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If. ao." ThU apr-llca dvertUomenU JlH fl SJKBrg J 1 T PI 11 S XJ JST. ifll
M iTBrnrAns to xiik vnorixcica Airn
VJ ta BVVi'uitTED nr the rovuLA.cn.
H More Troop Join the Inenrejenta -Tho
fll Navy Itemnlna Nentrnl-In the Street
JMJ riRhla the Government U Woreted-Mla.
Hi Ilia tloln the Itebellloiie Ileiciilare-The
JH tneuraenla Helxe tlie Areil. the Ilnr.
jH raeaa. and the riiya JLavnlle.
fH Buenos AtnE8. Julr 27,-Gena. Cnmnos and
IM Airsdontlo, commanding tha InBurgonts, havo
jfl itlted the arBsnnt. barracks, and PlaznLa-
HI valle. Their forces Inolude five military and
fljj twocttl7en battalions and tho oadot corps.
IH The Govornmont commands soven battalions
'H and eipeets roGnforcoments from Zarato. Tho
M street conflicts on Saturday wore ndversoto
the Government. Tho losses on both sides
wero heavy. Mnny buildings wore destroyod.
The nayromalus neutral. Boflor Pellegrini,
tho Vice-President, has assuniod tbo Prosi-
11:30 I -V. Anothor battalion of troops, with
arms and baccoce, has joined tho insurants.
Tho populaeo support tho rovolutlon. which
has extendod to tho provinces, Tho authori
ties are negotiating with tho insurgent.
London. July 27. A despatch sent from
Buonos Ayros nt 5 o'olock yostorday after
noon says that fighting was btill going on at
that hour, and that thera woro many killed
and wounded on both sides. Tho Insurgents
havo largo resources at their disposal, and
are ably commanded. Tho rebels, tho de
tpat:h says, have many sympathizers nmona
the opposing troops.
A despatch to tho 3Imi from Buenos Ayres
art that early on Saturday tho artillery.
d joined by soma civilians, took tho first stops
to overthrow tho Government.
Tho troops and the pollco parleyed. Firing
was opened at Palermo and soon extended to
the Plaza Lnvnlle.
The Infantry and artillery, with mitrail
leuses, kept up a heavy firing all the morning.
The police fired at and dlsporeod a crowd
around the Govornmont House, but tho pooplo
kept firing from houses.
A determtnod croup of men stood plucktly
to their arms In front of the Government
House while tho roar of the artillery and tho
roll ot tho musketry camo nearer and nearor.
A policeman in mere wantonness split an
Englishman's head open with his sabre, and a
bystander shot the pollcoman down.
Id tho afternoon tho revolutionary Govern
ment Issued its first doereo. This ordered the
mobilization of tho National Guard and ap
rointed Nicolas Monales Chief ot Police.
At 5 o'clock on Saturday afternoon two at
tacks were inado by tjio Govornmont troops on
citizen battalions.
The troops wore repulsed both ttmas. Po
licemen and artillerymen aro lying dead In
The Chief of Pollco. Cnpdo Vila, Is wonndod.
Tho Minister ot War is reported killed. Sharp
flclitlug continues around tbo artillery bar
racks. Felix L. de Castro, acting Consul of the
Argentine Itei ublic In the absence of the Con-Bul-Oenornl.
Carlo Curranzo. and of the Con
sul, Adolfo (I. tnlvo. discredits tho deauatchea
concern I nc a rovolutlon in Duanos Ayros.
"Consul-Oeneral Carrunzn has been In Bue
nos Ayres for the last year." said Mr. de Castro
last evenli g "and, wore there any uprising of
the kind, would undoubtedly havo let our llrm
ICarrnnzuA Co.). of which he Is tho head, know
H about I' at once. I have not. howover. hoard a
woid Iron) him nor from any one else on the
Ml Batter. The despatches do not seem at all
JU plausible to mo. In tho first place, the con
m tradlctory statements as to the flight ot the
TH FraiifilAnr urn tnn wthl. Itnsnrln. to which the.
IFrosldantisaaldln nun despatch to havo es
caped, g ,r, m ninety miles from the point at
which anothor despatch says hn embarked.
Tbo discrepancy Is too great to be a counted
for m the theory of confusion nr dillloulty In
getting Information. Both despatches, I feel
sum, aio lalso.
"I do not know anything about the military
prcinbatimis mentioned in the de-iHtchos,
but I think tbatthoro are only about 2.5 m or
3 mi i pnlitlers In litienos Ayres. '1 he militia is
esieeialli well organizAd and efftoleiit, and, nt
a moment's call, would be ready and nblo to
frush anvretolt among the regulars at oneo.
licet or the tioornment officials mentioned In
tbo detpatchos are unknown to me. '1 he only
Dames of insurgent-) mentioned that nro nt all
familiar to nie are A. Del allr and M. de
Maria, who nro said to have Issued tho revolu
tionary manifesto. Both of them are uroml
Mnt Buenoa Ayros luwrors and aro. I think.
Bfnators or llopreaoiitatuos."
Mr. ile l astro would not commit himself as
to the supposed motives for the rev olu tiou.
Oitttmala Maid to be Willing tn Fight Till
M Mbe hlpa Snn riulvutfor.
Itiennn.n Srntsns, July 27, A cipher de
snatch received hero to-day by an official of
th Guatemalan Ourern inent says that G uatn
tnalaa'eepts the war provoked by 8an Snlvn
dor.and will continue it until Han Salvador
lects a lecltlmuto Presidont In plnce of Jlota.
Tho battlo fought on tho 21d Inst, tho do
wtch says, resultod In the rout of tho Ban
faiiaiorl.ins. but as balvndor commands tho
cawo to Central America tbo Government only
allows declutches fuvorable to itsoll to bo
cut nt, road
. ?hoteleurnm furthor asserts that tho arms
"ken from ihn steamer Cnllmn wore taken I
JJIth the onsent of the l'ncllle Mall ituonl nnd .
tbo nioilc n Minister, by virtue of article 17
oithel'ncincMall contract,
Honduras, the ilopatch furihor savs. will ro
matn neutral for the cre-ent. but may loin
wlin (uiatetiiala If events roiinlro lior (lunto
P"1,1 nas lit.nwi men underarms unit llnndurua
i!fi'Hb'.'e..tt'lt,"'ul10' has only about lO.uu .
R..'.Tri0' i'.KXItfi. duly 27. via (mlto-ton. '
KIW '".'Olutlonary band are nmraudlng i
K fthfMexlian frontier In (iiiuloiii.ilan ter-
tl.iv . ,)0 '' 'juutemula nnd San .Salvador nro i
KTlnjjtoina-s troopa with the utmoxt liuslo, I
Dut jiiaieii.u ,i inula dlillculty in the dirxiUis
u. ?i01 ,"'1 oldlora. A liuntoiimlaaneilal
oespiitcli nserta that tho Ouatoinaiaii lorcoa
Inir:"1" "ii'iiuniljer iho hnlvmlorinns that
"ibe ii.-L'heut vveoit tho tablos wjli bu luni(.d,
I'JO lluya Without Food.
- Au.r.HTowN, l'a., July 27.-Mrs. Adam Wuch-
V w oHMiito Hall I.ehlgh county, has gone 120
an without lo.l i r drink. At least 2.000 per
J'nshavo visited hot out rf pity and curiosity
w.,,i'!19 IJO't 'ortnlKlit. Twovvcoksngolt
fil!,P "'lBr'l br the idiy.lclnnH lhat sho w.vs
3,,i,,'1 , 'i not iiosbly llvo iiioio Uinii n
onvi.Ll' L'lr. Ibo beveio sphmiis and
Ih. lilM !roux nlllcl1 Hl u foimorlr suffered.
Sniet. n l''co'" '"ll'lorcoutriiitionaof the
Sm ii. ""' lcli(nirtif the neivosln hor
flnllsM ""'""-'h' i totally gone, and ,tho
to i, I,',?'."",,i 'turno.l vvlilto Herrlfht
hlcl? u ' '"'""''"d. honever she speaks.
Jrlnil rln", '10 feeinstoconvorso with
folfh t."" ,oal. wl'' f,ll know In h.r
1 Miftiu V; "i' 0l,"la,s '" fl''k womnii'H
Ptei iVm ,I"K not'iiKnouilftoenmln.
1 So aiii,, I'.neutivo a'e.-i. for nine months.
oriaLi ' .i,,""Ml, l0 adminlKtor fool or
1 tuwinnf , ' ."' '"! mtnn.', . r,l invariably re-
"BOkirMiini'iit when It Is offered her.
1 iumtV0", Julir ".-Charles Lang, a negro.
I lai r" A0"- colored prcaoher. dur-
I ""Uas' KL.1)01.'1 Avers's wife ii,8 morning.
1 inliaB arrtcd. It la thought that Ayers
n t "'" lr Hvv Htm Urnv.n,
I u'"r """""'Clerc arenun Itirtiiiwood. Ixin
I) r .i.V "dro"t while tatlilnc etr Black Hock
1 J',0" II. -"' , V" ""O11 '" ,h" ahofn. hit him
The Beeommendntlona or the Committee
on the Muiireaie Court
Amuny, July 37,-Clerk Waller II. Bunn of
tho Cotnmlttoo on Constitutional Ilovlslon
mnkes publlu tho following roport of tho Com
mittee on the Supremo Court 3 hey recom
mend the following:
First Tha eight Judicial dliirlcti 'lull contlonsai
Hecon l-Tlit ro iballbe four Judicial ittrnltntnti In
the Mate The tint Judicial department (hall coriilut
of the Hrt Jullclal dlittlct therecondnf the Mecond '
Judicial dliulct. the third of the Third, fourth, and
Slath Judicial districts, and the fourth ot the Fifth,
Seventh, and Klghth Judicial dltrlcls Once In every '
ten years the Legislature may alter the Judicial all I
trlcn and the Judicial department but without In
creating the numher thereof
Third-There ihall be one lleneral Term of the Su.
prcnie Court In nnd for each Judicial de artment.
rourth-Thero shnll be tn enly Justice" of the General
Term. The Juatlcetuf the huirtme I ourt who at the
time of the adoption ot thene amendments tliall te
(ervlniaJutlceof the (.eneral Term elinll conilnue
to be Juallcee yt the lleneral Term until the lerux of
ontcefor which they reapeotlieir eleited evnire Tho
Jueticea of the lleneral Term hereifler e trial ahull b'
ehvseii by theelectuisof Iho s ale. At tho III at general
election after Ihe .'op.lon nf theae loiitii.liiipni. tour
nicli Ju.lUfi atiall be ao elected an I at the several
elecilons precedlnif the sturatlons ot tie trrlua ot
ullici i for whkh Iheaeteraluiher Juatlcea of Hie urn
raj Iriu herebi rmiatltuted were reaiiectlrely elected,
their rei ectlte inccrt.ora aiiall he n elrcted
.H'th rrom all the General Tirm .imucia of the
state the Uorerunr shall deaiirnate tor termanf Die
years or for the unentered tinruona of their re leitlre
terms of olllce. It lea than Ore jer Ihi.ao wlm ahall
jonatltnte theOelieral lerm or eaoli department! nnd
rrom time to time, as suiti apiiolutmrnia or teriua of
omce esptre. or vacancies mcur he ahall make now
dealirnatloiii as mav be tiecraair. Hut not more than
ono sunh Justice ahall be deiUualod from auy one ills
trlit for any one general term
Math-No Juatlre or ihe lleneral lerm shall hold
clumt o-e. or i Ircult Court, or &petlal Trrma, or Courts
or uyerand Terminer
Serenm-ln addition to the Juitloca of the (lenernl
Terra, ihn Supreme Court Shalt cnnalst of ttilrtj ihreo
Justices who shall he rho.en by tho elector' of ihe
Judlcla dlftrlcta In blh they rearectlrelr r aide, an 1
of whom leven rlia.ll reaide In Ihe Vlrt Judlrialdiitrlct.
four In ltleecolllldllllcu four In ihe Third dlatnu.
three In the Fourth rtHlrlct. four In Ihe Fifth ulitrl u
""f t,1.'"1. hl,,h district, aud four each In the fcoveuth
and Klihlh dlatrlcts
The committee havo not thought tt within
their rirovlnco to treat of tho special condition
of affairs In tho first judicial douattment
that mav crow put of the proposed clnngos,
but It Is believed to bo practicable to adopt tho
Dlun here proposed to the rest of tho btato
should a spooial i Inn be detorruinod upon for
the first department.
Be Glrea Up the Coateat for at Renomlnu
tlon In Favor or Van Voorhlsw
KocnicsTKn. July 27. Congrossmnn Baker
has been beaton, just as The Su.s'h despatch
published on Friday predicted. To-morrow
morning he will publish n card to the public,
nnnounclng his withdrawal from the contest
for the nomination for Congress In favor of
his principal, nnd now only competitor, tho
Hon. John Van Yoorhis Mr. Van oorhls rep
resented this district eight lenrs ago. Mr.
Baker's discomfiture fa generally rogrotted by
tho rank and lllo of his party. In the first placo.
had he not teen ouchred out of tho nomination
by Van Voorhls's sharp trick of getting an
oarly convention called, ho would havo
proved a pretty b.ile candidato for tho
Iteptibllcnns. Mi. Bakor's reputation as u
worker for His constituents is llrat cl iss, and
he was particularly .uccossful in getting pen
sions for pretty nearly uvotv veteran orvvidovv
or child or an old boldlor that uppliod t. him.
The old soldlors of tbo countv swear or Bak-r.
and he could command their votos to a man.
J an oorhls. bosldes being personally dislikod
by many of his fellow mouibers ot tho bur .ind
others, has no such lumont of strength, nnd If
a good man is nominated by tho Jiemocrnts he
Is almost certain to bo olectod. Tho only dis
satisfaction oxniossed with Mr. Bnker's courso
was because ho securod tho lost Dllko for
Gon. lleynolds. tbo principal Grand Armv man
hero, ins-toad or giving It to cue of tho half
doen men who would huvo worked tlm m.i- i
thlno more to the liking ol tho i nrty bosses. I
'Jb Democratlo candidato will probably bo
Col. Greenleaf ol the t-nrgeut A liroenloaf lock
firm. Ho Is a man of considerable por-onul
popularity and unlmpenchnb'e integrity, with
line abilities, ami Is well verseu in nubile nt
lairs. There is every rea-on to believe that ho ,
will be tho next l.epresontativo in Congress
from tho Monroe district. ,
'Jho nndsworth-lloskins contest In the
Thirty-second Congress district, eomprl-lug i
the counties of Livingston. Oeno-oo. and I
Orionns. Is practically settled in lav or of Wads- i
worth of Livingston. L IIok ono ol tbo most I
Important towns In Genesee oounty, was car- i
rled for Wndswnrth yestotday by an ovei- '
whelming majority, and ho was victorious In i
almostevory caucus In tho coimty. As Wads '
worth in euro of his own ounty. his nominn- '
tlon may lie 6ufe y predlctod lioskins was
very unfortunate In being thrown from a car
riage while on u political mission about ton das
ago, and he wn for some time unable to prop
erly cunvabs the contestod county of Gcnesoo.
A. Taeclnatlon Blutlnee In tbo Flrat Cabin
of I.e. llourcosne,
A croup of cnbin passengers on the Troneh
steamship La Bourgogno who hud beon toned
by a polite lit'Ie Japanese stownnl nlled Paul
were somewhat surprised to learn on yatur- I
day morning that he was 111 with small-
Io.. Paul reported sick to the ship's surgeon, i
Dr. Jullinn just uftor breakfast had bocn I
t-erved. l)r. Jullinn told the passongers, somo
of whom wore in n vary anxious state of mind, i
that tho disease had not renchod thmonta- I
gious stago; In faU, it was just dotuloniug, I
und therefore not dangerous.
Health Ofllcer Smith detained the hhin when
sho got luio Uunrantlne jcslerday ufteruoon, I
and with two assistants and Dr. Juliiun vaccl- !
pnted all ttnvnccinated cabin inissengoiB who
had caton nt or near tho table where tbo Jap '
hud spent most of bis tlmo. Tvvonty-lvvo his- '
tors of ( hnrlty wero exempted Irom iuoculu- I
lion, HRthey had l.een varclnnted jours ago.
l)r, bmlih found onl a small number of tho
cabin pas-engers unpiepnrod ngnlnst small
pox. Not more than twenty or thlrti ol them
had to bare their arms lor tlm virus points,
jViimigatlng tho shin mid v.ici innting kent b"r
down nt Wuarantinu ln,t night. Hor cabin
1'ft-com.orn wore nlluvvol to eomo up on thn i
steamboat riotchor 'J iio fhln will bo p.ihsed
to day, just as oon ns overybody In tho stow
nrd's depnrtmonl and tho Hocrngn tia'-ongers
nro vaccinated '1 ho .Inn was tiikou to the Ito
ceptlon Hospital at tho f ot of J.ait SIMeeuth
It was low tide when thn Jlourgi gnn camo In,
nnd the ran ngiound while loiiudtng ro'iili
west hpll. A tugol tlio 1 touch lino helped htr
off about uu hour later.
Jlemora to JlMnnlbiil llHmlln.
Bavnoit, July 27. t-'nelo Ifannlbil Ilnmlln,
Bangor's love nnd prldo, Is to recelvo further
nnd Inntlng tributes of thn people's aflactlon
A new pnrk is to 1m crojited in n blghtly and I
broey part nl tho dntvu h.ist niotropods, und
It will be i ailed Hamlin l'uik. J urlhei than
tills, astatuo of tho old statesman will udoin
tlio now gtinle r.
Tlin Hitkera 'Win.
Clltco, July 27,-Tlio strike of 1,600 bakers
Inaugurated last nUht ended as suddenly as It
began. By this evening nearly nil the om
ployors had grunted tho concessions domnndod.
'Jhn journeymen have boon working twelve
huurs a day Hattirduys and ten hours other
dajH. By their xucccbsftil 61rlke tho men gain
a uniform ten hours per duy.
Hireet Cnr undue tor Charged vrlth t'oa
aplruci. Iltsldea the seven conUuctnra of the Newark Ftreet
Car Coinpanr arrested on liaturday nlk'br, two more
ncrr locked uplaat etetilnir charged with harlnir taken
nart In aionaptracy bynhlch the company has been
iletraiided omof aboutf lea weak for aniue time piat
Tliuae taken Into cuatody yestardav wero Irvinir 1 v, ictt
of the last Isewnrk line and 1-nvllle Wlnselt of Ihe
Hril-ville line lloth deny auy knowledge of the trans
fer th ket a rhanae scheme by uliiih, Uisallcffed, they
defrauded Hit couu any
Whore Yeetrrdnl'a Flrr Were,
A. St H Concord avenue and lclit street, Robert
llcnney s house, damage W
T, , -41 Hi. teoatory br ck, IKJ Ilowery. occupied by
liter a Harris, damaife l.tu, e&, IUJ TblrJ aTtnue,
damaieSV. 7 In, nve story brick. III Sianion street,
damaseirlllur T It', fire story brick, M Weil Tweuiy.
stub street, damate S2 H i . a Uroal street, orou.
pled by rrencb table company no damaire, no alarmi
lu so ilrat floor of 7J5 KHih street, iiamajte T7Si ll.uo,
IIS VVsilTweut) -third street, dauianaSli.
Uot, IIIII Ilowarda Two I.tro Navera.
Koaatanir srtnr-Sn July :7.-fliay es hpeedwelk a
waller at (Uu. Farias hoiaL was nearly drnnnel last
Iilsht while halhtnk Ile was rescued with meal dlttV
oultr by fattiing uaster llowland and natter McMs
lion To aliht i,or, III1L for the aucais oi the hotel,
presented a purls to llowland and Venation.
lltt VXIWltTS CO.VfJ(,fJ,l7O.V TO
Women Weeping at Ilia r-arrltnK Worda
Anothetr Tnkra Ilia 1'nstornlr, and It la
Not -t lUnnii 'Where Iln In (Jnlng.
Tho Itov. I)r. Burtsoll of the Catholic Church
of thu i:plphnny, who espoused Dr. Mclllynn's
cause, bnd fnrovvoll to his congregation es
toidny nt tho masses colebraiod In the church,
of which ho has been pastor for twenty throe
years. The Congregation of tho Propaganda.
Which has sustained ArchbHiop Corrigan in
his controversy with Dr. Burtsoll, hnd docrood
thnt ho must loavo his parish, and will. It Is
enld, send lilm to n country pnt Ish, nnd It only
romnltiod for Hi. Burtsoll toeelobrnte his fnro
well mnsos. J)r. Burtsell took his defont In a
Bplrltof leslguntton nnd at cadi of tho regu
lar onrly morning masses ho roTorra 1 briefly to
his connection with tho Church of tho
i Kplphnny and his removal. Ho counselled tho
I members of his congregation to nllovv no per
i tonal consldetatlon f. r him to interforo with
j their duty toward tlio Church. Ho would
alwn j s follow tho samopath.be said, and act
I to tuo best of his power ns a dutiful CathoIIo
prlost. Dr. Burtsell did not refer to tho cnubo
of his trouble with Anlibihop Corrlgnn.
At high masi, which was celebrated at 10:50
o'clock. Dr. Burtbolls congregation was largo.
Many of those present wato his personal
filonds. who lind known him Intimately , 'or the
Inst twenty thioo roars. They wero gtently
nfTectod by his farewell words, and somo of tho
j wome i present were In tears. Tho ltov. rather
' J. P. Lannlgun wsb thu celebtnnt nt this sei
vlce. Beforo tuoCiodo Dr. liurt'oll read tho
! gospel of tho day for tho ninth buuduy uftor
rontecost, nnd delivered a short bormon ex
planatory of It. Thon be said thnt ho had a
few words to say to tho congregation nnd
wishod to speak tothom at greater longtli than
nt tlio proceding eorv lees of the day. Ho sain
"Through tho mercy of God. from my earli
est childhood 1 havo boon raised up In tho
Catholic faith. I liavo lean under Catholic
Inlluenco nil my llfetlmo My Idoa was to
sanctify mvsolf through tho priesthood It I
could and thon to sanctify others. 1 can say
truthfully nnd honustlv. ns fai as I know that
I have never done uughtknovvlngl) that would
In any way ruovo nnv ono fioiu tho path ot
God and the love of Ills Holy ( hurcli. As far
ns I know I havo boon faithful to my trust.
There is such a thing as human frailty, and
thiough human frailty I mnv havo made many
mistakes, but never havo Iknowluuls boon an
unfaithful priest.
"Twcntv-throo roars ago, I remombor wll,
that wo commenced to form our congregation
here. It wtison tbo 1th ol .lanuai), lm.s. thai
we mot In tlio dispensary on a diner of
Twentv-thlrd strcot and Second avonuo. For
well-nigh two je.u- wo continued to hold ser
vices there. SltKo that tlmo no human motive
has prompted mo to labor lor jrni. I found it
ii duty ami a plinMire. o nro to mo ns chil
dren to a father, I tuko no credit for fullllllng
ii'luty. Inns In Gods hands. Wiion I camo
here first I wus almost ton voting to undortnko
such a work, but through Uod's grui.0 I per
severed "
Di. Burtsoll then to'd how tho church was
situated in tbo midst of acruwdod dl-trict, jet
how small the toiiurogation was. nnd how It
gradually crew, until now It In one of the finest
congregations In tho city. ( oiitinulug, be bald
"It will be v our dot v to earn out y jiir work
to the end. But 1 wish to siyn woid or two sot.
My heart is with you you will bo ever In my
heart. You will bo thn constant thought of my I
mind. I hope ou will take care to retuumbo.- I
me in your pr.ivors beforo tjod Prny, pray !
tb.Rtwoni.il bo unltod in Him, that wo may bo
taithlul to Him und to our Church. I will ,
nlwujhFoak tho goryofGoik J hone Ho will
give mo tho grace to pirsovero until the ind.
No greater gift has been grnnted to you than
that ot tho Catholic fnlth. Never say tbat )oii
nro warning lu that faith or lu jour love for I
Holy Church. I
"lo think that for any ronson connoeted
with mo anyone should In any wnv alienate i
hlmsolf or herself from the Holy Church would i
iauso mo more pain than all tho pleasure, f
havo derived during raj stay among ion could
emintoract. l'ray for me: pruv tbat nil ol us
may contlnuo In the path of nghtoou'-uoss aud ,
In tne love nnd fotr of God "
Dr. llurtsoil urged tho congrcgntinn to make
uso of thn buciament as the ihannols of that
f: nee which Hows from the wound- of Christ,
lo cloBod bis romnrks by snylni: Hint be would I
pr.iy for thorn during the celenrntlnn of tho
mas. and n-ked them to prny for him
A lntg'i i art of tho congregation left the
church at tho end of tho -ornion. Dr. Hurt
sell's future (a inihehnnds of tho Congrega
tion of tlio Propngnnda, and It is not known on
what day ho will lenve thoieclnry. Tho Hor.
Peter J. l'londcrga-t of llomloiit, who vvl'l suc
ceed him, will arrlvo somo duy this week.
rvx ox im: iivvi itAiix vnxiv.
It Wiib n Celebration ol .New Tlpperary
Areldent to it Child on thn ICIfiV Itttnge.
Tho ninth nnuunl oxoursion of tho Tipr orary
Men's Apsociatlon of New Vi rk occurred ses
torday. Associated with it was much more
than the usual amount of Idlarlt)-. 1 Ivo thou
sand adults aud nearly flvo hundred children
ptinlclpatod. 1 hero woro four barges, ono
I steamer, and n big tug to convoy tho excur
sionists up tho Hudson to llhorviow drovo,
i opposlto honkers.
iho event was mnrked by n tremendous
j nmount of enthuslahiu Tho fact that tho Now
Tlppornrv In lieland hnd recently 1 oen chnt.
tet od hv William O'lirlon and a lot of other In-
fluontial Irlbhtnon was used ns a means of
making tbo oxourslon n tommemoratlvo
event. Prottv girls wero thlckoi than black
berries in l'ullon Market. Wliliatn llayno fur
nibhoil forty musicians, and thoro wore twenty
Itinerants on board with llddlos llutos, Irish
nnd bcotch pIioh, and necordions, tcgethor
with htentorl.in voi.il organs In thousands of
throats. ' no bnign left tho foot of llnru-on
slreot, Biooklm, at ' A. M.. in d two i-vvting
nwitj from tho 'Ihlrty-fouith shoot. N'lth
Hit or. plot nt 1 J M o lock, nnelliour past thn
nlvoitlsol time n tlinr barge wis til,mi
up at l'J'Hli stieet. nnd then thn llntllia svvu(t
UP tho i hoi lU'iliUHt aHtnuigolib tide,
.'carvel j had tho luri.es i-laitoi when tho
dnnclng began. n tlio lower deiks tols
nmuseiiii lit was conllnod i c u-holi t , n.j re
K'litntho Inh ilauoei, such as ini Is. jigs, and
hornplies. Mich ' wlnu-kiiu' tho llur nin h
bowing .in I bctailng nml hu Ii pintlng and
no snlring havo not boon been for minis nilay.
Hut lordl-crootnoss ntnl in dints lull I roner
ndjiisiinei t uf i-klrtH tin bo liiperntv unit,
could not beuiciilled Iho jlgdntu oi wli at
tiacted thu moLt iitlnnth ll was jl tt lo .Ni lllo
Morrlrnu, who h is u vers slight ad nntnue
ovoi Tom 'Jhtiiiib as tn siro, Hei admliarH
fald that.althi null I oin In tiiiseitv Nellie wiih
a genu inn 'ilpierars girl lu nil inrti lohon an '
essentials (drlswilh auburn lialranduubutn
fiimklca also pattlelintod In llioso revels.
The dan ii g up Htulis waeiectnd to be of
noonvontlonnl kind to thn music f u rogulanv i
printed prngran mo. Hut It dogoner.ited Into '
n ill7jr whl'l ntrfdit tho dock, Tl o patrlotie
chatnetor of tho oai tirub n was Indnnted by a
vnisn of I'Outry on tho nrograiumu vrhfeb rnml
as follows
Hurrah f r Ihe men of TIppernrrTown
builili Parry c tu never put them dovtu
The are the men of Midi rrnoiru,
auiLerlo?ew llpperary
Bnyno's soloitlons iibounded In such Milo
slnn tliomes as "lviito Kenrnoy " 'Conno
niurn""ii'Donnell Abon," "halo Malloy," and
tbn I.lttlo.luBtVucen."
Thete was mi unlucky accident at the
grnvo. I.I7I0 tlio thiio-seai-old child of
llllnm Jordan of 'llil Ilnst 'I hlrty-sl-vlh
Street attomin.il to toddlo nernss h bbootlng
gallery range. I uforlunntoly fnr thuohllil n
Tippornry man flrod n Hobort rille nt tlio tar
got just as tho littlo girl came botwoen. 'l'ho
bullot btnak her in tlio nock, indicting n
sovore flesh wound Thoro was no doctor on
tho boats, and Jordan took tho child to Yon
kers, where sho tocoivod uucebsniy medical
caio. . .
It vv as i tin most buccossful excursion tho Tip
pornry Association has over hud. 'J ho steam
ers and I urges i ost thom Jb.'iti wlibh ih"y
nlmo-t got back by soiling tho bar iiilvlloges,
Ills rstlmateil lhat (rtii'i will be milled to thu
IiiuiIh in tho hands of tho tieasinor iih the re.
teuultol this tomiuomoratlon of NoivTlppurury,
'1 brew the Follcenaun and Jilt Illm.
Several Italians were standbif at 11 -'111 slreot and
First avenue at 0 o clock on baturday n In lit and I'ullce
man Clary ordered Ibcm away. All walked away.es
ceptlna- Carlo Slelbo, whn rsfuael to move and Ilia
omcer seised hlin by the collar and aiarti d ith lum tor
tbe nolloeatatluu They tiad a one but a fewsleje when
hteibo alnoped auddenly yraaped the olllrer by the letcs.
threw him aud bit ihe calf of Clary s rltu lea M the
station a loadrd it calibre revolver of Ihe hillldoir tit
teru wae founl In Melboa nrkat- In th Harlem
J'olice court sestt relay be waa held in (I oou balL
iiHlrat 't'riilna In America,
The swiftest Iralnaare run between New York and
Waihlnrion. via Jeraey Central, Heading and It, and
o. i arior cars va aU Iralus. utatloa (uot of blbsriy st.
-ailn i
3i.i it r vmr.i.ii's's j.suumax vathkir
Her Hfot-r nf Peraeentlnn Tlint Una I.aated
na JLoaa; sa Hbe Krmrtntiera,
An englnoer nnd a flremnn on tlio Now York,
Now Haven nnd Hartford Railroad saw from
tho window of their cab so strange n proceed
ing In front of n tenement hoti-o at f)4C llall
toad avonuo at ,!' P. M. jesterdny thnt they
stopped their loeomotlvo to tnko a hand In tho
! affair. A young woman with blood Mowing
I from her dlsiolorod face rushed out to tho
I stoop from tlio house, closoly followed by nn
old man. The man caught the woman and
I twlstod hor bnck upon tho railing. Mie
I writhod from him nnd foil to tho ground bolow.
j Ho was just ns quick, and In n moment was on
I top of hor with his llngoia twlnod nbout her
I throat. 'Iho railroad men wore on tho spot In
i a burrs", but tho woman's cries had been hoard I
by Detectlvo I.ockwood aud Policemen Nugont,
Giltnurton. and Jtinkor, who got thero first i
nnd made thn old man n prisoner. At tho
Btntlou house he told bergonnt Joyco that ho
wns Matthew Phillips, a laboror. CO years old,
and that tho young woman was his dnughtor.
Tho woman cams to tbo station lator with
two of hor hMoik. Mio said that thero are four
glrlsln tho fnmlly-SIiiry. ngod 21: Auna, i'Xx
Julia, IB, nnd Maggie, 13. Mary wustl.o ono I
j the old man ubtnulted yestordny. Tholr mothor i
died ten sears ago. Phillips was tho unmodur-
lng his wilo s lifo as ho Is now, Mary said.
During hor mother's Inst HlnesB he would boat
I her wl'h tho aieu-tomed rvgulailtv ho fol
I lowed In hor dais of health, boon nftcr Mrs.
Phillips's death Phillips inado Imiiri per tiro-po'-als
to Mars, then VI years old nnd -luco
I then sho nnd her sisters have had to withstand
lilui. ' l'vo thought olten that I'd like to hang
for him," Mary said, "and I've almost nut the ,
! nne about my own nock. Ask the nolgbbon '
1 how ho has boateii us and how many times
we'vo hud to sleoii In tho rain, under tho stoop,
I anywhere wo oiiid got, after he bad driven us
In this way from tho house," Marys Bisters
corroborated hor statement.
'I Im Phillips girls woik Innclgnr factory In
Third avonuo. neni liliith Btreot, and walk
Hits -oighl bloiks to thulr woik every das.
'Jlicio aro three biothor- In tho family, An
diow, 'J homos, and Matthow, Jr. The two
former long ago loft the rest of tho family I
to shift for thomse'vos. Phllliin has a long
grnv goatee, n 'toiunii nose, small, bleary,
gray esos. and shaggy gray hair. Ho Is
charged with nsatilt aud will bo arrnlgnod
In the Morribanla l'ollco Court this morning.
Catholic to Huke u I'llcrlmnEO to the
Grave ol Kntelf '1 esrnliiv Ithn ll. Cnniidn,
Aliiant. July 27. A large number of Cath
olics of this city and vicinity will go to I.n
l'rniilo Can., on Weduotdns. to witness the
ceremony of blessing a graulto monument
which has been placed over tbo grave ot
Katorl Tegnkwltba, a saintly Indinn girl of tho
Molmuk nntlon. Bishop McNeirney of this
dloeoso will olllclnto, and Archbishop l'abro ,
and mans ( nnadlnu Church dignttarios will ,
nttend. Thoro will bo throe sermons-ono In
Trench one in 1 nglish. nnd ot o In lro-iuols
tho latter to bo preached by Pathor Burtin, an
oblnto missionary.
Kutri Tegnkwllha was born In Ossernonon
(Aurlesvillo, N. Ir.lin lOJG. bho was baptled
nt t nughnaw.tga llondn, N. Y.i In 1(17(5. sho
hnvlng boon converted to Christianity by tho
Josult missionaries who thon had stations
nlong tho lino of New York fiom tho Hudson to
l.nko 1 rio. Persecutions nfter her conversion .
compiled hor lo go to tho outh bank of the
ht. I.awretii'e, wher- a vlllngo of indinn ccn
erls bad boon nlantod by tho missionaries. I
bhu died on April 17, 1 fl-l), at tho ago of U.
bho was builod whoro she spent tho Inst four
j ears of her life. Her grave has been a plmo
ofdov tlon over since. Among tho 1 rench nml
tho Indians sli Las bad thn rnpulation of a
s.ilnt. About a sear njri a he.nv granite
nionumei t was linked over her gruvu by do- (
vout admirers in Alb, ins.
Tne last Plenary Council of Baltimore solie
Ito.l the I opo to permit tho cause ol the In
dian girl s ounonira'lou to be Introdtued, but. '
according to tbo rulo of tie Congregation of
Peter, as bbo 'iled in ('auni'a tho matter must
bo taken up there Tho niosout movement Is
a stnn In tbat direction. '1 he llev. clarence A.
n,woribof M. Mars 's Cliurch. ibis city ises
jecialls intorostod In tiie eanonl.ition of
hntert. and a member of his family has written
a lilo of the Indian girl.
a jisAi.ovs liuxuAsn aiuiiDnisun.
Frank Stint When II Protealed Asralnat
llouclieltr'M lropnaul to Itlra. Frank,
Francisco Prank. 30 years old, residing In
Mechanic street, New llocholle. was shut and
klllod at 4 o'clock yosterday afternoon by Pnt
chcllo Bouchotto. I rank hnd for somo time
been omplo,od on tho now sower which is be
ing constructed In the vlllngo. Ho wns mar
liod ubont sovon months ago, and was living
Willi his oung and pretty wife in a liou-o
owned by Doputs Sheriff Thomas Baletto
Boui he! to. who Is a soung mnn, unmarried. Is
i nlbo employed on the now sevvor, nnd bonided
i at an Ita'lan hoarding houso half a mile from
I'rnnk'H hotf-o, Bouchetto boenmu infatuntcd
with Pi link's wife, and I rank became jonlous.
It is said that tho two men had frequently had
lint worls about Bouohotto's attentions to
Mis. Trunk.
Yesterday afternoon Bouchetto went to
Prank'b houso At llrnt the two men appeared
to bo friendly, and thoy diauk beer togethor.
j According to Mrs. Prank, Bouchetto began to
- talk to hor about leaving her husband. Ho
tnld Iter thnt Prank wns"no good" and that
Mi luu! b"tter como and live with him. Prank
i ori.n ml lloiu hetto out of tlio house, and ad-vnn-id
threateningly toward him. Bouchetle
I diow a thlrtv-eight callbm rotolvornml bred i
1 foiirshcitH. Tho bullets all struek Prank In tho
broa-t .uid ono penotrated the heart. Ho died i
iuslaiitlt '
Uouehetto ran out of the house with tho i
rim kl g revolver in 111 l hitnu. Ho Ihiewlt
n vv li in iiinnd btreot. Ollbor Metiulrk, who i
! wa-. In pursuit, ilckod It up nnd i aught Hon- i
1 eliotto ,ik In- was abiitit to enter lilts boiriling
hnuao I otieliettn nindoiio loslstunee and was
taken to the pcilic a station. '1 ho ( oronor cotn
mlttod Jit in 10 Iho Mi.io Pi iiriH jail, 'llirea
Itullai b who wltnn-bo I ihu murder weiotukeu
IlltO CUStoiil lib WitUObSOri.
axmi: auoonix ix a m:u loinx.
l'erhnpa the ornner'w .fury "VTIII 3o to He
lire Cnriian '1'o.iluy,
Tho body of Anulo Goodwin, who camo lo
hor death through malpractice was brought
to this city joolerday Irm St, Miehaol's 'om
etery, Astoria, and now lies tn tho front npiut
montof llcrmuu II. Ivlpp's undertaking tooms
at 1311 1 Irst nvenuo. It lias been transferred
from Merritt's pine box to a ylno-ilnod chost-
nut bo., which Is the most consiilcuuus object
ns ono enters tho room. Cndortakor Kipp
hlnn-olf neconipanled by two nsslstnids, wont
over nbout U o'clock In tlio morning
to Kt. Michael's Cemetery and got It.
Ho found It In tho gravo just as It had be on
placed after It had I eon vlnwod by tho ( or
onem jury ol rfportors about a weok ngo.
The boilr will b burled for tho third time at
Woodlavrn to-day. Ihero will bo no funeral
Ceremonies. It Is probable that tlio becoud
jury which hits been Impanelled by Coroner
MoHsomorwII! view the body to-day. In ordor
to i-avn any diflleully lib lo complications aris
ing Irom the fnct that ono jury was impanelled
to view tho remains nod another to hold tho
i oroner Mossomor roftises to tnlk nbout tho
cube. Ilnbays ho haH entered into an agree
ment with District Attorney Bedlord to huvo
nothing to suy
" thero nionino lawyers on the other side,"
ho said, ' and nil nf them nro searching tho
nowHpapois lor tnlormatlun uu to what courao
wo propofo to lake."
J liril lr u 11 n n g, nro ii Wire,
A ladly Iniulated wire of the I'nllrd I'lectrlo I.ltht
and t'uw cr Company running into flier Harris's fur
ulture store at I Jl Ilowery brouuhl out a section of the
Fire Department at 7 o clock laat nltiil by aettina fire
to the woodwork between llie lloor aud the bottom of
one of the show windows, (me of Iho electric compa
ny'a men put a few ralla around Ihe wire which had
done Ihe damage aud labelled It Haiik'er." ami (aid
some one would be arouud In Ihe morning and rspsfr It
An Oil Htlll Ilnrned.
The Tidewater Oil Compaii) loat several thousand do)
lars yeaterday by a lire that deilroj ed one of the IUUO
barrel ebeeaebox oil atllia of lu plum at fundable Hook
The comiany's fire daparliiienl put out Ihe Are. The
still contained aboot 7iaaibarrels of oil most of which
waa drawn off irom beneath aud saved. One mauwaa I
severely burned while HsulUg- the Ore, I
SOMKTlllXa VA1X1VI.1.V FAilll.IAlt
The Vlatlm of nu Aaaault on n Htnten
laland Ilont the Only Mnn Arrratecl
Whrn Ihe I-ollce Were Callrd In.
Whon the Stnten Island ferrsbont nrrlvcd nt
tlio Battery sliput nbout 'J ID Inst evening, nnd
aslx-hnrso tally-ho llllod with niomlicrs of a
coaching club nttatnptrd to drive nwnv thoro '
wis a cry for pollco nnd an attempt to slop Ihe
vohlole. Thero was pome loud tnlk for a mo-
mont, nnd then twopollcotneu cime ui. bov- i
arnl witnesses toll this story o'f w lint hnppeiied
A young mnn, halloas, coatings, his face
badly bruised and covered wlHi bb od camo
painfully forwnrd and t-ald ho wished lo make
complaint ngnlnst n man on tho conch who had ,
nssnultod him. Ho bent ovor with his hand
on his side ns though sullcring sovorely Irom
somo injury thoio. Ho picked out a man who. ,
hoBtild, had pouudod and kicked him on tho
lioat until ho was rosemod by other pnssengors. ,
Tho man uucu'ed nt llr-t donlod hiivlnu seen i
tho complainant befote. but llnally bald lhat
tho lollovv had aimojoil him nnd ho had
thumiudliim. 'Jlimcuiion one of the police
men sold to tho complnlnant:
" Suo here, If you mako this complaint s ou'H
bo locked up, too. Do sou wnut tu spend thu
night at the station houso.'"
The young man thought a moment, nnd then
madouphlH mind thnt justico wasn't worth
such a siicrdlce. Hedocidod to withdraw tho
complnlnt. Tho coaching man rojoliml his
Irlends, and tho battered voung man ht.nted
olf In the other direction. As ho tuned to go
ono ot the policemen gave him uvlolont punch
in tho back with his long ulutil stick. The vic
tim doublod up with a groan and tried to move
faster. Tho pollcoman followed him. and tin n
struck him a blow on the body with a full ewlng
of his long club. The byblnudeis cried
"Hlumel" bhamol""It s nn out! ngo."
The piotesls worn so loud lhat Iho policeman
desisted, ntid thuvictimllmped raiulullv anns.
Three nr lour meu, who has wltnc-bol tbo
policeman's assault, followed him, and in
sisted on knowing his number. '1 hoy found It
wns a.-Slik J T. Canavnn oi 2S0 Broadway.
Wllllani Anderson of 3;n Brondvvnv. nml John
Low of Pulton atroi-t. Brooklyn wont to the
(Jlil sllti station to mako complaint ngnlnst tbo
policeman. '1 lie Horgcant at tho desk relitbed
to take tho comi lalnt, uud directed tin m tu
Pollco Hoadriuartors '1 hey weto nbout to
start lor HradiUiu tor', when. to tliolrsurprlae.
pollcoman 2..'-U came In dragging the wren hod
soung man whom he had pievlousls clubbed.
Ho complained of him lor 'lighting with 'ho
mnn who llckod him. preaumablil. and lalsiug
a disturbance on the Btreot. '
lloth tbehorgenutnnd the pollremnn seemod
much disturbed that Mr. uinuvnn nml tho
l other witnesses should remnln while thocotn-
I plaint ugalnbt the young man. elio.-e name Is
James hvvoetioy anil who llvoBln Buoklsn,
I vvasmnde. '1 ho Sorgonnt gnvo them several
i hints to lonve. Beforo the chnrgo wa entored
tbobergennt was called nvvas from tlio desk
for a moment, and then tho prl-onor lu tears
and pain begged mercy of bis cat tors.
' It sou know how hard I havoto work tn get
nlong you wouldn't ticat mo thit, was," ho
' on shouldn't hnvomndo troub'o and you
wouldn't bo In this scrape. Whero aro your
hat and eoai-' eald the ooikomun
"On tbo In ut, iou know thero wa- no
trouble on the street," was thn reply
The policeman w is bothered by tbl fact and
Its bonrl'ig on the charce ho had rondo but bo
dldnt chanco tho necusalloii when tho boi
grant came back. '1 hen Mr. Canavnn and tho
others went to Police HeuduunrtiTs. 'lhoy
learned that tho name of the i olieemnn against
whom they desired tn conn Iain Ii l P Minlth.
'Jho ( nntaln in chnriro told thorn lo i all this
mornitg and outer their comiluint with ucl
ii g Mtpurlntendont Bvrnes.
Mr. aunvan doclnros that ho will push the
o.ise vlgnrouslv against tbo 1'olkeman. nnd he
dosiros ihrvt otlier witnesses of tho nlTalr will j
communicate with him. "Of course the soung
man would not havo been arrested If wo had :
not taken tho olllcer's number for tho purpi so I
ot making complaint ile had to hunt him up
und ariest him thon. In order. Jo provide sopin
shallow of n case In bis dofeneo. bo wo am
icallv reponsible for getting the soung man
into tho last part of his trouble nnd 1 i roi,nn i
to cot him out or it If pcslblc. Home of the
pn-bungors on the loat tolil mo that ho was
nttacked without cause, and that liilf thn
members of the clob jolno I In pounding and
kbklng him beforo he was roscucd by tho
other passengers."
It Coaiea Ruck to the Oivner Without the
Hell ill u. Cbarite of Felons'
A tall, good-looking man who said that ho
was Count blovnnolT. drove to tlio Thirtieth
streot stntlon nt 1 o'clock yostordav morning
and told bergoant Sheldon that ho had been
I robbed of a $51)1) pearl pin.set with diamonds, in
tho Alpine apartment houso in Thiits -third
street. He said that ho hnd mottvvowoli
drcssed jouug womon lu tho btreot on batur
day night nnd thnt the) went with a malo
I filend of his to the hitter's rooms initio ajpino.
Detective lliett stalled out with the ( ount
! nnd met the two young women nnd brought
them to the station. 1 lies admitted that thi y
had been In thoiount's company but denied
I all knowledge of Ida handsome scurf pin. 'J he
I Count In turn, refused to press mir charge
ngnlnst thorn. The hours after the discharge
of the women Detectlvo Brott recovr-d thn
1 pin and roturnedltti tho llus-lmi. Attach
of tho Alpluo said Inst night that tnoy had
fover seen or hoard of any ono mibwering th
lu-fllnn's deserlptlon. nnd declared thnt no
such ndventiiio n- bo nnrratod could huvo
hamiened In thu bulldlncr.
a viiniAii.tx isi.3id. nr a ciuw.ii:.
The Iter. Chnrlre W. M xrsliull I.nnka Tor
the rtpredy I 'on vera Ion of II I m t n tin Irs ram.
A n itlve Chlnose, nonrlng tho full Oriental
colume with uueue and b)i ivon head occii
jilod the pulpit of tho Church ol tlio .Strangers
Inst night. 'Ihu i rem tier's name In ins own
languaqo Is Tsche ."he De; tho iiamo given
him In baptism, by which ho Is known now. Is
I harlos V, Marshall. Ho was bap' lo I In tho
ltev. Dr. Dooms nlotit twenty veaib ni;n hii.I
i-Iiii n then hns done pilbloniiis work In China.
'Ihe sermnii wiib dnlivored In ovcellnpt I ng
lish lie selected ax I, Is toxt tbe Wiiiils "hsr
does lli. heathen rngn ' ' Hi guvn u I rluf out
lu.o of hib uiissiiiiiary work lnlnni the dull
cullies ho eni'iu.nteio.l, and li,s ii r snquut
suciess Twenty veals ngo It was m,i s e f r '
nthiislfan minister to iniori u no. th, elty
of lemplo . Now them nrn ihimhns in that
vers city, ns well as hospl als and bel Ih 'J hn
I readier thought tho(hliiee would boiomo
Cliilstinlis nt Iln distant day ami bald thn l.oid
wan leservtng the minus uf gi nl nnd s hoi in
China Mill unopined fm the prut ligation of
His rolluiou and tho building of CuiUiinu
Correellnar Xliirrili' rnaua Itelnrne,
llurrti o, July 27. 1 rom tho flgiuos ol tiln
able It appoais that tho Invcbtigutl' n of bpo
clal ConBiis Agent P. T Yood will ndd about
400 names to tho census of Buffalo, and lhat
the pihvIoub ebtliuate of this illy' popnlnil n
by .supervisor Douulnss us '.'Vi.l'JJ will be In
creased over 'l.niHi unmes, making the poiHihi
tion uf Buffalo approximately '.IJ-t.uUJ.
A Sfonaler Coal Itreuker,
DKirroN. Pa., July 27. Ooxo Bros, ACo bao
complotcd survesb and will ntonoo begin the
oroctlon of n new coal breaker to bo con
structed wholly of Ir in It will huvo a caiuie
Its' of .1,000 Ions ier day, and when completed
wl'l be ono ol the Inrgest In tho nnthruUto coal
Holds. It will cost over iloO.UOO.
Tailor I.evvle Captnrea n llurglar.
Kdgar Lewis and till wife were awakened early yes
terday mornluirln the roemln the tear of their tailor
shop at t.OPO Bedford arenas, Brookls u, by a suspicious
noire. Mr Iewls satisfied himself lhat absrvlar was at
work, and. Jutnplnsout of bail, seised a big shears and
rsu Into the shop. He found a man aborting some
clolhlnj! on tho counter and seized him vrlth his left
ban 1. aud brought down tho ehcare with the other
band with sueh force mi Ihe heal of the burylar tiial
1 e eurienderel without allowing much liilht In j r
vent Uiepoaalbluty of Ihe I urrflar a rsraieMr l.iia
forced hlui to ihe floor and lieid him down m tit... I ta
wife opemd the door and raited an alarm I'd n m oi
heenau of Ihe llatea areliue stallou rapolidrd an I lo k
tlie burstar Into custody He said he waa Jw h
Nlohols, a ftremsn JJ years olu, of llelmore 1 cii
Island, lie was locked up after the ambtilanoe aurjiemi
bad put half adorensiliciieaiu hiadamafid bead Ha
entered the store by rllmblns' tbroiitiii ihe lanllirht
borne clothing which he is supposed to have ihn wn
through Ihe fanllubt loacoufederate was fuuud uu ihe
Hoacoa Cnukllnu'o Hlatcr III,
Mrs Manaret C. C, Sisele the eldest slater or lbs
IsteKoaeue Coukllnf ledemrerouely m at her I oin la
York street. Jeraey cits bhe it 7U rests oil lor
more ihaii twenty saarashs was an iurcirs In Ihe
i CuilotuUoutslu tills illj, a
'-ir tvitt: ion loxsvmvtiox.
Ir, llurt Tlilnks Wulrr I tbe Orent Item,
eill ol the rntnrr,
CntcMin. July J7.-TI.ij announcement that
l)r W. II. Burt would ep am u new theory In
tho euro ot consumption cnu-oda large nttend
nnco nt la-l night's mooting of the Chicago
Modical Hicloty. light im ntlis ngo, when
rending of the wonderful ch mgo brought
about lu the obesity of I'ntuo Bl-murck
through refraining from Iho use ol water
and carbohydrate. It occurred to Dr. Hurt
lhat an opiioalto troattnont might to result In
tho euro ol nil wasting ill eases. His ovpeil.
incuts since have juntilled him In the stnt
mont that evie-sM) eating and the ovcehslve
uo of water will euro Iti per 10m or nil inn
ai mptivo casus In tlioil Dint and sccoii I
lltinM lalned nt length tlie tonla itifltieneo
and puwoi in litiildliig up tissue pos-es-.o 1 hy
watei, which lorms throe lourths nf the hn
mau body, and said that even In heath six
t Ints n ilny wero necessary to meet thu water
waste, nml In disea-o twoive pints ohnrtfod
wl.li embolic acid Tho Doctor assorted water
would ulva tbo lifo to tint sss om uud H-hiios .
dcmituded In i oiisumntlon. Iln pionouucod
tbo biicierla theory so populai of Into to bo .
puto 11011-01 so,
Ills treatment consisted of Iho frco uso nf I
wntet evnrv hour In the day ulro hours' sloop
logulnrlv, and If possible the o i or mountain
ail. Above nil. the patient must look upon the '
ilrltiklig of wntur as his lite. Iluredltv was i
the gi out danger und Dr Hint advo'iited tbn ,
pa's ng liv t ongioss ofnlnw for1 bbllng the '
mnrrliinn of ouiisiimptlves. With this In lotto, j
101 soius fiom now r uistiluptlou would uot
e.Is; in tho I nlted Mules.
a i a iii nit m i nimnr.i).
Trunlc I'uitlns ol a Street Fight In is Call.
Inrnlit Tnvv n.
rnr.!No, Cnl., July 27.-John D. Tlske. Inwyor
and opein house munngerof this cits, wns shot i
down nnd iuslan'ly kll'ed last night by Joseph '
T, Miln.nn. nn Inventor. Tillman hnd boon '
hunting lor I isku all day. and found him nt (1 I
o'clock Inst ovening bt.iiullng in front of the ,
Grnnl (cntrti! Hotel, bcvotal blawa woro i
struck, and both moil went toward tho mlddlo i
of tho street, 1 Nko then turntd nnd ran up
the street, i losely followed by ritillmnn, who
hnd a rov Ivor lu his hand, billlman llred a
shot Into I lbko's bnck. 'J bos still continued
ru nlng. and b ion a boeond shot was lliud, fol
lowed by a third at elo-o quarters.
.lust as tho wounded mnnnnsf.illingforwnrd
on his face, billlman, with rev Ivortn hishnnd.
ran aiound tho prositntit bodv and walked
ncrohs the titoi. Ills right arm wn-. bolrod by
a policeman, btdlman etruaglo I in thu grasp
I oi seiornl inon who ran to Hi sIhtanco of the
o fib or. 'J bu prl-onoi was hurried to jail fn.
lovvod by it liigo i-rovvii. Hskewas taken into
a drug Btiitu, with 'ho blood str, am ng fr. m
hlBlips He was gasping fnrbieitb und as
bo n as he was Inld on tlio lloor ho dlod.
btiilm in as"ertji th it the 'In ottng grew out
of an attempt of 1 lake to blackmail him. Ho
i says Hko has bi on domandit g half interests
in certain i litems ot hi-., and tlirenteuine that.
Ill less bt lim,in gavo him sticli Interests iio
I would tell urs. btiliniHn of an nllpgod lnti-
I mncv of her luibband vvltli another woman,
htlll man do, l.m hu was driven to dosiioiatlon
by I ikob thrciita.
lie I.eTf tile Fulheia House Xl Yenra Asa n
I.ud ot If and vi ute filira L l lor lleild.
I lll.vDisn. Ta.. July 27. Tnii loon soars ago
young Anthony bteigerwuld. tho seventoeu-jo.ir-old
hon of llunas btelgorwald of this
cits, jroprle i r of a liolol r n the eastern sloio
of Mount Penn. siu'denly dlsapi eared from
bonio li was conjectured nl Hist 'hat ho bad
followed ,i trivelling cirem fni n lark, lie being
of n naturilly ndientur. u dlbtosition. No
i inforiiuitlon whatever was received fiom him.
hnwover. although eveis possible olb.rt was
mado to ascertain his whereabouts Grad
uiillv thn linpio'slnn cs.lnnd luneneythat the
boy mtibt huvo uioi vvitn somo dioudiul mis- i
hap. und n'Wi i n vv s nts ol nnxinus vvai.ing
his i.irenls and relati gave him up lor
do id. I or sears I is nntuo line not t eon nton
tton,'d in tho Mclxorwiinl hoiiseholn oveept
tin ono no longer numlciol among the ih lng.
Judge of niorstodv's surprls and delight,
therefore, when i n Wodnesilas Inst the young '
man mid' h s,ipp a a coat the Melgornalil
hoiHn-teid.il tnll hnndboiiio blacj.-l e.irded
fellow of )(. Alihiuuli until that moment
Ilnnlv boliiiv d ti f,e doid he wns In-tantly
li'cgni'ol I v Ills mo'hor. who embraced him
nnd went tuars ol ns ovei tbo prodigal's re
turn. Iio was not in tlio demoted llnuiif I tl
(ondltlou in wnieb rotitining pio dgals Hnd
thi 'iibclvosusiiiills. but la i ro-poroiib and wed
to do. Norsrlhuli -s the lignrattvo taited i alt
wns klllo I in hi-, hoi, or am. there was ,i bliss
'fill rouiilon In the bt, grwa!d l.ituily that
night, lie stranger has an IntereMlug his
tors to tell of his adveiituios in tho UedL.
jjss y's di.s.ii vj .iM.vcr.
Ilnan't Iteen "Seen rSlncr she Tlelted f.nm
brrtTllle Netirlv 'Iliree Week .Van.
j TliiMiiv, July 27. Mips I.iio I.owi". a
young und hand-omo be hi oliuNtro-s at Pen
nington, is io:oito 1 as mibslig miuo July 10.
bhu taught a bdio d just outside of tbo village,
and boarded in Pi niiiugton bho loft early on
the uu ruing of ho. disnn, enranea baying that
bho was going t5 Wumlsvllle. nbout five miles
illbtimt to "petid :ho ibis-. It Is learned that
sho leaiheil I ,nni oitvillo whero hoi aged
giandp.ironts live, tho b.iiue day, ami tha; alter
stnylng with iho u nn lo in or two sho Init,
declaring that it was not I eco-'-nrs lot her to
return to 1 an ington at c nee. ns -Im in undo 1
log i in Now 'iork iho novtiliiv bho i died
that aim lad boon to w nrk some tlmo
boioto, mid bad boeuio I emtd s meiil as a
c.isliloi at a sun ir lo-orl on Long I-laud,
but tlio i i 1 d Iks i' in t einembor it- nam".
Xolldlii'sof 'ho vnung woman have hlnre
roailied elthoi i.i"bernllo or Pennington. I
nn I bet lolativi s and fiionds are giealis d s
tios ed Mie gimliialoil Imin I entiirigtoii
re Miliary bi soir-, ag lior bailing and
olhai ers mil pr ! oitj Is still at Penuiugtcii.
1)1(1 ril.M) 1 lilt AX AStlHtUAUl .
The Vmlirla WniLa liv the I, end lor Four
llnuri fllfl -, hlniiei in li,
Tho steauishlp I'tnliriii would havo made a
ijuickcr run frt m Uuceiibtouu it tho valve ef
one of hor eng nes liadn t gut out of order at lu
o clock mi bntuid.i) in I nun, when bhowasoff
bblnnos ck. Iloi engines worn Immediately
Rtni'l vil .' "t.u ling-taken lo Hnd nut if tho
ship could Im iirclioiod s owe la ilenth id ill
fathoms, bhn v ii ,il avi d to ,'iiit -homward
lot foil i nmiii. in a lilck n.- i ut.l -Im r, iiehud
adi-itiio' i, ikil.oms -im v a- niiih red -i
p tire bnloii) the rei ri tu ihu eligllio wutu
cotiiplcle 1.
t nniie'lii esralera Ilnlnu; t rll
Ht TrvM t-ro, Ji It 27.-ThesrhoonorD.isli-Itig
Aui) hi r vid hero to.dav fiom baud Point,
Alaska biii'ging io.ts of tie im.iliiig lleot.
Thetonling ves-i Is nuvo ill done we, I, having
caught from lui to Wild teals oneli. 'Jh;s
enr soalors rrmUTOUbeil at honishi Il,iud
ins oad ol baud limit. All the i-euler, sown
ti uu in niimlei. Iiavo left foi I ehrmg bi a.
'Jho lliltlsli sehoonei Lilly did not ai pear and
fetus nro oiitertnined for her hnfetj-, Tliorov
ii n no cutler Jlichnrd Hush uriived nt band
Point on July 10 ind left two dais latter for
SJilMy Stitrta u .Nevi mi per,
Wn KMUminr. Julr i'. A neivbundny pnpor
made its apiiuaiauce in J'lfs'on t das', 'ihu
Wllki hb.irro Ann vuer will wiy to-morrow
that iJliay N bin k of It, and ll ill Iho " Pemibsl
anla boss lias already begun to work thn coal
legion-." Ins i li.ui tin btarllug iiuvvsi,ii ers
In the coal regions Is for Im turpi mot r lo
cating labor in oinrs "ni:i 'ss and I eglslntivo
ilisirlei theiubv dividing Ihu Deniociille vote.
'J he .ifi" li i i alno b.ile that uioeron ami
i.uiay n i ii working to-eifier nn I warns the
fliclids ol luboi to be i li their guard.
Illeil of I niii'ei, Vm'cl 111 Yrnra.
CitrsiNN.. Wi July 27.-Mrs. Hannnli
b'ullivnu died ut her homo at N'uiveastlo, West
orn county, siB'erdas. of cancer, ucod 111
soars, bho vras bom in Ireland nnd came to
America In ls.i.'. bho mariled twlcn nml md
tun i lilldiirii wns thu grandmother of loity
persons, and win groat gtandn oiberof tueius
tvvo. bhu enjoyed go, d health mobt of her life.
bVAJitt 1'ItOM Mi: TVI.EUlt.lt'H.
Tlietarlcf lerses las been appointed llorcrnor of
New b "Hi Wiiiis
A drsi an li from p kana yl ssajs that tt o lonacf I
Wallaif, ltlali'i is bum ua dunn, i
( I H E I
thi: sTKAvsiuv uur.iao comi:s z.v J y $iH
ri.yi.io a uit,ii:i:s biuxit. I hi I iS
Win Unit 'rufblj.srveii Ciiltlrmrn Almnrd t jy tH
And ll Small lien nnd Ihe itllcmeu. , ,11 T ljH
Itun llie Isliln-Di , inli on t-lolbn Air. I, ;!i;ffl
IwentS'-bovoneatllemo i. innnr of whom no fin, I nil
nulre I tho louglincBi a 'patently Itidlspunso- fi U
b'o lo their buslne- bi aponllng thoir Sotitu, ' ij CM
In l.lnveuth iivaiiun mail) I ipl. Morgan p n?lll
mid thoolllccis of tlu M sou lino steamship ij fjll
Chlc.igo. which a rlvod yesteidav. very uu ' (i ifS ftU
coiiifnrtnbleon tho vovngn lioiiil.onilon. Thosr fc III
pruticiilly ownol tho bhip for six or bovou y S hi
bonis on tho night or Jiils Mi), when nearly nl! fll
hnlf of thmuuut bllanoti-ly drunk on B.isb'sj I 1 1 10' Hei
ale which they stole Iroiii tho rutw.ili! hold, 'tliSllI
bs breaking open the hntcli. ' 11 JmI I
I'nttliiiieii Ubiirlls blan thoshlp'bnrtlc'esnncl a, iM if; 1
como back hero u itiilu ills as stiller men. Thoy ,, ,1 'ft j) I
don't il i inn woik, however. Two wcol.b, idlo L'l!s ittl
no-s iitio.ud ship doesn t do them any good. HfV"' !l
'llmv ih-s uwiir tlm din s pUsing cards, got- ' i: IF'J Kj I
ting drunk, and lighting Ihu cattlemen who flii Ert Irl
left London on .lull In mi tlio t hievgo .vera r?'i' Jill
a little tougher Hum the ti-nal lot, ' Irf'.li H
'J wo d.ivs titer the bkiti bailed buvcral !. ' V VI
ol tl em v.aro might tLiiuu down tha 11 ill fill
cntllo ten-. When tho -econl in iln askocl ''Hltl! ! ill
thom what thus meant tin's .ins'vercd that; j-J'i 1 1
thuy waiitid innie Uioiu in luoineti nle in. The) ' i jVj JB
second mate told tli'tii to btop ll, in.d thoy 'i'i'l
threatened to do h m up If lm dl In t spcalc ij H ' C'M
clvills. Hosol lliem todcbist by thre.iloiilnif i t'?! '
to report the iniittor to thnC'ipt.il . f)m ot 1 fai1 Vm
thom bald that II they vwiou't trea'nl vvltli I, ) Jft JM
more consideration they would 'call up ihes Vis - !
buy-" and (lies would tal.'o ch irge ol tbo -bin, J W,
As tlinm woro otils twelve men .ibutoduck? !n8'H
and no Hreaims almaid. tbo i-oruu I mntw ,li TM
looked upon this project as imp on-intls fo isi j "I j "filt' IM
ble. Jho i iittiniiion had preits mueli all tbn jl ('''.W 'ftB
liberty thus wtiu'ea nnd thes v.an ed lots of f J j ii'; '1
It. 'J hey strolled Into tho Captain's ; abin when ' W
ho wii'n t thcie land n molime-when he wasi. . s W JS
and iiiailn lliem-olves numisi a- tiim h at liomis , kk fjj-i JM
us If they wMie cnpirtnciH lu command. ',,i .'Jil tU
On luly IS one of tun ariei hateiios. near ,l$ iU
which the oattlii)enleplinlinpriiVl-o I bnnks, All fl
wns loiiiul broken open .Nothing hid boon ill xjtt
taken Ir m tho a uuo in thy i.o d lhohiiteli j IVmiV fl
vv is battened d wn again. Th'ii somo ufthej I t f Stllii
cnitloiiion went forward lo sloop, lis It wins ' fvfJII'B
oolor there. i.i liK 9
1 'I he who.oBhlp s compans was nrou-od br it- 'V jfjS ifl
fight In the cnttlumon'b t ow uunit' rs nn tha i . . Jg 'jM
night of nils M K do-en r more ut theui r f f 'el '(
werodrunk. 1 hos wotoa Icuve I to flghl it out. " j"''
'Iho thlid matn louud nut e irlv next dav where) f-j m
they h id got their il juor. onoor tlio cutdo- I H s j SI MH
nun mistaking the inato for a common snior, I . ff ; IJ'M
took a I" ttle of Jiuss out of a nook lorvvaid . tS !M
nnd gave It to him. Thn ma'o rein rteel L v?l ItH
to the cnp'aln, who," nioi mpantod by ' a 1. , liJH
sumo f the h.il'oii, wi nt lotwarl and I .l .tkH
loiuid lh h.ceh brokou open ngilu. aud three) f1 4' hi Stl
men Ising bebi le I ti ind diiinl., limy w-ora J, &' 'a SUM
hu-tled up on doek protts roughly. Arimnmi- I ljt ilfH
I unttoii li wed that about ten no en bottle- ot i ,j 'j.yl 8M
I llass had iron btoUn f otn the ( ngo. l'ho) f f-jI!!JM
, thioe latL'emen ware waincd lo keeti away I' a j( pM
from tho cargo. Ihev worn not loi'.o i up or i ' ,u! I I'jM
nut lu ii ns. bo.auao tnov lull too iiiiiny !' JlN :CbI1
friends aboard, who the I npi.ilufonre-l. mightj ' i!rj ifM
do some mi-chlo to tho ship JslN ',
When ("apt. Morgan got into pert yestoi day ' C. TRUtH'iM
ho ent tie Ameile.in dag up to the iiit.eu ,'t wk H-'M
with the iiuiiui down. 'I h blgnal was w en by t v'is ftl'M
tlm Pollen Hont Patrol, which was , uniniz , ,i r !
down the North lilver frniii a crul-e Willi some i PS! M
eicur-lon barges Biiape. tod ol violating the) Jl'l'Sl i!M
l.vclso law. (apt. Morgan pointed nut thn si. ? ; HIM
three cattlemen ntid they woto nrre-to I .ind i ft! wrM
taken iboml the Patrol. 1 bey am He rs AU i u tW !)M
llson Jiiuies Tyn.in, nnd Johu M'jNam.'.ui. nil ' ' li I.eJ hMI
of tnisciis. iiSt (IU
"i IR! tfaaal
ri-j Mini
A Iteport Tbat I.nnil IIui Itccn Hecitred) i h jr fcp H
lot u I.tirse t olnn. M f Yf H
bT. Loi'io. July 27,-During the nogro exodus i ,7H$;KbB
fiom tho "-outh ii few months ngo, when muny i18t!pl
thousands of mmoos loft tho Mrgir.las uud .,j.fB
Caro iins fo- Miabi-slppl, luinsis. and Texas, S 'ijMr(jB
I J. Mllto i Turnet the colored politlciau and ; -'f TOl'flB
Under, wns bp ikon of a- a moving spirit .in 'VimIi'.H
tho trintportntion of the mcmi crsof hla race. 1'!hB
and placing ti em in their new home-, fvinca i ) j .ji ' H
then -evi ilsfrles have been tol I nf a s hemj ,j fjfJj.'H
Mi Turner was hatching to tratit ort uu in- I iOil'M
niunse colony nf necroet from thU eltv ,iud , iU f JH
Icii.it r to a tin t of land in ioa-. erill a- ,, JjniH
tlon ot this sti.ry toiiohil the city ve-tcnl ir ilflvi TMl
in n rotiimuulon'lou from New otk to Mr. '-sB
'iurner. i W Ml
It is understood a sndicnto of vvenlthv men i .iV'S sl
have pui r linsoil 0 i,ui,u ii lesuflnml Ir, m the) ttS 'Ml
Mexican imvi rniuont n t n liinnlre I miles j f,fi 'jM
from the eltv of vlov.io in a fer'iln va.les'. It i',1 -WSiWiMl
Is tbo Intei tlon 'o loiailite it with i.-grocj j ? AySiaMjl
from the i into I bt.itn- iho iiuverninont has , a f t5 -JMa
protn bed (iruledlnn Irom tho rl, rtiniil ln ' Jfi'MB
habitants and given other guainiit, ns Mr. . . j.JK M
'Junior has in Icm-d tn tbe studieii,) Hint, j ij;tM
should they -i euro tbo land nnd o cr li dm o- i, . '"ijlJ'jMl
inents which would clenilv show lot'ieiiegt' ni , 'flJJi'sMja
that tholrconditlon w mid to crinn.'ed loi lh I jlltMj
1 otter In the new lionm hnioi'dleail a hirgej ., 8k 'M
colons and ponulatn tlio valles at short nollca. '' fli'iM
A ( enaiis 1- inauet nlor Arri'-leit, r MVIlaH
Punvin-.s.-r,. fitly 'J7 Siunurl II. A Vi was f , .,& iMI
arrested in Docks lirook iVillare voiteilns.oa ' '?';J
Complaint of Prof. Alo'iro IS III mis uf 1, o,vu ' i H
Lniveisity, who is bupenriti n It- t uf thu 1v Mel
I iiiti'd b.atos C-n-Ui, fm I bode ls.,iiJ Allen ' i niH
was ooinmissloned a-nno of the iiuniciatoi.-s l'"B
lor thu we-l bide of till-o ty. and hinl b"in it ' ' !l!h;Mfl
work in a da-ulloiy in uu or lor ah ut two) j'liMl
week-. 'J hen he jii I. ind uont to Jl.is-.mhii- I s ' MJ
sells, rem lining tloio until titoir t- ago. : ' ,, MJ
when ha to iiriieil and vrotit to Kek Jirnok. if . MH
Pioi. William-chatgi- Minn witu i og'-ctiuir t'T MH
an 1 relustng In do tbn y, o.- wit li lie , i . . ''a j MJ
sworn tn i iris nut. Al.oti I oiled n t lilu, 4A Bl
and was toll lor e to inniion 1 1 was for- ! 5tiMl
luerly na Ibtaut '1 ll il .nistl e umloi Urn .liistl ii ( Jllf'MH
(nuit -vst, in nt W.tkoi'eii, in tu" in u o , if't MJ
bouth lvirig-liiii. and Ini, r was an iis-istaul tu , s, yf.t MH
llliss in thu J n-t I rov.,,i neo Diiin f louit. . J '.vlt.MH
I i' ' ?HMH
Ihr Wnillirr. ' "'I'jMM
Talrwivltier preraiel overlia eut re i imlry year i j&Vnl
ter.lns i vrept f, r t eavr rillia I in i t' nlii Ai autlo tfJ9VJ
i n I I'Ulf rua.t-i At hrtr e-li, i l m I ? f rl l tell I 0)JflVai
ni.ltotira .it-ivamiat I ami I ,a sain ille r vf2F4
1! e l.i: i j is. nn. in it lor nel nu li . o uii stlnitlo J1 mHI
c iih on -imr.lair it ve r'1 i n.ilrra r joicrilny, v .till
ninl incrrva il llei heal III a I lh Atlni 10 st ites tut ; ll
' the u ar i. at prrt of Ihe i i mr u li I e s IliKtlt. , ' tf ifl
w h, ro l'ie e-ariil inn la in, reaa lit a' il ini'Mni; mora I 9H
Hi lh ii.lnml Vtlt b I) pak lieu r n'St place, S H
the leinteratiire Im dir'l I".3 al V nn-lii' '- Minn, II t1 IflVfl
a'i- lit I i Hip aurio null c 'Isli" i .' Iiiwe.tiaa ;B
II. lie hiuitlils Mai inue In,'!! in -i itfl. en tla a IHJ
mil allJ i.v, rsr I 7- 1 1 r cell for il e l ii m till city. a
The I n'lif.t in ii-rn i ent teinr-rnt r her nil H2' ,
In, i 111.' u ml fhltlel I in n rlinett II I 9J
m ui i, 1 ti, a inn aio u, krluili aor into this iSVJ
a l nit HH
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