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fill .vr ve"vf tv vf. i?" .' r-"yT I
Ms bum. rixmsn lticu rr.Acnn anovxn
II a .o. a cai.uuiixia uirvits.
j la i A Orntnrleal Nury t Prlvnlft Cot In
I:I rv Mexlrn-ltuanlnic a Hie Tunnel In
III j hnrrxl Idaho Mluea-A FrrhlMorlc
IIJIPJ Aline In Arlrnna-llngllnh Investment.
Iljl f,AV rsciM o. .Tnly 19.-Itl"h nlocor Ground
y 1 Imi Uo4 nponod bolow Dead Man's 1 Int. noir
J Downlmille on nolalm lliivt lifis been locutoil
11 ni.dhaM many tlmos since ISM Thn nitmor- I
WM cun locators f f tho f nlra fallod to muko It pay, j
i" Lifatiso tho liil r' L 15 Innor than llio rltr. i
M' I ml tl.or roil! J not hnml.4 tho wator. Tlio
jf I Movnit hoI'SV c! ttio claim Mit In u lor.'O
if lumpnr, ontm tod tho wator till they ri-aeh-
if '"sfr r(1 '"'' ' "' roc,..vrhpf thoy tftolt out ft jmts it v (
Hid' ' ooar.o cold by shovel'lliic tir.dcr tho water. ,
fir! There Is n lone stretch of cround on tho lint
Hftjjj Hint no or hai boon worked, but with tho forco
jSjMj tump nil of It can bo mined.
Jr! a 1)0 hyilrnult" nilt.OH of Bl'sklyou county aio
l proilueiuc well this season. About tV)JW
ll wssihlppod from Vroka to this city Inst wcok
JJf from tlio Nalmon lllvor district, mid tho Klu-
m math lilor minors are nil tuUuc out pay
HI If Tho El Dorado nnd nihop mlnoi of PUcor
j! county nro pawns JlOndaypormnn.
fllil I Monro Amsn of Amndnr, whllo out hunting
ill Jl Block In tho i Inltr of ,unrtz Mountain, found j
ilt s lidco t1 at promUos to clve n boom to mln-
lnc In ihV oictlnn. Tho lodye Is four foot wldo
1 II j on top. with "Into foot wall and almost vertical .
J Bl hnnclrij wall, hm boon traced 1,700 jnrd". nnd
I II; jl shows fioo cold nnd sulphurots In pnyini:
I nil Quantities
I III Tho Mooro itmrt.i mlno In rine,or county 13
I ir turnlnc out nro that pays SLOW) n day.
lljljl A itriKo In reported in tho ll.irron mine.
1 1 H about thirty mllm northeast of Fresno. Tho
fj main vein ts composed of froo mllllnc cold
ij quartz, nnd hai been sklmmodoer byltsarl-
Ijjjlj ous owners lor about 3.W0 loot durinc ttio
past thlrtj yonM. J.unrly ovorybody who 1ms
lljijj worUod tho eiu Ims mndomonoy. but nosy-
Ijlljl temntlc nilnlnc hns boon dono until roi'"ntly. j
I II 'II Uho present owners hao sunk two blyilts l'H) ,
u ' fett duop. nnd npocimon from tho pay stronK
I if nt thntdi-nth a'bay aihlfh nlu'iOn ton. Tho
I j inllllnc Isdono by two prlmltlo nrnstras, but ,
III 81 alinttorv of etnmri will bo put up soon. I
lIUIjj Tho SyUanla district in Inyo county coraoa
I llH j to tho front with prospocts that nro oxpociod
13 if 9l I mil,v, itnblccor camp thnn Corro Oordo
ft oor wui. Tho lultiornl belt is trncablo for
HI fi About oicht mile, nnd thoro aro six locations
iwlj on tho bolt. bocral shafts havo been sunk to
I IkII ndopth of HOfeot, audmory ono shows up blc
iVeiiiS of filvor-lond oro from top to bottom.
Ono of tl.orai-riorts threo foot of solid calena.
Anothor has yloldod 10) tons of carbonato and
caletm, nnd steam hohtlnc works aro now
boluk' put up on this shaft.
Vinoisn. Nov.. July 20. Iho Juno statomont
of ttio Consolidated California nnd Mrclnln
mino shows that 11.C20 tons of oro woro worLod
durinc the month, producing fl7D.255 in bul
lion, of wutch 155.911 was cold nnd IKMll
Bllvor. 'Iho nornco jitld of bullion was I15.4J
por ton, and the aornco assay vnluo IJ2.02.
In I'.oblnaon diitrlct. Whlto Pino county, cold
dust I' used in place of coin, as It Wd3 in tho
days of placer minlnc In California.
Tho Moroymlno continues to yield rich ore,
and thero are now on hand ton tons of slhor
oro that assnys $2,000 a toe.
The Onondaca mine In Jackrnbhlt district,
Lincoln county, hns been sold to tho I'locho
Consolidated and Yuba Minlnc Company.
'JhoWenbau mlno at Cortoz, Landor county,
paid a net profit of 1250.000 last Tear.
Kiiahii Cirr. July 22. Iho work of collect
I Ice statistics of mlnos and mlnincln New Mex
ico for the eloventh census is about completed.
I'rom tho reports of thn amount of oro mined,
wncos raid minors, nnd other expenses. It ai-penr-ihat
tho cost nt minlnc oro per ton In
this Territory is considerably creator thnn Pad
boon supnoi-od. In one county tho total uor
ace cot of uiinloc ore per ton will bo Bbown to
bonbout i'Ju. Jn mnkinc this aernco the oust
of HK'-essmont work done on non-prolucinc
mlnos Is not taken Into consideration. This is
probably tho blchest meraco coxt of mlulnc
oro which will bo shown by uny of tbo counties
in Now .Mexico. In mon of the oro mined thero
Is i hich crade of sllvor. and tho total output
if tho county will ruornco hlchor in iilun per
ton thnn that of any otliei county in tho Terri
tory. Grant county still leadR tho '1 errltory In
tho totnl amount of me produced, niiety or
paling ore rurnod, and in tbo totnl value ol tbo
output. No othor county In tho Territory lb
now producing cold, el or. copper, zinc. lead,
andiron ullotwnlch or.'S nro bolnc (-.to.ullly
ami successfully mined In this county.
Tho output of tho Territory will be hnwn to
be larger than ha beonnhown t y nny pro I ui
report, but Homo of tbo counties will not make
ho Rood n stiowinc as wan expected.
About half tho monov nocot-sary tocomp'oto i
tho proposed irooloclcalsurcyo Ornnt county j
ba-. I eon ploucoil, nnd tho rot will probably
bo raised in u few d.iyx. A Croat deal ot Intel- I
est has boon showii by tho residents ol tbo I
county In tho enterprise, nnd a poriuanont or- I
Kitnl7iitlon has been ollectoil. MlicrCity will '
be he.ickiuartcTfl lor th cccduclcal survey. 'Iho I
resident oflkors aie nil inn-rcsti-J In mines,
nnd represent more than ono-fourth of thoen- i
tiro output of this hoi'tlon. At thn mcotlnc
When permanent olllcori woronlcctod 1'rof. V,
i. Warluc, n woll-known oxrort, said that ho
bollovod the not (linnlto Mountain and tho '
lioti Anaconda would bo discovered In this
county. 1'iof. Clement Iobstor, who Is to '
inakothi) survov. said that thM is tho richest I
mineral Boction ho has ever soon. Iho editor
of the i'A 1'nso Jiulliott n thorouchly informed
minlnc man of lone resldonre in New Mexico,
inakoH tho nsserlirin that "oven tho oldost
camps "f New Mexico nro prncticnllv not pios- ,
iiected." Tins fact has just come to bo renlled
by nractical mlniuc men here, and consequent- '
1 thoy nro colnc to havo nceolocieal survey of I
tho county male, nnd co nliout tho work of
lookinc for rolnornl in a sclontillc way.
Iron fdilpmentM from this plncu ate falllncoff
Blkiiilv. onlncto a Hunter demand lortheso
oro by tho i.l I'aso and Socorro srnolters.
'1 ho zinc output nt Hanover eontiniies to In- l
crease. About 4l men me nowontplovcd In I
that distrli t and tho torco is boinc slowly hut
Hiiiidlly increasod. The nsso-sment work on
tho toppHi mines nt hnnta lllta will soon bo
roiuniencd, and, durinc Its progress, new and
tb'her i.odies ot oro may bu dovelotied, Tho
ore in the Anson S mine Is Improving inoual- i
it,nnd the lust sinoiior run rnturiiml I" por
rent t'nnpui., 'llm n.itorsupply fnrtho smoit- I
ci on this luinu Ishnrdl) Hiillleinnt. nnd nmro
wa'oi will bodevolopHil In the mino and tanks
will bo lniih, when water heated In tho jiickut
will bo cooled and usod over n.iiu, '
,v niiinber of men have boon laid IT ntthn i
Jlountaln Ley at 1'InoH Altos. ()nr a hundiod I
men hivn been oniployed by tho Mountnin
hey C omnany, but now only about halt that
jiumbor I cmplovnd. 'J he company paid i
ttvn.cont ilividonds for somo time.hut the min
hi.s not paid so well iliirmc thn tustjeai ri-i It
diil bifom Tho stock, which has sold as bleu
us Ii;. "U lershum, Is I nw below ,'ii)ionts.
'J he A'onCnmiMi y Is working on tho 2f!0- I
JVot lovil in Iho Kliiiitoiiiiinin mine, where
eood oro ha l-een loiiml. Tho CMinpany lias1
ilinper vvorMiiKs in tho Aztn.i nnd Aslatln I
mini's, lull a mindi bettiu grade of ore is found i
In tl.o Ivlentomaiila than in either thn Atec or I
Ailatlo vheiM l.uge bodies ol oionro ONPOfied.
Ills sat i tliat another big roduclon In Iri'ight
rates on ore shiriied fiom this place uvor Iho
Ati'hison, Topoku nnd Hnnta I'i llallrond Is to
be ninilii soon Mnce li'O lust roduotlon shl i
uientshavu livronsed i onsldciiibly. and an
otlur ie'u tl in Will make still largor bhlp.
m flits pcasible.
prrr.r.rss iv initio.
, Idaho Cm,. Inly f. A nmv onterprlso has
boi'ii lomiuonnd b tlm I lulra Cinnnnny nf
I'.tnnor. It i- tlm conMrii' tiou o a tiini.ej I
fiom inn ai,ds abnvn inn mill to tho Uiu inr
nilnc. Work was starteit vestiudai ilus'im.
in Iv. Ill pi'OM-e l and ilevelmal good doi h
thn l'liiinniii.t. Mat of thn st and two her I
initios holoro the oliim llvn oip Is leaeliei' j
'ihi' llinnm wld tin tatii odrs, lent below the I
Mirfuio ui'coriling tothn Hiiivet, As this tun
ind will po, when completed 3,5ini loot In i
lenirth nnd run across ouo n' thn rh liosi 1
mineral belts In southern Idaho, It will un
cloubtcilly illbi'over so i o blind lodges 'Iho
tunnel will h iston tho thoiough ilevelopment
of the great Itatinor Uehlo Muuntaln, nnd J.l
Jlniiulo dlstrli t several miles apart, hut on
tl.o fame hlt. Iho solus tun in a northenst
u , eilynnd s inhne-toilv .'nursii and tun llannor
(listiict tri m which tho 1 Imirn mill ba yield-
' I '"' such lull,') inturiiK diinug the pact twelve
", 1 ynaiH Is tho I'iMitri'l district. A few tons uf oro
I fiom the snt lace of oim nf tho I lib rado minus
1 iTiishrd In Hi" 1 inula mill last searpnlila
I Iiundseriiu pri'llt, whii'h is ntiug ronsidoiniile
' lot a silver mine, as that class o mines seldom
t nil'! oro in paying iiunntliles until consldora-
1 bledn.th Is aiiainoil.
I on thonoiiluiasi end of the blt James Cnrr
b pud .Tnnii'H II. Ilnvvlek nre ilevnioplug tho
h Jilcar which yields soino very rich hllvnrore
I, from the surfiui) Theioato enough mlnos In
! ' I' these (llnricts to jiistiij. the otoetionnf fevernl
f large mills, and, ns tho ono at linnner has
i I ill wins p.tld hundsomely thorn Is uo doubt
that mnio villi be erected in tlie near future
'IhoOoid Illll y,. stamp mill at yiiarti'burc,
In tho west side of Ilolsn Unsln continues run
iilogon ore Ironi th I irneer Mino, a vein that
lsworkpdfor six y feet in width. It has run
day and nlUil for elghtoon or tvrenty yeuts
pBjing rocuhtr d!vIc!oj:da. Willi steam dulls
two men nre able to broak enough oro to keep
, the.mlll running. .... I
Wllllnm hwiet Is doveloplnc omo Tory:
promlsinc rr- ! eels at l'loueer that nro undor
I bond to Hostou cnpllallsts It ts believed that ,
. n dale will fo n be conummnted.
I 'Iho pincer minors of Holso l)In havo about
I nil eloniiod up irom their season's run. Thoy
' have dono much bettor than In lormeryiars.
ns water was plentiful, and lasted much longor
' 'Iho Washington mill. In Ciamhrlnus district I
hns closed down lornwoekor two toclvotho
miners n chance toot on a uow lovel 'Jhore s
plcntyof fllvo. oioln eight, but as the mill In
I not preinred for working It must wait utifl
there li MiincUnt gold ore on hand lor mew
I viok srim ,, , , , , ,i i
(Vpsidorablo rtosrectlngls golncon in tho
I Ninth ntid Middle Holso liiver ili-trn ts. nt.d I
several vo:i p omlilngnpd large rUart, lodgei i
hnve 1 ?on discovorail. Although thofe sections
n ocovokmI with "lloat " but orj little pr s
lei ting had been done forth1) v i Ils ii til t.ov7.
'Ih vii.rlnrtv llrothor mm at work In tho
lorcstKlni: n.lno tilno miles north of hor,
ni il oxpei't 1 1 resume crush tic In a few wiuks
'J Ills hns been a ery productive initio lor eight
or ten 5 cats.
arioni toons ror. a roost.
Tfrsos. Arl7,..Ittly n-Tho Hlver bill will
have a wonJorfnl ofTort dn ttio prosperity of
thiaTeriltoiy. 'ilm low i rice of silver tot tho
Inst throe jeaihnd the elleet of clc slug down
many ui lliommos. Uut new thn ttuall ininur
can work Ills properties, nu I with faciiltlos
near at hou u fur the treatment ol theso otcs.
he can do well. Alrendywo boil cf tho c n
tomplntod erection oi sme.tois in vatjoun rarts
of thee .untry. nnd this Is what will I ring this
country out nnd soon make 1 tho sliver-producing
'J orrltorv of tho Lr.lon. 1 ho gron: mines of
Tombston". thut havo bnn shut dot, a f r the.
last two oars will, no doubt, low bo pumped
out and operated . . ,
The Urund ontrnl group of mines In this
district Isnodoufc' 'tie of tl.o gro net lit tho
lorrllon, but ovvlngito the loiv pi! oof sliver,
and the enormous cm or.sn it will hnvo to go to
torotnovo tho water tr"in it louorleveH.lt
has not bom dioinid ndvlsablo to put In tho
pumi inc i la-it necossury. llenco tho whole
district has licon Idle, lor no small pumping
works could handlo tho water. ...
'1 he Owl Heads mlnos. In the district of that
name, are developing In n very satisfactory
riannor. The drllt on tho lower lovoi of tl o
,Iesso llonton has tnaeuod tlu oro body, and It
Is fully as ilch as was anticipated.
'liieto is unite n stir In and mound tho Caa
Ginndo mining district becnuso Mr. I oss,
manager uf the Central Mlvcr i ompanr. Iris
dicidod to take in custom oro to utitlzo tho
neess of lend nr tholr c ncontratlng milk
This will be big help to this section us It will
furnish a mntkot for tho product of iho
numerous small mines In this district.
( lilorldatB nro already Hocking In and tnklng
leases, and It is sate to say that in ninety dnys I
there will bo at loast 10'J men chlorlding. '1 ho
Btnellor at the lentral will bo Etiinod at no
curly date as tbov have a largo uuantlty of con
centrate on hand.
(Ha rend Is becoming o.ulto n plnco for tho
i outlPtlnc ol parties ol miners and prospectors
on tholr way to tho rich mining district h lug
north of that place.
Tho nntimony ledgiB. of which several havo
I beeadlscoierod in uma county, aro llkoly to
l provo valuable If tbo mineral remains hh now
uiioted. 'luousosol antimony continue to In-
i ere. iso, while thn output fiom tho older mines
Is steadily decreasing Tho antimony that is
tonnd in this teriiloiy Is in lari.0 ledges and of
a high grade. An elTnrt Is to bo mndo to ship
somo of tho oro for reduction In order to Ben if
It will pay to handlo It.
At hlivor King sinking hns been commencoil
In tho l:llk shaft nnd pas rem hed a depth of
l.lnu foeb ( onnectlon will probablv bn mndo
with tho 1.200 and 1 lion foot levels they bolng
about olghtv feet Irom tho Itllk shaft now. I ho
trend of tho King vein has shown that tho Iiilk
1 shaft will cross nt a depth of 1 HI J feet. About
twenty men nro now nt work on tho Sltislc
mountains in Mojnvoeounty. Ocorco.l. iJardon
and .1. it. (illlilnud havo a lenso on n part of tho
ltnpiro, wih plenty of oro Insight, Oliver.
Harvey A l'onborthy havo tho contract to
sink n vertical shaft on this mlno to thodopth
of ion feet,
('. H. Park is making nirangoments to work
thoS.tbbath Hull mino in .Mineral I'ark. He
will put on nil tho force that can be worked to
advantage. 'J here Is plenty or good oro in tho
mine nnd It will pn from tbos'ai.
'Iho water plpo of the Music Mountnin Min
ing Company has all boon laid, nun tho work
on tho mill Is progresslug (is fast as possible
Oeoreo M. Iiowors, superintendent of tno
Night Hawk, has lust roturnod from han Fran
cisco, and while there mmle arrangements to
run the tunnel of the flip Van Winkle mino to
a connection with tho workings of the Night
Hawk When iho tunnel is complctod it will
open up considerable npvv ground In tho Night
Hawk. Mr. John ('. l.o-n, lui the Central Ml
voi. has nist completed tho rureh.is of tho
Viola mill, noar l.ordsburc. uhtch cost when
built tsDOOO, and is to-day one of th most
complete mills In tlioTonltory. It Isixtwenty
stamp mill, ind will be moved to tlm Central
fallvcr at once, to accommodate custom ores
Mr. O. S. hlunt just in Irom Iissi-nynmpi
district, says thoy havo just lound an old mine
that they have named A .-tec. 'Iho me mills
from'Juto fji gold loncentratos nrry tlO
moro in gold: 4u in sliver and about live per
cent, lend to tbo tin. 'Jlmv havo denied a
part of tho old tunnol nnd lound some stone
Iinminers and other tools, and also charcoal.
Tho cut thoj thinkU uuito long. 'Iho mine Is
only twelve miles from l'rcscott anil many
mlnnrb are going out to son how tho miners of
prehl-tnrli! timos woiketl mines.
'1 ho United orde mine vv hlch wero consid
ered, ut ono time, worthies-. ur at piesont
i worth more than some ot the Arizona coun
ties. 'I buy are worked by W. A ( l.irk. an
old miner who knuns how to work mines to
inako them pay.
ITLMS I r.OM the iilaci: IIIM.S.
PrAliwnnii, South Dakota, Julv 22 W. I).
Mcrho'on of the iJeadwoou deduction Works
C mpany has accoitod a iroposhiou from a
smelling company In Helena. Mop to take
charge of tholr works Ho goes at once to nil
I tho now position. Mr Mei'herson bap bo, u
quite successful In the treatment of tho otos
I of tills vleippy first as sin erintondent i f tho
Ontden ( ity piant and then as suierintendent
of tho Uendivonil works. This latter plant is
I now in successful oi oration, treating from 10
I to IO tuns of ore por day, and saving moio than
I h'l percont. ol tho ass.iv vuluo of thoo.o With
this plant horo nt home, miners can hnv e tho r
ore troatod as otioaply us In Omaha and thus
savo the cost of transportation. '1 hern will I o
erit little oin shipped out of tho hills berealtor.
Tbo Uoadwood Central llallrond is budding
a truck just above the leductinn works lor Iho
purpose of hauling oro fiom the mines d,wu I
to tho plant, nnd when lontileted thniost of
trnnsportlngores to be reduced will bu nominal.
ns the lioailwoud I entinl runs right mi to tho j
footof Hold Mountain and into thn Jiubyllnsin.
'Iho manager of the Montana mine reports I
very satislnctory results nt that mine, although l
the plant Is not In rompleto working orilot.
Tho plant Is oiinlpped with six Huntington
iuills.only flvo of which nre at prosont In or ora
tion, but tho romiilmler will soon be started I
up. I.ach mill has a capacity ouuul to
live stamps giving a total crushing lorco I
equivalent to (thirty stamps and n en par- I
ity of sixty tons dsllj. An addition I
o sixty stamps Is coniemplntod. when tho i
relative merits of tho two syBtems will bo do- I
termined. 'I no works aro equipped with steam
nnd water power. Tho immor is now in use,
Tlm mum is well opened, Including n ,110-foot
tunnol and an uiirniso at a point 2d"i feet from
tho mouth ol the tiinuol, 10 loot In width. At
the further Bldn what was piesumod to bo a
huri-o wns oiiiounterod. but work dovolopod
the fact thai two distinct ledges exist, ono 40,
the other 1 1 foot In w nil ti. l'osibly thoy unito
nt n greater depth. The oro is low grade, but
will aflord a handsome profit, such Is thn
(ohvorucnt arriingoinont of train ami mill and
laclllty with which oro Is broken. 'J ho total ox.
ponsnof mining and delivering to tho mill Is
onlv 20 cents a ton. while the total oxpene of
mining, delivering and reducing oro will nut
oNceod "i' ecnts. Tno manage! Is vcri much
elnted over tlm prospects of his mine.
.Utho Minnesota liiluci In thn Contrnl Hills
co'iitdeie now hoisting worku havu been erei t
oil, and new pumps ol the lilies' liniuoved
'litem put In. Tho old uhnll has hoen eu
laigud and i ('timbered from the surface t the
pump, fi ml is now In I'oniiihttn order, Tho
shaft is a twoeoninartment.slx by tvvoivo feet,
li,o feel deep. Teo entire fnaiit is nun ready
tobiiut in otoiatlon whin i.nsuod. Not less
than H i.O in hits been e.poiided upon Ihuao
poioosury Improtomcntb,
VIMV. is ri'iniHim,
Drsvnt. Julv?,i.f.ncn the p.Hpngo of tho
hl'uu hill ih'ue havo t oou many Illinois of an
liicuwslng domatid for silver properties, nnd
iiumoruiie roi oils aid In elrculation that I.ng.
lish capital wns looking that way lor invest
incut. 1 ji.it the report a were not unfounded
hns just luen ilemonstinted by the ttansfm.
ling of tlm I'Hiehrated l'ooimau minool Cmi
boo nnd thn Hubert of (untialio an J ngllsh
' sjndleaio I lie I'oniii.nn Is one of the gient
est silver mines In the hint", its oro averaging
In valued p'l pound, ll was located in lSnli,
I and has since neon pntonted and ownd by
I Nell H Me'honzle of Uouldni and tho Tabor
I Investment Company, 'i he course of the vein
is uut nnd west ueaily, tr.nylnca sttong pay
I streak eighteen to thirty lm lies wldo, showing I
i jintlvo si vor and siilphnrets. Tho propnity
has yielded thousands of dollars, and during
the past vein v .iisldorable inonoy has beaa
si'ont In opening up tho mum, until now avast
amount of ijchorols Insight ready to bo taken
out Ono tear ago no l.uglish capitalist would
look at a silvot nioiieit), inucli less think of
bill ing ono To-dav hundreds of liniulrios nro
aro being rocelvod from across tho water for
silver piudncers, nnd, while tho'sllvcr proper
ties havo the ninst attention, cold properties
will not bo slighted, and tho result will bo n
mining boom for Colorado such us was novor
know u beforo.
'1 hero has boon this summorn revival of In
terest In thn Ohio Creek gold belt that for
yonrs has Peon slutting toward a condition of
stagnation owing in tho fact that the mills lo
citod near 1'llkiii havo not successfully troatod
tho otes. 'lhov aru, as a rulo, homntllonnd
ptilpbldo. It Is the Intention ol n Denver sn
dtcate toerect aeoniontrator within tho next
few weeks, which will give another bocmi.
Asiien sent 2 177 tons of ore to uutsldo smelt
ere last week, one-half of which went to i.ead
ville Hmniters. 'iho 1'ranklln mlno, which whb
compelled to shut down lastsprlug owingto
the Hoods, has once moro upeued up. and the
output Is itelng increaed dally. 1he l'ark
tvutolldsted hua opened ujt a Btroak of good
i lend oro which Is 2 feet thick nnd nins 40 per
l cent. In load nnd from EO to 130 ounces In BIN
I er. The discovery Is only "Ofoet from thosur
faco. Tho O. K. Is showing good bodies of ore
that nvoraco lisj ounces, ,
our correspondent Is In receipt of several
lotteisfrom 'lin (up ooueernlnc the recont
Btrlko In tho Wall lode. Tno iitinrtr. found
elnromy late xlslt will run luo ounces 'Iho
same ijunrt? has been found ,1,fHK) foet from
tho llrst stake An assay on asamplo of iron
from Cros Mountain kutoSjIU per ton. Two
good strikes wero mndo rn Saturday fn tho
'lin Cup ant) Leo tplnes. The former is ono of
thelnrgosteve. made In tho camp, belnc from
tevou to nlnefnet or good shipping ore. lije
Arne 'live'1 Mining Compnnv In ono lot of oro
weljhlngH7.il t pounds took out tl 12.
Mining In nni" nnund Leadvllln continues
Tery encouraging A streak ot rich nto has
been discovered in tho St. hevlti.whllloa n no
Inch streak tins been em ouineied In tho drift
i mi ftom tl e bottom vvlnro In tbo llrlun I'oni.
'Iho Matchless. Maid oi ) rln. nnd Silver llulo
have reached n depth of over 200 Jeot, nnd
worklsteing tushed with vigor.
OVJl XHAtli: imil 1MIA7AT.
Charles It. rilnt Think Itrelprnclly IVontd
r-ollilllv the Ilnirlllnn ilepiiblle.
Charles I!. 1'llnt, who was a momtor of tho
International Amorlcnn Conference, nnd who
for many years has boon famldar with tbo con
ditions of our South American trndo. tuld oo
totdav tbat,ho wa? decidedly In favor of Mr.
Illalnc's plan for locprority. "TlioiiuoBtinn
now boforo Congress," he said. "Is whothor
wo shall throw nwnydutlos which In flftoon
lonrs itho term proposed for reciprocity with
llr.i-ili would (.mount lo ovor $800,000,000.
and get nothing in rottirn. In fnco of our
experience with co"eo, on which Ilrnril has
coll ctudovorSKiu.oOji'ijO oxpott tax slnco wo
ndmlftd coiTeu dutyfree. Aud to-day Drazll
has at our capital Dr. Salvador do Mondonca.
whols duly author! od toolTer luoxchnnco a
mnrket for theproduesof ourfnrms fr resin,
nil I laclorios. I ndorouri onstlttl Ion wo can
pot If W" would lint an export tax on what wo
ra.so. Wo want to p ovl to ngalmt tho South
American countries Inn osii c an eport tnx on
wh.u thev ertid to us. lio'oro throwing our
Btigur market oiiou to Spain while ho Is put
ting a I'lolillil'cn duty ngulnst our flour, let It
fl a lusts for fal- trndo
' It happens that iliptliitn is most favorable
for negotiating such a tieaty with Ilrail. Sot
only Is thero a tei bug nsnlnst l.ngla id, owing
to her high-lmndod enuisn t iward tho l'ortu
cuose. with whom Ilr.i. IIIa'ih naturally svm
pathie, but the onlv serious Internal political
nue-tloii that thteatonsiLo new lepnblic would
to solvod. A treaty of re lproclty with tl.o
I tilled htatos won d clvo a now liupotus to tho
Fiigar Indus'ry or tlioli noitliom ir vincns.
which at presout are soumwhnt dlfaflecied In
theli rr atloi.s ti the ccitril Cioveinmont, as
they do not fool that they nro receiving a ,
proper o iiiiviilent for the heavy taxes iheyato i
weeklv remitting to Itio.Ianeito Thooienlng
of thn whole mnrket of lP.iyil to the I'nltod '
I States, nnd the fieo ndm'slnn of their sugar
Into tho I'nlted Mutes, would help to bind tho j
sugar-producing provinces of tho north to tho
centra; uo eminent."
no TiivY auui.st iiAnuniT ox sianrt
There Siremn (o lie Ttovr IIolxTeen Illm
nnd Snmo oftlie I'ollcrmcn.
David Unrrott. tho life savor, is In trcub'o
ngnln. Uariett wns at work on Saturday on i
I the dock at the loot of Mnrket streot. That j
evening ho went ton saloon kept by Henry
Telkin. nt tho cornor of Mnrket and Cherry
' stieots. for a glass of beor. Whi.o ho was thero
I'rank McDcrmott, a fllteon-jear.old messen
ger boy in tho employ of tho Amoricnn Dis
trict Telegraph Company, camo In and
' nskodfora glass of water. Tho bartender ro
! fused to givolt to him. and Iiarrett said: "(lvo
him a class of leer and I'll pay for it." Tho
bnrtendor refused to do it becauso McDcrmott
xvna too ounc. Whllo thoy wete talking about
, It a man named Iteardou camo in with a bull
dog nnd I egnn to tnko off tho doe's muzzle.
, Xhi" hartonilor shouted
"I'ou't tukootT that murzle, or I'll shoot tho
1 doe." i
The boy McDcrmott bald: "Ob, I'll shoot ,
yon " i
Tho bartender ran to tho door nnd sum
moned I olicoman llnrrlan of tho Mndlson '
street Bt itton who nrrestod liar ett nnd Mc- .
Bonnott on nehargeo disorderly conduct '
At the station bouse 'he bartender said that
the bov McDcrmott had pudod a pistol on him. '
but when thn boy was searched no pisto wns i
found, llnrrett and MeDermott we o arraigned i
nt hssex vlarkot l'ollco Court ye-tordav morn
ing. 1 'olicoman I oe of tbo Madison street I
station said to the Judge:
' Uiur Honor. I ve nno-ted Davo Harrott
cevenil times and ho alwais got oil. I've had i
film here iwlco before, once when he assaulted i
me. and ho s just plus ft,g the Hie saving dodge I
to keep out oi prison " '
I'olkln lonld not tell what part Iiarrett had ,
had In thn row and I'olP vmnn Dorrlnn said
that Iteardon was tho man ho wanted most,
but th it Jtoardon ran away so lm t( ol. llnrrett i
and tho boi. llnricti was lined ilUaudtlio
boy J.
nu HAXTs y coiAini:i TitAitn
trade Sum r.lkrlv to Milk It Vnplea.nnt
for i. I.rmnn.idr l'ritdtrr.
Hvi.TiMorK. July 27. fioorce Hughes, tho
colored lemonade vendor, who for twenty
jears has onjo,cd tho cxclti'lvo prlvlleco of
selling soft drinks in front ot tho I'ost Olllco
building, tuny havo to civo tip his stand. Thn
order romos direct from Secretary Wlndom,
nnd wns issued In doforenco to tho compmlnts
of n nnmtier of colored men who said that
Hughes had been discriminating agnicst thorn.
'Ihofnet did not leak out until very recently,
ami caused no little indignation. 'Jn several
occasions lea ling colotod men stopiod at his
stand and called for a "shako" butGoorgo
was nlw.ivs conveniently out of sugar or somo
other of the iugrodlonts. Tho last customer
thus rnpulsod was a well-known clergyman,
who, how.ovor. did not suspect thnt Ooorgo
was paving It on him. '1 he fact thnt ho did
not desire colorod trade did not loak out until
a week ago. when h" turned down tho mgroes
who went working in tho trendies along tho
street and (iLCommoJateJ their white co
lubrrers. Wild with raco. tho darkies mado complaint
ngalnst Hughes to the isecretmy of the 'J reus,
ury. wlm notified Postmaster .lackson that tho
lemonade vender must seek othui iiuurtcrs 11
the cliargo uro wod iounded
llugl.os. however. Is delermlned lo show
tight I o has dra vn tin a petition which lias
Inoii signid bv ii number ot the I est ellii ns.
including bankuis luokers, and members oi
tho torn and I lour I jichniigm. All tlm-o
know Hughes nnd iiavo pair ni'cd hint fro
nicntlj. '1 ho polltblans bote notllled Oeorgo
that under the clrciiinst inres they cnimot as
sist him. Hortlll holds the lot t. and proi o.-os
to stand his giound until forced liom lint
proinlsiis. 'I liodarkb'H urn stirred up. and Bay
they will light oourgo until he leaves
Alvvii9 tnnslrtrreil n ISaliy Act.
JIinnr.KTowx, Julj 27. Judco Hennntt, In
tho Court of Common I'loas nt Hartford, has
jlist rendnrod ndoclslon In tho Jeromliih I,eor.
case thtit Is of pregnant Interest to overv sa
loon keeper nnd pioocuting agent In Con
necticut. Tbu ,-tatu l.ogi-lutnro at Its Inst sos
slou onaciol a lawmaking It incumbent on
ovuiy peison nirested for diuukeuiiesa to con
fobs to tlinCouit thn niiluo of tho poison or
persons who Bold him the liquor, linfusal to
eonuly with tho command Is punlshnblo with
n lino or Imprisonment or holh. to bo lnlllutod
on tl o lelrictoiy witness.
The Htatuto was lugarded b courtfl, prose
cutois, mill most poop.o as being a sort of a
hahv act, and in only u fovv rases has It boon
invoked in tho trial of perso s lor drunken
ness, Twlcn in oasteni ( onnectlcut prisoners
weio lined in Jimucos murls lor leliisiug to
divulge tho names of liquor dealois who had
mild tho i mil with which they lux ainu drunk,
and thn other day Jeremiah l.eon wasioin
milled to m In the lliutfoid I'ollent ourt,
charged vvitli contempt ol court In making a
lb litlniiB disclosure., whon usknd hi Hie Court
to maku known the saloon keepni soiling him
liquor Leon's enso enmo before tho Common
I'loas Court on a writ of habeas corpus, it bo
lng the intention of his backets Hartford m
loon keeper to test th" eonstltii'loiwultv of
tho mm statute. Judgo llennett did pot pass
on tlm constitutionality of tho law but ruled
that l.eon was n it guilty of contempt Inns
much as hn made tho disclosure which thn
statulo exacts. Ho released l.eon Heretofore
tho pollco lourts havo ruled that u false din
olosuro la no disclosure, for tho law says thnt
tho person mnkinc a disclosure ot tho kind Is
guilty of pei jury.
Change In the II, and fl. und United Slate
I'xprean Coupit&ltn,
V7. II. Trego, for many years general mann
eerof tho Ilnltlmoro nnd Ohio Kxproes Com
pany has sent In his resignation, to take effect
on Aug. 1, and tho torrltory east of tho Ohio
ltlvor formerly under hlsnupervlslon hns been
transferred to tho Now Jerfay division of tho
I Pile I htntes 1'xpress Company, Alter Aug.
1 tho div Isinn will bo styled tho Atlantic Divis
ion of tho I nlled Hiatus l.xpiess Curapanj, and
will be in charge of C. I". Topping, general su
perintendent. U T. I'lntt. I'nited States Kx
press Tit usury Agent nt Washington, will bo
feuporintondont aud C cl, Hunt uuulotant superintendent.
speech is ran suxate this week.
It 'Wilt lie In Opposition to tho Tariff Itlll-
Conlcst Oitr the Hnrgton.GencraUhlp
The Fnmllr Aparttntnla In the IVhlla
Ilonxt Ilcnerlhed A CJulde Mistakes
tsrcretnry l'roclorfor n HtranKer.
Wasiiinotov, July 27,-Tho tnrllT will be
I tbo principal theme of discussion In tho Sonnto
1 this wook. Bo far nil tho Democratic members
i ot tho Committee on Finance, except Mr, Car-
I lisle, havo dellvorcd srooches against tho
pending bill, and ho Is expected to address tho
benatoon Monday. It Islmposslblo to say how
long tho gonor.il debn'o will last, ns almost
cvory Domocratie Sonator Is understood to
havo n formal speech proparod for dellvory,
Tho advocates of tho bill to transfer tho
rovonuo marine from tho Troasury to tho Navy
Department will cnll It up In tho morning
hour, hopluc to roach a voto. Although tho bill
Is opposed by somo of tho most experienced j
and nblo Senntots on tho floor, It Is
conccdod that if a voto Is reached It
will bo pasEod by a decisive maiority.
Unless tho demand for the passage nf the
ltlvor and Harbor bill grows stronger than it
is nt prosont tho managers of that mcasuro
will not endeavor to bring It before tho Sonnto
this wook.
If tho amondmontB made by the Senate to I
tho Sundry civil Apptoprlatioii bill nre dis
posed of in time to-muirow tho House may
spend a few hours in tho consideration of Ids- ,
trlct business Including tho Atkl son Had- .
road bill, 'luosdayand Wodnosdny aro to bo i
given up to the Agricultural I'ommlttce. which
will seek tosecuro action upon the Compound
l.nrd atid Meat Inspection bills. If not intoi
forod with by the t.oneral Deficiency bill. Tho
l.lections Committee Is still pushing for tho '
com deration of tho Virginia and south Caro
lina i' ntostod olcctlon cases, and expects to .
ill! In tin remainder of tho woek In that way If
opportunity oilers.
It Is snld that tho Comml slorers of tho
World's Tnir. to bo hold in Chicago, during
tholr recent visit to this city, tendered to tho
lion, llobert V. Tortor, Suporlntmidoiit of tho
Census, the n st of Chief nf tho llurcnu of
Awnids, and t Piof. (i. llrown (loodo no.v
Assistant secrotnry of tho Viilthsoulcn instl-
tntiouiind iniliargoof tbo National Museum, ,
ttiop stof Cnlol of tho llunauor Clas-lllcu-tlonaud
Cntali'guo for the fuithcnmliii.' o o- '
sltlon. Ihoi-o aro two of tho most liniortnnt
places connected with thn exhibition iho
Jlureait ol Awards during tho Centennial was
In cliatgo of (len. Irancis A. Walker, and the
llureau of Clns-llleatlon and l ataloguo In .
ciitugo of Mi. Dor-ey Gardner. 11 is not i
known definitely whether Mr. 1'oitcr or I'ruf
Ooode havo accei ted. It is understood, if
thoy do. that tholr new duties will uot intcrfoto
with thosoof their prosout positions. I
Tho cablo betwoon Ilormuda and this con
tlnont has brought tho signal service of tho
nrmy nnd tho Hydrogrnphle Olflco of tho navy
into conillct. Thoro has Knit been asroclo-, of '
rivalry botweon thosu bodh-s each valuable In I
its sphere, but oa'h jealous of tho other's on- i
i ro.n huieuts. Tho lodrogrnpblc oitice ic- '
gatds Ueu. Oroely's field ns bounded by tho
coa't lino, and nro Inclinod to dispute tho
nt'lilty of the signal service to handlo oec nn
weather. This it is sald.ha-been annmbi ion
of tho latter Institution to do nnd thero
hnvo been a number of nttouipts to
inlorm mariners ot tho nctlon of tho
elements on tho deep. This information
has been Irregular in furnishing and somo- I
times vngue in Its nature, and tlm lldio-
graphic Ofllco. which has a sy.stom of commu- '
nlcatlon with mariners has had no trouble in
o-tntill-hlug a reputation nr rollnhllit) Tho
use of tho llermuda coble Is nf Importance to
moieorolnglsts, sluco tbo climatic conditions
ol the mid conn and south Atlantic can I o de
tected nt thnt point Thl- intormntlon has
hitherto bo' n denied prognosticates, but now
thn ocean simoons and whirlwinds can bo lo- '
cated nnd thslr direction Indicated by means i
of tho liermuda cable 'Iho storm of isvj. '
whi'h was disastrous on tho New Jcr-oy
e list, was predicted by the Hdro
graphlci'llieo some dsys In advance, and the
ufilio naturally do-lrcs to hnvo tlm hnnndt of
such tiredictlons In the future. It is li:,oh,
howovor. thnt thn 6lgnal seivlce will securo
the prlvlleco of the cnhlo. slice Congress al
lows the nrmy n sum of mono) lor telegraphic
inlorraution. '1 he llntl-h dovernment hns an
exnort weather m in at Bermuda, whoso obser
vations would bo invnluablo to coastwise and
rcoan vessels, (inn. Ui-ely is anx ous, too, to
have an obsorvor of his own at liermuda.
The contest for tbo nomination of Purgeon
Goueral of tho Army inc dontnlly develops tho ,
usual opposition to Dr. Hillings, who is ambi
tious of appointment. Dr. Hillings although
the best-known ollkor In the medical eoiji-, 1-,
junior to slxteon Colonels and fourteen Jin- '
jots, and lot would if uppolnted. I an Ing casu
alty occupy tho Surgoon-iioneralej until I'm.'.
Major (n orge .VI. Sternberg, the third Major In
th cons, has prepared a forma, p ote-t to
iillinc-H appointment, and sets nth his own
claims to the nlncn 1 his protest ho ciieulnted
umong Di. Hlllings's senii rs but so, uro 1 onlv
oi o signature, for while many wou d sign the
I rotest. t or no not troio-,o to petitlcn in
favor or lit. Rtornberg. The sluglo slgnn
turo Is thit of an olllcor who Is awn I Ing
retliemont. Dr. Sterubetg nnd Dr. Hillings
havo not i pen on good terms. The ormer ro
ganls himself as a cnndl late through tho
I distinction ot his recen selection In the Presi
dent lo oxninmn the repined dl-coveiy by a
I I'rnIHiin nb)sipluii of tlm jel'owfevoic rm
i Dr.MernPeig hnsmnde a lifostudyof leictolngy
I and a detail Inltnltlmorewas given him that ho
l might avail himsol of tho Johns Hopkins Med
ical School laborat ry. He also rei elves com
l (o'jsation from tho Hoagland I.aboratory
of Hrooklyn, N'. i of which Ii stltutlon
I he Is director Dr. Sternborg has many
i friends and thoy can bo counted on to ror
I sontdly opi oso Dr. Illlllrics, while the bitter's
1 trouble with iho American Medical s-ocla-I
tlnn assures tbo loss of support of half tno
I phjslclans of tho country Thn opinion of tho
I medical olllrers statlmed in Washington Is
that tho next surgoon-Ooneral will le either
! Di. Il'ix'or Dr. I'aeo or Dr. J. I, -mill). Dr.
Hillings bus gone to I uropo and before ho left
bos Id to a friend thai ho lolt nolencea to bo
attended to.
A sedate oldorly gentleman croseoo from tho
fitnto, War, and Navy buildings to the Whlto
IloiiFO Bevtrnl times n week. Ho has a tall
llguto and n kindly fnce, and any ono seeing
him ome would recngnl7e him again-thai is,
nn body exi opt a Washington guide. I'roba
i bly the stui Idest sliariiers aro the guides who
I Infest tlie nelghl orhoo'l of tho White House,
'1 hey approach their vh tlm In a most uubiisi
lies like manner, and begin negotiations wiih
some us-ertlon tegaidingthu granite columns
nt tho HopnrtiiK nt ol hiate, or thn In'er- i
est nttnclilng to tbo Nnvy Doitartment.
I 'J hoy havn as littlo momoiy of faces asiesiect
' ol i osition. '1 hey have baen kliuwn to ncco-t
tlie same t'er-on lull o wltliln n o hours, and
will solicit liiisiross in tholr i baiautorlsticaby
volunteer stvlo Irons people who Pave seen
Washington ovolute Irom n bog hole. Adiiils. ,
slon to tho Miitn House grnii mis is now domed ,
tlio guldo-. but they station themsolves at
slghtl) localities out-lde. and whon they seo a
stranger they go lor him. One uny
lait wook tho si dale oldorly gentleman '
was slowly moving in thn dlrertinu of iho
Whllo House, vvhenagnide npproncho I Using
a rattan nwitch as u polntor, ho Indicate I the
two-story building ghulng whllo in tho hot
sou nnd said, authoritntively, ' That's tlm
White House, sli ' I'nr a second the eldorlv
ceiitleman h oknd pninod. then surprised,
llunliy amusod. Ho llstenod whllo thn features
of tho White llouso vvoio moro or less nei u
ratolv deseiibod, and gathered cniisidnrablo
infoi million regarding iho llio ol the l'resi
dent's inmll). 'llio guldo was interrupted in
the mldrt of nn nnlmnted diseiisslon of thn
Cnblnot by a tiasser-by, who Inclined his head
respectfully and inlsod his hat with the mur
mur "Mr. secretory. Tho guide gave a
hesitating glnncn at hlsnioy nnd tho lattor
took advantage of tbo lull to onter tho White
House. Iho guide was agnnst, and tho delect
ivo who generally looks outfnrthn Intruders of
tho 1 xoeutlvo grounds hustled him out Into
tho avenuo. Thai guide will ptobublv rometn
bor tho Hun. Itodflold l'roetur next time.
"I do not wonder that Mrs. Cleveland felt
bad about leaving the Whlto House," re
marked a protty girl from Now York ns sho
stood In thn prlvntn corridor of thn I.xocutlvo
mansion, "and especially whon sho thought
about this beautiful snuggery or boudoir -o
dim to all women." 'iliese remarks wero
utteind in that portion of tbo Whllo House
looking wostnnrd toward the War. ritnlo, and
Navy luqiiirtnient, and directly over the con
servator) which Is such a lavorlto bpoi during
1'ieslduntlal loveos. I tko her ptedecossor.
Mis Harrison lias devoted her attention to
boautlfvlng and Improving this dainty retreat,
formed by moans ol n partition which cuts nir
curious visitors who niiir stroll Into tho
cnrtldor lending past Iho Cabinet room nnd
library wlioro thn l'residont spends his time.
In one cornor ot iho snuggery is the piano re
cently purchased by Mrs. Harrison, and which
stands invitingly opon for tho use of tlie ladles
of tho Whlto Houso nnd their friouds, Down
stairs In the Uroon 1'arlor the concart grand
piano of which Mrs. Cleveland was bo fond re
mains shrouded In a heavy cloth, while Irom
tlio wall the Into Mrs, I.uey Webb Hayes looks
pleasantly down from thn canvas upon tilts
bonutlfu) piece of lurniture. Many changes
have been mado In the bedrooms at the White
JIoubii within tho past yoar, and when nt homo
tho l'residont aud Mis. Hurrlsou occupy
thn famous I'rlnco nf Wales chamber nt
the southwestern extremity , of tbo second
floor, the doors nponlng Into the cosey
sitting room of the White House ladies.
Alongside the wall of tho Istter apart
ment Is a comlortablo'soitoo upholsterta lo nn
eloclrlo blue fabric, nnd the comfortable chairs
nnd divans In this room nro also of tho same
colorod material, l.nso-lnvltlng wicker rock
ers and ntmcbnlr abound In this portion of
the Executive Mnnslon. nnd the carpels nnd
portloros ol costly Turkish manufacture clvo
nn air of elegance as well as comfort which Is
hrlghtonod by tho semicircular opaline win
dows through which light Is radiated Irom the
wost. .At tho northeast anglo of the building Is
Mrs. Jlehco s sleeping apartment, nnd adja
cent Is the bed cbnmber formerly usod by Mrs.
Clorelnnd. Now. however. Its escred precincts
nre given up to tho little ones of the present
household, and Hnby McKeo nnd his
companions hold high carnival under
survolllnnce of n careful nurse. AN horo
jNpIIIo Attmir formerly rested aftor spondlng
childhood's ..hnppy hours on the broad
lawnol tho White House, Is now devoted to
the use of the Itov Dr Hcott. tho President's
fntlier-ln-law. and upon tho dressing eae In
this room are the latost photographs, cnblnot
Biro, nf the President and bin wlm. What Is
, prohnbly tho spare room of the Whlto Houso ts
exquisitely tinted In pign .n-egg blue nnd over
' tho blue el l:on-si read bed Is a bonvy ranhog.
nny canopy, the blue silk pendants hnrnmnu
It g rorfectly with its surroundings. I'pon the
I mantol nre the famous Florentine vases pro-
i seated to tho I'nliod States during tho Admin
istration of Oon. Ornnt. and which for yonrs
I wero nrornlnpnt In the ornnmontutlon of tbo
llluo Parlor down stairs.
Tho small tnraily row going on In Minnesota
ovor the llcpubllcnn platfotm recently adoptod
I la llkoly to havo somothlnc lo do with tho Mc
Klnleyblll In the Sonato. The Mlnresntn Pena-
I tors havo sung n ry small 'ongon tarltf mat
ters this sosslon. knowing thnt their btato wns
Inn mess, Tho Minnesota fatmors nro bitter
ngalnst tho MeKinlcy bill, but the boolle i oll
tlclnns wno ran the recont Convention for Gov.
Slerrlnm wanted to endorso the bill. This wis
n littio mo o gall thnn thoy could make tho
larmeis swallow, so tbev htraddled with nn '
equivocal tnrllT plank. Tho fare or. aided by i
the Jlinnenpolls Itepubllenns hnvo boon quick '
to sco ttielr chanrc, and am assailing tho pint
form nnd tho candidate v gotously Old jnllt- '
Icnl vventl or prophets doelnro that tho tnte Is !
going Democratic 'I here are MM'U't Faruurs' I
Alliance votes in tho stale end lor thn l rst
time they hnvo put up a tlckot. 'ihoMlnno- !
h ta Sonntors havo bo'h been stndvlng tho
tnrllT bills assiduously of lato and two vorr
warm spoei lies nro expected fnin them in
support of Mr. Illnino s reciprocity echemo.
havfi.isp run cLuriivs.
A Tailor's fsclirme. In Wlilch He Got All
the Dollars nnd lln (nulnmerii (Sol Left.
Syrurupr:. July 27. The village of Baldwlns
vlllobns just been stirred up by tbo plauslblo
nud philanthropic pro oct of a shrov.d tailor of
thn town namo 1 Purler. Tho plan wns no:
only to koep business booming In town durinc
tho summer, but nl-o to confer large nnd sub
stantial returns on nil participating. Portor
proposed that a clothing club be formed nnd
drew up a document toi slcnntuios by wh'ch
a BUlt of clothes valued at $33 should bo raffled
off at each drawing, which was to occur twlco
cich woek. Kacli monitor wns to pay tl at
each drnwlnc until ho was favored with a lucky t
number, whon his namo would bo droppod
from tho roll. Tho diawlncs wero tocontinuo '
until tho entire club was fitted out with '
'Iho advantages were twofold. In the first
placo Haldnlnsv llio would vlo with moro pre
tentious towns in vvoll-drossed nnd neatly ap- I
poaring inhabitants. Soeondly, hero was a '
chanco to procure a suit by tho payment of $1,
Thn suit obtained at tlio socond draw ing Would
cost tho lucky momber $2 only. Tho last man
in tho taio, it was argued, would receive bis
mouey'n worth.
Tho schotuo was too enticing to go by default.
I.lternn men. lawjors mli.ors. storekeepers,
nnd tho r clorks hastened to join tho now
clothli c club. Thero wns a tush to capture
tho first suit. When Porter announced that
tho list was closod there were Revonty nnmes
on tho roll. Porter was theorgnnler. director,
nnd treasurer, and proposed to deal out tho
clothing according to itumlatlon.
llio first drawing look place several weeks ,
ago at Porter s sh p. Tho tl per capita as
bessmeiit, ncgrognti. g 170. was promptly piid
to Port-', entitling ouch momboi to lartlcl
pate In tho game. A si rlntor named o'Hrion
held tno ImLi numboi.nnd a suit of clothes
was awarded him at the second umwing. Mr. I
Portor I- snld to havo placed in his Insldo I
pockot the i .'J do iv-d from tho second assess
ment. 'Iho club wns reduced by ono member
ut each mooting, and the diawings continued
tor about six weoks the members faithfully
pas lug according to contract.
At tbls timo somo dissension nrcse In the
organization. Tortor did not mnko the suits
fast enough to ploaso tho lucky ones, nnd those
who still remained In tho schemo bisenmo sus
picious that furthor investment would only
pllo up their 1o. Lpon survelnc tl.o held, it
xvas ascertained that only thr o or four suits i
ha I been delivered whllo eight or ten more I
memhn a were clamoring lor theirs. Their .
i es were soon oior.od. and nn open rebellion
followed. '1 lie drawings i ossod and tho club
was declared "biitod. ' Tho u9ossraont9 paid
In it Is -aid had amounted to over tat) i. whole,
as loss than flOU wonh of clothes had Peon
distributed. Porter churned Hint thomombeis
woie Irighlcned oirtoo easily, and that ho was
entltlod to the funds, Inasmuch as ho was
roidyand willing to potfirm his part of tho
contract. There was gua-hlng (f teoth lu tho
village, nnd those shrewd inhabitants who
wore furtunato in not being r 'fed into tlio
sel.omeen osed many a hearty laugh at the
1 oi ensn of the lub that oxpected lo got u suit
I of clothes foi $1.
I As a last report It was rrs lved to bring
rortorto tho bar of justice. Ho was latweok
i nrrestod on a charge protorrod by James Ward
of mnintnlnlng a lottery. Much In'orest con
trod in tho trial, which had a speed) termina
tion, resulting in tbo discharge ol the prisoner
upon technical gioutd. iho prosecution
Placea several memlieis of the club upon tho
stand, who tootl. od to tho scheme. ThoJus
tli n rulod that the tesiimonv of club members,
without corroborative evidence, was insuill
ciont to wnrrnnt convh Hon. Jinny prominent
people In tho village invested In the scheme,
nnd not onh bewail tho loss ot their dollars,
but are tho butt of ridicule.
xituxa a it or ron MAXSLAuanxi:n.
He llreflnei In Knickerbocker nod In Only
U Yeura 411(1.
Minni.ETOwx.July 27. The trial of 9-year-old
1 Patrick I.aimnn before the llorough Court at
Wnllingford. Judgo Hubbnrd, In which the Ind
is licensed of manslaughter, in causing tho
death of littlo Allied Johnson on July 5, Is n
novol affair. On thnt day Patrick, Alfred, and
other boys, nil bolng about 'J j oars old. rowed
on Community Lake iu Walllticford.
using barrel staves for onrs. All tl o
I bots camo homo nt night, excepting
Alfred, whoso body wns found In tho pond not
long afterward. Patrick iuofeol to know
nothing concerning Allrod s fate at first, tint
I finally admitted that hoaccldeitl) fell out of
Ills (Patrick's) boat 'ihen another liny con-fes-od
that he saw the two bovs (ninnelllng,
nnd at lasi 1 atnek struck Wfrcd wlih u stave,
knocking him Into the lako nnd young l.ny
man rowed nwaj and let hiscoinpntilon drov.n.
ProecutorC A Harrison lias a Btronginee
against the nilio-ear-old prl-onor. ho thinks,
nnd Is making overi effort to convict him. 'Iho
bov Layman is of medium sle and not lit
looking. Ho wns dresed In a white blouse,
ci riluroy Lnon hieoehes, black R'( ckings, and
cnrriod a soft folt black bat as ho was taken
Into i ourt by Sheriff Austin, l-ea'ed on ilm
mlsoners bench his toes hardly touched thn
II or. Ho has bright biown eyes. He stood
hat in hand as tho Indictment was read to
him, anil pleaded not guilty,
No Important evldi melius been oxtrncted ns
yet. Thoro Is a largo audience nt the tilal.
Met Ilrr JDemh In n. Itiirnlitc llnusr, I
fiAinnooic, July 2". Tho villngeis of North
Mndlson on tho Sound, hoard an nlnim of flro
nnd shrieks for holp nt 1 o'clock tin) other
morning, and thoy htirrlod through tho dark I
streets lo tho houso ot Mis. Hmlly Jones, an i
aged lady dwelling undor thn splro of tho Con- j
grogatlonal Church. As they camo In front of
tho houso, from tho roof of which ll.imos darted
nkvvard, thoy saw fornmomout tbo tall llgiiro i
of Mrs Jonos, standing ns if trunsllxed at a i
shuttorless uppor window; then, nmid a vast
roaring of tho cotillngratlon, which euvoloiu'd :
tho dwelling In nu Instant, tha Inilv her fnen
lit with tho rod glare of tho lire, suddenlt loll
lack ward and dlanpi oared The house was
burned to Us cellar walls notwithstanding llio
Hope efforts of tho village bucket bilgnde,
who, lu the old-timo vva nf lighting II ic,
formed double lines of ponpln teaching to
wnter and pnesod palls bock and fnith tothn
burning structure. Mrs, Jones's body was not
recovered until H o'clock. Her son used to llvo
with her. but somo time ago hn went to I ox on.
near New Haven, and elio dwelt alone. It Is a
msBtury how tbo dwelling took lire.
An CnslUh Hrndlcate la the Cranberry
Mount Hotly. July 27. A syndicate of En
glish capitalists Is about to nngnao In tha cul
ture of cranberries on nBcnle never beloro at
tempted In this country 'iho agent of Iho
syndicate In Now ork Ib W. p. Cook, who snys
It Is proposed to hnvo over a.utio ncro- of cran
berries under cultivation within tho next Iwo
Soars. Ho has Peon negotiating wllh George
1. Upton of Hostou, who ovv ns i'i.ouo acres of
and In liurllngtou and Oleaneounties. fcow
Jorsoy, on the Una of tho Pemberton and Sea
shore Ilallroad, for a tract Including Deer
Park nnd liuflln'a Meadows. It is understood
that the price to bo paid Is 110 an aoto,
. - .- , r - rOnr- - . isn .
vaii ox nuns.
ritUbnrmh rollefDitnThnnehtTheyXVonld
Oct JTIIIy On Is Kach Inr Dead Cnr.
Pirninunni!. July 215. Thlrtocn hundred
dogs hnve been killed In this city during tho
last ten do) s by order of Chief llrown of tho
Dopartmout ot Public Safely, Through some
one's error It wns given out that pollcomon
would receive 50 cents npler-o for every dog
they killed. Tho pollco startod In with moro
energy thnn they over bo fore displayed, nnd
xlod with ono anothor la tolling up records of
curs slain.
It wns at first Intonded to havo tho police
men shoot tho dogs, but tho fear that thoy
would shoot people ns well, caused a chanco of
plan. Tho pollco wore provided with doc but
tons, ns succulent bits of meat stooped In
poison were designated and tho war began.
Tho field wnsa.irgoono, and a colored pollco
man on tho hill claims tho chnmplonshlit. His
record nccotdlng to his own Ugurcs, Is IU
dogs Mala in a week ,
'I ho order contemplated Iho destruction ot
the worthless curs that run wild, frightening
women nnd batktngnnd snapping at horses'
hoofs. Ihoio were thousands ot this Bortof
di g In tho ( ity. No ci.o knew or cniod how
they existed nnd tho prospoct el being rid or
thorn wns hailed w th dollght. Hut now tholr
Is uahlng nnd gnashing of tooth from ono end
of town to tho o'hor 'lhopoilcemen distrib
uted their butti ns piomtsiucusly Any dog,
whether muzrled ot not. they looked ui on as
lawful prey, nnd oven invaded houses nnd
bnrnfi In their hunt for dogs to dot-tmv. Ono
fellow untorcd a bn n nnd gavon button to a
beantllul Nowfoundlnnd itog thnt wna tied up.
'I he dog's live puppies wore killed, too, nnd tho
policeman uddod six tnlllos to bis list. He
desllolcd in that In-tance fl.'.o worth of Prop
crt. A i ot poodle si ated on n window sill bo
cumo tho t rej of another polliemsn who
raised tho wire scrocn to glvo the dog the but
ton Children ero roblm I of their lots and
huntsmen of their hounds In every dog tho
pollco saw flftv couts. if it could be killed. '
The streets were Uttered wiih lb" carcasses. I
Tho destruction was so great the bodies ould
not bo gathered up nenrlv ns fast as they foil.
Now tlio Biauglitei has bom stot pod Alout
tho time the p llconvn learned ttnywpre not
to rocelvn extra pnv tor killing dogs tlio Hu
mano Soi iety ntered a strong protest ngalnst
tlio continuation f tlio slaughter, it was
learnod also thn" no statute, act, ( r ordinance
nuthori7ed or t ormittod the ruthless killing of
dogs Hueii an ordinance will shortly bo of
fered In Council. In the mean time tho poden
will hnvo to answer In court lor tho death of
many dogs thai were in n jvvIso vauiants.
Ilie Arthur T. 1'ann Aspoclotlon Afloat,
but Never Alloy From fbe Pier.
The Arthur T.I-gin Association, a political
nnd eoclal club of Jersey City, were to havo I
gono on nn excursion vestordny to Sylvan '
lleacb. Two barges mid a 6toainboat were
chartered to take tho party. Thoy wore nt tho
Morris street ploroarly In tho mornlnc. Ir m
tho time they arnvod until 10 o'clock, tho nd
xortisod time for tho boats to start, thoio was
n steady stream of veorlo with tlckots getting
on bond. At 11 o'clock thero were at least 8l)j
persons, many of them with babies in tnolr
urtii, on tho throo boa's. Ihoio wero two
bands of music, nnd thovoungmonand womon
In tho party dnncod. Tbo boats didn't start at
10, but tho crowd didn't mind thnt. At 11 thoy
wore Btill tied to tho end of tho pior, and then
Botuo ol the men began tovvoudor. They wont
below, and found tho Commodore of tho
lloet nnd members of tbo committee having
ch ireo ot the excursion engaged In nn ani
mated discussion. 'Iho Com modoro wanted
his monoy boloro tho boats stin ted. 'Iho com
mittee explained thnt the treasurer of tlio as
sociation hadn't apnontoil and they hadn't the
money, bu thoy would guarantor that it would
bo paid. 'I ho Commodore wouldn't yield, bo
thn committee startod out to raise the monoy
or Ond tho treasurer.
Tho committee didn't return until 3 o'clock
in the afternoon nnd dldnt have tho money
even tl en 1 he crowd had waited pntlentlr.
Only cnee had then- been a distui banco, nnd
whon tho pi lico undertook to nrrest the offen
der he sprang ovorboard. swam to a pior two
blocks below and escaped. Hut thero was a
red-hot sceno when the nnnouncoment was
made on tho lOmmltteo's return that tho ex
cursion wus postpot od.
It wns said lust night that the treasurer of
tho association went to huropo laet Thursday
on a cuttlo boat.
lie Broke Oat or .lull and Commuted Sev
eral Ilerslurle nelore he vrsi Captnred.
Bivoor. Me., July 27. William H. Oilman,
known as Maine's "Jnck Sheppnrd." who es
enpod from tho W'iseassotjail on July 19, has
been captured, and he boasts thnt since break
ing jnll ho hns to bed eovoral places. This
noted burglarsays that oftor escaping from tho
jail he hid in tr.e bushes near the village, and
found that tho wholo town was hunting for
I h id. Ho went quickly through tho streets.
holdlnc In his hnnd ready for uso n" black
jack.' Intoiidlne to kill i he llrst person who
nttempto l tonrresi him. Ho then struck out
lorPiltston where he broke into two stores.
Ho barely escaped cat turo by tho police at
i Augusta U lienton lm entered n 6toro at
, nbout daylight nud stolo fju Ho then camo
to 1 angor and wont to Pnssadumkoac. In
I Lincoln ho stole sovornl things He continued
, bis journovto Houltnn nnd I ort Pnlrlleld, In-
I to idingto blow some safes at Hrldge-vvator, but
I lnsteud went to lllnlne. liobroko Into tho store
of ,. o. Nuttor and stole monoy and goods.
Tho Mars Hill Post ofllco was next entered.
He wns held at tho preliminary hearing, and.
failing to secure) bonds, wns committed to jail
I in lioulton. He is a desperate character. At
ono time, to save hlmsolf from a term in state
prison, ho feigned Insnuity. knowing that ho
could oscnpo Irom the lnsnno lioepltnl. and did
bo aftor bn was thero IB months, making his
oscapo in May. lt39o.
Good Ileullh nn One Meat a Dny.
roTTHTOws. To.. July 27. Ovor thirty years
ago tho Hov. John Kborly, a well-known min
ister of this place, sulTorlng from djapepsln.
continuous headaches, nnd nervous disordors,
conceived the Idea that If he should cat but
ono moal a day ho might experience somo re
lief. Ho tried the experiment, and found that
i it worked llko a charm. His formor hoalth
' promptly returned and be has followed tho
J plan of oatlnc but once a day ovor since. Ho
celebrated his 07th birthday anniversary yes- '
tnnlny. nud if over there wus n perfectly sound, i
hale, and healthy old gentleman, ho is one. ,
Ho is tall, and thin ns a rail i ut ho says be
tools so light that hu could almost tread ou all. I
Ho linvvoats his da Iv moal in tho evening. I
When hn flrot sinrted tbo isiom he partook of
a substantial dinnei in tuo middle of tlie day.
Ho has found, however alter long ptactlco,
that taking fio moal in thn evening is moro
benelldnl in him. (in arising in tho morning
' ho drinks n glass ol cold wnter and cocslm-
medhiio'y nbout his round of duties. He is
xcrv onergotle and Is coniiiuiill ut work Irom
morning until night. Ho saves about two
hours In every twenti -four in tl.o nmount of
1 1 mo which thor old gentlemon consume with
breakfast ami dinner and their n tor-dlnuur
i smoke. Hu Is una-sitmliig. and innk 'S uopio
i tensions to oiigiiiiillty for his dietary sittom.
Tiling In roin.il an Icn Trimt,
lUsnon, July 2". C. W. Mor-o and ether j
New mk brokers have boon in l.angor within
a fow dais In Inc to induce tho Ice companies
I hero to enter a pool or trust for the purooso of
keeping up tho lull o of ho. One objoct of tho
i reposed trust Is to light fomn of tho big con
j corns, like the Knlckeiboekor Company, which
, hnve been running tho Now ork city Ice
business to null ihemsohes fur a h ng time !
I past. Tlm Hanger Icn (' nip lines, howovor,
i mo not ver uiiMinis io join any tiusts 1 hey
i ml phi up good lm and sell ii lor lis much as ,
I they i an cot to tho Hist cnstoinei Hint comes I
along, letting other mnrl.otH tnkocato of them- i
selvis. It is said however, that somo of tlio
spoi'iilntivn nen'ora on tho l.oniieben hnvo
1 joined tlio pool, .mil that tho standard on
( oiupany Is bonind the movomont. somo of
1 the IieiiU' bee stock ice is nut panning out ns
well ns tlie owners oxpeeiod. Onoioncorn
which contracted to furnish the Knicker
bocker ('nniiuiny with 2,011 1 tons fouud tint it
had only 2lii tons of good ico when tho time
for shlpplngat rlvcd, and there aio many cases
of the Mime kind.
Heme Inlri rslluu Hello.
ItKAWMt. Pa.. July 27 - l'dwaid M. I.tldon of
87 North I liib streot Utho possessor of some
curious relics. Among them Is a pair of (hum
sticks that wero picked up on tho battlefield of
Trenton, In tho llovolutionary war. belonging
to a Drilled drummor. Another Is a band
organ, constructed In 17i')5, bv ouo John Mus
eor, at 1 nlnata, over In I ancaster count!,
then but newly Fe'tled Iho hand oignn Is In
nn exeollent Btuie ol preservation, and glibly
rcols off ails popular in tin m . iivh Miother
Interesting relic is a large dot man bible
printed in 102.1. in Perfect ( onditlon Mill an
othor isa henvv omiu made ol twlted willow
twigs that were planted at Ileifast, Me,,
wllh a bundle made Hum tho horn of a buck
killed In North ( arollna, and n forrulo which
wnsthonoz7io ol a pair of bellows brought
over fiom l.nulund In the Mayflower in lcUo
and presented to tbu presont owner by u lineal
descendant of John Aldeu, the lover andihus.
Esnd of PrlsglllB, the Puritan maiden.
fforgrft gnrriiwflt fit.
WlanWuau &CO.
n7S, a?4. mo mtoouK sr.
Spring and Summer
Carriages ,,,
op the nriT ri.iss. " ',
Victoria. Wnuonettn,
I iitirlnletH. .Ilepnt Micnnn,
Two heeler. I tit lain lteck,iwir(.
Mall I'linrionn, l.t. 'Ion (i.lirloleu.
I.nndnuletle. ! n ll,
llmnlhuee. Knnil econs,
a.l'lis. Hockawaye, Top iMiiirlnus,
t oiipp llnekalvaye, J, miles' I'hattone.
Nplder I'ltaeloni. 'Ilurklinnrlls, .
Vla.n.VK, lllnce Carts, l!
l.alKtnna, Kunuliillit 4'
I Tiincy Tr-inn. Ulerliy I'bnelon. 1
Heeinrs' Xuicnn, Isurreyn, I
lloclorx' llrmiKhnma, bltdren'n Traps, "
1'uncy Jttiekhaiinla. Saxmt lkhnetDn. I
Wronn. I'tbftnri Hufk'rOArfl" Honram 'Jorrfri i
rncrlra, Urtorl. I.M.d iliie -xgni tte.Cri t
lion & Po lift t Ml. tklIhort) (!; Muntii m R
J hft)torm Drpnt UASoni iootnr' J haft n U ,; i
tnbrio eu. Huuftj iuti, i tnopy icton n.ttotti I
After 17 rir" of corectitiv travc unir In the ! n'ti $
h''t" 1 Amri l ' ae us id . 4 a l rnul
mv contra it f r I ur'i" !opir)Hr i!i t ct ninf
UlL owing to til. i I a n cfmreUeJ by tontrftct toiei
11 VAf.rAHI.K II
micA'ri:i moui:,
Alt liroVn m iinlfl or double barnnv ftnd lad or
pent etnMi die
T' e nr f't afrall r( atfim wTiUtli ftrerrft''ljf'ri
fftfft Ifti.U of innk i) delated railroad, 3mf pintf,
or any oth t bltrt Tliey conmt of
I MNdLh ltOf
Will be in'tl at ptullc nactiflti THI nPA. fVTFR-
NtH).N,.iiiu il hh rlirV ftt t e 'fikiftirlKn .'fr
ae tm lIiKnt- All tt- r e 'mnfct u'i -arjiclt
tiftsa ttio Itllik Uoor Ttn t i trlct : rari
A'KUl . I. It. ul,l i(IN,
KINO H II- llv, Trt3
: lur.uUNt in t i nd in i k x rn for
I M M"i(Sri. rmnrnurf r Wa-ron-; itnt.n f eten fffni
r.cnMirre4 in ftk ni i fitnra w i fxpn ,rk t ,
h irr-T i a!iriolit ie l'ark li,afton a -.n ( P
l-niiplK iwitftleii loli atl 1 Vq i i mt ii 1 f f ri ii
nf rAftite 1 rat a. l'ctt cooda. Ion eat jirn-et Lu iroai
tli- buli'lt-r.
itAt'I.Ni: WACiON ANIM ATI Hi aK to.
;7-hi ootri New Vcrk.
Vothlnecan be more liand0"io than the qnarnrel
r-n anl aOi trttite and ct e Ui r ioiriv. fipnln,
Hnni1)B lwowhe'ler A wer'-nia ttu tin ifaana
Totua fntohtd in the naturil vrn J ' i: ir grtined
to tn rh maknu ai eceelliu' iura k hi a j
nipruney attrjcuve Inili I riifiii; wp olTtr ii
lujinufiUured at our Hurka lu &yruc io ltu tf ttit
BRADLEY & CO. , 14 Warren Bt.
I.ari7et Hock In l.h ' ietry Wajonii for Dry 1
Guod J-ann'lr Jtottr roi fra Tin-ii ri I' at I
Tert. Oonf" tloner. and i''. tirr bulne- Uti gyig,
nir oirn malt of leu iLaterial Miett .Jniitj, rcaua- I
ble ttrm M't from the b it :er
luti.Ni: waijo.n am rinitur.n co I
15I-1M Pocth 'x ar .o Vort J?
BT'HlMIHs" IV A Ci O N -..-Our hand mafla
wat' m are ftcknow te Ifed the bt for Nr otl '
ritr tref a mid are riitape t t buy We cam m f
a' k 'u WAvnm tr suit alt p rfom (a Lef re rar I
fhalnze ewliere. N I. W UKiL AUU.N CO-
ici-jo; UuJpou at , corner Bank
Prclt. Jnst receive l tw.i carto1 nf nnr Urtl
Ile.lvrr) ngnn t t countr un, w ith ir without lo; &
flACIM. A(.(i i (S. Ill .-outn s-i, ith v V
" iriN i.fi w.vcoN'M7-tri " io"lTa
osii.iia.mi iir.ut i itr A(lO all mini
IH'IION MAIiON' ( (., 51.' UlbaU.N ST
SlT.lNKLtst, TRtTKStrdi.cfilrte "
W tthiltliHtLD .1 so.N, ITT Trince t
Itiilinrj ratUmir.
EQULfcTrtlAV OtTFITC lllmtrstel cat!oiulfrt.
A JiraliltiXT OP tUTl.Il SULDWItS.
Evolution of the lloja or Mount Iiretto
JTtelore the MC Vincent de Paul Moclety.
Tha ona thousand schoolboys of tha Mission
of tho' Immaculate Vircln at Mount Lorotto,
istatcn Island, wero drawn up In military lines
on tho lawn beforo the docL. at 11 o clock yes
terday rrornlnc to rocehe the third annual
visit of tLo St Vincent do Paul Society ot Now
York. All woro llcht brown thlrts, dark
brown corduroy knickerbockers, and seal
brown stockings. For calf an hour tha pri
vates leaned on tholr littlo wooden cuns, and
tho small oillcors of tho rcelmont brushed up
their lace and stripes or adiustud the plumos
on their military cars. At 11 X, o'clock the
steamboat New Brnn-wlck camo to tho ttharf
with 1.0UJ dolecatos from Ilfty-ono New ork
lloman Cathollo parishes on board. As tus
Tlsitorslandod tho boys' fllo and drum conn I
broke Into n pot-pourri of patriotic airs and M
tho lines of littlo solalcrsshoutod tno school 9 1
annual creetlnu t) its cuests. The delegates I
went up to the crounds in croups ot twenty 1
bohlnd tho bannors ol thoir nsiectns I
. parlshos. and watchod tho ropluient drill under .
tho commnnd of l.iout. l'niil 1' Leonardo! tha j
MU-niuih. Tho ount:soldieis went throuL-h
nil their ovolutlons ulth bardie a inlstnLo.
The marched u healed and face 1 about with
fceenth Kommont procl-i. n: currnd, shoul
dored. nnd prosomeu arm- llko clockwork, and
then hurried oil on tho d ub.o quick to cite
tho doleKatcs an opportunity to eat luncheon.
Most of the visitors ato in tho ble school
dlnlnc room which 6oats 2.oo't, Fathor
DoiiKhcrty. recioi of tho uiti-sl in. howevor,
entertained the .superior council in a Drliato
(iiiilni; loom un-tatrs Mon'-lctnor 1 ar oy sat
on his riurit. 'iho other memnors of the party
Wero tho llov. Dr. O Keolo. 1 ather !?heo an of
tho Church of the Nathlt), l.liiut, l.coniircl,
lathers .McCormick and Cassldj ol tlie
MlsMon. lather Miltoi of St. Josephs, und
Father l'ltfpalrlck
Intoriutho afternoon 301 boys had a dress
parade At 5 o'clock Father 1), ucheity go)e
thn benediction and tho uelucutus took tha
boat lor 2Qv York.
ASI1-L01TISRY ill'X.
The Farmers Alllunce In Louisiana Will
Fight the Lottery Couipimy.
New Orleans. July 27. A number of pirlshos
elnctod delecntes yesterday totho Anti-Lottery
Democratic Comention. which will meet iu
ll.iton I'ouko on Auc 7. (Jthors will follow
next week, nud most of tho pan-hes mil be
roproseutod there. Only Poinocrat3ha;o con
lnltcd. und tho Republicans aro holdlnc aioof.
'llio annual mee'lnuof tho ' a-nioisTn on and
Alliance and this Anti-1 o'tory ( oncntlon are
called within 11 day of each 1 thcr and oimet
in tlio sanio place Ji Hon Hoiu.-c aid It is H
untloisto d that ufnunnl cointination wdl bt B
made betHOin tho 1 miiinrt nil I tlm nti-I.ot- H
tory Demoernts in tno cumii.iu:u acJiiint the
loner) ninendineut. H
Tlie I'nrmois' Alliance nnd I'nl nltasalready
deciaiednunln'-t tholott.'r). 'll.oi .o.'fim-
out thl- inorniiii: unions lit. cliareo that M
r-onator Whl.o rui ohed 1 1.1 OJ or morn from
tlio Louisiana Lottery (oininiin hl h tund ffl
wa dlsliiirsed under his norsuiial ord"rs to aid If
In oloctlnc him to the I nitod tu'c 'ennto H
'llio Jimi-lidiitirrti' Invitos .fiiiluo rt hita
tobrinirn llbnl suit so that witnc-.-.e" can he
lioaul on 0.1th nnd iti an bo ju iiciall deter
mined whothor ho cur tlio inonoy or not.
NtnnlcjiV IlMMhrr-tn-l.nii. "
Mr. Charles (ornibs Tcnnart tho brother-in-law
01 tho Afiican explorer, Stanley, ti tl is
llrs-i cliinpso of Amotica throuuh cnld-rnnim d
(joclii1" os setstci-iiny fr tin tho di'"k o! tha
etc. nnf hit. I'mlria Ho Is a tni , daru-hucl.
1 lack-inuslaehed Fncllshmnn In the prime of
life, iiiul looks ns If ho mlu'lr er properly
hno a benutlftltrlstor. Ho sus that l.p cornes
hern partly tor i oasuro und pnrtu to annncn
for the lecoptlon of Mauley, who wll c mc in
.Novoiiiber. Miiiilev is noiv at Me'cLett, lha
countiy soalol 1 udy Ahhtiiirton. Ho will u to
Malwrn hnrlncs. in Horcosiorshlro alter leav
Iol; Molchott, nnd will visit ( arlshad a ter tlmt.
Mr. 'li'nnant mi- tho nspjoret If pro iv - k ft
finm wliat Dr.i nrkr-sayAl-ii ruiirrune of I is
old in.ilndy. jniiitlo leier Jlut i'r la In says Sf
hn will bo Well cuju'h to cotuo to Atuerioa lu
llnnv M;lil t CjiHiiln ltul'. I
WMlo pafsint throuith Aomio Atn sntur- 1
day nlitht, Kont (lardnor of Mr deiry's H
Focio'i mw 1 l-o ir-old Anulo Ivrnlsil 'ftno Hj
out of ( apt. Daly's saloon at 29j wti a iitcher k
of beor, ( apt Daly I-. a sport, nn I w i" con- rft
cernod In tbc.Sulllvan-hllraln ilt'ht II nam IB
thorn wiiiui (mrdiier onterod the , , n m
(i.ii'ltoi nrron'od .lohu I Itcera' I II ' bar- tw
tcndui f' rheiilni". Il'iuorton mil 1 I' t k fm
I itKi'inld to tlio I luhlootiih sire ' 1 ' ' s'a- M
tlon, nndthi'ii nturnid to cnii I'.oreit u
, tiniu lu looked Into Dah she sun l.i' i.ntal'i s IK
son. John, need la, sellini: in" r oi - ihiiit- H
man. nund ', He arrested Jo n ie-ierduy W
John nud I'ltcernld wero meh hell in il J K
bail f r trial at tho nrklilo 1 I " ' ourt,
1 hey worn balled. 1 apt. Dais w J' in court uud (
uiy much dlbk'ustcd. Iti
1 lie llrouichl lu .New 1 UKlund.
New London, July 27. 'i Lo irolon'il K
drouuhl in southeru Setv 1 Ub'l.it d ' t n Wj
ond 'llmrnlay nlt'lit, and rain hh riieui'i H
day I ri lay mid tostor lav Jlnni -in' n;
lifctleiit hid bcou lrr"tr onbly 1I.11 ce . t .1 1
tlioralii witsol inotiinabeinliii t 'He "
especially to tbo 1,01 oud crop of irrn'- f r !'
turago Corn has been uroiitiy 1 urel a '
tobacco, ll Is feared, will not yiol I mc e tbin
half a crop. The droutht all ibi ut-h ."
tncland was the sot ercst la muo roars. 1
if 7 "1 liMiM 1-dJJMlBI

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