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P T 4 a M
GOOD oronna or jsat nsaarx DAre
flow Ueawy fltlr Bo t tsP
Ia Ae
i After the battle mentioned In mr last retain
I Ucenco In which the ntlre band of lnvo
hunters and cattle etalr were wiped out
the ruler of the four tribe which had furnish
d fighting men proposed to form a republic
and steel me President of It Mr ambition did
not run that war I knew the natlrt African
woll enough to know that ho would not long
b content with an Innovation Each tribe
had Its own Idioms and custom and a joy
eramnt for the wbol would b certain to
clash somewhere Th power surrendered bl
I the four rulers would Boon bo regretted enl
than would follow plOt and con olraolo and
t off would go mr hed I e very pleasant to
b honored and praised and admired but I
r = decided to let It stop there I therefore dis
I couraged the Idea of a combine eioept against
f common enemr and It woe dropped
I f would be to create
The great rlctorr I won sure or
I ate new enemies and we were soarcelr through
I with our rejoicing when they appeared About
100 miles to the west of us was it ruler named
I XIpitati who had long been hand and gb Ion
Ii with the Slav dealers Most of the men killed
If I the lat battle war of his tribe he baying
hired them to the Arabs for so much a dar
I ruler had extorted heavy
or wok This rle one etrtld a helY
ransom from our four tribes under threat of
marching upon them with I larl army and It
waa now confidently predicted that wo would
root ar from him Aa ooniinsndtrlncnlof
of the Army I did not disband It but added
from the rtstrves enough to tiring the number
tip to lOCKi men A large number If addition
al lUnge wet made and among the epolla of
slnKI < 10
war there were many spear lead which had
to be prldd with handles We had now a
are number of muiketft than could be lot
together by nil the combined tribes of Africa
and wAil be I watched for Mpstatla coming I
bad no tear of him
Th tint new cam br messenger He
ent three of his warriors to us to ear
that he lad heard all about the mas
macro nnd was determined to revenge
Kcre demanded the return of all the
polls O cattlo O slaves end the hoI
of the whit man who bad led the victorious
troop But for mr efforts the messengers
would have been put to death I gave each
one a present and sent them off with the mos
Page that while we desired to live at peace
with all mankind wo wr stol enough to
take rare uf ourselves We should not go to
attack Mpstnll but 11 lie came to attack us he
must take the consequences As there was no
doubt that ho would com 1 made 1 close sur
vey of the countir he would bellkelr to passover
to I Impulsive and obstinate
over Ue wee known ea Imlultvo
stinate le Hat lag one made reiidr to attack UI
I be would probably come lir the most direct
route eager to strike a blow In revenge Our
Tillage would probably be bin objectlv point
i found no battle ground to please mo out I
Moth village Any peitlon we might take
could b flanked as Ibo oouulrr was open
The village was situated n tb Bide ol a slop I
I bit hill In a banana arovu The country on
three sides of us wa pnsture land for iho ca I
tIe The Her to the position WHS the artist of I
bo hill behind us On that 1 constructed two
I earthworks and connected them Atone the
slope ollt hill I dug a numborof rllle 111a In
the grove to covor a direct or dank attack t
constructed defences of thorns and Htrongtb
ened them with Ille pita Ana thousand pulrs
of hard were eaxerir nngajxed in this work It
wawso ncomplrted 1 ben 1 bold a8hlm iiittle
to lee how tbo defence would work und was
eatiId that 1 MpMntl nttacked our strung
hold he would get the worst uf It cute wore
tent out for a lone distance and thore was no
tear of a BUI prise
I was about two months after our battle
that Mpstatl sent in won that ho bad nltumlr
taken up bin march for our Ullage and that
be would not rail until ha had inrUe sUvosof
every human being In the four tribe uch of
the people A dslrd to meet him und surren
der would gain hi lavor by such piocendlnc
Cut none ol the bead mwn the army omen > or
t whit man need expect mercy Th mos
linger who brought this news nero not al
lowed 10 approach the villtgt and therefore
sot no hint of our preparations 1 returned
Word that w 0 ntlll dSlred puce but If at
A tacked snould do our best to win 1 liMorr 1 fly
ay or keeping Mpatati up to his work 1 added
tat 2sr we feared him more ns a coir thief than
asa warrior Two or three d ye later our
Mout brought in word that be was ontr uue
macak away having a foios of about sou war
riot Of these oaly about 100 were armed
With musket Attending these warriors ware
abu 600 portra and camp followers
Our cattle bail ad been driven away to a
valley twenty miles to the northeast of us and
the women and children and old men hud
followed tm We therefore had nothing to
ol out lor but otmelveK The enemr ap
peared about 3 oclock In the atternoon and
Mpttatl waa so sure of success thai the last
Y mile of hla march was made In the opon
around wnr we could see every man in bin
for A mile away ne TIdo r sent for I
ward a messenger to command us to march
out and lay down our arms The messenger
Und to Him minus cue ear and It was not
Qag after that before the battle opened
p tall determined tn attack at once and in
front AI I watched the disposition ot his
treolis I aw that he wns going to sand forward
about bal of tbrm i bad luO men all armed
with muskets in each defence In the giove
f They were Instructed to hold their ore
to the lat and to let ae many men rasa
bern as would These defences were
about I quarter of a mile apart Montaite
Warriors formed in tn or twelt ranks each
I rank containing a front ot loriy men The
I flrat three ranks bad muskets The advance
Wax made wIth the most di elm rolling one
I ever heard and was at a wild run At least
onehalt tbe fore passed the defem es rushed
I through the open trove nod were iuddenlr
checked br vole from the rlllo idis Ther
Wr broton and dlaoicanlzed by tlm tint tire
and would have retreated bit for the men In I
the lower defences They now ooened l fire and
out of the 4 Ii t > and over who charged us not
more than half got out or the grove ibo ngbt
luted about twenty mlnuts and though the
enemy wat disorganized from tho Urst my
men I r < cklo9 lr exposed themselos that we
Jon ten killed and thlrtr wounded
Oreat was MpstaHn xurprme and indignation
t at beholding the Highland defeat lila troop
He Bought In vain tu ru Ir I tlim but It could
not be lone In their panic they carried tbe
main body haok half a mile with them In the
meat time the tells and rejoicings 01 my own
men even edit Brand uproar They 11kod tin
over eeirntr nitiRkate among the drn4 and
each muskeetei carried a botnof ponder and I
ton balls The weapon were at ones avrioi
I out to take the p ace of tpotn ana all were
r anxious for thH neat move Mpmnu saw that I
< he hud maUo a mistake Ho had depended on
bit name and numerical fctreitgtb striking
terror to the heart of our people but I was a
failure Ho perhaps beIIvd our for eroattr
exaggerated and the Idea of defences hail
I I Hover entered Ills mind As anon an ha could
rally his lorces he advanced unit spread nut In
aoiesconl bel ore tlu crove and not or mus
I ket shot away iliern hIs rake rusted UI to
Veer us from breaking through although ne
I bud an open rOll HI our backs As bo was
rtneh of Ibo slings I nod
now within n IIIalsllll nQllo
men on the hllUldn and lnstru ted them as to
t tho elevation Each bud an utvndimt to
furnish mlsMles and every sine lell among
t Mpstatls liinva 1 hey could not mcount for
I I uin a rainfall and after a number ol thom
I had been hurt all moved back out ol range
I Iladlorce enough to move down nnd at
I l tack but durkn 6s hud I now come < and no stops
could bo taken 1 knew that Mpsta I would
I remain quiet dutlne the night ns he had
io many wounded to attend to nnd mint pnrftfct
I Bonio now plan of btttle and 1 spent a good
llte <
share of the night moving mr troop to now
pomitiona and hoelmr that all underntood the
orderelv < The enemy bad fallen buck to
l thecovoruf limber on our left and during tile
I nllhi thu elY wan lit up by the glare 01 his
crimp Ire I divided mr force into three com
mands moved out mutely Irom sheller and
non morning came we moved down ou
i lpalatlrom the north nnrtben < and north
west 1 was In command ot the renre and
probably thinking mr 40o IIIAII constituted our
I entire force he drew uu bile command on the
edge of the woods to receive us 1 cent for
ward rklrrnlshers who created considerable
i loss l ant Il coniuHlon and then advanced In two
battle linen They tired two volleys at
uus we advanced hut not a mal was llt W e
I then filed In retuin and o eate I nut os and
f disorder Mpslutl nrdered n charge but just
at It was to be made our flanking parti s cam
up and opnd tire and with idle of lerrorand
dismay Ills force broke and scattered and iv
cry man became a fugitive The rout was
complete Had I been naUntled with Itl could
nut have restrained mr men from pursuit
Had we ben ifeleMed every officer would hitve
bevfl tortured to death and every soldier bean
taken a n I tlav They could not > ee why
any mercy should b shown mvadeia who lad
I com with uoh evil intent and ihe pursuit
wa therefore lasting and bitter It was con
tinued for fifty miles In tome cues and of the
aria Invading our territory not more than
fifty efteapeiL We soured every muku t hun
died of spa and war club a gnat lot of
camp stuff and M pit at I blmsilf wan one of the
dozen prl onri brought In te
This baltic was a let one and lt results
war farreaching I broke UP a great rn
deriotie for cattle Btealert and Ial hunters
and renopulatcd a djtrlct half ae large is the
IUt larlO
6 n of Maryland which had been abandoned
for rer jtjpuid p rmarnt pao to no
less than ii t different tribes ol natIve loin
nf whom bad bean comnelied to nalr MptMl a
large lax each Jar The cptltes wire placed
undor a strong iruard until our people had bad
aurnnd blowout over the victory Tb cap
tured chief was OYf l g sUfooUr 40 year of
I ga and of great will and determination I
i ned several lone conversation with him
tnrouuh an conureteu reiust bo
f wee taken out for a survey of tb battleground
ground He bad never nice anything but
natural dolonc and he at one pronouncud
the Idea a good one lho prnouoou
many of hit men being killed and wounded br
piuoltt bails ra a great e rtrte 10 him a
hU own Pjen could uftvar be tralnta to fire
isuulllr len hf loath funny rae but r
bad never occurred fouabial fii4 aU4
oourr Ac
tlt pr Sf msnrtoiuvla 1 t
anxlotulr Inquired where I had learned the
art of war and did not bAle me when I told
him that I was a runaway moldier who had
rnawal a
never evon marl hid with tue Idlr When
eln 1f
I asked aim what he thought iI fats would b
he promptly answered
Tbe earn that 70ure would hare been had
I von the yietor1
no a doUbtleSS honest In this u he was a
man nf brutal and wicked temperament and
was never known to show the least bit of merl
to an enemy After the jubilee over It wan
lfttomtnnamtb manner In which the
prisoners should die All were defiant and Im
pudent Had they been otherwise I bellere I
should have helped them to escape as several
opportunities to do so occurred during the ton
day 1 refueed to name the manner of death
and on the dar they were executed I went up
dAI Wlr
on the mountain and remained away all Ida
When I returned all was over and the bodies
had been dragged away for the bet of prey
to detour that night
Only a EUe Chap
I know said the conductor as he finished
counting up and lighted 1 cigar that most
people consider us a hardhearted lot but
were got to be or at lont must appear to bt
A railroad company has little t do with sentiment
business I
mint and a great deal to do wltb
cant afford to let people ride at mr expense
and ao what am I to do
No remedy being suggested he smoked away
In silence for two or three minutes and then
I didnt use to hare so much heart about It
always excuslig myself on the plea of duty
but one night about three roar ago some
thing happened which has kept mr heart pret
tr toft ever slnco It was on the run out of
Buffalo and when I came to take up the fares
I came across a woman and child She was
palefaced and poorly clad and she had a
world of trouble her tae I saw that In I
general war but It was not mr business to
mtv her Lbs child with her a boy of 7 or 8
was lying back nn the seat with her old shawl
fur a pillow She offered me one fullfare
ticket to a point about forty mile below but
I demanded one for tbe boy
riease ilrsbe mid we are very Door
and hes only a little chap and Im taking him
borne to die
That wan no excuse and I DJlla told her
that she mutt par for him or hed have to lot
OCT I thought she wa Ir Inrto beat his war
but In that I was mistaken I wan a dark and
rainy night and aked never have got readr to
leave the train at the next stop If shed bad
money to pay for the bor I felt a bit ashamed
when I saw her making ready and It hurt me
to moo her lean over him and both err together
but one of our men had been discharged ont
the week before for overlooking I onelegged
soldier who only wanted a lilt for ten miles
And no one offered to par the boys fare
lor a wonder no There was a full crowd
In the car but alUeomed t look upon the l > alr
with suspicion I hated t put them off and I
was hoping tho woman would make one more
appeal and giro me a show to back water
when the train ran Into oDd Ibo made
ronlr to get off The least I could do was to
help her with the boy I picked him up and
darted to follow her out but I bad scarcely
taken notice of hIs while face and tearwet
cheeks when he uttoied a shriek of fear
traIghtcnd out In my arms and next Instant
Straightened a corpee YtB sir the lira went
out of him In that err and Ibo mother turned
on me with a look I can njver force t and cried
1 1 him doa I lies dead I And you have
klpd d nt like to think of If wblipered the
conductor alter I long ellencp I had mr
months wages In my pocket and I gao her
ovcry dollar of It and the pose > nger raised as
much more and when I left her with her dead
at the next station 1 bad done overriding I
possibly rould but that didnt clear lt load
been too harsh aid old tne had told me lie
truth and I bad doubted her Ibo bad asked
for mercy and I bad ordered her out Into the
night and the storm with a dying boy in her
rare Hlie has never forgiven me and never
will give myself act try n hard as I mar I can never for
110 IY8011
Tie Old VTnr the Det
While you may not witness ann direct act of
cruelty toward the nearo roustabouts on I MIs
sissippi River Blearaer br the mate you cant
help but expect It every time the boat makes
a landing He Is l always provided with I stick
tbe he flourishes It and
or cane and way curses
the bands Is enough to drive a nervous person
to his stateroom I wan talklnc of this to a
mate one dar and be told mo of a incident
that happened on the Itobert E Lee One ot
the owners of tho boat happened to aee tbe
mate strike a hand and he made such I fuss
about I that the Caotaln promed a change of
programme from Vleknbure down The mat
was told bow t demean hlmmf and when tbe
bout swunc out ho was as gentle an a lamb
mudx her first landing he ban < >
before she Orlt Iln lnl n a I
letore mlr <
plug hit a drest coat and gloves and was
omoktnic I dainty ilunr As the tteamor
swung In to tako on 20 hags of cottonseed ot
a plantation the mate quietly ordered
Pltase get out them b > w and stern lines
Please hurry UD with that gang plank Now
gentlemen bring on them boa
The banns lonked at him In great atonl
merit consumed double tlmo In making fast
and whun all weie ashore went into convention
to discus matteis
Hero rou whats the matter there 1 called
the CaptaIn
te O 1 Alne to quit replied one of them
Quit I What lor1
Hunthln wrong wid do Lee on die ttp
Capn maui Shos gwlne to blow up or strike a I
What makes you think ro 7
Look at de Iou Mh Suntbln wrong dar
snnthln mighty wrong When e mate stop
dat oueln elnthlo Iwlno tor break
The owner was consulted and he said It was
possible bo had taken n wrong view of the
ale tactic As a test tho mate might go back to old
tlctca lero rou black devils shouted the mate
KB he peeled off his finery and grabbed a club
I along now up with them bags bli 1 there
Konben walk your bests tote that need I cuss
your livers but dont be four minutes at this
you finding I or Ill murder every black devil ot
oulDltA mr Ilkedatn ole talk shouted the
crowd and In throe minutes und a half the
bat swung out
The Hex Arc Queer
There wore four passengers of us who got o
at a country junction to wait two hours for the
train on the other line two men and two
women None of us bad nor seen each other
I before Tho station was little better than a
barn with no house nearer than I quarter of a
mile The women gave each other a look and
entoied the waiting room where they out down
as far apait as possible
Wall old boy remarked strange man
tome Have 0 Bmoke 1
You hot
And In live minutes we were well acquainted
and playing euchre under the shadow a box
car He didnt take me for 1 thief and I never
suspected him ot murder and the two hours
went by in e htirrr
Not MJ in Ibo depot however For the first
hair hour the two women glared at each other
NolthT would speak first Each wm afraid of
the other One looked out Into a turnip field
I and the other Into a swamp Now and then
one or the other mustered tip courage to ap
I rah the door anti look 1f but always to
return to her seat again Only one had a
I wutib riho consulted It every five minutes
but the other dared not ak her what tile It
Will AS an onset however n wooden pall
half full of wai 1 water flood near her and
though tie other lady was dying lor I drluk
sue fared not go ollr to tho pnil One had a
novel Mid the other bad n bundle of shell and
curiosities and tner could have chatted and
vliteduad real I and had u good time Hut
ther dniod not They hud not been Introduced
What s nn awful awful thing It tboy had spoken
and lied civlllrod and then one bad found
out that the other was only a hlted cirll
KllllBB N Inner
There were half 1 dozen of us at the railroad
station at Erin Tenn when an old man rod
up on a mule at a clashing gallop and cried
Some of you all lend me 1 gun or s pistol
right QulOk I
Naturally enough we Inquired what was tbe
trouble and ho bobbed around on his eaddl
and replied
I want to ki a anlggerwhobaslnsultedm
None of us had a firearm nud alter a few
minutes the man cooled down couslderablr
lbmn 1 asked him how the nlggor bad intuited
him and he replied o
I was comlu ulopg to town and I let a nig
ger whom 1 Knoweii Iarl
NlKsei JB kin ye lead me a dollar T
Cant lend 70 no dollar Mares George
he eplled
1 Why f save f
1IKnMI you dun owe me two dollars fur a
hull l rar Uaree Genrce
Think of I ttrnngei think of n nigger
dunning vvhlte man right In bold daillchtl
Think of bin refusing me H dollar u den ht h
kaow Im good fur ten thousand UUy sir
I otter ki hint Ilal had I otter ride rluht
back and choke him to death
I must make your blnod boll
Wool Bile Why sir Im on firel Ive
got t kill bloicnt to do 11 And br the war
I you could lend me half I dollar to bur now <
dir and buck shot I know where I kin borrow
a gun btek must realize bow necessary it
s to unf I b that ollllr rolZ 10w Cf
I let I him lan the money and be rode off
about 80 > feet bitched his mule nM l slid Do
a saloon and 41 little later wa could hour him
pgundlos ou a i able and shouting
Hraoreo fbatllcker 6am I If mr hound
n otl to kill that Dlr and Im eoln1 to do
Au IRpresele
ISwa Ravens MaI
eye dark uatntt Ike Me
net dteptM u i In steb a he
Ai slier painter 4ir4 and dfewt
1 ntrble ha that itule alone 1
Atx > v a wnos ef nallititrM none
Win trrir en steel avtrirBva
A hIllside e r4 with keltev v > Us
ThToatti ti > lone wait > t anlema runs
I r
Ai 1 purple u f vintage sutnei
And rot that while the hour na
Chow all the Jewell on br os
For pattlai of ttie tumratrtaai
A emesnt sell apse the sea
Bo calm and fair and rl1 > tree
Ton wonder sterms eaa ever let t
Ashore with deepIndented ba
And o er the gliimlng waterways
A cllups ot Island In the b t
At bronsefl dark lo rd and II4
ii Ith moantsln yu ihst sm to hold
The freshness of the world o clOt
A shepherds crook a seat of Ccitt
Agraslggfloek tlM of eases
And lone sweet illtnes this Is ureioet I
JUxmU acne
0 Jovt Blue letter Ihre
Whr artliioa still antpelt br net
1n tl pl b11
Borrow u doubts eta
r htmtetrit In thought like bar o prien
Bnt ret Joy never s
Lot 1 Thout Thy brie fro n reeord o
Btaj tuy 0 prithee stay
Hay bl rememberd any dar
Ana n then If tll bl
T Memory used IIIP
got still by that last long T
Awar whr will I VThyJ why wf
o raoel rayiterlont Three
To me
Cornel or you mIl eu nom b
la vain 1 vain I strive
To an n
Withy Joy onlr J or ten ftrel
TI Wolt
mm II bmtan Tutlt
ate comes she comes upon mr yearning S1h5
LIt rrundlr bticnn irjlnlni thro tb nIght
Wbatth ItbyhandaaniltcttM iarr > thr bead
lt W fl
And countenance silt be Airy tee
Mr ley at setlnir you li past control
Thou token of plenty u my l unit I
she comes to learn And mr marmon buSIest wUm or W
tioaporflth r
PaubUr of Erin skIttIsh aI thy ways
tqbe Ern t i
r rth n fmym lToalll > Tlt these d
Oh why procraillnaut Why why to slow t
Art waltlni for ih > ham and rn to trow t
At length sbs cornea State opon the enl
And beam upon me with a smile serene
Like ohampaiai eli popping enl IU oork
clpo Bbo shoots ont i
Oh fair on tho drlnklat man aL
I Cain son mild light bevsrace would i
Not only b invry aui I bat eihlrst i
And I ratiO drink nntll mv bile weald bu
oh for let water milk er Umonad
born cool drink brtni me o shoe lovely BMI
At last sb SCSI mr slnal and Up off
Shout 8 me
T a r1 t
Om oom tbG shy coy nslhsariny appeals
have i tome to the adr this rar tnal t pl
Is this small ration all I am t draw
U nit amlnt tooth forever at m gnaw t
You think rvhtd noajrhnot sonot t
AD little or a brd wants ron know I
UroBd hit wnir you only wouUI
She nswsni
Ole Besalei Cow
From CJU ttmeer rrat
To olebewle oow down In ds mareS
1001 e
Down In Is marsh where de sal wInOs a bio win t
Bbry no x a then whet d < staum dies away
Bttmi as U J hyard ole uowl I cow lowlo
So out by do cabIn do t itan on de sweep
6A tIM
An Ilitan in di win an dampnln w ddab
Ant Dear Oat hear 01 bOttle cow iln
An1 I low dat sb say com down in de meddan
Den down fro 0s manh land tramptn sloan
Down f ran ds gloom 1 de nl m rains a rallla
PJckln toy way rood whliperln rssda
co boss co boss eo boes a catitn rc
Den all ob a tnddtn 1 come to aitop
An dar was oi bottle cow so SIlOS an a k 11
An I coax upo S torliiate l an I Iud her by Os hont
A WIS titUs botii cow comas otirln cm bhla
A wee little bout corns bUena on bhln
Loves C
front uu IndianapoliS Jevnui
Love cam t me in life t late
Thai Tim bad cloC the outer gat
so ut it teemed the door was I rnd
Pelts shot aad nil th boone roach scatted
That owned ray habitation naY no oG r
or wiconi to the god benign
Ie Love with I bit power divine
Had com ao late
I seemed that nnn would ever com
la answer In his kneeL sheath Seine
t WMI iboathi tlrrfl rtscuii In my breast
Uneasy waked from Ill onf rest
Eo s rant were suoh fair i visitors that whoa
Ion came and oalted and i 10 a
1 was at Cst In vain for than
ltrmd to late
Po ebambar had my tool prepared
Against his coming non had dared
roretellhU advent ltdHy oi
More of a sweet nntiao a dream
lt re Sic soraminx west and clear rent oat
Waklug lb drows > > Illiled rout
Of lanoltk panlon sweet his about
Seined all too lau
Ko rleh feed had been epr ad for him
All the tacos chamber lights bnrnd il
far taw bad oem that ear looialn
A rwtlng p aee a m Cckle Fame
lIst ud bat lana lt m
fr hi yel approach the close bolts gales shot opened aside wide
Ail lbs brunt tool luSts named and loud
Kjinv ont the welcome at the orowd
My soul 1 s bat inlnatreley did wacum bl
BrIght grew my dimmest darkest d b
Fe alter all it did aol seem
Love came too late
Binu I I
The Auld UetU Mill
JVon rnillk
Oh gin ye come tee Dot farm tOGD
An dander nab tic bil
hI sic among the bracken brooa
The antS meal mItt
Then vIes the wlndln wlmplla b
A hoist bath rill
And loupln for It take a turn
Scan ocr auld mllL
Oh sit ye doun among the trees
List tee the Steele the trill
Cf birds cud ilf rln failln Itarta
II oar meal mllU
Or speed awa tee Fairy Knave
And spiel wl I flirt will
Wbaur moose grow aront lbs knove
dune oor meal muL
T ronldna ask a fairer sloht
ace pe cefn calm cud stilt
Or view a boost aa coolS an orient
Ac oor meal mitt rbt
The wheel gang naomi an round Ilk dar
Orlndln the grIst WI wilt
Ail poortltbt uoor fleer opens ftc
The auld meal mil
A 00
Tbe Wiling Choir
mm jtvtrti Journal
Half a bar half a bar
Half bar on ward I
lan a awful duoS
their and piaetnlor bitch
Into a mess of pitch
They lil tbe Old llnndrcd
Treblet rittit of Ibm
7eens to eli of them
bassa In front of hen
Bellowed and llntndtrtd
01 that preoentor look
When the eoarauo look
Their own time and tintS
train the Old llondrtil
Screeched all thus trebles here
ftogirled the tenors there
R hb
haloing Ut r hair I
Whll hit mind wandiredt
Thlr not 10 nOD why
This paalrn was rhebolO btl
Theirs bur to gup and cry
Uui the Old llundr
Treket to riih t of them
Tenors to ltd of Item t
IJatyee In front uf them
Hellawed aud thon4ered
Btovmd they with ehoat aid rsU
hot w h e mar raug nor well
Dr wnlng the niiont bell
While llh church woaa r4
Dire the prxtntnrt glare
r m tllrr
KUtlitl hupiiebfork In air
Bounding tin Ireib lls
slot she Hid I Hundred
Hwlfily be turned ate back
Heaohed lie his hat from rack
Then from the ecraamlnf pack
Uhineet be sundered
Tenon lo right of blm
TieMit to left of hIm
DUoorili bbl him
Bellowed and thundered
Ob Its wild howls mar wrought
Right to the end they ftughtt
Hume ions they sang bat act
list IIu 4 4t Uundrtd
Karo Haiti Maid
mm Uu cleat IJtroU
I aw her haatenlng oer th sward
That sklrw lit tba < ly Ian
Dlitrets looked item her ni lltealaf eyca
Her cheeks were dusbed bv pola
She epd wltb footsteps light and onltk
Abut the dewy way
And scattered plane wbtreer Sinless
IB dlup > ed liuureaj lar
r utlng ahe dew the wastes Stems
Mtr tl
Tua with hersiramtug hair
And boldly liuinrd hr rneue harms
host baosoasaad rant 1
Ur inalJea I tlr r i I eolllr tried
r filnihy grief would bow s
vhs Burrow Lice SIC ventl tetait
And 14 thy tas tu flow I It
Has fat to lh Wen moat anklad I
or Sonar trorel untrue i
Wny Ht ye time thy rmUe rot t
Tell n > Sir miLieudo
The mc el mates Mi uwt aatwer Y
4115 i4s1Nees bull
Im rOMlU fr in hot deriop
Vat Kit hIsS iMItK SU or
Nlr Uf inn 2Url I
A native dramatist and a foreign OB will b indict i
II new werkt at sliT theatres b week a noD
tlrueled playheus will mace Us start under new man
Memesti 1 h most popular or all the combination I
theatres at nedtrat prices will open Its tetton and the
best etlhettoek theatre wilt begin a preliminary I
taint with a w81d eontsdhan at us star Tbe week I
clearly maintain the latarest anb novelty the I
I wseasr i
b FIfth Arenas owned by lie Clleey estate and
BOW owl leaMd by Harry C Miner will open lIe doors
t > morrow night for lb Orel time under the Miner
taanartmtnt Money hat been freely spent In litre I
eonttrnotlon and redecoration aad an adranct tnipee j
Ion of the Interior reveals many nlrrlnl eorprlse J
Ivory and gold are Deed artistically 1 lefty anti
udy and soft grays prtdomltat In the coloring of the
vii e and etlllnga An enl new outfit ot chandeliers
and wall llghttt new slats mrywher as well as an
altered testing capacity arrangement for the old
and clumsy orch ttraclrrlliaadl > ar > 4 > Ioed
stag and broadened proeeenlnm arch In rich square
tram ntw and rich drop enruina and A nidhcsl at I 1
ration ot the balcony tides Thee are only a tow ot
1M and handiwork
results ot lb carpenters painters
The Fifth Avenue has become Indeed one of the hind
tomtst ot all b New Turk theatres Th policy ot tbs
laces will not he materially changed Man
ager Miner has arranged to present mo
t tbl leading stars and plan and In gn
era he will maintain b home according to
broadway MQulrementt Added Intersil I Inlttdedlca
lon I gained from the fact that a new play wll be pro
duced by Cora Tanner for whom I was pln wrIt
tn by Edward B Kllder 0 of tile younger ana I
bruShy Amertcen dramatIsts I Is I called One
anon and Its performance hers ought t proceed
smoothly btcant Miss Tanner and her company tried
I ont of town several Intel during the past week KM
dtr says that though he wrote One Error am a star
play ht has endeavored to bum other strong charac
lets 1 addition to that of JudltA ormt the young
ilrte mashed br Miss Tanner Her Ml I I emotional
ilghUn d or eomedr scenes The action of lbs story I
take place 1 Mo and PaL incidentally I the eras
of American girls for foreign tltlee It I treated In a hn <
mucous war tn the support art named clever player
like Minnie Dupret George J Edeton Harry Meredith
Harold RuasaU Ada Dwyer Myron Calico and Owen
Bdward Hotherne annnal season at tb Lyceum wilt
have a easeful and perhaps brilliant atari on Tuesdar
night when Jerome E Jeromes drama The llalster
of Woodbarrow will be acted for the but time on an
American slugs Originally acted In London this play
was for more than year the property of A M Palmer
nmwhom Manager Daniel trohman pnrcha < d II
Jrotns bad from the Slut expressed a detlro that young I
IIrl should enact the leading role which ts I a p
culiar type of a young Devonshire Id with lemnt ot
nnconthnts and yet of high uljrnltr and nobility of
character Tue story Is sientlally romantic Bothsrnt
company this saaaon n taint mot ot hit former support
and that I qnlTalnt to commending I for even U
cttnc The scenery haa t > een prepared from Days
moIL During Its summer reeets tao Lyceum can
been somewhat n D
el will b reopened on Sept 11 a manner to
make l ooeatlon really Important to the theatrical
DIr of the toD The boat I remain under
lb maaagtment of lroctor A Turner but the stage
entertainment b prorlded by Charles Frohman
whoe formation of stock company of th Drat mag
nitude has ba eagerly watohed by everybody who
reads the news of th draruatlo protesalon The play
to begin with It All b Confuria ot a Uouie an
AmsrleanlMd version by William Qlllett at a Herman
comedy This piece will probably prove so
b considerably farcical of about the order of The
Private Btcrecarr at adapted by Ullttlt and I
calouiated to make folks laugh without thinking It
ahould be well played Judging by lb tail which In
clsrdu Usury Miller J C Uncktton li X Kennedy
Ida TroD Vaud Adams T 11 Hunter Mercedes I
araL Maria Qretnweod Ian Robercton Lwls I
Dakar Mantle Uaslam and T C Valentine with others I
lees 1 known As All the Comfort ot a Home L to
last only a mOll or 0 before being displaced by cue
more substantial BetascoDe Mill drama tb names
given Indicate uncommonly aral organization by
Frobman for the winter season at Proctor
At b Broadway on Nov 10 Hrs Leslie Carter u
make her debut There has been no ostentation no
trick advertising no sensationalism in the liars prepa
rations Propriety and good taste have not been rio
alsO yet public Interest has not dwindled Itneedid
little stimulus and that baa been dltereetly aJmlula
level Her attitude may b thou dnned The fact that
a woman wbo hat held a high place In social leader
ship Is going upon the stag to earn her living In defi
ance of opposition and opprobrium natnrally com
mands attention That she Is waging an unequal con
test against powerful Influences moneyed and other
wile and only ask for fair play and no favor In what
e ler abe does appeals lo lb chivirj ot men The In
tentlty ot her love for her boy for bom
b It mel 1 these struggles appeals to the
hearts of women In her coming dramatic
tfUU Mrs Carter takes fair ground bhe only asks to
bo judged on her merits fhe seeks no Indulgence but
she asks to be coutldered without hostility or preju
dice llr preceptor David Relatoo hat thrown
himself Into the work of prepaatlon with rtre earnest
ness and real enthusiasm Mr Belatco evidently dose
not care to rereal all that he expects trim hit patti
1 will not predict what Mn Carter will do IsIs he
dlplomatlca but prefer to let the pablo Judge for
itself I have found her apt ant receptive with keen
comprehension and subtle sympathy You may be euro
that Mrt allot will feet what b attempts to depIct
Her Industry It marrellous Her win force Is I ex
ceptional I bare never loanS la a pupil such dote
mutation and earnestness She U I absolutely untiring
I find It difficult to hod her In check out raID
her from overtasking herself Mrs Caiters rne at
plratlonls lo conQutrlu thii conteic to to lull berttlt
with credit and command respect for what abs may
offer the public The character she ass its InThe
Ugly Duckling will severely lest her cajaclty Fhe
will hare almost the entire gamut of emotion 11 sound
Mrs Carte mlor R l U 1rlce It I quietly confident
oftheltsne He hat engaged an excellent company
one equal In am to any In the metropolis Arthur
Dar B J Henley W J Ferguson Mervyn Datlae Ian I
obertaan listen Bancroft Helen KutielL and Ida Yen i I
aon are 1 under contract lit Helaico and Mr 1rlce
say Toe Ugly Duckling ts I uch a play as would be I
elected for a powerful dolt company 1 has len
lb aim to make all the ohtractort strong and to Is
tribute be Inter st rathlonabl life In Mew I
York at lb prettnt time It depleted Nearly the
e tl action pause in Immediate vicinity of Gram
ercy Park The title arrests attention and provokes
discussion two things devoutly 10 tie wlthed In a bu
nets n lao Christian Andersens pretty fable
which moa children know by heart and most adults
hare quite forgotten suggested the central Idea of the t I I
pity re Carter if she junlrlrt the faith of her
teacher and her manager will find tb public Interested
and responSive Managers hare faith In her I
A envious method of making a stir and seemingly a
sensible one hat been employed with Anna lloyd 1 I
Three year 11 when hrtngellns was for a samoa
nnder the menagemect or W p Tllloison this actrais I J
sang and acted the par of GabrIel 10 well that site be
came the lecture of the timeworn opera tier nel
ability was especially suceeufuL Ttllotsons next en
grlrl was ZII Jar one of the mixtures of song
dance and fares commonly JetcrlbeJ ss fare cum
edict citiougli they possess no real comedy o I and
should be oa led rxtravasaniat In that mlerltlMim nt
Mlts I Boyd was starred a rile I which uaOe 1 her ilance
and he friskily Jetty as well at ting and In iso teuons
she mad a pub lo for herself In lbs principal clilea
playing engagements at the Slat BIJou and other
thsstres In hut city How her manager has prepared
Try carefully for a further and more Important xten I
slot of her effort Mitt Royd hat rrosrentJ rapidly
be says but not rashly She has proved her powers as
a songstress and comedienne and this tenon uhie will
sited a character hat strlona at times Intentely oasIs
dramaUc At she nlll alto be enabled to dine anti
slag I and lo be variously emutlnr the only experiment
Is In the turning of a sober aids totlie public 100 Hut
Isnt that a safe ml sure process of growing a IrII
b1 the right sort to begin with I The artressls
yoang handsome and amDitlous No doubt she will
be ctmnted In with the stsra of considerable
magnitude and her rotation Is I InterestIng A
peculiar fact about TlHoltons venture 1s I that the sap
porting company has two leading actors out for the
comedy eracnt and one for tb mslodrama The
former It I Daniel halt who starred In thot turbulent
farces by J J UoNa < ly Vacation and Ipidt
Down while the romantic hero U played by Julia
Marshall fur tbres seasons boIling I a sirall r place In
Joseph Jtfferlon and sane ShaUowt of a Oreat City
la two of lbs currant plays The Tale of a Coat and
Hsedrtk Hudson mud t nunn at JournalUm Ho
many satan are abject beggars In vain for favor from
Ihe newspapers end the press 1 so olto lompslltd tiy
duty to condtmn lh players that a retaliatory feeling
tsnatnral Tntssometlmestakts the form of ulan 11
rtpnstatatloB of a Joarnatltt not In this war of cents
tar even for that means an aiaggeration uf the
troth hut In some utterly Impotaibte drauatlu eric
1a The pram Is I quite complacent nnder the re
prltala anti ran wll aOord I obi yet IIIr nuit b
to every lurnilltl who wlineues the petorDan < at
Dalys or the Fourteenth Strict a mild eatUfacllon In
obaervlnf the utter failure of tbe run attempted In be
made out of hit proftislun In A Tate of a Cost a
reporter I I made tosnsak Into private boat take
notes of conversations orerbearl aid olberwit be
have is a lur not possible leon news gatherer la
leo thousand T aadltaces discern neither pulnl nor
fee la Ibis pnoeaga and ht 1 a positive damage 1
the pretperlr ot lbs comely In Uendrlk Hudson
the adhere strut at e mr tlraneel gral of Jour I
nalleiB and tut aiwud a eamlo 4ilr bat llb dour
of this tel w a a wllltts a vacaous that syso
Uieujb 1 sttcj I lb chief aoatiUa le las company
heeantset make the role latghabla Tier mar b
tad once la a long while inch a reporter o such
an editor bat ht It I Marc and avoidable oft the
siege wbll on It be is I an ImperUntno which U Ii I not
wisdom In anthor actor o manager to commit
Oils week from tomorrow realnr the UcCanll
opera company will give th first production In Eng
liih of The Serf Biahlans by the computer ef The
Beggar Student and The Black llnstar a Htm
merstelns Harlsra Opera Posse The recognition ac
corded this opera when It waa preduesd in I Herman last
winter hostile the axptctatlon ef a work poteettlng
brllllanl and graceful mutlaal nnmbtn The rlllnal
libretto Is I the work of Iwo Qermaa Semitism ring
wittman and J Bausr willis Ih English vertlenlt I
from th pen of Harrr B Smith the adapter of
Clever b ttorr ot the spars Is one nsw to mol
can Audiences It being a satire upon the preralllng
superstition of Germany three eentnrlei ago The
production will hav thadvantagot long and thorough
rehearsals the principals aud thorns now blec letter
perfect both music and dialogue The east will Include
the MIsuse Lilly rest Annie Myert Jostphtne Knapp
Jtul Corletv Mathilda Cottrellr and Motrs Chtnncey
Olonlt R F Cotton W F DliltJaH John R Murphy
Charles Turner J U Ftnner W F lUchitler Charles
J Jones and others
Areprodaetlonof ° The Prlvatc Secretary will sure
ly make a Jolly medium for the One a reopening
That wett Ie theatre hat alarm I loyal and aver In
crtttlng cllntaje It enterttlnmenU art th Veil of
lh large hIt that circulate among th eomklnatloa
houtM and Its faollltles and comforts are In tsetse ot
Ilioit ot many of Ihe more prtttntlons theatre That
I hat not had west Idl rivals is U Itttlf
tttllmonr g the strtngth of the Qrandt hold
lapse Itt patrons The vsrson of The Private Beers
tory to be presented tomorrow Is I lilllettet and Ills I
easily the funniest ot all tb English trtatmtnta ot
Per Blhllothekar The venture I one In which
Charlet Frohman and Gillette art interetted to that
b eIIN I to b thoroughly competent and well re
hearted Frederic Corbett this Kntllth actor who dIed
last week had been ngd 1 play the role hot a
good antsUlute hat been found Next week the Grand
will bay a new Ia In Bobby Oaylor who will appear
In An Irish rb which Is neTs Son long ago dis
covered a revised vertten ot Letter Wallack old play
The veteran Oylor won his spurt en the rio
t aa a Irish comedian
Jacobs nut ole an approved play this week In
Tbrarmasterbut there will b many new actor
In the cal for lb stirring drtma has pass I Into the
handset other managers Ilae Duncan Harrison Its
author and first Ia mad up his mind to travel with
Bnlllran tbe pugilist The Paymaster IsmodtUednpoa
lines that are conrentlonsl and I I nt a brilliant
drama at any time bat I contains episodes thrill
ing enough to win east side favor and If I be wU
acted I will delight Jaeohts poople who an not
finical Next weeks bill at Jab will show variety
trout < headed by b Neltons 1 I a strong and famil
iar combination
Eostsr A Blals 1 new comsrs this week ar the Herbert
brothers acrobats Lswlor and Thornton euettlsts
the Taint In their tableaux TITanIc and Bablon the
mimic Ot course Carmeuclta Is retained and the Mm
Angot travesty U alao bpi on To night a concert
Another familiar play that will probably gain a good
chars of east 14 ndoninent this week Is I Her
mint story of the FrancoProttlan war Involving
romance at well a martial Incident Its star Is ttlll
Wlllltm Rdmundan actor of the robust school but
he has this season a new leading lady In Beatrice Lelb
Mrs Thomas Barry having It would appear virtually
con Into rttlremtnL Rsdmund and his new company
hare bad the benefit ot a preparatory week at 1rorl
deuce and their performance at lb feoplea ought to
more smoothly Miss I Llb Is remembered 1 a careful
tnulllgtut and sometimes powerful actress of long I
perleno Hermlnle calls for good stage setting and
the promise It mad that this essential feature will not
b neglected nl Bottom of the fea a spectacle
adaptad from an old French piece ny Cortambert will
be a novelty a the Ieoplet next week I It one ot
several enterprises controlled ty Webster A brady
who state that It will bays new car and very
elaborate stag affects
Elliott Harriets story of love I and war The Blue and
the Cray an old Shook A Collier drama and a still
utefui property will b the Windsors new bill this
k I was first acted at bibles four or fire years
ago and It hie survived Its anthor who dld about
less Thouch It deals with menial and sontlmental
plo as do Shenaudoah and Held ey the
Enemy Barnes drama can multi claim precedent
In II leapt age Its new cast for this stasou Includes I
Lisle LegS a pretty girl and an ftnieit young
actreM W J Thompson a clerer character actor the I
veteran Mil llarlow who will play an aged negro
George and Ada Morton ex tun In MnsaUonal dramas
hellle MasVeil Lottie nilllams S L Bnader Edward
Clifford and others There It an opportunity for effec
tive scenery and mechanism For next week the
Windsor premises a novelty In a play called B tann
byJ Owen Moore The star will b Sea Otborne
mature aud one a conspIcuous actress
Amberes tlfrrtco operas make a constantly admira
ble entertaInment at Terrace Harden Last night
Offenbachs La Vie 1 Parlilenne was sung by BIrch
mann and the others at hem Amber company Nsw
York had not htarJ any form of thIs work slue the
BIJou production ot It as L Vie with Richard Mans
field as a leading figure In Its frivolity
Marl Tempest now has D capital fun maker to aid
her In The Red Iluwar lie Is I Richard Carroll who
recently left the CasIno In lofty Indignation twoaua b
didnt like a part that had been assigned to him Ue I
fortunate placing blmtelf ao readily and agreeably
There ls a great deal ot him In The Red Uuttsr but
he cannot rob Miss I Tempt of her laurels Th opera
Is I hers and ben are all the conquests The attendance
Is I very large I Undoubtedly there U b a lng stay
and a profitable one ot the Tempest troupe Jefferson
and Koretic will follow
A permanent good thing In this summers opsn air
shows Is the pyrotechnic flags ot Vera Crux at Man
hattan Heach Surely a wlsarde bail baa brought
about this gorgeous spectacle colon and fire
The engagement at the Academy of thananlonVol
terMartlnettl show U to taut six weeks Then there
will be a return of D nmen Thompson In The Old
Homestead which of course Is to bare some new
stave flxlnga though Its CMI will not differ Importantly
from hot of lat season Thompson and the Academy
managers agree that there I be no need of another
change donut the season for The Old Homestead
they think U I stIll a good a stayer u It ever WM
Tomorrow night Sol Emih Una ell begin the third
wetk oC his engagement at Dalys where his humorous
and pathetic impersonation of rntny naff the Jour 1
neyman tailor In The Tale of a Coat has thai far
beD cordially received Uanag Bergtr believe that
Kimell bat made one of the bat sucrose of bU pro
feiftonal career and bU reception ba been loch that
lie will continue the Tale of a Coat during all of bin
May at Dalys At IlunM U I to play In this city and rl S
clnlty for some time to come he bus taken a boot la
town and brought hit family on from the West The
return uf the Italy company In October will show tbetn
In anew comedy Hofielti tnf rtmcntl for sIt weeks
na Brommcl retain Ita Madison Square pro
oerlt itndltturtieiiby changes In the weather After
liii week Johnitone haunch will be out of the cast
and her rIle Aa ten will bo tuincd by Hells Lin
t r l an American acireta tony atatnt in London On
the creation of the UHb ptrformanct a souvenir will
bt Ulttrtbutcd and Beatrice Cameron will make her ap
pearncta Florence Vincent
Straoui looth nl btin America afford ajutlflable
eicuie for a change In the bill at the MadUon Square
Garden Amphitheatre tomorrow five s niingaoelf
tJn uumbtrluff 1U ruins will apptar In conjunction
with Mrauii orchestra tloglnr a new polka For
Lore of Her by ICtluard Btraais and the sailors
I charm from The Flying Dutchman by wagner
i Strains new waltt Americas Fair Women will
alto be played > fir the first tm rtrtups the most lu
poriant Hernia that an entirely ntw ls let The Birth
of Ins Waltr by Eduanl Btraut will be danced by
the 1100 young 1 idlet now en ajed at the flardtn The
tatilttu forming part of the ballet li by O De Grimm
I Waud Branieombe hat abandoned the statuepoilof
portion of her act la lbs Warltti vaudeville show anti
now ting and dances In the conventional moitoball
fablon One of the BUrnhltas baa no appeartd elate
t the opening night and these and other changes have
made a considerably < bttltr enttrtslumtnt at the Union
Square 7hu far Ibt aud dIces have been of good etc
Its company remain until Kept U and on the Win The
fvunt > Iati I atarii up again at the old aland with the
bold announcement that II will be there all the season
hel > Uurjers will lit ai welcome u ever lit will bay
a new Yavgt however
The Casinos Mine Angot Is a liberal shire In tic
towns comloupera patronage Camilla DArvllles
performance has Improved consIderably of late and
she Is again a notable Bgare to attract admiring acm
tttnt There It a hint that Poor Jonathan may b
the Casinos nest production tat Mnie Angel
seems likely to lest several months longer
Kajanka It a oontlnud sieotacl at Nlblos where
U hat tact with quilt at south favor as It gslned durlui
last 11100 ngaouieni at the tame house Its revival
will nut De prolonged howner for lbs tlruels fast ap
procbingfr tbt dramatic di lint of Pugilist Bulllvaa
In liuuetn Harrisons nsw play Ueuett Heart ant
Willlug Hands fcnlllrtnahandtgenerallyarewllllsg
II muss be confessed III audiences at Nlblos art aptt
show a commingling dlvcrtt elements and altogeth
er the venture In which be la tbe central Irate presents
some unIque and shameful aspeels the will not stay
long Ill town howvr A German Imported tromp at
d warfe who ar said lo be good comedians and stager
will follow at Mblo
Krwicli Wilson and Th Merry Moaareh bat tnt
ampbed at the Broadway II la doubtful ladeed It
that beaUS losS ever beta larger aadlsueei Utat the
opening west et a summer preAutllen than those
which fated Wilson and his tlng rs up te last night
Smoothness ant brlskitat are eootpleuons among The
Kerry Monarch merits The tngtgemtnt esonot
S prnlenged beyond lbs Urn rlgintlly plaited also to
there will doubtless be crowded hootts to the finish la
October Tb Agnes llantlngten opera company will
then open their tour ef America singing for the flrst
Urn la this country Robert Flanqnsttas ° Paul Jones
Pattera retumet Itt reign of vanIsh this week Frank
Both the Hebrew eomtdltni Isabel Ward hit wIfe I a
nnilcal ptrformert Lottie Gibson the sonbrettei
Burkes trained dogs and goats the Rrnmetta Oman
and Sane Crlmmlne and Doyle and other will appear
The great naval dIsplay In connection with there
moral et the remains ot Ctpt John lrloion to Pen
mark has attraelsd public attention to the life like
ngnr ot the famous Inventor which Is now nn view at
tie Bden Mnete The collection ot waxworks has hen
largely added to ot late anti no group attract more no
tics than that which deplete Kemmlers execution by
electricity The gypsy band ot Brdtlyl Maul Is of
course a standard magnet at the Eden
At lbs star the Ittt nights ot The Balloon are at
hand halIte Ituttell has succeeded fairly well In the
role at first ainraed by Georgia Drew Barrymor The
English fareloal niece must soon snake way for one of
the most popular of Us seasons successes and there
turn > ot a wll Lked comsdlan On Sept a W H Cran
will rppear at this thsslr In The Senator which
at will doubtless bs remembered tie was forced to with
draw In the spring when It was at Ih height of Itt pop
ularity This time h will have a virtually nnobttrncied
Held at the Star for his tngagement It already planned
Lo last Into the new year
A pruning knife with a keen edge exercised by heroic
hands has made ot iltndrlk Ilndton a much lIve
llerenlerulnment than that which was ptllently wit
netted br Far Templelons first night audience at she
Fourteenth Street Changes In the dialogues and in the
music have been made Jndlcloutly so that It Is now
possible le award praise without exaggerated kindness
Templeton herself has Imprortd lu her work and Edwin
Stevens his worthily shared In the applause and the
encores Dot the city stay of the burlesque end Ita
players Is to h brief for next week comes the biggest
of the numerous Cleveland minstrel troupes They are
to be han a entnight Blllr Emerson Uughy Dough
erty Kchoolcraft tagtn and the Cragg family ot sore
balsa th stars of this vsry expensive and generous
show The Cnggs In particular cr5 marvtlloutly clever
The Canuck will have had fortyeight perform
ances at tbt BIJou before It will start on a oar Sept
a lit late lbs attendance has ben quit good encour
aging licE Rankln and his manager to bp lust tb
tour will S rewarded by sects There It no
valid rton why they should be dlmppolnUd nankin
Eias travelled long and widely enough to gain a valuable
circle of admirers In the cities as welt as among the
onenight stands The CanaekMs a pleasing play
and the company Is entirely competent On Bept B the
BlJon will have a production of My Aunt Bridget
which altogsther new to Broadway though It has
been laughed at In nearly aU lbs east and west side
combination theatres At Tie Bex wit the first
to tell Monroe and nice the Joint stars In
this fare have settled the differences which
at one time brought them Into court as warring part
nets Their trouble grew ont nf domettlo Jan These
comedians are clever men who used to play In the
variety houses and they slanted very modestly with
My Aunt Bridget which the fertile Scott Marble
built for them In ont or two seasons they made a corn
fortabl fortune and It was not until they were In the
flush of their success that dIscord entned Their recon
ciliation Is a wise move The then will have a fort
night of Mr Aunt Bridges
Manager M Hilt mar have sad moments but the
world Is never the wiser The winds may come and Gus
winds mar go but Hill Is always up and smiling with a
race In which wear and car ar never suggested He
la always at his post and be Is aa cordial and a un
ruffled In a time of hardship as when lbs days sire long
and fall of prosperity It Is doubtful any manager
In tb whole theatrics list wilt attnrn bigger nets and
atde more cheerfully by a negative result No sooner
did tbeprd acl vaudeville show with a universal
title pro mompetntto rarolntlonlze American eus
torn than BIll p a Idly and wltfeaat any apologetic
ado turn the Standard Into a place ot darkntpa and
leaves the Egyptian wonders to win honors and fortune
In a narrower circle II has taken the Standard to his
heart for better or for wore and like a devotad lover
will brook no association threatening to the adored
This variety episode however was but a tort ot rrilude
to the regular dramatic season rtnnlng with Helen
Dauvray In Rotinfelde comedy The Whirlwind upon
which the calm manager sets gnat store for the future
aa well aa prvsent advantage of the theatre Miss
Dauvray certainly appears to have been under the
guiding charm ot some potent star In all her profes
sional career bat Ulll disclaims any faith In the prorl
deuce of IndivIdual lie says a sound head heart and
band In sympathy and well governed bat all thi
special stare In the firmament Mist Danvrara sueocts
In times past he credIts to a fund of common sense and
Industry the refinement of results which represents
art wilt follow in the wake of tbeas living trait
Theplay 1 th thing after alIlin says InTha
Whirlwind Miss Daavray has found the thing wanted
It Is a comedy at full ot life aa a gayest spring Ultlng a
story of our own day peopled with characters familiar
to New York business und eacUty bustling with at
tractlva incident and will be cast and set with that In
lelllgenc and pride which has alway characterized
Miss Danvrays productions Keep your eye on ths
Standard particularly thin fall
Knealaa New mud Flew
The Senatorial Committee on Sanitation Save framed
a law that every factory In Russia which Is eight Tents
dlttanttrom a city should maintain a hospital with
from ten to forty beds according to the number ot la
borers It employs It mutt ale have a drug stun and
keep a licensed druggist and a physician constantly on
tbe prentice A circuit physician appointed by th
Government must regnltrly pay visIts to such factory
hospitals and see to It that the drug stores be properly
flttet out and that the resident pharmacists and pbrsl
elans he on their respective posts The law will S
submitted to the approval of the Imperial Council early
In September
A certain Bahaytff of 8t Ptttrtborg has invented a
firs proof cement which It said to excel all hitherto
Invented In that line A company to rear fireproof
buildings with this cement baa been formed and some
fire insurance compantts have pledged themselvet to
Insure such buildings at a premium of no more than 10
percent or the rat charged on ordinary bulldlnga
Wood boxes filled with this cement between the boards
art laid to answer all the purposes of ordinary safes
A religious fight worthy of the early mlddlaages came
near taking place In the Government of Vlatka There
Is an image ot the Virgin Mary In the vIllage of Ikhty
which attracts a great many pilgrims and consequently
contributes a large Income to the parUh Hut the vil
lage of Maivlnoora claims the ownership of Gist Image
becaut It was tint revealed to a member uf their com
munity The quarrel on ibis subject between the two
illlsgeslaaud for tome time At last the peasants of
MatTlnoora obtained from the Government autborltlet
Judgment In their favor They repaired In procession
to Ikhta to trantport the Image to their parish church
All the members of the pariah about iCLO Ier
tone with the deny at their head formed the proces
sion lint the members of the hula pariah were deter
mined not to yield the sacred orjtct which bad been so
long In their poetesslon They locked theehurcli and as
ssmb d In the houses arouml ir reedy to give fight to
Hi people of the Matrlnoora A bloody encounter was
Imminent Luckily Hit Circuit Justice I rtiirirnlt wan
Informed of the Intention ot 115 Ikhta ptojlt He
overlook the Uatvmoora procession on the rind and
dlititaded them from entering the village promising to
restore to them the coveted Imsge at some other time
A F Voronln a rich landowner who died In Kiev
July A bequeathed his entire estate about BCXM acres
of good land to poor ptatsnts A eo ony of thor
oughbred Russians is to lii eitabllihed on list estate
and an agrloulturai school Is to ha maintained In the
piece for which purpose the generous testator willed
1001x10 roubles
In NarcMntk along the River Ooda and In the dis
trict of Oorulgh gold ores an being dlicoverod almost
every dty The liovernment Is taking steps to use up
Lbs promising rich yield attic plsc
rooisie y Arayof Tambov report the following inter
tiling ttoryi In the Streets of Kotlova there goes about
a mendicant who Is the very Imptrionttlon ot ruined
wealth Hell a rigged half naktd elderly man tteeped
In dirt and bent whit age and privation He gains a
livelihood by what the common Russlau calls per
forming feats for the ainuieruent of the uncultured
These eats consist In swallowing lire worms or files
walking on all fours with his fact turned upward
bopping about In a circle and tinging popular dimes
For all this h gets small coins from thus bysiandtrs
And this wreck ot a man was a millionaire once upon
a lime Ileli a native of Moscow where aboutorty
years ago hi Inherited from bis father a large factory
esvoral bouts and over lnOiuuu notIce In ready
money But br tone lelsiltudet bt lent all hit poitt
elite and became a bjgar H list till very rich rela
tives In Moscow bat they will da nothing for him II
at tints thinks ot his sllen greatcws and it Is Mow he
hat nanagsd ta waits his Immense fur tun Hut on
such occasions uo Is extremely valhstle even lo Ihe
vulgar who atMrubl to Me nit feels
On Oct ii a great exhibition ot the products of
the Runlin province of centrsl Asia will be opened In
Ike historical museum of Moscow The object ot lbs
extlUUen will b lo acquaint the people with she
wealth of these province and wl > tie canner of liv
ing there The eililUiioa will contain not oniy sample
of cotton silk eni I sgntultiiral iroaucts but situ saul
list et be Implcuiitt lint are vied In the tsnlral
Asiatic regions for IhtpuiKlto tariuuslnilisirlet and
models tt basest public lirci gtrJen tenets and all
that which may cenver a gooJ knowltato at the lit
and ladastrr of that seneca Ont pnparatlons are
U 1 proves w oaks tht ubltaulca u Vsilstt as possible
pU1r8uorH nr iivi coftngsPoNbT
I I bad an argument with an stencils Mm Chit
the ralllenntam anl qantea Isaiah xl t HN lbs S
alto shall dwell with the iamb l ana the ItorYrd slIt
lit down Wills tie till and the calf anti its
lion and the tailing tonthen ail a liiu JM
snail lead them And Gus cow and the nr > hR
feed and the llcn ect straw lube thVi
Aol Its inbtar fihilil hll play rm Ih iota ° r lbs
sill ait the weansut chill eheil psI his hini ill
toekalrhesdsn To mc intensesnihripe he esta ue
Ills was sineloglcal Jergnn neterring to the lime
when the vernal colors shoed enlat she conee hItuO
Aqsatiti When tIle sun etf ISiS waterman woi o
eunylheTioly niece tt domlnns or lealernf lb von
siellatlen that she different terms teed were from the
indlact nt different na lint The wolf It the
term for January wolf mrtneth and meant Aqatr ja
whiteS take the plate furmirtv held by the Ham the
leopard It fleorpto and was nte < 1 br the Habyloniint as
it faced Orion which Was Mmrod translate I IH I mi
lute tome Information nn this ttibjeei If it Ittn cc u
places the iropoectee in a new light 2 Tbtn lss the
vernal color trOt enter conttsllatlnn Aqimtui
Tents citiin
t We cant give yon the Information yea want ti5
think your friend molt tie a Germen student Flake
spear uroporarlly attentive to Isaiah ht rltiili M
much In tht prophecies of the Hebrew We don t agree
with your friend In the lent Isalsh Is prophetrlni a
reign of peat on mIrth to which vn the moet wsrik
have always looked forward Whai are more nmnral
than his II nitrations ot Ibe abaolnteneit cf that pesrtl
The wolf and the lamb a child Uadlnir the lion and the
calf i the cow and the bear feeding together AtonMing
to yenr friend Isaiah filled his prophecy of peso ills
lot of Btufl taken from Ihe talons B O TM and the
Babylonians Ao Your frlsod credits Isaiah with
most marvellous forstlghtai to the Saxons and fiDiltBi
earLier origin for astrology than Itobert flnJd 2 We
dont know
Can von publltb the names of places cOncord to n
cern sines Im with the number of Inhabitant etch
place had In that year I II > r K
It might be > easier to lay what Chicano httn an
nexeil The annexation fever didnt strike Chlcatv an
Ill 1681 when Hyde rark IS7I9I Lake iIhda and
Lake View tRIl and part of Jefferson and Icero
were aunexefl fancy flcero In Chlesgol Since then
other towns have been gathered In we believes bit
were not certain With these three and two parts to
carry Chicago clty llmltB1 eovsrahoal 100 square
When and wher was Queen Victoria born I Who weg
her father r J A K
tIe was born at Windsor near London May 31 I810
her father Was Edward links of Kent fourth son of
riorgelll She succeeded to the throne because of the
death without legitimate children of liar unoee alder
brothers her father
How many times did Mayor Grant mn f or oraee S
ore he wan chosen Mayor POLITICS
Mr Orant was twlcs elected Alderman In leill sad
ima In ISM he ran for Mayor and was defeated br
Mr Grac In lthe was lscid SherIff sitS in Ihiti
was elected Mayor of III city
Why Is Francis Bacon celled so often Void Bacon1
and why Is It wrong so to can him J b W
It Is wrong to call him so became he never was Lord
Paean At first hs was FrancIs Bacon than he wai
knlgbud and became Sir Francis Bacon later he be
came 1arcn ot Vtrulaui and sill liter Viscount Bt
Alb to > Ko yon can set why It Is wrong to call hint
Lord Bacon As for the reason ot his being called
so W5 presume that the custom originated In lien
range Intt aa we are sure that It Is perpetuated througU
Mcktird iieecoset Th conditions for admittance
to the New Jeney bar can be learned from the Clerk ot
hhie court that admits to the ban they are not the tame
as those In this State i Recent hooks on conveyance
Ing are Joness Forms 1SAD Martlndale 186UI and Oil
verlbB a Yon can get New Jersey statutes from of
throngh Frederick I > Linn law bookseller Jersey city
Who Is the anther ot a book called The Original Mr
Jacobs A I B
A French humorist named Drumont his book was
transaitd without credit It we remember by a Greek
profundity named Tlmayonla
Sihatis the meanng of the words bold relief used
In describing statuary II JOBITBOK
Carvings on a slab of stone wood Ivory Aex whloU
stand ont almost entirely from the material tn which
they an cut or against which they lie The ptnelton
Ike sides ot the Worth monument an In bold relief
When an Italian stays her long enough to U natu
ralized and thu returns to Italy can they keep blot
therof VA
Tea If they want ta Italy bee a right to say to Ite
Bubjects Ten cant cease to be mr subjects unlit
you v done a certain thing and If they obtain cit
lieushlp lu Oils country under our laws ran legally and
properr refuse to recognlie that cltlunshlp OB their
return to her jurisdiction Ot courts If the Italian
Government ehouid arrest an American citizen It
would be proper for our Government to ask Ike reason
ot such a proceeding bat our Government would bare
no ground for objecting It the Italian Government
ahood show that Ih arrest was for the purpose ol
making thai socalled American CiItaeu perform torn
act as military duty which the SaUce Oortromtnt
aid mutt b done hfor he was entitled to renenno
bit allegiance to her
Is It proper under any elreumstanae to say 1 feel
badly I j Canto
Yet Ir yon really do feel badly that Is It your sense
nf touch Is not In a good condition Cnder other cir
cumstances yon should say 1 eel bad
L The word Dngrainiaatlcal dot not appear In
Wtbtter Unabrl3L4 Dictionary althongh It does In
Morcettera Is Ibis an orulttlou from tie loriner otf
in there any doubt of the correctness of th word C 3
Mho do you consider WA lbs greatest General Lee
iraut Stonewall Jarkton I a What religion do 4
Bllmarck profess to believe r Tatsoo
L Wepre > nmlt was an omission Ungracious
appears In Webster and there would seem to be no tea
eon why Dngrammatlcal thonld not also appear tt
la tn all the other dictionaries X Probably Let Lte
Sherman and McClellan are ranked among the treat
modern Generals by European masters et this art coi
war B its ls a Lutheran
t have heard of the Morgan ease la Tree Masonry win
you tall we something about tt l M L Uaixas
VTUllam Morgan won a Virginian a soldier and by
trsd a brewer who belonged to the Masonlo crIes
Early In tEll It was announced thai be Intended pub
Uiha hook giving away the secrets of the Tint
Msions and soon afterward he disappeared Non
MatoDs became excIted and a Commute ot Tlglianc
and Safety traced him westward from Batavla N T
to Fort Niagara there all trace was lost A body w 4
produced laid to be bit which had betn found tn the
Magara River ancut was acid that he had been ex
eeutel by 11 atom by drowning Bvtral of hit alleges
abductors were tried but none was ever convicted ol
murder Morgan wm said to bare been seen alive In
Smyrna Acts Minor An autlMatonio party arose
which lasted frvm lt28 to Ic3i It was strongest In Ver
mont Thurlow Weed said that the body produced waS
a good enough Morgau until alter eleotlomand ISIS
prorrrb allll exists the only arrival of a cass thai
caused Intense excitement throughout the Union
Who composed the oommltleteot lie lions and tb
Senate that drafted the bill la 1873 that demonetized
silver A B
The FInance Committee of the Banal tn th Forty
second Congress was Shermin Chairman Merrill ot
Vermont Ktniun Scott Ants Wright and Uayard
I The Committee on Banking and Currency of the Houte
t was Samnl Hooper Chairman Henry Waldron
Worthington C Smith C B Farwall James Monroe
Clinton L Merriam Samuel B Cox Eamual J Randall
and Peter M Doe
What are the four words In English that end la 1
scion J LS
the Century Dictionary glrest Coercion tplnsclon
Inttrueclon and suspicion Scion mar pass ixr
What li meant by watering the stock of a eorpe
ration r Usa V
The Increase of the capltsl itock of a company on
which dividends have to be paid without Increatlaf
proportionately the earning capacity of the company
Thai It Is said that whenever the Western Cuba Tele
graph Company absorbed a rlril II would Ineniti It
o n stock by twice the amount necessary to buy up
that ne al to that now Its capital sleek amounts to np
wart of ijxxoouWJO ot which touOCMcAX watsr The
New York Central stock is also laid u be about halt
C 0 ILA courts for rowing ts laid out br statute
CnuU OrnUn TUB Nsw Teas Sat was first pub
butted on sept a IBli
M O Engagement cards are not customary and
ws dont consider them as a happy Idea
i f doltThe MadIson Squire Garden Amphitheatre
seats 80OJ tho Auditorium In Chic igo dItcH persons
17 Rtrjolmlot Is practically Inttantaneoat In Its
40ertun milinalsi ore eighth vt a grain hatkilel a
diy In half a minute
A rjrkt Tle fiscal year tiozlneon Jnly I Very few
tppor alien huh Mate yet bcnuae law and we IOuS
think thai you can gel any munty for some lime
J X Itrvuton Frogs here teeth on their awe and on
their palates The 4iscniedis AuluralUl It a monthly
published In Phlladslpbla we do not find uuy Aaiural
tit periodical
J A troJCcapotenit did not surrender it Waterlni
lie surrendered tn apt Xaiilindor tin Iri itlubip
I leropnon I on July IN ibiS The halt S Of Utrrloo
waslouiiluJuns la ISIS
< fl JiliOirThe nlnternth cnlary elI terminate
at the list stroke of midnight ul ihe ittn < i > rd r ntt
a the IMti degree ot lingltude east or 5551 of Urtta
wIth OB the bUbt of Uectmbir 31 IA > 1
C J Oouc Llpplncotl s Pronouncing Oaietleerot
the World is I des 0151 to many thor Ih nji titan the
pronunciation of geoirahlcal nato i let It tbuull
help you lteeenhtieivss In prIce uf I Ij
j C e fnl UatiiU Ldltuti Sends up no t t rls
slcual at alIbi Tt Ie br gHt star U U weu Is be
planet lets That jilanel 595 lice i > tt 7C 00
when a lot of ptrsens bet U was a star and lost uvuef

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