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I i 6 TAB CAItttfULLT LAID our mitt
momma IN run nAIl1
I k If Ukm of Violence knt Potaoo May
lw dare flee Wild The > ilnilmsid Pa
I tliitte nrrlmlon or How Ho Hurled It
k Crowds of vlllacoro and n fow reporter Btood
t i I the pouring rain on the Dunbar farm nt
Oonneetlout Farms yesterday morning walt
I IBB 8 the arrival of tho Union county ofllctals
i who wore to exhume tho body of 1lrl Mary
I I Xhmbr who was burled on July 2 by her
ecentrio hUl blnd Everybody visited tho gar
don and gazed at tho row separating Ilia corn
l I and tomatoos for thorn I was tbnt the old
I mnn Aid be rondo tbo midnight burial Thcro
waanothJiur lo Indicate that the soil had boon
teoontlr disturbed nnd speculation as to tho
position of tLo body won Idlo County Da
tectlva Eoron and Coroners Miller and Dono
II Tan arrived at 10 oclock and after consulting
Dunbars diagram they soon unearthed the
r body from between the tomato plants and Ibo
I rows of com A number of fullcrown tomato
t plants and two hills of com had been root by
t Jab pt the remains of t his wlfo and had
be not hen explicit dlreotlons for finding the
OT the mystery would not havo been solved
a easily a it was Tho body was burled two
foot blow the surface and was wrapped In 0
rubber blanket The old man hM carefully
competed the limbs clothed the oorpso neatly
and put a bunch of flowers i her hair
r ThU doos not look like tho work of a mur
derer wan the Terdlct of ono of tho by
Btonders when the blanket was removed from
the decomposed corpse Tho condition of the
I body was ouch that it was dlfllcult to tell
I Whether violence had bon usid but there was
no viilblo evidence of It After casually look
ing at tho body the Coroners removed I to
t Elizabeth whera a autopsy will bo made to
ascertain I poison was uood Uunbar showed
no surprlso whon ho win Informed that his
I wHo body was found lie eald I Rave Mr
I Jloron tho right location Then ho said that
the < rrnve marked a spot whera lie had passed
many happy days with his wife and where they
t bad olhor agreed that thoj would b laid away 10
I Hope that they will put her back there
Tthtn they have finished tho examination
It U not nt all likely that they will however
I 1
for in union county at elsewhere there Is a
Brejudlou against bur ai human beings In
tomato patches ana levelling down their
eraves The body wo taken to the morgue
1 And a Jarrlwas Impanelled Thetlnquen will bo
begun this uiornlnir and Dunbar will be per I
mitted to mao a voluntary statement I he
wishes to do so
I Dunbar extremely simple or excessively
ply Ho eald to Doioctlve Keren that there was
k rough on ruts laudanum and other poison
I1 ous stuff about the house but I hie wife had
taken any of the stuff ho was not aware of It
I 110 laid that ho was sorry now that ho burled
r her In such a secret manner without acquaint
t ing his neighbors of her death and Divine them
1 change to coo her The old man Is ooml to
r y crushed but not more to than ho was when
t La went to his stopnopuows house In Now
ark on Friday night and brought about his
own arrest by saying that he wa tired of Hie
f and intended to so to tho farm and take some
laudanum which he displayed If h too any
real grltjf or remorse his face does not Indi
cate It Not a tear his dimmed his ores since
his Ills olco has plaintive tonees
i arrest JUI i hl I pllntve os
i peelMly when he says
I polaly me what a lot of trouble I have
bronchi upon myself Why dont they let mo
I kill myself I want to die and I dont think
they ought to prevent mo 1 am I lonely old
I man with nothing to Jive lor 1 havent got 0
I friend In the world and 1 am becoming a bur
I den t myself getting ell and blind Ono of
1 my eyes In i blind ana his boon so since I was 0
i boy but nobody would know it to look at It
l The other Is now 10ttnl dim Why wouldnt
they lot mo take the poison 1 They were un
r i kind to stop mo but 1 bupposo thoy meant it
lor the bost
10t Wfl Crockett of 28 High street New
k I ark was in Elizabeth yesterday trying to learn
I something about hi wifes aunts death I was
Ins action In causing tho old mans arrest that
brought about tho developments in the case I
ho hal allowed the old man to go ho would
probably have died with tho secret on his mind
und would havo been burled Or his consider
r ate relatives the Cooks according to tho di
rections which ho says ho let with them at
their Connecticut home
Mr Crockett said yestxrilay that the old
mans singular action In burring his wife as
bo did could be attributed to his closeness lu
money mat f as ho would le likely to do
J Just such 1 thIng to oscapu r > aj Inc funeral ox
penses The only point which Mr Crockett
1 thought rouUloteil nt all with this theory was
tho old mans desire to kill himself when he
w I8 pr > B6ed by the Elizabeth authorities and
thought that an Investigation wa being made
and that hu would bo forced to toll where his
wifes body wnp Mr Crockett bald that Dun
bur came to his houso three weeks ago on his
t M Way to Connecticut and that ho wont to mar
t ket aud bought fish and fruit and vegetables
tk Tthioh ho brought 10 the house and asked to
t base cooked for Olnnor I astonished Mr
Crockett but the alit man said that ho wanted
a square men and that I was I long while
sInce ho had onten uno He wont nwar saying
that he was going to hao a sood time with
his relatives In tno Niugatuk valley On Fr
1ay last Mr Crockett received 1 letter from
him arlnl that ho had Jut received a letter
from oxChief Keion ant that ho was going
to return at once to tho farm A small piece of
paper was stuck In the envelope and on It was
lltI 7t atm weary of life and want to die
I fool at times as though I ought to put an end
to my existence On the > aWn evening ho ap
peared at Crocketts and his actions and lan
guage convinced Mr Crockett that it would bo
safest to cause his arrest
NEW HntiNHwici Aus lBTho autopsy on
the body of Mrs Dunbar was mode by Irs
Hravlag and Donovan and was finished this
evening No marks of violence were found
But the stomach was taken away nnd will bo
anallzod Thin will take a week Meanwhile
Dun tinr will be hold on 0 chares of burying his
wife without n permit Tho complaint WHS
rnadn byDatootlve Keren and was road to
lunbarin tho jail by Justice O M Itodgars
Who asked him bow h pleaded
Guilty quickly responded the prisoner
Ho then remarked 1 now feel quite safe
her In telling Prosecutor Wilson County
1liyslclan Wcetcott and Detective Koron this
evening tho story of bin wifes burial he said
I laid her out R tenderly as a woman put
flowers In her hair and robed her In her best
dress Thon wrapping the rubber sheet
about herl oarrled her lu myarms to her nar
row bed I covered her UI with earth w
ant short wore the prayers I said and I left
4 her alone In Ixtr glory
c I Tears filled his eyes n ho concluded his re
cital and his voice became husky with emo
Jon He said his wHo wait C5 years old Mrs
DnDbar will be relnterred tnmorrow morning
t lalfalrmount Cemetery Newark mornlnl
Drunken Nrerne Fire It klein1r Flva
Men Wounded Mad it Woman Ktllca
CIKCINKATI AIIR 180n Saturday night an
xoltlng shooting alTrny took place a Coal
City on the commuters tinnxorgor train on tho
Dig Four Hallway A number of the passen
gers were drunken negroes Scary Lpwls a
drunken colored man went upto Oeorge Teen
enl puihod his foot ott an unoccupied seat
Bear Lewis nnd another negro Bore JJnke
ler then Assaulted Teon Shorty Parton a
friend of Teen took part and a llerce fist fIght
p began Boon the oralc of I pistol was hoard
end then another and another No one knows
p how teeny < i the hiring or bow many shots
ere tired I Is known that both Toon and
Fulton fired shot and emptied their revol
vers and that the negro Lewis used two revolver
Everything was confuclon and terror and
I t tho tniiI 1 nciino WAR iin over KoarvLnvrls
i who boston the tiouble recolnd I dangerous
I wonnil In the groin liorua ilakobv the negro
I confederate of Jimls was shot In the wrist
tt These wore the only naitlclpunts hurt Four
L others were hit All 1nllclllnla colored man
Li cot a slight wound In lit right ban Oeorgo
RA hlnulotoii colored was wounded In the Jolt
t 11 John Oodlroy white man wa wounded
rtf In the right fide iln Queen Crookc a col
ored woman was shot In the rlObL 0 dlod
MI of her woundn yoHti > r1ay afternoon
There n im report of the affair to the Cia
1 elnnatl 1 f police till after 1 I ol lntt > nildnlght 1 lUllroad I
anbornlnule I here nor vorv clooiinoutlud
about It 1 1 lie marshal of I onl City made no
effort lo a zest au > o the prirtldpHiiis I > iud no
t nrreUM lion I o n mrl oeorge Teen and
I BhortT Inrfnaie umploieos of the Adillstono
I ilf WirLM anti t our I goid I rnpiitntlon Ins
rangers and the pnnllu generally cxonorato
these JAn and the Eenarul Impression is that
Bear Lewis and liorne llakcley ate chiefly If
not wholly reHponslblii for the bloody aflalr
Toon and Burton huv dlxappeared and no one
C knows their thereabouts Henry lewln the
t wounded rlngleauer vas taken to his homo
In Uovlngtou vr last night and Jlerno
cinnati fiakeley his confederate Is said to bo In Cin
Tie AiMnlrlim Itjijcnn Incouruced
I The Peoples Munlitral 1 Leagues clerical an
nex tbroush tho bier Dr Kramer aiUnow
t edged yesterday the onvouratrnment It hits ia
r i telvod In its mluloniirr work In polities In
one church Ur Krumnr ears all the mn1
ben of tbo Young ileuH Hoolety havo already
nrollsd and pledeeil themselves for vork now
and f the heat of the campaign
o Ur T all of tbe original committee equally
tboorlll IUlualy
0 Dlia4d l and points ltn pride to ctlectsd hem
tut 01 ZIPI1I noolTfd
0 J
t TI1 j < Ifr
JrCl our or 4
A Disk runner TV he Doeitt Take thej
rarer U the TUtlns
DECXKHTOWN Aug laThe same old event
happened here which has been occurring allover
over the country for the post fifty year to tho
m n who does not take the paper
Ed Van Sickle n wealthy farmer who resides
about three miles from here on the road to
Ltbertrvllle Is I the owner of three farms and
It wa known that be was about to purchase
another On Friday lust a mIl got off tho
train at this station and hiring a horse and
buggy at a livery stable drove to Van Sickles
place whore he found him on the porch and
balling him said
Hallo I Van rJIclle how are you i
Van Sickle looked at tho man and failed to
recognize him Tho stranger then said
Why I ntn John A Whltakora sonlnlnw
and know all the people around here the Stiles
and be Wilts the Coopers and tho whole com
munlty They told me in Dockertown that
ran bad a farm to sell and my ulster who Is a
widow with I fow thousand dollars wants a
nice quiet outoftheway place whloh they
tell me you have
Mr Van Sickle said he had just the place to
suit and got In the mans buggy to drive a
mile or two to where tho farm lies
On their way there they met a stranger
in a patoh of woods who asked to be directed
to thoold Elllpatrlok place lie was toall ap
pearances more than half drunk and he began
to toll that be had lived In tho neighborhood
many rears before know all the old residents
and had been forced to leave the country flat
broke Thon be said suddenly But I am flush
enough now and ho began to fish out 1 big I
roll of greenbacks from nearly every pocket I
Thon with a sudden burst of confidence ho
offered to show the gentlemen how he bad acquired
oaore Iontemen deck of
quired his wealth nod produced a
curds which hu handled In a clumsy manner
end proceeded to explain the game
John A Whltakors soninlaw punched Van
Sickle In the ribs and told him ho would teach
the stranger a trick or two The game pro
ceeded for a few moments when the driver of
tbe mingy had won tfiOO which was handed
over without a sigh Then Mr V an Hlckle grew
alittle ferrous In his mann r And took a hand
In I himself in a short lima ho was 16000
winner and tho money was handed over
wflnar the drunken stranger said Van Sickle
had boon playing only mouth bats against
good money and would not Bo on any further
unless they could show that they had some
money of their own bosldo what they had won
from him This touchQd Van Sickles pride
and ho said ho had plenty of money in the
tanner National Hank of Wantage situated
hero The man will the buggy offered to drlvo
Mr Van Btcklo to the bank and the drunken
stranger agreed to wait for them Mr Van
Blckle was lot ont of tho buggy at Mr Wailer
Do Camps hotel and the driver started up tho
hill as though to so to John As no Mr
Whltakor Is I known alt l I through tho commu
nity agreeing to meet Van Hloklo at the bank
a little later This he did
Van Sickle had tl400 on deposit and as It
was known that he was about to aoaulro another
other farm he had no difficulty in l letting his
note discounted for 13000 Mr Thedoro Mar
Jorum the cashier tried to persuade him to
take a cheek for the proceeds of th not but
nothing but the currency would answer With
this In his pocket he jumped In the buggy with
bin friend John Aa soninlaw and drove
back to the spot where the stranger was walt
log for them There the game was renewed
Van Hloklo still winning until tho man with
the gamowas flat broke
The drier of the buggy had produced a tin
box and having placed his own money and
VnnBickless said in I as Van Sioklos supposed
aarll 1 tell you what Ill do In 1 low voice to
Van tel who Kept his foot on top of the
box from the moment It was placed on the bot
tom of the buggy Ill driro this follow to the
station and pay his fore to New York to act
oloar of him and come up tomorrow and get
my own money out which Is In with your own
and wo will talk about tbo price of the farm
Jlr Van Sickle consented nnd John As
Fonlnlaw station drove oft with tho stranger to tho
slaloo on Saturday no one appearing Mr
Van HIcklo forced the tin nDPonrnl whon
much to his surprise and disgust ho found 0
lot of paper and packed oawdnst lie was In
town early this morning with his talo of woo
seeking legal advice which will avail him
nothing and he has bY this time como to tho
conclusion that n small portion of El 400 would
smll porlon
have paid tho subscription to TiE 8nx whIch
would have saved him the rest of his hard
earned saving <
rUE stiasisaifii COKTEXXIOK
There will bo m Goo Deal or Dtlleoalon
Oer the HafTrafffB Queatlon
JACKROX Miss Aug 18The constitutional
convention today has been flooded with plans
for chances in the Constitution Bomo of them
contain good features and others many things
that are wild and foolish so much BO that thoy
will stand no chance of serious consideration
They were all referred without discussion
Tho following Is the substance of tho changes
desired by Judge Chris man
All elections by tho people shall be by ballot
The Legislature shall provide by Ian for the
registration of voters The following and no
others shall be Qualified voters andentltled
when registered to vote
Males of sane mind over tbo ago of 21 years
and citizens of tho United States by birth or
naturalization who have never been convicted
of any crime made I felony by the laws of this
State who havo resided in the State two years
and in the county where they offer to vote for
one year next preceding the day of election
at which they propose to voto Provided thoy
or their wives own In fee simple a homostoau
or ono or the other of them Is possessed of un
encumbered property either real or personal
of the value of S200 listed for taxation and not
then delinquent for taxes thereon I shall bo
competent for the Legislature to make petit
larceny selling liquor without license or buy
Ing or soiling lottery tickets In this State a for
feiture of the right to exercise the elective
Before any person shall b allowed to register
as a voter be shall take and euDscribo tho fol
lowing oath I have read and comprehend
tbe article In the Constitution of this State
which prescribes the Qualifications of voters
and I am not debarred by the tests It pro
flclrbrs but am entitled to vote undortbe same
10 helD me 00 somo
lo person shall ba eligible to any office of
profit or trust who Is not a qualified elector
Mr Ulllard offers an amendment to tbe
Legislature provision I the House to havo 120
and the Henate 42 members so distributed
that both Houses shall be controlled by white
constituencies so that the blacks at best can
have no more than SO members In the Houao
and 15 In the Senate some of Ibo counties to
bn divided Into two districts for the election
of representatives no educational or property
qualification for nuflraite to bo required ills
fratiehlfiement for petit larceny und felony
the Australian ballot system to be provided by
ordinance the Legislature to elect nil I State
oillcors and the Governor with tho content of
the Senate to appoint all district county and
municipal otUcsru but no poison to be eligible
to election by the Legislature or appointment
by the Governor unless ba shall haT received
for the office a majority of the votes of 0 pout
ical party In a party primary held under the
sanction of law
There IB little question now about the ma
jority of the Franchise Committee being favor
able to the apportionment system combined
with the Australian system with auditions A
member of the committee said today that It
would b fully ten days before it could make
any report 1 becomes more apparent each
tiny that it will be very hard to reconcile the
dllfererxrs of opinion on the aulTrago ques
tion Thu differences are greater than any
ono supposed they would ba Ono faction of
lie State wants a very rigid measure while
other portions want little or restriction
Imposed on nuflrairo Henator Boyd one of
the leaders of the Alliance In the Convention
fiM ha would oppose any plan that would
debar I eluslo white man from voting WOUI
KcBtutky I > eraoar tlo Unjorltr
LOUISVILLE Kr Aug 18All but fifteen
counties have officially reported their vote to
the Secretary of State and show a much
larger majority nt the lost August election
than the Democrat expected Excluding
these counties the total vote stand for Clerk
of the I nurt of Appeals Lonctmoor HiUSO
llnsley Ilepubllesn ViflAl Longmoors ma
jority 4UlU The fifteen counties not re
ported gave Treasurer Hharp a majority of
S5TJ which oven If not Increased far Long
flOOr as tbo other counties show will make
Looemoora total majority 61U6M
Killed OB III Illrtbdar
NEIOI Aua 18 William Vandervotes
a former employed by Lewis J White at Fish
kill Village was 33 years of ago on Saturday
Wion ho loft homo his wife told him to hurry
back KB they would have a celebration of the
event An hour later hl was A mangled corpse
Uhilo delivering hU milk at the New England
load his wagon was struck by thu pay car and
Vandorvoto and hi horse were Instantly
killed He loaves l a wife luro one IerO JpatlUIr
Sleek I rota Tbelr Eaiter CruUe
The United Rte lUsmer Atlinta Com
mander Howell Keariaree Commander ti I
mer Vorktotrn and Dolphin all from Boston
Ier YorkIIj frol
armed la ilia harbor into yestrdsy tftiraooa
Absolutely Ruro
A cream ot tartar baking powder High
est of all In loavotilng strength U 8 Gov
ornmont Report AUK 17 1B89
ll I mphMleallr a blood tlnor1ir tAQMtl by Inability of
the kfcntyi to throw off crtata poliom whlob ccnniu
late In the lliin l about III Joints knit mtuolf aamu
The Cftetnt Blond Ocr vera Imply quickly and
surety cores this dll br n utrill tnr impnrltlM In
the biood Kip rUnoe sac snenee both endort the
known r a rtni Wood Curt M the oul tOfittibL blood iiurlQer
x a nnmnr j 1 L imtoitT
Solicitor I Attorney and Couniellor
Lav Cfflcsl A 81 J L Imonr
ina and t3 Drosdway
Cor Broadway and Cedar rtooms ea and 0
New YOlk JulTI 1SJO
My Dear Doctors
I like rprlg ID addlnl my testimony to lh emeRy
prmyossotAsvss foa m1 I Cqts to which yen
ktndsy recomznqded to me is e remoly or my pr
dleel utmost or Ions nlll1 Innammatr rham
Clam or whit roar troftiiion term iront
I his bun in the bablt of actor tin stereotyped rem
dlr tbapraiierlpllons wblohao ifrlounly I Imoalr and
debilitate nyiltm without 1 t amloi to eradicate the
itlMMeor ailment
My eipcrltnce In the me or tnCaclo tlhal 1 I bre
lh Yltm and act A a nrrrtua
I cannot too earnestly rioonimend toanffarlnf human I
Ity the trial or this which itttni to 101lelnhuman
550 rrnedr tor those aratoteil a > I hare been Ilellei e
me mjdear air oun ftatef utlr
Jk B BnlUllT
The Cactus flood Cur ha poitttTctr
cured numerous CBie or Herafnln and Mati
nheiimln ana months time wlicro I other
blood pnrineri hye fRllod
neateit PrononnctdbyleadlnrptiTilclana blood I cure known Benil for oh doorlptlre New York book the
cnnutnlni endortemente ot Rerertnil Iathoiln Fathers
prominent pbyilrlani and many cured In New York
bold by UrufirUti cdrD
No I Wall el New York
Suspension springs ot plnted
iron wiro soon pull opon and
stay BO The spring on the HEN
DlvYX is bard brass who retains
its elastic spring In every ro
spoct tho best
lt and J c nrtwttte roohlll
CHOICE SUITS et iputuieeta t the Mectagui
MO sbmrteurarileUu hp
civ Jtll11 tllrlrr n
gtlttt orL
1 near olti av and 44th eL Entire door or alnrla
rriom board optional terms tnod ratt bn reter
once at Everett Ulreolorr established tales Infirm
lou free K A DAILBY
A UN O eontbeait eorner of nth it and Broadway
select family hotel American and European plant
ecniral location convenient to all places of amuse
ment terms VI and IJ per dar
riUllNlfillKI AIAKTMKNTHanil rooms for rnairled I
X1 anil sliKle people alwiye on liookn time and fare
fatten bo leather and voatlnn saved by eiarnlntnir
Fourteenth ibllllfse oardll 01 Uonse and Kootn Ilenlnter 2UO West
HOTEL VJAHO ilandsomtty furnished room and
181h tad f > op I table dboic with wine e rom East
TltAViiT > FnH EXftlANIli and Want
SnpplT Co 13 West 424 1 t bare dtslrable rooms with
or wltbout board superior accommodations for physl
clsn ordtntlst In private family
2y3 217 930 West I4in et large and small rooms with
or without bono Southerner accoromodatcd
WAVKniKY PLACK ISliariVMea ut rom
en also small rooms bath and all conveniences sum
mr prlcesi gentlemen enlyt board optional
ant ST D4 Wisely furnished rnnl and ronneetinr
1 rom with board also reception room soluble
griST3 KA8T near Broadway Flrstclas i table
a board by day or Weeks JAWJ weekly
imil FT 110 RAKT near 3d nrMrely fnrnlsbed
ont J board room slaglror en sultei bal rooms with or with
10 iTII ST ssvwnst riood b rd lh room ladlea
1 tOO rentlemen SS
1 QTII ET 137 EAST larto well furnished front
board 17 room also back room with board also table
OAT RT miD CART tart and mol nicely fur
family < bu nlsbed rooms with or without boards prIvate
nori AT nn WEST fhitisea House Rooms with
board Unity or rn suite cutslne unrxcelledi I ler I
mantel or transient
Of > t HI H VVKBT Rnperlor tablet transient prr
mantnt board at luweil possible prices central
quiet convenient
OOP RT HI8 WET LiirseTleMant rooms x
lent board and attendance permanent or tran
sient 1 summer prices
23D sTie WERTbsrte pteaiint tromo single l or
a > en sOlicited suites 5130 mal rooms excellent board transients
O4TII ST TS VV JIRT Larte baiiliomely furnlibed
J1 rooms attn small room table and itttendanco
superior II111 referenrc alio elegant miles all 1Jl East lbt Murray
ORT1I RT2WVVESTLare well fumlslied rooms
AT v ilntly or en sulio xcntlemen or amillei also
small room table bjard
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1 furnished with excellent table board to 07
29TI RTM 205RAiT Comfortably furnished rooms
Irate o 7 with food homelike table uiso table board mod
6lST sr72 WERTfLsMeT handsomely furnished
O I rooms lialf price durinc summer Si5 Hi also I
Q XT ST ion HARTNloelT furnished rooms wllh
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5I board early breakfasts table board dftOra
Q < Tlf ST 2M WRSTL r e eimra cool I airy
Orir rooms flnelr furolstied singly or In suite private
bath with or without board very low rater
oiTnsT 44R VTKRT jr farnTshed rooms near
s ± elerated station centlemen or man and Cite
board Optional
OTTlI ST 115 WKRT nentlemen can hare rood
99 I board and pleasant room 9o per u k and table
board MM
QQTH I1T203 WBRT Large desirable oool rooms
excellent UO runntnir board water batS ample closets also 1 parlor
A KTII RT 837 WEST Handsomelr fnrnlsbed room
iej with board en sulteorslnirle am pie closets baths
private family
jforiI8T 242 EASTTlireo handsomely furnlibed
1O desirable rooms excellent board private family
rood locatIon moderate
OTI RT OIK ANTVIftlv fnrntahnil r nmtt wih
4 O board In l Jewish family un n
QOD T2I ° KA8T Gentlemen can seeur comfort
< Ji > able room hot and cold rename water with hard
from M In private bouts with u nr references O
Q4Til ST Ill EAST Hack parlor newly furnIshed
Odb suitable for phj slrlau or twocentlemrn one block
from L statlun with or without board
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5 ruarritd conple or gentlemen line German table
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mTII fcT lT KAST Larire trout room tr two
I I all conveniences excellent table teroi mod
115Tc ST 121 HAST Handsomely furnliheit el
a co am also smaller rooms rood bouN
116T l Ta4 LAPTllautlomelv fnrnlihtd true
LOJ parlor bedroom atnl 1 I rlnr wftrrtmre Lain
fine location beathy air board optional reference
1 Qfrn M i EAST Fronl parlor mltabTe for
Jl f J two reij ctable MnUmru or couple with or
without board
1 Oi > ST 214 EAST near 21 arFins torte roomB
provements Jhh with or without board terms moderate Ira
1QO D RT 122 IiAKTL rire front room to let I with
bro In moor rocmi
I04TI KT 64 lASTicrce trr room running
water excellent OJUtlful 1 One locattou
re onblf term
126 RT 21 WEST near L statonNlcatr I for
Unlibe4 rooms large oi with board private
famllr s ntlenin or Couple
460 LEXINnTON AV car 4th Lisrge room
reference iuJ and bedroom with board EiUaaaac location
tIfd oiirm1oohIjii
96 HENRY fcT IecliU five niinalei from trldfo
W nl m m
Os pi J rooms with board 6so lo ffl5U weekly
1iiniihra OOI V1ttilttt1t C t
AN niXOAMLV FrRNISIlIl alroeroom for one
or two gentlemen f not and rold water 1 i51 ia
Charles SL near ftb it t itallon of the Mh I L A
C LINTON PLAGE a near nroadwar MTly r
nlibed rooml nil convenience gentlemen or
tight honiftkteUar elI up
OLINTON IFLACE 27 near Hroidwaylsrie and
O mal nicole furnished rooms good clot mar
ried couples or gentlemen 100 <
STlYVERtNT ST3iIarge front rom gas hot
And cold water bath gentlemen or couple 11
2D AVsa near let i Nlotlr furnished rooms all
conveniences for lUht houiekeeplnirt 1 ttt up
fiT AV aw near 20tb st Uandiomcly I furnished
for 1 room doctor with or wltbout bOld parlor floor suitable
11 Tri ST In IASTttandoinely tarnished rooms
L all eonTenlenoes transients accommodated
Ism ST aiuEABT Large and email l rooms nicely
1 J furnished ma balb he OIrR D bell
1QTII ET xui KABT Hall single and double rooms
t Cslb
moderate J 7 nicely furnished bath cat running water terma
TnTII GT O core 4th arClonic l and double
J 27 rooms nicely furntthe 1 by day or week
20mRT 9 KASTSlriille l and looM nicely i fur
j nlshed rooms also back parlor couDle or doctor
running water
OAT I RT 4 0 WI8T Op peslte CtieUea square pleas I
reasonable fcw ant rooms large and small board I lonall term
Q18T KTH 469 WPRT Large pleasant room facing
> L park private family ammo prices terms moderate
QOD ST 314 WESTAlcove and eqoere room en
A soil or Rr second floor bet and cold water
print house reasonable
O QI DIT 354 WEST Handsome newly furnIshed
< t O room with or without board
OATH Cl M EAST Hall room Aln pleasant tea
ond story back room and pcrler couple or gentlemen
OATh KI iw KABTI rxs well fornlshed front
roomJ 1lblal gentlemen only terms moderate
O JTII ST S27KASTJ < re7lyrnrnTsTied o 7
X A ble for liecapheeplnr or vents rent reasonable
OATtt ItT 511 wiBTIlaiid7oDieiy J furnished rsoms
± bol and cold alr Pi lP ri
O7TI1 HT tUEASTLadyran let hanflsonelr for
J t nlsbed rooms permanent en transient all r con
2 eyTII 5 T IM LtSiSingl and dt uble rooms aloe
I ly furnished bbl tiptatiti cold water lon
fl771i 87 237 KASTMcely furnished room lIght
C housekeeping or gentlemen bath gas board If
QITII BT 102 WKfTXenlTfurnlibedfrtclsssao
O4 rouimodatlono hot and cold water beat itteli
lon geulleinenpreforred alI
SJITII irs I WCRT Handsome fornljiel rooms
Dx for gentlemen or Ian and wife alloonT nlenoen
lie rhlldrsti reference
° TIIHT 130 WFRT near Handsomely
43 x furiiiiheit rooms for gentlemen
Tprsv r13 WEsT 0 door roan JlroadwayWjj
og furnished floor Ir rooms for gentlemen
A 01 ulT sna WEHT Lsrge well fornliliels1n lr or
IX en Ulo also small rouusi all conrenleuces
mal roomO al conTIIuC1
tem moderate
fjfitll BT lw5 between Lxtngtim and ltd uvaElt i
If jiant front and back parlurs formerly doctor
once e weekly
QUTI1 HT 40J BASTNice front parlor to let
OOr 4TII AV Large nicely forulihd room teSts
eJPJr bIt for two gtnlleiaen
110 nlo or gentleman and Wife
private house
4 32i AT Fr i bicV parlor prIvate house
F jut al bath prIce 1 fur PrprTI
I tlnt11ird OOm e rtroob1n
tLEOANTty FUilslIEp nh0w5 single anti
1I dsube I T 1 three tdliIIt I Cf bridge tOil I and
PlloD ferris rl oie ocatln arms moderate 10
Clark it oppol lulro pl Irooklru
ttI ln jour < LO 2rt
rpTlBRLBTOiV brick hnticci ltINu1 rent tl WO
M Thretitorv I clone bout ItifcxW I ram ut llf1 lt > J
Thr storr atone house ItistriA reel kl crju
Three dory trick bout 3fit0t < t rent 51 1 KVI
Location I rood t 4fti amid seth > 55 ittli and 9th ara
ABUroKTll A CO ICTi I Iroadway near l2dH t
lfUni ba goom
Toonaln OBKrABAE two Seers la prIva
falIIU bel II owa Uw W flt lrtr < IU lee
ttll sttt4cr Ma rE
Ut te
When you fall to see that by securing a home site
now close to New York yon ae Inrestlag lMly
afely and with certainty
who pay rent Pplendld avenues and streets Brery
lot ready to build on Taxes about 0 cents a year All
on the line of great Improvements
No 1 Close to the ocean pretty hom
o 2 5 Lois 5100 upward Sidewalks water shade
trl n Gas water sidewalks 3 blocks from Btookljm
city Ino 1
Kn 4 Choice lots 6 40 urwartil tiV acid In 0 weeks
Splendid train service schools churches store i
health and the dunce to get up In the world I
Within light of Long Beaoh Hotel Lots 525 a 06
1P1 < Vin railroad tickets and descriptive mars to all
FE who wili I to examine I them JKllf JOHN
BOX Jr 0 Liberty St N 1 313 lulloniL IJrooklyn
MKA I TllitVW AH it
I am the owner of large and mal sore tracts ot Sest
tie property suitable tor subdivision or suburbsa
Irlrl Information concerning Investment 1
Waiblugton address rnll lluulillt oln liutlsr Block
Seattle v ash
pon S Li a ancrlOce the unsold lota of anour
1 Jvhltig seaside resort nerr Ttew York trnprored
property parties have other business ImrroTd
lropflY IUIO lOUT rom 1 5J New SL
= I
itnl estate forjiale i i
on H E cur Manhattan UT nnI l 118th e > t
onponlie Mornlniealde Perk Form tnsy t
Oioo pbrltculnrti tNt 1
PDIulaI hffAas
lain Uro OTr
For aIeCity aiif Conufry Properfyj
DivellldBit Flats t > nemeiila I tot In all
section or New York ikncl llmnklTn Ap
ply to DBON t OUInING
plJto 10 JraoAJ N T
rnl CJjQtate for cnlt roohl u
1 XOSAHAK 1519 Ilroadvar Hrooklrn bat fey
1 side fiOxlOJ ti very deilrabl I piece of preprtig
plenJld neighborhood for private rectdnc bount
aiable and grounds centrally located convenient t ei 1
Tated matloQi decided bargaIn for CTlVia
It 111111 prntmrut o
1 aO t
bet Central Fnrk aad Columbus Olh ear
Rents 60 to S8O
con itouivAni > ANt inoih HT
He K noln new apartments all lo lIght and airy roams
every convenience and nne location nra mona aS
Rent from 9 2 > to 3Oe
Apply on premlees or
luri ol fliiirlo lliirk V C4 >
11B7 Nine a fniic i or TCd mt
Fiouits OF a ROUMK ALl LZfHT
RENT Gi 15 TO 18 1
Ucnts S750 to nool8
Also stores moderate rents
IOGDAte 10 iIHIIN ttU < K
lOSD iota UT OOth nan O7ck eta
The i vnrth Annrtineiss house
luth av r2d > and ra eta
Apartments of four and nve room mnntng throngtti
nerrect 1 ventilation pronounred the finest houses la
the worldi steam heat and lint running water can be
seers evenings rents Ito II J >
Aliply 10 W W MKCOtt COS Wet Mdt
AT TIllS FOLLonISd i IIOltla rarelully managed
J by one owner vacancies may kt times befouna
worthy of tho Inspection of respectable amities rol
r rl tUlho 6It OI
li > 4 test I ttsth st L to 7 rooms baths private
balls r S3lto 38
lbs tent lttlli st ft rocms baths private balls 31 to 34
043 K stf < 7tht g rooms and baths ball 31 t D
l 2
1TT3 1st aro rooms private hell < 10 to so
Apply to Janitors 4a > or nIDr
A VBnvliiat AIAIITMBNTC of a and 4
11 rooms 1 Improvements In new homes extra
ell I Dnisbed rooms i light and alt7 to small famine I
rents Jlllu I to Sul 60 440 to < l Yt Ttb si Jasl
loro J CUKUIT Jt uii S3d t and Mb av
li room stationary tubs ranxes private ball room
papered ianlior In house rents reduced IS to pit
Apply on premise 1Ulh av blth and H8ihsta
A ELEGANT and large slesmlieated t tale 8 Waet
11 o 71st ci U corner < > th Colnrabus a v 7 rooms and
bb to lease I rents tOO to I te ad
Apply to janitor on premises
A ELEGANT FLATS l Improvement deco
11 rated steam heated for small families rent his I
tofll hi 7 and ito Welt lOMu amllul rtt
10 Iod 10 Ir1 et and 1UU and lO I
West lOClh t
APARTMENTS i OK s Asn 4 HOOMB an light with
t3 Impruvements cheap rent 248 East 123th it wt
C KSTRALPAKK wVKT m and ii near Md at
directly facing Central lark Klegant td eUbi
lau rnotus passenger elevator Oom not water
ao rents f90u to luoo unQuestlonable referenOM
FLORlliriB ATTENTION propose to tract for rene
A aLou cbilresi part or Colnrabus av store and o
lon wIth beat lecirlo ll < rln rare chance for good
party 1lnns with 0 U BILL Liberty 10
FLATS AND ATAltTMBNTH unfurnished tut tag
a nlshed In all parts or the olty
FOLHDM I1KCI7IIKHB sjlHrotdway near Hlh ci t
LBXINOTON AV l4TS AKD 1477 Elegant oil U
LA romO private hal I decorated high healthy
coiiveiiltntlocailoui tin to 11 ianlior hlb bOty
bt NO
MAOLAY A v nJI 130 Hroadway
ONLY 117 TO n large light rooms and bath
room all Improvements bsaulfultr deeorateai
Dr5tiitongroom I healthy location V23atbr
unr 1 O4tU 5L
PARK lizsi between Pulh and flit ata rut T
large rooms and bsth newly renovated hall
bested ftwner In house rent fJ rnoId ha
TIO LET Apartments 3 Iliht fume to It rsqjigj
ot housekeeuer a5U Leroy t laqa
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5 and 4 rom quiet hOI modern Improtmn1
free to Stilt I 1 HUiiiaj Janitors I
a r JAVTE A aMttesttidat
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modern Improvements strictly private beans and
IrciT prut hOI
nelglibortmod adults only
ej 1st lIner I and batement 7 rooms 999
2d floor 4 rooms mel 6
3d fluor 4 rooms 1 2
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roomsi all Improvements t 1 J 4 JAITOI
i n KT all tsrri
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tlr lul thIrd floor tiu
single Cats eIght
rooms private haiL t Infl na I
ro IUra widbt itt
Janlorlr 1A LAY A DAVIES iau improvements croatway
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and C llttit rooms slob ptlmnl
bemuse fill to Illt Janitor ucl Improreuienui I
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quiet 17tVest house Hth from st5 in to and llV 4 rooms > all imprev60Ig1 >
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1 rolARK l balb Iniptoveiuents AY near HHih el rials 6 roomi ait
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OIJXLAIH Three rooms and bathroom berwj 1
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supplied all Improvements ba J n
11 ful771lisL allwprbDtIDAllan CM I
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W DII HaJm eII 1
uI41J 111111 D I V
latest Inroraettlon of Intereat fron All
isle rt era
Chairman George 0 Mncoun of the Board of
Director of the Atchlson Topeka and Bantu
Fi5 Ilallroad nM yesterday that tho now olo
valid terminal 1 which his company intended to
build In Chicago would solo tho problem of
rapid transit in and out of that citY for at least
some of the trunk lines converging there Tho
Chicago Elevated Terminal Hallway Company
WAS Incorporated on Hsturdaylaot at Springfield
with a capital Block of 25000000 The Board
Directors consists of mon connected with
the Atchison road among them Jon Josoph
T Torrence who was In Now York last wook
to perfect arrancemontB with tho railroad poo
pie Tho financial backers are Klddor 1en
body A Vo and tun Marine JtroUiors
Mr Jlaeoun enid that Chicago Is moro Inconvenient
convenient for tralni to onler than Now York
and notwithstanding that trains are limited to
a speed of six mllot an hour withIn tho city
limits the killed average 48J persons 0 year
ChIcago must have rapid transit for express
Pi 11 krrJ tl ihnri
lt nri
trains on the trunk lines and the only prac
ticable solution I to utilize the lone strips of
property within the city lelrnRltictoltbo Atchi
son road The plan In to build main line of
elovated structure extending from about
Twelfth Street to tho OilY limits live mllon
long either alonz or In the neighborhood of
Blue Island avenue thonre IIAurrnce road with
srjoh connections aa may bo necessary In ordor
to roach the roads that aro Interested The
ehovated structure will have a capacity of six
tracks and at Twelfth street a big union sta
tion will be built on property bolouRluit to the
Atchison road All the roads partlclpatlne
will use their own yards as at present It
hasnt been decided yet what companies will I
come Into tfau union station Probably the Uret I
will be nonoorapetlnir linos
This project has no connection with Mr
StloVneys terminal Bouomo
The Wont Shore road will run n big excursion
toriay from Now York to Watkins Glen lInt
falo Maeara Falls and Chautaimua Lake with
the orlvlleee of stopping over six days and re
turning on any of tho regular trains It leaves
from foot of Jay street at 5 JII and from
West Fortysecond street at 6V I1 M
Tho Mlddlotown and Hummolstown Hall
road which was purchased recently by tile
1lUladolphla and Heading N being overhauled
and will bo placed In readlneR for tmlllo at
once A largo forca of workmen have been en
gaged for till past two weeks In iicrfoctlug the
condition of the roadbed and this work will bo
llnlsbod during this weok Although the road
Is only seven miles long and cost tWO iOU to
build lu acaulsltlon Is regarded as a decidedly
sharp move on the part ot tho Handing as
against Ibo interests of Its great rival tho
Pennsylvania Ilallroad Inasmuch as the now
road taps the finest sandstone quarries In tile
State and can be maito tile feodor for tho nu
merous Iron Industrlrs located at MidJletown
Tho Heading has succeeded In uiuklnu connec
tions infringing on the natural territory of the
Pennsylvania at I1arrl burl Lancaster Co
lumbia and Downlngton ant this purchase of
the MMdlotown nod llummelstown road adds
MIddletown IH another point of diversion of
traiUo from the 1onnsylvanla to Ibo Heading
The purchase was consummated shrewdly by
ieneral Superintendent L A Swelgard with
Edward HolTor of llummelstown lopro ont
Inc the stockholders of the now road buper
Ititondout II II Cable of this city has been
nIatAd In control of tilll hrnnnh real hv the
liaadlnc management The latter company
will furnish tho rolllngslook nnd determine the
schedules of trains It Is 1 proposed lo run live I
trains each way dally except bundays
nORIII9TOWN Aug 18 Endneers are today
locating an extension of the Hockanay Valley
Kailroad from Peapaclc In Uomereot county to
Mendham Morris county about oven mlleH
from here Work will be begun next week and
the present extension completed by the ond of
October It tbe necessary funda are forthcom
ing the line will then bo mom ptlr extended to
this pluce Iho building of this little decent
railroad may seem very unimportant but If It
pots to Morrlntoun the line will not stop hoio
but so on by tho way of Vhltipanv and raid
well to Montclalr nnd thence to Now York
Tho building of these lino has boon oikiEod by
tho conduct ot the Delaware and Lackuwanua
Hallroad which for years has been unvvlllliiir
to do for the nooplo what tbny wished or to
permit any other company to do so During
tbo past twenty yearn many projects have bean
started to put a railroad through Mondham
township but In every Instance tile Uolavvaio
and Laokawanna management has nullified
Inembo Mendbnm people got togothor last Sat
urday and raised what money was noeded to
build tile Hockaway Valley road to Mendham
This road starts In Someisut county at Uhlto
House Station on the Jersey Central nnd CU < M
through New Oormantown IottersvllTo to
Peapaclc When It reaches Meudhnm It will bo
eighteen miles long It has boon built by tho
people who live along It and tho farmer hose
themselves done much of the work taking
their pay In stock When It reaches thin point
which It wilt naturally do In a few months alter
tbo Mendbam extension Is completed as there
are no engineering dlllloultlns In the way there
will be twentvtlvo mile of road built owned
and operated by thu farmers thflmsolvcs It
will be a coal road too and the I price of tho
l el hrcbI JorJ rdg I
coal I consumed here will ba so considerably
lessened that the people of MorrUtown will
pave at leait 33000 a year on bat Hem alone
Under such circumstances It is fair to sumo
that the people of MorrJ town will oulckly sub
scribe tbe amount needed to build the seven
miles between horo and Mndlmm
A Tory easy line has bean projected from
Morrletown New York by way of Whlppany
Caldwell and Montclali by such a route the
distance would be considerably shortened and
tho grades easier so that batter time could be
made Time Is so valuable to the business
men who go from horo to New York every
daythat the llf toon or twenty minutes saved by
a shorter routo would count much In HH favor
Tho men interested In this roulo own Urge
properties In Morris and KSBOX counties They
will meet at 12 oclock Tuesday morning at
the office of Messrs Claike A Culver MO
Broadway New York to formulate their plans
and arrange to begin bullllnic
The statistician of the InterBtate Commerce
Commission Mr Henry 0 Adams has just
completed his second annual report to tha
Commission Tho report covers the operation
of GUI roads and 1MJ8337 mllen of line It
shows that the railway properly ot the United
States Is controlled by lTufi organizations Of
the C4S subsidiary roads making report to the
Commission 472 may bo properly classod as
suboidlnate roads This accounts for 1081 of
tho total Of the number unaccounted for J 48
are roads owned by private indhldimK the
others being small lines toodvra to
great arntems Tho grops ciinilnus for
toe rear exclusive of iviital of tracks
yards and termlnnlH score JIH4 Hlli12J
or JiiOO per mile of line and tho operating tX
Ptsnsoi exclusive of remain of trackx yards
terminals Mi70 > 70i or lSOi pormile of
line This leaves n not inconia from opnra
tlotiB of 320UW428 ori2DS7 Icr i bib ol line
Alter deductions are made for llztd charges
the final net income for all ttiu roitdn In tho
United States was illl3Ht7 or 3lll per
bib etllao Out of this sum dividends bava
bern paid to the amount of tt2110lPH or 5o5
per mlloof line which loaves a surplus from
operutioQB ot the year of tlU278fi3 or 120
per mil of line
The total amount of clonks la shown to be
UWliyO71M of which t8477iOyiil aio owned
by railway corporations Tha total amount of
bonds Is t42U7527 > S5U of which Jt11232J02
are owned by railway corpotatlons From
this It appears that the total t > t okn 11111 loud
representing railway inonarty In the hands of
tIlts Iiubhioio 7310745877 Thu 1 ieOrt further
fhoirs that the patsoncur enrumgs hate
increased from 30 40 pur cent of total am
logs in IHHi to 11 iu por cent In lasii while
Irclght earnings have decreased from 0735 per
ctuu In 1888 To bG82 per cent In 1B8U
A Brooklysi ITLcelnmn Loses nil lllcjclc
NEWDuuan Awn 18Guy Tumbrldga ot
Brooklyn need 17 started to rid on a bicycle
from Ellenvlllo to Newburgb Becoming tired
about five miles from the city lie began to
wheel hlu bicycle to town On the way hi mot
a colored man Aaron Thompson whom bo en
Kacod iotake hue tnscluiti to he United htuuu
Hotel Neither the colored man nor this mu
phlne appeared thorn and the pollen net mil to
look thorn stir Tliompion was found and hu
says that two mon representing tb niholon
as friends of Turobrldgt bad agreed to tko
tho Like to tile hotel and be delivered die
inaoblne over The bicycle was valued nt HBO
It Is thought Thompson sold the machine to
some person He is In jail lo await the notion
of the Urand Jury on tile charge of grin
A ntnsnRB Heensiln st Hfthweiy PisrUr TkoS
HISI kfisde ha Sun a Wsivtnst Mate
Arejantntnnej Made ext n Hall Oats
Miss Kate notflold the pretty young woman
who wont Insanoln the streets of Hahway on
Saturday as the result of an affair with a
young man that happened In her parlor on the
preceding Wednesday night U now a raving
maniac nt her homo in Church street near
Seminary In Ilnhwar Her father Daniel O
Hetflold a wellknown Itnhwar citizen ia look
ing for the young man and If ha finds him the
youth will faro the worse for the encounter
Ills Ilotilold has a eiter Lydia about two
years younger than herself that Is about JO
Four rears ngo last Decoration Day they made
the acquaintance of two young men itt a ball
game on the tit Ooorco Avonuo ball grounds
Ono ot the young mon dropped this remark to
Eato referring to a woman in the crowd
Is that womans dress cut on the bias
HB asked an It ho really wanted to know
This led to n conversation and when the game
was over the two girl allowed tho mon to ac
company them a part ot the war homo Rate
admirer said ho was Arthur P Wilson and
Lydlas said ho was Jack Martin Both said
they wero from Elizabeth They tried to learn
tIm girls names but the latter refuted to gIve
them The young mon obtained the Informa
tion however from others and subsequently
learned whore the girls livid All four mot at
another ball game on tho following Saturday
and again tile next weak Then Wilson and
Martin as they styled themselves began to
roll and kept up their visits together for nearly
throe years
Quo day In April a roar ago they called and
asked the young ladles to accompany them to
tho theatre Thoy refused with some indigna
tion at the roauost as their mother hud died
only n few weeks before When ho asked
them to go Wilson drew from his pocket four
theatre tickets Another paper fell to the floor
unobserved by hint Lydia picked It up but
Wilson Immediately snatched it from her and
tearing It Into bite throw the pieces on the
table Then the mon went uwnv The next
morning tbd sitters wore curl oas to know what
the paper na that Wilson had dropped
and set themselves about the task of putting
the bits of paper toctubor They found It worse
than a Chluoso purzlo hut In two hours tile
work wan accomplished and the paper was
found to bean old commutation ticket once
good for passage on the Central Hallroad ot
Mow Jetsoy between ElIzabeth and New York
It bore tho name Charles D Aschonbach
Thoro Is Homo uncertainty whether Aschen
bach Is Wilsons real name as he rarrltd a
silver hunting case watch wltu tho name
Arthur P Wilson engraved on ito case
Oco when Lydia expressed doubts to that
being his toni name Wilson showed bertha
Watch and she often saw him wear it after
That was the last visit that Martin made at
the house Wilson continued to call and last
Wednesday night ho brought a friend with him
whom ho Introduced IB Martin saying that ho
was also from Lllzabfth During the evening
this Martin and Lydla the younger of the two
sisters wont out for a walk What happened
in the parlor Is best told In the angry fathers
own words
1 came homo at about 9 oclock that even
Ing and my bon Freddie told ma thero wore
two > ouiiK man In the parlor with the girls and
Bald ho did not like their actions I lay down
on thud Bout In the room adjoining and noon
my suspicions being aroused I opened the
parlor door a crack and looked lu There
was nothing wrong then aud I returned
to tho solo 1 had fallen partly asleep
when I heard Btisplcloui sounds and got
uti again 1 again opened the door and
found that Kate and Ison had moved over to
another side of the room The man was be
having Improperly 1 ran Into tim kitchen for
my heavy cane but not finding It I grabbed a
llutiron from tho stove and rushed Into the
parlor I made a pare at the fellows need with
the tlatlron and then wo clinched Kitty
seiearned and cried Dont kill him Dont
kill him I Ami said she would do anything
1 wanted her to If I would only spare him lu
the mean time Lydia and the other man who
had been on the front piazza came running In
and all outreuled me to spare Wilson The
men said they would make It all right but I
replied You cant make It right and went at
them In tho hallway with the tlatlron I chased
them out ol the house and throw Wilson off
the piazza to the ground
My two daughters followed ma crying and
screaming for mo to lot them go Hut I wits
bound to have rodross and ran back Into the
house for my doublebarrelled shotgun When
I returned the girls called out to tho men to
got away Pupas got the gun papas got the
gun they Bald I dldn shoot because the
girls kept right in lao I chased the melt
down the street but lost sight of them Then
I wont to the depot thinking to find them
there A train had just arrived bound
for New York but the mon were not
hboaid anti I had to give up the
search My daughter RatIo tnld me
when 1 got homo that ohio was afraid of Wil
son Once she had shut the door In bin face
i hen LydIa told the Btorv of the commutation
ticket Sunday morning I took my son Fred
die to Lllznboth and called on the Aichrnbach
family A young nina who said ho was 1red
crick Aschenhach aanwerod the call My son
staid hn was not the man but 1 learned that ha
had a brother named Charles who is 1 away at
one of the beaches unending hIs vacation I
am not certain that he Is the man but If bo
should ba A will take all the redress the law
allovTH mo
Mr llotllold also said ho had primed revol
vers on tile day follonlng tile event to go
hunting for his daughters betrayer but had
concluded tosook legal redress
On Thursday Miss Kate llotllold went to a
picnic us t > h > > had planned to do several days
before On Friday In company with her sis
ter f < ho visited thin house of n friend named
Foulks VI hllo hero she showed signs of being
out of her mind
Hhe refused to go home at night and her
sister stayed with her On Batutday afternoon
she was driven to her home in a carriage
When the house was reached she refused to
got out The driver Ferdinand Graves drove
to his livery stable and here the unfortunate
girl stood up In thaXcnrrlaga shouting and
Gcriamlns frightfully Mrs Oliver and UauRli
camn up and tried to Induce her to go home rne
would not go until finally hoe father who had
arrived wont for the family nhrslalan Dr J 1
Daly and ho persuaded her to go home with
him In his carriage Mace then she has been
confined to tier home She cannot sleep ex
cept under the Influence of drugs She will
probably be removed either today or tomor
row to a private asylum In Kewark Dr Daly
says that ho hopes on account ot her youth
that she will recover but admits that It Is a
very serious case He speaks lathe highest
terms of the character of both Kate and her
sister Tbelr reputation In Jiahwar has been
of tho best
The ACT Dr Larimer Very III
GniRAtio Aug 18Dr George 0 Larimer
pastor of the Emmanuel Baptist Church is 1
very ill He la prostrated mentally and phys
ically lie has been 111 for many months His
resignation has boon submitted to tho trustees
of tho church and has by them boon laid on
the table In the hope that careful nursing and
the best efforts of medical Balance may bring
him back to health and strength Lost spring
he went to Europe whoro ba spent several
months lie was under the treatment of emi
nent practitioners In Berlin and Paris ills
medical advisers warned him on bit return to
America to abstain from work The advice
was not heeded and he resumed his labors
with all his oldtlmt energy ana fire The re
mit was as the Lurnpenn doctors predicted
and a relapse has bet In Ilia malady is core
bral exhaustion
Con Dressker fumed
EOIUNTON Io Aug 18The central broakor
of tho Delaware Laokawanna and Western
Company was burned at 7 oclock thli evening
The boats Is 1100000 Five hundred mon and
boys are thrown out ot employment Nine
men and fifty mules were In the mine at the
time ol the lire but wore rescued or means ot
the air shaft und elope
Cuitorai Inspector to Huve sv Vnoutloii
Fur ninety yean ihu Inspectors In the customs ser
vice bad each year a lasts of absence amounting to
fourleenila with full pay Toward the close of the
Clevelani AdraliUtraluu It was discovered by some
one In the customs itepsrtment list there was no war
rant for this gratuity and a change was made on the
ground that thole lnosetsrs were paid by th day and
limit hy true booth Thtl uItflPsliSO them to work oca
day in cacti year and tnal a dhattnefto between
Ouem and other yaderal empluyee In the uatoms tar
let Pettily the prelent ssseion at Congyss i bill wal
Introduced by tsoalor Evarti grantIng n annuaj leave
ot absence to the Inspectors as lo other employees
The bill passed the Heinle and yesterday alter a lopg
delay U was pa > sed itiroutli the Uouse through the
active Intercession of Hpreasnutlves Cuntnitncs and
Hildsn asilsted by James R Uavles of this city
Hoclullati Will Vnlle Wills floss FUo Na
lIme Campaign Committee of the Socialist Labor
Party l held a lung eieouilve meetlni last night todla
toss ilstalls of the management or the nsit election
They disapproved of the action of those Nationalists who
have slatted the new Commonwealth party andre
snivel to Join baud with the bona nde members of
the Nationalist clubs who repudiate Ibe platform of
the Commonwealth parly and Its bslerogsneoue ale
heels The htterofeneose element by the way
are In the majority and oooesqueBUy the lieUUsu
woal nave many Ibou Otis rio jtlu taaiswlia
Great Doing Yeiterdny nt the Plntt
dente Volkifait In Union Hill
The second dar of the Plattdeutecba Yolks
test In Bchu tzon Park Union Hill brought out
almost as largo a crowd as Sunday did Up to
8 oclock last night 28000 persons entered the
park through the gates making a total at
tendance for the two days of 53000 Yesterday
was known ns club dar Each of the ninety
one societies which make up the verain
marched to the park in abody nnd established
eoparato haadauartors on the ctoands Each
society had a bras band with It Borne of
them had two and throe Altogether there
were 120 bands on the ground bosldes those
attached to the booths and the castlo and the
dancing pavilion
At l oclock the singing societies gave a con
cert at the pavilion and games began oc the
play ground They wore of about the same
nature as the games on Sunday and nearly all
of the contestants wore young women After
the concert each of the societies tendered a
reception to Its friends nt Its headquarter
AI u ociocK inoro was a bugle call and a
great rattling of drums Then thero was un
usual commotion in all of the headquarters
Fifteen minutes after the call tile Now York
Bchuetzon Corps marched from Ha head
quarters with a band In front of It and
another behind They marched to the New
York Central Corps headquarters and wore
joined by that corps with Iwo more bands
Next came the Now York City Corps
and then the Hobokon Independents AS
each headquarters was passed tile noddles
fell In behind the loaders and marched and
countermarched about the park lor nearly an
hour At last they came to a reviewing stand
which had boon erected In the centra of tho
playground All tha Lxecutlve Board of the
united societies were gathered nt the stand
Thin societies crowded up close to the stand
and nil the 120 bands played various tunes at
the same time President Kioto brought this
to an end by simply mining his hand lie made
n speech whIch was onthnsla tlonlly applaud
ed and at tbo end the bands started out on
various tunes again and the crowd dispersed
Professional amusement began then Acro
bats and clowns kept tho crowd amused until
dark The dancing pavilion was brilliantly
llghtad at S oclock and two ballet troupes per
formed Thoro wore fireworks on tha play
The rifle shooting which Is ono of the chief
attractions of the festival began yesterday af
ternoon The scores made worn not up to the
standard The shooting will contlnuo until the
festival closes tomorrow afternoon and the
man who makes the best coro will be crowned
king or the test Today boaldofl tha regu
lat amusements there will be a comical pro
cession representing tbo Chicago Worlds Pair
SHOT ins niFE Axn jui3i8iiir
Mr Hake Robe Ill Fntber and Tben Adds
Murder to Illi Scorn
ST Louis Aug 18 Ed < vsrd Hake who about
three weeks ago took 14GOO out ot his fathers
safe anti left the city with It shot his wife at
his boarding house early this morning while
she lay Bleeping In bed and then tired a bullet
Into his own breast near hue heart Inflicting
a mortal wound The wife was shot In the left
side and Is very seriously If not fatally injured
Both wero sent to the city hospital whero they
now He lu a critical condition The cause of
the act seem to be n family affair not alone
with his wife but Involving his lather and
other members of his own relatives Tor sornu
weeks Hake has been In n highly excited state
bordering on Insanity Hud the deed of tills
morning wan evidently the culmination ot that
Later Mrs Hake died shortly after noon
and her husband Is very low Hake said this
morning that his father made It a condition
for withdrawing prosecution ngalnst him for
tnklngthi money from his sara that bo should
apply for a divorce from his wife This ho con
sented to do and did enter suit but later bo
fnnnd that hi loved his wife so much that he
preferred to kill her and himself rather than
be fooarated from her This his father de
nied but charges Mrs Hake with very bad
conduct toward her husband and with making
serious trouble in both families
Quoting Ohio Oil
PITTSBURGH Aug 1KTrading 1 in the Buck
eye Pipe Lino certificates was begun at the
Petroleum Exchange this morning At the
opening at 10 oclock the scene around the
bull ring was Tory animated and reminded
oldtimers somewhat of the days when dealing
lu oil was exciting Tho market opened nt
42 > i and in a raw minutes dropped to io quite
n 1 number of sales being made nil tbo way
down hew York opened at 4US which aided
the downward movement bare In speaking
ot the listing of Ohio oil this morning A
wollknown speculator mild
This is the last hope for speculation In oil
and many think it Is the rock upon whloh the
trade will split and ultimately go to ruin The
Htapdard Oil Company Issued a practical man
ifesto some time ago that Pennsylvania oil
must be let alone uy speculators anil the
trade has learned that the Standards slightest
wish must be respected It Is also plain that
the great corporation will kindly allow the
connuliut public to carry and pay Blorage
charges on 19000000 to 20OuO000 barrels of
this cheap loudsmelling stuff from Ohio and
this boa led to the llatlug of Lima which wan
done tli motnlne
Hobblnc the Graveyard
OnicAoo Aug 18 Officials at the county In
firmary have come Into possession ot evidence
which Indicates that th bodies of paupers
burled in the Infirmary burial lot have been
disinterred and sold to doctors and medical
An investigation has been begun by Dr
Bmytho superintendent of the Institution for
the purpose of verifying the Information and
sufnolent hag been learned to warrant the dis
missal of thus cravo digger It Is asserted that
n full investigation will Implicate several per
sons employed at the Infirmary and that Itcau
be proved that at least MX bodies have been re
moved from their craves ana sold Thei re
movals are recent occurrences and It I be
lieved thai It can be shown that the business
has been carried on for n long time and that a
large number ot bodies have been spirited
away Tbe price paid for each body Is said to
have been 23 The names ot some of the put
chasers have been learned

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