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Be MKMW the Netrnidt4trlka Two VAt
KtOO Feet n < l wMlltl he Ur Mk No
UAH neid VII llndouhledlr floqmr
The embtico which crowded the Acad
emy of Music lusi I I evening loses tb first en
tertalnmunt In America by the HaulonVol
terMnrtlnetto rnmpnnr was hooted br
oinethldgwhloh everybody who witnesse a
trapeze lent dreads and expects A gymnast
fell whlli < performing on a dangling bar away
up toward the colin of the auditorium and
the night wns nulio ni nxclllLg to look at as It
can possibly bu to read about
t Tho slow had bugun at 8 oclock and It lasted
until U15 I bad Iou l > extremely successful
in ainuning end locliblng the spectators
Extravagant loo > ery and dlflleult ncroballo
doings hnd followed ino i another with uncom
mon rapidity and 10 Musical clowns and
grotesque dancers had raised roars of laugh
ter Mon had po ed and tumbled cud n group
ot women bad bean greatlr applauded appear
ing In contortion and po turlngs alter the
C irmnuor of the wen of circus line All these
pontons wero newlv Imported foreigners and
their accomplishments had boon all tho more
diverting Yorkeis because they were now to Now
ft The seventh ihiuic on the programme was
thus desi riled In the printed bill Messrc
Blob HarrN take groat pleasur in present
infflo their friends the American pablo the
worldfamud Kvmn sti the HnnlonVoltor
troupeHobert llllam and James 1 was
one of theo mau who fell Into the parquet
among the laople whoae faces were upturned
with expressions 01 wonder at the daring and
skill wblen the trio were exhibiting The whole
ruth wits not told in the bill concernlna
them In London end Ta > Is the Hanlon Volt
era bad consisted of thiee Hanlons and two
Votters Only the llanloni hud come to Amer
ica Nor were the uenulne Hanlnn They I
had taken a name nlroadr mado famous nearly
a quarter of a century before by a troupe of
trapezn ilaredevlls two of whom met death by
falls and they had Imitated and equalled their
i predecessors In Intrepid doings on high
trapezes I Is said hat they hau bought per
mission of the sunlvlng Hanlons to use the
vaJuablej flnnlon name
TaUbll the limo came for their d hut last
evenlni the onapely niusanlar fellows In
lleshcoloied shirts and tights nnd velvet
breetlilnCH rtrodo out on Ibo big s age and
bOle umlilDgly to the aasvmblsge They
glanced no nt tho apnaratnn upon which they
were to rlk tbemsalvm and then lowered
thelretes contemtuouely nt the net which by
leanl compiililoi had neo si < reail under
Denib Tnuy plainly desired to indicate their
wllliDgnefS to do without that safeguard
hw xork ITT I would allow them to With I
in five minutes the truth was proven
that Q uei was needed and that the
not provided was not an InKuranc
against catastrophe An though to save some
0 the peril wblih tbe statute seeks to abolish I i
the netting had been made so narrow tbut It
did nut extend much beyond the borders 01 the I
centre aisle 1 ha i been dellly run out from
the lower gallery by mean of ropes audpul I
leys until it reached to the stage pr a height t
of about Hlteen loot Daunting Irom tiN coil I
ing of the auditorium which lit I elcbtytbree
feat above the par < iuet Door were throe
trapezes at regular In erva a between two
Email platform The contra trapeze was six
tyUve feet In the aIr I
The achievements of these Danlona consist
of qultml ono owlnJIDI trnpze and vatchlne
another with intermediate someisatilts and
ouch variations nx eolilnir one another bv the
hands The height and the distances at the
I Aondemy were great however a d from the
mluute that the three men mounted to their
lurches In readiness to begin the spectators
were rapt and eager A low persona iiultted
their sear under the netting not BO much in
fear so It looked as for the purpose of
going to lurther parts of the house where bet
ter views could be obtained Three Qlghis I
were mnde without niUnap and with so
much rapidity grace and iorenlty that
the arplHUM was tumultuous Then the
men sot ready lor a lourth exploit and
t ware slower and more careful in their
preparation Evidently this wa to have beeu I
especially difficult or fhowy lloi art lan n
hung br bis legs bead downward from the
trapeze at tbe ntnge end of the bouae James
Hanion stood on tha elevated platform at the
opposite extremity nf the apparatus I
The youngest of the two William grasped
i the central and highest trapeze wlib bisha ds
and swuntt with It The jolt and weight
broke the wire rone at tie southern end f the
bar Hnd the mans body went downward very
rapidly 01 ooure yet Its course could he
wntched without dinionlty br those who did
not Insiinoiivnly avert their eyes I vas at
tbe Instant ol the wile breakage that the a
flosses were horrified There wan the
net and many of them had seen per
e formeis fall Into one unhurt accidentally
or purposely The tailing tuna may
have felt no fright He made no outcry
nor did the people while be body waa amp I
ping The orchestra was playing llveli Irop
and It dM not stop I be mans fnrm straight
rued out aa though hewa oalculitlng to strlka I
the net outspread i his devrlptlon of hU tail
I ot course Inr larger than the momentary
occurrence but bow I who saw It will len i I I I
ber Its every aspect oa long as they Ihe The I
nopalllm phase of It was ranched when the I i
flcure missed the edge of the netting struck
a guy rope and crushed In among the people i
about hut war back In Ibe parquet and four
seats tit the south of the middle able Be hit
two chairs numbered t In rows N and O and I
ewnpheM their baoLs ami aeata to the floor
Thapoiseol the Ir kalf WHS unmixed with
any other sounds save that of the music which
Instantly cease i and a dead ellenm enjued
perhaps turn more than a second yet maklnt I
vatlino ponno Then contusion bloke out
I Old not Deo eel 0 though any mher tongue
than tie fallen mans was silent unless It bt I
longed to one of the numerous women who
fainted Eveiyboly btod ui > Home started
toward the d ors a though the por fellow I
m waa a object to escape from and many
whitelaced women snuggled out Into the
open air to eavu themseies from collapse
Oloe around him the peoiilo were distracted
hot a minute iy so because they bad been
t themselvr ndnniereil IIIIsm leering
tbDlelvr tn lnlerel llom
had vatatd obairM In row t at thiS beamnlnn I
of the trapeze performance hut Mrs Oill sat
In number 6 rne was unhurt A woman
t epiangoutof chair 8 in row N when she saw
llanlou all I and she not only noaoed all harD
but made assurance doubly cure by running
from the theatre Mrs A L Pnrkes rlnnlnl
hit by the aeiobnt1 elt but not hurt That
somebody was not struck squarely and injuri
ously ia a Jot 1 was the ociobatoiny
who was harmed
Poor Uanlon lay unconscious In the wreck of
the two chair Blood was flowing from his
head and spattering the floor Two policemen
nl plcemen
and several uehets forced their way to him
ana ratified him up the aisle through the
lobby and Into be womvns dressing roum
There hi Uv on the floor surrounded by ai
i tneny persons A could by rleht ur audnclty
cat into time apartment He was declared
dead by excited observers but a physician
pronounced him decidedly alive end he soon
iroved I opening hlf eyea and asking for
his brothers An ambulance conveyed him to
I f the Mew York lloipltal where an examination
it showed that no bona were broken urlnaton
rm hurts were a terrible scalp wound and a con
Ii tused leg
t In the auditorium the hubbub lasted until
u Manager 11 arrln came lorvrard to the fi lOtllghtn
i and sold that William i Unnlon was not more
tally Injuted The people thereupon
taly ap
lhe Iopla Ibeeupon
plauded He added that hobart and Jamea
who bud In the mean lime climbed down to
lme olmbd
I theaiaeo were readyto soon with their shares
of inn enteriafnmnt Cries of tholrharef
and a few bJubea greeted that proposition
Whey J9fuv Com from All Part of the
I 1Ve > rld to Ce aeutt tel Won Whtc
The first International convention of in
J tractors ol da mutes ever held In the United
Btates was opened yesterday In the chapel of
the New York Deaf and Dumb Asylum nt Port
Washington The grounds wore decorated
with fines or all nations though the American
flan on the main stair I nt half want In
honor of John Ericsson
The Convention was called to order at 8
w oclock by Dr E M G Qallaudet President of
f j the National Doaf Mum College and the open
lug speech wan made by JUr J L 1eel The
following permanent officers ware than elected
VY Williamson of California JrelJn J
Scott Ullon or ova holll J W 1 Ililanme of
i Clnectcut t 1 ull ui IllutiCitIt U Ilamo
I al 1 l
fr burger 01 hew ork alice IN ann Burton of
I i 11111 J 1 lobyp 01 Mistos ppi IL But
s Jlreijorof Ohio and li I t Hrapr ofVahlng
f i York ton Yj teeratarr eIreldont hind E1 Currier of New
I There were jltl members present and about
every clilllred nation U represented ant abut
t I Today religious ervlcl8 will bo held In the
L chapel anti on Monday the regular business
J roc8edlng will U resumed the convention
a wll liwt tIre or four day and iuor du agateS
i Stout steamers abroad are expected by incoming I
i JfortuKn < > AtiHck ca Ibe BrllUli
If CAWS Tony AUK SiAdvices bate been re I
ceived her lo the effect that the Portuguese
repeaieiiir flrd upon the British xrdltl
finder Thomson UPI It was proo edlne slung <
ibt Britfiu side ol to Zambesi WYt aD j
iw w
Committee ronnlHeiUs VTny to H ear
Whl uprsmey
Jicinox Aug 2LThe committees of the
Constitutional Convention have accomplished
a good deal today The subcommittee on
apportionment o which genntor George Is
Chairman has made a complete apportionment
of the Btate which It thinks will give the white
counties control of affairs Tho plan wilt bt
reported to the full committees on Monday
The SubComraltlea on Franchise will report
I j a plan to the full committee embodying the
i Australian system longer residence than lit
now required the exhibition of poll ta receipt
and disqualifying for crime J Is possible that
I 1 will also report a property qualification The
lull committee will probablr make material
I charmes In this also 10 1 ore reporting I to me
Convention I li I not expected now that the
Iranohlse Committee oun report to the Con
tention hooro the middle ol next week
t to wells Iiiin Ile bestow suflrnge on all wt
I men who own or 1 am husbands own prop
rty umountlne tousn Is still prominently
dlvcuiiseil nnil in the absence of anything bettor
tor continues to win recruits The convon
> lon IK largely opposed 10 omAn sutlnge In
ItKelf hut Is wllllnu It Is I believed to accept It
in this firm wllnl1 I I lie proved that 1 I mild
I Joouta white aseendnnoy at the polls Its ad
100110 VORt8 nort that It would Increase the white
i ote it least 35Uh lor nearly all the voter un
d r I would lie w lie and that coupled with
tile A sirullnn system and other eaegunrds
110 aalRn Rh the whiles control loryears to
come aK long or lo ger than nor Plan proposed
posed Fenell say that when he Irst Intro
duced tne tIM ho did not think It would have
a doren snpporlets but now ho believes a ma
Jorliy of thu convention favors I
I j Advocates of nn elective judlolnry continue
I to hold eoiet cauousfs They ate not believed
i to be strong enough to let the measure ndopt
U ad altbongn enoli are voty much in earnest
Nearly I the Alliance members favor the clan
awl some 01 tho lawyers
I Home kind of I compromise mar b adopted
raklul the Judges elccllvw In the white coun
ties and appointive In the black and nt Ibo
PHUIH time secure soma ellectlve restriction on
thn eulTiage question
There are su many conflicting elements In
tlio Convention that to aocuie any substantial
benefits compromises will have lobe made all
a ong the line Chairman Patty says the
JrBo onl his Committee is rrtvcoedlng very bar
inonlouslr so far and ho relieve will continue
BO to the end The inn howenr will bouln
I when the committee guts before the Conven
tion with Its report
sooo cnifftisi
Mr Monrrjr Wilt Try to Gt Them to
Work OB m AIxleu RaIlroad
SAN FBANCISCO tug 28The steamer City
ot Peklu sailed for China and Japan this after
noon Among the passenger wu Lyman J
Mowrey a lawyer whose mission to the Orient
is to eecure Chinese labor lor Mexico Mr
Mowrey returned from Mexico a short time
ago where he perfected plans for delivering
Chinese into Mexico Ills contract cells tor
8000 Chinese
Laboiers are wanted for the construction of
the railroad across the Icthmnh ot Tehuanto
pee Tbe railroad is to be built by English
capital The work ls to be done by Mexican
contractors Mr Mcwrey has contracted to
supply laborer at so much a hnad He and
tb se tahtnd him are to lodge and board the
Chinese II
If i am successful In ltlnA men ° said
Mr Mowmy thIs afternoon I will be wealthy
man To give you an Idea what the work
means l will toll rOil that for carrying 6000
men from China to Mexico the transportation I
at present rn us would lone amount to stHO
COO U e will also ba obliged to carry n large
cargo of rice for the Chinese while they are
In Mexico Wo will be obliged to keep
them there three months and In that
time lOou Chinamen will consume 4UOO
sacks of rice W e expect to cat Chinese om
the interior I have n Chinese merchunt with
me and I do not apprehend any trouble in
getting the men It e will land them ai Sallna
in the Gulf 01 Tetiunnlepeo 1 e have nol yet
made any arrangements lor the transporta
tion We may arrange with the mall line to
secure steamers in China
Jho lailroud will stan the Isthmus from
the Atlantic In he Paoiilc and will save at
least 23UO miles of travel by sea We have
o ntraaied to supply laborers and Keep them
In provisions and clothing until the road Is
built I have land on line of the railroad and it
Bueoeiuvlul in my contract will retlie from tho
r ctlce of law and give my attention to the de
velopment ot the land Itiroilucvs the finest
BULar and coflee In the world I nnd In addition
sIxty varieties of wood grow there including
roHpvvoml mahogany und lignum vitro Rub
ber la uleo plentiful I
Tbe Exploit ofa YoiiDicsler 1 earae
m Navigator uml Runaway
An expert liar Is 9yearold RIchard Wotzel
He IB also something oi n rover Ills rual name
Is Richard Rupp but since the death of his
parents lie has lived with bit mothora sister
Mrs A Wetzel at 810 West Thlit > seventh II
II developed a desire to visit the ships
at the wharves along the North ulcer About
tour weeks ago ho was sent on an errand and
was gone all day He was not punished for
that llllle runaway trio and soon tried it i
again Tho third time be wan gone four days i
and was finally euught at the Iwtm ythlrd
street stables Last Tuesday he started out
on his lourih venture Thuisdat m > rnlng the
watchman on lilack Tom ticked m him up in II
cutboHt In which tile young romancer said ha
had been adrift all tight ill said that bu lived
with his father nt New Brighton island
and had permission 10 use the boat tu go to
how tory llo could not reach New York and
was compelled to get to Ulack Tom Ho was
turned over to the Jersey City authorities who
sent him to Stolen Island Tho btaten Island
autborl ire dlscoveied bis real address and i
Irlasy afternoun ootliled Mr Wetzel I
Mr Wetzel who had lIen hunting blab and 1
low for the younger wont to New Brighton
and took him in ohxrge the started home
that night and succeeded In netting him as
far aa mba doorstep when by a sudden jeric
ha succeeded In escaping and disappeared
Mrs tUirzl acid lust nlubt that the boy must i
have stolen the catboat In which be was found
Thursday miming but that he never stole
anything before When she sets the boy back
next time Mrs Wetiel will take care that he
does not net nay again I
The World Fair DIrector Bothered Out
Of Their Wit
CniOAOcsAuK 25To the surprise of tbe
publto the Worlds Fair directors today made j i
another request to the South Park Commis I
eioners for the use ot Washington Park as a I
Worlds Fair silo Tile Park Commissioners
have already once refuted to give this parkas
a site but at a secret meeting toiluy li eel l
dent Gage made a strong plea to urge them to
recede from their position The Commission
ers however stoutly refused to permit tbe Im
proved portions of any of the parks to be used
as a Worlds Fair site and directory U
once mme In a quandary for a site
In the eutreatlen for the Washington Park
site Director JolTory quoted from Mr Ulmetedn
report where II ella that Juk on Pays could
not be put In readiness In lime for the oould
also produced dguies to show that It cost the
Centennial company tJJ3UCK 10 adorn 2DO
seres of land at Philadelphia and as Jackson
Park IB not In OH good condition as 1nlrmount
Park being a swamp tie could only believe
that the cost would be somewhere In the mil
The 1mldenl Enjoy an Tzcuralou
OAFI MAY N J Aug 93The President and
party enjoyed an excursion to Wlldwood N J
a resort near this place today They re
mained about four hours and returned to the
Cape May cottage this alteruoon In the party
wore rresldent nnd Mrs Harrison Mr and
his itiissell Harrison Mr had airs McKee
Gen and Mrs U J howell Mr soul Mr W V
JlcKeMi II K Jamison of ILlladelphla and
exGov George A Crawford of Kausaa
Necrot In Iov with Oklakoma
Iuiu Miss Aug 23 Among the Ignorant
colors people lu this nelgbborhi there lea
great desire to em grate to Oklahoma Yes
terday about BOO negroes met alibis place to
consider the plan of emigrating In a body 10 the
country A committee wut Appointed togoout
thee and report ihe prospect of that CoUntry
Ihe committee will start about Sept 1
I > r TNluaBri Hoa Talk to the Farmer
POMLAND Pa Aug aa Frank Be Witt Tal
mage the son of Dr TulmaKe addressed the
farmers of Northampton at their county fair at
Kazaratb near Easton Pa today Heapok I
cm the race truck befoie the grand land and
held the attenilon f an audience of over 3 < > UO
people 101 mole man an hour lie was inra
uced by the oldest resident minister
Numoil for Conureee
The liimocrtti of the Klfih XMululppl duluth on
tilt tbUUeth ballot nominated J It Otaaa tor Coa i
hits Peinocratlo Cenvealleaal raleillna Texas en
Friday night on lime ati tajfot aosUnaua Juts tt i i
Mia for Coaxrata I
The Tnchl Bhrleki for Al ed I Carried
O Tto fjhaitl Water br Frlendlr TugsAc
Accldeit that Marred thnNnTiil Dteplnr
Yesterdays brilliant assemblage ot naval
I pleasure and merchant craft In the harbor
I was not without 11 disaster The official cart
I of the celebration conducted br the naval
forces was completed without any accident or
even unpleasant Incident but the treasure
fleet did not escape so easily The steam
yacht Meteor which was darting here and
there over the water was struck b the
Old Dominion steamer Ournndoito bound out
and was nearly cut In two Nobody was
Injured In the accident but thnt vai chiefly
due to the fact that she carried no one except
her owner a friend and her crow Hue filled
so rapidly that she had to be Kioundod on the
shoal south of Governors Island to save hoc
from pinking The Gurnndotte wont on her
way uninjured
me MaTson AriTn TIIB SMASH
The cotillion occurred southwest of the Bat
tery well out In the river and on a line about
half way between tho Battery and Qorsrnors
Island I WAS nt nn hour when tho harbor
was most densely crowded with boat of every
sort The Nina bearing tho body of Ericsson
accompanied by the Catalpa had reached the
Baltimore nnd tie coffin hit been transferred
to tho war ship Enough time had passed to
make I probable that tho Baltimore would
Tory soon weigh anchor and start seaward ac
cording to published orders Many hundreds
ot boats bad been gathered between the
DateI and the Baltimore to witness the pa
rade and now I was time to secure favorable
places to accompany the Baltimore on her
stately trip past the war fleet Tho whole har
bor became all with motion In a minute
I Thnrewore many large excursion steamers
many pleasure yachts and tugs without num
ber Alt ware filled with sightseers The ex
cursionists crowded to tho west sides of tho
boats and all Rated only at tho Baltimore It
was a brief period of intense expectation and
of contusion and crowding of boats on the
A number of large steamers bound In or out
had already passed through the fleet ot pleas
ure craft and close to tho nael vessels Just
at this lime the Ouyandotte appeared bound
out for Morfolk Bbewas under command of
Capt Walker and was crowded with uassou
sere She steamed straight down the Hudson
from her pier nt Beach street hugging the
New York shore She entered the fleet of
pleasure craft just above the Battery
without diminution of speed All ob
servers say however that she blow her I
whistle frequently She steered a straight
course Witnesses of the actual collision
are bar to find probably owing t the fact
that everybody was gazing Intently at the Baltimore
Captains of several how
timore tugs Bay low
ever that their attention woe attracted to the
Guy undone by the vigorous way she whtiitud
when just past the Battery Bull they did not
notice the Meteor owins to the confusion of
email craft around her until after tho col
Then the Oayandotte was fen to flop sud
denly move Ourandot8 rod or two stop alto
gether and finally back A minute afte wnrd I
shrill lasts 01 dlftiess wore heard Iheliiitl
mores emoko nrfc wa beginning to belch
black clouds and br IleAtch Hag woe being I
run ni the fomemast Nevtrihelofrt a score or I I
more ot i turned to w In tie diiortloii of
the Ouyandotte Just ahead of her and at
right angles was a steam yacht ot graceful
proportions 1 was fmm her team valve
that the blasts of dltresx arose The big l
steamer and tho steam yacht closed again
gently In iwo I minutes they were rounded
by a fleet of tugs
There was great excitement aboard both I
bunts Passengers were seen crowding hur
riedly forw nru on the dek of the Gu > andotte
and her ofllcors wro rushing about yelling
orders aid snouting to the people on the
steam yacht b lw them On the yacht
the seamen were > cramlillnc about hastily
otflcers were waving their bunds frantically
and shouting and two men not in lint Inn I
were Men running here and thore The Guy i
anilotte pro ntly bucked away and left Urn
Met ol alone A raat break WUHROUII on her
starboard side alt or the forecastle and abeam
of tho Pilot house extending etlcnllY rom
the i < lnnk > heai down telow the water lne
She still kept m even keel l but she contInued
her signals of dIal rest contnu
The tug Col J B Urubb was the first to ar I
rive alongside Wie threw n ope iilmanl and
was labed taut Thi tugs McCulvin Fred Ian
eon Howard and Jant Jewel also throw lines
aboard and the tug Leader lay close iu to the
stern lai > t tudlow ol tnc Meteor made it hnnty
examInatIon and lound that whIle the yacht
was inking water there would still probubly ba
time for her to mitch diy dr > ck the had aboard
only her owner Mr J J ilontKomeiy imno ono
gneei n man Otters were mid by the tugs to
take them oil but both d clli ed to uo 1 Inullv
10 Ilnllv
she started for I try lOlk at Pay Ilde sum
ported by three tugs The Orubb and the
Jansenwere lashed side by side on her port
side while the Jewett supported her stat 1 board
olre Meantime J the luuuiuoitular to along
side and a vnt swarm of small fn surrounded
tho pair When it was llnullv decided that tho
Metnurooulil reach < Icy dock without further
assistance Cart Walker ntuumed down Ito
buy and to o o Examination had Known that
the iuyandotie WH iirnctlcally u Injured
The Aieteor and her three ahiutan s
Mennicd lowly around Castle William bite
had haidly alaI led before It wits pen thai she
was settling Tli water was pouring In tor
yenta into her bow the was buill lor ocean
us und ban two comimrtnienlH lint beFore
she hud cleared Governors Islund she bad set
tled so that it was deeldoil that nothing out
beaching could suva her from tlnk
InK There is I a shoal running fr m
limo south of Governors Island saawurd
it wan high water The IIrut movements of
the ebb nero observed Then it was hastily
decided to run her ui > on the boll till iho
Rrounded and welt lor low water to repair
liar oUll loolY In corlltiue liar JOII nor to dry
dock Ihe 1 roasting pchooner William Wood
was anchored deep water just on IIIH shoal
The dlrabled yacht wis turned just under her
bows run up on tlu bench unit ground
ed Then hurried arrangements voro
made to repair her The tug Giubb
was sent off Kr ship carpenters I
anJ material and heather tugs HO disposed
of ihn yacht that as tho title receded she
would list lo lor i throwing her wounied Hide
upwaid The lewett J witch contained wreck
Inn pumps was eta lonrd next her and ran
hose Into her hold 10 pump tier out About 3
oclock the tide bad receded so that the wholo
of the can In her side was duclosed hho was
then lying well on her lull side about 3UO leet
from Governor B iulnnd shore
When the loote timbers were cleared away I
the hole proved to be about fllievn font In
length and ten loot up and down I extended
two feet below her water line I was IllelU
lady oVAl Bon afterward the drubbairlved
with carpenters and supplies The hole rlelt
covered with canvas and securely boarded
over At I I oclock It was not thuughnhat she
could be got off crone I morning ibo refal 8
were made under sui > rilioii of her CDllln
bbs want ben I nearly pumped out The prow
of the Gnyamlotle had crashed completely
through her solid oak sides and penetiated the I
refrigerator und pantry
Mr Montgomery was still aboard at nlcrhl
fall He uaid the Uuyiindotte was coming
down the river and the Meteor was crossing
her course to the wtstwanl Fui tiartbau ihnt
he refused to explain the accident on the
round that I would be unlnlr to t sit Ludlow
to soeat before he had made his repoit
H said that the water had put out the tImes
on the yacht but thai he Mill would havo had
steam euoUKh 10 around tier without the
aHilstance of the tugs The ofttcorn of the tug
were teen but that as all oihnr witnesses
could ni t eiilaln the accident saying that the
confusion of boats In the tin was sueh that
they did not otc the Uuyandotte until the
affair a all over I
Mr Montgomery bought the Meteor last
March of Commodore A K llateuian for a
pleasure bat bite was hulk in IHHJ by I j G
mlth after deilgun by J E Mouland for a <
company whlb Dionotud to run I line of sim
liar boats to Queenstown believing they slO1
make the 101 age In five days the was
domed that U her sides were rolleillmwurd
at Ibl top and covered overhead by a dome
roof making her so far as appenrance
Ier JBr
above water was nouctrned i lant shit > ed Iho
xpeilmenl was not H success however and
she was remolellcl Into H pleas to yacht a d
soul toComrnodote IJateinau Every Bailor I
an < yarhisman In tie harbor can name her a
miD away by her rolled side which she otlll
retains Ui > was inastleea orlKlnally hut
mania have been added lately orlllllal I 170 fet
long ZHtofwat mar nil its feet beam ant she draws 11 I
xittra OF tan ArUBlrAIIJ
b p ror William Wish to Aanre Last
lag Pcaco
OJrrrt l lion I ty IA Km Fork Aiuetaltt rrtiL
BKALIN Aug 23 ToaishtB news from the
Petorhof conveys the distinct impression that
the Imperial meetings held hare had a highly
satisfactory result for Empemr William
Chancellor von Caprivl had a conference with
I the Czar today which lasted over an hour
Afterward be had lone Interview with Foreign
Minister de 0n Tb i officials ot the Foreign
Office bore maintain absolut reticence regard
ing the nature of the German Emperors proposal
posal but admit that there was Immense
political significance In the Interview
I Advices from various reliable sources all
confirm the announcement made In bole Oe
ppniolios that Umperor William desires that
I another European Congress be held with a
preliminary cessation of further armaments
I Whatever the nature of tho inducements
offered tho Czar I I certain that h has met
tho Drnperots overtures favorably
Since M do floras first conference with
Chancellor von Carrlvt communications hat
been passing between the authorities bore and
at Vienna with a view of expediting the meat
log between Jimparors William ant Francis
Joseph Austrian omolal circles regard the
Impending change In position with intense
distrust hence the semiofficial press ot
Vienna throw doubt on the probability of the
holding of another European Congress and
profess incredulity aa t tho Emperors pres
ence at the Peterhoft causing a great political
transition At the ame time there comes from
Vienna a report that Emperor > William hot
asked the Emperor of Ausrla for H cunierence
within a Fortnight preparatory to the project
ed reception of the Czar In Berlin In October
The Munich firuile AatVirfrMii says that the
Czurnnd Emperor VMIllam and Francis Joseph
will meet on Austrian soil before definitely
agreeing to the balding of a congress This
statement though unconfirmed has a basis of
probability It Emperor Wllllnma poll y suc
ceeds the triple Imperial meeting will bo an
r early Impral
I i Tele rarux tram the Peterbof describing the
I end of the manivmmrws yeslerdav lecord bow
Emperor llllom took a notable part In the
operations ruling at the bend of the Vlborg
I Kegmiont In the final charge against the In
I vlnl am my At the lunch which wan Bal vd
on tho field the Car proiOced a toast to the
Kmtieror and the German army and Emperor
William replied nlslng the manner in which
I the manaMiries were conducted
The Czar presented to the Emperor a troika
With three erbchetnut hones
I After the court banquet tonight thus Em
Voror will start tram Kionstadt on board the
Imionql 1 lacht Ilohenzollern Ills MajeHtr
will visit Memel on Monday and from thou
I will proceed to Loelzen whore he will remain I
two ilars to witness the attack up < I the fortifications
fications there HewII arrive at rotsdnm on
Friday by way of Kiel During biB absence
his unrensmg attention to tho work of government
malt has Lean son here In the dolly do
spatches tifleotlne departmental buslnass
often reerrlng to minis anal detail
The meeting boelnllsts at Dresden which
wnn called to cot elder bow to oppose the
threatened geneial amlstrlko union of em
ployer liaR rejected a proposal In replace the
local assocIations with a universal workmens
association controlled by a contiullzad executive
tvo lr Peters who Is a Nuremberg has reo
cehol ironi luuclllor Kaiser the following
I In the name of the Colonial Department
I greet you after your llrst rest on the soil of
your abel laoo with the wish that your ox
tonIvo eprllne may be of advantage to the
entire Gem titan Interests In Eat Alilco
The authorities of Berlin wit receive Dr
Peters on Monday next
Herr Sim neon President ol tho Supreme
Couitat Le pole is about to retire lie is 8l
year of aco
Emperor William has Invited Count von
Moltko to witness the ijcbleswlg nianoiuvrci
He SCTII He Will Not Pay m Cent of Dam
ages Awarded lo iSles Unonrlef
Itv Tunbijjl Cable tfeiet Camvany
LONDON Aug 23The sequel to tho broach
of promise suit brought by Miss Knowlos the
daughter of Sir Francis Knowles against Mr
Fraser Duncan the nropIetor of the Matri
monial Noire Is the disappearance of the latter
from his usual London haunts and his re
ported appearance in Paris
Before leaving for the French capital he was
hoard to swear that be wouldnt pay one
farthing of the 10000 damage > which be had
been fined for trifling with the feelings of the
young lady The Matrimonial Artct has been
assigned to Mrs Duncan and it is very prob
able that In consequence of the unenviable
repute which it has now achieved she will ills
conlluuo Its publication Lot the present ut all
11 she does not pursue this course it U more
than probable that Miss Knuwless solicitors
will through their counsel auomlt to she
Judge a plea that the uslgnment was lor
fraudulent purpose and will make a motion
to couucbtrnte the whole concern the
bhorllT oltlcera are now In poaiession of tho
publication on ce on bennil ol Miss Knowlex
who luSt offered to compromise the mutter for
the sum 01 2500 but tip to now the offer has
not been acre ted Ever thing f tbo slightest
value baa beets cleared out of the oDlceu und
even the waste paper and lumber were sold
The general belief Is that should Mr Dun
can uphill against the verdict the damages
will be very inaoilallv reduced and In fuel
will not exceed In hundred what was first
Hvvnrded In thousand lot the trial was u very
onesidoii allnlr computed with what the re
hearing would bo
Coat couiernivtton almost amounting to
absolute uunlo exists among the cdonis of
Thr Mairltiioniat Antt Muuyof them moved i
In the best society that London affords and II
their names were to be made pubilo a crave
scandal would be the Inevitable result
it Is known as n po IUe fact that among
thoo cileniH vveio ladles who were lu the habit
01 wrl lug from their est l nd mansions Ken
tlemen from he swell clubs and count and
Ohio noblemen attai bed to the foreign em
bassieH All these are In mortal fear that In
tho montuslin l which prevails outsiders may
get possession of their letter the conse
quence Is that the nince bus been kept In a
lIttle of slice duu ing the htt few days by the
constant rush of people who aro anxious to
avert exposure or 10 avoid being subjected to
blackmail to obtain those precious documents
The general impression Is thai no mallet
what may happen to the IndMduels mot
neat IV concerned In Ibis particular publication
the miitiImonlnl agency business is killed for
th limo being
Iudy halIte and Her Nableuna
LONDON Aug 23Lord and Lady Dunlo
continue to keep very much fn rrulfncr and
their movements are chronicled with great
regularity by all the newspapers Miss hello
hilton as hho Is still called on the theatrical
programmes might be a royal pcruonriRn tray
ailing tin ouch tho country Instead ol nn
atress engaged In a gpaetuoular burlesque
to great is I tlu < into est In all tube doe
Tills week sits Is playing tbo title rOIe of Mr
AUEUHIII liariius production of enus at
tlie Theatre lioyal Ldlnbuign and her beauty
has won nil Borts of encomiums from such HIU
dents nf trip university as are In the city dur
log the ucuilun They give her a royal wel
come every owning but there their devotion
ban to end foi her lord Ing bus and i always
with her and since ihe breach was haaied
they are never seen apart
hoy 1 lxlted the exhibition yestnrday hay
Jog been specially Invited to lunch with Mr
Lee Bxpty the manager As they passed from
one object of Interest to another ther attracted
more attention than any other exhibit
No Compuleory Duels
IAitiB Aug 23H de Froyclnet the French
Minister of War has Issued a decree In which
he says that the duel must cease to be com
pulsory In the French aimy and that for the
luturo the dvcl > lou of tilt officers whether
they will elect to fight or not will be t oft to
hull own diBoretlon Hitherto the praclUeof
duelling has be nencouraned for the purpose
of promoting a high ideal of honor among the
TaklllB Antlritt Treatment
LONDON Auc 21 The latest aristocratic
convert to the principles instituted by the late
D Banting for the reduction of superfluous fat
Is her Grace the Duchess of Marlborouub who
was formerly Ills Hauierrley of New York
The rltclme the has adopted Is both athletic
and hygionlc and Iucluies the taking of vapor
hath In which perfumes instead ot alcohol are
The America ttwrlauucr la Ucnaaa
LONDON Aug 23he notoriety and adver
tising which Mr Davis Dalton has had during
the post week has already borne fruit He has
bad an offer from the manager of a London
mimic ball and bus consented to appear every
evening in consideration of a salary of fluu
a week
A Hlilp Crew Mamaetril
aaaouuNn Aug 23Advices received bore
from the New Hebrides Islands state that tbe
natives ot Arabs Island massacred the crew ol
a lierman lubnr vessel A French war ship
subnuuenUy ulitlloa the viJlasts oa this Uland
If > v
ICrONlln DA0IXR1 xorrma
Bbe > Just E nailled nr OW fleet Parfbm
ev > However Made e > a n Tkrvereor
IdDnt It Wa m Great Fllcht el Mined
CrICket Puceej Tre Hptrndld Cleats
OutoAoo Aug 23The treat Sunol failed to
beat Maud as record of 203X at Washington
Park today but aha aocompllrhed the task I
set down for her which was to lower her own
mark of 2 1 N as a fouryearold h trotting the
mil without all or break In 21 OK eaualllne
her throeyearold record
There were between five and six thousand
people present to see tlie mare make her nt >
Umpt but though the wtJliher woa fine It was
not much In her fI or as lt 1 WAS cool and them
wan Quito a breeze blowing The track was 1
fat but not phenomenally ao and the
general opinion of horsemen before tie
race was that though she would I
probably beat her fouryearold racordT
tho would not deprive Maud B of bar crown
Marvin was confident that Bunol would do
wall and he declared she was rlaht on etlce
I was about a quarter past I when the an
nouncement wan rondo that Bunol would at
tempt to beat her own fouryearold record of
311X nnd while doing ao try to lower
the 208K of Maud B Hlokok driv
ing the thoroughbred Barter John A a
running mate went to tho halfmile pole t
meet the mare and accompany her the last half
mile A request had been made to the crowd
to keep alienee at the start and finish on ac I
count of KunolB nervous temperament and
tho request was compiled with for there
wa scarcely a Bound as she came
down to the Etiotch for the send
off Marvin hook his head the first
time but at the second attempt he nodded
and Bunol went off to attempt her crest feat
with that period machinelike action which
Indicate the ideal trotter Sliding round the
first turn and hardly seeming to move the I
mare shot up to the quarter polo and as she
reached It a hundred olces exclaimed 82
seconds Hop rose blah In the breasts ot I
the enthusiasts For thin teas a O gall and I
exclamations were heard on all sides aid
will beat Maud 1 bert the lack Blletcb soc
moved ns smoothly as apiece of machinery
but thoueh there was no i ercectlble diminu
tion In the na > e she was not fining aa last
ton Iolol
oe tho first aunrier and a she reached the
bal the watches recorded 1utli itjo having
taken 83 > seconds for the second quarter
The hope of beating Maud a died away for
this was only I U10k Knit and the Question
now was whether she would blat her own c
ord or uot At the halfmile lllckok and Bar
Icy John were awaiting her but the was going
so well that the runner had all ho could do to
bold her
Hound the second turn the gallant mare few
with the runner at her heels and when the
Ibr elul erR was reached the time mowed
139 boxing been consumed In tho journey
Coming Into the stretch she settled down to I
business and urge I br Mnrvlna voice and
with Barley John racing at her aide she fairly I
flew On sherame every man that had nwaich
holding It and Intently noting the seconds aa
they ticked off She cannot beat Maud as
time Will she beat her own was the ones I
tion Yes she can and does and the almost
deathlike Mlonce which had prevailed aa she
sweit over the lost fui lone broke Into I wild
shout aa the gallant Suuol dashed under the
wire In 210 beatlnp her record or 211 by
threeouarters of n second
Ma via and the mare were loudly cheered as
they returned to the judges stand
Hunol and Palo Alto go direct to Belmont
Park Philadelphia where Palo Alto will
Pblaollbla hlre IRlo wi trot
against the stallion record on Sept 4 and
record Bunol will make 0 attempt to loworMaud Bs
Tbe following the summary
ftonel agalott lime to beat 311M >
Sepal by Electioneer viarvlm I
Time 2II1
Time Quarter 32 Olr 1U H three quartan 138
mi 11
Tho other races of the day resulted ns fol
lows tie fioetorall trot being declared off
23 data purse 91U4L
Pal Alto farm i b g NoTldad by
hpI Msrvtni a t I 4 f a l
AIn form b C Kremlin BltherlS e 3 a I I 3
Henry Browui hrowni b o Chief Medium I 840433
Adam tocdach i Duke Vogalta 2 3 I 2 dli I
William oewaldib a rrlie fiiwaldl3 4 3 I I ro
Ray Warneri b m Cotlouelie Oar
ner I cdt
Seeier t Carewe b g Use Huron
feaelty I 577 dr
I II rattenabr I Maude iBollard1 Bdl
Tlm4Itttf I 2 1234 rl4 212 32J 22I222I
itiKoluv paclnt Diinafinoa
Oeorge I Crulkihanki ch a Boy Wllku
by Adraln WUkel II Jolirnton Wlh 3111
John ickereon e > r Ilckwy tOIhnou1 1322 I
tie Urll b t Fred Arthur Urtmei 2 I 4 8
CI alibIs rl I El llunarvh tplaiii 4 484
TiulisiulIf4 siI4 pwu 2mt514
3 33 clan uaclng purse 3 LXi tl 11J
F IleOoI B iarloni b U Cricket by Subway CL t I
P stewarti txa treats AbdItat fR SlewaflM 3 5
Cary < Tbrbaulte t s liny II Caryl 3 3 It
f n MoKlunrvi I b m Tlllle Herr I U U Tray I
nor 47 4
W 1 MoKmneyiblk m AdaRVSlket11 a a
Tip Hruct4 b g Larney IT Bru1 s 4 dim
J VT cboers chg John A III nnutu o e db dl
John SpIeD R b a rorert Mllkre Pplanl H H dr
J Colornana br a Hot 1 Gift Coieinan 7 dli
lim2tI 2l4 UIIVM
Mr Frank of 11 Nl Mark Place Arrceled
In Dutoh Ullla on bll Wiles CoraplalDt
Information was received by Sergeant Bou
lette In the Second rrrclnct police station ot
Long Island City Friday night that throe men
bad none to Dutch Kills In a closed coach for
the purpose of kidnapping a girl 10 years old
named Ella Fi ank who was stopping with her
mother In Mr BlInders house on Rhoddy
street near Beebe avenue Mis Frank Is the
wife of Gustavo Frank on agent of 71 Ht
Marks place In this city Mr and Mr Frank
had a disagreement n few days ago and Mrs
Frank left her home taking Ella with tier to
Dutch Kills The occupants of the conch are
said to have been Mr Frank and two private
det ctlvcs
Policeman Mulligan was sent In pursuit nf
the otuutch He followed it to icbvvnlleni ergs
Park on the juncllnu Jackson and bklllmau
avenues u short dlsianoe lioui Ithoddy street
Here two of the occupants got out They
dodged In and out nround Ithoddy street
Academy stieet and lioeLo and layutorae
nuos In a diencblug rain for almost
an hour Policeman Mulliuan kent I
them In debt all the while They
finally went hair to the inach and drove to i
ichwal euberKB Iaik where tiny seem to i
have held n consultation and tleolded to post
pone action until the next morning Then
they drove back to sew Ym k
eslerduy I ollionmu Honour was pent to the
place 10 continue the wIlt b A conch diove UD
Jackson aanui and three men got out They
loitered nrounil lihoddy street all tliu inornlna
and made fioquent irlps up and down the
street in mon of t the house chore Mrs Frank
and Ellt weto stopping Tliuir uctlona at
traded tho attention of the peoplu In that
vicinity und finally Mrs 1 rauk caught a
glimpse of her husband MIB becamenlarinod
iind at once sent n niumonuur tI jw lork for
lierliuvyai Humnel 1 > Levy who has nn ofllce
In the 1itter bulldlnir Mr Levr nnd Mrs
jinnk I and tie child went In a ronch to the
Feoond proclnct police stntlnn In Janitors
Point wheie Mrs Kjunk asked protection for
herself stout her child
Whllei Mis 1r nk was talkIng Mr Frank
walked Into the matlon nud deuunded that
bin wife lionld glvo 1Mi In him Mrs Kinnk
accused her busi and ant his two comnnnli
of uitemptlnc to kidnap lllu lha Per
placed under arrest Tlio men who wore with
Frank gave their names niv James Tiauv lit
years old a newpaper lolder ol Jill Mudlson
street New York und Archibald Creli 2ii
years old a butter dealer of 1270 Madison
street UrooUrn
Mr r rank was released on ball and went
away In company with his wife and child nnd
Lawyer ley the other Iwu men were lock
ed un ihe police are pofltlvo thin men In
tended abducting thn child ansI would huva
do e so had not Mr Frank accIdentally susan
lerhuibuml Mrs Frank says she loll her
husband because be was cruel to her Mr
1rniik says their tioublea are in regard to
Vura Tuallna
rrot B i TastIng wu mettleS at Aibury Ink yeij
terday to MIss tlary A ford by the lIst II H Downe
Trof TastIng ti the musical dlreeior of the Tour school
ef the txjiif Stanch hcbool dlitrlit lilt bride has lieu
for three years Ibe iMCtDlrcut ut the female depart
neni of Ibe high icbool ol Lone Branch The blyty
court smarted for tbe adlrendacki
Cbaaiplou WrolllnB
Iiur > m > e Mleb Am flo Ibe lournaioentlield lu
coanectlo with tbe inmuiir racei cf Ike Union fall
Aieoolatton today John Klurof Valumut Mlrn brew
Joba Hyan of Ironwood champion of llcbU4H asS
laser Jack Iarkeek There ai mauls feelug shout the
latter mulch a > muss luouthi Ills fall in unfair one
A mat h fur i > XIJ 5 side between Ring and Carkeek
will be arrafifiii
Cheap common cages cost you
tho bird i they lot it escapo or lot
the out get at it or escaro i by ver
min The HENRY keeps bid
securely aud healthy
Il 8Z TA FOJiivyu r rrvo xo atsr
lie Hampled All Bart of Patent Uedteu
snI AId Cora asS a > Number ol Hn
led MpeelalUt but They Did m
No Jood asS he say I Advice I Krerr
On i Wko In MnB > rl n with That Interval
llleai Called Catarrh to do He lr
MtCor Wlldataa and They Will Or
Them Stare ae a hot
Mr Samuel Blniley C main Cf mature r I u
Inventor of the nlniley AnilFriction Metal blob Is
Upeti largely dl in the cnnttruotlon or She United utit I
ernuere and which hIS been Indoried nyim UmiJJ
Class Navy This metal I elb applied l largely to rui
roads end ileamenlp Hues by Mr Hinder whoie Ntv
York edict I at No IB I llarclay itreet adjolninc tke
Astor house Iii taetorl Isat 138 Warren itrett Ji >
spy City and he hives > t W4e York Street Jernr cut
Mr 8m ley I 0 very positive man ant nat r
several torn of mttal iii told a reporter a moil til
nark able story nit ii Is In hit own wordii re
1 had calxrrh for over tiven rears and Dn MeOey
andwildman 1 haredone tot m what soother pbytlcliti
oooid do They bay cured me When I went to them
I couldnt breathe thronth my noee I was plumb
topped up I coatdn sleep I I tried everything t in ibe
ehaue r alleged lu cures and want to all IS so Il
catarrh iiieolaiitla but Dr McCoy and Wlldmaa did me
nor rood in I one 1 ll I paid them than all the other
pill ulCIaflu did I in six or usia years J cusS everythiug
r ever heard of 0b r I e lbr eOoy ana wile
mall hUI lobaadid m sty fou d
I advIse every one wholt tuHtrlnr with thai tnferaal
riiieue called catarrh to no t lea Dra MoOr anj
Wlldinen and may will care them in re 8 a Hot I
I lwayii uteil to BO to bed with 0 healaehe toll
had a > ore throat and I wu troubled witk that drapi
ping or mtinu In mr throat I had palo In my ebtti
and head all the time and a rtailat In mr ears Mr
ovetUht cot to bad that 1 used to heve to work wlik
peotaoloe bat tinder Ire UeOey and WI4
mana treatment I got my eyesight biok
I know rm cured r can tell laby roloe
Ive not po catarrh My vole II ffilitne better ererr
day every hour In fact Why It waa all vena tb
pleeee when I flret went to fits UcGor and Wlldmtq
f tell yon they are great Why I trial them 1 All
the eo called eptirlallti and tiont yon forget II and It
mt me 5115c but for a few dollar bra McCoy hIS
Wildman hAT cured me Cored me I lay rye r o
no catarrh now
Un llcCoy and Wildman fnrnUh all medicines t free
I ml =
and their charges for treatment are so raaaoiabU thai
they are within the raaoh of all
Near Grand Central Depot t
Domeillo SewIng Smithies BnlldlMi
Oppoilta Academy at Uvda
Wher all curable dlieaeee an treated with inoetu
fIe Caiarin all throat and cheat maeaiae all
aou diseases I olironla dlieacea
If you lire at a < 1eianoe write for A symptom blank
Address all mol to 9 Soil 43d it
onloe houre 9 to II A It 2104 r IT r1t IL U
dally Bnudayaatoiixilud9to4ril U
We ofler at greatly reduced pries lange tint of alt
kind ut Furniture comprisIng patterns whImS we bat
stopped manufaciurloit articles IIb owla 10 tbt
rapid chAula styles baT become iomewh sat af
fiihlon Tbete good bye accumulated until ntf
crowd our wareroomi They must be leld and wl
murk them at luob extraordinarily low Cf urei u iball
make them sell Each arc will be plainly muSed I
at a price I would certainly brIng at auction
Uo nuleserous Old Uaaiatehed riee
stirs tee flrdSeutds Itueuoue Easy C55I54
Josnges IIslOoawlres 111 C hairs rl
tmlos lutbtpe hdidnboerde ott ute
Tie WorlmashSp ace quailUy ot kg
glide CIF warranted Ia every re peX
In addition our retaiar Hock 1 larger and eomprliei
tvYbilttml > r or elegant and ouvel pattern tU
1 JIa ill A04 1T ens doer well pt MUav
At our factory 161 and lisa Wait ISIS it we mike te
order every kind of Forulur also hardwood Trial
reloi 1 andl oratlontior lou Interiors aakj 1
INI a4 NUllltl Ittpr Ja
S 1 l
Ins ttfvr t the Objections to Vashlac
the Otreala as Wet as Hweeplna Them
The reply ot Btroet Clenn K Oommlislonsr
Beattle to Public Works Commissioner Gllroys
complaInt that flushing the streets ciO up the
sewers was sent yesterday It Includes a stat
Silica and circumstantial report of Superb
tondsnt Whalena Investigation of the subject
and his conclusion that no solid matter IB
washed Into the sewers br the flushing pro
I osssof adda street cleaning Commissioner BcHlo
tlnce the undenUneil became Commliiloner of Street
CIaln It lies been the ranlce of the dtpartment to
keep lam portion at labnrere or aw tere at work dur
ln < a rainfall sail last pubs Om NI nUhL M
lot I at toe ram mnllnue < L l a many of ilia machlnt
Sweeper ae were In condition lor tie were kept at
work it It true that this practice did Stat obiuln under
may rl imnrzmedts e irdcessnr inn lfl la nna r1 ut > ln l lne
aiiiont and net ivtn eatliractorr reejlte to citl with
leu I than lbs city
or rw rewurcee tts and of no more comiqaenoe olY
Inatmflon on objectIon hae t far been railed to
the weeping ui the dei > aritneiit ilurlui a ralnrnl and
ae I am Inclined to think that the engisee r In churl of
eewere made hli report to yon without haim nret 54
I cirtalncl la the couaitlun of tlio Mweii In tlieeireett
wblcli thl d pHriment recent y fluthed with water at
the Sims such nuthlne wet cmnitieiictd and lb ton
dullest at men lewere Immediately I at ernch RuthliK
was ooaoludedt with a i lew r deteriulnlnic what quan
tity ol loud matter wai olverttd Into them or liuoot
bayIng avulled hmiielf of tie opportunity t aicertaln
the lame fact by obierTlnf I tile meshed employed ur the
department to prevent any a IrP quantity of
solid mol o entering the catch basins or leweri A a
remit of nu rmi I would ie eetfuliy luiKeit Slat
the rretldetit I or any member t i the Hoard vf Health I
with the deputy atiaiuperluiendrnt of lit dpTtm nt
musk such examination or the method which hare
been adopted and the results whleh flow from them aa
roar Determine wbeti > ar the work may not be returned
without detriment to Imb eewera or Inconvenience I to
the Uapartnient oC fubic Works c
I bate conilderid the recIting of the auricle with
water aa teienilal upeclally at er a prolontei period
of dry weather to Cc luoceurul removal r of animal
aid veietabio excrement tow uneven pavruidit that
ItA uie wi ulil have been contmencra > liberal month
alf hscI the eupbly of Water mWI out oc
our t me that the department oonnntnr lu t > peratloni
within the limit which were Imposed upon tie imp oy
Ii trbl fofli
eel In the pertoruianoe of ibr work of which ouniplalnt
la I made any rbI r n other thau thai which might
STOW uut ll a icarcny of water conlil be rilred
arI li I ubO object of tbto department to work In I oom
Bete harmony wilh all nine departments ollh dir
orernment whose cooperation li I eieeinlal 1 to make lie
work ellectlTa Itliaireaur I vnder ob Uatlan to the
FolIoS Uep rtminl Hoard of Health Dork UeparimenL
and the Fire Orpirimcntt I and on eeteral occiilone I
hai recently hd the active aerUtatire of the Bureau lot
the itemoval of incumbrancei and trie 5 that ai far I
may be practicable It mar hare the Idol that oilier
bosom ol the Department of Kabila Work which It the
oocailon oC this I onri aepondenee
Heftrrlnr 1 to the last paragraph of the report ot the 1 I
engineer In charge or sewers whlrb state that the
relent appropriation for cleaning I I lewere U mint too
large and U I entirely I miumelenl to clean I the streets ai I
well the Oommluloner 01 dresS Cleaning not oily re
Crete that the ilei > artment of which he bAa charge le not I
theonlr one which could find loot uie for a Inner
amount of money than I at present at iii disposeS but
also tigreSs that for that very reason official facetloua I
Bill L forbidden 1 hm
Henry Loveridge the President ot the Mary
land Coal Company died on Friday last ot
heart failure in his 19th year Mr Loterldge
was born in England Nov 23 ifill He came
to this country at an early ago In 1873 he be
came Secretary and Treasurer the Maryland
Coal Company In the latter part of the same
year he was appointed VlooProsldent of the
company which office he held until 1875 when
be waa eleeteJ President Mr Lov erlda was well
known among railroad men and It was
through his personal efforts that the Georges
Creek and Cumberland Railroad a coal line
was started Ho was also Instrumental in so
cutlng tbe rights for the Pennsylvania Rail
road to pass through Maryland The lunornl
will be private
ExJudge William Burke died at Danbury
onPiiday nlcht of cancer He was at one time
the law cnrtnerof exUov Axerlli At the time
of his death he was Prosecuting Agent of Fair
field county and I rosecuttnc Attorney of Dan
bury He was 70 years old
D M Halbart formerly a conspicuous mer
chant of lilnghamton died at Kansas Citron
Tuesday of heart failure aged about CO years
About three years ago he failed and soon after
removed to Kansas City He was Mayor of
Binghamton in 1871
Hubert R Wood for thirtytbreo
years super
intendent of Wallace t Sons bit copper and
brass mills died In Ansoula on Friday la his
70th year He was the oldest Odd iollow In
Alva Bennett a wellknown farmer of Orange
county died at his homn In Wauayondn last
Thursday aged 78 He wan one of a family of
fourteen children aud was the father of twelvo
Beely howelL wellknown commission mer
chant at Newton is J died lost Monday aged
66 years lii was the father ol the members of
the firm ot howell Brothers at Newark t
Mm Rboda Thomas wife of George Augus
tus Thomas of Newark died yesterday from I
diphtheria She was a daughter ot the late
John C Llttell l 1
Geoig Hough a wentthy retired merchant
of Philadelphia died suddenly yesterday at the
Hotel La Pierre Ocean Grove of paralysis
ExCongressmnn Horace P Page died In Ban
Francisco Cat yesterday fiom a complication
of kidney and heart troubles j I
John H Allen of Allen 4 Glnter a well
known tobacconist died In Richmond tester
James CrowelU a lumber dealer in Newark
died yesterday aged 76 years
He la HatS to be Deeply lafutnated with a
Pretty Atalden at Toalo
BAN FRANCISCO Aug 23 Private letters
from Tokio declare that friends of Sir Edwin
Arnold are serlobilr alarmed over his Infatua
tion Tor one of the young Japanese girls whom
he ban been Inatrucllntr Mr Edwin adopted
native customs and baIted the language boon
utter be arrived In Japan
He obtained privilege of living in the native
quarter on ihe strength of his position ns a
tutor In English 10 two charming daughters ot
his landlord line of these maidens has cap
tured the poets heat and he makes no secret
ot his Intention t many her His Irlomis my
that Ills mind Is unbalanced and he must bo
removed Irom Japan speeillir or bo will marry
and settle In folIo permanently
Ills daughter who bus been particularly de
voted to him since her mothers death Is sushi I
to be greatly disgusted at his Infatuation as
she ullikos the Japanese as hiurtlly as her
faibvr admires them Strong efforts will be
made to b Inc Mr Edwin mor lo America to
superintend the Issue of his now poem fins
Light of tIns World but It la doubtful whether
It will succeed
Population of New York Conatle and
WuiiiiGrox Aug S3Tle Census onlce announced
to tey the remit of the count In the Seventh Super
vUori dIstrict ot Slew York by countIes a > follovri
Clinton 4i4OJ durreiie S 471 Suez SIKHS in
rreuee lIPS I rnuilln 7nil decrejeo 6001 Jit
torou W1SS Inereate 24i4 if U vu797 decreaee
107i 6t lawrenoe BdU7t decrease 870 bet de
creaui ieajL
Tire population ot Keeivllle U aA4 Watertown 14
739 an lucrea > e In ten sear if 4uUu or D773 per CtimL
Iorl usury X4S3 a dtcieaie ot 61
Tlie Rev Mr Forbes aulitant rector ef Orate Church
Jerxy City nil aeeiliKD Site call tu Hie vacant pul
l > l or Si Clement a KiilKOf Clmroti
luIlr I I J farlui has oOerid to submIt his roniro
veriy with the IliillJInit Trade Union lu arbltrallun
lie lia lia i a great deal uf trouble through his employ
meltS of uan unlou worluieu
IirmUl for die erection of twenty brIck and forty
one tribute Uiillfllin lu eel tVH7Kl were luucd lall
work I lie Settee In the number i f brick bulidlnaa
retails from the trouble > > elwt n tile brick minutno
lures ant Ike Kuanl of WalllD eleitaiti l
Iful dlnjr titiniuUiloiier 1latt has conrralulated Cot
Biiiu litt tiltly on Iii irmietle skill dltplajed in me re
butlillntf i > r lUtt fark Theatre but lisa uu tie admirable
meals a looted lor il e ufeir uf ihe militate la alinott
unr turriituo Tlio hiatuS Is 1 to be leunuej lu mitt
row niiftit
Tut ho bat received for the Mali family IIS from
A Sylnialluluer 41 I suit A llrookljrulie Jl iron
A n
The too iliop adjoining the Ienniylvanla Railroads
new round huuie lu Jertjr cUy utsu burned yeiierday
Less JW
llmrv Uiuvllaiier aj t tears old of in Avinoe A fell
trout lbs second story window of hIs reililence to the
tld wak last eviuinir slid fkcurea Mi tkuli
Ibe llartliulill Creel ht rtitivrd rtceullr coutrllm
tloin aiuuuiitiuK lu tlV ihe Lr i lie u bring used
more u an lu any jiSt Clot 511111 lot Slid Inrihir I con
Irltuiioni krt iittJti to carry Os Uie worL
4iiout lou bye front f > llwllor Hume 11 Dnaue
air ci were blurt to t tTiktt fur au outhit tlarttay
Tbey wore CIttart5Iiul Slid Ctsltiisie I Wfl soot uihags
fcLb ti Ii 5 mentIon o the Istsniiisir Clii Lisa Eltit
trelil tartan tlUtclutt
The drewiied bolyuur in unknown man about iOyean
old can iOIuid yeetrus a irrunumi iii tile liusit iver
hear Ills surest lie iu auuy IsO slId I Oli5lesim
smooth taco antI Mftli smth a S e dark uIIiie
iAWtllsItiui tili I I lilt WI 51 05th lIe
Adolph Uroiiuld of t IV sIts outset who wai arreilid
on IrlJay alter Hit ounletilon ui iieorge tr tUtLts rot
rec < i < iiiKgo d < emotes by tic laOs irmu John K f urn
infr l lj ooiadinltiec tu ball
> eiieijr lu t itti at
5iJ Ttititbut Csitrt nMiMftUKl Auuij it i05riiiae 0
Sl Vfilatft
4iUCaflhIetttet 554 fonts Kotlenier or ui biteS ilsth
Coronet Scbultge was lummonrd yeiienliy lo take
lit X IttWU iSleifliltS or terSe konierJi year
old or l Jblrd street otto Mi phvueian itt IraiKli
burr Jrecou < la eiiie says will iriibally die of a
frarturtii Skull lie irovdrink on Sliiidy bo
say at
the saloon llw Bowery and KOI hue a tiVbi With two
plan lie errlvad tome very tale sills brul 11 ail over
Eiiu Hlnce that time be tit gradually fain Into L
ateaufiedVim l > oalUl > u Ste do not etlsr who
saSsutieti latin
Alt 05 veins > w0 aptareotly was Inloilcatid was
Wandering stout In
rwriytb mrret yeitrday
CircuS curses and whIt beloir puiled Ihu war and near thai
by ibidria oh lureh4 siitnal B isle ho
IVhead Sllr W luironi 7 and
tell ila ant Isle She area Her skull was
SAh1Jr aJa lo lb UelUtue lloaplul Site will
Ole bbs was abosi tO Yeas Slut S fact I Iitbei
Saib eloul with stay baur bfow
else and dark Corn
phettumi Sits was dresoih In a blue anlvhtth check
al1e 4eu ant whit sllleea She Were no u
jj t j Ms a
Perilous Feat of Dlbbln and Doiian In Bose
cuIng the Fay Famlljr
Fire broke out early yesterday morning In
the halls and stairways ot the fourstory ten
oment house at 733 Second avenue Mrs Ann
Dlbbln tbo jaultreis of the building sleeps on
the first floor front aa do also Francis Mas
gin and John Dlbbln Francis awoke about 2
oclock and heard some one say Get nn eat
up lie opened the hall door and a biff putt
ol smoke rushed lu his face He slammed the
door and shouted the alarm
The stairways and bale wore all aflame when
the IJlbbln family attempted to escape through
them They therelora climbed out on the
ledges to the next house to the south Dlbbln
who remained alone behind heard Dennis lio
gun shOUt someihluK fiom the street about
John Fays lamliy lust overhead There Is a
fire escape between 33 and 736 eo Dlbbln
climbed up and Hogan joined him at
the third stoir platform from a win
dow of the next house The Fay family
Wale crying for help at their bedroom
window Ui Ran is an athlete and the
feat pei formed br him laud Iilbbln was some
thing Ihonouional With his right fott twisted
In the Irou railing of tue lire escape platform
Slogan alter lludlng tha Dilna too Insecure
tobtjof Ure streiolied the other loot to the
further side of the Fays window ledge pan
fling ovvr lour foot his baoK was toward the
street and whllo bo was nub balanced thirty
feet abovo thupuvatnunt Dlbulu utrrsned blot
self lacing him with one leg astride the Plat
form lailinx and the toes of the loot of the
other on the near corner of the window ledge
JUut the Fays didnt want to be rescued In so
perilous u mshlon While hey were wildly ar
gulmr the uuosllon hogan reached In and
seized Aiumle a girl of 7 near the neck ana
pattod her to blnbtn who put her on the plat
form Then Tomrule the oneyearold baby
wa torn from hm mothers arms and saved In
tlm samo manner virsFar was taken next
and then her husband
All the other occupants of the house escaped
lean ietllously on the lire escapes The loss was
about JA500 There are charges ol inoendla
rlfitn >
TrotllaK at JLexIneton
Lnnioioir Aug 23 Thtre wu treat sport at tie
wind up at Maivllle today Uwlm to rain yesterday
there were five races to decide The unbeaten Nancy
llauki again wade monkeys ot the Held and the iiBia
tlonal Biarnberxer Iwoytaro d wu beaten by Ktanje
line Blameleu a threeyearold and ibe two year ol
Oily Kvan elna built went into the Pit roUuwlnf
tbe lanimarvt
Jin clue
Orarton en g by Almond Boy 8 3 1 I
Bethlehem Star U i by totualeer Star 3 a Irt
Jereiuiab b t by iVinX nb 1 Jil
Tiuia1 > H Ju > 4 JttX dlA 3
Fouryear old elate
Nancy links b m by Happy Medium 1 1 I
Ulltle it b in by Abdaliau Jlumurmo t S I
Honnle VMiraore be by Wlimora 8 3
Uleivlew U in by Mltwoud 4
hew tork Central br 5 br aimmoni t o
Tlui JdiH 2314 a 10J4
U 2ft elan paoluir
Bail VVilkciLum I by Barney WIlkes5 till
Hilly II b i by Bay Tom a i a ft
ben liar u a by llambrlno I 1 t a V
Time JJl UU4if fHJt 2MMtXJ
Twoyear sId stake
Bvmueltiie B by Director > I
PlernMrv bit c by VMlket Boy I
Laily lIttle br f by WUton a 8
Anily Cutter nr s by Cyclone 4 4
MooniUin b f by sultan dlt
Time 4IO 2h014
Three year old stabs
muscles b f by Blacks Hambtetonlia f I t <
Bteli UeluioutbCby U lmout I I a i j
Fat MyHoy rn0 by lllnder Wilkes4 4 SB 0
Toica br f by lrand Htnunel a I 4 tt 0
ibis lm4ft 4l7f4 4t Jt14 330
Wiser Yesterdays Fire Ware
A M340733 Bacon avenue Fredirlok DehBileri
bntehir stop and apartmenti ot lira Dlffen Jobn ray
Job UnrrU Carl Kali nbotti and U Oallatban lotA
damage IIIUI 4iOl 80 Broadway Simon iohwf
iiutkl furrier damiS WOO own 48 lleiier sties
Jacoo tijtel e ury tro s tOre daroae rid ai A 10 Ar
auue A oblmnev noda lea hull loae Hilt svenaa
Andrew liaie a lies Into damacetA
r tSllli Urn Cost o < tt Uulloa place David Bant
damage llllhL

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