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I Aa < a prompt mpooM characUrko a ADVERTISERS
Board or Rom Advertisement t Will do well by making through known their localities
irJbnu Oovermment Muiy Ce I Op
1 mo to JUclprocltrIt ba Become
fke JUI l Qneetlon of tfcej Ia r l Cemndeu
Orriira Bopt 2The rMOlutlon of Senator
calling upon ° ODCrcB to declare In
vrrnw calni u1n
mna reciprocity with Canada
clnrltrlotd reolprolt7 It Oaada
iu like a bombshell In tho Govern
len lk bombshel
u t amp horo The Liberal are Jubilant
llt Ooniervatlves and the followers of Blr
joinlUcdonaldVi the Government are crestfallen
loUacdonald i has repeatedly told Par
ttJOhfl Maedonald bl lar
Illoh that he would not ask the United
li because he know they
Mitei ttt reciprocity thoI
wold not give 11 The fact U the Dominion
JLtrMMat axe opposed to reciprocity or
IS change In the tariff that would
IIIUa Iu tho Men protection they pledged
njale 1 to Blv the manufacturers and
o3oDoli5t5 With whose money they have
tHa retained tin power The Government
VTI I voted down OT8ry resolution In the dlreC
lt the
ilea 01 closer commercial relations with
ed Btateal on the plea that the United
43 did not want It
Tproralnent Liberal member of Parliament
MlirrtiB to Senator Shermans rosolutlonto
Sjbt lad I now remains to be seen whether
EJjjohn llacdonald was correct In his conjec
ture that the United States like himself does
Bet tat more extended trade relations b
tries the two oonntrlos than now exist Any
ten Blr John and hKoarty have throw
lble obstacle In the way to prevent It
i The Dominion Oovernment has done Its
utmost to promote trade with foreign countries
nSnandent ot tne United States with what
tinlt the trade returns of last rear will testify
irorntural market lies to the south of the
It Lawrence and I we do not secure
Lwrnco with America
tree commercial Intercourse wih our
cso BSl Igbbore annexation or bankruptcy will
Jcnrend If the Bherman resolution passes
end John Macdonald can no lonaor
1 < the people ot Canada into the belief
hat tha United Btates do not want the present
tsttiotions upon the trade between the wo
tonntries removed
pnies e emOVedb e Sherman resolution Is
Hilly to have a very significant effect on the
rature policy of the Dominion Government as
John llacdonald would never dare go to
o cpuftlry for reflection as now proposed
until he bad made some retraction In Parlia
ment of I the strong opposition he has offered
Gllllina In Parliament every measure that
hit yet been up aavlng for Its object closer
commercial relations with tho United States
Senator Shermans reciprocity resolutions
hive canted a big sensation In political circles
and It is probable that they Vf III lead to some
I action on the part tot the Dominion Govern
ment That the Canadian Government Is con
templating a big change of front is shown by a
rery strut j article which will appear in the
Montreal < artc l the leading organ of the
j omlnlon Government tomorrow morning
ie OatMt which has hitherto been bitterly
iposed toall offers of reciprocity warmly en
dorses Senator Shermans resolution I says
Cr proposition seems to us admirably
exmstrneted and of a character to excite ap
proval m Canada I Is strictly in accord with
the polloy I of the Dominion Government as set
forth daring the negotiation of the abortive
fisheries treaty In 1S87 when tho British Com
tnUilopin acting at the suggestion of the
Canadian Ministry proposed to take up the
whole question of the trade relations ot tbe
whol Deston rlatons
twocoontries and settle the fisheries dispute
on j bails of a reciprocity arrangement
twoilntre projects of Mr V Ian Mr Hltt
Mrterworth and the Canadian Liberals
lt it Mr Sherman elves ample scope for ne
tbt on mutual concession and the proteo
UODf loterests essential alike to the material
rityas to the political integrity of the
IrOrt7 I doe not cut 1 pistol at the head
01 f the Canadian Government with the throat
put the contrul of your fsoal affairs In our
hinds or suffer aJcommerclal crusade against
you Interests On the contrary It provides
alttrastlves and proper latitude
Itsscheme lo I to brine together duly ap
representatives 01 both countries to
testaer the beet method of extending the
trade relations between Canada and the united
Elites and to ascertain on what terms
greater freedom of Intercourse between
ue two countries can best 0 secured
IB Sect cOlntres the preliminary to
tbe appointment of a Joint high Commission
which unlike that hlb by President
Cleveland In 18S7 will derive its authority from
both branches of Congress I is satisfactory
to have mooted brI rubllo man of John Shun
mal eminence and ability a proposal for
slanted commercial relations whose accent
once will be entirely consistent with Canadian
tenor and Canadian Interests
ToBojjTO Sept 2 Senator Shermans notice
notion In the Senate on reciprocity with Can
Ms whenever the Dominion declares itself
r netted aay to considerable enter Into such interest nn arrangement in Canadian has
political circles and some responsive action
OB the part of tbe Dominion Government will
be eagerly looked for The general Dominion
flections are expected to take place this fall
lre oUdJo fiI
though the Macdonald Government may If it
Cltues bold another session before the next
ttwral election When the Government next
appeals to the country it Is I expected the trado
Mlley of the Dominion will be the IHqo upon
Vnleh the contest will turn Ut course
EICr fight will be 1 made on behalf
of those manufacturers who think their
life depends upon the maintenance
epnds malntenalce
cf S present policy but it is not difficult now
Inl many levelheaded Canadian who be
T e the country Is not prospering as it would
tinder freer trade relations with the United
Btle and who predict the defeat of th Unlod
wt Government on Its trade policy when It
pert Eoes t the country < poloy I
Boll xneOMkf on i t1 morning Bays on Shermans
The main obstaclein the way Is the knowl
fpcstkatlthe Canadian Ministry Is opposed to
2 ° r trade relations Noverthelesslt Is be
° ° nthxclarar every day that the Principle of
flcltxoclty has como to stay
I POlicemen Get on Extra Ares or
Leutber to Polish
OB Monday the eighteen mounted policemen
cf the Central Park squad put on top boots for
the fint time Heretofore the mounted men
nare worn trousers strapped down Irasldent
Gallop of the Park Board has long thought
that they should wear top boots like cavalry
Don and had a resolution to that effect passed
iMtsprinc Hut top boots are uncomfortably
wina In hot weather and tho pollcomon pro
tested Bo I was dually ordered that tho re
for should not co Into effoct until Sept 1
The new top loot urn of cowhide and roach
t the knees They nre of the ordinary mil
tiny pattern wrinkled just nbova the ankle
lad extending In front above thu knuo cap to
for a sort of shield for the knot They nre
Stained black and wl Imve to be kept bleck
StiflIng 110 leanIng 1 Ind blacking of
saehi lnll Illclol
the c al aro leather I another reason why
Vth Dew boots art 5 not POPuUr ou the force
With the now top hoolB the Knuiled Ice
JID are r lHlr011 lo wear knee breeches U her
tfelro jot them yet 1 and now bate to stuff
Knt r 011 i ing 1r eiliBD into the lois of the IIUr
huo te in J i oltel on the eulur city forco
fiaiS lu their uw elolliDi but ilm city
bun OWI cOtlO hit II
The Ills lnfu tormH Ir tin Jark lolcIII
iOcgtrol l iountl flcIW 11 Provided with
knee trol er ua IIml lnt now Ont 01 the
iba IUorn Jlltli lila Kl one are lor out
knte nijei rihi nol lor ill tiel
Uea > iil no Ilnor II all vs
tithe aste t t r I lllH IJ trjuscrs They will bo
Sw sap n city color with the black strIpe
thelore ew LII anti sallllCr wore IliSO furnished
fir in f J wlll the 101 hool The lilts lira elm
Jffe tkl i V U61 la lbs Prussian cavalry and
thhetb rlter orsolritnand o > nr liU horro In
gefly 0 matter wi if billing l him IM In oiifloa oj oilIer I I
tn r tVhlt11 flilles null now stddiu I
cloths batn otlcs nul slldlo
king l1 Pr lulmnrt Pnv Vllmony I
Hn wain Nellie the Vin Honi I suing Louis U Ynn
w Jersey Court of Chancery for
8ts VOtc 1 The silt WILt begun In 188C On the I
Itol June m llmt soar aa order was anted
dizcti0 v
peeling Yan Horn in my his wife f50 a week I
ifir itia Ue nilant left Ion n and fsllcJ
tw inirvii I nlioorxr ills WII tile raied
the araa hat c oalnNe ar engii 01
l Ilhe cGUI I i l i t > iijiiii the I c I Chiucolior I
aQuld ellr 11 II l not hiiKlniid 1111 Imr I o
IAoud ruter 1 10 jilil luU Iay her ito cent
order r
0Qu nrcor to < llIUI u t Hoin to nnjenr in
cun and ChOw < > IIU11B why l lie iVnot a
° 1 > ir le ehiiil I not Ito l >
OODlnlt < fr entawpt his been issued The
CuPle were nhrrled 1 In 8lis taIl
umifii1 y horn Is 1 a
oaof th al 10rn
111 the lato Alderman Uenry K Van Horn
Ha hke Iulf 134 liars I
InTnr2r Kflpt 2Mrs Adam Wuchter of I
tltelniil 1n I a i ls scanned fn tod 151
daha 10BeIla
dlle It 1 POE ivujj afllrmed by her friends
Ibo ae continually at her bedside and by her I
1ttndlng Ir hbr
SatofnfnDlirilcJJ1 > tllatno food ° f nourish
titte Snt mentioned or any kind ha palsed her lips 1 the
ana rear uvcn nAyra xo > 1
Mr Oplecel Uu Nnmeroae Atttnptsi te >
End ncr JLIfe
BALTiuonr Sept lr Christiana Splccel
A married woman living In South Baltlmoro
has made attempts on her life on ten different
occasions She lives with her hUl and has
five children and hnB apparently cause for
wishing to dlo She has been alllna recently
and her husband think her mind affected
Her lint attempt was made on Sunday night
when she told 1 neighbor that she was tired of
living lion husband was told of this and
watched her He caught her In the act of
drinking a bottle of paregoric with several
other bottles standing near He snatched too
bottle from her and remained with her until 3
oclock then thinning Ibo was asleep he
went down stairs for a few moments
When he returned ho found lr Bplesel
bleeding freely from cut In her throat and
putting his band under the covers ho found
she held a razor A desperate straggle for the
weapon began The husband at last got pos
session of the razor Mrs Spiegel had not suc
ceeded In cutting herself very badly
lrs Spiegel then asked her husband to sit
by her lie drew up a chair by the bed and
rested his head eaalnst the post throwing
one arm across his wife so he could tell I she
tried to arise lie tell asleep and knew noth
ing more until 745 oclock In the moraine
When ha awoke hit wife had contrived to set
out of bed without his knowing t Spiegel
found her In the dining room unconscious and
blood was running from her head The hus
band ran Into the cellar and found an axe the
blade of which was covered with blood
Mr Bntecolcarrled her up stairs and placed
her In bed Then ho discovered tbnt a whole
box ot pills bad boon swallowed by his wife
some time during tho night The directions
were that one pill I was to be given every three
hours A physician was sent ton and relieved
the woman
Hbo however did not desist from efforts to
kill herself and renewed the attempts at over
chance At one time obe tried to strangle
herself by drawing two pieces of cord tightly
about her neck and at another by stuOlne a
part of a sheet down her throat She wanted
tart and drown herself In the spring but her
husband prevented her sprnl
Last night was one of fearful anxiety to the
husband Mrs Hplegel attempted to stop
respiration by holding her windpipe tightly
closed with her fingers but as usual was pre
vented Then she got a pin In some way and
was on the point of itlcklnglt Into her throat
when she was discovered Later this morning
she became more Quiet While at dinner at
noon beCmmO child on her lap her friends sat
beside the I woman to prevent bar should
the notion strike her tom tiling tier
knife or fork for a suicidal purpose or for
Injuring the child One i of her children
Is at death door with malaria The father
said today be was expecting to have a double
funeral from his houso I hIs wifes mania for
attempting suicide did not subside frs
tiplegel la 30 years old and her husband li 29
He > Had Threatened III IlrotherlnEaw
aad Was Killed Though Tnarmfid
RICHMOND Ky Sept 2Last night George
Manpln exJailer of Madison county shot his
brotherinlaw Bollard Bronston twice In the
head killing him Instantly Maupln and Drop
eton married sisters ton or fifteen years ago
the Misses Stivers About two years ago
Bronston asserted that wellconnected young
man named Gilbert Dudley was Intimate with
his wife and one night ho shot him dead Ho
was acquitted After the killing he secured a
divorce from his wife but It seems ho loved her
better than ho thought and yesterday be re
married her
Through all her troubles Mrs Bronston a
war found i devoted frond In her brothorln
law Maupln and ho was not at all pleased
with yesterdays wedding aa ho all along told
his friends that Bronstons treatment of his
wife caused all the trouble Jlaupln has boon
jailer of the county for eight year At the last
election ha was not elected Manpln was
moving out of tho jail yesterday to now his
successor to take his office
After his marriage Bronston went to tho jail
to get a room Maupln told him that the hOllO
W all torn up and suggested that ho go to a
a hotel for accommodations Bronston 10 made
1 tow remarks at this but went away only to
return In a few minutes lie told Mauplns son
to co up stairs and have a room made ready
for him and hit wife The boy told his father
who wont down and told Bronston again t BO
to a hotel
Bronston got very mad and said You
have mistreated mo long enough and we may
as well lottO this thing now as at any other
time Maupln replied I have nothing
ntalot you bollard and dont want any trou
hIs with you Hronston replied We will
settle it now and I you cnn hoot any quicker
than loan you will have to shoot
Mauoln went into the house where he got
his pistol and quickly returned to Dronntons
side anti once more advised him to go to a
hotel lannro noi was We will settle l
this now Maupln took his pistol and fir eel two
shots in rapid succession both bullets taking
effect in Bronstona brain Ho fell dead Ills
body was taken to the Court House but no
weapon was found on him lie however hail
the know reputation this of going armed and Mttupin
BllOT 1118 VATllKISWLAtr
Ht > Moth rlnluw Escaped by Ixaplaa
Irom a > IVIadonr
CAPS MAT Sept 2At a lato hour last night
Itutherford of this place went
James plae over to
the house of his fatherinlaw John Nolan
who also lives In Cape May and coon after en
taring tbo house asked Nolan to let him nave
I drink of water As Nolan was returning
from the kitchen with a class of water
Rutherford raised his shotgun and poured a
load of blrdshot Into Nolans face Inflicting
serious wounds Rutherford also tried to shoot
his motherinlaw but the gun missed fire
and rs Nolan ran up stairs with her child
the becam so frightened that she jumped out
of a soioudstorv window but escaped with a
low light bruises
Mistook lefucf In the house of a neighbor
named Eli TelL Tbe latter on learning til the
shooting hurried to Nolan bousu and found
him Irlugon the bed covered with blood Itutn
erford left the bouse and was parading up and
down the street with a shotgun on his shoul
der ammtemly watching lor lr8 nolan A
phrBlclim was called to attend Nolan find he
pronounced hIs Injurlo dangerous but not
neiuiwtrllv fatal Itutlmrforil WW dlbarmod
and arrested Hu In I believed to be insane
hlnco his nlfo lust winter he ban not Ihed happily with
11s 110
Oeorce Ifrartlry Shine but Ha Doe Not
linow Wfiu Hhot Him
TBEXTOX Kept 2The Labor Day celebra
tion here yesieiday was marred by tho shoot
Ing of Uooran Heudloy a totter who attended
tie loiters picnic ut Hotzulb Grove Toward
midnight tho grovo was Oiled with roughs and
tile managers of the picnic requested several
special 1 > onloers to clear the gang oul There
was n rough and tumble lIght iu conseQuonco
which mvoral bonds were Injured Them
was corns lel In the dark and Hand
ler foil pierced by a bullet lu the left breast
Dud matted woundolJ
Ho laos not know who fired the shot Wll
hunt henillan John Bradley and John linker
lUll under NIMBI The Hist two era special
oll < or they Wore of the party who nttoinpt
cl 10 clear tilt grove but both deny that they
nest their weapons Itokor Is aFeunayivanlau
niul n as running n Urine circus at the picnic
A revolver with all lu chambers empty was
found in bin coseeaslon
The last FrUoatr to Jeuvc AaderaonTltU
Aistosp N Y Kept 2R R Earn of this
IRKO fRS Im WAD tlm last Union prisoner to
lento Auilerruiivillo IrUou He secured the
leliel hag which bud BO long llontod over that
Ilrlon > ami tho wietchedneHB and misery Its
wiillb encloieJ anti liui I still In his posses
sion probably one of the most Interesting
relics of the civil war
Kied 1 r West Hide Taachi
Dr Moran of ISO West Fiftyfirst street re
ported at the West Tartyseventh street station
houto last night that ho was attending Felix
Holland of 62i West Fortyseventh street who
wan drum from a fractured skull the result of
a tight wi I h a gang of touch at Fortieth street
and Blxtli enle Rani early en Hunday mornlnc
I lialland died Jatir moni
1 1
of xna BTEAtinn TAlCVTIUl
Tha Tel Was Jklevlast Vary Blanly or
Hhe IVoaU Probablr Kara Qoa Dow
Thrllllae End of a Bough Voyage
MONTOEAI Sept 2The royal mall steam
ship Vancouver OapU Lyndall of the Dominion
line which arrived In port today bad a
terrible experience while on the way across
The Vancouver sailed from Liverpool at mid
night Thursday Aug 21 with nearly COO
passengers on boar Very soon after leaving
Movillo on Friday evening she encountered a
strong hoed wind and heavy Bea which con
tinued with Increasing force till Monday
morning when the wind blew a furious gale
and the sea roiled mountains high tossing the
monster tassel about in a terrible manner
The tables In the saloon were set for breakfast
with the greatest difficulty and after they were
ready a lurch of the ship knocked the glass
china and provisions off on the floor
A similar scene was witnessed In the second
cabin Confusion prevailed everywhere Many
persons were thrown from their berths decan
ters bottles classes 0 wore upset and
dashed about the staterooms Tons of water
dashed over the main deck for and alt many
passengers were drenched and 1 few were I
thrown off their feet against the bulwarks I
This state of things lasted till late on Tues
day night when the wind and 01 moderated
followsd by heavy rains all day Wednesday
and some fog Thursday opened fair but In
the afternoon rain again began to fall and a
donee fog sot In shortly afterward An Im
mense Iceberg had been seen In tho distance
seven of these monsters being visible at once
Capt Lrndall decided to lay to till the tog
lifted The vessel was now approaching the
entrance to the Strait of Dele Isle Toward
morning the vessel was again started and uro
oeeded slowly Land won sighted at the south
about t oclock and Icebergs were passed
Kxcltlnc and terrible had been the voyage thus
far but it was on Friday morning at 10 oclock
that the most dangerous and thrilling event
happened Fog had once more set In and the
speed had been reduced to 1 dead slow A
sharD lookout was kept from the boat I well
as by two officers one being the Captain on
the bridge All at once what was thought to
be a dense fog bank was observed about three
length ot the vosiil ahead but In I moment
more it was discovered to be a huge iceberg
extending to a groat distance on either side ot
the evitable course of the ship and 1 collision was In
The order was Instantly telegraphed to the
engineers to reverse the engines but too late
to diminish the speed any very noticeable e
tent though the demand was proinptfy exe
By this time tho patsencers on deck saw the
situation and the consternation was indescrib
able Women screamed and fainted and the
wildest contusion prevailed during the few
terribly anxious moments before the crash
came Chief Engineer Murphy was convening
with Chief UfDcer Walsh on the main deck aft
when the alarm sounded He turned quickly
looked over tho railing and seeing the threat
ening calamity rushed into the engine room
and ordered the doors of the watertight oom
partmenta tQ be closed all through Inc ship so i
that before the ship struck the ice this wise ar I
rangement was accomplished to thohorror of I
one coal heaver who was imprisoned In ono i
compartment time being considered too pro I
claus to allow him an opportunity to escape
Not more than two minutes elapsed from the
moment the order was given to reverse the en
gines before the Vancouver struck the huge
iceberg with I crash that sent a thrill of horror
to the bravest heart Notwithstanding the re
duced speed of the vessel the collision was so
emphatic as to cause those In the body I
ot the ship to think that she bad struck
on a rock and passengers stewards sailors i
it rushed on pasanlora every quarter like
rabblu out of a warren The officers stood to
their posts and cave their commands with a
promptness and firmness that did them Infi
nite credit and the bow was under examina
tion almost oa soon 8 the vessel left the Inden
tation made In the side of tbo leeberc
mlo word went forth that no serious
Injury bad been done to the ship tho excite I
ment abated and those whose lives were ao
terribly imperilled a few moments before again
breathed freely Cant Lyndall oars this was
one of the largest iseberes be bad ever met
with Estimates of Its length vary from a
wih mlo to 1 mile and a half It towered high
above the main deck of the vessel As it lay
directly across the course of the ship it was
Impossible to turn OOlrO tho space interven
lug so as to weaken the forue of the collision
Great quantities of Ice fell from the berg from
the force of tho crash dashing the spray in
every direction Hail the speed of the vessel
been even ten miles an hour she must cer
tainly have been broken up and would possi
bly have sunk in I few minutes The officers
say they have never neon a rougher voyage
than the Vancouver bad on this passage
ma uTEAUSuii > rouiuExau LOST
Capt Stews and Nine Blen Happened to
Slave Gone Down with Her OIT Aaeeada
The British steamship Fortuense Capt Fred
erick Hows which left this port on Aug 17
and Baltimore four days later with a general
cargo and malls for Brazil has foundered near
the island of Aiiecada northeast of Porto moo
Ten of bar crew aro missing nnd are supposed
tt havo boen lost The despatch from London
announcing the loss of the steamer to the
agent hero of the lied Cross line to which she
belonged cave no details of the disaster The
agent thinks sho was probably struck by the
recent southeasterly hurricane which wrought
no much damage to shipping among the Brit
ish Went ladies
Anegada is a lowlying narrow island ton
miles long with loss than tOll inhabitants
whose principal occupation is wrecking Dur
ing a gale the sea frequently leaps clear across
the narrowest parts of the little strip of land
and the lipanish named I Anuuada to slrnlfy
that It ms a drowned Island I Is a dan
gerous spot much feared by navigators The
rortuensv probably struck one of the coral
roots burroundinc the island The missing
men are Capt Frederick Hens of Liverpool
where he has a tick wife and three child run
Chief Officer Thomas T llelvhton of Liv
erpool Third Officer Bjerkens a Nor
wegian who was making his first
voyage on the ship Chief Engineer Ldward L
Evans Chief toward henry Dick and his as
sistant the boatswain carpenter a fireman
and a sailor Capt Hews had commanded the
Inrtuense for seven years
Her cargo consisted of Hour dry goods kero
cone and general merchandise and was
hipped by Oustav Amslnck Ihomson Co
hhlptou Green anti Lawrence Jansen of this
city 1 wan valued at tlUUOOO and was In
hured The Iortuense was built by Altken
i Jlansol ot Glasgow fifteen years ago She
was Iron measured iMo tons was valued at
tlUUuuu and was Insured In England
A Floainre XMrlr Lot la c bleep
BAN DIEGO OnL Sept 2The sloop Petrel
commanded by Capt W U Iloy a wellknown
shipping man capsized just outside the harbor
yesterday No one saw the accident A sharp
wlud was Mowing and It Is supposed the sloop
was overturned suddenly It was found by
some returning fishermen who also saw the
bodies of two women floating near It They
tried to secure the bodies but were unable to
do so owing to the hleh sea They came to the
city and gave the alarm and a large fleet of
boats went out to search for the bodies but
without success There were six persons In
the yacht all of whom were undoubtedly
drowned The occupants were Capt and
Mr Hoy Miss Wallace a daughter of n Pres
bvtorlan minister of tills city and another lady
and two children whose names are unknown
Ills believed the bodies have all been carried
out to sea by the tide
Lultr The unknown persons ot the party
drowned In I hIp bay were the wife and two
children otJ W Collins cashier Qf the Califor
nia National Dank who I now 10 I Ban iraq
Cisco Tujfi and boats patrolled the bay all
found night but Ar Oollinsa body was the only one
Vnalile to Del a Vessel la Dlitrcia
SAN 1aiNciFCO Sept 2Capt Noble of the
ship W B Godfrey reports that he spoke to
the boric Uenry Buck seventy days from New
Castle t W several bundled miles off the
New Zealand coast Bho 8 flying signals of
distress and Capt Miller of the Buck signalled
that she had been dismantled by a hurricane
lie said the crew had been on short raton I for
several days and Decreed for supplies Onpt
Noble attempted to launch a small boat but
she was stove in by the waves Ho was there
fore unable to render any assistance The
Buck Is now out ninety dare from New Call
ent nothing more has been heard from her
fnd thought she has pen lost Site WM load
I lU
ed with coal and carried a blx nv
a f
ITAS lUll IO IIIDE nlurx
ne Chance that I Made Against John n
nobeon errors Jcflferaon
John n Itobson ot Port Jefferson 1 L
was arrested In that village on Monday
night by Pinkerton Deteotlva orb Is He
Is accused ot attempting to murder his
former employer William T Wheeler Sec
retary and Treasurer of the Port Jefferson
Milling Company The attempt on Mr
Wheelers life was made about 745 oclock on
Friday night He was leading his horse Into a
stall when he was fired at by I person secreted
in the next stall The bullet whlued past Mr
Wheelers face and burled Itself in the horses
head underneath one ero In the excitement
following the person escaped Tracks were
found leading from the barn across a field to
the road and Into the Tillage Suspicion tell
immediately on Itobson who had ben accused
of pilfering money from the milling company
Detective Vorhls arrived In the Tillage on
Saturday He learned that Itobson bad bor
rowed a revolver from Charles J Bayles a
nextdoor neighbor on the Wednesday night
preceding the crime saying he wanted to shoot
a dog All the chambers of the weapon were
loaded when ho borrowed It A the detec
tives request Mr Bayles got Itobson to return
tho revolver on Saturday night I wan found
that one of the chambers had boon discharged
Itobson stoutly maintained his Innocence
when accused of the crime Before his arrest
ho was closeted In the Port Jefferson hotel
almost half a day with the detective and con
stable lie at first donlod ever owning a revol
ver or having had one In his possession dur
ing the past six montbs and even went so far
IUI to make an affidavit to that effect In the
presence of witnesses Ho was considerably
taken aback when confronted with the fact
tbat he had borrowed Mr Baylesa revolver
lie finally admitted having borrowed the
weapon but he denied ever having fired I or
When arraigned In < the village police court
yesterday morning be was without counsel
Ieslerdny was adjourned tot oclock last night
Bums of money bad bean disappearIng Irom
the milling companys otlloe for jpVeral
months Alter losing oUo 180 Mr W heeler
began an Investigation and found that the
look on his office door was defective and that
the door could be opened with little dlUlculty
Money was marked and man set to watch the
2lone7 WIS
office Jtobson was soon net down as the
culprit lie finally confessed the theft It Is
Bald and offered to make good the amount
missing A document wan drawn UP in which
mlllnl WI
lit > bson agreed to refund the amount missing
ghlnc a mortgage his house as security
Ho refrained from signing It that night but
took It home with him In or tlat he said to
consult his wife That was on the night on
which ho borrowed the revolver from Mr
BaylU Thursday and Friday passed and ho
illil not not return the document to Mr Wheel
er although strongly urged by tbe latter to do
EO On Iriday night the attempt on Mr Whepl
ers life was made On that afternoon Mr
t t hoelorsent Itobson home after the unsigned
document and told him not to comb bacK to
the mill without It Ue took an unfrequented
wooded hillside path which shortens the dis
tance to his hQmo and of course to that of
Mr Wheelers house nearly twothirds He
acknowledged going up that path but said it
was to recover onl DaIs revolver which he
had bidden In Uio wood Ho pro Iou ly said
he had not used tbfl path in six months
Hobson lives a short distance from Mr
s on the main rond In i > ho 11 suburb
of the lllaeo He faya ha left his home on
the night of tiio occurrence about 730 oclock
and mot Mr Wheeler on horseback lear Haw
kinss well In the presence nf several men
1 be persons ho mentioned deny having seen
him that night I is believed by some that be
meant to shoot Mr Wbeoler as be passed
along the road some night The accused man
Has a wife and throe children Mr heeler Is
ruperlntenilant treo the Presbyterian Sunday
school of Port Jefferson
Knocked Down at Auction for 8OaOOOOO
Only Oae Bid
AH of the property and assets of the Union
Ferry Company of Brooklyn other than cash
on hand and securities for money wero sold at
auction at the heal Estate Exchange yester
day hI Adrian U Muller Co for 3250000
The ostensible purchasers were Lowrey Stone
Auerbach lawyers at 15 Broad street and
there was only one bid made
I Is generally understood that this sale
simply means a reorganization of tho com
pany The charter of the present company
expires on November 8 and on that date the
new company will take possession of the ferry
property Lowroy Stone i Auorbach would
not reveal the names ot their clients In this
purchase yesterday Tho syndicate of finan I
ciers that bought a controlling interest In the
stock last spring and will undoubtedly reor
ganize tne present company under this auction
purchase is i oompanI I 1 llolllns and
William if Male the present president of the
company Their a < soclat B include some of
the old stockholders and from the foot that
there was only one bid on the property It was
pretty evident that the syndicate was the real
This purchase Includes the seventeen ferry
boats now In use known M the Atlantic Del
tic Brooklyn Clinton Columbia larraiut
Fulton Hamilton Mlneola Mnutlcello New
York JLaclllo Iierrepont Kepubllc Somerset
Union and Wlnona There are also two new
boats now building to be known as the Mon
tauk and Whitehall I Is raid that the com
pany will substitute new and < swift boats for
the old ones an soon 8 such a change IK prac
ticable The land cold Includes land under
water 00 Atlantic avenue with yards piers
repair shops and coal sheds off Hamilton ave
nue and Haokott street Ail the property sold
will be used aa heretofore by the company
Private Detective He Worlh Taken In for
Thre teBlnK Arreat
A wildlooking German stationed himself
outside Clarendon Hall In East Thirteenth
street on Monday night and exhibited a badge
which proclaimed him to be 1 private detec
tive Two men who failed to pay him the
respect which ha seemed to think due were
threatened with arrest They were printers
who had come from the labor parade
Dont you know that I could arrest you If I
wanted to 1 queried the man with the shield
What forr they Inquiredl
for tolfulred1
Anything at all I arrest thieves robbers
murderersall sorts of criminals
He next accosted John F 1ardy of 227 East
Twelfth street and displayed the shield Pardy
called an officer and the detective was himself
arrested He gave the name of Charles De
Worth and his residence ns 435 East Tenth
street He was arraigned In the Essex Market
Police Court yesterday Qbaflel with disorder
ly conduct The badge he woe was inscribed
OrannonA C Detective Bureau Cincin
nati Ohio lie also carried 1 certificate of
appointment 8 private detective certlolto bu
reau Justice Hcgan remanded him and at the
afternoon session held De Worth In 1500 ball
to keep the peace for three mouths Mlchaol I
W Newman a truckman of U12 LewIs Street
I V ball I
Burglar Take to the Wood
TOMS BIVEB Sept 2 Posses of armed
special officers are searching in the big pine
woods of Ocean and Monmouth counties for
GFolklnson and Benjamin Bird who escaped
on Sunday night from the Ocean county jail
here They are the men who created alarm
among the collators of Bay Head Point
Pleasant City Spring Lake Beach and Del
mar by their robberies They broke Into and
robbed a number of cottage In the early part
nf the season Thoy also broke Into the llesort
House at Point 1jearaut City and strlppad
of ItsslUerware linen ami bedding Through
the klndneas of Khorlff llulman they had con
siderable liberty in tho jail Sunday nIght
they iuoeeoded In gaining an entrance to the
kitchen in tho rear of the jail They then
pried the back door pen and escaped to the t
nos Today they were both Indicted by the
Ocean county Grand Jury
The Fica of Ilarlom
The Board of Health his received complaint
of a pest of fleas In Harlem In the neighbor
borhood of Central Park on the east and wes
sides About tis time every year the hoard
guts ala comclafnta from rna Of the
city the Board la roqoulnehds Dir
of Insect powder or the burning ol sulphur Qt
H ret7 > Comfort mat Spec
These great requisites are ally met on the Itayal
DloeJIno operated between new York 1bUadelphla
Baltimore and uhlDgtou by the Jersey Central
lieadlnc ndl and o The road I double tracked its
entire lenitb laid with I heavy steel rails oa rock bal
last and the coast parlor I and alisplng oar equlomenl
U the OaseS ever built lf 1 trains ue vestlbiled Ceawd
by steam aad lighted by Ilea gas Clause foot eJ
uosrt sl iMVt I
InKy 00 TtlllOVaU AX EXritESB CAl
It Is Bumorod that They Lugged 83OOOO
Off Into the VoodU was on the I <
stud N Road ced llnbe Harrows May
fleve Led the OncTho Less bald
Later to be Osly OtOOO
MowrooMenr Ala Sept 2Tho Louisville
and Northern train which left New Orleans
yesterday reached Flomaton Ala about 1
oclock last night Two man emerged Irom the
swamp and running close to tbe train made
their way t the engine They climbed up
over the tender And covered tho engineer and
fireman with pistols With hands up thoy
were made to crawl ovor the tender to tho
front platform of the express car and
open the door Hero two other outlaws
joined them and 8 soon as the
door w a opened they rushed lutn the express
car and fired two shots to Intimidate tho mes
senger At the same time 1 volley of shoU was
tired from other outlaws who stood on either
side of the train near tho baggage car to pre
vent any one from tho rear of the train coming
toward the express car
Tho passengers were Tory much frightened 1
and began stowing articles of valuo away In
hiding places about tbe ear expecting Ibo
robbers to give thom a visit II soon as they
finished with the messenger While two of the
mon kept the engineer and firemen covoiod
with their revolvers two othora paid
heir respects to the express messenger
1b e was made unlock his safe and turn oier
all the valuables in it to tho gang 1 Is not
certain how much they got but the passengers
cay they made a good haul They say It was
said on the train that the robbers took S jluUJ
from the expiess messenger
After finishing their work In the express car
tho robbers fired another volley to Intimidate
the pamengors and then made oil Into < tne
swamp with their booty The passengers lo t
Ian recovering the artloes they bud hidden I
and then the train hurried on Its way hn lug i
been delayed lorty minutes by the bold out I
laws I was I neat piece of criminal work
performed by ten men end It was the uullof of
everyone on the train taI it was done by lluba
Uurrows and his gang
Mr Crosby of the Standard Oil Company of
Atlanta and Mr George Evans of New York
who Is In the city today wore among the pas
sengers on the trAID E > orr eflort IB I being
made by tbo express and railroad companies
to keep back the tacts and to belittle the oo
MoniLE Ala Sept 2A careful examina
tion by the express ofllclals here shows that
only a portion of the packages In the express
safe In the car which was robbed on tOo Louis
villa end hashTlllo this mornlug was taken I
and the los is not over S2oo
A Broken Hall Cause a Tel rlbl Accident
to an Xlaetbonnd Train
nOT BPhNOS Wash Sept 2A terrible acci
dent occurred last night four miles from Eagle I
Gorge about sixty miles from Tnooion on the
Northern Pacific Railway Tho oaMbound
passenger train Ko 2 was wrecked The ten
der of the second engine mall express and
baggage car smoker emigrant and two day
coaches wero thrown from thn track Two
persons were killed and fourteen Injured The
killed are
Ben Young umpire of the Northwest League
J I Keoplor of lied Bluff Cal
The injured will bo sent to Tacoma Thoy
aret W Ueoly and wife of Tracy MinD Mrs
Dr A H Fowlor of Uolyoko Mas V Q hot
of Ell8nsburgUT Furnlss cf Tacoma Judd
Kandallof ulenvllle Minn George Broneky
of Spokane Falls K B Campbell of Oregon B
W Jacobs cook on the dining car 01 Wood
son one of a party of tourists and George 1
Purple of Kdgemoor leh Goorle
The wreck was caused by I brokan rail
A later account says the train was speeding I
alone when the passengers In tile rear car felt
a jar which stopped tbo train and going out
found the two sleepers and the dining car on
the track nod the Mv I forward cars derailed
nno lrled I
The two engines had broken from tho tialn
run forward 0 short distance and vroio stund I
log on the truck The derailed curs wero badly
shaken up The smoking car collided with I
tree which was forced into the middle 01 Ito
car The tourist sleeper and one < day conch
were also badly smashed Del Young the I
base ball umpire who was killed nnd Mrs
Fowler who received a scalp wound wero m
the tourist sleeper and J D Koplar wtia In
tho smoking car
A Colarrd faa Who IToald Not ItphaYo
Jllmieir Killed by a White Man I
GrosoK On Sept 2A fatal shooting affair
took place at Fellowship church colored
about seven miles from hero day before jes
terday Tho church Is In Glascock county
but tho shooting occurred In Warren just
across the line A big negro mooting was go i
Ing on at Fellowship church at which many of I
tie negroes got drunk and some became dis
orderly Among the latter was George tcott I
who became so boisterous that several of Ills
frlunds nnd the ofllcers 01 tho church soucht lo
quiet < him alllng in this the negroes roo
nuosted Mr Charley Dudley a while store
keeper from Hancock county to restore order
for them In endeavoring to do this Mr Dudley
was struck over the bend and cut In the lava
when he pulled his pistol and shot Scott who
died almost Instantly
The blacks Inslanty was necessary for Dudley
to kill Hcott or else got killed bluieolf UH I
general riot Was brewing and retral shots
were lIned in the crowd only two of which took
effect the shot that killed Scott and another
which snot oft a linger of one of the rIoter
Dudley has not bsen arrested
Convention of Jersey Loan Aaeoelatloam I
TitENToy Sept 2About 140 delegates rep
resenting the building and loan associations
of New Jersey met In the Slate House today
for the purpose of arranging Ibo preliminary >
details of a State organization ExSpeaker
E A Armstrong of Camden was tempoiary
Chairman and Chief Jamei Bishop of the La
bor Bureau temporary Secretary A resolution
was adopted providing for a State organiza
tion A resolution providing for the appoint
ment of a State superintendent was defeated
and a resolution calling upon the next Logic
lature to repeal the Mechanics Lion law which
was characterized aa an Iniquitous measure
watt adopted The meeting agreed upon tho
sort of blank that the btate Labor Bureau
should issue In oomoliance with the Inw of
last winter directing the bureau to ascertain
the mode of management of each association
Its financial standing o
The associations have COO members and
their assets altogether are reported at mor
than 10000000 Another meeting will be held
next January when the State organization
will be effected
Tha Law Not Meant to lie Bnrbaronk B
Anna Aim the Idiotic Swedish girl who ar
rived here with her mother on the steamship
Wyoming last week will not ba sent blk So
licitor Hepburn to inborn Secretary Windom
referred the case ha decided that the separa
tion of the girl from her parents and her re
turn t Sweden would be a outrage upon
the most sacred principles of humanity and a
rDroah to our civilization bo Anna will be
allowed to accompany her mother and ber
younger sister to uenox Nebraska where Mr
Aim has e valuable farm Mr 4tm has fur
pl8hd a bond ut 60 that the gIrl shall not
become a public charge for five yean
CM CoBTCBtlo aftJUitlaaiairr Karfaaara JKJ
The eighth annual convention of the National
Association of Stationary Engineers began Its
sessions yesterday at the Lyceum Opera
House Thirtyfourth street and Third avenue
and will continue throughout the week
Nearly all tbe principal cities In tha country
are represented by delegates who number
about 800 The Presidents annual addreta
was delivered by the lion John aehrenbach ot
Cincinnati The delegates enjoyed an oscar
slap around thS arDOr and to jtockaway to
which they had been invited by the local
lodges ot the order
Cbieag via Detroit
The Worth Share Limited leares l Oru4 Cealnl
Station every day ai 4sop M for Detroit al Cldcaa
and the West via the Hew Turk Central Americas
sisal ratlxesata
neem t ten etyte i In 0 Dtl n ni Hat are blesS
51 BipeaaehtU Us Kustu tx
She IteerlTCi Eight or Nine Vnnnd and
One once Kara la Cut OX
Mrs riillomcno Deltuy the wife ot Iasqualo
Dollar a saloon keeper at 150 Canal street
Newark was frightfully out with a razor by an
Italian named Joseph Batsell late last
night Tbe saloon keeper was attacked
by three mon who had refused to
pay for drinks and Mrs Doltuy wont to
Ills assistance Unssoll pushed her Into a con
nor antI whipping out a razor slashed her
bead face breast arm hind anti side mak
ing eight ornlnoouts amlsovoilng the whole
of ono ear She lost a great deal of blood be
fore 1ollco Burgeon Clark began to dress her
wounds but he Is confidant she will recover
Basolll was arrested
They IItinge a hcillfolit nn the Ends of Poise
Not 1aeteaed Down to the Hoof
Two painters who wont to work on n now
house In Fnlrmouut and Fourteenth avenues
Newark wore killed yesterday morning by the
falling ot a awing scaffold which they had just
put In place It was dependent for support on
the weight ot two polos which were merely laid
on the roof ana not fastened down One of
the poles was dragged over the edge of tho roof
by the weight of the two men on ono and of
the scaffold Theodora Bruns of Lilllo street
and Seventeenth avenue aged 48 was killed
Instantly his bead striking tho flagging liar
man Matthes of IbO Brooma street agod 28
had his back broken and died in the hospital
in the anus of his wife Ha was conscious to
tho last anti just boforo lie expired he siild
Goodbr Carrie 1 can do no moro for you
now Goodby
Doth men were married anti leave children
They were employed by Joseph Ifroiiudahuh
of th Uroomo Street He nnw the accident ami
drove quickly away to Inform tlm police nnd
secure an ambulance irent Indignation vim
uYiiro sod by tlio other wuikmen uu tho build
ing bocauoo be did not leturn He was ro
affected tlmt ho could not go back hu said but
sent his boy up Ho said the men alwaya
cigied tile Fcnflolds for themselves end that
ho was In uo war roBtonslblo if thor wero
Philip fureellii Ilv Ynune Children Cry
log for If tut on the Itracli
Philip Purcell who lived nt Orange took bis
family Including Iho young children on an
excursion to Coney Island ou Monday The
father went In bathing at tlio old iron plor
while his children playod about on the beach
Finally the children mlssod their father and
as ho did not appear niter titer had waited for
him for two hours or moro they began to cry
A policeman camu along and ached them
what was the matter They enld their
father bad disappeared anti they did
not know whnl had become of him
About this time the police woio notlllod
that the body of a man hud been found in
the water near the iron plor Tho children on
seeing the body at once rocognlzud it aa that of
tim lather
A telegram was sent to Orange notifying the
relatives 01 tho 1iircoll family 01 what hud nap
poned It Is Riinposnd that 1urcall was pclnnl
with cramp and becnmo helpless bt > foro ha
could make an outcry The children war
pent to their homes Ic Orange on Tuesday
nlLht The holy was removed from Lonoy
Island to Orange ycstordny
A FENCE Til KIR Jilt 14 S 2 WORt S
Thieve who Miillr Irnm IVaatr Lead Into
the Wullabont Mkel
Opposlto the Wallabout Markut Is a swoop ot
waste land owned by tlo United Status It
contains about thirtyfive acres It Is covered
with bruehwuud which hided trm eight the
boles und burrows ot thieves who infect the
place There IB frco nccos1 to tIle navy yard
from this wasteland and the thlevenwhou not
engaged plunderIng the lard of old and now
metal busy themselves in rnld on the mar
ket and ou market wagons A low rickety
once separates tIm hind from the market
streets und ci09 u sort of protection to tho
titles as
To stop the depredations Secretary Tracy
has been asked to allow mnnds to be built on
the lino of the tattoo In Flulilni and Washing
ton avenues A row of Htnnds would be the
best barrier against thiees the petitioners
say aa they could nut retieat so quickly with
their booty
A Party of Nor walls Young Folka Npcad an
ITupleusant Nlaht on the Hound
NonwALK Sept 2Mieses Lucy and Nelllo
Hort nieces of eiLnilod States Treasurer
James W Hyatt Lymnn Hoyt nephew of Mr
Hyatt Misses Annie and Ida Hoscgood and
Charles HocuooU wont out in a small skiff
yesterday Their failure to return coupled
with the fact that a heavy ten was on caused
groat anxiety inC searching parlies hunted
lor them all night This morning a spatial
steamer found the party all sale but suffering
from hunger and exposure on Ileus island
The heavy wenthor had earrlod thorn further
out tItan they had Intended to go and thoy
were driven ashore on tho Ulnud
C2 t NumrU for ff > nicrei
DXTVOIT Sept 2The Itepublrani of tha Fifth Mlchl
Ian ditrict ba Dominated ItinrUi W WAtklns fer
lUprenentatlva lptr FIAI been r nornlnte < S by the
UtuiocrAti vt tho Fine lieorif Cuiucre i dUtncL
The IVcather
heavy rain fell yesterday In Georgia Florida anti
low and 1M ralu In Alabama Bomb Carolina the
Pakotu Minnesota UlcblKaii anj Illlnola Elsewhere
the weather was fair There was a Sturm develeplnir
Over Nebraala that will travel toward the Ulialnlppl
valey aui the rln area will extend to the Ohio valley
and lower late regIon today
Tno huh preianre dominated Iho Atlantic coast
Stile causlnr a fall la temperature In the booth Atlan
tic Btatea In all other parts of the country U was sta
tionary rir tllzhtly hither The colOssi place in the
country was Helena Uont 40
A remarkable elmliarlty between the three summer
montbeutJnne July and Auruit IK89 and the aane
mouth ot IB Jo u shown by a comptrlion of mean
temperatures of the lUnai service which make the
three montha of IbSU but ninetenths of one degree
warmer than those xaonthe of 18 There waaia
Indies less rainfall In ISBO than In 1649
Totiny rrunilxa to be generally fair with possibly aa
occatlnnal thowar stationary temperature Tomor
row inowery and warmer
Tbe thermometer at ferrys pharmacy In Tia Raw
building recorded the temperature yeaterday as tel
iNca lCPt lass iee
eLMcc Ii sJr38711 17
1 A be a St 7J 75
e c so e l es to
u st is 75 IC ca
Avrags Sept 2 loss
510Al ornca ronKCiir Titt 8 p a wsswJse4r
Ton MIs New hampshire Vervaont Uaaiachuietla
Abode Island Coniecttout fairi uo decided ohauxe la
temperature westerly vied
nr xui < m V < w Ytri plc cooter in ntnlumi ilaUm
cry itmtvraibrf in louUum fortCon artaM irtn4i
yor eaitera fcnnivlvaata Mew Jener and Delaware
fair warmer toutherly wluda
yor the Dlttrlot of Columbia Maryland and Virginia
fair fellewei by ihowerl la southern Virginia euttoa
ary teuperatme variable winds generally southerly
for weittrn New York and weitern fenuirlvanla
air followed ty lIght local showers en the Ukei
cooler variable wluJi
Moilo is 1 Tompkins iinare this evealog at f ocock by
L lboldi Twelfth Eeglment Band
Ike man drowned In the Eaai Bjvtr en Hood Book fa
Men4ar wu lileolltel veilerdar at the flattest Mergue
ai Illlani MgLeogblln ot vaio Hi avenue
The eSeeti and records ot the Hoard of Cerenars were
mored to tlie new gnaitere its Second avenue poster
Cay Tue new oiUoe will te I opened tile merulyg
John Wejuun of 1149 Ecu HerentytUih street a tat
lor nul at work commuted suicide yesterday edr
noon tiy takinir rarl green Uermau hag teas Hoc
kiidhla wife au i ported he family
Plans were filed la the Bullalng Bareaa yesterday
for tbe erection of a ilitory bnok building on tbe
southeast lemon of ronrtcit street and Groaawav it
be as1 tar howl purposes is will eoilVAuoo
Thomas Coffin a PhUadelpWajv arreited en a dee
patch from that eltr stattog that stoma U wanted there
tor the theft ot furniture belonging to Mrs Arrae ot
1004 WaluiM street was ICrraaed4 at bbs Telib Court
jteterdar lo await reinliiilon papers
Philip Uattv tbe drug elerk In the store cf Albert A
Klreliuer beoond avenue and Seventy eecond street
v hu put Ito Hie iireicrlptlou of aconlie that caciea the
Seat of Sirs t ailierlne fildeck atS7 East fUlr nlntn
street wat arrulgutd befoce Uoroner Le < r feelerday
and was paroled pending theresults ot iht auUper
which will be held by lopuly Curoutr Jeoklm ibis
ariursis or A onxrxnixo ncvf
Or Maybe a Tieup of Dr Depew la O3
lint It wan All Spoiled By the Ulitlmtd
Central HlrtUeThe Striker Tver flat
erf In Advance and Ponrderly Told Them
Ho In Advance Though Is Wootdnt Dei
to Admit It Vleerrentdeat Weak
and Kaveint Kalahte Testify Before the
Hoard Arbitration cad Mediation
Tho Stuto Board ot Mediation and Arbltra
lion began yesterday on Inquiry Into the
causes and character of last summer strike
on the Now York Central Ilallroad Commis
sioner Donovan said that after the testimony
was all In tho Board would consider It and
then would address n report to the Legisla
ture The object ot the report Is to supply that
body with Information by the light ot which
U may If It can frame a law to prevent such
difficulties In the future
By far the most Interesting discovery poole
at yesterdays reslon was the text of f tim
correspondence bctweon E J Lee Mmtor
Workman ot tho district assembly which
ordered the strike and General Master ° ork
man Iowdurly n corrcKnondonco wb oh lie
closed glimpses of a glittering rrcKninimn
now busted fora general lieup or Hirlkn
for everything in sight in either tho icon ot
Depeworthe year of the Woilds 1iilr Idro
are extracts from lie letters
rhimturT rtwiEniY TO IBK
ECTUSTON lob 3 1810My advice is 1 to ro
cautiously feel your way raioftilH anti erotica
yocirsolves In your footholds flruily elor l r tir >
lil ni Into unknown depths In order to Bcnro
moro adrnntngoi llumembcr lint yon lire
coping with ono of the cioatect corporation la
America and that It can bring to its aid In < i l
struggle millions ot dollars where orvnnlml
labor cannot bring as many cents Avoid con
troversy as far us pnsslljlo ilml lortify ymir
solves with acts Indisputable facts If eryiiu
have to ask for anything Allow no rmh coun
eels to sway you In anything and do not i Inco
headstrong or lnU mpormo men on any com
intttoo Tho mini on tho Heading llnllrimj
actually controlled tho entire ninnncutnont
nnd had everything their own slay Tfcoy
grow restive anti allowed Incendiary counsels
to prevail It was no uncommon tiling fur
them to stop n train on the main track nnd J
talk to an up tiain In order to settle
soma little matter That sort of thing
could not Jnst and when they finally struck
It was at tho wrong time for tho men end
juet tile time to suit the company You all
know tIle result of that contest Organize
carefully alone the whole line and hold what
you gain Permit the Interests tho company I
to receive lIsa same consideration aa thojo of
the employees Itomember that we are ask
ing ot the employers to show tho same consid
eration to our interests that tboydo to tholr
own and In order to bo consistent must
practise that wo preach
AUUXT Fob 10We are aware of the fact
that the N Y 0 Is n powerful corporation and
wo will associate our efforts to the end that
none but our coolest and wisest members shall
bo selected to carry out the work of our dis
trict organization man who will always work
for the best Interest ot the order and en
donvor to hold the respect of the officers of the
railroad company
irnit rowDEBi COUNSELS B Ej ocoitfi
ScruxTON April 17I regret very much to
sco that our members are being picked off on
the N Y C and U IE Railroad I also fee the
statement made In the papers that If others
aro hired to take their places there will bo a
strike By all means do everything in your
power to prevent a strike ton It will prove a
failure and will bo just what tho K Y C Com
pany wants the men to do If a strike takes
place on that roadiho West Shore road will do
the work and do it so effectually as to treat
the spirits and patience of the men on strike 412
Tills IB your jilun Jo on with the work of or
uiinlallon do It ax quietly as possible work
lieroalter under secret orders anti divulge
nothing to the outside world as to movements
nr work done lot organisers to work on the t I
Vot Micro road itnti all along tli > entire Van
cltTbilt by4cui Vten you can Induce a Toting 4
mm i to quit the service of tho company do so 4t
have as many as think of going elsewhere
tills spring do co In n body If tlmy can be re
lied on to cln it that way Hno thorn give ai a
reason If nokod that they ate ollerod bettor
wiiKoi and luduuumentB olHuwlivre
ALBANY July 81I want to trouble you a
little at this time We BIO having 11 yelp son
OIIH time of it bore The f V c rornoratlon
aro crowding us erylinrd laying off men right
arid loft anti the worst of It 1 tha lieu who
have been promoting the best interest of the 1
organization nro tho ones selected for die
mlssal It looks to me an If the company wants
to hno the men strike at thin time in ocher to
break up the orgnnlntlou us li would bo u
tory easy matter for them lo doieat ut now as
tbero is nothing doing rn the road i Intro re
colvod notice today that my services tIre no
longer required liy use compuny and u few
others who were at different times belore the
officers of tile company while acting repre
Eentutlvas ot the organization have tiers l let go
also About half the members tho order m H
anxious to strike white thouthor half sore moro
conserVative 1 would bo vary much pleased
if some of the members of the ionoral rxocu
live Board could come on here and give the
men som advice as It is somathlng they aro
very much In neea of just nov I hope that
YOU will write me a letter of ndvice that I can
road oft to the men that will sober the hot
heads i
POIUNTOX Aug 2At no time during the
year has the New York untral been DU well
prepared ox now and during Mr DepewS
absence Is just the limo for trouble to bo pro
clpltated You know that he made the state
ment lust before leaving for Europe that the >
New York Central never bad any trouble with
Its employees and It Is my opinion that it Is an
understood thine that the trouble if there is to
be trouble is to ho beguu while bo In away so
that h will not be held ponslblo for any
part ot It as ho would were be at home
My advice to your men la to stand firm and I
avoid a strike at all hazards Theiorder is not
able to defend you financially and organized
labor generally cannot aid you that it would
be the height of fhllyto fall In the trap set by
the company Ihat It Is a trap Is evidenced
by your dismissal for they no Count expected
that there would be a strike toihave you rein
stated Caution your man to continue as be
fore make no noise no stir or show of
strength and It possible act on the followIng
suggestion You have In the border a number
of young men who would just aslieve take
Horace droolers advice and go West as not l
poleot a number of these who would be willing
to taco poaltlons elsewhere have them corre
spond with our brothers and sitters in the
West and secure positions there than tare
them so ono broiie to their superintendent and
ask for higher wages snorter hours better
conditions or In fact anything that mar be
required by the employees ef the road Their
demands will be refused of caurso and then
let them state that they are unwilling to wore
for such u corporation when they can better
themselves When a number of good men
quit In that mannnr It will cause the eempany
to think that It will not do to trifle with them
and prevent the discharge of other men
This you must do secretly and by all means
postpone and keep book all indications of
trouble until the return of Mr Depew from
Europe Remember that he Is i a possible can
didate for the Presidency and will goto any
lengths where his own personality Is eon
corned rather than have a strike on his road
for that would injure his chance Irreparably
BrBAJJTON Aug 6I very much fear that
history is about to repeat itself and that the
disaster of the Rending Ilallroad is to be re
> oated During tha past twp weeks agents of
1ie N Y CUb if K R It have been alone the 1
tine p1 theD Jjt W the Jertey Central tin
Misting the Lbs and other Eastern roads
encaging men to come on there In a short
time Yon see that ft Is the desire and the In
tentlon ot the managers of the Slew York Cop
tral to have thO men strike and unfortunately
they are getting ready to fall Into the trap
home of your men have been discharged and
the rest are about to throw themselves onto
work and lose their situations for want ot I
proper exercise of patience
Ion will acknowledge that this U the
best tlmt for the company to have the e

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