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Central OIe AlODij Vrjr Hmoothlr
After a conference lasting until nearly mid I
Ate big Knight and the execute offi
cer of tbe various brotherhoods ot railroad I
employees announced that they had reached
Ba decision In the matter ot extending tho
York Central strike They will meet
Nw Ontrat Itlk wl
again early this morning and decide Ort the
point whether the other labor organization
will make common cause with the Knights
w next whether they will attempt to
mate the strike general and extend I to other
roads lake Chief Sargent ot the Firemens Broth
erhood and Chill Swieisy of the Switchmens
Union were In friendly conference yesterday
with officers of the Central road but there waa
nothing else to indicate their attitude In tho
controversy Tho most that any of the labor
Isadora would say after last nights council
was that there appeared to bo no peaceful ad
jnstmnnt of the struggle in view
At noon yesterday It was known that Grand
Master Workman Powderly of the Knights of
Labor had arrived In the city from the Buffalo
conference In company with J L Holland and
John W Hayes ol the General Executive
Board K ol I and that the would meet
here during the day Orand Master
Wilkinson of the Trainmens Association
Howard of the Brother
tlon Chairman 10wa Drther
hood ot Railroad Conductors together with
of the Firemens Broth
Orand Master Sargent te Frmenl Brtb
erhood and Orand Master Sweeney of the
Switchmen Association All those gentle
pen save the last two named lift Buffalo at
1020 over the Delaware Lackawanna and
Western Railroad on Monday night and arrived
b hire yesterday morning Messrs 1owdorly
Hayes and Holland went to the BtCloud Hotel I
Tie other went to the Grand Union Hotel
Grand Masters Sargent and Sweeney went t
Albany over the Central road and met there
General Manager Toucey I waa stated that
Mr Toucey bad asked the chiefs to come and
lee him I was again stated that the chief
had asked Mr Toucey to see them
All sorts of rumors floated about a to the I
probable action of the Brotherhood chiefs
One rumor which gained credence was that
Mr Urgent had told the Knights that he I
would not advise bis men to strike until ho
had had a talk with his old friend Mr Touony
and learned what Mr Toucey could do An
other rumor was that Mr Toucey waa begging
Ur Sargent not to Interfere In the strike
In tbe offices of Mr Webb and of General
Superintendent Toorheea i the Grand Central
Station everything was peaceful Mr Webb
attended to current business on usual and
told the reporter at interval during the day
that nothing et 1 any especial interest that he
knew of was transpiring At I oclock in tho
afternoon he made the following statement
I want to deny first the truth ol a bulletin
which I understand has been sent out that I
laid I didnt care whether the firemen struck
o not I never made any such statement I
did say that I the firemen did strike we
would make the belt fight we could and that
we would not give in t any ono in the present
trouble I will of course b a matter of great
concern t us I the Bremen strike but I dant
believe they will strike and I am proud of the
difficulty manly manner in which they have acted in tbla
Neither did I say or afford any ground for
tbe statement that the Mew ork Central fUr
Te14 Wf one of n combination ot rail
road banded together to fight and
crush the I Knights of Labor or the principle
oi labor organization I has never been
the policy ot the company or of Mr Veto
pew to Interfere in any way with the
different organizations among our me We
don t car how much our men organize and
ne never have oared But this whole matter
now Is simply a question whether we aro
going to rnu our road or a few malcontent
a going to run It I our position now is not
Unable we might M wall admit that the men I
nab 1 mlht 11 len
and not the Blears may control the road
M It Is not true either 8 baa been stated
that I or Mr Toucey or any of tho several
officials of the road have telegrapcd to Super
intendent Burrows at Buffalo to take back the
liming switchmen there or in otber word
to Iwicmen tbe strike llrst broke out
pn the rqad we relieved the division superb
tndelt of certain of their main powers re
ferring these for ourselves bere in New York
This 61 l course was lor the purpose ol estab
lishing a central heudatmrtera in which to
agEi the strie Cnlrl When the strike ended by
D resumption of both freight and passsnger
trac we gave bat these powers to the eu
pejTntendente huperlntendont Burrows at
Buffalo baa ample power to take back any or
all or none 01 the striklna switchman there
as he choose 1 daresay that ha bosjtaken
beak some 01 the repentant strikers who may
have asked to come back But It he has done
ao It has not been In response to any orders or
requests from us and be hue mao no report
to ill ol any such action
At 611 M General Manager Toucey arrived
from Albany with Mr Imcnanan Superintend
ent of Motive Power Grand Master beugent ol
tbe firemens Brotherhood and Urand Master
l bweeney of the Switchmen Association The
party Immediately proceeded to Mr Webbs
Draco aud were rlnseted there for ton
er flftean minutes At the close of
the Interview Mr Webb went to dinner and
sir HarleM went over to tne Grand Union
lintel where his name bad been already regis
tired Mr Sargent declined to state what nod
taken plac In the Interview Mr Webb said
S wanted to thauk him for straightforward
Mr Harcentcametoseemeatroy Invitation I
tnlcnmtoseemeatmr InYltaton
and manly < course of himself and his men In
tnli matter I dont know what Inducement
have been offered to the firemen to come out
and and join the Kuljrhti But they have
flood firm and I believe they will stand firm
Mr fiiiiem did not outer Into any negotiations
Vltti ma br I with him lie did not make any
promises and I did not ask him to mae Our
talk was entirely Informal J think you had
better ask him lor any further Tou
11 lr NVebbs manner wa decidedly cheer
ful after hla Interview with M tiurgent bum
ie tq situation up he said
trouble 1think now that we wlllllhave no further
OAlr Harcent after eating his dinner at the
Orand Onion went to the Ht Cloud Hotel
where be was Immediately closeted with Mr
fonderly and the other cmettalnsand the gen
eral uonlerence which wad adjourned to this
city from Huffnio began
the 1 meeting lasted nearly three hours
W he n they adjourned at 1113 oclock Mr
l orderly announced that no conclusion had
being fnnounced that another conference
would be held early this morning He said
that several steps to brine about a settle
ment ol the trouble bad been suggested
End thoroughly dlscutsed but bat none
bad been decided pon Chief Sargent ipf I
the Brotherhood 01 Locomotive jVlremen euld
that his Interview Will Mr Webb bad been
very satisfactory He said that Mr Webb lad
not changed his policy and us far as bu know
was not going to do HO When a ked what the
result ol his conference at Albany with Mr
Uuucey waibe replied
uiCr not at liberty to a anything about
tDnot Ibertr
I I I bad a long and pleasant chat with him
but we carp to no conclusion as far as the set
Dement cre the strike was concerned I will
lay however tbat the situation t not promts
ing for a early settlement
Pue of the members pi the 8uu me Council
of the Vederathn of Hallway Kmplorees do
Bled that the council bad decided to order a
inert tleup In case Mr Webb refused to
rbltrata with the KnUhUof Labor lie saId
I when the t members ot the Council left
iuftlo > on Monday night no autlun bad been
iclded upon as they wauted 10 hold neon
1rcoKflrstwitb Ibo General Kxicutlve Board
o t e Knluhta
Vhat tpdayje conclusion of the conference
W E e It If difficult even to gueis at Yba
PW tJ without Win support ol tba tour
brotherhood I unltedTn theYederallon of Itafl
war planes cannot top to win I Mn Bar
ltlt W repeatedTrexpreised ty Intention
t hold aloof from tie Knights in tbla strike
in1 I I WI f lad yesterday that Mr Powderly bad
succeeded i convincing Mr Sargent that a
crest many of hit Irlkln Knlubtb ware also
mtfijticru of his riiemens llroiherhood nnd
lrolberhood Mid
iBjyiylhl tptUiSUVf barst would take uu
the flint for the KnlghU Nellber ot the men
Would car whether thl I wa true
Into and from all 1 bbs big freUht yard
fm al
o I a Qentral 1 on the west aIde were moved rel
usual u nt urchins anti 10m of the toughs
In tha neighborhood of Eleventh avenue and
Sitleth street stoned the trainmen
ThA new switchmen some of them are
an Hid nt leave the yards On Eleventh avenue I
between Fortyfourth and Fortyeighth
streets the trainmen complained again that
Borne miscreant were uncoupling the car of
the freight trains a they moved along causing
A great deal of annoyance Tie police are on
the lookout for these fellow Three non
union watchmen left tbe Sixtyninth street
yards at noon and were eat upon by some ot
the striker who ware playing bal at Sixty
sixth street and Fourth avenue The non
union men won atoned and had to tJ to
escape serious Injury
Icape most serious accident of the day hap
pened to frank Allen of Tarrytown Allen Is a
big strong fellow and he came down from his
homo yesterday morning and asked General
Superintendent Voorries for work Mr Voor
bee gave him a place In the Hlitynlnth street
yard and I written pas entitling him to ad
mission to th yard
Allen went over to the yard and while hunt
ing for the entrance met bait a dozen strikers
near the gate at Flltynlnth street Tho
a Flrnlnlh
striker wore pretty drunk They asked Allen
what ho was doing around there and
one of them ijrabbetl arOtlld Voorheeaa
pass from AIn Irab pocket Quick M n
wink Allen grabbed the pass back again and
tore I in piece Then the striker jumped on
him and pounded and beat him furiously
Ahoy ran away when they 1 a policeman
coming Allen was nearly senseless and had
Hospital to bo taken In n ambulance to the Itoosovelt
HQplL Grand Central Station late yesterdcy
afternoon Superintendent Tlatt told a SUN if
porter that three members Ilrtt local sisembly
No 3479 K of L had come to him during tho
day asking fa I ork and telling him tbat
t ol assembly had surrendered Its charter to
the Knight the report Investigation failed to substantiate
Local Assembly 2479 comprises about sixty
switchmen and comprlel yards at the
Grand Central and at Mol Haven > ft Is au
offshoot from the big local assembly of tho
Thirtythird stet freight rard
SSey ot the Reckless Plakcrtoa With
drawn AeBOlte > or tdtniker
Auuirr Ant 1Tho Plnkertons were in
part removed from the car and railroad
crossings today and everything was quiet
about the yards Several freight trains were
sent out but a report comes from Bcheneotady
that all trains which have been sent out from
West Albany In the last throe days have boon
side tracked there The exception to this
mode ot operation is 1 in regard to the through
freight trains and the refrigerator cars
William ailleipie a tallyman nt the transfer
office at West Albany was brutally assaulted
late last night by three strikers within two
doors of hi home OlllesDle refused to go out
with the Knights A clerk in the train de
spatohers office was also assaulted today but
not seriously Injured
Chief WHIard and the local police are guard
ing the railroad property tonight but the 1in
kertone are not beyond call The Chief con
templates swearing in a number of special oN
fleers with a view of asking for the withdrawal
of nil the Iinkertons from the city Rain pre
vented a public meeting of the Knights on the
Market square tonight
IUK XiAwa vr IHE 64UZ IIUl
Nat no Easy Matter to Begin a Strike or
the TJalled Order orit llw r Employee
Tho constitution of the Supreme Council of
the United Orders of Hallway Employees of
which Grand Master F P Sargent of tho
Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen Is Presi
dent doesnt admit ot the brotherhoods going
ito a sympathetic strike to help out the Knights
of Labor D Mr row < erlr and his followers
intimate they will do The constitution of tbo
Supreme Council sets forth In detail how the
grievances of any subordinate order shall be
taken up and disposed of Section 17 says
teat no grievance shall be presented to the
Supreme Council until the organization hav
ing aueh grievance shall have decided to in
augurate I strike and the chief executive baa
given his sanction tnoreto
Section I prescribes tbatnq strikeof either
local or general character shall be Inaugurated
by any organization until the Supreme Council
shall have author d it According to section
1C after the grievance has been presented In
writing by the chief executive of the order In
terested the Bunreme Council shall be con
vened represented by three grand officers
from each brotherhood including the chief
making twelve In all I
o Tbe three representatives of each organi
sation shall be convened separately by their
respective chief executives and each of them
shall prepare hie ballot with the word Approved
Ibal treva JOUanproved written thereon I
two or more of the representatives vote In
favor of approval such shall be the vote of the
organization they represent and the chief ex
ecutive shall out said vote accordingly ondlf
utve more of said representatives shall
vote in favor of disapproval such shall I
bo the rote of tho organization and it
shall t be cast accordingly by the chief
executive When all the organizations are
prepared t ballot the Oounol shall be recon
vened I and the Secretary shall call the roll of
organizations each of which shall be entitled
to one vote predicated upon a majority vote of
its representatives and the vote shall be an
nounced by the chief executive and entered
upon the minutes by the Secretary The Secre
tary shall then announce the result of the bal
lot and 1th shall be found that alt the organ
izations have cast their vote In favor of ap
fzatonl such snail be the decision of the
Supreme Councilt but I It b found that one
or more of the organizations have cast their
vote in favor of disapproval such shall be the
decision of the dlaapproval lUa
Section 1 states that the Supreme Council
Eecton a twothird vote modify or amend
the constitution or strike out any portion of
the same so that It would seem to be an easy
mater to sanction I strike even I come op
Sectlon 18 says When I grievance has
been approved bJ tbo Supreme Council notice
ofsuoh approval shall b served on tbe proper
otcla I of the railway company or corpOration
against which the Ilefuce originated and a
final reqnst aball be made Jn behalf 01 the
Supreme ouinoii 1 for an amicable Idfustpent
Should all efforts to effect a satlatactpry adjust
ment fall tbe Supreme Council shall officially
direct the members of all the organizations
represented In the Council to withdraw a body
from the service of the company puuh with
drawal to take effect without any unnecessary
notification delay the ama to be specified in tho official
Feasylvantc Employee DUeonteated
PHILADELPHIA AUK 10 There is a move
ment on foot among the employee of the pas
senger department of the New York division
of the Pennsylvania railroad to get tho compa
ny to idcrease the pay of the men ten per cent
The movement has only just been started
among tha passenger conductors brakemen
and baggagemen of that division and no re
quest has been laid before the company
fuast II doubtful whether the company would
grant the request coming as It will so quickly
after the strike on the New York Central The
Pennsylvania officials think I strange that the
men should plok out this time for preparing
ehoul1 prenaflnl
their demand argulitjt tbut I savors of Intiraf
d ut Ion No conference has yet been held how
ever between the officials and the committee
of employees that has the matter In charge
and the railroad officials decline yet to say
say what action will be taken caJ
To Tako Htrlkera Fleet
PUILEIDU Aug 19 Tbtro was allarge
gathering of unemployed men at Twelfth and
Arch streets this city today to which local
ity they had been Invited by an advertisement
for bead breakmen ordinary brakemen and
switch tenders put forth by a trades bureau
which was authorized to engage the men by
the New York Central Kallroad Company Be
fore noon 260 men had applied and 160 were
accepted engaging to leave tonight for differ
ent points onjlnl York State Head brake
men were offered 75 a month ordinary brake
men tC5 and switchmen S5 The bureau
Will be open it I ald tomorrow ao
The Naval MllltU Ailoalebc the Tar
Spates ABC toUnole Rams new naval recrulu
itbicoropoae the naval mtlltla went Into service to
day on board the Wabash There were about 175 of
them fully uniformed sad equipped Lleuu Corn
uaniler Julia n 1 Foley was at their bead Tbey boarded
Ibe Wabash at 11 iHO oclock and its flrit thing they did I
was to eat Loni table were arraape4 ea tita gun deck
but there waintmuch tbaleavoret0 o saliberae or
barduaji The boyi Intend to live well bUr
areabaatCand jhiunoditsuo a day wltlbe rt
waere I Wont anew moqa tmt wneralt will feel reed
But tke llai that UcVlcd tan jelly I tare moil of air was
the appataace al DaoklDi I Os tbe ass tells Tbe re
cruit were at ease set iowa as a tit or due
ae The week batUOul will remain M duly on the Wai 1 fcr
I All r eatne r Train ICunnlup OdeUl An
The alsenlr Department ot toe WewYeik Central l
and Hatton 1 Alver Bauroaj announce that Jj CIlrfl
I sirUjUalbetaUuouo ol localarernnalagenrec
blar tlm nrauiri Ual t 6 tba neil IjaM Qriud
eentratiuuom allY eT j lUiiO MM 1 M aa
uo 7iRt aia BllJ r Mi
tif most lAW ENOUI
A Ur i4id Xxpreee TAI cm the Old Col
ony feed Wreaked Nr UnlacyFlttec
Dead und Forty or Moro Injured A Jack
Lf on the Itmtl by n Careless TTorkrann
BOSTON AUK Seventyfive human beings
were imprisoned today In a railroad car Into
which poured clouds ot scalding steam from
the wrecked locomotive which was beneath
Eleven dead bodies wero taken from the car
and two score of wounded were released
many with the floshdropplng from their bones
and burned and scarred beyond recognition
Three of the wounded afterward died With
the fireman of tbo train who was Killed under
his engine the death list numbers fifteen
This scene of horror was caused br tbe de
railment of tho Woods Hal express on tho Old
Colony railroad at Oulncy not far from the
eceno of the Wollaston disaster in 1878 There
have been accidents in which the loss of Ufa
has been greater but none in which suoh In
tense Buffering has been inflicted upon the
unfortunate victims The car in which these
people were returning from their summer vacations
cations was transformed Into a horrible death
trap Less than a third of the passengers in
the car escaped without serious Injury and
nearly all were badly bruised or burned
Tho Woods huh express was a few minutes
lato and running at the rate of fortyfive miles
a hour when I dashed past the Qulncr sta
tion eight miles from Boston There were
eight cars on the train and Engineer Babcock
was making them fir in order to make up lost
time Two hundred yards from the station
thor II a curve In tbe track In deep cnt
through a hill that was once a part of President
Adamss estate Trackmen were at work hero
and it is I supposed that they neglected to se
cure tho outward rail on tho curie That point
will be decided by official Investigation Any
way tbe train dashed off tho track
The engines speed was so groat that I
climbed several feet up the embankment on
the left hand side of the track while the smok
ing car baggage car and drawing room car
left the rails on the right side bumped over
the ties and finally went over on their sides
on tho outward track The fourth car tho
first of the ordinary coaches remained on the
rails until it reached the spotvt hero the engIne
ar Tbo engine had rolled down the embank
ment and lay with Its boiler across the track
and the illfated oar crashed into the boiler
Fireman James llyan had fallen beneath the
engine and was crushed Into a shapeless m s
He was the first victim When the car crashed
into the boiler a big hole was mad and as tho
windows at the end of the car rested against
thIs break the car was quickly filled with the
scalding Iteam Half the passengers in tho
car had been hurled by the force of the colli
lIon into the forward part and wore pinned
down there by the wrecked seats Thus im
prisoned they were exposed to the full force of
the staam There was absolutely no escape
from tbe horrible death that confronted them
The cries ot those on Ibo top of tbo heap were
quickly silenced In death Those who wero
fortunate enough to beat tbe bottom were dug
out alive but fearfully burned Many were
pinned down by tbe metallic portions of the
Beats the sharp Iron being In some Instances
driven through the Mesh
The remaining four cars did not wholly leave
tbe rails and the passenger escaped with a
severe shaking up They quickly began the
work of rescue The cars were supplied with
axes and crowbars and with those a big bole
wan cut In the bottom of the wrecked car
which was tilted over almost on Us 811e
wa tltd
Through this the llvina were assisted and a
fast as the helpless injured were brought out
the were laid on the sawn of Charles A How
lands lad There they rolled in ugonr and
their shrieks made the scene more painful to
the onlookers
Many ot the victims looked like anything
but human beings when they wuro brought
out of tho wreck Their faces were blistered
and blackened and tile flesh bad In some
oases fallen away Irom the bone The rescu
ers were broad tqjuolc upon death In Its moot
horrible guise Tbe forward end of the car
looked like a charnel house
There were many touchiag scenes One old
man was found lying over an aged woman
evidently biB wife trying to thiold her from
wie Illn <
the tearful blasts of sleam Both ware deld
A young woman in another seat had bar arms
around a little boy seat 1 close to her
The Ilte face showed the terror which
filled her heart when the accident occurred
The boy was literally boiled to death
In the aelttralr the news of tie accident
had reached Boston and two relief trains were
pent out carrying physicians and stretchers
The Quincy Hospital was tilled to overflowing
and private nouses were thrown open for the
care prvate wounded Many were brought to
the City Hospital In Boston A score or more
went away without applying for medical assistance
sistance altnough their arms and hands in
dicated the serious nature of their burns I
will be Impossible on tide account to complete
wi list of the injured Muny ol the dead are
so let burned that their features ore un
recognizable and It mar be impossible tonight
to Identify all the bodies
Many of the 100 people on the train had hair
breadth escapes There wee among the
wounded people living In New York Ohio and
Kentucky An excursion party of 100 were in
ons ot the cars The passengers were cblelly
persons on their way home after vacations
spent at Woods nol Nantucket and other
seaside resorts
The following were dead when taken from
the wreck
MrL Orut Atn rhlIPII Mrs lay B Yen
ashy aId 70 LulyU1 r J ohooo IPotO1
aI oho Rysa baSIn 1010 Orinan ot Item and
tour lan tnn atil Iwo children on a toy ot
it J e IO Total U
The following died during the afternoon and
tin A a WtUs Hartford toil Alice antI CsOmrtnt
011u ataro
divfnt i n ot Urs Oscar riotxly of u flataro fl
The following are critically injured
tin rinnelT wit > of the cutler of lbs Cltlitu
JUllonil Bink el fcouUvWe badly sceidl
t u 4lt fi Copp Cleveland 11 ictUeii will probably
ar O Biiliy of Dorchiitir foimtrlr proprietor of
tb Boitou Herald icaI4tit an tee and liindi
Th following were seriously but not mor
tally injured
Mrs Uartbt K Cbut at llh bead of tb Santa Iioi
Fowlo fctmtntry Santa Hett CaL fact and led arm
ftllntitly burn <
Ibllr burnod Dlmmlck Lot Antelta Cat face un
and In iold J Mia wit a utir of Ifn Clme
bad br cd and band scalded sod itiritred a com
pnunl fraclun f botb bonea of ilie till Ii i
Sirs < T 4 Addliou Ubaltta fact and arms burned
and ihisbu broiled
Djri nSrVwtiwr B Sullivan itreat CharlMlown
IrL talured sad buk saIdd
MgI George U snow Siietsr mil daughter of Un
Tow r tad and baud tealHot
Mra rJI Snow Ubarlotnwn I faa and hands
badly icalded and tuurnat lulurUa
Uri 1411 it Atiboii 1 Louuvllla face and hands
oaldtd I aim compound fraatur of Ufl thigh OI
Cavt vv B AUtioit LouUvllla banili acaldei
y f Scowl Lay rinct illjLtlr I scalded on be bands
and face
ti If limbo conductor of Pullman can right sic or
fats ml ana ear nearly torn OR
tai W Kdmuudi Judit In Obanoiry of LOlnl1
wrUti oui
wrlt Nat Waits Boiton flnnruroktn
Blltafxth Faonilly aged I daughter of Mrs Oioar
y anlly LoulsvlUti bandM eras and Uiri 1 burned
J e > e ikoAUUKr Fort Wayne ludl fane 1140 and
band t > urni < l
Be Kulb o 1iok bUr tow U conmnsisa I ot lift I as sod
SIrs M 4 flails for Wayne Ind grandmother of
lllss McAllister comyuund fraelnre or ibe noie and
knee I iptaitted
Lucy negro maid I of Ibe Feunellye l badly Injured
Engineer Baboook wrist J broken and bead and 4IJ
UHC eednam lAwrence slightly Injured
Mrs j If Meeduam Lawrence body badly bnraei
Mrs o1 Brown Cawreuee slightly Injured
tire B y Stow Bmnervllie leg burned
Ur y B Warner Canandalgna N Y band bruised
r Meyer JllreoUlierf fiestas badly sealded about te
Mr L Minnie Ilnbbard and Utas Rose Tucker Lexlng
t ° flrlvarJl ± 4Kubvin icald about the bead
and face
It Is rei ted that the name of one of the
unldentlOi dead Is I W I Grady and that two
others are Mrs U 1 Johnson and her fifteen
yearold bQYt Js alsoreported that the niece
of Mrs A 0 Wills 1 of Hartford is among the
unidentified dead
unldoltlOo Fennill housi builder of Boston
was a passenger In tbe fourth car of the train
0 Thirty seconds after the CA struck said he
tonight I would have given 1000 for a
drink of any kind from whiskey to water The
drInk filled every orevloe and nook and almost
suffocated those whom It I did not burn to
Men and women were gasping about me and
as they became weaker and weaker rnuld Kea
them push their bands or feet through the
broken window trying in rain to get a breath
of fresh air it soimpij as though elgbt or ten
died right there belpre me All the passengers
fa the cay imd more 01 lila wounded at
least wentyfl iitlotuly I rievoaoa Ui
hole In the bottom ot the tar In some
way and crawled out The paas ngers from
Ilia other cars had then hardly Rathoi ed them
solves together and were not to be seep But
over on a fence bordering thin railroad track
were ten or twenty men It seemed to me 100
watching the ruin and powerless from freight
astonishment I shouted Rod ewor at them
but they would not move Those men saw mo
pull helpless women torn the Interlhr of the
pul saw me caught beneath a fnlllng bar of
iron and unable to extricAte myself t aid
others and refused to help mo I do no know
whether they weJe fools or were afraid
I was ascertained late tonight that the
accident was probably the result of careless
ness on the part of the workmen who were re
pairing the track I Is understood now that
a lack was left lying across the roll when the
workmen stepped aside to avoid the train
Tho engine struck this and was Immediately
tbrown from the track
The Craft Slake SO 18 Knot em Hoar
and lilt a SOloot Murk
The second experiment with the Patrick tor
pedo took place at about 3 oclock yesterday
afternoon at College Point In the presence ot
the Board of Naval Experts appointed by the
Government The torpedo made nearly one
half a knot better time than the terms ot the
contract required The torpedo costs about
20000 It Is fortyseven feet long and It
weighs moro than four tons The course of the
torpedo after It Is started on its mission of de
struction is Indicated by two small flags on
the long airtight copper cylinder which keep
the torpedo itself within three feet of the sur
face of the water
The craft Is forced ahead by a propeller whoso
revolutions are caused by carbonic acid gee
controlled by electricity The electricity is 1 con
voyod from the shore through a slender cable
which Is coiled In the rear part of the craft and
which pays out as the craft urooiods The tor
pedo can be turned to starboard or port at the
will of an operator on shore
Tho explosive matter Is stored in a space six
feet long at the front end of tba case The
Governments contract with the Patrick Tor
pedo Coinpnny provides for the building ot
threo torpedoes having a capacity to hold 400
pounds of dynamite The centre of the charge
must bo throe lout below the surface of the
water and the speed must bo twenty knots
par hour The Board of naval experts consists
of Commander Theodora if Jewell of the
Newport torpedo station Commander O A
Converse ot the Entervrlse and Commander
J B Newell the head of the electric lighting
departmentof the navy Commander Converse
was seen on board ot the Enterprise last even
ingYou can report ho said that the experi
ment was q grand success from start to finish
Ho perfectly was the tordedo under control
that when going at n speed of twenty knots
per hour It passed between two boats contain
ing observers and anchored for tbo purpose
only lj feet from each other over a mile dis
tant from the operator on shore Tbe speed
attained was 20 > > knots In a run of a statute
mile whlcli Is onehalf a knot more than the
contract requires There is now no doubt that
the Government will ordertne building of the
tlneo torpedoes There still ismalns how
ever ono more trial to be made under such
condition of weather and moderate sea aa a
torpedo for use In roadsteadu and harbors
might reasonably be expected to encounter
As my fallow members of the Board and
myself unfortunately are not able to fix the
weather to suit ourselves the data for this last
trial Is indefinite
siiss aioAiaviuxnia SIAHRIAQE
Young Mr Peters Give His Vemlo of
the Circumstance
AsnDitT PARK Aug 19The eocret marriage
of Miss Mamie Montgomery the pretty young
daughter Thomas Montgomery a wealthy
Philadelphia cottager at Interlaken and her re
moval yesterday to a form house where her hus
band was boarding excites much Interest hero
among tba cottagers and hotel guests from
Philadelphia The father of the young bride is
in Philadelphia This afternoon Mr Peters
the husband went to Philadelphia to see his
fatherinlaw Before leaving town be told
one of his friends that he bad never been or
dered to leave Mr Montgomerys villa as was
alleged by some of Mr Montgomery friend
lu answer to Questions put to him by bin
friends ho said that he became engaged to
Miss Montgomery last winter
Her father was perfectly satisfied wltb our
engagement said Mr Peters but his wife
refused to sanction It I could not get along
with Mrs Montgomery and we had frequent
quarrels On Aug 6 Miss Montgomery went
to New York with me We were married at
Grace Protestant Episcopal Church by the
liar Mr Chalmers My wile and I agreed to
keep the marriage secret for a year Last Sun
day wo went out riding together when we re
turned to my wifes borne her father stood on
the front porch He assisted my wile to alight
from her horse and then threw the rein to
me and ordered me to take her horse to the
stable I became angered at his manner and
told him be was not talking to an ordinary
groom but to his sonlnIaw
My wife then told her parents that we were
married lesterday I went oer to the house
of Mr Montgomery with a wagon My wife
had her trunk ready and I took her and them
to the Hunce farm where I was boarding Mr
llanco is a distant relative of my wife
Late this evening Mr Peters telegraphed
from Philadelphia that be hod the written
dental ot his fatherinlaw that be bad ever
ordered Mr Peters to leave his house
President Irish Dente Certain Charge
cud Demand aa InvcotlcutlOB
WATEIITOWN Aug 19The New York State
Firemens Association began Its eighth annual
session hero at 11 oclock this morning with
33d delegates in attendance The Convention
ia a great event for Watertown and elaborate
preparations were made for the reception ot
the delegates and visiting firemen The city
Is gayly decorated in bunting and evergreens
Handsome arches span the principal street
and in the business portion the building are
covered with emblematic designs Such a
display waa never made in northern New York
The delegates assembled in Washington
Hall at 11 oclock and fifteen minutes later
the President ol the association George W
Irish ot Cazenovla called the Convention to
order An address of welcome was made by
Mayor Wilbur F Porter and President Irish
read his annual report In it be said that he
had born accused of turning the association
over to Joy Hill or attempting to do ao The
accusation be said was utterly false and he
asked that his ofllolal acts be investigated and
that the association pronounce a verdict of
guilty or not guilty
The report waa referred to a committee con
sisting ot Delegates Huntlngton of Adorne
McClellan ot llay Ridge Itaymond of Heir
York llaggerty of Pltttsburgh and MoCabe ot
Port Henry
Tonlgnt the delegates were entertained at a
banquet given by the Watertown Citizens
Committee the Hon II P Flower Chairman
of the Citizens Committee wa toastmaster
and toasts were responded to by President
Irish LltmtUov Jones John W Vrooman
and others
The Ooverimeat cad the World Fair
WAsninaTOM Auc 19in accordance with
the act providing for the World Columbian
Exposition at Chicago the President today
approved the designation of the following
named persons as members of the Board ot
Control and Management of the Government
exhibit at the exhibition
8 A Drown elder clerk of lbs Department of State
to repreieut idatdepartment A B btttlelou AuUtant
Vecrecaryof tbe Tieuury lo reprMent tbe Treaiury
DepartmentMaor OiKtouComl U H A toreDreient
tbe War Ueoarfueni Iepu K W aleade U a M 19
represent the Asvy Department A P uuen Third
Aiilnant fMtuiMUrUiutrat to lepruent the Foil
line Department 11 A Taylor Comululoner ot
Ballroada te represent tbe Department of tbe IiUrlori
K O foiter Ueueral Agent of the Department of Jni
Hoe te teDrlau > that department Bdwln WllJlt
Anfetaat Secretary of Agriculture represent tbe
eparlment ot Agriculture f rot u U Ooode Aialatant
Heerttary of the IJinllbioiilan Initllntlon to repreeeni
that Ineuiluuiop and tbe hailopal llueeum and J W
Colllni aiiltuutln charge of the division et fliaerUi
to reprrirnt tbe United bictee fub Gomrnlailon
Assistant Heorotary WllUts U deilenatedas
Chairman of the Board
Numed for Concro
The Pemocrau of tire foortb Oonrreu dUtrUl et
Louisiana bare nominated U 0 SUnohard to stcaee4
himself ia Ooa grass
The Republicans of the Thirteenth Fenniylvuia Lie
trlct hey nominated Join y acaoener for Coaneaa
Ueorge I > WUe was renomlnate for Oonareei Tiltu
day by the Democrat of the Tblrtl Virginia dUtrloL
A U Tolden wee nominated tot Congress yesterday
at the Democratic Couventton of bile and Crawford
counties fa Tbe nomination wee tendered to W I
Scott but be decliued
I Tara the titsItch slid Away It floe
THe a 0 aleetrl ssstoseaOI l
I fieteryleuaaaeariear Of eenwieb street ate if eratlj
Five Hour to YVaalitoKtoa
Tbc fastest trains In America are In service between I
Xw York > blladtlfhla Baltimore and WuUngton
via Jriey Central aaadtng sad S set 0 Oade 5Ie
Via tees ed Liberty sa ale
Two Ilondrad Xlaltdlnce iu Xtulneor Hidlr
OaieiBced Twenty or Mar People
Killed cad m Hnadred Injnrcd Hlrcete
Mtrenrn With VTrecknc Otlitr Jives
Lost cad Much Irp rtr Dtr7d Unl
Ida the CltrTke Ixisa S0O03O
WrLEESIUIIC Aug 19A most disastrous
tornando struck this town yesterday afor
nOOn killing a nearly a can bo learned
some twenty persons and destroying about
500000 worth of property Following Is a list
of the dead aa far an tiny have been Identified
at this hour
John A Frnntz John Fritz 1rtor len
meyer Nettle Thompson Harry Ynndornmrt
Levi Martin Mrs James McKinley and clilld
Mrs John Henahen and child John Bamlnp
pie John Kern and an unknown 1olaiidcr
Several more are reported dead but Itl Is Im
possible to learn their names in Iho confusion
now reigning
Borne of the Injured are Otto Bartman Ham
Mcintyre John Long Max Cramer Fred
House Harry Long John McDonald Anthony
Blaum Jacob Conrad William Jones John
Wood Franklin Walsh Sam House
The injured altogether will amount to over a
hundred The hospital Is oorcroudod and
drug stores and private residences are being
brought Into reaulsltlon
There had been rain all the afternoon and
Dome wind About I oclock the rain stopped
and an awful stillness settled upon the city
Suddenly with a rush and 1 roar a tornado
swept through the business part of the town
cutting a swath a quarter of a rails
wide Largo warehouses brick and frame
buildings and trees wero leveled like a pack ot
cards For five minutes tbo air was darkened
with clouds ot dust masses of flying timber
and tiles Persons on the street before they
I could make up their minds a to what to do
wore dashed around like straws titreet cars
and wagons wero stopped by trees falling all
around and on top of them Over thirty horses
are killed and numbers of wagons smashed
The largo brick block belonging to B L
Brown containing six wholesale grocery
stores was greatly damaged The whole of
the second and third stories and roof are gone
altogether and the goods wore exposed to the
heavy rain that Is still falling
The Pennsylvania round house recently
built Is completely destroyed The Central
Telegraph office a large brick structure Is
leveled to the ground and the debris strewn
over the track The rear of Btegmalrs brew
ery 8 blown out and two men and several
horses ted
The root and part of the magnificent LV
depot was blown on tho track Halt of the i
large plant of the Hazard Wire Rope Works Is I
blown to pieces one boy was killed and thir I
teen men Injured The fine machinery Is all
destroyed and tbo boilers and boiler house
overthrown Several heavy shafts and pulleys
wero blown into a field near by
William Qobels largo produce house on
Heal street Is unroofed and the side torn our
Almost every other house for a distance of
four blocks is damaged badly tho roofs and
fronts being crushed In most cases 5t Marys
Catholic Church Is damaged to the extent of
25000 The end is blown out and the grand
organ exposed
On Kidder strict in the northern part of the
city every bouse for o yards is down In
one house four people wore killed and in an
other two men The flag house at the V and
H and I V crossing was lifted from Ha foun
dation and tbrown on the track
All the telegraph and telephone wires ex I
cept one are down and no communication
from the outside districts can be received I
is feared considerable damage is done in tho
outlying districts Tbe electric light wires ware
broken and tangled throughout the greater
par of the olty All the electricity was a
shut off might hao
once at a many persons mlht
been killed by handling the wires
There is great excitement In the streets
crowds of people are looking for missing
friends and may men are reported missing
and may be burled under tbn ruins The Fire
Department and the policemen are out in full
force doing what they can The city Is 1 in
darkness with the exception ot the light ob
tained from gas and lamr < n
There can la be no defln rJ Idea of the great I
desolation that has overtaken this hitherto
beautiful valley Borne hundreds of families
are homeless and being sheltered by the neigh
bors Every street in the path of the tornado I
is almost completely blocked telegraph wires
trees and broken timbers forming in many
cute an Impassable barrier
The shade trees on South Main street are I
all down Some developments arc expected I
tomorrow which will increase the number of
dead as well 8 amount of damage The Idea
of the weather men is that a current of air
from the south met one from the northeast
and breaking descended to th ground
l OW JiuxttUd ITetl
WuutsoaABB Aug 19At I oclock this af
ternoon the most terrible tornado that
tmon trrlblo tornao was
ever experienced In this locality struck this
city I came up the river train what point
I originated le pot now known The sudden
ness ot its coming was one of Its most anful
features The heavens were aa black aa night
and the wind blew with most frightful velocity
Whole rows of trees were blown down Follow
ing this hundreds of houses were unroofed
partially blown over or completely demolished
and worse than all the visitation of death was
sent upon a number of people How many
were killed Is not known at this time
Large districts several sections of the city
are In absolute ruin and the women and chil
dren are In the street crying and wringing
their bands in dismay
Tke damage will reach hundreds of thou
sands of dollar Iaetenicor trains and loco
motive at the depot were blown over and
every wire in the city electric s light telephone
and telegraph ie I down The devastation Ie to
b compared with nothing in the memory of
the oldest Inhabitants Everybody is rejoicing
that no fire have as yet followed for tho
streets are Impassible with trees and fallen
buildings ana the engines could not be drawn
through them
trouh death logs a far as ascertained Is
twelve Four men are known to have boon
killed in the Hazard Wire Hope Works
A house on Soot street occupied by miner
who bad jutt returned from work full In ana
three of tno Innat voro killed Th hugo
stock of the Kytle planing mil 1 f a man
and two hon and L all were killed A little
ad Itto
colored girl was killed by a fallloe building on
ooutb main atreet
Two mel suffered death by the falling of a
portion of Btegmaler brewery and a third In
curved the same late through the almost complete
plete demolition of 67 I Itrown handsome
brick business block on East Market sheet
There are undoubtedly fifteen or silicon
others killed Jjeporta are coming in con
stantly to that effect
It is impossible at this time to Iy names or
paroPlar Many poor people han suffered
rneny losses ana I will be month before all
the damage can be repaired One hundred tin
rooferenavebeenteleprapbed for and build
lag mechanics df all kinds can find employ
ment heritor week to com U It I Ie 1 alruay
atnt oQmda
known that fully 200 building have ben
blown down or otherwise damaged Many If
value tne structures were of large size and great
S Approximate ow tones only can be given a
Ilutard Wire Hope Works IJ5000 B L
Brown 1200001 8t Marys Oatbplle Church
1160 allnkrodt Convent 13000 Murray
shaft 101100 lollnbok eta r1 White
i ann jqs t OmaD 801 lMitgh Valley
opt I LOOQ I leDlalala Jtiiroed Corn
Dahyd round hoqr tO i ri brna pork
packing house 5000 1 > aine I house t2000 1
DLeksoa OU8tUolJ Company I2OI
In addition to t these Hundred of citizen
15000 have luffered losses running from 5500 to
1000 shaft fan house was blown down
and the fan stopped There are twentyseven
men Iq the nine cut U I U hoped they can be
BO out e
Jtatr7i5 1 MEports come from Bunr
Motu a auiac teira tort mil boa ben
that the destruction of property is terrible and
that fifteen per ton were killed
At Parsons and Mil kiiod four miles from
here coal breakers In all directions have been
morn or lean dnmnued nnd the number ot
killed will rAa nmnlel Tetocrnnh wires Arl
down in all directions and communications all
shut nIT
The names of lame of those killed as far nl
known nt 8 oclock this evening are
Kvl Martin a baker hurled lietientha falling
smokestack Ills two horns woro also Killed
John 1iltr 1 laborer In the siumol mill at the
mnnglad Hazard works taken from the diihrls horribly
llurrell Bondenmoyrr salesman for hlutrtlce
I Co grocers Instantly killed b > the ailing f ot
Browns buslnois block
Samuel Rouse machinist at hazard works
killed br falling timbers
Voter HUtenmoyer was killed In F rod Jacobs
hotel which was wrecked When removed his
skull was found to tm crushed remoTel
Joseph Rein n milkman was blown from his
I PIn Ho was found 21KJ yards away lying
on the Lchlgh Valley Railroad with his held
I Adam Frnntz of the firm of Jonas k Frantz
clock who wan this struck evening by flying timbers died ut U I
I Cloorco Hamilton employee for twenty years
I In htegmalors brewery
Mnmlo Thompson aged r years blown
against a house and Instantly killed
leoigo Hamilton John KlelukaufT and a
I Htinuiirlnn entered a barn for shelter Tha
Ire double doors wore blown in killing Ham
two ilton Instantly and fatally injuring the other
Mayor Button tonight Issued I proclamation
I I calling 011 the members of the Ninth Iteglment
to assemble at tho armory early tomorrow
I morning to aid in the pollen supervision of the
city UoalHO requested all idle 1 workingmen
to report to him for labor In cleaning the
dHrK thin city to ray for tho same
Superintendent laskins of tile Hazard Wireworks
works reported at 9 oclock torlcht that they
would be In running orderngalnln about one
el AR la as known to him only one man
was killed at tho works and one fatally injured
Several worn slightly burt by falling timber
PLYMOUTH Il Aug lA special from
Harvoyvlllo n farming town ten miles from
here rays that a terrible tornado Isled that
Place this afternoon The Methodist Episcopal
Church and parsonage wero blown to Atoms
Harveys large store Ins totally wrecked and
nearly all residences have been unroofed and
rendered uninhabitable Farm houses and
crops are entlrelydestroyed UljahKaberlneer I
fatally H welltodo Injured farmer was killed Several are
Secretarr ITIndom Aanoaneeei that He le
Ready to Take SIGOOOOOO of Them
WASHINQTOK Aug 10This circular was
issued today
WABUiNorroK Aug 191800
In pursuance of the authority contained In
sections 3091 and 3G99 of the Ilavlsed Statutes
of the United States public notice Is hereby
given that 4K per cent bonds of the acts of
July 141870 and Jan 201871 to an amount
not exceeding fifteen millions of dollars will
be redeemed with interest to and including
May 311891 upon presentation at the Treas
ury Department In thc ciy of Washington
1 C on or before the tulh day ot August
And any person desiring to present such bond
for redemption on these terms at the office of
any Assistant Treasurer of the United States
may do so upon applying for and receiving the
requisite authority from the Secretary of the
Treasury WM WISDOM Secretary
An olllcial of the Treasury Department re
terming to the foregoing notice said
This announcement does not supersede
that ot July 251890 In record to the purchase
of 4 nor cents of 1907 but offors of 4 per cents
vrlll continue to bo received and purchases
made as heretofore until further notice As
all the 4i per cents mature on Sept 1 1891
the present offer respecting the fifteen millions
Is equivalent to paying for thorn par and In
terest to maturity less the current quarters
Interest It would seem that holders of 4f S
per cents who decline 4be present offer prefer
to loan their money for the next twelve months
at 1S i per cent icr annum rather than receive
It now and get the benefit of current market
Ho Drive Off With the fig or the Man
Who Mntnt to Capture Uuua
KAKSAS CITY Aug 19J J Bomers n sew
ing machine agent while driving in Case
county yesterday passed a manMrivlncraborse
and cart which Homers recognized as property
that had been stolen He stopped at a farm
ers house and endeavored to borrow a gun
The farmer did not have onobut joined born
ore and the two drove oa and met the
man endeavoring to sell the horse to
another farmer The farmer with Hom
ers ordered tbe thief to surrender and
At this the thief drew a reolver and com
manded Samara and the farmer with him to
get out of bomersB twohorse wagon and then
made the three men lie down with facos to the
ground He thou took a watch 1250 several
society badges and other small articles from
Somera got into nomorss rig and drove away
A posse from Leo Summit spent lust night in
searching for tho thief but didnt Und him
President Euta lalormcd hatTer Hon
orable to Halvador Have linen Scoured
BALVADOB Auc 19 vlaOalveston Don Ga
undo the Salvadorlan agent at Guatemala
City telegraphs to President Kzeta that a
peace honorable to buhiulor bus been ar
CITY oy MEXICO Aug 19 via Calves ton It
Is reported in Guatemala that the Government
is concentrating troops on the coast and lu the
northern departments to act agaInst the revo
lutionists Uroons are being withdrawn from
the Balvndorlan frontier
A despatch from Salvador says Dr Oalln
do Salvadorian envoy to Guatemala la ex
pected horn tomorrow with a protocol ot
He Ifmokcd Twenty Package a Hay cad
I Now la the Iniane Asylum
BiEMivaniM Ala Aug 19 Walter Numa
leo First Lieutenant ot the Woodstock Guards
a Anniston Ala has become violently Insane
from smoking cigarettes Ho was today re
filovoi to the mate asylum at Ttisraloosa
Rioed was formerly one of the editors and
proprietors of the Anniston Unity Ivatrimaii
He had purchased an outfit and was prepar
ing to start a now paper when symptoms of
insanity compelled him to give up lie smoked
twenty packages ot cigarettes daily
I GOT Hill Not GoUc to Minneapolis
I AUDIT Aug litGoy Hill will cot go to UlnaeepoUe
tbta fait He said to a Ken reporter this afternoon
I aui not going to Ulnneapolle la Eeptenber or at
any time this fall I cannot possibly get away as I am
and shall be very busy I have directed that all the lu
vltatlone tendered me from Minnesota be declined
having devMded some time ago that I could not spare
the time The Invitations were not from private ludl
vlduala but from the Minneapolis Hoard ct Irude cud
numerous auoctatloas iou see they are lo bare In
and about UlnneaDolie In September a series of 5th
erings from a i taie tiposttlon to a Orangers lculo
and ae It wa ecpected that the unveiling or the
Ilendrlcke monument would occur lo the fall 1 was
favorably dlipoeed toward extending the Indianapolis
trip to Minnesota hen however ttie d y for the
llendrlcks uuvelllug which of course 1 had to attend
was set eo bug ahead of tbe MmuespolU eibUiltlon t
I concluded to go out to Indianapolis and at once return
I and decline all the Minneapolis requests Tble has
since been done and I shall remain at come
The freildent bu approved the FortlUcatlont bill the
act to amend tuo laws relative to PMpplog CommlMlon
era the act to ratify and cuntirm an agreement t > c >
twasul the state or tttw York cisC Ieunsrltanla la re
fween to tbe boundary between them the bill for the es
tablishment ot a military park at the tottleflcld of
Cblukameuga and Ihe act hi adopt regulation for pre I
venting coUllleue at sea
There will be nnile In Tamrklnt squire to night at S
oclock by Lelbuldts Twelfth Hetlraeul band
The rollce Board awarded yesterday the contract for
building the DeW station bouse at rutyclghih siroet
and fcntb avenue to Isaac A Hopper Ill bid wu
Mrs Margaret Davis 24 years old of HM East Nine
teutll street died yokterda of rat pUon lu hellevuo
Ilixplial tire Darli quarrelled witu bir biubaud loot
buredity and ewallowsd the poiiw ader thy quarrel I
Albert Stafford of 163 East Klghtrsecnnd street v ho
forged Ibe name of bin uncle J t iauig I to check on I
lbs Hfiu Avenue Sank was committed lo the care of
the Commissioners of Charities and Correction In the
Torkvtlle court yesterday for examination as ui UU I
Coroner llanly beld an inquest yesterday In tbe case
ef yrederlck tieek wb was killed by faUlug through n
batch ay in the brash btecirlo Ugbilug Compauye
woke at am lilltabeili street on Mar 6 It was on
Sunday and Ibe lurr censured ttie company for hartui
theIr balchwa i open on Sundays
Jcxarszzrzi ttMHTL SHOT
Xll n is A it T 11 r CUAHLES BIIB I
BIcNctllii Fr qtitnt Vllt 1 to Mrs WoW
ter While Her llnebiinel wa On f
Town hue CMU or the Players Bu s
plelon which Frlrnel Tried te Allay
Cliailcs Crumley nn actor known upon tho
boards for many rears ns CharlesWebstety
shot nnd killed Itobeit MoNelll ayoungeni t
Klneor who ho believed held improper reltw
lons with his wife shortly after 0 oclock last I i
I night on West Twentysecond street Two
shots worn fired The Irs missed but te
l cOd was Urea during a desperate bondto1 1
hand struggle and penetrated MoSeQl heart
Ho died almost instantly Tho murderer en
deavorod to escape but was collared by a po
llcomnn bufotolji had run a dozen os
The nctor has gone under his stags name of
Webster since ho bas lived In thl city Ha is 1
a native of lirooklrn He is 46 rears old thick
set and short In build and wears no beard or
moustache For the last ton years he has
played tho role of Won the Atagcr in Bartler
Campbells Tho White Slave company an
is better known on the road than hero
He was an actor man years before he joined
tho Whlto Slnvo company Fifteen roars ago
he married his present wife then Miss Ere
of Toronto She in now about 85 rears old aa
tractive woman with good figure fair hair
and blondo complexion She and her sister
declared last night that the rotations between
tho couple wore twain harmonious up to two
or three roan ago when Webster began to
neglect his wife While ho has always mae
moper his wife and sisterinlaw say he hM
lately given bin wife so little that this rear sho
was compollod to seek employment A few
months ago sire cot a place as housekeeper at
Twillgnt Cottage a hotel at Haines Falls In the
Catskills The family flat at 200 West Twenty
second street was still kept up however
though Webster was not In town and his wife
did not know where ho was The couple had
had no children I
Mrs Websters Bister married Robinson
Irish a carpenter who lived in a flat a 20QX i
West Twentysecond street next door tol
where the Webstora moved when they came tel
New York two years ago Tho two sisters a t1J
cording to Mrs Irishs story last night were
thrown much together and were fond of young
company McNeil was a good looking young
101 rOUl1
man of 27 who had made a small repu
tation In his line and was engineer
In chief for the Van huron estate build <
Ings on Union square He lived b I
hIs father Andrew McNeil a butcher at 829
Vest Twentyfirst street He was unmarried I
The elder McNeil RfolUd his name with one I
M lbut I tho son for some reason added an
other latter According to Mra Webster
and Mrs Irish young Mr MoNelll 1
culled on r Webster only half1
a dozen times or so altogether and1 1 4
each time In company with Henry Acker
tho engineer in charge of the Chelsea flats on i ii1
W > st Jweutythlrd street I Is common r I I
port among the e lIe of the neighborhood
however that Mr McNelUa visits were much
more frequent
1 IB not known by the police that Mr Wel
Rter while out on n theatrical tour during ths
winter heard rumors that his wife and Ho1
Nelll bad established relations that wero nol
to his liking It Is not known that he came to
New York to investigate the rumors but bel I
appeared In the city last week while his wlfa
was up In the White Mountains and appeared
disturbed by certain dlvcovorlos that ho said
MoNelll he hail made and vowed vengeance agalnsl
On Sunday Mrs Webster received telegram
at Halnes Falls signed by ber husband sum
moning her at once to Now York on the most 41
Important business She arrived on Monday
night Webster demanded that she corneas to
him her relations toward McNeil She told
him she lund nothing to confess She said lost
night that he wan very via ent and that she
Was sure from what he said that I he bad not
killed McNelll he would have killed her I P
Late yesterday afternoon Sylvo ter L Brown
an Iron and metal dealer called on MoNelll
and bought some wire rooo of blm MoNelll
accompanied him on several business errand
later and confided his troubles to him Mo
Nelll told him that I man named Webster had i
been lying In wait for several days to kill blm
He said Webster thought lie lied been Intimate
mate with Mrs Webster but that be was Inno
cent of the charge Mr Brown took MoNelll
Into a saloon and discussed the matter
over a glass of beer Then they went
to Mr Irishs house and Mr Brown
begged Irish to Intercede with Webster snr
lug falsely that McNelll was hit nephew Mc
Nelll had previously asked the same favor ol
Irish on Sunday but Webster then sad posi
tively he would shoot McNelll on night Irlslt
tried it again last night but Webster again
declared he would shoot McNelll
When Irish told this to Mr Brown and Mo
Nelll who wore waiting In a saloon they de
elded to go and see Webster themselves and
try to convince him of McNollls Innocence
They went to take a drink ithilo Irish ran Ul
to hIs own houbo to see I Webster was j
at home The front doors leading to
the flats ot Webster and Irish Ire not twenty
feet apart When Irish came down stairs Mel
Nelll IVUr Brown were at his door At the
same moment Wobstor turned the corner and
seeing them there homily entered his door
Go back to tho suloon cried IrIsh m
But the men did not eo and a moment later
Webster appeared with a revolver In his hand
Which Is the man who dishonored mr
wife be cried
McNelll made somo excited utterances and
Webster shouted
Throw up your hands
Drown threw up his hands with alacrity but
MoNelll didnt Webster raised his revolver
and tired Then hn rushed the door and
seized McNolli who had started at him as anc
hot The two clenched and before the spec
tutors who now numbered hundreds could
interfere the two TO led toward the gutter
Webster was the older and stronger and IL
forced his opponent oldfr a policeman was
trying to make his way throuuh the crowd
there was another shot and MaNolll rolled
over motionless on tho roadway Web
stor at once started to run but
the policeman hugh Lynch grabbed him
hr tbe collar and took him to the West Twen 1
tieth street police station An ambulanco wad f
summoned but McNulll was dead Ills body
remained was also taken last night to the police stutlou where i
The Weather Jf i
A storm of slight energy developed yesterday over fJ
Illinois and UlcUgan creating rain from Kansas east I
ward tbrousb the Ohio valley lake regions and New
England The rain area le moving slowly toward the
Atlantic coast giving promise of disagreeable weather
today in all the north Atlantic States Showri were j
reported In the Gulf Elates and lbs corn huh elsewhere
faIr weather prevailed
Tbe hIgh pressure from Brltlsb Colombia was central f
ever South Dakota and north nebraska taking In the
entire Northwestern Males cauiln a sudden fall In tem
perature to within 4 of the fleeting point In Dakota
and 6 In Montana which will be severe on the wbeal
crop Ktlllug frosts occurred In nearly all the Keith
Welt section e coot wave will pass to the < altwar4 tJ
today and be 4 In the ilUalstlpul Ohio and Tennes
see valleys ana the lake regions although It will be
somewhat modified as It moves east I
Tbe Government temperature In this city ranged be e fi
tween 64 ° and 75 bumldlty remained about station 4
ary throughout the day atf3 per cent l the wind warn
from the sail to soulbtaet and averaged twelve mile
an hour It was cloudy and sultry wIth shower begin 411
ning slirtly before S I K t fog trIaiisd alone Ihe
Coast during the afternoon
To day promises to be showerr with stationary tem
perature To morrow fair cooler
The following cbsnges were Indicated by the the
mounter at ferrys Ibarmacyi I
Silos liest rase 5
eOAMtot 7J aSOlM si r
t00 A Si04 l 71 ti ou I X I5 3s
BOO A ItCa 74 BtUI r om75 rim
12U1 St 4 7B Uuu 51W75 73 j
Aterege temperature yesterday 74J < Itj
Averse temperature for corresponding date last u
year T2U
sioxii ornrv ruRacisr till 8 r M WXPHKIDAV fNt
For lube jdew Uainpalilre and Vermont raln 4JI
southerly winds becoming variable ttatlonsry teat
perature except lu Vermont sllrbtly cooler
Ser Massacbasrtts Ithode Island and Connecticut
showers winds shifting to westerly ellibtlr warmef
In eastern stationary temperature In western portions
fvr MJttrn ttew jot iKtictrt illqUlv cooler lit aortA
em stationary ftuyetiOsrI r In ituUurn forttms > dad
Airrlnj to untirlt
y eastern rensrlvanla few Jersey and Delaware
shower cooler northHtsterly winds
rer the Unlrlol of Columbia llaryland and Yin
glnta showers slightly cooler except In southeast
Virginia itatluuarr Icuperaluret winds shifting to
wsstsrly I
Jar western Hew York weilern fennsilvaila act
Oblo stiewers followed br clearing alUbtly ooeMg
t weatheresoept en the lakes staticnary teaDefauttl
tetitJiwitterly wines

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