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I ' '
1 rt THE SUN, WEDNESDAY, JULY 30, 1890. , - ,
IMAttt THAT sur. h'l'.l.L ISIO A
jitAi' i.v 7 is tr.
Bh wb a riucliv Vniinic Conntrr Hehonl.
tnlKlrem und Hhr nine Hi .New Tmk. In
An.wrl- tn nn Odd .ilrrtl.rinent.
Tho dlsni'ponrnneo of Ww Elizabeth E.
Lewis Irom rennlncton, U.J-, on .Inly 11 is
tho cbubo of n Kroat iJorI of nnxlotr nml cpecu
Intlon In I'entilniitoii and nmunbor of lielcli
boring towns, whoro hIio wan Wulolv- known mid
tegpsctod. HIio li known to have, como ns far
b Bound llrook on ftNow York tinln, ntiU In
Bpeotor Jlyrnos has 'ooen nskoj to look for her
In and nround tMs cltr. M1-.9 Lewis was n
chool toaclior at Marahall'a Tomer, two nnd n
i half miles from l'onnincti n, nml usually eient
horSundarslnTionton, where "lm liwl niany
warm friends. Bho was a brlulit. iirelllKont.
and attractive plrl of.!!, with fair o inflexion
and brown hair nnd fyoi. Her tnm was not
exactly protly. but mobllo nnd vvinnliii:. and
her flcuro was plump and flnuly moulded. Mio
roa roaJy In conversation, vIvivl-Ioiih, nnd ex
tromoly popular with womrnnswoll ns men.
Hho was unusually Independent in bor ways,
fine was a church mombor nnd was for yours
ory roKular In both church nnd undnvnchool
duties at tbo Methodist Church at l'unnlucton.
iihoenmo from Lnmbrrtvlllo. N.J. .live jonrs
nKo. llor ni'ither died about that time, und
her father, who had loit his family nnd whom
ht scarcely Uow. has married ncaln and is
llvlnc In Allcutown. f.v. After jjraduntlui:
J J', Jrora tho I.iinilioitv ilio llluh Behool eho wont
Jg to tho Methodis' sonilnnrr at IVnnlnuion for a
year's study in spoeinl branclieH, borrowing a
fljfi' small nmouni of money fiom John II. llutter-
b fossot LiimbortvlllM toholn liurthrouirh. Hho
ijP? I gate her nolo for this iiKiner. I'ortwolscars
! ffl eho taucht a country schuol at Moodvlllo. fir
miles from Pennington. Two years nco t.b
j wont to Marshall's Corner to liviolt. hho i!.io
gl satisfaction, and was onunced Iboro for the
ji( eomiuy year. While there she boarded with
I ! John l.rwvn, a rospocted .farmer. Hut she nl
lf ways spent hor Bunduv sat Pennington, so sho
ji could attend chuich. l"or n long whilo fho
jlj stayed at the houses of various friends thero.
Sj Thon sho cot n room at tho Irving Uouso for
'Eft a while ovor Hundnis. J-Ih.iIIv. sho bonrdod
,115 with Mr. and Sirs. John Mel herson. an oldorly
lj oounlollvlnii near tho railroad station. Evory
j&fc body In and around l'onnlniiton sponks In
'Mi praise of Miss I.ewK bhe had nuuiorousnd
jn mlrers nmouc young men. but nover had any
jljm "steady company," ns the phrasocoes around
Mm there. Whllo ono of the cayoht clrls In or nenr
1 'IBM the town, and one of the most enctimr In mat
i tors of dtoss and perfioual nppo.irnnco. she wns
I IjiM always discroot, niidhcrconductnoerarouBed
! jnl tho loast unlaorable commtnt.
i Injj When tho schocil at Marshall's Corner closed
Is3 for the summer, in June, Mlts Lewis moved
2j hor beloncinss to Mrs. McDierson's house. In
1 fJR l'ennlocton. She sometimes seomed a littl
i distracted and worrlod, and talked nbont cot
(3 tluesome omploymont for the summer vaca
IHI tloiu It was learnod afterward that she had
jfl boen pressed for tho pnymontof tho money sho
H had borrowed of Mr. Duttorfoss. Mr. llutter
H (oss died about three months aco, and his ex
SB ocutors wero presslnc alt claims Tho amount
fPI of Miss Lewis's note I not lioliovod to exceed
Jgfj (100. At tho time of her diiappearane she
wed Mrs. Mcl'herson $1" for six woeks' board,
t Is not supposed that she had other dobts.
Ir salary ns a country teacher wns very
ism email, nud. oxcept foi her modot dreis. her
I Hi expenditures were ery small. Hho had quito
IS) little money with hor when sho left. Her
H friends think that sho wns anxious for summer
niplnyinent only that Klin mlclit pay olT tho
H Buttorfoss.nctr Her cCotts to cet employ-
IwB ' men) In I'enulnctou and Trenton wore uunuc-
IH cesful.
!) On July 9 Miss Lewis dropped In at the druc
IHj storo of GoorenW.Scarboroui.li in 1'ennlrc-
M ton. Mr. scarlioroucti hail known hor silica
Igjl Infanoy In Lnniboruillo, nnd was probably tho
IB pearost fliend i-ho pad. Vounc Mrs. Scar-
boroimh. tho druuelst'n wife of two jenrs. was
nlso her intimate friend, both nt l.umbertvllle
lg ui d rennlncton. Miss Lewis smiled as sho
ffl entered tho store nnd said
ii ' Mr. ScnrborouRb, do ton think I am n self
B; rollnnt, prepossof-inc, well-oducated, and de
li termlned yoniiK lady t"
a " You ate eminently every ono of thoso," ro
ll piled Mr. Scarborough, smllinc nnd lool.inc
S puzled. " but win do yuu ask tbat queer ijues
I a) Hon? What is trnubliuc your brain now? '
m Miss Lewis colorod a little, and lnuchlnclv
IH bbked him whetlior since ho held tlir.l opinion
I w of her. he would not nloase write It out on paper
II nnd slan lu idr. bcarborniiuh snld ho would.
IK wllllnLiy. Iiut he looKod a little cr.ive,
1 33 and uskod wny sho wnntod such n reconi-
H mendatluu. Miss Lowl did not reply with
lira! complete frankness. Imbed, ho- friends all
JH say that sho never made any one, man or
l-Wl woman, a oompleta contldant. Sho said that
IiJH she was hopluc to erttn summer situation as
l(.W cashier, or mnnncer. or sometlilne of th.it sort,
1144 and that his recommendation would bevalu-
Wa nblo. Mr. Hearboronnh wrote Itoutniidsuve
IIEjl lttoliei. Miss 1 ewi' then went to the llev. J.
i 11. Haines of the .Methodist church borp.istor.
H and made a similar renuO'.t. Mr. Hal run tried i
Mj to llnd out whore she intended to uo. but found
lln) herrotlcont and Kottlio inuncslon that sho
W hnd not yet i-etllod upon .my situation.
II IH That ovenine Miss Lewis told )Irs. MePher-
H sou. her landlady, that i-lio whi ted to start out
the next morulas at .) o'clock fur Wooasvllle,
I five miles away. Mrs. Mcl'hersou roinlnded
I her that theiowns no train lor rovnral hours
II ( afterward, but Miss Lewis said she w uld
II ( walk to Marshall's Corner, wliero Bho would
find n lot of Woodstllle niilkme'i who had
II Hi broucht milk to the o'clock train forNtw
;fC York, and that any ono of them would drive
all her on to Woodawlle. Sho started ont at 5
I )fj o'clock. Showoie tho no.it and cheap black
IH costumo that formed her usual work-day dross
IE In town. Her every dny black Isca bonnet, nnd
I la carried hor cold wateii, She took no travelling
lllf b.iu or pnoknea of any sort. Mrs. Mcl'lierun
In has never seen hor slneo.
1(9 .Miss Lewis's XrlemU. notably Mr. Pcarbor-
I ,H ouuh and John CI. Mulrhead, Wcrdan of tho
If county jail and n family filond.bavo latnly
I lit spent manr days Intracinchor steps from this
lira point. Much time, expense, and trouble on the
ijll part of a number have resulted In f-howlns her
lia eeneial movements lip to shortly uf tar 11
i o'clock tho day followlnc. and thors nil trace
jj or bornas lost upon n fast train Pound for
yi New York city. It has not boen shewn that
PfJ Miss Lewis appeared either at Marshall's Cor-
jfW per or Woodnville urtor leaylnff Mrs. Mcl'her-
L son's. Yet she must havo cot tocnoortho
il oibor plaio and tiicre hired somo ono. whofe
llJ Identity Is so tar undlscoTered, to drive her a
jrl dozen miles auross rouutry to l.niubertvilleou
Ijlj the Delaware, for she was In I.anihertvlllo at
jf8 10 o'clock In the moraine, hho could not have
mi cot there by rail for 6everal hours later. At
li'l I.ambettvllleSlie called on her urandparonts,
j m Mr, nnd Mrs. I'rice, who say they nro perfaotly
la euro that It was tho luth when sho called, for
IJjS tlioy recall that It was clrcuH dav lu Lambert-
Ijfl vlllo. Hho tnlkod pleasantly lo hur crandpur-
H ents about many llilnu, and casually told
fljl them tbat she was uoIiik to New York Inafuw
llli days and nnaueu to tako a eummor situation
II nscai-hUror bouKkeencr In n hotel ntani.m-
III piHiInc place on Loiik Island. .Mr, und .Mr J.
1 1 J'ricedo not remomtior tlio naiuoof tlm Lone
ii) Island town but say it was homsthlnir like
j' lloudwin, 'llicn she loft, und took the 11 iu
, tr.ilnon th Helvldoro nn I Delaware road fur
; '1 ronton. That nlternoon nhe uiipearud at the
l hoiiho of William U. Uavl-i at 4t I htuyvesant
j II nvonuo, and ruu tho boll many tlinu. Mrs.
I Davis was hor warm friend. Miss Metu
I t oombs, nn n.Miunlmunci. of Miss Lowih'b,
I II who lives hext door 'o Mrs. lhivls, suw her,
I li und invited her Into bur lioiik.', MUs levris
l lllj wont in. Mis to.d Mi.aCckiuiIis that shovvus
expecting nn liniiortunl luttui. whl n hLhi was
i to got thiouKh Mm. I'.ivU. Tliuy waited for
aJ the iioxlmnn. but wliou he .'iimo nlotit,' bo hud
jE liolettwi nud "d,t Lewis ut'Pcaiud mmli ills-
B aiipoiuted. Tonard nluut bho (iroponed toco
irvi tiiirinndfi lu i h iniimr Pure a suburb of Tren-
Pj ton.tuspunillliepifht.bin .MI-h I comb-, poi-
I UEV suailed her to t iv vrhme ho was.
f tfil 'ihopsxt momlni; Mi Lewis awaited tho
!wj postman niuioui.i ,iin ho nopimd at thu
& 1'avls houe, but he hud no h'tter nr hur,
M Then sho bade litr lilond uond-by and' took
I Hi tlio l'hllndelphiu and J.nuiilni; train, at tho
Igl V.'irron stwot station,' at U o'clock, Ottocslbiy
IK fur reunintrtou. At l'euuirxtou H, frnuk
i in Lewp. bouidi'il the train bound for Iloixwell
III to utteud aillrertuis' mbtinic uf the llupewidl
I h Ilank. MUs I urvis rn. bittlni: near hlui nud
I 111 responded to ills bow llli' train piu-aedMai-
' ehuil's I'ornoi and Woodavlhc and dirs Lewis
IS slid rmMud aboard v. hen Mi. I owptot out.
Is Mr. LwHls noreUtlvoof .Miss Law is lhouah
. of the same name Apur achin-' Dound Iiro k,
: w acoodiivlor. who know Mls J avrln by ncht.
h washHled by her whu'.liar sho musi i banco
18 cars there to cm to Sew ork, an J ho told hor
115 no. She lins not been seen -Ince.
I i m Hecsntl) Mi. c.ii I onuuh looked over Miss
I rj$ LowU'h possessions at Mr". Mcl'liersun's
I ; if b..nrdlni; house, and found a scrap ol the ad-
I I.H vertltinKPnuooftlid Hoi' f nl July 7 pinned to
1 x tho poncll drnft of n latter lu Miss Lowls's
l liSi handvvTltinir. The newspaper scrap contained
!S this advortlsomont:
IIh Wetle.lre tosntaff the nerrloi ot h n't rcliint, tre-
; Itil fotnumi. o.l .turned dtKnutnuayouncUly tia
H ageaoil wrlliulitri rofereiiroa -' . ria ol ,
ij Mr. Kcniboroiirh recoKnl7x)d tho adjectives
1 solf-rellan'. prnnt.sesbiiii;, we 1-ediuutuJ.
J detormlusd " as thoo MIi-s .owls hud nann'd
1 Wtien be asked him to v.i-ite put a reoni-
I uiondntlon J he peprll drift of tbo letter was
A liiblri'SBBd to Hex '.'2, H'oi.f oiIIpa. .Sen York
3S Uty.' and w,nt on to -.ay thai the writer hnd
Ijl teen the advertisement, thnt she wanted em-
Jfl Ploymeut foi the summer, ihnt saluty wns nu
j object, that Bhe was willlnc to work hard,
a that she had fom;lit hor own way
I iff tor "v aara. and that her aca Ttos
witiiin n few monlh9 of 21 roars. t
Thore was absidutely uotlilncelgo In hor ro'im
that could mcKost n.motlyo lot hor leavliic
town, much loss for her illsapiienr.itico All
berelotlilnk'nnd ether possosilons wore just
ns slie lelt tliem. hhe hnd taken notliltiK but
what she noro The day a'tor sho lelt h.vr
latindrnvs broiiKht her wa-h home, mylnif that
Miss I owls had ordered her to have It homo
eaily. nssbe wasKolnc tn loavo town for tho
summer toward the end of the week. A dress
maker lu P wn has n dress which Mls Lowls
ordered made In n hurry, and which sho did
Her trlends think that whon sho went to
Now York on the 11th It was with tho Intention
of Ilndliic out somethlnc dotinlte about tho
elttintlon nflerhnr fnlluro torecelvo tho lottor
t Trenton. They beliovo sho meant to re
turn nnd Kut her clothlnc. but thnt she met I
with some sort of foul play In ow York. Tlioy
do not believe her dead. Warden Mulrhoad
wrote to Inspector Uyrneson tiunday.
They Give Zest ton Ifutl l)nr 'or the Hlxty
linh nt rcrkskllt.
rF.EitSKit.i, Coip. July 21). Col. Welsh did not
tnkoblsmon of Iluffnlo out even for battalion
drllL It was his turn to U6o tho now parade
cround, nnd that nuturfod piano was a slldo of
mud. Major Downs hnd his separuto com
panies' mou out. and tholr drill was nearly ovor
whon a cry arose from tho bluITovorlODkliii: tho
rond thnt winds nt Its foot: "Hero tlioy como;
tho Cadots!" It w.t3 tho Inxls from Wost l'olnt.
out for tho annual oxcurflon which tho senior
class Is allowed to mako to this post. Sixty In
nil. mountod lu columns of fours and lod by an
olllcor of tho reuulnr nrmy. they formed a
pretty slcht is thoy rodo into cniuD noar lint
mir Mill.
'1 nolr ImrEos plckotod. tho lads mado a break
for Ico cream, soda vvator, and fancy cakes,
nnd then thoy scattered thrnuirh the en tup.
At tine CommlsBiirv I rank Keatliicthouuht ho
had the hoja niettv well tilled up with i:inuor
hid. "Brdlnes, nnd crackers by noon, but every
ono of them cot away vvlm a reculnr moss din
ner and iiul It wns cod.
At :i o'clock tho most lntorcstinc scono of
tho day was bneinnine ol. Welsh's men, out
for a drill to mako up for thomorninK's lots,
diow back unill they lormed a bluo under
boidoi tothoIrliiKoor raln-rofroshod trees on
tho northern boundary of the pnrado eround.
nnd hlooit nt rest behind their stacked arm'.
All the ro-t of the S5u men In camp wore nliod
upon the slopo of tho inos hall hill or nlom:
the tented side of tho Hold A trnmpliiR of
hoofs, tho notes of a buclc. and thowltule tioop
of cadets wore on tho Hold movlnc In cadonco
In mllltnn evolutions. Hound and round thoy
went. illlnK and wheollnc, and at last, bronk
inirlntoairailup. thev l.nlshod nmld an echo
lnc thunder of npplnuse.
Lieut. E. I- Hardin of the Seventh Infantry
was In command of the class. Iln wns blddiui:
eood-by to the post ofllcors whsu Cudot tnpt.
ilclndoo rode up. .....
"Wo havo boon nskod. ho said, to civ o the
olnssyoll. Mnv wo, sir.'"
"It's your day -yoll." And they did yell.
"Boom Ah Doom Ah liuom Ah til 01
91-U-H-M -A-W haw '"
Tho memory of tho yoll llncered whllo they
mounted, nud it was hardly cone boforo thoy,
too. had pa'-sod alone tho lino ot tho pro
eonto.l nimsot tno Six ty-flfthnml lelt tho camp.
Tears wore lu (ien. Jackson's oyes. Ills boy.
who died a year aco, win In tno class of 't)L
revns or run kailroads.
Latest Information of Interest from All
The Kow Y'ork nnd New Encland directors
nt tholr rccular monthly meetinc yosterdny
had nnthini: to say about selllnu tlie road.
Thoy did. howovor. buy a road, namely, the
Providouce and ht'rineflold ltallroad. which, by
the construction of Tl. niile from r.tscone to
East Thompson, will tlve the New Encland a
direct line from Worco-ter to 1'rovldenco. The
Providence nnd Sprlntfleld Lnllroad was pro
jected ns early as 1HJ3, but only 22 S-10
miles, from lrovldonco to I'uscoaii was over
built. It is a parallel of a branch of tno Old
Colour, which tried s best to cet the l'rovl
denco and sprincllcl ne. The little rond has
u capital stock ol $ '!. JIIimHjO of which
has been 1-sueJ. 'i New Enclund rond
boucht it in older to keep !. cmpctltors from
cettlnt: hold ot It. It should niuke u valuable
frelclit lino.
'I he Juni statemnt of tho New Encland'a
business shows receipts of 1514. vj2. an Increase
ot HI.'JJI ovor Juno. 13i'.'. Theie was un In
croaso of i 21. Ill In frelcla trafllc.
Tho FieUht Coramltteo of the Trunk I.lno
Association listened yesterday to th" report of
n sub-commlttoo which went to Chlcnco to
hear the objections of tholloaidof Tradoof
that city HKulnst tho new uniform bill ot
ladlne. Ovor lui) railroads approve tho bill,
nnd Ii will ko Into ofTect on Auk. 1. As boloio
intimated, a wall tins cone up from small shin
iiers be. tuise tlio bill Is mado non-necotiablo.
Thoy fear that catdtalist.s will drive thom out
of tho business. The sub committee reported
that t'ommlssioner lllnnchard nnd soothed
peoplo lu his association by lnfoimtnc them
thnt by billing coods " to ordor"all tho ad
vuntaces of neantiublllty wore socured.
Chairman Hnyden of the Trunk Line Execu
tive ( mnmittee snld on Monday thnt they vvoro
tiylnc tourrunco a jol-it 1 icoutlvo Committee
meetinc of the Contral Trnftlo and Trunk Lino
Assoclations.ln order to str.ilshten out tho east
b itmil froicht dlfilcultlos bofore business be
comes brisk ncain Jle expressed tho opinion
that tho I'hlcaco-New lork ronds would not bo
atlccted by the recent cut invvool rates out of Kt.
Louis, losterday Information came that the
Chlcsiro l'relzht Commltteo of the Contral
T radio Asi-oclatlon had fallon Into line, mak
ing; a Cfrropondinc reduction J ho rati, from
nt. Louis to New Y'ork had lullon from 5s to 4u
cents per 100 pound, and tho fhlcneo-New
York rute from 50 cents to 34 '. cents.
A Carlisle. To., despatch says thnt Trosldent
Kennodi of tho Cumberland Vnlloy Hallrond
remarked yesterday: "The Cumbernnd Sal
ley ltallroad Company Is runnlnc it lino ot sur
veys west, nnd whon the surreys nro complotod,
tho maps made, nnd the estimates of cost are
clvon, it will be determined whethor tho now
rond will be built. Our last survoy boclns
south of the Western Maryland ltallroad crobs
lnor. runs west, near fit. Thomas, to Fort
Loudon, nnd tbenoo to the base of the moun
tain nt Cowan's Unp. If that line should bo
adopted, tho mountain at tbat point would be
L. P, 1 armor did not prosldo at yesterday's
nieetlne ot tho P-ssencor Commltteo of the
Trunk I.lue Association, althouch It has been
practically docidrd that ho will bo the uoxt
Chairman. The Exeoutlvo Comnuttoo hasn't
passod formally upon his appointment. No
business of Importance was transacted.
Tho connections from this olty with tho Bo.
ton and Maine Hnllrond Irom Iloston to nil
points In tho New Lncland Mutes and Canada
areas follows: Tho Kail Itlvor lino, tho 1'iovl
deuce nnd Htonincton line, tho Norwich lino,
and tho different railroads lcuvlnt.' this city fur
The New Y'ork Contral, Wost Shore. People's
lino steamboats, Troy Hue, and Day line mnko
illrect connections nt Tmy or Albany with the
Dnlnwaro nnd Hudson ltallroad for all summer
resorts ulonc Lake ( hnmplaln. I ako Ueoruu,
tho Adlrondacks. HlufT Point. Montreal, Uue
bec, and Intermediate points In Canadu.
A Fnat Ilxiirms Htrlkrn iin Open Htvlfch.
Central ltallroad train No. .Ill struck an
I open switch nt Perth Atnboy yestorday mom-
Inc. and by tlie prompt action of the cool-
hoaled onclnror n frightful calamity w.13
nverto I. Train No. fill Is n tlirouch opress
Irom Point I'loasnnt. It loft Lone llranch nt
lu 1 ." n'cloi k, nud was maklnc up lost time,
Soon altor pnssinx ovor tho llaritnn Hiver draw
bi Idee the undue i-truekuii open switch and tho
I train vv us side Hacked, nnd would havo m.ishod
I into a local freluiit t ut for tho enclnoor's
nr'H'iPtnes. llo niici-oodod In brluclnir his
tiitin to n ttop hardly half a car's lencth from
I tlio train in front vl him, ih ston was so
sudden that mnns of tho PUsaonners woro
1 thrown from their scuts.
Crooked Newark Conductor UlnappriirtUK-.
Threo ot the arrested conductors on tho
Newark street car lines have confessed to tho
illeeitlmato uso of trntibter tickets by con
spiracy with conductors of othur Hues, and u
I'nrlcsobod sevotal of tho conductors on the
i various lines. Three stepped from tholr cars
, at thtiOinniraeiid of th llnv, and did not oak
fur the return of their deposits. HeveraJ otlmra
I ro-iuned, Imndid lu their bndces, and not
buoi. their dupoblts Thoss wh i abruptly left
their cms, it Is said, nre afraid of arrnit. hlnco
thearrcs's and exposure the nsn of transfer
tickets appears to havo fnllun off A0or7n per
ci-iit. which indicates that thero is little trad
luc between conductors now,
An Ambulance Huraeon'e Mistake,
A well-dressed man. about 85 years old, 6
feet 8 Inches In height, of Mir complexion,
brown hair, and btout build, was found In an
unconscious condition at Fifth avonne nnd
Ilitltlc blroot, Hrnoklyn, yesterday mornliiK,
nndromnveil to the Ilorcen street pollen sta-
1 tlou, Amtiulance Biireouii MIIU, on belncsum-
iiioiukI. examined tho man nud refund! to tako
1 him lo the hospital, cnncludlnc that he was
I r.mroly siiffeilni; from an ovordoie or whiskey,
l '1 wo hours alternant the man Hill remained
j unconscious in his cell, and Ambulance Siiriieon
Mills was ncain summouod, and removed him
I to tho Cumberland htreot Hospltah lie was
I still unconscious last nluht, and is supposed to
I be suffering from the effects ol some poUoa,
LiCAinxo iiT.Aintr.ns ov nrsziNti and
a mm: or fly mit.
Sir. tVnmehmifr SSIeaU Attt wll" Hfr
ItnMrM, I.i-iivIiib Tire III Her .Rooms
C'uiiclit Her Ilnslinnil Mlsslnic.
Hnnnah Warflchnuor, wifo of Solomon, a
Tollsh sllppor peddler, took hor flvo children
with her nt 4 o'clock jestorday nftornoon, nnd
left her rooms, on tho second lloor rear of tho
tonoment at 11 1 Wlllott Btreot, locklnc tho door
behind hor. One ol the children was a baby In
nrma. Ton mlnutos Inter Minnio Ilornsteln,
who Ilton on tho snmo lloor, noticed n sus
picious emoll of burulncoll. A moraont Inter
thoro was nn explosion In tho Wnrschnuor
rooms. Minnio rnu screnminc down Into tho
streot, Aticust Sprlncorntul l'rntik 1'iodorlo
ran up to tho rooms and burst In tho door,
Thoy found throe sepatnto fltos. ono In each
of tho three rooms. One was in tho bodroom
near the door, whoro n pilo of racs soaked Willi
benzine was burnlnc. Anothor was In the slt
tlnc ro.im. nnd hnncltiK directly over it wns a
enn full of bonzluo which was lonklncnndudd
Inc fuol to tho OnmcB. Hnnclnc Irom n brnckot
In tho elttlnc room wns nn ox bladder hnlf full
of benzine with n pin holo In the bottom of It.
Ithuncdlroctly ovor n table and was wrarpod
In llv nottlnc. which hunc down nnd strotchod
ovor tho carpel to thoondof the room, whoio
tho lire had been already stnrtod. Itwasovl-
dent that tho ncttlnc wns luteudod ns n fuso to
lead tn tho blnddor. ,
I u tho kitchen was anothor blnddor nntic
lnc from the wnll In slueils. while burnlnc
beminowns sontteroil nil about, It was this
bladder which hud eilodod. 'lhoio was
a pot uf futon tho kitchen tiro just rendy to
Whon tho lite had boon put out. Assistant
l'iro Marliul Frank wns sent lor. Mrs. Wnr
Bihatiorcamo luunont (. i." P. M. ami vvaj ar
rested. Mio pretended eutlto icnorance of tho
lire, and could ol w..uld nut tell whether her
furidtiiro vvasiUHured. Tho husband did not
appear, nnd tlm detectives aro huiitliic lor
him. Tho bulldinir Is n iho-story tctieiuont, In
which iwumy lamlliss live.
Acrixo VAi'i. u unit nix' a im-.Tii.
Two or Them Lost Tliroush fnwt. .T, C.
lliill'n lllow ut tlio IVrrntlr.
No wrestllnc match thnt has tnkon plnco In
Now Y'ork In years caused so much oxeitemont
as that of last nluht at tho National Theatre,
on tho l'lowcry. botwocu Jlulakoll. tno Itusslan
Ciant, nnd Lrnost Itoobor. tho Gorman cham
pion. An hour beforo tho doors were oponod a.
crowd of a hundred or moro astcmblod. nnd
whon Indmlsslon wns flnnlly permitted tho
callcry cods Hocked In and swarmod into tho
upper story of tho houso. When tho down
stairs public woio admitted thoy catno In
coodly numbers, too, nnd flllod tho lower por
tion ot tho theatre moro thun comfortably, it
was a eood-nnturo 1 crowd. In splto of tho hont.
but nlnetoon out of every twenty of 'cm went
thoro to soo Itoobor win. Tholr predilection was
shown whon tho wrestlors wore Introduced.
Tho ltusslan cot a hand clan and tho German
cot a veil.
In tho first fall Itoeber assumed tho nccros
slve and nttemp'od to socuro neck or body
holdo four times, but was always ovnded. Tho
blc llussinn held bis head down llko n school
boy who had boon called tip to bo whipped, but
he escaped tho German's crasns. all tho samo.
Itoobor cot n cood crln around his body, but
was shaken oft unco more Jtorber Uunc his
arms about MnlakolVs breust und rushod him
into tho wines. 'lhnonsued a Perce strucclo.
The ltiisslau woulln t down unless ho had to.
and showed his determination In his move
ment. Hut h had to. Jtoeberflunc him over
on his ioft Side, and i-lowly but surely pro-i-od
his ncht shoulder to tho lloor. When the rof
oreo doclared ' a fall for Itoober' tho h.ni'-o
cot up and lelled like mad. 'lime, i; minutes.
'Ihe blccfiap had made a btroncdefunco, but
it was i,nlr a dofonci-.
Tho attempt to cain tho socond fall vva twlco
interrupted. Itoober. on tho call of tini". nir.ilii
took the ctIenlvo, but, afier a fow seconds,
wns sent to his kneos Ho formed a bridco
which tho ltt.slan could not break, and tho
blc man cava up tho lob nltor two tiinK iho
boyajeoied tbo P.usju as he left tho iiornnin
on his hands nud knees, nnd stejipod irvay.
Tlio tlrst pauso In the rrocoi-uincs wns wuen
tho refereo saw that Itoeber wns bloedinc frum
cuts on his neck. Tho bout was btoiipt-a, and
MulakotTV nails wore examlnod. 'J hoy wore
found to bo very lone.
Tho nall.s woro cut off nftora delnvoT threo
or four mlnutos and the men went nt It acnin.
Itoober wns still onfldent nnd VlnlnkolT unlet,
but earnest. MalakolTkopt his head down, but
hlssbouldors up. and seemed nn'.luiih toculn
a fall. All of a sudden llooborllun:: his nrm1.
around the llusslnn's body and ruhod him otl
tlm stace. A couple of dozen spectators wero
slttlnc in tho wince, and thero wa- n crarul
Bcrimmncn to escapo thf rush A-. MnlakolT
calned his foothood, and Mamrned Itoober
tiack tiithe view or tho audience actinc i apt
Maicus liorbclt of tho Tenth ptei-inct
jumped forward townrd tho stnso. Whether bo
went out to tlio door to clea- ttie passacovvay
or what his purpoo was la not kimwii ns bo
would nut say. nltorwnrd. but. ns ho juinpod
forward, dipt. .Ins. r. Daly, tho hor-e-broad-snord
couibntlst nnd all-around athlete, who
did not know him. crabbed the aotlnc captain
by tlio collar and wanted tu know: 'Who uro
vou and what nro you coinc to do-" Cnpt.
Horbelt did not deien to reply but shook D..ly
olt. finiy. seeinc ho had somethtucof n wrest
ler himself to deal with, hauled olT and smash
od Horbelt In the mouth, loubonlnc two fmnt
teeth The blood streamed from! niit.Horbelt s
muuth. but he ran on tho stage, without ut
tomptlne retaliation, nnd ordoied Malakoff
nnd ItoeDor to bo arrested. Six policemen
aul"klr mounted the ftace. and thespectatois
who didn't know what was colnc en behind
tho scenes, demnndod. in noly tones, tho
why and wherefore. Olllcors tnpiud tlio wrest
lers and told tbom they wero under arrest, and
tho hullabaloo crew thick.
A truco was patched up, howovor, whon it
was found that Daly hud cot away, nnd l apt
Ilorboit allowed tho wrestllnc to bo on.
Koehor was nciiln tbo accressor, and Mnlakoft
made a cood stand. Itoebor socurod a back
hold, after feinting for a neck bold, and by
main ttroneth dumped tho Itusinn ci.mt on
his back. The actual tlmo of combat In this
fnll wns 'J minutes 7 soconds.
Malakoff cinio nut looklnc frlchtonod for
tho third bout Still he mado a cood show Inc.
With his left shonlder on Iloehor's chest, until
tho Gorman mndo anothor of li i toints tor tho
nock, nnd neain secured n I ody hold. This
tlmo Malakoff went down suddenly and had
his two shonlders down beforo lie know whore
ho wi. Tlmo. 1 minnto 12 seconds.
A sonich for Daly losultodin his arrest nbout
mldnicht, Ho will bo nrrnlcned this moraine.
I'llurrnl or Cut, Ilimlril,
Impresslvo services woro hold restonlny In
tho Holy Trinity Episcopal I hureh In Clinton
Btroot, Hrooklrn, over tho romnlinof tho Into
Col. Win. II. Huptod, who was fatally shotut
liradolliiln on Thursday lust whllo handlinca
cum ilio doconiod hnd lor "overall ems been
ono of the loiidluc lay EpiscorallniiB in tho
diocoso, and was a membor of tho eiandlne
comnillteo. lllsliop l.ltt'ejuiiu. the llcv. Dr.
Charles 11. Hull tho llov. Dr. thnuncov 1!.
Ilrow-.ler, the ltov. Mr Johnstone, the iinv. Jlr.
Tlche, und other mliilsteis took part lu the
sorvli.es. Thu il, recurs uf tho lirookirn ity
Hallioad nud of other llnanclnl liiktftutii.us
with which tho deceiihed was connecle I wcio
rrebont. lu his clo;luc uddriss tho llev. Dr.
loll ouloclzod tho li e and character of tlio de
ceived, and tnld that ha wns nevermore in
pi'bso-hfon of his faculties Hum the ii. slant bo
lore his death, nnd ho wi.s ns far asiioslbln
removed from any dreadful siicccstlon of sui
cide. Tho dead millionaire's body was buried
at Qreouvtood.
A Miitrlnionlikl Dml,
Wii.KfHDvnnn. July 21. -Abraham Eroak
Btono is Lti?erno borouch's leadluc ineichiint.
Ho is younc, handsome, nnd well to do, but very
basjiful Homo months iil'o he ontorod into
nocoiintlous with Max Lovy toproeuro him n
who. Ono of the conditions was that tho clrl
musi havo tl.ouo, Lovy succeeded In cettlnc
a. Miss llurrlb to marry ISreakalunu, and Levy
received u check fur io) lnc his hu vices
Iiiuai Is in thirty duys, After llioukhioiio
iail been murilad u short tlmo hu (omul
that Ills wllo was not worth fl.uild, lly
thorcloro noppud payment on tho eliock
which hud fallen into the hands ol Frank
Yanhosh. The latter broucht suit acaliibt
Jlreakstono fw tho amount, nnd mtliei than Co
to court llrcakeioue paid the check to-duy.
Charclna !'! Cent (or Tito. Cent 8(o.mp,
Ciietemne, July 29. A Post Ofllce wns'lntoly
established at Warren, this Stateand Georco
L. Thompson received a commission and took
chnrco Hisllrst break wns to fix tho prlco of
two-cent stamps ut flvo ceuis. Poopla thoueht
his slcn was n joko, but liu held the rate. A pe
tition for Thompson's removal has bcon sinned
by 200 cltU;ns and forwarded tu W ushluutoii.
Ilr. llitlclinrtl uil III Wlfn Hentrnced,
Miiwvi'kee July 2fl.-Ir. Thomas Hatohnrd
and his wifo, Nancy Josephine Hiitchard. who
wero conrletod of lunnMauchtor in perform
luc a fatal cilmlniil operation on Mlnulu
Jleuidsley. were oach senteucod this morninn
by Judco W ullber to lour yearn' Imprisonment
In tho titate prison,
xuu ATHAvamr litAycosiA nvnhicD.
She JFIrat Ootm Aakore, nntl la Thea Dn
ntroyed by Plre.
Jackpontii.i.e, July 29. The steamship Fran
conla, Now York for Fernandlna in ballast,
wont nshora on tho shoals north of "The Doll
ore." noar tho entrance to tho harbor of For
nandlnn, late Inst nlcht, nnd was burned this
mornlnc to tho wator's odco. Bhe left Now
York on July 2:1 to load phosphnto at Fernan-
Ulna forllattlmoro, nnd had boon expoctcd to
arrlvo for tho past three days.
The 1'ranconla wns spoken by the pilot
bont Aunea Holt about 0 o'clock on Monday af
ternoon, threo mllos cast of tbo bar, but the
Captain refused a pilot, fcollna confident thnt
ho could mnko tho port safely, dopondlncon
tho chart. She fotchod up on tho samo quick
I sand sh. nl whoro tho City of Austin was
I wrecked somo years nco. It Is tho senornl
I opinion Hint had not tho II ro occurred sho
j would havo leon a loss nnjhow, as sho was
badly crounded, r.nd tho bleb wator failed to
i Hunt her, but buried her bottom duoporluthe
) shlftlnc sands. .. .. .
I Cant. (I'llrieu snld: "Wo left Now York on
July 2,1. and hnd ft rouch passnee, with head
winds nil the way. Wo nrrlvod oil Fornnndrna
bar nt 5 P. 51. on tho 2stb, and wore epoken by
pilots, but did not tnko any. thlnklnc It un
necessary, ns 1 had a cood chart. 1 was nbout
ubioast of tho (ity of Austin wreck when the
vessel became unmnnaceable. A Btrons: south
west wind was blowinc. nnd tho vosboI draw
Inc seven loot forward and fourtosn ntt. I
stopped tho enuino and b teked. and just n tho
vosboI touched bottom let eo the anchor. The
anchor chains parted, nnd tho vcsol drifted
upon tho shoal, whero alio pounded some. At
11 P. 51. sho bocnu mnklnc water. 1 worked
tho steam pumps, nud kept tho water down
until 1 A. 51. to-day. whon ono of tho pumps
envo out. nnd tho wator calned until thore was
six feet in the hold. , ,
"About d ayllcht tiro wns discovered nft in tho
room whoro tho sntlors nud llronion slept. It
sprond vory rndldly, and. Undine It Impossible
tu Mop tho llro. 1 lowered tho bonts. and nil
bunds sixteen in number, cot In and pulled
nwnv from tlio blnzinc vetsjl. Tho lifeboat
from tho tuc W'ndo Hampton took several pet
eons from our ovoilondod boats, nnd wo
boarded tho tuc nnd enmo to town. Tho crow
munncod to envo mot of their personal ofTocts.
The vessel had no Insurance, elthor murine or
The Cnptnln thinks thnt when all hands wero
ordoiod on deck nt a vory oarly hour a lamp
was lolt burnincin a room nnd thu thumpliu
of tho vessel overturned II nnd st lire to tho
bortdinc and clothlnc. Tho l'rnncnnla was an
old vn-ol. and not In very cood oondltlon. Sho
wns built at Konnohunk. Mo., in lHtiJ, nnd did
eorvlce ns a cunloat durlnc tho war In the
t'nloa service. Sho was nu feet lone. 20 feet
beam. 10 feet dopth of hold, cross tonnaco 047.
Mil. lJFllAlSi::i mSAVl'EAItAXCi:.
Vcly Golp Afloat Itruiir.llnc Ilia tVlfo
und n .Nrlchtinrlnc t'nrmrr.
Rkapino. July 29. In Novomber Inst Fnrmor
Benjamin Eofralno buddenly disappeared In
Horcford. Dofiaine nrOBO from bod accordlnc
to his wifo's nccount, nnd, telllnc hor he
thoueht ho would look at tho Btocl: In tho barn,
wont out lie did not roturn. Molehbors say
they heard strnnco noises in the direction of
tho Dofralno houso that nlcht, tho report of a
cun flrod sovornl tlmos and cries of pain.
Nothing was hoard ot him until ono dav In
May last, whon a farm hand In tosslnchay
from a mow in tho Defrnlno barn turned up
with his fork a bundle contalnlnc a blood
stained suit of clothos. which wero identified
by Mrs Dofrnino n3 tho clothos worn by hor
hu-hntid when ho disappeared.
Tim relatives ut Dotraine started out afresh
to work out clnor. It had been supposed thnt
tho married llfoof Mr. nnd 5lrs. Delrnino had
been cACoptlonally happy, but close inquiry
lovenled tho fact tuat the pair hnd froouontly
(iiuirrolied. T ho occasion of these nuarrols
was the niarkoJ a'tentlon which n nelchborlnc
farmer. .lames ltopport. unmarried, persisted
lu pnvliiR to Mib. Defialno. sho Is a Hne-look-Inc
worn in of 3S. with lour children, all under
i veni of ace. Mis. Delralne. how over, seem
Inclv kept back nu information in hor postos
si. 'ii that wiiihl throw Hunt on tho mystery.
Thu- th capo rested tor six vvoeks. when,
throu;.ii the indlsciotlon of Jnmo-. Honport.on
the noxt farm n new clue wnB furnished Ilep
I ert wns ire.iuontlv foon to visit the Dofrnino
houso nl n.cht nnd seeniod to have tuken I)o
fiaine's place in tho household. IlnallyDo
frnlno's relatives had llopport nriestodonn
chat uo of adultery with Mrs. Ilefratne. Tho
cvldonco at the hat ens corpus lieannc
streni.'tlioned tho bollof of Defrnlne's relatives,
that ltoppert and the woman had put Doiraino
i out of the vrnv lu order to Maintain tliolr illicit
relations undisturbed. No ono could be se
cured to co ball for tho prisoner, and ho was
romaudod to jail. ...
.Mr-. Defrnlno has boen kept under constant
surveillance by deteetivos. Duiinc tho past
weok their offoits have beon redoubled, and
now they i-nv thoy have como into p ssesslon
of now facts that will solve tho mystery.
The rirr thut "Vlprd Out a Mlnluc Tom,
SroKvNF: Fails, July 29. Sunday nlcht's
flro at Wallace, in the Coour d'Ueno mines,
almost annihilated tho town. The ruin Is com
plete. Not a business houso is lelt stnndlne.
Tho total lo-s Is $112,000. Tho flro started nt
S o'clock In the Contral Hotel, and in two hours
overythinc had burned up. The supply of
water In the reservoir cavo out aftor ten min
utes' work by tho firemen, and the town was
nt tho tnercv of tho (lames.
Antonio Domarrfo was burned to death In
his brother'" -nloon. Help Is already potirlnc
In fiom the surroundlnc towns. Hpounno Falls
has oiit twoc.tr loads of provisions, Wurdner
$1 ODii, and Mullnn ii'.Oo.
The burnt dlsti let covers about nlcht blocks,
thellie even rcachlnc tho surroundlnc hills
nnd cnnsiimlnc a part of the tesldenco portion
or tho town. The Ilames are still rneinc In
tho timber on the sunoundlnc hills. Avici
Innce commltteo has been orcnnlzed for tlio
protection ot tho property nnd punishment of
lawlcB-ness, but so far thero has been no oc
casion to act. A larce number of people pass
ed Sunday nicnt In the open air, but shelter
has since been provldod.
A MtnKt. struck. Olrl'n rilabU
Gnr.EXsnur.o, Ind., Julv 29. Etta Jewett. a
plump nnd pretty clrl of this placo. ran away
from her homo to Cincinnati n week or ten
dayb aco. bhe had become Btace Btruok. Tho
Cincinnati ppllco captured ber. and held her
for her paronts. While she wns at Police Head-quarter-"
she swallowed arsrnlc, and her Ufo
was saved with dllflcnlty. She Is now nt homo
in a vory weak condition. It is said Ihnt she
intended to join tlio Covull In the ltlnc" com
pnny, in New York.
A Quiet Ktectlon In Mlsalaalpul.
Jackson-. Miss.. July 29. The vote cnat
throughout tho State to-day waB vory llcbt.
nnd tho election vvns nulot. Thoro was no op
position to tho fourteon Domncrntlo nominees
to tho Coiistltutinnnl Convention for the btiito
nt l.irco and the Domocrntlc local nominees
wore not opposed. In a half dozen rnuntloa
Ax-Unv. Ab'Oin nnd ox-l hlof Justlco i'lmrill.
Ilio two 'eadliic Itepubllcmis ol tho Stnte. vvero
placed on tho Democratic ticket and elected.
Very Hot In CillrnKO.
rmctnn, July 29. The heat In Chicago to
day vvns nlmost unbonrnble. Y'osterdny the
thermometer reentered 01 docrees, nnd to-dny
went up to 04 decrees. The humidity was as
creat as durinc tlm torrid term one month nco.
'Iheie woro many Biinstrokes, und nnaily filly
hori-es fell dead In tlm streotn At . h o'clock to
nlchtthe thormometer reslstered fi decroes,
with n clear sky und u dead, stlckr utmos
phere. I
Who do ihlr own bnrlnjr. nrt Alt who do
tare mortr, win find it trf-tiyto their !
rantkr to rnrohMf their fmlir frlat at
th popular wine itore 1 HroadwuT. ot
onlr can ihr-j- buv abetter cIam o( iruo tafor
Irta tnonj- bot oare li a more that
treMly ftrrnoiffrt for therr acrnmmodatiou.
here li nn tar, no clar pmoklnir nor drink
Injr, no dlfftsreeahle eonuoi r rbjrtion
Me ftaiortft whatever A New York lady
ho knwi a thlnR or two onre aM that wt
aTe "unppltetl a Inn tell want 'in ulrlnf
w Vorkere n vtore where a ladr can nelect
htr winei and IIQu'irr for ineitlclnal and fam
llr me with tho utmoet contlilenret a place
wtif-r the need hnto no more hemtancr In
titerlnr than goian into a dry goodi store or
cuhiiino rnocrsM ro.,
P3 DROAOWAr. bet 12th and 1.1th ita.
Fpeeial nttontlon to mill ordr. fend for
Ireldnt MncUnn IroioaeM to Hnd All
Fcmitle I'rlsonern to Thenn Tho.
Tho Tollco Commlflslonora decided yostor
dny to clvo tho ppocial doIIco until Sept 15 to
uot their uniform. roUceman Ilonrr Warner
of the Kast Thirty-fifth stroet ntntfon was finod
ten dns pay for falling to prevent a burglary
In a Chinese laundry on his post. Policeman
AMIIInmOnrdnerof Old Slip station vrus ro
tlted on Jtiuu . year.
Trnnsfers I'ntrolmen fabrl. from CarmanR
tII'o to hnnitaiy Kquud; Kaln, from Ltil n
Market to Oak stroet: Forcuson, trom 1-ant
lilhtv-olKhth Httoet to .Morrlsanla; .loyflo.
from htnamhoat t-nuad to WVhi 125th streot.
I'rcsldont Macl.oan cavn notlco that at tho
next meotlnt: ho would movo nn nmendmont
to the rules of the department proIdinn that
tho Oak and KltzalwUh street statloun shall be
upoiI Tor tho reception of nil fomnlo prisoners,
and that a million shntl ho appolntod for each
station. Tlm other ommisstouors aro said to
bo opposod to tho schotno.
Votlnc Automata, They ('nil Ton,
The exact lannnq In whioti n. rotiorenceot clobi
Iftit erk proiioutici-d tur ronk'rrituen ''Inraiitlle"
maylnterent the delesulon. Thj rommtttcee were of
a free trale cm and want thu rccular Demccratlo
orcaniratlous In thu cky to nomltmie Un CoiDrofi
iutelllzent men. thurouKhly cotninltted to lh doctrine
c( tarliT reductlen. "and not mM otiiin automata,
unknown to Hi country nt Ure anrl whoe erv
names nre entire. y unuoilliar to thetast majority of
their rriiuiltuetii' '
Unlent the rejriiltr nrranlrat'om nominate anclimen
the clntt are to take tepa to do It Tho cluM thus
comniltted are thn llarlctn Petnncratlc Cliiu thf Freo
Trade Clt-h tlie It e form 'luh t'.e Wnrktniriiien'i TarliT
Ilcform Learnt, and the Manhattau blosle Tax Clob.
I75tht,is. I2i w WaNhlnfcton aT TlxtOv Wra
11annlRananflvtfetotil rt VanderSinhbtu fG,PO0
Home l o i. !7V e Mehhlhs ar, S.'xHSx irrctf j
Lile A MeCnneto wm H rr 1
Ix: h 4 t'., r7 rnap l'orut furui. Jofeph H Calu
to lluiih .N Camp .... 1
4hiL st, a a, 23 t id av. I'.2xHj5, dellgoian
lianer and wife to Henry 'aur ... I
rteeiwood av e e a, ro n Kltraheth et. xlU0;
Htnry Hohert to Win II Turner.. . 530
TJeianrey tt V2, Fannte Hoehm and alio to
Lo'ii Uoodman .. .. 4D.&J0
lelanrey ft. I wt. Louts Good man and wifo to
PanmeBoehm 20jxj
Delancy et. i. fame to fame . .. iNKUOu
I06ih t at. m w .'dav. ? xlm, Henry C Tuke
and wife to William Pauth and ano. 24,0)
126tu at. n a. riiet!i av 75xlit u to IStfth Bt;
Wilbur Larrem re to Antel J Simpson. iGJZJQ
Same rrop Angel J Simpson and wife to Marx
Abbitiivtr . 100
Tower vl tit II" WeMterav. i'AxlO. Edward
W I'anell and wife to Auiust BernaM . C-'0
Hnmpilfnn. m vl lands Helen L Wlllia. Ith
wri Airred J Taylor ft al to wracu Mnlth 4.250
Cannon 't, 17, Julius Dreyfu to Laemmleln
Hutlenwleer ... . 40,000
Creoton ar. w a, Wn 13d Bt. Mixino Martin II
Ray and wife tn Ter-nee 1 Smith . . 1,600
IJfth ft. n o. ;. MalU'on ar ins&m.u,
Ierasl Moneand irife to l.ruts Me'nlerJer. 17.000
BrooiiH at, n w cor Fast st, -3x7f Win MS'lt-
lelt and wife to Jeihn Muhlent rink et al .... 100
107th st. "IJ" K, John hrlel'tr iindnlfe to
AuruatiU 12.500
Ola. sl n a. . e&th a, Vftthiino H. rred a U
toudertand ano tw Hen AHllhatnn . 1.0U0
lOJil nt fC-rtTho liar in et al to Thomas It
Talor ... -I COO
!!Nlh al. n I"-' lh av, 75x H WocL, Marx
ottlnv'or et alto fat x llofrau 100
Slst il, ii ritfi w lFt av a tlni2 John V Wet.
stein nnd wife t Jo in l.'elxtuirer Jtiid aim 20,00 J
West J-ndav a v. cor rVfth bi, .1 altw Jacob
Uwi ii toi has V )arne ... MOCO
101 t.t, ns .imw I'th 'xiooii, awman
Co wen and wile to Henry States .. lrf.MW
42A it in 2-ueMh av, JOxiOj JanePrytrto
Alexander Moure. 1C.CO)
421 st. a . 3 -o e eth a 401i0ft: Aramlntn
K'kwoodand ano to AUx Moore.. . . 3.1,000
Huh t. n k H- Manhattan av, nlll;
Simon Ha'Jtrman and wifeto AuRuatna tipper-
man t2ft0
74th ft n H w 3d nv. .xliT.' 2, Hufh i
Kelly and wife tt Martha Rofenthai 3J.5K)
8Mb ft. 11 . 1 w Houlenrrt .HTXIIVIH; A V.
Johnston anil ano to .rstnlnta nockood 44,000
2M at. n , l".'i c it ti av, '-ix'-H t ilan L Mven
to Alfred E lie IC'i . .. 2,000
itkroRnm voi.ii.irF.
Ufrnaril At.m:t. to I Jwtl ParsellB nsTower
il, i-Wetu'er t l;r $2V)
beach, Alfred K anTwtft to tl.c (icrminAm
Keal r'taie Title wonrantee t'n, ss ..id nt, o
4lha.Hrr . .. . 4d,roo
Crontti Elfa to Tt.omnt II rurdy, s h I'rnea
dirt pi w ltshi npl. Mr .. . 2,0"W
CumpiU Juhn V, aLd wife to Anna M Lee, IK)
Mnliftonu. .yre 8.COO
haine lu Louis i I ee. adm, Ac tame n-op. 5
rs ... 20.000
Sainn to Jonetih L Huiteiiwjtier namej rop, Oe
mind 4.M2J
Ciitet, Jlenrj c. to .Newman Cowen. n s Zulst at,
wiuliav, 1 tno (J ii.ori) . . StSfo
Chestermsn Krnalie to tn ermania Life lint
i'o. f : d nt Annter im ar 'yrs . 3.7,000
Dunne Thomm P. and wife io Annie C Coch
ran b '"th Kt, r Fih av S j rs IP.noo
frame to Samne T ( arter same prop Installs 1POW
Dreyfu. ji.1Iu tu anthony Xctointii 17 tan
mm rt, lis 1.' moriM .... 51XO
fan e to Hertnn Fridenberit, adm, Ac, 1 and 117
CaoLonat " yra . taurt . 31,000
Korner t'harle V. to Jacob Lawon, e a r. th it,
it N est 1 nd av 1 j r .... P. 000
Hosted ablna I.,to Caleb P fllldersleeve 8U, 4l,
and 4- Haynrd ft, demand .. . P.700
Hyde, Mary A, and husband to Harriet K Mew.
art tot 10H, mop i( Ian 1 at turdhatn. I r 500
Harlow, Hllen M i Kreilertc J MlilJIebrook,
4J7y3..thst.'J)ri , 10.000
Fame to .Martha A Iiwon n s .Oth st. a th ar.
Ilotran. ratTlch.and wife lo Mark, and Motes ut-
timer, ne 12-th st eiuh a, 1 vr (i morti) 73.200
Jlallhfan. r.dward.anil wire to John It Hwet, n a
10th at, wATi'ijr 2,000
Kelly lluith toAlcliui Halliard and wife, w a
ethav, u Wthst leae, Bra. . 12,000
Lyon. Pore, and wife t'i Llbble frpannocchla, n
Hist st. e t'olambusav. I yr 2W)
.MetfR. hlt7abth K and Hrnrv Dts Forest
Weekep. n a I2ih st e Sih av. 2 years I, WO
WUeho Herman, nnd wlfa to the Pry Dock Sav-
Ino Inotlto. n ecorlHthst and S1 av, l year 27,000
Idnhlenbrlnk. John et al tn the Howcry Pavinn
Hauk, n s Broome, w Kast si. 1 yr. , H,01
Wjuller, Conrad intranets Hillenbrand, n a Mh
st, e'JQi installs ... . 2,1 00
Moore. Alexander, and wife tn Wesleyan liil-
vr rslty, n 5'Jth it. e th av, 3 yr (.) niortsi . 8fl,cro
Ottliu'er. Mark and Moses, to anret J Mmp-on,
s h IJth st, e will av, .1 vre (l mortsi 3i0O0
I'linln. arsn K. and husband to t'entral Trost
Co N Y ssT'.'dst elhav. .ivrn 40.O
Fame to Wm A Butler Jr, a a il st, ofthav,
Initatls . . .... lA.Us)
Uufifrll Archlhatd P. nt al, to the Poujr'iktepMe
havifs Mk is I25tht, w 7th at ft rs ... 2o,lOO
Smith, Terenei I" t Martin It ray a Creiton
u, n lH'dst. H yrs . .. . 1,000
fleymour Panlel and oriian to usaii ( lloft
man, a a Il'thst I-enoi v Hr 0,000
Smith, Uraci and ano to Alfred t Tuylor and
ano, n e cr land of Alfred J layloretal, a
!lamrdenstf24(h ward) 1 jr 3,000
Scott ntert lo t-raderle J Mlddlebrook, m
U'vtri et, e 'th av : yrs 7,.VjO
Pnsiioer I ontlard, and lfe to John Hljjel'iw et
h1. exort if- i" Wonhn, a yrs. . 40,(oo
Thurnum Mu, th Alex Itrown, 107 Uetothst,
3 ra. K000
Turner- William H ind wife to Henry Itenbert
an I wife e Mvetwood av, n l.Pabeth st. 2
tt- 0o
Wll Uma Metijatnln A and an" to r reOerlrk It
I'oiM.rrt ami ttu' nsHitt e.tn nr, 2 yrs , 12 000
WIlLs Aiiiut to Jthn hchrelber, mh 107th st
2d ar. tuitallfl 3.000
Austin. Wm. to Kredk Kcth and ano, 402 Past
l2d at hu ur MrtO-f2lo
Lni Am'K toTaiiersil's of Sew tork llnv,
7th av iiacorhMhii i" yr . 8,uv)
Cenrii. Adolnh, to John Mallarinn, '.'! KnUlWJ
Bt, 'J yrs ... 20
Hni'plierion fordfll K,to Jt hn Pevlnf. tth av.
n wor;i7thst avu CO) 1,00
Uermond K, tu J 1'orclietto, 151 lYooater t,
4 HHJyr. .... I 3CO
fipencer. John S, to James II Matone) hif-.at
Uithst, 2H I2yra r0-73
"The truth, the whole truth,
fifik and nothing but the truth."
Jf fTf That's what you ought to know about
Wf$l& VV the thing you wasli with. What good
'. ww ,". u, soaP doesn't hurt, Pear line cannot
A Vf " That's only part of tho truth. Pearl-
i v ji tne wasics anc cleans without the
r -VI i J ruDD'nK a"d scrubbing that wear
I I yvt-s4 tilings out without the work
' t a WOuV v that makes women old. Half
"N wi 'iX your labor is spared by it ; twice
XNU Ll l work is done with it;
lw lxI 1 time and money are saved by
A iMi At 15 t. "Nothingbutthe truth" is
I 7rvll tiJ sh the best policy for us;" noth-
I Jr V ' m nl nff Dut learhne" isthe best
h I ' policy for you ; but nerhaps
- youusePearline. Millionsdo.
VT-i, '" i "'- TeiHlers and tome unscrupulous grocers will tell you,
IN OF 1 lUC "thisisiis good as" or "ihe jameas Pearllne." IT'S
" FALSE Pesrllno Is never peddled, and If vourtjrocer
endyouometluDginpUceof Pewllnc, Ujchonesttblnfl toaols ;U A-
Thl. In It mould bo ep.elllr wh(n lh. iocf en hu bf en flrlr tn& " "J I PJE1'," ,!" w . I
VT. ri OpM-liirini our owo .U. A I pmn.riy In pr.rm.lr the m.nnfr lbt hi met with ,neh '(ml ,nri- t A I
SrK?wIwrPr.loL To"rr..oewl;5irnlotoliltll00 tod.r th.r '"ij'' " w. rt',
SlTer llmit-a ntimbr t !' VUlt New Hotp nd Impict it crefiUlr. n4 then allow til to 4ttt fn .'
o,r 0Vwoot BnJ for liool n! Photo emrivlDf
Hughes & Ross, 47 Broadway.
itrriip.un rounT-KrNi JUDtriAL district.
IntheniMterof the tieilltun of John .Newton t urn
nlstloner ot I'ubth Work of tni'Clt) of New York,
under ami In nursnnnce ' chapter if tho Ltw ot
Ikjs; ml on hetmlf of the Murr, Aldermen. ml Com
tnoti(ilt of the oily ot New Yrrk, for the Aitioiotuient
if fommUsionerH of AipraUU umler chapter w of
th" Law of imh.1 ....
Public notice inherent (rlen thit the third separate
rernrtor th Cnmrnlosioners r Appraisal appolnlea
herein r.n 1-eti , it7. which report as filed on April
L-'V iftfl, in the office of th rterU of Wemcheiter coun
tv at the Court lfouetn the flllaee f White Plaint In
alii county, will t irentrt foi ronrirmattoii to the
hunreme i ourtHt hperlftl Term thereof in he held m
the Hecond Judicial Imirlct at the ( uurt House In the
city of PuuRhkeipsle Dutches county, oil Aug. W,
1M v at ll o ilock in the forenoon.
Dated New sort, June . l--si m mt
Counsel to the Corporation,
aTrjonrow. Now York cltf,
In the matter of the p tlUu of John Newloti. Com
mliblonor nf Public Work of th ( Ity nt New York,
nnier snd in rursiiame fr chnptr of tlie I.nws "f
13 endchspisr lio or the Mwb of 1"7 and on he
half or the jor. Mermen, and Commomiiir f the
City uf otk 'for thA aprniiituieiit of Cotuuilsslon'
erpot Apuralnl utiter said attn
I ubllc notlre is hrehr siren that th second separ
ate repnrtof tho Cttintnisotctiers of Appraisal nrpotnt
ed herein on Julrvf, is7. which report wa nid on
July i, iHtmn the ofllce of the ( lerk of itchstpr
county At thf Court llour in tlm villiurn of Whtte
I'lAhisln aali count, and a copv of whliMi was on the
Mine iIim' file I In the i.rlice of the cierk ot Putnam
county nt Ciirraei In said roantr, will he irescnted fur
conilruiittou to tlio supreme Cmirtfttn -rectal Trrm
thereof to he held in the fuond Judicial District at the
t nnrt Houso In thr Itv of J'ouk'hkefnsle. I'utchfS
count), en Atir i. 1"". nt 11 o'clock In thoforeuuou.
Dated New tork. July". IKO.
Counsel to the Corporation.
2 In on row. New York city.
In the matter cf the petltUu of, Hubert a Thompson.
Comiul'Slnner of Pub.io Worke of the city of New
York, t.ndcr and In pursuance of chapter 4 l of tho
Liwsnt Imh.; and on behalf of the .Maror, Aldermen,
an I Commonalty of the city of New ork, fr the up
fclntraatit of Loimnlssloners of AppraUal UiiJor thal
er Vl rt the I nws of lttKJ.
Public notice l hereby ulven that the fourth separata
report of the CoramlBloners or Appraisal appointed
herein on Oct. 1 IMi which report as flit don April
;, into in tht?'lTlceof theCUrk ot Uf ttrhetter coun
ty at the Court llne In the Tillitf e of ' htte Plains in
snld county, and a'su the report of the Coiuuil-stoneM
ot Appraisal nnpolnted herein on Mav 11, k,hi ns a
neit anil second Communion on theclstm of Clinton v.
Sweet which report was fltal in s&ld t lerk's otltce on
April 2. If, will be presented for conflrmatlon to th
Supreme Court at a Special Term thereof to be held in
the cond Judicial district at tlie t oitrt House In the
clt of Potifhkeepsle. Dutchiss (.ouoty, u Aug. W,
ItiXX at 11 o lIocL in the forenoon.
Dated New ork, June i ij
Coel to the Corporation.
2 Irron row, New York city.
POST OFPICH NOTICE. Letters for fore ten countries
need not be specially addrt as I for despatch by anv
pnrtlcular ateamer ecepi when n is desired to send
dupllcatesof btniinir and commerual documents let
ters not ipeclahy addressed being sent by tUe fastest
vessels avai labia.
Forelrn mails for the week endlnar Atir will closo
(promptly In all cases) At this om e .is follows
tKUNKrtI)AY.-At 11 A. M for Para, Maranham. and
Ceara. per steamship Ilaill: at 1 A M fur llraill
anj the La Pl.i'a countries via llraill for
Hr. Thomas und St Crolt vli St Thoma,
for Murtlnlmie atid iiuade'nup fa Marti
nique, ror Bartadofs and Irlnidad and Hem
erari via Hartadoes, pr Heamshlp Finnnce. from
Nen port Nw (tetters for utt er indwara Ul tills
m ist be directed rr l'lnanc '). at 1 1 .to A M. for
hurnve per stramshlp Laha 1a huuthamtton and
Hremen letters tor Ireland niiift bo dlre ted ' ror
I.nhn' I at U 3 P SI tor Ireland er siamhtp
Uty of Herlia ia ycenstown (latere fcr '.rent
ItrUaiu and other l urupean countries mut le dl
Te-te-l per itv of Perlln ) at I P M tor tuba
per steannhip ?aratoia. via Haana ilettrr in'ist
le directed per -arat-a , at I P M. for hn
tlaoand cartfiafeua. per steanifhlp Wzcaja Oet
ler must be dlrecteil per Vina; a at 2 P M
for He: pi ii in dlrrit per siemi-hip WaolanJ. vU
Antwerp (Irtters must be directed 'per N ue-lun I 'X
TJH'RSItAY.-USi'l'A M for KnMpe. rr steamship
'ormann1a, rla Southampton and llamturir. at II
A. .. lir Hauf, rr sttani'l.lp Prinn , Hendrik
dett.rs to- Ciir.uua Atne uela .rlnidad IrltlU
and Dutch tinlana, must i e diret tel i er Prlns r
llendrlk' j at 1 '. M for iJermada (er sie unship
Orinoco at I i M for Nasa i N P. and J-JIitlaen,
i lI a prrbteamhit "aiitiairo at 't 1' M. tor It'iatao,
per hteamt-hip f'teri. rroiii Nw Orh"m. at v I
M or Newfoundland per steamer from Halifax,
at U I M for fct Pierre M.quelon, per steamer
from Halifax.
: FRIDAY Kt in A V. for Csutral America and Sonth
Pacifl jHirts. per etegn.ship ctty of Para iliCoion
(letters for (lautemala mtstbe directed 'per City
o! Para , at 1 1 A M fir Forttina IsHnJ Jamaica
.le-emle and fr Costa Rica Ttallmon per steam
shlpAlTcua, at Ij M for Jamaica, per Meanuhtp
Dorian, at 3 P M for Jamaica rcytwn, and
(Juatemala. per steamship Aanan (letters for Heine
mut he dlreotea "itr Anuan' .
SATl'ltDAT. At'J A M, for Fram-a Swltrrland. ItMy,
Spain, and Pdrtcjtnl, reriieamhlp la Rourone,
tia llnrre, at 3 a. M for hurope, per seaniiilp i m
tin i. via Queenstown ile'ters for Irance bwlter
Ian 1. Italy .-pain, and I ortufal must b- directed
per I'muria ) at 4 a M torl'uroie per stean ship
KalherUm II rla outramptnn and Hremen (letter
mut be direct 1 'pr Kaiser Wrn ll ; at 4 J A M.
fur the Net tier at ds direct pr steamship tmsterdatu,
U Amsterdam (letters must be ilire led per Am
sterdam' j: at 10 a M for t CrulianlM Ihomjs.
la M, Cfnli alrt Wlndwani Islanfls oireet, per
steamship Kermnda at UA M for enensla nrvd
Curacoa, also Trinidad, Tob io, Hnd avanl la. ta
Curai?oa per steamship Caracan (letters for order
Colombian ports must be directed per Caracas i.
at 1 P M for Carapeche Chfapaa. Tabasco, and
Yucatan, per steamsolp Nisirara (Utters for otiitr
Mexican states and Cuba must be directed "prr
SUNDAY. At 3 P M for Truxlllo, per steamship Tfc
Hough, frem New Orleans
Ialls for hlna and1 Jaian. per steamship I! el pic ffrrm
Han Irii'C.scov close here Aur u at . I. m.
Mails for the Hawaiian Islands per -teamshtp Au
traha (from ?in hranclico iIoebrre Ai r i at
0 .m P M Malls for Australia New elan I Ha
wat'an, Fiji, and taiut'an Islands pr eieamslilp
Zeaisr.dia from .san ItjiiicIscoi, close here A u "!',
atb.JPM lor on arrhal at New York of steam
ship Ai ran I a, with Flrrlsh malls for istralta.
Malls for the Society IsJauda. per hlp Tahiti trroni
Pan Francisco) c'ose here Ann -o, at Jfc' P M.
Mal'a for Newfoundland. b rail to Halifax, an 1
thence by steamer, close at tun offli e dal v atK 30
. l Mai's for Mhiueloii. by rail to Boston, and
thence by steamer cluo at this olce dallr at fi . i
P M 111 1 ii fur Cuba bv rail to Tampa, Fi a, and
thence bv steamer ("allin: Mi ndavnand Thnrs las),
rtose at th a ofllce daily at '-' i A M Malls f r x
loo, everlatid, unless specially J4lred forde
tutch by steamer, closo at this oitlce dally at
a a. M
Thesrhdu1e of closing of Trans Facile mails is ar
rant d on the presumption of ti elr uninterrupted or
land transit to tn i rancUco. Mai from the I nt ar
rirfnr. nn time at ran Francis o on tl.e dai of ullnir of
steamer are despatched (hence tt'e same day. I.e;ii
tereatuall cloe at u P. V rrel usdar.
ll. lstsi eaJed nropus ils will bo received hyih-jhu-perinteiideut
of Put Hi. Mrrk,at hlsorce In Alban)
uutll 1-rlday, Aiii;uit 1 lm. ut in ele o i lui k noon of
thai dr, tor tit en lliu the jeltle uf ehlnnscock au j!
aud Ire.lrfinu the canal. P i.m Had y ciuiatvui.s inav
be sseu and further lufornu;i'ii o un.el at tlie oil) o
of tl.e auieriuten lent of Puulic Works. All j rop us
mut Le M-idressed tn tbe Huperiiitun eu; of Puu'la
W -Tkr.auJ must bo endorsed 1'rot usa f"r (he I, mou
slou of the Jsiltt of Miliniect'Cl i ana1, and tit Ute.U
ln of ti o Canal Proj oials must be i om, jjii'rd bv
L llltld Mates hondx drofts taiUed Uf or I'erti' el c'.eck
oti some m d i' inkliitT iiuntull n in k 1 1 ted it within
the city uf New url or Albunr u.tyablr ut ljfM tu tho
SupenntemJeiit of Public Works
ihe folluwlJir aro the estimated quantifies forth?
work to be prp ju I for 4 Ji" iliiinl itst i m drl "ii.
iM.Mjiirt P. M Nejiow line tliMtor ''tw n it. i. hem
lock p.ank, a ii po in l wriuiit iron. it,'urubt yards
stulie tllllt H 'SHiHi cubic )nrdit dr dliu lhe amtmiit
or deposit required wit'i 1 id f"r lle ame $),.' u the
amount of lator bund rrulrtdou exetutwiu ii con
tract, IJ '' the arr cnt of bom f i r fiuthtm jirform.
aucr of contract on exei utiuit uf puiitratt, 5.i, The
rlKQi i rcicred tu rejsc; any r a i-u
u i of Pub ic Works
rfoc (5?a!r or ea Lrt iTountrij.
out an(ii:m:s, "
SiHtf f uhluc.ion.
For hiislris rifld nee. a. id Mituran piopertr Uvest
li.thUiu mint rat tuui an t tliuhor iun Is address
I .W J.s ,t VV. Pt, Atur es Vn-tiiniou
Eo ft'fl (or Jtutlur urpooc
SliMP VKIiY nn e li t'e stores sitliuirMr4im mil
kitchen on'y 3.'U, cn te hired at ""bc Linden,"
J, 77 J 1st n., ne tr ;'d H.
Mk a nice little Hire with cellar ft" .'1 ' I est
87th st. where a nOud tfrocei busiursi bus tern Joue,
npplj uu ircm'srs.
STORKS- lame and small. In Dp fli tow apart.
nieui houic (ne Wuii ratr tiulrranl tin I
I '.i'lit st, sinuble f- r ii v bus tits pur oe tu mre i n
iremlsrs or of JOHNS rAi tl lURio careofibas.
Jluek Co.. 1 l7Pihav
STORK. TO m NT - 30th st . near Proadway will be
divided to suli feranis a'so wil 6 leai (o ,ood
tenant ror parti-nlars a, ply to
TiiouAa.v i; ikKKHtiN. u5 vr. iiotb st.
STORi; AND RA8KMKNT to let. sultah'e rorany busl
nf si. Aptly to V. hN'Al Pit, iuj Centre st, or Mr
bCIIL'NACnfirl, :H1 Last Mb st.
TowHsiri and partb dliabie 1 soldiers. Pnder new
law, fsu of detih orotii ty ud not p.o tetn
toniracied In I nit 1 Males .-n"e A1ifie Y, i
UitiiuU tat p .. Minur) 4 omiintn n fWiiumst
JNVCMORS.-Riwlii r.r tou lo cnrrnponil with u
ImtnKlLi.lr. NaTIUSai. I'aTJ'.NC to, Koomt I
MHagftm,,!, r.itpi Hoiicimn
Patent, for larenlloo. rrocor.a cromsllr. Iavrt.
tto.lr A BrlutB, M htHSB ll, A 1. tiuUUtna iwi.
Ileal (ffslale nt gVurtiou.
One of the Finest Farms
Elth.rfnr t,ntlran' p.rmiincnt or nrnmr hom. ,
or for k ilwk farm, nr for ordinary fariuinir fl.vj.oi3 tl
hvliislii-.n ijitnt tnb.auttCr the prinl.i. tituat, in If
th. beautiful town of VMnthton, Mam, nurronnln tr A
fainoui nablnc lakta. ana 1. on tli, bluhrtt tleniion in
Kenufo count, cnmmandinir one f tli, nn.M tifw, W
In tlie sialf, r.ntalnln, juuacr.a nnfler a vf rr tilth itti, "
f.f cutttvallflii, aliuutlance of the purelt natr and ell- 1
tnalennexcellej In anr partor the world llanonltk 1
nn, man.Ion. triod farm home, Ic, hou.e, n lar barna. 1
ami pltntrof 'uthnlUlnta all In p rftct repair rit-i I
for hot ami cold walrr hatha Ac.! known a. the lifm (
lan.t Mock rarm. lorraerly owned by J. P, rutnam,
nnd now ti ho hoM at anatlon on account of nl recnl A
deceaio. Tartl.a In 1'hlladelphla, N, Vork. and rnor, 1
remote dUtaticri l0hlnir tt.iittenil thta auctlou win ,
obllt,d tn elan Aut 'j Th, nuctlon will ho on lb,
rrcmi.ei Thnr.dvr vuir 7, nt z r M .harp Imra
aiat.ly aftrr the .aloof th. farm, th.i live .lock farto.
Int nlenilla, furniture. o, win tin fold at auction,
amonir which will be II fine Jeremy cow oxen hor.ea.
rftlT.,. mowing machlnea and all ne-Marriiiachlr..rr.
ThU farm cut, about H ton, of fine ha) , ha. an abun.
dance of wood and patture at pment inakliit from
V.c.i tu :i,iiOO pound, of chce.e and .1 fM poonl. ot
butter sale punitive to the hlsntrt bidder. Jsu pof.
t'Onement on account of weather.
llritNl.TT ll Kl'LLEIt. I.owliton, Anctlon.er.
For further parllculara adlrera or Inquire or IMw
rnckanl. Urookltii. M V , or Ihoinn, II Lord of Ro.ion
Marine ln. Ca, 17 Mate ,t.. Iloilon, nr O M Fbaw
l-on. Kelt Tnd Hotel, liar llnrhor or H T MayAOo.
Lenl.ten Me., or llarrl.on K Caner. I'hiladelihia
XhnrCstnte"fo7alc (City.
poll SALE. ray no more rent .vnortnunt of an,
X1 brick and frame Iioum with alt tmproTem.ot,!
rtnall amount lu cu.h needed, balance In monlhlrer
j early payments, at the Inweat rah prlcei I'nerlp
tloti of the houiei. with prlc will le i.nt by mall, if
Inquire on the place of JOHN DKIKh It. owner an j
builder. Ihl.tet.one Mock, eulot 3d ar. and lb. !
valed railroad atatlon,
Floo healthy location.
rov nt.
I am tho owner of lame and small acre tracts or Peas
tie property, snltahle for snbdlflon or snlinrbao
homes for Inlormaifon conrerniDK Investment, !
Washlticlon address L. II. KOUEKB, li Uutlex filoek.
.Seattle, rt aslu
4iOO' AND UP f 10 monthly payments for chalet
O A-fi bolldlnirlots title iruaranteed Hyatt HMuhla,
WlntMd, L I fastest Krowlnir enlnirh of Sew Ti rk 11
minutes from foot of 34th st 7c. commutation, inrlad
in if ferry; rapid transit; send for free tickets mars, A a,
niAia.r.H h uoudm-.i.u 7i,it,ertyt
gjirrlling Souj&cis or alf,
AHAROaIN, Heautlfnl new hrnwnstone refldence,
cahlnet finished, fxo,ulitely deioraud substantial
ly built for owner: obliged to bell immedlateu. Pallor
address '234 V est U3d si.
girdling fauces Ca et.
D'emraHLK !IOVSr.t unfurnUhed and farnlibtl
tn all rarts of the city.
POUOM llKUTUKKli KM Uroadway. near 13th it.
JiU'clUng gousfjs Vantrd.
ATTHNTION of trnstes, iruardinns or owners here or M
abroad called to our facilities for the manareineat Er
of real estate. FICOI.UMCU. oth e ldJ Uant Hist st, B
lit ana apartments 2o ct. R
Iilnht anl airy tirw apartments, handsomely decorstetl
Tiled hall fan go and lor.e'ain tubs. Three
and live rooms, with hath
ic i:ts. sir to j5.n0.
Apply on premises r to
Cure ol C'linrlen Itnrk .t('o.,
l.lf? iuh ar, cor TSd st.
AT THE POM.OWINO IIOU.-hS. carefully rainazel
by one owner, acancfe n av nt times b found
worthy of the inspection of respectable ranl le
b4 1 asl 9th st o to 7 rooms, I aths, prlrale
halls ... $21 tol
lVt Fast frih st, . rooms, baths, private halls a7 to 31
in 1 1- ant r"7th rt , " rooms and baths Z2 m '2ft
i'47 fcaft 7ih st 4 rooms 12 to 17
1,77a 1st ar tt rooms, private I (.IK iato iO
Apply to Janitors day oreTenlnc.
Two three, four and ne room sj artmenta, with lu
yrovements. also stores In the new block, loth at,
iMhandiVihsla. Inquire at the otllce of
jon.N j:k k. i.o.in ion. ut..
lletweea tilttu und tlTth ft a.
PARTMENT3 In the Improved dwel.lnir Prtr"pasV
72d st.. of two thref, and four rooms a't lUht, wltn
tath, laundry hot and cold wnte r nud hulls heated,
rant. HU .md ?H
1 uLMJM ItlCf sTJIl.llS. P Bro-vdway, near 13th st.
APARTMI.NTInnen hulidlnrs Krt to v West I'l'th
' H an I 4 rooms, Kirht and ain id conteeiencrs, H
" il neife'hbjrhood , reaonatde rnt, b.2 to 917, w
janitor. H
COItlUT A C . -'3J st. an 1 'th ar IH
A B. 1 i 2' S i: cor Mth st.- Mats .'arlnir F"rI H
plenty uaier, xi rooms, all iniprovcineuts lir IH
and S.x H
Wini; HUtlMft, $J7 ANO fJ.. H
ChNTRM PARK HKT. SJ. and '227 uear hii rL, B
directl faclmr Cenir.il 1'ark j Iesnt sulten Isht HI
Hrcn rooms passfuirrr elevator Me -in not wm r. n
a. , Tfiiit, $jju to Jl.uuj, nn juemonable referer, es H
paired H
JMZAHrTH T WxTpA.T near IPrccker "t Hoot I
J 3 rooiii private houte i'2 iwi rr on renisrs W
f.loll J..I37 Jdav, near .I5thst stn:Itn. IH
JI.n.ASTFLATS to let, All linnrM ments, ItjrriT H
4 room, rent moderate. ri.-i In tint. H
1IATSin perfect order, deroratd imrrnrs, rortlr m
and lace curtains, reasonab e urma JANlfOU H
WS est :i Id at
riialTh, IJJa to fJL'Tlii Pfrfrn t xUr. Ja-iltor d7 H
West 11th s UU'.N lilt. 1.14 Olli ur H
n"pnO.V AST)VERT"OTII Pl.--I.Ieaut sp'rl- S
meut of ti and 4 rooms tn the rtvr nen lints g
KINi -T. .17, between Varlela and N'ardnuffal. I
1 rooms, all linj.roeruem ret H' n iioue H
OVh MONTH M;hh.-Hi larir' lit-M rn m. a I InT I
nrnment. utar e'.utlon, t'ne location, onlj S2k
No iil .istniist.
fP I.I.I 1j(fant apartmeiiTs with a'l Impr
X infills of three four end Me rooms at ni and ;l
Jirootne st, ami of three ruouu at -at 1 t 1 th st. In
jt.lr of Janitors
riii 1,1 T Isii:ant Cit-i wlh .ill the hiest improve
1 menu, dlninr an 1 seriauts' room re. ts fil ind
Upward llli act hmIi st.
riin I.r T-I-leiratit flatsof flvrofnis wi h ImproTe
J meuts 27u West llth st , Inqmrn janitor
lATll ST. "J-lKAbT -ifnul flat. 7 runins and bstfc
J V room, all In Kood order. J-13, hwner on premises,
OfUII 1 M17 ,'lFAST.-hie rooms erelleiH of
Jll dsr food neuhUrJ.oud. very (onvealent, App.f
on preiil
30 I.nti ST, new slnrVais, 4 larire lUht rooms I
all improvements w ii, .Isnitor fly
O'TIH HT in-.u-', near 8th av lour rooms front;
I if 14 IhTPerocm-i.su Janitor.
fO-T .it I.A-T-I.ianTstiiIefat ft rooms, with
O tath atl tuproVt-iDeittN for small futnfl. i".
8,I T, 12H l.ST New tlats j luru"", Ihrht roomsi
hath, all ImpruvemeiiU. .d tioor. H. Apply
its ii er
Ql) ST -.tr: PART. Thlr-l"rial fve ronms and low
0 j r venicnts 17, I'Msement. three Hk'ht rotma fli,
QOU -T, 'tl" I AhT New tlats. third and fourth, Cr
Of J r-'oins iiiiprovemfnl''. rent Jl' and llrt.
F'I "T. MH i:st Cold water, flat, ft rooms sod
J tmprotoiiHUits' ouner on prttuises
S0 .T 411 l,AT-.e.'ni.d iliti. 4 rooms and all
imir ivemmis nut SI"
S4TII T :U1 KaT MeiMiit flats r.re rooms and
- hath, all lni rovrineiit4 rnt vl $ls io t t
J 4T1I -T '"' J AHT -New first fat, ft moms h 'I
0i and col 1 vnier rent 1 7
4J."iTll hi. 174 I u i AT Ths anl four roonisi
Of tvo' d ord r ne-ir e evated ttatl- n. rent 1jw Aty
p'y to jui,m,r
8.ril .-T 4i-' I.AbT.-rtrst Hat ft rooms, bath all
J uiifn rem nt' j'erfci ord'r 5JU
QTU t 'i I.at A noor, 4 rooms and b&ihr ro,
O'J to let tu a luit mil f IT.
(JfJTII 1 i- hM' hecond flat (ip'Oin t-aitt, sil
O I'npru i mrnts nvwly rrnorated. rent J--
87TII -T Ut l.AKT-Mx roomn modern mrr-'S- W
merit, taihroum, s au'le trowii stone i 4t teul H
8-riH hi 4J I'AT.Thlrdfat. m r. r d lia-
I pruvem-iit new renotatd, rnt i H
WHfr" ? J T-To let. fve r ".fc n thor Wj
J t ou.'h rJtr. and lint rovements r !-' Eli
lOiTU hT h-u WIST "near -th av nrdM 19
J -W fa' to lit alt Imirove menle tlierouusand WLU
baihro"m Jn'julre i-n prt-mists k
(flats; and ainulmcnttf-rooSliju. wt
ARKPONH H.OOKandpartof ifainfoor faprlvats R
hoiue with own -r to rent tn a inn i Mm iy f HH
aduhs forKiH a iih-tith nn nriffti'O" J and htsr O
elevated roads. 4 Hulaiki t . l.ro .l i IH
ippip rinror mmv ijurui n c i iai- i
- ! calPy riHHii. ui bath a iiiijj,- eus ' ri t VI
rtaonat- e .' l nuics It tn Up i. fii
hloi-L (r m either me Ivl.us t . i t t -i i i.' a IM
av rip d tr in t and ft f dnu rom i. i l !(
Addr l r (.b'ixju hunoiiiit H
jRoomjj ami 'imrtmcnt V.intcrt. I
A MONTHLY NUHHK wants an nnrarntsbed rw 'p.f
Ilsat bonsekepioiTt ood refersuccs. A4tf H
Mrs, U cue uu Noer. aii ut UU J v. jk,
' " 'MIM -"afTHsLLLB

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