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r Of
i pir JATJtNr uAprr iraiar FOUR EA
treadO fl1oad 0 a
grId flaflgtOa 1 I Good TIm B or tie Daw
rrhu ro ad Bt Om r Loa l Tbors
I pda for Their A dm In IMS
saw six vry well con
I nil thousand feSOnlllW Ilx T w1
and under
rwet decided on a taut track
I the blued rlee 1 skies at Bheepshad May loiter
T and as the favorites wee eno
tar fut In a mal rltr of events the taln had
fin good tim
lbs opining event was won br the favorite
plunge the
great on
I MtidID Ther was a flunn
Western horse Mike Watsontand when Jimmy
I UeUsehlln was bulletined as his rider the
I monir wnt on In bundles for MoLaughlln Is
1Ofl popular as ever MoLaughlln weighed
MIX u pounds yesterday and before the close
illbOravsfleud meeting bl will b able to do
tlh inconvenience 8t
ill poundi without any Inconnnience Bt
because of his good showing at Ontten
trnffVas Installed a warm favortt for the
r for twoyearolds but Thorndol a
Irttlur to Charlie Dreux won by a short head
as Bilmont castoft not being able to get upat
I DISh B ttyJrather was third Olarendon
Igjiiitd his opponents the throerarold
Gtaled and won with something to spare
y Sroettlo D who camo very strong at the
SShandlrlpped Wrestler the post for the
I t ffi Ilairaond O was considered an air
i for trie celling race at a mile and a fur
I Utbt lor Lakeland and his friends and under
IIlelaUI ote8tnut
k1 careful guidance the chestnut won
F iolltons sVasdown carlulluldln and Llv had a
I down Irnnk War former got
Sl for the place and the
tuhs Ilae IO
Ti Lakeland had Ray
margin Ikolad
narrow It
I It Kudo by nroW mnfldn lltiW O and Eugene
10d to fi005 at which lIZ
Turn ran him no 2U05 11
I F 1fb he was bought In by his owner
frVo Fonso wa the tip for the filth rate at
tp ctut
Simile and threcslxtoenths but tbe chest
Stroiiiewas never really dangerous and and
itjcigUO the battle was between Montague and
fheind order
tfiYauet A bstlo generally case the older
5cluet won but there was only A neck between
I F ell when they passed the wire The last
I tIm rice wu almost conceded to Dalys llallston
ru n great fovorltft nt a short price
ho was
l F F iambley o hustled him alone and never lopped
fflia nnallr squeezing him homo a head In
Bit of hern who showd A rare burst of
Seed in the stretch Lotion and Long Dance
I W both do to keep an oyo on
Little Mlnch delayed the start for some rain
Utle his anticS but they wet finally cot
MM nntcs
i ar on almost even terms with Meriden and
BlBMnt sway In front und Mlnch bringing up the
SaKDublln took the lead In the opening fur
NiX Ic and vvas half Ibo length before Merlden
tndHlke Wilson WI at tbo end of I quarter At
Id ilboW Ierldon went through and won In a
t libw lIve lengths from Mike Watson who
rop Dubln two lengths for place honors
l snstai for three yurolds and upward of SIS
UBI H 111 added trf which S3MJ 10 second u4
iseL o
1 lb about threequarters
I III W 1 me third Futurity count Irqualn
0kwoOd cl I ables b r JIerld n 4 by ClinilfOoU
6 I
p noDe IIOSII 132 B t rmi Watson 4 laVff sieLancniln i i 2
iln8BUiJsb f Dublin 125Iope I I
JJttls Xlnch and III Irenl RlO ran
Il Tlm 112 15
sttmrOn Merl5enilo t against Mlk Watson 8
fall title lUnCh 4lolt 111 Spent JO toll Dn Uo e
811 LI 3 80 G53
U I Vliuals paid tit5 e 9 f5
Tborndal was tho first to break in a good
start while JueorOIrl brought the rear
I I I TaTM fsnt Tborndall along at onco and In the
crenlng quarter obtained I lead ot two lengths
Bt Omsr and Dotty Prather being the most
Brotnlnent of the others After passing the
elbow Thornilale was dying fast but laral
iipt him steadily it and under the whip be
steaiY I
luted bog enough to beat tt Omer a head
Betty PraUier was third two lengths away
lel twcisafolds nonwinners ot S7DQ sweepstakes
dill esct wllb 110 I added of which UO to second
ma COOteth third Futurity cone abouttbreqnar
tire if a mile
Csstls Rubles b C Thornoale by Eolus Llzzl
nawlwood 118 Taral I
1 Pelsnc s eh t ft OmiT 118 Herten a
OrsriiOeDr Betty 1rslher tue Bender s
YeisiOrsce Klriorer QaeerGlrL Keyser MaUcorda
fiiyOiur mb uardslla Appomattox and kcartreos also
rI Tim liHl5
EittntAfslnlt Bt OmiT 8to6t Tbornaale 6 to It
Zinc rratlier and Keller eacb8 to l lonng orac
sol VatM ° roaflUy each 13 to li Elrkprar Appomt
tox sad cbartreas ah 15 to I Oardalla 00101
Oust SOA ei5 Qeesr 722 > Olrl each r 10 1 Mutuals paid
Tit flag dropped t a good start for all but
EiBcocsj who was left at the post Edgar
Joouon Jersey Pat Druldess Dst and
Jon made the running In very close at
tendance for three furlongs when Hamilton
red Clarendon a bit and ahook the others oI
DntUni was second until 100 yards from the
wire t where she was passed by wrestler Tne
Olouo colt apparently had the place secure
vtin Genie U who seemed t drop from the
clouds earn with a Treat rush and beat him a
IMS on the post Clarendon won handily
mouth by a length
A swsspilakee of C23 each with 11000 aJfled ot
uu tao te second and iluu to third for tbreerear
eut seluax allowance Futurity COOT about tnre
curtsrs ef 5 mil
JLlslnoaisk o Clarendon by Et Blalie Clara
lI7IlamItIon I
tapirstaU bt 0rtle6twVnynnI a
0 V Haiti t Co ch g Wrestler Ito Oerhardy 8
Irrle B Kaoile B Cempland Cornelia Jersey fat
M oto
N Junes DrQtdess Won roe Onward Bnsteed Fox
I Be < sTscltia count Pudler and Edgar Joiinson also
r acutl a the post I
tettfac Afslnst Clarendon u tto I Foxmede 4 toll
ItJimts e to I Hiieteed I to It Mal 8 13 to It
Uftf Johnson Count Dniiiey WresUer Bancooaa and
Prudess each la to I Kemoland Jersey PI and
Cornells each30 to It Kyrte U and Monroe eaeh 2 is
I Osrtle P 40 to I Onward and Taeltns each 60 te 1
t kuuu pad 19s Jatss tasn
Falcon Maid of Orleans and Raymond O
Yer the leaders at the start and the former
nt out the running to the halfmile pole
vben Eleve Frank Ward Horrento and lay
coed U moved up Thero wasnt much to
choose between the fieldon the upper turn
tot when squared away for home llaymond Q
tun through and won bands down br five
I lengths rank Ward took second place In the
nn home and beat Eleve a length for ha
p I on at the finish
asvsetutskes for three year old and upward with
th > ad4edor which JUi to the second and PSolo
Bird entrsncs tan to b divided between the sond
ut thin ss Item allowances one mile and a furlong
W Ultima ch c Raymond O 4 by Eolu
Hl 010 m Hamilton I
g BJnnlnnit p b rrank Ward aid HO I Martin t
Bssoreraisbiesbr h Eleve i lioinlrami II I
um Krreabi ralcon also Ii14 ran ot Orleans Duke of the lllf Mania
Tim I 57
1lrArIDI Raymond I II to lOt IriSh Ward
IOIthOTrtiito 610 I JlsMot Orleans lOb II Duke
Lt J lWlnM IO I iIveand falcon each 80 to
Sitiu lahI I IO1A 1l f104
Qlenmound 1 and Miss Cody got the belt of the
Hart ant made the running with Banuuet the
post prominent of the others Kenwood and
Lrlnee tonso bringing up the rear On the
D wutretcli lirltton and liorgen messed about
With Itlnce Fonso mid Kenwood and t but
Iormeyolg to the Whit at tho beginning of
tIe upper turn It was evident that he was
bstto Whn they swung for home Banquet
took the lead and was winning handily when
jplfroe came from behind and beat Lot
SCigelding a neck lor the money Ken
woo flnlsDea strong and beat Irlnce Fonso a
neck for the place
l baeaIcp sepitskes 24 ascii with II 000 added
m hII
it which M u to second the third I to receive SUXJout
Mneitslei one mile and three sliteeuls
rh Slab a ii ii Ilontagus 5 by orlme
yi4ae io tMrttn
TL50ttib g B 01 8ii H Taylor 3
IlilIhaunib V 0 Kn ood a lie iBsrgen 3
r 8 111 Ioln 1
tLVrao lrliici ronl0 fi nmoonn and Wy Felloir
Tlnie 2nIc
I IitIttitgatne1 Prior iooso s to 5t Banquet a M to
1iKenoi II 610 I Ull tody 610 1 Monugii to
I I ylo I 10 I I alumouDd 22 to I NUII1
l f70 t 11 I
ha ontne and Unllston wore first away Little
bringing up Ibo rear 1ambley sent Ball
l2ii si alool iiand llt the end of half a mile had
Kfni Killed off Thon he went mi ahono
rjiv1 lbs stretch Kern Young buke Lotion
biln laDco Kern ounl alton Duk coseiy
I ambley bath to ride hard togat Dahy s
tea home Inner by it bead from horn vhto
bat OUII Iule i A length for place honor
sib if111 tk for tbreeyeeroia and upward lot III
sot iyej VI l ajdsd of which MJU ti in iecona
Woi ifV tjr ai uie mit eu surf
Wi UBuller I Dr h lialliton 5 fay UllletVlllette 120 1
JfS1 C Kern 4 loUeritn a
7t e b > ntl > ulie ed
Uiul 11 b1 aged IJ I > Anderson S
4rLn ° 111 i Audle LoOt Done hi Jolin Oats
fanco luSiaa011 ultlklrn halite lap l r and
Tim I 44
ljuj rArlnt Paliston ito 5 Ralll Ilarpr Is In II 1
SMbSoSi Luitg iance l Slot Rambler and Lollop
w ILr
KtwJIniaiid IIlCtihOrj > i0 I loans Duke 101 toll
8i OII aol et Joba Cacti 45 10 I I Ionllo abd Loo
seen M10 i utUI paid 110 0 ifTU S3X
Jtnclec ait Lexln tOB
10 fet 2Two ot the four favorites wr
me wsifnl bet to day at tle
vIe b Iroquois Hunt CloD rare
t luther WI s fins the attendance food and the
n4 ifsst > llle Beatrice was the favorite In Ih 0101
Mllloipuissfor two olds
iti pUl year five forleois but
JUJUsd to nt a place Tti Turk lot rteman la the
Lcd 110110 the blo
finVlhs1V Ih beRing winning handily by
a lelgibs from Viora IM Urabam who beat
oaiiJtif i0 Ilor > Irbm up 11
p2lS iid a lull length for the place Tim 1
S Vtof Tb Turk i 10 I 1Lore
Ik4 rat was a pun for all ages at one DIl
I HvsWgasK S
ff lin fYofr Utatloot Iu2 Vrman up wass
ITWIL sfld b won Li he 5iesoed Or two
sS ID lIen lI 9T will laol op cool tour
Olt trout n r OnhIgIt third Tim I 4214 > flc
f o OD ulook I to 1 10 Amy
WUiii fat at its lurlonr > for tnllemen riders
47 nJ ii bits Ju > lr IS ridden by K RI
MjJ i tIe t000rt eut 1 INI ita4 n I rYRv
As feTlrlt Iin I OeII won Hi a canter by m 5 lenglla
1jOI 1OUJ Iu 10llb l 10 front ul hamfsof
b1ii s tip pun at lli furious for tbrssyear ant
s N SJ 1 D1 dy racing and Jubilee IIS Park
ems a t to S lS
MjJJli ti JiorJ I won ti5VerI by a nssk
i r000rL s1 Edrtlolh saddle < I lbs 1 me names
P1 IM UooJ liiFibs for she laa Tim Dm 1111
t teVfraeJ
4 Bfuatom OAKD ran 111P111D
Oae ef the Ht Plaid ef the Tr 1st the
Twin City namellimp
Th Long Island Jockey Club offers an excellent
cellent programme for today at Its pretty
court The features are the Sapphire for
twoyearolds the Twin City Handicap for
threeyaarolds and upward and the Turf
Handicap at one nil and a quarter The
Bapphlr stakes may b won Quarterttretch
and Nelly lily should b second Los Angeles
mar win the TnlnClty with Bam Drowns best
In second place The Turf Iiandlcap may go
to Raymond 0 and Philosophy may run seo
ond Th opening race mar b won by Al
Farrow with Volunteer II second Tbl third
mar BO to My Flow and Buddhist mar run
second Vlvldougbt to win the Cfth and Bam
Wood mar be cond
Pint Bate Tor all are a sweepstakes ef fS5 each
with StOuu added l seven furlenn
Tuila lIIaekbm103
AI rrrow 101 resole lOt
nlm IsA IiIprei 1oWIlnrIns
VolIr 11 IJUI MInnie 101
Utinax I I 504 tlonita ilardy lot
14cond flaTbe BaDphifs StakeS for twoyearaMa i
whiob ha not won S6u op to time of ntryi I a sweep
stakes for 10Db W6n tt 1250 added Ave aadabalf
Ill 1
II Ills Ciruorg Ill
vII IR hr 11
Rep WU 11 Klp
quo 01 RolnIIJ 10
Forerunnertot Florlmor 11 Lady Oluo 11T10
Quarlritrleb III Naily I
Damon III dage IJ5T 105
ulon 11
Third flatsA handicap 1 swsepitakss St 25 each
M li
wIth 111W 4ddt use utile and a jf
fluddhist110 Nlagire Ie
N1IOw 10 1Ir 10
rinesiJieWttn I 103 ltObeptSrtb fS
I n
Witfr4 104 Ilatry PIe i US
BUrn 10
Pourta hatsThe Twin City flandleap a basdseap
sweepstakes of l 1 with r 3OlXi coded ooe NIt
mud a quarter
nn 128 11
Friars IljtUddbI
Burn 11 1 WO Dance5121
lorll 117 Sorllo 10
LIII Dali 115 Ilpb es
Tournament lt
Fifth Reln 10 one mIle and a furlong
1 Duke 500
ZingiteckII4flrown Dot lo
Aornl II1dJ rl
barn Wood 100 VIvid 93
Sixth RoeT Tart handicap for Ilryurold
and Dpwrd a handicap lplur 2 ch with
rI24J 4do 1 mU and a qurto 02 turf
Ithrus I32 Uncle
rhlonrby Ron Bill 17 II Miss I1 I Chlr I
ii Ilk 1 Slasterlode500
Undrm itaymon4fl 115 111 Ib lo
The crack English sire Bt flatten that n
recently purchased for 110 boa been
shipped to his new home In Germany
H F St VashlnBton The bet is oft Org
oIls 113K In his match race with iteelar Is
probably the best ever run on a circular track
The twoyearold Oily Lady Wilton has been
orlrold fl
sold to Bowetman Brother for 17600 alter she
had made a record of 225 at the Lexington
trotting races
The fast bone Al Farrow now running at
Bheepehead Bay has a cold strain In his make
up but he can discount any horse at the track
for Rood looks
LEXINGTON Sept tT McDowell of this
city has Fold SPt Young Mcurathlanastud
the chestnut two aold colt by Fonso dam
Muret by Alarm Price private
The fact that Col Pulslfer won 30000 on
Tenny in the Labor btnkes is proof that be has
not lost confidence In his horse One pretty
piece of cardboard yesterday registered 3500
against 110
I Is reported that Dan Bwleert of the Elmen
dorf stud has held his last yearllnBSale and In
the future the nroauct of his establishment
will be trained and raced In his colors I being
intention to return to the turf
The second annual exhibition of the Ameri
can lora bbow Association will be held In
Chicago Nov 1 to 8 A special prize ot 1500 Is I
offered for the borne that jumps Etcher than
that made by lloseberry last season
During the races at Oskaloosa In on AUK
28 Durnl broke out in the Brand stand Ire <
6090 people were congregated but all escaped
without Injury The stand was entirely de
stroyed and the loss is estimated at 1110
There are about seventyfire horses a
the LonlsNllle track bolne prepared for the
coming meeting at that place which opens an
Bept 16 Great things are expected of the
twoyearold colt Bennett Young by Iroquois
At the start In the first race at Bbeepsbead
Day yesterday Little lunch did his best to kick
olo Jim Mr Caidwell has had battles with
Mlncn for the last seven or eight year and I
after gazing at Mlncb In disgust for some time
the starter said Minch Id sire 500 I youd I
die some time Mlncb is now 10 years old and
has legs like Iron b
BALTIMORE Bent 2The trotting horse
John W owned Bpt Harmon ck Kelly dropped
dead today at the Qenilemfna Driving 1arlr
He was eight years old bad a record of 224th
and was by Messenger Duroc out 01 Alterls
lie was valued at 3 uOO John W had just returned
turned from Ponghkeepsle and had done good
work on the Northern tracks
An attempt was made on Aug S by In
cendiaries to destroy the Palo Alto barns and
hut for the vigilance of tho hostlers at Senator
Stanfords big ranch there would hare been
a repetition of the disastrous tire of throe
ear aln The flre wa discovered in lnuoo
bales of straw near the main stable but It was
confined to one barn and the loss only amount
ed to 7000
Scott Qulnton has purchased of John E
Madden Lexington Ky the chestnut filly
Happho three years old by ltobrt McOregor
12171 dam by Clark Chief Uarpho Is one of
the most promising young trotters In the
country having shown a trial mile in 219 >
She will b trained but not publicly trotted
this year The purchase is said t bare been
made for Marcus Ualy of Montana The price
ma withheld but was certainly a largo one
Audi the bolder of the worlds stallion rec
ord will not be seen on the turf this season
The emoting campaign and the severe train I
Ing ba went through last Boason left slight
Injury which necessitates a cautious course
with the great stallion 1 be Injury has been
subjected to examination by the best veteri
nary skill in Chicago and tho opinion given Is
that It Is not of I permanent nature but that
Its successful treatment and ultimate cure ab
olntelr demand entire Immunity from train
ing and comparative issL The Uortcman
I Aquatic llattm et 1 the Dab
Fron 1 Dotton fltralA
Thou professional Mullen cl Ire me a lanf nld f eel
Inc poUT upon a warm day laid Charles I
Thayer the Point ot Pines When asked t a explain
why the prorewlonal icnllere had each a eatrretlnir
eBect upon him Thayer exhibited a t 1rm l which be
had jut received from Hed nol who wired that be
wanted a pun of f t row a match race with
Tcemer at the Point o PInes this month M I wonldn
fire him fifteen cents laid lhajrer 1 offered to e Te
a large mm of money for a professional eculllnr
regatta om time ago bat that did iiotieamto meet
with the approval of the lords of the shell and scull I
hanoI any Idea of firing any auch money ae Ilanlsn
asks for to any icoller for a match race with anyone
The scatters ar like theee champion lighters they
want altogether too much I think that they hare
robes lees I money this summer than eror before simply
because they want too much for rowing uninteresting
races Tbe people out West who hare nerer seen
them may live big money for regattas but here In the
Keel the prominent professional scullera are chest
asIa Erery on wn follow aquatics has them
and knows Just what they can do Individually I snail
not even take the trouble to answer tats telegram
If the Bradford eight has any Idea that they can beat
the famous Atalantas again a chance I 1 offered them lo
try II There has been 1 much talk about the Brad
fords being defeated by reason of the race being sold
out thst the Impression Las < n abroad that they
might hare won at the > attonal although good lodge
say that they were In no condition t hare done 1
Now a chance Is offsred the Bradfords lo prove whether
they can leave I their famous rlvaJs behind In a mile and
a halt rae I they want to try H I Mr Chares I
Thayer of the Point of fines said yesterday that he
would gIve prUes worth f2Vj to the winning crew for
another match race between the Bradfords and the
Atalantss providing that the race Is rowed at the Point
of loee I before f epL 15 This amount of money would
liurcnses nine very tine prUes for the members of the
winning eight might ue ihitu lt tilt the Alalauias
would refute to row the Kradfurde again after baring
won Mils years championship cut tue Alalauias are
true sportsmen and row eoielr for the sport 01 tne
tiling and nothing else Ills believed In view of this
fact that they hll be willing to com on her and
prey to the eausfaoilon of all that the Uradfordsare
not lu It with them now loelbly were the Bradford
to geltioto proper shape they would be In It after all I
bui40u al M
If an the f f r Huston ui40u be glad lo know IL A
rleiory over the Alelantas now would be a big feather
In the rape of the Bradford and certainly It Is I worth
trying for on their part Hioellent water mar be found
at the Point of Piiiea and such a mlb race after 1
toat bs happened would I attract thousands st < eet
tors and would give a great loom 10 amateur rowing
U Is smeerelr 1 hoped hire that the Atalanta I IN wail
look far ratlr upon Ibe offer and come ou and give trI t
Bradford a chance to prove whether they liut I tutiu ca
their merits ur because the race was sold I
A match race Is I likely to be the outcome of the trou
ble In ISiS Bradford eight Oarsman Jehn F Cummlng
or Woresiter about bom there has bees so much lalk
of late in connection with the rare with the Aialantai
un Lake Qulnslgamend wants to row Stroke John Ryan
UI the ttradlorii Ilimmtng rows No 1 In the saute
boat There seems to be some little feeling between
them Tu a re ult of ihla there is a chance that a
luaicb rare way result Ryan I I raid lass crlllcUed
I umulugs stroke He hes said II Is alleged that U was
not a good on an < l tbat I nniihed with his liande not
close hor front of Dim Morse than that dt
raid to have remarked thai Uumoiloc was no good
and that ha was a act number To fltHi Cam
blDg baa been rowing I or sonstbisg fite sixteen or
igbln years bat be dose Slot Ihlt that b I 00 the
ra h
abelL as Ryan baa dJJ isnt stsck DJLn I eii
of rowing I blmaU Sad asuid O 1 ii lie 21121s
J 40 II t
J r Tt rf
cteraa anioott rnLlra
fJtteceioernllr Inctnernretl the ItoxtaK Hesx
eea U Brooklyn Wills InUreitlaa flouts
Several hundred interested spectators
crowded the rooms of tho Bridge Athletic Club
on Washington street near Johnson Brook
lyn list night The occasion was the opening
of the sparring season by the famous Bridge
Athletic Club The room was draped effec
tively with bunting and national Hags while
the elegant alllcen embroidered banner won at
the New York Athletic Club tourney on May 8
wal conspicuously displayed A programme
of more than usual Interest was prepared and
given for the delectation of the organization
cuosts and the hearty applause which greeted
the athletes e Tor in proved how much their
work wa thought of
Fred Burns ot the National Athletic Club
officiated an referee and timekeeper while
W Col of ceremonies
George Colgan was master 0 ceremonlof
llefrexhmentA ad libitum were handed
around hlle the bouts were In progress
The club Is to he congratulated on its auspi
cious opening of the season
The opening bout was between the Harriett
brothers Charles and Florrlo of the East Bide
Athlollo Cluh The gave I clever exhibition
the windup being rnrllcnUrly efTucllve
U Inrkln and U W McDonnell of the Urldge
Athletic Club were tho next hair TDoy Inn a
must Interesting exhibition Introducing several
Interetol exhibiton
eral ludicrous pasnor which set the house wild
with delight Hourly upplnus greeted the
pair they opnalurloil
Tote and Aleck MoNnlly Bridge A c were
the next two athletes to appear The exhibi
tion they grue was clever In lbs extreme
Jon Leonaro of c Eagle Aihletlo Club and
Eddie Cleary of the Brliigo Athletic Club then
came one I woo give and take throughout
Hume real work wan going on when 1 red Bums
called time
Loud Hpolau greeted the Introduction of
the next pair W flourllmn the Eastern mate
amateur champion bauinm weight and lil l
Cieorgfl the proinUIng 125pound tighter of the
club rIte two Brldcn nthletes gave I most
interacting contest although Hourlhan was
conceding weight The windup wn exciting
and lound both men at It when the bout ended
Ed King ol the Wnorley Athletic Club bond
James Morton of the unrig A 0 It proed to
ho a really ilorer exhibItion while I lasted
lively work being Indu Cd in throughout
Andy Kelly and 1 McNnllv went on next
antI although the latter had been on once be
fore ho clearly outfought hie closer opponent
The applHiie which greeted tho pair was Ion
taneous ant proloneod
Dick Brady of the Bridge Athlotlo Club
Rwungthe clnbA after which there wns more
boxing by C It Colgate and 1 Casey 01 the
Bridge Athletic Club
lrldl windup was between that sterling ath
lete with the gloves MIke Moullffe tho pride
of the Bridge A C and Ed George his clever
club mate They mad a lively go pummelling
each other in great chaos Mao put In two or
three heavy ones toward tbe close George I I
showed up well however
Athletic by the H
That OC but most enterprising organisation the
fit George Athletlo Club scored another success on L
bor Day The club baa I a most brilliant future before II
and eren now ranks with the most prominent athlello
organlsatloneof the day In point of successful affairs
The member and guests of the organization held a
most successful outing at Hockaway Park on Monday
which wae enjoyed by nearly aui ladles I I and gentlemen
The track was naturally rery heavy and Ih time
mad Ia every event was very good under tbeclrcnro
lances The feature ot the day was the baseball
inaloh for a handsome sterling silver cup between the
hu bone arid Kockavray Claim The game wa very
clove the eor Et Ueorjf A C 4 Kockaway
B HC a I
iThe result of the erenta follow
Onehalfmile Konavon by J Bultbacn with Emll
Bob a good second Tim 2 minutes a 1li J seconda
mehalt mil Hun scratch W on by c tichwanser
after a good race with Illlam Baird who was second
Time A minuses 2Oi seconda
liunnlng High Jump scratch Wan by W 0 Llpsey
oho the good Jump ot 11 feel IW Inches A Partlngtuu
Was icond wIth 4 feet lt > i Inches
Three mile Kun scratch I Won br W o Lapsley with
Hairy tllars a capital second Time s minutes 14H
One furlong Run scratch Won by Louis Rublen with
J 5 ttavelle a cood on Time 2 ib seconds
Pigeon FlyIng
The Empire CUT Flying dab concluded Its young
bird race schedule In a fly from Washington for a hand
some gold medal on SundayTbe birds engaged were from
I thloftsof Messr Qolaman Clarke andSchollof the
Brooklyn section and Mr J W Houselof Ib Newark
K J section Considerable Interest was attached t
the race the Journey of 3UO miles air I line being a splen
did test of the working qualities of the youngstere en
gated The start was at 813 AM by thIef Signal Officer
ocn UrlytbwM4 < brisk l lorth and luelweatber
clear These conditions preralied throughout in 1
tire Journer and the result wa quit Haltering to Ih
lofts engaged The result wIn
OwNer In Coop DUtUUtt Av ffett
First club dlplo
ma and bom
plon medal to T J Clark 122 20423 10671yd
Second olub dl
Blomato TrOoldmsn 12 sav 204AS 10M5yds
Third club dl
plomato JW llouseL 12UO lea 97 10318yds
J A C Crock > Hturt Trnlntnc
The SI l A C athletes went Into training ior the corn
ing chatrplonshlpe tor keens yesterday and the
grounds presented a most animated appearance In the
afternoon when Jim Robinson was superintending
forty one athletes their various specialties Luther
Carey looklog In first class condition was among the
lot and confined himself to several forty yard splos I
Kodujr and noodbridge 1 will train at the ground null
Princeton opens on I Sept 17 when they will go lo th
II 00R bo g
college RoDlneon will I run down twice a week to eee
how they 1 progreislug not in their studies but In
their ruunlnir
Apropos of Nestings apparent deterioration Lon
Myers said last I nUlt 1 eople Walt not gt ail Idea I
y then hud that lrd I has lust his ptd lire
quires bard url lor him to gel In shape but 1 do not
entertaIn any doubt that he will be In I his o4 form at
the champiushlp meeting
The Oceanic Yacht Club of Jersey City will hare a
rae tome lime this month they baTe m fleet of
thirteen boats and a membership or thirty
The Dauntleas Yacht club nt lommunlpaw will holds
rl 10 of receptions at their coey club house during
tall and winter month
The 01 regular meetinr of the PaToma Yacht Club
vlll It pUce on Tuesday evening boot K Nearly a
core ol Application for mcmbermtp are 1 U acted
Dootniir Humane lie Sept 2The schooner yacht
Yampaof the New cork and brawaahaka from
liar Harbor fur Iarblf het d with J it 1 l0o vetQwner
and party aboard arrived here last nljjui 1 from Greens
ianuinjr We
Before the present aion terminates the member of
the favonla lacm Club propose 101 ibeir lady
friend an enjoyable time at the umIo JieaUfjuaner
Atlantic ajshlanila N J Mu n tan Mater Sod frank
arrangement Whitney bate ben appointed a cuwmltU to perfect
Tho fall regatta of the Staten Island Sound squadron
of the lonniblan Navy wilt take place on baturOay at
gOlllI J f U Tinre I will bn a rare for
team aqd napntba launches la the loreaoon The after
noon races wfil include a contest for the climpioDmp I
of the Hlaten island tiourd
Cummodore MchoUon Kane Cbalrman of the
Regatta Committee or the New tort Mcht tlub laid
last night that lbs entries for the race furth autumn
cup 1 ou toOL la I n ere com in if lu Htlifautrily
and that lie hp1 l kuniil 11st yacht owners would cuter
their beat br uept Ii to uiakv a tory interest
sTout one oft the iron steamer liu bean prutlUeu for
the club meiatKTi ana xurBt
At the Fut Way Yaeh Club rccatta failed on Mon
day at cot Oloriches U I the riellevur uwneU and
ailed by o L A vrtnlt of UrooLlyn won nt prUe
lu I ncr olaw dtfeatltitr uch good i u as the hwret
Mart iienu and Nakallua ecli P H blcli ha held the
cbAtnploriihtpuf the Ur1 ho u Hi hap The Hellevue
U I tlicrvur I I > her victory the champion Dr I andl
Is a Mrooklynlle aiidUau I eutliustmtlc yachtainan
She yachiimiu of the hurttport yacht Club of
hortti ° rt U l I enjoyed aome cainul I sport At the re
gltta of the orranUatlon wMeb wa railt In North
port harbor on Monday Capt IMlltou Ilarpt flnecraft
the Jr lv on the rLamplunthlp peanant by I minute
tU cunds Tho Leader cat I fldney hmitn won ibeaec
ond prue uy defeatmc the rrct or tbeiitei by 4 minutes
The tourse was twice I over the ortIlport Yacht Ciub
ccI WI
course but on account of the very light winds I It em
long after dark before some rl Ills boat rliilihed Her
eraliutheryacitts aell aver > the course with the con
Uitanti wnlih were the Leader Jarvla Anne rnnnl
atid lleatherDetl Mr Albert MnUh a lirooklyn yachtsmen l
men prtent the prices which b donated They
lonsliied of Inc lists and peunauu
Capt Alexander Hot who own the cabin alooo For
lyth In A letter to Tun 8u > says that hii boat was not
timed al the Cnlh I of the New Ynrk Yacht baring Also
clatlona race on Xondaynlf the Judges not belnr able
to tie bet tu lbs darkneu He gives 1 her fin lib time M
jihtio ami If that it the rate tIe Ersytli nut only
t J tr
made the faeteil time over the course iti I her ciaaa but
the win th price In her claus OD HID allowance beat
ins the 1aTnniaJ inlnutei M contU Ibe judiea did
vet her time however but In II e rnfntloti al the ilnUb
H wa credited tu tie 2 i It ihouu hare bouu ao
now her record USailing 1
Sailing lat > tf < t Correttt
tenutk TIe fleet
brAt ft In Owner I u P H W a
TarA JOJ Alex hoe s 37 13 5 fiutlu
Alt the member of the Marine and Field Club need to
make their race a big luccti today Uaipaoklnit I
rree e frum Almost any quarter I and the weather Ito
dlcatluiis lat nifht were favorable fur a loutuerly
wind and plenty 1 of It The Mart ii to be mid betweta
two etakcboatu anchored off toe club iruundeat Bath
JUArb and tho ooot c for all classes except 6 and 7
which rpreient hoops and cutter under 4tf feet talllnf
lenith le to ard aruuna buoys 10 Kt4 and fl thence I
arnaau Handy Hook 1 LlRhUhlp andretorue n ilusesel soil
7 round ticouatid LightshIp and all ron intuit keep
lo the eastward of bum U U and 18 ou the Wt I
W nOI b
Bank and at the finIsh they must PM between the
takcboat from the eastward Tb 70foot iloop
hatrioa and Shamrock are to race for a special prize
valued tW > arid the toil Its the 4afoot class fir a
SlIce price Jn the tier ciee a flril prize u offered
if cr boats start And a Mcond price If three or more
Cl tart
llaclBK IB FId
I < nypO pt 2The race for tbe Cliaraploa Breed
era goal Stakes cf lUJOioverelgn added to a tweep
takes nt iu ftuveriUne each for starters only for 10
year old pfnaltlts and illowaures AO sovereIgns to
the nomlllor or the winner and 50 bOSrelii each
10 the owner and nOldor or Ih second shout OU
furlongs was rUI at 11 herOn tolubo mloc 10
lay aol was won Dy the hot of St Aibans hay colt
obf boDfn J
00g Coon by ilalopin oot et hors d Combat l oJ 1
I 8t brown cell piogtime by spring
Odd 0111 01 Susray was eetolld asS r Tbeae
Smiths Chestnut Ciii Siimptlsoa tdl i iii 1
1401 ihs
l tW t 1w =
FuR Tiitu VODBK ta rns OlIBn
Honda railed to Bv A Fast Beear b at
Oot flap NevrlhIeseTh Judges Diet
NotkUec to rrol ei the raklleStivtv
IVIsj the SpSO CIaee ls nollorr Htflt
BPRIKOFIKTD Bept Hampden Park sel
dom draws n crowd for the beginning Its
Grand Circuit meeting and the rule held good
toda though the weather was tempting
enough In Itself and one of the events at least
promised good sport AH U turned out how
over neither of the two clauses resulted In any
thing of special note as the horses that were
backed most heavily were miperlor to their
fields and both won without much trouble
Boudan a brown gelding by Combat landed
the 230 class and got Into the fast list at the
same time though his driver seemed men
anxious to lao a record than to make one
Alit efforts to lose the first boat were unsuc
cessful but ho certainly dropped the second
one nnd thus defrauded those who backed his
horse In tho mutual antI book The judges
should time declared bets off but they wore
derelict In protecting those who had tickets on
Boudan BteIe I won his third consocutlvo vic
tory In the 220 cla s In a many weeks but
bad a comparatively easy race as Miss Alice
his most formidable competitor Fougbkeep
Me nnd Hartford has gone back to Now York
Henrietta was thought dangerous but she
WAS eldenll out of the form she showed two
weeks ago and was never In the rnco 0 K
Drew of New Hampshire wbo did good work
a starter at Hartford last week made his
debut In the stand here and got the heats on
promptly The lon L J Powers President
of the Association who usually starts the
flyers was content to act as timer while
Washburn two local horse
Messrs Fuller and Wabbur horo
men war associated with Mr Drew In the
the 230 class Boudan brought
first pools on th 28001as
135 Lucretla 110 Robert M Taylor Oren
light and Dandy U eacb Just before th first
heat was called Soudan brought 125 and the
Held 2 Lucrotla drew the olaco next tho
tall But could not keep It Oreenllght outfoot
log her to the turn ben Dandy drew UP and
wan lapped with the loader to the hull while
huudun was only cogging In third place
lltfloi getting amund the upper turn Green
light IOottnl 0 tumbling break and Dandy
liaised him Boudan was pulled to the outer
ono and Dodge was not driving at all yet the
guiding closed on Dandy so fut that the two
were about even at the wire From the grand
stand Hide the stallion was first but the judges
saw dICteiently and Houdan got tho heat and n
record ol icliii Iho socond was a more open
violation of the rule against throwing heats
for boudan went way at the pole aud was clear
ahead ot the party as he turned Into the
stretch Suddenly Lucretla and Greenllght
gained on him and both pasted him
above the distance Lucralla getting llrst
Ibole wire In 226H with tie favorite
ten lengths behind The time nlon was
lenllhs Indlcnto this lracd but bets on the
heat stood Then Dodge let go of Houdan
bead and proved beyond a shadow of doubt
that hn could have won the second heat by
trotting round the others and finishing under a
troltoK 2Ht The fouith heat And race were
HB easily his In 225 and he could have trotted
either close to 220
iUl I I clan purse tlMXX
Foudanbg by combat tUwlge 1 Bli
Lucretla undrens 3 184
ireenllght tueers J a 2 S
Dandy WJ 2442
Robert M Taylor Oodsmlth 4 a S 1
Ilobr Tlme2 UM 2H J l H 2 1
Of the eight fast campaigners In the 220
class Btevl and Henrietta sold for 10 each
The Beer brlnlnr lenrlelA 1 Bbedd t and
lhild Ii
I later on Btevles price advanced to even
money against the party He showed tho most
speed In scoring and taking the pole Irons J
II Buodd promptly In the tint furlong wits In
the van from the lower turn Henrietta was
outfootlng the others UD the backstretch till
she went to I break After getting tier level
Andrews was content to join the roar guard
where The Beetand lllcnmoudJr were having
nn easy time Mollie Jwas forclndStevle along
till well tmo Molle stretch where J n bhedd
rushed up to second place as tne black gelding
crime home In 331K It was 5 to ISO on
Btevle now and he bad the second heat as
good as won when Qeers looked back at the
Btrrgglers Without any warning Biovie
lumped on his stride and ran tinder the wire a
length ahead of Mollie Jr I was a
very short break and had It been earlier the
gelding would have got the heat but he was
punished for the mistake and Mole J was
placed first In 220 his did affect the bet
ting and only deferred htevlos victory for he
trotted away from his opponents In the next
two heat < wlthor ° a skip The Beer was un
steady but In the tOlrd heat came home ran
Idly and forced Btevle out In 220 > In the
next lie went to piece and was a distance out
atone time Acolyte was not at homo In the
u I L hu IfAlll r e ufnf1
OUli JUUllllKl 1 > UI > U7 LVnV MAWIJIU We DWUWUit
pY in the deciding beat and thus deprived
Slaie Bhedd of sharing ID tbe pnrse Goldsmith
wale Irlng lllclimond Jr with the same ob
Jot it the gelding lost his stride in the last
quarter while Henrietta was again in the rear
2 2J class porn lou
Ktevle blk g by Kentucky Prince I fOeers1 211
f lnllO abl S 1 6 a
Ibe Seer Brown e 1 2 I
Acolyte W llsonl 5 5 4 J
J R sbedJ Rowen i 7 I r
Pocahontae PrInce icnlrer 4 886
Richmond Jr Goldimllh A 4 7 4
Henrietta Andrews 7 887
Tlme3 JH I 3 I5i 2 JOH 1X
Governor Barton a chestnut stolllon by
Major lienton clime out between beats to Im
prove his record He made the half In 108
hut could only finish in lMli the same record
he now holds
Tomorrow the 226 clans and the Ham dIn
Park Stake of 5000 for the 222 class will be
trotted There are eight names for the stake
trold ar
Including Irinc Helen Edith B Blpple and
Manitrlno Maid c J Uomlln will drive Dele
Hamlln and JustIne to beat 210
Opealac flay ortba Derby Drlrlac Aoet
Ktlo rek
Biuixcniv Kept 5The fall meeting et lh Derby
Driving Association opened with a fair attendance perfect
Sect weather and track and some wcellent trotting
Ihe summaries as follows
310 ciao ours LiMl divided
Charles nwans b g 0 II U 1 1 1
W 11 Sparks b g llart 2 8 2
P C fowiere I m Husle 1 1 2 I
im24ut > 241 218
2 SO clue purse f divided
H Pope b m tlaggle T I 1431
C B swanscb m Nellie C 8 2112
11 B rocker 0 m Ktelka 2 4 8 s 1
William reelys hit g Korker 4 8244
V C fowler b r Judge 1nrule die
Time22itL I 32S 3 ii i IJ1
dl SIt aOlw rId half mile beate parse f 101
I U Clerks g g Ilelran 1 I
Wannt illltert b s fanton J 2
C fc Swans r a Iardee a 1
TlmI 535 I
Charles B Swan owner and driver of Nelll I n I used
his I whip In the I lace ot Maggie I 4 and was fined by the
Judges I lit Alex llarblton nf Hartford 1 starlog
judge Sal < 1 the monkey bo lnrss at Nurwalk end Syater
bury which I ended in theexpotilm of Frank UoQregor
and his owner cannot te played her
TrolllDp ett ron
LIIIKCTOK Bept 2Thls was the opening day ot the
Paris trotting rar The weather was line and the
racee were decided over a first class track The year
ling race waa especially Interesting the contist being
close and sharp
luliowlng are the summarlMi
2SJpasi purse K o
fchiwhn b g by Twilight 1 I I
Mlnniec 8 3 3
bprague Wllkes 4 U 2
g g
Allison U 3 6
larl Lon 5 4 4
IIlL 498
Tlme2 iSOVt l vti UU
Yearling Blake half mile heats
Dorfmark b c by Allendorf dam by Ble
marcL s I t
HattIe Brock r 8 a
ilaullla 222
lona Kids 4 4
Diamond Mark ell 4
Lrebus u S
Tlral 31 I JU I aoou
3 CD Class Purse svxm LMtliilshedl
Nettle IL b in by Jim Irvin 311
ce > ceut 1 2 2
Moss Kofe a a 3
UeryteoU 4 dill
Tlme2 2255 Ji JU
the Marion Rile dub Hlioot
The Marlon Rine Club of Jersey City bld Its annnil
prize shoot on Its rang at Marion on Labor Day Among
the many visiting rICe shooters were members of the
Newark hheotlug Society the Howard Rine Club the
Our Owns 01 Newark and Ihe Zeltler Rlllt Club ot Nw
York The programme put np was fair and owing to
Ibe good management of the competition was a success
socially and financially The winners of prize on the
different targets follow
Target f honor opeo to member only 200 yards off
lsndA mown Ant meJal J Itebban L r hansen
WID Weber II lloertch and J Aulenrelth took the
n1 five prise
Isle target 200 yards off hand four handsome
pieces of sllverwar won by U Joiner J Coppersmith
J 1 Kbhu and J ripelchir
Autyard competition Creed moor target three
strlnis of fire shots each man poisible 24 polnis U f I
llsuten JSJTJI total UT V lloerscb til Jl I liii to
Sal ul J Anienrelin 21 2 < J ID mImi out and A
Braun In Ih 17 1 total 63 The two premium for the
highest and second highest martial of point seas
won tin J Auteiirellliaiid U I Itansen
hhori range arlugureet 75 feet n shots possible I
2l1hI I
j f L2 tJ I rOIlr
2ii polntsJ I Luiipersmllli I 2JJ L Joiner Hi l 1
hansen 111 J Hnelleu JJJ II WIMlnan alO 1 i8N lioff
rllI t 11
illi J Itjhisn SIt Vogel I Jin I I Uanihle2IH
Ring target Ti yards ff inch ilngs piiltl 71
paint 03 J ehols 1J1I a llskels lo count Ij Copper
1IIIIhN i 70J i 74t total 212 L Joiner ill Si 1111 total
Juj M Vogsl ID lSIb total Ifs I U Bpelcher 65
di W total ISO J flebhan 63 OS SHj total IDA Oi
Piackes 04 eel total 154 JAgtnreilb Tl 05 651
rot 144 041 r Hesseli el tu eli I total r The
IrlulD fo mOlL p01515 wr wea D7 Ii Ilall I
PPllaalUl 14 I r Lassie
k l > l J
EaI mim 100Ta ClsnmHom wan Tint
Ve With the HII > rel Risrrler Team
N D Morgan the 100yard champion of Eng
land will visit this country with the 8allord
Harriers team and J H Uardwlctc the Secre
tary of tho Harriers writes to President Oarr
of the Ifanbnttan Athletic Club that every
thing Is progressing smoothly lie will lend a
photograph of the complete team In a week or
so W M Christie of the Manhattans who
has been competing In England will accom
pany the English team oust In notifying Mr
Carr of Morgans acquisition Secretary llard
wick says
Our team now Includes besides myself
five amnteura who ale all presentday onam
solon iirI a Sv Parry National Cross Coun
try champion Northern Counties threeqnar
teimlle steeplechase champion and two
nille utootlftcbaso champion of Lncland
W H Morton Northern Counties Cross Coun
try and worlds record holder from
fourteen to twenty mllon if D Morgan 100
yard obnmplnn of England and luoyard l
Northern Counties ohllm lon T UKtohslas
nuarlermlle champion 01 England 220yard
Northern Counties champion and quarter
mile Northern CountIes champion and U U
Morris lWMyartl Northern Counties cham
pion You will thus see that our team Is a
representative one at all distances from 100
yaida to twenty miles
The Bt Louis Hunday same has been
dropped and the great combination of cham
pions for the M A C 1 cracks will accom
pany the partywill give athletic meeting at
Detroit Chicago Buffalo lItton Phila
delphia and this oily It Is thought that the
meetings will accomplish n great deal of good
In tbe war nf popularizing amateur athletic
sport throughout the country
William Bryc th young Pcoleh swimmer who
ftolbd lee I thin seven yards behind Alei Meffertln
the mil ran for the championship list week bad
another race with Mart on Monday at Braun baths
He beat the champion after a close race Ueffert
friends arranged a match with Bryce afterward for a
1100 gild meld The nice will be decided Ih races
of the New York Bwlmmlng 1 Cluhon Sepi in at lienson
burstby tbeHea Herman Plain will try and beat Burt
Johnson record on this date
An lutereste spectator at the Rhelalust Swimming
Club carnival on Labor Pay wes Kerry J Keel 1 the
portly Vice Iresliieut of the London Hwlmmlng Club of
Manchester England lie arrived In America a few
weeks ago
Instructor W II Johnson of the Rhelnluit 8 c hal
offered a gold medal loT a Iiyar0 r ire between Lln
eeed Bull Johnson and Hrsnn Linseed and Bull have
decided to rae and Instructor Johnson Is I waiting to
hear from bun Johnson and Herman llraun Tbe rac
li scheduled for raturday
A pretty little swimmer te Miss Joule Braun the
flaxen balrtil staler of Herman lbs got second prIce
In the Ladles mean Race on xatuntay on tony she
exam exhibition Ii l j yards at tue Brain carnIval
which won admIration and applause from tie srcta
Ladle Day ml Trnver I1msl 1
It was Ladles Day at Trarere Island ysterdy
and over KO or tbe fair sex look advantage of the cca
alon to ramble about lbs New Vorke brett country
home They were ntertalnetl I br ttie i labs atbietss
The louyaril 1 handicap run for the Trarers Island
Cun was won by It II I I ither In Ill Sb secnudr with L
It Sharp and H VV Ellsworth a deal beat lor second
place The trophy will be presented to the membe
having scored the most points for tbie event at tbe end
of tbe season As usual estciilar handicap were
wIthheld from publication
Xaaey will Zee firmer Honk
LIIIKOTOX Sept 2Ben It Kenner the twenty sli
ycarnilil trainer who developed and drove anoy
lianks to her fouryearold record of 215ta I not likely
to handle that great lIlly any more lie was hired a few
days ago by u C tromwil of this coulity and Mr
romweil refosea to allow Itenosy to drive hancy
ilanki wteis her own hart lIosweii afhies to pay
him a certain sum Ilosweii refocys to itO this hence
the rest lIlly will be irained by oilier hands It Is not
yet decIded who wilt train her
Odd Bud End of Hoorl
A new barter ha > been granted the Audubon Athlet
ic Association or New Orleans It embrace every
branch ol sport with the exception of horse racing
James McConagby on the authority two reputtble
Cauadlau gentlemen threw a lacrosse ball 44i fet
without wind lu his layer at Pembroke Out onAug 13
The Lorlllsrd DebatIng and Athletlo Association an
ticipate that thud fail names will be the rlucst ever
held ID Jersey i uy They will tak place at Caledonian
Park ou Saturday Sept 13
Al the Ohio Plate tennis tournament on Ang 3 J 8
Beckwlth of Cleveland beat Dr M W coldhsm of To
ledo In a spirited contest for the championship ot the
fctate Score tiS 75 0i
Clem Pining called at TnnRin office Saturday to say
that he was willing to make a match with Dan Coruit
for f 30J a side be having understood that Corblt had
expressed a dsslre for a lIght
The Colon Harrier uf Urooklrn had a threemile race
down the Houlerard from the Manhattan cottage
lois r Island road on Friday K Doyle was Drst J
Bolaud eecond and J Hart third Time M minutes
In the presence of a small gathering leasre Post
and Heidi r ci Die Jersey lily Lawn Tennis Cmu solved
the UidlrUcal champlonsbli ot Hudson county yester
day morning on that organisation s pretty courts
Good play was continuous Poet won by 02 SI
The Talma < lob ot Jersey City wr the first to open
up bowling for the season of iso It Their unique
bowling allele made resplendent through the mechanIc
Its handicraft were thrown open to tOe members on
batarday eeulng Tbe attendance was fair but the
scores attained wer very medlocr
ALsixr Sept 2A rertlllcate of Incorporation for
the Horseshoe Harbor Club has been Bled with Ihe Sec
retsrr of State Tue object uf the club e Incorporation
is to adraute and support the art of yacht sailing and
cumtrucllun and to provide a auitable club home and
anchorage tar the use of Its members The trustees for
the first year are t basIs A bluffer John 11 Hull
George ci Murray William llalgh ueorp tt Plum
The club headquarters are at Larchtnou Westcbester
Now OBLIAV Aug 29The directors of the Columbia
AthletIc Club hare decided to give a peru of Rxuuo
UMuto the winner and txo to the loser lor glove
contest to a flnlih between Jack WcAultle the light
weight champion of America cud holder oe the lulce
OtUftu championship belt and the winner of Ihe Jimmy
Carroll anil Andy boweD right Tb Columbia Atnietlo
Club will also otter a purse of 93UUII astus conditions
fur a nnlsh battle iAlce Qattuc rules between Jack
Dempsey and Beo Hixslmmons
Lon MosT wa an offIcial at the openlnggames of the
M A Ce Ulghth avenue around last dnesdar an t
It brought memories to the old timers to see him stalk
Ing about lu the enclosure It was at these earn
ground over ten years ago that he commenced the
athletIc career which later electrirtei the send and
though latter day athletee equalling and ecllpslue his
greatest performances the old guard stand firmly to
arvber and ducUre ther never was nor ever will ba a
runner the equel of Lou In his palmy days
Whlttemore the fit Louis swimmer swam a good
race for threequartere of a mile at the championship
and It Is almost odds on that he finishes better then
third next year should lie compete He Is barely Itf
j ear old about sic feet tall and weljrbs IM pounds In
condition Ue has a good style of progression but
wims under a disadvantage being extremely near
sighted lie bas frsqnenUy tried 15 swim a earlnr eyi
glasses batas he submerge at each stroke She wares
Interfere with the plan lie says bad he known ther
were near lbs finish he would have spurted slid per
haps eecured second place
noddy trio Manhattan crack Is I perhaps the most
ungainly runner ef the haitern athletes When be spurts
his galloping efforts become abeolnlely painful lu the
spectators and toll awkward prosreislon Is mail more
apparent when he runs wllli a malt like Remington
whose style If nut exactly what the expert deslr in a
runner Is at least perfection of grace lo the ere
However the object ot competition Is to get there
and as Koddr manages this quite frequently his mode
of getting over the ground Is of llttl consequsuie
Jim RobInson bad the Manhattan grounds looking
spick and spau at the opening last Wednesday the
track especially being In nne condition thouuli the
t00yard straightaway will be Ibetler for a little more
packing Ihe sprinter couiplalnlug CC sltpoln She
fence urroundlng the grounds Is In tiulle a bsd state
and the youth of the neighborhood bud hundreds of
peepholes lo chose from to witness the show Hsslles
which they camo over the touts at an alarming rate
considerably swelling the attendance An Improve
ment l > promised fur the ipeu fall garni
U look as though the Wayne Athletic Club of Jersey
City llelrhts has taken on a lien leal of life since the
recently elected ufllcers rains Into power Sin haturday
afternoon next In cnnlunllou with a picnic they will
hold an all around atulelto competition to decide the
slob championship Just a aoteu alk else have en
tered but they are In flue trim and an Intereitlng
vent Is looked for The programme consuls ut a lot
luti 4 < u and Wvarl ribs 2J > tard hurdle putting IB
pound shot ibrowlng pound hammer standing and
runntnr brosd lumpi OIL lard walk running high
jump and one mile lun Jvlut will count for nrst
second and third In each event A trio of nsdals such
as sri rarely seen hereabouts will go to the winners
LOHDOII Sept 2Jack Burke called at the tyorrlni
LIfe omc tday and staled he would ngbt Jack hemp
icy at Ii stone 2 pounds for XI OKI and an 1MIU puree
offered by the Ormonoe ttu1 and latter club guarantee
faIr play but will nske a match on no other terms
Johnny Reagan of New York has challenged Tot Wall
to tight for a purse In the Ormonde Club If Wall does
not accept Besgan will Isav for America Americans
desirous of witnessing the baltic between Joe Uo
AnllRe the Mission Boy and frank P Blarln of Austra
lie for II on the fnUci uaiau championship belt and
championship of the world must rsach hers by itapt
IK tbe latest salting on ths contest Is I to 4 on the
Hraiccsc Kept Yesterday arrangement were
made at she Thoniae OUrien Annex at this cur for a
mutinied broadsword contest belweeuCapt It llilam
Johnston the champion of the houtit and treat
hone the ohatnpiun borrebaok wrssller The ondl
lions are for the men lo battle wttb regulation broad
aworiH onhoraebsek the combatnot gaining the trot
twenty one points 10 be declared the whmtr The stake
Is M purse of RKIU offered hvvlrn H Baruum of Maple
Hey beach Onondaya like and the touct CalcIte
charntilonsblp trophy and cliamplcniblp of America
The combat Is to b decided on Wednesday Sept In
Illlam If Harding of hew York was ssieri I referee
Mm K I flernum is iv engage tb belt bred uorstt that
can be found
Tbe member of lbs Cathedral Literary and Athletto
Socleljat the kind Inrltatlin of Father Dougherty
spent Labor Day at Mt Lcr < lto B I They were at
cumpnled by their Ulrector the Her IV J H bay the
Her Tbos Murphy ot the cathedral and Mr J T Ken
Ion Much Illicrelt aSIC enthusiasm was shown during
the gain at bas ball the iwluiialng contest and the
specIal athletic games The bonurs In the latter game
were won as follows i Ksyinood Hawes first and Wm
McCoy second In tIle luyard dashi Ueorg Qllleiple
flret and Kay Ilawe second la bop step and Jump
A Blcard first and U Keenso second In Jjmll ruu
Wm Uouevao first sod Ray llawss second in run
fling high lump llnber Uollaban Dtstsadi ktsnsa
second In mile roe
Veversl Western amslsur records ware broken at the
game of the Wanderer Atbletlo Club at Chicago on
Alit VL The one mile walk was won by W O linger
who broke lbs Western amateur record of 7 minutes
aol 11 seconds that he made on JolT 4 bringing It dowu
toUmlnttes and 4U seconds The twelve > ound bam
mer record of UH feet wsa also lowered by bores Hid
die who beat tlie esterui smsleur retard 4 feet 10
Inches One of th great events of She icy was the at
tempt of Michael Kelineny a louug Illtlimati who has
smsshed some oil country records to break the Amer
loan record for fifteen miles made last leer by hidney
Thomas who covered the distance In I hour ft mInutes
and llliseodide Kennv triiiaoe a plucky etrorliti eiiusl
ihumaVs frat The tract was slow and Hie greater
portion sf the distance a as run In ihe dark Al ten
miles lie was UaAmg the record Urn the i atcbts show
Ing thai he haul < covered the distance In 67 minutes end
S ssconds It looked like a victory for the Irish lad but
he could not keep the pace The last lap showed that
ha wa tbse utlnou ant a trid bhlal tjme 115 oor
ft Ike Utlac la I best W lauiut ul n uisda
astus u A uoinEnurrAtri
Bpndtsg Tlaens e1 < o Procnr Riusr
Decisa Hhe ConidsS Nnme the fishy
Th most malicious and unscrupulous
motherinlaw on record has Just boon brought
before the German public In a fonnntlonal
annul In Freiburg With no other motive
than an uncontrollable desire to Imvo her own
tray she ruined the homo of her soninlaw
Dr Hosk sent his wife In grief to the glare
stole his child repeatedly conspired with com
non criminals for six rears to kill him and
Inally offered a reward ot 50000 to that mem
ber of her army of sntai and thug who should
murder him
The name ot this romiukablo woman Is Hulk
Icy Dr hloek fitst mist her in l3cheveningen in
1876 lie was n handsome and prosperous young
Dutch physician of considerable promise and
altogether a most desirable match for the
widow Bulkier marriageable daughter Bho
lot him and trouble began at once because as
Dr Hoeks lawyers recently expressed It the
widow Bulkley endeavored to exorcise an un
thus Influence over the affairs ot the Hooks
The unpleasantness swelled to riotous prouot
tiona when a little Hook was born Widow
Uulkley insisted on naming It after tho de
parted Grandpapa Bulkier and Dr hook
wished to name It after Orandpnpa Hook Ur
lloek carried his point but It was a
fatal victory It Instilled wormwood and
gall Into the Mliloir liulkloye soul and
spirit After U she devoted nil her
energies to the complete overthrow ol the
Iloek hoUMhold
In 18B1 Mrs Hook died harassed beyond all
desire of living longer Tb Widow llulkloy
disappeared Immediately but returned ono
year later and stale from her eonlnIaws front
doorstep the child whose namu bad caused the
declaration of war between her nnd Dr Iloek
After a years search hr Hook with tim aid of
Kngllsh Dutch and Gorman rolled found his
child In Chalbury Lnglaud Ho took tho small
boy home A month lator Widow nulkley had
him arrested on n charge ot liming poisoned
his wife The body ol All8 hook was exhumed
and examined A long tiresome and ex
pensive trial followed Dr Hook was dis
charged as not u mlta ut evidence
oould bo found against him Then the
Udow Bnlkley engacod an army of
spies and blacLlegn to clog Dr Hooks foot
steps sandbag him as soon as possible and
steal his son Dr Iloek Uncovered the plot
and hired a guard of private detectives to
watch him and hU Ron Numerous attempts
wort made to break open bin house at night by
the Widow IJulUoyB iuttbroatt On bopt ill
1885 three exconvicts battered in his door
and entered with their hands lull of rope re
vohers and dark lantern Dr Hook and his
night watchman worn half prepared for the
attack and toll upon tha thugs with clubs and
Pistols The nolso of tho battle defected tho
purpose of Widow liulkloye hirelings and
they eventually dod leaving llouk uncon
scious ou the floor and his watchman ablo
only to summon the polloo Ur Hook
cot a rifle a shotgun a watchdog and
two new guards utter this experience
Tbe Widow llulLley too strengthened her
forces regardless of expense for she was rich
and determined A tow months later thoy
again stormed Dr hooks house but with such
reckless bolduesn that two of their party rero
caught by the police before the door could be
battered down i he two prisoners wore tried
convicted and locked up The Widow llulklay
was rent to Jail for eighteen months anti her
first lieutenant Jacob Kloppom cot one Year
solitary confinement
Through an agent however the Widow
Bulkley bribed a doctor of rnputatlon to cer
tify that she was dyl c of prison cunflnoment
and to Bllr public nod official seutlmtmt In her
favor Uy these moan she secured her re
lease after eleven months In jail and than
ebo begun again liar murderous perse
cution ot Dr HOOK Silo found him
In Lugano and at once surrounded
him with her creatures anti oven Imported a
Physician who made his acquaintance It U
charged with the purpose nf poisoning him
for her Ur Hoeks ditoctl > es discovered the
now plot and hurried him oT to Freiburg
There was lo rhort pause then boforo tho uuow
liulLleyn supremo effort to cot even with Ur
llf ek bacaURO be didnt name his son after
Urandpaia Uulkley
A few months ago thin last act of tim molo
drama began with the appearance of two vil
lainous looking fellows at the olllro of Widow
Jlulilieyue lawyer In Karleruhe They told tbo
lawyer they had boon hired by lr Iloek to
murder him To prove the truth of their story
they showed two desputcbes of suspicious Im
port Hoth despatches wore slgted Hook and
were dated fro m Freiburg Then came n bun and
cry against Hoek and a general Investigation
which had the unexpected result ol revealing
Idow Ilnlkloy ns the Bander ot the dospatclies
and the originator ol uu ilitborita plot to get
her soninlaw In prison for lllo for attempting
murder Warrants were tot out fur her and
her two thugs The thuga WCTO caught but
she had fled before the ofllcers could get with
in gunshot her residence At their trial the
two men said that they find received already
7600 as an udvanoo reward for murdering
Dr Hook and that WIdow liulKloy hud
promised them 142500 more a4 soon as they
should have accompllshoil tho deed lloth
were Bent to prison W Wow Uulkley is still ut
large with the army or i Ics ami cutthroats
she liaR organised to con ° ummatu tho death of
Dr hook As her ilunnvlal meant are practi
cally unlimited and tho Ulllcg of her fonln
law eeeins to have become u monomania with
Her Dr Iloek kerps his little defensive army
mobilized In anticipation ot her next move
against him
They rmt No McKlnley Hill bat TaintS
that will Protect Again Forclsn Labor
CONCOBD Sept 2The Democratic Htato
Convention was called to order at 1115 AM
by Chairman C F Stone Thus organization
agreed upon la last nights caucus was ap
proved and permanent President J I Bart
lettof Manchester was escorted to the chair
His address denounced the Force bill and the
McKinley bill und favored reciprocity of trade
with not only the sister republics of South
America but also with our northern neigh
The platform reported br the Committee on
Resolutions which was unanimously adopted
reaffirms the partys allegiance to the national
platform of 1888 and condemns the attitude of
tile Republican party toward public questions
as due to a revival of the moat odious doc
trines of Federalism The ilcKlnloy bill Is de
nounced as nothing less than a deed of con
veyance by the Republican party of the enor
mous power of ederal taxation to a combina
tion ot manufacturers and trusts la considera
tion of money advanced by them with which
the election of Benjuuila Harrison was pur
Coming to local affairs the platform says
We arralnn tha Keuubtlcnn patty of this
State for its extravagant expenditures Under
Us management expenditures huve yearly
grown heavier until the annual titxer amount
to nearly SIt for every man woman anti child
Jlennwlillo taxable rroieitr lu agricultural
grounds has been decreasing yearly Vie ar
rulgn it for its conduct m deiillui with the
question nf Intemperance anti tho liquor lows
It ha never mad an honest effort to Impar
tially enforce time prohibition law but has used
It us a political bludgron to cotnrol itshess
merits from liquor dealers with which to pur
chase floaters In blocks of live
Tbe demand Is made for a tariff which
yielding alrevenue ailomiato to suitor the
Government economically administered will
Sully compensate for nil dinerentes bniiruuu
the cost nt munufacturlnu In tills und foreign
countrian Including ttia cost of labor
Tbeirnmuluder of tho platform Ocils mainly
with Mate arlalrs demanding laws for ihu
regulation ot the liquor trIfle the adoption of
the Australian ballot Hyitoni mid Htntuteit fur
the better protection of funtory operatives
It was then voted to ballot for a cauillilitn
for Governor The first ballot BUltml l Wliolu
number M4 necessary ton cholow 273 Dor
ranee ii Ourrlorol Hanover leuelvod 1 votes
Thomas Cogswell of Jiliiianlon 18S Clinrlos
II Ainsden of IVnacook HHI Mr Amudone
Domination wa then made iiniinlnunii hIlt In
a brief nUlroHn ha ncceiited Slit nomltiailon
Hamuell 13 Pate cf ltatwrhilht offered llila roan
lutlon Unsolved That > uluvor u judKlous
license law
A motion to refer It to the rnmmlltoo on
solutlons was Iorrleil A motion a > i to ills
iil5ce of lioldlng this next Convention was ta
Elac and Convention adjourned
raocu Arden with Vurlulloun
OTTAWA Bout 1Aftor n separation of fifteen
years Mrs Lovens of Vaucouv erllritlbh Colum
bia is joined by her buhbuud who returns to
Hud her tliu wife uf a man named Henry whom
she says now sun married to securo uomoono
whocould look after her property Ievuns loft
fifteen year ago und until last week Pins been
mourned as dead Mr Henry vas walking on
one of the principal stroota of Vaiuoinor last
week when a strange gentleman approached
her and asked If Silo could direct latin to tlit
house of H Mr 1 1 homiif who liapponed to ta it
sisterlnlavv of Sirs Henry filth xlKtcrof hInt
first biiilmnd Ievens One nxocinnil her
lonelust huHbniiI nnd tile other tin wllo of hid
> onth unti I Ito n oilier ol hi I ililldicii I I 1 xplu
natlonH follonod which Mrs Henry retarded
us nirloctly knllflactor
SInce the iii > i > iiiiincaof Mr Invnnn litiihnnd
No 1 on the Meno Mr Henry luiHtiand So i
tIns at tlmeH Iseli boisterous and leeorted to
all sorts ol threats Hollcltom were at once
consulted HS to the legal aspect ot tbn situa
tion and th woman ezpvta to cling to her
GIst husband
e10 I
Contain no Iodine Iotu h Din YttH l >
Mcrrnrr or other mineral
In Kimrnnlred pntclr vretetetkt
rnitn oil blond aScetic ou > ktsi4t >
ellen produced bjr Ixipnro bleed
IIAItLRM Jan 38 1511 F
This certHcs that mr child IK months old was aQIct
fd ettIi a very bad skin illfeasi ot tb Taos eyes and
Inside of the nasa The tar was covered with natter
atlnrsorei and his eyes were swollen shnlon asocial
nt the mires on the ereId and hlsnoie wag diechrg
inc mallet anti was full inside of the sores 1 gar Mm
110 Calico niood fur for four weeks and today mr
baby to entirely well
MrsJ guNNy Ml East laeth st HT
The Caetii niooU Care hoe p ltlnlr
cured miiarronn emcee of Hcrofaln aid ftalS
I tli rum In nn months Hoe where all ether
blood partner rmrei fnll d
rrononnced bylesdtng phrslelsmof KswTerXU
greateit blond cure knnwn Bend for descriptive 050
outlining endorseraetils of Itererend Catholle Fathers
irnniinent pliyflclani and many cured IB New Ter h
cold by DrUffffinti
C Wall st 55W rerk
UEIl TlinSRS TOO ROD FOil 71x1f114 r
An Atietniass Fematei Poet of JTalit
Squelched br the Law
A high priestess of tlio school of passionate
poetry In Austria Imsjust been tried In Vienna
court and found wanting Her name Is Pram
Bldonlo XorkowlUGranxvnld and for several
years she has teen publishing verses com
pored wllli which lllln Wheolnr Wllcoxs ante i r
nuptial lines are but Mother Goose raelodUsot
passion Frau Zerkovvltzaranwuld in a pref
ace to bar last production entitled Tha
Orotchon of Today acknowledged that ah
purposed to show In the case of Qretchen A
perfect picture of the swelling of unchained
passion to the point of notion without any is
card for the adverse judgment of critics that
might object to her frankness She does this
she Rarswllh the high moral purpose ol reveal
Ing the misery that may overtake the persoa
who causes the downfall another To prove
the great truth Involved in this sueeoitlon
she thinks all moans are justlllable I
At the trial of Urotchon of Today lion
von Boon attorney for the Btato argued that
there wait a limit to all things even to literary
naturalism In teaching great moral lessons
Dr Edmund Bcntdtkt attorney for the pus
plon poetess nnd her school replied length I
that In tho revealing of eroaUtruths the license
ot the writer should be unlimited Ills little
clan for the passion school has become quite
eololiralod already lu Uormany and Austria oa
nu oultome of the whole argument ot the
tchool of passlouato poetry among German
epenk1ng people He said
exceedingly painful for this wife and
mother lo nee condemned as Immoral a work tI4
that she wrote with the sole purpose of giving
us a view ol the soul of an unfortunate who I
loved without reserve and wan betrayed with
out pity Unaelded stiffnecked conventional
consideration ci this matter avails nothing
and means nothing The idea ot an offence
aualnst morality Is relative and changes with
time and placo education and conceptions of
art Lleonoro of UouaLO allowed Titian to
record with his brusli her unadorned beauty
Later Cnnova perpetuated In marble the un
soIled form of Lime JJaeclocliI sister of NapoI I
loon 1 That was done not long centuries ago
and not wIth any detriment to ptibllo morals
And now here It B book a very little book ol
rooms Tho quastloti concerns the line the i
xiirisslon of deeti and rout emotions of the I
human broast IB thoio a limit to this expres
sion Must vvo say to the lyric So lar and no
farther Ot course there may be lyrical
poolry ihIlit teats the man us oul and soul
only But fuch u lyric teaches nothing and
niHiins nothing for Its subject Is an unwhole
some and unnatural man aud consequently
the lyric U unwholesome and unnatural as
well ns false and Inartistic Why do we love
the great poot I Because they give us the un
dlstorted unadorned man look at the works
In which that treat of love and passion It
only the spiritual be allowed In literature con s
locate the claslci and our master ot the last
century buppress Oo theB Diary Wlo
Innd Araadln1 It would Iseom that the cir
cumstance that an author Is dead was sup
posed to deprive his naturalistic work of nil
tho supposititious ovirinfluencelattributed to a
similar work of the living
f TIle Court ordered the confiscation of Tho
Gretchon of Today and no copy ot this pas
slonute poetry may now be bad in the Aus
trlan Umpire
n > tb < r TTieaccemiliil Kffortm to Brk ESoea 4 ult
ol the IlrlnUlac liable jL e
Robert Kelly and William B Moss both ol 4
I rti
Stockton Cal registered at Paige Hotel j t
Spring stroll near Wet street last Saturday 1I
Kelly was a little man with cray hair and gray
eyes Moss was a wellbuilt man of about 80
wearing a dark suit and light hat He weighed 9
170 pounds Both men were drunk and hilari t
ous Kelly confided to the batttnderthat lloso
was In his charce and had no money I
Dont give him anything to drink It he 1 I
orders It said ho Hell order it sure but ho I
hasnt any money BO dont servo him
Pretty POOH Moss ordered some whiskey bat
It was refused on the plea that he bad ne
money Moss said nothing lie stayed around
for awhllo and then disappeared Meantime
Kelly was drinking freely and treating others
lip did not see Moss go
In Tuesdays papers Kelly advertised for iW
information about Moss and offered a reward
for his lecotory Inquiry at the hotel yester itv
day revealed the fact that Kelly was Mosss p 1
guardian Kelly could not be found but be a5L tf
bud talked largely to the people In the hotel
and elsewhere tile stories varied but they f11 i
agreed In suylnc that young Moss was the son
of the lute Capt HOBS who once owned I
the San Fritiiolsoo Etamintr Young
Mus bad taken to drink and had
drunk to much that his mind was Im
paired His lamlly had sent him on a
voura tour of the world under chare ot ffl
holly They were to spend the year upon the
witter Mopping on shore only ut 1anaina Nw j4t
York Liverpool und a port In Australia They I
bad cono by steamer from Kan Francisco to
Ianamu and nrrlved on Katurditv from there fi 1
by the City of Tarn It was honed that life on j
the Sutton would cure the young man ot bio t
fnndn BB foi liquor but Kelly tiuld that both of
thorn had boon ilruuk ou tIle trip and hod I
Inmlnd drunk Kelly gave different pervona 1
conllletlui nicountH of young Mosss wealth
but all accounts nuido him wcnllhy Kellyhaa
hud u uenoral alarm sent nut by the police and
Jilts visited urlous hospitals Ho has not
found Mo8 and It In tliought that the young
man has curio to New Jersey
Cation Kluti S4teeatriasd Illernwiel J
The announcoment was made ou the Cotton f Fl
Kxclmnco yesterday that Steonstrniid known
as the Cotton Klnu of Liverpool had failed la
attempting to engineer n corner In cotton Al
though he bad no liabilities ut the New York
Cotton Exchange thorn was a sharp decline la
prices In sympathy with the Liverpool market
Bticnstrnnil Is remembered from his connec I
tion with the lutiiouB cotton coiner of two
years itco
11 I C ficliaelTor of the New Orleans Cotton
Hxchnnce arId of New York failed yesterday
Ills liublllilus here me let than U5UUO < it
I mm HIM bop 2Tin hrokrrs of Mr
Stnenfitritnil the noted cotton denier whose
falluru IH nnnounred cloKoil all hIke traneao
tions joiiurdin lilt afofdatu1 with alprU
vale nrraiuomont which privldeil for his pay
tIC lo ilium I til ittiits on t lie dollar Jlioiiott
lug if Jlr btccuptnuid sins thin cause of the I
heavy full jeslurdu iinriluu In this cotton
inarkot tint prices tocoverol aftur It became ii
knotviithat iiii triiiiBiictiuiiB hud bOut closed
Biiikirtilenllni with linn have lioun uartlcu
tang careful to ha < o inerytlilnc dodged BO the
crash did very little hnrm lu the cotton mar I
Lot A lust 7011111 anil lunxt arlenced firms are
thu only Hullunr A > iin Silt Mr Klornstrand
pOHi KtiMl i iKHiji hull ul this umiiunt wan
nblnli i > d from She nnvv Knit I nlon for his in
ter it In the I htiDliIni i4itltu i Orts It Is reported
that lie hillY tIllS notlilng bin tIle lurnlture of
lila hillel i Ill Ittiliiio isattrlititid to the fall
In prlciia ami tlin cullitpho ot tli cotton corner
IIU io8eu iitirlni July and August are ontl
iua od ai Il0i0h1
Let or Hud Xlanrr Is lIoness City
KA1JIAS CITT Sept 2A large number ot
counterfeit lilIU are In circulation In this city
The cnuntorloltu uto of the tJ illvor ortlflcatet
and of this ill ifnuo of tile derman Notional
until of Vow Orleans rio tJ coiiliterfiilt U uf
tIles ftrln ol lvtO 1 MI I ID nf chock 101 tot II
Hitnid vvlili thf iiiiino Of U N llobecran
liffuii u tl a Tiinjry l utul JHIIHJ 1 Vs > sit
Tuasuif I nf tin 1nitoU I rti lex J lie ontmtei
lull I in m l a io d i lie and In raMlr drtectrHl I
lie l cnuiitiir r > t 01 the lornuin Satlotml Hank I
Is n good coiir nf the original It Isol the series
of I8HJ It Is tlio belief of bank nicer that
there ii 1 a cane in lit city dliuotluK ul UUi

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