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I c
tun noAt > rvio AMERICA
iramlKr ate Arc limited by Tk
sow OettlB Henreur n4 Te > Jt
Notice Are tl > < > UU et Crop In RUht
newspaper during the lost
The Oerrfl n
months have contained nn unusual num
three of places of bunlnetii for ialo In
flower part of the First wnrd The local
becoming alarmed for tbolr fu
wllticlan aro
chances over what looks like an oxodu
lure tho district Hotel nnrt boarding house
butchers bakor barbers clothiers and
men oth is we hanalne out their SIgns of
mtny that their
ForSale or To Lot romplniulnir
business Is ruIned and they must turn to some
Icnvo the wnrd
other means of suprort or
Tha cause of all l their woe la the ohunae ot
the Immigrant JandlnR Bureau Irom Cnatls
Osrdfn to tho llarco Office and tho chances
made by the new Vnlted Hates Commlni > loner
tt Emigration Col ebor Tho troubles of
the Hrst warders hn > e only begun Whonthe
Undlns placo is rwmoved to Kills Island n mel
tltnde ot email business men In the llrst
vird will actually lie frozen out
Tbel burden of tholr complaint Is that Im
migrants era prohibited from lingering In the
do In Cnstlo Garden
cIty as they wore allowed to
den unless they Intend to live In New York
Ccmml loncr Weber inSIsts on the railroad
pool shipping the ImmlcnintH en the day the
Imnlcrants are laLided and It the traits oro
cot ready the people arc font back to the
hoits This robs the business won ol the First
ward ol the imtronnKO of from InUOlW to IBO
MU people n year who would otherwise Btopoff
afew days either to ret ir ecu their friends or
I st t Information aliout totilliiKdonn It Is these
ImmlitrnntH who como NOd KO that have Chen
Lie to the scores ol small uotelH and bard
ln houses and mipiiorled tho butchers
Ukere flg unit provlslu dealers and urloua
JUGS ol eutiply stores
CommlBliiiiorN bar more over has excluded
ill the hotel uitonlH Horn the door of tho
Dirge Olllce wbwn the Immleinuts land In
Castle Harden nil the hotel ncontB and runners
Tire allowed on lho floor In plain sight ot the
linmlcruits na thoy thou through the narrow
rMBOLO way from the isol to bo examined
tinny oh the arrivals bath cards of eorinln
hotels In their emu Indloatlnir whore they
wtntod to rut up iitnl the ueout ol that house
ilimilv beckoned to such 10 follow him A
coro or 10 ol hotels hail nindo u reputation
for fair ilealfug on lioih hides ni thin < nior and
immlfiMntd returning to their natIve land or
lulling to thou lrliiiji < woulJ send ihe latter
cards o tlio hotels with recommendations to
t thorn in cfse they viimo over
v Hpaus who cops tile llitel Clrulll for
Frenclmien mul bwis lu Oreunwlch street
told n hi s reporter that IUIMIPCS Lad been
knocked into in ockedlmt In the last throe
nonthJ lie hlmsilf hasnt lost much In iiat
ronace becnusn he does in oxchitnKo buslnoss
irlthhotslnontlioothcrskio end ho hn agents
of his own In 1 urure But oven be doesnt
BsLonnULlnunny m re
i ommiaaiuntr VNnLar Lnn shut us out ot
lbs Itiirge Dlue ln < mid MItbat 1 bavo to
tmclnv moor nix mcii lu thnt neighborhood
to husilo lot imtrinnco where one agent an
Itrorpl In isilu mlilon Ami 1 bitvo not to
pity them nl or they will phi me false
sail Fell out to porno otbur hotel This silts up
tbenrontv Tint iihur hotels are In the name
bout Jti i atl i iurilen onu limn tot without
troubio the lirmilciuiiththat cnmn throiiith with
mycutil In tncir huts but now most of the
lmnilr > ntx mo I nut uil wod to 5M O the hotel
men and such us do slip tlirotiKh bae to lun
the gauntlet on th ldo vllk Jt IBB disgrace
lulMrunilio in I 1 am opposed toll 1 have
to emilui oMril men treipto ilofend 1117
rich B Kiiit3t lie IominlhBlon ncpius who
tell peoplo ns it thoy were flitop where they
can crt the inniit lot thim Tho immigrant
piitronnco or thu hotnla has fallen uITnhout
thraontuirtOf and what leoplo Uncle bum
docs i alluw tn iei aKllmimn of the city we have
to pciambln for unions we want to Bee them
drncKod into tho lowdhen and robbid Thosn
vim imcJ to board 3tinO or tthII annually will
LiSt lint 1IHW ir 000 now and they will nay
denr for them In lluinburu the boarding
house men lino ui < behind n rnthini with their
names In thuir caps and when a pnshetizcr
comes In with a card of u certain hotel ornsks
bra pnitlculur plav the nuthoiltles turn him
oior to Ilio authorized nirent There Is no
All we ak Is that a distinction should be
made In this way or toniH other way 1eople
who have stopi ed with ma once take my cards
and Jlitrlbuto them among heir I Irlemls That
UraycMet i way of ndxertllnc think that I
am entitled lo people Mho celtic over with
these cards In their huts usklntr formyplncp If
they are allowed to MOP at nil 1 ncncrally get
them but oltiii tln Coinnilslouor husles
them tothAtialo aud they cant Flop A rn
iponMMe hotxl man loverjletalns an Imml
crantlnncar than imccssary und WB clvp them
Inlcrmatlun and nurlco that Is Invaluabe In
s their bearings Often they hue admit
which they cant cot cashed wlmn thoy reach
tbeir destination In the Wont Ve cash It lor
them and dont chnnn them n cent
It is 1 clear unoucb that If the hotel men cut
ttt all their business neighbors stiller like
vlfe for they all i otint upon tho patronage of
tu Immlitrnnt for n living The hotel men no
IOIEAI buy the loads 01 beef and lionnn and
breinl Hint they tiiil to and PO the butcher
and baker aro innculshlnK J he haberdasher
lion lmi chance lorn imp botwoen salos and
the barburs hlinnrs and razurs are uetllu
rusty from disuse1 Mituv of them own places
ol their own or Irnsea which run for a term ot
years no that tlnjr cant cot away without
homy Ions And they are monoy out of pocket
tvtry dr < no that th outlook Is discouraging
Biitne ol tho Vina wtrdors think that the rail
road ooiituo t > iu p u y itiionsl > i for their
wos Mr C I I i oine tie joint aontof tho
eoi at thin Bart > tiillit nnturally ants toshln
the ImtnUranis ns soon ns liiy arrive and
furthermore to pn < M > ntan > of item Irom coins
outside the 01 co to ruy tlcliitH at low r rates
None of the rnllonds H sntiposiil to foil Imml
traat tlckots iulnlinoi the Barge Ollloe but
some ol them do and nt ICB than the author
Ized rule This wn the main catiio of the rate
wars in the past lho rolorn B instituted by
Comml Ioucr Nobi Lao dono away with
most of the railroad troubles
sy i hove inniio hit < rclormn purelr from
rhllanthropiu niollvcN fittlil Gen Olinltne
the Kpslnmnt corn iiiirsfoner We bellnva
that It Is our duly to see that Imml
greets reach their doftlnntlon ns soon as
f seilIe i anti with us inucn money na possible
In their pockets 0 o t > believe t there Is no
58ittlfor the m orltv of them stopping
over In tho cay and wtsttnc theIr Imrdonrned
MlnKs In low renorlB Tho reason BO many
of thorn hnod no HfuntbB past Is tLut they
hay been enilod upon by hit false lepre
irntatlona of a puck nf unprincipled follows
who rniulo thn p i r ImmiBritnts think their
train woulijnt go for s wrnl dnys We started
out by olierI1g the runners a bin loom In the
Itaras iiTieewli1o ltiO could wo passengers
to whom they nra ontldcd or who ask lorcer
Uln hoielsimd nre IntedlKent enough lo know
where they wont lo ro Hut no they wouldnt
hay it apt even the ocnlled better class of
hoel men They wanted a pine where they
could Jiiniu on to the immigrant und haitI him
trounii V ewouldn nliw them on the floor
unv WOre so they hail hi to outside the bulld
log hut WB won stnnd their sidewalk llKhts
much loticor for I am coin to cut luipeotor
urrneito como down with a 141101111 of pollca
and sweep thorn out of sight of tho liarco
iSffi I boy are jin Infernal lot nf mlUiinc r
and they have no UBlnosH theio Thai book
i i
the sidewalk
so that lecont people nro afraid
S WM hero Tlioy dlnturiiro ihe roud
Wa hf u with a lot of t wrecks of Wagons
lee Stapil V doindeep nil day Ions I dont
hnn Se any help for the Otter class ol hoarding
houi nieP a you iahi them It IR next to Im
liostibie t0i draw Ie lino determining which
Ste responsible itnil which
Jf Kn are etcinditira The
best of theta bt9ek the Slot nishitis with their
advertIsIng J carrie nl1 for u small coiiiinln > oix
One hotel Man T1 got the twwnrd of the Yes
5 i
iSoa2f 8nill > i ° card I every lmmigriint
bosrij with hale own iii kts Viis they lilo
iii tfltOth5 ilargo Oflico nih whit llttve these cards
thil thtir hit Are we In that CIISH tn send all
Isbalipil neripie to Jilt11 hmhihis Iitei
hi5thetiiy neal to 14101 OVaror lint
hotel man In tim First ward iIay this Ii bk
YSintend to irek it lip and shah begin rlcl t
5Wy Unies an immiearit iiVi a eiiflhbonI
falcOn for siop In thu CII WO shall not
1S1 kim it the helter
and lintel men have agents
notice Ixehange hioi ls iii Europe let them get a
Jores hoin the ithor sIde slitting that ihiam
55nl t ofl rocopipitonding him to
of 5lcchhieI hotci here Upon the presentation
mlranta 5001 an order in will lot them hsvu the Ito
sory tinto
W IUltlll1t1 HIEltl JJOIIV
Mr ni dli7
CrsdIi d Win Porcine Him Out
or III ogles i Jinnolai Central
TiJp announced by war of Chicago that
ViCeFresldent J1 ii nBrtlmiin of the Jill
Aol r
Sm Central Illllr0i l bita resigned hla
th Abe Dews WU surprise no one
ho his
bern aaTl8ed 01 the friotion
that i hn J taken the Ilaoe of oldtime bar
wony S weon iiatrimiln and President Btuy
y1101 th Fish The lack of cordiality dates from
ol this 1115 hUM OXPOsNI l the methods
I bowjrt Illinois tsfltrai monaganient and also
It > K that SffirimVt i not Fish was really
thitiir Sf of the concern II now iipneara
la iunti SU bM tBn able to rally lla fiends
flUfllcJent t uuinberii to lorca Mr harriman
l At rlK ihto nmc ni the railroad company he
flwtni 1 not ij hltei1 Vrdtty of Mt liar
WlhS i it ape sir > 1ritn Moflice was also
II t lmt ieitirpmavis mom nfh
L n link ° i2J hai ir rlmoiiHr lina
attln ellijeled several > l iliivn nco and will
acted UtiOti Lit this meeting ol the
koard early next wtek ldr rub who wits at
Iort isstsrdiy declined to discuss tbt
1lfltion of U flarrigisi
Ww Terk tok u 1
511115 PAT yS SfltS 10551 i l
twIne ricss cc Opifula 111111 OD
1114 4iIe rne jmLa4
rs4tcrlilt flRn2stvsIIs
U I 4ls it eis iki4iiS
U B 4p i24 IJ t 5 ISPtIC
U iialh U su 15151
u a t litie iS4
sAuJteAb Ape 51555 5050 iS SUXSIS
Is Atehlson 4 4 Mu h L R IL t4tOl
a AicbsOn tnt l4it 12 lior Yet en 0 OS
Is A 6 Ii SM
13 C lfldCoii lit liThi la
U Ciii A U CO 61 it1i I hJtiiiii fs r 111
a itlI a rst a thsi entOil
11 1 Ii l 4eaL lilt4 l P1 W C 3 r IT7S
2 Csnco 14 UiiinM en 5 1114
ii Ccl Slid 11 iliii I llo I lii Si
ii bi 3
Ii Pi Ith Z P 1 ta
SM H Ii 75
I bet ii SI iui ne iuc Iplndxslir2i
I po It Oca 1014 2 Ith vnv icrlilt
2 521i b sllnf CCCL 45 Si
4 Irie Ce let lifl OP heat lid mv 45
a II Worth C ale Ii il lit 74
I IO4 J5iI AA P In
5l hock Sal 5 ii7 01 85
a i IS 1 Pea lit a
IC ai Ill y 5 lAClt Inc 4U
S ileek V1 i R7f A TolAAkN5ilst1044
S Iron itt 5s IS I
St lcsnAT i ci 53 aToLALACadlitlo
a LsuidiUilit 71t 7 105
I I 5 S It aatI4t I tD PLC utica llti
5 3 It a V I VII CIldIsnlt gnt I S7j
l Lake Sb lii 4 Willslh lit 101
I LakeRhiiIy ia4t lltWabssb2d
1Loni iii Cl 111 1 Yab lieU leT Ii 41
1 cng IplanU 4 i4i 2 45
I I iASlhCfllIS1 3 45
a LOSt1ThLIiLliliL 7 W N Y ra lit Dii
a Ii 4W5iY PL24 SiX
t1salesot railway tends pat value I487coa
vrtn JQ5 ttto onea
fettt sue ul it ft jilted
ft Adams rxpreasi6j 1b3 IM 141 IM
10 AmerCabio KI < 81k BVK IK KtX
DKli Aub T A rx fa 4Jtt 4i3 42 42ft
coo can iiontneru M > i a4 54 54 Di
Mcentral Pacioo 81 53 35 MX 53
DOOOhes Olllu 22 J 2IK Ui U
UUOChL AC lit 44K 47 t 4I s
Tuui Uhloiu las oil S4 a9 w t3
4llli C L < A ttt L 7n 8 7ii 35 70
MISUh AN tOUt 115111 g IOo 1551
2TIUO II A U 1 > < lOA 1DL 1Ul 10l
aiUDU Ji ABL P 71 7l 7l 7ii 7l
2U > U M A tit I Of11 118 ilTJJ li lib
874V f K 1 A Pao OIH s5 C5 S M 8 w >
10U Colorado Onai alit lAj iO
4UX5 I oU a V TeL BIK 52k S el sit
silo < Cot A Hock Coal 2i su 28 27J 2HjJ
4AO Cltlsensuos or U 9JM 52I V2 KiC BJ
4IU CvueoL Gas Co ViH ev in tso
12 OIL A hudsonI6J > 1021 leSh liii 154
TZUJlleU L A Wut l4D 144 144V 143
1000 Ueu A K u 3tb 214 20V 21 21U
25J Dm RU DL HI ei ei uai ci i
ISO It T V AO fU nu au iiij D K
10U tT VA O Jd Pt 2t 4 23A 23 24
1JO Houston A Texss 8 u ii j a
C losCflt Vt 5i 2i 25 25 27
too Lake K A West 17I < 373 ii ti ii
23 L b 0 West of fc V Cii4 02 02 115
14J4 Lake Uhora L 155 lOt 1o73 lIfT
Dei Louis A fiash 5M ss7 8 Ssh 8s
lluManbalian Ion107L 1U7 lt17 lU7 154
sIlo Mexican central 2tJj ii 1U5 3
IBOit Mllsuiirl auinc I 715 7lf 7l 713 71
lOiirl J CenttSil2li ill 12l 131 121
a < i s V iilrallSMh 1OiI 1V53 Isl4 1111
HuoNorth Anier Co 40 4314 42 l sst5
IrtJON V AAew KnK 5S5 43 4714 47
2i < i N Y L K A W 9li 344 254 u
IuONTltk Wpf l SI 5 21 52
IShonolk A V OM 21M 10 31
2 OSorr A W of 114 554 64 64 CI1
1OUNorthern Iacinc 33 53 33 53 024
lno Northern Pac ut 02 61 52 C2 52
fM Ontario A West 50 213 20 ltl lii
lollrejon Imp 47 47 47 46 47
C Ureilun 4 43 48
lioorunu A Irans 4S 40 411 45 46
75O PartnoMall 4al s6 4 4A st
ill Peo Dec A Kv in IIj l9 j9t 1t4
l7i > J Ihlla Heading 4Jj 43 4J 444 44
710 Pull Pat Car Cu210 2ltif 2151 215 215
JUOUulokillvcr ei h B S
4J1IilIiY P 11 2l 2O 21 21
21eSL P Omaha at SIM 31 t SI
uuoiouthern rae M D0 SO SO 10
12 iTenii i oal A Iron 44 44 44 45 45
ills Texas 1acine 2iJ > < 2lJl j O
000 Tot A A A N M tU uM 53 283 30
4110 Union PaciOo 6ii 6l2 at Ol4 iJlj
ID U H Express 72 4 72 tO 73
10 Union Pao UAd 82 52 32 5I 52
VM IS M U A P 12 l25 12 ll 14
BOO W St L A P rt 2UV 2I 3d 2I34 30
1246 IS eslern In Tel F3U S4j 55 3M
lii j Wheeiinx A L K 57 > J 58 37 575 1l5
141U Mittl L h nt 75 j 7U 7 72 7O
Tbe lotal sales of stock weruiitGSSshsxsi
tmaD DarAQTMBnT Taiifiicvtoxs
MM Openg BfoVt ioWt Clot
141 Amer Oct Oil Co m 20 IMM 1 > < H
laX Auier Cot oil Co pf 16 03 S3 05
u79 Amer tot Oil Cttii 14 i4 23 24
1451s Siesr iteanerL 75 751 77 75
4I tinI 1s4 rrust Si Sls 3i 1I1
too 1lstiLIieg 0 FCo 42 45 42
1ti I 35 3 Ha
1UO Leailvllle 14 14 14 14
4151 Little Chief 01 61 00 CO
I6IX Kan A Tex 4s W I 711 1u 7it 70
tvXMMn A Tex2ds 40 49 49 40
BridOU I ire Line ctfs H4 M us
1UHXX Bucke e Tips Line 3 22j 323
JUil AsCot mit ai
PCS Atbny221 253 FrleTel Sw 4s
Boe Maine 07 255 Went Fnd Land 20 2f3
Cent Mass 0V BosA Mont 69V U
fcastern 17l 17J RutleA hoi U 3
N V A > KDf113 118 Calumet A llec30U MU
Vex tent 4s 74 nanta Ke M Co 7k U
Olil ciony345 A T A 5 K 41 Kl > 514
v1l Cent com 23 27 A T A o Yin uejj UO
giBeILTeI224 223
Ill 4iL 1114 4IC
PnAJtirnra 4s HIM hS Lenlth Valley S2S 62i
Phil A R litpr 7u > i 71 U Cz NIO G1U
lOll A RVd Vf 5l > i 52 Irnnivlvanta i > 3T 3M
1bLi A R id lit 41J Phil Traction lo
iarser LMroN crnyrle
Atchlion 44 Iou A Nashville 0114
tilillc A It S lit 8 N Y Central
Atlsntlc AOt W 2d OV riorrok i W it f
CICS4LM raclea 511nrIhSrnPaClflcpt OS
Krl Cunmnn c Onliris si sit
ErLe7d eonsoii l054it nut T4j
Illinois Central lltl sto PscIil O3
J e6turD110 iWabajUpr al
Todays stock market reflected the ap
proach to a double holiday namely from to
morrow noon until Tuesday mornIng Tbe
possibility of a flurry In monoy together with
the reluctance of the bulls to increase their
risks at the moment encouraged the room
traders to soil stocks for n turn They did not
make much impression upon tho surface ot
the market and certainly did nut Impair the
firma undertono that has characterized the
limited speculation since the stringency In
money relaxed The dealings were unim
portant because in the main they were made
by professional trader who Bought nothing
more than fraction profits
Tho Secretary of the Treasury has now re
deemed lli millions of 4 > 7 cent bonds un
der his circular of Aue 21 He will doubtless
cot tomorrow the balance ot the amount be IB
ready to redeem Then the question will arise
as to whether be will continue to redeem the
4KB or decide that the money market has been
permanently relieved If he comes to the last
conclusion be is likely to find that be Is mis
taken before next baturday night The Sub
Treasury reports that It has already Issued
over 3000000 ot the new silver notes As the
creator part ol that amount has been Issued
during this week that fact together with the
excess ot BubTreasury disbursements over
receipts should contribute to a comparatively
good showing by the banks tomorrow The
closing waBBteady with final prices not mate
rially changed aa compared wIth the linal big
ores of yeaterdny
Hrml Bales compare vrttn those ot yesterday
as follows
Aug25 Auq20i 02
ATARh 4 421 Nor P com HI 02OTf
Lanhouihern Mii 64 Nor Pae pr HIm H1
5i t445O 7U JOilN Y A N Jinr 47i 41f
a 3 if A 4 luJjJ lOlrtjCtmaha com 5l4
rtik A K Ill 43 46 Ureiron AT 0 41 40
Chee A Ohio 2j Jt lcile Malt 43
itijCICO ls 04 > i l3I Pull Pal Ifar2i5 Silt
bet fAVV 1 H4i i4IT Kick Island 55 IlS
Hen A I u 2154 Mch A Vtp si 21
I A K U pf ml ill Iteadlnr 4LIC 42
Krle it i 25 si Paul com 7l 71
raetTentl pf 8i 24 I4t riot Pr 1I7 1171
hocking Val alii aid Tex Iac 3il
I on A riuih HIM s4 Inlnn laolltc lii eL
Lakehhore Ii74 l 7i Cnlon p 1 l4l 112 iI
MMiiliaiimi CDlIV7j I l7 > 4 SViili IP I com 12 12
iilnouri Pao 7t 1IiWsh Ajit 2dl Slit
si tic t em 2nM Kelt tn Tel s3li 131
14 m A w rf M 04 IV a L K l7 ia
erlhwestcom IUO3 W i I P pf 75 7i4
Government bonds steady at unchanged quo
tntlon lnllway bonds dull and llrm Tho
fualuies were Texas funlfiuUds Uichmond and
lormlnnl fis KunBiis and Texas 1 general us
Hocking alley As and Colorado Midland t
The more important ne ndtnnces were In
Chneuiienko end Ohio ronsol 5s > V cent to
Km Colorado Midland 4s itoUJ t Hocklne
Valley 6s is toS > 4 hnnsris unit J exits general
its 1 1 toMl lilrhmoncl and Jeiralnol oc i to
7H and Texas 1aclllo JdH ls V cent tn 40li
In bank stocks 10 Bharosnf TrndosmenB told
at HI und ill HharuB Jlutik of Commerce ut
Silver bullion certificates for 305000 ounces
sold liT HJtMlliOt liar silver In London
oDd V ounce mount ot sliver bullion of
tend to this Ooiprnuient llJDtO otincex
Amount purchased DJHIHHI ounces as follows
10 iOit nt SllJ > i and 25tiMjO nt tlll4 per
ounce Total purnliaaos to date USill
ounces Tho majority of the offers were at
high prices
Money on call a little more nctfve nt 7 2 r i
cent Time money 0 V criit bid for nix
inontbB on dtttdendpailne rrountles and
orered nt tl V cent for twelve months on good
mixed collateral Offer tu on theee teriii
were accepted today Commercial paper dull
at nominal rates The best doublename
paper IB quoted at fltrtO V cent and prime
fclncle name at ifi7 V cent
Ktnrling exchange etpud Posted asking
I rates Slr > 2t < di4H for lone bills and llKoc
tfiit fur demand Actual rate MKil t 1214
I tm Blxtf dn > lillln li 8SM 4M34 fur ulxht
Urufi nad Hvj4 fur catk transfers
i iffnrs rerel nd at Vanliincton todur to sell
t Unltiid Mitton bonds to this ijo ommfntHaKre
gnteid JSiCIW all ol which n era 4 > > H iindor
circular of AuE id Besides those purchases
the HubTrflasurr in this oily received and
paid 11071060 ot 4 > is under tbe circular
of AtiE31 hod 600180 of 4K were r d ni d
at other BubTreasurleri making total redeem
edtodKrlJSJfiaV this total amount re
deemed 117784 50
Tht Chicago Dnrllnaton and Qntncy Rail
road reports aroM enrnlnRK tor Jalr of f27ai >
bills an Incnesue ol f4Jii5U as compared with
the ama month or last rear and net 1770679
n doormen of I2974U7 Fur the seven months
endlncJutySl the gross earnings were lin
r5S4i nu increase tlDluIM as compared
with booorranroudlnu period of last rear and
net tO3RVi2CU an increase ot 510934 Fixed
charges were S333U35 leavlnct a surplus ol
10211035 against tt10677 last year
The Union IAOino lullrond In a preliminary
reports Krosionrnlncit for Julr of 3837 362 nn
increase of flusliu as compared with the rams
month ot Inxt Tear and net 1613773 an In
crease of 11421 For the seven months end
ba Jtir31 the gross earning were 23739113
nn Inrrcase of 3201139 as compared Kith the
corrcupohillnc parted of last rear and net
7511318 an Inoreate of ICUGUO
Tho Canadian Pnclflo Railroad reports gross
earnings lor July of l48y440 an increase of
118915 an compared with the same month of
last r < ar and net SG2U3 an increase ot 19
103 For tho reren months ending July 31 the
gross earnings were J34012fiA an increase of
IiiSn2l3a > < compared with the corrn iondlng
period of last your and net 2743335 an In
crease of 1G1BM
The Northern Central Railroad reports gross
earnings for July of 55J89O > nn Incionno of
faii088 oompmed with the same month ot
last year and net 1GI UI0 a decrease of 46
H13 For the seven months ending July 31 the
gross earnings were 3RJOftl4 an Increase of
377780 as compared with the corresponding
period of lost year and net 107V1U1 an in
crease of 17433
The Columbus Hocking Valley and Toledo
Railroad Uoinnanr reports net earnings for
June of 118476 an increase of 54061 or 85
9 cent as compared with the same month of
last year and making the net earnings for the
six months ending Juno 30 G0845f3 an In
crease of 18H401or44 V cent ns compared
with the corresponding period of Imt year
During ho half year the company expended
for equipment 68 i cent more than last year
and i2 v cent more on maintenance of war
and him effected n saving of n V cent In optrat
lug and 18 V cent In general expenses
The business failures of the last seven days
ns reported to It U Dun it Co number for the
United htntos 165 and for Canada 24 a total of
lSd an compared with a total of 102 Ian week
and 107 the week previous to the last lor the
corresponding week of last year the figures
were 211 representing 189 failures la the
United mates and 22 In Canada
Troncurr balances compare with those of
yesterday as follows
Aua SR 4UO 30
Gold IWUJ1S30 lwiS3U6
Legal l und n Illiwoj4 lluol47J
Totals t200817874 L55V541M
Pllrtr bilAnM M7404Rn nolnit 17784007 ytittr
day Dtpoilti In national bank C2tL16aotiH nxalnit
KMIH4U yesterday In damon to She onrolnn the
Trtunry repotti Hirer bullion risetsed l niidir ctof
Jiilr Ii l inao tJllSl5o salt notti issued uatnhI the
Sam 827UUO
Money In London 3K03K V cent Discount
In the open market for both abort and three
months bills 3t3 V cent Amount of bul
lion gone into the Dank of England on halance
today 21000 Paris advices quote 3 V cents
at 94 francs 60 centimes and exchange on Lon
don at 25 francs 27 centimes
The sales ot mining stocks at the New York
Consolidated Block and Petroleum Exchange
today wore as follows
Mtu Vami Optnlnt meluu tevxtt ClcMnt
100 Andes 190 18O 180 1W1
lc uu Aiton Ii e 8 8
211 LISa 1 20 1 20 1 20 1 20
1001allIonS DO SCO B 00 SCO
100 belt A Deleter 3 W II BO 3 HI a vu
300 liArcelons 80 81 SO 81
egCOBraniwIck CD 11 is II IS
luu Coininonirtalta S 16 S IS 8 IS S IS
isi > itioilr a so a V 3M S ta
lOOOroirn Point 3 ta 200 280 MM
ChryiollU U5 iU DO 8D
lOCalumelAn 8O3 i5 80823 SOS S3 00823
luu Coraitx Ton Co IS IH 1H 18
Exchequer 1 23 1 25 1 33 1 25
UOOlreeiaud ua 89 SH 30
SO franklin 23 75 23 73 23 73 25 75
JiiOOonldACurrr 2 as 2 S3 3 53 2 S3
10 Huron 7 87 7 eT 7 S7 7 87
SOJUIi 23 S3 23 23
7ciOOIe dTile 14 13 14 13
B Kl LJtlle Chief UO 60 SH M
tiixni L Crone e B 8 8
400 Mono 65 03 03 03
luo Mexican a so 3 ao Sou 350
lOOUcbir S 37 ft 8T 5 S7 6 87
1IUI Oriental Ulller 0 8 fl 8
1700 rrianix StArt 1 13 1 SO 115 1 20
Kappanannock 7 T T 7
lOOHulilian cnn 1 O 1 00 I 00 1 00
im > Sler herada 810 a 10 310 310
1800 Butler Creek 135 140 jl 83 140
HUiMnrmont lu 10 10 10
200 Scorpion 55 33 35 as
Standard 120 IM 120 1 2U
10D Silver Queen e e U e
hut Surer Hill 40 4O 40 40
lu ramanck 210 28 210 2S 210 13 210 55
101 Union Con 3 13 3 15 8 lit S IS
200 Cut CD UO HO TO 90
iOOTallow Jacket 8 1U 810 310 310
1L total UaiiacUonn were 3S40ihaltA
New York Market
ruitUT Act 23 rtoca LID M lit Were arm bm the
trade In flour waft lUbt an buyers were still boIling Off
for conoeieloDi Tbe ttoek le 10 email however lIst
liodere are generally dlilncllne to reduce tbelr quota
torrosYuturss opened at a decline of 7 point on
Beptember and i points on other months clolnc steady
at j too points dtclie from ynterday cloiloit prices
Becelpts at the lions iIsii bale aiatost e hS3 hit
year suit for the veek 427HI bales seams 27709 bales
a j ear ago The market rot an eleetrlo shock from
LlTerpooi In a decline of cWd totnnd there In near
positions and ti4d In the more distant with sales
there of only Aounbaleii and rumors thatai many ae
levee ot the cmaller operators In that market hail me
pended And yet though ibis caused selllnr by
Ur eks uermans and Southern operators Iiere
the decline was only moderate sine Ihera
wastnoaffb coterlni ana icaitered hung buyIng to act
aaabrakeon the downward morement or prtoea A
crop report from the Memphis district waa In lbs resin
very fnTorable though mentioning some compialnta of
dry weathar In Arkansas and a little rust In Alabama
adding that plcklui will be general by Pept 2 < i Tbera
was a rood rainfall at Charlutte N O but elsewhere
the precipitation KM light some prlrate cables from
Mmnrbeeier were more fararauie though the pnbllc
alvleee were sllll ofdulneM of trade there Cotienon
the spot was dull and sealer alddllni nptan a
11 iI6cdo unifn Ilf4c The following are the details
of traniactlons In teturei
Vo tu cloting prices fllgltiL Lovttt SSU r
Aurnit IUTO 1105 50
SeptemberIO117151a68 lace 1064 172U
October 1042 < i1043 1U43 IU42 14WO
Nofemuer Ini3 ia34 load lass 8200
Litcember loyai lass insj HHUO
January1tL275E1a28 law 3038 10800
February 10414 1U44 1U4O ubOO
March1043141045 lU4tl 1144 14OU
April 1048UIOSO 1032 laW 1000
Total sales 09600 bales Transferable notices Issued
at 10700
PKOTISIOKS Lard future fnrtber declined dnrini
early Clangs tn sympathy with lower grain markets
but later crier advices from this Viil accompanied
wIth buying urdera and an Increased demand rot
cash caused a strunicer turn to the market and ill
greater part of the decllua was recovered ealei 42MJ
ten at fl S4fji st c for October o7KitiH4e for Decem
ber and 7ff7o2e for January After Change the dole
was arm at l4lo for Ksptember S ISle toy October
ttTIc for Jiorember 884o for December and T oao for
January Spot lard more active steadyi sales 110 Ics
cIty cC 80 slid I loo tea prime Heilera at 0474
ftiiJOc alio luu tea at 0400 o and L
Tenned for the Continent quoted at u4uQ7o
fork quiet and unchanged tales 2Ui LIla at tlZ25 tl3
for pew reese cut meats ContInue In demand and for
bellies the market Is brie bat shoulders and bam
hardly hold ihelr own sales aaonu Ha plcklad belilta
beary to M fti average at rittaluo 161st I do shout
ders at sHe Ho andauOoleklsd hamiat lie also his
Weiternmeata ilti tea sweet pickled hams in Ba av
erage heptember and October delivery on p t 75 toa
ao lu tts aera e on p t i lt tea New fork out
swell pickled shnnlders at Ho for October and 15U
tee California cut do at lhC for beptember XJrrssed
hogs steady at S fAHo pigs do Tallow flrm at fie
HUIVT 14 Itiiaotue but under light supplies the mar
keteontlnucs firm at iu5c fen creamery and liKgiac
lor Weeiern fatuity Obese In fair demand and den
t5r4bo for Slate factory full cream age quiet
and tbe feeling Is a shade caller at 40Jlio for new
limn Wheat futures were 1 to lUc lower owing to
emler cablei favoraole weather and lung and stinrt
selling lnre and at the Writ The low was recomrcd
later Sales 2 i nii ttjO bosh at i04sIt694 for Hep
Somber SI ll5l8I 117 for October tfirj Hu llcwU
for IJecember and slIitr1Ia for May Bpot
wheat WI iiiihei and deprrsoed Hinou bti h I
to l4o tinder September tor sample redt No 2 red was
iiuoted at SI l031ii35luWi < Indian corn futures were H
Ic higher icIng tu colder weather at tbe West and a
fair demand lo ooTer Sale Lutiowju biub at 63a
oi0 for Heptemtier 54Vais344n for October and b i
frLo for May Spot corn was firmer and In fair de
hand with sales of luiuo bush Including H loads
for export at 044a534r > for No 2 mixed
In loire and elevator and oSHIUHo afloat
Data were < to lo hIgher and fairly acilre mali 415
0 Ii bush locladlug options No s mixed at 40 421 1 cfor
Hepiemlier Slid 40a4U1C for October ana on the spot
inlxid nt 4i e4J and white at 42i SOc as In quality
also > o J white jtt 4Jr In elevator and No 2
tolled at 40i4lhO In elevator Alter Change Whf t
tra < lriNo i t red winter lor heptemterSlo J < October
tlriirvts Hecember SLiWH > < uy HI Cl 1 12U com
attadyi No 2 mlied for UeDtember 64Uci October
MV May DI35C iiaii te Jr Na 2 mixed for Sap
ttmb 4ici October 40Xc Curb prices fur wheat tu
iiLgisr than tIle ahoyq I
sL0ocgiitisOffCe on the spot was quiet and without
Oltilflie ltd quoted at IHo fer > io 7 sales 2521 bag
exchange deliveries on the bails ot 17ud tar Ho P and
nn tiiui Mo 7 1110 HIM grade In active demend and
nrnti isles MO picnIc Ankola from June sat 23o ini
plcuis Intsrlor Padanr from June sale al 24cihV
lIft do do onp i ti 015 i mats Paluan al 24r spoti a
trade of an plcuis Interior Iadanr ex fhnrbeok IV at
2IHo forUVnilcnls Timor ex Anlsta u at JJtto i 1 PCI i
kits lenD I alielo Hto tars wailisd do lei hats
slheU aracus aol ito n i hats unwashsd Ill on p t
Itlo opilnns were dull snd ft tu hIt points owerlns > m
pithy with decline lu Havre and nwlnf to the absence
nr any outside liuereil In the speculntlon Receipts at
RIII rliiM bafi At Bantos uioi hajri hales ICKJ
lull closing steadywith sellsri at the followluf prlcesi
Fepteinberl7N r Drremuer KVOc lilaroh 1175c
Dctolier 17JC January iS 2telAllrliIIlSa
hnvember lUMf reliruaryIBl > Oc IWay 10710
flaw sugars coiulnue Unit and tradlni wae more so
the tu > ers reiluaily ruining ni lo holders views
closing fi I 14 > Kc for fair refilling muscovado and
sic for standard centrlniffaU ale i tlll i i tone Iioilo
ai4Aluo u lao I alila J test part at Ihelrsak
water at 4ic Still < 4571 batS iainarars reiitrjfitgls
test alMJ snia mmor ot atliill r card lo on fame
5niL Ienutd sicurs In itooa demand and firm Neivnr
Item mo a lie u eillnK fairly well at steady prleea lIce
oontlniKi Inn with a moderate demand Tea achy
Suit linn saleS inomue M > u pkge Amoy 2015 new
atop ruruioss IVO pits old crop da VOKICIII
yoothow 1150 pUs flat Huoy ana Ito pkse Cotton
at futlpricssblralla
Dhiioia blralla tin was n trifle more active at lower
prl < ea sates M tons atI 0 < j4 l f5J for October and
21H f 1150 l November Invot Copper was quoteii nom
lually atH7V lor fept iit > rr Lake 144 l was dull
auh t iinci niil > ultng rcc tt spot 42s e
NAVAI 5ruaiohlpirhIe turoentlne was dull and nn <
cbAPgeij clueIng tair at vM for ness ore and 4lr hit
rho ilnnes I 0111 Mae in lair I ilemmi < l at fall prices
sales HU till kuod rlralued at oh 1 4 jiul Met Ibis at
M lAfor I eia > for i 545 flit Nanut3U
for W II J
rrvsoLKtrif The market conilnota quiet and Ka
tlonal Tranilt certlflealei declined but lo Uuckey oer
tincates a flight advance wag made Sockeye certin
ules opened at IHo sold M uf 13Mo and olase
at SJJiai aalei WKU She ttatleaal TtuuM suM
ftatee e > pe < at 8446 fold at naMK aisl closed l at
UHOI I salenHUOObila
110 Htoek Market
Wow Tose Friday Aug QJXR e lpHof beeves 4901
bead Including ifi oars for extort 41 cars for sale and
HOcaradliecl ilaugbtereti The tradlne ruled dill
and slow and Once tell off folly la V h 10 Sc en at < >
grades Fooresl tn belt native steers fold at CLNi <
14 he i W loo fta i bulls and dry COWS at Jrs1 Dreised
beef firm at tHaaii V > tot native tides latest
cable from London qnotei American itnI Claw at I la i
TnUa Vle drrned weight aol American refrigerated
beef easier at leant Me t ft Shipments today ijao
beeves Tomorrow 11X37 beeves and IMM quarters ot
beet Kecelpta of calves AM head Markst titled firm and
M o > > higher Veats sold at MaMto f 100 Bal
Westerns and fM calvci at 47IPI
Recelpta of ilieep and Iambi were ivwnhead Bheep
were Irm and higher lambS dull and weak Sheep aold
at45o < vsitiiiiitei lambs at s7I < irU7V Dressed
mutton Rrm atu lom > H ai dreeeed lamb sow at
Hecelpte of hors Including ear loads for aale were
0C4b head Market hIllier at 4414 M < Its Be
Seail Estate Transfer
6M st n i 223 w Slit av KxloaOi John RUttery
to Daniel II Lord tl
iltehanlo it n e adl land William Archer
Iloraee Rowland to UserS lluiton 000
Hth it 412 Westt seth It Johnson Emily fa
Johnson 1OOO
liud it u s 75 w Hh av USxluuHi Ellal It haIl
to Henrietta K I Sedawlck I
13th it us IUOB 8 SIb ar MJ6i09llJ Ellal r
llalltoiaine 1
Stlthit as lt03 a nth av ITSxJfU n Hip
Katiimstto Snail Cornet 40100
7 thst is 3511 5 M av 2fxloJJi Kennllct A
Klein and wife to lleornlanna K Webitrr 14WCH
lOtb av e II 4U5 n 37th it 4xuoi lame to
same 41171
Kith st nnTOOw let av Mncinz2 Edward J
Kcheilck Julius Scott and ano 1
ISlet it I K 2Vi e uili av 23 > uu lii minds
Mackln and wife to Chas W Dayton t
< 7thotjJj Hs John Ruck and who to Charles
KJlmmerly 83300
07th it a a 125 w u thav J3xlt 3t John Kuck
and wife to The U ChaiRiM sOil alto 33000
Bthav u w COt 124th st 2nl exlfru to I2stlnt
Auoph M Bendheim and wife to u m Astor 283000
Liberty it 134 Julia U Meyer and wife to John
13ihst OIl Scat lIury A Bade andwVfeti I
Thomaaltonin 9230
Morion it 47 aud 491 Henry Llpraan to Her
mlnleMoLauthllu 84000
4th av w e DoD n lidd it SOSIHU lltrrain
fialoihlniky tolieoT Clllfdrd 0000
Perry it n a isau e WashIngton it 25xW
HavldJ Cogent and wife to ttfiltain Bliclio 14500
wuiett it Hit Morris Uenboikey and wire to
Abraham Arotiky 172SU
Edeecombav aeoor iBlthet IBIOXIH Harriet
Whltehead st al to Elltabeth K Sherwood 23830
Grant av s ws lei am map Halt Treiuont Geo
ty Johnston lo Herman Vogel 1
Crosby it 49 Bertha Volkelmy to Vlncenio
ralumbo 1TBOO
nivln ton it n o COt Lewli it 23xitX Ulcliael
James and wife to Louis Lese and coo 15001
Bamp prop Amelia pelt to same 1
Vatr st 48646114 IllIza L Mailer to Max S
koru 100
Croebyat40i Vincenio Jalntnbo to Richard
Mahoney U
Both el n i no w treat End av luoxioni wm n
Lonchantln and wife to frank I > fcmltb 0000
bib av 5 e cor 7sith st IOJxlw Mahlon O
Martin etal to Temple Bethel 230000
Bathgate ar s e a lot 4 map Adalnsvlllet John
ott to tiary A Scott 18000
73d tas0i wUest End av 244x7110 An
drew Crawford to nnncan O McKInley 00000
I3th st ns 11710 e 3d ar lenxiixuu David
Reel and wire to Mary Ward 6000
Lots 341 DSH ale 311 3H12I321S 10 214 map
H Cainbrellng Annie L Furcell to fatrlck ft
Treaoy 14400
Brooms it 133 Adolph Ornnsteln to Henry
lIcker 11000
let av 2912 Celeitlne De Marco to Carlo La
Malda 11COO
halt it 74 Iliac Gooditeln and wife to Louts
Isaac 84000
7thav we 817n 19th it 4axlrrev Caroline
M Boyce lo 81 Josephs dome for Aced under
Sisters of Charity ot St Vincent de IanL 1
Weslchisterav n s SJ e Stebblns av oxl2H
Charlotte r Trowbrldge and ano lu Jas U Pat
ten 1200
86tu st n w cor 1 uh av inox Irreg to Boule
vard John O Baker and wife to Alfred M
IbiS 1
Sheriff st w e 75 a Brooms it 246x10X1 Sidney
11 Dates to Cbas V latesetal 3100
Ilenhfleld Levi N to ratrick Craig 223 3d av
S yrs VlHUO 2000
Hencken E W A to John Inben 73 Beach si
etoreSyn 800
lllmmel cbs to John Papen 344 W 4uh st 3
yrs 54O
Rrcoanun MoaTOicas
Blsohof Wm Jr to David J Bogert n s Ierry e
Washington etc 1 yr 112300
Eoyd ElIzabeth to 1anl WIlcox trua s a 45th
st eith av demand 6300
Chatoeld Thomas B and Chaa D to John Rack
s SDith st wluth av mush 4000
Cordler iheodor A anJ wife to Vral Ihahis I
Bonn n o cur dh it and intn av 1 yr 450CQ
Cornet Wm II to rump Eamicet ssSJth st o
bihavtrr 11500
Davis Ralph to Tm Buess and soc s a 13Jd st
w5thavmoe 50CO
FltipairKkJameaJetal to Charles B Perry
and ano trus Aces Tldany a lUith st s yrs
2morts a130
Hamilton ida 55 and ano ta JulIus Ltpman and
ano 05 COt luth av andlXth st 1 yr 3ooo
Isaac Louie to Isaao Uooditeln 74 Mutt it In
stalls 7000
Eoeiael Frederick and ano to the Wm Peter
Brew Co e 114th st e Avenue A t yr 2000
Levy Racheland husband lo Bernliard Hem
rich and ano UK but lllth it I yr 2500
XcKtnlay Duncan u and wife to Ceo < raw >
ford I s 73d it w West End av 2 mont de
mand 80000
NoLanghlln llermlnle and husband to Julius
Llpman and coo n s Morton e Hudson it 1
yrumorts 43370
Shin Alex and wife to The tnlnn Dime Say
tngi IniUtutlon n s lith it w th ar i yr S30O
Omella Catharine et al to Itachel 1urdy map
Sr To lota computing Cedar Hill Plot ou
Powell Farm 3 yrs 500
Perrtne Wm ir and wife to Anna U Brands
et al excrs Ac e s Welt End av I HOiu it
ayri HOOO
alumbo thnceni to Bertha Vohkenhne w e
froihyit lot ilSJmipof lands ot Nicholas
Bayard 1si 1 yr 3000
Smith Frank L and wife to Florence A John
son n s reth it w Wit End av 3vrm 2 mont 38000
Feiton Michael to Mary Kane w i 3d av n
hAtS it leae 3 yrs 5000
Tiie Temple Beth III to Mahlon E Martin etuL
exora icse cor Sib av and eth st 3 yrn 5
mona 240000
Thaden John W to the F A M Schaefer threw
CO n w Cot Broome and Elltabeth eta de
mand 1500
Taylor Charles E to Daniel B Eeybel w e
cbrystle et n Broome Hi 1 yr 2500
The New York and College Point Ferry Co to
The male Trust Co all rIghts privileges and
franchises Ao 80000
Webster Oeorglana F lo Jonas Well and too a
a 70th it e 2d av 4 mos 2 monte 19000
Same to Bsnedict A Klein e a toll av n37th it
I yr 2 mona 13T78
Wagner > utica and wife to Hymen Bonn and
ana ws lila n 14th at 2 yrs 1500
ZImmerly Charles R to John Kuck s a 87th st
wiuthav 3 Ire 8800
HbaJl OutsIde Dank end Tract Conpantoi
lie Deprived or Them t
Bankers are already beglnnlngto discuss the
question that Is to come up before the Clear
toe House committee at Us next meeting on Oc
tober U the prooosedrefusaltooutslde bank
and trust companies of Clenrlnc house privi
leges The decision of the committee will
have an Important effect upon the banking
business In this city At the last meeting of
the association In June two reports wore sub
mitted one signed by the following bunk Pres
idents Thomas L James of tho Lincoln Na
tional Bank Percy R Pine ot the National
City E D Randolph of the Continental and
Georga B Coo of the American bxcbabge and
the other signed by K H Ierklns Jr IrHl
dent of the Importers1 and Tinderu and O C
imams President of the Chemical Bank The
recommendation Of the majority report was
that alter Jan 11891 only those banks which
are members of the Clearing UOUHO shall enjoy
Its privileges and that all the clauses In the
constitution that rcoognlzod the right of a
member to redeem for nonmambers shall bo
repealed The minority report favored the
privilege of redemption through mom tors on
pay meat of an annual foe the banks nlsoti sub
mit to a Clearing House commlltre Investiga
tion There U a report that If privileges arc de
nied to outside banks nail trust companies
they will form a Clearing llousu of their own
DarnlBE of a Ntmm Launch
The wreck seen In Princess Bay near Hart
tan Bay a day or two ago proved to be the
steam launch Albert V Benson which was
burned and sunk on Wednesday evening The
boat had lor some time been at Port Richmond
under repairs On Wednesday altcrnoon Tim
othy It Lane the Captain invited Roveral per
sons to go on u trial trip with him around
Staten Inland Among thorn wore llotort
Lane the Captains Km Clmrlen Butler 1rcJ
lleppenbauen Trunk Dougherty and Charles
Everything went smonihly until the Bonson
cot Into Princess nay vthen a tiro was discov
ered In thIs engine room near tlin smokestack
ihe homes wpreud rapidly and the occupants
of the launch nail to take to the smnll boat tn
escape They all readied shoio In saoty No
other craft was In sight at the tune and the
lersons wuo citme nshoie In tho small boat
went to their homes without > peaking toot hint
of the accldoni Tho Immch burned to tho
waters eduu and then conk
Incrrnae nr lbs Fur Trliat Ciipltal
The Bockwell Fur Company spoken of as
the American Fur Trim when It was Incor
porated In Newark a month ago for 1250
000 had another meetIng yesterday In Biker
k Hikers chambers In Newark nod It wns re
solved to Increaso the pulduo capital to one
million dollars It was icsolvrd nUo to send
a committee to Washington to Impress upon
the tienute committee the necessity for pro
tenting the American fur jnterer
This company of which leorgeUooker Trend
well Is President and A P Rockwell manager
intends to woik wHit theTrrndnoll prorensol
dyeing and preparing fins In u manner consid
er d superior to that of ibe London fur HIMI
Thu Treariwxll plant a Albany suH lo lie Ihe
olilnht and mo > t Imiiorliint In this country ant
tile n n i < lluatlonlt In Iiuisil t Ill pn > vitl ilia
prrsont necesly > of K < IPB to LIhCuitld fir tuul
skin priuuruil In I I juttd hlito m iitort
The new company has resolved that none
but Americans shall bold Hi stock and every
i1i holder has boon required to civ a
t teat he will not MU stock to a fonlcner
UJ iftj Ji iyji J 1
Bankers and Brokers
Privet wl eonneetlone with correspondent
cmoAOO WASHINGTON n o nioiHioKp TA
45 47 Wnll St
hIdCltd 11114 ntcrtii
The following coupons and regUtered Interest are par
able at this office Kept 1 lew
ROAD all of that system
Cjnponi with schedules annexed may be left three
days before due date checks will be ready at maturity
W 11 M ALE Fresident
MBW YURK Aug 27 lf > a
On and after Kept I the coupons ot this companys
divisional bonds due Sept 1 IHJO and known aa II I
The Toledo Ann Arbor and Cadlliao fonpon No 7 and
21 The Toledo Ann Arbor and ML IleasantiCouponNo
hj will be paid on presentation alIbIs companys office
room 25 ISO Broadway B F JBRV1EI becretary
Coupons doe Kept 1 ISIS will be paid tt the offloe of
the Atlantic Trust Company
IL n v A T HY co
By C O WAITE Preildent
10 WALL ST NEW YORK Xng 2ft 188O
Coupons of the Equipment bonds of the above com
pany due Sept I crox wII i be paid ou and after Sept B
at this office ot Sam a Sands 4 Co lB Wall st
CI1AB E NOBLE Treasurer
NfatV YORK Ana 23 1ROO I
Coupons at the FIrst Mortgage Ashland DIvIsIon bonds
of tile above company due sept 1 prox will be paid
on and after Sept 2 at the National flank of commerce
l5 NEW YORK AUlt 21 1BWX
A dividend of one dollar per share has this day been
declared on the preferred stock of this company for
the quarter ending June 3t Ibuo payable Oct is IPfKX
to holders of record Sept 12 18 ° < x The transfer books
of the preferred stock will close at 8 oclock P M
Eept 12 ttfuu and remain closed until 10 oolock A M
Oct 10 IN90
By order of the Board of Directors
hhW YORK Aug 27 I POO
A quarterly dividend of one and threequarters
per cent on the capital slock of thIs company will be
raid at the office of the companv 21 Corllandt st In
this city on and after Voiutay Sept 15 Iwo The
transfer boots win be cloicd from the close of bulniis
to day until the morning of Tietday ept 10
By order of the Hoard of Managers
JAS1KS Ii IIARTT Treasurer
1a way Companys flit mortgage coupons due Sept
1 lHJ will be paid on and after that date by
It T WILSON A CO 33 Wall st
CltrtionjJ nntl uiing
Ant 80 IHW I
Notice Is barely riven that the Annual Meeting of
Stockholders ot taeComitock Tunnel ompany win be
held at the companys oik us I Broadway In the city
ot sew York on MouJay Oct 13 Isim at I o clock
P U for the Election of Trustees Inspectors ot Elec
tion and for the traneactlon of such other business aa
may properly come before the meeting
The Transfer Books of the Company will be Closed on
Saturday kept 13 15011 at u M and remain Closed
until Tuesday Oct 14 inno at lo A M
By order of the Board
Th following are pravlilons of the Byla wi regulating
the election nf Directors or Officers ot the Comitock
Tunnel tompattj
Section The number of Truiteea shall be seven
tuch Iruitees shall be annnally elect
ed by ballot at a meeting of the stockholders of this
Comiauy held for that purpose aa hereinafter set forth
In beotlon 21
Motion VIII The Board of Trustee shall without
unnecessary delay after organising eliot by ballot this
officer of this Company for the ensuing year and a ma
jority vote of the whole number of Trustees sball be
neceieary for the election of each of said onloen
Section XVIII two pereosa holding
stock In the Company shall be chosen by ballot at each
annual meeting of the stockholders to serve as Inspec
tors of Election for the ensuing year and at the annual
meeting first held after tbe organisation of this Com
pany ouch Inspectors of Election to serve at said meet
Ing shell be cboicn viva voce by the btockbolders then
e e
Section XM An annual meeting of the Corporation
shall be held In New York city In each and every year
except the nnt veer at II ie olnce of the Company at 1
1 U on the steoud Monday of October 5
NEW 1 Trial deiircd In tteetcheeter Cousuy
John Brown plaintiff against HIram B Crosby de
fendant Summons
To the abovenamed defendant
You are hereby summoned to answer the complaint
In this action and to serve a copy of your aniwer on
the plaliitlne attorney wIthin twenty days after the
service of tills lumnioui exclusive of the Jay of set
vice and ha case of your failure to appear or aniwer
judgment will be tacen against you by default for
the relief demauiled In the oomnlalnt
Dated New York Maw Jutu IKxi
rialntltrs Atiorneyv
Oflce and PCS Office address ISO Broadway N Y
To hiram U CrOsby
Tb Ioregolrmg summons is served upon you by publi
cation pursuant to an order of lion George P Andrews
aJuitleoof the Sn > reme Court of the state ot New
York dated the yin day of July sou I and on the same
day tiled with his complaint la the office of lbs Clerk of
tile County of New York at the County Court House
la the City and County of New York In said Mate
Plaintiffs Attorneys
Office and Post Office address 1D Broadway NY
City N Y
c York Bxrelilor Steam Power Company plaintiff
against Wilson Brown defendant Summons
To the abovenamed defendant
You are hereby eomuioued to answer the complaint
In thin action and lo serve a copy of your answer on
the nlalntlos attorney within twenty days after the
service of tItle summons excloilve of the day of set
vIce and In eel of your failure to appear or answer
judgment will be taken agalnet you by default forth
relief demanded In the complaint
Dated New York Kin July IcS I
Plalnttn Attorney
Office and Post Otllce cares
32 Nauau street New York city
To this abovenamed IsfendanK
The foregoing summon is served upon von by putilt
ratlen pursuant to an order of the lion Miles Beach
a Juitlce of the New York hupreine Court dated the ltd
day of Aumin 1wi anI < Bled with the complaint In the
onlce nf the Clerk of the said Court at the County Court
House In New York City
Plaintiffs Atlornsy
SAME DAYUoney advanced ly > Bnellsh ladyi J3
5 and upward new elIte opened
Bonnht u VnrtliIeee htonmablp IIeltst
Urn Jennie Kessler of 1938 Third avenue
boutUt n ticket fur n passage from Jlrciuen to
New York from Jncoli Stein of 621 East
Eleventh street who calls himself a general
agent the ncroed to imy 30 for the ticket
I10cn h and the rest In installments of J150
Hho Intended to use the tleKot to lirlnu her
cousin oor from Dremen having paid tl750
site forwarded Site ticket but when her cousin
rrosenleil tbu ticket nt the steamship office In
llremen he was Informoil tnot Hiela wan not nn
agent for the company and that tim ticket wan
valueless Mrs hoeslor sued Btnln In Civil
Justice Hlecklers Court Rnd not n ludvment
for 11750 I Ho juilsmoiit could not be collect
ed and Mr Kessler IliiuHy told the ntory to
1ollce Iiiitlca Power who Issued n warrant
for tMolns arrest In the llarlom Court yeier
dnr Stein was held In tlPOU ball fi r trial Mrs
KoHHlors husband Is an actor In the Thallu
lie Hnlndlftd Ilnllrond Mess
IliilDrPOiiT A tic 29 Frank S Neal came to
this cIty tin ee months neo cot a job as switch
man In the relent yard of the Consolidated
rond and announced himself local nnent for
the Mutual Watch Company of New York Ho
soil ninny wiitcbs to rnllionil tneii on the hi
stalluivnt flan Not lone alto thu nntch com
05141 bocftiiii nunnlIons lust he was doflHUil
SI K them and oniployed iletcuthea to wnich
bilil Neal heard ol It and klcrcrt out leaving
seterol large bills unpaid lln wits trnoed SB fur
as ROT bury Mass wherc he had been worfclnr
a similar came Ie Is a mludlea ed man with
a wife and one child
City Kraplre lo 50 Cultf Todnjr
The acting Comptroller and the Clerk ot the
Finance Department nud Irlvitte hocretary
Holme 4f tile Mums otllce were very burr
yesterday with the lay roils nnd narmnt
I Jioth Hie moodily and the furtnlghilv payrolls
wets put through so tbut itie I Ills emploroes
can be paid today Thi money Is due on
Honda but u that is a holiday and It Is nor
desired to make them wait until Tuesday they
will be DebIt today i
Hudson Rlvor Railroad
All Trains arrive at and depart from
Fourth Are and 42d St New fork
Tim wILY PiiutoiD STATioN M ThiS CITY
Tralse Leave ni Fallows i
Hi Chicago in in A M Caste
II KU title Cincinnati T 50 Indianapolis 10i9t > A M
St Laalsuiltir H
except Sundays
Ine at Detroit at OtiS A it Chicago 4M r M
next day
catouion Cincinnati 15 P M Bt Loll 7itsr M
oiia r MFAST ST LOUIS AND oniCAno nx
IKKfiR One Indlananolls 11 11 0 M next day st
Louts 710 A M
yfsllKILLffiBVrrltmOll POUOItKEErRIE nitlNE
II90A M t8ii4aita 1S 3J P K also for rough
ieepileioooxil tt > 4lfl Hv a < s 75 > e ts
P M t for Oarrtsone Wet Point 1 500 ill 30 A M
+ 2148505155 4 33 1055PM
ALBANY 48l X P Stl 1030 10 50 MIlM A M 85
4 sa aax tais 101 Ki5r M na 01i i night
TRdVteiOo towo nso 10120 tinso ntOOAM
530 4tSO OiOX 7nO Pill P U t3OllnlgnL
M 4KX 0 lu TlKX BUS P II tI3 < nIght
RodlIEBTElt 5H 10 TO tlO SO X M 4 150 004 790
51115 F 140 01245 night
5tU5AL0hIt5u 1020 tlOOOAX 000 730 OilS
MAOAIU TALL31O2O flOiSO M 430 OlOO 7l30
hillS P It
BARATUOAKI00 fll30A M 1200 330 730 tf
llliDOA M7vir M 41300 nIght silo Adltondaek
Mountains i5iir M
IdMi A M Oti IM M 112 OomMnlalit
A M fStMir J M
For tickets and space In Sleeping Cars apply at Or an 4
Central Ktatlon oral 4M 7a h4y ant 1 Itroadway 12
Park place 53 iveit I usthit t and 18ihst stal bit > e r
York 3 3Aaihlnitonsu 7245 Hilton st and 155I lied
ford av K IX lirooklynt lift Hudson it Jersey City
Weitcotts eirreis cal i for and cliecbs baggage from
hotels and reildenren turough to definition
t Dally eiceut sunday tSaturdaie only other trains
run dally
Above trains except hoes leaving at 000 mv A M
SSu3sasio 3S45essr M and u midnight
lion at Ifoth it elation
General Manager General Paaienger Agent
New York and Boston All Rail
Leave Dy way of Due
501 X M PprtngflelJ and Irceiter 8 3U P I M
loin X M New London and Providence 4cc i P M
11 MIA M Bprtngneld and Worcester 630 P M
12iOO 51 Hartford and N Y and N R 8110 PM
i fu P M New London and Providence 7ao p u
SOOP M WllllmantloandN V and N IL n00 P I M
4 OU P M Springfield and Worceiter 1000 P V
6 O I M tiew London and Providence II 10PM
11 ro P M Sorlnirneld and Worceiter B18 A M
1300 P lit New London and Providence 7OO A M
Runs dally Including dundaya
Return service same hours and toy same routes
Leave for One
502 A M White Mountains Fahyana Slo p M
21CO P M Newport via Wlrkrord 745 p X
4OJ P M Danbury A Norwalk KltPlttsfleM 1440 P U
Toroogh parlor or sleeping cars hy cash train
C T UEMPThAD Qenl Pus Agent
HIT SOul TtIXo1lY tIlls anmrws
aoota 5111115 CAs
m voix V a a s o o Ts
Mhh4 OshS0
551 Saw
I pSA55 lotip Vie
to IcptLT > c calmly io nit
wiiaon ciuoa 00 8s4T siavicm LiSTS ISV
LIT cuts ar CARl y TOSS DiLLY AT S r M
And All Point TTejlt
Leave NEW YORK foet et Liberty it aalollewit
yorCllICAOO 3o P M IZM5A U
M 3 oo soo 500 r M 13115 A M All trains dally
except II so A M Sunday
r < ir NORFOLK na Bay Line 240 P M week days
Ticket Offices Sill 415 and 1140 Broadway N Y
and w Broadway Brooklyn STATION FOOT Of
LIBERTY BT Central R R of N J I
New York Transfer Company will call far and check
Uggege troll betel er rejldenoe
Gash Maaaxer Onl Passenger Agsut
Cart 14 Moreno
wilt sail from company ptrr 21 1 M R on Wednesday
Auf 211 i at U taking frelitit and passengers direct lot
Havana Vera Cruz Projtreso Tuipam and Taraploo
with transhipment at llavanatfor Nuevttai Olbura
cUlt Barcelona Malata Cartuena Alicante and
Talsncla for further partlcnlaraapply to
J 7 M CKUALLOii CO Agents
Bu Wail at
French line to Uavre every baturday
Company Pier new 42 fool of Morton it
LABOURUOONB bratigeullIst AufcSa4l 0XIt
LA BRBTAUNK De I Jouiselln Bat Bepi n I IOISUA U
LA ChAMPAGNE llover Sat Sept 13 4 A M
A rORdhT Oeneral Altent S Boirllog Ureen
vice between New York Southampton and 11am
burg by the magnificent new twIn screw steamers of
1UOUO tons and 12 uui to mote horse power This line
holds the record for fasten tripe to and from South
amptonand the Continent equal to llx days two hours
to Queenstown
IlamburffAmerlcan I Oeneral rasienser Arenta
Pucliet Co 37 llroad O B EICI1AIIU A Co
way N Y I Bl Broadway New York
CITY Oh CIIESTEIS Wednesday Sept S830A M
CITY OK UIIICAUI Wednesday Sept lu 230 P M
From Pier 43 N R adjoinIng Christopher SL Ferry
First cauln 530 and upward according to steamer
and location of room second cabin outward 0Si pre
paid fin steerage to
PETliU WltlUHT A SONS General Agents
6 Bowling Oreen N T
The only direct line to Cottage city Ness and Ten
land Me connecting at Portland with all railroads and
steamlbln Ines Ion liar Harbor old iirruard Poland
Kprlniri White Mountain Kockland Banror liastcort
alit St John K II and all Kmiern hummer lleeorti
Kteamers tail every edneiday and Batuniay at S PM
from Pier Jo lust River toot of Market It Sew York
For further information applr to
UORATIu HALL agent at the pier
rnUPANTTlie Iron Steamship TA
LE CIA > ant f C hlller leaves Pier
40 li I it foot PUe St Tuesdays at S P
U for Cottage City Mats auckland
r llanirbr all points on Prnobscnt River
X211r2b2S Kampnrl Me andLjoimn N II Superb
accoinmoJatlun sod low late rrelKkt
at loweu rates and no transferring
Goods recelreu dull > tor particulars
N K M UCilMll liencralUanaifer t > 3
Broadway O J WACKIIKIK r I and I Afoul r U
NEUCOMO Afent 13 Platbush av llrooVlyn
Alt steamers saIl from Piers 1U
alit 17 K IlatlF 11
MRNRCAHavana and Ualanzai edniiday AUff 27
DAU > prin i Nalniiu autlao de Cuba and
SANTIAGO I C lntmfOI ihuriday 1 Auir 28
CITY OP I Havana Canipeche rronlera and
ALKXANIIKIA I teratrtluHaturdcy Atg 30
MAOAIIA Havana anil Mcua Wcdneilay Sept 3
vrtuirpr I Hmona Irojireti Tampicu Tuxpaa
1VMURI I oiil S rc Crtlz hit Sept tl
For particulars freight or ranaire apply to
JAMIh E W Ail li A c 11 I I a Wai I it
steamers sail frctn Pier fout ol JA et liobuken
AST lPlllh > MEAMKIf
ElSe Stat Am an ii P I M K Wiltielmll Thuriu
LAhnWedhept3 1 A M Pelt n a P 1 M
hlderhat Sept a II I I A M Fulda Sat Hept 133 P 1 JL
Aller Wed fen 1112 P M
llrst cabIn 57u soIl nwart a herb iccordlnir lo lo
eation second stun CJi A tierthi eieera at low rates
OrLIIICIIh A CO i boo lImO Urcell
PACIFIC From foot lanai et sorili niver
10 BAN FRAkClnUl > via the ISTIIMlo Oi PANAUA
I 11V I Or PAIIA sallr Un > duy hept 1 fillS
Item AI FRtMirtiO island Hrsnuausta
CITY OF RIO nr lANrl I < > sjlli lure Sent 21 noon
For freight pamntfr anil puneral luforinatloa apply
at companys cnlie on die pier font or Canal II Nurth
River II 1 III llAV U l senal lSuperiiilmd
STATK Mia nii in > iiuinnvi with tiirouiii
tickets al reduced rite tllivrroo Lnnitnl tJublln As
HIA1I I Of MHIA H4 lliuililiy hept I 7 AM
Ialilu iseaui n 5I n in I 5 i iiccorillnr lo location of
ilsierontn lCCllrlili < mkris Ii < lo ilS Meeraie
tickets to and from all PMTI nf hurot at lowest rates
From plerCoiuinbla Kiorei onnili i erry Brooklyn N IT
For freight and ixiMfe arpiy to
AUSTIN 11LDWIN A Hi lieu Ait68 BroadwayHT
TV Iiieamers New York Queenitown and Liverpool
UAJFSTin Wednesday Fept J b an A U
UBRMAMC Wedliesrtay tepl ll l 2 liii P 51
Vrymper1or second main accommodations on Ma
ieillo Sod Teutonic testeS to and fnun the old
rnnnlr f 3tt > Coni < any on < cr 41 Hrcad > var and on
Ibe wharf foot OtsI mill st J IIRUCB IhMAV Anent
INVEXTltRH will par you tocorrstpnnd with us
Immsdlateiy ItAIlONAL PATKNT CO Rooiui I
sodS Broadway Patent Solicitors
flaleotl for Inventions procured BNmptlyi low raise
Patent i IrlMin u Hams it Ht tiubllit leSt
I Ll 43 L4
Trains lesve stations foot of Dnsbroeieej aid
rortlndi ntrmp aslollftwei
Oioi A MTIIF tAfT LINK for the West Pull
man estlline Sleeping and Parlor Care Arrives
uevelmid 1 it A M Columbus 5 au A M tbtra e >
15101 i p I M and M Lnnls 7 on P M next lily Con
nects ceo for 5 MMatniport Lock Haven and
Itenovo excnt Han lay and Toledo exeenirtaiurdav
LIUiTRI pnnipoied exclusively of Pnilintn TecH
nue Drawlnr and mate Room Bleeping Dining
fiinklnr and Observation Cars preseniluir Onanciu
reports sirnoeraphers hind typewriters bath moms
for tioth sexes lAdles mold l < arber slop library and
all the convenience ot home or nIbs Lighted by
siallnnary and men Able eiecirlo llthta Arrives Cln
elnnstl 41 sIll Clijpatn ItS i 5 M next day 1
NAT FpnrHl Pullman VestIbule SleepIng i Car
and SliCIng Csr New York ton Louis Chlcatn and
tlncinnatf Passenger I each New ork to Columbus
Arrives CIncInnati 11 I Ol i A M t ChIcago 6 00 P st
and Ht 1 oul 7141 P M nextdar
OHIO P lITUKttlHTKIIN liiPRKSS for all point
In the Nest Northwest and Southwest Pnilmaa
esilbtle MeeplnrCar New Vork to 1ltlibnrjn HI
joule Chlcairn Cincinnati and Memihis Penned
vanu Railroad Dining Car New York to Philadelphia
and Pullman Illuln Car Piltstiurth to Illrhniond and
Chlcacn Arrives St Cincinnati tl 211 P M t Cnlcain
5151 P H next lay and Kt Louis 7fXA M second
mornIng Cnnaicts for Cleveland and Toledo dally
except batnrdav
Si > of MPACIFIO nxilinna Pullman Buffet
Sleeping I ar New York to ChIcano hew York te >
Mtrnphte via the Riienandoah alieyt arrives week
dayeatuolnmbo lIft P MCleveland 1155 P M
next day snd dally at Chicago 7it l A SI Ifconol
tnnrnine Connects for Toledo dally and for Corrr
Sri the Oil lletfons Clevsland and Culumbns ex
cept Saturday
Wsihln U > n Limited Pxpren of Pnllraan Parlof
Cars dally except sundiu ill > in A II l arrive Wash
ln tonliMp M and Conireiil nalLlralleddally
wlihlilnlnrOar at tOi P I M arrive 5 aohiogton I lit
I M regular exfreis Ojn NUH nnd iJ A JL 310
430 At < l Bill niVi i M and lHi tiliht For Haiti
more only i w p M tunnay n1 and cullS A M 4 au
oKv and 11U i1 I M and It I > nltht Kor points on
Cheiapedkn snd Ohio Unllnny and Cincinnati Bleap
ire Illnlnircar and < oschrithrniinAioP M dally
For Long Druicli Point Pieifsnt ond Intermediate
nations weekdays I70 1 7 1V tuillA V 12 tunoon
3 in ana u 4iisnrrul 4 O 5311 end 7 01 p M Bat
urdays only I 26 P M Hniplay 515 u 41 A H 013
P M do not stop at Asbury ParK on Sunday
For AtlantIc City I iX P M itlironirli llunet Parlor Car
and Day ranch week day cunnerts for laps May
and with throuch car for llronns Mills and Beach
For did Point and Norfolk via New York Philadelphia
and Norfolk llnllroad t0l A M dally eieept sundae
and 8 on P tl diiyi via Baltimore and liny Line iiiia
r M week days
Eipren trains leave as follows i
jn1txi 8 uo 40 n txi lo Chlcaco Limited with
Dlolnit Car and loin Uaihlntton Llmltsdi and lIESI
A M IJ JX 1 O Silt iio iH4iH4 t > OieiCL
030 HKK and 5121 V I M and 11H3 nichu Aoporn
rno < latli > ti li i 10 A M 44kt and 7imp M Eundava
Express u 13 Htniu ill Limited and IOsJiA SI l
2esiO4551 SKI 150 ran andihYJltL and
12nnknt Accommodation 700 P M
The New York Transfer Company will call for and
check baieaite from hotels and residences through to
for lime tables of local trains apply to any ticket
agent ot the company
C11AA It pnull j R WOOD
OensralHanater General Passenger Aient
For IMiilndelphia Balti
more mid Washington
IaoZ J2045 hI 7HP JL 1215 nIght Sundays
11 AM t 2 nro s ep N 1210 Diiiit
1130 except Sunday A Mj 2 920 B P 11i 1215
Trains leaving at 74 11 so AtO 134 t 4 s 79O
r M ISIS nimbI except Ratnrdav nights have connec
tion fer Readier llarrlibrrc PrttuMile Ac
Kor Runbury LewlsDurir and Illlamsport via Phlla f
elpbla t7H5 A H 1 lit tiuffet parlor carl 7SO P U
11216 nIght except Saturday nliba Sunday 6OO
Tickets and parlor car scats can bo procnnd st7L
III l 4111 H14 1140 isjs nroadway 7aj Bihar 294
Westl2thst 1114 Rest IVitll It New York 4 Court St
Ken Fnlten st Ill Breadway Uroeklvn The New Vork
Transfer Company will call for and check baggage from
hotel or residence
I Or Leave foot of Cortlandt or Deo
brosies st 714 020 and 11 A M 1
1 344 4M SIO and 7 P M
The plcturevqne route between New
York and Kaiton Reihlehem Allen
town Mauch Chunk Vllkesbarre i
Flttston Scranton Ithaca Geneva Vaverly WatkIns lt
Glen Elmlra Rochester Buffalo Niagara Falls Toronto
Tlckelaand sleeping car berths ran be secured at the
Oenrrat Eastern Office 2U Broadway or 180 East IttUl
1UBNCE and all Bastsrn points
roursteamers In commission PURITAN PILGRIM
PUDV 111 NUE and OLD tOLDSV A One orctiestra
attarbad to cacti vessel 4
ulKK DAVX Leave New York from Pier 28 N R I
foot or Murray St at ttiliP M for Fall River direct
and 11110 P M lor rail tImer via Newport connecting
at Fall River ulth aiprene trains and tbrounh care for
lloston Cape Cud the tihilie Mountains New Uedrord
Ac close connection made at Utter point with steamer I
for Cottage City and Nuntuckel
SVNIIAYSLeave Newark ci 30PM for all points I
ItliTUKMNU Trains leave Park Square liatlmii week
days at h and 7 P M Sundays 7 P M rennecilnK with
steamers leaving Fall River week dara 7 Jiiandn25 P
M undasdSO PM leave Newport wesc days 9
P U Mndars 10 p i M
PULLMAN VlihTlHULE TRAINS between Fall lover
and Park Hqnare Btallou nostnn
Connectiun by Annex boat dally from Brooklyn 5 F
M Jersey City 4 P M Tickets and staterooms may tx
obtained New Tort at all the principal ticket omcea
at the line office Pier Si N R and on steamers
Eastern points Direct route for the VUIITE MOUM
leave New York from 11cr I 21 N K foot warren
st at 5041 PM Sunday exoepted FOr Providence
direct due f10111A 11 ronnoclInK with express trala
due Hostou 7i5 A M Wurcester SilO and iliio A M
White Mountain Purlor Car train Isavrswhart7 A
N runnlnz tliroiiKn to ratiyans wltrmut change Ito
turnlnir leaves lloston Park Square Station JjP SL
daiiyexcept Sunday
Tickets and staterooms secured at ISO 257 291 821
1144 and 37Uroadway Astor House Ulndncr and Cos
rnopolltsn Hotels aliotltcesX Y Trsnsfer Co In New
York and Hrooklvn WIKI will call for and check bag
tare from bold or resIdence to deitlnutluu Telephone
call cortlanot 3525
Hllsou River by Daylight
Iav Line Steamer
Iially except Sundays 4
Leave Brooklyn hnltonst by annex 8fnAlt 4 mi
do New York Desbromes Btii do
10 do Hest dsi Ilit > do
For AIIIANY holing Yonkers Wost Point Sew
burib PouKhkeepsle Rhlueberk Calsklll and Hudso
for Doiton Worrciter Wgtcti IllIL ninct liUn < and alt
pointsMtRTH aol EAST STHAMhKri itaiie PlhK HO
KOKTIl HIV Jl next pIer above n ibrcistii SlIest ter I
ry DAILY Sundar icatudi AtftiUO t M Tick
etc tod RtftUrocrn otooreu at principal ticket offices la
sew York HinoUyn aol Jersey city at lien 4i N IL
and on steitnere MhCUL tOLTUKrilON np Haturday
ulaht and down SumJayn from New York to Nw Lou
don and return f3 Norwich and return < Jiii Sunday
steamer iesssNuirwtiu7PM New LondonDlSl I
Ateamera DnlV cud DRN RICHMOND leave oil
Pler4 North Itlver foot Canal st at n P I It lirooklyn
Fultou st sia Annex A P I M connecting with exnreaa
train fur Sarnlona take I deorirr ant I all AillrnndacK
points Miaron Springs rooier ioivn ihnuiand Islands
ana Miln Inlie I SAIl RllAY Nil111 hrFAMUIl con
ned with Sunday inornliu ti an for haratoica
points North and Feat Inly direct line for NAUR A
UANMTf liEu aud UATCIIIIlLI Steamers leave
New ilrSit l N R one block abote Canal street all
P 141 l dally eicent hundii connectlnK with nxpresl
trains Ii tilt tIm gh Itviilnlng I hairlars I Itetnrblujr
tram leaves IH k hnunrs btatlon lluiton 1 P M and
Narragalisitt Pier 7 in I M Mumlaya only u 30 PM
City of Troy or Paritnsa Irate Pler4 N H foot
Wenmthnt dally o OCCIt haturiiay i P M Express
trains for Miraioga Lake drum AdirnudarVi Sunday
Ilanmor tnurhnal Altiunj hAHAIUljA LXCUIt5IIJ
5454 LAhetieuRIIK vli
L < avei llesbroiiel Plir Illll P I M talurdayl I 41 P t
do West SJI it Pier i 01 i P I M iln SOO P I M
EXCUIIKION llnoo C IUYM f I VV leave Pi ok
slip Ileru K I K a p I M dally eirept Hundajs and
H I I I M HOlIdayS 13 P I M Con elIhif sub trains lot
Si IERII > VN Hartford bpntttlod < l lloiioke io
ttltlrhIlllOiuT YSTrAMIll WATER
AnitlIIIIPOKT hst I River rot of Atharlne > t
11 I A M coniifcilutf vltli itro irfb trains on Nauiaiuck
and llousatoiilu lMlroadi iunJai s S P I M
I nil I AfMULI lei > e Pier JJ N It foot ot lay it
every wtek day nt n P M rtnnecllnv with Oalillll
Mountain nd tjlro li K Dirrnoryof Mimmer Hotel
and liiiardinir liouin tree nt lien or lilt rd to any ad
ilre > s tir It J I IILillL > Jrejiunr Caliklll S V
t4ilEli MNP I Ion Neiliurifli Flihlll Corn
wuli I oil < l Slirince and Stoat 1uint from Franklla
st pier M K ii cot Usjunt or I 31 tunnars u A 2
STIUHEIt KLBIIitnX fur I1flii Krsnih Bribrlih
5 Pl niure Par and Hranrhpirt leaves rrankiln si
covered pier North Shear daIly si 9 A il nranihpnrl
dally at Jtiu P M Sundays al 9 P 1 M rrlulil received
at all hours rare for the round trip 40 cents
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P M for Orient Oreenport tnelter IsUud and Baa
Ilsrbur Leaves lag Harbor at 4 ti P M i Mondays
Wenneldays and Irldajs 111 I Illllv I apt
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