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14c1Ii Offli et Tnl 011
oa WMI lru4
i n rein leatl at eiJeUke 1 aJlreuoJ t flUHK
V WlilTg UU tuaBt U Ji > Wo
II the Farmers AllUnce Done ForT
Gen JOHN 11 > OOBDOH the Governor of
Georgia Is I one 01 the shrewdest politicians
in the South understanding aa well as any
one tho wajn and Impulses ot hla constltu
ants gifted with the abtlttr to tolerate or even
canes any sentiment whose ephemeral char >
acter need noteToke from a farseeJn tateo
man a needles conflict which mlfht leave
serious troubles behind It nnd to hold tile
own principles In check until thor assertion
Would b desirable an avowed candi
date tor United States Senator and be has
Just denounced the HubTreasury scheme
ubstivnllaUy the entire platform and the
only rational explanation ot the existence ot
oD rUona oplaton o o
the Farmer Alauc
The Farmers Alliance had already cap
turn aeorslas politico so fares that could
be achlevxM by nominating an Alliance can
didate for Governor In the Democratic State
Convention The Alliance T rolled higher
and less curled over Georgia than over any
i other State In which It had gathered headway
the SubTreasury plan la not
way Though tl tubTuf l a 1
t unanimously received within the order yet
It U I the only proposition which Can In
any way Identify Ute Farmers Alliance
It U the focus of
from this or that othor party I 1 rous
I the farmer excitement Whether accepted
I not without It the orcftnlratlon would 1
cone a clamortnu crowd with no perceptible
purpose than t shout Ita dissatisfaction
with thtuir In II r and without dis
crimination Such L the measura which
I Gcu QOUXKIX after lone and careful reflection
tion antI observation of his own surround
I ing ha declanxt himself opposed tl
The only sensible deduction from this fact
f I I that the Formers Alliance I a political
agitation has already reached that stage ot
itUsolution hen nil Is over but the shout
In When lu tluslo representative Idea
cvui I > boldly condemned lu tli stole where
it has been 8tron Tst t rnout ascreaslve and
mcwt successful the bottom of the move
ment must have dropped ont
b Howoxor surprised the Alliance may b at
Gt l GORDON the statesman In whom It
had placed Ita l fullest trust and sympathy
that feeling tL I not so overpowering but that
t It will n ht The SwAt Mwntt farttr
the Georgia al denounces the Gov
ernor furiously and a farmer can
c didate twins to bo supplied In the
t non c the Hon Tuouas 1 Noiiwoon
once a Senator himself The machinery
seems to be still sufficient for testing the
real value ot Alliance sentiment through a
Senatorial canvass and the disposition to
try I on I > not lacking But on tn
principles It I afe to auime that Governor
GOKI > OSS judgment o the situation must
t be accurate and tat the Alliance movement
S no longer dangerous
As the first Democrat to perceive this de
velopment and to declare his opinion so
that It U bound to exert a powerful Influ
ence throughout politics Gen GOKDOX is
t entitled to almost the same credit as t ho
If hImself had caused the change The Alliance
ance 1 the South bad promises ln It o the
xry highest danger to the B6iii Eiioo
racy I U 1 Is now exploded the states I
I < man who set It o h conferred a benedt
upon the Democracy such a trac 3 the
record o few o his contemporarUs
Ino Federal Writ o Habeas Corpus
We recently noticed a l Important de
f clilcvn ct the House o Lords hi the case o
the Rev JUlY REJ JJ Cox relating to the
I w oJBc and scope o the writ o habeas corpus
at cvimmon law and declaring that under
t the U w a England a It cow exists no ap
i petlateixurtpOMwweatb power to review
i w cr rovers the decision I single Judge or a
i I court of original Jurisdiction I discharg
I ing a pewvvu from custody In habeas cvvpus
l prvvfiMtrjir The EnglIsh law I In thb re
t p < l 11N from that of New York fir
her an order In habeas COTDU prvveedlngs I
discharging a prlsoaer who has been com
mIted to jail upon a criminal accusation
maT N reviewed by the General Term ot
f th Bttrwrao Curt and also by the Court
o Appeal
I the pamphlet l number cf the Cnlted
States Reports bearing date rt IS ISM
f whkhha 1Ut cuue t hind T And a < J
r ciaioa ot the Supreme Court of the United
which L I ot frloilUar far
States hl o mll InpcTtaKce so fA
il as the writ at habeas cwrpui In the N n
Cur h C r1
r The cae arcee t the Plstrlt Cwart C the
TJiUteJ States tor the District ot Nebraska
r It was a txw trover relating to the custody
ot a cilM caard EVHTX uJ nu
The father alter the death > the child
tuaiher tad rUaed the girl with the
tnottrerW jvirests He uta su ntly car
vied again and aM i the imsJrarrnts to
i tIelTe the chd to hhs Nt thb they refused
f fused to l1 uhtup ho lUtut taWae
cccpa prooeedlcg t reijxla tite custoty C
h iltuebter beZo > Judgv Eurut S DVMIT
r ct the CaltiKl Statss Plrtrict CVutt Judg
I I l cst > T held that the cMM wi lmrjop < ily
t f C fIr d by rr crxcdpareeu and awarded
c hr to tti f aid custody ot her tithe I
I l l t caly < j 1 rttva wth CJLIU l > ecr tie
I trcerae Ctir at Vasia < tctt la retreoc
to this < siJon was bother the District
bud cf U ttted Stttcts for Xh oc
r the Pi rwt Judge had any Jurk
I tatrn to inquIre by nieaus ot the writ ot
habeas ito the lr l < idityot the vletri
tk > a ot th cisild by lie i gratdparfst
Tit cpiatoa l t tM court U ilelirewd by
lrh I MIUCX He ileolims that the
l Ie
qNn cj the authvritr C the cvxuts ot
I i the United aM to tssu the wnt vvf habeas
eorpc as a tu < xr t oi rKMil c pees heiJ
t unlawi cuedy ts always teen COaled
with xaor cr k > doubt and uncertainty
Tfe CVvastrtatica pjv wes that tte prtvi
I III cf the wrt ct hb4L cvicpss sial oct
i t suspended unaa wben 1 < of rJ
t i IVo ur tunuiNsa the N f f
< ute It Icitr tte 1 n t
the cocrts c < Ut f Cnittvi Spates are fiyfnsiiy
mpewered to lwc writs 0 habou corpas
f Ttded tt w c u cor shah
IB W co4 extesd to prUocers la 1 unicea
rber thay are 1 C under or by CCT
i c th altt of lie thtie4 Srare or a
cceueiisted tec trul tor cco e cocrt ot the
MLS X of an t ii ary to to brocctt Into
ccurt to teuy The later eaaaatcta ct
r N 1 rwvc to tie w ot
F itai coyui < re cvcjii < rxvi by the
b l o la the sse ot XVpcty
I Zttshat XUM viw k o J
r of Oii cecU and bt that
I C the Ch teached aas that alt the
f cun and JiM ct the Caited Sia eo day
Utiie tiA wnt of tibeoi ccevoi Is aay COM
t wtei a party 1 reja ir < vl ci ti s tivcty
it fw 1 act I e by oc usitc tSe asthccsty
L ct the laws ct li Cciwd t vc wUc
1 ts tmbOaZtI U 1 T ai C ti C
t aUW ti Cued S uu cc wtxcv u U
s ei I N Is l lw of u
Itgt tat U t et 1t the
Supreme Court says that I I not the law
now nor has it ever been the law that every
person held lu illegal Imprisonment has a
right to invoke the aid of the Fee court
for his release by writ ot habeas corpus
This great writ to far as the Federal courts
are concerned 1 to b granted only when
alPUo for upon some ground which war
rants the Intervention the Federal author
ity a distinguished from Stat authority
In the case we have mentioned which Is
reported under the tltU of the matter ot
Bonnes that being the name of the childs
grandparents the jurisdiction J o the Fed
eral courts was not Invoked upon the
ground that the parties wore citizens of
different States and the question whether
diverse citizenship would confer jurisdic
tion In such a ease has not been decided by
the Supreme Court but that tribunal expressly
pressly declares that the relations of parent
and child are not governed by the laws of
the United SUtes but are matters belong
ing to the laws ot the several States and
that the writ ot habeas corpus cannot b
used by Federal Judges o Federal courts
In appropriate to their jurisdiction
except I cases appplt t to Jut
AU the Judges concurred In this decision
except Mr Justice Unswxn the newest
member ot tho court It Is good Democratic
doctrine for It refutes to permit any en
croachment by the Federal courts upon the
habeas corpuu jurisdiction otSUto tribunals
The Jlboose Appears
The general public and the noble science I
of progressive philology are alike Indebted
to the lion JOHN L Bcruui ot harrisburg
Pennsylvania for a new word which the lan
cuago needs
JIbe iv A prafitu DeTtt vhs to tatur
aed paw thu hU puly U 111 wm utlnitjta ud l >
14001 with s set t Dt1erMkt prlllI wUs sea
uler be pal IsO rrcU Ct Meawciir
It lion K aaai L yArroox II I a jlbo
This spirited definition Is all that la needed
to win for the new noun Immediate recogni
tion by those who appreciate the value ot
terms which expreaa tho finer shade ot
It will bo observed that while a Jlbooso
Is generally It not always a Mugwump a
Mugwump Is not necessarily a Jlboose The
latter word Is a step further In the differ
entiatlcm ot political nomenclature It
means a certain sort ot Mugwump whose
existence is generally recognized but who
has been described heretofore only Imper
fectly or by the aid of clumsy perlphrose
Ve are by no means satisfied with the Il
lustration which Mr Btrrun ot harrisburg
glvea ot the UM ot his new word ne Is not
pleased with the lion KonsBT E Eantsox
aa a Dvmocratia candidate for Governor
and he has bolted nomination Bo de
clares that PATTBOX Is a Jlboose he is not
a Democrat he has never by voice or purse
helped the Democratic party except when
there was an office at stake for himself
As the situation Is In Pennsylvania we
think that Mr BCTLEK would do much bet
ter to stand by his party and Its candidate
and apply his valuable noun to dearer cased
ot Jlbooslty than exGovernor PATTJSOXS
lie Is probably in error In describing PATH
sox as a Jlboose
But the question ot Interest Is not whether
Mr rATTi x Is a Jlboos ur not nor
whether Mr BTTLXB by his bolt and his
etymological thunderbolt has done serious
Injustice to the Democratic candidate for
Governor of Pennsylvania The Jlbooso un
deniably exists In that State and elsewhere I
I and the new word Is welcome
Who are the incendiaries
Let us see whether the statistics ot incen
diary tires tend to Justify the courso of Bos
ton underwriters in refusing insurance to
Jews on the ground that It stimulates them
to burn up the assured property
In 17 Mr FIUXKUX VESsm the editor
ot the OuvtHcie an insurance periodical
wad a paper before an underwriters asso
ciation in which he pointed out that ca
re asslcntxl for only 21053 of the 41216
Srfd which had ovvurred in this coun
try during the thre years immediately
previous and the cause in Slij was attrib
uted to IncvdlarUm That is about one
eighth of the wnole nunNtr ct free and
more than onequarter ot those of discover
aW orlsln were crimInal The causes ot
the majority not being acvxninted for the
pereentagee dc not seem to be wry valua
I ble but Mr WzBsrts thinks that probably
about S6 per cent of the fired annually oc
I curring are wilfully caused As the amount
of property burned up yearly is estimated
at Stllllll < the low due to downright
criminality U rnormcus
How much ot this property is burned to
g t the Insurance The statistics ot the In
cesdUry fired would seem to show that
I really It I Is t small Ou of the loss I of w
I eso from incendiary tires In lSs < S the U ur
I lost over ad above tie Insurance nearly as
I much as the companta lost by their policies
cr W SC8 to JSSS Teat certainly
i does not look as U the property was de
stroyed to vtl the insuraace It is not a sort
ot bcsiws Into waVix shrewd Jewa espe
cially are liX ly to go Lc xg about as
muca as yva CIt is cot the road to wealth
Tae statuuot ot these la adury free I
show Cat they are now likeiy to occur la I
th agrlcolturAl ilUSnctiv where the Jews
an cot than la the towns where they t6
laxYcdUnsai IrPruiiu thegrexJewhating
country u trosi three to foe tImes mire
trruent la tie farming districts taaa ta
the towns and iI s raily to use Mr VTu I
srsai wvMi tr < rfiC wita tu le aoc
ttrated that the pro vtioa ct Icotcdtarlsa
la dltreat States and selons U deter
mIned other thnts ben equal by tae
relative xteat ct th ir agrirultural areas
It U treats la tht Souttem States taaa
eiwhe as this table of the ratio ot 10
ceditrsm iwn iou yeezs ItU
rIr t N
aa a a eaa how L
neI4 0 UUKUA X oTotL JS
AitaJM r 4 Uia XT CAb < r
nA u ittjt It Cr5 a
U X IS 1IJ23
u 54 XAea IT n ILuL 23
rvoa N Xue Sisti CaeJt
rol s t f XI
oo m Jtrt c teue v Q
iX23ea u eeiA U M
ta45a s4 > eate U T1cAo 53
to Id loi a5LiI Vei Zra4 It
leiej fl3s iS 5im U
24 lsv Jonou
The ire la tie faraia iitiriccj are ea
cUIty ccr rocs dcrtag harvest Cs when
bsrss asl rraaariea are crowded aol the
b = ra o miss hkely tl destroy the
fruit ct thee aINo TJl wv ot ta
= i Mr VTsssrsa teU xa reitj its
thest altte 1 the tao ant cut
Here cntty run hardly t at the tec
tec ci tae crisis foe usca r the Kiss ta tb
asnred iI create ean h p n
re ct aa laoss Ury cr na are sou te
nuct la cocatry re 4 la aUv ta naka ta
STTT sta Ai sod iz ia = gtur bocMo eel
aa many tatiraa coernaiM ref = M to take
te U ct rai and they are arrays
ied nie with eaator the free
I to is to crrtnt ted la many os Is
L te prccut3 tvned ty Leisrtes
was insured to a less extent than the prop
erty destroyed in general
What then are the prevailing motives to
the infamous crime T Mr WBBsrsa enu
merates them thus
Private SftmtUs busissil rtItIeD alPtbr
aitea hoe PIiU5I ud strde tietiasi 11IAfh1
JseIiaaT psUgIse 1lotII St rIi4sg tr psrpoab
Si U > n tr 10 hIs U tx IrtrtfclM tn pups M ftiouf
dir tt tt hlj ntrdtr IHxr ir ot > lM wi tt OB
They are duo to the depravity ot men to
their devilIshness and not to vice peculiar
to the Jews or even common among them
Tho crime is the more frequent because It Is
committed with comparative Impunity
During tho three years ending with 18S6
there were fti9 criminal fires and yet the
number of firebugs confined In penal
Institutions 1837 was only six hundred or
seven hundred Whether Jews or Gentiles
the incendiaries vent their malice and go
unpunished Meanwhile and consequently
the cost ot Insurance is mad greater to
honest people
Therefore Instead ot discriminating
against Jewish risks we advise the un
derwriters to redouble their efforts to de
tect the actual Incendiaries and bring them
to deserved punishment The public who
pay more for Insurance because ot this
moral hazard as the underwriters call
It will also be wiser it they stir up legis
lators anti prosecuting officers instead ot
starting an antiSemitic agitation
Foolish Prejudice Against Flag
An unfortunate incident occurred in the
Labor Day parade at Allegheny City near
Pittsburgh The Bakers Union were carry
ing a German flag The appearance of this
standard excited some persons who are de
scribed as a party of American mechanics
This party broke into the line ot prooes
slon and notwithstanding vigorous resist
ance on the part ot the bakers seized the
German flag trailed it under loot and tore
It to pieces The policemen on the scene
appear to have done their best to prevent
the assault but tn vain
This was a proceeding which reflects only
discredit upon the persons concerned In the
attack on the flag We should be very sorry
to believe that such men represent the true
American spirit The flag of Germany or of
any other foreign nation or ot Ireland car
ried In a procession under such circum
stances betokens no hostility to American
institutions or the Government under which
the bearers of the standard are now living
but It merely signifies their love for the land
which gave them or their fathers birth and
Is not only a harmless but a pleasing ex
pression of a natural and praiseworthy
human emotion There is no occasion to
regard the carrying ot a foreign flag In such
a parade with distrust or disfavor Amer
icans ought to bighearted enough to look
upon such displays without feeling that
they detract in the slightest degree from the
greatness ot their own country or the su
premacy on their own territory ot the Amer
ican flax over all other flags
A noteworthy contrast with the Illiberal
and outrageous treatment ot the German
flag In western Pennsylvania may be found
in an Incident which occurred nearer home
only the other day At the celebrauou ot
the iiOth anniversary of the foundation ot
the town of Southold Long Island on Wed
nesday last there was a procession In which
the looal omeN the speakers of the day a
Grand Army pout and various fire com
panies appeared The town authorities in the
published programme relative to this proces
sion asslgcea a place In It to U foreignboru
citizens with flags and bannen and the
programme concluded In theee words
Ov twlrBfeor o mM 3vrmnm art ta
TttoJUBircfc IcntwJr wiU Uo tt otUo titirr
or fetgair TaUi f 1eas t earn u
Cx ot oil Irouol
Enta ttaJly sal crlity ta1it tta
I pt soe W11JiI nna u r rts
pIa eeiAZ t13
This Is patriotism good sense as dis
tinguished from prejudice and folly on the
flag U1 ton I
That somewhat distant K < t 03 CVy J < ntr
HA launch a hlcalr sciuxttSo dart at one cf
the mcat popular ot yew lochs surroondlax
race tracks
Otr rrrMc JI iii a Htar U etIIr Ly b ti
tfco Xouomtk nt UMt kannno ritt tt raft
r1zc no fctno ru U Uo reset crJ r rnix
U lio ruts tutovl Uo WfL Oil UMrrttU U <
roc v ea nil wlut eater x4 Ita 1 ait la eir I
e olvjra k u Uo Ion u Uo bul Tn aaj ti I
oofta bir ix ftif 1Ia voryUac Uol a < f TVO la Uo
s Ira U tiMV aAl It aaa a si1 aovontxt to tio
tin It to i BUM ij t ru I I
u < uSe tt omata hto kag Uo rxit n
jv cur i lYe Uo fa ta Uo eartaa WWlL
A3 < aai > tuliut > tot s wo k74v tlos toUow Uo I
ucxo Uw vita u > KxCo < it 7Oo of Uo bey yo i
U fxlii Uo roitn i > loz TJI = ur take Uo i
p145 olOe aauule rs T eiea I sus ee
vaoro a o He sesta 127 NLMo a ils
ado rI II o sreai I
rut > U > I < T Uo rut em nrt A y Uhwr
oaouraOfov ax 4 upcns tw xa UI4A Uo rat r uo
Uu oanoo W Uo Un PTOO Uo Xon aa Uo Kiaai i
saranl ttaJM tt tt amaut ta iaraoar vtu tao
t < tt > To aal aoaatlr itimnat of aio t krau ires
25 BiacxUi crtxxj ai U TO rat lisa a Uo roovo
Btto4 ui aaiXT tittt U = u aauoclio a Uo f i
Kul 153M aa1 eatNI tJa 4 tr = I
tIa Ie u 3iasr atel II cg
Her is txith Ito trait of iavt tizatlo3 and
Ue feLt fcr It Are btrls ItftrlaicaoJ as w U
aa BOA i We shall not u1tWe to confute or
I con5rrn car rccUapcrarrt tttoctcU In
taral tat there U cs e thIng to wtwi wo
I a01l1 wUh to call 4U attfaiKe la rtotard to I
I the ricst and 1e t crovth or ttso It carer I
I ha cii a aU such of Its fr A3as thIs htuaaa
tt whr It U I that the vise north e4 th
or crow ens var aroasd a r and those
I t ruth ct the jcatcf the Otter wa r II I I I
Pr IJ < at Caurscri DOs will hive tu n I I
i k tj Uo 3tZitC 4 ZtaO4 v lor vx ca lo 14
= Wu
avaro irvfi 1 1 1 aZxuu o > nMUl tr au NT
ftt + ut wrx l C aa wi < j UHvv A9UX i i
Nv > oirlxaatlin wtU b toUr4 of itr Dx
rtw waaurtr Tt madci wtll ntr
wcrk ncr sash 1I 1 I
Our esteemed CXltCoxu W Ctlau I
Thrad rits as > I lUcatrat a cle lsd e
Krlrtioc ct roarlEJt train 2r ta 1U1
Tbre rear Fair sits nre yen wCl ii J a
ra 5 and Uv rl 1 M ei ctnasUd ixei
tii fee A Fair ol tctcr a atra ax
It b sad to notice taat the Hen Jrsr
lUxra has tablet ta raMrre tie exbsn
nifiisjLLca Inc COSXTMS la e Itihtsnth
rrzait < ltairt Tt tua who tvack cot
VTauav Hdiiuos hIS hfrWf la itrc k
NL Jtt JSAus tales ti Atr at Hit a
lcach u1 wi t ksowa KO scr 1a U
crif of toticL Ue U a cubs aii
1 fsrs aW the Baatwsta Its Cncsaa
4ismst hat La srcak 5
W carr with aotre approval tae die
0Mnt from tie CtU r aVrft ct ttsX
Iae La ct the emi aaLitat fai4a cf
veot itarcc StixxcroTti JTirvrtal ic a ca
t Jrtt n rtal dsizoox U w eaaaat ka
tae atastsAlott ta its crictaal asi saazza
tro kt nose rtsiaj U U a3 noaju
TcoftcHarcrXaxxna caw iMtVan ta U
5Lae rcr = ctr eoeectei br kisT
D423 a chkrt o4 eo aaa aa
sitci bi the cTD first
atatassver Maa was ti kce
tcoai > i CUT Ins 1ai ku tsaris u e
r r1 cl Ds = eta usclal l
M1 ant forces ant t oo 1i 1
which Ds aevcr tStfial i
ThAi ts a stsTlsrJ ct sxsnrtk i trytag
tn tnu 1 a1tr yccii Jtt Uaxxzu ftna
trih nx k rtsesss ta tleflr
A a > tsJt t ct the very 4c3 ress max ks
U tie J1 wcii triUKj KC La u
i 1
hI champion ot the ben 0ent and progr
alTO forces and tendencies of Dmoeraey
ioung Mayer MAHNIKO ha given to he
vnrabl sliest quit a different sort of fams
nl has mad it celebrated the world over k s
bl dullest newspaper printed anywber
The disclosure of Mr POWDWIIVIS pleas
ant scheme ot tying up the railroads ot the
country In 1893 reveals the great meddler In a
charaoUrlitle attitude
The Ilepubllcana succeeded In carrying
Vermont yesterday Arguing after the Raoul
hem fashion In the cue ot Southern elections
It Is Impossible not to COnelud that there must
have been gross fraud and Intlmldatloa tn the
Oren Mountain that
rile Xxoontlvo f settes Will lrhakty
Mitk K 8oU Uat Toro
The Executive Committee ot the Grant
Monument Aatoclatlon crobablr select the
plan for the monument tomorrow mornlne
Th commute had a meeting In Its room In
the Equitable building yesterday afttrnoon
Oen C n T Collls presldod There wore pros
Int x > Uayor Qracell L HotehKlss A U Ban
K r Charles Woodman E M Knox oxOor
Cornell and Secretary Greener Cornelius
OlUllly and Sldner Dillon the other mmbers
ot the committed were out of town Flan had
bn submitted by Architects Carnro it DUI
huts Chart W Clinton X Lobrun A Bens
JIL Duncan and John Ord Most of the com
mitt attended with the expectation that
the plans would be examined then and
here and a oleotlon made This was Im
practicable because the room was not large
noush boxed as they were they took up
nearly one Quarter of the OmM It was finally
decided to appoint a committee to select a
ultabl an iiilory or room where th plans
could be exhibited and to bar e them In posi l
tion by Tbnretiay morning then to call the
entire eommttte together to view them and
mat a HleUoD
The queetlon of raising money to our out
he plans after thr wore adopted was Alt
cussed JL B Do Kreooo who bore a letter
from OCT Bill took part In the discussion
After the metlns he said be wasKolocto
devise a scheme to rail tee rest of the J5OO
000 which It U proposed to spend la bulldloc
the monument Tbe roaolblllCT ot the removal
ot Gsa Grants body frOm Uvrsld to Acting
ton was not dUeusseJ A member ot the com
tnltte Mid after the m Uae that h didnt
tblnk such a thing WM worth considering
Gen ColIU laid that tt the committee was not
tatUfloJ with any otthe deslens that had been
uhmtttml they would put aside all ot them
and would fall back on acme of the dtstcns
that bad bean submitted the treilous com
petition oma of tba he said were very
good but he hadnt seen anything yt that he
tnoujtht was anlt satisfactory UenColits
aId hat GOT Hm la the loiter Mr DFreo
brought assured the committee that he would
Kladly do all be could to aid the committee
AU the dMlrna tnst baTe been submitted
thl competition ais drawn on the baste of an
expenditure of tMM000 The Exeeutit Com
mute has not the power to make a final selec
tion but will recommend what it think the
best to be association
wAxr a osjjcotrvr ry EIT IORX
7e XHaiprmtle Atderea fleTie Be
pokllcaat AKcraoca Doal
On the motion of Alderman Talt the Alder
men yesterday adopted this resolution
lIrras There is reason to believe that the I
numeration ot the Inhabitants of the city of
New York made li taking the eleventh census
U ft defective that a very large number of the
residents of this city han bean omitted from
said enumeration and as consequence of such
omission crifj Injustice Is done to the city In
many respect and especially Is substantial
injury and wrong likely to occur through the
deprivation ot just Congressional representa
tion by an arportioameat based on such dofec
Un cessna and
irWrroA The statistics of the Health IV
partmeat those ct the Department of Taxes
and Assessments the registration of voters
and the returns of vote east at elections all
indicate that the raid enumeration of the
eleventh census Is deficient to the extent ot not I
loss I that = lOG persons and snort official
dmocstxatioas are contInued by the statistic
ot city travel an > lbythdaUy b rvatloaoIaU
New Yorkers aid I
U7rrvjx In other cities including the city
of Albany la this SUIt application has t
mac for a recount en the ground of inaccu I
racy In th census and such application has
been greeted by the Department of the Inte I
rior of the Vnlted btate Government having
charm ot the census therefore be It I
Hn rn1 Tbat application hereby made to I
the President ot Ute United Mate the peer
tary of the Interior and th Superintendent of
the Catted Mat Census to order recount of I
the population of the city of New Yark In cr i
der that be IIIaccurKl or the enumeration
which has teen had CaT to cvrrectni I
Aldermen Gregory and Morris actively op I
NHd the adoption of this rescl cn but tt
Democrats voted oUMly for lu I
TAX BArE 19 i
JL 811 Iera Or Lest TearAgvoe
Iarn I a Cb
The Board cf Aldermen met uIIe1r after
noon and xd the lax rate at 197 as acaist
lJi last rear Tee Increase is cot the result
of uaujcrUr lartr aprroixiaUoai or tho lot
procriailcci amount to odr JACVO core ths
rear taaa they did last r ar Tt iceoco tree
the 111 rasd hottoer which was J iX >
CCO last Tn will be during the conin f JU
t Sill aad Uo direreaca oust be
raided hr taxagoa
Aeroxflftg to tt report or tin Finance Cera I
dlit oa the roso = = aiaioa of wcuch the
tax n11 nuo yoa was aioriJ the aj4uJ
vacaUoa ot taxabJ prowrtr la Now ort is
stesno and do acouzt 10 be ri ed for I
apcropriatloai UX31iiXMyl T oral tax
ra for eoncnticaa aad oint stock coiar aies I
The Board Mt Oct to as the date for tie I
kearuic la the co of tt hju asd West
BrvMjwty ritTtr Coarasy which wh s to
lay tracks ca tae crpor wse st o ol the cfr
A resolutIon o Aidr = aa Lynch that tao wtl
tul cc lc to ray cit tar aj vrrtJ br a r L I
Hrtr as j eab = aa be ma4 o a = ii5 e = aaor i
pctuhttiff br a Via Ceo was rferri u the
Law Cclte I Ta apcikatlca of tae Bo = I
yard tranei of the Ioteei tet botH
ear Us and of tie TatmJocKi SaN t t rc S
ct lI Foari areas II that thr toe et I
cctovt from tic rofUicas of the otce
jolntr tiat horse an t > ran ttwsn
idea aoj c t ls was aLso rsre5 t the Law 1
S rr D4t Extn Frrr
Tee law ruati by the last Lcfialamr rn >
ittng far a lien lira of deeds and = crt
twa went leva e5t at the KdK oCce
t1u Ueatu U wJl tt eaax n be
atse the nsa fHo for ruconiirx < l Ha aj
I cfruacc ci ta old lasts I
ieai Kftko r apiLi lath
n e aM tt tao Faaot yaaofx M an
t ailerctmtsla4o > U
5SlSe IIJ U oaf v25 aoo1 sa Si I
i to Ca OaJ tq 14 or asa rt ut I
> oa vtt tore e Lw u n ai xesx r
> x a aaa 73rI tnul eat B > 7far > voola
ex Zitts fa A west e auicua w1 1 >
Ie w MT3Lss ea by r CoA1 w l c
5 542I 3L it tr irIeAT If ii zit I
rezam eC 021 ieLs i tz a qa s
e4e fta5 4 u rl3U Uaotn attr
Oa 3s1 Si5Jk aLZ 5a25
ia I NC 5ezs 1a4 ft J o lLrtL Lcr
a t3 iaLr tse25r
snl s iiZ L5e s eat
raat L Not ua dltr f us AU U
u1f uu U s Ja1OC LZ ut 1
a42ta al 34 wLe oa ras r ss ci
15 Sesa a ia Ia ns cnLca a
ao fl rmoean viZ k U 5t L e uaa
iJec J Si I
s eOt1M aes
AS PLn55 i = t b 7 Car 11
plA v5C k = tL pnu L be4 s
is tWl 1MW Uorr W6I sse4423se c a
a1 Q iS UA aL
wCU riosi JIa1
d 55 I
kr Gaorrn v Jt1 et oS 11 4
7 a uw Vte1 m c ua frise
aXa d oaJki aU tMA Q Van b US
a = i
Tl tio Srt xa fed
o1 WAir
5s p a lose ass e s1 ks
1ei wkj LtW aM abc taM
Jer17 Toe
t 4 I
m s25 4555PL JLds e
= ea 01 taeg aZZae See uc I
w I Sat s55q eaS
t I4 saaa le a VIS ra
Us U I
TUB Kiar cuiBr or OlWlfAC
TVIr n lll ie rr taVaeaey e bo createS
ky sea fleet Ztotlroaaoait
Wunucarox Sept 2Tbe approaching
withdrawal of Dr1IrO Stephen V Benot
from the active lIt of the army on account of
ace ha already been foreshadowed by the
opening the oanuII tor the uocsslon to
his place at the head ot the Ordnance Depart
ment This prompt beginning the contest
can hardly be called premature In view of the
creat Important which now attach to this
offle Terhapalt Is not too much to ear that
It never was more Important In time of peace
Within the next year steps will undoubtedly
be taken for rearming all the reular force
with maeazln BUDS and the manufacture of
these weapons will be carried on under the
supervision of the Ordnance Department The
adoption ot a smokeless powder for our r
Ice and sundry other Improvement In mili
tary appliances now under consideration also
give consequence to the coming work of the
Ordnance Corps In the task of preparing
plans for the new runs and mortars for cot
defence and of fabricating Ible suns and
mortars and their carriages the Ordnance De
partment also has a very extensive field before
it Very likely alto It will be called upon to
establish one or more run factories like that
at VTatervllet
Thl present Chief ot Ordnance hasb en at
he had ot the department fur more than six
teen years and an officer ot ordnance for more
than forty Appointed to the Military Acad
emy from Florida his native State on cradua
lion he was made a brevet Second LJeutonant
ot Ordnance and baa continued In this branch
of the military service from that time to the
present although iota year acdabalf just pr
odin the outbreak of the civil war he taught
history geography and ethics at West Point
During he Urst three yean of the war how
I ever he was an instructor of ordnance and
gunnery at that Institution He received the
I brevets ot Major and LieutenantColonel for
services In the Ordnance Department during
the war An experienced student of his branch
ot the military art his conservative dispo
sition has occasionally nettled private manu
facturers ot arms who havo considered him
too much devoted to the products ot the
hprinctleld armory and other Government
I military factories It Is admitted however
I that a neat deal ot conscientious work baa
been laid out tn maintaining and improving
these Institutions
A prominent candidate forth vacancy which
will be createdby lion Donas retirement U
Col James M Whlttemore and another IS Col
Ade bert II Unfflngton The former Is a native
of Ma achuj tt3 and the latter ot Virginia
CoL hlttemore on craduaUnc from West
Point In 160 joined the artillery but was
transferred to the ordnance the foilowlne
spring when Col BuClnicton was alto ap
pointed to that department from the Military
Academy Both have served In It ever sines
oach receiving brevet of Major at the close
of the civil war Hut It cannot be td that
seniority candidates are nholly confident of
promotion on the score of superior rank Sec
retary rroctor baa taken strong ground and
with entire reason against the bill In Con
cress requiring promotion by seniority to the
heads stan department It I evident la
fact tbat the Men decree of responsibility de
volving on these ofSeers Is ground enough for
retatclnc the present rule 01 promotion by re
lection 1 in order that the country may bar the
benefit of the service of the best officer In S
department at Its head although with other
things NUlL renlonty should turn the scale
since the present Administration tecan Presi
dent Harmon appointment of general
oBcer Lave moro frequently teen those of
lbs senior but rapes ted IT juniors have ten
seected Instances or the former sort are
those of MajorGen Miles Brtgtien Grier
son AdjtGen Kolton Commls > aritien Du
Barry and SargonGen Baxter helene t of
the selection of lunlora hare been DrUGn
McCook PaymasterGee William smith and
Wuartnna terGen BatebeMer It is quite
within the possibilities there or that for the
I new Chief of Ordnance the President may go to
grades below that of Colonel since tveral ot
flcers la the cmie < are men of marked abil
ity I During the few month o interval before
the appointment the unaJiflcationa ot all the
candidates will no doubt be fully st forth
flsurx ZXe Counsel Xovr for the Ja Doo4
ta Dlo ky Xlcklalaa
Lawyer Fcger M Sherman who endeavored
to prevent the killing of Eemmler by eloc t
tricity has taken up the case of Schick Jcclco
the Japanese sailor who was convicted la the
Court of Ojer and Termlner of killing a ship
mate in a sailers boarding house la Water
street and sentenced to die by eectrieity
Jngigos counsel Lawyers Joha R Hetntre
nan and Jacob Berliager apaea1 the
cocvistios ad the appeal was argued recent
I ly bJire the Court o Arreas decision P < iag
rewrvei There is Ukey to to a aratclvss
I hiadv as the result of LawrerSbercaat ap
r In I he cs for Lawyer Uelati < lmaa
empbatleally croesel against lu I and nun
taln vjthat he was stli Juctcos 1 couaMl and
propc 4 to ccotlnce to v
Lawyer Sherman a iM Reeiea Smyth
yesterday In the General eIcs for an onir
autaortuajc and dl < tce harden Brush of
Mag Slag w rerclt h m Mr Stenaaa to con
fer with Judge and to ham T Kioto Japanese
VtcvCocul this city act aj iat rsret r a
tie coaferese la bU aSJavlt tn support of
his cotica for the graaucx ot inch an crcer I
Lawyer Sherman san be ucounsei for Jcgiro
aad that Jug to does cot caderstAsd Ecchsa
i Kcor Jn > rth icraat N tae crvler asked for I
I by Mr btermaa I
i When Lawyer Heinelmaa heard of Lawyer 1
Sherman S step be wm cu or wrath ster I
nan is no Jcggo coucsL he Jii Mr
Eeriiagr ant 1 were arrxMsted Jcgcc eoca
set I by tie Court and w defended tin to tte
tt c or ability We arp ad and I re
cently Argaes 10 appoit before the locrtif
AMii There his tesn no scbstirs oa of
stersaa as connIL and we are Jngigo cou
el 1 aJ rrorc e to ccctlaue to act usiier he
ppotat = = t ot tie Crt I will apply to Kt
eorder Snrth to relid the order tomorrow
end 1 tae a J doss eat it wU tt reictsi
i Tk Clotek Umt m VB UO T I I
II Whoa 4 oclock ra = a yesterday afternoon I I
I Jcdga Martiae iaii la Fart li of the Geaerai
SHses I
I We uiil cow aicsra gat cea of the
I JUT the rejruJar hear for svioaraciect haviar I
arrtveJ thoucb von wrxiM rot IIpeu sot I
yea tOilsi 701 tte eocrt deck I
The Jcdi ic ked = p Uricy a tie clock
hacgiar csder the r ajter < wit or ar = s of be I
Mil It ta4 obrtiaatey calf ail day that ii
I was s cct of T oeiwk It stopped two
I month ago cc the dar after lit ccct aJ
i joarc 1 or li cc = er anti the raani
I clc < t wilder and mrsixtcr 01 t1 city tad net
ttocgtt It w < cth wu > e to start 1 a alL I
The loner > aai sr < aOll med u they
cc = rri their wacie wi to anoent
i ti < k acd Jud Ma ire Lei
Tho clock 1 rr ccs teen ca a 1C
tcilike threec ss i
A Crr < tto > X > aBlel Vokoto
I xs ml brr o n Tie koq I Vo Woro ta nr I
rateaasx tC tfm ctrvi ia DaIS Os
I I carcr r 0 K ii5 u jrju1 u TOe
I oc a4a3J r trae Oni u s ti es
I s 1 IIMrl JaSU1 1 O
I wis ea d eascs 6
> u eou I
5stmt s Ire su to
Zcszte seaa cU tM 6 s IN
c o alU eI 5a In
I > ec1UstLzstvs4LU tee
Tlo arrtnoxi tea I toasoat asrxxa u a l
nrnl vs uu If a wcn t Xit 13 ce4t
t 4 aQ ty eaa UA h nW tt
t t1 Jot o cun Ka trtct Uo h < u > o a4
uj g 1 < oajocot vi taa Uo FncJcuiyt >
ta < Uo su tri ao = 4a Slol 2 S sctc te
u a Do u t4 II wig sVtY ut
I s3seag Uee rl IUu u vs
aii o to TA Uo VOCM tt tao ears f cauo Is 4 an
smr seso DtHaUt6 Lee
I irn i Gaaau TXXJJI Czaca
Jan a 4 taVoi Vaa li lta Clh
h YU t > ji t Txa JoAr T IOU ew
m > j Ja = LliraM wiaa io eeas t Uu Use a a jrorCu
oramg a Uo Wninai d4 w xrt Solroa
5sei pea 1 oat jogtm n cXa W ucKUa a a no
Ia f girBoa u Uo tart 7071 a > rm sr f <
v2 IP a3JO tr b ia rent
cu t vs > ot ax ooo o or Q aC uj
a an reitL ii lAspse 13es u rsraL
I Cler tx iciis tnwsmc o iengas is
is Lseanan o u < rea isL sooj t3
= is a nsa M set 16 u 0 e
re t ngaol U itlfnai Qe = uto
f i < o iVoia pangs UM tn f vtaoro u
it orxa a v4s ii tsseA aaj lun tvaa I
IM a tiae V XJa M ua 3c4 iv 511
octov tars 555 acr 1 Osa a3as xa xl Er
It foot not tat Uo tm aa Roaim t aioaj vi
K ao > tT aU I J nopaot kes tt e
Sc C lt5 Is5 ava Laa s2L Joe
a a JUAaLa
sve u
sma iors a fr Uo ouaaor no jralotu ITO
e51 = onJ e Jajmo a i m i it Ja n
ti tettt s ah r ea51 54 oZwsu s a ne tt
5m3 trie Cysss7 eAars xbtrnut asos >
= L or mil ttt litm loco at aa M
ala in tta
ftc V1 rraigssreI for lltrtt trtt
stag flee N > Terror far His
mm Un CJiiMKi tttnU
GRAND funDs Mloh Aug 27Tbl fey Jf
W Arney pastor of the Methodist church ot
HaranaA who recently oiTloUted at a horse trot
In this town a sporting ovvnt that attracted
widespread Interest la I not In tbe leant lorry
lor what he did and any action that the Con
ference may tak tn his case at the melting In
Muskegon Sept 10 has no terrors for him
I expect to be called up before the Confer
ICeo to explain but I bate A clear conscience
andhav no tear for tha consequences be
say I shall simply make my explanation
and I thnk It will end there Oou after the
race the district Conference met AnJ held an
Inauett upon my conduct and after I told my
story the pastor sereoi there was noihlcn
wrongin my conduct You see my enlarr Is
maiL and tolncreu my iQComn for a year peat
1 baTe tin bUJlnlr and nelllnB horses 1 bate
bought boat twenty horse for lo ton parties
alone ana navmad considerable moner out of
the business 1 am a fairly aooit judge of
bone andam very fond 01 tbeiu t It was born
In m and I cant help U and I don know U
I would If 1 could In the course of m > deal
11I1t I picked up two or three wry promising
young horIIhor that were too good to
keep and worth too much to ecu aa ordinary
animals I thought the race would advertise
the heroes and help me sell them and Ins race
cam off according to proarnmm I think
have received all the benent 1 calculated on
The horses would brine fully tlWO more to
day thuu they would before the race and I
flcur that I have received xversl thousand
dollars worth ot free advertising In the newspa
per to help me In future operations At the
conference I do cot Intend to offer anr apologies
or plead extenuation circumstances but will
simply explain my piiillclpatlon In the racos
and am willing to abide by the retnlta My
people find no fAult with tho race but seem
rather to like It My 1 congrogatlon Is larger
than It ever was before mr urayer meetings
are will attended and the spiritual condition
ot the church U 1 all tea could be desired Mv
people liks me and want me returned and this
feeling at home coupled with the favorable re
port of the district Conference will I nm aure
have a favorable ffct upon the Conference
Have yon prepared any written statement
of the ease to submit to the conference 1
1 bare not considered it necessary I shall
simply make a verbal explanation Elder
Moo in asLeJ me to prepare a statement for
publication th Cristiss Kfrorair and out
lined what I ought to say He suggested that
1 writ XDlalDlng bow 1 happened to give the
race that the race was originally Intended us
a qult neighborhood afiatr but that the pa
pers magnified It Into in event of wide Impor
tance and thirdly that I should say bad I
tt otrU what the results would have been I
would never have had anything to do with It
I was not prepared to subscribe to the last
proposition and would not write anything
What was the objection to the last clause 1
I want into the race with my ys open
with A purpose In view and have yet to enter
tain my first regret at the course I puruei
Tbe race was as quiet and orderly I as any camp
meeting and as pleasant as any church socia
ble There was no gambling nor poolMlllng
the horse won not abused and the bet of
good order prevailed throughout There was
not a Blgl objectionable feature and nothing
happened to make me ashamed of the Part I
bad in IL I am not prepared to say I will never
do such a thing cain
What form would unfavorable action by the
Conference taker
T1e very worst that would be don would
be to suspend me from active service and so
far as that U concerned It I docs not trouble me
There are other Church denomination some
of them more liberal tain the Methodists aid
there ia a wide lanetllcal field to work in My
brother > s a pastor In the silos district and he
has frequently urged me to join him In tent
evancellstle wore about the country From a
pui ly financial point nt view evangelistic wo
of this kind is several times more profitable
than my work here but 1 would heiltste to
breakaway It the Conterence would permit
ma to stay I am fond of preaching take a
deep Interest in the work and would not will
inciy give It uo
Could not conditions be Imposed upon you
by the Conference for the fntuie v
I would never consent to anything of that
kino lh Conference can suspend me tut
can go no further If I have an Innocent tend
ness for a good horse and bold a little nice to
give expression to my Interest so Ing as my
own conscience approves that is the end of IL
I do cot recognize the right of the Cncrca to
interfere with me to any such extent
Ion bat bean criticised
Certainly and from every di
rection but at the same time have received
much encouragement Just before and star I
the race I have received many letter some of i
them roundly abusing me and condemning tbb I
course I have pursued and other cosgratnlat
but me and approving of the stand I have
taken The RJ v Dr bcudder ot the Brooklyn
Church the successor to Mr Beechr has
vrlt n me a rely kind letter and so nave r wv
eral other wellknown clergymen to sea noth
ing of many who have nothing to do with
the Church Among my letter 1 have
eon Iron nearly every Stat In It
Unloa and from Canada aid expect to
hear eventually from Europe I do cot reel at
liberty lust now to gtv the names of my corre
fpccdents but should he conference go
axamst me I may change my mind and show
o h e world that I do not stand aone on the
horse Question I bare co apprehension rr
the future hat not lost a siagie nights sleep
IbJ l Ii 1t
I act sure I am In the right and feel cerain
that the Conference will see the matter ta the
same light after I have mad or exolaaatioa
W bit dose your wife thick of It r
She ttlrks cere of what poor j will ray
than d > and at Crsi bearUy disapproved of
the whole business I hare be a obliged to
xrUua things as I bar progressed and she
has at last tocm Quit recocciled Aa locg
as ia my own heart I do nebt I do not care
what the world think or say IHofere the
raw I OgnreJ I would inset with criticism
from k me and that I would reeeiv At
rroval from others and caicoaed teat
cc woald lust about ba2a = ce the other
I Cad bovevvr that the approval is heartier
than the jeanatloa The pttor of oe of
the local churches has USA me and the t
raM for a text every toaday sInce th event
bet my cosgregaUon li cow ranch lamer then
tt was before and a great deal larger taaa his
and I do not let his remarks wrry mo A De
troit clonrf caa last SaiJir preached aralast
m but I do not consider mysoil lajcred thare
by I have cadoabtecly lot I some triesJ out
I agcre that I hit gunei many more taaa I
han itt
Dow to Get Two DMako ie 10 Cta
rrr Fs
Every barkeeper who aas r < a la ths hIS
uses tent said a popular xjitictos mire
I cl stimulacts basmrt in his t = e = iaayla
cantons and ipvacl3as I citlzeas but the
smoothest plan of wer sing the taj for two
drinks for lu cents 1 aver me with was s >
I coHulIT tried with m toJay
FvorrtxxlT prefect wa > anxious fcr suet
I valuaol latcrcati aai ta cccUace
Two men ea = in ttlj = niag with the air
of men of cash aal on o the uked the
other what be would bare to drtat taiat
was the reply doat cecc drirks tn c
I agaia for a coath Then the man who ro
rosi th treat says th tatS cl tttg
a llu seltzer and le = o = cr sofa cc < iio bq
I he tasked hit In id and asked to be excu
W53 1 tesi3t dttcaageothrir dot
I tate a stlagle oC the mane tow have a
ecu So ho weld tct eioc sake a cigar
that woakl cake hn sInk He di net want
anything and he woUi have to be xr d
tautlc I
With this the rtcerccs i = aa nrsd a larc
I tin tiller clau an aof Behoof > son to
the Vria There was mere than ire ocitaary
drinks ia the ru lie then drank stout
half ot tt I made a taos and said ta me
I hats the sitter wttt that vital I re
I DIed with some emhsts that II via i
gcoia four yea 0 o Tcr = ag to U irtc I r
wA tie thin gass talf rf zt said JeAt
tue tait ana as wi joe tsct shoot tt
I JCIB swalow j II t g drtck with a nu
bet stock his hal and rerJi J It amt
night Ttea tty re J cct annc a dim
ca tie wciter
Boatoctlo o tt at GreCe
AT a Ut Iiat o tl Craa4ats 111
Ttr eat t4 C
Al aiLi ou at4rs caa
It vanes m =
1u Xt verr sa4Is U1
Tea t a u4i r caroo lie ao
ltI Il sms U tsli frtoata
lessyi res ly t
Mr txr jli Vctrtj tl Insets
T > iov Uan fraXif 1A
Asl I r = txu u 1 era saaatj
110 ss 14 crtmt tD
SHot I he of isty ut kt
Bo SLaaoo no fto 5s anal
Aa < Xio Uo < ct c sax ere I UI
EJJ uosa u tn 1 t 5
Eo laSa Ie erase am wQ s isa
Tir t tuv tIns II
n a tLasy wr 1 rorala
SA asw UM tart at fLlLJ
Aii CUM Lo < o 034ici Wuy U tii
TXax oOJa X3i4j l I W oa a ua
Su 1 swtsinma auaoo avo Lr
iuttnt oaii cto sea
U4Uo1 I uai a uo r
sii sat a Uo r
Ta a Jroo o w3ea
54rtl U Iu ut
latyay ntt ancjo
a iamg a u s5
I az IU see II Uo r 4tttroqal
To l az Uo jodju uJ
JUa Gtoro euaus roior a anal if allt
iTs assesS u
WL7 W55 ziskty rej
K I S fA isa s23ssgt htuwJ
jsaa aLa 0 II 4rss4LeLy a EIoI
1s3 4 ao u is
ns a II 11I4 as SA 1 Ia
rr aa 10101 sa uset
I naa IJIa OOIC7 zaz a
awes racz7 If4C eP
Tk > jrMai MDiaseed Tei155 er
Tklrlr Tier Age Beealu
Countess Frances Anrtlla Oartlttt ton Oro
mer who arrived In the Cuban steamer Yuan
ri on Monday Is at the Park At ecu Hcel lor f
a stay of iveral month In thIs cl I r bheli I
better known her by the name of her Cut bu
band whom she married at St Patrick
Cathedral on Oct 13 18J9 That weddta
which has passed Into history as the diaaomj
wedding was perhaps the most brilliant Hlr
celebrated on this continent Th bride ntii
beautiful young woman the daughter ot lltu
tenant Bartlett U S S and the groom wlte
Spanish nobleman of great wealth Don Esu
ban Santa Cruz de Odd n descendant ot om
ol the companions of Columbus and a ram ct
gorgeous Idea about spending money
For weeks before the wedding all CIIHOI cj
society were talking about It Don KUbu
bad given his fiancee Ings valued at JJucco
other jowels coating nearly as much more be
sides nlKhty gowns ot various rtrtes and ot
great beauty Among them were ito wedllgg
gown whIch cost 15000 aol four there < s st t
ins MOOO each It was salt that ion 1 jtatin
Fl tICt over H I1000 In preparation for the n > 3
ding When bo d1 cam all New York trltl
to get Into the cathedral where Arohbubon
hughes celebrated the wedding The tiet
papers ot the day devotud grnut space tu tt
and xlmund Clarence htedduu woo sotai
famous verses about It
Miss Bartlett WAS nearly thirty years mi
junior of Lion Lutabsn She ant hr first hii
baud lived for many yean on one of his Cuba
plantations frequently > lsttlng huron ani
this country and eoch lime attraotln at
tendon by the msgnlfctct way In walch they
lived After Don tlvledVsdeath hli Uow tier
rieJ Count von Churner who haul an old nJ
honored name youth and good looks to mal
np for his last of estates
Countess von ulamer is 1 now a widow stout
SO years of age tall slender and white halted
with traces of her fomer beauty itt ots Is i
living In the citY of Mexico surounbed brail
the Tuatiiy her wealb enables Le to com
mand She ha not been In this country lor
four yean and will make her star be locrtr
oo that account Yesterday afternoon the
drove down to the dock where the i noun baI l
lust landed and rersonallr sop rlnt ndpl Ihe
brlndne ashore of her pet saddle horse U hea
ha was safely landed she threw her arms aUat
his neck and covered his head with klist
Her parent ire lone since dead and the rtl t
homestead at 39 West Fourteenth street whpr
the rreeptlon following the diamond adding
was held has passed to strangers i
ULLCJWrz xur wauxo IQJL
A ay Cnrltttm Float Baa < se lato IIIe
81easbeet ILsseekeeii
Off the Battery where tbe ecnfineat streams
of the North and East rivers create Icnuner
able eddies to plague the pilots a lit Is cat
Slalom occurred yesterday morning beween a
ponderous carladen Coat and the bt ound
teamboat JIschui that gave ccst ol
the steamboats 466 passengers a rna fright
and mad people ashore woder bow sto oan
aged to escape with to little damage It li
generally the heavy freightcar coats hth
with merely their own momentum act Mt
battering rams on frailer craft that rua Ho
boats off tbe Battery
Five ot these commerce smasher each
escorted by a puffing tog were comic out ot
I the North Blver oa their war so its
East Elver when the itassachtuM s ot
the Providence lice rounded the Banter on
bar way to bar pier at the foot of Warrer fre i
It was about i oclock Leading a tee ot
Boats was one belonging to tte New Vcrx Ce
tral Bailroai wits the tug Oakland ca nor
starboard side I There were eight ears c tie
Boat Cant U C OriSao the Maeesohetts t
blew two whistles wcKa mean aba be would
pals to the left of tt rex Two whistle Iron
I the rag indicated that this wcrci te satUIao
tory to her pflot The Majsafhssetu at
brief Intervals sUaaQ that Ie won 1
also pass to tta if > of tare < tier
I Coats fnrmlai a part ot the cscaj tangle ot
craft Thea capt Grt2c saw another tnt
coming toward him from e Jersey thorn He
I blew one whistle to the tag ta elajjre of Ills
I Coat indlcaticg that no c oaM co the right of
her and she mnoeded with a fctacie tooL It
is conjectured that ta cilct of the lad
I thought that the Captain ot the Maa aehut tu
had ctacrvJ Its Died and s 1Irtz the itt
gle wtUU WI j for bin be made hat to cross
t1 bow of the steamer and go to port of her
blowing one blast to dcar hit stioa Tti
bit steamboat was too ctce to tin and find
ing that b cocidnt carry out Ma ieiitn Li
becan ta ot
He was too Late sod the brcat low of the
heavy Cost bated the Massxehaseiti Tieioiisy
Just ab rt the startard r i41a wk ee i mash
Lug In about twenty feat of jolstr work sail 1
knocking out severed staaehio lie thul
I ws > s heard oa tb Battery Tt f > inbon
was forced farorer to frt and tle women set
up a scream that could t heard two hoots
away Tte fright was caly = o = sxry u tt
steamboat cleaned the Coax witalc a ow > eo
ccds and N ooeeaed up to her turwiiut Ioj
sisuae Tha strong Ocd Ht wv partly
soonatba for the foir with wafci he 3o t
ad the steamer cam tccca4r C r urlCa
said thaduodoutt thai the tGot c tte Oak
land mistook the uzxl t whUiI loa a > correction
of the two biajt t e pe at irsi T Mai > a
ehusetis was peuteU and aded Lu wUl
I a let 0 peasengers In t evetag
EOlUalLV ix arm or IJIJrL7r
Grm Jaiiovr Have > ace OT kt ike
TTnocolcr laatol
For the Crt tit proiainy ta tae tscrr of
this ccizty a Baa ted hard yeseray to
eeea pO toiz arrotnied rOtan c t u nail
Jury This has always been nxardt ai the
most hcaorab roe to whKh a lara could
1 t O apciaed la this city and thecgh tie fore
Boa reeeiwA the all his fsliew grand nrors
oay tt a day the hcaicr tu sways teen
tagsrll socght OnilaarUy the Jcie o tte
General deesicms before wsa a Grit i J jrr
iso artottu a a wtohavs re < rvtlr
f rrAi anthdy as cr = Ai W ten tt 5t
W = tr GraJ JUT had raxea tK cti of
one tserdaT 1 Part IL o the rt4L see
loal Feeootr mrth ehod4WtLtL = > flutes
a West Wash ± zcten cart oir li mitt I
rrt2Lsrti Jiccjtiit tcstaes = a fr
foremen fie waat i very czea t to txisrt
Th li ocoir however said taa t < rertri
his u aa exe Ua = aa fee U ar JG t
ad Hr Hars taj ta stay aicciiiex
John P Feiiow > alA cf KUMta ate
and vrtllJan 1 Wocta engineer f u
Biesokar atOset ewe rokan txtm in > 1 t
th gxn2 JLon c tt crcaty thay Le4
cow oar TO years c4 axe
i 5 rrcnur UrEa roa OUUOX
810 4 r Ud6a Cspeti4 IC ra
TreeS e auea s5 2se
ExFrlasis A flail rriSA aai 3Llu li
E Lawuc who we sznntnty diom j
from the Firs ward tiiccJ cf Ixag lc4
City iy Mayer GWica and the Bear of UI
I eatica Into Ftxnary nornoi ehrt f thi
buH of a fzU rear1 salirr c the LIr1
THfrW llr HirvisO tlarr amnnel 14
SI and Ibis Lawtccs ta StSaiC AJ a i I
hfN XT Bcriirk aaJ Sills Lawtc
cwi their cu ta Sg rm aic t1e
wo v5ivi that the tHtorSa n r t
Jcc e wc < kw 1st aii ecuttrc c = jv
without vii He its dciloj tax they wt
canted to saUry te tA wtci IN it
Bon aad IN aD th refnOt
cent ccitr aai a wrn wx etatned lr = 0
tirr = Ccort ordering n v > 4Tit = er
As 10 tttstxa was toji ti ta s wrK 4ivt r
on was Ls5t4t w week Clx i =
rs C th hced to show H wty they
oJ4 net te lmrscoef e ct = of
court Ts writ u remat yrii
p < tTJt l K ta1 ei answarnr 11 e l arl
et Edrsnicn hprtsei CW wrrrans tht w
rt te pbima aS5T5Siee1
SLaLrti3s MC tTt Et r wo Ccr = t
tHil the Saat Ltw c W
met b tngsse Ual uiay The wssk the
ecctsrta is > riity tt t mrrt cf tie Uj CI
tua ad u mat cot e WXt Ct e
tua tIthe Ic t cociinj Cccgca c I
r ar I te mer ed mass me t
0t05 CSiOh J t ossexsse4 hs ati w >
c T Ccm = tee ta tA msrntdmy at v
ung the Lasgas caa uso
TVo MawmaU ae tarn OrfcMi
tSa oJ
Aa Intaeoilng aeru ku noN t a Ht
114 In the Orsasys 11 ta tcroshty r f
its md ease WI t4rrnctn u SXE2i z r
A Nnewu write M a ca 6Z
U W a sent u be a uU tt j1t
ec e weeks at stated 1
tthsd Vits It u ai ii tl
oven roe ta laKuri wrii a t ti i
ti wtr neck sal a nww i oii tal
lwasrmt 2nswtgnapear U a
be temsewiio = r H
5 In2 aja vs c e I =
rook itt wiS ws sii IIC1t s U s 1
Lever ta aa nnr7entstwu 5
> soas wt > Arcied ts cannthano vr
tea a ta t a iorai ses
nw C1eeaa
l fto swrst MO cor laoor srI In
Coaa AMa t La a > l p at f
lio D wtac ema2t5 Ia GW ags4
CStteA sajSj
a 4 Ji

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