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GOOD Ai prompt mpoBM TENANTS characttrtu aBoard RfiTTARTTr OM the AVTES CU
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WlniomWhre im Heaator
glorsaaniNaUoaal BuhtacAetAmejad
e l lMonay EaI P All Around
foerettry Wlmloms unfortunate Interviews
abllnbedon Sunday and Monday oontinu t
ltlil WIth the money market tbe Interest of
he business community Dank officials br
t lr relation to the Treasury Do
ruo 01 f Iblr relatonl t Tuurr Do
urtment are not impolitic enouRh to express
uJlr views regarding Mr WIndom and bis
jolley lot publication At tbo moment they
irs bent upon helping Mr Windom to net
a bonds that he has expressed a willing
lesl to buy today for they appreciate the
oiitrsblllty of getting 20000000 moro
tot of the Treasury at once Though
tier do not ray much oxcopt to their Intlmato
usodatei their mental observations a so
rleorouB that they can almost boheard Other
tmlB ss men who though as deeply Inter
Mtedaa boIJUS the bankers In the success ot allot
Ur fflndoms expedients do not occupy
iellctte positions In relation to the monetary
tltuatlon batik officials do are exceedingly
cstspoken tn condemning Mr Wlndoms
Wondering maufostoes
I They argue that Mr WIndom hAS by assort
exhausted his and the
jajtthat be ba powers ad
ruourccs ot the Treasury put himself Into a
position that may embarrass him greatly I
trisent measures fall to afford permanent re
U lf f And even I they succeed a similar emer
jsney le 1 liable to arise in December and again
la March and on those occasions the Secretary
nay find himself hampered by his recent utter
1 wees even a he Is now embarrassed by hy
le ig t make good Mr Elaines campaign
I regarding the deposits of public
tJd < res reladlnl deposit publo
JelU national banks The
Done In blnks resources
ct the Treasury would hardly be ex
hausted for the moment even I all
wnton It baa offered to make
of f the payments wblcl ha olered mak
between now and Oct 10 were made at once
Thin the accumulation of money in tho Treas
ury Till co on afresh until the extravagant
appropriations of Congress begin to depleto
them That may take a long time as some of
the lamer appropriations as for instance
I Ice contained In the Dependent Pension
r i act will have to be preceded by an immense
amount ot red tape for the expense ol which
provision has not yet been made
In the judgment of the ablest financial men
In this cltj the Administration will eventually
nave to come to the deposit of a part of the
Government collections In national banks and
thor maintain that Congress should take up at
onto the subject of modifying the relation be
ten the Treasury and the national banks A
very strong argument is made In favor of the
distribution ot Internal revenue receipts
among the national banks of the principal r
urte cities I different sections of the country
Bimily New York Boston Philadelphia Chi
cago and New Orleans The deposits should
b apportioned among the banks according to
their capital and surplus combined In that
ay there would be no possibility of favorite
Urn and each bank would obtain deposits In
proportion to the security which it could offer
I tu own resources and also in proportion to
its business
The law under which such deposits ore now
made namely section 6153 of the Itemised
Elutes provides that Tbe Secretary of
t shall require association thus
designated to ale satisfactory security by the
dlDOslt of United Elates bonds and otherwise
for tie safekeeping and prompt payment tho
pablio money deposited with them I Is Bug
tested 1 at this be mollified so that the Gov
I eminent nnull have only such protection as
ether depositors enjoy namely the capital and
1 larplus of the bank together with tbe liability
ot its stockholders to the extent of the
amount ot their stock theruln at the par value
Unroof In addition to tbo amount inxested In
loch nusroa Aa the national banks are
the creations of the Government and their op
erations ar restricted and supertlsed by op
sad their condition constantly subject to Fed
eral Inspection It would noeni that the Treas
ury would be amply seemed In making do
pits In the mauner outlined above The
I bnelnfss of the country Hue always had to
Itrucale agatuEt the SubTreasury system and
It will unquestionably labor under that dls
advantage until the SubTreasury system Is
abolished or at least modified radically
The present trouble dates from last Novem
her when tbo subject of contracting the Gov
ernment deposits in national banks was first
agitated The financial situation has been
S truwlne Wore ever since A few people in
J F Val Street kuow that the Administration was
frightened as to tim financial outlook a few
I pays ago ilmt the pollor of resuming deposits
I national banks was practically duoided
upon without consulting Mr WIndom The
lict is slmnly mentioned now to show that the
entire outfit at Washlngtonlsnotas hidebound
en the subject as the imbllo has been led t
hal Street not In the speculative sense but
ute flnanclal centro of the country Is begin
ning to ask what has become of the amend
meats to the National Banking act which
were offered In the Senate some weeks ago liv
S Senator Uherinan They were referred no the
Committee on Finance of which Senator fiher
aBates member and excellent information
j from Washington has all along Informatol
fect that Senator Hbcrman was to bring them
np as oon tut the Turin bill had been dis
posed or Nothing has been beard of them
Slur they were referred I is understood that
the House le ready to pass them at the
present session Similar amendment r
Introduced lr that body months ago and the
Western members agreed to vote for them afu
the barer bill should have been passed but
alttr Senator Sherman took the subject up It
was conoeded that ho could have the honor of
tutting them through the Senate first Conic
CUlnUy II rests wlUl him to luke tne flrit tP
toward their adoption llelhe alp
Thoe amendments I enacted would have
l three distinct beneficial results They would
sable the national banks that have clrcula
lon to Increase that circulation
outstanding Increle
U per cent that Is up to the par value of the
toads deposited to secure inch circulation In
atn v about J15000UOO Cuht clreulatoD b to
the currency at a cost that would not exceed
the minting of the notes Vet the additional
Jui ° i notue would be amply fecured be
Causetho bonds upon which ttiey are baaed
Jf lilting at a premium 26 per cent In
ciaiGtally It would encourage national banks
ncourlO natonal baks
RJ ularly at the Wet to take out clrcula
lion I second and obvious freot would be
I HJ II would prevent the retirement of na
tWBil bank circulation which la now Rolnl on
St It rat 01 I000UOO per month taut fl at
uit saouW tblt
t L lull limit al ced by la mOnth the third
BUce they woud lacliale the orallon of
Bittonal banks since they would reduce to a
lnicnum the amount pf United Blatea bonds
sow required to b deposited In forming such
I VD association They would also release a
tug amount of bonds deposited by existing
rouas win I the Treasury Department to secure
Ifoaur lpamnt
2j cijarterL ft tls I I surprising conitlderiiig
the advantage to be derived from them that
to smenuuuents have not received I prompt
aleni lOb 01 the bands 01 Conzrees or rather Ie
would the be surprising 1 Congress legislated for
People and not for tl politician
It UtOflIy market aix all around
wa ea
VSBtrday Oli the block Exchange call loans
tran romto c li cent with exceptional
the flJSH11 above Bn below those acploJa Ilr
trin Jmtla a number of weeks moderate
KrteS in commercial
alonslil cJumeclal paper wr ref
Soer ai j I said to bnl been flrsUclaaa
1 oulsafr al w M olibr f leading banking
at Y per cent The demands from toe
ntgrf I Pr nt
f eras orfor money wee not < luTI as urgent 110
hive i
Iui4rl J i va < end In i PI6e of answering
t > iWl far accommodatIon ill averatr I
DiOtlre1dnt al Mn I good < dial 01 his tinul
l4tijg hi Oo It
their I iZrilf Otonurs and frisndii to sell
u f L > r cent bonds to Ihn Oovrnn3nt n
dy Ihl
yi at < OOvmlDt
1L S 7i0J current quotation AItbor
IrtOIIcurrlh assntsr than AJjustbcr
W ay CI Sfwr tocaplt r all r
ti k thu cr14rr Wjpdoi who Is 1W on
VssLUou 00 wl0 rif I
UOI lII with tbe outlook
JIII rdse
Inj 01 It 4 As reIUrrlobl 5
IkLri itsruley and PTV
1t rhl on rudetc3 4 al aid 41 1 11
11h 11 lIt 11 the fil1 bintpp day In
II lul1dluug
I 101 Ur ivuv checks
l fe I aid out io In ggrgits of over 11 lk
II fur th I IOeuwtto II f Cuunhus Irltu scud
gr ll1r collection osr 6QtU jf the
tf JOoo Dml oj the pip
LuNtlQs 10 Jt
Ilr ft J1rtf Ir W 11lf Ot lua tu
I f I UUsnMhybg U t Btabtu ot
the Chamber of Commerce wa held In i 9ie
Ommer 1 11 th
afternoon to taUt abut the xett n of the
pew duties ulde the AeRID bilL lraldenC
nimmone L Of the lonh National Junk offered
these rlolnUon ona
T5rfi it lipreId4 teorbytbe ee called MeKlnley
jSjjyyiwatifietlm for nraevugtbe goods now 1 la
bond an < shall net eiund beycne the 1st et Nevsmbsr nest
anI HJ The limited time allowed for sieh removal
wpild 1 < eaaie an ninsnal dsrnaid for insecT from Im
porters and thereby increase the rreeeat stringency ot
> ° eni8ney market al a tine when all 1 tbe currency Is I
needed for erep moving puree < ea therefore
Biffna That It Is Tr MIS of this lbarabor that It
wrald be ilrl tbe benefit of WI entire commer
cial and easiness Inisreits of the country that too time
forremivrlng goods now In bond be extended ta reb I
irl and this Chamber vrgently requests that rb h
pej so I
Mr Simmons la a Democrat bat the resolu
tions were seconded by Air Cornelius V miss
a Jelub loan and were unanimously adopted
Col Frederick qonkllng suggesting that copies
erck VnkllJr lulCIUng lel
be sent t the ITeMcfentrto the President of
the Senate and Speaker ned
Auditor Parry ot the Custom Home yester
dar prepared for Edward II AmraMown the
Sctual amount of goods In warehouse up to
B npu 1 for the last three yean I louBe
PJJJHJ U3nss7oa
Sept 1 IWIO n3
sept i DUO 178J71S a13
This conclusively demonstrates tbe actual
Jncreasfi from tlept 11118 to Sept 1 IBini to
b 18729110 Furthermore I was learned
that seveneighths of the Increase are con
slgnad goods and will b returned In the event
of their not finding a market In other words
the reeds have not been actually purchased
and the new duties afl not obligatory non
them Them Is no doubt in the estimation of
merchants that a good part of them will bo re
turned to their al owners w1 b ro
CHICAGO Beps 1 owner a B Farwell
0 D
writes the following letter to the Inter nsl
I sea a good deal said In the papers about
< dea Bad
c r
tho tightness in the money market and that
fort WIndom has been called upon to re
lievo I The finances the country can never
be in a healthy condition when it Is required
that the Secretary of the Treasury shall b
asked to step In and relieve stringency which
periodically occurs No one man should have
I In bis power to make money either cheap or
dear The Government Is collecting more
money than I spends su that according to the
last Treasury statement there Is now locked
up in tbelrarlous BubTreasuries of tho coun
try 1107000000 over and above the liabilities
of tho Government Lo Uablie
The total amount held In the various Sub
Treasuries is something over 700000000 Bub
tbe Government holds as security for this vast
sum of money the bonds ot tho respec I I
tive BubTreasurers signed by their fends I
for about onefortieth of this amount Now
if the BubTreasuries could be wholly
b boly
abolished and money deposited in the
national banks with adequate security
taken for the whole amount Instead ot
onefortieth which Is l given by those who now
hold this money Mr WIndom would not b
required too into Wall street to regulate the
finances Th money would b safer than It
now t and a half million of money per annum
would be saved by lh abolition ot this system
here never was any good reason for the es
tablishment of the lubTreaul system and
It ought to be forthwith repealed
TO rvtfXEL tfEir rOll BAY
A Hill In Conareee PrCTtellnir for the Carry
lug Out or air VTlmaaa Plus
Tho scheme t connect Staten Island and
Long Island by a tunnel under New York Bay
at the narrowest point of the channel la begin
ning to take definite shape A bill to authorize
the construction of such a tunnel was intro
duced in Congress yesterday by Bepresenta
tlvo Covert of New York and It referred
tvo Cvrt was rfered to
the Committee on Commerce Tho concern
seeking the franchise from Congress is tho
New Jersey and Staten Island Junction Rail
road Company a corporation of which Erastus
Wlman Is President
The plans of the projectors are now given
out for the first tmo The Immediate point in
view 1 to give the trunk lines now centering
on the Jersey sbore a Brooklyn terminus The
ultimate plans It Is 1 said have com connec
tion with Austin Corblns scheme for a gieat
landing place ol ocean steamships at Montauk
Lone leland but nothing Is Bad about that end
of the enterprise by tbe projectors ta
Mr VlmnnH company was incorporated
three years ago and be says that the physical
features of the enterprise nave been thorough
If intesticated and that there Is no doubt
about the feasibility of the scheme The route
as It bun beu laid out I from the Arthur Kill
brldco Across the contra of btaten Island be
hind the hills and I comes out at Stapleton
ou the vast shore The route is about six
miles lona It has been surveyed and a part
of tbe right ot way has already been purchased
The point whore it is I Intended to begin tun
I nell la I about I mile back of btaptoton and
I I declared that the descent to the lowest
point under the bay can be made very gradual
The water Is only iblrtyflve feet deep at the
deepest spot so that the tunnel need not b
greatiy deprasned lbs material nearly all the
way Is believed to be a hard soapstone which
Is easily worked but very strong and will
not require much artificial support Tbe
point of ogress on the SlP por Island
side is designed to be a short dis
tance south Ol Bay Ridge whence the route
contemplated is From the mouth of the tun
nel across Gowanus Bay and along Columbia
street to Atlantic avenue Crossing over At
lantic avenue through a block to Furman
street and along tbat street t the Fulton
Ferry boas where nearly all of the elevated
and surface railroads terminate From Fulton
street is proposed to run along Water street
in northeasterly direction to the mouth of
Wallabout Bay and after crossing It follow
First and Franklin streets to uswtowa Creek
From this point the road is designed to run
along the waterfront until It meets the pro rn
jected East Illvor tunnel
Mr Wima said yesterday that the cost of
the tunnel proper about two and onehalf
miles long would be about 1250000 per mie
and that the total cost of construction would
be about a 00 acoring to the estimates
of Hmln ark lie amrms that the necel
sari capital wiLl b forthcoming and that the
work will be completed three years after I Is
begun Mr linen Is I very sanguine abut the
enterprise He estimates that the saving to
cos of coil wnloh Brooklyn burns would m It
self par the interest on the cost of construc
tion He says
Over two million tons a annually con
sumed In these cites and fifty cents on half of
this amount could be saved by the 9conomv
possible from avoiding Its delivery by water
and hoisting It out of canal boats No soeclu
connection Is contemplated with any one road
The Idea Is slmoly t afford trackage for the
eight or nine trunk lines which In New Jersey
converge near th Arthur Kill bridge on their
approach to New York Of course If this
scheme could be still further extended so a thl
include a bridge across tie Met Itlver I per
fect connection could thus be afforded with
the Eastern Btates wlU
2lore shady Plaaaelal Traaeactloae Cn >
ataatlr Comlacc ta LIlt
I BOSTON Bept 16ftthlt the trouble piles up
around Bankers Potter LovelL They
havent been arrested again on any criminal
charge although thee Is a man bore from
Batavia I IlL who says be has the power to
compel Bostons dethroned financiers to pay
another visit to the criminal court That
crmna cour
mans name is William n Vannortwlck He
says be has beef treated In tbe same
manner that Charles Illchardson of Phlla
fleliihla alleges that he was served
I MrYonortwlck decides to begin criminal
proceedings tbe charges will be similar to
those brought against lot k Lovell yester
day According to the blI fp equity filed to
day by Lawyers hall and lower before the
Huprem Court Mr Vannortwlck sent a note
for S 80000 to the IoturLoyell Oomi any last
August to b discounted He sent UJ 000 In
good collaterals which PotterLovell Com
pany hypothecated and which wer nbe
qutntly told
A Vet Havea ss ye LIt
BOSTOX S ptlGlaryOordon < > 8 yean old
was saved from death yesterday by a New
foundland dog The little fellow accompanied
by the dog was walking along the tracks of the
Boston new Iliad end liynn Usllroad when
a train bore down upon them Tbe boys
mother was running to save him but she was
too far away to do unythlnp Just halo the
train reached the mil fellow tht dog for Wr
first tim became aware of the danner Tli
animal took Inthe situation at aalanof lie
alDJ tbl boys clothing and uraxned him
from wheels she track just I Uu t caps h
5levepsst Ls
Is flab aol fttur IsUMOtiisiala Ulsj an rnUJleas
rurM I Ir AZlr Mile ur alaI m
7 17 fit a ei weaa I utu4 ii wIns at itti
wlll can 1Iaa wllw4t
Jog iv earl lulyatili lii it U
Ins bi > l veeuarir M lire e iliU lane bit II I sues
saryw Me il uTareDiisf TM tovreanffMilisliii
eW Il
last ti UrlVswi wilLie IfcfM faaraj ills fr riistia
cvniaaUs a r e sew s wetS waurUit lieVaaUrs I4aiw
pY ii4BlugtIy
utr11tu114 fu I4relbL au U U1 UI I Lbs
XOOki UfAalttCUvf it lb9 WPfli 1
Tie CUMf iTBUs 11 ffitttfff kuwi4r JsJIef
i4 pits untttMnfnu Ciit4g IT
tsr wi 4 a4 aTlIerifiai1 a Leo 1
sswslta lea f I4aflratp r 441easj
lMs > 4M MiiisT J1 CV tt r1 J I
V1 Trl n < r
Dn attaint TKTTB I DRTAH now
Letter Arrive fros the Idaho Baaeh
BrtactaB the Sam BteryEvas Attor
aey Bay that Sits Death triaa for Out
LoDisvnxT Sept 10Dr J O Green of
New York city arrlvea her last night from
Montana Dr Green Is I the man who found
the dead body of Robert Ray Hamilton In the
Bnake liver lie gives the details as follows
l Hamilton had a ranch at the lower end
of Jackson Lake near Yellowstone rak This
he called his southern ranch Be bad another
across the mountains called his northern
ranch whoro ho had a lot of men at work
building a hotel for the accommodation
of travellers On the 23d of August he started
ou horseback from the southern ranch to the
northern ranch He left a note for his part
ner Mr Sargent with whom he lived tolling
of his journey He did not reach the northern
ranch and Bargent becoming alarmed got
out search parties and the neighbors were
soon looking In all directions for some trace of
Mr Hamilton
I was on a hunting expedition and was
encamped with a party on the banks of the
finale flyer In a very wild and romantic part
of the Rocky Mountains and while we were
there one of the parties looking for Mr Hamil
ton arrived They Bad that they had found
Mr Hamiltons horse and dons Tho horse
still had the saddle on to which wan strapped
tho of antelope which It
hindquarter an nntelop was
evident Hamilton had shot but a short while
before his death Wo commented on tho In
dications shown by the condition of the ani
mals and agreed that It wa probable that Mr
Hamilton had been drowned In attempting to
ford Bnako River
We parted for the night resolving to mako
a thorough search ot the river next day when
there would bo light enough to see the bottom
us well as the shores Tbo next morning our
own party started out in the search for Mr
Hamilton We got a flatbottomed boat and
part of us qot in I In order to search the mid
dle of the stream Other men went
along either thor At some distance below
tho camp wo found a largo pool of water where
tbe river ha comparatively little current and
at the lower end of this pool wore two largo
pine trees uprooted In the stream I was some
what ahead of the boat and the men on foot
called attention to these trees and suggested
that the body of the unfortunate man might bo
found there The bank of this place was cnt
under by the stream and I was Impossible to
got very close on horseback but the boatmen
soon saw tho body close under the shelving
bank and by the Hid of my tether rope it was
towed clear of the brush and brought near the
shore Hero a large niece of canvas used for
camp bedding was passed under the corpse
and I was then brought to the shore Intact
M Tho body had undoubtedly been in the
water for many days I noticed that the watch
had stopped at 980 oclock We concluded
from this that Mr Hamilton after killing the
antelope had attempted to cross tbe river at
night and had been drowned C had proba
bly observed a rock bar projecting some forty
yards in the river but a short distance above
where wo bad camped and had been
tempted to seek a ford there Hn was
a good swimmer and had probably cast him
self loose from his horse and attempted to
swim ashore We noticed that a number ot
water weeds were twisted around Mr Hamil
watr spurs and we thought that being entan
gled with them might have caused his drown
Imr There were no mark of violence what
ever on his body He had a small amount ot
money In his Dockets a belt nearly full ot
caitrldga around hte waist and ft LOOK of Ilea
for trout fishing in his pocket with his name
ou the case
01 Our party broko cnmp the next day and left
the body In charge of Mr Sargent Ono of the
party had a camera and took views of the
plrr place selected for the grate These views Trill
be forwarded to the Hamilton family
JoeihEunamannot thetlwpotflootk
Clark which represented the dead man in hU
Clark annul the marriage with Eva Hamilton
received yesterday a despatch from Mnc Bins
acuonnoing the arrival there of letters from
daho giving the details of young Hamiltons
running lie at once telegraphedJor the let
ters hey were written by John D Hargent
keeper of the ranch and Oaslmlr di I Moore
of blng lilog who bad con out there to visit
Hamilton h In Bargents letter
Hlmlton MAnr aE hept 21890
Dun Sin On Saturday Aug 23 while I was
at Kalntuck Post Office Idaho for our mal
and freight tor the ranch your brother Robert
Bay Hamilton was accidentally drowned in
Bpake lliver about six miles below the outlet
of Mary Mere Tbo day before he left tho
ranch alone although Mrs Bargent tried to
persuade him not to gofor the lower and of
the to hunt lake antelope via the tiueridan trail on horseback
As you will see by the map enclosed he had
to ford Unake Hirer below the lake He forded
all right going down Friday stayed at the
south camp tbat night and started back Sat
urday night with an antelope head skin and
hams tied on his saddle and went into tbe
river after dark half a mile above the ford In
about atr worst place he could have struck I
seems that his spurs tangled up In the cross in
the bottom of the river It really was tao only
place tn the river where there is dead water
I returned to the ranch on Wednesday night
Aua 21 at 9 oclock ra bargent said Ham
ilton has not returned from his hunt and be
lon he would perhaps be gone two or three
days when he left the Friday night before As
I had found a note at out Landing from Ray
saying he had gone to tbe ranch on Saturday
I immediately lent an official messenger to
turn out the best mountaineers In the lower
valley t search for him On Monday Sept I
we found his horse with the saddle ana the
antelope antlers and hams tied on It The
horses back was ruined by the saddle turning
and be weight hanging so long by the cinches
On Tuesday morning at 98 0 cock we found
his body hits watch had stopped at 930
oclock Saturday night Aue 8
He was brought here I the boat today
and buried close to our pouse on a spot over
El klbg Mary Mere and the Teton Mountain
lie once told i me that he would rather be burled
here should anything happen I know he was
going to change his residence and make this
ald mlk Ihl
Iolnl t cale
his home He told Mr Sargent that he meant
to shin out his library and other things and
live here permanently Although w 0 have
known him but a short time wo grieve for him
from the bottom of our hearts I have done
everything I could dC and will take every oare
of his things until I hear from you I can
refer you to Mr Wendell Goodwin of the Cat
varsity Club In sorrow and respect I am
faithfully yours JOUN D tUnocMT I
tathlUy 70nr tZlT
Air Moore wiote aa follows
Ar Len MABT MEB Sept 81890
Dun Bcnuyxin Gillie Gilbert M Boelr
Jr1 and I have just arrived hero at the lat
and met Mr Sargent who wan on hIs way out
to mail the letter telling you of poor hays sad
death You can imagine that we feel dread
fully and han no desire t continue our hunt
tag expedition hut Barcent wants us to com
jo the house rav up the lake twelve milts and see
lare you will allow m a word of advice should
rooommnd yOU not to attempt to have Hays
body removed now I could not be done7lt
you writ t Mr Baruent he will choose the best
time for removing the body and notify you
But this I say knowing that Ray bad expressed
a wish t Le burled her 1 have tried to let you
have such Information as ailght be of use to
you and bal kept the man waiting until I
write Will you plsn4 send word to them at
horn 1 ale and mother that we are I well I
and probably will Ia hero som time as Mr
Uargant seems t want pa tor Ilaaae try
ana do this I you caD In all I your trouble
sincerely t Ouiiiiu DK It Moll
Je lunznIanm whin Ik as 1 lb ffct
of MjruanW tl dab upon the IIU said
bat J could not say wl1 40rt wou1 now
hi akn DY t family Mr C olme who
Iiu charge or Jarll lions papers and I II 1
supposed bolOs his I will has been heard from
and wilt retutn Wit I auk at ono JoJ
may gel xlb fewjfe
cbaTfisW7lnlr who represents Mr Ham
ilion want to Trenton ytiiWrday t sea the
prisoner Mrs lumliton sent outwor that
sb e did not nub to see any cue at present If
could Dot say what step would b taken I
lb ir was no will I some on riot NoUn lire
er Va would uodtr ordinary olrcumlanc s
auinorU d totak out ttr of adroinU I
ration for iisruiKm JIami moo who e is llt
f tbr were a will she I t rt iui > utitl d
q a third of Ti ncomecn bis I f iOOXXW wortC
el tasatsk during ber IJfftTm Wor
Illdstu ol ins T lafnilJT ruined lb case
hi 1 It Diors the onlywun they
a summon t iova ttiat the msmsK was
brought spout by fraud li was I a mmosy
thai Jlaiwilion went t Evas bout and r
a1De411 night IJ morning he wed fib
e to paiersxm ua wa Bjairled ltD ice
want t Ala r Wliatt JrauduUnl arcu
meats ph ao I IP Inde Jmarll
UPPII belt ilija1490a to l tip must
cave tP Uh fiat Jmusc4sy ironing U
pins but D J IIL0e D5U4 U w 01
LIe U La7 1 a c c I I
t r 1 nt or L
mlt the right of the family to toe forthaprop
arty I they could prove what they allege
liamlltons testimony that Eva represented
that the child lleatrloowas his and hers and
by this representation ched him and en
trapped him Into a marrtae contract Is on
record In the Tombs Pours CurL
Hamiltons ranch Is InBlngbarneonnr In
southeastern part of Idaho I II I a hun
dred miles from Pocatello and the nearest
PostUfflcelsKalntnck I forty mlle tll tnt It
Is I In the heart of tbe mountains and was nt
value chiefly as a hunting reserve though
Hamilton believed it had posMbllltte of de
velopment commercially from Its proximity to
Yellowstone Park
TmMTol Sept 10 Thero wan a report to
day that Mra Hamilton had broken down
completely and was unconscious but there
was no truth In it
She Is very much disturbed said Matron
Patterson of the State prison but she bits
been able to work a little and 1 have no doubt
will keep pp She desires above everything
else to be pp alone I a pardon Is to b de
nied her and she must serve her term out she
wants to do It without attracting any more
public attention It makes her punishment a
thousand fold maos
9S8iaoooo DASTAatta CCAIUKD
BIX Cant Onto Awarded bat the Bait I
Only Sixteen Year Old
Judges Wallace and Bhlptnnn of the United
States District Court filed decisions on Satur
day in the famous suit of tho Webster Loom
the firm of Kline B
Company against carpet fr Elaa B
higgins A Co for the recovery of nearly
t30000000 damages for liifrlngemontot patent
for the wire motion used in forming the
nllo in tapestry carpets The suit has ben
pending since 187 Many of the original liti
gants and their counsel are dead The deci
sions are practically In favor of the Higgins
Company although tbe demand of the plain
tiffs is nominally sustained
The higgins firm had usedawire attachment
to a loom on which body Brussels Wiltons
velvets tapestries and other pile carpets were
woven This work was originally done by
hand Tho lame patent was u o by the
Blgelow Carpet Company and Ibo Itoxburr
Carpet Company of Boston and the three firms
had a monopoly and grow rloh In 1871 the
patent expired and the Higgins Company
adopted a new wire motion upon sixtyone of
its looms This was what the Webster Com
pany declared was an infringement of
wa fnlrnlemcnt
patent Butt was begun In 1874 with
Clarence 1 Seward nnd E N Dicker
eon as Swar the Webster Company
and Judge Hoar Senator Farts and borne
GllTord roprojentlnc tho IHcglns Company
In 1878 Judge Wheeler of the Circuit Court de
cided In favor of Higgins holding that the
Webster patent wa Invalid In 1882 ta Hu
premo Court reversed this decision Commis
sioner Shields was appointed roaster to ester
tnln the damages due the VV obster Company
Experts were employed and two yearn later
damages were llxeri by them at 28760000 A
long and rmarkable exam In a Ion toUowa before
fore the master Lawyer Orlflln for the Ills
clnses kept William G Smith President the
Webster Company on the witness stand for
two years He asked 6291 questions tho
answers towhloh tilled 2381 printed pages
The claim gradually melted down to J16UOOOO
a reduction of I27MOIJOO or a saving ot 4300
for each question asked
In January 1888 1200 printed pages of cvi
dence were submitted to Commissioner ShHIda
I took him six months to get through Ihoni
and in the following December he reported
awarding the Webster company six cents
damages The Webster Company bad claimed
all the profits of th higgIns Companys busi
ness in tbe Intervening period less what It a
calculated could have been made I the carpet
company bad ued only tbo machines Invented
at the time the suit was brought But tho car
pet company showed that othor free machines
of as groat or greater ability than the Webster
machines bad meantime been invented and
Commissioner Shields hold that this should be
considered and tbat tbe Webster Company b
failed to establish that its patent was batter
than thee free inventions and hence that It
could claim no compensation
1 he Webster Company appealed and Judge
Shit man reversed tho decision hut this de
cision baa again bon reversed and Commis
sioner Bhleldhs report Busnlnod with ibu ex
ception of a single point out of the ninety
points claimed This point which lnvo > esa
detail of a complex mechanism hal ueali been
refoned to Commissioner Shields Ifn t sus
tained In5qonca withthe r V j
the 1Co way is open lor etui further
years ot litigation In tbe decisions flied on
Sears Judge Wallace presented a opinion
on iiuestlous of law Judge Bhlpman concur
ring and Judee Bhlpman wrote an opinion on
several minor matters of fact The Supreme
Court 1 still open for appeal in any event
The Grand Jury Invoked In the Btrlha
1 br > KMn Invoke Itaelf
Tbo committee appointed by tbe Association
of Brick Manufacturer to find law for the in
dictment of the walking delegates for con
spiracy In trying to Injure the business of the
four Verplanck Point firms by boycotting their
brick consulted yesterday with its counsel
George Bliss After consideration of the proofs
presented CoL Bliss decided that the charge
could be sustained and the committee accord
ingly told him to go ahead nnd make out a
case to be submitted to the Grand Jury The
walking delegates laugh at tbe legal campaign
of the manufacturers declaring that f would
b Impossible to prove a charge of conspiracy I
They declare too tbat I an indictment is
found they will seek to have the leading mem
bers of the association indicted conspiracy
to boycott New York brick dealers brick hand
lers and builders It is a poor rule they Ihlnk
that wont work both ways
itepresentatlves ol the llriokhandlers Union
called upon Assistant District Attorney Davis
with a view to ascertaining whether certain
members of the Prick Manufacturers Associa
tion could b indicted A conference was held
later between heeorder Bmytb District Attor
ney Fellows Mr Davis and several member
of the Grand Jury It Is said that I had refer
ence t the presence of several gentlemen on
the Qrand Jury who are Indirectly interested
on the side of the manufacture In 1 the strike
I is understood that I Cot Fellows deter
mines to submit the case steps will be taken
t retire these gentlemen from the Grand Jury
Several barges ot both contract and sucker
brick arrived yesterday The rain prevented
the handling of tbe contract prTenle
crews Yesterday was not the first day the
bad weather bad made Itself felt In the brick
war For a week or more building operations
have been so much delayed by the rain that I
the scarcity of brick has not become nearly so
apparent as it would have been in fine weath
er The clouds fight against the manufactur I
ers the delegates think
ers conference was held In Clarendon Hal lat
night between representatives of the Board of
Walking Delegates tbo Unlahta ol Labor and
the Central Labor Federation to Ir and effect
a peaceable settlement of the trouble between
these organization Samuel Gomponi WW
presept and after some discussion I wan resolved
solved Association to unit to fight th Brick Manufacturers
A strike Is I threatened In the brick yard of
mln Canda i Kane this morning against nonunion
CnvleUd TJater the Factory Law
AHUNT Sept 10Cluett Coon A C the
largest collar and shirt manufacturing com
pany In Troy was today fined 120 in the police
court of that city for the violation of the fac
tory laws In working women overtime Ex
Speaker Paterson was the attorney for the
defence This is t the firm which through Its
watchman one night IOM week excluded Dop
pty Factor Inspector llooley from Its prow
ties when he endeavored to enter the building
to Investigate whether the Taw was violated
Wm I Lee the night watchman is also being
prosecuted under the lemil Code for obstruct
Inr a State officer in the obllfe
dUll Th factory Inspectors say they aye
iroparlnc suits agaiust other parties In Ibis
Jointly toy overworking inlnpra and employ
I children under H years of an O
ne Assay Ir Weal Vlrlal
PAISDUJ W vi M Bpt 16The tour <
heath annual nnnloo of the army of West Vlr
trlnU begin hr today b reunion 1 bald
I a beautiful grove at the edge of t city
On W I plbon a < 4rH4 the army this
rnipft In th sreattent which will acoomoco
dbi yOMli iopU Tonuwoir tite gri u mar
4 I bllJtarr and civil authorities wIll la
viewed by I JOY iIsmipg and In liy tomor
row It U f ulma 1 wtiw soldiers and visitor
wal Li ur e
lgtsl Tralsie 1 lu I Wlt
Tl baiqyai Nine Mel Iraua boiwesu Mew yin fblla
4sipbls jiJuLuuof u4 Wt oliif uu tie IHUJI cssual
I4shitMS lall if t1 t CsIy Ike select Ia i
hue W44 54 Ltiiy 1 i51uiwci I U sesI OV t hut
US b iis1 helcqvlaes and spuasuesiau
= MI a eel laM ale k viirme t
Zll aHOY IN rnn HACK BT ni
n Dying MM Reema to Tktak DIt
fled M Right to Hhont ntmReUitka
wilt GlvUit the tVoaiaa All
Francis Dirk a foreman In the moulding de
partment of Pettier Btymus A COlt Forty
first street and Lexington avenue left the fac
tory to get his lunch at noon yesterday He
walked down the east sidewalk of Lexington
avenue On the southeast corner of Fortylint
street 1 ta middleaged man who was walk
ing along behind him drew a revolver ad
without a word shot hIm In the back
lUrk fell on his face In tho street and lay mo
tionless The man who trnd shot him stood
mill and looked at him a moment Then he
put the revolver In his pocket turned around
walked UP to Fortysecond street and down
toward Third avenue
Peter Bhopp a driver for Potter Btymus A
C was sitting at his lunch In the factory
when the shot was fired and ho ran out In the
street and saw Dirk lying on the ground and
the man walking away James Cratton a fore
man In the factory was tn a restaurant around
the corner In Fortytint street He found
a crowd standing around the prostrate form of
Eire Driver Bhopp found Patrolman Ollora
and OHara ran after the assassin Ho found
hm standing at Fortysecond street and Third
avenue apparently waiting for a car to go
down tow
OHara took his prisoner back and found
hal 1 dozen men carrying Blrk to the Hos
pital for the Ruptured and Crippled at Lexing
ton avenue and Tortyteoond street At the
hosplalDl1 was laid on a stretcher and be
fore his wound had been attonaed to OHnra
brought his prisoner up beside him Ilefore
the policeman hal a chance to auk tho wound
ed man whether tho prisoner had shot him the
prisoner said fiercely
Yon rascal you 1 have now avenged my
obldren Im square with you for my chit
Ulrd looked and said Im obliged t yon
DIst tbll for the pains you have taken t do
thisThe policeman hurried the prisoner around
1ho hured
to the Thirtyfilth street police station There
ho described himself as Oeorgo DlosteU 51
ears old of 49 Avenue A He said he was
married but did not live with his wlfo He was
locked up Dirk was carried t Bellevue Hos
pital Foreman Crafton wonttoMott Haven for
Ulrkswlfe DrWood found that the bullet had
cut tho spinal cord and splintered the spinal
column Crafton got to the hospital with a
woman wbo paid she A Blrkn wife lurk
was then under nnasthotlos She became hys
terical on feeing him the Is acquainted with
Coroner Mostemor and when ho reached the
hojpltal the recognized him
The Coroner hal known her as Mrs Dlestol
Bho had lived with Dlestol In Mnth street
around the corner from the Coroners home
He addressed her as Mr Coronrs
No she end I am Mrs1rk The man
Who la shot is my husband
Then she said that oho had loft Dlostel three
yoarv ago because he was crazy and ill treated
her lrk BO she said hod boarded at thoir house
and her husband was jealous and falsely ac
cused her of being too Intimate with Dik Dirk
left the bouse when she told him of It He had
only been gone a few days when her husbands
conduct become unbearable and she left
too bho supported herself for moro than
a year and then met Blrk and lived
with him a his wife She got divorce finally
and a year ago married Dir Her marriage
took place aJo a little ohopol near Hartford
Coon Bho didnt remember its name or the
name of the minister or the exact dao Alter
the marriage they came to Now York to live
and her husband buabt a house at 3U 3 Walton
avenue Matt Haven lerhusband paid Hestel
SSO she said 10 ale lP alt clulm to her and to
help pay the expense of getting the divorce
lurk had become consclouH by this time and
the Coroner went to his bedside
I was walking down Lexington Blrk said
and wan near Fortyfirst struct when I was
shot In the back 1 didnt see the man who
shot me but 1 knew who It was because there
Is only ono man who ha any reason or any
right to shoot rap That man Is George Dies
tel and the reason or right he had was the
right K f an injured husband
ISL then told a story similar the onl told
by the woman UD to the marriage part Ha
said he hud never married her although he
Introduced her a his will She foil In love
with him ho said when he boarded with her
A year ago she came to him in Hartford and
t yr
asked him to marry her InBJAr said she
couldnt live with her husband and she
wanted some one to tale care or ner lie
took her to live with him After
tk Afer
he came to Now York with her a
lawyer named Tan Dyke called on him and
told him bat Dlestel the deserted husband
would renounce nil claim to her provided he
would nay JW to him for the expense of a di
vorce suit He paid the money and supposed
that he would have no further trouble but tho
instant he heard the shot and felt the
bullet he know that it was Dlestol wbo
had shot him Ho said he did not think
bo would get well and bo wanted
his wife tn have all bo owned He didnt bear
any ill will to Dlestel lie left a will leaving
all his Ilo < ssslons to tho woman with whom
be lived and asked the Coroner to see that It
Was carried out Crafton signed n a witness
Mre Dlestol or Dirk Is pretty At the hos
pital she wore a black silk drees a dark hat
trimmed with black ribbon kid gloves and
she carried a goldbeaded cane Dirk might
be called a handsome ma Ho Is above
medium height and has a full sandy
mediim and wavy hair which he brushes
straight back He speaks several languages
The couple have lived In Mott Haven about six
months and were respected by their neighbors
none of whom knew the story of Mrs hostels
former marriage
Dlostal was taken before Justice Welde In tho
Torkville Police Cur shortly after his arrest
jOrkvue fine looking man and well educated
ExJudge Otterbourg appeared for him Ha
was relado to await the result of lurks In
juries To a reporter be made a statement slml
lor to the ono made by lUrk to the Coroners
be claimed however that Dirk hud stolen his
wifes affections when lie boarded with them
and that the couple were unduly Intimate at
that time tl had three children he said
tm le
The oldest was a girl 13 years old The other
two were boys one 10 and the other C years
old The two eldest wero in th e Juvenile I
Asylum and the youngest lived with him lie
had got a divorce from hIs wlfo be said lie
tfarding the shooting he said
I was out today to see about having my
youngest boy taken car of away from home
and was coming down town about noon i was
nervous and excited and half out of my mind
As I went down Lexington avenue I saw Dirk
well I have nothing else to say
Dlestel boarded v 1th Mr Bos Rence at 49
Avenue A Ue was known as a quiet Inoffen
tuive man given to brooding over trivial you
hIp He never said anything at his board
house about his trouble with Ills wife He had
boarded at the place more than a year He
told his boarding mlatret that yar was
a sewing machine agent He came
home at 7 oclock every night and went
out to a lunch room Immediately Ha would
return at 9 oclock and go to bed and woul
gt up and start to work at 7 In li morning
Kit thought a good deal of his children and
talked about them continually wben he was In
the house He was not lu the habit of carrying
Iner1 n revolver aB Mrl Hence said lurk may live
A pistol with six chambers loaded was taken
away from Dlestel at the police station and it
is not believed that b was at the factory br
leldent when be met Blrk
A Wai sa bleat 5000 er TuaareraBtoUB
Crticioo Sept 10A strange story cam t
light la Justice Prlndlvlliec court this
llht Jlrlndlvlo cour mom
IDa A Philadelphia embezzler appeared
against Eva Lowry proprietor of a aUreputa
blo house Tun woman was charged with
larceny In stealing 12000 from George C
Yunger Yunger Is I a selfConfes embezzler
to tbe amount of liJOOU and a Philadelphia de
tective stood behjnd Lint while be told the
e ourt hi story Until Auf27 be was head
bookkeeper and eonlldentlal clerk for O 0
JempsteM 6 Oobrukrs In Philadelphia
IbM afteruoop ho walked into Mr June
steads oMc and eiked him to sign a Imp
lea 10 be uwd in III business The broker
put itU nanjp to th riper and lice citric die
appeared But tie check piovid to be a blank
i ni left so purposely and tb Ingenious eon
flduictiji business adviser at once Miff It out
pr ftflW Lice firm Csnljfrs rft4tiy cathed
it cheek and with Itwo Inbls IjociIi t i
ruper tsrt il qa a tour of dissipation which
ndsif In his robbery Mt plgbt by a courtesnn
ills eowplalui built police 1 iui to ivfallpa
lh15 fact Yuuucr will U tout tack to Ifilla
5111 Nsraela Tassrd
Polite Sergeant Kent Strops Was raoif rr4
yesterday from the Eldrtdge strict station to
tbe Wept TwtBtUtb IM tattoo and Sn
Relict JD0aefin noa tUdUtn fUMtw J i
run TRAIN trnncKiira CoNnr83 ftP
Fire KnIghts ol Ib r DU the > ITcrk
Tare Tell la Whole Htorjr
TBOT Sept 18 Detectives Pinkerton and
Humphrey who have had the management ot
the Investigation of the train wrecking near
Castleton came here tonight and visited the
District Attorneys office After a brief confer
ence the patty repaired to the residence ot
Hon IS A Pnrmonter counsel for the Now
York Central and Hudson Illvor Railroad Com
pany There the written confessions ot Reed
Cain and Duett were produced
Reeds Is sworn to In the presence ot seven
witnesses those of the others are attested by
three persvns The statements are to the ef
fect that only the five men under arrest had
any hand In the wrecking They are all mem
bers of the Knights ot Labor and their object
In wrecking the train was to injure the rail
road company
They did not pick out any special train and
It mattered not whether the train was a pas
senger or a freight The confessions also
state just how the job was done and that all
the preparations were made at secret sessions
in Albany No action looking to the dastardly
work was taken at any meetings ot the local
assembly ot which the prisoners are members
W4NXS 9100000 rnox ontr JJVXLYII
Mr Pants Claim ta the Tmettto of a
New Mexico flront
A transaction Involving the purchase ot the
Noorn grant about 837000 acres of land in
Mew Mexico has resulted in two suits against
Den Benjamin F Butler brought by E K
Darling of 7S8 Madison avenue for the re
covery of over tIOO000 The suits wore begun
In the Supreme Court but upon the applica
tion of Gen Butler Judge Lawrence yesterday
removed them to the United States Circuit
About twenty years ago Mr Darling Stephen
B Elklns Samuel B Smoot of Washington
and T B Catron ot Banta F3 obtained titles
to about onehalf of the grant divided equally
among the tour Mr Darling alleges that In
December 1883 he transferred his share to
Gen liutler at his request the General giving
a declaration of trust that he would hold the
land for sale and In theoventof failure to sell
would return within six months The Gen
eral also agreed that If there was a sale he
would pay Darllngan amount equal to the
price received by Elklnsjor Catron for his
share It Is asserted that Butler in February
1885 agreed to pay Darling tTUOOO for his one
quarter Interest and made payment under
this agreement amounting to tlOOOO Those
payments censed a year ago leaving a bal
ance as Mr Darling anserU of 60000 It is
for this balance that Mr Darling asks in the
Dm action Ho also desires an accounting
In the second suit Mr Darling seeks to re
cover about 143000 Smoot had given Darling
a mortgage on onehalf of his Quarter Interest
and subsequently with Darlings consent
transferred his share to Gen Butler The Gen
eral agreed to sell the land at not lets than
eighty cents an acre Of the proceeds he was
to hold onehalf to satisfy Darlings mortgage
Bmoots share which comprised about 1U8000
acres war finally sold to the Union Land and
Grazing Company but as Darling alleges
Gen Butler never accounted to him for the
The Man She Jilted Kill Her asS Then
Httoota Blmieir
GniND MOUND la Sept 16 Clinton county
for the second time in a year is convulsed over
a terrible double tragedy Mrs William Long
don and a former lovor named Bevanare are
the victims Mrs Lungdon Is now lying dead
with a large bullet bole In her throat and an
other In her head while Bevanaros face Is
fairly perforated Three years ago John W
Bevanaro and Miss Motile Smith were attend
ing school at Valparaiso Ind They became
attached to one another and were finally en
gaged After completing their schooling the
air returned her home Madison Wls and
Sevanare went to Chicano lie wrote to her
often butMoTli soon Jell In love with William
Langdon and finally jilted Bevanare and be
came engaged to Langdon The day set for
the wedding was July C and a day or two be
fore that time Bevanare appeared upon the
scene and threatened to take Langdon life It
married the girl
The wedding occurred however and Lang
don and his bride came to Clinton county
Bevanar arrived here at 8 oclock this fore
noon Hn went almost immediately to the
horn of Langdon His successful rival ap
pearing at the door In answer to his ring he
asked for Mrs Langdon The husband at
first refused to let him see her as he knew of
the previous trouble and threats He finally
consented to their having a talk He himself
went UP stairs and secured a loaded revolver
to use In cage of trouble
As be was returning dowa stairs Bavanare
who had been having hot words with Mrs
Langdon drew a revolver and shot her twice
once In the head and once In the throat Be
then shot himself AS soon as Langdon heard
the shots he rushed toward Bevonares pros
trate form and sent six bullets Into his face
He then carried his wife Into the house where
she died a few moments later Langdon has
been arrested and taken to Clinton
Iabel Oralaoar Was Glad to Oet Away
With Ur Johaitoaa Aisutaac
An attempt to befriend a child cost George
W Johnston Jr ot 58 West 100th street Im
prisonment in the West 100th street police sta
tion Monday night and his father and William
E Graham a midnight journey through the
rain to HaverstrawBIt happened in this way
Mabel Granger 15 years old came from Lon
don three years ago to live with her married
sister Mrs Charles K Adklns at 1790 Ninth
avenue Last Saturday the child disappeared
Mr Adklns believed Mr Johnston Jr knew
where the child had gone Mr Johnston Jr
admitted that ho knew bar whereabouts but
refused to give Mr Adklns any information
whereupon Air Mains appealed to the police
and Mr Johnston was locked up on a charge ot
abduction His father and Mr Graham went
to the station to offer ball and said that Mabel
was near Haverstraw with a Mrs Becor The
Bergeont refused to accept ball ana Graham
and Johnston Hr went to Haventraw and
brought Mabel back to prove that she had not
been abducted
The whole party assembled In the Harlem
court yesterday Mabel told Agent Wilson of
the Gerry society that Mr Adklns frequently
beat and sometimes kicked her and that she
bad asked Mrs Johnston to find a place where
she could lIve moro happily Mrs Johnston
took her to Mrs Becor who bad adopted two
other Ilitle girls and bad given them each a
piece of land to build a house on when they got
married KB each had done
Justice Power decided that Mabel was old
enough to chooselher guardian and dis
charged Mr Johnston
Put Iolioa la the Park
Brainwoniu Ala Sept 16Ata big church
dinner at Collerlne Davis county on Sunday
100 negroes ate some barbecued pork which
had been poisoned with arsenic by unknown
persons Eight of the negroes are dead and
twenty others are not expected to recover
Every effort Is being mad to find the perpe
trators of the crime A revival meeting was
io progress at the church and the members
Kv a dinner to all visitors on Sunday Plenty
of barbecued pork was provided but those
who at at tot first tutile soon became vto
Gbo y lit
Th Direst ra Ullaa Ogtse Counterfeit Not
Chief Brooks of the New York division of the
U S Secret Service says the report that
United States detectives are looking for coun
terfeit near Toronto has no foundation He
has discovered a marked and easily noted de
fed In the onunieueit pos In the Oermanla
National Hank of New Orleans supposed to
have been made by the famous Miles Dele
The figure 0 lu the chart number iftut Is not
shaded as ore the other flruren and therefor
looks much suinlltr ThU counterfeit Is ad
mitted bo th bsat mad In twentyfly years
Tftumf Mss Nuad TfcliBi
It was reported In ibis city yesterday tint
the alleged shortage In lice accounts of Louis
T Young tlju clerk In lice Philadelphia Ileultli
biuranu who wa reported to bare aousedrl
1700 on 11 New York actress bad Uen mad
good by YouDjis family eld that Jf dTrur
110i5 < between Ije clerk snJ the official hid
bMnadiuiUd It KM said yesirdy that the
Mini was a pretty woman who Is I aol now
BM r DjaeeiMDt UUt HBOMftrpUrM VUO
AT TUB Filter sitar THU I1IVPUflLZcI4X
itaVltHH OO VNDKlt
The STealth fearS Connie the Seejoael Wards
XtnlHealt Nearly IO Per CaU aSI Call
OB the Major for n True Eaniacrittloa
Eleven sanitary policemen ot the Board of
Health completed yesterday a census ot the
Second ward They found the population to
bo llOfl The Republican census mad the
population 022 The difference Is 274 or 2971
per cent added to the census figures
It the other wards ot the city would yield M
well In a recount the 1513501 which the census
glvotvas the total population ot the city would
bo raised to 1983162 The Second Is i not a
typical ward and no such proportion ol In
crease Is looked for over the whole city but no
doubt remains In the minds of the Health
Commissioners that the city has been greatly
undercounted The Board adopted this reoo
llVifrea Rational conclusions based oa
statistics of this department and numerous
wellestablished Instances of omission point
clearly to the fact that the recent census aa
announced Is both Inaccurate and Incomplete t
Whertat A correct census Is neoeBsaiyln
the compilation of the vital statistics of this
city and for the proper computation ot matter
relating to sanitation as well as to business
prosperity therefore
linaliM That his Honor the Mayor be and
Is hereby requested to procure to be made O
complete enumeration ot the Inhabitant ol
this city and that all facts In the possession oi
this department bearing on the spirit ot this
resolution be presented with this preamble and
Incidentally the Board has rescued the Rae
ona ward from the reproach brought upon its
sanitary condition by Mr Toners census In
1888 tho deaths were 33 or 2062 in a thousand
In 1880 there were 33 deaths or a rate of 9195
in a thousand on the population of 1800 ao
cording to Mr Porters figured Int23deathfi
Ina population 1191 is a rate of only 1090
The Mayor will receive this report today C
and will act on It without delay IO did not
care to say anything yesterday about the
methods ho will take to Insure aJBoorrect
enumeration or the city hlejeceiyed ibis let C
tot from Samuel Btern ol 69 East Eightysixth
bran Bra If you will deputise a reliable
officer to call upon Mr Jacob Pfeiner optician
Third avenue near Sixtyseventh street whose I
private residence is In the block of hOuses on
the northeast corner of bixtySeyeutfl fttre
and Third avenue that gnllojnanwl1 tel
your deputy that in the sata block t least fifty
famIlies reside anti that not one pame of any V
of these residents was taken by the enumera
tors at the last United States census enumera
tion I wrlto yon of this fact knowing In ad
vance thai you will attend to the some To
reduce the population of this great city It ap
pears to mo as It will to you and to every un
biassed citizen was the main object ot bees
United States census manipulators
If There Be Faith la Prophecy 1k BBQ
Win Jhlae Today
If the spirit of official prophecy Is not do
calved the town may told no its nmbreOa to
day and come mont of the wet It ma tost
seven days ago that the dampness let in Tho
lingering storm put all its energies Into the
farewell thunder shower that struck us about
S oclock yesterday afternoon All the molaturo
of the preceding five days was only a Uttlo
more than that which came down in cataract
for an hour and a halt The Government
measurer said it would make a pond nine
tenths ot an inch deep if spread evenly over
the city This Is an unusual rainfall The
lightning was like that ot a midsummer
shower and came In unexpected Dashes with
an accompaniment of sharp thunder that set
toe horses on the streets jumping and trem
bling with fright
A genial cloud dlipeller from the frosty Weut
is coming along to make the neighborhood
smile again So brush the > mud off your trou
sers legs and braoo uu There treat mIlls
Bonn and lea is on the mere ana other places j
TIP tn Dakctc and Minnesota Hurrah I
The W ather
Sbowen fell at Intervali ywurday ta the midSie
Atlantic and New England EUUi and tn the tak
Kloni and heavy showers In the early mortag la
lllnnwot A and Wisconsin BUewhere orsr theeeaatrr
the weather was fair
The storm etntre was over the lewer lake moving
northeast Into Otnada It Is the less of a succession ot
depmilons that have travarstd the same cent th
put witk oanslnx the cnusnally lour spell of wit
weathtr renewing thl storm Is an area of high prs
sun with cooler clear weather that Is travelling senev
east from the Dakota and shonld envelop this Motion
with a dar or two of trltht sunshine and a bracing sin
The temperature In lllnneiota and the Dakotu just
touched the fre ilnt point yesterday Ught frosts
ocenrrlnc IB the upa r Mlirlatlpnl and Mlsionrl valleys
A d ni tog hung over the coast with llf ht winds gsa
orally blowing ou shore
In this city at 12H the wind that had been blowing
steadily from the soulheait daring the morning shifted
to northwest At the sane time the temperature
dropptd from 73 the hlgbeit point reaofeed to < e AI
1H a thunder storm with a few Vivid Bashes of light
cluf crossed the cIty front southwest to norlheasL Th
rain fell In torrents until 3 2S r Jt giving a total rain
fall of ninetenths of an Inch only onehalf mob leas
than the total fall for the previous six days The
humidity averaged M per cent for the dar
Today and Thursday promise to be fair asS coolar
Tbe thermometer at Perrys pharmacy In Tee am
bulldiog recorded the temperature yeiterday foUewii
1880 iacs uses ceao
8AM 71 70 8 00 P M IS ft
exx 7i 9 6PM 78 coo
AU 77 be 8P U To 4 S
1JM 78 4 lauia 73 6S
Avers ce5
Average on Sept 181883 Toft °
siosit ornci VOBKCAIT TILL B p M wvcviseAv
The following heavy rainfalls On Inches re
ported during tbe past twentrfonr bourn Hew York
city 1CO Uardeertlls 8 O 180
for Maatacbnsttis Rhode Island and Connecticut
rain cooler southerly winds shirting to aorthwestarlyi
fair Thursday C
ror saturn Km Tort fair rrmttt > y HIM yaM < tt
ouUl niorllOTi cooltr ntafUUrn trtiajlr nor
dew f ft
a ror eastern Fennsylvanla Kew Jersey and Dela
ware fair preceded by light rain i cooler north weatei
ty winds fair Thursday
yor the District of Columbia and Maryland fair pre
ceded by light rain stationary temperature winds be
coming nortbwesterljri fair Thursday and Friltr
yor western New York weetern Pennsylvania fair
preceded by light rlu stationary temperature north
any winds fair and warmer Tbnrday
tlasked robbers entered tbe resume of Mr and Mra
0 W Ksnd U liurllUKton Iowa jreeierdar and eon
erine tbem with revolvers stole over HoOO worth l
Four Norwegian vessels got la yesterday with ma
4000 to ru rice
Muilo In Tompilns square tblsevenhtg ate Velesk
by Leicolilfs Twelftb Keximent Hand
A young man from Uroikljrn was admitted to th
Paiteur rnsiltut > sstsrday whIch now Has tea
M U H All tIre of jour communications are re
nived but you must send your name audaUdreas M
Slate atunilon
One bundled numbers of Ibe Central Association o
stall Lleuer IJsIrs went lu Albany yeiurday la
attend tee hit AstcclaUoai tureuUuu
lapl JUIO Wendel invited Hie Hoard of Aldermen
jeiterdar to atticS a flcuio of tlie firti Umterr t > T
kK V al Uo rark lu nuii it nosrd grively oo
lulled to be Its guests of Ii U Alderman uf Ixii
Twenlr seven lumatu of Itr < dUorderlf houses U
M esi bird street srre > ud by < apt Jirwun were Qatd
lusaob In the JIirCI4 Market Court yeiterdar soS
sue leeptre of IL buaioI wers 1111 I In lu ball ssCh
Thomas bold wlices dsuibtsr was married In ibis
ellr ou kundar evening Ic leers vt Lawpbellof Cb
cao son ut UK > e 4lir cstllemau II tampbslL 1s s
urserrmso of Wsel Dirty rear IJverpvcl audla aui
air Ibouiae
Tbe Bvartf el AJaemen has inoted psrnlsstca le
licensed readsrs to stand uu tu eul elite f Seeoal
avenue btwesn kerenty eltutb and Klgbl Orel
streets en Saturday alibis providing that toy di nil
TLe Uosrd if Aldermen Las suthorUe lbs yollce
CbKioluivoiis to affectS for yolllusplsrse and ssssre
tkl uie i utlii and lue ttiier ucaary suvptlss aa4
afpurwuiincee tur Ike tguiliiK el iiIvij srllbuul IUtill C
iveriislixlvr tuCd l i l <
JoLu frsnlillii ut t er < gs is s > nger uu Its slesintbla
If gis wuch ti In yqlrlry nm llreineu Letaiu I
vlui iiii > iMean at lite lido lue oiai i su < t ll re
julio Ire > vlic men t tfel lItl tt ilie 1JI4 sIll suil ii
Muce us 5 ir < iieierr 4 to IVlovua lie vs uueea
nuissisusry at Castle Oardtu
1 Welees messIest

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