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And a prompt response chanctertzo a To 23usr o 3oll
Board or Rom Advertisement t HORSES HARNESS or CARRIAGES J
THE D SUN I 1 THE 10 nso the Advertising SUN Columns of J I
TOS SBivzumto rDlnm
ll Xxeeatlve Boar Start tor New
Jerk lo Dereaad Arbitration POw >
4erly rropesee to Invoetl teAll the
Striker ea the Delaware aed Ilndeon
JUtnra to WorkThere I No Trouble
IB be Feared Atmona the riremetu
The itrlke on the New York Central vf I vir
tually our two daysoKO I within a few hours
It I will De t > abiolutelr at on ond Passenger
trains are now arriving and departing at
the Grand Central Depot exactly on sched
ule tlne and there Is no further delay In
etwencer traffic anywhere alone tho lino of
thiioad The onlr delay now Is In the freight
ttafncand within a oourle of daya at most
thl trouble will be entirely over Men enough
treatworkin the frelsht yards but there Is
jaore ar work there tan con be done in a short
pace of time
the New York Cntl romen havo not struck
and Grand Master Borgont ot the Firemans
Bfothsrhood aaya that the Central firemen
hue no grievance I Is quite true as THE
yesterday that Local Assembly
Bos stated futordlr Lcal ombl
170 E of L comprlslna the employees on
tho n rlom division of the Contial Ilnllroad
has disbanded nnd thnt Us members have
pltoed themselves at the disposal of tho rail
road company The employees tho yards of
the Delaware and Hudson Conal Companys
ItaUroad at Albany who struck on Wednesday
out of sympathy with the Central strikers re
turned to work at 6 oclock lat evening
A story published yesterday was the cause ot
a great deal ot merriment not only amone tho
officials at the Grand Central station but
among tha strikers themselves This was to
the effect tat the railroad officials In order to
fool the reporters were running dummy
trains out of the Grand Central and op as far
al Mott Haven thence back to tho deoot again
The dummy trains referred to were of
course the empty trains that a always run
back to Mot Haven after unloading at the
station or are run down to the depot from the
Mott Haven yard to receive their passengers
MWt then leavo on their regular trips
What is probably the lat word gl the strUe
was spoken by VlcoPresldent Webb to the
Wa sDken
newspaper men yeiterday afternoon In regard
gard to the position the railroad company
wonld assume In the reinstatement ol the
strikers A1e Webbs statement In written
form was sent to every division superintendent
alone 11 Una of the road and will b controll
alol Ina roa
upon the imperlnt udents In tho matter of
IDg back the old men
The statement was A follows
A larje number of men who have bun eat on strike
er maklnf application At different points on the road
fer reinstatement the applications tulnr coupled wild
Maraneee of loyalty and promises ot fowl behavior la
b fa tare
The question betnx continually aikeft at c whit the
company poiltloa I with retard to these men I will
asjaa follows
On earefnl Inquiry X find that mar of them ara joofl
employee having heen In tlmee put rallhlul servants
t tli company anil mar ot them hare been led Into
till illfflcalty through Intimidation misrepresentation
or Irnorance I appreolate their eltnatlou ToT folly
especially I tho < ca ea where th an havo wires
and children who are dependent on them for support
I have liven the matter very careful consideration
and have Instructed ear officials aa fellowai
That eaen caae ahall ha conildcred separately and on
II merits and where the party hai been a eatlitaetury
and f althrnl the
Iatblmploy and where auperlntendent
o official Immediately 1 charf e li eatUfled or can aat
bry tha eneral lopertntendent that the man ba left
pee be extenuating elrcnmitaneei above outlined
that Ibn 1C a vacancy exuts he thai b taken on at a
new amplojee that where no vacancy nlt the name
oftha applicant will b taken and a the business 1
eraaneduliii the autumn and winter and when addl
conalderatlon tl aal help li needed hU application will receln ait due
I la however dUtlnctly nnderitood and the rule
will brlfldly enforced that th new men who have
recently and on account of thli strfte come Into our
lervleeaball not b displaced nnleas their aervlcesare
IBUtlifactory and that thoie men who were formerly
I the company employ and lft In tbii itilke but
who nnder the abovo Instructions may be reinstated
will enter the eervlce Doal old men reinitated but aa
eatlraly new employee aDd hereafter with retard to
promotion discharge assignments of work Ac they
will b retarded aa new men
Those men who have bon tttrbalent Inimical and
CetrlmenUt lo thla company aDo Ita Internte will not
ttader any consideration h taken back Into the service
Mr Webb said further Taking a man back
as a new employes means that he will not be
credited on the books of the company with
lone service and that ho will not be entitled
t any of the special privilege which he might
otherwise enjoy I am certain from what I
bare heard that many ot the men struck
against their judgment or because of tbelr Ig
norance I dont want to b had on such men
who have otherwlso beon faithful to us Vie
dont mean to be revengeful In this matter but
only jnst
onlrJust thing that bothers as at all now Is
oar freight business We have plenty of men
a work In tho freight yards nnd have more
len applying to us for work than wo can em
ploy alp our freight yards are In 1 state ot
congestion or were up to last night W o werq
In a condition similar to thnt In wnioh wo would
belt a blizzard struck us We cant work more
than so many men la each i srd There ara In
eDh north bound and 80uth bna cars
10 b 1sorlod and placed on Ibo propor traoks
andlhere Is A crea toal 01
ternl work to be done But we are getting
mater In sbapo magnificently and we bopo
to bave our BlxtyOfth street yard here In per
I fect ore by this evening
Mr Webb hopes In regard to the Btxtyfirth
slreit yard were realized At 6 clock last
nlgut the superintendents in chargo of the
yard reported that eery particle of old
freight remaining thoro had boon cleared
Rway and that the yard was ready to do regu
diu business again Freight trains arrived and
pared hourly and were Irnot for the police
men standing around no one could have told
ttoat a strike won In progress
UThe police arraugomentR for the strike con
tinue unchanged The plo are as watchful
a ever and perhaps more so now bat tbo
strikers are defeated and there Is a possibility
of some sore head among them trying to do
something raab Not I single area nan yet
been made in connection with the a true
Otneral Huperlntendont Voorhees sold
Urueal HUI > Voorhoel and to 1
BUN reporter late yesterday afternoon
I We are running our omplete schedule ot
trains now on exact time suo thsBpuvtsn
IJunl > oily locals and some of the Tucka
lioe trains wo shall start running the Bpuy
ten buyvll trains tomorrow ando ran six
or eight of the Tuckanoo tralnn todar Our
freight bnslnes ai you know Is getting
alone nicely In addition to the JetUnl
which we despatched from here today we carl rln
out of Albany twenty trains westward on the
flobawk division lletrala southward on the
Hudson River division and two trains north
ward on the Bohenectady division Bo that In
all 1 we run twentyiievon long trains out of Al
bany Tne Hnrlaui division la now In com
plete running order Wo are ready for all sorts
of business there
The Knights ot Labor who had not returned
to work yesterday hold a secret meuting nt
Wehdels Assembly Ilooms and encouraged
elell Ioomsi encouralod
each other EMi ot tbo fourteen speakers
who addressed the men asserted thnt tho
I Knights were te met there had been no
deserters from the ranks
1 Ah 3U resetted yesterday to allow the re
rur shop men to go back to ort as they can
do the linker no ood It Is doubtful If I they
can 1 employment again from tho company
Tlie rzeeatlve Bn rd Haedealr Htairte for
New York
OiTBoiT AuK aThe Kxeoutlve Hoard ot
tb Enlchti ot Labor held two secret sessions
today at which nothing but routine business
tu transacted
The General Executive Board suddenly
reiolved today to finish their labors
la hew York and started for tat city atlOC5
thli evening In a speech before an asaem
btre of Enlgbta of Labor this evening Mr
Iowderlr said he and his comradeswore going
to New fork to demand arbitration In the mat
Iff ol the New York Cent 1 and Hudson lllver
JJiiirow strike As Mr Powderlr waa about
to bOIl bis trnln he was inked if hlssuddeu
t allnl for Nef Vork was the result of an
i a 1 from District Assembly M
No JM r 1owderly We dont under
t Ild why we do not hear from them and are
tOILI lo order to find out and study the sltua
le on the cround
1 rUolIana present his report today
r olland hal no lora report toart pr
sent hle has simply told me tha story a you
hTe had It In the nnpera
> ull you ooto lr Webb without belnt ap
pealod to by the District Executive Board t
We will reo Mr Webb EJocutv first thlntr
There Is I nothing proud about us nnd wo havo
nothing to bide I the men nro found to be
wrong we will applaud the action of the com
pany In aisonarglne them
JJ 111 Mr rlshtbo with you 7
leswa bave telegraphed him to meet us
InNow York
OiEVKiALi Auc HRumor current this
morning that there would be 1 tiptin on tho
Lake Hhoro Ilallroad wost of DufTalo failed to
materialize and the situation tonlsbt was un
changed Irand Chief Hargent ot tbo Brother
hood ol Locomotive Firemen arrived In tho
city at an early hour In the morning Irom
his home In Terro Uaute Ind anil
Ind In
took apartments nt the Hollondou His
minion was one of peace be bUl
called here to adjust trifling grievances
of tbe firemen on tho Now York < ennsvlvanla
and Ohio ItaUroad A delegation of firemen
from oungntown reached tho city on nn early
morning train and thoy woro soon closetod I
with tholr chief The nature of their grievance I
was not learned though it was stated that It
was not 01 1 serious nature or one likely to
cause future trouble The conference hap
conlernco haD
pily ended Mr bargont called tipou Grand
t larlont
chief Arthur of the Urotherhood ot Locomotive
Engineers and had a brlot Lcomotvo
Grand Chief Sargent denied that his visit
had anything to do with the Now York Central
atrlke aaylng that tils pnrpoao In coming
bore was solely to adjust n trilling affair for
trlfnl aIalr
Youngstown flretnen An hour after his con
I aler
ference With Chief Arthur ilr Bargont loft 001 I
bis homo in tho West I
Urand Chief I Arthur when askod regarding
tho rumored trouble among the locomotive
flromen looked uo from his desk with n smllo
And hf nnswer x dont know That Is what
1 told tho other ilx reporters who wore her I
hardly thought that Mr Sargent would come
here In the Interest of the Eastern strike nml
now I know tbat bo did not
Chief Sarconta reply not told that H was
reported that he had ordnrod tho nromen out
orArod tlo frmon
wai I Is ralso from bellnnlnl to ond Iho
Brotherhood of Fireman cannot for a moment
entertain the Idol of striking under tho pre ° out
circumstances Under the laws ol tho Brother
hood and Federation ot Hallway Employ
ees D local commlttoo roust Inveitleato
the grievance I tho InTeRtllto
settle then the Grand Council should be called
together and use all Its menus to settle tbe dla
Fnte I this was found to bo impossible then
would probably favor a strike and my deci
Ion would bo submitted to a vote of the coun
cil and I It was sustained I would Imme
diately order I strike
Havo any encb stops been talon
No nor do I expect that such will bo the
caSt While I am heartily In sympathy with
the striken you see It Is simply out of the
question for mo to participate in this matter
In any vay The laws of the Brotherhood will
tlo lrothorhood wi
not permit of It
Did you receive I telegram from Master
Workman Lee of the New York ctrlkors asking
for your approval of the strike 1 Mklnl
No sir I received no telegram but I did
receive a letter from him asking me to go
thero and take charge of tho strike In an
swer I ent him I copy of tho lawn of tho Fire
mens Brotherhood which of course showed
him distinctly that such a move on my part Is
out of the question
UurriLo Queston Aug 14Tho Knlehts of
Labor held 1 meeting here this afternoon and
state that by tomorrow noon the Central will
and out that the strike IB not over Tho walls
of the Central depot bear a lot of freshly mado
before plena similar the atrlke to thoso that appeared tho night
Some of She Man Taken Hack Other Ap
plication Refilled
WHITE PLUSH Ann HIt was learned to
day that tho charter of local assembly 1705 at
Dover Plains was surrendered last night by I
Toto of 49 to 23 Superintendent Worcester
allowed Freight Conductors John Davis David
Ilanna Luke Vincent J Benson and J Walto
to man their trains this morning together
with fourteen brakomon
wth fouroen remaining
strikers of the Dover Plains assembly wore
toll to report to Suet Voorhoes
Many of tbo strikers applied to Bupt
Worcester todar lor reinstatement without
receiving any satisfaction Suet Worcester
sale tho pay car will arrive hero In tho morn
Ing when the strikers vU be paid nnd recolvo
certificates ol discharge Train were on tlmo
all day until evening Tne Ort train of liva
stocK over tho road since the strike passed
here south at 710 tonight consisting of forty
car Tlio 817 P M local train IB delayed hero
by reason of its backing a car In tho turntnblo
man pit through tho carelessness of a green brlko
Delaware and aTadeon Striker stt Work
Central Frelebt Movlnc
ALBANY Aug 14 I every man on our road
from the superintendent down Including loco
motive engineers and all classes
onlineers al of skilled
labor should go out upon strike and leave tbo
field clear without Interfering with trains or
intimidating new mod I could fill tbolr places
In ten dar This was tbo comment today
of a loading official of a railroad oonttlng
here upon tbo futility of strikes Tho success
the Central having in soourlng men to run
Its trains in a measure confirms the statement
Tbls morning sixtytwo ezporlonced railroad
men arrived at Wost Albany whoro the com
pany already had Its englnei flred up nnd a
guard of 20 Plnkertons ready to protect tbo
Initial blockraising effort I was decided to
mAke UP trains at Karnera and three
short trains ot cabooses were sent out
with crews
Uy noon most of tho crows woro at Knrners
making up freight but enough remained to
start at 24i oclock I frolcht train west It
wus drawn through the yard without west I
Interference from the lower end and pro I
ceeded to Knrnors rollowfug at Intervals
during tbo afternoon wero two trains for the
West and thtoo Hudson Ulvor freights Includ
ing the West Albany dairy train which ran off
the track In the Union Depot but was quickly
run on again Freluht train 57 from Now
York passed through at 1140 A M bound
tor Do W U
The upper brldgo ovor which only freight Is
run was cleared today and trains are now
running regularly
About 4ao 111 there was somo etcltomont
caused In this locality by tbo tnlllngof ono of
the Plnkerton guards on the brldgo In an opl
leptlollt lie apoedlly recovered and resumed
his patroL There were no demonstrations
made by tbe strikers either at tbo bridge or at
West Albany whon the blockade was raised
The only clash of the day rlsot
the main railroad crossing at hast Al balI
about 345 P U The Plnkerton guard at tho
main railroad orotslncru East Albany direct
ed several Knlcbts who were gatherer near
the switch to leave tbe track aaylni that no
one was allowed to croif A hnlght named
John Bird got on tbo truck Another Plnkotton
ttruclc him with his club Oilier Ilnkortona
coming up they mlle the man 1 prisoner nnd
wero about to put him under guaidwhon tlie
Knights who bad gathered In force Indo tie
rush for the Plnkertons Tho guards wore
quickly overpowered and tho striker was res
cued amid the shouts nnd yells of Ihe crowd
which numbered 700 Ihe Hukertons backed
themselves up against n llnir house anil re
mained on the defensive wbllr one of the
number summoned old Bird with povoral
friends v > ent down to Oreonbuah to stvoiir out
1 warrant against the Plnkertons for aaeault
Meanwhile tbe strikers timbered at the craps
ing mid nncrllythientened to run tbo Pinker
tons Into tbo rhf WHer counsels prevailed
At 1 oclock Hupt Hammond of the D and I
road wearied of the efforts ot the strikers wbo
went out yesterday to foroe him Into a com I
promise und ho omiKid thin notice to be pouted
about tbe D and H notce I
To Emplnyrei Jltluwft ntut Itil4ifm fdnal Company
Allemt > loreesof this company who left their post of
dmy yesterday without peruilsloii who < io not report
for duty on or before I clock I M to da will be re
f a hannp mired from this eomianrs aervlce I
and will rerehe 1 their Immediately cinllnir
aul wil Ihtr par bIlo upon
the paymaster at hie office In > lalJen lane Hy order of
m d r I
tlie Htcond VUe President
l I lUwxoyD Kuperlntendent
Tly S oclock the strikers bad nqroeil to re
turn to work tu conditionally and at G 1 M
bud reported for dutv 4 he l > und H Com
pany Bultured llttlo Inconvoulonce from this
strike cf tbelr fiolcht Imndlcra atiilAvsltcbmm
as nothing but local frolcht Is run Icto Albany
their throURh freight uolnc byvvny of bcbo
nectaday aud Mtxhanlrsv Illo Their paEseugur
schedule Tap undisturbed
At 4 P JI 100 new mel arrived to tako the
strikers places on Ibo Central road Tho loco
motive department of tbo ost Albany car
shops was sbut down today and tie big en
gine which turns tho machinery was ntlll
motionless In tho car department not over
UUO mel wero nt work Mbli attornorn It I
wai thought tho locomotive department would
bo atarted up ngaln tomorrow l J Joi
mode 1 hasty cal upon tho 1ocutlvo J Board of f
I l A 24i > to day nnil aftor 1 hurtled ooisultit
tlon returned to < ow Vi rk
lon the a emblio rompoMna D A 147 are
romlnB to the aid of tbo slrlkoro in D A J4lu
Tonight tlm ale and i ortor workers find tbo
lumber handlers pledged tbelr full tesourcus
to tbe striking district and each of thaoiLer 1
will do the same Thla will give the mil now
1 about 1 Ol ond when this Is cone all the 1
assemblies stand ready to Ion r uoumnt I
for tbt strlku fua I
The AllUnee Delesatee leelet oa Aetlou
that the Convention wae Not Called to
Consider They Turn Out the fltatc Kxee
olive Committee The Htralahtonte TII1
Put a Ticket of their Onrn In the Held
COLUMBIA 8 0 Aug HThe longthreat
ned split In tho Democracy of South Carolina
bos como Last night tho Tillmon men refuted
to tako I recess and they remained in session
until G oclock this morning Thoy carried out
their programme regardless ot protests and
Capt D I Tlllmtin who had repeatedly
promised that ho would appear before the Con
vention and educate I primary did notmovo
out of his room In a hotel I appears that ho
was In tho samo foar ot assassination hero
as In Charleston two weeks ago A dotootlvo
In cltlrons clothes reported to bavo boon tn
his room durlnc a part of the evening nnd the
police were In tho hotel apparently guarding
the farmers candidate for Governor Ho was
guarded from his arrival here on Tuesday un
til ho left hoio this moraine
The split occurred at 4 30 this morning when
tho Committee on Constitution consisting
largely of Tlllmnnltes reported Tho
very Inrlely Ttmnnlos reportod lho
majority offered a constitution for adoption
Tho minority ot tho committee protostod de
claring that tbo Convention had no right to
adopt I constitution whon it was called for an
other spoclQo purpose Tho scono was one of
wild confusion when tbe arguments wore be
gun Eloquent speeches wero made by lead
ing men In tbo State protesting against radi
cal notion by the majority
Efforts were made by tie ntrnlghtouts to ad
journ but tboy wore hooted down Tbo ma
jority were url d lortho unity of the party to
respect Its usages nnd customs Argument
had no effect Iho vote on the adoption ot tho
constitution was put and carried by 2W to S3
1 he split then occurred Immediately upon
the announcement of tho vote every nntlTlll
man doleeato arose fell In line and In silence
marched from the bal They subsequently
mot In another hall and formed a temporary
organization by electing George Lamb Uust of
Charleston Chairman An Executive Commu
tes consisting ot A U lloskell J Vt Rornwell
T D Bland In I alter Hazard and W J Vor
dler was appointed to prepare and Issue an ad
dross to tno pooplo
Tho manner of conducting tho flgbt wasdli
cussed at length The general opinion seemed
to be that any respectable man whether a for
mers movement man or not will be accepta
ble Tier will light Tlllmau until election ray
Ihe TlllmnnHos were orrmuch surprised
at the split In the Convention Tboy did not
realize that the stralghtonts were In earnest
until tbe deed wan donE Numbers appeared
to regret tho trouble but the majority contin
ued la tho namo line mnJorty
Tbo next notion was to deposit tho State
Democratic Executive Committee which was
elected to bold until the Nominating Conven
tion and elect a pew committee composed ot
Tlllman followers with J 1 M Irby as Chair
man The call made for a nominating conven
tion on bept 10 was confirmed Tbe Conven
tion gave bnt llttlo attention to the subject of
tou IAVe nltnton
primaries They refused to crant a primary
as asked for br tbo nntlTillrann men In
view of reports to tho contrary tho following
resolution was adopted
JlcsoUfd By tho Democratic party In Con
vention assembled that tho debt of South
Carol Inn is now recognized as a public obliga
tion of primary Importance In tba future as
In tho past will continue to hale the fostering
our of the Mate Gc > eminent and should
command 1m bie tho confidence of the investing
Tbe Btato Executive Committee doposod by
the Convention this moraine bave refused to
surrender the money or rncords In It hands
Chairman Hoyt slid tonight that his com
mittee would continue to exerclso their
power B clvon thorn by tno Conven
tion which elected thom llo declared that
tho Convention bad nu power to depose them
and bo would continue to act as the Chairman
ot tho Democratic Kioeutivo Committee of
Houth Carolina In his stand on this matter
nnd in the acton ot the strnlghtouts In lea Ing
tho Convention upon the adoption of 1 constl
tutlon there Is high authority to show that
Ihy are correct
Tho following Is addressed toono of the most
prominent lawyers and politicians In the State
and was read to the Convention this morning
not John r iiaitU loiumUo
DEAR Bin Your letter hn ben banded to
me with the request tbat I would wrlto to you
upon the subject to which I relates You utato
that tho HUto Executive Committee Issued a
cal for a Convention to decide whether del
ccatcsto I nominating convention called for
September shall tepeloctod br county conven
tions or by primaries and for tbat purpose
only and you ast my opinion whether the
CVnontlon when assembler under this call
cnn proceed to make nominations or change
lished tbo basis of representation heretofore estab
I am docldodlv of tbo opinion that it can do
neither Having boon called for n special pur
pose its authority Is necessarily limited by
the terms of tbe call Itself I can have no
general authority to bind tho pnrty by its
action on any other subject for Ibo obviou
reason that Us members nro simply delegated
to do I particular thine Yours J O truly CXUMRIK
01 Haskell said that ho had had personal
Intortlens with Hon or anco Pnuh Black
burn Morgan Kunsom Borry Coke Gray
McPberson and Itepresontatlvos Wison ril
AVostMrglnln Hatch nnd Breckenrldee nnd
they all concurred In Senator Carlisle s views
Itn 111 be man tbat tho Convention took the
wi Convelton
action which oxSpeaker Carll lo declared
tuny had no i lebt to take under the call
Tho Executive Committee appointed at the
antlTllhnan Convention held hero In July to
night Issued a cal fora Convention of Htralght
out Democrats to asemblo In thN city on tho
2bth Inst I I generally recocnlred that tho
party acainst has Tlllman split ana that a ticket nlll be put up
OnAniESTON 8 0 Aug HTne action of
the Tillmnn Convention In Columbia last nicht
In trylnu to usurn tho place of tho Mate Demo
cratic Executive Committee has caused a
rlpplo In the stock market here In splto of
tint fact that tho Convention passed resolutions
promising to look alter Ibo debt of the Htato
with as much caro as I has been looked after
by tho State heretofore nobody seems to havo
tontldnnce In tholr promlOi Inreo holder
01 brown con sols unloaded todai ut 98V and
before tbo cloie of business the quotations had
doprnsagd to IH Theso bonds weie quoted on
tho Now York Stock Exchange last Junuarv at
105 I hey dropped lo 102 after the March Con
vention and Iro now offered nt 03
Tho withdrawal of the Btrnlghtont Demo
riatlo delegates from tho < omentlon at 4
oclock thin mornlne widens tho broach tn the
party in this eectlou ot the country every
body Is red hot lor a fight to the hitler end
The convention to nominate State olllcern oo
cur In Hoptembrr and tbo etralgbtout
Democrats nre oicanlzlng for it They will
elect delegates In ovsry county Ignoring the
new Tlllmau Executive Committee will put a
candidate In tha field and expect to eloct him
hxJudgeA C IlasltellotColumblalHppoken
ot ns a Hunting candidate 1 no candidate Is
put out utninflt Tlllman the thousands of
Democrats who opposu him will remain away
from tho pollh
Thurn is strong talk among Republicans
hero of putting up George 1 Cunningham
who Is a wealthy man and a conservative HQ i
publlcnn and who nt one time WI elected by
the white poopla of the city Mayor ovor tbe i
I esular Democratic candidate > Mth the reg
ular Democrats awny from tbo polls Cutmlug I
hal might bo elected
The Kepubllcans however Beem Indispose
to put out a Htato ticket and are content to
lend a hand to the whites In the lUrht which Is
euro to come It Is probable that Tlllman may
ceta majority ol tho Alllanco negro vote In
Ie 10110
tbo upnor section of tbe Hiato but an aged
colored ItopublloHii In tbe low country voiced
tho sentiment of many thousands ot his rnco
wbonho suld CufTeo gnlue olo wld bo ole
I Moanwblln everybody Is awaiting with In
tonso anxiety the outcome of the Ptralghtout
Democratic Conference in ftrallllout
M Uow Among Houth CarolUaKepabltcane
CnAniTSTON 6 C Aug 11 The Re
publican Convention of tho Seventh South
Carolina district nominated T E Miller
colored for Congreks today by 21 to 18
E M Urayton who ra against him ami
got 18 volcl drew out his forces and will
ontor tho race Ho says that two of tho dole
gatoa from Berkelor county OslonilortTwblto
nnd Middloton rolorwdl wore bought by
llrlolon Ir
Miler nim in backed by rich Ilenubllcans
borr > utter Jmvlng boen Initruitoil by the
touutv Convention looto for him Ilrartoii
After tlo withdrawal of the Ilrarton delegates
Ostendorff nud Mldd eton wsro expelled by the
Berkeley delegation and two others substi
tuted In their place Thla gate BrayioniO to
it for Miller and he claims the nomination I
Th lleht promises to b mol te nomlnatoD I
Commltteee to Conelder Featnree of the
JACKSON Miss Aug 14 When the Consti
tutional Convention convened this morning
President Calhoon announced his committees
Patty tho leading candidate for President by
parliamentary usage waa made Chairman ot
tbo most important committee that ol Elec
tive Franchise and Elections Senator Goorgo
cot second place and exGov Alcorn third
The other thlrtylho members nro tho ablo t
In tho Convention and principally lawyers
Tho Chairman ot tho Judiciary Committee is
Judge W P Harris ot the Commtttoe on Bill I
ot IllRhts and General Provisions Prof E
war Mayos I of tho Legislative Department
1 A Street ot tho Military Gon W B
Foathorstono The remainder of this commit
tee consists ot five BrigadierGenerals and two
Colonels The committees aro admirably ar
ranged I and In such I manner A to got best ro
Tho motIon to employ two stenographers
created nulte a heated discussion and If n ally
wont Olor for future consideration
The Committee on Printing reported that
tho contract with the pmont printer did not
Innluds the printing of this Convention s pro
ceedlngi tllJrlnlnl the signal for a protracted
discussion in which samo bad feeling was
engonderod Tho mater was finally settled
bylealnc the printing to I committee to bo
lot to tho lowest bidder E L MarIn as tho
only candidate for printing He publishes an
tn I
AllianceProhibition paper hero ant ther WA
an element in tho Convention that insisted on
electing him whether or no
Judge Calhoon Piesldent ot the Convention
was Interviewed today on what bo thought
tho Convention would do with tbo suffrage
question Ho replied
It Is too early I yet to make any prognostica
tions as to what plan will be adopted I de
lons ndoled
ponds on what tbe Convention believe vtill bo
most effective within Constitutional bounds
after tho various plans are discussed and
digested You cnn say however that tbo
Convention will adopt noplan which ft I does
not believe will be thoroughly effective
and secure Intelligent rule against that of
Ignorance Ibis will bo done without any
Intention of Injuring the negro but rather fort
his good and for the material advancement
and prosperity of the whole State Nothing
but ballot laws securing white supremacy un I
der all circumstances will accomplish this
What plan do you think nt the present has
the lea In tha Convention
As the case now stands I think Ibo Aun
trallan ballot systemwith several modulations
and important additions Is In tho ascendancy
I myself favor ltV
The People Parly In Iowa
DEB MoiNd Aug HTwo hundred dele
gates wore present in this city today at tho
State Convontlon ot the Peoples party com
posed of farmers and Union Labor men The
plattorm adopted endorses tho principles
advocated by the Farmers and Labor
ers Industrial Union held at BU Louis
last December denounces tbo MoRin
ley and Lodge bills and Speakers
Heeds bold attempt to destroy tho Inde
pendence ot our Representatives in Congress
favors tbo Australian ballot system and de
nounces evory Iowa Congressman for helping
to defeat the bill for true coinage Tho pasBnge
of a Bervlco pension bill Is fBAle
following nominations wero made
0 F Davis of Davis county Auditor of State
E Brown of Cluthrlo county for Secretary of
State A J Blakoly ot Towesbolk county for
Treasurer of State
Tbe Maryland Farmers Alliance
BALTIMORE Aug HAt todays meeting of
tho Farmurs Alliance resolutions were adopt
ed placing tbo branch here In lino with the Na
tional Alliance which mot recent In St Luis
Tboy demand tho abolition of tbo national
banking system and advocate tho Issuo of local
tender Treasury notes tn such volume that the
business of tho country shall be conducted on
n cash bI I to Congress I urged to forbid by
law any further dealing In futures agricul
tural and mechanical products her recom
mend tho froo nnd unlimited coinage of silver
and tho issue of a fractional currency to most
tho demands ot business In tbat 100 Con
cress la also urged to put a stop to any further
ownership In land b aliens and to see that tho
railroads havo not taken up more than they
can rightfully lay claim to Finally the Alli
ance puts Itxolt on record on the question of
taxationwhich should only be levied for carry
Ing on the expenses ot tho Government
economically administered
Democratic Cub In AVeet Virginia
cratic Loajtuo of Clubs ot tbe fctato ot West
Virginia met lu Convontlon In tbls city today
President J Ilanlan presided Thirtyfour
counties reported 190 clubs and somo of the
remaining counties as many as fifteen clubs to
tbo county ftov Fleming arrlvod at noon
with Gon t Clulr and several hundred prom
inent Democrats 1 he club organization was
perfected throughout Ibo State by tho election
ol executive olllcors nnd a plau of an Degres
nJl 11
sive campaign wax outlined Tae nomination ot
Judgo Lucas bytheHtnte Convontlon as Su
preme Judge n endorsed
Gov ilemlni GOD James St Clair and
William W AVilson delivered addresses to
night tn a large crowd Tho addresses were
enthusiastically applauded In the clubs pres
ent wero cjulto a number of mel who bava
hotetoforo afllliutod with tbo Itepubllcan
n1tod Itlibo 1opublcan party
California Republican
SACRAMFKTO Cal Aug HIn tho Republican
can State Convontlon the following additional
nominations were made yesterday For Lieu
tenantGovernor John 1 Hoddlck of San An
dreas Chief Justice W II Peatty present In
cumbent Associate Justices 1 C Harrison
anil C H Garroutto Tbe Convention tbls
morning nominated Congressmen J J De
bnvun of Humboldt for Associate Justice of
the Hnnromo Court for the short terra
Ihe Convention Dominated for Secretary of
State E G S alto of Alomoda for Stato Comp
troller E 1 Colean of Sonoma
Iloapeirltv of India
LONDON Aug 14 Sir John Gorst Under
secretary for India presented the Indian
budget statement In tbe IIouuo ut Commons
this evening Tho statement be said showed
continually Increasing prosperity There was
a surplus of 2077000 rupees against 1809
000 rupees last tear Ho proposed to devote
tbe surplus to the fund for tbo restriction of
famine rather thnn to the abolition of tho salt
tin although the latter he said ought to and
would be abolished directly tho state ot tbo
finances warranted The Indian budget was
agreed to without division
Ilrlelinm Yonoce Baiuthttr
LONDON Aug U Brlcham Youngs young
est daughter announces that she will shortly
lecture on Mormonlsm through the provinces
which announcement hau called forth a protest
from tbo olercy
Concratalatlnc Prince Ferdlaantl
SOFIA Aug H Official deputations from all
parts of tho country culled upon Prince Fer
dinand toda to congratulate him upon the
third anniversary of bis accession to tho Bul
garian throne
North Queensland Wnnte Heimratton
LONDON Aue 14Thlrty members of tho
Queensland Parliament including seven for
mer Mlnlnters have patltloned the crown in
favor ol the separation of North Queensland
The KldK orilonmnnla In Vienna
VIENNA Aug H Tbe King of Itoumanla ar
rived hero today on routo t < > Isuil to visit
Emperor Francis Joeeph Ihe King and Count
Kulnoky bad an lnterlew lasting two hours
Hlrlnarcat 1ollce Kulee In Itneala
BT PETTrsnUBO Aug 14 The present
stringent police regulations enforced In Hi
Petersburg and other cities In ituiela will be
renewed for another year
Parliament to be JProresined Nest Week
LONDON Auc U Tbe expectation now Is
that Parliament will not be prorogued until
Wednesday of next week
Where Yeeterduye Ftree Were
A VI2 30 to Oak slrreL chimney daman 11
f H J 10 rlibtli arenuoand IZ4li elreeu Andrew
Andrewas ojstrr stand damaaetoi 7ili stable In rear
of aiw nest Mevenib etreet occupied by itetiertTay
lor flan a e 3UX
Faitret Tralneln AmericA
Ttieiwlftoit Iralna are run between hew fork and
Waeblartou via Jereer Central Heading anil II and u
Parlor cart CD all mrDea btatlou f out of Uberl it
Tuna the Switch and Away I floee
Tte O 4 0 Bleetrlc Koton faetory 403 aat 404
Oraenwteh tt we operating tha veauutlai apparatu I
f U U c
Pe n
t Lll
rmrra xo A tivtr lUlOnrlB
He Ale tbat Dehrtno Sea C n Not
by Anr Contraction be Claimed
Cod Sea and lie Anewere tha Qnce
tlene Mr lllalne Pal to Lord Mitllabarj
BALBU Aug HThe lon Joseph Chamber
lain A P ot England who hal just arrived on
American shores for a rosplto of throe months
before the autumn eetslon of Parliament Is
just now resting R tho homo ot his wifes
father tbo oxBecretsrv ot War William P
Endloott He was found there by THK SUN
correspondent today and the latter
corresDoudelt Ilter enloyed I
pleasant chat with him retpecttua the Bohrlng
Sea controversy tho Canadian fisheries dis
pute and the reciprocity treaty proposed by
Secretary ot Btato Blnlno Mr Chamberlain
has como to this country solely on private
business nnd for a brlot rest but notwith
standing his desire to forget politics and pub
lic affairs In general ho spoko freely on those
threo Important subjects
On being asked how tbo Deb ril Boa controversy
versy concerning the seal fisheries was regard
ed In England he rOlled tbat when ho loft
homo there had been but D brief telegraphic
report of the correspondence between Secre
tary lilalne and Lord Salisbury and on that
account the public mind had not beon ablo to
form an opinion or rocoho any very definite
Bo far A I myself understand the case
said he there seems to bo two loadlnc fea
tures First that the people of tho United States
demand somo arrangement for the protection
of the seals which they allego will bedostroyed
to I point dangerously near extermination I
unrestrained fishing I allowed and second
that thero appear to be some doubt in tholr
minds whether tu set up a claim for 1 mare
As to tho demand thnt tho seals should be
protected Mr Chamberlain said Thero
cannot possibly bo any difference between the
two nations England Is not only perfectly
willing to preserve the seal fisheries and is
ready at all tlmoft to accord every necessary
protection but she has In fact an especial In
terest to do so since more than 8000 people In
London are omployed In curing and dyeing
the sealskins This Is an open and plain fact
and it sooms to mo Btrango that It has been
left out of account by tha American Government
mont In Its consideration of the case There
cannot possibly be any ground not only for 1
Quarrol it sooms wrong to USD that word but
even for difference of opinion If
Inrdllerehco I now orat
any ttmo thoro occurs any misunderstanding
though it b tho ellehtest England Is ever
ready to moot tho United States In
Unlod Btnlelin any reason
able war
A to the claim that has been set up b tho
Unltod States for a mare cmtuuru Mr ham
borlain declared such I position t bo < lb eo
lutely unparalleled llehrlng Uea Is no estu
ary or lake said boearnestly It is an Im
mense open sea and cannot by any construc
tion bo claimed as a mar ciatuum and It bo
longs not to one country but to all the nations
ot the world Tho claim which has partially
been net up by the United States Is especially
surprising slnca her eminent eSI clll
International law have always Insisted with
particular emphasis upon tho complete and
universal freedom of the high sea
Tho following excerpt from I loiter of Sec
rotary Blalae lo Lord Salisbury was shown to
Mr Chamberlain
Whence did tbo thlp of Canaaa derive the rlihtto
grl In > that which they liad retramd troni doing
for more thau ninety rt art T tpnn what ffrennda I dla
her Majesty a Uorernment defeuil In the rear WB6 a
conn of conduct tn the Bhrlng Sea which atiebaa
carefully aroiaeil ever eluoe the dUcoTtry ot
that if a I an great t > a been the Injury to the
fliherlei br Canadian veatele tbat whera < the
Uovrnmnl had allowed I IKUUO thtaob takenannu
ally I for a rle of Tear jll li now compelled I to redace
tae numbr to NOUXX If fonr yean of violation I of
natural law and nalpnbor rlghla hai reduced the an
nual ilaubier of ieM 1 t > r forty oer ent U U eair to lee
how abort a period will be rijalred to work the total
destruction ot the flitierle tOla
fha eronnI oiion nhlcb her > latitri Oovernment
p aJ
tDI f ll n
JntlUea J nr at leait defend the conn of lhf > Cana
dian venli rciu upon tha Tact that Hie ar lommK
tlDlttitr ct > of deilrnotlnn on the high eai Tlr
more than three marine leacuel from the aliore line
I le doubtful whether her lajeit I lorernraetit
would abide by thti rule I the attempt were
mat to Inlerfr with the pearl inherits
of Ceylon which extend more than twenty
wile from the there line anil hare been enjoyd by
hnttland 1 without molastatlnn ever einee their acqolM I r
tlon nor la It credltablo I I tbat modeiof flRhlnrou the
Jo il glOJu r
Urand Banka altogether practicable bat hlirhlr do
itructlvr would be Jujtled or ona crmliud by Great
llrlialn on the plea that tbe vllon acu were com
muted more than three mllei from iicr
After reading tbo abovo very carefully Mr
Chamborlaln thought a moment before reply
Ing Then referring flrst to tho latter portion
of the quotation he said porton
Why the consideration which Mr lilalne
makes here regarding the attltttdo which
Ureat Britain would take I any attempt woro
made to Interfere with tho rcarl fl > horles of
Ceylon Is based upon 1 puroly hypothetical as
sumption The fact thnt Iho poarl fisheries of
C eylou bavo been enjoyed by England without
molestation ever since tholt acquisition does
not by any mans slcnlfy that sbo either
regardslnow or In an event similar tn that of
the present llohrlng Boa difficulty would re
gard the waters of thnt place O her mr
annum and the amo In trno of the llsnerloa
on the Grand Banks I think It would bo more
proper for such I consideration to be made
when tho question should arfie An to tho ex
tent of tbo Injury which IB hare unld to bave
been done to the seal fisheries by Canadian
vossols It seenin to mo tnt since ns I have
already said both tho Unltod States end Eng
land are alike Interested to preserve and pro
tect the llnberles tbo question Is onn not
to much for Kecrotary Ulalno and Lord Balls
bury to decide n It is for solontlflo experts In
tbe matter
I was suggested to Mr Chamborlaln that
besides tho righu of International law thero
was the argument of bmlS rnotrt which bad
boen c Insisted on as applicable to the present
les certainly replied Mr Chamberlain
but thero the Issue hingns upon 1 quite dif
ferent term There are national and Inter
national courtesies and concessions are of ton
and rightly mado to preserve amity but to
demand as a rlelu dllTerA very materially from
requesting ns a fftvor and an olTunce oeMnsta
legal rUht Is far from being tho sale as
an offence rimtra amintiain Canada In bar
fisheries difficulty whlcu was of not dlesluillur
nature to tbat of the llehrlnc Hen did not pre
sume to npsert a rlcht but merely asked n
favor nnd there who showed a dlurretlon which
might well servo as a precedent for the present
Mr Chamberlain snbscrlbod without qualification
cal on to tho uentlrueut expressed In the fol
lowing extract from tbo London Jrlrei ai > h
American diplomacy Mill teem to be affctixl with a
cnrloui dlellk of Kntland while ery Ktiirllahnitui
< Clurlbnu
lion feel lo a kind 1 of family prld lu the itrenirth of
AmerUa lu iltiput rntlnf on hmory
treatlei recordd rltLU ana purcLaiei rtTlIe ti ecu
etltutei a clear cai for rtfereuoe
Also this from the London 2imr <
The correipomlnce lax a matter won Indr the
ilnlner Influence ut cartr rrecure Ireitdnt llarrlvn
anil Uriuialne bare tietome more tiacilnt aud rf hare
advanced In an trrecbortlabu flrlt claim at > out
which tby UDCH eiprived Uithdiuv Th fue tioii la
now a a ifadlock Althuuffli the ant rd in Uje cnn
troveny U far from rensturlnr bntli cotintrlei munt I
l ro JIr II IJl
feel that the dispute It unworthy of a aerloui I fiu fr L
Purely jtmerloa li ih lait nntloii to ailioit an eitreme
develop of inarltlnie rtghti
It ID Indeed true sslil Mr Cbamhorlaln
that both countries must feel the dispute un
worthy Ota seitotM quarrel England IIRS an
ONorconfUnt do lio to pieBorve hor frlendll
ness with the I iiitoil htntos and the preiont
controversy 1 not In tbo least of a critical
Mr Chambetlnln was shown an Interview
with the lion thauneuy M leo while he
was In London In which he Bind that so far us
bo could lesrn nil tho Kngllsh l political loaders
wuro disposed to retard the llehilng hen
lUOBtlon as having llttlo real Importance and
not ht all worth Hit lues tho nowupapers have
trlod to make over It nOSIaIer
Quite ture exclnlmod Mr Chamberlain
when he bad llnibhol reudlng the Interview
I entirely agreewith one exception bm
Ilroe wlb ecepton
BTer and this la aqimlllkatlon I should bat o
made before that It seems to mo nothlni In
the affairs of a nation can bo snld to be of little
importance which tnlirht by any possibility lead
to war Iloth nations would regard with horror
any deliberate attempt to provoke such a catas
trophe Hut wars nro net er deliberately pro
TOked They nr always oucaeloned by slight
and unintended Irritation Think for a moment
of n possible ovent A Unltod Htates vessel in
the llabrliig Boo captained by an Indiscreet
oftlcer ollcrrt an IndlKnltr tn an Englluh ship
retaliation U made and Iho strife made larger
by trovolllng report reachua the ears of tho
home Guvornnieut or vlco versa a llrltlsh
esrel ofllcered by a hlnnlar ludhcreet
Cuntalii losults the American flair lio
can tell what tnluht cnmoi1 No liarnh feollnu
ought to bo nrotired but It would be and then
what might bo tbe terrible consequences f It
is with this consideration that I say nothing In
the affairs ot a nation can bo said to be of
little Importance which might lead to a war
Using questioned in regard to the lilaln
reciprocity treaty Mr Chamberlain said that
uaouoitotol xtrueat arid Imas intemtlt
4J rf >
w but little In the public mind In England
Tho fair trade pnrty said be longauq
made free and open competition A principle of
their doctrines and for years it has been there
n settled theory Any attempt made to impce
duties ot any kind or amount wonld meet
with Immediate and strenuous opposition
and apart from their theory In the matter as
related to themselves tnoy do not believe that
any treaty of reciprocity of trade can ever bo
carried on successfully for any considerable
period Complications of all sorts would arise
which oould not possibly be calculated before
hand and tho long vested Interests ot tbo
countries concerned would be constrained to
mako a vigorous protest
Crleple Fereeenttone Have Decided the
JPontlfT to Depart
LONDON Aug U The Manchester Cbtirfrr
today says
In consequence of tha fierce persecution ot
the Church which Is the policy of Orispl tho
Pope will soon Issue a manifesto to tho noman
Catholics throughout tho world giving his In
tention of leaving Itome together with his
court and nil his adherents Irom a practical
point of > low this means ruin to Dome for
with tho TontlfT will go tho Cardinals the pre
lates and a vast number of persons who an
nually como to Homo aa pilgrims In fact
commercial ruin stares Innkeepers nnd shop
keepers in tho face
Still It Is Impossible for any earnest Chris
tian eon now to Ih e In Rome which Is fast be
coming tbo headquarters ot atheism and froo
thought Tho shop windows are full of shock
ing caricatures of tbe Deity license is allowed
for blasphemy nnd Itn Indecency has noor
been surpassed in history even during tho
French yoarof 1793
Aiunzriovs AERONAUTS
They TVltt Attempt to Croee Central Europe
tn a Dalloon
Ay tenlap Cattle ftvt Company
FARIR Aug 14 The idea that was long ago
advanced by Jolvla and Mallet to crops Central
Europe In a balloon has now been put In def
inite shape and will be carried out If possible
In the Figaro air balloon Tho aeronauts will
endeavor to complete charts of tho aerial cur
rents and settle for all time the debatable
questions concerning tbe safe utilization ot
them for travelling
Tbo ascent will bo mode at Nanoy nnd tbo
descant somewhere In llussla or horwny
Tho date has not yet been determined
Tbo French Minister of War Is greatly Inter
ested In the matter and has requested a mili
tary attach to mako the trip in the balloon at
tho same time
They TPent Aehore to See Ireland and the
City orlterlla IVent On Without Them
QUEEXSTOWN Aug 14 An exciting Incident
occurred here today Two Chicago lawyers
named John Bchnrz and Francis Colby woro
passengers on tbe steamer City of Berlin en
route from Liverpool to New York hen the
steamer reached this port aud lay to to await
tbe coming of tho ranll theso two gentlemen
ventured ashore Their researchesdiovo the
Idea of time from their mind and when they
returned to tbe dock they lound the tonder baa
recehedthe malls and left for the steamer
without waiting for them
They at once ohartored a tug and put out to
sea In pursuit ot tho Berlin but after a long
chase failed to catch her and cae It up They
cannot now sail before Saturday
310 llXNlta Of CUICAUO
JCIe Aroaeee Dlepleaenre by llanntlnc the
Houee of Common
LONDOK Aug 14 Tho persistent presence of
TV J Hynos of Chicago at tho sittings of tho
House ot Commons arouses a great deal of un
favorable comment among certain Irish mem
bers On Tuesday evening he occupied a seat
under the clock In the House having been In
troduced there byDonal Bulllvanand William
Murphy two members of Parliament He has
Isllod the lobby four times already this week
and ha been hobnobbing with the Irish mem
bers Ho spent somo tlmo last nlghc with
Healy In tbe smoking room
Homo ot tho Irish members are very Indljr
natit as they consider that llyness reception
cannot fall to affect the success of Jobn Dil
lon B and William OUrlens projected trip to
He IB Deltrlone and llae ftlade Two At
tempti to Kill IllmeelC
By > unlapr Cattle Aewt Company
LONDON Aug 14 John Ruskln is rapidly
sinking He Is almost continuously delirious
and during these Irresponsible moments he
attempted suicide with a raor 1 be strictest
watch Is kept over him dospito which bo has
twice made this effort upon his life
Kemmlere Execaltonere Crltlcleed
LONDON Aug 14 Tho fanett the leading
medical organ discussing the Kemmler execu
tion says The operators In tbo Kemmler
cnse used tholr tnlmlo llehtnlng with all tho
clumsiness of mortal Inability Tboy burned
tbe skull and a portion of tbe back and ex
ploded tbe slnusen of the brain No doubt
they were fortunate enough to render tbe man
renseless at the first blow lust as they would
have dono If they had struck him on tbe head
and back with a redhot hammer but thoro
was found no mark of tbe electrical current lit
or through tbe viscera of tho body Tbe man
wan killed by concussion of tho brain and ex
plosion within tbe closed cavity ol the skull
juut as a man may be killed by apoplexy or
111 0HbeaF rnrll Halt
LONDON Aug 14 There Is another sensa
tional development In tho OShoalnrnoll dl
orco suit Mrs OSheas solicitors officially
withdrew from ber caso today This Is the
second time that Mrs OShoahas lost ber legal
support Messrs Lewis it Lewis who wero at
first lotnlnod declined for reason which they
refused to make public to go on wlti the case
Tbo second withdrawn la said to b duo to
Mrs Ohbras perolstont refusal to bring a
cross suit BcMimt OHhon which her solicitors
demanded she should do
Cholera Deereaelnic
LOVDON Aug 14 At Mecca today tbo
deaths from cholera woro forty less than on
Tuesday aud at Jeddah tho death roll shows
a decrease of ten
JoNHTAMTiNOPtE AUK H Flvo persons
have died at MoolnletT from n dltioat > o sup
posed to be Auliitlo cholera I4evcu cases ot
tho disease bao been ruuorted tharo no lar
Jhelorte bits decided to quarantine all ar
tluilH from places on tbe lllack tiua
Tlie Ntrlke In Wale Iaded
CArtDiiT Aug 14 Tho crent strike In Walei
was definitely nettled tbiu afternoon by the
rcptennntittUes of tbo mastem anil the ninn
agreeing to fome to terms upon n basin of mu
tual concession
J ho men will be paid for at lon t sixty hours
work weekly and will not niilTur from onlorced
liolldais Various minor concessions aroalsu
mado by tbe employers
Another Ulc fonitilnc
QraFaow Aug 14 A Chemical Union U
now an accomplished fuel Ml tbo chemlcnl
manufacturorH of Great llrlialn nllh throo
unimportant exceptions lmo nurroil to join
their Interests In the iqrm I union Iho
capital Is about elcht millions utorlluu
Oeriuan HlnKrrn Visit Auelrla
ViibHNA Aug 14 Thirtyfive hundred Ger
man choristers have arrived here to take part
In the choral festival which will bealn tomor
row Lterywbero people thronged to welcome
the vlfltors to ehmv their approval of ih
AustroUerman alliance
Kmprror Vllllnra Nlarle for Ruieln
DriiMK Aug 14 Ilmperor Mlllatn brs
ntnrted for Klnl lie took with him n grand
hunting chariot as a present fur th CVnr
him Aug H Ine Ilobennllern with Em
p mr vllliatn on boaid Balled m 10 o clock
tonight for llussla
Flood In tbe Canst
CALCUTTA Aug 14 A flood prevails in tbe
Ganges The river baa overflowed Ita banks
and tbe surrounding country le Inundated to
an extent never before known Otatre baa
bstn cr at low ol 1U
Eighteen Votee AicitlnBt > Ir Ilonre Mo
tlon to Amend the < lur Xteaotntlea by
InetudlDB the Force Will In the Mcnearee
to be Pmaed llefore Adjonrnmeat
WARnftOToy Aug 14 Tho Ilorublloan Bon
ntor held n protracted and lively oauous this
OMsnlnc lasting nearly throe hours At the
clo > o of the conference each Senator wai
pledged to secrecy as to what took place
Under thoso circumstances it would be unpar
liamentary to ftalo what occutred with any
degree ot posltivcneas It is Intimated
strongly In certain Quarters howoter that
tho Forcebill Senators woro beaten outright
on a direct vote on tho mollon of Senator Hoar
to amend tho Quay resolution by adding tbo
Force bill to tho list ot measures to be consid
ered at tills session No secretary was present
to keep a record ot tho Aoto but a shrewd
guess glxos tho result as eighteen Bonators la
favor ot Mr Hour motion and seventeen
against It This wai n blow between the eyoa
to tho 1orcoblll Senators so the rumor
coos and they succoodoil In securing
nn adjournment thus preventing tho friends
ot tho Quay resolution from following up their
victory by adopting It outright without amend
mont Adjournment WHH than taken without
tbo transaction ol any further business and
without any understanding as to a future cau
cus or any other consideration ot tho subject
The result mnkos It probable that the Quay
resolution will now come up In open Senate
wbero It Is plain to see It will bo adopted Of
course tho Force bill Bonators will ondoavor In
every way possible to provent this but
they havo no assurance whatever oa
this point ns tho caucus adjourned with
nothing dono or understood except the a
defeat of Mr Hoars plan to hae tho Klectlons
bill Included in tho Quay resolution There
nere thirtyalt Senators at the caucus when
It met and n good euess places the vote on Mr
llnar s amendment ns follows1
In fa or Messrs Allison Blair Edmunds
Fvnrts Hawloy HIsRlnx Hoar Mandorsnn
Moody Tlatt Sawjor Kherman Upoonor and
In opposition Messrs Aldrlch Allen Came
ron Doris Dlxon Hale HUcoeU Jones Mo
Mlllnn Mitchell Paddock 1ettlcrew Quay
Iower Bqulro btockbrldco Tollor and > Vash
Tho following Senators wore absent from
the city Messrs Chandler Dawos Dolph
larwell Morrlll Stanford Btowart Walcott
and Plorco
The detent of Mr Hoars motion was not ac
complished until two or three very exciting
nnd Interesting hours bod beon spent behind
tho closed doors ol tho Benale chamber A
number 01 speeches were mado on both sides
ol the question and they woro of a > ery vigor
ous character
benators Juay nnd Cameron both made
spoeohos and Rtrongl represented tho politi
cal Inexpediency of doing anything with tha
Kedernl Elections bill nt nroBont nnd urged tho
necessity ot nu onrly adjournment from a
party standpoint bonator Aldrlob also on the
sldo of thoso who desire an adjournment waa
the spokesman for those Bonators who view
the embarrasxmont and delay ovor the Tariff
bill an outwelKhlnu nil othor considerations In
deciding tbo policy to bo pursued Bonator
Plumb also spoke nnd It Is understood op
posed tho Elections bill out and out
For tho friends of tho bill which has caused
those numerous caucuses Benators Hoar and
Kpooner were tho champions The latter
made a strong speech which some
denominated reading the riot act Ho
warned Senators that thoy must meet
tho Issuo squarely The Elections bill must
bo passed now at this session or not at all
It would be futlln to go before tho country with
any statement tbat this bill would be paused at
the short session It watt of supreme Import
ance that It bbould be passed at once His re
marks brought out sharp retorts Irom several
of tho opponents of tbo bill
During the entire day tha most determined
nnd persistent efforts were made to Indnoa
Benatora who wore known to be In fa or ot tho
Quay programme or at least lukewarm to sea
and admit be orrorof tbelr ways The frantic
appeals and bitter denunciation of the party or
gans woro rend to the daortors as they were
called upon and the Intimation made that they
were In dancer of bolng rnad out of the party
ns faonntor Quay has already been Theso
Bonators paid llttlo attontlon to tholr wouldbo
censors however Thtilr determination to
stand by the compromise arrangement waa
not reached In hasto or Irom Impulse
It Is wall known now that the Itopnbllcan
sldo of the Chnmberwas carofully canvassed
for several days and tbo men who were back
of MrQuayknowexnctly what support they bad
In the mo > ement Iho Intense bitterness with
which the pnrty organs assailed Mr Quay la
nmuMne In tho inco ol the fact that Senators
Aldrlcb Plumb Teller and other loaders havo
known or seveinl days tbat the resolution
was to be ofTnrpd and were in hearty sympa
thy with It Mnni other Senators tune been
all along anxious to bring tho session to a
HOBO oven at the cot of I acrlllclng tho Elec
tions bill but for various reasons thoy have
not dared to say so
The Weather
Tbe high barometer area In the North e t li Increaa
Uffelowljr a It moves eaatwariL the itorm wblea
waa reutrM In Canada resterdajr continue to affect the
laVe rerloD owing to the large low area which acoom
panlenlL Iht storm which wae In the Southwest baa
dluilnlihtd en aa not to be rlearlr droned The c > clone
rontluueH eaat of the yiorlda coast and teleuraph lines
havo been blown down dettroylnr communication be
tween polnte on die Atlantic roast Itli raliilnt In the
Mississippi lalle from Meincbla northward In the
Ohio Valley anil lake reitkn Heavy rain prevailed at
FprlngfleM Mo 1 at and at Atlantic City N J I W
f air weather contlnnea on the Atlantic coast tbe Gulf
Btates and northwest
It Is cool In the upper lake region and northwest
Pltewhire the cocl T baa disappeared ana the tem
perature has risen decidedly
In thiscllr yesterday the humidity was73 percent
lilglieit Government temperature 82 with a wind
from the anuth
Today wilt be fair and warmer Saturday fair
allihtlv cooler
The thermometer at Perns Pharmacy In THE Sc
bulIJttifc recorded the temperature yesterday aa fol
Tor Ve lor fair i xcept local on era tn CM tern por
tl n loaeA eiierl ywlnili Wfirim r
IorN llrfni8lir nJ nnout fair iOuttuMUrlf
JnJ itationarj cmieralurr
> r uiaiUnietu fair followed br local ihowcrii
ithllonv tcmcratar In r i > t rlr ilUbtlr cool rlu
MtiUrii portion tontfawnterlf wltidi
I1 or Up < 1a aland ami Cunntetloat local ihowenj
i < oiithwl rlr vtridt ktlvbtly cooler
y rej Krn Atw vrkteattrrn Imntylranta and Jfno
Jntry ivfrt fillowtd ty clearing wtattifr
lor Dlitrlct of Coumbta Delaware Maryland and
Mrjlrla ulioweri followed bjr cUarlDi wtaibtr
lifiMr ctler eiitjt In ioatliero Mrflnla itatlooarf
tfinperauro varlablo wlnda
horwrntcrn N ork an1 Wiilcrn rdrujrUanla
rn rail falr iouthneiterly wluili
eici > tuoar Uocheitrr itailomrf te
Aitoui loirx
Thero will hi music at Hatter Par today at
otlockr M lijr llavlies HUD ninth lieitlmeut Hand
The 1 iok Hoar t has awarded a contract for building
n new pier at 1131 street n l the rtli Kher to Vtm l
r htlly at o uiJ
An iinknc wn man about years old as found
drnwneil estirdny tn the fcuit Hirer at the foot ol
I asi rlt fourth etrmi
VMIIIam A Firoul who falallyilabbedMltchel Jerdln
priJuU 4 was committed tu the Tombs to await the I
action of the uraud J ury b Coroner alessemer jester
Solomon an 1 Hannah Washscer ot 114 Wlllett street
who were cliarned uli settlni Om to Itislr home on
Julrii wero discharged In the Ksstx Market Court
> eslerdajr
lu Ige llearh tiae rranleil an at olule divorce to Ettle
hampier rrnm orrls amptrr Judge pugrohae
fraiiird an altsoltit divorce t < j hlUatetu A Oreerfroox
1 enry Oreir
Miss Jennie Dlckerson the contralto who has wen
dime In fraud v eru mils tomorrow on Hie htrurl
for londtu wliertslie IIUeJum the Carl itoia KngllsU
i > I era roiup my
t liarl crlU ler s tton hare ot tslned a perpetual
Injuiictlun In tta I rilted tatrs Irtult < onrt restrain
Inn Miininon kliel from IlllnIn the tuned Mates a
ijertian vei i n of niulr > lo U
Tloilrand Juri jrest rda fuuiiit ai Inillctmenl for
muiUer In the Urst deirre arauikt Martin l > i > ppy uf
a i hr > tie street wtio was lound on the nttrhi of July
4uloimin Ins room wllb his deal wilt bin na < ltelia
ataiitieJ to tli heart wllb a pair of sclasors
Collector I rhardt yesterday appointed Iheae BOtarles
to serve under tha UeKlnley Administrative law Joan

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