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Board or Room rx Advertisement W t I TIT E B U 1ST
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IHIJrnd Bet f Suburban Marore
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or mncloc 11 > Wilam I
Jllof r I romotfrcf Iho rlrountn I l < IlcpuMlonn
aui to Irow vut tllu 1emocfooy of
NW York nl I Kings his bwu tlio
llw t of Bonnier Mil oimrl Htownrt at LIs
mansion li lowr I 1h nenui I j IAt fi fewtops
from Washinc I s tiaro lark Iho tHoyoung
an1 aoT Hr011 II n cab 10 <
Senators r dOI1 1roll11
Ielnton Allh < i lib turned Itro tho stiootand
hWiinc bJ loit frbirmnn Just oppoblto old
Trlnltr WI tho 1 1 l hemuug Son tol I 0Icd his head
out rlnlr Iho mb window ln rod tlio ocno and
wtelJ Ic Iho II ow Ytrkl oxi < > lt for Its
1IoLJUFI Senator IIownrt price tbo groat break In
Tcnnosei Coal and Iron Mock last Hiring has
boenlndllToient to nil > treot Tonturos Tho
two young Sonntor woiu not In tbo neighbor
hood In th hoi > i f Immediate rovonue Tbe
cab rattld down Wail Btioot turned sharply
I into llroad street and plungud up to thu main
entrance of thu Mills building
bn stairs nro tha ollices of Tracy Macfar
hnd Iritis lloirdiuan > V 1latt Tbo ponlor
inouitier of the nltihibotlcal flini is the Secre
tary of Iho Nuvj Mr lloirdinnn Is tbo Repub
lican sldo partner ol Mr Ivlns of tho New Am
sterdam Club who In his turn will over be
reniruiberM for tho Mugwump bureau bo
op ned Htalnst lov lllil In the Presidential
campaign of ISMS and bin remarkable state
nrut I t tho L01 that bo had tUl to spend I
iu bring tig about tle defeat of tho Governor
11 othei potiiitlal miniber ot thcMIrm IB
nnU Plat ton of xHenator Thonius Collier
pitti of Ovuvo Iresldont of tbo Upcountry
KeiUbiUnn Taibt urpimzid for the purpose of
rouiiietlng tho publu alfalisuf Now York and
Outfrom tho cnl hopped Senator FnBsett
lie was bdircn d with diamond Tho were
on his inge R and in his scarf and doubtless
w ml I luiv hoen vixlbio upon bis toot hail his
toes no heiii ovorcd i y n pair of sriunroto d
pirent lea hers S iitor Blew art fullowud
ma kly all juxt IIB the two juuuu solons wero
sbmi tn Fall up tulIK In tbo elevator to tho
tloctor room 01 tb Ipcnuntrjr Tjust tboy
Slum led ui o i thon liipubllian iiBcotlnti B m
tliHioiiiimtt u iO iinertinti olthB especially
IscwY r Thoio was hei ator lllikett fiom I
hlnus Btill Biiiiiowhiit auidied alter tho ills I
rot ery about his notes handled about Brook 1
lyn lu Jaiuaiy last won votcB for l hiilrninn 1
of thn liiimblli an Uenrial Con mlllooln Kings
onutU Henlricks liom
county woiti on I Senator Jonorlc 1 om
hyracufe pioud hwause New York hasnt any
salt mines and ulterlv oblivious to tho fact
thnt It doest n t nrod any and Senator Oil i i
iKimuof Copuku Fiats and Klndorhook also
with llUlrt > ol patent leathern I
ltboutvaltlng for tholi Uemnorntiincso
Itlont nllll tholl rnt o < so
dies t enuti Abcarnof New i irk and Sena
tor MvNniigbton of Itochester the lti > iublican
membiTn of tie Hit B ed Tiut asceudod like
fojliars tn tlio most of Mr ivlnx and iTetty
6ion woro siilimm nn before tho Uiand In > utu
I r Hr 1 as mlbt triad tu seo them lie was
tot boeffublvoa tow in mOlts later when tuo
lieniiciai apicured Ilt I lf I wel < miil them as
recesniv evils Ti 101 thu Blde of the Havaifld
TruMcama down aud was bnltod lusido
J was now ni t a ter Hi oclu k nnd tho coop
Viis 111 oit > ned ntal until noon Ity that tinio
tliu maiim in had hatched I few new chick
ens and tliHlr magnitudo and breed were fully
dBrl ed on typewritten cheots Inlud d out
bj Mr lvin > aair haired tyi ovvrlter
In tlm nrtt Inc > tho Ch mung Senator
wanted to lell tho operatl us ot the Ilay
p eid 1 Irust aga nst the < ity deportments on
11 dOlnrtllonl
Fildar but Biiiiti McNaiigliton hud bin way
on Biieh a llttli matter and to Tn Bt airroivt
in 10 8u n Monday next at tiio new Court I
JIoiif Jlr Ivius then wltb an indignation
IK dark as tho I new fluuircolorod suit
b < Iou I hl In Li tidon tlo In j w thu
commlUuna 10lueSl for Infurmntlon had been
Rlghtoi by tle t > Mayors of Amsterdam < iJua
ilrk Jamestown isweo lolIstr Utlcu i
and Wnttnown On Au1 Mr Iin nnd hia i
Jiepubllcau o Irectori In tho Ilayheel Trust
requested the Mayors of the citlt named to i
send alonu all In ormatlon the I
Ilona 111 ormntol as to osnunBes
of their municipal lea leo exptncB and I
other daia were then to be compaiecl with I
thiMiof Great Ootnam with nearly 2uOUJUO
pnuli But the Movois hadnt lesiionded and I
Mr Ivlna oflleially declared and the Itopubll
can brethren un the eoiimlttee formally agreed
with htm thnt thosn drllnquent Mayors must I i
come tbemteheB vv Ith the Inforinatl > n desired
and attend tiu uittinusof thaliayeod Trust I
Tho seen Mayors must eome and I they de
mur f 01 gonntsaturnis will go niter them nod
fetrh them
After this buslnoBB tho elldo of tho coop was
thiuwii up nnd Mr Iviuu nna bis majoiity
wnt nut and hut oystors wnJorty
On hiH n turn ami as tho official Fpokesmnn
of tho Ttisi Mr Ivlns told of its plniiK
Ho d u not say nnyth ng about en ltor Fas
leUd hOJo for thon D nation for Ciovornor
or Lnliud htatea benator which tbe young
centlenmu from Chumung dosliea as part of
bis dividend from tie Hayseed Trust Kelther
did hotay that the investigation was Murtid
for nartl ° an puipo eB aud wlhout the
eliirliteBt dtsiie to rein dy any evils that might
xlst In thedpnrtmentH nf tho city of Now
York or any othor city In the Htate He only
fald that on Monday morning next the In
yestigatlon of tho IIxolo Uoparimint Would
be resumed and thnt fiom that dny until
Jun 1 tho Lommlttoo would tit unti
cats a work After ihoy get through with the
JXijio Department thn County Clerks ofllra
tho Iteglstorii olllee tho Doimrtmonl of Public
ork thi Department of Taxes nnd AfOS
inents the Uepartinent of Chiirltles and Cor
reetlon and the Fire and Toice Uopartmonta
will bo BiicecfcBivoly invosr gated Mr Ivlns
proposes lo furnlHh n prelmlnary report ol the
comiiiittiea InvektUiitloiiB enrly In Janua y
for tho net Legislature but adds that as tho
couimlttio IB a rcnuto rnmniiltre Itcnu hold on
IUd mvi < > tliato uml nlo luind In a iocond re
pott to HIM Knnate n yoir Irom tills Iniiiinrv
In view of tlio Mylim of cutaln Hepnbllcan I
jnembiirsof thoio mittee that the > did not
liropoee to Invi nt gate tlm 1oltoa Dipartmout
for fenr ol ftrlklng Unpubllciin nnags Mr
Jvmn hald that ho kiaw of no reason why Ibat
aermrtniwnt should nut bo Inventigated Hut
It is not bullovfil that tills department will 10 t 1
inTosllirntid Inflld nfntuar Iollio c I inmis I
fioiiBr Muriavo I Rill 1 thoioand has been veiy
liiithtul Then nmun Mphon 11 Fiench Is
pot liug out of olllco Fiirlhiimora lluton
01110 Flrllnoro
n heeler IB not nltngntbi r a Ink lumber so
far H tlio ivilco loard is concerned
TheTiunlBnotKiisiwied of riiphio Indlf
reretv to the cui ent lociil campaign Certain
niemlers if I the coinniltleo have no hOHlancy
In haying that 111 vvl I inakn things hot for
Jaiuinanv j thoy posfclbly can Uf ioiir0
they i < iii > Hkrif the Iud that IB lo come to the
la Ity thoy after dew their labora oro done Then thuy
Cu i nrtlio Hlx Cnptnln
A ppoRI itrdorwns receded nt Ftrst Brl
cnda Hi ndrinartors from Jonernl Houdijunr
ttrfiut AlbniiVion Mntiday to tbo olect that
t oar ml 111 of tli Tnentyieconil nujrl
nKntCnitiilns Gooicti II 11 Han Ocorwe P
Djiiinrcst William 13 1rooce N I Tburston
James W Vlncb and Vllllnm J Maldof
vlwrucd by Col John T Camp wltb consplraoy
f ° trartucn and liunn character will 10KIn
111 1 Ilyllr t oclint Armory on ftw
ellnl I Uet 1
1lo 0 urt wl II consllt I tbrce Oeld
nnt iJ UlO i ro I I illu 11 < bo uro loanm
t veh Iro
J i tit 1111 1 Autnl oon pinncllnc
Irt V Ilh vWH1 lt < ntt Jli ohu Jreaidnti
i NHI t l JreJlelt
1Iout101 It b nmmuiiliDK
lllul Ii
lliliUuttii I I M any Iieu ro IIllilng 1 J 5
1llh 1 Ir Ill lK t iMOvi
r Kit Dai iol A Nub tt 1llloll i IIoklrl
5T I N Vorl
I I IItJ or and
tui t Chnl i I 11 e ninmandloi Tmop A
C aMilr > J rl Unnide lheJ I mlllo Aducale
klirneil Vui II nry H Van Duer JudilS
Irr Judl
Ad ovutuc tlloJ 1I18t Hrhlclu < lulur
Two rjlr i TIllB I CoiBlilallll
Mayor Mnrtiai Inglrlnrd llntoticd yester l
day tv toMiniPiir on ihMomilalntM which the
Knights of lnbr IIIU brought uiriilnl I H I
loky U rUI 11 1111011111 olunoy lt
1Jlluliiry I piae Hlomikt lm mnt ov9r2uO
Iul f IY lu III mlle f Iho VVolpjoreland
VliH rV I I 111 l I l II IIIY > r 1a hil 0 IIIt 1
Jlar HIi nilK 111 i IllVn luliu HI 11 Unit iflLu ugngul JH ijiu
nWI 11 11 I rUb 111110111 10 Ilu
tw uid i n WIj
II ml ui n fan MHoriiiliit
I I Bi gij 1 b Moi UIf
iiut t llOI I 110 hky mid tld
11111 WI I n IM I bdcni l ugli
1 I I Illj
111 i r i 1 I Hi ul I I I kllltfll
1 J 1 I I I I 1 y
I I I i tu II Idluad
I I I j I I r HI ylh
o Y
r I 11
I > 111 > j I l II
I In1 I tlll1
lll 1le i lr lullon l lurk fOf
lOl I t wwlr
llUIIIU JjOIi tcJ urouul I
IIow Tb1 HnlTrrrdHd Wontd HUH BnBTtr
Hue for K nrlditl FcMtlier IUC
Jumlco BufTy 71terdar mornlne bund over
Mra Catborlno Bhernmn tinder 0 ball to an
war at tbo Court of Ueneral Heojlons to tho
charll of keeplnc R labr farm without a
llconro Da < k of this lies a curious etorr of
cruelty nnd lunoranco
Mrs Hbernian U I nearly 70 years old and has
Ion boon tbo janltresAot tbo tenement at ISO
1oiBrtli atreot Flo yearn ago nor soninlaw
and dnuRbtor died lea Ins her tbolr Infant
boy to biluK up Mra Sherman WM vcr poor
and a year no tboimlit abe would Increase
her income br takluc In a row other bablca
i AH she bad noer boanl that n license waa I
I nocpa ary bo did not ect ono Her danabtora
I boy waa then nearly 10 yeara of nice Bbe an
i Beroil nn advertlBcment for a baby farmer
I and eoourrd thu natural child of a younc
1 worklne slrU A fow weeks ABO Mrs Ohrina
1 died In 151 Forsytb street nnd the widower
1 KRO tbo Ilby which had cont her life Into Mrs I
i bhormanB cute A washing woman on tbo i
fourth Uoor contracted with her to toko her I
bnbydurliB tho day while she WRB out woik i
I nl So with the llrM of last month Mrs Bher i
her man cruid found on herselt wIt three children besides
A few weeks ago a younc married couple In
one of the upper rooms minrioiled and seimr i
atod ihe husband who 18 oleolnd Ilt leavv
gavo 31 is Hhormun Ibo marital feather bd
The wife call book after It otmruirt Mm I
htiriiiau with Btonllnu It aud finally brouiiht I
her Into epiut llut Mrs Hbermttii was allowed
I to retain tho bed The beaten woman swore
I venaennce Irs Shermans weak polut the
tinlloi noel baby Inrl was laid beiorti Mr
Qetiys soclity Monday was tho ntth nnhor
fary of the death of Irs Bburmana dftuqlitor
Jlrs Sherman following her custom lit a can
i die and plaiod U on Ibo bureau Then she
llchlod aflro In Ibo Btoocalled In MrsOBrien
to waioh tbo children nnd went with horcrand
eon to tho remotcrr Mrs Ollrten lelt tba
children to take care of themselves and woTit
nuv In this oll hour OfllcoiB llvckerand
Aunow of Mr Carrys society called
and found Charley HHfort tbo fonryearohl
child of ono 01 tho nelRbbora He wna In full
chunro aud was ila > IUK among the rags In one I
corner of the room Near him and rolling
aliou In tbe hoap of rags WIIB a towbeaded
baliyglrlnlth blRblueoies This WIM Annie
i Iolatcbeck tbe onevearold child of the work I
Ing ulrl I < > Ing In the bed and awntbcd to the
chin In a big dIrty ciullt was tho Uhring orphan
throe wttks old Its face waa sharp and of
naxon whltonosB I was Bound asleep but Its
oyea wore hall < pen aud Its breathing WW so
gentle Ibat tbe ottlcers thought It dead
All of the children were dirty and almost I
naked Tho only sign of food for the two chil
dren was a quart of milk In I pitcher shut up
in a linnet Thus unguarded lod unprovided 1
with fond tho children remained all afternoon I
and until T oclock In the evening when tho of
I llcore cnmo and took them up to tho rooms of
I the Bocltty Tho Ohrlnt orphan was taken to
tbe hospital nnd tbe doctors said It could not
mo as It waa sulTermn from complete cul
Inpso brought about by starvation lesterday
morning thu Iolatcheck child nas takun to
KandnllH Island Thu two other chlldi on will
bo leturued the one to the grandmother tbe
othor to tho mother who Is tbe washing
woman mentioned before I
The BelutlTe I k Out n Caia Acalo t
Friendly Mr Orlnnell
One of the Hnrlom hermits wills has becu
broken Tho hermits namo was Thomas J
llonro > Ho lived in a house nt 206 Est 124th
Mreet which Is I c no of th curiosities of Har
lem It was built after Monroes own design
nnd ho surrounded It with two fences ten feet
hich with locked gates Monroo was tho son
of a man of considerable means named Jacobs
but change his name when bo was young bo
cntiho a brotbur who had also chanced his
offered to cive him 500 tobocomo a Monroo
Vbun Monroo died on Jan 15 1889 his
niece Mrs Illalsdell of 255 llopbling street
Brooklyn offered for probate n will drawn in
1871 by Jooph O Brown who was for forty
yours tbe legal adtisor of tho hermit Tlio
will loft tho tfitatoof 250000 In leal estate
and Kpcurltiea to Mrx Monroo and to Mrs
Illalsdell hisTavorite uleco Monroo bad mar
ried Kmlly J Furnbom 1 slater of Mrs Blols
dclls mother His wife dlod before bo did
Georce Gardner Grlnuell who hail been liv
ing at tho bormltage from tbo date of Mon
roe death until June 1C presented Ibo will
that Surrogate Ransom rejected yesterday
This was dated March 22 1888 and left the
estate to Mrs Monroe and to Grmnell himself
blsBhare being bequeathed bocaune nf his
services to the decedent Tbo Will raid that
tbe deeedi nt loft nothing to hIs relatives be
cause tboy had never carod anything lor him
or done anything for him Irs Mumoo hav
inc died this will left Gnnnell Boll legatee
Tbe relatives attacked this will charging that
Gilnnell procured it by fraud and undue In
fluinco Th contestants were William U
Jacobs a brother of tbo de l enl aud tbe
children of a deceased brother James J Mon
roo Thete children are CharlPB 0 and Anna
Maria Monroe Jeannctte Brush Buxlo Mon i
roe Viige and Mrs UlalBdelL They were rep I
resented by Lawyers Hamilton liooraem and
lifokott and exJustice Charles Flatimmer
Mis lilalsdell bud made an agreement with
them t Ilk half the cetate and give the reo
contest znalnderto them I thoy joined with her In the
Orlnnell was represented at Ibo trial by
Lawyrr Erastus Brown who also went upon
tho witness htnnd In support of tho document
making bin cll > nt Hole logateeof tbe hermits
fortune Surrogate ItaiiHom says of him I
fortUII proponents counsel has labored Inde
fatigably and line displayed I determination
tolfRioDothlnguneaii I undone wbion might
in his view properly all his cause He was his
client H chief witness and bin testimony Is sat
urated with the bias prejudice and 1 zeal In his
clients behnlf justifiable In counsel but un
worthy in 1 witnoBB
Grlnnoll In rojictiiLtlio will tho Surrogate says of
Grinnl 1hl evidence convinces me that ho early
formed tbo I puiposo of procuring from dece
dent a ulll in bis own favor and to accomplish
his rivsign no bent uViry energy reported to
artlflre and cunning conspiracy nnd fraud
For such iiurpoHe hu tiadod upon the nraU I
noBies both montal and Ulon the dece
dent and insidiously Intruded bis own will
Into his enfeebled mind flutteied bis more
than child fh vanity and humoied hlBcaprb es
object rnd eeccntrkltkfl and thus acvompllbhed his I
Mr Orlnnell will have to pay tho costs of the
years litigation Counsel for tho contestants
will apply for tbo probate of the will of Ua
Murdered l > jr a Mexican I
DurTAio Sept 30 News has leon received
bore of tho murder In Mexico of Arthur Crut I I
tendon bon of Dr A II Cruttonden of Hath j
and brother of W M Crutteuden associate I j II
editor ot the Keici A lottor from Henry Can
fold a partner of tbo murdered man dated I
Aug 22 states that tbny with Dr How own
ed an intercbt In 1 mlno near Herat blnera In
Bonora Mexico and nro living In tMns at tbe
mine On tbu morning of Aug 21 Cruttendcn
arose aud Mepmdout of tbo tent Aa be did
tro be WOB struck 11 tbe bead wltb an Ae lu
tbo bauds of a Mexican Hearing his crien
Jjr Howe went to his aid and grappled with
the Mexican and the two role I over a high
bank Tbu Mexican led and Dr IIowo won
found to be BOturcly Injured Cruttundon
Biartcd to go ta tho town for < medical iu > Blnt
11 did not return and n search
in c Ilt lrch waa
miide which rcxultud In the finding of bin
hi dv ni 0161 with an uxo In hm bak tie
Moxlciin evidently having followed him audI
linlfhen bin bloody ork Tbo d Iud man wns
I pirt in lltTipn owner of ecral valuable niiaiug cluluia
6 tor OcltlBB 1cnvlOD
Daniel Hiiibr uckof Ulster county was bo
fore Unllod 11 AllS CommlBkloner bhlelds yesterday
terday acuiihed of charging an old soldier
named Huinuel DavlH Mu for ai ltlng iilm lo
nriuure hlu penblon Ibu mwliil churc B for
what lie did boiug but I t llRsbruuck wuu
put under tlOOU Lall for tuumluulluu
UbuniB 0 t Tla > oa I > s 11 l d Ball
Tli lol and wlut r icliedul ot trolnl will tl 111
Tliur 4 I y Oct i Tb IOW Inurt will ti > u iprM
tall II 4 w > I A rur titriltn rily a uJ llpipmd
au I I oclock Ir ln for IhwpII4 Ot war j ollonl l
cuiuiMllont litrdofcr ui J 01 mnUli City for Hemp
H Id IIIIe b wad J > al Ilord Irk lliui aoid
lua 11 trmir l Ii url rji lace 1 llnui > M 4
1ltIII ni willlovtU I 11 ul 1111 u > f I ti MII44
wf 1 Iv all > r ul
fli r I I trli 1 fr fr h lsw 1 nf l wrni >
in 01 i ii < n lln IIoha > llraiuli will I run ru
I ViVl KIlil I A Palrtu utl wll i
11 I
ulliliii I ulir m It i r f IIJ lliiibiirifiiil
wliiiuakiuuil t ii II J iu lc uj llbloii burd
durl Ihiu o rick > ulu 1 if lu fur fUbrleu I wlUU run
u aQI II I 14 11 tr 1 a lUlU x I
Ci 61110 M11
Lr nxxronr
Jnlr 18BT H Aiked him IVII to IUe
Under C t > JBoef Tltk him I That
Dido Bad rixlri ProapTCtn JUIcktnot b
lBnrdA MnloBl lYttnd TVhoCBBt
Parcel KlltlB niBBckitrd
r Elltabcth L Rankln who a formerly
Klttlo Blanchnnl applied to Judge Ijiwrtince
ot the Supreme curt through K A Monfort
her counsel roBtorday for an order roiiulrlng
Arthur Mel Hankln her actor htiHband to
contribute to tho support ot her nnd hi r in
rearold daughter rh > llK ExJudgd Dltton I
hoefor opposed tho motion on behalf of McKco
lln In
Mr Montfort urged upon the Court the abso
lute necessity for provision from McKoe Inn
kin for bis wife and child She Is living at her I
place called the Knolls at Klvordalo NY I
and is Incapacitated from acting temporarily I j
by reason of a severe attack of malaria Mr
Montfort said ho could prove that Mr Itankln
was living with another woman by whom bo I
has baa a child Thin person IB said to be an
nctresa In tt popular travelling theatrical com
pany Mrs Itankln however doesnt soek an
absolute divorce but simply desires ascpara I I
too on the ground of abandonment and nou >
support Mr Montfort offered numerous let i
tors In evidence but Judge Lawrence excluded
nil of those which were not signed by Itankln
In opposition I was Btated tat Ilankln waa i
not worth J6IIOOO as his wife claimed but was
tl 000 In debt It was also denied that Ilankln
had ever deserted his wife I
Moot of the letters bear directly upon the dl I
vorco proceedings but thoy include some
which show tho feeling that existed between
husband and wife In July 1887 Mr llankln
wrote to his wlfo from tho Ilossmore Hotel
without signing tha letter He says that har
mony boa been restored between himself and
his father thereby opening a prospective fu
ture for our children that otherwise they
might not bAY Ho Is rich Dido nnd Pixie
nicknames for their daughters Gladys and
Phyllis are his only grandchildren and I we
tbolr father and mother manage it properly
they will bo well provided for br him Now
why should thcr suffer from our difference
TheyatolnnocentaKontsafterall bluce
we do not vnra for each other wo nood not Ihe
together but for their sake keep up an appear I
nnco on the outside The present state of at
falrs cannot last long without tho world get
ting at tho truth It will ort reach
the oars of those al homo und right
or wrong they will Bide against you
Perhaps you dont caro I tboy do and would
prefer matters to remain as thor are I not
and you will promise not to call our children
Into counsel against me again I will do all In
my power to uold any further trouble In tho
future for their Bakes and we can keep up an
appearance by living under tbe same roof all
the time treating each other to our hearts
content I Is unly I few weeks now when
business will Beparat us for the Boa on Think
the matter over nnd decide I It is to be as
I suggest we had bettor not bavo any words
upon the subject ns our tampers are suoh that
we iannot discuss an > subject whan we diner
AVlro me your doitIon on receipt of this i I
At about the same time Mr Itankln wrote I i I
I lUmronD cnn Jan 2ri 18B9
Iy DEAn CUILDtFN Nowthtit your
mother baa fully decided let I matters remain
as they am it IB not likely that I ill eer eea
you again unices you take the trouble to come
and see me for 1 will never cross the threshold
of her door again dead or alive nt least until
he comes to her benes Btlll your af
fectionate PATIIEII
Prior to tbe breaking out of tho trouble be
tween them Mr Itankin wrote his wife as fol
IT Dun WrFE Pleasn forgive me for my
I bnrxh words last nicht I had been drinking I
i and didnt know what I was saying By the
time you return from tho West youll Iind me
nvery different man ton hat Ive bean In the
pas two > ears Can Ido anvlhlna for you this
morning Aro you going down tu be examined
The first Intimation of Mr Hnnkln8 desire
for a letter separation was contained in the following
Aug 13 1890
Jfl Drar Mrt JtanJttn
It appears BO strange for mo to address you
upon thin subject but 1 trust you will accept
I It I a friendly offering Instead of one of an
imadversion or 111 feeling jir <
Itankln has written me regarding a divorce
l persists that jou are finally separated from
I him aud tl e separation Uetomal the ofnrohe
Ins ets upon n divorce He desires me to state
that ho will bring a libel for desertion
I Thorn will be m > scandal attached lo I
I hardly any publicity Will rou consent to
a divorce on thoo grounds do rtlon I
failing in this Mr Itanic n wilins mo to state
that he will go lo Co ornia 1 and bring u di
vorce tbr6 10 What I ueilio tu know Hill sou
make any opposition to the dliorce I trust
you will treat aud communicate with me the
same ax I thcau unpleasant different es had
neor occurred as I will advlsi you as I you
had consulted me I cant forget Kitty Ulan
chard Always your friend
Mrs nankin rOller that the letter was a sur
prise to her and had n bad orToct on hor
daughter Pbyllls Hhe bell d Mr latt > e to
wait a few weeks This practically cloie 1 the
correspondence Mrs Itanklnn other daugh
tor Gads Is the wife of Sydney Drew thu
actor Judge Lawrence his given counsel time
t present additional papers
Dr OatoBnll Think the Mind Reader
FCBIB Ara All Fraudulent
CnicAoo Sept SOA morning paper pub
lishes what purports to bo an expose of
tho tricks by which Paul Alexander John
Btone of Bt Paul performs his alleged mind
reading toxtx t Tbe difcbolleier in Johnstone
is Ir Gatchell of this city editorof tho Medical
Era Dr Gatchell submitted to apparently tbe
same test conditions as did Johnstons and
under these conditions went blindfolded up
nnd down stairs and found and wrote u desig
nated wor In a book He then Bboned how I
was done Tbo gisvos were folded over the
eyes and a bandage ted thht over them Jly I
lifting tho eyebrows this binning was
worked upward upon tba forehead then
the bun y cloth hood was put over bis
bond noi by pulling I couple of
Firings It was porlelln I fiont IcaUngplentyot
room to see tlnough Then the bltvk Iel
which hid the featires but wl loh could be
plainly Fen through was drawn over the
whole and the preparations were complete
for mind rend ngns IlrGntchell asserts It
IK I dOle by Jolinntoie The directions and
distances in be traiellod over thn page In tho
book and thn letters l in Ihn word chosun wero
tracnd In tbo I all with the linger In front of tho
performer and the trick was performed In no
cordiince nltb lliem Dr Oatchellsays bedoos
not know bow Johnstons performed tbe eufo
opening trick but be Is of the opinion that It
l merely a trick
Remarkable Proposal of a Mormon JRIder
to an Ohio Girl
rnnmFIELP Ohio fiept 30 An old framo
build nc standing on Iml Hollars fAIl wont
of this town has been purchased < by Urn Latter
Day BulutB Tbe buuuebas four rooms anlll is
scarcsly habitable Tbe sect bad Its origin
vrlthJusso Malarland a prominent fanner
who was convorted during I visit to one of tho
Mormon utrongliolds In Indiana whorl tboy
aro deeply notcd The result of his return
was tli inception nf tlm present tominunlty
Lnill lecenily tbe congestion bad a niliili
lnll II
tel the llev Mr hbul who 1 I tOW orranUiiig
a congregation In Jogmi county orranlZltl
WHB living In tbu community referred to b
bad bis I wllo along with him and boardrd
nrouucl wherever the Lori wiled and tbe
folks would stand It
Mr Hhtll took a strong f ner lo Ibe buxom
eldest 1 daughirr of Mr Jloi arlaud and asked
her uljblrr uonld not have fier Cvr hlii
second wif Tho father di murred aud so did
tho girl The people bsro du not pructue
polygamy but tlia uhove lustauceultidlcatite
u they UlldOI II
Kii > l l TrulH III Ib Hurll
Th HoitUllu Lit Ualiil l tirrtu t w Vuik rhllf I
dl bJ iHiiinf juJ Wiln irtuu > i j i > I ru
ir i H olu ml II iiJ n r n 1 mr ill fuul I
lr lu I lu ii rtll C ldI Hiir I I xjuiviiiui IIIIj1 I nnrti
> rir bullouj uitr ii I iu iUriti > > ul pillu >
IOMcgr l ly mi romlufl Ilitl nr known lu II
tu tullilrt rl Uiibulil 1111 lrol 4 b Cull
luui otl IUxuiyliK I ilritt u < 4 Lil < 4 tr > l ui tut
iuutu fi tiuittiitu HMnutsm duiiuu
4iuiin of A cLOTitzsa Finn
The Ilablllllr er Bapkarl e
tlmal 4 t Nearlr BSOAOOO
HOFTON Pent 80 lUphnol Lewenborg
manufaoturors of clothing at 40 Bummer
01 havo made an assignment to N P
Jones of Cumner JonesX Co and Isaac Klouls
The liabilities arc estimated at from 1173000
to 1200 J l wenbcrg ot tbo Orm Is Inter
ested In a clothing store a Worcester Among
the creditors who are mot largo whole
enters In lloston New York and Philadelphia
Cumnor Jones k 0 lioston IWO Goow
Ing A Sawyer Do ton f 5000 Cose Dudley 4
llaitel lloston tlOOO Homerset Manufactur
ing Company lloston tSOOJ J Mullen A Co
lioston 13000 Howard Manufacturing Com I
pany lloHtou 11000 Blake o A Btcarns bo <
ton f2O J W Bklnntr Hoi yoke 11000
Htocle Manufncturlng Company Philadelphia
S000 II I Ilnrlow Now York 17000 n
W Weaver Now York 5000 Luis A Hons
Now YOlk 13O lloblnson A Kauflman New
York Sou
I In Mild that an arrangement may bo made
whereby the firm nmy contlnuo In business
and that tho losses in am ovont will not le
ver lon J Tbo firm Is I composed of Philip
Ilaohnel nnd Joseph Leweuboig Thoy bino I
been In business together Blnco IBSj when I I
they started in a Btnall I vny Thn firm > M <
sticcoASful and was supposed to have made
money Last December hey made an excep
tionally good statement on tho enOl I
which thoy wore enabled to secure good terms
They claimed I then to have about 135000 due i
thorn SINfiOii worth nf Btook fixtures worth
HOO aud lr3U 10 In cash They hald they
were worth 5JUOO It IB I raid that tawenborg i
bad started stores In North llrookllold and I
In WorieButr I
A member of tbo firm said this afternoon
that the lirst stories In regard to the matter
nem exaggerated Ho told that the Indebted
ness was only 150000 Ho could not tell just
what the nOl1lnl assnts were but he thought
they would be a llttln loss than 160000 Tho
work of taking stock wax begun tblsjifternoon
Tho Drm but IHOII making a lowpriced class
ot goods and sell c vory clone To this and
tfce strlcgencv theIr embarrassment of tbo money market they attribute I
The Torktown Find tke Smoke From the
OunB Very I roubleaome
Several Interesting marksmanship tests
were held In Gardiners Bay two weeks ago by
tho cruiser Yorktown now at tbe navy yard
Bho carries six sixInch rlllos two Catlings
and of Hotohklbs rapidfire guns she has two
37mIlllinotres two threepound aud ono one
pound All wero tested at both stationary and
moving targets In addition to thin tho
men competed with rifles and rovohers at
various ranges About eighty qualified In
The most Interentlng evolutions were off
Montauk Point last Thursday night juflt beforo
tbo vessel catno to Fort Wadsworth A wood
en target made prlnclpallyof 1 throocornered
Ball was anchored astern while the cruller
steamed several hnndred yards nn ay Then
tho bjgeleotrio soarch lights wore brought into
play and the Inns turned upon tho target i
This test was expected to show what the ruls
i or could do with a torpedo boit at night
While tbo target used wnu not as long as un or
dinary tnrpodo boat it was almost stationary
At oery d scnar e of the iiorklowns guns
tbero aiose 0 Bmoko who o persistence In
hanging nbitit tho ship wasasurprlno to her
ofllccr I wos tho Yorktown frt ORt of the
kind and It was found that tbo smoke ibat
hung about from tho discharge of one rlllo In
ter fa ed seriously with tho sighting of another
It blurred tho field of thxBonich light An
other difficulty WA to gauge the distance I
Veteran and Ullltliimen Follow tho JBodr
ofOen JDuryee to I JLu t IteatlBK Place
Tho funeral of the Into Gen Ahram Dnryoe
took place yesterday from the Holy Trinity
Church 122d street and Lenox avenue The
services wore conducted by tho llev Dr Von
dewater of St Andrews Church assisted by
the Rev Grant Bttingor ot the Holy Trinity
Prayer n as offered at tbe bouo by the Ilev
Dr ItrlKgs
During the Bcrvlces tho choir rendered
Abide WIihMJoBUB LuverOf My Boul
and Lord Let Me Know Mine hnd
Them were few llorai otTerlugB It being the
expressed wish of tbe family that no towers
save those from military organizations be Bent
Among Ibo many military men presont wore
CoL deoigo D 8ch rmerhorn Major I A
liorttwick Fred P Earl of Uov Hill H btaff Gen I
KmmoiiB Clark Capt Gould Thorp Lieut
Bchermerhorn and MajorGen llU John
Company 13 of tho Seventh Ktglment pro
coeded to Greenwood Cemetery where the in
terment took place In full uniform and llred a
volley over thu grave The pallbearers were
Col D Appleton Moyd Clarkson ien 1 E
Troraain Gen Hiiani Duryea Major OW Me
Loin Col K M 1 1iawford CoL 1 I Hlblet
Co U W Winchester Gen K P Vlele L b
Clomman ant Kdwln A Brooks
The General Appralaer Hualala tbe niBber
Valuation of Ike Kid Gloree
The gonoral appraisers at their headquar
ters In Canal street had a long session yester
day investigating the kid glove Invoices of
Tnssavant J Co and Droulllut Co Tbo in
voices had beon advanced by Examiner Lcsour
in tho caso of tho firstnamed Qrm 0000 and
in the case of the last J3000 These advances
had been cancelled by Assistant Appraiser
Burko without consultation nnd his judgment
had been accepted by Appraiser Cooper Tho
radical action of Ien Burke resultou In anury
dlsiMiBBl n between him and lesour Tbu
Tn usury auontsmndo an Investigation and the
general nppialsers mnt ID polenm nod petrol
ronclavo to Fettle tho dispute Ieu M Ilklnaon
as Uliairrann of tbo Hoard had allot ibe J t artlet
beforo him and In addition examined ibout
every other Imnortaut kid glovo Imporier In
the town Tbxv i amo to < a decision at dusk
nnd forwarded it to Secretary lndoni at
Washington Tin ir declMon tall Kxaiu
luer IeMiir but Geii vMlkluaon was inclined
to believe that thu two llrmH will appeal for a
fuither Investigation not that 0 hubcorn
mitten nf tbo appraisers may bo appointed
hear this appeal I
A VTomnn OlveB u Lar a Large Piece
of her Mind In Court
lUivmionE Kept SO Quite a breezy scene
was enacted this morning In tbo Criminal
Court during Ibo trial ot Mrs Emma Free I
burger on a cbargo of larceny preferred by
MIB Mary A McClennan The troublo began I
when Mr Ituddoll tbo counsel fur the defence
asked MrsMi Clonnan during a crossexamina
ton I Bbe did not live In the same house with
a colored family Thin wounded tbu pride of
the lady Mho jumped up from the witness
chair faced Lawyer Iluddell nnd a ked
Do you mean to put me on a par with nig
grrn you Impertinent siumpV I Ibad > ou
outside 1 would 1 kicic > our lace oir
Liiwyor Ituddoll told her the iiuesllon wan
neiecsary and should lo answered This In
oroawiul herwrutb and h 1IIIrld unoihur
short Invoi lite which terminated with If I
had a riMihor I would shuit you m w
hhe was tt out MHm ting Ihat che would
Thncusu miHdlhiiiiMtud but tlm
lay for him Jhl casl 111 UhUIdI Ii
lawyer did not louvu 1 tbu court loum until thu
court wau clear I
Au OlKlrnullon OB Cbe 1raek
ST JOHN N 1 Hepl 80 Tho fait express
on tbe Intercolonial Hallway running fiom
Halifax to MontiDai lelt Monctnn twentyel ht
minutes lato labt night and In order to inuku
up lust Hire tbe Kpeed was Inoreaiad to forty
inllas an hour Near Anngance I pile of kleep
Iles tlie track but before
era w a rf e n Irlng across tl llre
the iiied could bi tlsckenod tho train struck
thoohvtruoiloii I The locomothu wiw thrown
fiom the tails and completely wreaked but Ibe
eugln tlal llrrmnn weru unhurt There
but wisalargn u11 bcaped number ulhlnuud of ljU8UIorM i > on tua train
CollliUd on tt llrldit
Hi JrtiiNfiiuuy VIHept M Two eomiarUil
wild fiibinOK collbud with H through fin ght
train on tbu ii uuii > l Jliuloud IhHBfir
n In tbo turn co Irud brl wat 11111 I u
Cnginitti iJJtdHlii < I nt C tino ol til wild vuuluus
IIII WII l I wid 1IIItua
orgt hi oidnrs Ho UiiiiHdijiidiipu bu1 IbU
lorjolll linuliior beelm ofIbe freight I ruin
had bis wrfit broken nod bis had cut ilie
I ti4tu tad bjidtf n Jr
l E
rOJB jjv THIS cnotrn THAT 0A11
rUE cuvnr noou
Hadle TrapliaicraB Hiorr f the Attempt t
niader nixoverr of the Olai The
Dead Olrli HUter OB the Htand
Brats In Part HI of thn Court ot General i
Sessions where Dr Henry G UcQouegal is
being tried for killing Annie Goodwin the
cigarette girl by malpractice woro 8 n pre
mium yesterday A number ot women Bat
there alUday Mdonegal the prisoner Is a
bloachedlioklngllttlo man with 1 long gray
board Ills ftnmn Is I bout but ho rooms to t bo
full ot energy He brought Into court a bundle
ot papem and memoranda and busied himself
In looking them oor and making notes
People cranod their necks tu look at him
Badle Traohagen the pert young woman who
was the most Intlraato friend of Annlo Good
win as tlio most Important witness for tbe
l > ooi > lo yesterday and shared with McGonrgal
tlio attention of tho spectators Mr Bedford I
examined the peoples witnesses and Col 1el I
lows knocked fUt thn objections raised by Mr j I
Oliver on behalf of tbo defence
William W Gullfoylo the permit clerk of the I
Board of Health was the first witness Ho
testified that the certificates of death and tbe
burial permit b which Annie Goodwin undor
a false name and with a false caupa of death
given was taken over to St Michaels Ctmo
tory and hastily burled In 0 rough box wuro
perfectly regular In form
perf6lj oliday tie nlstorot Annlo Goodwin
came to tbe witness stand In deep mourning
and testified to the relations between Annlo
and Augustus Harrison her lotor
adie frlhnlol who had entered tho court
room unohfionod by a Bide door wan called
Bho was neatly dressed and gloted and orea
blue hit with light trimmings ant i snort buo
capo Mio appeared to enjoy tbe prominence
of tho witness stand the said that sho lived
at ill Knst 12fUh street
How well 11 tll you know Annie Goodwin 1 <
1 know bar Intimately nud for two years j
that aho lived at our houflo wo lent together I
Bhe said that on Julv 23 sho went to hoJt
Mlctiaclrt Cemetery tovlow tho remans tlint I
had tern 1 > terred under tho name Jnno Wil
bur At first sho wus unnblu to recognize
them but when tho catering was removed
from tbe hair and Bho examined Ibo teeth and
the stockings she had no hesitancy about
Goodwlu IdontlMug tho lemalns as those ot Annie
Did you meet AnnIe Goodwin on July 3 I
InR 1 at tho cornor of 121th street nnd Third I
avenue about 9 oclock In ibe I morning So
wont to Dr JlcGonotials house nnd Annie went
In I wont away and 10 al out llvo minutes I
rotutned Anne WIIB standing la the parlor
widow and beckoned mo to I come In Inror
opened tio door for mo and after wo hud beon
In tho parlor for a fow minutes Dr McGonegal
came Into tho room He nnd Annie then wont
into a back room and lelt mo alono When
they returned wo left tho hoiibe Dr McGoue
gnl did not say anything to mo
What was your next step t
We hired I furnished room nt 152 East 127th
street whcro Mrs Collins Jed Annlo paid f
dojOslt of 75 COltS I called on Annie tho next
morning I called again on July I nnd saw
MrSiCulllns The nexltimo I saw Annie oho
was In tho fifth lloor front room In Mrs Bliawa
house at 117 East 103th street Mrs Shaw told
ma that Bho wna Blck nnd about U oclock that
evonlug I brought bur a cloan night gown
That wus on July 11
Havo you soon HouryG McGoucgal slneo
thnt before tndl 1
Yes On July 1 at 080 oclock in tbo even
ing Annli died on tho 12th ho came to my
housn and asked mo I I had any of Annlo
Goodwins handwriting I did ba several
loiters He I anted mo to copy in Imitation ot
her writing a paper that he gao me I said
HIITIR VUnii I am InJfrctr GilT ami ilolng nlcelr
workltiic for two will n oM trend ot uilue and will be away I
I sent thla lottor back tho next moraine
and said that I wouldnt do It
MI HTraphaeon taid that about two days I
later Dr McUnncgal cnllod on her In the alter
noou nnd asked her to uot I letter typo writ
ten purporting to i ome from Annie Goodwin I
Bnylnt that IB BHdolug nicely This le ter
was to beaddiessed to Mlse Truphagen aud
showns A toslMwlt to Mrs Uolllday She ro I
Ou crusBexamlnation i Lawyer James Oliver
tried to prove that the two girls frequented
ron ort saloonB with different men Miss
Tiaphacen caid that she bad met Annie about
half a dozen tlinen In the loncort saloon nn
1 Mid avenue between 128th and 12Uth toot
Annla on ihusn occasions was UBualh accom
panied by a man Tbe gills I wont to the thea
tre together unaccompanied Miss Trunhagt n
thought that tbo Thlid avenue concert hall
v as I proper place for ladlcn to go If thoy had
mile escorts Annlo Goodwin was usually
accompanied by the same young man
Did you evoi know any mldwivea or doo
tro FC6 on the east sldo
No sIr I novel IJY
Did you ever speak to any one about a mid
Yes to Dr McGonognl I asked him If An
nlo had told him that she had been to BO a
midwife and he said no I the wioto for him
the name of Mr Kerns who lived somewhere
in I Seventyeighth stnet I had beard that I
Annla had called on bur and for that reason I
spoke to IJr MiUonegal
Hare you ovur been in a place called the
I never hoard of It
Did you tell your mother or her Bister ot
Annies condition t
No sir Shu left our houso tho day she
went to see ilr Mcflonegal Bho know that
film couldnt oomo t tick
Mary V Collins of 152 East 127th otreot from
whom Annlo Goodwin engaged n furnlBhed
room paid that ibe girl came to bar on July 2
apparently in good health Bhe xuld that
none of her relatives wan living Bhobeoiiine
sick on the morning of July 4 Andrew Fan
n ng called to feu her nnd about 0 oclock In
the ev cnlng ol that day brought Dr McQonegal
to Bee the girl
My suspicions bud Boon arouh d said Mrs
Collins and I went intn Anuloit room with
tho Doctor Annie asked Mr Fanning nnd mo
to lenvo the room Mr Fanning went out but
I refuted to go 51 Inn Goodwin had told ran
that the Doctors iiamn wus Biullh I nskoJ
him what his mil no was nnd hu fnldltv an
Me Gonenil Dr MuGonegal looked at h r
tongue and felt hor pulBo I told b m that If
tbeu was an thing wioug bo couldnt treat
her In my house Annl < was very angry Dr
McGonosal took hei nway in his gig a Bhort
tltnn Inter the was ablo to walk to thogg I
bnvo navnr sien the girl filneo Bhe Baid sho
wa a typewriter Vbon I told Dr Medoucgal
that Annie had said IM nnmo was Smith no
aiisweied that be had an assistant of that
Andrew L Fanning of HO East 117th Btreet
who kept oiimpauy with Ann o f r two yours
beore her death was the last wltnoB Hols
a bookkeeper lie Bald that ho had lienuently
taken Annlo to places nf aruutoinout On July
4 bo cihed on her at her rutjuubt and lound
her lck In her room
Sho naked mo he Bald to summon Dr
McUutiepal I rould not find him nnd left
word at h sofllco lorh in to call When I re
turned 1 found hor MulTuring and again went
for Dr McGonega 1 l > i > uuht Inm buck
Annie tild me tnat Mrs CollliiB had refused to i
permit hor to remain thero and Bh was gulng
away wltb Dr Mellonegiil
Fanning saw her get Into McQonegals gig
and drive a ay
At the suggestion of District Attorney Fel
IOWK who pronouiicxd a eulogy on the lutn
County Cl rk ludlir the imirt will not Hit until
1130 this inoinlng so that thoso who wish
may attend tbu funeral
CommuBder nf the CuBBdlan Force
OTTAWA S pt SO It has been uudorBtood
that Ocn MlddletonHBticcnsHor nu command
er of tho Canadian forces would lio n Cana
dian and the npiiiilntmunt if Cnl limUm of
tl oelohrntad JritiBhfli nadler Juaids to the
poaltlou bin nitlurally cuuted much commont
In both i Ivll and inllilary cliclcH A high mill
tur > fllcliil stated to your oorreupondaut to
day that Iblu ohanga in Ibo iovnrnmintu pol
icy BpoUi ioluinei < I rngiet he said lo
tnat we are itilfting bu k la our old wax
UH llui > were tafoie tboTrMit nlTiilr wlimi tho
whole udmlijltmtlon of the milltiiryorgimln
tiin lu Iunuila was dun led lr > in fJuvy Ing
tr et by tlie llilllli llorcrnmeiit I mil In a
pihitioii to know IIOWDHT i hut Ingiand IH
rropurlng ioi iheuuist tliat lino fmnvoiit ul
the nuteual International Muent OIIN now lu di
nule Inilwi n the I mini hlttlflu and inuat
Ilritsln mid If any seilou tiouMedoos urlu
Cttuutla will bu the buttla ui ouud
SAOOOO WnBled for WitBiUKed Aflrelliiue
CHKUIIO Sept 80 A > ensallonal brah of
promise suit wa re un in tho Ciiiult Court
Iliin dlion noil iy > ll < Mu > II Woo t r ilu > on
iiuMiiim I lunid I IT niiiago 1 an g IMA d
lltVII < l iO Mill lid IIIU I III1H
Mi < ii tlm diDid M n i iniinlior f ti
en Irv llrni or Jluri irilfA f lluiuin in
burol III iJullAiiiI HIM nirloim ibui lulv
l Miid lu bo mlllionalrn Tbe Cijri ljl
End > uld in Jinn J Ij < m
UOll vie
snor HIS ttxitnr rrrCK
l r rr Trie B VIolcBt Method To
Nettle MuetBrB Jjimrrrl
VThlln Michael J Itnnley n a ftnndlnc be
hind tbe bar yesterday Afternoon In bis salo < n
In Tompklnsavenuo and MonroeBtreetlliook
lyn two shots wero fired at him at clo o range
by Dnnl l Carr nf JIG Atlantic avenue and
each took effect one In thn tight cheek and
tho othor In Iho small of thn bik Although
each bullet cam dangeiou < lv iloso to avltnl
point It Is ijot expected that either wound w 111
prove moitnl Tho men dissolved part
nership in n pawnshop In IJrduo nnd
Bands streets moro thim a year ago
Their business was In n tangle and It
has never been sailsfictorllr fottlod
Carr has frequontl oxcu > od Ilnnler of over
reaching him In tno iottlement llefor Utt
Ing his place yesterday ho nnned himself with
tho rovolvor Finding llnnl y bohlnd Ihu bar
ho liegiin to luviiBi him Ilanlav says of not
making a proi > r set1 lenient iind diiilng a
limriel which lollowod lie h > > cd oit the re
vnivor and pointing ii d octly at Houley tired
thn two Bhots in rapid uc esnliii i
Ilanloy nftei tecolMng tho llrst bullet In the
cheek turned an I ran ton aril 111 loom In tlio
rear bat Iho second liullet lodge I In bU I ack
before hu ronciH d tho end ot th counter Utrr
waa disarmed by the liartetider befnro he hail
nn oppottunltv tn centumi the lusdade Io
llaeuinn Illnnuy ran In the saloon uii hearing
thn pistol BtiotB and nrrostod Carr At Ihn
Uates itveuuo Btatlnu the pnsot ornctnd In a
manner which Biiguelod nsanlty Hatiley
was removed to Kt Marys HoHidial Ho win i
almost uiiconsciout liom BIOCK and flight
but be soon recovered after tho suicoonn had
oxaminod bU wounds aud declarod tbum not
Three ZITOB JLoet llectanen ofBn Operators
EASTON Pa Bept SO Frank Glossor day
operator at Lcblghton was arrested today
on tbechargo of ha Ing caused by his negli
gence tbo wrack on tho Jersey Central Itull
roadlan night by which threo men losttbclr
lives A coal tran coming down broke in two
and wai disabled and In tho Investigation thnt
led to OlossorH nr lost It was shown that ho
had received ordeis from tho boad olllco at
JIauoli Chunk to hod nil trains nt Lehlghton
after No 12 imstongor train went up until No
0 came down Uin Bamo track BO far as to run
aioundtho dlHubled train OlosBer hold tho
orders forgot to write thorn In thu order book
failed to Inform tho night operator vv ho had
Bho tly aticrvvnrd camn on duty loaiiod on No
12 train and went to bis home nt Mnuch
Tho ennl train followed No 12 passenger
train and mot No train nn thn aurvo Uoth
onglncB came together with torrillc frco and
In endeavoring to Iscnpo from tho wieck by
jumping Joseph Dutil IP llrenmn of the pis I
Bender train aud Elmor Miteliell engineer
and Charles Blgelow llroman of tbo coal tinln
weif ciiiHheil under their onglnBt and killed
Knitlneor Taylor Ilelford ot tho passenger
train also went down with his cntlno but was
taken out of tho wrook severely injuied
The Pollcemnn Who Jtuloed a Girl and
then Tried to Hrnd Her to Prluon
rollocmnn James Malono was beforo tbo
Newark Commissioners last night with n lot of
witnesses lie was examined on nchargo of
bav Ing botrayed Julia Dcgley aged 18 and of
having tried to force hor conviction for steal
ing a watch from a low w man with whom Bbo
bocamo acquainted after hor ruin Malouoa
witnesses woro much confuted during tho ex
amination while tho girl told u dear
nnd concise story which carried conviction
Malone Bald hodlscarded her afterhlsappolnr
ment on th polleo Blip provod by vltuo8BOs
that ho lived with her afterward nnd that Bite
Buent several nights wuh htm on bis post
Fro lueutly while giving her letimony filio
turned to Malone nnd remarked Am 11 Ing
Jim Isthat a lie lim Canyou deny
that At such times tho big policeman icJ
deiud but fade 1 to nu wor
Tne Commissionerd dismissed Malone from
tbo force
ThomnB VlndBor Mny Die IleeaniQ He
Could Not Iny lor a JlrlBk
Thomas Windsor 39 years old a packer in
Grcsjoons factory Woodharen Is Bald to bo
dying at his homo In that place o a beating
received at the hands of Joseph Marusez pro
prietor of tho Oono Park Hotel Inhlsanto
mortcm statement taken by Coroner Koblnson
yesterdav Windsor avers that bo went Into
ManiBexs saloon on Frlilay and got a drink
On InformingMaruBoz that ho him no monur
but would HI tile the not time he visited the
placa tbo formnr hn says took a policemans
nightclub mm undei thu bar nnd stiuck htm
on the b fld felling him tn the floor lio after
ward kicked and boat him Dr Nun lound
three wounds on his head nnd eleven on diller
ent parts of bis body UH IB thought to havo
boon injured Internally JIarusox doilies all
knowledge of Windsors Injuries and says he
was not in the saloon the day Windsor nllegaB
lie was assaulted Coionor Itoblnson leaned a
warrant for his arrest last night
Dr Dennte lluleahr Known to Have
Whipped an ABBallaat
Dr Dennis Mnlcaby ot Fenian fame bad a
fight In his office in Newark last night with a
young man who called upon him and demand
ed satlslactlon for an affront which he said thu
Doctor had committed Nothing could bu
learned about tbe matter from tbo Doctor and
tho young man whose name Is Wood
waa In no condition to talk about the
affair after ho camo down tho BtupB
ot Ihe Doctors huusu That there vvas
n spirited row going on In tbe olllee vvus
reveiiled by tlm stmdovvti on tb curtains A
moment later tho door opened and thn stal
wart do tor came down tno steim Bti uggllng
with thn young man who brnko away from hlia
ami donhed up the street Tho < lo tors lux
uriant whiskers vvuio badly vvro ked In the
scilmmago but bu was too much for tbe v isltor
For u Greater New York
Tbe Commissioners appointed by Oov Hill
to report on thu expediency ol consolidating
tbe municipalities occupying tbo Inlands In
Now York harbor met yeatorday In tbo olllco of
Andrew II Oeoen 1resIdent of tho Commis
sion lletdes tho President thoro woro preB
ant judge T Blraualian of llro < > Uvn William
D Veddiir K F Linton John M lirlnkerlioil
of Jueons countv and leoruo 1 iroen old
lioiirip II Cathcurt and 1redurlck Devoo of
It uas formally resolved that rach Commis
sinner Bhouhl be a huiouuol Infoi mull n fur
thodUB uiluntlon of nrgumentalu tavorolthe
pnuiosed cunsolnlfttin A tig map of Now
Vork city and its environs wiu spread out on
tlio tabloimd WUB utudlud m detail lor half an
hour by all pioimnt lhaa tho omiiimsloti
llxedtbo Secretarys nnuuul sulnry ut tlJUU
aud adjourned to meet nt the Itegldeuttiuall
A WOBIBD Killed br a Train
Mary Short aged 07 who ro Mod at Hose
buiL was struck IT a llnpld Tnnislt tral i ut
the KI MaryB avrnue crnf sli g at Ithidank at
mldn gbt un Monday nnd tbu diud tv bile iuing
oouveed to tbe IIOBH tul In an nmluilanco
TIH lUrinan SIDB lio shouted to Mrs MIUII not
to cross the track hut that f bu paid no uttcu
Uou tohlb wuiulug
IHUM inil
Th Af iw m Hotel M I ik titoru wt burned t J
JAIIH luil n ni liaiuii wLoU w nt1 at I rl
I tor id iiiinlrr > In initr < Uil UtitU hu
Ucu irirn in Jenrcr
uininanUwr ioi > K VMintut ti4 t n t > rdrril lo
minttU li JUlieier teUvlitf 1 ItUiCllUUr 4 cuiuttlKlfJ
iUci i NO iur < tr J lnjin
Jctin Jf tciiiort il jrir ulil wojjht Anil mpilr
klll U bjr HH m li it thtt fll tjiltlKl litir UlfStuU
imt vvuiiiir wuii Jitlinir nri + lu u tMrriru
Ju tb nurni tft ul Jlj lou M t fdy ft jury r
lUiiml H rdlit lUUliiiiii HIM I11 i > r ilMldU VA
liny m ti l ll J > i ftluiitfi uu tlXiUv lu ctir
luLi > iJi
Ju tlj 11 H > I 4i i lrut i mm at Hu t n ttr
liny 11 t iu tlU + t 11 < Irini nl tvii
IlOJI 111 tl tt tt ll > l < I I 1 < li > l J tie Mtfl tl Jtt i Hll
JH llttfjl f II I Ii I > t < M I
I I J li4 U I ul I I < I
10 t > > ti i i p i t n t > tn I b t tf 1 4
11 uii r ui i i i4 IUin u i > l Hi u N t
turij > 1i llou Im < t i i duu ur wr
tllir bufdiiu Ji Hi bwi k r tu > ij i iiy > l Ij fir
< 4 Veiur fjiiikfJit mij Wij k ui itftu I
thIL iuc4l u Uf MUutUl Tlv UM U Irvm WU
Mlf7 MU v
OlllirllS TO llll lKUlIK FIIOU TOO
Im ThlB the t > hol HBlvBtlon
and Dln > t tkf JOUIrlet Atlnraer al >
Ala IleUlTnOTerlotheHBBBt Utllalt
The cl TV of tlm M L as a political mis
sionary iua < hlno has departed Thn bright
dronm of divorcing mtmulpal elcctlonB from
gonoinl politics has faded From the airy as
sumption that tunning a municipality la
I business not politics tho League baa
ilon ended to tho ffllld conclusion that
Ihuio Is room for a lioap of politics la
Belting bod same ns tlo other follows The
plcturosiuo and Interesting plan of nominal
lug a League Uckct that tho whole world out
Bide of tlio wigwam would rush to support has
been reluctantly abmdonod And this has
beon d < < no ut tho dictation of tlie Ilcpubllcaa
mocblno which tbo Lrngues earliest pro
latnatbinsBO bitterly denounced
Tho arched Jakes nnd llnrnoys and Johnnies
have spoken Yesterday the I M L manager
woro notllled that It thoy wont on and put up
n ticket without some bettor understanding
vlththoltopiiblicauH they would have to get
along without tbu 75000 votes that tho miv
cblno flgurerf on delivering fora calico ticket
It it can sole the f tripe
Thld communication to tbe League was not
made through Mr Oliver buiuuer Teal who
is supposed to rcprosont tbo cany in tba
League Tho nmihlno Itopubllcnns wunt
straight to Charles W Dayton who without
consulting Ilandmasior loall has been dolna
tbo conferring with William It Grace nnd tho
othur i minti Democrat y msunatcH nlmBOlf
Hie riMilt Is thnt at toilgifs meotltagot
tbo General Coiniuittei of the Peoples Muni
cipal League In Bcoitlsh Itltu Hall admission
by ticket on yllhoconimlttBo will not bo pur
niltod to go ahead and deliver tho olty from
mach nn rulo by nominating Its own ticket
The tsxcues t b < > mane will be that the va
cimcy In 1 10 tounty Clerks oDIco calls for
further consideration and that It would bo
ilungoroiiB to let Tnmman know so far inail
anco who tho Bhlnliig Onos of tho Loagna
tlckot are to bo
This ma > or may not go down In a genuine
delegated o < mv niion with no machlno bnoJc
ot ltlt would piobablycall orth a mighty klufe
fiom ingenuous mat People Dutnnunoc
canl7i > U uiaBjiieotlng may Bwallow It and asjc
ioi more political advice Tuo real rorion for
pobti oiling nomliiatioiiB In that tbo League
manipulated by Chailes W Duyton bad < J
cldrd upon I ho oin position of u tlckot tnatdnl
not suit tho lUipubllcim machine Au unknown
Dcmoirnt forMayorIessehellumanforComp
troiiar some llepubllcan other than Jacobta
Iatte son lor bhorlfl and John W Gou for
District Attorney was tho programme Tho
Itupiibllcans wnnt tlo District Attornoysbto
tbeniBolvos Perhaps tho good People can
Biiruilo why
Tue straight ticket men are jubilant over
this kickup Theieia n groat deal ot news in
their camp Cnl BhefardH canvass ot tho
ilelvgatos oleclod tn tlio Itopublican Countr
Ciinventlon Isouo of thn interesting featuros
He found that nf the 222 delegates that 105
woto in lavor nf what ho calls the confusion
ticket seventy five n fnvorof a straight tlckot
thirtytwo noucommltm nnd ten out nf town
Iho Hitrloni llopuhllcan Club which onco
distlUKUlbhod Itsoli by blackballing Thomas O
Plntt has Instructed Its coramlttoo to tho
ttralubt ilcket Confeionce to urge that In pasa
a lunion ticket Is put un tbo Itepitilican clubs
themsol e nominate Ilopubllcans In plaoe ot
tho County Democrats on tbe lUslon ticket
Tills will strike tlio County Dem crats pleas
antly but then tho machine Republicans would
mnor vote for them anvhow
Tho polit clans up town List evening thought
that tho i ostponementuf tbe Leagues nomi
nations will be followed by the tlckotlcss ad
journnicniot tholtepublii au County Oonvon
tion tomorrow nnd thnt of tl o County Demo
crats imt Monday night This doos not loolt
much liko ho s afraid
IngenloaM Expedient of President Hpei
for UpenlnK a IteCrnctory JJiior
E Sept 30 Mr Samuel Bponcer
Into President of tho Ilaltlmoro and Ohio Hall
road has agalu proved himself a man of re
Bourcos On tbo Cincinnati express Cost res
tcrduy was a lady In ono ot tho Pullman
BouperB Sho wad going from Minnesota to
Washington Bho suddenly found bereelf in
tho predicament of being locked In tbe ladles
lollot room Do what sho would she could not
reopen the door Tho look would not yiold
1 ho sprint bad nnnppud orr and lodged In aueS
n way as tn prevent tbe bolt ID tbe lock from
mov nir The lady beinu very noivous soon
became hjBterical and screamed at the top ot
her voice Tlio conductor of me Pullman a
now hand exerted all his Ingenuity to open
the do > r without resorting to violent means
but failed
The pntfBencerH tried to pick the look but it
was proof iigilnBt tbuir efforts Finally after
the Indv had boon Imprisoned about throe
quarters ot an hour Mr Bpen or who was on
bis way Last from Chicago was attracted to
the cnr In tlie excitunrnl lio solved the diffi
culty quickly Ho whipped tbe axe nut of Ita
cnsi and with two or three heavy blown
MtnastiHil the lock splintered the door and
shattered Its pla o glass The lady was taken
out of her prison completely prostrated and
put to bed Afler completing nis work of de
molition Mr Bpenaor nuletly retired to Ma
own car
Owen O Wood a Flra Commlialoner
Owen O Wonds of Long Island City has been
appointed a Fire and Water Commissioner by
Mayor UleoMin to till one of the two vacancies
In that Hoard
TBO Weather
The rain area Hill covered tbe Sonth Atlantic ana
Gulf Btatet yeiterdiy and extended north through tlie
Jlliilnljipl and Ohio valleri to tbe lover lakee TLa
heaviest rain wai In Florida SS2 Inohei tallInc at Key
Wen In twenlyfonr hour Tlie rain are U morbie
i lo ly nonhcait and rain may te eioected In Kew
Jeney and Ienniylranla today and In toil region br
I nlllit clear weather preralled in the allddla AUantla
andSew 1 nglsnd CUiei the upper tale eflona and aU
the country wen ot illtiourl except rain on Hie Call
It wai colder weit of the Ulealiilppl Hirer Froat ex
tended Into northern Teiai Al Dodte City the temper
lure reuliterel as and al Abilene 4J > II waa warmer
In all Ihe stale eait ot the MliiliilppL
LUhttofrcilioRibore wludi were blowlnf kUakoe
Ihe Mantio co L
The either In Ihli city wai fatri hlfheat OoTtroaunl
temperature w loweit 51 ttTerane humidity U pel
cent wind llnht louthweit
Today proiumei to be fair followed 07 rain allfhUjf
warmer To inurrow rain itatlonarr temperature
The thermoweier at Ierryi pharmacy In Tu 8nf
tmlldlncrecordedIheiemperature yelterday aa fotlowil
8A U ia 63 3 SO P M 14 TO
e A > i 3 si OK M T0 3
OA M V Uf U 87 63
IS M II IK Ull 61 Kit
JL1CTH M > s
Averate on Kept M li u ul
IG A1 nirick ruKxOiif TILL 8 r K WKDVIIDAT m
for Maine N w llampildre Vermont Uaaiaeha
leita ithode Iiland and Connecticut fair lllibUr 1
warmer weiterly wludi
loreaitern Atiu 1orL caitirn VfiTuyteanld Jftit Jaf
ity tit A Jflauarr Jlr illgMly u > amwr vdrtfabUwfaAij
for tlie Ulilrlct or Columbia and Maryland fal
illditly warmer rarlatle wluda
for weiieia New Vork weetern renneylranta an4
W < it Virginia fair itatlouary lemperaturei tartable
vrnd <
r t tht i r
iui fIr All
lUCk ttlU tVtltllJJT
orr ii > cftbtii piiiciinri tr U rtorntnjr
Amerlaii lourut nJ a htr In nep b r TtUu
li iiuu Jotiu J i U pr irMincovt of 4 nfr If
wli t > f iiflufltollicuiit in JUk Iliofpiut for
two ir iir > Krrk yt lid at lit tiplratioa
f U ul tilll 111 My UV tU Ub LfUlOlir
LIU nnmtfJ totk i4 ltrol an KxcbAiiff
fk Tl5 < > n r til ft hymill pDt CO
fiti Ifetr i Miil iu > i rf l ki Uy iiogld II wu Dua
ur i iiirnjil ivir < i Uf wnvtArlppU of pro
l tli tirmy iUUDt nf l Uu
h uiii hift > v I lirutUn A o < llnii t tUcorn r
of i writiy unr t if t il tourtii avuu obc4 1U
< liiiiiii < > < ii iil > tiy icM J ptriiit ni iMit Dljrlit fur tu
ti > 4 Metrr of oj uwck r t wu b4 lf
ititti t tf uti t > A cat ttlopjflni iu Wr llftr
u livtv ID lli mint tiui Mr JKCtlck com
ji < l i > J HI u Kti lv t in J rr rnM H4r t Io
i in M ii ti 1 ir ir > li Mr tt tM p
u iiMn u J i r nni > 10 i h i > H < < J
ut i ii f i ii it i it < ae 4
It I Jl 1 l l < t i 1 Wllh tX
r < t t < t > nf i er If it Ifyfl
i Iiiu i > l l HI t r OH Oft
< < t > ui r wii i H icn > r Mwivba II
Ik pUC OW > MuullltVlOU
i fk fruut fir > hdftli ltlr r lQ 4ft

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