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f aii wRiEHDn I oeriCB wear DESERT
b Boa btII B C Btv KxMwll Ct
Btcloler Mr Halt Deorvo and
t 11Ir
Ml Tanataar MaBn
rrM eo a ID
PM > Caro 4laDgr niroh nad Oft
jb Eieontlv Committee of the Republican
County Committee met at Its headquarters
Xroadway llt and Tnt eand street last
ttinlne I waa a suddenly called meeting
Soon Di beard anything of I until Saturday
p41t was held two weeks In advance of the
County Commute which the
BMtiscof the Cmmit
mUIz te Cunt te
m1U101 Ziicntlv Committee control and advises in
tiad ete on the evening before orvn the
IUa II often don Thla fact Labor
urnidty I oltn ll Lbor
PJJ and the outoftown exodus that Ie I Incl
jttttl to the laD spolally when Sunday
ltd holiday come together resulted In a cat
MBrtMOtatlon by proxy
Irrrybody seemed t understand that moth
fagtU but the eo e of Glbbs and its develop
n ut In tbS appointment of Justice Mead
tgnld explain the calling of a meeting under
loea circumstances Mr Glbbs understood 1
vtth the rest He was on had defiantly pro
tUhnlrur that the committee could not do ar
lalnf to him because he had done nothing
HI did not take anyofOo fromMayor Ort
I ccuo recommend Mads appoint
or did he even rcmmend 1a appit
amt to the Mayor But he was a little anxious
Ilt ious non the less and was only half as smll
JBI I usual when he accosted the nOD Barney
Elilln with the Inquiry
What are yon going t do Barney
No smile accompanied the answer which the
Hon Barmy also made a Question
What do you think we are going to do D
you suppose yon con belong to Tammany HaU
tad be a member of the Republican party
1 TThats all right for yon Barney said
t Glib pleasantly and then he glanced scorn
fully but and added Haltot these fellows
voaldnt dare t speak to me at a for tear
oe one would go and tell Platt
ExJnstice Jacob M Patterson whom Can
Head succeeded called executive meeting
1 order with pleasure and Secretary Bellamy
tailed the roll The eecretarya report of the
suetlng with which no one interested found
any tank says that Henry Grass of the
Twentythird district offered the following
irtamDle and resolution the reading of which
rlmDI raoluton
caused Mr Glbbas peachblow complexion t
take on a ruddier glow
te Thi nltttno f a politic tllltae btwn
tniiTicl K UbM a mimtxr of tile oommllt aid
iirttlnof lb Isdn I of Tta mtny boo button a
ntutr of BttbUe noiortty sad It plainly vldcd by
th uM If lb ttld ilbtt la th lut Ionium
tun U cennctlon wim lbs Itu appolntmtat a a
folk Jiiuct tnd the obilth 4 4 aplID a ttld
OAM in co aI11II tad
wunu nv ry lnt 1 party tnd nubile dtmaaoi
j ortrttr woIT mm aT Uail and
wltriu It li tzpedlat I ttiat u any et Tuantay
1 I
t Bill tbnid 1 ald lo pirttctptu In th o < maoU of
tti Bt uliut party or t tab pan 1 Its COTUB
SiaiAitt That thU Ezcctlv CommUtes cad
I t Coiotr CommlllMth adoUoa ot U > oliawlac
BtKtKi That rrtdtrlek I Olbta a < 4l > r > U la u
Coofttr Ctnmltt nm the ThlrtMato AtomMy D
trltl ul riMittnf said dltulot la tb BitcuUT
CommiRM h rUc prortd fuss l u Bpsbllean prd
of ta th eovaellt and
plM ud aavonhr partidpfttion I tb lacl
fircnuarat of t ItiTwbllun party ot u elty 1
btnby rtaurvl ud sxpsll4 aianenku at sail
Couty Coamltu and said icutls Ooomitte a
alaauuvuMfroaih rail I th ConmttU from
tttniruwta AjMmhly district orc ateatia
tatoct That th ThlrtMntb lMit onruliatlni
Tat tb t 4t at
to rtntt d 10 cans said va < artBiu4riaUoaw
t worthyutft
G SUM ty ton iniiaal and worthy B ifo
Hi aibts was onbl feet when the rsad1o
Gbs te rnl
was oondudtd Chairman Patterson reoog
n1zedtin I the I mpl dirct way ear
le 01 hblfaan tteiupta at oratory
I dule the accusations agaist hhn and de
land that no disloyalty to any caucus action
rreccnlzad prlnolpl of h party could b
Otll prncle pa
slKiWn acalnst him
ain a Townlsr of the Fourth district
f Uow d Qlbbs i opposing the resolution but
Baaaeed t 01 without saying anythlnoln
1 Tezot the aoonsad What Mr Xownley
jraated was that a eammltte of three shonid
pointed before which the rooter of the
= otton 01 eipulsion sboula make his
cbsges ahd offer bis proof ana br whom Mr
Olb could h beard In his own defence M
wnly made I motion t that effect
Jpjtlce mae B Smith who is not credited
vita being so strong a HaLt man as exJustice
ntterson Ie and whose term ol offlco also ez
pfrts before that of Mayor Grant does de
moped an Inquiring turn of nd He wanted
to know under what clause 01 the Constitution
end tbt made reselntlon effective ot Air Urftss could b passed
Mr Orasse answered that Motion 1 of article
t 1 coatalnad th e proTision It cOD von sweep
mi provision and it obes twothirds of the
County Committee power t expel any of its
cumbers any member of the Executive Com
ntttte or any officer Of any district organiza
tion I two thlrdsot the Executive Committee
oik that 11 be done by resolution or a majority
BAtnre elite members sign a paper or request of that
Mr Grasses disclosure of this feature of the
aatrallzug new rules of a year ago stopped
sTory one from talking on the question and a
vote was taken on Mr Towateya resolution
which was lost MrTownley voted or It So
leh WI Town Soon B Smith and
iir t I Grasses resolution was then voted on by
a till ot the districts and tbe rote was announced
flounced as 4i4 In favor to < agaInst the com
Bltleemen casting rotes in proportion t the
strength of the districts the represent te
Bernard Blclln John Simpson John Relsea
la Sipon Jol
Weber John 1 Nugent George Billiard
aorle BUla
Thomas Coaklay Georce Wanmaker Jacob M
Patterson Decree bchnrman A McQueen
W 1 Van Wick Frank ITaymond J A tea
Btstrnj Wllllsm U Ten Eyck and Thomas
Gesry the representatives ot fifteen districts
then signed a paper calling upon the County
Commltue reflations to comply with the request of the
Mr Gtbbs who bail said before the meeting
that the committee could not do what It had
proceeded jo do changed his ba alter the
meetlnc He said that he did not car aI the
fxpulslen and that it would make him stronger
tat mat
I his district oud hm ODU
I vis reported somewhat gleefully at last
nights Eitnerine though not while It was for
totlly In session that the resignatIon of
OtDirtr Henry Hirsch ba been accepted by
the Secretary of the Treasury Gauaer Hirsch
I the Important person whose association
Dinted Its Thirteenth district rod the other
EUht and caused the loss of Glbbss parrot
Re Is also tbe official whose place is said to
e bn demanded by Mr Putt nnlesa t
Should abandon Glbbslim and for whom both
JOih and Ulbbi went on t Washington bt
Bad a ficnt aI
The people who were so glad that Hlrscb was
la Hroh
declared that Mr PIt had nothing to do
1OthdlllarTed also said ssmewhat Inooosls
untly thit hall a hundred more ot the many
iJKMholiler that tbe Indefatigable maT ba
Dud will lose their offices II they do not come
cur to the aide of Platt I th regulars
CKJ1 lalnl
Very few bt city members of the Republican
Kate t Committee were t be seen up town last
vtiilng and these were more interested in the
weal eietutlve meeting than anything eisa 1
Ih talk a to the busGiisa ot the fatal Com
JiA meeting was however
ws apparently
ldjtnl knowledge of the pr
grimm on the part of thoc wbo
Vets in town The consideration ot the qnes
tOi ol holding a State Convention laid over
from we June meeting OaYntoD w1 up a little
tim I But there Is no doubt that Ihe
otcluon will b against the Convention The
IfJ 1 argument In favor of It I ie made by the
Jr L1hJon1 leliowe l who believe mae stirring
lip enthusiasm and firing the Republican
thVVb invention oratory he admit that
ut aUOI 1 t Court of Am > 4aU Juan
rTn his elsctiou would pot Aca
tsasob for wanting to make such astir but
t4ley say that It would mae favorably on the
IIr b F w3u Assembly fibre which a
a a Tb CP OOIDt 01 the convention pretend to
eSTer In othuslasmmanufacturing plant
pot hV IJ that this weeks lleuublican
JJW tontlnn will io all that Is nece
carp I ip that direction Ther 1 tat say much
Ibopt a V Iblr real rMOn for not wanting to bolo
eDntlon and that II I blr fear that the
815flt05 the denltes and the followers of
Ish would improve the opportunltr t stir up
ththe colnUon question out 01 the way
I Cmliie will probably In ac
Soidatic with a recently w1 plan proceed
Oaci wit rcentr 10le pll prod
9ttmtnat aJudge of the Mutt 01 Appeals in
1 Metrhon 01 Judge al Cur term expires
rib the Year They will I pr000upo epir
IIor oa tb e otall prCloulO that
t Juah a Democrat he I louDd from
iy Oa Jrtlean bias and Is an able and
r lr nced Jurist Hut the real reason is I that
1 do not want 0 Ria cietnaigii which liter
t olwd i will end In dereat 1 and tiicriiavo also cot
1Iida ttiatGov Diii and Chairman Edward
l 11 ffi t 01 the Democratic blat Commit
SwBhlffl 1WlobroninUd
7a yat > to ond thtlrflrtt nlollnt
tSAot at
ldt z Baaaotaa
t tt
TUB vnontuHo or JUA HBLIJK
T Der alasd at Sb uirfaee L
After Ho Wa A > ar Btlr Jea <
The wife ot Mr n n Plelltz who was
drowned at Point Lookout whll be was bath
Ing on Sunday afternoon U frantic with Brief
and It Is 1 lead the strain may unbalance her
mind Mr Flelltz formed ODe of a party of
four excursionists who visited Point Lookout
The other three were Mm Flelltz her brother
Mr Paul Lincoln Bryant and a Mend of Mr
Flelltr lr A n Murray They arrived at
the Point Lookout Hotel at about noon and
alter eating a hearty meal retired t the
veranda where they sat for abent fifteen min
ute Shortly afterward l Murray who Is
a expert swimmer expressed a desire to
go into the water Mr Flellts offered to
accompany her and bath applied at the hotel
for bathing lull The manager M I J De
Tia warned them not t go as the surf was
running unusually high and the undertow
was very strong A they Insisted however
he ear them suit and keys for bathing
houses They had hardly got ont of his
sight before he regretted his action
He orertoek them before they reached the
bathing houses and repeated what he had told
them in the hotel Mrs Murray made fun of
h lea and begged him not to worry for her
a the bad swam In many a rougher sea than
that whloh was running at the time Hl
Flelltz and Mr Bra bad already cone t the
beach pear and were waiting for the bather to ap te
As soon as they had donned their suits Mr
Flelltz and r Murray plunged IQto the surf
and the latter was soon considerable distance
out As Mr Piellta could not swim a stroke
oat not attempt to go beyond his depth I
Is surmised however that he kept walking
further and further ont until the undertow
caught him ana carried him under and out be
yond 11m Pth Ills wife and her brother saw
him threw no his a and after giving a
loud scream link
Mrs Murray who was swimming saw his
danger ana attempted to reacn blm She
failed to do 8 and she was almost exhausted
before she turned to swim Ia She soon found
that she wa making no progress toward the
shore Meanwhile the shouts and cries of those
on shore bad attracted a crowd Among
the whole crowd there was not one man
with courage enough to try to tare
the woman and aha would probably hare
met the same fate as her companion had I not
ben for the bravery of Manager IMvlne who
hearing the about had rushed to the beach
and taking in t he situation with a glance trw
off his overcoat kicked off his shoes and only
waiting to have a rope tied around his body
plunged Into the surf He failed in several at
tempt to t past the third nrait
rough was the water The crowd on
shore bad by this time given up all
hop that the woman could Inn lP Th
Qurrent had carried her a long distance down
the shore until aha was directly opposite
Walter Westone cottar which Is the last on
ate Lookout beach At this time Mr
Dnlne superhuman effort managed to get
through the breakers He reached hermit I
time and though sue struKSled hard to get a
trip on him he managed t kop her at arms
himaelf lenrtb although he was almost exhausted
Asoon aa she was safe on shore she be
came hysterical and between lobs and laughs
begged Devlne to leave her alone and rescue
Flelltz But Darin was exhausted by h
or considerable trouble a lifeboat had
been secured from the life ail station on
bQ fom te alaton
the Point and manned by a volunteer crew
composed guests and cottagers Although
the men struggled heroically they r unable
to launch the boat necessfnlly It wa near
ly swamped and they were compelled to
return and with the crowd watch the body
slowly disappear from crwd It wan a curious
fact that Mr Plelltz was i view a lone time
after be ceased to show signs of le I Is con
jectured that he died of hear disease or apo
plexy and that his lungs were still full of air
ubmTgod He floated with arms outstretched and face
Mr Flelttr wa about 8 yean old Bo woe a
salesman the cloak bons of V 8 Hess
alma 00 co Elahteenth street and
was for mar a superintendent of toe Bry
ant alta Laundry He tired at 7 Button
place Manager Devlne is I laid up aa the result
anar lad A te r
suit of his exertions and will probablr not recover
cover for several days vet This Is I the second
life which he era Td He rescued a girl a
Coney Island six yean u
XIU that the BpI Majority
MOT be B Little Las than Venal
WHITS Divan Jtntcnos Sept tTh 01 lec
lion in this State tomorrow will probably be a
quiet one as I usual in a off year There
hasbeen no atM canvas made by any one
of the parties that will present candidates for
te suffrages of the people The only political
heat that has been developed I the State this
year 1s that which was worked up i the period
antedatlna the Bepubllcan State Convention
and this centred In the nomination for Gov
ernor The Democrat seem to hare taken
more interest in the campaign than either ot
mor Intrt I te capa ta
the other parties They have bad some raT
speakers t discuss the general political
issues of the day at some of their Conventions
and they are likely to poll a comparatively
larger rot than their opponents Tb Prohi
bition row will b emalL as usual Other
lton 11
party organizations which hare existed I the
Stats haying been dissolved there will b but
flal hrlnt ter
three tickets tn the feld
The nomlaaitor Governor a Demo
cratic the J oa Herbert F Brigbam of Isak
eratcl Prohibition Edwin A Allen of Fair
haven Jiepubllcao the Hon Carroll g rage of
Hyde ark MnPaxe was nominated by a
good majority m convention but the disappointment
pointment of the supporters of the defeated
candidate for the nomination a not disap
peared and there a indications that there
may be some Quiet cutting of the Republican
b This added t the disaffection which
has been nourished In certain localities In the
northern part t thn tit and the general
apathy of Republican rotors who feel that
their candidate is sure of election may result
In giving the Itepullcan nominee a somewhat
smaller raaJorttT than the average even in off
years HoweverthlsBtatoot feeling maybe pit
considerably by the large vote mal b
bluslt l1eablr many ol the larcer w by
spirited local contests There is a organized
bolt against one of the Republican nominees
for the State Senate in Wind ham county
although It does not appear formidable upon
tbe surface In Rutland county the supporters
01 ara license movement may combine to
State 8f at Senate two of the Republican nominees for the
ace Itat aent 180 A J ben ipnbllcan 1991 majority In oft yean
The ficMOcmta SBT They RaT Doubled
Their MBjorliy or Two YCBIB Age
LmLT BOCK Sept 1Tb Stat and ont
elections today passed oft quietly Partial re
turns and estimates received from thirty of the
serentyflre counties In the State Indicate a
largely Increased majority for Cor Eagle and
the Democratic State ticket overtwo > ar ago
when his majority was l o Democratlo
majorities on county officers and legislators
has been correspondingly increased
lee Em rin the State baT from 95000
to SaOOO majority In the Third ward and sev
eral townships In this I county double polling
places were established owing to charge that
the county Judge violated the law In appoint
ing judges of election The county Is close
and the result may turn on a judicial construc
tion ol the law deflnlns that officials duties
MAUAXMA Ark Sept Iat E J Henley lost
mute at this place I arrested today for
assaulting ngroet for noting the Deraoeratlo
ticket neuley I recently appointed Post
master through the Influence of Powell Clayton
The TVrocked tear TJIaidB
HAUTAX Sept 1All the cargo of the
wrecked steamer Ulnnda bas been got ashore
safely and It Is I likely that everything mov
able wU b taken off I the weather continues
fine The officers men and passengers all
say that the tog born near where the steamer
i struck could not be beard and that was one of
the reasons why the et > els true position was
not known Tne steamer was further dam
aged lit night and she U breaking up on the
I rooks tier bottom t knocking to piece and
her deck I covered wit water P al
arw Ze BBd JIBBST Car Hrrto t a
ThooMutd lalBBdo BBd AdlrBBBak Mows
The tkrown IMPIBS far tarries ru th Kw York
C4autl to om TbfMMid lsacda ant AdlroBltct Moos
out via Otis an trtla ltvtiK Grand Catral l Kuilun
tt4i40 Ya I I will 1 alMOiit iid from and tfttr VTcd
aidtr 8t AStir that tel puMuiin will U I to4
Wtcar Uckit for UU train which will povtd item
wilt itu Is drtwus room ur t UUri and wilt s I sp
ttf ctr teMiaie dAUa tanc Otaytea rtHllaltas
5i5ptig Sara from Taper L r1 Saltb i aid
r e at
I M tea taieasB se MevXMk a
i <
LOtr TO ass tr 12 WAS KASTT
The of thr Triad It Too wad Cave the
baby She Do rrorthdIt KllUd the
Old La4yUer Daughter Zseee
Th baby of Theodore Arbes a manufactur
ing urrlerllvlng at 327 East Sixtyninth street
tell sick the other day Dr A Mona Lesser of
811 East Fiftieth street saw the baby yester
day morning and noticing symptoms of bron
chills prescribed aconite The prescription
was In German and read thus
TU tnrteonlt7i e < rn m a guM of wtlr rrm
the mixture rise a Uupeontal Try bear
The prescription put up by Philip Matty
a drug clerk In the store of Albert A Klrcbner
Seventysecond street and Second avenue
Mrs Catherine Bldeok the grandmother of the
UIIIDald put the twoounce phial contain
ing the poison to her lips t taste It wishing to
see I it would b disagreeable t the Infant
She swallowed about two teaspoonful and
pronounced I nasty Her daughter Hl
the aconite but
FriUa Arbes also sampled aODI
took a very small quantity Then the mother
put six drops of It in water as directed by the
label on the pba and gave the baby a doe of
the mixture i
The poisonous action of aconite I not imme I
diately felt I was not until hal a hour after
she bad taken the deadly drug that the grand
mother began to eel faint She and her
daughter anspected that they bad tasted too
freely ot the childs medicine They had sup
posed however that what waa good for a baby
In small quantities wouldnt bun grown folks
In large dotes They bad ben wad bl both
Ur Lesser and the drug clerk to be careful
how Lllr used the medicine a It was dangerous
The grandmother head began to pain her
and Mr Arbes sent her sister around to the
Arba ask young Matty if be thought
the old lady would be dangerously sick because
te taking a swallow of the aconite tatty told
her to go for a doctor right away and he him
self got Dr Sidney I Draper t run
over I the Arbes residence Dr
P a Lloyd and George 1 Bchrelg
were also caned In Emetics were given to the
old lady and t her daughter who was also
dangerously IlL The daughter recovered but
tbe old lady die about two hours after baring
taken th a lon abut died painlessly as the
poison first deprived her of sensation Aconite
deprved ntoa
U lt heart paralyzes because I gradu
ally reduces the pulsatida ot the heart to
l rUcl
Coroner Levy wbo Investigated te ease
caused the drug den wbo bad been arrested
to be brought before him I Graber Lloyd
him r Grabr lord
t b brnlh blor
and Schwelg examined the prescription and
the label on the phial and declared that
Matty had done bla duty properly its was released
leased h1 Lesser knew nothing of the death
rued Sldeck and the serious nU of
he daughter until te BUN reporter told
blip about It last night Be said he bad Inn
hll Abut a nlbt rerbal Instruction In
regard to the nature of the medicine and Its
use and tad been particularly careful In
writing prescription because he bad a patient
1rltDc te Jrcrllloo
tient named OConnor some time ago who was
OCnaor Ile tme
tnt nme the careless use of ont He
saved her life because he was notified be
fore she lo absorbed tha poison The
lor ha ablorbd t Jloa
Doctor says he prescribed a smaller qnantltrot
medicine than the clerk put up hl prarD
tlon reading 76 gramme The decimal point
was Invisible lamma ad clerk put up 75
grammesa wa big phial full of the stuff Instead
of a little one That made no difference ao
lon as one directions tor taking were ob
served but Mrs Sidech would not baT been
smaller likely to supply take so large I swallow ont of the
1O FBU rlr DrNXr
ZtaUaa and BnaEarlaa WorUnua TolU
tho Law la roBaajlVBala
PoTTBTowjf Sept 1Fish a dying by the
hundrll the SchuylkiU River and Its tribu
and found floating on the surface
tastes ad a toald noatn te ul
of the water a th way from Reading t Nor
ristown Colonies of Italian and Hun
laborers dwelling In shanties along the riverbank
lbrr dw11 I lat aon te rTor
bank hare been engaged fo I month
back In killing the fish with dynamite e
trldce and having escaped arrest hitherto they
have grown bolder and are DOW conducting
their operations on a larger seal
The iplosives a sunk in aa tl river and dis
charged by manna ot waterproof fuses which
give the men time enough t row out oi rob
before the crrldre exxnlod The water is I
thrown In columns high i the air and the
killed nah rise t the top Th poachers in
tbel baste t gather t top and sacaps detec
tion unavoidably overlook large quantities
and these float down stream Last week and
today toe Pottstown mills were obliged to
close down on account ot the dad fish that had
flogged the machinery Th water baa b
come so foul that Itcannotbe disinfected Fish
Wardens De Turk ot Neveralnk and Clarke of
fender MorrUtowtt t justice are cooperating t bring the of
OBttxrlw In SehnetMB Park SteUwar of
Maui Ocrauui Boeltbes
Musicloving Germans from all parts of
Queans county attended the alngcrfest of the
united sUngerbundea of Queens county In
SchQtzen Pak Steinway Long Island City
yesterday Festivities began with the reveille
at 6 oclock In the morning Among the socle
tIes present were the Corona Minnerchor
Wlnfleld Mnnerohor Y Vhltestone Lit tder
kranz Frobslnne of Long Island City Alpen
ran Oollege 1 oint Harmonic of tnlnwar
LrraMnuerohor of Astoria Krakehlla et Col
lg Poll Fld l9 of Woodslde Harmonle of
College Point Harmonic of Glen Cove Ban
ceriuM of College Point Jamaica Bancerbnnd
of Jamaica and Harugarl or College Point
The JesUval was under the direction of Ber
thoid Tismar and John Oranlln President of
the day Breakfast was served In the trove at
a oclock Phortir afterward e societies got
in line and with 1 flags and Banners waving
paraded through Astoria and bUInwuy in
addition to the musical pfogramm therwr
games shooting matches and bowling The
musical programme was completed py the
united societies singing Die YYacht am
Rbeln ° A handsome silk flog was presented
other Ihela societies Harmonle Society ot Btelnway by the
Today Conre tlo I New Eaphir I
OOMCOED Sept 1There I a unusually
lan number of delegates here tonight to at
tend the Democratic State Convention and the
Convention ot the Second Commas district
which will be held tomorrow The predom
inating feeling among the delegates la favor
able to the renomlnauon of tn Hoa Charles
11 Amtdeu of Penacook for Governor although
Col Thomas Cogswell of Ollmanton will ro
celr a handsome complimentary vote If he
allows his name to go before the Convention
alow generally believed that te Don Warn
Congress I Dan I ell ot Franklin will b the nome for
CnrTt Rev Mr H aydr for Coxgrtl I
ABBUBI FIBX Sept LThe Rev George n I
Snyder of Ocean Orore has been nominated
for Congress 11 the Prohibitionists of the
Third Congress district of New Jersey which
comprises the counties of Monmouth Union
and Middlesex Mr ttnyder t a member of I
the Newark Annual Conference of the Meth
odist Cfiurcb lie bas been a active leader In
ojt temperance cause for l lie Is the
secretary AbU Park of the Law and Order League of I
They Blew Vt > a Haloom
Koiouo Ind Sept 1Jessie Anlts saloon
at Oreentown ten miles dlitantwas destroyed
by dynamite at 3 oclock this morning ThC
entire front wan blown out and the contents
totally wrecked The Oreentown people have
fouxtit the location ol a saloon In their town
for years and the lat that Ault succeeded I
without trouble in getting a license xaspr I
aled them and determined to blow him ap I
Throe Lives Lest IB 0 art HeULflM
Couo CoL Sept 1Tb Wolford House
was burned this morning The fire caught In a
room on tbe second floor which was occupied
by au invalid I who It t 1 thought kicked over the
lamp Three persons were burned death
laD dah
Oneihad teen Identified as William Prior who
has been employed by the Western Union as I
a Tbe others are unknown II I I
Almost a Water least
The auk t the Nw fork C BIn Kw
I Teik asS MffiO rico bs14 th iaMa aaa Mhwk
Inn 4l Cl it Utile disuse
= UalaITo4 peeausrs 0
II is flelleved at the IithMB that the
Prepeele are flilghtetsg
PAMIUI Aug 25wThe pr pet of the Pan
ama Canal a definitely brightening and la
th best Informed circles here the matter II regarded
garded as practically concluded although a
is Mill engaged In
commission of the Senate UI nll I
studying the proposal of Mr Wise and preparing
paring the draft of a bill to authorize the Exec
utive to come to terms with him upon the
basis of hla proposal b II I now regarded aa
all mere formality and the measure will b
rairae through Mr Wys has already ar
ranged all matter of principle with the Preil
Ident and Cabinet and as they and the Senate
are In perfect accord no untoward event It I
toulht ca arise t defer a satisfactory ala I
tionThe following telegram from official sources
In I Bogota b been published In Panama
The President of tbe republic hasieoom
mended to Congress the proposal of Mr Wise
mende prpla
which is as follows te
MAn extension the contract for eight year
longer the work to be commenced not later
lonle t b
than a year and a half after approval The
Government will concede 10000 hectares of
land that may be nececeary for carrying nut
tat neear
the ma and settle all expropria
tion expenses The company will pay
ne Clombli Oorernmtnt 13000000 franca
In eight annual Installments of 1600000 francs
ach and 0000000 franca worth of free privi
leged shares The company will also contrib
ute 80000 franca monthly for the military
protection of the transit all freight of Colombian
bian produce passing over the Panama Boil
road to b carried at halt the tariff rates
ThU the Br kip rallee Thlak Wa the
Iate f Itrl C7
FoUeem John Clancy of the Bergen street
station in Brooklyn died yesterday at the
Beney Hospital ot injuries received on the
night of Aug 2 at the hands Thomas alias
HlRgsr West the leader of a gang of young
toughs In the Tenth ward Clancy had Incited
the animosity of West by baring his brother
Imprisoned for drunkenness and disorderly
conduct and he threatened I II i said to take
revenue sooner orlater This opportunity came
mentioned when Policeman
on the night mnUooe Plcma
Clancy was busily engaged in dispersing a
crowd of young men in Third avenue and Car
roll street The policeman was standing In
rl etre llema
front of Butcher William Harriss store 382
Third avenue talking for a moment with the
butcher when West as It Is alleged sneaked
up behind him and struck him a vicious blow
on the back of the head with a base ba bat
0 a
felling him t the ground
West took t flight but was pursued and cap
tured by another policeman Policeman Clan
t aote ploma
cy was taken In I an unconscious condition to
the Seney Hospital It was found that hw
suffering from concussion of the brain and a
Ilah qarna trot frm QOIOUIIOIOI He bad been on
the loree since January Ib87 and was one of
the DOS efficient men in Capt Karleya com
mand He leaves a widow and three children
His assailant ha been In Raymond street Ja
since his arrest He is well known t the police
and has ben arrested frequently
SUE df rear mcssDijutT IUI
Brooklyn Felice Ket l s M Sharp Lookout
PtrklB OB4 CMBOUjT eatce < t
The seven supposed incendiary fires which
occurred within a narrow area In South Brook
lyn on Saturday night hare aroused the police
to extraordinary vigilance and activity No
doubt stems to b entertained that a these
fires as well as these which preceded tem
were the work of a gang ot young mea
Thomas Connolly and George Perkins who
were amsted during the progress of one of
Saturday night bare been to
the flra on tur nlaht hav sent t
ja for twentynine days by Police Justice
Tighe and before their term expires evidence
it t thought may be bo forthcoming sufficient
t put them on trial for arson Police Superin
tendent Campbell said
A careful inquiry as to the origin of these
recent fires is being juade bl Capt tu i
whose precinct nearly all ot them occurred
lisle satisfied that they are the wok of a gang
of Incendiaries and there aeema to b very
little doubt on this 151 Perkins and Con
nolly are wU DOw p police and a picture
of the former U 1 lbs Domes Oallery they
r noticed at several of the fires on Satur
day night and the fact that they showed up so
often and each succeeding time more drunk
than blor fully Justified their arrest Bo far
however WA have no positive evidence to fas
ten the crime of arson noon them Cant
Leavy thinks IbO motive ol tbe firebugs I
nothing more than a drunken desire for fun
as there was little chance of any plunderwhere
the with te him occurred and I am Inclined t agree
wit h
Merry Game ta Sehntxaa ParkTue Queue
to bo Crowaed Today
The Bohwablscben Eranken Unteret Vo
rein of Hudson county began their two days
festival at the Echutzea Pak Greenville yes
terday The several societies composing the
Tereln marched from Erauas Hotel In Ocean
avenue down t Jersey City Mayor Cleveland
ana other city officials reviewed the procession
from the City Hall stars The societies then
returned to Greenville and opened the festival
About 3000 persons visited the park
Games had been arranged for the young and
the old people alike There were egg races
sack races running and jumping ll the
evening there was a mock marriage at the
temporary theatre erected near the main en
trance The principal r Mr John IJagen
lacher and Miss Annie Westervelt Mr Arnil
Koch the manager of the festival performed
the ceremony There also were historical
perades and tableaux The festival will luff
tonIght The principal feature of the day
1 b crowning of the Queen of the festival al
T Boor TrrlBK ta Show that Ba ETBB
IIt I a Harnlac the Foopl
Br Lotus Rpt 1 Drs Velllngton Adams
and Theodore Dillon today made affidavit that
to the best of their knowledge Mrs Maria n
Woodworth the evangelist la of unsound mind
ana they petitioned the Probate Court to examine
amine her The Medical Review fa a extended
notice of Mr Wood worth says
These people are using hypnotism in their
performance Borne may say Granted that
this b hypnotism does not the end justify the
means f In reply we can only say that
It remans t b proven that ene or repeated
bypnotlzatloiiB can permanently reverie the
moral tendencies of an Individual Certain it l
ie that such exhibitions are reprehensible and
highly demoralizing In their general effect
hlhl though conducted ID tbe name ot religion
While this is undoubtedly the case It is I ex
tremely Improbable that anything cn or will
be done to cheek the performance unless some
very positively harmful results are shown
The ProaUeat rsmltr IB the M natala
GBKSSOM Bruno Pa Sept L This has been
an Ideal autumn day at Creeson At I oclock
this morning Mrs Harrison Ml McKee Ml
Russell Harrison and Mrs Dlmmlck walked
through the Park to the Mountain House for
breakfast Mra Harrison and Mrs Russsll
UarrlsoD returned to the cottage alter break
fast and devoted the entire morning to finish
ing tome bit of ciilna painting begun a Capo
May Point Mrs MaKe and Mra Dlmmlclc
attended the concert at 1 oclock In the hotel
parlor Mr and Mrs George W Boyd of Phi
today adelp dined with the Treeidints family
Where YesterdayS Fire Were
A it7Wl SI3 Wt Kith lireet cit damage 10
e JO ID Avio 0 chluny no damaae
r M t 3il3 Eut llotiton itMi ha 11
mere alsrtwnts damage 35 7511 rl ew 1vry
usury flujIs isis hors damas sbgbIt o irs so
opld rrams dwitlo at i5I trsCt ADO brook a
II iUIO awsinS I Is trout Of silica billiard sLoe
tn 5ro4way darnie SJO Ooa
Ned for COBBf
AHa 0 Dab ir Jr wu mlaat I > 4 ytiuritr O
b bamecraile etaaltat r r Coofrtu IB ib Third
lUlnoli district II ku savor told a publl ohio
IUmll BMIea > er Ik Eltfcu lb IlllnoU dUtrltt
aT IU1 Ju4f U J Llatiy ot the yumrt
Atllaac for Ccorno
Fte TrntB In Ihc World
The Royal Bio I4n Iislasbtwsu5ew 1 York fiI I
illelila liilttmor and Uuhtuiion via iuttj Coo
brat I nAdUii sOd I B 0 are net only ste u lttt
jules Is th world but ibtr qvlpinDt ts ib fluu
Wt tbno mreeU th drlc aA4 appllancr I
I saeuIe uiy and eemforl that an know u te ta
Cu ill 4ui an VMU > ld sail rMi4 by rllnuas
ulMlH Dtif 1 > d buu by titan ta4 lUklti I
SyHauiiOt iuttea set el UUaj Usvu4 I
l c
DBBBD ar TUB Pllllr
flo Ce OBSC de Stay rebuke nr and Do
slam That Me Will Take No Ones Bt
AllCoBSlgBlB Olbh te TBMMBBr
A Washington despatch received In this city
yesterday announced that the mission to
Spain ha been tendered t the noa Thomas
a Platt A BON reporter hunted up the ox
Senator t Inquire about the matter and was
coolly told that I was almost too old a story to
be talked about Mr Platt did not seem to b
amused at tbe suggestion that the news would
b particularly Interesting In the Thirteenth
district to offset the cackling ot the Glbbs pe
ple over the appointment ol Police Justice
Mead But he did say that the Police Justice
appointment would be of great service to the
Republicans of the County and would enable
them to put Olbb ana his friends right
where they belong In Tammany HaL
When pressed abut his own appointment
the exBenator hunted through his desk and
produced the following letters
M WAsnnroTOff June 28 189 1
Mr DIAZ Kin Pun By the President
direction and with great personal pleasure
myself I tender t yon the mission t Spain
made vacant by the resignation of the Hoa T
W Palmer of Michigan Hoping that your
convenience and your desires will combine to
persuade you t accept the position I a
yours very sincerely JAMXS G BLAIRS
HoD T a Platt
New You 8 1890
M I in of
Mr DEAR Ma BLAINB am receipt
your esteemed favor of the 38th nit convey
ing to me the Presidents Instructions and your
compliments In tendering me the Mission to
Spain mad vacant by the resignation of GOT
Palmer of Michigan
While properly stlmtlng the honor con
ferred and duly appreciating this evidence of
the Presidents confidence and your personal
regard I feel 1 constrained to return my dec
lination of tho position
Numerous business engagements and ob
I ligations preclude the possibility of my accept
ing the responsibilities of office of any name
i or nature local or Federal however honorable
I and alluring it may b I shall be content t
continue to serve in the rata asking no other
reward than the proud consciousness of possessing
sessing the confidence and esteem of those
true Republicans who like yourself hare
made th Grand Old Party immortal Your
faithfully M T a PUTT
These documents a Interesting t the Re
publicans In a ta greater area than even the
conspicuous Thirteenth district They have a
political significance that appeals to the mem
bers ot the party even beyond the borders of
the State but particularly within them The
status of the Platt people with the Adminis
tration Is I indicated in the letter ot Mr Elaine
i a way that no one in politics w neglect to
consider But by far the moat important and
interesting thing In the two letters is the sen I
tence defining the exBonators attitude toward
ward offlceholdinc I many quarters I has
always been supposed that his activity in poli
tics his careful conserving ot the power that
h skill aa a organizer brings to him hare
been Inspired by an ambition t return t the
United States Senate to occupy again the seat
that be relinquished to stand with the Ito
ROSCOO Conkltng But the declaration In this
o Cnll to tl
letter is eo unequivocal that I leaves no
opening of this kind The reporter could not
refrain from asking again the direct question
which Mr Platt baa always evaded
Are you not to b a candidate for United
States Senator this winter 1
Senator Platt took back the letter cooked
one leg I over the other in his favorite Interview
ice attitude and scratched the back of h
neck He read slowly
Dck rea
Numerous business engagements preclude
the pllbllt of my accepting the responsi
bilities of office of eny name or nature local
or Federal however honorable or alluring I
may b I should think any one could under
stand that
t tat
Tho Irremovable Reotonhtp of St MU
tea Chief AmoBo tho Throe
On his return from Europe one of Archbishop
Oorrtgans first duties will be t fill three
vacant pastorates in the archdiocese These
are Bt Mlohfcela Church in West Thirtyfirst
street made vacant by the death of Vica
General Arthur JDonnelly St Peters Church
New Brighton which was i charge ot the
Boy John Barry who died a few weeks ago
and St Marys Church Rondont tbe former
pastor of w hlcb Dr Prcndencast has suc
ceeded Dr Burtsell at th Church ot the EplDh
anr St Michaels II an Irremovable rector
ship and according to the law of the Catholic
Church priests who desire to become pastor
must ou a special examination borne
months ago Mgr Preston gave notice that the
IITO notce
examination would be held and Invited the
pastors of the archdiocese to take par In It
As there ware no applicants be decided to
postpone the matter until Archbishop Corri
gan I return The other two parishes will be
filled In the ordinary way without any examination
Shot HlMMirto X ar rels Dehta
Carl L Fraud of 203 East Fiftieth street
went Into an outhouse at 117 Avenue A at 6
oclock last evening and shot himself dead
He was an agent for several fire Insurance
companies Rheumatism had disabled him
and he was behind with his rent He told his
wife when he left borne yesterday that he was
going out to raise some money He was gon
a long while and she became alarmed She
looked in her husbands desk and discovered
that his revolver wan gone His paper wore
also arranged Fronde owed some money to
the Insurance companies which he represented
He bad left I a memorandum that his debts
should be paid with money whloh his wife
would get from Insurance on his life On a
piece of paper which was tonnd in the desk
was written
MT last wish I want to be buried by the
side of my first wife in Lutheran Cemetery
BA OAT With Tuner Bride
FRCDLAT Ohio Bent LTh young wife of
O B Turner a photographer has eloped with
Charles Sinclair who boarded at th same
place Turner and his wife r married on
Ela Wednesday lie baa followed the couple
to Toledo vowing vengeauoe
Lar BBd Wages
Two hundred wtvtn mioyd on corded eMtaa
StanI la Ik mill tt KlturvlU a L struck on Stttr
day last Tor receive 03 cents a cot sod asked To
itrU cntt Sight nuadrd mploju us aH utd by the
Aoaemhlr NO BBUOB
n H Ulllr was rnemlcatsd for member of the As
imWr for IOU < county by tfi B9UbUcta Convta
two at itttvit yiuraty
Btron Von Wlumtnn the African plerr bas U
rivtdln BrnuU por
Th rrMldat DM approved the Jetml resolutIon 1
In T UkltVomt an appropriation Ir U railed ef the dutltnt
R a Uubbtrd A Coi wheat elevates at Htnktto
Ulna with 4tco bubtU I wheat was burned r11
day LAM liioiJ
Tb ptpulttlon of Richmond lcd u tanoued by
the inu omo yiirdty t 1545 vats u I tn la
cress during Ib deciJe of 4 107 or OJ5 pr caL
Th F > itdni hu commuted t life ImprUotmtnt at
hard later th tintiac In Ih eta if John wapeci
a lodita coovlct4 In VTuoonila ef rap and sea
nod 1 1 banged Os Sept J
eel A Wright Jr IS ytr Q1 14 wu accteittlly
hot and kiud by hu fttbr at Mettwk 1 Y on bus
day The two wr n the lawn of tkli ruidnc
r nlof t double btrrUtil slot rot The rll r wu
lioKlInt tb Q tiid Ih ton wu polltn lbs umro
from on f the btrrtit wItch wu imply when this
Ibo barrel was dubaI
Tb correct ftU style ln intlmnf hats win b U
end by Etptntebild US htutu elSLa w
I Dab ts as fnth 4lbal t S wail tafttttr e
Burglar Tool sad Pawa TUket for
Jewelry Fouad ta HI Room
Gantols D Manche the horse thief who
escaped from two policemen on Saturday mid
night by running through the crowd at 177th
street WI recaptured by Capt Stephenson of
the Fremont station on Sunday night and was
taken before Justice Murray in the Morrtiania
Plo Court yesterday and remanded until
this morning One of Capt SUphenson mea
while waiting In front of the thiefs house l
Fourth avenue Intercepted a messenger boy
bearing a message for Lull Justtment De
Manches landlord I was dated Kings
bridge at one and Banchmeck contained these words Com
Finding Barsohmecka address CaptRtephen
son soon had his man handcuffed ana on his
way a second time to the Tnmont polio station
t Yesterday his apartment at 111 Fourth ave
nue was ransacked and there was found a
complete set ot burglars tools and thlrtyitne
pawn tickets representing watches necklaces
tings and clothing A bundle JI letters die
ole the fact that a certain Louisa Beley
formerly of Philadelphia and sine July 0 In
rIO bad an affection for the tnif It was
recaptured lor Franc that Be Haneh was making wnen
Get XauucdoB BoBloe B HtrBBC BBBIOF Cr
CDlBtlBB Bt r BUt
her have been rumors afloat about For
Hamilton Bay Ridge and Bath Beach during
the past few days to th effect that CoL Loomis
L Lanedon in command of the First Artillery
at Fort Hamilton bad cent men ont on recruit
ing duty and Instructed them t take no Irish
men and to take Germans and Americans In
preference to men of other nationalities I
was also said that Private Boyle had been al 1
ae reenllst In the First Artillery after
serving several years In the Fifth Artillery ate
A private named McQuIn was also said to
have been kept from rePnllntlnc tor the lame
aoa A reporter called last nlghb on Col
Lancdon and asked him about the rumors
They r falsebe replied That is Inlay
many particulars I never gave orders not to
lay Irishmen enlisted On the contrary I am
enlisting them almost daily Had 1 given any
such orders I would lay myself open to court
martial Besides I wouldnt do such a ooul
Tenad Bead Yesterday atomlBK Bt the
tool 1 ni Collar HtBlr
William J 1 Fallon e SO was found dead
with a broken neck yesterday morningAt the
foot ef the cellar stairs at his house iqj Car
roll street Brooklyn He had evidently been
dead for some time and be is supposed havo
been killed by falling down stairs whan going
to the cellar for kindling wood He formerly
kept a saloon in the tlxtn ward and recently
hs has bean employed as tbo collector for a
brewery He was a hard drinker
About a year ago han at his wife in a fit
of jealousy caused by tho attentions bestowed
upon her by a young doctor who he roomed
1 his house
Major Hharpo Ttaeonielon From the Time
r tho Blow VBtll III Death
ROCEESTTB Sept MajorDanlel A Sharpe
a wellknown Grand Army man of Monroe
county was assaulted on a country road on
Monday night and died at noon today with
out having at any time fully recovered con
sciousness Major Bharpe wa born in Look
port In 1837 In 1661 he joined the Thirteenth
Regiment and participated in many of the
battlea of the war He nerved four n as
Coroner He leaves a > wife and seven children
Th Bride 01 the DlBnOBd Wedding
Among the passengers who arrived yester
day on the steamship Tumuri from Havana
was r P A Bartlett von Glumen formerly
l Frances Amelia de Ovelda the lady of
a diamond wedding fame a generation a
She came from Vera C and the brought
with her a lot of trunks and I fine horse Her
face t quite familiar to some of the old em
employes of the New York and Cuba mail
steamship line for she baa been North
atealhlD lD l ben Norh a num
ber of time sine tho famous wadding i this
city She Is I now a elderly matron
John Clark Chills Taken Car or
Til six until children found naked and starving
I aa aDo Ias
whit their mortar Beta Cltrfc lay drank on the floor
at SJ9 Ettt 137th iut en Sunday were ttktn to the
thrum Court yeiurdty by Agent 8ohnli > ot this
Gerry aeetety Tbs mother wu seat to this bland with
hr infant for three month e by Justice Weld John
Cluk the flbr I a carriage washier Its agreed to
pay faotnonth toward his children i support and thy
were sent to tIle blisters iltb rrtaolt
The Woathor
HRtln fU 1 the Northwest yesterday teem a slight
form forming over lower Monttnt andDtkott which
wilt mot kutwtrd to the lllulutppl vtllty todty
Btln silo fell In this Stttu tloni the Quit from Florida
toTals I wu tpptrtntly ctnid by a ttorm In te
Oar with b ctntr a eonildwtbl dUuac aS the
Fur weather prevailed throuhont th cntro et the
cotntry lb hats region and the Middle Atlantic and
Kw England Btttca It wu cooler in tb Northwest
warmer In I lbs eentitl vtllyi and unchanged In tie
Atlantic Euli
Th < month of August hu bn u cool u the earns
month of hut year wu basing a man temperature of
7 The cool spells of September accordIng 1 pr
vlou years occur from the SI 1 the 1 from the 10
to the Jth tad from tbs 20ih 1 be 24
I wu fair suit tlUhtlr wtrmr In l elty yttur
day The highest OTrnimnt temperature wu 74
lowest M ThIs wu lower than any Sept I since 1S73
when the ncordwual Ilumldlty averaged Ct per
cal wind fnih northwest
Today promlii t b ftlr and tllihtly Ira to
m generally fair with a OccasIonal shower
T thermometer at rrry vhtrmtoy tnTu Bcnr
lear building roordd the tmp ratu yesterday u fot
le isox 1553 isn
ILM 75 11 I r X1 10
NwU 1
Ji X w7 a C 1 M T7 74
ft A M TS US 9 f M 74 ° O
I X 78 00 > 12 MId725 ea >
Arru t SM <
Avru spL 118 1 74H
OGUI ornct roaMin mi S r K mioir
rot la Maw ntapthlr VtrmonV UuitohaMttt
Shade liltnil ConnicUeat slit warm westerly
for uuur Km TOyS eastern Pnuurtanlt eel Km
Jtnet fur foUemd W log W fAaiocri M nortJUrn ponim
of tiurn Hn fort wanur itullurtt lotait
For the PUtrlct of Oolimblt Delaware Maryland
and Vlnrlnlt lair fllwJ by showers southern Yip
gluts warmer vtrltbl winds becoming southerly
for western Nw York and western PoniylrtnU
fIr followed by Hiht local hown wtrmri winds
becoming toathtuttrly
tymta Abbott hr U T rok tad BUhop OBtffly
arrived yelerdtf an she 8nl
Uuilo In Nasal Morris Ptrk Ibis vnlot tt 8 select
by titxni 8vatyflnt Regiment Btad
Conrrumtn Wlllltm Mcllnrr Ohio It tt the
Wlomr llotl I and Coninumwi John Bnnm of indiana
aIIIU fftI
diana Is tt th uoffmtn lions
Thou OoJdy a Ubrr of ISOth strict and tho
Boclvtrd wu track by to engine on Chi hudson
tITer KtUrt tract at I I3U etret yttttrdty tad wu
instantly klllil
Nlchtlu SetS tconttd of itrlof klckd Thorns
Crowly who 1 > believed l < be drloc or peritonitis as
rnasdd for furtbtr svldCnce la Ik harlem folio
CUll Jolardr
Mrkolu van iichtlk the ssglneer abs wt scalded
bv Ik xplodlnit I of lIe teller oo th tug William 11
Buran on Mtl In toe but Rtvr died II In the Chat
Ity I hospital > iMty
Concmmtn John Sanford of Amsterdam N T li I tt
the HI Jmw lIuttL sld Senator W IJ 0 tbbura of
Minnesota end tacxruntn Jobs A Qvtknbua of
Troy n t a u ot sue bulb Avnu Hotel
user Whl who bu DId eompltlntt Inollbo
Mw lock Kw llttn too hartford lltllrotd Company
for lawtlT iitwtnfr charge says that br do ao
rt b
nmbr NO sad probably not mot thin loo
Usury Vtns M ISyur old of llr1a hutti aveeus
was held for the V B CommUiloun In tb VrkTIil
Court ytiurdty for passing a oolIrfoll dollar plc
Jobn Uolmtt who wu itluuc ctaly la the Ccntrtl
rack I
John rUrton Ih ivnttr old son of hhanry Filer
t 3TIN f lli
ood nuilr r 311 I lolniabit trt firooklfu
f7uto this North Kifrtt bill sIred t vu Fri tsy I iIa i
ttthi who wu ti work iher irltU tn vtln le tta I
bin The body wt rccixrrJ ytticrjjy I
reordr Smith toptred In In L uf tho Oral
Msousyssterdmy but u lbe Utr asia legs hoidtr
there wt no botltM far him to dIspose ol ticpt the
o PJr
4 re <
tonsil Opening of tb court for the mm Se Crier
PhillIpS touruly unouactd the pnlts of the this
pan ef tks cun tad a mmnl Itur proclaims
KiradjauraiauisatU tftt when Ike unad JIlJ
1 ww
S ±
Picturesque Parados on a Glorious
September Day
Her RlTal Processions About Equal la Nan
bers Brookljn Adds 10000
The Moro rpop tone Cr flBieB Hrrterrefl
hr their Wives IB VBIOB Square Vsier
the Stare awl fitripee while she Rectal
isle of lbs rodorBltoB Husk to the Beat
BUo TCBBIOII DletrletB AaiOB Ilagf
AU KtBB lied Color FrodomUBtlajr
Labors army took possession of the town
tor several hours yesterday morning Since the
legal institution of Labor Day there never had
been two distinct precisions Thoroughfares
eastandwest were llnedwlththepartlsanaol the
rival parade United they would hare formed
the biggest army that organized labor ever put
upon a bloodless field The expectations ot
neither of the warring factions In regard
to their numbers were fulfilled Each
mustered between 8000 and 9000 men
and each declared alter the event
that It had outnumbered the other The Stars
and Strlues were conspicuous In both proces
sions but It waaeasy to see that the American
spirit was more intense In the Central Labor
Unions concodrse Probably not a hundredth
part of It was made up of men who are not
either native or naturalized citizens They
represents the conservative element among
American workmen They were a more stal
wart prosperous and intellectuallooking lot
than their eaatelde brethren and nearly all ot
them were masters of skilled labor
It was an Ideal morning for marching The
warmth of thu unclouded sun was tempered
afresh westerly breeze and only a few et the
marchers showed signs of discomfort or
fatigue The Central Labor Unions force
formed on the side streets just below Union
square adjoining Fourth and Third avenues
The procession started up Fourth avenue at
10 > oclock Charles P Rogers of the Reliance
Labor Club of Marble Cutters on a big black
horse was the grand marshal of the paradera
Messrs Archibald Ashley and Lloyd the
three Secretaries ot the Central Labor Union
Daniel Eennelly of the Trunk Makers John J
Garry ot the Stair Builders and Messrs Rey
nolds and Miller followed In carriages
No political notables were on the reviewing
stand at the Plaza The wives and friends of
the labor leaders in bright summer attire
adorned with corsage bouquets filled tha
stand In the front rank of feminine beauty
wore CoronorFerdlnand Levy and Bridge Com
missioner Abe Schwab A big modernstarred
American Sag floated over the ralllnof the
stand Mr Schwab held the stall ana looked
particularly proud He was waiting for the
United Cloak and Suit Cutters Union to coma
along so that ba could hand the flag to Cor
oner Lory and let the Coroner who is almost
as much ot an orator aa Marc Antony was give
the starry emblem to the union j i
AH tho women on the grand stand gave the
head of the procession a prolonged greetlno I
with waving handkerchiefs and applanslra
palms William li Bailey marshalled the first
division consisting of the athletic looking
members ot Big Six wearing soft hats carry
Ing canes and marching Ilka militiamen I
Damns band at the bead of the drilled typos
played the Star Spangled Banner and gave
Inc cue to the patriotic bands and drum corps
in the rest of the procession Tile gushing ont I
of national melody was general thereafter
and was varied only occasionally by tha i
strains nf Little Annie BooneyV which is not I
regarded as Incendiary
The Secretarys chapel formed the front I
rank of the tyros epltndld display Then
came the Pressmens Union and at their heal
THE Buy and IVENISO ttira compositors alert
and soldierly with caned at houldorarms I
and breasts adorned with boutonnlerea Sue
ceedlns them were Jenkinss chapel th Prttt
cuapel the Herald chapel the Journal cbapeL
Martin B Browns chapel the World chapel
the lmei chapel the Mall and Erprtii chapel
the New ork Heeklu chapel and the alar
chapel Following the Matt and Krpren com
petitors were eight ot CoL Elliott F Bheparda
glltletterod delivery wagons The printers ot
the Nato York Weekly chapel enjoyed the lux
ury of riding In ten carriages The band had
inc the Herald chapel marched to the bat band
martial melody of OUonnell A boo
The approach of the United Clothing and
Suit Cutters around the beventeenth street
bend was the signal for an outburst on the re
viewing stand Mr Sonwab waved the big silk
flag and a mighty responsive cheer went up
from the ranks of the cutters SOO strong
They looked the aristocrats of the paradera
They were preceded by Marshal Jacob Simon
and his assistant Dion W Burke on bone
back They wore EVKNINO SUM pats and car
ried canes and variegated roses blossomed OK
the left lanels ot their Sunday coats Halting
In front of the stand they turned front face
sent their hats skyward on the ends of their
Clone and gave tbreo lusty cheers for the
American flag Mr Schwab and Coroner Levy
while the baud played halt Columbia The
flag committee made up of Messrs Victor
Bell JJale Rallly Oarrlty Bonnet and Sulli
van stepped forth from the ranks receive
Mr bcnwabs gift Coroner Levy made the
presentation speech Ho said
uuilma oh this Duitd Cloak tail Ball Cutters to
tocltiioa To me flu been dlftud the most aires 5
his 111cc ot irsosntthg to yon on behalf or Mr Abs
Hcbvtb t beautiful silk Axurlcta flat In the pax
foraitne of this pleasant duty I like occasion to eom
Lllnat leo en your line orrtnlxttlon tad to My tnts
the ladies of thIs city Sr icdsbtd 0 your sklii aid
thorough soquatlitaucs with rotc art for their gsoeat
air ot bttaiy tad netlneu > o 005 wtllilgr tats
tore are no bitter Grimed women In tb world than
mot of icy city
Uiittiil thtipouir born not made It may be
laid with 4utl truth that the skIlful euttr II at moeli
the ntlQt cc inspiratIon tt she votary of any 1 ia
arts Uy frindt teopt Ibis nag anti etrrr It proudly
M memento of the kindly rniK of Urncbwtb to
ward tn Cltk Cutters AuoeltUuu tad I boo of tbbr
apprcltUtn of blm May you beat thIn mtay rutvo
The Coroner banded the flag to Victor Bell
who received It with a bow and returned to the
head ot his organization He Is a black
bearded American nearly feet tall Nobody
had to stand on his tiptoes to see the standard
bearer and everybody who did sea him
cheered with all the power of his lungs An
enthusiastic cutter stepped from among his
comrade and auonted Three cheers for
Ab Sobwab tbe next Mayor of New York
The stand was wblteoapped with handker
chiefs and the air reverberant with cheer for
awhile Then thi Coroner was entered Jn4
117 the band played The Star Spangled Ban
nor and the procession moved on
The United Clothing Cutters organized as ft
local assembly of the Knlabts ot Labor mar
shalled by Walter It Westbronk wore next la
line They mustered about 25 men Eight
chapels the Franklin Association of Press
iuu and Feeders consisting oi U50 men U < 1 b
Messrs John J Doyle and John MoCadden
came next followed by ilorsetbor Union
Nov 1 and I Tire horsonlioert won lot ol
commendation not for their good marching
but for their protuberant brawn There were
2SO of them and etery man wore wide rue
setcolored leather apron In the centre ol
which was a red hors < hoe toenp alley the
manner ot horseshoes nailed above the Jor to
bnnc good luck to the house Patrick Barrett
and Richard herwlo muscular smiths led the
1 be lha < nlx Labor Club of Metal Polishers
and Platvre turned out JOo men under the
leadership of ieorge Anderson They were
followed br the Millers Union 40 strong
Punile badges distinguished the Theatrical
Protective Union representing the employees
of the Windsor Broadway and Harrtgans
theatres and Hendersons Jersey City Acade
my of Mnslr There were 160 of them and
Phil Bully was their marshal
DanUI Almond Ud the tin nod sheet Iron
worker who turned out 150 members
Tim first float In the prevention followed the
7runite and Htone Cutters A oclrtlon Two
emoryo lo ruttern mt on u Me tranlt base
mm a cailial end niujn brllote to chisel tha
atone The Kranlte cutler looked cc lotur
osaue as tiLe liorkodhnors in their long striped
aprons Their Ini men wer marshalled by
George W Mlddleton The AmMlgaaaledCar
tventers an international organization bad ft
French flu at the rear of their line which was
made up ot 125 men Tt United Otart o

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