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5 CV0L.LVn.-y0.334. WY0RK7"TIIU11SDAY7JULY31, 1891). PRICK TWO CENTO. Vi
W The Ea-Mnale Hall Hlnictr Trlnmph 0r
er Noble Fiither-ln-law. Who Did Not
I CarelfHae Came to drier Chcarlnc Her.
B jy punbin't ram A-ei"l romixmir.
I Lospov, July 30.-Mr. 0111. In his effort tnbo-
hklfof Werthelmer. tlio co-respondent la tho
I pun0 dlvorco suit, culled nttontlon to the nb-
JB .olutely fcoblo nod futile efforts of Lord Dun
frl lo'sattornoystonssoclntohls client with any
M7I iiicrodltble net in rolatlon to either Lord or
mit lAr Dunlo. He polntod out tho Injustice of
Jti including his client In tho suit, drew 11 not un
it jttrftctlvo ploturo of tho plntoDlo flroBldo, with
J TVtrtholmor nnd Hollo Bllton cathorod nbout
H it. imd ta6n no 9howoJ tnu ruthless ending of
V this pure dream of Wertheimor's by the mnr
rlwje of Belle to Lord Dunlo. nnd quotod tho
BOff popular remark of Wortholmor's, " Ad
miration doos not fully doscrlbo my fooling
for hor."
Tbis remark has boon a catch word In tho
JOndon stroots.
Mr. 0111 continued In an oloquont strain, and
eoncluilod by saying:
M Aside from every reason In law and fact
why this jury should .not rondor avordlct for
I lord Dunlo. 1 trust It will bo somowhat in
fluenced In its decision by tho thought that
inch a verdict moans tho Impossibility of any
reconciliation botwoen Lord and LaJy Dunlo
inthefuturo. an ond. I belioto, both would
welcome." ,
Blr Charlei Russell, for Lord Dunlo. spoko
throe-Quartora of nn hour, but his oration wna
not brilliant, and ho labored In It as If ream
ing that he had a bopeloss caBo.
Blr Charles artfully disparaged his own
client, with tho purroso of showing his sim
plicity and holplessness. nnd ontlro lnnoconco
of the dosignlng world. Tho rldlculo to which
he subjected tho noma of lord was nocossary
In order to mako his case, kut it was at the
same time pitiless nnd inortitvlng
In defence of tho severely criticised action
St Earl Clancarty. Sir Charlua asserted that ho
id not lenrn the marriaco was valid until
after his son had sailed, and ho further con
tended that tho Uarl In havlne Lady Dunlo
watoned altor Ida son's dopnrturo. had dono
nothing discreditable for it was only reason
able to suppose, in tho llcht of tho ciatnco
they had listoned to, tlit undue Intimacy had
xlstod between Lady Dunlo and ortholmer.
Lord Dunlo was alttinc noar hla attorney,
and it was noticed that ho bent his head and
Emlled when he heard his own eounsol doscrlbo
Ira as belne without any blah Intellectual
capacity. AlTthrouKh tho action Lord Dunlo
h&stlewodtho proceodlucs nlth an Indiffer
ent air, and oven at this staceof tho proceed
ings did not exhibit much anxiety as to tho
Sesult of the trial. This noes far toward con
rmlne tho opinion that he la a mero puppot
In the hands of an angry father. ....
Illusion really admitted in tils speech that tho
case was one of presumption, and nsltod ths
jury if as reasonable mon thoy would bcllevo
relatives, which In ninity-nlno cases out of a
hundred would be conslJered positive proof of
guilt, woro in this particular caso evidences of
the greatest purity. , , , ,
Judge Hanneu. at tho conclusion of Sir
Charles's speech, boson his charge to tbo jury,
and it dearly favorod Lady Dunlo. The Judga
cnarcod that Lady Dunlo's letters to hor hus
band woro creditable to her, and woro perfect
ly natural in ovary respect. He cast no re
flection on Earl Clancarty for Bonding hU son
away, but suld it was n sorlous matter that
Lady Dunlo should have been deprived of tho
Srotectlou and society of hor husband lmmo
lately alter hor marringo to him.
Earl Clancarty's remark that he did not
I care tfLady Dunlo came to grief was commont
ed upon by the Judco, who also said It was ob
vious to any one connoctod with the enso that
the lady ought to bo protected from Weston,
and her connection with him put an ond to.
The jury thou retired, and after a short ab
sence Drought In a vordlct for Lady Dunlo.
with costs. Lady Dunlo was loudly cheorod 03
she loft the court room.
During the summing up of Judco Harraor In
the Dunlo dlvorco cose this afternoon I lo lilt
ton tieymour. sister to Lady Dunlo. entorod
the court room nttlrod In such a startling co
tume as to croate u sensation and attract tho
attention of the wholo audience. 1 lo's cos
tumes bavo been a fenturo of tho trial and
quite a radiant ono. In this sho has boon In
marked contrast with Lady Dunlo, who hm
worn tho samo dress, a sobor gray, without
much trimming and made very plainly.
During tbo counsel' olosinc f roech and tho
Judge's charge Lady Dunlo sat toying with
alsce handkerchief with n'vory domuro look
on her face, nnd nn expression of conlldenco
that evon inspired tho lookors on with a fool
ing that she would come out of tho trial victo
rious. Tho prevalence of this feeling was
provod by tho extraordinary amountof buttlnir
that was dono during the tliuo the jury was
out, when l.irgn odds wero offered that river
ain would to found for Lady Dunlo.
The jury was out not moro than a quarter of
Ian hour.
It Is said by a juror that It required but a
few moments to find thatneltbor the respon
dent nor the corespondent was guilty of adul
tery: they thorefora docided to dismiss tho
petition with costs against Dunlo.
When tho jury roturnod to its box and tho
foreman announced the verdict, Lndy Dunlo
was sitting diroctly before him with tho samo
demure, confident smllo on hor face sho had
constantly worn, and which changed into ona
ot enormous batlsfuction us soon as the fore
man ceased speaking.
At onco sho was burroundod by a numbor of
friends, who nhook hor hands, showored con
gratulations upon hor, nnd triod gonorally to
make her feel happy, whilo tho publla eranod
its neck from behind tho frlouds nnd tried to
tad a word to the gonoral rejoicing that cor
Ulnly was felt
i Lady Dunlo nnd her friends wont to the CafiS
Iwyal. where they dlnod. tho ob.'.orvod of evory
ens. I.ady Dunlo's triumph is well reeoivod.
The crowd that greoted her whon he stepped
from the court numborod iully 3.000. waving
their hats and hurrahlntr as though It were a
reception to a royal personage Hhe boro hor
elf with great dignity and boned right and
left asshoontered a hansom, to downlohtho
aid of a half dozen policemen was nocessary in
Cltarlhi; a nnssaffe.
n lien in the carringo Flo perchod herself
on her htislmnd's knoo. nnd thus thoy pro
ceeded 10 the Cn(u lloynl, with the nttondant
rnon howling out its congratulations on the
lblsevenlng tbo party attended tho per
formance at tho Jloynl Musto Hall. Holborn.
j-8dy Dunlo and Mr. Seymour ocouplod a
boi, the lormor hitting with her back to the
Mlonce, whllo lo appeared on tho fctnga In n
tone and dauce, according to tho terras of her
Uud cheers rang through tho houso whon
ady Dunlo wns recognized, though she looked
"r lous and somowlint glum. J lo Hilton also
roceivod a warm welcomo on hor nppenrauco
and loud apiilauso ut tho ond of hor act. and
Msoonasltwa overtho Dunlo party loft its
i.i'.??!1 "volriinc the crowd which was waiting-1
tho front to hue her lad rship, v, as whirled
on lu a cub Iron: tbo stngo dooi.
8he Tells Inspector Iljrne How Hho Lost
Her DlHiuondn.
VThen Taullno Hall wont to Talk's photo
srsphio ostablishinonl nt Ilrondway and
Twenty-third stieet on Tuosday to havo n
numbor of photographs taken In augo cos
tume sho took vv ith her on old-fashioned borso
"oo opal pin that had been clvon to horn num.
her of years ago. Tho pin wiib two Inches long
nd an Inch In dlaniotor. and bad u tow of dla
Sol 'ft f' "round tbo opals. Mifs Hnll vnluod
mix? nl V"0, hlioworoitboiiontli an outer
i!Smh?, 7U.U!1 B,1 Vont t0 ' Photngranhor'H.
tn?hi"i'Bt l lnt0 a ,uco curtain wlien she wont
liJ, n.j!r"'",l1'IB ."""" to c-hnnco hercostumo
Jewel KS'-fS" ftt)0W 't bl19 JIJ not '"I "'
ffif,Uu?a'.sil"ltll.ih( cot back to hor rosl-
Shi " ".""FPentv-tlrstmiooU
the iA.rtrl?d jaS! t0 ho Photographer's, but
Wotm,??. 1 'IV i'-i'-onrol. Mr. talk's era
m an1?.1 ,J ,Ll ." 1'ID t fouu ll. II.. hald
"erVhl,n1n,'t,ro?',.lil,J """ li'rn bitting
K'nlnXroom " UOt,0j' '8U "aa
Eudi,!!1,i.1,La''l'll,or trotbor drove to Pollco
tiiJr?. inf"r? early yotnrdiij alternoon und
"Wttol thoiois to Inspeotor Jiyrucs.
'II red ol II In Sl.SOO Job.
Ctt Jnmos H, rrnuor. formerly Commander
iiJrV Urand Arn'y Posts of the btato.ro-
'n4 his placo as Chief C lerk nt the llargt
,, i Wtiilm. Tho Captain was receiving
tlerkihiTe.?r'i It.l.', haiJ ,,e P-'ientod the Chief
would i1' u(n'Jor ,l10 impression that bis sal.ir
P JoikBrt iil'tV"1 oofl thoiiand dollars.
1 We ufl4,u ,0? hlmSt. iih luunn ol onsldern-
1 vniW",1"1 thought, he dosoived bigger
1 i?hUt.ni K.0I"C t" help Corporal a anner
1 ta4UiJunglorn10ureBU t the corner of Canal
I ui'liheiiiilieijtm. Ore-A
ints XAiiiri' nrt.T. smisTitACKnD.
Repnblleam Nrnnlom Aitree to Tnke Vft the
Hirer and llrbor llllt on Aur. ".
Wabhisotov. July so. Jtuoh surprlso has
boon oxprcssed nt tho action of the Itopubllcan
Honators lu agreolng to tnko up the IUver and
Harbor bill for coiuldcrallon on 1'rlday, Aug.
8. When the Tariff bill wnB brought into tho
Senate it was stntod with great posltlvonoss
by tho Sonators in charge of it that it should
be sidetracked for no monnuro whatever, but
pushed to a spoedy conclusion. Tho dny aftor
this anuouncomout was made a decision was
reached to lay tho bill nslde for tho considera
tion of the Hiver nnd Harbor bill. The
oxolunatlon ot this changoof programme is
that tho Itopublicnns have becomo fomewhat
fearful that they will not bo ablo to socuro tho
presence of a majority of their own party when
tho Tariff bill comes to a vote. Tho lllvorand
Harbor bill is to bo usod, there foro. ns a stool
plgoon to gather lu votes for tho tariff mens
uro. JIany Senators who are doeply Intorestod
In socuring appropriations for river and har
bor lmprovomontn in their Stntes ore rathor
lukewarm toward tho Tariff bill and openly
opposed to many of its provisions, und It
was found necessary to concillnto them.
Tho Itopubllcan managers, of tho bill
ilo not hoMtuto to say prlvutclr that tho ut
most caution must bo exorcised to moor It
through the Senate. Tho Sonatorn re.Ulre
that tho bill is loaded to the guards with high
protection provisions nnd thoy ro preparing
to soo them nttackod bv New England and
INorthweatorn lionubllonn honators. Thoy
knowthar must enoonnter sorious opposition
among tholr own numboisand they nro pro
pared to moat It without stirring up nn un
necessary row beloiehand. The Senators
who represent Stntes along tho ooat and In
tho Northwost and who nro spoolni champions
of the Jumbo lllvor and Harbor bill, havo been
forsomo tiiuu 011 the vorgc of open nvolt bo
cauo their bill had been plgeonholod. Thoy
beenme convinced that if tho Tariff nnd Ap
propriation bills should be passod an adjourn
ment might be had with their Pill hanging In
tho air. und so thoy domnnded that a dny bo
sot apart lor its consideration, lu ordor tn
keep thoso Senators in lino nnd assuro tholr
presence In Washington when n voto is taken
on tho Tariff bill their clalmn wore listened to.
nnd tho tariff debatn will bo suspondnd on tho
Mh Inst, and tho Itlver and Harbor bill taken
up. It Is not known how much tlmo will bo re
quired to dispose or It, but ovcry day that Is
consumed in its consideration will losson tho
chances of tbo pasago otn Federal Eloctlons
bill. Tho Democrats nro pleased nt the turn
of affairs and will see to It that tho lllvor
nnd Harbor bill is fully dobated bofora being
brought to a vote.
Snperlntendent Portor Siy the Itetnrna
are Filled with vldeneen or Fraud.
WtsniNOTON. July SO. Sonator Davis of
Mlnnosbtn, called nt the Census office to-day
and again protested against what he bolloved
to be tho wholly uncallod for and indefensible
Implication ot corruption and fraud against
tho jieoplo of St I'aul. contnlnod in tho rooont
order directing a rocount of tho population of
that city.
Superintendent Forter, in speaking of tho
Senator's several visits, and the probable arri
val to-day of a delegation of citizens of St.
Paul to further protest against the recount,
said in Bubstance that ho would bo glad to
moot the gentlemen from St Paul, as It would
give him an opportunity to prove to them that
It but half tho frauds which had como to his
knowledge had been commlttod, a recount. In
justice to himself and all others concerned,
must bo had. It has beou charged, ho said,
that his action lu ordorlng a recount of Kt.
Paul vvus basod upon the fact that frauds had
boon commlttod in Minneapolis. JNothlng
could bo further from the truth. Tho caso of
Ht, Paul had boon considered alone, us a dornn
other cities had boon considered, each wholly
independent ot tho others. Tho fact is
that in llfteen districts out of twenty
the returns woro ovorllowlug with evi
dences ot fraud. Duslnos men in largo
numbors woro enumerated at their homes and
again nt their business plncos. In ono largo
nowspapor offleo ninety-one editors, rcnort
ors, and compositors wero enumerated as
" lodgors." and mnuy othors bb "servants."
On one streot out of twenty-six families
fifteen woro returned as having ton mem
bers each just ton (all tho schedule would
hold). Largo buildings indifforent parts ot tho
city havo been clvon as the homos of a grAit
number of peoplo who novor Uvodthero. Mr.
Porter said ho rogrottod tho necessity for n re
count of fat. Paul, as ho did that of Minneapo
lis, but tho evidence of rank corruption in
padding tho population schedules were of sueh
a character that thuro was no other courso to
pursuo. Tho rocount, he said, would proceed
at un early data.
a MitisTEie asks yoit a nzroncE.
lie Accnues III Wife or Ilavlne an tJn.
raly ToDClie.
Atiioi, Mass., July 30. The Unitarian minis
tar ot this town, tho llov. Charles IX Perkins,
has brought suit for dlvorco from his wife,
alleging an unruly tonguo ns a causo for eepn
tion. When Sheriff Tyler sorved tho writ thoro
was a pathetic scone. Tho writ was accom
panlod by a lottor, Aftor reading it sufficient
ly to loam Its contonts, the wife burst Into
tears, and, but for the support of hor daughter,
nbout 14 years old, would havo fallen.
Mr. Perkins has been tbo pastor of tho
church for a llttlo ovor two jroars. coming
from Clifton .Springs. N. ' his first pastornte.
Ho Is spokon of by many members of his
congregation as n man ot marked ability, elo
quent and logical In tho pulpit, nnd n line typo
ot a Christian gentleman. Mrs. Perkins is
some nine years older than hor husband, nnd
It scorns to bo a case of mutual Incompatibil
ity. They have two children, a girl about It
and a boy of 12. Ona version of tho affair is
that Mrs. Porkins has a sharp tongue and is
dellclentin tact: that her husband has tried
in all ways to smooth over tho trouhlos until
his jmtlenco has bocomo exhausted. Tho othor
side is that Jlrs. l'erklns Is su bjoct to nervous
prostration, verging on insanity, and is not
wholly re-ponslblo for hor acts.
When tho couple first enmo to Athol Mrs.
Perkins wus unablo to do much to aid her hus
band In his pastoral work, out within the past
vuarhor health is said to have lmprovod. and
last winter she orcanbod tho l'riondly Asso
ciates, madoup 01 tnonty-flvo young womon of
the society, and thoy havo dono excellent
work. 3 he Unltnrlan Society is one of ths
most arlstocratlo In town. Mr. Perkins Is now
on his vacation. Ho loft town on Monday last,
and is expected home to-morrow. Up to his
going away on Monday he hud been living nltli
hi wife, and the divorce proceedings seemed
to be a good deal of a surprlso to her. Ills son
accompanied blm and tho daugbtor remained
at home. Mrs. Perkins is completely prostruted
by tho blow, nnd requires the constant atten
tion ot a phsab-lan.
bOVXll C'AltVI.lN.I nillTJt CAPS.
They Have Undertaken to Regulate the
Morulw or thu Hpiirtitnbiirc Folka.
Ciu i eston, July 30. Tho White Caps havo
regularly organlzod In bpartanburg, In this
State, and nro carrying on a crusade against
peoplo of doubtful moral charaotor. Onsevernl
occasions lately thoy huve visited difforont
peoplo nnd warnod them to loavo the city, Tho
warning wont unheoded in onoh caso, and now
thoy havo rocelvod through tho mail printed
caids which rend as follows:
"Hr-AixjUAiiTyim Lxnasion Tume, No, 2,
Whit Caps
"Mr. : You ore notified that unloss
you - you will be vl.ltod by a dele
gation of the abovo lodge, who will administer
thlrty-ulno lashpa on your baro back. Tnko
warning If you don't do what is right we will
mako you.
"Ily order of tho Lord Chief."
In the blanks mo, wrltton tho namo and of
fence ot the party ndarossod. and on the mar
gin nppears tho numbor ot hours that will bo
ullonod for him to leave the place If he repeats
tnoolfencu. In tbo Inst day or two eo oral
young gentlemon ot tho blghost standing and
reputation havo reeoivod these notification.
The Governor Off on u KoyIuc Cralsr,
Oov, Hill, his military secretary, Col. Jud
son.Oon. MoKwon, and n few friends loft tho
foot ot Kast Twonty-slxth streot at 9 o'clock
yesterdas morning lu tho steam yacht J'ra
Dlnvolu which tho owner, L. H. Stokes, hnd
placed at their disposal, Mr. Mokos did not
aciompnny thorn. 'Ilia party wont nwny fancy
free, being tloil up to 110 partlculai time for re.
turning, ami hampered by no particular tail
ing orders or pioposod rolut of destination.
Fawtewt Train In America.
The nrtruit tralni r run between New York and
Wufelortea tU Jersey Central. IleadtDf. anA 0. aaa
a farler cars eo all liaise, station toot ef UDerty k,
,T. 1 -,... , , ,
iwisptiu jir czAit nnisD.
He Now Tell Henatom That They Meit
Call n Unit on the Htibjeet ol Reclproeltr
Until They Make Converts In the Itotine.
Washington. July 30,-Presldent Harrison
has beon called down from his lolty dreams of
reciprocal treaties by the hoarse, harsh whls
por of Speaker Heed, nnd his Bptnal column
hns assumed a very flexible condition. A man
who Is on confidential terms with the Now
York Honators is authority tor tho Blntement
that tho President sont for Sonator Aldrlch
yesterdny and lnvltnd tho Rhode Island man
to dinner. After tholr qulot moal the Presi
dent unbosomod himxolf in a rather lachry
moso way. and said that he had decided to call
a halt for tho present In tho matter of reciproc
ity. It seems that a forciblo message from
Snoakor ltocd, although dollvored by proxy,
mado so telling an offoct on tho Prosldont that
ho la alroady willing to drop tho subject If tho
membors of the Sonnto will allow him to do so.
Ho hai a very high respect for tho commands
of tho msn-who-looks-llko-Shakespoaro, nnd
now that tho latter nays no reciprocity meas
ure shall pass tho House. Mr. Harrison soems
to havo lost all hope of accomplishing any
thing. Tho Iroublo is that, howovormuoh tho Presi
dent may want to lot tho eubjoct drop, tho Ho
nubllcsu Senators, nud especially Senators
llhcock and Aldrich, will not lot him do so. Ho
has gono so far that thoy probably think it Will
not hurt him to go n little further. At all
ovonts they nro nnwllllngto let tho President
out Irom under his load nn it Is vortaln that
Honator Aldrich told tho President so. Hut
Mr. Harrison wns ovldently unwilling to lead
any movement against Mr. Hcod unloss thoro
wns some oertnlnty that ho would como
out nho.id. W 1th this idoa in vlow ho exacted
ft promise from Sonator Aldrloh nnd this
of oourso binds Mr. lllscock, for tho two Bon
fttors nro as twins In tblB mnttor as in every
thing olso that nothing would bo dono openly
on tho lino ot tho Aldrloh nmendtuont until ho
(tho Prosldont) returns from his trip to Capo
May Point. Ho implied. If ho did not directly
assort, that ho was not ready to back up tho
Honators in any moro reciprocity business,
until a fow House ltepubllcans had fallen Into
the honats procession. Mournfully ho bade
Mossrs. Hlscock and Aldrich nnd Allison go
forth on tholr missionary work, nnd intimated
that If thoy could show a large numbor of con
vorts by tho time ho camo back ho might bo
willing to try conclusions with .Speaker Hoed,
Meanwhilo the ProMUent will trust to Provi
nonce and tno roopened seal fishery quostlon
to nut a poworful pnulock on tho too-ready litis
ol hlsbocrotarvof btato. The honators are to
attempt to patch ud somo sort of an under
standing with tho rebellious Hepubllcans wno
havoMlosed tholr oars to tho volco of the sonior
"man from Maine." nnd until they can snow
an ngroemont. tho Prosldont will ondouvor to
keep reciprocity In tho background. If llepro
sontativeUrosvenor writes no morolotters to
the newspapers over his owu signa'uro. nnd it
Tom Hood keeps both his eyes shut while tho
proselyting Is progressing, and if the Secretary
of htato will only go fishing off tho Newfound
land lianlfB for a few weeks, tbo President
hopes that he may bo able to again np-
Srov ot the reciprocity movement, as he
Id less than two wcoks ugo. It Is probable
that Iiepresentatlvo Grosvonor will promiso
not to wrlto any more ot such letters ns tho
poo in which he replied to Socretnry lllnlno.
It is evon possible that tho amused Spealtor
may protend to be utterly ignorant ot what Is
going on around him: bat nobndv seems wil
ling to promiso that no Dlalno-Pryo letters will
bo forthcoming until tho work of ronchlng nn
iigreemont shall havo beon concluded. Of rho
six Republican mombersof tho Senate Finnnco
8ommltteo only one ii opposed to reciprocity,
f ths seven members of the Ways and Moans
Commltteo only ono favors reciprocity. Every
prominent ltepnbllcan In the House is opposed
to tho Aldrlch nmondmont. Nearly evory
prominent Republican in the Sonato wants to
trade on ths froo list by oxnctlng somothing In
return from the exporting nations If any
acroement Is to be roachod It must be brought
nbout In loss than a month.
Michigan Itepnlillcans Frtshtened by the
Union or Three Parties.
LANSim Mich.. July SO. Tho significance of
tho political move mado horo to-day Is ot moro
than State Importance, as it heralds tho birth
of a now national party It the predictions of
the dolegatos can bo believed. The Patrons of
Industry hold tho first Inning, nnd at first
showod n decidod inclination to kick ovor tho
tracos, but wler counsols prevailed, and they
loft the wholo matter in tho hands ot tholr
committee, which means fusion. Tho Union
Labor men havo alroady como to nn under
standing, and tho Irohlbltionlsts have given
over somo of their ultra Ideas for the sake of
The Republican party, tho dominant party in
Michigan, are bonostlyand outspokenly fright
ened, at the outlook. Tho Prohibitionists would
not give up tholr stand on tho liquor question.
Tho now party is as yot without a name. Tho
platform as reported from tho committee de
clares In favor of progressivoTOlltlcs. the Aus
tralian ballot system, tho election ot President.
Vlce-1'residont, and Senators by tho direct
voto ot the peoplo. no disfranchisement
on aocount of sex, tbo limitation of
tbo private aud corporate nwneishlp ot
lands, tho governmental control of the tele
graph, tolophono. nnd railway systems, such
n tariff as is nocessary to ralro revenue suttU
cient to carry on tho affairs of Government on
an economic basis, and this tax to be levied
so as to bo least burdonsomo to the laborer
and producer. It also favors the freo coinage
of sllvor and the ineroaso of currency to meet
tho demands of buslnoss.iall money to be Issued
by the general Government and to be full legal
tender for all dobts, nnd also to be loaned to
tho people by tbo Government at n low rate of
interest. In general terms it declares apalnnt
trusts and combines and monopolies In every
form, and domands Stats and national laws so
adjustod that all producors shall rocolvo a just
und fair proportion ot tho rosults ot their
labor. . ,
Home ldoa of the now party s strength can bo
gnlnod from the fuot that thore nro ao.Ooo Va
trons of Industry In Michigan. The Prohibi
tionists cast '21,000 votes at tho last Presiden
tial election, and the United Labor party Is n
good third. A. B. Partrldgo ot Flushing. Na
tional Presldont of the Patrons, will be nomi
nated for Oovornor, aud Henry 1. Allen, the
l.ubor leader, of bchoolcraft for Lieutenant-Uovornor.
Store Voorhle Jlemoeintn Organize.
A district brnnoh of the now Demoorntie or
ganization of which Police Commissioner
Voorhls is tho founder wus organized last
night in tho Eleventh Assembly district at a
mooting hold at Sixth avenue and Thirty
socond street. Mr. 0. F. bcott, a retired iner
obant. was ohosen President, William Stray
ley Secretary, and P. Tnlley Treasuror. As
somblynian Mnrtln was present, and mado an
address, m which he declared that the new
association would bo tho liveliest member nf
tbo new Democratic orgnnmiilon In tho town,
and would strive to prove thatthorewassomo
thing vital iu its prlnclplo of stralghtqut
Domocraoy, llrst. last, nud all the time inde
pendent of all " deals" and " combines." Tho
new association is the seventeenth thus far
organized, and la In tho Tenderloin district,
whoro Mr. oorhls's adherents ureacciiBtomed
to whuop things up iu rattling style when a
political battlo Is on.
A Htate henulor hhunle an Hill lor.
Jackhon, Miss., July 30. A private tolegrnnt
from Friars Point. MUs., recolved here this
evening, announces tho fatal shooting of Free
land Chew, editor of the Oaiettr of that place,
by tttato Sonutor J. W. Otitror. who is a candi
date for thw Constitutional Convention, No
particulars are given, but newspaper arltlolsra
is supposed to have provoked the affair.
"Will Max Jnhn be Extradited I
BAJvriMonE. July 30. The Attorney-General
has advised Oov. Jackson not to order the ex
tradition ot Max Juhn, who has been Indicted
by the Grand Jury of New York city on n
charge of grand I aroeny. Juhn rocently failed,
nnd Clallln.V Co. accused him of fraudulently
doing awuy with $11,000 worth of dry goods.
Tub Willed Mreel Inrendlarlea,
JUmiQli Warftclimrr who wn arretted on Tnetday
rjlKlHL'mrKl jtU aelllng lire 10 her rooma at lit Wll
leu itreet, was arraigned in Et'rx Market Court yeiter
day, and wae remanded until today. Her hoibaud,
Solomon, wae arretted yeiterday mornlnr, and wae
alio remanded. Warsobaoer admitted yevierday that
tlitre wai an iDiorance polloyror Il.uxi but lie would
color could not tell what company held the rut He
aid that the policy waa either la die soiiewloa of Me
brother "or ossthei man."
'li inf.
They Head Two Men to the laoeuttai and
Derr on Kant Hide Neighborhood.
John Dpatty and his wlfo live on tho second
Poor nt 332 Lost Tbirty-tlfth streot, John Is a
gnrdonor, and his wlfo runs n little saloon on
tho ground floor of the houso in which they
llvo. The" ling (lane." which holds forth In
tho neighborhood, has not beon friendly to
them lately, nnd soreral of ths gang havo
threatened to do up ths old man. A fow days
ngo'IhomaB nnd Ld Heatty, nephews of ths
couplo, heard of the throats which had beon
mado, and decided to como around nnd stop
with thorn for ft day or two to protoct
them. Two days nco tho old gardener
broke his leg, and is now in St, Vincent's
Hospital. Yestordny nfternoon at 4 o'clock
the two young men wero callod to tho door ot
tho saloon. They hnd hardly opened It whon
throe young follows who had beon waiting out
sldenttaoked them with pocket knives. Tho
assault waa so sudden that the Hoattys had no
time to dotend thomsolves, nnd were slashed
terribly about tbo face before thoy could get
Inside tho saloon again. Thoy wero, so dazed
Hint thoy mado no attempt at retaliation, al
though thoy recognizod their assailants ns
John and James (loss nnd John Dunn, threo
avowed mombersof tho Hag Gang. No pollco
man appeared, and whon tho threo walked off
thsro was no one to Interfere.
A moment later they wero back ngnln. nnd
this time one ot the numbor had n murderous
looking axe in his hands, and sworo that ho
was roadytokill on every one of the family.
Ho burst Into tho saloon and miulon lunge at
thirtenn-year-old Katie Hoatty, who stood bo
hind the bar. Her screams brought tho neigh
bors to a realization ot what was going on, and
somo of them rushod Into the taloon. This
frightened tho threo murderously Inclined in
dividuals away, aud thoy dodged out tho back
door and escaped. Tho pollco had made uo
arrobts up to a lata hour last night. 1 ho threo
mon aro well known to tho rollco, and Jim
(loss has nn especially unsavory rocord. Tho
two young mon who wore attacked aro now in
Vollovue Iiospltah
The Animal Flnnllr Killed by a Illow with
a bled Htnke.
ritE8o.DE Isi.e. Me., July 30. Harvoy A.
Smith, a farmer living at Castln Hill, had a tor
rible battlo with ft mad stallion on Monday.
During tho wholo of last wintor Mr. Smith
drovo a team in tho lumber wood, ono ot his
toam bolng n largo stallion, of such vicious
disposition that no ono but Smith could handlo
him. At tbo close of tho winter's operations
Mr. Smith took tho stallion to his homo In
Castlo Hill, and during this spring and sum
mer hns workod him on his farm without
troublo. On Monday ho bumessod him and his
ma to to tho horso hoo and bognn booing pota
toes, when all at once the stallion beenmo
vicious and Irnntlcally nttackod his mnte with
teeth nnd boots. Mr. Smith quickly unhookod
tho traces and succcoded in uncoupling tho
horses, when the stallion attacked him. hmlth
is n powerful und resolute man. und after a
llerco struggle. In which ho was eevorely
wounded In the hip by the animal's hoofs, he
succeeded In subduing tho stallion nnd load
ing him to tho barn. .
Ho hltchod tho stallion on the barn floor, re
moved the harness, nnd was taking him to his
stall, whon the animal suddenly nttackod him.
The wind blew tho barn door shut, nnd Mr.
Smith found hlinsolf imprisoned on ths barn
Uoor with tho frantic stalllnn. For neurly halt
an hour ho fnnght with no weapon but his
fists, laaplug nsldo to avoid tho assaults as
much as possible, but being ofton knocked
down and fonrfully bruised. He found his
strength failing, and was just making up his
mind that it was all un with him, whon tho
stallion in somo way disengaged a slod stake
from the side ot the mow. and Smith saw It
rolling toward him on tbo floor. boUing tho
stake ho Bwung It with all tho strength ot des
peration, and striking the stallion just behind
tho oar. with one blow laid blm dead at his
feot. Mr. Smith was terribly cut and bruised
by the stallion's teeth and hoofs, but his In
juries nro not dangerous.
Tivo Strikers Arreeted for Xleatlne a Man
who Had XCeTuaed to JKemnln Out.
Fltteon workmen in tho Standard Wood
Turning Company's works in Jcrsoy City
struck on July 5 for moro pay and fower work
ing hours. A fow days afterward tho com
pany grantod the demand for less hours, but
did not increaso tho pay. Some of tho strikers
returned to work ; others hold out. Ono ot tho
workmon who roturnod was Thomas Losnor,
S3 j oars old, ot 4'J Enst Thlrtj -third street.
this city. Yostorday morning when Losner
wns going to hii work he was mot by James
Kane of 352 Henderson stroet and John Clancy
of 31'.) Last Sixtieth street, this city. They
wero two of the workmen who woro still
on striko. Thoy had some words with Les
n or, and then, it Is allegod. knocked him
down nnd kicked him. Ntnnh-laus Carroll, nn
emplovee ot the Pennsylvania Railroad, saw
tho assault, and followed Clancy and hnno un
til ha mot a policeman, whon he had them
arrestod. Lesnor wns found unconscious whoro
be had fallen. He was taken to the City Hos
pital. When Clancy nnd Kano wero arrulgned
before Pollco Justice htilslng word was re
ceived from the hospital that Iesnerwns still
unoonscious, and was in a critical condition.
The prisoners wore commlttod to await tho re
sult of his Injuries.
Lesnor recovered consciousness about G
o'clock Inst nlghl. Ho was too weak toTnako
any statement. The houso physician at tbo
hospital said that, though seriously Injured,
ho thought Leaner would pull through.
He Most Make Ilia Boardlnc lloueo
Keener Hhow a License,
The Board of Commissioners for Licensing
Sailors' Hotels or Hoarding Houses In this city
and Brooklyn was reorganized yosterday. The
law requiring sailors' boarding houses to bo
licensed was passod in lSu'tf and was re
modelled In 1B77. when a Commission consist
ing of roprosentntlves of six associations which
deal with mntters pertaining to the port and
shipping was appointed. Of lata years this
Hoard has lapsed in vigllanco, and now none
but a few of tho most reputable houses hold
llconses. Meantime many saloons and dlsre
putablo houses have sprung up.
Tho reorganized Hoard passod a rosolutlon
declaring that thoy would cause the arrest of
all boarding-house keepers who did not apply
for licenses on or before Aug. 9. The now Com
missioners are: J. O. Wood, appointed by tho
Chamber nf Commerco; George A. Dearborn,
appolnlod by the American benmen's 1'rlond
hoclaty; C'npt. William M, Jones, appointed by
tho New York Hoard ot underwriters: Capt,
Goorge W. Hrown. anpnimod by the Marine
hocietyof New York;N. DannWulls. appointed
by tbo Society lor Promotlug the (luspoi
Among Seamen In the Port oj Novy York, and
John lttlosen, appointed by the Shipowner's
Association ot the Stnte of New York,
Cnpt. Hrown was olected 1're-ident and N.
Dana Wells Secretary and Counsel. Mr.
Wells's office at M Kxclmiigo placo was made
tho oflloo of the Commleslon.
rluleldo After u Huree,
In a llttlo garret room at Qt Oak streot yes
terday attornoou William Fnrrell ended a two
weoks'bpreo by hanging himself, l'arroll was
20 yours old, and was the proprietor of a second-hand
furnlluro store. His mother aud
brother lived with him, Rocently he has had
business troubles, and has been drinking heav
ily, His mother told him that she was going
to Red Dank to live, nnd this nlso dopressod
him. After drinking with several acquaint
ances during the alternoon Farroll went to his
room. Ha mado n hangman's noose with a
short piece of cord nnd hanged himself from
tho top round ot an iron ladder that ran up to
the scuttle hole in the roof. A boy who worked
for hlra found htm dead nt S o'clook. Some of
the neighbors say that Parrell was jlltod about
two weeks ugo by u pretty Chorry Hill ulrl to
whom he had been engaged, but his family
deny this story.
A. Had Ancnry for the Prohibition I'artr,
The old man In ths moon was full last night
for the soeond time this month. It Isn't ofton
lliat this happens. Intact, not since October,
lb87, has the temporanco party In the fields of
Luna pnnnlttod this to occur. For sovornl
years before 1AB7 tho moon ntv er was full more
than once a month, and It is certain, according
to tho almanac, sot to take place during lBBjJ.
To-nlgbt if the skies are dear, it will be worth
while to look up at the great silver disk, P&nlo
ularly if, you can remember to have seen the
moon when It waa lull at the beginning ol the
Mamie Gntely's Slnry nT the Dteappenranee
or the Lone: Illack llrnld that IIiiik
Down Her llaek tonnrn - by Iter rile
tei. but Doubted by the Police.
Mamlo Galoly, 10 years old, her youngor
sistor, Katlo, and Mary llrackner. 14 years old,
all of whom llvo In a big tenement house in
Sixth stroot, Jersey Cltv. went out torn walk
on Tuosday evening. They wero roturnlng
home a llttlo alter 0 o'clock, walking down
Sixth stroet toward Orovo.
Their houso la botweon Grove and Erlo
streets. Thoy bad just passod tbo cornor of
Erie stroot whon Mary Hracknor Baw two wo
men standing In nn alloyway a hundred foe
from the cornor. Thoro was a young man on
tho opposite sldo of the sheet walking Ids
urily toward Grove. Katlo Gatoly had a small
stono In her hand.
Sho throw It into tho streot, and in a momont
tho man stnrtod nnd ran naross the stieet to
ward tho throo girls. They woro at that tlmo
just opposite tho alleyway whfro tho two
womon wero standing. Katlo thoucht that the
stono might havo houmlod and hit tho man,
and that ho was running altor her to punish
Sho screamed and tan up the Btroot, Her
sistor called to hor to como back. Tho two
women in tho alleyway starod at tho girl as
thoy passod. Mnry Hracknor said to hor
companion: "Do you kuow'om, Mamo?" nnd
Bho looked back toward tho ally ns sho said it.
Sho saw the two womon como out on tho side
walk and start toward her. " Thoy aro coming
aftor us, Mamo." sho said.
"Don't look back," ropllod Mamlo Gatoly,
Bhe had hardly got tho words outo! her mouth
when sho felt n tug at her hair. She scroamod
nnd put her hand back to hor head. A long
braid which sho woro was gono. Mm looked
around aud saw the two women run into tho
Mary Hracknor scroamod. too. and ran as
fast as sho could down tho street. Mymlc fol
low oil hor. Mrs. Untoly, Mamie's mother, was
loaning out of a window in hor apartmont on
tho second lloor of tho tonomont house. Sho
recognized tho girl ana callod out to know
what was tbo matter, and thon ran down stairs.
The throo girls woro standing at tho foot of
tho stops In front of tho door. They woreallso
badly trlghtoncd that thoy could not sponk for
n moment. Mrs. Gntaly took tho girls up
stairs and thoy told what had happened.
Mamlo hnd worn hor jot black hair in two
braids, ono long and reaching down bolowthe
waist, nnd the other braldod from tho top of
hor head down Into tho big braid. Tho big
bruld was gono. It had boon cut off near hor
nook. Tho smaller ono was half cut through.
Whon Mr. Gntoly arrivod biter In the evening
nnd learned what had happened, he wont
around to the Socond Proclnct pollco Btatlon
and roportod it.
The police didn't do nnv thing until yester
day, whon the mntlor was reported to Pollco
Headquarter by Laptaln Christopher Smith,
who gave it as his opinion that tho girls didn't
toll the truth. Tho other police officials agreed
with him.
When a Sun rorortor callod at tho tonoment
house last night Mamie Gatoly and her sistor
and Marv Hrachon ropoated tho story as it has
been told above.
No ono lu the neighborhood could bo found
who hnd seen tho women who committed tho
assault. Neirly every ono In tho neighbor
hood, however, had hoard tho girl's scroams on
Tuesday night, ana had soon them running
awny. All the girls In tbo siroet last night hud
their hair dono up close to their houds.
lie Will tiay 1I1 JLnet Ifan To-day or
Somoof Dr. Burtsall's parishioners met last
night in tho Church ot tho Epiphany to rocolvo
rAnAfta f rn tit MiAon rtni nra sii-tl t AiMnne nuti-l-
roportsfrom thoso who aro oolloctlng contri
butions to tho fund whlah it Is proposed to
givo him upon his departure from tho parish.
Wbtio soma of those who intonded to be at the
mooting wore waiting outsido tho church an
Anti-Povorty woman came up arid doliverod a
(.pooch, bho was cxcituil, ami hor nervous ut
terances drew a big crowd, which was driven
away with difficulty.
.Nothing has been said to Dr. Hurtsell about
tho fund. It lb orpocted that J.ViuO will be
collected. Tho books for subscriptions nro
with J. Hoffernnn, ail First ivenuo, h. ,1. t,ood
Wln. '275 Third nvontio. J. Delnncy. 377 Secoud
nvanue, J. Fell, 41'.! Second uvenuo, und nt
Gramorcy Hnll, 32i! F.nst Twenty-first streot.
Monoy will be received to-day und to-morrow,
nnd tho curse soon aftoi clvon to Dr. Hurtsell.
it Is not known dellnltely jet wbon lather
Prendcrgast, his successor, will como to take
charge, but Dr. Hurts oil will probably loavo
his houso to-day or to-morrow. On whatever
day ho loaves lie will say his last mass In the
Church of tho Kplphnny. His furniture Is nil
packed up, and ho will tnko it nnd his books
with him. Tho servants will probably quit
when lio doos. nnd it is said that Francis H.
Purcoll, who has been seuon since a boy. and
Is a warm friend ot thedoposod pastor, will go
from tbo church.
No Change In Stl Itnllota In the Tenth
Ohio DUtrtct.
WARmsr.TON C. H 0.. July 30. Tho Itopub
llcan Congross Convention of the Tenth dis
trict, embracing Clark. Green. Ross. Fayette,
and Clinton counties, adjourned to-night after
taking 353 fruitless ballots. Tbo district is
Republican by 0.000 majority, ovory county be
ing overwhelmingly Itopubllcan. Four candi
dates wore presontod. E. S. Wallace of Clarko.
Gen. H. A. Hurst of Ross. Col. Hob Donn of
Clinton, and John Llttlo of Greon. The llrst
ballot stood, as did the 3Uth, as follows:
Hurst. 70: Wallace, '.!: Llttlo. 46: Doan.SO
Green bolted on the 312th ballot, giving Wal
lace T ot hor 15 votes. Tho Convention has
now been In session two da s, with the Con
vention hall ns hot as a bakoovon. It looks
now as though Wallace would be nominated.
Thoro Ih a possibility, however, that a dart:
horso will bo brought In. lor this honor are
montloned Warren Kelfei, Mills Gardner, and
Gon. A. ti. Bushnell.
Sir. ITard'n Complaint Not Provided for by
JLaw, und Archibald Is JtlacliArxed.
Thoodore Hard, a non-union paper hangor
living nt 240 West 135th stroet. had James P.
Archibald, walking delegate of the Paper
Hangors Union, arrnlguod iu tho Hnrlom Po
lice Court yosterday morning onaebnrgoof
nesault. Hard suld that ho had visited a house
at MorntngHlilo uvonua ami lUoih streot to
mako nn estimate nn somn paper hanging
work, nnd found Archibald there on tho same
buslnos. Archibald had throatoned him be
fore, and. fearing from his manner that tho
threat might be carried out. Hard called a po-
ilcemanundhnd Archibald arroelod. Justice
'ower said hn could not cousldor an assault
until It hud boon committed, and dismissed
tho oaw.
Ifer ISrnllier Announree Ille Conviction
thut It Wfti lino to Nutimil Ciiuaea.
August Duum, tho brother of LenaDaum of
Orange, who dlod In Youngsvlllo. N. Y under
clicumstnncos that suggested ninsomblatico to
the caso ot Annlo Goodwin, returned to Oranco
yeilorday, convinced, ha said, that his sistor
haddlsd ofmallgnniildiphthorin. Hosaldtliata
Dr. Bonnet I mil diagnosed tbo enBonnd glvona
certlllcate that Iho girl had dlod of that dis
ease, Detective Conroy.vvho has been nt work
on tho enso. says ho thinks that somothlngdlf
ferent will appear upon further Investigation.
Tho body of tho dead girl will be brought to
Grange fur interment next week.
Uotnc to Hend Jlln Hon to Congress,
Bt. Louis, July 30. Local Domocratlo politi
cians had something to think about to-day
when Ld llutler. tho most poworful boss that
ever dlctatod a Bt. Louis nomination, an
nounced that he was going to send his son Jim
llutler to Congress from tbo Ninth district,
.lames is at present City Attorney. Nathan
Frank is theiprosent lleprosentutlvo from the
dlxtrlct, which prerinrs to the lust election has
been Democratic tor a seoro of year.
l.x-Congresamau John J. O Noll is working
hard for the nomination in tbn hlghtb district,
but the hustlers nro against him, and his polit
ical sun seems to have set
The Jbearr lleft rJIshted.
OBIT!?. Una. July SOThe Learr raft wae iljrhted
off here thli mciaioy, and prpteeded tgn&wara when
the tcf lilted.
Her Relative Har That Hhe la at a Place
Near Oood Ground, I.onc Inland.
TnttNTON. JulySO.-Rolatlves of Miss Lizzls
I.owls. the missing school toaoher. telegraph
to tho TVtir Amrrfcnn to-night ns follows:
"Miss I.owls Is at Transit, nenr Good
Ground, Long Island, and Is nil light."
It Is understood that John MoPhorson, nt
whose house Miss Lewis boarded In Penning
ton, received a lettor from hor to-day. It was
dated sovoral days ago nnd had been mlsdt
roctod. Tho contonts ot the lottor nro not
known hers.
nro rorAG iiubolars.
Burt nnd Maria .Johnson, IO and (I He
npeetlvely. Cansht Itobblnc n. Chapel.
'ten-ycnr-old Hurt Johnson and his 8-yoar-old
sister Maria of BG0 Warren Btroot, Brook
lyn, woro nrrested lost night for burglary.
Thoy broko Into tho Centonnlal Chapol. at
Ihird avonue and Wyckoff streot. by removing
a pnno of glass, nnd, nftor emptying tho monoy
bov. which contnlnod between $S nnd $9. were
rrmking tholr escape whon the Eoxton discov
ered thorn. They wero handed ovor to a po-licomau.
Incident or nn Kurly Morning How In
iVent Fllteenth Street.
Thoro was a row at 2 A. M. yostorday In tho
flats at 132 Wost Flttoanth streot, one ol a
numbor ot lint houses which Ida Rndcliffo told
the pollco somo tlmo ago contnlnod opium
dens, aud which woro raided Inconsequence.
A mon who callod hlinsolf Goorge Edwards
was hit over tho hond and faco with a bottle by
a woman occupying tho third tint, and was ro
moved to tho New York Hospital in nn ambu
lance Ho bad a scalp wound and a cut nnd
bleeding fnco Ho said he was a railroad mau,
and lived nt the Murray Hill llotol. A com
panion, who said ho was Harry Williams, also
of tho Murray Hill, culled a policeman nnd throo
womon In tho Hat woro nirestod. They said
they wero Delia Dllllon. Tosslo Ulohmond. and
Louisa Dvrnos. Neither of tho men could
identify nny ol thorn. Later " Edwards" loft
tho hospital and disappeared. Only tbo po
llcoman who mado the nrrost nnpoarod at tho
JelTorson -Markot Pollco Court against tbo wo
mon and they woro dlichnrgod. Ono of thorn
said that tbo man who wns struck, nnd who
wns tall and muscular, bad boon abusing a
little woman and that sho struck him in self
defonco. Sho suld ho caliod hlmsoll " M0G00
Seeklns to Add Other Thnn Brazilian
Oraden to the Orflclnl I.lat.
Tho Coffeo Exchange poopla hud on Interest
ing mooting yesterday to discuss tbo admis
sion of all grades ot coffoo to tho speculative
arona. At present only Brazil grades nro ac
coptod as a good dollvory on speculative con
tracts. It is proposed to gnmblo in all grades
oxcopt those from the Congo. By this movo
the speculative commodity would bo lncroasod
from 4.000.000 to 12 000.000 bags
Tno vast majority nt yeBtorday's meeting
favored tho change 'lhoy uciieved it would
broaden nnd extend thn lnfluenco of tho ex
change Hermann Slrlckon and S. Grunnor,
roprosentntlves ot thocllnue that has practi
cally controlled tbo prices and managomem of
tho Collco F:xchango for a couplo of years, how
evar. wore stienuous in their opposition to ail
mlttlng any but Hrartl grades to tho specula
tive Hold. Their opponents. In replying nftor
ward.sald that Mr. Sielcken's nnd .Mr.Grunner s
opposition sprung from the fact thnt thoy
would find It much mnio difficult to monkoy
with 12.000.000 bags thnn 4,000 000. Uonco their
opposition. Tbo membors voto on tho quos-
tlnn tn. morrow.
Pureulnc a Pair or lopera Over Ocean
and Continent.
Morltz Venim. a drummor for a cut-glasi
manufacturing establishment in Berlin, ac
companied by anelghbor, Mrs. Marie Schephos,
arrived horo en Friday on tho stoamship Lnhn.
Ho is looking for his faithless sweetheart and
sho for her runaway husband. They called at
tho Uargo Office yoBtorday nnd asked Col.
Weber to help them find the elopors. Do
toctlve (J rod on found that thoy had landed
at the Uargo Oltlco nbout a month
ago and had gono to Chicago. MorlU nnd
Marie stnrtod thither on un afternoon train.
Moritz says ho hnd been engaged to tho young
woman sovoral years. Ho bought a llttlo homo
forher. furnlshod it completely, gavo her fl5u
to keep for him, and was just about
to bo married when she ran off with
Mrs. Schephes's young nnd haml-omo
husband. M10 stripped tbo home that Mont,
had proparod for her of everything viiiuablo
before sho left. Mario sars she will ohaso her
husband until sho finds him. and Moritz de
clares that he will boo his Hcklo love it it takes
him tho rest of his lifo.
The Hlenoernpher'o Mlnulen JVot Prepared
Another lleurlns Tu.dny,
Dr. McGonegnl, Mrs. Shaw, and Cabman
Davis wera taken to Supremo ( ourt, Cliam
bors. through an error yostorday morning.
The writ obtained in their bobnlf was one ot
certiorari for tho purpose of having nil tho
evldonce taken nt tho Coronor's inquostund
clsowhpro produced in court Judge Bedford
asked that the writ be dismissed und the pris
oners remanded to! the 'Jnmh. Hn said the
Grand Jury would meet on Friday, after which
application might bo mado lor bull. Mr.
lilrdsall wantod Davis discharged and tho
other two prlsonors lelensod ou ball. Tho
stenographer's minutes were not trepnrod,
and Judco Bench said that some olllclal should
uso his Intluanco with tho Coroner und his
Htenogrnphor to havo tbu loeord completed.
The case was adjourned until to-day.
The Nova fcotlunM are About Bendy to
.loin Our Country.
MosTnnAL. Que., July SO. J. W. Brayloy, ono
of the foromost fish merchants in Newfound
land, arrived boro to-day. He said that many
of the people express themselves as strongly
in fav or of annexation with the United States
if tbero is not a satisfactory settlement of tho
question which Is now causing so much anx
iety on the Island. 'Ihey argue that if thoro Is
to beany ohance of alloglnnco at all it is bet
ter to unlto with the L nlted States, which,
they boilevo would protect theli Interests nud
at the sums time they will gain u market of
Mi UOIUIMI of people, while if they joined Can
ada their gain would be a markot of only
G.OuO.onu ot pooplo.
It was an Lucllxh and not a l'ronch man-of-war
that cloeod up Balrd's lobster factory on
tho Fruncli coust, and English vesseU nie re
sponsible for most of tho nets which aro caus
ing tho present truublo.
A SI 0,000 Ilet Upon Urant and Grace,
John Mntthews, King of tho Bowery, mado a
bet several days ago with ox-lieglstor John
Holtly of (10 0U0 that Grant will poll moro votes
than Grace In enso thoy run against each othor
next fall. A forfeit Is up. llollly Is sure on
Mayor Grant because tbo Mayor did not ap
point him Police Commissioner.
There rill he rnui'o at J'a.t Itlver 1'ark today nt 4
V M by 1 onterno Mnili neeiiuint baud
Wllliur 1'rene. the pjirntrreiif the firlner I.ltho
jTnphlDrlO'imiunjrwIi , deierten bit euiiiioyera, eur
renDerej him.e t ut II" Tmnbe Police tourt jeturdar,
aud Te i"ltJ until ilunua).
John Ileal) of lOlrtitrret and viadlion avenue waa
ho' ibrounh the luui at Ninety ninth etreet mul Kirtti
utrnue luieon Monday nielli. II" In Is the freiliyte.
nan llotpitaL Jamei Harry, who U euppoted to have
ihoiMni l.itlrr
Cait James 1' Paly, iwho etrnok rnllce fierceact
Ilorvelt when the r-rieani threatened tn ttop a
TtreitUuii match at the National lUeatr on TntiJay
nlihl dare eooo Ljil tor ciaulnatlou ut the Toutbi
Police 1 ourt yeiterday
The reait of St. Jinattaeaf Lnrola (rounder it the
J-iult frder) oeonrriny titUey, will be observed Mih
due oleiiiuliy neit sendej at St rrauclt Xavler'e
Church foleinn hljrh mnteattlA VI, I'ane.'snc or
llieKev, ISdwardf noulliire.L o r ft
ThoinaiO limine!! of .HI I'aat Thirty nerrnth atreet
muck Jame. Vlci loAfy f . i Hm aenue h It a
brick earlj reeierday m rulnr fracturing hu .'itl
Mci loikry ! in Keller le At the Von. rll. i urt
0 Pnnnell wae curamltted to await the reiult of 5.0
1 oikej'e Injuriea.
atichael Bovie who on Hondar waa lent to the Uland
from J'ex Market court on evidence f orniebe 1 by eur
ireoojof douverneur HoeDlielbed a hearlox beforejue.
Uoe OuOy jeeterday, and waa dlaebaVted. It aald
that Doyle annoyed the eoraeona by eaotlnr an arabu.
lanoe to be called three tlmee ou Sunday, aud thea re
tualflf W 19 to the hwpltek
iimfflvnii 1111 nitiustammmmimtatmfi fiiliiiiii
' . li B ft
They Were Hhort or Ammrinlllon and Did r 't Si
Not Know It-Indlsnntlnn AKatuet Cel. ' ,
man and Demand for Ilia Reelsanlloa 1 II
Buencvs Attikh. July 30--1 :20 P. M. Tho city jTJ , i h
Is qulot. Business Is reviving. !,! .1
London. July HO. A cablegram from Rio jfij '
Janeiro sont at G P. M. to-day announces that ill; 1,
n despatch from Buenos Ayros says that quiet ) U lu
is icstored there. Tho leaders of thu rovolu J t'v
tlon havo accepted tbo Oovornmont's terms. f 4 ; yS, iB
Paiiis. July no. Despatches recolved her w J . jjSj'Jj
from Buonos Ayro9, dated last ovonlng. an- 1 I jSsj 'll
notincos thnt tho Oovornmont has granted ,, A3 yjj tjj
conornl amnesty lo all porsons who took part l f'fliu
In tho insurrection. j YSj a
A Inter dospalch from Buonos Ayrns nay l?''''ll
that all Is quiet thoro. nnd that tho banks and " f'S!
tho Bottteo will resume business to-morrow. Ui'l J
llovir., July 30 Tho Italian Government bat MW tfj
forbld'loti emigration to tho Argentlno Kepub- 'ft I'Svi ft!
lie, having received nows that the revolution 'I' fM S
nry movement Is likely to continue $ W'tVaj
Tho Tunes correspondent nt Buenoe Ayrei J , M'y u
says that every houso was convertod Into v ( k I H, '? 8
citadel vesterdny ovonlng. Tho people In the) ' 1 '? " tfj 81
suburbs orgnnircd their owu armed police to w V is. fi
deal with mnrnudors. ,) 'tfsISi
Tho Union Clvl.-a t-ay that thoy found ths 1 m 3i
hoxesof nmmuuitionlnthoGovornmcntstores U ivJffi 51
empty instond ot lull, ns tho storo books ihdl- M ' l'aS 3
catod. This decoption and tho error In not jj4J a
cutting tho rails ond seizing tho War Mlnlstor ', jjT $
whon opportunity offerod at tho oasot caused i 'tii, 8
tho failure of tho popular causo. ' T tj v
Tbo exasperation against Collnan Is indo- -,jj $ '
scribable. Unless ho resigns. It is ionroil that ,!,. tigf vj
attomptB will bo mado upon his lifo. The li'JrY-'ifcil
Bourso is closorl, and tho settlement is post- ' JvWcii i
ponod until Aug. 9. Ki change shops quote j I? "JfjSiW '
gold at 480. 'ft ffix$
If Colman hns the slightest patriotism ho will t j( ft T i!j
roslgn, but the sycopnnts around him have '; itka-f
nssumod a bullying tone, and assert that he 1 i-jt V
novor will resign. jf j jwVJJJ: p
J.nter. President Celmnn doeB not aproar f ilsttlr I!
to realize his position. Ho has laughingly do- $JTi
clnred that only a military mutiny could sboir 'ffjjj!
tho pcoph) how little ho thought of resigning. J, ,c5wBv
It is roportod that the squudron has surren- ' ;'t$S '
derod. 1 ((jj; -,
Tho payment of all bills has been deferred ii ""feK gi i
ono month. . Sl jl
TI10 Mlnlstor of War hns Issuod a bulletin 51: 8 O'
pardoning tho rnuk and file of tbo revolution- ',B)3 Mi
ists.nnddoclnrlngtbntiOO.OOONatiocalGuards 9 rJ iK
nro roady to dorend tho country nnd President i 3.fli
Celman. bolng now united with him by the tie v ''jjjjli
ofthobnttleileld. , WfflKf
Tho bulletin is treatod with derision, and V P
copies which have been scattered throughout .tigjjt'
thocity nro tramplod undor foot by the peoplo. f 'rHfe
Tho outlooK Is bad, unloss Caiman's doclara- $ WB
tlons nro mero bravado. W - JM af;
Consul Bakor wroto from Buenos Ayres la v' VKHsRi
th height of tho panic Inst winter tan tho CI ifflfllBl'
country was nil right, though tho lluances I ; sal liTi
seemed to be all wrong. Among tho lntorest .'" JTkIs?
lng things ho mentioned to show tho progross (',1 fivll'l
of the lountry was tho fact that there was a i ik'tr!
considerable movcraont of population Into ,J 'Yi;
Patagonia, Colonies wero occupjing tho Una 'A; JiJj.'
Pataconlan table lunds iindor the Andes, ami ' tfw, Jl;
uptvnrd of .'jOu.ODO hhoop aro nowfound on tho w & (if
now ranches In a country which n fow years l t t '' v(
nco was rcgardod as ono of the uninhabitable ?A Oilt K
parts of tho eoith. Jli 7 iQi
Jn splto of tho panic railroad building Btlll i 1. ) '-' '
wont on in nllrorts of tho lopublia Over i uv,' 1 M
!4.!ui) milos ot railroad wero In process of build- . on Sntl
lng In Uocorubor last. Tho port works at '!Wlai
Buj-noB Ayros. which nro to make the docks . tVl.rffiM
acceaslMotothofihlpplng. wore carried on In ' .1 J va
spito of tholr groat cost, and n part of the) f'i'itiW
works vvereoponod to commeicelaet yoar. 1,14 ivnlt' iU
. Surveys wero htai tod also In Torra dol IV tSi n
Fuogo. nnd it was Intended to divide consider- r'TOU '-sal
nblo public land Into lots to bo offered for sale " , Rift '
with a view to colonization ond sheen farming. '' "Sx M
Infonsul Bakcr'b oiiiuion tho general intor- J fTu ;,m
ests of tho country aro not Involved in tbo fnto 1 tttfj !
ot the enormous spcculstious which must iTOl'M
come down to a legitimate specie basK Tho I, t 'h 'M
onuntry is rich, hvory gold dollar well invest- 3) ''i,i M
cd is safo. Lvcrv bnllncg nud slieop upon tha '' 'w )M
pampas is still worth Its true vnluo in gold. 3-?, )
and evory wago earner will still recelvo tha t, Mi jM
value of his services, but it will bo in gold la- itV 'S
stosd ot paper. ' , siil ,H
riet Fire, to III n mplorer'4 Holier. "1S5i1 !H
j 1 tfVlaYJ
An attempt v, as made on Tuesday Tiight to burn the - 1 fh? nl
ferni houso of John Torlori? .it 1 nfleld street and Du- J V! i
mont avenue ItrooUn. Pieces or carpet saturated , 4 jj I
with kerosene lad been placed in the ha Iway and set j J5t ' M
on Are, ona had not Mr. Torbor? and hts wife been ?' ,jHjH
alnrmpd liy the sniol o aid m'll ef tire their own es- V it jlfi JibbI
rape and ihvt or then 11 reo children, who were a.ieop h r'lemal
onthesecnnl lloor. inlulll hae beendlt OS The In fallnaH
cendiar) ira soon arrested lu the person of Jnltui 1i)H
s I nebier. u ho hi.s b, rn emploved on the farm for lha .4 MM'H
past fix jeure. ond who s ems lately to have cherished i lff5p!al
some spite airainst the famltr ' I (nuldn t help it ' . " rxjfj'ttinai
wae the onl.v taplanatlon he would iriri when cbarxed i' -ffloiH
with the crime, lie w i. arraigned before Police Jualice 'wft'lnaal
Keuua and held I tr evamluation. lii 4sH
'Iho V cither. , '''! jH
Thestorm thut formed In the Western States rare4 I,? 4iJ
nurtlnast to fiouth Dakota, where tho centre was lo- t tJ 4
cnteil ji-stfrdsy create lntreasedln enerio, the taro- l ' t1H
metric jrrudient becoinfnr viry sleep from Kansas 1 eJa)l
northward, c reat'na hUti winds In ad the Stales bor- ( U ' f jfjH
Jerlnf the ui per Mississippi and Missouri Talloyr, and tl 'jTiH
the rain area exlcndlnir from Minnesota east over tho 1 k iH
lakes tn Ohio The heaviest rain resultlna-from this ? ! ' issaal
storm wasat Iiututh. t 01 inches Heavy rain also fell 1 4L1 :
In the South Atlanii States, Wllminirion reported Z74 . w'saal
Inchrs In twenty four hoars and Norfolk 70. This ' Jaaaal
cnnllnuous heavy rain that has fallen nn the South At. t. 1, fh llH
lantlc coaat, washing out crops of all kinds. Is due to ' ijti iVI
the high barometric pressure that has been stationary i tsaal
In that section for the past week, malntalnlax a steady if'A 'sH
flow of warm raolt air from the sea, which, ineetlnx t lf' aaaal
the cooler lent currents, condensed the motnuro near ' h-v
the coast line All the country south nt the lakes and ' iVI.V
east of iie Allerhany Mountains was fair . ( s' jaaai
The heat was Intense In the Ohio and Mississippi rap , hi'fp,
leys, aud refltterrd between fi0 and IO). At all ; TlSfH
places on the Atlantic coast It was between So and SO, t uftaaal
and will run generally above 90 to day. 1 t 'liH
lu this city, according to the Government tbermome- il
ter. It reaehsd Its highest point, HS, at L' I' . VI , the low. ' ,t"jH
est lu tho memlnffwaH7o , hnmldlty averaged 7d per .
cent., and the wind was fresh south KSI
To-day promises to tie fair and warmer with hnratdlty t '1
abovenormal anl possibly a thunder shower toirara iH
nhrht Tomorrow fair and warm. 'aaaan
The followlmt chimes in the temperature were lnds- J( .1
cated by the thermometer at rerry e pharmacy 1 BH
isxn k:o. 1KSO Una !aSH
flA, M,, .. '' TH'I .1 1 T. M ....HI' D M
HA VI 70' 7.J, H' M "S l'J 1 KefiTM
MAM ! 7l IIP vt 7U St aaafl
12 11 ... eu e-Hl-'Midnls-bt. if j H
Aversit" on July .x lerti ;o' 1 leH
sii,Nt orrn k runaci.r Tin A r n tiuRinar. ( r ' iH
For Main New Hamtishlre, Vermont, and Masia- yl
rhiinetiri, shuwers; essterlv winds; cooler, i- jH
1'rr Rhode IsMiid and (onnectlcut, fair weather; ' T jH
southwesterly winds. statUnary temperature. r-vsaafl
Vrrarfeni .Vno J'vfs. tf iim'r, ant air In iittthrrn I .
icrilm. ihovertatiil covUr In tarthern ivrtbn; louVi- 1 ;
titlrrlf Hinds. I rgH
lor the District of Columbia, ('astern I'ennsjlrsnla, y u (H
New Jersey, Delaware, and Marjlsnl warmer, fair. it
southwestern winds ''1
Forwester'i ew York, showers, southerly winds; V f'naaaaal
stationary temperature, f SH
Cardinal raMottl Is d) In In Koine i 1 IH
Capt I'asatl Is writinr a history ot bis travels In .'If tsaaaH
Africa , jH
rncressinsn Flood or the rtmlra dlstrlot denlsa the ' ' 1
reports pui lisiied tu the eiie l that he t,a withdrawn .tksaaal
fri'iu the roiursifor a ren mlnation this fall, t if'.
Mr. Ilimh iiartlan, ausd s vrhlls crostlni the track ,' H
on haturlar nllht at t'oa lob.rel orsr the embank- i rlsaaaH
meat, aud was o injured fiat he l.as since died, lie ) 'Isl
wss forrosrly conuecied with the rllity Lluth New fssaaaal
ork Ittfk'iment, 'H
The seventh annual reunion of the descendants of ll
Hsberca Notirse ot witchcraft fame and meeting of u jH
the Nourse Monument Association was beld to-dsy at PaaaaaaV1
Ihe old Nourse homestead In baavere, aiaia. About i H
see enty nte persoos wsre present, rsaaaaai
SMUIam Ullberl of UrldVeport, whu sbol and faulty 1 1
wounded VVililtm IIumsII lu Ouileu'scats lu that cltr M
a year aio Is dylnr with consumption In tie lata Jlaaaaafl
pris 11 lit IVethersied He was eentenced to three ,H
Iesis' tinprlsoumenu and a continual broudlnx orer esaaH
Is rime liss 1 au.od his decline sJH
ctrorire Klnoei nf 1'ert liitioit cuni), wasdrosrned al
on Tuesdaj eiilmr in a smalt ULowhle trar'ilnv his I aH
ear old son how 1 ,wim Ciuney s i-oy was re, or- r .ll
ereltr. tell leet i wttcr Klaus) was a if ,ud swua- j .esaaaai
msr ana 11 Is suip sed a isken with cramps an I if 1 1 taaaaal
rendered unable to help himself r ,' i 'SH
The tody of an unkuown mau was foond lo Never- s liv' ,i!il
sick Hirer at fori Jervls yesterday monitor by two . ' 'H
boys, who were after lamprey sets A ueriuaa eUvei U ,'l
waiohaad tee In oaah wera fooodemthe kodr. Tb 1 I H
man was dressed U a blaek alpara ooaLbrtva Ueu ,L .lH
trs,audTtik JiocJue tgaUUtBULTj. . f H
I inillllll llim II ! I ll I III I llllaaaaaaaal

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