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I r MW YOU SEE IT IN j f j
m Q m 11 t Wilt do ADVERTISERS well by mcVIng known their localities
U j thr ugh
WI so This applies AdrertUementa TT
Lt a u weU u New THE S U N
I etlrtaB Commander On Alter Hays
ha Nearly SOOOOOName on
Ike Order la GOOON
Counsel Member to ha
IU oln CODll 1br
Uoad with the Feanlon JOtslaUtlon
r ear and rIO the JBnlldlnB
to Oea Crant
fa Orand Memorial t Ort
Tjosrort Aug 18Gen Wheelock G Veazey
If t DOII Vermont is the new OommandorlnOhlef l ot
of the Bopnblio Ho was
the Grand Army Rpublo 10 Wa
tlMted today by 1 unanimous wto nov
eet and Cot Bmedberg of California
foyer of Indiana OL Bmeber Cal
fornia were the only one whoso namos wore
mentioned we in I connection wit tho office and
withdrawn before the Tote was
Uwywere withdawn belor Wa
Ie Fir Commissioner Richard A Tobin ot
takw llr Cmmlslonor Rohard A
Boston was chosen Benlor ViceCommander
jnChief and Fit Sergeant George B Creamer
It Baltimore is the now Junior ViceCorn
Datmor te
UjindirlnChlef These totes were unani
mous After electing tee three officers and
iOUe the
ulectloff Detroit ne the headquarters of
13zt noampmnt thl Teterana adjourned and
lnt plunged into a whirl of sightseeing and good
Today hal been 1 day ot reunions and
mrsdoI have had a foyal good tlmo togoth
emro r Ma of them had not seen each other for
Tiars and the stories they had to tell of expe
in or prison
ri nces on the battlefield cnn camp prson
rencl of the
had Improved with uo Perhaps some
yarns were stretched 1 little but there was
nough wild truth t make mighty Interesting
noulh 01d
yesterday lone
reading The veterans stood ystoralonK
march better than was anticipated and but
few are reported under the weather today
At the Emergency Hospital twentysir com
rades received medical treatment from exhaustion
rss In the hospital
haustion Only nine remain hosplt
The streets are almost as full today a they
were yesterday Passing on the principal
thoroughfares is mae with difficulty The
hotels and railroad stations aro throbbing cen
tres of activity Tho weather is glorious and
all are having 1 grand old tmo
The ar visiting Governors and their star officers
were entertained by Goy Braokctt today at
theVendome They were Govs Bnrlelgh of
Maine Dllllngham of Vermont Buckley of
Connecticut and Hove of Indiana After
luncheon the party numbering about fifty
Tf a received by Jr John 4 Logan
The session of the National Encampment
was opened at Music Hall today and the del
egates from the different departments of the
Union comprised a fine a body ol men a over
net in deliberative assembly Tho hal was
beautifully decorated and the floor was en
tirely occupied by delegates while tho bal
conies which woro set apart for members of
I tbe Grand Army were filled with veterans
Oen Sherman was ono of tho first to arrive
and he took a seat with the Missouri Depart
ment although urged to co upon the platform
He was warmly greeted by the comrades and
was the centre of attraction Gen Charles
Dovens Past CommanderlnChlef was with
the Massachusetts delegation and other de
partments were represented by prominent
soldiers There was some confusion i the
arrangement of banners to designate tho dif
ferent States owing to the failure of some per
nod him and the
son to perform 1 duty Bss
convention was obliged to proceed to business
without placing the banners where they prop
erly belonged
A meeting of tho National Council of Admin
istration delayed the opening ol the proceed
ings and It was 1 oclock when Gen Alger
appeared upon the platform and was applauded
by the delegates After prayer b Past Cap
lalnInOhlef the Boy I N Foster Oen Alger
said It was the wish of the Commander and alto
the comrades that Gon Sherman should come
to oomraes
to the platform Gen Sherman who was
10 the centra ot the hal arose amid
great applause and sad he preferred
to remain with the Missouri delegation
Gin Alger said Your wish I my order but
I prefer that you should come upon the plat
form Applause Gen bhorman declined to
leave his seat however
Gen Alger then made a brief apology tor a
lack of time to prepare his address as ho do
sired During the last few months ho said
tie had bean so occupied with official duties
and his private business that ho had ben un
able to give the time and thought to his ad
dress that ho would have liked to have given
II He then informed the convention that be
knew nothing about parliamentary law but
toped that harmony would prevail and that
the business would be transacted expeditious
ly I It a attempt was made to tie the chair I
by parliamentary technicalities he would I
untie tbe knot vary speedily Gen Alger then
addressed the convention in part as follows
Tb condition or the organization I am happy to re
tort U wltn raw exceplloni I f ThVre hurt
been 1 regret to UY ome dlanment In the Depart I
tneuti fltoalaIn and Illuiuippi 1 drawn upon tb color I
1II It tl 1 the lam queitlon that todaY ufo 1 disturbing I I
many locallun In the lonthcrn ParlOr this country I
and which will require pattenc and conceiilonifrom I
all partln to little It is a perplexing one but I trust I
time with tb good Intentions ot all peace and liberty
leitng I citizen will bring I inch moderation I or counsel
Hat In i the near ttatute an may ihare the rtihu granted
fr our law and that harmony will prerallererywhere
It bai been determlnatlenUo I recognize ai a com
lade the equal rights ot Terr man no matter what hi
lulor or nationality proTldeu be baa Ibo two qualifica
tion service and an honorable dlecharg
The ofiQelal report prennted to the Twentythird
Ion Encampment dated June 30 18H gar the
number ot comradra In good and regular standby I
bQefl total imember then suspended and Odin
Quent 3Suttt making a total membership a born on
in roll at that date or lluusu cm June 8 tOte in
totl number ot comrade In good and regular standing
WM4J7WI total membership borne on oll 4vvj j
Bomber or pot reported Janl leO tijtl number
ot post reported Jnne su IbOU 7171 number of
deAtoi daring the year 9470 number nw depart
mien I X i Including the Provisional Department nt In
lisa Territory I alto Oklahoma
I a constraIned to say I do not boiler the number
ft deatbi reported ii l Tn approximately I enr
owerer on account of any fault I ot the posts but sa
lemradei grow feeble tbei uedect their Dolts and are
Cropped from the roll when In fact their iealth li such
they are unable lo attend and thus many die who are
cot rported
While oar number make op a Talc army 11 conn
BintlT believed that not onebait oL thou who are
ellflDi biong to hue organIzation Many live remote
from poiu many are physically unable to attend and
Biiny through laek of mean do not feel that they can
t ng bt cD
pay the ipenio incident to memberibip
I rcomrriend that ai fir a pracilcaola poll carry
Won their roll all 1 worthy membn when they know
10 be financially unable to pay thee eipniti lit
epirte all 1 who are able to and do not par their duel
inouid be dropped but mat charity should be eter
deed IB the ecu of those who are not t
I with to urge anon coraradei the Importance or
ctrlnr at the earllut pouible moment b bOlt Ideal
record ot the ie > Tlc > oftbe enlisted mn The hlitory I
brtl IJ tIFI
if the war will sever be written until It Include curb
record Let them be depoilted with their pest ant
t pt
Uir wUI be preierved
The tubjectof penilonibai beau ai all are War the
all aMorblDgene of the year During the early career
tupreMntCongril tt Became evident to the fnilou
Cenimjtiee whose report U before you that the Her
loehill to much desired oould not binactd Into a
law many member of both branches Con de
daring that they could Dot rote for an amount that
taken with the regular ezpndltur1 of the Uurernment
n515 exceed IU revenue I am aware that many are
ouappoiftted but tne committee has been powerleii to
compllih more than has already been done I I
BOW believed that the expenditure In poulona under
euitlni law will exceed imcxxJUX annually I More
thin M wllC fd hare been made to the Coin
QlMloner ot Veulloni under the new dliatilllty law
aca tie interm me that applications are oomlne In
it the rats of about lUtuu pr day Ot ui be im to
eu lawmaker Tin though they liar not given US all
je ailed bO country en earth is or ever ha ben
SUrly ai gineroue lo lie loldlcryu outs
r AD dlna lain vault On she bank of the Hudion
moths the rHlng place II ourgreat entertain Ibis li I
101 creditable either to us or to this nation There
ituld be erected at the Canliol ot Ibis Uovernmeut
f tlete4 l la the alI ot Cola great nan a memorial
building inch ai will be a credit to tb p whole people
list a sbsf pot a ililut 1 but a monumental shoe
aolt lt44
tu lucb u baa not been bullded In hits rn any other
CDtry one ta which every elllien withIn the domain
oh lObs 14 can reler I with lust prIde 1 ro
1000 that a committee 01 foe bl oppolnl4 by this Eu
oaomnl empowered 10 aolitlt aid train lb general
0O5CflW5I and rm Individuals ad th cntal
Theaddresswa frequentlyapplauded Com
tdeo William A Wallace of New York Om I
li1rS f Illinois J W Thatcher of Connecticut
Mail > < homu 1 Roger of Missouri with Adju
Unt + Clonorol tleorco If Hopkins Detroit as
I j Mrmanwere appointed a Committee on Cro
yUn notion of Commander Clarkson of New
ok i LX a unanimous using vote It was fr
hv I
tiered hat I I portrait of John A Andrew the
war uPT > rnor of Massachusetts b placed
upon the I platform
A wmrade from lllchlgan presented In the
chap of i a map which war hung In front f In the
Chairmans dVt lfl WUUOM eCdopttd by
u mon Council ol J40luton ol D frolt on
JullO supplementIng tho action tho De
partment of Michigan O A I In Inviting the
veterans to hold their noxt National Encamp
mont in that city
The annual reports of AdjutnntOonornl
George 11 Hopkins of Detroit Quartormastor
Oeneral Taylor of Philadelphia Inspector
General Urlfllths of Troy and HuwonGon
eral Iloracn P 1orter wore distributed among
the delegates In printed form
A tost vote was reached upon tho nueMlon an
to the abolition of the socalled llnuno 1
Lords In the Urand Army of the Itopubllc
the vote being upon a irotlon to assign tho II
question for debate at 2 1 M 1 This was do
feated and the Question will take Its regular
turn Massachusetts and Ohio scorned solidly
against the House of Jx > rdn soldi
At the afternoon oe < < slon oflicors wero elected
the principal positions going to the taut In
pursuance as Is claimed by somo of a plan to
give the encampment to the West throe sue
0811e years Detroit In Ill Topeka In 02
and Chicago In > 03 The roll was called and
representatives of oooh State had an
opportunity to name their choice for
CommannerlnChlof California presented
the claims ot Col Hmedberg a roo
tired ofllcor of the regular army who
lost his log In l tho WIlderness Connecticut
nominated Cot Wheelook G Veozoy of Ver
mont and Maine seconded tho nomination
India and Ohio gave their support to Con
Alvin I lloroy Montana supported Hmodborg
and Minnesota New Hampshire New Jorsoy
Idaho and Iowa expressed a preference for
Col Veazey Now York seconded the nomina
tion of Col Voar y Pennsylvania Bhodo
Island Tennessee Texas and Vermont In
aniok succession also named CoL Veazoy
Massachusetts would have sunported Col
Veazoy but as tho delegation was divided In
the matter fo Senior ViceCommander it was
decided to tako no part in the selection of a
CommanderlnChler solocton
As soon A tho roll call ended Col Bmodberg
SOOI cal Cl Bmocbsrl
asoended the platform and gracefully with
Iracofuly wltl
drew his name Oen Ilovoy pursuing a similar
course This action was greeted with great
applause and by 1 unanimous vote Col Voazoy
Wa declared elected as CommandorlnCblef
Col oazey accepted the honor in a brief
WASHIMOTOJ Aug 15Col Vearey is one of
the InterState Commissioners lie is a native
of Now Hampshire and has just passed his
dOth year He was graduated from Dartmouth
olelo with honor and is ono of its present
Board of Trustees Ho wan also graduated
from tho Albany Law School and taking up
his residence a Rutland Vt was admitted to
the bar a Vermont In 1860
Upon the breaking out ot tbe war he enlisted
as a private nnd In 1802 became Colonel of the
Sixteenth Vormont Begiraent He served with
great distinction throughout tho war and won
credit for his brilliant fighting on many fields
On tbo muster out of hit roglmont Col Veazoy
returned to the practice of his profession being
associated in business for a while with Mr
Irootor now Secretary of War He was for
ten years Judge of tho Supreme Court of Ver
mont and resigned that wbon appointed an
InterHtato Commissioner Ho has boon active
ID Grand Army matter for many years aotlo
Richard F Tobin of Massachusetts was then
elected ViceCommander and George 1 Crea
mer of Baltimore Junior ViceCommander
both by unanimous votes
There wore several candidates rut In nomi
nation for the oQlcesof BurceoninChlef and
ChaplalnlnChief and tho encampment de
cided not to take any action until morning
Oon Alcer temporarily surrendered the chair
to lon Warner Miller who In brief remarks
moved thnttho next encampment bo hold at
Detroit the home of Gen Alger The motion
prevailed by a unanimous vote and Gon Algor
expressed thanks at the action of the encamp
ment and assured tho delegates that thoy
would receive 1 warm welcome although It
would be a hard task to equal the reception
they had rocoUod in Boston
They Attack Speaker Used and Henator
UnwIeT ror Opposing Their Fenelon Hill
BOSTON Aug 13A meeting of the members
of the National Association of exUnion Pris
oners of War was hold at tho hal ot the IIouso
of Representative at oclock this forenoon
with a good attendance In his annual reoort
President Williams said ho believed their pen
sion bill was being delayed because It was
thought that in a few years there would be no
ono loft to press Its passage He added
Tho bill dos not appear to have as much
Interest for Speaker Rood as some other He
seems t have bigger fish to fry He hoped
that tbo Congressmen who had obstructed tho
passage of the Prisoners Pension bill would bo
relegated to political obscurity for all time
Senator Hawley had shown hlmsolt to bo a
very impecunious Statesman In his speeches
condemning this measure
A discussion ensued on n resolution request
ensue res01uton
lug Speaker need to take up the Prisoners
Hollef bill OB soon as possible It
10lel bil a a I wan re
forted to tho Committee on Resolutions Reso
lotions condemning tbe speech of Congrers
man John Tarsney Missouri opposing the
adopted passage of the measure wero unanimously
A resolution was passed that a committee ot
three be sent to Washington of which the
President of the meeting should bo 0 member
to present the claims ot oxprisoners to mom
hers of Congress and urge tho passage of tho
pending bill pasale
Then followed a number of spirited speeches
by tho delegate In refutation of the charges
made by Senator Hawley against the expris
onors of war
The Committee on Memorial reported unani
mously In favor of the erection of n memorial
monument or building In commemoration of
the exprisoners of war dead or living
Ofllcors were elected as follows Prosldont
P P Williams of Indianapolis VleePresl
dent John O D Adams of Boston Chaplain
the 10 John H JeJu80n of Jeokuk Iowa
Historian Wnrren Leo Goes of Norwich Conn
nnd an Executive Committee ot one from each
State represented
Jumped from tbe Hone Top
John Faultn a cabinetmaker out or wok attempted
aulclde yesterday afternoon by jumping from Ibo root
ot the tenement house 134 Foriyth frt He was
picked up with Iris tknll fractured and suffering Inter
nal injuries The police lent him to Oouverneur Hoi
vital a prisoner Faulln went on Ibo roof with bIts
thenCe a washerwoman with whom tie boarded to
help her hang clothes When her back a turned 1
jumped 1aulln dliappeared on lest l Friday and the
police were asked to look for him l but yesterday morn
lug hi returned and laid that he had been leeplny In
the parka bits 1 Uitlto laid that Paulln brooded over
the fact that hIs last employer a man named Cobol
In Komhitreet ran away owing Mm f 70 In wages arid
borrowed money
Kate Cavtleton Give Up Her Nw Play
Harry riillllp who li I Kate Caitletoni manager an
nounced yeiterday that his star nould not go out this
season became the new farce comedy which lira
Charles Domain had written for her entitled Just
for Look had not prated satisfactory The actors and
actreuei entMged to support nil star rumbled conild
erably for they esueolcil lo bolo work is announced
on nept I at hit Paul Ulnn but the chances are that
there wiLl h no lawinlta brought Mr Ihllllp laid
yrilerday that be would rather not to out at all tbau
ron chance or meeUnK with tallur
fitly Foondrymen Htrlke
Fitly employees at the foundry ot T Bhrlrer A Co
833 Kait FKtyilxtb street hare been called cut bo
cause the firm refused to linn the agreement respect
Ing itiorler hour pay for o > ork and holidays al
ba been adopted In other foundries In this city and
Drooclyn Walking lielef ate l > avld Hell I says that the
ll 4h
men hare been pam less than those who work at other
foundries but the firm deny this I The trouble u purely
en union ground The arm IIT not rocoguli the
yonadrymeu rVotectlro Allocution
Ml Baritonre Mental Condition
Jodi Beach or the Supreme Court has granted 1
order requIring came to b shown ou Aug 21 why a
eommliilon should not be appointed lo Inquire Into the
mental condition or Maria U Baritow The petition 1 Is I
made or Anthony Allaire who with eight other aecond
cousins are her only inrrlflng next ot kin MIce
liaratow li I at the Slate Asylum In Mlddlelown bhe
formerly reilded at the Hamilton Hotel yortyieroud
lrct and Firth avenue and hai property valued at
JOu < jO placed with the aihlugton Trust Company
The fire laluud Cable Itrokee
Thic Western Uulou Company cabl between fir
Island ant Babylon parted and shbps consequently
cannot be reported until they are lighted oil Sandy Hook
or the Highland The cabl whirl li I betneen tour and
fire miles long requentir parti but the water being
comparatively shallow It take but a inert time to re
pair it lire preient break will be repaired anoon as
Ibis 1 cJiD hWtoa gets around lo lire t a
Ills Heart Wu on the lllcnt Hide
OiKcwiiiTi Aog lCharlesj Bretln 41d her to
day of heart failure Indirectly due to drinking Impure
water Its wa the broluerln law or CoL John Kin
Dane the Springfield Ohio millionaire I and was known
n f
to bI medical troffulon for a phrilcal peculiarity hu
heart being on this right sIde In early routh he was
oriiibed by a wagon which toned tho Urt Deucalu
the right lung
May Hell Pool an the Cblcaca Track
CBICICO Aur iaJudg Horton bias limed t In
Junction rejttslalnc Major rregltr or the police from
In err way Interfering wlih or arreiling i > erioueu
raged lu lining pooiial Ih Meet bide race truck I
Five UODr la Wn > hlnKlun
The tulut trains In America art In service 1 between
h lork Ililladifpbla Balllmnr and ttaihlugtou
Iw Jinir Central Reading and I and O roam Ota
lisp fool if Mbertr at jJii
hit ranch U f un u for its far parity and UQuaU I
finor won 10 drstggletaMv t
1 J J s
A Caneu ai XtepntilleM Hrnntori Called
for Tovlcht to Colder the rJllnatllon
Iddlcal Heniitor Indlnnnnt nt QuTa
Action but It I Known that n Hue
the Huppnrt of Other nepnbllcoii Henu
tore nod that Menntor Aldrich Aeeleted
la l the Prepanitton of the Jtcaolntlon
VAsni OTox Aug 13ThoRopubllcanSen
atom halo called a caucus Thursday night
when somo plan will bo devised by which they
can escape from the awkward situation In
which they are placed by the resolution of Mr
Qunywhlcli provides for bringing the session to
n closo with the Federal Elections bill unoon
slderod There rooms little doubt that the
caucus will agree upon an order of business
that will make no provision for tho Forco bill
or that they will agree to nothing at all leav
ing the Senators to veto a they please In
open Senate Some of tho Republican Senators
are very bitter In their criticisms of Mr Quays
action which has proved so ombarasslng to
them and certain Republican organs bavo
been called upon to read the Pennsylvania
Senator 1 lesson upon party dlscibllno and
they threaten to road him out of the party
This is all very amusing to the dozen or more
Bnntol on the Republican side of the cham
ber who are in sympathy with Mr Quay and
who are with him responsible for the Intro
duction of the resolution
The Pennsylvania Senator has a great repu
tation a a managing politician but be is far
from being the leader of his party In the Bon
ate and does not assume t b In spite of all
denials on the part of tho radical Senators who
ore bitterly disappointed a the knowledge
that the Elections bill has been defeated tao
fact remains that some of tbo most level
headed Republicans were consulted before the
resolution was drawn and consented to Its In
troduction Thoro Is no doubt whatever that
Senator Aldrich one of tho most radical party
men In tho chamber and who has charge of
the Tariff bill was 1 party to Senator Quays
resolution and aided in Its preparation
Messrs Aldrich ond Quay had repeated con
ferences with Senators Gorman Harris and
other Democratic Senators and the resolution
was prepared and introduced wit their knowl
edge and consent
Some of the radical Senators were eager to
predict last night that I the Quay resolution
should bo referred to tbe Committee on Rules
I would never be hoard of again It so hap
pens however that Senator Aldrich is Chair
man of this committee and It is not likely that
ho will pigeonhole a resolution wulcb ho re
gards a absolutely necessary In order to In
sure the passage of the Tariff bill It is well
known moreover that there are at least twelve
Benators who will attempt to secure caucus
endorsement for tie Quay resolution and
it I probable that the most earnest
of those men will ho those who
think like Senator Aldrich that the Tariff bill
must b passed boon I the Republican party is
to reap any advantage from it at tho coming
elections But whether the caucus shall In I
dorse tho < uay resolution or not tho force
bill Is doad and nothing can revive It It Is
tulle possible that the caucus will not bo will
ing to favor the resolution lust as It stands
cow because many Senators are Into roe tod In
certain bills upon tho calendar for which they I
are anxious to have consideration and they I
may succeed in having them added to the list
of these which are to b considered
No progress whatever Is being mado with the
consideration of the Tariff bill and it is plain
to everybody that oven that measure Is In dan
ger unless something is done to assist In dis
posing of It The IiemooratB hold the whip
band and can easily prevent tho passage of
tho bU until they have assurances that tbo
elections bill will not be taken up
They nave been fighting several up
for such an assurance as this and
have felt confident all along that they
would get It Shrewd ltdepnbltcan Kenators
however like Mossn Aldrich and others did
not wish to yield too easily and they halO
stood out so far for the purpose of having the
country fully understand the exact situation
and who aro responsible for It The Senators I I
have now come to the conclusion that it In time
to pass the Tariff bill whether the Election tme bu
passes or not and they are ready t make
terms with tho Democratic Senators
Mr Quay Is perfectly tranquil under the
lashings wblcb he Is receiving from the Sena
tors who question his right to pose a a leader
or moderator and says that ho thinks very
bad politics to endanger tbo passage of tbo
Tariff bill in order to cater to the sentimental
Ideas of a few old fogies who wish to keep
auto the Issues of tho South Whether Mr
Quay was right or wrong In doing what
ho did ho has undoubtedly stopped into
the tight at tho right time and forced
all sides to face the insue squarely
He Is perfectly willing to bo tbe scapegoat for
those Senators who In their bears are anxious
to havo tho Forco bill killed but who shrink
Irom doing anything openly to obstruct Its
progress Having Introduced his resolution
Mr Quay In anxious to lave it adopted Imme
diately In order to remove such a disturbing
element from tho political situation As for
himself be Intends to loavo Washington within
a few days ana It I partly at his suggestion
don that such an early date was fixed
for holding the caucus Mr Quay has
been very busy for the post few weeks
cuttIng together tno machinery with which he
hopes to grind out a Republican majority In
the next House und ho wishes to know just
what Issues are to be Involved In tho cam
paign before ho starts In lie says the Elec
tions bill It passed will do the party more
tons than good and while bo regrets that all
of his colleagues of the Senate do not agree
with him ho doos not Intend to be frightened
by thorn
Tbe Uomoaatlo Senators are oollug very
comfortablo at tho unhappy situation of their
Republican colleagues and find much amuse
muut In Ibo bitter attacks which the radical
hotmtors MO making upon Mr Quay I ho
Itomocrats realize that while the Ponnsrlvnnla
Honntor may be omnipotent In managing Ibo
Republican machinery his advice has never
had much weight In the Senate They remem
ber that In 1HS8 he was strongly opposed to tbo
consideration or patmngo nt n tarlll bill and
conelderlon Imsnle tarl bi
had some very Impolite things to say about
Kennlors Allison Aldrich and lilrcock who
Insisted upon remaining here the entire
summer nud far into the fall for ontre
purpose ot keeping tho Tariff bill be
fora tbo people UH an lesur At that
time Mr Quay on several occasions referred
to tho members of I tbuMuanco Committed na
fool They paid no attention to him but
welt on with the Tariff bill which they claim
IK I responsible for the election of Benmmin
Harrison Mr Quay bus I dlffurentopinion ou
this point Ho thinks that Harrison owes his
election to the great wisdom and sbrwd po
lltlcal management of M U Quay lie now
mannjument 1e 10
thinks that Senators Hoar Frye Hpooner Kil
munds and othor friends of tbo Elections bill
are just as great fools a Allison Aldrlob and
Hlscock were In 1H88 and Is not afraid to say so
Mr Quays action In forcing himself to thu
front at the present juncture Is particularly
galling to tho socalled leaders of fbe Senate
because of the fact that he has studiously kept
away from all caucuses and conterences during
the session except on one occasion when bo
endeavored uneuocosslully to have a friend of
tile selected as HergeuntatArras Following
Ills usual method of keeping Mlent Mr Quay
has no explanation to oner for his present
course contenting himself with saying that
the country wants the Tariff bill passed aud
euros nothing about tbe Elections bill Ho will
probably attend tbe caucus tomorrow night
JobablY ills resolution Is not adopted It Is
probable that some arrangement will be made
providing for bringing the session to 1 close
within a reasonable lime and permitting the
Election bill to go Ye until December next
or until the remote future
Speaker Heed has boon in 1 great state ot
mind since Mr Quay put In hUrompromlse
resolution and his sarcastic torr o has
wagged somewhat freely tbe expenv ot the
Ieunavlvanln Senator Mr Heed lids been
vnry Indignant for tho past month or two at
the way In which things have been going tbe
Senate and there Is little doubt that bo has
realIzed for some time that his pet bill was to
bo killed He had no ld however tbat It
would b slaughtered In the I house of his
irlends and tho remarks that be hal made
touching tbo Inability of tbe Republican
Senators to mako tbolr colleagues amenable
to party discipline have l > eeu anything but
coninllmentnrr to Senator Hoar emil tbo Radical
cal Senators who are urirlni him to fiiive the
1orco bill Iroitt lining put to death Mr Reoil
UMIII worklucto koup Die Senators up to It
realizing Hinsu of their duly nml ban a poor
otluloii of hunt for not promptly jamming the
Mil I through Ibo Senate sic no did through the
House lie forced the bill through there with
hardly any apparent friction In tbe face of
tbe tact that at least thirtylive Republicans
were opposed to It Only one or two
ol them dared male tot opposition IOWA I
J i n L I
and they accomplished nothing as Mr Bead
and his party friendspsld not tho slightest at
tention to them Some of tho more radical
Henatora aro still advocating tho plan ot hav
ing tbo Force Itl put through the Sonata tn
the same way It wont through the House by
refusing to recognize Democrats No atten
tion In 1 paid to those Senator however and
they ore not likely to make headway with
thor proposition Unless all alms fall a
compromise arrangement on the lines of tho
Quay resolution will be mao very soon
I bae Nearly 1OOOOO Member and H D
ar fund or kl 3OOO In the Treaeurjr
BnsTpx Aug 19The eighth annual conven
tion ot the National Womans Ilellef Corps
opened In Tromont Temple at 10 oclock this
morning Mrs AnnIe Wlttemyorof Philadel
phia National President In tho chair The
Temple was gay with bunting and decorated
with the symbols ot the corps
On tho platform sat the past national offi
cers Including Mrs E Florence Barker the
first President Ar L A Turner Mrs Sarah
C Fuller and Miss Emma Lowd Fully thirty
live States were represented The galleries
wo > o crowded with members of the order
100 mombrs
President Mrs Wlttemyor was In tbo midst
of her Address when beorotary Hush Mrs
Alger Mrs John A Logan and Mrs Llnmoro
were announced A In tbe absence of Mrs
Charity Husk Craig Past National President
the gold badge voted her by the encampment
was presented t her father Secretary Husk
for her Mrs Bagly of Ohio mode the presen
tation In his reply Secretary Itusk said that
tho prosperity of the Grand Army of lh lie
imbUu largely depended upon the efforts of the
Womans Belief Corps
Mrs Wlttemyer the President In her an
nual address said that the membership of the
corps now reached nearly 100000 that a re
serve fund of tl23000 was In the treasury of
the local organizations and that the charity
work of the year amounted to over 100000
Permanent departments have boon organized
In Texas and North Dakota and the Potomac
Besides the regulor disbursements 13700 had
been paid out to needy army nurses bn
Past CommanderlnChlef Pan Vandevoort
entered and received an ovation In his pooch
be recalled the occasion of the formation of
tho corps and said he was prouder to sign Its
charter than ho would have been to sign tho
Declaration of Independence
An Old New Yorker VFhoae Ittlatlvei Were
All Killed In an Exploalon
ELIZABETH Aug 13 Police Lieutenant Wal
ter Furman of Elizabeth the oldest man on the
police forco is dying Ho was born eighty
years ago In New York city Ho was ono of tho
organizers In 1837 of the Elizabeth Fire De
partment Previous to that ho belonged to
Engine 3 of Now York and helped to fight tho
big fire of 1835 In which ho was badly frost
bitten He entered the Jersey Central Rail
road Companys employ when tho road was
built and collected tho first fare taken on It
For fifteen years ho had charge of tim delivery
and shipment of freight for the company at
Now York and Ellzabothport which latter
placo nas tben tho Jersey terminus of the
rad lie enjoyed the lifelong friendship of
John 0 Stearns and Commodore Vanderbilt
For twentytwo years bo has occupied the
desk at Polloo Headquarters and prior to this
he was for some years a police magistrate
His grandfather was a Revolutionary soldier
His father took part In the war of 1812 and the
son Inherited from them an intense dislike of
anything British Ho was a Jaoksonlau Dem
ocrat and I constant reader of THE HUN When
a boy of 13 he lost all his relatives liy a steam
boat disaster They canto to Elizabeth to ut
tond tho funeral of his sister and while tbo
obsequies were being held in the church her
only child died After the double funeral as
the remainder of tbo family five persons wero
returning to Now York on the steamer Atn
lantn liar boiler burst killing all of them Ho
escaped with several burps His wife is five
years younger than he She Is tbo only person
alive who WOK invited to leo the first shovelful
of earth dug In tho construction of the Central
Railroad of Now Jersey
Strance Story of a Newark Girl Who la
Claimed by a New Haven Man a III Wife
NEW HAVEN Aug 13OnJuIy 4 Miss Clara
Fales of Newark came to this city to visit Mrs
Charles Stevens who liven at 15 Silver street
There she met Frank E Stevens a brakoman
who Is employed by tho Consolidated Railroad
Stevens I a biotherof Mrs Stovenss husband
and was at tbe house more or less although ho
did not live there Miss Fates and Stevens be
came Intimate and the latter secured a mar
riage license The two were married by tho
Boy L C Meservl ono of the most prominent
clergymen In this city The age of the young
lady was given as 21 years when a a matter
of fact sho Is only 1 Sho returned to Nowark
four days after but said nothing to her parents
about the marriage until Stevens appeared
there and claimed her for his wife at the
same time showing a marrlago certificate duly
certified The girl denied that sho was mar
ried to Htevons and rolused to accompany him
to this city Sho has no recollection of tbe
marriage ceremony and says that she bud
boon kept under tbe lulluonco of drugs from
the thom sbo arrived In this city until a tow
hours before she loft and that she would still
be bore bad she not refused to drink the coffee
btevonss people gave her every day which she
claimed was drugged She said tbat I nny cot
omony was performed it was while sbo was
under tbe influence of drugs Mrb Fales
mother of the girl oamo < rl today and re
tained counsel to prosecute Stevens Miss Fates
Is a very pretty girl highly accomplished and
Church IR 1 tho loading at Nowark soprano in tho First Baptist
Dr Cleanor J Chaptn Qnetloned by Judge
Clement TTtatcrduy
Dr Eleanor J Chapln was boforo Judo
Clement In the City Court Brooklyn yester
day for examination a to her sunlty Fur 0
week she has been living at tho Keith house a
private asylum at 883 St Marks avonuo Shu
answerod questions put to her frankly and
with uviry evidence of sound judgment
Did you go to the Keith Home voluntarily
asked Judge Clement
I did because my sister told me It was a
private sanitarium with paying patients she
answered After I got there I found it was
nothing but a private Insane asylum
Do you desIre to remain t
Most certainly 10t I do not belong In such
a place I want to let away I am not In
Judge Clement asked horlf she henrd strange
noises or had any trouble m her boid and she
gave I prompt negative to elicIt query Hho
wanted a medical Board other than that com
posed oi the oounty physicians to examine her
und suggested the names of Dr Allen MoLane
Hamilton and Dr Daniel M Stlnmon both of
this city and both old friends she suld
Judge Clement deferred final action until
Mton unti
these doctors could consider her case
A Sight Amok Negro Laborer and Ones
birr In Alabama
DinMtxaiiAM Ala Aug ilLAt the Shelby
Iron works in Shelby county last night a bloody
fight occurred between tbo negro laborers and
a crowd of negro gamblerf Several women
were also mixed up In It Throe men and ono
woman were killed and eight or ton persons
were wounded Mary Jones was hut through
tie bond and Instantly killed Sam Masons
throat was cut with a razor and he lied In a
tow minute George David and another juan
unknown were shot to death None of tho
wounded is mortally Injured
Waists u Conaree Nomination
Col John wesley Jones of the Nineteenth ward
Brooklyn who bai been lomewbat prominent In Re
publican politic In that city hu taken advantage ot
lh new election Uw and lB I circulating a petition jk
lag for endorsement of bl candidature for the nom
nation In the Third Cenrr dlitrlct li doe not an
nounce blmieir ai a Republican candidate but want
an Independent 1 cltiieni and worklnimtn nomination
Ho tar lie has nt received a great deal ln encourage
went although several member or the Itepubllcan
Ligue Club in the Mneteeulh ond Twentieth ward
have slgnsll
In the saran while the fight between William I Wet
lao aol llobert I1 I Benedict for the regular Kepubtlcan
lomlnailon on with the chaucei about erin apparently
Hrerelary Wlndom on H n Crulee
Niw LOIPOK Aug laThe Hon William Wlndfm
Secretary of the Treuurr arrived hire thIs atlernoou j
on tte IIjbthouie lleamer John Boger Ue is I acoom >
pasted by b taU and private secretary The parr
win IIT taicerrow mornuf ta libeller blond 11
h fiJWfeiiffl
The City of New York the Pleat Foil
Itoekei Point bat the White star Flyer
Make 98OO llllra to the Hook Three
Dour Ahead of Her nival and Thirteen
JUIantce Better than the Del Record
Two giant steamships completed yesterday
abeam tho rod light vessel off Bandy Hook
the most magnificent ocean race on record
Tho Teutonic of tho White Star line won but
the City of Now York of the Inman line
covered herself with glory Whatever
I their commanders may say to tho contrary
tbo mighty craft were run for all
they were worth Each Captain left Queens
town on Thursday afternoon with the distinct
Idea of getting hero llrst It was just as much
of a struggle for glory as tho antebellum con
tests of Mississippi steamboats with niggers on
tho safety valves
The log of tbo Teutonic shows that she cov
ered 2800 knots In 1 days 19 hours and l min
utes and that ot the Inman ship Indicates that
she travelled 2791 knots In 1 days 32 hours
and 7 minutes Both vessels beat their own
beat previous runs and the Teutonic smashed
the record hold by tho City of Paris
It was generally Known among the thousand
cabin passengers on the two great ships when
they left Qneenstown that thore was going to
bo 1 battle for supremacy I the saloon pas
sengers didnt know I the grimy toilers down
In the blazing boat of the furnace rooms I
did And they played a very Impor
tant part generally much underestimated
mated in helping the Teutonlo to victo
ry The Whlto Star ship bad 0 more
experienced crow of stokers than tho City of
New York and to Ibis Capt Watkins attributes
somo 01 tho superior speed of the Teutonic
That tho City of New York had an inefficient
lot ol firemen Is shown by the dally reports Of
the chief engineer to Capt Watkins Only ono
shift of firemen were capable of keeping up
steam enough to make her propellers register
86 revolutions 1 minute Thene hardy follows
worked between I 1 M and midnight All the
other gangs wore unable to keep the ships
screws above Hi revolutions
The City ot New York anchored In Queens
town harbor to take the mull and receive
Quoonstown passengers at 612 on Thursday
morning She got up anchor and proceeded
slowly at 1225 tn tho altornoon Tho last
tender left her five minutes later and she
dashed off on her transatlantic contest
passing Roches 1olnt the starting point
of ocean races at 105 1 II Her cabin
passengers crowded aft to too the straight
stemmed sleek Whlto Star ship start In pur
suit Tne Cltv of New York rounded Daunts
Rock Lightship at 110 and the Immaculate
maiden under nor clipper bow turned her eyes
longingly to the Western World
This was really tho starting point of the race
Every pound of steam that her untrained fire
men could create was utilized from this mo
Nineteen minutes after sbo passed Daunts
louk Lightship her pansengors saw the knife
like stem of the Toutonlo dividing the
waves According to her log she passed
Rocnoa PoInt at 213 She was 1
humming but sbo was about seven
rolloH astern and Capt Watkins wasnt afraid
Ho beaded his ship I little to the northward of
the course the Teutonic was steering The In
terest of the cabin passengers In the race did
not manifest Itself In noisy ebullitions Tbero
was somo bolting mostly In favor of the Teu
tonic The Captains gave Instructions to their
engineers to let all Iave powor they could out
of their mighty steel machines and the human
machines feeding their fiery maws
At sundown tbo two vessels were relatively
nearly in the same position The City of New
Yore continued on her northerly course Tho
electric lights of the Teutonic gleamed from an
array of doadeyes ton miles to the southeast of
the Inman Bblo at 1 oclock on Thursday
night Up to 10 oclock on Friday morning tho
two ships were within sight of each other
Tbo weather was perfect with a following
breeze that would have been uncomfortable 1
the vessels bad been racing the other way
Marine glasses were In groat demand on the
promenade decks of both ships wben it b
came apparent that they wore gradually draw
ing apart
Oeforo noon on Friday they wero hull down
to each other At that time tho log of tbe Teu
tonic showed that shohad Ion 473 knots since
she passed Roches Point She bad reeled off
nine more miles than the City of New York
which had recorded 4G1 at tho same hour
Though Invisible to each other they were
nearly abeam I was not a case
of out of sight out of mind how
ever Tho sooty perspiring firemen
pitched tons upon tons of Welsh steam coal
into tbo glowing furnaces tbe tremendous en
glees throbbed a they nover had before and
tho huge twin propellers few around at tbe
rats of H5 8G and H7 revolutions 0 minute
ral midnight on Friday wakeful prornenaders
on tho City of New York saw tbe Teutonics
masthead light away to the southward nearly
abeam Him was bull down and Ibo TentonloM
Captain didnt of course havo tbe advantage
01 knowing his adversarys position The
stoker worked like llends and the Inman
ship kept abeam of her rival for sev
eral hours until she lost bar be
low tho southern horizon I was ideal
weather for a race During all ol Saturday
morning neither ship caught 0 glimpse of tho
other At 1 oclock Capt Watkins mode out
the masts of the Teutonic She was steering
northerly and going at I pace that Ibo green
stokers the Inman ship couldnt hope to
make their own craft approach no matter how
madly they worked and periulreii
bo she pasmd tho Ity ot Nol YOlk and b l
fore night sho was below the western horizon
Silo piled up the knots that night and during
the twentyfour hours en lUna at noon the next
day she bud woven behind hot twin braids of
silver MJ ratios long This in not quite as good
us the City of rarlss daily run of 515
miles mado on Juno 4 188J but it
Is several miles ahead of any other
of her dally performances Tho CitY of Now
York covered 4H5 miles while the Toutonlo was
logging this tine run At 1 oclock on Sunday
morning Capt Watkins had his last view of
the Teutonlo until bo saw her at anchor at
Quarantine She was about ton miles ahead
directly In his course All that bo saw of liar
was her stern light That vanished like a sitar
after a little while and the rncvrs for tim next
three days continued the fight unseen by each
Not once were tho engines of either slowed
down from the moment they passed Roches
Iolnt until they were abreast of the Handy
hook lightship Each Commander many
Interested passengers vainly scanned the hori
zon almond aslorn and abeam for his rival
And neither anxious skipper know until he
had gotten past Heady Hook whether be was
victor or vanquished
This is the record of tim W bite Star boat
tug It < 7J
AUK t < < M
Aim 10 Ma
Auilt n
Aur 12 ISA
Aun 13 Sandy Hook MO
Total i wJ
Hero Is what the Inman speeder did
Aug B 464
Aug U 4ni3
AUK 10 44S
sue II clot
AUK 11 474
ADJ 13 3to8andy hook M
Total 271U
According to Cnntnln Irving of tim Teutonic
he passed bandy Hook llchtihlr at 4 20 oclock
yesterday morning hut according to the tele
graph opoiator at Sandy Hook he did not pass
until 315 oclock or 55 minutes later This
discrepancy has lad many steamship men
Interested In records to iioouso Captain Irving
of having cooked his log Capt Irving
went to llockaway Reach installer reporting
nt the nflloe ot the V hlto Star Hue and Purser
T II Russell answered the questions ol In
terviewers Tbe Purser declared that the
log was absolutely correct and that
the Bandy Hook opoiator was wrong
If th log IB right the Teutonic has
made a much better run than hoi time of
6 days 19 hours and G minutes Indicates This
is apparently only 13 minutes better than the
hitherto unexcelled run of the City ot lane
nit it Is in reality more than an hour better as
the Teutonic covered 18 more miles than the
City of Paris Her average speed was 2017
knots and that of the Inman boat was 2U01
Titus olllolals of the White Star line wore un
willing to tell or let l tbeCaptaln of the Teutonic
tell how much ooul the big ship consumed to
beat the record how many revolution per
miquto her propellers made and what was her
P catod horse power According to the con
jectures of an export the Teutonic burned
about 325 tons of Welch coal a day This rout
Costs about JlOU u ton so lImo Teu
tonic cent over 11000 nkyward In vapor
thtringh tier funuole The City of Now York
expended a little more money this war ns her
dally consumption of coal Is beliteen Bund IU
tnim greater The Toutonlo propeller proba
bly averaged about 87 revolutions a minute
The Inman ships screws made about three
revolutions leas
Oapt Vatkln brought over a handsome sit
Tsr pltchir cMuntcd to him by the fly pw >
rangers who sat at his table during the memo
Table and disastrous voyage of tho City of Paris
in March last Throe of the passengers wero
Americans and two English These Inscrip
tions are engraved on the pitcher which Is em
bellished with dolphins and tridents and other
nautical symbols
Presented to Oapt Frederick Watkins It
N 1C by the guests at his table March 1U30
1890 A souvenir of a memorable voyage ol
the good ship City of Paris
Many wellknown people saw the first part ot
tho race from tbo decks nf tho racers hoso
prominent among the passengers on the Teu
tonic wore Joseph Chamberlain and his young
wlfo the daughter of oxSccrotary Undlcott
and Mr Chamberlains pea and daughter
When the Teutonic wan made fast at hor dock
Mr Chamberlain wait ono of tho nrst passonrors
to leave the ship Ho was greeted allusively
bv bin brotherinlaw William 0 ndlcott Jr
Mr Chamberlain was looking bin usual good
health Ho wore a light suit and a summer
overcoat and the Inevitable monoclo HA Im
mediately left thodock with his family and Mr
Kndtcott and drove to tim Urevoort House
The whole party left on the 11 A M train
ovorthe Now Haven road for Boston on their
way to the homo of Mrs Chamberlains father
ana mother In Salem Mr Chamberlain In
travelling for recreation and to givo his wife
an opportunity of visiting her family Ho will
probably not return tn England before
the beginning of November when lar
lament opens Others on the White
Star ship were Sir Lyon Playfalr und Lady I
Playair Fnnny Davenport and her husband
Melbourne McDowell exQov Amos of Massa
chusetts Sir David Maophorson land Lady
Maopherson Sir lames Russell Prof Allan
Marauand H O Marquand C B Anchlncloss
and Adrian Isilln Jr
Mrs Robert T Lincoln wife of the American
Minister to England and her two ynungdaugh
tars were on the City of N ew York Mrs n
and her daughters spent yesterday with friends
In the Knickerbocker apartment house 317
Fifth avenue and Intended leaving for their
Chicago homo over the Pennsylvania Railroad
either last night or this morning Their
stay In this country will not bo long and they
expect to return to England In the early fall
Herbert Keloey and Ted Marks with his com
pany ot International Vaudevilles of which
Maude Brnnseombe Is the star wore also on
the Now York
Seventeenrcairold Mrs Kettle Find that
Marriage is Indeed A Failure
Mrs Jennie Metzler ot 203 Pavonla avenue
Jersey City and her 17yearold daughter Liz
zlo wont before PollooJusttoo Btllslng about
two weeks ago and made a charge of bigamy
against Nathan A Kettle The latter Is the
husband ot the girl They were married In
Newark two yean ago by the Rev John
Erautz now pastor ot the Centenary Metho
dist Church in Jersey City Kettle was then
employed In the Erie Railroad depot an bug
gage master but a short time afterward ho
was discharged for dishonesty and ho served
a term ot Imprisonment for his crime His
young wife refused to bavo anything to do
with him after his release from prison
It was only a few days before pho and her
mother made the oharco ot bigamy that sho
learned that ho had been marrIed second time
Accompanied by her mother she wont to the
house ot the Rov Daniel Uolloran pastor of
tit Pauls Methodist Church and the minister
told her that on July 20 lost ho had married
Kettle to Antoinnotto Shorrot ot this city De
tective Clarke has had the warrant for Kettles
arrest for two weeks but bo baa cot been
brought Into court Mrs Metzlor called at
Police Headquarters on Tuesday and told Act
Ing Chief Lange that Clarke bad told her that
Kettle bad been arrested Hho wanted to know
why she and her daughter had not been sum
moned to appear against him The Acting
ChIef Investigated the cogo and learned that
Kettle had In fact been ariostod but it was be
fore the warrant tar his arrest had been issued
He was released upon the order ot Capt Chris
topher Smith who said that the man could not
be held without a warrant Tho police are now
hunting for Kettle
Caused by Hrjvlpela xteBDltlna from a
Wound Becelred In a Fall
Augustus Hygorlcks a lawyer living in
Tompklnsvllle S I died on Tuesday evening
last In Bellevue Hospital of erysipelas The
cause of Ms death Vas wound received in a
fall at 1 West street while he was intoxicated
Hygorlcks bad been drinking heavily for a
week and on Friday last he staggered and tell
on tbo sidewalk Policeman Sbanahan of the
Liberty street station saw him falL There was a
statement In an evening newspaper yesterday
that Hygorloks told the ambulance surgeon
that ha bad been beaten and robbed Police
man Shanahan says there Is no truth in the
etatemein Ambulance Surgeon Hughes of
the Dellevuo Hospital who asked Hygorlcks
how bo came by his Injuries said that liygo
rlcks was undoubtedly suffering from deliri
um tremens and that when he mumbled that
he had been struck his statement was not
to be taken for fact Hygorlcks was first ar
raigned before Justice White In the Tombs
and sentenced to ten days on thj Island Ho
wan removed from the Tombs to Uollevue
Hospital la an ambulance The body Is at tho
Morgue Hygorlcks loaves a wife and children
in Tompklnsvlllo
BIr Curt Find a Man In the Hall Who
link Her Jewelry In III Pocket
William White a stone mason was arraigned
before Police Justice Stllslng in Jersey City
yesterday Mrs Ella Carr of 280 Sixth street
testified that sho mot White In the hallway
loading to bar apartments whoa she had re
turned from the houso of n friend She asked
him what be was doing there and ho said ho
was looking for apartments Ho walked slowly
down stairs and went Into the street When
Mrs Carr entered bar rooms she dlsoovored
that a diamond pin a gold ring a gold watch
and charm and other articles ot jewelry bad
disappeared during her absence
She ran out followed tho man down tho
street and bad him arrested White was Bean
to throw something away A search was mado
and a skeleton koy und Mrs Cams jewelry
were found White denied that ho was a sneak
thIef He said he went to the building to look
for a friend Ho paid ho was a veteran and
claimed tbo acquaintanceship of some promi
nent men In this city 1ollco JuBilce Stllslna
remanded him
A Former Lover Ituu Away With Mrs
Itenaett lieforo Ikennelt Eye
ST LOUIB Aug 13 William Kennott a Kan
aas City painter was robbed of his wife in an
unusual way at an early hour this morning
Bennett had been married but a few months
when Jack Davis a former lover of Mrs Ken
nottB appeared at Kansas City Davis In
luced Mrs Kennett to elope with him and last
Saturday the pair loft Kansas City and came
bore Ktnnott followed anti found his wile
yeiterday Mho bald ehe would return with
film and bo forgave her Thor wero walking
along Pine street near Seventh this morning
when Davis suddenly appeared and seizing
Mrs Kennett with one hand he drew a re
volver with the other and flourished the weapon
In the faro of the astonished husband Davis
led Mrs Kennett to a carriage standing on tIm
curb and jumping In with nor drove oil The
carriage wits driven to East St Louis whore
Davis and Mrs Konuett disappeared
Named for ConKree
The Peoples party or the Fourth Kansas dlitrlct has
Bomliainl J 0 1 utli for cooirok
The Uiiuorrati or the Firs Iowa district yesterday
lOmlnatttU tbo lion John J Beiry of llurllnuiou for
The Kipubllcaniof the lftti Maryland illitrlet Teeter
day nnantmouily rinoBiluatiH fcduiy t iluJJ fat
The President la Washington
WjinuiOTOi Anr 13Tue President and early ar
rlvedlu Washington from JJixlKii at 4 uiloot this even <
Rockwell i To i large tannery at North Clarendon
Fa wai burned on Tuesday iilght Loss lluuWO
It ii estimated that the fortifying of Helgoland will
cost 7ouuUJU
An Arab ha com to Madrid from Morocco on be
bait of the tribe around Uelltla lo uk Hit M > nuh
Government to release thief Ualinou who u detained
at MellUa ai a liotlaf by the Bpaniarda
Two hundred rarmer or Huron cuunlr Michigan
have asked for DBiillo aid became their irun were so
tally destroyed by the itunu obloli i Welt over the
altern IOrllou or the couuljr ut hurl ell time
A nre broke out on Tuesday < nlnht In the shoe factory
nl Clinton A i 1 deitruial I COat imtldlni a mirbl
work and an overall and ilnrt fdrtory und itaiuaite I
the rtll > len < > it it Hnliw Mini et tie Lchlicli klley
Itallroal I The Lrhtirll takjr depot was 4Td wllu
reat dlirculty Ills Iris i about Moxo
Albert reaumont chief idtarllilnK agent of tue Chi
SIlO Opera Home wai arrened yesterday charged
with converting to his own ui ticket taad for dvr
tuug privilege II confessed and It Ii I laid Im
lleata other advertiilng men In aacbeme by whUb all
the tbiitr proprteior la the city tar ba regularly
Mrs Kniehncra Mlituke aha Say fibs
Thought Fi > cln Wan liar Ilaeband and
Lived with Him for Three UaMths
Abraham Kusohner Is suing for a divorce la
Brooklyn from Esther Kuschner Theoor
spontlonts name Is Fagln and It is alleged
that Mrs Kuscbnor lived with him for three
mouths In the belief that ho was her husband 4
The case is on trial before Justice Bartlett
Marx Allonlch ot 38 Essex street and his wlfo
were the only witnesses examined yesterday
They wero sworn according to orthodox Jew
ish custom on the Tephtllln Mr Allenloh testl
fled that Esther believed that Fagln was her
husband whom she had not seen for font
rears At first sho did not credit Fagln when
ho represented himself aa her husband but
whoa ho told her of certain Incidents In their
livesi which BIO believed were known only to
Jlr Kusobnor she believed his story and ao
copied him an her husband
Justice Bartlett thought It Impossible that
the woman titan t know her husband after four
years reparation No additional testimony ot
Importance was taken but counsel for lbs
wife broadly hinted that there was a con
spiracy against her and that Fngln had been
Induced to pretend that ho was lit Kuscnni
and furnished with Information to enable him
to carry out the deception The trial was ftd
journed for a week
If he Hadnt Treated hu Tailor ha Might
Stave Eccaped
Charles Sohweek 39 years old ot 81 Bowery
was held In 2000 ball In the Essex Market
Court yesterday for forgery
Bahweok got a three days job to do some
painting for George J HoeQor 27 Wooster
street three months ago and while there had
occasion to examine carefully Hoofers signa
ture lie soon began appending Mr Boeder1
signature to checks which were cashed around
town principally by keepers ot saloons and
small stores All word for amounts from 110
to 25 libeller got wind of the forgery and
told Detective OConnor of the Eleventh pre
cinct about It Tuesday Sehwock went into
William Millers tailor shop Forsyth near
Grand street and ordered a now suit of clothes
lllllor treated at u saloon near by and then t
Hchwock returned the compliment BO as to get I ci II
a chock cashed and pay Miller a deposit
The barkeeper recognizIng bchweok as one
who had already passed a forged chock made
a vain attempt to catch him tichwock started
out on a run only to como up against OCon
nor outside the door The moment Bchweck
found himself In the detoctlxos grasp ho
jammed the forged check Into his mouth ana
made a desperate effort to swallow It OOon
nor clutched him by the throat and forced Txlrn
to disgorge the paper There are supposedtto ho
about seventy victims of Bchwocks forgeries
Those who appeared In court yesterday morn
lug were George liohman 40J roarl stroebtlS
Ltnllo Fass 21 IJelanoey street t25 L tieheir
man It Division street 25 John Bhoehn 69
Grand Mrcot t20 and Edward Hlrtz 270 Grand 1
street 1A 1
tichweck refused to make any statement and
wan unconcerned and smlllnc during the pro
liuilnary examination
Cnnnot Tell Who She Ie
A woman plainly dreued and apparently about 4O
yean of age was found early yesterday morning lying
I on the ildewalL at Seventyninth street and Leilngtoa
avenue She was taken to tbe Freibyterlan Iloipltal
where It was found that she had hysterical apllpty
There wan nothing about the woman by wlilchlh could
be IdenlUfd cud up to a late hour laic ntgbtno one ha
called to Inquire for her The nouns physician aid IMI
evening that the woman partly recovered conieloo
neiiyekterday afternoon but wai unable to tell her
name or to give the number of tOe home where hJ
lIved 8he remembered she aid that the lived some
where In Seventr lecond meet and that aha had ebb
dren at home the was greatly dlatrened about her
children but before she could say more about herteir
she became insensible again
The Thirteen Club Burner
The Thirteen Club had a dinner at the Brlifetoa
neach Hotel last evening It was begun at a 13 oclock
Coroner J B Uenemcr the chief ruler ot the dab
presided Cover were laid for 150 Among thee wha
made epeeobei were ben Horatio C King the Bev Or
II C w hiocklng of Orange county nd Cbarlea IL
Wlnneld DUtrlct Attorney of llodion county N i
The Weather
The high barometer area which haa bn girlogtm
fair weather ai U advanced to the Bait and which wu
central yeiterday In the lake region baa divided Into
two ucllon One part hu nearly dliapixared Into
Canada and the other baa Inclined to the South much
diminished so that It would offer but little resistance to a >
norm moving from the West The storm over the Da
kota has moved northward and la now central In Can
ada A second norm has appeared la the Bontbwut
which is l being rapidly developed and forced eastward
by a high area prevailing In the extreme HorthwMk
An extenilve ruin area exists In the IfltiUilppl valley
extending northward to the labs region cauxd by the
tow area which divide the country West of the Hiul
Ippi valley
heavy rain occurred at Point Jupiter 7is lOJ
end at other point In Florida rain bai alien Thli It
evidence of a movement or the cyclone toward Ut
coast which was reported near Havana yesterday
Fair weather prevails In the Atlantic and Southern
Elate and In the Korthweit Elaewher U I threaten
ing and raining The cool wave Ii 1 stationary over th
entire country with the exception or this extreme South
west and Gulf coast where It continue warm
The humidity yesterday was 75 fir cent bigbet
Government temperature 73 ° with a fresh wind frost
the north
Slightly warmer with shower todayi stationary
temperature and ram on Friday
The thermometer at Perry1 Pharmacy In Ta Bon
building recorded the temperature yesterday u tot
1RBT JNIO two lace
300 A M Ot ° tU ° 330P M 70 TOe
ciOAM CM 63 6U1 FM 7B 715
9XAM7O fti 9Oibt745 73
1J001I 73 71 1200 111173 73 a
Avrrige en j
Average on AUK 13 ihbii 7 J
For Maine fair In western showers In eastern por 4
tion easterly to southerly wlndi warmer In wes
era stationary temperature In eaitern portion
For New hampshire fair stationary temneratnr
easterly toaoutherly wind
For Massachusetts warmer fair wind shifting te J
For Rhode Island and Connecticut fair ezcipt light
local showers on the coast northerly wind becoming
variable illghtly warmer
for Vermont warmer fair southerly wind
for etutern Jfeio iork warmer fair variable wind
for eastern Ieuniylvanla warmer fair loutherly o
For New Jersey fair clearing In southern portlonf
slightly warmer variable wind
For Delaware local itiowera followed by fair weata hi
er illghtly warmer wlode shifting toioutherly I
For Ulitrlct of Columbia and Maryland slightly 1
warmer generally fair weather wind shifting to
southerly c
Win Fanny Davenport Is 1 at the Et Cloud Hotel
Muilo In East Hirer Park tbli afternoon at 4 oclMk
by Conteruo Ninth ilegbnient band
Janice llerichim u yoari old or 177 Clinton street
WM run over tip car Hw tit the Avenue B line yesterday
and hu leg wa cut oft
KlghtyfltemembcriblptlrkeUor the Metal Exchange
were old for lion payment or due yesterday at SttX
All war bought tu by the Exchange
Robert brittle 80 year old an Iron moulder or SIC
East Eighth street wander from home whil tem
porarily insane ou Hundar last and feli ou IheUdewUk
lie died ynterday in Hollvue hospital
The can ot little Mary hayes arrested for Mlllnc
newspapers was again adjourned at Jeflerton Marts
yesterday Pullopinin Maflny wm not present and
unite ultrllly mued a eubpena for him i I I
bolomon hectic a merchant or MemphIs dldod
denlv r iienlr at the Hotel iacm from natural causes
tile holy a Iii be embalmed and taken to Memphis f
his two iou < who came to Sew York with him
The lulii Pnu fomnanr of New York ha flled its
ctrtlncite or Inrorporaiion In the County Clerk office
It carli Ic t faAMjji arid the manager are Ajarr
lv Charles II human and Adam K avU
Judiie Iieach or the Kupreme Court haafdenled the ap
pltrailouo the Attorney General for au injunction ye
iirvlntng judgment creditor from proceeding again
the corporatlun known ai Mark Mayer pindlng tbe de
culon ou a inoiion fur a rrrelver or the corporation la
proceeding for its UU ulQtlon a
Iaw > erW T I Hlrdull tar Dr UcGonigal and Mr
pha who are lu the Tomb awaiting tb action or Ib 3
iirand lurr for the death of Annie uondwln tiled airt
davlti lu tfie liinrict Atlornei uflce yesterday for re
duction ur hill McOonegal Is lii fir f 4tui and Mrs
bliair fnrtuni hull The cue will oouie before lie
coriler Kmirili this monItor
Judy Laioinbr in the t tilted Kiau Circuit Court
btanl argument reiirrdiy on marion br contact for
birch Uranech In her mil to eecl llllam T Nraltu
from the premises 111 S East Tntnyndn itreL which he
claim aa an heir of Alexander T Hlewaru The matteS
WM In reference to the qutitlon to tie asked by the
commission appointee lo cicada wltaMM is UtUO
IJeglalan wu iwcivea

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