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' good tenants"-! fBasef jf ft JJ lAjv, a r f5 t .1 ' I lif
Board or Room Advortisomont '4 l ll 1 IIk rJgJV 'ffl'llf 'hhT ' T 3HE TP s" TT "NT I M
I ' inn vat.qvxs nit hi.vrxi.znxs co.visa
" iii.itn to iti:iiu:ss hum.
He IFnntu Irnmncen from Xrnnpnpern thnt
knee been t'lillltiK lllm Nnuiesi Mm.
Frunk l.rpllr'n Action me a Jlee Ity.
ttiy o lllm The I.ndl'K lVvplmmtlon.
(yyrUH ISCO. try Tn i- lYInflii and JirtMAInj
-4rrtl iftim.
I.nvnov. July 2".-The Mnrnuls tie Louvlllo
1' raehi lnt0 ,M0 1'OnJo" ofllco of Tut. Sun this
X tnorning In a frnnzlod state of excltomotit,
waving alott a tils handful of clippings fiom
American nowspapors that ho hnd Just ob-
t&lned from an agency, and Informod your cor-
rospondent tint ho had oonsultod his solloltor
V nd wuld start in a wook or so tor Now York
to no the i res of tho United Htntcs for libel.
"Those newspaper articles." ho said, "nro
the most llbolloas nnd defamatory I have over
rem! Msten to this:
' The Marquis do lisuvllle cools his hocls
on tbo stops of tho Darlington Ilotol while
Mrs. I ohIIc packs up hor ttunlts and escapes
dim bv n side entrance.'
" And thl'. ho shrieked;
"Tho MatiiuIb do LourlUe still Inhabits tho
ikln of nn r.s '
' Somo of the rest nro ovon worse," ho enld,
mournfully. Thon ho asked torn coblo blank
nd pen nnd Bent tlio following despatch to
Mrs. Frank I.osllo:
"Such a host of nbomlnnblo nnd Injurious
falsehoods from America hnvo dooldoil mo to
tall for Now York with ft solicitor to ontor no
tions. I cannot bolhrve that yon havo circu
lated thoo reports."
This ho slgnod " IteniV nnd sighed hoavlly
s ho gave True SirVs ofllco boy twouty-nlno
(hillings to pay for Its transmission to Amorlcn.
Tho Marquis Informed mo thnt the solicitor
who would accompany him to America was
Charles Komble of Korablo .t Co. of Conduit
6tieet. But Do Louvlllo rolusod to mnke any
statements with regard to Mrs. Lesllo's mo
tive In denying that she W03 engaged to him.
"lam bound by tho laws of chivalry," said
bo. "to presorvo sllancc."
Charles Korublo. Do Louvillo's local advisor,
was lets close moutheJ. "I shall aocninpnny
Pe Leuvillo to America, " ho euld, "nnd wo
hall Timorously prooiuto all those nowspnpors
that havo llbullod him. That Mrs. Leslie was
Beady nnd anxious to mnrry him boforo eho
palled for America on Saturday, tho 12th Inst..
cn bo proved by documents in my possession.
V hy sbo should deny tho fact I do not know."
Komblo shotted mo throe lottors In hla poa
seBsIon. (mo was from ItoRlstrur lloarno to
Pel.euvltlo, dated July ll.nndrundns follows:
"Mr Lord. I am ery sorry not to bo nblo to
accedo to Mrs. Frunk I.osbo's roquest nhou
ehe accompanied you estorday to olvo tlio
notlco about tho mnrrlaco, because I find tho
I Superintendent dlslnellnod to solomnlio It bo-
fore 10 A. M., tbo ofllco hours on Saturday.
" 1 am, my loi J, your obedient boi rnnU
"FiiuiEUicK llFAHr, Iloslstrar."
This lottor, nccordlna to Komblo, Do I.ouvlllo
received on the morning of tho day It was
written, and sent It at onco to Mrs. Lesllo nt
the llurliiiEtnn Hotel. Tho rociuost roforrod to
la the Itocfstrar's lotter wns that spoclal sanc
tion should bo clen for umarrhieo bofore 9
o'clock on &aturdny mornltic. 'lhat Mrs.
Leslie did make thle roquest lloeistrnr Ilenrno
essutes ma is a fact about which he cannot to
nlhtskon. In responso to De lonWllo'a note
enclosiDK tho lleclstrar's luttor another letter
was shown mo. said to bo from Mra I.osllo.
which wns not datod, and was written on plain
paper. It read:
"I shall oipoct you as ion aeroed nt 12
o'clock sharp It Is for you to think In this
matter as well as mo.
" Lovlnely. rtonnKcr."
A postscript at tho bottom and written Tip
tbe eldo, wnR:
1 "It would havo loon bottor If yon had done
I eo boforo."
I Another noto which Komblo said wns also fa
I Urs Leslie's handwritlne, but which was not
I dated or alcnod, wns recolvod by Do Louvlllo
I tbe auio afternoon. It was written on noto
1 pater, couta'ulnc In tho upper corner tho
D jguro of a door with the motto: "Toui-ou-Hl
Iiion." Tbo noto road-
"We willdlno toKothor occo moro, nt least,
1 dear, if on will call hero at cleht "
1 "Canyon explain," I uskod Komblo, "why,
H If tboso letters are cenutne, Mrs. Leslie should
to porslBtcntly dony that Etio over coutom
H slated marrylnir Do Leuilllo?"
B 'I cannot," ho replied ;" that Is a mystery."
M Mrs. Leslio was disinclined Inst nlKht to
V tnnlto aur posltivo stntoment coiiLerainc her
A preBent relutionb with De Leuville. but she suij
H umt ner stateinant mudo shortly after hor
I teoeut arrival from Europe, "that she had no
1 present intention of murrylnc unybody." was
I !"le-ti!1 H tiint sho had received word
I pom Do Jjouvtllo lulormlus hor of ins intontlon
I tocomoto tblseountri uiiUsho lntlmutadtbiit
I tie would probably think bottor of It and stuy
I It home.
-1 .." 'u7 1nt wli.U," Bald Mre. Losllo, " to any
njtnlnc thnt will In uny way ombarrnsH tbo
I JrriuU oreauio htm uuln. ifo lias Just oomo
I "riUKbatrpublesoniosUlt. wliluh lnlchtbnvo
' I nolfod In bis impilHOnmont if It bad Buno
isiunst blm, nnd Ue Btitfer acutely at times
rem ypiHiiiudie aHthmu. Wljy. I havo sen
ikV9 '0 "nd 6?ul of on ovoning pnrty,
uchlDt;, iestiiii:, and duneinir, vvhon Hudiieu-
j w would bo compolleil to lenn nenlni-t tlio
;HIor eupjiort nnd clutch bis thront qulto
"terotoly for bn-i.th. lio is tho stronirebt
asaloverBuw. but lio is not Bound, dh. os.
we weie cnuairod onco. but tbut vvaj louu iiko.
MJ viiw publlsliixi at tho tlmo nnd tnllted
Cout a treat ileal. It was ubout Huht
f...rs.. 0C0, V,,,U l u"d Loon a widov?
i; ' ii?n Jar- thnt ho proposed to mo.
Ml edoif vTlth It my woddlnc iIiik. It rolled
in w ,?, l0J?r' IP?- 'P bi'A". oi a i'lllOTiit foirch,
AfSS1! lW0 nl t00k ',urt " culd not bo found.
Viifii!''0 lorfoimaijcovvo went to ilia ilotol
i. ?? t"isuw'?r . Ho oxpre-ped ioat sor
tS,Ti.'l i"tf "! lho rliu-'imd asked motor
tormlje on to rep aco it. 'TVhv. funlU.'ltwiM
nWVi r'"K-, , I know that,' ho replied,
f?rr3uJ,,t'" K'udof a riu I want to buy
inrt ?h'..Vurbo.,1V la tnfl ""'J' heard till,
fha v '.""f'-11, Jiearttly. f lino tuat tlmo
ln?i r?"lul' '" been very ntteutho to inn,
of hii ,,'P0 ''"I'reiod wltli tho unmohtnua
f&tlnV'M?11;1,"; ."hy. tbcro could lie no mis-
lif'i!tl0i''1'ukm,lB('finnil'1-' blind for
M'l'' ho it, od to sit In frout of the door
WhUi"V ?.n:5 ously wiitlnu to ho.ir of ino.
rait,, 5 J'elt "i' ' i,ai "ttood .rost.etof
fZTJif woub und anccoedinu In tint tiihk I ha,l
ArlMA i , ' "OiyinatiPthowoik buKun by
ic ?t,SV,rrf l''S,'ih wo about llio nrs
De8i?,ii'S ""'"-d otoir curao to tliU country.
' KiVVa.?.tl ',-lV'Bn? n111" and was with
vjhn hi "v,V"l!l durlnic tlmt tlmo except two.
Mm2nht9ii'!'d,;J twQ dliinora, II.. utd to
uSn fn.n S f'M 9 Sunday mornlna and rn
Ume ,'? LllT1' ,JJtnlKht.MDdl nnll tba
Mninit ? ?lf. bgr "1 mo "r ono mlriiit". 'I lio
fc virioui i.U,."19 Umo innmUnit to each dhor
tItlo m lwS.u,l,se ftl",1 tl"'11 wo u,11d "It t
He v.i5 ,i"rl,u "?-".' I" various lnni;ii.iKos.
writo'" "dnod ii cultivated iiuiu. io
m? IlL.1 WV"o but lio paint-ravish-Mrs
,?' ' h'li'a.Uitlniwnreiiotovvoitlir
s4o""IouiiYleW,llt'h B"U 9om"""
"I rLilJa.Vo!i '""inirr him 7"
Uttor dHfd P ', Lno'. aoinehow flr other tho
JSrmm.taonin,Vd ' could noveFmilko
JodurlniSiV',i,IloMnr'i.l,ljl hlAn around
tWom from ft. Ih.'""V njoi'lhs sufiorlnc mnr-ifaJluol-i.i?.tnJ?kl,
' B n?',i"P"f until
Kit' iiM t. iti " lo"A .llowont homo,
Kllei.i,'1, 'a.i"lF undorBioiv b.nweon us. i
KwSn' '"'". oncnoinent had oxiMoi
Uvermmi,l.t5nol.PJ:,'r-. lui'ltoof this
ropo 'or i'r'i.,lf"01 "'"n''"-. ' huvo been
U5i"en l!i!u Sum"'or 'IneoTtJut havo not
,UM "o thouirht I was colnc to be a
very pretty nnd nttntctko woninn nnd ndvised
ino nevortowritoalotior without slcnfnir luv
mil nnmo to It. Ho wus eor'iiln tlmt this woul.l
provoiit ino from vvrltlnu i.tiytlilnir that was
vory topjlsh oi hIIIv. and it hns.'v
ins Leslie wnanpked whetlior any peirotla
llons uad be.-n umtirway botweoii tho Xlnriiiils
arid boiilstrnr I'nnrn.v louklne toward her
tnarriuvo in I ondoti. Hhil dniiled this mrst
positively mid said that no initttor whom sho
IiinrrlMl hio would Insist upon tho ceremo'it
bolnir iierfnnned in lior own country nnd
amnnc lur own friends.
"Iamnfrald 'ho Miuqiils." sho snld. "q a
little fond of notorioty. nnd that ho does not
object ns etronnoui-ly us he would mnko It ap
peal to the novvint.or stories aliout us. For
mv liirt I wish to say as little about tho mat
ter us possible, for I liavo boon openly nnd
erupllynneusod by somo Western puiors of a
dcslro to nsuro In print ns freqnontly and ns
prominently as I can In order to ndvottiso my
ountciupluted looturliii; tour."
WT.uaiso run sovra.
rionrtlmrvt nnd Ura-wr ttaia Do a Oret
Ural ol Iliimnce.
IltnJitTmUM, Ala.. July 25.-A cloudburst,
which cnusod lmmonso dnruocs. ocoured yos
terdnynltomoon just abovo tho mlutnir town
of Iiorso Crook, In Walker county. Tho creek
of tho nnmo namo runs through n narrow val
loy, nnd It was on thlsstronm that tho cloud
burst ooouned. Tho vnlley was Iloodod ton
doptli of thrvo foot, nnd a numbor of houses
wore swopt nwny. All tho coal ohutos of the
llorso Crook Mining Company woro destroyed,
nnd thlrty-ili o cars loadod with coal woro
flcnttored down tho valley. Ovor n mllo of
sMo trnck bolont'lni: to tho Kansas City, Mom
tihlB rind DlnnliiKham llnllrond wns swopt
awny, but tho main lino was not sorjously
damncod. Down tho vnlloy, below tho town,
fnucos and housos woro swept nwny nnd tomo
live Block dmwnud. Tho total damnce is esti
mated at HllO.OUO.
CiiAiiLEsTOK, 8. a. July 2s,-Chorlo6ton ana
tho siirrouudlns country has had tho (rroatost
rulnfnll In yoars, tbo total proclpltatlon from
finturday until to-uicht belmrovor elx inches.
Tho result on tbo crops has boon various. Tho
r co Dlnntors nro happy nnd tlio hea Island
planters desponilont. In tbo rice reirlnn tho
crops sadli needed plonty of fresh water, nnd
thoyhnioBotlt. Tho result on tho Soa Inlands
Is.howover.dlsnBtrouF. Tlio crops on Friday
last wore tho Ilnest that havo boon soon
Ui yoars. Tbo honvv rain tins, liow.iver. boat
flown the stalks nnd ouuod tho fruit to shod
badly. Tlio ciiterpllliira have also put In un up
Poarnnre. nnd thoro Is a voryKoneral domaud
fori arlsuroen and otbor poisnuH.
On U'.uitrr. N. U.. Inly lis.- For ninodnjs In
buccosrIoii rain has bcon pourinu all over
-North Corollnn. nnd fears nro entertnlnod thnt
ertiHt dnmnso will eomo to tbo orops on tho
bottoms. On soiorul ntrcams brldRca havo
beou vrashed nvvay. Tin. bottoms nro .loodod.
arid coni.thnt is on low lands 1b beiuc washed
awny. I pto a lew days auo the crops iu North
Carollni woro liourishlne, and tho farmers
were vory hopeful but In soma suctlona tho
recent rains have done Brent il.imnue. In
Mecklenluirsniid ndjolnlnit counties tho rain
fall bus hcon far moro than in western Caro
lina, whilo In other seotlons thoro has not
been moro thnn enough.
Itoports from the Dan lllvor soction of this
Ptatonro thnt sovnralcjo.l bridecs havo Is'on
oiimaced, Tho Catawaba Itiver was to-day
sovon and (jhulf feot above hlch-vv .nor mark,
nnd Is still ri-lnc r.ipldly. riisonKors over
tho Air Lino road irom Atlnnts say that irrout
aamazo has tepn dono to the crop south of
this point, and that In some localities tho corn
crou mi bottom lands Is outiroly eubmerued
u uU tho etroaiuB are still rlelnc.
A UKAl, X.KPr.11 Jill!, IIMIZ
iro In n YontiK Mexican J'reeh From m
VcniiMlvunfi ZScmrtHni: SLhonl,
Mnnuol finmtla, n Mexican, 20 years old,
who camo hoto from a Fonnsvlvunln botirdinit
school about n wouk aco, whs taken to North
Ilrothers Island jctenlaj ButTorlri: from
leprosy. Ho put up at tho bonrdlnic Iiouse at
105 Kast T wenty-clchth street, whero most of
tho boarders nro bp-uiiards Ho wns taken III
vory so a altor ho arrived. Tho othur boarders
noticed tho irrnylsh pallor of his complexion,
nnd conoludod that ho had somothins uuusunl
tho matter with him. A phislcian in tho
noichporbood who was culled d. cidod tlmt bo
had loproay, nnd eo lniormed tho Health
Dr. Froderick Dllllnchnra went to tho houo,
nnd vvlth tlio aeBlstanco of l'olieemun (.hpirlcrf
t-nydqr. had the Mexl an taken to tte ltecop
tlon Hoppiial nt the foot of Lust HlxteentU
ftreet, whonco ho .is transferred lo North
Ilrothers Island. Tho Doctor said ho was
fiuuilinr with leprosy, and was loriuin Unriitla
ha I lho disease, Tho dnntor of eon'amiiin
tion to tboso who had been familiar with tho
jouni; loi.er wns. tho Doctor said, iiulnltebl
mal. None of theflpnnlaid In the bn.irdlnu
house, which is kept by Mrs-FnuliniiBummers,
appeirod to bo .ilnrmod because iileierhad
I een In tbo house for a week or fo. Dr Dll
linchnm said then) was nearly always acaso
of leprosy In Chnrlty Hospital.
Commissioner llryant of tho Health I'oard
sold last nluht that Dr. Idson had known of
the case for several dny, but tlmt tho Health
Hoard did not Know nt first whether or not It
hnd tho uuthoritr to remove tho lmtiont under
tho law. 'lho (ommlssionors consulted Sur-iroon-Lionornt
lUmiltoii of tho Uuitod btntos
Marino liospltal ami on his advice dooidod to
remove him. Commissioner IJrynnt says that
Dr. f-dsnn told him tlmt it wns a ceimlnn enso.
A lodcor in tho room next to tho leper Is ulso
ill. lho naturo of his Illness Is unknown.
IxtVAOAA'a iiy arr spoiled.
It HuJ ,Int llreun AVbra He Pelt Called
Vpon tu u1et 'IIilup In Thompiua Street.
Tollcomon Jnmo3 Koauan and Ilobort Ik
Ilold of tho Irlnco street station stood at
Grand nnd Hullivnu streets yesterday morning
wultlnir to catch a car homo. It was tholy day
oil. Hueh was In civilian dress, lleforo their
car camo a brawl oceuirod at Grand mid
Thompson streets, and they hurried there nnd
mndo two women priBonurs. Uoid took his
captive to the station house easily, but lloauari
had troublo with his prisoner because tlio vvnn
toodruuk to movo. Whilo ho was wui tine lit
Trinco and Kulllvua streets for holpaciowd
cutherod. Not knowinc that liencan was an
oBkor somo ot tho crowd hootod at him nnd
tlio womnn. no shoved them oil. 1 udolph
Heuslor of Jfil Last Tenth street knockod l!oa
Kim Uovvn wlthnHUddon blow, and run down
hullivnu street, Iteauuii lollowod und llred his
pistol twice. 1 iualiy he cauuht IIoUBlor and
locked him up.
Morlescotto tho 'tatlon houso that ono of
lloa.iii's bulluthei.mil near uottlnu into tbo
head of a mini iu frout of i.Hlloy's ilvcry
stable on Hulllvnn stioet, and that tho otlier
Just missed a llttlo eirl Iu the AtrueL Though
tliest. statements could not bo provou, dipt.
'Ihominon wan convincod that Iloaunn had
netnd (ndlicreiitly and ho sont chnrcos ncaliiht
the ollleer to Mulberry street. Honcun says ho
pointed his pistol huh in tho iilr nnd llrod It
olrcplr to Intlinldato ilouslor.
At Jefferson Market In 'ho afternoon Heuslor
wns fined flu, ono ol tho women waijsont to
the If land for sit mouths, una the other for
tendavf. l!eai:an had v bo there, aud eo his
dnyoif wnsBiiolled.
Nnv Ynilt CVnnns Ilrtiirnl.
Hun-AiyO, July 2S-ComplPtod census rotai ns
clvo llrio county, ouli Ido of Kuflalo, 7a,6W
population Klunara county, 55,0(r2i Cuttaruu
us county, .'jT.hiOi Chntiiuqua, 7C,4i2. Krlo
county, outsldo of Hulfalo nnd Tonnwanda,
showsaajllni; off sluee tho coneus of lfiSO.
Tho snmo is truo of Miirjara and other coun
ties, ontsldu of tho larco towns Iiko James
town, 1 ookport, Mnirnrii J alls, and Oloan.
Tpiinwniidus piin of w.'iitJ ji phenomenni.
7'he inoreasivof population In Erie Ojuuty, out
side ol Hulfalo. is H.7JD: Mnsarn onunty, i.aS'J;
luttaritiKus county, 1.01 j Ohatnuqua county,
Cll"'-, Totol for tho four oountlfB. includlnc
lluffalo, In Jisu. 8uu,lSU;in lb'Ju, VMMll, 'Xotiit
iucroaso, 2i,231.
Jtnatna llrmocrutii Getllnc Toicether.
Ilnaros, July 2-. The Demoorn'.lo City Com
mlttoo dono something to-nlirht vvhloh has
never bofore been dono In the history of tho
Jtoeton Dnmocruoy. At the caucuses two wooks
ao thoio woro rows in nine of tlio twonty-Ovo
wants, and when tho delesutos from the other
elMoon wards mot to-nleht contestlnc delo
Kiito appeared from each of those sine wards.
Hy a vote of Ml to oi tho contestants
were sent bnck to tholr respuctlvo Wuidsan.1
now i nuousus will to held. This move is in
the Una of cnueus reform, nnd is the factional
llKht in settled by this notion, tbo reunited
Democratic party will rexala control p tho
city nt tbo uet election. The iiepublicuns have
been In power two years.
nnb tinti lirrntdfriimnn4 nS pojolirfor
mva. Oiown luf Jrnoliu-ilr,
Kanlmnd nnd IVtfe Aeeime One Another of
Over-indulgence In Wlne-The tVlTe Alao
Areunsl orrilrtlnc-Tlie IIiinband'H Fnr.
tune of S2UO.OOO Gone, nnd OlU.OOO
Itorronrd Moner Hm floun IV I 111 It.
llosros, July 23. A sequel to a sudden mnr
rlnno throo yenrs aco was fonnd In tho Probnto
court room to-day, when Charles H. Andrews,
whoso fathorlsono of the proprietors of tho
Boston ltrrahl, nud IiIb protty llttlo wife nlrod
tholr domostlocrlovnneeB. This was broucht
about hy tho younu wtfo's petition for sepnrato
maintonnncu. Mrs. Andrews allosos tlmt hor
husband Is n spendthrift, and that ho drinks
and nbuscs hor. Mr. Andrews ohnnjoa his
wifowlth drinking and fllrtlnir and scoldinu,
and when It comes to money mnttorn ho do
clnros thnt sho can mako tho cash fly fastor
than ho can
Tho ovldonco rtrosonlod to-day was to the
offoct thnt in throo years Mr. Andrews hnd
ppent J2UCO01), boside3 runnlnc Indobttotha
oxtentof J1,000. Tho monoywns tilvon him
by his fathor for tv wedding present It is
pone, and n small fortuuo which ho borrowed
has couo with It,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Andrews are youns, nnd hnvo
tho outreo to tho bast society ot tho Hub. Mrs.
Andrews Is n brnnotto nf strlkluc b-iiuty. aud
thoro is nothiuc about hor nppenrancos to in
dicate that she Is what hor husband claims
her to be. Hor maiden name was Kato Ilen
Bhaw Jackson, nnd eho is a daughter of Dr.
Jackson, for many tours a medical director In
tho Unltod Htates Navy, and now on the re
tired list. Mrs, Andrews hns also two brothers
In the navy, ono a Lloutennnt in tho Charlos
town Navy Yard, and tho othor a Lieutenant
nnd instructor in mnthomatlcs nt West l'olnr.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Andrews were married in 188?,
whon tho Broom wna only 19. Tho tatter's
father nvo them n house at 38 Commonwealth
avenue with luriilshines which cost upward of
f 16.000, and Mr. Andrews was also ulvon by his
fathor $200,000.
To-day tho wife's appeal for a separato main
tenance wn hoard by Judvo MoKlm. Mrs'
Andrews testillod that hor husband, to boln
vvlth, wns extravagantly jealous, that ho re
floated any attentions paid her by Kontlemon.
und that ho wns In tho habit of cottiiii; Intoxi
cated und maklna himself decidedly dlsncroo
able about the house. At such tlmos ho had
often threatened to shoot her. and ehe was
afraid of her life, bho nlso said that ho usod
tho vilest language and called her tho most
nbuslvo minion, and ihnt sho stood it as bho
could nnd thou separated from him.
Tho most Interesting tart ot the enso was
tho luailmouv of the husband and bis wit
nesses -Mr. AnareWrt suld that he did di Ink
somo. and thnt ills wile drunk, too. He and
sho usod to play cribb.iue tocothor. with
brandy or n rum punch on a table boaidu them,
und his wife took a dilnk as otton as ho did.
lie plso said that b)io was frequently the worse
for liquor, and that sho had treated him
thnmeiully. tlmt sho had ofteu assaulted him.
on onooi caslou throw lnirn nalr of scissors at
blm, which wounded his hua L Ho denied that
be bad threatened to shoot her, but
Bind that he hud told her tlmt ho did not Beo
why ho didn't Bho3t hor altor tho wuysho
acted. He tohtilled thathls wile was nddletod
to limine and that three days niter the.r mm
rince, when on a train, sho picked up u jounc
iimu to whom oho wroto notos whilo her
husband was in tho smoking compartment,
?nd from whom sho afterward received letters,
le nlso suM that while they wore abroad sho
received letters from a cbanco male acquaint
ance through tho medium of her Mister or somo
othor friend. Mr. Andrews said that
bis wlfo wife was costing him do
iioO a joar. and that alter sho
separa'od from him she went to the milliner's
nnd ordered 12.j worth of hats. Bending tbe
bill to him. Chore was ovldooce. lhat An
drowu. when "flush." allowed his wlfo JlOOa
wook. nnd that tho $J0u,oOu wont lor "society"
and bad business ventures.
Anoihor of Mr. Andrews's grievances was
the conduct of Ins wlfo with a Mr. Jowott
Todd, a young mm fiom Uauhlncton. wltn
whom, it Is alleged. Mrs. Andrews flirted. Mr.
Andrews, after the separation of bin wlfo from
him, followed her to Niinau'aufott l'ier, whore
she was stopping with her parents nt tho
Jiooklochnin nnd ut tbo Cnsina. saw her aud
yonnc Mr. Todd drtnklnu and flirting, lio
en mo bnck to Hoston alter sooing this und sent
u detectlv n to tho l'lor to cot pvlueuco-
Tho detective tettled that he saw Mrs. Ad
drows nnd Mr. Todd together a great deal;
that they drank ut tbo casino, and tried to
occupy tho snmo piano stool In the Hooking
ingbnm parlor Into on Saturday night, July U.
' T hat is," ho said. ' Mis. Andrews sat on tno
stool and Mr. Todd bont over her whilo they
romalnod In lung und oarnst conversa
tion." lio also saw Mrs. Andrew reach
up and tnke a clgarotto out of .Mr.
Todd's pocket. This same withoss enld that
on bundnr night follovvlhg. he saw Mrs. An
drews and loud sit togeihornt a table until
nearly midnight. Thoy find elx bottles ot
something to drink that "jioppod" when the
coil: win drawn, and both snowed themselves
to bo undortbo inlluouco of liquor when they
oft the table. Todd had to bo tnkon caro of by
bo hotel clerk.
Mr. Andrews' mother nnd slstor testified
tbut Mr. lodil was an old friend of the frmily.
und denied that Mrs. Andrews had bhown any
Impropriety )n hor actions with blm.
JudgoMclvim took the caso under advlso
tnent. As nothing of n criminal nature was
shown, it Is bolloiod that friends will bo able
to restore harmony.
Watered tho Itheep 'WHU n Plr Engine.
Two hundred sheop vvoro landed at tho foot
of ftouth I.loventh street. Willluinsburgh, yes
tordny and drlvon to Uedford nnd Division
nvenuos, whoro thero is n publie fountuin,
Thoy wore apparently vory weak Irom hunger
and thirst, and crowded eagorly about tlio
fonco enclosing tbo splashing water. Tho
drlvors woro striking tho animals down In
tholr angor at not bolng ahlo to got thorn away
from tho fountain, whon thoy wore arrestod
by the police of tho Los uvonuo station. Thon,
assisted by citizens, the polleo succoodod. by
currying some of tho weukor animals. In get
ting the lloek Into tho yard of tho police sta
tion. Hero they woro tui-nlshod with water,
the llromen of Lngluu 11, adjolulug tho polleo
station, pliivlng two streams on them. As lho
water spmsiio 1 on aud around them tilling tho
pnils ami buckets lu tho yard, thOKo of the
slioep tbut wuro unnblo to get nt It othorvvlau,
licked It Irom the backs of their lollows.
Tho sheep bolonced to Mr. Aorona of John
sou avenue, near tvblto street. vMion ro
ficvliod they were driven to his yard. Tho
drivers and watehors, who were held for vio
latloii of un ordlunnco ot tho Hoard ot Health,
gave their names am addresses as follows.
Hugh Larkln. lOlt'outh First stroot; f'ntrlttt
C'lnnoy and .lobri McLaughlin of North Roveuth
street, John (A'onnorof 1 Irst avenno and Last
1 otty-fourth stroet, and CharlcH Fubor of Last
HoUBton and ltldgo titroets, tliLu oily.
A Torino TV'oniniiH Huditen Death and
liunpt I)ulul.
OnvMic July 2H I,enn Dnnm. n tmnioesotw.
Ing young womnn left hor homo In Orango
about a wook nao to visit frlauds In Kulliviin
county. On Hutuixlay night liibt hor Bister in
Orange, Mrs. Llndomun, received n telegram
etntlug that Lena was sick, Anothortologram
soon followed with the announcement Unit bhu
wnsdond, nud u third stated that vho hnd beon
burled. When the girl lilt home sho wns ai
paroutly In gi od health. Hor brother and Do
toctlvo t'onroy of Orange have Bono to Bulll
van county to muko an invostigatlon.
A Mull Ilobber'a liooty.
TnxinKANA, Tex., July 28. A west-bound
mall car on the Iron Mountain Hallway wns
cleaned out by a robber on Saturday night.
Tho car was standing In the yards, and tho
postal clerk, J. V, MontrlelT, wns at suoper.
The robbor forced n door and tillod a jiito bag,
which be curried, with all tho vnluupb mail ho
could Had. 1 ivo sacks wore out onen and their
contents lfteJ. Ho was soon curriUK oil his
plundoi.but has so far avoided arrest. Tho
Postal uuthorilloe estimate tho loss at t.1,000.
Itirrn J.luillril Tritium
Ton Xnw Vcrk Cenir.il h, In addition lo til r'ulr
eVprM trAtiii tbrr uvalficpmlr tcnlnptJ UmiuJ
lrmloi:i IVtiicrirriliyln ttiernri tulloiri u.ftu
A li , CblcKO Llmliia, ' ntotiiur Chloijj lo lunut
morning, loiio a. M, boulLntitcrci l.lmlleil, '
reicliloir Clnolnnatt 7 Hi A. M nod 6l Loali tt euoi"
II.DijtJij, oo rxtra fAreoa Ibli train. 40 r H.,
"North store LlmlleO," rtaoblps lxiroltu 13 A. M
CliiBo vi p ! ntit a. All liiw York Cmuiil
traliu litro Crwa Central Ktalloo. lu v. and Ui It,
No. 1 Committed Nulclile, No. S Went Mud.
No. 11 Altered Check.
Inspector Ilyrnos's rnon havo boen looklns
for Thomas T, draff for moro than a wcok.
According to Btownrt A. Turk or, Insurnnco
brokoisntCO Now stroot, Mr. draff was tholr
confidential mau until July II). He lived in
Newark, wns a single man, nnd wns not known
to Iiiito any vices. Mr. Parkor said lust night
thnt Urnff wns painstaking nnd conscientious,
novor urumblod nl overwork, and paid tho
closest attention to buslnoss. The llrm sot
groat store by him, for ho wns a novelty to
them. Tholr first confidential ctork. nn Eng
llshmnn, fell In lovo with n pretty Amorlcan
girl, nttomtitod to shoot hor nt her houso up
town booauso sho wouldn't marry htm, nnd
thon committed suicide. Ills sucoossor nnd
Graffs prodovosBor wont mad in a rowboat In
Now York liny.
On fnturduy. July 19. Mr. Stowart drew
throo chocks on the Oormnn-Amorlcnn Dank,
amounting In nil to ;1,M3. They woro drawn
to tho orders ot throo Insurnnco companies.
Mr. Htewort gavo tho cheeks to draff, and told
him to seo that they vvoro dellvorod. Oral!
took tho cheeks into tho uoxt oltlce, tho door
of which was open, and. nccordlna to Mr,
l'nrker, whilo talking with his employor, re
movod tbo nnuioR of tho payees fiom the
chocks by means ot nclds. Then ho wroto tho
word "bonrnr' nn two of tbo chocks and his
Own nnmo on the third. Mr. Stowart eat only
a few loot away from him all tho tlmo. ana
UtnlYkopt talking in the ment nntural inutinor
about biislnoss nllalrs, hnn the werk bad
been completed GrnIT went nround to tho bank
nnd had tho check bearing his own name cor
tihod. The other two he hau cashed. Ho re
turned to tho olllco nnd told Mr. btownrt that
the companies had boon paid.
It was a half holiday, and the oITtco clnsod nt
noon. In tho nfternoon Mr. Stowart run
across Graff uutown. GraiT had n small valise,
and whon Mr. b'owurt ii'-kod him wbero ho
wn go ng reullod thnt he Intended to visit his
boat club, but would boat tho olllco early on
Monday. Ho did not comp on Mondny, and on
Tuosday a lottor was received fiom lllm in
which ho confossod nil. Mr. Htowurt at
tomptod to stop tho pnvment of tho third
chuck, but ho found that ho was too late. 'J ho
bank accepted tho loss, as it was legally
He IVrltes to Tlla Constllnrntii About Ida
Vote In the Hennte.
Tionivii,i,E, July 2s. Tho position of Bon
ntor Carlisle on tho Silver bill has not beon at
all acceptable to his constituents, who nre
numborod among the Farmers' nnd Laborers'
Unions In the wostorn part of the State, bomo
of thorn havo gone so fnr as to urgo that his
resignation bo domandod by tbo Unions,
whilo others havo oproescd tholr dlssatistac
tiou freely, and n fow days nao W. M. Smith, n
momber of tho Legislature, wrote to Mr, Cnr
lislo on thosubjoct, Iu reply the feenatorsont
tho following letter'
" ir j am t
"Devi. Sin: Your favorof thelfith inst. is
just rocoived. F.very Domocrat IntheSeutito
voted ngnlnst the .Silver bill as it was Anally
nmendod and reported to the Lonfoionco I'om
mlttoe because wo bellovod it was worse than
tlio oxlating law. I' tho 1- armors' Alllaneo of
Ornveh county believes that this l.opubllcan
mouhuie. which sul'Stiintinlly stops tho coin
age of the silver dollar alter one rear. la better
than tho Democratic law of ls7s, thoy are of
courso entitled to their opinion. Hut I do not
ugreo Willi thorn.
U hon tho original Houso bill wns under con
sideration In tho .Senate, I votod to amend it so
ns to provldofor the free and unlimited coln
ngo of the silver dollar, and that amondmont
was adoptod. The House, however, refused to
agrootothis omoitdment. and thon a confer
once committee was appointed, which struck
out Ireocolnogo outiroly, and this is tho bill I
Votod nguinst. J. U. CAtxisLE."
Ilarlal of Five or the Tlotlraa The
IVouoUcil All IloInK Well.
LAWTicsrE, Mass., July 28. To-day flvo vio
tltns ot Saturday's tornado were burled, tho
sorvlcs being hold In tbo roofless cathedral.
It was a sad occasion, Michael Jliggins. tho
switchman, was the first to bo burled. Thon
Mrs. John Collins and hor oung daughtor
woro carrlod to tho cemotory. and then fol
lowed tho bodies of Mrs. Jeremiah O'Connoll
and hor daughtor Annie. Mrs. Mury Ljons
and Hannah Heabby woro burlod ostordtiy
alternoon. tho bodies being carried from tho
utidortaker's without tho customnry burial
sorv ice. To-morrow little Helen Cutler will bo
'J be injured at tho hospital are all doing well,
nnd thero will probably be no further addition
to tho list of dead. Andrew Hart, whoso death
was expected at first, la still sulToring from his
scalp wounds, but bis recovery is almost cer
tain. Tboie are ton others under treatment nt
tho bopltil. Twelve other Injured persons
havo been ahlo to return to their homes or to
those ot tholr frionds. The bisters of Charity
nre carina for a number of people at tbo
orphan asylum. Marin (Julmi is tbo only eno
whose condition is considered serious. The
best of cure Is being tnkon ot tho homeless and
tho suffoilnc. 'lho l'nckard .School holds open
doors to the hungry, whilo klnd-henrted citi
zens all ovor town havo opened tholr homos to
the homeless.
The street of tho storm-beaten dtstrlot were
cleaned to-day and tho work of touring down
the shattered buildings will bo bogun at onco.
Ttnmor (That the Gimfniiilunn Havo e)n
tulned Another lieleut,
Crnr or Mexico, July 28, via anlvoBton.
La I.thrrtad says that tho censorship ovor
telegrams only refors to tho Guatemalan Gov
ornmont und that other despatches are al
lowed n free course.
The Guiiteiiiiilun authorities havo cut the
land lines a nneeting with tho outside,
1 horo is the greatest onthusinsm among tho
Balvadorlans. den. lllvas, with n.ooo Indians
Irom Cojiitpoquo. lias roenforcod LVotn'siirmi,
There are rumors of another doloat of tho
Guitemniaiis, who are still rctroatlug. Tho
bulviidoilnnsaro advancing.
Ten Kck Ilenta Hutnm.
Dui.vtii. July 28. Tho consolation rnco for
profession Us who did not win uny prUos In
the single scull raco on last Saturday, took
Place this evening on tho hitpoilor courso. Tho
purses woro $!u0 lor first, $250 for second. t'iuQ
foi Ihlrl. Thero wore four entries In tlio fol
lowing order from tho shore Uauim, Wtao.
Ten l-H'k. aud McKay.
Wlso nnd McKay cnught tho water first
From start to finish It was a very cloesly cou
toatod race. On tho down oourso of a mllo
and one-half Hamm kopt about three-quarters
ot u boat in advance oi Wise who kept
two lengths ahead of Ten Lyok. MvKnv was
pulling ubout threo-quartors ot a length bo
hind 1 en 1.1 OK. On the down coursn It was
plulnly no oiiu'h rnco. Jlninm reachod tlio
buoy and tinned JlrstiW loo next, who made 0
vory slow turn. Ten Fvck inado a vory quick
turn, a-ltlng several lenaths ahead ot Siso.
His pretly work won htm tho mo.;.
Ten Eyck ou tho homestretch knptnlendof
neuilv u length on I ho. whilo both gradually
crept up on Ilninin. who becumo tlrod on tlio
lust half and pulled languidly. Ten F.vck
fluwr, giilnodpu Ijnmm, passing and homing
hlra ncross tho lino by three seconds. Wise
followed about n boat length behind Hamm,
nnd Mahay wus thren boat lengths behind at
tho llnUli Tho wutor wns vory rough and all
caught crabs.
Mnrrled Auoilicr 9lrl,
OirNwrKip. July 28. A young mnn hore
named A. E. Johnson hns boon kooplng coin
puny with Miss Norn Smith, daughtor of Jacob
bmithof G'enwood. Invitations woro prlntod
5nnouuclnc that thoy would be manled on
bursday evoiilng. All arrnngomonts were
romploieiL Tho houso was full of guests unu
tho hour nrnvod, but no urldegroom put in an
appearniico. At 12 o'clock tho guests dpparte.l
for their homes. Not morning word oamo
from Central i. Ity that JoIiiihoii had boen there
In oompuny with Tlllle Tillord from l'ullortou,
und that thoy were married there.
HitlliM lor I'lir.
Thre mn and twe oinn win Hrixl nut of n rn.
teat In the tludanu Klvrr, mar IMMb aircot at Ion
o clock lul nUhl Tlir wfre rucuc I hy Diehard Kr
roll nfj. 'l.lKlith avonue in wer well drnd and
left at onco rr tiome Titer refund lu vivo ttielr
rive Houra to tVaahlnuton.
ThafMtt Uaisiln Amerloaair in airrlce betwfin
KawTork, I'tiUaaeipblo. Saltloiorc. and WwMniton.
U array Central, ftiaoinx, and II. ua O. iloada. ela
tion tool ot Liberty it. 4
The N'nrr Join the Inanrnenta-TVar Hhlps
Ilombnrd the Loyalist Mtronichold An
Armlatlen Flnnllr Arraited rnr a Few
Ilonra The Rovernment Hhota On Tele,
craphte Commnnlcntlon svlth tho Ont.
ntde IVorld Celinun Itetnrnn nnd Trent
With the Rebels, bnt titer Bejcet Ilia
Termi-FluhllnK Iteaumed Yeaterduy.
Bdenos AvnED, July 27 inenino, The revo
lutionary movement continues to spread. The
fighting botwoon tho Government troops nnd
the revolutionists to-day has been desperate.
Tho Government forces woro dotontoJ nnd
1,000 of them woro killed or woundod. Tho
navy has joined tho revolutionary movement.
Tho Insurgent artillery bombnrdod tho Gov
ernment Houso and tho barracks to-day. A
24-hourA truco has boon nrrangod between the
opposing forces.
The triumph ot tho revolutionists appears to
bo assured.
Tho authorities of tho Argontlno Ropubllo
havo notified all tolograph companies whoso
lines connoct with lines In that country that
telegrnpblo communication will bo suspondrd
until further notlco.
Papis, July 28, lho members of tho Argen
tina colony In this city publish a note In the
Liberie hailing the revolution In Buenos Ayros
bocauso. thoy say, President Celman's finan
cial policy has ruined the public credit nnd
prlvato fortunes, Tho signers of tho noto np
provo tho formation ot n provisional Govern
ment, which tboy declare will load to tho
establishment ot good government for tho
A despatch from Huouos Ayros, font at 10 A.
Mm says thnt tho Government troops have boon
largolr rornforcod, and that rrosldont Colman
has returned.
Lovno.v. July 28. Tho British MlnUtor at
Buenos Ayres sont a cablo despatch to tho
Foreign Ofllco last night snylng thnt the revo
lution was proceeding. Thoro had boen heavy
firing. Tho dospntch further eavs that nn
armlstlco had beon arranged until to-morrow,
and that tho town was temporarily qulot.
A dospatch recolved hero from Buonos
Ayres says that tho leadors of tho revolution
ary movement bolong In that city. Thoy were
Incensod that tho best po6ts under tho Gov
ernment woro given to men from tho provlneo
of Cordova. Tho dospntch fnrther says that
honor HocawlU probably renumo tho Presi
dency, nslt Is bolloved Hint ho Is tho only man
capable of restoring confidence. Previous to
arranging tho nrmistico tho war ships, which
had just jolnod tbo revolutionary movomont,
bombanlod tho loyalist stronghold.
Tho Times hns tho following from Buenos
Ayres, datod July 27:
Noos. Fighting began yostorday at dawn,
and ceased at dark, both sides mafntalnint
tholr positions. Celmnn's polleo and cavalry
suffered terribly In attacking; the cirioas and
troops. Tho provisionals woro lntrenohed fn
tho artlllory barracks.
Tho city during tho night was like a clty'ot
tho dead, but bohlnd their sliut'ors the citbons
were on tho alert, armed with rifles. After
nightfall tho Civ teas advanced two blocks.
Tho Provisionals roononod a heavy artillery
tiro at dnwn to-day on the troops under Ylco
President Pollogrlnl.
A terrtblo mlstako occurred during tho fight
ing. Tho Elovonth Itegtment, suddouly turn
ing in favor of tho provisional Government, ap
proached tho artillery, and boforo thoy could
maKo their friondly intentions known to the In
surcentB they woro mown down within a nar
row strcoU
Tho Mlntstor of War was woundod and tho
Mlntstor ot Flnonco waa taken prisoner. Col.
Marmendla. Major Campos, and many othor
officers wore killed, and tho commander ot
tbo firemen wns shot by his own mon.
A short armistice wa,s held at noon, nnd an
effort was maxlo to stop tho butchery. Tho
armibtleo lastod ono hour. At 1 o'clock tho
shins began firing on tho Government House,
Pollogrlnl having refused to aocopt tho terms
Of lho Provisional Government.
The Clvlcn Union selred twonty tugboats
and tho gunboats Chacabuoo. Mospu, Cannon
ade, and Itotlro,
Tho British gunboats Beaglo and Bramble
havo arrived to protect tho English Inhab
itants. 3 P. M. Tho whole navy hns declared in
favor of tho Provisional Government. The
Patagana Is bombarding the Government
Houso nnd tho Parana is sholllng President
Column's rcsldonce.
Gunboats command tho railways from tho
4 1'. .U Tho warships have ceased bombard
Inn, Bulletins announco thnt the revolution
has triumphed. It is cortnln that tho pro
visionals up to the present havo got the best
of tho lighting. Tho armistice negotiations
contlnuo at tho Government Houso.
Tho adherents of Celomnn are posltlvo that
0,000 troops nnd forty plocos ot artillery are
ready whon tbeurmlstlce Is over to attack tbo
MomUtv, 0 A. if, rrosldont Column's troops
havo occupied tbo houses around tho llara
filayo, nud havo placed light artillery in the
Tho domands of tho I.lvlca Union havo been
reduced to u roquest that Presldont Column
resign. The fleet Iloa a good war out with
steam up. Tho armistice bag been extended
until 2 o'clock.
11 A. M. President Celman's officials assert
that the Clvloas are treating for a surrender,
but this Is disbelieved.
Forty-six cannons havo arrived for Celman's
forces i also 1,200 troops,
Tho Foreign Ministers have instructed the
commundorn of the American, British, and
ppanlsh gunboats If tho fleet resume, Ihhii
bardlng to protest jointly that it Ik contrary (o
tho rules of vvur to bombard mi open city with
out notice,
Celmau has just arrived at tho Government
Houso, He will confor with tho Ministers nnd
Generals, The polyglot population basalmost
entirely held aloof from the lighting. Only
tome Italians havo Joined tbo Civlcas,
8 J', Af.-Tho Government troops hay re-,
MaJBiaHBBIII Mllllllllllll lllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
etimed firing. Tlio streets leading to the
Tiara Mayo are bleckod with bn'os of hny.
Colman offered terms to tho rtvlciis. promising
nottoprooood ngnlnst civilians surrendering,
nnd to permit ofllccrs supporting tho Clvtcus
to resign.
Tho tiootn of tho Clvlcns show no signs of
yielding. Celman's troops tried to carry tho
artillery positions of tho Clvlcns, but woro ro
pulsod with hoav y lots.
V80 J'. .V.-Tho chlofs of tho Union Civ lea
havo rojectod Column's terms. Tho troops
hailed the decision with vivas. Flrluc has boen
Wabhinotov, July 28. A tolegtnm was re
ceived this morning by the acting Secretary of
Statofrom Minister Pitkin nt lluonos Ajros.
Argontlno Hopnbllc. stating " A revolution of
nnns Is In progress. Tho army Is divided, nnd
elogo is doclared."
AColtlaton In Chrsnpenke Itav-NIno 1,1 ve
Ilellrved to be Lost.
BAT.TtMom-, July 28. Whilo coming tip from
Tolchoster to-night wllh 1,500 passengors. tho
oxourslon steamer Loulso wns run Into by tho
Bavllno stonmer Virginia, en hor way to Nor
folk. The outlre tide of tho lattor 163501 wns
torn nwny, nnd It Is reported that nt lonst ulno
lives wore lost. Up to tno proont tlmo only
threo are known to bo klllod. but tho list. It Is
feared, will bo swelled. About twenty woro
terribly Injured by tho flying splinters, nnd
thoso nro bolng cared for on tho boat, which
has just como up to Light stroot wharf.
According to tho story of nn oyowitnoss. tho
Virginia was ot fault. She came hoad on and,
without tn Ing to got out of tho way. struck tho
Louise. As her bow entered tho letter's sldo
n number of hor passongors spiang on bonrd.
Tho Virginia thon pullod out nnd Btnrted down
tho bay, loavlng a big holo In the Lontso's side.
Cftrpontersqutoklrjrot to work to prevent the
Jailor's sinking, nnd a towbont noar by camo
to her assistance nud brought hor in.
Tho greatest oxcitomont prevails throughout
tho city, poople crowding Into Light street to
looknftor relatives who wore on tbo LouIbo.
Tholnttorvosel runs to TolchoBtor. a rosort
down tho bay, nnd always carries a good num
bor of possongors. It will bo late boforo fnr
ther particulars are obtalnod.
viscoicn asxoso tub stuxkejis.
Indications thnt Biiroudeaa's Influence la
Thoro Is yet nn olomont of uncertainty In tho
relations botweon tho cloakmakers nnd their
omploycrs. Tho contest seoms to havo settlod
down Into n war between tho radicals and lho
conBervutlvos. and tho Barondcss ngroomont
may bo broken ns was that of his rival, Oarslde.
ns thoro Booms to havo beon a reaction against
Ilarondess. It ts at tho cloakmakors request,
Garsldo says, thnt ho has como back from Phil
adelphia, At Sunday's mooting Ilarondess is
said to havo mndo uso of a window to escape
an opponont who triod to enforco his nrgu
moot b whacking tho labor loador with a
Tho chief troublo now Is over tho foraalo
cloakmakors. Tho Ilarondess agreement es
pecially stipulates that it does not apply to
fomales employed by tho Cloak Manufacturers'
Association, jlanv women mid girls were
employed during tho atrlko nnd thnt fnct
bocomes evldont to tho strikers as they
got back to work. The orcanlzation of
tha ferualo cloakmakors received msterday
abont fifty recruits irom Hamuel Oppenholm's
factory in Greene street mnking a total of
nbont l.'O members 1 ho montlnir wns linhl nt
Pytliegoras Hall. A delegation from tho Cloak
l utters' Union nrgod thoglrls to join theunlon.
1 horo wus a special meotlue of tho cloak
Cutters' Union last night. It is understood
that tho scabs who worked during tho strlko
nro Dot to be ndmltted Into tho union within a
cortnln period, nnd that an Initiation feo will
be imposed which will amount to a line.
Carried O0 br Her Companions Appar
ently Ilndiy Hurt.
Loio Brtvcir. Jnly 28. Cottagers along
Codor avenue, nbovo Pond nvenuo, were
nrousod lato last night by a woman's shrill
cries for tho police, Thoy proceedod from u
two-horse coach, which was bolng driven rnp
ldly along In the shadow of the troos. Bud
donly a well-dressed woman jumped from tho
vehicle nnd fell in the road. She lay there
moaning, and two mon ran to her asblstanco.
Sho wns unnblo to stand, and the mon thought
hor leg had been broken. Sbo said that (ho
had boon obliged to jump from the coach by
tho conduct of tho two men tn it. nor story
was interrupted by tho return of tho conoh
with two mon nndnwiraan. Thoy lilted tho
Injured womnn into the vehicle and drovo
nway. Therein no clue to the Identity of tho
injured womau or her companions.
Nearly the Enllrn Tom. Wiped Ont l.ttOO
leope Homelea.
BroKANTl TAiLs, Wash.. July 28. The town
of Wallace, Idaho, tho great mining camp of
the Coeur d'Alone mining district, has boen
dostroyod by fire.
Tho entire town is tn rulas, oxcopt tho dopots
of tho Union Pnolfic and tho Northern I'aclllo
Railroads. Tho lire started la tho Contra
Hotel nnd burnod north nnd east over tho
entlro business part of the town. A private
dospatch says l.liiio pooplo aro bomelo-s, al
Ince Is situntod 100 miles southoast of hpokano
rails, and Is probably the rnot flourishing
mining towu in the northwest. Tho loss Is
about tSC0,boL
A Good Iteason Why the Congrenntlon Re,
raiilued (Seated After (Service.
TonT DonoE, Iowa, July 28. Whon tho con
tribution plnte was passod nt tho dedication
services at tho now Congrocntionnl church nt
Moorland yesterday, not a single porson aroso
to leave his seat Ono reason was because thu
rnrnlsh on the seats was not bUlllelontU drlod,
and the entire c. ngiogntlon were tightly glued
down. At the close of tho t-orvleu It took tlnoo
(iiiiineis cf un hour to freo all tho prisoner.
All tho ladles' toilets wore ruined uud lurgo
portions of thorn still docoruto tho nowly-TOr-nlsliod
Mornlna Tuan In llroadvrur Haloon.
Frank LUIs, a momber of tho Manhattan
Clnb, wns nrmsted nt 1 o'clock this morning in
Martin's liquor raloon nt 1,4117 Broadway for
nslng profuno language toward womou
who were sontod nt ndjolnlng tnblos
Wllllnm I,owisof 11 West Hlghtuenthntreot. a
stock broker, wns tnkon tu nt tho simo tlmo
tor Interfering with tho policeman who arrest
od Hills. Both wore locked op ut the West
Thirtieth street ntntlon.
Dillon aud O'llrlen Comlnc
IW!nv, July 28. Messrs. Dillon and n'BVten
will start . n u lour of America ubout tho mid
dle of beptumber.
t'.mr Men Hurt by Ilia Full or i Menflnld.
ilyitie fan of nncvlloll In Ilia nru iiMHU.n m ilia
Muietim of Natural lllat r,' rnicrdar itiorulntr four
ptamrerl. enqluTe'a cf Mono A bem weir InJureJ.
Tl.fyurf i'lirlao i rni"r. f l,if.s lanlti avenue ron
tmion nf rilaaiid ivraw of ankle, Mn.-ird llradvof
8i2 Fait ieveut) fourth itreit dlilorailon of ankla
1'atrlok i ontii.re of 1 I'll an rixtl-i'i elreel rcntmldiil
of l.iin Prank lordot . Wrm Tlilru iilnih Ktroei
lareraied ounl f ecaq. o ( onuor and llrhji irrre
uloii milio ITerhjirriau lloarlul, .ml Hie i-ot'ieri
irrri taken home
Wl.ll Cup, Fined,
Urimi" Juiy-fi CiftVera raids I the ln.il'-novn
lift "vhtto eit win. havo rail 1. rr,,uN, 1 In Ilia ptn
nirans near Hi aria b i.k i , uniy (or m mlu p .
l.n.l arieitrd a lilll.il. I uf llir tfaiu slmir rf Uknlifi
t re a JituA jo I rneij ran fr tra in- u, tie
LoiifK. nf llti. i I li,ir tn .lulj-n Ihtj ( ,14 ,lft
I rvi All liomlivl lu .11 n 1
Where Tenteiriny'n FlrrM Weie,
A, M. 7 4S, I'i Mntli avenne II A. Anderion a ctgar
(lore, damage r.', II 0 ss buffnlk itreet, IJarnatI
Pluioentna! a d velllny daoiaae ilubt
V M - oo. MA yirit aTenue. occupied by Jet riiti,
damaiia IrllllUM, e t. mv Writ Third eliaet ararlmenll
of Itarr Olblia, damaae $nm, n 17. 817 1 anal eiriec 00,
cvsiedbj koUeu . PoinmeU, troucri, dammt J,WJ, j
TirE.witvMviiitAYnnotrxEnATnocjfM 4 Sj
w 1 i
He Wn n Friend of (I'llnnnrnn Itoaea'm, !? ifl 1
und the Ilnicuer He Cnrrle.l iVll Said to m
be Inlenilrit Tor lixllahnien. ' jfif
It seems riobnblo that tho man who waj i Bjj.
drowned nt Far llocknwny last Sundav was V" jffl I
not tho John Murray ho represented hlmnolt 3 , 1 ' ,
let be, but Thomas Mooney, tho Irish agitator. t IH j
and bomb throwor. Ha took bonrd nt tha ' Oj ' J
Jlndlson Houso, noar tho Fnr Ilockagay ratN t ;
wa elation eight days ago Ho rocoived ( m '' i
whilo thero two calls from O'Donovnn Rosso. m j
I-astbatutdny ho had troublo with the land- 3'tjffi '
lndy and removed his belongings lo the Wash- ' J I ?r I
Ington Ilotol. On bundiiy morning he went t .ijlfijl)'
with a ftlond to "Naked Tom'n." n batblnir '(JilfiS :i
plnco on the It land opi osito the United Stntea iBTiMj ' ii
Hotel. P. Crnlg, whokoepstho pnvillon on th Vm) J
Ulaml snis tho man wnded out on tho bar , t IrS?!')
wliero tha wntor was nbout up to his knees. J, f Mr '
liuddonly ho pltchod dovv n into tho deoo water ,' ' Jim 1
botwoon tho bar and tho shore. Ho went undof 'wlvrtf f
without nn nttompt nt swlmmlhg. Crnlg Bays. l M j
nis friend cnlled for liolp, but. before nny on ,'. ?j ' iffij i 1
oamo tho mnn hnd gonoundor tho third time. la l, lliwh
tho evonlng O'Donovnn P.ossa ea'.lod nt Craig's !i' jfl 11
plnco and Inquired nltor the man nnd tho par- yiir 3$ &
tloularsot tho drowning. Yostorday afternoon 'm li.Jf U
Bossa wan ngaln there. Ho spoko to v ''$
Crnlg of the drowned man as Mooney. 'iM'i M
"Muyor" OToolo. ot Hogg's Island, i' M 5
who was with Ilossa, oxplalnod. Mr. ?$ii
Craig says that tho long shontlied dagger I 1'2 I
found In tho j.ockot of tho dead man's coat '1, f lj I J
wns carried for Lugllshmon, " for though ho ' i i,H S
wouldn't hurt a child." O'Toolo remarked, I I jjji
"Moonoy was crary ou the Bubjoct of English. ',1 m' J
men." .!j iB JP
Tho porsonnl appearance of tho drowned ' (v i S
man is said to have talllod closely with ' M'i'Vj
Moonoy. no was of medium holght. fairly 'J . iSl; j
honvy build and about 40 or 45 yonrs old. Ha tb S3 i f
was bald, and hnd a sandy moustacho. Ho "! fjg jf
woro checkod trousors nnd a dnrk sack coat. $k '
A lottor of Indifforent import was found In his ) ."Ah .j
Pocket It wns nddrossil to John Murray ot f IHpi t
325 Hast Twonty-eUth Btioet. ,,r, iilHsf'
Mrs. W hito. landlady nt the Madison Iiouse, rajri
gives tho dond man a rathOr bad eharaoter. ' OT
She Fays be was constautly lnvltlnc youn .'? ;5
girls to ont Ico cream and walk on the bench ' ff fp J
with him. IIu talked to to tho maid servant. hi j
Mrs. WbltOBaiB, that she hit him ovor tho back; V li 5
wlthacliBlr. Ho trloi' to kick her. and Mrs. ' irfl Jj
W hlto told him to get board elsewhere. M .f3
'lhomas.1 Moonoy mndo himself notorious ': ''IHiSs
throughout tho country on Aug. .1. 1S87. by .' ' Jr'Hft
trjing to destroy tho steamship ijuuon with a i!,rrJilil
phosphorous bomb In Now York Ha-bor. Ha -.A 'i'Si
rowed down to tho steamship alouo and iis
thinvv the bomb ovor hor mil. Tho c ilflll
dock caught lire, but the flames were. " ' iSlilfi
ettlngulshed before much harm was done. k wIM
Moonny wo arrested. In his room were found ' . 5f af
bombs, explosives, and nil sorts of niutoriaU f , ?M
for the mnnufueturo of tusoa nnd combustl- " nnvi
bles. Ho was pronounced lnsano and was KI4'!
sent to nn asylum but wnsattorward reloasod. " 'ifiwllrt
Ho is said to havo beon lmnlicntod nlso in an ),'iWtt
attompt to blow up reotlnnd i urd. , W ajj
The Htewmer Frnnclnln Ashore. l( til Klji
Feivamiivv, nn.. July 28 Tho Btoamer I j''ti jj
rrnnclnla, from New York for Fornnndlna, U'i Kj
went nsh.iro on the North Breakers nt .1 P. M, ii jif
to-day whilo coming into port without a pilot. 1 M fi;
No particulars nro obtuinablo as to tho coudl- i f J K
tion ot tho ve-sel " l& ill
The "Weather. il jj.-jIV,
Heavy rains ronitnuo to rait In tHo Fonth Atlantla t x'i jkX.
and Golf butt. a cxtendlus avlUht rain as far nortUai ' . jj ,f
this rttvdtirlnrthe eTenmi: anlnlnht. The hearlott , T'Mi
rain wai ai iliarlenton. 4 fi Inches lu the early mornliur. ; ' k' a
and 1 50 Inches aJdd dnrlni; toe day. bsrannab hajl l i tf ' f fl
1 1. Jackionvllle and Auenitn 1 Inch each This heavy v U H A
nln covered the eaitern part of fua coitou belt re. ' t'v fl
fflon. Tin re were a fft ahowera tn the aouthera "IvJ Wl 1 I
pari of tlie cotton belt. tMj i
Te5terla as ano'tierecorrher In the corn belt K " I'lfH
rain wairernrtrd and the oatlonk for a ecfllclent fall. f ' VMJh
lobe of biie3tieeiusasf.ir otf as nn Sa'urday There J ifciv F
ta not a alvn of nitnrm, except the ons that poised from rl
Pakoti to the upper lakes lust rls! t and lhat waa 'A t-t
devoid of luoHtare The prosprcts are that throughout il lJi fr
the co-n belt lttt'e or no rain may to expected for & ? "rH
dny or two loniror, except l)0lhly for a thunder storm, ?!UjIbbbb!
hlch covers only n Mnail area The rain In tbe cotton M iit
belt came from nn ante cyclone and inch a fall seldom J . its lrsii
occurs Wevt of the Allefhany Mountains the weather i 1 'f'Mi'B
was generally fair. I i' ' Cciif I'leH
Tlie warm wave In the West crmtlwiM to Increase, 't nif$ k
and n ore eastward It mas imirh armer In aU tha 'TpfHll
Sla'oi reterday from the Ohio valley vcslHard. The I 4 rtB
warm wave extended fr m the llulf north throoph the )T? fs
MI-lsslppL Tennessee, and Vllssoari vatlejs fn'n llrlUatt jll jH
America, the centre of the wave bi Itnr at Hiiro i Dak-, fifiiH
wliere lu-js was reidtere.L f was sllichtlv viurmer la 4vV1 nH
the States nn t..o Vttanllc coat, and to day a ilUht In- 1' vHy
crevieot h at may 1 o expectel here with a hiirh par- llihil
centaireof humidity Hlzh winds previlicl Ivst nixht i .c,llH
Intheupier Mls'sslnpl nnd VI Issonrl valleys and the ., ivl '&H
upp. r lase refjions riiey were caued ly the lucrau v H
Inir energy of the storm as It mote 1 easrnard Se U
In this city the .lay was kenct ally fair lliht ahower ' iH
ts.slnnln to fall about 5 1' vt mil enntiunlnjr at lntr- 1 1
vuls Tlie atninsj here wns tranerally sullrr and close. "'llil
ulth a hravj hare In the inorninir It was calm, bnt bje WILbh
noon a ten-uifle brecre from the south had spntug op, t ',il
and It lastel nntll niiiht The htiinlJIty averared 7a t
pr cent., highest CKirernment temprratura, B7, low.; ' ,. M
en, TO-' , . jM
Ti.day rrorntsea to be fair, cloudy, and possibly i' H t i iaH
shower) In the morn'ny, anltn and warmer, tomor ', ii
row fair and warm, with a ihower toward mrnt l i I j )
The therm. .meter nj Perry s pharmacy in Tux Ban ,
tsnldlnz recorded the ttniierature yesterday aa tot ' X ',!; 'jH
lost Ati' M
3A-! 1' TD Sill r. M xl 1,7 ' ,W Jiaaaaal
5a M 7P "j HI'JI .7i Bje vq- 4jTH
.A VI ,.7- Tll t" 1' M 75 7l i f'l dH
12 VI Tt' H-.-ll-'MIJulKliU 7i 74 I ' jH
Av.rarn 7su ' . ..I; M
Averse on July !Mi 7H , , H
sk.sai imiir roll; ast itiLd r u TtravluT. "jy
For V Une New Hampshire, and Vermont, fair; j) H
soutlicr.) wlo la, lUtlonarj teinj e-ature. v ,J jH
rir eattrrn -V. vrk, ltouaenji4't , lihoU stand, an4 ' ' Hj l
Omnfcttcut st.ov.crs, southtrty wtntts; stationary (env- jBfl
jrr.irur. lll
tor rn, tern renniylvanln. New Jersej-, andPelawar, irl
showers fnUowol dnrlu the day by fair weatheri i lH
soutl.erl) winds, w armor. f j 1
Frr western f,ew Vork wrstcrn l'ernylvanla, and ( H
We.l Mrdtula, fair weather southerly wiurts, station- 'H
ar inuipcritt.ire In utstorn .New Vorki warmer ta
w estern Pennsylvania and Writ V Irvtiifa jH
jottixuh Auour loir.v, .H
BTrv JlelrtlleW. Puller ot Waihlnuionis at tlie flftll H
Avenue Hotel 8H
Vlu-H In Honnl Morris rork this wenlnt at J o'clock ' ? ' jU
by J I en s revMity.iVn.t Hejlmentbant t iy H
Julco Andrews has rrauted an absot.rte dlroroe tai I. H
t'lariea W flanks from I'alt.arlne 1 Hanks. f H
l, v 1'eini i.eni.eu i.i.i i. iu lue ciry yesieraoy t jsbbbh
ariernuon on ht.aay to Albany (rum r,oruMU.fi by the- j JH
tm. , . tm
I niloetor Erhwrdl luix atrsiloted Juinra It ktamlre 4 H
an 1 oilier T Pleke Hour bookkeepers lujltie cusiosoa , ,H
sen Ice at viiOa ear. H
Th"re wero liar apprtoatrte for admtntva to to '.aLaBH
Vo-,ear Iiiiitnlti yesier lay bnt only one was received.. ibbbI
T pailsnts vers liu harmed. , H
puulel o t onnell an attaut tn tie c4Wt of tha ! H
t'mte I itai P.etrlet vimruey hu re i.Tif J. Iba re.li ' .IbbbbH
(.uU. a p. lake . le, i un Oct in. .H
klattbew I lilltii irf wn Ballroal avenne ktorrisanla, 1 ibbbbb1
was I.eM In ite Miirii-antu 1. lino i ourt )estrday io j 4jH
Vs. bah for nassull npyti bis . a ml irr Mar). ) jrH
The vicrj. n line sishii rhlp I xceislur completed a ' H
ver ...lies isiish't fr ni h w Orleans yeierdar Her ' tM
Jlniu f.um di ck to dok was fof -ays an 1 twenty one ( 1 , M
hours w'l
The iteaiushlp Morsvla. wirf.ih gni tn yrsterdayfrora I'sbbbbI
llainburs t, k an rxttetun n.irit erirK ..ur.e bad a very Vbbbbbi
rtoriny wsui. anlpas.ej four n berimsoo I vet lone , iBBBBBa
on 1 I ,.1 teal i Ich j -riaH
M trie lit brrt Frohmnn lias ;qrrbasel a brown stona .10081
front it. .ni in Wet Iweiityttsh 'i stiret, between iM
Un. id tn vn I Pin i av nuo wliuu li to be couvertea j'obbH
Into a II .a'r.il . xil.niice j 1
The I ark Siandar I from Louden, In last nlKht, reports i IBBaBLa
Ihnl oi iiiue 1 she spoke ihe .' up ernia W.l dnys out VIIH
fr in een irai .l o an 1 bounl t r Hull She bad on sillH
bosr 1 Ihe rrew cf ll.e bark .Mtr I e, lestnned lu lire, 'H
I inline S snlard. ravlni laud siul slioutliK soma, , ijl
tbliK ihvi ini.il Ik. IIUo myo uss stroUd m IB
ba. nioslsai ear i i srj in .mill lie Is lu ellH
hrle.iie He lisl In hlv ;. rkel , , 4i orl msde not lo ' 'bbbbbbbbbH
An' niiiltilrunui l ycs. In tnutiiysnd two foretjti 1!bbbbbbbbbbb1
.od r.iius 1 . vntitib, 1. mJtis .nt s alio lira hcra Ibbbbbbbbbbi
di n k. Mm fM
I tilnd Hist.- rtimii..!, tJer File 1s, en w lioui eudisa aaal
W hi n e r.lerr 1 fre,,, nf tl Proper lln.'t tu lb. , fJM
Cr-' I ii ( II la un al.s.l r,,-l leau lljiy bbIbbH
'If. a i - i l i a ic ,n 1 m,ir 'e Vtsrliu Uled SbbbbbbH
Ii ifpnrt if. erdsi i, t On nc the rj-rl-lou f f otleo H
1 r i riia 1 mii I Itiii.n.ra on Ai nl Mu,iollau1 ihsx ,H
Heir luurvt eU. ., 1 1 'H
1'ine lhelenyesr.il son f r.s-ret H Qtiarkrnbiuu. M
the viablsu lane espressiiiau Hem nsnins' lor sualis , iH
vnterda at Ihe foul ol Ilelliuue street and fill lino ' liaH
Hie river. Tan bo) nsui'd I oillns and i rawford 'sbbbbbbbI
found his drownsd body hair an hour later and aoi li H
mil ilh the hell, of a pair ot Ice tonus TLeTior'a bTbH
mother is cnUcalfy 1.1, obilknowltdji ot Vudsalawai I ' H
ksulfromUr. I ' 4H

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