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I L1
aziAiistAtt SCHOOL no to AND irrtAT
UAKJSa IT ItrlJlAllunLz
n 0rt InaUe rinr Gron > itntK TTI >
dove lint of I S lUMA IlryUc
4 Boom ror Wet Cloth id Ixiir ninlro
Trllh Low JIiiInuttIii for tile Illlle
L Toll iind Cripple Who Cant Slur Home
Few pernona outside the Department of PIIIV
Ho School realize the mlero ooplo minuteness
10 t CAre ueldfl on tho repairing and the
construction of city school biilldlnct durIng
the summer month No architectural detail
p IB too trivia to exact the most palnatnklng at
tention from Oeoree W Dobevolno Superin
tendent of Reboot Dulldliic Every little do
vice that mar contribute to the health safety I
and conolenco of tho pupil li studied Is I
teiteJ nod I found practicable II I adopted
I The shops of 1 brIck the capacity of a ontlln
tor the baleht of a itnp tho direction of tho
Ill the curv of a font tho turn of I mould
jug I the location of aUnckboarJ the position
a balustrade the adjustability of a window
hade and a hundrod other big and llttlf
technical matters nro male tho subjects of
the most thorough experiments And tho nlceM
calculation Most of those details were litnorod
or neglected br tho bulldors of twentylive
thIrty and forty years uo The old school
houses were erected merely to hold children
accommodate thom Comfort health
Dot to 100mmodto m Comror healb
illness sifety and attractiveness wet 0 of In
r ferior Importance A glance at the Interior of
an old eohoolhouso nnd another at the Interior
of a new one reveal how toundlng has been
4 the progress In tbo mode of constructing city
noliool buildings nines school architecture has
become n specialty
L A hypercritical specialist must look lone to
r find much of anything to criticise In the sani
tary or hygienic nrrimcarnenU of tho school
homes recently built or now building An
J other person must look In vAIn All known
nppllnnoes and plans for preventing the con
tracting or transmlttlne of disease are there
Everything In the Interiors Is smooth hard
bright and bare There are no obscure nooks
t In which dirt mar collect no cracks or cran
nies In which contagion may lurk The wall
are of red brick pointed and either quite bare
covered only with n thin layer of plaster
The little woodwork Is hard and tight at every
joint The stairways are of Into and Iron
The ceilings are tn The window sllla ara
etono or metal The roots are slate
The perfection of a school building with all
these and scores of other new features mar be
t ascertained bran examination of one of the
new houses as for Instance Grammar School
89 which l just being completed I Is at tho
corer of 131th street and Lonox avenue It
has a cellar and four floors The cellar con
tains the boilers sewer pipes and storerooms
for coal and wood All Its contents are kept
shipshape The combustible materials are
stored so a to cause the least possible dancer
of fire And are separated from tho first floors
bra heavy layer of tin The floor U i hard
smooth composition BO avon thAt waste nod
4 water could not find a slnglu depression to col
lect In The plumbing bus ben done with
much core that the leakage wlxlcu has made
unhealthful the basements of many old school
buildings ban been rendered Impossible ecl00l
On the fourth floor ore the drying rooms and
the Indoor playroom The drying room am
new If rUursi They are tu be used In drying
tns clothing of the children on rainy days
Uhey are provided with abundant Ten latlou
by windows and trancoms near the coiling and
with devices for raising the temperature
quickly at will On a wet day the children In
stead of taking their damp outside clothing
With them tu the classroom as heretofore will
remove tbelr wraps und overcome on the first
floor Elve theta to trie keeper of th drying
loom and receive them back thoroughly dried
4 end warmed Thus It Is thought Lull of the
colds catarrb and incipient lung diseases
that have aQllcted school children sitting In
thu same room with their drenched overcloth
Inc will be prevented lbs temperature of a
drying Fahrenheit room In lull operation bo about 110
All the first floor excepting tho drying
rooms Is devoted to the inside play space
few common features ol trio oil ant new
cbool building show morn strikingly tho
superiority 01 the modern construction Tho
I old InIde playground Is gloomy dumped
mid full of lack corners nud iinhealthlul
ad lul corel unhenlhlul re
cesses The now one is right capacIous and
open In the old one the Iljht apertures ore
liunlly more than tor cent of the iloorurei
I In the new one they are almost S3 100r pSl cent
The walls and piers or tbo new infill play
ground are bare brick In which contagion and
Terrain can find no lodclne plnie Tha cell
lug In tin The old lusldo playground
has a wooden celling und wooden wnluscotinc
S Who floor 01 tbo old playgiound is of MKU
poor stuff that poorly shod children uften hurt
their feet on the splinters Tiio now lloor Is as
Smooth A polished lk The veulllntlon of
the old Inside playground Is almost a poor as
possible Tho air of iho uw 111lrould can
be changed completely three minutes by a
clever arrangement of windows doors nnd
registers and yet without once creating an In
junouti draugut The floor area of tco Inside
Playground at Grammar rchool b3 is 13l
Inei and the vvnlls arc much bluher
than the walls of the iivorago prIvate
house Abundant unlced drinking water
Is supplied from Etatlonuir alone
bnslna A very little Improvement of consider
able moment In the construction of tueinsldo
playground bas just been suggested to Mr
Uebevolse and will herealter be Incorporated
In tie unllnlshed bulldlui The corner brick
of tho piers In the playground will be rouuded
i In order that the little children mar not Injure
themselves as occasionally heretofore by fall
Ing against the sham odes lal
Tie sanitary appliances In the yard just out
sIde the Inside playground Are so connected
with the building that the children mny not ba
obliged to pass from one tumtwruturo to an
other to use them They are constructed ac
cording to tho most approved sanitary science
Most of the second Uunr of Grammar hcnool
89 Included In the Inrgn ussenibly room dl
visible Into classrooms by moans of slitting par I
lone In the old buIldIngs otery fool had its I
assembly room The laolc of walls near tbl i
middle ol the building however resulted in a
Structural weakness To resuleJ Mr
Ilebovolhe bas constructed the
CUllrUClod new tchonl
bouses wlthalternatlnc 11 lore 01 assembly and
classrooms Tho third floor of tram
Jar bchool UJ la accordingly occupied
by small classrooms Eopaiurd by heavy
u fireproof brick walls A tynlcal room on
this Door Is on the souheru exposure
and about equally distant from each end
It Is for flftylour boys or gIrls ot h t to 11 years I
The lloor area Is 725 feet souar the cubic itlr
Epaoe for each pupil 21u let the
IIaoe Ilupl IU light hit per
cent of the floor surluct All tho air can bo
changed every three aud n half mlnutex This
perfection of ventilation U the reult of a care
fully calculated srstom ol froibalr feeders
The room has three urgo south windows uvo
doors live eutllatora over doors tnreo IVO
lators over windows four inilependent swing
window ventilators in the wall and live com
plete I lines of vontllatora terminating I at cacti
I end In registers 16 by Jo t IUIIIDN Ins registers
are 10 arranciU thut the air passes tnrough
the room diagonally Each line runs inde
pendently to tile underside of tile roof not as
formerly directly the open air and Is f con
I ducted by vunt pints to I hotair chamber
hence the air Is expelled by rool ouenlcga
The tbie exits from the room nro through
doors without bolts or bur and with knobs so
low that tho smallest chill In easily reach
thlm > o child can be locked In or detained I
any length of time in < Hse of IIo Ihe Imt
cloak room adjolnltig und opening into the
clossriiom is entirely iepirnto so that no viti
ated air fturn the clothing nutty toarh the chil
dren duiIng study and rocltutlonp
ellir reclalloul Ihe en
trance Is from iho corridor and the exit M I Into
the classroom so tint no confusion led ie
suit from the meeting and putting ut children
tvery child hm Its own hook cntllntois con
porting with the c rrldors supply currents of
fle8h air for the dlslnfcctl m it the clotblnx
rue seats fi > r the pupllb aie uiuity miuri lIke I
the old ones savo that they ins more carefully
4 Hdit > ted In l e gIlt to tho ages tho La k lit duo
Laiksof tie 01OUPIUI8j uiowhni more exactly
and the peat proper nt xuuu duutjod Is di
vided In two so thnt the communication of
4 vermin from one child to Its fratiunte may ho
IntcrruptOl All the seats face err that the
Pupils will receive lbs light ocr their right
rhoulders In no room IK I light Jut in beloni
the pupils face IU 18 often the case In tho old
buildings Ttiti room la hunuul iy the dlroct I
indirect system m Ir f steam heating alit tun I
beaters are shoathed In me nl In onlvr that
children mar not bum tloniKclvrs or their
clothing b > brushing ngulnnr ihtm Thu I
t for U I of yeliow ibcralnud pine
4 laid 1 over llreprouf pit cr nforced br
the tin ceilIng of the asuiublv loom bolol
It Is thus I clean cbeerlul airy roomy little
fortress of learning dry In the wettest Weather
cool In the sultriest days d llublr and I trebly
I jiroi ited irom any sudden Inroads of lire and
yet t alinott a oa > > of access und egress as the
vestibule on the ground Poor
On the fourth floor of Grammar School 80 Is
c Another big assembly room and just east of It
a manual training room and several class
I rooms The mil mini tmlnlngnxim can accom
I rjoaatooully mvtntyfU IMrii > I lies a
c flo > r surface ol I Situj sjunre itit and tlio light
r J fortyeliiht percent ol uiio Poor surfncf It I
contaIns lltiiiu cubic feet of r mr that iua I
changed In three and cue half mlnulei All
a cle hAi
the dtialls of tba construction o IhU room
have been oarr n dthatlnalwlnklln llm y
by altered to > suneM gymnasium In one
I l uohMi Boar sbould ne decide to clr
the cltr school children the b n nuofa n
lionel prutem of physlanl training It would find
everything Innovation In Grammar School SU ready lor the
J hx numerous stairways of Grammar School
ft 9 are arranged according to an Ingenious yet
eimtle ulan At the rear of the building there
nrf iwo double stairways nlouc each 01 wtilcll
two lines of pupils may pass without even ee
lug I each other The stalrcaee are absolutely
fireproof The sIdings anil balustiades are
nirtal and the treads are stone Thn door nt
the head of etch linn no transom nud Is I uf
ni lea1 10 substnntlnl Is the con tniotlon of
then I staIrways Jlr Ilebetolst says that they
would stand while nil the rest of the bullnlnu
oiutuhltd 1 way around them All the rleora
of the Malrs are of exactly this same
bulehU Khlclt IK of grant Importunes
in cites of I pnnlc In the front of I
the building ate two single stairways 01
hIts lame llreproof construction ns well as 1
separate stall war for tho little tot of the primary
mary department and another for cripples
and ill children Thc whole school of aIUHl or
unrl chlldr can bo placed In these stair
ways two children on each step and l four on
each broad stono landing Outside these stairWays
way there la nor a stop In the building to cause
emaIl children In stumble or fall Every Mali
way hnsii system of windows nnd other ven
tilators that render I reservoir of fresh air
from which the cloak rooms cine rooms arid
nsembly rooms nm > draw a great part of their
supplies Ibo amount of stair climbing to to
UJPIlel 1hlllount
done by the various classes of pupils IB regii
latod by a duo regard for tho health of nl
The boys are sent up to the top The big girls
of 13 or 11 need go only to thin second hoot
The 1 little tots of the primary department
clltnli on their special stairs and with the aid
ot their specially low balustrade ouly to the
first floor
About the most delightful part of every now
Kohnol building Is I Its astorubly room on tho
second bulhlnl 1f A groat whlio light pain
Hilly clean hall with n painted sheetsteel cell
bnl wth
tog nail n hard smooth light yellow lloor I
lias n wealth of fresh air and sunlight such ns
was nlor draUo1 of In tho days or the build
ing of the old schools jbo asombly room on
the second Ioor ol Uramtnor School 4b IMtn
Hreot anti St Mcholaa avenue for instance
AlI windows which finnish light
has twentysix rllnl8b laht
eaual to l icr cent of the floor surface There
aietnontialx transoms Or windows twenty
nix patent ventilator just above the sills seven
transoms over door end llft en Iron venti
lators In the walls The fifteen stcnm beat
ers all sheathed In shoot metal are
distributed M > un to guarantee an even
tomporatiira In winter to the big room as
tOllOrntlr lS each of the sis small roiinis
Into which It may bo divided nt will br Mldlnic
partitions The double floor Is strengthened
by the diagonal position of the boards rIte
Mioet steel ceiling above nod below and tIn
lo celllI
triple thicknesses of llreproof paper isolate all
the woodwork of the assembly room from nil
the woodwork of oery other room Throe
broad passages extend the wholo length of tho
room Sr Hint In a paulo the children may have
ample spate for leaving thelrsonta with a rush
Gitunmnri sctiool bJ tint 46 are types of the
whole class of new schools recently built or
now building All have practically the same
system of ventilation and heating the same
nrrnngaments of class rooms assembly rooms
Insldo playgrounds and stairways About the
only exception to tho rule Is Grammar School I
W lC3d street and Eagle avenue whiten tins a
separate building for the manual training
pchooL The building U two itorton high and
has on the second floor ono big room thIn
two hy seventy 100r A shower bath lor the
usoof children after work Is nttnolied ThU
building Is a model little gymnasium oven to
the shower bnth attacbment and whenever
the School Board pleases may bo trnnHiorraea
in A few days Into a llnelr equipped little turn
hollo for the children
The repairing of the old school buildings Is
done with a view to making hunt us much ns
pos lble like the new ones New windows tc
lighten dark rooms now ventilators to freshen
musty corner now metal ceilings to ropleoa
the dirty and contaminated old wooden ceHtrc
nnd nov llroproof stairways inhe place of the
old wooden steps are I few of the Improve
ments Unavailable corners and usoles land
lugs ore cut out to make way for Increasing the
size of adjoining rooms Inside playgrounds
are freed Irom the wooden encumbrances
which bave long bred vermin and ctl eoso
New seats aio put In rooms wh re hereto I
for the scholars have sat on rough benches
of ill suited height and width Steam heaters
are covered with sheet motnl seats are turned
that the pupils may no longer ruin their eyes
by facing pupis light the location of assembly
room Is altered that delicate girls may not be
sent to the fourth story while robust boys 10
only to the first lloor and a hundred other
things aro don with the purpose ot making
hn old shells tolerable to the occupants
The repairs s 111 Inoi oa e th seating capacity
of the old schools by about 2S 0 place with
out overcrowding The completion of four new
school buildings will add accommodations for
some 100W more children Them will then bn
mill between O I nnd HiiiO children at least
who will bo able to nnd no legitimate plnco In
the city schools Upon the completion within
a year or so of all the school build
ings now In process of erection all the
children In the city mar co to school
without filling by some SOO or lOOtn nil tho
places prepared for them br the HOI Tho
repairs and the work on the now buildings
durlug July nod August have engaged the
steady services of TOtUl men and have erst the
city about frH > OOuO All the building and rent
ing Mr OebevolBe says have been done by
he best workmen and In the mObt pnlnstnk
lug manner Not n stroke of poor work has
1ot 10r
Ion passed wittingly bytboso In chnice nnd
when the chools open for the fall term young
ow York will study and recto In greater com
fort than ever before
4 torxov KXinmriox
Rhode Island to Honor Kumiicl Slater the
Hplnocr Dr 10 Trur Ann
PAWTVCKETT Aug 29Tho peoplo of this
lively lUiods Island town are getting ready for
a big time next month In tbe Cotton Cente
nary Celebration I is to be an exposition
mended to show the wonderful progress mndo
in cotton spinning In the last 10 years Tho
show Is in honor of Samuel Mater who came
rotu England 10 years ago and began at
Iawtuckot tho first successful cotton split
ring by power machinery on tho western continent
Inent Sister was I mechanical genius He
built a little mill Dar the falls of the Black
stone nor at Iawtucket nnd produced a
superior kind of ylrn He Introduced Ark
wrights English method of spinning At the
exhibition In Contenmy hull relics of Samuel
Slitters business which ore In the keeping of
the Government at Washington and which
invo been loaned to the Iawtucket committee
will bn shown together with a miniature rep
esoutatlon of n hllleldu of cotongrow
it ig plants for tha nouth with bolls
ready for picking also ono of the
tnooiiglunl models of cotton cln made by
tbe Inventor Ul liliiioy which aru a century
old will be exhibited Cotton munufuctururs
In every Mato nt lie Union nr expected to
solid samples of the gods thor make Th < >
Legislature of Ilhodn Island ad iho Cir
touucll of Iawtucket have voted Bums of
money to tho Ixpl llon fho show Is to begin
on ept2 and continue one week On tha
opening day rOM or 700 tundnyfchool cbli
dien will puradp in auoilirr day thero will bu
a ereat military display anti tho Govern of
the Now llngland Mates will review It Thoro
Will also be trades title and dromons proces
sions a rowing regatta horse and bicycle
races und I grand Mardl urns fostlal at
which the committee announce King Cotton
will reign supreme I
TrucUrd With Ills lloilon Friend tu MOD
tieul MBd Heard tit Later In QtiMiep
DruDFoin Vu Aug 29 Frank V Johnson
the Columbia law student whose puill ran
away three or four wcoks ago Is I Yot on the
hunt for him It may b remembered that
Sumner Henley the Ifirearold sou of W M
liealey I con lace manufacturer of Now York
was turned over to 31 r Johnson for a summer
of Instruction In the Knclbli lancunio tho lad I
having forgotten arlous rnrti of jilt mother
tongue because of long renlilenco mini educn
thin In franco and Oorman He was fired
with a desire to to n lutokwoodstrnn where
fore ho broke loose wlllui lot n boy of tho
same ace ant struck for tho White Mountains
cairilngu shotgun an extra Milt of clothes
und a J100 silver Unto as luggage Mi John
ran acting upon novices iron Mr llonloy ad I
vurtlstd I lie rnwnnl for the iecnrry pi ihn
hoy and emiilnyed Detootlvii M I K llroun tl >
riymoutli Z N I to track him Tbe detective
wiiu tins hn1 vii4t oxpaiioiiro In sueli mitloiH I
followed the boy through the ItHiieonln I I
Jlountalnh while meanttme Mr Jluis 1
lolntllh whlo 101Itlll r Jhla n WHS
placarding country tot mcos and pruMntlni
the case In dodgers to nil tile lurmurs who
went to toe Iorouauah circus lu its trip I I
through this region The rewards brought
out nuy number ol clewa but they nor
caught the boy p Ten day ago truces of tbo
itinuwars wvr found ut N tith llurke M I I i i
rh searclurs 111 nut up them I nrid I
followed tin boys I across tlm lln I Ian line I I I I I
Ion Nir i llealy I I ramo up t Bud went with iho I
detectives tu Montreal The route of the
youngitcrs wa perfectly clear to that point
There ther seemed to illsappi ar as Mr lohu I I
ron put It Ilk morning mists Mr Dealer
prowled around Montreal for several dura
and then sate 1 up and returned to New
York heveral detectives weie engiiued by him
but the boys dodged I thom nil Mr Johnson
reenlist a telegram last evening from A do
tectlri fnJii l oln which It wa staled thnt
captured the boys thutiKh had been seen Tier havent < Lon
ZohIssun oniwell hay Ir
PIclKr l Canlw1 l nnnnhr ot the Vraoityn petic
terra VM trrtiuit In Long litaud Olty lst l night fur
auaolllnc hit sister ID law Jin Mirr W rrkt of M
HorJtn avnua lu her louse lit wu csptur4 whIle
trylnt to K PI oronpalot and wu locked up II
wu intotlciwo sat lay > CU Sam u Jta Boles I
ni r
4tn a at as
Tint acitixcB Ann ART or colo
A New Thine In the rublln IebiIS h
Promtci Mar fists Voti
When the public schools reopen Seot m
ber almost 1000 girls from 10 U15 T5srs of
BBewlIl take UP the study of thsclence ana
art of cooking I Is less than three years
slnco tbo study of cooklns il Introduced
Into Iho public school of tblsplirand In that
time nearly 2000 Bfri hlbenaunde In
I struction Sorer1 tnlndrrbAY > been gradu
ated with I full k owledlo f the science and
Art on tho svliooUvndofaU t confer and
some of those gfrre w manwtlnit hojives
of tholr owruppmltlBoJlInK the horrors of do
mestic cooklngln the > omrs of their par t
Orer In Brooklyn Pratt Institute also
teaches cookery TJero are three kitchens
tho sixth floor of th great building and hero
classes of twenty Ira each receive weekly les
sons two hours Itag For six months the Pratt
Institute girls learn how to make fires towath
dishes to tidy the kitchen to boll moats and
vegetable tomnke soup brAd And pastry
to cook for Invalids to roast to fry to broil
and to preptre eggs and fish In various styles
In the second course of six months they are
taught thy mysteries of French cooking and a
baro enumeration of tho things thor leainto
do woad make a gourmets mouth water
rrnttslustltutolms nuo a normal course In
cookery designed to It t teachers to teach the
eclonfo and art to others The College for
Training Teachers on University place this
clJ has the same sort of course and n very
thorough one It Is 1 too
Charles 1 Halt of the Board of Education
who Is Chnlraanof the committee to whom
the matter of cookery In the schools Is In
trusted hat In his downtown business ofllca
the othor Jay And talked about the subject In
away that < Indicated a lively Interest Hit had
before him a < neat little tabulated statement
with which the mathematical < render or
Tiii str > shall not be voxod The table ahows
that 1r hal 1 Hope and Mrsa ii Austin the
only orsons tmoloyed to tonch cookery In tho
schools of this city bud during the last school
jour twenty classes In public schools Ncs 1
1013244143 and 77 There were In nil a
little matu than 7W i pupils In tbeso classes
and provision lust boon mad for Instructing
our classes numbering 133 pupils In girls
school 0 SO
Mr Holt believes that the proper way of
boiling 1ult etc referred to by Emerson has
been tnuuht to the irlrls under tho charge of
ILllht alrll
thpsa ladles but he Is tenacious of the point
that the public BcbooU do not attempt tn turn
out cooks uny moro than tho colleges attempt
to make chiml5ts The object Is education
The science ol cookery Is the thing aimed at
Incident The classes In
the art Is but an 11 classy
cookery to bo sure learn to boll uggf And broil
AtpaLA and make coffee but these things are
loss Important In Ills eye S far as the duty of
the o schools is concerned than the study of the
ehumlslry natural philosophy and hygloua
cookery For example tho girl who emus I
to boll an egg also learns just what goes on In
cidu the gg as It Is I boiled why one degree of
hardness Is moro wholesome than another and
why an egg ole moro < iulkly or moro slowly
wuohever the physical mot way bo at a liUh
elf latiou than at hut level of the sea 1uplls
learn I too why it Is wicked to fry a leak when
arn IB 1 gridiron anywhere within twenty
10s and while Mr Holt ad mite that his
girls commit the situ of making strawberry
shortcake he insists that they are not permit
ted to cook the berries or make sodden nnstrr
The cooking department in tho public schools
Mr Holt bnllovos to be eminently successful
Jr J will extended as rapidly as possible Ho
is told that the girls take great delight In the
science as well us the art nnd practice the lat
ter at home to tbo comfort und dolilght of
manv households Ho verily believes that the
number of happy marriages will bo increased
through the Introduction of this study Into the
public schools All the pupils In cookery look
forward with pleasure to cooklpg day The
girls wear the jauntiest little cooks caps im
nalnabla and are marvellously proud of their
white aprons
Everything nt the cooking class Is conducted
with ordor and decorum Half a dozen cook
while the others of the class answer questions
In tho science of cookery The older girls ac
Quire a really remarkable knowledge of the
Tucts and principles that He behind lie art
In the practical part of the work the slightest
and humblest task Is performed with enthu
siasm All the utensils era kept clean and
bright tho materials are arranged with
scrupulous regard to convenience nnd do
spateh I 1 a girl li I sent only to fetch a tolling
pin sho brings it with proud step and esteems
the task a privllego When Irult is I cheat It U
bought In considerable iiuautitle and the
clrls lira taught tho art of making dainty
desserts They loam too why especial care
must be taken In cooking some fruits m cop
per kettles and of course tho science of pot
eons receives proper attention
Vo uio pleasel with this department of
school only na far 8 It baa gone said Mr
Halt because it hIts In with tho other parts of
tbe educational system 1 U I an excellent
caturo of our manual training
The Hubterfnee t > r Which lie Contrived to
Got An ay from a 1rlaon Colony
Mr 1 Ordinaire recently returned from a
long sojourn In New Caledonia the bit Island
In the PacifIc to which several thousand French
criminals have been transported for their
countrys good I is a mistake however to
suppose that many of these convicts spend
their lives drudging away behind prison walls
I they behave themselves and do not try to
escape they are In time permitted to enjoy a
cood deal of liberty live In cottages ot their
own outside the prisons marry female convicts
and aCiuiro moro or Ias property While in
Now Caledonia Mr Ordinaire mot a beautiful
young French woman and her husband They
lived in good style entertained him hnnd
Eomoly and ns they were Jot convicts their
guest was curious to know bow it happened
that thoy were living In such an out of the way
part of the world They satisfied his curiosity
and Inter be heard the story they told him from
tho French authorities on the lliuid
About twenty years ago a wealthy French
man named Lninr was condemned to life Im
prlpnnuient in New Calodonln It had boon
discovered that be bud successively poisoned
two legitimate wives and the publlo sentiment
WAS thut ho waR very lucky to save bit bend
HI sentence was that he should bo kept at
bard labor It happened however that In his
now home being fur away Irom tha French
I court that tried blm ho was not coullnod very
long In the prison gang and gradually gained
runny privilege Air Ordinaire hints tat
lamys money was Influential In making con
vict life easy And comfortable for blm
I At tbv end of ten year the wife poisoner was
AS free ns any ono could be Iho was not permitted
I Ud to to anywhere ha pleased He wandered at
1 will nmong the settlements of New Caledonia
bought property In Noumea the chief town of
the island und started ranch on which be
fore Ions he had JOUO bead of cattle lie hail
other business Irons In the lire nnd enjoved
ail this privileges or a Ireo colonist except that I
lie could not quit tho islnnd < where he land
boon condemned to perpetual exile
lint of counts tIle thing ho mot ileaiiod wan
the complete freedom that wns domed blm
lu suite 01 run fortune aud tie comparative
comfort he ouioyed Lnmy made up his mind
to go buck to 1tiromi II ne could got thoro
tine day ho wont to Noumea wearing a very
IticiibrioiiH face nnd told the lover or of vor tbl
Vtmlteiitlnry Administration thnt tbo cllmato
nits flmply killing him If be did not have a
chance ol air IIP would dl He begged for per
mlolon to spend six months In bydner on ac
count ot his xliutlerod health
1 In hinted that sympathy did not move tho
ponlteullnrv nutiio Itleit half M > much as tho
gold which capable of vvnrkiug miracles A
I privilege that hud rovor been extvndvd to A
prisoner on tilt Island before was accorded to
t trsmor He obtained jieriolftlon to seek n I
cimtice of air suit orwnly embarked lor Aui >
jolla 01 A French Htonuur buvlng the best
I uccimimodfUlormthB vessel provided1
Lnmy was now irnlly a fugitive for he hail
not the slightest Intention of returning OBII n
to nw Cnlodonlit It ilia not take him bug to
discover that the iydn y air wan not suHl
I cleiitly curative and he accordingly took pat
slice upon I of due iuu Francisco btemnur
cixfcfd North America and ouibarUed ibm
New YOlk Ijr j iurote
A few moniliH iilinr Lnray should have
I 10ni ltnr Ilmr Ihoul Ilvo reap
pcnuvl In Now Cnlodonla ills son and dnuch
tcrlnlnv the yountr people who BO linnd
fiomily ontoriulned Mr Onllnalie niipeurod
on tI i > sione by wore equipped with lull I
powert to dlsposu of hid property tho land
nnd they settled In one of thulr tuthera houses
mInd proceeded leisurely to realize upon th >
lalII liniisos forests nnd bents of their par
Olt At last account be Nuts otlll iei I > bslng
from hi iidventuios In u country bordorluK
UI Ott lrnnct >
Hoilhy the Attention of Purmeri
IlinMfiiiiAxi Aug 29 IltchCeld county
boasts of a now variety of J Into os that may
take Out place among their kind I they prove
as prolific all over the country at they have
there A sample of the row variety which ba
been named the Early Puritan was originally
snt to the venerable L H Wilson of Bethel
from Washington with tho request to cultivate
I nnd make Lnonri the result to tbs Depart
riiiit ff Arlci Hiiro 1 Ills I Car iho product of
his liiulo lots I wan plwnt M ii I nno tl ron
iilod Iritu it Itts HKtoniflilnc I Vilnnn I
pnuwM o oven of thn now poclf Tliu I i
euiallnst potato weighs tlireequurtera nf
n iiouiid I while the largest weighn over a pound
and A auarior Jhey are almost whit In color j
and are very fair skinned and smooth The
result unprtctdtnud la Uiii State
N a g u
ILOf < L
1 I STill +
+ I < it V
Till S + + H oNo + 4
i 1 J <
No Crumbling no strikes
A Remington Standard Type
writer is servant of all work
with no griovancos
Ton Cant Get Otrorce H eauia Too
Dont Like Claim
BinuiKonxu Aug 29Denj Harger was in
the Town Court this morning charged with
consupport of his wife The aggrieved woman
on crossexamination admitted that her hus
band hnd given her plenty of fish and clams
but saM she was sick of them ilarger wits dis
charged and walked borne with his wife
t1trt onrd
A ATr1tCT1Vi handeanisly furatetied
A tat1Ir lr
11 apArtments and rooms all desirauie locations
with wlLboUI board Otrice for pbnldul adjoining
Ath and 1Iadlool1 an every house inspecmsd Intorwa
bait fu 2 hue referenc Cmii tattoo
a a hAlLEY 7eVeet33thst
A HAND ° OSIEIY furnIshed floors print
bath private table notional antics and ilngl room
with orirltQoat board permanent sat tTanatcnu ref
creucta InformatIon trs
H U lKLAND A CO 26 Welt 34th It
HKOTEXEll under the ume man Mment
at at 1 VV tit tfth it room ilnxlr or en suite fur
niihtd to nit r Dti enure floor with all modern con
veulencci private baUi parlor dlnlorroom aprjoiat
f W r dme tolnt
meoti crtttilati every reipect ais weit 4At it
ARNO ootheait corner or 2dtu iu and Broadway
Select family hotel American and European plan
central location convenient to all places of amuse
mint terms II l and a pr day
F lR is AlTnTllENTS ant rooms for raarrleil
I and uncle people always on books time and fare
fatIgue shoe leather and vexation saved uy examining
r i llre xMg IWI
ItJiitpift Uoardinc house and Boom Rertiter suo Weit
Foentht >
IliiTEL ClIAnNTONE Broadway facing Cen
tral Park select family hotel all room race Park or
striCt excellent laSt one bloc to elevated road
HOTEL VIANO Ilacdiomely farnlibed room and
board 87 up table dhole with wine fiOo 4d Eat
loth st
TrtArrirriis1 EXCRANCE and want
Supply Co u Veil 42d 01 have < le > lrabl rooms with
or without board Iirerlor accommoaatlona for physi
cian or ilentlit private family
2e1 I rt9 West Mth etLarse and ima1 I room with
or without board Southerner aecommttdated
WAVEIUKY l PLACE l2 < Largepleaianl room
V I alsO email room bath and cornenlencef sum
mer prlcee xentlemen enly board optional
IOTIT BT 231 1 EAST Rooms and board at reason
I able rates
n TU BT 62 WESTIJaiant sunny rooms with
1 I food board table board
1 9TSr 337 KAflTLare wellfnrnisn I front
I a room ataa back room with board alSO table
OQD RT 110 WF8TMr FECK tiM se ored this
h large I wellfurB hed home and can accommodate
famlllai or ladles and gentlemen with suDtrlor board
and attendance table f umU accommodated
OOI > BT Aai WEST near L itatlon Larre Ollrabll
fr rooms singly oreniuttt also small room excel
lent board reference
QOD BTzti2 WEST Parlor and second floor light
vt > cheerful room tlnry or en suite with all COD
Tenlencts board optional terms moderate basement
to let OATH Kbit
OQD ST 30H VEST near I station Larie second
23 1 rlr f
t > story 1 room she large and small rooms aUiitly or
en suite excellent board table board
Olb 8T ate VVEST = Lar e pleasant rooms excel
ft lent board anA attendance permanent or Iran
slent summer price
JOD 8T s8 WXST t rre pleasant room slndeor l
405 en salt also email NOm excellent board Iran
steals solicited
OATh ST ii TRSTlarsre and cheerful nleeiy l
1 furnuhed rooms all convenience excellent
I 2 Tll iT 3j DMt1 WFSTfarn well fumflbed
I eJ room enirly or en suite xentltmen er ladies t4
t and 14 Weet7i I transients accuromodatetl
nKTM ST 2M VVKsTLarce ell furnlihe rrooaia l
> Cindy er en suite fentlemen or faiclllet also
Smelt coons table board
O7TII RT 217 BART Nicely famished elude and
f dOUbl rooms hIm comforts with or without
OT TH HT 30 WEST = di I iim l 4 rooms
9 with flritCUis board refereQcei exchanged
OQTM STssa TE8TnMnt double and sIngle
< > O room with large cloiets Britolasi board reier
once exchanged
OQ TI1 ST S33 VVEST I arje or imull room nicely
xiO furnlined with excellent table board 10 II
O4TII ST 211 WKSTBeanttful uutisuallj wide
Oft ninny and connecting rooms priest bath > u
perior boaid optional
qxill kT 311 iVEST twa arid a half bloc crete
Ol Itroatlway Oreat variety of rooms all prices
table bonrL
O TlffcT IJiVvrsT nrar nroadwayLarte hand
O a Comely furnIshed rooms flricciajs boarU table
Cor8rll T ft3 SVEST rear BroadvrTy larie plraZ
OOant room rlnjrir or en suite ample ctoiet ttAth
bOla < cold water superior table and atctidenie
A AW sTi I WEhT + riesr Hroidwar llaiidiomely
a s furnUhed large I sot stash rooms onexceptlonable
card atlenlunre refrrencef
4 lilt ST Ibis VVKhTPleaTntniandrimelr fur
MH rushed fI > oiiii sills excellent board toKentlcrnen
or families returencn
A 4TH HT 2i5 WEST Itinfinmely furnished room
ra a board bath hot ana avid water private fain
liy moderate terms
A Atn CT 234 WFRT near Broadway ilan < 1ioire
5a fecond floor eueulleor ktnnv exectlent board
4 KTII T732i WESt Indl r t families
1U orrentlemeu all modern Improvements with or
without board
4 Tli TiB WEST Private famllyi parlor dining
ju roem exeellent table references
A JTII RT uS EAST Bonny iQuare ream withWird
u for two 110 ball room with board S J
Anvils T 31 WLRTEeantltil rooms with board
Lu In trivet American family
AgTiI ItT 243 KARTnandiomly fvrnlsb 44tsr < v
a ble rooms excellent bused ft > o4 locatiou home
comforts moderate
4QTH ETi CS3 VKHTUr unlhaUrnfimi plenty
5 sutsiastlat Lhor house pleasant ant homelike
7c fiTVl lTTvVIftriUyin 01 Xt and HU roots
iO wltli biaru fefrreuces rxctiftni
AflTIICTItl WBHTL small newly emItted
jJ rooms wiibor vltbout board all cOnTtalenoMi
lIIodor1I prices
Eiiiii lIT EA5T1la1i Single double reemsi
U J troll sad ktk parlt with board Sd as
L r
gltal SfMt 4Jn alcgoutttta I gUnl ggtatt n jFatr < CcutttB I glcnl QftltttoT cintt c5L
10 ITH IOTnorDEnM FRrENDM and rl1nrnUURR A 10110 nnODC IMLAJI IAHnnF atil nOMTON DAlun 1
JIRNH Ak4 in I tee 014ruhlon4 bean Vets Iethr with votFCI BUII and HANUnn will II eersl al ii ro rnJr r
EXSLNME 10 cii holding reopen tlolttto from Ibis em Th a only expects will be O cent tr return 11ht It Iollret II ear ones lieh
at station 7S cent TraIn leave I loot of Jay and 4rd etreeti 1140 A M ana I P I M Think at the popnlarltj of the J < l aee OVKR a rH
JO1M NOtli IN 1O MONIHNi ya mllei of streets laid rut and several ftmclais hotele started UVKU HO MlOUttKIt COMJtlaTiI r
Lot near the new rHllrosiel eMr OTIS to aiOJti S1O ab 05 m nositb Tonll mever set Knottier ehexee like this i
J MeOINNIH eivfar EHh PT4 f OL E s JRff SV i 7 VrTOTTN OFFIO1L
gtlttt lOontd
COD ST 804 WK8T few more ynnni man can be
Ur > accommodated with rood board and pleasant
rooms bath hot and cold water also table board
FiAtu BTH 1STWFBT ilireedoom from Broadway
tffi Large and email roomsi superior board
ROTH ST 314 EAST outside bell KlrstctaM beard
8Td te 1 i 1
eJO and room with washing and tuendlngi hath gas
KQTII KT 3t FAST room and board Inclodtut
Do dinner beer 460i table board tUM
ftST BTr01 nAST Jd belLDMlrable nicely for
VII nlihed rooms bath ga running water with or
without board
67TH sT IM WRaTThlrdnorTt two large sunny
J I eonneetlnr room liandtomely fnrniitied ample
decal hot and cold water excellent board i family
four piteous summer 14 winter with heal 525 near
elevated road
tTHtiTRTflOT EABTSlntle l and double nicely fur
i i pished rooms bath gsa with or without board
Q18T ST 1ST EAST Mcely furnlsned back parlor
O JL suitable for one or two gentlemen with or with
out board
QD Dr 134 WEST 2 mlnnteifram L elation Hand
yOioino rooms food board private family refer
tIttt ondrooh1jn
LAFAYETTE AT 215 near Clinton Alcove and
54 square room also an entire floor for single l gentle
men exceptionally good home and tablet reference
6 3 PIVRAPPLR RTTHorJKLVlOveminote from
W the bridge Large alcove room to let with board
Qfi ltKNRTRT HeUtits fltT minutes role bridge
a J pleaeant rooms a lib board loW to to5u u weekly
tlrui1ttt RooUlf pnrtmtutJ att
AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED alcove room foment
di ir two gentlemen at 43 cbarlee st near bIb IL
nation eth ay U
CLINTON PLACE Ss near BroadwayXleely fur
fished rooms all conveniences centlemen or light
houiekeeplnrt 110 up
JLJ for feutlemin UcUDinc 2ie and V24 West 40ta IL
L RX1NQTON AVA9 0 Dear534stBlnre sad double
1i newly furnished rooms also reception room for
I orfioe
NICRLT rUKMRHRn PARLOR Ht back parlor 5
j third story front room Sit large deeds hot and
cod water others fe at to pa iteiittenea only fiiH
Sob av Junction Broadway and 41M it
ROOMS private house privilege of bath near Lila
It lion l3 Bait 48thjlt
WAVERIET PLAcE 5 near Broadway and Cooper
TV Initltuie Nicely furnished large room Ftso
each two gentlemen
WELLFURNISHED FLOOBor rooms far genUemen
VT 143Welt41ltlt
10TO Br23 BART Handiomely famished front
JU parlor folding bedj tl
n TH ST 37 EASTA large furnlibed room to let
I L for cue or two reipectable gentlemen
12Tiffi tS EAST near llroadway Nicely for
M f nlihed rooms framto5
1 OTII ST TCn EAST Larce and small rom nicely
iJ rurnlbd gal bath to OHEBANH belt
I fill ST 2t KAST Front ana neck connecting
I 7 rooms second foam handsomely furnIshed tath
gas married couple or gentlemen reference
OATH ST 446 WES r oppusltsCbeiies I square Larira
< fcvf front room suitable for couple board opitoiial
OQt BTM 111 WEST near L nation Large newly fur
i niihed rooms singly or en suite aUosrnail rooms
terms reasonable
OOD 8T 131 WEST aJlukoraBmaH nicely far
faO nlhed lecoDditory room hot and cold water
OQDfT 200 WT8T Large and small rooms terms
< e > reasonable gentlemen only
OOt ST 213 WEST Large desirable rooms alt con
< 6J venlencfi reference
OT1I KTf3 WEST HinJiomelr tarnished rooms
r ± slnry or en mite atio hall F rooms elegant parlor
floor four rooms all ImproTementa raasonabe
Q JTO BT JI WEST Large pleasant front hall room
< aU conveniences 230 back ballroom 93 private
house with owner
OATh t ST SJ3 WFPT Two concreting rooms flnt
> 6r4 Coor nicely furnished reasonable i permanent
Q CTlfsTzn WESTHandiomely furnlihed rooms
Ail gentlemen central 1 location l tiWJ fJ H
OlflT RT 37 WESTHandiomely furnished large
lnli lll I
eJ A and small rooms termi moderate orJo
OtJDST RSEASTrnrnlitled hall room third floor
n Ib1r4
Ot > ass of bath r nice Quiet bouse and people
nft If r iao WESTTIlandsomely furnished
large room on parlor and Kfond door also small
rooms all conveniences reference
TnTlTsfTl34 EAST near aracd Central Daunt
4U Front parlor 17 tunable for two gentlemen also
single end double roomi bath gal running water
4ODBT2I2 VEST near BroadwiyNlcely for
2QP etched and pleasant small rooms for gentlemen
4QTH ST or2 > 5 Aio 3d bell Large front room stilt
rt 7 able I for two also smaller roomi ladles I or gents
RHTII RT 203 EAST Nicely furnl hed single l and
tot double rooms bath gas parlor floor unfurnished
XOr > RT 424EAflTrietifherabellNlcelyfitrnlihe < l
tJI i hall room use of parlor bath and gsa S173
ROD ST itS EASTFurnlshed rooms to let single
tsnil double
OD ST 143 BAST Furnished rooms to let single
U > + and double
r ITO Si1t7 HARTLarge small and hall rooms
w1 newly fnrnUhed bath gas t strictly private neigh
Ktiltt ST 140 EASTIirg well furnIshed alcove
Jtr room running water large closets also other
TIIST 248 BASTKlcely furnished front rom
I C suitable for one or two respectable men also
small room
fittn ST 207 EASTMcely famIshed hall room
5 e bath gat running water private family K
JKOTirsT 47EABTRlngleand doube handsomely
avC furnlibed rooms running water bath gas
f TII RT 202 RACTHandiome back parlor suitable
sJ r for doctor or couple also other desirable rooms
newly furnished
QD KT 107 EAST Single and double rooms nicely
s J furnIshed private tamlly and itreet
1 JflTit 8T tOT EAST Twn furnished rooms for
L 1J housekeeping rent fJfiO per week
OlQ WEST I > Ilindiomely furnished front
4tJ room with or without board rraniienU ao
coramodaied table board
Int6 nntl gipntlnunts groohtp
L4 tague it near Wall Ctriel Ferry strIctly Oral
IllftUiltiIitL1 partmrttl tnntrt1
ItOOMH OR FIOORH centraly located for
permanent and desirable parties fend particulars
ALLKIt il West 4JJ St
tnI tnt Lttntrd
WANTRD Private houses and property ot every
vs deicrlptlon for parties waltlngi regliiratlou free
ALLIiK l Weit Ud st
Rooms eu tulle with prIvate bath al moderate rates
Strictly a family hotel on American and European
plain tIe lerreil In New S ork State
VVM TtKNlllllDHb Prop A o3 and M Clark et
American Han Elegant Apartments
Bth av and lid IL New York is a palatial model home
with all bold conv enteni en heists uniurpaned
LUREs KKICII r I rttprsler
PDBITAN hOTEL 153 Bowery timer Detanceyet
A Accommodations for gentlemen desiring elegant
rocmianubom comforls icouci weekly SlsbiDdSJ
SMITII8 HOTEL Wi Park row One rooms first claw
Li table term moderate
L 1118 nilUNbVVIIX OAIKEfnUlMillt TO
Itrcailway crirner ttn it hIlton nareL
PL paunt eatress WATIONALfATaxrCO 5 4Jrsa4
way palest Slicitots
tlnlis and japrtmtulg go ct
Blatant new apartments all Unlit and airy room
vry coaysolence and fine location Ore room and
bath Rent fVom 835 to S30
Apply on nremUei or
Are fhnrleie Itaek M Cn
J1S7 Ninth nTtDr cor tad St
The belt arrancad on the West HIde
Bo Central Purk and Colombnn rf th ar
RENT 55 75
RENTS 750 TO 12
RISI TS i6S5 TO 18
Also stores moderate rents
Annir to JOHN SSVK
1OCO lotu nv OOth and Gills et
9 AND 11 MORTON KTPlnjnl Unlit apartmenta a
U and 4 rooms quiet homes modern Improvements
iniofM > janitors
224 to 25 l Set 15th it Light apartments 3 and
4 Itvht rooms each improvements flue houses Sit
toli linltor
A7 S cot 45th 51S and 4 rooms all Improvements
qnlet home from to to > I2 Aa
1412 lit ar3 rooms from fTso to fa
4l ua Wait 20th Brooms rnt t3to 54
R I P I JAVM t CO 114 Welt 13dIt
JfiflWert tlth ft 3d flat 7 rooms 45
SO4 WDM 20th St 21 flat week 8 rooms >
hoe West iOth it + Pd flat wait n rooms 8
3fV4 West 8Olh st 3 < 1 flat east B rooms ftt
KS Wet mist 2d flat tail 8 rooms 24
SNJ West Slot it 2d flat writ o room 21
S3A West Slot it 50 net well 0 rooms 27
826 West 21 it it Sd flit esstfl room 27
WeitSlitst 4lh HateiiL S rooms 20
8JS West 2let SL tat flat sail Broom 2ft
Sta West 2111 it 4th flat east 0 rooms 20
254 WtstZSdlt
B E one 7fith at and Colnmbni 9th sy5
tfum HeHt IaiilienK Klrvator
separate stairway for Servant hall bon ic
Apply on premises southeast corner 75tn ii L and sih av
horthweit corner 103d st and Amsterdam av
Elegantly appointed Cat
Steam heat paienger elevator ball hors Ac
Apply on premises
AT TltR rolIOVTINO nofSFS carefully managed
11 by one owner vacancies may at time r e found
worthy nf the Inspection ef rupeciabie ramilles
lt > 4 t ast Bblh it I to 7 rooms bathe private
halli 21tono
ls bast Kth st + f < rooms bathe private halls 27 to 94
243 hull 87lh it 0 rooms and bath 31 to 23
1773 lit nv it rooms private boils 10 to 20
Apply to Jaattora day or evening
The Elawortb Anirtnent house
loth av S2d and 63J itt
Apartments of four suit hIve rooms running through
erfect ventilation pronounced the Bneit honiei In
tie world steam beat and hot running water can be
teen evcnlnti rents 91U to ris
Apply to W W MECOIt COS tTelt C3d at
APAtTTM ENTH a and 4 roomi In good neigh
borhood home extra welt Onlihed rooms light and
airy all Improvements steam heat Ac renutllto
516 440 to iii Westroth it See Janitors
J CURB IT A CO 23 J IL 9th av
MagnIficent Flat ot A Rooen nn4 flatb
Ono FlIght nt 4O1 Burnt 7Sth mt
Apply to Janitor
A A FnrjR ROOM AFARTIIENTR all light bath
t3 room stationary tube ranges private hall rooms
papered janitor In home rents reduced Slit to 21
Apply on premises 1408 SIb t av 87th and hSth its
A BLEOANT FLATS all Improvements decorated
tt steam heated foreman families rent sis lottl
Noa 107 and low West 103th st and luu and lew West
lutitblt JAMTOR
A ELEGANT and large tleamhealed flats CD Test
13 7lit it cor ith folumboi av 7 rooms and bath
to leas rent W m Hi
Apply to Janitor on premises
APARTMENTS OF a AND 4 ROOMS an tight with i
13 Improvements cheap rent 2iu East + 0tbL
A bath all outside windows nicely decorated rea
sonable rents letect tenante only
COLLtN 11 nuUDWAUO SiC West 144th It
C nEAPIWeiIjuut look afthem and convince your
selves beautifully decorated flat of 3 rooms and
bath anImproTemeute I4 ud st bet 7th and SIll avs
110 SiT and 18 per month nothing In the market
lite them for the money
COLLIN II WOODWARD 318 Welt 141th It
C flRAPKST FLATS In th cltvPecond flats large
y rooms tl3 third 11 f2 268 nth av
COLLIE II WOODWARD ate West 144th It
LEOANT BfNOLE LATsElgbt large light rooms
4 and bath steam heated decorated altendance
ts 5 and 5s4 U tveiltothst office
ELEGANT FLAT of 6 rooms with Improvements
14 27U West 11 that Inquire ot janitor
TO si I7
INyUIHB AT 518 EAST tell bT
FLATS AND APARTMENTS unfurnished and far
a rtiljt In all parts or the city
KO1SUM nuuTllEKs KM Hroadwar near ithit
FLATS In perfect order decorated mIrrors par
Si tleres and lace contains reasonable term Jaul >
tom 213 West 33d it
FIATI4 sJn to 132hn perfect order Janitor in
WeitJIIhit joUNKIt IS 41tHj v
H ub ON ANf WEST miii KTRElefantapartmenta
Ai of 8 and 4 rooms In the nve new hatS
SLTTON FLACK 27 COrner Rail reth it and Av A
I Flats tf room all modern Improvements rent
T7TH ST22H vTFST Elegant f a IN 0 rooms bath
A I room newly decorated all Itgit perfect gem
OTIIST + 023 WECT ream Broalwaj Large pleas
v A ant and desirable rooms all conveniences refer
OTTn ST lvsii near fthor Four rooms front
O I 14 three rooms tack ill
OQTH RT 2V > Will Improved new fiats four light
O J rooms and bath iteam healed Pil 4i
X1T 8T lWS KAfcTArarlmonti a rooms all light
avr and Improveinintt itlng liouiekeeper s be L
AS AND 50 LEItOV RTArrtmentilo let hind
JO inmely decorated light rooms rentcbeap lloaie
ieet > er
1 hIT ST Mi KSTitieTant rats 4 liihT rooms
es bath new boutsi to small families
K18T ST 12 BAST Large room wIth alcove alio i
Ol smaller roomi cheat gas bath
ROD ST 4in SAiT1leiaiu single flauToTudT
W room all tuodern iinproiemeuta Inoulre on
Qn ST 57 EAIIT Secant floor Croomnsfuue order
5Jo3 rent 10 private house
s7TI1 ST 2l4 EAST Apartments of three rooms In
if i good order Britclan ueiruburhoodiu monthly
Sm HT 140 AND HH WEST New houses eecant
Cats it
roow Pilate baliau btlii manges 1w
set cold water janitor
8 TlfHT 3J3 HAST Ilegaofne w all rirtit u An I 0
01 rooms all luiproteueuii ront illiterate
1 lYe PAItg AT ites Hlhitriaianir imianit
L tJ 5 bath all lmtroy
menu for mush Samiita
Sit I itt
2 1 OAND8IS PER hONTll for these lIsts ot tt
W f large rooms In z 701 eth ar near UHh it li I
next to givIng you rent free JanItor on premlici near
O1Q T8lx rnoms and hath brown nine Hals all
W1 Improvementi ov tr itorei on Fulton II good
beuhborhood only It i minute PI brlde
LAllW Jt 4 > O4it Kullon t
CIO ThREE flOOMS ini bathiroori hit witnao
uS 5 eJ plied I hr caner all IuttrOvetiuenla snaU
fatuitIes Oat East 77th cc
C 1 K ft 1 FLAT a liOOMK newly renovated
ItJuU email families 333 East Yl4lh su
16 TO 550FIve large light rnoma and bath room t
yi rrr lauprovemsete I beatlfully detorated saps
fjtsdlnlflf roemi healthy loeaUin tth a v seas leilh
jKtnt Lcor81tiT
NOV utiv lete
Here are the moet convenient healthfnt and but
located for doubling of rallies at slice any wtere wltata
thirty minutes of Mew York
Close to your business fire mlnntei1 ride from tha
ocean four railroad itatlona school stores chirchie
Long Island Railroad and Kspld Tranftt Rallreal
takes you there early and late Water sidewalk
vcnrea schools rhnrcbei and lbs AUantlo AveRt u
Koad comlni Lotatl > npnard
Three blocks from Brooklyn City linn tots ISitcii
sIdewalks gas and water mains and a commtiully f
homes Buy before the L load Is built
1000 lota sold In seven weeks Ir i titan 250 lerlat
J4O upward Water and Eat mats In front of property
Avenuel and streets ready to build on
If yon want A splendid lot near tbe ocean ro to
and take your choice for f23 upward
JERB JOIIS60V Jr GU Liberty et New York Ml
Pulton si Brooklyn Offices open on Labor Day catS
x I if
WM K TAYLOR Auctioneer
The Elegant Coley JProperly
Less than Ore minute from Anderson st depot
The taunt larjce brirk dwelllrr house barn stable
and outbuIldings with large plot of ruund
Also 7 Pine Building Lots
adjoining mansion Tbewholr surrmn < 1M br the eta
gamut rroamU of the lien Mllam rlter tlep
Attend thus ii e If you w iut a Inc resiJeuce ore
beautiful buIlding
> or free tickets on rallroids mans or further parS
ticulars ahdrmo the auctioneer ilakenark X J rail
at KENNhOY8 M Cortlandt si > 0e VorL up ulni
TicketS cool for any train 4L1 b < Y HATl nDAY Aar
DX Stages at Anderson til Depot HackentACeC to meet
lilQF M train from Jersey city
at price wtalch Knmrnnte n lnrse proSt
Within n yenr
of moat altr etlT dr lEi < nntf unequalled II
comrort can be bniicht on S
Winter service throucbout the property
Applr br mesa cad Ire > paHoo CO
an LIberty st New York
ATYONKFBR 2 mInutes from Park Hill atatloa
11 Northern road or n minute from Lnillow llnoi m
hIrer road only one lunar from bouts to Wall 51Sloe
lane brick ruanilon 13 beilronini in perfacl crIer Ira
incQlate occnnncy soot lielphLorhcol land w X121
price SIC KH3 termieaiy If desired elegant tAittfnl
new furniture appropriate to house wIll be sold ala If
wintrd price fift permit unneceuary shown nun
dan and week days a Tisit will not Le tune wsitid
Ask the way to
11 Cedar place Park HIM Yonkers
11 Olt HA1K fliftxi a bargain wo honieaTa facfry
1 Inlldlng with a lo none power endue and bolltr
and eight lots In the 20th ward uf Rrookiyn near two t
elevated roadi noegenta Apt y to
KAMIFh HHU8 it Read it New York
lam the owner of large and email acre tracts at Sell
tie property luttable for lubtlvlilon or suburbs
Jipmes Yet luforiuatlon concerning Inveitiueat ll
narhlnrtnn address L II liouEHd 104 Luilr Dlock
Kittle Vush
A T ROCKAWAT IIBArilThe Miller property root
1 lug the itrran and running to the orana jionieTirl
conlliung of three cottages and tarn For parllmUrl
L J 1 1lllLLlrS A CD Hit Broadwar
1 elllnir exrhantlnr renting country proton
iLlltlVAI riliALkbTATE EltiuiAUE4 broads
lral Cstatf for A1citg
AFAROAIN for prompt pnrchaier acsi and 543
1L Fignth av near i4l lit twr fle ilory brownetone
stores and flail mljlit lake small equity In I well locate +
hntsin part paymeut CULLiN 11 VvOUbWAKD hi l
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1 llftglite Threeit < rr hlghitonp ibfi Private rssl
denota only rA uau earl entire dlttrlet restricted tea
talent to cab e ami etcrated railroads COLLlS It
VlliollWAIlll Jill ii ml Ulthst
cn CACtI Illance fiRTO In easy paToeotsl
ileU loa < oft rums tmproveraents Pot ffitfue
d a arl l VV ill exchange lot unlmureved yroprir
Also hUi4 Hltli art stat e U lots eaii A 53
nor ant testing > ttosi vv k lAMBEBTUN lll Ex
Change pace between I and 3 r y
i rll nnJbu6C Co L tt
PtR M > l > lP East turth Improtements IM
IIAltNDU owner Roilnn av above thitlht it
nND > iiMKIV mtMBIItO central oia000 fell
cootpajlug toarden lien lure for ale tirms
reuouatile ALUH 13 ° cal 42dst
I 1 lTn fT 710 KABTA LiDlfol Mlfry brIck
I UI home In cerfeui order rent on tug 10 peculiar
uinilances very low only s8 per rootu Arelf
on ireiule or roWKH I4 < i4 SIb av or S fOB 00 5lt
erly at
Ho 2Ctt for 3tt iut tirtot
while n > l > li < Ml linrmrBl vuilllxil eldeitialkel l
lia geii t Miia hnnUaiDr or < i sot He neel
side I also CJaVO t Mill real lugelier or
e nn > te > I
Apply em psamiss SQuiheCet corese 7515
1 550 OtIS cv
A rIse to Ext < TBlm > tfl the rican sail
Eels > the Value ernest Katnte
STBATronD Conn Ane 29The prIncipal
drawback to this town as ono ot the most
charming and desirable summer resorts on
Long island Sound has been for many years
the overproduction ot the festive and blood
thirsty mosquito Now there Is n prospector
tbo speedy extinction of the plague ana in
consequence a rise tn the value of real estate
from the lighthouse to the public sIgnpost
In the lower half of town bordering fora
dlstnnco of three miles on tbo Bound there 1s a
large area of marsh land which Is covered nt
evory porlgoo tide with salt wntor This water
remains In shallow pools all over the tract and
a liner buIlding ground for the ruin ixptent
cnnnot be found this side ot New Joraor A
bleb bunch over which the waves never dash
borders the south front ot the march the
flooding waters coming In at Intervals at the
east BUU west ends ol tho broad aoien ot Bait
A abort time ago the Stratford Laud and Im
provement Company cot control ot tile marsh
land and by building several miles nt dykes
ttiev nrnnnnn tn reclaim the whole territory
nnd not only mako it valuable for mercantile
and building imrpooea but ulio to wholly ex
terminate the mosquito by drainIng and dry
Inn up the source from which the pests arise
lbs ccliomo la the outcome of n years
hard study of the habits ot the mos
quito by Prof William H Ilopson a
wealthy member of the Bridgeport Sal
ontlllc Society Alter concluding to bin own
satisfaction that the troublesome and nnnoy
log Insect would no longer oust it the breed
Inn nlncea were cloned forever Mr Ilopfon
formed the Land Improvement Company and
took a Borxi nhare ot the stock himself He
then Invented in drodclnc and dyking ma
chines and beenn the work tu thu astonish
moot or tho farmers bete who have cut salt
bay and Mapped mosquitoes on the meadows
nil their lives
Jt has been found that a large portion ot tho
land which will be redeemed Is a fine peat bog
from two to four lest In thlokne Under this
la a solid gravel bottom substantial enough
lot the bieeest buildings

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