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t rIn iiiuibzia
jui1 orri 11 890
AllflIlJAIt AYlJ IzulIlanOUIJ
ot run aTAOis filM trttntc
rau New flaak r
Jeb A tlnp rrlJ w 1
Jol rp 1 Ih Urd 4 lal LUt I
Vt M OPI hIp At 1 rk
SI Odvln Ezprle I Rondo
The town I nt home ami the people In It are
tlckIOR to the thpatrei again Old bill and
nokDI ew burs shared In thin meoks lrs
10 fresh farcical entertainment
rerltr Ivor1 Ilroleal entrtlnmlnt
All tho olrorr or Home has achieved an
Al uelonol triumph nnd I will run Its
CCUhI lt with abundant profit The Senator
c it t 1 the star Tno County Fair nt tho Union
Bqcsro nul My 1 Aunt Bridget at the Bijou
bO wl t b 1 cnt renewed their earlier popu
uriir nJ lllt90 rood things with others
dually approved on Broadway hao started
Btptembor with a gonulno amusement boom
nt Olt and wost sldo combination theatre
ktn no been to fortunate although the r
noodoranca T IS with tho IUCCOMOH Therein 1
for Instance the rtnupearance ot perennial
I jot Lnract ixt tho People1 where Uncle Joe
jubeon flinestedbylargOBudlancot Eramot
eoatlnues to curtail his Toeal efforts mat Inc
rbalt a irtuo at coecsslir but when
r be docs tine bo Is 1 sure of rpt
aloDton nol generally his listeners are
not so critical nn to condemn him Ills new
company I competent In he main Jlaudo
Tflilte cmpanY ho ileurod In the dlstrot tins domestic
etsipllcation wlilch not lone azo brought
Emmot Into publicity 1 retained In his com
puT Che Is fount comolr and altogether
eltvar U must Lo said At tho Wlndt or E
vlfi ticn has Introduce M Hasinas War t
tin Lowt ry wIt boroful results so far Ills
eojnpanr contains Bolln fetter and several
I others of those ho assisted him in tho Union II
fauaro trial of his plar and the play iUelt
Us been judiciously revUod until It baa lo
some ben ollr meritorious drama It IB likely
to mate friends and money for roans Arden
rounl Aren
F out ol town JBionss Theatre with Charles
L lavU lo lopeat his wellBeaton imperson
I 4 tleuof Inii Jntiiu has the certainty of an
eceptance for Dell U I an irresistible attrac
tion nltb cast Idem Now thnt belt buildinc
a riltAbuBli theatre ana planning to manage
It tburfl sotm to bo erlouanrss In his threat
to retr from tie stalo Ilal and rrhapa that
liwbTJlcols audiences are toatn him au
ctrdIaJl and IlberInt ao numurulr this
Kelt to 1ats s supper thero II D IAsolnat
I c lei soubrette nRmed Ray Brtscoe hits Is not
novice nor jet a longpractised actress but
t the dlsolnys uncommon promise and sic Is
altoettbor worth keepins nn Of on Good
oubroites do not spring up every tar
I A dltapi ointment that can harily 1 > over
looked in this week1 Dlayblllnts thnt caused
f by Louisa Lltta ot the sew Inrk In Cay 31
I Greene Cblspo This comoty bat had toT
snu city proJualons on the eat sIde AA well
tsat the fourteenth Street and Ithas gener
I Ulj arfonted to Its chief actromt a opporiunltr
t lo fty and do heroic things In the manner
made acceptable say Ky Annie Pixie Hut
ae Lltta dos not grasp Its cbanrex Hho baa
travelled widely ana has es en ventured to nlc
t for London faor On Broadway she is l out
clitsed she has been taught to plar the banjo
bybfrmanacsr who Is one of the Dobsons
wizards ot that Instrument Aside from that
cot terr satisfyingaccomplishment Miss Lltta
Mms 10 bare no talent to jnstlly her essay In
Mr Greenes play
A more praiseworthy entornriso though It Is
Urtemoed irom entire excellence Is tho pru
Uuftlonol Tho jlnskol Llfeal the Urand
Opera House I was not exoecied that John
1 Mevons had written a second Jredora
jbotiEh toe extravagance which characterized
tti announcement may have led one to look fur
rard u chnrnoterltikr ilr Stevens is always
conventioual An actor and manager of
Terr nearU the old tchool ho bat cherished
Ho oribodox Ideas and obsoneil the ettab
ltn d forms In everrtblnc he baa ever lstb
It dose not signify whether The Mask of
Life Is an entirely new nlar or whether It Is
bad upon bit Poislnc bbadona
The one U at faulty a the othor
viewed from coy standpoint Mill Mr
fcioensn dramas generally sound well Their
UnKunee It the artful bombast that appeals to
t gallery their characters are nearly always
> up > els Ibo MUSK of Life is at Rood as
uuthlncbe ever wrote je It Is not a good
rJmr The story whkh concerns intrigues of
lore i and politics In Huf8lnls enacted by ad
mlrablt plarera like John II Gllmour Prater
toulier Annie Mayor and Adele 1nlma whose
a or do much to Impart dignity and serious
IS t the play Indeed It would teem that
noftultof management has been committed
unless It b tuft ot nverooiitldenco in the
I drama A bolter company doe not often ap
pear at the eomblnatlun houses ap
Nathaniel C Goodwin Jr ought to be a
oUlbt t
Drouovar stroller tomorrow I tho oceau
steamer now bringing dim hither makes Ita
uual swift pnssaee Goodwin will probably
IO Whoa tie tnuches hit native toll and
then will surely bo a loud welcome for him in
bs lavori resort He baa bad n conspicuous
lime oUt In London as everybody know but
be wns not ill Hosted niter all and the fact
remains that he was talVed about and thus
veil ajverilced loodwlns American muna
gem John K Warn r who went to London
merely a an observer and not with any busl
nefp Interest In his stars London venture has
arrived homo altogether pleased v 1th the out
come He rtoutly claims irmt Joodwln may
consider his tint English engagement nn ar
tistic success notwithstanding the dinercnces
critical opinion sidled ijy I tie American come
dy AUoldMinplirlheUookmakerwhlcb
e English tblurh and through being of the
tnrf turfy and oomlng from tbo nonoftho f Eng
Jtb actor J W Plguott Uoodwln was liked by
Ibo severest of in reviewers HO Mr W amor
ooolnrea As for the financial aspect of arer
CJcgment tbnt another story It Is safe to
say hat Uoodwln cleared his expenses least
because be made tbo trial under a telfprotec
the arraiigement with tho manager ni tbe
lalet nhire hn played This maulor feather
In the comedian cup Few American have
trod London board with nroflr Amorolua Min
t tile 1almer and the Ualv company virtually
I ottmclcte the list 01 financial successes there
while the other cidoof the ledger Is black with
I failure Warner Is nn oldtimer and soon
servative OLC ut that co when he a
Mrtt that In his opinion there la
a bright a future for Nat Goodwin
in England at there Is In America It Is I worth
while listening to him There is no young
English comeillnn in the cchool which Gooa
win UmncB that Is certain The GOOe
Torltrs are veterans like Tooe and Clarke and
he rants or Ibo minor actors do not It mntt
boconfessed reveal any rising young men who
meld sup ly vacancies If thor should puddonlr
occur I Goodwin should all Into frequent
ecatamtilatlonoftbls peculiar nltuutlon theres
knowing how inog he would remain ttrla
Otc But he will travel hero this year just the
hmo Inn tew wepks its will start from the
nttt Kith his new company and alter a while
rOlplnr alr
Jwill work Knatward lie wil make A Gold
ilte the chief play In his repertory lor the
vrwenl Tb liookninkor It ID I feared IB a
Hie too liorsoy lor American andlem e and
bkiUH It U I not owned br Uoodwln The
Mpinlred m the oralon miida by Leamler
Blpliardton will Lo performed also Lanlor
asr IRyP
rlnrWlmilnei tbnl the 1laigolng com
auilty I ttriig 01 rclcnl
Sitittlifltf0 IUrlCAI entertainments ho
Ii at locerheajs with tho
lictr 10I th mrhwllb convincing box of
SJituff f1 p lbs craze tom crotesnue fun
cIngltj with i wMil muflo and the sight
Siitti18111 I 18 stringer than through
out Ie e wl17 ir ° ° of tllls U PCfed
MIII I m news that new farces ate daily placed
oa buy IUI that clover rfotiers l with
i i rera
joclIIl ure noor lit a Iou for reinunorn
ue romunorl
tlUflMDoyuent > Kvo the new ventures in
rtiulia Uhl ulnf OUI uiprislngly tood
results dOllod J ho olue James Povtera who abon
u Bwluctl ilary nt the Calno
tu CuIno to KO a I
itarrlJ In lurce teem to hnvo chosen wIsely l l
JfiaiBit to nil accounts lot the
liDiJmJl I 1 < Sal > Iccounts HW101 lor him A ttrluLt trlilit I
ttt itr 8M 1 lirelyilmu at oueof the Boston
ilMuVfchtVrMi > allirla fiinlred u vnlua
far SSWiini0 the leiulremenu of Ibo copu
lit Ile Ibt
wm talts 10 nii 10 Wrote Heel for E 1 lila
uld fuel i I iii cleier
nl1 11 Italy Drotbeis with
their side Irlt pta stilts tn rotlola wltl
nappiaS ills work for lowers has been
hIPler Be tORD itblnif he has previously ben
TXcfti1 rftf trick for h4 thorns and tbi
lnitlirJ ft be betting ring Is one of its
nSinK ncldenUilbut tbo love element Is not
begiccied UiI uLd there It something Ilko conlln
h4 tdiiuslbiiliy l In tbo storya wide
flOUiti wldl
tiConVL rtllrB lo mh A KtralKtit Tip
Ce 1etDo Ililotig current farces Powers sue
tbrcln modu hla admit ems Jublult Already
tin tlln tOWlllndlnl In him place a comedy tar Who Till
Irlotttihl All j time Charles H Doyt the Indus
feia l ulIbh IIIatnl alil the lucky lisa not teen
his nswei product
Inatin I iI ea proucl A Trip to
OltVn I telnl rehearsed for its 11mM
c aOlcorravel it 0 Vut his T rohlarod Ileor bautartod
AU UI J d iD KiM Jonllny boom nlabt A st3
fart LolleI Ii ono 01 the I actors In Dm I
ftI tuttle to IIK HIS fld thin lion come
0 lIttle
lt i that rtirt n UVPOOC oC thanks But
Hijtj Muthor didnt bed unme and 1111 T this dl I
tn mlko
Inc lr Ilu i i n seotui 1
slid 51old
ajo Q thit t 1 Hot ecOnl 110Ieh Ueo uPfoar A
i will I tf I Is not yet mr NIdoubt
Ruld r
t fdd matotlatly to tUM
sot mellal II nlreaiy IMUO
I siflsSiSf two now 1leeu shil
11011 I frSS whopt titer lit I no star In say of
i Is 1ie lh whul contention is I possi
a 111
MUCU II mAd tbe
bone1 gets tbo
Llno 01 rOlL 1 a and lort a < his partner take all
I small
caI wiiiii J 1 mal wonder thai other moo
iTr htrb are eye pun IIrlrloal sis S
I t r cDUnual r morning forth
fcrf In 1 it comlll orh 10 IIle
hint e IIJrll u wsilJinowi fIQII Jlob
ant srnr Fg50 I
alal 111t espi
Ilnt ruflflaor ttl J
iree II Oe CilDn Al Iii buln1
UiC4tes 1 1 at Ih 054113ty Mu
oats tbo
il Irforu ulilor
coatyftet for a tony eommsneI n sxt season
frrn fext
tgelt I I oomo r wb ob wiiibwtiettouIi
lr bltr WI I called A
lib ItoIIsr ft ought to be a diverting bow
If a agan It permitted a Cb doubtless will be
QIook afierthespesctanIarp oflit wU b
tlulos InImitable rolltrr there is an squally
umaImsnt SUCCt ts Both men ar always
domand a jurat uork performers It Isnt
IIMlr that either works for les than f loo n
wet k AD they will relinquish a good certainty
wi rlDnlb cralntr
to take chances in whiterace laree Blavln
hat boen a part proprietor In one mlnsirel
how and Facau also has tried nit had at
management tro
At last there hat come 1 tenor with brains
Tho sclonilllo declaration that an nn cello
Mneor could not lay claim to genius In any
oilier foim Is reputed Victor tapoul who
has warbled on two continents and made mace
contnenlaand tlle
ioe to the divas of two generations ba become
come a dramatIc author in toliabornt
with SI 1 iJupmto of 1ariK he lolabnrltlon
lyrical drama called Je Prince NaIr and ho
lies read It to an audience of French friends
who havo pronounced It magnlllnue It the
Public verdict shall accord With this Capoul
will bo a curio oa Moll as a tenor
I rooms that although MoVlckors historic
playhouse In Chicago It to bo rebuilt betort
don of the new venture will not rest upon the I
shoulders of tho veteran manaeer uln plan
by which ho Is to continue the tbeattes exist
once is a shrewd ono A firm ot stock brokers
hat sent out B number letters to addresses
furnished by McVlcker himself In these lot
tors the stock hi okors call attention to an In
closure by Mr MoVlckor In which ho Invites
contributions to lbs capital slock of200ouo
In n corporation which Is to build the new
playhouse Ho own the ground lease for
over 70 rent at an annual rental of about 1 I
0 the reconstruction 01 tho structure will at I
least doublo tho gross Income anil thus tho I
tubcrlberstii the stock will b assured of 1
profitable Investment Moreover Ml1 Mc
Vloker says lie is I willing to act a President If
the stockholders say no and adIs that after
tlio rebuilding tho capital slock will be doubled
This project Is similar to nno formed last year
but It wont through either because ol Mc
Vlckors unwillingness lo retire to prIvate life
rlat Ile
In favor ot a younger man or because of tho
lack of the right man to push the scheme This
time hovel will probably be carried out
rrbablr out
Chicago therefore will not loso a theatre It I
too jealous of New York to go to that extreme
I I easier to catch the traditional flea than
to emu the inntenipornneotis ubreite and
cause her to become accurate Anna larson
Caldwoll a bright aid piottywoman joined
the Fay mpleon troupe during their excit
ing engagement In this city When she left
town with tunm It wan with n settled expecta
tion that tbo salary day would happen cairn
larly At Washington she became disturbed
A despatch from that city to THE SUN assorted
that she was preparing to quit the company
because she couldnt get her wages ThIs was
at once denied br Miss nldwell over her own
sIgnature Vet there Is documentary evidence
in this city to PrO S that TIIK BUNS despatch
was absolutely correct bho has within the
past fortyeight hours written hither to say
that the management had promised to pay her
In full If she would continue on the tour as far
us Boston She accepted tbo situation because
Boston Is her home and If she leaves them
there this week it Mill b plain that the pay
master In Fay Tomplotons trouoo has neglect
ed Mtss Caldwoll 1 may oem ungallant to
cast a reflection upon Miss Caldwells word
but the truth It I mighty and must prevail WOri
C Whoolan Miss Templetons stage manager
left her In Washington In a few weeks EdwIn
Stevens her chief comedian will retire In
order to join the Casinos forces rotre
Norman Forbo who Is among the brightest
of younl English actors Is going to have a
whirl atmanagomeniln London Perhaps Ed
ward Terrts and ieorgo Alexanders example
has lei him on Ho tins recently secured a
lease of the Globe and In December ho will
open I ns a home of comedy Young Forbes
has received sn many New lork plaudits tbat
there will b nn eager hope tbat hfrwill sue
cood Ho Is I brother of John Forbes Robert
stilt wbo also ha distinguished himself on our
slave Norman Is tbe younger His Mrin
drric Arlfl tt wilt be recalled an among the
beat portrayals of tbat grotesque character
Mlllockers latest composition Poor Jona
than soemR to please our Gorman cousins
for It is approaching Its 250th performance In
Berlin Dally rehearsals of the choruaet are
now being held at the Casino where In all
probability It will be produced about Oct 15 al
The artists to appear In the production hnvo
been summoned and must bring their vacation
season to a close Lillian Russell return from
Newport tomorrow Fanny Ice lingers at her
> ew Hampshire farm until Monday Hose
Wilson comes from the Catskllls Edwin
Ftetens leaves Fay Templeton John Brand
leaves his deer hunting at Haranao on hater
day and Jell DAngells the now comedlnn
comes up from New Jersey In the Interim
JI mo Ancot continues to attract audlenoe
of goodly size and September nights on tim
root garden ate a delightful as those of midsummer
fUAlBEL m rUB CASINO costiAxr
Mae AronMOn Secure n Stoehholder
01 Criminal JLIbcl
There Is I another tight on between dissatis
fied stockholders of the New York Concert
Company limited nnd Itudolph Aronson tho
manager of the Casino The unpleasantness
comes up in ono form or another each annual
nual meeting of the company approaches and
this time It is In the shape of a criminal libel
suit brought by Mr Aronson against Alex
ander C Lasson and D C Domerltt These
gentlemen publish the financial News a dally
paper and the Weekly Financial Record l > oth
journals devoted to the happenings around
Wall street and the Exchanges
SoToral years ago Mr Lnssen came into pos
session of seven shares of Casino stock a U
Is commonly called and until the present Hmo
be has permitted Mr Aronnon to void on Ibem
Blnce the last election however he has listened
tened to the complaints of the discontented
stockholders with such erect that be has bo
come a partisan of their side lie went
so far ns to publish several articles In
Itle paper condemning the financial man
agement of the Casino and Ditching into
the Aronoons generally The story of
the trouble In the concert company Is I
briefly this The stock Is held In small block
by l a lat many people most of them wealthy
Mr henry Clows for Instance has live shares
Gen bickles Henri M Itmem the Danish Con
sul and George V Cummings are others who
subscribed to the shares In small lots and the
lust of the holders aro men like them 1 they have
never received a dividend and are happy that
they havent been usuuKsed Meantime they
Bay that tim Casino has been one of the most
suoces ful theatres In town and that the Arlu
Sons hnvo somehow managed to appropriate
tbe profits btioits to get the numeinus hold
ers to combine and vote Mr Aronsoux hoard
of Directors out of lco hue thus tar failed
the stockholder feeling that their interests
were too insignificant to make It pay to go Into
the light 10
About ten days ago Mr Lnson nays an agent
of tire IOI80IS npproaclii him to get his
i rosy to b used nt the > annual meeting next
Saturday Thai mao him angry and be set
about picking m proxies on bU own account
He alT that he lound eiybody willing to
give him proxies and anxious to have the mat
tel pushed Meantime ho continued to print
things In his paper that made unpleasant
reading fur Mr Arouson Th last straw came
on Tuesday when he published an attack
headed Turn the Casino Itascals ul altnnl
this article lie spelled the name of the Casino
manager ABronson
Yesterday Mr Laaton and Mr Unmerltt
wore airebted on a warrant Issued by Justice
hobo l bmllb at the instance ol Rudolph
Aronson riirr6s nlod by tile co > insol David
Lokentritt Mr Lnnsen rolnlrod G Ian huger
A Prior and Austlii I Fletcher He and his
partner were liken to the Tomb where tbo
Justice paroled them until this afternoon I
AaK itimiJxijtiv IN rutrif
Hb Come to Amerl Wblla Tie Build a
nit Iondon Iliatra for liar
Mlts Agnes Huntington formerly a Michigan
girl wbo made her Hist success In town In the I
Boston Ideal Company arrived yesterday from
London after a professional aud social suc
cess Mitt I Huutlngton will appear in Paul
Jones under the management of Marcus
Mayer on Oat G nt the Broadway Theatre In a
five weeks engagement Miss Huntington was
last evening at the Grand Hotel with her sIster
and mother Bbo It I tall young woman
with speaking gray eyes I have been
nwny from New York about two years
mid MIa Htuitlngton M Mr dbut true
Ill htuttgart oor a year ago Mr Carl JOSI ot I
tile rrjnce of Wales I heatre In London wrote
nio while 1 was on a concert tour through
Europe to come lo London Tie result was n
success In Paul Jones In which I appeared
for hid nights beginning In IllturN
About my mutIng friends In Iondon f Oh
ro I mot the l1rJtico of Nnlot Dr Oh
whom by the war 1 Introduced to ieinott
IlarcOtirt at tun Mauler Wiiddlug and a II JO of
other charming people hut the queerest thing
chnrlllJ thlnl
was when tbo Ouches of UeHmlnnei spent a
wbol nUlrlooo with mrquaattonlna me about
tho mysterIes of roalclnu up1 Of aboul
made I Inlr111 for her
mao U I a big tb Htro bulldlnu for me In
Jero l uldln
London added illt lluntlngion und 1 arn
to have al I a of It tot twenty ars It will
b the heat l theatre In tip West Fod 1 I on
Charloff Cross near Cranbpurii street b
twSin lOylf Cartes and the Uatrlek ibis
ires Mr Ldwarrt ft I building the
theatre and George Jllcuard Barker will lnl his
manautr I trill hate n pit 1 l6c ue all
thentrcK In London PlUM have thai but I am
going to hAys the Aniercni sins of Imxot
Mls 1 Huntlncton will rMy In Boston Men
then real return rititburgli to InJun and IulludolpUlt Iud will
ma coutarrEB oir nnaoiunmi
Thy pdIS O the qI of aI
UirIsoIlI Irtad Wia ml RiteS
U U Duty eirld I a the riatterm
iKDtAxxroLiR lad Sept 10The Republi
can Convention narrowly escaped serious
trouble but the fightIng was ail l done In the
Committee on Platform last midnight an4
matH a very Interesting chapter The
antlndmlnlttratlbn element Including the
Grethamttos unanimously protested against
endorsing Ilarilron They said not only
should the admtnlttralon not b en
dortod but that Harrisons name should not
b mentioned In the platform This created
I great consternation Tbe Harrison men who
had oven expected to endorse Harrison for a
second term saw tbelr hopes glimmering In
the distance Finally the antlAdmlnUtratlon
men consented to a single line endorsing the
Administration provided Harriiont name
should not bo mentioned The mon in the
committee who thus fought Ibo Adrolnlstra
tratlon are said to be n 0 Wilkinson of the
First district Terry E Beard of the Fourth
district Harrlnon Tlnchfr of the Seventh E
1 Goldtwhalt of the Eleventh 1 T McDonald
of the Twelfth and J W Crumpbaeker of the
George M Allen of the Eighth voted with the
antlsdmlnlstrailon men severe Imo thus
Riving them an actual majority of the com
raltteo After a whilst Allen oarao over to tbe
Harrison side and then 1 ray of llubt shone
In With 1 vote of 7 to 6 then then tbo Harri
son Administration was endorsed and the
Presidents name was Introduced Ia
found impossible however to recommend a
second term for Harrison and the idea bad to
be abandoned
While the remit on the face of It Is I a Harri I
son victory tho aatlAdmlnlttratlon men are
jubilant at the display of power which they
made and assert that they might have had
things their own way I they had shown their
full hand This claim Is vigorously disputed
however and tha Harrison men declare they
did their worst rod lost OOD Tom Bennett
wht muzzled and I was all arranged in con
volition to have the Administration resolution
ulon lMO rsoluton
read first and then for Harrisons friends to
rIse and applaud Ucllerounly This was all
carried out
All attempts to endorse Dudley ald Dud
ley recently addressed a letter to his Waynn
county henchman Major Illnokley and asked
that as a von of beginning for an endorsement
by tbe convention be chosen adelegato item
that county The Mayor tried to work him In
but received a stunning snub for his pains
and was compelled to telegraph the Inventor of
blocks of live this sentiment
Colonel thy sins have found thee out Its
no go I
Io ticket nominated it regarded as credit
able and symmetrical
1 f At Ainrtatrd mu
Itlohard W Thompson presided and during
tho entire day there was not a jar Only one
enlr the ticket tbe Treasurerehlp re
quired more than one ballot and the oontest
in tills case was settled without acrimony
Iteierenoes to Heel Blame and Harrison
were 10ldlJ applauded the first probably r
ceiving the greatest share of handclapplng
Chairman Thompson mode a speech which
was loudly applauded lie rehearsed the ac
complishments of the Republican Dart at
length and his remarks were punctuated br
frequent applause Alter tbo adoption of
n platform nnd the necessary nominating
speeches the convention placed the following
ticket In the fold
county Secretary of btate Milton Trnstor of Fayetto
W riorL N Walker of Marion county
county Treasurer Georgo W Pixie of Allen
AttorneyGeneral John W Lovott of Mad
ison county
Judce of Supreme Court B W McBride of
Elkhart county
Clerk of Mipremo Court Will T Noble of
Wayne county
county Statistician John Worrell of Hendrloka
Superintendent of Public Instruction James
Henry of Morgan county
btate county Geologist loS M Coulter of Hamilton
The only fight wax on State Treasurer and
lot Mr Ibley was nominated on the second bal
lotThe Convention closed Trith cheers for Har
rison oea ana toe attire iiciec
Tho plattorm says of the Administration
Wo endorse tbe Administration of Benjamin
Harrison and tbe able statesmen selected as
his cnlaoters and advi ers a being wise
vigorous and patriotic i has kept the pledges
made to the people ba carefully guarded and
zealously promoted the welfare and elevated
tie condition of the riublle service
The platform further heartily approved tho
action of the Itepnbllcans in Congress Under
the brilliant andfearlessleadership of Thomas
13 fed they bare again proved that the Ito
publican party can tie relied upon to meet and
soho great political questIons
The platform also lealllrma thn Republican
doctrine ol protection to American Industries
trade and condemns the Democratic doctrine of free
Woaa ttuffrnce Advocated it a it Ua
Toward White Sapremncr
JACKSOX Sept 10John W Fowell was the
frt speaker In the Constitutional Convention
today He said In part that he had no fear
for tbo future of tbo white race of Mississippi
as the history of the world furnished abun
dant evidence that the AngloSaxon was able
to take care of himself He realized tbnt
should to adopted to insure tbo
measures adoPod su
premacy of tho white man and in face of the
extraordinary preponderance of negroes the
difficulties in the way were great and perplex I
ing The most serious obstacle to an adjust I
ment based upon the plan reported by the
Franchise Committee was presented by the
fundamental conditions imposed by the act of
Congress of 1870 readmitting Mississippi Into
the Union under which the State is forever
prohibited from Imposing an educational or
property qualification upou the right of suf
c anything be done which does not
ilolaie the spirit of Ibo fundamental con
ditions t Uo Ould think of but one thing and
that was to confer MilTrage upon the thIrty or
thirtylive thousand while women of MIsslK I
elliOt who owned property and were taxed I
llpl owne prpurty Wlro
thereon without representation txe I
The BpiHker aw danger in disturbing the I
great labor system of the Stats lie al > criti
cised the Australian system an ineffectual I a
it would bo liter tj touch negroes the name ot
candidates PO that they would be able to indi
cate their choice at elections though they were
unable to rnd
The polllax system be predicted would dig
franchise soot white men than iegroee Tbe
poor white men would not par It and the poo
iloiod mon would pay It with means fur
nished bv the lienubllcaa campaign funds as
wan the case In N irelnla
I he speaker than osayod to combat what he
called tho prejudice of education
olicd out ot
which came all the sentlmentaUlvthnt con
signed woman to her cphor and relocated
her to the hovel of 1 stave The women ho
said could rot b kept down They would
have their right
Benntor George and Messrs MoTean of
Grenada and Lace of Chickasaw spoke
against woman suffrage Gen 1 D Lee
President cif the State Agricultural College
and Mr Lekridce lollsbusha favored It
A inleltrunt Boubrclte
CIXCTNNATJ sept loA recent sensation in
local theatricals was the squabble between
Flora Moore and Ibo managers of The Hut
tier Mitt Moore refuted to speak the lines of
the author Low Itoaen claiming that th were
not exactly proper and Rosen retaliated by
telling the famous exponent of the Hunter
Bag Maghlentr song that thn wa not fitted
for the character hn had written for her fted
tav Mist Moore who tan she was given lo
understand that she was to b starred became
err indignant at llo ens remark sri1 i rofusd
to go on the stage alter the first act one night
Hhu reconsidered and c < nc nlod torosunm her
place In the company the next night Labor
lug tinder mental excitement Manager Keogh
and Mitt Moors nald harsh things about each
other and one result hat boon that Mitt Moor
retires from the new farce
TraciitflBH IluuJmunn Hat
Hrirxi Mont Sept lODanlol J Hand
raann the tragedian who Is In this city bat
started a suit for 13100 damages against the
Northern Isclfle llallroad Hit lisffgnge was
lost In transIt between Jlls oult and BIJno
Fails sro time agr Situ later he missed his
billing material which had 18 betn te t over
the ran The two limes compelled him to
mitt tatenil performances hence the t suit
1 Frl1 TrnU Wrecked
OAUriTOJ Texas Fept 10By the wrresklnt
of a frelcht Ira on the Missouri Kansas
aDd Tdjcim mail near WbUewrlgbt yesterday
0 nnkuown man ws killed and two wr
gioltaliod Mrouilv Injured Uv a car wr dt
molll od
I The Canadian Government officially
cially reports ROYAL an excel
lent baking powder superior to
all others in leavening strength
Bulletin jo Inland Rev Dept p t6
Uslllat Feed not eolr coolAlnt In Itself all lit
II twmlili l cf psiritUo 1 lt prtMtli Ibsu lrlIJ I b
rariti luSt Ike infant can dlciil sad MiiulUis Ultra
will prt S sue I Jun Cad more and Miltsue
U with tUllln race ibaS with 101 suJ Mlvlktrtl
airs tried U3e a 5k7 UUaH4 aell
Hunt Dab was tick ye cave her Outoria
Tf Ucn it was a Child sht crUd for Catloria
wit she became If IAS sbe clui I OattwU
r 1
TC utaroRT of J IMAt Flalm
ur OltRHNrU
Jit tlaa Cnlafrh KiyMrrn Team and A
rn rhytUlatu In bngland and to flUe
Country nnd fbi No AI44I > bf 44 0
finally irhm IV lienS fo Mr JWed y and i
ITditmnn nn < t now lie t Well Ageie
Mr Tom y riro on live at Ml Manhattac a v
Or tnpolnt ionr Island He I 1 maehlnlet IB 155 m
ploy at II I Ho I Co ih rot prlntlni nrrt I U n
tnrere nn lrnii tt la thle oily Mr Trruo t a vnr
Inleillirent ShiIlhtnsn I J Is a Lanciihlr maa anl
tonieqtientljr halls from eec of the prettiest parts af
plotresquoI2 LIlgtaed P
act I Uanhaltan 8 Ur apotDt
Mr r rrn laid ripo an Imtrwtlnr ttecy MM
other veninf He satil 1 had catarrh for lthta
ywn from lh lime I vai a boy 1 wtnt to tbrt doe
tot in England and Ofli in tliU country but 1 got IM
roust Irom their treatment On the contrary I SMms4
to ret wone all the tune etrrT 1me
C I al Ilb My note wu topped up
nntanoneeldeandtheimn lbs other and lomttlmts
It was stopped ni on both sides l I could aoareelv
breatna I couldntbrnno thrnnth my BOS =
to breath thronih my mouth NUCUI was continually
dropplni tack In my tbrnat Foinaiimes I would nt
choked up I conld hardly speak t err otten Df ItsO cd i
dolL heavy beadachee tIt aeroie my forehead Ttt r
catarrh affected my appetite SamsOn X aovia
eat scarcely fcnythlns i ttted to feel at tired In tb 1
mornlnr as thooxh I hadn been to JtrylI pp ft
didnt reel me I had a b tart lu mr month aad mjr
lange was coated In the morntnm anu dnrlnc ha day
oocatlonally I had sharp ehootlnK pains In mr olaek tt
At lact 1 rot relief Here ol last Narcbl went to Drs
McCoy and Wlldmsn Then I 0 relief Iumdw
come nn uptendldly I feel a quite dlOerent I rellow silo
SaDist now I sm about efl4 My ass Isnt etoppe4
up U more I dont have aar more beada er
Kalne Mr tenses lent coated any nor and I dent
lava a I a u < te in my mouth I reel now that I hive i
had a alb ret bb J le ap In thmoraines link iii
McCoy and Hitman hare done me a neat lr
rood and I feel veer 1lble h6al amo1 o
11 3lcfoy and mldman furnish alljnedlelneatrML
and their chervee for treatment so raaoaaU tftat
brr Within the resell otu t
Itrar Grand Central Depot t OII
Domettlo Sewing Ilaebin Bundlac I Clt
Oppoelte Aeademy of Mnale
Wr all cnrabl dlteuee r treated wttb saoctsa
SpclalU Catarrh all throat and chut < tlsata all
BerventdUeueB I ehronte dlaraent 1 a J
If ran lire at a distance wl for symptom blank
Addreei all mal to C East 4id IL ympm
omee hure9 to 11 A V 2104 p V 7 M 0 r It
Ully Sgndaistull AK 2id42r1t 1 I
itivotinn 1 Bolder Hard
wpriiif wiro 1 Hoft Solid brass
ruilHr thin hollow brawls
miK H holow hrnd Strong
ant clcnn 1 wonle and dirty cages
Snfoty j danger to IjirdB Dura
bility and valuo v 1 low pricoa and
flirnsinoss Tbo HENDEY2L Ti
common trash
m L 1
The Complaint hhowi That Two of the
MuBpeetcd fftmom Ar Btlll at I > nrxe
Troy Sept IOTho office of County Judge
Gtlmth presented a busy scene this rooming
the fact having leaked out that John loran
and John Cordial who had been arrested on
suspicion of complicity In the recent train
wrecking on the hudson Hirer Railroad between
tween Greenbnth and Coitleton were to have
an examination Many prominent members of
tbo Knights ot Labor Including E Leo D
1 W of No 2t8 were present The prisoners
were brought to court In 1 carriage In custody
ot Detective Humphrey and were rep
resented by Civil Justice William J Lud
don On being arraigned the prisoners
entered a plea ot not galltr to B charge made
In conformity to the provisions of section 635
of tho Penal Code which provides that a per
son who displaces removes Injures destroys
a rail sleeper switch bridge viaduct culvert
embankment or structure or any part thereof
attached to or appertaining to or connected
with n railway whether operated by steam or
horse or places any obstruction upon
the track ol such a railway or wil
fully discharge a loaded firearm or pro
jects or throws a stone or other missile
at a railway or at a locomotive car or
vehicle standing or moving upon a railway is
paaluhablo a follows If thereby the safety
of any person is endangered br Imprisonment
for not more than ten year In every other
CISo br imprisonment for not more than tbiee
Olt or by 1 tine of uot more tau KiU or by
Attorney Ludden requested t seo the com
plaint upon which tbo warrants woio issued
and the following wblch was produced shows
that two ot the suspected persons are still at
liberty to 8UaPct prons
talt tfAne Tort Rentielacr County u
To L wts l UriOUh BtnuslurConntyJudni run
cts A Hurrlmion ol u town ot ttaurrleik lu h
county of AlDny b lnr dtilr m dtpoici sod say
that on th fourth day of fttpumtMr IhuO mtlbv Iowa
01 bati urctobiuu mb county ot JtenM l ar Tbomu
usia jobn KMd Arthur Sail John Cordlil l and Jobu
Kl rnan md wuiaiiy and t ioaloa lr pbS an OMUUC
tloa apou a track of a ctrtala r tlwar tb properly of
a csrtaln corporation known as the Slew York Ceatral
ant Utii3 oa lOver Railroad wbvrebr tb safety of
many persons was coasntertd lit thtrcfort pray
mat lCa i proros may isis and Ihst u atuvwnuiI
Ibomu Ca John Sees Anbnr UuelL Jotio CordiaL
ana jotin Kitrnaa D appnli Ddd to select Said com
t and b dull wiui according to law
VI i at Troy count at Ksntitlaer 7ih day ot 5p
tsmur ie i
Hub crlb d and seers to before m this 7tb day of
Etpttmbtr IbM T A Uiaiinurox
L K UBtrma Bensislaer County Jude
The people who were represented bJ District
trial Attorney Kelly were ready to proceed
but Mr Ludden requested an adjournment as
he bad only just been engaged After consul
tatlnn Ibis was agreed to and the hearing was
adjourned until tintnrday morning it is l
doubtful however whether it will proceed a
that time as it is believed tbo accused Kill
waive examination to await the action of tbo
Grand Jury wblch will convene on Monda
Before the men were returned to jail D M W
Lee gave each of them tome Jai The prisoners
oners appeared to be In good spirits and Mr
Lee said that they would soon be admitted lo
bal Buell and Cain are still at large
ALBANY bept 10It was learned tonight b
oar correspondent that the company with all
its evidence derived from the confessions of
Heed and Cordial do not feel altogether cer
tain that they are on the right track or at least
that they have all the men concerned In the
wrpcklnl Today Frank Bnyiler brldzo In
spector for the Central a master engineer
from Kast Albany and flvo track laborers were
brought into tupt Blssells office and closely
questioned by the road official Hupt Illgsell
declined to say anything regarding this new
t n on hi hnpiinatn wnpa ndar
orders to k wnti ntI wits learned bow
ever that three of the laborers summoned had
been neen at about 1 oclock on Friday morn
ing Sept C coming down the Boston and Al
bany track and stopping at the Third avenue
or Mechanics street bridge In East Albany
They stopped t take a drink nt a hydrant but
when they saw that some one had observed
them they turned and ran away This circum
stance rendered suspicious by after develop
ments wa reported to Superintendent Blssoll
by Bridge Inspector Rnyder Today they were
found And brought lo the office whore
I they ware closely questioned about the occur
rences on the nlcbt of tbo wreck blo the
officials refuse to say what they gleaned from
the men I wan ascertained that they do not
come under tho bead of suspects but of wit
nesses land that what they saw that eight
will prove Interesting The faN nf f their
coming down the Boston and Albany track
Indicates that tbey came from tho direction of
tie wreck as the Boston and Albany And Con
tralHudson as farsonth as Htaata run nearly
parallel nod are not far apart The names of
the five laboreio could not bo obtained but all
live In or about East Albany nnd Greenbrjsh
It seems that In looking for the three wbo were
Been thatnleht two others were found who bad
been out late Thursday night This Is the
party of lT examined today accounted for
tho other two hnider and the matter engi
neer being Interrogated only a to thoIr obser
I vation of the others
Striken Claim that he New Iliindi are De
artng the Albany Yard
ABAN Bept 10The strikers Issued a bul
letin tonight which said that heir claims
that tbo new bane employed by the Central
rood would leave when the pay car arrived had
been verified Tbe men were paid off today
and the bulletin says Tonight three north
bound and three southbound freight trains are
laid up In East Albany yards their crews hav
ing deserted thorn and the yard there is com
pletely blocked In West Albany and Earners
yards the green bands are deserting In largo
numbers We desire to say t those in noed of
money that we will be able to relieve their Im
mediate wAnt In a few days
Superintendent Blseoll tonight denied the
statement that Iho new hands wore deserting
this company Ho said that only ton men bad
told the foremen of the different gangs after
they were paid off today that they were going
lo leave the city The Heavy rains ol Iolnl
nIght washed away the roadbed of tbo
double freight track In the West Al
bany yards near the transfer house for
about llity feet No freight WHS moved through
the yards from 3 A M today until noon when
the icadbed bad been 10 pal red heveral
freight trains on this account had been kept nt
West Albany and this may bay led the
Knight to believe that their crews bad aban
doned them bo obn
PtrrsnuBon Eept 10Offlclal notice has
been received in 1 this city that an assessment
of 25 cents has been levied upon each member
of the Hnlshts of Labor for the support of Ibo
hew York Central strikers
Oar Former Minuter to Oernany Weds
UU HeUa UacIlL
PHILADELPHIA Sept 10 Andrew Dlckton
White oxPresident of Cornell University
and Mitt Helen Maglll daughter of
Dr Edwin U Maiilll oxPresident
of Bwartbmore College wore married nt
noon today at the residence of the
brides parents at Swsrtmore The wedding
was a otiltt one although n number w8ddfnt
guished guests were Dissent There was no
ortlclutlng clergyman the Friends ceremony
being used thn bilde and groom standing
bund In hand and promising Iroom tandlnl
to this other until death shall separate them
The couple left Hwartbmore on the 1SO train
for a wedding tour that will last several weeks
At Its conclusion they will make their borne a
ftliaca N Y
CoBtvat Over Commodor Glyaaa EatIe
NEW HAVEX Sept 10A suit entered In tbo
Superior Court today developed a throecor
sexed contest over the estate of the late Com
modore James Olynn U B N valued nt
t500i0 Dr the terms of the will the
property was bill In trust for bis
wit and after tier death the died
3 few months ago was to revert t dIe
afcua Orphan Atrium There are two or
phan asylums at Canindalgua one Protestant
and one Catholic tind bulb claim th ttllant
Under tbete condition the titters of the de
c break uied the took will a bind In the fight and will tie to
LIPIL llt VlOrAr
Hb Tire a 94 Hear or Her AOTaar
Old Hneband
JED BAKK Sept la John 0 Dltcnwriy a
wealthy Now York lumber dealer canto here
to board at the De Forrest Ious about July 1
and during the Itttsr part of the month he was I
Introduced t Miss Geitrudo Bmock I very
pretty girl who Iliad with her tnotbur and tit
ter In Wnlnc street Mr Dlsosnay was very
much taken with her On AUK 0 the couple
drove to the Wost End Hotel at Lone
Branch and there had tbo horse and
buggy taken care ot They took a
train for New York city where they
wore married They west to Ibo Metropolitan
Hotel Mr Dlsoiwar Is a flnolooklne portly
man of about 10 Ills wife waR 1 roar old on
Aua 17 After tbo couple went t the Metropolitan
politan Hotel on the night of their nodding I
toloaram was sent to Mrs Bmock the brides
motor telling her nf the marriage On Mon
day followIng Mr Dlsotwny came beta to see
his mothorluIaw JIc told her he would try
and make her daughter happy and although
Mra Smock was very much put out she con
cluded tomnko the best of It and In fact she
was very much pleased with Mr Dltoswoys
manner The couple came here and took the
rooms at the Deforrest Douse tbnt Mr Bison
way bad boon occupying
Mr Oisutway is a pretty little woman and
ba bad many admirers and not more than a
month beforo her marriage with Mr DUosway
she wont In company with Albert Burrowoi
who Is 20 years old to a minister at Fair
Haven two miles east of hero and thoy requested
quested that he should marry thorn The min
ister Mr Luppo rotated to perform the cer
moor on account of the youth of the couple
A day or more after this Mr llurrowen and
Miss Smook bad a spat nnd they erased to bo
on speaking terms Ibo bad another suitor In
a low days Ho was a young man who was
boarding nere for a low weeks Tho young
couple became engaged and they wore en
gaged It Is said when Miss Smock met Mr
Dlsosivay and was married On tho mcht sho
married Mr JJUosway sho sent a note to tho
young man to whom she was engaged telling
wa entued
him It was all over between tbpm 10lni
lOOk place in loss than thirty days the attempt
to marry one man engagement to marry
another and a marriage with a third mary
When Mr and Mra Jjlsostray camn here to
board at the Doforrest House everything went
all right for about oTenlhh1 Then
Mre JJhosnay made up tier mini l she must
make peace with young Burrowe and when
Mr Ultosway had gone to New lork to attend
to hIs business the young wife went to look lor
her friend Site found him and they were seen
talking together quIte often after that
Mrs Mnock the young lodyn mother heard
ol tliesa mootlncn and sot about to find out
whether she heard the truth 01 nor the was
soon convinced that her daughter was not do
log quite right hr her husband and she told
the husband so Mrs fraock and Mr Discs
way talked tho thing over ant made some ar
rangement as to the future but lust what the
arrangement was has nut been learned Any
way air DisoHWay told his wife about that
time that he must go to Canada
on buslneHanrt that ho would bo gone a week
or more He eave her money and told her to
cotoAsburr Park and board for a week Ho
went away bat not to Canada It Is said
His wife went to Asbury Park about the first
of last week and about tho middle of the week
young Durrowes left hail lltnk The young
couple hnvo been seen together at Asbury
Park They evidently left that place about Fri
day for Mr Dlsosway received a note from his
wife sating that she wonld like tlOtl BO she
and Al could cpt aWay 1 hlft note nnmo It la i
said from Brooklyn It is thoucht that Mr
Dlsosway sent tbem money but If he did his
purpose is plain for a lawyer hero was con
soIled and Mr Dlsoaway resolved to ue for a
divorce Young Mr liuirowcs In the ton of
Joseph T Ilurrowes a wellknown business
man of this plucp
Mr Discs way ban caused the following no
tim tn tie published
All person are forbidden to give trust or
credit on my account to my wife Gertrude U
lilsosway late UPrtruilo U Smock as I have
separated Irom and sued her for absolute di
vorce and will pay no debts of contracting
Mr Rurrorrcs and Mrs Ulsosway when told
that Mr Ii nsway was about to begin proceed
logs for a divorce stated that they were glaj
ol It and thorn was apparently a mutual un
derstanding between them that as soon as tho
divorce wan granted they would get married
They stayed while in Brooklvn at the Grand
lintel On Monday they went to the Hotel
Itoyal in hew lork
Sabln Ostrandor the hero of Brockenridgea
backwoods story The Bee Hunter a book
famous In Pennsylvania and Ohio fifty years
ago died near St Marys Io on Sunday aged
DO years He was one of the last ot the typical
frontier woodsmen and was never seen with
out his gun and two or three dogs at his heels
Ho lived In the woods as fur away from settle
ments as bo could get and had no associates
Ho was undoubtedly the oldest active hunter
In the world It being only within the past tbreo
months that ho was unable to make his usual
excursions in the woods Ho hunted while the
Indians still had hunting grounds In Pennsyl
vania and Ohio and In all his long life of ex
posure and hardship bad never had a days
sickness until last June
James Howard Broen died on Tuesday night
at Sill State Btnet Brooklyn in his 36th ear
Ho was a member ot the old printing firm nf
Hallott > V llreen Ho was one ol the best
known Catholic Inyiion in Brooklyn being
acthely connected with the tot hollo Benevo
lent Le8in thu Itoman nthollo Orphan
Asylum the St latrlck Society and the Emer
ald Society lIe was an ardent Irish National
ist lie lures a wluovr u son and two dnugh
ters Tny funeral will take ulace from the
Church of Our 1 ady or Mercy in Debovoltu
place tomorrow morning i
Judlali higgins President of tho Hunterdon i I I
County National Bunk died at lila homo In i
fclemlncttin N J on Tuesday aged U yours
Until a few weeks ago he was n remarkably i
vigorous old num both mentally and phi si I
cally He hart been 1iesldent ot the bank for i
tweutyllvj years and was troll known all over i
the btato I 1
n Mother Mary Cecilia for debt years Mother
Buuerlor of the hprlnirllold Mass bisters of
Bt Joseph died yesterday morning bite was 1
born in Hushing L L In 1S10 bite became
connected with the SIsters St Jistiih when
18 Tears old and had been In tnebpringiield
diocese for sixteen years
Morris Gould deacon since 18SO of the Con
greeatlonal i hutch in Black Hock Conn died
on Tuosauy night at that pRice at the auo ol 9 i
yems He was a builder of ninny tine retl
denote In Bridgeport and thiee sona who eur
vise him continue the butlnesn and are alto
deacons I i
John J Mauler aeronaut who died at La I
ft cite lad rorently aiod 35 wan fnrmerl a
stage mnnager aud performer variety then t
tree Lately hu became a balloonist and para I
chute jumper and and made many successful
ascension and descents I I
Thomas McQrath a ticket seller with Fulford
A Cas circus was accidentally shot and killed
by Mlllam Lrtlle one of the proprietors at
Concordla Sin several days ago Mollrath
had been with the Baruum Forepauuh an
other big tent shows
Charliit M GoodselL Belratman died of
typhoid fever at his home in Woodbury Coon
on Wednesday mornlnc lie had held knveral i
offices among them that of Bberirr of Llteb
field county He was proprietor of Burtons
Mills la Mlnortown
Mrs Emily H Reese aged M 165cc was
found doad In bed at her home In Albany yes
terdar tnornlug Heart failure was the
Htorilted cause rihe was the widow of John
Ilrese und the late flea Amos Pillsbury
Max Doctor the wholesale meat dealer who
died at his home CJ Lest HeventyMlm Street
Hunilay was Lionel < l yetterday Mr Doctor
was unoot the ploneertof Washington Market
Jules Cbaumont Inventor and manufacturer
number of tbs llrm of JJUance i tjrosjsstu j ol
Voodbaeii J and New York died Tues
day led CH rears
Mitt Jane Hoiton the oldest natlre resident
or t lb town of Moses Ontario county died on
Tuesday In the house whore she was born
aged 87 years
llobttt F bterns cite of the leading milk
dealers In Brooklyn 1111 yesterday at 121
Washington avenue Band GO
Btfior Etpadtro tu farnout Kpanlth pianist
If I sutopg the sicent deaths > ii bib never rU >
lIed toll country
G4FUflftn AROVT COL suzranns
twaty Other tVh > Wr Invited Pr
rrr4 Chowder sad Other Vnlaar
EatrtalBS Bt Depaw and JUIIIrr Thora
The last ray of yesterdays setting inn
glistened on the church spires that stand like
sentinels In a big circle around the Union
League Club Now and then a prism or two
cammed from the crystal lyre atop of
the Casino down thirtyninth street
right on to tint glittering root ot tile
home ot pure Beptibllcanltm and beautlflo
beverage Half an hour before the sky was of
1 the color of last summers russet shoes and
the dust whirled In the streets oven on Filth
avenue and rain was expected But lust at
the critical moment a cab rattled un to
the main entrance ot the club on Thirty
ninth slropt and a gentleman with
snowy whiskers glltterfng glnsoa well poUod
on illghtlr elevated nose and a complexion
like that ot next summers russet shoes hopped
out and tiptoed across the walk and stopped on
the big stone step loading to the gorgeous club
house Then he turned full around and with
head so erect tbat his hat came within an ace
of polknlng down his back ho gazed heaven
ward The look was calm and almost compla
cent though there was a shade ot reproach
Presently the dark clouds passed and gave
place to others of lighter hue and these wore
quickly followed by the glinting rays already
mentioned But not till those appeared did
Col Elliott F Bhepardfor the gazer was he
turn to enter he club and the light upon his
face as he did so was almost seraphic
It was the night on which ho haul spread an
other feast In the club house for the leaders ot
this Ilopubllcun County machine and be want
ed fair went her Things mighty In the citys
concern ware to bo discussed and possibly
the nations welfare and luture for many
years ahead was to come up There bad been
rumors for a number of days that this feast
would not have a full Board Borne of the
machinists wore out of town others were op
posed to the Colonels editorials on the Repub
lican county situation and sllll others had
been ungracious enough to say that the Col
onels siirendt were becoming tiresome
for the reason that an axe ol some kind
was being ground and even after the fourth
toast that they had only caught a glimpse of
the handle But after oil the Colonel felt
sure that the boss would win out If they could
only have a bright night
The Colonel was soon in the main corridor
awaiting hlscuest > Ho was not In full even
inn logs as be had notified the machinists that
this was 5 siloS rrrrmonte aflalr It
Is true that Sol Smiths court inter
preter and others owned by the lo
publlcan machine had been badgered
out of the senses by the machinists and their
friends to kuow what this meant but the
Colonel knew what It meant he went to Franco
a number of years ago and he was too polite
a hoit to come out In splendor when nercbanco
some of his guests might coma around In
But the Colonel still stood expectant In the
corridor Ho soon learned that Denny illicit
nnd Johnny Gunner had cone off to a
It grew ilark and Mill the Colonel waited
Suddenly hu smiled again and with out
stretched hand bo welcomed Johnny Blrno
eon tne brickcolored blood of the birth Mr
Hlmpson wore the clothes In which he
attends afternoon teas In Attorney
streeta frock coat red scarf stripped
trousers and a Derby Ills coat bulged some
what nt the side nearest bin heart as if be
carried a marble tile under it It was noticed
that the coats of the Colonels other guests
and they began to straggle in right alter Mr
Htmpson all had the same peculiarity Jacob
M Jnttotson who Is to try to wrest the
nomination for Sheriff on too combine
ticket from Mr Fimpson had the tile under
lilt coat So did John olllns John Grimes
William L Townley Police Justice bol Smith
Marshal Jacobus George Deane Henry Kropf
Orator Bernard Blglln Leader Prentlco just
In from Europe George Wanmaker who
had forgiven the Colonel for Inviting him
to drink milk Deacon Raison Wobbar and
Stove French It wa < observed that when
thkde fifteen were corralled In the main cor
ridor they all unbuttoned their coats and
ptllled out the tiles They proved to be the
menu card which the Colonel had thought
ttillv enclosed with Invitation card nnoMlilo
In thtr hope nf arousing the cloyed appetite of
the machlneats
It was now approaching the hour set for the
feast The gathering In the great corridor
looked small and the Colonel became fidgety
But how calm and serene ho wan when the
next Instant H tall wellformed gen
tleman In full evening attire strode
through the entrance and approached him It
was Mr Cliauncer Mitchell Depew and toil
how glail the Colonel wa to greet him He Is
bound that Dr Depew shall run for foraetbing
this fall He wants him If nil his own hopes
fade to take the Mayor chair It that seat Is
not expansive enough for Mr Depew the
Colonel wants him to take a shy at the Guber
natorial cnalr and after that an u natural so
nuance to ascend the 1residentlal throne Dr
Depow br his presence atone mode up for the
nine absent leaders and the eleven other
Invited OHM who had not responded
But the Colonels joy was not to end there for
in walked Dr W aruor Miller and he too was
in hIs evening splendor After that the Colonel
decided not to lot the soup crow any colder
and all ambled up stairs to the private dining
There Dr Depew was seated on the right
and Dr Miller on the loft of the host The
others were bunched un near him and tho
vacant chairs looked all the vncanter
Tbo dinner was n late one that Is It wa not
over until past midnight It was considered
with but one or two exceptions a Straight lie
publican ticket affair But who was It
a straight Kentibllran or a combine
engineerwhp pinrced through Thirtyninth
sireet iii lhj direction of Third avenue inst as
the bells of the Church of the Heavenly Best
said it was midnight carolling
No FlnaBtla Disorder Likely to Rearm
treat Heavy Hprelnl VTItlidrawaU
Auditor Job M Comstock of the Naval Office
sent out the following statement yesterday In
response to a request from Charles It Flint
and other merchants
compliance with your request I have
made Investigations with a view of determin
ing the probabilities of heavy payments of dit
ties upon goods specially withdrawn in
anticipation of tho enforcement of the new
Tariff law I nm glad to soy that the
figures I shall mote effectually explode the
exaggerated stories now afloat and that the
amount of money which may be specially
required for duties CHnnnt under any clr
cumetances tw large enough to produce
financial disorder In banking cIrcles
1 am preparing a iareful computation of 10
bavoo duties and will In n day or two lo alibi
to show you the maximum limit ol such duties
The exact amount of estimated duties upon
Rood Ip bonded warHh > > uoi on June JKl lW
tnt 1titli njO The duties on KOOU en
tered In Iond slncu that date are usfollows
Jniy maximum i < i uo >
Aucuei tnitiiiniim 11 norm
piemWr tuilmate liVoj uo I
AiM halumeof June 3U i7uuuo
From this amount deduct withdrawals al
ready tmd Hily tjinOOuu August 52Vi
110 estimated ronttfmbei 5rSu IIIIJ do
duct aisoior uviltidrainta lice of duty for ex
port inil triitisport tllJu000 Iflaun1 to
malnter it hduilifikt I
This aiUHiint thin repress lie maid I
mum estimated duty on toods In bond ici I
in iajo l but this will hi till niribor ie
dueeil say HUUUIKKI by refund In liquida
tion on account of iizceeslt estimate > lear
Jng t20ish 000 Now a portion 01 the KO < di
represented by this lat nnioiint will bo un
obaticeil in elasMllciitlon for duty nud n in > r
tloii will be liable m u lower title oldutr umlnr
the new tariff Such goods will mit i
be premituiflv wthdrwii For lnntanc
the sugar bold In hoot will liitvely
onset liis toliiicr tritItlil awn Mi mnxlmuiii
estimate of duller n goods speelully tl ii i
drawn In Oitober In
antlclpuilon of the new i
tariff is lit 0011000 The i ordinary current I
pa > merits for duties nverava About MXHK i
par oar aid thIs amount will not be largely I
For a hush llflvrren IVtlchurd sad Ja
raouisirt Kept laThe Oladiton theilc Hub
has oRerxl a pUns ra iso i fora coniril briwetn 14
hunch lid TuI IlllclierJ it niilin i miditie shut
La tilsosli tao wrlurii ihil lie I Will liI4 l ITIlcl d n
l liuuod > 115 eor lake iwo Quill 515 i VJV silir
Unlni rilrlej i iriividi < ihm me purse ie dlrljij
UWU to tae vliiuer anil ina the loier
Fine SEKSIS xo FOLLOW nrtar
Btrnnchv A Co flamed Oat and cbs Ilariem I
Theatre Andangered h
Btransky k Cas dry goods and notions store
In Harlem was burned out last night for the
third time in seven years The Ore originated
less than ou hour after the place had been
locked up for the night and spread
rapidly People living In tenements nearby I I
say there was an explosion about tho time the
flames wen first noticed Four alarm ot
fire were sent out In rapid succession
Tnldnr Itaolcnr the nIght watchman was
surprised in tie building It wan reported lato
last nlaht and was t llevod by many ot the
firemen that he perished In the flames He
was seen In the building after the fire Was die
Mrnnsky it Co occupied tire building on the
northeast corner of 125th stieet and Third
avenue seven year ago and were burned out
there They moved to the southeast corner
and on July 6 18SG were again burned oat
under circumstances wblch made the event
memorable In the Firo Department Three
alarms and some special calls had already been
sent out when Pecond Assistant Chief McCabe 141
toot charge He Kent out the threoslxes call
but the lire was out before hall the
engines arrived at the scene Chief
Hhny made charges of ineompetenor I
against McCare for Rending out the call
and ho was dismissed tho service Twenty
months afterwards ho was token book as one
ol the wo department chiefs the office bo
now holds After title fire Htransky Co
moved to Third avenuo and 121 street They
foiled tlioio two years ago and recom
menced business In the building burned
out last nlcht Thi bulldjng extends frorn
125th street near Third avenue through 10
124th street It IH pimply n brick frame with
Iron and glass front It occupies a single lot
No 182 on East 125th street and Is there o
Bluclestorr building On 121th stroetthobulld
Inc Is two stories high and occupies two Iota
The entrance to tbo Harlem Theatre Is
five doors to tho west Its stage
butts up against HirnnskyV store
If thn fire had occurred an hour Inter the the
atnr would Pain been nrowdoi with penpo
No erformnnco i could he given last night
The nrornt members of the unit are Maurice
mill IncMiKtmnskv brnthori
The MisKoi Kaufmnnn live In n stone mna it iiJto
clot mIle of the levolution whlcli faces the
l4th street stile ot the building on the west
Miss P Knulmiinii noticed u curious flickering
light In H window on the second lloorit little
before 7 oclock last night and suspected fire
She Tin acroim the lawn and looked In at
the JlrKtHlory window Mght Watchman
lecher was seated loathe She culled him by
name and toM him them ins n lire
uti lnlrf > Then Mlp Kaufmann de
epatchod her young 5 star to im
hoiuA on IVdli attest Sits Sty
by that tim the flumes ware bursting out ot
this oennd story wlndowo of he building both
on the Mo and th front Their fury clamed
the whoa linns soil thus family gathered up s
thou jnmll valuables nod fled f
About tlie ntiie tlm Policeman James Lamb
sent lu in alarm Tlio lumen warn In the I
DHC > ol the store While t he wn looklncln lira 1 j
birnnKky wife of on f the llrm cams J
rnpidlv down 12ith uroet Irom the west
In c moan with a ynnnit man whom the po 4
llO ninn rocnln > l as u tinder lo the store fjf
B it waswxtremely ejirit il It woo now just
alter 7 nrjoek The Store bud been locked nt 6
oVloeL rind nil had gone home but the night
wn < chm n illS fitratuskys live In the Dakota
tRite lit bevuntyBccona stioct and Klcuth
a von no
The tlrst alarm reached the flrt companlea J
just before 7 oclock iiiul Engine US
wi on the spot almost nt oncn When r I
the llremoti got there the entire > ee
nl Poor was burning fiercely I he fir
hail eiitnn through the Poor and wan dropping i
brands upon the ground llcor which developed
sin h heat that the building rould not be
enered The men HtluckeU the lire through
a dole in the roof and through the windows
When extlMcilhed there was almost noah
log left ol the stock The lire bail evidently
orlflnito1 on the iscoifi door and rundown
the light I shaft In I liii mlddln nf the buiuili rig
It p > notrne < l tlio cellar and destroyed all the
siniV time if
Jacob Sirnusky put the loss to took nt 1125
boil and said It nan Inuiod to about three
fourths its value Hu said tie could
not account for lie fire Chief of
Insurance Hull Interviewed Mr Htransky
at Rome length He toM a HUN reporter that
the tolc wa > fully Insured and expressed
prsai doubts about lu being worth f lUSKVt
fren tile lilt o Hint was left HIM stock np
fenrfd o consist of > ery cl enp riualltltt
I tie police estimated HIP Ins to JAIKKI Ths
liu i Ii big wnlcli ft leiied ly ih I firm la ilum
nLoll ncrordinc lo the police to lbs extent of
f 15 edO

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