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"3 I
t? WEDNESDAY, JULY 23, 1899.
jl,' , Louden OITV,s of Tltn SUN
U r ' Bill "-Irani)
7 " in rrairmiiileatlons Hwul 1 l ad IraiatJ I nUNK
It. WU1IK. JJ Hrand. LcniuD. W
! This la 1800.
I Foreorerol hundred yours In the Mlddlo
I I Alios the able Intellects of Kuropo noro at
't war over tho question of Nomlnnllmn or
ri Boallsm. Tho Nominalists licKl th.it . n-
!'' , oral Ideas or notions, such as tho Klci of
man In tho abstract, had no corresponding
I reality and existed only as nnnifs r words.
k The Ecallsts contended for tho ilouttlno that
j I'' general terms or Ideas had an nctuul cxlbt-
i J r enoo as patterns or nrchotypos, Independent
1 1 K I ot manifestations In ooncroto and Individual
fit., form. This was tho Rrc.it Issuo of fccliolantlo
'J J philosophy and 6cholastlo theology. 'lho
( fc dispute upset all Kurnpo, disturbed the pub-
1 t ' Uopoace, siillt famlllo.i, brolio filendfihlps,
1 " ' divided comraunltlce, led to l lots, Mnrs, and
' 'r slaughter; and wo may add that tho thrlll-
i og controversy hns never been settled, nnd
' 7 never will bo sottlcd.
! t This Is preclsoly tlio caeo with the evor-
i lasting controvotsy over tho respective,
I i i theorlos ot protection and free trade. Tho
j t question Is not settled, but tho lssuo has as
I niuoh practical lmportanco to-day us that
I over which tho ltcallsts and tho Nominalists
I i' got thcmBolvcs wrathful In tho Mlddlo Atrcs.
j ff I The transfor of tho surplus from tlio United
I i States Treasury to tho cotters or sheol, tho
j t disappearance of tho celebrated condition
I that oonf ronto 1 u, tho unexpected prcclpl-
& tatlonln American politics of an Isuo leal
j S nnd vital and iuvolvItir tho cryllfn of our
I free Institutions, ha e suddenly eent l'rolco-
i K tlon and Freo Trado to tha nietaphyslc.il
shadowland, where Nominalism and Uenllsm
j aroetUltussllnBin Khostly fihiou without
j j - Bpeotators or reporters.
f k Wo observo that tho lion. Itoann Qhahl
P Mills, tho Hon. Gitovr.n Clfvkio:d, nml
' perhaps a fow otlicr SLholabtio statesmen
' , whoBolntollectsmovopondernublynnilwhobo
J i nits nro in Tebruaiy whenit Isalicady July,
! labor under tho mI.t:iUen idea that what
I a they call tariff rofoim Is still a ihlnjj Issuo.
$ I f The Costly Cottazo nt Cnpo 31ay Point.
I i
U If Gen. Harrison has now paid $10,000 for
I ! the Copo Mny Point cottnee. as tlio subacr-
vlent New York Iiesa asserts, upon what it
j i alleges as "proper warrant," one of thco
f thrco things Is tn:e:
i 1. The payment i3 nominal only, dcrigned
i ! . to mnko a convenient record on the books of
tho Eeuistor of Deals of Cnpi May county
j ' nndtoreliovo tho President of tho odium
. i which belongs to tho Kift i-eoker nnd gift
! ? taker In high offlce.
' j i 2. The payment is Renuine, and $10,000
' J havereally pispcd from thnPieeldcnt'b bank
J account to tho pockets of tlio mlginil eub-
I eorlbers to tho cottage fund, Including Mr.
i CtHLDS, Mr. Wan"ukkh, and Jioomer
' h Hamilton; but tho piyn cnt is nn nftor-
; , , thought, suggested eithor by a guilty con-
I j Ecionce or a deslro to ecapo tho con-,0-
j ,' quoncos of a tremendous scindil.
k i 8. Tho payment was contemplated by tho
! President from tho first; anit ho merely oc-
1 cuplcd the cottao ns a frco tenant long
enough to satisfy himself that It w as a good
purchase. Henoer had any intention of
; noqulrlng It as a gift.
'' One or another of theso threo suppositions
J ' must be accepted. If the first Is accepted,
! then the President Is churgod directly with
a trick of deception as cowardly nnd eon-
l Jl ' temptible as anything thut can bo Imagined.
Mr J Under tho second supposition, den. HAn-
'I '' HIBON has tardily but directly confessed tho
II ' gross Impropriety of his ilrtt action in tlio
matter; and tho iYtas and tho other or-
' i eons 'which havo been defending him slnco
1 early In Juno have wasted their zeal.
" But tho JTVcflfl, pretending to speak for
the President, attempts to givo tho Impres
sion that tho third theory is tho right ono;
u-; namoly, that liFXJt.Mrx IlAnr.iso.v never
i ' droamod of taking tho cottago as a gift;
j ' that his payment of thoS10,000 wnsdcfi rred
I moroly until tho family had ascertained thnt
I I I tho edifice suited their purposes, nnd that
; tho money was paid over lon' ago. Gen.
Jl I Harrison suppro-sing tho fact fiom mo
il ,' tlvesof dignity and self-respect wu ' nro
j highly ereilitablo to him. Moquoti ictly
lhat our facile contemporary ta'd when it
i j ilrst announced that tho cott igo Is p.il'l for:
? " Th adterift commrnln conMiiin fl rrportrtt
J 3 i fflft of the Cape Uy I'otnt rottax to Mrs IIauieisos nro
t ill f How Uleccnerel to hire heen ba-.elfhs btnwe nt v'ft
i 11 ' waitwt acerpiiit, anJ l're Went lUrpios bout.ht tlio
1 'Jl r cotttco, after occupyiu It lonjr enough te ast-rtiln
f I that It Balled 11 purpose, for Sl',jo Tlis luf&rma
! i tlon to thli effrct catiiei tt ttie rtttt frrm reliilili
Jl athorit7. It can bo re-idl nn rt'0l that tvon In
, j ' the face of the Llutnoroua critklbm ot tlio Paiaocrntjo
( preiatherresltlcrit noul 1 make n etUuatlon aliout
a matter which ai suhiect to cmo cou4ltl : anl
I wa wlthalliliown priate alTalr It' tin ive th' tiiht,
tl J too, thmt tht farti r u)& pH IrenTP In vn I qtirr w
later, and that the Amerl an jieople irouM te"qu1ot
' Jl J toiea thecnfnrtunatepoaltlon or Jits iletriclura, nho,
II frlthout knoivlnit the fa.ia i re to w illiutr to hellera
fl Tllof the Chlor WtjfiBtrato of the country, and by Lt
yi teriDjr that belief Cdltfhamo t n tl e nation The may
III tiow, and probably will, eiuleavor to cowr their ovrn
If phamoIeBanega by declurlni: th it tl.elr clamor drove tlio
1 1 Freildenttotho oretoi.t vp Hut It vug eBUbllahed
j long since by !nt.onttgtab e l .lenre th it MjiMif
t ' IUrrisouIs not a mm to be driven Into dotn? an.
i It t thlnr. Ilodoei what ho DilnU right In a iiiletlmt rrm
' I, ay, and there lithe n1 of it. Iiu d d ivrut he thought
' j lllfhtaeout tao Cape May reuiice, anl t'jereii the nd
II f the matter, about which there mo marh noiay
i ' clatter from III Informed and unfriendly critka "
1 1 This precious pioco of humbug Is as Illmsy
i j ? as It is dishonest. Does any human being
( jl ' uuppose that If tho Pi evident of tho United
I Btates had his oye on n oot'tige, uud defiiod
J j to occupy It for a time on tri il, it would lo
j J necessary for him or his Mends to collect
j subscriptions in older to buy Iho piopaity
m ' nnd to put it lu his wlfo's narno during tho
i porlod of probation? Duos nnybody sup-
m pose that lr tlio llAJinrsoNn went Into tho
r cottago on tho' bash alleged by tho
I j JVen the Interesting ceremony of tho
'Jl presentation of tho keys nt Washington,
jl nnd tho ccort of tlio family to tho
II cottago by tho rcpreseniatho or tho buu
'j ecribor to the fund, would havo been parts
1 of tho progr.imrao 1 Does tho probation
;3 J theory likewlbo apply to tho freo bllllaid
j k table, tlio freo bedspreads, tho fieo wnua-
makers on tho plaz i, nnd tho freo soup nnd
(1 clngerbread In the luder? Did IIkvjaviv
JUitnisoN Intend that ufter trjlng tho bll-
Hard tables and tho wanamnkeiH and eating
fl the victuals ho should bo poi mltted to pay
I l for them If thoy proved satisfactory ?
I j If that was his dignllled nnd self-respect-
Pj lag Intention from tho llret, he koit tho bo-
f crot perfectly flora his own wilo; for on
II t July 6, about n month after tho eleoino-y-
' nnry lnBtitutlt'ii hail been established, Mr-.
i Benjajiin IlAiailHov mado the following
v. explanation throug'i tlio J'htlatli Iphtu Vnn
S and other nowspapeis:
1 "Tho children could not ronlbly remain In Iho Kx
m entire Mamlon Uroujh the warm weather Tuere
1 ; veroaeToral Tery kind Invitation from fnenda who
1 bad homoilB healthful loralltloa elth. n a row houn of
I tbo eapllal, bnt It seemed ben for tilt ihlldnu to ocaie
1 lor tbeaammor inoi.thaat one pi ice It happened H at
m wbUe we wore con iderlnir what niaiali Maibe-t to
Jl make that I waa torprued with Hie nft of thia beautiful
Mr cottate, Xully equipped and ready lor our o ot pat ou
IU acceptance aaemol to me the ben that could bo
J i doao. None of the c entleroon concerned could hare
j wi aiact eUnrliiiuiitneuBituy ot ais ui tea-;
ti - rfi-
" yMi -ojaii. - - .1.3WC 41.
fortabte. At far as their ntmei are known, rone ot
them neek office. It doe! not Into! te tha Trealdent la
any money making for h!e personal benefit flow
others may be tenoflted d"es not concern us If oar
btes ncA at La e Mar I e nt will be a benefit to any
pereons they are wekotLO to It."
And yi-t whllo Mrs. IInmsoN was oc
l:uowlcd,'liig In thlsstrnlghtforward fashion
her obligations to her benefactors, BistJAMiN
IlAiintRov wns monoiiollzlng In silent dig
nity tho proud knowlcdgo that ho hnd paid
for the c ittnge, and that sooner or later tho
Amerli nn peoplo would lmmt tho fact!
'lhls will not do, Tlio thiid supposition
about tho cottago lacl.s fibre. Whether Gen.
JlMiiumiN has paid 810,000 in name only, or
whether he has actually paid $10,000 as con
tclenco money and confession of error, or
whether ho has not paid or pretended to pay
u red cent, tho fact remains t hat for him this
Is tho costliest picco of real i slnto ovtr ac
quired by any President.
For tho Halo of tho Majority.
Our ri-tcemcd contemporary and neighbor,
tho IWfrtinr, eirnrstly asks tho New York
licpubllcaiis tlio question:
"IsWiuhmM ErinTitobe unoceeded In the United
Ftntes Hennte by a Republican or a Ueniocrall"
If our Itepubllcan friend i woro as con
cerned about known political fraud In tho
Noi th as they pretend to bo about supposed
political fraud In tho riouth, there could bo
but ono answer to tho ITliiitmc'a question.
Tlio successor of Mr. Lvabts would bo a
Democrat. New York Is a Democratic State,
but In Now York tho btalo ofllccia nro elect
ed by a majority or a plurality of tho Legis
lature as chosen by tho minority. Tho
cities, which nro Democratic terrlloiy,
hao been growing rapidly and stead
ily. Tho rural Itepubllcan districts
hae either been declining In population or
havo mado inconsiderable gains. A reap
portionment of tho Senate districts and As
bembly district would greatly add to tho
Democratic, representation in tho Legisla
ture. It would in nil probability Insure tho
election of a Democratic Legislature. There
fore tho Republicans havo for years refuocd
and will contlnuo to refuse to provido for
puch an enumeration of tho inhabitants of
tho State as Is ordered by tho Constitution,
nnd for a reapportionment based upon suoh
Iho Democrats of Now York will notcn
duro this gross Injustice much longer, If
they can holp it, and this Is a very good
year for electing a Democratic Legislature.
1 ho Republican party of Now York is wenk
and divided. Its feet are evil, and will bo as
long as liKXJiMix IIaiuusos Is President.
It litis played a wi etched doublo gamo in re
gard to exeipe legislation. Its Representa
tives In Congress have already succeeded in
alar mlng tho business interests of New York
by exit rvagaut legislation nud by attempt
ing tonioCiiln with business in the South.
Altogether thoro is a try bilious outlook
for tho Republicans.
On the other hand, the New York Demo
crats are In good condltl n, nnd thoy havo
In Daviij RrsNErr Hill the most skilful
nnd siicieiful of living Democratic le tilers.
The New York Demoern y will mnko a reso
lute and manly eff irt to elect n Domoeratio
t-'untor In Congress next winter, and ro
rhtabllsh tho rule of tho majority.
Tlio Stato Committee.
Tho annual and duly expected midsummer
rumor in tho Held of municipal politics lias
mndo Its appearame, and it Is to tho oflet
that tho Democratic huti Committco will,
at its meeting in Augiibt, ccpcl from mem
b"rhip upon it tho representatives of ono
faction of tho local Democratic party. No
particular leison is given for such an act,
but a variety of reasons exist why tho Stato
Commit'eo will pursuo no bueh course, nnd
thov are worth reciting.
In tho first place, tho Democratlo St.ato
Committco lin nothing to do with any local
differ ences w lileh may exist among tho Dem
ocrats of Now Yoi k city. Such powers as It
possesses am delogatad by tho .State Con
vention, w hlch creates it. And as Stato Con
ventions nro not called to male, and are not
empowered to make, rriumcii al nominations,
or to lntTfero with them in any way after
having been made, tho Stato Committee,
tho agent and Instrument of tho Stato
Convention, has no such power either. All
that it lias to do with Is tho Stato ticket
and tho SUto Legislature.
In tho soeond place, oven apart from tho
quest ions of jurisdiction, or party advantage,
the Stato Committee, bus no power to expel
any one, thueby di-franchlblng a distikt.
StatoCommittecnumnrechoseuby tho votes
of tho delegdleri In a Democratic Convention
fiom each of tho Congrtos districts In tho
State. They nro irremovable, J'nch com
ru'tteemnn represents ono diitrict, his own.
As that district could not choose a member
for another dlstiict, neither can its member
Tote to displace a member already chosen.
No ono understanding the funct'ons or
power of a State Committeeman or tho
method of his election would claim thnt it
bad. Rut, flrally, ar.d in tho third
place, n still stronger rcai-on thin
any of those named ovists why tho
midsummer political rumor of 1390 Is an nb
suidlty. Thli Ira year of Democratic union
not of factional strife, 'iho keynoto
Bounded by Governor Hrr.r, in Indlannpolis
ot a united front against tho common en
emy !u tho accepted watchword of Demo
crats everywhere. Iho old battle for tho
eotisiltutli nul rights and liberties of tho peo
ple, menaced ancv by the piovlsionsof tho
centiiililiig 1'. reo bill, finds all Democrats
iiirieed nnd haimon'ous. 'I ho Issuo raised in
Washington by the Republicans In favor of
the measure fit r I kev nt thovery eswnco of
American Democracy, and makes Inevltablo
a content, upon this lino at tho approaching
Congres-slonal oloitlon, which will tuin
latgely upon tho result of tho appetl of the
Democrats to tho voters of tho country.
Tho X.itlouul Citine.
Our esteemed contemporary, tho CbniCTer
ciul (!u;ttte, puts a question which suggests
a liioe til otitic tlon. It asl.s:
Are the public loilu.- liiiereit lu live bill names t '
Iho Interest in tlio mere playing of tho
game, its pitches, mid thwacks, and stops
may bo less or not less than Just ear, but
there has been a troiuciitluuii loss of public
attention dlposablofor 1U benefit, uono tho
less, 'Iho tioublois that th'j huirt of iho
gieit pistlmo is for the moment, gone, cut
out by the effort of n new association of r-kill
and cap.tnl todrivo tlio old and uuuiessftil
oignnidlliiii off tho professional field mid
pick up all honors and profits loft behind,
Solong ns such a tumultuous scrnmblo Is
undecided, tho gioit piuo of tho ball
Held it, lot tho national championship,
but commercial niuuss Tlio chief In
spiration of tho general public, tho lovo
of a square ll,;hl for tho championship,
iiuid up bythuilvMiry of tho leagues; tho
local print) in such great centria of boutl
merit as New York, Uostou, and Chicago is
split to death by tlio added nntngo
nlems of two hostile clubs In each city. 'Iho
not dlv lolon in order , and, under tho proaeut
clrciininUincis, tiiire, will bo that or w.agia
fur nil cui.ioinod. It requires lmniemo
Ipili.io suppoit ti k ep them up to thulr
present or past notch, and down they must
Quiuo wuii Jew, Xu one eeaso Uio new
league Is like the mother who would hftTe
hnd Solomon's swordsman holvo the child
she was alter In order that she might at
loist get a share. They have murdered tho
ehnmi Iciiihln for Ihosakoof getting a grip
on tho bno ball business.
While tho bniilo rages therefor tho In
terest It posspRsoa, fur tho publlo Is like that
of a factional light eompaied with an unob
eciirid parly lsui. Hut when It Is over
tlio real glmil of tho game, tho national
elinmpl dishlp, vv IP eomo to life again, bigger
ind sir uiri i ihin ever.
There Is rn lot Mealing story hack of tho
eiblo rei ort 'roni I emlon thnt tho rrltloh Kast
Afiimn lonminv his lolc.ifled 4 000 ntavos
who had I pen c'rnrf.od to tho const trom their
liotnea in tlio lijxirlur Tho eomiiany. In fact,
invanUl.i nevrnv of denling with tho slnvo
li ii'sovern jeirauo, nml it has worked ory
'I'tojy decided to establish friendly relations
Willi tie Arab merchants on tho coast con
troi.ed iy the coinpnny, '1 hoe Arabs hail
nt out -l.ui'O i-lnvi'R, thi Ttilto of former raids,
Intholr csliblMiinents. The Itrltlsh companv
' 1'ieied to buy these slaves, nnd In tho past
l"nn mouths about 4.000 of thorn haer
tr.vuil their rimers of freedom, tho company
paying $23 apleco for thorn. Tracts of land
win lo they could support thomaolvoa were
civ them, nnd many of thorn nro working for
V?ces nround Jlonibnto.
Then tho company told the Arabs that It
thov would ncreo not to solra any more slnvos
thilrinrnvnns would Po provldod with trnde
g. oils to tako Into tlio interior, nnd tho com
pany would buy tho ivory thoy brought to the
coast. Tho Arnbs acceptod tho offor. nnd to
dny nil tho capital noodod In trading enter
prises thnt is not supplied by tho Arabs them
Fclrcs Is ndrnnced at a small rato of lntorest
ly tlio company, and it buys all tho mor
chnndlso brouirht down to the const. In short,
the company has become a pnrtnor of tho
former Blnvo dealers In their trading opera
tions, and Mr. Micklnzte. tho company's
puperlntondont. etprossos the opinion thnt th
Blnvo-trndo ouestlon Is settled, ns far as tho
liritish Last Const Is concornod.
When whito entorprlsos like this corpora
tion nud tho Afrlcnn Lnkos Company are. In
ono way or nnnthor. lospenlnc tho ov lis of tho
slnvo trndo nnd rofuso to Bell Ilauor or flro
nrms to tlio nntlves, it cannot truthfully be
said, as nn Lnclish macaino has assorted,
that nil tho whlto trading ontorprlses In Equa
torial Africa are Incronsine tho degradation
and misery ot tho inhabitants.
Our esteemed contemporary, the Bonton
Iln al I nsks us to " suppose thnt Bnby KcKee
follows in the footitep9 of his grandfather by
beoomlnc a cnndldnto for the 1'resldoncy In
the third generation."
Third terms are played out EnbyMcKEtt
will not ho ronominntod.
A wild, exultant hullabaloo, tho cannon's
bark, tho shrill hurroo. proclnlm tho joy of
Knlnran700 over tho fact thnt a recount shows
thnt t-lro his 18,000 Instead of If. 101) in
habitants. In viow of the universal fame o
tlio Michigan molropolls, this joy sooms a llttlo
unnecessary. What do the folks In 8ydney
aid .samnrcand caro whathor Kalnmnoo
Ins a fnw thou-and luhnliltnnts moro
or lo-s. Tho ellt od Chinamen and
tlio saunt 1'snulmnux nnd the An
thiopophacl. the laucliterless Veddnhs of
C-ylon ard tho II-lnss "Arrlos of London, tho
Moors of Vonlco nnd the "'oiigohoronion of
Bohemia, nil the neop'os of tho woild know and
reverenco Kalnmaoo ns tho bomoof .H'liuh
Chsvit IH.ni.uWs tlio uront einlluss-clinln ora
tor, tho ( nlltopo of KrI irnt'oo. .Neither Kala
ma?oo nor hirntford-on-Avon noeds to bo
The penrl fisheries In Wis onsln nro yiold
Inc handsome returns ir tho tnles of the penrl
fi-tmnnon are not as Imncliintlve ns thoso of
11-h fishermen. Tlio Urn. Jfisimivh Rusk
should tt. his uirriiMilitirnl speclnllsts to pitt
ing up un 1 souiliiii! nut seoJ pearls.
1 he St. T.nuis Hrpuhlir begins an edifying
editorial nrtlclo on "Tho I aw ot Helpfulness"
with quotations from tho freo trndo prophets
and tho lllh u.
In hu-pe.ch at ct Joseph. Mr Muu thne defined
tbele.M of lielpfuIiicsA
Tin i e-ipl- of the whole world nre dependent upon
one another Title 11 one rf i,uu , Ian a, and if It Is
Mutated tl e peoj U mu-t sutler
' There la another dernltlon of It which It will not be
auperllnoua or untimely to quote,
" dlu nnd It shall beeitin to yon rood measare,
preieldown an I shaken together and running over
h ill men tOie into onr boxONt lor with the measure
e i.iete withal it s mil be meaurtst to ) ou aalu
CoL JoNrs puts tho Apostlo of Corslcnna
The peoplo nt tho seaside reports who
complain of tho coldnos of the water should
rumemtorthat the Hon. Uestumtn IUiirisov
tool, his first sea bath Inst weok. An event
likii thnt Is enough to raise coosofiesh on the
(jiilf ritro im. It Is n wonder that tho wholo
Atlantic coast Is not icebound.
Minneapolis now swears that sho has a
population of 20O.C07. The figures are ob
tained by proper mathematical process from
tho directory, fit. Paul has torn nil tho hnlr
out of her bond In race over the population
found or Invented by the Minnonpolls census
anumerntors. Tho dlroctory census shows
'Ji 1,1) i0 moro jioople than tho pnddod census.
M lint is tho uso of tho Government census In
phices liko St. Paul nnd Minneapolis, any way ?
'J he directory Is a much slmplor wny of count
Jli: the population, nnd with Ingenious multi
pliers surprising results may be obtalnod
K imo Wostern journals havo a cheerful
practice of printing a portrait of John Most
ard labelling It Alkxamieii III. No wonder
the Czar takes to drink.
The only pood Democrat la the slcht of The
6ln aeeuis lu te a dead lieiuocrut .ilimuy Artut
Ami this sneornt tho momory of Samuel J.
Tii.nrtN comes from tlio son of Daniel Man
TUe JTCmbodliarut of CentrnllzaitlOH,
Fiom tht Jilnghamton Call.
Ju-tlce lamur Is one of the jroducte and natural re
sults of 1 1. veianillsui. Mr tleielaud was au embodi
ment of the Jott. lne of ctntr'iUatiou and he viasihe
emir. Hence It Is not remarkaM that his a polutees
ph ui J In ar lly 1 oiiaur lu the orlklnal aikai;e ileclslun.
a Ue llon h Lfch utterly destroys the doctrine of Statts
"l'oit Tarascon" continues on Its trlum-
j hunt Hay In the Aurust llaritn, and the accllmatlra
tlun of Hamlet may lie A I te be complete Other reat
lent 1 of a treat siiinimr number are Theodore
( In, s. "Inn re-Mi'iiaof liir'lu" and soinerllmpsssof
a ri-el fe III In 11a by I dwlti I.ird Weeks whk-li Iliclul
a i y Wilms n actuiiut of the sacred monkeys of
Hen tm
A Trunk Oplulnn finm Texasi.
Irmnlht I art llorin .llll,
Tn Roils burning tar on the nejiubllcani who) are
triu,rto rentraltd Dili iioreruiuent. Tua hen wab
bles a little on the Kiiittenii, oicailoially touching
qutstiuiM nf art jiilii-, but hell It celues to a clear
un l' is an. hue and a clt ill eiji. slllon of Peuiocrallo
rriiHii.es His fiithn it 11 1 err 111 all this broad laud.
A jreinoci .it Jlolnc lHrljr HerTlce,
Vwii the .v rf a LamUnat k.
We hare received a niraiihlet copy of the admirable
speech of Ooiernor Parld II Hill at Indianapolis. Jt
reminds us el Sir Tildeu s when lie was rescuing New
York from I eed
filial t Jlui m,
'Mohnny, add one to ono, and how many have yont"
' un..'
"i,ive an rxillif le
" W hen on man marries one wonnn "
"torreiil Willie, take oni fiom one anj how many
do jeuliaro t
"Hows Unit"
"Take one man and dlrorce him from one woman
and you have two "
'1 Im HrtiU iif nnldlae Two Ofllcea.
"I tblua I will tale a vacation Ihenest three weeks,"
remarked the setrrtar) anj Ireaiarcr of a prlvato cor
I oral n to the President thereof.
" Hui yen returned from one only two weeks aio."
"True, that waa my vacation, u iscrttari I wish e
now ThcT Conld bo Mssdo Comleo stl
Model-Hie JTCarpeave.
WAsmieoTON. July 22. The striking testi
mony given by Gen. Miles to the Hennte Com
mllteoon ltelntlnns wlthtnnnda, n summnry
of which hns just boon mnde public, oucht to
bo supplemented, In ordor to obtain a full viow
of tbe subject, by tho snmo officer's testimony
bofore the Honnte Commit toe on Const Pofcnccs.
Whnt (Jon, Miles snld to Mr. Hoar's commit
tee boro I n reel 7 on tho rroftntdofoncoless
ness of the I'nclflo const, but toSenntor Dolnh's
oommitteoho explnluod tho remarkable ease
with which thnt ooast could bo porfoctly pro
tected. This comparative fnelllty of defence rosnlts
from two cnuos. In tho first plnco, ovorthe
entlro stretch rf porhnpn 1,5(10 miles of coast
lino south or liritish Columbia, thoro nro roally
only about four polnto, nnd live nt tho utmost,
luiniodlntoly rouulilng fortification. Theso nro
l'ucct Bound, tho mouth of tho Columbia, Ban
I-rnnelsco, nnd ban Ulogo. with tho posbIuIo
nddltlon of Ban 1'cdro liny. Along tho entlro
dlstnncofrom Pugot Sound totheaoldonOalo,
which Is about 00 mllos. tho mouth ot tho Co
lumljla furnishes tho only harbor for doep
drauglit warvoBsola suoh as nlono nood causo
apprchonsion. '1 ho const along this distnnco,
niconllngto Gen, Miles. "Is very rough and
mountainous, with bleb blufls near dcop water,
and very fow hnrbois." Iho threo prlneipni
ones, lu snld, nro Vngulnn liny ( oos 1'ny, and
llrny's Harbor. "A llout enn onter nnv ot those
small harbors and llnd room, they can Hud
Bholtornear tho Islnnd niong tho const, but If
they went Into nuy of theso small harbors thoy
could do vory llttlo harm, bociuso thoro li very
llttlo comruorco there. Ihuso pobUIoiis aro not
to bo tho eontro of woalth ami commerce ns
I'uL'ct bound, tho mouth of tho Columbia and
tho harboi of Bnu lranclsco nro." Thus,
nlthouuli tho constvvl'o commercoof Cnllfor
nln. lirogon, nml Wnshliicton is growing very
fnit, the problem of nn nUoiiunlotleloiiCoof iho
entlro ocean front of these throe bt.ilos is real
ly llmltod to tho dofonco of a low points. 'Iho
noi osslty of a fort nt ban l'edro, which is nsktd
for by tho .Los Aneelos Chumbur ot ommorto.
Is baod largely on itB bnlnu tliotoi minus of
tho bouthorn l'aclllo Ilnllwny on thnt part of
the l'nellle coast. Hut even this point could bo
omittod from tho schemo of const dofeuco for
tho present.
A sotond consideration Is thoremnrkablo nld
which nnturo furnishes forthodefoncoot theo
fow plncos thuB Inillentod. lieirlnnlng with
1 UL-ot bound, lien. Miles iloclnicd to tlio ca
nto commlttoe thnt "tho positions are admira
ble for ilefenco just us natuio left thorn. ' 'I ak
lng up a map. ho demonstrated this point in
The entrance Is twelve miles wide and then varies
from that to o er ntteen or tw entv Tbe depth of water
at the inlrance Is from Lo fathoms to wi mi un.l .I. at
dlftereut polntt 1 hen at the entrance 10 1'uitet bi un 1
rr..m tie -traits of ItK-a the depth of Hater Is from 1J
11, -u lamuuir 111 iue 111 1111 unrrow eiiiriice Aunur
iilty Inlet At Ileteptl n 1'ass It U H fathoms anl
tlen through the uiind Iho .lepth Is from uitol-uj
fathoms. At this point is 1'. rt Townend, wiuch Isiiulte
an important little Uty, uriiwltnr rapldl) Here
are the Mratts of I-nci, and tin- water narrons
down to Admiralty Ileal nj piu.Uo Port 1 iwi s
en 1, where the iM'tance aross is nbout four miles,
nr iruna could rros lire it tun mile. Iho
1 Iher entrance li what Is called Heceplion I n ft v try
narrow piss wh-re jou could destroj th" entrain 0 by
obstructions so that It would be impoiMliln to enter l.y
that ruutn I trunk. I would fortify both 1 Ian t At
this point tl ere nri hUh bluffs from .'. si 10 I mo feet
above the level or tl e sen. Tlieynro splen lid po.ltlnns
for sruns and mortars The mortnt be' Ind the tlufts
noiilil t completely protected, and It wou d be lm os
elb e f ir a ship to llnl them when comlnir In th-re. and
Jet the ship would be un ler the lire if the morta bat
tene from s.x miles out to bit miles in, a raiife of
twe.ve miles.
A liostllo ship would bo for n still loicor
rnnco under tho tiro of lu ivy rifled tuns from
those blurts, fipn. Milosestlmntlnctho distance
nt eight miles outsldo und elKht mi es Inside,
or n totnl dlt im e of sixtoen mlh's which, of
eoursn Is ociuiinlen' to its ilo-truction. 'J hero
Is, of oouro the fuithor 1 osslhlilty of nnchur
inc n lloatlnc luittery in tho channel and of
employing torpi doos while this ifi on" of thoo
points wlioro tle (Ijnnmllo-thiowlng tubes
vvDtild como Into ofiottivo play.
As to bun 1 rnnclst'o tlio -ntrance to tlio
Goldon Onto nril tho harbor i- a mile wnlo
with hlugs on thoBntithfido SOO foot nlovo iko
son level nnd nn iho n irtli eMo nbout twlco ns
hiirh. Iho la'.tor position Is d-,crlbid by don.
Mllos ns '11 porfoet lllbinltii'-" It Is trim
that a ship could romnin out-ldo the harbor
nnd throw sln-lls into the city, but It could
not occupy tho harbor nnd tnke posses
ion ot bnn I'mii'dseo without llrt ro
dticirig tho bind b.ntorles: and, whilo hholl
ing tho city, wliloh, ns nn net di-tinct
from nttneking tlio torts would Im most con
Mirnhle. it would be Irself under tho pro of
tho'O bntterles Tho face nf tho blulf Is nlmost
torpiMidiculnr, so thnt it is Inn regnablo to tlio
attack f 11 landing n.11 tr. U tin- mouth or tho
Columbia, nci-ordtng to Con JUles. there nro
the 'sanio kind of bluffs nnturnl noslslons
for forttll atlons Iho dlstonco across tho
chaniu'l will not oxceud two milt's, and there Is
a rnndbnr nt tlio mouth" Tlio works thoro
would defend the city of Portland nnd tho
commoreo of tlio grcnt river of tho Northw-t.
'1 bus tlio two leading facta are thnt tho Pa
cific const I-, now wholly defoncelo-s and vt
by a moiloruto outlay eould no porfo. tly da
londed 'I he two immediate steps 10 bo tnkim
seem to lo those of establishing n navy j anl
on I'ucot "ound nnd n -'till fnctory huhom hero
nenr bun rrnticlseo. Tho constru tlon of the
hnrbor d fenco vebsel c ilngon nt that tlty is
nbendy nn Important point trained.
The Mud. IV ho Killed (he Last Union Hoi.
To vnp FniTftaorTnF Sic vr That was an Interest
In.r story published In Sundaj's brs descrthlrtr th
kllllnsof the last Lnlmi soldier who frll durlutr the
civ 11 war It t-tocktou (u it hloikwelll Terry is the
man referred to an 1 the iu ly meutione I In the article
was a vliss Holt, not Hoiir Die shot which killed tlio
Vnlon trooi er was also fired frum a revolver Instea 1 of
a rifle Terry Is a tall rather slenrier man, with light
brown hair irray ejes, huh cheek 1 ones, tnin lips And
smoothly aharen fare Dels ,f an amiable .list 1 union,
au 1 vrr quiet lu both speech and m inner but Is I. o p i
upon as I etnir ' bandy with a nun ' as a Northern lean
would exi re-s It. and there are reasons other than the
de ilh of the Union solill-r to ili fv this I e lef
It may tuteren jour readers in learn thutihe fattier
of this man was au edit ir ilavlna- had iDmi c.uitro
versy with a rival aerlho namul --h iiuIts and meeui 1
lilmontbe street ra h broke hm cane on the other
Hut this not leliu- aullloont. Hiey bronsht their re
solvers into plav rtrluir their full cinleuts into each
other at ehort raime. Hnuily they cllncliel aul fell
loa-ether to tho sldewa.k, anJ when separated both
ware found tn he d. ad Iloth Terrj and Iris futiier In
law, Holt, are hotel men and aro dout lle-s well and
favorably kuowu to Jvew orkers vvho have visited
LjnchburK. H
Itlcssi You, Sly Children, ltlcna Yon.
rrom the Jt ill nn-t Frpret,
The ewrafferoantlsannouncedor vi'ss Lou1aShpari1,
dauchterof 1 ol and lira. I.lllott 1. Miepard. to Mr w 11
lisin Jay -chlefeiln
Mr rllellellll Is the son of William II. SrhlelTelln
JVa 1 . and pirtner In hi fathers Kreat tliemi, .il and
drurhrm of IV. II. hchleffelln A Co whose warehouses
are lu '.viiliaiu sto et, at the c rutr rf iieikman sireet,
and laboran ry In trout i-treet Kext yevr this iiouse
will celebrate Its centennial it havimr been CFtabllKhed
by the irreat urandruther uud creat-great uncle ot its
pr-sent youmr scion In 1791
Hla itraniiraihtr, bamtiei ft echleffelln is etill a silent
partner, Nl years of aire and apj tar nirt" be only i"
All four of In Kroudl areuls are Uvluir aa well as
bnthof his lareuts Vlrs IVlllmiil 11 thlel,elln and her
daiitthler vlnsiieinor are travel Iuk In I ntlami with
Mia l,lllee Ilia brottaT. 1 01 WIMirn Jay and fain
II), IllSkraudparents lie Hon and Vlra. Juhil Jav, are
atttelrc unlry -ejt at Itedf r 1, Wrstrheeter counlv
lie Is aizradiiateori olumtla 1 elteire bihool ot vilnra.
and is a I'll II of II ett neti t uivorell). an I a fellow
of the t hemlcal Society of London. He is mi a tlvn
intmtierof the Fevenlh Itiirlinent Both or th youiio
reopl have been the oh'ecia of inalij conpralulatlou
roin both sides of the Atlantic
He Is .'land she la. 1) He Is 0 feet I Inch and sho Is
ft f, et II lurhes. and every one auys tie) havealwaya
beta meant tor each other
Ilia One Talent.
1 "no must be a ioor unlit He can't even draw
" He's a treat landscspe painter."
"Is be I'
"s, his great specialty Is palntlnr towns."
An Eleaient Mufflrleaoj.
"There a fine echo n quarter of a mile further, Mr
President,' said the jtulle.
"I don't vv ant lu hear It " replied B. Harrison In a
dlsjuited tone, "bleu I cl.o Is more than I care for In
that line "
A Orillellll Hnliller.
"Strauss Isa dalifht to me," said Gen Sherman to
Col. Ochiltree.
"Yes, I've been to hear him a dnren times, and ho
hasn't played ' Hardline Throuih Georrla' yet,"
'1'lie liellcitl fliukeniun,
"This life of mine Is wearisome, nh, so wearisome,"
said the trainman. "It remind in of that beaitlful
llnoof the po't, 'llrake brake brake.' The onl) trouble
I that the line U not quite lonz enouU to work In all
the brakes."
&IlenntteratiiBdliiB lllns.
" I am a itranisr In town, sir a VV esterner without a
cent I am what you inlfbt call a wait from th plains
and "
"Poor fsllowl How Ioor have you been away from
the plains'"
There Wttan't Room.
Totllnj I se that onset the authors f "Issutlful
Snow" Is dead
Dlmilnr-Dld th rest attend th f antral t
ridsrly Bailor I bare spoken to yonr mother, Htlsa
Helen Oh, I'm si iltd. Did the ai oept you I
Iluelueaa vs, I'lcuaure,
J1-om fas hinfnamlon leader.
Bern rlrlt an prsistl for lira anl etliiri for trie
- - -. .-Art, aaainssa -sT ' ' "' " " ---'
' BsaMweMaasMaaMeaeBSBBagSMBSBSSSaeJsl
A Honth American Merebnat Dlecntaea
the AdTantivces nl Reciprocity.
Mr. Antonio Onlmnraos, a lirazlllnn, nnd one
of tho lending merohnnts In business betwoon
Ilrn7il nnd tho UnltodStntes, on bolna asLea
whnt would bo tho result of a treaty of reci
procity botweon the United Stntos nnd llrarll,
ns proposed by his Government nnd Mr. lllnlne,
enld thnt in his judgment such a tront; would
be of great advantage to both countries.
" llrazll." ho says. ' produces at present C00,
000 tons of sugar per annum: bnt undor n
treaty of reciprocity with the United Stntos In
less than throe yenra It would produce enouRh
niignr to supply tho ontlro country. At rrosent
Jlrazil furnishes 70 1 er cent, of tho coflco con
Bumcd In the Unltod Htntes. but whilo tho nioa
of cofloo production Is limited to tho Stntos of
San I'nulo. Illo, nn J Minns, tho northorn pro
du"llon being of no account, tho sugar cano
nron oxtenda from 1'nra to I'nrann, nnd. In fact,
ell nlon tho littoral of llrnyll from tho oqun
tor to a fow degroos bolow tho southorn troplo,
tho possibilities of sugar production being fnr
In nieces of thoso of coffco production, nud
nlmost unlimited "
Jlr. Oulmaraos said thnt his correspondence
from various parts of Urn7ll Indicated thnt his
countrymen fully realized tbo gront advan
tages to be derived from reciprocity with this
country. Tho deslro for Buch a tronty was
ospoclnlly marked In tlio northorn provinces,
whcroBiignrcultlvntlon Is alroady one of tho
principal lndustilcs. Thoro has boon i-omo
disposition In those provinces to dlsaitlsfnc
tlon with tho general Government, whlcn dls
entlsfnctlon would bo entirely nllnyod If,
tflrougli tho contrnl llnveniinont, n treaty
with tho Inltod Blates could lo obtained,
which would open tho doors of thin market to
them, nud give to tbo sugnr-rnlslrig ludustry
tho Impetus nnd development which It Is capa
bloof in thnt section.
"In oxchnngo lor those Important advnn
tnges to my couiitrj-." continued Mr. Uul
iiinriios, wo proposo to rodtico our import
duty on tho ptoducts ol tlio Lnltod Htales.
Jlrn?ll Isdoiendonton tnrig for rovonue. nnd
while In oxchnnso lor froo sugar wo could not
give entlro fioe tralo wo aro In a position to
ninlo such a reduction of duty that tho produco
aud manufactures or tho t nlted Htatoa would
oiit.r llraII at a 11 tie lower price than tho
8111110 nrtlclca could bo Imi) ttodfrom 1 urono,
nml this would bo rulllclcnt to tronto for
Amorlean mnnufucturos In brazil nn lmmonso
arid almost n.xeluslvo mntkot
".My country has a lopulntlon of ovor 12,
OOO.ouo pooi lo,whll' Cuba hns only a popula
tion of -MKio.oo 1, nnd tho consumption In Urn
rll of such produco nnd muntifuctures ns tho
t ulteil bintns could suppl would In' very largo
indeed, iorei.impli) Vo impi rt f Jl udlMJnU
worth of cotton goods per annum, li) a reduc
tion ot duty most of tlu-eo goods would 1)4
token from tho I nltod btntes nud tho imnor
tn Ion of Hour and oihor provisions vvhleh tho
I nbod States nlready 6hli in connidorablo
iiunntltli's 10 llrnll. would b ivory largoly In
creased undor tho stimulus of u prcforenco In
tbo mnttor of dtitlos.
' At present tho Lnltod S'atos purchaosof
our produio JGuOoJoou. whilo wo In return
only bin ss.DOu.Othi. Tno bnlnuco against tho
I tilted .-tales has to bo remlttod In iolil or its
equivalent to l.tiropo to pnv for tho merubnu
dlso that wo buy fromthur. Under recipro
city tho United Stntos would purchao from
I Uracil 11 Inrgor iimount but would Increu-oat
tho same time the exports to 1 razll
llraII Is ns largo a countrv na tho Unltod
Stn'o". I Is as well populate-! ns whon the
United statos were alio to mensure tholr
fi rees with hnglnnd Tho tonditions to-dny
nro osi.i'c .illy fnvorublo to a treaty Btich nn tho
1 ni propi -ud. Wohavn just drs'ted a C'onsil-
tuilon which will undoubtedly bo ndopted,
i-liiillirtotlieConstltutl. n of tbo United Mites,
I and tbo tendem-v throughout tho political or-
I gunl at Ion la to In-titutious .similar to thoho
1 whli'h oxlst in tin 1 nllod States and havo
I given thorn their uiiovniupled prosperity.
I " '111 peoplo in llraII lean strongly toward
the northern roptil II . und thoio Is no d ubt,
1 as hnvo a ro ulj statod, that tlmy would hall
I with uri'at hiitisutf tlon a uo.ityof nclproclty
1 which would bring tho two republics Into
1 closer commercial lolutlons leading ultlunitolr
1 to Improved facilities for looking and tinns-
jiortntion. nnd developing tho oxclintgn of
(ommodltles on n hinlo tho mngnltudo of
Willi li it i3 now dlllleult to OBtlmnte.
" I nfuriunntely. Mr. lilnlno Is ono of the few
Rtatoiinen In this country who has studied tho
iidvnnliui'S to In gnlund l reciprocity, und It
ia In I e Inmented that instond of tho question
bi'lng dihi tisncd on u purely bui-lneas basis at
ir -hould bo. It la lookod nt fiom thn stnnd
lolnt of lolltlcs. As n f-tranger to Amorlniu
polltl It does not onm to m thnt tho f-ecre-I
tnry of Stnte cruld properly liuvo allowed legla
1 itlnn to have nas-od without rlnolng the po I
. tlon 1 lonrlv before the country, mid whativor
I is d no Ihrougli tho statement of that po-ltion
bj Vr lilaiiio will stand na nn ovlrtnie of his
Btiierlor knowlodgn of tho eoinmerclnl condi
tions, not only 1 f tho I nltod StntoB but thoso
existing In tbo Statca of tho Americas."
IVhnt We are All TulUInc About.
Perhaps the llshermen vih) fo out dally for moss
bunkers took In biff loads yesterday bnttbej would be
exc snl le If thev ill 1 noi ror a 1 earances indicated
tb it a 1 He bunkers for miles nroun I Nw kork had
cone to the upper bay. from htap eton to a Hue be
tween Governor's anl Ked'ow s ls'ands tho water rip
pled with the llsh. Their tails and fins stood out of
water js steadily as If thousands of the bunkers were
bciovv hnlillnu up the to most layer. People on passlntr
boats ceul 1 see the llshes by hundreds beneath the stir
face line s hool covered an area of several acres Old
rslienuen sal I ttiat they hid never seen Ftich n d splaj
In their lilts, ind thej reas died that btueflsh must
have come in itreat uumbera Int 1 the lowertayanl
ai!!a.ent waters .Not a net was cast for all these dsll
during the entire dtj-.
Mr C n Metcalfe, on of the local representatives of
a llrllish bank, tel s thfsslorj relative to Prince George:
"A chum of m'ne te said, "was at one time first
otllcer on ono of the I enlnutar and Oriental line
steamstilr. A few da) a out from I oudon 1 Is ship fell
-In with the Rrltlsh manor war Ilacchauto frouileloiu
bo s Is customary lu such capes the fenlnsular ship
etopped to take such mall as the olhcers and tailors rn
tbo man of war mlifht have ready to lost A smalt
boat put out from the Bacchante with the malts lu
chariro of a midshipman. That midshipman vv as Prince
Oeerite, who vvas vervlnit bis first term, s tospeak.a
ano'llcer In her kfajesiy s navy. HoOaine onboard
delivered his mill, and waa about to return to the
Ilacchante wl en my friend who was In charge of the
snip at the time, Invite 1 11m below to have
refreshments. Tho mllshlpmin accepted grace
full)', and ale a biscuit with braLdy and sola
aecomiai'lment with such evident appreciation
of the courtesy thut the first olllrer was led to enter
Into conversation He began with a dreadful break
'B7ihov..ij, I remirke.1, 'you've got Prince George
011 board, baveul jou? What a bore lhat must be
I should bale to serve on a ship with him. J sifppose
he s nasty particular, Isu t he, and makes the men
sunt round I' The midshipman lnughed qulotly.
VV e i, I think not. bo replied, 'I'm not err lain, don't
jou know r !' Trinco oeorge,' The frstoiricer had
the servo neither to hem and haw nor apologlr After
a startled Inst int he s il 1 ' VV ell, let s lmv e another ' aud
the Prince proved to be a first rale fel ow I y accepting
and turning the Hist otllter'a enilarrasimint Into
other 1 eople here who know something about Trlnoo
George Bay that ho is averse to ostentation, and that If
he knew what a to do was 10 be male ovir hlmat Sew
pott he wool! avoid going there at a'l They si) his
thl f delight sor'allj s to lulnglo vvltfc coo 1 fo.lowa,
smoke, and exclungo spirits
"The idea of ttorlts without words,' as told In our
comln Illustrated papers receutij," aanl a gentleman
wbohnsilved much In Germany, "Is borrowed from
tlio German. The lllejimle Hiuit'r, publUhed In Mun
Icli, has coutalued such ' stories ' fi r Die last twelve or
tlflseu j ears at loist. Many American cnmlo weeklies
lave u tstoppel with borrowing the Ideas of their
I erinaii contemporaries. They have borrowed the pic
Inr" 1 10 clihtr without giving the names of the nr
us. at all or with fulso name attached to them Any
1. no can cmivlnte himself or the truth of this statement
by examining canfuily the ilgures lu many of the pic
tures In question The caps of the men, esfeclally of
thesuldiers are distinctively Gtrmiui, und the faces
au I waists uf lh women are tain as were never seeu
011 American w omen or In pictures of American origin.
Hill more conclusive 1 roof may be found in the albums
of Ileinicke or obtrliiidcr, coletirated Uerrunn carlca
turlsts, whose stories a Ithoiit words have bseu stolen
reikle.slj In Aiutrlta during the last ten months. '
lie CuTCd.
From the Itetroit irte Yen,
Alout 10 o'clock the other night a watchraaa at the
foot of Grlswold street saw a man acting so quserly
that he upproathed uud demanded what he was doing
1. .iing to Jump into the river," was th reply.
"When I"
"Right off"
' .Sot Intel'
"Ves right here ''
' .N tiling to live for "
" e here a u I tlio watchman, ss the man peeled off
hlti'Mi I i 1 jou w told do me a fa.i.r iiieverbi
a man a gool hard piim h lu my lile it v oil are b uud
lo go lu 1 wish otl w tuld stand with jour heels 1 n the
edge ot the wharf aud let in swing tuy right on your
Nut If I know myself I won't"
"Put vvh) t You might as well be found drowned
with a broken nose as a whole one "
' 1 a tow no ou to punch my nose If I can help IL"
" Well, on area mlif hi) particular man '
"And von are a mlghiy uieau one."
' p u'lsasi me
An 'd mt 11 rub against me'"
Ai d ifi. r iioiduig tuiuseii ready for a row for a couple
of nun ues the trai er put ..11 is roat and sauntered
ofT ..iii.'llimiUm 11 who louthed bis nose had bet
ter tackle a six foot biuz saw.
Tou can cure a tor throat with the help of Dr. D.
game's L'ipeclorini, a good rained for louite aid
MIIUetiu4siwi4UlMl.' .
xi orb no out a sit yo Toirmc
The TCeatern tTnlon Cnlac tn Tlebnllsl frosn
tho rilth Floor Up.
The Executive Commlttoo ot the Western
Union Telegraph Compnny, conaistlng of Jay
flould. llussoll Snga, ex-Qor. Cornell. John T.
Terry, and Oon. 1 ckort, mot nt noon yester
day, nnd do'Ided to tear down tho uppor pnit
of the building nnd to rolmlld It entirely from
the fl'th floor up. T hero will bo no towor on
tho roconstructod building, but nrrangemonts
mny bo made for dropping tho time ball from
eomo conspicuous po.nt.
The work of irnovntlon will bo begun Imme
diately, and will bo undor tho direction of J.
II. Smith, tliobulldorof tho burned structure
Thn old form of the upror part ot tho building
will lo abandoned aud four full storlefl will bo
nddod. making tho lulldlng nine full-slod
stoiloa. besides this tho Uoy street property,
which hnRa frontngo of twonty-llve feot. will
be built up and mado a part of tho main build
ing. Tho Blxth floor, whoro tho Inttorlos wero
beforo the flro, will bo devoted to odlces. Tho
bnttories will all bo In tho collar. Tho sov onth
and eighth flooia will bo mado Into two mam
moth oporatlng rooms, each nbout 75V200 foot.
At ono end of thoso floors ample room will bo
provided for tho tiso of tho Associated I'ro3B.
The ninth floor will bo given up to rcstnurnnt.
kitchen, laundry, Ac Spoclal attention will bo
paid to mennsof egrocs nnd sovornl extra olo
vntois, bosidoa thn thtoo nowln tho building,
will bo put In. Iho material uxol iu the re
construction will probably bo bluoetouo and
brick. In nn interview with a Sun mnn, alter
tho mooting, .lay Mould enld:
Woostlmnto thnt It will cost us tfiO.OOO for
each llnor that vvn put up andwooxioct to sot
out of it for JWO.iOO. Wo hnvo been llgurinu
home tliuoon how toenhirgoour nlnnt. nnd wo
should hnvo mndo oxtenslvo Improvement
even it the llro hudn't occurred. Wohnve been
otionbigon an nverngo four now ollleea aduy.
and our old operating room hnd long auo got
too small, bo nbout tho only elToet tho llio hns
hnd upon us is to force us to begin oporntlons
Boonor than wo exneclod."
spooking of tho pecuniary loss thnt the com
pany Is suirerlng from tho llro .Mr. (lould snld
thut their wookiy enrnlngs this lonr hnd been
ovecodlug tho"0 of litat year by about I'Jl.Ooii.
liut last weok they fell to $10,111111 over thiso of
tho same wool; lu lrtsli. Ho eatd that bo dldn t
know whothor to attribute this falling oft to
Wall Biroot, whoio buslnoia waa nwlullydull,
or to tho lire.
Tho entire fifth floor of No. 105 Is now covered
with ulnlti pluo tnbles, which nccommodato
about 200 operatora and tbo tonnnts on ilia
fourth floor got notico jesleidnv fo uult This
llonr also will be o.cupled ontiroly by telog
ltiphors At 41" Jlioadway the caipentorH nro
Btill wonting day and night, sotting up tnbles,
nnd extrn 01 orators nro being put to work ns
fust os wires are found. 'Iho unoumatlo tubo
svstom was in oporauon again yesterday Thk
buvivii hu.N had Us si oclal "porting wires nil
working ns usual, too. 1 no Associateu itoss
luovod ovor to l'Jj liroadway yoslerduy after
noon. Tho spoclal out-of-town newspaper pcrvice,
which ia carried on from Now York, hns been
I rnctic ill) pioBtr.itod slnco tho flro. Tho cor
respondents lmvo tioen taking lossonslu bus
tlluc A Lhbago impor Is crowing ovor tho
way It bent nil Its contemporaries Its cono
spondont, aided by a bright trlegranher. waa
nble to "scoop" ovonthlng on tho lire. 'Iho
operator went to V r-ehiivvkon on tho evening
of tho lire and found a Io7on old llnltlmoro
nnd Ohio wires ljlng " dead." telegraphically
t-teaklng. He got ono of thorn nnd than Bent
word to tho correspondent, who carrlod bis
mnttor over b ferry. Tim operator worKod a
wholo night in tho office with a railroad oper
ntor for his only comnanlon before the Wost
ern T nlon peoplo found out that thoro woro
nny ldlo wires thero. Whon tho doyon or moro
Wostern I nlon men tumbled Into tho oftleo
tbo noxt night they found him fairly rovolling
In " prosa" and surrounded by lots of wires.
co3ii'LMia or tor. omloo.
Home or the Forty-Seventh Iceclntent Offl.
cersi Want Hint to Jtealcn.
BlncoCoL Gaylorof tho Torty-sevonth Regl
mont in llrooklyn becamo 1 'olvod In business
troubles a fow months net, ho hns not been
able to glvo much attention to his mllltt-ry
duties. Consldorablodlssnttbf action has grown
up Inconsequenco among the ofllcers of tho
regiment and on Monday night a committee,
composod of C.apts. Chrlstoillt, Svvaoy, nnd
Eddy, culled at lirlgndo Ilend'iuartors and hnd
a long conference with Gen. Mcbeer about tho
nlleged unsatislactory condition of tbe regi
ment nnd the want of harmony In the rnnks. It
Is understood thnt they told tho General that
Col. tmylor waa mnlnlj to blatiiB for this con
dition of affairs, and suggested that he bhould
bo requested to resign
It Is a'so undorstood that Gon. Mcl.eer told
tho committee that ho did not proposo to do
anything of tho kind, but that he would hold
un Investigation nnd glvo each Ido a lull
opportunity to bo beard. Col. Gnylor hns Peon
conbldorod ono of the most olllelal oillcerB in
tho Nntlounl Guard, nnd until bis recent
troubles occurred was extremely popular with
his men '1 he commlttoo which waited on
Col. ( !at lor. It Ik f-nid. does not represent a
mnjonty of tho officers.
Georfl-ej Gonial Ktiapectvsl of Teltlas thai
lloj that the- Old Man Vssa Constat:.
Itiissoll Sage was on the Stock Exchange yes
terday for tbo socond time In his life. Ho hns
been amemborfor ueHrly twenty years. His
first vl-it was just after his eleotion. Tho boys
woro roughorln thoso days, but Mr. Sngo ran
tho gauntlot In lino style. Hix years ago, whon
joung George Gould was elected. Mr. Sago
and Washington Connor fixed up the businoss
for him. '1 hey notiflod tho brokers that voung
Geoigo would probably npnear on 'Change on
a certain day. The boys wero on tho lookout
for him nnd mauled him In great style, Hmaah
lug Ilia hut und ripping his clothes oj en.
v hen Mr. r-ngo nppeartd yesterday it looked
an If tloorgo (lould had bided hla time and Imd
fixed the machinery for vengeance. Mr. Sago
was pulled nud mauled, his hat smashed, aud
0 lino old rumpus mntleover lit 111 generally.
He Ilnnlly Ohcuped, but emlled bontlllcally over
the incident.
i oung (Iter nnd young Clnggnrt. known ns
tho kids" of the Produce 1-xcria'ign practical
jokms. got Into a tangle on 'Change yesterday,
made fun for otbor folks and ended by being
cnllod before the lloor Committee. Their en
thusiasm will bo squelched by the committco.
Ho Double) isn Anseeeinent, and tbe Owner
Stakes Vnplcnanul Intimation.
Hugh McCrossln and ABscssor Kurth had a
row In tho Assessors' office In llronklyn on
Monday, to which tbo ntlentlon of Mayor Cha
pln will bo called ns Boon as he gots back from
hla vacation, Mr, McCrosnln Is a heavy leal
estato owner, and he culled at tho oiuco to
protest against the valuation put on a piece of
his proporty by AsEessor Kurth. Tho assossod
valuation last year was J250, but this year It la
twlco that amount. Mr. SlcCrosslu Inslstod
thin there wns notlilno; to justify tho great in
creiiB, and Intimated that Assessor Kurth's
action losultod iron siltr, bocaut-o Jlr. Mc
Croshln bad rofuaed to sell I1I111 the proporty.
'Iho eontroversy botwoen thorn vvaued bo
warm that business In the ofllco was tempnia
nlv ati-pordol, i.nd n llsiioulT encountor, It is
Fnld. vv as only avoided by tho interfcionco of
J'rosldont Wilson. Assessor Kurth usod very
strong language to Mr. McCromln, among
pthut things calling him a liar, and tho latter
nns anuouneud his Intention to complain to
tbe Muyor uud nuk for hurlh's romovaL
Drink, fallen! Friend.
In tho nnclent days of this motropollssome
philanthropist, long 6inco forgotten, caused a
Btouo trough to beset up at tlmcornor of Moll
6troat and llrondway, whereon tho words
"Drink, l'atlent Frlnd," chuned oach other In
has relief around throe sides of the Btructuro.
The locond vv as popularly supposed to refer to
tho horse, and In the beginning It was bollovod
that tho pipe ends protruding Into the basin
woro connocted with tho city's wutor works.
As time passed and no pntlmit or oihor filenii
found aiiithing 10 drink thoro tho op .ion
grow thill thp Mono nflalr was eltnor a Butire
or tlio omboillment of A. ConiMoek's idea of
vv hut 0 Baloon should be. 'Iho fact was, how
evur. that ua long as tho old Croton ruiuoduct
Fuppllod ei,H wntor thnn the Inhabitants of
hew lore actunlly needed llttlo attention
Ye8 1 ,'Bl'1. hY l'10 Uepnrimeut of l'ubllo
orU to fountains of any elmraetor. ohter
dav; -ho Btone trough w mllfoi tho lrt tlmn
nnd It was nn erldencn to all ole-ei vers that
tluMnnv.iijueduet had brought Iho w.it.-rlovol
III tlllll Dlltllll I. Ilk III t'lvoil UP IO II h,tl,..
ton i.olght Inh tppil) howrtver novvolldla.
elplined horro would nccopt tho ioiig-siandlng
Iriviiati n .Not oven tin. ('hlrl09 atilmalMof
the 1'ost nilbo would more than anlir at It.
'Jhe trouble was ihat thn dust of HgflB.tollected
on the bottom of the basin, hnd rison in a thick
scum to tho Burfaeo of tho water and rested
thoro. an utiappotizlng barrier against the p.
tlont friend satisfying b s th rst.
TootU Fllllnu: to Huruionlaa vsllh torn,
mm t roront ciote' cci'tint 0 tv PneeettHii
IAe OHIiirlo litntai Society.
Dr. Johnston of Chicago oiled th cutting edg of an
eye tooth, using a combination et plat uum and gold
roztxicAh GO 3 XI P. I
Thr will b more local tiikttt tfiU un tha t H
York liameen for years, Anj tt.re litrndraJ tfieni
may nomlfiAU county lli'lt. nnJ anyone hui vSraJ I
cltlvfna may nomlnato a'lJiil.Ufi for f'onjrrrM. ai I
tembl). ami tbo Common touucl! Tlie on.y uat I
place I on thli U that tlis cetlincatea mint b a.orn 10, B
nnd that no penon iball tian more tlian one crrt neat
of nomination forny ofTltfe. TMhIom notprexentt B
rame three bundretl rrom nom nathu a whole c mniy B
ticket Mi.l crtn.litlatei fererory th-t-i t o'tlce, A i ttiti fl
lattrno. with no flxpcnpp to Itiem except that itiey jCla
mutt fret up the r own crttacHtei anl piy for the t &A
penat of batinc It tworn to A notary nny ho hire 1 for
fle dollars to swtar In tho whole three htinlrtdltth y
itntiM cnll on him some tn rnttitt In jnrtke h it.
erer, the rertlflcntes will he made feparMely. and the
thrre hundred miiv cost thirty duilar ThK wtfx
poitatre nnd rar fnre. amounting l pMhaMy fifty dol
larn. will le nil the expense that pe tile w? o want to
run a cniiiny ticket will hne to t(o to lu rdr to hare
their ticket printed nnd dlfltrlbtiteil Th"cit wi hATe I
to pay fr nil the printing dlstrlbutlnc and otliiut H
tUVtt p'dlliiu 1 aclt vcr, no matter wl "Vr he H
wish's to or nit will hate to tnke a copy of eveiy itiLet,
That the rrohlbltlonlts, who, n tuuil, nre frit la R
the rield with their tl kct, see thl punt It fh wti ty
their nuklru only f.vx) for campnltru expnftf lT4 U
huntndd liars It not enough to tend, h pter to tri
rejxlstered rnter Tho octalutt will tin I it rtnn n
haothelr ticket distribute Ipmperl) thl inr lnpnt H
year they haToheenf.h'e to (ret their t1ket dliirt imj 1
only In dlstrlite whero there were quite a nuinterof W
hoclallsta, while In the I rown atone tlltrlctn there wat B
not a aSclliat tlrket to be tern. Tt.l-.yrar erry voter fl
In tbe brown stone district will hare fi receive a B
Koctallst tltket If he does not rrcttxe It treat It prop
erly And with caro, nnd return It, his vote h,1 noL 1
taken flnldesthat thero wilt te a Labor ticket, la
case tbe labor mn conclude to nomlnnte nne lulu
Labor ticket may bo the Knljthtt of Lulnr
or the I-ederAt.nn of Ijibor ticket. Tha Cent rat
Labor Union can ea I get tin en hundred sittne rt tn put
up a ticket of Itt own Then there will te the regular
Democratlo ticket, with poiMMy another Oemucratla
ticket and the Itepubllcan ticket. This leae nut the
mass ot unattached citlom who In bloc ks of Uuumay jj
nominate county tlcken of their own 1 ten uf tho al)
evnty Pve cterteat Llllzens haa onlv lo tjet three ad J.'
dittonal names beHldei bis own to put up their tliket, Tlio
liar Aitoilatlon, the rrodui Kxitiatiffo the -tnck Lx
chanve, Chaiaber of Coiiinicrce, and nil the other tea
merclal nnd profes lonalbodien lu the city which de
dined to ko Into the t lerlcal tltlrens' movtment may
Humiliate tickets of their own b haling a nntarr
tJke the signature an t acknowledgement of each mem
berns he iroes to some meeting of the b My with only
the res rictfon that one man must not sio-u more thus
one certificate for the tame otllce All that this would
cost lo tho hire of the notary and the paper, pen, and Ink.
Another side of It which U not contemplated by tho
law Is the irreat Meld tblt lea. es open for the practical H
joker. Many men may wake up In the morning wheu O
the new epa. era print the lUt of candidates whore cer. A
ttrl c ate hrive been duly Hied an t And that they havo f
been iiouili ate 1 for toinooil.ee without their ktiowlni I
at out It. There are b veml thousand practical Jokert fl
In ew Tork enough to nominate a tew hundred ( on I
pre n men, AMerabl) men and Aldermen It would I
take very little trouble for thom to make the nomltia- 1
tlon. much Ies4 trouble for each Individual than It
wou d be forthemaiwbo wasuomlUiitad tocetoutof 1L J
Kmployees might ihnw their regard for their era- 1
ployor by nominating him for run cress or for the floor- n
walker, or tlielr favorite ra oonkeeper or clkAr dealer, 3
by getting up a certitUate ti.run hlin for the Board of Jj
Aldermen. There Is noihfnir In the law to prevent J
this, it In rather encouraged. Unless the man so no a J
lnited declines the n nttiinttnn In due legal form tho I
city will hae to print Iih ballots ana hand one toi3Q, H
cjoo or 3(,mf votere. There are some men to whom a HI
joke of this the would ettm excruciatingly tunny, la fl
cose ho should decline the law ttys 'The officer to 1
whom such m tlflcntlon Is pi en shall forthwith inform, I
b mill nr otherwise one or mor persons whose namei H
are attached to the original certificate of nominatiea 9
that euch nomination has 1 eon declined. ' A
A man who is out of town an 1 does not hear of hit M
nomination cannot get out of It, unless he should aot W
legally ten days beforo election. In or ler to deollno, n
he must notify the otllcer with whom tho original cer ji
tlflcaie of hu nomination was filed at least twelve dayi n
tefore the election If he was nominated by a convea fl
tion, or ten dajs If he wns nominated by so-called "in- fl
dependent citizens " Tl is dec lnatton most bo signed fl
and duly acknowledge!, otl"erwl?je the bnltotg would fl
hae to be printed. Thus a man maybe forced to run fl
if advantage is taken of his absence from tbo city or h
his sickness. J
Hnce tho remnants of tbe old Labor party h aro found J
out how cheap it Is to run a ticket nnder the new law, j
they have made Dp their mlndd that they will go Into) '
politics again. The dittlculty with their going Into poll- j
tics Is thnt too many of them want to be nominated.
This difficulty may be solved by nominating them ail, H
each man for the otllce that he wishes. Thero must bo n
at least 3X) men who do not want un office for every fl
man who is actively after 11 This would enable all tbo fl
many candidates to ha e their tickets printed freo. fl
The Central Labor Union has already deotded to ft H
Into politics and nominate a tloket. They havo ap- m
I olnted a Conference Committee to lo ik after It. Thl H
Conference Committee and the boolaliats aro trying to m
agree, but the Socialists have withdrawn from tho Ceo flj
tral Labor Union and do not wnnt to have any moro to ffl
do with It. That means a hot. tails t county ticket. tl
The Central Labor Union did not go Into tho Clerical fl
Citizens movement, but itshecretary, James P. Archl- M
bald is Vice-President of the Clerical Citizens. Mr. raj
Archibald s friends expect that he will get tho nomltia- ifl
tion for Comptroller from the lerlcal Citizens, and that fl
the giving the nomination for the chief financial officer H
of the olty ought to Bithfythe Central L&Dor Union. IB
borne of the 1 ahor men havo an Idea that tbe Comp- H
troller tlxesthesa'ar of the city emp ojees, and that W
be can pay the laborira more, at the expewoof tho of ffl
Dcluls w 1th $Wti lalarlea. flj
Mr Archibald is also a memberof the Exceltler Labor H
Club, a Knights of L ibor organization. This shows th H
loiloence that be has. Mr. Archibald was born la H
lJublin, Ireland, and cime to thli country Ave or six fl
3 ears ago. lie boa takin part in labor politics ever fl
since, lie supported Henri (jeorgeboth times he ran, 1
and presided over several labor roUn,'. He has been M
prominent in the Central I abor Laiou and hat teea PI
one of lis officers for several ) ears. IIo is fairly UIl, HI
alout five teet ten inches with yellowish tialrandyel ifi
lowfsh inoustaclie and Ur.e blue eyes. A tight wu jl
made Against Mm in the t'cntrtl Labor Union on a Bb
chstrge by one of its raemUn that be took, expenses J
(rem the 1 ewocra.lc (nmialgn Cum'iiittee In Jhbsfl, m
This charge wat InrrstUnie 1 aud jifter hearlugthe wit- H
nesses Mr Archibald was re elected necreury, A
An Interesting young man who may go to tho Assentr H
bly this fall la 1'erclval Karquhar, one of eato Caivla 9
ti Brlce t young men. uung 1-urquhar ran for the As nfl
seinbty last fall in tbe Third dlstrM. and was beaten by fcj
James A. Monaghan At thut time the district waa Kg
MitUTummati), ab Mr Motiagliau was the iiomlnee of Ym
the Kepubllcausaud the lounty lem'Crats combined, m
but since that time Judge O R illy, the i ounty Doinoo ff
racy leader Im bei ome thu lammany leader, and It la Jl
a string Tammany district Mr urquhar isof scotch fl i
descent, as his mine In iicates, hut be lust some Tam IV
many Irish votes through tho district because the oppo- D ,
stllou said that he was aa Italian. They called him A)
1 ercivalo larqnharo and stirred up voters not to send flj
a dago to the Arsembl). .Mr l-nrquhar s frlcii striedto K
convince the voters than he wns not an Itullau, hut V
they could not get him around In time. He was in with fi
bunator l!nce7ti tiererai ratlroul euterprlxes, and was H
known as i.rce mastut. He is one of lhi luckiest I
ouuginen In Wallstroet He hai a good leal, aul 3
kuows how to take oaro of bluuslf, but the lu uu X
kiory was too mucU tor him, I
There is some talk ot ucKrnrie bempie, tbo present n
Assistant U Is trie t Attorney, as a compromise candidate vi
for district Attorney, Mr temple Is as little lapulttlca jl
as any man In the iOMrlci Atturnsy s oHl-e He wu H
assistant when Judge Manli o was I'lsirtct Atturno), U
and he sta ed right au.n mi ter ( ol. Kellovrs lie is lu fl
charge of the ortlvo during the Co onl s absence Iho fl
branch of the work whic i hu personally looks after is rm
theappeas Ho is much more of u lawyer than a poll fl
ticlan Ho came from one of the Oulf ntates, where his V
father was a Hemocratle .National Committeeman D
John McMackin, former leader of the Labor party, fi
hna a four dollar a da) Job In tbo Custom House That ft
is tlfty rents lees a day than he could earn at his trJo fj
as a decuratie painter fetUl, ho hasnn office 9
The Jttalne tirni-i Mtlou ! All Jlfskt. W
uvi tut b tw Ua t en Ji'tfittrr,
In reply t a pessimistic ixi reoslou lu regard to tho f
yiutli ui this luiid, fur tuN m.j m
Where nud ou Hnd I etter ppetliuen-i of youthful H
nerg). endurance, self coqln t, and grit than the boat 1J
crews vt Hnrvarl and Wu liteh mat h I at New SIM
Lii n' mi need not to afrn d tint s uh tigoroua MR
an 1 eiilvrprlolug ttpirlls wilt he lutapnt t in tuaglng tK
the s ia iii.ihliitrt tti tl e tl i) 4 t ui Mry t km
I ra ti) i d Hue ins ?ar tol I ir i i le 1 au 1 tjw
dr i,k f wit, who wul it l q mi! b int tlaiut-Ti and VJV
Jiiln l i s JV
In M-Msrlibt. rite future will rest safe y lu such AKt
hauls. IB
Jlquul to the Occasion, Wj
from 8n JKjra lift. 9B
"I hear yon were introduced to rrciideut Caraol UV,
when you w ere In f urle." Hfl
' W,I" Vl
" w hat did vuu say to him f" 1
"Hell. I had to say something, and tho only words of
Prenchtbat I coull think ul wero 'Farlsi tout yrarv ,it
clC bulsaidthst -kv
xclt1uc News 1'ioiu Texas, 3fl
Vein tht "flu AntO'ii- rryrtiu (I
Tkero s a rustling of nation. I
?u5r,,ii!Wtt,n.u'ofu4kMi Ifll
Tbo devils broken JoeseagalL ' si.

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