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BATH 20 orieuvruEtu uia HUES
After tie Hue Mhnwn that tnere > w a >
Coneplrae to Illiiekem lllo Reputation
Ild llrlve Him FroM ki Pnliilt lie
j Would Like Batlslitcllon In IWDOOO
I BOKTOS Aug llTh Bev WW Down has
tome to the conclusion that thero Is I a time to
fight tmO a Troll as a time to pray and when ho
next appears In court he proposes to mnko
things very hot tor the person who ho alleges
I have tiouddod and persecuted htm beyond tho
limits of Christian endurance Ho has been
smitten on both cheeks and now ho has takon
oft bis coat with the Intention ot wiping up the
r ground with his persecutors Conspicuously
1 his name hat boon used In connootlon M Ith
the scandal of August 1885 Mr Downca boa
nsrcr lured as a principal In any ot the
I tials retrial and mistrials oxcopt In his suit
for arrears ot salary against tho society of tho
I Bowdoln Sauaro Baptist Churoh although
prsotloally ho was in each cue the defendant
l pratell1 te
of bis character and reputation That rile ho
has abandoned and bo l now tha plnlntlft In
I action for 30000 damages against some ot
t h alleged onomlos Tbo suit which has been
mentioned In Trie HuKlwlll bebased upon who
be believes to hare been asorlos of conspire
del to ruin his reputation
I Mr Downos has from tho first stoutly main
i tained his Innocence of the crimes of which he
wai accused and when the cue In court wore
WI to cour
decided against him ho began a still hunt lor
ovldenco to orovo that the charges against him
f all false Tho documentary evidence
which be ha secured fills a big rolltoo deak
largo box a trunk and two big valises He
lays I establishes his Innocence beyond a
shadow ot doubt I ho Is permitted to Intro
duce onehalt of the testimony ho says ho has
a great number laymen and clergymen of
4 the Baptist Church will b Involved and Mr
Downes thinks that from the naturo of his
charges tho growth ot the Baptist communion
Will be retarded for the net fifty OMB
1he defendant In this suit aro Joseph Story
r BIdney A vfibur Fred J Taber Dr Ooorga J
Btackpole Dr Itufus It Noresr Abblo
Campbell atlas Watson
V O11IUVU and Alto Kenton uua Ituvwu
Others may be added before the time ot the
trial and other suits of a different nature will
also b brought against various per ons
a BON reporter sonant from Mr Downes an
explanation of the suit which bo has broueht
s1nst his former coworker in the church
l Of course he couldnt prejudice his case by
dlvnlcInB the character of all the great mass
of evidence looked up In his desk and trunks
which h 6 proposes to back up with llvlna wit
Besaes but he did tell a Brest deal about I
ana about the point he proposed to make by
r Beats ot it
Enaaofi lv It been unjustly persecuted he
tola py perfldlons friends and even
I by my ministerial associates The Baptist
Conference after promising me a bear
Ins went bock upon Its word Lbs
Church has refuted to accordtto wor single
tasta of Christian equity I have wait for
rear trustioir that a gleam of charity and
Tflsdom would pierce the gloom Now Im
tired of wetting What do 1 want I want
vindication fair treatment a 1 man and a
mil tr reinstatement In tbetChurch from
which hate been driven by plots nnd corrup
tion Lot them grant me so much corrup
my due and I will even now consent to a com
promise whereby the damaging Information
at my command will be withheld from pub
licity But this consummation Is out of the
Question There consummaton men in the
Church to brine it about 1 am Bonded on
therefore to the last resort This Idea
of conspirloy te not rsor my mind
That a conspiracy existed 1 wns always mInd
tmt as a tremendous church scandal must be
the result of attempting to prove the plot I
hays always refrained from taking this step
po Ions 1 another one lay before me how I
hare no alternative I am compelled to die
close all the Information I possess By this
course I have nothing more Jossees for I have
already lost everything but on the other band
I have all to regain
With this explanation of his motives Mr
pownes briefly explained the nature of the ev
idence he proposed to introduce In support ot
his I charge of conspiracy In order to estab
itch I the met of a conspiraay it Is necessary to
show n motive and Mr Downs thinks he ha
got all the evidence necessary to provn his
nocoar JrOYI
allegation The conspiracy DO aver was to
blacken his character and oust him from hIs
pulpit primarily the latter As a motive for
all this ho alI the knowledge that he bad
of certain immoral practices of a leading
officer his church who Is one of the do
indents in the pending suit Home time
in 188t so Parson Downes ays hay
ing oeaaslon tn enter the church after
nightfall h beheld this ron and 1
freak sister in a compromising situation
As In duty bound the pastor had a private In
terview with this slstor the next day and re
ceived from her a promise that sue would
reform But she didnt One evening hav
ing spent snmo hours In his study with a party
of friends Mr Downes was leaving the parT
with them when by the light that entered the
dark hal from the street through a stained
glass door ho nays he discovered the figures
of the deacon and of the same sister crouched
in a corner near the door Mr DowneH eats
they were attempting to escape but the deacon
was too nervous to turn the key in the lock
I Downes hastily pushed his Honda back
Into the study The sister fled to a place of con
cealment and the pastor went to the assistance
of the deacon The latter went out and stood
on the steps of the Kevere House until the
parson and his friends had cone ont Into the
night and then he returned and liberated his
tar companion Mr Dnwne rays he has wit
nesses of this lost episode Alain the pastor
reprimanded the sister and again did she pro
fees repentance Mr Downes admits that ho
said nothing to tho uoocon beaanse he did not
Want to encounter the hostility of so powerful
an officer of the church
That Mr Downey says was the beginning of
the trouble The deacon atones laid his plans
to get rid of the pastor who possessed euch an
Important secret Mr Downes nays he is also
informed that other pastors wore removed
through the machinations of the same deaona
alter they bad begun to got an Insight into tho
true state or affairs In the church
Becret meetings ot the officers of the society
were held Mr JJownee oars for tho purpose of
duvlslng means to compel the pastor to with
draw Ot ihpso conclaves which were said to
be quite foreign to the spirit of the Baptist
Church 5r Downes was apprised by the only
offlorrof the church who was not under the
thumb of the erring deacon They met In
dark corner after services were called to
gether by signs and In other respects con
ducted themselves as members of a secret or
dot rather than memoirs of a Christian
church Finally on Tuesday Doc 3 1884 they
astembled at the house of one of their number
and prepared in writing a formal demand for
their pastors resignation This documunt
1 in the form of a round robin and to the
pastors surprise tho name of his friend was
among tho rest On that occasion the pnitora
character was discussed freely but nothing of
a derogatory nature was said beyond the state
5 > < int that he was loose in money matters and
dMnt pay his bills
The round robin was convoyed to Mr Downes
on the following Thursday by a committee
lie ordered the ommltteo from his houHn At
the Friday ovoulnc prayer mooting the alleged
Conspirators wnre prenent and Mr Downs
Irosent Ar
Who ba been Informed ol the secret meetings
canted them much emharastment by calling
Boon each one to pray for the church and its
Pastor They couldnt refuse but thor diItit
pray as 1 they wanted to They prayed around
the bush The pastor was the bush
On the following Hunday this band of con
spirators as Mr Downes calls them headed by
tie deacon Invaded the pastors study before
service and as no mod
says threats against
him which will play a conspicuous part alanst
conspiracy case This declara
olsrlraoJ cue was an pen
lon of war The outcome Is 1 matter of his
tory The dlsaJIeoted officers mAter to Ire
rapnt Temple taking wjih them the Sunday
school Tills was about Jan 1 1B83
About this time Fred J Taber and bis wife
and Alice Nepton ullaa Wntsoo appeared upon
the scene Mr Tabor who had taken sides
with Mr Dowses In the church snuabbio hat
1a professed conversion joined Mr Downes a
ehurob Taber remained with Mr Downes until
Tr 23 Then no went over to the enemy
He fell In with tbo old crowd and got finan
cial and moral aid from them I tho way Mr
Uownes explains his defection
< Tb econd link in the conspiracy oncordlne
t 9 Mr Downes was tub persecution of Mre
bet which resulted In her separation from
Mr husband She took S AePlrlton Demo
5rt lu a house kent hy a Mm Jackson Ac
cording to tho theoiy of the prosecution in tie
eoralng case the web was now ready to oath
t unwary fly Mrs Taber reay POI as
ii > spider As auxiliaries it Is alleged tier
r an erbootland Yard detective named
t Iffls and a I unscrupulous landlady name
jay knows the rest On the night of Aug 17
yt ms the culmination Mr Downosand
rL Taber were oanubt In the lattere room
pr tho husband and the detective rom
JWM chapter of sensational court proceed
nIL wbjoh cavo Mr Taber a divorce IlroCed
Utxr In thin case Mr Downos was a witness
Wt Sin aber 1 asserted by her family
fund shelter beneath Mr Downs roof an
tee suest of Mrs Downes the latter evidently
ull ve1 her Innocent
1ie diorce was procured on the evidence
Im t air Taber and ettolo Jat IQ tat
whole cafe against Mr Downe and Mrs
r abr rutd on the teatiinpny of thee two
n Now Mr Downes says be hW I one of
tDe mot Important bits ot evidence In his
orb the complete confession at the detective
dll1 he bat ben cper1ntQ testifying aa bo
coerlentQ lestlrlna
ld In nlher word if Mr VowOQ I correct
I mo viuruv I air ww vwoi IB currvci
lamtataUoient I the detective has confetxwl
to Ixrjuryand the sensational evidence which
Ls iter in Uio TaborTaber dlvorco cue
t nssd oo Imagination rather than 010
t WII ip this confusion lit Downes hope
to jeopen the case Md tirove his Innocence
and at the same time provo the existence of a
Conspiracy I to ruin hIm
NThen raca lower the jnlsodes in which Alice
NfPtnn alias Watson llgured In these the
succeeding phases 01 the alleged nonsplracy
the remaining defendant a said to have
been concerned Always however according
orned Alwlrlowevr aceordlllr
to the theory nf the pronerntlon the mOlt in
prt uloo
fluontlal persons named including the deacon
wore workln8 tb strings In thl > acLground
Mrs Mary Elton acting as t Aloe Noptpns
nurse reported to Mr Downos all the efforts
made to hove the girl fasten 11 paernltyof
her unbnrn child upon the parson This was
In January ohld February JfrBon The Tbll did
not however accuse Mr Downo until July
when Mrs Elton was out of the way In
August the girl oonfes > d that Taber and not
Tarson Downed was responsible for her condi
tion The child 8 then four months old Of
tho step In theallrcrel conspiracy as devel
oped In those episode Mr Iowns says he bus
abundant evidence the most Important being
the reports of Mr Eltou and the confession ol
the girl herself
There nre a great many supplementary at
legations Including the statements that at one
time there was offered to Mr Downes his hack
salary and XOO and at another time tile aal
salary and 11000 If ho would stop down and
out without making any trouble In which case
all proceedings compromising him wore to bo
abandoned Many wel known persons besides
those mentioned al defendant are allteed to
bo Involved I the parson makes onetenth the
rumpus he think ho will make Boston will bo
xoedlngly month unpleasant for somebody next
Br Think kits Commute TVlll Stir p
Al the R B lnlBK Cltr D p rtmcBtv
Senator J Bloat Fttssott returned to town
yesterday for the first time since trouble with
his and general ill health drove him
eyes cenerall heath drve away
and left tho work of examining exChamber
lain Crokor to the other members of the Cities
Committee and Inquisitor lime The Senator
did not do anything toward getting things
ready for n renewal of Committees Investi
gations Mr Boardman and Mr Ivlns of
counsel woro out of town end Senator Stewart
Is at Newport where wishes to stay until to
ward the end of September so Senator Fassott
drifted on down to the Oriental Hotel going In
company with exSenator lat on the 610
boat He will han a conference with Messrs
Boardman and Ivlns there on Monday and
then may be able to talk about tho date for the
resumption of tie committees stlrringup and
pumplngout processes At prevent his Ideals
that the later part of repMmbflr or the first of
October will b con enough to try to Ie frsl the
committee together again As to the direction
In which the committee will work he says
that the Excise Department would bare been
touched before except that the Commissioners
risked for delay on account of their Indictment
under the Iteform clubs charges
Mr 1 assett says in a general way while dis
claiming that he speaks for the committee or
t to be understood as promising or threaten
fog what shall bo doD that there are a num
ber of department yet to receive attention
such a tne Police Deportment atonton
pattment Fire Department Finance Depart
ment Mayors office Park Deportmsnt Com
missioners of Accounts Tax office District
Cleaning Attorneys office and the Department of Street
Senator Fassott returns In greatly Improved
health and spirits and speaks enthusiastically
of the great Northwest and such great towns
in it as Tacoma and Seattle Ho could not express
press any opinion of value concerning the
politics anT the districts that ho bad Ien judg
ing Iron his answer to a question concerning
the situation In I California Well said he
there are at least half a dozen Republicans
and certainly just a many Democrats who are
perfectly sure that they are to bo nominated
for Governor and that their election will fol
low as a matter of court
The Senator sold cur the silver question that
tho silver men of the West are satisfied with
the legislation that has been had and Its effect
In putting up the price ot silver as they would
never be content until silver was at least within
spooking distance of old
II n jiutlr Endorse 8er trT DtaD
Reciprocity Foliar
BOSTON Aug 15 ExGor Ames returned
from Europe today and consented t an Itr
vlewon political topics Regarding Mr Blalnoa
reciprocity pole he said
I Mr Blames policy l not adopted and 1
his lead on the tariff is not followed the Re i
publican party will get smashed I believe In
encouraging commerce with the whole conti
nent and I agree with the Hale amendment
which authorizes the President to open American
can countries which will accord equal privi
leges to UB This would undoubtedly be a
great thing for American trade I the South
American countries would respond by trading
with u and I roe no reason why they should
Commenting on the stand taken by Mr
Plumb of Kansas and other Bepubllcaa Sena
tors ho lad
As I understand It they stand on the tariff
question just where a great many Republicans
stand Many Republican journals In all
tnd Ppubloan Journl alpar
of the country I understand not only herein
the East but also in the West and the great
Northwest a well believe a I do In regard to
the tariff We believe that when the Republi
can Dirty undertook a reUalonol the tariff If
there banpenod to b paloabl injustice done
by too low duties that revision was to I
consist In the railing of the duty s that jus
tice sbould b done but it was understood I I
think that the revision meant In most eases I
reduction a that there should be a lowering
of the high duties all along the line The pro
tective tariff haa > don a great service for this
country tai ha been a grand thing It ba
established vast Industries which could never
have ben introduced without that protection
and It bal made us a Croat Mlfsupportlng
nation But those Industries are In the main
well established and ther II I now no longer
any need of excessively high duties Mr Blalne
has exhibited a wise and farseeing f statesman
ship entirely worthy of biD and unless the
Republican party takes his platiorm It Is I done
lor tfurlY protectionist but 1 believe In
common sense rroteotont
Tb Observer ci the LightshIp Inll en
Adeline Fifty MIBBMB to Her Time
U II lIstens the veteran marine telegraph
operator at the Highlands reiterates his state
ment that the White Star steamship Teutonic
did not pass the Sandy Hook Lightship unt
C10 oclock on Wednesday morning when according
cording to her loc she broke the reoord of the
City of Paris by thirteen minutes Mr Havens
Bays he came on duty at I oclock It was then
quite light but the air woo hazy He first
paw the Teutonic two miles northeast of the
lightship She ws going along at her usual
racing oace He did lot notice her after he
saw her pass the lightship as she dlsappearnd
In the ae The tIme between the lightship
and the Hook la usually about thirty minutes
Operator Young at the Handy Hook Obsepa
tory says the Teutonic passed the Hook at
010 01 thirty minutes after Mr Havens
says bo sighted her
Capl Irving of tho Teutonic reported that he
parsed the lightship at 4io AM and then
proceeded slowly waiting for daylight He
acknowledges that he passed the dnylllht 140
According to his own account the Teutonlo
thus spent one hour and twenty minutes be
tween the lightship and the Hook a distance of
about nIne miles
On July 16 when the Tutonlo completed
according to her Jog I voyage of a days 21
hours and 53 minutes from Uuenstown there
Was n Miullar discrepancy between the reports
of Cart Irving ana the teleeraph operator
Oapt Irving raid be pasted the lightship at
715 minutes A Mo later and the operator reported him SS I
Mr Crokejr Hoon Comlost Home
Police Commissioner Martin and other
friends of exChamberlain Richard Croker
have just heard from him encouraging news
as to his continued and considerable progress
toward the recovery of his health Ho has en
gaged passage for his return and will sail
retutl wi
from Liverpool on the City of New York Sept S
bug due here on tb JOtb It fs 1 are to say
1 1 Ir
that the movement ot Oater political es
pecially those concerning Tammany will await
file adwnt Iho meeting of ibe Democratic
tate Committee of which he is I a member
may even be delayed to await his arrival
They Call I cc Allege OrdlDane I
In accordance whit be order o Jiutle BteetUr a
she settee railroad eampanlii live tbO which bay
compiled with the law eotnpelllnir the rannln of llreet
Cs slI niyht bus amid their aaiwirs with Cirwra
lion nllhl Couli Htcair Tlianiwri r 1 of
lDO lime uUre They denounce tOs ordinance u on
reaiooable I rt aver that in Aldermen acted wlieut
due authority and this lb nejfd ordinance a not
lawfully paaiait bJ tt > besot or approved br lh
Mayor a required b y law Tne Iris ar OlD com oft
belwien Mpt A aad II
TwChlldrei found Hlrvl a I
Officers of Ibo Society for the Prevention o
Crielty 1 Children la Brooklyn bet charge yeiurdiy I
OBrien wed 6 and 3 who
o El and urle Olrl ld jrars
Ine of tfcelr
were feud starvln In ear frandaiotJiir
I lien Ofirlen at Ju Carroll ilrat TU aoears isO to I
fore their way let the ton sal hey found the
woman who was iu yearl old lylai ea the floor bI
gas Of tell by hey siSa ne t > Udr were nly naif
01 asS it t slid BU bad otklafM eM tar ow hrl
omu tbey wen 1 pissed uriitiO la I cbarltaoli UuUIBUoa and the
Hr1rBTl ar iMroriont Mel Ian t >
leg Nw Issblleattos
Practical Dynamo Building a little book ot
Information for amateurs by Frederic Walker
Is published by the D Van Nostrand Company
from tho second English edition
Mra John BBhlpleys bk The Icelandla
Discoverers of America or Honor to Whom
Honor II Due Issued i b John B Alden together
gether with a timber of pamphlets by Mr and
Mrs Shipley bearing upon this subject
Mystery Evans by Beth Baker Do Wolf
risks A C II the story of a Montana ranch
owner with a silent bronchial trouble who advertises
vertises for a cultivated Eastern girl to cor
respond wlh Ho gets one and I Is I cheering
t learn in the Louise of a not overexciting
story that she lawbettor than anybody would
suspect and that under the Influence of travel
the slight bronchial ailment of tbo ranch
owner taper off gradually and at length
ceases alCethor
M Howard Patterson affords a entertain
ing sea story In The Captain of the Ilajah
Union Banare Publishing Company I Is the
tale of a tyrannical and brutal mute and of
the tragic punishment which overtook him
The charm of the narrative corns of Its sim
plicity and of the perfect familiarity of the
author with the tailor language in which I Is
told I carries the atmosphere of the sea and
of ships and is unpretentious and delightful
Tho book Is profusely Illustrated by Warren
Sheppard who makes admirable pictures ot
vessels And of tho water but who Is less for
tunate with tho human figure
Mr Lewis Carroll says he has reason to bo
llovo that several hundred parsons ranging
between the ages of I and 105 have read
Alice In Wonderland and he now wishes to
enter upon a new Held Ho has accordingly
remodelled that delectable and truly imagina
tive work for the lowest form of nursery U55
He wants It t be thumbed and doceared by
babies uncountable and it has boon provided
accordingly with twenty brilliantly colored en
largements of Tcnnlcls Illustrations of the
original Alice and Gertrude Thomson has I
designed a delightful colored cover to co along
The Nursery Alice Is 1 tho title ot the new
bok and it I admirably fitted for the holidays
Macmlllan A 00
Looking Further Forward Is an answer t
Bellamys Looking Backward and Is I the
work of Richard Micboolls editor of the Chi
cago Fftit Ireiie Band McKoJly A CoA The
author thinks that Bellamys lows are more
moderate than those of Spies and Parsons but
that In common with the Chicago Anarchists
and Communists ho has become Incapable of
passing a fair judgment upon existing Ameri
can Institutions conditions and mn The
argument in the book Is carried on In conor
satlonal form and presents the evils of com
munism in contrast with certain advantage
of existing social condition which some theo
rists a apt to overlook The argument la
comprehensive and Interesting but its value
Is hardly Increased by the framework of fiction
in which I Is contained particularly that port
of the framework which Is made UP of the
tragical proceedings of the last chapter These
tragical proceedings are funny and funny
tragical proceedings are unfortunate when
they are sot forth with serious Intent
The story of the trip of two unattended young
women around the world Is I told br Sara Jean
ette Duncan In A Social Departure IA ple
tonal I I not a serious story although no
body will doubt that I Is all as true a though
an affidavit had ben made about It In the
presence of a notary public There is an im
petus and rattle in the style which make it
seem like the transcript of a diary but diaries
are rarely e good MIL rarely so witty and so
interesting The pair who made tbo journey
purport to b the author and a young English
woman who is called Orthodocla Apparently
they had no more burdensome purpose In view
than to Itt all the fun possible out of the experience
perience Tho record includes accounts of a
ride down the Rocky Mountains on a locomo
tive cowcatcher and of all sorts of misunder
standings In Japan and India and other coun
tries of the Incomprehensible East F II
Townsend illustrate the book with 111 excel
lent pictures Orthodocla according to them
ISI very coodlooklng traveller and her com
panion look very much like her
There are so many vivid pictures In Goof
fro Hampstead a novel by Thomas a Jarvls
Applstons that It l hard to pick ont a chief
one among them In the matter either of narra
tive emphasis or ot tragic torO and after all
the passages of Intenssr character have been
considered it is still difficult to determine
whether they are not all made secondary by the
great Interest ofthv philosophical discussions
in which this strong and versatile book abounds
The Tartar character and the splendid ath
letic body of Geoffrey Hampstead will appeal
r powerfully to some while to others hIs
intellectual eiulnment and hIs gift of copious
and Instructive eloquence will seem superior
Readers fortunate In a generous receptivity
will Ilk It all from the description of the office
coat which Jack Crswll has worn to hon
orable tatters in tho service ot the Victoria
Bank in Toronto te the last great venture of
Geoffrey Hampstead In the Niagara Whirlpool
RapId The story deals with the labors the
pastimes the emotional experiences and the
trade sorrows of Uampstead and Creswell
who are clerks in the Victoria iBank
and bosom friends working at adjoining
counters lodging In adjoining chambers in
the Tremalno buildings In King street eating
and playing billiards In the same club and
striving amicably for honors in the same ath
letic association The picture of Toronto club
life and life In chambers la I spread out for us
in all its easy and negligent charm affording
a strong reminder of tho Temple and Pall Mal
picture drawn by Thackeray In Pendennls
Of course the Toronto bank clerks do not at
all times exhibit in their club and chamber
the perfection of manner that marks the
Thackeray people for Toronto is younger than
London at this business but they do ama
bigly well and certainly neither Major nor
Arthur Pendonnls nor Warrington nor Capt
Costlcan could approach Ham lead at polo
jumping or at hurdle racing In pale blue
tights I Is i hardly wonderful that Margaret
Mackintosh the handsomest blond woman In
Toronto should have been forced to bite her
tongue continually In order to avoid calling
Hampatead Apollo or that Nina Lindon the
most piquant person In the same town should
bass felt although she was engaged to Jack
Creswell that of all Canadian bank athletes
there was none to compare with this one Indeed
deed there were old business men present
whoso hearts had not moved so brisk
ly since the last financial panic I
when the hero In azure leaped the
last hurdle Into glory No other courtier
stood a chance wltb Margaret Mackintosh
after the hurdle ra There was one who had
the temerity to essay to win her She had got
sand In her boO running on the beach and
bo removed her shoes and poured the sand out
of them at her request I was while he was
replacing the shoe that the essay was made I
He bad got the left one on and was eying the
exposed right foot which was long and well
chiseled when he bent over and kissed the
silkcovered Instep TieMerry I said she
to kiss an unprotected ladys foot and
took the shoe from him and put I on herself >
self while he lhd and became Intuitively
aware that It was o the worship of the unattain
able Geoffrey mother wu a 1artar not
figuratively but rallrand he Inherited from
her certain fierce Aslatlo traits Ho could un
joint the third and fourth fingers of his left
band at will f be dilated with tbo joy of danger l
and his cruelty could strike vn women Nina
Ludon was mad to suffer from this trait last
named Great will b the readers pity for her
at that passage where Geoffrey forsake ber In
to outskirts ot Toronto walklogoffup cross
road and lighting a cigar with a fuses and
leaving ber to drive the buggy homo alone
Poor Ilrl I Borrow come fast upon her after
they have O D begun She faint on learning
that her marriage to Jack Creswell II I bogus
sinking upon the floor In shapeless Inert
confusion r and h el shortly afterward over
whelmed I creat ted on Lake Buperiot
That Geoffrey Homestead doss not long sur
vive her Is I a tat affording considerable satis
faction He won the heart of Margaret Mack
intosh by a master stroko pronouncing to her I
at a plenty on one of the Thousand Islands an
essay upon the Mohammedan religion which
was not to b resisted especially after the hur
dle race In pale blue tight Each deep note
that Geoffrey separately brought forth led
her with an overwhelming gladness and
moreover his conversation seemed to her to
have a certain width and scope about it and to
her he seemed to grasp generalities and pre
sent them in his own condensed torm Small
wonder she succumbed perhaps but groat
and good II I Nemesis that she prevents the
match and that Geoffrey Hampstead instead
of marrying tho finest blond woman In To
ronto gets Into the Niagara Whirlpool where
there Is effectual punishment for hIs treatment
of piquant Nina LIndon and for all his other
gross and Tartar sins
Absolutely the Best
It I richest in pure cream of tartar I
It is strongest in wholesome leavening power
It has the best keeping qualities and is the most economical l
It contains no alum ammonia or other deleterious substance
All the ingredients used a published on the label
mu ht I Htt
Dr Xyna P rriet Tetb rowdr
whluu lbs teeth and pnrllM the breath U Cents
Krrpx Nrcllrft ISISIsIC nttmirl Chiviet
and rr brl ll oto t r sad nil Bto dwtr
itw lbtrto l
By GIoVANNI VKIIOA Translated from the
Italian by Mint A Cairn An Introduc
tion by VT n HOWELIA ICmo Cloth
Ornamental 1100
A story of humble life In a Italian fishing
village dealing with prmwn of existence to
which DOlt Amrilcnn rondeis are strangers
The nlrof simplicity und sincerity which > ma
entirely l to pirruemo tho oioryto tutor Into
Intr tl
the character of its fletlItS Mid oven to Inllu
core tho diction And style I of Ibo nnrrallvu
helps to niako or thin work l charming Pleoo
ot lltorattiie which will bo welcomed and
fiction ndmlrod by all lovers wi the better forms of
run nun UIHIKII Thirteen Tales by Oar
THAN HIUKOER An Introduction br Haiti
IASTHI iv tltnvK From the French
Translated by STUART JlBnntu With 160
Illuetratl Including IrontUnlece 11
Color by H W MoVicxAR and Introdtiotloa
by W D llownLLa ICmo Introlotoa
MAId l A nuuril AUKItlC4ff ItOMANCR
By Jonas IHAACS Translated by HOLI
OUDEN An Introduction by TuoUia A
A IU ICino Cloth 0 A
No 677 in Harpers Franklin Square Library I
Price J S ecnti
Ii I
I hM much nrloty of Incident and character
and cannot full to command attention Wo
recommend renders In search of nn uncommon 1 i
novol to send for boning the YinU4its
turuni London
f 1 1
The London Athtnmm of June 29 1887
ductlon says The following note requires uj Intr 4
8 FUmy Street rittrv JSqwn t
June JX IHJ7 I
Mat I telUtout cQMUm mentlnn In your iMjtr Ikttt
Mfttrt llartxruf Afto Ior titve jest m Qui uIrl r
tlfti a money acknewlrigment ftr rcorinltw tn CA tf
ceip urta Miring lie it mil Prlll Ic I
ODD volume each Taper covers t < I
Our Professor 15 contn Llzle Lotion of I
OrOTrlec > 0 cent My Loxo 20 cents Ji i
Jon Mewnrt 20 conta Soitlne the Wind iI I
25 contx irora Urims 10 WaLlnz JO
Cents The llebelof tho Family 2U cents Ii
1aston Carol 2ti cuntn lliroucli the I
Lone Muhts 25 cents I P4I
I It
By the Author of I THOTH t
No 676 In Harpers Franklin Square Library
IVIcc ISO cent
One has something to admire wherever ho
looks according to bin mood and ttiso The
pleasure may be lntul ctuul or moral but U tfl
always pure aud delightful Jlostan Globe
Armorel Lyonesse
A Itomanee of Today
In Hnrpors Franklin Square Library Stow
Paper price 50 cents Also published Ia
Library edition 12mo Cloth f12 3
Mr Bosfint seems desirous of rivalling Wil
liam Block upon his own mound Armorel
of 1 yonesHe H not at all in the uMual mnnner
or the Iltho of All boric ted CondlUoiib of
Mel anil is really very much like tho style of
n 1rlncesss 01 Tbtim hot thief thor I nnr
not of Imitation In Iho hook Mr l > nnt la
tooiKCompllnhfid nn nrtUt lor tl at Ills tic
the of the Scilly iHlpB nnd nf the free Ulnnd
life of bin clmrmlne lionlno ar full of thA I
freshness aul loicnof ponlnn Tba ctoiyl b a >
captisutingnno und the dramatic interest oZ
tbo plot U I fully sutuluud to thu eud Ciorcj
fun etc and A > u > itr
A Sorts and Conditions of Mal i
Now edition In Harpers Franklin Squaro
Library Ro Paper tnlon 50 cents Also
published In Library Edition 12mo Cloth
I 125 j
Tho People Jalnre which Angela tho I j
rich nnd hlKhbnrn girl planned tint tiullt Iq f
the hart of London for the nmu < euent nnd I
recreation of her povprtystnuKeii sisters ot
toll Is eo longer the dl elm of I rumnncfi but 1
a reality and time tinchl > i of hl < book hns put i
a batter spirit Into many women aol men I
with full t > ur > es und Miipty lives by itnowlua I
them that human beings need ainiiaemxnt I I
nnd diversions I well I meat nnd bread
Hiid that It I sweet privilege tn make pooploj I
huppy ns well na tn fONI t and clot ho them If
The bock Is I fully and tbminlijuly IllnstriuoU l
Jlartjonl unrant 1 I
Aztec Treasure Houso I
A Romance of untcinporaneoiu Ij
Ant Iq I Hy i
Illustrated by niEDKIUO Ur3IINGTO i
lost 80 Cloth Ornamental 150
I carlm story of its kind The whols
stoiy Is 11rlt6d and Inuoulnua Mr Jmnl
Imnuimitl Hit Indeed nervtd him well tutu I
bo has writ en 1 book which filet tat III
rnut 2hbunt lu tha literature ot iomauce JV hll t
XAlllKN A Tale of the Times of 11
Pennderbec nnd the tell 1 of Coiutanlinopla
By the itov JAMIS M I LiDiou liU ltt I
f Itimo Ornamental Cloth 1160 o
Somothlne new and striking Interests UK In II
almost every chanter Tie peasantry tho il I
Balkana the training and eorernmnnl of lhe >
Jnnlzarles the Interior of Cbrlxtlan and tins
lem tamps the horrors ol rahld and hnttle
lImo violence of the Hnltan tile tricks of tiplea
the exploits of heroes engage Mr Ludlowo
fluent ieo2t F Tribune
7JB UlAnott 01 A linKAM A Story ii I
Post Bvo Cloth tl Also Paper 60 cents I
An altogether absorbing storyIt la a ff
tale lull ol delicate eeplus in the front rank
em one Its klnd ul
Library Fdltlon 2 volumes Umo Noel I
Paper 12 Popular 76 cent IMItlou Illustrated Iq l
That Mr Howella Is I I man of t Brent and
varied talent bus lone been known but ij
there a passages 1 A Hazard ot Nest
Tortunos which unless we are very much <
mistaken entitle him to be tanked among men t
ot genius tipectttor London s I
n < atari utrtt cr5 Kir ISIS 1 by aU oooUrtUri or < I H
lent fry Ai puoUIArr postage iTjKifrf to any put o I IM
KUtt SttUi Caiuda or JuIco en TKrtH of price J
Jeha O Moll Sworn In me Ainlilamt VatS
d State Dlntrlet Attorney
Mr John 0 Mott who took the oath of office
yesterday a a assistant to the Attorney of
the United States for the Southern District of
New York 1 born In
Saratoga county in
1829 He spent his
early years on a farm
and after hIs gradua
tion from Ballston In
p stitute studied law with
oxJudge John K Por
ter In 1851 Mr Mott
1 wae admitted to the bar
if at Sandy Hill He be
S came attorney for the
Hudson Marine Fire
Insurance Company
ion 0 ion He was sleeted Dis
trict Attorney of Saratoga county In IBM and
removed to Waterford Shortly after the war
broke out Mr Mott was appointed Paymaster
and at tjie close of the war be began to practise
law in New York He has always been a strong
Republican Mr Mott drilled Into criminal
law and It Is I this branch of the United States
District Attorneys work that he will have
charge of
Hes a member of Republican Club and
le membr Rpublcan
of the Republican County Commute Mr
Mol Is I also a member of Lafayette Post G A
11 and of the Military Order of the Loral
Legion His campaign for the offlo of As
MMantUnited 1 Htates District Attorney was
backed with letters from Judge Rufus Cow
Iou oxJudg Noah Davis Judge Charles Dai
Isle Recorder SmIth Judge Van Brunt Julgo
John 11 Urady W laD Brookfleld T C Platt
Daniel G Bolllns Judge George C Barrett
and Horace Russell Mr Mott will succeed
10rac RUNI Mf and his salary will
PO 3600 a year
TVIIIIam Walter Phelps ha Not Paid It
and tke Fhelpi Gnardi Wont
The Phelos Guards of Paterson were organ
ized in 1872 when William Walter Phelps first I
took his seat In Congress The organization I
soon became a political power In that part ot
the State In 188C Mr Phelps mMe a Melt to
Paterson to rally WI forces and bring the boys I
up to the scratch at the next election Ho and
his private secretary put up at the United
States Hotel In Market and Union
streets They entertained a number
of their constituents who pledged Mr
helps many times smoked many fins
C Ir and had a good time generally Mr
Phelpss money gave out before ho was
through as ho bad not come PI epared for
such a protracted sitting and he sent down t
the proprietor to borrow 5 to take him and his
secretary to Sew York The money wns sont
by the proprietor and Mr Ihelns and his sec
retary pulled out After thoy had been gone
some time Mr Albert A Van Voorhlei the
Aber A
proprietor cent the bill for 1 nights lodelnc
liquors food and clears to Mr Phelps lie got
no response nnd the mutter was dropped for a
while as Mr Van VoorhleH did not doubt the
ability of Mr Phelp to pay the bill
Finally Harrison WAS elected 1resldent and
Mr Phelps went to Europe An the bill bad not
been paid and Mr Van Voorhles fearing that
he statute of limitations would Interfere witn I
his collecting the bill after Mr PhrIpss re
turn he began a unit In the District Court
against the Phelps Guards of Paterson N I I
for the amount of the bill Every one thought
that rather than hay tie matter rondo public
the leuards would pay the bill but the intend
to fight I Mr Charles H undue the resi
dent of tbo guards says they are colng to oi >
roe the claim on the ground that Mr Pblpa
owes lbs bill and tbat articles were charged to
him at the tlm The lawyers on both sides
the Judge and the clerk of the court are mem
next bers nf Tuesday tho guards The case will come up
Hbot a Olrl sad Killed her JT br
BLAJE Neb Aug 115 Hattio Town was
probably fatally wounded and her father In
stantly killed by Chris Pratt near Kesnard at
nn early hour this morning Prat who worked
for Town about tour rear ago and was dis
charged for making lovo to Haiti came t
tbe house about daybreak ns she was getting
bieakfaet While they were talking her father
came to the door when Pratt drew a revolver
and shot him through the bead A toe girl
started to run be shot her In the bock Jr
Pratt wan overtaken by tbe clrls brother
nnd wltb the assistance of some farm hands
taken to JaiL
JUIttem by a Copperhead Snake
WATXBBUBT Aug 15 William Chandler a
farmer of Prospect was bitten yesterday after
noon by a copperhead snake while he was
cradling rye Although ne knew that this
snake Is I supposed to bo as poisonous as a
rattler he kept on with his work for a tma
Boon however ho discovered that his leg WM
swelllua fast and within six hours much of his
body was frightfully swollen Wblskry and
onions worn used freely without avail Today
It has required several men to hold him In
bed The doctor says be cannot live six hours
Tbo Fuller1 Iland HeUd for Debt
The little iteimir named Fliher Iiland whIch has
been making aronnd Fire utica old
n mklnl trips Fi lnd was jet
ttrday by United states Maribal Lake of Brooklyn lo
atlufy a email elalm She was found deierted and
leaklnr badly at ibe foot ot Twenlreevemh itreet
South llrooklyn Tbe water was up to the f ornaoe deere
deputy and she took was ohirie In danger of slnklnc when Mr Lake
II Facilities what an oil
onawhetstone word I
A Remington Standard
Typewriter is a chief
among facilities
jlctht1 3olct sJ
1U been need for over FIFTY YKARS bJ MILLIONS of
UOT1IEH8 for their C11ILDHEN WHILE TliUnilhO
COLIU and U the belt remedy for DUIlUliOA Sol4
by dfutl In every part of the worM I 13o a bottle
ouonH ANt > COL1IH are itnrrnn In
truilera Repel lisle with 1AltKFIti OIMFRTONIO
IAnicitita liMit BALSAM aide I the lair growth
gjrw ul1cntou I
TIM vrnitii A N I IIU I ItS 11 LiY J II
rAYS Loved let Strlea 10 121 Clotb 5IW 1
papir M cents
BiAKIIAnk boveli l i American Ambon tines No
14 Clutb f 1 1 l paper 60 Lend
LIS ATIIURTOX Loielle American Auttiori berles
ho U loth ft 00 paper < cents
Tfi J f8
IHTII Loiells i neituiluiter I Series I GIW C Paper
rciHI cents Lovell Weitmloiler erlei I No 12 faper
Ten Bale by all Bookicllers and Newsmen
Only thn best and most
S08SIdo S ii1rr unobjectionable works
U UIUU L8gOnl Flotlou Seaside Library iitMwr la
uy Orr Newsdealer 1500 rclumc n PUUWlc Get catalogue from
A Bmntileri SouL Py Frank Harritt Mo ltlIO
Ida An Adventure la I Morocco iSabel Collins
MX 1453 I 104
A Woman of the World I Mabel Koblnaon tolQ
A Momaua Heart Sirs AlijimJer No ic iOo
gostt t nnd touud
LOAT Aar ft one round bottom boat painted whit
1i outside pee cr en inside seats and uu1 < brown
A JlleraJ rewud oHeretf by owner A UKAttCl lie
tuinot S 1
STQLKNHar tone lire hind legs I IS hud ua
ui < r top pUaetoa frOm
V McKBKKA xa Weil I3SU 1
Broadway oornar nth 1 Union senate
rn ll will pay you weorfeipond wlik n
1 Immediately NATIONAL r Aft XT 10 Rooili I
and 2 at rud01 relent Solicitors
flatntlterIovntlossfucsrsd promptlyi low rate
1 HoederABrtaenBJKaMagit t if luiatllibed InAi
PCItlTAW IIOVEU IM 5t Wry ecfasr Delaaeev st
S Aceommodailoni I for lentienen dealrtB eleiut
r smi and born contort Bio OcW eUy fxu f
FOND OF OTjtKit ruovLts JlWnLnr
Frank Bajmonda Ionic Friend with a
ColUUoa or Few Tlet I
Emil Chabolllao Is a coodlooklne young
Frenchman who hat been in this country
about two years lie dresses in good taAte Is
a muslelon and talks well He cot board with
Mn Mary Cappoll at S05 East 112th street two
months ago and soon became a general favor
le Jewelry was missed by some of the board
ere but no one BiisitecteJ Chabelllac who
seemed to bare all the money be wanted
On Juno 28 he was entortnlned by Frank
Raymond the lippnblloan leader who tires at
420 East 1J lib street UhutxIIUo mare hIm
self agreeable by his conversation and tbo
next dar when Mr Hnymond reported to tho
police tbnt he bad lost two diamond studs
which he valued at UOO tie aid not
suspect the young Frrncbmnn Deloc
titeR 1rlce and Mott did suspect Chn
belllao and at midnight Thursday they
arrested him at Mrs Fowlers boarding
house US Eat Etahtrllfth street where ho
had gone to live on Aug 13 In his pockets
they found pawn tickets for two diamond rings
n gold chain and locket a cold watch and
chain a diamond pin diamond cuff buttons
and other jewelry They also found letters
from boardinghouse keepers and rom yonnc
girls Chabelllao was arraigned In the Harlem
Police Court yesterday on a chares ol Brand
larceny and was held for trial
Another Dny to Welt fbr the TweCt
Tboaiitnd Missouri Tatcmeloni
There was disappointment and indignation
In Thompson street yesterday when U was
learned that the expected sale of 20000 water
melons from Charleston lla bad boon post
coned until Monday The postponement was
due to the nonarrival of the twenty care con
taming the fruit owing to their having been
shipped by the Erie Railway instead ol the
Pennsylvania They are due at noon tomor
row and the 20000 watermelons will be oven
for Inspection on Monday moraine at the isle
Irelatt depot In Jerrey City As the melons
will be sold In lots of not lees than 500 with
the privilege of tho car load Thompson street
epicures will have to wait
There has been more California fruit sold in
this city the tact week than In any other week
since a market for It was found hero The
price obtained have It Is said never been
eausllFrt A thousand boxes of the Hatch
Bartlett roar containing six dozen each Bold
yesterday for 350 n box while from Ii25 to
3 was obtained for 800 boxes of the ordinary
Bartlett Twelve hundred boxes of peaches
sold for from 2 to ILW a box and 2000 boxes
ot plums for from 1 to 1250
Indlcnntloa Aroaicd by in Attack on the
Chiirikctcr or CertaIn VTumen
BinMiNQitAM Ala Aue 15An attempt was
made today to assassinate L H Harrison a
negro who Is editor and publisher of the tVi
ten a weekly paper In the Interest of his race
Ho was knocked on the bead with a piece of
iron by a negro named Button and badly In
jured Three or four negroes armed to the
teeth were searching for Harrison this after
noon and he applied to the Mayor and Chief of
Police for protection which was given him
Ten days ago a small german wan chen by
colored society people In the next issue of
his paper Harrison charged that certain col
ored men took women of doubtful character to
the bill and danced with them For publish
lag this ha said be was threatened with bodily
In this weeks paper he followed up tne arti
cle with the names of the men and women and
denounced them In severe terms at the same
time mentioning the threats and announcing
that be was prepared to defend himself Sev
eral colored men It is said have sworn to kill
him on sight and further bloodshed is expect
ed before the matter ends
A Lone Chase Aftcrller fugitive nalbmid
MiNcitjcsTEn N H Aug 15 Charles O La
moire ot Cincinnati and Miss Corlnno Meliler
of Charlotte N C the eloplncoouple who were
run down by Lamolnes lawful wife In this
city wore arraigned In court today Lamolno
was bound over in 1500 to the next term of the
Supreme Court and Miss Melsler or limo
Donne was fined f 19 C2 Mrs Lamolne pur
sued bar busbund from Cincinnati to North
Carolina and Ucoreln back to Cincinnati
tbonce to ilorldn thence to Boston and to
hew York There she received IntHllfgnnco ot
the death of her father which delayed the
pursuit When Site resumed It Abe went again
to New York thence tolloston tbencu to low
oIL next to Boston thence to Worcester and
thence to this city whera she overtook the
A Clergyman Takes to the Insane Aiylnm
PououKErpiiK Aug 15 Theodore Haven
pastor of the Methodist cburoh at Jllllbrook
Dutchess county was today committed to the
Hudson River State Hospital for tbo Insane
His father was Bishop E O Haven deceased
The physicians who examined the son > nr bo
U morbid and suspicious and charges that his
wife has been untrue to him The neighbors
declare that there I no truth In tho charge Me
abused her and struck her and It becoming
Impossible lor her to live with him the left
hIm atuiut two months ago There Is no doubt
of his Insanity Thoi are no children
114111aAc rinliaKnaa
uniiiirii iotlaceTo nn
Ian tiMe 6 03 I Sunset 7 001 Moos set T ce
tic H VATIIB mi n r
f ci3j Hoot 7 tO I lot Island S 201 lInbOats 10 10
ArrlTrdynoir Aug 15
SeStal > Richter liremen
SilUbaaft Ktorina Havana
tie Kalcun floffhei HitrACoa
Es Eleanor Htnntlt rurilaDiL
Hi EiDana NtUon JJaracoa
firrlnc Maurliz Hlttieo tscmsL l 1
fci haramanla Young hila4eipiuv
Hi Algiers Maton iloDlla
t > t units r oulnKrou Ullmloffton
ls Acadia JutinituDe PllUatleiptLla
Ship Ann llenrbtnt linemen
Bart Mjrll Carter lit John If B
DruTbemU ButclKO Ultiara
Ifor mater arrival n flrit Patti
Si nohimla from > > < r York at lUmlnrr
H I Cltr of b t from Nair t art at jaiinitown
hi Krl Hand frctn New verb oft ibi LlunL
bsAIlr from Nw York at Urtnurhavin
MILKH CbS roKKioa mica
Si Xornannla from Kontbampion for Haw Tort
Si rtblopia from uia rov for Nw lark
fa Knjilaittf frnu Liverpool for New York
U ririlan Monarotufrom London for New Tort
CtrcOlBO ITIAMallri
diiU cdas
NaLijiiis vwnisag
AdIrondack icictiton itWA d
tIaI14a London
CincauIa iialgOW 4mA Ii VptA it
Ehsla iledlterralceal
NIrurti Liverpool 315 A SI ew it
LCiuimuarne hlayre lbIJA II OfsA Si
hidlan ipnsrch Ionton
hlorucabInlward Islands
mnizats hlavalla ltor 11 it
Psythian i kIlts
Feimsils lettio
Reitsrdsm AweIerdi3n 4EA it 6OOA hi
TtiIryalis Cueaiegen 4 WA St Cr I S
Werrstrema 301M
Iscoelsa Ta5llt
t T04 lit
Sorrento Ilimboir July
TtuQitian Liverpool Aui 1
Aueuita I ictortaPoutbaniptOu 4U tt
Ruaiila Ilavri A g a
Ludf nuttendon Auc J
faoriaia limbers Af t
Dad Amaai Jkt 17
city ot Bern UoMnilown Lug 10
Auraalft Aua 10
BlrmlBla ulbraltar > Alt 3
Daawarkboodo Log 3
Lbs tOfdau AVI IS
lIsle ot Georgia Morllla Ani a
bIn HoutaampUm Aug10
La Monnandli Ilirra AUK o
AoeboiU MovlU Auj 7
Dm nuitat 4ltt It
WutralandAnteere Aot e
toadla llamBorc < Lug 7
flVUtJOUNMONOn nnilar Anj It at
St Uoi Church by Ike flay WillIam A TIS
Thomas Edwin flank to yioriaet ADjustS Joan
on both of New York city
llenco of the brldti brother Btaart 0 Nelson U
Bait Bill it br the > R r Pr Henry Van Dike Susan
Emilia daDihteratthejUt John 0 N lino n to Dr
Jamw Ronbrxh Ltamlnx M D beth of this thy
TAN TonMTMMenAEOn nnridar Anr
It la New York city at the raildine ot the brides
incle Wm R Utl y rrediiiok a Tan Vorlt of
Ktv tork elly la Uarr O Macfta dan > ht r ot the
Ut Walter 11 MactUu of WilmIngton K 0
HABKT AlitPMari Btetory Klw Brlihton 5
L en the Uth IniL the 11ev Jnnn Harry lat pastor
elM reiescaurst New Brlihton B L
The Rev cleriT relallvet and friends ar rwtxcttallr
invited to attend the funeral obttqnlti on Saturday
the tcth Init The solemn office for the dead wilt
eomratao at 8 A M
An anntreniry mat wilt be laid In St riter1 Church
by the pastor on Anc ie M B clock or the repoe
of tb scat of Ellen widow of John Harry late ot
110 tIadlion St
IlEIINaIn Brooklyn Ax H Anna Sophie He
tint widow ot a A Pellet of Bayonne ageS 71
Fun rat from her lati residents ts Clifton place
nrooklrn to d rat II A U
UOtJnNONVIItEAttbl rMMmo other ion
II law IM Lexington av > Nw Tork city Anc iS 1
Ulna Charlotte BoarnooTIU widow ot lr An
thony Bonrnonvlll of PblUdtlphla In the tfllh
yur of her age
Solemn bleb moss at Bt Stephens Roman Catbollo
Cborch 28th lU Bar Laxlnitim av Hw York to
day at II A U Intermeal at Monument Caraetiry
rhIUdelphla Carrtagii at Uermantown JineUon
rtnnijlTanla Railroad en arrival ot I oclock train
from Kw York
cO1rA solemn month mind for the rims of the
soul of the late RT Janiii T Cole will b celebrated
to day at in 80 at th Chnrcb ot the Sacred Heart
Mount vernon H Y lLeyrehiih clergy invited to at
tend Trains leave Grand Cintral via Maw have
OiX and 1002
COOK On Auc iS at Ullford ra Herman Cook la
bit Both year
DRIVKnOn W dne lar Auc H Sarah Driver
wit of Gleorge Driver atad 70 verr
yrlendi and retaIled are invited to attend the fnniral
from btrlat rullence 873 Clbit Brooklyn
Saturday Aux 16 at a P M
Orkney Scotland paper pleas copy
J > AVIDMON Atearatoia Ant K John S David
ion In the Md year ot his age
Friendi of the family are r eipec tfully lnvlta to attend
the lnner > l nrviova at Mi lat rtaldeuc3iO iVeit
40tb se tbli city on hnnday evening at ii clock
Interment private Kindly omit towers
DOOlKYAt Long Iflalid City Anir 15 ISM An
drew Dooley a native of Dannachar Klnci county
Iraland aged 83
Funtral on Sunday A tut 17 from 170 Eait fib st
Lour laland City at2 r M
XIAILO11AN Anr IS Nelll A Hatm be
lovid wife of David A Ilalloran at bar late reel
dent IS Tompkins a btaplitun S 2
Funarat today at 10 X M
Saratoga papirl please copy
UrNI > EKhONOn Tburaday Anc K William
Relatives and friends of the family are invIted to at
tend th funeral airtlction Sunday Ant 17 at 2 P
M at nil tale residence 321 UcDonounh it BrOOk
lyn Wv
IEO BAt Farauga on Anc 12 1800 Marcartt
L wife Alfred A Liger aged 33 year
ynniral from 01 t < it and Boulivard at 10 A U
Saturday Funeral private
MtCONNEIUnn Fridr Anc IS Famncl sid
tit ton of Edward J UoConnelllnhl > 2t1 year
Funeral from his lat residence SIB East TJd it on
Sunday at 3 1 M Interment at Calvary Cemetery
BZURPIIY Suddenly Annie Uarphy sued to
ynniral from her late residence 347 cast 77th it to
dayatl OT H M
MVUrnTAt Uontclalr N J Anc H the Bit
C D Murphy p D In tIme 73d year of his ace
NElIQANAt New Durham CatskIlls N Y on
Anc In Mary Ann NelUao shIer of Thomw J
7ictlee ot funeral berenfter
NICIIOIHONOn Auc 14 Vary Oarvey Klcbol
ion a native of the pariah of Ornmcllff county align
yuneral this morning at 10oclock from Ft Andrew
Church corner city Mall place and Duane it Kn
OcTal will dart directly after the mail Please
omit towers
FOWELLsOllrer B PowelL Jr son of the Late
Oliver 8 and Juliet PowelL
Eerrlcej at his late reildenoe 05 Donclaiiit Brook
lyn Saturday evening at 8 oclock Funeral at a
clock Sunday morning Interdental Rockvill
Centre L I
QVAOn lbs 13tb Init after a lone and painful ill
new Mary K Ilartln beloved wife ot Joseph Qua
aDd 42 years
yuneral from her lat residence 110 3d place Brook
lyn today at 2 oclock I it
KICIIAnnsONOn Tbnridar Anc 14 Margaret
widow ot John Richardson
yueral from Bt Luke Home Seth it and Madison
av ibis morning at 11 oclock
8ANFOBnAt Nantucket on theiStic last Fred
rick C Sanford aced 81 years a months cud 10
TIKNEOn Anc 14 IBSO Vlrzllli Time alert 3
Hlatlvei and friend are Invited to attend the funeral
from 61 Sullivan it on Batnrday at H A II
WIIIOXAt New Brighton S J on Wennentay
Auc 13 after a short illness Elizabeth II Wlticox
dauKbter at Albert O and Ann L Wlllcox
funeral irrvlcel will be held at her late residence
corner Richmond terrace and Lafayette av Sail
on Snug harbor IationJlhl morning at 11 oclock
Interment private

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