass a Reapportionment
Inw bo'oro adjournment. Ho fnvs that they
nronowlooKln,' for the census llcuro- to bo
bnndod In within two or ihreo woeks. and
which will lurnlsh them tho data ui on which
to orrunco tho new basis of rentesentn
Hon. Many of the Republican 8enntors
are In lavor of dolnc this, but the
trouble Is to find a majoritv of them
willlnc to remain In Wasblncton to onBCt any
. parti locMatlon attor tlio Tariff bill shnll havi
been dlsposod of. '1 hero aro in least a d07on
llepubllian senators who acres with Senator
1'addock of Nebraskn that tlio sentiment of tho
i Republican throucho t tho country Is lnritol
opposed to tho paSHco of nn Election bill nnd
In invor of havlnc Concre-s nd.ourn Immpdl
ately niter diBposinc or tho Tariff bill,
Anproprlation and othor needs-nry bills.
Mr. 1'addock says publlcli, thnt ho will not
vote tot nn oloi Hon bill, whotber It cots tho en
dorsement of a caucus, or not. Ho is opposed
to It on coneral pilmiples and Is urctnc his
collenc os to support blm In his flcht. In tbo
' meantime, the Demooiatlo r-enators nro say-
1 inc very littlo nbout wnnt they Intond to
do, but ic is well known that .they
havo detormlnod to do their best to talk tho
, proposed cac rule nnd the Elections bill to
death. The ablest and loncest-winded of their
members will bo put forwnid. and whllo
they promlso to make no factious on
position to tho Tariff bill, they, will
use ovory known parliamentary device
to head off a vote on a cac rule it tho
Republicans And It necessniy to brine one for
ward. If tho Democrats persist In their deter-
' mlnntion thoy can easily consume tlio tlmo
from now until the 1st ot October in a lecl
tlmate discussion of tho tariff and other im-
i' i rtant bills vot to como up. and In makinc a
lllbt-bterinc llcht upon tho enc rule.
When Senators Ilale and Fryo turned down
Speaker Reed and Rcprescntntlvo Uoutelle by
securlnc the appointment of Thomas W. Hydo
as a momber of the Board of Mnua
I cors of tbo National fcoldlors" Home.
Instead of Tostmaster A. L. Farnham
or Rancor, whom Reed and Routeilo
wanted. i hoy stirred up a hornet's nest. Tho
Senato does some very queer tbincs, but tho
way lu which It violated parliamentary
courtesy, law, nnd precedent to please
I Senators Fne. Hale, and bherman bea s
tho tecord. and bos led to a tnnclo
I between tho two houses of Concress.
The Hoard of Manacere of these soldiers
homos Is responsible to Concress entirely by a
statute nassed in 1W7H. The members are ap
pointed by joint ro-olutlon of Concress H'id
I no two are pormltted to be from tlio samn
I stato. However, whon tho Sundry Uill
Appropriation bill was beforo tho
Senato on Saturday, an amendment
was insorted which nnmod a members
of the Boaid Concrossman S. r. loder and
ex-Concres-man ounckio of Ohio. A joint
ro-olutlon i assed tho Honso some tlmo nco
illlinc oxlstinc vacancies on tho Board and
ono of the uppolntmonts acreod to by
the House was Aucustus L. lain
bam. tho political lieutenant of Cupt. Bou
tollo. Whon thl- lesolutlon reached
tho Senate Mllitaiy Committee the two
Malno senators had Col. 1 alnham's name
Btrlikenout, substltutinc thnt of '1 nomas W.
Hyde. Tbo substitution wat made throuch
Senatorial cour'e-y. in d tho mntter was sent
to a conference committee. It was tho pur
pose of the A alnu Sonators not to tako any
chances on tl oconfe once. Consequently they i
had arrancod with the Appropriations
Committee lu tho Sennte that tb"so ap
pointments should to made by tho
Sundry Cull bil Instead of by joint resolution I
as provided bv law. Acnlnsttbo judciientnt
Senator Alllf-on thi was ncrcod to, and Hide's '
jinmewent on tho llt instead of Fnrnhnm's, I
the purpose belnc to let tho joint resolution
When matters wero In this shape Sen
atnr Sherman laiortod tbo death of
Col. HairiF of Cincinnati, a momber of
the Board, nnd de-ired that cx-Concro-smnn '
(iuncklo should bo his successor. A ro-olutlon ,
was Introduced to this effect. Senator l'uyno
introduced one of a similar character for tho '
appointment of Couctossman ioder. The Mil-
Itary Committee of tlio Senato did not
net on tboso resolutions, owinc to tbo
fact thnt heretofnio tho practice has
been tbnt thev should aucmato In tbo
House, ft hnvinc beon dotnrmlned that tho
npnolntments sboulil be mado In tho Sundiy
Civ il bill, Senators hbot mnn and I'nyne reached
an ncroemont with lecnrd to the respoctlvo
oundldates. it was proposed that Ounekle co
on the Hoard in place of Col. Harris,
and that ex-Concressmnn Ooorce W. Steele
of Indiana shoul. bo dropped to makon placo
forJudce Voder. The reason for ruiirlnct'npt,
Steelo was that be bnd recently noon appointed
Oovernor of the Territory of Oklahoma, and it
would thuroloro be iiuposslblo for blm to servo
on tho board.
When tho action of the Senato became un
derstood in tbo Houso to-day Reed nnd Bou
tello wore nncry at the mnnuor In which
I arnhnm hull been dropped nnd Hyde
substituted, and thu friends of Cant. '
Steele wore no bettor plenEed. Mr.
Oheodle of Indiana declared that ho
would opposo the apiendmont. Ho will ho sup
ported In this by Oen. Cutohoon of Michlcnn.
Chairman of tho House Commltteo on Military
Affairs. Tho ptoaent Indications aro that thoy
l will be successful, not at tho oxpeuso ot Judco
Tod or, but ot Ounckio.
The contract for bulldlnc Inunchlncwaysfor
the Now York Navy Yard bns bsen awnnlod to
Richard Cronln & Sons of Brooklyn. The o-ih
other blddor was Cullnm A Mol.ane ol jew
York In the sum ot f 'J.fJUO. The Contract prlco
Is only J2.80O.
Mayor Grant TclU 'lUem Thnt Tlier Vlo.
late Ibe l.mv, und Tbnt's All,
Mayor Grant, Commissioner Ollroy, nnd
President Wilson of tbo Board of Health con
sulted yostorday on tho nuisance of tbo steam
pipes. Tbo Mayor wauted to know what jus
tice there was In tho steam company's com
plaint (but It la rondorod holplois by the con
lllctlnc ordorn of tho two departments, aud
cannot make the repairs roqulrud by tho
boalth authorities, bocnubo Its porroitB to open
tbo street bavo boon rovokod by tho Commis
sioner of 1'ubllc Works.
Mr, Ollroy said that bo revoked tho outstand
inc pormits becnuso tho company bad rondo a
street opcnlnc without waitluc for a permit,
but that he bad nowhere mado a rullnc thut the
company oould not bavo permits under which
to make rcpairx.
President Wilson snid that the Board of
Health had muda no ordoi under whlcn tho
ctreet ononlnc complained of could bo justl
Hod The company bud simply been ordored
to abate u nulsHnce at certmn nnmed point ,
After tlio conferencH I lie Major f role lo Vice
President Shaffer ot the bteum company:
L'n nr Ibe Jawit and crilitiaucof IUe city of 1r
York All work la P Ouu nbl n rtjulic ttieotiti Invor
itArlnv unot tb tirttu mult be dutio uiidei k ptrinlc
from tut Papsrtrficnt of Public Work 1 iu larorni4
by lit I.'ouunlwioncr of Public Work tlikt your iur
ptrkiiun wi touuil obtalrr the pavement In front
of 4 Vtiey trel wiibusi u li i erinlt. sn4
In Utyrani TloUilou of lt obiivailum to n,
city, lbt rikle niirarU of Hie rights
of tbli munbliiality iciuirei It at a.inn aeunn
b taken to i rcveni ua reiurrenr an 1 1 cannot inter
far,- with Ilia Pepartuiani of I'ubhe Work lu lakbi
uch action a n.ay aaeni belt calculate 1 u ucconqi leii
lliit reault Ideilreluriberloaayiliat Idonoi mink iou
are called upon a yourcoromuiucaili n aiatea, lo obey
two waiters, but that faltbful coiniUare with tue
lawa and ordluancei under wlilcli your charter wu
trauled. and with the ot liratloni which you hare In
curred to the cur. would make It entirely onnteanary
for IUe city authorltlee to take euoh action tor Ibe pro
ttcUea : Ue city s Interim ai you hart somslaluedot.
Tlllmnnn'a rnemtea flute him ntllerly, nmet
he FearK Aenaealimllon-I BTorla to Be.
enre the Colored Vele Aicalnal Illra,
Columbia, July 31. Will Ben Tillman, the
farmer's candidate, be Oovornor of South
Carolina? Every man, woman, and child In tbe
Pnlmotto State Is asklnEtbUiiuostlon. Thero
aro ncioat many who bollove ho will not be.
South Carolina politics bavo nover bolore been
in sudi a disturbed stato. Evon tho turbulent
days of 1870 wero not a matih to the present
situation. Thou It was whlto man ncalnst
uecro. Now it is brotbor acalnst brothor,
housohold ncalnst household. It Is a death
Btrucdo botwiou two slant factions, nnd
wblchov or coos down will stny down.
To ono not acquainted with tho situation It
would appear that Tillman Is sure towln. Till
man has broucht himself Into notoriety by
poslnc nsaroformor. Ho has calnod tbo oar
of tho peojilo by doclarlnc that thero nro abusos
and corruption In tho Stnto Government, und
be lias won a larco faction ovor to blm by
promlslncto correct tho abuses and oxpose
i tho corruption. Thero Is a lares faction that
declaros bis charcos aro tbe cry of a doma
cocuo and mischievous acltator. whose only
nlm is to secure office. Lncti taction poses as
tho representative of conslltutlonal domoo
iacy. if Tlllmnu Is nllowod to bo liovoiuor of
South Carolina tho fact substantiates his
charces and it will co abroad that he, tho ex
ponent ot truo Domocracy nnd the champion of
the i oople. has wrested tbo Uovernmout from
tho clutthesof an ollcnrchy whoBo power wus
used to oppress nnd to plunder. To dofealhlm
would rovoreo tho situation.
It both factl' ns are Detuocratlo, tho pro
dominnme ot one ovor tho other must tnov ita
blv cause a split of the patty. 'J his is why
Ulllmun miiynot botlovoruor of South laio
llniu Ills expoiienta assert that his methods
nro undemocratic To bind thetusoivos to tho
action ol n Convention controlled by his allies
would be to -uhinlt to dolont at tho hands or a
faction bellovcd to bo undemocratic and hos
tllo tocood covornmont. andontho-ocrouuds
some of tho ber-t und purest Democrats ndvo-
ato u direct appeal to tno ballot box. If tho
necrocau bo marshalled lntnthornnksncnliiBt
Tillman thoy believe it will simply bo flchtlnc
thodovtl with flic. They hold tho election of
Oen. i.nrlu or Oen. Brtimon. stralcht-out Dem
ocratic candidates, by such moans would bo
no moro di-reputable to thom as Democrats
than bolnc bonton bv Tlllmnn. . ,
Thotolore. if thero I any Irreculnrlty on the
part of tho Tillman taction in tho Aucust or
SoptemborOonventions this will bo tho Inevita
ble nrocramme. Tho Democratic stato Con
vontlon io n' ininato llovoinor and Stato nfll
cera will be held In this ,-lty on sept. Hi. , The
Auciu-t Convention Is for tho purpose ol deter
mlnlnc howdelocatea to tho seplembei Con
vention shall be chosen, whether by primary
elections or county Conventions. Tlio Tdl
manltos lavor tbe Convention svstcm, whllo
tbo opposition demand the adoption ot the
primary plnn.
1 Thonocro vote can be bad for a considera
tion," aud with the whlto antl-Tillman contin
cent would defeat Tillman nt tho polls. 'Ihoro
are thousands ot men in South Carolina who
would not voto for Tillman for any considera
tion, nnd this lomlncent will have a voice In
comlncovonts. Thero is nuothor reason why
Tillman inny not become n Goicrnor. Thero
is a possibility that ho will not live to seo elec
tion day. Some of his frlonds openly assort
that an effort will bo mado to assassinate him.
Ho is said Pi havo received letters Informing
blm that plans havo boen formed for his as
snsslnation. ...
'J ho toniner of South Carolinians is sucb.
howovor. tbnt a proposition ot this Kind would
nppent nb-urdt but If a riot should occur nt
any of thn approachinc meotincs, resultlncln
bloodshed, it is a cennrnlly nccptod conclu
sion that Tillman would be klllod. That ho is
1 hated with uniompromlsiuB venom is not to
bo denied aud thero aro hundreds ot promi
nent men in the Stato. roprosontinc tho wealth
nnd Intclllcenco or the community, whowould
look upon Tillman's death an benefaction.
Tillman realizes tho Beriousness ot his atti
tude, and troutieptlycxpressos himself as fear
ful that ho will be as-ussiunted.
Ho has point blank refused to rartlclpato in
tho debatout Chnileston on tho 21th in-t be
cnuso thespeaklnclsnrianced to take placo In
the Opera Houso at nicht. Antlciintlnir
trouble tho citizens ol Oranceburc bavo ap
pealed to the htnte Executive Commltteo to
cancel the meetinc at that place on the i!Hh
It, however, will not be done. There are othor
filnro" ivhero lronblo of a serious nature will
Ikely occur, and tho joint moetincs durinc
tho ensulnc week will nodoubt bufraucht with
sensational incidents.
A Puzzle on the fSaratoga Kxpreas that
JLd to a Prescription or Cbumpnicnr.
Ilonry E. Jenkins, an exportor at G Cedar
street, went to SoratoBa on Saturday with his
wife and child, from tho Oiand Central Dopot.
Mr. Jenkins bad boucht seats 5. 7, and 0 on
the t-hndy f-ldonf ono of the ars, und bo and
his wife and child occupied thom and admired
tho Hudson scenery. Mr Jonkins lelt the train
for n tow momonts nt Boucbkeepslo. Ho
found another man in his cliuir when be cot
back. Tbe n.issencor showed a ticket for tho
se t. Mr. Jenkins produced bis own ticket,
and appealed to the lortor. Then two other
passoncerx who wore standinc in the aisle
walked up to him.
" You'vo cot yot your family with you "they
said pleasantly, 'and it's nil richt. Keep tbe
seats. But wo havo tho tickets for them ull tbe
samo " I
They produced the tickets. Mr. Jenkins '
fished up his own tickets. They were tilled I
out exactly llko thoso held by the strancors.
"Someb dy has blundered " said ouo of the '
new comers "but that onchtn't tn bo nny
reason why wo should not enjoy tno trip. Let
mo Introduce my friend John t hamberlin of
baratoim. who has a ticket for seat !'. ' i
Tbosportinc man shook .Mr. Jenkins by the
hand and Introduced tho other strnncer. Ho .
waB 1 dwnrd W. henrney of th auction firm
of Van Tassell it Kearney. The throo ex
chanced cards.
"tbampacne is tho only thine that will fix
tbls ruisunJorstnndlnc." said all three in a
bronth. and they went throuch tho vestibule
to the buffet car. I
Yesterday one of tho party went to tho Grnnd
Centr.il Depot and naked to have the mistake
investtcutod. 'I ho puzzle department Is in-vesticatiuc.
R217 Cold Cuah a Guarantee for r Hmall
Fuckase of I.ons Cut.
Caromo De Vitto of 43 Withers stroet, Brook
lyn, an uuder-slzod Italian and a fairly pros
perous junkman, n few days aco came to this
city todoposlt fill In a Btoadway bank. In
front ot St, Raul's Church ho was accosted by a
eunvo Italian, who Bald bo was u German, that
his nnrao was Romnldn Mnrano. and that ho
hud beon In the mines In Mrclnin. Ho naked
De Vitto to join blm in u drink, and on the way
to a barroom In Weal street Mnrano said
bo bnd a lot of currency which ho had broucht
I up Horn Ircinla. and which he wanted lu
some other form, but ho didn't know how to
I cot it exchnnced.
I "It's ail lu this handkerchief," sain Mnrano.
as ho pullud n soiled pnckHce from nu Inner
' pocket. Do Vitto acreod to assist Mm In hav
lnc the ' currency 'oxebancod for more doBir
able money, but just then lie had to co to tlio
Italian Consul's ollko. They acreod to moot
I iicaln, and an hour later, as Do Itto camo out
of tho Cheseborouch bulldlnc. In stato street,
tho paoknee was placed in his hands, and, as a
f:unrauteu, ho tonderod Mnrano tho J 217 be
ind Intended to deposit, "I hnvo not tbe
sllchtost doubt of j our honesty," said Mnrano,
as he sat down on tho stoop of tho Cheso
borouch bulldlnc. whllo tho junkman Bcurriod
off to nu exchanco office.
A few minutes lator Do Vitto broke open the
paekacu In nn exchanco office In Wost stroet.
nnd found a small t-aou ol Carolina lone cut
tot ncco. Do Mtto hutriod to tbo C lie bo bo r
oiicu bulldlnc. but Mnrano bad disappeared.
Thn police ot the Church street staiton were
notii id. nnd on Suudav nicht Dotectivo Flynn
itrrosted Maruno. At the Tombs 1'ollce Court
I yesterday he wus held in $1,1100 to answer at
1 tho Court ot General bosslous.
A Hullor Trrrlhly Uemrn.
Tho British bark Talisman, Capt. Rancer,
bound for Demcraru, West Indies, anchored off
Klaton Island at 5 o'clock last ovenlncund
hoi tod Biennis of dlstroso, Tbo Biennis wero
seen by thu btnten Uland police nnd I'ollcomen
JoBopb Kins and William Bonley wore sent out
tothevost.0. I hoy were Informed by Cant.
Rancer that Nolls Johnson, n sailor, bad boen
assaulted by Second Mate Dennis Rivers,
Jobm-on wnslvlnc lu the foracm-tle nnd pie
seutud a I lllfu) s cut. His head and face wore
covered with blood and bruises und bis head
wus terribly swollen. Whon the ship was cet
tine umloi way at the Empire Docks lu Juook
hn Jlnto River-attacked sailor Johnson, who
was Irlnc In bis bunk. Ho accused blm of
havlnc circulated a stoty about him onshore.
Ilo then dracced Johnson out ot his bunk,
bent blm nn the bend with a belnyini: plu und
I then kicked blm until ho wus almost in-
I bonslble.
The poll took tbo mato and tho Injured
sailor ashore to l'olb e Hoadiuarters on hliitnn
Island, Mate lllveis was tukeii beforo I ustlco
Kullmanii atStapletou when the Justico de
cided thut as tho uesuult was not committed In
Htuten Island waters the prisoner would have
to be taken to Brooklyn. Mate Rivers was
taken to Brooklyn last nicht Sailor Johnson
aUo went to Diooklyu to projicute hi uull
ant. t
Absolutely PurOo
A cream of tartar baklne powder, niahost
of all In leavonlne streuBtb. U, B. Govornment
Roport. Aug. 17. 1889.
Sent to Nashville Tall an a X,nnllo Hl
JEacape and Capture In Plillndelpbla.
Philadelphia, July 21. Alphles T. Reeves,
a younc man who a littlo moro than a year nco
murdored Father Asbflold of St. l'otor's
Roman Cathollo Church, Mompbl, Tcnn.,
and who oscapod from Naehvllle prison
soon alter his Incarceration Ihoro under his
ploa of insanity, throuch which he avoided
payinE tbe penalty of his crime, was arrested
In this city to-blent and lockod up In the City
Hall. Thero Is nn air ot mv story surroundlne
tho case which bus never been explained from
beclnnlnc to end, and each succeedincevont
only serres to deopen It.
A Memphis merchant, who Is here on bust
nosB, whllo walklnc alone Markot street on
Sunday nicht. pnseod n younc man whose
coneral appcarauco struck blm as beins
wonderfully familiar, and ho eyod him veiy
closoly. Somehow the man's Identity was
stamped lu his mind very distinctly, and he
. was about to turn around und follow him to
satisfy himself as to who he was, when the
vouneman camo up to him and onterod Into
I a conversation. The businoss man's memory
was quite dented durinc a suuare's walk, and
Boon he recalled distinctly a chastly murder
which shocked Momphis. of which the youne
man by his sldo was accused. When thoy
reachod the corner of Eleventh streot and
stood under the dare of tbo electric llcht. tbe
merchant recocnlzed the younc man, who In
Iturn admitted his Idontlty.
Romomberlnc the circumstances of bis
escape from prison, tbe merohant was per
plexed ns to what courso ho oueht to
pursue. His 111 st Impulse was to hand
blm over to a policeman, but recall
Ine the mystery surroundlnc his escape
from tbo conseiitioncos of his crime and bis
subsequent dixappeamnco fiom prison ho con
cluded to wait. Lc.iv Inc tbo younc mnn he
wont immediately to u tolecruph office and
wlrod his Uiscoveiy to Chief of l'ollco
Davis of Memphis. In a few hours bo received
a reply to have tho mnn arrostcd at
oneo and upon its recoipt he called
on Chief Detootlve Wood and laid tho lacts
before him. Dotoctives Hamm and Eckstein
wore sent out to look foi him. havlnc re
ceived a minute descilption from tbo Memphis
mnn. To-nlcbtat about 9 o'clock, while the de
tectives wero huntlne for the fucitlve.theman
from Memphis uculn mot tho man he Boucht
at Eichtb und (.hextnut streets, and banded
! nlm over ton policomnn. who took him to tbe
City Hall. Chief Wood, Capt. hchooley. nnd a
number of detectives weio thero. and listened
to tho youne mnn's i-tory with lntorost.
He said bis name was Alobles S. J. Reeves
and cino his aco as 24. Ho admitted the mur
der, utlhouch bo refused to tall, about It, He
would s ty nothlnc of the manner In which his
escape from .Nashville was effected, beiond tho
fact that be "jus walked out," He said that
alter his esiapo lie camo East and remained
in New York somo time nnd then mine
hero Ho said he had beon emploved
In Helmboldts druc store for thn past live
months. lie complained of his treatment whllo
in con nemnot and said the jail was over
run with votmln. A doMiatcb containing
tbo nows of his capture nnd askfnc that
a lotiulsitlon be Bent, was sout by Chief Wood
to Chief DavU or Memphis, and Reeves was
committed to jail, after assurlnc every one
tbnt bo was willlnc to co back, althoueh he
bad ouce or twice thought ot commlttlne
Reeves, who was well known as one of the
fant youne men ot .Memphis, was conflned la
jail by bis relative-, owinc to unntal troubles
broucht on by ovcesses and the use of opiates.
Father Ashtleld. who won the respect
and love ot every one with whom ho
enmo In contact, was a constant visi
tor nt tbo jail and struck up rjulto
a friendship with Reoios. nnd was even
tually iutrumantnl In securlnc his release.
A stronc Irlond-hip crew up between
thom. which existed alter 1 eeves had
secured his llbeity, nnd be was n frequent
caller at the ptlest'a bouse. On tho mornlne
of Feb. 11. ln'.l'i. ilia bell nt the priest's
houso renled loudly about 6 o'clock,
and when the lorter opened It he
wnsconfionted by Reoves. who pushed nulckiy
past him and wout up stnirs. The porter im
ucined that the man was drunk, and in
stead or follow-lnc him he rnn to tbe
nolii'o station, a square away, for a policeman.
When ho returned with the policeman they
found Reeves seated on tbe tloor caress
inc tbe bead of the priest. who
was d-ad. He had stabbed him with
a hmall penknife as ho slept, uml the bed was
battled in blood. The inlv answer ho made
when asked why he did It wos that "God told
him to do It," When takeu to the station bo
"He was my best friend and as I was colne
away I wanted him to join me. '
'I ho murdered priest was 50 years old.
Throuch tbe Inlluence of his friends
Reeves was not tried for the murder,
but was sdjudced insane and was
sent back to tho jail nt Nashville.
About two months later ho was misslne from
jail. No ono knew how he escaped, as
pot a traco of bow he efiocted It
could bo found. Tbo supposition nt
tbo time was that he was helped by friends
botb Inside and outMde the prison. Apparently
no effort was made to tecanture him. and tbe
people in Memphis bad about forcotlen the
At Helmbo'dt'sdrtie store, under the Conti
nental Hotel, the man was not known by that
name, but a man nnswurinc to bis description
under another name had been omployod there
for the period slated by Reoves.
The Hccond Hud Herape of a Jlrooklja
Vaunts Sinn.
vv iniam J, wiicnz baa been neia by rouce Justice
Kennaof Brooklyn to await the action of the Grand
Jury on a cbarco of burjlary. lie waa arretted on tlie
rompUInt of banker Amoi J, Walker for breaking into
the cellar of an apartment house la Lafayette and Bum
neravenuee and etealtnK 81. mo worth of Jewelry and
elothinzfromeome of Mr Walker e irunke which nere
etored iheri. faun lickete for ouie of thftlnleitnir
prooerty uere found wiih him Voini; uitcoK te very
i. ell connected and lived with Ids mother in one of the
fiate In Hie, t ouae It Is eald that tie h &t enuazed lo ba
mtrrled to a h'irhl) riepectable Titunir wooiau on thn
Hill unit thai the rnalih wai trnken otf an ej .11 ae he
became Involved in pie jire'ent trouble -, me inonllu
aao IVtlcox fltrured In a peculiar epieide In tine city.
He and a female companion ere round uncounrioue
from the evcape of net la u p om whlrh thev orcunled
In an ui town hotel rhey were in the chamber! Street
llotpttal nearly a week.
Ilo (Ifflcere Oct M'aaeef
The proceedings brought by fayinaiter William Van
Valkenburgh of the Turk Ueparlment for a Judicial
construction of the Weekly !'a mint bill raine before
1 JulgeAndrewaln the supreme Court, Chauilert je
terday The quoition le whether "wages meane
"ealarv," and whether ealarled eervaate of the cltr
must be paid weokh ornou Judge Andreire remarked
that be had Alreali decided In another rAse thai
"wages does not mean salary ' and that the lounsel
might wish to lake ii u case belora some oilier Judge.
They were willing lo pnuead lioserer, and Ae.lstuiit
Corporation Counsel blandy spoke tor the clt. He
laid that the act referred dtstlnuiij to emiloieea and
wages and that nowhere In 11 did the worile ealnrv "
or 'oitirer ' apiear The viry fact that the factory
Inspectors were authorized to bring suits for violation
of the act wua conclusive that the act was Intended to
apply solely to day laborers I ecause of ignorance
poverty, or Ineblllii J lm Mrahen in opposition, con
tended that V an Valkenliurgh la an ' emplojce" and
not an ' officer " Pension w as reaerved
benator Koeerh ttie aulhur of the bill believes that It
v, as ibe fnlenden of the Legislature that tbe art should
coier all city oinclale.
' ' Froat In Onondaga County,
Srncrii, July 31, The wu a light frost la the Onea
dago Valley this morning
Wiasrio, Conn . July 1 White frost formed on Ban
dar night at Pine Hall Fast Canaan, and other points
in Litchfield county Rome damage was done to plants,
but the loss will not be eerloue.
liabiii. N V JnlvUl There woe fri st on Ibe moon
Ulns In portions of Delaware county tbls morning.
A cago can bo inndo to nell at
a vnry low price, but we profor
lo boII tbo best, which gives moat
satisfaction to tlio user. Tho Hen
dryx is absolutely tho best in tho
market ,
Oaadanr a 4 Mackay TVIn the Doable Trex
falonal ttaee.
DottJin, July ai. The first day of tho Croat
Duluth Supe rlorllecattahns proved a suocosi,
nnd was wltnessod by thousands of poople
from all parts of ths countty, who oarly In the
afternoon becan to move to tho scene
ol the contests. Nover woro ekr fair
or and water more kindly disposed
toward a great ariuatlo ovont. There
was a sllnht ripple on the water whon. nt 3slS.
the contestants in tho junior i-lncle soulls cot
away. The contestants were Nettletop ot
tho Mlnnesotas, Hendorson of tho Chlca
co Catlln Club, and Thompson ot the
Wlnnlpecs. Henderson cnucht the water
flp-t, but Kettloton soon had tho lead, which
ho kept throucbout tbo race, wlnnlnc easily br
two lonetbs, Tbomppon second, nnd Hender
son third. Kottloton's time was 10:19.
Tho junior four-oared rnoe wni tho next
event. Tbo Duluth four held tho Inside posi
tion, thooidorof the others belnc: Lurllnes,
Wlnnlpocs, St. Tauls. nnd Minneapolis.
Every crow seemed to be In tbe pink ot
condition. Tho finish was very closo. with the
Wlnnlpocs first, Duluth seoond, and the others
In the followlnc ordor: Minnesota. Lurllnes
and St Tauls. Owinc to the fact that
tho judcos' boat ran too close to the
shells and compollcd tbo St Taul
club to back wator. deloylnc thorn sovoral sec
onds just aftoi the turn, nnd the fact that the
Lurllnosnnd the Dnluths fouled, tho judges
havo dec ded that thu rocs must bo rowed ovor
Tho junior double raco was a crand flz7le,
and was won by six boat lonetbs by tbe Catlln
ClubofChlcnco, thn Mlnnosotn representatives
bolnc second. Tho InBt balf of tho turn
was no raco at all, ns tbo Catllns wero
ten lencthn In tbo lond. pulllnc wllh
very little Hie, while Wrlcht of the Mlnnesotas
was so tired tbnt bo could not foatbor his oars
Tlio Lurllnes stopped rovvlnc three-elchthsof
amllofrom the flnih. Cntiln's tlmo. lUillHt.
Tho oventof tho day was tbo double pro
fessional two-mllo raco. Tne oiows were
Ouadaur nnd Mackay, Hosmer nnd Toemor,
Ilanlnn and Wise, and Hamm and Ton
oyck. The flrst-nnmed crew wns the
favorlto in the bottlnc. . They hold tho
Insldo courso, with the others In tho order
named. Lvery oar dropped Into thewatortha
' Instant tho slcnnl wib clven. Gaudnur was
soon nhoird, pulllnc n i2 stroko, the others
pul Inc 3i! and 37. 'I ho work bo
tweon tho outsldo crews . was cloo,
Uoomer was first, Hanlnn second,
nnd Hamm lost As thoy neared the turn
Hamm eradunlly cnined on Hanlon nnd over
i took blm. Down tbo homestretch tho Qaudanr
. crew loJ bv threo loncths. pulllnc n 89
1 stroke. Hnnlan althoueh in tho rear, becan
to Increase bis stroko. Then Hamm nnd part
ner took a i-purt which seemed to spur Hosmer
onward. As tho tlnal was reached the last two
crews sained rapidly.
Clnudaurand Mackay were tbo winners. Hos
mor second, flvo feet ahead of Hamm, and
Hanlnn last Tho winnori' tlmo was 12:21:
Teemor and Hosmer. 1232: Hamm and Ten
eyck. 12:.! IS. and Hanlnn nnd Wise, 12:34.
Hosmer claims that Hamm took tho turn at
tbe former's buoy, and wants tho race rowod
Revlsere of the rjndlclarr Article Havre
Argreed on Tbelr Report
The sub-committeo of the Judiciary Conven
tion has about finished Its work. It has. In re
sponse to protests from the Buffalo bar. modi
Hod its recommendation that tbe Superior
Court ot Buffalo be abolished, and now rccom
monds that the Goneral Term of that court be
abolished. As to New York city. It has adopt
ed this proposed amendment to tho Judiciary
article of the Constitution:
trom and alter the first day of January next after
the adoption of this article the Ueoeral Term of the 6u
preme Court for the ytrst Department shall be composed
of a presiding Justice and four Associate Justices, of
whom two shall ba Justices of the Supreme Court, one
eballbe ajadgo of the Sujierlor Court In the city of New
Tork. and one shall be a J ndge of the Court of Common
Fleas for tbe city and county of hew York, to be desig
nated oa herein prescribed. Within one month after
the adoption of this article the Oovernor shall deslg.
nateoneof tbe Justices In eald First Penartmentto be
eueb presidlba Justice, aud shall designate from th
whole number of eupreme Court Justices elected out
side of the Firu Department two of the Justices to be
Associate Justices of the oeneral Term for said
First Department Within one month after the
adoption ot this article the Jndgee of the Superior Court
in the illy of ew York and tbe Judges of the Court of
common Pleae for the citr and county of New York
shall respectively designate one of their nnmbtr to be
an Aesiclate Justice of the Ueneral Term ol the Bu i
preme Court for eald Hrst Department
The presldlug Juatlce shall act oa such during hia I
otti. lai term as a Josllce of the bupreme Court, and
each associate Justice sha 1 act for nve years rromand .
after tbe I rst oav ot lannsry next after hie designation
or until tbe earlier close of his official term.
Within one month before any vaoanry ta to ocrnrtn '
the General Term by the lapse of time the Coventor,
or the said Judges of the Superior i ourt In the city of
ew Vork. or of the t ourt of Common Pleas for tb
city and county of New Vork. shall designate, as tbe
case may require, a Justice or Judge to till euch va
cancy Tbe person so designated shall act as ore
siding or Assoc ale Ju.tire for tbe period specified In
the nrrcedu g section. VV ben a vacancy occurs for any
cause excepi lapse of time a person must, in like mau
lier be designated to mi said vacancy aa soon after lu
occurrence ae jnracticable. An Associate Justice thus
designated shall act for hia predecessor s unexpired
term of o i.ee or until the earlier close ot hie own
Tbe Superior Court of the city of New York and tba
Court of i nmmoQ Pl-ai for the ctty and county of .New
York aro continued w.th the powers and Jurisdiction
thev now several!) have, and euoh further power and
Jurisdiction ae may be conferred by Ian . bill neither of
those courts shall exercise any appellate Jurisdiction
over orders or lodgments entered at any special or
trial term of e ild courts.
Sal General Term may from time to time designate
any Justice of tbe Supreme l ourt to act ae Associate
Justice of the sal 1 General Terra In case of ihe absence
or Inability to act of any one ot the .lustlcee thereof
Anyfuur of the Justices of the said t,eneral Term
shall constitute a quorum. The said l.eneral Term of
the Supreme Court ran) in Its discretion detail Judges
of the ald Superior Couit end Judgei of the Court of
Commin r eae to hold clrcuite an 1 epeclal terms of
the r-upreme Court In that city. Said Genera! Term
shall also have authority, to be exercised tn such man
ner aa tbe Legblature may ty law provide to send any
action pending In the hnpreme Court for tbe First die
trtct orln said Superior court or In eald Court of Com
rnon Pleas f or trial at a special or trial term or a cir
cuit of any of the eald courta
It Is also recommended.that the City Court of
Brooklyn I o continued by tho name of tbe Su
perior Court of Brooklyn, to i o compused of
the three Judges In ofllco at thn adoption of
this article ami their succo'sors and one nddl- I
tlonal Judce. tho flrH additional Judco to be
elected at the next annual election after the
adoption of this at tide,
Tbo Convention will sit acaln at Albany on
Auc, S to bear tbe committee's roport
Mrei, Heart Finds Thnt Justice IVeed Oavre
Her a Marrtnco t ertlftcate.
Totronella Bene), a vounc I'ollsb woman who
can't speak Encltsh, called at Justice of tbe
Tence Wood's office In Jersoy City on July 5 In
company with Aucustus Amszoln and an
other I'ole who noted as an Interpreter. The
lutorpieter said that a woman named 01
schwockiikl had stolen some clothlnc of Mrs.
Uenci and tbey had come to have a warrant Is
suod for Mrs. Olschwenktki's arrest Whllo
1 tho Justice was maklne out the warrant the
I lutoipretor remarked that Mrs. Boncl and
l Amsrelns were livlne as mau and wife, al
thoueh they wero not married. Tho Justlco
1 cave tho couple a severe leoturo und concluded
by ndvislLC tnen'i to cot married. The Inter
protor roported the advice to them, and Ams
rolnBsnlil that hoy were colne to be married
lu a tow day, The Justice adv.sed them not
to wait. AniH7.olus said be was willlnc to be
married on tho Hunt, una he took bold of Mrs.
Benci's band. The .lut-tlce parlortne.l tho cer
emony and care tlio bi Ide tbo oortlllcnte.
lhoiotiplo went away with the interpreter.
The .u-itc" 'eit that be had done u creditable
net uu II vei-teidny, whon Mrs. Ams.olnsor
, Mis. Beiicl culled a bl olllco ncnlu with an
other mturproler. Mie appearod to be much dis
tressed. Hho cart ied her marrincu co tllloate
in her hand Miosiid she did not know that
the Jui-tice bad married her to Amazeins until
hundiiy when a filend translated theroarilavo
ecrtlllcnto to tier, hhe already bad a husband
llvinc in I'olaud. alio i.ald, and she didn't want
n second one until he was dead, uny way, hlie
said bhe know It was wronc to marry a second
tlmo and sho nautod tn chance tho vertlllcnte
lorawurra t for Mrs. Olschvvonkekl. Justice
Vicod wan astoi i-hed at tbe story. He repeat
ed to her what had tranw Irod on July hho
sbook her bend and e (t 1 1 thu imci proier must
havo misunderstood her, Kh Dover wanted to
inuiryAmwoliia, und she never lived nithhim,
Hlie hadn't lived with him since the ceremony.
J ho Justlco told her ho could not banco her
marrlaco certlllcato hh hhe reqtes ed, und sho
bad better cet n divorce or have thu marr ace
set aside, bhe lelt the olllco with tho Inter
preter. Justice Weed said Inst nicht he didn't know
what to think of the case, lie was pretty cer
tain that the woman didn't tell tbe truth when
sue said he didn't know tho nnture ol the
ceremony at hia cilllre mi July A teporter
tried to nnd Mrs. Aiiiyeinn and her hi, si and
liistnlchi, Ih-ylhein i-nparatn apsrtinents
In a tenement house in the Polish JiHtru t. but
neither wus at home, and their friends did not
know where thuy weie. 'Ibe peoplo llvinc In
the ltolchborhood didn't know tho touploliad
beon married.
Headsman Will be JKenonlaated.
Ciuarorra, N. a, July 31. -Ust Saturday's piimartai
Insure tbe nomination of Congressmen John a. llsoder
oo over bis competitor Speaker Leaser, th Alliance
tudidale Henderson nearly deobled isuif roter
i the Utter'i beue coo, " aaera jnt
"'' "' J... . ...n.ri a fT "TI1stllajia,sW til
07. OTA. 070 DHOOUJE ST.
Spring and Summer I
Vlelnrtae. WaKoneitesj, Vi
rubrlnteta, IJepot Hnsrona, n
Tnrn Wheelera, rnrialn It nek a war. 11
Mull 1'haelone, Kx. Ton fabrloleuJ iS
l.andaa eilee, Ilae st floe, " Vi
flmtilbueaee, "oart Vhsjosj, SV,
O.rxae, Itnrkaway. Top Phaeton, D
1'oupe tteekawayt, l.adle' I'hnetoaa.
Hpliler I'haeton. Ilitettboard. B
Vln.a.VIe, Vlllatse Cart, fl
I.aarlaiKi Kunaboiit, W
Pncr Transi, Merby I'haeton, ffl
Ileieliir' U aeons, Hnrr.ys, N
Iloetor lli-onaharaa, CJblldren'a Trap. U
Fancy Huckboard, Buxon I'haetoae, M
Wagons rhaetona. Baekboarda. Roekaways. Snrrsri. m
Fancy Trass. V ictorlae, Landaulettes, Wagonettes. Carta I9t
Pot a Doe. Village Carte, stanhope wigs, sttrineoe M
Phaetons, Depot wagoua Doctors' Phaetons. Kx. tij 111
Cabriolets, Runabouts. Canopy Victoria rhaetona, 9
S PEC IAti 1
I WAQO.sa rastenger VTagona ssatlng eleven psrtou'
1 open Sorreya In oak and natural wood extension tea
fiurre). i abrloleta beetles' Park rhaetons atsotisek.
boards, ftngaies. rony and Road Carts, finest election
of Pleasure Traps. Bsst goods, lowest prices Buy from
the builders. '""
77-81 Wootterst., New York.
ra'R, sn av.. cormjii iotii st. ny "
Largest stock In V. a of Delivery Wagons for Drr
Ooods Lanndry. Bottlers. Grocers Carpenters, riant
bers. Confectioners, and all other business best goods.
our own make of belt material; Cnest duisb. reassae
ble term. Bur from Ihe builder
151-151 South sth av, New York. 1
ixHINEMH WAflONMOuiT" hand mdi T
wagons are acknowledged the best for Nework M
city streets, and are cheapen io buy We carry In 9
stock Ml wagons to salt all purposes, Catl tefore "
nurobaslng elsewhere NKW YOUIt WAuon i
CU.tosa-gS7 Hudson st. corner Bank. " j
3F1.. S
Fpeelal Just rscelved. two carloads of ourTJrtt I
Delivery Wagons for country nse, with or without toos. I
RACINE WAOON UP. 101 South tih av. x.Y. I
ivntioN waoon i o., sa iiudsun st. I
XjvoR RALK cheap, one square coach In good ordsri If
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WANTBD To buy large lop wagon for paper boxes. I
Address BOXES, box 17J, Hon office. ,
gi"n iinulrmttjj. f.
QUB8TR1AN OCTrlTSi lllnstrated catalogues frse. t
WHITMAN SADDLE CO. 118 Chambsrssl '
nil Service to Oen. Grant Bronsrht Dim
and 111 Fiimllr lo Poverty. if
Dr. John H. Souclan, who was Gen. Grant
phjslclan In his InBt lllnesi, Is an Inmate ot the i
llomo for Incurables, In Fordham, and 1b likely, )'
sooner or later, to die thero. lie Is su (ferine J
from paralysis, with which he was stricken In J
the aprlnc. His constitution was undermined tt
by his dovotlon to Gon. Grant, and his present $
condition Is but tho direct outcome of the loss M
ot health thus incurred. Tho ten months at D
Mount McGrocor. to outward view, added
twice as many years to his ace. Ilo was so
chanced as to bo scarcely recoculzable when
he returned. His balr had crayed. and he bod
become prematurely aced and feeble. Ho not
only lost his hoalth in prolonelng the life ot
his patient, but also his practice, which was, ,
comparatively speaklne. larce and luorative. i
The loss of practice was duo to the loss ot
health. HohuB been able to earn scarcely a
siocle fee since receiving the $7,500 which he
charced for his services to Gen. Grant and the
IS.Ouu lecacy left him on condition that the
General's book produced onoucb,
Tho mono j, when It was at leneth paid, was '
entiroly consumed by Dr. JJouclas In trylnc to i
recaln tbo health he had lost. After SDendlng k
soveral years in travoJllnc. to no purpose,
be returned a penniless, broken-down I
old man. Not only had the Grant money I
been spent, as It proved, uselessly, but the lit- H
tie he had been ablo to save out of an Income
wblcb. althoueh handsome was not more than !
enouch fortheueeds of his family, was alio r!
cone. Tbe small fortune which he hod inher- t
lied from bis father bad lone sinoe been lost 1
throuch the unlortunate speculations of a 1
relative. Ashe was so 111 as to put the practice r
of his profession out of the question his wife (v
endeavored to sup ort herself and her tiro k
daucbters by keepluc a boardlnc bouse at V,
ltetblehem Pa., while friends cared foi him. h
Alter his shock of paralysis he was received D
into the Frosbyterlan Hospital, whence he was m
subsequently removed to lordhnm. Mrs. n
llouclas'ii health broke down, and she Is now H
an lumate of a sanitarium. The twodaughtera 1
are wlthre.atlvos. '
All thn members of the family are thus. In a J
sense, recipients of charity. In the hope of ,
rendering them independent of the temporary ',
hospitality ot relatives nnd the casual aid ot i
friends. A. J. Iilnor, the architect at IN Broad ,
way. who Is a Ulelonc friend of Dr. Douelas, !
has cot some of tho physicians of tbe city to ',
set on foot a subsciiption. Contributions to a i
con-lderahle amount have alieady been re- S
ceived br L)r. Willard Parker, whole handling "
tbe aubsoriDtions. Dr. 1'urker's present ad- i
dresa is 11 West Feventeenth street. Dr. T. I
Galllard Thomas Is nlo ono of the physicians 9
interested. Whllo pb6lcians thus consider i
themselves bound to rescue one of their nutii- i
ber from tho straits Into which dovotlon to a I
patient plunced him the admirers of Gen. Grant 1
and tho readers of his memoirs, which owe
their completion to Dr. Douelas. may also feel
called upon to help put his family beyond the ;
reach of want '
A Big; Oeyser la a IS5tute or Ernptloa. '
WAsniNOTON. July 21. The Secretary of the c
Interior to-day received a telecram from Capt t
Doutello, the superintendent of tbe Yellow
stonoXatlonal Park, statlnc that the great Ex
celsior covsor has been in o stale of eruption
since last Saturday, the first time In two years.
'J he column of hot water rises from tho orator
into the air a dlstanco ot uuo feet.
Col. Faekner Ajgula Vlelted by Dnrslara.
CoL Edward Faekner eent his family to the country a
few weeks ago, and has since been occupylor alon hi
fine flat on tbe first floor of .8.1 flitouih avenue. Brook
lyn. The family had made arrangements tomovto
other quarters In Ibe fall, and tbelr clothing' had been I
packed up ready for removal. When Col. faekner re-
turned home on Saturday night he discovered that hi R
flat had been turned upside uown. and that burglara el
bad ransscked the place from end to end and carried .
off tbe most valuable articles they could lay tbelr nabdj p
upon The house la iviihln a stone e throw of the tier-
gen street police etailon, end on one of tbe meet crowd. If
ed ihoroognraie-bi lironkljn but the burglara cam H
and went without attracting any notice. Last sum- H
mer col lacknera house in lirst street was robbed
under similar clrcumstancea. and he has never got any H
trace ot the fl.loj worth of Jewelry which was taken. B
Coal to Newcastle, H
Oata were purchased In thla market yesterday tab f
hipped back to Buffalo, althoah prices are now fully
U per cent, above the figures ourrent In Ihe winter j
I months At the Inw values tbsn accepted, enormous i
queniltlee were taten or export leaving our home
stock so small that a corner" on July contrart- baa
been lu successful progress for the past eek InfllrUog I
great losses upon the bears, to the corresponding a I
vantage or the bull. j
Mad solely from th par Jnlceof thennsstsslscted a
oranges, at our Winery, 01y Iprlnfs, Oram ccunty, M
riorlda. M
nY I'llTrilLIANH,
Pelng bottled under our own suptrvlilon, we cm
guarantee Its purity. J
Wbolettle ,1
E. 0. HAZARD a CO., 117 and lUUsdion st i
E. UOWE, lis Elm it. '3
Be tall I
HitUmMMUtliUiUttmtUusill fjusimirr .ttijltfirirrnB

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