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' 1
lllinS IS (IKOlllll.4.
menart 'rnvtril )T the T.ack for Caa.
BI",.V.1.,.f.l- Hint ' It-ad to
il,e hrni.li Wiin't Ilrhmoolli I ravellluu.
iTitsitt July 2J.-Tho nuiliUn itntl unsx
Ml.,,a walnlratvInK of .lolm 1. htownrt from
Jl the C.iicrp-i rneo In tlio l'ilth dlsttlct yos
') terdiy U- ilironn lli neo la arouml tbo
' tjtato llou" Into consternation. 'Jiils Is duo
nots-o iimoti totlipfauitli.it Mownrt hasdls
apteaej Tor ho was alvvavs locanleil as an
jndlllcunt -iTl of a mnnwlio liolil Ills neat In
Concir-' lTi-lli'l nii 'tiln t" lelyious nnd
uttan v uilices. bit li emit.' of the man It
ha liouulit ii' 'li" fiou-. Col. I.oonlilus I.lv
Incsti'n Is iTosMoiit of llie Mn'o Farmers'
Alliai co, uuil a innu of unboun loj nmliltlon.
).irnro. wlioii lie was oleoteil l'roslilant of
tfca Alliance), it was prodletoil nt oneo that lio
would bo In tlio rate fur llio Governorship. V.
J, IvoriUii. I'rn-lileut ol tlio Ht.ito Au'rioultuittl
Boeiaty. was already In tlio race for that o'lk'8,
tndloru tow months It lo. Ueil as If tho far
mers would havo a icd-hot llcbt nnd kill thom
IbH ut or politics. It was concoded that
Gov. Oord u, whose time wns about to expire
would succeed Sunnt'ir Joseph 1 Drown In
tbo United States .Senate. Tbo soldloi rotn
wLleli put Gordon iu tbo Onboruutorlal chair
four Tears aco was no Mronir and enthusiastic
thai no piio over dicamod of coutostluu Gor
don's nclil of wuj iicnlii.
7 ha CI. vornor, uotivlilislnndlnii this solidity
With tlio 40li!'r ".etc ruooKiilzod the stroncth
of tbo tunnels' u-oveuioi t. and wroto a flutter
Inc letter einlorslni: the Alliance iilntform.
Meantime everlliini: weut on Hatl'factorlly.
liorlb was to bo (juninr. There would be no
i- Interference with l-omun. f.lvlncston would co
I tai oiik'ius-. r. in tlio 1 lltli, and tin. farmers
would I." puimlUcd in 11:11110 tlio uiombers of
the l.onl-lutmo un ,uo-tioii"d. Throo-fourths
of tho counties have nlieady nnniod Alllniico
cainli'ia'.'-' tor tlio Legislature and tlioy will
t in .l I1.1t body almoin. ol). With this pio
criiiniiio owr.iuly us MitlsOod, and tlio
oeo Ki.icami uteu 1 n misej to bo tamo and
Itnlnicro-tlni:. , ,
.Now. as to J ivlnnston. his enemies wore clad
that ln as 1 ut Inl" bo raco for Concross from
the 1 llth d air.et. to auso ihoy urKiioil that ho
could no e cm 15 It. 'Ihi-')' folt that ho would
.n-iaiitlileroil in tin- race. A jo nt dobato was
arniUk'K'l Li. t-n 1 I' 11. on and istowmt and
o I'leu. id mis iho nil 'ai'lly of tlio Allinnco
lo.id 'i tli.u h" 1 an od tlio crowd inStoiinit'rt
onnlio e miiotii: mi 1 uu.ber belni: relatives
of He r-tiin.'!; inu lon.Ti'ssninn.
ll. Ilret primal. . 1 b In-id In Walton county
)? on l.n-t '-I'" dm nun .111 which htowart was
ro unnii-n I n''J rn.noil that bo no to tlio
I ri'M lililtiticr ol .1. iliuiitlini earlr on .Monday
mor'lnt. h m'liuicti o u r ukcoplnc hlin fiora
cltiin. I. i.t mi Mm 'nr. So oviTwliolmiiiii
w.11 tl.o duftfat ul 'Mi lb.' men who hnd tianit'd
umU'r . ti'W.ut tlnu tin ''iiitirali.-ntlun siuoal
Inio o I'cr ill'ini'h. 1111 1 omjii Conurossinnn
l.l.iuni is 11 tin' i.m.o.. oi!j.'o, nnd may have to
to lint Clio (.co 14111 ( o croi-smnn Is n!a,
nndtL.it Is 1 I'lm ti. I'm nor. Ho is m'.o only
li- .r.1-0 u.li a nun In r r,r bis counties have
uctf.l .il I'.idy. iimo in i'.o n-c.ill luipD-sslble.
t is 111 t'ni ht.itii Hi.iim. that ihe blow hns
fnlon hoi it-.t .0 cim' dent weto Gov. fior
donflnlld n. 1' I " 11. u d e tbo net Senn
0i ' Ii.tr . ou'r.iiihUAi') ni.nlo to cot cnmiiiltt.lls
lor Llm hi tl 1. my mootincs. Tho men
n'ri'.i.. y nnnn-.i .1 o iiiimmIh-m ut tho Alllanco
aii'i arc uni leritv I I h ri nmrk.iblo success
of I Iiiiu,'-.!". in runt nc .- owan has fired his
Inn: .tiou, and th cclini; is nlrcnilv sprondlni;
tnrnuch tin t 'o 1 o .so Hint ns tho Alli
Hnio w il bo re.iroon'i' I In tlio lower house of
lmu'ii's b aboui t-oio n-l'.vo ii'omboib, iholr
tlco'v in uid 1 1 c 1 iiinp'etoil without ropro
I'litittli 11 li II." I nl ol Mates f-cnaio. Tlio
N in 1 r a. nip 0 on'n henf the Allliinconould
tecorii" mo .eal roltho fnruior party in tho
Inlte. M .to .
1 lilnc-t n lia-j t.o .li'monstrafc 1 hlsrapa"ltv
fT 10.1. IcnliT t' nt net In I .(orciii alono but
from ov 11' M' an ci i.iro In tho Union comoi
HfXpro M"nii thei'o-lM that ho t-hould tnl.o
in tin- c 'Ko m battlo and carry it into tho ben
a'crla' ircna.
Inc (r cri'ls ofOov. Oonlon nrenowrumlnat
lnco crrhe fact tint not a s-lnirlo man has
beon nominated to tho Lecislaturo bccniiao of
I1l9w.11 io.or.1. Uiory l-suo bus br-on subor
(llimtod 10 that of tbnfmniar. l'rosidont I.lv
liiK6lon 1ms said notblnir as yot. Hn would
trobni.ly curb his nmhltinu If his own will was
I todecldo tho mnttr. but he is now on tln sea
I oIriIIU.'s In tbo bands of lus friends and is in
no war to blnmo If the imitation ot events has
rooti!tod it that hoBhould be thrown In col
lision with Gen. John 1). Gordon.
JsiuniA'a pujxiom hack xuacic
It Wm to Ilnve Ilren (ha Finest In the
I.nnd Why Wa. It .Vliuudnneil t
The property owners of Astoria wero elated
about two years acowhon it aopoarod protty
certain that n ruro track would bo built on
lfell Gam NeeU that for beauty of site and
convenience of access would eiiuitl tho famous
track at thoepshoad. 'Iho scheme bad bcon
talked about for a Ioiil' time, nnd tho land
for the track an l biilldlacs had already
jl been soloitod. At least It had been
k thrust on i lie promoters of tho scheme
cl by I:. J. 'poley. who was ono of
the pmmoters hiuiholf. Ilo hnd olTored his
farm of l 0 iick"-. and bad cunrantced that
lt acnis n or' eiuld b--ocured from l'ranlc
CoKoulinven, wi'..-M Mini adjoined his. He
tnJ nci'-o I to eiirronde' tlio old homostend on
t!" i roi.e-tj for .1 dull hou-o and lo lo.ibo tho
W.0I11 Ui. nu t" .1 11 1 c i.'porailon for a torm
ctlwc ti i .ir- 1 1 .1 annual rental and 11 cer
tain bl , in- t tin. 1,1,0k. nhon this Infornm
tlon In 1 1.11. 11 nil. pub !c and welchtlly con
Id'roil arid t 10 in u storla were all nu
lous t Imi.,1 'iimm os. 11'... uuil hnd cultiva
ted tit j lin.ii'ihii ... tn tho point of enabling
tlieci to si fin eir iinlHoyo nst crowds of
leoil ton, nii 1 11 -in. mmn htreot and heat
terliiu .1 II 1 -1 !t:i ai,d ieit. there came a lull
miliD 1 r ice. 11 !.-.
!.i 'us t.iu.j t t ntk at Guttenborcwns
only .1 1 111 in. r.!i-. u .1 It w.i. cloarthnt a
ralletia , .11 ', ,., 1,1.1,. h was tho Hielnid
out la tn. In'iuu wkiii 1 drnwnll thuJeisuy
cui .,1,1 to, 1. 11 his iiniltretooil tb.it Mr. Nool
ivun 'orkliih'tiuril iu intcres tho blK ia. o
nore "iniois in 1 1, h. 'leu , and that a power-liilas-iiL.iitioii
w i- -lowly liuihdrolrbeiiic or
Kiili'd. UiH'iiiiii 1 ivd jears. ni;on nani: of
about 1,11 j i ;iUu jai cmrs cnuio over to
liell l a'e i'riii.i ii' 'I hesau work with
piiks a ,il si oials. it nas centrally con
cede; iii.it tiK. ii'soelntion bud at last
wi'ii 1 reated, nici 1i1.1t a raco tra.'k
Jus hlinpij a ini. snoii o( tlmo. Htntements
jvere elrciilated to 11 u cfTect that .sonntor
"st, I i ky I'uMwiii and other equally
neu-know, own rt f incu horss and plun
i.r0i ilmtorf v. e 'lolilud tho scheme, and
J.'ia, tl.oi' 1 ad d 'tcrn.ii.od to build tlio boat
rack In tl.o un M, A nnn bytho nama of
iir,iteri, in. Mhols icoii-hIcuoiib llcuro In tho
. ''ybln'h.untt. in.B iipoi horso races, nppenreii
; Tilth tlic Italians 111 tbo cuisa of a boss. Ho
. wnscrodl . Mtli 1,0,11 tlio roinosontatlTO, or
1 fLW B.ur 'iiin mi lid. of I.ucky Jlaldwln.
mil that hi-i.ukI'ips-. was to superintend the
bulNiiuir of tl.o truck, tu hnridla tbo money, nnd
toei.'noi.tii, ntiael-.
11 ., 'he 1ii ac ,- 01 land wore markoit out, tho
I' lines of tl. ti.i.-n .wore drawn, and tbo bite lor
in ur.tn 1 -land ui- -elected. It would bo
ojrii 10 impinio up. n the location, for tho lto
fHcou.il lo' tip. cra'i 1 -land afforded 11 porfci t
j w ii in. , ,,i. -0 as we'l as an unlnierriii ted
Vi'Wolthor.M) . Tlio Italian lalioiors had ov
temii eninu pi,ipHri,j fn-n iouk stay. They
ii" ns mini p.,ts and Irottlns with them as
Italian l.".i orors 110ml to cook ihir victuals
e. and they took pos-o slon of tlio
yarn nni oiitbulldincs on Mr. Woolsey's
larrn lor M.epln- .uarter'. They ilue
foim, "I. " Mls ni111 ,IBftl1 "1 ulrt
l rJ.iV u.1' ' 10 ''"Hows, an I tho work 1 rourrssril
jnill tlicro was n lino stroni: oi'ii'imkn cut
f"e '"" rhor's eduo mil tho uiounil was
irV' 0,"V":l1 10 '"Vlu "in work of u'ndlnr tho
jraik 1 ii.p t, foiirii mlon lor tho uriimJ
"and was 1 it, nn, i, had io,iel,id the loo of
V.9"''" ' l.on one ufterii. mil tho residents of
j pria boi'iiii.i.iw.iruof some herl"iis Mulilo
I1V1.', "'. a- It was nlieady culled. 'Iho
lniMStt"'a raulncwintl.fully and il inand
thlil ?'r,p"''t ihairraiikK roi-o swollod and
irdri,aniareitnted by a number of othor
Mih ii' ' ' d'l' c4iruii:o owjor. .iml
. liiiriiis thA itoioss f tho work thoro had
jW'iiiinn small ,-i,,iipH or visit. .rs. -it tlie-ceiio
Or. V.'1"1" ","'11 "- wr" enrrl.'d about In
tre"!), 'V,".l",i' "ei'ders 11. It was the tin
inl i?,.l"il,.tl" .""" 'rK w"r" 'toeUioldon
ch.M"t,,u "'.ll0. ',",0 m'oro-toil In tho
Kid ? ir',u.,'r "I. "" '''irn.iK' ildes. It is
th i "' t.'""a '.r' lJna ,whp" tl10 demands
fJtf' sentry and llm Italians woro lint
ri nfl"1"'1 " ' watf 'bieatoieil. Tlioy
ers .iw""? ''",', '.'" r"lk' ' labor
J 'billy Ittindleil nnuy until the liibt
lli. 1, 1'" ,'""" "I"1 "' ',' 'to Intcndenf
bit 1, '" "'? ' ,uM '" ,l!'l ' 0"r--'
atoSr,!. ' Ae'u"'i iTucoeded to Io.koi all
I BJw'llhihr,mal"?.f H" "iroposed racotrnck
lb PtanJ nVJ18. ",".1 V10 'ouodatlon for a cr.md
buoe;,,,H,ni"'. V" ,",on faurrendcred to
mg'Lle- " 'be nearest approach to a
c'"hMS?alJ.hS?Sr.to wUm tW Vlarm
I'lclntr I'nim.r Km, Illniieir
u'w" ' ' " ' ' ""' 'rIHT. shot him.e'f 'e lti
tlrd.n, J L'u, '" "" "'' A ""n rem lor yet
"Uill.i,i,r,ll.',,l!,an, ",(l" ati'ur.Mt IMtlmtrrel,
r .iiaaB1iM, 0ltlv)ulTUI)rtUg.Jcl:.
Thar Oheet rnrlnc Hrlhea for Good
lionn4a la Prosiieet Iark.
The lawn tennis players of Brooklyn. Flat
bash, and Williamsburg, who are nccustomod
to disport tliemsoltes of a holiday on the
Krouuds sot aside for tennis In Trospoet Park,
are un in arms against tho park authorities.
The playots claim that the inanniromont ot tho
crounds Is vory lax. and that undue partiality
Is tdi'iwn cerlnlu individuals and clubs, who
havoro 'noie claim on tbo Commissioners 'or
lavots than them'olves. They nleo complnln
aualnst a system nf heap bribery which hns
been colnc on for tlio past Iwo or throo yoars,
and -ccurea f..r the liberal clrers cholcn nnd
well marked courts cood situations, nnd the
pcl'lvoassuianco that a desirable court will
always bo ut their servlco no tnnttor how si eat
tho 1 unli.
'Jhoioaro nenrly two hund'ed courts laid
out 1 n tho spacious nnd lovely ploco of t' round
Immediately behind tho hill which backs tlio
mti'lc slnud in Prospect Turk. Tho courts aro
nil ws.l blluated, iillhouch thoo nearor tbo
shade of tho trees aro more desirable. Tlioy
nro tho loast bit ciondod, butthla Isabsolutoly
noecs'iry, as It provides inoro room for tho
thousand or more tennis onthuelssts who dally
amuse themselves In tho pnrk. Abundant ma
toilal. such ns patont tnarkors mid other im
plements, as noil ns a Inrire forco of rnon are
provided by the Commissioners to see that tho
cotutB nro kept In tho beat of condition nnd
nlways woll inarkeJ. Hut thtH Is wborotbo
hitch coinos In. Tiieso mon. accordlnc to tho
plajois. nao beon so woll treated that It is
wor-e tha.i d'nwlnc teeth to est thorn to mark
ot pa'ch up souio inlllnc delli'leney In a court
unless n !i i-oent pleeo Is forthcoiulmr. Aitsoun
as 'be tin is alien thoniou Immediately bo
conm all smllos. nnd will wiilmcly render vnu
nuy-orl,o, Iroui puttlus up vour net whllo
youciiiinly liiok on. to walklim to the dairy, n
illstaiua nf one-elebtti ol a mile, nnd cottlni;
you 11 1 nil of water. 1'or this Inst service the
imik ei.ipliiyee. who should bo mnrkllu: tbo
courts nl tho other plnyeis. Including ihnsu
win. cannot iiHoril to bo iiiiiKuanlmoua, f-ouio-time-
hetiiii much ns M) cent-.
Jmrlui: ti.e suiniuer senson tho courts nreln
Brent deinund. This is especially so on Sutur
diiis anil holidays. L'p to two joars ak'o tho
crounds. which were then Inanoihor, althoucb
11 a -ii iloHlrublo a poitlon of tho park, wero
larco onoiii:li to accomraodnto all comers. Tho
rapid i.rowth ot Intersil In tho iramo compollod
tho Cnmmlssioncrs to becuro 111010 spacious
1111:11 tor.-, and tho site now occuplod wns
chosen. It Is n well-known lact that tho
ciuntn ol lawn tern is within tbo past two
years has beon s. tiiotliintr marvollous. Tbo
Plaieis havo lncrinuU threefoll. while tbo
mounds hato bnrdly been doubled, it Is
at tbl point that the kickers cot ln their chlot
kick, eno of 1 hem snld tho othor dny.
"'Ibis trouble ticcau about two joars aco.
At lli.it tlmo tho crounds bad just beon ro
mond tu where they now nro. nnd for n fow
inoii'bs ho ncei nimod.itlons woro nmile. Itut
the pbuors crow in number, nnd a fio-h Impe
tus was ciion to the came, until It became
nece-ary iora porson to roach tho park oy 3
in tho miirninu to bo sure of a court. It was at
this point thnt Boernl clubs and moro than
ono individual lnanaced to cut around thoman
who i.icn had cbarco or tho net nnd locker
Moms and soouroi his inomlsn, for tho paltry
pittance of a cmurier of a dollar, and to sot ut)
tholr nets In courts proscribed by theiuselvos.
beloiotho ocular ciowd beenn to nTrlvo. As
tbo men w:ib in the habit of nrrlvmcr nt tbo
paik bs o'ollck, It was well woith his while
to deny blmsalf an oxtra hour's sloop and
reach Ids 1 ost by 7. Ho would tbou Inuuo
dln'ely proceed o fot up nets, thus sccurltc
for hi- omplojors tho best situate! and lost
crnded courts ln tbo pa k. J his state of
t nines went on utiili almost ovorytonnlsplajer
in tho p'.rl; saw thioucti it- Instead ol hurtlnc
the net man's business, It only seemed to In
crease it, and tho time enmo when ho was
obliced to eulist tbo soi vices ol tho court
" lns for blm! ho llttlo know tho hnrmbo
was dolnc in securmi; tho help ..f ihoso men.
for thoy succeeded. Iltllo bv little, in tnl in
his entire buhinohs nw iv Ironi him nnd cetlltr:
It thein-ohes. Afer iiinklnc Horn $1(1 to in
a week besides bis regular inyltwasa blc
tumbo 11 r tbo net room man t find hlms?r
cettl'ic on y his lormer salary and his old hour
of recreation. At la-t he succumbed, and sent
in his resignation about a yoar aco. A le-s
competent Put n 010 honest man now has his
job. About a week aco 1 i-Iiirte 1 out, thinking
to set tho totter of tbo court markers by -o-curtiic
for myself one of tloiavori.o c iiirls,
which aro known ns tho tournament courts'
from tho fact that thoy aio iibod durlnc tour
linments. J ic idled the pane about 7 o'clock,
nnd made lor tho not room which is under tho
dairy. s I drew near I saw thioo wheelbar
rows heaped lilcli with nets, somo hearlac tbo
colors of a certain chin, ami I ollerod my check
to one of tho men nnd asked fcr my not. but to
my cieat mrpriso it was reluecl me. 1 know
h would bo no uo tn make a fuss so I nuluily
stood D ni.il watched thorn. Ono by ono tho
netb were broi cht out until thero wero soiuo
two bundled piled on tho wheelbarrows. The
door was then lucked and the nets wero
wheel' d over to tt. tenuis crounds, whero
tbev woro sot up on the best courts, which
had just ben freshly marked. Tho Iiracular
Ity of thobo proceedlr.es Mruclc mo ns bcinc I
rathor unlawful, -. 1 decided tn innko In
rjulry I wont to the Litchfield mnnIon.
whero tho tenuis ofllces are located a d in
nutiel ,0" 11 copy of tho laws covornlnc tha
u-n nf 'he tennis crounds. 1 was referred tu a
Inrco placard tacked on tho wall, which woro
'headed by tne words. ' Hides nnd llceulations.'
On roadmc this, one rulo strucK mo as belnc
a cood one tn n-aken test of, and I decided to
try Ir on ihnt aftornoon. It was. 'Any net loft
unused by the owners or those ln charge for
oor an hour may be taken down and another
sot in lib place.'
"I immediately returned to tbo house and
secured my net nnd thnt of a friend whose
chock I had. Mittlnc his up on a cood court. I
took my own over lo tho otnor end of the
ciounds and placed It beside tho netnf n prom
inent elu . intondlnc. alter an hourV time, to
take it down nnd sot my own in;Its place. Of
course It was noces-ii'y that all other eouits
should bo occuplod before 1 would bo justlllod
ln carrying out my plan, but this did not ro
tar.l in any, as nil tho available space was
soon taken. Torty-llvo minutes passed, and '
still n. teprcseutatlvo of tbo club put In nn
appe.irunce. It now boenme evident to mo thnt
I wns bolnir watched, foi directly npposlto mo
stood one. of the court markers who lud sot up
tills san. 1) net. The hnui'lind now elapse J, nnd.
rising Irom tbo ground. 1 wont up to the not.
km eked ofl the guy ropos, and wns proceeding
tn pull un Ihe Hakes prior to packing up tlio
v.hoie utlair. when tho court markor appeared.
" M.li un nntli be knocked mo out of tho
way, nnd. despite my proiostntloi s, set up the
not again. This sort of treatmont angered me,
nnd i expressed myelf In voiy forcible lan
euad". He was evidently scared when I threat
ened to report the aflnlr to the Commissioners.
Rnd tried t. conciliate mo by offorlnc to mark
mo out .1 court 011 the ground tn tbo north of
the regular tennis ground. Not wishing to Iso
late myself thus I refused him, nnd demanded
that ho allow me to time down the net. He be
ciiiim stubborn at this, and ton! ine to report
nndlm.l-d. My uoxt movo ovldontlv fright
ened blm afresh, for I started Immediately In
tho dirt)' tinn of the Litclilleld mansion, lonvinc
my net behind me. I had not gone far before
lio en Ion me back nnd o'Wed to take down a
net In aiiolhnrpart of tho park nnd cive ma the
uso nf tho gionnil, , , ,
"it may bo woll to stats that this net had not
boen set up by the court mnrkers. but by Its
owners who bud dopartcd. nnd hence tho wil
lingness of myfrloml to take it down. As the
net had only boen up for about fifteen minutes
J refused, and was rewarded by seUig tho
man wn k away In n race. 1 reported tho
alTalrat tlionlllces, and although fair play In
tlio futiirowm promised, matters went from
bnd to w. rse. nnd I have then up ull hopo of
over accomplishing my purpose."
At tbo beginning nf en"b season thoro Is a
cieat deal nf conn etltlon nmong the players
ns to who will occupy tho lockers. 'J hose lock
ors uro small rooms, nnd adjoin tho public not
room, 'i'liem mo but tew of thoin. and thoy
nr always In demand, ripeaklngof this mat
ter, one nf tho players related tho following
experience "At the beginning of Insi soivon
1 applied fo- u Inciter nt the l.ltchilold man
sion, and wis there referred to the man In
charg" 01 tho net room. Ho told mo thnt all of
the lockers wore taken, but that he thought ho
knew o' a person who would sell tho use of n
iccker which be proeiuo 1 for a small sum. I
nskodhlmif tuwasonough nnd ho replied In
tho ntllrmntive. I milled 1 ho next day and cot
a looker. I liBVOofteiiwoiidered smeowhether
It wns leallr bought by the net man. or whether
ho pocketed the 1 mnoy him.-olf mid cavo me
ono ho had nt bis disposal,"
'ol. C'hullle.I.ong larrleri.
Col. Chnllb'-Long. the African explorer, wns
muirled ut Crown 1 ..nt, on tho lCth Inst,, to
Mnrio Ainolln Hammond, daughter of tho late
Gen. John Hammond. Tbo mnrrlago took
phve nt tho residence of tho brldo, nnd the
ceremony was lerfonned by iho Hut, Mr. Mo
Millau of the Protestant llplscoual Chiiicn.
Col. Chnilli'-Lonc and his brldo will Ball lor
Europe to-day un the vW'btornlnnd.
'J'lir Outru! Ainrrlr.ln Union.
Ban Jos'-, Costa Jlleii. July 2'.'. via finlvos-ton.-
Congrdb- bus decided tu defer until riop
toniber 1 '1, flnnl consideration the pact of
union of the Central Amorlca republics, which
wns signed by bun Salvador In October. JB39.
This Is without prejudlco to what may be re
soItoiI upon by the plenipotentiaries, who moot
in Honduras to consider questions of general
interest to tbo five ropubllcs.
I.i.illei' Mnlitsou the I'riinnylvi.nla Limited,
1 a'l ri trai el Inj 11 one or irltti .trail cMMrtn. or
c ilxiicii nit' 11 -n,'nrtn Hi il " t is iim wnliuiK mil J4
tu 111, l'i.lili.)ll.u A l.lnd.cil a irrelt tnuvrlUenrr
nurli trTllr i lh shjici ul care nf tin) 1)1 iM. Ili
l.iroiu.l Iran, srtr York (ruin .tml'Mi loot of l'"rtlislt
and DealiroMai ttk. every iluy at 10 A. JJ. fur Cla
cluuiU aa tulyaiiD. Mv.
Ha LlTed on Tick, RernataK Ship After
Hhlp, ii nil "Testerdiay lie etatlt with a
It run J New Knlle the Ilenrt or n Mnn
Who flbjected Id II In Method or I.I vine.
Nloholns Cosullctz, an Austrlnn sailor, need
SO, boenme nn Inmutoof the senmen's board
Ins house nt 13 Hamilton strcot about six
weeks ago on tho usual torms, namely, board
and lodging on tick until a ship wns found for
him, whon the bill would be paid outoflils
ndvanco nionoy, his chest being security In tho
Interval. Whon the ship was found for hlra n
fow days Inter ho piofossod not to want to go
to the pott for which tho vessol was bound.
Whon nnotlier voesel wns found ho mado the
snmo oxcuso for not shipping, nnd ho aited
thu samo way In regard to a third ship, PI
unlly, In order, nB It soomod, to oscni e going to
con, lie ijulttod the boarding houpo, lonvlnc his
chest bohlnd. Ho wns awny some time, and
tbon returned for a fow days. This proceeding
was ropentod sovoinl times. Ho apparently
returned to stay occasionally, but tho mention
ot a job drovo him away.
He appoorod at Ihe boarding house yosterday
morning, niter ono of his poi lodlcnl nbsonees,
wliloli this time had lasted a woo!:. Ho snld ho
wanted a ship. On bolnc told ono would bo
found for him. ho asked if ho might hnvo somo
dim, or. Mrs. Hynn, tho landlady, caro blm
his dinner. When he had flnlshod, Tomllynn.
the landlady's son, greoted him with the Intol
ilgotuo: ...
" I have found a ship for you.",
"oh. I don't want any ship; I'm not ready
to ship yot." Cosullctz replied. . , .
Young llyunfolt thnt tho dinner hnd beon
obtained under false pretences, and wns In
clined tocnll CosullcU n swindler, but rost rain
ed litmsolf. for ( osulictz bad tho reputation of
being 1111 ugly customor. Joseph Mooro. who
used to bo nsnilnr. but whon his bands wero
crippled with rhotimntlsm became n sorvnnt In
the boarding houso. was not ro prudent Moet
Ing Cosullctz In tlio back hall, bo cavo blm a
Ploco of his mind, nnd told blm to nnit the
tiouso. Thonoiioofascuflio attracted William
8oyiiiournnd several other snlloiR, who wero
ln tho adjoining sitting room. The,; found the
two men snuggling together, heu Jlooro
saw thorn ho cried: "Ho has a knlfol lnkolt
As they approached to do this. Cosullctz
wrenobod himself froo from JIooio nnd stood
nt bay with knife upllltod. Mooro. deprived of
hlssuppnit. for Cosullctz hnd ovidently beon
holding liltu up, stacgerod a fow ieot and then
loll at full length on the back stoop, with bis
hond on tho threshold ol the back door. Wood
from thine caning wounds in his eboBt crim
soned the boards on which ho lay. He must
havo uied instantly, for his heart was cut
through, the rlcht lung wus ponetratod, and
thero was a stab ln his abdomen.
Cosulictz's unlittod knlfo did not provent
Pevmour and hit companions from rushing nt
him. nnd. although he m.ido nttemi ts to uso
tho weapon nnd strugglod dosporately, they
managed to disarm him and mako him pris
oner. When Policeman Gorman appeared,
he looked nt Mooro's blooding body nnd askod,
"Who did this?'
" I did." unswerod Cosullctz with tho utmost
When Seymour dlscovore I thnt Moore, who
wn- liked by the boarders, wns dead, ho got n
hammer and rushing at Co-ullct? tried to
brain htm with It. Comllctz refused tn sponk
of bis etlme after being conveyed to the Msd
lson street station, in which Soymour and his
companions were also temporarily locki d tip
so as to scenro tholr appearance boloro tho
Cnronor ns witnesses.
Theknifo with which the murder was com
mitted is nn unusually largo sheath knife. 'I he
M.ido Is over eight Inches loni. It la brand
new. and Mrs. Plyiin Is confident lh.it It was
t ought for tho purposo of killing somo of her
household. Mto thinks thnt It was otilv an ac
cident which prevented her son Tom from being
Cosuliets-'s victim ( nsullet was perfectly
sober. He is u man of forbidding app.'annce.
He descrilos himself as a carpenter nnd ho
apparent y has been able tn add something to
hl wngos ns a senniiin by bis skill with tonls.
Mooro cimo fri 111 Phi mlulphla. He will bo
buiiod in tho Potter's Flold.
Trancosco redrell, who was In turn slngor.
conductor, nnd composor, and who earned dis
tinction In each enpacity. lecently died at liar
colona, Spain, in his seventy-eighth year.
Pleven ars before Verdi wrote "II Trov.i
tore" Podrell hnd produced nn opera on tho
same subject. Two other foreign musicians
havo lately died who deserve montlon Carl
Siecke. conductor of the concerts of tho litis
slan Musical Socle'y. and Nicholas Chri-tlnno-victi.
author of a volume In Kussian on Chopin,
Schubert, nnd fcehurannu.
Kdword Payfon. a woll-known writor of
Mnlno, died ot 1'eeilng on Mondav. Downs
born in I'ortlnnd in M-ptemlier. isn. nnd was
a son of the llov. Hr. 1 dward Payson. in ls-vj
bo graduated at llowdoin and went i-outh,
whero ho remained thirtoen years. At ono time 1
lie wob u professor in Oakland l olloge. Ml-sis-
slppl In 1MH4 nnd l'ldj ho wasn memborof 1
tho Stnto Legislature. Amone his lltorary
works are " Dr. 'loin." a novel. "Law of Uimlv
alonts." nnd "Maino I.nw In tho Unlanco."
W. W. Corlolt. nro of the leading rltUous nnd
Inwyers of Womlng. died in Choyenno vester
dav. Ho wasboin in ini In 111 nnd was
n griidunto o' 11 aw school of that Mate. ,
Chejennonttioetod him In bs.u.and l.euuickly
won recognition. Ho was .1 ilehcato to the
J orty-llfth 1 ongress. Mrs. Curlett nnd a oung
son survive lilm.
Tho Pov. John ,T. Roll of the Church of Our
ladv of loriotunl Help, l'oton Hlchlnnds,
died on Tuo-dny last, lie was born In Italn
moro on Oct lo, lH.i). nnd wns ordained In
losii. In 1HS3 ho wns called to Dostoti lor a
yonr. nnd In 1N!I returned from M. John N. 11.
Mrs. Cocllla Horln. a daughter of Vincent
Korello. died ln 1 ondon recently at the ago of
7s. Fifty years ngo she was an oscellent ae
tross. 1 laying second parts to hor younger
sistor, Clara Norello. r-liowas tho wife of nn
actor, drumntlst. nnd journalist.
Tblbby McDennott nf tho McPormott Bister-,
onco popular In tbo vaudevilles ns S'ne
nnd dnnco porformeis, died In this city several
days ago. She was the wife of Imtles Capo!.
About 18S.2 she retirod from the stage.
William Stoddard, who was n tnoiiibor of tho
Jlnsi-achu-etts I eglslatiire In 1S1L' and 1S0O.
died nt Allord. his native town, on huudny,
agod fJ.
Wlllnugbby 17. Heed, aged SI yonrs, died yes
terday In Indianapolis. He was before the
war or tbo dry coods llrm of lleod Iiro i'hlla
doluhln. Jacob Tohln of Indlanipolls. agod 7! years,
died 011 Monday. He pun based tbo faim
whoro he lived Irom tbo Government in lSil.T.
( harles H. Latham, who was a memborof tho
clasBof 1SS4. Harvard college, died atloung's
Hotol, lloston, on Monday.
Jesno Linos, formerly In tho lumber business,
died at tils homo In Laston. Pa., yodterdar
uiornln:, nged hi years.
Ldwiird I.avln, business ninnngor of the
C.islno Theatre at Pat korsburc, . Viu, Is dead,
aged H.
V. II. Scrapglns. aged SO years, nn early set
tloi, died In Morgan counly. Indon Monday.
lehnbod Jlurt, ot tbo llrm of Hurt .1 I'nrnhnin,
nrcbltocls, I nil ltivcr, diod on Monday last.
Hunk 'J'lilrref. Alute n llutll,
QiT.nnc, July 22. Two export bnnk robbers
supposed to bo from Iev York, mndo a rnld
upon Ycnsoy's banking houe here to-day.
Ono of thoni who piofossod to bo a lame cler
gyman nnmed Smole nnd who drove up with a
companion, encaged Mr. Vcnsey In a tulle
through the bank window about a doposlt.
whllo his companion watching his opportu
nity, grabbed n cu-h box from a counter nnd
made nlT with It. 'Iho bn.x contained Sfi.UOu In
municipal debentures and a row hundred dol
laid iniiish. Tho doiocilves woio nt onco no
tided, but thieves havo so far oludod nrrest.
It tl'. Trtt(oxlcun.
ttiemlit Martin ubmltte4 yenrrilay to the Health
Board bin report npon Hie polsnnoci ice cream which
nu purchate.t In Urlnckmaii'i canay itore, anil hlcli
male many perioni .let on June 30. Tjrolojlcan it
girt 11 us Die laii.e of the trouble, Jir. Muriln tecum
meiiiled " tnat a'l mrtal e..e'a u.eil In ili niaiiufac.
turn nt Ire .-ream tie nroieru lit. ifn. 1 an.l lliut it.,
f ,jn-e.s whe e ir. ir UM I-M.l In mil illiuit rlula ni.e.1
In lia maiiura. lure in kepi in a ml itrinitry i.iii.liiion '
coiiitiit.Htniitfr liryani k 'true-uon iliti ihe mil bs
epectiir. of the tleparimrut .hru ,1 iniit." frt'iuent iu
ej.eitinua ot Ice cream uici.eila wa. aUu tid
Death or h Centenarlun,
Riicrrmtc, Ala., Jnly S3 "Uncle Pare," a centen
arian, la dead In Ihe adjoining county. Ilo iwi eith
(Ifn. Andrew Jaclun In Hie Indlnu war, and cirrled a
ciiiiln in tie survey of Vorka iibi.t. now ih un (r
SiilUel'l wlih'ti Japk.pa iiii'l Id. u.ociiitr , ,, in
IHI '. lilt v. illi-.l In .SI. 1111 I hi-iierr 111 rrlrJ
unatu, hut prjid ercry da at Hi" urate or n.a ifo
.VIeCurlliy Uaacha Out Ilukrr.
ncrriin Jnty Si-Thomai McPanhy nf Olean and
Billy ilaker of Buffalo tomtit to-nljiit before the ar
llnrton Club for an allraed rune of SI.EH Pave
Cainiibell of Portland lire., wa reforee McCuriliy
bad tne beat of the battle throughout, aud won Iu ill
rounda, knocking out Maker.
A Jockey'). Fatnl Fall from a Trulu,
jtHiTaaDau Ju'y -i rtiftrtea B rn., a jockey, whn.e
In. me lain rhic.iK" fell fr ui anion ,n '.niriil Htiiiun
(r.'ltfhi ir nn n r -t lo ntvi le .1.1 uiybi, nnd receurd
lujurle. ihut reaut 11 in lna il.aili ihi. inornliii;. Hhen
he fell Buriir uaa atandliii; In Ihe iloor of near In
which ere Irottlni; uorMa. lie ml ou thl way to the
fcaxatuiuact Uk,
iMVoiirr.n juiuxx-iiro arabb.
Mr. Abdema Accuaed r Vlolatlar Ihe Cea.
tract JT.afcor Law.
PnitADKLniiA, July S2.-0n board the Amer
ican line steamship Pennsylvania, from Liver
pool, Immigrant Inspector Btrntton to-day
enpturod thirty-two Arabs, who had come here
In violation of the Contract Labor law. He
I hns ordorod tholr dotoullon. nnd has submitted
a roport.
".My suspicions were aroused." said 8trat
ton. "from the fact that the tlckots lor this
party woro all In the hands of Ounas Abdemn,
who Informod me ho was a memborof the llrm
of John Abdemn. 372 Hue llornnrd, Paris, with
a branch office at 67 Washington strcot. Now
The party said thoy hnd been hired by Mr.
Abdemn to peddle rugs on commission. Whon
Stratton questioned Abdomn nbotit bringing
tho party here, nnd Informed him of tho po
sition ho luul plnced hlmelf In. llnblo to a
penalty of Jljmil for every person, bo becamo
thm ouch y f 1 Ightened. and made u long state
ment, In which he says- ... . .
"I was trav oiling abroad when I rocolrpd a
toloernui saying that our firm In Nwiork
wanted me to bringns many men nnd women
nsliouldgot lor the purpose of soiling tholr
goods, consisting of rugs, cnrpois. nntlnulties,
nnd othor goods. 1 wont 10 llolrut, IJa
ninscus, .loiusaloiii. nnd Cyprus and cath
eted thirty-two porsons. upon agree
ing; that tho mlvnnco. for each
Individual should be 7 nupoleonB for tholr
passnge tn Amorlca. which money they have
to nny bnok out of tho commission on tho snlos
of tho goods wbloh tho house furnishes thorn
forsnlo. 1 engngod them with tbo ugrooniont
that I furnish them employment, which I
gunrantoed each ono Fopnratoly."
To this striteniont Abdemn hns sworn, and
this will bo used ns evldeuco against blm. ln
his leport to Cnllootor Cooper. Inspector Strat
ton sns: "It 19 my opinion thnt Mils Is a gross
violation of the Allen Contract Labor Inw.and i
suggest that Ounns Abdemn be prosecuted to
the full oxtont of the law."
Mil. .Ilil'.'S 1WSCO OA1ZB.
No Traee "JFet or Ilia Yonnc Friends or or
Ills Mlnalns Ss.OOO.
AuBuni Pahk, July 22. Old Mr. Soe, the vic
tim of tho $5,000 bunco came, Is completely
broken down by blsexpeilonce with the sharp
ers. Tho game played upon blm was an old
one. A welbdrossed young man last Trldnr
Introduced himself ns a son of Mr. Park
of Park ,V Tllford. Ho Introduced a friend of
his. They met again on Saturday, and Mr. Soe
was induced tn visit it house on 1'ifth avenue
whoro n llttlo game was in progress. Just
what Inducomonts woro hold out to a man k0
years of ago to ontor into tho enrd pnrtylsnot
mndo public Sulllcn It to say that Mr. Seo
won fbl and rocolvod tho congratulations of
his newly made friends.
liming tho conversation "Mr. Pnrk" nnd his
friend volunteered the Information that ir they
had a few thousand dollars thoy could " broak
the bank "nnd Increase their bank account by
many other thousands. Tho nice old man took
tlio halt and subsequently camn up tn tho city
nnd drew from the In Ine National flank t Olio.
Monday nftornoon he mot his irlendsnnd ro
turned to th game. Mr. See turned his f j.tiui)
over to Mr. Park, and was told to wait In nn
nnto-room until tho bnnk wns broken. He
didn't soo Mr. Park acnln, and soon realized
that he had bcon swindle!, and complained to
tho polico.
' Mayor Ilrndley of Asbury Park telegraphed
Inspector liyrnos a description of the mon who
buncoed Mr. Iseo, nnd the Inspector Is now
working on tho case. Ho snld yesterday that
he ha 1 an tdoa who tho men wero, and was
doing all ho could to approhend them. " I!ut."
ho added, with a smile. "I nm nulto likely to
bo u hundred miles irom rlcht"
Rlic Sirnrnp unit Forest Flrea tn Delaware.
Lu'nEi, Pol.. July 22. Tho Inrgost swamp
flro over known In tbo history of Shssox coun
ty has been raging sliuo onrly last week in the
Cypro-'sswanip3 near Mlllsboro. Tho origin
of tlio flro was Incendiary. Tho swamps
havo niwavs been noted for their out
put oi rypiess timber nnd the immense
yield of whortleberries, whb h nfford the poorer
1 eoplo a living. Owing to tho scarcity of othor
iiult this yoar Ihe owners prohibited them
entering tho swnmp. and forievenge they llred
them. Those sv amps cover nn urea nf ground
olgnt miles suua 0 and aro tho most etenslve
in tho "-tato. Ilhey will be a totnl loss.
Intellicenco roieivo 1 Irom near Ooorgetown
Fays that the vnlurblo forests situated there
have been on llro since Saturday last 'Ihose
fuests aro tho s,at 0! tho chnrconl industry,
which will be totally destroyed, togotbor with
millions of Uot of valuable timber.
No l'luce I.Ike Home for thl IlOfr.
Siumokin, Pn,. July 22. Nicholas Yordy, n
cleik in tho freight dopnrtmentnt the Northern
I ontrnl Depot In this city, Is tho owner of n
full-blooded pointer. Ho had no use for tho
doc and gave him to a farmer rosldlug twelvo
miles distant. In a fow days the dog roturnod
to his former master. Mr. Yordy felt so pro
voke 1 that he placed tbo animal In nn empty
Iielcht cnr. closed the d. or. and locked It.
Iho ear was billed for New lork, and the
dog was soon landed in Jeisey City, 'ihisoc
cuTf d 'wo months ngo.
Yesterday Yordy was superintending the un
loading 01 n.ar whon the dogenme bounding
into 1110 tioicht house, laid htiusolt ut his 1
master's rem and sot up a 1 lteous mom. 'I wo I
month- or woaty travel had biought tho fnith
lul nnlinnl homo onco muro Mr. S'only says
nothing but deaih will part him and that doc.
The New Turk ant New.Terney Ilrldee.
WmnixfiTri, .luly 22 The Ilru.e Committee on Com
merce llatened 10 day to further argument bl ooun.el
for ihe New Vi,rk and eiv Jersey UrMiie Cerojinny In
favor of tke Mil to allou- ihem 10 "on.trucl a bridge
over llie llitdaoli ftiver nt New V ork cus
i.e true W i.reen or New ork argued that a. the
Sew Jersey an.l 'ew Vorlc charlera In.t b mi at cure!
bebire lie i.ln.ten'hal hrblco otll ha1 been ntroiluce I
In i oncrea. II u- i ear that III. cnm inlfl irero not
bid- u!.itlie cucernt He .nil tint the lennl r"Ulre
nient ,f ten per cent, paid n;i aiibacrlptton had been
u . a tnS.;in)iiOt,f ihe y. -iirf.i tnul cat'lt-il Mi.ik.
R. I ' Iare f"l owed '11 it fenre nl tho Tull.lltr of the
Newjer.ei charier, wlil.h had heen atlackid by 'he
reiireaen at.ve, of the Undemhal cuinpai,).
IHcCi.rtay tVon tn the Klllll Round.
Bcrnio, .Inly 22 The Arllncton rinba amphitheatre
held a cood ' led crowd tcnlBht to aee the twenty four
rounl alnve contest between Silly Rnkcr of Uuflaloand
Thomai McCarthy of O'ean for a l,&oo pune Mc
(Isrthy on ln ai t rounei after a .araff e flclu, In which
the Budalonian waa cleariynutclat.id. Jack Pempaey
wal amonf the spectators and the oeraltun v,aa al.o
arricet by the pre-ance of rue notable Kuik r wlnn of
ihe New Vorfe 1'l.yers' Leag'iH Club. The belting- waa
-"InSifton Miisrtliy. Tile latter welshed Isl toillida.
and was aecoisleil I) r .1 nrll n of fhbadeliihU an.l
r.nldi Durham of Australia UaWer m eight.! 1 .. , imunds
and had Tom Minnlinr of Calirurula una Jim Wilson of
UuKalo lehlndhlm.
Tereey Hnldler la Camp.
fai oitiT, N, J , July 22 This Is theieeond day of ac
tual camp duty for tlio bo)e of tho Second hrlcatJe
The men tnke great interest in the shcoiinir on the rifta
range w l.icb wa. formerly owned by flev. Abbeiu They
rlinw a 11 arked liuprieeinent In ahoolliiporerla.t ) ear.
Tills alien mill I .ilnnauiei, II ami K of Die Sixth ItrgS
ment to.'k tin. turn m t e range. In rll- practice un lor
the Biipervl. 1011 oi 1, en a nil W speni-er inipeeicr
l.ec-ral if KPIo Jrai'li.o Tin- trains bring in mtnr
v im or. in 1 amp, man) ut whom aro friend. o the tueu
111 the regiliienta
The I'npiititllon of Allltvankee.
WasiiiKLTOi, July 22. Aei'ordlnir to ar.ceuntof tha
population of Milwaukee, made .lnce the recent lnres
tlgutlon, by which ateut t.o a) nnmtt were ad.ted tu tha
list., the population nt that city It 10.1,: Oi Tbecentui
or I M showed papulation of 11.1 rM7
Thu .'enaiia reiiirnsof the enllro state of rrnntyl
vunmhaie leeu reeelved .it tho lensua Otl'.ct. This la
the llr.t statu lo send la ttt full rtturm.
The I hiirjrei Ilrrnrae. Murder.
OiMPxs N J , July 2'.'. Michael Clark, who wat shot
byJullut I'enalcU early on Sunday morplng, died In
Cooper Hospital toll morning at H o'clo.'k. He had
niade a atatement to Justice Hope that Pennlck had
shot him Hiiddenvlng the laller'a acousatton loathe
li lurk) lial ilahtied PeiuiUk I'eiiuii k ndinttl the
ahoi't ng, hut aaa It was done in the hrat of paetlon
aiiir t'.urk I ad cut him with a knife.
tin (nm ,r.
The ileathi lat week numbered 521, being S3 Iras than
the preceding etk.
:-n year . Id I Hi. I Howard of 113 Summit street died
yi'Jterdsy from burns received on Monday night whllo
plai lug around a bouf re.
lining to theapproiirlatlom for July being cihausted
there is to 1 1 im more s'reet rleauing 1111111 August un
less a r prcial appropriation Is 1 rovldtd.
The new 1.111 sub. Hilling ashorl lorin of deed for the
long orill vilnrli goes Into eile 'I oil sspl 1, will II ta
.ai reduce the lleglsier a fees from Imeii tu fJi.uiAi
u year
lire llanunran the wife of Owen Hannnvnn, an In
rpe, t ,r In the 1 uy n urka In purtiiieiit 111 liri'okl) 11 and
an ai itvo feniurrut or the Hist ward n.. Lilted ea
Mruiybi uoi'idsiiuhy fulling dowu .lain ak Bj Slatt
Ihe will of the late Pr llenrr a Flrlh of Brooklyn
ha. been niiered for probate. All the estate, with the
escrptlou of a few small lieiiarsts, laltfl lo hll widow
for her life and at her deatb 11 to go to the Brooklyn
llelbodlst Lplscopal Home
Jamet A. Meany. (leorge Pandhuatn. Rdward J lang
ttai and John 1 Itapti. Iietnoeruia. and Samuel An
dree- Milium llallinan U J lienttie Hulnnil 1).
I rotiy anil CI ireii. e '. Van liusrn ItepiiUllrnna. hate
lie en iii'iniii ied en rk" In Hi" Bom 1 n( I 1 ctlona.
A sperial meeting nl llie aim kho der. of the t'nlon I
Fciri t'liinpuni is 'o 'ie held mi Aiu I lei arrange plant
for the urgaliuatiou of a new, oin) any and Iu appraise I
the rresent as"eta His thought lhat Mr J ft. T straa I
ahanand altfrltadi will fflojia an taeit te coniroi the j
biv cowsaajr, 1
Dtieaoa Ayrea Kxelted Over the 11 Ota te
OrerlhrotT tha taovemmeat Alalagc
Freaeh Fenaanta to Uailarnte.
London. Julr 22. The Second, Battalion of
the Grenadier Guards, which was ordored lo
Bermuda on account of the -recent insubordi
nation nmong the members ot tbo battalion,
paraded nt daybroak this morning nnd march
ed to the Victoria Hallway station to bogln
They wero accompanlod from the barracks
to tho station by 20,000 civilians, who ohcerod
thorn Incossantly, Tho troops proceeded by
mil to Chatham, whoro tbor ombnrked on a
troop ship, which will tako them to their dostl
natlon. Good ordor proiallod among tbo
Aftor tho ordor was given to tho Grenadier
Guai ds to leavo Englnnd thoy wero con
fined in tho Wellington Ilnrrncks. Croat lati
tude, howover, was given them, l'rlondsand
rolntlves were nllowod to visit them. The nrrest
of six Gronadlors nnd their trial by court mar
tial tondod to cast gloom over tho whole bat
talion. Mien the sontonces wero pronouneod
on parade yestorday somo painful scenes oc
curred. Theoldost snldleis of tho companies
seemed to have boen soloctod for trial.
Ily a strnngn mlslortuno. a votoran named
Perron was ono or tbo unlucky prisonors. An
oldor mnn named lllggs. bolonaiug to tbo tamo
company, bad boon (rnnsforrod to the llrsorve
the day beroro. I.ntor in tlio day tbo prisoners
oxchnnge.i tholr regimentals for prison enrb.
Iho precise hour of tholr romoval to tho HrK
ton military prison was a woll-guardod secret,
whllo tholr transfor to tho nmbulanco wngon
was f o quietly offocted that only a few soldlois
and spoclntors woro presont.
The Gronndlers were handcuffed In pnlrs
nnd escorted by non-commlsslonod offlcors.
The soldiers appeared dejoctod nnd hnggard.
Ono soldier In reglmentnls shoutod, " Koop up
your hearts, oomnidos." Sovoral prisoners
bur't out crying, and tonrs sttonmed down
their sad faces."
" Vou'll ho hotter off." cried anothor soldier,
ns the vehicle drovo rapidly awny.
Alter tlio departure ot tho mon the story of
their farewell parting with their wives and
children spread through tho barraoks.
The War Ofllco Is extremoly ploased at tho
way the soldlors behaved on taking their de
parture to-day. If tholr good conduct contin
ues tho roclment may be ordered back to Lon
don within two years.
The nrltlah Chess Match.
Lonpox, July 22. In the chess mntch be
tween Wnckburno nnd Los. nt Bradford, Eng
land, to-day. Illackburno had tho move. Ho
commenced with his usual move pawn to
king's fourth. Lee ngaln solectod tho Tronch
defenco. The gamo, which wns ovonly con
tested, promised to l.ocomo exceptionally in
teresting, when Blackiiurno by a line combina
tion tbrontenod to win right orr.
Thero wns only one com ct unswor to Blnck
burno'sskiirul nttack, which roachod tho cli
max at the r.irty-sec ind movo. Lee was eiuul
tn the occasion nnd made tho only saving
movo. A series of oxehnngos followed, nnd tho
gnme nsMimod a vory simple napect. After
lllty-threo moves further lighting soomed use
loss nnd n brilliant game, well played on both
eidos. ended In n draw.
The scoro now stands: Blackburne. l:Lco.
0; drawn, 4. Play will be resumed to-morrow.
Internntlon.nl Arbitration.
Lovdo;?, July 22. Tho Parliamentary con
ference on International arbitration was
opened to-day. Lord llerschell presided. The
Karl of Aberdeen offored a motion doclarlne
thnt " the conference halls the concurront
resolution of both Houses of tbo American
Congre-s ns n fitting reply to the address from
234 members of tho British Honso of Commons
requesting President Harrison to negotiato
with thu pnwors fo: tho pun c-o or concluding
treaties of nrblttntlon, and rongrnulates the
nutonomous hiatos ol Anieilcn, which, Iu the
I'nn-An erlcnn Congress, agreed to n treaty
pmvldlngfor arbitration, which now awaits
Tho motion was carried, as was also a reso
lution rejoicing In tho efforts to concludo a
treaty of arbitration between Praneo and
Aid for French Colonlats-.
Pabis, July 22. A society lias been formed
here, called the French Coloniyntlon Associa
tion, whose purpo-o Ik to Invito the emigration
of farmers nnd worklngnien to vnrlousFrcnch
colonies. Tbo Idea Ir to prevont colonists, ns
far as possible, from being attracted to iho
toirltory f other nntlons nn I thus beiDg lest
entirely to their native land The association
will racilitate Immigration to the colonies, and
notably to Algeria, and will look arter tbo In
terests ol tho colonists until thoy are estab
lished In iheir new homes. Mi. (saint-Germain,
n member ol tho 1 hainl'orol iieuutlei
fiom Algol la, is at tho bead ol tho association.
Anarchy tn A.meoln.
Lovpoy. July 2."!. A despatch from Tlflls to
the Jlailv A'eic says that tho Armenian Bishop
of Kr7eroum wns among those killed In tho
riot on June 20, nnd that his death has rousod
tbo Armenians to the highest pitch of oxcite
niont. Tho wholo country is iu a stato of
Business Is nt a standstill, nnd travelling Is
Impracticable. Half starved Turkish soldiers
nnd Kurds, undor tbo pretence of maintaining
order, patrol tho country, pluniloring wherever
thov go. The Persian C nsul at l.r.-oroum
rulers tho pofeouutod Armenians un asylum In
Klnc I.enpolil'a Legacy to Ilelettim.
Bhusszls, July 22. In responding to nn ad
dross from the Chamber of llopresentntlves,
tho King said he doomed the time opportune
tn assure to Belgium Ills African possessions
aftor tbo expiration ol ten yours, which period
wns nocossnry to consolidate tho Congo Mato.
In the event or bis death Belgium, his heir,
would surely never wish to diminish tho ex
tout or impoitanco of hor now possessions.
TVon the tlnrea'si Price.
Lovpojf, July 22. In tho rifle contests at the
Blsley range to-dny Sergeant Batos of tho
First Warwick lieglment won the Queen's
bergeant Bates s score wns 27". Tho follow
ing scores wero made In Canadians in tho con
tost for the Utiot'ii's prize: l.leut. rinittu.25S;
Cnpt. Bishop, 25C; guurtermaetor dec, 249;
Seigeant liall. 248.
flnunnerfeet llnrned.
LoNPON. July 2?. The town of nammerfost.
In Norway, has boen almost totally destroyed
by fire. Tbo Inhabitants have beon rendered
homeless and urn In 11 starving condition. Pro
visions nnd clothing havo bceu sent from
Tromsoo lo tbo sulleicrs.
A nnnejuet fo the American ICItlenien.
Bkhun, July 22. Horr Buhl, a momber of
the Gorman Itclchstng, will give a banuuet on
Wednesday to the American rlllemen who are
now visiting Neustadi. Bavaria. The Ameri
cans will alterward visit the Goldeshelm wine
I.nvvn Trnnl. nt Wlmhlrdnn.
Lonpon, July 22. In the lawn tennis contest
nt Wimbledon for the doubles' championship
two Irish players, Mcssr". Prior nnd fitokes,
won the seml-llnnl tound against the Baddulur
brothers, 24 games to 14.
(Stripped nf HI Itnnk and Uniterm.
BruTTruTiT. July22.-Cnpt. Killer of tho Ger
man nrmv hns boen deprived of his rsnk and
uniform for Issuing n pamphlet In which he
asuersud tho inllUuiy foico.s of the empire.
Wlasmaan on the JCetlred I.tt.
Bitnr.TN, July 31. Baron Vt Issmann has been
placed on tbo retired list Ills heart has be
come otTocted from iho rheumatism from
which be has lieou sufforlng lately,
JRmpernr William's) Visit to the Cznr,
IlFUtiN, July 2?. Fmperor William's recep.
tlon In llussln will Include u visit to Bevel on
Aug. 17. Thenco he will go to Nana to attend
the army jnana-uvreB.
No Hellslnua Cenaiii In Knsrland.
Lonpon, July 22 Tho Hpufo pf Commons
to-night, by a vote of 2t! to fill, rojeotod Baron
Ulmsdale's proposal for a religious census,
Mr I'hnmlierluln t'ntulna;.
ImnoN. July 22. Mr, Chnmberlnln Intonds
to make a three months' tour ol America, re
turning at the end ot November.
JKmprraa Frederick at Gibraltar,
ainnALTAB. July S2.-0wIn to bad weather.
Empress Frederick has delayed her departure
for Athens.
Hondaaeaa Oolna to the Conau.
OAino, July 22. Belgium Is recruiting hun
dreds of tioudunese natives tor the Congo
No Woataa HiinTraae for France,
. Pabis. July 22. Tha Chamber has rejected
Ms Qutt'ii netua la Utm mdu lafflriuai,
Xtench Water far the Oaramea, bnt Seat
Fxeelltat Conte.l.
Dottrrn, July 22. The nmatour four-oarod
race, which wns doclarod off yestenlny by the
fouling of tho Lurllno and Duluth crows, was
rowed this morning. The Mlnncsotns won In
10:20. Duluth following closo Iu 10:35. nnd the
St. Pauls third. The Wlnnlrecs were out of
the race from start to finish. '1 ho course was
vory rough and tho wind strong.
All tho races this afternoon took plnco on the
West Superior course It wns 4:33 P. M. bo
foro tho first evont eamooff. Just bofoio tho
racos a strong breeze blowing from the Wis
consin shoro mado tbo wntor very rough. The
first ovent was the senior double scull races,
Tho contestants woro rnnkod In the following
order from the shoro according to choice:
Mlnnesotas, I.urllnos, WInnlpegs, Cedar Bap
Ids, and Catllns.
Tho Inst two wore tho first to got awny, but
gavo placo to tho Winnlpogs, who pullod a
magnificent stroke. At tho halt ml!o tho
Winnlpogs woro In tho load, with tho Mlnncso
tns nnd Lnrllnes close bohlnd. All wote pill
ing In fairly (toud form dosplto tho wind, .soon
tho Winnlpogs yloldod Hrst Plncoto tho Lnr
llnes. but only lor a short time. A quatter
mile irom the turning point the Cntlfns and
Cedar Bnplds crews found thnt they wero nwny
out of tho course. Tho (.atllns had lorgod
ahead of tho Codar Bnplds' men.
TLe Mlnnosolus woro tho first to moke tho
turn, the l.urllnos socond. nnd tho WInnlpegs
third. On tho borne strotch all boats preserved
tho samo order as at tbo turn, the Mlnncsotns
coming In at tha finish one longth ahead 01 the
Lurllnes, the i.urllnos three lengths ahead ot
WInnlpegs, tho WInnlpegs three lenglhs nhead
of the Catllns, nnd tho latter a hair length
ahead of tbo Lodai- itnplds. Time. Mlnnesotas,
10 S5h: Lurllnes. 11.(17: WInnlpegs, 11:20',.
Tho senior slnglos hnd but two stnrteis, Cor
bott and Pearson, who struck the water about
tho same tlrao at the stnrt. Corbelt maintain
ed tbo lead from the beginning. Buforo tho
turn wns reached Corhott was clearly four or
flo boat lengths In the load. Poarson made a
mngulfloont spurt on tho last quarter, but Cor
bott boat htm easily by nbout two nnd a half
lengths. Tlmo-Flrst, 12:30: socond, 12:35.
Mystic KnlBjht on a I'llcrlmnge.
A vestibule train composed of three sleepers, one
dining car, nnd one baggage car left the West Shore
nation at Weehawksn yesterday afternoon for a
manth'a pilgrimage to the Tellowstone I'ark and Cali
fornia. It carrlsd members of the Mjetlc Shrine and
their wtrea and daughters to the numter of a hundred
ormore. The temptea represented were Mecca of New
York. I yramtd of Urldgepurt urlonulof Tror, Cypress
of Albany Kl.inetof I'roi'kiyn. Bouml ot fta'tlmore,
at d Aeca nf Richmond The Meilinah of Chicago. I.h
ma la of Rnffalo. and Syria of rntshurgh wl 1 loin the
caravan later. Ihe same train will run orer the West
Shore, tho Drand Trunk, the Chicago, Burlington and
utilncy the Northern 1'acltlc. the Southern 1'acltlo. and
the Hinrerand Kloiirandernada, and will 00 ver 7.0(3
miles The partv win spend a week ln San rraneltco
and are dais in the Yellowstone fark. The excursion
Is under the charge of Mecca Temple of this city.
To Explore New Mexico and Arizona,
Trot Carl Lnmhotta, a Norwegian explorer who made
himself famous among geographer! by expeditions ln
Austra'la, Is loon to explore lower New Mexico and
Arizona under tho direction of the American Geo
graphical fcocletr of this city. Abont a dozen iclentlsta
archftologlsti, botanists, and rouloclsts will accom
pany hlra Prof Llbby of Princeton, who is a geogra
pher as well aa mathematician, expect! to be among
the number The especial object of the expedition la to
examine the remains of the ancient civ ilfzatton. ante
dating it Is sul. 1 that of the Aztecs, exl.tlng principally
In the liila valley ln the northwest part of Arizona.
The tiahlta or the .unl and NaraJo Indiana wilt also be
Investigated. The expedition beklnl next Monday, aud
la expected to occupy about a year.
Bteamahlpn Outgrow Flera.
The Dock Board held a meeting yesterday to consider
the project of lengthening the piersof the big steamship
companies. The giant ships when In dock extend from
fitly to ono hundred feet beyond their piers and are
thus In danger of Injury from drifting Ice In winter and
from river craft In ff ggy weather. The Commissioner!
referred llie matter tu the sinking fund Commission
ers who -a ill do somathing about It today. Tbo pier
head line Is rroin Inn to IM feet beyond the present
t'lera and the piers may legally be lengthened that
nui' h tr-ore. Coinmbslnner 1 ram thinks that ships wiii
nm te built tnnoh tonirer than they are now. ana that
an lm reast-d length of lis) feet will be all thai Irtll bo
needed by a Dig steamship t-umpany tor many years.
Got New Clothesi Golan; to nave a New
f-sdle Martlnot said last night that she Is going to havo
a the.itre of her ewn near Madison square, but that the
exact site has not been decided upon. She Is pleased
-althher rvleln "Pr Bill." the play In which ihe li
to lie the star at the new Madison suuare garden thea
tre rhe will wear a new dress In this play every
nleht in ihe week. This Is una of the stipulations of
her contract.
r-ittppender Jack to he a Policeman.
John C. Magee, a cowboy, known as Suspender Jack,
Is going on the police foroe. He paised ihe civil ear
vice examination recently, and on Saturday, while per
forming In a circus at Fall Klver. received word from
the dej artment that his namo had been put on the
el g. 1, e ll.L Ilehastene.l to New York and presented
hiiiis.-!'' at Police Mead lunrtsrs jesterdtiv.
viagee hat pais near.v ail his life In the saddle, and
will make a vaiuvtile member nf the mounted squad.
He wl'l ge: his hair cnt helnre he dona the blue He
wis reromtuenried te Comnuaslnnsr Martin by Pro
prietor Darling of the Flftti Avenue HoieL
Warner Miller Men Wnklne TJp.
Warner Miller pervaded the Fifth Avenue Hotel cor
ridor last evening Among those whom he met were
Assemblymen Nehemlah Martin Curtis, it J Lewis, and
Strannhan, eX't'oucressman Henry G Burleigh, Uar.
thai John Wesley Jacobus and follce Commissioner
John McCIave nst of these are strong .Miller men.
The) eaid that there was nothtnj going on but the fact
Is that they hnvo awakened to 'Uncover that the
l'latl 1 enpl., had a purpn-ie iu hiUllng some nf their up
country Assembly conventions nearly Ther want to
figure out some w.iy iu prevent tbo scoring of any mora
tiuluta again.t them.
Pattl'a 1'ORItlvelr I.aat.
Manager Henry K. Abbey will sail to-day on tha Trave
with his wife for a five weeks' vl.lt to Kuropo, the main
purpose of which into complete arrangements for Sarah
Bernhardt's appearance tu thl. country, which has
been postponed to December because bardou a illness
litis delayed the completion of her play, "Cleopatra."
Mr. Abbey says he baa trustworthy lulormatloa that
1'uttl win never again sing In opera In America, and
that she will not visit this country again until 18UZ.
Where Tfcaterday'a Flrea Were.
A. M. 7 35. It's Avenue C, Charles Martin's awning,
damage '.; s 41, ICO Suffolk street, Morris Zltttr
baum's apartments, damage $7,000
r. M. I u6, .VI Third avenue. I l"Ch k Co 'a bedding
manufactory, ilaraage Sinn. 3 33. 1.377 Third avenue,
oi-rupted hy Charles D ftalt and others, damage fMK.i,
.1 ."vn. 1 u Norfolk street, owned by James Money dam
age trlnlug, Piuu, 045 Amsterdam avenue, damage &i.
Hays lie la Peraeeuted.
J. Frank Auhurn waa arrested ye-terdsy at S Welt
Twenty Ilrst street on the compla nl of Mrs Mary bus
tard, who keej 1 a boarding house at 4H Kast Tentll
1. reel. Anhurna couu.' said lhat h scllsnt, who Is an
evrnnvl- t.lial li at hts uip.ovmenltorer.il times be-caus-
In, pecior I vrnes published his holograph. At
.leirern 11 Market Court he was held In $1,000 ball for
Three Itiilldln-ca llnrned at Newark,
Fire broke out In the two-story frame building at 1S7
Prince street, Newark, at 0 30 last (tening, occupied
by fi Amburg as a shoe shop, flefore the arrival of the
fire department tht names had spread to Its and 1:19
and completely gutted all three biillillugs Tht loss on
the bnlidingt will not exceed S.',,ui. t Solomon li the
MtKiircsr. aiMtsac mis nlr.
Fonrt.e 4 43 Fun sels... 7 C3 Moon lets.. 11 CO
NICU WJTSF Till" o.r,
Findyllook.ll 12 1 Gov. ls!and.ll S2I lltllflate... 143
A rrlTrd Tpgsntr, July 21
Fs nunlc, Thompson, I Iverpnol
Bs bl. Konan. i auipbell, Liverpool
St -una of .Neiirns.a, Jiraes. iilasgow.
Ss 1 llilnii.i IV il.nn nla.gow.
h bin. Sander llrtinell
rs .Neu-ttla V errns Marseillea
hs NutceK Itlsl.. uu've.ton
haOania, ilocsnell MMaro
aTalla'lHs.s, v.kina Saiunnsh.
fcaltoanitke. Hulphers, Newport News.
es lleuefai'tnr, Irlbou, Wlliningtou.
ba 11, l. Whitney, llallett, Uostoa,
Itoriatei arrivalssee First Page.
iSRivun our.
! Pnlda from New York, at Hremerhaven.
Ss Clrcn.sia. frum New ork at .Movllle
..lien 181111 rosFKiv r'lsri.
Fs (lellert, from llav re for New York.
cj tooiiii. .TbAu.nirv
(ull llrtlav.
IfillirtiH. Tlf.ra(L
City of Columbia, Havana .. loop. m. 8 ii r. M.
CHy of Iilchmoinl, Liverpool hsia, l
htura. MeJIterraiie.in porta 1 ui p m.
Teutuiilo. I.lierpnol em A vt. a an A. M.
Travo. Iireiueu u 3n a m. In ui a. vi,
Wc.leriilau.i. Antwerp 7.iA.M, WJii.v M.
, il T-'n,ir.r
Ailgll.ta Victoria I'lnlllmr. 7. VIA M. 10 (10 A M
Fll.nl d, Liverj o!
blaioof Ueorgla, ula.guw 7. 00 A M,
latoaiM. sTRtwiaira
tie rrilot
Wyoming Ourenstown Jolv is
Dobemla Hamburg , July
Polaria biettlu July a
)vr77itiriif'iii July 11
Kormannla eeiithampion ...- Jnly IS
Amsterdam. Amsterdam. July 12
nact.aiid Autwtrp July 12
Imt frulan July 23
Lahn FouthamptOD July 17
CHyofBtrhn Oiierusiown July 17
hfltannlo Queenstowu July 17
Jmt Mtunlai, Jul) 2.
2Jiifjlc, eHotlrw. M'j
Keep Press Hhlrts made to nea.nre. SforfH. isf fiiij
None belter at any trice, Nandll liroadway, IVjwaH
3Vi:VnX.I23I2. If IjM
CIIAII.I.r-I.OXO-IIAM.MONK.-At Crowa 'hi , tjl
Point, N , at the residence of the brlda, hy tha V' 'Mk
Her Mr. McMillan nf the Protestant Kplicopal L
Chnroh, Col. Charles Chsllle.Long to Marie Amelia. j Ij j
daughter of the late Of n. John Hammond. p Hj
DTTTO. , ffln
nrACII -At Rtratler.l Conn., July SI. Alfrel arad J (Ml
IIS years, youngest son ot Frederick 0. Beach. li 4k
Funeral Thursday Hh lint., at a P. .V. Ji rJH
lilt A II V.-on Sunday. July 20. at 34S East llfth si, jjh'j
Jerome, Inratit sou nt im en J. and Katie A. Brady. Sajfl
JDUAKIIK, At ShtlierlalamLiin Monday. July 3L, W2iff!a
Conrad Iiraker, Jr.. In tha C3 1 vear of his age. ' S tf W
relallvessnd frlen.Ii of llie family are respectfully aCJ j
Irvlled to alten.l the fimervl from hi. late residence, ) St', 1 1
917 West 37lh St. today at 'Joclock. h B' '
IttSOVV N.-The Vice I'resldenla and memberioftha i KVl !
llecutho Committee of the American society for f &', t
the Prevention ot Cruel!) lo Antrnalt are re'inested ' IFjj j
lo attend tho fnneralof their late associate andtlca- H rif, f
President. James M. llroan, at the I hurch of tha ,: Sji J
A.ceii'lon, corner fith av an.l loth it., on Wednea- I m $
day, 2.id InsL, at 10:J0 A. M. K j
JOHN P. HAINES, Pr.sMent ,' , MK
CANTI t:i,l).-At Ny.ick, N. Y July W, Ksphronta i 'Kir'
Canfleld agejuv jeats. i fjls-
Fnneral services w 111 be held tn day at I P. M., at h ' PJUl
late residence. Mulu st Mack. lj Jljl!
CI.A IlK.-Iln Monday. July :'l, I'llzahelh B. Clark, ( 9f,r.W
widow ot Thomna II Clark, at her late residence, 7 (1 h'M
Fouth 4th st , Ilrooklyn, li. V , in her tsMb year. ijj sMU
Notice of tuner il to morrow. e ,jj
l'nn(IKi:.-July 22, (harleaCrooka jjl loifj'f
Helatlvcs and frlsnds are muted to attend the funeral T (IX
fromsMclronlch st on Friday ate A. M.; tbtnea 'll jlff't
M St. Anthony's Church HJ jllj )
JDASCOM -On Tu'tday morning atihe residence if "ffl '
of her grandson, 0. 11. Iiudlniig White rialns, N V. (1 WiK
Mn Lmily l. liatcomb In the 1 3th yearof heraa. S $3 1
funeral services nt the house Wednesday afternoon 1 f8 ;
at a 30. Carriages at the depot on arrival of train 3 !, M3
leaving the flrand Central Depot at 2:13 r. M. In- 3 fi
terniriitatlliifl.no. ijj 1
JIKAVHK At Ills 1st. residence, 2,46 Bihar, July vj jl' '(
I", Ldwln Heaves, in the 72d yearof hll age A j"', '!
Ifembersof Scott Legion. Mexlcau War Vtteraoa, $1 ,vl(i i'
Invited to call. & dj' J.'i
FIHCIllJIU-Jnly 20, F.llen Fischer. B,jj',iW
Itelvtlies and friends are invueo: to attend htr funeral il I f'lji f.
fomOSWoottertt-on WednndayatlP. M. 4 tJIll ill
OUIt I'.T V.-On the 20th IclL, Edward tlerety, ln hll M'l ffl
asth year. rl-ji'Ml
relatives and friends art Invited to attend the tnnsral ':'(' ?r V
from his late residence, all West Slstst. to-day ai ra U' fu
10 A. M : Ihsnce to the ( hurch nf the Sacred Heart, (j fi'iT. '
West 31st at., where a solemn requiem mata will be gNjjl' 1
offered for tho repose of his soul. 3 w1 ''l"
OOIIII.- Kntereil Into rest on Monday, July 31. Jennta S Jf.t ffil
N beloved daughter of Annla and the late Richard. !i S;l iftl
W. Oood. jj 3!t im
Funeral from tha residence of her motbtr, 14 Thorn mi 15
st, Jersey City, to-day fj Si j f3
nAZAItD.-s'arah Lawrsnce, wlfa ef Rowland H. K KJJ lfr
Hazard, after a short Ulnesa. Of if I vr
Funeral serrlcea at her lata residence, 40 West SSla H in,' )i
st, at 0 o'clock Wednesday morning. Funeral prt- K il ?A
vate. Please omit flowers. a hit mi
HOKN.-Atter a lingering illness, Salle, btlevsd w4fe H KH tgl
of W. N. Horn. In the 47th year of ber ago. n i'il K
Funeral today at 10 o'clock A.M., from her lata rid. f 6 jf
dence, L80S Fnlton st, Brooklyn. C ji t 3
BtlYT,-At tho residence of her aarenta. 883 Weat ft jH5 5
Pth st, on Bunday. July 10. ibpo, af brain ftrtr. tl ' V&t j
Charlotte (SutleX yecngett daughter of Usury aaa f. vjj 3
Mary E. Hort In her olh year. JEM' S
Interred Jnly 2i, Ifao. 7 faT X
MoIO.VAI.D.-At CeJ Charlton it, J. afoDonal. 3 HAu
Rslatlves and friends are Invited to attend tnafuaaral ijl
on Wednesday at t P. U. b mM
MrI.OVUUI.IN.-0n Monday, Jnly 21, Patrtok J. ,Msh
atcLoughUn. ton ot the lata Patrick McLonghUnaad. .wl n
beloved husband of Mary A. MoTlernan, naUveec 1 .ftjH h
Westport county Maya, Ireland, and membtr at " J Wfi 1
Typographical Union No. a " 3 ijr,
Funeral from hla late resldenoa. CO atontromary at, i iv: e
on Thanday, 24th Inst, at 2 iSO P. M. sharp. faiM
Irish papers please oepy. ;4flj -
MORHIJ. Rusan Morse, aged St yeara, i -Mil ll
Relatives and friends are Invited to attend the faniral j 'fjw S
from 8 Snlllvan it on Thursday at 1 P. M. H1
MT7I.KY. On Tuesday, Jnly 22. Oeorge. ion ot Jiff if
Thomas M. and Mary E- Unlry, aged 8 yean. i i5M.
Funeral on Wednesday, Jnly 23, at 1 P. li, tram 10 4 ''Af. l!
VntJ " 4 m&
O'SIIATJGlTNEBSX.-Inly 22, Tbertta A. (nee jiiS
KavanaghX beloved wlfa of Themaa J. O'Shaafh- ' -4jT?
nessy. ln her 26th year. j SaanH
Funeral from her late residence, 201 Bait 37th it, on Jv '
Thursday, 24th Inst. atlOA. M. theneeto 81 Oa- -V, '(. K
brlel'a Church. East 87th at, wbwe a leleran re- !i '$$
qulem mast will be celebrated for tha repose of her to '.j'jt: V
touL Interment ln Flathuih Cemetery. tj 'i,
PEACOCK.-Snddenly, on Jnly 22, Lottie Ln. Infant g sr-j5
daughter of Carrie J. and Edward M. Peaceck. aged I, ,.?.( 4
17monthi. j $Y&
Funsral service! will beheld Wednesday evening, Jnly ,.' l,Sr 3 'p
23, 1CPO, at the residence of htr parinu, 823 Oreent) r v'.r. v'
ar, Brooklyn, at 8 o'olock. "I ''V'jj
QUINN.-Jnly21, 1890, William I. Qnlnn ef Engine $$$
29, aged so. at his father's house, 26 Yandam it i Vitfl UU,
Fuueral on Wednesday next at B:SO o'clock, from BL I :tj iBJ
Anthony! Chnroh, Euluvan st Interment ln Cal- ft Jl fJil
"rr- S IttltfH
fcinillllDAV.-On Btraday. July SO, Annla BbirUan. itg Pj
beloved wife of Thomai ShorUam, lo tha 43th yaar J "? MS
of her age. j SKi
Funeral from the retldenoaaf her brother, Joseph If I'.ijfijJ
Reilly. nertheait corner of 148th it. and Sth ay, t V bj JIM
' day at I o'clock P. M, Belatlyei and frtenda art la- H ftsM
Tiled to attend. 9t
SOMyir.BVILLE,-lt (M Broome it, Charles P-Swl
eommerrllle, aged 23 years 8 months and 23 daya. IB Vifaio
Relatlvee and friends art respectfully Invited to attend j gjffi
the funeral on Thursday it OA, M., from St Aa- Jj 'VisVl
thony a Churoh. 4 'ffftM
fSPJENfKK.-On Tuesday, July 22, John J, Spenoar, IS iv''J
aged 07 yeara and 0 months. tyhSif,
Funeral at the residence, 31 Jefferson pilot. Union Q ' vlHtr
Hill, N J, on Thursday. Jnly 24, at 8 P. M. VmSRAi
8TF.YESH.-At Spokane Falls, Washington, Jaly 21 lj 'W '
John btevens of New York city, aged 27 yeara, 8 G irvJH
grandson of the late Robert Dennliton t Washing- A t?'; '?
lonvllla, . Y. W TA.j?X
BTDABT,-At Chateangay Lata, la tha Adlrea- jl tfjrisS
dacks. on Bunday, July 20, Eugene Talmsn, sonof U iiet'dl
Laban C. and Marlon Stuart aged 2 yean and a S Si,otJ
monihs. fi ii AJ
Relative! and friends are respectfully Invited to atteaC J (Vuf-
tbe funeral ssrvlcei at fit Jamei's Chnrch, Brook- f urai
lyn, on Wednesday, July 2J, at 2 P. M. j f'0w i
aTllELK At Fanweod. N. J., en Sunday, July 20, at 3 ' fiK'
the residence of her son In law, Clarence W, Smith, a ,) 4JK
Charlotte P., wife ot Samuel CdelL Jj ''"fi'lfftji
Funeral services at ber Itte rrildtnca to-day at 8 j Jl! vVil;
o'clock. Trains ltava foot of Llbtrly at at I and n iV'','y )
1:30 P It. g WlK
WALL,. At her lata residence, 1,034 ITanooek it, (j lHJ
Brooklyn, Jennie Mshr, beloved wlfa of Patrick X v'Slfi
Wall and daughter of the lata Thomai and Mary S V'S'l
Mahr. IvrvPfi
WIIITK.-Willlam J, White. agedSOyeara 8 ' 'MM
Relatlies and friends are invited to attend hla funeral g i ' 'f2f ?
from 03 Wait it on Thursday. ii : VifHi
Mount Hope, Westchester County. f. 4-fmY
New York A Northern l.allway. station on me Orounaa, J "i?tE iv
oillce. 71 vicit'JJdit f. yv-vXlK
S , IS 7
Oillce, 7 West 2.'d st , corner Blxth ar., N. Y. i ' Jl h
lirrtitl 3Jotlre,5. 1 if-fffl
Waller lesaal '() g Sri K
The filling at tht ApoitlnarU Bprlng (Rhealth Pruiala) f m i'lNKi
amounted to i afW'
11,894,000 bottlei In 1B8T, S 11'sSS
13,720,000 botlttl la 1858, B ft 'WiF
ia,sas,eoo btttiea ta lssa. u S Jt Wj
NO TICK. Tha well known yellow labtla of tha SI v'fi
Apolllnsrll Company, LtmUed, are protacttd hy K L'V'fmR
Perpetual Injunctions of the Supremo Court jS I ' jnffivf
TO NI'.lll.I'.rTTUn II A I It I. to lo.evonth ' R-'l-fjiTi;
andoomeilne.i h .T.it with PARKIilt SIIAIR HALBAJA. I f fl 'iBUf
PAIiMiltH i) I Ml llll Tn.Mi cnrei Inward pain. li 'Ji.i'-JBS,
3)nu 'iiuliraUern. I l;'f
Has wrltteufor Iho j i fjBJf:
Two ariioltt, tniltlsd t)r'' 'IflSl'
Common Sense applied to P '1
the Tariff Question. 1.1 'jffl
Real the Al'iU'BTand 8FPTHMBIIB .Nurabtn. ' -y1'3B
Srasiili' l,ilirarv-.nv Ktlilioiis dot This iVfek - f Ml
Under Which Lordl Mn I. Lyua Llntoa, No. I.4I7.2O0. , ' ilMtM
t-carlet rortune, U. Herman. Na 1,41 auo, ' .?lflal

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